thanis1200does anyone know how FF can use 99-100% CPU ?00:01
unkmarthanis1200: sure, load up some flash video and wath it.00:02
thanis1200no flash usage at all00:02
jribthanis1200: javascript00:02
VCooliounkmar: that's what I said :) but ff spikes without that and removing .mozilla didn't help00:02
[thor]thanis1200: an out of control extension?00:02
unkmarI was afk so I didn't notice.00:03
kneauxif i ssh into a server with two machines, can i use the server to communicate between the two machines ssh'd into it?00:03
VCooliounkmar: it was in private chat, np00:03
thanis1200probably i cant say00:03
unkmarkneaux: yes, if you know what you are doing.00:03
sabayonuseri was about to install sabayon,got a strange error,and now when i try to login to my previous OS(OpenSuse) i get the grub command line (grub> ) please help!00:04
kneauxunkmar, let's say i don't, what would i do00:04
unkmarkneaux: define communicate.00:04
CharlieSuHow do i get rsyslog to listen on
unpersonslooksterpsv, I think I fixed my problem.00:06
kneauxunkmar: computers a and b can't be connected to remotely, server s can. i want to ssh to S with A and B, and be able to control A remotely, by proxy of S, with B, and vice versa00:06
kneauxwhich i hope makes sense to you, because it doesn't to me00:07
canonhead311hello everyone00:07
canonhead311can anyone give some help for a samba server issue00:08
cjaevesamenu.c32 not a com32r image? trying to make a ubuntu-server 10.04 usb disk on a 10.10 system is this a problem?00:08
unkmarkneaux: yeah it makes sense to me.00:09
cjaeusing usb cd creator00:10
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Jordan_Ucjae: Yes, it's a known bug as there were incompatible changes to syslinux between 10.04 and 10.10. Let me try to find the bug report.00:10
scott___I'm having the problem referred to in this thread: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/468924.  Should I reopen this bug?  I'm not sure if perhaps it has been fixed and I'm simply missing something.00:11
canonhead311xp machine says access denied when accessing a samba share on ubuntu 9.04 server, but gets access when accessing share on 9.04 samba share in my home dir00:11
unkmarkneaux: from a, ssh server -R 1822:localhost:2200:12
unkmarkneaux: from b, ssh server -R 1922:localhost:2200:12
cjaeJordan_U: do you happen to know a work around, I thought id make on the virtual machine that had 10.04 but does not support usb afaik00:12
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lee-xhow do i install wxPython from source onto ubuntu10.10?00:12
kristianpaulHello, I'm running debian squeeze how i can create a ubuntu in my memory stick, (i already downloaded the ubuntu iso)00:12
unkmarnow from a while in server, you can, "ssh localhost -p 1922" to control b.00:12
kneauxare those (bear with me, i'm weak) standard ports or will i have to figure out my configuration00:12
Jordan_Ukristianpaul: Use unetbootin.00:13
kneauxahhhh i get it00:13
_genuser_guys, anyone got ideas about why the wifi stopped working all of a sudden?00:13
_genuser_the card isn't even active on boot.00:13
unkmarkneaux: I made up the 1822 and 1922 ports.  They are high enough not to require root.  22 is standard.00:13
kneauxunkmar, where can i go to read about those ranges00:13
unkmarkneaux: port ranges?00:14
Jordan_Ucjae: There is probably an "official" work around if I can find the bug report, but I would personally just install grub2 instead of syslinux. If you pastebin the syslinux configuration file from the USB Startup Disk Creator made I can give you a grub.cfg you can use to boot it, and tell you how to install grub2 to the external drive.00:14
unkmarkneaux: below 1024 requires root.  as far as know the rest of the standard ports.. you can look them up as needed through google.00:14
kneauxcool, thank you00:15
cjaeJordan_U: ok one sec00:15
Pentium3How do you JBOD in ubuntu?00:16
cjaeJordan_U: syslinux.cfg?00:17
_genuser_hmmm, no one familiar with wifi issues on ubuntu?00:17
slookDoes ubuntu use bzimage or squashfs or both?00:18
cjaeJordan_U: think I read something that you can downgrade syslinux to 10.04 version too00:19
unkmar_genuser_: it doesn't show up?00:19
canonhead311_cant access a samba share, says access denied00:19
shilowhas anyone figured out the  issue with   dpkg-reconfigure and cron  yet?00:19
shilowi just did the upgrade to 10.10 and i'm not able to  dpkg-reconfigure -a  due to it stopping when i hit cron00:19
Fezzlerdendrite>> here00:19
sweetpi!maverick | shilow00:20
ubottushilow: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:20
shilowoh okay thank you00:20
slookany linux gurus in here I can ask a question?00:21
canonhead311_how do i share files from another hdd with windows from server 9.0400:21
meh3anyone ehre tried the ubuntu installer for windows?00:21
meh3does it work like a VM or what exactly'00:21
aeon-ltd!samba | canonhead311_00:21
ubottucanonhead311_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:21
archernot working for me00:21
sandydmeh3 its not a virtual machine00:21
aeon-ltdmeh3: wubi?00:21
tensorpudding!wubi | meh300:21
ubottumeh3: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.00:21
RondoRavenwhat is the preferred driver for accelerated nvidia lately?00:21
sandydmeh3: its a virtual disc00:22
sandydmeh3: *its a virtual disk00:22
Pentium3How do i do JBOD in ubuntu?00:22
meh3so a VM is still better then that?00:22
sandydmeh3: its safter than wubi00:22
Tryptychmeh3 it boots fresh without windows involved00:23
tensorpuddingwhat is JBOD?00:23
tensorpuddingDo you want a single volume which spans all the disks?00:23
scott___Nobody responded to me, so II'm having the problem referred to in this thread: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/468924.  Should I reopen this bug?  I'm not sure if perhaps it has been fixed and I'm simply missing something.00:23
Pentium3tensorpudding:"Just A Bunch Of Disks" a form of softraid00:23
Pentium3tensorpudding: yes.00:24
xbonesxi have startupmanager installed but i have no options for changing the boot splash screens, is there another program that handles this type of stuff?00:24
tensorpuddingLVM allows you to mimic that.00:24
cjaeaptitude removed from 10.10?00:24
Pentium3tensorpudding: ok, and how is this achieved?  Does it work with SCSI?00:24
tensorpuddingYou can create a single partition on each device, and combine them into one volume group.00:24
archercjae, still in 101000:25
tensorpuddingIt should work fine with SCSI.00:25
Pentium3tensorpudding: ok.  and the tool is called "LVM"00:25
Flannelcjae: It's not installed by default, but it still exists.  If you have further questions about it #ubuntu+1 would be the place to ask00:25
Pentium3tensorpudding:  k thanks00:26
cjaeFlannel: right thats what I meant was not included on the disc00:26
sabayonuserSomethings wrong with me grub.Boot menu dissapeared and all i get when i boot is the grub cli (grub> ) please help me. http://pastebin.com/u0b801Mh00:26
tensorpuddingI believe lvm2 is provided in the base Ubuntu install.00:27
tensorpuddingBut if not, it's available in the software center.00:27
tensorpuddingThere's a graphical configuration tool for LVM too.00:28
Jordan_Ucjae: Sorry, I'm having connection issues right now.00:28
cjaeJordan_U: tis ok00:28
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scott___Am I breaking rules or something?  Why isn't anyone acknowledging me?00:29
tensorpuddingscott___: I guess everyone was busy at the time?00:30
scott___tensorpudding: Okay00:30
scott___tensorpudding: Should I just keep reposting my question?00:30
tensorpuddingThe last post on that thread said that if it is still an issue it should be reopened00:31
berniruyayuda no se cmo usar wine y lla e visto muhos tutoriales00:31
scott___tensorpudding: Right, but how do I do that?  I've never filed a bug before.  Also, I can't run the program described in the thread which is supposed to collect info automatically, because the bug is assigned to that particular person.00:32
berniruyqien me ayuda?00:32
xbonesxWas grub theming ever successful?00:32
tensorpudding!es | berniruy00:32
ubottuberniruy: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:32
scott___tensorpudding: Do I just file a brand new bug, or is there a way to reopen that one?00:32
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:33
sabayonuserSomethings wrong with my grub.Boot menu dissapeared and all i get when i boot is the grub cli (grub> ) please help me. http://pastebin.com/u0b801Mh00:33
tensorpuddingscott___: are you using the right kernel version?00:34
xbonesxi have startupmanager installed but i have no options for changing the boot splash screens, is there another program that handles this type of stuff?00:34
scott___tensorpudding: I don't know.  My system is up-to-date according to the Update Manager.00:34
tacomasteris python better for a first language or is C?00:34
sandydscott_: ive reopened it for you00:34
tensorpuddingscott___: it says that the problem in the kernel will be fixed when 2.6.34 is included in Ubuntu, but that version isn't in Ubuntu 10.04.00:35
cjaeJordan_U: cant i just use dd?00:35
scott___tensorpudding: Okay, so what should I do?  Is that version of the kernel out yet?00:35
crucialhoaxI enabled usb autosuspend in powertop, umm, how do I undo that?00:35
scott___sandyd: Thanks00:35
sandydscott_: the kernel is in the mainline kernel builds -> http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/00:36
sandydscott_: your welcome :)00:36
=== kracker[BDC]|2 is now known as kracker[BDC]
scott___sandyd: Is it safe to install?  Can you explain why it's not included with Ubuntu 10.04, or why it hasn't been released as an update?00:37
sandydscott_: this one -> http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/ should do fine00:37
sandydits safe00:37
sandydscott__: if it doesn't work, just boot using original kernel00:38
xbonesxi have startupmanager installed but i have no options for changing the boot splash screens, is there another program that handles this type of stuff?00:38
scott___sandyd: Okay, but I'm not very experienced in doing this sort of thing.00:38
sandydscott___: Download all of the files in the directory first00:39
scott___sandyd: This wont break my existing configuration, right?00:39
sandydscott___: No, you are installing a seperate kernel00:39
xbonesxhttp://img178.imageshack.us/img178/8710/screenshotstartupmanage.png this is all that my startupmanager shows... :S00:40
canonhead311_i need help with a samba issue, i have it installed and have gotten it to work before but i not on my ubuntu server00:40
tacomasterwhat is better for a first language python or C?00:40
canonhead311_someone please help00:40
sandydtacomaster: python is easier for starters00:40
scott___sandyd: Why do I need to download everything?  tensor said it was in 2.6.34.  Don't I just need to install the latest one?00:41
tacomastersandyd, ok ty00:41
scott___sandyd: Why do I need to download everything?  tensor said it was in 2.6.34.  Don't I just need to install the latest one?00:41
sandydtacomaster: depends on which level programmer you are at once00:41
xbonesxcanonhead311_: whats up?00:41
sandydscott___ : You need to download the stuff in here ->  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.34-lucid/00:41
xbonesxcanonhead311_: oh sry i know nothing about samba sry...00:42
xbonesxhttp://img178.imageshack.us/img178/8710/screenshotstartupmanage.png this is all that my startupmanager shows... :S00:42
xbonesxi have startupmanager installed but i have no options for changing the boot splash screens, is there another program that handles this type of stuff?00:42
crucialhoaxI enabled usb autosuspend in powertop, umm, how do I undo that?00:42
sabayonuserSomethings wrong with my grub.Boot menu dissapeared and all i get when i boot is the grub cli (grub> ) please help me. http://pastebin.com/u0b801Mh00:42
scott___sandyd: Ah, okay.  And then I just dpkg -i which ones?00:43
sandydsabayonuser: post output of http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/00:43
scott___sandyd: I think I have an i386 machine.00:43
xbonesxsabayonuser: what grub are you using?00:44
sandydscott___: youll want to download the ia386 ones first00:44
canonhead311_anyone really good with samba???? or an alternative00:44
sandydscott___: then the linux-headers all thingy00:44
canonhead311_ive been trying to setup a windows share all day, im about to swith to a whs00:44
sandydscott___: I don't think you need the linux source unless your compiling the  kernel00:45
aemaethi changed my grub to boot into a text mode, and i need to find that same file to change it back for a session, anyone know where the grub2 would be?00:45
sandydcanonhead311_: use system-config-samba00:45
sandydaemaeth: /etc/default/grub00:46
sandydaemaeth: You need to change it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"00:46
aemaeththank you sandyd00:47
sandydaemaeth: your welcome00:47
aemaethhow do i restart my system from console?00:47
sandydaemaeth: sudo shutdown 0 -r00:47
canonhead311how do i share a folder outside my home directory with windows???? samba is already setup.00:48
aemaethsandyd: excellent, thank you very much00:48
archeraemaeth, sudo reboot00:48
canonhead311i shared my /home/brandon/document folder fine00:48
canonhead311but when i try to share something outside of /home/brandon/ it doesnt work00:48
newshadeshello webpigeon :P00:48
sandydcanonhead311: use system-config-samba00:49
canonhead311sandyd is that another way of adminstering samba?00:49
sandydcanonhead311: other than text mode you mean? yes.00:49
scott___sandyd: So dpkg -i linux-image...i386 and dpkg -i linux-headers...all?00:50
|multipass|can anyone help me set up a grub?00:50
sandydscott___: sudo dpkg -i linux*.deb if your lazy. but in all, the same effect...00:51
canonhead311sandyd ok so its pretty straight forward from there... i am trying to share a folder thats on another hdd attached to my system00:51
sandydcanonhead311: whats your permissions on it00:51
sandydcanonhead311: for your regular user acct00:51
xbonesxi have startupmanager installed but i have no options for changing the boot splash screens, is there another program that handles this type of stuff?00:52
sandydcanonhead311: if the permissions are ok for your normal user acct, you can just set that as the guest account for samba00:52
scott___sandyd: But I don't want to install the 64-bit ones, right?00:52
|multipass|can anyone help me set up a grub? when I do this--$ sudo grub-install /dev/sda-- it dosnt do anything to my menu.lst00:52
ChogyDan!grub2 | |multipass|00:52
ubottu|multipass|: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:52
sandydscott___: no, but dpkg will prevent you from doing that ;)00:52
|multipass|im on that page right now ChogyDan D:00:52
Jordan_Ucjae: No.00:53
scott___sandyd: But I also don't want linux-source00:53
canonhead311sandyd i dont think i understand the ?, i have altered my fstab to auto mount the hdd, then i did chown and chmod 777 on the folder, i then share it but can access it from my xp machine00:53
sandydscott___: you only need that if your compiling a kernel00:53
ChogyDan|multipass|: ok.  menu.lst is a grub 1 thing.  Grub2 uses different config files00:53
scott___sandyd: Right, so I just need to install the two that I mentioned, right?00:53
sandydcanonhead311: then you don't need to do the guest acct. brb. im going to generate the smb.conf entry for ya00:54
sandydscott___: three.  linux-headers-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_i386.deb linux-headers-2.6.34-020634_2.6.34-020634_all.deb  linux-image-2.6.34-020634-generic_2.6.34-020634_i386.deb00:54
mamece2hello , its me again, i would like to know how to make UNE a desktop version00:55
xbonesxi have startupmanager installed but i have no options for changing the boot splash screens, is there another program that handles this type of stuff?00:55
scott___sandyd: Oh, okay.  I didn't know I needed the all one too.00:55
ChogyDan!splash | xbonesx00:55
ubottuxbonesx: To change the Gnome splash screen, use gnome-splashscreen-manager or change the GConf key /apps/gnome-session/options/splash_image using !gconf-editor.00:55
unkmarI had to reinstall so... I'm installing debian.00:56
xbonesxChogyDan: ok that handles the splash for gnome but what about the grub2 splash?00:56
sadam-bohemianhell all00:56
sandydcanonhead311: http://pastebin.com/R3S7NKRm00:57
scott___sandyd: And after that, when I boot, will it automatically use the kernel I just installed?00:57
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:57
ChogyDanxbonesx: dunno, I would checke the grub2 page00:57
sandydscott___: it should00:57
|multipass|what is the option i need to change to enable grub? currently it dosnt even show up(i have diff OS's on diff hard drives)00:57
sandydscott___: you may have to press esc or shift to show the grub menu00:57
xbonesxChogyDan: did but there are only manual ways of doing it by that document, but what happened to startupmanager being able to do this...00:58
xbonesxhttp://img178.imageshack.us/img178/8710/screenshotstartupmanage.png this is all that my startupmanager shows... :S00:58
Jordan_Ucjae: Could you pastebin the isolinux/txt.cfg from your flash drive>00:58
canonhead311sandyd just backtracking a minute here, do i need to make the partition ntfs or will it work as ext400:58
bainitesay I want to kill a specific program like Amarok that quit working but won't halt the program, what command do I use in the prompt?   I looked at the man kill page but I didn't see anything that helped aside from using kill -l to look up processes, but the processes doesn't list the specific programs?00:58
|2exxDoes anyone know how I can edits my hosts file?00:58
neekersi installed bastille and now i can't ssh into my server. :/00:58
sandyd|multipass|: first, do "sudo grub-update" second, press shift/esc (I don't remember which one it is) to show brub menu00:58
edbian|2exx, gksudo gedit /etc/hosts00:58
ChogyDan|multipass|: you want to look at the Boot Display Behavior section00:58
cjaehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromImgFiles Jordan_U00:59
sandydcanonhead311: II just did NTFS, cause the entry said ntfs, the share doesn't need to be on ntfs00:59
cjaesays you can use dd00:59
sandydcanonhead311: as long as its mounted properly at all times, it should be fine00:59
xaemonicanyone know the protocoll for gettin super karamba to work in gnome or an equiviliant?00:59
SeanInSeattleHey all.  How does one configure an Ubuntu system running 10.10 to where any directory that a user creates is one where that user is the owner by default?00:59
xaemonicplease pm answer01:00
ridinhow do i increase the quality of compiz's 3d cube01:00
mamece2hello , i would like to know how to make UNE a desktop version. how?01:00
|2exxedbian: is there a way I can just use sudo?01:00
Jordan_Ucjae: Do you have the .img file or the .iso file? For 11.04 they will likely be combined, but they currently aren't.01:00
|multipass|sandyd: command not found?01:00
edbian|2exx, Absolutely!  sudo nano /etc/hosts   :)01:01
|2exxedbian: E: Package gksudo has no installation candidate01:01
edbian|2exx, mmm, odd.  I'm not sure what package it's in.  All it does is sudo graphically01:01
Loshkibainite: run 'sudo ps ax' to find the process id, then run sudo kill -TERM <pid>. If that fails, run kill -9 <pid>01:01
sandyd|multipass|: oops should be update-grub01:01
bainitety Loshki01:01
Jordan_U|2exx: edbian: The package is "gksu"01:01
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scott___sandyd: Bah, the new kernel breaks my multitouch.01:02
|2exxgot it01:02
|2exxi'll try gksu01:02
sandydscott___: does the webcam work at least?01:02
|2exxhow do I exit nano?01:02
edbian|2exx, ctrl + x01:02
edbian|2exx, I think?01:03
mamece2does anyone can help me, i dont like UNE, i want a desktop interface, i just cant find how01:03
|2exxnano looks way more cooler than vi01:03
|multipass|sandyd: o cool that found my partitions, will that show the grub now?01:03
ChogyDanmamece2: I think you can install ubuntu-desktop, and remove the netbook-launcher or something01:03
sandyd|multipass|: yup01:03
edbian|2exx, It's much more intuitive01:03
mamece2some guy told me yesterday how to do it without uninstalling01:03
scott___sandyd: Kind of.  It's pretty buggy.  I'm using Cheese and it's not responding to my mouse inputs.  It doesn't show a live preview, but it did take a few pictures before lagging and failing to respond to my mouse inputs.01:03
sandydscott___: then if your feeling brave, upgrade to maverick01:04
Esathow can i put check icon to OpenOffice.org document?01:04
sandydscott___: mavericks got 2.6.3501:04
scottjI remember seeing a program like wmctrl but newer and with a few different features. anyone know the name?01:04
scott___sandyd: I'm not.  This isn't my system, so I don't want to have to be IT guy for the next few months.01:05
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|2exxedbian, when I try to write it gives me a second options index, do I Append?01:05
scott___sandyd: How can I uninstall the kernel I just installed?01:05
sandydscott___: sudo dpkg -r01:05
|multipass|sandyd: thanks01:06
edbian|2exx, You want to overwrite it.  Assuming the file looks how you want it.01:06
sandydscott___: wait until maverick comes out, then your webcam will definately work k?01:06
scott___sandyd: k01:06
scott___sandyd: So, just dpkg -r?  I don't need to refer to the things I installed?01:06
|2exxgot it01:06
|2exxthanks edbian01:06
Chotazanyone wanna help me with a Huawei E1750 USB dongle not working properly as a modem?01:06
edbian|2exx, yep01:07
sandydscott___: you need to add the names of the stuff you installed01:07
|2exxedbian, should I use netcat to xfer files from a windows host?01:07
bainiteis there another mp3 player anyone would recommend aside from amarok01:07
|multipass|can anyone point me in the right direction for a Foobar2000 like music player? so far i found dead beef, pretty good01:07
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antIPQuick question about backup to external drive in Ubuntu. What's the easiest method for syncing two drives? I have a secondary drive that I save my data on, and I'd like to sync it with me external USB drive so that it automatically backs up changes I make on my secondary internal drive.01:07
Chotazbainite vlc is good, for everything.01:07
edbian|2exx, IDK.  I'm a linux man (in a linux support channel ;) )01:08
mamece2doesanyone how to unable netbook launcher in UNE? i dont know how many packages i must uninstall01:08
|2exxedbian,  arrrrr matey!01:08
antIPedbian: hi mate.01:08
Ryenbainite: rhythmbox01:08
sandydmamece2: Just install ubuntu-desktop01:08
edbianantIP, What's up?!01:08
Loshki!players | bainite see if you like any of these01:09
ubottubainite see if you like any of these: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:09
antIPedbian: Doin' well. I'm trying to find a good method for syncing two drives.01:09
scott___sandyd: It says, "you must specify packages by their own names, not by quoting the names of the files they come in".  But, I don't know their real names.01:09
antIPedbian: What's the easiest method for syncing two drives? I have a secondary drive that I save my data on, and I'd like to sync it with me external USB drive so that it automatically backs up changes I make on my secondary internal drive.01:09
edbianantIP, Raid, der01:09
mamece2sandyd thx01:09
sandydscott___: synaptic should be easier for this task.01:09
antIPedbian: right. I know about raid, but I've never done it.01:09
antIPadbian: I don't know the first thing about setting up a raid.01:10
dt_where could I find the setting to shorten the amount of time the notification balloons remain visible ?01:10
edbianantIP, There are many ways.  A cron job that runs dd, rsync, and this http://www.partimage.org/Main_Page  (which I just learned about the other day)01:10
antIPedbian: Although, I'd be willing to learn and set it up.01:10
mamece2sandyd if i install it, i can safely uninstall netbook, amirite?01:10
scott___sandyd: I don't know how to use synaptic.  How do I find the kernel I installed through synaptic?01:11
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Jordan_Ucjae: According to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/syslinux/+bug/608382 The bug should already be fixed. Can you try updating to the latest usb-creator package?01:11
edbianantIP, You can't raid with an external hdd (sorry)01:11
Loshki!backups | antIP there's a lot to read...01:11
ubottuantIP there's a lot to read...: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:11
dt_where could I find the setting to shorten the amount of time the notification balloons remain visible ? for example when you connect to a wireless network and the balloon informs you that you're connected01:11
dt_I find it shows for too long01:11
scott___sandyd: nm, I found it through search01:12
antIPedbian: I know. I have two internal 500gb drives that I could raid. (I think)01:12
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ruif13hi, i've toshiba a660 17j with ubuntu 10.04 and fan cooler doesn't stop, anyone can help to solve that?01:12
canonhead311sandyd i did what you showed me, my laptop (running ubuntu 9.04 and setting the path to another folder in my filesystem) worked, but on my ubuntu 9.04 server (mounted to /media/Data1 (another internal hdd)) didnt work01:12
ChogyDandt_: there might not be a setting01:12
scott___sandyd: How stable is maverick?01:12
sandydscott___: sudo dpkg -r --force all linux-headers-2.6.34-020634-generic linux-headers-2.6.34-020634 linux-image-2.6.34-020634-generic01:12
cjaeJordan_U: I believe it is01:13
edbianantIP, Do you want some more one on one help or would you rather read all about it and learn on your own?01:13
=== rkh_ is now known as techhelper1
sandydscott___: theirs a list of issues, lemme pull em up01:13
dt_ChogyDan, of course there is01:13
antIPedbian: Interestingly, I'm not aiming to backup my home directory, but my secondary drive where I save my data. However, I suppose I could start using my home dir primarily and then backing up. I sort of like the idea of backing up to an image, which seems to be what partimage is doing.01:13
sandydscott___: here -> http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/beta#Known%20issues01:14
ChogyDanruif13: I would try a later kernel, and it that doesn't work, file a bug01:14
cjaeJordan_U:  im making the disk on a 10.10 the startup is 10.04 I think that bug is on 10.04 making a 10.10 startup01:14
edbianantIP, That's exactly what partimage does.01:14
antIPedbian: I'll probably do the reading myself. I was just hoping to get some advice from someone I trust. You know, get pointed in the right direction.01:14
Jordan_Ucjae: Ahh, I thought you were going the other way around.01:14
edbianantIP, rsync has the advantage that it is very flexible.01:15
antIPedbian: Partimage does not support ext401:15
sandydcanonhead311: hmm... interesting... it should be working if samba has access to the folder...01:15
edbianantIP, cron will automate it for you.  All of what I've talked about so far is manual backup.  There are packages in the repos that do backups all for you (with a gui to configure how it works)01:15
edbianantIP, oh then that's right out01:15
mamece2i must reboot to see changes01:15
mamece2see ya folks01:15
ezyhi all. I installed awn (avant window manager) and its not working. checked for the process ps -aef | grep awn and I don't see it. Any pointers ?01:16
cjaeJordan_U:    dd if=~/Downloads/ubuntuwhateverserver.iso of=/dev/sdX01:16
LoshkiantIP: the most space-efficient backups basically take a full dump periodically followed by incrementals. I'd look for a package that makes that process (and the restores) as easy as possible. The biggest mistake is to set up a backup system and then forget to test it periodically by attempting to restore a random file...01:16
Jordan_Ucjae: That will not work.01:16
cjaeJordan_U: ok01:17
canonhead311sandyd: from everything i have read it should be working, i am fairly new to linux ~1 year but i can get it to work on my laptop with ubuntu 9.04, however on my desktop ubuntu 9.04 server with 5 internal hdd i cant get it to share anything outside my home dir01:17
antIPLoshki: That makes sense. You have to test your back up to make sure you're not getting corrupted data.01:17
* cjae scratches head01:17
Jordan_Ucjae: Follow this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860401:17
Richie086canonhead311: can your ubuntu machine browse the windows network on your lan?01:18
LoshkiantIP: it's the step most people omit, and then they're shocked when they find their backup hasn't been working for some reason. And use ext3, 'cos *everything* works with ext3...01:19
sandydcanonhead311: oh. wait. I think I see what I missed...01:19
Pilif12pis this the right place to ask about Gwibber?01:20
dendritei need help reinstalling pulseaudio completely01:20
canonhead311Richie086: yes it can, i can access shares on my xp and my laptop01:20
cjaeJordan_U: thanks01:20
mobasherfor ssh to work do i have to send the public key to the client ?01:20
antIPLoshki: I'm using ext4 currently.01:20
Jordan_Ucjae: You're welcome.01:20
aemaethi think i locked myself out of the server by changing the login to not need a password, but by having a password on the user account, how do i fix this?01:20
ivan_hello, how can i configure to synaptics on ubuntu 10.04?01:20
sandydcanonhead311: I think I missed the browsable flag... try this again -> http://pastebin.com/S6NGpNvs01:20
mobasherivan_=}} synaptics comes preconfigured01:21
LoshkiantIP: that's not the end of the world, but if you ever need to run older versions of linux, ext3 is more versatile...01:21
sandydcanonhead311: and you will want it to remove the writable flag if you don't want it to be writable01:21
Jordan_U!password | aemaeth01:22
ubottuaemaeth: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords01:22
|2exxDoes anyone know how to mount a remote file system?01:22
tensorpudding|2exx: NFS, SSHFS, SMB?01:23
aemaethJordan_U: i didn't lose my password...will this still take me to the same config file? cause i only have text01:23
canonhead311sandyd: alright gimme a sec to try it out01:23
|2exxtensorpussing: I'm trying to link my Kubuntu VM with my windows host..  tried samba, edited my hosts file, the pings are green on both sides, just missing something01:24
Jordan_Uaemaeth: Yes, that first guide should get things working again, if I understand correctly what has happened.01:24
lee-xhow do i install wxPython onto a different python version than the pre-installed 2.6.6?01:24
tensorpudding|2exx: Virtualbox? VMware?01:24
|2exxtensorpudding, VBOX01:24
tensorpuddingThere are shared folders available using the guest extensions01:24
mamece2YAY i got desktop01:24
|2exxguest extensions?01:25
tripFantasticSuggestion for Linux dists; using /etc/shells as guide, we need etc/wm to list all installed x11 wm.01:25
canonhead311sandyd: same thing, still says its not accessible and to check my permission01:25
mamece2who knows here about amarok?01:25
tensorpuddingProbably easier than Samba, and unless you're bridging the network it will be the same difference01:26
tensorpuddingIf you want printer sharing though, I believe you'll need Samba.01:26
sandydcanonhead311: im out of ideas...01:26
aemaethi don't think that's going to help me with the startup screen, it tries to load the user gui and drops back into the login01:26
canonhead311sandyd: alright thanks anyways01:27
|2exxtensorpudding, okay, I added under the machine folders01:27
lee-xhow do i install wxPython on python2.7?01:27
noobuntuneed help on SupremeFX X-FI sound card that came with Maximus III Formula. Ubuntu seems to detect it but named "Duplex". Installed the driver for linux but now I got no sound and the hardware is no longer detected. Please help.01:28
elijahI am attempting to expand an EXT4 partition, I am booted up now with a Live CD, downloaded Gparted etc. I have one line that says 8 GB unallocated and when I go to resize my partition it won't let me use that unallocated space. Any ideas?/01:28
MooshiMuushiHey Everyone :D01:28
mattgyverelijah, probably a stupid question but is the filesystem mounted?01:29
mamece2how can i add a folder to amarok?01:30
chalcednyhow do i list the drives in a desktop machine on ubuntu 10.04?01:30
mattgyverchalcedny, you could list them (all with fdisk -l) or only mounted drives with df01:30
elijahmattgyver: No, nothing is mounted since I am using a live cd01:31
chalcednyty mattgyver01:31
canonhead311sandyd: this doesn't make any since (since i have had a few) but (in nautilus) i went to /media/Data (hdd i want to share) and change the sharing properties for the drive (not folder in the drive) and now it works01:31
sandydcanonhead311: i guess some things are unexplainable i guess...01:32
mattgyverelijah, yeah thats kinda what I thought ;( not sure why it would do that otherwise01:33
brandon420guys, whats the easiest way to set up a file serveron ubuntu 9.10?01:33
elijahmattgyver: I am wondering if it is something to do with permmissions01:33
uniqueim trying to apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev "The following packages have unmet dependencies: Depends: libkrb5-dev but it is not going to be installed or hurd but it is not installable"01:33
brandon420!pastebin | unique01:34
ubottuunique: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:34
brandon420sorry, i just wanted to do that.01:34
noobuntuneed help on SupremeFX X-FI sound card that came with Maximus III Formula. Ubuntu seems to detect it but named "Duplex". Installed the driver for linux but now I got no sound and the hardware is no longer detected. Please help.01:34
brandon420anyone know how to add user folders to apache?01:35
edbianCan I buy a TV tuner card that his coax in and coax out?01:35
uniquei pasted a single-line text01:35
aemaeththat didn't work Jordan_U, still when i click the name on startup screen, it starts to load but fails and drops back to login01:35
tensorpuddingbrandon420: mod_userdir01:35
brandon420tensorpudding, not to sound stupid or something, but wtf does that mean?01:36
mattgyverelijah, not sure cuz I am pretty sure your the root user in the live cd so it shouldnt be a perms issue really01:36
tensorpuddingbrandon420: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_userdir.html01:36
Jordan_Uaemaeth: Can you explain in more detail what you did that caused this?01:36
wabashHello. I've got Ubu dual head setup, with two different size monitors. The desktop, though, has lined them up along the top. Now, the smaller monitor lets the mouse cursor go all the way off th ebottom of the screen, until it lines up with the bottom of the bigger monitor.01:36
wabashHow do I make it understand following borders of the smaller monitor?01:37
wabashYeah, this will get very hard to use very quickly.01:37
aemaethJordan_U: if you go to users and groups, you will see "Password: Asked on login" i changed that to no password asked, but i think it didn't strip the password from the account, only took away option to enter password.  That's what i changed that i believe to have caused this01:37
brandon420wabash, what video card?01:38
wabashbrandon420: It's all laptop internal...01:38
dendritehow do i see the panel message01:38
postgresdbi have 64-bit lucid here, I installed 32-bit firefox 3.5 and had hard time enable java01:38
mattgyverwabash, you may need to check either in xorg or your video card's util (ie nvidia-settings) if the resolutions for both screens are identical01:39
wabashmattgyver: Ah, I see. Actually, they are not identical.01:39
wabashThe resolutions are set so that the actual pixels per inch are the same. The screens are different sizes though.01:39
postgresdbi need 3.5.11 32-bit for vmware01:39
Jordan_Uaemaeth: Ahh, OK. Can you log in as another user?01:40
mattgyverwabash, yeah im not sure if thats related or not, unfortunately you may have to tinker with it01:40
MooshiMuushiAnyone here knows any good video editor that can edit .h264 video codecs?01:40
aemaethJordan_U: no, but i can ssh into the machine, using my user/pass for the account i'm trying to save in gui01:40
mamece2amarok is the best linux have for music?01:40
postgresdbfirefox site does not provide 64-bit, otherwise I will stay 64-bit 3.5.1101:41
|multipass|dead beef is pretty good...01:41
aemaethi was actually able to log into root, but that was cause startx was acting less than i'm used to01:41
|multipass|for music01:41
wabashmattgyver: That would be fine with me. but conceptually, do you know if ubuntu or xwindow keeps track of edges of individual monitors?01:41
|multipass|very close to foobar200001:41
mattgyverwabash, that I am not aware of :(01:41
wabashmattgyver: Ok, thank you.01:41
MooshiMuushimamece2,  I use Rythmbox01:41
mamece2is there any player like winamp in ubutun?01:41
Jordan_Uaemaeth: Use "ssh -X" instead, then run "users-admin".01:41
mamece2mooshimuushi, can rythmbox scrobble?01:41
mattgyvermamece2, depends on the feature set you require but VLC is really good and a minimal gui like winamp01:42
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MooshiMuushimamece2, scrobble? It can't shufle the music. Play Podcast. Play Radios and so on.01:42
MooshiMuushimamece2, Shuffle*01:42
mamece2i just want to scrobble with last.fm. like when i had winamp01:43
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mamece2i killed amarok, and now exaile is dead too.. i will try RB01:43
kneauxanybody on an eeepc01:43
trismmamece2: enable the last.fm plugin in Edit/Plugins01:44
mamece2in winamp i used to drag a folder to the playlist, in amarok is hell01:45
O__ohi guys, how to setup web server in ubuntu?  is it apache?01:45
indroramamece2, Welcome to Amarok. Are you using KDE?01:45
indroraO__o: Apache generally. run sudo tasksel and select "Web server"01:45
indrorathat'll get you going01:46
mamece2indrora, how can i know if im using KDE :$ im a noob sorry01:46
O__ois it sudo apt-get install apache? thats it?  what else i need to install?01:46
indroramamece2, Did you install Kubuntu?01:46
=== dion is now known as Mute
indroraO__o: Generally, no...01:46
mamece2no, i installed ubuntu01:46
indroraO__o: Apache is generally installed through tasksel -- it consists of lots of things01:46
mamece2so no KDE for me01:46
O__odo i need mysql or php and all those stuffs?, indrora ?01:47
indroramamece2, then wh are you using Amarok?01:47
O__osudo apt-get install tasksel ?01:47
mamece2i read somewhere it was the best01:47
jribO__o: well what do you want to accomplish?01:47
indroraO__o, just run tasksel as root from a terminal01:47
indroraO__o, tasksel will give you lots of options on things you can install, one of them is Web Server. it will install Apache and PHP01:48
indroraYou don't have to use PHP, but its nice to have01:48
gartralhey guys, i cant get chrome to open any webpages, it says everything freezes, even www.google.com im on ubuntu 10.04 32bit01:48
indroragartral, are you using the one from the partner repo or Google's page?01:49
dionHow would I add a certain partition(sda5) to fstab?01:49
indrorathat is, did you install it through synaptic or Application-selector01:49
gartralindrora: neither, PPA01:49
mamece2so the best for ubuntu is rythmbox?01:49
indroragartral, then I dont know how to help01:49
adzyHello all!01:50
supercom32Does anyone know how to shrink the Ubuntu desktop size without changing the resolution?01:50
indroramamece2, I use mpd/pygmy, but Rhythmbox is nice and does what you want -- As will Audacious01:50
gartralindrora: my ubuntu is acting very oddly indeed.. i cant install anything, it just throws "bus error" and bounces back to prompt01:50
ChogyDangartral: I've been using the chromium daily for awhile now, haven't had to much trouble.  Any errors from the cli?01:50
O__odo i choose basic ubuntu server or DNS server ?01:50
LuisVhello folks, anybody knows what's happening with MindForge network? I know that is no a topic related to Ubuntu, but I will appreciate any information, thanks.01:50
indroraO__o, Scroll down more. Find "Web server"01:50
mamece2guys i installed a new kernel, now in the booting option it still appear the old one, is that a problem?01:50
O__oindrora, no web server option01:51
ChogyDanO__o: or, you can just `sudo apt-get install lamp-server^`              I like the ^ syntax  :)01:51
canonhead311why does xchat in ubuntu keep freezing on my01:51
edbianmamece2, not a problem.  Just an annoyance01:51
indroraO__o, Uhhh if its not there keep looking -- there should be /lots/ of them like "DNS Server" and "Mail Server"01:51
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edbianmamece2, figure the exact number of the old kernel and remove it's package using synaptic.01:51
edbianmamece2, Although some people leave the old kernels there in case something breaks and you need to fall back to it01:51
canonhead311does anyone here use ember media manager01:51
gartralChogyDan: [5379:5379:443300269237:ERROR:chrome/browser/process_singleton_linux.cc(304)] Failed to extract pid from path: /home/gareth/.config/google-chrome/SingletonLock01:52
O__oyes i seen DNS server01:52
indroraO__o, Keep looking then.01:52
O__oalso lamp server, what is lamp server?01:52
mattgyversupercom32, im not sure theres any other way to do that.  If you dont mind, what are you trying to accomplish?01:52
dionWhat line do I neet to add to fstab to auto-mount a certain partition?01:52
indroraLAMP is Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP01:52
mamece2edbian that what i though, if the new one breaks... how can i know the new one is rotten? i wouldnt even boot , amirite?01:52
edbianmamece2, Yeah.01:52
O__oso should i choose lamp server?01:52
ChogyDangartral: maybe try deleting that file, or running with a different user directory01:52
ChogyDanO__o: yes01:52
xbonesxwhats the difference between GDM and GTK?01:53
indroraO__o, That'll get you the farthest.01:53
supercom32mattgyver: On my screen, which is an HDTV CRT, the ubuntu dekstop appears shifted to the left and parts of it end up in the overscan area. I'd like to resize the desktop and move it center.01:53
edbianmamece2, If the new one was "bad" in a way that mattered you would notice.  If you didn't notice then it wouldn't matter.  See my point?01:53
gartralChogyDan: that file doesnt exist.. at all01:53
mamece2edbian. ok fine, i feel like am leavin noobness01:53
mattgyverdion, you will actually add an entirely new line to /etc/fstab to specify the specifics of the drive01:53
jribO__o: if you want mysql and php in addition to apache, yes01:53
indroraxbonesx, GDM is a display manager, like KDM. GTK is a widget toolkit, like QT01:53
gartralChogyDan: there's a singleton socket.. but not singletonlock01:53
edbianxbonesx, gtk is a toolkit for creating gui.  gdm gnome display manager, handles the screens on a system and logging in01:53
ChogyDangartral: what is the bus error?  maybe that s the issue?01:53
mamece2now i want tweetdeck and utorrent and bye bye windows01:53
kelbizzleHello, could some one tell why the internet may not work after an install? I was able to connect via eth0 to my router. But FF didn't work, restricted drivers failed to download, and ping www.google.com produced nothing.01:53
supercom32mattgyver: XBMC handles overscanning great with drag and drop corners. But I'm not sure how to do it outside on the Gnome desktop.01:53
indroramamece2, Transmission is a nice replacement for uTorrent.01:54
dionmattgyver, and what would that line be? Obviously there are variables i need to put in01:54
gartralChogyDan: just "bus error" ive been trying to find someone that can help me with it for a month01:54
indroramamece2, as for Tweetdeck, Gwibber does a nice job.01:54
ChogyDangartral: wait, why are you running google chrome?  Why not chromium?01:54
mattgyversupercom32, yea im not sure exactly how you would go about that its probably something you have to adjust in xorg somehow01:54
indroraChogyDan, Chrome doesnt depend on SSE201:54
O__ois there a website or walk thru to set up apache server for www?01:54
indroraChogyDan, Chromium does.01:54
xbonesxAnyone know of a current up-to-date manager for gnome and grub splash images?01:54
gartralChogyDan: chromium is extreamly unstable in my experience..01:54
mamece2indrora, ty, u r of such a good aid here01:54
jribO__o: as soon as you install apache, it will serve /var/www/ as your DocumentRoot01:55
supercom32mattgyver: I would even settle for a simple X, Y adjustment. Many video games have this, but...01:55
fbianconidion: 'gksudo gedit /etc/fstab' read 'man fstab' in a terminal for guidance01:55
dt_where could I find the setting to shorten the amount of time the notification balloons remain visible ? for example when you connect to a wireless network and the balloon in the top right corner informs you that you're connected01:55
gartralChogyDan: we can take this to pm, if you want01:55
ChogyDangartral: well, not working at all is not exactly stable either  :(01:56
indroradt_, are you using notification-daemon or notify-osd (see: have you changed it from the default?)01:56
O__odone now what?01:56
gartralChogyDan: chrome screwing up is a new development01:56
Unirgyhi, sorry for offtopic, just wasn't sure where to ask, and maybe someone here knows.. if i'll open thinkpad's back panel, will it automatically void the warranty?01:56
dt_eodor    1648  0.0  0.1  18916  7236 ?        S    Sep22   0:00              \_ /usr/lib/gnome-disk-utility/gdu-notification-daemon01:56
xbonesxAnyone know of a current up-to-date manager for gnome and grub splash images?01:56
fbianconiO__o: you can lookup http://httpd.apache.org/ for documentation01:56
indroradt_, you01:57
indroradt_, you are using notify-osd then01:57
dt_mmm yeah01:57
dt_I see it01:57
indroradt_, Unfortunately, the only real way to modify the notify-osd stuff is to recompile...01:57
threadmetalDoes anyone know why bind9 would fail to start at boot (already checked the rc*.d symlinks), but load fine using /etc/init.d/bind9 or invoke-rc.d?01:57
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
monokromeWhere does Ubuntu mount the CDRom drive?!01:57
macoindrora: someone made a modified version of it already in a ppa01:57
kelbizzleHello, could some one tell why the internet may not work after an install? I was able to connect via eth0 to my router. But FF didn't work, restricted drivers failed to download, and ping www.google.com produced nothing.01:57
dt_are you sure it isn't a gconf setting or something?01:57
indrorathreadmetal, what's it tell you?01:57
indroramaco, Really?01:57
macoindrora: yep01:57
indroradt_, I dont like notify-osd so I dont use it01:58
dt_i see01:58
macoindrora: i dont know which ppa...but i know there's a with-config-options version in existence01:58
indroramaco: You mean one that lets you /configure/ it?!?!01:58
ChogyDangartral: have you tried deleting *.bin in /var/cache/apt ?01:58
indroraUnheard of!01:58
xbonesxmonokrome: default is /media01:58
indroramonokrome, Generally, /media/cdrom01:58
gartralChogyDan: will that help with chrome?01:58
xbonesxAnyone know of a current up-to-date manager for gnome and grub splash images?01:58
threadmetalindrora, nothing -- no entries in /var/log from named, none mentioning bind; I'm guessing named isn't even being exec'd01:58
macoindrora: inorite, its just gonna confuse users if they have choices of things like colours, corners, operating systems...oh wait01:58
threadmetalrc.local doesn't work either01:58
ChogyDangartral: no, that is the apt-get bus error01:58
indrorathreadmetal, try /etc/init.d/bind9 start01:59
monokromexbonesx, indrora: I just realized my issue is that VMWare is taking over the CD drive01:59
threadmetalindrora, works01:59
mamece2wow i like rythmbox01:59
threadmetalindrora, but not at boot01:59
MooshiMuushiHey peeps, Is there a way to move a folder into a different place without placing it in another folder? I put the view on "list" so there's no empty space to put my mouse over and move the folder into the place. Not within another folder, that is at the place.01:59
xbonesxmonokrome: oh i didnt even know you were running from a virtual machine, lol01:59
indrorathreadmetal, something borked itself then... your links are messed up.01:59
gartralChogyDan: what do i do after renaming them?01:59
Myke_113Hi, I am trying to install Ubuntu, and I was able to get it to install with the nomodeset option,  now how do I get this nomodeset installed into grub?  The monitor won't turn on without that option, and I never see a grub screen appear, there is no Windows on this computer only Ubuntu01:59
indroraMooshiMuushi, What do you mean?02:00
threadmetalindrora, removed and freshly created with update-rc.d -- this one really has me stumped =)02:00
ChogyDangartral: I don't really know about chrome, I use chromium-daily myself02:00
xbonesxMyke_113: run the live cd and install grub02:00
ChogyDangartral: I guess sudo apt-get update, and try whatever02:00
indrorathreadmetal, Sounds like something awkward. I use debian-stable for bind and friends :v02:00
xbonesxMyke_113 | !grub202:00
indrora!grub2 | Myke_11302:01
ubottuMyke_113: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:01
Myke_113xbonesx: How do I get it to install from the live CD when Ubuntu is already installed?02:01
gartralChogyDan: Search pattern not terminated at (eval 1) line 1. is given when i try sudo rename ./pkgcache.bin ./pkgcache.bak02:01
Myke_113So install grub 1?02:01
indroraMyke_113, from a terminal run grub-install02:01
mattgyverMyke_113, you will need to edit /etc/default/grub add the nodemodeset option to GRUB_CMD_LINUX_DEFAULT option and run update-grub02:01
threadmetalindrora, no choices there -- it's a VPS. Guess it's time to deal with their &@#$ support..02:01
osmosisif CTRL-ALT-DEL isnt responding, are there any other hotkeys I can try?02:01
indrorathreadmetal, I was going to say, sounds like a problem with someone's layout02:01
mamece2now i got a question about ID3 tags for mp3. is there anyway i can write the cover of the album IN THE FILE so anywhere i open it i will see it?02:01
archangelpetroif i try to apt-get the source of a program but the program itself is already instlaled, getting the source aint gonna mess anything up, right?02:02
ChogyDangartral: try sudo mv ./pkgcache.bin ./pkgcache.bak                pretty sure rename is for multiple files...02:02
indroraosmosis, magic SysReq02:02
Myke_113so if I do that from the live CD it'll install it on to the hard driver?02:02
xbonesxindrora: thanks02:02
MooshiMuushiindrora, I'm trying to place "folder 1" into "place 1", but in "place 1" it is full of folders. The view is on "list". So place "folder 1" within "place 1" would be hard, because there is no empty space to put the mouse over.02:02
xbonesxAnyone know of a current up-to-date manager for gnome and grub splash images?02:02
trey__is it possible to update my intel video drivers? i'm running 10.04.102:02
gartralChogyDan: also, it's not just apt thats screwing up, all my system configs, and a few other apps, like firefox, all throw the same, indescrept "bus error" message02:02
indroraMooshiMuushi, mv "folder 1" "place 1"02:02
sweetpiarchangelpetro: it will just download the source for you02:02
threadmetalindrora, do you know if 'default' ubuntu is to install named in /usr/sbin ?02:02
mkquistMooshiMuushi: command line? in the terminal you can move it without your mouse02:02
mattgyverMyke_113, not without any lowel level file manipulation02:02
ChogyDanarchangelpetro: correct02:02
MooshiMuushiindrora, placing*02:03
indrorathreadmetal, Depends on the package.02:03
indroraWait, named?02:03
indroraAsk the package repo: packages.ubuntu.com02:03
mattgyversorry Myke_113 that low level statement was directed at mamece2 :X02:03
threadmetalindrora, thx, didn't think of that :-)02:03
indroraMooshiMuushi, So you have ../folder 1 and ../place 1 and you want ../folder 1/place 102:03
indroraMooshiMuushi, or have I got that reversed?02:04
ChogyDangartral: oh, then I dunno.  Maybe time to reinstall then, maybe it is a dbus error?02:04
MooshiMuushiindrora, mkquist, Using the terminal? Is there a key to press down, while using the mouse?02:04
JonathanYCHi! Has anyone has success with getting a Ximeta NDAS-powered drive to operate with ubuntu?02:04
indroraMooshiMuushi, you're using GNOME, right?02:04
mkquistMooshiMuushi: in the terminal your typing the command, not using the mouse02:04
MooshiMuushiindrora, Yes. It is simple.02:04
MooshiMuushiindrora, Yes.02:04
indroraMooshiMuushi, cut-paste.02:04
indroraMooshiMuushi, Select the folder you want to move. Right click-> cut.02:04
MooshiMuushimkquist, trying out mouse. :D02:04
indroraMooshiMuushi, go into the folder you want that folder to live in02:05
indroraMooshiMuushi, press Ctl-V02:05
Myke_113I even tried mounting the hard drive and chrooting into it but that wouldn't let me do it02:05
mkquistMooshiMuushi: whatever gets the job done02:05
archangelpetrosweetpi: ChogyDan where does source download to by default?02:05
elijahCan I have two bootable partitions on a USB drive? I have Ubuntu on 1 partition and I want to put Gparted LIVE on another? Is this possible?02:05
JonathanYCThe Ximeta drivers don't seem to work.02:05
mkquistMooshiMuushi: =)02:05
archangelpetrooh, i think i found out..02:05
MooshiMuushiindrora, That would place the "folder 1" into "place 1" without accidentally placing it into "Folder 2".02:05
archangelpetrocurreny directory?02:05
indroraMooshiMuushi, No, it wouldn't02:06
JonathanYCThey have a package which I assume is supposed to be the source, but I am unsure of how to compile, and their "instructions" are a edead link02:06
sweetpiarchangelpetro: should be /usr/src02:06
gartrali need better than ISDN speed xx02:06
mattgyverMyke_113, sorry, are you using grub1 or grub202:06
indroraMooshiMuushi, paste in Nautilus affects the folder VIEWED not SELECTED.02:06
ChogyDangartral: what does tail /var/log/messages report after a bus error?02:06
indroraMooshiMuushi, All else fails, use a cmd line.02:06
mamece2mattgyver, so any change of cover i do in any program is just to see in that particular programme02:06
Myke_113mattgyver: It's whatever Ubuntu 10.04 installed by default on a completely empty hard drive02:06
archangelpetrosweetpi: ? really? it downloaded to current directory here.02:06
mattgyvermamece2, yeah more or less.02:06
Myke_113damn nvidia cards causing problems and requiring nomodeset =)02:07
MooshiMuushiindrora, Ok then. Thank you :D02:07
gartralChogyDan: dunno, never did that02:07
MooshiMuushimkquist, Thank you as well :D02:07
mattgyverMyke_113, yeah so the directions I have given you are correct02:07
mkquistMooshiMuushi: get it done?02:07
sweetpiarchangelpetro: well then your right :)02:07
* indrora chugs some jolt02:07
MooshiMuushimkquist, Yeppers :D02:07
mattgyverMyke_113, its probably easiest to just reboot and manually enter the nomodeset option and then do it from there02:07
mkquistMooshiMuushi: your welcome02:07
mattgyverMyke_113, does that make sense?02:07
ChogyDangartral: one possibility that I'm seeing from google is a bad HDD  :(02:07
Myke_113Yeah but I can't get to any option that lets me into grub options02:07
Myke_113In the past when I installed with windows on it, I got a grub menu, there IS no grub menu this time02:08
indroraMyke_113, Wait... Hold on02:08
indroraMyke_113, was the pattern02:08
gartralChogyDan: ive done a fsck.. the drive seemed fine02:08
* xbonesx wishes someone knew how to change splash images for grub, or knew of a GUI for it... :(02:08
indrorainstall ubuntu -> install Windows?02:08
indroraor the other way around?02:08
gartralindrora: its a pain to do it the other way around02:09
Myke_113in the past I had windows installed but this computer had a completely new hard drive put into it and we chose not to reinstall windows, just Ubuntu02:09
indroragartral, Actually, its easier to install ubuntu AFTER.02:09
Myke_113but it needs the nomodeset and I can't get in to change that02:09
indroraMyke_113, Hold shift during boot.02:09
Myke_113ok let me try that02:09
indroraMyke_113, that pulls up GRUB2's page02:09
indrorahit e02:09
indrorathen proceed to edit the GRUB page02:09
Myke_113ok trying now02:10
indroraMyke_113, those will only affect the CURRENT boot02:10
O__ohow to sign up free domain redirection?02:10
elijahWill using Gparted's "Manage Flags" be good enough to make a partition bootable?02:10
osmosisindrora, i think that worked. SysReq ALT-B   got me a reboot02:11
Myke_113I got the grub screen thank you!02:11
JonathanYCNo one here has an NDAS disk? :(02:11
indroraosmosis, that should do it02:11
indroraMyke_113, Just remember you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO change the grub configuration file!02:11
indroraMyke_113, those changes are for THAT BOOT ONLY!02:11
rww!ot | O__o02:11
ubottuO__o: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:11
elijahnvm, it looks like only one partition can be bootable02:11
threadmetal!ot | threadmetal02:12
ubottuthreadmetal, please see my private message02:12
MooshiMuushiAnyone know how to edit .h264 video files on Ubuntu?02:13
Myke_113Yup I'm changing the grub file now02:13
gartralMooshiMuushi: i'de use jashaka02:13
MooshiMuushigartral, Jashaka?02:14
gartralChogyDan: i cant pastebin the error... can i pm you?02:14
ChogyDangartral: yes02:14
gartralMooshiMuushi: yea, it's a full-fledged profession (but open source and free) video editing/studio suit02:14
=== georg is now known as gekow
Myke_113It's working, thank you so much! =)02:15
MooshiMuushigartral, That's news! Lemme have a look :)02:15
mamece2where can i find the shortcuts for ubuntu? change desktop, minimize apps, etc02:15
indroramamece2, you want the GNOME shortcuts.02:15
indroramamece2, changing workspaces is Ctl-Alt-[left right up down]02:16
indroramamece2, However many of them can just be configured using the gnome control center02:16
mamece2indrora, tyvm02:16
ChogyDangartral: have you tried smartmontools, or checking for bad blocks?02:17
gartralChogyDan: i cant download hem to check!02:17
xaemonicanyone know what the equiviliant of super karamba is for gnome02:18
indroraxaemonic, what's it do?02:18
mamece2indrora is there another app to monitor the system resources? temp, processors, network, ram02:18
ChogyDangartral: maybe check your mtab, see if the filesystem is mounted as rw or ro02:18
xaemonicsuper karamab is for makeing desktop applets02:18
xaemoniclike the sensors app02:19
indroraThe logical equivelant is Conky02:19
xaemonicthat shows u harddrive space and core temprature02:19
xaemonicconky is the gnome version of superkaramba?02:19
indroraIts DE-Agnostic02:19
mamece2so i must find conky?02:19
indroraIt just paints to the root window.02:19
indroramamece2, Its in the repos02:19
indrora!info conky02:19
ubottuconky (source: conky): highly configurable system monitor (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.0-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 31 kB, installed size 68 kB02:19
xaemonickk if anyone knows pm me02:20
indroraxaemonic, We just told you.02:20
mamece2xaemonic is for gnome? ubuntu02:20
xaemonicthought u were talkin to someone else02:20
xaemonicubuntu yes02:20
xaemoniclooking for the apt get02:20
cedric_Bonsoir tout le monde02:20
indroraxaemonic, We gave that to you also02:20
=== Blue1 is now known as Blue11Away
ChogyDangartral: well, it still looks like an HDD problem, of some sort.  http://superuser.com/questions/114675/external-hard-drive-is-no-longer-recognized-gives-buffer-i-o-errors                 Whatever the error is exactly doesn't matter, you still need to boot off another medium02:21
xaemonicok sorry thought u were answering someone elses question02:21
indroraxaemonic, I was answering both of your questions at once02:21
SystemParadoxanyone know what the deal is with ogre-contrib and plugin_cgprogrammanager.so? I can't find either of these02:21
indroraYou asked the same question.02:21
Yud_Zrocis there an uptodate repos for jre?02:22
mamece2indrora, i cannot find de-agnostics in sofware center02:22
xaemonicthanks lots guys02:22
xaemonicim installing it right now02:22
xaemoniccudos on the quick responce indrora02:22
xuekanmicrosoft is stupid.02:23
indroramamece2, No non on what I meant was that Conky is not dependant on a particular DE02:23
ChogyDanYud_Zroc: I just saw this: http://www.shermann.name/2010/09/sun-java6-packages.html02:23
indroraxuekan, Sometimes.02:23
Yud_Zrocxuekan: and a beer for that comment :D02:23
kneauxi'm trying to install ubuntu onto an eee pc from usb02:23
indroraAnyone here actually looked at WP7?02:23
indroraas a platform, its nice TBH.02:23
Yud_ZrocChogyDan: yes but that is jre6u1802:23
kneauxthe usb stick won't boot; i'm wondering if i can make a virtual machine within the eee pc's current linux, and install that way02:24
mamece2indrora, i have not tested 702:24
indroramamece2, Windows Phone 7.02:24
indroramamece2, new platform for developing mobile apps.02:24
Yud_ZrocChogyDan: i need jre6u2102:24
ChogyDankneaux: I think you have to hold f2 at boot or something02:24
mamece2indrora, oic, ive got a BB02:24
indroramamece2, You poor thing.02:24
kneauxchogydan, it's not about the boot order, the thing just won't boot. believe me, i've tried everything, it's perfect, the machine just won't boot it02:24
kmysti have a dell mini 9 and recently since updating it sporadically drops wireless, only a power off/on will restore it, eventually it starts dropping almost as soon as you login, and finally you can't even connect at all...anybody hear about this issue on 10.04??02:25
mamece2indrora wat do u think about android?02:25
ChogyDankneaux: how did you make it?02:25
ChogyDanYud_Zroc: I see 21 for maverick02:25
mashola me baje el smartcam (programa para usar la camara del celular en el computador via bluetooth) lo tengo funcionando perfecto pero no puedo usarla con programas como skype, msn02:25
xaemonichow do i edit prefrences of conky02:25
massolo con el que viene02:25
Yud_Zrocoh ok02:25
indroramamece2, Considering in Pre-2.0 stuff I have code in? its a nice platform on the outside but its hell to develop for.02:25
xaemonicand move it around?02:25
mamece2mas, no creo que alguien sepa español aqui02:25
indroraxaemonic, Everything is handled in ~/.conkyrc02:26
Cerebr0I use avast to scan files I download, I was wondering if there was a way to add it to the menu that pops up when i right click instead of having to go thru the menu and open  avast and select the folder02:26
xaemonicsorry im new02:26
* xbonesx wishes someone knew how to change splash images for grub, or knew of a GUI for it... :(02:26
xaemonici type .conkyrc to open menu?02:26
=== MaverickOne is now known as IdleOne
icarus-c!es | mamece202:26
ubottumamece2: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:26
xaemonicxbone i tryed that02:26
mamece2mas, pero pregunta en ingles que siempre hay alguien que ayuda02:26
xaemonicits hard02:26
xaemonicbut possable02:26
indroraxaemonic, you can also just use nano ~/.conkyrc02:26
xaemonictype that in consol?02:26
kneauxchogydan, i'd humour you about making the usb, but i've already gone through that whole process. it's exactly what it's supposed to be, and the machine isn't booting it.02:27
indroraxaemonic, Yeah02:27
ChogyDanxbonesx: I'm guessing the directions on the webpage is your best bet02:27
xbonesxxaemonic: how so, i always thought that startupmanager had options for it???02:27
mamece2my laptop is suffering scanning all my music from the external HD02:27
ChogyDankneaux: what happens?  are you using the usb-creator?02:27
xaemonicnaw its not that easy bones ask the pros02:27
indroramamece2, Cool.02:27
kneauxthe computer will recognize the disk with the current os, is there any way to install from within that environment02:27
xaemonici tryed for hours and gave up lol02:27
indroraI do custom grub splash screens all the time02:27
masSmartCam (program to use the cell phone camera into the computer via Bluetooth) I have it running perfect but I can not use programs like skype, msn.02:27
mamece2i can save the playlist in RB, rite?02:27
ChogyDankneaux: (I have a eee 1000HE btw)02:28
xbonesxindrora: ive seen typing in here for over an hour why didnt you say something?02:28
archangelpetrowhen using the 'pipe to' operator (>>)how do i pipe the standard error rather than standard output?02:28
indroraxbonesx, Really?02:28
xbonesxindrora: ya lol02:28
xbonesxcheck the logs02:28
mashello I downloaded the SmartCam (program to use the cell phone camera into the computer via bluetooth) I have it running perfect but I can not use programs like skype, msn02:28
xaemonicanyone know of a good tutorial on getting the mac bar to work on gnome?02:28
xaemonicubuntu 10.04?02:28
indroraxbonesx, http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=Grub+splash+howto have some HOWTOs02:28
xbonesxxaemonic: you mean the dock thing?02:28
xaemonicthe rocket dock02:29
ChogyDanarchangelpetro: I think it is 2> or something, but you may want to ask in #bash02:29
indroraxaemonic, Cairo-dock.02:29
xbonesxindrora: ive only been searching google all night lol02:29
masxaemonic: or tey with docky02:29
masxaemonic: or tray with docky02:29
xbonesxxaemonic: its in synaptic02:29
kneauxchogydan: i've used usb-creator-gtk and unetbootin. i've tried it with w95 fat32 and w95 fat32 (lba). i have made sure my boot flag is set every time and reformatted the partition numerous times. the bios doesn't recognize it in any of the 3 usb ports and asks me to "reboot and select proper boot device/or insert boot media in selecte boot device and press a key", which is what it does when there's no boot device whatsoever.02:29
kneauxthis is why i'm asking a different question02:29
xbonesxkneaux: what are you trying to do?02:30
kneauxinstall from usb02:30
kneauxon an eee pc02:30
xbonesxtheres a program i use that you have to run from windows tho02:30
masxaemonic: there are many bars: docky, awn, cairo-dock,02:30
xbonesxkneaux: i can show you how02:30
mkquistkneaux: did you set to boot from usb?02:30
mkquistkneaux: in the bios?02:30
indroraxbonesx, let me google some fo you02:30
mamece2indrora, hey wat happened with the app for monitoring of resources? is there anyone small so i can put in the desktop and watch everytime02:31
gartralhow do i pause an apt-get download?02:31
xbonesxindrora: hahaha man im exhausted from googling lol02:31
xaemonicthanks guys02:31
xbonesxgartral: close the terminal and restat02:31
indroramamece2, in GNOME there's a few applets that are nice.02:31
mkquistgartral: crtl c02:31
mamece2i can find them in the software center?02:31
masgartral: press ctrl+c, this command stop the download02:31
ChogyDankneaux: so you want to install from windows?02:31
kneauxthe company says their sticks are bootable, as well02:32
kneauxtranscend jetflash, if anyone's interested02:32
kneaux_sorry about that02:32
indroraxbonesx, Go read http://members.iinet.net/~herman546/p20/GRUB2%20Splashimages.html02:32
=== kneaux_ is now known as kneaux
kmystcan anybody help with a wireless issue on a dell mini 9? o02:32
gartralxbonesx: i dont want to stop it, i have basically dial-up speed, and dont want to wait for it to redownload everything. but my net's about to be turned off for the night.. x.x02:32
arrrghhhhey all, i'm trying to install ffmpeg multithreaded... i can't get from git!02:33
mamece2indrora .i can find the applets  in the software center?02:33
sandydgatral: the download will resume the next time you type the same command02:33
indroramamece2, right click the panel, at the top or bottom.02:33
xbonesxgartral: if you use synaptic to get them they will store a partial til you try to download again i belive02:33
indrorathere's an option for "Add Applets"02:33
indrorashould be one like System Load02:33
xbonesxindrora: TY ill read through02:34
sandydcan someone tell me how to make root gtk apps in kde look good?02:34
sweetpigartral: it will cancel the install, but any packages you downloaded should still be in your apt cache so you can basically resume02:34
xbonesxkneaux: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple-iso-from-usb-multiboot-usb/02:34
krabadorhi people , how can i boot the live of 10.04 in failsafe mode?02:34
xbonesxkneaux: that program has an option for ubuntu iso's02:34
xbonesxkneaux: does all the work for you, but it has to be done from a windows OS02:35
xbonesxkneaux: its what i used, works fine02:35
nerdy_kidmy xorg has a memory leak that has been driving me crazy.  I have NVIDIA, KDE, chrome and flash.  KDE is not doing it; xrestop shows the pixmap count to be low.  could chrome be doing it?02:35
masgartral the download will continue with the same size when you stop the download (sorry by my english)02:36
nerdy_kidright now xorg is at 400mb02:36
supercom32Is there a way to resize your workspace in Ubuntu?02:36
krabadorhow can i run 10.04 live cd in failsafe mode?02:36
MooshiMuushigartral, Generally just closing the terminal while it's downloading will pause it, and it'll start downloading from where it left off next time.02:36
MooshiMuushiClosing the terminal while it's INSTALLING packages however, is not such a good idea.02:36
ChogyDangartral: use the -d option to just download02:36
xbonesxhow to do you tell what grub you have?02:37
nicolewhere can i go to find out if ubuntu 10.10 supports hybrid cross firing on ati02:37
mamece2indrora ok i added the cpu history, but what about memory and network?02:37
Jordan_Uxbonesx: grub-install --verison02:37
indroramamece2, for Memory and Network there's options in that applet Iirc02:38
indroramamece2, After that, I dont know02:38
xbonesxhahaha i thought i had grub 2 lol02:38
indroraI'm an XFCE guy02:38
indroraxbonesx, running old-school GRUB?02:38
Jordan_Uxbonesx: 1.98 is grub2, if that's what you have.02:38
MooshiMuushi<-- Annoyed.02:38
xbonesxGNU GRUB 1.98-1ubuntu7 <--- is that grub2?02:39
xbonesxoh ok02:39
MooshiMuushiDoes anyone know how to install Jahshaka?02:39
indroraxbonesx, Yes, logically.02:39
indroraxbonesx, It uses the same layout02:39
arrrghhhffmpeg-mt?  anyone installed/use it?02:40
Agent001Anyone familiar with what the policy tool is?02:40
mamece2indrora i reallyt like ubuntu02:40
alanhaggaiHi. I am using Ubuntu 10.04, and currently using the Gnome desktop environment. Used gconf-editor to toggle /apps/nautilus/desktop/volumes_visible, but it does not seem to have any effect. Volumes are always visible on desktop. Is there any way to hide those volumes? (Yes, I even tried toggling the setting and restarting the computer, just in case.)02:41
indroraalanhaggai, Have you dug through the control center to find the option?02:41
archer"application/x-mplayer2 how to enable this mime in firefox /ubuntu ?02:41
=== bribroder is now known as Tyrrex
alanhaggaiindrora, not yet. I will check it now.02:42
ubuntu__fuck you all'02:42
indroraalanhaggai, Dig through there before you try muking with gconf02:42
pho__Hey, I'm using a Macbook Pro 6,1 and have experienced a lot of problems with the trackpad, I have been unable to track down a solution online. If my finger is on the "button" part of the pad I can no longer use the rest of the pad, the mouse just freezes02:42
indroraubuntu__, Would you --02:42
indroraNever mind.02:42
alanhaggaiindrora, oh I see. Thanks.02:42
ubuntu__idleone is a dumbass02:43
=== Vogue is now known as derp
indroraubuntu__, Do you talk to your mother with those lips?02:43
IdleOneignore the trolls please02:43
dorkfaceHi all.  When running the "df" command, it should list  available swap partitions, correct?  However, when I do "swapon -s", it lists something that isn't shown in the df output.02:43
archernver mind02:43
arrrghhhyea just ignore them.  let the channel op take care of 'em.02:43
indroradorkface, it shouldn't show swap.02:44
dorkfaceoh, ok02:44
indroradorkface, Swap isn't a disk.02:44
indroraits not something you mount.02:44
indroraWell, its not something that has /usage/ as a /disk/02:44
indroradorkface, try 'free'02:44
arrrghhhdorkface, you can see swap in top02:44
arrrghhhthat too02:44
brandon420can someone give me a step by step on how to install some kinda ftp on ubuntu 9.10, or a tut that works?02:44
rwwor swapon -s, which is the best way and which they already knwo about ;)02:45
rwwknow **'02:45
brandon420more or less, config vsftpd02:45
nerdy_kidmy xorg has a memory leak that has been driving me crazy.  I have NVIDIA, KDE, chrome and flash.  KDE is not doing it; xrestop shows the pixmap count to be low.  could chrome be doing it?02:45
indrorabrandon420, an FTP daemon?02:45
gartral|pWho was I helping with jashaka?02:45
icarus-cdorkface, which means df shouldn't list swap partition02:45
dorkfaceicarus-c: gotcha :)02:46
arrrghhhbrandon420, do you have vsftpd installed?02:46
brandon420arrrghhh, yeah.02:46
dorkfacethanks all02:46
Chaos2358hey guys i just got ubuntu 10.04 a few days ago due to my overwhelming hate for windows and all things microsoft  is there anyone who might be able to help me with a few key things?02:46
arrrghhhbrandon420, ok, what's the problem?  having issues connecting?02:46
indrorabrandon420, Try http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-vsftpd-ftp-service-server/02:46
brandon420arrrghhh, i can login, but cant access my foles02:46
icarus-c!ask | Chaos235802:46
ubottuChaos2358: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:46
Chaos2358first off why is ubuntu taking up almost 50 gigs of my hard drive?02:47
krabadorhow can i run 10.04 live cd in failsafe mode?02:47
indroraChaos2358, Esqueese? What's df (in a terminal) say?02:47
aemaethJordan_U: nothing has worked so far :( i think it's doomed02:47
jbrouhardyou sure that is just ubuntu install itself, and not personal files ?02:47
icarus-cChaos2358, either you misunderstand something or you did something wrong. ubuntu fresh install should only take ~1GB02:47
Chaos2358its just ubuntu brand new hard drive formatted during install02:48
Jordan_Uaemaeth: What happened with "ssh -X" and "users-admin"?02:48
=== aarcane__ is now known as aarcane
aemaethJordan_U: it goes to a blank screen for a while then drops back02:48
Jordan_Uaemaeth: I don't think it's doomed.02:48
indroraChaos2358, what's `df` in a terminal say?02:48
Chaos2358all together im missing about 50 gigs02:48
icarus-cChaos2358, are you on that ubuntu system at the moment?02:48
aemaethJordan_U: true, i already backed up the files i think i'll want, so i can just re=install and then set everything up again02:48
Jordan_Uaemaeth: No error message? What OS are you ssh'ing in from?02:49
aemaethused my backup script to backup my backup script...02:49
Chaos2358Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on02:49
Chaos2358/dev/sda1            301747688  20772452 265647340   8% /02:49
Chaos2358none                   1022000       276   1021724   1% /dev02:49
Chaos2358none                   1026220       104   1026116   1% /dev/shm02:49
Chaos2358none                   1026220        84   1026136   1% /var/run02:49
FloodBot1Chaos2358: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
Chaos2358none                   1026220         0   1026220   0% /var/lock02:49
ChogyDanChaos2358: try dh -h02:49
aemaethi'm on the machine now, just through txt02:49
icarus-cChaos2358, it is just using 8% of your first partition02:49
indroraChaos2358, That's not 50 gigs.02:49
aemaethi forget the error the ssh -x threw at me, something about no protocol02:49
aemaethso i tried it on this side and no luck either02:50
aemaethwell, without ssh02:50
mamece2indrora, what is the irc client do u recommend, im using konversation coz the auto idenfity feature02:50
Chaos2358when it installed i set for no partition and it tells me i have two fifty something left out of 32002:50
melrockzgnokii seems to have trouble compiling... http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/3SAy6UXA02:50
Jordan_Uaemaeth: What happens when you log in as your user (*not* root) and run startx?02:50
arrrghhhbrandon420, so what do you see when you login?  nothing?02:50
indroramamece2, under GTK, I personally use Xchat. Its nice, well done and has a nice interface02:50
mamece2indrora GTK ?02:51
brandon420arrrghhh, nothing at all.02:51
aemaethJordan_U: user not authorized to run the x server aborting02:51
Jordan_Uaemaeth: (in the mean time I'm trying to find what config file users-admin actually modifies)02:51
indroramamece2, GNOME and its friends.02:51
elijahHow do I trim my BRUG menu. It is getting HUGE!02:51
Agent001What is your purpose helping other people with ubuntu issues?02:51
icarus-cChaos2358, can you pastebin the complete output of "df -h"  and  "sudo fdisk -l " # that's a small L02:51
Chaos2358ok hang on02:52
Jordan_Uelijah: Uninstall old kernels with apt-get / Software Center.02:52
elijahMy bad, caps off now02:52
melrockzCritical*** Ubuntu 10.04 boots into a blank screen. Video card: Intel 845GL.02:53
icarus-celijah, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:53
elijahJordan_U: Is there a master GRUB file somewhere that each install added to over time?02:53
arrrghhhbrandon420, hrm, have you setup your /etc/vsftpd.conf file?02:53
brandon420arrrghhh, kinda sorta, dont really know what to change and what not.02:53
Chaos2358sudoFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on02:53
Chaos2358/dev/sda1             288G   20G  254G   8% /02:53
Chaos2358none                  999M  276K  998M   1% /dev02:53
Chaos2358none                 1003M  104K 1003M   1% /dev/shm02:53
Chaos2358none                 1003M   84K 1003M   1% /var/run02:53
Chaos2358none                 1003M     0 1003M   0% /var/lock02:53
FloodBot1Chaos2358: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
brandon420pastebin buddy02:54
mkquisthow hard is pastebin to use?02:54
indrorapastebin.com = your best friend.02:54
arrrghhhChaos2358, you've been told several times to use pastebin...02:54
Jordan_Uelijah: No. If you want the gritty details, grub2 has a script, /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober, which in turn uses os-prober and linux-boot-prober to find all the other OSs (including all their kernels) and add them to the menu.02:54
Chaos2358what does that mean?02:54
mkquistChaos2358: subtle hints goint on here...02:54
arrrghhhbrandon420, did you read the man page at all?02:54
icarus-c<FloodBot1> Chaos2358: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:55
arrrghhhbrandon420, man 5 vsftpd.conf will show you examples in the config file.02:55
mkquistChaos2358: pastbin is an alternate place to post long posts, like yours, clik on the link, youll see... =)02:55
Chaos2358if im going about giving someone info the wrong way please tell me but im new to irc as well as linux02:55
elijahJordan_U: Is that what update-grub does?02:55
arrrghhhChaos2358, instead of pasting multi-line stuff directly into the channel, use the pastebin service.  go to that website.02:55
Jordan_Uelijah: Yes.02:55
brandon420ty good sirr02:55
Chaos2358ok got it thank you02:56
elijahJordan_U: K, so that will take care of quite a bit but there are 3 kernels for my existing install, are you saying I need to uninstall those kernels too, then do update-grub?02:56
icarus-cChaos2358, yes by pasting dozen lines of of text to a crowded irc channel would just disturb all users02:56
arrrghhhwith that out of the way, anyone know how to install ffmpeg-mt?02:56
melrockzCritical*** Ubuntu 10.04 boots into a blank screen. Video card: Intel 845GL.02:57
icarus-cChaos2358, obviously you are not doing that on purpose.  but anyway,  go http://paste.ubuntu.com   upload the text, then it will give you an URL, give us that URL02:57
Jordan_Uelijah: Yes (though update-grub will actually be run automatically when you uninstall the kernel packages).02:57
elijahJordan_U: Wow! That is slick02:57
elijahJordan_U: Someone said once to always keep the previous kernel, is that best practice?02:58
Jordan_Uelijah: Yes.02:58
icarus-celijah, yes. at least one previous kernel02:58
elijahJordan_U: K, off I go, thx02:58
Jordan_Uelijah: You're welcome.02:58
Chaos2358ok i found out my space issue but thank you for your help icarus02:59
icarus-cChaos2358, what is the cause? just out of curiosity02:59
Avoso i want to dualboot arch on my 2008 iMac. But I read somewhere that Linux can't manage the Mac SMC and therefore damages the processor because it can't manage the voltage correctly. Can anyone confirm/deny this?03:00
HaPK_PerCarhey people... the oddest thing happened... Amarok is gone! I don't know what happened to it. The executable seems to be lost, and I can't reinstall it... can somebody help me, please?03:00
xaemonicdoes anyone know how to host fserv with ubuntu's list of irc cliants?"03:00
xaemonicdo i need a special script?03:00
melrockzCritical*** Ubuntu 10.04 boots into a blank screen. Video card: Intel 845GL. Processor: P4 RAM: 1GB DDR (Sorry, no finances to upgrade :-()03:00
Chaos2358I didnt realize that my wife had already moved the 20 gigs of music and 8 gigs of pics to the new harddrive03:00
RyenHaPK_PerCar: Have you tried to uninstall it?03:00
HaPK_PerCarRyen, how can I do that?03:01
arrrghhhAvo, i don't think anybody can guarantee anything with ubuntu.  it's free dude... as in all at your own risk.03:01
elijahJordan_U: One last question, is there a way to set GRUB to 0 seconds and have a special key to access to boot to win when I want to?03:01
Jordan_UAvo: This may not be very helpfull, but I investigated that claim a while back and couldn't find a credible source for it.Though I couldn't find any refutation either.03:01
icarus-cAvo, isn't damage to cpu or can't handle voltage that i've heard.  but something about power management. that  any OS other than Mac OS X on Mac consume way more power03:01
Chaos2358instead of using the external like i asked her to she moved it to my laptop03:01
RyenHaPK_PerCar: sudo apt-get remove amarok03:01
Jordan_Uelijah: Yes, let me find you the docs for doing that.03:01
HaPK_PerCarRyen, I'll try that03:01
RyenHaPK_PerCar: After you remove it, try to reinstall it.03:02
icarus-cAvo, have friends that got macbook and say that  with Windows the battery drop by half03:02
icarus-cAvo, from 8 hours to like 2 hours?03:02
elijahJordan_U: I think I found it03:02
mamece2indrora, how do i make the panel bar wider?03:02
indroramamece2, its properties.03:02
HaPK_PerCarRyen, nope, it won't get removed because it says that it's not installed...03:02
Avoicarus-c, Jordan_U arrrghhh Risk is fine, but CPU damage is not acceptable. What do you think personally, Jordan_U? icarus-c, This is not a portable, and I'm not talking about battery life, I'm talking about damage to the processor.03:03
elijahJordan_U: Confusing though, so much to read. I will do that another time03:03
RyenHaPK_PerCar: Then try to install it "sudo apt-get install amarok"03:03
Chaos2358can you also tell me why im having trouble with dvd playback? ive installed the restricted software needed and the dvds play but are very very grainy and skip and freeze alot03:03
arrrghhhAvo, i seriously doubt ubuntu would cause that kind of hardware damage... but who knows?  it's not exactly made for your mac... but it's not exactly made for any computer in particular.03:03
antIPedbian: Can i get your help on something?03:03
HaPK_PerCarRyen, doesn't work, it says it can because of some unstable packages...03:04
melrockzCritical*** Ubuntu 10.04 boots into a blank screen. Video card: Intel 845GL. Processor: P4 RAM: 1GB DDR (Sorry, no finances to upgrade :-()03:04
melrockzCritical*** Ubuntu 10.04 boots into a blank screen. Video card: Intel 845GL. Processor: P4 RAM: 1GB DDR (Sorry, no finances to upgrade :-()03:04
Avoarrrghhh, Well it's not ubuntu that they were talking about. It's Linux in general. And yeah, that's what I was thinking03:04
icarus-cAvo, i doubt damage would be caused. but wouldn't expect it to work too good neither03:04
Avoicarus-c, Why's that?03:04
arrrghhhmelrockz, i don't think repeat spamming messages is going to get you help any faster...03:04
RyenHaPK_PerCar: Can you put the output of what is says in a pastebin?03:04
Ryen!pb | HaPK_PerCar03:04
ubottuHaPK_PerCar: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:04
icarus-cAvo, but well. Linux kernel has got support for Mac hardware, so...03:04
edbianantIP, Yep03:05
arrrghhhAvo, hrm.  i'm not sure.  i'm not a fan of mac hardware, i'll just end it at that :D03:05
elijahmelrockz: Have you had it running successfully before?03:05
icarus-cAvo, you know, what can you expect from Apple towards other non-Apple software03:05
Avoicarus-c, Oh, really? Then surely there's not CPU damage if the kernel guys have build in support for that..03:05
antIPedbian: sweet - So, for right now, I just want to back up to my external drive....but, I have an issue.03:05
HaPK_PerCarRyen, it's in spanish... but I'll paste it03:05
Avoicarus-c, Well, no more than I can expect of Windows running hardware.03:05
arrrghhhAvo, but just like icarus-c said, the linux kernel supports a lot of architectures... and since apple uses intel procs now, i SERIOUSLY doubt that it would actually do physical damage to your proc.03:05
edbianantIP, which is?03:05
melrockzno. I'm running Ubuntu 9.04 successfully now. But it's reaching end of life.03:06
Chaos2358can you also tell me why im having trouble with dvd playback? ive installed the restricted software needed and the dvds play but are very very grainy and skip and freeze alot03:06
Avoarrrghhh, :D This iMac was a gift, at a time when I had a lovefest with Apple. Oh how I wish I had gotten some parts to build my own in retrospect :)03:06
Jordan_UAvo: I think that if it were true there would be more people reporting actually encountering issues, and there would likely be a bug report as well. I've been running Ubuntu on my first generation macbook pro for years without problems, (often with less ventalation than I should :) and have had no problems. But it's supposedly newer macs that are more affected.03:06
antIPedbian: my external drive is almost full. the files on the drive are pretty much the same files on my secondary. but i've added/changed some files on my secondary drive over the last month. Anway...03:06
arrrghhhAvo, haha live & learn.03:06
sandydmelrockz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9600375&postcount=503:06
Avoarrrghhh, Got that right.03:06
HaPK_PerCarRyen, http://paste.ubuntu.com/501231/03:07
edbianantIP, can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l  It'll give me an idea of your system03:07
AvoJordan_U, Mhmm. The whole thing makes no sense to me on a technical level. Since when does the software OS manage the processor voltage anyhow..03:07
arrrghhhAvo, to save battery life or to increase performance...03:07
HaPK_PerCarRyen, it basicly says that it can't install because I'm using an unstable distribution, which I find odd, I'm on lucid03:07
antIPedbian: when I go to copy the files from my secondary onto the external I get an error saying that there is not enough room. Now, I know for a fact that there is enough room. the problem seems to be that the instead of overwriting the files that already exist nautilus is treating them like new files...does that make sense?03:08
RyenHaPK_PerCar: I can read it, and it is awkward. Let me look into it really fast.03:08
antIPantIP: Sure, if you can tell me how to use pastebin ;)03:08
edbianantIP, I think it's pretty straight forward  http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:09
Avoarrrghhh, But surely that can be mitigated to the lower level subsystem.. Whatever, it's closed source, so I guess we'll never know.03:09
RyenHaPK_PerCar: Please see my pm.03:09
elijahJordan_U: Worked awesome!03:10
arrrghhhAvo, basically.  i'm not that much of a guru in respect to what happens at that low of a level.03:10
melrockzSo, I think i'll have to ask in the forums. Btw, when does U 9.04 reach end of life? And what happens then? Repos will disappear?03:10
elijahJordan_U: Was I talking to you before about Gparted too?03:10
antIPedbian: So I just post the link to the pastebin?03:10
diablostem algum brasileiro ai?03:10
adamonline45melrockz: Oct. 23, and not sure :)03:10
diablostem algum brasileiro ai03:11
edbianantIP, You run the command.  Copy and paste the text into the "content" box and hit paste.  It creates a temp website with that text.  Give me the URL to that site.  Easy way for me to see a large block of text from your machine.03:11
diablosedbian -> hi03:11
antIPedbian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501232/03:11
edbiandiablos, Hello ? :)03:11
wedwodiablosdiablos, /join #ubuntu-br03:11
antIPedbian: Yeah, I figured it out, i just didn't know if you wanted me to paste the link here.03:11
Jordan_Uelijah: No, but looking through the scrollback you probably just want to use grub2 to boot from an iso file, that way you can boot as many distros as you want with a single parition.03:11
sinmandoes anyone know if i need wine be install for cedega?03:11
edbianantIP, k. got your pastebin.  antIP, Are the files duplicates of one another or something?  Why would you expect them to be deleted.03:12
Jordan_Uelijah: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860403:12
melrockzBtw, what happens when  Ubuntu 9.04 reach end of life? Repos will disappear?03:12
arrrghhhmelrockz, they'll be moved to the archive... why not just upgrade?03:12
Jordan_U!eol | melrockz03:12
ubottumelrockz: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:12
tigrangI had found a forum post of what to use to compile Firefox in order to get better looking fonts. I can't seem to find it now, does anyone know what it is? Thanks03:13
antIPedbian: No, I don't expect them to be deleted.03:13
rwwmelrockz: Security updates stop being released, the archive is eventually removed from the mirrors and put on an old releases server, and as a consequence of the latter upgrading to a supported version becomes harder.03:13
melrockzarrrghhh: Sorry, I've to upgrade my whole PC first :-( Even windows 7 does not run... but no finances now.03:14
edbianantIP, Ok.  Explain the problem again.  I don't quite get it.  Try to explain it in a different way :)03:14
aemaethwell, Jordan_U any luck? otherwise i think i'll re-install, (except now my cdrom isn't being recognized)03:14
sinmandoes anyone know anything about cedega?03:15
aemaethplz pm me if you do, so i get the msg03:15
edbianantIP, Sorry to make you type a lot! :P03:15
arrrghhhmelrockz, why?  10.04 runs on a pretty meager system...03:16
icarus-csinman, a wine fork which cost money03:16
adamonline45So I'm having a weird issue.  I have a RAID 5 array.  Upon boot, my Disk Utility shows 2 instances of that array, neither of which can be used.  I have to stop them, then use mdadm -A -s to re-start it; then it works.  I only have one entry in my mdadm.conf.  Where else are RAID devices initialized?  Is this implicit or is my mdadm init getting run twice?  I'm at a loss :(03:16
melrockzrww: But the repos still exist so that we can install old soft, right?03:16
sinmanicarus-c: I know, but does wine needs to be installed along with cedega03:16
rwwmelrockz: they move to http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ . I'd strongly, strongly recommend upgrading before it reaches that point.03:16
rwwNot getting security updates is a bad thing.03:16
icarus-csinman, no.  cedega is a wine fork, hence  cedega is "wine"03:17
antIPedbian: Here is the problem. Let's say i have to directories. Inside both directories is 100 files. Both sets are exactly the same. One directory can store 100 files, and the other directory can only store 150 files (because of the size of the drive). I should be able to copy the files from the first directory to the second directory because the files from the first directory will just sync with the files of the same name on the first dire03:17
antIPctory, right? However, for some reason nautilus is telling me that I can't copy the files because I only have room for 150 files! It's not understanding that the files are actually the same, and should just sync, and is, instead, treating the files as though they're not the same and acts as though I'm attempting to transfer 100 new files into the directory, for a total of 200 files. Does that make sense?03:17
elijahJordan_U: Interesting, thankx!03:17
sinmanicarus-c: k thanxs03:17
icarus-csinman, and cedega & wine shouldn't mix together03:17
Jordan_Uelijah: You're welcome.03:17
melrockzIt's my video card: Intel 845gl. Found a page called 'Lucidi8xxFreezes' but workaround don't seem to really work...03:17
sinmanicarus-c: k just wasn't sure about that03:17
arrrghhhmelrockz, huh, not sure what to tell you.  you could install 8.04 haha03:18
sinmanI tried everything that different websites had said to get runes of magic to work in wine, but never had any luck with it03:18
edbianantIP, Are you using the cp command or are you clicking and dragging?03:18
icarus-cantIP, if you want it like that,  why don't use just make one directory and make a symlink to it03:18
edbianicarus-c, The goal is to have everything on 1 hdd03:18
sdwrageHey all03:19
antIPedbian: It's kind of hard too explain. In windows if I tried to copy files that were the same, it would give me an option to copy and overwrite older files, or to copy and create duplicate files, or to skip copying the duplicate files all-together. That's what I'd like to do. I just want to copy the files over that DO NOT exist on the external drive. But nautulis doesn't seem to want to let me do that.03:19
sdwragehow do I install a microcode driver file?03:19
antIPedbian: I'm clicking and dragging.03:19
melrockzarrrghhh: hehe, 9.04 works just fine. Just trying to upgrade.03:19
Jordan_Uaemaeth: No, sorry.03:19
icarus-cantIP, when you have two same file,  they will both be stored on disk, (linux doesn't care they are the same or not)03:19
edbianantIP, Yeah it usually gives that sort of option too.  I suspect it's just creating fileName(2).file  type things.03:19
antIPicarus-c: Well, because I don't know what a symlink is ;-)03:20
sinmanwould anyone know a good site to get a game called runes of magic installed with wine03:20
icarus-cantIP, oh... you mean like overwriting?..03:20
arrrghhhmelrockz, i know it does, but you're losing support for it.  that's never a good situation to be in, unless you just don't mind not upgrading until you can afford a new rig.03:20
edbianantIP, in windows a symlink is called a shortcut03:20
sdwrageHow do you load a microcode driver? anyone?03:20
antIPedbian: Yeah, I want the newer of both files to overwrite the older.03:20
Jordan_Usinman: Have you checked appdb?03:20
sdwragetrying to get my wifi/wimax device setup and got the microcode (ucode) file but don't know how to load it03:20
icarus-cantIP, mkdir   folder1; touch folder1/blah; ln -s folder1 folder2 ;  ls folder2  # this would give you the file "blah"  in folder103:21
edbianantIP, mmmm, yeah.  Maybe we should try using rsync.  I'm not sure why nautilus isn't doing that for you.03:21
GoldenApeI'm trying to run the foolowing makefile under ubuntu: http://codepad.org/Ug9dE35h03:21
antIPedbian: Oh, yeah, symbolic link. Ok.03:21
GoldenApewhich generate the following error: http://codepad.org/KhQ5Dmvy03:21
sinmanJordan_U: yes done like people had said to get it done from winehq, but still unable to get it to work03:23
sinmanJordan_U: I think I'll just keeep at it, eventually I'll get this game to work. lol03:23
antIPedbian: I'm not sure, but I think that nautilus is not doing it because it's checking to see if the free space on the disk is smaller than the size of the files I'm copying first, before it checks to see if the files can sync. You know what I mean?03:23
arrrghhhffmpeg mutlithreaded anyone?  can't install it.03:23
ryyzyyHey I'm trying to set vlc as my default player for MP3s. I've tried Open With -> Other Application -> Vlc; With 'Set VLC as default program for opening MP# files"03:23
antIPedbian: So it's throwing an error saying that there isn't enough disk space. But if it would just give me an option to skip copying duplicate files first, before it copies, then i should have plenty of space.03:23
melrockzYa, that makes sense. Looks like support for i845 cards is long gone ;-) Thanks everyone.03:23
edbianantIP, rsync -u /path/to/source/* /path/to/destination03:23
edbianantIP, Yeah.03:23
edbianantIP, try rsync03:23
icarus-cantIP, i just did a little test and found that in nautilus, if you copy  and paste files to the same folder, duplicates will be renamed to  (Copy).  if you paste to different folder, it will ask you to replace/skip/cancel03:24
antIPedbian: Ok.03:24
mkquistarrrghhh: do you have the source?03:24
antIPicarus-c: Actually it wont give you that option if the drive you are copying to has less free space on it than the amount that you're copying.03:25
=== Cariyla is now known as Gerwin
zonylHi All.  Is it possible to create an SSH user keypair for a different machine?  I have an android phone that doesnt have ssh-keygen on it.03:25
arrrghhhmkquist, following a how-to that asks me to clone the git repo... but it fail.s03:25
ryyzyyHey I'm trying to set vlc as my default player for MP3s. I've tried Open With -> Other Application -> Vlc; With 'Set VLC as default program for opening MP3 files". Is there some terminal command I could use to do it?03:25
Cerebr0Does anyone have any experience with Avast on Ubuntu?03:25
wedwoGoldenApe, the format of 'Heap.o' is not recognized, but it doesn't say why03:25
dtcrshrmy cd got locked in the cdrom drive, i cant use the eject command, neither use the eject button in nautilus, it says i got another proccess using, but nothing more than web / irc is open03:25
arrrghhhCerebr0, why?  are you running a mailserver?03:25
jrib!defaultapp | ryyzyy03:25
ubotturyyzyy: To change the default application for a filetype in Nautilus, right-click on a file, select Properties -> Open With, and then change the setting.03:25
dtcrshris there a way to force eject? i cant even use the fisical button on the drive03:25
Cerebr0no but downloading files that I share with windows computers03:26
arrrghhhdtcrshr, shutdown the pc.  every machine has a little pinhole to pop it out when the pc is off.03:26
antIPedbian: So how do I copy the contents of whole drives with rsync? Because I want to sync my secondary drive with my external usb drive.03:26
zonyldtcrshr: Did you try command line 'eject' ?  I think there is an option to force it03:26
dtcrshrarrrghhh, not a very polite solution, im ripping a bunch of cdroms, its the second time it happens, dont wanna reboot every time03:26
trismGoldenApe: you're trying to compile the Heap.h file, instead of the Heap.c file, also, you don't need to specify other object files when you are just compiling and not linking03:26
Cerebr0I want to figure out how I can add "Scan with Avast" to right click menu when i click on file or folder03:26
ryyzyyJrib. tried that. Doesn't work.03:26
aemaethJordan_U: ever find that thing i was looking for?03:27
dtcrshrzonyl, i wanna know this, how to force03:27
jribryyzyy: you clicke "Properties" right after right clicking?03:27
arrrghhhdtcrshr, well some process has a lock on it03:27
ryyzyyIt opens the file in VLC but doesn't change which program opens it by default03:27
Jordan_Uaemaeth: No, sorry.03:27
jribryyzyy: what you just said, makes no sense.03:27
aemaethkk, i'll look around some more, i can't risk doing another reboot because a system is backing itself up to this machine03:27
edbianantIP, rsync -r -u /path/to/source/* /path/to/destination   (the star means get everything in this folder) (the r means recursive or go into sub folders) (the u means update, only replace duplicate files with newer files)03:27
zonyldtcrshr: Try to force unmount it.  From terminal "umount -f /dev/cdrom""03:27
jribryyzyy: if you click Properties, the file would not open after you change the setting03:28
ryyzyyGood Job jrib. you get a gold star.03:29
dtcrshrit says its not mounted03:29
arrrghhhmkquist, following a how-to that asks me to clone the git repo... but it fails.  is there a better way?03:30
zonyldtcrshr: yah.. You need to find out the moint point.  probably /media/cdrom or something.  Do a 'mount' and look for it.03:30
zonyldtcrshr: I havent had a cdrom in so long I dont know where ubuntu puts it anymore03:30
sweetpizonyl: the keys shouldnt be generated on the target, if your just wanting to create separate keys, use ssh-keygen with -f to specify the output file, then put the public key in the targets authorized_keys03:31
antIPry edbian: Ok. Thanks for telling me what those commands are. I appreciate it. The question I suppose the device path is /media/secondary/ rather than something like /sdb1/. I still don't understand the different ways of naming drives. I know there's also some other name in fstab.03:31
dtcrshriv tryed sudo umount /media/cdrom/ -l03:31
dtcrshrand cdrom0, both told me they werent mounted03:32
mkquistarrrghhh: how long before it fails?03:32
edbianantIP, /dev/sdb  is how you talk about the physical device.  /dev/sdb1 is how you talk about a physical partition.  /media/secondary is how you talk about the files on a partition  UUID is another way to talk about partitions.03:32
arrrghhhmkquist, immediately.03:32
edbianantIP, You want to use /media/secondary with rsync because it deals with files / folders03:32
mkquistarrrghhh: give me a mo03:32
mamece2can i configure RythmBox to stop from a hotkey from any worstattion?03:32
edbianantIP, dd for example works below the file level (at the bit level) and therefore uses /dev/sdaX03:33
zonylsweetpi: sadly I dont have ssh-keygen on the source machine.  I was wondering if there was a way to surrogate the creation of the private/public user keys on a different machine that has it.03:33
arrrghhhmkquist, ok.  i can't find a current guide, so i may be going off old information...03:33
sweetpizonyl: yes, you can generate the keys on any computer03:33
antIPedbian: do you know about Grsync03:33
edbianantIP, nope03:33
antIPedbian: It's a gui for rsync.03:34
mkquistarrrghhh: yeah, git worked fine for me...03:34
edbianantIP, You're on your own with that one03:34
antIPedbian: It was on one of those ubuntu pages you linked to earlier today.03:34
arrrghhhmkquist, what command are you passing?  I'm doing a "git clone http://git.gitorious.org/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-mt.git"03:35
edbianantIP, oh yeah? Just goes to show I don't read everything I like03:35
antIPedbian: Yeah, I know.03:35
mkquistarrrghhh: git clone git://gitorious.org/~astrange/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-mt.git ffmpeg-mt03:35
sdwragesorry guys... networking issues here...03:35
antIPedbian: I don't mind using the command line, I just read that using rsync without knowing what you're doing can mess things up.03:35
arrrghhhmkquist, lol that's a little different.  is there an 'official' guide on this?03:36
edbianantIP, it can! :)03:36
edbianantIP, But the command I gave doesn't delete anything so I wasn't too worried03:36
sdwrageI was told to download a ucode file and insert it into lib/firmware to get my wireless card to work...03:36
sdwragehow do I load the firmware file?03:36
mkquistarrrghhh: not sure, I was just curious to see if it worked, at least you can get that.... what guide are you following?03:36
antIPedbian: I figured it was safe.03:36
antIPedbian: I didn't run it yet.03:37
edbianantIP, :)03:37
arrrghhhmkquist, just a random list of links... starting http://ps3mediaserver.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4253&hilit=howto+ubuntu - there basically.03:37
edbianantIP, I'm installing grsync to get a look03:37
mkquistarrrghhh: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1049449 heres another in the ubuntu forums...03:37
=== dormammu is now known as astrosteve
antIPedbian: It looks very straight forward. Basic options include: Ignore existing and Skip newer among others.03:38
arrrghhhmkquist, lol that's the one i was following... notice the git clone command?03:38
edbianantIP, Yeah.  The tooltips show you the cli flags as well.  I like it.  Use it! :)03:38
mkquistarrrghhh: oh, didnt actually look at that, took the one I used from git site.... =)03:39
arrrghhhmkquist, okie.  if that's the only bad command i'll forge on.  thanks!03:39
zonylsweetpi: You wouldnt know how to create a 'surrogate' user id would you?  I am assuming that the user key has the host signed into it as well, but I dont see a way to specify host in the ssh-keygen man page.  Or can I just create one with the current host and change the hostname in the file?03:39
mkquistarrrghhh: g/l03:40
arrrghhhmkquist, thanks... i think i'm going to need it on this one.03:40
sweetpizonyl: if were both on the same page, the host has nothing to do with it, just generate the private/public keys and put the public key on the target03:41
tigrangI had found a forum post of what to use to compile Firefox in order to get better looking fonts. I can't seem to find it now, does anyone know what it is? Thanks03:41
mamece2indrora i have tweetdeck, im almost set, i wanna thank you for all03:42
zonylsweetpi: Oh.  I see in the file that the user@hostname is in cleartext in the pub file and was thinking that it was linked to somehow.  Ill just try creating one and editing the file then.03:42
synackfinis there any program (text or gui) that lets me view CSV files in a readable way (freeze the top-row, and display columns) ?  I tried `cat my.csv | column -s, -t | less -#2 -N -S` which is _very_ close to what I want, but less can't freeze the top row03:42
sweetpizonyl: thats just the comment field, so you can tell what it belongs to03:43
zonylsweetpi: I see the light now ;)  Thanks03:43
sweetpizonyl: np :)03:44
xbonesxDoes gnome use .so files still?03:44
catdarko_Hello! I was wondering something. Can I install the boot loader "LILO" with the live cd of ubuntu?03:45
antIPedbian: thanks again for your help on this. You're great.03:45
aemaethJordan_U: maybe the gdm?03:45
edbianantIP, No prob.  Glad I could help!  You fixed it then I assume?03:45
igieanyone know how to fully install postfix on jaunty?? I've been following this (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto) guide, but i'm stuck on the second setup test.03:45
antIPedbian: It's running right now. I'm going to run it again form the command line later so that I can experience and get used to doing it CLI.03:46
edbianantIP, Awesome.03:46
edbianantIP, Glad you're happy with linux :D03:47
=== rkthelegend is now known as RK
xbonesxis their a way to search for file extensions?03:47
antIPedbian: I'm very happy. My PC has been running for nearly 5 days without needing to be restarted. and it's running at 10% cpu usage right now. That's crazy compared to windows.03:48
macoantIP: i rebooted my server for a security update 2 days ago. it had been running 71 days03:48
antIPedbian: one more issue. I just noticed that Grsync says 0%. So, I'm not sure if it's actually running or not. hmm03:48
edbianantIP, My server has been up for 19 days03:48
macothats a disappointingly short uptime for a linux server in my mind though03:48
edbianantIP, Look at the folder.  Are files being moved?03:48
edbianmaco, True03:49
maco(on the other hand, ive only /had/ it for like 75 days)03:49
antIPmaco: nice. I've heard of servers running for a long, long time. I guess security fixes are pretty important so It's worth restarting for that sort of thing.03:49
antIPedbian: Nope.03:50
edbianantIP, You only have to restart for kernel updates (rather rare for some distros).  With ksplice you never have to restart.03:50
xbonesxis their a way to search for file extensions?03:50
Jordan_Uxbonesx: From the terminal, "locate '*.foo' ", from the GUI Places > Search for files.03:50
edbianantIP, odd.  I'm not sure.  Run rsync from the term and you'll get errors.03:50
macoedbian: eh there are a few things in userspace that require reboots to go into effect too, but theyre also "talk to hardware" type things03:50
macolike udev/hal maybe?03:50
edbianmaco, Never knewe that!03:50
antIPedbian: ok03:50
antIPedbian: that's weired because I ran a simulation first and it seemed to work fine.03:51
RKHie everyone03:52
edbianantIP, It probably should inform you if it isn't working03:52
macoRK: having problems?03:52
RKem new here03:52
RKhow to quit it03:52
macoRK: what program are you using?03:52
Jordan_URK: /quit03:52
emma_ok a newbie asking to help, this one is going to take time, anyone ?03:52
Jordan_Uemma_: Just ask.03:53
emma_I meant asking FOR help umm03:53
xbonesxI'm looking for the directory where the gnome <theme>.so would be located?03:53
rafaelsoaresbri cound't see from here. when will maverick be released?03:54
genoskillok where are the gedit filetypes03:54
emma_Jordan are you willing to help me ?03:54
antIPedbian: Will this command work? rsync -r -u -t /path/to/source* /path/to/destination03:54
antIPedbian: -t is for time.03:54
mobasheri'm trying to ssh to a windows xp machine on which i have ssh and i'm getting permission denied ? can someone help ?03:54
emmahi emma_03:54
antIPedbian: preserve time (I think). ha03:55
edbianantIP, /path/to/source/*   (you were missing the /) also through in the --progress flag to see the progress03:55
emmaemma_: is your name emma too?03:55
moistrothi emma03:55
xbonesxwhere would the gnome splash files be located?03:55
emma_hi Fezzzzler03:55
^Mike\bHow can I set up encryption on my $HOME after creating the user?03:55
=== moistrot is now known as emma__
emma__i'm emma too~03:55
edbianantIP, rsync -u -t --progress -r /path/to/source/* /path/to/destination03:55
emmaprobably most people should start being emmas03:55
genoskillWhere are the gedit filetypes?03:56
emma_well emma in not a common name nowadays03:56
antIPedbian: Oh yeah, I wanted to see the progress, thanks. One more question. I can't remember the proper syntax. If a drive name happens to have a space (in my case: FreeAgent Drive) do I use quotes or not?03:57
MrWiseany american pal here who can tell me if dexter has aired today or not?03:57
edbianantIP, Quotes or /path/name\ with\ spaces/to/folder03:57
teratosisNickServ indentify letmein03:57
Jordan_Uteratosis: Change your password quickly.03:58
xbonesxanyone know where the files for the gnome splash are located and the config files for it?03:58
teratosishaha yep was just thinking that03:58
emmaemma_: do you really think it's uncommon now?03:58
emmaemma is a germanic name that means "universal"03:58
=== emma__ is now known as moistrot
macowahh the emmas are the same colour in my irc client03:59
Roush427remma: Haha that's wierd I was just talking to my friend emma03:59
antIPedbian: well those backslashes (I guess the are escaping out) are a bit confusing. ;)03:59
edbianantIP, they are.  "/path/space name/" works too03:59
GHHwhich is the web cam software(image and video capture)?03:59
edbianantIP, be right back04:00
macoGHH: cheese04:00
emma_kool, mmmm i have an universal problems right now that is just out of my little knowledge04:00
GHHmaco, thanks04:00
adamonline45Weird, I have this RAID array called /dev/md_d127 that I didn't set up, yet it prevents me from using /dev/md_0 as set up in mdadm.conf.  I have to stop md_d127 before I can start md_0.  Any ideas?  I can't find any relevant solutions online, though there are a few instances of /similar/ problems.04:03
antIPedbian: You around?04:04
emma_Spent the day trying to start vbox . Have tried everything I have read in forums with no avail. The problem is when trying to start a vm get the message the vboxdrv is either not loaded or installed Tryed everything could get, completely lost an  frustrated04:04
d_vhi guys04:05
=== carlos is now known as Guest8232
teratosisi was trying to install better nvidia graphics i stop xserver and got the BSOD with no prompt. could someone please assist me in getting back into my system?04:06
teratosisive ben googling for hours04:07
Jordan_U!sysrq | teratosis04:07
ubottuteratosis: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key04:07
teratosisthanks going to try it04:08
GHHany good war dialing software?04:09
xbonesxdoes anyone know how to install this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+BlackChrome?content=6024904:09
mobasherI need some help with ssh ? please :)04:09
jfeolemobasher: whats up?04:09
d_vmobasher: "some help with ssh" may be not sufficient info about your problem ;)04:10
teratosisit says it has to be enabled?04:10
mobasherjfeole=}} i'm trying to connect to the windows xp machine where ssh is setup and i can't get to it04:10
mobasherjfeole=}} it says permission deined04:10
jfeolegonna go private chat04:10
teratosis@jordan or ubotte, it says that sysrq has to be enabled before it can be used, is that tru?04:11
GHHwhich is the war dialing software?04:11
mobasherd_v=}} jfeole -=>> http://pastebin.com/JkxPTR9a04:11
Cerebr0what is war dialing software?04:13
Cerebr0people still use modems?04:13
xbonesxdoes anyone know how to install this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+BlackChrome?content=6024904:13
sweetpiGHH: really? lol totally off-topic04:14
Chaos2358can someone tell me what i need in order to ssh into an iphone using ubuntu 10.04?04:14
GHHcheese say no web cam found?04:14
Cerebr0xbonesx that looks cool04:14
GHHsweetpi, lol04:14
rafaelsoaresbrCerebr0: Me04:14
xbonesxCerebr0: thats what i said hahah04:14
teratosisHow can i use sysreq if i cant get into the system to turn it on?04:15
Cerebr0where do you live rafaelsoaresbr04:15
teratosiscan i do that from a livecd?04:15
rafaelsoaresbrCerebr0: Brazil04:15
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
Chaos2358can someone tell me what i need in order to ssh into an iphone using ubuntu 10.04?04:16
RKhey how can i install google voice nd video chat for orkut on linux ubuntu??04:16
Cerebr0Chaos you need to get rid of the iPhone :P jk04:16
GHHmaco, cheese say "no web cam found" i have the web cam in my laptop. Why this?04:16
aaronthis is my first time on irc. is this an open forum to ask questions04:16
RKi think so?04:16
xbonesxdoes anyone know how to install this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+BlackChrome?content=6024904:16
Cerebr0ubuntu related04:16
Chaos2358i know im working on getting the new samsung galaxy s but i still need to ssh this one until then04:17
Zelozelosxbonesx,  it looks like u just replace a file to me04:17
macoGHH: possibly unsupported hardware? or could be that your webcam uses the old way of drivers (cheese does the new way). try camorama to test that04:17
xbonesxZelozelos: cant find the file04:17
RKplz answer me04:17
Jordan_Uteratosis: How exactly did you install the nvidia drivers? (you shouldn't use the installer from nvidia's website).04:17
Cerebr0why do you need to ssh? i guess i'm a bit confused04:17
teratosisi was following instructions from an ubuntu forum04:17
aaronI am on ubuntu 10.04 and earlier it would not mount any of my partitions. I ended up reinstalling. this is a real pain. what could I have done differently04:18
teratosisit said first you have to stop xserver04:18
Chaos2358my iphone is jailbroken and i use ssh to change and modify strings04:18
GHHsweetpi, but that is just asking which software in Ubuntu for war dial04:18
Cerebr0@ aaron what format are you partions?04:18
RKNo Device Found error in Cheese04:19
=== rider is now known as Guest89313
RKI hav webcam04:19
Jordan_Uteratosis: Hold shift during boot and select "recovery mode"04:19
RKand it worked perfect without drivers04:19
GHHRK, same with me?04:19
macoRK: same as i said to GHH:  possibly unsupported hardware? or could be that your webcam uses the old way of drivers (cheese does the new way). try camorama to test that04:19
Chaos2358so cerebr0 any input?04:20
sweetpiGHH: well ask away, I just think its funny your asking :)04:20
Cerebr0No sorry04:20
RKhey can u tell how to quote someone on IRSSI04:20
GHHmaco, camorama also saying "could not connect to video device"04:20
macoRK: just say their name...04:20
teratosisthanks jordan going to tr that04:20
Chaos2358ok is there anyone in here that knows what i need in order to ssh using 10.0404:21
RKokk thanks maco04:21
macoChaos2358: ssh in or out?04:21
Jordan_Uteratosis: Do you know how to get to the nvidia installer again if you can get to a terminal?04:21
icarus-cChaos2358, openssh04:21
aaronI am running standard gnome with all of the "studio" programs loaded. the battery died and when I turned it back on it said it could not load ICEauthorizations04:21
BluesKajChaos2358, ssh server and client04:21
macoChaos2358: for sshing out, ssh command is already installed. to ssh in, openssh-server04:21
Chaos2358ssh into another device from laptop04:21
x0rsgnome just needs to adopt avant-window-manager as their primary panel... the standard gnome-panel is WAY out dated04:21
Chaos2358other device is an iphone if that matters04:21
Cerebr0this may help http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7190704:21
GHHsweetpi, do you know about about it?04:21
macoChaos2358: dont need to install anything new.  the ssh command is included04:21
AbhiJitaaron, may be try in #ubuntu-studio04:21
bobstrox0rs:  avant is a bit much for some use.04:21
RKcant we connect to frnds IP and chat with them in private??04:22
Jordan_Uaaron: It's probably unrelated to the battery dieing. Have you been running graphical applications with sudo?04:22
bobstroRK:  instant messaging works for that, so yes.04:22
AbhiJitRK, use teamviwer04:22
macoRK: you can send private messages, yes, but thats not by IP...04:22
x0rsbobstro: for my workstation PC it's spectacular. Fully functional, the main menu is nicer, very fast, and aesthetically beautiful04:22
icarus-cChaos2358, first you have to make sure iphone ssh server is running. then you have network access to it (like network connection, firewall).04:22
AbhiJitmaco, then now?04:22
RKthanks maco04:22
AbhiJitmaco, how*04:22
GHHmaco, it say check connection04:22
joachimok i'm new04:22
macoAbhiJit: /msg nick hello04:22
AbhiJit!hi | joachim04:23
ubottujoachim: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!04:23
bobstrox0rs:  yes, but a launcher taking up so much screen real estate is a bit silly on a laptop or netbook, for example04:23
aaron@ Jordan U what do you mean? I am new to the Ubuntu scene04:23
Chaos2358everything else is in order just trying to figure out about ubuntu04:23
BluesKajopenssh  server and client for each machine, if you want to ssh back and forth, cho04:23
AbhiJitmaco, oh you are talking about irc private message? i thought that it was im communication between two remote pcs04:23
x0rsbobstro: you can make avant very small... for instance its only 24pxls tall on my pc right now04:23
bobstrox0rs:  not to mention it's annoying to get set right on a dual-head display. i like it, but only on a large screen.04:23
Chaos2358network exceptions set iphone ssh authorized used to do it on windows but new to ubuntu04:23
joachimthank !04:23
teratosisubuntu recovery mode04:23
bobstrox0rs:  well yes, you can make it as small as... the panel!04:23
RKi just want to chat in private as we can in cmd on windows04:23
Cerebr0@ Chaos did you check out that link?04:23
RKnot to remotely control pc04:24
teratosiscant reach it04:24
AbhiJitRK, yah i know telnet?04:24
macoAbhiJit: i thought RK was asking for irc help since before was asking about highlighting04:24
icarus-cChaos2358, so you have tried ssh to it on windows already?04:24
AbhiJitmaco, ok04:24
Chaos2358hang on cerebr0 didnt see it04:24
x0rsbobstro: =) i see what you're saying... the panel is just ugly, and it lacks versatility...04:24
icarus-cChaos2358, with the same configuration?04:24
Chaos2358no longer have windows04:24
GHHmaco, the cheese was worked before04:24
RKabhijit, yupp04:24
bobstrox0rs:  well.. not everyone wants to mimic an apple. best to have choices, and the panel is low resource.04:24
aaronI usually just watch movies with vlc I loaded studio because I was told I could do video editing04:24
Chaos2358i just needed the command string to open the ssh using ubuntu04:24
GHHmaco, why this problem?04:24
teratosisdoes it have to be turned on too heh?04:24
RKanyone havin orkut profile here?04:24
RKi guess everyone must hav04:25
RKor even FB04:25
icarus-cChaos2358, to use ssh client on ubuntu,  just  "ssh  -p <port_number>  <user>@<server ip address/domain> "04:25
sweetpiGHH: sure. but why would you want to in 2010? there are many things that are way more fun :)04:25
macoRK: this is a channel for ubuntu technical support04:25
maco!ot | rk04:25
ubotturk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:25
RKmaco, sorry04:25
Jordan_Uaaron: That error is usually caused by GUI applications being run as root improperly (using sudo instead of gksudo). Have you been starting applications via the terminal, and if so have you used "sudo" to start them as root?04:25
BluesKajChaos2358, ssh user@ipaddress04:25
Cerebr0Chaos go to places, connect to server, then select ssh from drop down menu04:25
antIPedbian: back yet?04:25
macoGHH: dont know. did you upgrade from one ubuntu version to another? install kernel updates? something like that?04:25
Chaos2358great thanks guys and the link has same info cerebr0 thank you04:25
aaronyes I used sudo to mount a network share04:26
GHHmaco, ok04:26
x0rsis there an application to scan my entire system and make sure everything is kosher through the operating system?04:26
RKcd command is not working with SUDO . . . help plz04:26
x0rslike no broken links, etc...?04:27
AbhiJitRK, you dont need sudo for cd04:27
icarus-cRK, sudo  cd /path/04:27
icarus-cand yea.. why sudo for cd04:27
Jordan_Uicarus-c: That won't work. cd is a shell builtin.04:27
RKis this the only thread to chat?? no chat threads like yahoo or orkut, etc.??04:28
icarus-cJordan_U, don't really know.  never ever did that  in fact :P04:28
mamece2  whats the best GMAIL notifier for ubuntu?04:28
froggymananyone here ever use keypass on ubuntu? when ever I use it it has a really annoying font that is difficult to read04:28
icarus-cRK, that depends on your IRC client04:28
RKso giv me the best IRC client04:28
deenai installed mediaplayer connectivity in firefox extension... when i try to uninstall it sits somewhere not clearly removed04:28
AbhiJitRK, it seems that ssh is telnet alternate for linux04:29
RKwith the procedure of installation04:29
deenacan anyone tell me how to wipe out fully04:29
icarus-cRK, that is just a matter of preference04:29
RKAbhiJit i think so04:29
RKIcarus can u giv me preferences?04:29
RKand can we change the theme??04:29
icarus-cRK, some multi-protocol clients  are pidgin, empathy04:29
RKhow to install them?04:30
RKare they packages?04:30
* icarus-c fell on the floor04:30
Jordan_URK: "cd" is a special type of command called a shell "builtin" command. It takes an understanding of how unix and environment variables to understand why, but "sudo cd" simply makes no sense, and cannot work.04:30
* AbhiJit gives hand to icarus-c 04:30
crawlnthat is a givin04:30
RKi tried it04:30
teratosiswhat is the command to restart xserver? if there is such a thing?04:31
aemaethJordan_U: I found a forum post about same problem, it was xfce issue, he had done same dumb mistake as I except he was easily able to get into xfce again04:31
icarus-cRK, could you tell us what you want to actually do? (say again please if you have already)04:31
RKicarus, can we change the theme of IRSSI??04:31
glebihan!x | teratosis04:32
ubottuteratosis: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:32
=== aybabtu is now known as Guest35468
icarus-cRK, what sort of theme you expect from a command line program...04:32
icarus-cRK, but yes you can.04:32
RKicarus, i am askin if we can change its appearance?04:32
icarus-cRK, you could change colour04:33
RyenRK: http://www.irssi.org/themes04:33
icarus-cRK, and layout04:33
RKryen,thanks bro04:33
RyenRK: No problem.04:33
RyenRK: If you need help, I use IRSSI.04:33
RKryen, me too04:33
antIPedbian: what's up?04:34
RKcan anyone tell me wat destructive can we do using terminal?04:34
RKplz answer04:36
bobstroRK:  you can break your system04:36
aemaethdestructive how?04:36
ninjaboxHmm... I can't seem to get this soundblaster extigy to work =\04:36
RKbobstro, how?04:36
bobstroRK:  by doing foolish things, for one.04:36
RKi hav heard of BackTrack04:37
RKhas anyone used it?04:37
RKninjabox, can i get the procedure04:37
RKand wat is "Python"04:37
Ryen!ot | RK04:37
ubottuRK: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:37
RKWats Python??04:38
ninjaboxRK: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=BackTrack04:38
ninjaboxRK: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Python04:38
RKninjabox, thanks04:38
brandon420can i haz ghetto computer of the day? lol04:39
rwwninjabox: Don't use lmgtfy links in #ubuntu, please. It's rather obnoxious.04:39
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.04:39
RKwat is google-fu?04:39
rwwRK: ability to use google well04:39
rwwbrandon420: #ubuntu-offtopic would probably be more likely to comment :)04:40
rwwRK: Backtrack has an IRC channel at #backtrack-linux on this server, btw.04:40
ninjaboxrww: lol, when I'm being trolled I try not to help too much =\04:40
RKand how can I  permanently make my nickname RK04:41
bobstroninjabox:  best tinyurl it first :)04:41
RKeven if i log out04:41
RKor quit04:41
FloodBot1RK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:41
AbhiJit!register | RK04:41
ubottuRK: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode04:41
rwwRK: you can't, because someone already registered it on nickserv.04:41
RKokk no probs04:42
bobstroRK:  you have interesting questions about linux. what are you trying to do?04:42
RKAnd where can i get all the rules and regulations of this chat server04:42
rww(you can PM nickserv with the command "info nicknamegoeshere" to see if a nickname is registered)04:42
RKinfo RK04:42
rww!guidelines | RK04:42
ubottuRK: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:42
rwwRK: try /msg nickserv info RK04:42
RKrww. nothin happened04:43
rwwRK: Which IRC client are you using?04:43
arrrghhhwhere are the logs for ffmpeg or mplayer?04:43
icarus-carrrghhh, on stdout ?04:43
rwwRK: there should be a new window somewhere with the reply from nickserv, then.04:44
icarus-carrrghhh, which means the terminal normally04:44
rwwRK: if you type /query nickserv, it'll go to it04:44
AbhiJitRK, try pressing alt 1/2/3 or 004:44
arrrghhhicarus-c, well ps3mediaserver is the thing that's running, it literally says "check the logs" in the output... i don't know what freakin logs to check, other than it says ffmpeg and mplayer exited with error codes04:44
AbhiJiti think #ubuntu-beginners would be better channel for him04:45
RKrww, okk leave it04:45
jukxbonesx: did you ask about splash image installation?04:45
RKwhich is the best media player to use for ubuntu??04:45
xbonesxjuk: ya04:45
glebihan!best | RK04:45
xbonesxa long time ago haha04:45
ubottuRK: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:45
xbonesxdoes anyone know how to install this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+BlackChrome?content=6024904:45
arrrghhhrk, highly loaded question.  i prefer vlc.04:45
icarus-cRK, again.. a matter of personal preference...   like  mplayer, vlc,  totem, xine04:46
=== b is now known as Guest68857
jukxbonesx: here tutorial http://tldp.org/LDP/LG/current/jayanth.html04:46
glebihanxbonesx: what version of ubuntu are you running ?04:46
xbonesxive been searching gnome wiki for like an hour now hahaha04:46
icarus-cRK, i personally think mplayer is the best though04:46
RKi used vlc..but when i changed its theme it then suddenly hanged and then never came back to perfectly work...every 1-2 sec it hanged04:46
ninjaboxsmplayer is a good front-end for mplayer for people who don't know how to use it`04:47
jukxbonesx: sorry, i was having lunch04:47
xbonesxjuk: so this will change that pruple loading screen.04:47
xbonesxglebihan: 10.0404:47
arrrghhhicarus-c, this is what i get - "Process ffmpeg has a return code of 134! Maybe an error occured... check the log file"04:47
MooshiMuushiJahshaka is annoying...04:47
RKreply me pl04:47
jukxbonesx: try, and tell me it will04:47
AbhiJitMooshiMuushi, who is he?04:47
glebihanxbonesx: in that case, I doubt you can install it, it looks like an usplash theme, and usplash is not used anymore04:47
Droneis there a GUI that allows me to surf my network drives?  Thunar seems to lack the ability to do so...04:48
icarus-cxbonesx, run "gconf-editor" , navigate to /apps/gnome-session/options  you will find splash_image and show_splash_screen04:48
MooshiMuushiAbhiJit, Jahshaka is a video editing program :P04:48
icarus-carrrghhh, is there anything look like the log in $HOME ?04:48
jukicarus-c: i tried gconf-editor didn't work04:48
xbonesxicarus-c: wow it was that easy04:48
MooshiMuushiAbhiJit, That can't be installed...04:48
xbonesxicarus-c: can you change the loading bar style too?04:48
RKin vlc we can increase the volume upto 400%....any other app that can do this??04:49
mamece2hello, can someone help me to set gmail with evolution?04:49
icarus-cRK, i would  "rm -rf ~/.config/vlc "  in that case04:49
AbhiJitMooshiMuushi, :D04:49
arrrghhhicarus-c, hrm... not for mplayer or ffmpeg.04:50
icarus-carrrghhh, i have no idea then04:50
icarus-carrrghhh, what about /tmp04:50
jukxbonesx: i worked?04:51
jukxbonesx: it worked?04:51
AbhiJitmamece2, what happen?04:51
Droneis there a GUI that allows me to surf my network drives?  Thunar seems to lack the ability to do so...04:51
arrrghhhicarus-c, not that i can tell... but perhaps at this point i don't know what i'm looking for.04:51
xbonesxjuk: still searching the directory where the image is lol04:51
jukxbonesx: ok04:51
RKany media player capable of increasing volume to 400%??04:52
icarus-cRK, why would you want to increase volume to 400%... sound quality would degrade04:52
Cerebr0Drone, Places > Network?04:52
Dronedoes not exist04:52
RKicarus, nah..i hav used it before..not big difference..and too my laptops sound s***s04:53
DroneCerebr0, does not exist04:54
Cerebr0are you connected to your network?04:54
RKreply me plz04:54
Cerebr0how are your network drives connected to the network?04:54
Droneyep.  I can view and share files via windows04:54
Dronebut I cant figure out how to browse network drives via linux04:55
glebihanarrrghhh: ffmpeg does not have a log file, maybe ps3mediaserver has one04:55
doobienhelp!!! - i removed my sound mixer from my panel by accident, and there are no volume controls in 'add to panel'.04:55
Cerebr0I have had no problems accessing my windows network through ubuntu04:55
Dronewhat programs you use?04:55
Cerebr0No special software needed04:55
DroneIt has a name, whatever it is you are using04:56
mamece2im back, i have problem setting my gmail to evolution04:56
RKem leavin now04:56
Cerebr0Places > Networks > Windows Network04:56
DroneI don't have a network option under places04:56
Cerebr0and as long as my other computers are turned on I can see and access them04:56
Droneso something needs toggled on04:56
Droneto enable the network option04:57
mamece2failed to mount04:57
arrrghhhglebihan, hrm.  why is ps3mediaserver telling me to check its own logs.  well i did check what i thought was the logs for that program, and i don't see anything.04:57
arrrghhhit was working perfectly fine until i found out it wasn't running my transcodes multi-threaded!04:57
glebihanarrrghhh: a quick google search indicates that ps3mediaserver has a debug.log file somewhere04:58
glebihanarrrghhh: seems to be /tmp/javaps3media/debug.log04:59
MooshiMuushiAnyone know how to install Jahshaka?04:59
arrrghhhglebihan, yes i've looked at the debug.log.  i don't see anything related to the issue, from what i can tell04:59
DronePlaces uses Thunar and Thunar's help file is quite a joke04:59
tigertv69hey guys i want to do multipart downloading through lftp.. how do i do that?05:00
Cerebr0Drone I'm sorry I am not familiar with Thunar.05:02
ubottumamece2, please see my private message05:02
DroneWhhen you click places, that is Thunar05:02
xbonesxall those directories in the gconf-editor, where are they loceated05:02
Ellisok guys last thing im coming to you for and only because im finding mixed reviews so to all of you 10.04 users. do i really need anti virus software?05:02
xbonesxim dumb when it comes to searching for shit in ubuntu05:02
icarus-cxbonesx, ~/.gconf05:03
icarus-cxbonesx, they are actually written in some xml files05:03
icarus-cxbonesx, you have "find" and "locate"05:03
Cerebr0I have Gnome and Nautilus is the file manager, not Thunar05:03
Dronegood lord, someone told ubuntu was supposed to be more user friendly, takes 2 days of research and screwing around to accomplish simple file sharing and I STILL cannot access shares FROM my linux box, but I can from Windows...go figure05:04
EllisCerebr0 thanks for the ssh help earlier05:04
Blue11Awayicarus-c: yes, but locate must be installed.05:04
icarus-cEllis, If you share file with Windows system, or run a email/file server, yes05:04
=== Blue11Away is now known as Blue1
Cerebr0NP you got it figured out then?05:04
icarus-cEllis, if no Windows system will be involved with ubuntu, No.05:04
Cerebr0Drone what version of Ubuntu are you using/05:04
Ellisok i dont share and no server i check my email but thats it05:04
DroneThank you cerebr0, why didn't you tell me it was Nautilus you were using in the first place05:05
DroneI'll replace Thunar with it05:05
icarus-cEllis, hence, the whole point of having anti-virus on Linux or whatever Unix-like OS  is just to protect Windows clients05:05
Ellisicarus- i do alot of bit torrents though05:05
Cerebr0Because Nautilus comes standard on Ubuntu 10.0405:05
Ellisok that answered my question thank you alot05:05
icarus-cEllis, doesn't matter. since even you are BT-ing virus,  they wouldn't affect Linux unless you intentionally run them05:05
Droneusing 10.10 here05:06
EllisCerebr0 yep got it all going smooth05:06
Cerebr0Ellis I use avast to scan MP3 files I download from the net05:06
cloudfreeNautilus steals some elements from thunar i think05:06
Ellisso i should have something to scan downloaded mp3 and mp4 files?05:06
icarus-ccloudfree, i wouldn't say steal. but all open source software get the good bits from others05:07
doobienanyone know how i can get the volume control on my panel?05:07
Cerebr0Ok Drone sorry about that, I am no expert by any stretch of the word, I just try to help when I can05:07
icarus-ccloudfree, Linux get good stuff from *BSD or any other OS too05:07
Ellisconfused now05:07
Ellisone says yes one says no05:07
icarus-cEllis, as i said, if you got Windows involved with your system. (say you may put those mp3 to Windows),  so yes.05:08
icarus-cEllis, or if you don't want to be a virus carrier, yes05:08
cloudfreeicarus-c: did linus know what the bsd is at that moment?05:08
Ellisokay thats where i got lost if i download it and play it it wont effect my system but it could effect any other systems i put it on?05:09
icarus-ccloudfree, who knows. but you are not only be able to get stuff BEFORE writing linux right?...05:09
aemaethscan with clamav before you put it on a windows system05:09
icarus-ccloudfree, say we have  ZFS  implementation too05:09
cloudfreeicarus-c: iirc, linus got ideas from minix05:09
sandGorgonhi guys... anyone know if openssl 1.0 has TSA (RFC 3161) built in. Previously, it needed the opentsa patch to be applied - but it is not available for Openssl 1.005:10
aemaethEllis: nix is good for ripping Sony cd's because of the rootkits they put on windows05:10
icarus-cEllis, those virus don't affect Linux (like 99.999%) and among those 0.000...1%, they won't affect Linux if you don't execute them by youself05:11
Pr3nt1c3I accidentally removed the volume control from my panel...05:11
icarus-cEllis, so when you run anti-virus on Linux, you are trying to protect Windows,  not Linux05:11
Pr3nt1c3any ideas how to get it back>05:11
icarus-cPr3nt1c3, right click -> Add to Panel -> search for volume05:12
Ellisok it took me a sec but i got it now05:12
cloudfreeicarus-c: is it possible to make a grub2-based virus now?05:12
tigertv69 anyone know?05:12
Pr3nt1c3already tried that05:12
Cerebr0anything is possible05:12
RyenPr3nt1c3: Add the notification area.05:12
lhxMaybe someone here could give me a suggestion: I need some sort of FOSS wiki / collaboration software for a small business. I'm currently using DokuWiki and it's working fine; but I'm looking for a better doc management system. Any ideas to throw out there? Need to be able to do page access at the user level.05:12
cloudfreeand easiler now05:12
Pr3nt1c3already done that also05:12
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
DouglasKHow do you set the default application for a file type?05:13
Pr3nt1c3and I've looked in 'sound and video', 'administration' and 'system tools'05:13
juk____where's grub's menu?05:13
* cloudfree put Pr3nt1c3 in a virus vm05:13
lhxjuk____: when you boot05:14
juk____where's grub's menu.list05:14
acuI am trying to use gtk-recordMyDesktop and the advanced button does not work - what is the solution ?05:14
icarus-cDouglasK, Right click on the file -> Properties -> Open with .  select the app you want to be default (make a dot in the circle)05:14
juk____where's grub's menu.list05:14
lhxjuk____:  "/boot"05:14
RyenPr3nt1c3: Type this into the terminal 'gnome-volume-control-applet'05:14
antIPedbian: You around?05:14
xbonesxthe %gconf.xml in the option folder for the splash image doesnt give the directory of the splash_image?05:14
Pr3nt1c3many thanks05:14
DouglasKicarus-c, cool, thanks05:14
RyenPr3nt1c3: Did it work?05:14
juk____lhx: nope, not in /boot05:14
icarus-cxbonesx, the directory for splash_image is for you to define05:14
xbonesxthen where is the original?05:15
xbonesxso i can replace it or back it up?05:15
lhxjuk____: then maybe /boot/grub?05:15
xbonesxim talking about the prurple one with the red dotted loading bar btw05:15
icarus-cxbonesx, is there /usr/share/pixmaps/splash/gnome-splash.png  ?  i'm not on ubuntu now05:15
xbonesxicarus-c: you know what im talking about when i say the purple background with the red dots loading right, i want to change that05:16
icarus-cxbonesx, not sure. but i expect you mean to change the gnome splash image05:16
juk____icarus-c: can you explain, please, splash image is it grub menu's background image at boot time, or running dots .... with purple background?05:17
xbonesxicarus-c: if that gets rid of the ugly purple background then yes05:17
juk____lhx: not there in there either05:17
icarus-cright.. xbonesx do you mean background of Grub, or plymouth splash (the graphical animated boot screen),  or gnome spash (you see when you login,  default disabled)05:18
xbonesxicarus-c: im talking about the purple one that has red dots.05:18
lhxjuk____: weird... must be the big difference with the new grub05:19
xbonesxicarus-c: ive changed the grub thats the only one05:19
glebihanxbonesx: I think you're talking about plymouth splash05:19
xbonesxicarus-c: can it be changed05:19
icarus-cxbonesx, that is something else.  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+BlackChrome?content=60249    you've showed is for gnome05:19
glebihanxbonesx: if you want to change it, look for plymouth themes in the package manager05:20
juk____glebihan: i guess i am, plymouth splash, how do I change that thing, boot menu i don't have05:20
G33ku5Kh4Numm... what's "ubuntu one"?05:22
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone05:22
glebihanicarus-c: that link was in fact an usplash theme adapted from a gnome one, and it cannot be used anymore05:24
icarus-cjuk____, quick google give me this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/quick-tipplymouth-themes-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html05:24
icarus-cxbonesx, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/quick-tipplymouth-themes-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html05:24
DroneHow do I change my default file manager from Thunar to Nautilus in Xfce ?05:24
antIPCan I ask someone a question about rsync?05:24
icarus-cantIP, just ask05:24
juk____Drone: that in gcong-editor05:25
gartralanyone have a Coby Stick Player?05:26
lhxantIP: Shoot...05:26
glebihanjuk____, Drone : I may be wrong, but I don't think xfce uses gconf05:27
xbonesxicarus-c: so how would i use this http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Usplash+BlackChrome?content=6024905:27
icarus-cxbonesx, you can't05:27
antIPicarus-c: Ok. Well, I started running rsync to sync about 400GB from my secondary to my external USB back up. I accidently set it to sync to the root of the drive rather than the "Back Up" folder which already contained about 300gb worth of data that I wanted to sync with. I'm not sure how to stop rsync so I'm just letting it run and I deleted the "back up" folder that I had originally wanted to sync to. However, nautilus doesn't seem to r05:27
antIPecognize that I deleted the Back Up folder because it still shows that I have over 300gb of data on the drive. Can I restart nautilus while rsync is running to get a proper read of the drive?05:27
FloodBot1antIP: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:28
IndiGodlulz ubuntu05:28
glebihanxbonesx: you cannot use that theme05:28
xbonesxicarus-c: why not?05:28
IndiGodlamest distro ever05:28
Cerebr0Doesn't Gnome come standard on 10.10 also?  Just curious why you would switch to Xfce from Gnome anyways05:28
IndiGodanyone that uses ubuntu might as well yell out to the world that they don't understand how linux works but wants to be a part of the "revolution"05:28
glebihanxbonesx: as I already told you, it's an usplash theme, and usplash is not used anumore05:28
Jordan_U!ops | IndiGod05:28
ubottuIndiGod: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!05:28
lhxantIP: did you take out the trash?05:28
xbonesxcould i extract the images from the .so file and use thme for plymouth?05:29
glebihanxbonesx: no05:29
Cerebr0I don't mind the plymouth splash screen, I think it looks pretty decent05:29
xbonesxglebihan: thats crappy its kool looking05:29
icarus-cCerebr0, i like solar theme most :P05:29
antIPlhx: No, I just sent it to trash. Do I have to do that? Empty the trash?05:30
Dronehow do you use gconf-editor in xfce?05:30
boys_blueholicwhats the meaning :05:30
boys_blueholicSince the script you are attempting to invoke has been converted to an05:30
boys_blueholicUpstart job, you may also use the restart(8) utility, e.g. restart gdm05:30
boys_blueholicrestart: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.104" (uid=1000 pid=8060 comm="restart) interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Restart" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init"))05:30
FloodBot1boys_blueholic: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
lhxantIP: if you want HDD space used to read accurately... yes05:30
Cerebr0Is that solar Eclipse?05:30
icarus-cantIP, just so you know, the Trash bin is actually  "~/.local/share/Trash"05:31
boys_blueholicplease help05:31
icarus-cCerebr0, http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=plymouth+solar05:31
MooshiMuushiAnyone know how to install Jahshaka?05:31
boys_blueholici want to  restart my gdm05:32
boys_blueholicbut still eror :((05:32
antIPicarus-c: Ok. Can I just right click on trash and empty the trash?05:33
DroneHow do I change my default file manager from Thunar to Nautilus in Xfce ?05:33
Cerebr0Fedora Redhat boo! :)05:33
glebihanboys_blueholic: sudo service gdm restart05:33
icarus-cantIP, i don't know. i wasn't following  :P05:33
Cerebr0Drone just currious why you are using Xfce instead of Gnome?05:33
antIPicarus-c I just want to empty my trash.05:33
Drone Why not?  It's what was available05:33
icarus-cantIP, in Nautilus, click Trash, empty it05:34
Cerebr0I thought Gnome came standard on ubuntu 10.1005:34
Drone./shrug no idea, I just know this is what I log into05:34
iflemaCerebr0: sound like you got Xubuntu....05:35
DroneHow would I go about using Gnome instead of Xfce05:35
DroneYes.  Xubuntu05:35
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome05:35
boys_blueholicstill eror :(05:35
boys_blueholicsudo service gdm restart05:36
boys_blueholicis still eror :(05:36
xbonesxicarus-c: why is my plymouth boot screen image in such a low resolution? i have a 1920x1200 screen...05:36
antIPlhx: I right clicked on the trash and selected 'empty trash' and a windows popped up that says "Emptying the Trash" and the progress bar isn't moving.05:36
iflemaDrone: install the package ubuntu-desktop05:36
antIPlhx: oh, never mind, it just started moving. Took it like 3 minutes to get started.05:37
Cerebr0xbonesx that happens when you install your new video drivers05:37
lhxantIP: yah... it'd take quite a few mins to erases mega gigs05:37
Cerebr0let me find a link to a good fix for it05:37
xbonesxCerebr0: thanks05:37
MooshiMuushiAnyone know a program that allows us to edit .h264 raw video files?05:38
bullgard4rww: Yesterday you denounced my using of the »~$ ...« prefix when I cite a command which I run. Why is this bad?05:38
icarus-cxbonesx, as far as i know, plymouth theme are made of a few small images and scripts control how to display & animate05:38
antIPlhx: thanks yo.05:39
xbonesxicarus-c: ok05:39
icarus-cxbonesx, and they don't use a image to fill the whole screen, so. why need such large resolution?05:39
rwwbullgard4: because it's not part of the actual command, so it ends up being confusing if you say you ran it...05:39
xbonesxicarus-c: doesnt look so pixilated05:39
icarus-cxbonesx, wouldn't be. those images are not zoomed or stretched05:42
jukicarus-c: worked http://ompldr.org/vNW5pcQ http://art.gnome.org/themes05:43
xbonesxicarus-c: think i figured it out05:43
Cerebr0I gave him a link to where he can fix his resolution problem, its very common when you switch to a proprietary video card driver05:43
jukicarus-c: not 100% original though05:43
icarus-cjuk, um what did you do? put the image to the plymouth splash?05:44
jukicarus-c: yes05:44
icarus-cjuk, you just have to replace the original image file with the new one right?05:44
jukicarus-c: no, I folowed tutorial you gave me, at ubuntugeek05:45
icarus-cjuk, lol i didn't really read through it05:45
jukicarus-c: thanks anyways05:46
brandon420guys, what kinda stuff can i do with a old p4?05:47
=== rachel is now known as Guest96695
lhxbrandon420: file server, voip server, irc gateway05:47
Cerebr0I use mine as a file server05:48
lhxbrandon420: folding, porno repository, silica refining05:48
brandon420thats what i was thinking about doing, but dumb question, how do i set up raid?05:48
brandon420raid0 i wanna say05:48
brandon420im not worried about data loss if i drive goes out.05:48
bullgard4rww: I see your point but I will not refrain from my habit in the future in IRC. Even the Debian Reference does prefix commands to run with '$'. But in a text file one has much more typographical freedom than I have in an IRC message.05:49
lucentI've discovered a serious data corruption issue after an upgrade to 10.10 Maverick, and the new firewire stack... what should I do about this?05:49
brandon4209.10 ftw!05:49
Cerebr010.04 ftw05:49
DouglasKlucent, what animal is Maverick?  (Just curious)05:50
brandon420i dont need lts, i have the ubuntu chan!05:50
rwwbullgard4: that's fine. I wasn't saying that you shouldn't do it, just (if memory serves) explaining what it meant to someone else and saying I wouldn't do it myself05:50
DouglasKmy mail server runs lts05:50
bullgard4lucent: i.) Discuss that in #ubuntu+1. ii.) File a bug in Launchpad.05:50
lucentDouglasK: Meerkat, or moose, I don't pay much attention sorry05:50
lucentthanks bullgard405:50
DouglasKlucent, no worries.  Thanks for an answer!05:51
Cerebr0Should have been Mangy Moose05:51
DouglasKCerebr0, I agree 100%05:51
lucentCerebr0: that's my favourite pub out here in Jackson WY usa05:51
ubuntuWho speak spanish? :P05:51
rww!es | ubuntu05:51
ubottuubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:51
Cerebr0Ahh I live in WY too05:51
ubuntunecesito a ayuda xD05:51
kmysti'm using lucid and my wifi started dying randomly, eventually getting to the point of dying right after login then not working at all...this is happening since some updates, doesn't happen on a recent backup...anybody know why?05:51
Steristwhat's the best way to integrate ext4 into windows 7?05:52
seidos!es | ubuntu05:52
ubottuubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:52
bullgard4rww: (*conciliatorily smiling*)05:53
lucentSterist: not aware of any way to use ext4 with Windows7, FYI05:53
LevanderWhat is the best ext3fs driver for Windows 7?05:53
Cerebr0Win7 can't read it can it?05:53
Levanderext4 isn't backwards compatible with ext2?  I know there are ext2 drivers.05:53
dospodjoin #infonomicon05:53
dospoddammit :/ i fail tonight05:53
mawstext2 works in Windows.05:54
mawstWith a driver05:54
lucentLevander: ext4 has features (sort of optional) that make it incompatible disk structures05:54
Levanderwhat's the best ext2 driver for windows?05:54
xanguaSterist: to read ext3/ext4 partitions with windows use 'ext2read'05:54
mawstI just use a terabyte drive in NTFS05:54
lhxhow's the write support for ext2 in M$?05:54
Steristxangua are you sure the ext2 drivers will read ext405:54
mawstPersonal files in OS folders, everything else on the dump drive.05:54
xanguaSterist: yes05:54
mawstext2 support is fine.05:54
icarus-cLevander, e2ifs.  but it comes with limitations and it is nasty i think05:55
mawstIf you use the driver05:55
root_so you told me05:55
icarus-cLevander, after all, that thing haven't been updated for a long while05:55
Levandericarus-c: IFS stands for "Installable File System"?  That's the one I'm looking at now.05:55
root_does anyone knows to configure a sniffer?05:55
Cerebr0If you need to share data between Win7 and Ubuntu why not use NTFS?05:55
icarus-cLevander, e2ifs doesn't official state that it support win705:56
icarus-cLevander, anyway, if you are looking to share files between win7 & ubuntu,  i would suggest to use NTFS,  or  FAT05:56
himiehey guys my usb headphones don't work anymore in ubuntu there's no sound is there anyway to reinstall the driver or something?05:57
Levandericarus-c: The partition I want to access is already EXT3.  I'll try to migrate it later to NTFS.05:57
v3nd3tta``icarus-c ntfs is better (faster) fat32 is a older system05:57
v3nd3tta``ah, it's Levander05:57
icarus-cxangua, ext4 got some features (e.g. extent) that break backward compatibility with ext2/ext305:57
icarus-cxangua, hence, a normal ext4 filesystem can NOT be accessed by ext2/ext3 driver05:57
Steristxangua would it happen to be possible to install windows onto ext? :P05:57
icarus-cxangua, but you could turn off those features when you make the ext4 file system though05:58
xanguaicarus-c: no, you can't install windows on ext fs05:58
icarus-cright you can't install Windows on anything other than FAT/NTFS05:58
himiethey used to work before..05:58
Steristwindows filesystems suck05:58
lucenticarus-c: not strictly the case but your point is correct05:59
icarus-cSterist, ooo don't blame Windows file system.  Windows itself is not good anyway05:59
lucentWindows thin client installs over iSCSI allow for a nu...  nevermind it's just easier to stick with what you said, I digress05:59
Levandericarus-c: ext2 IFS fails to install on Windows 7, says it only supports earlier versions of Windows ;(05:59
icarus-cLevander, not surprising..05:59
ireduxWhy does my window session restart after I give any random java applet permissions?05:59
Cerebr0err Fragmented06:00
Steristicarus-c no seriously lol fragmentation causes SO many problems06:00
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:00
lucentiredux: o_O  nice bug there06:00
root_im just new to this06:00
icarus-cSterist, that is about the driver, hence the kernel06:00
oktayselam turk olan var mı?06:00
hceasywho is boot06:00
=== oktay is now known as Guest73239
root_hate my name to be root ..s06:00
icarus-cSterist, i mean windows06:00
Steristpeople say fragmentation doesn't occur on the ext family but what about free-space fragmentation?06:01
Arsicwhat files exist on free space are there to be fragmented?06:02
Levandericarus-c: I found out how to install ext2ifs on Win7, you have to run it in compatible mode for Vista06:02
lucentLevander: I'll give you an example that maybe you will absorb more directly, D-Cinema Packages (that hollywood digital delivery system for major motion picture films) arrive on ext3 formatted FS in bare hard drives06:02
Guest73239arcis where are you from??06:03
lucentthat's what I do for work these days when I'm not snowboarding :)06:03
Levanderlucent, no idea what you're talking about06:03
lucentthe advantages to ext4 are lost when you want compatibility with other systems06:03
lucentif you need compatibility, my advice is to stick to ext306:04
Cerebr0If you are sharing data just use a NTFS partion, Ubuntu has no problems reading and writing to NTFS06:04
Arsicubuntu has trouble with NTFS with gparted. it happened a bunch of times today. I was resizing the partition and cancelled 2 seconds into the apply. the FS became dirty and I was unable to resize it. had to boot into windows to chkdsk it06:06
Arsicntfsfix didn't help much06:06
Levanderlucent, this is just a hack, i intend to migrate the drive fully to ntfs when i get a chance, thanks though06:06
MTecknologyArsic: you cancelled a resize that was in operation?06:08
MTecknologyArsic: I don't know if there's any easy way to recover from that..06:08
CharlieSuHas anyone ever setup rsyslog to backup files to S3?06:08
Guest73239adanos oradamısın06:08
Arsicit was preparing to resize, so nothing was actually resized06:08
Arsicnah it was fine after I ran chkdsk from Windows.06:08
zackIve got a lenovo laptop with switchable graphics so i can use my onboard graphics whenever im not gaming to save battery / power .. how do i enable this feature in ubuntu?06:09
MTecknologyCharlieSu: rsyslog is for logging06:09
CharlieSuMTecknology: yes.. i'd like to take the log files that are generated by rsyslog and store them to s3 for durability06:10
LoshkiArsic: clearly the fs *was* touched. Cancelling after applying on a mostly reverse-engineered filesystem seems like it's just asking for trouble...06:10
MTecknologyCharlieSu: you can just tell rsyslog to backup to that partition - but I'd suggesnt an rsync with cron instead - keep two copies06:10
icarus-cArsic, if you have read the ntfsfix man page, it clearly says that its function is very limited.06:11
icarus-cArsic, far from being able to repair a damaged ntfs06:11
CharlieSuMTecknology: how do i ensure that each file has a unique name?06:11
Arsickinda figured that after it didn't work. should have read the man page before using it06:11
MTecknologyCharlieSu: rsyslog handles keeping naming correct06:12
icarus-cArsic, http://xkcd.com/293/06:12
Cerebr0MAN Pages FTW!06:12
Steristanyone know how to fix the webcam displaying upside down06:12
icarus-cSterist, rotate the webcam upside down? B-)06:13
MTecknologyCharlieSu: with cron   sudo crontab -e   @daily rsync -a --delete /var/log /media/subdisk/06:13
lucentSterist: err... is it v4l or v4l2?06:13
MTecknologySterist: acer?06:13
Steristicarus-c i actually did turn my laptop upside down lol06:13
=== Sgeo is now known as Blonk
Steristi don't know what that is06:13
lucentsometimes there's a "flip" setting in the v4l2 interface and you can control that setting with a utility06:13
Sterist10.04 fully up-to-date, whatever is default06:13
lucentSterist: what's the application you want to use the webcam with?06:14
LoshkiArsic: the biggest downside of ntfs is probably that you can get the FS into a state where only a windows system can fix it...06:14
lucentSterist: oh geeze, hrm06:14
Steristlol =/06:14
lucentflash last I checked had implemented V4l but not V4l206:14
zackIve got a lenovo laptop with switchable graphics so i can use my onboard graphics whenever im not gaming to save battery / power .. how do i enable this feature in ubuntu?06:14
MTecknology!repeat | zack06:14
ubottuzack: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com06:14
wgrantzack: For now you will have to use the BIOS to switch between them.06:15
lucentso there is some kind of wacky pipeline I was able to construct once to get from a V4l2 camera device to export a dvcam firewire to V4L device with filters along the way06:15
ArsicLoshki: well, that was the moral of the story.06:15
zackokay wgrant ty06:15
kduboiswhere to go for help with cheese, the webcam app?06:15
lucentSterist: I'm thinking if someone has solved this, you would find out quicker by searching via Google "webcam upside down flash Ubuntu 9.04" or whichever06:15
wgrantzack: Lenovo hasn't disclosed how to switch, so it's taking a while to get it working in Linux.06:15
MTecknologyArsic: You could alternatively use this as a sign that it's time to just not use windows anymore! :P06:16
icarus-cSterist, http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=33109&start=006:17
G33ku5Kh4Nanyone able to point me in the direction as to how I go about upgrading a router's firmware from the cmdln?06:17
icarus-cSterist, "create a .conf file in etc/modprobe.d that will add the option "vflip=1" to uvcvideo"06:17
=== G33ku5Kh4N is now known as geekuskhan
geekuskhanthe router's interface / web-based admin seems to not have the option available06:17
geekuskhannetcomm told me to throw it out, but I'd prefer to just fix it myself06:18
icarus-cSterist, um ignore that quote06:18
bonez2046anyone have success running skype for linux, with video? is skype+linux+video there yet?06:18
Exavionbonez2046: I run it fine06:19
lucentbonez2046: I regularly video call with Skype06:19
Steristicarus-c i noticed lol06:19
lucentbonez2046: the Linux client is a bit janky, but that's more about some of my contacts can't search for me when I'm logged in. Most functions work06:19
Steristicarus-c "malicious command warning" :P06:20
Steristicarus-c pulled from a question, not an answer06:20
FusionXim getting thi error while booting up ubuntu 10.04 -> [drm:edid_is_valid] *ERROR* Raw EDID: but the ubuntu loads up and starts fine, but i'm facing alot of performance reduncy.06:20
lucentFusionX: I think EDID is from your display06:21
lucentinternal (laptop) or external display?06:21
bonez2046lucent: which version of skype? maybe my issue is setting up my cam06:21
FusionXlucent: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/536827 External!06:21
lxsysHey. I'm on another IRC server, and irssi is giving out my hostname which has my ip. Every now and then somebody is annoyed that I kicked them and they DoS my low bandwidth connection. How do I stop irssi giving out my hostname?06:22
lucentbonez2046: I've managed to install Skype (Beta) Version, which version is yours?06:22
=== v-himanshu is now known as himanshu
bonez2046lucent: I have that same version
lucentlxsys: unrelated to irssi, any client would be a connection to the IRC server which then exposes your IP / host06:23
xbonesxi think i messed up plymouth really good06:23
ABGDHey guys, i just bought a bare-bones box and it doesn't have a CD-drive, it allows booting over LAN, so I want to install ubuntu on it over my LAN but I am having trouble, i couldn't get DHCP configured on my Macbook Pro, nor on my ubuntu virtual, i really don't know what to do at this point... if somebody could help me that would be fucking awesome06:23
geekuskhanlxsys, you'll need to enable vhost for your user / op....06:23
geekuskhannot sure about the server itself06:23
lxsysgeekuskhan: ok, thanks06:23
icarus-cSterist, do you have "/sys/class/video4linux/video0/vflip"  ?06:23
lucentnice find icarus-c06:24
geekuskhanand make sure you script your login so it's on evererytime you reconnect06:24
lucentbonez2046: um, privmsg w/ me we can talk about Skype, it's just a tad off topic here06:24
icarus-cSterist, if you do,  sudo echo 1 > /sys/class/video4linux/video0/vflip  should do.  but that exist only on some devices06:24
Steristicarus-c is that for external cameras?06:26
icarus-cSterist, i don't know. it came from a forum thread, issue appears on laptop06:27
cloudfreehi, have i missed something?06:28
Steristi don't see that file / folder in video006:28
=== zack`ubuntu is now known as zackk
cloudfreeSterist: then you have no v4l06:29
xbonesxthe purple loading screen with red dots now is all pixilated and now there are what looks like two of them, i have the nvidia 8600m gt06:29
Steristcloudfree so what can i do06:29
cloudfreeenable it06:29
ethereticAnyone have experience with resolving iowait issues? My comp is semi paralyzed.06:29
cloudfreeit's time to search06:29
xbonesxits the plymouth i believe06:29
multipasshow do i set permission to put stuff in folders? im trying to put plugins into the gedit plugin folder but i dont have permission06:30
Steristcloudfree i read that its supposed to be included with ubuntu by default as of 9.04 or something06:30
cloudfreeSterist: indeed, at least, on my box06:30
cloudfreeSterist: have you installed a tv card?06:31
icarus-cSterist, don't worry, i have no vfilp file too06:32
mattgyvermultipass, thats a loaded question if your new to linux.  It may be easier to do it as root ;)06:32
HansGruberCan you use Netflix Que website in Linux, I can watch the actual streaming movies on my PS3?06:32
lucentmultipass: short answer, right click the thing and "properties"06:32
rwwHansGruber: you can add stuff to a Netflix Instant queue from Linux, yes06:32
multipassmattgyver: well i dont understand why it dosnt ask me for my password like when installing something.. it simply dosnt let me do it06:33
rwwyou just can't actually watch it on Linux06:33
Steristcloudfree how do i find out lol06:33
lucentyou must have access to change the permissions though, if you do not have access then it is a different question about how to get access06:33
HansGruberthank you, is ubuntu easy to use, I am not a computer expert, but I have grown extremely tired of the endless crashing of Vista?06:33
* cloudfree dies06:33
cloudfreeHansGruber: that means nothing06:34
cloudfreeHansGruber: you need more windows train06:34
uwafflesasagemy fucking windows train broke down06:34
coraxxHansGruber: Ubuntu is very easy...compared.06:34
uwafflesasagei can't just go out and buy a new one06:34
HansGruberawesome, I am going to download the ISO now06:35
uwafflesasagethis is of silly talk06:35
lucentHansGruber: I'm tired of computers being annoying, in general. Ubuntu is not exempt. It is slightly less awful than the alternatives in my needs06:35
ethereticCONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT not enabled in kernel, cannot determine SWAPIN and IO %06:35
bobstroABGD:  did you get an answer?06:35
Arsicubuntu takes a bit of getting used to if all you're used is windows. start by making the transition06:36
cloudfreeubuntu is an alternative of redhat or mandrake in old good days06:36
coraxxHansGruber: good idea... and you can "test drive" Ubuntu, before installing ...just by running it from the CD.  (are you named after the Die Hard villan ?)06:36
HansGruberoh, one other question, can you run quickbooks online with ubuntu and the latest firefox, it is not officially supported but I was wondering if it will run?  I have a windows box at the office to handle most things, but it is nice to be able to handle it at home as well? I have read conflicting reports, so I wanted to ask a live person, sorry if I am being a pain in the ass.06:36
bobstrolucent:  what are you finding annoying?06:36
cloudfreeand ubuntu channel is repeating things what happened on #debian in the past06:36
uwafflesasageubuntu cds can run in live mode06:36
uwafflesasagepop it into the drive and set the boot order to boot from that drive06:37
HansGrubercoraxx "I am going to count to three, there will not be a four." ;)06:37
lucentbobstro: it's a big list, we should discuss at a pub with plenty of napkins and ink06:37
coraxxHansGruber: "...the code please"....yup got it :-)06:37
HansGruberuwafflesasage that is a great idea, I will test out quickbooks on the live cd :)06:37
bobstrolucent:  well, maybe a short list we can try to help you with for the time being ?06:37
=== yy is now known as Guest62395
bobstrolucent:  but yeah, computers aren't perfect just yet :)06:38
ethereticbobstro: at least the un-classified ones.06:39
lucentbobstro: I'm very angry about multitasking and clocked CPU operation, also RGB colourspace and the insanity that is the Ctrl key placement on us104 layouts06:39
bobstrolucent:  oh... so nothing specific about ubuntu at the moment?06:39
bobstroetheretic:  they will let you know when they're perfect. :)06:39
cloudfreelucent: so... invent your own computer since now?06:39
lucentcloudfree: pretty nice of me yah06:40
uwafflesasageh3'/ g@!z 1 50 r337 i uz3 n00b00n700!!106:40
ethereticbobstro: ...skynet!06:40
HansGruberI think I am going to try the windows installer and transition gradually.06:40
bobstrolucent:  i got over the ctrl key thing some time ago. my german keyboard had same placement, IIRC06:40
bobstrolucent:  anything related to ubuntu?06:41
lucentbobstro: Ubuntu's title bar design choice is awkward and awful, I have a preference for "/apps/metacity/general/button_layout" to be minimize,menu:close06:41
RPG-MasterHow do I set my local IP address?06:41
* cloudfree puts the meta and macro keys back to lucent's keyboard06:41
uwafflesasageOnly protection against skynet is openbdsm but openbds suckz cuas its frnch06:41
RPG-MasterIn want my desktop to stick to xxx.xxx.10106:41
bobstrolucent:  you mean the new layout with buttons at left?06:41
=== thechef is now known as stormbot
lucentyes, very disagreeable to that new layout06:41
=== RobotCow is now known as Evoken
uwafflesasageubutnu is african06:42
bobstrolucent:  ah, well i agree. that is a 10 second fix though.06:42
ethereticbah. 80% iowait. and I can't analyze it because *ahem* someone bungling the latest kernel.06:42
uwafflesasageafrica has nasty water06:42
cloudfreeuwafflesasage: no, ubuntu is a rich man in south africa06:42
bobstrouwafflesasage:  there's gnarly water all over06:42
geekuskhanquick question... if I try: ssh admin@ and then enter the password when prompted, I should be able to browse my router's filesys, right?06:42
=== stormbot is now known as steelbot
cloudfreeuwafflesasage: in fact, he is an elite british06:42
Cerebr0Yea that is one of the first things I fix on Ubuntu :Minimize, Maximize, Close06:42
uwafflesasagei havnet heard of this rich man "UBUNTU" in south africa06:42
lucentit's 10 seconds that new users think "What the hell is this?" and walk away, unfortunately for anyone human enough to want to try Ubuntu the first time06:43
bobstrolucent:  only if they're insisting on it being something else. not like windows hasn't moved things around over the years.06:43
cloudfreethe apache helicapter is not invented by apache people06:43
cloudfreethis is same06:43
bobstrolucent:  there are distros that look disturbingly like windows, if that is the measure of success.06:44
uwafflesasageyeah, butt the bladesas were inspired by their axe grooves06:44
icarus-c!controls | lucent06:44
ubottulucent: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side06:44
icarus-cjust in case you didn't know yet06:44
icarus-cit is a one-line command to fix06:44
=== Blonk is now known as Sgeo
bobstrolucent:  and that 'apple' interface seems to be gaining acceptance!06:44
uwafflesasageubutnut is like windows for free06:44
uwafflesasageeveryone know that06:44
geekuskhanwell, it's not working06:44
uwafflesasagewhy its great@06:44
=== steelbot is now known as thechef
Cerebr0If I am not mistaken, Mark Shuttleworth is from South Africa.06:45
mamece2how do VM works?06:45
bobstrogeekuskhan:  what are you running on the router?06:45
uwafflesasagewindows is great and ubutnut is windows only free06:45
bobstroubuntu was the concept described by desmond tutu, no?06:45
bobstrogeekuskhan:  it really depends on how the router is configured.06:45
geekuskhanwell, in the web interface, I've only allowed ssh access aside from web-interface06:46
uwafflesasageubtunut is like widnows only with better cyqgwin utiltites right?06:46
mocha0rangebobstro: yeah, that's what it's named after06:46
bobstrouwafflesasage:  it's an alternative to windows. different.06:46
cordorcan  i have application maximum to multiple workspace?06:46
bobstrouwafflesasage:  cygwin lets you run linux apps on windows.06:46
uwafflesasagebut tit has better cyqgwin06:47
lucentbobstro: it's not a point to argue with me, you know. I'm expressing that I think it's a stupid design choice, but you are correct about the reasoning06:47
bobstrolucent:  not arguing, mostly agreeing. but glad that's such an easy fix!06:47
lucentcordor: not easily, mate06:47
Cerebr0Ubuntu http://blog.ted.com/2008/07/22/telling_stories/06:47
geekuskhansecondly it's running linux kernel 2.26...06:47
reggihey folks06:47
bobstrolucent:  believe me, i hate computers when they act stupid too.06:47
lucentcordor: I think you should re-think what you are trying to do06:47
bobstrolucent:  just hoping to help out.06:47
* lucent :)06:47
lucentand appreciated, thank you06:47
geekuskhanhmm, my bad, 2.406:47
uwafflesasageim tried!06:48
bobstrolucent:  i read that there's supposed to be something new up at the right at some point, so we shall see.06:48
cloudfreeif ubuntu is protos, mint is the dark templers06:48
lucentbobstro: overjoyed that the floppy disk is finally near its grave, too06:48
reggidoes anyone know if it's possible to subscribe and download pod casts in ubuntu?06:48
cordorlucent: oh, i thought about that many times, thanks. the question is not what i want, it's if that's possible.06:48
bobstrouwafflesasage:  cygwin is something else.06:48
uwafflesasagegoodniGHT BORTHER BEAR!!!06:48
jukHi, Im using awn panel, and I have added in launcher applet some apps, but letter i realised, i don't need some of 'em , how to undo launcher panel in original state?06:48
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geekuskhanit's a netcomm NB6+4W06:49
bobstrolucent:  i thought so too. then i had to update the bios on a motherboard without a floppy.06:49
cloudfreeuwafflesasage: what bear?06:49
lucentcordor: it would be possible if you uh... did everything by hand with configuration, and exactly I'm not sure if it is a simple matter of config files in Ubuntu anymore06:49
bobstrolucent:  just enough to haunt you.06:49
uwafflesasageBORTHER BEAR06:49
Cerebr0You can get podcast in Banshee06:49
jukdragging off, not works, they fall back06:49
bobstrolucent:  fortunately, creating a DOS ISO worked but it was frustrating.06:50
cloudfreehave you tried ubuntu one?06:50
uwafflesasageBANSHEES ARENT REAL06:50
jukcloudfree: yes06:50
bobstrouwafflesasage:  i've worked with some :)06:50
cordorlucent: i guess from a user point of view, the answer is no.06:50
cloudfreejuk,is it good?06:50
lucentcordor: starting with say something sane like a Debian Linux distribution, you could go minimal, and do some config file kung-fu, that depends on display drivers and X11...  wouldn't know if it can be done anymore or what has changed.  Right, probably No.06:50
mamece2how do VM works?06:50
uwafflesasageTHEY'RE MADE BY microsfot games06:50
Erqo1Anyone happen to know why cryptsetup (for LUKS) would not prompt for a passphrase upon a format attempt?06:50
bobstromamece2:  that is a complicated question.06:51
sweetpi!ot | uwafflesasage06:51
ubottuuwafflesasage: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:51
mamece2bobstro whats the best VM?06:51
icarus-cmamece2, i would research with search engine06:51
lucentcordor: one application over many virtual workspaces is possible if the window manager (say replace Metacity with something else but then it's not really "Ubuntu") would allow it06:51
bobstromamece2:  assuming you mean virtual machines06:51
uwafflesasagethank you my borther bear06:51
bobstromamece2:  no simple answer.06:51
mamece2bobstro yes, ive heard of VMware06:51
MTecknologyI'm trying to mount an xfs devide. In fstab I have this --> /dev/sda4 /opt xfs defaults,noatime,user,noauto,unhide 0 2 <-- When I try to run mount /opt, I get mount: unknown filesystem type 'xfs' ... Any ideas what I missed?06:51
uwafflesasageLIFE hgas bno simple asnwers06:52
bobstromamece2:  there are others. xen, the sun one (i always forget the name of).06:52
mamece2bobstro is WINE the same as Vmware?06:52
bobstromamece2:  i mostly deal with vmware because i encounter it at work.06:52
MTecknologyxfs is even listed in the man page as a valid type..06:52
bobstromamece2:  no, totally different approach.06:52
reggidoes anyone know if it's possible to subscribe and download pod casts in ubuntu?06:52
icarus-cmamece2, some popular general vm are Linux kvm, vmware, Linux Xen, virtualbox06:52
bobstroreggi:  yes06:52
jukcloudfree: yes, Im using ubuntu one cloud, for backing up some valuable configs, etc.06:52
uwafflesasagevmwear sucks, its property!06:52
bobstroreggi:  somebody mentioned banshee. i use miro.06:52
Cerebr0VirtualBox is cool06:52
bobstrouwafflesasage:  doesn't matter if that's what at's work.06:52
reggibobstro, thanks man06:52
mamece2bobstro is it better to run windows through VMware or WINE?06:52
jukHi, Im using awn panel, and I have added in launcher applet some apps, but letter i realised, i don't need some of 'em , how to undo launcher panel in original state?06:52
jukdragging off, not works, they fall back06:53
bobstrouwafflesasage:  i think you mean 'proprietary' too06:53
Arsicyou can't run windows through wine06:53
Arsicit's not a vm06:53
bobstrojuk:  try right-click->properties->task manager06:53
uwafflesasageits property too dude06:53
Cerebr0Juk right click go to applets06:53
bobstromamece2:  for just a few apps, wine perhaps. if you 'need windows', virtualization06:53
uwafflesasagewonders if stalmanns shares weed06:54
Cerebr0dock preferences > applets and drag off06:54
bobstrouwafflesasage:  so you're saying property is bad?06:54
jukCerebr0: so, next?06:54
reggibobstro, i'll check out miro :)06:54
uwafflesasageif thta is you're rel name06:54
bobstroreggi:  i quite like it. it's overkill for just podcasts, but nice for video stuff too.06:54
uwafflesasageyour offtopic06:54
bobstrouwafflesasage:  everbody uses their real names here.06:54
jukbobstro: thank you very much!06:55
mamece2bobstro i have a torrent dowloading in another partition with windows. could i run wine and end the dowloading?06:55
uwafflesasageiev seen this CALL before06:55
bobstrojuk:  it's not exactly intuitive, but it works.06:55
bobstromamece2:  probably not. let it finish.06:56
chittimamece2 sorry! dude06:56
cordorlucent: anyway, thanks. :)06:56
jukbobstro: yeah, I just didn't look at Task Manager06:56
mamece2bobstro can i searh for files in another partition from ubuntu?06:56
uwafflesasagegekroekst man on hes neet bar huoi06:56
FloodBot1uwafflesasage: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:56
bobstromamece2:  yes, but torrent software may not recognize the download that's partially finished.06:56
bobstronow who's OT?06:57
mamece2bobstro tyvm06:57
uwafflesasagewhy ahs nailbot silenced before?06:57
chittimamece2 What do u mean give clearly06:57
bobstroranting about bears perhaps?06:57
uwafflesasagebortha bear06:58
mamece2i want to fully migrate to ubuntu06:58
bobstromamece2:  a noble effort!06:58
uwafflesasagei wont some rahffeeoly is what i wont06:59
bobstromamece2:  what is stopping you?06:59
mamece2i try it enough with a 20 gigs partition06:59
bobstromamece2:  that is enough to play around with, yes.06:59
bobstromamece2:  if you have a lot of large files, you'll want more, of course.06:59
mamece2i have scrobbler, tweetdeck, and i see i can run torrents06:59
uwafflesasagethere was a man on here06:59
uwafflesasagehis name was bortha bear06:59
sweetpiuwafflesasage: Do you actually have a support question, or are you here to thrill us with your random chatter?06:59
uwafflesasagewhere is he?06:59
uwafflesasageim looking for bortha bear07:00
uwafflesasagehes impoertanr07:00
chittiif i upgrade my system then old installation will be there or not07:00
bobstrouwafflesasage:  look up 'whowas' in your irc client docs07:00
sweetpiright. ignore it is07:00
mamece2now i need to know if i can run a VM and boot backtrack 407:01
uwafflesasagei dont haev chatclients07:01
mattgyverchitti,  most of the time your okay, generally you might find that some configuration files were wiped07:01
Cerebr0yes, yes07:01
uwafflesasagewho was bortha bear07:01
bobstromamece2:  you could, yes.07:01
chitti if i upgrade my system then old installation will be there or not ....i mean installed software like players ...bug updates07:01
chittimattgyver: thank u ....07:02
bobstromamece2:  you could try vmware player07:02
ArsicVM+BT4 is okay. depends on what you want to do with it07:02
Cerebr0if you upgrade to 10.10 from 10.04 you will not be able to downgrade...07:02
bobstromamece2:  there's a lot of interest in bt tonight. that's an interesting place to start learning about linux.07:02
chittik got it07:02
uwafflesasagebobstro kreik tuo waartstur fa bortha bear?07:03
mamece2first i tryed BT4 and i feel in love with linux07:03
Cerebr0Chitti yes all software and other customizatino will be there07:03
bobstromamece2:  most of those same tools will run on other distributions too07:03
bobstromamece2:  so it's just a question of picking which you prefer overall and tailoring it to suit your needs.07:03
mamece2i seee BT4 is based in ubuntu, amirite?07:03
Cerebr0Yes, BT4 is just a handy little package07:03
uwafflesasagekreik jemakt tuo waartstur fa bortha bear??07:04
Cerebr0how can you ignore a person in here?07:04
Arsicdo BT and Ubuntu still share the same repositories?07:04
mamece2lol that guy is a real troll07:04
uwafflesasagewhen i meat you i was but a lerner, bot now i am the master07:05
sweetpiCerebr0: /ignore nick07:05
mattgyverArsic, no07:05
bobstrouwafflesasage:  please don't meat me07:05
mattgyverArsic, im not even sure backtrack is built off debian07:05
uwafflesasagewghy hasnt bortha bear?07:05
mamece2uwafflesasage can i axe u a question?07:05
bobstromamece2:  ignore trolls07:05
mamece2y r u so annoying bra?07:06
Arsicbacktrack is debian based07:06
uwafflesasageim tryn to find my freind07:06
Flanneluwafflesasage: He's not here, please look elsewhere for him.07:06
uwafflesasagehe was on one of these things07:06
bobstrouwafflesasage:  he moved, left no forwarding address.07:06
bobstrouwafflesasage:  that name doesn't work anyhow07:06
mamece2BT and ubuntu are debian based rite?07:06
mattgyverArsic, learned something new then.  No i wouldnt use ubuntu repos on it just as you shouldnt for standard debian systems since they could be packaged differently07:06
uwafflesasagebortha bear ?07:06
uwafflesasageit had liek underscores in it07:06
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Flanneluwafflesasage: This channel is for Ubuntu support, please take non-support questions elsewhere, thanks.07:07
bobstrouwafflesasage:  found him for you - http://www.myspace.com/22946557307:07
uwafflesasagei need to fin my freind07:07
mamece2why should i stay with ubuntu and not going to the source DEBIAN?07:07
bobstrouwafflesasage:  that's him07:07
bobstromamece2:  packaging mostly07:07
cancuengthi. I had a problem (i dont know why) but had corrupted files. I know that something messed up because eth0 didn't up automatically etc after the fix of fsck. How do I check that all the installed software is correctly installed?07:08
bobstromamece2:  ubuntu is more convenient. both are excellent.07:08
Cerebr0because Ubuntu takes the best of Debian and improves it07:08
dr0idguys I am on KDE, deleting a simple file takes about 1-2 mins, it used to get deleted at the hit of the delete button fee weeks ago, but for the past 1-2 weeks, I am facing this issue, please help me07:08
mamece2i just dont go fully with BT coz i am new at this, and i need the easy installation and driver of ubuntu07:08
bobstromamece2:  there are pros and cons to both, but knowing one you'll know both pretty well.07:08
shubbarmamece2: ubuntu is updated more07:08
cancuengtI know that something else might be corrupted or missing something07:08
uwafflesasagethank you bobtro07:08
uwafflesasageglad someone understands this07:08
bobstrouwafflesasage:  enjoy the mustic.07:08
mattgyvermamece2, Plus its built off debian unstable which is generally cutting edge, unless you wanna run unstalbe which isnt exactly simple07:08
bobstrouwafflesasage:  er, music07:09
uwafflesasagegod bless you07:09
Cerebr0I'm assuming Ubuntu has more money backing it up. That's just a guess though07:09
mattgyverCerebr0, I think Shuttleworth is still the only guy funding Canonical if i remember right07:09
mamece2i love this chat, so many answers07:09
Cerebr0Well he has plenty of money07:09
bobstrointent is for canonical to be for-profit -- at least at some point -- no?07:09
mattgyverYeah, and hes been to space :(07:09
cloudfreea noble, in other word07:10
Cerebr0yea enough said lol07:10
dr0idguys I am on KDE, deleting a simple file takes about 1-2 mins, it used to get deleted at the hit of the delete button fee weeks ago, but for the past 1-2 weeks, I am facing this issue, please help me07:10
Arsicif you start with a penetration testing central distro such as BT, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of tools or programs. it might be better to start with something more standardized such as ubuntu. if you're doing penetration testing, then you can install some of the tools and learn them at your own pace07:10
mattgyverbobstro, yeah within the next 3 years, whatever that means07:10
mattgyvermaybe its 5, i dont remember the exact quote07:10
Arsiclike one at a time or something07:10
mamece2is there picasa for ubuntu?07:10
Cerebr0yea BT4 has way more tools than anyone would ever use, imo07:10
Kartagisdoes mencoder support transcoding to mp4/ev-s *and* embedding subtitles?07:11
bobstromamece2:  yes07:11
RudyValenciaHow do I open 7z files in Ubuntu?07:11
cancuengtdr0id: give "$ sudo touch /forcefsck" and then reboot to check if the filesystem is ok07:11
bobstromamece2:  not well integrated, but it works like windows07:11
blakkheimRudyValencia: aptitude -y install p7zip-full07:11
Cerebr0Rudy download it in software center07:11
dr0idcancuengt: whats "$ " for ?07:11
bobstromamece2:  the important thing to realize is that linux is linux. you can do just about anything with one as another.07:11
sunderwhat's the key combo to log out again?07:11
uwafflesasagebut tit has better cyqgwin07:11
mattgyversunder, it use to be crtl+alt+backspace, i dont know if it works anymore unless you enable it07:12
Cerebr0$ is like the : in dos07:12
cancuengtdr0id: $ is the terminal (konsole sign)07:12
dr0idcancuengt: ohh, did it, nothing happened, what is it meant to do ?07:12
RudyValenciaI've also installed rar (I have a license for it)07:12
dr0idshall I reboot my system now ?07:12
mamece2the difference btw ubuntu  xubuntu and lubuntu are the graphic interface?07:13
mattgyvermamece2, yeah.07:13
sunderi need to log out only using tge keyboard, using phone for irc right now07:13
cloudfreeis there lubuntu?07:13
dr0idcancuengt: deleting still takes same time :(07:13
cancuengtdr0id: is the promt that tells you that you are ready to input a command. if is $ it tells you that you are an user with no root privileges (secure) if ist # tells that you are an user with root privileges (danterous)07:13
mattgyveroh i dont know if theres a lubuntu i missed the l ;|07:13
cancuengtmamece2: mostly07:13
blakkheimRudyValencia: what do you mean you have a license for it?07:13
mattgyvermamece2, did you mean kubuntu?07:13
Cerebr0there is lubuntu07:14
RudyValenciaI bought a license for WinRAR, and can use the Linux version as a registered usre07:14
dr0idcancuengt: see PM07:14
cancuengtmamece2: The repositories are the same but most information you find for ubuntu and the gnome interface07:14
Cerebr0there are free programs that will extract from rar for linux07:14
mamece2u see i did a partition of 20 gigs and the rest is windows. can i revert this? get windows into the lil partition and ubuntu in the main big one07:14
Cerebr0mamece what version of windows are you using07:15
mattgyvermamece2, it can be done but its not easy at all.07:15
RudyValenciaI can create rar archives with the rar creation program too07:15
Cerebr0I think you could use a program like partition magic or partition  wizard that will allow you to resize them07:15
blakkheimRudyValencia: it's better to use open source archive formats like 7zip or tar, though07:16
mamece2i think theres Lubuntu too, not?07:16
mattgyvermamece2, yeah apparently i live in the dark and didnt know about it07:16
Cerebr0Mamece yes there is Lubuntu, light weight supposedly noever tried it07:16
geekuskhanif by l you are referring to lxde, then yes I guess07:16
MadCowzGamingHey guys, I have a little problem i can't seem to figure out. I am using the SwiftFox Web browser with Adobe Flash Player 10. When watching youtube videos i switch to full screen and my browser crashes immediately. Any ideas? Thanks!07:16
RudyValenciait was a one-time license charge07:16
Arsicthere's a rar tool in the software center for rars. you can also try peazip (http://peazip.sourceforge.net), pretty sure it supports 7z too.07:16
RudyValenciaso I want to get full use out of itr07:16
mamece2maybe this q is stupid but how can i go back in mozilla?07:17
RudyValenciait's okay I've got it all taken care of07:17
RudyValenciamamece2: alt-back arroe07:17
mamece2lubuntu is light ubuntu, but i think i meant kubuntu, u r rite07:17
mattgyvertheres like 200 freaking versions of ubuntu really...07:18
mattgyverYou start getting into crazy ones like religion distros, education distros...07:18
mamece2i could make Ñubuntu, ubuntu in spanish07:18
Cerebr0anyways this is #Ubuntu Support Channel so keep questions to the topic07:18
lucentmattgyver: Lesbian/GNU parody of Debian....  wasn't that the big publicity one?07:18
mattgyverlucent, maybe, i never heard of it07:19
mamece2if i reinstall ubutun i can make the partition bigger without losing files or any config done here?07:20
cancuengtmamece2: I really want localized versions for installs without inet connection and because for lang packs it must be inet connection or another cd with the packages07:20
cancuengthow can I check for corruption on an  installed package?07:20
Arsicmamece2: boot from a livecd and resize the partition using gparted. you won't lose any files. be sure to unmount any related file systems if it's on the extended or primary partitions07:21
mattgyvermamece2, probably the closest you could come is to backing up /home for application configurations and maybe /etc but /etc you might not want to fully restore07:21
mattgyverOh yeah Arsic is spot on if your not using the full disk07:22
lucentcancuengt: not answering your question exactly, but there's a way to reinstall it, is that helpful?07:22
Cerebr0Mamece yea don't install again, just boot into live cd and use Gparted07:22
mamece2mattgiver, arsic way to do it will work?07:22
Arsicwell if you use the live cd, you won't have to reinstall or backup any files07:23
mamece2so first i backup and delete everythingin windows to free space and then livecd and gpart the disk07:23
mattgyvermamece2, it will work willing that 1) Your Ubuntu Partition is behind your Windows Partitoin, 2) You have space left next to your Ubuntu partition07:24
cancuengtlucent: The problem is that I've recently checked my fs with fsck and founded a lot of troubles (and fixed). However i've founded also that later things has changed (eg. eth0 is not up by default on boot)07:24
mamece2mattgyver, the partition of windows and ubuntu are independent07:25
Cerebr0when ever resizing or messing with partitions it is always recommended to back up all important data07:26
kneauxhow do i connect to a reverse tunnel? currently computer A has a reverse tunnel with computer B, i need to connect to B, through A, with computer C07:26
DesmoThought I may as well ask here as it might be relevant, but has anyone had X/Ubuntu (xfce) playing silly games after install? No panel, no right click, no window functionality?07:26
DesmoIf I log in as root then itś A-OK, but logging in as root is bad, mmmḱay?07:26
mattgyvermamece2, correct you just need to be sure that your partition table is not |Ubuntu | Windows | Free Space.07:27
xerophytecould someone help me with nginx question : >how can i write root domain to sub folder for example   rewrite ^/(.*)$ http://domaintest01.com/site$1 permanent; that create loop07:27
cancuengtlucent: and I really don't want to reinstall all packages (for common sense) or the whole system again :)07:27
jg47hmif the computer stacks how to make it work again (something like ctrl+alt+del)07:27
lucentcancuengt: the common sense approach to this is backups and reinstallation of the OS, to be blunt07:27
mamece2no, it is windows ubuntu07:27
Cerebr0Remastersys Backup might be worth looking into07:28
Cerebr0Mamece2 you installed in windows? Wubi?07:28
jg47hm if the computer stacks how to make it work again ?(something like ctrl+alt+del)?07:28
Arsicjg47hm: crtl+alt+t to open a terminal then use top or ps aux to kill the offending process07:28
cancuengtlucent: I don't like what I'm reading...07:28
cancuengtlucent:  :(07:29
lucenttruth is sad sometimes07:29
Desmono one? :(07:29
* Bridge| cant count the number of fresh installs of ubuntu i've gone through07:29
cancuengtlucent: tough want to search for another solution than this one before doing something else next07:29
cancuengtlucent: or anyway, wait 'till the next distro version upgrade07:30
Bridge|90% of my earliest ones were due to Grub(2), hehe07:30
reggibobstro, I love you man! Miro is perfect! Now I can finally get all my trance and house music podcasts!!!!!! 8)07:30
mattgyverBridge|, your not alone.. it seems after each new release i end up having to do another fresh install.. it gets tiring07:30
xamanuHey, what is the name of the designer who made big parts of ubuntu's design. she is from argentina or venezuela.... anybody an idea?07:31
Desmosudo userls07:31
xamanui forgot the name. they told me some days ago07:31
Cerebr0i don't plan on upgrading from 10.04, after all it is supported for 3 years where as the 10.10 will only be supported for 18 months07:31
mamece2cerebr0 no, no wubi, i run the livecd from a pendrive and then installed07:31
Cerebr0Mamece but is it on its own partition or did you install under windows option?07:32
mamece2cerebr0 its under its own partition, i choose the option to make its own partition in the free space available07:32
mattgyvermamece2, you still have free space at the end of your drive?07:33
Cerebr0well to be honest 20gb is plenty for Ubuntu07:33
mamece2mattgyver i think07:33
gazhangwo shi xinshou07:34
jg47hmArsic: when im pressing ctrl+alt+t nothings happen?07:34
mamece2cerebr0 but i have another files in windows and i would like to get them07:34
* freshpet runs away07:34
ectospasm!cn | gazhang07:34
ubottugazhang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk07:34
Cerebr0you can mount your windows partition under ubuntu if i'm not mistaken07:34
_Magick3ow do I set the monitor settings per user? 10.0407:34
mamece2cerebr0 iono07:35
gazhangjoin #ubuntu-cn07:35
mattgyverjg47hm, if all else fails you can try to swtich to another tty with Crtl+alt+f2 (f3/f4/f5) and issue a; sudo shutdown -r now07:35
Arsicjg47hm: it's supposed to open a terminal, but if it's completely locked up you might be SOL. you can also try switching ttys with ctrl+alt+f2 (or any of the f keys)07:35
Cerebr0¿Hablas español?07:35
_Magick3How do I set the monitor settings per user? 10.0407:36
lucent_Magick3: I don't think you do.07:36
lucentthere's a Display Settings panel applet I use07:36
frybyegazhang - at the start of a line you must do a   /j #ubuntu-cn   ok?07:36
lucentit seems to forget between users or remembers when I don't want it to07:36
_Magick3I need to. There must be some per user settings for X.07:37
lucentIt's not X anymore though because the configuration is done via API mechanisms07:37
lucenti.e. you don't stuff X11 config files these days in Ubuntu, that I am aware of anyhow07:37
_Magick3I know that I can change settings with xorg.conf07:37
_Magick3what is the API settings file called?07:38
lucent_Magick3: what I am referring to is the complete lack of a settings file07:38
lucentit's all done with auto-configuration kung-fu07:38
_Magick3That is rather a stupid way to do it, as it does not work on my setup.07:39
ectospasmlucent: xorg.conf still works, it's still X07:39
ectospasmIt's just that the file doesn't exist by default.07:39
_Magick3xorg has no per user way of setting its setting?07:39
_Magick3or is there a per users file for xorg that I can make?07:40
Arsic_Magick3: I think some X settings used to be in ~/.xprofile. not sure it that was pre 9.10 or if it needs to be created07:40
lucenthey that sounds promising Arsic07:40
_Magick3I will give it a try.07:41
jg47hmwhat it means by  "switching ttys"07:41
mattgyverjg47hm, to switch your virtual terminal07:42
jg47hmand what virtual terminal means?07:42
Cerebr0ttys? talk to you soon?07:42
lucentTTY means your ... pretend there's say 8 number of screens you can look at from a computer, but it only has one actual physical display07:42
lucentso you have a mechanism to switch between which one you're looking at07:43
xbonesxcan someone help me fix the purple boat loader screen please?07:43
lucentThe pretty windows And Things (TM) point and click takes up one of those TTYs07:43
lucentthere's probably more, and when you switch to those, you can see what is on them (usually a bunch of text from some program like a login shell or kernel log output)07:44
HallajHi all07:44
Arsicxbonesx, you're asking about the plymouth logo screen? what's wrong with it?07:44
HallajIf I've set a cron.daily job but my computer is powered off and turned on right after the cron.daily's time, the cronjob wouldn't get performed right?07:45
vaibhav1How to add image on left side of notification from our code? am using libnotify.07:45
xbonesxArsic: well its not showing correct, the only way i can explain it is, you know when you cross your eyes while looking at one thing, it creates two of them, well its doing that plus its all pixilated07:45
Cerebr0Xbonesx you tried that link I gave you?07:46
xbonesxCerebr0: ya and had no luck...07:46
Cerebr0what did you set the resolution to?07:47
cancuengthas someone used readed or heard about debsums?07:47
xbonesxCerebr0: but i have also installed startupmanager and gnomesplash screen manager too, which i have uninstalled but i dont know if those changed anything...07:47
Arsicit does sound like a resolution problem07:47
HansGruberI am so glad Ubuntu is Deblian based, .deb files are much better organized and easy to install than RPM's were for the longest time07:47
xbonesxCerebr0: tried native tried one underneath it, tried all the available ones pretty much07:47
Cerebr0i know on this computer it is 1280x800 but i have problems if i set it that high I had to set it to 1024x768 for some reason07:48
Arsicxbonesx: I've messed with the resolution of my plymouth logo before, here's a link to how I changed it. (http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml) maybe if you set it to your monitor's native resolution or lower, it might help07:49
xbonesxCerebr0: i also have a 64bit system, make any difference?07:49
lucentHallaj: correct, only jobs which are scheduled during operation are executed, at least with cron daemons I know about07:49
lucentxbonesx: hope you've patched up07:49
xbonesxArsic: same link Cerebr0 gave me lol07:49
lucentsecurity holes abound for 64-bit Linux07:49
Hallajlucent: Thanks for your answer, so far there's no way to counter this right?07:49
Cerebr0Your problems may have been caused by the start up manager or boot manager, they may have changed some settings07:49
lucentHallaj: it's not exactly a problem though07:50
xbonesxCerebr0: thats what i was thinking but i dont know how to reverse anything they might have done...07:50
lucentHallaj: what you're talking about is not the purpose of most cron daemons07:50
xbonesxCerebr0: i thought about searching for where anyfiles may have been layed and deleting or modifing leftover files07:50
xbonesxCerebr0: i really would hate to have to reinstall cuz of something simple like this lol07:51
Hallajlucent: Well, eg: logrotate wouldn't work properly if the cron doesn't kick in right?07:51
Cerebr0are you sure you followed the direction on the link exactly? I would recommend tryign it again and setting the resolution to 1024x768 the two places it asks you to do so07:52
xbonesxbut its dumb and now it looks really crappy, as before it just was pixilated and i could still make out the picture07:52
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HallajOh yeah, is there a way to lower the limit of timeout for ESTABLISHED connections?07:52
xbonesxCerebr0: will give it another go07:52
Arsicxbonesx: oh no! you won't have to reinstall the whole OS. maybe if you just reinstalled grub207:52
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xbonesxCerebr0: also i have a 1920x1200 res hi-def screen07:52
xbonesxArsic: grub2 ???07:52
xbonesxi thought i had grub, cuz in that link you gave me had just "grub" commands in it...07:53
Arsicxbonesx: grub2 should be the bootloader. it should also set everything you've changed back to default07:53
xbonesxincuding stuff to do with plymouth??? cuz my bootmenu for choosing OS's works fine07:53
xbonesxits that stupid pruple screen07:53
Cerebr0thats the problem he may have changed some setting with start up manager and or boot up manager07:54
xbonesxthought plymouth and grub were two different things07:54
xbonesxCerebr0: i think thats the case as well07:54
Cerebr0i wonder if there is a command to reset everything to default?07:54
xbonesxCerebr0: i think im goign to reinstall them and find the file locations for them and check to see what might have been changed... what do you think?07:55
xbonesxCerebr0: referring to the startupmanager and gnome splash manager07:55
Cerebr0worth a shot, let me know what you find07:55
Arsicyeah, pretty sure. not sure if it's part of grub (i could be wrong), but it fixed my boot screen after installing burg07:55
icarus-c xbonesx plymouth has nothing to do with grub07:55
xbonesxicarus-c: didnt think so then why is everyone trying to get me to do changes to the grub??? lol07:56
xbonesxmy grub menu for switching OS's works fine07:56
icarus-cxbonesx, what they tell you to07:56
xbonesxicarus-c: its the purple loading screen thats buggy07:56
Arsicgrub controls some of the resolution settings of the plymouth logo07:56
icarus-cthat is plymouth.07:56
xbonesxArsic: you sure?07:57
icarus-cArsic, KMS does that07:57
mamatreeHi, I'm having trouble with mpd "can't connect on localhost" ... it's possibly a complication with pulse audio?  is this a known 10.04 bug?  it's driving me crazy07:57
xbonesxicarus-c: right but if you read through its all to do with grub commands07:57
icarus-cor uvesa when without a KMS capable video driver07:57
aSt3raLdoes ubuntu 10.4.1 server have a gui?07:57
xbonesxicarus-c: i have the nvidia driver for my 8600m gt card installed07:57
icarus-cxbonesx, maybe "quiet splash" ? and remove existing "vga=" option07:58
dugger5688_aSt3raL: not OOTB, but you can install any number. Including various web interfaces.07:58
xbonesxicarus-c: ya i did notice that those were included in the setup for the menu.list07:58
aSt3raLdugger5688, ok thanks07:58
xbonesxicarus-c: where is that file located btw?07:58
icarus-cxbonesx, that's all has to do with grub somehow (although they are just kernel options)07:59
icarus-cxbonesx, read this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/quick-tipplymouth-themes-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html07:59
xbonesxicarus-c: i had win7 installed before ubuntu so the boatloader went to the win7 os right?07:59
icarus-cxbonesx, did you install plymouth theme with apt-get ?07:59
xbonesxno same thats default07:59
icarus-cxbonesx, if you installed windows before ubuntu, and you told ubuntu to install grub, it wouldn't go straight to windows loader08:00
xbonesxicarus-c: no but where would the menu.lst file be?08:01
xbonesxicarus-c: for the boot parameters?08:01
ChigginsHey, so I installed windows after ubuntu, and recovered grub using this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows but now i cant boot into windows since it wont show up in grub... what can i do?08:02
preecheri kno i probly shouldnt have done but i dloaded the 10.10 beta--now my sound isnt right-when i go to a youtube my sound kinda like hangs and drags if that makes any sense-only thing i know is it says pulse audio---is they any way i can use the old sound whatever it was without havn to reformat and reinstall?08:03
Rishabhello world...08:03
ArsicChiggins: I just boot into live cd, open a terminal sudo -i, then mount /dev/sda5 /mnt (where sda5 contains the location of \boot or your ubuntu install), then grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda (note: not to be confused with /dev/sda5), then sudo update-grub08:03
mamatreefuck it, ubuntu is for nerds08:03
ayanall: once i've chosen to create an unecrypted home directory, is there an easy way to migrate it to an encrypted home?08:03
RishabPlease tell me if we have Nokia PC suit for ubuntu users ?08:03
icerootRishab: no08:04
ChigginsArsic - Ah, I guess I just needed to run update-grub ... thanks!08:05
Rishabmy requirement is to use the internet using nokia mobile ?08:05
icerootRishab: network-manager is doing that08:05
Rishabiceroot do we have any alternative08:05
icerootRishab: nm-aplet (network-manager)08:05
chittiguys i have java.sh file can any one tell me how can i install that08:06
makulkarUbuntu experts, I need to install latest ubuntu on my win7 64-bit machine. My HDD is point-sec protected which means boot time password checkup is present. how hard would it be to install ubuntu?08:06
icerootchitti: you want to install java?08:06
chittiyes in manual form with java.sh file08:07
iceroot!java | chitti08:07
ubottuchitti: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:07
icerootchitti: use the one from the repos08:07
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chittimakulkar remove the cmos battery08:09
preecheri dloaded the 10.10 beta--any way i can get my "old" sound back without having to do a re-install? now when i go to a youtube video the sound and even the video kinda hangs and drags kind of like a old record skipping and finally picks back up08:09
atudehey, apparently when I start my system, lxdm, gdm and kdm all start up.. How do I fix that?08:10
rwwpreecher: Discussion and support for Ubuntu Maverick is in #ubuntu+1 until it's released.08:11
preecherrww thx08:11
makulkarchitti, cmos battery? how would it help?08:11
Arsicatude: install sysv-rc-conf (is there a default one in ubuntu?), you can remove those services from startup per runlevel08:11
xbonesxHow could i debug startupmanager to see what its actually doing so that i know why it messed things up?08:12
chittijohn smith: system/preference/preferred appl08:12
chittiMr.Mahesh if u remove cmos then all the password will be erase at the bias08:12
xevHi, all.. I wanna ask for a little help. I want to connect to wireless router using bash.. command: iwconfig wlan0 key mypassword ..but I had an error.. "Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2a) : invalid argument "mypassword" .08:13
atudechitti: that is not where those settings exist.08:14
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chittisorry john i thought that it might be what u want08:15
DarkRedmanHi, I've a several problem, I'm on a LiveCD I try to recover encrypted date from my hard drive, I followed the specifications here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering%20Your%20Data%20Manually and I did this command : ecryptfs-mount-private but I still have an error "ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly".08:15
DarkRedmanI'm on this problem since few hours, It's unbearable. And I really need to fix it as soon as possible08:15
thune3makulkar: this sounds like a tricky enough situation to either consider running ubuntu in a VM or installing to a 2nd drive (being careful to put grub on the SECOND drive, using bios to select boot drive).08:15
makulkarthune3, you mean external USB drive?08:16
thune3makulkar: either a 2nd internal drive or external. sounds like point-sec needs to have something in the MBR, so any solution should probably NOT touch the MBR of the primary drive.08:17
makulkarthune3, true, no slot for another internal drive so sounds to me external :(08:17
thune3makulkar: there may be a way to do it on a single drive, but that would be advanced.08:17
makulkarthune3, thanks for your help!08:17
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makulkarthune3, ok. Do you know if I can install VM which can use 64 bit machine capabilities?08:18
thune3makulkar: be very very very careful if you install to external drive to make sure the MBR goes to the external drive (this is NOT the default on 10.04, but 10.04.1 has default in the right place but check anyway)08:19
thune3makulkar: i've never set up ubuntu in a VM, i assume 64-bit ubuntu on 64-bit windows is doable. Someone else here may have better info.08:20
mythioncan anyone help me with LIRC08:24
atudeeverytime GDM starts, the preferences menu opens and I have no idea how to stop that08:25
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makulkaris there a VMWare image of ubuntu 10.04 for 64bit machines? google did not help me much :(08:34
icerootmakulkar: not an official one08:35
ethereticanyone know how to resolve iowait issues?08:35
makulkariceroot, can you point me to unofficial image only? :)08:37
_rubenetheretic: buy faster disks08:37
icerootmakulkar: no sorry i dont know if there are images, so i would be using google only08:37
_rubendownloading a vmware image would probably take longer than downloading the install cd and run the installation :p08:38
icerootmakulkar: why not using the normal cd and create an image by our own? must faster then searching for an image + downloading it08:38
dhruvasagarHey, can I install a 32 bit binary on my 64 bit ubuntu by any means ?08:38
icerootdhruvasagar: sure08:38
dhruvasagaranyone here uses guitar pro ?08:39
dhruvasagariceroot: how ?08:39
_rubendhruvasagar: sure, but you'll need some compatibility libraries08:39
etheretic_ruben: a wd 1.5 tb elements isn't known to be slow, afaik. hdparm -Tt gives decent results.08:39
_rubenlike ia32-libs for starters08:39
icerootdhruvasagar: just installing it, the architectur doesnt matter (if you dont have dependencies on 64bit libs)08:39
_rubenetheretic: sounds like external disk, perhaps your usb is busted?08:39
dhruvasagar_ruben: ok08:39
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dhruvasagariceroot: just installing it ? often i've seen when I try to install a deb meant for 32 bit it says that the deb is for a different architecture and doesn't allow me08:40
lucenthey speaking of, I am curious does everyone enjoy tap-to-click feature on trackpad / laptop installs?08:40
dhruvasagariceroot: guitar pro 6 is available for ubuntu, but afaik its only for 32 bit, so I was thinking if I should buy or not...08:41
lucentI turned mine off in session preferences, but it's still active at GDM login screen and I'd rather it not08:41
makulkariceroot, I need vmware image for my windows7 64bit machine08:41
dhruvasagarlucent: how do you enable that !?08:41
makulkariceroot, im not sure whre what you mean by creating one with CD08:41
dhruvasagarmakulkar: afaik you can use an 'iso' image08:41
lucentdhruvasagar: with my setup the tap-to-click setting was on by default, I toggled it to disabled with the System | Preferences | Mouse08:41
icerootmakulkar: download the ubuntu-cd start it with vmware and create an ubuntu vmware-image08:41
lucentand then on the Trackpad tab or something like this08:42
etheretic_ruben: nope. ran smart diagnostic; 'tis fine.08:42
NotMyOwnHey, can anyone help me with a conky issue?08:42
makulkariceroot, ok I have ubuntu cd for 10.04. Let me try creating a image08:42
dhruvasagarlucent: ok, so why can't you revert the settings ?08:42
icerootmakulkar: just boot from the cd with vmware08:43
etheretic_ruben: running iotop, get error CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT not enabled in kernel, cannot determine SWAPIN and IO %08:43
dhruvasagaranyone on the guitar pro 6 thing ?08:43
dhruvasagarI already use tux guitar and its quite good, but guitar pro 6 is really a lot better ...08:43
lucentdhruvasagar: my settings are okay, except there is a bigger problem for me.  I don't understand how could I turn on/off tap-to-click in GDM login screen before I am logged into my session?08:44
_rubenetheretic: smart doesnt care about usb afaik, and i hardly ever (if ever at all) use iotop, usualyy just stick to iostat08:44
dhruvasagarlucent: Ohh...I don't think that would be possible08:44
SyriaHi, How can I make sure that my computer is malware free ?08:44
lucentinside the session on/off works to enable disable the tap-to-click, but not affecting GDM08:44
lucentSyria: turn it off, throw out the window?08:44
dhruvasagarlucent: lol08:45
NotMyOwnDoes anyone know why if I use own_window_type desktop with conky, it works but then it closes as soon as I click on the desktop?08:45
Syrialucent: Are we talking abut the same Malware!?08:45
terminhellhi all08:45
dhruvasagarSyria: do you mean ubuntu ? it's already malware free08:45
etheretic_ruben: just gives a snapshot, not dynamic updates?08:45
Syriadhruvasagar: You may catch Malwares even if you are using ubuntu.08:46
lucentSyria: I know of *no* secure desktop environment08:46
lucentso basically, you have a valid question and I replied a silly answer08:46
dhruvasagarSyria: not really...can you give an example ?08:46
freshpetespecailly, they are built-in08:46
freshpetbut you have choice to remove them08:46
lucentdhruvasagar: local root escalation exploit via lib32 ?08:46
Syriadhruvasagar: i can't but some ne in #ubuntu-offtopic told me.08:46
ethereticlucent: risc os?08:46
_rubenetheretic: it gives per-disk stats, not per-process .. you can specify the interval as a param, i tend to use: sudo iostat -m -x 2 (or 5 depending on detailed info i want)08:47
lucentetheretic: 16 million colors.  14.4kbs modem. hack the planet.08:47
dhruvasagarlucent: hmm don't know about that...08:47
dhruvasagaranybody here hacking on android ?08:47
lucentdhruvasagar: it's only the biggest embarassment I've ever seen from Linux Kernel release maintainers08:47
icerootdhruvasagar: #android08:47
* freshpet covers ears08:48
lucentI mean, besides Linus releasing the first draft of Linux08:48
lucentthat was scary.08:48
dhruvasagariceroot: well I meant more like hacking android from ubuntu...08:48
antIPLucent: root escalation is not the same as malware.08:48
icerootdhruvasagar: doesnt matter if you "hack" android with ubuntu, windows, mac os or something like that, so #android is the correct place08:48
antIPlucent: true, and it was patched like same day.08:49
dhruvasagariceroot: but I don't want to know how to hack android...08:49
lucentantIP: patched for whom?08:49
macodhruvasagar: there was a trojan posted to gnome-look.org some months back, so if you consider "the user trusted something they shouldnt have and manually installed it"... then yes, there is malware for linux based systems08:49
antIPlucent apparently not for you.08:49
dhruvasagariceroot: anyways i'll rephrase08:50
lucentantIP: no lib32 here ;)3208:50
Syria!info vim-tiny | dhruvasagar08:50
ubottudhruvasagar: vim-tiny (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - compact version. In component main, is important. Version 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 333 kB, installed size 724 kB08:50
freshpeti only care about malware which is signatured by canonical08:50
dhruvasagarSyria: what was that for ?08:50
lucentdhruvasagar: sport... I imagine.08:50
Syriadhruvasagar: Malware tool.08:50
lucento_O what08:50
dhruvasagarlucent: hmm08:51
lucentdhruvasagar: are we being trolled?08:51
dhruvasagarmaco: interesting08:51
dhruvasagarlucent: i wouldn't know :)08:51
lucentI just don't know anymore. Le sigh.08:51
macoSyria: malware tool? vim's a text editor...08:52
maco(though on the other hand, if i were going to write malware, i'd use vim...because if i'm going to write any code, i use vim)08:52
dhruvasagarmaco: he actually mentioned vim-tiny08:52
etheretic_ruben: avg cpu iowait is horrendous - oscillating between 20-80%.08:52
macodhruvasagar: which is just vim without any of the good features :P08:52
dhruvasagarmaco: i think ubottu didn't really describe vim-tiny08:53
lucentetheretic: any chance it's btrfs?08:53
dhruvasagarSyria: how is vim-tiny a malware ?08:53
macodhruvasagar: yeah it did...it gave the short description from the package08:53
lucentjust remember a blurb about btrfs being regression in performance due to corner case08:53
_rubenetheretic: in my experience that'd be related to broken disk and/or broken controller, or when "lucky": too much IO for the disk to be able to handle08:53
ethereticlucent: ext3.08:53
Syriadhruvasagar: I am asking the guy who told me this, one second please.08:53
icerootdhruvasagar: vim-tiny is not a malware of course08:54
maedoxI guess you could use vim to write some malware code :P08:54
dhruvasagarmaedox: or maybe you could write a vim script / plugin that could be a malware :P08:54
freshpeta nano is enough08:54
etheretic_ruben: don't think it's broken - "feels" right,  quite new.08:55
macomaedox: yeah thats what i said08:55
lucentdhruvasagar: you can also depress the accelerator pedal on a Toyota automobile and claim it did so against your will08:55
macoSyria: rww is just being silly08:55
Syriamaco: sure he is.08:55
macoSyria: you havent learned the ways of #ubuntu-offtopic yet08:55
dhruvasagarlucent: what ?08:55
_rubenetheretic: pastebin a few iostat samples (eg: iostat -m -x 2 and leave it running for 20 secs)08:56
lucentwhere do we just say, hey, user error. Enough of it.08:56
etheretic_ruben: too much io: basicaly amule. it doesn't demand 20mbs... ;08:56
Syriamaco: what ways dude?08:56
macoSyria: if you ask a technical question in that channel. you'll get a lie for an answer as punishment for asking there instead of here08:56
Syriamaco: I see. :(08:56
_rubenetheretic: bandwidth is the least common bottleneck for disks, lots of small IO per second are killer though08:56
dhruvasagarmaco: lol08:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:56
Syriamaco: I asked here first, but I heard about malware first time in that channel so i asked again there.08:57
dhruvasagarSyria: I think maybe you should get back to the original question ;)08:57
_joeyis there minimal iso netinstall?08:58
macoSyria: *puts on ubuntu developer hat* we check the stuff that goes into the repositories, so if its in the repos, you can generally trust its not out-and-out malware, and isn't doing anything too stupid (though code-auditing skills vary from dev to dev). when you get things from random places on the internet, however, you are taking a risk by installing them *takes off developer hat*08:58
maco!mini | _joey08:58
iceroot_joey: yes08:58
ubottu_joey: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:59
Syriadhruvasagar: I think I will start using suse because channel operators don't make such silly jokes.08:59
dhruvasagarSyria: oh that sounds like suse channel operators are boring :P08:59
rwwSyria: I'm not a channel operator.08:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:59
etheretic_ruben: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501348/09:00
antIPSyria: They have channel operators in Suse? Last time I was there it was a ghost town.09:00
lucentshould have been Levity Lynx09:00
SyriaantIP: it is not a ghost town.09:00
antIPSyria: Ok. I'm going there right now.09:01
lucentetheretic: delayed allocation might have something to do with ext3 problems in conjunction with large file transfers from multiple chunks...  ala BitTorrent or amule09:01
dhruvasagarhey guys, I just found this 'sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture Downloads/GuitarPro6-r7840.deb' so can anyone elaborate a little on the effects of the --force-architecture ?09:01
lucentetheretic: wild guessing sorry if I'm just noise09:01
icerootdhruvasagar: its just ignoring, that the package is for another architecture09:01
ethereticlucent: not just noise, b assured. :)09:02
dhruvasagariceroot: can you just have a look at this link - http://getsatisfaction.guitar-pro.com/arobas_music/topics/do_you_plan_to_release_a_64_bit_version_of_guitar_pro_6 ?09:02
lucentetheretic: I had some wild problems with Transmission BT and large (hundred gigabyte) torrent transfers09:02
icerootdhruvasagar: yes, that is the common way09:03
lucentthe fix was to allocate files beforehand, otherwise I/O was going high activity and preventing the system from functioning normally09:03
ethereticlucent: run amule temp/torrent incoming on two different external disks.09:03
dhruvasagariceroot: ok cool, thanks09:03
aSt3raLso i installed ubuntu server 10.4.109:03
aSt3raLand its been on 21% of wiping swap for 15 min now09:03
lucentyikes external interfaces?09:03
lucentaSt3raL: which filesystem?09:04
lasindiHi all, this is a real newbie VPN question. I want to connect to a VPN using Network Manager, but all I know about my connection is the gateway (I think). I've been connecting with Cisco's AnyConnect client in Windows, and I can't figure out what the "Group Name" for my connection is. Is there a simple way to do this?09:04
lasindi(I've also been looking for a .pcf file in Windows, but can't find it ...)09:04
lucentlasindi: good luck with that one09:05
aSt3raLi can reboot it?09:05
Strange_dejavuhi all09:05
=== Strange_dejavu is now known as strange_kaskuser
lucentlasindi: sounds like the same config questions I had last time messing with it09:05
aSt3raLthe (this could take a while) is a bit overdue for a % change09:05
* freshpet hides his elite pcf files09:05
lasindilucent, haha, is the group name a secret held by the admin? I'm trying to connect to my university.09:06
lucentaSt3raL: might be stuck, might just be in iowait hell09:06
stixHi guys. I have created a vpn-connection in System -> Prefs -> Network Connections - but where do I connect it?09:06
michelen français09:06
rww!fr | michel09:06
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ubottumichel: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:06
lucentlasindi: I wish memory worked better in my brain, or I would share what I know09:06
aSt3raLlucent, hard reset aye09:06
lucentlasindi: it's not terribly bad to google search, let me try09:06
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lucentaSt3raL: try again mate with something well tested, say ext3 fs09:07
etheretic_ruben: what do you make of it?09:07
_rubenat5l: sdc is the "problematic" disk i assume? 114 reads/sec, that's pretty much the max you can expect from a sata disk, especially over usb09:07
lucentthe logical thing will be to try again and make a change.   If you just try again repeatedly changing nothing expecting a different result, see definition of "insanity"09:08
_rubenaverage request size is 8, so *something* is doing "a lot" of "small" IOs on the disk09:08
_rubenerr that was meant for etheretic, not at5l09:08
freshpet_ruben: a ram disk can require 10000+ iops, but my old box is still working without a delay09:09
colton__whois Oli``09:09
_rubenetheretic: iotop should be able to tell which process does the most io (no need for the percentages and stuff like that to work)09:09
dhruvasagarstix: if you click on the network connections icon you will have the VPN option as well, you can then click on the connection09:09
_rubenfreshpet: but it's not a ramdisk, its an usb disk ;)09:09
etheretic_ruben: gotcha. tweak number of amule connects, maybe?09:09
strange_kaskuserkok podo ngomong bahasa inggris kabeh iki09:10
stixdhruvasagar, yes and then what after I click the connection? There's no "connect" button?09:10
freshpet_ruben: so, the point is not there09:10
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strange_kaskuserasuuuuuu heh jo ngomong inggris09:10
_rubenetheretic: that *might* help, i know nothing about emule's disk pattern09:11
_rubenetheretic: perhaps it has an option to use (more) memory caching?09:11
stixdhruvasagar, oh I see now, another icon09:11
dhruvasagarstix: I am talking about the icon in your notification area09:11
dhruvasagarstix: which you use to connect to your wifi etc09:11
stixyes I see now09:12
dhruvasagarstix: cool09:12
aSt3raLis there a dev channel?09:12
stixand the connection fails, but with absolutely no info about why09:12
glebihanaSt3raL: ubuntu dev channel ?09:12
dhruvasagarstix: hmmm09:13
aSt3raLbug with install09:13
glebihanaSt3raL: ask your question here09:13
freshpetwhat bug?09:13
paolobHi guys! I received a zip file from a windows user, the filenames have foreign characters, and file-roller doesn't extract them. Is there a workaround?09:14
ActionParsnippaolob: use terminal, unzip filenme   use tab to complete it09:14
aSt3raLinstalled latest version of ubuntu server.. 10.4.109:14
al1ashey guys09:14
aSt3raLit hung on wiping swap09:14
al1asneed some help with file type identification09:14
al1asCE.CEX: (format \235qK)09:14
aSt3raLhard reset.. wont boot09:14
ActionParsnipaSt3raL: is that during install or is the OS installed?09:15
bullgard4http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/power/basic-pm-debugging.txt: "freezer - test the freezing of processes. -- Failure at this level usually means that there is a problem with the tasks freezer subsystem that should be reported." Where can I find a description of the 'tasks freezer subsystem'?09:15
aSt3raLhang was wiping swap (21%) for 20 min09:15
etheretic_ruben: should maybe not expect blistering performance from an acer aspire 150 notebook.09:15
aSt3raLi did a hard reset and the box wouldnt boot09:15
ActionParsnippaolob: you will need to use the cd command to chnge directory for the one containing the file09:16
_rubenetheretic: that too, acer isn't known for high speed/quality/etc in my personal book09:16
* freshpet gives aSt3raL a screwdriver09:16
ActionParsnipaSt3raL: but did you get the OS installed ok and this is the first boot to it, or is this during install?09:16
ActionParsnip_ruben: +1 acer == cheap09:16
aSt3raLthe install didnt finish09:16
paolobActionParsnip, ?!? my problem is that I cannot decompress the zip file in which the filenames have non-ascii characters09:16
etheretic_ruben: asus eee better?09:16
thune3bullgard4: maybe http://www.mjmwired.net/kernel/Documentation/cgroups/freezer-subsystem.txt09:17
ActionParsnipaSt3raL: ok then did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded? Did you check the CD for defects once booted? Did you burn as slowly as possible?09:17
_rubenetheretic: solely based on gutfeeling: yes .. i have no hands-on experience with either09:17
ActionParsnippaolob: the terminal will still see it09:17
aSt3raLi verified the cd yeah09:17
ActionParsnippaolob: if you move the file to a folder on its own then pressing tab after the unzip command will type it for you as it is the only file available09:18
thune3bullgard4: or if you have kernel-source it is in ./Documentation/cgroups/freezer-subsystem.txt from root of source09:18
ethereticDoes anyone use blu-ray for backup?09:18
ActionParsnipaSt3raL: once you boot the CD and you see the stickman, press space and select check CD for defects, have you done this?09:18
ActionParsnip!anyone | etheretic09:19
ubottuetheretic: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:19
bullgard4thune3: I am reading the articles which you suggested.09:19
ActionParsnippaolob: you could alternatively rename it in terminal then extract it as you do in gui09:19
ethereticActionParsnip: twas my secondq.09:19
ethereticActionParsnip: unrelated, even.09:20
freshpeti am curious. what character can't be held by utf-8?09:21
glebihanetheretic: the point is not that it was your first question, but that you should ask a precise question rather than just asking if someone is using something09:21
ethereticglebihan: what is the diff? a simple "yes" or "no", preferrably why, shuld suffice. Just want to ensure i'm not wasting a bundle on a blu-ray burner i can't use.09:23
etheretic(witout buying nero)09:24
bobthemilkmanIs there any way to "undelete" a file in reiserfs?09:24
Syriamaco: What should i do after installing tripwire please?09:24
thune3bullgard4: that might be a part of freezing-subsystem specific to cgroups, there is also Documentation/power/freezing-of-tasks.txt09:24
macoSyria: i think you leave it alone til it tells you "omg something changed!!!" and then you go figure out whether that thing that changed was a bad thing or a you-installed-updates thing09:25
blakkheimwhen i SSH in, i see the MOTD, but when i SFTP in, i don't - is there a way to show motd to sftp users too?09:25
glebihanetheretic: those are just general rules on how to ask questions in order to get useful answers, asking "is it possible to...", rather that "does anybody..." will generally help you get an answer09:25
ActionParsnipetheretic: a HDD to backup to will be alot more reliable and cheaper imho09:25
Syriamaco: Thnx again.09:26
expljoesionHello everyone09:26
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Syriaexpljoesion: hello09:26
ethereticglebihan: would "does lucid support blu-ray burning?" pass?09:26
ActionParsnip!hi | expljoesion09:26
ubottuexpljoesion: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:26
glebihanetheretic: yes it would09:27
expljoesionI installed ubuntu 2 days ago09:27
expljoesionI must say, I'm really enjoying it09:27
xbonesxdoes anyone know how to tell what the vga="this number" is supposed to be?09:27
xbonesxmine is 77909:27
ethereticActionParsnip: want something which is impervious to emp.09:27
ActionParsnipetheretic: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning09:28
glebihanetheretic: and don't take that kind of remarks as a reproach, it's just intended to help you09:28
ActionParsnipetheretic: do you have a lot of EMP?09:28
ethereticActionParsnip: othervise i'd concur $/mb-vise.09:28
baseemI need help09:28
ActionParsnip!details | baseem09:29
ubottubaseem: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:29
xbonesxActionParsnip: do you know what the different "vga=ox***" number mean?09:29
ethereticglebihan: s'okay.09:29
baseemproblem is with (i think) vga card driver09:29
ethereticActionParsnip: err. google "carrington event" .09:30
glebihan!details | baseem09:30
ubottubaseem: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:30
quibbleretheretic-> look here: http://theubuntunews.blogspot.com/2010/06/install-k3b-200-in-ubuntu-lucid.html09:30
seidosis the ext2/3/4 file systems a part of the linux kernel?09:30
baseemsince I can not get resolution above 960 x 60009:30
ActionParsnipxbonesx: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Gensplash  75% of the way down, found it with bing.09:30
andialbrechthi, maybe that's a stupid question, but how can I change the screen on which the notification bubbles pop up?09:31
rwwseidos: yes09:31
glebihanbaseem: what's your graphics chip model ?09:31
ActionParsnipetheretic: wow thats a whole 300 years ago09:31
baseemproblem is with (i think) vga card driver since I can not get resolution above 960 x 600, running ubuntu 10.0409:31
baseemchip (i think ) is sis 96409:31
ActionParsnipbaseem: if you run: lspci | grep -i vga    you will b shown09:32
ethereticActionParsnip: more like 130-ish, afaicr.09:32
ActionParsnipetheretic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_storm_of_185909:32
ethereticspot on.09:32
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baseem01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter09:33
ActionParsnipetheretic: you are also forgetting its the most powerful, EVER09:33
xbonesxActionParsnip: do you know what the 1920x1200x64 would be?09:33
maedoxxbonesx: where did you find that? It's a number to tell which resolution and color depth to set.09:33
ethereticActionParsnip: weren't any electrical systems to zap b4 then... 8)09:33
xbonesxmaedox: yes09:33
xbonesxwhen you boot from grub it presets this stuff for you but sometimes not at the correct one...09:34
baseem01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter09:34
xbonesxmine is set to 77909:34
ActionParsnipbaseem: you'll need an xorg.conf file. There is a sample one here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-571530.html    you can remove all the keyboard / mouse stuff09:34
baseemhow to remove?09:34
killer999any application that support metalinks downloads in ubuntu09:35
maedoxxbonesx: and that's not working? there is a command to find all those numbers but I can't remember it.09:35
ActionParsnipxbonesx: i use this: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/    you can just set the res you like uses the fb driver09:35
ActionParsnipbaseem: remove what?09:36
lucentmaedox: something to do with vde, I imagine09:36
lorenzocabriniwhy does ubuntu insist on removing me from the audio group every shutdown -r?09:36
lucentmy mistake wrong accronymn09:36
lucentlorenzocabrini: huh?09:36
lucentlorenzocabrini: are you uh... how are you adding yourself?09:37
baseemyou said at the end of last statement "  you can remove all the keyboard / mouse stuff"09:37
ActionParsniplorenzocabrini: i'm not in the 'audio' group: http://pastie.org/118391309:37
xbonesxActionParsnip: when i run the livecd it shows at its full res, and doesnt include the vga=0x*** line, should i remove it from the installed grub line to get full res?09:37
maedoxxbonesx: are you sure you need it? It should be deprecated in grub2 (karmic and up)09:37
lorenzocabrinilucent: usermod -aG09:37
ActionParsnipbaseem: It's text, copy the the xorg.conf then use the delete key on the keyboard to remove all the text relating to mouse and keyboard09:38
lorenzocabriniActionParsnip: if you use pulseaudio, you shouldn't be.09:38
xbonesxmaedox: ya it was auto set too 0x0779 but the res i get from that is less than if i ran the livecd, i want it to be a clear as the live cds boot09:38
lucentlorenzocabrini: try uh, groupadd username groupname09:38
lucentI think?09:38
lucentwait, messed up09:38
lorenzocabrinilucent: usermod -aG should work fine.09:39
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lucentlorenzocabrini: it's addgroup username groupname09:39
ActionParsniplorenzocabrini: doesnt seem to be running, guess the Lubuntu guys took it out :)09:39
maedoxuseradd user group09:39
lucentmaedox: you are right09:39
adv_is there a tool to enable/disable running services/daemons?09:39
baseemI do not know how to open my xorg.conf file09:39
lucentI'm just tired and bad at this09:39
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xbonesxeven 1920x1200x32 would be fine09:39
lorenzocabriniActionParsnip: good for the lubuntu guys :)09:39
lucentadv_: "service" from command line is one09:39
xbonesxwhats the vga code for 1920x1200x32 ???09:40
adv_lucent, no i mean with a full list of running apps09:40
ActionParsnipxbonesx: not sure then, you'll need to take some action though to get it rocking. I use that guide to make mine run at a decent res and on nvidia based rigs (most of mine are) I have to use it or I get no boot splash09:40
lorenzocabrinihowever, I want to be part of the audio group, i add myself, but every time I reboot, I have to re-add myself.09:40
maedoxxbonesx: maybe this will help you: http://harrison3001.blogspot.com/2009/09/grub-2-graphical-boot-tips-to-set.html09:40
lucentadv_: task manager kind of thing?09:40
lorenzocabrinisurely I, not ubuntu, should decide which groups i am a part of.09:40
lucentin Gnome it'd be called System Monitor09:40
ActionParsnipxbonesx: there is no x32 afaik, 32bit in windows is 24 in linux09:41
lucentadv_: 'gnome-system-monitor'09:41
adv_lucent, but for startup. which daemons should be run on startup09:41
lucentlorenzocabrini: hush, try adduser 'username' 'group'09:41
lucentreboot, see if that worked09:41
lucentif it did not work, then we have a problem09:41
ActionParsnipxbonesx: just add it as a boot option in /etc/default/grub   you'll need the extra packages defined in that guide09:42
lorenzocabrinilucent: adduser adds a new user, i have a user already09:42
lucentlorenzocabrini: it alternately adds a user to a group09:42
baseemI do not know if I said the ubuntu I run is desktop not server09:42
lucentlorenzocabrini: manual page says so09:42
lorenzocabrinilucent: but i am a member of the group already, i want to make it permanent09:43
* lucent facepalms09:43
xbonesxActionParsnip: I did that in the file but it still doesnt show at 1920x1200, think it maxes at 1600x1200, but i also have already installed and uninstalled startupmanager that had a gui for setting to 1600x1200, so i think that think is overriding the res setting09:43
ActionParsnipbaseem: if you are talking about screen res, it is desktop09:43
xbonesxthink that thing*09:43
baseemnow how to open the xorg.conf file?09:43
ActionParsnipxbonesx: then I am unsure, did you install the extra packages the guide advises?09:43
ActionParsnipbaseem: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:44
james333jamesjoin #debian09:44
lorenzocabriniahother thing though, ubuntu keeps creating ~/Scrivania (~/Desktop) for me. But I rmdir:ed it because I don't want it.09:44
xbonesxi dont know what files the startupmanager was editing when changing the res's of the grub? does anyone know09:44
lorenzocabriniis there a place i can configure it to stop with this behavior.09:44
xbonesxActionParsnip: what guide again?09:44
lorenzocabrinii already have my own scripts to make sure my home directory looks the way i want, don't need ubuntu to poke in.09:45
lucentxbonesx: grub config is generated from and uses /etc/default/grub09:45
lucentI think09:45
ActionParsnipxbonesx: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/09:45
lucentafter that run 'update-grub'09:45
lucentyou can tag on extra kernel args that way09:45
maedoxlorenzocabrini: ~/Desktop is the folder where your desktop launchers reside. It will always be auto-created even if you don't have anything on the desktop.09:46
lorenzocabrinimaedox: that is silly, I don't need it.09:46
lorenzocabrinimaedox: i don't run any tool that draws icons on the root window09:47
xbonesxActionParsnip: yes i have followed that TUT, but like i said i think startupmanager files are overriding somewhere in the system...09:47
baseemok, now I copy/pasted the text (file) and deleted the keyboard and mouse sections, should I also remove the "WACOM" sections?09:47
maedoxlorenzocabrini: root? Are you logging in as root?09:47
lorenzocabrinino, i log in as myself.09:48
nunyaI made an ubuntu startup thumb drive using startup creator in 10.04, but I can't boot up a lie cd from it, just intall the whole os...09:48
lorenzocabrinimaedox: log in as myself. when i want x, startx.09:48
xbonesxActionParsnip: do you know the progress of the theming for grub2?09:49
ActionParsnipxbonesx: the files for grub will be used to determine grub's resolution09:49
xbonesxActionParsnip: last i heard it was still in development?09:49
xbonesxi will check again09:49
xbonesxActionParsnip: do you know the progress of the theming for grub2?09:49
xbonesxActionParsnip: last i heard it was still in development?09:49
ActionParsnipxbonesx: http://linux.aldeby.org/configure-grub2-options-and-background.html09:50
baseemok, now I copy/pasted the text (file) and deleted the keyboard and mouse sections, should I also remove the "WACOM" sections????09:50
ActionParsnipxbonesx: hardly worth it imho, the screen is only displayed for about 3 seconds09:50
ActionParsnipbaseem: sure, if you don't use tablets etc09:51
jatthow can I check the change log of the last package upgrade done on my system?09:52
hasibullahhi every body how to install drivers in ubuntu if a hardware is not installed09:52
jattthe changelog of each one of the packages upgraded?09:52
xbonesxActionParsnip: good point but its more about the eyecandy, not staring at the same lame screen all the time, a nice GUI makes everything better lmao09:53
adv_is there a tool that lets me setup which daemons i want to run on startup? with a current available list or smth?09:53
ActionParsnipxbonesx: your call09:53
ActionParsnipxbonesx: i guess if you have nothing better to tweak09:54
lucentadv_: No.09:54
baseemalso my monitor is Acer 713, should I change the name, and what other detailes?09:54
xbonesxActionParsnip: do you know of the project or where downloads are located for the themes of grub2?09:54
lucentadv_: The tool is you.09:54
adv_lucent, how can i do it then?09:54
lucentupstart is much simpler than you can possibly imagine.09:54
maedoxlorenzocabrini: « gconftool-2 --type boolean --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/desktop_is_home_dir true »09:54
misse-I would say it's more graphically pleasing to run burg than trying to theme upp grub2 :P09:54
ActionParsnipxbonesx: no idea, grub doesn't interest me as I single boot systems so I never have to see it09:54
ActionParsnipsure but burg is unofficial09:55
xbonesxActionParsnip: good point, i havent weened myself off of win7 yet lol09:55
ActionParsnipbut it can look nicer than grub209:55
baseemalso my monitor is Acer 713, should I change the name, and what other detailes?09:55
xbonesxActionParsnip: burg?09:55
xbonesxActionParsnip: is that the theme name?09:55
lucentadv_: in more clarity, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135150109:56
xbonesxActionParsnip: or project name?09:56
adv_thanks lucent09:56
Rickardo1Must php files have 644 or is it enough that www-data has read access? 60009:56
ActionParsnipxbonesx: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_BAyAclZ9g09:56
baseemActionParsnip: also my monitor is Acer 713, should I change the name, and what other detailes?09:56
ActionParsnipxbonesx: its GRUB backwards, it's an alternate (and unofficial) boot loader09:57
maedoxRickardo1: In a production environment they should most probably not be readable by everyone.09:57
Rickardo1maedox: ok, But everywhere ppl say 644 but I think 600 is better?09:57
ActionParsnipbaseem: if you like, if you change the identifier you MUST change the identifier in the other sections too or it won't work. It's only aesthetic so I wouldn't worry too much09:57
xbonesxActionParsnip: ah, i was speaking of the actual themes for grub2, one sec i get a link09:57
baseemActionParsnip: when I tried to save the file it said "Could not find the file /etc/x11/xorg.conf"09:59
lorenzocabrinimaedox: sorry, but i don't have nautilus running so why should it insist on creating a Desktop directory?09:59
maedoxRickardo1: yes, 600 should be fine as long as the owner is the webserver-user.09:59
baseemActionParsnip:Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.10:00
maedoxlorenzocabrini: I don't know.10:00
lorenzocabrinimaedox: ok, np.10:00
maedoxlorenzocabrini: It's not nautilus probably. I would guess gdm does all that.10:00
lorenzocabrinii'm fixing it with a [[ -d ~/Scrivania ]] && rmdir ~/Scrivania in ~/.zshrc10:00
lorenzocabrinimaedox: don't run gdm either. I startx when/if i need it.10:01
ActionParsnipbaseem: lucid doesn't come with one, when you populate the file it should then be saveable.10:01
maedoxlorenzocabrini: ok, then you will have to research it some more I guess.10:01
xbonesxActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501370/ <--- this is the contents of my grub.cfg10:01
lorenzocabrinimaedox: yes, but for the time being i did a bit of a workaround in ~/.zshrc10:02
xbonesxActionParsnip: look about right?10:02
baseemwhat is to populate a file?10:02
glebihanlorenzocabrini: it creates a desktop folder when you run startx ?10:02
baseemActionparsnip: what is to populate a file?10:02
ThrolkimOn an i686 arch, should I be using i386 or amd64 packages?10:02
lorenzocabriniglebihan: yes, it started recently, possibly because i modified .xinitrc to launch openbox-session instead of openbox10:02
Throlkimblakkheim: Thanks :)10:03
xbonesxActionParsnip: whats VBE?10:03
lorenzocabrinii'm suspecting some xdg autostart crap somewhere.10:03
maedoxbaseem: /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:03
llacGood morning!10:04
baseemok, now I saved it. now how to get it to work?10:04
adv_how can i check what runlevel im currently in?10:04
ActionParsnipxbonesx: no, you havent read the page, You need this sort of thing in the grub file too: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset video=uvesafb:mode_option=1366x768-24,mtrr=3,scroll=ywrap"10:05
ActionParsnipbaseem: put text in, if you open a blank text file and put text in it, you are populating the file10:05
maedoxbaseem: not sure what you're trying to do, but if you changed xorg.conf you have to restart the X server or reboot.10:05
ActionParsnipxbonesx: change the res to what you desire10:05
ActionParsnipxbonesx: if you only read parts of guids, it WONT work10:05
dar__i need an advice, i have to find a FTP server applicaion that support both, FTP/FTPS +(SFTP?) + auth with MySQL + jailroot +secured (no knwon buffer overflow)10:05
dar__what do you adive me to take10:06
baseemok, I will reboot now, Thanx everybody for the help.10:06
xbonesxActionParsnip: hahaha i rly truly am sry i read right over that bit10:06
blakkheimdar__: vsftp works with ftp and ftps, but for sftp i'd just use the openssh package10:06
blakkheimdar__: although i am unsure about the mysql part10:07
Carbon`Sup niggers.10:07
glebihanlorenzocabrini: if you just want to get rid of the desktop folder, edit "~/.config/user-dirs.dirs " and replace the value of XDG_DESKTOP_DIR by $HOME10:07
Carbon`Ubuntu sucks.10:07
Carbon`Get a real distro.10:07
FloodBot1Carbon`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:07
lorenzocabriniglebihan: that sounds like a solution!10:07
xbonesxActionParsnip: brb going to test10:07
blinkizHi there. It seems like UFW is blocking when someone doing traceroute (udp). How can I allow this?10:07
remoteCTRL1hi guys! how do i find out my exct ubuntu version?10:09
glebihanlorenzocabrini: well this is a little workaround that will make xdg consider your home folder as your desktop, I don't think there is a solution to have no desktop folder at all, but at least you won't have a folder "~/Desktop"10:09
maedoxremoteCTRL1: lsb_release -a10:09
lorenzocabriniglebihan: i think it's ok since i don't use any "desktop icon-painting" app..10:10
obengdakoremoteCTLR1: lsb_release -a10:10
blinkizHi there. It seems like UFW is blocking inbound traceroute (udp) as default. How can I allow this?10:10
remoteCTRL1maedox: thanks dude!10:10
lorenzocabriniglebihan: i'm sure your solution will give me the results i want (no ~/Scrivania) so thanks!10:11
glebihanlorenzocabrini: you're welcome10:11
expljoesionHow would I go about opening multiple music files through the command line?10:12
blakkheimopening with what program?10:12
glebihanexpljoesion: depends on the player you're using10:12
expljoesionUsing gnome-open10:12
Tauhey, is it needed to be logged as root account to make updates in debian ?10:12
lorenzocabrininow over to my other little issue, I want to add my user to the audio group *after* all the boot magic. where is the best place to do this? /etc/rc.local?10:12
blakkheimTau: yes or you can use sudo10:13
adv_how can i check what runlevel im currently in?10:13
Taublakkheim: hum.10:13
Tauthank you.10:13
glebihanexpljoesion: with gnome-open, you should just have to list the files on the command-line10:13
* obengdako is taking a bath10:13
expljoesiondo I separate them with commas?10:13
blakkheimexpljoesion: command file1 file2 file310:13
glebihanexpljoesion: no, just spaces10:14
expljoesionwhat's a good music program to use?10:15
expljoesionpreferably something lightweight that can open multiple files10:15
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: mpd with sonata10:15
lorenzocabrinior mpc10:15
maedoxadv_: « runlevel »10:15
nothingspecialguayadeque aims to be full featured and lightweight10:16
glebihanexpljoesion: depends on your preference, do you want something with a library or a simple player10:16
expljoesioni'm installing sonata right now, thank you10:16
expljoesionhow do I reply to you guys? lol sorry I'm very new to irx10:17
expljoesionirc rather10:17
blakkheimexpljoesion: start typing a name and press tab10:17
expljoesionblakkheim: like this?10:17
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: but you need to have mpd installed as well.10:17
lorenzocabrinisonata is just an mpd client10:17
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: for sonata to work?10:17
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: yes, mpd is a server that plays music, sonata is a client to that server10:18
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: ok, i'm installing mpd right now10:18
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: how do I set it to my default player?10:19
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: not really sure. i assume you mean in gnome or kde, but i don't use those10:19
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: can you play files through the command line without a player?10:19
glebihanexpljoesion: System->Preferences->Preferred applications10:20
expljoesionglebihan: I'm trying my hardest to not use a desktop environment10:20
andrei_First time here10:20
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: mpg12310:21
glebihanexpljoesion: well then you should not use gnome-open10:21
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: or mplayer10:21
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: do I need to install that?10:21
glebihanexpljoesion: aplay also10:21
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: yes, anything you want to use needs to be installed10:21
kneauxi'm having some trouble setting up publickey authentication10:21
blakkheimkneaux: how so?10:21
andrei_Any french users in here ?10:21
ActionParsnip!fr | andrei_10:22
ubottuandrei_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:22
kneauxnamely that, i've done everything i've been told to, and the remote machine is still asking for my password.10:22
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: as for making mpd/sonata default i add mpd to my .zlogin, and a bind the S-s key to launch sonata10:22
nothingspecialexpljoesion: try cmus, cli ncurses music player, with library10:22
blakkheimkneaux: can you pastebin your /etc/ssh/sshd_config from the server?10:22
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: ok, I've installed mpg123, do I just /mpg123 file?10:22
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: wait, you want to launch from within irssi?10:23
lorenzocabrinithat i don't know anything about...10:23
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: no no, I'd just like the music to play without seeing a player10:23
lorenzocabriniyes, so launch mpg123 <mp3file> in a terminal10:23
ActionParsnipmplayer works in cli too :)10:24
nothingspecialexpljoesion: I have this in my ~/.bashrc that plays random music - alias ran='mplayer -quiet -shuffle -playlist <(find ~/Music -type f) 2> /dev/null'10:24
shesaidshewas18hi kids, can i haz some help?10:24
glebihan!ask | shesaidshewas1810:24
ubottushesaidshewas18: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:24
shesaidshewas18yeah, sure, thx10:24
expljoesionso which is better? mpg123 or mplayer?10:24
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: what is better an egg or a banana?10:25
blakkheimi would say mplayer10:25
nothingspecialto just play music, mplayer I would say10:25
expljoesionlorenzocabrini:  touche,10:25
glebihanexpljoesion: mplayer is much more complete but mpg123 will fill most needs10:25
shesaidshewas18well, problem is that i recently(after two years of win) installed new ubuntu lucid lynx and partitioned / = 10gb swap = 2gb /home =rest of my 160 gb disc10:25
ActionParsniplorenzocabrini: like it10:25
blakkheimlorenzocabrini: banana obviously10:25
shesaidshewas18wait, i will give you the outcome of df10:25
lorenzocabriniActionParsnip: thanks! :)10:25
shesaidshewas18Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on10:26
shesaidshewas18/dev/sda1             14419440   3265176  10421800  24% /10:26
shesaidshewas18none                    504248       300    503948   1% /dev10:26
shesaidshewas18none                    508468      1972    506496   1% /dev/shm10:26
shesaidshewas18none                    508468       124    508344   1% /var/run10:26
shesaidshewas18none                    508468         0    508468   0% /var/lock10:26
FloodBot1shesaidshewas18: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:26
lorenzocabriniblakkheim: so 2 fried bananas coming right up!10:26
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: sounds good to me, as long as you have 2Gb RAM in the system :)10:26
shesaidshewas18sry about that, i just dont use brain anymore :D10:26
shesaidshewas181 gb, i use suspend a lot10:27
shesaidshewas18but the problem is, /home only has 137 gb10:27
expljoesionok, one more question. my music files are all labeled "Artist - Trck# - Title - Album Year"10:27
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: sounds like a deal to me. 10Gb should be plenty for /10:27
shesaidshewas18im missing like 137+10+2=149 gb10:27
expljoesionIs there a shortcut to open all the tracks by replacing the track numbers with ??10:27
shesaidshewas18you dont get the point :D im missing like 11 gb of disk space :D10:27
shesaidshewas18and i cant really find it .... anywhere10:27
nothingspecialshesaidshewas18: looks ok to me, I`d have used less for / but it doesn`t matter10:28
shesaidshewas18im 100% sure i set the partitions correctly10:28
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: if you are using ext3 or ext4 then that will be the journal10:28
nothingspecialshesaidshewas18: You might be confusing the 2 sorts on GBs10:28
ranjanHi all10:28
shesaidshewas18i only set one primary (/) and one secondary (/home)10:28
ranjanis there any one who has the hp dv4-1241tx laptop?10:29
shesaidshewas18and wtf is that /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs about?10:29
ranjani want to make my laptops remote controller to work in ubuntu.10:29
ranjanany help?10:29
kneaux...okay how do i copy the contents of a file to the clipboard10:29
kneauxso as to pastebin them10:29
blakkheimkneaux: copy it from the terminal window10:29
ActionParsnipranjan: is it an infared thing?10:30
glebihanshesaidshewas18: a hard drive sold to be of 160GB is  in fact of only 149GB10:30
ranjanActionParsnip, yes10:30
ActionParsnipranjan: i'd look into lirc then10:30
nothingspecialglebihan: thats what I meant, 2 sorts of GBs10:30
ActionParsnipranjan: if you run: xev   in terminal and press buttons on the remote, does it make events?10:30
ranjanActionParsnip, i installed lirc. but the keys are not detected10:30
boilerhi all, i need some help with SVN. someone of you can help me?10:30
glebihannothingspecial: oh yeah, didn't see your message10:31
nothingspecialglebihan: :)10:31
ranjanActionParsnip, actually i didnt test like that.10:31
ranjanActionParsnip, is xev a separate package??10:31
ActionParsnipranjan: xev is a good test10:31
ActionParsnipranjan: its installed by default10:31
=== remczas|off is now known as remczas
ranjanActionParsnip, ok let me try that.10:31
ranjanActionParsnip, thank you10:31
shesaidshewas18mg, crash10:31
shesaidshewas18did i miss something?10:32
shesaidshewas18what did you said about that suspitions disk part?10:32
zanusis there a way to disable the screensaver while gstreamer is running10:32
shesaidshewas18you can disable screen saver for all10:32
zanusin other words... disable screensaver while video is playing10:32
shesaidshewas18at LCD displays there almost no need for a screen saver10:32
brijithmacCan any one tell me how can I use Curl to do some operation in Twitter with the help of twitter API10:33
glebihanshesaidshewas18: there 2 sorts of GB, a hard drive sold to be of 160GB contains 160*1000*1000*1000 bytes, which is only 149*1024*1024*1024 bytes10:33
zanusshesaidshewas18: yeah, but I'd rather not10:33
RedIronHi.... anyone available to answer a newbie question and very addicted ;)10:33
shesaidshewas18oh yeah, i forgot about that one :D10:33
lorenzocabrinibrijithmac: hm.. there was an ibm article on that some time ago...10:33
lorenzocabriniwould have to search my history10:33
tensorpudding!cn | shumeng10:34
ubottushumeng: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:34
shesaidshewas18ok then so im not missing any disk space, that a good news, but what about that /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs?10:34
ActionParsnipzanus: i think vlc does that10:34
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: mine's only 4Kb in size10:34
zanusvic, hmm... I'll have a google at that.. thx10:34
brijithmaclorenzocabrini: what u mean ?10:34
maco!cn| shumeng10:35
ubottushumeng: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:35
nothingspecialshesaidshewas18: gigabits and gigabytes. Thats why it says GB on the box, to confuse the customers10:35
shesaidshewas18none                  14419440   3265176  10421800  24% /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs ......10:35
=== unix is now known as Guest8773
lorenzocabrinibrijithmac: you were asking for curl/twitter api, right?10:35
blakkheimnothingspecial: it's actually gibabytes and gigabytes10:35
brijithmaclorenzocabrini: yes10:35
shesaidshewas18well i forgot about that, somebody told me that a while ago10:35
lorenzocabriniand i said i had read somethigng on ibm.com a while ago10:35
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: use: du -h /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs10:35
nothingspecialblakkheim: how ever you spell it10:35
shesaidshewas18im a it guy, i do that for living and i dont know these basic shits....10:35
shesaidshewas18actionparsnip: what does that command do?10:36
brijithmaclorenzocabrini: ok10:36
tensorpuddinghmm, translate.google is really good with chinese10:36
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: du == disk usage  -h makes it (h)umanly readable10:36
shesaidshewas18w8 then10:36
expljoesionis there a facebook chat that works in terminal?10:36
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: yes you are an IT guy, but only windows right now10:36
shesaidshewas18shal i use sudo?10:36
expljoesionI found one for aim10:36
kneauxblakkheim - i'd like to be able to do it in one swath, how do you select all of the contents in, say, vim10:36
nothingspecialexpljoesion: I think you can do it in irssi with bitlbee10:37
shesaidshewas18yeah, what did you expect? customer says, customer has10:37
neekershow do i find all files that have a permission of 000?10:37
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: iirc, pidgin has a cli version10:37
RedIronCould anyone tell me any common reasons as to why you can't add a new user? Other than not being root...10:37
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: and pidgin supports fb chat10:37
Jigalhello ho can i straight from my console poste to for example code dump?10:37
shesaidshewas184.0k :D10:37
tensorpuddingneekers: find(1) has something which filters by permissions10:37
erUSULneekers: use "find"10:37
kneauxgot it, nvm10:37
blakkheimkneaux: ssh user@server cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config > /tmp/asdf.txt10:37
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: what's the cli version of pidgin called?10:37
tensorpuddingneekers: check out 'man find'10:37
shesaidshewas18thats perfect then10:37
ActionParsnipshesaidshewas18: who cares then ;)10:37
shesaidshewas18thank you so much guys, you were really helpful, i love you all10:38
blakkheimkneaux: or omit the > part and it will just print it to your terminal10:38
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: wish i could remember... :(10:38
shesaidshewas18wish me luck, at 2 pm i have exam from latin10:38
expljoesiondoes anyone know what the client version of pidgin is called?10:38
shesaidshewas18gods i hope i will make that one....10:38
Flannelexpljoesion: Facebook Chat is just jabber, so most (if not all) terminal chat clients support it.  Pidgin does have one, there's another called centerim.10:38
ActionParsnipRedIron: thats all I can think of, or exceeding the maximum user number10:38
blakkheimexpljoesion: aptitude show pidgin | grep -i version10:38
nothingspecialneekers: find -perm I think10:38
lorenzocabriniexpljoesion: i'm getting to old for this...10:38
shesaidshewas18anyone knows latin and can help me about PLPF active and PLPF passive? :D10:38
expljoesionlorenzocabrini: I'm sorry man : /10:38
Flannelexpljoesion: I believe it's called finch.10:39
kneauxblakkheim yeah i just cat'd it to terminal and then it let me scroll with mouse click and drag...then the dragons came... http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/EmNbffNh10:39
expljoesionFlannel: finch is the aim client10:39
expljoesionFlannel: I think that is..10:39
shesaidshewas18duh, almost 1210:40
shesaidshewas18c u guys, have a nice day10:40
blakkheimkneaux: add the line "PasswordAuthentication no" or uncomment the one you have set to yes10:40
nothingspecialexpljoesion: http://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoFacebook10:40
expljoesionnothingspecial: thank you10:40
Jigalhello how can i send an error message from my console to pastebin?10:40
Flannelexpljoesion: internet says it does jabber as well (and MSN, and Yahoo and "other IM networks", whatever that means).  So I'm pretty sure it does everything pidgin does.10:40
YahudaMy /home directory has its own partition. When I install 10.10 and mount my /home directory is there any chance of data loss? Maybe overwriting new music, picture folder or something?10:41
llutz!pastebinit > Jigal10:41
ubottuJigal, please see my private message10:41
erUSUL!pastebinit | Jigal10:41
ubottuJigal: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:41
RedIronI always get useradd: unknown GID 100010:42
expljoesionFlannel: cool thanks10:42
RedIroneverytime I try to user useradd10:42
ActionParsnipYahuda: if you don't mark the partition for formatting it will survive, use custom partitioning though and tell the installer to mount the partition as /home as well as the file system it uses but do NOT tell it to format10:42
kneauxblakkheim - done, reboot?10:42
kneauxor reset sshd?10:43
blakkheimkneaux: just /etc/init.d/ssh restart10:43
YahudaThanks. What about username or computer name?10:43
kneauxstill asking me for a password10:43
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:43
macoshumeng: /join #ubuntu-cn10:44
blakkheimkneaux: if you have "PasswordAuthentication no" in the server's sshd_config and aren't explicitly using passwords in the client's config, i don't see how it could be asking for a pw10:44
blakkheimkneaux: you should also change your PermitRootLogin to no10:45
kneauxblakkheim: how did you know that's exactly the thing i didn't do10:46
kneauxhang on10:46
Jigalllutz, erUSUL I saw it but sometimes an error message appears in my console. The examples over there are to send a specific file. How can i send the error message?10:46
willinjahi i cant install and uninstalled any package from my lucid any idea why ?10:47
llutzJigal: redirect output to a file, paste that file then10:47
erUSULJigal: command_that_gives_messages | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com 2>&110:47
kneaux"Permission denied (publickey)."10:47
kneauxwe are not amused10:47
neekersshould crond.reboot have these permissions? ----------  1 root  root    0 Sep 27 02:05 crond.reboot10:48
jvmhi. using ubuntu 9.10: i want to capture sound that's outputted through my soundcard. my microphone is working perfectly with sound recorder, where i can choose as only option "Record from input: Capture". how would i use an output device as an input device?10:48
RedIron777If there is anyone around here that could spare a moment to help a newbie could you message me...10:48
maedox!details | RedIron77710:50
ubottuRedIron777: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:50
Jigalllutz, erUSUL tnx10:50
kneauxblakkheim, why would i be getting permission denied from my server? should i try regenerating the keys?10:51
SerafeimHallo to everybody! I have a pdf file that is a portfolio. That means than a single pdf file contains many pdf documents (for example my pdf portfolio has 130 pdf documents). When I open this portfolio with the evince programme I get this messange: For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in Acrobat 9 or Adobe Reader 9, or later. I downloaded the Acrobat Reader and everything was ok. I could read the pdf documents. I am wonder10:51
zambain which file do i deactivate password for getting out the screensaver?10:51
blakkheimkneaux: tail /var/log/auth.log10:51
zambai know how to do it through the GUI, but i need to do it for a whole bunch of computers10:51
blakkheimkneaux: should give a bit of helpful info10:51
kneauxon the server?10:51
blakkheimkneaux: yeah10:51
ActionParsnipSerafeim: means evince doesnt have some of the features of the adobe app and that your requirements mean you need the proprietary app10:52
kneauxSep 27 09:44:28 sun sshd[2662]: Authentication refused: bad ownership or modes for directory /home/sgravn10:52
blakkheimthere's your problem then, your permissions aren't correct10:52
maedoxneekers: I'm pretty sure that file should not be there.10:52
=== liz is now known as Guest98938
Jigalllutz, erUSUL how can i force to send the entire message to pastebin and not stop somewhere in the middle10:53
SerafeimActonParsnip: Yes, i have tried Okular also. Okular could recognise the pdfs but couldn't open them directly10:53
ActionParsnipkneaux: then boot to root recovery mode and run:  cd /home; sudo chown -R sgravn:sgravn ./sgravn10:53
jvmkneaux, make sure to chmod both your home and .ssh directory with 700.10:53
kneauxahh. so the engine block is hooked up to the washer fluid10:53
saad_I wanna install gnome kubuntu10:53
ActionParsnipSerafeim: you could log a bug10:53
erUSULJigal: this ( i made a mistake earlier) --> command_that_gives_messages 2>&1 | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:53
saad_how can i install nome for kubuntu10:54
erUSULJigal: should sen all10:54
SerafeimActionParsip: Bugs is for crashes re general ideas?10:54
erUSULJigal: unless patebin has a limit in size that i do not know10:54
kneauxjvm, ActionParsnip, blakkheim: i didn't have to change my permissions to ssh before, do i have to in order to do key authentication?10:54
ActionParsnipSerafeim: just how you couldnt open the file in evince etc10:54
saad_HEELLLOOO??? how can i download gnome for kubuntu?10:54
Jigalok i will try10:54
saad_HEELLLOOO??? how can i download gnome for kubuntu?10:54
saad_HEELLLOOO??? how can i download gnome for kubuntu?10:54
ActionParsnipsaad_: install gdm   should do it10:54
kneauxsaad_, don't flood.10:55
JigalerUSUL, what means 2>&110:55
kneauxsaad_, if one of the transitional packages (gnome, gdm, gnome-desktop, whatever it's called. try searching in synaptic) doesn't work, you may have to change your repository settings. gnome has been having dependency issues lately.10:55
erUSULJigal: copy wha't is 2 and sen it where 1 is going 2 is stderr and 1 is stdout. so that should sen all of the command output to pastebin through the pipe10:55
mawstsudo install ubuntu-desktop is what you want I think saad10:56
kneauxsaad_, why do you want gnome for kubuntu anyway? as in, why are you trying to use gnome on the specifically KDE distribution?10:56
JigalerUSUL, well it does!!!!10:56
mawstsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop rather10:56
JigalerUSUL, tnx10:56
=== remczas is now known as remczas|off
maedoxneekers: I was wrong, crond.reboot should be there and have no permissions. It's used by crond to check if the system rebooted. The file will be deleted on bootup and created after a the @reboot cronjobs are run.10:56
erUSULJigal: no problem10:56
jvmkneaux, yeah. sshd won't do it if your home and ssh directory is not secured.10:56
ActionParsnipkneaux: gives choice on login, gets you used to multiple desktop envs.10:57
jacktheripperFirst time trying to package source code. I get all the files generated in debian/tmp but not in the deb file. Any ideas ?10:57
kneauxfair enough10:57
kneauxjvm: that's either weak or the opposite. i'll try it your way.10:57
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!10:58
kneauxjvm, still getting permission denied10:58
kneauxjvm, after running chmod 700 ~/ & chmod 700 ~/.ssh10:59
jacktheripperumm thing is, I'm doing this on scratchbox, a cross compiling suite for maemo. Checkinstall isn't available there.11:00
st__how to recreate fstab file?11:00
maedoxkneaux: man ssh   then type /permissions   use n or N to search back and forth.11:00
kneauxthanks maedox11:01
MooshiMuushiDoes anyone know how to trim/cut ".mkv" files? I'm trying to take out some ads.11:02
erUSULst__: by hand; i do not know of an automatic method11:02
maedoxst__: use sudo blkid to replace the UUID from my fstab: http://pastebin.org/122988511:03
Freeway92try it with openshot11:03
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ngirardHi all. Are there any python 2.7 packages for ubuntu 10.04 ?11:04
alex_shello, everybody. I need help with gnotime. When I try get "Queried" report (Reports->Query) I have this:11:04
alex_sError 404 Not Found11:04
alex_sThe file Invoice was not found.11:04
ActionParsnipMooshiMuushi: kino / avidemux / pitivi not work?11:06
erUSUL!find python2.711:06
ubottuPackage/file python2.7 does not exist in lucid11:06
ngirarderUSUL: well that's a shame. Thanks for your help !11:07
Lollipop56if I wanna format my ipod, should I pick MBR, APM or GUID?11:07
Drue192Hey, On the four boxes on bottom right, Is there anyway so there will only be two?11:07
ActionParsnipDrue192: do you mean virtual desktops?11:09
maedoxDrue192: right-click and select preferences.11:09
Drue192maedox, Thanks!11:09
Ichatquestion about  an old pc,   -   i have a P4 pc  with   P4 celeron 1700mhz with 1gb ram  and  an Nvidia  Fx5600   -  when i insert the  ubuntu 10.4 cdrom,  the system boots, into grub,  and after that..   blacks  with my screen givving me  'unsupported   60 hz  / 80hz   auto of range.11:13
Ichatwhen i  us  nonomodset  - or use safe mode,  it still does...11:13
pLrIchat: you should boot with failsafe graphics11:13
IchatpLr:  -  i tried lookin for it on google but i only found   vga=79111:14
Ichatand that boot option does NOT work for me11:14
ActionParsnipIchat: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html11:15
ActionParsnipIchat: does the CD pass when you test the CD for defects?11:15
pLrIchat: once you see the boot menu press esc, then you can read carefully and find the option11:15
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Ichataction -  on a dif pc yes its perfect11:16
hyphenexif I've done dd if=/dev/sdb of=/drivs bs=32768, that effectively means I'm creating a file and filling it with a heap of blank data right? I've screwed up hey (I'm trying to image a 32GB flash drive)?  Or have I just created a 32GB copy of the disk?11:16
MooshiMuushiActionParsnip, Kino takes some time to load a 720p video. Avidemux...trying it right now. Pitivi? Never heard :D11:17
Ichatto temporary fix it,  i chose to install   hardy on it (went just fine) -   so i wonder,     what will a dist-upgrade give me...         will i get the same problem  after the upgrade completes. ????11:17
Ichator should i  start from 10.4 with - these fixes?11:17
ActionParsnipIchat: press tab after typing that and it completes the nick and highlights the text11:18
ActionParsnipIchat: ok then I'd test the RAM for errors on the same screen you tested the cD with11:18
hemanthImportError: No module named nautilus, even after installing python-nautilus, any suggestions?11:18
ActionParsnipIchat: should be fine, you can upgrade lts to lts too :)11:19
thune3hyphenex: you just made a drive image11:19
Jigalcan someone help me with the problem on line 1 http://paste.ubuntu.com/501388/11:21
IchatActionParsnip:  -  it seems to me that, it has something to do with the default settings,  changed in 10.4  for better vga cards than mine ...  the 'fear'  i have with it, is that after upgrade i get the same,  'signal out of range'   error and have (virtually unbooteble system.11:21
hyphenexthune3: Thanks :)11:21
bobthemilkmanI recently did a data recovery on my /home partition, and would now like to search through the lost+found directory for an excel formatted file. Is there any easy (or difficult?) way to do this? google is being a bit tricky11:23
thune3hyphenex: of course mounting an image of a whole drive (as opposed to a partition image) requires some extra steps (i'd have to look it up). A partition image is easy to mount11:23
_joeyi installed minimal ubuntu in vmware11:23
_joeyI need to install gnome11:23
_joeyand latex11:24
_joeyhow do I do this?11:24
hyphenexthune3: I'm trying to run 'TestDisk' on the image I think11:24
IchatActionParsnip:  -   but if upgrading to 10.4 also updates the  nvidia 173 driver (to the same version  + settings, to the  10.4 's  system,  ) than id probably be safe   and upgrade should go without errors .... right?11:24
bobthemilkman_joey: sudo apt-get install vmware gnome xemacs doesn't do it?11:24
erUSUL_joey: only a minimal gnome? or the full ubuntu desktop?11:24
bobthemilkmanI thought vmware was proprietary, so it might not be in the repos...11:24
tensorpudding_joey: minimal being a no-X install?11:24
hyphenexthune3: it's a 32GB flash drive.. this is going to take time :P11:24
jvmhi. using ubuntu 9.10: i want to capture sound that's outputted through my soundcard. my microphone is working perfectly with sound recorder, where i can choose as only option "Record from input: Capture". how would i use an output device as an input device?11:25
_joeyI don't know what root password is11:25
thune3hyphenex: that seem right to have image of whole drive then, if the partition table is broken.11:25
_joeytensorpudding no X11:25
_joeyat the moment11:25
hyphenexthune3: :)11:25
tensorpudding_joey: The root account is locked, use sudo11:25
bobthemilkman_joey: Well, if I were you, I'd just reinstall with a normal installation.11:25
erUSUL!root | _joey11:25
ubottu_joey: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:25
bobthemilkmanIt'll be quicker to reinstall than get X working. IMO11:26
tensorpudding_joey: But installing Gnome over a minimal install mostly would negate the benefits of being minimal...11:26
lorenzocabrini_joey: sudo su and set the password with passwd fixes it11:26
_joeythat's another ridiculous way of doing things your own way11:26
ActionParsnipIchat: all i can say is try it, you could even plump for maverick too but its still beta11:26
bobthemilkman_joey: What tensorpudding said.11:26
_joeylorenzocabrini thanks11:26
thune3lorenzocabrini, _joey: setting root password is NOT recommended11:27
lorenzocabrinithune3: i have also set a root password. what could be wrong with it?11:27
lorenzocabriniI don't like sudo, don't use sudo.11:27
bobthemilkmanThere's no reason to set a root password when you can just do sudo -s.11:27
lorenzocabrini_joey: but if you still want to set a root password, my instructions work just fine.11:28
=== studyurnm3 is now known as misnix
bobthemilkmanThe default mindset should be to have as few doors into your system as possible, not as many as possible.11:28
leyusi have a prioblme11:28
leyusi was working on my ubuntu11:28
_joeythat's better11:28
leyuswhen my 1 year old son come11:28
thune3lorenzocabrini: ubuntu has a style, the style is sudo. it's like saying it is ok to install rpm packages, it is not in the manner and style of the system. run "sudo -i" to get a root shell when you need one. And please DON'T recommend setting a root password in #ubuntu11:28
bobthemilkmanThere's no reason to set a root password. Just do sudo -s.11:28
leyusand turn off power11:28
ubottuUsing !sudo with single commands is preferable in most circumstances. However, if you really need a root shell, use « sudo -i » (other variants of this commands are redundant and/or potentially dangerous)11:28
leyussince this system doesent start11:28
leyusand ubuntu installer dont want to reinstall system11:29
lorenzocabrinithune3: ok, fine, i hear you.11:29
_joeythey can shove their style in their private places11:29
leyusi got: mount: mounting dev/ on /root.dev failed no such file or directory11:29
lorenzocabrini_joey: i agree with you.11:29
tensorpudding_joey: but there is a gnome metapackage I believe11:29
leyusthe same aboyt /sys on /root/sys11:29
tensorpudding_joey: it's called gnome, so 'sudo aptitude install gnome' should grab it11:30
leyus/proc on /root/proc11:30
tensorpudding_joey: it'll probably take a good while11:30
leyustarget dilesystem doesnt have /sbin/init11:30
bobthemilkmantensorpudding: I'd think it'd be faster to reinstall the system than install gnome and X and get it working... but that's just my guess.11:30
leyusno init found, try passing innit=bootarg11:30
leyusanyone can help me?11:30
tensorpuddingInstalling the gnome package should do all that for you, I would assume.11:31
leyusi've tried to install ubuntu again11:31
leyusi put in USB installer11:31
bobthemilkmanI've never set up gnome in ubuntu (since it's pointless), but I've never had a fun time installing X. :(11:31
maedoxIf you don't set a root password you go straight into recovery with no password.11:31
leyusand choosed instal ubuntu on hard drive11:31
leyusand nothing...11:32
leyusit starts and do nothing, its not installing it shows ubuntu sign forever11:32
MooshiMuushiIs there a Notepad++ for linux?11:32
leyuscan anyone help me?11:32
bobthemilkmanMooshiMuushi: Try vim.11:32
maedoxMooshiMuushi: gedit is already included and it has a bunch of options and plugins.11:33
leyusis it hard drive destoyed? or just file system?11:33
erUSULMooshiMuushi: scite11:33
tensorpuddingMooshiMuushi: No, but Notepad++ can be run in WINE.11:33
leyushow cna i format it before ubuntu installation?11:33
tensorpuddingMooshiMuushi: Geany is vaguely functionally-similar to Notepad++11:33
erUSULleyus: what error do you get when the computer tries to boot up?11:33
MooshiMuushiThank you bobthemilkman, maedox, erUSUL, tensorpudding :)11:34
ActionParsnipleyus: formatting and partitioning a disk is part of the installation process11:35
erUSULMooshiMuushi: but now that you landed in unix/linux you should change your evil ways and just use emacs ;P. do not listen to those "even more evil than you" vi users ... ^.^11:35
_joeywhat is the name of the package to get compiler, header files and all building tools such make, automake, autoconf11:36
erUSULleyus: we need the exact error or symptons you are seeing... what does the computer says when it tries to boot11:36
tensorpudding_joey: build-essential11:36
der-eremit_joey build-essential11:36
erUSUL_joey: build essential11:36
ActionParsnip_joey: build-essential11:36
_joeythanks again11:36
MooshiMuushierUSUL, Evil ways?!11:36
tensorpuddingMooshiMuushi: People in Unix culture have a long history of factionalism and flamewars regarding text editors, especially the vi vs. emacs rivalry11:37
* erUSUL was joking in case it wasn't clear XD11:37
leyusActionParsnip: yes but it doesnt go so far11:37
ActionParsnipMooshiMuushi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Editor_war11:38
leyuserUSUL: what it exactly says? thaty it cant mount /root/dev filed no such file or directory11:38
ActionParsnipleyus: then i suggest you grab the ultimate boot cd and use the manufacturers tool to test the drive physically11:38
Eryn_1983_FLhi peeps how do i get the  black theme off the netbook gnome11:38
ActionParsnipleyus: also make sure you test the CD for errors once first booted to11:38
Eryn_1983_FLmy panels  wont  change color..11:38
erUSULleyus: can you boot into the ubuntu livecd ? and take a look at the hard disk ?11:39
leyuserUSUL: no icant11:39
leyuserUSUL: the same problem as with installation process, stops on ubuntu logo11:39
ActionParsnipleyus: also test your ram using livecd also11:39
ActionParsnipleyus: do you get a blank screen when you boot?11:39
leyusActionParsnip: no11:40
leyusActionParsnip: i got (initramfs)11:40
kneauxI keep getting this error on my server - sudo: unable to resolve host sun11:40
kneauxEvery time I run sudo. What's wrong?11:40
ActionParsnipleyus: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?11:41
Drue192hey guys, I like to watch live streams it pegs out my cpu and after a few minutes it is unwatchable. I am using swiftfox and i know my hardware can handle streams because i dont have the issue on windows. Thanks!11:41
ActionParsnipkneaux: you changed your hostname in /etc/hostname  but not in /etc/hosts11:41
lorenzocabrinimy the ubuntu community has become unfriendly. i user *wants* to set a root password. That may be his/her personal preference, and I'm told not to help that user. I've had it. i'm going back to slackware or debian, both of which have friendly communities. way to go to help a userbase, thune311:41
ActionParsnipkneaux: you will need to boot to root recovery mode to do this as you cannot use sudo to get write access to the file11:41
leyusActionParsnip: no but i install ubuntu from it before and everything went well11:42
leyusActionParsnip: so i assume iso is ok,11:42
ActionParsnipleyus: ok then when you see the stickman screen, press space and select "Check CD for defects"11:42
asfjiohello guys, i want to rename file via terminal which contains some strange characters. i tried to do put backslashes in front of them, but the bash competiond didn't recognize the file. i can't type the name of the file. any suggestions?11:43
leyusits not cd its USB installer11:43
leyusActionParsnip: its not a cd its usb installer. shuld i do the same?11:43
erUSULlorenzocabrini: you and that user are free to set the root password. the helpers of this channel and ubuntu community are free to not support that kind of setup in this channel.11:43
jriblorenzocabrini: the point is that the vast majority of users that want a root password think they *need* one because they just haven't been informed about sudo.  So it's better to first inform about sudo and how setting a root password isn't necessary.  Then of course if the user understands these things and wants to ignore the information, it's their prerogative.  The best thing to do is just to use the11:43
jrib!root factoid which explains these things11:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:43
erUSULlorenzocabrini: we both have a choice and are free to do what we want11:43
ActionParsnipleyus: no, no need.Use the same screen to test the ram you have11:43
st__jrib no, because noone uses sudo except ubuntu11:44
lorenzocabrinijrib: your explanation is fine, thune3 flaming is not11:44
leyusActionParsnip: testing it right now11:44
lorenzocabrinicould have just given an explanation that's all11:44
st__they definitely has the reason to do so11:44
leyusActionParsnip: looks ok to me11:45
leyusActionParsnip: nothing suspicious in RAM testing11:45
ActionParsnipleyus: let a full test run, you may need boot options if a full scan passes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions11:45
bobthemilkmanOkay, I got my data all recovered up.  Now thunderbird won't start. :(11:46
leyusActionParsnip: there is one problem, this computer doesnt have cd11:46
bobthemilkmanTyping "thunderbird" into a terminal produces no output and the progam then suddenly closes.  Doing watch -n 0.01 pgrep thunderbird shows 2 instances launch and then close a split second later.11:47
ActionParsnipleyus: doesn'y matter, its all a block device to the kernel11:47
leyusActionParsnip: so i have to use usb to everything11:47
kneauxActionParsnip, I never changed my hostname, but I'll check those two files in a second. It's my remote server, can I e.g. su to get write access?11:47
ActionParsnipkneaux: they must matc, or you'll get that error11:47
leyusActionParsnip: so what should i use to check disk for defects? becasue i dont see that option in my usb 10.04 installer11:48
ActionParsnipleyus: no, you dont have to check the CD for defects as USB does checking on transfer. You may need some boot options in the link I gave to make it nice11:48
thune3lorenzocabrini: i apologize for the caps and the curtness. i thought that recommending root password to a new ubuntu user was a questionable steer that needed addressing. If i knew there were so many ops in the channel, i might have resonsidered.11:48
shariqanybody gpt issues with an upside down web cam while using flash player .. ie the browser ?11:49
shariqmore importantly u know a fix ? :)11:49
lorenzocabrinithune3: apology accepted. just remember that people may have reasons for wanting to do things there own way. that's why we all use linux.11:49
MooshiMuushiHey peeps, I'm using Pitivi to edit this ".mkv" movie. I did what I needed to do, but I have to re-render it. Is there a to not render. All I did was trim the video.11:49
ActionParsnipshariq: is it upside down in cheese?11:50
kneauxActionParsnip, my hostname isn't in the "hosts" file at all, only localhost, loopback etc. What should I put?11:50
shariqActionParsnip: its seems to work fine on cheese11:50
leyusActionParsnip: ok i will read that, but honestly? i think my hard drive is broken after my son unpluged it from power so rapidly11:51
ActionParsnipkneaux: http://pastie.org/118405511:51
shariqsome update is took for skype fixed it for skype ... but not for flashplayer11:51
ActionParsnipshariq: not sure then, you could flip it upside down so it works in flash I guess11:51
ActionParsnipkneaux: add those 2 lines to /etc/hosts11:51
jukleyusr: boot live session, go to disk utility, theres option check and repair filesystem11:51
shariqyep i did try that with Video4Linux software11:51
ActionParsnipkneaux: your OS can't resolve its own name to    those 2 lines will do it11:52
shariqbut flash player dont seem to care abt that flip11:52
shariqit flips the skype cam though11:52
lordcrchi, im having some weird problems with my ubuntu... all of a sudden i cant change the cpu scaling policy (via the cpu freq scaling monitor applet thingy), i dont have sound (hardware isnt listed) and when i try to shut down or restart i only get logged out... i need to run shutdown -h/-r manually11:52
lordcrcthis happened at the same time...11:52
shariqthe main cause i think is nobody is aware of the adobe flash player implementation11:52
_joeygnome-desktop-environment package is utterly ...bloated11:53
=== unix is now known as Guest72270
leyusjuk: thank you but live session doesnt start as well11:53
leyusjuk: it stops on ubuntu logo11:53
jukleyus: using cd?11:53
kneauxActionParsnip, is there anything i should reset now that that's in my hosts file?11:53
lordcrcim running 10.04, and i think it happened after an update... i havent used my laptop in a few weeks but iirc the last thing i did was install some updates11:53
leyusjuk: using usb installer11:54
_joey is there a smaller package?11:54
neriukasdon't do update anymore11:54
ActionParsnipkneaux: could restart networking maybe, can't hurt11:54
jukleyus: check usb for integrity11:54
ActionParsnipneriukas: do you have a question?11:55
grouchygaijinHi I'm very new and am running Ubuntu in VM ware to try it out I have a question or two about software11:55
leyusjuk: done it's ok11:55
ActionParsnip!ask | grouchygaijin11:55
ubottugrouchygaijin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:55
zanusAssuming I have ~210GB of space to use..... what are the ideal partition size for /root and /boot?11:55
glaucousHow do I get/set automatic sleep with bash/sh?11:55
glaucousStandby, that is11:55
zanusI'm installing meerkat btw11:56
leyusjuk: i format it and installed everything again, scan it on win xp, everything is fine11:56
ActionParsnipzanus: i always say: 10Gb for /, 2xRAM (if you have less than 2Gb RAM) or 1xRAM (if you have 2Gb or more RAM) for swap and the rest for /home11:56
jukleyus: can you switch ttys(alt+1,2,3..) to see any messages11:56
ActionParsnip!10.10 | zanus11:56
ubottuzanus: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:56
neriukasactionparsnip i haven't questions i have a lot of books ;)11:56
leyusjuk: let me chechk11:57
zanusActionParsnip: what about /boot ?11:57
Kitar|sthttp://bigfatcook.com/ here is a site i made with my GF :)11:57
FloodBot1Kitar|st: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:57
jukleyus: are you using unetbootin utility?11:57
grouchygaijinOK - I live in Europe but use a vpn called Anonizer to get an ip address in the US so I can watch TV from the US.  Is there anything like that for ubuntu?11:57
_joeywhat is the latest stable?11:57
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/100411:58
leyusjuk: no reaction11:58
zanusor is /boot even necessary11:58
_joeynow, java would be good to have11:58
_joeyfrom Sun11:58
jvmhi. using ubuntu 9.10: i want to capture sound that's outputted through my soundcard. my microphone is working perfectly with sound recorder, where i can choose as only option "Record from input: Capture". how would i use an output device as an input device?11:58
_joeyand acrobatreader11:58
maedoxzanus: normally you don't have to make a separate part for /boot.11:58
ActionParsnipzanus: not really11:58
_joeyas well as ghostscript11:58
zanusawesome, thank you11:59
ActionParsnip!java | _joey11:59
ubottu_joey: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.11:59
_joeywhat's partner repoisotry?11:59
=== shookees is now known as ZNC_shookees
_joeyand how it is enabled?11:59
ActionParsnip_joey: its  different server which isnt enabled by default which you can install java from11:59
tensorpudding!partner | _joey12:00
ubottu_joey: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »12:00
jukleyus: sorry, it's alt+F1... or ctrl+alt+F1... could you try12:00
leyusok guys thank you rof your time a specailly juk, ActionParsnip and erUSUL i will just open that laptop, i will try also install winxp to check is it possible to install it if not i will throw that laptop to bin12:00
xbonesxActionParsnip: you on still?12:00
leyusjuk: yes one second12:00
tensorpudding_joey: Acrobat Reader is available from the Partner repository, but I don't know why you want it.12:00
_joeyyou are very helpful here:)12:00
grouchygaijinIn Windows I have a program called AnyDVD that strips to copy protection and region encoding from DVDs so I can make copies that play here. Is there anything like that for Ubuntu?12:00
ppqgrouchygaijin, have a look at libdvdcss2, it a package in the medibuntu.org repository12:01
ppqgrouchygaijin, using this, you can play your protected dvds in ubuntu. but be careful: in some countries that's not legal!12:01
grouchygaijinthank you!12:02
_joeyI may stay a little while here12:02
maedoxjvm: Google is your friend. http://jordilin.wordpress.com/2006/07/28/howto-recording-audio-from-the-command-line/12:02
juk!recovery > juk12:02
ubottujuk, please see my private message12:02
leyusjuk: there is a reaction: console: switching to colour frame buffer device 160x5012:02
xbonesxppq: are you familiar with this http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml12:02
leyusehhh hes gone12:02
leyus juk: there is a reaction: console: switching to colour frame buffer device 160x5012:03
ppqxbonesx, no, sorry, plymouth is one of the things i 'apt-get purge' as first after installing ubuntu :) such as pulseaudio and other fragile stuff12:03
ActionParsnipxbonesx: sup?12:03
_joeyone question - how long it usually takes for a package to appear in repository once a newer version has been released by the author of the   application?12:03
xbonesxActionParsnip: alright this is what i have for you one sec12:03
_joey3-6 months?12:04
leyusjuk: thats what i have when i pressed alt+f1 while trying to start ubuntu form usb, during staying forever ubuntu log12:04
ActionParsnipleyus: just get a new hdd for it12:04
leyusActionParsnip: that's what im afraid of12:04
ActionParsnipleyus: new drive is cheaper than new lappy12:04
leyusActionParsnip: there is one more option, during power shutdown filesystem was destroyed, in here formating it12:04
ActionParsnip_joey: something like that12:05
leyusActionParsnip: might help12:05
ActionParsnip!latest | _joey12:05
ubottu_joey: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are  only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:05
leyusActionParsnip: yes but its really old one, 4 years old, wuthout cd and anything else12:05
tensorpudding_joey: Most packages don't track the latest stable releases of the upstream software, as far as I am aware.12:05
tensorpudding_joey: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates12:05
tensorpuddingFor instance, the latest 10.04 kernel lags the latest stable by several months12:05
ActionParsnipleyus: if it does what it needs to do in an acceptable time, its fine12:05
xbonesxActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501414/12:06
xbonesxActionParsnip: thats my original12:06
leyusActionParsnip: i think its worth next to nothing anyway because half of keys from keybord are missing thanks to my children :D12:06
ActionParsnipleyus: you dont need a ferrari to drive round the corner to the shop  and back once a week12:06
ActionParsnipxbonesx: here's mine, I read the whole document: http://pastebin.com/dqYWQnsd12:07
xbonesxActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501415/12:07
xbonesxActionParsnip: thats the edited one12:07
leyusActionParsnip: on winxp it was impossible on this laptop to use skype and firefox att he same time, but i actualy used it every day. But on ubuntu it was working just fine12:07
ActionParsnipxbonesx: looks good12:07
xbonesxok i ran the echo command, letter for letter, so that part is good12:08
xbonesxi also did the modules one as well12:08
ActionParsnipxbonesx: cool. update grub and update initramfs and you are done12:09
leyusActionParsnip: speed was ok, it looked nice and all that stuff, my wife was happy that she can use skype and surf, now it's rubbis, thanks son12:09
xbonesxi ran update-grub and the other command like i was supposed too, but now i dont get a splash at all isntead i get the the listing of what oing on in the beginning12:09
xbonesxwhats going on*12:09
leyusActionParsnip: my little boy knows how to destroy computers :D my daughter destroyed dvd on that one when she was young, he destroyed hard drive :D12:09
ActionParsnipleyus: kids do that, my nephew has a game called "what does this fit in". He usually plays it with half chewed biscuits or sweets12:10
ubottutex is a language for describing a document, commonly used especially for scientific publishing. Information and instructions for installing TeX and other related packages can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LaTeX12:10
jukActionParsnip: do you know where I could edit to enable grub menu?12:10
leyusActionParsnip: :D12:10
ActionParsnipjuk: i'm not to conversant with grub12:10
juk!grub > juk12:11
ubottujuk, please see my private message12:11
=== root is now known as Guest18513
ActionParsnipxbonesx: did you run: sudo apt-get install v86d hwinfo12:11
leyusok guys thanks again12:11
leyusi will try this:12:11
leyusand a win xp installation12:12
xbonesxTUT didnt say to add hwinof on the end ????12:12
leyusif neither will work12:12
FloodBot2leyus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:12
leyusi will buy new hard drive12:12
xbonesxgetting hwinfo right now12:12
xbonesxActionParsnip: i ran hwinfo and cant find anything about a video card...12:15
guitar-maniacHey! Trying to add trashbin to my upper panel.. but can't find it on the add panel list...12:16
Leman_RussAnyone know how I can get an animated background with Conpiz, when I spin the 3D Desktop Cube?12:16
xbonesxActionParsnip: i had to run it with | less12:16
Leman_RussLooked all over Prefs but cant figure it ou12:16
jukActionParsnip: nevermind I don't really need that menu, I have live CD, to be on the safe side12:17
der-eremitxbonesx try lspci | grep -i vga12:18
mae_taepeople, how do i upgrade squid version 1.2.11 to version 1.3.7? if ever it is upgraded will it not overwrite the current configuration?12:18
maedoxmae_tae: normally upgrades will ask what to do with the config, but make a backup first to be sure.12:20
stuk_genhi all12:20
der-eremitxbonesx you can also use: hwinfo --gfxcard12:20
mae_taemaedox, ok so how will i upgrade it, will i just directly install the latest squid?12:20
xbonesx VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G84 [GeForce 8600M GT] (rev a1)12:21
maedoxmae_tae: if it's installed with a package manager just do « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade »12:21
stuk_geni've a ubuntu-server in my server pc, the pc is configured from another user, today pc is break, and i have to change the motherboard...now it work but i have some problem with the net. Before the accident the net is eth0 now is eth1 how can i configure it to use eth0?12:22
afancyHi, Could anybody help me? after I update the Ubuntu, I cannot boot. "Udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured"12:22
mae_taemaedox, problem the distro where our proxy is installed is fedora12:22
xbonesxder-eremit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501421/12:22
xbonesxwow he left12:23
afancyHi, I have two computers installed Ubuntu10.04, now both cannot boot12:23
maedoxmae_tae: ok, then it's yum. I don't know the specifics because I left fedora a long time ago. #fedora or something like that maybe...12:23
afancycould anybody help me? thanks12:23
maedox!details | afancy12:24
ubottuafancy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:24
afancyubottu: Ubuntu 10.0412:24
jukxbonesx: what are you doing?12:24
der-eremitxbonesx what's your exact problem. i guess i just missed the start of it12:24
xbonesxjuk: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml12:24
xbonesxjuk: but it doesnt work12:24
afancywhen it start xwindow, it stop there12:24
xbonesxder-eremit: refer to messages to juk12:25
oCeanstuk_gen: probably by editing /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. There is where the eth0 (or eth1) is linked to a mac address12:25
maedoxafancy: ubottu is a bot. We need error messages or other details as to what you did before if stopped working. exact dates for latest package upgrade etc. There are a million ways a box can not boot.12:25
jukxbonesx: comeon I did it today, folowing icarus-c link12:25
xbonesxthats my file12:25
maedoxafancy: what happens if you press ctrl-alt-f1 ? do you get a terminal?12:25
afancymaedox: I just did update a moment ago, not it propmts "Udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured"12:25
icarus-clol xbonesx you are doing this for the whole day :-o12:25
xbonesxsetup the right way12:25
xbonesxicarus-c: yep :p12:26
maedoxafancy: sounds bad. But I'm not sure.12:26
stuk_genoCean: ok i do it! now is correct but i cant ping the machine, there are some other to correct?12:26
afancymaedox: ctrl-alt-1 go into a prompt12:26
oCeanstuk_gen: you restarted the network?12:26
stuk_genoCean: yes i reboot the server12:26
icarus-cxbonesx, you should bother with grub and kernel parameters, since plymouth already working ( you see the purple dot animation screen)   all you want is just changing plymouth theme12:27
icarus-cxbonesx, i mean you shouldn't12:27
xbonesxicarus-c: id like to look at it though as im waiting for ubuntu to load12:27
oCeanstuk_gen: okay, then it's hard to tell why the server is not responding to ping. You're sure the interface eth0 is up?12:27
xbonesxicarus-c: plus the liveusb works just fine... ???12:28
BigWookiei've got a problem, my postfix seems to ignore the /etc/aliases file12:28
der-eremitstuk_gen additional to checking if the correct interface is up, you should also check if there's a default gateway bound to the interface12:29
maedoxafancy: ok, so it still works, but some X issues then. Someone should be able to help you. Maybe paste some log output to paste.ubuntu.com or pastebin.com.  /var/log/messages and /var/log/boot.log  perhaps. Also /var/log/apt/history.log might be of interest.12:29
icarus-cxbonesx, um you use nvidia right?12:29
maedox!paste | afancy12:29
ubottuafancy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:29
xbonesxicarus-c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501421/12:30
stuk_genfrom another pc i can connect to the server via ssh but not ping...maybe there is some rules to the server that can disable ping?12:30
xbonesxicarus-c: brb rebooting12:31
der-eremitstuk_gen yep, probably some ip-tables rules in the way12:31
dhruvasagarHey how do I find out what my sound card & video card is ?12:32
icarus-cdhruvasagar, lspci12:32
der-eremitdhruvasagar lcpci or hwinfo12:32
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HakanDafter a boot failure, i repaired the boot partition with e2fsck command, now I can boot but none of the drivers are working, nvidia, touchpad etc, and i can only work on low graphics mode12:33
HakanDany ideas?12:33
oCeanBigWookie: your alias_maps file in the postfix config is set to /etc/aliases?12:33
BigWookiei found the problem, very strange12:34
maedoxdhruvasagar: « sudo apt-get install hwinfo && hwinfo --sound --gfxcard »12:34
BigWookiein /etc/mailname was a wrong (but existent and valid ) domain12:34
dhruvasagarThanks icarus-c & der-eremit, der-eremit it's lspci12:34
icarus-cdhruvasagar, hardinfo is another tool. (GUI)12:35
oCeanBigWookie: ok. good thing you found it12:35
der-eremitdhruvasagar lspci is on board, hwinfo needs to be installed12:35
_joeythis is what I want to install texlive-full minus support for different languages12:35
BigWookieinteresting thing, it just ignored the aliases12:35
BigWookieno explanation12:35
dhruvasagaryea I figured that out :)12:35
xbonesxicarus-c: i swear it has something to do with startupmanager, but i have uninstalled it12:36
thune3HakanD: first i might look in /lost+found (need sudo or root) and see if any important files got put there.12:36
HakanDthune3, thanks i ll try that now12:37
dhruvasagaricarus-c: maedox der-eremit thanks a lot12:37
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manfredrastacan anybody help connecting my laptop with LUbuntu to mi wireless connection please?12:41
Propelanyone here play steam on ubuntu?12:41
manfredrastais there anybody here?12:41
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=== jason is now known as jason-
Propelhi manfredrasta12:41
pznCan you recommend some package for plotting a "csv" file? I need to see a graphic and zoom-in zoom-out interactively. openoffice is tooooo slow. I have about 40000 lines.12:41
coz_manfredrasta,  I am sure there are many here :)12:41
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manfredrastaPropel:  i need help12:42
BEAST_CSV frim what12:42
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Propellol i do too lol12:42
=== Guest58745 is now known as Jason-
der-eremitmanfredrasta just use the network-manager applet12:42
Pici!nickspam > Jason-12:42
ubottuJason-, please see my private message12:42
der-eremitmanfredrasta ALT+F2 nm-applet12:42
PropelI'm wondering if anyone uses STEAM on ubuntu12:42
coz_manfredrasta,  just tell us the problem12:42
Propeland how the gameplay is12:42
HakanDthune3, there is tons of foldes and files in lost+found, any idea on what to do with them12:43
manfredrastaI have to connect to the wireless with lubuntu12:43
nosrhey would anyone mind helping me with a simple tcp flag question?12:43
bhaveshvalai have issue of iowait12:43
manfredrastaI explain12:43
bhaveshvalawhich is currently 100%12:43
BEAST_nosr: ?12:43
manfredrastathe cabled connection works great12:43
maedoxPropel: I use it with Crossover Games and it works very good.12:43
PropelHi, maedox!12:44
PropelWhat software do you use to emulate STEAM on ubuntu?12:44
manfredrastaand I can insert a wireless connection easily12:44
bhaveshvalahow can i debug iowait issue12:44
thune3HakanD: can you ID any major folder? (since the root name of the folders will be broken)? otherwise i would install debsums package (if possible) and run "debsums -ac"12:44
manfredrastaI enter the ESSID and the password and give a name to the connection12:44
xbonesxicarus-c: come up with anything12:45
manfredrastabut now12:45
thune3HakanD: "sudo debsums -ac" will report files that differ from their installed versions and could allow you to identify packages than need reinstallation.12:45
xbonesxi noticed from tweaking with the grub.cfg file that i have to have vga=<something> for it to show up12:45
der-eremitmanfredrasta did you get an error or something?12:45
manfredrastathere is no wireless icon in the desktop as with the cabled connection12:45
HakanDthune3, thanks, trying that now12:45
xbonesxicarus-c: i noticed from tweaking with the grub.cfg file that i have to have vga=<something> for it to show up12:45
manfredrastaany errors12:46
der-eremitmanfredrasta check if the interface is up: ip addr show12:46
ben_qany expert here on unionfs-fuse? I'd like to know if there is a possibility to find out the real location of a file that I see in a unionfs-mounted directory.12:46
der-eremitmanfredrasta is there something like wlan0 with an assigned IP?12:46
manfredrastader-eremit: i'll see, just a minute12:47
maedoxPropel: I use Crossover, which is based on Wine. I currently play Counter-strike Source now and then. Been meaning to try Team Fortress 2 also, since I played that a while back on windows.12:47
xbonesxder-eremit: the problems is i cant get the plymouth boot loading screen to gotot the right res...12:47
manfredrastader-eremit: there is lo and eth012:47
PropelThe game play is smooth? No lag, glitchiness or any other issues?12:48
xbonesxder-eremit: works just fine with the liveusb12:48
der-eremitmanfredrasta okay, then your wifi interface isn't up12:48
der-eremitxbonesx uhm, i'm not that experienced with grub2 configuration - never mess around with grub2 ;)12:48
manfredrastader-eremit, what should i do then?12:48
maedoxPropel: please mention my nick it you are talking to me. Yes, the gameplay is good.12:49
* xbonesx wants to shoot himself :S12:49
BigWookiethis is driving me crazy, postfix is still ignoring /etc/aliases12:49
Propelsorry, maedox12:49
maedoxPropel: Crossover has a free trial you can try. You can also use Wine yourself but there's no guarantee it will work as well.12:49
* xbonesx invites BigWookie to his boat, has an extra oar12:49
manfredrastader-eremit: how do I set up my wifi interface?12:50
Propelmaedox, yeah, i heard wine wasn't very good emulating steam.12:50
BigWookiethanks :)12:50
sipiorBigWookie: you've run newaliases, i assume?12:50
xbonesxmanfredrasta: what card?12:50
maedoxPropel: Crossover has tweaked it a lot so it plays nice with Ubuntu.12:50
Propelmaedox, is it almost like you're playing on Windows, it's that good on Crossover?12:50
manfredrastaxbonesx, dont know. How do I check it?12:50
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Propelmaedox, like 100fps?12:50
xbonesxmanfredrasta: you working from ubuntu?12:51
maedoxPropel: I guess it