Evil_Alright, atm I'm on my brothers computer lol00:00
ubuntu80.237.65.118 )))))))))) заходите комне00:00
ubuntu  2))"!000:01
ubuntuесть тут русские))00:01
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?00:01
ubuntuтебе нужно отформатировать хард снести таблицу00:02
ubuntuи заново поставить00:03
ubottuubuntu: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:03
wildbatOer, he is just trolling00:04
ubuntuI there was already there there is no not who00:04
georgijHi where can I locate my vmlinuz26??? this is urgent!00:06
georgijI installed grub2 but I cant locate my vmlinuz26 anywhere00:06
wildbatgeorgij, in /boot?00:06
codebrainzgeorgij, the kernel is under /boot and symlinked to /vmlinuz00:07
georgijwildbat I do ls /boot and its not there00:07
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wildbatgeorgij, do you have a boot partition then?00:07
georgijI am in my linux partition00:07
georgijI can navigate around inside grub200:07
georgijyes I do00:07
georgijI can even navigate around in it too00:08
wildbatit is in the boot partition then00:08
georgijI installed grub2 after have had grub00:08
laperrls =l00:08
juggalo483how do i configure my windows systems to see the Linux system00:08
codebrainzjuggalo483, to access the linux partition/drive?00:09
mneptokjuggalo483: on the same machine?00:09
mneptokjuggalo483: or remotely?00:09
georgijlaperr what?00:09
codebrainzjuggalo483, there's an installable file system driver ext2ifs i think it's called, but I never had much luck with ext4 filesystem00:09
georgijwildbat I get file not found00:09
juggalo483i just want my windows laptop to read files/folders on ubuntu00:09
wildbatgeorgij, shouldn't you use update-grub after the setup ? it should set up grub.cfg already?00:09
georgijwildbat plus there is nothing except the grub folder inside /boot00:10
juggalo483over the network00:10
mneptokjuggalo483: SSH is probably the esiest way00:10
georgijwildbat what should I do? Iam in kind of a panic state :(00:10
mneptokjuggalo483: on Ubuntu, "sudo apt-get install openssh-server"00:10
bastid_raZorjuggalo483: winscp and/or putty for windows client00:10
mneptokjuggalo483: on Windows, install Filezilla or some other app that supports SFTP00:11
codebrainzmneptok, why not cifs?00:11
juggalo483i cant just open file sharing i have to install FTP?00:11
mneptokcodebrainz: because it's 100x more painful to set up.00:11
georgijwildbat I did!00:11
codebrainzmneptok, not really, *if* the GUI works :)00:11
bazhang!patience | georgij00:12
ubottugeorgij: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:12
georgijwildbat I have even a grub.cfg inside00:12
pookycan someone recommend a gmail notification program that works with google apps?00:12
wildbatgeorgij, and the system fail to boot?00:12
mneptokpooky: are you running Lucid?00:12
pookymneptok: 10.0400:13
pookyI forget the names :/00:13
wildbatgeorgij, boot to live CD ~ it is limited you can do in grub prompt>00:13
georgijwildbat I cant live cd I have no cd input00:13
juggalo483bastid_razor: do i have to use FTP00:13
pookyI tried gmail notifier, but it couldn't auth my google app accounts.00:14
georgijwildbat I have eee laptop that's why00:14
wildbatgeorgij, boot USB?00:14
SlidingHornubuntu, остановить изменение имен, мы знаем, что это ты.00:14
SlidingHorn(stop changing names, we know it's you)00:15
georgijwildbat One question before I do that. Do u have ur vmlinuz inside ur boot_00:15
wildbatgeorgij, wait, let's me guess you use wubi?00:15
mneptokpooky: sudo apt-get install checkgmail00:15
pookywait, that was checkgmail, sorry, I've been trying everything I could find via google, wondering if someone had a successful instance00:15
aliendude3500Hey guys, I'm a long time Ubuntu user, and a software developer who needs a bit of help helping a friend move their wubi Ubuntu Lucid Lynx installation to a dedicated partition. I have VNC and SSH access to their system. I tried the steps at http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html to no avail.00:15
wildbatgeorgij, we don't have boot_ ~00:15
georgijwildbat ok I am using archlinux but I got banned from both linux and archlinux00:15
aliendude3500I couldn't get the partitionmanager package to install, and I couldn't find a newer version in the repositories. Any ideas?00:16
pookymneptok: that would be good if it could auth my google app accounts. It only works for my standard gmail though.00:16
bazhanggeorgij, that is not supported here00:16
georgijwildbat where is ur vmlinuz located?00:16
bazhanggeorgij, being banned elsewhere has nothing to do with Ubuntu00:16
aliendude3500Unfortunately, I only have less than a gig to work with, as they maxed out their Ubuntu partition before asking me to help them resize their Windows partition and move Ubuntu to a new dedicated partition.00:16
georgijshouldnt linux place it somewhere in / then put it in /boot00:17
rod1anyone know how to fix "Unknown monitor"? it says CRT even though this is an LCD00:17
georgijYes it does more users in here and better support since people are more likely to answer00:17
aliendude3500The dedicated partition does not exist yet. I need to help them install partitionmanager to create that first.00:17
bazhanggeorgij, no00:17
juggalo483bastid_razor: i think yo mis understand me i looking to just view network folders/files like in windows when i click on network all my systems show up00:17
mneptokgeorgij: please stop. you're asking about Arch in #ubuntu. it will not be long before you are banned here, as well.00:17
georgijBazhang yes00:17
pookymneptok: thanks for trying though.00:17
aliendude3500Unfortunately, I can't resize the Windows partition while in Ubuntu because of the fact it's mounted as the wubi host partition.00:18
codebrainzjuggalo483, enable file sharing on windows, share folder, and then in Ubuntu use "Connect to server" under the places menu.  probably the easiest way00:18
aliendude3500Can anyone help me with this? I've been desperately trying to install the partition manager software in GRUB for the last hour...00:18
mneptokpooky: http://groups.google.com/group/hosted-the-basics/browse_thread/thread/940c68ba6ecdf29a/5e5ead64d1fb160e?pli=100:18
rod1anyone know how to fix "Unknown monitor"? it says CRT even though this is an LCD00:18
codebrainzaliendude3500, can you dd the wubi install?00:19
juggalo483codebrainz: what about the other way around00:19
WebDawghow do I take somthing off the autoremove list?00:19
codebrainzjuggalo483, not too much harder, assuming ubuntu has a gui for this (i think it does), otherwise it's a bit of pita00:19
aliendude3500I have access to the file, but I shouldn't attempt to dd it while it's mounted. Right now I'm connected via ssh and vnc to the wubi installation.00:19
aliendude3500I've been trying to use this method to transfer the data: http://lubi.sourceforge.net/lvpm.html00:20
wildbataliendude3500, live CD?00:20
codebrainzaliendude3500, you could rsync the wubi install to another machine and then rsync it back after tweaking the partition table?00:21
Andros`Dareioncuanta gente00:21
aliendude3500wildbat: I'm on my working Ubuntu installation, sshing into the target wubi installation across the internet. We're not even in the same state :/00:21
pookymneptok: yes, I'd seen that thread. I'm pretty sure I searched a bit before coming here, was hoping someone had something they were using without issue. the checkgmail issues cropped up due to changes in the google apps api00:21
SlidingHorn!es | Andros`Dareion00:21
ubottuAndros`Dareion: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:21
aliendude3500codebrainz: Unfortunately, the wubi install is mounted. is moving the files while inside the installation really a good idea?00:22
wildbataliendude3500, you can do copy inside of moving00:23
Andros`DareionSlidingHorn,  gracias/thanks you00:23
aliendude3500I'm on a different machine right now, with a 1.5TB hard disk. Storing their stuff isn't a problem at all, I'm more worried about corrupting the data.00:23
SlidingHornAndros`Dareion, de nada00:23
Andros`DareionSlidingHorn,  hablas español vos'?00:23
codebrainzaliendude3500, rsync will copy the fs from theirs to yours, then you transfer back to a partition later.  only issues would be pseudo filesystems like /dev and such, which you can fixup afterwards00:24
SlidingHornAndros`Dareion, I only know enough to order a beer and say "¿dónde está el baño? mi gato está en fuego"00:24
codebrainzaliendude3500, of course the remote thing makes everything a lot more of a pain00:24
vyrgozunqkguys help me please, i've deleted by mistake /etc/init.d/mtab.sh & /etc/init.d/udev is there any way to restore them ?!00:24
SlidingHorn!undelete | vyrgozunqk00:24
ubottuvyrgozunqk: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:25
codebrainzSlidingHorn, your cat is on fire?00:25
SlidingHornlol yep!00:25
aliendude3500The problem is, the wubi installation is within their windows installation. I don't feel like moving all 360GB. Just the 30 from wubi. And I don't think it will let me transfer the wubi partition while I'm in it.00:25
codebrainzaliendude3500, this is exactly what rsync does00:25
wildbataliendude3500, or can't your friend boot a live CD and set a passwd and setup sshd? just two command be4 you can ssh over his liveCD00:26
aliendude3500how do I go about doing that? I'm in their system with SSH as root right now.00:26
vyrgozunqkSlidingHorn: i can't use any of these tools00:26
vyrgozunqki'm in recovery mode00:26
yuviliomy mouse double clicks after a single click like 30% of the time. it tried futzing with the double click timeout in the mouse preferences but no dice. anyone have any ideas?00:26
vyrgozunqkin a terminal, can't boot the system normal00:26
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aliendude3500They're not at their PC right now, which complicates things even more :/00:26
aliendude3500They're communicating with me with their iPhone :/00:27
vyrgozunqkcan someone please upload those files for me somewhere so i can download them with wget ?00:27
razz1nvidia config, when I set it to separate x screen, I cannot move mouse from one screen to the other? why00:27
codebrainzaliendude3500, check the rsync manpage, something like 'rsync -ar -e ssh user@hostname:/ /home/you/backupdir'00:27
codebrainzaliendude3500, check the manpage first though, those options probably aren't 100%00:27
campeei have ubuntu 10.04 and the network manager icon is missing at the top of the screen. i tried running NetworkManager from a command prompt but it said that it is already running. i also tried running "metacity --replace" which I found on google and that doesn't help either. any ideas?00:27
aliendude3500do I type the rsync command while in ssh, or do I do that from my account on my system?00:28
aliendude3500I'm assuming the latter?00:28
SlidingHornvyrgozunqk, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Foremost00:28
codebrainzaliendude3500, you can go either way, the former means you need a ssh on your local box00:28
codebrainzaliendude3500, *ssh server that is00:28
vyrgozunqkSlidingHorn: i can't read those post i don't have any GUY, i can't load the system normal !00:29
vyrgozunqkso i need those two files to load the system00:29
aliendude3500codebrainz: now will this only backup their home folder, or their whole linux filesystem?00:29
vyrgozunqkplus i probably can't recover the files 'cause i've already have written some files to the HDD00:29
campeei also get "nm-applet" is already running when i try to run that as well00:29
codebrainzaliendude3500, however you want, rsync is (in a sense) a super smart cp00:30
Guest86978ubuntu has no games00:30
campeeGOOD POINT Guest8697800:30
razz1anyone using separate x screen settings in nvidia config?00:30
ubuntuthune3 i_m back again00:30
SlidingHornvyrgozunqk, you can use lynx to view the links?  basically it says to install foremost and how to use it00:31
codebrainzrazz1, like two monitors?00:31
thune3ubuntu: pm me00:31
razz1code, yes00:31
razz1code, laptop and external monitor00:31
codebrainzrazz1, i am, twinview00:31
wildbatvyrgozunqk, i don't have mtab.sh =.=;00:32
vyrgozunqkwhat about /etc/init.d/udev ?00:32
aliendude3500codebrainz: Okay, that's copying right now...00:32
razz1code, I am using twinview as well, but it's treating the whole area as one screen, I just want two separate screens, I tried separate x screens, but mouse gets stuck in one screen, how to move it between two screens?00:33
campeei have ubuntu 10.04 and the network manager icon is missing at the top of the screen. i tried running NetworkManager from a command prompt but it said that it is already running. i also tried running "metacity --replace" which I found on google and that doesn't help either. i try running nm-applet manually from the command line and it says that the applet is already running as well. any ideas?00:33
NotepadSlidingHorn: :D00:34
Guest86978campee, yeah00:34
codebrainzrazz1, so what do want then?00:34
aliendude3500codebrainz: is there anyway to exclude a folder from rsync, for example "/host", which contains their entire windows partition?00:34
Guest86978campee, try and close the applets00:35
codebrainzaliendude3500, yep, see the manpage, all the options are in there  (man rsync)00:35
razz1code, just want to know how to move the mouse between two x screens in separate x screen mode00:35
SlidingHorncampee: ps aux | grep "nm-applet"   (find the process id --- kill that process then open it via command line again)00:35
codebrainzaliendude3500, it think it's --exclude00:35
wildbatvyrgozunqk, http://wildbat.my3park.net/udev00:35
vyrgozunqkwildbat: tnx a lot00:36
pepon3rdisn't a channel00:36
codebrainzrazz1, if you have two X screens running, you will need something like synergy i suspect. what's wrong with twinview?00:36
campeeSlidingHorn: i figured it out. i had to re-add the noficiation area.00:36
wildbatpepon3rd, ##php may be?00:36
SlidingHornah, good on you!00:36
codebrainzrazz1, wait, my mouse moved between screens i think, but windows would move between them00:37
razz1code, i get windows spreading over two screens sometimes?? very irritating00:37
codebrainzrazz1, s/would/wouldn't/00:37
Guest86978do u recommend windows for games00:37
G-manhow do i know what flash plugin to install00:38
codebrainzrazz1, they shouldn't.  I have two multiple maximized windows on invidual screens without spanning, the panel is on the main screen.00:38
G-manUbuntu 10.04 LTS00:38
G-man                - the Lucid Lynx00:38
Guest86978G-man, juse use what is there00:38
oldkernelI'm trying to build the wireless sources for a wireless card on 10.04. however, the sources use api stuff from an older version of the linux kernel that was deprecated in 2.6.23. Is there anyway I can compile this wireless card drivers for a pre 2.6.31 kernel?00:38
codebrainzrazz1, maybe it's the application(s) you're using?  what is it?00:38
razz1code, there has to be a way to move the mouse, otherwise what's the use of such a setup. it does not happen always, it happens with empathy00:38
lordppm_G-man, you can find in ubuntu application center00:39
the-killerHello all00:39
oldkernellike can I just apt-get an older version of the kernel?00:39
the-killerthere is any package for Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet driver ?00:39
razz1so even you cannot move the mouse pointer in separate x screen mode?00:39
codebrainzrazz1, it sounds to me like what you want is twinview, but like i said, my mouse moved to any screen in either mode, but windows were stuck on a specific screen in seperate X screens00:39
ozstr1kerask me plz00:39
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CayHey guys!00:40
CayI just bought a Sony Vaio VPCF127FX and tried slapping ubuntu on it, all was well and file except I couldn't do multi-monitor and my touchpad didn't work. That was till I decided to install the nvidia drivers, now I cannot get video to display on my laptop :(00:40
ozstr1kerhow can i install gnome back in lucid lynx00:40
Cayand google has been worthless :(00:40
codebrainzrazz1, is it possible that the screens are reverse, did you try moving the mouse to the other edge of the screen to see if it switches to the next display?00:40
ozstr1kersudo apt-get install gnome dont work00:40
bazhangozstr1ker, ubuntu-desktop00:40
lordppm_how about gnome-desktop00:40
lordppm_oh yeah, ubuntu-desktop00:40
ozstr1kerbut it not full00:41
ozstr1keras gnome00:41
Guest86978guys ubuntu has no games00:41
bazhang!games > Guest8697800:41
ubottuGuest86978, please see my private message00:41
razz1code, thats what I want, windows stuck on separate screens, I tried that, it's always stuck in my external screen? no excape00:41
ozstr1ker0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:42
ozstr1kerbut packeg gnome nnot intsalled00:42
codebrainzrazz1, that's odd.  are your positions setup properly in nvidia-settings?00:42
Oergnome is installed automatic in ubuntu.00:42
Caycodebrainz, talking to me?00:42
Cayhow do I check that?00:43
codebrainzCay, are you razz1 ?00:43
CayI just didn't see razz1 talking :(00:43
ozstr1kerbut it's unintaled whrn i removes not use aplications00:43
razz1code, your 2nd screen, is it to the right? my laptop is absolute and external to the right but ofcourse they both have different resolution00:43
codebrainzCay, I actually have a vaio laptop with ubuntu, but it has ATI gfx00:43
Caycodebrainz, I heard the ati drivers suck (finding out that nvidias are aparently worst!)00:43
codebrainzCay, normally yes, but this is a good gfx for a laptop and I made sure it was supported in linux00:44
CayI should also mention I can still see video in my external montior and I can see things w...00:44
CayYou know what, it's probably trying to feed too high of  a resolution (or too low) to this display00:45
CayI wager that's it (or refresh)00:45
the-killerthere is any package for Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet driver ?00:45
codebrainzCay, use the proprietary drivers and the nvidia-settings program to configure00:45
tomishereMy computer shut down (low battery) while updating and i think it killed my usb - how do i dump usb and reinstall it.  This seems to have worked for cups - printing00:45
Guest86978Cay, maybe reinstall your ubuntu00:45
codebrainzrazz1, on my nvidia card in my desktop, i have two 22" side by side (panel/main screen on left)00:46
Guest86978tomishere, try synaptic00:47
Caybrb going to try to fix this in console00:47
razz1code, my lappy rez = 1280x800, external =1280x1024, I suspect this is what causing grief00:47
tomishereI am trying a search through synaptic guest8679800:48
the-killerhello i have problems i cant install atl1 the driver00:48
codebrainzrazz1, http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=139592 (potentially useful info linked in that thread)00:48
the-killerfor my network adapter00:48
razz1code, did you set the rex to auto or set it manually?00:49
tomisherecrap that is bad00:49
codebrainzrazz1, res you mean?  auto and my actual res both work00:49
tomisheregmd is unonstalling00:49
razz1code yes00:49
razz1code, thanks for the link00:50
tomisherei just uninstalled xserver, I am suprised the desktop hasn't shut down00:50
Guest86978ok install it again00:50
razz1code, with bluetooth, it used to work now it doesn't, I have dualboot with vista, I read in the wiki that if I disable bluetooth in windows, it will not work in ubuntu, i that right?00:51
clctoif i have two files, say name.ex1 and name.ex2 is there an easy way to rename them to name2.ex1 and name2.ex2. like a single command00:51
tomisherewhat usbutils, I don;t think it will solve this problem00:51
codebrainzrazz1, doubtful00:51
razz1code, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup00:51
tomisheregod I hope that worked00:53
IamReckWhat is the command to restart X on Ubuntu 10.04?00:53
codebrainzrazz1, i never use bt00:53
IdleOneIamReck: ctrl+alt+sysrq00:54
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IdleOne!away > TannerF-afk00:55
ubottuTannerF-afk, please see my private message00:55
IamReckWell that is annoying IdleOne,00:55
IamReckSysRq is a key that I have to push FN for on my laptop.00:55
IdleOneIamReck: what is?00:55
IamReckSo the multi-key press does work.00:55
BabalabonHow do I change close/minimize buttons from left to right side?00:55
razz1code, read the forum post, seems like a bug. one more quick qts, I have a wireless printer and am unable to connect to it' network, it keeps trying but never connects, it's in ad-hoc mode though, no router, any clues?00:55
ubottuIn Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side00:55
IamReckWhat is the terminal command to restart X?00:55
codebrainzIamReck, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace should do it too, but it's not proper i don't think00:56
IamReckcodebrainz, that is only if you set it up.00:56
Guest86978IamReck, shut down your computer00:56
codebrainzIamReck, /etc/init.d/gdm restart might also work00:56
IamReckGuest51773, duh.00:56
IamReckcodebrainz, thanks00:56
IamReckcodebrainz, that worked thanks00:58
the-killerthere is any package for Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet driver ?00:59
bazhangthe-killer, for eeepc?00:59
the-killerAsus not eeepc is for Asus X64J00:59
bazhangthe-killer, thought it was part of the kernel now00:59
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?00:59
codebrainzthe-killer, isn't it supported by default?01:00
the-killerit dont work :s01:00
the-killerno it is not :s01:00
the-killereth0 not there how i know is supported or not !?01:00
codebrainzthe-killer, whatever my 701 surf has, it works by default01:00
jteknetIs there not a partitioning tool on the 10.04LTS install disc? I'm installing and I'm at the screen that says choose a disc to partition and NOTHING is coming up.01:00
Aut0Exechi guys01:00
chevelle0909How do I change close/minimize buttons from left side to right side?01:00
thomas_wildbat i ihave found that karmic at least seems to boot from cold quicker that hibernation or suspend01:01
=== chevelle0909 is now known as Babalabon
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN01:01
johnofwaxBabalabon: http://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=10.04+change+buttons+from+left+to+right&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-801:01
codebrainzchevelle0909, gconf2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"01:01
razz1chevelle, change the theme to new wave, easiest way to fix it01:02
codebrainzoff the top of my head01:02
HexLaTorhow's working this bot ?01:02
bazhang!controls | Babalabon01:02
ubottuBabalabon: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side01:02
Guest86978HexLaTor, type to the bot01:02
wildbatthomas_, may be but i can't test it ~01:02
HexLaTorGuest86978, how ?01:02
bazhangHexLaTor, /msg ubottu bot01:03
johnofwaxWhat would cause a machine to stop responding to it's hostname on all computers except the router ?01:03
HexLaTorbazhang, thanks01:03
Guest86978HexLaTor, say ubottu, hi01:03
Aut0Exechi anthon01:03
HexLaTorHi! Welcome to ubottu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:03
Aut0Execjohnofwax: explain more01:03
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johnofwaxall other hostnames work fine except for my ubuntu box for some reason. started yesterday when I restarted..01:04
jtekneton top of not having the partition tool working, how come I can't demo a live version of Ubuntu? I just checked the boot options and I can't "try before installing" like I've always been able to do before 10.04...01:04
johnofwaxOk. my 10.04 hostname is "server". server can ping server, and DD-WRT can ping server.01:04
johnofwaxmy windows 7, XP, and xbox cannot ping server01:04
johnofwaxthey have to access shares via the IP address, starting yesterday01:04
johnofwaxthe router has not been updated or changed in any way01:04
clctojohnofwax: less \n01:04
codebrainzjteknet, the first option on the live cd boot menu, and apt-get install gparted if it's not installed by default on the live cd01:05
Aut0Execjohnofwax: u have dnsmasq on ... on ur dd-wrt router?01:05
rolandpishHi, I successfully connected to an openvpn server. How can I get my local ip(vpn) address?01:05
johnofwaxyes I do01:05
Aut0Execsounds like dns issues to me bro01:05
jteknetcodebrainz: Could it be because I have the 64-bit AMD version disc?01:05
HexLaTorrolandpish, does the tun adapter apeared ?01:05
clctojohnofwax: install a packet sniffere01:05
johnofwaxThats what I thought too, as the router-being-able-to-see-name was just discovered about 5 minutes ago.01:05
codebrainzjteknet, if you have a 64-bit cpu, doubtful01:05
Lascivusifconfig should show a tunnel interface01:06
jteknetcodebrainz: Yeah, I have a Phenom II QuadCore01:06
Aut0Execjohnofwax: do what clcto suggested and use umm.... tcpdump to see whats going on01:06
rolandpishHexLaTor: no, if I execute ifconfig -a only lo and eth0 appears. I successfully connected because I can ping the
jteknetI've had this working before. I ran upgrade and then I shutdown and tried to start again and xwindows wouldn't come up.01:06
jteknetSo now I'm just doing it the pansy way and trying to reinstall.01:06
HexLaTorrolandpish, it should appear first01:06
codebrainzjteknet, yeah, the just press enter twice when the cd starts to boot01:06
HexLaTorrolandpish, try to enter to /etc/openvpn and type: openvpn server.conf01:07
codebrainzjteknet, i forget the wording, enter to English and then Enter on the first boot menu item01:07
jteknetcodebrainz: My only options are "Install Ubuntu" "Check disc for defects" "Test Memory" etc. I don't have a "live cd" option01:07
anthonhow do you use the tcpdump command?01:07
codebrainzjteknet, did you download the "alternate" cd or "server" cd?01:07
Aut0Execanthon: tcpdump -v01:07
rolandpishHexLaTor: the openvpn server is in Windows, and I connected from my ubuntu box01:08
jteknetcodebrainz: That, I'm not sure of. It's been weeks. I have a 10mb connection so if I need to download another, I can. Which one is the "right" one?01:08
rolandpishHexLaTor, I can use the server without problems, but I would like to know my ip address assigned from openvpn01:08
HexLaTorrolandpish, hmmm never tried it on windows, but an adapter should appear in ur network01:08
jteknetcodebrainz: When I go to Ubuntu.com and click download on the 64-bit version I get the iso called "ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso" Is this the one I need?01:09
johnofwaxso "server" knows it's server, "DD-WRT" knows "server" is "server", but no other computers connected to DD-WRT know "server" is "server".  it has got to be an issue on the DD-WRT at this point, correct?01:09
codebrainzjteknet, http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/ubuntu-releases/10.04/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso01:09
rolandpishHexLaTor, that's weird, because I'm connected but the tun interface on my ubuntu box doesn't appear.01:09
jteknetcodebrainz: Thanks!01:09
LjLjteknet: most likely01:09
jteknetty LjL01:09
Aut0Execjohnofwax: i would say.... can you ping any other workstations from ur windows boxes?01:09
ponderahey what version of ubuntu do you guys suggest for a macbook generation 3.1 ?01:10
anthonanthon@ubuntu:~$ tcpdump -v01:10
anthontcpdump: no suitable device found01:10
anthon i get this error code01:10
johnofwaxyes! they can see each other just fine (by hostname),01:10
Aut0Execanthon: use sudo01:10
clctopondera: how old is that?01:10
johnofwaxand "server" can see all of them01:10
johnofwaxthe only issue is in resolving server to it's IP address.01:10
HexLaTorrolandpish, it'll appear on ur windows box, coz ur server 's on windows, ...01:10
ponderahey what version of ubuntu do you guys suggest for a macbook generation 3.1 ?01:10
Aut0Execjohnofwax: restart ur router?01:10
clctopondera: and unless it is ancient then the newest01:10
Guest86978do you suggest windows for games01:10
johnofwaxhehe. I've only done that 3 times before I decided maybe I should ask01:11
johnofwaxI've also added server/ip to the routers /etc/hosts file, also added it in the dnsmasq "additional options" area.01:11
clctopondera: dont keep asking, people will answer if they know. and answer others questions to you. how many years old is that ...01:11
LjLGuest86978: unless you're prepared to use only Linux games, yes.01:11
HexLaTorrolandpish, a new interface should appear right there (in network things...)01:11
HexLaTorrolandpish, network section01:11
bazhang!ot | Guest8697801:11
ubottuGuest86978: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:11
Aut0Execjohnofwax: weird01:11
johnofwaxtell me about it01:12
rolandpishHexLaTor, ok, I'll check the windows server right now...01:12
HexLaTorrolandpish, some TAP win32 V8 adapter...don't remember..01:12
ponderaclcto sorry 2007 ish01:12
johnofwaxand its not like I changed anything regarding my network connection. I had a little mishap with grub last night after deleting a few partitions, but I fixed that up relatively easily. Thought everything would be fine01:12
codebrainzpondera, use 10.04 version, should be fine (clcto it's a dual core with 4GB ram apparently))01:13
clctopondera: the newest one should be fine01:13
rolandpishHexLaTor, ok, I'll check it right away...01:13
johnofwaxbut my computer doesnt get turned off very often since its the media server of the house, and there were a few other things that went kind of hay-wire when i restarted yesterday. Hostname resolution being one of them01:13
EtherNethelo everyone01:13
ponderacodebrainz dual core yes but its 1gb ram :(01:13
codebrainzpondera, still should be fine01:13
Aut0Execjohnofwax: i dunno what else to tell u bro.... strange one01:13
EtherNetI have to move my partition from sector 63 to 64, or 2048 or a multiple of 8.. how can I do that without loss my data on the partition?01:14
HexLaTorrolandpish, try to use wireshark to make sure that ur packets are going trough the tunnel ..01:14
codebrainzpondera, there's also xubuntu, something to think about01:14
ponderaclcto  ok then im on the right tract. installing isight cam was a bitch tho01:14
ponderawhat is xubuntu ?01:14
clctopondera: yes, some hardware is a pain01:14
IdleOne!ohmy | pondera01:14
ubottupondera: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.01:14
Aut0Execpondera: really?01:14
johnofwaxok man, np. just figured it was time to ask for help... hehe01:14
Aut0Execits cool01:14
johnofwaxill reset my router to default as a last attempt01:15
Aut0Execjohnofwax: what firmware u running 24?01:15
codebrainzpondera, ubuntu but with XFCE installed instead of Gnome, and a few different apps, it's lighter on system resources01:15
clctocodebrainz: marginally01:15
Aut0Execjohnofwax: backup ur settings first01:15
ponderaclcto ok ill look in to xubuntu im guessing its a "laptop" version01:15
Aut0Execjohnofwax: u can alway restore if it doesnt work01:15
codebrainzclcto, it's pretty light with just xfce4, i can't comment on xubuntu01:16
clctopondera: not any more so than ubuntu.01:16
johnofwaxshould've done that w/ the pc01:16
ponderacodebrainz thats sounds good light is better, i just want to be able to do the same things i can do with ubuntu01:16
johnofwaxthanks again01:17
clctoafter you install the base system you can get whichever *buntu system you want with one command01:17
Aut0Execno prob01:17
codebrainzpondera, you should be ok with normal ubuntu.  there are lots of ways to lighten them both up, but it takes some know-how (googling)01:17
ponderaclcto what do u mean by base system ?01:18
clctoany *buntu system01:18
codebrainzclcto, i usually install "cli system" from the "alternate" cd and then apt-get xfce4 and xorg and some other useful stuff, but it can be more of a pain than using default ubuntu install01:19
rolandpishHexLaTor, ok I'll do some extra checking because the TAP Win32 adapter shows the icon like "cable-disconnected" but I'm connected to it.01:19
ponderaoh so i could try xubuntu with out undoing wha ive done already ?01:20
codebrainzclcto, sorry, meant that for pondera01:20
hydesterhi.  i have been toying with Xen for a little bit (about 6 months) on Debian and CentOS.  it is such a struggle to get it working on recent Ubuntu releases.  from what i have read, KVM seems to be what the Linux community has embraced.  i liked the  paravirtualization feature in Xen, but if KVM is natively support by Lucid then i'll probably try moving to that.  any comments on KVM support and/or paravirtualization?01:20
codebrainzpondera, apt-get install xubuntu-desktop i believe01:20
ponderaok ill try now01:20
HexLaTorrolandpish, OK, good luck with that ;)01:21
rolandpishHexLaTor, thanks for your valuable help!01:21
clctocodebrainz: that is a good way to do it if you know what you are doing. i did that but then moved to arch :)01:21
codebrainzclcto, it's pretty minimal by default eh?01:22
HexLaTorrolandpish, no problem mate01:22
clctocodebrainz: which?01:22
clctocodebrainz: the both are actually01:22
clctocodebrainz: it is just awesome on so many levels :)01:22
ponderaalso one more question i install ubuntu first but i want to dualboot mac osx lepord, i burt a cd from my pc but when i try to boot it i just get a blinking cursor and it stayd like that for 2 hours01:22
clcto!ot | clcto01:22
ubottuclcto, please see my private message01:22
codebrainzclcto, i may have to try it in a vm again to see, it's been a while01:22
bazhangpondera, on an Apple computer?01:23
ponderaya macbook 3.101:23
codebrainzbazhang, you forgot the TM, you're gonna get sued01:23
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bazhang!macbook | pondera this may help01:23
ubottupondera this may help: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:23
clctopondera: you wouldnt start with that question ?01:23
dominicdinadaWhy do file Associtations NEVER WORK I mean if I set a html file to open with chrome why does it continue to open with FireFox, When I set a .php to open with Kate why does it use Gedit, When I set mpgs,mp3s,mp4's to open with Gnome Mplayer why does it open with totem01:23
dominicdinadaGod this is annoying01:24
anthonany one from denmark online?01:24
ponderaoh i see01:24
dominicdinada!de | anthon01:24
ubottuanthon: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:24
bazhanganthon, in #ubuntu-dk01:24
dominicdinadaopps DE isnt denmark ?01:25
LjLde is deutschland, germany.01:25
dominicdinadaoh deuutschland makes sense01:25
DevrethmanIs there a way to change what shows up in the "files and folders" section of the desktop on ubuntu netbook?01:25
ponderathats alot guys01:25
anthonDK is denmark01:25
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codebrainzdominicdinada, how are you setting the "associations"?01:26
mike_ 01:27
=== mike_ is now known as Guest86503
dominicdinadacodebrainz: right click choose open with other application then select the application then make sure the box is checked "Remember this application for .whatever "01:28
bazhanganthon, /join #ubuntu-dk01:28
dominicdinadacodebrainz: you know how it is supposed to work according to the the box01:28
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ubottuFor at få dansksproget support til Ubuntu, bedes du venligst gå til #ubuntu-dk. I denne kanal forefindes kun engelsksproget support.01:28
codebrainzdominicdinada, try right click, properties, open with tab, and select there.  i think it's a nautilus/gnome bug01:28
melkordoes anybody here have a problem with the shutdown command?  When I use the button in gnome it works fine, but if I use shutdown now it the computer freezes on the way down.01:29
dominicdinadacodebrainz: I will give it a try01:29
H2OyJaBoNWhat are the steps on the new boot process?01:29
dominicdinadacodebrainz: Yes it is a bug, and thank you that worked no problem01:30
jteknetWhat is everyone's favorite remote access application for ubuntu? I'm using NX right now, wondering if there is anything better or if it's the best thing out?01:30
dominicdinadajteknet: SSH01:30
dominicdinadajteknet: PUTTY01:30
jteknetAh, GUI remote access, I should have said.01:30
jteknetTo the xwindows system01:30
dominicdinadajteknet: lol well you said Fav remote access01:30
jteknetAlthough you can VNC over SSH...01:30
dominicdinadawell it uses the port but not ssh persay :D01:31
jteknetI know, sorry. I'm basically looking for a terminal services (from winblows) that's on Ubuntu01:31
jteknetnx seems to be "terminal services" for ubuntu.01:31
dominicdinadajteknet: you know on my windows machine i have a few i dont remember the name of and they all pretty much suck01:31
dominicdinadaso i just use putty01:31
jteknetdemonspork: you do much virtualization, or any?01:32
RazernokWhy am I unable to login to mysql server remotely?01:32
jteknetI have a question, but it'd have to be someone who has played around with KVM / virtbox / vmware / etc.01:32
dominicdinadaRazernok: Did you allow yourself to do so01:33
dominicdinadaRoot logins only allow localhost logins by default01:33
dominicdinadato the mysql db01:33
Razernokit is root login01:33
centr0whats the package to play mpeg layer 1 / divx/xvid?01:33
Razernokroot is the only login01:33
jteknetRazernok: You have to modify the config file to allow access from something other than localhost01:33
jteknetIt has nothing to do with accounts01:33
PoisonSerpentWhen I had Ubuntu 9.10 installed, graphics corruption occured (ATI Radeon x1270), could I do this to fix it? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver01:33
dominicdinadaRazernok: then it is set to allow only LOCALHOST logins you need to haxor it or make a new user and allow remote logins01:34
PoisonSerpent** 10.0401:34
PoisonSerpentforgot that it was 10.04, lol.01:34
dominicdinadacentr0: I use Gnome Mplayer to watch my vids01:34
dominicdinadajoin flood wow01:34
centr0dominicdinada: so: sudo apt-get install gnome-mplayer?01:34
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lifenotfoundwas it something i said?01:35
dominicdinadacentr0: let me search it01:35
LjLlifenotfound ;)01:35
PoisonSerpentdid a whole bunch of people just quit?01:35
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit01:35
Razernokso what do I do?01:35
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dominicdinadacentr0: correct gnome-mplayer        ->>>> i   gnome-mplayer                   - A GTK+ interface for MPlayer01:36
PoisonSerpent"Relax and enjoy the show."01:36
centr0dominicdinada: thanks!01:36
dominicdinadaRazernok: Another person said you could Haxor it to allow remote logins as "Root" or you could Add another user and specify the IP they are allowed from01:37
Razernokhaxor? huh?01:37
Razernokdunno what you mean01:37
EtherNetlet's go again, I've bought a new hard drive (1.5 Western Digital Green Caviar) which is no 512 sector instead 2048, so in order to get performance partitions must be aligned to multiple of 8 regarding sectors, by default gparted created it in sector 63 as usual and old hard drives required. Now I have to move it to sector 64, or a multiple like 2048, I can't find such option in gparted to specify sectors but megabytes01:37
jteknetI don't understand why when I'm trying to install Ubuntu the partitioning step is being stupid. It's not showing me any devices; however, if I go into disk utility, it shows the terrabyte hard drive just fine. If I'm going to have to manually partition this... I'm going to need help?!?!01:37
wrr_how to let the lampp work01:38
dominicdinadaRazernok: haxor = Edit the root settings to allow root login via remote access. But that defeats the purpose of running a secure box01:38
Razernokso what do I do?01:38
dominicdinadaRazernok: FOR the 3rd TIME, ADD ANOTHER USER AND ALLOW REMOTE logins01:39
wesleyhello all01:39
dominicdinada!mysql | Razernok01:39
ubottuRazernok: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:39
wrr_lampp :The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.01:39
* jteknet bangs head against wall01:39
Razernokagain, "WHAT DO I DO?"01:39
dominicdinada!mysql | Razernok01:40
wesleyis this sort of like ubuntu forusm but that chat room version?01:40
dominicdinadaRazernok: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP01:40
ponderawesley yes you could say that01:40
Razernokits already installed01:41
bazhangRazernok, have a read of those links, for one01:41
kesroesweythjteknet > just a thought, have you tried booting to the cd and running it as a live cd, then running gparted? the os itself should see the drive, so gparted should see it as well by that logic01:41
icerootRazernok: so whats the problem if it is already installed?01:41
dominicdinada!mysqld | Razernok01:41
wesleypondera is this where the july 10th user day will be held?01:41
icerootdominicdinada: no need for repeat01:41
RazernokI can't login remotely to my MYSQL server01:41
dominicdinadaiceroot: He wants to remote admin01:41
ponderawesley that im not sure about01:42
jteknetkesroesweyth: gparted does, in fact, see it. The problem is the installer isn't seeing it to auto-partition it for the swap space and all that jazz that I don't know how to do, nor do I know what size to make it.01:42
rigoif i have Xubuntu10.04x64 installed on /dev/sda1 and now id like to install Windows7x64 on /dev/sdb1/ by doing this will i be able to boot into sda1 by setting boot disk priority in BIOS? Or will it erase the MBR and Grub2 on sda1?01:42
=== no-name is now known as Guest71044
dominicdinadaI did not repeat figured mysqld would show something diff01:42
bazhangwesley, that might be in #ubuntu-classroom01:42
icerootRazernok: mysql is per default only listening on  look at /etc/mysql/my.cnf so enable networking01:42
juggalo483how do i uninstall something01:42
wesleypondera okay thanks for your help01:42
Razernokmy server is command line only so no way to open text files01:43
icerootjuggalo483: sudo apt-get remove packagename01:43
bazhang!manual | juggalo483 here are the basics01:43
ubottujuggalo483 here are the basics: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:43
icerootjuggalo483: use --purge to also remove the conffiles01:43
icerootRazernok: sudo vi /etc/mysql/my.cnf01:43
dominicdinadaRazernok: lol.... Got nano much  ?01:43
kesroesweythjteknet > so do it manually. decide on a partition size for both your root ( / ) and home partitions, and then make the swap size double or even triple your total amount of RAM - ubuntu is great with memory management so you should be fine with double your RAM's worth of swap space01:43
icerootRazernok: replace vi with the editor you like most01:43
inzaguys, is there a way to make everything bigger when using a high resulotion display??01:43
inzanot just text01:44
icerootpwnzorz: no need that here01:44
dominicdinadaiceroot: he doesnt have one his servers command line only01:44
ponderaif i install ubunto first on a system with out partitioning is it to late to dualboot a os?01:44
ponderaand by to late i mean do i have to format and partition?01:44
icerootdominicdinada: dont make fun of him01:44
RazernokI'm not using gui server so i can't edit text files01:44
icerootRazernok: i told you already the command to edit textfiles on the shell01:44
bazhangRazernok, sure you can. use nano01:44
dominicdinadaRazernok: sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf01:44
kesroesweythpondera > no, you'd just have to resize the partition to make room for another, or add another hard disk01:45
Razernokand do what?01:45
dapeamelhey guys can someone help me to configure my xorg.conf I have kernel 2.6.26-2-686 also nvidia gtx 260 please help me out.01:45
H2OyJaBoNpondera: you always could edit the dualboot01:45
rigoif i have Xubuntu10.04x64 installed on /dev/sda1 and now id like to install Windows7x64 on /dev/sdb1/ by doing this will i be able to boot into sda1 by setting boot disk priority in BIOS? Or will it erase the MBR and Grub2 on sda1?01:45
icerootRazernok: look for the entry "skip networking" and change it (read the comments in that file)01:45
ponderawhat prog to i use to resize the partition01:45
icerootpwnzorz: gparted01:46
bazhangpondera, gparted01:46
icerootpondera: gparted01:46
inzacan you see this?01:46
juggalo483after uninstalling it tells me to reboot should i reboot or can i just log out/in01:46
dominicdinadaRazernok: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP scroll down to the Mysql part... actually read that first01:46
H2OyJaBoNdapeamel: you could use nvidiaconfig app01:46
icerootjuggalo483: how is telliing to reboot?01:46
kesroesweythpondera > you could boot to an ubuntu live cd and run gparted01:46
Razernokchange it to what?01:46
BabalabonOther than glass boarders around the windows, can I change the menus/popup menus and taskbars on desktop to a nice glass look?01:46
sjmRazornok: what are you trying to do?01:46
sjmRazornok: What is this for?01:46
icerootRazernok: imo just uncomment htat line (the info you will find in the file)01:47
RazernokI want to login remotely to my MYSQL server01:47
juggalo483uninstalling software via comandline01:47
icerootRazernok: ah sorry, just make a # infrnt oof it01:47
icerootjuggalo483: i cant imaging you get a message "you should reboot the server"01:47
hiexpoevening all01:47
sjmRazornok: is it just an mysql server or a full LAMP server?01:47
adonisOlá pessoal!01:47
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juggalo483it was something like tha01:48
sjmRazornok: can you do what you need through phpmyadmin?01:48
gryllidaWHAT are _you_ doing? why doesn't Firefox that came Ubuntu 10.04 include about:crashes page?01:48
RazernokI'm lost01:48
sjmRazornok: That's a little obvious right now.01:48
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!01:48
RazernokI'm lost01:49
icerootRazernok: open /etc/mysql/my.cnf and look for bind-address =  change to the ip mysql should running on01:49
marcelowhen I type SU in command console and then I type my password it says :Authentication failure .   and i know i am putting in the right password.   can someone help me01:49
Spreadsheet_This is probably not the right place to ask, but01:49
iceroot!sudo | marcelo01:49
ubottumarcelo: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:49
sjmRazornok: is this a local box you're at right now?01:49
Spreadsheet_I checked my Synaptic and it says I have curl installed. However I tried to use: #include <curl/curl.h> and it was not found01:49
Razernoki want it to see work if a web page logs in01:50
Spreadsheet_Is there a separate package for cURL?01:50
icerootmarcelo: there is noo active root-account so "su" is not working because su is asking for root password not your password01:50
Razernokto work*01:50
tim_trying to get intellinet Ralink 802.11g wireless USB to work on xubuntu.  failing horribly.  anyone have experience with this?01:50
sjmRazornok: will the web server be on the same box?01:50
icerootRazernok: what about debuugging the website instead of messing up with mysql config?01:50
jteknetkesroesweyth: Heh, did some googling. Turns out the problem was with dmraid. I found a forum post and it said to run apt-get remove dmraid. It fixed the problem. Install now sees my drive!01:51
juggalo483anyone know how to configure samba01:51
icerootSpreadsheet_: apt-cache search curl01:51
RazernokI'm lost01:51
=== arne__ is now known as 16SAAF9L5
icerootjuggalo483: #samba01:51
sjmRazornok: will the web server be on the same box?01:51
sjmRazornok: That's a little obvious right now.01:51
sjmRazornok: will the web server be on the same box?01:52
bazhangRazernok, you need to do some reading01:52
PoisonSerpentIf I add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset" to /etc/default/grub, then run sudo update grub, will it fix graphics corruption?01:52
Razernoki changed the bind address to the pc I want to access mysql from and still won't let me login01:52
ponderakesroseweyth would that be better then running it from ubuntu?01:52
icerootRazernok: ...01:52
icerootRazernok: read the comments in that file01:52
icerootRazernok: i already told you what ip you have to put there01:53
sjmRazornok: Are you sure you want to be messing with this?01:53
RazernokI'm lost01:53
icerootRazernok: dont repeat yourself01:53
Razernokyou aren't even helping01:54
icerootRazernok: my help was  perfect01:54
sjmRazornok: yes, he is, you aren't understanding.01:54
phong_hey guys, i notice that ubuntu runs faster then mac os x01:54
Philosoraptor /nick Crayboff01:54
Spreadsheet_There's still no curl/curl.h01:54
IdleOneRazernok: you haven't answered one question that has been posed to you01:54
Razernokno it wasn't01:54
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jteknetRazernok: did you do a sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart ?01:54
icerootRazernok: open /etc/mysql/my.cnf and look for bind-address =  change to the ip mysql should running on01:54
dominicdinadaRazernok: did you restart mysql01:54
icerootRazernok: that is perfect help01:54
Razernoki tried that already ice01:54
tim_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9507128#post9507128   PLEASE HELP01:54
Razernokdidn't work01:54
icerootRazernok: you put the ip of the client there01:55
sjmRazornok: yes, he is helping, you aren't understanding.01:55
icerootRazernok: i told you to put the ip of the server  inside01:55
dominicdinadaRazernok: Is your firewall on both ends allowing connections to mysql01:55
Razernoki placed the ip on this pc (where I want to login to mysql from) but still can't01:55
phong_sudo apt-get install mysql-server01:55
icerootRazernok: i already told you that it is wrong to put the client ip there01:55
sjmRazornok: is the web page running on a different box than the mysql server?01:56
Razernokits local network so firewall won't block it since its only lan01:56
Razernoksjm, no same system01:56
phong_does php need to be installed after installing mysql server?01:56
icerootsjm: he want to ogin into mysql to do some debugging01:56
icerootphong_: if you need php, yes01:57
wnstnCan someone help me figure out ssh? I have installed openssh-server on the host and I have openssh-client installed. Now what? The host and the client share an internet connection via a wireless router.01:57
Razernokbut i need to login to the mysql from a different pc to modify the databases and shit like that01:57
sjmif the webpage is running on the same box, then you don't need to change the mysql config.01:57
tim_ralink intellinet on xubuntu.  anyone have any idea how to get it working?01:57
icerootphong_: but it doenst matter which order you use01:57
dominicdinadaiceroot: it seems as though people whom need help windows/linux are the same I had a guy in windows who couldnt F8 his system into the windows boot menu because he wanted to argue it only says F2 pr F1201:57
icerootRazernok: i told you 4 times what todo01:57
phong_iceroot, what if i want to use phpmyadmin  is that part of php?01:57
sjmRazornok: can't you do it through something like phpmyadmin?01:57
Razernokice, i told you it didn't work01:57
IdleOneRazernok: perhaps #mysql will be able to guide you01:57
icerootphong_: no you have to install it "sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin"01:57
Razernoki don't like phpmyadmin01:57
phong_ok sir01:58
icerootRazernok: are you a troll?01:58
icerootRazernok: i told you many many times NOT to put the client ip there01:58
sjmRazornok: are both boxes linux boxes?01:58
mtinmanGreetings, All.01:59
phong_iceroot,  if i see the option with [Y/n]  default is Yes right?01:59
icerootRazernok: its the ip mysql is running on01:59
dominicdinadaRazernok: well at this point your running out of options I suggest you add another Mysql user whom is not allow only to login locally. Iceroot suggested you do something different01:59
Razernoksjm, no01:59
sjmRazornok: what program do you want to use to manage the mysql server?01:59
mtinmanWhat port does Ubuntu NFS run on?01:59
icerootphong_: correct01:59
Razernokiceroot, the mysql server is on the same system as the web and php.01:59
phong_iceroot,  how to isntall apache?01:59
sjmmtinman: various01:59
mtinmanBTW, 2049 doesn't work for me.01:59
phong_does v10.4 included apache?01:59
icerootphong_: sudo apt-get install apache201:59
dominicdinadaRazernok: ifconfig it to get your server ip02:00
Razernokwhich is a separate pc from my main pc02:00
icerootRazernok: read and understand what i have wrote02:00
sjmRazornok: what program do you want to use to manage the mysql server?02:00
icerootRazernok: its dosnt matter where apache or other things are running if yu want to remote login into mysql you have to set bind-address to the server-ip and not
Razernoksjm, HeidiSQL02:00
phong_iceroot, how can i test apache locally?02:01
phong_type in ?02:01
icerootRazernok: bind-address =  server-ip (not client ip and not
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icerootphong_: http://localhost02:01
* dominicdinada face palm02:01
icerootphong_: or  its the same02:01
harovalihi, I need help with a wierd problem: I was installing g++ in a remote machine running jaunty jackalope , and the dpkg subsystem started to fail at every apt-get command like this : http://paste.pocoo.org/show/229647/02:02
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phong_it said: It works!02:02
phong_This is the default web page for this server.02:02
phong_The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.02:02
icerootphong_: everything fine02:02
icerootharovali: english would be nice02:02
phong_ok how to use phpmyadmin?02:02
dominicdinadaphong_: copy ur webfiles there02:02
Razernokiceroot, changed it to the ip assigned by the network i.e. 192.168.x.x and still unable to login remotely02:02
phong_http://localhost/phpmyadmin ?02:02
icerootphong_: http://localhost/phpmyadmin02:03
icerootRazernok: restart mysql02:03
icerootRazernok: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart02:03
phong_iceroot, i can't log on02:03
phong_iceroot,  require root?02:03
sjmRazornok: did you ask in the HeidiSQL forums?02:03
icerootphong_: root (password is not set)02:03
phong_iceroot what is default root user02:03
phong_user root ?02:04
icerootphong_: yes02:04
wnstnCan someone help me figure out ssh? I have installed openssh-server on the host and I have openssh-client installed. Now what? The host and the client share an internet connection via a wireless router.02:04
Razernokiceroot, done and still unable to login remotely02:04
icerootRazernok: is the user allowed to login on @%? or only @localhoost?02:04
phong_iceroot, #1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server02:04
phong_man, what is the default for root02:04
icerootphong_: that is the output of "mysql -u root" in the shell?02:05
Razernoksays the same crap as always, this pc is not allowed to connect02:05
icerootphong_: what02:05
phong_iceroot,  got it02:05
dominicdinadaiceroot: Only localhost he never set it differently -_-02:05
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icerootRazernok: whach your language and read the manual02:05
harovaliiceroot: how can I prefix the command to get its output in english ?02:05
phong_iceroot,  if i want to allow access from outside02:05
phong_let say i have my rounter port 3306 to
dominicdinadaphong_: in your permissions02:06
phong_i use phpmyadmin now02:06
Razernoki dunno what command to type in to access the manual02:06
phong_brb let me see02:06
sjmRazornok: Did you look here:  http://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?c=1102:06
dominicdinadaphong_: Privladges then look at those settings02:06
Razernokforums are too slow, people always take forever to reply back02:07
BabalabonIs there any new glass gui effects for menus/taskbars in ubuntu?02:07
icerootRazernok: man commandname02:07
Robin__Is it normal for battery life on a laptop to decrease signifcantly when switching from Windows to Ubuntu?02:07
Robin__I went from 3 hours to 30 minutes.02:07
dominicdinadaphong_: rootlocalhostNo ALL PRIVILEGESYes02:07
phong_got it02:07
phong_i just create new user with all access02:07
RazernokNo manual entry for commandname02:07
phong_will that do it?02:07
icerootRazernok: look at the manual what @, @localhost and @% means02:07
dominicdinadathe allowed host for my root user is localhost i have other users which allow remote access02:07
sjmRazornok: or here:  http://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=4457#p452402:07
harovaliiceroot: now in english :  http://paste.pocoo.org/show/229648/02:07
phong_iceroot,   % mean any host right?02:08
icerootphong_: correct02:08
sjmRazornok: At least search through the forum archives.02:08
phong_iceroot,  is there limitation for free mysql?02:08
dominicdinadaphong_: as a suggestion in a secure enviroment you should only allow a user as much access as needed... not just blindly allow everything :D but thats another story :D02:08
phong_hahaha dominicdinada02:09
|littlebear|phong_: yes, your hardware limitation02:09
phong_i meant in term of database size02:09
icerootharovali: sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update  should maybe fix it02:09
Razernokdon't know why people find it such a bad thing to just help02:09
phong_i know ms sql server limit to 4gb for express edition02:09
icerootphong_: limitation like what?02:09
phong_iceroot,  datasize02:09
icerootphong_: no there is no such limit02:09
dominicdinadaimporting ? tables is limited though02:09
dominicdinadai think the max import table size is 2mb02:10
icerootRazernok: because people dont hear what other are saying02:10
phong_Microsoft SQL Express has limitation to only 4GB02:10
dominicdinadaphong_: that is alot of data02:10
phong_i know02:10
Razernoki did what you said and it didn't work. still unable to connect02:10
phong_but will mysql has limit?02:10
icerootphong_: we have mysql runnning with 70GB data as a gis-like system02:10
dominicdinadasecondly microsoft is not freeware and in a production enviroment.... you actually should pay for mysql02:10
sjmRazornok: your answer is here:  http://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=4457#p452402:10
icerootRazernok: i tld yu what the problem is @%02:10
icerootRazernok: now its your turn to read some basics02:11
phong_last question02:11
Razernokfine, don't help then02:11
harovaliiceroot: that runs smoothly , but doesn't fix the aforementioned problem , see please http://paste.pocoo.org/show/229651/02:11
phong_where do i find a place to allow apache to upload size?02:11
phong_max upload size02:11
phong_i want to change to my need02:11
dominicdinadaphp.ini  ?02:11
|littlebear|phong_: php.ini02:11
Razernokiceroot, say hi to ignore02:11
phong_but there is that php.ini02:11
iceroot!ops | Razernok02:11
ubottuRazernok: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:11
|littlebear|phong_: or .htaccess02:11
icerootphong_: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini02:12
phong_where is php.ini file locat02:12
sjmRazornok: there's a difference between trying to help and spoonfeeding someone who doesn't listen or understand.02:12
phong_i'm going to do pico02:12
phong_use to pico02:12
IdleOne!attitude | Razernok02:12
ubottuRazernok: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:12
phong_last ly02:12
phong_doest ubuntu has ftp server?02:12
phong_sometime i want to do ftp02:12
icerootphong_: not by default02:12
dominicdinadasjm: Razernok or guiding them to read some posts and howtos02:12
phong_how to get it?02:12
Razernokso can someone else actually help then?02:12
icerootphong_: you have already ssh? then you have a sftp-server02:13
IdleOneRazernok: please try asking in #mysql02:13
phong_i have not a clue what is ssh02:13
phong_but just tell me how to approach02:13
mtinmanare mountd ports supposed to be opened to allow monting NFS exports?02:13
icerootphong_: you can aso use  sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini02:13
harovaliiceroot: is there a harder fix attempt for a broken apt-get subsystem ?02:13
dominicdinadaRazernok: we have all helped you. As much as we can and pointed you in the right direction, As said before were not spoon feeding and given you the tools to do so02:13
FrozenInfernohow to i stream audio from an iphone/ipod touch to ubuntu using bluetooth? when i connect, it just asks if i want to access the internet using the device, and i don't even have tethering enabled.02:13
Razernokah so no one will actually help then i see02:13
phong_iceroot,  tell me where and how to get ftp server02:13
phong_i have v10.402:14
Razernoksuch nice damn jerks02:14
phong_sudo apt-get install sftp-server ?02:14
dominicdinada!ops | Razernok02:14
ubottuRazernok: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:14
phong_any help02:14
icerootIdleOne: thanks02:14
dominicdinadaTy :D02:14
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IdleOneLet's move on please02:14
Razernokhow rude02:14
Razernokrude people don't help then kick02:15
IdleOneRazernok: may I message you in private?02:15
icerootRazernok: stop that here02:15
phong_how to install ftp server for ubuntu02:15
Razernokare you planning on helping or being rude?02:15
dominicdinadaas for sftp via... ubuntu places02:15
=== psinner is now known as _moni
IdleOneiceroot: I'll handle it please02:15
icerootphong_: there is no need to install ftp s erver if you want to edit a file02:15
dominicdinadaconnect to server! ssh02:15
IdleOneRazernok: may I message you in private?02:15
Razernokanswer my question02:16
icerootIdleOne: doesnt seem so you handle it correctly but ok, its your turn02:16
Razernokare you planning on helping or being rude?02:16
phong_iceroot, i dont want to edit file..i want to beable to upload file02:16
blendmaster1024i need a GOOD cd burner. like, now, if anyone can respond that fast. i am using k3b and it's not working with mixed mode, any other apps that can do mixed mode with cd text?02:16
phong_with ftp client02:16
phong_but i need to install ftp server here02:16
FrozenInfernohow to i stream audio from an iphone/ipod touch to ubuntu using bluetooth? when i connect, it just asks if i want to access the internet using the device, and i don't even have tethering enabled.02:16
icerootphong_: ah ok, then "sudo apt-get install proftpd"02:16
minondhi guys02:16
phong_is it free?02:16
icerootphong_: or maybe it was just proftp02:16
mtinmanphong_: sudo apt-get -y install ftp02:16
minondit is, i use proftp02:16
icerootphong_: everything is free you install with apt-get from the default repository02:17
mtinmanProftp is good...02:17
minondworks fine for me02:17
phong_how to test ftp02:17
phong_did installed02:17
minondgo to your ftp site02:17
phong_ftp localhost02:17
icerootblendmaster1024: brasero (but i think k3b is the best app out there)02:17
dominicdinadaphong_: if it is a local network as i said before you can just use places/connect to a server/ssh into your server02:17
phong_user name?02:17
rooshcan anyone help me with an ndiswrapper problem?02:18
blendmaster1024iceroot, brasero can't even do mixed mode02:18
phong_i use command02:18
blendmaster1024iceberg, i already checked02:18
icerootphong_: your username,your userpassword02:18
phong_i dont have it02:18
minondor ftp://yourdomain.com || net || etc02:18
phong_how to create one02:18
icerootblendmaster1024: ah ok,orry never used it like that02:18
phong_i need to create new ftp server user name02:18
dominicdinada phong_ you created a username/pass when you installed the server02:18
icerootphong_: you can use your normal ubuntu-login02:18
dominicdinadathat is your login02:18
minondyou can also log into your ftp with your server's login02:18
phong_iceroot,  u dont get my point...let say i want to create an ftp user account02:19
phong_i've done it in windows02:19
phong_any user i want within ftp server itself02:19
dominicdinadaphong_: once you create the user you need to give permissions to such user02:19
phong_man, wher to create user02:19
icerootphong_: sudo adduser name-of-the-new-user02:19
phong_that is my point02:20
phong_let me try02:20
dominicdinadasystem admin Users & Groups... for gui02:20
phong_works nice02:21
phong_now where and how to share a folder02:21
phong_how to set a folder to ftp server02:21
dominicdinada!ftp | phong_02:21
ubottuphong_: FTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd02:21
phong_let say i want user: "test" to access a folder "abc"02:21
icerootphong_: the default is imo the homedirectory of the user02:21
FrozenInfernocan anyone help me stream bluetooth audio from a device to ubuntu?02:21
phong_iceroot,  i c02:22
icerootphong_: its in /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf02:22
jcapincHow do I set the nomodeset kernal option when I do not boot with Grub?02:22
icerootphong_: but dont ask me for the syntax, i am not using that setting02:22
dominicdinada!grub2 | jcapinc02:22
ubottujcapinc: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:22
kagoru23good morning02:22
FrozenInfernoso... no one knows how bluetooth audio works in ubuntu?02:23
Ademanybody here use xawtv?02:24
WhitorHi. I just installed startup-manager, and I'm trying to set a certain framebuffer resolution, but all of the ones presented are not compatible with my aspect ratio... how can I manually specify a console framebuffer resolution? I've tried editing the  GRUB_GFXMODE= line of the  /etc/default/grub file to no avail... any ideas ?02:24
oveois it fine, to ask about a minimilastic grey GTK-2.0 theme, in here ?02:25
Whitoryou can ask about anything you want02:25
rooshcan anyone help with an ndiswrapper issue?02:25
kagoru23anybody using bitlbee here?02:25
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:26
airtonixroosh, what's the problem02:26
Babalabondoes anyone know how to properly install looking glass environment in ubuntu??02:26
rooshi installed the netr7364 driver fro my vista partition02:26
rooshbut it wont load02:26
AdemDoes anybody know to to properly use xawtv?02:26
airtonixBabalabon, dead project. use their livecd that might still be around.02:27
airtonixroosh, what files did you grab ?02:27
hellotherehi guys. so i fired up gparted in ubuntu 10.04 and i wanted to create an hfs partition . the option is there but it is greyed out. any idea what packages i need to install in order to be able to create hfs partitions? thanks02:28
airtonixhellothere, apt-cache search hfs02:28
rooshthere was a folder in c:/hp02:28
WhitorBabalabon, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-sun-looking-glass-desktop-environment-in-ubuntu.html02:28
hellothereairtonix, im sorry, what? whats apt-cache02:28
rooshthat contained netr.inf and netr.sys02:28
airtonixroosh, so you just pointed gtk-ndis at the folder containing the <blah>.inf file ?02:28
Dr_Willishellothere:  theres proberly some 'hfstools' or siimilary named packages - IF its even possible.  hfs support is not complete in linux02:28
rooshi actually copied the folder to my desktop02:29
airtonixhellothere, a method of searching package repository02:29
rooshthen I pointed ndis there02:29
Dr_Willishellothere:  hfsutils - Tools for reading and writing Macintosh volumes02:29
WhitorSo... how can I manually specify a framebuffer resolution for my console ?02:29
Dr_Willishellothere:  hfsplus - Tools to access HFS+ formatted volumes02:29
airtonixroosh, you need more than the inf file. (inf file is just a text file a manifest file that describes other files required )02:29
mijkI've set up auto login with Karmic but one of my startup apps isn't starting up02:29
Babalabonwhitor: I need special help, I dont really know how to edit the sources.list and properly install the looking glass thingie? can you help me? please02:29
rooshthe sys file is there too, in the folder02:29
airtonixroosh, you need more than that02:30
hellothereairtonix, and Dr_Willis thanks ill look into it02:30
kagoru23why can i not use utf-8 nick names in bitlbee?02:30
WhitorBabalabon, unfortunately I cannot help you02:30
rooshand there is a .cat file, do i still need more?02:30
PMantisHi guys. I'm unable to upgrade from 8.04 LTS:  http://pastebin.org/357318   Ideas?02:30
myrkhi, i have a txt file thats 3.7 GB (lol) and when i try to open it, my computer crashes because my ram is 4 GB and the file can't fit in it D: what can i do?02:30
airtonixroosh, did you try pointing ndis-gtk at the file where it lives on your windows partition ?02:31
rooshill try that02:31
airtonixroosh, (instead of trying to copy the files to your desktop location )02:31
Dr_Willismyrk:  use a different text editor. i think 'vi' can handle that situation02:31
icerootmyrk: you need to edit that file? than maybe use sed, if you want to look on that file use less02:32
mijkso why wouldn't an app load on startup when it does when I log in manually?02:32
jrbaker8im trying to install ubuntu on my laptop, i told it to wipe xp off and install on the hard drive, after pushing forward on step 5 it says ubi-migrationassistant failed with exit code 141. try again it doesnt work, continue anyway brings me back to step 5 after pushing install....any thoughts?02:32
myrkok :)02:32
myrkwill nano work?02:32
cba123I'm running low on space on my root partition, but I can't seem to get baobab to load to see where I can free up space.  Any ideas?02:32
icerootmyrk: try it02:32
Robin__Is it normal for battery life on a laptop to decrease signifcantly when switching from Windows to Ubuntu?02:32
Robin__I went from 3 hours to 30 minutes.02:33
BabalabonSheesh I really just want my menus and popup menus and taskbars on desktop to look like glass, kinda like what windows did with their taskbar??02:33
myrkiceroot ok i just dont want my computer to crash again XD02:33
Dr_Willismyrk:  try it and see.. VIM (vi) i recall is designed to handle very large files.02:33
icerootcba123: sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get clean   will do the job normally02:33
icerootmyrk: if you dont need to edit that file, use less02:33
soreaujrbaker8: Did you do the cd integrity test to make sure all files are ok?02:33
jrbaker8no...where is that02:33
jcapincHow do I set the nomodeset kernal option when I do not boot with Grub?02:34
cba123iceroot, Didn't work.02:34
soreaujrbaker8: Just press esc when the cd first boots02:34
icerootcba123: sudo du -sh /   to see where the big files are02:34
WhitorAll of the resolutions in startup-manager are 4:3 ... my display is 16:10 what can I do?02:35
soreauWhitor: startup manager?02:35
arandiceroot: /* you mean right?02:35
Whitorsoreau, yeah02:35
icerootarand: that is checking everything, / is oonly checking the first folders02:35
soreauWhitor: I see no application by that name here02:35
Whitorsoreau, startupmanager02:36
icerootarand: so its running faster to use / and then on the bigest dir instead of the whole system02:36
Whitorseems a little silly to assume everyone has a 4:3 display02:37
Whitora button or field to manually specify a resolution would be awesome02:37
soreauWhitor: Maybe ask in #grub?02:38
Whitorgood idea02:38
Dr_WillisWhitor:  thats posibuility a liimitation of the bios/framebuffer02:38
arandiceroot: No "du -sh /" Will give a grand total of / with no subdirs, sin'ce you're using -s02:38
rooshI tried it02:39
rooshbut ndis still failed02:39
Dr_WillisWhitor:  the comments in /etc/default/grub mention the grub-shell command   `vbeinfo'    to see what modes your system can handle02:39
rooshdo you want to see part of the syslog file?02:39
WhitorDr_Willis, my system can handle it02:40
WhitorDr_Willis, it did on Jaunty...02:41
Dr_WillisWhitor:   you can always edit the /etc/default/grub/ by hand and set it to whatever you want02:41
Pavel_10can anyone teach me to find a crash log?02:41
WhitorDr_Willis, I did that ... edited /etc/default/grub  (which is where grub2 sits)02:41
jcapincHow do I set the nomodeset kernal option when I do not see grub boot on startup?02:42
=== Gwar_ is now known as Gwar
Dr_Willisjcapinc:  on an installed system? You could set it as a option in /etc/default/grub  or you could alter that file and tell it to Always show the grub menu.02:42
harovaliiceroot: I ran   apt-get clean && apt-get update        , but things don't get back to normal  ;  I'm starting to supose that the problem might be bad repositories. Is that plausible to you ?02:42
* Dr_Willis hates how the grub setup defaults to hiding the menu.02:43
rooshairtonix: are you still here?02:43
spottyIm using (K)ubuntu Lucid.  My home directory (and all users) are getting mounted as read-only.  I have a partition just for /home. Anyone know why it might be happening?02:43
Dr_Willisspotty:  check dmesg output. If theres  some sort of disk-error theres often an option set in fstab to remount it read only.02:43
Dr_Willisspotty:  i had issues like that when a hd was going bad.02:43
spottyWhat would that command be?02:43
airtonixroosh, yes02:44
spottyand I did check fstab. Both / and /home are mounted with error-remount-ro set02:44
Dr_Willisspotty:  then i would bet that somewhere in dmesg - it mentions some errors on the hd.02:44
rooshso i tried it, but still no working. here is part of the syslog file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454753/02:44
Dr_Willisand remounts it read-only02:44
spottyagain, how do I get the output for dmesg?02:44
razz1I am going to enable pae in 10.04, do  I need to disable restricted drivers first or is it going to be fine?02:45
greezmunkeyspotty: just type dmesg in a terminal02:45
greezmunkeyspotty: or look in /var/log02:46
spottyWell, it gave me all of this: http://pastebin.com/rTrdK6xt02:46
Dr_Willisspotty:  'dmesg' is a command. :)02:46
Dr_Willisspotty:  normally if working ion a machine and it 'happens' to remount the HD on me. the info is near the end.02:47
spottyIll say it once and Ill say it again. Holy crap!02:47
Dr_Willisspotty:  or grep the dmesg output02:47
Dr_Willisdmesg | grep sda02:47
Dr_Willisor whatever the hd is02:47
greezmunkeyspotty: hmm, the first few lines definately indicate a problem - good call Dr.02:47
spottyNo wonder Gnome is so slow (KDE wont even load)02:47
spottyI have to say that if my hard drive has problems, its disappointing since this is only a 6 month old computer.02:48
jrbaker8soreau: when i checked the disk it says "(initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: input/output error02:48
Dr_Willisspotty:  ive bought New hard drives with probmlems.02:48
greezmunkeyDr_Willis: is there a chance that forcing fsck on boot will help?02:49
Dr_Willisspotty:  i got a 1.5 TB at xmas that has a similer issue. it was my /  that kept getting remounted ro.. THATY can really goof things up02:49
Dr_Willisgreezmunkey:  with HD's its hard to tell. I fsck mine.. it works for a few hrs.. then later it get an error and becomes RO.02:49
spottyHmm... so what is the next thing I can try?02:49
Dr_Willisspotty:  in short.. I would NOT trust that hard drive very much. I reccomend replaceing it.02:49
spottyand incidentally both my / and my /home are set to go read only upon error within /etc/fstab02:49
greezmunkeyDr_Willis: using that logic, an immediate backup is called for02:50
Dr_Willisspotty:  theres some tools that 'might' fix it. but HD's are the weakest link in a mondern pc i find.02:50
Dr_Willisgreezmunkey:  always backup :)02:50
Dr_Willisgreezmunkey:  my HD that was gouing bad  WAS the backup.. :) but i had moved it to a differnet pc for use as  / and /home  then i discoverd it was having issues.. so now its just a 'video archive disk' for the wifes tv shows.02:51
Dr_Williswork time for me. Bye all02:51
spottyWell this is really unfortunate. Im an out of work web designer. No idea how Im gonna get a new hard drive. Cant earn money to buy said HD without this computer. Catch-22 and all because these hard drives are in such bad shape02:52
spottycheap crap02:52
PwnerJohnis there a way to get to C:\02:52
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:52
PwnerJohnusing ubuntu?02:52
greezmunkeyspotty: that what friends are for, do you know anyone that may have a spare drive laying around?02:53
zkriesse!hi | explodingwalrus02:53
ubottuexplodingwalrus: please see above02:53
PwnerJohnhow? or is there a documentation for it?02:53
arandPwnerJohn: It should be a simple matter of clicking on the equivalent "disk" in nautilus02:53
spottyHmm....not that I know of.  Either way, I sure am going to lose out on this gig that I just got.  Cant really get paid if I cant work on it. :/02:54
explodingwalrusanyone here knowledgable on Epiphany browser02:54
arandPwnerJohn: nautilus being the File Browser02:54
arand!anyone | explodingwalrus02:54
ubottuexplodingwalrus: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:54
explodingwalrushow do you get epiphany to open all new links in a new tab rather than a new window, by default?02:55
spottyand my last hard drive that I owned went bad as well. In fact, its worse than the one in my computer right now I bet.  That one has a huge gash down the side from the "needle" and the discs seperated. o.O02:55
PwnerJohnarand: okay, let me try that02:55
johnofwaxI'm having issues with locally resolving my hostname on my 10.04 box. is there anyone here that may be able to help me figure this out ?02:57
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: what command are you trying to test?02:57
johnofwaxfrom my other machines02:57
johnofwaxnslookup wasnt working either02:57
greezmunkeyjohn try ping localhost, does that work?02:57
johnofwaxnor was tracert (using a windows machine to connect to 10.04)02:57
PwnerJohndo i need to install ubuntu02:58
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest92835
PwnerJohnor is it okay if02:58
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: ok...02:58
PwnerJohni keep it on the cd02:58
johnofwaxyeah, the 10.04 machine... A) Is online, resolves other hostnames fine. B) can see itself as its hostname C) Can see other computers on the network by hostname02:58
wise_cryptjohnofwax: do you have a dns server installed?02:58
johnofwaxthe other computers cannot see 10.04 (now known as server) by it's hostname02:58
arandPwnerJohn: You should be able to access it just from the liveCD yes.02:58
johnofwaxI'm using a DD-WRT router, and it's suppose to handle all of my dns stuff.02:59
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: you will need to setup bind for that all to work, or manually edit /etc/hosts02:59
johnofwaxthis is a new development. everything was fine until a reboot yesterday02:59
explodingwalrusalso how do i add irc.gnome.org to xchat?02:59
PwnerJohni'm not that good with linux02:59
PwnerJohnarand: you have an idea where it might be located?02:59
PwnerJohnor a way to find out?03:00
johnofwaxmy /etc/hosts file has localhostIP ( = localhost and also the hostname Im using. 2 lines03:00
johnofwaxmy /etc/hostname has the hostname its suppose to be responding as.03:00
wise_cryptjohnofwax: $ dig localhost ?03:00
johnofwaxI thought my router was foobared, as no computer could see "server" as "server" I had to use the IP address to access shares. Now the router and "server" are the only ones that can access it by the hostname03:01
PwnerJohnnevermind, i found it03:01
johnofwaxfrom the dig command, are we expecting the router's IP as the SERVER: response ?03:01
ShrekLappyjohnofwax, i found that using static leases under services on dd-wrt seemed to make the things work much better for hostnames03:01
bastidrazorjohnofwax: localhost ==
wise_cryptjohnofwax: sometyhing like this SERVER:
=== Guest81105 is now known as [Pwner]John
johnofwaxwhere did I see that... 2 1's somewhere03:02
johnofwaxDoh. my hosts file03:02
ShrekLappyhost files are gross03:02
ShrekLappycuz they are only for one machine03:02
wise_cryptjohnofwax: just use dig localhost03:02
ShrekLappyseriously, set static leases in dd-wrt, it makes things work better imo03:03
johnofwaxdig localhost gets an answer.03:03
ShrekLappyi can ping my machine with the hostname in there even after reformatting ubuntu and putting a different hostname in03:04
razz14gb ram, but pae enabled kernel still shows as 3.2gb. anyone know why?03:04
wise_cryptjohnofwax: paste just the ;;SERVER:03:04
ShrekLappyrazz1, it will only show that much even with pae03:04
ShrekLappyyou need 64bit to show more03:04
johnofwax;; SERVER:
greezmunkeyShrekLappy: yup, adding th estatic leases are a bit like adding an A record to a dns server...03:04
arandShrekLappy: No that's incorrect, PAE will show same amount as amd6403:04
icerootrazz1: enable pae in the bios also03:05
wise_cryptjohnofwax: so that its way, put on top the other in your host and hostname :)03:05
icerootShrekLappy: wrong, pae is for using more then 4gb with 32bit03:05
ShrekLappycorrect, but as far as i know it wont show all that memory, even though it can 'use' it03:05
arandrazz1: Just to chack you're running the pae kernel you can look at "uname -a"...03:06
icerootShrekLappy: its showing all memore but can only use 1.8gb per process03:06
johnofwaxso /etc/hostname has the same syntax as /etc/hosts ? as it stands, hostname just contains the string "server"03:06
razz1shrek, I think you are wrong, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE03:06
ShrekLappy32bit limitations03:06
Barridusgwibber is messed up, anyone know where the settings folder is?03:06
razz1 iam using pae kernel03:06
ShrekLappyi could very well be razz103:06
razz1I will check the bios03:06
ShrekLappyreading up03:06
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: no it's correct as it is03:06
wise_cryptjohnofwax: in host put nameserver
johnofwaxisnt the nameserver handled by /etc/resolv.conf ?03:07
=== usuario-master is now known as acido
bastidrazorjohnofwax: yes03:07
wise_cryptjohnofwax: you have to install bing9 after this though and setup caching dns server03:07
johnofwaxI dont have an issue resolving hostnames from this computer, it's others seeing the computer as "server" that's the issue.03:07
razz12.6.32-22-generic-pae #36-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 3 23:14:23 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux03:08
razz1thas waht i am running03:08
wise_cryptjohnofwax: you need bind9 to do that03:08
phong_question running windows under ubuntu as virtual is the best choice or not?03:08
johnofwaxup until this point, the DD-WRT has been handling all DNS / nameserver queries just fine. I'm not sure what caused the mishap.03:08
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: here's an example hosts file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454763/03:08
johnofwaxI'd like to stick with using the router as you know.. a router. as this ubuntu machine is just a workstation03:08
johnofwaxit's not really ment to have dns / nameserver services running on it at this point.03:08
wise_cryptjohnofwax: this is a guide to do that http://www.zaphu.com/2007/09/10/ubuntu-dns-server-guide-bind-caching-name-server-setup/03:09
Buhmillionhey guys, do any of you have experience with squid?03:09
phong_question running windows under ubuntu as virtual is the best choice or not?03:09
johnofwaxbut the hosts file, as mentioned above; is for a single sided lookup, correct ?03:09
Barridusgwibber is messed up, anyone know where the settings folder is so i can wipe it out and start over?03:09
johnofwaxwise_crypt: but I don't wanna do that. :P03:09
johnofwaxI just want my Win7 workstation to see my ubuntu workstation as "server" and not
AdemSpoiling Toy Story 3 if I'm not interrupted in...03:09
johnofwaxit's just a media server03:10
arandrazz1: Well I did write a main bit of that wiki page, so I wouldn't trust it blindly since I might very well be wrong, I do not think so, though, obviously ;)03:10
Buhmillionokay guys, how do i completely remove the "X-Forwarded-For" header from being sent in squid?03:10
IdleOne!ot | Adem03:11
ubottuAdem: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:11
mneptokAdem: that will be quite enough of that03:11
phong_IdleOne,  is it best to run windows within ubuntu?03:11
johnofwaxas it stands... get this. on windows workstation: ping server gives me a could not find host error03:11
razz1arand, I don't have any entry in my bios for pae, but  Iknow that the MB supports up to 409603:11
johnofwaxHOWEVER... nslookup server gives me the address to the workstation as expected.03:12
ruffleSguys i need help. my volume applet isn't looking like it used to. i got a squared dark button instead of the rounded light one. this is probably due to gnome color chooser imho. how can i change it back to its default? http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/6155/selection004.png03:12
BuhmillionHow do i create a "high anonymity" proxy configuration in help03:12
arandrazz1: Hmm, well then I don't know what could be the issue, back when I did it I just installed the kernel, and up came my 3.7G of ram or thereabouts..03:13
wise_cryptjohnofwax: can help you more if you dont wish to install bind, my assumption is tou router is using dynamic dns and you have to start back to the step you did yesterday03:13
ravibnHi! I need help with ubuntu version I need install on my Dell Latitude e6510 - core i7 720QM CPU, 4GB Nvidia 3100NVS03:13
razz1arand, it was 3.2 before and after03:13
bastidrazorjohnofwax: dnsmasq may be of use.. it is a bit less complicated than bind903:13
johnofwaxthe router is using dnsmasq03:14
ShrekLappyjohnofwax, just try making a static lease in dd-wrt it will be much easier03:14
phong_i'm asking if it is a good idea to run windows os in ubuntu03:14
ShrekLappyand you wont have to screw with machines any time you add one or want to change anything, its all in one place03:14
consumed_hihi.. im booted to ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix cd, is there a way to start a text installer from command line ?03:14
arandrazz1: Yes, there *should* be some kind of change, I reckon, no idea why not, though,  sorry.03:14
bastidrazorjohnofwax: you may want to ask in ##networking   they might be able to give some exact solutions03:14
ravibnany help is appreciated03:15
ring0could anybody take a look at my fdisk output and tell me, if the differences in physical/logical are important: http://pastebin.com/Fgnce9Qx03:15
johnofwaxexcellent. Thanks for all your help guys. I appreciate it. I'll try a few different suggestions as mentioned in here and see how it goes.03:15
arand!details | ravibn03:15
ubotturavibn: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:15
razz1arand, http://larmeir.com/2009/07/enabling-pae-on-a-32-bit-ubuntu-desktop-supporting-up-to-64-gb/ look at this, u think it will help, I have never done a kernel compile03:15
bastidrazorjohnofwax: well, dnsmasq is just a cache for dns' resolved from somewhere else.  bind9 actually does the resolving.. maybe unbound could be solution as well.03:16
ravibnarrand : I tried 64bit desktop version it does not even boot03:16
thewolfCan some one tell me why songbird won't install from getdeb?03:16
wise_cryptarand : use kernelcheck to compile anew kernel03:16
bastidrazorthewolf: songbird is dead.. all linux development has come to an end03:16
=== TannerF-afk is now known as TannerF
ravibnarand: I tried arch latest distro and it works fine on this machine bcos it supports i68603:17
wise_cryptarand : http://kcheck.sourceforge.net/03:17
johnofwaxI don't believe I had bind previously running on here (or any other machines), although I could be mistaken... I simply want to be able to access my samba shares and web server by name again. :\03:17
thewolfbastidrazor: why would they do that? I only unistalled it because I needed to reinstall it03:17
ravibnarand : does ubuntu server supports the i686 ?03:17
Blade!hey Sakura03:17
arandwise_crypt > razz103:17
wise_cryptarand : my bad03:18
johnofwaxI did a fresh install of 10.04 from a new disc last night (on a new partition), and it does the same thing. it almost seems like an update broke my network03:18
zusdoes anyone use "Giver"?  am i able to share files with people on a windows?03:18
ravibnarand: I mean supports i686 cpu with  Dell Latitude e6510 - core i7 720QM CPU, 4GB Nvidia 3100NVS03:18
consumed_hihi.. im booted to ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix cd, is there a way to start a text installer from command line ?03:18
=== Freeaiqngme is now known as Freeaqingme
bastidrazorthewolf: read the links on this page: http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/remove-songbird2  they will explain it03:19
razz1wise_crypt, thanks03:19
ShrekLappyjohnofwax, the reason to flash dd-wrt is to make it help your network be better, i seriously have not had any issues with hostnames since i set it up that way, and i used to have all sorts of issues like you are having. working sometimes, other times no, then it just stopped working altogether. works great when you let dd-wrt handle it03:19
ravibnarand: I looked at the certified hw list on ubuntu.com and this latitude is not listed03:19
johnofwaxexactly! I haven't had any issues either, and have been using DD-WRT for almost a year. "it just works".03:20
ruffleSany1 who knows how to get this button back to its standard appearance? http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/6155/selection004.png03:20
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: shares by name is more a function of netbios (over tcp/ip), where straight IP to name resolution requires each machine to be able to look it up. Choice 1, a local nameserver. Choice 2, manually edit the hosts file on each machine to reflect the names and *static* ip addresses of every other machine.03:20
arandravibn: The best way to find out is really to test it.03:20
johnofwaxI'm going to heed your suggestion and use static leasing03:20
wise_cryptin desktop to use a server kernel just type sudo apt-get install linux-image-server and do update your grub using sudo update-grub that simple and after use tasksel to install common app for server03:20
johnofwaxgreez: the DD-WRT was suppose to handle that conversion.03:20
ravibnarand : thats what I am trying to do please help me understand abt this server 64 bit version03:21
johnofwaxthe weirdest thing is though... starting about an hour ago (when I reset my DD-WRT), nslookup from a remote machine starting working (where it wasnt before..)03:21
johnofwaxalthough ping does not03:21
ravibnarand : like does it support the i686 cpu ?03:21
taviscan someone give me a hand with a command to add a directory and a bunch of subdirectories in all user's home directories?03:21
wise_crypt!troll > johnofwax03:21
ubottujohnofwax, please see my private message03:21
wise_crypt!patience | johnofwax03:21
ubottujohnofwax: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:21
arandravibn: if you want 32bit server you'd get the "i386" version.03:22
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: I can't verify that, as my ddwrt box is out in my work truck, but if it will allow you to create dhcp reservations, and associate a machine name with, then you will be good to go.03:22
johnofwaxthats what I was thinking too.03:22
johnofwaxwould the hosts file on the dd-wrt do the same thing ?03:22
johnofwaxor would it not relay that information to a requesting machine ?03:23
ravibnarand : please be sure on what you trying to answer ? I am clearly explaining that this machine is an i686 cpu03:23
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: if there is one, then that is how it make it work :)03:23
ravibnarand : why are u pointing me to the i38603:23
johnofwaxok. I had tried that earlier, but I'll attempt a few variations of it. maybe put it in the dd-wrt scripts or something.03:23
benjamimAnyone here using Intel core i5 and Radeon graphics ?03:24
greezmunkeyjohnofwax: read the ddwrt docs, that will tell you what to do.03:24
ravibnarand : do you belong to this ubuntu forum to answere all the prof Q ?03:24
johnofwaxthanks for all your help. I've got a few more things to try now03:24
arandravibn: I'm a happy user like everyone else.03:24
ravibnarand : you are an Idiot03:25
joshuahhello, I'm using an old IBM without a super button, should I bund all super-using hotkeys to something else? or is there a way to emulate that? (like right + left mouse = middle mouse click)03:25
benjamimi'm having trouble to switch from intel graphics to Radeon graphics. any tips ?03:26
greezmunkeyravibn: if you already know the answer then why pick on arand?03:26
ravibngreezemunkey : I am asking relevant q and he is misguiding me03:26
consumed_is there a way to start a text installer from command line on a 10.04 netbook remix cd OR a way to reconfigure X while booted to the live cd so i can continue with normal installer ?03:27
ravibngreezemunkey : I will apoloize if I am wrong03:27
xguru i got one for you guys....  http://www.pastie.org/1018197   <---  line 20 suggest a possible work around.  when the command is issued i get "make:  illegal option -- -"03:27
zkriesseravibn: Well don't be rude please03:27
xgurunot really a ubuntu question....its on a bsd box :)03:27
wise_cryptravibn: thats not a good netetiquet you'r preforming mate03:28
joshuahI'm using an old IBM without a super button, should I bind all super-using hotkeys to something else? or is there a way to emulate that? (like right + left mouse = middle mouse click)03:28
ravibnzkriesse : I am sorry abt that but I am trying to get something answered from several weeks and I am not getting nowwhere03:28
wise_cryptravibn: been there :)03:29
zkriesseravibn: I understand that i can be frustrating....but please remember. This is a volunteer effort...try to be nice to us! :D03:29
greezmunkeyravibn: the question you need to resolve is whether or not your mobo is truely 64bit, me thinks. If so, then you can certainly give the 64bit sw a shot.03:29
JoshmuffinHey guys can anyone help me i cant boot ubuntu03:29
zkriesseJoshmuffin: Ok03:29
zkriesseJoshmuffin: PC Specs and Ubuntu Version please03:30
ravibngreezemunkey : it is a 64 bit bcos i have win7 64bit on this machine already03:30
Joshmuffin1TB hdd03:30
Joshmuffin4gib ram03:30
ShrekLappyJoshmuffin, any relevant error message(s)?03:30
Joshmuffinintel i3 processor03:30
ShrekLappyor i guess a better question is what does it do/not do, how far do you get into a boot?03:30
JoshmuffinShrekLappy, zkriesse : i get error neet to load kernel first03:31
greezmunkeyravibn: that's all you had to say :) and it's a (what kind of) processor?03:31
ShrekLappyJoshmuffin, have you installed? or booting a livecd?03:31
ravibngreezemunkey : I need to understand whether I can go with ubuntu server 10 64bit edition03:31
Mahjongghello, is there a wincsp like application03:31
Joshmuffinim on my backtrack partition atm03:31
Joshmuffinafter installing backtrack i couldnt boot ubuntu03:31
greezmunkeyravibn: what do you intend to do with the box?03:31
Joshmuffinso i updated to grub2 and ran update-grub but i still cant boot my ubuntu partition03:32
Joshmuffini have a thread on the forums about it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9503735#post950373503:32
ravibngreezmunkey : I want to browse internet, do wok on word documents thats all03:32
greezmunkeyravibn: then you don't want server (no gui)03:32
ruffleSravibn, if i were you i'd stick to the 32bit version03:32
jrbaker8im trying to install ubuntu and i keep getting /usr/lib/user-setup/user-setup-apply: 335: update-gconf-defaults: input/output error03:33
Joshmuffinravibn, 64bit has less compatibility03:33
ravibngreezemunkey : then why I cannot boot this machine with the old karmic kola or latest desktop 64 bit03:33
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1260471 << might help03:34
greezmunkeyravibn: here's the iso name: ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso03:34
[Pwner]JohnI failed03:34
fixletterhi all03:34
[Pwner]JohnI can't find my windows install cd, so is there a way to install something that can run .exe files onto a livecd?03:34
fixletteri'm a new former:D03:34
greezmunkeyravibn: huh? Can't boot?03:35
fixletteri can't use yahoo03:35
ravibngreezemunkey : thats right I hv tried both 32 bit and 64bit 10.04 LTS and does not even boot03:35
Joshmuffinravibn, is it a 64bit processor in your machine?03:35
ravibnJoshmuffin : it is 64bit with i686 cpu the arch latest disto works on this machine well03:36
PDG1heyhey... any idea why I can't hear my line in through my speakers anymore with 10.04? is it something with the mixer?03:36
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: can you install startupmanager from backtrack03:36
bastidrazorravibn: 1686 is not 64bit03:36
greezmunkeyravibn: did you burn the iso's yourself? Is your CDROM set as the first boot device?03:36
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, ill try now03:36
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: sudo apt-get install startupmanager03:37
ravibngreezemunkey : yes!03:37
arandravibn: This may be your issue? (the gpu rather) http://wwww.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=946322003:37
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, no luck, backtrack 4 is based of intrepid i belive03:37
ravibnarand : I am sorry I was rude to you sir03:37
arandravibn: nomodeset as a kernel boot option might be something to try, if it is indeed the GPU that is bothering.03:38
ravibngreezemunkey : i686 is a 64 bit cpu but this is micro archtiecture03:38
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: i see may be the post would help you or refer to http://ubuntuguide.net/manually-addingremoving-entries-to-grub-2-menu03:38
arandravibn: No worries03:39
ravibnarand : I think thats the one bothering me to bootup I tried few kernel param while booting and was not success03:39
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, directly editing grub.cfg is dangerous and not recommended as well as i don't know grub syntax03:40
[Pwner]Johni wonder03:40
[Pwner]Johnif it is possible to install stuff03:40
[Pwner]Johnon the hdd03:40
[Pwner]Johnusing only the livecd?03:40
gantrixxHas anyone ever got a USB microphone to work with Ubuntu 10.04?03:40
arand[Pwner]John: Install as in...?03:40
ravibnarand : thats the reason I was asking whether I can download 64bit kernel and it supprts the nvida03:41
Joshmuffingantrixx, I heard that next release 10.10 is going to have loads! more microphone support03:41
[Pwner]Johnarand: as in install programs03:41
[Pwner]Johnsuch as wine and such03:41
arandravibn: I think 32/64bit shouldn't make a difference in that regard, but well, I'm not sure..03:41
gantrixxgreat....I can't wait03:41
[Pwner]Johnonto a windows-filled hdd03:41
[Pwner]Johnbecause i'm screwed right now =x03:42
JoshmuffinShrekLappy, zkriesse: any ideas or suggestions>03:42
ravibnarand : I mean the latest ubuntu 64bit LTS server but I need the gui like desktop03:42
Joshmuffin[Pwner]John, what is the problem with the windows install?03:42
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: its also dangerous to use backtrack if you not know what are you doing :)03:42
rodhello, in ubuntu how can I send files to other computers in my network (other ubuntu computer) , i know in windows I can send files to other workgroup computers but what is the analog to this in ubuntu?03:43
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, I do know what I'm doing with backtrack, just not grub203:43
arandravibn: If you want the GUI, then either get the desktop CD and install whatever server packages you need, or get the server and install ubuntu-desktop on top of it, I guess...03:43
Joshmuffin!samba | rod03:43
ubotturod: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:43
emarkdany vpn gurus around tonight.  i've got invalid secrets!03:43
rodno no, no windows computers .. all ubuntu03:44
ruffleSrod, using ssh. but then u'd need to install openssh-server in the pcs03:44
rodthrough ssh I would be able to upload files?03:44
matthew123I just typed lspci -vv and this was the output under the VGA section http://pastebin.com/1uYNGihq  I'm concerned. First, I'm fairly sure my computer is 32 bit not 64, and second: non-prefetch is only 4M? and prefetch is only 256M?03:44
arandravibn: Again, if the nvidia issue is the one that keeps you from booting that will likely be the same through all versions, well apart from the alternate install I guess, maybe. Don't know if that one does KMS/Plymouth or not...03:44
[Pwner]JohnJoshmuffin: I corrupted a file03:45
ruffleSrod, absolutely03:45
Joshmuffinrod, samba will work with ubuntu to ubuntu03:45
[Pwner]Johnand replacing it doesn't help03:45
H2OyJaBoNhow can I remove jobs from Upstart?03:45
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:45
[Pwner]Johnthe best case scenario is that the MBR is messed up03:45
rodhmm Joshmuffin if so then I think i will try out samba03:45
[Pwner]Johnthe worst case is the whole hdd is broken03:45
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, that link is for legacy grub03:46
=== pepee_ is now known as pepee
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: bt4 is using grub not grub2 i assumed03:46
Joshmuffini updated it03:46
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, the comunity documentation of grub2 is no help03:46
PDG1i'm pretty sure I'm having a problem with the mixer. but i don't see anyone else having the same problems when i search online. So I'm thinking I'm just an idiot and its something really obvious03:47
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, i updated to grub203:47
zusjoin #ubuntu-offtopic03:47
JoshmuffinIf i remove grub2 completely will it boot to another partitions grub?03:47
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: grub2 ? are you sure you enter the correct uuid ?03:48
zarkshow windows 203:48
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, i dont know03:48
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: sudo blkid03:48
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, http://pastebin.com/ags7xXk003:49
Joshmuffinzark, what exactly is the problem03:49
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: from sda1 - sda6 which one is ubuntu ?03:50
jrtaylorivHow would it be possible that going to the same URL from two different computers on the same network, would give me a 404 error for one of the computers, and not for the other. This happens regardless of which network they are on.03:50
jrtaylorivIt basically works from every computer with the exception of the one that is receiving the 404 error.03:50
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, sda1 - 10.04,  sda2 - 10.1003:50
jrtayloriv(and this has been happening for weeks, and browser cache flushing, etc. doesn't fix it)03:50
matthew123Will someone please look at the VGA section of the output of lspci -vv (http://pastebin.com/1uYNGihq) and tell me if something looks off?03:50
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: sudo update-grub see if the uuid match with blkid output03:51
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, sda3 - backtrack03:51
jrtayloriv(and it's not just firefox -- it also happens with wget, etc.)03:51
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, seems to03:52
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: seems or they are ?03:52
tavisif someone has a sec could you help me formulate a mkdir command that would allow me to create a directory and several subdirectories in all my user's home directory03:53
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, both enteries match ubuntu 10.1003:53
chrowe_is there an easy way to install ubuntu server on a headless machine?03:54
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: can you boot to your 10.04 using your cd installer and install startupmanager from there ?03:54
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, i dont have a 10.04 CD03:54
netsnailwhich command is for show-desktop03:54
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: lend one ?03:55
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, narr..i could download and make a USB03:55
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: ok03:55
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, or i could add ppa and install in backtrack?03:55
SlidingHornquick question: in synaptic, if I click the "Status" button (on left) and select "Not installed (residual config) it has a lot of stuff i could remove...how can I be absolutely certain those things aren't needed elsewhere?  (dumb question, I know)03:56
Joshmuffinwise_crypt, wait, not posible, i could upgrade system?03:56
bnovchello... I'm trying to allow a user access over ftp (with vsftpd) but not have a shell/ssh. Whenever I set their shell to nologin in passwd, they're also no longer able to ftp. whats the right way to do this?03:57
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: just use startupmanager if you dont understand grub2 syntax in 10.04 or 10.10 do it anyway you like :)03:57
xray_tskbnovc: allow only required users to login via ssh03:58
xray_tskbnovc: in sshd config03:58
bastidrazorscunizi: success03:58
nomnexKarmic  32 bit, help with sudden sluggishness03:59
Joshmuffinanyway to upgrade from 8.10 to 10.04 directly?03:59
scunizibastidrazor: thanks!03:59
bnovci dont think that is technically sufficient. i guess ill just do that for now though03:59
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?03:59
rwwJoshmuffin: nope. The only supported upgrade path from 8.10 to 10.04 is through 9.04 and 9.10.03:59
wise_cryptJoshmuffin: its not wise to upgade backtrack trust me on this03:59
Joshmuffini just started...03:59
scuniziJoshmuffin: the other option is to fresh install if you have a separate /home partition04:00
Joshmuffinim running xubuntu-desktop on it aswell04:00
Joshmuffinscunizi, no and im not reinstalling over bad grub syntax04:00
alketI have problems with Beagle, its not indexing files04:01
matthew123Will someone please look at the VGA section of the output of lspci -vv (http://pastebin.com/1uYNGihq) and tell me if something looks off?04:02
Jolzhi, anyone here know how to activate the dvi out of a intel 945gm graphic card?04:03
WhitorHi... I'm trying to set my framebuffer resoluton in grub. Been working on this for hours now. here is my config file http://pastebin.com/G2Dsn2fg  Can someone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong ?04:03
GwarHi guys. Anyone able to tell me what command is sent by the network manager to disable networking? Using Ubuntu 10.04. I tried "sudo /etc/init.d/networking start" and just "start networking" but not what I am looking for. Sorry for the noob question!04:03
daddynope, I would google it04:04
Jolzxrandr --prop just lists the dvi as disconnected, even though the monitor is plugged in04:04
netsnailIs  there a 'show desktop' command in ubuntu ?04:04
cannonfodderwats the ubuntu equivalent of windows tracert command?04:04
Gwarnetsnail, Ctrl+Alt+D04:04
Whitorcannonfodder, traceroute04:04
cannonfodderits not preinstalled?04:04
Joshmuffin!network | Gwar04:04
ubottuGwar: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:04
wise_cryptcannonfodder: sudo apt-get install traceroute first04:05
xray_tskit's... Windows equivalent, of traceroute command, I guess...04:05
alketGwar: sudo eth0 wlan0 down04:05
alketGwar sorry sudo ifconfig eth0 down04:05
rwwcannonfodder: I generally use mtr, which is installed by default.04:05
rod2does ubuntu come with something like 'firestarter'04:05
rww!firewall | rod204:05
ubotturod2: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.04:05
scunizirod2: the firewall app? it can be installed.04:05
Joshmuffinrod2, sudo apt-get install firestarter04:05
daddyuse ufw enable to get that going04:06
rod2hmm k thanks scunizi Joshmuffin04:06
daddyor use gufw from software center04:06
rod2and rww :)04:06
rwwfirestarter is buggy as heck. just use ufw instead04:06
Joshmuffinfirewalls in general aren't necessary04:06
Joshmuffinyour blocking yourself from attack that are used on windows machines04:07
daddytrue unless your doanloading torrents useing a p2p client04:07
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bh3wanyone use packet tracer in ubuntu04:07
netsnailGwar: thanks,that really helps04:07
rod2i dont know im trying to fiqure out the openssh thing mentioned and something is saying i should change something , hmm running in circles hope this works :)04:07
daddyyup, don't work in lucid yet04:07
=== hixt1 is now known as STiK
wise_cryptbh3w: i use wireshark04:08
daddyi recommend using wine04:08
bh3wi know of wireshark04:08
Joshmuffinbh3w, i would reccomend a backtrack live cd04:08
daddynever heard of that04:08
Joshmuffintheres also etterape04:08
bh3wwise_crypt i meant cisco's packet tracer, a network simulation evironment04:08
Joshmuffinbh3w, backtrack has one, im not sure what its called though04:09
crazed_my ass!04:09
crazed_oops :/04:09
h00k!language | crazed_04:09
ubottucrazed_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:09
daddyyea i was using that when i was taking classes for my cisco certifaction04:09
netsnailbut i known, there isn't really one command - showing the desktop, it's a built-in of the window manager, not a executable.04:09
wise_cryptbh3w: i see, is in windows exist if yes just install it using wine use winetrick to handel windows dependencies issue04:10
tyler_d2what is a good walkthrough for re-broacasting wifi, ie. My internet in through wire, want to connect to the machine via wifi and share the web04:12
tyler_d2using 64 bit 10.0404:12
zarkhello everybody i want to know how to crack wep with aircrack-ng04:13
rww!ics | tyler_d204:13
ubottutyler_d2: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php04:13
choonmingis anybody familiar with using libpam-usb with ssh? cant seem to get it working properly for remote connectivity04:13
h00kzark: this is not the correct channel.04:13
tyler_d2ty rww04:13
rwwzark: aircrack-ng's website has tutorials; I'd go there.04:13
daddyfor the aircrack person, there is a website for that.  use google, I don't want to talk about that here04:13
daddyjust use gftp, for the person trying to use  libpam-usb04:14
APJzark: there are tutorials on youtube and the forums for aircrack04:15
choonmingdaddy, im trying to conduct a research on the 2-factor authentication with ssh using libpam-usb04:15
melfyanyone know how to make ubuntu always boot up without asking to select default/recoverymode/memtest?04:15
lostgood question melfy04:16
h00k!grub2 | melfy04:17
ubottumelfy: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:17
scunizimelfy: lost that's a grub thing.. change the timing to 1 sec. or 004:17
lizhihello all ,i move my system from widnow to ubuntu ,04:17
Joeman7777hey, does anyone know how to make ubuntu load and arrange icons on the right side of the desktop instead of the left?04:17
lizhibut have some image and swf can't play04:17
melfyh00k: scunizi  ty04:17
lizhiplease help me04:17
h00k!flash | lizhi04:17
ubottulizhi: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:17
lizhiimage and flash04:18
H2OyJaBoNis posible to list all the event on upstart boot process?04:18
Joshmuffin!restricted | lizhi04:18
ubottulizhi: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:18
lizhibut i browser image use IE it ok04:18
APJwhat about the medibuntu repositories for multimedia?04:18
lizhithanks ubottu04:19
Joshmuffinlizhi, ubottu isnt a person, its a bot04:19
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:19
lizhimy god04:20
lizhimy ubuntu server is 10.04 LTS04:20
losti have successfuly build nvidia driver from nvidia. but now i want to do the same with the one provided from ubuntu04:20
lizhiuse apache web server04:20
lizhithanks all04:20
h00klizhi: please try to keep everything on one line04:20
JoshmuffinWhy is there 4 flood bots04:21
lizhieveryone can visit www.3525.com04:21
h00klizhi: Do not spam in here04:21
lizhii use dedecms04:21
tyler_d2so I have walked through on setting up the broacast settings for wireless, however I cannot configure the BSSID, when I try to do this in order to share the connection, the "Apply" button goes gray... cannot click it. What am I supposed to configure from within here?04:23
lostanyone can give me hint on how to refresh xorg server04:25
macolost: refresh?04:25
macolost: logging out and back in will cause it to be restarted04:25
lostmaco: no i mean rewrite over modules name04:25
Joshmuffin anyone able to help with my grub problem?04:26
codebrainz_Joshmuffin, what's the prob?04:27
jrbaker8i cant see any wireless networks on ubuntu and when i push the wireless button on my laptop it doesnt work04:27
macolost: er... you mean you want to compile a replacement X server?04:28
Joshmuffincodebrainz_, can i like you to my forum thread? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9503735#post950373504:28
lostmaco you got it04:29
macolost: download the source code from x.org and have at?04:29
codebrainz_Joshmuffin, I'm too sure about grub2, but it might be worthwhile to install a simpler bootloader to get up and running (imo)04:32
codebrainz_Joshmuffin, *not too sure about grub204:32
Joshmuffincodebrainz_, eg? grub1, lilo04:33
codebrainz_Joshmuffin, I like extlinux, but grub legacy or lilo are fine.  If you like grub2, have you tried re-installing it from a livecd?04:34
jrbaker8can anyone help me figure out why i cant turn on my wireless now that ive installed ubuntu04:34
jrbaker8is there a setup i need to go through04:35
H2OyJaBoNjrbaker8: you should active the device on the network manager(if its recognoized)04:36
sasi_I am  using ubuntu 10.0, in dell inspiron. in my laptop sound coming in microphone, but not coming in speakers.  any solutions04:36
frmdstryrif i have a packaged.tar.gz in ~/Downloads, what command do i need to extract it to ~/Desktop ?04:37
H2OyJaBoNsasi_: have you tried to turn on your mixers?04:37
H2OyJaBoNyou should!04:37
llamas612so i just did an install of Xubuntu and i wanted to install gnome as well04:38
sasi_no modifications in alsa mixer. i have seen04:38
llamas612but for som reason i cant find gnome in the repos04:38
frmdstryri dont think you can install both04:38
ShrekLappyyes u can04:38
ShrekLappysudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:38
ShrekLappykubuntu-desktop for kde04:38
H2OyJaBoNsasi_:  may be you have to set your master channel (i'm running a dell too whithout problems ;) )04:39
ShrekLappyyoull pick which session at your login screen (which should be gdm anyway already i believe)04:39
llamas612yea it cant seem to find it04:39
llamas612i assumed that my repos were setup incorrectly04:39
llamas612but its a fresh install04:39
ShrekLappythey should be by default04:39
llamas612i've updated them too04:39
ShrekLappydid u apt-get update first?04:39
llamas612its really odd04:39
ShrekLappydid u try doing: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?04:40
sasi_how do i set04:40
ShrekLappywhat did it throw back at you?04:40
llamas612E: Couldn't find package ubuntu-desktop04:40
llamas612is there anyway i can find the default sources.lst04:40
llamas612that comes with ubuntu04:40
llamas612i mean, i looked through it and it looks fine04:40
ShrekLappyits /etc/apt/sources.list04:40
ShrekLappyis your sources i think04:41
sasi_from last 10 days i have been this problem04:41
ShrekLappy(always used to be at least)04:41
sasi_before that i dont have any problem04:41
H2OyJaBoNsasi_: in the terminal gnome-volume-control04:41
llamas612well actually i meant the default ubuntu loads with04:41
llamas612i wanted to overwrite my sources04:41
llamas612with a clean, default one04:41
llamas612i doubt its that04:41
LeifGoogle isn't very helpful.  I have a folder of files and subfolders, I need to put all of them in a foo.img file, dd can't help because that only seems to work with single files.04:41
LeifCna nyone help me?  THanks.04:41
llamas612but i cant think of anythuing else04:42
=== STiK is now known as Blackhemorrhoids
ShrekLappyllamas612, http://pastebin.org/35747504:42
ShrekLappythats my sources.list04:42
ShrekLappyi have ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop available to me04:42
codebrainz_Leif, do you need a filesystem in the image file?04:42
Leifcodebrainz_, Yes, or rather, I need the folders to stay more or less intact04:42
Leifcodebrainz_, Mainlsy so I can copy it to the android emulator04:43
sasi_i observed properties04:43
sasi_all combinations i have enabled04:43
sasi_but no use04:43
sasi_what should i do04:44
SlidingHorn!enter | sasi_04:44
ubottusasi_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:44
codebrainz_Leif, use dd to make a blank image file, use mkfs to format it, and use mount -o loop to mount it to a dir. then just cp -R the one dir to the mountpoint04:44
H2OyJaBoNsasi_: try your PCM, Master turning on...04:45
=== Blackhemorrhoids is now known as STiK
codebrainz_Leif, that's assuming you don't need a partition table in the image04:45
Joshmuffincan anyone help me with adding enteries to grub legacy04:45
WhitorHi... I have an app that when executed from a TTY console, it plays video in that console window.... If I run the same command in a Terminal window... the app opens its X interface ... how can I force the app to stay in the terminal window?04:45
llamas612Shrek, thanks a lot for that but it didn;t seem to work04:45
Leifcodebrainz_, Hmm...okay04:46
Whitorthe app is vlc btw04:46
OEPFor a long while, my sound has been a crackly mess. I see lots of similar problems on forums, but most are old. Has anyone had this happen to them recently?04:46
Leifcodebrainz_, (It's not as trivial to me as it is to use. ;) )04:46
JoshmuffinOEP, pulsaudio?04:46
Leifcodebrainz_, but I'll get ther.04:46
codebrainz_Leif, i can help you, just giving an overview04:46
Leifcodebrainz_, Ah, okay04:47
OEPJoshmuffin: Seems like I have that. It's a pretty standard installation..04:47
codebrainz_Leif, dd if=/dev/zero of=yourimage.img bs=1M count=howmanymegs04:47
Joshmuffin!sound !pulseaudio | OEP04:47
Leifcodebrainz_, But isn't dd supposed to take an infile?04:47
Leifoh, okay. :)04:47
Joshmuffin!sound  | OEP04:47
ubottuOEP: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:47
codebrainz_Leif, be very careful that you don't mixup if and of04:47
Joshmuffin!pulseaudio | OEP04:47
ubottuOEP: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions04:47
NetRoYwhitor: you can ssh to localhost without forwarded X :P04:48
OEPOK I'll check it out. Thanks..04:48
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?04:48
JoshmuffinOEP, Come back if its not help04:48
Leifcodebrainz_, AH, good, I got it created...now for mounting. :)04:48
codebrainz_Leif, once that is done you have a blank image, then do mkfs -t yourfstype yourimage.img04:48
WhitorNetRoY, there is a command to do it all on one line ... I had it on another system in the past (but I don't have that cmd scrollback here)04:49
codebrainz_Leif, to format it, once it's formatted, then do; sudo mount -o loop yourimage.img /some/folder04:49
rollmanis there a man for assembly status calls04:49
codebrainz_Leif, then just do, cp -R /the/dir/to/copy /some/folder04:50
tsimpsonrollman: assembly status calls?04:50
Leifcodebrainz_, Okay, thanks.  (I'm still looking for the right keyword for the fstype at the moment though)04:50
tsimpsonrollman: what exactly is that?04:51
codebrainz_Leif, prolly ext204:51
=== STiK is now known as BlackHemorrhoid
=== master is now known as skullbox
Leifcodebrainz_, Hmm..I was thinking fat as it's android, but okay, thanks04:51
rollmanassembly language status calls or numbers to what they represent04:51
codebrainz_Leif, yeah, whatever you need, i think it's 'vfat'04:51
Guest23742sup you bun too04:51
tsimpsonrollman: what status calls exactly?04:52
codebrainz_rollman, are you talking about IOCTLs or something?04:52
haywirepchello everyone.04:52
rollmanlike movl $1, %eax is a status call to exit04:52
tsimpsonrollman: you mean system calls04:52
Leifcodebrainz_, Ah, okay, that works, thanks.  Now when I try to mount it, it complains about the mount point not existing.04:53
NetRoYWhitor: most UI+console programs look for env DISPLAY04:53
skullboxdoes anyone know how to activate a 3 monitor setup with 2 Nvidia 8800 cards? i have 2 working with twinview but i cant figure out the 3rd04:53
Leifcodebrainz_, So should I put it in an already existing folder?04:53
haywirepcanyone know how I can get cinelerra for ubuntu?04:53
codebrainz_rollman, http://www.intel.com/products/processor/manuals/04:53
arunkumar413i want have only single panel on my desktop04:53
tsimpsoncodebrainz_: syscalls are OS specific04:53
Leifcodebrainz_, sudo mount -o loop system.img /media/and04:53
rollmank thx i check it out04:53
SlidingHornarunkumar413, simply right click the panel you dont want and select "remove panel"04:53
bastidrazor!cinelerra > haywirepc04:53
ubottuhaywirepc, please see my private message04:53
codebrainz_Leif, yes, make sure the mount point dir exists before mounting04:54
NetRoYWhitor you can either unset DISPLAY or prefix DISPLAY=: in you are command04:54
WhitorNetRoY, that might work04:54
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: but where will the minimised windows go04:54
codebrainz_tsimpson, i'm not sure exactly what he means to be honest04:54
WhitorNetRoY, how can I unset that in a terminal ?04:54
NetRoYWhitor: shud work for most apps04:54
tsimpsonrollman: generally, you should use the C library calls to save you the trouble. or just look at /usr/include/asm/unistd_32.h (for 32bit)04:54
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: i want to remove the the panel which contains the minimised windows04:55
SlidingHornarunkumar413, you can add the "window list" applet to the remaining panel by right clicking it and selecting "add to panel" and finding the window list app04:55
tsimpsoncodebrainz_: it's a very, very low level interface to the kernel04:55
NetRoYWhitor: "unset DISPLAY; vlc" or "DISPLAY=: VLC" ... go for second one though04:55
WhitorNetRoY, that did it ! unset DISPLAY;04:55
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: ok,thanks04:56
gbillingshow do i install vista inside ubuntu?04:56
Guest23742gbillings, you dont04:56
SlidingHorngbillings, you can't...you can dual boot though04:56
gbillingswhat about a VM? possible?04:56
codebrainz_tsimpson, this i know.  I wasn't sure if he meant syscalls or general ASM opcodes or what.04:56
WhitorNetRoY, then #~vlc mediafile.mpg .... plays in ascii in a terminal window in X nice !04:56
=== BlackHemorrhoid is now known as STiK
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: also want a single menu.04:57
=== Zeike is now known as brandonj
WhitorNetRoY, thanks04:57
NetRoYWhitor: lol .. but don't use unset if you would reuse the terminal for any ui apps next... or just open a new tab :)04:57
tsimpsoncodebrainz_: well putting 1 into %eax to make the program exit it Linux kernel specific, so I got what he meant04:57
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
SlidingHornarunkumar413, right click the current menu bar (with the 3 different submenus) and select "remove from panel"  then right click the panel, "add to panel" and select "Main Menu"04:58
robertzaccourhow do i delete a theme i installed? its in the themes list but no option that i see of to uninstall it04:58
gbillingsIs installing Windows Vista inside VirtualBox a realistic goal or is it basicly impossible? I have 2gb of ram and 250GB HD running Ubuntu 10.04.04:58
Guest23742gbillings, sounds good04:58
SwedeMikegbillings: sounds like ram might be low, vista really needs 2 gig to run properly.04:59
tsimpsongbillings: it's possible sure, just don't expect blazing performance04:59
gbillingswill my system be slow and laggy? or would it be better to go with XP?04:59
SlidingHornarunkumar413, once you get all the applets you want, you can right click them, select "move" to place them where you want them, and, if you wish, right click again and select "lock to panel" so you can't move them (until you "unlock" them)04:59
scunizigbillings: xp would be better04:59
ShrekLappycan someone recommend a good xml editor for ubuntu?04:59
gbillingsok gottit will do that tonite thanks everyone!04:59
ShrekLappybesides eclipse...which im downloading and its taking forever04:59
SlidingHorn!best | shrek04:59
ubottushrek: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:59
Leifcodebrainz_, Great, so now how can I unmount it when I'm done?04:59
codebrainz_Leif, sudo umount /the/mount/point05:00
ShrekLappygood != best05:00
Guest23742ubuntu rocks but no games05:00
tsimpsonShrekLappy: I use kate, but gedit would also do. they aren't specific XML editors, but they do have syntax highlighting and code-folding (at lease kate does)05:00
Leifcodebrainz_, Ah, thanks, I was looking for an unmount command. ;)05:01
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: there are three menus to the left:applications,places and system. instead of three i want a single menu to do the things,i that i can save some space on the panel05:01
SlidingHornShrekLappy, you can use any text editor...I believe gedit has a plugin for syntax highliting05:01
cspHi, does anyone know where to get libopensync 1.0 for Lucid?05:01
Guest23742csp, synaptic05:01
NetRoYGuest23742: Wait for steam client.. you'll have all games you want05:01
ShrekLappyweird, the xml files i open are all garbage chars (using gedit), so i figured i needed a different editor05:02
SlidingHornarunkumar413, that's what the last thing was telling you about was for...the 3 menu applet is called "menu bar" whereas the single button menu is called "main menu"  rt click "menu bar" > Remove from panel.  rt click panel > add to panel > select Main Menu05:02
cspGuest23742: the repository only has the older version, which segfault badly05:02
cspI recently updated my system, and now msynctool just crashed because of libopensync005:03
zbanks1I'm trying to run playonlinux (which allows running programs thru wine), which I've done fine in the past. I moved the install to a separate computer, which has integrated intel graphics instead of nvidia. Now, however, I cannot use playonlinux, as it tries to load "NV-GLX", which isn't in use since there isn't a nvidia card.05:03
zbanks1(GLX is installed, though)05:03
cspI'm looking to see if anyone has a ppa for the opensync05:03
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: ok,done05:03
cspany opensync developer here???05:04
tsimpsoncsp: search on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas05:04
cspthanks, I'm taking a look05:05
Guest23742helpbuntu? just let me know05:06
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: i cant set windows button as short cut to activate the main menu.i'm using 10.405:07
SlidingHornarunkumar413, I'm not sure what you mean?05:07
SlidingHornarunkumar413, I got you...hold on one sec I'll see if I can figure it out05:08
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: k05:08
csptsimpson: there doesn't seem to have anything newer there05:09
tsimpsoncsp: then you'll have to compile it yourself if you want it05:09
csptsimpson: I'd love to, but there are too many dependencies... :(05:10
OEPOK, here's what I can say. MOSTLY the sound works. Music on average plays OK, unless I seek to a different position to a song then it has a likelihood of getting crackly. If I close out mid-song, it will sometimes freeze up on this one sound.05:10
cspbut will probably have to do it somehow, if I want to use that stupid sync tool, and it's the only option available...05:10
OEPI've been playing around on ZSNES, and I've found that different sampling frequencies work better than others... that's about it really.05:10
Joshua_Robertsthanks for the help.  I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has helped me make the full transition to linux.  This channel has been a big help in the last few days, and I am sure it will continue to do so.  I hope to be able to do the same for others as well.  Thanks again..05:11
Guest23742Joshua_Roberts, no prob need helpbuntu just let us know05:12
emilio_algun latino en el chat05:13
OEPemilio_: #ubuntu-es ?05:13
mrpogihi, i have a problem with nautilus. It won't start.05:14
SlidingHornarunkumar413, Got it... Alt+F2 (in the box, type) gconf-editor. in the left frame select:  apps > metacity > global_keybindings.  In the right box, find panel_main_menu.  click the value (should either say disabled or <Alt>F1) and change the value to Super_L05:14
AndroUserHello, anyone here reccommend an antivirus to get another windows partition going?05:14
SlidingHornAndroUser, clamav05:15
mrpogihi, I can't open nautilus file manager. what is the problem? I'm using ubuntu 10.0405:15
OEPmrpogi: got any more details?05:15
SlidingHorn!patience | mrpogi05:15
ubottumrpogi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.05:15
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: any luck?05:15
SlidingHornarunkumar413, read up...05:15
H2OyJaBoNAndroUser: nod32 mightbe05:15
AndroUsertried it, like it but how do i get it to actually fix the viruses instead of just telling me theyre there?05:15
OEPAndroUser: Like quaruntine them or repair them?05:16
mrpogiin the panel there is a message saying starting file manager, over and over again.05:17
darren__hi all...i am new to ubuntu and i was wondering if i need a anti virus or not05:17
Guest23742darren__, yeah05:17
emilio_alguien que me recomiende algun antivirus para el linux05:17
AndroUseryes.  I use clamscan on my website uploads to prevent them from being uploaded so ive never actually had to remove something.05:17
Guest23742emilio_, clamav05:17
darren__Guest23742 what would you recommend05:18
SlidingHorn!es | emilio_05:18
ubottuemilio_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:18
hotfloppydarren__: i dont use any antivirus & my box is fine.. but if you would like to try, check clamAV..05:18
Guest23742darren__, take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus05:18
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: ya,it working05:18
OEPAndroUser: so you do want to quaruntine them? it's in the man pages.. I know it can do it.05:18
Guest23742good luck and stay safe05:18
SlidingHornarunkumar413, good :)  happy to hear it's working for ya05:19
AndroUserOK, ill take a look tomorrow, ive got worse problems now.  I accidentally the hidden bootloader and now my computers in some Gateway recovery thing I didnt even know existed.05:20
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: now my desktop looks cool05:21
jokerHey can anyone help me with a small issue with 10.04 NR?05:22
jokeror is NR a different channel?05:22
SlidingHornarunkumar413, let's see what you got.  Press the Print Screen key and upload the picture to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin05:22
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
mrpogihello? nautilus won't start. what logs do i need to look at in order to see what's wrong?05:22
SlidingHornjoker: well let's try it out...what's the problem?  (next time just ask the full question)  :)05:22
AndroUserSo are they going to focus on the UI for the next version?05:23
Guest23742joker, y05:23
brandonjmrpogi: what do you see when you run it from ther terminal05:23
joel750hello to all05:23
jokerSlidingHorn: Well I think it's a pretty common problem but all the fixes I've seen are for karmic, and they don't seem to work for 10.04. My issue is that my wireless drivers aren't installed. I'm running an HP Mini 110-1134CL05:24
emilio_gracias por la informacon frends <Guest23742> darren__05:24
joel750anyone here care to chat?05:24
SlidingHornmrpogi, open your terminal (Menu>accessories>terminal) type "nautilus" (without quotes) and paste any error messages to http://paste.ubuntu.com05:24
mrpogiSlidingHorn: ok05:24
ZykoticK9!ot > joel75005:24
ubottujoel750, please see my private message05:24
Guest23742de nada05:24
joel750have a question for linux users here05:24
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?05:25
emilio_de que pais sos amigo05:25
joel750do any of you know a sudo command to make a web cam work for Ubuntu 9.10?05:25
jokerjoel750: I used to know how to do it but it's been awhile05:26
jokerguess he left05:26
FloodBot3joker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:26
mrpogibrandonj SlidingHorn: this is what i get when i run nautilus from the terminal http://paste.ubuntu.com/454803/05:26
SlidingHornjoker:  is  your card listed under here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported     If not, you may have to try to use the windows driver using ndiswrapper05:26
hotfloppyi used to using Cheese to take my own pictures & videos using webcam :P05:26
hkason my asus u1f dont work webcam ^(05:27
Guest23742América, amigo05:27
hkasive get cheesse05:27
hotfloppyhkas: on other application, is the cam work ?05:28
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: http://imagebin.org/10269005:28
hkasno :( but system detect it like usb cam 205:29
jokerSlidingHorn: Yes but it says its restricted05:29
SlidingHornarunkumar413, excellent :)05:29
hotfloppyhkas: is it built in or usb one ?05:29
mrpogiSlidingHorn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/454803/05:29
jokerSlidingHorn: I've gotten it to work in karmic, just can't get it to work now.05:29
hkasbuilt shure05:29
darren__can sum one tell me how to get my camera working in 9.1005:29
=== ruffleS is now known as cradleoffilth
SlidingHornmrpogi, what are you attempting to access something other than your local filesystem?05:29
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: thanks,05:29
=== SpyderBite is now known as Spyder|zzz
SlidingHornmrpogi, saw it the first time -- settle ;-)05:30
daddymake sure if there is a driver for your camera for ubuntu that it's installed.05:30
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: any idea how to arrange icon on the desktop05:30
daddythen, I would use the cheese application, to see it in action05:30
hkaswhere's found cam drive for ubuntu?05:31
SlidingHornarunkumar413, you can right click the desktop, select "keep aligned" and drag them where you want them...it's like using "align to grid" in windows05:31
thhi all. does anybody use Playstation Media Server?05:31
jrbaker8i cant get my wireless card configured on 10.0405:31
osmarioHello. How to avoid the screen 'unlock desktop' at Ubuntu 10.04?05:31
mrpogiSlidingHorn, sorry. yeah I have nfs exported from another machine. but it was working fine yesterday.05:31
daddylook in the software center, then synaptic package manager05:31
emilio_de Am�rica, frends yo soy de argentina <Guest23742>05:31
darren__i plug my camera in and i dont get pictures and no one can send me webcam on amsn05:32
hkasi cant found that, daddy05:32
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: i want a compact layout05:32
SlidingHornmrpogi, sounds like the remote machine is either blocking your request or it's not properly connected to the network05:32
corpsegrindrhow much ram shoul be needed to run 10.04 for an htpc?05:32
SlidingHorncorpsegrindr, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements05:33
daddycan't find what hkas05:33
thhi all. does anybody use Playstation Media Server?05:33
daddyto <th> nope05:33
Guest23742emilio_, mucho gusto05:33
hkasdriver for web cam :) sorry05:33
thdaddy: hows that?05:33
jrbaker8can someone help me configure my network card on 10.04?05:34
daddywhat kind of camera are you using hkas?05:34
daddyDid it come on the computer or is it seperate05:34
hkasbuilt in asus u1f notebook05:34
SlidingHornarunkumar413, might i suggest moving some of the unnecessary icons (they should be in ~/Desktop) to other folders so there's not so much clutter?05:34
thjrbaker8: what kind of conf?05:35
elricI am havin trouble with my soundcard.I cant seem to play two sounds simultaneously,and alsamixer is kinda screwed up05:35
hkasanyone nows is app for google voice and video chat?05:35
jrbaker8its seriously a no name computer i got for 400 bucks a few years ago, there is no logos on it or anything it just a black computer05:35
emilio_EE.UU frends   <Guest23742>SOS AMIGO DE U.S.05:35
SlidingHornjrbaker8, check out this page to start off: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported05:36
mrpogiSlidingHorn: i can still access the nfs from the terminal. I can mount and unmount it... where else should I look?05:36
osmariohi all. Can someone help me to avoid screen 'unlock desktop' ate ubuntu 10.04?05:36
jrbaker8ok thanks05:36
thjrbaker8: you should google that05:36
nmartinHey! So I got Ubuntu installed and am using Compiz effects (very stoked). I was wondering.. can someone tell me how to switch my monitor orientation. Meaning I want to reverse left and right monitors?05:37
nmartinIM using the nvidia twinview05:37
thnmartin: go to settings05:37
nmartin@th yes05:37
thnmartin: "Monitors" or something like that. you can drag them05:38
zusive got a question for the video people,...im trying to copy an .avi from a hard drive thats failing i get an "error splicing file:input/output error"   when i copies, i can watch the movie/tv show (has happened with a few of them) but if i forward or rewind the film looks like water swishing on a broken display. is there a fix? one file i was able to keep trying till it copied fine, but it dont work  all the time.05:38
thnmartin: yes. preferences -> monitors05:38
daddyto hkas don't know what to tell you, I would see if there is any luck with going to system-> Administration-> hardware drivers05:38
nmartin@th thanks05:38
nmartin@th it worked05:38
daddysorry hkas05:38
thnmartin: np05:39
=== ApOgEE__ is now known as ApOgEE
nmartinNow i gotta restart x :)05:39
jokerSo I found the package I need for my drivers, but (and I feel like a real noob for this) I can't seem to properly install the tar.gz... I usually use .deb files but there wasn't one availible.05:40
darren__why am i not getting invites to view other webcams on linux but i can get them on virtual machine for windows05:40
hkasnothing daddy, i'll found anywhere05:40
tyler_d2can someone help me share my internet from eth0 to my wireless card ?05:40
ZykoticK9osmario, (i'm not sure but you might be looking for) system / preferences / screen saver - uncheck "Lock screen when..."05:40
SlidingHornmrpogi: I'm not finding any answers @ this point...maybe someone else will come along...you can also try posting in the forum: http://ubuntuforums.org05:40
daddytry the ubuntu forums for your comuter forums hkas05:40
bullgardUbuntu 10.04 writes on the virtual console 1: "T43 login: mountall: Disconnect from Plymouth." Does this message mean that the program Plymouth has not been executed at all?05:41
nomnexhelp with graphic on Karmic05:41
osmariook. thanks.05:41
daddysorry ........computer model.05:41
hkassure! good luck daddy!05:41
daddyyea you too05:41
tyler_d2I have created a new wireless network with a password, and can connect to it from my laptop, but am unable to browse. changing from ad-hoc to infrastructure does not work, the network does not appear on the list at that point.05:41
Guest23742hola, amigo de la argentina05:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:42
mrpogiSlidingHorn: thank you for your time. can you point me to any logs i can check? so someone can help me better. thanks again.05:42
darren__does anyone know why i cant connect05:42
thany PS3 media server users here?05:42
bazhang!ar | Guest2374205:43
ubottuGuest23742: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe05:43
daddyto tyler_d2, sounds like hardware malfunction05:43
SlidingHornmrpogi: you can try this command and it will post the errors to a designated txt file: dmsg | grep "nautilus" > filename.txt05:43
tyler_d2daddy: not a h/w malfunction as I am able to use all other aspects of this card05:43
tyler_d2daddy: ie. I can connect to another network using it and ad-hoc works05:43
mrpogiSlidingHorn: ok thank you.05:43
ZykoticK9darren__, your best bet might be to try running windows firefox with wine and see if that will work.  check out winetrick at http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks good luck man.05:44
corpsegrindrim trying to set up a htpc that will run xbmc for hd streaming. The problem i am having is it only has 516k of ram, will xubuntu be a better option then ubuntu?05:44
SlidingHornmrpogi, sorry, replace dmsg with dmesg **05:44
SlidingHornmrpogi, (no asterisks)  ...sorry for multiple lines folks05:44
jokerso what's the easiest way to install a .tar.gz package?05:44
daddytyler_d2: if everything is good, you might have to just reboot everything and go from there.  could just be a minor error05:45
SlidingHornjoker: tar -xzf filename05:45
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?05:45
darren__ZykoticK9 im trying to find out why my cam wont work in linux and wont connect in msn05:45
jokerSlidingHorn: Does that need to be in a specific folder or will the terminal find it?05:45
VCooliojoker: it's an archive, extract then look what to do with it, there may be a README file05:46
SlidingHornjoker:   in your terminal, use the 'cd' command (without quotes) to move to the folder that contains the tar.gz archive (kinda like a zip file in windows) and then run the command05:46
ZykoticK9darren__, ahh sorry thought you where trying some web based webcam.  have you tried amsn?05:46
SlidingHornjoker: actually if you double click the file, it should offer to extract it with archivemanager05:47
tyler_d2daddy: so what did you do to configure yours, I'm under the assumption you are using this?05:47
jokerSlidingHorn, it does but I'm not quite sure what to do with the extracted files, lol05:47
SlidingHornjoker: from there, VCoolio is correct...there should be a README file that will have further instructions05:47
ZykoticK9darren__, also you can't do the 2 way video/voice connections in linux as far as i know05:47
darren__ZyloticK9 yes i cant connect to anyone and no one can connect to me in amsn..and linux wont find my webcam either05:47
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
daddynot at my house but I got everything running at my job site05:48
ZykoticK9joker, for installing .tar.gz check out the checkinstall wrapper to create a DEB then package management is aware of it!05:49
bullgardUbuntu 10.04 writes on the virtual console 1: "T43 login: mountall: Disconnect from Plymouth." Does this message mean that the program Plymouth has not been executed at all?05:49
daddytyler_d2: my bad did you get last?05:50
ZykoticK9bullgard, do you see a plymouth logo?05:50
tyler_d2daddy: no05:50
Danbuntu1IS there a way to look at the graphics config in the LIve Cd so I can back it up?05:50
bullgardZykoticK9: No, I do not.05:51
daddytyler_d2: I got everything working at my job site.  I have a different much simpler set up for my house.05:51
Danbuntu1I tried /etc/X11/xorg.conf and it was a blank file.05:51
tyler_d2daddy: can you be more specific please05:51
daddytyler_d2: what equipment are you using?05:52
thoriumchameleonalrighty so how long does it normally take for 10.04 to load the install screen?05:52
=== alan`_ is now known as alan`
daddyonly a few sec's05:52
thoriumchameleoni hope my disc is corrupt then!05:52
darren__ZykoticK9 what can i do...how do i get my webcam to work in linux05:52
daddyhow old is your computer05:52
thoriumchameleonits new haha05:53
thoriumchameleonbuilt it myself05:53
thoriumchameleonis there a checksum for the torrent?05:53
tyler_d2daddy: ubuntu 10.04 64 bit - a wired (eth0) and a working wifi card (master supported)05:53
ZykoticK9Danbuntu1, (untested!) if you use the command "lspci -vnvn" from the livecd and find the VGA section it will tell you what kernel driver is in use (if you just want the driver name)05:53
daddynotebook or desktop?05:53
thoriumchameleondady: who are you talking to?05:53
tyler_d2daddy: heavy desktop server05:54
Danbuntu1I need all the info I can get because when i use it on the PC and the nvidia drivers I only get 640x480 resolution.  I was told the problem was EDID wasn't found.05:54
ZykoticK9Danbuntu1, you should look into generating an xorg file for your setup05:54
Danbuntu1How do I do that?05:55
SlidingHorn!res | Danbuntu105:55
ubottuDanbuntu1: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:55
ZykoticK9Danbuntu1, if you are using proprietary nvidia just use the command "sudo nvidia-xconfig"05:55
Danbuntu1Right now I am re-installing without the monitor on my kvm.  (Keyboard/Video/Mouse switch)05:55
tyler_d2Danbuntu1: synergy ;)05:55
* thoriumchameleon decides to find a checksum and burn a new disc -.-05:55
Danbuntu1I tried the nvidia settings and max res is 640x480.05:56
Danbuntu1Windows max res is 2048x153605:56
ZykoticK9Danbuntu1, once you've got an xorg file run nvidia setting with "gksu nvidia-settings" then save the settings you need to the xorg (there is a button)05:56
abhi_nav__I type devanagari using ibus. in all aps it works great, except open office. there sometimes wrong words, or overwriting words or clashes etc. how to solve this?05:56
yackrr_nautilus stalls in folders with many files (Music), for almost 30 seconds.  any way to improve nautilus performance? (gnome commander and ls are much much faster)05:56
=== kc-net is now known as olive_21
Danbuntu1When it re-installs and if I still have a problem I will get back on.05:56
jokerSo I'm running into an issue here... I thought I set my root pass but I didn't how do I do that?05:56
ZykoticK9Danbuntu1, ok so it's more a monitor issue then05:57
=== Guest52693 is now known as di_giorgio
abhi_nav__do I need ti install some special devanagari fonts for open office?05:57
Danbuntu1Might be the KVM as well.05:57
ZykoticK9Danawar, LOL kvm!05:57
tyler_d2joker: you need to restart into single user mode(selected from boot in the grub menu) or alternately using sudo05:57
Danbuntu1I am re-installing Ubuntu without monitor on the KVM to see if that works.05:57
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: i have some issue with chrome that's very irritating05:57
thIf I do "command &" how do I stop the output?05:57
LittleWolfI'd like to know if it possible to access files in windows from Ubuntu in a dual boot machine05:57
tyler_d2joker: if you can do **from terminal** sudo su - ; passwd05:58
Danbuntu1Yes LittleWolf05:58
Danbuntu1I do it.05:58
doyleLittleWolf: yes, most linux distributions can read NTFS and FAT3205:58
SlidingHornarunkumar413, well here's not really the best place to ask, but you've been polite all night...I'll take a shot...what's the issue?05:58
doyleHas anyone managed to get koffice 2.2 installed on lucid?05:58
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:59
doylenot kubuntu, just Ubuntu05:59
jokertyler_d2 thanks :)05:59
tyler_d2joker: np05:59
Danbuntu1On myXP machine I am running Mint 9 as well as XP and Mint sees XP, just not reversed.05:59
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: this is the erorr i'm getting frequently when i try to sign in to google accounts using chrome browser in 10.4 http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/UEs98qGd05:59
thIf I do "command &" how do I stop the output?05:59
doyleSlidingHorn: that doesn't apply. I really do want to know if "anyone" has managed to do it. I'll rephraise it.06:00
SlidingHornDanbuntu1, you can try something like ext2ifs06:00
doyleIs it possible to install koffice 2.2 on lucid, and if so, who has manged this?06:00
daddytyler_d2: ok I was getting lost there, on my network whoever is the administrator should be able to decide what the users of the network are able to access depending on the software.  In the program I use If everything is function properly on the server hardware then the people connected to the network are able to access the internet.  If there is somebody who the administrator has not approved of then errors will appear06:01
Danbuntu1SlidingHorn, ext2fs only works on Ext2 and 3 partitions and not on Ext4.06:01
bullgardUbuntu 10.04 writes on the virtual console 1: "T43 login: mountall: Disconnect from Plymouth." Does this message mean that the program Plymouth has not been executed at all?06:01
ZykoticK9th, could you rephrase?  the & put the program into the background, do you want to kill that program?06:01
Joshmuffinth, press ctrl and c to stop a command06:02
thZykoticK9 Joshmuffin I dont want to kill it06:02
LittleWolfCould someone explain to me/direct me/help me out making windows files accessible from Ubuntu? The last time I tried to do it, it made my ubuntu freeze and I had to reinstall it.06:02
tyler_d2daddy: that makes no relevant sense to my situation unfortunately. The issue is not in the administration, it is in the configuration of the ics through the wifi06:02
Joshmuffin!enter > bullgard06:02
ubottubullgard, please see my private message06:02
Joshmuffin!paste > bullgard06:02
SlidingHornarunkumar413, give this a read and let me know if it works: http://roezer.com/LostBlog/error-neterr_ssl_protocol_error/06:02
anjilslairedoyle: try http://techie-buzz.com/foss/install-koffice-2-2-in-kubuntu-10-04.html06:03
Danbuntu1If you load up Nautilus you should see the Windows partition mention.  Something like 500GB filesystem06:03
thZykoticK9, Joshmuffin, just want to stop output. it keeps printing to that terminal until the program is killed. sry for my english06:03
SlidingHornJoshmuffin, I only saw him post one line...........?06:03
Danbuntu1Depending on the size of the partition LittleWolf06:03
Danbuntu1Hard Drive I meant06:03
ZykoticK9th, not sure man, i'd just open a new terminal ;)06:03
bullgardJoshmuffin: Are you new in operating ubottu?06:03
VCoolioth: next time start command with this behind it:  >/dev/null 2>&1 &06:04
thVCoolio, hmm whats that?06:04
anjilslaire@doyle: its in backports, essentially06:04
LittleWolfThis is the first time I try Linux. Ever. I just installed it yesterday and I already managed to break it quite a few times.06:04
Joshmuffinbullgard, SlidingHorn sorry that was my bad, my screen glitched and it looked like he had sent the same line of code multiple times when infact it was someone else and they had only sent it once06:04
doyleanjilslaire: I've enabled backports, but I only see 2.1.206:05
VCoolioth: it puts error and normal output to /dev/null, which is nothing06:05
ZykoticK9th, VCoolio command is good!  it redirects to dev/null the linux blackhole06:05
Danbuntu1LIttleWolf are you running via Wubi install or partitioned install?06:05
LittleWolfI know that windows has a 9.4 GB partition, Ubuntu got a 17 GB one, and 240GB are files and crap.06:05
daddytyler_d2: ok what ics client are you using?06:05
thZykoticK9, VCoolio thank you! thats it!06:05
bullgardLittleWolf: Welcome to Ubuntu! Enjoy!06:05
tyler_d2daddy: network manager06:05
LittleWolfThanks, it's been a headache, but I'm liking it so far.06:05
Danbuntu1I second that motion bullgard.06:06
Danbuntu1Yes it can be,06:06
SlidingHornLittleWolf, That's half the fun of Linux systems: breaking it and learning how to fix it (at least if you're a geek like me)  :)06:06
daddytyler_d2: have you installed samba?06:06
scottswhat line do I need to add to my thunderbird apparmour file to allow it to launch links in firefox?06:06
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, the windows partition should be accessible via the "places" menu06:06
tyler_d2daddy: samba is windows filesharing, so no, I have not installed samba06:06
LittleWolfIt isn't, as so far as I can see.06:06
Danbuntu1I have been around Linux for many years and still get headaches now and then from it, but it is a great OS.06:06
LittleWolfIt just says it is unreadable.06:06
doyleanjilslaire: I enabled the backports and updated apt-get. When I viewthe koffice package in the package manager it shows 2.1.2. If I use 'sudo apt-get install koffice' will that give me a different version thatn what is presented in the package manager?06:06
Danbuntu1LIttleWolf, at the top click on the Places, then Home Folder.06:07
Danbuntu1New Window appears.  Do you see a mention of 9.4GB Filesystem?06:07
daddytyler_d2: ok what are you trying to do?  What are you trying to share, or get?06:07
anjilslaire@doyle: looking06:07
VCooliodoyle: should be the same; check with apt-cache policy koffice06:07
LittleWolfDesktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Public, Templates, Videos, Examples and a bunch of hidden files.06:08
ZykoticK9LittleWolf, if you are using Wubi accessing the host drive is handled differently then "normal" (sorry can't tell you the answer though)06:08
daddytyler_d2: if possible be general with your answer06:08
LittleWolfIs partitioning really hard?06:08
tyler_d2daddy: I have 1 desktop server with a wired, and a wireless card. I access the internet on this machine through the wired card(eth0). I would like to share that internet connection with a laptop via wireless.06:08
Danbuntu1One moment.  It works fine for me.  Let me reboot my XP to Mint and see how its done there,06:09
LittleWolfI tried it, but I chickened out halfway and opted for Wubi.06:09
Samualhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=791805#3 -- I was just wondering if this answer is safe to use06:09
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, it is quite simple once you understand it06:09
SamualI have the same problem and want to fix it, just making sure running that would be fine.06:09
LittleWolfThat would be an obstacle for me.06:09
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Dual booting is by far a superior option06:09
doyleVCoolio: yep, same.
LittleWolfBetter than wubi?06:09
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Yeh06:09
ZykoticK9LittleWolf, much better06:09
LittleWolfBut I just got a sweet looking Desktop cube! Don't tell me I have to redo it all!06:09
Joshmuffin!partitioning > LittleWolf06:10
ubottuLittleWolf, please see my private message06:10
FrozenInfernois there a way to automatically keep grub2 from listing older kernels?06:10
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, you can backup compiz configuration06:10
ZykoticK9LittleWolf, i think it is possible to migrate wubi to native install!  don't ask me how.06:10
daddytyler_d2: can't help you here, sorry to waste your time.06:10
SamualAnyone? Is running this "sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root/.themes" safe? And would it work for moving your making sudo'd applications have the right theme?06:10
SlidingHornLittleWolf, it's a bit intimidating, but it's a better option....and yes, you would have to reconfigure any custom settings you've enabled.  I think there's a way to migrate a wubi install, but not sure06:11
VCoolioLittleWolf: export your compiz settings, there is a button for it in the compiz manager; then partition, install ubuntu, import the file and done with the cube06:11
anjilslairedoyle: synaptic shows 2.2 for me06:11
tyler_d2I have 1 desktop server with a wired, and a wireless card. I access the internet on this machine through the wired card(eth0). I would like to share that internet connection with a laptop via wireless.06:11
LittleWolfReally? I've been googling my linux questions so far, but people warned me not to do things without being sure they wouldn't harm my machine.06:11
doyleanjilslaire: You're in 10.04?06:11
Danbuntu1On my other system the partition is listed under Floppy Drive.06:11
doyleshouldn't even matter06:11
skrippy11I just upgraded my hp mini 311 to 10.04 and now my wireless and wired internet does not work.  I suspect I need to install the Broadcom driver, but how do I do that with no internet access?06:11
bullgardUbuntu 10.04 writes on the virtual console 1: "T43 login: mountall: Disconnect from Plymouth." Does this message mean that the program Plymouth has not been executed at all?06:11
Danbuntu1Desktop, File System Network, Audio Disc, Floppy Drive 500GB filesystem06:12
FrozenInfernois there a way to automatically keep grub2 from listing older kernels?06:12
SlidingHornSamual, In my opinion, you're taking an unnecessary risk....why do you want to link to the /root/.themes?06:12
anjilslairedoyle: yes06:12
SamualSlidingHorn, so that applications like synaptic can use my theme06:12
LittleWolfI need to uninstall Wubi/Ubuntu before I partition, right?06:12
SlidingHornSamual, as far as I know, they should anyway....06:12
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Yeas, recomended06:13
SamualSlidingHorn, no, if you install a theme it is for the user06:13
SamualSlidingHorn, and sudo doesn't use it06:13
SlidingHornSamual, what kind of theme are you talking about?  I'm a bit confused....06:14
VCoolioSamual: that won't work; just create a file /root/gtkrc-2.0 in which you specify what theme root apps should use; those themes should be in /usr/share/themes06:14
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Once you find your windows hdd from wubi i suggest comping home folder onto windows and then restoring certain configurations from the copied home folder06:14
SlidingHornoh...apparently I was alone in my confusion...never mind me Samual  :)06:14
JoshmuffinI suggest copying**06:14
ZykoticK9LittleWolf, Joshmuffin +106:14
anjilslairedoyle: I'd install & see, but I dont want to clutter up my netbook I'm on atm06:14
somethinginteresI'm wondering about bluray playback in Lucid Lynx is it true at this stage only specific drives work after firmware flashes or has the situation improved? Thanks06:14
SamualVCoolio, Ah06:15
FrozenInfernois there a way to automatically keep grub2 from listing older kernels?06:15
SlidingHornSamual, for future reference, any time you're using an app with a GUI, you should use gksu instead of sudo06:15
VCoolioSamual: put lines like this in that file: gtk-theme-name="Dust"    gtk-icon-theme-name="Human"06:15
SamualSlidingHorn, already know that ^_^06:15
anjilslaireit would be 359mb of crap to add, then * purge06:15
LittleWolfCopy home folder onto windows?06:15
SlidingHornk :)06:15
LittleWolfSo WIndows can't access Ubuntu?06:15
SamualVCoolio, precisely where should the file go again?06:15
VCoolioSamual: /root/.gtkrc-2.006:16
SamualVCoolio, and don't worry, I know how to make the file.06:16
LittleWolfSorry for the newb questions :X06:16
LittleWolfI'm more of a baker than a geek.06:16
ZykoticK9somethinginteres, good luck man :)  not many people ask about bluray in this channel.  i'd check out the status of mplayer support.06:16
SamualI thought /root/ was just / though?06:16
simarFrom where can one access Upstream bug reports ????06:16
SlidingHornLittleWolf, good...send us cookies!  :-P06:16
doyleanjilslaire: There shouldn't be any restarts required for synaptic to update version information right? I've never noticed versions missing in the past.06:17
VCoolioSamual: no, in this case you're going to set 'user settings' for root06:17
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Windows can access Ubuntu with some configuration but visa versa would be much easier06:17
LittleWolfLast time I sent baked goods over the mail, UPS took too long and they arrived with sentient mold on them.06:17
doyleanjilslaire: Could the repository configuration have anythign to do with this?06:17
greezmunkeyLittleWolf: Recipies are good, no sence in reinventing the wheel if you don't have too :)06:17
anjilslairesamual: /root is the home dir for root06:17
SlidingHornarunkumar413, how did things turn out for you?  didn't hear back after the chrome issue06:17
SamualWell I can't cd into /root/ (even with sudo), it says command not found when done with sudo and it says permission denied otherwise06:17
anjilslairedoyle: no reboot. repo, maybe06:18
VCoolioLittleWolf: there is an app for windows that can access ext3 (and recently also ext4 I think), but it will ask to format the new disks, so take care with those06:18
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: no,there is no use ssl2.0 raido button in the under the hood options06:18
SlidingHornSamual, i think you have sudo su for that06:18
xray_tskSamual: cd is not a binary06:18
xray_tskSamual: cd is a command of a bash06:18
SlidingHornhmmm...hold on I'll check mine (i use chromium, so mine might be different)06:18
LittleWolfThat's a little too advanced for me. It took me 4 hours to figure out how to get that sweet desktop cube working.06:18
xray_tskSamual: you should use sudo bash06:18
LittleWolfTotally worth it.06:18
VCoolioSamual: sudo -i    then just cd and touch file06:18
Samualxray_tsk, ahhhh right.06:19
xray_tskSamual: and then cd to everywhere you want06:19
anjilslairedoyle: I use a repo in Oregon, since its fast &closer than the US06:19
somethinginteresZykoticK9: Roger :)06:19
* Joshmuffin remembers first setting up the desktop cube :D06:19
doyleanjilslaire: can I get the url?06:19
anjilslairedoyle: its in Synaptic06:19
anjilslairelemme check06:19
Samualxray_tsk, VCoolio, thanks -- I'll come back if it doesn't work :P06:19
LittleWolfIsn't it awesome? I'm really liking Linux.06:19
SamualVCoolio, oh and, would I need to reboot/logout for this to take affect?06:20
SlidingHornarunkumar413, are you sure?  on mine, there is a scroll bar in the "Under the Hood" tab, and the check box is near the bottom06:20
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, you have to be prepeared to reinstall, often. The only way to have fun is break it and try fix it.06:20
LittleWolfI can't find any simple tutorials to learn from, but I did read that free Ubuntu guide the forums offered.06:20
VCoolioSamual: nope06:20
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, everything. EVERYTHING you need is in the forums or can be found through google.06:21
FrozenInfernois there a way to automatically keep grub2 from listing older kernels?06:21
SlidingHornLittleWolf, you may also want to take a look @ linux mint -- it's based off of ubuntu, but it's aimed at being more "user-friendly" whereas ubuntu itself is aimed at being more "bleeding-edge" -- just a suggestion :)06:21
anjilslairedoyle: http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/ubuntu06:21
JoshmuffinFrozenInferno, update-gub?06:21
JoshmuffinFrozenInferno, update-grub?*06:22
doyleanjilslaire: Ah, I'm on a canadian repo server at uwaterloo... Canadians are slow to update.  Excellent! Thanks for hte url. I'll try it06:22
LittleWolfThe problem I have sometimes, is that I do not know any of the terms or vocabulary. I can't word my specific problems of which I have a lot of.06:22
ZykoticK9FrozenInferno, i uninstall "SOME" of my old kernels to get them out of the grub list ;)  there "might" be a grub2 way as well06:22
SamualAhaha, it worked06:22
FrozenInfernoJoshmuffin, update-grub lists the new kernel, but it leaves the old. the only way to get rid of the older kernel is removing the image from synaptic. i was wondering if there's an automatic way06:22
anjilslairedoyle: I originally found it via the synaptic gui06:22
LittleWolfI am breaking a lot of things, and hopefully learning...06:23
VCoolioSlidingHorn: ubuntu bleeding-edge? that's new.. also in my opinion mint is ubuntu with a green theme and it's own way of doing things so it's not portable; but that's offtopic06:23
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: ya found it06:23
SlidingHornVCoolio, i've personally never tried mint, but that's the impression i've gotten from what I've read...but you're right, we're OT...next!  :)06:24
ZykoticK9FrozenFire, sorta related, if you want to tweak what your grub2 shows check out this awesome post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128760206:24
wildbatmy desktop PC don't have the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?06:24
abhi_navis there any openoffice channel?06:25
JoshmuffinFrozenInferno, Please see my PM06:25
FrozenFireThough, I think you're meaning to highlight FrozenInferno06:25
ZykoticK9FrozenFire, sorry that was for FrozenInferno06:25
SlidingHornabhi_nav, #openoffice.org06:25
abhi_navSlidingHorn, ok06:25
michael_ i need some ones help but i dont know if this is the right place to ask well anyhow i have a 24inch lcd monitor and a 32inch flatpanel tv im using nvidia tween view and works great except the 32 inch tv set at resolution 1366x768 but its slightly off is there some sort of graphic resizing tool to fix this issue06:25
SlidingHornmichael_, what's "off" about it....do you mean it's off-center?06:26
LOVE_SPi'm trying to get IDM working on wine .... installation was good but when i add url and start downloading no connection ... ????? help me06:26
michael_if i maxamize a window you cant see the outer layer06:27
SlidingHornLOVE_SP, does your normal ubuntu internet connection work correctly?  if not, sounds like a WINE issue: #winehq06:27
LOVE_SPyes it work prefectly06:27
LOVE_SPi use wine1.206:27
SlidingHornLOVE_SP, i meant if so**  it sounds like a wine issue...try asking in #winehq :)06:28
LOVE_SPso is there any connection configuration for wine ?06:28
LOVE_SPok thnx06:28
emilio_antivirus for linux06:28
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:28
SlidingHornemilio_, clamav06:28
greezmunkeyor maybe in wine ubottu :)06:29
JoshmuffinLOVE_SP, Try keep it on one line plz :D06:29
jokerAnyone know if there's an easy way to get my Live USB recognized as the CD drive so I can install packages that have dependencies on the CD?06:29
LittleWolfI'm reading the partitioning your disk link you sent me. I know that inside my computer there is just one hard drive thing. And when I log on windows, there is C: and D: and there's a system restore on D: that takes it all up. So Ubuntu create its OS in C: where I save all my files, or will it's make its own little one?06:30
jokerI've been installing the dependencies manually but I ran into a problem when 2 of said packages depend on each other... I can't install them manually.06:30
abhi_navanyone? please? open office devanagari font issue?06:31
skrippy11Any help for downloading broadcom network drivers for Ubuntu 10.04 without being able to connect to the internet?06:31
SlidingHornjoker: you have to set your bios to boot from USB first, if it allows it -- unfortunately I've never done it...: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#Booting%20the%20Computer%20From%20USB06:32
=== jay is now known as Guest17830
VCoolioLittleWolf: C: and D: are windows terms; both are partitions; if you create a new partition for linux, windows won't see it, only C: will get smaller06:32
jokerSlidingHorn: Oh I did, that's all sorted.06:32
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: getting one more error this time it is Error 32406:32
jokerSlidingHorn: But now I need ubuntu to recognize my USB as a CD and not a USB06:32
tyler_d2I have added "pre-up iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.up.rules" to my /etc/network/interfaces file and now doing /etc/init.d/networking restart gives me /etc/network/interfaces:5: misplaced option ???06:32
LittleWolfOkay, so it will take its space from C: which has available space?06:32
bobthemiIkmanDue to fortran compatibility errors, I'd like to install g77 on my machine (gcc v3.X). Is there any easy way to get this?06:33
VCoolioLittleWolf: that's up to you where you get it from; if D: is more suitable for you, that's ok; if you use gparted can see the drive as a bar and you can create and size a partition there, make it ext3 or ext4 and apply06:34
jokerAlternatively I would like Synaptic to recognize my USB as a legitimate repository06:35
portablejim_My system can see my CD writer (i.e. it is /dev/sr0, and comes up in Disk Utility) but I cannot read any media that is it (spins but does not mount) and it does not say it has empty media when I place it in the drive.06:35
LittleWolfWell, D: is full.06:35
LittleWolfIt might no work if I shrink it, I think I read something about minimum OS requirements. Which brings me to, the guide says Ubuntu should be at least 4GB, but someone told me it should be around 20GB06:36
LOVE_SPhey anyone can tell me how to use IDM with wine ?06:36
pssw0rtone day, ubuntu would be xfce4??? i don see future with gnome 306:36
dark1hello when you listing files in unix, is there is a way to sort so 10 comes after 9, not 106:36
greezmunkeybobthemiIkman: check this set of posts: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/fortran/2009-08/msg00351.html06:36
RennyALguien que hable español?06:36
bazhangRenny, /join #ubuntu-es06:37
LOVE_SPhey anyone can tell me how to use IDM with wine ?06:37
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, it depends how much data and programs you will be putting on ubuntu, excluding data (movies, music) I usually recommend 8giB06:37
doyleanjilslaire: Still no sign of koffice 2.2. All
bazhangLOVE_SP, check the appdb, /join #winehq06:37
bazhang!appdb | LOVE_SP06:37
ubottuLOVE_SP: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:37
LittleWolfOh, alright. What about "Home Partition"? Will WIndows and Ubuntu share it?06:38
mneptokdoyle: 2.2 is available from a PPA06:39
VCoolioLittleWolf: depends what you're going to do with it; 4 Gb can be enough, but it won't give much opportunities to install and experiment a lot; I'd say give file system 6 Gb and home (where your files and data and stuff are) what you need; home will not be shared with windows06:39
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, depeding on how you do it home will be inside / (ubuntu partition), however if you make a seperate /home partition you can set it up to be seen by windows, its kind of complicated however06:39
LittleWolfSo they both need their own?!06:39
greezmunkeyLittleWolf: windows and ubuntu run on differantly formatted partitions. In the absence of translation (such as samba) they will not interact with each other.06:40
VCoolioLittleWolf: ubuntu has no problems writing to windows partitions, so you can still use files on both06:40
bobthemiIkmangreezmunkey: I found a .deb for g77-3.4 from hardy, but it's having dependency errors. I think I might just compile it from source.06:40
SlidingHornarunkumar413, are you experiencing this problem with any other browsers?  (i.e. firefox?)06:40
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, they dont need there own, but there is an option to set it up that way06:40
hecresperneed a bit of assistance with my Latitude D830 and BCM4312 rev 01.06:40
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: no06:40
Joshmuffinhecresper, What exactly is the problem06:40
hecresperubuntu 10.04 fresh installation06:40
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: only chrome06:40
greezmunkeybobthemiIkman: yeah, I'd go the source route, that way you don't end up with any conflicting dependencies or other such wierdness.06:40
hecresperjust switched to ATT Uverse06:40
LittleWolfOh, I see. I'm not really interested on accessing ubuntu files from windows, more of windows files from ubuntu so I don't have to double them.06:41
doylemneptok: ppa?06:41
hecresperand their router is set to WPA-PSK, but ubuntu refuses to connect to it06:41
jokerAnyone know how to get Synaptic to recognize my LiveUSB as a LiveCD instead?06:41
bobthemiIkmanWell, it's not like I've never compiled gcc from source before. Although the last time I did, I had the help of being on a gentoo system. Let's see how well Ubuntu can handle this...06:41
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, correct ubuntu will always see windows06:41
nowimprovedWhat is the best free version equivalent of cpanel, it doesn't have to be that comprehensive.06:41
bobthemiIkmanAnd let's hope I can completely not fubar all my libraries.06:41
zer010wow, fast06:42
LittleWolfI see, that's what I didn't get, thank you! ><06:42
JoshmuffinJoker, tried the forums? ive seen it on there06:42
drcodehi all06:42
drcodeI have an old msi laptop06:42
zer010sorry, just amazed at how fast i got to this point06:42
drcodehow can I find what vendor I have from ubuntu?06:43
VCooliobobthemiIkman: do 'apt-get build-dep gcc' first, will get most of the dependencies if not all06:43
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Ubuntu is "friendly" as in it trys to work as much as possible where as other software trys to exclude06:43
jokerJoshmuffin: nope, figured I'd try here first since I had IRC open already06:43
jokerI'll try now06:43
LittleWolfSo if I got it right, I just need to make an 8GB partition for Ubuntu?06:43
hecrespergoogle search turns up old forum posts about wpa psk and ubuntu.  nothing related to 10.0406:43
Joshmuffinjasim, once would have been enough06:43
Dennisnuel /join #alphaonelabs06:44
sweetpibobthemiIkman: have you tried gfortran?06:44
jasimSorry... It was not meant for this IRC.06:44
bobthemiIkmanVCoolio: Thanks. Looks like it's going to pull in a few extra dependencies (like some java and C++ compiling stuff), but nothing my system can't take.06:44
Joshmuffin!wifi >hecresper06:44
ubottuhecresper, please see my private message06:44
jasimI was trying to drag the tab out of the browser and open it in a new window. Did not notice XChat in the background.06:44
zer010hpw big should a / partition be?06:44
VCoolioLittleWolf: yes, but also consider giving root file system and home their own partitions, so when you're going to do a fresh install some day you won't need to backup all your files; you can do this during installation of ubuntu06:45
Joshmuffinzer010, I would suggest 6-10 gib, if /home is a seperate partition06:45
mneptokdoyle: looks like 2.2 is actually in the backports repo06:45
LittleWolfHow big should they be?06:45
zer010ikool @josh i made mine about 1/2, 19G06:45
anjilslairedoyle: try http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/20286006:45
Joshmuffinzer010, if /home is not on a separate partition / should be 6-10 + however much you need for movies music ect.06:46
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, Read the line above this06:46
VCoolioLittleWolf: root file system will be called /  while home is /home, give / 6Gb and /home the rest for example, 6Gb is enough for root06:46
zer010i didnt know how big / could get. /home is a sparate pat on the same 40G disk06:47
anjilslairedoyle: gotta bail, battery about dead. good luck06:47
VCoolioLittleWolf: /home is where your documents, photos, videos are going to be; only you can tell how much you need there06:47
Joshmuffinzer010, / should be around 6 or 8 in that case06:47
Joshmuffinzer010, /home should be the rest06:47
LittleWolfOkay, 8GB for ubuntu, 6GB for root, and however much I want for Home, right?06:47
zer010i guess / wont be as bloated as i thought06:47
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, ubuntu is on /06:48
tripelbI want to grep a set of files (all in a directory) for the text pirate but not as a separate word, just the text no matter how it appears. (it's part of an email addy)   I did grep pirate *   -- was that correct (no response, just a new prompt)06:48
doylethanks anjilslaire06:48
VCoolioLittleWolf: no that's double; 6 Gb for root, ? for /home so 'ubuntu' will have 6+? total, ubuntu is human language, not a partition06:49
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, 6gib for / rest for /home. thats the only two partitions you need06:49
zer010tripelb should pipe | it to a text06:49
SlidingHorntripelb, try it w/o the space between pirate & the *:  grep "pirate*"  (use quotes)06:49
LittleWolfCrap, I'm confused now.06:49
bobthemiIkmanWhat's the recommended directories to put these gcc-3.4.6 files in? --prefix=/usr/bin/gcc-3.4.6/?06:49
tripelbzer010, but I got nothing. is that the behavior if it is not found?06:50
SlidingHorntripelb, you can send the output to a text file by:  grep "pirate*" > filename.txt06:50
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: how to update only google chrome06:50
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, ubuntu files are stored on /     your files and configurations are stored on /home06:50
mneptokLittleWolf: describe the disk currently. how big is it? how is it partitioned?06:50
zer010yeah, my bad06:50
doylemneptok: yep, I applied the backports, did apt-get update but still didn't show. Just looking at the url anjilslaire just gave me06:50
LittleWolfMy HD is 250 GB, it's split on two partitions, C: (240.6) and D: (9.4 GB)06:51
mneptokLittleWolf: how much of C: is actually in use?06:51
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, how full is c?06:51
abhi_navgoogle tranliteratio ime is only for win. is ther any way i can use it on ubuntu? (not wine) I mean any hack?06:52
zer010..../  IS Ubuntu for all intents and purposes, kinda06:52
tripelbSlidingHorn, the * means all the files06:52
Kane_HartThis kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detects an i686 CPU.06:52
Kane_Hartin ESXi06:52
LittleWolf100GB or so.06:52
LittleWolfI already backed up all my important files.06:52
tripelbSlidingHorn, zer010 I did it on another directory and I'm satisfied I didnt save the email addy. duh06:52
zer010Joshmuffin thanks, I guess i got more room than i thought06:53
mneptokLittleWolf: what version of Windows?06:53
LittleWolfXP Media Center Edition06:53
mneptokLittleWolf: may i PM?06:53
LittleWolfThe only windows I did not feel like punching06:53
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, 6ib+how much space you need for data06:53
LittleWolfOf course, be my guest06:53
Joshmuffinzer010, my pleasure06:53
Joshmuffinzer010, glad to be of assistance06:53
LittleWolfI do "graphic design" if you can call it that. I never really go over 100GB06:54
zer010can i give a pic here?06:54
Joshmuffinanyone want to help me solve my problem? its related to multibooting and grub2. Thread here:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9507935#post950793506:54
SlidingHornarunkumar413, where did you install chrome from?  did you get it from the repos? or did you get it direct from google?06:54
zer010it lists CLI commands as a BG06:54
mitch_hello all06:55
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest67310
indusarunkumar413, hello06:55
Guest67310chicago here06:55
ddilingerSlidingHorn: use the google ppa06:55
SlidingHornddilinger, well, I was going to suggest chromium from the repos instead of the actual chrome...06:56
JoshmuffinGuest67310, Could you set a nick it makes it easier to respond to you06:56
JarneHello to all, where to find a good video codec pack for Ubuntu?06:56
JoshmuffinGuest67310, What is your issue/problem?06:56
dsnydersHi all!  My monitor is supposed to power off after half an hour of inactivity.  However, it doesn't do that anymore.  How do I set my machine to power off the monitor?06:56
ddilingerSlidingHorn: hmm, works either way.  personaly i use chrome over chromium but there are certainly reasons for using either06:56
indusJoshmuffin, hi06:57
zer010what? no C/P between browser and IRC?06:57
bobthemiIkmanSuddenly I get errors "cannot create XXXX: Read-Only file system"06:58
SlidingHorn!hi | indus06:58
ubottuindus: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:58
zer010CLI cheat sheet06:58
bobthemiIkmanThis is for both my /home and my / directories. Neither are full.06:58
Joshmuffinindus, hi do you have a problem?06:59
indusJoshmuffin,i see you do06:59
ddilingerbobthemiIkman: try "dmesg | less" from the command line, see if any obvious errors pop up06:59
Joshmuffinindus, quite a tricky one06:59
ddilingerbobthemiIkman: start reading from the bottom though, not the top06:59
zer010a must BG for those laerning, plus its totally geek06:59
VCooliobobthemiIkman: sounds like disk failure, see if reboot helps07:00
skrippy11I just upgraded my hp mini 311 to 10.04 and now my wireless and wired internet does not work.  The forms say to apt-get a new network driver, but how do I do that with no internet access?07:00
indusJoshmuffin, i read your post , but i still need a few things07:00
zer010anyone have experience in re-flashing BIOSes?07:00
Richie086hello, i have a computer that i want to dual boot with windows 7/ubuntu 10.4.. windows is already installed, and i am running off of the live ubuntu 10.4 cd right now..  In gparted, the drive i have win7 installed on is showing as unallocated space, even though i purposefully left 60 gb of unformatted, unpartitioned space to install linux on.  Most of the stuff i have found on the web was posts from 2007 and the general concencus was th07:00
Joshmuffinindus, sure thing, what do you need?07:00
Richie086any ideas?07:00
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: r u there07:00
indusJoshmuffin, how many hard disks07:00
doyleQ: when running make -j[x], does running multiple jobs risk the integrity of the make process? Same Q again in regards to multitasking like watching movies while it runs make.07:01
indus3 i presume07:01
Joshmuffinindus, just the one. 1TB07:01
SlidingHornarunkumar413, yeah...about to go to sleep though...07:01
indusJoshmuffin, just 1 ?07:01
JoshmuffinIndus, yeah.07:01
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?07:01
bobthemiIkmanYeah I got a ton of errors about ATA, SCSI (?), and REISERFS07:01
zer0101TB! nice07:01
bobthemiIkmanI fear for my data. :(07:01
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: ok,07:01
indusJoshmuffin, i see a new .35 kernel07:01
michael__ i need some ones help but i dont know if this is the right place to ask well anyhow i have a 24inch lcd monitor and a 32inch flatpanel tv im using nvidia tween view and works great except the 32 inch tv set at resolution 1366x768 but its slightly off is there some sort of graphic resizing tool to fix this issue07:01
zer010not suspend, hibernate07:01
Joshmuffinzer010, yeah + and another 1T in external storage :)07:02
arunkumar413indus: hi07:02
indusJoshmuffin, are you trying to boot the new 35 kernel ?07:02
Joshmuffinindus, I'm not to sure07:02
zer010mine seems small.....lol07:03
SlidingHornarunkumar413, real quick...did you install chrome or chromium?  in my experience (you can take it or leave it...either way) I had problems with chrome involving connection & flash...switched to chromium and have been problem free.  take that with a grain of salt, but you may want to look into chromium as well.  have a good night :)07:03
ddilinger bobthemiIkman can you pastebin your dmesg?07:03
indusJoshmuffin, what happens when you boot an older kernel ?07:03
Joshmuffinindus, im trying to boot sda1 which is ubuntu10.04 or sda2 which is ubuntu 10.1007:03
indusJoshmuffin, 10.10 is alpha isnt it07:03
=== Hering is now known as broy-
SlidingHornJoshmuffin, find your kernel version with:    uname -r07:03
Joshmuffinindus, yes it is07:03
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: i use chrome? what is chromium07:03
Joshmuffinindus, the problem is that when i try to boot sda1 or sda2 i get a need to load kernel first error07:04
indusJoshmuffin,did the simple steps first ? grub install etc07:04
indusJoshmuffin, have you manually edited any grub file ?07:04
ddilingerarunkumar413: chromium is the development vehical so to say.  all development is done on chromium.  google-chrome is snapshots of chromium with perhaps minor changes iirc07:04
SlidingHornarunkumar413, it's basically the open source project behind chrome...it's also the version that's in the official ubuntu repos07:04
zer010forgive if im not irc literate07:05
Richie086hello, i have a computer that i want to dual boot with windows 7/ubuntu 10.4.. windows is already installed, and i am running off of the live ubuntu 10.4 cd right now..  In gparted, the drive i have win7 installed on is showing as unallocated space, even though i purposefully left 60 gb of unformatted, unpartitioned space to install linux on.  Most of the stuff i have found on the web was posts from 2007 and the general concencus was th07:05
Joshmuffinindus, ATM i am on sda3 and everything works on this partition, its got backtrack installed and i updated grub to grub2 then ran "update-grub"07:05
lucidhalo.. I got a problem some application not run the error message is : Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.07:05
indusSlidingHorn, i would say its the other way round, chrome is the proprietary project behind chromium07:05
SlidingHornindus: http://code.google.com/chromium/07:05
zer010yes ^07:05
SlidingHornnot the way google describes it07:06
Joshmuffinindus, since I've had backtrack installed on sda3 i havent been able to boot sda1 or sda2 my ubuntu partitions07:06
zer010chromium is OSS07:06
lucidplease help ...07:06
lintis there an easy way to restore my gnome desktop after i change it?07:06
VCooliolucid: try it like this: LANGUAGE=en <application-command>07:06
VCooliolucid: what language is your system?07:06
lucidok I'll try07:07
arunkumar413SlidingHorn: i have chome beta installed, should i change it to chrome stable07:07
abhi_navno one helps me :(07:07
zer010oh, abhi07:07
Joshmuffinindus, do you understand what i just said, sorry im not very literate.07:07
zer010brb lol07:07
lucidthe language is english, but it was changed into indonesian07:07
SlidingHornarunkumar413, you can always try it out to see what you think about it...same with chromium if you decide to try it.07:08
SlidingHorn...with that, I'm going to bed.07:08
lintis there an easy way to restore my gnome desktop after i change it?07:08
zer010ahbi_nav what?07:08
abhi_navzer010, open office devanagari fonts issue :-( :'(07:09
zer010someone address me, im curious07:09
Joshmuffinlint, what exactly did you change?07:09
zer010ohhh...kay what?07:10
Joshmuffinabhi_nav, if people can help they generally will07:10
abhi_navJoshmuffin, :(07:10
Joshmuffinabhi_nav, what exactly is the problem?07:10
mitch_ cg07:11
mitch_hello all07:11
indusinternet disconected07:11
abhi_navJoshmuffin, i m using ibus on licid 64 bit. when i type in devanagari it works great for all aps except oo. in oo fonts get overlaped or wrong priting of complex character etc etc07:11
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest30350
indusJoshmuffin, so i was asking, i see 2 kernels in grub.cfg , and you are now in 10.04 kernel right ?07:11
zer010sounds like a prob in OO translation07:12
Joshmuffinindus, i am curently booted in sda3 which is running backtrack (based off ubuntu8.10)07:12
zer010BT...8.10? really07:12
indusJoshmuffin, backtrack? i dont see it in grub cfg07:12
Joshmuffinindus, i cant boot into either ubuntu10.04 or 10.1007:13
abhi_navJoshmuffin, my problem solved using abiword. but not in oo. abiwords does what I want. but i want to know if abiword is powerful as that of oo word?07:13
indusJoshmuffin, how did you boot into this ? does it show in menu ?07:13
abhi_navindus, is abiword powerful as that of oo word?07:13
indusabhi_nav, no but i use it07:13
Joshmuffinindus, yes it does, the entry says ubuntu, its the first entry07:13
abhi_navindus, ok07:13
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend the machine~ what should i do to enable it?07:13
abhi_navwildbat, are you in 9.10?07:14
Joshmuffinabhi_nav, try joining #openoffice.org07:14
wildbatabhi_nav, 10.4007:14
indusJoshmuffin, ah yes i see now07:14
abhi_navJoshmuffin, its sleeping time there07:14
zer010wildbat ubuntu hibernates07:14
zer010or sleep?07:14
Joshmuffinabhi_nav, sleeping time?07:14
abhi_navJoshmuffin, no one answers me there07:14
hrp2171Joshmuffin, wifi docs are outdated and they talk about using ndiswrapper.  i don't want to use windows drivers for wifi in 10.04.  any other suggestions?07:15
wildbatzer010, both option is gone ~07:15
Joshmuffinhrp2171, what hardware are you using?07:15
hrp2171BCM4312 rev 107:15
zer010wildbat hmmmm weird07:15
Jordan_Uhrp2171: Connect via ethernet and go to System > Administration > Hardware Drivers07:16
indusJoshmuffin, does backtrack install its own boot loader ?07:16
indusJoshmuffin, i see a user with same issue on forum07:16
zer010oh hell, ive heard this one before...\07:16
Joshmuffinindus, backtrack installs original grub and i updated it to grub207:16
Joshmuffinhrp2171, can I PM you some links?07:16
indusJoshmuffin, i read about issues updating from grub legacy to grub 207:17
Jordan_UJoshmuffin: You're using an incredibly out of date version of grub207:17
zer010wildbat, what r ur specs like? newer comp or older07:17
abhi_navanyone can give me link to 'list of all useful aps for day day to purposes end user'?07:17
indusJoshmuffin, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1424066 similar problem07:17
abhi_navohhh sorry its 'day to day'07:18
wildbatzer010, E6600, ASUS P5B-E07:18
abhi_navI mean daily regualr purposes07:18
Jordan_UJoshmuffin: Update to grub 1.98 and your problem will go away.07:18
zer010abhi_nav, google for the most oart07:18
Joshmuffinindus, i saw that thread but didnt notice any solutions07:18
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.07:18
JoshmuffinJordan_U, How do I go about doing that?07:18
indusJoshmuffin, like Jordan_U says, it probably has to do with how you updated grub 207:18
zer010just meant as a guide to what purpose you want  the app for07:19
zer010ex: Linux Word Processor07:19
JoshmuffinJordan_U, indus because the old version of ubuntu my distro is based off I cant install the latest grub???07:20
mocramishi. does anybody know a tool alowing to watch a process' mémory consumption history ?07:20
JoshmuffinJordan_U, indus is there a ppa for grub2 i could add?07:20
indusJoshmuffin, you can, how exactly did you install latest grub ?07:20
Jordan_U!backtrack | Joshmuffin07:20
ubottuJoshmuffin: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)07:20
indusJoshmuffin, from the ubuntu 10.10 install ?07:20
JoshmuffinJordan_U, indus sudo apt-get install grub207:20
Joshmuffinindus, from the backtrack install07:21
indusJoshmuffin, oh ahaha07:21
indusJoshmuffin, i suggest you take the ubuntu 10.04 live cd and install grub 207:21
JoshmuffinIndus i currently have no live cds07:21
hoarehi guys07:21
indusJoshmuffin, hmm07:22
zer010has anyone found a fix for crashing Flash?07:22
Joshmuffinindus, if i made a live USB how would i go about install grub2 to mbr07:22
hoareI am trying to boot ubuntu cd from grub screen. can anyone help?07:22
indusJoshmuffin, yes then we can try that07:22
Joshmuffinindus, would a mint9 live usb do?07:22
hoareI need help about grub. please help me.07:22
indusJoshmuffin, easiest step is from live environment , grub-install /dev/device but that will fail since it will say device not mounted07:22
Joshmuffinindus, and what do i have to do from the usb07:22
indusJoshmuffin, then have to mount the devices07:22
Jordan_Uhoare: Could you give more detail about your situation?07:22
Joshmuffin!grub | hoare07:23
ubottuhoare: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:23
Joshmuffin!grub2 | hoare07:23
ubottuhoare: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:23
indusJoshmuffin, why dont you try old grub, works fine sometimes07:23
hoareJordan_U: I am on grub4dos. and I have mounted CD rom. I just want to boot cd.07:23
Joshmuffinindus, i don't know how to configure it07:23
hoareJordan_U: the cd in which kernel is at /casper/vmlinuz07:23
indusJoshmuffin, hm ok07:23
macgugeshello, I have a question about installing mysqld. Where are the mysql and test databases? I've tried running mysql_install_db after installing the packages, but I'm surprised to not find these databases even after running the script.07:24
indusJoshmuffin, ok get grub 2 on a pen drive , then we can install it right here07:24
ikoniamacguges: you don't need to do mysql_install_db07:24
indusJoshmuffin, now how and where i need to see07:24
Jordan_Uhoare: You can't if you're booted from the hard drive. (you could with grub2 if it were a PATA CDROM drive)07:24
ikoniamacguges: mysql is already configured once you install it from the package manager07:24
zer010whats the command prompt for irc again?  sorry07:24
Joshmuffinindus, sorry what?07:24
ikoniazer010: command prompt for irc ?07:25
indusJoshmuffin, http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/grub207:25
ikoniazer010: what do you want to do ?07:25
indusdownload it07:25
phenomAny one hear word of the upgrade to lucid breaking grub2 to where it won't boot a dual boot partition such as win 7? :/07:25
zer010its /07:25
phenomI upgraded to lucid,, and now win7 won't boot.07:25
hoareJordan_U: partition boot sector is now windows boot.ini and boot.ini loads my grldr (grub loader) which is grub4dos. Do I really need grub2?07:25
Jordan_Uphenom: You probably accidentily installed grub to your windows partition.07:25
macgugesikonia: I didn't think I'd need to, but after reading the mysql reference manual I figured I'd try running it to create the mysql and test tables.07:25
phenomahh Jordan_U07:25
Joshmuffinindus, should i download the .tar.gz07:25
ikoniamacguges: they are already created so running it will do nothing07:25
phenomJordan_U, I did that after the fact07:25
zer010scratch that  just kicked myself lol07:26
MeatCurtainsCan someone help me with an update-script07:26
Jordan_Uphenom: First run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and make sure that *no* partitions are selected, only drives like "sda".07:26
phenomAfter I realized win 7 was borked, I tried to "fix" it, and fear I did do as you said.07:26
macgugesikonia: if those tables already exist, why aren't they listed by mysqlshow or show databases;?07:26
phenomJordan_U, I did that yesterday07:26
zer010no fixin win...07:26
abhi_nav!details | MeatCurtains07:26
ubottuMeatCurtains: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:26
ikoniamacguges: what are you expecting to see when you do show database07:27
zer010meat curtains....07:27
MeatCurtainsBasically I have two update scripts I need to combine into one. One to flash a kernel, and one to flash an arm11 library07:27
dark1hello, how do i sort and merge the contents of file, where the file name start with numeric number, i tryed cat *.txt > merged but where the file name start with 10 comes before 9.07:27
macgugesikonia: the reference manual says I should see three databases: information_schema, mysql and test. I see only information_schema.07:28
ikoniamacguges: how did you install mysql ?07:28
bullgardUbuntu 10.04 writes on the virtual console 1: "T43 login: mountall: Disconnect from Plymouth." Does this message mean that the program Plymouth has not been executed at all?07:28
zer010i can repartition / right?07:28
zer010i want to shrink it07:29
MeatCurtainshttp://pastebin.com/030A0Hmz   Those are the 2 scripts I need to combine07:29
macgugesikonia: I installed mysql using the synaptic package manager, selecting the metapcakages mysql-client and mysql-server. Later I uninstalled them completely and selected those packages from the Ubuntu Software Center.07:29
zer010give /home more space07:29
Joshmuffinindus, are you still there :S :(??07:29
ikoniamacguges: those databases should be there then07:30
macgugesikonia: so you see my problem.07:30
ikoniamacguges: you only see the "mysql" database, not the information_schema one07:30
zer010Joshmuffin, i can repartition / right?07:31
ikoniamacguges: who are you logged into mysql as ?07:31
zer010shrink it?07:31
Joshmuffinzer010, while your at it may aswell kick your computer07:31
macgugesikonia: no, I said I only see the information_schema database.07:31
ikoniamacguges: (what command did you use to login to mysql)07:31
ikoniamacguges:Hmmm that's concerning as the mysql one is quite important07:31
Joshmuffinzer010, do not partition root07:31
Joshmuffinzer010, thats asking for trouble07:32
zer010ok, thanks07:32
macgugesikonia: both "mysql" and "mysql -u mysql" work.07:32
hoareJordan_U: partition boot sector is now windows boot.ini and boot.ini loads my grldr (grub loader) which is grub4dos. Do I really need grub2?07:32
ikoniamacguges: ok - so that would be why07:32
ikoniamacguges: login as mysql -u root07:32
* Joshmuffin snorts a line of coke07:33
hoarewhy can't grub1 boot ubuntu cd?07:33
macgugesikonia: yes, I'd noticed some errors earlier when I'd tried to create a new database.07:33
JoshmuffinSomeone help me!07:33
=== abhi_nav_ is now known as abhi_nav
ikoniamacguges: try logging in as mysql -u root07:33
abhi_navJoshmuffin, now how? how now? :P07:33
macgugesikonia: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)07:33
ikoniamacguges: mysql -u root -p07:33
zer010Joshmuffin, what exactly? u got a boot prob?07:34
Joshmuffinzer010, yeah07:34
abhi_navJoshmuffin, if poeple know then only they will help you. :P :P :P :D :D ;) :)07:34
zer010i came in late07:34
MeatCurtainsAnyone out there able to help me with my scripting question? adding these two together http://pastebin.com/030A0Hmz ?07:34
Jordan_Uhoare: If you're trying to boot from a CD (rather than from an iso file), yes.07:34
Joshmuffinabhi_nav, fair enough07:34
abhi_navJoshmuffin, just joking07:34
* Joshmuffin makes everyone know everything07:34
macgugesikonia: I get a password prompt. of course I haven't set a password for root.07:34
JoshmuffinNOW HELP ME!07:34
hoareJordan_U: It seems I can not create g2ldr using grubinst tool.07:34
ikoniamacguges: when you install mysql with synaptic it asks you to set a password07:35
hoareJordan_U: http://diddy.boot-land.net/grub4dos/files/grldrmbr.htm here at the very end it says that it is not compatible.07:35
Joshmuffinyou guys wonna see something funny07:35
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.07:35
abhi_navits not funny. its fact07:35
Joshmuffinhaha shouldnt they be in the....i dont wonna get kicked07:35
LittleWolfNow you've done it joshmuffin07:36
LittleWolfYou have called forth my wrath07:36
Joshmuffinoh yeah07:36
abhi_navmine too :P07:36
* Joshmuffin gives LittleWolf and abhi_nav a weird look07:36
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct07:36
* abhi_nav fears07:37
Jordan_Uhoare: That guide says nothing about grub2, and "grldr" is a name specific to grub4dos, a grub2 image that's loadable from ntldr is not going to be named grldr07:37
LittleWolfI curse you, joshmuffin, may you never get to feel boobies again07:37
JoshmuffinLittleWolf, I've got a girlfriend....07:37
LittleWolfNevermind then07:37
zer010how do you ask th bot something?07:37
* Joshmuffin love trolling #ubuntu-women07:37
Joshmuffin!brains | zer01007:38
hoareJordan_U: where can I find such a file? I am looking at the WUBI source. it has wubildr and wubildr.mbr. It boots from wubildr.mbr and it successfully finds the path to virtual disk file and boots it. I could not understand how can it be happening without any grub commands...07:38
Joshmuffin!ubottu | zer01007:38
ubottuzer010: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:38
Joshmuffinused to work07:38
zer010yaeh there was somehting like that07:38
LittleWolfA zombie ate them up07:39
zer010most time it would reply"I know nothoing about...07:39
Jordan_Uhoare: It uses an embedded config which loop mounts the .disk file and reads the grub.cfg from there.07:39
macgugesikonia: well, I have no memories of a prompt to define a root password.  But I can think I can still define a new password.07:39
wildbatcan anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue? 10.0407:39
zer010!ubottu sex07:40
zer010nope not that either07:40
Flannelzer010: That's not appropriate07:40
zer010sorry, but the bot responses used to be hilarious07:41
Joshmuffinhaaha that was like the seccond thing i tried07:41
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!07:41
zer010usually, "I don;'t know anything about...."07:42
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.07:43
zer010then get "Quit harrassing tha bot!"07:43
abhi_navits enough now. !ot07:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:43
Joshmuffin   !anything is funny07:43
ubottulife is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic07:44
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:44
Joshmuffintold off by my best friend07:44
macgugesCreating a password for the mysql root account fails, with my new mysql install.  It says "connect to server at 'localhost' failed"07:44
zer010how can a bot be abused?07:45
zer010no feelings07:45
abhi_navnow we need an op07:45
Flannelzer010: Please help keep this channel ontopic, thanks.07:45
nesto1000Can anyone help me out?07:45
Joshmuffin"<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about black people"07:45
Joshmuffin!anyone | nesto100007:45
ubottunesto1000: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:45
nesto1000Ok... well I have a hard drive problem07:46
nesto1000I have 2 hard drives, and one won't show up07:46
zer010oh... forgot how to take ops07:46
Joshmuffin!details | nesto100007:46
ubottunesto1000: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:46
nesto1000I was getting to it...07:46
Joshmuffin!enter | nesto100007:46
ubottunesto1000: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:46
zer010your gonna break it07:47
=== PhilippeD_ is now known as PhilippeD
Joshmuffinnesto1000, sorry I'm getting a bit silly07:47
razz1cannot print wirelessly using cupswrapper driver, but usb works fine,07:47
zer010don't not not have too much fun07:47
ponderacould anyone here help me with a few macbook/ubuntu issues ?07:47
Joshmuffinnesto1000, what exactly is the problem07:47
nesto1000I have ubuntu 10.4, I have 2 HDD's, the main HDD and my backup hdd which I can't see anymore07:47
Joshmuffin!details pondera07:47
SmokeyDhow do I control which daemons startup at boot with lucid, the way I was able to with sysvconfig before upstart came around?07:47
nesto1000I try to mount it but i cant07:48
Joshmuffin!details | pondera07:48
ubottupondera: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:48
avgeneralI have PHP version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.207:48
Joshmuffinnesto1000, are you in 10.04 now? what hardrive is it? how are you trying to mount it?07:48
avgeneralhow do I override php.ini07:49
razz1cannot print wirelessly using cupswrapper driver, but usb works fine,  help please07:49
ponderaWhen ever i put a blank dvdr in my macbook 3.1 its not reconized and it gets stuck. i have to hold the mouse button while i reboot. im using the latest ubuntu07:49
Joshmuffinnesto1000, could you please !pastebin your /etc/fstab file07:49
Joshmuffin!pastebin | nesto100007:49
ubottunesto1000: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:49
nesto1000yes I'm in ubuntu 10.4, it's my back up IDE drive, it shows in disk utility but i cant see it in places07:50
nesto1000ill post a screen shot in a min07:50
zer010try filesystem07:50
zer010well, beside the usual, this crashes and that freezes, i guess im done07:52
pookyanyone have lightning working with lucid?07:52
pookyit seems no matter what I get, the release isn't compatible with what I have installed07:52
zer010im out yall07:53
qwiksilver711i downloaded something from the software center, and i cant find it anywhere... where would it be07:53
nesto1000theres the problem07:53
ponderaWhen ever i put a blank dvdr in my macbook 3.1 its not reconized and it gets stuck. i have to hold the mouse button while i reboot. im using the latest ubuntu07:53
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: what did you downloaded ?07:54
wildbatnesto1000, as the msgbox said it is mounted as /07:54
qwiksilver711hotfloppy: dgen, a genesis emulator (i'm sorry if we arent supposed to talk about emulators)07:54
nesto1000and that means?07:54
wildbatthat's mean your ubuntu is installed on it and already mounted on boot ~07:55
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: try running it from terminal or Alt+F207:56
wildbatnesto1000, or the mtab is wrong ~^^b07:56
nesto1000Nope... I got ubuntu installed on my 750GB HDD, while I was using my 320GB HDD as a back up07:56
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: just type dgen07:56
=== mocramis__ is now known as Mocramis
nesto1000Is there a way to fix it?07:57
qwiksilver711hotfloppy: nothing happens07:57
ponderaIm also having a issue where when i try to put my osx operating system disk in when i boot from it i just get a blinking cursor for hours it does nothing i didnt have this issued till i single booted ubuntu on my macbook 3.107:57
wildbatnesto1000, mtab is a record that that your system made/update in mount a umount ~07:57
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: is there any error on terminal ?07:58
wildbatnesto1000, in !terminal type "sudo mount -l" see waht you get07:58
nesto1000wildbat, so is there a way that I can mount it again?07:58
qwiksilver711i tried alt f2, how do i run it in terminal07:58
chroweI just installed Lucid server and did the "Use entire disk, set up LVM" partition option but then I entered in 10 GB for the size of the partition because I wanted to make a separate data partition later. Now I have http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2t6NxkPK and I can't figure out how to free up space for my data partition07:58
G-mancan anybody assist me in getting my Nvidia Ge-force 9800 working properly in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx07:59
G-manI have dual monitor setup, but the secondary is blank07:59
nesto1000wildbat, where's the terminal... im having trouble finding it07:59
SmokeyDG-man, install nvidia-settings07:59
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: ALT+F2 and type terminal07:59
wildbat!cli | nesto100007:59
ubottunesto1000: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro07:59
hoaredoes menuentry{} format belong to grub2?08:00
G-mansudo apt-get install nvidia-settings08:00
bartounetcould you help me for Ubuntu netinstall?08:00
SmokeyDG-man: yes. Once you installed it, you can find it under System->Administration->Nvidia settings08:00
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: i think the command to use dgen is 'dgen [option] [romname]'08:00
rwwhoare: yes08:00
SmokeyDG-man: I am assuming you are using the proprietary nvidia driver?08:00
_polto_hi, does somebody know any tools like ubuntu-tweek, but to personalise an ubuntu live-cd and installation cd? (I need to change some packages, do some preconfig, ...)08:00
qwiksilver711so like dgen run bomberman08:00
hoarerww: so it does not exist in prior grubs.08:00
SmokeyDif not, first go to System->Administration->Hardware drivers08:01
rwwhoare: no idea. I know it exists in grub208:01
hoareoh that's not godo08:01
G-mansays I've already downloaded it08:01
nesto1000wildbat, its asking for a password08:01
SmokeyDG-man: there you can check for other drivers, and it should say if you've got the nvidia driver.08:01
bartounetno idea ?08:01
SmokeyDG-man: ok08:01
wildbatnesto1000, enter your password then ...08:01
SmokeyDG-man: then install nvidia-settings and start it08:01
rww!ask | bartounet08:01
ubottubartounet: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:01
wildbat!sudo | nesto100008:01
ubottunesto1000: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with  superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli ) . Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For  graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with  sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:01
G-manwhat's the command to install08:01
ponderaIm also having a issue where when i try to put my osx operating system disk in when i boot from it i just get a blinking cursor for hours it does nothing i didnt have this issued till i single booted ubuntu on my macbook 3.108:01
ponderaIm also having a issue where when i try to put my osx operating system disk in when i boot from it i just get a blinking cursor for hours it does nothing i didnt have this issued till i single booted ubuntu on my macbook 3.108:01
FloodBot3pondera: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:01
chroweis anyone able to help me with fdisk partitioning?08:01
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: yeap.. for example if bomberman rom filename is bomb.rom, try use 'dgen bomb.rom' .. actually i dont have any experiences with dgen.. :)08:01
nesto1000wildbat, uhh..... idk what happened08:02
wildbatchrowe, it looks you have 10GB Linux and the rest is LVM in a extended paritition08:02
nesto1000should i copy and past?08:02
qwiksilver711hotfloppy: it ran something for a sec, then closed... maybe not compitable with 64 bit lucid?08:02
wildbatnesto1000, pastebinit then08:02
bartouneti want to do ubuntu netinstall but over ssh, i have already done it on Opensuse whith kernel netboot option but i don't know if it possible08:02
wildbat!pb | nesto100008:02
ubottunesto1000: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:02
hoareguys there is nobody in SLAX room. can you help me booting SLAX cd from legacy GRUB?08:03
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:03
seidosI get an error when I try to start firefox.  it was working fine, then I tried loading an image from xkcd.com and it crashed.  I had a lot of tabs open.  any ideas on how to fix it without restarting?08:04
ponderaWhen ever i put a blank dvdr in my macbook 3.1 its not reconized and it gets stuck. i have to hold the mouse button while i reboot. im using the latest ubuntu08:05
wildbatnesto1000, sorry i am firewalled can't accept file08:05
hotfloppyqwiksilver711: not sure but maybe.. try googling for it.. :)08:05
nesto1000i see... ill try n upload it in a min08:06
qwiksilver711k ty08:06
chrowewildbat: I guess I am not sure how to use LVM, is it something I should learn or can I just remove it?08:06
jefimenkoi'm in the middle of an ubuntu install and it keeps freezing at the step where it tries to download the release file. i think it might be a DNS issue. is there any way to drop into a shell to do some diagnostic?08:06
wildbatchrome, you can just remove it ~ if you don't have data in there you want08:06
wildbat!lvm | chrowe08:07
ubottuchrowe: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto08:07
ceeck65naguara ustedes todavia08:07
wildbatjefimenko, alternate CD?08:08
nesto1000wildbat, http://i49.tinypic.com/fcikgi.png08:08
jefimenkowildbat: yes, i'm doing a net server install08:09
jefimenkowildbat: using this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/NetbootInstallFromInternet08:09
jefimenkoso it's essential for dns to work right now08:09
jefimenkothe entire installation must be downloaded from the internet08:09
=== root is now known as Guest69128
Guest69128hello i enabled restricted drivers... and now i can't go to desktop anymore08:10
Guest69128how can i revert?08:10
=== Guest69128 is now known as sercik
wildbatnesto1000, hmmm try mount the drive with "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /your/mount/point"08:10
bullgardUbuntu 10.04 writes on the virtual console 1: "T43 login: mountall: Disconnect from Plymouth." Does this message mean that the program Plymouth has not been executed at all?08:10
wildbatjefimenko, if you esc ~ there is option to select step that give you root shell or try alt+f2,3,4?08:11
chrowewildbat: thanks, i'll take a look08:11
nesto1000wildbat, do i do that in the terminal?08:11
G-manIt appears that your graphics driver does not support the necessary extensions to use this tool.  Do you want to use your graphics driver vendor's tool instead?08:11
wildbatnesto1000, yes08:11
bartounetjefimenko> yes but i want install over ssh because i have not the server at home, it is dedicated server08:11
G-manthats what it says, when i try to setup dual view08:11
bartounetjefimenko> i want to control install remotely08:12
nesto1000wildbat, I'm a little confused08:12
sercikvi /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:12
jefimenkobartounet: i didn't get your question... i was talking to wildbat08:12
nesto1000wildbat, do i just type what you put letter for letter?08:13
bartounetjefimenko, ha excuse me08:13
bartounetdo you know if it is possible ton control netinstall installation over ssh on ubuntu??08:13
jefimenkobartounet: i don't think so08:13
wildbatnesto1000, nope ~ you need you specify your mount point , e.g. /media/mydir08:14
bartouneton suse it is very easy whit this kernel option for exemple... kernel /boot/vmlinuz.install usessh=1 sshpassword= »pass » install= hostip= netmask= gateway= nameserver=
wildbatnesto1000, it have to be directory08:14
jefimenkobartounet: i have a KVM switch hooked up to my server, so i can access the server and see the bootup process through the KVM08:14
WhiteFlowerBest material on rsync command except the ubuntu manual.08:14
jefimenkobartounet: this is why the netinstall works for me08:14
nesto1000wildbat, how to i know what to put?08:14
wildbatnesto1000, ok put this "mkdir -p /media/sda1 && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1"08:15
opengyanhi all ! i have UE (ubuntu 10.4) ....and annoyed with sound while doing command line completion tab...how to stop it ?08:15
ninwa /msg nickserv identify 5115752708:16
nesto1000wildbat, exactly like that?08:16
wildbatnesto1000, yes08:16
wildbatYEA ppl go steal it !08:16
* wildbat laughs at ninwa ;p08:16
jefimenkowildbat: i found out how to get to the shell, thanks08:17
wildbatjefimenko, you are welcome08:17
nesto1000wildbat, I got back cannot create directory and Premission denied08:18
ninwaalready changed wild, but love it when that happens :p08:19
bartounetjefimenko, ok in france KVM option is often not free..08:19
wildbatnesto1000, my bad , "sudo mkdir -p /media/sda1 && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1"08:19
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:20
hoareguys can I boot Ubuntu 10.04 cd on GRUB legacy?08:21
ActionParsnipHoare: yes08:21
hoareActionParsnip: do you know how can I do that? I use cdrom --init and then root (cd0) --> i get disk read error.08:21
nesto1000wildbat, thank you so much!!!08:21
ActionParsnipHoare: not sure about cds actually, sorry08:22
nesto1000wildbat, i really appreciate your help!! You're a life saver!08:22
wildbatnesto1000, you're welcome08:22
hoareActionParsnip: actually the question is about any distro. I could not load anything from CDs.08:22
ActionParsnipHoare: I know there are grub floppys to boot cds though08:22
hoareActionParsnip: actually I'm on grub4dos with a grub1 image.08:22
jefimenkobartounet: i'm not sure that there is any option08:22
hoareActionParsnip: sadly grub4dos does not have grub2 image.08:23
wildbathoare, you have to load the kernel and the initrd08:23
jefimenkobartounet: it might be possible to do a preseeded netinstall, setting up grub to automatically start up from the netinstall kernel and initrd08:23
nesto1000wildbat,  one more quick question... how can I play mkv video on ubuntu?08:23
jefimenkobartounet: that way you can just reboot your system and it will automatically start the install08:24
hoarewildbat: I know.08:24
jefimenkobartounet: but there is of course a risk involved08:24
hoarewildbat: however. if cd could not be read you cannot load the kernel from cd.08:24
wildbat!restricted | nesto100008:24
ubottunesto1000: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:24
wildbathoare, oh08:25
ActionParsnipnesto1000: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-play-mkv-files-in-ubuntu08:25
ActionParsnipnesto1000: amazing what a little search can bring up08:25
hoareoh I am so sad.08:25
hoarewildbat: I am trying to boot any kernel from cd for hours.08:26
nesto1000ActionParsnip, I dont like VLC08:26
pehdenhelp has any one ever got a working IRC chat server runing on ubuntu server08:26
ActionParsnipnesto1000: me neither, if you install it it may just pull down the right codec for the file, even if it does have to stink the place up a little08:27
X-Raimohello. I have problem with Ubuntu: after I log in as user there motd appears and last login entry, and nothing happens after? What is most porable problem?08:27
X-Raimoalso root login is successful08:27
Eghiedoes anyone know how to add a GPG key from keyserver.ubuntu.com to a preseed file (via apt-setup/local0/key)?08:27
ActionParsnipX-Raimo: having root login enabled is a really bad idea08:28
X-RaimoActionParsnip: I know. But there is no other way to obtain control. I cannot login as a user08:29
ActionParsnipX-raimo: what if you make another user?08:29
ActionParsnip!adduser | X-Raimo08:29
ubottuX-Raimo: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo08:29
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep/hibernates the machine~ what should i do to enable it? 10.0408:30
ActionParsnipWildbat: is the system a laptop?08:31
X-RaimoActionParsnip: making another user is walkaround. And I need to solve the problem with current user08:31
wildbatActionParsnip, desktop08:31
bobthemiIkmanApparently my /home partition got remounted as ro. Is there a way to remount it rw?08:31
ActionParsnipX-Raimo: no its not, it can be used to compare groups, home directories and account settings08:31
ActionParsnipwildbat: is it branded?08:32
wildbatActionParsnip, nope08:32
X-Raimowhat action came after last login record appears&08:32
ActionParsnipwildbat: ok, makes things harder08:32
wildbatActionParsnip, E6600 w/ ASUS P5B motherbroad08:32
ActionParsnipX-Raimo: you'll need to check the user has a valid shell set for one08:33
X-RaimoActionParsnip: currently user has /bin/bash08:33
ActionParsnipwildbat: ok are there any guides for the board.? You may need some boot options or some conf files jigging. Suspend can be a real pain to get nice08:33
ActionParsnipX-Raimo: is that what a new user has? This is why a new user can help, you can compare settings if a new user can ssh ok.08:34
wildbatActionParsnip, nope ~:< i think i saw the option be4 but don't know since when it is gone >.<08:34
WhiteFlowerBest material on rsync command except the ubuntu manual.08:34
ActionParsnipX-Raimo: i'd also look in sshd_config, see if there are any restrictions (if the file controls restrictions)08:35
marenostrumHow do I list all the dependiencies of a package? Terminal command or a web interface are both OK for me.08:35
ActionParsnipWhiteFlower: doesn't exist due to the very nature of the word "best"08:36
Jordan_U!offline | marenostrum08:36
ubottumarenostrum: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD08:36
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync white08:37
bazhangah he quit08:37
ziro`how can i merge 2 directories into one?08:38
ziro`ie. windows style08:39
Guest32778ziro`, drag one into the other08:39
ziro`via cli08:39
icerootziro`: mv or cp08:39
icerootziro`: mv to move, cp to copy08:39
pehdenany one?08:39
ziro`mv x y: Directory already exists08:40
iceroot!anyone | pehden08:40
ubottupehden: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:40
marenostrumJordan_U: No, Ubuntu Karmic here. I don't want to install. I want to learn all the dependencies of some packages (either they are installed on my system or not). Independent from my actual system. To analyze, to decide something, lets say.08:40
icerootziro`: mv x y/  to move x into y08:40
ninwaDoes anybody know what plugin I need for compiz to have different wallpapers on each desktop? I've tried some instructions that say to edit them in compiz config->cube desktop->appearance-> edit wallpapers, but I don't have that option at all.08:40
pehdenhelp has any one ever got a working IRC chat server runing on ubuntu server08:41
ninwaI remember when I started using ubuntu you could set them real easily.08:41
icerootpehden: sure soneone in this channel has. what is the real question/problem08:41
bazhangpehden, apt-cache search ircd should bring some results08:41
ninwaI have the cube desktop, but in the appearance tab there's no place to edit the wallpapers08:41
ziro`ok, i have x/foo.html and y/bar.html08:41
Jordan_Umarenostrum: http://apt.alturl.com/ (from the ubottu message)08:41
ziro`i want to move y's contents into x recurisvely08:41
G-manCan anybody help me get my video card working properly in Lucid Lynx, It's a GeForce 9800GT, it works on my primary monitor, but i can't get the secondary to show, any help would be greatly appreciated08:42
ziro`so i'd end up to x/foo.html x/bar.html08:42
YankDownUnderninwa, There are two different "managers" or "control panels" for compiz - ccsm and compizconfig-manager - which are you using?08:42
Hatlhi! i have a problem using apt-get: i added a vlc-ppa to sources.list. after removing the entry and running "apt-get update" aptitude is still able to update vlc to the ppa-version. what am i doing wrong?08:42
ninwaYankDownUnder, ccsm08:43
rwwmarenostrum: apt-cache --recurse depends packagenamehere08:43
YankDownUnderninwa, Roger that.08:43
rwwhrm, maybe not, that's a little /too/ outputty08:43
rwwapt-cache -i --recurse depends packagenamehere is a little better08:44
G-manCan anybody help me get my video card working properly in Lucid Lynx, It's a GeForce 9800GT, it works on my primary monitor, but i can't get the secondary to show anything, any help would be greatly appreciated08:44
YankDownUnderninwa, I think you need to enable "Wallpapers" firstly - if I'm not mistaken...it's towards the bottom in CCSM mate08:45
HatlG-man: try running nvidia-xconfig08:45
YankDownUnderG-man, sudo nvidia-settings => configure both the screens, click "Apply"08:45
marenostrumrww: Thanks a lot.08:46
G-mani don't know how to run xconfig08:46
YankDownUnderG-man, Open a term, and type: sudo nvidia-settings => then configure yer screens, click "Apply" and etc etc etc...08:47
topfuel_need some help with ati drivers and running two different resolution monitors08:47
topfuel_the ati proprietary drivers are absolutely horrible08:47
G-mantelling me command not found08:48
G-mani typed sudo nvidia-settings08:48
YankDownUnderG-man, apt-get install nvidia-settings08:48
G-manpermission denied08:48
G-manits telling me couldn't find package nvidia08:49
chrowewildbat: I guess I am more lost that I thought in fdisk. I have http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=uKHsaApY but when I try to mkfs.ext3 I get http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=5ZXUWxcN08:49
G-mansudo apt-get install nvida-settings .... i get message E: Coudln't find package nvidia08:49
ninwaYankDownUnder, I've got it figured out, actually. It is the wallpaper plugin, however gnome draws the desktop over-top of it so you have to edit "show_desktop" value in gconf to false first, so it doesn't write over compiz's08:49
ninwaYankDownUnder, you pointed me in the right direction with turning on wallpapers didnt see it down there :) cheers08:50
topfuel_how do i uninstall ati proprietary drivers?08:50
YankDownUnderninwa, Coolbeans mate...going to test it on a different workstation...08:50
G-manYankdownunder: Any other ideas?08:51
h4nnibalHai! all, I have installed many useful apps and configured it well.I would like to make a Live CD/DVD for my current installation.Is there any script that automates the process? Please help...08:51
YankDownUnderG-man, Mate, I show that the nvidia-settings is in the cache search...um...have you updated apt?08:51
pehdeniceroot every time i try to connect to my irc server it refuses the connection08:52
pehdenrunning netstat the icr server is running08:52
G-manhow do i update apt08:52
monkey_dusthi all -- after waking up my Ubuntu Lucid from hibernation, the keyboard wouldn't work, I had to restart my machine -- should this be reported as a bug and to whom?08:52
YankDownUnderG-man, sudo apt-get update08:52
icerootpehden: look at the server log, run namp from the client to see if the port is open08:53
G-mannow try08:53
G-manwow it worked,08:53
pehden127.0.0.1:6665*               LISTEN      5759/ircd-hybrid08:53
H__Question : are there known issues with recent NetworkManager ? My 10.04 hang at boot, I disabled NFS entries from fstab (via bootcd) now system starts up with no networking. Manual ifconfig/route/resolv works fine though. Any hints ?08:53
pehdenis results from netstat08:54
CyberCr33pdoes someone use Empathy with MSN and has problem with contacts? It doesn't show the contacts.08:54
monkey_dustCyberCr33p, try aMSN08:54
tsimpsonpehden: how are you attempting to connect?08:55
pehdenwith an icr client08:55
tsimpsonpehden: by IP, hostname? what?08:55
pehden port 9999..08:55
pehden Connection failed. Error: Connection timed out08:55
pehdenserver domain08:55
tsimpsonas you can see, it's port 6665, not 999908:55
tsimpsonand it's only listening on (localhost)08:56
pehdeni know its running on all those ports08:56
tsimpsonwell, it's only running on localhost, so unless your server domain resolves to it won't work08:57
MauL^my ubuntu (v9) gives very low volume.. how can I fix that ?08:57
pehdenhmm so i need to change what so it will listen to 0:0:0:008:57
tsimpsonpehden: exactly08:58
Sicklerhey im trying to get to the linuxmint help page but spotchat isnt in my network list can someone help m08:58
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)08:58
pookyblah, so tired of trying to get a calendar application going tonight. It's like, go gnome, or die :P08:58
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:58
tsimpsonSickler: ^08:58
OzeussI'm having problem with both choqok and gwibber notifications since upgrade to Lucid, anyone experienced that?08:58
pehdendo you happen to know what line i need to configure that08:59
pehdenits icrd-hybrid08:59
Sicklerthanks guys08:59
pehdenim in the conf now'08:59
AAApooky  google.com/calendar doesn't work? fyi, there is now googlecl --calendar09:00
pehdenwait found it09:00
tsimpsonpehden: look for something like "" or "localhost", or "interface"09:00
Roganhi folks. Just installed 10.04 release on an HP6730b laptop09:00
icerootpehden: is lo-interface not eth-interface, so its not using the network09:00
G-manDownunderyank: thanks boss09:00
Roganbut am struggling with performance issues09:00
G-manIt's working great09:00
YankDownUnderG-man, Yer welcome matey09:01
Roganproblem seems to be related to the cpufreq, which will not scale09:01
pehdeniceroot: ok should i change it to the hostname or domain name09:01
icerootpehden: hostname which is in /etc/hosts09:01
Roganit is currently set at 800MHz, which is the lowest possible setting, and regardless of what I do, it will not go up to full speed (or anything other than 800)09:01
Roganany ideas?09:01
icerootpehden: that is resolving the hostname to the ip so the server is running on eth009:02
jo_Does anybody know where to find a ubuntu developpers channel ?09:02
icerootRogan: loading the kernel with acpi_cpufreq?09:02
rwwjo_: why?09:02
icerootjo_: #ubuntu-dev i guess09:02
pehdeniceroot: so i would use the hostname which is also my servers domain09:02
icerootpehden: correct, if ysou have a static ip you can also use the ip09:03
wildbatchrowe, y dn't you use gparted?09:03
jo_Thanks! I want to ask what is required to get a pice of software in the ubuntu repositories.09:03
pehdeniceroot: ok kool09:03
chrowewildbat: no, I don't have a gui installed09:03
bazhang!packaging | jo_09:03
ubottujo_: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports09:03
rwwjo_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages09:04
fishcookerif i want to install lite window manager like openbox on ubuntu-server. except apt-get install openbox ... what package should be added? if i need simple gui after start?!09:04
icerootjo_: create a bug with a featre request and append a bug09:04
abhi_navhow to install latest pidgin 2.7.1 from command line?09:04
icerootjo_: ah ok the info from bazhang sounds better/more usefull09:04
iceroot!info pidgin09:05
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.6.6-1ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 563 kB, installed size 1792 kB09:05
bobthemilkmanOkay, my /home directory (reiserfs) keeps on getting remounted as ro.09:05
bobthemilkmanAnyone have any clue what is causing this and how to fix it?09:05
icerootabhi_nav: you have a dep from it?09:05
abhi_naviceroot, no09:05
abhi_naviceroot, do i need one?09:05
icerootabhi_nav: in the repos there is only 2.6.609:05
abhi_naviceroot, any how i need to install latest. how to?09:05
icerootabhi_nav: so you have to use a ppa or download something from the pidgin website09:05
wildbatchrowe, try with -b 4096 option09:05
iceroot!ppa | abhi_nav09:06
ubottuabhi_nav: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.09:06
radsisIf you want to request a package be split into subpackages where do you suggest that, the bug page at launchpad?09:06
abhi_naviceroot, i download ok09:06
nicopotHI Al ... I have a problem .. using firefox or chrome to play flash games like mousebreaker sudoku ???09:06
nicopotUsing Lucid Lynx (10.04)09:06
SangeethI got problem with Gparted... Help me please...09:06
wildbat!ask | Sangeeth09:07
ubottuSangeeth: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:07
wildbat!flash| nicopot09:07
ubottunicopot: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:07
bobthemilkmanDmesg output: [ 1608.444545] REISERFS error (device sdb2): vs-13070 reiserfs_read_locked_inode09:08
bobthemilkman: i/o failure occurred trying to find stat data of [4094 150834 0x0 SD] [ 1608.444558] REISERFS (device sdb2): Remounting filesystem read-only09:08
nicopotwill check on that ubottu tx09:08
OzeussI'm having problem with both choqok and gwibber notifications since upgrade to Lucid, anyone experienced that?09:08
wildbatbobthemilkman, may be it is a HDD failure? do a smart/surface scan?09:09
Guest32778Ozeuss, english pls09:09
bazhangGuest32778, that is english09:09
bobthemilkmanwildbat: I'm going to backup all of the data on this partition and then try to unmount it and the ndo that.09:09
bobthemilkmanIt might be an HDD failure.09:09
SangeethWildbat : I used gparted to edit my partitions... I added up some 8 GB to my existing linux partition and moved my partition to left... So, my data was copied to the left partition and my partition is extended... But, i think the copied data in the right end is not deleted....09:10
YankDownUnderOzeuss, Have you considered (especially after doing upgrades) - of poking through yer ~./config and ~./cache and blowing out some of the stale and old bits?09:10
Sangeethwildbat : So, now i got some 15 GB partition filled up till 14 GB...  I got a log file, you wanna view it???09:11
wildbatSangeeth, pastebinit09:11
OzeussYankDownUnder, I mved some config files, but I'll try the same for .cache09:11
bobthemilkmansudo tar cvf /home.tar /home --preserve is the correct command, right?09:11
Sangeethwildbat : I couldn't get you...09:12
bobthemilkmanI'm not missing anything important, am I?09:12
wildbat!pb | Sangeeth09:12
ubottuSangeeth: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:12
Sangeethhow to??09:12
pehdeniceroot: no it wont load i useing the hosname   aka domain.net     and now its failing to start09:12
icerootpehden: ok use the ip09:13
wildbatbobthemilkman, i think it alright ~09:13
pehdeniceroot: the lan ip?09:13
bobthemilkmanSo this smart scan thing, where can I learn more about it? I'm not familiar.09:13
Roganiceroot: How do I check if it is loaded? I tried lsmod | grep cpufreq, and got nothing09:14
Sangeethwildbat : http://paste.ubuntu.com/454864/09:15
JunikszHello! If I installed something from source code, it does not automatically appear in the Menu, Why?09:16
Roganiceroot: I do have /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies, etc09:16
Guest32778Juniksz, what did you install09:16
Xaratashi. where can i "grap" the event user is idel for x minutes? which starts for example the screensaver.09:16
Sangeethwildbat : I got my Ubuntu OS running, but the stored space has to be some 7 GB, but got 14 GB... Thus, i concluded that the data is totally copied for moving but not deleted after copying...09:16
=== mo__ is now known as mo-
icerootRogan: lsmod is showing me acpi_cpufreq09:17
icerootRogan: so you have to install acpi_cpufreq and append it to the grub line after silent09:18
icerootRogan: maybe there is another way to load a modul, i only know the way with grub09:18
icerootpehden: yes, the ip from eth009:18
JunikszGuest32778: Why I installed from that? because in Deb file is not available the latest release.09:18
wildbatSangeeth, no your resizing failed ~ you need to do fsck to fix that while it is not mounting09:19
JunikszGuest32778: Sorry i'm tired... i've installed wormux09:19
Sangeethwildcat : But, i got the expected size...09:19
pehdeniceroot: that worked thanks now i got to set up channels09:19
JunikszGuest32778: but i can't find in the "lancelot" or in the "KMenu"09:20
wildbatSangeeth, that is the partition table ~ your fs isn't "update"09:20
Xaratas<iceroot> Rogan: maybe there is another way to load a modul, i only know the way with grub < rc.local should do tho job09:20
bobthemilkmanDuring the backup, I got some errors:  /home/brian/usr/local/lib/root/liblistDict.so|tar: /home/brian/usr/local/lib/root/writer.py: Cannot stat: Permission denied09:21
hetiihello :)09:21
Sangeethwildcat : So, what should i do... please guide me.... :(09:21
bobthemilkmanThat was with a sudo tar09:21
Roganiceroot: are you on 10.04?09:21
Guest32778Juniksz, can you add to the menu09:21
RoganI'm not finding an acpi_cpufreq module anywhere09:21
hetiihow can i share one real partition from host on multiple guest system (in KVM )?09:21
=== Johnm_ is now known as johnm
bobthemilkmanI've gotten quite a few of those. not every one, and it seems to be random.09:22
JunikszGuest:32778: Which file i should added to the menu?09:23
stevecccdoes anyone know what the error numerical result out of range means when trying to remove a file09:23
vakhi all09:23
icerootRogan: at home i am on 10.04, at the moment i am on another debian-based distribution09:23
vakmy graypad stoped to work under Ubuntu! :(09:23
Sangeethwildcat : Can my data be secured???09:24
icerootXaratas: thanks for the info09:24
iceroot!details | vak09:24
ubottuvak: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:24
wildbatSangeeth, reboot (livecd if the partition is your linux)  and run gparted right click it (and umount if need) then check09:24
Guest32778Juniksz, add the wormux file?09:24
wildbatSangeeth, yes09:24
Sangeethwildcat, i got the gparted livecd09:25
wildbatSangeeth, and i an bat not cat, i hat cat, they hunt us for breakfast09:25
Sangeethwildbat : Sorry...09:25
wildbatSangeeth, lol09:25
vakmy graypad stoped to work under Ubuntu! Details: Ubuntu 9.10, 64 bit gnome, nothing special has been done (no preference changes, etc), it just doesn't work anymore09:25
vakiceroot: ^^09:25
Sangeethwildbat : Sorry, 'cause i was tensed about my data...09:26
iceroot!doesnotwork | vak09:26
iceroot!doesntwork | vak09:26
ubottuvak: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.09:26
Sangeethwildbat : Ok...09:26
icerootvak: dont let me pull all the strings from ubottu.09:26
OzeussYankDownUnder, thanks, i removed relevant config folder and cache, I'll check a tweet now.09:26
Sangeethwildbat : :D09:26
JunikszGuest32778 >whereis wormux -> wormux: /usr/local/bin/wormux   ||| That is what i need?09:26
vakiceroot: just NO REACTION. You press and nothing happens09:26
icerootvak: is it not starting? is it not resizing a partition09:26
Guest32778Juniksz, yep09:27
Guest32778Juniksz, looks like09:27
YankDownUnderOzeuss, coolbeans09:27
Sangeethwildbat : Please explain me still more in detail... What should i do???  I don't have a ubuntu live cd but got gparted livecd....09:27
private_metaWhen I try to view flash videos in firefox (ubuntu 10.04), for a lot of flash video players (e.g. engadget video, old youtube player) I cannot click any button on/in the flash video, so I can't start, stop, ... them. Any Idea what I can do there?09:27
icerootvak: ah i see, you are not talking about gparted. what happen if you start your program from the shell? is there an error-code?09:27
wildbatSangeeth, just reboot to it , select the partition, in question, right click, Check09:28
Sangeethwildbat : Then...\09:28
wildbatSangeeth, done09:28
vakiceroot: partition? I guess you messed me with someone else :) I have problems with graypad of my keyboard :)09:28
SangeethWill i get the free space of 7 GB...09:28
JunikszGuest32778: Thanks for the help, it is working!09:29
Sangeethwildbat : Will i get i my free space??09:29
wildbatSangeeth, you should ~09:29
Guest32778Juniksz, no problem09:29
icerootvak: what is a graypad on a keyboard? you mean numlock?09:29
YankDownUnderSangeeth, Free space costs $25.95 per gigabyte. :)09:29
Sangeethwildbat : The same operation i had done for my linux swap and the same error happened... So, shall i check that too???09:30
wildbatSangeeth, yes09:30
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!09:30
SangeethYankDownUnder : :D Ok... But, i'm striving for 10 GB freespace, 'cause my hard disk is only of 150 GB capacity...09:30
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.09:31
Sangeethwildbat : Are sure that i can proceed??09:31
sihnui'm new to irc. i should get more familiar with it but could someone tell me how to disable "has joined" and "has disconnected" messages?09:31
bazhangJoshmuffin, stop that. /msg ubottu09:31
wildbatSangeeth, yes09:31
Joshmuffinsihnu, are you using xchat09:31
Joshmuffingah, im still learning irssi aswell09:31
xpikeIs there a way to search for other users not on the contact list on the linux version of skype09:31
Sangeethwildbat : The linux swap is the paging memory needed right?..09:32
Joshmuffin sihnu /j #irssi09:32
bazhang!quietirssi | sihnu09:32
ubottusihnu: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS09:32
YankDownUnderSangeeth, Yes. Don't muck with the swap partition(s)09:32
=== Ejdesgaard_ is now known as Ejdesgaard
Sangeethwildbat : So, I got 2 GB memory... As a tradition, my swap must be 4 GB in space right???09:32
sihnuthanks ubottu, much better now :)09:33
YankDownUnderSangeeth, Usually 1.5 to 2 times the amount of installed RAM, yes.09:33
odb|fidelthere is NO must09:33
Sangeethwildbat : Thanks :)09:33
wildbatSangeeth, i don't use sawp XD09:33
Joshmuffinsihnu, ubottu is a bot, bazhang told it to tell you that he needs you thanks :D09:33
Sangeethwildbat : XD ?? What is it??09:33
bazhangSangeeth, 2GB is fine09:34
sihnuhaha.. ok, well i already told i was new to irc09:34
wildbatSangeeth, smiley  lookit sideway09:34
Joshmuffinsihnu, all good :)09:34
Sangeethwildbat : I couldn't get you?!09:34
Joshmuffincan anyone help me i cant boot ubuntu09:34
Guest32778Joshmuffin, y09:34
wildbatSangeeth, ignore it then09:35
JoshmuffinGuest32778, Grub2 is a wee bit stuffed up09:35
Sangeethwildbat : Ok... Will try and catch you then... Bye... And really thanks for your help...09:35
Guest32778dude that looks bad09:36
JoshmuffinIt is09:36
YankDownUnderSangeeth, Have you considered deleting all your pr0n to free up some space?09:36
vakmy got09:36
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep/hibernates the machine~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B09:36
vakThis default option is just crazy! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76678909:36
Xarataswhere can i "grap" the event user is idel for x minutes? which starts for example the screensaver.09:36
bazhangYankDownUnder, thats not appropriate for here09:36
vakthat's why my numpad didn't work!09:37
bazhangYankDownUnder, keep it family friendly please09:37
bartounethow can i activate route module on iptable09:37
hoareguys how can I launch grub2 console in ubuntu?09:37
Joshmuffin!etiquette | YankDownUnder09:37
ubottuYankDownUnder: Unsure how you should behave on this channel? See (in a private message with the bot, /msg ubottu <keyword>): !AskTheBot, !CoC, !Guidelines, !Offtopic, !Language, !Attitude, !Repeat, !Enter, !Paste, !Caps, !NickSpam, !PM, !English - And most importantly, use common sense...09:37
Gryllidahi, I'm looking for a command line irc client, irssi is way too difficult about network & channel tabs. any others?09:37
bazhangGryllida, weechat09:37
Joshmuffinweechat +109:37
Joshmuffinbut really once you learn irssi its worth it09:38
hoareguys how can I launch grub2 console in ubuntu?09:38
YankDownUnderYes thank you for the information on ettiquette - I momentarily forgot after spending 15 years doing support on IRC...my bad...09:38
bazhanghoare, reach the menu? hold shift at boot09:38
odb|fidelYankDownUnder: hrhr09:38
nicopotI get the following when I try to install that 64 bit flash plugin ... Connecting to download.macromedia.com||:80... failed: Connection refused. download failed09:38
hoarebazhang: nope after booting09:38
bazhanghoare, to edit it?09:39
rwwnicopot: it's been removed from Adobe's servers09:39
Gryllidanicopot: oh, https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Managing+the+Flash+plugin09:39
hoarebazhang: nope I just want to read help09:39
hoarebazhang: in my distro I write grub to console and reach grub.09:39
hoarein ubuntu, package is not installed. I've installed then I saw that it is grub old.09:40
hoareI mean grub legacy.09:40
bazhanghoare, your distro being what?09:40
rwwhoare: try /usr/sbin/grub09:41
bazhanghoare, man grub works here09:41
hoarerww: ok hold on09:41
hoarebazhang: nope I dont want it09:41
bazhanghoare, you are not using ubuntu?09:41
=== Leparradiss is now known as loone
hoarebazhang: ubuntu is running on virtualbox.09:41
wildbatwhen will ubuntu fix intel "fake"Raid on gparted and disk utility .....09:42
drieshello everyone09:42
hoarerww: how can I see grub version?09:42
hoarethis seems like old09:42
Gryllidahey dries09:42
rwwhoare: of course it's old, it's GRUB legacy09:43
rwwhoare: apt-cache policy grub09:43
hoare I want newer09:43
Gryllidaok, weechat, any others?09:43
odb|fidelhoare: grub --version ... should do the job09:43
Sangeethwildbat : You are the HERO!!!09:43
hoareodb|fidel: right09:43
hoarethis is older grub 0.9709:43
hoareI need 1.97 or newer09:44
=== Me is now known as Guest56545
Sangeethwildbat   Could I learn from you, how you interpreted my problem...09:44
odb|fidelhoare: how about searching for grub2 then? ;)09:44
hoareodb|fidel: I think there is no such package09:44
rwwhoare: as far as I'm aware, grub2/1.97 doesn't have a console like grub does.09:44
rwwcould be wrong on that, though, but I don't see one.09:44
odb|fideli do see grub2 & grub2-splashimages as packages here09:45
rwwthe grub2 package is grub-pc.09:45
rwwassuming you're on a normal computer, anyway09:45
odb|fidelgood point09:45
wildbatSangeeth, read the log?09:45
Sangeethwildbat : yes..09:45
hoarerww: what is a normal computer?09:45
Guest32778need ubuntu help?09:45
Sangeethwildbat : I saw some (error) string at the bottom...09:45
rwwhoare: PC/BIOS based computers09:45
wildbatSangeeth, everything SUCCESS until the resize09:46
hoarerww: I see. installed grub-pc09:46
bazhangGuest32778, then ask a question09:46
hoarehow can I launch it now?09:46
rww0144 < rww> hoare: as far as I'm aware, grub2/1.97 doesn't have a console like grub does.09:46
Sangeethwildbat : yeah..09:46
hoarerww: oh I missed that sorry09:46
shadyabhiI want to add another OS entry to the grub.cfg.. Is there a software I can install in ubuntu that does that for me.. ??09:47
wildbatSangeeth, you most likely delete or add some partition and it can't find the device ~ so just redo those "missing "commands form the resize process09:47
Jordan_Ushadyabhi: "sudo update-grub"09:48
shadyabhiJordan_U: Will that detect my new OS installed09:48
Jordan_Ushadyabhi: It should.09:48
Sangeethwildbat : Can't understand your last message??? Could you break it down simpler??09:48
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) the machine~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B09:49
shadyabhiJordan_U: Actually I tried manually adding my Arch to it, and I got Kernel Panic... lets see.. i will try this one09:49
Sangeethwildbat : Sorry! I got to go... Will meet you after half an hour...09:49
wildbatSangeeth, ok later09:49
BabalabonIF I group opened application on bottom taskbar, does it have to have the text or can it just have the icons thus saving space?09:50
thalibi cannot get sound from my tvtime.. any help09:52
Gryllidahey thalib09:52
Gryllidathalib, your specs?09:53
thalibubuntu 10.04 kernel 2.6.3509:53
industhalib, heya09:53
Gryllidathalib, did it previously work or first time you're trying to do it on Ubuntu?09:53
driesDoes anyone know how to configure Openbox? Do I have to do it completely through the cli?09:53
thalibfirst time09:53
=== jon_ is now known as jmhsieh
Black_Prince2.5.35 ?09:54
BabalabonIF I group opened application on bottom taskbar, does it have to have the text or can it just have the icons thus saving space? much like win7 taskbar?09:54
bazhangthalib, where did you get that kernel?09:54
thalibfrom internet09:54
bobthemilkmanSo yeah, my reiserfs drive looks like it's failing... :(09:55
Black_Princekernel.org says that kernel is unstable09:55
Black_Princelatest stable version is 2.6.3409:55
thalibi dont know09:55
bobthemilkmanI'm tarring /home into /home.tar --preserve-permissions, anyone have any advice?09:55
thalibbut am using that so farso good09:55
bobthemilkmanSome of the tarring isn't working due to stat error.09:55
bazhangdries, obconf looks helpful09:55
VCoolioBabalabon: chech dockbarx on gnome-look.org, may be what you want, or a real dock like avant window navigator or cairo-dock09:56
driesbazhang, is that a feature of openbox itself or is it seperate?09:56
=== delicious is now known as delici0us
bazhang!info obconf | dries09:56
ubottudries: obconf (source: obconf): Preferences manager for Openbox window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.3-3build1 (lucid), package size 91 kB, installed size 656 kB09:56
Jordan_Ubobthemilkman: If most of the data on the partition is data you want, I'd use GNU ddrescue.09:56
bazhangdries, you need to install it09:57
thalibhere is where i got 2.6.35 kernel09:57
driesah, thanks guys09:57
bazhangdries, should be one more, it slips my mind at the moment though09:57
bobthemilkmanJordan_U: Yep. I want all my data. What's ddrescue? (firefox won't launch)09:58
Jordan_U!info gddrescue | bobthemilkman09:58
ubottubobthemilkman: gddrescue (source: gddrescue): the GNU data recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11-1 (lucid), package size 51 kB, installed size 152 kB09:58
bazhangdries obmenu09:58
Black_Prince!info libpng1409:59
ubottuPackage libpng14 does not exist in lucid09:59
Black_Prince!info libpng1209:59
ubottuPackage libpng12 does not exist in lucid09:59
bazhangdries apt-cache search openbox has some more results09:59
Black_Prince!info libpng12-dev09:59
ubottulibpng12-dev (source: libpng): PNG library - development. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.42-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 255 kB, installed size 632 kB09:59
driesthanks bazhang :)09:59
Jordan_Ubobthemilkman: It's like dd except geared toward recovering data from failing drives09:59
bobthemilkmanJordan_U: I see.09:59
bobthemilkmanThat' exactly what I want.09:59
bobthemilkmanI've got 70GB of DATA on the disk, and I don't have any free disks around.10:00
Jordan_Ubobthemilkman: I recommend reading the man page, if nothing else it's ineresting the techniques it uses.10:00
karyohello can anyone tell me what happens if I upgrade my system with an evergreen(radeon 5XXX) board?10:00
karyoi'm using lucid10:00
Guest32778karyo, it rock10:02
Guest32778karyo, it rocks10:02
karyoi heard that driver support is suboptimal for evergreen. have you tried it? does it work "out of the box"?10:03
wildbatcan anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue? hp laptop, 10.0410:05
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B10:05
deeanehi there10:05
Gryllidahey, any other ideas about command line irc clients except for irssi and weechat?10:06
xray_tskwhat's wrong with irssi?10:06
Gryllida wildbat, system > preferences > power management if you're on Gnome10:06
bazhangGryllida, let me check10:06
Gryllidaxray_tsk, half of the things that I do is /win #, and only half is the chat..10:07
wildbatGryllida, already did not helpful~10:07
xray_tskGryllida: what? Why don't you press alt+# ?10:07
Gryllidawildbat, what did you set there?10:07
Gryllidaxray_tsk, because I have mode than 10 windows?10:07
xray_tskGryllida: press alt+q etc10:08
wildbatGryllida, nothing there is helping with the issue10:08
=== ima is now known as comozo
bazhangGryllida, ircii and epic at least according to ubuntuforums10:08
xray_tskGryllida: anyway, you can press alt + left or right arrow10:09
=== ApOgEE is now known as ApOgEE_away
Gryllidaxray_tsk: I'm really _often_ switching between networks, across the whole tabs list10:10
=== andrew is now known as Guest39137
delici0usanyone about?10:11
datahi guys. I just reinstalled ubuntu 10.04 and have some trouble with Xorg. I can't do fullscreen in mplayer and glxgears, glxinfo etc. all crash with a segmentation fault. I have a radeon x600, but modprobe fglx says "no such device"10:11
delici0uswas wondering what the programs where called that searched system for tell tale signs of rootkits etc10:11
delici0usrkhunter or something?10:11
xray_tskGryllida: you need any client with tablist and mouse support? .)10:11
xray_tskWrite one...10:11
bazhang!find chkrootkit10:12
ubottuFound: chkrootkit10:12
bazhangdelici0us, ^^10:12
=== ApOgEE_away is now known as ApOgEE
delici0usty kind sir10:12
bazhangdelici0us, and the one you mentioned as well10:12
delici0usbeen years since i've used linux.  but looks so pretty10:12
Gryllidaxray_tsk: not mouse, not necessarily, but an always visible tab list would be ok, I don't mind /win # if I can always know what the # is, while as for now I keep win list in window 1, and do /win 1, [looking], /win ## for every switch10:13
bazhangdelici0us, be aware that some false positives are normal10:13
bobthemilkmanOkay, I managed to take out the /home line from /etc/fstab, reboot, create a folder /home/brian, chmod it, boot into gnome (unnecessary step), and then do sudo ddrescue /dev/sdb2 /rescue10:13
bobthemilkmanSo hopefully I'll have an image of the partition when this is done, yeah?10:14
delici0usthanks, bazhang!10:14
bazhangdelici0us, in future apt-cache search relatedname usually turns up results (eg rootkit)10:15
delici0usah, ok10:15
bobthemilkmanAfter this I can just mount the image as a loop, and then copy to the / partition, I hope...10:16
bobthemilkmanLet's say a partition has 70GB in use and 250GB total, would dd if=/dev/thatpartition of=/someimage create a 70GB or a 250GB image?10:18
X3I would like to build a deb from XBMC svn trunk but all documents I read so far didnt help, Would apprecciate someoenes patience and kindness to help on this10:18
ZoomrenaltWebcam not working on Skype
datahi guys. I just reinstalled ubuntu 10.04 and have some trouble with Xorg. I can't do fullscreen in mplayer and glxgears, glxinfo etc. all crash with a segmentation fault. I have a radeon x600, but modprobe fglx says "no such device"10:20
AkshUbuntu 10.04 is a LTS, i have been using Fedora for couple of years, what does Long Term SUpport actually mean ?10:20
ZoomrenaltUbuntu 9.10. Webcam not working on Skype Any help would be greatly appreciated .10:20
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)10:20
Guest32778Aksh, not much10:21
Gryllidaoh hmm10:21
Gryllidawhat is it?10:21
datahi guys. I just reinstalled ubuntu 10.04 and have some trouble with Xorg. I can't do fullscreen in mplayer and glxgears, glxinfo etc. all crash with a segmentation fault. I have a radeon x600, but modprobe fglx says "no such device"10:21
=== delici0us is now known as DeeLishiSS
glenn__hello, all would like to install a private chat roo.  i did it years ago, but have forgotton how .Can anyone help?10:21
bazhangGuest32778, that is not correct10:21
=== DeeLishiSS is now known as delici0us
Gryllidahey data10:21
Gryllidadata: fecth full error text please?10:22
Martijnvdci have an usb surround sound headset, but pulseaudio doesn't detect all channels. How can i make those channels work?10:22
X3I would like to build a deb from XBMC svn trunk but all documents I read so far didnt help, Would apprecciate someoenes patience and kindness to help on this10:22
candybanIs there a problem with startup of services in 10.04 server? There are a number of services that do not properly startup, even though they have the corresponding SXX in the rcX.d directory. (Some services fail with the error that an interface eth2 is not ready yet even though it says Required-start: $network)10:23
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
suboneI'm using bluetooth stereo headphones with my system. How can I tell by the cli if the headphones are in use so I can control their volume rather than Master volume (which doesn't effect the headphone volume) by the cli?10:23
ZoomrenaltWebcam not working on Skype Running Ubuntu 9.10. Thanks you.10:23
Guest32778Aksh, see the ubottu for more info10:24
GryllidaZoomrenalt: webcam model?10:24
chrowedoes the ubuntu private cloud run on Jaunty?10:24
Guest32778oh y not10:24
Gryllidachrowe: it should10:24
amokpauleHello, can i set it in gnome that i have an adress bar and the icons to browse?10:24
Zoomrenalt<Gryllida>Zebronics Eagle eye10:24
candybanI get errors like "Address family for hostname not supported"10:25
Gryllidacandyban: when fo you get such errors10:25
candybanGryllida, at boot10:25
bazhangchrowe, ubuntu one? there's the channel #ubuntuone though I expect the answer is no (let me check)10:25
candybanGryllida, when I start the service manually (after boot), there is no problem10:25
Gryllidacandyban, what service10:25
Sliceoflifehi epople, I tried and tried to like Ubuntu but it sucks, it's windows 7 for me10:25
caacHi, using lucid, all the latest updates. I always have a red glow on some applets on my top panel, how can I get rid of it?10:26
candybanGryllida, snmpd10:26
candybanGryllida, conntrackd10:26
ZoomrenaltGryllida : The camera is getting detected in "Cheese weboth". Not detected in Skype.10:26
Guest32778Sliceoflife, haha y10:26
X3anyone know where to get help building a deb from a svn trunk pls?10:26
GryllidaSliceoflife: kind of, try system - preferences - appearance - customize - controls - classic, which was one of the first things I did, makes it easier for people from 1990s like me10:26
chrowebazhang: oh, I must be tired, I just need to run Jaunty in VM so it doesn't matter what the host version is :)10:27
Guest32778sliceoflife free software is free but you have to make it work10:27
Gryllidacaac: right click the panel items you want to remove, selest 'remove from panel'10:27
Sangeethwildbat : Thanks... I have another question???10:27
candybanGryllida, I added a 5 second delay in the conntrackd init script (ifconfig eth2 | grep -q UP \n test $? -eq 1 && echo "Sync if not ready yet" && sleep 5) ... but I don't want to change all the init scripts10:27
caacGryllida: I don't want to remove any10:27
delici0usanyone here with an HTC/Android phone?10:28
caacI want to get rid of the red box on top of some applets10:28
Gryllida candyban: sorry no idea what init script is10:28
wildbatSangeeth, will try to catch the ball10:28
Gryllida!anyone | delici0us10:28
ubottudelici0us: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:28
candybanGryllida, /etc/init.d/script ?10:28
Gryllidacaac: "red box" ?10:28
Gryllidacandyban: sorry, what would this do?10:28
Sangeethwildbat : I had the exact problem described earlier with the linux swap... But, it is not possible to check that filesystem...10:29
caacyeah Gryllida, a red transparent frame on top of the applet10:29
X3ubottu need help building a deb froma svn trunk pls help10:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:29
candybanGryllida, ubuntu still starts the SYSV way, right?10:29
ZoomrenaltGryllida : Zebronics webcam not getting detected in Skype 2.1. Works fine in Cheese webcam booth. Running Ubuntu 9.10.10:29
Sangeethwildbat : It's a temp filestorage right? So, i think with out any check, it will be OK....:-|10:29
wildbatSangeeth, for swap you can just del and recreate it,10:30
bazhang!upstart | candyban10:30
ubottucandyban: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:30
Gryllida candyban: cant' help much here.. my first linux month.. no idea what SYSV is...10:30
wildbatSangeeth, nope it is "temp" RAM10:30
Sangeethwildbat : No problem?..10:30
Gryllida!info Zebronics10:30
ubottuPackage Zebronics does not exist in lucid10:30
wildbatSangeeth, data is useless after each restart ~ except for data harvest for FBI XD10:31
Sangeethwildbat : What's that, FBI XD??10:31
asfjiohello, is there a way to use ssh completion even when my know_hosts are encrypted? i mean when HashKnownHosts is set to yes in my /etc/ssh/ssh_config.10:31
wildbatSangeeth, ignore XD10:31
X3FBI wifi hacking tools10:31
GryllidaZoomrenalt: maybe something from this one might help: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Zebronics+webcam+driver+ubuntu10:32
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B10:32
wildbatcan anyone know how to fix the lid button? it is not working correctly, when pressed the screen off for 0.5sec and back on, as well as when released. any clue? hp laptop, 10.0410:32
GryllidaZoomrenalt: honestly no idea what else to do10:32
Gryllidawildbat: no Sustend? O.O10:33
X3pls Need help building a deb froma svn trunk10:33
candybanbazhang, you know of these kinds of issues with upstart?10:33
GryllidaX3: "froma" what is it10:33
candybanbazhang, can I make it start in serial rather than parallel ?10:33
bazhangcandyban, wasn't following, just saw the sysv bit10:33
Sangeethwildbat : As i said already, I got a 2 GB mem... But, when i extended my swap, it went beyond 4 GB... No problem, isn't it??10:33
X3Gryllida: from a10:33
=== Charlie is now known as Guest22191
Gryllida"from a"?10:34
ZoomrenaltGryllida thanks for your help10:34
candybanbazhang, it looks like some of my startup scripts fail due to the fact that the network is not properly up yet (even though it "depends" on $network)10:34
Sangeethwildbat : You involved in any projects like dev or mod???10:34
X3Gryllida: Need help building a deb from a svn trunk10:34
=== motzmo is now known as motzi
GryllidaX3: ah does it have build instructions, what errors do you get, what exactly are you doing10:35
=== lietu_ is now known as lietu
=== motzi is now known as gordon
=== gordon is now known as gordon_f
candybanbazhang, I have a slow machine (soekris 5501) and plenty of network configuration (4 interfaces + ucarp) ... and I think the scripts don't wait for $network to be completed before starting up10:36
caacso anyone who's got the same issue?10:36
caacthe last applet you clicked has a red glow on top of it10:36
X3Gryllida: theres no instructions to build a deb only to compile, compile runs ok but building deb i cannot various instructions alwys reqire a step and doesnt explain how to by a example10:37
wildbatSangeeth, no problem and nope10:37
wildbatGryllida, YA werido @@;10:37
GryllidaX3, with firefox deb, I put it to /usr/local/, then just ran the main file, might be same here10:37
GryllidaX3, get a reply from another user though, a second opinion10:38
techtinyhi everyone10:38
Guest32778hi there10:38
dataGryllida: data@data-laptop:~/tmp$ glxgears10:38
dataSegmentation fault10:38
dataGryllida: that is the full error...10:38
techtinyI am new to IRC CHAT10:38
dataname of display: :0.010:38
dataSegmentation fault10:38
Gryllidawelcome techtiny10:38
Gryllidahangon, data10:38
datathat's the output of glxinfo10:38
X3Gryllida: I dont think placing a deb in /usr/local resolves my problem10:38
Guest32778techtiny, are you on ubuntu10:39
X3Gryllida: have to acually build the deb first10:39
evstevemdHi everybody, Is there anyone have been able to install UML tools. I cannot get Argo UML to my Lucid!10:39
techtinyhow to install tar.gz file in ubuntu10:39
X3Gryllida: and Building a deb is the actual problem as I idk how to all steps10:39
techtinycan anyone help10:40
=== mocramis_ is now known as _mocramis
iceroottechtiny: what program?10:40
=== _mocramis is now known as Mocramis
evstevemdHave tried http://www.getdeb.net but it cannot finish! Any Idea?10:40
Gryllidaok again any idea about a text irc client, not irssi or weechat10:40
wildbattechtiny, ungzip&untar it ~ read readme if any10:40
techtinythanks wildbat10:41
=== gordon_f is now known as motzmo
techtinyi got it iceroot10:41
iceroottechtiny: my question was something like "why not using the repository"10:41
=== kompi04 is now known as polos
X3Gryllida: do you know how to build a deb from any svn trunk?10:43
techtinyiceroot: i didn't get you10:43
iceroot!repo | techtiny10:43
ubottutechtiny: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories10:43
evstevemdAnyone successfully installed ArgoUML?10:43
techtinyevstevemd : what is ArgoUML10:44
=== jamie is now known as redballoon
X3Gryllida: HI?10:45
GryllidaI'm looking for a commandline irc client, not irssi, not weechat10:45
bazhangGryllida, epic ircii10:45
bazhangGryllida, which I answered about 30 mins ago10:45
X3Gryllida: http://hacktux.com/irc/client10:46
GryllidaI'm lost here, too crowded, didn't see ircii suggestion10:46
bazhangGryllida, much less developed supported than weechat and irssi though10:46
Gryllidabazhang: my main concern is to always see win/tab list10:46
X3Gryllida: http://www.ircreviews.org/clients/platforms-unix.html10:46
rwwGryllida: as a pre-emptive strike for when someone recommends you bitchx:10:47
ubottubitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://dy.fi/afb). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.10:47
rwwlol, both of those links just given do10:47
Black_Prince!info fontconfig10:47
ubottufontconfig (source: fontconfig): generic font configuration library - support binaries. In component main, is optional. Version 2.8.0-2ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 152 kB, installed size 544 kB10:47
VCoolioGryllida: there is a plugin for weechat that show tabs; no doubt there is something like it for irssi too10:47
X3Gryllida: do you know how to build a deb from any svn trunk?10:48
bazhangGryllida, why not explore in irssi channel as well10:48
Black_Prince!info libfreetype610:48
bazhangGryllida, #irssi10:48
ubottulibfreetype6 (source: freetype): FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.3.11-1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 408 kB, installed size 728 kB10:48
GryllidaX3: 1) download it from svn 2) extract to usr/lib/ 3) run it --- this is how I did with firefox deb - no guarantee that it can work for any deb though10:49
rwwand no guarantee that your hacked-together install won't go horribly wrong when you try to upgrade to the next Ubuntu version10:50
X3Gryllida: this svn trunk doesnt work like that10:50
X3Gryllida: its xbmc svn trunk10:50
bazhangX3, why that method10:50
X3bazhang: because compiling from svn doesnt run over the preinstalled version, so need to make a deb to install it over the currently installed packages from ppa10:52
bazhangX3, some newer greater feature?10:52
GryllidaX3: you have to download it first anyway, maybe try #svn10:53
X3bazhang: the compile use to work b4 the xbmc changes to the addons stuff now the same compile method included on readme doesnt work10:53
X3bazhang & Grylida: I have the svn downloaded already just need help sorting tis out how to build a deb from svn10:54
bazhangX3, sorry, my question was more on what was needed over the PPA version (ie not sufficient)10:54
GryllidaX3: IDK, man make, extract it first, but if it doesn't have build instructions then it10:55
X3svn ppa is bleeding edge whch is fixing issues that the ppa has10:55
Gryllidas badly progrmmed10:55
VCoolioX3: check if there is a README file; normally it's ./autogen.sh && make  && make install, but if you replace the last with checkinstall it makes a deb for you10:55
elyobrww: Thanks for that ... next question .. any idea how /var/www/wtmp gets populated?! I have a script that sends me a message via Growl whenever anyone logs into one of my servers, but also want to add in the users IP address.10:56
X3VCoolio: ok just replace ./autogen.sh && make && make install with ./autogen.sh && make && checkinstall does it?10:56
elyob(external IP address) .. I am guessing that I may be able to use the same systems that this uses.10:56
X3lemme check if it has that10:57
VCoolioX3: yes, first build like normal, then install with sudo checkinstall; install checkinstall first10:57
Sylvain3665I'm a french user, sorry if i don't speak very clearly10:57
rwwelyob: various programs write to it. see "man wtmp" and "man -k wtmp".10:57
Sylvain3665I have a computer with ubuntu server 10.04, i installed X server and then, i installed kdm10:57
rww!fr | Sylvain366510:57
ubottuSylvain3665: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:57
Sylvain3665but i don't want x and kdm to start when the system boots, i want to stay in console mode10:57
Sylvain3665Okay :p10:58
VCoolioX3: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall10:58
X3VCoolio: thx lemme try that10:59
DazzledIs it allowed to post a single line of scripting to troubleshoot it?11:00
airtonixDazzled, this isn't a scripting channel11:01
AAADazzled  one line is good11:01
Dazzledit works when I 'cd' to the dir, and then run the command11:01
will #python11:01
arandI've got midi_kbd+jack+qsynth+soundfont setup for playing, but I'm looking for a way to transpose the midi somewhere along the route, is there something able to do this easily (I've looked but not found anything)..11:01
Dazzled[root@telefooncentrale ~]# /etc/init.d/asterisk "show channels"11:02
DazzledUsage: asterisk {start|stop|status|restart|reload}11:02
dotblankarand, Lmss11:02
willdoes anyone know python here11:02
dotblankarand, lmms*11:02
airtonixwill, the python channel does11:02
AAADazzled  your question answers itself11:02
dotblankwill, try #python11:02
ubottupython is a popular Object Oriented scripting language included in Ubuntu. For more on Python please see http://www.python.org11:02
willit won't let me join11:02
unopwill, /join #python11:02
aranddotblank: I'll have a look, cheers.11:02
Dazzledwhen I cd to ect/init.d, it does work11:02
H__Question : are there known issues with recent NetworkManager ? My 10.04 hang at boot, I disabled NFS entries from fstab (via bootcd) now system starts up with no networking. Manual ifconfig/route/resolv works fine though. Any hints ?11:03
willyou need to be identified with services11:03
willis what it says11:03
unopwill, you might have to register on freenode first.  ask in #freenode about that.11:03
Xaratasthen do it will11:03
Gneawill: /join #freenode  they can tell you how to do that11:03
VCoolioDazzled: do 'which asterisk' to see what is executed11:03
airtonixH__, investigate /etc/Network-Manager or /etc/NetworkManager11:03
rwwubottu: tell will about register11:03
ubottuwill, please see my private message11:03
AAADazzled  "show channels" is not a 'start command' but rather a command issued by $ asterisk -r after starting gthe service11:03
H__airtonix: ok11:03
datahi guys. I just reinstalled ubuntu 10.04 and have some trouble with Xorg. I can't do fullscreen in mplayer and glxgears, glxinfo etc. all crash with a segmentation fault. I have a radeon x600, but modprobe fglx says "no such device"11:03
DazzledVCoolio: Sorry, I don't understand the which command, but I'll look it up11:04
DazzledAAA: the actual script is "sip reload"11:04
abhineshdata :use ubuntu 9.111:04
Xaratasfglx is propably not installed in the dafault ubuntu11:04
DazzledAAA: but I didn't want to break anything :)11:04
datai installed it... otherwise it would be "no such module"11:04
HelloerHello, my ubuntu 10.04 hangs on "running /scripts/init-bottom Done." I cant run rescue mode because it hangs too on menu - how i can fix it?11:05
* airtonix mumbles about selling the ati card11:05
nhakhow should i configure gdm to detect my new installed fluxbox?11:05
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candybanHelloer, you can add the parameter "init=/bin/bash" to the kernel at boot (don't forget to remove splash quiet)11:05
Xaratashm watch the logs what is /dev/dri ?11:06
H__airtonix: managed=false looks not right. Any idea where I can find what process changed that, and when and why ?11:06
VCoolioDazzled: to see what binary / script is executed with a command, you can do 'which something' and you'll get the path to something; if you run asterisk I think something like /usr/bin/asterisk is executed, not /etc/init.d/asterisk11:06
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AAADazzled  you are a bit confused. first, stuf in /etc/init.d/ are scripts for starting/stoping services.  once that service is started you can interact with it.  in your case, asterisk, you will start the service $ service asterisk start, or /etc/init.d/asterisk start. and then use $ asterisk -r to connect to that service and issue your sip reload commands and the like11:06
Helloercandyban hmm but i want run ubuntu:P11:06
nhakhow should i configure gdm to detect a new installed window manager?11:07
Sangeethwildbat : I deleted and recreated the linux swap partition... Success... But, the swap is not on by default... So, how do i declare a partition to be swap in ubuntu....11:07
data(EE) RADEON(0): [dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion failed because of a version mismatch.11:07
candybanHelloer, run /bin/bash and fix the issue :), then reboot11:07
airtonixH__, items listed in nm-applets drop down menu are text files contained at /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*11:07
wildbatSangeeth, just update the UUID in /etc/fstab11:07
Helloerbut i dont know how to fix...11:07
sirlarkHi all, I'm trying to set up VirtualBox on an Intel Core 2 Quad. I enable Vt-X in the machine settings and PAE-NX, but when I start the machine they don't show up as enabled. How do I check whether the host CPU supports these virtual extensions?11:07
wildbatSangeeth, to view the UUID do "sudo blkid"11:07
SangeethAnyone know how to install android or linux on phones??? That is, i ask can anyphone be installed with linux or android??11:07
brijithmac1Hi, I am in trouble. my crontab is not working please help me11:08
Sangeethwildbat : Where do i find that..11:08
airtonixSangeeth, wildbat just told you.11:08
wildbatsirlark, "sudo kvm-ok"11:09
Sangeethwildbat : Ya.. I got it... !!11:09
candybanHelloer, what is this "/scripts/init-bottom"?11:09
brijithmac1Hi, I am in trouble. my crontab is not working please help me. here is my crontab entry  */1 * * * * sh /home/brijith/bin/starwall >Desktop/error.txt11:09
DazzledAAA: Thanks, I'll try that11:09
AAAbrijithmac1  try ~brijith/Desktop/error.txt11:09
DazzledVCoolio: thanks for the which command, I'm jumping in now :p11:10
VCooliobrijithmac1: try this: /bin/sh /home/brijith/bin/starwall > /home/brijith/Desktop/error.txt11:10
Sangeethwildbat : I got into the UUID file, But how to update???11:10
bosky101AAA, ok i've got a new node. i want to make tempuser ssh'able into remote the right way. firstly how do i give a user sudo rights11:10
H__airtonix: ok. system-connections/ is empty (what i expected it to be). I'm wondering why NetworkManager decided not to use networking anymore. I'll edit nm-system-settings.conf and set managed=true and reboot (tonight).11:10
bada23my ubuntu installation on my macbook pro is pretty slow. any tuning tipps?11:10
AAAbosky101  visudo11:10
brijithmac1VCoolio: /home/brijith/bin/starwall is the command11:10
wildbatSangeeth, ALT+ F2 > gksu gedit /etc/fstab11:10
Sangeethwildbat : I got into that.. Then???11:11
brijithmac1VCoolio:it will change my desktop back ground11:11
unopbrijithmac1, so you're basically wanting to run this script every 60 seconds??11:11
airtonixH__, that line is the same on my system. i wouldn't change it11:11
brijithmac1  VCoolio:/home/brijith/Desktop/error.txt is just for testing11:11
wildbatSangeeth, locate the line with the word "swap" and update the UUID from that line11:11
airtonixH__, how bout i post my auto eth0 for you to use  ?11:11
VCooliobrijithmac1: you'll need full paths in cron, and unless it's executable you'll need /bin/sh in front of it too11:12
unopbrijithmac1,  chmod +x /home/brijith/bin/starwall;   while :; do /home/brijith/bin/starwall; sleep 60; done11:12
Dynetrekkhi, i'm considering using either ubuntu or ubuntu server. I have an old desktop I want to use ubuntu on, but I will mainly be using it as a file server; however, I'd also like to be able to do some minimal GUI stuff on it, like firefox11:12
Helloercandyban i dont know:P11:12
unopbrijithmac1, your crontab isn't working because you haven't set DISPLAY, i presume. You need that set to affect GUI environments.11:13
brijithmac1VCoolio: unop: http://pastebin.com/JESi6sd711:13
VCooliounop: where do I find info on while : ?11:13
AAADynetrekk  fluxbox is an great lightweight window manager. as is windowmaker11:13
brijithmac1VCoolio: unop:i sthe script I want to run11:13
DynetrekkAAA: but ubuntu, or ubuntu server?11:13
Sangeethwildbat : I had located, http://paste.ubuntu.com/454908/ this has the contents of the file.... What are al to be updated in the SWAP line??11:13
brijithmac1unop:that script is executable11:13
AAAbrijithmac1  I'd say server and then add the light gui stuff by apt11:14
unopVCoolio, ''help :''  # : is a no-op command like true ... so that's another way of writing  ' while true; do ...'11:14
unopbrijithmac1, right, so run the script like i showed you -- not using crontab.11:14
brijithmac1unop:how to set the DISPLAY11:14
airtonixH__, have you tried to add a new wired connection profile using nm-applet ?11:14
^boy_palcomtech^help me please11:14
bosky101AAA, when i used 'useradd -s /bin/bash -m /home/tempuser tempuser' it didnt create $HOME/.ssh . is there some flag ive missed in useradd?11:15
DynetrekkAAA: sounds good then... the server edition has less stuff in it?11:15
fishcookerAAA: Dynetrekk : i've tried fluxbox too, but u should give openbox a try...11:15
brijithmac1unop: I know that but ... Each time login I have to run it manually rt ??11:15
xteejxWhat is the problem with running wine .exe files now, with a warning about the executable bit? How the hell can a CD's files be chmodded??!?!?!11:15
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unopbrijithmac1, it's better to launch the script in your environment than to use crontab -- because DISPLAY has to be set here and that can vary.11:15
brijithmac1unop: Thats the reason why I am going for crontab11:15
AAAbosky101  I think adduser adds stuff from /etc/skel or at least it used to11:15
Dynetrekkfishcooker: anything will do - I won't use it much anyway. it needs to run firefox and vim :)11:16
unopbrijithmac1, yes, you'll need to be logged in anyway -- even with the crontab approach to work.11:16
wildbatSangeeth, the last line it is ~ just update the UUID to the new one that you get from blkid11:16
Sangeethwildbat : What are to be edited in the SWAP line...11:16
AAADynetrekk  I've not used ubuntu-server for several releases. but that is the jist11:16
unopbrijithmac1, yes ...11:16
brijithmac1unop:Waht I am saying is11:16
DynetrekkAAA: sounds good for my nefarious purposes11:16
AAADynetrekk  maybe just screen and links2 will suit you then?11:17
elyobrww: Well, it is int32_t ut_addr_v6[4] that I want, but am not sure if this gets populated to na ccessible variable sim11:17
brijithmac1unop:if I use as you said with sleep command etc and run it manually11:17
fishcookerDynetrekk : u wont take much effort too.. n irc.client too11:17
brijithmac1unop:every time have to run it manually11:17
elyobrww: Well, it is int32_t ut_addr_v6[4] that I want, but am not sure if this gets populated to an accessible variable like $HOST etc11:17
DynetrekkAAA: screen and links2? what is that?11:17
Sangeethwildbat : But, i have the file to be readonly!!!??11:17
brijithmac1unop:it will not start automatically rt ?11:17
unopbrijithmac1, well, you can have the script launched automatically ..11:17
unop!startup | brijithmac111:17
ubottubrijithmac1: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot11:17
Guest77318if you use crontab make sure you have cron11:18
wildbatSangeeth, did you run gksu be the gedit? "gksu gedit /etc/fstab"11:18
AAADynetrekk  screen is a terminal app that lets you have multiple shells open simultaneously.  links2 is an ncurses based browser with graphic support11:18
hoarecCc pardus cCc11:18
brijithmac1unop:But still I am curious about this cron.. Why its not working11:18
Sangeethwildbat : what is gksu???11:18
DazzledThanks AAA and VCoolio, it worked!11:19
AAA!gksu | Sangeeth11:19
ubottuSangeeth: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)11:19
DynetrekkAAA: ah, I know links, or lynx, I've sen one of them before. I'd prefer firefox, I'd say.11:19
anonymous_can anyone tell me why getch() doesn't work  in linux? what 's the alternative command ?11:19
wildbatSangeeth, gksu is GUI version of sudo11:19
AAADazzled  hack the system!11:19
AAADynetrekk  hehe, just depends on how minimal you want to go :)11:19
unopbrijithmac1, because the DISPLAY environment variable is not set. like i said, it needs to be set if you are going to affect the GUI.11:19
SangeethThanks all!11:19
DynetrekkAAA: sure, but if I have to learn new stuff, it will take me more effort than I'd care to.11:20
DynetrekkAAA: I will of course install ssh-server and tell it what to do from my laptop ASAP anyway.11:20
redballoonhey all, I'm looking for a graphic flash editor under ubuntu.11:20
unopbrijithmac1, and since the DISPLAY can vary -- it's better to have your GUI invoke the script rather than use crontab.11:20
AAADynetrekk  effort + learning = hacking = good11:20
DynetrekkAAA: I agree, for most purposes11:20
AAAhacking is not derogative11:21
DynetrekkAAA: is it problematic to set up network services on ubuntu desktop?11:21
DynetrekkAAA: I agree :)11:21
Astro_Anybody know how to reinstall windows from ubuntu without a disk or flash drive?11:21
brijithmac1unop:you said we can set DISPLAY in cron. can you say how ?11:21
DynetrekkAAA: I'll have to look up derogative to be sure, but sounds right11:21
AAADynetrekk  no. ifconfig and man are your friends11:21
Guest77318Astro_, y11:21
VCooliobrijithmac1: add a line on top like: DISPLAY=:0.011:22
redballoonAstro_, possibly via firewire?11:22
brijithmac1VCoolio:ok Let me check11:22
Astro_New hard drive. Big enough that I wanna dual boot it. Got no firewire, no disks big enough to hold windows, no flash drives. Just gparted and the internet.11:22
H__airtonix: the kde applet just says all networking is disabled. That's why I resorted to using ifconfig and friends.11:23
DynetrekkAAA: great, thanks... I'm thinking about SSH and possibly some network file share to have at home11:23
VCooliobrijithmac1: do "echo $DISPLAY" to see what you need for :0.0, probably the same though11:23
unopbrijithmac1, or change your crontab line to.   */1 * * * *  DISPLAY=:0.0 /home/brijith/bin/starwall11:23
redballoonAstro_, maybe install it on your old harddrive, then mount that drive from the new one, and shift windows onto it from there?11:23
DynetrekkAAA: is the alternate install CD faster?11:24
Astro_Don't have the old hard drive either.11:24
H__airtonix: about your auto eth0 part, please post :)11:24
Astro_Isn't there a way to just put the boot files onto a partition and boot from that to install?11:24
redballoonHas anyone had any success using flex builder?11:24
AAADynetrekk  less than an hour either way11:24
brijithmac1unop: */1 * * * *  DISPLAY=:0.0;/home/brijith/bin/starwall is any thing wrong in this line11:25
DynetrekkAAA: I'll try alternate just for the hacking of it then11:25
airtonixH__, http://pastebin.com/1HSg9rmP11:25
Guest77318later guys happy getting ubuntu to work11:25
redballoonAstro_, possibly. if you were to put the iso onto a partition, then use a usbstick to instruct your computer to mount the iso?11:25
abuayyoubHello everyone.11:26
abuayyoubAnyone here know anything about a program called NZBGet? been trying for weeks to find someone who can help me with a problem I am having./11:26
unopbrijithmac1, yes, you've used two commands there by introducing the ';'  --11:26
unopbrijithmac1, use it like i showed you.11:26
Astro_So the bottom line is I gotta go get a usb stick or a dvd huh.11:26
AAADynetrekk  I like your style11:26
redballoonOr an sd card maybe. Don't know how that would work though11:27
H__airtonix: thanks. I'll use it. However I think it won't solve the issue, I assume networkmanager decided to remove the one that was there for unknown reason. I'll find out tonight ;-) Thanks for your time and help so far.11:27
X3Astro_: without a imput with the data you can only install via network11:27
AAAbrijithmac1  don't you want to export that DISPLAY var?11:27
brijithmac1unop: AAA: do I need to export ??11:28
Astro_For a free operating system, Linux has cost me quite a bit of money.... Ok thanks dudes. I'm off to find a usb thingy.11:28
AAAbrijithmac1  YES11:28
unopbrijithmac1, not if you use it on the same line.11:28
X3astro you can use network as well11:29
AAAunop  brijithmac1 but the directive makes no sense to bash11:29
Sangeethwildbat : Thanks... I got the swap activated... Also, thanks that i learned some other things... :D11:29
X3not as simple11:29
unopAAA, what directive?11:29
ubottuhttp://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out11:29
AAAunop  DISPLAY11:29
indus!tv > thalib11:29
ubottuthalib, please see my private message11:29
unopAAA,  you mean like this.   DISPLAY=blah command ??11:29
brijithmac1unop: AAA:guys now the script is running. I can see the log in redirected fie. but desktop wallpaper is not changing11:29
wildbatSangeeth,  you're welcome11:29
AAAunop  brijithmac1 does $ env show that DISPLAY var?11:29
unopAAA, and often, it is not bash that is used to run cron ..11:29
Sangeethwildbat : I set the parameters to be, pass = 1, dump =0, option=sw,  is it, OK?...11:30
AAAunop  default 10.4 is though11:30
brijithmac1AAA: DISPLAY=:0.011:30
unopAAA,  in either case, that's a valid command.11:30
AAAunop  got it11:30
Sangeethwildbat : Shall i feel free to contact you anytime, in case of any doubts???11:30
wildbatSangeeth, ya ~ but better hit on the channel ~ i am no expert ;p11:31
unopbrijithmac1, what was the exact command you used.  and what is $DISPLAY according to your session, now?11:31
candybanIs there information available on upstart (and the way the thing actually works/is implemented)?11:31
Sangeethwildbat : But, you are better than me ;-)11:32
AAA!upstart | candyban11:32
ubottucandyban: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:32
candybanAAA, I went there, but it's not very useful11:32
SangeethIs there anyway to install linux mobile os or android mobile os, on any phone we like???11:32
AAAcandyban  meh, still catching up here too11:32
brijithmac1unop:http://pastebin.com/JESi6sd7 is the starwall script11:32
rwwubottu: ot | Sangeeth11:33
ubottuSangeeth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:33
Sangeethubottu : Sorry!!!11:33
AAASangeeth  just get the android sdk and fastboot stuff11:33
unopbrijithmac1,  pastebin this.   crontab -l;  echo $DISPLAY11:33
the-killerHello all i cant startx i have nvidia 325m gt i installed rthe driver X cant start anymore11:34
candybanAAA, I can't understand that something that vital (startup of system) is so poorly documented11:34
brijithmac1the second line is not working ... gconftool -t string -s /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename /home/brijith/kstar.png11:35
AAAcandyban  honestly, I've only breifly looked at it. but on a doc scale you sthink it rates on a 2 of 10?11:35
mcs-chehi to all;11:35
mcs-chewho can help me11:35
X3candyban: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/11:35
candybanX3, I went there ... and it's not useful11:35
unopbrijithmac1, is your Desktop/error.txt being populated?11:36
X3candyban: look at wiki11:36
mcs-cheI can't understand that I must do11:36
brijithmac1unop:see this http://pastebin.com/BVpFCwtp11:36
AAAcandyban  oh and, 10.4 has no inittab11:36
unopbrijithmac1, I don't know what this means.11:37
suboneI'm using bluetooth stereo headphones with my system. How can I tell by the cli if the headphones are in use so I can control their volume rather than Master volume (which doesn't effect the headphone volume) by the cli?11:37
candybanAAA, that has been removed since a long time ... 7.04 or so?11:37
brijithmac1unop:leave the meaning of that content . Actually its working11:37
AAAcandyban  heh, just saying...11:37
brijithmac1unop: it is the out put when it run properly11:38
mcs-chewho can help?11:38
unopbrijithmac1, does your gconftool line work when run under a shell?11:38
candybanAAA, they replaced SysV with upstart ... if that means inittab goes, I have no problem with it IF they have good docs as to how it works now11:38
brijithmac1unop:I have treid the same script from terminal and its working file11:39
unopbrijithmac1, I have to leave now, you're on the right track - hope someone else can help you sort this.11:39
AAAcandyban  agreed11:39
X3candyban: the wiki seems adquate11:39
candybanX3, I looked at the wiki ... but I can't find e.g. which service it starts first ... how it "resolves" dependencies etc11:39
brijithmac1unop:sure no problem11:39
X3candyban: well dont they have a channel or email to ask the question11:39
AAAcandyban  not seeing S.$ and K.$ in init.d/ is scarey11:40
X3candyban: I would help if I knew how to11:40
candybanX3, perhaps you can point me to the relevant page on the wiki. I have 2 scripts which have "Required-Start: $network" ... they FAIL because the network is not started "yet"11:40
AAAk"ARG1 = 'SELECT prefix") in new stack11:41
candybanX3, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't ... so I added a 5 seconds delay in 1 script (changing it from S20 to S60 didn't work either) and that seems to work11:42
AAAcandyban  X3 does /etc/rc.local still work after upstart?11:42
candybanX3, the main benefit of Linux over Windows is reliability ... if you can't even rely on the fact that services get started or not11:43
X3candyban: services are started either /etc/init.d/appname start | stop | restart or service appname start | stop |restart11:43
candybanAAA, rc.local works as before11:43
X3so network would be11:43
AAAcandyban  so why not put your failsafe script there?11:43
X3candyban: service networking start or /etc/init.d/networking start11:44
candybanAAA, because that is silly ...it should work properly11:44
AAAcandyban  ah, the classic debate11:44
candybanAAA, if I have to do everything myself and cannot rely on the normal procedure, I can better run LFS11:44
X3candyban: service networking start or /etc/init.d/networking start11:44
AAAcandyban  ubuntu 10.4 is so many miles away from potato that these bugs mean so little in the scheme...11:45
candybanX3, network starts fine (90% of the time) ... but the thing is that snmpd tries to start before eth3 is brought up ... so it fails because it can't find/bind the IP address it is assigned to11:45
X3candyban: then put a failsafe11:46
candybanX3, I would be happy if I could force upstart to process the scripts in series rather than in parallel11:46
X3candyban: ensure that snmpd if started is stopped before that11:47
AAAcandyban  rc.local and research/hack the real solution11:47
candybanX3, I did in one script, but how broken is a system if can't even boot properly11:47
candybanX3, how can I do that using upstart?11:47
AAAcandyban  special cases and stuff..11:47
Black_Prince!info libuuid11:47
ubottuPackage libuuid does not exist in lucid11:47
Black_Prince!info uuid-dev11:47
ubottuuuid-dev (source: util-linux): universally unique id library - headers and static libraries. In component main, is extra. Version 2.17.2-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 73 kB, installed size 180 kB11:47
X3candyban: did you start the snmpd after the newtork is up11:48
candybanX3, SysV is very simple ... SXXscript is started before SYYscript11:48
AAAX3  candyban that is the issure11:48
candybanX3, it has a dependency (Required-Start: $network)11:48
candybanX3, I just installed apt-get installed snmpd11:48
AAAcandyban  have you tried the pre-up statements in /etc/network-interfaces/blah11:49
maurizio__Hi, does someone can help me to connect via ftp to my nas? it is attached by lan interface to a modem router. I've enabled portforwarding on port 21 on it, matching with the nas static ip adress. On the nas I've enabled the ddns service.but When I browse it i can reach only the router web interface11:49
candybanAAA, /etc/network-interfaces/blah? (unless you mean /etc/network/interfaces, but it has nothing to do with that)11:50
candybanAAA, those are just commands it will perform before bringing up the interface ... the problem is with the service which is started before the interface is up11:50
candybanAAA, and no, I will not create up commands to start my services11:51
AAAcandyban  just brainstorming11:51
X3candyban: try reading this http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/7033/1/11:52
AAAcandyban  I hear rh is also moving to upstart11:52
candybanAAA, I don't care about rh ... I care about my systems (debian based)11:53
X3candyban: I think that may help u11:53
candybanX3, then the even "network ready" is sent incorrectly11:53
candybanX3, it should be sent when ALL interfaces are properly configured, not e.g. when the first one is configured11:54
X3er did u read the tutorial11:54
fif0how can i change the permissions of a mounted iso11:54
=== imaginativeone__ is now known as Imaginativeone
fif0chmod doesn't work11:54
X3fif0: you have to unmount it11:54
candybanX3, Upstart, in contrast, is event based. An "event" can be something like "booting" ... or it can be a lot more specific, like "the network is ready to use now"11:55
X3cant change permissions on a mounted file11:55
AAAcandyban  just pointing out the shift in things. I agree, documentation is good11:56
meatbuny he looked so perky?11:56
eddyhow do i get my volume applet to show in gnome-panel? it no longer shows up on login11:56
X3candyban: I can read but thats all I can do to help is point you at a tutorial11:56
X3eddy right click on panel11:56
fif0I unmounted the iso, changed the permissions but the filesystem is read only11:56
Imaginativeonejoin #python11:57
candybanX3, ps. they are referring to /etc/event.d where the scripts are supposed to be stored, but on 10.04 server it is in /etc/init11:57
AAAfif0  use the mount option $ mount -o rw11:57
X3fif0: you asked how to change permissions11:57
fif0I want to change the permissions of the filesystem11:57
abhineshAAA: what problem11:57
AAAabhinesh  huh?11:57
abhineshuse chmod 777 use command11:58
abhineshAAA: use it11:58
eddyX3, the sound volume does not appear in the Add to Panel list. i'm guessing it's an applet which loads into the notification area11:58
fif0it doesn't work11:58
fif0changing permissions of `./': Read-only file system11:58
AAAabhinesh  you are confused11:58
X3eddy: rigt click on gnome panel and select add11:58
abhineshu go in terminal and11:59
abhineshgo that directory11:59
Imaginativeonehow do I obtain websphere?11:59
abhineshand type chmod 77711:59
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:59
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.11:59
fif0I have done it11:59
fif0but it doenst work12:00
abhineshtell me if u complete ur work12:00
X3rww: me thinks he meant it as each line a step12:00
AAAabhinesh  i'm thinking $ man chmod is a better command for you12:00
steffanImaginativeone: did you search the repositories?12:00
abhineshur login in root12:00
rwwX3: and?12:00
abhineshtell me first12:00
Imaginativeonesteffan: I don't know what you mean12:00
abhineshAAA: use chmod that use to permission12:01
steffan!packages > Imaginativeone (Imaginativeone, see private message from ubottu)12:01
e-DIO-thi there: got a problem on mounting an nfs partition on boot. the fstab file works [proof giving mount -a], but on boot it doesn't want to work. Any idea?!12:01
AAAabhinesh  yes. chmod == change file modifications12:01
arandfif0: I think you'll have to specify the permissions at mount time. Looki into the options for ISO in "man mount"12:02
candybane-DIO-t, can you check your syslog and look for errors?12:02
candybane-DIO-t, I think I have similar issues with other services12:02
X3e-DIO-t: as long as both the server and client are configured ok NFS should mount at each boot12:02
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abhineshAAA: chmod use to change permission12:03
fif0I have an iso file...I want to change it...I edit the permissions with chmod of the iso file(not mounted)...I mounted the file...changed into the dir and edit the permissions, too12:03
mcs-checandyban, hi, are u busy12:03
X3e-DIO-t: make sure that the dirs that NFS is trying to mount exist12:03
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candybanmcs-che, depends12:03
abhineshAAA:u do it12:04
AAAabhinesh  ok12:04
candybanmcs-che, if you have a question/problem, just ask everyone12:05
e-DIO-tX3: folder exists and got "root" owner.12:05
X3e-DIO-t: wild guess the user is always root?12:05
X3e-DIO-t: try chmod those dirs as 755 or 77712:05
AAAe-DIO-t  X3 sound like sudo backfired12:06
mcs-checandyban, http://pastebin.com/gA24eqfJ - can you help me a little12:06
X3AAA: ?12:06
e-DIO-tdrwxrwxr-x  8 root admin 4096 2010-06-25 02:53 share12:06
AAAX3  owned by root in your homedir?12:06
e-DIO-tX3, using "sudo mount -a" the file works12:06
X3like I said12:07
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e-DIO-twhat's the way it could not work on boot?12:07
candybanmcs-che, have you been playing with initramfs?12:07
X3chmod the NFS dirs to 755 or 777 you resove problem12:07
X3e-DIO-t: chmod the NFS dirs your trying to mount to 755 or 777 you resove problem12:08
mcs-checandyban, no I just wrote 'apt-get update && apr-get upgrade' that's all12:08
e-DIO-tX3: is a DB-schema backup folder ;)12:08
blue_annaI am having two issues with my network connectivity: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=950880412:08
AAAX3  e-DIO-t with tthe -R option and some security concerns12:08
candybanmcs-che, what do you get when you run "sudo update-initramfs -c -k all"12:08
X3e-DIO-t: Like I said atm your permissions dont allow it hence you need sudo12:09
abhineshuse sudo12:09
e-DIO-t....well...so you mean that the "startup run of fstab" is not made by root?!12:09
X3e-DIO-t: change the permissions and sudo is not required anymore and can be ounted at startup12:09
X3e-DIO-t: no fstab is executed by user12:10
e-DIO-t...oh well..so that explains everything :P12:10
e-DIO-twhat if I change root:admin with "some_backup_dedicated_user:hisgroup"?12:10
mcs-checandyban, nothing12:10
mcs-checandyban, strange12:11
e-DIO-twell..i'll try :P back in a few12:11