Guest54599Ricky123, y00:00
Ricky123i mean, remove all of the passwords so they cannot login00:00
Ricky123only with a ppk file or whateva00:00
peturiactionParsnip: It makes me feel more helpful and a bit more talky, so i come here to help users00:00
peturiRicky123, would you like to delete the home directories as well?00:00
Ricky123peturi: lol no00:01
peturiRicky123: so remove all users but keep their files?00:01
Ricky123peturi: i just want to create a user and then set it back to the way it is now whereby nobody can login unless they got the private key00:01
peturiprivate key .. you mean a password?00:02
nathhi !00:02
Ricky123no, i dont have any passwords on my ubuntu00:02
pcilatencyhow do i find a govener for my p4 northwood?00:02
eblumeHi - I deleted an LVM logical volume and created a new one to mount in the same place. I updated my fstab with the new UUID, but now Ubuntu won't boot without manual intervention - I get a purple (Lucid) screen telling me that the mount wasn't ready and I need to press "S" to skip it.00:02
shadyabhiHOw do I run chrome through SOCKS proxy?00:02
Ricky123the only way to login is to use a private key file and then if it works, it asks you what user you want to be and you type that in00:02
eblumeDoes anyone know what's happened?00:02
Viking667so much for _that_ idea.00:02
actionParsnippcilatency: what is a govener?00:03
pcilatencysudo cpufreq-selector -g00:03
monoxidewhy cap a p4?!00:03
eblumeI should add that I can mount the drive just fine without complaints manually.00:03
actionParsnipmonoxide: lower power usage00:03
pcilatencyits not a cap00:03
Viking667monoxide: hm, to improve the cooling?00:03
peturiRicky123: I have never thougt of logging into the system using a keyfile, sorry.00:03
pcilatencyit lets me decide how i want it to be scaled if supported.. which it isn't but it can be overclocked00:04
Ricky123peturi: ya, they use is especially when accessing a server instance in cloud computing environments00:04
Ricky123you specify the key file to putty00:04
monoxideinstalling xorg video drivers needs alot of diffrent dep's00:04
pcilatencysudo cpufreq-selector -f 32000000 <_ is this the correct way to set it to 3.2ghz?00:05
RfooTfoohas anyone experience with installing pureftpd?00:05
Blue1RfooTfoo: nope just vsftpd00:05
WebDawgRfooTfoo, What do you need to know?00:05
pcilatencymono? no it only needs one?00:05
pcilatencymaybe 300:05
peturiRicky123: passwordless rsa authendication using a keyfile, ye?00:05
actionParsnipRfooTfoo: ftp isnt very secure. sftp will give a more secure connection. If you are only accessing over lan then its fine but i would suggest it over wan00:06
gperaltascura(Sorry for my bad English) Is it better to update Ubuntu formatting the partition again or is it the same if I just use the upgrade option?00:06
* SlynX !!00:06
WebDawgsftp is ftp00:06
WebDawgjust with a cert and encryption00:06
monoxideon number 2 lol00:06
gperaltascurafor example from 9.10 to 10.0400:06
peturigperaltascura: upgrade is good00:06
monoxidelots of just updates00:06
Blue1gperaltascura: backup /etc/ and /home/ and do a fresh install00:06
SlynXJe vous apprendre tout ce que vous voulez.00:06
monoxidemissing from lucid00:06
RfooTfooim looking to setup an ftp srever to be used over the wan00:06
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:06
gperaltascurawhat is the difference?00:06
RfooTfooso maybe using pureftp isnt good?00:07
Ricky123peturi: , yes that is what i'm using right now. But i'd like to temporarily create an admin password and then when I get home put it back to the way it is now00:07
pcilatencyyea my nvidia drivers just updated not too long ago...but still 173...probably had to re-install after a os updated00:07
Blue1gperaltascura: I have run into grub problems, and some programmes not being updated properly...00:07
Ricky123peturi: do you know how i can do it?00:07
actionParsnipRfooTfoo: the data transmitted as well as passwords used are all sent in plain text00:07
eblumeCan anyone help? I just deleted a LVM logical volume and replaced it with another, smaller volume, same mount point. I updated the UUID (and formatted the drive), and tested that mounting manually works - it does. But now I can't boot up without having to press a key (s) to skip past mounting the partition.00:07
RfooTfooid like to be able to manage the users easy as Im using this to access a webserver for hosting.00:07
gperaltascuraok, thank you00:08
monoxidewhen why do you need a demon? RfooTfoo00:08
Blue1RfooTfoo: how to do certificate based authenication:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=25200:08
monoxideit would just be a client00:08
pcilatencyhow do i install or force support for overclocking a p4 northwood?00:09
plainashow do i get a list of the two last active windows?00:09
Ricky123peturi: , will passwd --delete username work?00:09
delinquentmeis there a way to have ubuntu autodetect my sound card drivers??00:09
Guest54599delinquentme, y00:09
delinquentmebc my sounds not working00:10
rb__I can't figure out how to convert an evolution mail folder to sylpheed claws.  I want to keep the folder structure too.00:10
delinquentmeyes i tried the volume :D00:10
nsmithMy Internet is reeeaaalll slow at my house but works fine everywhere else.  I am using lucid lynx and am a beginner to ubuntu.  Can anyone help?00:10
wildbateblume, did you double check your fstab then00:10
pcilatencycontact your isp00:10
peturiRicky123: You want to create a NEW user account with the same access to the system as the 'root' ?00:10
Blue1nsmith: define real slow and how do you know it's slow?00:10
nsmithother computers work much faster and dont have a problem00:10
rb__email converstion, anybody?00:11
pcilatencynsmith is it wifi or cable?00:11
MaRk-Insmith: disable ipv600:11
=== SlynX is now known as SlynX`Aw
pcilatencymark why do that?00:11
eblumewildbat: Actually I did, but I just found a typo. However the typo was introduced AFTER the screen first showed up. I'll give this a new try and come back if it failed.00:11
Ricky123peturi: well, maybe i could just set a root password and use that acct and then somehow remove the pasword. passwd --delete root   should work to remove right?00:12
delinquentmehow about a safe-list for sites you'd like firefox to automatically run flash on?00:12
RfooTfoothanks Blue100:12
gunther44once i've manually compiled and built something, how do i remove it?00:12
nsmithipv6 setting is set to ignore.  Is this correct or is there another way to disable?00:12
Guest54599delinquentme, what is your sound00:12
peturiRicky123: password --delete user, will do the trick.00:12
pcilatencythat should be fine smith00:12
Guest54599gunther44, you dont00:12
delinquentmeyou mean what soundcard?00:12
rb__Howbout a forum recommendation for email conversion?00:13
IConrad01Hello, all.00:13
Guest54599delinquentme, yeah00:13
pcilatencymark why would disbaling ipv6 help with wifi speeds?00:13
delinquentmedude im getting sound! but not out of anything but this hollow drum hit00:13
actionParsnippeturi: Ricky123 : to re-disable root use: sudo usermod -p '!' root00:13
IConrad01Sorry for being one of those "I only came here to ask a question" -- but I've got a weird one.00:13
VCooliogunther44: depends how you installed and if there are remove rules; if you did 'sudo make install' do 'sudo make uninstall' in the build folder00:13
hayroy to ask questions on one line, don't use enter as punctuation00:13
hayro3Kanalýn Kuruluþ Tarihi: Wed Jun 09 20:19:32 201000:13
hayroBaþlýk yazan: Pici00:13
hayroUyarý: Lütfen kanal genelinde Siyasi,politik ve maç sohbetleri yapmayalým Kimseyi kýrmayalým.00:13
hayroUyarý: Argo konuþmayalým , kotü nick kullanmayalým ve Türkçe harici dil kullanmayalým00:13
FloodBot3hayro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:13
hayroUyarý: Þikayet ve önerileriniz için /j operhelp  yazýnýz ve yetkili arkadaþlardan yardým isteyiniz00:13
hayrowww.mIRCtr.Org Hoþ Sohbetler diler00:13
IConrad01Is there any reason why Ubuntu wouldn't honor changes to /etc/sudoers made using visudo?00:13
MaRk-Ipcilatency:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8779800:13
peturiRicky123: Maby it's not a good idea to play with the root account, better to create a new account and edit the /etc/passwd file and give the new user the UID 0, or better: add him to the /etc/sudoers file so he can use sudo to perform root operations00:13
delinquentmewish i coudl tell you00:13
delinquentmei wanna say soundblaster00:13
pcilatencyhayro you almost got kicked?00:14
monoxideanyone know where I can locate xserver-xorg-core (>= 2:
rb__Ah well, off to #debian, bye all.00:14
monoxidecan not find it in any ppa00:14
eblumewildbat: Well color me confused. I checked it several times and found nothing before coming here, and the moment you tell me to check my fstab again, I find an error and it fixes it. Thanks!00:15
IConrad01Monoxide: Get Ubuntu-tweak.00:15
nsmithany other suggestions?00:15
dominicdinadalooking for a solution for drive encryption supported both by windows/linux ? for thumbdrives of course00:15
VCoolio!checkinstall | gunther4400:15
ubottugunther44: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!00:15
IConrad01Enable the "x crack" repo.00:15
monoxideok will check it out thanks IConrad0100:15
IConrad01I'm currently running 2:1.7.600:15
MaRk-Idelinquentme: go to pulseaudio options and make sure the sound card is using "analog stereo" instead of digital00:15
Guest54599delinquentme, what is your computer00:15
pcilatencymark that link doesnt show me a thread..00:15
wildbateblume, hehe ~ this is the magic channel00:15
MaRk-Ipcilatency:  google ubuntu ipv6 slow internet then00:15
Ricky123peturi: i want to play with the root00:15
IConrad01I forget the exact name of the X ppa I'm using but it's definitely in Ubuntu-Tweak.00:15
Guest54599rb__, use debian if you want real men use ubuntu00:16
dominicdinadalooking for a solution for drive encryption supported both by windows/linux ? for thumbdrives of course00:16
monoxidedominicdinada, truecrypt00:16
dominicdinadamonoxide: freeware?00:16
plainashow do i get a list of windows ordered by age?00:16
IConrad01Guess it got missed:  Is there any reason why Ubuntu refuses to honor NOPASSWD:ALL changes to /etc/sudoers made using visudo?00:16
monoxideopen source00:16
peturiRicky123: Then set the hroot password using passwd, play with it and remember to disable it again using the --delete option. Also make sure that you have "PermitRootLogin yes" in your /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:17
gunther44thanks VCoolio make uninstall appears to have done the trick00:17
* monoxide opens tab 99 in firefox :p00:17
Malkrenwhats the command for change servers?00:17
dominicdinadamonoxide: is it in the repos? aptitude ?00:17
monoxide./server irc.servername.com:port00:18
frskAnyone here running Lucid on Acer 3810t?00:18
monoxideyes it should be domingo00:18
monoxidesry dominicdinada00:18
actionParsnippeturi: why not just use: sudo -i    ?00:18
pcilatencylol sometimes i feel like telling peole to "google" stuff is like saying..your annoying stupid and nieve..go waste hours of your time searching random un related links...but i'll look anyway00:19
peturiactionParsnip: He said he wants to login as root.00:19
peturiactionParsnip: i already suggested the sudoers file00:19
actionParsnippeturi: its not supported or advised (and is really dumb)00:19
peturiactionParsnip: Yes it's supported, and yes it's dumb00:19
monoxidesum people learn the hard way00:19
Ricky123peturi: wait, instead I will put a password on the ubuntu user instead as it has sudo access00:20
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B00:20
peturiRicky123: Much better, you'll need to edit /etc/sudoers00:20
sylonis there any way to remove / not install plymouth?00:20
pcilatencyhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87798 was this the link you were refering to mark?00:21
actionParsnip!noroot | peturi00:21
ubottupeturi: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.00:21
monoxidewildbat, you can open ur terminal and type sudo poweroff now00:21
monoxideit should force shutdown00:21
MaRk-Ipcilatency:  yes00:21
peturiactionParsnip: How do you mean you don't support it? It works just fine00:21
actionParsnippeturi: its NOT supported. to logon as root you need a root password, ubottu clearly shows "We do not support having a root password set" SO IT IS ERGO NOT SUPPORTED00:21
xanguawildbat: system> preferences>energy then go to the "main" tab00:21
wildbatmonoxide, i don't want shutdown i want standby/sleep/suspend00:22
actionParsnippeturi: A lot of other things may work fine and may equally be not supoprted00:22
wildbatxangua, not helping00:22
actionParsnippeturi: envy may work fine but is also not supported here00:23
peturiactionParsnip: How am I supposed to know what is supported and what is not? Just because it's not enabled by default doesn't mean it's not supported. Your argument is invalid as far as i can see, using it I could argue that anonymous ftp access it not supported as well.00:23
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:23
phil_I'm having a problem performing updates on ubuntu.  I think some servers are down.  I see "an error occurred" from the update manager with the follwing details: http://pastebin.com/HAZWvVea00:24
actionParsnippeturi: maybe you don't but if you don't know then say it is supported, then you look foolish00:24
actionParsnipphil_: use software sources to change to a different server00:24
phil_actionParsnip: How do I do that?  Can you give me more details?00:25
actionParsnipphil_: system -> administration -> software sources00:25
Guest54599any more helpbuntu request00:26
peturiactionParsnip: openSSH clearly supports logging as root and the default /etc/ssh/sshd_config file shipped on the Ubuntu 10.04 CD contains the line "PermitRootLogin yes", so from all i can see its supported, please refer me to a documentation showing otherwise.00:26
actionParsnipphil_: chose a different server, see if its ok00:26
monoxideyes Guest54599 ur annoying00:26
phil_actionParsnip: Okay, and are you suggesting I change the server under the "Ubuntu Software" tab or one of the others?  Under "Ubuntu Software," I have the option of either "Server for United States" or "Main Server."  Should I change to "Main Server?"00:27
actionParsnipphil_: worth a shot00:27
monoxideyour not even taking part in convo, just typing useless things00:27
MaRk-Iphil_: http://www.techhamlet.com/2010/04/ubuntu-select-faster-server/00:28
ennuiI know how to change launcher icons in the gnome menu. But there icons remain unchanged as far as what the window switcher shows. and some applications (chromium) seem to resist even the gnome menu icon change. any tips? does one have to delve into the source code to change icons in linux? :(00:28
actionParsnippeturi: maybe but if the account is disabld its not going to work00:29
Viking667Can someone help me figure out what's killing off firefox, skype, and some of my 3D programs? They each die for different reasons, but Skype dies from sigabort, Firefox seems to die from sigsev, and the 3D program I'm trying dies because it doesn't recognise the vendor string from glxinfo (it says Bruce someone instead of SGI)00:29
IConrad01Does anyone in this channel have a suggestion as to why uncommenting %sudo ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL would NOT enable no-password use of sudo?00:30
Guest54599Viking667, what ubuntu are you using00:30
Viking66710.04 with Studio-ubuntu packages added.00:30
monoxidetheres a method of using no pw for sudo00:30
* monoxide runs00:30
IConrad01monoxide: That's what I'm trying to do.00:31
IConrad01Using the method which is built-into the /etc/sudoers file.00:31
RickyWhi tried chaning ubuntu user password with passwd command and it says, passwd: Authentication token manipulation error00:31
Viking667IConrad01: that's pretty unsafe, of course00:31
IConrad01Viking667: 'course it is.00:31
monoxideahh ye someone was saying something about that earlier I just have not googled it00:31
pcilatencyhow do i set pci latencies?00:32
RickyWhpeturi, nm, i had to sudo00:32
peturiRickyWh: right00:32
DasEiRickyWh: sudo passwd >someUserHere< didn't do it ?00:32
Guest54599your ubuntu may be broken00:32
RickyWhyes it did00:33
DasEiRickyWh: so you just missed sudo then, have fun00:33
RickyWhpeturi, but when I try to login without using my private key file with putty00:33
RickyWh"No supported authentication methods avialable"00:33
actionParsnipRickyWh: if you boot to root recovery console, can you do it there?00:34
phil_MaRk-I: Thank you.  The updates seem to be installing smoothly now.00:34
monoxideIConrad01, thanks for the ubuntu tweak app suggestion it seems pretty easy to use to get all the updates00:34
IConrad01RickyWh:  What's in your /etc/shadow file?00:34
MaRk-Iphil_: yw00:34
monoxidestill looking for the update I need tho00:34
peturiRickyWh: Did you by any change manually change the /etc/passwd or the /etc/shadow file?00:35
IConrad01monoxide: You want the "Source Center" 'tab' , and it's near the very bottom.00:35
IConrad01X something or other.00:35
RickyWhpeturi, nothing exists in that file00:35
IConrad01NOT "fresh crack"00:35
Mr_Sonomaanyone use syscp?00:35
IConrad01RickyWh: read it using sudo.00:35
actionParsnipIConrad01: xswat00:35
RickyWhOh ya, tons of stuff in here00:35
monoxideok :)00:35
IConrad01Do this:  sudo cat /etc/passwd | grep UserNameHere00:36
RickyWhpeturi, there is an entry for both root and ubuntu and tons of others in there00:36
IConrad01Same thing for sudo cat /etc/shadow | grep UserNameHere00:36
IConrad01I.e.; sudo cat /etc/shadow | grep RickyWh00:36
IConrad01What's that put out?  Don't CNP that here -- it has your password, MD5-encrypted.00:37
RickyWhno output00:37
RickyWhoh wait00:37
IConrad01You replaced "RickyWh" with your actual username?00:37
=== miguel is now known as Guest20353
RickyWhya big long string00:37
peturiRickyWh: the error you gave: This error indicates that PuTTY has run out of ways to authenticate you to an SSH server. This may be because PuTTY has TIS or keyboard-interactive authentication disabled00:37
IConrad01Okay, so you have a password and it's properly configured.00:37
RickyWhi think i just need to turn on password authentication for my server, how do I do that? i see in my sshd_config file RSA authentication is on00:38
IConrad01So it's probably a PuTTY thing.00:38
RickyWhin my sshd_config file i have RSAAuthentication yes     and PubkeyAuthentication yes00:38
RickyWhhow do i enable password authentication?00:39
monoxidelmao IConrad01 I am on tard mode, I have selected the package but wheres the install button00:39
DasEiRickyWh: it's another line in that file, and afterwards restart ssh00:39
RickyWhoh ya, ok sweet00:39
IConrad01monoxide: That's not the package.  It adds it to your repositories list.00:39
AdemHow does one go about right clicking the desktop if you have a window open on fluxbox?00:39
IConrad01You then have to run the update manager to check for new updates and install them.00:40
monoxideahh ok :)00:40
IConrad01That's why it's called the "source center" and not the "application center".00:40
IConrad01I'm really fond of Ubuntu-Tweak.  Has a whole slew of common Repos in there.00:40
seidosit seems to me the majority of bugs in ubuntu, and perhaps thus in launchpad, could only be solved by software engineers.  is there any truth to this?00:40
IConrad01Swiftfox, TOR, VirtualBox, etc..00:40
monoxideyea I noticed alot of apps I search for using 9.04 had to manually install from each ppa00:41
monoxidethis kinda all togather less google00:41
IConrad01You can also use U-T for all updates.00:41
AdemHow does one go about right clicking the desktop if you have a window open on fluxbox?00:41
IConrad01It also has a cache cleaning utility that's fairly damned robust.00:41
actionParsnipAdem: fluxbox uses the right click to open the fluxbox menu dude, why do you want to right click the desktop?00:41
RickyWhpeturi, IConrad01, sweet it works, thanks so much guys :)00:41
monoxideyou dont know much about wine-doors by chance do you?00:42
Ademu can right click anywhere actionParsnip ?00:42
* monoxide use to love fluxbuntu00:42
DasEiIConrad01: did you also discover the repo generator ?00:42
peturiRickyWh: no prob00:42
IConrad01DasEi: repo generator?00:42
actionParsnipAdem: from what i remember on the desktop, yes. on files the usual file menu will appear00:42
IConrad01What is this black magic you speak of?00:42
AdemI mean, even if you right click inside a browser or something even all the same options will appear actionParsnip ?00:43
DasEiIConrad01: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/00:43
crouchingsamuraiSearched the web but did not find a clear & straight answer.  Downloaded Ubuntu and burned to cd.  Launched the installer and instructed script to install 10.04 and completely clean and reformat hard drive on install (ext4).  Afterwards when rebooting system stops on root\system32\hal.dll error and will not boot up ubuntu.  Do not understand why I need this file if I'm only installing Ubuntu...00:43
crouchingsamurai...10.04 and do not want Windows anywhere on the system?  Any and all help appreciated...00:43
actionParsnipAdem: i believe it will respect browsers etc. Are you not getting the expected menu for apps?00:44
Viking667crouchingsamurai: that looks like it installed a WUBI setup00:44
AdemI am running xfce atm actionParsnip, might be interested in fluxbox, just checking out comparisons etc00:44
DasEiIConrad01: it lets you set repos for lots of ubuntu distros and also creates a scriptable collection of cmd's to get the pgp-keys, real handy00:44
* monoxide looks at repo gen, I see deluge :)00:44
MaRk-Icrouchingsamurai: are you using wubi install?00:45
MaRk-II think that one isn't working at the moment00:45
IConrad01A lot of those are in Ubuntu-Tweak, too.00:45
Viking667He was supposed (or his install was) installed to cleaned-off drive.00:45
IConrad01Deluge isn't...00:45
monoxideye it did seem to end pretty quick00:45
actionParsnipAdem: flux is very light and fast, lxde is a little more user friendly and fast too00:46
monoxidekeept scrolling for treasure00:46
c3lI need help with the package moc. running files on local is just fine, but playing files from remote that are mounted with sshfs opens VERY slowly, but when opened its all fine. (mplayer or cmus etc has no problems) what can it be?00:46
* monoxide hits wall00:46
DasEimonoxide: what's your issue ?00:46
MaRk-Icrouchingsamurai: run the livecd and install from there, don't use "wubi"00:47
actionParsnipAdem: flux is very customisable too and has fantastic shortcut key support :)00:47
monoxidenothing, is there something wrong?00:47
AdemactionParsnip:  where can I read the abilities of fluxbox00:47
IConrad01The weird thing is that their lists don't sync.00:47
=== ring1 is now known as ring0
* monoxide is all over the place00:47
actionParsnipAdem: could ask in #fluxbox00:47
DasEicrouchingsamurai: you want just an ubuntu-install where there was a win on before on that hd ?00:47
cannonfodderhey you guys ...i do  "sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config.txt"  but it opens an empty file ,...but when i do "sudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config" it works?...and that file is a text file btw so why doesnt my first try work?00:47
actionParsnipAdem: http://fluxbox.org/00:47
actionParsnipcannonfodder: use gksudo with gedit dude, not sudo00:48
IConrad01cannonfodder: That's because there's no ".txt" at the end of the file.00:48
cannonfodderwats gksudo?00:48
Viking667gtk front end for sudo00:48
DasEicannonfodder: different names lead to different files, this is linux, not win00:48
IConrad01gksudo is just a graphical front-end for sudo.00:48
IConrad01Linux *NEVER* hides file extensions from you, in CLI.00:48
actionParsnipcannonfodder: its the right way to run gui based apps with elevated access. sudo is ONLY for terminal based commands like apt-get, cp, mv etc00:48
actionParsnipIConrad01: its a bit more than a graphical frontend00:49
cannonfodderthen why am i able to save if i sudo it but not if i just gedit it00:49
Viking667IConrad01: I don't even know if it hides them from you in GUI mode either, does it? Konqueror/Nautilus/Dolphin don't seem to.00:49
IConrad01Viking667: Normally, no it doesn't.  But it *can*.00:49
claygHow do you disable the touchpad?00:49
IConrad01*.desktop files are a good example.00:49
actionParsnipcannonfodder: if you just run gedit it runs as a user (you) which doesn't have write access to the file. using gksudo gives you write access as the process runs as root00:50
Viking667heh. I kind of turn that off (hiding extensions) in windows, why would I want it back on in Linux for?00:50
IConrad01actionParsnip: If the question is "What's gksudo" -- then that's a good explanation. :)00:50
Viking667my only problem with *.desktop is where the heck to put them once I've made them.00:50
IConrad01... on your desktop?00:51
DasEicannonfodder: only superuser-privilegs can alter systemfiles, it's about write permissions00:51
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:51
DasEicannonfodder: each file on  linux-sys has it's own permissions00:51
Viking667Then there are the programs I install, but they don't show up on the Ubuntu menu. Take linpsk or qsstv. Neither of those show up, and I have to run them from commandline even though they're both GUI programs00:51
cannonfodderis there a good website to learn about all this user privelage stuff?00:51
IConrad01For more fun -- if for some reason SAMBA isn't working and you want at a Windows box...00:51
IConrad01You can use SSHFS to mount remote directories...00:51
IConrad01so long as both parties are running ssh.00:51
Viking667he he he...00:52
Guest54599cannonfodder, are you new to linux00:52
IConrad01cannonfodder: Just use "man sudo"00:52
Viking667But which ssh? The one from SUA/SFU?00:52
IConrad01and "info sudo"00:52
DarkNemesisanyone have any idea about how to share files between a pc and a web book? webbook running 9.04 desktop running 10.0400:52
DasEicannonfodder: sure there are, first look at man chmod, and don't change this, it's part of system-integrity00:52
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions00:52
IConrad01Viking667: As long as they can talk to each other.00:52
IConrad01I don't think it matters.00:52
IConrad01chmod -- remember: rwx, 421.00:53
monoxideDarkNemesis, ssh?00:53
IConrad01Just learned that today.  :-/00:53
IConrad01And I got my RHCT today.00:53
Viking667... though I suspect that the sshd in SUA doesn't get upgraded anywhere as often as it needs to.00:53
Viking667(at least, not the one I can install on Windows XP Pro)00:53
DasEicannonfodder: you know you can have a brief manual of command by prefixing it with man in terminal ?00:53
Viking667i.e.  "man  some-command"00:53
IConrad01Viking667: As I said -- I don't *think* it matters what ssh server you're working with.00:54
Viking667Only works for some programs00:54
DasEicannonfodder: man chmod, man chown00:54
astropirateI'm running lucid and i got thi sfont called inconsolata and i want to install. how do i go about doing that?00:54
IConrad01cannonfodder: You can also often-times get more in-depth manuals with other options.00:54
IConrad01A way to find out how to do this is to run:00:54
Viking667if it's a KDE program, doesn't work. If it's a Gnome program, it doesn't always work.00:54
IConrad01find /usr/share | grep NameOfCommand00:54
c3lI need help with the package moc. running files on local is just fine, but playing files from remote that are mounted with sshfs opens VERY slowly, but when opened its all fine. (mplayer or cmus etc has no problems) what can it be?00:54
NitsugaViking667, part of the Debian directives on deb packages is that all programs must include a man page00:54
IConrad01Any #'s you see...00:54
IConrad01You can run man # NameOfCommand00:54
Viking667... as both Gnome and KDE seemto store their help files in different formats and ways.00:54
Nitsugabtw, canonical is always violating this rules00:54
IConrad01And that'll give you alternate pages.00:54
DarkNemesismonoxide, on a LAN no, i want to be able to share files like a samba share i'm listening to music on my eee that is actually on my desktop and no files shifted00:55
claygHow do you disable the touchpad?00:55
IConrad01You can also run info NameOfCommand to get other info00:55
Nitsugaso.. it works for all programs, but not the ubuntu-only ones00:55
IConrad01Clayg: Disable altogether or only partially.00:55
Viking667Nitsuga: ha ... and a lot of the gnome ones end up being "We included this because the distributor didn't"00:55
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga00:55
claygIConrad01, all together00:55
NitsugaViking667, yep.00:55
IConrad01clayg: touchpad controls are in system - > preferences - > mouse00:55
IConrad01Lemme check.00:55
Nitsugaif you want a package in debian, make a man page00:55
monoxideoh touchpads, how can I calibrate my touchscreen on my laptop?!00:55
monoxideI only know how to do it in windows with there driver00:56
IConrad01That only gives while typing, apparently.00:56
astropirateI'm running lucid and i got thi sfont called inconsolata and i want to install. how do i go about doing that?00:56
IdleOne!touchpad | clayg00:56
ubottuclayg: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad00:56
IConrad01I guess you could go the route of using modprobe -r NameOfDriver00:56
actionParsnipIConrad01: gksudo is the correct way to run graphical apps in linux. The kde equivelant is kdesu. Sudo is not to be used as it does not setuip the environment correctly and it can ruin file ownerships in the home directory causing apps to not run and logons to fail. sudo is ONLY to be used for command line apps like apt-get, cp, mv, ln etc and kdesu/gksudo is to be used for nautilus, gedit and whatnot. You can technically use00:57
sine_hi guys00:57
Viking667IConrad01: (if something else hasn't decided it's going to use it)00:57
sine_im running ubuntu and i installed virtualpc from the repository00:57
actionParsnipIConrad01: "the environment" being the x server environment00:57
sine_i know its not ubuntu but does anyone know how to get usb devices to work00:57
aretrfre34hi, i have list of makefiles, i have to change gcc to arm-linux-gcc in each of them how to patch them?00:57
claygIdleOne, thanks00:57
* Viking667 tends to use "su -" then run commands from a root shell.00:57
sine_like usb harddrives. it just wont recognise them, the host os takes them00:57
IConrad01Viking667: sudo su - is my friend too.00:58
IConrad01Wait.  Idiocracy format:00:58
Viking667that was the _first_ thing I did on my Ubuntu00:58
IConrad01"Woah.  You like sudo su - too?  We should totally hang out."00:58
monoxideapt-get moo00:58
Viking667the second thing was:   # passwd00:58
Viking667monoxide: no no no no...00:58
actionParsnipIConrad01: I use: sudo -i  as is advised00:58
Viking667apt-get install .....00:58
colkaretrfre34, if the compiler isdefined by $CC youd just need to export CC=arm-linux-gcc00:59
Viking667even if the compiler is defined by (say) $GCC, the same thing applies00:59
chowlalahey guys00:59
IConrad01actionParsnip: Some people don't like to use the officially recommended ways if they're more comfortable doing it differently.00:59
chowlalahow do i unzip a .rar file in kubuntu?00:59
monoxidebrb for reboot00:59
chowlalaark doesn't seem to pull it off =/00:59
actionParsnipIConrad01: they are recommended for a reason00:59
Viking667chowlala: you don't. You unrar it.00:59
chowlalaoh, how?00:59
Viking667and you need unrar00:59
actionParsnipchowlala: sudo apt-get install rar unrar; rar x file01:00
IConrad01Yes, that was what the recommender thought was the best solution.01:00
chowlalai already sudo apt-get rar unrar01:00
IConrad01Doesn't make it the *only* solution.01:00
Viking667chowlala: perhaps ark doesn't know how to examine rar files.01:00
chowlalaso to unrar it = rar (file path)?01:00
IdleOne!ot | IConrad0101:00
ubottuIConrad01: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:00
aretrfre34colk, no there is CC = gcc and CXX = g++ in each file01:00
Viking667no ... rar x filepath01:00
colkthen just change it01:00
IdleOne!unrar | chowlala01:00
ubottuchowlala: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free01:00
Viking667colk: there are a lot of places to change it in, obviously there's multiple Makefiles01:01
IConrad01sudo su - for me is a better habit because then I can also run sudo su -c " " to execute multiple commands simultaneously.01:01
hiexposudo apt-get unrar free01:01
actionParsnipchowlala: rar x file    or you can use fileroller / ark01:01
icerootIConrad01: sudo -i01:01
hiexpo^oops install01:01
IConrad01For example:  sudo su -c "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y --force-yes"01:01
IConrad01sudo -i requires you to drop to a new terminal for that.01:01
IConrad01Nuisancesome when you want one line.01:02
ring0after installing 10.04 i surprisingly got a floppy entry in places, although i don't have one. how can i remove this entry? simply deleting the respective entry in /etc/fstab and /media/floppy?01:02
Viking667actionParsnip: I think his problem was that ark wasn't working with rar files even when he'd installed rar01:02
actionParsnip!find rar01:02
ubottuFound: librarian-dev, librarian0, rarian-compat, guile-library, hol88-library (and 22 others)01:02
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free01:02
actionParsnipthere we go01:02
icerootIConrad01: sudo -i is for a root-shell, why need sudo su -... for apt-get??01:02
IdleOneIConrad01: please stop pontificating. We appreciate you helping but when giving advice please use the Ubuntu way. (I know it is not the only way)01:02
colkViking667, were those make  files created by configure?01:02
icerootIConrad01: sudo apt-get is doing the job01:02
Viking667dunno .ask the other guy.01:02
IConrad01iceroot: Because that way you execute a single-line command and get both the cache update and the actual upgrade simultaneously.01:02
Viking667aretrfre34: ?01:02
IConrad01Without opening a full root shell.01:02
IConrad01And without having to type out "sudo" for *each and every command passed"01:03
hiexposudo -su01:03
icerootIConrad01: ah ok, only typing sudo one time is a good argument01:03
hiexpothan exit when done01:03
Viking667having run Linux since 1996 and having used Unix on a somewhat patchy basis since 1991, I have oooooold habits.01:04
AmritPgreetings all01:04
IConrad01Viking667: :)01:04
AmritPhow does one check which modules use what devices, (or visa-versa)01:05
Viking667I found out about Unix in late 1990, took a class in either 91 or 92, went from there.01:05
Viking667AmritP: sourcecode.01:05
Viking667that's the canonical definition01:05
AmritPViking667: well i'm talking about loaded modules :o01:06
Petskulllspci ?01:06
Petskullis that what you're talking about?01:06
Petskullor modprobe ?01:06
claygwhat is a good gps/map application for ubuntu?01:06
AmritPPetskull: but lspci doesn't show the module loaded for that device01:07
IConrad01AmritP: lspci -k01:07
AmritP:p thats what i need01:07
Petskulltry modprobe01:07
AmritPbrilliant IConrad01 thanks01:07
prefrontalis there a repository with nightly builds of google chrome?01:07
IConrad01prefrontal: Yes.01:07
pcilatencyhttp://pastebin.com/f5irrTBt  < what do i type in console to set this card's latency to 1?01:07
IConrad01You can pull it via Ubuntu-Tweak if you want to do it fully graphically.01:07
pcilatencyand also enable shared mem01:08
IConrad01Well, it's Chromium.01:08
IConrad01But same diff.01:08
prefrontalIConrad01, can I get the native pdf viewer I read about?01:08
IConrad01Not via Ubuntu-Tweak.01:08
IConrad01If it's a Chrome feature, then... yes.01:09
prefrontali've got some hacky package embeds okular/acroread etc in firefox when you open a pdf, but it really messes up okuklar01:09
IConrad01Chromium is simply Chrome minus the specific google-proprietary ad-revenue code.01:09
IConrad01(And logos)01:09
prefrontalhmm but i have chromium installed from google and it says version 501:09
prefrontali seem to remember hearing that you need version 7 to get this pdf viewer01:09
WXZanyone know a magnifying app for xp01:10
IConrad01Chromium-daily is on v.601:10
WXZthat's similar to the ubuntu one where you just click windows-key + scroll wheel01:10
Jordan_U!windows | WXZ01:10
ubottuWXZ: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents01:10
pcilatencyawesome conrad i been looking for tweakd's replacement it was alot like this ubuntu-tweak01:10
WXZI know Jordan_U, but they don't know what I'm talking about01:10
prefrontalok, thanks for the advice01:10
pcilatencyhold left ctrl and scroll01:10
Jordan_UWXZ: That doesn't make #ubuntu the right channel.01:10
WXZI figured you guys would have a better understanding of what I mean by "the magnifier in ubuntu"01:10
WXZI think I need #windows-apps-similar-to-ubuntu-ones01:11
MaRk-IWXZ: google windows xp turn on magnifier01:12
pcilatencydude we told you 3 wys to zoom in01:12
WXZtheir magnifier sucks mark01:12
crouchingsamuraiyes DasEi.  Just installing ubuntu.  Wipe out all windows xp stuff.01:12
WXZand I obviously know about ctrl + wheel01:12
WXZdoesn't work for notepad01:12
hiexpopure_hate,  - oh your all over lol01:12
MaRk-Ithen that's a windows issue01:12
IdleOneWXZ: Please take the windows talk to ##windows01:12
pcilatencythere are other zoomer apps...01:12
WXZok, ok.. fine01:12
DasEicrouchingsamurai: easist way would be boot live cd, install gparted, have a new partiton-able, then install01:12
Viking667hm. So nobody can help me to figure out why Skype, Fire fox and some other program die on me on startup?01:13
crouchingsamuraiNot sure what you mean by WUBI install.  I downloaded the 32 bit version of Ubuntu 10.04 iso and burned to CD.01:13
aretrfre34colk: if i export them configure fails with cannot run C tests error01:13
pcilatencybut since it's not "needed" most are poorly written or come with backdoors so be careful01:13
Viking667crouchingsamurai: it may have installed into your Windows install if you have one, rather than erasing the drive.01:13
MaRk-Icrouchingsamurai:  reboot the pc with the cd01:13
hardcampaViking667: could be a ram hardware issue01:13
DasEiViking667: your system is updated/graded ? checked your syslog for errors ?01:13
Viking667I'll do that. Give me mo01:14
baalwwwhi. newbie. installed apache2, mysql5 and php5 without a problem. installed phpmyadmin from the universe. it installed in /user/share instead of /var/www.  i tried issuing the command sudo ln -s /usr/share/phpmyadmin /var/www, but it says the operation is not permitted01:14
MaRk-Icrouchingsamurai:  are you running the installer inside windows?01:14
crouchingsamuraiNow rebooting computer with cd01:14
Jordan_UViking667: Might also want to test your memory.01:14
crouchingsamuraiNot running installer inside windows01:14
=== Spyder|zzz is now known as SpyderBite
DasEicrouchingsamurai: right, reboot into live, come back in01:15
MaRk-Ithat error you said only happes if you use wubi which is the installer in windows...01:15
Viking667hmmm. That's strange..... [ 3267.895808] usb 3-1: usb_submit_urb() failed, error -2801:15
crouchingsamuraiOkay.  Will be a few minutes01:15
Viking667... each time I try running Skype.01:15
Viking667(except the time changes, of course)01:16
baalwwwusr/share , not user/share...typo01:16
thune3pcilatency: latency is not adjustable, and is a function of the hardware.01:16
prefrontaldang, the chromium native pdf viewer only works on mac and linux so far01:16
Viking667<Alice> Things are getting curiouser and curiouser</Alice>01:16
prefrontalfigures..decades later and i still can't view pdfs in my browser on linux01:16
prefrontal*mac and windows01:17
Viking667prefrontal: huh? evince doesn't work?01:17
Viking667oh, in browser.01:17
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B01:17
Viking667prefrontal: what architecture?01:17
linxehprefrontal: I loathe viewing pdfs in browser01:17
prefrontali've got some ways to make it happen they just don't work very well01:17
crouchingsamuraiokay.  Live cd version now up and running01:17
prefrontali prefer pdfs in browser when it works well, like on mac.01:17
DasEiprefrontal: for ff there are plugins that do01:17
Viking667I download them and fire them up in evince... I use acroread if I _have_ to.01:17
prefrontalDasEi, yes and they dont work correctly01:18
prefrontalthey mess up okular for example. page up/down stop working01:18
aretrfre34how to patch Makefiles for macro01:18
detrate`is anyone here familiar with programming notifications? I'm having an issue related to the old style application indicator popup bubbles showing up as dialogs.01:18
detrate`I'm using pynotify01:18
crouchingsamuraiDasEi - Live CD is up and running did you want me to launch gpart?01:18
linxehprefrontal: I use a mac; I hate pdfs in browser :)01:18
Viking667ooo goodie!!!01:18
DasEicrouchingsamurai: open a terminal ...01:18
* Viking667 watches a Windows go up in smoke.01:19
Jordan_Uprefrontal: If you really want its bloated goodness you can use Adobe's plugin.01:19
DasEicrouchingsamurai: sudo apt-get install gparted01:19
prefrontalJordan_U, acroread in-browser seems to have issues as well IIRC.. but are you using it?01:19
Viking667Jordan_U: is he using a non-intel machine though?01:19
Viking667hm. Not quite then.01:19
pcilatencyuntu-tweak does not set latency timings =c01:19
DasEicrouchingsamurai: sudo  gparted01:20
Viking667I find once I open a pdf in a browser, that Alt-Left no longer works, so I _have_ to use the mouse to go back...01:20
DasEicrouchingsamurai: more then one drive in that box ?01:20
prefrontalViking667, exactly, lots of things break because it's not supported natively by any of the browsers01:20
prefrontallooks like within a month or so google chrome will fix that..hopefully01:21
Viking667define "natively"? as in, 64-bit natively?01:21
MaRk-Ipcilatency: "man setpci"01:21
crouchingsamuraisda1 2 and 5 and one area unallocated01:21
crouchingsamuraisda1 is ext401:21
* Viking667 blinks01:21
crouchingsamurai2 is extended and 5 is swap01:22
DasEicrouchingsamurai: so there is only one harddrive in that box ?01:22
prefrontalnatively as in, google is writing their own pdf reader fully integrated into the browser, or has licensed adobe-proprietary code01:22
DasEi!who | crouchingsamurai01:22
ubottucrouchingsamurai: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:22
Viking667crouchingsamurai: do you have a sdb or sdc?01:22
crouchingsamuraiIt was a windows box and has three drives installed01:22
crouchingsamuraic drive is 100 gig and the two others are 200 gigs01:22
Viking667Then I'll step out of the way.01:22
Viking667Your ball, DasEi01:22
DasEicrouchingsamurai: in the upper right corner can change the drives, make sure you select the right one, as we will delete it, data loss !!01:23
crouchingsamuraiWill do !ubottu01:23
colkugh ive done that twice so far01:23
* Viking667 would have done the old "Unplug all but install drive" trick01:23
DasEicrouchingsamurai: ubott.. is the channel ro-bot, by the way01:23
Viking667... which only actually works if the install drive will be the boot drive too.01:24
DasEicrouchingsamurai: which is the drive you want to erase for the ubuntu-install ?01:24
crouchingsamuraiDasEi - deleted sda1 - which was 120 gigs total before formatting.01:25
IConrad01Viking667: You just reminded me of how many times I destroyed my boot partition when setting up my multibooting USB drive.01:26
Viking667heh. I managed to break two operating systems in one when installing Plan9 recently.01:26
crouchingsamuraiDasEi:  sda1 is the drive I want to use for the ubuntu install01:26
DasEicrouchingsamurai: see, if there are 3 drives in there, they are called sda,sdb,sdc,  the additional numbers are the partitions on that drives, and you said you wanted a whole, formerly windows drive for install01:27
Viking667Not only did I hose the original Plan9 I was upgrading, but then I ended up hosing the OpenBSD install as well.01:27
crouchingsamuraiDasEi:  Yes there is01:27
DasEicrouchingsamurai: if you choosed the right drive, can tell gparted to create a new partition table01:27
IConrad01LiveCD + chroot /mnt/oldOS ; grub-install -- your friend. lol01:28
Viking667The OpenBSD, I'd just upgraded that same day to the latest version, and hadn't upgraded any of the extra packages yet.01:28
Viking667Still, that had a silver lining, in a way. It made me reinstall all my OpenBSD packages that I hadn't upgraded yet.01:28
hiexpoyou need sda 1,2 5 for install01:28
DasEicrouchingsamurai: it's under drive in gparted's menu > new table > msdos (defaults to it)01:28
resnohow do i do i find which nic is eth0?01:30
DasEicrouchingsamurai: but be carefull to to delete the wrong hd01:30
Viking667s/to to/not to/01:30
resnoi just need to know its name, etc01:30
IdleOneresno: ifconfig01:30
DasEicrouchingsamurai: also can open another tab in terminal and do : sudo fdisk -l to see your drives and partitions01:30
resnoIdleOne: no, im looking for the device name01:30
Viking667resno: ifconfig, combined with lspci01:30
DasEiresno: hwinfo should show01:31
Viking667oooo. good call.01:31
IConrad01Hardinfo, too01:31
IConrad01Nice 'n gui/tui01:31
spottyOy...that was a bit painful.  For those that were on here last night, my hard drive is officially a paperweight.  Took it out of commission last night01:31
crouchingsamuraiDasEi:  Think I did it right.  Applied changes and now I have an unallocated disk drive of 111 gigs awaiting01:31
binMonkeyhi, guys.  i want to back up my /home and my /etc files.  is there a utility that will help me burn them onto multiple cds without me having to break them up myself?01:31
IConrad01Physically damaged goods, spotty?01:31
spottyYeah.  6 months after its birth, my hard drive died01:32
DasEicrouchingsamurai: sounds fine then, now can use install from desktop, having a fresh mbr and no grub detecting another os :: before you start, did you verify the cd ?01:32
spottyI was surprised.  However, then I opened up my laptop to replace the drive....and I found out it was a Seagate.01:33
Viking667spotty: ouch.01:33
IConrad01Just out of curiosity; what tools did you use to try to recover it?01:33
Viking667Seagates are great, until they go bad. Then they go bad ... BAAAD.01:33
spottyThats the 4th time Seagate products bend me over the proverbial desk of life and screw me.01:33
Typos_King..., Seagate has bought other good brand makers01:34
spottybut I have to say that 6 months is a record for me. I have never had a hard drive last such a short time01:34
crouchingsamuraiDasEi:  Yes.  I use infrarecorder open source software and always do a check after burn01:34
spottySo now, I got a new hard drive and a fresh install of Lucid.  Only problem is that 64 bit flash just ceased being supported.01:34
DasEicrouchingsamurai: the cd itself has an option check media, can be chosen after bootup01:34
spottyNo YouTube for me01:34
IConrad01spotty -- why not just use the 32-bit Flash?01:34
IdleOnewww.youtube.com/html5 spotty01:35
crouchingsamuraiDasEi:  So I'm good to go and can now reboot pc with cd installed and perform a new install of 10.04?01:35
resnothanks DasEi IdleOne Viking66701:35
IConrad01Is ia32 libs so horrible?01:35
MaRk-Ispotty: try "minitube"01:35
Viking667awww crap. I can't go browse the Skype errors, because jira is down...01:35
DasEicrouchingsamurai: I think so, and make sure grub installs to sda (will go in this mbr then, not touching your other drives)01:35
spottyI tried using it despite my system being a 32 bit and so far, I cant get it to work in the browsers at all01:35
* Viking667 uses youtube-dl and then plays the flvs using mplayer. FAR faster than running in browser.01:36
crouchingsamuraiDasEi:  Thanks a lot for your help.01:36
baalwwwdoes ubuntu use the same file system as the host if it's running in virtualbox?01:36
DasEinp, be welcome01:36
Viking667baalwww: it better NOT do. Thats' "not supported"01:36
spottyBut its not just youtube. I never realized how many things I go to use flash in some way.01:36
DasEiViking667: I like video downloadhelper for it01:36
Viking667DasEi: I neve found that to work when I tried it.01:36
baalwwwViking667: what's better not do...running it in virtualbox?01:36
spottyI can try and download the flash from the website but it wont let me install since it is the wrong architecture01:37
IConrad01baalwww: VirtualBox creates .vmi files which it uses as "virtual machine images"01:37
Viking667baalwww: err, you don't use the host's filesystem as the root filesystem of the virtualbox instance.01:37
IConrad01Kinda like having a .iso file on your system.01:37
* Viking667 agrees.01:37
DasEiViking667: it does fine for me, and also can get direct d/l links for a d/l manager or wget/curl for it .. FAST01:37
spottySo IM not sure what else I can do. I have the synaptic versions of flash player but they arent the latest01:37
IConrad01Except in this case it's your virtual machine's hard-drive instead of a CD that's being kept as an image file.01:37
=== help is now known as Guest62290
IConrad01Spotty: Do you have the 64-bit flash repo still?01:38
baalwwwViking667: IConrad01: ok, well, I installed virtualbox on vista, and then ubuntu on virtualbox, which runs fine...except I can't do a sym link01:38
spottyNo.  I do not.  Back in the old install (the bad hd) I had the 32 bit version of Lucid installed01:38
spottySo updating to the latest was no problem.01:38
Viking667a symlink on ... what?01:38
MaRk-Ispotty: your box is 32 bit and your OS is 64 bit?01:38
spottynow I cant really do that because they discontinued 64-bit.  Blargh......01:38
DasEispotty: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras, fine on my 64 here (installs a bunch of other needed codecs, too)01:38
IConrad01baalwww:  symlink from VirtualBox to Vista?  No, that wouldn't work.01:39
Guest62290how long is the time out for irc connection before I can logon with my username again?01:39
Viking667links don't work across networks, only within a single "machine"01:39
Guest62290My username is still in use, but I am not connected with it at the moment01:39
=== tony_ is now known as C0keNC0de
IConrad01spotty: Lucid amd64 includes a link to the 32-bit flash-plugin.01:39
baalwwwViking667: IConrad01: no, sym link within ubuntu. I installed phpmyadmin. it ended up in /usr/share and I need it sym linked to /var/www ... I get the message, despite sudo, that the action is not permitted01:39
IConrad01In it's non-free repository.01:39
IdleOneGuest51773: /msg nickserv help ghost01:39
DasEiGuest62290: practically none, but might have a ghost, ask in #freenode about that01:39
spottyIll see if that works. Thank you IConrad01:39
Viking667baalwww: hm. Sounds like you have other errors.01:40
C0keNC0deguys, I'm getting hell getting my usb gamepad to work. What's up with jscalibrator being dropped, and what am i supposed to use now?01:40
IConrad01spotty: It *should* just be the normal flashplugin-installer entry...01:40
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B01:40
IConrad01Just make sure you don't have the 64-bit flashplugin repo overriding it.01:40
baalwwwViking667: well, i was reading a lot of messages about sym links not working in a fat32 partition... and i could think of no reason why linux would be on a fat32 partition other than a situation like mine01:40
IConrad01baalwww: Have you installed guest additions?01:40
Ademwhat's the best window manager?01:40
baalwwwIConrad01: yes01:40
IConrad01What filesystem does your Ubuntu install have itself set to?01:41
spottyI dont think I ever dl'd the 64-bit repo01:41
Brunellushello.  After an update to Lucid, I no longer have write permission on auto-mounted USB disks.  What happened, and where can I fix this01:41
spottyI jut know that out of the box, I cant get flash to work01:41
IConrad01And what's the host fs?01:41
IConrad01spotty: Try gnash, maybe.01:41
IConrad01There's another program that's like gnash but has actionscript3 support.01:41
IConrad01(And not actionscript2...)01:41
IConrad01I forget its name.01:41
DasEiAdem: best will always become a poll, next to compiz abilities, fitting g-card is needed therefor, terminator can do some tricks01:42
IConrad01Can't recall at all.01:42
baalwwwIConrad01: how would I tell which file system ubuntu is using?01:42
claygwhats the best gps+map application for ubuntu?01:42
DasEiIConrad01: don't mix gnash with adobe, that's reported to cause trouble01:42
Viking667baalwww: seems strang.01:43
IConrad01baalwww:  execute: fdisk -l /dev/sda01:43
Viking667Have you got the virtual machine up at the moment?01:43
IConrad01DasEi: Yes.  We were talking replacement. :)01:43
baalwwwViking667: yup01:43
IConrad01baalwww: It is *all* symlinks, or only symlinks to /var/www ?01:43
Viking667try these then:  sudo ln -s /etc/fstab var/www/fstab01:44
AdemI have installed fluxbox, how can i changed between what window manager I want to use?01:44
Viking667If you're the root user already, remove the sudo01:44
MaRk-IAdem: only fluxbox or another wm?01:44
Viking667If that does'nt work, check mounts01:44
baalwwwViking667: not permitted01:44
wildbatBrunellus, hmm check fstab , delete the USB one if you see it01:44
Viking667baalwww: right. What does "mount" show?01:45
AdemI am running xfce by default Mark01:45
MaRk-IAdem: just "log out" and in gdm window select xfce01:45
C0keNC0deman, linux really pisses me off sometimes. How the heck is anyone supposed to use joysticks when jscalibrator won't work01:45
Viking667aaaactually, try this too:  sudo touch /var/www/hello01:45
Ademok ty mark brb01:45
Brunelluswildbat, there is no USB line01:45
MaRk-IAdem: yw01:45
BrunellusI've commented-out the /proc/bus/usb usbfs line01:45
resnoim having a problem, when i enable my virtual machine on bridged, it doesnt get an ip address from my router01:45
Brunellusthat had prevented booting *at all*01:46
Viking667C0keNC0de: heh. I know what you mean. I have an old 12" square tablet here that stopped being supported two years ago.01:46
baalwwwViking667: ext401:46
IConrad01resno: Can you set it statically?01:46
resnoIConrad01: on the router or the machine?01:46
Viking667baalwww: right. WHat shows for /var (if anything)01:46
BacklTracksup guys01:46
IConrad01resno: The machine.01:46
resnoIConrad01: i can, the machine is centos though :(01:46
Steven___hello ladies. i get a lot of these: <drweb@v37395.1blu.de>:01:46
Steven___./Maildir: No such file or directory01:46
Steven___I'm not going to try again; this message has been in the queue too long.01:46
Steven___what can i do?01:46
FloodBot3Steven___: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
IConrad01resno: No problem.01:47
Brunelluswildbat:  so the USB drives automount, but I need to be root to write to them.01:47
IConrad01Gimme a sec and I'll give you a pastebin of a CentOS config for static IP.01:47
resnoIConrad01: thanks :)01:47
claygwhats the best gps+map application for ubuntu?01:47
BacklTrackI don't think there are any stable ones...01:47
baalwwwViking667: it's got /var/run and /var/lock, both none on tmpfs01:47
wildbatBrunellus, pastebin your fstab, and mount -l01:47
monoxidethis is a stupid question but there any way to map wifi points without gps?01:48
monoxidekinda on estimates of db01:48
spottyWell, I get video but no audio01:48
MaRk-Ispotty check pulseaudio options01:48
* monoxide loves pulse audio01:48
MaRk-Iif you have more than 1 soundcard01:48
Viking667baalwww: try this:   sudo touch /var/www/hello01:48
frankS2pulseaduio fucking sucks01:48
spottyFor some reason, although I have pulseaudio installed..... I cant get ahold of the console01:48
Brunelluswildbat, my fstab: http://pastebin.com/KMx4tJEB01:49
claygif i try to install an application and it tells me i need a dependency (in my case libgps17), once I download the dependency, where do i put it so I can try to attempt to install the application again ?01:49
resnofrankS2: watch your language.01:49
spottyand just to be sure, I still can play audio (mp3s)01:49
MaRk-Idon't need a console01:49
monoxidefrankS2, you have somthing better?01:49
frankS2resno: why01:49
resno!language | frankS201:49
ubottufrankS2: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:49
frankS2monoxide: yes, w/e was before pulseaudio01:49
frankS2worked perfectly01:49
MaRk-Ipress alt+f2 type padevchooser and run01:49
baalwwwViking667: it accepted the command, but no output from it01:49
frankS2i see no reason why they implemented a buggy pulseaudio01:49
Brunelluswildbat, mount -l : http://pastebin.com/j4UpCAzB01:49
IConrad01resno: http://pastebin.com/xMcTtduE01:49
IConrad01You'll have to modify that to match your unique circumstances, obviously.01:50
monoxidemaybe you dont know how to use pulse I have no problems ever not even with wine01:50
IConrad01And here's where that file goes:01:50
monoxideor any app01:50
resnoIConrad01: thanks :), are you a centos person?01:50
frankS2monoxide: there should be no reason to "know" how to use something as simple as a sound daemon01:50
baalwwwViking667: I have a directory from Vista mounted to /var/www ... would that matter?01:50
frankS2it shold work in the background01:50
spottyMark-I: Nope. Nothing happens.01:50
IConrad01I just got my RHCT today, actually.01:51
Jordan_UfrankS2: It's not so much pulseaudio that's buggy most of the time but rather the alsa drivers01:51
spottyMaybe there is something missing01:51
monoxidewhen then you have fun fighting with recording from loopbacks the hardway01:51
IConrad01But I've been an Ubuntu user since 7.04.01:51
resnoIConrad01: should i configure the machine manger to give it an ip or what?01:51
Jordan_UfrankS2: Pulse just happens to use features of alsa that weren't well excercised before.01:51
wildbatBrunellus, hmm i dont see which one is your usb sdf? sdg?01:51
IConrad01I *think* all you need to do is refresh your routing table on the router.01:51
MaRk-Ispotty: what version are you using?01:51
HobzCan anybody recommend a good bitorrent client for ubuntu?01:52
resnoIConrad01: ok, ill play with this a bit. i also noticed that my eth0 card is down when i do ifconfig01:52
Hobzmonoxide, deluge is currently not working fo rme01:52
IConrad01resno: what happens when you execute service network restart ?01:52
Brunelluswildbat:  usb drives are at sde2, sde1, sdf1, sdf2, sdf301:52
lpxdid you try to reinstall the package?01:52
monoxidehum, have you tried to reinstall the package01:53
claygwhats the best gps+map application for ubuntu?01:53
Brunelluswildbat and sdg101:53
spottyHmm... 1:0.9.22~0.9.21 1:0.9.22~0.9.201:53
resnoIConrad01: one sec, let me start it again01:53
Hobzmonoxide, I keep getting disk write errors, plus for some reason I keep getting deluge 0.5 instead of a more current one01:54
monoxidelet me see if I can locate a updated deb for you01:54
augdawgupdate manager says that it cant update because the public key for lucid updates is not available. does anone knoe ehat this means?01:54
detrate`does anyone know how to unsatanize the notification system in ubuntu to use the gnome default?01:54
IConrad01Hobz: apt-get purge it.01:54
claygim trying to use viking gps application, when i try to tell it where to aquire the data from , how do i know where it's located?  This is a usb dongle for bluetooth with a bluetooth gps but there is no bluetooth option01:54
IConrad01Then install it again.01:54
HobzIConrad01, I'ma try a .deb of 1.1.6 first01:55
Hobzor should I purge it first?01:55
spottyHmm...what is missing?01:55
wildbatBrendenB, wow ~ all the usb got problems?01:55
IConrad01Hobz: purge first.01:55
ennuiDoes anyone here use compiz and gnome-mplayer and NOT get tearing on HD video? is there no way to have these 3 things? T_T01:55
spottyI remember having a Pulse Audio icon in my system tray that I could access and fix things when I needed to01:55
Hobzso long, deluge01:55
spottybut yeah, I cant seem to access them01:55
MaRk-Ispotty: yes that's "padevchooser"01:55
Hobzapt-get couldn't find package deluge01:56
MaRk-Ior paman01:56
IConrad01Hobz: Use dpkg, not apt-get.01:56
BrunellusARRRGH.  wildbat:  I just tried adding myself to the 'disk' group and nothing01:56
spottyOkay...that would be odd01:56
monoxidewhat version of ubuntu you using Hobz01:56
Hobzan older one01:56
spottypadevchooser was not installed.01:56
Hobzibex, I think01:56
tomlikeslinuxennui i had a simalar problem because I didn't have the video card driver installed01:56
IConrad01Hobz: There's a PPA for deluge.  Tried installing that way?01:56
baalwwwViking667: IConrad01: that was it. I unmounted the vista directory, restarted ubuntu, and the symlink worked01:57
claygwhats the best gps+map application for ubuntu?01:57
ennuitomlikeslinux: I'm on a macbookpro, but I have the suggested NVIDIA driver installed :/01:57
MaRk-Iinstall it press alt+f2 padevchooser01:57
ZykoticK9ennui, if you are using nvidia turn on "sync to vblanc" should remove tearing in video (might make games unplayable though)01:57
HobzIConrad01, not yet, I dropped off the face of the earth for about 18 months01:57
IConrad01baalwww: Try remounting the directory and see what happens.01:57
IConrad01Hobz: ??01:57
spottyWould I need to restart my computer to get padevchooser to show up?01:58
wildbatBrunellus, well you can manually mount them with correct option thou01:58
HobzIConrad01, I haven't kept current01:58
MaRk-Ispotty: right click the icon/preferences/startup01:58
Hobzhad other things going on01:58
MaRk-Ihmm just your desktop if it doesn appears01:58
tomlikeslinuxennui I can't help you any more than to say that I didn't have the driver installed and if I had compiz and video i had issues01:58
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.01:58
Brunelluswildbat, I know how to mount manually.  That solves the "problem" but doesn't answer the question:  why the hell is it that this worked before the update, and does not do so now?01:58
IConrad01Hobz: Then check this out -- it's painfully simple nowadays.01:58
monoxidethats there offical ppa01:59
IncarnationI have an Epson Stylus COLOR 880 Printer hooked up via a parallel port to my PC, I'm running version 10 of Ubuntu and I would like to print documents via VirtualBox01:59
IncarnationCan anyone help?01:59
gbillingsHow do i change the resolution of the console when i press ctrl+alt+f1?01:59
IConrad01Throw this onto your Sources page: ppa:deluge-team/ppa01:59
IConrad01ppa:  deluge-team/ppa -- without the space between ppa: and deluge-team/ppa01:59
spottyIs there any way I can find out what audio options my browsers are using?01:59
IConrad01It configures the whole sequence, including gpg key authentication.01:59
Hobzwhere's the sources, again?02:00
spottyI still have video but no audio on the browser02:00
Brunelluswildbat:  I had write access to automounted USB disks in Warty, Hoary, Dapper, Breezy...you get the idea02:00
Brunelluswildbat:  I don't understand what changed02:00
IConrad01Synaptic -- > Settings --> Repositories02:00
ZykoticK9Incarnation, you might want to ask in #vbox if you don't get an answer here.  a usb printer would be way easier i'd imagine (would require PUEL version of vbox)02:00
ennuitomlikeslinux: yeah I like compiz but if it is going to effect video playback so badly it's back to metacity for me02:00
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories02:00
IConrad01-- > Other Software  +Add02:00
AdemI just tested fluxbox, I was so confused, how do I view folders and stuff?02:00
resnoIConrad01: when i execute srevice network restart: brings up loopback interface then eth0 but cant get an ip address. it gets
IncarnationI will try that Zyk, thanks02:01
MaRk-IAdem: right clicking and selecting fileview or folders??02:01
IConrad01resno: Then you configured your machine to NAT, not Bridged, network.02:01
BrunellusAdem:  fluxbox is only a window manager.  to manage files, you'd need to run a separate filemanager--e.g. nautilus, midnight commander, etc02:01
Hobzfound it02:01
Jordan_UAdem: You need to start a file manager for that, fluxbox is just a window manager02:01
ZykoticK9Adem, fluxbox doesn't really come with a default file manager - launch nautilus or an alt file manager like rox02:01
IConrad01What VM software are you using?02:01
gbillingsMaybe nobody heard me. How do i change the resolution of the console when i press ctrl+alt+f1?02:01
Jordan_UAdem: Right click on the "desktop" to get an application menu.02:01
spottyOkay....Im going to restart my computer and see if anything sticks02:01
resnoIConrad01: virtualbox, but its on a server.02:01
wildbatBrunellus, hmm ~ i have no idea ~ did you try repluging the usbs?02:01
MaRk-Ispotty: strange only thing I can think of was that pulse audio happened to me, was sending the audio to wrong output02:01
IConrad01gbillings: To my knowledge, you can't.02:02
IConrad01resno: That's no problem.02:02
AdemIve already got a file manager though, all I was doing is changed my window managers, shouldnt my file manager from xfce change onto the fluxbox window manager?02:02
ZykoticK9gbillings, are you using nvidia?02:02
BrunellusAdem:  your filemanager isn't running by default.  you'd have to right-click and find it int he menu and run it02:02
gbillingsi am using ATI integrated graphics 64bit02:02
MaRk-IAdem: I believe they use different, sorry I dont use fluxbox02:02
BrunellusAdem:  note that there will be no automount daemon running in the bakcground, either so you'll have to mount unmount your own filesystems02:02
AdemHow can I make it run by default brun02:02
spottyWell thats real odd02:02
resnoIConrad01: i found a webclient to help mangage, but i guess its not perfect (;02:03
BrunellusAdem:  look at the Fluxbox entry in the ubuntu wiki02:03
spottyOkay....so lets see if it behaves on opera, flock, and chrome. It should in theory do just taht02:03
IConrad01resno: Execute this command -- NOT AS ROOT: VBoxManage modifyvm NameOfVM --nic 1 bridged02:03
BrunellusI wrote that years ago, but that should still work.02:03
AdemI dont even know how to open my browser on fluxbox02:03
IConrad01resno: VBox has CLI options. :) http://pastebin.com/EgwBAuV502:04
aliasxerogadem: right click menu02:04
BrunellusAdem, rightclick on the desktop02:04
MaRk-IAdem: rightclick, applications etc.02:04
AdemKK i will go try it now then I will come back02:04
Brunelluswildbat, permissions STILL DENIED02:04
Ademalso, why is xterm listed on my wm's?02:04
Ademits just a terminal isnt it?02:04
Ademso im guessing its like safe mode for windows?02:05
BrunellusAdem:  it is.  menu generation is kind of weird.  fortunately everything in xbox is configurable via textmode02:05
ZykoticK9Adem, xterm is for recovery/emergencies02:05
Ademokk I see02:05
aliasxerogi use xterm every day02:05
Jordan_UAdem: You might want to look into LXDE which is more of a Desktop environment.02:05
Ademalright well brb testing fluxbox02:05
Georgiy_linux OS's always manage to do the 1 step foward, 2 steps backward approach02:05
aliasxerogor look at xfce02:05
spottyAlright. Well thats interesting.  Opera gives me music but no sound02:06
spottyand Flock gives me "you need to upgrade"02:06
ZykoticK9aliasxerog, yes - should be "xterm as a login session is for recovery/emergencies" ;)02:06
HobzIConrad01, I'm not getting the syntax right in synaptic, it doesn't like ppa:deluge-team/ppa02:06
Ademokk ill try lxde also, im just going to experiment with window managers and see what i like, all i have used so far is xfce02:06
aliasxerogi know. i use that every day02:06
aliasxerogadem: try out windowmaker02:07
=== Weust`afk is now known as Weust`
wildbatBrunellus, only explaination is it is automount by root not your current user. i don't see any uid option in your mount -l ~, that is strange02:07
Jordan_UAdem: Do you understand the difference between a window manager and a desktop environment?02:07
Ademnot really ;(02:07
AdemWhere can I learn02:07
Steven___hi there, i'm getting a lot of mail daemons from drweb. what can i do?02:07
IConrad01Hobz: It's "ppa:" && "deluge-team/ppa"02:07
IConrad01https://launchpad.net/~deluge-team/+archive/ppa  <-- CNP from there.02:08
=== Weust` is now known as Weust`afk
aliasxeroga window manager manages the pretty stuff drawn around your windows and sometimes gives you menu to start things. they are usually one binary. maybe two02:08
IConrad01Is that what you did?02:08
AdemJordan_U: , not really:( where can I learn?02:08
HobzI'm missing something here02:08
IConrad01Hobz: Try this, instead: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/deluge-team/ppa/ubuntu lucid main02:08
Brunelluswildbat, so how the hell do I get root to stop automounting02:09
aliasxerogadem: i put up a definition for window managers above a bit02:09
Brunelluswildbat, while at the same time letting current user automount02:09
HobzIConrad01, that did it, lets see how she flies02:09
Ademok thanks alias, then what is a desktop environment02:09
IConrad01Hobz: You'll need to CNP this into a file: http://pastebin.com/krmb84Cu02:09
researcher1how can I install a tar.biz2 file in Ubuntu02:09
IConrad01And then save it as "Deluge.gpg"02:09
AdemSo let me get this straight, window manager is kind of like a windows theme?02:09
MaRk-IHobz:  try this:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa02:10
monoxide_or type sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 249AD24C02:10
BacklTrack@researcher1 -- Uncompress it then configure and make it02:10
IConrad01And then from Sources, switch to the "Authentication" tab, and click on "Import Key File" and browse to the Deluge.gpg file.02:10
BacklTrack@Adem -- just use the default and mess around with themes02:10
IConrad01Or CNP monoxide_'s CLI entry, yes. :)02:10
BacklTrackim sure there are a few aero-clones out there02:10
researcher1BackITrack Im quite new. can u guide details02:11
aliasxerogadem: no. they're more than a theme. they let you move and resize windows, places where they pop up, and lets your close and hide them among other things. a theme just makes them look pretty02:11
AdemBacklTrack:  just trying to expand my knowledge02:11
Brunelluswildbat, yeah root owns all my usb drive02:11
Brunelluswildbat, why is that?02:11
Jordan_UAdem: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_environment There are probably better explanations than that, but it's decent.02:11
BacklTrackResearcher -- Which program are you trying to install02:11
AdemThanks :)02:11
Ademi will have a read now02:11
merlock18anyone have any idea if the support for ZFS is the same in Ubuntu as OpeSolaris or is the package you get in Ubuntu just enough to create zppols basically?02:11
=== Chazz is now known as chazz
researcher1BackITrack I am Trying to install italc-1.0.9.tar.bz202:12
wildbatBrunellus, i heard there is the same issue on the channel once but i didn't recall the solution, hmmm02:12
Ademoh.. so a desktop environment is more like a windows theme :p?02:12
BacklTrackif possible, just get it from the repository02:12
BacklTrackAdem...no it's much more02:12
Jordan_UAdem: No, it's *much* more than that.02:12
aliasxerogadem: no nowhere close02:12
resnoIConrad01: theres no space between --nic and 1 :). i got an error msg when i tried it. let me fire it up and test drive it02:12
BacklTrackadem, it's like a collection of libraries tools and UI's02:13
Hobzk, I'm just trying the .deb02:13
wildbatBrunellus, did you have usbmount ?02:13
ZykoticK9Hobz, if you are still having problems try adding the repository like "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deluge-team/ppa" the "sudo apt-get update" and see if you have updated packages after that.02:13
AdemA desktop environment typically consists of icons, windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers,shortcuts and desktop widgets.02:13
IConrad01resno: Didn't know that.  Ahh, well.02:13
Ademisnt that practically what a theme is02:13
BacklTrackno. themes are kinda just like skins02:13
gigasoftmy ctrl+c and ctrl+v doesn't  work, help !02:13
BacklTrackjust for looks, really.02:13
Brunelluswildbat, yeah I have usbmount02:13
Brunelluswildbat, why02:13
monoxide_does anyone even use transmission?02:13
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
ZykoticK9gigasoft, in a terminal?02:13
ennuithe people in #Mplayer say the the source code you can find in the repos for Mplayer is all outdated. I'm a newb when it comes to manual compiling.02:13
BacklTrackI use transmission02:13
Brunelluswildbat, please sent a quick answer:  I have to go in a second.02:13
IConrad01ZykoticK9: Hobz already got the repo added to his apt file.02:13
Ademmonoxide_:  I did on my previous distro but it just stopped working for some reason, i use deluge now02:13
ennuiI like gnome-mplayer but... so much tearing02:14
wildbatBrunellus, that is for server usb automount ~ that may be your problem02:14
Ademennui:  try vlc02:14
wildbatBrunellus, remove that02:14
monoxide_yea, transmission gives me slow slow slow peer/seed speeds vs deluge so I asked02:14
Brunelluswildbat got it.02:14
gigasoftZykoticK9, no in dolphyn02:14
monoxide_do you all experance the same issues?02:14
ZykoticK9IConrad01, that add command installs both the repo and the key and checks everything, very handy02:14
BacklTrackennui - i use a rythmbox or a curses bases player :D02:14
aliasxerogto be honest explaining a desktop environment to someone is really complicated02:14
AdemAnybody know how I can enable alt+ codes?02:14
IConrad01ZykoticK9: Never used it, actually.02:14
researcher1I want to install italc-1.0.9.tar.bz2 after modifying its .c source code in a few files. Any guidance please02:14
HobzI think I just need to update my system02:14
monoxide_fail Hobz02:14
gigasoftZykoticK9, i mean globaly doesnot work02:14
ZykoticK9gigasoft, i don't even know what dophyn is (i'm guessing kde)02:15
BacklTrackadem -- are you talking about like the numpad symbols02:15
IConrad01Hobz: execute:  " sudo su -c 'apt-get update && apt-get install deluge*' "02:15
Hobz"dpkg: status database area is locked by another process"02:15
gigasoftZykoticK9, yes02:15
IConrad01Exit Synaptic.02:15
BacklTrackIm not sure actually, i though that was a windows thing...02:15
Ademthey don't work for me, maybe its the language I picked or something02:15
ZykoticK9gigasoft, sorry man i haven't used kde in YEARS02:15
ennuioh, my beautiful MKV files.. sob.. sob...02:15
HobzIConrad01, when I apt-get update I get lots of failed downloads02:15
Hobzthat might be it02:15
monoxide_you have another package manager going02:15
aliasxerogadem: i think thats just a windows thing02:15
monoxide_one at a time02:15
gigasoftZykoticK9, thanks anyway02:16
monoxide_close synaptic etc02:16
Ademoh, dammit :(02:16
IConrad01Hobz: That's not bad, actually.  It's language support files.02:16
Adembut mac has them too :o?02:16
IConrad01That happens.02:16
Hobzwoops, forgot to close synaptic02:16
aliasxerogadem: they do?02:16
Hobzok, it's moving ahead now02:16
BacklTrackLinux has all the symbols - just not access to them from numpad02:16
Hobzwoops, dependency problems02:16
Ademdammit :(02:16
Ricasolneed some help getting my display back working after i removed my nvidia graphics card02:16
HobzI need deluge-common02:17
Brunellusugh.  OK.  yes that worked wildbat02:17
Ademkk brb checking my other wm02:17
IConrad01Ricasol: Execute, as root:  "Xorg -configure"02:17
wildbatBrunellus, ^^02:17
Viking667hm. Weird. How do I turn on the "partner" repo? I don't see it in "Software Sources" unless I'm not looking hard enough or something.02:17
aliasxerogbackltrack: how do you think you access them?02:17
BacklTrackAdem -- well you can just start learning elementary java.  It accesses unicode with ease02:17
IConrad01Viking667: It's in "other software"02:18
aliasxerogadem: or c++, unicode isn't too hard on that02:18
Viking667hm. Back that off, I just found an older one commented out in sources.list02:18
ShayneFalcoGood evening everyone. I am trying to install ndiswrapper. I do not have an internet connection on my Ubuntu-run computer but I do have a laptop with an internet connection. I also have my Ubuntu CD-Rom. However, when I try to load my CD-Rom into my Synaptic-Package Manager, it says it can not detect it and to load another one. Any thoughts?02:18
BacklTrackHmmm if i need unicode symbols -- which i haven't yet . THere are unicode symbols online you can copy/paste  .  and im sure there are programs that display a large amount or all of the unicode chars.02:18
Viking667But I'll check out "Other software" just in case.02:18
RicasolI did that conrad02:18
Brunelluswildbat, thank you, problem solved.02:18
Ricasoland it didn't work02:18
Ricasolcan u pm me or something02:18
IConrad01Ricasol: What error did you get?02:18
wildbatBrunellus, you're welcome02:19
Steven___hi there, i'm getting a lot of mail daemons from drweb. what can i do?02:19
BacklTrackone program is called Character Map.. I think it's default in Ubuntu02:19
aliasxeroghave any of you guys used gnome shell at all?02:19
ShayneFalcoGood evening everyone. I am trying to install ndiswrapper. I do not have an internet connection on my Ubuntu-run computer but I do have a laptop with an internet connection. I also have my Ubuntu CD-Rom. However, when I try to load my CD-Rom into my Synaptic-Package Manager, it says it can not detect it and to load another one. Any thoughts?02:19
Jordan_UShayneFalco: What wireless card?02:20
Hobzoh, ffs02:20
Hobzk, debs are tedious02:20
DanaGWeird... with my new SSD, a cold boot won't work...02:20
ShayneFalcoAirlink 101.02:20
monoxide_airlink 101?02:21
Viking667... weird. That shows me the same thing, but not for Lucid, only for Jaunty and Hardy.02:21
marcuyhi, is there anyone who knows how to use SCIM for writing in chinese (ubuntu 10.04)?02:21
ShayneFalcoAirlink101 - 607002:21
atomjepesHi, I cannot reinstall upstart sysv-rc insserv02:21
DanaGthere's serial console log of my boot.02:21
Jordan_Umarcuy: I think iBus is prefered now, but I don't have any experience with either.02:22
BacklTrackGnome shell -- no i havent .  but i don't think i will either .02:22
DanaGAt that point, it hangs, doing absolutely nothing.02:22
darthviesWhich was the first linux distro to have a GUI?02:22
Longhorn|XPdarthvies, i'm gonna guess slackware :P02:22
Jordan_Umarcuy: Might ask in #ubuntu-cn02:22
DaekdroomDoes Ubuntu lucid's radeon driver have support for ATI RS482 [Xpress X200M]02:22
atomjepestried aptititude -f install and still says dpkg: `update-rc.d' not found on PATH.02:22
darthviesTought it would be. Thanks :D02:22
marcuyJordan_U, thanks for the tips02:22
ShayneFalcoAny reason why Synaptic Package Manager would not detect the CD-ROM?02:23
Jordan_Umarcuy: You're welcome.02:23
aliasxerogDanaG: thats really weird02:23
Venimhow do i go about reinstalling X?02:23
phil_Hello.  I just restarted my X server at the instruction of some software.  Now, when boot up Ubuntu and I log in, I cannot see any toolbars, only a desktop background.  If I restart X again (using Ctrl + Alt + Backspace), I can log in again and it works!  But each time I boot, I get the same problem.  Also, all of my desktop icons disappeared!  Does anyone know what's going on?02:23
aliasxerogDanaG: what fs is your home partition02:24
IConrad01Venim: Just run X -configure from rescue mode.02:24
IConrad01That's "X -configure"02:24
Jordan_UShayneFalco: Do you know the actual chipset?02:24
AdemOk I was just testing things out and I went Right click> first option(forget name)>File manager>Desktop something02:24
DanaGWell, those ones that failed are my OLD drive, under /media.02:24
Ademand now I dont have the right click optiton with the fluxbox list anymore02:24
DanaGMy new drive is an SSD.  One partition on new drive for root; ext4.02:24
DanaGoLD one was ext4 home and ext4 root.02:24
VenimIConrad01: segfault02:25
monoxide_ShayneFalco, your chipset is ralink RT2860 try this Forum post for help02:25
Viking667Hey, is 10.04 called Lucid or Maverick?02:25
DanaGIt's especially odd that it doesn't give me a recovery console.02:25
IConrad01Venim: Okay...  try this:02:25
IConrad01Venim: /etc/init.d/networking start02:25
aliasxerogDanaG: its not even getting that far in the boot02:25
atomjepesdpkg: `update-rc.d' not found on PATH.02:25
DanaGI mean, not even an initramfs console.02:26
VenimIConrad01: networking stop/waiting02:26
IConrad01Venim: apt-get install -d X02:26
greenjonViking667: Lucid Lynx02:26
IConrad01Venim: You get no further than that?02:26
VenimIConrad01: no02:26
monoxide_no luck Hobz02:26
DanaGEvery once in a while, it will boot successfully.02:26
Venimalso, its xserver, not x02:26
Venimmy bad02:26
Venimi think02:27
DanaGOh, and something keeps writing AT+GCAP to my serial console.02:27
DanaGIt does it exactly 3 times at boot.02:27
Hobzmonoxide_, just tired, I'm pretty sure I need to redo this system02:27
Viking667Then why does Lucid Lynx show up on archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists with a release date of 29-Oct-2009  ?02:27
monoxide_whats the SSL port for this ubuntu sever?02:27
monoxide_to connect to irc02:27
VenimIConrad01: when i upgraded to 10.04, shit go messed up02:27
IConrad01Venim:  We'll try something different,t hen.02:27
Jordan_UDanaG: Can you try passing a bogus root=device? Maybe then it will fail before the hang giving you an initramfs prompt where you can check /dev/disk/by-id and other things.02:27
Venimand so i went and tried reinstalling xserver02:27
IConrad01Venim: Reboot your machine.  Get to the GRUB menu.02:27
starnostarlan traffic is interfering with my vnstat database for monitoring my bandwidth, does anyone know of a per-process bandwidth monitor or one that allows for exclusions...maybe cacti?02:27
VenimIConrad01: and?02:28
merlock18anyone have any idea if the support for ZFS is the same in Ubuntu as OpeSolaris or is the package you get in Ubuntu just enough to create zppols basically?02:28
Viking667Ah well. At least I added the right line in sources.list02:28
IConrad01When you're in the grub menu, enter "e" -- and then "e" again when you've navigated to the kernel-line.02:28
IConrad01Add a "3" to the end of the line you see.02:28
IConrad01Then hit "enter", and "b".02:28
greenjonViking667: i have no clue lol. i'm sure it's a simple answer, but i dunno honestly02:28
DanaGI think it's a race condition.02:28
Venimwhich line is the kernel one?02:28
DanaGOr something.02:28
aliasxerogDanaG: or even try mounting your disks using their device name and not uuid02:28
IConrad01This will boot you into runlevel 3, which is no-GUI w/ Networking.02:28
greenjonViking667: at least you did put the right line in there :D02:29
DanaGIt works, sometimes.  It doesn't work, other times.02:29
IConrad01Venim: vmlinuz02:29
Venimso what should that line look like?02:29
DanaGalt-sysrq-I gave me a root console.02:29
Venimatm its linux /vmlinuz....... root=UUID=....3\02:29
IConrad01Venim: Doesn't matter.  You're just adding a "3" to the end of it.02:29
MaRk-Imonoxide_: port 7000 and 707002:29
AdemHow do I logout of fluxbox? exit in terminal isn't working its jut closing the terminal, and the right click list thing is back to the old one so I cant right click>exit02:29
IConrad01Nothing attached to it, just "3"02:29
VenimIConrad01: then boot?02:29
DanaG3 doesn't work in Ubuntu.02:29
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:29
DanaGtry "text".02:29
DanaGThat makes GDM not start.02:30
IConrad01DanaG: What?  >_<02:30
nikonhey all02:30
aliasxerogadem: crtl-alt-backspace02:30
BacklTrackHmmm, bored.  Anyone here enjoy the NCurses GUI?02:30
phil_I'm sorry, but did anyone see my post?02:30
Viking667DanaG: rather depends on if he has a visible framebuffer... for example, I don't.02:30
IConrad01Okay, how do you get to runlevel 3 then?02:30
Ademaliasxerog:  not working02:30
MaRk-IAdem: right-click  "logout"02:30
Viking667BackITrack: I do.02:30
Viking667hey, where'd you go?02:30
Jordan_UIConrad01: Those instructions are out of date in two ways :) 1: with grub2 you press ctlr+x to execute the edited entry 2: upstart doesn't have a runlevel 3 :)02:30
DanaGah, looks like it's trying to find /dev/disk/by-uuid when udev has not yet created those symlinks!02:30
BacklTrackHa, good.02:30
Viking667BacklTrack: I do.02:30
IConrad01Jordan_U: Well, now I know.02:31
Jordan_UVenim: Just choose the "recovery mode" option02:31
Viking667DanaG: ahhhhhhhh.02:31
Ademno option, "open new window", "create launcher etc", open terminal here, desktop settings and properties, no logout02:31
greenjonphil_: go ahead and ask again. i haven't seen it forawhile and maybe a refresher would help02:31
BacklTrackViking667: Glad to hear02:31
VenimJordan_U: that's how i get to my OS02:31
Venimw/o X starting02:31
phil_Hello.  I just restarted my X server at the instruction of some software.  Now, when boot up Ubuntu and I log in, I cannot see any toolbars, only a desktop background.  If I restart X again (using Ctrl + Alt + Backspace), I can log in again and it works!  But each time I boot, I get the same problem.  Also, all of my desktop icons disappeared!  Does anyone know what's going on?02:31
IConrad01Jordan_U: He was *in* recovery mode.  We need networking so he can reinstall his xserver package.02:31
Venimbut i nothing I do gets X to run02:31
Viking667BacklTrack: it doesn't suck totally.02:31
aliasxerogadem: you have a terminal up?02:31
aliasxerogtype "pkill nautilus"02:31
Jordan_UIConrad01: Venim: In the recovery mode menu there should be an option to start a root shell with networking.02:31
Venimi'll try that02:31
Venimwait, i don't have eth networking02:32
Dr_Willisphil_:  as a test. try making a new user - see if they have the same issue.  I had a similer issue the other day.. but it fixed itself some how. Never did figure out why it was doing it.02:32
matt____Hi, newbie here with a Ubuntu HDMI question: wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to run a HDMI cable from a graphics card to an amp (and then amp to a TV) and have nvidia drivers detect the TV as a device? should this happen automatically? thanks.02:32
Venimhmmm, when my machine was working, it was using ra0 as the network02:32
phil_Dr_Willis: What will I do if it works for the new user?  Are you thinking that I should migrate everything to a new account in that case?02:32
Venimbut its only looking for eth4 and wlan002:32
Venimtryign to get dhcpd02:33
Venimwhich isn't working02:33
Dr_Willisphil_:  you can clean out the problem users settings.02:33
Adem1Sorry, it stuffed up, yeah I have terminal open02:33
aliasxerogok type "pkill nautilus"02:33
VenimJordan_U: couldn't get networking connected02:34
VititoHp dm4t trackpad not working, help please02:34
Dr_Willismatt____:  tjheres been issues mentioned in here befor using the audio part of HDMI with some nvidia chipsets.  Ive never heard of anyone running hdmi to an 'amp' befor. doing that wiuld be the same as using the analog sound outs id imagine. Unless you got some digital amp. :)02:34
Adem1Sorry, it stuffed up, yeah I have terminal open, How can I logout of fluxbox/02:34
* monoxide forgot02:35
DanaGgreat, so how do I fix this race condition?02:35
Dr_WillisAdem1:  sudo service gdm restart  - will restart the X server :)02:35
aliasxerogwhats your right click menu look like?02:35
Jordan_UVenim: You tried connecting with iwconfig and running "dhclient wlan0"?02:36
ShayneFalcoHey guys, I just need Synaptic to read my CD-Rom... And it's not. Any reason why?02:36
Dr_WillisShayneFalco:  you added the cdrom as a 'source' ? what cd is it in the cd rom exactly anyway?02:36
ShayneFalcoDr_Willis: I want to install a programme from my Ubuntu CD.02:37
monoxideShayneFalco, did you read the foum post I linked above?02:37
ShayneFalcoIt detects it on the dekstop.02:37
VenimJordan_U: my wifi dongle isn't loading02:37
AdemKK, fluxbox IS NOT my thing :p02:37
ShayneFalcomonoxide: No, I did not, sorry. I will look it up.02:37
monoxideit might be a solution you can use02:37
Dr_WillisAdem:  it pays to read the fluxbox docs.02:37
Dr_WillisAdem:  that goes for most of the window managers out there. :)02:38
AdemIm more of a gui guy02:38
monoxidethen gnome :p02:38
Dr_WillisAdem:  fluxbox has features you will defaintaly overlook.02:38
MaRk-Imonoxide: ports worked for ssl?02:38
Dr_WillisAdem:  you can use fluxbox with gnome.02:38
monoxideI used freenodes server port 700002:38
AdemI like xfce02:39
AdemIts what Im used to02:39
ShayneFalcoMonoxide: I'm not sure I understand...02:39
Ademwhat are the comparisons between gnome and xfce02:39
resnoi am trying to setup bridging on virtualbox to a virtualmachine. when i start the machine i get: "Failed to attach the network LUN (VERR_INVALID_PARAMETER).02:39
monoxideShayneFalco, your wireless card uses that chipset02:39
monoxidethose directions if followed may provide you with wireless access in ubuntu02:39
Dr_WillisAdem:  gnome has more features.02:40
DanaGGreat, so Ubuntu won't boot because my SSD is too fast!  Hah!02:40
DanaGThere's a race condition between udev creating /dev/disk/by-uuid... and mountall trying to mount the things udev creates.02:40
VenimJordan_U: is there any way i can do this via live cd?02:40
arveI'm in trouble. I ran update-manager a few hours ago, and amongst the updates were some X server or X11 entries. After rebooting my screen goes totally blank. Had to boot into safe mode02:40
Ademwhat's the best terminal?02:40
Ademor bash shell02:40
ShayneFalcoMonoxide, which will be helpful... But I have no way of accessing any of this at the moment. I am running on another computer as we speak. All I want to do is detect my CD-Rom in Synaptic right now... (If that makes sense)02:40
Jordan_UVenim: What are you trying to do exactly?02:40
Venimi broke X02:41
Venimand need to fix it02:41
Venimwell, xserver*02:41
matt____Dr_Willis - thanks. i'm having trouble getting audio *and* video to the amp. (it's a digital amp.) amp receives no signal from hdmi cable from graphics card from ubuntu machine. nvidia-settings doesn't detect amp (or tv) as a device; am i likely to need to plug hdmi straight into tv to get nvidia to detect the device through hdmi? analog sound/video isn't an option with my graphics card....02:41
matt____...many thanks again.02:41
arveVenim; We're in the same boat D:02:41
Jordan_UVenim: Yes, you can probably fix X from a LiveCD02:41
doyleOK, how do I address messages like this? Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment02:41
monoxideShayneFalco, no problem. I do not have a solution for your synaptic manager but you can download the driver listed in the forum and move it using a usb stick to the ubuntu machine to perform what needs to be completed02:41
astropirate_opinion question: what is the best screen capture program for say... tutorials?02:41
VenimJordan_U: i updated to 10.04 and some stuff went weird, and I think I ended up breaking xserver02:41
greezmunkeyShayneFalco: so, internet access is all you really need right now? Right?02:42
Jordan_Udoyle: You need to give context when asking about error messages.02:42
ShayneFalcoGreez: Yes.02:42
arveapparently I added a repository (ppa?) called X Updates02:42
Venimok, well i'm burning a live CD atm02:42
arvebefore upgrading02:42
astropirateohh no02:42
greezmunkeyShayneFalco: what pc are you running right now, how is it connected to the net?02:42
Ademwhat's the best terminal?02:42
dfcnvtIf anyone interested in checking out Programming video.. Check this neato video! :)  DeafTechTV -- "Programming: The Resources"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKpSrJjHmVs&fmt-2202:42
resno!best | Adem02:42
ubottuAdem: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:42
VenimAdem: urxvt02:42
HobzAnd we're back!  Did the .deb thing and got to the point where deluge will open a window, but the GUI won't appear and it just kind of sits there.  When I close it, I have to kill the process02:42
ShayneFalcoGreez: I have a Compaq, and I have a wireless USB adapter. It is not being detected, which is why I want to install ndiswrapper.02:43
Dr_Willismatt____:  theres known issues with hdmi audio  and nvidia in some cases. So it may be the thing just cant work as an audio out at this time. 10.10 may fix it. or the newer nvidia drivers. I would check the forums for your exact card. Ive never used a hdmi auidio card yet.02:43
dfcnvtMaybe eventually, in a different episode, they'll get a chance to talk about ubuntu.. :)02:43
doyleJordan_U: Avant Window Navigator ./configure = Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix.02:43
arvehttp://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu   this one02:43
greezmunkeyShayneFalco: no, the machine you are on now!02:43
arvehow would i go about undoing that upgrade?02:43
Dr_WillisAdem:  try them out. You decide02:43
Ademcant find package urxvt02:43
monoxideHobz,  I have had that happen before I close and reopen it a few times02:43
monoxideor try to open a torrent02:43
ShayneFalcogreez: Running a Sony Vaio, Win 7, Wifi.02:43
monoxideit sometimes forces the gui to display and load the rest of the way02:43
Jordan_Udoyle: Why are you compiling from source?02:43
BacklTrackLol im also on a Vaio :D02:44
AdemI don't know which ones to try out to make a choice02:44
monoxideI am not on a vaio@02:44
VenimAdem: rxvt-unicode02:44
doyleJordan_U: I do things the hard way... Grew up in windows world, download install, easy. Now synaptic is always a secondary thought after compiling from source fails...02:44
monoxidevaio's drive me nuts, expensive machines02:44
greezmunkeyShayneFalco: does it have an ethernet interface? If so, setup internet connection sharing on the win 7 box, and connect that to your ubuntu box's ethernet interface. You may need a crossover cable, but if you can get a link light, then you should be good to go.02:44
ianb45Lol I'm just a silent bot.02:45
RicasolHey Conrad, i tried it02:45
ShayneFalcoI did not really understand that Greez, I am sorry. I am really new to this.And I have no cables.02:45
Ricasolbut then it says it fails02:45
doyleJordan_U: Synapticing it!02:45
Ricasolerror inserting nvidia02:46
doyleJordan_U: I just did Koffice 2.2 from source because synatpic refuses to "see" 2.2.02:46
Ricasolfatal: inserting nvidia02:46
ianb45Lol I'm just a silent bot.02:46
MaRk-IShayneFalco: connect the pc directly with eth cable do updates install ndiswrapper and then u can fix the rest02:46
monoxideso much for silent02:46
AdemVenim:  advantages in rxvt?02:46
ZykoticK9doyle, if you want a source/cutting edge distro you might be happier with gentoo/arch/slack02:47
Ricasolwhen i test X server i get a black screen02:47
BacklTrackvaios may be expensive..but good HW02:47
matt____Dr_Willis: Thanks for the advice, I'll look around for some info on my card.02:47
monoxidefor the first month they are out maybe :p02:47
Hobzstill nothing02:47
monoxidethats like people that buy alienware02:48
Hobzeugh, alienware02:48
BacklTracknow alienwares...are not even remotely worth the monet02:48
monoxidewhy in the world would you spend that type of cash for cutting edge and loose $1000-$2000 in a month02:48
Jordan_Udoyle: COmpiling from source should always be the last resort: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/koffice-2.202:48
Hobznowadays I like small, silent, and efficient02:48
monoxideI tried to stay on the cutting edge, it cut right into my pocket02:49
BacklTrackeh i got my $1200 vaio by accident - Best buy gave me the wrong one..I really only spend $80002:49
monoxidelol nice02:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:49
monoxideI got my toughbook from a unpaid repair job02:49
BacklTrackalright alright, ill got to off-topic02:49
Hobzdeluge still doesn't want to work02:49
starnostaranyone know of a bandwidth monitor that will allow me to exclude lan traffic?02:49
Ademgood irc software for linux?02:49
Hobzadem xchat02:50
monoxideI'm sry Hobz I am out of ideas02:50
Ademalready got it02:50
Ademdo not like02:50
monoxideI like xchat all gui02:50
Dr_WillisAdem:  dozens of irc clients out there.02:50
rooibosI installed LAMP for development, but I don't want it to start automatically on each reboot.  How do I prevent this?02:50
Ricasolxchat is better02:50
MaRk-IAdem: quassel02:50
Ricasolcuz is free02:50
test34starnostar, wireshark?02:50
Ademlet me dl quassel02:50
Ricasolhow come u have to pay for xcht on windows02:50
Jordan_UAdem: telnet :)02:50
Dr_WillisAdem:  start trying them out.. see what you like.. thats the answeer to most of the 'whats good/best' questions02:50
doyleJordan_U: yea, I tried everything anyone on this channel had to suggest to get 2.2 to display in synaptic. Nogo02:50
starnostarill try, i didnt think that was for monitoring though02:50
Dr_WillisRicasol:  because they want some $$ for the effort.  There are free for windows versions.02:50
AdemYeah I am trying them out but I need an idea of what programs TO try out02:50
RicasolI need some help getting my display working on ubuntu02:50
Adem134mb for quassel nty02:51
Jordan_Udoyle: Did you follow the directions in the link I gave?02:51
Dr_WillisAdem:  use the search feature of the package manager.02:51
Random832Dr_Willis: because he claims compiling stuff on windows is OH SO VERY HARD02:51
Dr_WillisRandom832:  so? he could just not do it.02:51
* monoxide joins offtopic02:51
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:51
Ricasol....well I'm no programmer02:51
MrGoodkatany ideas why all pictures i scan are kinda blueish? if im scanning documents the pages is light blue instead of white, im using lucid and an epson scanner02:51
Random832Dr_Willis: maybe he SHOULD just not do it02:51
Dr_WillisAdem:  quassle has some amazing feature sets.. but it is a kde app.02:51
Ricasolbut my friends complain that it is harder02:51
Random832then people don't get deceived into believing that the free versions are somehow 'bootleg'02:51
IdleOne!ot | Random83202:52
ubottuRandom832: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:52
test34MrGoodkat, probably your scanner (or the driver maybe).. did you try a different scanner or different operating system?02:52
Ricasolok..need help getting my display back working02:52
Ricasolno nvidia card anymore02:52
Ricasolhow do i revert back to normal...02:52
=== _b__ is now known as View
Dr_WillisRicasol:  so what is your video card?02:53
MrGoodkattest34 it's ok in windows xp and when using the copy function of the scanner02:53
=== View is now known as itzSu
MrGoodkatonly blue in ubuntu02:53
itzSuthis is weird02:53
ianb45Lol I'm just a silent bot.02:53
Ricasolpm me dr willis02:53
itzSuI cannot capitolize the letter 'o' with my shift key..02:53
RicasolI'm using , my onboard video now02:53
Dr_WillisRicasol:  thats not going to happen.. i am going to work.02:54
Ricasolwell i must talk quick02:54
doyleJordan_U: yep, tried that02:54
RicasolI basically, got a 9400 graphiocs card02:54
Ricasolpower supply went bum02:54
Ricasolreverted back to onboard video02:54
test34MrGoodkat, which program do you use ?02:54
Ricasolonly to find my display is not working02:54
Ricasolandd... thats it02:54
Ricasoli do the X -config02:54
Jordan_Udoyle: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list and any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?02:55
Ricasolthen it directs  me to test my config file02:55
Dr_WillisRicasol:  for nvidia. remove old drivers.. rename xorg.conf perhaps.. reboot..  then try reinstalling the proper driver versions.02:55
Ricasolhow i am i going ot do that02:55
Dr_WillisX -config i think is a little out dated these days.02:55
MrGoodkattest34 : iscan, xsane, simple scan, they all have the same result02:55
Ricasolwithout a graphical interface02:55
Dr_WillisRicasol:  via the console  and recovery mode.02:55
Ricasoli gotta do it from the recovery console02:55
Ricasoli dunno how02:55
Dr_Willisso thats your 'actual' question then. :)02:55
Ricasolyes that is the question02:56
ianb45Lol I'm just a silent bot.02:56
Dr_WillisI got to head to work. good Luck.02:56
bazhang!enter | Ricasol02:56
ubottuRicasol: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:56
Ricasolso ...now i gotta figure out how to remove nvidia from ....whatever...02:57
bazhangRicasol, hold shift at boot and choose recovery from the menu02:57
Ricasolhold shigt02:57
rajUBUNTU sucks.  they MESS up with their kernel too much ... My WIFI adapter needs the RT3070STA and its missing from the kernel module. why IS it missing? I dont want to use rt2870sta because when i do my connection is only G speeds. and it barely works with that driver. rt3070sta is what i need. ANY help?02:57
Ricasolshift ..02:57
lkgnucan any one help me on configuring public02:57
IdleOne!attitude > raj02:58
ubotturaj, please see my private message02:58
bazhangraj, this is a usb adapter?02:58
test34MrGoodkat, maybe the color can be adjusted using a Sane utility, sorry I don't know which one and I'm not sure if thats the problem02:58
lkgnui put my public key on authoriesz_key file02:59
lkgnubut cant login without PW02:59
Sasquatch7where would I look to disable the number of root password attempts?02:59
rajbazhang:  yes it is ....02:59
bazhangraj, those are unreliable at best03:00
claygHow do I remove extra entries in the bootloader, like when it lists ubunut  and XP and memtest, how do i edit that? Whats the easiest way?03:00
claygwhat is the best map+gps app?03:00
test34MrGoodkat, try: man sane-epson03:00
Jordan_U!noroot | Sasquatch703:00
ubottuSasquatch7: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.03:00
resnoclayg: google maps?03:00
MrGoodkatthanks test3403:00
doyleJordan_U: here ya go http://pastebin.com/spam.php?i=TvMzci9803:00
bazhangclayg, the extra kernels? you may want to keep a couple extra around03:00
clayggoogle maps? hmm i always thought that was just a site03:00
claygill check for an app03:00
Sasquatch7I meant the user password, when using sudo command?03:01
lkgnui put my public key on authoriesz_key file  but cant login without PW. any any identifies reasons plz03:01
bazhangSasquatch7, that would be your user password03:01
claygbazhang, yeah what i'd like it to say is just windows xp and ubuntu03:01
resnoclayg: no, theres no app03:01
claygonly optopns03:01
lkgnu i put my public key on authoriesz_key file  but cant login without PW. any any identifies reasons plz03:01
lkgnu i put my public key on authoriesz_key file  but cant login without PW. any any identifies reasons plz03:01
claygresno, wow i n eed to check out gmaps then that is cool03:01
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B03:01
bazhangclayg, remove the extra kernels via the package manager then03:01
Jordan_Udoyle: There's your problem03:01
Jordan_U!mint | doyle03:01
ubottudoyle: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:01
bazhanglkgnu, once is enough03:02
lkgnumm sory03:02
claygbazhang, what if i dont want to remove them but rather just prevent them from being listed everytime i turn the computer03:02
ZykoticK9clayg, check out this post!  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128760203:02
claygZykoticK9, checking03:03
doyleJordan_U: no worries, mint folks couldn't fix it either. Installing from svn worked fine03:03
resnoIConrad01: so ive got an error message and im not sure how to fix it. Failed to attach the network LUN (VERR_INVALID_PARAMETER).03:03
resnoUnknown error creating VM (VERR_INVALID_PARAMETER)03:03
rajbazhang:  what does that have to do with rt3070sta not in the modules???? it is needed in most ralink N wireless betworking03:03
rajbazhang:  networking .. rt2870sta is for G networking not N03:03
bazhangraj, your first statement was Ubuntu sucks03:03
IdleOneraj: report a bug @ launchpad.net03:03
IConrad01SSH into the server with X forwarding and try the GUI.03:03
Jordan_Udoyle: If you had been using stock Ubuntu it would have worked fine. Please don't ask for mint support here as it wastes people's time (for instance trying to figure out why their entriely correct instructions aren't working for you)03:04
resnoIConrad01: i can view it via rdp. but it just refuses to get an ip from the router03:04
starnostarim still not finding anything, anyone know a bandwidth monitor that excludes local (lan) traffic03:04
IConrad01resno: No, you misunderstand.03:04
IConrad01I meant the GUI for VBox.03:04
bazhang!info trickle03:04
ubottutrickle (source: trickle): user-space bandwidth shaper. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.07-9 (lucid), package size 36 kB, installed size 168 kB03:04
rajIdleOne:  a bug has already been reported about it. since bta Nothing has been done03:05
Sasquatch7where would I look to disable the number of password attempts for the sudo command?03:05
IdleOneraj: ok well comming in here and telling us UBUNTU SUCKS helped you03:05
hanlinwhen you run ping in the commandline, is there a way to hide the output ping: unknown host ...? I've tried directing to /dev/null but it doesn't work03:05
resnoIConrad01: i dont think that will work, i tried to setup x11 forwarding and it doesnt seem to work. has it worked for you?03:05
IConrad01resno: What are you trying to SSH into?03:06
Random832hanlin: 2>/dev/null but why?03:06
IConrad01You should SSH into the *HOST*.03:06
resnoIConrad01: the main machine. not the guest03:06
FlynsarmyWhen is the memory leak in gnome-power-manager going to be fixed? I need to end task it every day :S03:06
rajIdleOne:  yes it did. im switching to debian ... ubuntu messes up the kernel for no reason. thx for helping03:06
IdleOneraj: ok.03:06
IConrad01Does it complain about Xauth?03:06
starnostartrickle is a shaper, does it monitor bandwidth, and if so how do i exclude local traffic?03:06
resnoIConrad01: no, failed to open the x11 display.03:06
IConrad01... what kind of host OS is it?03:07
resnoubuntu server03:07
Dmstrdji updated from 9.10 to 10.4 and had no issues, i have updated today and it seems to have reverted back to 9.10, can i change it back now?03:07
MrGoodkattest34 do you know of an easy way to turn the blue into white with gimp?03:07
IConrad01CNP the exact error, would you?03:07
bazhangDmstrdj, lsb_release -a in the terminal03:07
Paco867Hey where can I find the giomm-2.4 package?03:07
MaRk-IMrGoodkat: change hue03:07
Jordan_UDmstrdj: That's not possible, what symptoms are you seeing exactly?03:08
resnoIConrad01: which error, the one when i try to run virtualbox? or when i try to run the guest os?03:08
Dmstrdjthanks bazhang i try it03:08
IConrad01The SSH error03:08
IConrad01For X forwarding03:08
resnoIConrad01: thats thats the whole error, failyed to open the x11 dipslay.03:08
MaRk-IMrGoodkat: maybe you should look at the scanning program see if it has hue settings?03:08
Dmstrdjthe gui  looks just like it did in 9.1003:08
IConrad01Type out your ssh command as you execute it.03:08
resnoIConrad01: VirtualBox03:08
hanlinRandom832: i'm writing a script to run when internet has been established, but when it's not, it's spitting out a lot of ping: unknown host to xsession-errors, and i'm trying to avoid that03:08
IConrad01No, the *ssh* command.03:09
bazhangDmstrdj, the results of that command?03:09
IConrad01Not the Shell command.03:09
IConrad01I.e.; the command you're throwing *to SSH into the Host*03:09
hanlinRandom832: 2>/dev/null works well but then it spits stuff out when it is connected03:09
Dmstrdjbazhang; no lsb modules available03:09
resnoIConrad01: oh, hmm. well, i just ssh into the host, and issue the program there. maybe thats the problem?03:09
Jordan_Uhanlin: But output to stdout probably isn't sent to xsession-errors03:09
bazhangDmstrdj, that's just the first line:  lsb_release -a03:10
IConrad01resno: Please give me an example of how you SSH into the Host.03:10
resnoIConrad01: ssh ipaddress03:10
IConrad01Exit your SSH session.03:10
starnostarit might be easier to force the internet through wifi, and use lan for transfers, is there a way to do this?03:10
IConrad01Execute: ssh -X ipaddress03:10
doyleJordan_U: 99% of the time there's no difference in solution methods between Ubuntu and Mint. But sure, your point is communicated.03:10
MrGoodkatthanks MaRk-I, hue works great03:11
ennuihas anyone tried building a Linux From Scratch system as a virtual machine in virtualbox?03:11
MaRk-IMrGoodkat: yw03:11
bazhangennui, try the lfs channel03:11
IConrad01ennui: I'm a sadist, not a masochist.03:11
Dmstrdjwell it says i have 10.4, but the gui is back to original03:11
IConrad01So... no.03:11
IConrad01But I'm definitely going to recommend that to someone now.03:12
bazhangDmstrdj, then change themes?03:12
starnostaris there a way to force internet traffic through wifi and use eth0 for local traffic only?03:12
test34MrGoodkat, I would try: Color - Color Balance..  but you should also take a look at mogrify (part of imagemagick) if you need to modify many images03:12
Dmstrdjok? now i feel pretty stupid03:12
resnoIConrad01: ok, im in.03:12
IConrad01resno: *Now* pass VirtualBox03:12
resnoIConrad01: yes, i have it working. :)03:13
IConrad01resno: X11 forwarding over SSH doesn't work unless you *tell* SSH to forward X11. :)03:13
resnoIConrad01: stupid ssh :)03:13
IConrad01Is your VM NAT or Bridged?03:13
resnoIConrad01: bridged. like and name is set to eth0.03:13
IConrad01Hrm.  Power it up.03:14
Dmstrdjbazhang that still doesnt put the buttons back on the left of the windows03:14
IConrad01If you can, power it up with the CLI option to go headless.03:14
IConrad01Actually, strike that.  We want runlevel 5.03:14
IConrad01So... just power it up.03:15
bazhangDmstrdj, seems you need to change back to default lucid theme then03:15
rooibosI installed LAMP for development. How do I stop LAMP from starting at startup?03:15
resnoIConrad01: do you think its worthwhile to try reinstalling?03:15
IdleOneDmstrdj: you want the buttons on the left?03:16
IdleOneDmstrdj: gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string  "menu,close,maximize,minimize"03:16
Dmstrdjthanks all03:17
claygIf you stick programs you commonly run on a panel, is there a way to get them evenly spaced out automatically without dragging and positioning each one seperatly?03:18
Guest20146wait maybe03:19
MaRk-Iclarkb_: right click on the icons and select "lock to panel"03:19
MaRk-Ioops clayg03:19
Steven___hi there, i'm getting a lot of mail daemons from drweb. what can i do?03:20
Guest20146Steven___, who is drweb03:21
Steven___very funny03:21
Venimso when i run xinit, it hangs at *Starting AppArmor profiles03:21
FlynsarmyWhen is the memory leak in gnome-power-manager going to be fixed? I need to end task it every day :S03:21
claygMaRk-I, it doesn't move them at all03:21
IdleOneSteven___: for real who/what is drweb?03:21
claygMaRk-I, I want them to all be neatly lines up together not one 50 milimeters away then the other 20 and another 1003:21
claygMaRk-I, I want them, "even"03:22
thebossanyone in here run zoneminder03:22
Guest20146Flynsarmy, what leak03:22
MaRk-Iclayg: you have to move them one by one then lock them03:22
ironfroggywhen i try to login via kdm or gdm (tested both) my desktop starts to load, then the xserver resets or something, and i'm back at the login. if i try a second time with the same username, the machine locks up completely.03:22
Steven___drweb is an antivirus service for your mailserver03:22
FlynsarmyGuest20146, the one that causes it to jump >100megs each day03:22
claygMaRk-I, ok  yeah im looking for something that will move them for me automatically03:22
zimbreshi, Is there any sense in having rules after "ACCEPT     all  --  anywhere             anywhere " in my chain output by iptables -L03:22
Zelozelosjoin #blender03:23
Guest20146free software is free but you have to make it work03:23
MaRk-Iclayg:  no, no, you have to adjust/place them where you want, then lock them03:23
MaRk-Iafterwards they wont move03:24
claygMaRk-I, gotcha that is a limitation I'm hoping there would be a solution to but what you are saying is you know of none right?03:24
IdleOneSteven___: I suggest http://support.drweb.com03:25
developerI need help setting up nfs on a ubuntu server box03:25
MaRk-Iclayg: might be another, but that's all I know03:25
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B03:25
developerthe showmount -e is showing up my share03:25
developerbut when i mount it on the client side i dont see any files03:25
Steven___how do i uninstall it?03:26
Guest20146wildbat, can windows sleep03:27
wildbatGuest20146, yes03:27
HobzIConrad01, monoxide, apt-get is finding deluge now, but I'm getting a conflict and some python 'is not installable' errors03:27
developeranyone able to help me with nfs share setup03:28
IConrad01Hobz: Hrm... uninstall the old deluge completely?03:28
IConrad01And then try installing the new.03:28
wildbat!nfs | developer03:28
ubottudeveloper: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.03:28
Venimis there a way to reinstall ubuntu while preserving your home folder?03:28
Venimother than just copying your home folder to another drive03:28
acerimmer_Venim: yes wait one for the link...03:29
HobzIConrad01, that'd be a purge?03:29
acerimmer_Venim: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-create-a-separate-home-partition-in-ubuntu.html03:29
acerimmer_after creating your /home you can safely reinstall buntu03:30
Venimits already in a separate partition03:30
acerimmer_Venim:  then you're good to go.03:30
Venimi mean, /boot, /root, /home are all separate partitions03:30
Guest20146wildbat, can u press the sleep button03:30
wildbatGuest20146, no respond03:31
developerI have followed the instruction already03:31
IncrStormI only need a client for microsoft shares, don't want to serve them up, is there something I should be looking at other than samba? Other than smbclient? I need it to be light!03:31
rwwVenim: then just select manual partitioning during the reinstall and tell it not to format your /home partition03:32
HobzIConrad01, the conflict is gone, but it still won't install python2.6-cairo and python2.6-gobject03:32
acerimmer_rww:  smarter than me.  I KNEW it was something simple03:32
janicehowdy folks03:33
resnojanice: howdy03:34
janiceso id like grub to boot an iso file for me03:35
resnojanice: grub wont do that, what are you trying to do?03:35
iflemajanice resno yes it will...03:36
thune3IncrStorm: mount as cifs, possibly03:36
gregus01hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me out for a second?03:36
scienteshow do i install a i386 library on amd64 corectly?03:37
scienteswhen a ia32- doesnt exist03:37
resnoiflema: how?03:37
scientesgregus01, ask03:37
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:37
janiceIve downloaded an iso as I believed it can boot via grub without burning to cd03:37
iflemajanice resno grub2 that is....03:37
Hobz*sigh* are there any OTHER bitorrent clients that I can use until I get the time to upgrade my system next week?03:37
gregus01well iam new to linux and iam currently using jolicloud... however i would like to use ubuntu however when i download the ubuntu iso... iam unable to open it in jolicloud03:38
gregus01iam on netbook also03:38
ZelozelosHobz have u tried limewire?03:38
MaRk-IHobz: transmission?03:38
greezmunkeyHobz: Have you tried GnuTella?03:38
FyreFoXHobz: rtorrent, all cli no gui required, works well03:38
Hobzthese all do torrents?03:38
FyreFoXHobz: yes03:38
janiceresno:    it means I can boot a ubuntu cd without burning it AFAIN03:39
resnojanice: i know what it means, talk to iflema about how to do it03:40
Hobzgregus01, are you trying to burn it to a cd or put it on a usb stick?03:40
MaRk-Ijanice: you need to copy the .iso to a usb with unetbootin03:40
gregus01iam trying to put it on a usb stick03:40
Hobzyes, that03:40
resnoMaRk-I: thats considered booting with grub?03:40
MaRk-Igregus01: same thing to you, use unetbootin03:40
MaRk-Iresno: unetbooting adds a grub to the iso image03:41
=== Sup|Lobby is now known as Guest79791
Biganonok now one should really start answering03:41
janiceMaRk-I: I thought it would boot a cd03:41
resnoMaRk-I: ah, thanks for the clarification03:41
resnojanice: i thought you didnt want to use a cd?03:42
=== Georgiy_ is now known as iphone
janicewell an iso image is what I meant03:42
gregus01alright i downloaded unetbootin. and i click on prop and make it execute however after i type in my password to install it says iso mount fail03:42
ubuntuguys i installed windows7 after my xubuntu10.04 install, trying to repair my MBR and Grub using this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD it says it installed grub successfully and when i reboot it just boots into windows... any ideas?03:42
Hobzwtf would rtorrent need libgtk to run?03:42
=== iphone is now known as Guest16249
=== Guest16249 is now known as Georgiy
janiceresno: I meant an iso image03:43
resnojanice: you have to put it on the a usb drive to do it tho03:44
Bunburyis the 2.6.33 terminal usable with lucid lynx?03:44
janiceresno: so I cant put it on my  hda?03:45
ubuntuguys i installed windows7 after my xubuntu10.04 install, trying to repair my MBR and Grub using this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD it says it installed grub successfully and when i reboot it just boots into windows... any ideas?03:45
iflemajanice youll need to know how to add entries to grub and use the grub2 loopback command on the first line... e.g loopback loop (hd0,1) /home/janice/iso.iso03:45
defryskubuntu, make sure to install it in your mbr03:45
Bunburyanyone using 2.6.33 kernel with lucid?03:46
bazhang!info linux03:46
ubottulinux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)03:46
gregus01what do i type in the terminal to get unetbootin..... sudo apt get unetbootin?03:46
bazhangBunbury, downloaded from where?03:46
janiceiflema: any howtos please?03:46
defryskBunbury, i use 2.6.34 from ppa, works fine03:46
iflemaI havent personally done that since grub2 first hit and I did it only once.....03:46
Bunburyhow did u install 2.6.3403:47
janiceiflema: I know Im using grub203:47
defryskBunbury, i have it installed , it seems to work better with gnome-shell ppa imo03:47
Bunburyk how do i intall03:47
janiceiflema: I just did grub-install -v03:47
defryskBunbury, download the packages and dpkg -i blah03:47
Bunburydo i need to do anything else like upgrade xorg?03:48
HeTaLAre all USBs bootable?03:48
defryskBunbury, make sure to onlu use packages matching your /etc/issue03:48
defryskBunbury, nope03:49
Bunburyi have a system lockup randomly with visual effects > None03:49
Bunburyim running an nv7915u gateway i3 laptop03:49
defryskjust give it time to let it set up in grub, thats all , and make sure its the matching arch, in case of insecurity ; this is not supperted advise!!03:50
ubuntuguys i installed windows7 after my xubuntu10.04 install, trying to repair my MBR and Grub using this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD it says it installed grub successfully and when i reboot it just boots into windows... any ideas?03:50
defryskubuntu, if its thet bad, why not reinstall ubuntu ?03:50
zimbreshi, ssh issue here. I have an ssh server running on the localhost here, when log with "ssh some-user@my-address" (running the command from the same machine) everything is ok, but if I try the same command from another machine, ssh client does not find my machine.03:51
HeTaLDo you have your routers configured, zimbres ?03:51
iflemajanice hang on ill have a look...03:51
zimbresHeTaL, I have never configured my router ...03:52
HeTaLzimbres: You have to configure it to forward port 22 to your computer, if you are on wireless.03:52
ZykoticK9zimbres, are you trying to use hostname or IP address?  also are you using a virtual machine at all?03:52
defryskBunbury, no privating, thanks03:52
Viking667I've got a quick 3D question. When I run "glxinfo" I get some slightly strange values. server glx vendor string: Brian Paul; server glx version string: 1.4 Mesa 7.7.1; ...;03:52
perlsyntaxwill i get boot off my dil up after 9 ec and then it kick me off why that??03:52
rafuch0hey users of E17 wm have this .EDJs ... ? Sabana_Night 0.1 y EnRotacion 0.1 o algunos de sus forks ...A-E17Rot1   1.0 Buffalo_at_Night   1 MintEnrotacion   0.1  ?03:52
Viking667client glx vendor string: Brian Paul; client glx version string: 1.4 Mesa 7.7.1 ...03:53
researcher1How can I install .tar.bz2 file in Ubuntu03:53
Viking667Now, the last time I saw my glx version string, it said "SGI" for the name.03:53
developerhow do i remove a bind?03:53
HeTaLresearcher1: Extract whatever is in the file.03:53
Viking667I'm having stuff fall over because of this, and my rendering speed is bog slow...03:53
researcher1HeTaL I did that03:53
zimbresZykoticK9, HeTaL , I am using my world-ip address(output of ifconfig), I will check the router ... hope you can help me with that .03:53
developeri use the following command to establish the bind mount --bind /home/user /export/users03:54
HeTaLresearcher1: Ok, now compile and install. Do you know how to?03:54
ubuntuguys i installed windows7 after my xubuntu10.04 install, trying to repair my MBR and Grub using this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD it says it installed grub successfully and when i reboot it just boots into windows... any ideas?03:54
developerwhat the command for the removing the bind?03:54
researcher1HeTal My question is little different. Can I ask03:54
HeTaLzimbres: What router do you have? It hould have an easy interface to configure that.03:54
HeTaLresearcher1: Go ahead. I'm not an expert though, just a noobie helping out03:54
defryskubuntu, i gave you 2 suggestions, i feel you are spamming this channel03:54
alketAre PPA trustfull ?03:55
Bunburyso do i install the kernel from here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/03:55
defryskalket, if you have to ask, consider it NO03:55
alketdefrysk: Why ?03:55
zimbresHeTaL, I think the default for ubuntu ...03:55
researcher1HeTaL I have .tar.bz2 for a software with source code in C. I have modified a few .C files. Now I want the software to run with that effect.03:55
Viking667depends upon which ppa site you're trying to enable03:55
bazhangalket, unsupported, completely at your own risk03:55
alketdefrysk: Was there any mass incident03:55
defryskalket, ppais highly bleeding and sometimes experimental03:56
HeTaLzimbres: I meant your wireless router. Is it a linksys, D-Link? Hardware names please.03:56
zimbresHeTaL, I am using cable modem, http://codepad.org/vQHPCW9k03:56
iflemajanice http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/PwavNyz003:56
defryskalket, i have had incidents with gnome shell for example03:56
mike_ xbuntuslow03:56
iflemaubottu: tell janice about grub03:56
ubottujanice, please see my private message03:56
alketdefrysk: I have BURG ppa, a themed version of Grub , do you think that that guy can screw up my system ?03:56
=== mike_ is now known as Guest17743
HeTaLzimbres: Can you try connecting to port 443? Maybe your ISP blocks 22.03:57
defryskalket, dunno , there is only one way to find out ;)03:57
Guest17743Loaded Xbuntu onto a Celeron Dell desktop with 512k ram - seems sluggish and screen redraws and choppy - how can I troubkeshoot the video driver03:57
HeTaLresearcher1: Ah. I'm sorry, I'm not an expert in the subject. Sorry about that.03:57
Guest17743its also an integrated video card.03:57
bazhangGuest17743, which card03:57
defryskalket, if your grub craps out because of this , dont ask for advise here , thats all03:58
zimbresHeTaL, I configured ssh to listen on port 2222 and had the same problem ...03:58
researcher1HeTal ok03:58
HeTaLWhat error are you getting? Is it timing out, or is the connection refused?03:58
Guest17743unsure integrated graphics03:58
HeTaLGuest17743: lspci and check what card you have.03:58
ZykoticK9Guest17743, "lspci | grep -i vga" in a terminal03:58
Guest17743dell optiplex 32003:58
researcher1Can someone just tell me how to install .tar.biz203:58
zimbresHeTaL, I ask some people to scan my ip for open ports, and there seems to be something blocking it ...03:58
HeTaLHeh, ZykoticK9 has more command line fu.03:59
bazhangGuest17743, lspci in the terminal and paste.ubuntu.com with the output03:59
HeTaLzimbres: All ports are blocked? o.O03:59
bazhangresearcher1, what package03:59
defryskResearcher, whatever it may be its not supported here03:59
Guest17743radeon xpress 20003:59
alketdefrysk: thank you ?03:59
Tootoot222researcher1: tar.bz2 is just a bunch of files compressed together, like a .zip03:59
alketdefrysk: sorry for "?"03:59
Guest17743no hag on03:59
Jordan_Uresearcher1: What are you trying to install?03:59
defryskalket, it depends on your experience level if you resort to ppa repos04:00
iflemajanice sorry wrong info meant grub2.... any way youll need to know how to add  custom entry and the add what i pasted you suited to your needs04:00
^Lem^hi all, was just running wizball remake under wine 1.2 rc4 (PPA installed), and found my .xsession-errors file to be 11Gb! I wondered why I was running out of disk space, and found that. The file was growing at 2mb/sec. It was full of WINE debug log messages..04:00
defryskalket, none of the ppa's is supported in this channel04:00
researcher1trying to install iTalc 1.904:00
zencgco ai  la nguoi vietnam khong dza:d04:00
Guest17743ATI Technologies Inc RC410 [Radeon Xpress 20004:00
zimbresHeTaL, If I try from my local host they are open, but I think if you try, you will not find anything04:00
Viking667researcher1: and what's that?04:00
zencgCó ai là vietnam ko thế:">04:01
researcher1itsa about classroom management software04:01
Pici!ko | zencg04:01
ubottuzencg: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko04:01
bazhangresearcher1, italc-client is in the repos04:01
HeTaLzimbres: pm, I have a large screen and small font in a terminal. Not the best combination with walls of text.04:01
Jordan_Ujanice: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1288604 That will tell you what you need to add to /etc/grub.d/40_custom04:01
researcher1but I have modified source code a little n now want to install04:01
zimbresHeTaL, ?04:01
MaRk-Iresearcher1: you need to uncompress it and then read the "readme" or "install" files in it, gives you instructions on how to compile it04:02
bazhangresearcher1, then extract and install it; no reason to as it is in the ubuntu software repositories though04:02
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:02
bazhang!info italc-client | researcher104:02
ubotturesearcher1: italc-client (source: italc): Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers (client part). In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (lucid), package size 496 kB, installed size 1256 kB04:02
HeTaLzimbres: I'm talking to you in pm. :P04:03
HeTaLAnswer there.04:03
flypiperI installed 10.4 and something keeps disconnecting my network.. any Ideas????04:03
flypiperNetwork Manager??04:03
Pici!vn > zencg04:03
ubottuzencg, please see my private message04:03
Jordan_Uresearcher1: How did you modify the source without knowing how to compile from source?04:03
researcher1how to !compile04:03
defryskflypiper, try wicd04:04
bazhangresearcher1, read the links yet?04:04
greezmunkeyflypiper: tail -f /var/log/syslog - watch what happens as it connects, or disconnects. It will give you a clue at least..04:04
researcher1Jordan U I extracted files n there was a c file which I could change04:04
bazhangresearcher1, that won't work then04:04
Jordan_Uresearcher1: Do you know how to program in C?04:04
bazhangresearcher1, you should really install from the repos if you cannot compile04:04
researcher1I know c04:05
researcher1I write correctly c software04:05
bazhangresearcher1, well there should be read me04:05
rapidsome how doesn't seem to make much sense04:05
researcher1I need to compile that to use repos04:06
Tootoot222researcher1: most likely you'll just have to run ./configure; make; sudo make install04:06
Tootoot222in the top of the source director04:06
bazhangresearcher1, no you don't04:06
bazhangresearcher1, sudo apt-get install italc-client04:06
rapidhe said he has modified the code04:06
ActionParsnipyo yo yo04:07
researcher1 bazhang i know that. What to do with modified c file. I want it to be integrated with original software04:07
pretenderwhat app can embed cover art into mp4 video file04:07
MaRk-Iresearcher1: you can't unless you re-compile04:07
Tootoot222researcher1: the install instructions are usually found in a file called INSTALL or INSTALLING04:08
researcher1thats my question04:08
bazhangresearcher1, okay well install build-essential and read the necessary and provided links and read-me's04:08
greezmunkeyresearcher1: /join #g++04:08
defryskresearcher1 witch checkinstall you can build a .deb package , see the wiki04:08
rapidyou write c software and didn't know, that you have to compile it for it to work?04:08
researcher1I know how to  compile c file04:08
Tootoot222most commonly the commands are (in a terminal, 'cd'd to the top of the source directory) ./configure; make; sudo make install04:08
Viking667What the heck _is_ italc anyhow?04:08
ZykoticK9researcher1, if you read all the !compile it explains how to use checkinstall to create a DEB of you modified code, that ubuntu apt programs can install04:08
MaRk-Irapid: you're right, doesn't make sense xD04:09
researcher1ZykoticK9: where can I read that04:09
Tootoot222MaRk-I: maybe he uses an IDE04:09
chenchenso  what can we do now04:09
ZykoticK9!compile | researcher104:09
ubotturesearcher1: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:09
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:10
ActionParsnipViking667: its the same text but slanty04:11
rapidthats italics04:11
Viking667oh, hah.04:12
Viking667is what I meant....04:13
Viking667not "italic"04:13
Tootoot222Viking667: ^04:13
PiciViking667: It says right in the package description.  Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers04:13
SGottl7227hello out there04:13
Tootoot222What is iTALC?04:13
Tootoot222iTALC is a use- and powerful didactical tool for teachers. It lets you view and control other computers in your network in several ways. It supports Linux and Windows 2000/XP (Vista support will come) and it even can be used transparently in mixed environments!04:13
PiciAnyway, this is getting a bit offtopic ;)04:14
alketIs Ubuntu Unity target for netbooks only ?04:14
Viking667Pici: You only see that description if the package is installed, in my case, it wasn't.04:14
rwwalket: that's what it's targeted towards, yes04:14
ActionParsnipTootoot222: sounds like vnc, lots04:14
SGottl7227is there a xubuntu server?04:14
PiciViking667: apt-cache show italc-client04:14
alketrww: What about UNR ?04:14
Viking667But I see the Wikipedia article seems to describe it04:14
bazhangSGottl7227, server normally is command line only04:14
rwwSGottl7227: nope. Ubuntu Server doesn't include a graphical user interface, so there's no need for a second one for different GUIs04:14
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: theres xubuntu desktop only, ubuntu server is an ubuntu install with no desktop environment04:15
Tootoot222SGottl7227: the only difference between ubuntu and xubuntu is the display; there is no display on a server04:15
Viking667Pici: huh? I was using showpkg04:15
rwwalket: It'll end up being part of UNE (-Edition, the new name for UNR), as I understand it04:15
roloI just removed libpango1.0-0 and definitely screwed up my ubuntu 8.04. what do I do now? I have no package manager and no terminal04:15
alketrww thank you04:15
ActionParsniprww: yeah its renamed in Lucid to confuse people, its weird04:15
Tootoot222rolo: TTY?04:15
ZykoticK9was anyone successful in installing Jono Bacon's unity PPA on 64bit/nvidia?  http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/06/25/unity-love/04:15
Tootoot222rolo: alt+ctrl+F104:15
ActionParsniprolo: install the deb using dpkg04:15
rwwActionParsnip: makes sense, since it isn't a Remix ;P04:15
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B04:15
Viking667I've been _looking_ for a parameter like that for the past four YEARS!04:16
SGottl7227i tried to install xubuntu to my imac G3 computer.  9.04 worked.. but 10.04 didn't.. do i need more memory.. it is Power PC version04:16
ActionParsniprww: how is it different to the remix?04:16
Viking667it's urpmq -i's equivalent.04:16
rapidTootoot222, maybe before saying that, tell them how to get back :|04:16
rwwActionParsnip: remixes contain packages that aren't in the normal Ubuntu repositories. Editions don't. The renaming was... somewhat delayed.04:16
SGottl7227i ordered it from electrodisc.com04:16
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: they all need the same min spec, its not like windows where each newer version needs more grunt04:16
Viking667I looked at "show" in the man page, didn't seem to describe what I wanted to know.04:16
ActionParsniprww: makes sense now, thanks for clearing it up04:16
PiciViking667: Just watching this channel scroll by can be so educational :)04:17
Tootoot222Pici: it's like osmosos04:17
Tootoot222but better!04:17
Tootoot222and real04:17
SGottl7227i don't know.. i did 9.04 xubuntu upgrade over the internet.. the screen went black when i restarted.. then i ordered the disc for full install and the same problem04:17
Viking667oooo yeah.04:17
rapidi was about to say, im here purely for entertainment purposes04:17
ActionParsnipPici: thats nearly all i can manage in my current state04:17
SGottl7227i mean 10.0404:17
Viking667mmmm. Neat.04:17
SGottl72279.04 worked with my G3. but not 10.0404:17
Guest49530SGottl7227, cool04:18
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: did you check the cd for defects?04:18
SGottl7227yes its good04:18
Guest49530SGottl7227, use 9.404:18
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: have you tried some boot options04:18
SGottl7227why is 10.04 such a problem for my G3 PPC version04:18
Tootoot222try take out the 'quiet splash' from your bootloader SGottl7227, see what is going on04:18
Venim10.04 don't work with my graphics card either04:18
Guest49530Venim, y04:19
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: what on 10.04 "doesn't work". yuo never told us what doesnt work which is kinda important04:19
SGottl7227it has something called yaboot04:19
ActionParsnipVenim: black screen at boot?04:19
bazhangGuest49530, please take a moment to type out full words04:19
VenimActionParsnip: yup04:19
Viking667Anyhow, can someone run this command inside a terminal and tell me what they get?  glxinfo | grep -i "server glx vendor string"04:19
Tootoot222Viking667: server glx vendor string: SGI04:19
ActionParsnipVenim: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html04:20
ZykoticK9Viking667, NVIDIA Corporation ;)04:20
Viking667What do you get for: OpenGL renderer string04:20
Bunburyhi whats latest version of xorg supported by lucid?04:20
Viking6677.7.1 I suspect...04:20
ActionParsnip!info xorg lucid04:20
ubottuxorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.5+5ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB04:20
Viking667I've got 7.7.1 when I check glxinfo... what's .... that's weird.04:21
ActionParsnipi like how xorg is optional :D04:21
SGottl7227well i ordered the disc.. made especially for apple G3, G4.. from electro disc. i have done business with them b4.. i have 9.04 xubuntu installed since this is an old machine. but i ordered 10.04 a few weeks ago. .also PPC version. and it went through the installation process, but when it restarted after install.. i got the 10.04 logo. then no further. the screen went black04:21
Viking667Ahh, but it IS.04:21
BunburyXorg -version gives me 1.7.604:21
Tootoot222Viking667: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI R600 (RV730 9488) 20090101  TCL DRI204:21
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html04:21
Viking667Weird. Can someone using the ati driver give me their results?04:21
Bunburyand how do i use glxinfo lol04:22
Viking667Because I'm getting "Brian Paul" for a vendor04:22
Viking667Bunbury: start terminal, run this:   glxinfo | less04:22
SGottl7227action does that fix make a difference if i am using 10.04 xubuntu version04:22
SGottl7227instead of ubuntu version04:23
soreauViking667: You have a bogus libGL.so in your path, most likely04:23
MaRk-ISGottl7227: if your vga is intel most likely04:23
Venimhow do i go about fixing my OS from the live cd04:23
Tootoot222SGottl7227: the xubuntu/ubuntu parts don't affect it yet04:23
Viking667seems like it.04:23
Venimlike installing packages and such04:23
Viking667I wonder if thas' what's been skewing my dri04:23
SGottl7227i don't think early apples used intel.. didn't they use ibm04:23
ZykoticK9SGottl7227, PowerPC04:24
SGottl7227yes thats what i have. but 10.04 gave me problems at restart04:24
SGottl7227not 9.0404:24
BunburyViking667, ty04:25
PiciViking667: Brian Paul is the programmer for the Mesa3d graphics library.04:25
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: its all the same dude04:25
davrokmy usb mouse is not working04:25
SGottl7227same whether i updated 9.04 over the internet or with full install disc from electro disc.com04:25
Tootoot222Viking667: i'm on the xorg-edgers ppa btw04:25
ActionParsnipdavrok: if its a laser mouse, is the laser on?04:25
davroklaser  ???04:26
Tootoot222davrok: on the bottom/underside04:26
Tootoot222it will either have a ball, or a laser04:26
Venimso how can i reinstall X from this live CD04:26
ActionParsnipdavrok: litle red light on the bottom04:26
Tootoot222Venim: you can chroot into your hdd partition04:27
ActionParsnipdavrok: not an old school ball mouse04:27
Viking667or infrared/ultraviolet...04:27
researcher1my ./configure command gives this message bash: ./configure: No such file or directory04:27
researcher1 04:27
Viking667some of the modern 'laser' mice don't have a visible light04:27
SGottl7227also there was color problem with my G3 using xubuntu 9.04... i have very low color rate.. like 8 bit.. terrible colors..04:27
Viking667researcher1: hm.04:27
VenimTootoot222: how do I go about doing that?04:27
rwwand most optical mice don't use lasers ;)04:27
Tootoot222researcher1: you might just have to run ``make'' then04:27
beihaixiaozhuno body in this chat room?04:27
ZykoticK9Venim, boot grub recovery mode if possible might be easier then chrooting but see the !grub2 factoid for chroot instructions04:27
Viking667that's why I quoted the word laser.04:28
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: you can sort the colours later, get a dislpay first then you can configure video04:28
=== lithx is now known as twinsenx
davrokits got a red light that goes on then off04:28
SGottl7227yes. .well display worked with 9.04.. but not 10.0404:28
Tootoot222Venim: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt; sudo mount -o bind /dev /mnt/dev; sudo mount -o bind /sys /mnt/sys; sudo mount -o bind /proc /mnt/proc; sudo chroot /mnt04:28
Viking667davrok: that's a red LED with a detector. Sounds like you're good.04:28
vu1kan!hi | beihaixiaozhu04:28
ubottubeihaixiaozhu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:28
ActionParsnipdavrok: does it work in other systems?04:28
Viking667(or your mouse is, anyhow)04:28
SGottl7227whether i did online upgrade.. or via disc i ordered for PPC04:28
bazhangbeihaixiaozhu, this is ubuntu support; for support in Chinese #ubuntu-cn ; for offtopic chat #ubuntu-offtopic04:28
Tootoot222Venim: where sda1 is your ubuntu partition04:28
researcher1why not configure command working04:28
SGottl7227online upgrade tookk 4 h ours04:28
Viking667researcher1: might not be in the correct directory04:29
Tootoot222researcher1: they might not use autoconfigure to make configure scripts04:29
bazhangresearcher1, compiling?04:29
SGottl7227disc install took about 75 minutes04:29
ActionParsnipresearcher1: some compiles dont need it, did you read the nistall text file? It will tell you04:29
Viking667not everyone uses autoconf - some people can't stand it. Wonder if they use cmake?04:29
SGottl7227386 archetecture is much faster04:29
researcher1which directory should I be into04:29
davroksilly me   it works now!!!04:29
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: not necessarily04:29
researcher1Install text file suggest to use .configure command04:29
Viking667researcher1: we don't know. try this:  find . -iname "readme*"04:30
SGottl7227i installed from 9.04 to 10.04 online with a very fast connection .. but my G3 computer is very slow. it took 4 hours to upgrade04:30
Tootoot222ActionParsnip: i think he's comparing to ppc, not i686 or x64 =p04:30
Viking667SGottl7227: was that the 603E or the 604?04:30
SGottl7227then on restart the screen only showed the 10.04 start u p screen with the 5 blinking lights for a ffew seconds. then it went blank.. dark04:31
Tootoot222SGottl7227: wrong graphics driver most likely04:31
Tootoot222what graphics card did you say you haveL04:31
SGottl7227same with disc install. except it too about 75 minutes to install instead of 4 h ours04:31
ActionParsnipTootoot222: still the same stands, it's not outright faster , better , stronger. Each chip type has advantages and may excell in different situations :)04:31
SGottl7227well why would 9.04 work and not 10.0404:31
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ04:31
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: different kernel for one04:31
Tootoot222SGottl7227: if you have an nvidia card, in 9.04 they defaulted to the closed source nv drivers, where in 10.04 they do the open source ones04:32
SGottl7227oh so its not supported anymore. .thats why it didn't work?04:32
Tootoot222which may have probrems04:32
MaRk-ISGottl7227: http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1480685&page=304:32
ActionParsnipTootoot222: the nv driver is open. the nvidia driver is closed and not default in 9.04 but it is offered04:33
VenimTootoot222: i have mounted my /root partition04:33
Venimbut cannot chroot into it04:33
MaRk-Iread post #26 and #2704:33
Tootoot222Venim: is there an error?04:33
SGottl7227are there other linux version available that still support PPC?04:33
Venimo nvm04:33
Venimi'm dumb04:33
Venimi read 100 MB as 100 GB04:34
Venimi mounted my boot :p04:34
Tootoot222SGottl7227: gentoo!04:34
SGottl7227i might burn it or order it04:34
Tootoot222lol a joke, don't try to install that04:34
SGottl7227works with older G3 models too too?04:34
Viking667no no no! CP/M04:34
SGottl7227oh damn04:34
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: puppy runs amazingly on ppc04:34
Tootoot222SGottl7227: gentoo works with any device in the world that can run gcc04:35
MaRk-ISGottl7227: did you check the link I posted?04:35
Tootoot222but it is extremely complex and you install EVERYTHING from source code04:35
Viking667or RST/S04:35
SGottl7227do they have that version available for PPC?04:35
ActionParsnipmainly because puppy rocks hard04:35
Viking667(I -think- that was its name04:35
SGottl7227i have a version of puppy for PC platform. but would i need a different version04:35
SGottl7227is there a PPC version of puppy?04:36
bobashow do i make ubuntu persistent changes on usb key?04:36
daroluA friend of mine got a quite powerful virus (windows user of course), now his USB flashdrive has two partitions, one of them has a CD-ROM filesystem (apparently) so it is read only, I can't elminate this partition nor delete the files in it (the actual virus), I have tried gparted, parted and fdisk; no results. Any ideas?04:36
SGottl7227i have used puppy on this Ibm computer.. 386 architecture04:36
davrokok so may I help?04:36
Tootoot222darolu: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb04:37
bobasi added in lilo for kernel options "persistent" but that only allows me to modify and add files to the usb key04:37
Tootoot222if you don't mind obliterating the drive04:37
SGottl7227but i want it to run on my apple g304:37
rwwSGottl7227: try asking in #puppylinux; other distros are offtopic for #ubuntu04:37
daroluTootoot222: thanks, I'll try it04:37
Tootoot222darolu: if it's one of those lame U3 drives, you physically can't write to it04:37
Tootoot222they suck04:37
Tootoot222i have 2 ;_;04:37
SGottl7227yes.. but this G3 is still ok. except the videos are very choppy. it is too slow a precessor04:37
MaRk-ITootoot222: you need the U3 uninstaller04:38
daroluTootoot222: it is a U3\ System\ File/ so there is no hope?04:38
Tootoot222darolu: yeah... you could give it a shot anyways04:38
Tootoot222it doesn't hurt as long as you don't have anything on it you may not want to lose04:38
SGottl7227i will be back. going to check puppy web site04:38
ActionParsnipSGottl7227: the ppc version will run on the g3 fine, you just need the video drivers to be nice and it will run nice04:39
bobasanyone know how to make complete persistent change on usb  key?04:39
MaRk-IActionParsnip: I posted a link with the issue about it04:39
MaRk-Inot wasting my time anymore04:39
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent bobas04:39
ZykoticK9bobas, it is also possible to do full installs onto USB keys.04:40
rocket16Hello friends.04:40
ActionParsnipMaRk-I: didnt see the link04:40
bobasZykoticK9, is it possible to do a full install  while using the usb key onto the usb key?04:40
ActionParsnipMaRk-I: chill out dude04:40
Tootoot222bobas: if you have ubuntu 9.10+, go to system > administration > startup disk creator04:40
ZykoticK9bobas, sorry what?04:40
MaRk-IActionParsnip: nvm04:40
Tootoot222bobas: no, i don't think you can livecd-boot from the usb, and then install to the usb04:40
bobasZykoticK9, im running ubuntu on live usb key at the moment04:41
bobasi see04:41
MaRk-II meant I posted the link for him, he's just not paying attn.04:41
Tootoot222just burn a CD while you're on the USB04:41
Tootoot222boot to the CD,04:41
Tootoot222burn to the USB,04:41
rocket16Is there any central application for all Educational applications? I think if not, we should make one, something like a Central System, which will allow us to access Kalzium, Kig, Avogadro and everything all at once.04:41
Tootoot222reboot to USB04:41
FloodBot3Tootoot222: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:41
bobasmy cdrom drive is dead04:41
Tootoot222oh lol04:41
bobasi guess i need two usb keys04:41
Tootoot222if you have 2 USB ports and a 2nd USB drive you can do an install there04:41
ZykoticK9bobas, just as an FYI if you do install onto USB be sure to manually configure where grub is installed too!04:42
bobasis it possible to use wubi installer to install ubuntu onto usb key?04:42
IConrad01bobas: What are you trying to set up?04:42
Tootoot222rocket16: something like the ubuntu-software-center with the nice big "education" button?04:42
bobasIConrad01, ubuntu on usb key persistent changes04:42
Tootoot222IConrad01: live USB with persistant storage04:42
IConrad01Define "persistent changes"04:42
bobasIConrad01, where like i apt-get something itstays04:43
Tootoot222but he only has ubuntu on the USB he wants to install to04:43
MaRk-Ibobas: better use unetbootin04:43
Jordan_Ubobas: You can setup the Ubuntu netboot installer to boot, which will then be able to install to the USB key.04:43
rocket16Tootoot222: Well, Software centre is for installation, I meant something like KOffice, which runs all of them, without having to open separately, :)04:43
IConrad01Actually, I can think of a way to do that.04:43
IConrad01But it's convoluted.04:43
bobasJordan_U, i see04:43
IConrad01Dump the *.iso file onto your USB stick.04:43
IConrad01It'll need to be reformatted ext3 or ext4, first.04:43
IConrad01Once that's on there, do a grub-install to make the usb key a boot device.04:44
=== hellothere is now known as thatdude
pakairhow do I install System|Admin|services in 10.04?04:44
=== thatdude is now known as thatdude1
Viking667don't you usually have to extract the casper stuff?04:44
IConrad01You'll set up the grub.cfg file to loopback into the *.iso file.04:44
bobasIConrad01, ahi see04:44
Jordan_Ubobas: What do you plan to do if the netboot install fails part way through though?04:44
IConrad01That won't be persistent...04:44
ActionParsnipbobas: if you use usb-creator-gtk you can put the CD onto a USB and boot from that and run it off that afair04:44
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:44
IConrad01BUT -- you can chroot into the USB key itself -- and *that* will have persistent changes.04:45
Jordan_Ubobas: IConrad01's idea will only work with the netboot CD.04:45
verb3kis there a sound mixer for pulseaudio?04:45
rapid if anyone wants to play typeracer (the name says it all) come to http://play.typeracer.com/?rt=4glf5majeguv - addicted.04:45
ActionParsnipIConrad01: there is a guide there for persistant usb04:45
bobassounds like fun04:45
IConrad01Jordan_U: No, I've done it with the default LiveCD.04:45
ActionParsnip!ot | rapid04:45
ubotturapid: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:45
IConrad01Don't need netboot CD.04:45
Tootoot222IConrad01: the ubuntu-startup-disk creator (within ubuntu) can install ubuntu to a USB without actually /installing/ to it, it's in a casper file like Viking667 said04:45
thatdude1Hi guys. Here's the deal. I want to use my macbook pro (5,4 late 2009) with the ubuntu live cd. The problem is that the wireless drivers aren't included in the livecd so when I want to use wireless I need to connect my laptop to an ethernet cable. Is there a way I can download .deb packages of the drivers and have them on a flash drive so i can install them without a wired internet connection? thanks04:45
Jordan_UIConrad01: You can't install to the device you're booted from, except with the netboot CD.04:45
Viking667hm. I've done similar things with OpenBSD's CDROM, NetBSD's install files and FreeBSD's DVD, as well as about three different sorts of Linux.04:46
Tootoot222thatdude1: do you know what drivers you need?04:46
Jordan_Ubobas: I need to leave for about 15 minutes, then I can help you do this (I've done it before).04:46
Tootoot222thatdude1: or what wireless card you have?04:46
bobasJordan_U, im trying to see if i can resize partition using gparted04:46
Tootoot222bobas: you can't resize /04:46
Tootoot222while it's mounted04:46
IConrad01Jordan_U: You can't format a disk you're booting from either.04:46
Viking667The only problem I struck was with FreeBSD, but it wouldn't have been a problem if the 'target' machine actually supported booting from a USB drive to begin with.04:47
IConrad01So you can't do any of what I was saying if you're booting from the USB key.04:47
Evil_When I try to load up a livecd, it takes me to a terminal instead; how can I fix this?04:47
thatdude1Tootoot222, well i know that when i boot up with the livecd if i go to the hardware drivers menu in "sytem-> administration" i can see the name of the recommend drivers to install/enable..04:47
dumdumzfinally upgraded to 10.04 LTS, props to the devs. it's really nice so far04:47
bobaskernel is outdated though04:47
Tootoot222thatdude1: you can make a liveUSB with persistant storage, and install the drivers from there; that way they don't get lost when you try to reboot into them like a CD04:47
Viking667dumdumz: on what platform?04:48
Tootoot222Evil_: what ubuntu version?04:48
IConrad01Eh.  My approach was better tailored to making a true multiboot USB key.04:48
ActionParsnipEvil_: did you check the cd for defects?04:48
Bunburydoes anyone get total monitor/keyb/mouse lockup after multimedia use?04:48
defryskbobas, any module missing in kernel ?04:48
Tootoot222Evil_: try to press ctrl+alt+F7 or F804:48
IConrad01I have the i386 Ubuntu 10.04, amd64 Ubuntu 10.04, Backtrack 4, and memtest on my USB key.04:48
bobasdefrysk, not that i know of04:48
thatdude1Tootoot222, sounds like a plan, but the problem is i have an macbook pro and I dont think u can boot ubuntu off usb on it (mac os you can) or if it's possible there is some mad trickery/hackery involved04:48
Evil_ActionParsnip, yes, it was literally freshly burned and put in the drive04:49
thatdude1Tootoot222, so I need to get .deb files or something04:49
defryskbobas, then explain the outdated bit ?04:49
Viking667Or, if none of that works,   Alt-SysRQ-R, then go Ctl-Alt-F104:49
ActionParsnipEvil_: yes but did you run the cd self check?04:49
ActionParsnipEvil_: its part of the cd once you first boot to it04:49
Tootoot222thatdude1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41942704:49
wildbat_laptopubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B04:50
LantiziaAnyone a dovecot user in here?  Got a real amazingly simple question :) But #dovecot are dead.04:50
Bunburyanyone , total system lockups04:50
ActionParsnipLantizia: ask away, we may be able to help04:50
ActionParsnipBunbury: all fine here04:50
win_2_linuxi got the options on my laptop however it goes into hibernate even i choose suspend and I cant bring it back up04:50
LantiziaActionParsnip, When you access IMAP e-mail using something like Thunderbird... do the Sent / Drafts / Trash etc folders sit along side the Inbox folder - or inside the Inbox folder (like with courier)?04:51
defryskno issues Bunbury04:51
Bunburyanyone using arrandale i3 based laptop with lucid?04:51
rwwLantizia: I haven't used it in a while, but I believe alongside04:51
* rww isn't sure about that, though04:52
Lantiziahmm, ok anyone use Dovecot who knows?04:52
ActionParsnipLantizia: not sure personally, sorry04:52
Bunburyo well kernels 2.6.32 did it and 2.6.31 performed poorly04:53
Viking667Tootoot222: hm. You might be the person to ask then: how do I get 'proper' 3D accelerated rendering back?04:53
Bunburyjust installed 2.6.34  to see if its fixed04:53
Viking667... Because I think you'll agree a glxgears of 860 is _not_ fast... I've previously had 494504:54
ActionParsnipBunbury: could try maverick as well 2.6.3504:54
Bunburywhoah lol04:54
Tootoot222Viking667: what driver you using?04:54
Tootoot222and what card04:54
MaRk-ILantizia: you mean like this?? http://cutedgesystems.com/software/MailServePro/art/MailWithDovecot.jpg04:54
Viking667should be ati/radeon04:54
Viking667Radeon 9550 (rv350)04:54
abhi_navLantizia, I am using thenderbird04:54
Tootoot222Viking667: radeon (the free driver) has very little 3D, you have to use fglrx04:55
BunburyActionParsnip, thats in rc3 at this link http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/04:55
LantiziaMaRk-I, no thats not very clear whats going on04:55
ActionParsnipBunbury: not sure dude, all I know is maverick uses 3504:55
Lantiziaabhi_nav, what do you see?  Inbox next to the others, or the others inside Inbox?04:55
Bunburyyea i didnt want to use a non final one yet04:55
Bunburyrunning .34 first04:56
abhi_navLantizia, I ddnt got the difference04:56
Viking667Tootoot222: I can't _use_ that, the driver doesn't 'recognise' my card even exists.04:56
ActionParsnipBunbury: could use the livecd, just to test04:56
Bunburywill that run ok04:56
Lantiziaabhi_nav, Is Sent inside Inbox?04:56
Jordan_UIConrad01: With the netboot CD everything is loaded into RAM, so you can install to the device you loaded it from.04:56
Bunburythe test is to do alot of multimedia04:57
Viking667Tootoot222: that's partially why I installed libMesa to begin with.04:57
IConrad01Jordan_U: I've never touched one, so I couldn't tell you.04:57
Jordan_UIConrad01: I'm telling you :)04:57
AvaszI need a help in sharing internet from one pc to another04:57
abhi_navLantizia, no. when I sent some email from thunderbird that sent folder is not inside inbox. if i go to browser and sent mail from there it appers in inbox.04:57
flypiperdefrysk, wicd doesnt work either... it puts a very long scrambled number in ESSID.  Where do I edit the config file?04:58
Lantiziaabhi_nav, and your mail server is dovecot and you connect via imap?04:58
Tootoot222Viking667: you could try to install the xorg-edgers ppa, get the cutting edge drivers04:59
Jordan_Ubobas: Do you want to install 64 bit or 32 bit Ubuntu?04:59
Viking667By the way, where would I look to find old drivers, i.e. for summa-class tablets?04:59
Viking667I note that support for summa stopped rather abruptly04:59
ActionParsnipBunbury: should be fine, you will need to install video drivers if you have a video card requiring non-open drivers but this is very possible05:00
abhi_navLantizia, dont know about dovecot. but gmail uses imap05:00
Lantiziaabhi_nav, ok nevermind05:00
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: i access it in evolution using op05:00
Lantiziaabhi_nav, you've pretty much failed to see the entire point of my question :) it doesn't matter!05:00
abhi_navActionParsnip, 'op'?05:00
abhi_navLantizia, yes.05:01
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: s/op/pop05:01
Viking667Tootoot222: what do I need to stick after:  apt-add-repository ppa:    ?05:01
abhi_navActionParsnip, what is that?05:01
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: it means 'switch op for pop'05:01
abhi_navActionParsnip, ohh you mean imap , pop , pop3, ? that one pop?05:01
claygI was looking for an easy way to change the login screen and found the this http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Lucid#Login_Menu_settings but when I goto System>Admin there is no "Advanced" - how do I enable it?05:02
ActionParsnipclayg: http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1305:02
Tootoot222Viking667: system > administration > software sources > other software > add05:02
Tootoot222apt-get update & upgrade05:02
ActionParsnipclayg: easy stuff, run a command, log off, change screen, log on, runn command05:02
Tootoot222will probably be a lot of X-related packages05:03
Viking667ah. That's what I wanted to know. Thank you, it's not in the list of options I had... I just needed the 'xorg-edgers' bit05:03
ramaelwolfhello, I need help please!, my graphical interface suddenly stops working and it resets itself (just like when you hit ctrl + alt + backspace), and it hapens at least once a day, today I was burning a dvd and the GUI restarted and of course the dvd was nothing but garbage, any idea how to solve this?, the sistem sent me to this link http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2009/08/17/gnome-power-manager-and-blanking-removal-of-bodges/05:03
ActionParsnipViking667: xorg edgers is very bleeding edge so you may get issues05:03
claygActionParsnip, thanks for that guide, I'll give it a shot -the mention of an "advanced" tab in system>admin has me curious, do you know how to enable it?05:03
psuastiwhats the latest stable version of ubuntu?05:04
Viking667hmm. This doesn't look correct:  http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edge/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found05:04
abhi_nav!lucid | psuasti,05:04
ubottupsuasti,: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100405:04
ActionParsnipclayg: weird, was last updated 12th may this year too. i've used that guide with success and always give it to folks. personally i dont see the point as the login screen is up for all of a few seconds while users log in....05:05
Viking667Tootoot222: wht's the ref in your sources.list?05:05
ramaelwolfI dont use lucid linx, I use karmic koala05:05
claygActionParsnip, the guide you gave me seems to be dealing with the background of the login screen I want a whole different theme05:05
Viking667hm. splashy?05:05
SamualIs there any way to get a search box (e.g. for google or beagle) _inside_ the gnome panel itself? Right now the only search feature is a button which opens up an application/small window05:06
SamualI haven't been able to find any applets for it05:06
SamualWhat i'm looking for would be similar to e.g. the address bar in Windows05:06
Tootoot222Viking667: http://i45.tinypic.com/34ipszm.jpg05:06
* Viking667 hates the address bar in windows. it takes up space05:07
CuervoHas anyone been able to get the alsa-driver-linuxant package working on lucid? It always fails for me at the module building stage.05:07
SamualIt takes up space, but I have 3x 1920x1200 monitors, I have plenty of space.05:07
SamualIt's also useful :P05:07
greezmunkeyYeah, that's kind of pointless, as you're browser is just going to come up anyway :)05:07
Viking667hmmm. That's interesting.05:07
Samualgreezmunkey, well, it's not pointless for beagle05:08
Tootoot222Viking667: i don't actually use cairo-dock, i just like to 'wow' all the mac people i know ;D05:08
Tootoot222my high end gfx card doesn't like the default versions either05:08
Tootoot222the ones in the ppa work well05:09
greezmunkeySamual: I want to think I've run across that before, let me see what I can find...05:09
Viking667hm. my ref reads like this:  http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edger/ppa/ubuntu lucid main05:09
Viking667obviously that's not correct.05:09
=== SpyderBite is now known as Spyder|zzz
ennui is there a way to get gnome to remember to use metacity on log in? I had compiz but it is now gone and when I log in I have no window manager! Do I just add metacity to startup applications?05:10
psuastii was disconnected, is the latest stable version of ubuntu 10.4 or what?05:10
ActionParsnipSamual: http://projects.gnome.org/deskbar-applet/05:10
Viking667currently, yeah05:10
Tootoot222Viking667: nah that's right; ppa's just expand to their URL counterparts05:10
Samualgreezmunkey, K05:10
abhi_nav!lucid | psuasti05:10
ubottupsuasti: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100405:10
Viking667I have "edger"   not "edgers" like your screenshot05:11
ramaelwolfplease someone, how to fix this gpm problem restarting the GUI, Im on ubuntu 9.1005:11
SamualActionParsnip, eh not _exactly_ what i'm looking for, it still has a drop down window, but I guess that's the best I can do (I saw it earlier btw)05:11
SamualI'll still see if I can find one in the panel itself05:11
paradellohow i install my grafic card on Ubuntu? The model is ATI Radeon 920005:12
ActionParsnipSamual: could just use find in a terminal ;)05:12
soreauennui: Start metacity, then close all windows and go to sys>prefs>startup programs>options and click remember currently running application button05:12
ActionParsnipparadello: the open drivers support that card and are part of a standard install05:13
SamualActionParsnip, I suppose :P Oh well05:13
Viking667Tootoot222: I suspect I've corrected the messup.05:13
Serephhow can you make gnome not ask whether to run a shellscript in terminal or display it, i just want it to run the script when its double clicked05:13
Viking667Sereph: that's a nautilus setting, I guess.05:13
ChogyDanennui: what happened to compiz?05:13
soreauChogyDan: His nvidia driver causes sync issues with video playback05:14
Tootoot222Sereph: it involves right clicking on it or something05:14
Tootoot222it can be done05:14
SerephTootoot222: i want it to default tho05:14
sinnedamhey guys new to ubuntu here..i seem to have an issue where sometimes part of my top panel disappears where the system time is shown05:14
Serephsinnedam: I think thats a bug05:15
Tootoot222sinnedam: i have that problem too05:15
Tootoot222mostly when i have 2 monitors enabled05:15
Tootoot222if i disable the 2nd monitor it goes away05:15
Viking667And my bottom panel doesn't seem to appear until I change desktops05:15
SerephTootoot222: its unrelated to that, I've got that issue on my laptop05:15
sinnedamyeah this is a laptop too05:15
Viking667I've also got multiple monitors.05:15
Serephsinnedam: is part of the clock cut off?05:15
|BL4CK-V1RUZ|hi all05:16
Tootoot222Sereph: this is my laptop i'm talking about05:16
|BL4CK-V1RUZ|i am a new in this chanel05:16
SerephTootoot222: with 2 monitors?05:16
Tootoot222i routinely have it hooked into a hdmi port going to my TV05:16
sinnedamwell last night it was cut off tonight its part of the wireless network icon thats missing05:16
Viking667woo... heavy.05:16
ennuichogyDan: I removed it. I will put it back soon. I was trying to see if it was my window managers that were causing all the tearing in Mplayer and VLC. I even turned off compositing. nope. Must be the poopy NVIDIA drivers(yes I have sync to vblank enabled)  though no one is responding in their channel. Wanted to know if there is a repo and what the newest(dev?) version was.05:16
Serephsinnedam: yes thats a bug as far as i know, i know how to get around it but not fix it05:16
Serephsinnedam: right click the top panel and go to properties and play with the expand and show hide buttons checkboxes and it should fix itself05:17
Serephsinnedam: I'm going to see if its a reported but or what05:17
sinnedamah your right that fixed it05:18
sinnedamat least temporarily05:18
Viking667Right. Time I went and rebooted the poor Ubuntoid05:18
ramaelwolfcan someone help me please, Im on ubuntu 9.10 and I have this issue05:18
ramaelwolfI dont know how to fix it, help please?05:18
greezmunkeySamual: heh, you may have already seen / heard but it was Deskbar i was referring to earlier. I haven't tried it personally though.05:19
Serephsinnedam: heh its a 10.04 bug afaik05:19
greezmunkeySamual: http://browserbookapp.sourceforge.net/deskbar.html05:21
Samualgreezmunkey, Odd, doesn't seem to work that way anymore05:21
greezmunkeySamual: ?05:21
SamualYou can't make it a text box anymore05:22
sinnedamis there a good av client for ubuntu?05:22
SamualAt least, from what I see05:22
greezmunkeySamual: did you check in "preferences" ?05:22
SamualOf course :P05:22
greezmunkeySamual: idk05:22
uiends of taskbar are blurred but drop down menus and everything else looks fine. is it the monitor or do i need to edit xconf.org files05:23
Tootoot222sinnedam: av == antivirus?05:23
Tootoot222there is clamav, but ubuntu doesn't get viruses05:24
dumdumzreturn true05:24
greezmunkeyui: can you paste a screenshot?05:24
Tootoot222clam is for scanning mail and your windows partition when /it/ gets viruses05:24
wildbat_laptopubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B05:24
Jordan_U!virus | sinnedam05:24
ubottusinnedam: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus05:24
gunther44hi, i've just installed apache and php5, but pdo has no drivers at all, rendering it useless05:25
sinnedamcome on there has to be some threats..even macs can be compromised05:25
greezmunkeyui: heh, screenshot probably won't show that...not if it's a geometry issue (just occurred to me) sorry.05:25
tuntunHi, I have 'check my spelling as i type' enabled with a dictionary installed, why doesnt the spellchecker work until I select 'check spelling'?05:25
sweetpithats a bit misleading... thery do exist for linux05:25
gunther44yeah, of course they exist05:26
monoxideanyone know a better app to convert mp4 to avi then deeveedee, and handbreak fails to encode properly for my dvd player05:26
gunther44you need to check for rootkits05:26
alexs__k pss05:26
gunther44anyone who says 'you don't need antivirus' is wrong :)05:26
sweetpiexactly my thought05:26
alexs__somebody from mexico05:26
=== Cain` is now known as Cain
chalcedonycheck the history of linux05:27
monoxideIConrad01 ping05:27
sinnedamyeah..im not saying they are as prevalent as in Windows, but they have to be out there05:27
Jordan_Usweetpi: Name one linux virus that was actually in the wild. Note that trogan != virus.05:27
chalcedonyllhull@Marcus:~$ /etc/init.d/cupsys start05:28
chalcedonybash: /etc/init.d/cupsys: No such file or directory - um help? i need to print pdfs05:28
greezmunkeyJordan_U: is a riffer a trojan, seems like it would be...05:28
gunther44trojan / virus. both are undesirable, so for all intents and purposes, they're the same05:28
Tootoot222chalcedony: i only have /etc/init.d/cups05:28
sweetpiJordan_U: i just stated the bot response was a bit misleading, im not trying to start an argument05:29
* monoxide checks thoggen thanks hiexpo 05:29
pcilatencyhttp://pastebin.com/bkrNGtEB << how do i configure this latency for 1...and enable access to 1gb of swap?05:29
Tootoot222gunther44: no; you don't get trogans from the repos05:29
ActionParsnipgunther44: depends on use, if the system has no internet or network access and is standalone then it is not needed05:29
Tootoot222so you don't get trojans at all05:29
sinnedamright..obviously..but im talking about an internet connected PC05:29
chalcedony* Starting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd                                 cupsd: Child exited with status 1! [fail]05:29
Tootoot222chalcedony: try restart instead of start05:30
pcilatencytrojans are small programs..they need to be d/led first..a remote connection can do this05:30
greezmunkeychalcedony: it may already be running???05:30
Jordan_Usinnedam: Threats yes, viruses no.05:30
chalcedonystart-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 3056: Operation not permitted [fail]05:30
Tootoot222chalcedony: use sudo05:30
Tootoot222sudo /etc/init.d....05:30
greezmunkeychalcedony: sudo???05:30
monoxidehiexpo, says thoggen flaws is that is slow and only encodes in one codec05:30
ui@greezmunkey np, thanks05:31
gunther44Tootoot222: soo... people install from elsewhere05:31
chalcedonywill try that.. there is some command i can't find for printing from commandline that will make it unneeded05:31
gunther44ActionParsnip: yeah, sure, but they can still eat up kaboodles of cpu / memory05:31
Tootoot222gunther44: obv that's why the repos exist; so you shouldn't05:31
hiexpomonoxide,  http://www.ehow.com/how_5128176_convert-avi-open-source-software.html05:31
Pinaguys.. something very weird is happenning here..05:31
Tootoot222ideally the repos contain all the software that you need, and is verified to be virus free05:31
gunther44Tootoot222: uhh? you think the repos handle 100% of software needs? really?05:31
greezmunkeyui: get the specs on your monitor, once you have that, you can tune X properly.05:31
hiexpomonoxide,  ya thoggen was wrong sorry05:32
pcilatencyrepos are constantly updated via secure methods, and scanned for changes..a virus or trojan there would be highly unlikely05:32
gunther44i cannot believe that php5 is installed from the repos with pdo, with no drivers. that's just retarded05:32
monoxidetmpgenc works on linux?05:32
sinnedamok, but a compromised website for instance...a browser flaw...could lead to an infection?05:32
Pinaearly i installed mplayer and xmms2 here.. but, none of them appear in 'application>multimedia', but, when i run their names in some terminal, it gives me a list of possible commands from the program.. what i have to do?05:32
* monoxide googles more, that would be to easy05:32
pcilatencysinn yea.. if your useing internet explorer05:33
sinnedamfirefox has flaws too05:33
pcilatencynot like ie05:33
gunther44from firefox 2-3 mozilla fixed ~300 bugs iirc05:33
uigreezmunkey: what do you mean by specs...resolution?05:33
chalcedonymiracles - it works! thank you all!05:33
gunther44they all have insecurities. anyone who disagrees is wrong!05:33
FabParmawhat is the more precise hardware diagnostic for Ubuntu, i mean like astra, everest or sandra for ms05:33
pcilatencywell of course if you use outdated software..your asking for issues05:33
sinnedamso..based on the fact that it is possible to be infected...what options do i have for AV?05:34
greezmunkeyui: yes, what freqs and resolutions it supports...05:34
Pinaanyone knows how to fix it?05:34
Jordan_Usinnedam: Yes, that's possible but 1: I've never heard of it happening and 2: Antivirus software wouldn't help you there because that's not a virus.05:34
sinnedamwhats not a virus?05:34
hiexpomonoxide,  or i use real media convertor05:34
uigreezmunkey: that might be a problem because the monitor app thinks its a 72" monitor when its a 32"05:34
pcilatencyanti-v and f/ws have things to scan for changes or pups05:34
gunther4432" monitor? wow!05:35
pcilatencythose are what i would look for for a linux os..05:35
pcilatencyubuntu has several a/v and fw's in place already05:35
Tootoot222sinnedam: any linux 'virus' is most likely somebody just installing sshd, a few root crontabs, and probably changing the root password05:35
pcilatencyalmost all up to date linux distros do05:36
Tootoot222there's not a whole lot you can do to 'antivirus' against that05:36
monoxideye maybe ill just stick with deeveedee, unless I can run tmpgenc in wine :)05:36
greezmunkeyui: ohh, you may have to do some dinking with it, but be careful!05:36
ActionParsnippcilatency: it'd be alerting on one of my systems permanently, it uses puppy which uses pup files ;)05:36
monoxideI'v spent lots of hours with tmpgenc05:36
Jordan_Usinnedam: Not all malware are viruses. Viruses, as they propagate themselves, can be identified fairly reliably with antivirus statistics. Trogans and other non-virus malware often cannot.05:36
pcilatencypuppy is an os.. not a potentially unwanted program lol05:36
monoxideI got a bad MBR virus in my win box05:37
monoxideits hellish05:37
ActionParsnipJordan_U: some virus' are human propegated too like the ones saying "send this to 20 people or little boy in africa gets no goats"05:37
Jordan_Usinnedam: *antivirus heuristics05:37
uigreezmunkey: sorry, whats 'dinking'?05:37
monoxideno time for repair when ubuntu runs :)05:37
sinnedamor "bill gates will send you 20 bucks to forward this to everyone you know"05:37
Jordan_UActionParsnip: Yes, but those viruses aren't detected by antivirus software anyway :)05:37
greezmunkeyui: :) playing, tweaking, etc...05:38
needhelphelp me plz05:38
pcilatencyviruses can also install in unused memory  free space or ram...i've even had a modem become infected and infect other systems...05:38
ActionParsnipJordan_U: true but they fall into the category of virus and Sophos etc class them as such too. interesting stuff05:38
uigreesmunkey: ah okay, yea i figured. it doesnt look as bad when i put it in full res mode, so i might just deal05:38
needhelpanyone help here on winxp?05:39
sinnedamI seem to remember about a year ago reading an article about a linux botnet that was discovered05:39
pcilatencyi've got clam a/v on this ubu install..05:39
Viking667meh. Didn't work.05:39
Pinai know its boring.. but i just found a file that ive looking for a hole week.. so.. i want to see this too much.. its a wma file, and appears that i cant open it :/05:39
wildbat_laptopneedhelp, wrong channel05:39
* monoxide ask lame question why windows is so inffectable but linux is not05:39
ActionParsnipeasiest way to avoid virus' is to keep a good image of your system partition every once in a while and do intelligent backups of user data, if yuo get a virus simply wipe the drive clean of any data then restore image and data05:39
Viking667Well, Xorg works, but it only works the same as before, glxgears still gives me 864-ish for a number05:39
zenlunaticmonoxide, thats a dead horse05:40
abhi_navneedhelp, join #windows05:40
wildbat_laptopmonoxide, coz microsoft is lame05:40
Viking667ActionParsnip: until a virus gets copied to /home/user05:40
pcilatencymicroshet purposely let things open and put things in windows to let "authorities" log in and spy oon you...mono05:40
pcilatencytake a good look at your registry sometime05:40
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:40
Pinaif somebody please help me, i'll be very thankfully.. please..05:41
Jordan_Usinnedam: If you want to try to determine if your computer has been compromised you can use tools like debsums rkhunter. But that's really for the paranoid and those running servers.05:41
pcilatencymost people who code openly know of these exploits and methods and try to prevent it05:41
pcilatency<< paranoid05:41
bazhangpcilatency, keep it on topic05:42
pcilatencyuh ok?05:42
abhi_navPina, try opening it in vlc?05:42
pcilatencyhttp://pastebin.com/bkrNGtEB << how do i make this things latency 1 and shared video ram via swap?05:42
Pinaabhi_nav: i alredy tried it.. but, nothing.. it appears running, but no sound..05:43
abhi_navPina, you mean video plays but no sound?05:43
ActionParsnipViking667: true but you can avoid them if the data is scanned before archive. theres no 100% method but you can get close05:43
Tootoot222Viking667: lol, 800 is good; i get 900-1000 on my radeon hd 467005:43
Pinaabhi_nav: i can speak to you in pvt?05:44
FabParmawhat is the more complete hardware information tool for Ubuntu? i mean something like astra, everest or sandra for ms05:44
bazhangFabParma, sudo lshw05:44
abhi_navPina, what happends? ask here only. I am not a master. you keep your question here only05:45
abhi_navPina, I mean I know everything.05:45
abhi_nav!pm | Pina05:45
ubottuPina: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:45
psuastiwhats the latest stable release of ubuntu?05:45
Viking667Tootoot222: uh, I was getting 4900-5000 before I upgraded to 10.0405:45
abhi_navPina, ***I mean I DONT know everything**05:46
Viking667psuasti: err, 10.0405:46
Viking667I thought we aneswered that question?05:46
FabParmabazhang: Thanks, its fabulous05:46
win_2_linuxi liked the conversaton about viruses it was informative05:46
pcilatencyme 205:46
pcilatencybut it was off topic05:46
Pinaabhi_nav: ok, sorry. well.. its an audio file.. and i downloaded mplayer and xmms2.. but none of them appear in the installed programs, also, when i run their names in some terminal, it gives me a list of possible options..05:46
Viking667go grab mplayer-gui05:47
pcilatencyhow do i change pci latency settings? http://pastebin.com/bkrNGtEB05:47
Viking667and mplayer works like this:    mplayer yourfile.wav05:47
ActionParsnipFabParma: its easier to read if yuo use: sudo lshw | less05:47
Pinai have audacious, vlc and realplayer too here.. but, none of them can run the audio file.. its a wma file05:47
Viking667ahhh. Then you need extra plugins05:47
abhi_navPina, do what Viking667 saying05:47
ActionParsnip!codecs | pina05:47
ubottupina: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:47
pcilatencywma, is windows media player only05:47
Viking667has win32 in the name, but I can't remember its name exactly05:48
pcilatencythat may help you05:48
ActionParsnipPina: the players all use a common codec pool, so the player is moot05:48
ActionParsnipViking667: w32codecs05:48
Viking667that's the one05:48
sinnedambye guys thanks for help05:48
Viking667ActionParsnip: actually,  not all players use w32codecs05:48
Pinayeah.. i installed the w32codecs too, but i cant open the mplayer, so, its helpless.. i'll try to find he mplayer-gui, Viking66705:49
pcilatencyi've been asking about this for 3 days now...how do i change my pci latency timigs...http://pastebin.com/bkrNGtEB what exactly do i type?05:49
Viking667describe "can't open the mplayer"?05:49
=== rsfaze is now known as rsfazeaway
PinaViking667: it doesnt appear in the 'aplications>miltimedia'05:50
Pinai mean.. i didnt find a way to run the interface of it05:50
=== rsfazeaway is now known as help
Viking667Ah, that's because you need mplayer-gui (i you want a pretty window)05:50
ActionParsnipPina: gnome-mplayer05:50
Viking667or that'll do05:50
pcilatencyyou try winamp xD05:50
=== help is now known as Guest86311
ActionParsnipPina: could try realplayer05:50
Viking667xmms is better in some regards than xmms2, as there's more plugins05:51
=== Guest86311 is now known as rsfazeaway
wildbat_laptoppcilatency, i think pci latency is motherboard setting05:51
* ActionParsnip uses deadbeef, its spiffy05:51
Viking667but whatever the case, you're going to at least need the w32codecs, but it seems you've installed them.05:51
PinaActionParsnip: i tried it. i have it here too, but didnt work.. :/05:51
pcilatencyno its software and os dependant05:51
Pinathe realplayer05:51
MaRk-Ipcilatency: "man setpci"05:51
Redcl0udDoes anyone know if there are linux drivers for the Belkin n52te yet?05:52
pcilatencyin 8.04 there was something called tweakd .. i could do it gui but the setting for video never took05:52
Pinaguys, thank you all.. i'll try to get the mplayer-gui and see what happens.. really.. ure the best05:52
pcilatencyhi mark.. yes i know thats what is used..but i don't know how to put this http://pastebin.com/bkrNGtEB where it needs to be05:52
abhi_navRedcl0ud, what is it?05:52
ActionParsnipRedcl0ud: does it make events if you run: xev   in a terminal?05:52
pcilatencyman setpci device name.. latency 1  shared ram enable what? how? who?05:53
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: looks like a weird gaming device05:53
Redcl0udabhi_nav: its considered a speed pad05:53
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/3Zl8PhoJvF8G-dWPmyV9DSXjz4OwJEiEwSX_aiakm_gVIKAaTl0Pc8vQMo8N5fXKvhceRkbF9AUDXfjaYo3P39zK84qrsXnWgRFWh1IP3JEPD2vucb9m1bq0ReA_05:53
abhi_navActionParsnip, Redache aahhh ok05:53
NinoScriptAnybody here knows about analog electronics? please PM me, or join channel ##electronics if you do :D05:54
ChrazRitthey ActionParsnip you still here?05:54
Viking667hm? What sort of analog?05:54
ActionParsnipRedcl0ud: does it make events in xev05:54
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: probably ;)05:54
Redcl0udActionParsnip: if I move the thumb controller I can see the stuff on my desktop get highlighted one at a time but that is about all05:54
Viking667oh, hang on - that looks like a bot05:54
jsecEvening all. On my laptop (MacBook), even after a full charge my battery life indicator reads 0%. I've had a few times where my laptop dies because I have no idea how much battery life I have left. Any ideas?05:54
ActionParsnipRedcl0ud: have you contacted belkin?05:55
Redcl0udActionParsnip I am still fully getting used to Ubuntu05:55
NinoScriptViking667, like how to design Analog Computers or use OPAMPS05:55
Viking667geez. You're not after a small field there, dude.05:55
MaRk-Ipcilatency: you want to change brightness?05:55
pcilatencylike what exactly is the device name05:55
ActionParsnipRedcl0ud: we all are dude, every day is a school day05:55
Redcl0udActionParsnip: I been looking online along with their website but no luck so far05:56
PinaViking667: ok, i installed the mplayer-gui. how i can open it?05:56
pcilatencyno latency05:56
Viking667I mean, you're talking about all sorts of off-topic stuff there, like design of capacitors, EME scatter, all sorts of things.05:56
Viking667Pina: look under Multimedia now05:56
L-----Din 10.04, can the Evolution Mail Client minimize to Indicator05:56
PinaViking667: is isnt there05:56
SamualIs there any way to make my applications like e.g. rhythmbox use the notification area instead of the indicator applet again? The indicator applet is a retarded and inconsistent design, it leaves out all my other applications and it just clashes with my theme05:56
greezmunkeyAnalog computers...you may as well handwrap and use tubes...05:56
* Viking667 checks on his computer05:56
NinoScriptViking667, yes I know, I just need some guidance, and nobody listens in ##electronics :( they're always busy talking about horses or pepsi :S05:57
ActionParsnipRedcl0ud: give them an email, see what they say05:57
greezmunkeyNinoScript: that's code talk there, bud...05:57
ActionParsnipNinoScript: try in #ubuntu-offtopic05:57
pcilatencywould the device name be simply nvidia?05:57
ChrazRittActionParsnip, i tried installing the sensor packages from the synaptic package manager, and i got back a error message that is over my head, where can i post the message so you can take a look. also do you recall what my issues were earlier?05:58
PinaViking667: any other idea?05:58
MaRk-Ipcilatency: check the examples at the bottom http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/setpci.8.html05:58
Viking667Pina: hmmm... I can't seem to find it either, not even under "Audio/Video"05:59
pcilatencywell yea mark...but i can't use that if i don't know what it's looking for as a device name05:59
PinaViking667: mplayer, xmms2 and now mplayer-gui isnt appearing in Multimedia..05:59
researcher1how 2 creat a deb file05:59
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports06:00
Pinawhen i right-click my files and search a program to run it, these programs just isnt appearing that too06:00
olskolirchey cool dolls and cats what can I use to download youtube videos?06:00
L-----DI think there are some problem with Indicator and Evolution06:00
L-----Dthey don't work together06:00
abhi_navolskolirc, download helper and down them all06:00
researcher1I have .tar.bz2 and want 2 creaty .DEB . Kindly Advice06:01
Pinau know Viking667.. its like that programs just dont exist.. but, when i put their names in a terminal (console, or whatever), it gives some commands about it..06:01
olskolircthanks abhi_nav06:01
Viking667Mine is under "Sound and Video"06:01
NinoScriptolskolirc, You can use JDownloader :D, or any of the many browser plugins or greasemonkey scripts :)06:01
Viking667but then I'm using Medibuntu06:01
ChrazRittbtw ActionParsnip i looked into the fan controls on this machine, and there are 2 places where i can have an effect, in bios, 'fan always on' enable or disable. the other is a software fan speed control in windows 7. i think i need something that will allow me to get at the fan speed control06:01
abhi_navoldezcat, hmm06:01
Viking667How are you installing mplayer-gui ?06:02
MaRk-Ipcilatency: first line of what you posted "01:02.0"06:02
Viking667i.e. what program are you using?06:02
olskolircwow thanks NinoScript06:02
PinaViking667: by synaptic06:02
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: yep, cheap fan control using software instead of a nice sensor doing the work for you06:02
Viking667weird. That's the right way to do it.06:02
wildbat_laptopubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B06:02
ActionParsnip!info youtube-dl | olskolirc06:02
ubottuolskolirc: youtube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube. In component universe, is extra. Version 2010.04.04-1 (lucid), package size 24 kB, installed size 116 kB06:02
Viking667try this in a terminal somewhere:  which gmplayer06:02
abhi_navwhich is ubuntu manual channel?06:02
Pinayes.. i know.. i try apt-get (thats the same think but in command lines) and isnt worked too..06:03
ActionParsnipolskolirc: there are also addons for various browser which let you too06:03
Evil_I still can't get my brother's computer to actually load up the live cd; it goes to a terminal instead06:03
ChrazRittActionParsnip, the options in 7 are to speed up the fan before slowing the cpu or not06:03
ActionParsnipEvil_: what does /var/log/xorg.0.log say?06:03
Viking667Pina: could you tell me what this says when yo utype it in a terminal:   which gmplayer06:04
pcilatencymark so if run exactly as setpci  -d  *:*  latency_timer=40 all pci devices are now set at 64?06:04
ChrazRittActionParsnip, wouldn't such a setting need sensors to activate it?06:05
PinaViking667: it returns a dir.. /usr/bin/gmplayer06:05
abhi_navhey, which is ubuntu manual channel?06:05
Viking667Good. At least the program's installed.06:06
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: yes but the reaction to the sensor is in the OS06:06
win_2_linuxtime for sleep night06:06
PinaViking667: but stills not appearing in multimedia, or any of the others labels.. :/06:06
Viking667Pina: have a hunt. If in doubt, log out, log back in. Sometimes the menus need a re-hash.06:07
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: maybe there are some boot options you need06:07
Pinaok, Viking667, i'll try it.06:07
ChrazRittActionParsnip, i don't recall where people like to post large amounts of data or text whenwanting someone on an irc channel to be able to look at it06:07
Viking667Mine didn't, "mplayer media player" appeared in my menus06:07
Jordan_U!pastebin | ChrazRitt06:08
ubottuChrazRitt: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:08
luxigoWhere do i set permission for using cups printer from remote computers when i have error "Returning IPP client-error-not-authorized for Print-Job" ?.. setting "Allow all" for <Location /> doesnt works :-/06:08
Viking667... under "Sound and Video", but that may be different on a plain Ubuntu system.06:08
pcilatencycrap that didnt work06:08
ActionParsnip!paste | ChrazRitt06:08
pcilatencyand now all pci devices have the timing of 64 =c06:08
pcilatencythey are going to conflict06:08
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Evil_ActionParsnip, any way I can paste it through the terminal? lol06:09
Evil_I'm on my laptop right now, the error is occuring on my brother's computer06:09
MaRk-Ipcilatency: that's why you have to name the device you need to change your vga is 01:02.006:09
soronideI want to take a small 6th grade girl, and tie her to a chair, fucking her in the mouth until I blow my load all over her face, laughing as tears are streaming down from her eyes. Then after untying her, and retying her to a bed, I would rape her like that. Afterwards, I'd cut her open, and screw her organs, ejaculating amongst her blood and internal organs, listening to her screams and whimpers of pain, until she finally dies from losing ...06:09
rww!ops | soronide06:09
ubottusoronide: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!06:09
MaRk-Ilspci gives you the names06:09
soronide... too much blood, in which case, I'll continue to fuck her internal organs, then I would cut her apart, and burn her, offering her to some demonic entity in a sick and demented ritual.06:09
hiexpoabout linux virus http://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/8261-note-to-new-linux-users-no-antivirus-needed06:09
Viking667oh, please...06:09
Viking667shoot soronide06:10
rwwViking667: it's been dealt with.06:10
Viking667hmm. Good one.06:10
Evil_ActionParsnip, it says the fatal error was "no screens found"06:10
ActionParsniphiexpo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware06:10
ActionParsnipEvil_: did you burn the cd yourself?06:10
pcilatencyyea mark but that didnt work..the numbers..06:10
intokAnyone got an acer aspire one D250? After restart I can't get the synaptics touch pad to work in UNR 10.4 or XP SP306:11
Evil_ActionParsnip, yes.06:11
ChrazRittActionParsnip, here is the error message i ended up with after trying to install the sensors in ubuntu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/455311/06:11
Evil_I get the same error with my arch cd too06:11
PinaViking667: it worked, man. now the mplayer is appearing in Multimedia, but i have anothe problem to care about.. it show a error when i try to run the file.. DRM encription..06:11
ActionParsnipEvil_: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded06:11
Viking667Pina: I can't do anything about the encryption, I'm sorry.06:11
hiexpoActionParsnip,  - kool thanx06:12
Viking667In fact, I don't know if Linux can do anything about an encrypted file.06:12
AlanatiirHas anyone here tried to install a driver for an ATI Radeon Series X1200 built into a motherboard of a laptop with Lucid Lynx as the OS (64 bit)?  I'm having trouble trying to get the laptop to recognize the driver so I can play with MMOs.06:12
Viking667(at least for DRM, that's probably true)06:12
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: doesnt look healthy and there is so little information06:12
mygoodsI want to take a small 6th grade girl, and tie her to a chair, fucking her in the mouth until I blow my load all over her face, laughing as tears are streaming down from her eyes. Then after untying her, and retying her to a bed, I would rape her like that. Afterwards, I'd cut her open, and screw her organs, ejaculating amongst her blood and internal organs, listening to her screams and whimpers of pain, until she finally dies from losing ...06:12
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: try this: http://pastebin.com/EHkCuFA306:13
intokanybody? because the only USB mouse I have is an old apple one with only one button06:13
monoxidewhat the hell06:13
monoxidethat was gross06:13
Call_Saulweird ban06:13
Viking667... only the second time in three minutes06:13
macomonoxide: and the person has been banned06:13
Viking667Call_Saul: valid ban.06:13
AlanatiirAnyone able to help me with this laptop ATI Radeon X1200 issue?06:13
Call_SaulViking667: I know06:13
bazhanglets move on please06:13
Call_SaulI meant the *!*@*06:14
macoCall_Saul: my script got confused by the person already being removed06:14
Call_Saulah k06:14
Viking667ooo, nice.06:14
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
ActionParsnipsounds like my average monday morning06:14
greeftizeI want to take a small 6th grade girl, and tie her to a chair, fucking her in the mouth until I blow my load all over her face, laughing as tears are streaming down from her eyes. Then after untying her, and retying her to a bed, I would rape her like that. Afterwards, I'd cut her open, and screw her organs, ejaculating amongst her blood and internal organs, listening to her screams and whimpers of pain, until she finally dies from 06:14
greeftize... too much blood, in which case, I'll continue to fuck her internal organs, then I would cut her apart, and burn her, offering her to some demonic entity in a sick and demented ritual.06:14
FloodBot3greeftize: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:14
ChrazRittok ActionParsnip i type slow, so my comment was meant for before your latest post to me06:14
Viking667but a g-line is rather better... untill the git comes back with a different IP06:14
btiplinghow do I fix a sudoers permission file with the wrong permissions? I used sudo to change the permissions so I can edit it, but now I can't use sudo at all anymore06:15
AlanatiirOk, I will try again later.06:15
btiplingI don't have a root account set up06:15
btiplingis there anything I can do?06:15
macoViking667: both people posting had different IPs, different nicks, and differnt user id's... there's no ban mask thatd have caught both06:15
pcilatencywell blocking a range of ip's is pretty effective06:15
GryllidaHi, how do I rename a file in Terminal?06:15
ActionParsnip!noroot | btipling06:15
ubottubtipling: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.06:15
macobtipling: boot into recovery mode06:15
ActionParsnipGryllida: mv filename newname06:15
pcilatencyas well as the mac06:15
macobtipling: itll take you to a root shell06:15
Evil_What's up with these rape stories?06:15
Gryllidathanks ActionParsnip06:16
ActionParsnipEvil_: troll06:16
macopcilatency: we cant block by MAC and those IPs were in no way related06:16
Evil_he should at least do it right, lol06:16
pcilatency=/ well hope w/e is possible is effective..that was quite disturbing06:16
Viking667pity that.06:16
macopcilatency: think "whack-a-mole"06:16
Evil_btw, ActionParsnip I don't know why I'm getting that 'no screen' error, it worked perfectly fine with windows (prolly not sayin much) and arch gave me the same error when I was isntalling Xorg06:17
abhi_guys I am not able to turn on the wifi on my Dell Studio laptop with the "fn+wifi key"... sometimes the wifi is turned on during booting..06:17
ActionParsnipEvil_: try the safe vga boot options06:17
pcilatencywhat turns it off?06:17
abhi_it works fine when it is turn on.. but now i m not able to turn it on using the multimedia keys.06:17
Evil_ActionParsnip, how do I do that?06:17
abhi_while my volume and brightness keys are working fine.. any help06:18
pcilatencyre-install multimedia keybord?06:18
pcilatencydid you do updates before this happened?06:18
enthdegreefor some reason after a distro upgrade I can't boot with the default kernel06:19
ChrazRittActionParsnip, on the second step i got this back: 'E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)'06:19
enthdegreeIt says something about 'not being able to synch the vfs'06:19
pcilatencyusually the top bootable is the recent update06:19
pcilatencyonce you update the old kernal is not enabled..06:20
ActionParsnipChrazRitt: ok then go find what that means06:20
ChrazRittshould i continue with more steps ActionParsnip?06:20
imaekI'm having a problem with two CD drives. One constantly gets Buffer I/O errors, the other (I think properly functioning) doesn't even appear. How do I get Ubuntu to recognize a second CD drive?06:20
ubutomimaek, check the cables06:21
AnellHi, I seem to be having issues in Ubuntu when I try to move a file to the "System Files" folder.06:21
pcilatencyi've gotten buffer errors from bad disks or cd/rw dvd/rw's that have not been properly erased..06:22
bazhangAnell, why would you need to move files there06:22
tigrangAnell use sudo - only if you know what you're doing06:22
AnellBecause I need to move I certification to etc/ssl/certs06:22
imaekubutom: I'm pretty positive the upper cd drive (the one that isn't being recognized) is fully functional under any other OS06:22
bazhangAnell, use sudo then06:23
intokAnyone got an acer aspire one D250? After a crash in the touchpad driver on UNR I can't get the synaptics touch pad to work in UNR 10.4 or XP SP306:23
AnellWhat would the command be?06:23
tigrangAnell sudo cp or gksu nautilus for gui06:23
imaekpcilatency: it isn't the disk; I'm trying to play DVD's, all of which return buffer i/o errors.06:23
AnellOkay, thanks06:23
ubutomimaek, master/slave settings correct? pretty positive? You mean it worked in other oses?06:23
enthdegreeIt says something about 'not being able to synch the vfs' Can I fix that?06:23
enthdegreefor some reason after a distro upgrade I can't boot with the default kernel06:23
pcilatencyimek have you installed it's drivers? i had an old drive that needed it's own drivers and wasnt detectable..without them?06:23
imaekubutom: I have no idea how to even go about checking that, regrettably. I have had it functional under XP in the past.06:24
imaekThough there was always issues.06:24
pcilatencywhat kinda drive is it?06:25
pcilatencymaker /model?06:25
ubutomimaek, the drives have a setting on the back, you can change it with a pin, there is also alsmost always a little picture describing how to set a drive in master /slave or cable select modes06:25
pcilatencysome newer ones will auto select if the jumper thingy is removed...don't lose it06:26
ubutomimaek, first drive is master, second has to be slave or cable select for example06:26
ubutomimaek, you could also unplug the faulty one and see if the other is recognized then, I personally youldn't keep a malfunctioning drive in my box06:26
pcilatency^^ it could cause all kinds of trouble06:27
AnellWould the command for copying content be just (the file) -- (the directory)?06:27
imaekubutom: I'm going to try that.06:27
AnellBecause when I use cp --help, I see to two Dashes and the message saying it copies content.06:28
pcilatencyugh well lets see if these settings conflict =c06:28
ubutomimaek, some old ide cables also don't support the necessary bandwidth and won't work with two drives attached to them, but that'S just guessing now06:28
imaekThat actually sounds quite reasonable. The secondary drive is a DVD burner which is not so important anymore.06:29
ubutomimaek, or better said, they will work, but at slower speeds and with problems06:29
pcilatencyyea the older less dense ones..what is it 40 some pins..and then the best one is 80 some wires/pins?06:29
ubutompcilatency, yeah06:29
ubutompcilatency, had to learn that firsthand when I tried to use some old cables in a new desktop ;)06:30
phil_I'm having a problem with Ubuntu where, after I log in, I cannot see anything but the desktop background.  I can still run programs with Alt + F2, etc., but I don't see the taskbars or desktop icons.  Any ideas?06:30
hiexpothat sicko was from indonessia06:30
abhi_help guys06:30
imaekHey, I think it's recognizing it, ubutom!06:30
pcilatencyyou can tell them apart easily..most mainstream manufacturers will use the 40 less dense and cheaper..it is well worth finding an 80 wire cable06:30
ubutomimaek, what have you done? unplugged the second?06:30
sweetpiAnell: cp sourcepath destinationpath06:30
ubutomimaek, try changing the setting of the second, maybe it'S jsut not correctly jumpered06:31
Anellokay, thanks06:31
imaekubutom: It's now recognizing the first, but I'm still getting the buffer i/o errors....06:31
bazhangabhi_, help with what06:31
imaekI unplugged the second, yeah06:31
ubutompcilatency, at that time I had only old ones around and they kinda used the oldest parts they could find :(06:31
abhi_I am not able to turn on the wifi on my Dell Studio laptop with the "fn+wifi key"... sometimes the wifi is turned on during booting..06:32
abhi_it works fine when it is turn on.. but now i m not able to turn it on using the multimedia keys.06:32
abhi_while my volume and brightness keys are working fine.. any help06:32
=== jnperlin_ is now known as jnperlin
bazhangabhi_, does ifconfig show wlan0 ?06:32
ubutomimaek, try another cd and see if it is the same06:32
Tootoot222abhi_: sudo rfkill list06:32
hiexpoon many laptops the litghtwill glow read but it still works06:32
AnellIt keeps saying permission denied06:33
pcilatencyare they on the same cable? imaek.. have you another ide interface to try it out on while remainig bootable?06:33
imaekThe DVD plays, ubutom!06:33
abhi_ifconfig is not showing it06:33
AnellI don't get it, I am pretty much sure that I am the administrator.06:33
pcilatencyanell sudo it06:33
phil_Can anyone help me?06:33
Tootoot222Anell: prefix the command with sudo06:33
imaekpcilatency: I don't need to have both drives functioning, at least one. The first one is now working, which is all I need!06:33
wildbat_laptopubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B06:33
bazhangabhi_, is there a switch on the side to enable it? is this a dual boot?06:33
Tootoot222Anell: users are never the administrator06:33
pcilatencywell thats good06:34
pcilatencyunless you want to copy a disk06:34
abhi_yes.. this is a dual boot... there is switch but it is not working sometimes...06:34
sweetpiAnell: sudo cp sourcepath destinationpath06:34
ubutomimaek, good :) now try setting the jumpers on the second drive, you probably have to remove it first06:34
AnellOkay, I did it!06:34
Tootoot222abhi_: sudo rfkill list <-- are there any blocked?06:34
AnellThanks allot! :D06:35
=== goose_ is now known as goose
abhi_Tootoot222, no... it's output is blank06:35
pcilatencycool the new timings knocked off 2 ns ping and d/led files faster06:36
bazhangabhi_, some of the dual boot situations the windows side will shut down the card unless otherwise specified; make sure it is not set to do so06:36
Tootoot222hoi ylmfos06:36
pcilatencyis there a way to set timetolive in ubuntu?06:36
abhi_bazhang, then the h/w switch should turn it on ... i m not sure...06:36
phil_Can anyone please help me?06:36
Tootoot222phil_: what seems to be the problem?06:37
bazhangabhi_, you may also try sudo ifup wlan0 (or whatever the nic is)06:37
hiexpo!ask | phil_06:37
ubottuphil_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:37
ylmfosare you all say English?06:37
bazhangabhi_, yep, if there is a hw switch06:37
phil_I already asked the question.  Here it is again:06:37
phil_I'm having a problem with Ubuntu where, after I log in, I cannot see anything but the desktop background.  I can still run programs with Alt + F2, etc., but I don't see the taskbars or desktop icons.  Any ideas?06:37
bazhangylmfos, yes06:37
Tootoot222ylmfos: this channel is for english, there are sub-channels for other languages06:37
bazhangylmfos, what language did you need06:37
Tootoot222phil_: do you have multiple monitors?06:38
phil_Tootoot222: No06:38
abhi_bazhang, yes ,i have hardware switch...06:38
pcilatencyask the best way you know how...06:38
ubutomheh bazhang I had an usb tv-stick that I didn't shut down properly with windows(pressed powerbutton 5 seconds to turn it off) and then it wouldn't work with ubuntu anymore until I booted up windows and shut it down properly ;D06:38
Tootoot222or some sort of DVI/HDMI plug in06:38
ylmfosoh,thank you .I'm from China06:38
abhi_bazhang, wlano is not working06:38
bazhangylmfos, in #ubuntu-cn then06:38
hiexpophil was it fine before06:38
phil_Tootoot222: It was working before.  I did an update just before that.  Maybe that broke something.06:38
bazhangylmfos, /join #ubuntu-cn06:38
TLoFPhow do I change permission of all files in a directory so that only I have read write and execute privalages06:38
phil_hiexpo: Yes06:38
TLoFPno body else, even root should be able to see06:38
hiexpophil reset sesktop06:38
bazhangabhi_, you need to set it to on then reboot with it that way06:38
pcilatencyphil yes you may need to re-install your keybord drivers06:39
Tootoot222TLoFP: chmod -R 7xx dir/06:39
Tootoot222where xx is whatever permissions you want for group and world06:39
phil_hiexpo: You'll have to be more specific.  I don't know what you mean.06:39
TLoFPdoes 0 mean none?06:39
phil_pcilatency: Why?06:39
Tootoot222TLoFP: yes06:39
phil_pcilatency: My keyboard works fine.06:39
bazhangpcilatency, there are no keyboard drivers06:39
hiexposomeone tell phil the command to reset desktop please i can't remember it06:39
pcilatencyi thought for sure multimedia keybords had a specific driver set..06:40
abhi_ok... i will check that...06:40
bazhanghiexpo, the panels?06:40
pcilatencyif i'm wrong i'm sorry06:40
phil_My panels are missing as well as my desktop icons.06:40
hiexpobazhang,  to reset desktop to original settings06:40
abhi_bazhang, second problem I am facing is that... my brightness is set to maximum each time i  boot to ubuntu... this is not happening on windows 706:40
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:41
bazhangabhi_, one problem at a time, okay?06:41
greezmunkeygconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel06:41
hiexpothanks ^ phil_06:41
pcilatencydoes 10.4 use ava:hi?06:41
abhi_okay... let me check with reboot...06:41
bazhangpcilatency, yep06:42
pcilatencywhat exactly would that do for an eth?06:42
phil_That command restored my panels, but my desktop icons are still missing.06:42
bazhangphil_,  using compiz or metacity06:42
abhi_navphil_, run nautilus?06:42
phil_Also, I'm not sure if they will stay.  I was able to restore them myself by typing Ctrl + Alt + Backspace, but they disappear again when I restart my computer.06:43
phil_bazhang: No06:43
phil_abhi_nav: What do you mean?  You want me to run it?06:43
bazhangphil_, it was not a yes or no question06:43
abhi_navphil_, yes in terminal06:43
greezmunkeyphil_: is your /home on a seperate drive?06:43
phil_abhi_nav: It just gives me a File Browser, but my desktop icons don't appear.06:43
phil_greezmunkey: No06:43
phil_Also, I don't get a menu when I right-click the desktop.06:44
abhi_navphil_, ok. it worked for me when in was 9.1006:44
pcilatencybbl ty all06:44
hiexpoit probally changed directories do to an up grade just make new ones for your desktop easy06:44
TLoFPwhats secure copy command06:44
bazhangphil_, compiz or metacity (choose one)06:44
Tootoot222TLoFP: scp ?06:44
TLoFPno work  :(06:44
phil_bazhang: Are you saying that you're certain I am running one of those?06:45
phil_bazhang: Or that I ought to be?06:45
bazhangphil_, do you wish to give more info, or should we guess06:45
phil_bazhang: I don't know what you want me to tell you.06:45
TLoFPTootoot222: oh guess I must navigate to the dir first :P06:45
phil_bazhang: I came here for help.  If I knew what else to tell you, I would.06:45
bazhangphil_, you are using gnome? lxde? xfce4? kde4?06:46
Tootoot222phil_: if you drag something from nautilus onto the desktop does it make an icon there?06:46
abhi_navhi abhi_06:46
phil_bazhang: I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.06:46
Tootoot222bazhang: i'm pretty sure gnome, as the gconf command worked06:46
abhi_bazhang, i figure out the problem... if i am keeping the multimedia keys first then function key second then i m able to turn on and off the wifi..06:46
phil_bazhang: It comes with gnome.06:46
bazhangphil_, and you have compiz enabled?06:46
abhi_abhi_nav, hi06:47
bazhangabhi_, fixed?06:47
phil_Tootoot222: I can't drag anything to the deskto from the file browser.  It just "flies" back when I try to drag something.06:47
abhi_bazhang, right now i m able to use the wifi.. i this need to be fixed...06:47
abhi_i think*06:47
Tootoot222bazhang: ubuntu 10.04 defaults to compiz06:47
phil_bazhang: I don't believe so.  I never explicitly installed it.  The only way I have it is if it came with the base install, or it was an automatic update.06:48
bazhangphil_, try alt-f2  then type metacity --replace06:48
Tootoot222phil_: they've defaulted it now06:48
abhi_bazhang,  what do u think...06:48
foolguyis there a way to dim the screen on my laptop further than the "sun" slider allows me to?06:48
phil_bazhang: So, compiz is installed by default?  Why would I type anything to do with metacity if you just told me I had either compiz or metacity.06:48
bazhangabhi_, is the wifi working now?06:48
Tootoot222foolguy: without physically disabling the backlight, probably not06:49
phil_bazhang: I typed what you said and all my windows flash for a second, but that's it.  Nothing changes after that.06:49
foolguythat stinks, because when I ran windows it would go almost all the way to no backlight06:49
Tootoot222phil_: you're running compiz if you didn't explicitly start metacity; we want you to start metacity to see if it's a compiz probem06:49
=== eric is now known as Guest90680
phil_Tootoot222: I just typed what he said.06:50
phil_By the way, I don't care about any of my config settings, so if there's something I can delete to get it to go back to default settings, I will do that.06:50
abhi_bazhang, yes now it is working.06:52
phil_I guess you guys don't know what's wrong?  Is there anything else I can tell you?06:53
sweetpiphil_: you could try adding a new user and login with that to see if its a config issue06:54
phil_sweetpi: Okay, I will do that.  I'll come back after I try that.06:54
epure_how do I switch the ok/cancel buttons in dialog boxes ?06:55
epure_i want ok to be in the left.. like in windows06:55
bazhangepure_, what version of ubuntu06:55
Tootoot222epure_: i'm pretty sure that's an application spesfic setting06:56
Tootoot222not something global06:56
bazhangepure_, did you switch themes?06:56
epure_i cchanged the appearance and some colors, but i didn't install new themes06:56
bazhangepure_, the default theme has them all on the left06:56
mizerydeariaI have a question specifically for this channel only.  Yesterday or two days ago (I forgot) I was killed and as soon as I reconnected I was banned only from this channel.  I couldn't get anyone to assist me in figuring out why.06:56
epure_I'll look into it06:57
mizerydeariait was in response to a message I had posted here at 5:36pm.06:57
bazhangmizerydearia, join #ubuntu-ops and we can discuss06:57
mizerydeariaah, sure06:57
Tootoot222bazhang: he's talking about dialouge boxes saying "blah blah press ok to continue\n Cancel | OK" i think06:57
epure_yes Tootoot22206:57
bazhangTootoot222, ah well spotted06:57
TLoFPwhats min permission I need to have someone acess a webpage06:57
Tootoot222TLoFP: r06:57
Tootoot222I.E. 206:57
Tootoot222or wait, was write 2?06:58
Tootoot222it's either 2 or 4 lol06:58
epure_rwx = 42106:58
Tootoot222yes, thank you06:58
Tootoot222so 406:58
TLoFPmhh havin some problems here lols, ill try 2 and 4 once i get it to work with 7 :P06:59
TLoFPbut right now even 7 throws the acess forbidden06:59
intokAnyone got an acer aspire one D250? After restart I can't get the synaptics touch pad to work in UNR 10.4 or XP SP306:59
Tootoot222TLoFP: what server you using?06:59
TLoFPcould it be that I had to rehash?06:59
TLoFPdunno, its maintained by the staff here06:59
TLoFPthe same guys that won't even give me root on my own god damn mashine07:00
TLoFPso I find myself compiling crap from src and shuving it into my home dir07:00
TLoFPits a freakin mess up in her :(07:00
Tootoot222that's always fun to do on shared hosting lol07:00
phil_sweetpi: Okay, I tried that and the new user has the same problem.07:00
TLoFPcool 722 throws frobidden07:01
Yggdrasilyo, just upgraded to 10.4, and i dont have any options for hibernate. anyonegot a fix for this?07:01
bazhang!cn | lixiaodong07:01
ubottulixiaodong: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:01
Tootoot222TLoFP: it should be 74407:01
TLoFP744 throws forbidden07:01
=== bastidrazor is now known as bastid_raZor
Tootoot222phil_: did you recently install or upgrade your ubuntu?07:01
phil_Tootoot222: Yes, right before I had the problem.07:01
Tootoot222i mean, upgrade as in 9.10 -> 10.04, not apt-get upgrade07:01
TLoFPlol, i think there might be some lag between my chmod rehash and my other laptop trying it out07:02
phil_Tootoot222: No, I had originally installed 10.04 on this system.07:02
TLoFPnop 744 definatly throws acess forbidden07:02
Tootoot222TLoFP: does 777?07:02
Yggdrasilyo, just upgraded to 10.4, and i dont have any hibernate features, not on the power off or the power settings. anyonegot a fix for this?07:02
TLoFP755 works tho07:02
Yggdrasilsuspend is there.07:03
TLoFPTootoot222: no 777 works, so does 75507:03
epure_#join neuralnetworks07:03
Tootoot222TLoFP: what kind of page are you trying to serve that requires execute?07:03
TLoFPbasic js-css and html07:03
TLoFPnothing fancy07:03
FloodBot3TLoFP: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:03
Tootoot222TLoFP: what backend are you using? like apache/php, or lighttpd/php or what?07:04
SeqHi. I seem to have had a filesystem problem, and a bunch of things on my / fs have ended up in lost+found. Is there a simple way to get apt to reinstall everything?07:04
TLoFPphuu, do not know, as I said this is the mail server of the department, I have not the slightest clue what they use, but I can ssh into it and find out if you tell me how07:05
SeqI tried to select 'reinstall' on all packages (using synaptic, since X still works) but get: E: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'bash'07:05
WebDawgwhats a command line email reader07:06
WebDawgfor my account?07:06
Tootoot222WebDawg: your account meaning your user? as in /var/mail mails?07:06
WebDawgused to be pine07:06
wildbat_laptopubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B07:06
Tootoot222you can just ``cat'' them, i suppose07:06
phil_Did I mention that when I press Ctrl + Alt + Backspace and log in again, the taskbar appears?  However, each time I restart the computer and try to log in, it gives me a blank desktop again.  No matter what I do, I can't get the desktop icons to show up though.07:06
Viking667i have used mutt or cone.07:06
Tootoot222i've never had an email sent to my box tbh07:06
WebDawgWhat is a valid replacement for pine?07:07
psuastiwhat was the latest stable version of ubuntu again? it scrolled off my screen07:07
Tootoot222psuasti: atm it's 10.0407:07
Viking667WebDawg: As I said, I've used mutt or cone.07:07
WebDawgDidnt epine exist at one point.07:07
* Viking667 shrugs. Never heard of that.07:07
abhi_navwhat is going wrong with me? i join /j #linux it takes me to ##linux and I joined /j #freenode it takes me to an empty channel. ghost?07:08
Viking667abhi_nav: there's a reason for the ##linux name, but I can't remember what that is.07:08
Viking667by the way, #freenode isn't empty07:09
abhi_navViking667, but that channel #Linux was there some time ago07:09
Tootoot222##channels are just un-offical channels07:09
RfooTfoohas anyone used the cocoa front end for pure-ftpd? Im having a problem with it controlling the backend.07:09
Viking667abhi_nav: probably was, but I haven't seen anythingmuch aside from a bounce to ##linux in #linux07:09
abhi_navViking667, hmm07:09
Viking667how long ago was "some time ago"?07:10
Viking667I've been on Freenode for... sheesh, nearly ten years.07:10
seidoswhat's the difference between vim and vi?07:14
airtonixan "m" ?07:15
Viking667Vi originates back in the seventies, vim expands on vi heaps.07:15
seidosthat's what I thought, but double checking, because yanking lines is problematic for me for some reason07:15
Viking667yanking how many lines?07:15
seidosI'm trying just 107:15
Viking6673yy yanks three lines07:15
seidosbut I keep getting 11 and/or 2107:15
Viking667ahh. yy yanks one line07:15
seidosah, two y's07:15
seidosI was doing 1y07:16
seidosthanks Viking66707:16
Viking667's okay.07:16
Viking667will help out heaps in vim.07:16
seidoswill it say how many lines are yanked at the bottom?07:16
Viking667not sure, unless you have the ruler turned on.07:16
Viking667Might say in the status/command line.07:16
Tootoot222mine says "x lines yanked"07:16
seidoswhen I yanked 11 lines and 21 lines it said07:16
Tootoot222until you move the screen07:17
seidosbut when I do yy it doesn't say anything07:17
Viking667try 3yy07:17
Tootoot222because you have no motion07:17
Tootoot222i bet if you did 1yy it would say 1 line yanked07:17
seidos3yy worked07:17
seidosno 1yy didn't say 1 line yanked07:17
Tootoot222hmm you're right07:17
seidos3yy says 3 lines yanked07:17
phil_Back again.  I fixed the problem.  This page had the solution: http://georgia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9371319  I do not know why it works.07:17
Tootoot2222yy doesn't either07:17
Tootoot222but 3yy does07:17
FloodBot3Tootoot222: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:17
* seidos opens up the source code for vim and fixes it07:18
seidosheh, not07:18
Viking667the insides of vim must be nearly as weird as less.07:18
seidosyy does yank the line though, I just get no feedback07:18
seidosoh well, I'll just yank and paste then delete the line instead of yanking deleting and pasting07:19
seidosthanks Tootoot222 and Viking66707:19
phil_Could someone possibly read the posts on the page I posted and explain why that solution works?07:19
Tootoot222phil_: that is strange that that would work07:19
Viking667Neat trick I like to tease gedit/nano/kate advocates with:  grab seven lines, go down 15 lines, place six copies of those lines, then go to the end of the file, and add another two copies. all in less than thirty keystrokes.07:20
Tootoot222and without the mouse!07:20
Viking667that's .... eleven07:20
phil_Tootoot222: I believe it has something to do with nvidia software.  I am using an nvidia driver and whatever software it used.  I think it messed up my xorg.conf.07:20
Viking667oh, and I don't have to hit the space bar, tab, Enter or LineFeed once.07:21
phil_Anyhow, thanks for all the effort!  I'm going to bed.07:21
Tootoot222lol, yw07:21
SamualViking667, vim ftw07:21
Tootoot222Samual: +107:21
SamualViking667, this coming from a programmer :P07:21
zubin71hi guys i was working on mercurial in ubuntu and i get this queer problem. on issuing an "hg" command within a cloned repo i get this ; http://paste.pocoo.org/show/230116/07:22
zubin71for the main repo it does not cause a problem07:22
greezmunkeyTootoot222: change the case on the 3rd, and 4th copies...07:22
greezmunkeyer that was for Viking66707:22
Viking667greezmunkey: THAT bit i don't know how to do...07:24
greezmunkeyViking667: no matter! The other was pretty cool. I've never tried any of that before.07:24
Tootoot222greezmunkey: i'm sure you could do something with tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'07:24
Viking667no no. There's an internal function to do that, I'm sure.07:25
Viking667but would require deep vim-fu07:25
Viking667(i.e. read all the way through :help)07:25
Tootoot222lol, running !)tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]' makes everything to the end of the file uppercase07:25
Viking667At least emacs owns with its use of buffers.07:26
greezmunkeyAlright, now I'm tweaking vi...thanks07:26
Viking667But for everything else, I think vim has it hands down, AND it does'nt try to be an OS.07:26
Viking667Err, hang on. I have that around the wrong way. emacs is just an OS that tries to be an editor...07:26
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:27
ActionParsnipWow, quiet?07:29
bastid_raZori feared them off07:29
ActionParsnipApparently so07:29
bastid_raZorin about an hour my vacation starts.. 7 days on the beach!07:30
delinquentmewhy do only a few youtube videos play on my firefox?07:30
bastid_raZoralthough..i may sleep the first day away.07:30
ActionParsnipNiiice, I'll be in bed dreaming about a beach07:30
delinquentmehella weird ... anyone else have this prob w the native install firefox on 10.04 lynx??07:30
bastid_raZormy wife has already deemed my laptop off limits for the first 2 days.07:31
greezmunkeybastid_raZor: totally unplugged?07:31
greezmunkeybastid_raZor: heh, not totally :)07:32
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: make sure when you run: dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf ,only flashplugin-installer is output07:32
bastid_raZorgreezmunkey: that is what she said. Hibernate07:32
murlidharhi all. no java applets are loading in google chrome or firefox...... am i missing something ?07:32
Tootoot222delinquentme: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras or the flashplugin-nonfree ?07:32
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: I don't use firefox these days07:32
murlidhardunno which plugin is required.07:32
ActionParsnip!java | murlidhar07:32
ubottumurlidhar: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.07:32
Tootoot222murlidhar: iced-tea is the new default; the old sun java plugin is in the partner repos07:32
wise_cryptdelinquentme: have you installed all the necessary codec ?07:33
Tootoot222..i really need to learn the bot commands07:33
delinquentmeActionParsnip, that first post was latin to me07:33
delinquentmeand what do you use instead07:33
wise_crypt!factoid > Tootoot22207:33
ubottuTootoot222, please see my private message07:33
delinquentmethere was a popup and ive actually installed 2 diff plugins for flash07:33
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: its a terminal command07:33
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: arora and chromium daily build07:33
delinquentmewaiiiit! chrome works on ubuntu??07:34
Tootoot222lol, yeah07:34
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: if you have more than one flash package they conflict and you cget no flash07:34
Tootoot222i've been using it too07:34
ActionParsnip!info chromium-browser07:34
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.0.375.70~r48679-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 11553 kB, installed size 38408 kB07:34
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »07:34
wise_cryptdelinquentme: install this addon to soleve your flash issue https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/161939/07:35
bastid_raZordelinquentme: google also offers a .deb for chrome07:35
delinquentmesudo apt-get what07:35
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: I use the daily build ppa for daily chromium love07:35
wise_cryptdelinquentme: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/161939/07:35
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: chromium-browser (thought that was kinda obvious)07:36
delinquentmeactually i software centered it07:36
bastid_raZorActionParsnip: do you get daily updates from it.. i have it but commented07:36
delinquentmeheh >_<;; im new ish to ubuntu :D07:36
delinquentmeive been devving RoR and nothing else07:36
ActionParsnipbastid_raZor: yep at about 9pm gmt07:36
wise_cryptdelinquentme: do you new in firefox also ?07:36
delinquentmeive used FF before but07:37
delinquentmeusually i install a plugin and its gravy07:37
wise_cryptdelinquentme: that addon link i gave you will solve your problem trust me07:37
delinquentmethisss one .. youtube videos are sitting black screens07:37
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: run the command I gave earlier and use http://pastebin.com to give the output07:37
=== syron is now known as srn
delinquentmestill no working video on youtube though07:38
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: I know. You haven't changed anything yet07:38
wise_cryptdelinquentme: after installing addon restart your firefox07:38
delinquentmedid it :D07:39
delinquentmeActionParsnip, what next07:39
kartook\every body07:39
kartookhow are you doing all ?07:40
wise_cryptdelinquentme: it will install the flash plugin that suit to your box :)07:40
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: sudo apt-get --purge remove swfdec-mozilla libswfdec-0.8-0 flashplugin-installer; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:41
delinquentmei can input that on the console all on one line right07:41
arunkumar413i have a a source code written for windows in c++ can i compile it for ubuntu using the MONO07:41
delinquentmesemicolon is a newline07:41
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: you had swfdec installed too which was conflicting with the adobe flash. The command removes all the flash plugins then installe07:41
Tootoot222delinquentme: you can do all the commands on the same line07:42
ActionParsnipInstalls only the adobe one07:42
Tootoot222except he put a colon instead of a semicolon by accident07:42
Tootoot222on one07:42
delinquentmecheck got it07:42
Tootoot222madurax86: like your IP address ;D07:42
delinquentmethanks Tootoot22207:42
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: semicolon is not a new line, it let's you run commands on one line line Tootoot222 says. It means "run the next command even if the previous one failed"07:43
delinquentmeahhhh ok07:43
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: the opposite of ; is &&07:43
delinquentmeubuntu is SO WILDDDD07:43
delinquentmeso if previous line fails .. next line and stuff thereafter is nixxed07:43
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: its just different to windows which you have used a lot more than ubuntu07:43
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: as you use the OS it will be as easy as you find windows07:44
arunkumar413i have a a source code written for windows in c++ can i compile it for ubuntu using the MONO07:44
madurax86Tootoot222: lol whats special about it?07:44
Viking667arunkumar413: no.07:44
Viking667C++ is not C#07:44
delinquentmei truly believe this is far superior to windoze07:44
bastid_raZorthe time has come.. Vacation!07:44
madurax86arunkumar413: use g++07:44
delinquentmestuff is well thought out and structure is great07:44
arunkumar413Viking667: the code has dynamic libraries07:45
Tootoot222madurax86: it's got a 222 in it =307:45
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: its a tool for a job, superior in some ways, inferior in others and as the song goes: every OS sucks07:45
windsok^I have done a new ubuntu install, and some of my hard disk partitions are showing up in fdisk -l, but are not being created as devices in /dev any clues as to why that could happen?07:45
madurax86Tootoot222: ohh :P we have dynamic ips here so its not keepers :P07:45
Tootoot222savour it my friend!07:45
Viking667arunkumar413: so?07:45
=== gethoper_ is now known as gethoper
ActionParsnipwindsok^: you can add them in /etc/fstab you can use: sudo blkid ,to get their IDs07:46
madurax86arunkumar413: your dynamic libraries should have their sources too, you'll have to compile all of them07:46
arunkumar413Viking667:i also have linux version source code which should be compiled using qt3 i did it with qt4.giving some errors07:46
Viking667heh. Funny, that.07:46
KiasanthHi all, My Ubuntu Software Centre Doesn't work at all, when I select it from the menu, it thinks for a sec then nothing. Any Suggestions other than a full reinstall?07:47
arunkumar413Viking667: the software code is available at http://www.suigyodo.com/online/e/index.htm07:47
ActionParsnipwindsok^: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/mountwindows07:47
windsok^ActionParsnip: they are part of a mdadm raid array, only 2 of the 4 devices are being created in /dev07:47
nopeKiasanth: try using apt-get from the cli07:47
nopesee if that works07:47
Kiasanthit does07:47
ActionParsnipwindsok^: ah. I don't use softraid under linux07:47
nopemight be able to reinstall the software centre07:47
Viking667arunkumar413: hey, I'm not attempting a qt4 port, if that's what you're asking me.07:48
Kiasanthsynaptec works too07:48
nopeI actually never use the gui for installing stuff07:48
nopeonly apt-get07:48
ShrekLappyKiasanth, run /usr/bin/software-center from the command line07:48
aretrfre34how in works 'else if' or 'elif'07:48
aretrfre34in bash07:48
ActionParsnipnope: +1 dude07:48
nopethat said, the only ubuntu machine I got with gui is my desktop07:49
ActionParsniparetrfre34: i'd ask in #bash ,its more specific to your need07:49
nopethe rest are servers and gui-less :)07:49
Tootoot222aretrfre34: if [ 1 ]; then echo 'blah'; else if [ 1 ]; then echo 'blah #2'; fi07:49
arunkumar413Viking667: can u know the problem if the compilation error is known07:49
KiasanthShrekLappy: that gave me some info, thanks07:49
wildbat_laptopis there a sandbox for linux or a sandbox fs?07:49
Viking667nope, sorry. I lack experience in converting07:49
ShrekLappy:) if u care to pastebin it i can take a look for ya07:49
arunkumar413Viking667: this  is the error http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/HGmZK6mv07:49
Kiasanthok, gimme a sec shreklappy07:50
a931bwMicrosoft LifeCam VX 3000 how to make it work on  ubuntu 10.04?07:50
nopea931bw: do a dmesg after plugging it in07:50
nopemaybe you can find some id or something to google for a fitting driver07:50
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, what are you building? an app that runs on qt instead of gtk?07:50
madurax86arunkumar413: did u include stdlib.h ?07:50
ShrekLappyrunning gnome? you may need to install qt07:51
KiasanthShrekLappy: http://pastebin.com/Tp4RiuVW07:51
arunkumar413madurax86: include stdlib.h in which file?07:51
bsmith093can ubuntu read lit files and if not what can07:51
nopea931bw: it might be just to plug it in and it works07:51
=== administrator is now known as n3rdy
bsmith093and can they be easily converted into text07:52
windsok^arunkumar413: Hmm "partprobe" found the partitions for me...07:52
Tootoot222bsmith093: 'lit' files?07:52
madurax86arunkumar413: complib.cpp << that file btw atoi is a standard in C right why dont u use the string library in C++?07:52
arunkumar413ShrekLappy: no,its a schematic editor software for drawing electronic circuits07:52
delinquentmeaction thanks for the assistance07:52
nopea931bw: try a sudo modprobe gspca07:52
bsmith093.kut is the extension no idea what it is but its a book i think07:52
bsmith093sorry typos .lit is the extension07:53
nopebsmith093: .lit is microsoft reader format07:53
nopeCalibre can read it07:53
bsmith093so am i screwed or what07:53
ElladanSo did Canonical get some new graphic artists or something?  The new web site is almost as terrible as the Lucid themes...07:53
bsmith093can calibre also convert it07:53
arunkumar413madurax86: ya inlcuded07:53
ShrekLappyKiasanth, looks like something with libxslt, maybe a symlink issue?07:53
delinquentmeok signing out for a bit07:53
nopeI believe so yes07:53
a931bw How to make Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 work in Ubuntu?07:54
a931bw http://pastebin.com/qWDkLKJs dmesg07:54
bsmith093thanx nope07:54
KiasanthSrekLappy, ok, reinstall that module?07:54
madurax86arunkumar413: what did you include? cstdlib or stdlib.h? try cstdlib07:54
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, but judging by the name, qtbsch it leads me to belive its build on qt, which is a different window manager which ubuntu doesnt have. kubuntu does because kde is built on it07:54
LantiziaQuestion about apt-get... I have a scenario where package a recommends b and c, and b depends c07:54
LantiziaSo I run... apt-get install a b... and I get "packages have unmet dependencies: b: Depends: c but it is not going to be installed"07:54
LantiziaLike it's complaining about the original instruction to install b (after a)... when at that stage b would be installed anyway07:54
nopea931bw: it should only need the gspca driver07:54
arunkumar413madurax86: stdlib.h07:55
madurax86arunkumar413: try #include <cstdlib>07:55
arunkumar413madurax86: ok,just a min07:55
ShrekLappyKiasanth, yea id give that a shot07:55
a931bwFATAL: Module gspca not found.07:55
ShrekLappyKiasanth, even: apt-get purge package-name07:56
nopea931bw: then you`ll probably have to recompile the kernel I guess07:56
IdleOneLantizia: what package?07:56
nopeif there`s no apt-gettable kernel module07:56
LantiziaIdleOne, doesn't matter... one of them isn't even in main anyway07:56
nopea931bw: give me a sec07:56
KiasanthShrekLappy: thanks, will try those options07:56
IdleOneLantizia: just asking so I can test and see for myself07:57
LantiziaIdleOne, this is purely an apt ordering question07:57
LantiziaIdleOne, ok let me get you a file - you don't actually have to install it - one sec07:57
arunkumar413madurax86: getting same error07:57
nopea931bw: http://mxhaard.free.fr/spca50x/Download/gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz07:58
nopea931bw: get that file, then read here: http://blog.myfenris.net/?p=37707:58
madurax86arunkumar413: can u just comment out this part complib.h:173: error: extra qualification ‘SCompIndex::’ on member ‘pin’ ?07:58
a931bw PRINT COMPILATION MESSAGES if ERRORS look kgspca.err07:58
a931bwmake: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.07:58
nopeif there is a Configure file, do ./Configure first07:59
LantiziaIdleOne, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/HwkfF9GV07:59
LantiziaIdleOne, It needs a repo enabling - but apart from that the apt-get commands I've put there are on simulation only07:59
nopea931bw: for fun, try apt-cache search gspca08:00
a931bwthere's none08:00
rwwLantizia: I get the impression that lines 5 and 7 aren't supposed to be identical08:00
arunkumar413madurax86: i dont know,its written in japaneese08:00
KiasanthShrekLappy: During the purge it keeps telling me that all these components are compiled against libxml 207 using older version 20608:00
IdleOneLantizia: those two commands are the same08:00
LantiziaAh yeah!  sorry... one sec08:00
madurax86arunkumar413: can you give me the link that you downloaded?08:00
duryodhanhi my mouse stops working as soon as I open gnome  from gdm, openBox etc. is fine, but as soon as gnome starts no mouse08:00
IdleOneLantizia: :)08:00
Lantiziaoddly I just tried it on another system and it does work! grrr08:01
IdleOneLantizia: you are adding Debian repo to Ubuntu?08:01
Lantiziaon ubuntu 8 it doesn't on 10 it does08:01
LantiziaIdleOne, yeah it works for both08:02
duryodhanalso I don't know why but alt+ctrl+f7 doesn't take me to gui, alt+ctrl+f8 does08:02
arunkumar413madurax86: http://www.suigyodo.com/online/e/qbsc011a.tgz    i think i downloaded the one for the xwindow system08:02
ShrekLappyKiasanth, i duuno dude but i would there lies your issue08:02
a931bwhowto instal gspca08:02
madurax86arunkumar413:  lets see :D08:03
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:03
arunkumar413madurax86: the author of the program suggested to sue Qt-BSch3V for ubuntu08:03
IdleOneLantizia: I am going to guess the Lenny repo package is causing the problem somehow. perhaps ask in #debian about it. I don't know why the order the packages are listed in would make a difference but never know08:04
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, are you running gnome or kde?08:04
arunkumar413ShrekLappy: gnome08:04
KiasanthShrekLappy: thanks mate, Never would have got this far without you ;)08:04
=== rollman is now known as billgates
IdleOneLantizia: Also even though Ubuntu is based off Debian and shares/uses many of the same packages their are differences and not recommended08:05
=== billgates is now known as Guest60779
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, have you installed qt?08:05
ShrekLappynp Kiasanth good luck :)08:05
arunkumar413ShrekLappy: ya08:05
IdleOnenot recommended to mix repos*08:05
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, dev packages to? i think you need those to compile against08:06
LantiziaIdleOne, Froxlor is built with Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and FreeBSD in mind - the first two sharing the same repo08:06
madurax86arunkumar413: try that and see08:06
arunkumar413ShrekLappy: ya install the qt-dev-tools also08:06
=== Guest60779 is now known as lol
=== lol is now known as Guest13705
IdleOneLantizia: like I said maybe #debian or perhaps #ubuntu-dev can help08:07
LantiziaIdleOne, frankly all Froxlor is, is a directory full of PHP files08:07
arunkumar413madurax86: i've compiled by installing qt-dev-tools08:07
LantiziaIdleOne, you have to configure everything yourselv08:07
rwwLantizia: can you point me to the documentation that says that, please? I'd like to drop them a line and let them know that mixing lenny repositories with 10.04 isn't a good idea.08:07
madurax86arunkumar413: is it working now?08:07
Lantiziarww, sure one sec...08:08
arunkumar413madurax86: no08:08
madurax86arunkumar413: in what package is qpopupmenu.h included?08:08
madurax86arunkumar413: i have libqt408:08
Viking667huh? Mixing Lenny with Ubuntu??? yeesh08:08
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, last question in the qt category lol, looks like you need qt3 for that program08:09
arunkumar413ShrekLappy: i have qt408:09
arunkumar413ShrekLappy: how to check the version08:09
ShrekLappyit looks liek your command is calling for qt3 though, i dunno if that makes a difference08:10
ShrekLappyarunkumar413, i have no idea, know nothing about qt lol08:10
murlidhararunkumar413: <package name> --version08:10
ActionParsniparunkumar413: is there not a ppa with the app?08:10
ActionParsnip!ppa | arunkumar41308:10
ubottuarunkumar413: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.08:10
arunkumar413ActionParsnip: didt look for ppa because they are third party applications08:11
arunkumar413murlidhar: i want to check the qt version08:12
ActionParsniparunkumar413: ppas can contain ANY app the maintainer has compiled08:12
airtonixmadurax86, you really should read the compiling guide on wiki.ubuntu08:12
ActionParsniparunkumar413: there's a PPA for chromium which is developed by google (3rd party)08:12
airtonixmadurax86, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo#Step 3: Resolving Dependencies.08:13
ActionParsnipWell, chromium-browser. Chromium is a game08:13
madurax86airtonix: thanks08:13
arunkumar413ActionParsnip: google can be trusted but others08:13
=== Guest13705 is now known as Ybottu
abhi_navActionParsnip, just curiosity. if someone placed keylogger in some useful app and I installed that ap from ppa. then wll that keylogger wll be able sent info to its owner? or my ubuntu firewall wll identify it as virus and stop it?08:13
airtonixmadurax86, tl;dr version : install apt-file and us it to search for your files08:14
ActionParsniparunkumar413: there's a wine ppa and a mozila ppa too. It will save you having to mess with all this compiling lark08:14
rwwabhi_nav: Ubuntu's firewall doesn't filter outgoing traffic by default, so no, it wouldn't stop it08:14
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: not sure08:14
abhi_navrww , ActionParsnip then is there any way I can protect my self frm such threats?08:14
rwwabhi_nav: don't download programs from random websites08:15
madurax86airtonix: gee thats easy :P08:15
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: stick to the official repos only08:15
airtonixabhi_nav, that requires a firewall that operates at layer 7 of the OSI model... there isn't such a thing in the ubuntu repos yet08:15
abhi_navrww,  no no not random. I am talking about launchpad08:15
abhi_navActionParsnip, ok I wll08:15
rwwabhi_nav: Launchpad PPAs are not in any way official or necessarily trustworthy.08:15
abhi_navairtonix, can i configure it manually?08:15
arunkumar413ActionParsnip: i dont like wine becoz some windows viruses can run on wine08:15
abhi_navrww, hmm ok08:15
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: could also run scans for stuff every now and again. Depends on how many tinfoil hats you have08:16
abhi_navarunkumar413, what you are trying to do?08:16
airtonixabhi_nav, maybe but then you'd still need to make it work with a virus scanner that also looks for sensitive data... and i think clamscand only scans files for viruses being opened via network08:16
coz_arunkumar413,   I doubt any windows virus can actually "run" on linux  though   ... and I dont recall hearing of any that atually have broken through08:16
ActionParsniparunkumar413: true but you can simply delete the wine config folder. I only used it as an example. Its not to be taken as anything absolute08:16
abhi_navActionParsnip, means? I dont understand08:17
abhi_navairtonix, snort? ossec?08:17
wildbat_laptopubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B08:17
arunkumar413coz_ if windows app can run wine.windows virus can also run on wine08:17
ActionParsnipabhi_nav: go sling tinfoil hat into wikipedia08:17
airtonixabhi_nav, they are not programs that will scan for transmission of your passwords and act on such events08:17
abhi_navActionParsnip, ok08:17
abhi_navairtonix, ohh I see08:18
coz_arunkumar413,  at this point i will take your word for it  but  until I read about an incident of it occuring I will hold off on believing it :)08:18
Flomastertransmission got my interwebs shut down because it didn't encrypt the data I was downloading and showtime got pissed off08:18
madurax86arunkumar413: wine wont damage ur linux installation08:19
madurax86arunkumar413: just dont run any windows program as root08:19
ActionParsnipmadurax86: that'd be really dumb08:19
madurax86ActionParsnip: :P08:20
arunkumar413madurax86,yes, i knew,but the windows virus may run on wine and damage the windows programs08:20
madurax86may be in the future windows viruses will include some part for wine users too08:20
ActionParsnipmadurax86: mind you some idiots log in as root for their dailies so it does happen08:21
abhi_navActionParsnip, I read.08:21
pehdenare there any major hacks with irc servers08:21
coz_arunkumar413,  stilll that is very unlikely since they will also call on dll files not installed on linux08:21
madurax86arunkumar413: you can always install those windows programs again, anyway your system will boot up and run as normal08:22
airtonixpehden, get your vectors elsewhere08:22
ActionParsnipmadurax86: and they always say "I know what I'm doing" makes me laugh08:22
ActionParsnipPeheden: its also offtopic here08:22
pehdenairtonix: i have a server runing irc i just wondering if there are to prevent them08:22
madurax86ActionParsnip: eventhough those kinda people exist i dont like if the developers try to make linux fool proof08:22
airtonixpehden, keep it up to date ?08:22
anthony__hi guys how con i compile a source code that like tuxmath to make it run on windows. i what to edit it to make my on game to be pass to my teacher... pls help me. i am a ubuntu 10.04 user.08:23
=== jasonruiz is now known as xOrphenochx
pehdenairtonix: are there any major ones that are known08:23
coz_anthony__,  you would have to port the code over to c++ most likely then compile it onto windows08:23
nobarkingdoes anyone know how i can change the bootup screen resolution on Kubuntu?08:23
coz_anthony__,  rather c#08:23
airtonixanthony__, since you didn't mention what programming language i'll assume you're trying to use python08:23
pehdenairtonix: i used to hear about them but was like yea right08:24
ActionParsnipAnthony__: it'll take a fair bit of porting over. Is there not one already?08:24
airtonixpehden, to be honest, i --- don't --- care08:24
anthony__im using c/c++08:24
IdleOne!ot | pehden08:24
ubottupehden: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:24
madurax86anthony__: install gcc/g++ for windows (mingw32)08:25
coz_anthony__,  most likely a complete rewrite to run on windows unless there is already a port08:25
airtonixanthony__, it's a good thing to mention this in your initial request for help instead of playing guess which cup the bean is under08:25
pehden!lol | pehden08:25
ubottupehden, please see my private message08:25
anthony__what is a port08:25
arunkumar413i need one clarification regarding the package development. How do people under stand about the package just by reading the source code08:25
pehdenthats funny08:25
ActionParsnipanthony__: you could use a forwarded x server and give him/her a limited account on your system :)08:25
coz_anthony__,  porting would be the rewriting of the code to a different language   << simplified08:26
madurax86anthony__: what you are trying to do is called software porting08:26
* airtonix releases rabid baboons08:26
pehden!test | pehden08:26
ubottupehden, please see my private message08:26
Flomastermy Ubuntu freezes like a MoFo.... and i have to press the reset button on my case08:26
IdleOne!msgthebot > pehden08:26
anthony__how can i do the porting...08:26
coz_anthony__,  the best channel ..offhand.. would be   #programming   see if they have a suggestion for you08:26
anthony__ok i'll try08:27
madurax86Flomaster: when does it freeze? did u install any kernel modules?08:27
ActionParsnipanthony__: do you mean this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tuxmath/files/08:27
pehdenIdleOne: thanks08:27
Flomastermadurax86: no kernel mods it freezes when ever it wants. I think its due to old hardware though08:28
pehdenIdleOne: now i just need to figure how to add one to my irc server on the ubuntu server08:28
ActionParsnipanthony__: if you meant tux of math then its already ported08:28
madurax86Flomaster: if you have less than 512mb RAM try a slimmer distro08:29
ActionParsnipmadurax86: ubuntu + lxde will fly on 512mb dude08:29
pehdenFlowmaster: whats the cpu on it?08:29
FlomasterI have 2 512 sticks of ram08:29
coz_anthony__,   you mean this?   http://www.desertskypress.com/tuxmath.html08:30
Flomasterpehden: athlon Xp3000 cpu on Asus a7n8x Deluxe mobo08:30
ActionParsnipFlomaster: 1gb ram is enough to run gnome. If you run lxde or fluxbox you will free up ram as the desktops are lighter08:30
rajYES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I finally got my ralink chipset to use the newly compiled RT3070sta drivers ( missing in the ubuntu 10.04 kernel) to WORK I GET 135 MBps BIT RATE on my WIFI.. i am ACTUALLY USING N wireless SPEEDS :) HAHAHAHA any1 needs help LET ME KNOW :)08:30
pehdenFlowmaster: have you checked S.M.A.R.T on your hdd08:31
Viking667geez. Lucky you...08:31
FlomasterActionParsnip: this is my HTPC only used for downloading Newsgroups , xchat, interwebing, and XBMC08:31
Flomasterpehden: I think smart said I was legit08:31
corespeedxxxwhat is the best shutdown command?08:32
madurax86Flomaster: its definitely some driver module08:32
Viking667hm. "shutdown -h now"  ?08:32
arunkumar413how to download the MONO compiler08:32
Viking667depends on if you want it's rebooted or not.08:32
Viking667arunkumar413: what distro? Debian? Redhat? Suse?08:32
Viking667... Ubuntu?08:32
nobarkinghow does everyone feel about Lucid?08:32
nobarkingis it a solid release for LTS?08:32
Viking667arunkumar413: the next is to go read the distro's docs08:32
coz_nobarking,  I dont use it08:33
arunkumar413Viking667: ubuntu 10.408:33
Viking667nobarking: I'm using it, and I have one or two issues.08:33
coz_nuff said08:33
nobarkingcoz_: what do you use?08:33
tarunixon Lucid - I didnt likes as much as 9.04 or 9.1008:33
coz_nobarking,  on this machine I use  karmic  on the other   maverick08:33
coz_nobarking,  however ...unless the bugs in lucid are fixed on  maverick I may skip two versions of ubuntu :)08:34
nobarkingi think maverick will be a smoother release08:34
nobarkingi might move to Linux Mint though08:35
madurax86arunkumar413: it seems to compile here08:35
nobarkingit looks really good08:35
anthony_ActionParsnip: yes08:35
arunkumar413madurax86: may be08:35
rajViking667:  lucky me?08:37
Viking667lpcuy you08:38
Viking667err, lucky you.08:38
Viking667wow .off-by-one on dvorak sure gets interesting08:38
rajViking667:  are you using an N adapter with ralink chipset?08:38
rajViking667: oh what chipset do you have?08:39
Viking667The only two wireless devices I have around here are both optical mice with batteries.08:39
Viking667That give you an ide?08:39
Viking667err, idea?08:39
Viking667thought that'd make you laugh08:39
rajViking667:  you need to step up with technology no1 uses ethernet :D08:39
IdleOne!language | Viking66708:40
ubottuViking667: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:40
Viking667yup yup.08:41
rajIdleOne:  yeah im back and i got it fixed. i was frustrated the other day and didnt mean to say ubuntu sucks... well it did untill i fixed the N network on it08:41
Viking667Sorry dude, but I use ethernet. I won't recommend WPA2 unless someone can prove it's rock solid08:41
twikhey, i've got an acer aspire one that I just installed ubuntu 10.04 on.  I'm having trouble getting my wireless card to work.  ifconfig is only showing me eth0.08:42
rajViking667:  unless your working with an intelligence agency, and you have super secret files then no wireless is not good. but other than that i dont see why not wifi?08:42
wildbat_laptopViking667, it is proved the opposite ~ can be cracked in 10 min ;p08:42
madurax86hey how can i replace give text in more than one file08:42
twikwhen I do lspci it says my network controller is broadcom corporation bcm4312, if that helps08:43
om26eryou need to install the driver08:44
madurax86how can i search inside text files?08:44
Viking667wildbat_laptop: then I'm not using WPA208:44
rajtwik: go to hardware drivers ( in the menu) and reload it .. and install the broadcom driver :S08:44
rajtwik:  you need to be on ethernet08:44
bazhang!broadcom | twik08:44
ubottutwik: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx08:44
coz_madurax86,  using gedit   it has a search option available08:44
Viking667Ethernet's not as easy to crack, cos you've got to be in the circuit08:44
madurax86coz_ thanks08:44
rajtwik:  install the drivers... Not the STA ( they work horribly )08:45
twikraj, okay08:45
* twik searches for an ethernet cable...08:45
rajTwik :) retart after that08:45
rajtwik restart08:46
Viking667raj: I have a suggestion for making your computer more secure...08:46
twikokay, thanks for your help :)08:46
Viking667Never plug cables into it. Don't power it up. Don't use hard drives, USB drives or SSDs...08:46
bboytest , can you see what i say?08:46
Viking667Keep your data all in your memory08:46
rajViking667:  I use an encrypted network .. ( i have an option ) so its more than secure. at least to me08:47
rajTwik no problem. glad i was helpful08:47
madurax86arunkumar413: dude this code has serious problems that are not OS dependent !! the coding standard is not good i had to patch about 10 files so far :S08:48
PhysisHi everybody08:48
PhysisI've a problem with accented java fonts08:48
rajViking667:  i have a PIN between my router and my computer on top of the normal WPA2 encryption.08:48
anthony_guys how can i cross build tuxmath to make it run on windowsguys how can i cross build tuxmath to make it run on windows08:48
rajViking667:  called WPS08:49
arunkumar413madurax86: seems the author had made some changes, try the qt-bsch3v the web page says that it is tested on Knoppix 3.8.1 on HDD + Qt 4.0.108:50
madurax86arunkumar413: did u compile it ?08:50
statimanyone know how i can get this? http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/l/lsyncd/ i cant get apt-get to find it... pretty sure ive covered every possible combo of lines in sources.list08:50
rajViking667:  so you can use WPA2 and WPS. and you dont have to be netphobic08:50
arunkumar413madurax86: no08:50
madurax86arunkumar413: did u try?08:50
Viking667but I don't have wireless.08:50
statimshouldnt this line make that package available? deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu lucid main restricted universe multiverse08:51
arunkumar413madurax86: no08:51
madurax86arunkumar413: try n see :P08:51
arunkumar413madurax86: my net connection is very slow to download08:51
astropirateDo all flavours of linux have a /proc/pid/mem ?08:52
madurax86arunkumar413: oh well i compiled the one u gave to me :P08:52
arunkumar413madurax86: did u get any success08:52
madurax86arunkumar413: yup08:52
madurax86arunkumar413: i manually patched the cpp files it works!08:53
arunkumar413madurax86: plz tell me how to do it08:53
madurax86arunkumar413: i can send u the 3.6mb executable08:53
airtonixstatim, notice how your first link to the file doesn't mention anything about a distro version?08:53
madurax86arunkumar413: well you have to resolve the errors by editing the source code08:54
airtonixstatim, ie : how do you know it's for lucid and not karmic or one of the other previous versions (or even for maverick)08:54
statimairtonix:  ah, yes.  so its no longer available in lucid then? i will try to just dpkg it if thats ok?08:54
arunkumar413madurax86: what verison of ubuntu,qt u have used08:54
madurax86arunkumar413: lucid, qt4 dont worry it'll run08:54
arunkumar413madurax86: same as mine08:55
bawnhow well does kde run on ubuntu08:55
madurax86arunkumar413: wait i'll upload08:55
arunkumar413madurax86: how do u send me08:55
KB1JWQbawn: Well.08:55
bawnhow do i configure it to use kde during startup08:56
twikthanks a lot raj, it works :)08:56
rajtwik :)08:56
airtonixbawn, by choosing it at the login screen ?08:57
bawnin auto login08:57
airtonixbawn, why so auto ?08:57
madurax86arunkumar413: its uploading08:58
bawncuz i can start it go to another room and come back to a running computer ready to  go08:58
arunkumar413madurax86: ok,r u uploading it to launchpad08:58
madurax86arunkumar413: noo im uploading it to some upload site its only the executable08:59
madurax86arunkumar413: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ladco308:59
madurax86arunkumar413: put the executable in qtbsch folder08:59
bawnhow do i configure it to use kde during startup for auto login08:59
airtonixbawn, its the 21st century... i use suspend to ram08:59
arunkumar413madurax86: how can i be sure that i doesnt contain any virus08:59
madurax86arunkumar413: lol get it or leave it09:00
ubutombawn, hav you installed kde to begin with?09:00
arunkumar413madurax86: ok,am downloading it09:00
bawnno, but i used to use kubuntu09:00
madurax86arunkumar413: ok09:00
ubutombawn, in older versions of ubuntu kdm had to be configured as default display manager09:01
airtonixbawn, so did i... on another computer09:01
arunkumar413madurax86: i also need the source code09:01
madurax86arunkumar413: wait09:01
airtonixubottu, no it does not.09:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:01
bawnim in lucid09:01
* airtonix rages09:01
ubutombawn, you'll have to install kde to use it09:01
bawni know09:01
bawnwhat do i do to make it default09:02
Renskyhey i will install vmware server in my ubuntu 10.4 and he ask me about the lib folder09:02
Renskydefault is: What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel? [/lib/modules/2.6.32-22-generic/build/include]09:02
Renskyit can?t be correct then i become an error when it will compile09:02
mattl94How to i reinstall the software centre package  ?09:03
bawnmattl94, go to system      administration      synaptic09:03
bawnhow do i make kde default09:04
ubutombawn, may be incorrect, but I think sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop should install kde, further configuration should happen after installing it, you may be get asked if you want to set kdm as default display manager09:04
bawni have done this with gnome on kubuntu09:05
bawnit aint that easy09:05
Viking667Mind you, I have a weird system... I have kdm but the rest of my setup is gnome09:05
bawni screwed up on the defaults09:05
madurax86Viking667: its not that weird :P i have gdm and xfce :P09:05
bawni luv the new boot times in lucid09:06
Viking667huh? Why's THAT weird?09:06
Viking667madurax86: sorry, that was to you.09:06
madurax86Viking667: because theres xdm09:07
bawnhow do i make kde default09:07
=== ian__ is now known as iflema
Viking667xdm isn't ... pretty.09:09
Viking667It's merely functional.09:09
coolstacyhello to all09:10
RfooTfoohello coolstacy09:11
arunkumar413madurax86: r u threre09:12
=== Ybottu is now known as gbitte
coolstacyhi! i have some cool wallpapers,but on it below there are lines of website and copyright and i dont like those.so,any way i can get rid of it?09:13
airtonixcoolstacy, crop it09:13
rajcoolstacy:  use gimp to cut it out / edit it09:14
coolstacyairtonix:it will decrease the size.09:14
airtonixcoolstacy, also this isn't a channel to trach you the basics of image manipulation.09:14
coolstacyairtonix: i am new to ubuntu.09:14
airtonixcoolstacy, thats nice.09:14
airtonixcoolstacy, http://www.gimp.org/irc.html09:15
rajcoolstacy:  welcome to ubuntu IRC channel :) if you want help with gimp you might wanna try their channel. #gimp09:15
ghkanyone who use apache2 ?09:15
airtonixghk, what is your real question.09:16
ghki have problems in installing apache2  Not Found when is type http://localhost,it says The requested URL /apache2-default/ was not found on this server.09:17
ghkApache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at ghk Port 8009:17
ghki can not go to the default web page09:17
madurax86arunkumar413: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dw9gqt09:18
madurax86thers the source09:18
arunkumar413ok,i'm mailing the link to the author of the package09:18
bboyWho is from China ?09:18
Viking667Who's who?09:19
bboyI'm from China09:19
wise_crypt!ch | bboy09:20
ubottubboy: Das Schweizer Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-ch, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie aber in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Aus regionalen Gründen ist im Schweizer Channel nur Englisch erlaubt. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.09:20
prince_jammys!cn | bboy09:20
ubottubboy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:20
fanfhello guys09:20
rajbboy hi09:20
bboyMy Eng. is not good09:21
prince_jammysbboy: join one of the channels the bot said.09:21
prince_jammys/join #ubuntu-cn09:21
deanohi room. looking for someone that can point me to a good torrent site that has "School of Comedy"09:21
bboysometime  i can't understand what your meaning09:21
rob_pghk: Look in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and open the default config file.  In there, you will probably find references to a path that either doesn't exist or is not accessible to apache2.09:21
prince_jammysdeano: this is ubuntu's support channel.09:22
rajbboy type: /join #ubuntu-cn    ( where you type to chat / talk)09:22
bboylook this09:22
deanook yep in the wrong room09:22
fanfI have a really annoying problem: if a second user log on thanks to "switch user", all its display are slow, as if there is a big video driver pb - but for the first user, everything is smooth09:22
matkixSo I've done some looking in the docs and I'm having an issue finding this exact thing. I have Ubuntu server 10.04 i believe. I need to boot it on a system with no video card (blade pc) any ideas on what I can do to get this to happen? What I need to change?09:22
fanfI'm on ubuntu 10.04, ATI RV610, open source driver09:23
matkixAny ideas anyone?09:24
bboynoboby from China ?09:24
Viking667I'm off for the night, gonna play some Portal.09:24
astropirateDo all flavours of linux have a /proc/pid/mem ?09:24
rajbboy JOIN #ubuntu-cn FOR CHINESE09:24
bawnhow do i make kde default09:25
Jordan_U!caps | raj09:25
ubotturaj: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.09:25
prince_jammysapparently not.09:25
rob_pmatkix: It should just boot up, regardless.  If it's not booting, perhaps you could temporarily install a video card and connect a monitor to see what is happening.09:25
arunkumar413madurax86: what are the changes that u have made to the code09:25
matkixIt boots fine with a monitor09:25
Viking667speak up...09:25
matkixer video card09:25
Viking667anyhow, I'm out of here...09:26
RfooTfoohas anyone used EHCP before?09:26
bawnhow do i make kde default09:26
matkixJust when its gone it won't boot. One of the other sys admins had to edit something in cent to get it to boot that way. I just wonder what I have to change in ubuntu...09:26
madurax86arunkumar413: #include <cstdlib> for some files and #define INT_MIN 5 #define INT_MAIN 50 in some header file09:26
arunkumar413madurax86: that's all09:27
madurax86arunkumar413: yes09:27
Jordan_Umatkix: Try asking in #ubuntu-server09:27
delinquentmewould this be the right channel to ask questions about virtualbox??09:28
prince_jammysdelinquentme: it has its own channel, too.09:28
rob_pmatkix: perhaps a bios setting is keeping it from posting when the video card isn't present?09:28
prince_jammys!virtualbox > delinquentme09:28
ubottudelinquentme, please see my private message09:28
matkixNo its something in grub you have to do.09:28
matkixI just am not sure what.09:28
matkixI've seen it done, I just never have done it...09:29
=== gerhard is now known as Idefix
matkixI think something with a boot splash can cause this, anyone think that could be my issue?09:32
rob_pmatkix: The only reference I can find is:  http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&topic_id=18424&forum=3709:33
rob_pmatkix: It's about 2/3 down the page in a post.09:33
Jordan_Umatkix: Removing the "splash" kernel parameter will disable the boot splash.09:33
matkixSweet, well good thing I have a temp video card for this blade, I'm going to go have a look in the grub config to see what I can remove.09:34
rob_pmatkix: It seemed to work for the op in that thread anyway.09:35
arunkumar413madurax86: i need the source file that u have made changes, file which uploaded is giving the same errors when i try to compile09:35
corespeedxxxubuntu server eller xubuntu och sen confa lite enkla servers vad tror ni?09:35
matkixIts 2:34 in the morning, and I'm sitting on the cold isle in a datacenter on the floor... :(09:35
rob_pmatkix: It's 11:35 in the morning here.  Sunny day, perfect weather... I'm going out!  Good luck.09:36
madurax86arunkumar413: i gave u the ones that i changed install libqt3-headers09:36
matkixhaha enjoy rob.09:36
matkixI have to be somewhere at 10 am to replace a server :(09:36
matkixsad question but where is my grub config located?09:37
Jordan_U!grub2 | matkix09:37
ubottumatkix: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:37
Jordan_Umatkix: Basically, edit /etc/default/grub then "sudo update-grub"09:37
matkixThanks Jordan09:38
Jordan_Umatkix: You're welcome.09:38
matkixSad... so I don't see anything in there about splash screen or anything.09:39
X-Rat3D-MaFiA¦matkix¦ How RU09:39
matkixI think i found it...09:39
Polysicsany good fax servers to recommend09:39
matkix# Uncomment to disable graphical terminal (grub-pc only)09:39
glickexcuse me, is there a package for ubuntu that installs apache, and php, and msql and all that stuff?09:40
oCean_!lamp | glick09:40
ubottuglick: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:40
rwwglick: sudo tasksel install lamp-server09:40
arunkumar413i'm getting error 107 frequently in google-chrome when trying to login to the google accounts though i enabled the "use SSL2"09:40
matkixSick! Thanks jordan! that worked like a champ!09:42
dominicdinadaWhy does my Dbus always error saying some stuff are a Sessions, Basically if i goto .dbus and clear it out it works fine but what is the problem with it not clearing correctly09:43
bawnhello, how do you like my nickname?09:44
chalcednywhat are some reasons why my computer nearly locks up? it's less than a year old triple-core phenom, with 4 megs ram, all i'm doing is paperwork, not music orvideos, im afraid it's not even going to killall firefox righit now.. it's running ubuntu 9.04?09:45
technikfreakhello together i ahve a netbook with 1,65 ghz cpu power and each i sart firefox on ubuntu 10.04 it is soo slow but on xp (dual boot) it is fast09:46
technikfreakis there a better webbrowser under linux than ff=09:46
wise_crypttechnikfreak: aurora09:46
chalcednylynx ;)09:47
rwwwise_crypt: it's called Arora ;P09:47
wise_cryptrww: :)09:47
bawnchalcedny, you should install ubuntu tweak and tune her right up09:47
technikfreakthx guys i will try it directly09:47
dominicdinadatechnikfreak: seamonkey09:48
ubutomchalcedny, if it has 4 megabyts of ram no wonder :P09:48
bawnbrb switching to kde09:48
chalcednywhat does tweak do? technikfreak i used lynx as my principal browser for years, but it's gotten so that everyone uses flash and html ..09:48
chalcednyubutom, them things.. gigs?09:49
bawnit get rid of crap that slows ubuntu down09:49
madurax86chalcedny: do a fresh install of lucid :P( why do u use a old version of ubuntu i mean the update is free!)09:49
Ashexcan a regular user use the shutdown command?09:49
ubutomyep chalcedny sounds better ;)09:49
abhi_navAshex, no09:49
technikfreakbut arora ist also xfce?09:49
rwwArora uses Qt09:49
wise_cryptAshex: yes if you modify the sudoers09:50
arunkumar413i'm getting error 107 frequently in google-chrome when trying to login to the google accounts though i enabled the "use SSL2"09:50
ravenshell history broken - way to restore?09:50
Benny000Hi I need help with 10.0409:50
AshexIs there any easy way to shutdown a system without sudo/SID?09:50
chalcednymadurax86, i had a bad time getting video to work on it. i'm trying to build another box so that my son can ssh and fix the video, then i'll upgrade09:50
dominicdinadawow everytime since the last update yesterday CUPS is running cpu @ 100% for long periods09:50
madurax86chalcedny oh ok09:51
chalcednydominicdinada, which version (ill be sure not to run the update!)09:51
abhi_navarunkumar413, http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=6052fff553a29392&hl=en09:51
dominicdinadaoh lucid let me check quickly09:51
ravenshell history broken - way to restore?09:52
arunkumar413abhi_nav: google support forums are of no use. people there say "i also have the same problem" that all09:52
abhi_navarunkumar413 ther in that link second post - a fix as submitted to beta read taht09:53
dominicdinadachalcedny: is my cups version installed09:54
glickhey, isnt there an easy gui way to manage services in ubuntu?09:54
glicki thought ere was like system->services09:54
arunkumar413does ubuntu reserves any bandwidth09:54
dominicdinadaglick: what are you trying to do09:54
bawnim back!09:55
glickdominicdinada, start and stop system services like servers and such09:55
glickdominicdinada, and see whats running,09:55
bawnhow do i set up my computer as a server09:55
dominicdinadaalt + f2, gksudo gnome_system_monitor09:55
dominicdinadabawn: #ubuntu_server09:56
dominicdinada- not _09:56
glickdominicdinada, not quite what i had in mind, im looking for something where i can see the services that are installed, and click them to start and stop them09:56
bawnnobody there09:56
keoneticsHi, how do i install fonts09:56
dominicdinadai corrected myself09:57
keoneticsI want to install a bunch of fonts for a conky script I have09:57
wise_crypt!info pupet | glick09:57
ubottuglick: Package pupet does not exist in lucid09:57
keoneticsIve looked all over google i can find a command that works09:57
wise_crypt!info puppet | glick09:57
ubottuglick: puppet (source: puppet): centralised configuration management for networks. In component main, is optional. Version 0.25.4-2ubuntu6 (lucid), package size 189 kB, installed size 536 kB09:57
wise_crypt!info puppetmaster | glick09:57
ubottuglick: puppetmaster (source: puppet): centralised configuration management control daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.25.4-2ubuntu6 (lucid), package size 173 kB, installed size 308 kB09:57
bawni have done that b4 i just sorta forgot09:59
chalcedonyhttp://chalcedony.pastebin.com/NM3siSLm bawn staring at top09:59
bawnchalcedony: why u send me that10:01
chalcedonydoes anything look bad there?10:01
airtonixkeonetics, what do you mean a command for installing fonts... ? just copy the font files to ~/.fonts10:02
keoneticsthats what I did10:03
bawn"top - 04:46:11 up 9 days, 19:44, 68 users" sixty eight users must make a lot of load10:03
keoneticsairtonix, now the conky doesnt even load10:03
Bo0My Ubuntu 10.04 isn't boooting regularly... It often halts showing either a grey screen, a striped screen (black/white) or simply a black screen... I then have to reboot it, because the keyboard isn't working. Has anyone any idea what it could be?10:03
airtonixkeonetics, ...10:03
wise_crypt!info fontmatrix | keonetics10:03
ubottukeonetics: fontmatrix (source: fontmatrix): featureful personal font manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0+svn20100107-2 (lucid), package size 1336 kB, installed size 3328 kB10:03
KB1JWQbawn: Maybe, what does "uptime" say?10:03
KB1JWQbawn: (for load average)10:03
ravenshell HISTORY BROKEN - way to restore?10:04
keoneticsairtonix, I copied the fonts over to ~/fonts/truetype10:04
keoneticsor whatever10:04
airtonixkeonetics, ~/.fonts10:04
ravenATI Mobility - how to enable TWIN View?10:04
airtonixkeonetics, not ~/fonts/truetype10:04
glickhey has anyone installed phpmyadmin?10:04
bawn  load average: 12.21, 13.61, 7.9310:04
airtonixglick, what is your real question10:04
keoneticsairtonix, that directory doesnt exist10:04
airtonixkeonetics, then make it10:05
keoneticsi can just do that? lol :$10:05
glickwhat does it mean when it is being configured at install time when it asks for MySQL applicaton password for phpmyadmin:10:05
keoneticsbut how will the script know to take it from THERE10:05
glickwhats application password?10:05
chalcedonybawn that's why i got the new computer, so i can have documents open/10:05
airtonixkeonetics, becuase its a standard place that the system looks for fonts ?10:05
glickit asked me for the mysql admin password10:05
bawnyes, but y u have 68 users?10:06
glickbut then it asked me for the application password10:06
airtonixkeonetics, for you user only that it10:06
glickwhats the application password?10:06
keoneticsif its the standard place it looks for fonts why is it not already there -.-10:06
airtonix!repeat > glick10:06
ubottuglick, please see my private message10:06
ravenATI Mobility - how to enable TWIN View?10:07
ravenshell HISTORY BROKEN - way to restore?10:08
Jordan_U!caps | raven10:08
ubotturaven: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.10:08
wise_cryptkeonetics: if you bothers with that kind of things better use fontmatrix dudr just import anyfont you like10:08
bawnchalcedony: i think too much of your swap space is being used instead of ram10:08
keoneticsWhats the command to delete a file10:08
airtonixwise_crypt, why? just open the font in default viewer...10:08
bawnswap is much slower10:09
keoneticsIt would be sudo del ~/ directory right10:09
airtonixkeonetics, why sudo ?10:09
keoneticsbecause it wont let me delete without it10:09
chalcedonybawn that might be it10:09
airtonixkeonetics, why not ?10:09
wise_cryptairtonix: or also that sorry i dont use gnome10:09
keoneticsi dont know, it just wont let me10:09
chalcedonyit feels unusually slow sometimes10:09
keoneticsdelete is greyed out10:09
chalcedonyterribly slow10:09
airtonixkeonetics, it should because ~ is the same as /home/yourusername10:09
keoneticsso how do i delete it with sudo10:09
keoneticsi mean when i try to manually delete it10:10
keoneticsit wont let me10:10
keoneticsso I want to use the sudo command10:10
airtonixkeonetics, but i would not delete your home folder...10:10
bawnchalcedony: i don't know how to fix that problem but i have heard this problem many times before10:10
keoneticsthats not what Im doing10:10
FloodBot3keonetics: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:10
keoneticscan you please just tell me how to delete the file10:10
airtonixkeonetics, thats what you said before... i'm not a mind reader10:10
Bo0Does anyone know how to debug the boot of ubuntu 10.04?10:10
keoneticsI just want to know how to delete something with sudo -.-10:10
chalcedonyahh so i'm not the first, bawn :)10:11
keoneticshow do i delete something through terminal10:11
keoneticswhats the command10:11
bawnchalcedony: i am a power user that avoids swap because of the slow speeds10:11
Princekidsudo rm filename10:11
airtonixkeonetics, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal10:11
bboyrm -f10:11
keoneticsthanks prince10:12
bboyby force10:12
arandkeonetics: rm, but if it needs sudo there are often reasons why it shouldn't be deleted just like that10:12
bboysudo -s10:12
bboyas a root10:12
keonetics* tuubow (~Aditya@ has joined #ubuntu10:12
keonetics* madurax86 (~madura@ has left #ubuntu10:12
keoneticsarand, I just added a folder to that directory but I want to remove it now10:12
Dopefishwhat would cause a vendor id to change? i'm trying to move my pcmcia wireless card from one laptop to another... in the one laptop it sees it as 14e4:4320... in the other laptop it sees it as 0001:432010:12
chalcedonybawn how do i keep it in memory?10:12
airtonixkeonetics, what directory ?10:13
keoneticsI want to remove .fonts10:13
arunkumar413how to update only google chrome in 10.410:13
airtonixkeonetics, why would you put .fonts folder there ?10:13
bawnchalcedony: better start looking here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=swap+slows+me+down+ram&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=10:13
keoneticsI just did10:13
keoneticshow do i remove it10:13
bawnit is a soup of keywords10:13
arandkeonetics: Ok, rmdir to remove an empty folder "rm -r" to remove a folder recursiveyl (including all contents)10:14
keoneticsarunkumar, try " apt-get update chrome10:14
keoneticsor apt-get update googlechrome dont know which one10:14
ravenshell HISTORY BROKEN - way to restore?10:14
airtonixkeonetics, firstly, if you want proper help you'll need to stop trying to make us guess what you're doing. eariler you said you needed sudo to remove files in your home folder but now you showing us that you actually need to remove files from a root owned directory.10:14
keoneticsNever said from a home folder10:14
chalcedonybawn ty ill think about that10:15
airtonix<keonetics> It would be sudo del ~/ directory right10:15
bawnchalcedony:  stay here a bit longer10:15
keoneticsWell obviously it wasnt right?10:15
keoneticsThat was a question10:15
airtonixkeonetics, ~ is a shortcut to /home/keonetics10:15
keoneticsso then10:15
chalcedonybawn ok10:15
keoneticsI need to delete10:15
FloodBot3keonetics: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:15
arunkumar413keonetics: the update commads aksing for arguments10:15
ravenshell HISTORY BROKEN - way to restore?10:15
keoneticsOk heres the thing airtonix10:16
keoneticsI installed the font file to that directory10:16
keoneticsI read it on google10:16
wise_crypt!patience | raven10:16
ubotturaven: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:16
glickafter installing phpy\myadmin how do i start it?10:16
DarkSectorglick: you need to paste a shortcut in /var/www10:17
Ademanybody know any good games to run through terminal?10:17
keoneticsairtonix : Ok, I installed the fonts folder to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ because I read it on google. That caused the conky script to stop working, so now I want to remove it. i tried removing it manually but it wont let me. I tried rmdir and it said permission denied10:17
airtonixkeonetics, 1) mkdir ~/.fonts 2) press ctrl + alt + d 3) press ctrl + l 4) type ~/.fonts 5) copy font files to this window10:17
arunkumar413how to update only google chrome in 10.410:17
c7pwhere can I find the drivers of conexant fusion  878a tv card ?10:17
=== pkkm_ is now known as pkkm
bawnchalcedony: this site looks promising: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105240210:17
Princekidglick : just type in your web browser : localhost/phpmyadmin10:18
airtonixkeonetics, you only need to put fonts in the folder ".fonts" which is in your home folder.10:18
bawnchalcedony: have a good weekend10:18
chalcedonybawn ty much .. you too!10:18
glickPrincekid, do i have to restart apache after installing?10:18
keoneticsI understand that!10:18
airtonixkeonetics, if it does not exist you need to make it : mkdir ~/.fonts10:18
keoneticsIm asking how to remove it10:18
keoneticsno because its not in ~/10:18
DarkSectorPrincekid: you need to paste a shortcut from /usr to /var/www10:18
Princekidnope.. it should run without restarting it10:18
keoneticsIts in /usr/share/fonts10:18
keoneticsWhat bull is this, I can install something but not remove it...10:19
keoneticsnot install but place10:19
airtonixkeonetics, because its owned by root user.10:19
wise_crypt!language | keonetics10:19
ubottukeonetics: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:19
=== bboy is now known as lonekid
Ademanybody know any good games to run through terminal?10:19
keoneticsdont be such a pansie10:19
airtonixkeonetics, sudo rm /path/to/folder10:19
keoneticsOk ill try that10:19
DarkSectorPrincekid,  glick https://help.ubuntu.com/community/phpMyAdmin10:19
DarkSectorkeonetics: dude, what's the trouble ?10:20
wise_cryptairtonix: for folder use parameter -R10:20
gopshello world10:20
keoneticsDarksection, I installed a font folder to /usr/share/fonts/truetype but it caused the conky script to no longer work, so I want to remove it now10:20
airtonixkeonetics, im not sure why you have that folder there anyway... i  told you to make one at ~/.fonts10:20
keoneticsAirtonix I did10:20
airtonixkeonetics, no..you did not.10:21
keoneticsCan we just get down to my basic question, it doesnt matter how this happened10:21
keoneticsI just want to remove it10:21
keoneticsIts really simple , i know you know how to do it10:21
airtonixkeonetics, you made it at /usr/share/fonts/truetype/.fonts10:21
keoneticsthat was alrady there10:21
FloodBot3keonetics: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:21
airtonixkeonetics, then if you did not make that folder. just leave it alone10:21
keoneticsYou can keep arguing with me about what I did but that wont solve this, I just need to know how to remove /usr/share/fonts/truetype/.fonts10:21
DarkSectorkeonetics: slow down man10:21
keoneticsIm getting very frustrated, I just need to remove one folder10:22
ikoniakeonetics: sudo rm -f /usr/share/fonts/truetype/.fonts10:22
DarkSectorkeonetics: OK listen up10:22
ikoniakeonetics: sudo rm -rf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/.fonts10:22
ikoniakeonetics: sorry, missed the -r10:22
DarkSectorkeonetics, do a gksu nautilus and then manually go to that fodler and delete it10:22
gopsplease /msg atcho10:22
airtonixkeonetics, what makes you think it needs to be removed10:22
DarkSectorairtonix: you've warned him enough, he wants to remove it so let him10:22
keoneticsThank you all for your help10:23
airtonixkeonetics, now restart your computer10:23
keoneticsikonia got it10:23
keoneticsthank you all10:23
wise_cryptkeonetics: hope you dont lost all your fonts10:23
arunkumar413how to update only google chrome in 10.410:23
jelly_eyed_jimwho here would recommend 64 bit Ubuntu over 32 bit and why?10:24
arunkumar413how to update only google chrome in 10.4 from command line10:24
ikoniajelly_eyed_jim: it's personal choice, if you have 4GB of ram, 64bit is a better option, it's pretty much that basic10:24
airtonix!repeat | arunkumar41310:24
ubottuarunkumar413: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.10:24
ikoniajelly_eyed_jim: there is some good documentation on ubuntu.com explaining the differences10:24
jelly_eyed_jimi have 4 gig so yeah10:24
airtonixarunkumar413, first of all you need to tell us how you choose to install software : via gui or terminal  ?10:24
jelly_eyed_jimwhat programs won't work in 64 bit10:25
LinuxManDanI am running Ubuntu 10 and when I run software I don't see the programs listed on the bottom of the screen.  How can I fix it?10:25
airdemi need java runtime. what pkg am i looking for?10:25
LinuxManDanCould it be the Desktop Effects?10:25
airtonixarunkumar413, and what makes you think there is an upgrade ?10:25
ikoniajelly_eyed_jim: none really, flash is always a common issue, but there is a 32bit wrapper to get around that10:25
airtonixLinuxManDan, does logging out and back in again fix it ?10:25
arunkumar413airtonix: ma getting error 107 very frequently10:25
LinuxManDanEven rebooting does nothing.10:26
airtonixLinuxManDan, does turning off desktop effects fix it ?10:26
LinuxManDanDon't know.  Haven't done it.10:26
LinuxManDanGood point.10:26
airtonixLinuxManDan, there are a few other things you can try first though10:26
suigenerisairdem sun-java6-jre probably10:27
airtonixarunkumar413, did you install chrome from ppa or default ubuntu repos ?10:27
CristpyMellowhey hold up10:27
LinuxManDanI turned off Visual Effects and still nothing.  SHould I reboot?10:27
CristpyMellowlinux rocks10:28
arunkumar413airtonix: from the google's ppa10:28
airtonixLinuxManDan, no.10:28
LinuxManDanLinux is a good OS.10:28
ikoniaCristpyMellow: ok - please keep in mind this is a support channel only, for chatter try #ubuntu-offtopic10:28
LinuxManDanI still like WIndows 9x/XP but refuse to use Windows V/710:28
LinuxManDanWhat other things should I try airtonix?10:31
oCean_LinuxManDan: right-click on panel, choose Add to panel, choose Window List10:31
airtonixarunkumar413, first check that you have the window-list applet on the panel10:31
LOVE_SPis there anyway to make transmission  shutdown automaticlly after download complete ?10:31
ikonia!cn | lx12345678910:31
ubottulx123456789: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:31
airtonixLOVE_SP, no.10:31
LinuxManDanThat worked.10:31
airtonixLOVE_SP, ktorrent does this though.10:32
ravenATI Mobility - how to enable TWIN View?10:32
bullgardatop shows the line "SWP" in red: tot=0.0M, free=0.0M, vmcom=1.7G, vmlim=1.8G. How can I get rid of the Red?10:32
arunkumar413airtonix: ok10:32
airtonixraven, install hardware drives ? use aticonfig gui ?10:32
lx123456789thank you10:32
LOVE_SPktorrent give the same speed of trans.10:33