ScottKshadeslayer: You just got a Mac, right?04:09
ScottKCan you at least to the live tests for http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/621904:10
ScottKThat bad?04:53
DarkwingDuckOkay, that was strange...05:01
DarkwingDuckran the headers upgrade and my system freaked out for a TON of read-only errors.05:05
ScottKDoesn't sound good.05:06
ScottKSounds like time for a full backup of any important data the does NOT overwrite any existing backups.05:06
DarkwingDuckYeah, I'm backing up now.05:10
DarkwingDuckI need to redo my partitions anyway so i can setup a dev environment.05:10
DarkwingDuckI've never actually done that before so, my norm in partitions isn't going to work. :D05:10
DarkwingDuckI don't want to use virtbox anymore for dev environments.05:13
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: pingie05:24
DarkwingDuckWait, what am I thinking? It's about 5a there...05:25
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: sorry mate, sleep.05:25
ScottKHe's probably still up, just too drunk to talk.05:40
ScottKor type05:40
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
QuintasanScottK: ISOs still need testing?06:51
xdatap1agateau, good morning07:32
agateauxdatap1: morning!07:33
xdatap1agateau, I would like a suggestion from you about the Qt python wrapper. If an application developper would ask you which one between PyQT or Pyside for a new application, what would you recommend?07:35
agateauxdatap1: I have never used Pyside yet, I think PyQt is more widely used07:36
agateauxdatap1: but from what I heard they should be mostly compatible07:36
agateauxdatap1: don't take my word on it though07:37
xdatap1agateau, yes they are quite similar with the syntax. The thing is that I'm writing a Quickly template for qtquick application and I haven't a clear idea about which one is the best07:38
xdatap1agateau, anyway, thank you for your time :)07:38
agateauxdatap1: nice to hear about Quickly getting support for Qt!07:39
xdatap1agateau, I just started working on it. :)07:43
agateauxdatap1: it's Quickly, you should be done quick :)07:44
xdatap1agateau, that's true, LOL07:44
bambeeScottK: for iso testing, it's still using http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ ?07:50
bambeeAbout the next kubuntu council meeting, I propose today 15:00 UTC08:09
bambee(see doodle, everyone is available)08:10
bambeerhaaaaa virtualbox is broken... o_O08:18
debfxbambee: how so?08:33
bambeedebfx: see #ubuntu-devel, I pasted the log08:34
yofelbambee: I got "Invalid module format" from  nvidia once, reinstall fixed it08:47
yofeldon't ask me how that happened though...08:47
steveireScottK: Thanks for the bug report. I'll try to have a look over th weekend.09:01
bambeeyofel: fixed09:26
bambeedebfx: my hero :D09:26
yofelright, the module build was broken09:26
bambeeprobably... who knows..09:27
debfxit was probably a bug in dkms (fixed in
bambeemhhh ubiquity crashes09:43
bambeemanual partitionning, I create two partitions :  / with btrfs and a swap partition , then I click on apply and then => ubiquity is stopped and a kde session is started o_O09:44
bambeeI file a bug09:45
yofeldidn't happen here when I did manual partitioning on the i386 desktop disk09:45
bambeemhhh I get a black screen09:45
bambeeyofel: it's an amd64 desktop disk on virtualbox here09:45
bambeeI will check the disk (just in case...)09:46
bambeeno errors found o_O09:47
bambeekubuntu desktop amd64 is dead09:47
bambee"FATAL: error inserting ramzswap"09:47
bambee(on tty1)09:48
bambeewith exactly the same error than vboxdrv09:48
bambee"ramzswap.ko: invalid module format"09:48
bambeeother modules are probably broken in this images...09:49
bambeeI will try to get a backtrace/log09:49
bambee(assuming it's a crash... I don't know...)09:49
bambeeI cannot access to tty1 o_O09:51
bambeeeverything is "black"09:51
bambeebug 82084210:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 820842 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Manual partitionning: ubiquity stops when I apply my new partitions tables and a kde session is started" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82084210:08
bambeethe last kubuntu desktop amd64 image seems totally borked10:10
bambeeScottK: ping10:11
apacheloggerScottK: actually I went to bed at 3:30 :P10:18
bambeeyofel: did you try wih VBOX?10:45
bambeeswitching from 512MB to 1024MB solves the problem BUT it worked just fine with this topology with natty images...10:50
bambeeand 150MB of my swap partition are used.... o_O10:51
davmor2bambee: goto #ubuntu-installer tell cjwatson and ev about the setup you are using so they can replicate it and hopefully they can fix it, sounds like an issue in ubiquity-kde to me but they'll soon tell you10:57
bambeedavmor2: ok10:57
shadeslayerScottK: yes, i'll try them out at DS11:34
shadeslayeri might have to buy a CD tho, the live usb by itself might not boot11:34
shadeslayeryofel: don't forget the dongle! :P11:37
Riddellagateau, didrocks: either of you worked out how to get from Tegel to the hotel in Berlin?11:40
didrocksRiddell: just take the TXL bus line11:41
didrocksRiddell: it's the last stop, at AlexanerPlatz11:41
didrocksthat's what we took with agateau for the Qt contributor summit and the hotel we are in is just next to hit11:41
didrocksRiddell: when are you arriving btw?11:41
Riddelldidrocks: 11:20 hrs11:45
didrocksRiddell: ok, I'm arriving later, at 16:30, are you going to the pre-registration then?11:46
Riddellyes I guess so11:46
bambeeScottK: I propose the next kubuntu Council Meeting today at 3:00 p.m UTC,  Riddell would be present11:53
Riddellworks for me12:05
yofelbambee: I tried with vbox, but 1G of RAM. At least the Ubuntu disk worked, need to try the kubuntu one12:09
bambeeyofel: 512Mb should be sufficient, imho. It worked just fine for the previous release12:09
bambeealso with 1024Mb , 150Mb of my swap are used o_O12:10
yofelshadeslayer: you going to be at the pre-registration even?12:22
* rbelem just discovered `fakeroot debian/rules list-missing` :-O12:24
yofelbambee: don't forget to mark your test case failed if it failed12:40
bambeeyofel: done12:41
bambeealready done, I mean12:41
yofelbambee: still shows as running here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/6218/5512:42
bambeeyofel: good catch12:42
ScottKbambee: OK.  I may (it turns out) have to be on IRC via my phone, but it's OK.  I'll vot by email after if it doesn't work out.13:15
shadeslayeryofel: yes, i'll have to find my way around tho13:16
yofelk, I'll try to be there around 5PM, probably won't arrive in berlin before 3 and need to find the place I'm staying at first13:16
yofelbtw. are we going to package digikam? If yes it would need libkface and libkmap which would need to get in before FF13:20
* shadeslayer has to fix his glibc first13:23
=== bambee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Alpha 3 candidate testing: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ | TODO: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-kubuntu.html | Congratulations yofel | Next Kubuntu Council Meeting : Today at 3:00 p.m UTC
shadeslayeri hope the hostel net isn't complete crap13:30
yofelwell, we'll get access to the uni wifi from what I read. In my hostel I'll have to use mobile :/13:32
ScottKbambee: Would you please talk to claydoh_ about getting the minumum install ram into the release notes.13:35
shadeslayerok, bbl13:35
bambeeScottK: are you serious? are you saying that a minimum of 1024Mb is necessary to install oneiric? it worked like a charm with 512Mb on natty...13:36
bambeeScottK: but sure, I can13:36
bambeeseems to work with 768Mb13:40
bambee120 MB just for ubiquity ? o_O13:42
yofelit's python13:42
bambeewell, it works with 768Mb13:45
bambeeclaydoh_: could you change the release notes ? the minimum ram to install kubuntu (via ubiquity) is 768MB13:51
bambeechange, or note it to add it later13:51
bambeeRiddell, apachelogger : it's okay for a meeting today at 3:00 p.m UTC ? 14:00
bambeearrff David is offline :\14:00
apacheloggerbambee: depends on how long the meeting is14:01
bambeeit's just to review my membership application... I don't think it will be long...14:02
apacheloggerWhat I like best about the frontend MO is how it does have an implicit default ctor14:05
apacheloggerwhooop whooop14:05
apacheloggeroh, wrong channel :D14:05
Riddellbambee: yes14:23
ScottKbambee at this point I'd call it a bug that we need to document.14:27
bambeeScottK: right14:29
bambeeScottK, Riddell, apachelogger, yofel:   meeting15:02
Riddellcor, a meeting15:02
* yofel isn't on the council, but here anyway :)15:03
RiddellScottK, apachelogger: here?15:03
bambeeScottK, apachelogger: around?15:03
Riddellhmm, guess not15:04
danimoRiddell: who packages Qt?15:06
bambeeScottK said  "<ScottK> bambee: OK.  I may (it turns out) have to be on IRC via my phone, but it's OK.  I'll vot by email after if it doesn't work out."15:06
danimoRiddell: if no single person, who could I speak to? :)15:06
Riddelldanimo: it's a joint effort (and not by me currently), you can ping the likes of ScottK or didrocks who did the last upload or e-mail kubuntu-devel list15:07
yofelbambee: go to #phonon and drag him over...15:07
bambeeyofel: already done15:07
apacheloggerSorry, got distracated with debugging.15:08
apacheloggerHello everyone15:08
apacheloggerI have a pre-vote from ScottK, so we have quorum.15:09
Riddellbambee: got a wiki page?15:09
bambeeRiddell: yes15:09
danimoScottK: ping?15:10
apacheloggerbambee: tell us about you, your work in kubuntu and why you are awesome15:10
bambeeMy name is Romain Perier, I am a french engineer, I discovered kubuntu when the maverick meerkat has been released, and  I am a contributor since... february 201115:11
bambee(when natty alpha3 is out!)15:11
bambeebasically what are my contributions ? I have rewritten language-selector for KDE, now it's fully integrated in systemsettings and no longer runs as root15:12
Riddellbambee: how do you think Kubuntu is doing in my absense?15:12
apacheloggerwohooo \o/15:13
bambeeI have did packaging15:13
Riddellbambee: what first attracted you to the supremely awesome distro Kubuntu?15:15
bambeeRiddell: since you're working with the bazaar team, the community is really active, it was already very active before of course. I think it's a good think, because a project like kubuntu needs a good and a strong community 15:15
kubotubambee meant: "Riddell: since you're working with the bazaar team, the community is really active, it was already very active before of course. I thing it's a good think, because a project like kubuntu needs a good and a strong community"15:15
apacheloggerbambee: What in your opinion makes Kubuntu different from other KDE software based distributions?15:15
bambeeRiddell: my motivations ? kubuntu has an excellent kde integration15:15
bambeetypically firefox15:16
bambeeall patch or fixes applied and usually applied on upstream and it's definitively an important thing !15:16
bambee(it's not the case for all distros)15:16
bambeethe community is just awesome15:16
apacheloggerbambee: are you a secret agent of the empire of phonon preparing a hostile takeover to make us phononOS? 15:18
bambeethe nice thing with kubuntu is how it's easy for a beginner to do what he wants to do, everything is accessible, everything is easy to do, we've great graphical tools (muon is a great example)15:18
bambeeapachelogger: lool15:19
Riddellbambee: how are we looking for alpha 3?15:19
bambeeapachelogger: no I am not, I am just a active contributor for now... but who knows....15:19
bambees/a active/an active/15:20
kubotubambee meant: "apachelogger: no I am not, I am just an active contributor for now... but who knows...."15:20
bambeeRiddell: I don't understand your question15:21
* bambee blames his frenchy english (again)15:22
Riddellbambee: comment ca va alpha trois?15:23
bambeeohh, kde 4.7 has been released and will be available for the alpha3, a lot of things has been done (many packages has been splitted), except stranges bugs with iso testing this morning everything is good15:25
apacheloggerbambee: when will we reach world domination?15:26
bambeeRiddell: you can reswitch to english now :P15:26
Riddellbambee est +1 pour moi15:26
bambeeapachelogger: really soon, I hope15:27
bambeeapachelogger: we've to kill micro****ft before, and kill apple :P15:27
apachelogger+1 from me15:28
apacheloggernow we need drum roll for ScottK's vote or something15:28
apacheloggerno sound effects on IRC15:28
apacheloggertoo bad15:28
Riddellba da da da da da da da..15:28
apachelogger<ScottK> If I don't make the meeting, please vote my +1 for bambee.15:28
apacheloggerbambee: welcome to the kubuntu pre-alcoholics :)15:28
Riddellchaca ching15:28
bambeehehe thanks !!15:28
* bambee orders rum , vodka and beer for everyone (with girls too :P)15:29
apacheloggerAny other business?15:29
Riddellwho's going to Berlin?15:29
yofelbambee: congrats :)15:29
yofelme too :)15:30
bambeeyofel: thanks :)15:30
Riddellbambee: I've added you to ~kubuntu-members, you can add a blog to planet ubuntu and bambi@kubuntu .org should start working in the next few days15:30
* yofel finally won't have to merge bambee's branches anymore...15:30
bambeeRiddell: thanks you!!15:30
yofelfrom now on you need to merge if someone proposes something :P15:30
apacheloggerOh on a DS related topic, I'll be joining an upstream/downstream talk monday afternoon (1600 CEST or so) talking about the awesomness of Kubuntu's love for KDE and all that.15:30
bambeeyofel: sure :)15:31
apacheloggerRiddell: you are coming to Berlin?15:31
RiddellI am indeed, first thing tomorrow morning15:31
apacheloggerawesome, I'll be there just in time for the beach party ^^15:32
Riddellapachelogger:  pack your bikini then15:33
yofelapachelogger: you won't be there before sunday?15:33
apacheloggerRiddell: already done ^^15:33
apacheloggerOh, another DS related topic, eean is going to join the lightning talks sunday afternoon (1400 CEST or so) presenting something rather interesting for Kubuntu15:34
Riddellwhat should one do in Berlin on a Friday afternoon?15:34
apacheloggerin fact the reason he has something to announce is because we were talking abou this at a kubuntu meeting about a year ago ;)15:34
Riddellapachelogger: a surprise something?15:34
apacheloggeryup, a very sweet one :D15:35
Riddellhow exciting15:35
apacheloggerRiddell: reagarding friday afternoon ... I'd suggest to find markey, he will come up with something fun to do for sure ;)15:36
Quintasanbambee: Grats15:39
QuintasanRiddell: How's work in Bazaar team?15:39
bambeeapachelogger: how many phenominals people are coming to DS ?15:39
bambeebazaar <315:39
bambeeQuintasan: hehe, thanks :D15:39
bambeekubuntu member... I did it... moahahaha :P15:40
apacheloggerbambee: eean, coling, myself I guess15:40
Quintasankubotu: order cookies for bambee 15:40
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to bambee.15:40
Quintasanbambee: Expect to be swamped with work :)15:41
Quintasanapachelogger: Will lighning talks be streamed?15:42
bambeeapachelogger: what's the plan? talk about the next release ? and how phonon will rock with qml ? :D15:43
bambeeand how ka**eine sucks without phonon :P15:43
bambeeQuintasan: I am the new minion... :P15:46
apacheloggerQuintasan: I think so, at least they will be recorded15:48
RiddellQuintasan: challenging but rewarding15:51
Quintasanapachelogger: I'll be looking forward to the surprise then16:04
QuintasanRiddell: Good to hear that :)16:05
* Quintasan goes drinking for the weekend16:05
* bambee goes drinking for the evening16:22
* yofel goes packing16:23
bambeeyofel: ping me this evening, I will help you ;)16:26
bambee(in 2 or 3 hours)16:26
Quintasansheytan: Were you playing TF2 today?16:27
=== Quintasan changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Alpha 3 candidate testing: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ | TODO: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-kubuntu.html | Congratulations yofel and bambee
skaetapachelogger, is there anyone working on testing the Kubuntu Mobile images,  or are they not planned to be released with A3?16:44
skaetrbelem, ^^16:54
rbelemskaet, it will be ready for B116:56
skaetrbelem,  thanks,  will update the release image list accordingly.16:56
rbelemskaet, :-016:56
rbelemskaet, :-)16:56
apacheloggersheytan: pingping17:23
debfxdanimo: what's wrong with our Qt package? :)17:30
sheytanapachelogger: pong17:32
debfxbambee_: congrats :D17:32
apacheloggersheytan: do you already have an idea for the subtitle/audiotrack/aspectratio settings?17:32
apacheloggergot recently played implemented and merged with subtitle and audiotrack enabled phonon gstreamer, so I can do that too now17:33
sheytanwell, how about auto-discover subtitles?17:33
* apachelogger points out that some of his systems have german locale yet he likes to watch anime with english subs17:34
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
sheytanapachelogger: your system is utf8 so no problem with encoding. If you have english subtitles in txt files it displays english, if german, then german17:35
* apachelogger points out that various container formats can have subtitles embedded17:36
apacheloggermultiple of those17:36
apacheloggeralso there are DVDs17:36
apacheloggersheytan: also subtitles are rarely in UTF817:36
apacheloggeronly MKV enforces that I believe17:37
apacheloggerother than that they can be *any* encoding17:37
sheytanapachelogger you need a ssettings dialog anyway. Put all of them there17:38
apacheloggerhence I am asking what the dialog should look like17:40
sheytanapachelogger: i can't tell ya till i have all the stuff list you want to put there17:55
apacheloggereverything that is in dragonplayer17:55
sheytanapachelogger: do the UI and i will show you the right way then :)17:56
apacheloggersheytan: #phonon17:56
jmichaelxsince upgrading to 4.7, icons frequently remain in the task manager after the corresponding windows are closed. this is on 2 different machines, one with an intel GPU w/FOSS drivers, the other with an nvidia ion2 GPU and prop. drivers. is this a known issue? is there a workaround?17:59
jmichaelxalso, this is in kubuntu 11.0417:59
sf55does the daily-live cd have kde 4.7 stable?18:24
yofelthe oneiric one? yes18:26
sf55thanks, looking through the stats page18:27
ScottKdanimo: Pong18:30
ScottKCan someone add a Muon screenie and description to https://wiki.kubuntu.org/OneiricOcelot/Alpha3/Kubuntu18:30
markeyapachelogger: the KDE 4.7 packages for 11.04 are outstanding. upgrade was very smooth :)18:32
markeyupgraded half of our office, and my home box18:32
markeyok bbl, gym18:32
jmichaelxsince upgrading to kde 4.7 in kubuntu 11.04, icons frequently remain in the task manager after the corresponding windows are closed. this is on 2 different machines, one with an intel GPU w/FOSS drivers, the other with an nvidia ion2 GPU and prop. drivers. is this a known issue? is there a workaround?18:39
yofeljmichaelx: doesn't happen here, or do you have 'Show a Launcher for XXXXX when it is not running." On? (That's broken for me though)18:42
jmichaelxyofel: where would that setting be?18:50
jmichaelxyofel: also, i am aware that many are not experiencing this problem, but i have encountered others in #kubuntu who have18:51
yofelit's a per-app setting in the right click menu of the app in the task manager18:51
yofelI would file a bug upstream18:51
jmichaelxyofel: ahh, no that is not selected18:51
jmichaelxyofel: i would like to find out about this by asking around a little before going through the mess of filing a bug report.18:52
jmichaelxyofel: however, i will try to file a bug report soon, once i can somewhat establish that it is indeed a bug from upstream18:53
ScottKI added some text about Muon, so someone adding a screenie would really be appreciated.18:56
ScottKryanakca: Do we have an Alpha 3 release announcement prepped for the web site?18:56
ryanakcaScottK: Not to my knowledge, but I can write one up now if you'd like18:56
ScottKryanakca: That would be very handy as I think we're close to release.18:57
danimoScottK: hey18:57
ScottKHello danimo.18:57
ryanakca(I have the joys of trying use launchpadlib, I might as well do something productive while I wait for it to finish fetching)18:58
ScottKdanimo: You pinged me earlier.  What's up?19:01
jmichaelxthis is probably not at all relevant, but both of the machines on which i am experiencing this problem use dual-core atom d525 CPUs 19:01
ScottKShouldn't be.19:02
jmichaelxScottK: were you responding to me?19:05
ScottKjmichaelx: I was19:05
jmichaelxScottK: ok. yea, i figured the CPU likely had no bearing on anything, it was just one thing the two machines have in common19:06
ryanakcaI'm guessing the "Get Kubuntu/Free CD Shipment" link on http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu can go?19:06
=== ScottK changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Alpha 3 released: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/oneiric/alpha-3/ | TODO: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/group/topic-oneiric-kubuntu.html | Congratulations yofel and bambee
danimoScottK: any idea why the source files for the Qt examples and demos are in a seperate package than the binary examples?19:12
ScottKI don't think we make any changes from Debian on that.19:13
ScottKfabo would be the best person to ask.19:13
ScottKmicahg: Muon fix uploaded.19:14
micahgScottK: thanks19:14
* ScottK wonders who kubuntu_news is and when they will get busy with their tweeting/denting.19:24
* ryanakca kicks login.ubuntu.com for taking forever to load and keeping him from logging into the wiki.19:26
ScottKAnnouncement is up on kubuntu.org thanks to ryanakca.19:32
ScottKCould someone change the topic in #kubuntu (if it's not done already)19:33
* ScottK goes to get the dog from the vet.19:33
ScottKTm_T: I'm having the powerpc images saved for a couple of days so we can still release them if you can test.19:34
ScottKshadeslayer: I'm having the amd64+mac images saved for a couple of days so we can still release them if you can test.19:34
=== sheytan_ is now known as sheytan
ScottKDoes anyone know where the Kickoff part of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-netbook-default-settings/+bug/820491 needs to be fixed?20:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 820491 in kubuntu-netbook-default-settings (Ubuntu) "KMail missing from search and launch" [Undecided,Fix released]20:07
muntiKubuAfter a break to package KDE SC 4.7.0, the second alpha release of Kubuntu Oneiric has been released.  Should have been third?20:12
muntiKubuwait.. sorry 2nd was not released20:13
muntiKubumy bad20:13
muntiKububut title said A3?20:14
muntiKubusorry..just bored  :)20:15
DarkwingDuckThis is what happens when I don't wake up at 5am to look at my emails.20:18
ScottKmuntiKubu: It's Alpha 3 for Oneiric, but the second one for Kubuntu as we skipped Alpha 2.  Not sure how best to word that.20:23
DarkwingDuckScottK: How did the meeting go?20:23
ScottKDarkwingDuck: bambee_ is in.20:24
DarkwingDuckOkay good. 20:24
ScottKbambee_: Congratulations, BTW.20:24
DarkwingDuckSorry I missed it.20:24
DarkwingDuckbambee_: Congrats!20:24
ScottKIt worked out.20:24
ScottKIt's not like his was a really hard one to decide.20:24
DarkwingDuckHad something pop up (Kids were sick all night)20:24
DarkwingDuckNope, not at all.20:24
DarkwingDuckI need to get ready for the doc scramble at the end of the month.20:25
DarkwingDuckScottK: you going to be at UDS in Oct?20:25
ScottKCurrently I'm not planning on it.  It'd be missing Halloween two years in a row.20:26
DarkwingDuckI'm trying to get there... depends on how my sponsership request goes.20:26
DarkwingDuckOr, if I end up getting this job.20:26
micahgScottK: you will be missed then :), maybe come for half the week?20:30
ScottKMaybe.  Work is also pretty busy.20:31
debfxapachelogger: could you add a license header to the kubuntu-dev-tools scripts you've written20:31
ScottKdebfx: Can you upload korundum from Ninjas?20:34
debfxcan do20:37
apacheloggerdebfx: or you could :P20:48
* apachelogger considers them not licenseworthy material20:48
bambee_ScottK, DarkwingDuck:  thanks !!! :D20:49
* bambee_ is back20:49
=== bambee_ is now known as bambee
bambeedebfx: thanks!! :D20:50
debfxapachelogger: I can't20:52
debfxand they need to have copyright + license information20:53
apacheloggerdebfx: got a header for all-permissive stuff at hand?20:57
debfxapachelogger: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php20:57
apacheloggeryet another long license21:00
apacheloggerwhen there is more words in the license than in the code then clearly something is wrong with the license21:00
debfxor the ISC license21:01
debfxScottK: uploaded21:01
ScottKapachelogger: Use wtfpl then.21:01
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: Long time no talk mate?21:07
bambeealpha3 announced... great! :D21:09
bambeehow does it work to post news btw ? I mean, kubuntu members can do that, right?21:09
bambee(don't worry, I won't post something, I am just curious)21:10
yofel_bambee: not quite, you need the account data for the admin account on kubuntu.org21:12
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ScottKbambee: For news postings on kubuntu.org only a few people have the password.21:12
ScottKbambee: Now that you're a member though you can add your blog to planet.ubuntu.com.21:13
bambeeI understand, np :)21:13
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
bambeeas I said, I am just curious ;)21:13
bambeeScottK: I am reading the wiki page for that (planet) :)21:14
yofelmake sure you don't use a https:// address to your freed, the planet can't handle that21:15
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: all your fault :P21:15
ScottKdebfx: It misses a license unfortunately.21:16
ScottKdebfx: Can you add the license in tools/rbkconfig_compiler/kcfg.xsd to debian/copyright and upload again?21:16
bambeeyofel: noted21:27
* ScottK hugs yofel for ISO testing.21:42
* bambee hugs yofel without a specific reason21:43
* yofel hugs bambee for fighting OOM-kills on the isos :P21:44
* ScottK adds bambee to the hug.21:44
bambeeIs there ubiquity on the alternates cd?21:45
yofelwell then, I'm off to bed. I'll poke around once I've done the registration at DS. See you there.21:45
bambee(I have never tried...)21:45
yofelbambee: no, they use debian-installer21:45
bambeeso it would be possible to install kubuntu with 512Mb using these alternate cds...21:46
yofelright (probably less)21:46
bambeeI've an old PC at home, I will try one day21:46
yofelmv $me /dev/bed21:47
yofelgood night ;)21:47
* Daskreech hugs emma ... cause21:48
bambeeyofel: night21:48
* Daskreech hugs yofel good night21:48
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: Aye, it is my fault... 21:54
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: You going to be in Florida in October?21:54
apacheloggerif I get sponsship21:55
apacheloggersponsorship even21:55
DarkwingDuckYeah, that's the deal I'm sitting in too.22:02
* Blizzz waves at apachelogger22:03
apacheloggerBlizzz: yo22:04
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: you've been missed in budapest22:04
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: also since scott was complaining about the lack of triagers .... any news on starship troopers?22:05
Blizzzapachelogger: what about desktop summit?22:05
apacheloggerBlizzz: oh, did I not tell you, I got invited to stay with the tomahawk team22:05
apacheloggerBlizzz: are you attending btw?22:05
BlizzzBlizzz: good to know ;)22:06
* apachelogger thought he told Blizzz22:06
apacheloggerperhaps at 4am ^^22:06
Blizzz-Blizzz: +apachelogger22:06
apacheloggerrandom thoughts expressed at random times ftw22:06
Blizzzmaybe i missed it22:06
Blizzzhowever, i will be there for sure22:06
Blizzzapachelogger: what is the tomahow team *whisper*22:07
apacheloggerBlizzz: gettomahawk.com22:08
Blizzzi see22:08
Blizzzthe video is even available in Germany22:09
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: I need to get back in the swing of things... "RL" has been reaking havok.22:09
apacheloggerflipping real life *fist waving*22:10
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: did you get the job at canonical?22:10
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: I'm the #1 Alt.22:10
DarkwingDuckSo, unless they find someone better... But, Jono hasn't been able to find anyone.22:10
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
QuintasanGotta go to bed.22:12
* Quintasan goes to bed22:12
QuintasanGood night Ladies and Mentlegen22:12
JontheEchidnaScottK: To clarify, this is the behavior with that option checked: http://i.imgur.com/8OpyV.png23:42
JontheEchidnawith the option unchecked it'll just fail outright and not give you the option to continue, but there is no mode where it blindly accepts untrusted packages23:43
JontheEchidnaThe "allow but ask" setting is the default for APT itself23:44
JontheEchidnaAt any rate, your other bug is fixed; good catch!23:47

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