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vilahi all 108:02
vilaevery 1 ? :-/08:02
jammorning vila08:16
jamI'm actually 2, today08:16
spivvila: hi :)08:17
jamhey spiv08:17
spivjam: I just made lp:~spiv/twisted/deferred-no-failure-tracebacks-by-default08:17
spivjam: the existing benchmarks on http://speed.twistedmatrix.com/ don't really exercise this case at all, so I'll probably try make one08:18
jamspiv: you need a reasonable amount of state, which is probably the big 'bug'08:19
jambecause it scales based on your working depth, etc08:19
jamwhich means isolated testing probably is quite fast08:19
spivI'd be interested to know how much that patch helps08:19
jambut real-world use is bad08:19
jamspiv: the proxy patch?08:19
spivWell, that one too :)08:19
jamah ^^08:19
spivBut my patch to Twisted as well08:19
jamI missed the link08:19
spivBecause there's the odd spot (like t.w.xmlrpc.Proxy) that creates these Failures directly it might have less impact than hacking self.tb = None in Failure08:20
spivBut maybe it's almost all of the cases we care about?  If it's not too much effort for you to test, please do :)08:21
jamspiv: from all the discussions I've read on the bug, and grepping through the codebase, the tracebacks are pretty much never used08:21
jamthere is failure.printTraceback which only has 1 or 2 callsights08:22
jamjelmer: feel better, buddy08:23
spivjam: right, I think so08:24
spivjam: although I expect e.g. unhandled errors in a deferred chain emit them08:25
spivjam: that's probably the most common case, and I think they'd probably be valuable there :/08:25
jamspiv: I think they would be, but I also wonder if we could just leave 'self.tb' and not try to actually walk it08:25
spivjam: people using twisted often find it hard enough to track down where those are coming from as it is08:25
jamI realize some global state may change, but is it enough to warrant?08:25
jamspiv: I think an env var sort-of-thing is ideal here08:26
spivLeaving self.tb is probably a bad idea, because it basically is a memory leak08:26
jamspiv: well ATM it leaves it until __getstate__ which seems ~ok08:26
jamor the issue there is that __getstate__ happens before the traceback could be printed?08:26
jam(because it has no errbacks ?)08:27
spivWell, when Deferred handles Failures it cleans them before leaving _runCallbacks08:27
spivSo it at least avoids the expensive cleanFailure logic if there's another callback in the chain about to be run, because it might handle that failure (and turn the result back to a non-failure)08:28
spivWe're especially badly hit I think08:28
jamspiv: initial branch of your stacked branch was very unhappy. Lots of time in Repo.get_parent_map(). I killed it after 115s, and 'bzr branch lp:twisted' completed in 86s.08:28
jamwe should definitely look into that08:28
spivBecause the codehosting VFS code is mostly building an async API on a sync API08:28
spivSo the common "d = getSomeDeferred(); d.addCallback(…); d.addErrback(…)" pattern will hit cleanFailure every time, because there's a result immediately08:29
jamand since everything returns immediately, deferred has nobody to call08:29
spivjam: ouch, and weird08:30
spivjam: I guess keep the .bzr.log of that and we can look into it later08:30
spivAnyway, it's EOD for me08:30
spivHopefully I've given you some stuff worth playing with :)08:31
* spiv -> afk08:32
spivHappy hacking!08:32
jamspiv: have a good night08:33
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lifelessjelmer: typo in dulwich10:08
lifeless        of head, then following theat will be the parents.10:08
bialixI want to talk about very strange behavior of bzr in mixed windows/linux environment11:52
bialixif I push from repository branch to other machine (different OS) then I got on the destination end repository branch with shared repository in the same directory where new branch created11:54
bialixif I push from standalone branch then I got standalone branch on destination end11:54
bialixit seems to not depend on whether I have on destination end real shared repo or not11:55
bialixno, it depends11:58
bialixif destination end has no shared repository then I got this strange effect11:59
bialixBug #74489312:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 744893 in Bazaar "bzr push from repository branch to location without shared repo creates weird sharedrepo+branch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74489312:12
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etenilHi there12:41
etenilI created a tag in my branch, and when I try pushing it on my repo, nothing happens, it says "nothing to push". Am I doing something wrong?12:44
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maxbetenil: I think it will have pushed the tag anyway, but the message it gives only reports on revisions13:06
globgreeting all; every time i commit to a bzr repo, i get a 'math range error'...13:08
globbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'math range error')13:08
globhowever the commit is successful13:08
globlocal bzr is out of sync, and requires a 'bzr up' to make it happy again13:09
idkyIs there some way to use "vim -R -" as a default pager for `bzr diff`?13:11
etenilmaxb: ah thanks13:12
etenilI'll make sure it has13:12
Kamping_Kaiseridky: is that like 'view'?13:12
idkyKamping_Kaiser: pretty much13:13
Kamping_Kaiserbzr accepts PAGER=, but i dont think pAGER supports '-' in its commandlines13:16
Kamping_Kaiserbzr-pager (the plugin) appears to hard code less as the pager value, so not sure how that works with PAGER either13:17
idkyKamping_Kaiser: I just enter `bzr PAGER='view -'` then?13:19
Kamping_Kaiserno, "PAGER='view -' bzr diff" causes bzr to throw up since it thinks it should read from stdin (over the -), not sure what the fix to that is.13:21
Kamping_Kaiserbut i will be interested to see what someone else says as the fix13:21
Kamping_Kaiseri'm off to bed, i'll read up tomorrow :)13:25
Kamping_Kaiser'later all13:25
spivglob: wow, I'd love to see the server's log of that13:36
globi've asked the admin to eyeball the log, i don't have access13:37
spivglob: can you add '-Dhpss' to your command line to enable some more logging, and attach the resulting ~/.bzr.log to a bug report?13:37
spivglob: (and add anything you are able to discover about the server log)13:38
globok, will do (net time i have to commit, it's a prod instance)13:38
globthanks :)13:38
spivglob: thanks13:38
spivglob: it'd also be good to know which version of bzr the server is running13:38
spivglob: (you can find out using the bzr-ping plugin from https://launchpad.net/bzr-ping if you don't know)13:39
globspiv, 2.3.113:44
* jelmer waves14:58
jamhi jelmer, feeling better?15:35
jelmerjam: Yeah, much better. Still have a lingering headache so I think I'm going to do some trivial stuff that doesn't require much thought.16:12
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knighthawkis *anyone* using bzr-svn on Fedora? it seems *way* too hard to set up.16:57
jelmerknighthawk: hi16:57
jelmerknighthawk: it's not packaged?16:57
knighthawkjelmer, I haven't been able to find one.16:58
jelmerhmm, whohas doesn't report any either16:59
jelmerknighthawk: isn't it just a matter of installing bzr and python-subvertpy and then just unpacking the tarball as ~/.bazaar/plugins/svn ?16:59
knighthawktook out a branch. had to revert it then install docutils. now trying to install Subvertpy which doesn't have a rpm yet.16:59
knighthawkso far can't install python-subvertpy17:00
knighthawkfound a src.rpm but running into an issue with rpmbuild on it.17:00
jelmercentos apparently has packages17:01
knighthawkthe weird thing is that make and make install seemed to work fine *without* subvertpy. but of course when I then tried to use it...17:01
knighthawkthanks jelmer17:01
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vanguardI would like to push to a plain FTP, but it fails because of "Append/Restart not permitted". What can I do?17:46
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* knighthawk hoping that I can run a centos rpm on a fedora 14 box18:20
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knighthawktrying to work with bzr-svn with a self signed certificate. don't know how to tell it to ignore the face that the certificate is self signed.22:58
jelmerknighthawk: what error are you getting?22:59
knighthawkERROR: pycurl.error: (60, 'SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK.22:59
jelmerknighthawk: try using svn+https://23:01
knighthawkwill do jelmer thanks.23:02
knighthawkthanks jelmer23:03
jelmeryou're welcome23:03
* jelmer gets some sleep23:04

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