DocfxitBencahill That much I know. I followed the information at http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html and it didn't work.00:00
bencahillDocfxit: brb00:00
gardeniaah ok a_p3rson . how do i do that. sorry im not familiar how to do it.00:00
a_p3rsongardenia: what client are you using?00:00
Guest68446someone in MENLO PARK ...00:00
a_p3rsongardenia: if you are using the freenode webchat interface, click on the first tab (the server one) and type         #xubuntu00:01
gardeniai don't understand what is a client . im just a girl. don't understand technical stuff00:01
a_p3rson!ontopic | Guest6844600:01
ubottuGuest68446: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:01
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Quexletdds so it00:02
Guest68446hey ... Gardenia is a flower name ...00:02
[Coke]I have a dell netbook - after the upgrade to 10.10, I'm having difficulty with suspend - hibernate works, but suspend never wakes up - have to power off and on. I know others have reported similar issues; is it worth reporting a new issue (or updating an existing one) for my particular hardware config? (if so, any particular information I should attach tot eh ticket?)00:02
Quexim gonna make yoo a movie star, lovely00:02
Quexcome to my hotel00:02
a_p3rsongardenia: type this:       /join #xubuntu00:02
a_p3rson!ontopic | Quex00:02
ubottuQuex: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:02
Jordan_UQuex: That is not apropriate, please stop.00:02
IdleOne!codeofconduct > Quex00:03
ubottuQuex, please see my private message00:03
a_p3rsonlol @ mass response...00:03
bencahillwow, alot of spam today00:03
bencahillDocfxit: back, one sec...00:04
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alesanhi I wanted to mount my newly installed second hard disk so it goes in a specific directory00:04
gardeniaok thanks a_p3rson00:04
alesanI noticed that in fstab there are UUIDs instead of device names00:04
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alesanhow am I supposed to work with UUIDs?00:04
bencahillDocfxit: !paste /etc/network/interfaces , please00:04
jow_otroGot change my name ...00:04
bencahillalesan: you can do either, but uuid's are better, why do you ask?00:05
jrib!uuid | alesan00:05
ubottualesan: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)00:05
jow_otroGardenia ... Is it a flower name ???00:05
bencahill!ot | jow_otro00:05
ubottujow_otro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:05
alesanbencahill, how do I get the UUID for my new hard disk?00:05
alesanbencahill, what if I change hard disks?00:05
bencahillalesan: what ubottu said, sudo blkid00:05
BiPolahalesan: You can get your drive UUID by typing "blkid" in your terminal00:05
bencahillalesan: read the link by ubottu above ^^00:05
BiPolahBencahill: You don't need to have sudo on it.00:06
alesanthanks jrib I will read that! that will probably answer all my questions00:06
bencahillBiPolah: oh, that's what I've always read :-/00:06
alesanif you give me A SECOND I can read everything00:06
BiPolahbencahill: I saw that too, but it works fine for me without it.00:06
bencahillalesan: take your time :)00:06
bencahillBiPolah: o_o root shell?00:06
jow_otrobencahill, sorry ... I don't understand english well ... now I got the message ...00:07
jribBiPolah: you're right, though I believe I remember sudo being required when it was first introduced00:07
zhosteanybody know of a good bittorrent client or bittorrent client addon that i can access through ssh and keep track of?00:07
zhostepreferably something with a progressbar.00:07
jribzhoste: rtorrent?  btdownloadcurses?00:07
BiPolahBencahill: Nope00:08
zhostedoes rtorrent have progress bars now?00:08
ActionParsnipzhoste: you can use transmission, it has a web interface you can log into to remote monitor it. It also can be monitored from ANdroid phones using transdroid ;)00:08
BiPolahCan just leave ubottu how it is, it still works with sudo00:08
zhostei've been trying to get transmission-remote-cli to work for a few hours. it won't let me ssh in.00:08
peaveymanI have 2 drives in my desktop, a 500 gb with Windows 7 and a 250 gb that is blank. If I install ubuntu on the 250 will it detect 7 on the 500 and set up a dual boot00:08
ActionParsnipzhoste: i've not used it at cli, i always use web interface00:09
Jordan_Upeaveyman: Yes.00:09
peaveymanThat's what I thought, Jordan_U00:09
bowser22k guys im flippin right now00:09
a_p3rsonpeaveyman: it depends. you will have to manually select which drive to boot, or you can default to the ubuntu drive, which can bounce back to the windows00:09
bowser22heres my issue00:10
bencahillBiPolah: blkid (no sudo) doesn't print anything on stdout for me00:10
peaveymanIs there any reason not to install the 64bit version00:10
BiPolahPeavey: Yes. It will install GRUB which will detect Windows. If you install Windows after Ubuntu it will wipe the MBR and GRUB would have to be reinstalled00:10
BiPolahBencahill: What version are you running?00:10
bencahillpeaveyman: flash, and some others...00:10
bencahillBiPolah: 10.1000:10
peaveymanso 64bit flash doesn't work00:10
zhosteActionParsnip: does btdownloadcurses have a config file i can edit? it looks good, but i'd like to not see some of the information it displays.00:10
bowser22i have installed and a sb live card. i have a program running that will take sound from the line in and synthesize it and oputput to lineout or speaker out, problem is the line in just loops back out and plays through the speakers!00:11
Jordan_Ubencahill: BiPolah: jrib: I believe it depends on whether there is anything in the libblkid cache or not. When there will / won't be anything in the cache I don't know.00:11
jribpeaveyman: 64bit flash does work00:11
bencahill!64-bit | peaveyman00:11
ubottupeaveyman: AMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64%20Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.00:11
jribJordan_U: makes sense I guess00:11
peaveymanok, thanks00:11
bowser22can anyone help?00:11
ActionParsnipzhoste: not one i've used, sorry00:11
* jrib likes « ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ » anyway00:11
bencahillJordan_U, BiPolah: ah, if I run blkid after sudo blkid, I get results, but I'm sure those wouldn't update if you didn't use blkid00:11
bencahilljrib: whatever works :)00:12
BiPolahBencahill: That would just be running it as sudo, since it elevates privileges for a short time, not a single command00:12
victor_Ola pessoal meu picasa nao inicia, jah tentei reinstalar e nada... segue o erro >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/567517/00:12
mneptokBiPolah: incorrect00:12
bencahillBiPolah: no, sudo is for a command00:12
bencahillBiPolah: where did you get this idea?00:13
barfWhich command line tool to use to set the console resolution? http://www.cyberciti.biz/files/linux-kernel/Documentation/svga.txt00:13
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bencahillbarf: you could adjust it on boot00:13
bencahill!grub2 | barf00:13
ubottubarf: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub200:13
BiPolahBencahill: I remember having run several apt-gets to install/remove programs without typing sudo for all of them. Perhaps I'm recalling it wrongly00:14
Jordan_U!pt | victor_00:14
ubottuvictor_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:14
bencahillBiPolah: and... ?00:14
bowser22i have installed and a sb live card. i have a program running that will take sound from the line in and synthesize it and oputput to lineout or speaker out, problem is the line in just loops back out and plays through the speakers!00:14
miketomdoolbipolah did you use sudo -i first?00:14
zhosteumm...my wife just stole my truck. :(00:14
maco2BiPolah: i thought it was in 10.10 that pitivi was added and gimp was removed from default ubuntu...00:14
bencahill!ot | zhoste00:14
ubottuzhoste: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:14
BiPolahBencahill & Miketomdool: Nope, just regular sudo apt-get etc.00:15
BiPolahMaco2: There's no GIMP in 10.10 by default certainly, but I don't remember ever having Pitivi00:15
gardeniait works. thanks for the tip. someone in xubuntu helped me.00:15
zhostestaying on topic isn't something i generally do...00:15
mneptokzhoste: then this channel is not for you.00:16
miketomdoolidk how you managed to do it without sudo... but ok00:16
bencahillzhoste: doesn't matter00:16
bencahill!guidelines | zhoste00:16
ubottuzhoste: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:16
StFSHi. I just installed Ubuntu using the netinstall usb and I managed to mess up writing the MBR to the disk and somehow wrote it to the installation flash drive instead. I was able to fix this by doing "grub-setup '(hd0)'" but I'm just worried that I'm leaving something out... perhaps some config file that should be updated so that future upgrades and such will not try to find the MBR on the USB key but the MBR on my hdd00:16
felix_dusx_12hi... someone has a good tutorial about postfix00:17
bencahillfelix_dusx_12: was that intended to be a question?00:17
BiPolahStFS: I believe it would take the MBR from whichever drive it's set to boot from00:17
felix_dusx_12sth like that00:17
maco2BiPolah: http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.manifest00:17
felix_dusx_12i have problems installing  postfix00:18
a_p3rson!hello | root_00:18
felix_dusx_12i am trying to use postfix with nagios00:18
bencahill!root | root_00:18
ubotturoot_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:18
Docfxitbencahill what I tried for network static configuration is at http://pastebin.com/cEhdLrWT00:18
Jordan_UStFS: sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc00:18
Jordan_UStFS: And in the future you should use grub-install rather than using grub-setup directly.00:19
BiPolahMaco2: You're right. I must've installed it at some point, I just don't remember since video editing isn't something I plan to do so I wouldn't pay much notice. I've got a few leftover packages in /var/00:19
Docfxitbencahill When I re-booted Ubuntu wiped out everything below the 2nd line.00:19
StFSJordan_U: ahh... thank you kind sir ;-)00:19
Jordan_UStFS: You're welcome.00:20
mneptokDocfxit: really? the subnet is 168.168?00:20
barfIs there a command line tool to see current video mode in use for the console? http://www.cyberciti.biz/files/linux-kernel/Documentation/svga.txt00:20
bencahillDocfxit: running gnome?00:20
Docfxitmneptok yes00:21
Docfxitbencahill not that I know of.00:21
mneptokDocfxit: and the router/gateway is, in fact,
bencahillDocfxit: cli then?00:21
Docfxitmneptok yes00:21
bencahillmneptok: heh :P00:21
bencahillDocfxit: where did you get this info?00:21
Docfxitbencahill I have a number of PC's on my LAN all configured that way.00:22
mneptokDocfxit: those values are very, very strange. most gateways are at .100:23
Docfxitbencahill I'm not sure about network and broadcast for windows I don't configure those.00:23
bencahillDocfxit: so are you running a cli then?00:23
bencahillDocfxit: that's quite obvious00:23
bubuany channel for helping with screen resolution?00:23
DocfxitI don't know what cli is.00:24
BiPolahDefault router address is typically
mneptokDocfxit: the values you say you use elsewhere, how did you get them? did you enter them statically in another OS, or ... ?00:24
rudolphplugging my mytouch 4g does not show on desktop but I see it in Computer but can not access it.00:24
BiPolahRudolph: Is it mounting at all?00:24
Docfxitmneptok yes. I run everything static on my lan.00:25
rudolphNot on desktop00:25
BiPolahRudolph: If you right click it does it give you the option to unmount it or mount it?00:25
Dougdoug4quick question00:25
Dougdoug4I'm editing my kernel so i can make it so i boot into single user mode00:25
Dougdoug4where do i add the word 'single' in this set of lines i've got00:26
feydis there a way to control GTK themes in a session file?00:26
Docfxitmneptok For a SonicWall router the default LAN Gateway is
Dougdoug4the guide i'm reading says 'add at the end of the kernel line'00:26
Dougdoug4i'm not sure which line is the kernel line00:26
bubui have problems for changing my screen resolution. I have a fujitsu-siemens laptop. Any sugestion?00:26
bastidrazorDougdoug4: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"   add text inside the quotes.00:26
rudolph_When plugged in, the only place I see it is Computer and I can unmount it but not access it at all.00:26
bastidrazorDougdoug4: in the file /etc/default/grub00:26
mneptokDocfxit: so you enter these values in /etc/network.interfaces and then what happens?00:27
BiPolahRudolph: What version of iOS are you running on it?00:27
Dougdoug4I was at the grub menu00:27
Dougdoug4I clicked 'e' to edit the kernel00:27
Dougdoug4i'm at that menu right now00:27
Dougdoug4the only line that contains quiet splash is this one00:27
bubuhey dude could anyone please help me00:27
Dougdoug4"linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-22-generic root=UUID-c58-23582(more numbers)\ca more numbers ro    quiet splash00:28
ricorx7ask bubu00:28
ricorx7thats the line doug00:28
Dougdoug4so i just add 'single' too the end of quiet splash?00:28
rudolph_BiPolah I am not certain. It showed on the desktop last week but not now. Can I manually mount and if so how?00:28
miketomdoolbubu try downloading drivers from the company website00:28
Dougdoug4Yea ricorx7? Just make it "ro    quiet splash single"00:28
Docfxitmneptok I rebot the PC because I can't figure out how to restart the network. After it reboots all the lines in interfaces are wiped out except for the first 2 lines.00:28
BiPolahRudolph_: Grab libimobiledevice100:28
mneptokDocfxit: ls -l /etc/network/interfaces00:29
bubui just need to change the resolution00:29
mneptokDocfxit: and you're running with no GUI, right?00:29
rudolph_Okay. I will try  that00:29
bencahillDocfxit: if you're using gnome, right click on the nm applet, and configure it from there00:29
ricorx7doug: ya00:29
BiPolahRudolph_: Then remount it00:29
bubucompany website wont work00:29
ChaosRhello people, when my screen goes into standby (not computer), it sometimes refuses to wake up again. SSH still works, and will show X using 100% CPU. restarting GDM does not work, and killing X is impossible (even with kill -KILL). it is however not limited to standby, occurs rarely on normal screensaver too, anybody knows how to solve this?00:30
rudolph_This program,  libimobiledevice1, is already installed.00:30
miketomdoolbubu i dont know what it is in ubuntu but under the administrative section is there "Monitors"00:30
mneptokChaosR: stop using screensavers and just blank the screen. the OpenGL accelerated screensavers are killing you.00:31
bencahillDocfxit: here, it looks like this: ↑↓00:31
[Coke]ChaosR: i have a similar problem with my netbook after the upgrade to 10.x00:31
ChaosRmneptok: blank screen does the same thing00:31
bencahillDocfxit: right click that, and click edit connections00:31
bencahillDocfxit: but why are you not using dhcp?00:31
bubuhey mike whats the link men00:31
mneptokbencahill: because (s)he does not want to?00:31
mneptokbencahill: if an OS cannot work with static IPs, it's a crap OS. full stop.00:32
bencahillmneptok: I doubt they understand basic networking00:32
bowser22i have installed and a sb live card. i have a program running that will take sound from the line in and synthesize it and oputput to lineout or speaker out, problem is the line in just loops back out and plays through the speakers!00:32
bencahillmneptok: who said an os can't work with static ip's?00:32
stagswow big group00:32
duke3dI am installing Windows 7 right now.. I want to do a dual boot with Ubuntu... any tips or recommendations on how accomplish that?00:32
bencahillbowser22: telling us the program might help :)00:33
bencahillduke3d: ubuntu already installed?00:33
aeon-ltd!dualboot | duke3d00:33
ubottuduke3d: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:33
Docfxitbencahill I didn't install gnome. Does it come with Ubuntu?00:33
zaibach333I fried my graphics card and booting only goes to console, how do I install my onboard graphics from console?00:33
bencahill!gnome | Docfxit00:33
ricorx7bubu: are you saying the screen resolution option is not listed? or just how?00:33
ubottuDocfxit: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu. To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.00:33
stagscurious about experiences that any have had running all linux servers with windows clients00:33
mneptokDocfxit: do you have a grpahical user interface?00:33
miketomdoolbubu its under system->preferences->Display00:33
duke3dbencahill, installing windows 7 now, ubuntu afterwards00:33
bencahillduke3d: just do it like that, and you'll be good, ubuntu will detect the win7 install and add a boot item for it00:34
bencahillduke3d: just don't do ubuntu, then win700:34
ricorx7bubu mine is under Syste->preferences->monitor00:34
bencahillbubu: yes, it's System > Preferences > Monitor00:34
bencahillmiketomdool: what v of ubuntu?00:34
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bubugraphic card is not configured00:35
karim2how do I install the nouveau graphics drivers?00:35
duke3dthat's what I figured.. windows then ubuntu00:35
mneptokbubu: System > Admin > Restricted Drivers00:35
bencahillduke3d: yep :)00:35
zaibach333how do I install the generic display drivers from console?00:35
mneptok(or whatever that is)00:35
ricorx7bubu: look at system->administration->Additional Drivers00:35
bencahillmneptok, bubu: no, Additional Drivers :P00:36
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Docfxitmneptok no.00:36
ricorx7different menu options00:36
MtrPandaIn windows, if you press ctrl prtscn you save the  screen image to the clipboard. is there a similar way to capture screen images in ubuntu ?00:36
bubufujitsu mobile esprimo v553500:36
bencahillMtrPanda: just press PrintScrn00:36
karim2Additional Drivers that's not in the menu00:36
bencahillkarim2: what v of ubuntu?00:36
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_matt_what do you guys think is the best kde based distro00:36
ricorx7That is what mine is called00:36
MtrPandathanks ben225_00:36
bubuok ben00:37
bencahill!ot | _matt_00:37
ubottu_matt_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:37
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bencahillkarim2: they probably changed it for 10.1000:37
ablysshi all, i'm sure this is old news by now but how do i fix the beam.smp from hogging cpu?00:37
bencahillMtrPanda: lol, !tab fail :P, thanks anyway, np :00:37
bubucant hook wifi00:38
bencahillbubu: what card?00:38
bencahillbubu: lspci00:38
karim2so how do I install nouveau again?00:39
bubuits that to configure the type of card i have00:39
MtrPandabencahill,   oops yes, the tab button got me00:39
Logan_WP!nouveau | karim200:39
ubottukarim2: nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default in 10.04. Currently 3D rendering is unsupported. More information can be found in http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ - See also !nvidia00:39
bencahillbubu: lspci = list pci devices00:39
MtrPandabye all, thanks...00:39
bubuok ben00:39
bencahill!who | bubu00:39
ubottububu: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:39
bencahill!tab | bubu00:39
ubottububu: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:39
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KGBWolfi want to remove super block last mount time from stopping my systems from booting00:41
hylianhello, i goofed up my fstab, and so now i am in terminal. anyways, for some reason sudo nano /etc/fstab does not work, it is still write protected. I can't even chmod a+x /etc/fstab... please help00:41
bencahillhylian: sounds like the drive is mounted ro00:41
bencahillhylian: did you set the / drive to be mounted as ro?00:41
rudolphI can not get mytouch 4g to connect. It shows in Computer and right clicking will not allow me to open it.00:41
hylianbencahill: actually, i accidentally made 2 drives both /dev/sda1.00:42
bencahillrudolph: on ubuntu?00:42
bencahillhylian: paste /etc/fstab?00:42
hylianbencahill, i have no desktop, how?00:42
bencahillhylian: are you on the internet?00:42
boxbeatsyanybody know how i can compile a complete list of IP's www.google.com resolves to?  (dig www.google.com only returns a contsnat 5 IP's)00:43
pretenderrunning ubuntu 10.04 and a brother scanner simple scan only works as root how do I fix this00:43
bencahillboxbeatsy: why?00:43
hylianbencahill: um, no. ofcoarse i am, but only in tty, or terminal. how else would i be talking to you?00:43
boxbeatsybencahill: trying to access the US google.com from an overseas IP dynamically00:43
Guest9850hey all00:43
boxbeatsybencahill: so i need to skip the DNS lookup00:43
Dougdoug4when running ubuntu in recovery mode, it still wants a root password from me00:43
Dougdoug4And I need to reset my root password, help?!00:43
bencahill!root | Dougdoug400:44
ubottuDougdoug4: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:44
hyliandoes anyone know how i can gain priveleges to /etc/fstab? (not sudo gedit or chmod a+x)00:44
mneptokboxbeatsy: IP will not help. Google does geolocation. set your Google prefs to always use English00:44
Dougdoug4I typed sudo for god sake00:44
Dougdoug4the little thing says00:44
boxbeatsymneptok: i've alrady tried.  accessing the US IP does work00:44
boxbeatsyi just don't know how to get a complete list00:44
Dougdoug4"Give root password for maintenance (or type Ctrl-D to continue):"00:44
Dougdoug4I type sudo, it says login incorrect00:44
boxbeatsyif you type in dig www.google.com you get 5 sample IP's google.com resolves to00:44
Dougdoug4what do i do00:44
bencahillhylian: well, if you can't edit it with sudo, it must be mounted as ro00:44
bencahillhylian: ...I did that once :P00:45
Logan_WP!enter | Dougdoug400:45
ubottuDougdoug4: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:45
maco2bencahill: or chattr'd to immutable00:45
bencahillmaco2: ?00:45
hylianbencahill: it currently isn't mounted at all, or so i thought. but my problem isn't accessing the drive, my problem is editing fstab, which i can access, but cannot change00:45
karim2how come when the group of a user is change the files owned by that user is not also changed to that group?00:46
bencahillhylian: try sudo mkdir /tester00:46
maco2bencahill: if you chattr +i (set the immutable bit) you cant modify the file regardless of other permissions00:46
Logan_WP!addingfs | hylian00:46
ubottuhylian: If you are adding space to your Ubuntu installation mounting a newly created unix filesystem (ext3, xfs, jfs, etc) you can not set permissions (read, write, etc) filesystem-wide like you do when mounting filesystems that do not support unix permissions (vfat, ntfs, hfs, etc).  See !permissions and !fstab00:46
bencahillmaco2: but not if the drive is mounted as ro :)00:46
MrokiiGuest9850: As nobody else seems to care... Hello :)00:46
maco2bencahill: right, but im saying ro isnt the only possible explanation for a file being ro00:46
maco2bencahill: erm, i mean a ro partition isnt the only possible...00:47
bencahillmaco2: yes, but I think it is in this case00:47
bencahillmaco2: it is = it is most likely00:47
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Guest9850Mrokii: hello ty I am wondering why its not identifying me I have a user a pw00:47
boxbeatsyer, does anyone know what's going on behind the scenes with the dig command?00:47
Logan_WP!ot | Guest985000:47
ubottuGuest9850: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:47
feydis there a way to control GTK themes in a session file? Select a certain session, have it load a GTK theme different than another session00:47
boxbeatsyundrestanding that would help me determine a way to get the full list maybe00:47
bencahillboxbeatsy: man dig?00:47
Guest9850Mrokii: trying to sort it out atm00:47
hylianbencahill: i can't umount that drive, but i can see the contents, and i can even open a file using nano, for instance.00:48
ricorx7hylian: you have to sudo to umount00:48
bencahillhylian: what drive? this isn't /?00:48
barfOn a text based base install of ubuntu, will apt-get install nautilus give me the smallest possible install of GNOME?00:49
bencahillricorx7: unless it's users00:49
hylianricorx7: i sudo'd. thanks.00:49
MrokiiGuest9850: I don't know unfortunately. I'm not really an expert regarding Ubuntu. Hopefully somebody else on this channel can help. But are you sure that you are entering the right password and username?00:49
bencahillbarf: gnome != small00:49
bencahillbarf: what are you trying to acheive?00:49
hylianbencahill: yes, it would be /00:49
doolphanyone can help me install Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or 900:49
jahrome_help! my gnome is corrupt after installing wine00:49
Starminnboxbeatsy:" dig +all www.google.com" gave me seven results.00:49
krycekfck IE00:49
bencahillhylian: then don't try to umount it, the drive you're running on00:49
jahrome_when i go to plaes wine start with error "file not found"00:49
maco2krycek: obfuscated swearing is still swearing. please don't.00:49
bencahill!language | krycek00:50
ubottukrycek: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:50
hylianbencahill and ricorx7 i'll be right back, im going to boot of the cd and change fstab, brb00:50
jahrome_sorry, Places00:50
krycekmaco2: sure sure..00:50
barfbencahill: To install Ubuntu with GUI on a 1GB SSD00:50
bencahillhylian: yes, that's what you need to do00:50
bencahillbarf: ?00:50
bencahillbarf: try openbox00:50
bencahillbarf: what specs computer?00:51
Guest9850ok this is better00:51
Guest9850hmm maybe not00:51
gnewbbarf: There are some pre written scripts that can do something like that, edit and use at your own discretion and always make a backup before doing such things.00:51
lovHi, I'm trying to install getlibs using 10.10 x86_64. However, getlibs, get-libs, and variations thereof don't seem to exist in my repos.00:51
lovDo I need to point to some older repos to get getlibs?00:51
bryhoyt1Hi, I'm trying to set up a gstreamer pipeline with a gamma adjustment. There are 2 gamma plugins for gstreamer, but they've got issues. The "gamma" plugin isn't actually gamma, it just sets the brightness (real gamma should not interfere with the black & white points). The "frei0r-filter-gamma" plugin does the right thing with black & white, but it adds a blueish/washed-out tinge to my whole video. Why? How can I get a decent gamma using gstreamer?00:52
barfbencahill: I am debootstrapping Ubuntu onto a Samsung SyncMaster 400PXn00:52
bencahilldoes ubuntu use (terminology) x86_64? I thought it was "amd64"...00:52
bencahillbarf: why ubuntu?00:52
sacarlsonboxbeatsy: I guess you could try install bind9 and backup the cache over time?00:53
barfbencahill: I prefer apt based distros00:53
barfI usually use ubuntu00:53
gnewbbarf: Try Lubuntu00:53
sacarlsonboxbeatsy: problem with ip's is that they change, like mine changes ever 24 hours00:54
StarminnI've got some runaway processe somewhere. When all applications are closed my CPU's running at 50% with no apps running. How do I identify and kill these meany heads?00:55
bowser22benca check ur pm bro00:56
bencahill!pm | bowser2200:57
ubottubowser22: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:57
Guest9850lets see if it worked this time00:57
lovHi, I'm trying to install getlibs using 10.10 x86_64. However, getlibs, get-libs, and variations thereof don't seem to exist in my repos. Do I need to add an older repo to import it? I can't seem to even find a .deb either.00:57
KGBWolfi want to remove super block last mount time from stopping my systems from booting00:57
boxbeatsyah ok, so i figured out i can specify a specific DNS server to query with dig, and i get new results for different DNS servers, so now i just need to figure out how to get a list of DNS servers..00:57
Starminnboxbeatsy: Not that I can contribute anything to your problem, but does "man dig" not reveal anything useful?00:58
boxbeatsyStarminn: ya, i just finished reading the manual, am trying to go from there00:59
bowser22using dsd 1.400:59
sacarlsonKGBWolf: you disk won't mount because of a time stamp?00:59
bowser22audio in00:59
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:59
bowser22and synthed voice out00:59
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:59
bowser22but audio in juss loops back through lineout00:59
Guest9850this is really frustrating its telling me I am logged in yet its not showing my identity00:59
barfgnewb: How can I debootstrap lubuntu?00:59
KGBWolfsacarlson it gives option to ignore but i have to type I on keyboard how can i remove this?00:59
hylianim back, ok i changed my fstab, but to no avail... please help me00:59
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:59
StarminnI've got some runaway processe somewhere. When all applications are closed my CPU's running at 50% with no apps running. How do I identify and kill these meany heads?01:00
sacarlsonKGBWolf: this might be the fsck check?01:00
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gnewbbarf: Use the Minimal or Text install01:00
ricorx7Starminn: ps01:00
ricorx7Starminn: or top01:00
hyliani changed my fstab, accidentally labeling to devices with /dev/sda1, and now i am stuck with a system that won't boot with a grub error.01:00
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paranoid_ndroidhow can I output a list of recently changed files ?01:01
* Logan_WP is back (gone 00:00:13)01:01
sacarlsonKGBWolf: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/88818-disabling-fsck-startup.html01:02
jribLogan_WP: please disable those away message announcements01:02
* Logan_WP is away: I'm busy01:03
* Logan_WP is back (gone 00:00:01)01:03
michael138my dvd player woulent play my  movies how can i fix that???01:04
duke3d“(initramfs) mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: input/output error.01:04
duke3dI am unable to boot the Ubuntu CD01:05
duke3dI get this error01:05
bencahillduke3d: how much ram?01:06
bencahillmichael99: install vlc01:06
Logan_WP!dvd | michael13801:06
ubottumichael138: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:06
duke3dalot. 4GB01:06
hylianhey guys, fixed my problem. i used my simply mepis usb key and undid my fstab damage.01:08
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hylianbencahill, man, i appreciate the help, but how can you ask me if i am connected to the internet, when i am using an internet protocol to talk to you?01:10
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barfHmm, is there a way to turn off default vga mode? GRUB uses the right one, but as soon as kernel loads, it’s changed to something redonkulous01:10
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines01:11
boxbeatsyw00t ok, so what i did was grab a list of public DNS servers, and then i'm using dig to resolve DNS for google.com for all of them and ocmpiling a list.  thanks for the help guys :)01:11
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DocfxitI would like to install a program called double commander. Would the command sudo dpkg -i doublecmd.deb be correct?01:16
mitch_server speedway.deepbondi.net01:16
rumpe1_Docfxit, usually yes01:16
Docfxitrumpe1_ I'm getting an error saying dpkg: error processing doublecmd.deb01:17
rumpe1_Docfxit, well.... happens sometimes01:18
Docfxitrumpe1_ cannot access archive: no such file or directory01:18
rumpe1_hmm... typo? ... use tab-completion01:18
thefinn93How do i configure rsyslog to listen for remote logs? or is there a better program that I should try?01:18
ghost_does anyone know a site that sell computer parts for netbooks for good price01:18
Logan_WP!ot | ghost_01:19
ubottughost_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:19
Docfxitrumpe1_ I sent an email to the author. He replied "You can try to install it manually from *.deb packages."01:20
rumpe1_Docfxit, is it your first time in the terminal?01:20
rumpe1_Docfxit, the .deb has to appear, if you type "ls" ... and there mustn't be any type of typo01:21
Docfxitrumpe1_ no. But I'm not working with Ubuntu very often.01:21
rumpe1_Docfxit, also unlike windows uppercase and lowercase characters are different01:22
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Docfxitrumpe1_ I have nothing in uppercase.01:23
thefinn93does anyone know anything about rsyslog, such as where it stores remote logs?01:23
Docfxitrumpe1_ Where does .deb have to appear?01:23
Logan_WPthefinn93: I would ask that in #rsyslog01:24
thefinn93Logan_WP: great, thanks01:24
rumpe1_Docfxit, in the same directory as you ... or you have to use dpkg -i /path/to/file/file.deb01:24
Docfxitrumpe1_ I'm guessing you think the package is on this PC? I don't think it was downloaded yet.01:26
rumpe1_Docfxit, lol... that's the reason ^^01:26
Docfxitrumpe1_ How can I find the correct repository and download and install Double Commander?01:27
VAPAanyone willing to answer few noobish questions..Im moving from win to linux for the first time so I wanna get some info01:27
rumpe1_Docfxit, 32bit?01:27
rumpe1_VAPA, just ask01:28
coz_VAPA,   what are the questions?01:28
DocfxitRumpe1_ yes01:28
sacarlsonDocfxit: I normaly just double click the deb file in nautilus after I down load it from my browser01:28
rumpe1_Docfxit, gnome?01:28
Docfxitrumpe1_ no.01:28
rumpe1_Docfxit, so... kde?01:28
VAPAIm going to instal it on a laptop..checked on the net few ubuntu versions..I kinda like more desktop version than netbook..there wont be any issues instaling desct vers on laptop ?01:28
coz_VAPA,  no issues should come up01:29
Docfxitrumpe1_ what is kde?01:29
Logan_WP!kde | Docfxit01:29
ubottuDocfxit: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.01:29
tlabanyone have luck with a rt8192SEvB wireless card in ubuntu?01:29
rumpe1_Docfxit, your desktop environment01:29
coz_VAPA,  are you going for a dual boot   windows + ubuntu?01:29
VAPAnah..only linux01:29
bencahillDocfxit: does your desktop look like this? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/UbuntuMaverickDesktop.png01:29
coz_VAPA,  ok   what is the video on that system?01:29
VAPAgot separate gaming machine with win for games and win baseds tuff01:30
VAPAhmm.. nvidia 910001:30
rumpe1_Docfxit, i mean... there are gtk and qt versions for doublecommander... gtk is better for gnome, qt for kde   (afaik)01:30
VAPAmobile edition..nothing much..old laptop01:30
coz_VAPA,   then  there really should be no issue at all01:30
VAPA2gb ddr2 ram..and athlon 62 x201:30
VAPAathlong 64 *01:30
bencahillVAPA: aw, you call that old? come on..01:30
coz_VAPA,   sounds fine... did youi already download the iso image?01:30
Docfxitbencahill yes it does.01:30
bencahillDocfxit: then you're running gnome01:31
VAPAcoz_ now question about image :D01:31
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coz_VAPA,   ok01:31
coz_VAPA,  there are several options01:31
Docfxitbencahill Oh great. Thanks for clearing that up.01:31
coz_VAPA,   you can download the live cd   the alternate cd or the  minimal install cd01:31
coz_VAPA,   the live cd will allow you to boot into ubuntu and test on the system01:31
VAPAon the site its 700mb large..but I see torrents with 2gb..4gb iso images..some called ultimate..and so on..are there benefits from getting those large ones..I mean more hardware supported and stuff..01:32
jake_Hello i am trying to get a a chat spammer01:32
bencahill!ot | jake_01:32
ubottujake_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:32
coz_VAPA,  well since you are starting off in linux I would simply download the live cd01:32
coz_VAPA,  when you do download that  ,, if possible.,.. burn it at  1x  speed01:33
VAPA1x O.o01:33
bencahillVAPA: or lowest possible01:33
coz_VAPA,  this will insure  fewer to no  burn issues01:33
bencahillVAPA: the slower the better, otherwise you will spend much more time burning more cds01:33
rumpe1_Docfxit, try this: "wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/doublecmd/files/DC%20for%20Linux%2032%20bit/Double%20Commander%200.4.5%20beta/doublecmd_0.4.5-1.gtk2_i386.deb/download ; sudo dpkg -i download"01:33
barfIs here anything to tell me which VGA mode is used before the kernel is loaded? http://pastie.org/private/88c42cuzekjik0sesw3w0a01:34
VAPApurpose of the lap is broswing..listening music..watching movies..and small gaming..2 games.. warcraft3 and pes6..ive seen guys running them using Wine..but havent saw them running fullscren..everyone just play from a window..can Wine work in fullscreen01:35
rumpe1_Docfxit, but it doesn't seem to work on my ubuntu... :/01:35
rumpe1_Docfxit, i mean doublecmd01:35
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BitWraithis there a way I can obtain a list of files that were installed with a certain package?01:37
rumpe1_BitWraith, dpkg -L packagename    *i guess*01:37
popkornhave lost grub2 menu, get command line at boot. have update-grub and update-initramfs . still no menu.01:37
craigbass1976instead of a honking name that dyndns gave me, I'd rather type in something short, like myhomebox.  In /etc/hosts, I can only put in ip addys and names, not names and names.  How do I get around this?01:37
bc81_is it possible to purge config files for programs already removed using apt-get remove??  (like some kind of "auto-purge" function)??01:38
bc81_or must i clean up manually01:38
Logan_WP!grub2 | popkorn01:39
ubottupopkorn: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:39
rumpe1_bc81, which config-files e.g.?01:39
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps01:39
moesI have a sata driver file I downloaded to ubuntu 10.04...What program can use to burn to floppy disc01:39
Docfxitrumpe1_ I get an error when I try to install it.01:40
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sacarlsoncraigbass1976: bind9 can do cname lookup name to name  I'm not sure you want to go through all the trouble to setup a local bind9 just to do that though01:40
gnewbmoes: You may want to look at Minimal.01:40
popkornLogan_WP: ty i'll try those01:40
Eryn_1983_FLhow do i get my wfi networking  to work in flux box and  how do i get my power management to work in there ?01:40
rumpe1_Docfxit, well... me too (something with "menu_proxy_module_load")01:40
gnewb!minimal | moes01:40
ubottumoes: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:40
craigbass1976sacarlson, no.  I was hoping a quickie like putting a line in hosts.  Is there something I can do in my bash profile?01:41
lolcatgnewb: There are smaller, the usb netinst, is just like, 1MB!01:41
bc81_rumpe1_: well, i installed a "ton" of apps, games etc.  tried them out, kept what i liked, apt-get removed the rest...but most left behind all kinds of litter (~/.foo) in the way of config files01:41
Logan_WPEryn_1983_FL: I would ask that in #fluxbox01:41
gnewblolcat: True, I forgot about that one.01:41
rumpe1_bc81, you always have to remove configs in $HOME manually01:42
sacarlsoncraigbass1976: not that I know of, and what about your gui apps even if there was a way to do that?01:42
thr33kbhello all, what are you doing this late?01:42
craigbass1976sacarlson, gui apps like what?  I'm not even sure what to google for...  Everything I find is for putting an ip in hosts01:43
lolcatgnewb: Think that all of ubuntu cna be fitted inside a 1MB thing! It is AMAZING! Amazing I tell yoU!01:43
Logan_WP!ot | thr33kb01:43
ubottuthr33kb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:43
rumpe1_lolcat, well... not all of ;)01:43
sacarlsoncraigbass1976: like firefox (gui app)  and synaptic.... vnc  many  oh isn't there like bookmarks?01:43
bc81_rumpe1_: ok, i was afraid of that.  but should i use "apt-get --purge remove <package>" in the future, to remove the packages along with their config files/folders?01:44
thr33kbubottu: ok sorry01:44
rumpe1_bc81, that will only remove configs in /etc (e.g.) ... still not in $HOME01:44
craigbass1976sacarlson, but I'm only ever getting at this box via ssh.  I can just cat my bash history and grep for part of the dyndns hostname, but it's a pain01:44
hyliancan xlinks2 support flash player? i can't find a defintive yes or no...01:45
bc81_rumpe1_: that's rather frustrating..next time i'll have to remember to set up a "test" user account to experiment :-(01:45
sacarlsoncraigbass1976: create a bash script to ssh into your box?01:45
rumpe1_bc81, whats the problem?01:45
gnewblolcat: Is that like the Debian NetIsnatll ?01:45
moesgnewb, What I need is a program like k3b but capable of burning my file to floppy disc to use for reinstalling windows xp01:46
craigbass1976sacarlson, I thought of that, but then I'd have to write another one for scp I guess...01:46
rumpe1_bc81, if some configs seem to be broken, just (re)move the ~.applicationsconfigs-folder01:46
gnewbmoes: That is listed on the Ubuntu Install sight..one moment..01:46
bc81_rumpe1_: the problem is now i have to sift through a million folders to find what i need in ~/.*01:46
hyliancraigbass1976: you can use gedit to add something like this: ssh yourlogin@ubuntu.com, then save it, and the in terminal chmod a+x filename, and then ./filename01:47
sacarlsoncraigbass1976: ok well if those are the only two command you will use maybe a bash alias will work01:47
craigbass1976sacarlson, bash alias...  googling01:47
gnewbmoes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation01:47
sacarlsoncraigbass1976: or in this case two bash alias01:47
bc81_rumpe1_: nothing is broken, just my home folder looks like a landfill of configs01:47
overcluckeryeah, you could alias it, or store it in a variable01:47
rumpe1_bc81, ...hidden configs...01:48
hylianbc81_: try holding control and hitting h. it sounds like you accidentally turned on "see hidden files and folders"01:48
gnewbmoes: And here:> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto01:48
hyliandoes anyone know if xlinks2 can support flash player's plugin? i can't find a definitive yes or no...01:49
overcluckerinstead of storing addresses in hosts, sometimes I add a line to .bashrc, something like export myhost=""01:49
overcluckerthen access it with $myhost01:49
bc81_hylian: i know about that, but the point is......nevermind.01:49
hylianbc81_: ohh, maybe i missed the point, sorry.01:50
sacarlsoncraigbass1976: I see an example if you didn't find a better one http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/sample-bashrc.html01:50
moesgnewb, I guess I am not making myself clear I already have utuntu clear....I only want to burn a file from ubuntu documents to floppy drive disc01:50
hyliani'm using inx and loving it!01:50
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gnewbmoes: Oh ok, one moment please...01:51
rumpe1_bc81, or go the reverse way... create new account with home-dir and copy the stuff you think you need there01:52
gnewbmoes: Here, maybe:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/LTSPBootingClientsWithoutPxe01:52
bjvhelp! how do you mount one of your spare partitions (eg, by-uuid/a6fa*) over SSH? I have no keyboard/mouse bc of a house fire.  I have connected my machine to my girlfriends netbook via aa crossover cable, i just clicked 'share connection' on her ethernet. i can ssh into my pc and run nautilus, but i do not see the normal (mount/eject) items in sidebar, help!01:52
bjvonly unusable mountpoints in /media/ ?    something is not running... what is the ubuntu mounting tool called?01:53
rumpe1_bjv, "mount"01:54
HerCurybjv: mount01:54
bjvno, the gui mount01:54
bjvlittle eject buttons, or click to mount available drives in file manager01:54
Eryn_1983_FLok so i guess i need the apps that are used to start these apps01:54
wangzhsolely mount.01:55
rumpe1_bjv, mount /dev/parititonsname /mountpoint/path01:55
bjvi do not see with 'ssh user@host -X nautilus&'   why?01:55
bjvok.  i have like 7 partitions to check nthough01:56
rumpe1_bjv, or even mount -U <uuid> /mountpoint/path01:56
rumpe1_(if i read man mount correctly)01:56
bjvwhy does nautilus over x11 forward not show the eject/mount media buttons?01:57
bjvis some daemon not running?01:57
wangzhthere's really a GUI disk util on my Ubuntu 10,0401:57
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bjvi just logged into ssh and ran the x ap01:57
barfIs there a way for grub to tell current video mode?01:58
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* Logan_WP is away: I'm busy01:59
apet4uis there anyone in here that would mind helping me figure out how to set up a 3rd party SL viewer... i feel like a real knob cause i cant figure it out :(01:59
crazybrain1how to download streaming videos in Ubuntu02:02
crazybrain1it does not saved in tmp file02:02
stat1kfirefox - flashgot02:02
crazybrain1any other way?02:03
crazybrain1where does buffering video is downloaded in Ubuntu?02:03
sacarlsonbjv: maybe it's a sudo function that's grayed out?  I see palimpsest can mount and umount stuf with a gui, it's part of gnome-disk-utility02:03
stat1kcrazybrain1: install orbit downloader in wine02:04
apet4ucan anyone help me install secondlife pls?02:04
imthenachomanhow can i get ubuntu to use dhcp with manually set IP?02:05
stat1kcrazybrain1; the /tmp folder?02:05
IsUpimthenachoman: use dhclient3 maybe?02:05
arandcrazybrain1: normally in /tmp but as mentioned, flashgot works02:05
bjvsacarlson: interesting idea, i just looked for similar uuid from the nonfunctional /media mountpoints in /dev/disk/by-uuid and found mine -- it did ask for sudo privledges, and after retrying w/ password the permissions look fine02:06
bjvlet me try again over x11 forwarding02:06
IsUpmy first time with ubuntu desktop, after 2 years with ubuntu server edition02:06
IsUpdamn great02:06
adubThe installer encountered an error copying files to hard disk (error 5) input/output error)  <-----------   I keep getting this error when attempting an install02:06
bjvsacarlson, hm  not quite.  sudo nautilus does show the eject buttons for the two disks i mounted from the console, but all the icons and stuff are messed up.  app must be running as root and not connected to my ck session02:08
DjlbertDeSmuME has such horrible joypad support02:09
DivineEntitymarvel vs. capcom 3 f'n rules02:09
bjvplus when i retry without sudo, i can still see those two eject buttons02:09
bjvso i guess specifically what's missing are the 'one click mount media' buttons02:10
bjvi suspect it's because the system booted, and i ssh'ed right in without starting a gdm session?02:10
bjvi tried to vnc, but vinagre would not connect (no gdm session yet?)02:11
bjvand i couldnt figure out how to connect a remote-x-dm session easily, so i just went in from the terminal02:12
bjvi've got my files now02:12
alex_How do i remove entries in GRUB2?02:12
bjvit was just weird that the button i normally rely on wasnt there02:12
Cyberfusionis there a way to preserve the system in hibernate then reboot into another?02:14
kwtmCyberfusion: ?? Do you mean, after you hibernate in Ubuntu, can you then reboot into another system (anotehr version of Ubuntu, or WIndows etc) and then shut down and reboot and bring back up the hibernated system?  If so, then yes.02:16
kwtmOh, wait.  I don't know what happens to the swap space if there's a hibernated system living there ...02:16
Cyberfusioni want to suspend ubuntu into swap then reboot into windows02:16
kwtmMaybe it won't work if you boot up another Linux system because it will use the swap space.  Windows won't use it, so it should be okay --I've done it before.02:16
Cyberfusionits windows02:17
kwtmCyberfusion: Go for it, try it out.02:17
=== headyadmin_ is now known as headyadmin
kwtmbjv: If you want to VNC into a system where you have not yet logged in (graphically), you can use the -auth option in x11vnc.  I have a post on LinuxQuestions about that, if you want.02:18
=== bburhans_ is now known as bburhans
doofyI can't seem to see my samba share. I just set up an ubuntu server with samba, and have it configured and running. I go to another computer on the network, then go to places, windows network, but the box doesnt show up. Any ideas?02:20
VAPAtnx for the help..gonna dl and instal ubuntu 10.10..finaly moving from win to linux enviroment..regards peeps02:21
doofyscratch that, I figured it out. I hadn't bound the samba server to an interface02:21
boldfilterhow do i remove kde02:22
barfI am in a text based ubuntu, what is the smallest component I can install to have a functionable startx or similar?02:23
nerdlingerHey I am having a couple of problems with netbook remix 10.10, I can't seem to add anything to the favorite bar and I can't right click on the desktop, is there a way to renable this?02:23
gsp2009boldfilter: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome02:24
Eryn_1983_FLallright i am confused..02:24
Eryn_1983_FLhow do i get the network manager to come up02:24
Eryn_1983_FLi fluxbox02:24
kwtmbarf: Do you mean you want the minimal amount of packages installed to get a running GNOME desktop?  If you install Xfce, it would take up less memory but may not be smaller number of packages. (There's a xubuntu-desktop package or something like that that you can install from command-line.)02:25
andornautI have an encrypted ~/ in ubuntu 10.04. I changed my pw with passwd, now when i reboot, my homedir isnt mounted, and i have to run ecryptfs-mount-private. How can I change (or add/delete) my encryption key so it matches my new login pw ?02:25
gmgDoes anybody knows anything about using Remastersys? I mean using it...02:27
barfkwtm: couldnt find package xfce02:27
Logan_WP!xfce | barf02:27
ubottubarf: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels02:27
dtrf4837for some reason i cant download ubuntu server iso properly. i did cd-rom integrity check and it says 'Integrity test failed02:28
dtrf4837The ./pool/main/miscfiles/miscfiles_1.4.2.dfsg.1-9_all.def file failed the MD5 checksum verification. Your CD-ROM or this file may be corrupted.'02:28
dtrf4837should i go ahead and install the disc anyway?02:28
sacarlsongmg: I had plans of trying remastersys,  did your attempt fail?02:28
induzhow can i install KDEnlive as I get error02:28
induzi tried via synaptec02:29
kwtmdtrf4837: I'd see if you can replace the corrupted file with the correct one, then see if it passes checksum.02:29
induzsynaptec shows as installed but i dont see it02:29
* barf 267MB! ...02:29
barfToo much space, I only have 101MB avaiable02:29
gmgIf have a new installation on 2 diffrent machines and both attemps failed...It runs but in the end (NO ISO FILE)02:29
kwtmdtrf4837: Failing that, you might want to randomly check MD5 of other files to lookj for other corrupt files.02:29
boldfilterhow do install nvidia driver in 11.0402:29
kwtmbarf: In that case, yuou may want to see what package xubuntu-desktop depends on, then selectively install.02:30
kwtmbarf: For example, you mnight not need Firefox, which is part of the desktop.02:30
Nevyn1Okay, hello, I am an Ubuntu user, and I use the netbook remix. anybody able to help me out tpo explain why my soundcard does not work anymore?02:30
barfkwtm: I was hoping to have nautilus and FireFox02:30
kwtmbarf: Basically, the xubuntu-desktop is almost the whole package of Xubuntu (except for what you've already installed, like Linux kernel, bash, etc.)02:30
dtrf4837kwtm cant i install the cd then try to fix the corrupted file later?02:30
mesheki need help with the boot parameters02:31
kwtmbarf: You might want to see what else there is that you can cut out.  E.g might not need email client?  Also, xubuntu doesn't even have nautilus ; it uses thunar, I think, which is smaller.02:31
meshekfor the Live Cd 10.1002:31
Nevyn1I need help with alsa and my soundcard02:31
dtrf4837kwtm maybe its not an important file?02:31
kwtmbarf: But, yeah, 101MB is not much room for a GUI.  I used to work with text only Linux, and it would take up about 40MB, so 101MB isn't much room.02:32
=== Auriel__ is now known as Auriel
barfSometimes I miss debian 2.002:32
kwtmdtrf4837: I guess so.  There are 2 reasons to check integrity: errors, and malware.  You probably won't get that much of an error from your file, but make sure it's not malware.02:32
kwtmbarf: What, debian 2.0 has a graphical environment under 101MB?02:32
gmgwhich is a better distro to wotk on...I getting fedup with Ubuntu...it fails many install attemps02:33
meshekat the installation screen i get stuck after pressing enter on install ubuntu02:33
barfI used to run it on 40MB if I recall correctly? Or was that 40 MB of RAM? Pentium 1 60MHz it was for sure02:33
mickster04barf: i missed the rest of the convo but why so little? why not use a smaller distro?02:33
bullgardsacarlson: Last night you advised me a workaround for Nautilus that did not mount my external USB hdd partitions. I found an easier solution: I rebooted my Maverick laptop computer. Now both partitions are mounted automatically again when I plug in the USB hard disk. I felt reminded on Windows.02:33
kwtmbarf: I've found that I can't squeeze a modern KDE into less than 4GB now.  So I'm guessing for a good GUI you'd need at least 500MB.02:33
=== Nevyn1 is now known as Malkav
induzhow can i install Kdenlive/02:34
kwtmbarf: You used to run Nautilus and Firefox in 40MB?  Maybe Mosaic or Cello, but not even Netscape could fit into that small a space.02:34
=== QuBit is now known as Guest3195
dtrf4837kwtm thanks i didnt know i could get malware from installing ubuntu02:34
kwtmbarf: Have you considered using text-only?  Can come in very handy.02:34
meshekanyone here can help with boot parameters??02:34
induzi tried but no success02:34
barfmickster04: I am trying to debootstrap ubuntu onto an embedded PC in the Samsung Syncmaster 400PXn02:34
barfIt has 1 GB of total space02:34
mickster04barf why not use something designed for smaller spaces, like puppy linux02:35
barfCan I debootstrap a smaller distro perhaps?02:35
=== Malkav is now known as Aleut
kwtmdtrf4837: It depends where you got the files from --why is it failing checksum?  Possible that someone hacked the mnirror.  (Of course, it's unlikely, but the point of the checksum is that when it fails, you automatically check for all possible problems including security breach.,)02:35
barfI would prefer something that is apt based02:35
mickster04barf: ah i see i'm sure there must be one somewhere:p02:35
nerdlingerHey I am having a couple of problems with netbook remix 10.10, I can't seem to add anything to the favorite bar and I can't right click on the desktop, is there a way to renable this? (repeated cause I believe my question got lost)02:35
bullgardmeshek: Please put a more specific question here in this channel.02:36
foxjazztrying to install teamspeak3 and it's a .run file. anyone know how to do this?02:36
BholziWhere is the chatzilla file location on the FS?02:36
kwtmbarf: Do I understand correctly you are trying to put Linux into a ... what is a Syncmaster, a monitor?  I'd really go for text-only Linux.  Have you tried it?  Elinks, vim, screen ... the text only interface is underrated.02:36
AleutOkay, I have the following problem.  I suddenly have no sound. So, I went and installed the alsa stuff, like the self help page said. only to discover that apparently, there are no alsa modules recognised. I use the netbook remix on the newest version, and am a relative noob in Linux. So, is it fixable?02:36
barfkwtm: That is my regular work environment02:36
chills518anyone know what would cause the synaptic manager to not open the first one or two times I click it?  It opens a task saying "Starting Administrative Application" and then closes..  I have to click it 2-3 times before it asks for password and then opens..02:37
Logan_WPinduz: ask in #kdenlive02:37
kwtmbarf: I think my 40MB hard disk went with a 80486 15MHz, so I'm pretty sure the Pentium 60MHz had more than 40MB hard drive ...  40MB ram sounds more like it.02:37
sacarlsonbullgard: cool, I have to do the same with my usb wifi adapters,  sometimes they just stop but unplug and replug normaly fixes them02:37
barfI would like to install X for my son to use this screen to watch youtube and do some minor email stuff02:37
gmgwhich is a more stable and compatible Distro version?02:37
meshekok if the installation fails, i assume that the software is not connecting with the hardware...02:37
meshekso i read the troubleshoot on ubuntu.com02:38
meshekand said it has to do with the boot parameters02:38
sacarlsongmg: are you trying your remastersys with propraitary video or other drivers?02:38
mesheki'm new to linux02:38
barfMaybe just run some partitions on USB?02:38
kwtmbarf: Hmm... it's going to be a tight squeeze, but you might want to look into fluxbox or something that is smaller but which needs manual installation.  And I wouldn't put in Firefox just for Youtube, unless you want your son surfing the web.02:38
barflike the man pages does not need to be on the SSD02:38
kwtmbarf: If it's okay for you to download the youtube videos and then play the Flash, then just youtube-dl.py, elinks (or links2) and mplayer (which I think doesn't even need X)02:39
barfkwtm: He would have to do that too, to do research for homework02:39
bullgardfoxjazz: Teamspeak is a proprietary software. Please use open source software instead so that people can better help you in this channel.02:39
gmgI got a version of laptops which I want to ship with an OS...but if it keeps on going on like this I might as well keep Windows on them02:39
barfWell at least I got the metrics of the console right now02:39
=== hassan is now known as Guest14070
kwtmbarf: Well, okay, in that case I guess you'll have to check out smaller win managers.  Yes, definitely a USB drive (you might as well get a 1GB drive if not a 16GB drive) would help, although disk access would be slow.02:40
foxjazzbullgard, are you an idiot? I need to use teamspeak, or do you know of open source software that connects to a teamspeak server?02:40
kwtmIs a Syncmaster a monitor, barf?02:40
dtrf4837kwtm what about 'Rescue a broken system' on the cd? would that help?02:40
AleutAnyone able to help me how to load modules into ALSA?02:40
sacarlsongmg: I'm reading this that tells me the custom stuf that needs to be setup before the remastersys is ran http://www.geekconnection.org/remastersys/ubuntu.html02:40
meshekthe question then should be that when i get at the installation screen and press F6(other options) what option(s) should i mark with an X in order to continue on with the installation of ubuntu 10.10?02:41
bullgardsacarlson: Hehe. --  Thank you for your help anyway.02:41
kwtmdtrf4837: How did you get the file/cd?  Did you download it off a torrent?  Can you put it back up on the torrent so it will autocorrect any defects?02:41
dtrf4837kwtm i got it from the official ubuntu site02:41
gmgI'll take a look right a way...02:41
* barf kwtm: Yes, it’s a 40" monitor with a built in PC, I bought it from an auction from bankrupt companies02:42
kwtmfoxjazz: I'm afraid that from time to time on this channel people will ask "How do you use Software X?" and the reply will be "Why are you using Software X?  You should use Software Y instead."  It's a pet peeve of mine.02:42
kwtmdtrf4837: That tells me WHERE you got the CD, but HOW did you get it --direct download?  INstalled by Wubi?  BitTorrent?02:42
foxjazznever mind. I found instructions on google on how to install teamspeak 302:42
mesheki'm running a VIA apollo chipset02:43
=== MC8 is now known as MC8|away
dtrf4837kwtm i think it was direct download02:43
sacarlsonkwtm: well some people think there is only one way to do things when really there is 100 ways02:43
kwtmbarf: I'd go with the USB drive thing, if you can get it to boot off USB drive.02:43
i_didnt_know_shetrying to download web directory using wget, but the files I need (which I know are there) don't appear in the download. help02:43
* barf kwtm: That’s why I use bootstrap02:43
nerdlingeranyone able to help on my problems?02:43
barfonly way I was able to make it run02:43
dtrf4837kwtm i tried  downloading twice and twice i got the error notice02:43
kwtmbarf: Good move!  Anyway, that's my recommendation.  40" monitor?  Nice.02:43
bullgard!ask | nerdlinger02:44
ubottunerdlinger: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:44
rprestonIm new to ubuntu does anyone know how to login as root there is a file that requires me to login that way02:44
rprestonIm trying to change the work group in samba02:44
nerdlingerbullgard i have asked twice02:44
kwtmdtrf4837: Interesting.  That's one of the ways you can get malware.  Hmm... what MD5 hash do you get (not the correct one but yours)?  Google for it and see if others have the same problem.02:45
barfkwtm: Siemens Futro S400 w/AMD Athlon64 X2 3400+(1.8GHz,02:45
bullgardnerdlinger: I did not scroll back.02:45
meshekanyone here can help with the boot parameters options on ubuntu 10.10 to continue the installation??02:45
barfIt’s the kind of monitors in airports and train stations showing time tables02:45
rprestonIm new to ubuntu does anyone know how to login as root there is a file that requires me to login that way02:45
researcher1when I try to install application using Command Line I get the erro "No network" but I can browse by Firefox all site n can install appz using Synaptic. My proxy is configured peoperly02:45
nerdlingerI am having a couple of problems with netbook remix 10.10, I can't seem to add anything to the favorite bar and I can't right click on the desktop, is there a way to renable this? (repeated cause I believe my question got lost)02:45
barfIt had WinXP Embedded on there ... not quiet the choice of my genereation02:45
nerdlingerI dont see the + sign that the ubuntu troubleshooting site says should popup02:46
gmgThis doesn't help...These laptops are using small basic intel drivers and still Remastersys doesn't want to work. Is their anything else I can use to make a Distro?02:46
bullgardmeshek: What is your specific problem with bbotparameters?02:46
meshekafter i press enter on the "Install Ubuntu" nothing happens....02:47
dtrf4837kwtm ok i'm googling ./pool/main/miscfiles/miscfiles_1.4.2.dfsg.1-9_all.def02:47
kwtmsacarlson: I like to think that if someone asks for a way to do something, s/he wants to do something, not do something else.  Of course, additional suggestions are welcome, but I think one needs to respect the questioner.02:47
kwtmdtrf4837: What do you get when you do "md5sum ./pool/main/miscfiles/miscfiles_1.4.2.dfsg.1-9_all.def" ?02:48
kwtmIt's going to look something like a random bunch of numbers/lettesr, like 32489324789ac12c212102:48
kwtmdtrf4837: Then google for that bunch of random numbers./letters.02:48
meshekand i know nothing about boot parameters02:48
bullgardmeshek: You did not give enough information so that I could help you. May be you should try using the Alternate Ubuntu CD for installing.02:49
mesheki order a copy of ubuntu and just received it in the mail today02:50
=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
chills518anyone know what would cause the synaptic manager to not open the first one or two times I click it?02:50
joe_happyhey i got a little issue i installed the amsn and then i tried to install a skin the amsn web page told me that i needed to copy the folder i donwloaded into /usr/share/amsn/skin but when i try to do that it tells me that i dont have the permision to copy that folder into that file02:51
sacarlsonkwtm: I have seen people spend 3 days trying to compile an application when someone finaly steps up and tells them you know you can install that with apt-get install yourapp,  20 secounds later wow there done02:51
dtrf4837kwtm ok i googled md5sum ./pool/main/miscfiles/miscfiles v1.4.2.dfsg.1-9_all.def and i got 'Did you mean: md5sum ./pool/main/miscfiles/miscfiles v1.4.2.dfsg.1-9_all.def'...and there's only a few hits unlike before02:51
zoltar99How do I stop the movie player from opening when I use the places menubar?02:51
gmgis their a program I can use to collect missing software packages to install a program?02:51
researcher1what to do when we get the message  "No internet connection" while attempting to install some software online from Command Line Interface?02:51
KM0201researcher1: connect to the internet?02:52
xanguazoltar99: create a folder>right clic>open with other>open folder02:52
=== keastes is now known as kisuke
kisukewhats ubuntu's default network manager?02:52
bullgardmeshek: Sometimes you will have to first press the space bar and select some obvious button before you press Enter.02:52
kwtmdtrf4837: I'm sorry that I wasn't clear.  I was suggesting that you: 1) open a terminal window, and 2) type "md5sum ./pool/main/miscfiles/miscfiles v1.4.2.dfsg.1-9_all.def" and press Enter.  THere should be a string of letters that appear as your answer (after a while).  Tell us what that string of numbers is.02:53
meshekbullgard: after i press enter on the "Install Ubuntu" nothing happens...so i went to the FAQS at www.ubuntu.com and there was an article suggesting i should delete the quiet splash line and change the boot parameters as well02:53
researcher1KM0201: Im already connected to internet.I can browse using firefox.02:53
xanguakisuke: network manager :P02:53
dtrf4837sacarlson but this might be malware and if it is i dont know if i can fix it just by installing the proper file02:54
KM0201researcher1: then it sounds like the server might be down or something... what are you tryin to install?02:54
mesheksuch as the acpi=off02:54
kwtmsacarlson: Sure.  In that case, if someone asks how to compile application X, you say: 1. "This is a summary of how you do it.  Do you want more detail?"  2. "What is your end goal, so that we can help you better?  There may be another way."02:54
bullgardresearcher1: type 'route' in your terminal to see if your router works correctly.02:54
researcher1KM0201: trying to install HP printer software02:54
kwtmsacarlson: You wouldn't say "You should not be compiling application X.  You should be using application Y."  (at least I hope you wouldn't)02:54
joe_happyhey i got a little issue i installed the amsn and then i tried to install a skin the amsn web page told me that i needed to copy the folder i donwloaded into /usr/share/amsn/skin but when i try to do that it tells me that i dont have the permision to copy that folder into that file can anyone help me with hat?02:54
dtrf4837kwtm the computer i'm trying to install ubuntu has windows xp running at the moment. can i still do what you said?02:55
kwtmsacarlson: I'm imagining you buying an air ticket to Chicago, and the travel agent saying, "Why do you want to go to Chicago?  You should go to London instead."02:55
kisukexangua: that the package name02:55
kwtmdtrf4837: Hmmm... technically yes, but I don't know *how* to do it in Windows.  You'd have to download a MD5 application.  Tell you what, just go ahead and install.  What the hell.02:55
=== MC8|away is now known as MC8
kwtmsacarlson: I'm imagining the ticket agent saying, "I've seen people spending 3 days trying to relax in Chicago, when London is a much better place to relax."02:56
greaterthan9000Question-- i have a lifecam vx3000. the microphone works just fine under ubuntu, but not under debian. what package or module (was included in ubuntu 9 or 10 i think) is providing this support in ubuntu?02:56
bullgardmeshek: Yes, I know such an advice. This may be a good advice. But this applies to a later stage of the boot process. You are stuck at the very beginning. --  Have you tried using the space bar after I advised you?02:56
gmgdtrf4837>>The CD give an option to install Ubuntu allong side Windows02:56
dtrf4837kwtm lol ok thanks02:56
kwtmWell, gotta go.  Bye all!02:57
Lazzlojoe_happy: did you try using sudo to copy?02:57
dtrf4837by kwtm02:57
kwtmdtrf4837: Good luck in your endeavours!02:57
meshekbullgard:so you are saying that instead of pressinfg down "enter" to install ubuntu I should press spacebar instead?02:57
joe_happynope i havet tried it, how do i do that?02:57
nerdlingerRepeating issue: i am trying to add programs into the favorites bar in UNRE 10.10, the Ubuntu trouble shooting site doesn't help cause I can't see the (+) that its saying should popup when holding over the icon, also how can I change the screen saver on UNRE or enable the right mouse button on the desktop02:58
Lazzlodo you know if you're user has admin priviliges?02:58
bullgardmeshek: Yes, --  This will open up a menu. Choose "English" and only then press Enter.02:58
Ray2How to save file from ubuntu 10.04 to /dev/fd0 which is the floppy drive02:59
Lazzlojoe_happy: whatever command you're using to copy just put "sudo" in front of it in the terminal window.  Then enter your password.02:59
meshekok. i will try and do that02:59
Lazzloyou'll need to have admin prviliges though..02:59
joe_happyok thats the deal im not using any comand just moving the file from one file to another one hehe...02:59
Lazzloyou're better off using the terminal for this..03:00
sacarlsongmg: I'm not sure this will help but I use this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=261366  to create a list of application I always install and then when I install a fresh install03:00
joe_happyok yeah i like to use the terminal can you tell me the comand?03:01
Lazzlouse cp to copy03:02
LazzloI guess you're new to linux?03:02
joe_happyyeah im pretty new still getting the hang of it03:02
Lazzlook...at least you're trying.03:03
joe_happythanks i guess XD03:03
joe_happyok so cp to copy03:03
joe_happyso il guess it would be somthing like sudo cp *name of the file* and then?03:03
Lazzloseriously..people jump to windows too easy.03:03
Lazzloso what was the file you wanted to copy03:04
joe_happyyou are gonna hate me for it XD03:04
joe_happyits a skin that makes the amsn look just like the msn03:04
DaGeek247we arent here to judge03:04
Lazzlowhere's the file?03:05
Lazzlo and where are you trying to copy it to?03:05
joe_happyits in donwloads... well descargas my computer is in spanish03:05
joe_happybut its not that big deal03:05
tomreynwith this backtrace, what do I file a bug against? http://paste.ubuntu.com/567540/03:05
Ray2 DaGeek247 :How to save file from ubuntu 10.04 to /dev/fd0 which is the floppy drive03:06
nerdlingerRepeating issue once more: i am trying to add programs into the favorites bar in UNRE 10.10, the Ubuntu trouble shooting site doesn't help cause I can't see the (+) that its saying should popup when holding over the icon, also how can I change the screen saver on UNRE or enable the right mouse button on the desktop03:06
tomreynmore precisely, which package do i file a bug against03:06
DaGeek247ray2 in gui or termnal?03:06
Lazzloso you want to do: sudo cp -p ~/descargas/<filename> /usr/share/amsn/03:06
Ray2DaGeek247, in gui03:07
DaGeek247Ray2 open up the folder the file is in and also open up Computer from Plaes>Compuer on the desktop03:08
=== FrankLv_ is now known as FrankLv
=== drew is now known as Guest42887
Ray2DaGeek247, Okay will try that thanks for the info03:10
DaGeek247Ray2 that alone doesnt copy it03:11
dtrf4837if i want to install ubuntu server as the only system on the computer which partitioning method do i choose?03:11
Ray2DaGeek247, okay what next03:12
DaGeek247you also need to open up the floppy drive in the Computer folder then copy and paste the file to the floppy drive03:12
amithow to generate a new encrypted password through terminal using command like the password in  /etc/shadow03:12
offipsoIs it possible to output a true HD audio bitstream from an Ubuntu HTPC? I want to stream DTS-HD or TrueHD over HDMI to an AV receiver.03:13
DaGeek247dtrf you choose the destructive one that installs using the entire drive03:13
sacarlsondtrf4837: I just setup 2 partitions, one for root one for swap with swap as bit as ram.  not sure that's what your looking for03:14
sacarlsonas big as ram03:14
=== ubik is now known as Guest28334
nerdlingerHerp a derp03:14
doodooI want to upgrade ati driver...is there a ppa?03:15
keastesok, any one know about "deauthenticating from <MAC address of router> by local choise (reason=3)"?03:15
=== MC8 is now known as MC8|away
nerdlingerI will setting with a simple instructions on getting something permanently into the favorites bar :D if someone can help me on that03:16
sacarlsonkeastes: somebody knock you off?03:16
keastessacarlson: nope cant connect03:16
dtrf4837sacarlson if i choose one partitioning method and change my mind later can i change the partitioning then?03:16
keastesi get the samne message on dmesg weather i use network-manager or wicd03:17
milkhola. is there any way to get a titlebar widget that restarts an app, something that could sit between close and maximise/restore/whatever?03:17
sacarlsondtrf4837: yes you can use gparted to resize partitions I guess and create new ones03:17
amithow to generate my own encrypted password through terminal via any commands like the password in /etc/shadow ?????????03:17
sacarlsondtrf4837: it can be a bit risky so if you have plans to change best to think about it now03:18
DaGeek247!patience > amit03:18
ubottuamit, please see my private message03:18
keastesamit: you want to change your password? or make a nencryped pw?03:18
sacarlsonamit: they are md5sum I think03:19
dtrf4837sacarlson i just dont know which is better for me at this point, never had a server before03:19
keastessacarlson: they are afaik, md5sum from term right?03:19
keastesamit: to change your password from the terminal just run passwd03:20
DaGeek247drtf how much ram does it have03:20
=== rein is now known as Ghastly
nerdlingerHow can I add items to the favorite bar in UNRE 10.1003:20
keastessacarlson: suggestions>03:20
amitkeaste: no body i want to generate a new encrypted password from my own03:20
keastesamit one sec03:21
=== jimmy_ is now known as Jimmy^-^
amitMD5 string starts with $1$03:21
dtrf4837DaGeek247 i think i had 2 gig ram03:21
sacarlsonamit: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/what-is-used-to-create-the-shadow-password-hash-602739/03:22
dtrf4837DaGeek247 ok i just checked to make sure yeah its 2 gig ram03:22
DaGeek247go with 2gig file swap and he rest ext403:23
nerdlingerso how can I turn my linux box into skynet03:23
nerdlingerYa'know since my other question is unanswerable apparently03:23
amitsacarlson:thanx buddy that is worthwhile03:24
sacarlsonkeastes: well is this wifi?  maybe you have someone with the same mac address as you?  try change you mac03:24
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keastessacarlson: no i dont, this stick has worked on sever computers, and its just now doing this after i upgraded to 10.1003:25
=== cyberdharma_ is now known as cyberdharma
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sacarlsonkeastes: stick?  wifi?03:25
dtrf4837DaGeek247 should i click on 'Guided - resize SCI1 (0,0,0), partition #1 (sda) and use freed space or 'Guided- use entire partition, 'SCI1 (0,0,0), partition #1 (sda)'?03:26
=== cyberdharma is now known as cyberdharma_
A[p][s][98]Entra a: Google.com.do03:26
A[p][s][98]Entra a: Google.com.do03:26
A[p][s][98]Entra a: Google.com.do03:26
A[p][s][98]Entra a: Google.com.do03:26
A[p][s][98]Entra a: Google.com.do03:26
A[p][s][98]Entra a: Google.com.do03:26
FloodBot2A[p][s][98]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:26
keastessacarlson: its a USB wifi adapter03:26
DaGeek247use entire partition of you dont care about the data on the drive03:26
StevenSXWhat does /usr/bin/X :0 -nr -verbose - auth /var/run/gdm/auth-for-gdm-idvFPB/database -nolisten tcp vt7 do?03:26
sacarlsonkeastes: and were is this mesage you see displayed?  is your wifi net encrypted wpa?03:27
keastessacarlson: the messae is from dmesg03:27
amitsacarlson:thanx it works03:27
keastessacarlson: and yes the network is wpa203:27
dtrf4837DaGeek247 thanks03:27
=== cyberdharma_ is now known as cyberdharma
sacarlsonkeastes: well I think I would try apt-get install wicd03:28
dtrf4837i got everything backed up so i'll use entire drive03:28
keastessacarlson: you i get the same thing on wicd and network-manager03:28
Jon--I want to make a complete image of one Ubuntu machine and port it to another, excluding grub.cfg would be nice. Anyone care to help me ?03:28
sacarlsonkeastes: does it work unencrypted or is that an option?03:29
dtrf4837sacarlson thanks for your help03:29
keastessacarlson: not an option at this point, it may be worth pointing out that this adapter did work on this exact same PC on 10.04 OOB03:30
dirty-harryJon--: you could use clonezilla to clone partion to the another hdd!? why exclude grub?03:30
apporcJon--:You can search it from google. According to my memory , i have found a script doing that in ubuntu forum03:30
nerdlingerhow can I access the matrix via ubuntu03:30
Ghastlytake the red pill03:30
A[p][s][729]Entra a: Google.com.do03:30
A[p][s][729]Entra a: Google.com.do03:30
FloodBot2A[p][s][729]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
nerdlingerFirst question I asked that got answered Ghastly03:31
Jon--dirty-harry: Because one has windows 7 dualboot and the other has windows xp. I only want to touch /  not image the entire drive.03:31
A[p][s][902]Entra a: Google.com.do03:31
A[p][s][902]Entra a: Google.com.do03:31
FloodBot2A[p][s][902]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:31
sacarlsonkeastes: well the problem is that wifi is now broken into two parts the encryption in wpasuplicant and the driver dependent on your device so it's hard to isolated if you don't know what software is broken or what config is mest up03:31
nerdlingerHow can I add items to the favorite bar in UNRE 10.1003:31
FloodBot2A[p][s][902]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:31
keastessacarlson: this is reminding me of the sanfu i had tring to get a BCM34 working03:32
Aikarhow do you make Ubuntu go to Sleep in the same way Windows goes to sleep? When I select Suspend it simply shows the login screen :/03:32
StevenSXWhat does /usr/bin/X :0 -nr -verbose - auth /var/run/gdm/auth-for-gdm-idvFPB/database -nolisten tcp vt7 do?03:33
sacarlsonkeastes: what I do is login to my access point and turn off encyption if that works then I work on wpasupplicant03:33
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DaGeek247IdleOne ban the spambot please03:33
keastessacarlson: not an option, there are several prople using the connection right this second, i may be able to try that in a couple of hours.03:34
sacarlsonkeastes: I assume the device is seen with iwconfig?03:34
AikarStevenSX: looks like it starts X with an auth parameter of some gdm system?03:34
DaGeek247now its gone03:34
exodushey can someone help me about an error which is unresolved it says03:34
DaGeek247now its back03:34
dirty-harryJon--: ok, I see. but isn't it possible to clone only / and install grub with new configuration afterwards? I thought it...03:35
keastesyes, wicd seems to choke on obtaining an IP, least thats what the wicd gui tells me03:35
nerdlingerCan someone give me a step by step instruction on how to add something to the favorite bar permanently03:35
sacarlsonkeastes: that's typical of an encryption key failure03:35
pnormanI just got an Intel network card for my existing ubuntu 10.10 server box, but I'm not sure how to set up the software side. Any suggestions on where to start? It shows up in lspci03:35
DaGeek247favorite bar?03:35
keastessacarlson: so... now whtat?03:35
exodus'E:Type '251400' is not known on line 60 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list' what does it mean ?03:36
nerdlingerin netbook remix03:36
bullgardexodus: Please report the whole error message so that someone can help you intelligently.03:36
keastesnerdlinger: click anad drag03:36
DaGeek247oh, i dont have netbook03:36
nerdlingerI tried that03:36
nerdlingerit doesn't work03:36
exodushow can i report there is no button to it03:36
keastesnerdlinger: or right click "add to favorites"03:36
sacarlsonkeastes: well if you can see your iwconfig attached to your access point then I would focus on wpasupplicant  maybe try wpagui03:36
DaGeek247then right click and lock it down03:36
StevenSXIs it a security problem?03:36
nerdlingerRight clicking for the most part doesn't work03:37
exodusbullgard: how can i report it ?03:37
FloodBot2A[p][s][99]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:38
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!03:38
DaGeek247ban the bot!03:38
IdleOnecalm down03:38
alesanhi I see / is mounted as /dev/sda2 on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro,commit=0)03:39
nerdlingerand where am I supposed to drag from? I tried the applications thing in the favorite bar, I don't have access to the nautilis for some strange reason, I don't have right mouse clicking, I can't even change the wallpaper normally lol03:39
DaGeek247its been doing this for a whilee03:39
alesanwhat is commit=0???03:39
Aikari cant seem to suspend or even hibernate my PC running 10.10, i see "USB failed to freeze" then it resumes back to X03:39
bullgardexodus: Basically this means that your list of available repositories to you is at fault. You should fix this list.03:39
keastessacarlson: ok i got it, flipped the WPA supplicant driver from wext to nl8021103:39
keastessacarlson: thanks03:39
FloodBot2A[p][s][500]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:39
DaGeek247kill it!03:39
sacarlsonkeastes: cool how did you do that?03:40
exodusbullgard: i wanted to edit it  but when i opened the list, its empty there is no such 60 line03:40
bullgardexodus: Copy this file to a pastebin.03:40
overcluckerbye, lol03:40
keastessacarlson: in wicd prefrences>advanced settings tab03:40
DaGeek247thank you.03:40
sacarlsonkeastes: excelent03:40
nerdlingerright clicking works inside apps like Firefox, but it doesn't work in the ubuntu sections03:40
keastessacarlson: now to get my remote working..03:41
bullgardexodus: It cannot be that this list is empty. In that case you would not obtain DEB program packages via the Internet.03:41
exodusbullgard: yeah you are right but its really empty.03:41
exodusI opened it with gedit03:41
santhoshi want to forward the incoming requests to port 5005 to example.exampledomain.com port 5005. How can i do this?03:42
alesanhow can I change the options to mount / ??03:42
santhoshi want this to be permanent also.03:42
alesanI wish to specify data=writeback03:42
bullgardexodus: Well. This is really bad. -- I don't know at once where to get it from.03:42
exodusbullgard: me too :)03:43
overcluckerare you sure you are opening /etc/apt/sources.list ?03:43
bullgardexodus: I could give you mine. But this is of no value to you as I am in Germany.03:44
exodusyeah i am sure.03:44
=== taka is now known as Guest83663
exodusI used this sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list03:44
exodusand this sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list03:44
bullgard!prefix | exodus03:45
ubottuexodus: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:45
exodusunfortunately its empty03:45
rigvedhello everyone...i am trying the localnet installation using the dhcp-pxe-tftp-http method from here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet. but whenever i boot my laptop from lan, i get a tftp open timeout error. but i don't remember any timeout set for tftpd. can anyone help me with this?03:45
santhoshi want to forward the incoming requests to port 5005 to example.exampledomain.com port 5005. How can i do this?03:45
nerdlingerwhen I right click the app I want to add to the favorites bar - it merely blinks a few times and doesn't do anything03:45
exodusbullgard overclucker: I guess i am going to reinstall Ubuntu again :P03:46
santhoshubottu: i want to forward the incoming requests to port 5005 to example.exampledomain.com port 5005. How can i do this?03:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:46
bullgardexodus: Yes, do it.03:46
santhoshbullgard: i want to forward the incoming requests to port 5005 to example.exampledomain.com port 5005. How can i do this?03:46
rigved!brain | santhosh03:46
ubottusanthosh: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots03:47
nerdlingerThe favorites bar apparently also works as a task bar so any opened program goes over there, however i can't seem to lock it down as it only has the quit option03:47
rigvedcan anyone help me? ^^03:47
DaGeek247nerdlinger you may have found yourself a bug03:48
exodusbullgard: that's really odd... now its not full :) how it can be? I run again gedit and now its not empty.03:48
nerdlinger._. but but I want my computer to work not to be buggy03:48
bullgardsanthosh: I don't know as you did not tell me  what program caused incoming requests.03:49
DaGeek247nerdlinger lol. my is uses ubuntu desktop on her netbook fine. try it03:49
nerdlingerThats what I am going to do, I am not liking Netbook Remix03:49
bullgardexodus: I do not know how that happend. Probably you overlooked an important minor item.03:49
santhoshbullgard: lets say i simply say curl localhost:5005 and i want the request to fetch data from port 5005 of exampl.com03:50
DaGeek247if bntu fails youall the ay ad all you want is someting stable check out debian03:50
exodusbullgard: thanks anyway I guess I have to restart it... Take care.03:50
santhoshnormallu ill do this with ssh -p 1234 user@exam.com -L 5005:localhost:500503:50
nerdlingerDaGeek I actually don't mind using ubuntu I just thought Ubuntu Netbook would be just as easy to use03:50
bullgardsanthosh: I am not familiar with curl. I am sorry not being able to help you.03:51
rigvedthis is my question again - hello everyone...i am trying the localnet installation using the dhcp-pxe-tftp-http method from here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LocalNet. but whenever i boot my laptop from lan, i get a tftp open timeout error. but i don't remember any timeout set for tftpd. can anyone help me with this?03:51
DaGeek247nerdlinger it should03:51
Aikarfrom a geek/technical perspective: is the "prelease/proposed" source safe to install from for ie kernel updates etc? i see a report latest linux kernel fixes suspend/hibernate03:51
suGreetings!  I'm wondering if any of you could help me figure out how to add a server path to nautilus save file as dialogue -- Screenshots: http://i56.tinypic.com/2con34l.jpg http://i52.tinypic.com/25s3mtc.jpg03:51
Aikarsu: Places -> Connect to it, then add as bookmark03:52
suIt's already there in my bookmarks03:52
subut when i save image i can't point to it03:52
HugoKuo__bonjour ,,  does anyone knows how to install eucalyptus on Maverick by Natty's repos03:52
sudoesn't show in the list03:52
sui mean i could save it and move it03:52
subut would be nice to save it right to the dir03:52
suif i view regular folder view03:53
suthe network folders display03:53
jiohdiwhen I login I have lubuntu and lxde as options, is there a difference between them?03:53
sulike if i just launch nautilus03:53
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:53
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shellhi everyone i have a problem with Chromium in Ubuntu Lucid...03:54
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:54
shelleverytime I start chromium after i restart my laptop I get the following message in the term03:54
shellFATAL:base/shared_memory_posix.cc(158)] This is frequently caused by incorrect permissions on /dev/shm.  Try 'sudo chmod 1777 /dev/shm' to fix.03:54
shelli hate having to do this every single time .... what is the problem with this?03:54
bullgardsu: I believe that you are not using Ubuntu.03:54
shellis this caused by the way the Ubuntu devs packaged Chromium? with wrong permissions messing up the startup of Chromium?03:55
pnormanAh - I got the card working, but I want to change which interface is eth0 and which is eth1, how'd I go about doing that?03:55
overcluckershell: what does the entry for /dev/shm look loike in /etc/fstab ?03:56
bullgardHugoKuo__: If there is no backport for it, then you cannot install it.03:56
suyou mean as a server? my partner runs windows so the server is windows, but my OS is ubuntu 10.04 and here's the reg folder view in nautilus http://i53.tinypic.com/2lx9zf8.jpg03:56
overcluckersorry, i mean /etc/mtab03:56
shelloverclucker: for some reason there is no such entry for /dev/shm03:56
overcluckerI meant to say mtab03:56
suI tried the same thing on another computer as well, so it's not my skin or theme03:57
shellnone /dev/shm tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev 0 003:57
shell@ overclucker ^03:57
HugoKuo__@bullgard thanks03:57
HugoKuo__#bullgard thanks03:58
tomreynshell: what does this return? cat /proc/mounts | grep shm03:59
overcluckershell: ok, then it's just a chromium error03:59
shellnone /dev/shm tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime 0 003:59
shellthats unfortunate, I know this issue is very new as it wasn't occuring last week03:59
susame thing on diff box running 10.04 http://i51.tinypic.com/2lszcck.jpg04:02
DaGeek247the floodbots are flooding!04:02
=== rewt`` is now known as rewt
overcluckershell: I remember having this problem before04:03
sui don't know where my message went, same thing on diff box with 10.04, just wondering if there's a hack to make the folder view by default in the "save file" nautilus window http://i51.tinypic.com/2lszcck.jpg04:03
suah i see my message now, lolz04:05
santhoshhow can i permanaently forward a port in one system to a port in another system. Pls help me.04:08
sueven if i could get an address bar in there... would be helpful in the long run -- have tweaked gconf editor to make addy bar display by default in regular natilus view, but can't make it display in the save file dialogue view04:08
santhoshguys pls help me some one. i need this immediately. how can i permanaently forward a port in one system to a port in another system. Pls help me.04:10
xanguasu create a folder>right clic>open with other>open folder04:10
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh, you got a router?04:10
santhoshyourwhiteshadow: no im talking abt the server04:10
hippietoadhas anyone gotten Cricket EC1705 mobile broadband to work?04:11
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh: well next time you should specify that lol04:11
santhoshyourwhiteshadow: oops sorry . basically wat i need is wen ever i say curl localhost:5005 i want to direct the request to port 5005 of exampl.com04:12
santhoshand fetch the data from there04:12
nate_hey, does anybody know where the download version of py2exe is for ubuntu?04:13
pnormanOkay - I think I've got the drivers installed for my network card, I now have eth0 and eth1 showing up in ifconfig -a, however, it doesn't seem to be getting an IP04:13
santhoshthat is  wen v generally do ssh -p 1234 user@example.com -L 5005:localhost:5005 . we will go inside the example.com and also use the localhost:5005 from our local system from where we ssh, but this tends to be lost once we close the ocnnection but i want to do this permanently04:13
GanymedeHello, I have Maverick with fglrx from the repository. I have a laptop with a Radeon HD3200-ish (I'm guessing it does not have EyeInfinity). I have a projector hooked up via VGA (working perfectly, can be enabled through both xrandr and the GUI displays utility). I just got a new monitor and would like to use it via HDMI but the GUI utility does not detect it. I've heard aticonfig --initial can fix it but aticonfig help suggests that I have to d04:14
Ganymedeecide then my resolutions and screen layout...but doesn't both AMDCCCLE and xrandr allow me to change that after aticonfig? It suggests only two devices can be used at a time...does that mean I have to re-run aticonfig every time I want to switch between VGA projector and HDMI monitor? And AMDCCCLE appears to not work at the moment.04:14
FloodBot1Ganymede: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:14
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding04:14
suxangua i don't know what you mean.  I've just been told  by another that what I wish to do is actually a current "feature request" for development04:14
sui tried to create folder, open with nautilus or open with firefox, but it does not make server display in the side panel of the save file dialogue04:15
suanyways thanks!04:15
tomreynyourwhiteshadow: i don't think this answers santhosh's question on how to have it persist across reboots, does it.04:16
yourwhiteshadowtomreyn: no it doesn't, but with a little cleverness he can write a script and just run the script, which will persist across reboots04:17
DaGeek247we are sleeping04:18
=== Taffy is now known as sleep
DaGeek247darn wrong channl again!04:19
DaGeek247-offtopic is sleeping04:19
tomreynpnorman: were you asking a question there or just reporting on your progress?04:20
Rav3nhave anybody used loop-AES drivers on Ubuntu?04:20
pnormantomreyn: I think I was trying to ask a question, and failed at doing so04:20
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh: any luck?04:20
santhoshyourwhiteshadow: reading it now04:21
madmnwhat package do i need to install in ubuntu so i can ftp into my box ?04:21
tomreynpnorman: feel free to retry ;-)04:21
santhoshyourwhiteshadow: will let u know wen i hit somethin04:21
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh: do you know how to write a script? you can just write a script to do it04:22
tomreynmadmn: you mean, from a remote location, into your buntu system?04:22
Ganymedemadmn, Here's a kind of old page giving some options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FtpServer04:22
eruditehermithi, how do I use the software center history to remove packages installed on a certian day?04:22
eruditehermitor how do I get it into an easy to use format with spaces so that I can use it with apt-get to remove them04:22
Ganymedemadmn, Actually, sorry, I just read the page I linked you to and it's terribly written.04:23
santhoshyourwhiteshadow: no im new to ubuntu servers04:23
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh: ok, lemme try to help you out04:23
santhoshyourwhiteshadow: wow so kind of you. Thank you so much04:23
madmn_what package do i need to install so that i can ftp into my ubuntu box ?04:23
yourwhiteshadowsanthosh: can you pm me?04:23
Ganymedemadmn, Here's one for Maverick with vsftpd: http://www.jonathanmoeller.com/screed/?p=2127 but I strongly urge you to look into SFTP instead.04:24
jeffwheelerA while back I tried buying an album from the Ubuntu One music store and got an international surcharge fee at my bank (I'm in the US). Does this still happen?04:24
madmn_there is no package called that04:24
pnormanI've got a ubunutu 10.10 server where I just installed an intel network card. I've installed the drivers from intel (essentially following http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=601222) and now have eth0 and eth1 showing up in `ifconfig -a` but neither have IPs. Where should I go from there?04:24
tomreynmadmn_: i, too, think you really want to install openssh-server and use sftp04:25
madmn_i am using filezilla right now04:25
* pnorman agrees with sftp and openssh04:25
Ghastlywhile I know this is likely the wrong place to ask this, (have asked in the correct places as well)04:26
madmn_do you know where to get open-ssh server04:26
jeffwheelerHmm, it looks like this is my issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1528557 - I'll see if there's a way to pick the store.04:26
blackxoredhello guys04:26
tomreynmadmn_: it's "openssh-server", a package available in the ubuntu repositories.04:27
blackxoredI have  the odd question of the day for you guys, I was wondering how to speed up a very slow link to a VPN server in term of web browsing, things such as disabling encryption are out of question, but what about other ways, such as setting up a cache proxy or something??? Any clues on it?04:27
GanymedeI don't see what's so odd about that..but bye.04:28
madmn_does ubuntu come with any programming software04:28
erpomadmn: a ton. What language?04:28
madmn_to program c sharp04:28
blackxoredGanymede, hehhe ok04:28
erpomadmn: For .Net?04:29
blackxoredmadmn_: you can try monodevelop04:29
madmn_yeah right now i am learning console applications04:29
blackxoredor you can go to vala04:29
blackxoreddoes anybody here, not sleep, can answer my question? :P04:29
Ghastlytrying to figure out how to set the correct environmental variables in crystalspace (have read the docs, asked around)... its... very... strange... I know HOW to set it, just well... not where (docs haven't helped / Google refers to the docs, logic disagrees)04:29
Ghastlyany help would be greatly appreciated04:29
tomreynmadmn_: if your goal is to access your desktop computer from the internet and you have a standard residential internet access there, then you also need to set up port forwarding in your router (the devices which usually also gets you access to the internet, you usually access it by web address, somthing like ) and, if the external IP address you get assignd by your internet provider changes regularly, you also need some 'dyndns'04:30
AbhijiTmadmn, every linux has gcc inbuilt04:30
blackxoredmadmn_: If C# is your thing, then go to monodevelop, you won't get CLR 4 but it's a good project04:30
madmn_okay and i should look into sftp for ftp software then not filezilla /04:32
tomreynmadmn_: i think filezilla does support sftp04:32
Ghastlyit does04:33
tomreynmadmn: i think filezilla does support sftp04:33
madmnokay cool04:33
blackxoredtomreyn: in deed it does04:33
tzDevit does, I use it all the time04:33
madmnone more question ubuntu is not seeing my usb drive04:33
blackxoredso there's no clue about the connection speedup i was talking about right?04:33
madmnhow do i get it to reconize it04:33
=== jh is now known as Guest25989
VooDooNOFXI'm having some troubles installing ununtu-10.10-netbook-i386 into my Toshiba Portege 3505 tablet. It shows the initial text based screen, then dumps to busybox within about a minute.04:35
BlueEaglemadmn: In most cases the USB drives are detected automatically.04:36
VooDooNOFXI see some forums recommending that I put all_generic_ide floppy=off irqpoll, but not sure where to type them in04:36
blackxoredVooDooNOFX: usually, corrupted ISO04:36
tomreynblackxored: what does your route to the VPN server look like (best test this with the VPN off/disabled)? is it a lot of hops, do you have packet loss?04:36
blackxoredVooDooNOFX: at your bootloader screen?04:36
BlueEaglemadmn: Try running dmesg after connecting the USB drive.04:36
sre-suHow to install xfce in Ubuntu?04:37
blackxoredtomreyn: I'm basically routing all my traffic through the VPN04:37
VooDooNOFXit's installing from a pcmcia dvd-rom, it's the 3rd iso i've burned, and i've now tried desktop, netbook and alternate versions. I can try booting from a windows cd to test the drive, but this laptop doesn't support usb booting :(04:37
blackxoredtomreyn: I do have a lot of hops which come by my ISP, sadly couldn't get rid of them ;)04:37
blackxoredVooDooNOFX: the third you tried, ok, have you bothered to md5sum at least one? ;)04:38
VooDooNOFXblackxored: it dumps me directly to a (initramfs) screen. Not sure, but that doesn't appear to be the bootloader04:38
tomreynblackxored: so maybe your issue is your network route to the VPN server then?04:38
_jesse_sre-su: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:38
blackxoredVooDooNOFX: weird, that's not finding kernel04:38
BlueEaglemadmn: You're looking for something similar to " usb 1-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 4"04:38
blackxoredtomreyn: ok it's not really an issue, I wanted to take some measures when I'm off-work to make this thing faster04:38
dw1hello - looking for some Windows 7 Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot install advice. Anyone here can help?04:39
blackxoredI wanted to know if caching proxies will do it, if dialup acceleration services are worth, that kind of stuff04:39
BlueEagleblackxored: It works.04:39
madmnit saw it before04:39
BlueEagleblackxored: Sorry. Wrong nick.04:39
sre-su_jesse_: Will it affect if the system is Kubuntu?04:39
tomreynblackxored: if your route to the VPN server is bad then, of course, all routes you establish through it will be, too.04:39
BlueEagledw1: It works.04:39
madmnbut since i reinstalled it is not seeing it04:39
dw1Windows 7 is already installed. I want to "install them side by side" without changing the size of any existing partitions, so I am torn between "install them side by side......" and "use the largest continuous free space"04:39
dw1 I want to do exactly both of these things, but I am asked to choose between them (or go manual).04:39
dw1 Which is preferred?04:39
sre-su_jesse_: or its desktop environment?04:39
BlueEaglemadmn: Does dmesg show anything when plugging it in?04:39
_jesse_dw1: just as your question04:39
blackxoredtomreyn: what was this name of a software I can use to test network quality between my two links, my machine and the VPN server per se04:40
pnormanI think I've got my problem fixed - i changed eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces to eth104:40
_jesse_sre-su: no04:40
madmnwhere do i run that ?04:40
_jesse_sre-su: it will install another enviornment; you can switch at log in04:40
madmnin a terminal window/04:40
BlueEaglemadmn: The terminal would be a good place to start.04:40
dw1There are 3 primary partitions already. So I need Ubuntu to do all it needs inside one extended partition04:40
blackxoredmadmn: like on the shell ;)04:40
blackxoredBlueEagle: +104:40
tomreynblackxored: there's several, traceroute and ping would be the most common, i personally like mtr04:40
kingofthethingI downloaded a hidpoint1-0.bin file for my MX revolution mouse and I dont know how to install it or run it through the terminal04:40
blackxoredtomreyn: great I'm using mtr04:40
dw1_jesse_: Well I am using the 64 bit install CD04:40
blackxoredwhat do you want me to test here is packet loss04:41
madmnthat came up with a ton of stuff04:41
sre-suAlright thanks04:41
dw1_jesse_: And I have got to t a place where I am unsure which radio button to select for the best04:41
BlueEaglemadmn: That is why I asked you to run i right after plugging in the USB drive. That way you'd look at the last few lines.04:41
kingofthethingcan anyone help...I downloaded a hidpoint1-0.bin file for my MX revolution mouse and I dont know how to install it or run it through the terminal04:42
blackxoredi'm also getting a weird openvpn message log saying no buffer space available04:42
tomreynpnorman: make sure the interfaces are configured properly and that they are up. depending on your configuration you may need to manually run a DHCP client then04:42
_jesse_dw1: is the partition you want to install to already created? I always just choose the manual option04:42
madmn[ 1380.444279] sd 7:0:0:0: [sdf] Attached SCSI removable disk04:42
blackxoredi took the recommendation from the list and tweaked memory_bytes but still getting those04:42
_jesse_so I'm not sure what the others do04:42
madmnlooks like it sees it04:42
BlueEaglemadmn: You are looking for something similar to this: http://pastebin.com/TEFAmfqN04:42
BlueEaglemadmn: Can you now `mount /dev/sdf1 /mnt`04:43
abhilashm86I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on virtualbox, i use mobile broadband in windows7 and ubuntu is not taking the connection...what should i use in network settings of virtualbox?04:43
blackxoredwhen I don't have this message, I get like 20% of packet loss, not sure on how to evaluate this04:43
dw1_jesse_: No. I just want Ubuntu to use up all the exsiting free space without touching any of the three existing partitions (which are all primary partitions)04:43
blackxoredtomreyn: what do you think?04:43
=== sleep is now known as awakened
tomreynblackxored: 20% packet loss is a whole lot.04:43
tomreynblackxored: that's a really bad link04:43
blackxoredso what / if any can do about it04:43
_jesse_dw1: largest contiguous free space sounds good then04:43
AbhijiTabhilashm86, try in #vbox04:44
madmndoes not exist it said04:44
abhilashm86AbhijiT: yes i'll post it there......04:44
dw1_jesse_: OK. Will that still understand that I want to install the two OSs side by side?04:44
BlueEaglemadmn: ls /dev/sdf*04:44
tomreynblackxored: where does the loss take place according to mtr?04:44
blackxoredabhilashm86: you should move, but for that matters you'll only need NAT, let the windows take care of networking for you04:44
BlueEaglemadmn: Does it show anything with numbers after sdf?04:44
dw1_jesse_: The format of a choice between radio buttons does not make this altogether clear04:44
blackxoredtomreyn: umm you'll blame me, but's basically everywhere04:45
blackxoredit's down now to 14%04:45
madmnsays /dev/sdf04:45
_jesse_dw1: it'll install to the largest free space, yes; shouldn't overwrite any partitions (I assume you backed up just in case, right?)04:45
dw1_jesse_: there is a dount in my mind as to whether only the "Install them side-by-side radio button will allow the dual boot to work?04:45
BlueEaglemadmn: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdf04:45
tomreynblackxored: run mtr like this: disable the VPN, then mtr -i 5 VPN-HOST04:45
BlueEaglemadmn: Does it have an empty partition table?04:45
_jesse_dw1: grub will see them both04:45
_jesse_dw1: *both installs that is04:46
blackxoredyou want it with the vpn disabled?04:46
dw1_jess_: Yes. I backed up all the v important stuff04:46
abhilashm86blackxored: Yes i'll try that. Thanks!04:46
blackxoredabhilashm86: np04:46
tomreynblackxored: keep it running for 5 minutes or so and put it on a pastebin04:46
blackxoredtomreyn: all right04:46
blackxoredI might loose this connecction, please keep on04:46
tomreynblackxored: yes, with VPN disabled, since you want to know whether the underlying network route causes your trouble or the VPN server itself.04:46
_jesse_dw1: I have never seen that option though, maybe they added it to make it clearer for newcomers04:46
dw1_jesse_: OK. So I guess it is just a slight imperfection in the interface documentation of that screen in the install procedure:04:46
dw1_jesse_: well there are  4 radio buttons I have to select between04:47
BlueEaglemadmn: Did you have data on this drive before?04:47
madmni know there was data on it04:47
_jesse_dw1: yeah, I think it's just to make it 'nicer' when people want to dual boot with windows04:47
madmndoes that mean its gone ?04:48
dw1_jess_: and only the first of these 4 explicitly says "Install them side by side, choosing between them at startup"04:48
_jesse_dw1: right, should be largest contiguous space, manual, and guided or whatnot04:48
BlueEaglemadmn: Because there is no longer a partition table on that disk, which means you're looking at restoring from backup unless youc an recover the partition table.04:48
BlueEaglemadmn: You _do_ have backup, don't you?04:48
madmnyes i think its on another computer04:48
dw1_jess_: so there's a possible interpreation  of the interface that choicese 2,3, and 4 will not do the "side by side" selection thing as well as 1 will04:48
_jesse_dw1: hmm... well like I said, I'm not familiar with that option; it may have been added in a new release.  It's been a while since I did side-by-side with Windows04:48
madmnbut how do i get this drive to work in here for the future04:48
dw1__jesse_ to press or not to press04:49
KREDOhi all04:49
BlueEaglemadmn: Since the disk does currently not have a partition table you need to create one. This is typically done with fdisk or gparted.04:49
KREDOI have a dual processor computer, when I open the System Monitor the CPU usage shows 100%, but I have no program is open04:49
dw1Maybe I'll delay a few more mins in case I get another view04:49
BlueEaglemadmn: You may want to look at http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Partition-Rescue.html if you want to attempt to rescue the data on the disk.04:49
madmnlet me check that i said it is a data traveller usb drive04:50
_jesse_dw1: that is the question. I don't think that option could possible do any better than just installing to largest free space04:50
_jesse_dw1: since grub will see them all regardless04:50
_jesse_dw1: might be a good idea, maybe someone is familiar with that option04:50
madmnits just a little flash drive not an actual hard disk04:50
KREDOI have a dual processor computer, when I open the System Monitor the CPU usage shows 100%, but I have no program is open, help me04:50
BlueEaglemadmn: Even flash drives need partition tables.04:50
BlueEaglemadmn: It's an 8GB device, isn't it04:51
madmnlet me try it on another computer upstairs and see what it says04:51
madmnyes it is a 8GB usb04:51
blackxoredhey guys04:52
blackxoredi'm back04:52
blackxoredthis is odd04:52
BlueEagleKREDO: in a terminal run `top` and see what uses CPU power.04:52
BlueEagle!enter | blackxored04:52
ubottublackxored: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:52
blackxoredtomreyn: without vpn04:52
dw1_jesse_: you almost talked me into it, but I'll hang on a little longer04:52
=== lima is now known as duke3d
dw1_jesse_ thanks for your thoughts04:52
blackxored0 packet loss, now that I've restarted vpn 0 packet loss as well04:52
blackxoreda little bit slower on the vpn of course04:52
blackxoredbut no loss04:52
jeffwheeleroops, sorry, wrong window04:53
_jesse_dw1: np04:53
blackxoredwhat do you guys think about this?04:53
BlueEagleblackxored: I think you should stop using the enter key as punctuation.04:53
blackxoredBlueEagle: you're absolutely right, my bad04:53
Ghastlyif one of you would be willing to take a look at ^ link, would be greatly appreciated04:54
blackxoredGhastly: when I do http://^ I get invalid URL, chrome bug? :P04:54
AbhijiTGhastly, describe your problem here in short04:54
AbhijiTlol :D04:54
tomreynblackxored: keep a terminal window open with the same command you ran now for some hours, see how it develops. it will be a single hop of course, now that you have the VPN going, but it's still nice to know whether the is loss there.04:55
Ghastlyhaha, sorry04:55
KREDOBlueEagle I looked at the CPU but there's nothing04:55
blackxoredtomreyn: hours, yeah right ;) that won't really be a feasible thing to do04:55
blackxoredi mentioned dialup, right?04:55
Ghastlypretty much crystalspace through either a manual install, or ubuntu managed install, spreads EVERYTHING out04:56
blackxoredok, let's shift the focus, onto software-based speed up things, can a cache proxy provide some help, and if that, there's something lighter than setting up squid (setting squid for that purpose is a breeze, doing it over dialup it's suicide ;))04:56
evilsushiKREDO: paste your top output04:56
tomreynblackxored: not sure whether you mentioned it. if you did, i missed it. so this is a phone line + voice modem or DSL or what type of dial-up link?04:57
blackxoredotherwise I'll have to take a quick jump to my work to do it04:57
blackxoredtomreyn: oh dude, i've been wasting your time, it was dialup from the very beginning ;)04:57
sacarlsonblackxored: I didn't read back to were your problem began but what I did see may be a mtu setting might fix it04:57
Ghastlythe problem is... hmm04:57
blackxorednevertheless I found some useful answers04:57
GhastlyI cant get the environmental variables to set correctly, or for it to build into a single directory04:58
blackxoredsacarlson: not a clue on how it'll affect it, honestly, also there are some posts on disabling modem compression, I didn't even know that it was possible to do so04:58
tomreynblackxored: you didn't waste my time, no worries.04:58
blackxoredtomreyn: great, that's the spirit, so any clues about caching ???04:59
blackxoredwill it prove helpful04:59
blackxoredthrough a VPN link?04:59
evilsushiGhastly: use ./configure --help see if there is a option to pass the lib into the configure04:59
blackxoredit'll speed things up or it's a total waste of time/resources/you name it04:59
sacarlsonblackxored: wow dialup, It's too many beers back to remember anything about that04:59
KREDOapt-get uses 100% CPU04:59
blackxoredevilsushi: usually all that kind of stuff is/should be on a BUILD/INSTALL file, if you want custom location is normally --prefix=<location> if you want to compile with some linked lib in an abnormal path is normally --with-<lib>=<location>05:00
DifesaSorry if this is in improper format, but could anyone field a question concerning Booting from CD on a mac?  After choosing to load from CD and passing the initial boot screen, the display goes blank.  its hasppened using both the standard iso and 64bit text based installer05:00
blackxoredsacarlson: the ones I'll get into myself when we get rid of these ;) but sadly it's what we've got for outside access05:00
tomreynblackxored: i'd start on the lower layers and work to the higher ones. I think when you say "caching" you refer to a http proxy cache. That would be a higher layer. I'd start debug your network link first, see if there are issues which actually allow you to solve your issues (whichever those actually are, you never specified this).05:01
madmni can't format it on the windows machine either it won't let me05:01
evilsushiblackxored: so tell ghastly, not me =P05:01
madmnhow can i fix it or is the usb drive messed up05:01
ybitany ideas for fixing the video output for gtk-recordmydesktop? http://heath.blip.tv/file/4772416/05:01
juk!format | madmn05:01
ubottumadmn: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:01
blackxoredevilsushi: my bad, pipe it for me plz05:01
blackxoredtomreyn: here's the thing, i'm pretty sure that at the network layer I won't be getting any faster05:02
blackxoredwhich is totally subjective but that's my though05:02
madmni just want to format the usb drive nothing else05:02
madmnso i can get a partion table on it05:02
tomreynblackxored: however, if you still want to start with looking into a http proxy cache, then this can be a good way to cut down on traffic which needs to flow through the line. and if you have a low bandwidth link there, which I assume based on what you said so far, then I'd suggest you use one. Squid is the de facto standard there.05:03
sri_i cant install utorrent using wine05:03
evilsushimadmn: system->admin->disk utility is a gui way to format05:03
blackxoredtomreyn: mtr has been running from all this talk, after I left and re-joined, 0 packet loss05:03
BlueEagleKREDO: Is your computer running slow?05:03
Ghastlyheh evilsushi / blackxored05:03
BlueEaglemadmn: sudo fdisk /dev/sdf05:03
GhastlyI was actually doing said (prefix / custom install dir) as was waiting for help05:03
BlueEaglemadmn: Hang on. Let me get you a tutorial. :)05:03
blackxoredtomrey: I have a slow link here, on to the server the actual internet access is respecfully fast05:03
blackxoredwhich is also respectfully far ;)05:04
sri_how to use bittorrent client in ubuntu.. its not working.. how to enable that05:04
BlueEaglemadmn: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/fdisk_partitioning.html05:04
Ghastlythank you both very much05:04
evilsushisri_: a torrent client is provided with ubuntu05:04
madmnsays it is unknown05:05
tomreynblackxored: so the issue is network throughput (bandwith / data transferred over time)? or reliability fo your network link?05:05
blackxoredBlueEagle: oh man you've sent him to kill himself, why don't give him a gparted one, it's more user-friendly for the starter ;)05:05
BlueEaglemadmn: So you want "n" for new partition and it should be a primary partition. Accept the default start and end cylinders.05:05
sri_other downloads are going smoothly05:05
BlueEagleblackxored: Because he'll hardly learn anything from it. ;)05:05
blackxoredtomreyn: ok, let's break it down, I am slow obviously since right now i'm using a dialup connection, the endpoint is way faster on the other hand where internet speed is blazing05:05
KREDOBlueEagle not working properly but I'm afraid that computer is not good05:06
blackxoredI wanted to know if putting a cache server on the endpoint would help my dialup UX to seem faster05:06
=== keastes is now known as kisuke
overcluckerfdisk it a little too heavy05:06
blackxoredBlueEagle: good point, is on you if we don't hear from him again ;)05:06
tomreynblackxored: so you are getting all the speed you can expect to get, based on its technical limits, on the dial-up line?05:06
overcluckersfdisk or cfdisk would probably be better for a first time user05:07
blackxoredI'm not 100% sure, but I have a strong feeling I am05:07
sri_its not getting started.. its not working05:07
evilsushiboth of those are more confusing than fdisk imo05:07
blackxoredsince it's to limited05:07
pnormantomreyn: I just moved the server to it's home for the next 10 years, and it came up properly on bootup05:07
blackxoredthe speed ;)05:07
pnormanWhich is good, since to type anything in where it is I have to balance on one foot, hold the keyboard with one hand, type with the other, and use my knee to keep from falling over05:08
BlueEaglemadmn: When you've defined the partition you need to give it a type. press "T" and select type 7 "HPFS/NTFS"05:08
overcluckercfdisk too much gui for you, hehe05:08
blackxoredI'd personally stick to fdisk/mkfs but I do find parted quite useful and easy05:08
tomreynblackxored: if you want to be sure, run a speedtest with and without the VPN and compare the results. Use http://speedtest.net/ - or, for serious debugging, netperf.05:08
blackxoredand of course gparted, which was my initial recomm endation05:09
BlueEagleblackxored: It's just an USB drive that's already w/o a partition table.05:09
blackxoredtomreyn: netperf requires a server?05:09
jukmadmn: why not just right click and format?05:09
blackxoredjuk: the brilliant answer ;)05:09
BlueEaglejuk: Because you cannot right-click a drive that has got no partitions.05:09
blackxoredtomreyn: I remember a tool which was client/side05:09
jukBlueEagle: ah05:09
tomreynblackxored: i already responded to the question regarding the http proxy cache. and no, netperf does not require a special server, but an endpoint to connect to.05:09
BlueEaglejuk: But thank you for playing.05:10
jukBlueEagle: np05:10
blackxoredtomreyn: meaning?05:10
BlueEaglemadmn: Now after you've written the partition table with "w" quit fdisk with "q"05:10
blackxoredI assume I just can't try to connect anywhere, right?05:10
tomreynpnorman: i do not understand what you are trying to say.05:10
tomreynblackxored: netperf measures the trhoughput of network interfaces.05:11
blackxoredtomreyn: i'll stick to speedtest for the moment, it's flashy but who cares05:11
BlueEaglemadmn: Now you _may_ need to reformat the drive. If you're lucky however it was just the partition table that was wiped and not the filesystem. You can try mounting it and see what you've got.05:11
BlueEaglemadmn: I recomend you reformat it in any case.05:11
blackxoredI didn't like the term debugging ;) sounded like a full OSI stack evaluation at what's now 12:11am here ;)05:11
tomreynblackxored: you can use it to check whether there is less throughput on the VPN than there should be.05:11
BlueEagleblackxored: Pfft... It's 06:12 am here. ;)05:12
pnormantomreyn: it's working05:12
blackxoredi'm a late sleepier, you guys are early wakers, who would tell?05:13
overcluckershame on you blackxored, BlueEagle for having the wrong times, it's 9:13pm here05:13
tomreynblackxored: i guess http://speedtest.net/ is good enough. be sure to stop all other processes and quit any applications causing any internet traffic during your tests. if you want to test this at all.05:13
sre-suI did <sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop> But after selection of default display manager as gdm/kdm, I get the error as dpkg: ... : No space left on device and E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2). Should I do apt-get clean or what to fix it?05:13
blackxoredOk, but I might ask if we can we add more content that the times here ;)05:13
blackxoredtomreyn: i'm about to do that, so you'll get out of me for a little while ;) as soon as flash doesn't crash yet again ;)05:14
FrenkHello, I have a question. I have someone connected via SSH to my PC, how do I close his ssh session? (its not a hacker)05:14
blackxoredflash usually hates linux05:14
paq7512when they release a service pack (10.4.2) is it a bunch of fixes to the point when they release it or do they ever add new things?05:14
blackxoredor me, who can tell?05:14
BlueEaglemadmn: ofcourse you could just install gparted and partition it from there. It's got a nice graphical interface.05:14
blackxoredpaq7512: i believe is an ISO? ;)05:14
blackxoredi'm out05:15
blackxoredspeed testing05:15
blackxoredfor that matters05:15
BlueEagleFrenk: sudo /etc/init.d/sshd restart05:15
juk!iptables | Frenk05:15
BlueEagleFrenk: Make sure to disable the account you created for him.05:15
ubottuFrenk: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.05:15
tomreynpnorman: congratulations. :-) if you want to change which NIC gets assigned to which eth* interface name, edit /etc/udev/rules.d/*-persistent-net.rules05:16
evilsushiFrenk: ps -ef |grep ssh05:16
=== pwds_ is now known as pwds
evilsushiFrenk: pkill -9 <pid>05:16
=== Shaded is now known as ShadySire
jukFrenk: cut the power plug05:16
evilsushijuk: lol05:17
FrenkOh I solved that by htop and kill user@pts/3 =)05:17
evilsushimany ways to do things05:17
LoshkiFrenk: presumably, he can just login again if he wants...05:17
FrenkLoshki: dont think so. He had a car-accident.05:18
pnormantomreyn: Ah, that's where it is. Thanks05:18
evilsushiFrenk: edit your sshd_config add AllowUsers <user1> <user2> .. this will allow you to control what users are allowed to connect to u via ssh05:18
overcluckerFrenk: you just closing a session he left open?05:19
snotmonkeybawlshi i am having troubles with my awl5088 mini usb driver05:19
SnakkahAfter I did a system update (the most recent update to Ubuntu 10.10 that upgraded the kernel to, the Disk Utility is reporting one bad sector on my hard drive. I checked the system for errors by booting into the Live CD and running fsck and it was fine...05:19
Frenkoverclucker: yes.05:19
snotmonkeybawlsanybody ever work with it?05:19
SnakkahIt's also saying that my external hard drive has one bad sector.05:19
SnakkahIs this just an update bug, or what?05:19
evilsushisnotmonkeybawls: whats the prob05:21
tomreynpnorman: by the way i'm surprised that you had to install the intel driver to get the NIC working. this should no longer be the case.05:21
snotmonkeybawlswell i was trying to install my awl5088 network adapter05:21
littleruehi guys, is there any way i can get ls to restrict the output to just hidden files or to just directories?05:22
tomreynpnorman: unless you're using really current hardware there, maybe.05:22
evilsushilittlerue: man ls05:22
snotmonkeybawlsthe adapter started functioning. it goes online. i perform a speed test and it registers at 2.55 MBps. however, when i download something from a good website like download.com, it only downloads at 10kb05:22
SnakkahNo answers?05:22
LoshkiSnakkah: a hard drive in good shape should remap bad sectors so you don't even see them. If I were you, I would download and run the manufacturer's own diagnostic on the disk...05:23
littlerueevilsushi: i did, but i think (from reading it) that it's only capable of showing hidden files AND regular files or directories AND regular files, not restrict the output to a subset therein. Any idea?05:23
evilsushilittlerue: regex05:23
evilsushilittlerue: ls -a | grep '^\.'05:23
FrenkI also have another question - who of you can tell me, if my smart-values are good or bad (http://oi55.tinypic.com/33w0f3d.jpg) I do not get along with whats "normal" for smart values.05:23
pnormantomreyn: The card was manufactured in week 51 of 2010, the motherboard is similarly recent. I think the reason I had to install the drivers was that I installed the card *after* i set up the server, since I didn't have it initially05:23
evilsushilittlerue:  http://www.robelle.com/smugbook/regexpr.html05:24
lamefunWhat's the size of ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso, in bytes?05:24
littlerueevilsushi: ok, so ls has no ability to do this itself?05:25
snotmonkeybawlsevilsushi: the adapter started functioning. it goes online. i perform a speed test and it registers at 2.55 MBps. however, when i download something from a good website like download.com, it only downloads at 10kb05:25
tomreynpnorman: ok, that's pretty recent, and could be why. but i think it's more likely then that you're just missing the firmware blobs package so that the in-kernel drivers would work05:25
Strife89Is there any way for me to make the battery meter show a percentage indicator over/in place of the icon?05:25
Strife89(Ubuntu 10.10)05:25
nunuyabizI installed wordpress on ubuntu server, but later uninstalled it. now when I reinstall it, it doesn't install correctly. How can I get it to install correctly/05:26
pnormantomreyn: On a side note, the reason I got the card is the machine reboots under heavy network usage with the motherboard ethernet05:26
robertzaccourrecordMyDesktop doesn't record properly when basic compiz is running. Default compiz settings that is. Does this qualify as a bug?05:26
tomreynpnorman: uh that's ugly. tried a bios upgrade?05:26
evilsushilittlerue: it prob can, you can read the full manual here               info coreutils 'ls invocation'05:27
SnakkahLoshki, what do you make of this one bad sector appearing right after a major system update and the Disk Utility ALSO reporting my external hard drive with a bad sector, also after this update?05:27
LoshkiFrenk: some SMART data is vendor-specific, so you might check for your particular model, but offhand, your disk looks ok and stable to me...05:27
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evilsushilittlerue: whats wrong with regex?05:27
=== adam__ is now known as agike
ybitanyone have an idea what my stereo in recording device location is? /dev/dsp is OSS05:27
ybitand i use pulse05:27
jukrobertzaccour: depends on how you define properly ;)05:27
pnormantomreyn: nope - a better network card was on my list of hardware to buy anyways, so I just got it sooner then I had planned to05:28
FrenkLoshki: thx. is there a (console) utility which can tell me whether my smart values are good or bad?05:28
LoshkiSnakkah: it may be that as a result of the update, you're accessing disk blocks that you weren't using before the update. It doesn't change my advice about your next step...05:28
robertzaccourjuk, just a few blurred frames every several seconds. not an issue w/o compiz but compiz is on and running by default and certain applications require it, so i think this qualifies as a bug05:28
robertzaccourjuk, by a few blurred frames I mean it only shows a few frames05:29
nunuyabizPlease help. This is a simple install question. When I uninstall something, why doesn't it reinstall correctly. I'm trying to reinstall wordpress05:29
pnormantomreyn: Managed to send a message just as you left. Basically, I had planned to get an intel network card eventually anyways05:29
LoshkiFrenk: Well, I like gsmarcontrol -- http://gsmartcontrol.berlios.de/home/index.php/en/Home05:29
evilsushinunuyabiz: #wordpress05:29
robertzaccournunuyabiz, sudo apt-get purge <package name>05:30
nunuyabizevilsushi this is not a wordpress issue. it's an ubuntu issue05:30
robertzaccournunuyabiz, then install again05:30
LoshkiFrenk: oops, that's not a console app. The only console app I know about is gsmartcl...05:30
evilsushiwordpress is in the repos?05:30
nunuyabizrobertzaccour thanks05:30
jukrobertzaccour: sure, just run bug-buddy05:30
evilsushiwordpress is not something you should install from a repo05:30
robertzaccourjuk, bug-buddy?05:31
nunuyabizrobertzaccour that won't purge my mysql database will it?05:31
FrenkLoshki: thx =) Ill take a look at it05:31
juk!bug | robertzaccour:05:31
ubotturobertzaccour:: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots05:31
pnormantomreyn: The forums had a similar report (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1682900) from someone with a different realtek onboard controller. Looking at his system info, I think it's a problem that only shows up if you can saturate a gigabit connection, or close to it05:31
littlerueis it possible to get ls to display just regular files and directories? or do i have to use the '-a' switch to just get everything?05:31
Guest76682hey guys i'm back05:31
tomreynpnorman: oh i see. well as long as this works for you i guess it's fine. for the next buy, there's actually ways to ensue you buy something which will be supported by linux out of the box. there are hardware/PCI ID databases and related buyer guides out there.05:32
=== Guest76682 is now known as blackxored
evilsushilittlerue: why not just use find05:32
aroshlakshanhey can anyone tell me is there a net meter software for ubuntu?05:32
evilsushilittlerue: read the man pages dude05:32
Strife89Is there any way for me to make the battery meter show a percentage indicator over/in place of the icon? (using Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop)05:32
jukblackxored: wb05:32
evilsushilittlerue: find . -type d05:32
littlerueevilsushi: im not actually wanting to use ls05:32
blackxoredDo you want to be back in time by 20 years? I bet you're. Maybe I05:32
blackxoredshould become a speedtest host on this link? ;) You tell me:05:32
littlerueevilsushi: im implementing my own 'ls' like functionality, but im just trying to understand the 'ls' api05:32
blackxoreddownload: 0.03mbps, upload: 0.06mbps, ping: 1068ms05:32
VooDooNOFXblackxored: Thanks for the tips earlier. I just put the hdd into another laptop, installed from there and moved it back to my netbook. Seems to be working, mostly, now :)05:33
blackxoredVooDooNOFX: that's good news, but don't get offended when I tell you I don't have a clue on what you're talking about ??? Nothing personal :P05:33
aroshlakshanplease guys can anyone tell me is there a net meter software for ubuntu?05:34
blackxoredso those are my numbers, I'll apply for speedtest host and then go straight for a VC ;)05:34
pnormantomreyn: Ya, I was surprised that it didn't work out of the box, but the intel network cards are the best in the price range I was looking at05:34
littlerueevilsushi: tell me what you think of this api: 'ls' by itself just displays regular entries; 'ls -c' displays regular entries PLUS constants; 'ls -i' just displays regular entries PLUS instance variables. So all the flags add to the regular entries unless you combine then with the '-r' flag which restricts the output to just those flags you specify05:34
littlerueevilsushi: so 'ls -rc' just displays constants, etc.05:34
evilsushilittlerue: ill use it05:34
blackxoredlittlerue: it actually looks like is running a buggy version of ls, uhh ls -RC05:35
blackxorednah i'm sleepy this is not really me05:35
blackxoredtomreyn: ya still around?05:35
littlerueblackxored: this is actually for exploring runtime state of a ruby process, it's not actually for exploring your file system05:35
tomreynblackxored: yes05:35
researcher1when we apply proxy setting System Wide does it append the apt.conf file?05:36
blackxoredlittlerue: really, how's so? are you working on a gem wrapping ls?05:36
blackxoredtomreyn: so did you see my numbers, they're not at the very least, encouraging05:36
littlerueblackxored: no, it's this: http://banisterfiend.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/turning-irb-on-its-head-with-pry/05:36
snotmonkeybawlsi recently reinstalled ubuntu 10.10, and i was downloading at 300 kb  a sec with an old network adapter. i recently created a module for my awll5088 airlink mini usb network adapter and installed it. after the install, i now only dl at 10 kb at the most. is there anyway to get back that bandwidth?05:36
overcluckerlittlerue: go get the coreutils source package05:36
littlerueblackxored: im enhancing the shell commands for pry05:36
aroshlakshanplaease can any one help me05:37
robertzaccournunuyabiz, i have no idea what that is sorry05:37
blackxoredlittlerue: i'll check the link, I remember on something called ruby shell or rush, i did tried, kinda loved it, went back to ipython ;)05:37
SnakkahLoshki, you said to download the manufacturer's diagnostic tool for hard drives. I did. It only runs in Windows and running it in WINE won't detect my hard drive. Is there any alternative? :/05:37
blackxoredlittlerue: it's cool05:37
robertzaccournunuyabiz, you can back it up if you're unsure05:37
jukaroshlakshan: net meter?05:38
researcher1is there an application to recover a bad VideoCD05:38
aroshlakshana net meter05:38
aroshlakshana software that records my traffic05:38
LoshkiSnakkah: nearly all manufacturers have a standalone version which you can boot into (for people who don't have windows installed). Look for one of those and use it instead...05:38
blackxoredlittlerue: it's kinda ruby for sysadmins on steroids I kinda liked it, someday, sometime, I'll give it a try, thanks for the link05:38
tomreynblackxored: i see them now. a shame this tool is so imprecise. it's obviously made for broadband connections. the latency is very bad, and for some reason according to this test your upload is twice as much as your download, normally it is the other way around or even. so you have a 56 kbps modem there?05:38
blackxoredtomreyn: that was weird in deed05:39
blackxoredhow's this spanish bot command thing?05:39
blackxored!es | lubuntu05:39
ubottulubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:39
blackxoredhey that was a great shot ;)05:39
tomreynblackxored: i think it's really just bad measurement in this case.05:39
blackxoredtomreyn: i was telling that to myself05:39
lubuntueso q05:40
blackxoredhow's even possible upload twice as faster as upload, well it's faster leave the comments for later, we all now that's far from faster ;)05:40
m4vlubuntu: este canal es de habla inglesa, por favor entra a #ubuntu-es para soporte en español05:40
blackxoredlubuntu: que aqui se habla ingles, usa #ubuntu-es para un canal de ubuntu en español05:40
evilsushi!es | lubuntu05:40
ubottulubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:40
blackxoredevilsushi: copycat ;)05:40
tomreynblackxored: you'd probably get more realistic stats if you just download something file of a couple megabytes filesize from a nearby webserver using wget and check its average speed.05:41
evilsushiblackxored: haha05:41
FloodBot1lubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:41
blackxoredcan someone do something about this?05:41
m4vlubuntu: no hagas eso por favor :(05:41
blackxoredlubuntu: sleep time?05:41
blackxoredtomreyn: but on the other side what does it tell me about the network latency stuff you were talking me about05:42
evilsushiI need a program that watches a directory and notifies me of any changes05:42
kevdogHow do you want to be notified?05:42
blackxoredevilsushi: inotify or something?05:42
evilsushipipe it to mutt and send me a email05:42
evilsushisms would be even better =)05:43
sri_how to change system startup os selection menu05:43
jukaroshlakshan: i think you want system monitor applet on gnome-panel05:43
kevdogYou could set up a cron script to calculate the md5 of the directory like every 15 minutes (or whatever you want), and if its changed it could email you -- not sure how to do sms although it might be possible05:43
tomreynblackxored: that your internet connection is very laggy. it takes 1 second for data to travel from your computer to the speedtest site you tested against. normally if the server you were testing against is in the same country as you, you should not get anything more than 200 milliseconds, so 0.2 seconds maximum there.05:43
blackxoredevilsushi: yeah, inotify it is, another shot, you can have even shell script aware tools installing inotify-tools for that matter05:44
blackxoredtomreyn: in deed05:44
blackxoredwithout vpn the results were better, but didn't really made a big difference05:45
sri_how to change the delay of os selection menu05:45
tomreynblackxored: and speedtest.net has many servers in many locations across the world so chances are you did have a close server to test against. however, if you were testing with your VPN active that would explain increased latency, but it should still be no more than ~ .2 seconds, not 1.005:45
aroshlakshanjuk: it does not count the my whole traffic. it only counts my traffic in a single session. when i restart my PC it resets05:45
evilsushikevdog: kinda sorta what I am doing now.. I think inotify or dnotify may be better since its a daemon05:45
blackxoredsri_: /etc/default/grub, search for timeout, update-grub and reboot05:45
kevdogevilsushi: Probably -- but cron is a daemon too!!05:46
jukaroshlakshan: ah05:46
blackxoredtomreyn: i was testing both ways, when the vpn was active chose some server from the UK, so it was close05:46
tomreynblackxored: but in fact i don't really know what commonlatencies are on voice modem links. so this can be totally okay.05:46
blackxoredtomreyn: "okay" heck no it's okay, you meant standard, common, right? :P05:47
evilsushikevdog: yea but I want to be notified like immediately and running a cron every few seconds to call a bash script is not very resource friendly =)05:47
tomreynblackxored: right05:47
blackxoredevilsushi: i'm not really on it, but i think inotify uses some kind of evented programming, it'll wrap the call you want to make through cron for you05:47
aroshlakshanjuk: can you think of a solution05:48
sri_anybody pls help me to change os selection menu05:48
blackxoredtomreyn: it was a pointless observation just remarking that this makes someone to loose the meaning of life from time to time, and love work a lot ;)05:48
jukaroshlakshan: you can write wrapper for ifconfig to dump stats somewere..05:48
blackxoredsri_: I did answered to your timeout question, didn't I?05:48
kevdogevilsushi: Not sure how efficient either method actually is in terms of resources.05:48
tomreynblackxored: "Dial-up connections usually have latency as high as 400 ms or even more [..]" -> https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Dial-up_Internet_access#Performance_assessment05:49
sri_pls tell that again05:49
blackxoredtomreyn: on it05:49
jukaroshlakshan: /j #bash many creative people out tere05:49
aroshlakshanjuk: what? i didnt understand05:50
blackxoredevilsushi: from the inotify read, <aside>I'm a nice guy I even opened the README for you</aside> inotifywait simply blocks for inotify events, making it appropiate for use in shell scripts05:50
blackxoredevilsushi: there you go05:50
tomreynblackxored: where are you located and is money much of an issue, and are there other access options or do you have to use the dial-up per policy?05:50
jukaroshlakshan: that's why i proposed to /join #bash05:50
blackxoredtomreyn: why do we even care about speed testing when that link took over 10 seconds to open, and wikipedia is the fastest site ever ;)05:50
sri_i got it... thank you..05:50
blackxoredsri_: np05:51
aroshlakshanjuk: k05:51
aroshlakshan /j #bash05:51
blackxoredsri_: make sure to only mess with timeout, I don't want to weight of a broken grub on my shoulders05:51
blackxoredtomreyn: it's complicated05:51
tomreynblackxored: it's far from being the fastest site, pretty slow for me. and I pointed you to a https:// varinat of it, so this adds to it.05:52
evilsushiaroshlakshan: records your traffic and keeps it around so you can view it anytime?05:52
__shaiHello :) How do I use 'find' and regex to find all directories that have a matching range of two digit numbers (ie. all directories named to ?05:52
__shaiBut nothing before or after that range...05:52
blackxoredtomreyn: really? I mean, no flash, probably no HTML5-intensive stuff, also no javascript, should be faster05:52
blackxoredthan many sites05:52
blackxored__shai: hoping forward to hear an answer to that, kinda tricky, specially since I believe find uses glob, but not sure05:53
blackxoredtomreyn: well it talks very little about this odd case05:54
tomreynblackxored: page load time depends on may things. in this case i think the webservers just respond a bit slow.05:54
blackxoredtomreyn: almost switches to talk about DSL in a sec05:54
sre-suHow to change default desktop environment from terminal?05:54
blackxoredtomreyn: so again on to http caching, i don't want to waste my eye hours05:55
robertzaccouri'm adding a choppy video to the bug report05:55
tomreynblackxored: my point for the quotation frm wikipedia was just that your latency should not be considerably higher than 400 ms. you seem to have a remarkably bad link.05:55
blackxoredin deed, it seems, I do have to agree with you05:56
blackxoredthat was a nice part that vikingur05:56
tomreyn__shai: just within one directory level, or across subdirectories, too?05:56
blackxoredbut the fact is the options on what the ... i can do about it are pretty limited right?05:57
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tomreynblackxored: i don't know how it would look like with VPN off. so this could be an option. but if it looks the same, then if you have a choice, get a different link. even mobile network links should be faster.05:58
blackxoredI bet you guys that followed that link must actually play that modem sound on the right to even remember what we're talking about here ;) For my purposes, I have it muted05:58
piercedwaterDoes anyone know of any cli hotkey applications for 10.0.4?05:58
=== MS_IS_s--h-i---t is now known as kderocks
blackxoredtomreyn: weren't a lot faster, actually let met tell you, you can shame on speedtest, but the vpn was actually faster on download/upload speeds05:59
evilsushiblackxored: you should reverse proxy everything you do to your local machine so it seems super fast =)05:59
blackxoredtomreyn: let me switch buffers and actually tell you06:00
blackxoredping: 869ms, download: 0.03mpbs, upload: 0.02mbps06:00
robertzaccourhope attatching a video for the but will help the process06:00
tomreynblackxored: yeah, bad measurement regarding the speeds apparently. but the ltency test should still be of use. but then you can do this yourself using 'ping' to some well-connected server in your area06:00
blackxoredevilsushi: sounds interesting, let me get a 250TB hard drive so I can get the internet ;)06:00
blackxoredand browse locally, that would be heck faster06:00
evilsushiblackxored: 250TB SSD =)06:01
blackxoredoh right, as it even mattered ;)06:01
blackxoredfrom the vpn, pinging google.co.uk it's 875ms06:01
blackxoredspeedtest wasn't that wrong06:01
blackxoredi'm starting to believe (or resign) that we can't do pretty much anything about it06:02
tomreynblackxored: well you said "download: 0.03mbps, upload: 0.06mbps, ping: 1068ms" for the VPN to speedtest.net, so either their ping server is badly connected or it badly measured there, too06:03
blackxoredOk now I want you guys to sign me an NDA on not to post on twitter how slow it's my external access to my work's network06:03
evilsushiblackxored: do a real test, scp a file over the vpn and scp a file over non-vpn link06:03
blackxoredtomreyn: I haven't noticed06:03
blackxoredtomreyn: sleepy I guess06:03
blackxoredit's indeed way faster06:03
tomreynblackxored: but yeah, you have a bad connection there, it's not the VPN being the issue. use a proxy cache if you have to continue using this connection.06:03
blackxoredand I chose a server close enough to the vpn06:03
blackxoredtomreyn: I'll have, sadly, for everytime I'm not at work06:04
blackxoredI like being at home06:04
blackxoredkids don't listen to this06:04
blackxoredbut this is hungover06:04
blackxoredor something06:04
blackxoredexcuse my english, ain't native, BTW06:04
extra11freenode been having ddos issues all day too apparently06:04
blackxoredI've got that hungover from a kesha song ;)06:05
blackxoredok i've been digging a little, I guess, mostly there's squid or something like polipo06:05
blackxoredfor http caching06:05
mneptok!enter > blackxored06:05
ubottublackxored, please see my private message06:05
robertzaccourcan i attatch a video to a bug report?06:05
blackxoredi used polipo for tor on the past, didn't really get acquantined to it, just pasted the tor config06:06
evilsushii use squid for reverse proxy06:06
robertzaccouri eat squid sometimes. only fried though06:06
blackxoredrobertzaccour: you can? who knows? you should? well i'm a little off ubuntu development, but that's not the way we used to look at bugs06:06
evilsushiI had deep friend brussel sprouts yesterday, delicious.06:06
blackxoredevilsushi: nice, I use apache at work06:06
foxjazzanyone know of a good aggregator for linux06:07
blackxoredevilsushi: and this is relevant to us because? :P06:07
blackxoredevilsushi: kidding06:07
blackxoredfoxjazz: what about liferea, RSSOwl06:07
evilsushiblackxored: same.. I cache ad content to devices we have that we server up to our customers =P06:07
robertzaccourblackxored, just trying to submit a bug report with a video attached of what I'm talking about06:07
blackxoredevilsushi: ad content? umm interesting06:07
foxjazzBlackBinary, will google06:07
evilsushiblackxored: yea, guess what I do06:08
blackxoredrobertzaccour: my question is? is the video really necessary for reproducing what you're experiencing?06:08
mneptokrobertzaccour: videos attached to bug reports does not scale06:08
blackxoredevilsushi: no idea06:08
robertzaccourblackxored, its a video recording of exactly what is happening06:08
blackxoredmneptok: you mean like you can't zoom them on the browser? :P06:08
robertzaccourmneptok, does not scale? what you mean by that?06:08
blackxoredrobertzaccour: I won't be the one to tell you a conclusive answer, go #ubuntu-motu and ask there06:09
robertzaccourblackxored, whats that channel about?06:09
blackxoredthose are the developers of the universe repository06:09
blackxoredyou can also try #ubuntu-devel, for the same matter06:09
blackxoredbut i'm pretty sure I've never heard about video reporting before06:10
evilsushiSo I made the switch a few weeks ago, took all my production servers from centos to ubuntu06:10
blackxoredmaybe with some compiz, fire on this is when it crashed, kinda cool lol06:10
blackxoredevilsushi: so you switched "from" centos06:11
blackxoredgreat to know06:11
blackxoredplease tell godaddy06:11
Strife89Is there any way for me to make the battery meter show a percentage indicator over/in place of the icon? (using Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop)06:11
blackxoredand a lot more of VPS providers which offer centos as it's most stable, which i dont' care, but only - which I do care- solution06:12
evilsushiblackxored: try linode for vps systems06:12
evilsushiblackxored: godaddy is a cpanel hosting service yea? that bloated crap06:12
blackxoredevilsushi: nah, I've pretty much sticked to amazon06:12
blackxoredevilsushi: ok, you might be hurting some feelings06:12
blackxoredI was thinking about transferring my domain there06:13
blackxoredbut the hosting really sucks06:13
blackxoredand reading some reviews, well it's not for me06:13
blackxoredlinode to the list06:13
evilsushilinode is the best06:13
blackxoredsure, you start to see a pattern06:13
blackxoredhey my hoster is blackxored, he's the best, everyone's provider seem to be the best06:14
blackxoredbut I do agree, I've read a lot of good stuff about linode06:14
blackxoredthe best? who can tell? but it certainly is good enough06:14
inasdeenhi, need some advice, can i use plasma workspace (only) on gnome?06:14
blackxoredon the other hand06:14
blackxoredI switched to cloud06:14
blackxored- are we making this a personal talk? -06:15
blackxoredthe very first time I wanted to save a snapshot and revert my machine06:15
evilsushitake it to ubuntu-offtopic06:15
blackxoredif I take anything anywhere, I'd rather go to sleep06:15
blackxoredlet's make ontopic06:15
blackxoreddude, ubuntu is the best option you could choose for a servewr06:15
blackxoredbetter? :?06:16
evilsushiI dunno about that, but it certainly is nice.06:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:16
evilsushiI'm just use to rpm so I've got to understand how to build a deb package so I can create my own repo06:16
evilsushifor my ubuntu servers, I guess thats the next step.06:16
blackxoredmy production is a mixture of debian/centos/ubuntu06:17
blackxoredbut it's because I like diversity06:17
blackxoredinvoke-rc.d: command not found on centos, if you know what I mean06:17
robertzaccourWhenever I do a screen recording with gtk-recordMyDesktop and compiz running at the same time, which it does by default, The recording is always very buggy and still-framed for the most part and crazy mixes of coloring. Some applications (that are in the repos) require compiz to run properly e.x. docky. Since compiz and gtk-recordMyDesktop are both in the repos, I do believe this qualifies as a bug.06:17
evilsushiyou make custom deb packages for your servers?06:18
blackxoredthat's why I'm better suited to leaving ubuntu when they finally switch to unity ;)06:18
robertzaccourblackxored, why not just use a different DE like gnome, xfce, kde, or a wm?06:18
George__ in the repos, I do believe this qualifies as a bug.06:18
George__22:18 < evilsushi> you make custom deb packages for your servers?06:18
blackxoredevilsushi: well I'm more a rubyst so we tend to package gems06:18
evilsushiblackxored: yes i've been using gems more and more lately06:19
evilsushiREE ftw06:19
blackxoredrobertzaccour: it was a joke06:19
evilsushiubuntu goes to unity and gnome3 is going to launch soon06:19
robertzaccourblackxored, oh ok haha. I was thinking, dude you could always just change the DE haha06:19
blackxoredevilsushi: there was a post about the debian ruby maintainer talkign about all this, you should really get into that, it describes a lot of stuff on why gems06:19
evilsushiblackxored: links me06:19
blackxoredrobertzaccour: ain't that what we all love, diversity, freedom and choice?06:20
blackxoredevilsushi: ?06:20
evilsushilink me to this article06:20
* centHOGG freedom of choice is what you got06:20
blackxoredrobertzaccour: who knows, maybe we'll get to love unity, and canonical has taken the big step into a dying desktop06:20
blackxoredevilsushi: umm not really sure about it, you could google it06:20
evilsushiI could google it but im going to bed06:21
robertzaccourblackxored, its not complete yet, but I meant so far I don't like it. should have specified sorry06:21
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:21
evilsushiits easier if you tell me and it goes into my logs =)06:21
blackxoredmneptok: is unity offtopic?06:21
mneptokblackxored: yes, if you're not asking support questions06:21
kevdogIn my limited experience, building deb packages properly are a pain for a novice like me.  In Arch its way easier -- however I'm not here to advertise the benefits of their package manager06:21
blackxoredok, my bad, i'll go to #fedora to talk about gnome-3 then, is it ok? :P06:21
blackxoredor I'll get banned there as well?06:22
evilsushikevdog: I love pacman.. I would use arch for my desktop if they offered package signing.. Which they may now.06:22
mneptokblackxored: i do not know the channel rules for #fedora06:22
blackxoredevilsushi: maybe we should go to bad06:22
blackxoredmneptok: I have this sick bad humor, don't really care about it06:22
kevdogwhat's your beef with package signing?06:22
blackxoredit's off for me guys, have an amazing day/morning/afternoon/whatever06:22
blackxoredi'll be back in the morning06:23
evilsushikevdog: its a great way to get mitm attacked06:23
blackxoredbest wishes to everyone06:23
kevdogohhh, yea the evil mitm (theoretical) attack.  Forgot about that06:23
mneptok#ubuntu-offtopic for these non-support topics, please.06:23
seidoskevdog: woof06:23
kevdogbut I do get your point06:23
=== linoge is now known as heathcliff
* lazy247x I having networking problems?? can't log on the internet with my linux??? I connect but no webpages popup06:24
=== heathcliff is now known as linoge
kevdogmneptok: no one is ever in #ubuntu-offtopic -- but I understand the rules06:24
evilsushilooks like you can make .deb packages with checkinstall.. anyone used this before?06:24
kevdogcheckinstall makes "fake" packages.06:25
Gnealazy247x: you can't?06:25
kevdogNot good to distribute between machines06:25
mneptokkevdog: 23:25 -!- Irssi: #ubuntu-offtopic: Total of 215 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 215 normal]06:25
lazy247xno.. I connect but cant do nothing else06:25
seidosmneptok: +106:25
kevdoglazy24x:  Sounds like dns lookup problem06:25
lazy247xinternet works with windows06:26
kevdogmneptok: All bots!!06:26
seidoslazy247x: how do you know you are connected to the internet?06:26
Gnealazy247x: oh okay, the way you were saying it it sounded like you were asking if you could connect or not rather than making a statement. can you ping anything?06:26
lazy247xnot not with linux06:26
evilsushiis your linux in a virtual machine ?06:26
lazy247xits on a duel boot06:26
mneptoklazy247x: nslookup google.com  <--- in a terminal06:26
seidosis your linux version 2.6.35?06:26
=== linoge is now known as pennywise
=== pennywise is now known as linoge
Gnealazy247x: ping google.com  <-- any response?06:26
lazy247xopensuse 11.306:27
evilsushitry iwlist wlan0 scan06:27
* Gnea smacks lazy247x 06:27
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)06:27
mneptoklazy247x: welcome to #ubuntu06:27
kevdogwaste of time :(06:27
Gneanothing but a troll, move on06:27
seidosGnea: way to catch it.  i suspected trollship when he first started.06:27
kevdogthats why name starts with lazy06:28
Gneaseidos: as did I, gotta get up early in the morning to catch it.  It's shortly after midnight here and I woke up an hour ago LOL06:28
evilsushiopensuse has a lizard06:28
evilsushiubuntu needs a lizard06:28
=== Scotty is now known as Scott`
seidosubuntu needs a king cobra06:28
k5egghey guys, I have an issue with 10.10 and screen resolution06:28
lazy247xwell i had ubuntu for a long time06:28
Gneak5egg: what's going on?06:29
piercedwaterDoes anyone know of any cli hotkey applications for 10.0.4?06:29
k5eggfor some goofy reason its decided this CRT I'm using should be at 1280x96006:29
evilsushiwell you left us for the novell dark side06:29
lazy247xbut my wireless board doesnt work with it06:29
evilsushiso go ask your novell buddies06:29
k5eggarandr shows 1024x768 as an option, and when I try to set it X restarts - at 1280x96006:29
Fuchsk5egg: what graphic card with what driver?06:29
mneptokUbuntu has the mnepolo. it needs no reptile.06:29
Gnealazy247x: well, that's not something we can help you with, sorry, you'll need to ask in the #suse channel06:29
=== richard is now known as Guest72456
Fuchsk5egg: ah, you want a lower resolution?06:29
k5eggvia km333 or 400 board, via driver.06:29
k5eggonboard junk06:29
=== zaggynl_ is now known as zaggynl
k5eggyeah, lower resolution06:30
seidosor he could ask in #linux :)06:30
Fuchsk5egg: have a look at your ~/.config/monitors.xml06:30
evilsushihe could ask in #wicd06:30
seidosi wouldn't do that to the #wicd peeps06:30
Fuchsk5egg: usually the gnome tool should write it in there, and use the resolution specified in this file.06:30
overcluckerhow about 3 reptiles holding hands?06:30
semitonesif uname -r says "generic" does that mean 32 bit?06:31
kevdogor he could just read this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118806:31
seidoshow about a penguin, a bsd demon, and a lizard holding hands?06:31
Fuchssemitones: ask uname -m06:31
kevdogfag alert06:31
Gnea!resolution | k5egg check out the first couple of options on the URL here06:31
ubottuk5egg check out the first couple of options on the URL here: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:31
centHOGGin a tree?06:31
kevdoggeneric means it was compiled with any processor specific code optimizations06:32
evilsushisigh, this deb package howto is like reading a book [ #ubuntu ] or you can tell me06:32
semitonesFuchs, thanks06:32
Gneaevilsushi: yeah, it's just a matter of sitting down and following directions until something sticks06:32
semitonesFuchs, yeah, that's a better one to ask :)06:32
kevdogevilsushi: I gave up06:33
seidosevilsushi: what is a virtual package anyway?06:33
tannerni've just changed my hostname in /etc/hostname and rebooted but when I ssh in my prompt still says `user@old-host-name`, however `hostname` gives me the correct name, why woudl the prompt be wrong?06:34
Strife89(Last repetition, I promise.) Is there any way for me to make the battery meter show a percentage indicator over/in place of the icon? (using Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop)06:35
Fuchstannern: because you forgot /etc/hosts maybe?06:35
tomreyntannern: have you updated /etc/hosts , too?06:36
tomreynoh i'm late06:36
tannernah ty Fuchs and tomreyn06:36
k5eggahh, now I know whats going on06:36
k5eggthe settings fail, when it tries to start at 1024x768 X freaks out.06:36
k5eggthe keyboard quits working... but the system is still alive (tapping the power button initiates a proper shutdown)06:37
k5eggbut the keyboard and mouse does nothing06:37
k5eggcant even ctrl-alt-f1 to hit a console06:37
kevdogsounds like problem with x server06:37
evilsushiStrife89: apt-get install acpi06:37
Fuchsk5egg: you might want to try Alt+SysRQ+R, CTRL+ALT+F106:37
evilsushiStrife89:  this will not change your battery icon thingy06:38
Fuchsk5egg: this should take you to a VT so you can read logs and restart X06:38
Diverdudewhich commandline-ftp client is recommended in ubuntu?06:38
evilsushiStrife89: but you can atleast see the %06:38
Fuchsk5egg: if that doesn't work, you can install sshd and try to connect from a different machine in your network06:38
cfeddeDiverdude: there's not much reason to use anything other than the default one that comes installed.06:38
Diverdudecfedde, which one is that?06:38
kevdoguse ftp on command line -- is that what you mean?06:39
cfeddeDiverdude: it's called ftp. :-)06:39
sleeki'm trying to install redis in a chroot environment... i'm having a strange problem though ... every time i chroot into the environment, i create a redis system user ... i check /etc/passwd and it's there... however, when i exit and come back into the environment, the user is gone... what's going on here?06:39
Strife89evilsushi: That's the best that can be done, then?06:39
evilsushiStrife89: yeah, you could use conky and display it on your desktop if you wanted06:39
tannernhuh, I edited /etc/hosts for `` to point to the correct new hostname, rebooted, and my prompt is still the old name. everything seems to work fine but it's bugging me06:40
ikoniatannern: /etc/hostname for the hostname06:40
kevdogLook up how to change your prompt then06:40
Strife89evilsushi: Giving it a whirl.06:40
tannernikonia: yes this is after i did that06:41
robertzaccour!bug #71981806:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 719818 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz doesn't play well with gtk-recordMyDesktop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71981806:41
tannernoh well06:41
evilsushitannern: you could make a new prompt and set it up how you want06:41
ikoniatannern: show me the output of "uname -n"06:41
juktannern: sudo hostname newhost; sudo sh -c 'echo newhost > /etc/hostname'06:41
robertzaccourincluded is a video showing exactly what the problem looks like06:41
evilsushiStrife89: have fun with conky, lots of howtos out there for it.06:41
Strife89evilsushi: Does conky in the respitories come with a config, or do I need to build one manually?06:41
Gneak5egg: are you able to make a new account and login with it? does the same thing happen if you do?06:42
Strife89evilsushi: (I've heard of it, seen it, never actually tried it)06:42
kevdogI think you have to set up a config manually06:42
darmathHello. I was wondering if someone can direct me to approproriate information for configuring multiple sound cards (onboard sound device + external sound card) so that different applications can direct their output to the different devices.06:42
Strife89evilsushi: (And was planning on installing it on my Debian box one of these days)06:42
tannernikonia: `uname -n` and /etc/hostname are both the correct new name06:42
evilsushiStrife89: this looks pretty easy http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/07/conky-ubuntu-lucid-theme-among-most.html06:42
ikoniatannern: great, so it's just the PS1 prompt that's the problem06:43
ikoniatannern: echo $PS106:43
* centHOGG Philips PSC80506:43
evilsushiI need a screencast or something for how to make deb packages06:43
ikonia!packaging | evilsushi06:43
ubottuevilsushi: The packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports06:43
tannernikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567553/06:44
evilsushithis old debian howto is killing me06:44
ikoniatannern: why is that on debian ?06:44
tannerni haven't touched it :/ set up this new linode with ubuntu 10.04 tls today06:44
darmathDoes the PlusAudio server "sit" between applications and ALSA?06:45
ikoniatannern: ok, you're prompt looks a little messy06:45
tomreyndarmath: i think you need to look into alsa and a dmix configutation. but it's actually well possible that there is another, more user friendly way to achieve the same on the pulseaudio layer, so look into that, too.06:45
ikoniatannern: can you show me the output of uname -a please06:45
Gneaevilsushi: http://showmedo.com/videotutorials/video?name=linuxJensMakingDeb06:46
darmathPulseAudio* rather06:46
tomreyndarmath: yes it does06:46
kevdogI hate pulse06:46
tannernikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567554/06:46
darmathtomreyn: Oh ok thanks. You might be right then about looking at ALSA. (i'm only new to ubuntu..and linux..hoping i might be able to ditch windows)06:47
ikoniatannern: ahh, it's a custom ubuntu build, sadly we can't support it, but if you that explains why your prompt is messsed upt06:47
ardchoilleikonia: the date is way off06:48
kevdogset the date06:48
evilsushitannern: linode has a channel on efnet I think06:48
ikoniaardchoille: yes it is,06:48
tannernikonia: ah thanks I'll just overwrite it, I mainly wanted to make sure it wasn't a sign that I had changed the hostname wrong06:48
evilsushitannern: err they are on oftc06:48
rwwtannern, evilsushi: OFTC, actually06:48
ikoniatannern: nah, a few providers do customised installs, this sort of thing isn't uncommon06:49
tannernikonia: cool thanks all, and I'll set the time :)06:49
ikoniatannern: as ardchoille pointed out, you may want to look at your clock sync too06:49
researcher1is there an application to recover DVD06:49
evilsushiGnea: ahh thanks, this is going to help06:52
researcher1tomreyn: does it have a GUI?06:54
GreenHello any one knows of  a Wireless U.S.B. adapter that works well with Linux(debian distros like ubuntu) or that I would be able to find help forums of?06:55
tomreynresearcher1: no, i don't think there's one for it. and  don't know one with a GUI, which doen't mean there isn't one.06:55
Strife89Hmmm, that Conky theme works beautifully, but it lacks a battery indicator.06:55
Strife89Time to get my hands dirty.06:55
makis30i have just downloaded oracle 10g ..and run the package installer,now i can see the oracle10g option but when i am going to open start database home page ..it opens the firefox homepage..wat to do???06:55
=== slie is now known as Slie
fuzzybunny69yHey everyone! What is the best search to use with Ubuntu? For some reason whenever I search with Nautilus(using CTRL+F) it only searches my home folder.06:56
shcherbakGreen: Make sure you know chipset, i.e. raltek, most of them are supported.06:56
shcherbakfuzzybunny69y: find, man find06:57
Greenshcherbak: Thank you06:57
fuzzybunny69yshcherbak, yeah find it good I was wondering about a GUI one though06:57
kevdogmost wireless usbs work with Ubuntu however it really depends on the chipset contained in the device rather than by manufacture06:58
shcherbakfuzzybunny69y: um, gui, dunno.06:58
=== Rein is now known as Ghastly
BIIIHey, I've got a Sony Ericsson W518a cell phone that only sort of syncs with Ubuntu.06:59
shcherbakStrife89: conkycore site had few scripts for battery, otherwise acpi07:00
BIIIIt shows up in Rhythmbox, but not in Computer or Media07:00
tomreynfuzzybunny69y: normally searching your home directory is sufficient. is there something special you are looking for?07:01
_jesse_fuzzybunny69y: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FindingFiles07:01
shcherbakBIII: are you using gammu/wammu?07:01
Strife89shcherbak: I installed acpi, but it had no obvious effect.07:01
BIIINot to my knowledge07:01
shcherbakStrife89: you need script to read from acpi07:01
tomreynfuzzybunny69y: you could run nautilus with sudo, as superuser, and search then. but this is also quite dangerous since you could, with the click of a wrong button, break your system07:02
_jesse_tomreyn: really? that seems strange that running as root would be necessary07:02
_jesse_I'm pretty sure you can change the flder it searches in07:02
shcherbakBIII: wammu is first to try with mobiles, there is suppoted handset list on their website.07:02
Ghastlytomreyn, been there :p07:02
toloykhanhello there07:03
BIIIIf you go to places --> search you can choose where you're searching07:03
BIIIIt's not as convenient as ctrl+f...07:03
toloykhanI have an iptables case07:03
tomreyn_jesse_: sure you can, just need to browse to the right directory. however, a restricted user cannot search in all places the superuser can.07:04
toloykhanI need an explanation for this line : $IPTABLES -A BAD_SITES -p tcp -m string --string "www.facebook.com" --algo kmp -j DROP07:04
tomreynGhastly: uh oh...07:04
BIIIshcherbak: Thanks, I'll go get that07:04
_jesse_tomreyn: true, but in most default installs regular users at least have list access for almost anything07:04
tomreyn_jesse_: right, good point07:05
toloykhanhello guys i need an explanation for this line of iptables: $IPTABLES -A BAD_SITES -p tcp -m string --string "www.facebook.com" --algo kmp -j DROP07:05
fuzzybunny69ytomreyn, yeah that is true but sometimes I want to search in just the folder im in but for some reason nautilus always just starts searching from the home folder07:06
shcherbaktoloykhan: man iptables, in short, this rule will drop connections from facebook07:06
SlieAny one here into developing for android?07:06
Ghastlyfuzzybunny69y, if your searching a single folder (not looking through sub dirs)07:06
fuzzybunny69yand then it displays Images Documents Source code and other things at the top to filter it down more07:06
Ghastlyyou can just type, and it will search07:06
toloykhanshcherbak , thanx for replay.. but what exactly the algo and kmp mean07:06
_jesse_Slie: just throw your question out there07:07
shcherbaktoloykhan: this just trying to know, reading07:07
^Phantom^Is there any way to use terminal to clear what's in the cache?07:07
_jesse_though for android specific questions #android-dev will probably be better07:07
keastes!ot > Slie07:07
ubottuSlie, please see my private message07:07
yourwhiteshadowso evidently i can't do anything to my home folder, can't create new documents/folders, what should the permissions be on this folder and how can i change it07:07
Slie_Jesse_: not really any question i'm new to IRC but thanks !07:08
toloykhanshcherbak: do you have and resources07:08
_jesse_^Phantom^: what cache?07:08
^Phantom^the ram07:08
^Phantom^Or rather07:08
^Phantom^Wait, I'm not on my android07:08
_jesse_Slie: :) np, this channel is just for ubuntu support questions only though07:08
shcherbaktoloykhan: Select the pattern matching strategy. (bm = Boyer-Moore, kmp = Knuth-Pratt-Morris) from: http://linux.die.net/man/8/iptables07:08
tomreyntoloykhan: kmp is a string comparison algorithm, used to match a string against a packet in this case.07:09
fuzzybunny69yI am just not sure how to get nautilus to search the current folder I am in without searching the home folder. Like say if I wanted to find all the files in the current directory with the word php in it or something07:09
Slie_jesse_: Well it does have to do with Ubuntu:)07:09
robertzaccourfuzzybunny69y, have you tried gnome-do?07:09
_jesse_Slie: is it a support question?07:09
robertzaccourthats a good search tool. similar to spotlight in os x07:09
toloykhantomregn: thanx very much07:09
toloykhantomreyn: thanx very much07:10
fuzzybunny69yrobertzaccour, yeah I use kupfer instead though it doesn't seem like it is updated anymore07:10
TornadoXubuntuHello! Please by any chance do you provide some help for Xubuntu users here? [At the Xubuntu channel the support is almost non-existent].07:10
marverickcomunidade do brasil e aki ?07:10
toloykhanshcherbak: thax a lot the link is very useful07:10
SlieI can only compile Android 2.3 on a 64 bit system but yet there is very little support for the missing libraries and ect. so far the only one i have rand into is Java 1.507:10
tomreyntoloykhan: that link is a website made out of the same information you most likely can read when typing 'man 8 iptables' on your terminal07:11
Slie"support as in information for people that are not 100% experienced,yet competent...\07:11
_jesse_!pt | marverick07:11
ubottumarverick: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:11
shcherbaktoloykhan: best known tautorial: http://www.frozentux.net/iptables-tutorial/iptables-tutorial.html07:11
GanymedeDo the open-source ATI drivers on Maverick have any support for power management? My laptop is running 10 or 11 degrees C warmer after I switched from fglrx to the ATI drivers.07:12
marvericktranks o/07:12
marverickim noob07:12
_jesse_Slie: mmm, that question would be better suited for #android-dev I think07:12
_jesse_marverick: :)07:12
yourwhiteshadowi don't have access to write to my home directory, anyone know how i can get access back?07:12
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:13
toloykhantomreyn: but i couldn't find the string matching in man iptables07:13
shcherbakTornadoXubuntu: ask?07:13
juk!ask | TornadoXubuntu:07:13
ubottuTornadoXubuntu:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:13
tomreynTornadoXubuntu: i'm not sure what the policy is, but if your question does not relate to the window manager, try just asking it here and see what you get in return.07:13
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: what does `ls -la /home`  say?07:14
_jesse_for your home directory07:14
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:15
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567558/07:15
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: ouch07:16
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: sudo chown -R imran:imran /home/imran07:16
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: yeah it seems i lost access to my own damn home directory LOL07:16
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: assuming imran is your username07:16
=== keastes is now known as kisuke
shcherbakyourwhiteshadow: have your system remounted? ls -l ~07:16
SliePlease spit the system you are compiling Android source one plz07:17
kisukehow does on disable the login sound?07:17
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: chown: cannot access `/home/imran/.gvfs': Permission denied07:17
TornadoXubuntuActually, I am running (Xubuntu 10.10) with (Thunar File Manager 1.0.2). The problem i am facing is simply a huge delay of almost (35seconds) upon right clicking on the desktop or right clicking anywhere in the file system to access the ("Create Document") option. The whole system will freeze if i did not wait those 35 seconds. Please any ideas or suggestions to solve this issue are greatly appreciated.07:17
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: use used sudo ?07:17
jasuvdisk full?07:18
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:18
_jesse_*you used07:18
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: yeah of course :)07:18
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: strange, try `sudo su` and then the chmod command as above07:19
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: chmod or chown?07:19
BIIIOkaaayy... I installed it and now my phone shows up as three cameras. I guess I'll settle for that.07:19
Sliedoes any one know how to change a directory using cd / ?07:19
jukTornadoXubuntu: have you been upgrading recently?07:19
tomreynsnapp: You question does not seem to make sense. It is most likely a bad translation.07:20
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: sorry, *chmod07:20
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:20
FloodBot1_jesse_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
shcherbakyourwhiteshadow: check log first please, look for "write only"07:20
_jesse_BIII: lol07:20
_jesse_Slie: what?07:20
yourwhiteshadowshcherbak: check which log?07:21
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: what is your Linux username?07:21
yourwhiteshadowmneptok: "imran" but on boot it shows "imran-P5Q-PRO"07:21
Sliehow do you use man cd?07:22
ileahi all07:22
ileai have a question07:22
rwwSlie: you don't. `cd' is a shell builtin; try `help cd' instead.07:22
kisukeSlie: just type "man cd" in a term07:22
shcherbakyourwhiteshadow: /var/log/ look in   syslog and messages and dmsg07:22
TornadoXubuntujuk: I update my PC on a regular basis. But i did not upgrade from a previous release, this is a fresh install on a brand new empty hard drive. My PC was working perfectly the last 4 months without any issues under the same system.07:22
_jesse_Slie: cd doesn't have a man entry07:22
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: sudo chown -R imran:imran /home/imran && sudo chmod -R 640 /home/imran && sudo chmod -R -x+X /home/imran07:22
TornadoXubuntu*hard disk07:23
Sliehow can i install manual pages on any system with a terminal ?07:23
ileai bought a printer and if i plug it in linux will search automaticaly for driver or i have to search for it?07:23
pragma_I'm trying to run glxgears but I get a empty black window instead of the gears spinning...07:24
ileai am asking to know what to do07:24
BIIIilea: It should automatically go to CUPS07:24
KB1JWQilea: The former.07:24
mneptokSlie: cd is a shell built-in command, so it does not have a nman page07:24
jukTornadoXubuntu: you on maverick? natty i think is not enduser-firendly yet07:24
BIIIilea: But often it won't work for brand new printer models07:24
ileaso it will automatically search or recocnize the printer07:24
hilarieWhat does this mean? Reading package lists... Done07:24
hilarieW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net maverick Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 6E871C4A881574DE07:25
ileaits hp07:25
BIIIilea: You can hope.07:25
yourwhiteshadowmneptok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567560/07:25
ileaand i hear that hp haves good suport07:25
TornadoXubuntuplease do you have any suggestions or tips (juk) that i can cope with at the moment?07:25
pragma_If I use the default X.org display drivers (VESA?) it shows the gears, but spinning slowly in software mode.  I want to use hardware accelerated OpenGL, which works in Windows XP on this same machine07:25
pragma_if I switch to the maverick ati/radeon drivers, I get a black window for glxgears.07:25
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: did `sudo su` help?07:25
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:25
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: i didn't try it, wasn't sure whether to use chmod or chown lol07:26
MyWayhello, everytime I reboot my notebook, ubuntu power off my hard disk and I can't mount it anymore... what can I do?07:26
pragma_anyone have any experience/suggestions for x.org and ati/radeon configuration?07:26
=== apc__ is now known as Peddy2
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: you need to put that entire command on one line07:26
ileaok i will plug the printer in and see07:26
MyWayI have to unplug/replug it everytime07:26
yourwhiteshadowmneptok: ahhh, ok lemme try again07:26
=== Asp is now known as Talicom
jukTornadoXubuntu: replace file manager07:27
_jesse_hilarie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SecureApt07:27
TornadoXubuntuwith what juk?07:27
ileait starded automatically to search and install the printer:)07:27
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: haha chown07:27
BIIIAh, while I'm here, I did have one other enquiry. I tried to play starcraft by mounting an .iso file with 'sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso /mnt/disk,' and everything worked until I went to play it. The install went fine, but upon launching the game it say that there is an important file that it cannot read from the disk. Is there some sort of limitation to the mount command that might cause this?07:27
shcherbakmneptok: ~/.gvfs do not have write pesmission on normal system, or usually, so it will produce err07:28
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567562/07:28
yourwhiteshadowmneptok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567562/07:29
shcherbakyourwhiteshadow: ~/.gvfs do not have write pesmission on normal system, or usually, so it will produce err07:29
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: hmm, interesting07:29
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: sorry jesse, what was that command again?07:29
sre-suHow to fix this error - E: You do not have enough spave in /var/cache/apt/archives ??07:29
MyWayhello, everytime I reboot my notebook, ubuntu power off my hard disk and I can't mount it anymore... what can I do? I have to unplug/replug it everytime07:29
tomreynMyWay: check top gnome panel -> system -> preferences -> power management for a related option and deactivate it.07:29
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: sudo chmod 700 .gvfs07:29
MyWayok tomreyn07:29
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: those are the perms that dir has on my system07:29
tomreynMyWay: also check with your hardware vendor for a firmware update.07:29
shcherbakyourwhiteshadow: youwould want to unmount  /home first07:29
yourwhiteshadowmneptok: permission denied lol07:30
BIIIsre-su: Is your hard drive full?07:30
hilarie@_jesse_ ty, will look at that07:30
juk!info pcmanfm07:30
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: `sudo su` followed by `sudo chown -R imran:imran /home/imran'07:30
ubottupcmanfm (source: pcmanfm): an extremely fast and lightweight file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.7-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 133 kB, installed size 860 kB07:30
mneptok_jesse_: that will make no difference07:30
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: well actually the second sudo isn't necessary, but it shouldn't batter07:30
sre-suBIII: No07:30
tomreynMyWay: regarding the disk drive, that is. even if this only happens on linux but not other operating systems.07:30
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_ su invalid option -- 'R'07:30
MyWayI don't know, I use only linux07:30
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: are you currently connected to FTP, SFTP, or other file servers that would use GVFS>07:30
lamefunhow to change Jabber password in Empathy?07:30
shcherbak_jesse_: sudo su is not ubuntu way of fixing stuff07:31
tomreynMyWay: good choice ;-)07:31
yourwhiteshadowwhoops sorry all, i unmounted the file system07:31
yourwhiteshadowand it works now07:31
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: ? there was no -R on that line07:31
MyWayI'll check for a firmware upgrade now07:31
yourwhiteshadowCHEERS all07:31
FloodBot1yourwhiteshadow: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:31
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: :P07:31
tomreynMyWay: do you know what drive model you have there precisely?07:31
shcherbakyourwhiteshadow: Champ07:32
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_ & shcherbak & mneptok: thank you, you guys are awesome07:32
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: I was going to suggest that, but since it seemed to be trying to change the perms on that file I figured it was mounted07:32
MyWaytomreyn: how can I check it? I know it's a WD My Book USB 3.007:32
phonex01hello guys07:32
mneptokyourwhiteshadow: yes. yes i am. and i'm wearing tights and a cape.07:32
phonex01i need urgent help07:32
tomreynMyWay: open a termial window and type: lsusb07:32
yourwhiteshadow_jesse_: well, the weird problem is though, that when i log in, i get iceauthority could not be updated, which i think is permission related07:32
_jesse_shcherbak: true, I have been on debian for a little while and root is needed for a few, rare, activities07:32
luna1988somebody speak spanish07:33
mneptok!es | luna198807:33
ubottuluna1988: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:33
_jesse_yourwhiteshadow: hrm07:33
MyWaytomreyn: Bus 005 Device 002: ID 1058:1123 Western Digital Technologies, Inc.07:33
_jesse_!es | luna198807:33
mneptokluna1988: Ingles solamente aqui, pf07:33
mneptokluna1988: de nada. y gracias.07:34
shcherbak_jesse_: Even in Debian it is under argument.07:34
sre-suHow much usually is required by /var?07:35
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:36
MyWaytomreyn: how can I upgrade the firmware without having Windows? :o07:36
luna1988sombody sayme names of programs for chat irc in ubuntu lucid07:36
=== garrett is now known as Guest62545
MyWayluna1988: xchat (gnome), kvirc (kde)07:37
Cyberfusioni have a kind of complex problem, im trying to use a usb ethernet adapter in virtural box running debian 6.0 from host ubuntu 10.10, its known to the system as eth1 but I cannot see it in network manager07:37
Cyberfusionbut the problem is sometimes debian can see it07:37
phonex01how can i use more than one proxy in ubuntu ?07:37
phonex01i mean configure proxy over a proxy07:37
shcherbakluna1988: irssi07:37
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:37
Cyberfusionand other times i cannot, right now its not working07:37
tomreynMyWay: use some boot media with FreeDOS on it.07:37
tomreynMyWay: normally you'll find instructions on your vendors' website07:38
Cyberfusionand im not sure whats going on, its set in bridge mode and the adapter is working but debian cannot connect07:38
snappi want create the image of the my partition boot (is part of / lvm) i found online this: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , but this command i must do from / of lvm whi access chroot?07:38
_jesse_shcherbak: I agree, but there are a couple things root can do that you can't do with sudo07:39
_jesse_!repeat | snapp07:39
ubottusnapp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:39
phonex01guys guys guys i need help07:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:40
shcherbak_jesse_: Rather adive sudo -i then su, miserious think, but we need to trust it.07:40
juksnapp: can you rephrase to make sense07:41
researcher1any application for bad DVD recovery?07:41
phonex01again how can i configure proxy over proxy ..... plz people help me07:41
Talicomin my grub menu, there are several options for ubuntu, one for each kernel update. Is there any way to get rid of the differemt options, so there is only ubuntu, recovery mode, and windows?07:42
=== adam__ is now known as zen
_jesse_shcherbak: mmm true07:42
shcherbakresearcher1: http://riplinton.blogspot.com/2008/04/using-gnulinux-tools-to-recover-dvd.html07:42
researcher1shcherbak: thanks07:43
_jesse_Talicom: yeah, uninstall the old kernels07:43
Sliehow do it turn on linux?07:43
_jesse_Talicom: or your can configure grub to just not list them07:44
=== keastes is now known as kisuke
shcherbakchris_osx: $07:44
_jesse_Slie: stop07:44
Slie_jesse_: okay, okay i promise07:44
TalicomI'd prefer to uninstall, but I'd also like to read up on grub configuration. could you tell me how to do the first, and point me to an online source for the other?07:45
Slie_jesse_: will you tell me how you learned how to dominate *unix? like the work flow?  all the way down to kernel programming or configuring?07:46
_jesse_Talicom: yeah, `apt-get remove linux-image-<stuff>` for the first, <stuff> should be the version number07:46
_jesse_Talicom: as for grub, I assume it's on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 somewhere07:47
TalicomThank you very much07:47
_jesse_Talicom: np, take note not to uninstall all of the kernels of course ;) not sure if it'd let you do that07:49
sre-suI'm on tty using irrsi now. df says that /var/lock Use% is 0 and of /var/run its 1%. /var got 1789396 space. I got 4gb RAM and for installation 47.6 mb of data need to be fetched consuming around 147mb of space. Still I get errors like No space left on device07:49
sre-suHow to fix it?07:49
Ghastlyyay reboot07:50
sre-suOn trying to install pastbinit,I get this error- /usrbin/mandb/: Can't write to /var/cache/man/2442: No space on left device07:50
snappwant i create the image of the partition boot (the partition boot is part of / lvm) i found online this link: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , this command must be execute from / of lvm how chroot?07:50
slieany one know how to open and view an image file via terminal?07:51
=== MC8|away is now known as MC8
centHOGGslie: kewl07:52
_jesse_slie: `evince image.jpg`07:52
littlerue_jesse_: hey jessie07:52
littlerue_jesse_: are you a male or female07:52
sliedoes that use X11 or is that irellevant?07:52
_jesse_littlerue: you're offtopic07:53
Flannelslie: You mean view them in text form? or open up something in framebuffer? or what?07:53
rwwlittlerue: it doesn't matter.07:53
slieFlannel: what would you recommend?07:53
_jesse_slie: evince is graphical; wasn't sure what your end goal was07:53
Flannelslie: I'm just curious what you're trying to do and what you had in mind by 'view a picture' in a terminal07:54
slie_jesse_: probably less graphical as possible.07:54
centHOGGlike on a low powered rig?07:55
centHOGGAMD K6?07:55
sre-suOn trying to install pastbinit,I get this error- /usrbin/mandb/: Can't write to /var/cache/man/2442: No space on left device. How to fix it?07:55
Flannelslie: install caca-utils, and then 'cacaview file'07:55
slieFlannel: i know i was messing around on my iphone and i installed something that let me view images via terminal>i no clue what or where it is now but i definatly wanted to view an image via SSH via command line or something07:55
researcher1How to read a file on CDROM using Commmand Line07:57
CoreWarHi, does anyone know a channel for asm, especially at&t syntax07:58
noderhi how can i print screen in ubuntu07:58
littlerue_jesse_: where im from 'jesse' is strictly a name for females.07:58
chinosukehi all, i had a h/w raid system. And I would like to know the  practical software package for monitoring h/w raid. If you had experiences please share with me. thank you!07:58
Scott`noder: press print screen07:59
CoreWarnoder: or alt+print screen08:00
_jesse_littlerue: Still off-topic I see08:00
_jesse_slie: with the utils Flannel suggested, you can use img2txt to print directly in the terminal08:00
slielittlerue: who would name them self little...?08:01
littlerueslie: a homo08:01
slie_jesse_:Thanks, i'm looking into it now.08:02
slielittlerue:what the hell is your skills?08:02
=== richard is now known as Guest7957
snappwant i create the image of the partition boot (the partition boot is part of / lvm) i found online this link: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , this command must be execute from / of lvm how chroot?08:02
=== n4` is now known as n4
littlerueslie: im an expert C hacker08:05
slie_jesse_:i didn't knotice did you happen to tell me how you got into and know linux?08:05
littlerueslie: and ruby expert08:05
slielitterue:where did you start?08:05
littlerueslie: in my town08:05
slielittlerue:what was your interest and what did you start with?08:06
littlerueslie: qbasic, i wanted to write games08:06
_jesse_slie: no, I should remind you that this channel is for support questions only08:06
_jesse_slie: #linux is a better channel for just talking about linux08:06
slie_jesse_: okay i'll quit asking you i just don't like using people i want to find someone who cares to gain "real knowlage from"08:07
littlerueslie: dont worry about _jesse_, he's just uptight cos he's alright quite old and still a virgin08:07
=== mal10c__ is now known as help
slielittlerue: what did you end up doing?08:07
=== help is now known as Guest31596
littlerueslie: C and Ruby development08:07
littlerueslie: im not a lowly "sysadmin" like _jesse_08:08
littlerueslie: im a real programmer08:08
juk_jesse_: /ignore nick08:08
slielittlerue:So developing for the language itself?08:08
littlerueslie: yeah i've got a few patches on ruby core08:08
xmanhi :)08:08
Wulfylittlerue,  and what would you have to program if us lowley sysadmins didnt do our job? pen and paper?08:09
=== Guest31596 is now known as joe249
mneptoklittlerue: stop the personal attacks and insults.08:09
^Phantom^I downloaded gifsicle, but every time I try to launch it I get told that my window is a terminal.08:09
^Phantom^I type "sudo gifsicle" and get "gifsicle: <stdin>: is a terminal"08:09
slielittlerue:Cool, will you recommend a path for me if i tell you my current "and i know f$$#@ng stupid path. i need some corruption08:09
mneptok^Phantom^: gksu gifsicle08:10
^Phantom^Um, I was just told to authenticate it to modify essential parts of my system, mneptok08:10
vakhi all08:10
slielittlerue:lunux wirelless wep, java, little python, basic all around all programming knowledge, and fuck windows08:11
mneptok^Phantom^: GUI apps get run with gksu, not sudo, i have no idea what gifsicle does.08:11
littlerueslie: learn to spell first, bitch08:11
mneptoklittlerue: last warning.08:11
^Phantom^mneptok, here is the description from Ubuntu Software Center "This is a tool for manipulating GIF image files. It has good support for transparency and colormap manipulation, simple image transformations (cropping, flipping), and creating, deconstructing, and editing GIF animations, which it can also optimize for space."08:11
vakSystem Monitor is OK, but I need to track down the applications that cause high CPU load peaks. Any desktop app can do this?08:11
slielittlerue:Okay i know how to spell Bitch, i learned now will you tell me?08:12
Wulfymneptok, i woulda considerd your last request before that the last warning he seems to be trolling for a reason08:12
mneptok^Phantom^: OK, i just use The GIMP :)08:12
Wulfyvak could try htop08:12
mneptokWulfy: i'm in a generous mood. or just stupid.08:12
Wulfymneptok, more so than me maybe i need more coffee :)08:12
mneptokWulfy: i mix Nembutol and a horse tranq in mine. helps a lot on IRC.08:13
^Phantom^mneptok, I would imagine maybe gifsicle is missing a front-end?08:13
vakWulfy: great, thx, gonna try it. Other ideas are still welcome!08:14
Wulfyvak htop will prity much nail most headaches on the head08:14
mneptok^Phantom^: i have never used the app. i just know that GUI apps can complain about sudo, and gksu should be used.08:14
slieSo will someone tell me where i can find a mentor?08:14
snappwant i create the image of the partition boot (the partition boot is part of / lvm) i found online this link: sudo grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 _chain pc gpt biosdisk lvm , this command must be execute from / of lvm how chroot?08:14
^Phantom^mneptok, Ah, okay thank you.  I have learned more about ubuntu tonight.  ^_^08:14
Wulfymneptok,  share the love :)08:14
kisukesnapp: what is your native language?08:15
sliethey have to be serious and can have three of my ideas and take partner in six of my ideas and after that we can talk about how we work together08:15
vakkisuke: "C" ! :)08:16
bryhoyt1I use "rsync --link-dest" for a backup script, over ssh. When I used to use it between Ubuntu 9.10 and Redhat something-or-other, it creates hardlinks for identical files. When I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10, it no longer creates hardlinks (it creates full copies of every file). At first I thought the problem was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features#hardlink, but turning that off doesn't fix it! What gives?08:16
xmanexist any im program for ubuntu,kubuntu08:16
kisukevak: ?08:16
kisukevak: oh, lol08:16
vakkisuke: i am guessing re native language :)08:17
^Phantom^xman, there are several08:17
* kisuke unplugs vak's speakeres08:17
^Phantom^xman, empathy internet messaging is one that supports multiple protocols (msn, aim, etc.)08:17
* vak talks with gestures now08:20
nukemhey im trying to compile my own kernel using make-kpkg, the compile goes fine however when it goes to make the debian package it fails with error: package linux-image-2.6.37-anfs+ not in control info08:20
* diemos is taking five girls and himself down to LA this weekend to party.08:20
* diemos stoked.08:20
nukemi never added the +08:20
nukemso i dont get what im doing wrong08:20
nukemthe same command works in Debian lenny08:21
vakWulfy: htop doesn't allow to track down what apps have been lusting the CPU during last time08:22
vakWulfy: at least I don't see this capability in the console app "htop"08:22
bryhoyt1Why is rsync --link-dest broken since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10? It used to work in older versions.08:22
TornadoXubuntuhow to set KDE Dolphin 1.5 as my default file manager under xubuntu 10.10?08:22
vakquite strange. this demand is quite generic... many people should like to know what app has slowed the PC down for last N minutes08:23
ucenik21kako e08:25
FloodBot1ucenik21: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:25
vakucenik21: you got your first PC and happy?08:26
slie So will someone tell me where i can find a mentor?08:27
xman^Phantom^: i know but empathy not support voice call on yahoo08:27
aslanhi people, i work in hospital computer technical office. we have 1 server for hospital program. and 1 have other server for firewall. this firewall use ISA server. i want to delete this windows firewall system and i want create linux Firewall for 200 client. what is the good idea for new firewall on linux ? ( on server we intend to install ubuntu 10.10 )08:27
^Phantom^xman, I don't know of anything that supports voice call on yahoo, sorry.08:27
slieaslan: iptables08:28
aslanslie : can you give me hint ? or web address to figure it out bettet08:28
blue_pearlxman, may be Pidgin ..08:28
aslanslie : can you give me hint ? or web address to figure it out better ?08:28
xmanblue_pearl i have pidgin and not support voice call on yahoo08:29
slieaslan: http://www.netfilter.org iptables will do you just well and will be what you probably want to invest your time in, and if not go look at it and come back with questions, it will give you full! control over time. and full control if you know what you want know easy to use08:31
aslanslie: thank you, let me check.08:32
slieaslan: plus your using Ubuntu so that is probably what you want for a firewall08:32
xmanso not exist any program with yahoo voice call support?08:32
xman??? :(08:33
xmani think this is a problem with linux "yahoo voice call suport"08:34
FloodBot1ucenik21: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
blue_pearlxman, i its only yahoo that u want 2 voice chat then try GYachi08:34
FirefisheI'm using Lucid and Firefox 3.6.13 | I'm clicking on this link from within a logged-in webpage:  javascript:submitForm('w4101-1.11.0.pdf');  |  Nothing is happening when I click on it.  What might the problem be?08:35
FloodBot1ucenik12: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:35
ucenik15kuit da mi go jadit08:35
mneptokaslan: check out http://www.smoothwall.org/08:36
xmani have gyachy 1.2.10 installed webcam work great but voice call not work blue_pearl08:36
ardchoille!ops ucenik15 and friends, spamming08:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:36
ucenik21od deka ke ojme08:36
mneptokucenik21: English only08:36
ucenik15od kaj recit08:36
Fudgecan grub detect ufs partitions08:36
ucenik21nema da oda jas08:36
ucenik21ne mi se jade08:36
ucenik21misla jade mi se ama08:36
FloodBot1ucenik21: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:37
ucenik15a mozit li kuit da mi go jadit08:37
xmanany ideas?08:37
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ucenik15a mozit kurit da mi go jadit08:37
blue_pearlxman, gyachi says in its site that it suppors though i have nevr voice chat with yahoo on linux08:38
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Fudgeucenik15  only english08:38
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ardchoillemneptok: there were three nicks doing the spamming just a few ago08:38
AndorinI torrented the live installer for Debian Squeeze with GNOME. I'm trying to use Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator tool to add it to my flash drive. However, right at the end I get this error: "An uncaught exception was raised: Invalid version string 'GNU/Linux'"08:38
xmangyache nt support voice call08:38
blue_pearlxman, or this thread in ubuntu forum may be helpful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41412108:38
mneptokardchoille: hence the +q08:38
ardchoillemneptok: ah, thank you :)08:39
shamelessn00bHi guys, I wanted to know, I've ubuntu maverick running as an ec2 instance08:39
shamelessn00bI want to installl a null audio source08:39
ardchoillemneptok: I tried the !ops trigger, didn't know it had been removed08:39
shamelessn00bwhat should I do?08:39
shamelessn00bthat's my kernel version08:39
shamelessn00bI've installed alsa but under the directory /dev/snd only these two files are displayed08:40
DJonesardchoille: You missed the | between the !ops and the nick you were reporting, so ubottu thought it was unrecognised bot trigger08:40
shamelessn00bseq  timer08:40
ardchoilleDJones: ah hah, thank you for that08:40
wangzhyhello ,everyone08:41
aslanslie:  i take a look of this. but i look something same as this program http://www.kerio.com/control this kind software in linux. controlling and access ing to network and internet. is there any software same as Kerio or ISA Server or ForeFront in Windows ?08:42
TornadoXubuntuHello! PLease how to change the default file manager under Xubuntu 10.10 from Thunar 1.0.2 to KDE Dolphin 1.5?08:44
ubaidullahhi jesse08:44
TornadoXubuntuAny ideas are greatly appreciated.08:44
GneaTornadoXubuntu: install kubuntu-desktop08:45
TornadoXubuntuPlease how am i suppose to do that Gnea08:45
GneaTornadoXubuntu: open a terminal and type:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   - when it's done, you logout, login again but select kde as the session08:46
TornadoXubuntuThanks lots Gnea! :D08:46
FirefisheI'm using Lucid and Firefox 3.6.13 | I'm clicking on this link from within a logged-in webpage:  javascript:submitForm('w4101-1.11.0.pdf');  |  Nothing is happening when I click on it.  What might the problem be?08:46
TiaagosSomeone plays Dofus? I'm having problem in audio.08:48
kisukeany one here using lirc?08:48
alexhqBooted from 10.10 live cd. Need username and password. What I should type?08:48
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xmantry ubuntu08:49
xmanim not sure but08:49
alexhqno success. It looks like a kind of IQ test08:49
histoalexhq: live cd should not ask for username or pass.08:50
alexhqhisto, I know it from docs, but it asks08:50
histoalexhq: veryify the disk.08:50
DJonesalexhq: You shouldn't need a username & password for a livecd, but sometimes it does ask for one for some reason, one suggestion is to leave them blank or let them time out08:50
histo!md5sum | alexhq08:50
ubottualexhq: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:50
alexhqDJones: won't accept blank. Weird.08:51
kisukeok, can any one help me figure out where to st the delay beteween keystrokes on a remote?08:51
Tiaagossomeone plays Dofus? I'm having problem in audio.08:51
DJonesalexhq: It could be a bad burn to a cd, it might be worth checking the md5sum of the iso/cd in case its not burned correctly08:51
AndorinI torrented the live installer for Debian Squeeze with GNOME. I'm trying to use Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator tool to add it to my flash drive. However, right at the end I get this error: "An uncaught exception was raised: Invalid version string 'GNU/Linux'". What's going on and what can I do?08:51
alexhqyeah, ok I'll check it. thanks08:52
dagon666hello, how to keep my hwclock accordingly with system clock ? After every reboot my hwclock goes back one hour behind the system clock08:53
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Elninohello guyz, i mistakenly deleted my virtal windows, how do i recover it back08:57
Gneadagon666: by using ntpdate08:57
Gnea!ntp | dagon66608:57
ubottudagon666: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)08:57
xmandagon666 what is hwclock08:58
sreedasI'm on Live Ubuntu now and unable to access /home/ accounts since they encryted. How can I access my account data?09:00
dagon666hwclock is your RTC installed on the motherboard - the one which is visible in bios, the problem is that my system clock (visible for example via "date") is correct but due to my timezone its one hour ahead then my hwclock, everytime I correct the hwclock and reboot the system restores the - 1 hour09:00
cristianciao a tutti09:00
augorewhats the best method to set up wpa2 wireless with ubuntu server?09:00
dagon666can I somehow have those too synchronized ?09:00
researcher1how to read CDROM file using a command line09:01
augoreISO file?09:02
dagon666researcher1: mount -o loop <your_iso_image> <place_where_you_want_to_mount_it>09:03
red2kic!iso | researcher109:03
ubotturesearcher1: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.09:03
FirefisheWhat does this mean:   server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-355509:04
ubottuThe TLS protocol, and the SSL protocol 3.0 and possibly earlier, as used in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, mod_ssl in the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.14 and earlier, OpenSSL before 0.9.8l, GnuTLS 2.8.5 and earlier, Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) 3.12.4 and earlier, multiple Cisco products, and other products, does not properly associate renegotiation handshakes with an existing connection, which allows man-in-the-middle attackers t09:04
researcher1dagon666: whats an ISO image?09:04
amitis there any command to change ur BIOS password through terminal?09:05
kisukeamit: not as far as i know09:05
augorecant you plug a new bios chip in?09:06
hilarie@Amit what kind of bios?09:06
amithilare:to login09:07
Elninoi have lost the .vdi file for my virtual box virtual machine. How do i recover it09:07
amitElnino:use Davory forensic tool09:08
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amithilarie: i want to know if it can be changable via terminal not by s/w or anythong else?'09:10
Jordan_U!undelete | Elnino09:10
ubottuElnino: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel09:10
bazhangamit, its not09:10
hilariewhat bazhang said09:10
amitbazhang: i think so09:10
bazhangamit, not an ubuntu issue.09:10
MIH1406Hi, I want to "chmod" a folder to 644 and all the enclosed files and folders in Terminal09:13
rumpe1MIH1406, chmod -R 644 folder09:13
MIH1406rumpe1, thanks09:14
MIH1406rumpe1, I will try it09:14
MIH1406how to read permissions from a folder? I want to see its permissions09:15
augorels -al09:16
kisukeok, can any one help me figure out where to set the delay beteween keystrokes on a remote using lirc?09:16
jhattaradoes someone have experience with kexec? are there any disadvantages in rebooting with it instead of doing a regular soft boot?09:18
MIH1406i want to list folders only on ls -la09:19
jhattaraMIH1406, ls -lad */09:20
guest101i have a loose connection in my headphone socket, is there a way of changing my microphone socket into my headphone socket09:24
wsxwshi all09:25
guest101on ubuntu09:26
wsxwsi always uses debian before. when i update my ubuntu is it as easy as updating debian ?09:26
Gneaguest101: no, you'll have to fix it or get a new soundcard09:26
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histowsxws: yes same command09:27
wsxwsupdating sources, installing apt/aptitude/dplg and aptitude full-upgrade ?09:27
jhattarawsxws, ubuntu is debian based, and uses the same package management system09:28
sre-suCan partimage backup and restore ntfs filesystems?09:28
wsxwsokies, thanks then09:28
lucagiovesre-su: i think so if you clone bit by bit but never tried09:28
sre-sulucagiove: I'm on sysrescuecd suggested as download on the partimage website to backup on hdd. Have you tried that cd?09:29
lucagiovesre-su: yep09:31
hawk_11785hi all :)09:31
amiti have changed my hostname from /etc/hostname  and  /etc/hosts        but why the termial shows my old hostname09:31
sre-sulucagiove: Can it restore MBR?09:31
researcher1how to correct "Error splicing file: Input/output error" while reading a CD?09:32
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.09:32
lucagiovesre-su: mbr is at the beginning of the partition then If you create an image from the device I think mbr will be there09:32
lucagiovesre-su: I remember now I tried once and it worked09:33
lucagiovebut i think ntfs support is sperimental on partimage09:33
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Putrhey ppl! I have a problem that i dont know how to search for on google. I hate it when i dbclick a few programs to open, but they need a long time to open so i go do other stuff (like typing in truecrypt password) but when the new windows open they always switch me away from my active window. I whant to load the new windows in the background. Any ideas?09:33
sre-sulucagiove: That depends on compression level... Gzip or bzip2 worked for you?09:33
lucagiovesre-su: it's suggested to have a non sparse filesystem09:33
guest101Gnea: thanks for the help09:33
lucagiovesre-su: actually I've always used gzip09:33
lucagiovesre-su: bzip is too slow..09:34
arvind_khadrihi, i have been using FF from the mozilla PPA, but now I want to switch back to the Ubuntu repository one, how do i do that? If i try to remove firefox, it doesnt let me do that as it says ubuntu-desktop recommends it.09:34
bazhang!info ppa-purge | arvind_khadri09:34
ubottuarvind_khadri: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 56 kB09:34
Gneaguest101: cheers, sorry I couldn't give you the answer you wanted, it's actually physically and electronically impossible09:35
jhattaraarvind_khadri, when opening the synaptic package manager, you can also change which version you want to use from a specific package, in case different repositories have different versions09:35
bazhangarvind_khadri, ubuntu-desktop is safe to remove btw.09:35
jhattaracan't remember the specifics, as i don't have an ubuntu desktop at hand right now09:36
MagicJI have a system where in a directory du reports: 27080676 ./public_html  then shows all the subdirectories of public_html, they do not come close to 10% of the 27080676, where is the soace bein used09:36
bazhangjhattara, he needs ppa-purge09:36
NibinaearHad to post this, MTBS syndrome: http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/The-Tragedy-of-Microsoft-Trained-Brain-Syndrome-71800.html09:36
bazhang!ot | Nibinaear09:36
ubottuNibinaear: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:36
researcher1when I type the command sh hplip-3.11.1.run the CLI says No network but my proxy setting is correct n is applied systemwide09:36
Blorg28Is there a way to tell ubuntu to mount my usb drive to a fixed folder ?09:37
jhattarabazhang, does, firefox-ppa works different from other non-standard repositories ?09:37
lucagioveBlorg28: udev rules09:37
wietzehello; I am experiencing very slow wifi connection with ubuntu 10.10; much as described as in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/linux/+bug/621265 ; does anyone happen to know if there is a working solution to this issue?09:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 621265 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "Slow Wireless Connection in Intel 3945abg" [High,Confirmed]09:38
bazhangjhattara, not that I know of, he said he wanted to switch back the official line, so ppa-purge is what he would need09:38
amitwhat is difference between gksudo and sudo?09:38
DJones!gksudo | amit09:38
bazhang!gksudo > amit09:38
ubottuamit: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:38
ubottuamit, please see my private message09:38
jhattarabazhang, if the package has same name, but different version in two different repositories, you can also choose in synaptic which version to use and downgrade software09:39
bazhangjhattara, that's not the case with respect to PPA09:39
Blorg28lucagiove: no other way ?09:40
lucagioveBlorg28: don't know that's the low level way  :)09:40
Blorg28lucagiove: yeah I know but it would be easier for me to tell the person to click here and here and choose a folder, than edit an undev rules (find the hdd serial with lsusb etc lol) :) thanks anyway09:41
jhattarabazhang, so it's a bug with PPA specifically ?09:41
bazhangjhattara, you may be thinking of app "pinning"09:42
lucagioveBlorg28: don't know then.. would be useful as you said09:43
jhattarabazhang, can't remember what exactly i did, but recently i wanted to try a software version that wasn't in the standard repos, can't remember if i used PPA or another non-standard repo to upgrade, then when i found out that the newer version didn't work as expected, i just used synaptic to force version09:43
lucagioveBlorg28: for what I know the disk is always mounted in /media/"partitio label" right?09:43
Blorg28lucagiove: I think so09:44
Blorg28lucagiove: the thing is : I need the person to plug the drive, and then I want it to click on a bash script I made that will rsync his home09:44
bazhangjhattara, forcing version is not  a good decision as compared to purging the ppa and getting back on the official track09:45
Blorg28lucagiove: problem is : if the drive is not mounted in the same directory each time, it will fail09:45
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jhattarabazhang, might cause problems later on if the standard repos upgrade, right ?09:45
bazhangjhattara, ppa are always a crapshoot. the fewer the better09:46
MegaHerzHi all. I have problems with my mouse pointer. It stops accepting clicks once per 2-3 minutes, then somehow it start working again, then fail again etc...09:47
MegaHerzWhere could be the problem?09:47
jhattarabazhang, depends on what you need and what you're doing, there are some stuff where your options are 1) build from source, 2) build a deb from source, 3) use PPA, in those i'd always use the option 3: PPA09:47
lucagioveBlorg28: I see09:48
rumpe1MegaHerz, i would test it on another usb-port, if its has a usb connector09:48
jhattarabazhang, but i can agree to using as little external repositories as possible09:48
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lmvcHi guys. Im trying to install Mathematica in my ubuntu 9.10. I got a .sh file to install and according to the manual, I mush write sh file.sh. After 3 minutes I execute the command I got: CRITICAL FAILURE: PrintIntroduction() Error. In the next line ... ProductTitle not defined... and finally, ..... Installation failed. See /temp/InstallErrors-4105. I open InstallErros-4105 but I dont understand anything there. Please help me with this09:48
Karen245Hello, Can someone tell me what is the recommended/common file/folder permissions to set on apache server? and which user owner to use ?09:49
lucagioveBlorg28: you could make some tests looking at the mount output command..09:49
MegaHerzrumpe1: I did it, and tried another mouse too - same resulty09:49
MegaHerzrumpe1: also, right mouse button - works, while left - don't09:49
Blorg28lucagiove: right. I have to find a way to list the mounted device, find the serial, and rsync on it09:49
rumpe1MegaHerz, then i would recommend a look into the system logs like dmesg/messages/Xorg.0.log...09:50
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lucagioveBlorg28: if the disk is always the same you can check the UUID09:50
jhattaraKaren245, 644 with owner other than apache process for everything you don't need to write through web interface09:50
Blorg28lucagiove: yes the disk is the same. What's the UUID ? how can I get it ? fdisk ?09:51
MegaHerzrumpe1: see nothing interesting about mouse09:51
lucagioveBlorg28: the UUID is the partitio id which is always the same..09:51
F|shieI am trying to install a dummy-snd module to enable some applications that requires a sound driver, but i get this error http://pastebin.com/sFJeyKqe any1 got clues to this -_-09:51
jhattaraKaren245, 666 (or 664 if apache's process belongs to the group) if apache needs to write something, or preferrably 644 with owner set to apache's owner if possible09:52
Jordan_UF|shie: Have you tried simply using padsp/aoss?09:52
jhattaraKaren245, and +x (or 755 775 777) for folders09:52
lmvcSomebody help me with my problem. Please09:52
Blorg28lucagiove: ok. I'll take a look at it, thx09:52
F|shiecan u tell me about it09:53
baswanyone ever made a full encrypted filessystem under ubuntu?09:53
Jordan_UF|shie: Try "padsp some_command" where some_command is the program you're trying to run.09:53
Blorg28basw: using encfs here09:53
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jhattaraKaren245, with any system that is accessible via anything else except physical connection, keep the write permissions as restrictive as possible09:54
baswBlorg28, do you know how to unwrap the encryption key of the filesystem, not the users home .Private dir?09:54
baswI have the passphrases09:54
Blorg28basw: you're talking about encfs ?09:54
lucagioveBlorg28: just google uuid09:54
F|shieJordan_U: im trying to setup a siptosis with skype on a ec2...i dont think pulseaudio would work like that09:54
baswBlorg28, Luke09:55
=== Leman_Russ_ is now known as Leman_Russ
Blorg28basw: don't know, I'm using encfs. It's an encryption system using fuse, and encrypting on the fly09:55
F|shieJordan_U: That is why i need to load module snd_dummy ...09:55
Blorg28lucagiove: yep already done, thank you09:55
^Phantom^sorry for all the quits joins earlier09:55
baswI can retrieve the passphrase from the /home/user/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase but not from the whole disk09:55
Jordan_UF|shie: skype works fine with alsa.09:55
MegaHerzNow my mouse pointer turned into vertical slash akin entering text, and feels no clicks, and presses no buttons when clicking09:55
Blorg28lmvc: pastebin your error file ?09:56
baswBlorg28, i want to make a new encryption key not a new passphrase09:56
Blorg28basw: I'm not using ecryptfs, I'm using ENCFS, I can't help you sorry09:56
F|shieJordan_U: actually i did not try it after compiling alsa...i was trying to load a dummy module....but this error does not  make sense...09:57
MegaHerzAnd there are repeating messages in syslog when I touch almost not-functioning Touchpad: psmouse.c: Touchpad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync at byte 409:57
baswbut how would you change the encryption key of an encfs system then?09:57
baswBlorg28, but how would you change the encryption key of an encfs system then?09:58
lmvc<Blorg28> sorry I dont underestand what you mean by pastebin. Im not an english speaker09:58
bazhanglmvc, paste.ubuntu.com09:58
Jordan_UF|shie: You shouldn't need to compile ALSA, or do any manual configuration for that matter, to use skype.09:58
Blorg28lmvc: you copy the content of your error file on http://pastebin.com/ or the link bazhang gave you09:58
Blorg28lmvc: so we can see the content09:58
lmvc<Blorg28> OK09:59
leaveboyIt's time to go!byebye everyone!10:01
Blorg28lmvc: don't forget to give us the link10:02
TommyGIs the pure-ftpd that comes with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS compiled with support for virtual hosts?10:02
lmvc<Blorg28> Ok I already did that. The file name is MathematicaV8. Thanks again10:02
joobieguys ive got a mount process that is chewing through cpu .. it's state is 'R' but i can't kill -9 it. any ideas how to get rid of it? had a look at lsof and not seeing anythign there in the relating that i can kill10:03
lmvc<Blorg28> The link is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567590/10:03
shamelessn00bI have an issue regarding alsa on ubuntu maverick10:04
Blorg28lmvc: what are you launching exactly ?10:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:05
lmvc<Blorg28> an .sh file. According to what i read, this file is the installer.10:06
shamelessn00bhow can I use a dummy soundcard on ubuntu maverick10:06
Blorg28lmvc: do you have the original dvd mounted ?10:06
mae_taewhat is this port 47512 all about ?10:06
Blorg28lmvc: look here http://support.wolfram.com/kb/114610:07
Blorg28lmvc: follow those steps10:07
=== JNZ_ is now known as JNZ
lmvc<Blorg28> I got the installer from a friend. I already read these steps, however, for the installation, they start mounting the dvd. I dont have a dvd10:08
lmvc<Blorg28> just have a .sh file10:08
CoreWarHow can I write the string "foo\0" in a buffer in assembly ? (considered I have malloc a block of size 4 and store the pointer address in register %si)10:09
Blorg28lmvc: I can't help you more sorry. Contact the company from where you bought the license10:09
rumpe1CoreWar, what does this has to do with ubuntu?10:10
PhoebusHey, anyone know an easier way to get Ralink usb wireless to work - why are guides min 5 pages for just a wireless adapter? Wtf?10:10
lmvc<Blorg28> Ok im gonna ask my friend where did he get the installer. I dont know if they actually bought Mathematica. Thanks my friend10:10
llutzPhoebus: that you'll have to ask ralinktech10:10
ashishhow to install libconfig on ubuntu?10:11
Phoebusllutz, bought this stupid adapter because it "said" linux support, didn't know I had to do 20 steps for it to work... ffs.10:11
=== SADNAHOM is now known as sadnahom
CoreWarrumpe1: sorry for this out of subject, is there a chan more appropriate for assembly questions ?10:12
ljsoftnetwhat does it mean if my processor has 1 core and 2 threads? i mean the intel atom N450?10:14
Jordan_UPhoebus: Ralink is an odd company, they often release open source drivers but the drivers are unstable and completely inapropriate for inclusion in the mainline kernel. They're getting better, but for current linux support I would stick to PCI wireless cards rather than USB and specifically Atheros and Intel cards.10:14
histoljsoftnet: 1 core with hyper threading probably would show up that way10:14
ljsoftnethisto: does it have the same, power with 2 cores?10:15
edwardteachPhoebus,  nearly all wifi cards  work well with ubuntu and linux, you need to find out the chip and driver if it will not plug and play!10:15
PhoebusJordan_U, I realize that now, but I'm just bad - especially at the false advertising. It's like "oh yeah, linux suports, in 30 steps or more!!" :P Gah, I want to throw it out the window, spent a day trying to make it work >.<10:16
histoljsoftnet: no two cores would be two cpus each with their own hyper threading.10:16
histoljsoftnet: I'm sure you can find specs for that processor on google.10:16
Jordan_UPhoebus: Return it and send a complaint to Ralink. The latter especially.10:16
histoljsoftnet: I have a 550 which I believe is the dual core 1.8ghz10:17
ljsoftnethisto: ok thanks man10:18
PhoebusJordan_U, thinking about sending them a bomb, or anthrax envelope to be precise... but yes.10:18
amiti ahve deleted a user through command deluser but when i go to terminal in home and type ls -l  it shows the user that i had deleted.howz it possible and how to get rid of this?10:18
bazhangPhoebus, thats not appropriate here10:18
Phoebusbazhang, humor processor broken? Don't worry :P10:19
bazhangPhoebus, death threats are not funny. so keep it appropriate here10:19
amitplz tell any one!10:19
TommyGI'm having a problem setting up virtual hosts on pure-ftpd. No matter which IP-addresses I symlink in /etc/pure-ftpd, anon login still goes to the home folder of the ftp-user10:19
PhoebusPft, robots.10:20
=== SquishyNotHere is now known as squishy
sacarlsonbasw: I found a good tutorial that has pics on how to change password in ecrytfs http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/Ecryptfs10:21
iqpiamit: whats your problem?10:21
ashishhow to install libconfig on ubuntu?10:22
amitiqpi: i have created a user and delete it through terminal using deluse but when i checked through ls -l  it shows that user that i have deleted?10:22
edwardteachamit,  its just the dir and file struct left after the  skeleton  set up for the user! i think you have to del manualy !10:22
baswsacarlson: thanks but i use full disk encryption not .Private encryption..10:23
iqpiashish: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libconfig10:23
bazhangashish, there are 29 libconfig packages10:23
MegaHerzHow to run a script upon every Xserver start?10:23
MegaHerzwhat is the Ubuntu way to do this?10:23
Blorg28amit: or use --remove-home next time10:23
sacarlsonbasw: but does it use ecryptfs?10:23
bazhangashish, you'll need to be more specific10:24
ashishI want to parse my config files10:24
ashishlets say I want all the packages10:24
ashishhow do I do that?10:24
bazhangashish, then search in synaptic and install them10:24
iqpiamit: perhaps you have deleted the user but not the user home directory, so when you do it, you see that directory, try sudo rm -r user10:25
amitblorg28: it said user doesnot exist10:25
ashishdid that, but when I run a file using the libconfig.h header , it doesnt compile10:25
sacarlsonbasw: there is like 4 different encryption formats, without knowing that makes it a bit harder10:25
Blorg28amit: yes, you already delete the user10:25
Blorg28amit: I said "next time" for another user10:25
bazhangashish, you have build-essential installed ?10:26
Blorg28amit: deluser remove the user, but not the home folder (by default), unless you specify --remove-home10:26
amitso how to remove home10:26
ashishnope, I thought I did though10:26
ashishlet me try after installing build essential10:27
iqpiamit: sudo rm -r /home/user10:27
basw<sacarlson> i want to retrieve the encyption key, not the passphrase because i have that, from my full encrypted disk. I use encryptfs10:27
Ze-Mwhy now webpages fonts appear in a weird way? isnt freetype patents free now?10:27
monstrohi everyone,10:28
baswsacarlson,  you can get the encryption key of the .Private folder with: ecryptfs-unwrap-passphare file10:28
baswsacarlson, i need the full disk encryption key but cannot find the command for that..10:29
medflyhi dudes, I want my (separate) /home partition to be encrypted, is there a trivial way to do this on install?10:29
* medfly is on the livecd10:29
medflyI found some guide but it's describing a complicated way :P10:29
sacarlsonbasw: what link did you use to create a full encrypted install?10:29
amithow to decrypt my md5 password through terminal10:29
baswlink, the cd10:30
monstroI'm running the ubuntu 10.10 into live cd! which is the password to log in on system?10:30
baswno link, just the cd with the iso file10:30
iqpimonstro: there is no password10:30
bazhangashish, lets keep it in channel please10:30
iqpimonstro: just type sudo before the comand and you will get root privileges10:31
ashishok, bazhang , how do I direct the messages to you?10:31
bazhangashish, why do you want to compile? and what exactly10:31
ashishis it done automatically when i write ur name?10:31
iqpiashish: just type */query user without * and you will have a new window with a private chat10:32
=== Homer is now known as Guest60211
ashishI want to parse my configuration file written in a structured format . and extract data from it using a C program10:32
bazhangiqpi, we keep chat here not in PM, and its always better to ask *first*10:32
edwardteachmedfly,  on install its just a check box ! but it not allways a good idea!10:33
iqpibazhang: ok, i was just givin information, I agree with you ;)10:33
medflyedwardteach: why not10:33
medflybut sweet, good to know10:34
bazhangashish, still not clear what exactly you are compiling10:34
medflyI hope ubuntu reporting crashes is for no good reason10:34
MegaHerzHow to run a script upon every Xorg start? I placed a script into /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ but now any session fails to start10:35
ashishbazhang, its simple ... I want to extract data from a config file using a C program that references the libconfig.h header file. thats all10:35
jattC is the wrong language to manipulate text10:35
bazhangashish, sorry, not able to help with such little info10:35
edwardteachmedfly, if you are going to play with your system and a novice your data may unrecoverable10:36
ashishwhat sort of info are u looking for?10:36
medflyI'm not that much of a novice...10:36
ashishbazhang, what info are u wanting?10:36
medflyI'm just really lazy10:36
sacarlsonbasw: I meant what website did you use as a method to encrypt your entire install?10:37
Guest60211i just wanted you guys and girl opinions since i am just starting to learn i would like to know which ubuntu should i get ubuntu 10.10 or ultimate ubuntu which one would be the best for my machine i have a intel core 2 quad cpu Q6600 @ 2.40GHz 4 cpu and 2 gig of memory10:39
bazhangGuest60211, one is supported here10:40
Guest60211okay is ubuntu 10.10 support multi core10:40
jattwtf is ultimate ubuntu?10:40
Scott`yes it does10:41
bazhangGuest60211, yes10:41
Guest60211just found out it exist10:41
iqpiGuest60211: yes, ubuntu supports multicore10:41
Guest60211jatt just found out that ultimate ubuntu existed if you want to check it out there the official website http://ultimateedition.info/10:42
bazhang!ot | Guest6021110:43
ubottuGuest60211: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:43
jattlooks like warez10:43
jattthat's not the real ubuntu10:43
Guest60211ubottu very sorry first time i use this channel wasn't sure wont happen again10:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:44
shamelessn00bI've no sound card installed on my system and I'd like to use the null audio, is that possible?10:44
Guest60211good thing i didn't get it10:44
Guest60211also had another question that is related to ubuntu the real one10:45
bazhangGuest60211, welcome to chat about it in #ubuntu-offtopic though10:45
Guest60211thank for the link10:45
Guest60211my question is is it possible to read ntfs windows hard drive under ubuntu without reformating in fat and losing everything10:46
jhattaraGuest60211, yes10:46
jhattaraGuest60211, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions10:47
andai_Hi. I wanna clone my USB install to a HD. is this practical?10:47
=== andai_ is now known as andai
iqpiGuest60211: the driver for read and write ntfs is suported in linux since kernel 2.6.28 or so. Soo...10:48
bazhangandai, sure10:48
bazhang!clone > andai10:48
ubottuandai, please see my private message10:48
MegaHerzDoes anybody know10:48
MegaHerzHow to run a script upon every Xorg start? I placed a script into /etc/X11/Xsession.d/ but now any session fails to start10:48
iqpi!clone > iqpi10:48
ubottuiqpi, please see my private message10:48
Guest60211jhattara thanks very much this will help me alot and thanks to everybody else for your help10:49
andaibazhang: I meant, like, with dd10:49
MegaHerzHow to output something into syslog to test whether my script is called?10:49
Blorg28!clone Blorg2810:50
Blorg28!clone > Blorg2810:50
ubottuBlorg28, please see my private message10:50
knxvillei heart ubuntu10:50
knxvillerobertzaccour, keep using ubuntu.. win is bs..10:51
jaeger_beerI am using Ubuntu as a syslog server. Is there a tool (GUI) to view the syslog from a client such as Windows, Mac?10:53
rumpe1jaeger_beer, gui on a server? ... i would recommend cli10:55
knxvillerumpe1, he asks for a tool to watch the syslog in a GUI10:55
knxvillefrom another station10:56
jattwhat's wrong with vi10:56
Ve2Hmm if I try to boot the ubuntu server disk from a usb dvd drive it loads the installer and then says it cant find the disk. What is the deal?10:56
jaeger_beerI want to view the syslog from the ubuntu server from my Mac or Windows PC. I prefer to view it in my web browser but client software is also oke10:56
erUSULjaeger_beer: ssh to the server and use tail10:57
Pumpkin-jaeger_beer: very VERY crude option. Setup a webserver, make it serve whereever you are storing the syslog files. (+security considerations)10:57
Guest60211is it possible on ubuntu to watch my network to see who is actually downloading my files i share to make sure nobody is cracking me10:58
Pumpkin-but I'd generally read syslog output, particularly from multiple systems with some combination of tail and grep on the command line10:58
robertzaccourever notice nobody ever pirates Ubuntu?10:58
Ve2That is because Ubuntu implements a new kind of DRM10:59
Ve2Called F.R.E.E10:59
jaeger_beerOke understood. No graphical tool available. I prefer ssh in combination with tail then10:59
Pumpkin-jaeger_beer: if your needs are met by the free version of splunk, you might want to consider that too.11:00
ikoniarobertzaccour: don't be stupid please, it's an open license11:00
robertzaccouri was making a joke11:01
ikoniarobertzaccour: then don't, you've been told the topic of this channel11:01
jaeger_beeroKe splunk i shall try. Thanks11:01
nagaozenanyone here could help me to test my new gedit-plugin ?11:01
jennieii aamm ggeettiinng ddoouubbllee tteexxtt iinn uubbuunnttuu wwhhiillee ttyyppiinngg ,, ppllzz hheelpp mmee ::((11:01
sacarlsonGuest60211: there are many ways one being using wireshark  that will provide you the ip that connections come and other info11:01
robertzaccouri bet you were a hall monitor in grade school11:02
erUSUL!info ntop | Guest6021111:02
ubottuGuest60211: ntop (source: ntop): display network usage in web browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.3-14 (maverick), package size 2555 kB, installed size 10712 kB11:02
iqpijennie: sorry but you message make me laught xDDDD hahaha that was really funny (sorry)11:02
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe11:03
=== vincent is now known as Guest18482
Guest18482is there a way to uninstall all the "recommended updates" you did in the past? I'm afraid I installed too much...11:04
=== jennie is now known as Guest68299
rumpe1Guest18482, no11:04
madfoxGuest18482 turning off your computer and going outside where you belong helps11:05
kokozedmanhey guys....11:05
kokozedmananyone what official kernel version is the current kernel for maverick?11:05
suigenerisin windows, I inserted ubuntu cd and it fired up a GUI installer. is that wubi? if yes, after installing shouldn't it ask me at boot what OS I want?11:05
kokozedmani'm looking into using TUN/TAP feature inside LXC.... and that only works with kernel built from official or greater11:06
Pumpkin-Guest18482: you can see what you have installed from /var/log/apt/history.log. Going back versions is slightly trickier, I think you would need to find old .deb's and install them manually. However, you almost certainly don't want to roll back updates unless you know one has caused you a specific problem.11:06
madfoxkokozedman, get maverick if you insist, and merely install the proper kernel you need11:07
MadHaTTer_666:( my linux liscense was revoked11:07
Guest18482Pumpkin the thing is I just have a small harddisk and it's getting too full11:08
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: what are you talking about ?11:08
Guest18482madfox, but today is my day off from work!11:08
Pumpkin-ahh, so you don't really want to roll back old updates, you just want to uninstall things you don't use :)11:09
MadHaTTer_666lool so far i asuck at linux11:09
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: ok, are you using ubuntu ?11:09
erUSULkokozedman: 2.6.3511:09
MadHaTTer_666how to u terminate a process in terminal?11:10
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: ok, check out https://help.ubuntu.com it's a good starting point11:10
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: it will give you an idea of the basics of how to use ubuntu11:10
erUSULMadHaTTer_666: kill PID11:10
suigenerisafter installing wubi, I am not being asked what OS I want. how come?11:10
MadHaTTer_666any suffix or input later?11:10
sagacisuigeneris, mustn't have installed properly11:11
kokozedmanmadfox, erUSUL: i know that it's using 2.6.35.... but exactly which one?
MadHaTTer_666ohh i dont need the basics11:11
MadHaTTer_666i just keep running into problems11:11
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: you said you suck at linux, learning the basics will help with that11:12
erUSULkokozedman: i guess that all the stable patches are included in it + ubuntu specific ones11:12
madfoxMadHaTTer_666 sounds like you need the basics to me...11:12
MadHaTTer_666ohh when i say i suck at linux i mean doing things more like modprobes in unusual enviroments and knowing every usable app11:13
madfoxMadHaTTer_666 and yet kill is not a modprobe11:14
MadHaTTer_666u wouldnt belive some of the sht ive had to do over the last week11:16
* jfm` is away: Je ne suis pas là11:17
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: control the language11:17
ikonia!away > jfm`11:17
ubottujfm`, please see my private message11:17
MadHaTTer_666ikonia wtf r u talking about?11:17
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: you're language, tone it down11:18
MadHaTTer_666whats wrong with my language its english u speaky inglais?11:18
ikoniaMadHaTTer_666: yes, but I don't need to see swear words or cut down swear words please11:18
fedora_newbDoes anyone know why yahoo on empathy rejects login even though the details are correct?11:19
MadHaTTer_666what the fk is that sht r u 6 years old or something?11:20
arvind_khadrifedora_newb, umm, there was this problem yahoo changing their version of lib, so that might be the issure.11:20
suigenerissagaci I re-installed it, no luck11:20
fedora_newbarvind_khadri, do you know if there is a fix for it or do I have to just use a different client?11:20
arvind_khadrifedora_newb, upgrade to the latest version of empathy.11:21
medfly_how long is the install supposed to take? I think it's stuck :/11:21
Guest60211sacarlson thx very much i will give wireshark a try11:21
vakSystem Monitor is OK, but I'd like to track down the applications that cause high CPU load peaks during last minutes. Any desktop app can do this?11:21
suigenerisafter installing wubi, I am not being asked what OS I want. how come?11:23
suigenerisI installed and re-installed11:23
suigeneriscan someone help please?11:24
iqpisuigeneris: do you have more than one hard disk?11:28
shaulaHi there, I am trying to install ubuntu 10.10 on virtualbox which is running again on ubuntu 10.10, when I boot the virtualbox from i386-desktop image it fails to install with ending on "busybox.. " screen. I checked the cd image's sha1sum which seem fine. What can be the problem can anyone guide?11:29
suigenerisiqpi np11:31
iqpishaula: perhaps there is a problem with mkinitcpio-busybox11:31
shaulaon busybox screen it says "(initramfs) Can not mount /dev/loop0 (cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs)...11:31
Attivismragazzai ilgiornalr.it è down11:31
iqpisuigeneris: how have you installed?11:31
shauladoes correct sha1sum guarantees that I do not have a defected image, should I redownload it?11:32
suigenerisiqpi I just inserted the CD in windows, I got a GUI installer, I filled in the details and hit Enter11:33
shaulaiqpi, what can I do to fix that, is it some problem with the image or the virtualbox, the virtualbox is the default one from ubuntu 10.10 repository11:33
iqpiI think i would redownload it, because perhaps the md5sum is correct, the download would be correct, but the cd image was wrong on the server.11:33
iqpishaula: my last message wasa for you11:34
iqpisuigeneris: have you installed grub?11:34
iqpishaula: if you redownload, and have the same error, we should check for another cause11:35
shaulaiqpi, I have downladed the image from "http://releases.ubuntu.com/"11:35
suigenerisiqpi ,how do I install grub? isn't it something wubi should do?11:36
Scott`it does11:36
Scott`actually it might not, just add ubuntu to the windows bootloader11:37
fedora_newbty arvind_khadri for the advice, fixed my problem. :)11:38
iqpishaula: i cannot open that url, i think its broken, try this other :  http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download11:38
arvind_khadrifedora_newb, np :)11:39
iqpisuigeneris: grub should install from wubi check it11:39
iqpisuigeneris: anyway, i have never used wubi, so i dont know how should it work, i recommend you to try to install ubuntu in your hard disk in a new partition, but if you don't know how to do it, read before some manuals11:40
shaulaiqpi, http://releases.ubuntu.com/  is working, maybe the quotations make it fail. I have checked md5sum, sh1sum, sh256sum of the image where all seems fine11:41
suigenerisiqpi I think I got it, the OS options were set not to show. that's in windows11:43
iqpishaula: ok, now it works, any way if the image you download was bad in the server, even if you downloaded it without errors, you will have a bad image because the image was wrong on the server, so the md5sum md239874sum will show you any errors because is the correct md5sum for an incorrect cd image, i dont know if I have explain myself11:44
iqpi!wubi > iqpi11:44
ubottuiqpi, please see my private message11:44
R3kwhat is the difference between windows and ubuntu ?11:44
ikoniaR3k: totally different operating system11:44
R3kyes but how ?11:45
iqpiR3k: ubuntu is a linux distribution, windows is windows11:45
R3kwindows is shit ?11:45
iqpiR3k: everything works in a differente way11:45
R3kubuntu is shit so ?11:45
iqpiR3k: for me, windows is a toy operative system11:45
shaulaiqpi, yea I got it, ty11:45
suigeneris!language | R3k11:46
ubottuR3k: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:46
ikoniaR3k: control the language please11:46
R3kubuntu is better than kubuntu ?11:46
ikoniaR3k: different desktops, that's personal preference11:46
R3kand what differences ?11:46
ikoniaR3k: the desktops, look them both up, or better still, try them11:47
iqpiR3k: everything, the way to install programs for example11:47
R3kDémarrez sur le cd d'installation de Windows XP11:48
R3kChoisissez la réparation avec la touche R11:48
R3kIndiquez le numéro de l'installation de Windows puis faites ENTRÉE11:48
R3kIndiquez le mot de passe administrateur puis à nouveau ENTRÉE (si n'y en a pas, alors faites directement ENTRÉE)11:48
R3kTapez bootcfg /rebuild11:48
FloodBot3R3k: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:48
R3kIndiquez le chiffre correspondant à l'installation souhaitée ou "o" si vous êtes d'accord avec celle proposée11:48
ikoniaR3k: this channel is English only please.11:49
R3k<FloodBot1> You can now speak again. Please ask your question, giving the relevant Pastebin URL.11:49
R3kEst ce que tu comprend quand je te parle là?11:49
iqpisuigeneris: i kown why you cannot boot ubuntu11:51
iqpisuigeneris: the problem is that wubi have trouble with grub2 (grub2 is the default loader for ubuntu)11:51
iqpisuigeneris: you will have to restore grub11:52
miniuserhello. i'm getting errors with "lirc": dpkg: error processing lirc (--configure):11:53
miniuser subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2011:53
miniuserErrors were encountered while processing:11:53
miniuser lirc11:53
FloodBot3miniuser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:53
miniuseri removed it "lirc" then reinstalled it ..the above happened11:54
iqpisuigeneris: to tdo that, there are many ways, I use to do the manual one (boot with the livecd disk) chek the partions you have (ls /dev/sd*) mount the root directory in a new folder, then chroot in that folder, and finally sudo grub-install, then you will have the loader11:54
suigenerisiqpi I fixed it by setting the OS options in windows to show11:56
iqpisuigeneris: great, sorry then for my explanation, i use to do always the traditional way of doing this kind of things xD11:57
AlexFull-ItaQualche italiano?11:57
iqpiwell guys, I have to leave, have a good day11:57
LjL!it | AlexFull-Ita11:57
ubottuAlexFull-Ita: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:57
bazhangAlexFull-Ita, #ubuntu-it11:57
suigenerisiqpi thanks anyway. learning things never hurts11:59
=== marcules_ is now known as marcules
StormshadowHello all...question (not exactly related to Ubuntu but rather GTK+) - what's wrong with GTK if the text is displayed as rectangles and icons are not drawn?11:59
Krupteinhm I'm missing something   I've done  "chmod -R 777 directory"  and a certain user still can't read that directory12:00
ShogootStormshadow, ./join #gtk+12:01
induzgood morning pals12:02
ShogootKruptein, are you doing it as root?12:02
KrupteinShogoot: yes12:02
Krupteinif I do ls -l   the permissions  are lrwxrwxrwx   so I really don't get the problem :f12:02
induzis there a program for Apple  Mac OSx10.4...something like macport? what is it/12:03
ShogootKruptein, i gotto go afk for about and hr12:03
Krupteinit's nothing12:03
Krupteinanyone else an idea ?12:03
^Phantom^How can I stop the video on Totem from jumping up and down all jittery-like?12:04
Krupteinraju: I've chmodded a dir  777  and a certain user still has no read access12:04
amitcan we use two desktop environment at a time12:06
cholericDoes anyone have a ballpark figure w/r/t how long shrinking a partition from ~220GB to ~196GB will take using gparted?12:06
bazhangamit, no12:06
^Phantom^Actually, I wonder if it's the DVD.12:06
waqar-malik_hello alll12:06
Cyberelveshi guys, i am having mouse issues on ubuntu 10.04. seems like my mouse starts sleeping after a while on my usb ports...12:06
cholericPerhaps I'm asking too late: I'm already committed12:06
waqar-malik_how r u12:06
cholericBut I'd like to know if I'm going to be here for another hour12:07
=== maxim is now known as Guest34728
kisukeamit: in a VM yes12:07
Krupteinit's driving me crazy  how can a user get a read-error if the dir is chmodded 777 :A AAAH12:08
Kruptein*sorry for the last bit12:08
cbzwhy is half of ubuntu's services started via /etc/init and half via /etc/init.d ?12:08
llutzKruptein: symlinks always are 777, whats the permission of the link-source?12:09
Krupteinllutz: also 77712:09
=== Guest34728 is now known as Steppenreiter
Krupteinllutz: okay I solved it12:09
Krupteinthanks anyway12:09
Cyberelvesis there an energy savin mode on usb ports???12:10
kisukeCyberelves: they are either on or off generally so...12:11
EnergySpirithi, im have a vps container with NO SWAP SPACE, and it doesn't let me run large java programs, even if I have sufficient ram. I used the -Xms and -Xmx parameters, and it keeps giving invalid initial heap size, could not create the java virtual machine. Does anyone know how to fix this?12:11
rajuMostly negative12:11
drt4923Hi, I have an ftp server running on my machine, but im not sure how to stop it, ?12:11
M_Kayhello is there a way to get rid of the bootloader on my usb flash drive?12:11
llutzdrt4923: sudo service ftp stop12:12
Cyberelveskisuke, how could i disable the energy saving mode??? it really looks like that this is my major mouse issue12:12
kisukeM_Kay: have you tried formating it?12:12
kisukeCyberelves: AFAIK ther is not one, im assuming this is on a laptop?12:12
Cyberelveskisuke, true it is a notebook12:13
kisukeCyberelves: then in that case your note book cant supply the power your mouse needs and you will need to look at getting a powered hub12:13
M_Kaynow there is message that the bootloader is missing but12:13
M_Kaythen the system is stopping during boot12:14
drt4923llutz: I get the error :  ftp: unrecognized service12:14
Cyberelveskisuke, thx12:14
amitkisuke:no my question is about not vmware? simply can we use two environments12:14
llutzdrt4923: what ftp-server do you use?12:14
drt4923llutz: i know an ftp server is running on port 21 though, it shows up in nmap, and i can log in with ftp clients from other machine12:14
kisukeamit: ok, can you rephrase that then, i dont think i understood your question12:14
drt4923llutz: i want to change it to something more secure, i heard ftp needs to die12:15
erUSULdrt4923: use sftp via ssh12:15
amitcan we use two desktop environment at a time without using vm?12:15
llutzdrt4923: look in /etc/init or /etc/init.d  for ftp and use that to stop12:15
erUSULamit: using a nested Xserver?12:15
drt4923llutz: I have already, found nothing12:15
llutzdrt4923: "sudo lsof -i :21"12:16
drt4923erUSUL: does that implement ftp over an ssh session on port 22 ?12:16
amiterUSUl:thanx i will try12:16
erUSULdrt4923: it implements sftp12:16
llutzdrt4923: sftp != ftp, its a own protocol based on ssh12:16
drt4923llutz: inetd   1312 root    4u  IPv4   5164      0t0  TCP *:ftp (LISTEN)12:16
LikesFruithey guys, trying to install ubuntu from the LIve cd 10.10, but i get the error Bootloader install failed. it give me three options Choose a different device, continue without a bootloader or cancel. but the first two option when selected do nothing. i click the ok button but the error does not go away. the error window does not even close.12:17
llutzdrt4923: edit /etc/inetd.conf and disable the ftp thingy12:17
erUSUL!info xephyr12:17
ubottuPackage xephyr does not exist in maverick12:17
erUSUL!info xserver-xephyr12:17
ubottuxserver-xephyr (source: xorg-server): nested X server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.9.0-0ubuntu7.3 (maverick), package size 906 kB, installed size 2000 kB12:17
amit!nested Xserver12:18
cdbs!msgthebot | amit12:18
ubottuamit: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".12:18
drt4923llutz: thanks, i have commented out the line with ftp,  is there a way to stop the server though?12:18
llutzdrt4923: sudo service inetd restart12:19
llutzdrt4923: or just purge inetd if you don't use it for other things12:19
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^Phantom^This is cool.12:25
^Phantom^Ubuntu has a CD Ripper application.12:25
sre-suIn sudo mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt/home -t What should follow flag type for ext4 file systems?12:26
llutzsre-su: ext412:27
sre-sullutz: Doesn;t work that way...12:27
lllhamedlllhi to every body12:27
llutzsre-su: live-cd, ancient? then ext4dev12:27
MagicJwe don't do hi and nice things like that  in here - it adds to the confusion of what is real12:28
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llutzsre-su:have you tried without "-t xxx"? are your sure its /dev/sdb4? sudo fdisk -l12:28
sre-sullutz: Live CD12:28
sre-sullutz: Yes, have tried.. Hold i'll patebin12:28
drt4923llutz:   inetd: unrecognized service12:29
llutzdrt4923: i hate upstart ... sudo killall -HUP inetd12:29
sre-sullutz: http://pastebin.com/7LfLTjh212:29
llutzsre-su: paste sudo fdisk -l    please, try "sudo blkid -g && sudo blkid"12:30
drt4923llutz: thanks, seems to have worked :)12:30
llutzdrt4923: if you don't use inetd for other services, you should remove it12:30
sre-sullutz: http://pastebin.com/j4z6KrEu12:31
GiffordCan I download Ubuntu iso from a ftp?12:31
llutzsre-su: extended, you have to use sdb6 or sdb712:31
llutzsre-su: you cannot mount an extended partition, its just a container holding logical drives sdx5+12:32
memoryleakIs there a way to get rid of the horizonal stripes while watching a movie with closed ATI drivers?12:32
sre-sullutz: I'm trying to chroot. My /home separate partition is encryted. So, i only want to mount it to access data after chroot12:33
memoryleakIt's so anoying, especially in full screen mode12:33
gbjkHi. i just upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 on a machine. I've found ssh agent forwarding is no longer working, and I can't work out why. I'm using ssh -A -vvv devel 2>/tmp/view. I'm looking at the /tmp/view and see no attempt to forward12:33
llutzsre-su: whatever, you home is _not_ on /dev/sdb412:33
maxagazmy Ubuntu crashed, I ran LiveCD, tried fsck /dev/sda5 (my linux partition), and I get this message: fsck.ext4: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/sda5, Filesystem mounted or opened exclusively by another program ?12:33
maxagazwhan can I do ?12:33
maxagazalso, my system isn't mounted at all12:34
sre-suah.. right :)12:34
gbjkDoes anyone know what might have caused that?12:34
llutzsre-su:  you have to use check /dev/sdb6 or sdb7  which of these is your home-dir12:34
sre-sullutz: How did you identify using fstab whihc one is /home and which one is / root ?12:35
sre-suI got to  confirm about it only after able to mount it12:35
kisukeok how does one turn off the login sounds?12:35
llutzsre-su: you'll have to mount them all and check for contents if you don't know which one holds your /12:36
Pumpkin-gbjk: I don't know if the default changed or anything, but the obvious thing to do is check sshd_config for AllowAgentForwarding12:36
sre-sullutz: But, how did you come to options sdb6/sdb7 not others?12:36
Pumpkin-afaik the default is yes and always has been, but its worth checking12:36
gbjkPumpkin-: sshd is ... sshd, right. I haven't *touched* the server!12:36
gbjkPumpkin-: And the key is that the ssh *client* isn't even requesting forwarding.12:37
sepehrAnyone else having problem installing Liferea in maverick, as I do?12:37
llutzsre-su: sdb1-3 could be too, i just refered to your sdb4 and "thought" it has to be a logical drive12:37
Pumpkin-ahh, you upgrade the CLIENT :)12:37
Pumpkin-sorry, my bad12:37
llutzsre-su: so finally, check them all except sdb4/512:37
gbjkPumpkin-: No issue :o)12:37
^Phantom^I just accidentally removed the applications menu. :S12:37
llutzsre-su: what size has your /home, do you know?12:37
^Phantom^Where do I get it back?12:37
sre-sullutz: 437 gb12:38
hedinHi, I have just upgraded to 11.04 and got an interesting bug... is this the right channel for 11.04 stuff?12:38
llutzsre-su: sdb7 then12:38
Pumpkin-erm then check ssh_config for ForwardAgent I'd guess :) (and a personal config file in your .ssh directory if you use one).12:38
ion_hi how do I recover data using using a ubuntu live cd ?12:38
sre-sullutz: 443.412:38
llutzsre-su: see "blocks" column from fdisk -l output12:38
^Phantom^I can't launch anything, I accidentally removed the application menu.12:38
^Phantom^What do I do?12:39
sre-sullutz: as per the blocks then12:39
iflemahedin: /join #ubuntu+112:39
gbjkPumpkin-: I bypassed config files by using -A :o)12:39
Pumpkin-I just PM'd you that :)12:39
^Phantom^Help, I can't get to my drives or anything D:12:39
^Phantom^Do I have to reinstall Ubuntu again now?12:40
ion_hello how can I recover data using ubuntu live cd I know can be done using that terminal, but I don't know the steps..anyone are willing to help out, please ?12:40
llutz!panels | ^Phantom^ try this12:40
ubottu^Phantom^ try this: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »12:40
^Phantom^Okay, I will try.12:40
llutz^Phantom^: to open a terminal, alt-f2: gnome-terminal12:41
^Phantom^You are the best.12:41
^Phantom^My scattered quicklaunch items are back!12:42
sepehrAny other one having problem installing Liferea? (maverick)12:42
^Phantom^But I got the menu back!12:42
^Phantom^Thank you so much, llutz !!!12:42
wulfyGood afternoon all12:42
ethanolSo eh, ubuntu 'magically' mounted my windows share for me. But eh, where did it mount it? Cause I'm trying to browse to it in filezilla but it's not under /mnt or /media :<12:42
=== wulfy is now known as Wulfy
^Phantom^Thank you so much, llutz!12:43
* ^Phantom^ writes the command down for in the future.12:43
llutz^Phantom^: you're welcome12:43
^Phantom^The lost quicklaunch buttons are a minimal issue.12:43
Pumpkin-ethanol: run "mount" and look for the NTFS/FAT thing that is mounted (assuming it is automagically mounted).12:44
^Phantom^I just have x-chat, gedit, and terminal up there.12:44
^Phantom^The three I use most.12:44
ethanolPumpkin-, well it's actually a samba share on a linux server. And mount doesn't show it mounted.12:44
ethanolPumpkin-, my bookmark under Places is a smb: link12:45
Wulfyany email clients simler/better than ms office's outlook? using evolution atm seems a bit..... flat?12:45
llutzWulfy: claws-mail12:45
Wulfyfeature wise ?12:45
llutzthunderbird lacks all of the basic features a mua needs. :(12:46
gbjkissue solved (ish) by just running ssh-agent manually.12:46
^Phantom^I wish I didn't panic so easily at stuff so small, llutz :(12:47
llutzit can't even bounce mails without using an add-on12:47
Wulfyill have a peek at claws-mail llutz  thanks :)12:47
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llutzWulfy: if you need exchange-compability, you're lost12:48
sre-sufor chroot*12:48
sre-suIf /home was encrypted durin installation then is the passphrase same as account/login password?12:48
Wulfyllutz,  no my mail servers are exim based12:48
llutzWulfy: "mutt" then :)12:48
jrib!encrypted | sre-su12:48
ubottusre-su: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory12:48
jribsre-su: read the link at the bottom about mounting encrypted homes12:48
Wulfyllutz,  and tbh if it was exchange the outlook web based interface is very caperble12:48
sre-suI'm on it jrib12:49
jribsre-su: k12:49
llutzWulfy: baaaah, its crap12:49
Wulfyllutz,  compared to some of the web interfaces ive seen/used its not so bad12:49
llutzWulfy: i have to use it daily, it might be ok using IE but with firefox etc.... no thanks12:50
Wulfyllutz,  chrome :D12:50
Wulfyllutz,  any clues on how to get my media keys to interface with wine ran programs such as spotify?12:50
llutzWulfy: nope, no clue about wine/win-apps12:51
Wulfyllutz,  shame :)12:51
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ethanolAnyone know where ubuntu temporarily mounts smb shares?12:51
ion_my pc isn't boot so I have to recovery my data on it..so how can I do it using ubuntu a live cd12:51
cdbs!ot | llutz12:51
ubottullutz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:51
Wulfycdbs ? where was the ot?12:51
Guest49852any women single??12:52
jpdsGuest49852: Wrong place to ask.12:52
sre-sujrib: Still, it doesn't asy about passphrase for /home encryted during installation12:52
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jribsre-su: you are sure you read the link at the bottom about what you are trying to do?  Because I am sure it tells you every step you must take.12:52
sre-sujrib: Yes12:53
ion_hello everyone please help ....12:53
jribsre-su: ok, link me to what you read.  I'll take a look12:53
gbjkOkay, so my issue is actually that keychain is not setting the environment variables.12:53
sre-sujrib: There is no mention of passphrase for encryption done during installation12:53
llutzWulfy: just ignore it12:53
sre-sujrib: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Live%20CD%20method%20of%20opening%20a%20encrypted%20home%20directory12:53
wildbation_: just boot with CD ~ mount the drive you need and backitup12:54
jribsre-su: no.  at the bottom there are links that tell you what to do12:54
Wulfyllutz,  okiedokie :)12:54
sre-sujrib: Link please12:54
jribsre-su: scroll to the bottom of what you just linked me to.  Anyway, basically, your login pass allows you to access the encryption pass. The procedure is explained in one the links at the bottom of the wiki page however12:55
ion_wildbat: yeah that's the point, I don't know how to do it ..I have the terminal open but I don't know the commands that I have to type...12:55
sre-sujrib: Are you talking about more info links?12:55
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=== Guest48480 is now known as zhang_
jribsre-su: yes, though the section you just linked me to is probably sufficient as well12:55
wildbation_:  open the gnome file browser shall have your HD shown there ~12:56
jribsre-su: do you know what to do now?12:56
ion_wilbat: I doesn't12:57
cholericIn a new Ubuntu installation on a fairly new machine (but with a traditional HD, not an SSD), should I use ext3 or ext4?12:57
llutzcholeric: ext412:57
* gbjk suddenly realises that the issue is probably the WAY his xterm is being invoked!12:57
ion_wilbat: I know that I can mount it using the terminal12:57
sre-sujrib: I get these erros actually w/o asking for passphrase which is why I'm asking about passphrase for users who had encrypted /hom during installation - No directory, logging in with HOME=/ -su: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device12:57
jribsre-su: "No space left on device"12:57
sre-sueven after apt-get clean12:58
wildbation_:  yes you can. try System -> Admin.. -> Disk Util..12:58
drt4923ion_: you can mount it in the terminal but you dont know how to back stuff up from the terminal?12:58
jribsre-su: there's no space left on the device.  Are you sure that's not the case?12:58
sre-sujrib:  That;s not the case. Thats' secondary. First issue is - No directory, logging in with HOME=/ <-- Why this?12:59
jribsre-su: fix the space issue first12:59
ion_drt4923: no I won't to  make the files appear on the desktop and then back it up ...12:59
sre-sujrib: Fix space issues where? I'm on liveCD13:00
ion_drt4923: *  want13:00
sre-sujrib: /mnt cleaned of folders not required. /var cleaned. archives cleaned. autoremove done apt-get clean done. Now what?13:00
jribsre-su: pastebin « df -h »13:01
ion_drt4923: I had done it before with a help but I forgot how to do it ...13:01
drt4923ion_: is it mounted?13:01
cholericllutz: thanks for the advice.13:01
ion_drt4923: no ..13:01
gbjkPumpkin-: Issue is that I was starting xterm the wrong way round. I need to recall how to run xterm so that it starts in my home dir. I *think* it's xterm -e 'cd $HOME;/bin/bash/'13:02
drt4923ion_: do you know what partition its on?13:02
sre-sujrib: Well, yes I see /mnt/home and /mnt Use% as 100. How to clean that?13:02
jribsre-su: make space, delete things I suppose13:03
sre-sujrib: delete things in /mnt/home?13:03
jribsre-su: sure13:03
sre-suThat's wierd13:03
ion_drt4923: well, I do have just one OS running ...ext3 I guess...13:03
medflyhow do I enable wireless?13:03
ibrahimhow do i stop having to authenticate with  a password every time i leave my pc for what ever length of time?13:04
jribsre-su: why weird?13:04
gbjkSo frustrating. alt+f2 and run xterm -e 'cd $HOME;/bin/bash' and my env contains the ssh-agent. Run that from shortcut and it doesn't.13:04
wildbation_: did you try mounting it with Disk Util. yet?13:04
rumpe1ibrahim, deactivate/remove screensaver(?)13:04
ethanolibrahim, system -> screensaver -> uncheck lock screen?13:04
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rumpe1ibrahim, ah... or deactivate lock ^^13:05
ethanolAssuming it is checked.13:05
ion_wildbat: that's it the point I don't know how to do it ...13:05
jribgbjk: how do you start ssh-agent?13:05
ibrahimthanks guys i gotta say i am now a ubuntu convert13:05
ion_wildbat: I know that I have to type sudo -i and the next steps I don't know ...13:05
drt4923ion_: try with the gui interfaces wildbat is suggesting first, i dont mind trying over ssh if you gave me access13:06
sre-sujrib: /mnt/home contains home directory which only contains two files for .desktop and .txt created after encryption. For me to be able to deleted files from mounted /home partition I need to decrypt it first. Secondly, /mnt is / partition. What ever update/upgrade/install must have taken space in var or archives are cleared. What else do you expect?13:06
wildbation_:  just select then drive and  partition -> click Mount  button13:06
jribsre-su: all I know is something needs space and you don't have it because a partition is full13:06
sre-sujrib: Which partiton is full and what needs space is exactly what I want to know13:07
LikesFruitany idea what this error means, i am trying to install grub " cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sda5.  Check your device.map."13:07
sre-sujrib: http://pastebin.com/98S9B7CV13:08
jribsre-su: well since there are only two choices and it sounds like it's easier to make space on / than on the partition for /home, I would try making space on the partition for / first13:08
gbjkjrib: Sorry, it's run via keychain .ssh/id_dsa in .bashrc13:08
jribgbjk: probably put it in your ~/.profile instead13:08
rascal999where is the kernel? I would like to use it in a vm13:08
sre-suWhat all in / of LiveCD mounted as /mnt needs cleaning? I'm not able to make out now ...13:09
sre-sujrib: ^^13:09
jribsre-su: nothing needs cleaning, you just need to free up some space13:09
gbjkOh. My profile isn't being run ....13:09
sre-susre-su shrugs13:10
* ibrahim nods13:10
gbjkjrib: This *isn't* a login shell, though.13:10
gbjkNote: The keychain is being RUN. The vars just aren't in env if it's run through shortcut.13:11
jribgbjk: how do you login?13:11
ion_wilbat: I can't ...13:11
gbjkjrib: Recap on issue: If you run xterm -e 'cd $HOME;/bin/bash' from alt-f2, then keychain runs and env| grep SSH has ssh vars13:11
jribgbjk: I understand, but how do you login?13:12
wildbation_: any error msgs?13:12
gbjkHOWEVER, the issue is that a keyboard shortcut that runs the SAME command, does run keychain, but doesn't have vars.13:12
gbjkjrib: It's a desktop. I login using ... whatever the login prompt is.13:12
jribgbjk: using ~/.profile should work and I don't see why you are running "cd $HOME; /bin/bash".  When you run xterm, it should automatically run your shell13:12
wildbation_: you may wanna click the Check filesystem button ~ if there is errors in filesystem that prevent you from mounting13:13
gbjkjrib: Because running it from keyboard shortcut starts in / and I want ~.13:13
ion_wildbad: I can't put it on the pastbin for you ...13:13
jribsre-su: obviously we could try to understand /why/ it needs space and avoid it.  But it seems like it would be much easier to just free up some space.13:13
jribgbjk: that's mighty weird13:13
sre-sujrib: But, where?13:13
jribsre-su: either in sdb6 or sdb713:14
sre-sujrib: That is what I'm not able to make out, where in mounted sdb6/sdb7. There is a command which tells about usage right?13:14
gbjkjrib: I know! And it's new.13:15
jribgbjk: after you've transferred stuff over to ~/.profile, we can discuss the other issue (xterm starting in /)13:15
jribsre-su: it doesn't matter where, anywhere13:15
ion_wildbad: http://paste.ubuntu.com/567649/13:15
sre-sujrib: anywhere in / root?13:15
jribsre-su: that's one of the two possibilities, y.es13:15
gbjkjrib: I've done that. I logged out and back in. I removed any confusion. I run `xterm` at alt-f2 and I have SSH env vars. I run a keybaord shortcut that runs xterm and I don't.13:15
jribsre-su: the complaint is just that the device is full, so make it not full13:16
jribgbjk: how do you create the keyboard shortcut?13:16
gbjkjrib: system menu, preferences.13:16
Hans_Henrikhow can i make a program run automatically on each startup?13:17
gbjkSomeone else has encountered this.13:17
Hans_Henrik(in superuser privs*)13:17
wildbation_: you are doing the cli way ~13:17
gbjkAlso https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/37311113:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 373111 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Keyboard 'Custom Shortcut' does not retain environment" [Low,Triaged]13:17
wildbation_: and you missing spaces13:17
ion_wildbad:so what's the right way, please ...13:18
llutzHans_Henrik: add it to /etc/rc.local13:18
wildbation_: mkdir /mnt/disk && mount -t auto /dev/sda1 /mnt/disk13:18
jribgbjk: in the two instances (keyboard shortcut and alt-f2), what does "echo $-" return?13:18
wildbation_: assuming your partition is sda113:19
ion_wildbad:how shall I know it ?13:19
gbjkjrib: himBH13:19
Hans_Henrikllutz: so if i add "/path/to/bin", will it run as su?13:19
jribgbjk: for both?  See: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/37311113:19
llutzHans_Henrik: yes13:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 373111 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Keyboard 'Custom Shortcut' does not retain environment" [Low,Triaged]13:19
gbjkjrib: I can also confirm that "run a terminal" shortcut works vs custom shortcuts which don't13:20
wildbatthat's y you wanna you gui ~ it is easier for you ~ but you can figure that out with    fdisk -l13:20
gbjkjrib: For both13:20
MadCarburetorI just installed Wbar from the software center, But how do i use it?13:20
Hans_Henrikllutz: will the script what for the binary to finish before continuing, or will it just "start it and leave it"? (or whatever its called)13:20
gbjkjrib: heh, you just pointed me to the url I pasted (13:17)13:21
llutzHans_Henrik: it just calls the script and continues.13:21
jribgbjk: sorry (no highlight = me blind).  But there is a workaround there.  You could also use something like xbindkeys instead.  It's a bug and has to be sorted out upstream13:21
gbjkjrib: The final comment seems worth a shot.13:21
llutzHans_Henrik: your script shouldn't be interactive...13:22
MadCarburetorI can't find it under any menu anywhere?13:22
gbjkjrib: YEah, Understandable> I have the same issue. Mea culpa.13:22
Hans_Henrikllutz: ok, thanks13:22
SupeR_NovArun >  gparted  >>>Inhibit all polling failed: Only uid 0 is authorized to inhibit the daemon13:22
MadCarburetorHow the hell am i supposed to set it up?13:22
SupeR_NovAhelp me !13:22
gbjkjrib: Interestingly, I *don't* have this on my other 10.10s ... oh well13:22
jribgbjk: that might be useful in the bug report.  In any case, I like xbindkeys (you just edit a file called ~/.xbindkeysrc; no messing with gconf)13:23
andaiext3 or ext4??13:23
andaiwhat should i use13:23
llutzandai: for what, what kind of drive?13:24
andaillutz ubuntu main install13:24
wildbatSupeR_NovA:  sudo gparted13:24
andaillutz speed/performance over security13:24
llutzandai: ext4 if it's not a SSD13:24
andaillutz, normal hd13:24
SupeR_NovAwildbat,  a normal user ?13:24
gbjkjrib: I might switch that. gconf isn't working for me.13:25
gbjkjrib: I need <Mod4>x13:25
llutzandai: " <andai> llutz speed/performance over security  "        <- stupid preferences imho13:25
wildbatSupeR_NovA: you can't run gparted as normal user ~ you need root that's y sudo13:25
wildbation_: yes it should be sda113:26
=== Guest60326 is now known as Cain
gbjkjrib: Of course... I'm not actually USING metacity ... come to fsking think of it!13:26
jribgbjk: I think compiz should use those too, or at least at one point it did (maybe try ccsm)13:27
zthlol, was gonna join the chan13:27
jattdoes chrome spawn a lot of threads?13:27
gbjkjrib: I was going to do ccsm, but then I thought i'd just use your suggestion13:27
andaillutz, i'm just using it to mess around with my school's computers, lol13:27
jattI have one chrome with several tabs and see several processes with top13:27
jribgbjk: yeah, I prefer xbindkeys because then it will work regardless of window manager13:27
danielcI am high.13:28
terje_join #mepis-antix13:28
bazhang!ot > danielc13:28
ubottudanielc, please see my private message13:28
danielcI typed that in the wrong box.  I apologize.13:28
Tarnossiananyone have a fix at hand for compiz fritzing out when vdpau is used for a while?13:28
Hans_Henrikllutz: seems i need to put sudo (command)  for it to run as root in /etc/rc.local13:33
jribHans_Henrik: what program is this?13:34
Hans_Henrikllutz: all i know is, i got noip2 configured for root only, and i ran "noip2", and it wouldnt run, then i changed to "sudo noip2" and it runs as expected :p13:35
thrillERboyHi, all panels in Ubuntu is gone. only desktop is there? how to bring those back?13:35
Vcan i run ubuntu on a netbook eeepc instead of windows 7 start os?13:35
DJones!panels | thrillERboy13:35
ubottuthrillERboy: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »13:35
jribHans_Henrik: you should *not* put noip2 in rc.local.  It has its own init script (/etc/init.d/noip2) already.13:36
thrillERboybut how to open terminal?13:36
thrillERboyI opened browser, by creating an empty html file13:36
qubozikthrillERboy: alt + F2 then type gnome-terminal13:36
thrillERboyalt+f2 not working13:37
qubozikthrillERboy: cntl + alt + F2 . But be  known that this will take you to a different console. If you want to go back to the desktop press alt + control + F713:38
Hans_Henrikjrib: i got noip2 source code from no-ip.com 2 days ago. i did "sudo -s;make clean;make;make install;" , and i do not have a /etc/init.d/noip2 , and when i check the makefile for noip2, i find no references to a /etc/init.d/noip2. also the noip2 in the ubuntu repos has a __KNOWN__ buffer overflow vunerability.. thats fixed in the newest version for no-ip.com13:38
=== karthik1890 is now known as yeskarthik
jribHans_Henrik: if this is true, you should file a bug against noip213:39
jribHans_Henrik: though http://www.no-ip.com/downloads.php?page=linux says the file was last modified in 2008?13:40
gbjkjrib: Works perfectly, thanks!13:41
jribgbjk: no problem13:41
Hans_Henrikjrib: somone already did... almost 2 years ago (2009), and in the ubuntu bugtracker, it still says "confirmed, importance: undecided"13:42
Zeu5Hi there, am using a 64 bit machine. tried to install adobeair. computer hang. rebooted. now my dpkg not working. i get this error in terminal13:42
Zeu5dpkg: status database area is locked by another process13:42
HozsiNekedTesokaPenguinz Attack!13:42
Hans_Henrikjrib: i guess no1 cares. :p ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/no-ip/+bug/300609 btw)13:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 300609 in no-ip (Ubuntu) "Remote buffer overflow vulnerability in noip2 2.1.7" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:42
Zeu5synaptic gave me E: The package adobeair needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.13:42
Zeu5E: Internal error opening cache (1). Please report.13:42
Zeu5Please help.13:42
jribHans_Henrik: that's for 2.1.7.  The version in ubuntu repos is 2.1.913:43
jribHans_Henrik: look at the last comment in the bug report even13:43
Zeu5is anyone there who can help me with this issue? i am kinda freaked out that i cannot use synaptic13:43
thrillERboyErrrrmmm who said ctrl+alt+F213:44
Hans_Henrikjrib: oh,ok, i guess someone should update that entry then :p13:45
thrillERboyI could get out of that, I had to sudo reboot :(13:45
anebihi, i'm looking for policyd package 2.x on ubuntu, i don't see it. is this package available with a different name or it is not available for ubuntu maverick at all?13:45
anebii need this package for postfix rate control13:45
jribHans_Henrik: done :)13:45
sirlarkHi, I'm running lucid server, and have apache2, php5, and pear-mail installed. When I visit a page that includes pear-mail immediately after booting the server, I get a php deprecation warning, despite having disabled deprecation warnings. If I restart apache the page just segfaults the php process. The offending code is the include of Mail.php, but the weirdness is the inconsistent results between first start of apache, and subsequent13:46
jribHans_Henrik: reading the changelog it seems like it was fixed a long time ago13:46
thrillERboyHow to reset all panels?13:46
Pici!resetpanels | thrillERboy13:47
ubottuthrillERboy: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »13:47
qubozikthrillERboy: I told you to type cntrl + alt + f& to get back13:47
qubozikthrillERboy: F7 *13:47
qubozikthrillERboy: Did you panels come back after reboot?13:47
thrillERboyokey... I wish ctrl+alt+F2 goes in and out of command only mode13:47
thrillERboynope... now going to try that code in terminal13:48
qubozikthrillERboy: ok.13:48
thrillERboyI opened terminal from Gvim ;) :! gnome-terminal13:48
qubozikthrillERboy: sweet :)13:48
Zeu5i am sorry. can anyone help me with my issue?13:49
Zeu5Hi there, am using a 64 bit machine. tried to install adobeair. computer hang. rebooted. now my dpkg not working. i get this error in terminal13:49
Zeu5dpkg: status database area is locked by another process13:50
Zeu5synaptic gave me E: The package adobeair needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it. E: Internal error opening cache (1). Please report.13:50
niklas12312i just compiled my first c program but how du I make it run from the terminal?13:50
jribHans_Henrik: I even linked the original debian bug for you :)13:50
thrillERboygnome-panel: no process found13:50
anebiZeu5: check which process is using apt-get and stop it. then you will need probably to clear the cache /var/cache/apt13:50
protonbartWhy would Ubuntu not understand partial transparency in a PNG?13:50
thrillERboywhen i only type gnome-panel - The program gnome-panel is currently not installed13:50
Zeu5anebi: how do i check which process using apt-get i cannot see it from system monitor13:50
Guruyo thrillERboy o/13:51
DannyButtermanHi there13:51
thrillERboyhey Guru13:51
=== Laurenceb__ is now known as Laurenceb
anebiZeu5: check with : ps aux | grep apt13:51
jribprotonbart: what version of ubuntu?13:51
thrillERboyis this the same Guru  I know??13:51
qubozikthrillERboy: Wow. Type: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop13:52
CaleHey, I'm having a problem with update-manager being unable to upgrade my system. I get the message 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'13:52
jribCale: from what version to what version?13:52
Calefrom 10.04 to 10.1013:52
Zeu5i get this anebi http://pastebin.com/7jg6aYXJ what does this mean?13:52
DannyButtermandoes some one has troubles like me with the screensaver ? On three machines I have the same issue : keyboard and mouse don't make the screensaver go13:52
jribCale: remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau if it's installed and try again13:52
qubozikthrillERboy: then accept all packages and things to possibly get your ubuntu installation back to normal13:52
thrillERboyHaha, that must be it... I did sudo apt-get remove evolution*13:53
CaleOkay, it is installed, trying that.13:53
=== bluegrue is now known as blugru
thrillERboyI did it to get rid of the ugly mail icon in the panel13:53
qubozikthrillERboy: haha.. yeah you might have removed some important gnome packages13:53
CaleOkay, seems to be proceeding now, thanks!13:54
qubozikthrillERboy: the command above should get your install back, but when you remove evolution again, just keep an eye on the packages it will remove along with it13:54
anebiZeu5: try this: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock && sudo dpkg --configure -a13:54
Zeu5i did13:54
Zeu5not working13:54
qubozikthrillERboy: haha that won't remove that. you can just right click on it and tell it to remove it from panel. that mail icon is independent of the evolution13:54
thrillERboythanks qubozik me got back the panels13:54
thrillERboythanks :)13:54
anebiZeu5: can you give result from: ps aux | grep dpkg13:55
qubozikthrillERboy: It trys to tie into multiple messeging programs like email and IM (pidgin, empathy) to show you when you have new messeges13:55
qubozikthrillERboy: Yay! no problem. gald it worked out for you :)13:55
thrillERboyqubozik: doing that removes the volume icon too :(13:55
Zeu5i mean anebi  http://pastebin.com/JM0Uuzy413:55
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:55
qubozikthrillERboy: That is because they are all tied into one applet called the indicator applet13:56
anebiZeu5:: hmm, all looks ok. check if this file exist: /var/cache/apt/lock another solution is just restart and lock file should go away13:56
A[D]minSDears , I'm facing weird problem , I've installed Google talk plugin for browser to use the video call , and i can see it recognized my webcam . But i can't see the Call icon which called"Google phone"13:56
A[D]minSanyone can advise with this case?13:56
qubozikthrillERboy: When you remove it everything goes alogn with ti. Now just right click on the panel and click "add to panel;.." and separately add your volume controls13:56
Powerboathi all13:57
Zeu5anebi: no such file13:57
=== Guest60326 is now known as Cain
anebiZeu5: do a restart13:57
Zeu5anebi: i go restart. will come back again to let you know results13:57
ohzieA[D]minS: My guess is that it doesn't have permission to use your camera all the time13:57
ohzieA[D]minS: It's just a guess, though13:57
Zeu5anebi: thanks so far13:57
protonbartjrib: 10.1013:57
anebiZeu5: ok13:57
thrillERboytheres no volume controls in add to panel :/13:57
PowerboatDoes anybody know how to setup KVM + NFS4 for live migration ?13:58
ohzieA[D]minS: google 'flash settings' to see how to get into the settings and change the permissions, maybe? :( I'm just fishing though.13:58
qubozikthrillERboy: Hmmm.... yeah I thought there were. Sorry. They must have taken them out completely for the indicator applet. I would add back the indicator applet then search google on hwo to replace it with the old system13:58
A[D]minSohzie webcam work, But i'm talking about Google phone , i can't call friends from Firefox.. in windows i can do using IE13:58
ohzieA[D]minS: Ahh13:58
DannyButtermanCan someone help me troubleshoot my unresponding screensaver problem ?13:58
ohzieA[D]minS: Dunno, then. :(13:59
qubozikthrillERboy: Or just keep it and install the faenza icon set. or any other icon set13:59
A[D]minSohzie thx for your try :)13:59
qubozikthrillERboy: It looks good on my system with faenza13:59
ohzieDannyButterman: I have a lot of luck using xlockmore instead of the built in gnome screensaver.13:59
Zeu5anebi: Hi13:59
=== Logan_ is now known as Logan_WP
anebiZeu5:  welcome back :)13:59
Zeu5anebi: problem persists. :(13:59
ohzieDannyButterman: It's not a 'fix'but I like it.14:00
thrillERboyNo prob qubozik gnome-desktop is going away in 11.04 no?? so I wont sweat much ;)14:00
Zeu5anebi: thanks . i am really upset at my own clumsiness14:00
ohziethrillERboy: wat14:00
DannyButtermanohzie: thanks for your answer anyway ;)14:00
valterI have a question14:00
valterwho can help me14:00
qubozikthrillERboy: Haha yeah it is. Will be replace with unity, but I do believe they are keeping the current impementation of the indicator applet14:00
valterwho can help me+14:00
bazhangvalter, ask14:00
thrillERboyohzie: 11.04 will have unity as default interface14:01
compdocthat was the uwstion14:01
=== Mallen2008 is now known as Mallen_
thrillERboyqubozik: Its okey, I'll remove that mail icon when I'm really really bored14:01
thrillERboythanks a lot for the help qubozik14:01
jribprotonbart: pastebin the output of « apt-cache policy libpng3 »14:01
mattiaciao a tutti14:01
qubozikthrillERboy: Sounds good. :) Glad you got your system back up14:01
qubozikthrillERboy: not a problem14:02
A[D]minSagain , Hello anyone can help with Google phone , its not visible in Gmail when i browse it using Firefox on ubuntu. also note that Google and google-talk plugins installed14:03
valterI put ubuntu in a machine with two discs but in one I have windows7 (wife reason), but when I installed the ubuntu it overwriten the mbr and now I can start the windows 7- ( both are in seperated hdd), any thoughts how I can windows7 back without reinstalling it14:03
andaiHow do i change GRUB so Windows  boots automatically? (Windows is last in line of options, and the options before it change in number (kernel updates) so i'm not sure setting it as default would work??)14:03
jribandai: I just make windows first and then set default to 014:03
andaijrib: How do i edit the menu/reorder items?14:04
andaijrib: it's a bunch of shell scripts in /etc/grub.d/ right?14:04
jrib!grub2 | andai14:05
ubottuandai: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:05
valternoI don have Mbr now. Ubuntu starts automatically14:05
jribandai: yeah, you probably have to change the order they run (guess)14:05
valterthanks andai I will give it a try14:06
mattiasalve ragazzi io ho un problema in ubuntu non riesco a impostare lo schermo principale cioè io ho due skermi uno del portatile e uno del fisso ma come faccio ha cambiare lo schermo principale cioè dove si vedono le cartelle e quelle robe li io ho anche la cairo dock14:06
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:06
wedwo-andai, use synaptic to install Startup Manager (you'll find it in System > Admin when installed) and set the order from there14:07
undecimWhat command can use to check every file from every package to check for corrupt files?14:07
wedoI have updated to kubuntu 10.4 and now the wireless card and the keyboard and mouse do not work14:08
wedoany help plz14:08
jribundecim: debsums14:08
phoenixsamprasHelp!! what is the best WEb interface for KVM (im on ubuntu server) ?14:08
joe_9How can I make a shortcut that launches a terminal in a specific directory?14:08
andaiwedwo-: thanks!14:08
undecimjrib: ty14:09
compdocphoenixsampras, I've seen a few out there but nevr tried them. I use virt-manager, so I have to have gnome desktop14:09
undecimjoe_9: make the command: sh -c "cd directory; exec gnome-terminal"14:09
qubozikwedo: What version did you upgrade from?14:09
jribjoe_9: gnome-terminal --working-directory blah14:09
JetBoyJetGirlis there any advantage to using either GUI or CLI text editors? (one or the other)14:10
Zoffix_Hi. When I right click on a directory in Ubuntu 10.10 and setup "Sharing Options" for it, how do I go about configuring the "users"? I've just tried to connect to the share on a Windows box, and none of the credentials work...14:10
jribJetBoyJetGirl: use what you like14:10
joe_9thanks guys. my google-foo was simply returning how to make a keyboard shortcut.14:10
veovis_muaddibJetBoyJetGirl: Familiarity, efficiency, etc...14:10
wedoqubozik: 9.1014:10
sosaitedHow do I find out if I have Qt-4 Dev installed?14:10
qubozikwedo: Is your system a laptop?14:10
Jimi_Neutral>Hi Guys, was not sure where to go with this but as my Synology DS110J is built on Linux I thought I would start here. I have a .spk file and I dont know how to open it. I got it from the synology forums for a build of a program called uMurmur. I need to install it on my Synology DS110J but do not know where to start. Any help would be great.14:10
wedoqubozik: yes14:10
veovis_muaddibJetBoyJetGirl: If you're good with vim or emacs chances are you will get things done on them a lot faster than with a GUI, but if you don't want to spend the effort to learn them then it's better to stick with a GUI14:11
qubozikwedo: Did you search google to see if there are any documented issues with your laptop and version 10.04?14:11
Zoffix_Never mind; I believe this answers my question: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/11/create-share-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-map-windows-7-vista/14:11
ikoniaJimi_Neutral: sorry, we don't support that here14:11
wedoqubozik: not yet14:11
Jimi_Neutralany idea where i can go14:12
PiciJimi_Neutral: ##linux would be a good start.14:12
qubozikwedo: OK for now... you can probably reboot and during boot up the first thing you will see is the boot loader grub. If you go into that you can select your old kernel to boot from and your hardware might work14:12
JetBoyJetGirlThanks veovis14:12
Jimi_Neutralok ty14:12
qubozikwedo: Not sure if previous version kernel are saved or not udring an upgrade. I think they are but I have never done an upgrade. i always fresh install14:12
veovis_muaddibJetBoyJetGirl: No problem.14:13
Zoffix_Actually, no it doesn't. I have `samba' package installed, but it does not appear in the "System->Administration". I've tried running `samba` on the command line, but it just printed "samba version 4.0.0alpha12-GIT-UNKNOWN started" and there's no GUI.... How do I get the GUI to configure my users and shares? 0_o14:13
qubozikwedo: That is worth a shot14:13
paGoshi all14:13
paGosI really need to disable shift+delete combination14:13
qubozikwedo: Try it and see if your hardware comes back14:13
paGoshow can i do it?14:13
bunoweri dont want to disturb but i need some help with bluetooth configuration14:14
sosaitedWhat is the package name for Xapian-core?14:14
wedoqubozik: I tried that and its the same14:14
gschweppHello, does anyone know how to pipe a whole usb keyboardoutput to a file or /dev/null ? I made a movement sensor out of an keyboard and now its pressing space all the time. its anoying!14:14
paGossosaited, I guess libxapian1514:15
Picisosaited: xapian-core is a source package name that provides the following binary packages: libxapian15, libxapian15-dbg, libxapian-dev, xapian-tools, xapian-doc, xapian-examples14:15
manoelagracenecessary of aid to bring up to date ubuntu 5.1014:15
ikoniamanoelagrace: 5.10 is dead, you won't be able to update it14:15
veovis_muaddibmanoelagrace: I'm not sure that's a good idea....14:15
sosaitedPici, paGos Then I guess for building Recoll, libxapian-dev will be enough?14:16
qubozikwedo: Ahh.... ok. That's no good14:16
Picisosaited: Likely.14:16
veovis_muaddibmanoelagrace: I would HIGHLY recommend that you backup and install a newer version instead of updating14:16
Picimanoelagrace: You could upgrade to 6.06, and then from there to 8.04 and then to 10.04, but you're probably much better off installing from scratch.14:16
paGossosaited, hmm not sure about that14:16
paGossosaited, probably yes, give it a try14:16
ikoniaPici: he wo'nt be able to, the glibc restriction will stop it14:16
DeRoSvOsLet's say my "/etc/sudoers" is broken and I can't remember my root password.  How can I reset it?  I have physical access to the box.14:16
Piciikonia: 5.10 to 6.06 should work I thought.14:17
ikoniaDeRoSvOs: /etc/sudoers isn't needed14:17
ikoniaPici: didn't think it did due to the libc jump14:17
qubozikwedo: I woudl search google for knwon issue swith your laptop and 10.04. After that you may want to try to just go to 10.10 and see if it works.14:17
veovis_muaddibPici: ikonia he's not here anymore anyway14:17
sosaitedPici, paGos, Any idea about libiconv?  Synaptic doesn't show anything useful.14:17
paGosDeRoSvOs, boot it up with a CD in rescue mode correct things14:17
offsensewhat do u guys using for twitter client? am looking for other alternative to gwibber14:18
wedook qubozik, thank you14:18
paGossosaited, have you tried using "apt-cache search iconv" ;)14:18
Piciikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Breezy14:18
bunowerhey need some help with bluetooth configuration14:18
qubozikoffsense: hotot14:18
paGosoffsense, I am using tweetdeck on google chrome, and lovin' it14:18
bunoweranyone there?14:18
paGosbunower, don't wait for anyone to take care of you14:18
paGosbunower, fire your question14:18
qubozikwedo: No problem. Sorry I couldn't *fix* it for you. but after searching goole you may find a tutorial on how to get your hardware back because someone already wen through what you have with the same laptop. It is worth a shot14:18
Odaymi am downloading the bitnami wordpress stack14:19
bunowerok :)14:19
ikoniaPici: this will sound terribly pig headed, but I'm not sure I trust it as at the time I remember the upgrade problems, but I could be wrong14:19
=== shubbar__ is now known as shubbar
Odaymi just chmod it and run it?14:19
Odaymand it will install itself here?14:19
offsensepaGos: is it better than tweetdeck desktop version using adobe air?14:19
sosaitedpaGos, Not really. That would be most helpful. Thanks :). Found qt4 dev files as well, kinda14:19
Piciikonia: Thats fine :)14:19
paGosoffsense, much much better & faster and does not fail when you use the mouse wheel ;)14:19
Picisosaited: recoll is in the repos, you could just install its build-depends: sudo apt-get build-dep recoll14:20
Zoffix_Man... each time my excitement of installing a new version of Ubuntu is destroyed by configuration issues that pop up :(14:20
bunoweri have a mcbook 7.1 and i installed ubuntu 10.10 on it.14:20
bunowerthe problem is14:20
bunowerbluetooth is not activated14:20
Jemsplease help me, if i open opera or pidgin application, it always uninterruptilble, what can i do to fix this problem?14:20
bunoweri cant activate it14:20
Pici!enter | bunower14:20
ubottubunower: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:20
=== silver_ is now known as Guest67061
paGosbunower, probably your bluetooth device is not recognized by the kernel14:21
FloodBot3Krycek: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:21
* Zoffix_ chuckles14:21
paGosbunower, have you checked with syslog about what's going on?14:21
paGosbunower, have you tried a bluetooth stick?14:21
bunoweryeah mybe but if i type in terminal, lsusb | grep Bluetooth  it says: Bus 004 Device 004: ID 0a5c:4500 Broadcom Corp. BCM2046B1 USB 2.0 Hub (part of BCM2046 Bluetooth)14:22
bunowerno just the internal bluetooth14:22
sosaitedPici, Yeah but that version is 1.13. 1.15 has some GUI improvements that I need.14:22
paGosbunower, f! I hate broadcom, have you checked their site about any drivers available?14:22
bunowernothing found until yet14:23
Zoffix_Ok, I got it. I needed to install `system-config-samba` to get the GUI config tool; I guess in the past it was auto-installed along with `samba`, which is why the author of the tut didn't mention it.14:23
Picisosaited: Right, but if you're installing all of the build dependencies from the repositories anyway, why not just use the apt-get command to find and install them automagically?14:23
paGosbunower, sorry, this is as good as it gets from me :|14:23
paGosI need to disable shift + delete, I cannot control myself!14:23
bunowerif i type hciconfig --all nothing appears14:24
sosaitedPici, build-dep? I will do that if all else fails. Right now just trying to install a few qt4 packages wanted to get 181MB additional stuff. Trying to see if I can get away with less than that :)14:24
undecimIs there a CLI equivalent to the disk usage analyzer?14:25
LjLundecim: du | sort -n14:25
Piciundecim: I usually use a combination of df -h and du -h --max-depth=114:26
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity14:27
undecimPici: That's what I was thinking... I guess I'll pair it with find and xargs....14:27
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zlatanhi to all...there is no skype and opera in my repos..how do I add them to source list...14:28
undecimLjL: lol, almost missed your message... that should work14:28
=== Guest27193 is now known as Gwar_Trolle
=== kioshi is now known as Kioshi^_^
sylvester= =14:29
sylvesterwhat's it?14:30
Odaymwhat is the 755 permission?14:30
MonkeyDustzlatan: http://www.skype.com/intl/en/get-skype/other-downloads/14:31
compdocpretty permissive14:31
Odaymi didn't ask for your opinion of it14:31
Odaymi asked for the permissions that it implements14:31
sipiorOdaym: "man chmod"14:32
paGosOdaym, user can read write and execute, others can only read and execute14:32
=== shubbar_ is now known as shubbar
zlatanMonkeyDust, isn't there any repo for this or I was dreaming that there was once14:33
iluminator101i am getting this error please help http://debian.pastebin.com/yRQeyzC9 thanks in advance14:35
wedowhat is the command to list running process14:35
Piciwedo: ps14:35
wedothx Pici14:35
Odaymhow does ps differ from ps aux?14:35
popeyman ps :)14:35
Odaymthe auxiliary processes?14:35
Odaymi will14:36
PiciOdaym: aux are each separate arguments. It just happens to spell out Aux.14:36
DeRoSvOsOk, so, how would I boot to single user mode?  I can't seem to do that, no matter what I try.14:36
ohziejust alias ps to ps aux because there's no reason to not type ps aux evry time14:36
SidewaysHI I have a p8p67 MB, intel 82579V Gigabit that worked at install and now wont link. I can see it, but no ip. using e1000e driver14:37
andaiHi. I copied a 5GB partition into a 15GB partition with dd. Some apps say the capacity is 5GB, some 15GB, but they all agree on my remaining free space (1GB instead of 11GB). Help?14:37
jornheyho, is it possible that texdoc doesn't find latex-beamer docs in ubuntu 10.10?14:37
ohzieDeRoSvOs: in yum put a 1 at the end of the bootline14:37
ohzieDeRoSvOs: that's how you used to do it14:37
ohzieDeRoSvOs: the '1' argument was for the runlevel14:37
Sidewayswondering if thats the culprit, hear of intel nic,s not behaving well w/linux14:37
jorni'm searching the beameruserguide, but seems as if its path isn't searched14:37
DeRoSvOsohzie: You mean in grub?  Not yum, right?14:38
Piciohzie, DeRoSvOs: Er, Ubuntu doesn't use yum.14:38
jornwondering if the package is broken since migration from texmf to texlive14:38
ohzieDeRoSvOs Pici Yes, Grub14:38
Sidewaysanyone have a p8p67?14:39
ohzieThe thought formed as "the one that's not lilo" and I grab-bagged the wrong name. =)14:39
DeRoSvOsSo again, what's the best way to get in to rescue, so I can reset my root pass?14:39
ohzieDeRoSvOs: you should have sudo14:39
Smjork_hello and many, many excuses for bothering with a rather noobish question. I ahve a PC , with wireless NIC. I just set up sshd to auto-run on runlevels 2,3,4,5 but the damn thing doesn't work. I can only ssh to that machine AFTER i physically log into it. any suggestions ?14:39
ohzieDeRoSvOs: type sudo su -l14:39
ohzieDeRoSvOs: and then run passwd14:39
wildbatandai ~ when you use dd ~ you clone the partition ~ so the partition is 5GB now ~ whild MBR say it is 15GB ~ use gparted and check the partition to fix it14:40
Zeu5anebi: hi14:40
ohzieSmjork_: SSH is running, it's the network connection you need to focus on14:40
=== Afrix2 is now known as Afrix
jribDeRoSvOs: did you actually ever set a root password?  Ubuntu locks the root account by default.14:40
iluminator101i am getting this error please help http://debian.pastebin.com/yRQeyzC9 thanks in advance14:40
ohzieSmjork_: because a wireless connection isn't initiated until you log in14:40
anebiZeu5: hi14:40
tomreyniluminator101: try this: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys14:41
DeRoSvOsOk, here's the problem.  Someone messed around in /etc/sudoers and now when I try and sudo I get:  sudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 28  sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting14:42
jribDeRoSvOs: did you actually ever set a root password?  Ubuntu locks the root account by default.14:42
DeRoSvOsSo now, I'm in a pickle.14:42
DeRoSvOsI can't sudo su -.14:42
jribDeRoSvOs: that's not my question14:42
jribDeRoSvOs: you were talking about root earlier, so I'm trying to figure out if you actually ever set a password14:43
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tomreyniluminator101: then re-run the command that failed: apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 83FBA1751378B44414:43
DeRoSvOsjrib:  Well, I'm not sure.  I didn't provision the server, unfortunately, and the person who did is unreachable right now.14:43
iluminator101tomreyn, i did that still no go14:43
Smjork_any way to startup the wlan without the need for a user to log into ?14:43
jribDeRoSvOs: reboot, choose "recovery mode" from the grub menu, fix /etc/sudoers (use visudo always to edit sudoers)14:43
DeRoSvOsjrib:  Even in recovery, I need a root pass.14:44
tomreyniluminator101: did you re-run the failing command, too?14:44
raisin123hello someone please help me. I want to install "tremulous" on my comp but when I go to software centre and click install, it tells me,"requires insatallation of untrusted packages" I click "ok" and then the isntallation aborts. Help !14:44
SupeR_NovAppa for sun java 6 lastet ?14:44
iluminator101tomreyn, i did that too14:44
DeRoSvOsjrib:  Give root password for maintenance or type Control-D to continue.14:44
jribDeRoSvOs: that's only if you set one.  In that case, edit the grub line to have "init=/bin/bash"14:44
DeRoSvOsjrib:  On CentOS, I can do a single user mode hack and it drops me to a CLI.14:44
aademdoes anyone know off the top of their head a link to a skeleton sudoers file, freeBSD (my second OS aside of Ubuntu) does not use sudo by default but when i type it it returns "cannot find any sudoers file.  My thoughts are i can create a sudoers file from a skeleton example14:45
MonkeyDustraisin123: try sudo apt-get install tremulous14:45
jribDeRoSvOs: or use a live cd14:45
BluesKajHowdy folks14:45
Sideways Does anyone know about p8p67 MB, intel 82579V nic not working?14:45
tomreyniluminator101: run this and report its output here (unless it is more than a single line, in which case paste it to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ): ls -l /etc/apt/trusted.gpg14:46
jribaadem: grab it from ubuntu?  This is a better question for the freebsd channel14:46
raisin123MonkeyDust: didn't work . It said "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?"14:47
aademsorry i figured sudo was standard on ubuntu so ask the source :) ill take my question to freebsd which i will have to find hehe.  Thanks for the help14:47
DeRoSvOsjrib:  So if I boot and hit the GRUB menu, I see my diff kernels there... from this point, how do I get a shell?  You mentioned using "init=/bin/bash" but where would I put it?14:48
gschweppHello, does anyone know how to pipe a whole usb keyboardoutput to a file or /dev/null ? I made a movement sensor out of an keyboard and now its pressing space all the time. its anoying!14:48
jribaadem: ubuntu has /usr/share/doc/sudo/examples/sudoers which comes straight from sudoers source, so figure out where that is on freebsd14:48
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raisin123hello someone please help me. I want to install "tremulous" on my comp but when I go to software centre and click install, it tells me,"requires insatallation of untrusted packages" I click "ok" and then the isntallation aborts. Help !14:48
medflyI seem to have trouble connecting to my wireless network. I am sitting right next to the router, and I can see it. it uses WPA2 with TKIP+AES. is this a problem?14:48
jribDeRoSvOs: edit the grub line (press 'e').  Or just use a live cd14:48
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aademperfect thank you!14:48
hypatiais there any way to make the Unity launcher in ubuntu netbook any smaller?14:49
hypatiait's too wide :(14:49
hypatiaalso is there a replacement for alt-f2?14:49
hypatiato launch programs14:49
varunHelooooo every one14:49
jribaadem: although all it seems to do is give root the ability to sudo and the rest is all commented :)14:49
peteriushi, can anyone here read korean?14:49
hypatiapeterius: try #ubuntu-kr14:50
varunWhat would I do if I see a process as sl in the process details in ps ax in the terminal.I mean how to wake it up coz I dont want to kill it14:50
MonkeyDust!kr| peterius14:50
Pici!ko | peterius14:51
ubottupeterius: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko14:51
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meerohello i have problem setting locale "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory" , dpkg-reconfigure locales doesnt help14:52
=== maciek_ is now known as Guest45442
vega-meero: locale-gen <something> ... helped me14:53
piblosim running an ubuntu based distro and need to dload an img burner so i can burn the ubuntu iso14:55
Odaymthere's K3B, piblos14:55
Guest14866hi everybody14:55
Guest14866what is the best IDE java on unbuntu14:56
Odaymif it's ubuntu based, then you should be able to use apt-get14:56
Odaymso try "sudo apt-get install k3b"14:56
Odaymif i am correct..i hope\14:56
varunanyone to my question?14:56
varun What would I do if I see a process as sl in the process details in ps ax in the terminal.I mean how to wake it up coz I dont want to kill it14:57
Odaymtry "fg processname"14:57
Odaymit will bring this process to the foreground if it is sleeping/stopped in the background14:58
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:58
Odaymok Pici14:58
OdaymPici but is it accurate about any ubuntu based distro must have apt-get?14:58
PiciOdaym: That would be an accurate assumption.14:59
KGBWolfi have created a .sh file that i have set to run on startup but on startup it opens up kate instead of running as sh... problem 2 my server does not turn off even after beign sent the shutdown command it will go all the way back to post and start again...14:59
hypatiaanswered my own question about alt-f2 in ubuntu netbook: it doesn't work, install gnome-do, alawalk, gmrun, gRun, or guake to replace the functionality.14:59
pibloes2i need to burn the ubuntu iso.. but im on a ubuntu based distro now with no iso burner.. anyone know of a quick way to get and install one? ive heard about KB3 but dont know the command to download it..15:00
qubozikpibloes2: Right click on the file and select write to disk. That is a feature of newer versions of gnome15:01
Odaympibloes2, it's K3B, and you can search for it with "apt-cache search k3b", then if found "sudo apt-get install k3b"15:01
edgeDoes anybody have the url for the documentation about adding things to the start up?15:01
pibloes2im running backtrack 4 atm15:01
qubozikpibloes2: If that doesn't work you can download basaro15:01
Odaymit exists, pibloes2 i searched for it15:01
pibloes2ahh thanks odaym will try that15:01
qubozikpibloes2: brasaro *15:01
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OdaymBrasero has caused me and numerous other users kill errors through all the burning processes, since the latest updates15:02
Odaymi looked it up and everyone was experiencing it since the last updates15:02
qubozikOdaym: Good to know15:02
pibloes2The following packages have unmet dependencies:   k3b: Depends: kdelibs-data (>= 4:3.1.4-2)15:02
llutz!backtrack | pibloes215:02
ubottupibloes2: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition15:02
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Pietras1988hi all15:03
varunOdyam:fg eclipse says no such process but the ps shows that it is sl15:03
ronr_hi everyone. is there a simple way (with an application or otherwise) to load .img files in ubuntu? can it be done on network drives as well?15:03
Odaymim sorry, it's process number, varun, not process name15:03
pibloes2damn i guess im pretty screwed then15:03
Odaymsee the number and fg it varun15:03
Odaymhmm, i think you can try aptitude there pibloes2 because i heard that it takes care of dependencies better than apt-get15:03
llutzpibloes2: sudo growisofs -Z /dev/sr0=/path/to/foo.iso15:04
Odaymbut i have no idea about aptitude pibloes2, all i know is its better with dependencies, llutz  knows more15:04
llutzpibloes2:or: wodim -dao /path/to/foo.iso15:04
varunOdaym:So for this ---1704 ?        Sl     0:11 /media/Yojimbo/eclipse 2010/eclipse.- I try fg 1704 and it says  no such job15:05
Odaymthen ps again, varun, maybe it was assigned a different number since you last saw15:05
ethanolHow can I assign applications a default workspace? I googled and found devilspie. But it seems from 2007. Did Ubuntu build this is by now, or should I install a tool from 2007?15:05
FrenkHey, I have one server with Ubuntu and I see everything with colors in the console - another server shows b/w - whats the package to make the console colorful?15:05
Odaymllutz is it true that you can take a process out of Sleep "sl" by using "fg" foreground?15:05
varunOdaym:Nope the ps is the same for all the times15:05
llutzOdaym: afaik no15:06
llutzAs Far As I Know15:07
Odaymwhat can, llutz ?15:07
varunllutz:Do I have to kill it and restart?Is there no other way?15:07
Odaymisnt there some sort of bump or wake...15:07
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »15:08
llutzvarun: i don't know15:08
sipiorvarun: try sending it a signal: "kill -HUP 1704"15:08
Odaymwait varun, one second15:08
Zoffix_Hello. Once again, I'm stuck with a problem..  I'm running this: sudo mount //b-webtest-dt/transfer /home/pevstrat/Desktop/ZTransfer/ -t cifs -o user=user,pass=pass  It works, but the share is owned by the root and not the user I'm using. Due to that, I can't copy any files over into the share. How I go around this? It used to work fine in Gutsy >:|15:08
Odaymthe forum says fg also, varun15:08
Odaymif you want to use process name, varun, prefix it with '%'15:09
Odaymvarun, forum says, if the process is sleeping, check whether there is any wait command in the script, check why it is waiting if there is any wait... don't think the process will go into sleep without any wait15:09
varunOdaym:I have tried the process id15:09
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Odaymtry "wait <process id of sleeping process>"15:10
varunOdaym:The new eclipse I have "Helios" has recently started crashing I dont know why but this is what it does.I goes to sleep sometimes when I start is up15:10
KGBWolfmy .sh is categorized as a plain text document how can i change this?15:10
Zoffix_KGBWolf, chmod +x yourfile.sh15:11
llutzKGBWolf: a shellscript is a plain text document15:11
Zoffix_(unless I'm misunderstanding what you're talking about)15:11
DeRoSvOsjrib:  Where would I place "init=/bin/bash" in the GRUB menu?  I mean, sequentially speaking?15:12
jribDeRoSvOs: at the end of the kernel line15:12
pasquale25761xdcc send #2515:12
pibloes2thank you all for the help15:13
DeRoSvOsjrib:  Where it says linux /boot/vmlinuz....generic-pae root=UUID... ro quiet?15:13
jribDeRoSvOs: yes15:13
pibloes2Your system's locale charset (i.e. the charset used to encode filenames) is set to ANSI_X3.4-1968.15:13
pibloes2o properly set the locale charset make sure the LC_* environment variables are set.15:13
Zoffix_I soved my problem. Had to add uid=1000,gid=1000 to the mount: sudo mount //b-webtest-dt/transfer /home/pevstrat/Desktop/ZTransfer/ -t cifs -o user=user,pass=pass,uid=1000,gid=100015:14
Jason_ive got a wirless problem my wireless card stops working everytime i reboot i rhave to keep reinstalling the driver to get it to work15:15
mh22mkHey i have a problem, im working on a server with wmware and i have a statich ip on it but when i choose nat i would like to get the real ip so i can connect to the internet, i have tried restart the netwrok and dhcp serve r but with no luck15:16
Jason_ive got a wirless problem my wireless card stops working everytime i reboot i rhave to keep reinstalling the driver to get it to work15:18
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ohzieI really hate having to ask any questions in #centos because everything is so different that it makes me feel just stupid.15:18
ohzieI hate it.15:18
ohzieI hate it so much.15:18
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mh22mkHey i have a problem, im working on a server with wmware and i have a statich ip on it but when i choose nat i would like to get the real ip so i can connect to the internet, i have tried restart the netwrok and dhcp serve r but with no luck, any ideas plz?15:18
ikoniamh22mk: where are you chosing "nat"15:19
ohziemh22mk: If you're using the NAT option for the VM, you won't get the server's IP address15:19
ohziemh22mk: You probably need whatever option is pass-through. I don't recall what that is in vmware.15:20
FrenkHey, I  am looking for a application to controle pulse audio15:20
Jason_any ideas with my problem ?15:20
mh22mkohzie: first i had it on custom choice an Wmnet02 but now i wan it on nat so i can install some packages15:20
sre-suWhich package contains gtk+-2.0 ?15:20
DeRoSvOsjrib:  Cool, it got me a prompt, but it's a read read-only FS... any ideas?  I mean, I took the regular kernel line and added that at the end...15:20
ikoniasre-su: it's already installed by default, gnome needs it15:21
sre-suikonia: Yes, still what's the package name for it?15:21
CaleJason_: maybe you could add an appropriate line/file to /etc/modprobe.d to get it to install the module?15:21
g_0_0Jason_, which driver?15:21
ikoniasre-su: gtck+2.015:21
Jason_its broadcom15:21
ikoniasre-su: look it up in the package manager15:21
coz_Frenk,  there is something named   adevchooser   it would be listed as Pulseaudio device chooser   there is also the puslesudo equalizer15:21
g_0_0jason, do you know which driver specifically?15:22
BluesKajmh22mk, open /etc/resolv.conf , the IP beside nameserver is the router / modem that connects to the internet, plave that IP in your /etc/network/interfaces file as the gateway IP15:22
ft_mnHello, flvs i hear from utube etc dont go to the /tmp folder anymore other temp files do go though (like pdfs or fotos) .... does anybody know what has happened??!?!?!?15:22
xxiaousing CLI, how can I tell if I need reboot the machine after an update?15:22
Jason_bcm43 somthing15:22
ikoniaxxiao: only a kernel should need a reboot at a high level15:22
coz_ft_mn,  I am not sure I understand15:22
g_0_0jason is it working at the moment?15:22
KGBWolfwhen sending a shutdown signal my server goes to post and comes back online15:23
Jason_well i installed it inside of windows15:23
xxiaoikonia: not really, sometimes an update with no kernel still asks for reboot when i use X15:23
KGBWolfis this an OS issue or server?15:23
g_0_0Jason_, can you pastebin the results of lsmod15:23
ft_mncoz_ u knew that any videos you watch through a site is temporarely stored on the /tmp folder didnt u?15:23
ikoniaxxiao: shouldn't be the case, if it's an X update you just need to restart X15:23
Jason_ok ill go on linux now15:23
coz_KGBWolf,  not sure ,, have you tried in #ubuntu-server15:23
Jason_and do it then ill pm u it15:23
ohzieKGBWolf: what shutdown signal are you sending? HALT or RESTART ?15:23
g_0_0Jason_, ok15:24
Jason_ok 1 sec then15:24
c0ldWhats a good 3d design software other than blender?15:24
sre-suikonia: Its gir1.0-gtk-2.0 - The GTK+ graphical user interface library. I already have it installed. But, during compilation I don't know why I'm getting this error - checking for PACKAGE... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 1.3.13) were not met:15:24
sre-suNo package 'gtk+-2.0' found15:24
ikoniasre-su: you need the development libraries15:24
sre-suikonia: Like?15:24
mh22mkBluesKaj: i dont get it it worked before to change to nat and just do a network restart15:24
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stefano_there is some italian?15:24
coz_c0ld,  mm  there is sharpconstruct... misfit model   but  blender is pretty high end15:25
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sre-su!it stefano_15:25
sre-su!it | stefano_15:25
ubottustefano_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:25
IdrisHI is this the right channel for Ubuntu15:25
c0ldwell I want to create a 3d model of something Im creating