pedrowho are you jelmer00:13
pedrowho is awaka here00:22
pedrogive me a poem00:22
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xapantuHi :)13:49
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sjamaanI am trying to view files on http://bazaar.qastaging.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+junk/spiffy-bzr-test/files but it keeps redirecting endlessly18:17
sjamaanThe "Updating branch..." message doesn't go away either18:17
sjamaanIs this a known bug?18:18
tsimpsonit kind-of works if you use https://18:19
* sjamaan tries18:19
tsimpsoninfinite redirects are obviously not expected though18:21
sjamaannot expected, but possibly known18:22
tsimpsonstaging is working fine though18:22
sjamaanyeah, I just saw it18:23
sjamaanI'll use that for my test18:23
sjamaanIs there a way to fetch a file at "the latest revision" from loggerhead?18:23
sjamaanI'm trying to construct a raw file URL that downloads this file: http://bazaar.staging.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+junk/spiffy-bzr-test/view/head:/spiffy.release-info18:23
sjamaanThe "download file" link encodes all sorts of codes18:24
sjamaanreplacing "view" with "download" just causes an error18:25
tsimpsonI think you're supposed to use bzr for that ;)18:25
sjamaanIs there a http-only way to do it though?18:26
tsimpsonwell bzr can use http18:27
sjamaanDoes launchpad offer that?18:27
tsimpsonbzr cat http://bazaar.staging.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+junk/spiffy-bzr-test/spiffy.meta18:27
tsimpsonthe lp: address shortcut uses bzr+ssh, but there's nothing stopping you from using the "real" URL18:28
sjamaanhm, that does some magic apparently because a straight GET doesn't fetch the file18:28
tsimpsonyes, it uses bzr :)18:28
sjamaanBut why does it say http then?18:28
tsimpsonbzr the program, not "the protocol"18:28
sjamaanBut the URI has a prococol of http18:29
tsimpsonbzr can sit on top of http just fine18:29
sjamaanBut that resource isn't really there as a normal HTTP resource18:29
sjamaancurl http://bazaar.staging.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+junk/spiffy-bzr-test/spiffy.meta  gives a 40418:29
tsimpsonbzr figures out how to get the file and just downloads it's "real" URL18:29
tsimpsonit's all done over HTTP, bzr it just knows how to get the real file from the repo18:30
sjamaanWhat exactly is done over HTTP?18:31
sjamaanAnd why doesn't that URL work with a HTTP GET request?18:31
tsimpsoneverything is done over HTTP18:31
tsimpsonbzr breaks the URL apart at the branch and figures out how to get the file from the rest of the URL18:31
sjamaanIs there a way to figure out that URL without digging in the bzr sources?18:32
tsimpsonnot easily, that's why bzr is there18:32
sjamaanOr is it not an URL but a special header or something?18:32
tsimpsonyou can use the python API if you don't want to actually run bzr directly18:33
tsimpsonbzr does nothing to the HTTP protocol, it just uses it as a transport mechanism18:33
sjamaanhm, ok18:34
tsimpsonfile:// http:// bzr+ssh://, it doesn't matter as long as it can send a request and get some data back18:34
sjamaanBut there's no way to get an URI like  http://bazaar.staging.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+junk/spiffy-bzr-test/download/head:/spiffy.releaseinfo-20110326171946-vqfrwsi51nna9bj3-46/spiffy.release-info without going to http://bazaar.staging.launchpad.net/~peter-bex/+junk/spiffy-bzr-test/view/head:/spiffy.release-info ?18:34
tsimpsonno, it's a generated URI18:37
MethsWhy is code browsing looking sucky again?20:25
lifelessdo you mean bazaar.launchpad.net ?20:27
lifelesswhat do you mean by being sucky?20:29
MethsThe same line spacing I filed a bug and you fixed before.20:29
lifelessnew theme I guess20:32
lifelesswant to file a new bug? I'll nudge our UI dude on monday20:32
lifeless(it may be missing css, or it may be a defect in the new theme)20:33
MethsFile a new bug or reopen the old one?20:33
lifelessnew bug20:33
lifelessalways a new bug :)20:33
MethsWill always a new bug translate into a process that gets this tested in future rather than always just another new bug?20:34
lifelessit will depend on the cause20:36
lifelesswe deploy loggerhead on two machines20:36
lifelessone machine just serves the css20:36
lifelessthe other just serves the dynamic bits20:37
lifelessI suspect the former machine hasn't been deployed to20:37
lifelessbecause the other stuff on the former machine is not able to updated without downtime20:37
lifelessif that the case, updating our process/docs should solve this20:37
lifelessif its something else - well, will analyse20:37
MethsWell CSS was the bug before so if it's CSS the docs didn't get updated last time.  New bug filed.20:41
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akoskmI built some packages through launchpad for ubuntu - maverick, is it possible to build packages from the same source to older releases of ubuntu?21:43
aromanhello, are there bindings to access launchpad in any languages other than python?22:58
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