pauloI'm a really pain in the ass but I have to ask some one to help me. I have a ASUS A6 and I'm not been capable to run wireless connection. I already read the topic http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223503 but I really don’t understand it . I'm newby by cocomplete. Can anyone help me?00:00
Datzusually update-grub gives me back my other boot options, but not this time..00:00
ioniteszal: waht do u mean? should i remove the partial files?00:00
OmegaFortezteam, I know. I'm just saying that it has difficulties, but most, if not all are because the user doesn't know what "resolving dependencies" means.00:00
IdleOne!repeat | paulo00:00
ubottupaulo: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:00
pauloI'm sorry00:00
szalionite: I guess that wouldn't hurt either00:01
EgyParadoxDatz:Did you try port 22?00:01
zteamOmegaForte, well, did knew what that meant but not exactly how to that easy and without consuming alot of time00:01
ioniteszal: what's the command should i type to remove the partial files?00:01
EgyParadoxsince its sftp not ftp00:01
DatzEgyParadox: I haven't messed with the ftp config yet, but as long as it doesn't interfere with ssh, it might do the trick00:01
DatzI don't know if wordpress would need some additional configuring as well..00:01
OmegaFortezteam, Well usually with the code, you get a list of dependencies to go with it, sometimes not, but google is still a very good tool00:02
sweltmanHi Guys...Can I ask a Q about my ubuntu 11.04 Unity?00:02
Datz.!ask | sweltman :P00:02
szalionite: nah, that's just pkg lists, they will be replaced anyway if fresh ones can be fetched00:02
Datzor else if there is a #channel dedicated to unity?00:02
szalionite: if it were pkgs, that'd be something different00:02
sweltmanSomehow I "adjusted" and lost my title bars on all windows.  Not sure how to get them back00:02
Poliorceteshey guys ive searched the forums on this one but can't find an answer. for some reason i can't adjust the screen brightness via the Fn key, i get a display notification telling me it's dimming or brightening but nothing is actually happening00:03
Poliorcetesany ideas00:03
ioniteszal: i think they are packages?00:03
sweltmanDatz?  Any ideas?00:03
szalionite: no, they are package lists00:03
ioniteszal: so what should i do?00:04
szalionite: sudo apt-get update00:04
Datzsorry sweltman I don't use unity00:04
zteamOmegaForte, yes and sometimes that dependencys doesn't fit with your distro or version of the distro and sometimes google point you to instructions for 8.10 or something then u are using 10.10 or 11.04 yourself00:04
DatzI was just going to say to ask your question, don't ask to ask ;)00:04
ionitehey everyone. If i am running on Atom, should i use KDE or XFCE?00:04
zteamOmegaForte, that actually happend to me sometimes00:05
ioniteszal: i tried several times and it kept giving me this: Fetched 522 kB in 3min 22s (2,583 B/s) W: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/id.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_binary-i386_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch  W: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/id.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_universe_binary-i386_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored00:05
moffa<ionite> xfce00:05
moffa<ionite> use netbuntu00:05
szalionite: try changing the mirror00:05
szalmoffa: what the what are you talking about?00:05
zteamOmegaForte, anyway, I think I made my point quite clear... :--)00:05
ioniteszal: how do i change mirror?00:05
sweltmanCan anyone point me to the right list or channel?  I have a problem with Unity wierd...I lost the title bar for all windows on the screen00:06
ionitemoffa: originall it's come with preinstalled netbook remix but that's considered phased out. so what's netbuntu?00:06
pauloDoes any one have the patience to explain me step by step how to do it?00:06
moffa<ionite> sorry I meant ubuntu netbook edition00:06
szalionite: change or remove the country abbreviation in the "deb" URL for the "main" and "universe" repositories00:07
szalionite: in /etc/apt/sources.list, that is00:07
moffa<ionite> sorry, they made ubuntu 11.04 netbook compatible00:07
ioniteszal: what's the command that i should i type00:07
K-Richhey all00:07
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ionitemoffa: so which should i install? KDE/XFCE?00:08
moffa<ionite> xfce is light weight00:08
DatzXFCE is lighter00:08
szalionite: you don't want to tell me you don't know how to open a text file with a text editor, do you?00:08
cyphawhere is the normal location to put an app?00:08
moffa<ionite> It'll run faster on a netbook00:08
cyphai have obkey00:08
moffa<cypha> what are you installing00:08
cyphai don't know where to putit00:09
ioniteszal: i'm an idoit to noob. so please help me00:09
szalcypha: what's that?00:09
zteamWell time to sleep good night people00:09
cyphait has a python script that I need to point a menu item to00:09
cyphaszal, it's for openbox keyboard shortcuts00:09
OmegaFortezteam, Later man00:09
sweltmanAnyone with an idea about how to get my title bars back on the windows in Unity?00:09
szal!info obkey00:09
ubottuPackage obkey does not exist in natty00:10
cyphait's not in the repository00:10
OmegaFortesweltman, One method I know is to not use unity.00:10
cyphahence i'm asking where one might place applications00:10
zteamOmegaForte for u yes, for me, it's time to sleep now00:10
moffa<cypha> why not use Keyboard Shortcuts?00:10
sweltmanOmega, duly noted. :)00:10
OmegaFortecypha, What is it?00:10
ioniteszal: so how do i open the file with the text editor?00:10
cyphait's an application00:10
Datzcan anyone help me to get my Win7 boot option back in the grub menu?00:10
cyphawhere do people usually install applications00:10
OmegaFortecypha, No sh...Cypha, where did you get it..00:11
ionitemoffa: can i install kde in net book atom?00:11
cyphathe internet00:11
gardnan/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin00:11
Datzcypha: are you looking for an application?00:11
cyphaomg no00:11
OmegaFortecypha, Stop trolling homes. Ain't funny.00:11
moffa<ionite> you probably can but it'll be slow00:11
cyphai have an application called obkey00:11
cyphait's a python script00:11
zteamOmegaForte, good night00:11
cyphait's sitting in my download directory00:11
MK`I need some help; after restarting my laptop today, my touchpad is completely non responsive. xinput says it recognizes it, but ... and now it's fixed. Either you guys are really that good or I am just having one of those days.00:11
cyphai need to create a menu item that points to running that python script00:12
zteamBye all00:12
OmegaFortecypha, Python scripts are Scripts. Not applications.00:12
cyphahence, i want to put it somewhere permanent00:12
cyphawhere can I put it?00:12
szalionite: first do me a favour: open a terminal, type 'pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list' & give me the URL it returns; if pastebinit isn't installed, install it00:12
Datzthere is different criteria dictating which apps go where00:12
OmegaFortecypha, Then just make a folder somewhere you won't delete it, like mkdir /home/USRNM/folderdungus00:12
pauloDoes any one had the same problem has I do at this moment?00:12
OmegaFortecypha, Then right click the menu, and choose edit menu.00:12
danielboston26does ubuntu 11.04 have gnome 3 or 2?00:12
cyphaOmegaForte: is there somewhere that people normally put such things?00:13
ioniteszal: unable to locate pastebin00:13
OmegaFortecypha, Then find the catagory you want it in, and click that, and hit "New Item" and fill out the run command and args like you run it in bash.00:13
sweltmanDan-Boston...11.04 has Unity00:13
szaldanielboston26: 11.04 has Unity and Gnome2 as fallback (!classic)00:13
kevinfala ae pessoal00:13
cyphathat the directory architecture already has created00:13
OmegaFortecypha, People usually put things WHERE THEY WANT. I am just sugguesting you make a folder for it so you don't accedentally.00:13
szal!pt | kevin00:13
ubottukevin: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:13
danielboston26is there a way to install gnome 3?00:13
szal!gnome3 | danielboston2600:13
cyphaOmegaForte: for example, in windows, there is "Program Files"00:13
ubottudanielboston26: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.00:13
cyphawhere can I find the linux alternative?00:14
ioniteszal: unable to locate pastebinit00:14
gardnancypha, if you want to install a new application, generally there are instructions included on the website or in the tarball00:15
gardnanhowever, if it is just a script, you can just put it /usr/local/bin00:15
sweltmanCan anyone help?  I broke unity so there are not any title bars on the windows.  Sounds dumb but I want them back00:15
danielboston26thats fine i only use ubuntu to test linux so i have no important info here00:15
KingFisherWhen I hook my Ubuntu netbook up to power the screen goes black.00:15
KingFisherWhat gives?00:15
aeon-ltdsweltman: alt-f2, metacity --replace00:16
OmegaForteKingFisher, What'd you do?00:16
jdevelThis is a config for dovecot, in the example at http://pastebin.com/rWJSSuXk in the auth default{user = root} does this user really need to be root?  Why not the virtual_mail user?00:16
sweltmanAeon---No can do.  I am not a metacity fan00:16
aeon-ltdsweltman: substitute with 'compiz --replace', if you use that00:16
sweltmanBut thanx00:16
EgyParadoxDatz: Did it work?00:16
OmegaFortesweltman, Those are window managers, not user interfaces dude. You're running one or the other.00:16
OmegaFortesweltman, even in unity.00:17
sweltmanOmega, not perfectly clear on the difference so far.00:17
ioniteszal: did u receive my msg?00:17
KingFisherOmega, I recently changed some power management settings.00:17
OmegaFortesweltman, Metacity and compiz are WINDOW MANAGERS. Unity is a USER INTERFACE.00:17
KingFisherI am messing around with them and I cant figure out what I did.00:17
OmegaForteKingFisher, Well go undo that, and see if it happens again.00:17
sweltmanOmega, I got it now.  So I broke Compiz probably??00:18
szalionite: *sigh* you seem to have one b0rked system there..  anyhoo -> Alt+F2 -> 'gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list' -> enter password -> search for the 'deb' lines that end in "natty main" and "natty universe" & change or remove the country code in the URL00:18
ionitecan anyone help me with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/658947/00:18
OmegaFortesweltman, Or it crashed, since unity is very new.00:18
Viking667I can't play music with anything that uses mpd, but I've no idea what's wrong. mpd seems to be able to access the sound device fine, mplayer plays music fine.00:18
Viking667I'm stuck, and I need some help00:18
Datzis there someone familiar with grub2 who can help me recover my win7 boot option?00:19
OmegaForte!grub | Datz00:19
ubottuDatz: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:19
szalViking667: what do you use as output in mpd?00:19
ioniteszal: how do i search for deb lines?00:19
szalionite: e.g. by reading the text00:19
Viking667. I'd have to check inside /etc/mpd.conf00:19
ioniteszal: i typed the command in the run filed and entered my pswd. nothing happens?00:20
Viking667hm. Alsa.00:20
sweltmanomega...Unity is not running (it's called a window-decorator by the scrollback, but so far, it's better)00:21
OmegaFortesweltman, What...You went from unity to what now?00:21
szalViking667: should work if you have the right device in there.. but Pulse output will work as well00:21
Viking667heh. Now I have to figure out what went wrong.00:21
gardnanwhois OmegaForte00:21
sweltmanomega, I am running compiz (I ran the compiz --replace00:21
OmegaFortegardnan I am me.00:21
ioniteszal: nothing appears?00:22
OmegaFortesweltman, Then you are running unity with compiz decorations and effects.00:22
EgyParadoxDatz: update-grub/update-grub200:22
sweltmanomega, script for unity-window-decorator is hung (No unity at the moment)00:22
OmegaFortesweltman, Then restart.00:22
szalionite: wtf..00:23
OmegaFortesweltman, other than that, no other info. I don't use unity because I have a multi-monitor setup and unity hates it.00:23
sweltmanOmega, I restarted before, and I will do it now.  Thank you for your time and knowledge00:23
sweltmanOmega, noted..I won't try unity on multi-screen setups00:23
szal!tab | sweltman00:23
ubottusweltman: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:23
EgyParadox!language | szal00:24
ubottuszal: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:24
sweltmanUbottu. Thank you..New to IRC! :)00:24
ubottusweltman: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:24
sweltmanthat's funny...Im talking to a bot!00:24
OmegaFortesweltman, Nothing has changed. I am bot too! I am a bot of flesh and nerdly nerdence.00:24
elninahi :D00:25
sweltmanOmega ROFL!00:25
sweltmanOmega, you're prolly a 15 yr old with acne and too much caffeine00:25
OmegaFortesweltman, Sure I am.00:25
sweltmanhhehe...Meanwhile, Im old and uninformed00:26
OmegaFortesweltman, I appreciate the insult. I am old too.00:26
gardnandoes anyone know why the emacs package in the repository is out of date?00:26
sweltmanOmega, we're prob about the same age00:26
OmegaFortegardar, Because it's emacs. That's why.00:26
szalsweltman: what do you think I gave you the above factoid for? ;)00:26
Omegasweltman: Are we?00:27
gardnanOmegaForte: is there something wrong with emacs?00:27
sweltmanOmegaForte: I think so00:27
Omegasweltman: Look who you were talking to00:27
OmegaFortegardnan, It's a joke. Emacs doesn't get a lot of love in ubuntu.00:27
gardnanOmegaForte: ok00:27
Viking667set the output to pulseaudio, doesn't want to know.00:27
sweltmanomega, sorry. :(00:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:28
OmegaForteHere, let me help everyone out.00:28
=== OmegaForte is now known as Fyonte
Fyontesweltman, There, now you don't confuse for other guys.00:28
sweltmanOmegaForte: Fyonte, its you?00:28
Fyontesweltman, Yes it is.00:29
Fyontesweltman, Just easier for now.00:29
Viking667hey, Fyonte! Haven't seen you for years... didn't know you were on IRC <grin>00:29
OmegaFyonte: THANK YOU, every single time someone mentioned your name, I got hilighted. I just didn't say anything because everyone is free to have a name of their choosing00:29
szalah, didn't even notice that there was anothe similar nick00:29
sweltmanFyonte, that's confusing to me. :000:29
FyonteViking667, I don't even know who you are, so sure. I guess?00:29
Datzgardnan: I thought, perhaps wrongly that package versions were only updated when there were releases00:29
Viking667I was having you on....00:29
FyonteViking667, Did I fit?00:29
Viking667meanwhile, I'll go bang my head against stupid mpd.00:29
gardnanDatz: oh00:29
PolahCould someone help me with installing OpenRPG? I've installed it using apt-get from the repos but it doesn't show up in my applications list and using the command "openrpg" in terminal doesn't do anything00:30
Datzgardnan: so you'll have to wait until 11.1000:30
TonyFisherHello. I'm the guy who asked for the power management advice on my Ubuntu Netbook.00:30
TonyFisherI just logged on to the second account and it works normally but the GUIs have changed in style.00:30
TonyFisherThey all look like something from the late 90s early 2000s00:30
gardnanDatz: kk thanks00:30
Datzgardnan: were there features or something you were looking forward to in the latest versions of emacs?00:30
Datzyou could always manually install00:31
TonyFisherCould this be soemthing bigger than just power management differences/?00:31
gardnanDatz: not really I was just doing some lisp stuff and my windows machine and ubuntu machine were behaving differently00:31
FyonteTonyFisher, What? What is the problem?00:31
TonyFisherFyonte, my ubuntu netbook on the sudo account would go black (the screen) when I put it on battery power00:32
gardnanDatz: but it wasn't the version that was causing it00:32
Datzgardnan: humm, I see00:32
TonyFisherThe other account doesnt have this problem but i just logged back in and the GUi For firefox and Xchat look completely different.00:32
Viking667So. What the heck would be stopping mpd from working???00:32
FyonteTonyFisher, I don't do netbooks, but it does seem like a mode-switch was done, and it lost track of what it was doing.00:32
FyonteTonyFisher, Kinda like Tony Hawk and Sam Fisher did when you made your name. [it is gag. Relax]00:33
FyonteTonyFisher, You are now super spy skateboarder....That would be a sweet tv show..00:33
TonyFisherFyonte, I have been having battery problems before, so could this be the result of that?00:33
FyonteTonyFisher, Probably. Is it still under warranty?00:34
TonyFisherFyonte, I don't think so. I have been having these battery problems on start up for a while now00:34
Test__Problem after bootup OS.  Sometimes the desktop opens showing apps on left side--othertimes desktop shows pulldown menu upper left.  Problem, some apps don't operate correctly under the pulldown menu.  Application is DraftSight00:34
TonyFisherand now they are starting to manifest themselves in my usage.00:34
TonyFisherFyonte, Besides backing up my shit is there anything I can do to fix this netbook?00:34
TonyFisherOr is it just going to be  a slow decline into oblivion.00:35
FyonteTonyFisher, I don't know man. Try a clean install. If it happens more, then something is wrong. I can't offer hardware support without having the device..00:35
TonyFisherAlright. Many thanks Fyonte.00:35
FyonteTonyFisher, And I don't do mobile.00:35
bimbohello, when trying to record sound from my microphone I get the error: Cannot open mixer for sound device 'hw:0,0': No such file or directory00:36
bimbobut if I try to record as root it'll work00:36
bimbomy user is in the "audio" group, is there another group I need to add my self to00:36
Viking667bimbo: possibly pulse_access00:37
Test__Problem after bootup OS.  Sometimes the desktop opens showing apps on left side--othertimes desktop shows pulldown menu upper left.  Problem, some apps don't operate correctly under the pulldown menu.  Application is DraftSight00:37
Penguin71hi folks, Have new system, installed 11.04 and it doesn't see, my cdrom, can someone help please?00:38
ioniteCan anyone help me with this?     synaptics managerFailed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/id.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_binary-i386_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/id.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_universe_binary-i386_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.00:38
bombshellzMy MP3 codecs were installed and I believe they should be but I'm receiving this error Error 20:37:15.898] GStreamer resource error: NotFound00:39
sam555hello all!00:39
sam555do you think 2gb is enough to run a file server and DB on a desktop running ubuntu?00:40
Datzsam555: yes00:40
=== Fyonte is now known as OmegaForte
OmegaForteThere. I feel better.00:41
sam555thanks Datz!00:41
OmegaOmegaForte: ):00:42
Datzsam555: sure00:42
OmegaForteOmega, It's your fault. Not mine.00:42
OmegaOmegaForte: What is?00:44
OmegaForteOmega, I don't know.00:44
OmegaForteOmega, You have any experience with bluetooth?00:47
Datzhumm, so I ran Boot-Repair, and I didn't get my other boot menu options back00:47
Datzwhich is cool00:48
Test_Problem after bootup OS.  Sometimes the desktop opens showing apps on left side--othertimes desktop shows pulldown menu upper left.  Problem, some apps don't operate correctly under the pulldown menu.  Application is DraftSight00:49
PhaseWhy isn't ffmpeg > /dev/null working properly? It still displays the output.00:49
OmegaFortePhase, Are you trying to output to no device?00:50
PhaseOmegaForte: I want to hide the output entirely.. it's for a script, so instead of ffmpeg's giant output, I want my own "Converting..." output00:51
apolloI'm trying to install 11.04 on a second hard drive...  when I get to the partition set up there is no sda or sdb available? what is going on here?00:51
apollodmesg shows both drives00:51
idlemind324apollo: what do you mean it's not showing up?00:51
OmegaFortePhase, might wanna try a base arg, like --silent or something.00:52
idlemind324apollo: or more where is it not showing up. are you partitioning the drive(s) outside of the ubuntu installer?00:52
PhaseOmegaForte: alright, I'll see what I can find, ty00:52
TonyFisherIs it possible for me to write all files with a certain extension to a usb drive?00:52
idlemind324TonyFisher: Yes00:52
TonyFisheridlemind324, I should use the cp or dd command?00:52
apolloidlemind324:  it is not showing up in the installer00:52
PhaseTonyFisher: cp *.ext /path/to/usb00:52
TonyFisherPhase thanks.00:53
idlemind324TonyFisher: yes cp would be preferred00:53
PhaseYou're welcome00:53
idlemind324apollo: ok did you do the partitioning work in the installer or simply your disks are not showing up in the installer?00:53
apollosda DOES show up for the bootloader option00:53
apollonot showing up in the installer00:53
apolloi partitioned with fdisk00:54
idlemind324apollo: what os did you do fdisk in, something windows?00:54
apollonope... the ubuntu install disk.  when i boot it live I can see them in dmesg00:54
apollobut the install dialog doesn't see them00:54
apolloi have a /dev/mapper/pdc_blahblahblah option00:55
apolloand that is it00:55
maumcan i use touch screen on ubuntu?00:56
idlemind324apollo interesting00:56
PhaseOmegaForte: Didn't see anything resembling the functionality of a --silent, any other ideas?00:56
idlemind324apollo have you initialized the installer from the live cd?00:56
apolloidlemind324: initialized?00:56
OmegaFortePhase, Don't know. Sorry brostead.00:56
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:56
PhaseOmegaForte: np, thanks for trying00:56
apolloI tried the "Install Ubuntu" button...00:57
apollothen the "Try Ubuntu" button00:57
apollofollowed by double clicking the install opeion on the desktop00:57
idlemind324apollo at the terminal in the live cd you ran fdisk /dev/sda (or sdb if that is the disk you want to use)00:57
apolloneither medthod gives me anything00:57
apolloidlemind324: yes sdb, after nothing was showing up00:57
coz_apollo,   you may want to try the minimal install cd  only 19 megs and installs via t he net  aka  "net install"    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:58
idlemind324apollo those commands work and allow you to edit a partition table or they fail?00:58
coz_apollo,  this is NOT a live cd however,, it installs very similarly to the alternate cd00:58
apolloidlemind324: they work00:58
apollocoz_:  will look into it...00:58
idlemind324apollo: i can't say why the installer wouldn't recognize the disks but i would try the minimal or at least the alternate install next01:00
apolloyeah will try minimal01:00
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Raggsdoes ubuntu 11.04 have the unity desktop?01:01
apollowhat is the deal with the "/dev/mapper" device?01:01
apollois this mapped to a drive somehow?01:01
jgcampbell300Hello, I am haveing a bit of trouble with my usb external hard drive .. it stores all my music and movies ... and i need to reset the ownership or premmisions of the drive .. when i plug it into a diffrent computer i cant access all of the directories , some of them are owned by root and locked ... i need a way to make it where user of the computer can do everything01:01
jgcampbell300oh im useing ubuntu 11.0401:01
rwwRaggs: by default, yes01:01
Raggsjgcampbell300: chown and chgrp01:02
Raggsrww: strange, it booted to gnome01:02
* Guest13359 hi01:03
jgcampbell300raggs; chmod -R 777 /media/Vol1/01:04
jgcampbell300Raggs, chmod -R 777 /media/Vol1/ will that change all of the premissions of that drive Vol101:04
Raggsjgcampbell300: that would change the permissions01:04
PhaseOmegaForte: ffmpeg > /dev/null 2>&1 worked (thanks #ffmpeg)01:04
jgcampbell300Raggs, cool ... do i need to chgrp to something diffrent ?01:05
Raggsjgcampbell300: add sudo to the beginning01:05
idlemind324jgcampell300 first step would be to find out what your volume is named01:05
idlemind324jgcampell300 something like: ls /media01:05
idlemind324jgcampell300 then run the chmod on that directory01:06
jgcampbell300Raggs, oh ok i see the -R made the changes to all the directories under neath the Vol1 drive01:09
FrettaI am trying to change my IP address, do i do that in: /etc/network/interfaces ?01:11
idlemind324Fretta: yes that is the way to do it @ the terminal01:12
idlemind324Fretta: if you are using the default desktop environment you should see ttwo arrows01:12
idlemind324fretta in the top right of your screen one going up one going down. that is network manager you can change it there01:12
Frettaidlemind324 no desktop here, just terminal. Thanks :)01:12
TonyFisherHow do I write some text to a an existing file?01:12
TonyFisherlike do I do cp "Hello world" foo.txt01:13
TonyFisherto write a string to it01:13
rwwTonyFisher: echo "some text" >> foo.txt01:13
anthony96Hi, I just made a live CD of 11.10 alpha 3 and when it booted it loaded everything the way its supposed to but the mouse was black is this a bug or because the ATI drivers are not installed?01:13
rwwTonyFisher: > means "replace the contents of the file on the right with the output from the command on the left". >> means "do the same as > except append to the end instead of replacing"01:13
|Slacker|hey ppl, how do I configure the touchpad to emulate middle button, apparently it ain't working01:13
idlemind324anthony96 11.10 is in #ubuntu+1 channel (or something similar to that name)01:14
rwwanthony96: #ubuntu+1 for 11.10/oneiric discussion and support, please01:14
NoReGreThow can I install the Java plugin in chrome ? latest JRE is installed though, and chrome is complaning about java not being installed01:15
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
Frettaidlemind324 within the file /etc/network/interfaces it states at the top # WARNING: Do not edit this file, otherwise your changes will be lost.01:23
Fretta# Please edit template /etc/network/interfaces.template instead.01:23
idlemind324fretta: are you using 10.04 lts server?01:23
Frettayes Lucid 10.04 server01:23
godlywhizkenhey i've attached an ipod to my usb but its not recognizing01:24
godlywhizkenwhat's up? it's also not showign in music player.01:24
Frettaidlemind324 yes Lucid 10.04 server01:25
idlemind324fretta: interesting that's not in my /etc/network/interfaces01:25
idlemind324fretta: according to the server guide they say to change it there01:25
Frettaidlemind324 whats link to server guide?01:25
programador_nvl0hello, ihave a ubuntu 10.1 version, and im would like to know, a good tool to build java programs. Somebody can help me?01:25
idlemind324fretta: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html01:25
Frettaidlemind324 thank you :)01:26
idlemind324fretta: for you https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html01:26
Frettaidlemind324 nice thank you :)01:27
godlywhizkenwhy isn't my ipod being recognized in ubuntu 10.04 through usb connection01:27
Viking667Uninstalled mpd, reinstalled mpd, now it works, but only when nothing else has the sound device.01:27
somsipAm I right in thinking installing from 11.04 minimal CD would just give me enough to boot from to console login. So I can build X up from there?01:27
Viking667... which means it got set up to use alsa. Trying to use it with pulseaudio simply doesn't work.01:27
willwhViking667: check out the mpd wiki - from what I remember there are some pulse specific notes01:28
willwh(it's been a while though)01:28
h4mz1dis there a way to make the command line not wait for application to close after you launch the application from command line01:28
Viking667h4mz1d: appname &01:29
somsiph4mz1d: command &01:29
maumcan i use touch screen on ubuntu?01:29
Viking667you should be able to, I have no idea how to set one up though.01:29
jrevelesHi, I installed the libdvdcss2 but I still cannot see the dvds.. what could be wrong? any help01:30
CaptWhothe numeric keypad is turned on, on my laptop.  how do i turn it off?  when i hit the letter I, i get a 5, when i hit the letter K, i get a 201:30
Viking667CaptWho: are they Fn-shifts?01:31
h4mz1dthank you kind sirs01:31
CaptWhoso the little blue numbers are overriding my normal keys01:31
Viking667or simply Numlock-on keys?01:31
Viking667CaptWho: I did ask you a question, by the way01:32
CaptWhoi dont' even see a numlock key01:32
Viking667First, can you find the Fn key? It should be down beside your Alt or Ctrl key.01:32
CaptWhonormally you'd hold down the fn key to get it to do that01:32
CaptWhoi see the fn key01:33
Viking667Hit it once.01:33
Viking667Then tell me if that lets you type letters now01:33
CaptWhoi hit it once, and i still can't type letters01:33
maumCan someone help me about touch screen?01:33
Viking667Right. Hold it down, and try typing those same keys?01:33
CaptWhothat doesn't seem to change anything01:34
Viking667hm. So something's stuck.01:34
Viking667and you don't see a blue NumLock above any key?01:34
CaptWhoi hold down the function key and hit a O and i still get a 601:34
jrevelesthere should be a little lock with a 9 inside it on your keyborard01:34
jrevelesso press the FN + that key01:35
CaptWhoi see the numlock key01:35
CaptWhoit worked, thanks01:35
CaptWhohave no idea how i missed that one, but thanks01:35
Viking667CaptWho: now, remember it.01:35
jrevelesgreat! :)01:35
* Viking667 smiles01:35
jreveleshas anyone installed the libdvdcss2 package for playing encrypted dvds ?01:38
CaptWhothanks again, Viking66701:38
coz_jreveles, yes hold on01:38
jrevelescoz_, ok01:39
coz_jreveles,   run this command      sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh01:39
jrevelesyep.. I've run that command, but still doesn't work.. :(01:39
jrevelescoz_, it had worked for me in past ubuntu versions, but not on this one 11.0401:41
coz_jreveles,  that command should work on 11.0401:41
jrevelescoz_, what should I do if I still cannot see the DVDs, after running that?01:42
=== jetx is now known as jetscreamer
coz_jrdnyquist,   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:42
jetscreamer[11.05.56] <ikonia27>   » Matt Darcy, aka ikonia, here. #Ubuntu needs your help. We support the best linux distro in the world and we know it. Debian, Centos, Mint and even Windows 7 has nothing on us. Come to #ubuntu and find out for yourself, and if anyone asks, tell them ikonia sent you!  « null- User_01:43
jrevelesI've also installed ubuntu-restricted-extras01:44
rwwjetscreamer: Please don't copypaste spam.01:44
jetscreamersure, tell spamboy not to spam01:44
rwwjetscreamer: We would, but the fake clones of ikonia are busy being k-lined.01:45
jetscreamer(gilda radner)01:46
Toph2in Ubuntu 11.04, i was fooling around and lost my min, max,exit icons on the top right corner of all windows,, any ideas on how to restore such?01:49
Antonishello folks. I have a problem I was trying to connect my tv to my computer and messed up things so now I have no X :\ could someone pls help me?01:53
dliAntonis, can you startx again with TV connected01:53
Antonisdli the problem is that I manually edited xorg file and removed monitor and screen but something went wrong01:53
dliAntonis, you can startx without an xorg.conf01:54
AntonisI tried startx but it won'01:54
Antoniswon't start01:54
Antonisfatal server error: no screens found01:55
dliAntonis, without xorg.conf?01:55
Antonisshould I remove xorg.conf dli?01:56
Viking667bah. Getting rather mad at X crashing every so $(random_figure) minutes.01:56
Antonishello so now X started (Thanks!!) but the resolution etc. is a mess. and the TV is still not showing anything :\01:58
Antonisdli, any suggestions?01:59
centHOGGlive cd01:59
slideIn terminal, when i type an @ symbol, it shows up as, §02:00
jrevelesI've installed ubuntu-restricted-extras, libdvdcss2 (sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh), but still cannot play encrypted DVDs. I start vlc from the command line, then I get this error (among others) when opening the DVDs: libdvdread: Error cracking CSS key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB (0x0000a982)!!02:01
jrevelesany suggestion?  I've also removed the directory .dvdcss02:02
jetscreamersome encryptions are not supported by libdvdcss yet02:03
Antonisback. everything is fine now  but the TV won't show anything :\02:03
jetscreamerfrom my experience02:03
jrevelesbut I was able to play those same DVDs before  :(02:03
jetscreamerok well then your problem is different02:04
jrevelesjetscreamer, any other place that I might be missing to look?02:05
jetscreamerjreveles: no idea :(02:07
jrevelesjetscreamer, thanks.. I will see if I get it fixed02:08
wdd``my kernels got eaten by wild goats02:08
jetscreamerjreveles: i might make a new user and just see if it works then you know if it's something under /home or somewhere else, but i dunno02:10
catorceavoi am ssh'ed into an ubuntu machine and i am trying to figure out what scripts run at startup02:11
mrgenixusI need a file in a package (that I have installed) to replace the file I have installed (it's corrupted) how do I get it?02:12
jetscreamerfor scripts02:12
jetscreamerdpkg -i *.deb, or if you need a conf --force-confmiss or something02:13
jetscreamerbut i forget02:13
th0rmrgenixus: if you have the original deb file, and if you have mc installed, you can use mc to navigate into the deb file and copy what you want, where you want02:14
mrgenixusI think "dpkg -S /path/to/the/file" is the answer I got in #debian, and I can use that, I think.. checking the docs02:15
mrgenixusthanks all, for help02:15
jribmrgenixus: well that command just tells you what package owns a file02:17
=== tum is now known as Guest52982
jetscreamerapt-get install --reinstall02:19
jetscreamerwatch dpkg the bot02:19
syntaxxim having slowness problem in ubuntu 10.04 with quad display. im running 2 dual-head nvidia nvs quadro 295.. any idea how to fix this?02:22
AntonisI have an nvidia card and would like to connect my tv to my computer as a second display (not all the time) to watch a movie. how do I do that?02:24
jetscreamersyntaxx: you might also ask in #nvidia at the same time02:25
jetscreamerAntonis: nvidia-settings should do the trick, off/on toggle02:25
Antonisjetscreamer, I tried that but the tv won't show anything02:26
bluebomberUnder Appearance Preferences > Background, I have some duplicate wallpapers. Where is this list of images (to which I can add and from which I can remove) stored, and can the duplicates be removed automatically?02:26
maumI cannot see speaker icon from tray02:30
Antonisjetscreamer, is there a way to toggle it on off or something? I am selecting the tv screen, I select twinview it seems to be ok but I get no picture in the tv :\02:31
jetscreamerAntonis: iirc if the tv is off/disconnected when the comptuer boots it won't be automagically detected, but iirc there is a rescan option i 'think'02:32
catorceavohow do i upstart?02:33
jetscreamer'might' be a nvidia-settings --rescanforthetvplease or whatever... man nvidia-settings02:33
braxtonHello, is it possible to use the mail program in a terminal to send mail to a gmail address?02:33
jetscreamersure long as it's set up right, braxton02:33
braxtonHow does one set it up right?02:33
Antonisthanks I'll read through it02:33
braxtonI just installed mailutils and it hasn't came through yet.02:33
jetscreamertel it where the mail server is and stuff02:34
braxtonUh. Well, I certainly didn't do that.02:34
jetscreameraka outbound.mail.com or whatever you use02:34
braxtonAll I did was "mail me@example.com"02:34
ga_pro1988how to set vmware on BT4???02:35
jetscreameri don't know how to tell you to set it up, just know it needs to be02:35
catorceavodoes crontab do anything on startup?02:36
jetscreamerwhat are you using, mutt?02:36
catorceavoi mean on reboot02:36
sudo_Ericanyone using Burg?02:37
braxtonjetscreamer: I'm just going to look into how to make my home computer a mail server. I use it for a bunch of other servers right now anyway.02:37
ga_pro1988can it set ol on web backtrack.it???02:37
rwwga_pro1988: #backtrack-linux for Backtrack discussion, please.02:37
rwwand to answer your inevitable question,02:37
rww!register > ga_pro198802:37
ubottuga_pro1988, please see my private message02:37
ga_pro1988oh thank02:38
jetscreamerbraxton: you would need something like exim4 or postfix or someting  then02:38
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer02:38
ubottuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html02:38
sudo_EricLuv my Pinguy desktop02:39
TBotNikAll: One of my computers locked up and thought I had bad motherboard only to find ext HD was responsible, but in the process somehow crashed all my network settings.  HOWTO please!  I have already edited the /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf, /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/sysctl.conf; then restarted the network and even rebooted but the eth2 and the wlan0 configs do not come up and on network restart are giving "Disabled" errors. 02:39
PolahHow can I remove python2.7 and python2.7-minimal without removing other packages like firefox02:40
stephenthemartyris bleachbit the best way to make room on harddrive?02:42
dan_hello is there  way to format a secure digital drive ??? do you have to change ownership or something02:42
ga_pro1988#join backtrack-linux02:43
braxtonHoly cow, that's sooooo cool!02:44
braxtonI can just send e-mail from my computer with the domain name I chose.02:44
braxtonWow, that's neat.02:44
ga_pro1988how to channel to backtrack-linux?02:45
rwwga_pro1988: /join #backtrack-linux02:45
rwwMy apologies for the incoming modespam.02:49
braxtonjetscreamer: Hey, I just used tasksel to install the mail server.02:49
braxtonjetscreamer: And I was able to send an e-mail.02:50
braxtonjetscreamer: Unfortunately, I replied to my e-mail using my ip address, and I don't know how to get it on my computer.02:50
jetscreamernot my forte, i have a webhost02:50
braxtonjetscreamer: I tried using 'mail' with no arguments, but it tells me root has no mail.02:51
catorceavowhere can ilook for startup scripts in ubuntu02:53
apncatorceavo, /etc/rc.d02:53
ga_pro1988why, i join  in backtrack-linux but i can't send any message??02:53
rww!register | ga_pro198802:53
ubottuga_pro1988: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:53
rwwga_pro1988: because you're not identified with nickserv, see above02:54
jetscreamerbraxton: might need to set your local mta up to be a forwarding thing to another mailserver, iirc they want an fqdn not just an ip for mail servers02:54
jetscreamerbut i forget02:54
catorceavothere is no /etc/rc.d, theres a bunch or rc0-rcS02:54
jetscreamerfor the links to the rc dirs02:55
jetscreamer0 is shutdown, 1 is single, 2-5 are multi02:55
jetscreameriirc you type init to see which you are in02:55
braxtonjetscreamer: Are you saying that Gmail doesn't like it when I use an IP address instead of a domain name?02:55
jetscreamerif you type init 0 you will halt... 6 is reboot?02:56
jetscreamerbraxton: i'm saying i think that right but i haven't messed with mailservers in a while and i might be wrong but i don't think i am but i'm not sure, if you really wanna know :)02:56
catorceavohow do i figure out what run level i am in?02:56
rwwcatorceavo: 'initctl list', per http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#list-all-jobs02:57
jetscreamertype init02:57
rwwcatorceavo: which is an excellent resource in general.02:57
rwwUbuntu uses upstart, not SysVInit, so Things Are Different Here™02:57
Viking667sigh. I've given up. I've had enough. I'm freaking removing everything and starting again.02:57
jetscreamero.. if that was for me02:57
centHOGGViking667: been there02:57
jetscreamerjust delete ~02:58
idlemind324ok what's the hotkey by default in ubuntu classic (11.04) to swap between workspaces?03:05
Viking667Tried Ctl-Tab?03:06
michaeljsmalleyhey all03:06
Viking667ohh,h hang on. I knw this one03:06
Viking667idlemind324: I use Ctl-Alt-arrows03:06
semi-afkctrl +alt + up/down/left/right , idlemind32403:06
idlemind324viking667 and others you are the winner(s)03:06
idlemind324thanks much03:06
Viking667whi, thank yuo03:06
Viking667err, why, thank you.03:07
Viking667I must be better than I thought, even in my current mental state03:07
luckysmackok so i have an external hd which i use frequently across computers. in ubuntu to auto have ntfs read/write support i installed ntfs-config. but now only root can mount or unmount it. as soon as i plug it in/try to unmount i get a message saying only root can do that. if it was something that was always mounted id just add a line to fstab. so how can i make it so i auto have ntfs r/w suport but i can mount/unmount anytime?03:07
semi-afkluckysmack: why you have to install ntfs-config, ubuntu-desktop come with the ntfs-3g and auto mount it with gvfs03:08
luckysmackwhen i had tried to connect it before installing ntfs-config i didnt have rx permissions and was owned by root.03:10
luckysmacksemi-afk, and i had ntfs-3g installed03:10
luckysmackim on natty.03:10
jointwho upgraded to 11.10 alpha 3?03:10
rwwjoint: #ubuntu+1 for oneiric discussion and support, please.03:10
semi-afkluckysmack: it is installed by default03:10
luckysmackyea i know.03:10
luckysmackit was already there. i installed the config cause i remembered having the same issue in the past and the config app fixing it.03:11
semi-afkluckysmack: do you have and entry in fstab for that drive?03:11
cyphahow do you reinstall an app?03:12
luckysmacknot normally no. i thought fstab was only for drives that were always going to be mounted to the system on boot.03:12
dan_i need help woth formating please03:12
hylianis there a way to unpretty unity? the shadows and stuff are slowing my netbook down a lot.03:12
semi-afkluckysmack: may be uninstall ntfs-config then03:12
mrlaneneed some help03:12
luckysmackcypha, sudo apt-get remove APP && sudo apt-get install APP03:12
dan_i have a 16 g micro sd sedure digital drive... can it be formated?03:13
ccwHey folks.  Any non-gui LVM users around?03:13
hylianmrlane just ask your questions03:13
cyphaluckysmack: what about with aptitude?03:13
xanguahylian: try classic or unity-2d03:13
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".03:13
luckysmackcypha, if you want to remove the config files as well add '--purge'' before the remove line.03:13
luckysmackcypha, same03:13
mrlanerunning into authentication error when using the terminal03:13
semi-afkdan_: you can with System > Admin > Disk Uilt.03:13
luckysmacksemi-afk, yea i will now03:13
Tbruff13hey I can't paste into my friends ubuntu one folder i am trying to paste pictures into it so i can store them help it says permission denied when i move them from the folder03:13
mrlanehow would i be able to reset or confirm password?03:13
dan_i tried still does not work03:14
dan_i do not understand03:14
hylianxangua, i have spent 3 hours tweaking unity, and really don't want to go through that process again. does unity-2d mimic unity 4?03:14
luckysmackive never really used ubuntuOne. i have a dropbox. would there still be a benefit to ubuntuOne if i used the free version?03:14
dan_i have tried everything in dis util and nothing will format this dang micro sd card!!!03:14
ccwrather, anyone familiar with the procedure for adding a new HDD to expand an LV from the command line?03:14
luckysmackdan_, gparted?03:15
hylianmrlane, before we get into that, what are you trying to do.. could be a hint to what's going on03:15
dan_hmmm il try03:15
Tbruff13hey can someone answer my quick question i would why can't i paste pictures in ubuntu one folder03:15
luckysmackdan_, gparted should format just about anything.03:16
mrlanehylian, i'm trying to install SmartBoard software using the su command03:16
dan_i thought it might just be cus it is a secure sd card but i dunno03:16
semi-afk!permission | Tbruff13 check the permission if you can write to the folder ?03:16
ubottuTbruff13 check the permission if you can write to the folder ?: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions03:16
rwwTbruff13: #ubuntuone may be able to help if #ubuntu doesn't, btw03:17
hylianmrlane it's not su in ubuntu. it's sudo command password.03:17
mouseHow much trouble is gnome3?03:18
lsemplehi I just reinstalled xubuntu 10.04 on my system, is there a way to set which partition the /home folder is after Ubuntu has been reinstalled ???03:19
hylianmrlane, if you really want to gain su access, you can type sudo su, but sudo command password is the usual way to get things done03:19
rwwsudo -i03:19
rwwmouse: Depends on what you mean by trouble. The GNOME 3 builds for released versions of Ubuntu are unstable and unsupported, so in those terms, I'd say "quite a bit".03:19
lsemplemy origional folder is /home,. and I thought I could just reinstall the os, and keep the /home folder which is on the second partition,03:19
lsemplebut the install set the /home folder all on the same partition as the root03:19
mouserww, lol that would explain the mixed reviews.  Thank you.03:20
lsemplecan I change where the /home folder is stored now that the system is installed ?03:20
lsempleor should I reinstall ?03:20
Mike9863How can I make it so that when I attempt to connect to a certain IP address, it will connect to a different one that I specify instead?03:20
somsiplsemple: you will have to boot to livecd, create a new home partition some where else, mount your current /home somewhere, mount the new /home somewhere, copy all from old home to new home, mount current / and edit current /etc/fstab to mnt /home from it's new location03:20
luckysmackdan_, if its encrypted, yea maybe not without some hacking ork nowing the pass.03:20
centr0spotify on ubuntu!  win!03:20
idlemind324mike9863 i'd guess iptables could accomplish that for you03:20
rww!separatehome | lsemple: this may or may not be useful03:20
ubottulsemple: this may or may not be useful: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving03:20
somsiplsemple: and it';s recommend to do a copy using cpio (I did when moving log and var to other partitions). Google has more info03:21
idlemind324mike9863 i'd guess you'd treat it similar to how you configure iptables to forward stuff that comes in on certain ports to internal boxes03:21
somsipdoh - you mean there's a bot command for that :)03:21
idlemind324mike 9863 just kind of reversed03:21
Mike9863idlemind324, okay I'll look into it. Thanks.03:22
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=== dtcrsh is now known as dtcrshr
esdis there a fix for the time stampin xchat (um using ubuntu 11.04)?03:23
lsempleis there a way to reset the path of where the home folder resides from my O/s's partition to the second partition I already have, so I can recover the stuff in my home folder ?03:23
idlemind324ubuntu 10.04 lts. i have a device (eth3) configured in /etc/networking/interfaces. when i issue a stop to the service it leaves eth3 up but shuts off my other adapters that are configured with dhcp03:23
idlemind324why is this?03:24
lsempleor am I forced to format that second partition, in which I would have to back-up everything to another drive ect ect03:24
merlothello, is there a ubuntu channel for programmers?03:24
rwwHi. At every boot, I have to unmute the "Front" channel of my sound chip and raise the volume on it to be able to hear sound. I do this using alsamixer. Apparently, I have a "HDA Intel Analog Devices AD1988B". How do I make it so the chip isn't muted on startup?03:24
sublim21_hey all.  Im new to ubuntu (and linux in general).  can anyone suggest a good web developer text editor?  I need a program that will auto fill js, html and css and has a folder/file viewer03:25
idlemind324merlot: #ubuntu-devel or #ubuntu-dev03:25
somsiplsemple: boot to live cd, mount current / somewhere, edit /etc/fstab to point at the intended home partition. Sounds like you'll have to do something to copy files over though. See my first answer or the bot hint03:26
merlotidlemind324: thank you kind sir!03:26
luckysmacksublim21, for a full IDE, i like netbeans. does eveyrthing. something simple i like sublime text 2 (no auto complete)03:26
mouserww, A good quick fix might be to write a script and set it run at startup.03:26
centHOGGwiki it03:26
rwwmouse: I know, but I want to do it The Right Way, which I doubt that is.03:27
sublim21_lucksmack i was using netbeans.  its good but might be a little too much for my wee little netbook03:27
sublim21_luckysmack: see above03:27
luckysmackah for a minimal laptop. yea bluefish is good03:27
mouserww, Yeah that's more of a band-aid rather than a cure.03:27
luckysmacksublim21, how much ram and resources will you have available?03:28
sublim21_luckysmack: i just installed the extra ram for 2gb and dual core 1.6ghz something or other03:28
sublim21_im going to try out bluefish just to see if i like it better03:29
centHOGGsublim21: may the force be with you03:29
luckysmacksublim21, to be honest i think netbeans will still run. you could try. but otherwise try bluefish. some people like scite i think. and for css, 'cssed' is neat03:29
sublim21_centHOGG: Force?  we don't need no stinking force03:30
sublim21_luckysmack: im going to install netbeans just to see if this thing can handle it.  but im going to check out bluefish later as well.03:31
sublim21_thanks all for the help :D03:31
sublim21_oh, another question03:31
sublim21_i just spent like 2 hours installing this version of ubuntu because of its 'uniquness' and i'd like to back up ubuntu.  how can i do this?03:31
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning03:32
cowslammerbesides GIMP is there a graphics utility that will let me resize images?03:33
luckysmacksublim21, there a few places to start. for config files and the like, i actually throw mine into git repos which are hosted on my webserver. you can also do things like having your /home directory mounted to another partition so if you have to re-install you still have all your settings03:34
sublim21_luckysmack: what do you recommend?03:35
luckysmackcowslammer, imagemagic can do from the command line.03:35
luckysmackits pretty easy too. has good documentation on howto do it.03:35
felipe_Brzcowslammer: imagemagick03:36
luckysmacksublim21, i have my home, opt, and srv directories on another harddrive. and my main part of the OS is on a SSD. so if i reinstall i just do so normally and tell the installer the path to those directories03:36
BernhardHow do i create a hard link to this directory /usr/share/nginx/www/site/userfiles from this directory /usr/share/nginx/www/site2/             So when the website script on site2 want to create files in dir /userfiles it will be done in /usr/share/nginx/www/site/userfiles03:37
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:37
luckysmackBernardV, ln -s existingDir newDir03:37
dingurtluckysmack: Thats a soft link03:37
luckysmackooh, your right03:38
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:38
dingurtman ln03:38
sublim21_luckysmack: im confused by what you said :/  im brand spanking new man.  can you recommend a wiki or something?03:40
sublim21_how do i install a file called netbeans-7.0.1-ml-php-linux.sh ?03:40
luckysmacksubanomic, ./netbeans-7.0.1-ml-php-linux.sh03:41
luckysmack the command ' ./ ' means execute this file from the terminal03:41
luckysmacksublim21, ^^03:41
dingurtsublim21_: chmod +x netbeans-7.0.1-ml-php-linux.sh03:41
luckysmacksubanomic, sorry bad autocomplete03:41
dingurtsublim21_: Then run ./netbeans-7.0.1-ml-php-linux.sh03:41
sublim21_ok.  thanks.03:42
sublim21_is there a cheat sheet for operating the terminal?03:42
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:42
luckysmackbeat me to it03:42
sublim21_so much help too little time!03:43
luckysmackwhat was the link here for setting up your home dir in another partition?03:43
rww!separatehome | luckysmack03:43
ubottuluckysmack: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving03:43
luckysmacksublim21, ^^03:43
sublim21_luckysmack: thanks all03:43
Blue1i got a goofy error trying to start xfce:  The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files03:45
dijonyummywheres the system monitor app in unity?03:45
Blue1oh I am using ubuntu 10.10 (64 bit)03:46
Blue1V4nn3: DE KA5FVE03:49
NoReGreThow can I install the Java plugin in chrome ? latest JRE is installed though, and chrome is complaning about java not being installed03:49
luckysmackinthall the sun-java6-plugin package03:49
Blue1NoReGreT: let me check my install brb03:49
luckysmackassuming youre using suns java,03:50
=== henrik_ is now known as HenrikJ
NoReGreTluckysmack: no such package03:56
elocina #wikihow03:56
luckysmackwhat ubuntu distro?03:57
NoReGreTluckysmack: lucid03:58
rww!java | NoReGreT03:59
ubottuNoReGreT: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.03:59
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:00
rwwand then sudo apt-get update. and /then/ install sun-java6-plugin ;)04:00
NoReGreTthanks :)04:00
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free99hey all, I'm having an issue where my 11.04 xubuntu client won't correctly mount my encrypted home directory after I logout then back in04:08
free99someone suggested putting "/bin/fusermount -zu "$HOME/.gvfs" 1>/dev/null 2>&1 || true" into my /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default file...04:08
free99but others are saying it doesn't work. Any ideas?04:09
cjs_I have a laptop that's currently dual-boot (10.04 and XP). I'd like to run my XP partition in a KVM instance; is there a way to do that? Setting the instance's block storage device to /dev/sda gets me a grub menu, but when I boot Windows from that it fails with "A disk read error occured. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart."04:12
merlotmmm fishbones04:12
cjs_Or would this be better asked on the #kvm channel?04:12
semi-afkcjs_: i think KVM isn't for WINXP04:14
cjs_semi-afk: What do you mean? It's a hardware-emulating VM: it should run anything.04:15
dlicjs_, VM means virtual machine, don't think you can point the hard drive to a real /dev/sda04:15
free99sorry to bump, but... anyone have any suggestions for dealing with the gvfs error I'm having with my encrypted home directory?04:16
cjs_dli: I don't see why it should make a difference. /dev/sda is simply a long list of bytes that can be read or written in block size chunks. Just like a file, or /dev/sda1, or whatever.04:16
dlicjs_, by default, VM has no access to any real hardware,everything provided from software virtualization04:17
MexibuntuAfter a recent update of my Ubuntu 11.04 system, the flash plugin is now extremly slow and ineffective. Do any other users experience the same issue ? (using chromium here)04:17
jbhewittMexibuntu - chrome doesn't use the flash plugin04:18
jbhewittit uses it's own implementation04:18
dlicjs_, in other words, the /dev/sda seen by OS in virtual machine has no relation with /dev/sda in the host OS04:18
rwwjbhewitt: Chrome, yes. Mexibuntu said Chromium.04:19
jbhewittrww and with that i bow out04:19
=== RA_drc_ is now known as RA_drc
Mexibunturww: So chrome uses it's own "internal" plugin and chromium the system one ?04:20
MexibuntuSo either i try to replace the system plugin or give a try to chrome, right ?04:20
rwwMexibuntu: Chromium doesn't include Flash as it's non-free, so I would imagine so.04:21
rww(I don't use Flash, so...)04:21
rwwsorry, clarification: Debian and Ubuntu's chromium packages don't. I don't know if this is true of Chromium upstream, though I imagine it is.04:21
cjs_dli: I am assigning /dev/sda on the host as the source for /dev/sda in the guest, so they should be identical. I.e., if you read a block from /dev/sda in the guest, you should get the exact same data that you'd get if you read it from /dev/sda in the host. Or does it not work that way?04:22
JZApplesIs there a way to change where Evolution stores all it's data and move that to a software RAID array?04:22
Mexibunturww: Thanks for the detailed answer. Is it easy to use an "earlier" package of flash ?04:22
rwwMexibuntu: I don't know, sorry04:23
dlicjs_, -hda /dev/sda ?04:24
Mexibunturww: Thanks for the help though :) Let me RTFM for a while :p04:24
preecheri wanna setup dual boot--my distro's choices are ubuntu of course but the other distro i was planning on installing uses legacy grub---i tried doing this before & after i install the other distro on my empty partition i dont see ubuntu or the choice to boot into ubuntu--is this because they use different grubs?04:25
larieis that right layout?04:26
Braden`I have a network connection (wired), but I cannot browse any websites.  I can ping external sites though04:26
larieBraden`: try nmap that site04:27
larieBraden`: if nmap will say that 80 port of site is closted or filtered04:27
larieBraden`: then problem is on your router/provider network04:27
larieBraden`: like packet filtering/mtu discovery black hole04:28
Braden`nmap is not currently installed.  Cannot install it because of dns issues I reckon04:28
Braden`How do I check my dns servers?04:29
Braden`They aren't listed in ifconfig04:29
mcurranIs it possible to manually update chipset firmware like nforce or smbus without upgrading the kernel?04:30
th0rBraden`: cat /etc/resolv.conf04:30
larieBraden`: whoops that is ubuntu channel :) sorry04:30
larieBraden`: nano /etc/resolv.conf04:30
larieBraden`: you need to edit that by hand if you do not use dhcp04:31
cjs_dli: I didn't understand that last comment. In the VM configuration, block device /dev/sda is used as "IDE Disk 1".04:31
* Blue1 hates network mangler04:31
th0rBlue1: if you really hate it, dump it and install wicd04:32
dlicjs_, oh, I mean from command line, something like: qemu-kvm -hda /dev/sda04:32
Blue1th0r: i did long ago04:33
th0rBlue1: just for the record...I agree with you <smile>04:33
Blue1th0r: http://pkill-9.com/making-ubuntudebian-linux-do-its-own-dns-domain-name-service/04:34
JZApplesProbably a dumb question, but in /dev/sda, does the sd stand for anything specific?  I assume dev is device and a, b, c1, c2, etc... is the ATA port/drive, but what is sd?04:34
th0rJZApples: I think it stands for sata. The ide drives I believe are identified as hda, hdb, etc04:35
Blue1JZApples: good question04:35
LasersJZApples: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Flash-Memory-HOWTO/basics.html -- SCSI disk -- See 6.204:35
JZApplesth0r, that makes sense.  The letters don't really matter right?  For some reason my OS drive got initalized as /dev/sdb and my storage RAID array got marked as /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2.  That's not going to hurt anything is it?04:37
Braden`That fixed it04:37
Braden`Thank you!04:37
cjs_dli: Yes, I've got that, more or less. I'm using virt-manager, but it runs kvm with "-boot c -drive file=/dev/sda,if=ide,index=0,boot=on,format=raw" among other options.04:37
th0rJZApples: I don't think it will hurt anything. So long as the designations do not change from one boot to another it should be OK.04:37
dlicjs_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Directly04:38
dlicjs_, it says use the option with care04:39
JZApplesth0r, they shouldn't change, but i don't actually have them listed in fstab.  Is that something I want to make sure and configure?04:39
K_DallasGood evening folks!Q: I am trying to copy my windows HOSTS file content into /etc/hosts and /etc/hosts.deny.  It seems though, that it is not blocking the IPs in my list.  I have used one or another of the files and both at the same time as well with no avail,  Thanks for any help04:40
ewwwif command sudo do-release-upgrade, what possible directories on my system would be erased? i had joomla installed w/dbase on it, would that be erased?04:42
Lasersewww: No clue. Backup. Backup your backup. Backup the backup of your backup.04:44
th0rJZApples: I am not an expert on this. I have always had all the internal drives defined in fstab, and would be wary about any config that didn't do that.04:44
JZApplesth0r,  I really think I should look into setting everything up in there.  Any idea what /dev/md0 stands for then?  It's a software RAID array that I have setup by following directions online.  They called it md0 and I'm just curious if you knew.04:46
john_ramboI am using the Flash Aid helper with FF but flash player wont load .....04:46
john_ramboFF 504:46
LasersK_Dallas: Paste /etc/hosts (and /etc/hosts.deny) -- For starters.04:47
Lasers!pastebin | K_Dallas04:47
ubottuK_Dallas: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:47
th0rJZApples: I have absolutely no knowledge of raid arrays...never could figure out how to fit one into my laptop04:47
JZApplesth0r, lol oh man i've got two of them.   Configuring the software RAID 10 right now and I've already got a external hardward RAID 10 enclosure that is up and running.  However I don't have anything but the floppy in fstab and I have been wondering about that since  installed a couple weeks ago.04:48
JZApplesth0r, md =  multiple device.04:50
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K_DallasLasers,  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/659048/ & http://paste.ubuntu.com/659047/ for hosts.deny and hosts04:53
LasersK_Dallas: Try putting all hosts.deny lines in hosts. (I don't know if Ubuntu use /etc/hosts.deny05:01
K_DallasLasers, I will try that. Thanks05:03
dr_willishosts and hosts.deny have differnt syntax. :)05:04
K_Dallasdr_willis, I see. I use hosts then05:07
dr_willisdepending on what it is you are trying to do.05:07
K_Dallasdr_willis, I have my windows block IP lists and want to use it the same under linux05:08
K_Dallasthey are in ip.add format05:08
K_Dallasseems that I don't need in hosts.deny05:09
dr_willissounds like you want to put the stuff in hosts then. hosts.deny is totally differnt :)05:09
dr_willis127.0.0.1 in hosts.deny would seem.. weird.05:09
K_DallasI understnad, thanks05:09
cjs_dli: Thanks, I'll look in to that. Unfortunately, I've got to run now....05:11
K_DallasLasers, dr_willis it seems to be working fine now (using only hosts) thanks05:13
uRockI uninstalled xubuntu-desktop and installed ubuntu-desktop, which package do I install to get the ubuntu boot slpash? Thanx05:13
dr_willisI thought Plymouth has replaced the 'splash' stuff. You could check the pacakge manager for Plymouth themes.05:16
uRockwill do dr_willis05:19
rwwuRock: try plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo05:19
rww(assuming you're on >= maverick)05:19
rwwthere's also plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text if you're using a video card that doesn't do graphical plymouth05:20
amanthakurhi guys can anyone tell me how can i install gimptool from repositories?05:21
dr_willis!info gimptool05:21
ubottuPackage gimptool does not exist in natty05:22
dr_willisamanthakur,  you mean from a 'ppa' ?05:22
uRockrww, that hit the spot. removing them now, thanx05:22
rww!find gimptool05:22
ubottuFile gimptool found in gimp-dbg, libgimp2.0-dev, libgimp2.0-doc05:22
amanthakurdr_willis, i mean the tool for making scripts in gimp05:22
rwwamanthakur, dr_willis: libgimp2.0-dev might be useful05:22
rwwthe name of the program is then "gimptool-2.0"05:23
amanthakurrww, yes05:23
dr_willisThe program 'gimptool-2.0' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:05:23
dr_willissudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev05:23
amanthakurrww, i installed that in fedora yesterday that was with this name only :)05:23
amanthakurdr_willis, couldn't find any package with that name :)05:24
fructoseI just got another laptop and am transfering files over my wireless network. Unfortunately they're only going at about 1mbps. Why might that be? Both computers are rather new05:25
dr_williscould be a differnt version#. im on 11.10 here.05:25
amanthakurdr_willis, do i need to enable any special repos? Because i have enabled only those repos which comes in with ubuntu by default05:25
dr_willis!info libgimp2.0-dev05:25
ubottulibgimp2.0-dev (source: gimp): Headers and other files for compiling plugins for GIMP. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.11-1ubuntu6.1 (natty), package size 93 kB, installed size 1268 kB05:25
dr_willisIts in main.. check your spelling...05:25
rwwand run sudo apt-get update05:26
amanthakurdr_willis, yesh that was a spelling mistake :P05:26
amanthakurdr_willis, thanks :)05:26
amanthakurrww, thank to you too...:)05:26
uRockthat fixed the boot splashes, does anyone know how to get rid of the xubuntu login screen theming?05:26
rwwuRock: xubuntu-gdm-theme05:27
uRockrww, thanx05:27
JZApplesCan anyone recommend a good site for setting up fstab with multiple drives?  One regular sata drive with the OS installed.  A software RAID 10 array with 4 drives.  And a hardware RAID 10 external enclosure.05:27
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:28
amanthakurJZApples, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab05:28
amanthakur!fstab > JZApples05:29
ubottuJZApples, please see my private message05:29
fructoseAnyone know a good place to ask about networking issues? Namely, my file transfer between Ubuntu and Windows 7 is only going 1mbps and that seems very slow to me for a home network05:30
JZApplesthank you05:30
fructoseI get 7mbps on the web05:30
dr_willisfructose,  wired or wireless networking?05:34
dlifructose, wifi <-> wifi can get 1MB/s or 2MB/s with -g network05:35
uRockwhich package handles gnome-about-me?05:37
uRockre my above, I found what I needed, I needed to reinstall evolution-data-server for gnome-about-me to work05:40
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TBotNikAll: Back, did not succeed getting network back online under HDD boot so here again on liveCD.05:48
bullgard4_Where can I find an introduction to the MMC kernel subsystem?05:53
mousewhen distro's gonna replace iwconfig with iw command05:53
bullgard4_mouse: Have you made a statement or have you put a question here?05:55
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ActionParsnip!away > oFFzzSuBmUnDo05:57
ubottuoFFzzSuBmUnDo, please see my private message05:57
JZApplesIf I have an external hardware RAID enclosure, would I want to include that in fstab?  Will the system have errors during boot if I add the array in fstab and it's not turned on?05:57
meomichey, is it me or the flash 11 64bit dont work - i mean full screen work so slow, and even windowed crash so much - anyone has same? (ubuntu 11.04 x86-64bit)05:57
amanthakurdr_willis, i am trying to install a gimp plugin but it is giving me an error that cannot find /root/.gimp2 but i have installed gimp using the synaptic. Any idea to resolve it?05:57
amanthakurHi guys, i am trying to install a gimp plugin but it is giving me an error that cannot find /root/.gimp2 but i have installed gimp using the synaptic. Any idea to resolve it?05:58
ActionParsnipJZApples: i think it would just fail to mount. Try it and see. You can always boot to liveCd to undo the change if it creates an issue05:58
ActionParsnipamanthakur: why are you running gimp as root?05:59
DKSAINIi have sound problem in ubuntu10.0405:59
mousebullgard4 not sure i was wondering if iwconfig will be replaced with the iw command05:59
ActionParsnip!details | DKSAINI06:00
ubottuDKSAINI: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:00
amanthakurActionParsnip, i am not running as a root, i am a normal sudoer. But its giving me that error06:00
JZApplesActionParsnip, thanks.  Probably a dumb question, but I want to make sure and add the hard drive in fstab that the OS is setup on, correct?06:00
bullgard4_mouse: I see. --  I guess that it will not be replaced in the next time.06:00
ActionParsnipamanthakur: if you run it as user then /root is not a factor06:01
mousek thx i was wondering how much is the same as the iwconfig but maybe will learn more about it as it comes to that06:02
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ActionParsnipJZApples: if you installed to the array it should have generated fstab. If not (or you are moving the array) then yes06:02
amanthakurActionParsnip, i am getting this error please see "/usr/bin/ld: cannot open output file /home/aman/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/elsamuko-copy-move: No such file or directory.  collect2: ld returned 1 exit status"06:02
ActionParsnipamanthakur: does the file exist from the error?06:03
amanthakurActionParsnip, i have a C file in the PWD.06:04
amanthakurActionParsnip, i am trying to compile and install that file only06:04
korst3nhey. is there a wget daemon with http interface? like transmissionbt's web ui for downloading over http?06:05
ActionParsnipamanthakur: then you'll need to compile the file using the instructions from the site you got it from06:06
shotgun_Is it possible to setup a keyboard shortcut in gnome terminal to make it turn opaque?06:06
ActionParsnipkorst3n: fatrat downloads nearly anything and has web ui06:06
amanthakurActionParsnip, i resolved it...just got an idea of the first after installationof gimp :P anyways thank you....actualy gimp directory was not created at install time, it created after first execution of program. :)06:07
JZApplesActionParsnip, I was still pretty green around the horns when I installed Ubuntu 11.04 a couple weeks ago.  I have since learned much.  I'm pretty sure my fstab config isn't setup properly.  Would you be willing to walk me through setting this up or would that take up too much of your time?  I can paste the info currently in fstab and give you a rundown of my hardware setup if you want.06:07
shotgun_JZApples: what is in /etc/mtab?06:08
korst3nActionParsnip, thank you that's just what i needed06:08
ActionParsnipkorst3n: android app soon too :)06:08
luckysmackok i have an external ntfs HDD. when i plug it in i can read/write but i cannot execute. permissions for all files are luckysmack:luckysmack and 40006:08
DKSAINIi have sound problem in ubuntu10.0406:08
shotgun_JZApples: mtab should inform you of what should be in fstab06:08
JZApplesshotgun_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/659071/06:08
luckysmackfor an external partition i often move computer to computer how can i make sure it always mounts with 777 perms? if it was a permanant HDD id add a line to fstab but this wont always be there on boot.06:09
DKSAINIexternal sound problem06:09
JZApplesshotgun_, i'm also in the process of setting up a software RAID 10 array with 4 disks, but I think the instructions I found online include the fstab setup.06:09
ActionParsnipDKSAINI: instead of repeating the same thing, if you explain your issue on one line we may be able to help. How can we assist with absolutely zerodetails..06:11
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
shotgun_JZApples: sorry I've gotta getup for work in a few hours, hope you get the help you need.06:13
JZApplesshotgun_, thanks.  If not there's always tomorrow.06:14
resc_user_2169Newbie to linux, installed after windows xp crash, grub errors ALL over the place. have used boot repair and rescatux with nothing solved. need help badly06:14
ActionParsnipHi DKSAINI06:14
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
ActionParsnipresc_user_2169: so you get no boot?06:15
poseidonI put rxvt-unicode-256color in my ~/.terminfo/r/ however, when I run screen I get $TERM too long - sorry.06:15
resc_user_2169i can boot into ubuntu but only through live cd. when i install and reboot, i have  agrub error: no disk found06:16
ActionParsnipposeidon: what is the output of: echo $TERM06:16
luckysmacki have an external ntfs HDD that i move from computer to computer. when i plug it in how can I make sure it always has 775 permissions with me as the owner? i dont always have the drive on boot so i dont want to put an entry into fstab.06:17
chenshaojuwhat is hard disk mode? IDE or SATA or RAID?06:17
poseidonActionParsnip: rxvt-unicode-256color06:17
ActionParsnipluckysmack: the boot should simply just fail if the device isn't present. Should be ok06:18
resc_user_2169not sure to be honest if youre speaking to me. 9 hours with this has gotten me lost06:19
varuncan anyone help me uninstalling my previous version of ubuntu06:19
poseidonvarun: uninstalling?06:19
ActionParsnipresc_user_2169: you can boot liveCd and make grub2 reinstate itself06:19
poseidonvarun: maybe it would be better if you would tell us where you are at now and where you would like to be.  Then we can decide what you are trying to do06:20
resc_user_2169ive used rescatux to reinstall grub but every time it ends up not completing06:20
luckysmackActionParsnip, ive had issues before on bood stating that the drive wasnt present so i had to go to recovery mode to remove the entries. but i also think that my have been in mtab. so if i put the normal entry in fstab with the desired settings it will just ignore it if its not there?06:20
bullgard4_What filename extension do compiled drivers have in Ubuntu?06:21
ActionParsnipluckysmack: to my knowledge, yes06:21
varuni have installed the latest version 11 using wubi and also have ubuntu 9 on my system..i want to remove the earlier version06:21
ActionParsnipbullgard4: .so06:22
glebihanvarun: clear the partition on which it was installed06:22
ActionParsnipvarun: how was 9 installed?06:22
resc_user_2169action, any idea on what to do next after rescatux has failed06:23
luckysmackActionParsnip, cool. but if i already have say /media/mypartition set, when i plug in that drive wouldnt it just mount as /media/mypartition_ (since the label would be 'mypartition' and that dir is already taken06:23
varunusin usb stick06:23
ActionParsnipresc_user_2169: is the drive an ssd?06:23
csdserverany way to apply a default skin to the classic ubuntu gnome bland grey top and bottom bars?06:23
resc_user_2169no its 2 250gb hdd06:23
ActionParsnipluckysmack: if its in fstab it will use what you define06:24
varuni dont remember which partition i used06:24
bullgard4_ActionParsnip:  Wikipedia writes: "[GNU/Linux and other System V Release 4 derivatives, and BSD variants:] libfoo.a and libfoo.so files are placed in directories like /lib, /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib. The filenames always start with lib, and end with .a (archive, static library) or .so (a shared object, dynamically linked library) with an optional interface number." <-- This is no contradiction to06:24
bullgard4_ what you said?06:24
luckysmackActionParsnip, cool thanks for the help. trying now06:24
csdservernevermind, i'm an idiot... simple as a right click06:24
resc_user_2169i didnt think it was possible for a system to fail this deep06:25
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
glebihanbullgard4, no no contradiction, compiled drivers are in .so format as are other shared libraries06:25
resc_user_2169it seems like everything i have tried has failed miserably06:25
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: if its a hardware driver it will be .so  Not seen .a  but i've never delved to deep in that direction06:26
csdserverresc - what is failing?06:26
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: Thank you very much for your help.06:26
ActionParsnipresc_user_2169: are the partitions healthy and have you tested you RAM06:26
resc_user_2169not sure if you saw previous chat but my grub has been impossible to restore06:27
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: always a pleasure :-)06:27
resc_user_2169i first got a grub error and attempted bootrepair and rescatux to restore but nothing worked06:27
csdserverresc_user_2169,  what happens when you expect the grub screen?06:28
corinthDoes anyone have Spotify running under Ubuntu/wine?06:28
resc_user_2169not the grub screen but when i boot from hdd after install i have a grub error06:28
resc_user_2169and no restoration has worked06:29
preecherrunning ubuntu 11.04- when i install another distro on a empty partition & reboot i dont see ubuntu or even have the option of dual booting, is the because one is grub2 & the other is old grub(legacy grub)06:31
vaevcorinth: yes it's possible but there is also a native linux client for spotify06:31
corinthvaev, Yeah, but sadly it's only for "Premium" subscribers06:31
jussicorinth: I do. vaev: the native client is only for premium users06:31
corinthMind if I open up a chat with you, jussi?06:31
jussicorinth: please ask here06:32
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.06:32
corinthSure. I installed Spotify through Wine, but it crashes every time after login.06:32
resc_user_2169@csdserver  any ideas at all?06:32
lucky711xwhen booting ubuntu 11.04 install cd i can get passed the icons of what looks like is a "card of ram equals a person with a circle around it"? what is this and what does it mean?06:32
jussicorinth: does it give an error? does wine crash or spotify crash?06:33
jussicorinth: and is it a new install of wine?  have you run winecfg yet?06:33
corinthjussi, I think it's Spotify. Spotify asks me to send a crash report afterward. Yes, and yes I did. This is a fresh install of Ubuntu.06:33
corinthTo clarify: It asks me to send a crash report, *after* I restart it.06:34
csdserverwhat is the error exactly?  does it halt your system and give you any message?06:34
jussicorinth: hrm, if its spotify crashing there isnt much we can do, I'd send the crash report and see what they say. Also, try running it from the commandline and see if theres anything informative from there06:34
corinthcsdserver, No error given. Spotify starts up, I log in, it looks as though it starts to load a page or something, and BOOM. Crashes.06:35
lucky711xdoes anyone know what the "RAM = circle around a person" icon means on boot of an Ubuntu 11.04 desktop i386 install cd?06:36
csdserverresc_user_2169, you have access to the filesystem with your boot/grub/grub.cfg ?06:37
resc_user_2169it is saying no such file or directory06:38
corinthjussi, I'll try running it from the command line06:38
corinthOk, when it crashes, it gives this error:06:40
csdserverresc_user_2169,  are you on your grub command line for the non-booting system?06:40
corinthwine: Call from 0x7b842ce0 to unimplemented function winhttp.dll.WinHttpConnect, aborting06:40
varuni have formatted the partition on which earlier ubuntu was installed but it is still showing the options when i boot my sustem06:41
resc_user_2169yes but right now i am booted off of the  rescatux live cd06:41
resc_user_2169like i said, im new to this so it would make sense to live cd ubuntu as we speak?06:42
TheCyberShockerHello can someone help me please, i have a wubi error when launching, saying about "Fail to run pylauncher" how do i fix this?06:42
Name141Would there be any issues when using a KVM switch with a Windows machine on the other end of the switch ?06:42
Name141(Another words, the other computer being windows)06:42
corinthTheCyberShocker, You should be able to get rid of that by keeping clicking Continue06:43
Name141Or using the switch at all.06:43
TheCyberShockercorinth: i only see ok and once pushed it never comes back untill i double click again06:43
dr_willisluckman212,  that man in a circle is a hint that you hit the space key, to get to extra optops.. I thouight it was a keybord down there also..06:44
varunhello people i want to remove earlier version of ubuntu can someone help..06:44
TheCyberShockerThe title says "internal error"06:44
dr_willisextra options.06:44
lucky711xTheCyberShocker, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Fail+to+run+pylauncher&l=106:44
dr_willisvarun,  how did you install it? wubi? or a normal install.. what are you replaceing it with?06:45
bazhanglucky711x, dont do that here06:45
TheCyberShockerI've looked at these, and none of them make sense to me06:45
lucky711xbazhang, just an easy fix he needs to research before asking broad general questions06:45
csdserverresc_user_2169, i'm looking at what rescatux can do.  I've never used it before.  If you use a command line 'df -h' command, what is the output?06:45
glebihanvarun, you have to run update-grub in order for the boot menu to be updated06:46
bazhanglucky711x, users know about google, and that site is insulting. just say nothing if you dont know06:46
Laserslucky711x: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=does+anyone+know+what+the+%22RAM+%3D+circle+around+a+person%22+icon+means+on+boot+of+an+Ubuntu+11.04+desktop+i386+install+cd%3F06:46
resc_user_2169Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on06:46
resc_user_2169aufs                  1.7G   13M  1.6G   1% /06:46
resc_user_2169tmpfs                 1.7G     0  1.7G   0% /lib/init/rw06:46
resc_user_2169udev                  1.7G  248K  1.7G   1% /dev06:46
resc_user_2169tmpfs                 1.7G     0  1.7G   0% /dev/shm06:46
resc_user_2169/dev/sr0              304M  304M     0 100% /live/image06:46
FloodBot1resc_user_2169: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:46
bazhangLasers, dont do that06:46
Lasersbazhang: I know that. He asked a question earlier.06:47
TheCyberShockerSo any other ideas? ... =\06:47
TheCyberShockerThis used to work first time06:47
csdserversorry resc, i should have specified to pastebin it ;)06:47
TheCyberShockerEven a fresh windows 7 still won't do the trick...06:47
lucky711xLasers, I get the sarcasm but I only post those links if there is an obvious solution to a broad/general question being asked06:47
Laserslucky711x: No question is too obvious here. :)06:47
lucky711xLasers, apparently you didnt check out the link you provided and it goes nowhere06:48
IdleOneWe don't use lmgtfy in this channel it is insulting and rude. Please don't do it again.06:48
varundr_willis, i think i installed ubuntu 9 with wubi but i dont exactly remember..i am not replacing it, i want to remove it..i just installed ubuntu 11 uxing wubi06:48
Laserslucky711x: You have a keen eye.06:48
dr_willisvarun,  if you used wubi. you remove  the install same as you would remove any other application in wndows. via the windows add/remove programs tool in the control panel area.06:48
lucky711xIdleOne, fine i wont to it again, I had no intentions of hurt people's feelings, I didn't realize people were so sensitive in here06:49
dr_willisvarun,  so you have 2 wubi installs on a single machine?06:49
varunok then it wasnt wubi06:49
dr_willisI wouldent do wubi at all.. If you did a normal install. then you just delete the partitions. or tell the installer to install over them.06:49
glebihandr_willis, he already deleted the partition06:51
sally_hello all!06:52
glebihanvarun, run "sudo update-grub"06:52
lucky711xdr_willis, about you response earlier, no keys were pressed during boot, it is an i386 cd booting on an amd64 processor, but i thought this is fine as long as I dont want a 64 bit OS06:52
sally_does anyone know how to enable wifi in ubuntu netbook?06:52
varundr_willis, i deleted the partition but it is still showing ubuntu 9 as an option when i reboot, though it gives an error on selecting the option06:52
sally_I'm using an aspire one netbook and I'm switching the switch in the front, but no go06:52
lucky711xsally_, what kind of netbook?06:52
dr_willisvarun,  this is the GRUB menu you are seeing? or the windows bootloader menu?06:52
lucky711xsally_, what does it say when you click the two computers in the top right corner? do you see networks or your wifi card at least?06:53
sally_lucky711x: an acer aspire one06:53
varundr_willis, grub menu06:53
dr_willissally_,  on some of theose netbooks. the front switch dosent work. Or dosent work right. It may need some tweaks to get it going. Ivehad to boot to windows, turn on wireless. then leave it on.. and never touch the switch while in linux06:53
dr_willisvarun,  so you still have a Linux install on it then? and its showing  Ubuntu 9, and 10 and windows?06:54
sally_dr_willis: unfortunately, I don't have dual boot on this computer06:54
lucky711xsally_, you may have issues with hibernating or going to sleep with WIFI on and coming back and not able to enable it06:54
sally_lucky711x:  in the top right corner it has enable networking checked but I can't highly enable wireless to get it going06:55
varundr_willis, yes yes06:55
dr_willisvarun,  double check the partitions, nbe sure you deleted the ones fro the other linux install,. and rerun update-grub - it should auto remove any invalid entries.06:55
varunk i'll try06:56
lucky711xsally_, private message me06:56
sally_i think dr_willis is right.  The card might not be coming on at the switch.  that's a bummer.06:56
kyle_morning, If i use the following terminal line I canaccess my NTFS share. How do i get this into a format my /etc/ftab file will understand ?07:00
Avinash_SonawaneI am running Ubuntu 11.04. But now due to some or other reasons I have07:01
Avinash_Sonawaneto format my entire disk and reinstall the Ubuntu,07:01
Avinash_SonawaneBut I have Installed many softwares on Natty. And when I'll reinstall07:01
Avinash_Sonawanethe ubuntu, I have to again reinstall all those updates , drivers and07:01
Avinash_Sonawanesoftwares too.07:01
FloodBot1Avinash_Sonawane: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:01
Avinash_SonawaneSo I want to ask is there any way so that I can make an .iso image of07:01
kyle_mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman07:01
varunyeah it worked..thank u dr_willis,glebihan07:02
dr_willis   //   /path_to/mount   cifs   guest,_netdev   0 007:02
dr_willis   //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman  /media/Profile  cifs   user=kyle.wadman 0 007:03
dr_willisI think.... (just following an example i gogoled)07:03
maahesanyone know of a guide for editing a keyboard layout?07:03
maahesI want to convert the neo keyboard layout from being german oriented to english07:03
rwwiceriver: /quit07:04
dr_willis/   /path_to/mount   cifs   username=server_user,password=secret,_netdev,uid=client_user,gid=users   0 007:04
Avinash_SonawaneI want to ask is there any way so that I can make an .iso image of installed Ubuntu along with all the softwares, preferences, drivers07:04
Avinash_Sonawaneetc. existing in it ?07:04
corinthHey room: FYI I got Spotify working under wine. Grabbed winhttp.dll from the web and tossed it into wine's System32 folder. That solved it!07:05
ttisnakedGoogle Earth can't contact the imagery server to download new images07:05
varunbut why does it show recovery mode option along along with ubuntu 11 in the grub menu07:05
ttisnakedanyone helps me?07:05
dr_willisAvinash_Sonawane,  ive seen guides that show you how. but it may be bigger then a cd.. often it can be bigger then a nomral DVD.07:05
dr_willisAvinash_Sonawane,  the askubuntu.com site had a thread or 2 on that topic the other day07:05
maahesanyone know a program for interactively creating a new keyboard profile?07:05
dr_willisvarun,  if you dont want to see a 'recovery' item. you can disable that in /etc/default/grub07:06
ttisnakedGoogle Earth can't contact the imagery server to download new images07:06
bazhangttisnaked, dont repeat so quickly07:06
ttisnakedbazhang: SOrry07:07
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makarahi. Natty32bit having trouble connecting to my mobile provider using a Huawei usb modem.07:18
makaraI see option, I click, it connect, and then 2 seconds later disconnects07:19
makarahappens constantly. it used to work on the same computer in the same place when I had 64bit installed, but I had to revert because of graphics card issues07:20
makaraanyone listening? the channel looks extremely quiet today07:20
varundr_willis, i executed the command in \etc\default\grub in the terminal but it still shows the recovery mode options07:20
Lasersvarun: "sudo update-grub" to incorporate the changes into the GRUB2 menu.07:25
testinger00999is there anybody out there?07:27
Laserstestinger00999: Quiet channel -- Some people are reading this very line.07:28
kcm1700don't have to ask for existence of people at irc channel, i think.07:28
isbricHi, is it posible to limit maximum simultaneous connections from one ip with ufw?07:29
=== crunchba1g is now known as vectorry
vectorryhi dr_willis, i see your here and on ubuntu@freenode, whats the deal with two channels are they the same?07:32
vectorry'here' being irc.ubuntu.com07:33
somsipvectorry: "here" is irc.freenode.org. Gettit?07:33
vectorrylol, yes07:33
somsipvectorry: cool :)07:33
mouseis nodezero part of ubuntu?07:35
isbriccould anyone help me with ufw settings to do about the same thing as this -> iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -m connlimit --connlimit-above 20 --connlimit-mask 40 -j DROP07:35
bloopletechI've just upgraded to natty, removed the fglrx drivers, and tried with both the xorg-edgers ppa and without, and I've got a glx problem. I get this error "(EE) module ABI major version (4) doesn't match the server's version (5)" in my xorg log07:35
isbricim getting some slowloris usage on my servers so i realy need a working ufw rule for this.07:36
mouseok i'll go ask in off-topic07:36
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Yossii have ubuntu10.10 and my application menu seems to have become empty :(07:37
Yossiis there a way to repopulate it?07:37
maahesanyone know of a program to interactive create or edit keyboard profiles?07:37
yagoobloopletech, try doing aptitude update, then try installing the video drivers again..07:38
yagoobloopletech, your video driver version was compiled for an earlier X07:38
bloopletechyagoo: is there a metapackage for all the video drivers? or do I need to grab a list?07:38
yagooor it was compiled for an earlier kernel..07:38
vectorymaahes: like xkbevd?07:38
maahesvectory~> ...I was hoping some sort of gui-like editor07:39
mouseok no one is in #off-topic?07:39
maahesi.e picture of the key layout, and a text box that shows what happens when you press things07:39
=== debd is now known as damno
vectorymaahes: searched within synaptic?07:40
somsipmouse: #ubuntu-offtopic07:40
vectorymouse: i believe its #ubuntu-offtopic you are looking for, or ##offtopic07:40
maahesvectory yes....not much luck, and least nothing that gives me a good description in apt-cache search07:40
mousethx somsip07:40
flametai1Does anyone have any suggestions for some advanced video editing software like Sony Vegas? I need a powerful one, not some noob shit =/ But yet free07:42
IdleOneflametai1: try openshot or take a look at novacut07:43
damnoflametai1: or avidmux07:43
IdleOneflametai1: please also watch the language in here07:43
flametai1Sorry IdleOne07:43
IdleOneno problem07:43
Yossigmenu-simple-editor fixed it for me, if anyone cares07:44
IdleOneflametai1: apparently novacut is still not in testing phase. try openshot07:45
flametai1Will do :)07:47
rwwflametai1: pitivi, kdenlive, kino...07:48
flametai1Is it atleast half way decent? =|07:48
hellyeahis there anyone who use chrokee web server07:48
iceroot!anyone | hellyeah07:48
ubottuhellyeah: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:48
flametai1hellyeah, solution: Get apache. lmao07:49
painkillerwho have windows7 and xubuntu double boot, give me plz  /boot/grub/grub.conf07:50
varunlaser, still shows the recovery modes07:51
Viking667Anyone know what package the "Glossy" gtk theme is in?07:52
semi-afkpainkiller: what you need those for :>07:52
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Guest69389How do I identify?07:55
semi-afkpainkiller: http://pastebin.com/VM3ZUFx007:56
flametai1Guest69389, /nickserv identify password07:56
vectoryor /msg Nickserv help07:56
vectoryto learn more obv07:56
flametai1rww, do you do video editing yourself?07:57
varuncant remove recovery mode options in grub menu , please help07:58
rwwflametai1: nope, those program names come from when I've talked to people who do in the past07:58
tomeroops, sorry07:59
ojiihi everyone07:59
theadminHello, ojii07:59
hellyeahhow can i change the directory of web server from /var/www to /home/hellyeah/anyfolder07:59
ojiihow can I get sqlite support in libreoffice base to work on natty? what additional packages do I need?07:59
=== tomer is now known as Guest34514
flametai1Ah, Alrighty.  Did any of them pop up more often do you know rww?07:59
theadminojii: I think you need just sqlite308:00
rwwflametai1: no idea08:00
theadminojii: And of course JRE -- Most LibreOffice functions won't work w/o java08:00
ojiitheadmin, I have that but the dropdown for DB type does not contain sqlite08:00
ojiitheadmin, jRE is installed of course (would be hard to start libreoffice otherwise)08:00
theadminojii: Um, sec, let me search a little08:01
ojiithanks theadmin08:01
ojiitheadmin, the dropdown I get: http://ubuntuone.com/p/18Uz/08:03
ojiitheadmin, the sqlite packages installed: http://ubuntuone.com/p/18Uy/08:03
kyle_mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman08:03
kyle_morning, If i use the following terminal line I canaccess my NTFS share. How do i get this into a format my /etc/ftab file will understand ?08:03
kyle_morning, If i use the following terminal line I canaccess my NTFS share. How do i get this into a format my /etc/ftab file will understand ?08:03
kyle_mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman08:03
FloodBot1kyle_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:03
theadmin!fstab | kyle_08:04
ubottukyle_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:04
painkiller who have windows7 and xubuntu double boot, give me plz  /boot/grub/grub.conf08:04
theadminojii: I can't really find anything, sorry :/08:04
ojiitheadmin, :(08:04
kyle_theadmin: I have looked at them but can't work it out.  can you let me know what the string should be.08:04
* yagoo thinks cifs is a module (modprobe cifs)08:04
ojiitheadmin, I selected the 'addon' in USC that looked like sqlite, but didn't change anything08:04
ojiitheadmin, thanks for trying to help though08:05
ElTimoI have a problem with opengl compositing. Whenever I try to use unity or even plain compiz, the screen freezes up and I have to drop to tty to restart the display manager. I have a Latitude D820 with a Core 2 Duo and a Quadro 110m08:05
Avinash_Sonawanethnx dr_willis08:05
YcareneUsing the proprietary nvidia drivers?08:06
ElTimoYcarene: That's me08:07
YcareneEltimo - are you using the proprietary nvidia drivers?08:08
maaheswhere are keyboard profile files kept?08:08
theadminkyle_: I think... "// /mnt cifs defaults"08:08
ElTimoYcarene: yes I am.08:08
theadminkyle_: I *think*, can not be sure08:09
ElTimoYcarene: I'm using nvidia-current, to be specific.08:09
nmvictorHow do I run a java class with root, i tried `sudo java javax_usb.FindUsbDevice` which faild with a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/usb/UsbDevice08:09
yagoomaahes, it's a topic related to "locales" -- anything related to $LANG, and character encodings->"input" and "output display"08:09
ElTimoYcarene: Everything works fine with compositing disabled, and compiz actually worked great on Lucid.08:09
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf08:09
Johnny_mobmeHiI like to merge many csv file data according to thier headers. Any bash script that i can use08:09
hellyeahi want to change apache folder from /var/www to any folder like /home/blah/blah how can i do that08:10
yagoohellyeah, check the apache conf..08:10
yagoohellyeah, /var/www is defined in there somewhere..08:10
YcareneElTimo - unless your X server has compositing turned off for some strange reason.08:11
maahesyagoo~> thanks, but that's not useful information for me. I'm looking for the physical location of one of the default installed keyboard profile xkb files (or how they're ordered) specifically I'm looking for the german layout Neo208:11
ionutPhi all08:12
yagoomaahes, according to that site "The easiest way to switch to a new layout in your Desktop Environment is to click Computer/Desktop Preferences/Keyboard Preferences. "08:12
ionutPanyone using blueman?08:12
maahesyagoo~> and that's not what I'm interested in. I'm interested in *editing that file*08:12
hellyeah./var/www not found in apache2.conf08:12
maahesspecifically using it as a template to create my own custom keyboard profile08:12
ionutPhow can i enable A2DP source service in blueman?08:12
ElTimoYcarene: Xrender compositing works just dandily, but it's slow as molasses.08:13
theadminhellyeah: You should not search with a .08:13
Ycareneeltimo - could be doing it in software08:13
theadminhellyeah: grep -r '/var/www' /etc/apache2/08:13
yagoomaahes, did u try looking with aptitude or synaptic ? (xkb keyword?)08:13
maahesyagoo~> its already installed. Synaptic wouldn't tell me anything useful about a particular file which is not a program package in itself08:14
ElTimoYcarene: I thought xrender was entirely software?08:14
yagoomaahes, what is installed?08:14
maahesfound it, nevermind08:14
yagoomaa_pan, dpkg -L <packagename>|grep bin08:14
maahesyagoo~> It's a keyboard profile. they're files installed under /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ not a program, not something I wanted to change, just a file I wanted to edit.08:15
syntaxx hi i am on quad display and i ran seperate X on each display due to bad performance on xinerama. But i am wondering if its possible to ran a same entity on each seperate X session rather than ran that application on where it ran the first session?08:15
yagoomaahes, there's probably tools so that you can have it in ~08:15
yagoomaahes, i believe theres'an xkb command or something for X resources08:16
Viking667hm. Something's weird.08:16
maahesyagoo~> there's several, they do not do what you think they do.08:16
Viking667Sorry folks, my irssi's not behaving sanely08:16
yagoomaahes, ckbcomp doesn't do ?08:17
yagoo(there's also manpage loadkeys)08:18
yagoomaahes, you should avoid to editing system wide files.. you should ask #xorg .. things should be easier today :)08:18
maahesyagoo it wouldn't have told me what I wanted to know because I was looking for a file called "neo2" neo2 evidently is a sub-portion of the de layout08:19
maahesyagoo~> I'm copying it, editing it locally and then plugging it back in as my own custom mapping.08:19
yagoomaahes, i'm guessing you can copy everything for that keymap, modify the thing or two, and then load it from ~08:19
=== root is now known as Guest52567
Viking667whew. That got it right... I had a typo in the config.08:20
maahesOh....I'm modifying a crap load. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?rurl=translate.google.com&twu=1&u=http://neo-layout.org/&usg=ALkJrhil5Iaj7Cfv-sNcgNI9F4ONw_3hXQ08:20
yagoohellyeah, i'd simply change where it says /var/www from http://dpaste.com/586911/08:20
maahesI wish there was just some interactive program for creating these damn files08:21
Ycareneeltimo - do you have nvidia-settings installed?08:21
yagoomaahes, you'd need a keyscanner.. i believe by default there's one08:23
yagoo(run it in xterm though.. not in plain console)08:23
legssup all08:24
AdvoWorkis there a way I can check the NS records of a domain from the CLI?08:25
theadminAdvoWork: nslookup08:25
legssure is quite in here08:26
yagooAdvoWork, "dig" command08:27
legsi guess i will talk to myself08:27
ElTimoYcarene: yes I do.08:28
ElTimoYcarene: I've always had problems with the reliability of this video card though. I just resurrected it the other day by baking the motherboard in the oven.08:28
nmvictorI want to be able to add devmode=0664 to my /dev/bus/usb/, so that i can have non-root access usb ports and devices. Any chance I'm gonna achieve this?08:29
jcreekHello legs08:29
ElTimoYcarene: It could just be that I need to bake it again.08:29
YcareneWell, maybe it's just toast, heh.08:29
YcareneBut if it works at all, could be a config issue, What's it say for "configuration" under "x server display configuration" in nvidia-settings.08:30
hellyeahhttp://dpaste.com/586921/ can someone say to me how czn i fix thsat08:30
ElTimoYcarene: I'll tell you in a second. I'm installing the latest driver from nvidia's website.08:30
legshi all08:31
krazykrivdai have a somewhat involved question that involves bash and simple command structure, is there anyone willing to try and help me? please PM08:32
chenthudoes any one know why the "install" button on the gnome-art app dissabled?08:33
makaraif i download the natty cd from the web today will it include all critical updates?08:33
yagoomaahes, any luck?08:33
yagoomakara, ?08:33
yagoomakaka, cd's are not nightly builds..08:33
chenthumakara: no08:34
legsu guys read me alright08:34
ElTimoYcarene: I fixed it. I disabled OpenGL 2.0 shaders. The card is too old to support them.08:34
maahesyagoo~> only thing I can think of his editing this file by hand and manually hand dealing with issues. the guys who made neo said their xkb file was made by hand =(08:34
oCeanhi legs, do you have an ubuntu support question?08:34
YcareneOh, heh, well that works.08:34
jcreeklegs: sure do.08:34
yagoomaahes, there are tutorials on this.. (dpkg -L x11-xkb-utils)08:34
oCeanlegs: this is a support channel. Chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic08:34
legsthnx guys08:34
lotuspsychjeAnyone knows an ubuntu package for webcam security motion detector?08:35
yagoolotuspsychje, i've heard of a good one for any generic linux (multi screen)..08:35
lotuspsychjeyagoo:did you remember its name?08:35
makarayagoo: chenthu: i can't get 11.04 32 or 64 to connect through my mobile broadband modem, so I can't do updates, which I'm guessing fixed the mobile issues. so I'm screwed then08:35
yagoolotuspsychje, (try google: list of webcam secutity software site:wikipedia.org)08:35
oCeanyagoo: please don't suggest google here08:35
yagoooCean, i didn't.08:36
chenthumakara: nothing wrong...u can always connect ur mobile08:36
tonvinhi,plsease help me when I input "show databases"   show ERROR 1018 (HY000): Can't read dir of '.' (errno: 13)08:36
oCeanyagoo: you clearly did. Don't do it again08:36
yagoooCean, I listed what to search.08:36
yagoooCean, and it's for linux.08:36
oCeanyagoo: it's not welcome here08:36
yagoooCean, LOL08:37
yagoowhy u being rude?08:37
yagoou an op?08:37
oCeanyagoo: that does not matter at all08:37
yagooi'm not paid for helping him out..08:37
lotuspsychjedont sweat it guys ill find it08:37
yagoowell u sure need to help out here..08:37
krazykrivdaI can execute 3 'cp' commands by doing xxx="eval cp ...; cp 2...; cp 3...";$xxx   <-- how can I do the 'cp' command if I have to execute by: cp $xxx    instead08:37
yagoooCean, u an op?08:37
chenthumakara: which mbile u use?08:37
jo-erlendwhy is #ubuntu-app-devel set invite-only and how do I become invited?08:37
makarachenthu: huawei e18008:37
chenthumakara: mobile*08:37
chenthumakara: hmmm... no idea abt that... whts the mobile operating system?08:38
makarachenthu: i can't do firmware update either08:38
makaramobile as in modem. mobile broadband. its not a phone08:38
chenthumakara: mobile firmware update not supported here08:38
chenthumakara: oh ok08:39
makarayes i know. the installer only for windows08:39
unopkrazykrivda, why do that?  are you copying the three files to the same target directory?08:39
chenthumakara sry i have no idea...can't understand what you are saying....08:39
tonvinwhy show  "ERROR 1018 (HY000): Can't read dir of '.' (errno: 13)"  when i execute 'show databases;'08:39
krazykrivdaunop: trying to exploit a script that I cannot edit to achieve rooting a device08:39
krazykrivdaunop: however I do have control over this 1 single variable, and nothing more08:40
bahamasanyone know if it's possible to find out from ubuntu how many RAM slots a notebook has?08:40
bahamasi've installed hwinfo, but i can't see any useful information08:40
tonvinanyone knows why?08:40
XamDMhow can i start a program minimzed in gnome and ore unity ???08:40
makarachenthu: i have a modem, a huawei e180. when I plug it into a new installation of either natty 32 or 64 it won't connect to the Internet. it keeps dropping the connection. It can't be the modem as I'm using it right here in the same room with a laptop. Its not my PC hardware because it did work before.08:41
bahamasit tells me only memory range and size08:41
tonvinis there  a mysql expert08:42
makarachenthu: to get my PC to connect I had to copy update debians from apt-cache from my work computer which was uptodate08:42
oCeantonvin: try #mysql08:42
lotuspsychjebahamas: sudo lshw08:42
chenthumakara: u say plugging in then why do u say mobile modem.... how do u use it to connect to ur desktop.....usb? wifi? or etherent?08:42
mustafais here a python expert08:43
makaraits a usb modem08:43
somsipmustafa: sshhshssshsss08:43
IdleOnemustafa: try #python08:43
Skjoedtbahamas: try lshw command08:43
krazykrivdaunop: does my question make sense to you?08:43
bloopletechOn natty, how do I auto hide the top menubar? I tried the same way I used to before unity, but it doesn't seem to wokr (unless I have to restart gnome for it to take effect)08:45
unopkrazykrivda, yea, i think so.  I'm just wondering if $xxx is the argument to the script and whether the script goes to the lengths of quoting the variable - in which case this might be tricky.08:45
krazykrivdaunop: may i PM?08:46
tonvinwhy i can't sent msg on #mysql channel08:46
makarachenthu: something like this - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/modemmanager/+bug/76457608:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 764576 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "network-manager can't connect Mobile Broadband" [Undecided,New]08:47
oCean!register | tonvin you have to register first08:47
ubottutonvin you have to register first: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:47
unopkrazykrivda, ok08:47
makaratonvin: read the blurb when you open the channel. you need to register your nick08:48
chenthumakara: sry i cant help with this i tried....08:48
chenthumakara:  ont know whats wrong08:48
kyle_morning, If i use the following terminal line I canaccess my NTFS share. How do i get this into a format my /etc/ftab file will understand ?08:49
kyle_mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman08:49
yagookyle_, did u ask this like 4 times before? (did u check if modprobe cifs is needed?)08:50
yagookyle_, in root do "modprobe cifs"08:51
lotuspsychjeyagoo: i found 'motion' as webcam security package08:51
=== kedare_work is now known as kedare
bahamaslotuspsychje: there are two banks displayed, so i assume there are only two slots. any way to tell how much memory each supports?08:53
lotuspsychjeAnyone knows solution for gnome-settings-deamon resetting theme to default?08:53
yagoolotuspsychje, there was an amazing one like a year ago.. it had many screenshots on the website..08:53
yagoolotuspsychje, unfortunately i forget the name..08:54
lotuspsychjeyagoo: was it GUI or cmd?08:54
yagoolotuspsychje, there's this -->apt-cache search surveil08:54
lotuspsychjeok lets c08:54
yagoolotuspsychje, it's possible it could of been zoneminder08:55
lotuspsychjeyagoo: installing zoneminder...08:56
yagoolotuspsychje, http://www.zoneminder.com/screenshots08:56
lotuspsychjeyagoo: looks nice mate, tnx..professional stuff08:57
yagoolotuspsychje, cool..08:58
lotuspsychjeyagoo: Starting ZoneMinder: success08:58
Tetsuo55Hello, how can i apply a .diff patch to sourcecode from within ubuntu itself?08:59
makarayagoo. could I download a nightly build cd? is that available, or at least a newer version than the first 11.04 release?08:59
AraneidaeTetsuo55, do you have the source code already, and do you know how to build it?09:00
yagoolotuspsychje, there's even a #zoneminder channel on freenode :)09:00
Tetsuo55ive tried using terminal command "p [mpc-hc/Subtitles/GFN.cpp:65]: (error) Array 'ext[3][0]' index ext[0][0] out of boundsatch"  but i get the error09:00
Tetsuo55ive tried using terminal command "patch" i get the following error 5 out of 5 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file09:00
lotuspsychjeyagoo: cool tnx for hint09:00
yagoomakara, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JigdoDownloadHowto09:00
Tetsuo55Araneidae: i have the source and know how to build it (which is not possible on ubuntu)09:00
AraneidaeTetsuo55, well, it's quite possible that the version of the sources you're patching isn't the same version the patch is against09:00
Araneidae? not possible on Ubuntu?  How so?09:01
Tetsuo55right, i think im behind 1 rev09:01
ubottujigdo is the jigsaw downloader for building cd isos. for more information see http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/09:01
beliTetsuo55: take care of the -p  switch of patch tool09:01
Tetsuo55Araneidae: its a windows app that only compiles with msvc09:01
yagoomakara, the official .iso which are from the main download page is not a nightly build..09:01
AraneidaeAh.  That's a problem09:01
yagoomakara, i don't know much about jigdo if its stable/etc..09:01
yagoo(i always use net updates)09:02
AraneidaeIf the patch fails you need to try patching against the right revision09:02
=== Mud is now known as Guest62896
kyle_yagoo: you there?09:03
yagookyle_, if it doesn't work then see if there's a log entry..09:04
yagookyle_, or try using a verbosity option to see more debugging09:04
kyle_yagoo: nothing happended. Where is the log? a mount -a does not show any error's09:04
xenlandWhats up chat?09:04
makarayagoo: thanks. this looks promising09:04
ActionParsnipxenland: support :)09:04
Tetsuo55Araneidae: ok i have modified the patch so it matches the revision im using, but it still gives me the same error, activiting -p doesnt fix it09:05
yagoomakara, you trying to setup a closed lan?09:05
lotuspsychjebahamas: sudo lshw -C memory09:05
makarayagoo: just trying to get my pc to work09:05
Tetsuo55ActionParsnip: could it be caused by the fact that i got the source from zip file and not from a checkout?09:05
kyle_yagoo: how do i use verbosity, noob here...09:05
yagoomakak, how old is your pc?09:05
yagookyle_, look for any verbosity options with the mount command..09:06
makarawhich part? motherboard can't be older than 3 years09:06
=== skrewler_ is now known as skrewler
xenlandI'm looking for some assistance with installing SSL encryption for Apache2. I've successfully installed a self-signed one and was able to view my site with https:// connection. However, I have a comodo certificate and it seems to fail everytime i attempt to use it09:06
yagoomakara, is it itanium ?09:06
kyle_yagoo: I cant mount the folder using mount -t ..... but i want it to mount at boot. So i wanted to put it in the ftab file.09:06
lotuspsychjeAnyone knows solution for gnome-settings-deamon resetting theme to default?09:07
yagoomakaka, "processor is itanium?"09:07
kyle_yagoo: I !!!CAN!!!  mount the folder using mount -t ..... but i want it to mount at boot. So i wanted to put it in the ftab file.09:07
makarayagoo: AMD Athlon 64 x2 42000+09:07
ActionParsnipTetsuo55: could what be?09:07
yagookyle_, should be in a manpage (apropos cifs)09:08
lotuspsychjekyle_: install pysdm for adding to fstab09:08
ActionParsnipkyle_: could add mount -t in /etc/rc.local   and it will run just before you log in :)09:08
yagookyle_, thought u were saying it wasnt mounting just before09:08
kyle_lotuspsychje: can you explain a little09:08
ActionParsnipmakara: nice :)09:08
lotuspsychjekyle_: pysdm automount ntfs partitions at boot09:09
kyle_yagoo: No, i can mount using mount i just wanted my string editted for ftab09:09
mgolischkyle_: look at the format? its realy not that hard09:09
yagookyle_, so pastebin it.. so people can see what it is (u can replace any password string with somestring)09:10
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:10
ActionParsnipkyle_: if you read /etc/mtab   it should give the options and you can rearrange the output and use it in fstab09:11
Tetsuo55ActionParsnip: im trying to apply a patch but its erroring out with 5 out of 5 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file Subtitles/STS.cpp.rej09:11
Tetsuo55here is the patch im trying to apply https://gist.github.com/a5edb86fa26c14f0b0b409:12
yagooActionParsnip, mtab only shows what has been mounted..09:12
krazykrivdaI can execute 3 'cp' commands by doing xxx="eval cp ...; cp 2...; cp 3...";$xxx   <-- how can I do the 'cp' command if I have to execute by: cp $xxx    instead09:13
yagooActionParsnip, wouldn't show all the options for a particular fs type09:13
Tetsuo55and im applying it to a source that i downloaded as a zip file, so i didnt use svn checkout09:13
AraneidaeTetsuo55, that'll be a -p0 patch09:13
kyle_mount -t cifs //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile -o user=kyle.wadman,password=********09:13
mgolischman fstab?09:13
AraneidaeTetsuo55,  can you pastebin the errors?09:14
mgolischits realy not that hard dude09:14
kyle_that works, so how woudl you write that in ftab.09:14
yagookyle_, if mtab does show anything for cifs that can be helpful..09:14
kyle_ActionParsnip: might just to the /etc/rc/local bit in a min09:14
yagookyle_, what does "cat /etc/mtab" say ?09:14
Tetsuo55Araneidae: http://pastebin.com/URuCkf2v09:15
ActionParsnipyagoo: sure but you can get it mounted, then run it09:15
ActionParsnipkyle_: it /etc/rc.local    my bad09:15
kyle_//cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile cifs rw,mand 0 009:15
lotuspsychjewhere can i edit gnome-settings-manager to prevent setting gnome themes to default at boot?09:15
yagooadd that line to fstab..09:15
AraneidaeTetsuo55, it's definitely not happy ... at all.09:16
AraneidaeWhere's the source zip, I'll take a look.09:16
AraneidaeI wonder if it could be as simple as a line endings issue?09:16
kyle_yagoo: But i need to add username and password09:16
lotuspsychjegnome-settings-deamon that is09:16
mgolischkyle_: do so then09:16
yagookyle_, add the password later.. see if that line works..09:16
Tetsuo55Araneidae: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/mpc-hc/changeset/3580/trunk?old_path=%2F&format=zip09:17
yagookyle_, oh..09:17
kyle_yagoo: ok, 1 sec09:17
yagookyle_, try password=<> as the option09:17
yagoo.  //cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile cifs rw,mand,password=abc 0 009:17
goddardany .dll viewers09:18
yagoo(there's also username= option)09:19
xenlanddoes anybody know how CA certificates work with apache2?09:19
xenlandI keep getting [fail] error when trying start apache209:20
AraneidaeTetsuo55, I've reproduced your problem, will look deeper now09:20
ActionParsnipxenland: did you also ask in the apache channel?09:20
yagooKyle__, thing is there's like 5 ways that u can mount smb/cifs..09:20
Tetsuo55ActionParsnip: cool thanks09:20
lotuspsychjexenland: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/ssl/ssl_howto.html09:20
yagooKyle__, apparently u want to have this on boot which shouldn't be a problem..09:20
xenlandThanks lotuspsychje, but that is the exact tut i've been following09:21
xenlandactionparsnip: I have not I will try that09:21
=== lommes_ is now known as lommes
lotuspsychjexenland: any errors on logs, apache not starting?09:21
Jon--I am trying to bridge my eth0 connection over WLAN (allowing other nearby people to connect to my computer as an AP). Security heavily preferred if possible. I would also require to be able to use my eth0 connection to use the Internet at the same time. Friend and I are basically trying to share a single hotel Ethernet port.09:22
AraneidaeTetsuo55, definitely looks like a line ending issue: your sources are CRLF endings, and the patch file is in Unix format09:22
Tetsuo55how to fix?09:23
goddardJon--: can your wifi act as an ap?09:23
yagooapt-cache search dos2unix09:23
yagooor u can use one of those crazy sed commands :)09:23
yagoothere's editors that can handle cr/lf.. dunno which ones though09:24
goddardJon--: your wifi card must support master mode09:24
Tetsuo55ok installing dos2unix09:24
icerootyagoo: vim, emacs e.g.09:24
lotuspsychjexenland: http://www.linode.com/wiki/index.php/Apache2_SSL_in_Ubuntu09:24
goddardJon--: not many drivers support it what wifi card do you have09:25
Jon--goddard, hold on09:25
AraneidaeTetsuo55, there might be an option on patch, otherwise you can convert all your sources by running dos2unix on them09:25
yagooiceroot, what about on X.. i'm guessing their x counterparts..09:25
goddardJon--: or if you have an android phone you could use that09:25
Jon--goddard, 09:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)09:25
icerootyagoo: emacs is x09:25
icerootyagoo: gvim also09:26
goddardJon--: what driver?09:26
yagooiceroot, would it show the flow of text with %CRLF escapes or do the new line?09:26
AraneidaeTetsuo55, if I run `find -type f -exec dos2unix {} \;` the patch then applies (except for one failed hunk), but that's a bit drastic09:26
goddardJon--: type lspci -v and look for your card09:26
icerootyagoo: ?09:26
yagooKyle__, ok i looked into this..09:26
yagooKyle__, u still there? I found what ur missing.. ur missing a package09:27
Maceri keep running into ssl errors in links09:27
Jon--goddard, http://pastebin.com/wwiEJc1909:27
Macerverification error: unable to get local issuer certificate09:27
lotuspsychjexenland: this guy has similar prob with apache2: http://blog.room34.com/archives/460109:27
goddardJon--: jon you should be able to09:27
Maceram i missing something here?09:27
Tetsuo55dos2unix failed to stop any error09:27
Macercan i disable ssl errors in links?09:27
Jon--goddard, Great. How do I do it then?09:28
AraneidaeTetsuo55, that's the best I can come up with.  Works for me09:28
goddardJon--: look into hostapd and dnsmasq09:28
yagooTetsuo55, what file is this? (i believe dos2unix is only for plain text files)09:28
AraneidaeI get one hunk failed in src/filters/PinInfoWnd.cpp, but that's all09:28
makarayagoo: what must I do next? http://dpaste.com/586983/09:28
carli2help. i updated my 10.10 yesterday and when i play videos my screen becomes black and i cant restart Xorg. i'm having intel 91509:28
goddardJon--: it is some what involved so don't expect to set this up in 5 minutes or anything maybe a hour or so09:28
adreanalinkHow can I let my system see packet I installed manually from make?? (Idon't want to install it from Synaptic)09:29
o0o0carli2: which player do you use?09:29
lotuspsychjeMacer: links text browser?09:29
dfcnvtHi, I'm wondering does the permission setting is set up differently if I entered either of these command, EX: "root@local#apt-get upgrade" & "user@local#sudo apt-get upgrade" ???09:29
goddardJon--: what kinda computer do you have btw my card is only two versions older then yours and i have a pretty new pc09:29
NimeisHi there. First time here...https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/702451 This is the problem I have. I also think this http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=41232 refers to the same problem. Has anyone faced this issue before? I found out this bug is present also in some other applications, so it is global. Im using 11.04.09:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 702451 in openoffice.org (Ubuntu) "openoffice-calc tooltips are white on yellow when editing XLS file, making them unreadable" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:29
carli2o0o0: mplayer and totem both dont work. i also tried mplayer with -vo sdl09:29
Macerlotuspsychje: yes09:30
lotuspsychjeMacer: i dont think links can handle ssl, but you could try to install Links209:30
belidfcnvt: what do you mean with permission setting?09:30
chenthuwhats the difference between "grub" and "grub-gfxpayload-lists grub-pc"09:30
Jon--goddard, This is a loaner laptop because my usual one has a cracked screen. It's some gateway laptop.09:30
yagoomakara, try seeing why the installer is failing.. have u tried a text-only install or turning off acpi or something?09:31
Macerlotuspsychje: ah ok09:31
Tetsuo55i give up then :/09:31
dfcnvtbeli, Is being a root is the same as sudo for user?  ex: -rw-r--r--  <---- permission setting09:31
Tetsuo55ill patch it on windows and send the patched zip to ubuntu09:32
makarayagoo: installer? i thought we were creating an uptodate distribution cd. where is the result? jigdo wants to go round in circles09:32
yagoomakara, u cant fix the installer with jigdo..09:32
yagoomakara, thought u said u never had an install working..09:32
yagoomakara, I said since I first told u about jigdo that I never performed jigdo :p09:33
belidfcnvt:: if a users is allowed to exec stuff via sudo as the root user, the commands started with sudo are executed as the root user...09:33
Hot2TrotHow can I edit ~/.mplayer/config so that whenever I use mplayer it automatically uses the option -fs?09:34
bullgard4_glebihan: "[08:25]<glebihan>bullgard4, no no contradiction, compiled drivers are in .so format as are other shared libraries" <-- Thank you very much for your help.09:34
Macerlotuspsychje: no. same problem Verification error: unable to get local issuer certificate09:34
yagoomakara, i'm not talking about jigdo with u at this moment.. (even though u do use install sources with jigdo operations).. but initially i thought u were trying to use jigdo operations "in order" to have an installable ubuntu cd..09:34
Macerbut lynx seems to work fine09:34
makarablind leading the blind09:34
Maceri would rather avoid lynx tho09:35
makarayagoo: i want an uptodate installation cd for 11.04 32bit09:35
tsimpsonHot2Trot: add a line with "fs=1"09:35
belidfcnvt: for example you could do as a user:   sudo ps -ef  | grep ps     and you will see that ps -ef is executed as the root user, while the grep ps   is executed as your user09:35
lotuspsychjeMacer: Thought so..links2 browser just for simple txt based browsing...not ssl stuff or https09:35
yagoomakara, yah.. and I said I never use jigdo.. I can't help u on jigdo..09:35
yagoofrom the very beginning i said this..09:35
dfcnvtbeli, hmm okay, perhaps I think I'll learn more if I happen to change the setting for user if used sudo. Can you change the limitation for user directly or sudo program only?09:35
cyphacan someone help me navigate .xresources?09:36
yagoomakara, then i asked u .. why do u want an updated cd? you told me you're trying to install ubuntu on your hardware..09:36
bullgard6[Natty] '~$ ps aux | grep mmc; detlef    2161  0.0  0.1  59152  5000 pts/2    S+   06:57   0:00 mc /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.38/drivers/mmc/ ' What strange process is this?09:36
yagoocypha, man xrdb09:36
Macerlotuspsychje: hm. i will try other https sites. i was just wondering if there was a CA problem in which i would have to manually download certs09:36
Macerah well. thanks anyways09:37
ActionParsnipegyption: kill the caps please09:37
bazhangegyption, try ##python and lose the caps09:37
belidfcnvt: in linux everything is files....to limit users to access these files...you use the file ownerchip (man chown) and file permissions (man chmod). to organize access for many users...you use groups....you should read about that....its basic linux stuff09:37
bullgard6[soved] I overlooked "mc".09:37
yagooegyption, you going to ask rude you'll have the opposite effect.09:37
cyphayagoo: i looked it up online as well09:37
cyphai'm not understanding how to reassign keybindings09:38
lotuspsychjeMacer: not sure if links can handle manually download certs09:38
cyphasuch as Alt+1 in xterm09:38
Nimeisbeli: I don't get your idea, I just use chmod, and its sufficient for me. The rest: can anyone answer my previous question?09:38
belidfcnvt: you just use sudo if you need to allow users to do special stuff if its not possible to do seperate it  with the permissions09:38
yagoocypha, that's probably xkb..09:38
yagoocypha, it's not a novice topic..09:38
cyphayagoo: is there a channel more appropriate?09:39
yagooegyption, well i know python and can't help you with your language. have a nice day09:40
ActionParsnipegyption: dude, take your finger off the caps key!!09:40
Araneidaeegyption, use lower case letters, you'll get a more friendly response09:40
yagoolotuspsychje, u can laugh with me :)09:40
cyphayagoo: i simply want to reassign alt+1 in xterm09:40
damnoi need a encoder to rip mves and encode in H.246 from a dvd09:40
cyphacan you tell me how to assign that to a different key?09:40
Morgzcan anyone tell me a cmd line that will copy every file in every subdirectory to current directory..09:41
cyphai think it switches to the first tab in xterm09:41
lotuspsychjeyagoo : :p09:41
bazhangdamno, ogmrip09:41
csengeshi, is it possible to configure ubuntu to restore a specific window layout (apps, position, size) on startup? [possibly a gnome question]09:41
Lasersdamno: Handbrake.09:41
Nimeisomg, is this a begginer chat?09:41
bazhangNimeis, all levels, yes09:41
lotuspsychjeanyone knows where to edit gnome-settings-deamon to prevent resetting gnome theme to default?09:41
damnolet me see guys.. thnx09:41
AraneidaeThis is the default Ubuntu channel, so of course it's beginners!09:42
ActionParsnipdamno: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVD%3A%3ARip09:42
beliNimeis: we all started someday...so what do you want to say?09:42
bazhangActionParsnip, hes gone09:42
ActionParsnipbazhang: yeah saw after I pasted :909:42
NimeisI wrote my question earlier...09:42
dfcnvtbeli, I've used chmod before but I never had a chance to really know how to set up the boundary between two user from using the program. I'll learn more when I have a chance. Thanks anyway.09:43
AraneidaeMorgz: `find /target/directory -type f -exec cp {} \;` will do what you asked, but probably isn't what you want09:43
belidfcnvt: yw09:43
MrCoffeeTVBack in a moment, got this terminal in a full window.  Want to resize it.09:43
AraneidaeOops: find /target/directory -type f -exec cp {}  . \;09:43
yagooAraneidae, '{}' will make sure spaces are wrapped :)09:44
bazhangegyption, /join ##python , stop asking here09:44
Araneidaeyagoo, no, that's not how shell quoting works09:44
egyptionOK BAZHANG09:45
Araneidaeegyption, stop using CAPITALS!09:45
egyptionbut why sir?09:45
bazhangegyption, its the python channel09:45
bazhangegyption, thats here. ##python <---- for python09:46
Araneidaeyagoo, in particular, the shell is not used to exec the `cp` command09:46
egyptionok thank you sir09:46
AraneidaeActually, #python looks more lively than ##python09:47
yagooMorgz, rsync -a /source /target09:47
bazhangthought it re-directed09:47
yagooMorgz, that's the best solution.. apparently somebody gave an improper command..09:47
bullgard6Natty writes at startup in a virtual console: "[1.581365] mmc0: no vmc regulator found". I suppose that this message originates from the MMC kernel subsystem. Is mmc0 a program, or what is it?09:47
yagooMorgz, (permissions/owner will be copied as well)09:48
AraneidaeSounds more like a device09:48
yagooAraneidae, u need '{}' to copy spaced-filenames..09:48
yagoo"  '{}'  "09:48
Araneidaeyagoo, you're not right, and the reason is reasonably subtle.09:48
yagooand it's better to use xargs with find..09:48
yagoook try it..09:49
=== b0nghittr is now known as b0nghitter
Hot2TrotHow can I edit ~/.mplayer/config so that whenever I use mplayer it automatically uses the option -fs?09:49
AraneidaeFirst of all, the quotes around {} are stripped by the shell before {} is passed as an argument to find09:49
icerootbullgard6: mmc0 should be your card-reader09:49
MorgzAreneidae - couldn't get that command to work "/targetdir\n: No such file of directory"09:49
AraneidaeSecondly, find doesn't use the shell to launch the -exec'ed program09:49
bullgard6!prefix | Araneidae09:49
ubottuAraneidae: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:49
icerootbullgard6: (m)e(m)ory(c)ard(0)09:49
Morgzyagoo - will rsync "flatten" the files. Trying to lose the subdirs09:50
yagooAraneidae, he'll be overwriting files if filenames are the same in the subdirs as well..09:50
NimeisListen guys, I found a bug that is present in many applications, was discovered long time ago and hasn't been fixed. Im using 11.04.  Should I look for some other chat?09:50
AraneidaeMorgz, I did say it wasn't what he wanted09:50
ActionParsnipHot2Trot: you can use an alias, it will mean mplayer ALWAYS uses the option09:50
yagooMorgz, well u'll ^ (lose files if filenames are the same)09:50
AraneidaeMorgz, you're better off with `cp -a`09:50
bullgard6iceroot: A device designator, or a filename or what?09:50
Tetsuo55Araneidae: i found the problem, the zip file was using windows line endings, if i do a svn checkout everything should apply correctly09:50
AraneidaeTetsuo55, that's good, is what I thought09:51
icerootbullgard6: everything on linux is a file09:51
icerootbullgard6: but yes its a device designator09:51
AraneidaeThanks for getting back09:51
ActionParsnipHot2Trot: in ~/.bashrc    you can add     alias mplayer='mplayer -fs'09:51
AraneidaeMorgz, didn't realise you did want to flatten the directory09:51
kyle_ActionParsnip: I tried to add my line to the rc.local file but that didn't work :(09:52
bullgard6iceroot: How can a device designator write a message on thevirtual console?09:52
AraneidaeMorgz, Then you do want my command, it's just the first part is the source directory09:52
MorgzAraneidae - sorry terrible at explaining stuff. cp -a or cp -dR didn't do it.09:52
yagooMorgz, i believe u can flatten it out with rsync09:52
yagooMorgz, rsync is a lazy man's tool imho09:52
icerootbullgard6: the kernel is writing that message09:52
lotuspsychjeanyone knows where to edit gnome-settings-deamon to prevent resetting gnome theme to default?09:52
AraneidaeMorgz, let me be more clear.  Let /source/dir be the name of the directory you want to flatten, /target/dir where you want to put everything.09:53
yagooMorgz, if u want to be sure u don't overwrite files.. u can use tee09:53
yagooMorgz, like->rsync <properstuff> | tee myoutput.txt09:53
Nimeismy mistake09:53
AraneidaeMorgz, then `find /target/dir -type f -exec cp {} /target/dir \;` should work (without the ``)09:53
AraneidaeMorgz, then `find /source/dir -type f -exec cp {} /target/dir \;` should work (without the ``)09:53
bullgard6iceroot: Yes. Probably in particular the MMC kernel subsystem. But what program or routine of the kernel?09:54
Araneidaeyagoo, if you're using xargs then you *do* need to worry about shell quoting (or use -print0 etc)09:54
icerootbullgard6: ##linux09:54
icerootbullgard6: guess that is to detailed for #ubuntu09:54
AraneidaeWhat's the difference between a # and a ## channel?09:55
MorgzAraneidae - that worked, seems odd to have to specify the same directory twice, but regardless it's working09:55
icerootAraneidae: # is the official channel, ## not09:55
AraneidaeMorgz, Same directory?  Sorry, did you use my first mistaken command?09:56
Jon--Attempting ad-hoc WEP network with Ubuntu 11.04 and NetworkManager. I am getting "Connection Established / Disconnected" constantly from my manager. eth0 still fine. Ideas?09:56
Araneidaeiceroot, ta09:56
=== pr0ton_ is now known as pr0ton
AraneidaeFunny though, quite a few # channels seem to redirect to ## channels09:57
MorgzAraneidae - first one didn't work for me, last did. run cmd from source/target dir, defined twice in 2nd cmd but it worked anyways, seems more convoluted than necessary, but thanks nonetheless09:57
bazhangAraneidae, more a question for #freenode09:57
yagooMorgz, find /somplace -type f | wc -l   .. does  line count09:57
MysteriousManQuestion : how to remove folder (in home dir) when uninstall  program using makefile ??09:57
yagooMorgz, then do compare this number to ur target dir.. u can be sure if any filenames were overwritten..09:58
AraneidaeMorgz, if your current directory is /target/dir then you can put . instead of /target/dir09:58
Araneidaeyagoo, Morgz wanted to flatten everything, so overwriting will be part of the story09:58
yagooI take that as sarcastically.. i'll let that one pass09:59
lotuspsychjedoes regular updates fixes bugs too?09:59
yagooMorgz, what works for you that's good.. keep things professional and clean..10:00
AraneidaeMysteriousMan, it's not a good idea for makefiles to go round touching user directories, so you'll have to remove any user specific files by hand.10:00
kyle_ActionParsnip: I tried to add my line to the rc.local file but that didn't work :(10:00
yagookyle_, did u get my pm?10:01
yagookyle_, you're missing the cifs-utils package..10:01
yagookyle_, this will allow u to use fstab with cifs10:01
kyle_yagoo: I see. Can i paste you my line again ad you let me know how too format it for ftab10:02
yagoo(it also installs the mount.cifs manpage-- man mount.cifs)10:02
MysteriousMan<Araneidae> how i will remove folder in every pc by hand that have installed my program :)10:02
kyle_yagoo: cifs-utils is already the newest version10:02
yagookyle_, http://www.manpagez.com/man/8/mount.cifs/10:03
AraneidaeMysteriousMan, rm -rf /path/to/folder10:04
yagookyle_, by default that package isn't installed..10:04
=== MrsB_ is now known as MrsB
yagookyle_, so u just installed it..try the /etc/fstab with it..10:04
MysteriousMan<Araneidae> do I put in makefile or where??!10:04
=== larry is now known as Guest19230
meomichey, is there any way to make xorg use less memory? it uses about 600~ ram currently... - other way than rebooting pc, metacity was using 200 - but i reloaded window decorator and its normal again - my os is ubuntu 11.04 x86-64bit10:05
chenthuis there any possiblity for me to install gnome 3 on ubuntu Natty?10:05
icerootchenthu: yes10:05
bazhangchenthu, not supported. avoid it10:05
icerootchenthu: but that will break unity10:05
kyle_yagoo: OK i have it.  I will try it.10:05
bazhang!gnome3 | chenthu10:05
ubottuchenthu: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.10:05
icerootchenthu: to have a look at gnome3 maybe try the fedora-livecd10:06
bazhangchenthu, breakage requires a reinstall.10:06
yagookyle_, you've been on this for a while.. so you should deserve to get it working :)10:06
boykaHallo mensch!10:06
boykaI am looking for a girl here10:06
chenthubazhang: i am already using gnome 2.x.x.x..... and i never used unity10:06
bazhangboyka, wrong channel10:06
yagoo!ops boyka10:07
boykaI think she'll be here somewhere10:07
boykano no10:07
bazhangyagoo, no need10:07
boykashe's in the chat10:07
MrCoffeeTVI've tried Gnome 3, it's not bad.  It does require more mouse clicks than the old Gnome, though.10:07
bazhangboyka, stop NOW10:07
boykaname is Susan.10:07
icerootboyka: wrong channel for that10:07
boykaanyone know any user by that name10:07
kyle_yagoo: i don't mind doint it in the etc/rc.local file but i think that runs as local user so mount dosn't work. Can i run as root and add root pasword to the same line?10:07
kora-chanHey, I just connected  a external monitor to my vga port (running on intel 3000HD) on my machine (11.04). the problem is that i can only switch the resolution as high as 1024x768 but the monitor can 1280x1024, any idea?10:07
chenthuiceroot: i am not going to fedora.....hmmm may be i will check it out ... :-P10:07
icerootchenthu: there is no other stable live-system atm with gnome310:07
* yagoo has only called on ops to call out on boyka. I know when i see trouble. real trouble.10:08
yagoogeez relax bazhang on me will ya?10:08
bazhangyagoo, lets stay on topic10:08
icerootchenthu: maybe opensuse also have gnome3 as stable live-cd but not ubuntu and as it seems there wont be gnome3 (the real gnome3) in the future on ubuntu10:08
yagooya.. but it's the first time i called out on this..10:08
yagootime to move on..10:08
lotuspsychjeanyone got sugestion to fix this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/71318610:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 713186 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "theme resets to default grey theme on boot. have to logout and back to get my theme again (dup-of: 639913)" [Low,Incomplete]10:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 639913 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon random crash at session start (xorg badmatch error)" [Low,Confirmed]10:09
MrCoffeeTVThe only way to try Gnome 3 that I know of, is on a live CD.10:10
MrCoffeeTVDon't know of a way to install it, or which distribution it's available for.10:10
chenthuiceroot: hmmm.... unity dint wor on mine... so i am using classic ubuntu classic on my system...but that was after disabling nouveau and before instaliong my nvidia driver... ihope it works now10:10
MrCoffeeTVUnity works fine on my system, chenthu, and this is an older Sempron based machine.10:10
ActionParsnipMrCoffeeTV: there is an unstable PPA, it's default in Oneiric10:11
MrCoffeeTVI have an NVidia GT 8400, which Ubuntu has no issues with.10:11
ActionParsnipchenthu: Unity needs 3D accelleration to run, or you can install Unity 2D10:11
MrCoffeeTVI see, ActionParsnip.  Interesting.10:11
ActionParsnip!gnome3 | MrCoffeeTV10:11
ubottuMrCoffeeTV: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.10:11
chenthuMrCoffeeTV: then i will try it again ...thank you10:12
MrCoffeeTVThanks, ubottu10:12
MrCoffeeTVchenthu: the Gnome 3 live CD doesn't actually install, it just runs on the CD.  So, no harm just trying it.10:13
chenthuActionParsnip: 3d acceleration works on my system i think ....... amd turion 64 nvidia geforce go 6150 2.5 gb ram i think it can work thought its a pretty old laptop....let me try10:13
TBotNikAll: How do I clear, extra conflicting "wired" network connections?10:13
chenthuMrCoffeeTV: so the live cd is bootable like an operating system?10:13
MrCoffeeTVI would just test firefox with it.  It also has Libra Office and other apps available to try, but I wouldn't use those to edit files.10:15
nixusrAug  4 18:05:49 buyvm256 sm-mta[9409]: STARTTLS=client, relay=gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com., version=TLSv1/SSLv3, verify=FAIL, cipher=RC4-SHA, bits=128/12810:15
nixusri have been filled with these errors in my log file10:15
chenthuwhen i tried doin "sudo apt-get install unity" ... it says already installed... but still gnome2.32.1 is active on my system10:15
bazhangnixusr, from what10:15
ActionParsnipchenthu: I have the same video chip, install nvidia-current and it will run (as long as your monitor correctly reports EDID). If it doesn't give EDID then run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig    and reboot10:16
bazhangchenthu, the package is unity-2d if thats what you want10:16
chenthuActionParsnip: i have unity instaled but still gnome is active...what do i have to do10:16
ActionParsnipchenthu: you can do anything in the liveOS which you can do in an installed OS except reboot. It just uses a RAM drive for storage10:16
chenthubazhang: No i wanna try unity 3d10:17
ActionParsnipchenthu: gnome and unity will both run at the same time...10:17
bazhangchenthu, choose from login window10:17
nixusrbazhang, sendmail10:17
TBotNikRepeating: All: How do I clear, extra conflicting "wired" network connections?10:17
ActionParsnipchenthu: unity is not a replacement for gnome10:17
chenthuActionParsnip: how to check if i am running unity10:17
bazhangTBotNik, from where. details10:17
ActionParsnipchenthu: ps -ef | grep -i unity10:17
amt0101Hello, I am using Gnome...and ubuntu 10.10. My gnome network applet is gone from the bar, how can I bring it back?10:17
ActionParsnipamt0101: run:  nm-applet10:18
amt0101ActionParsnip,  Thank you so much!10:18
nixusrbazhang, i enabled logcehcker to email me at a regular interval and denyhosts to email me as well.10:18
Morgzamt0101 - are you the only user logged in?10:18
TBotNikbazhang: System + Preferences + Network Connections10:18
MysteriousManQuestion: I hv finish my program , it use folder in home dir for prog data, how to remove that folder when the user remove  the program???10:18
bazhangTBotNik, click edit/remove, delete10:19
TBotNikbazhang: All the files are clean these 2 extra connect won't let wifi lock in and come up.10:19
chenthuActionParsnip: i am getting this after running that command... http://paste.ubuntu.com/659192/10:19
=== Msh100 is now known as MSHughes
hroijGConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server ....   I get this kind of message when starting emacs.10:19
=== MSHughes is now known as Msh100
hroiI have no gnome desktop... just server10:20
TBotNikbazhang: Either greyed out or when I get them "ungreyed" delete is not an option.10:20
amt0101ActionParsnip,  How do you bring up the run menue?10:20
amt0101ActionParsnip,  menu*10:20
vuthbrasero burning program sucks...K3B is way to go10:20
=== Mud is now known as Guest7994
NobberNoob question: My audio seems to lack bass (in Natty 11.04) any ideas how to change this?10:21
ActionParsnipamt0101: press ALT+f210:22
ActionParsnipNobber: there is a pulse equalizer in a PPA you can tweak it that way10:22
Nonickshow can I open a program with notepad as a root?10:22
TBotNikbazhang: So any other great ideas?10:22
ActionParsnipNobber: http://exploreubuntu.wordpress.com/2010/04/18/equalizer-for-pulse-audio/10:22
ActionParsnipNonicks: gksudo gedit /path/to/file10:23
ActionParsnipNonicks: notepad is for windows ;)10:23
Nonicks-.- it is? I saw it there in .. wait10:24
NonicksOh man -.-10:24
yagookyle_, use pastebin if u want to continue u can here..10:24
NonicksWell anyway thanks10:24
ionitecan i upgrade from my netbook remix to either XFCE or KDE?10:24
bazhangionite, sure10:24
ionitebazhang: how do i go about?10:25
bazhangionite, what version currently10:25
nqshi peeps.  I'm trying to create a 3+1 raid 10 device in ubutu server (inside a VM)  I create the raid device with the installer, but once created I don't see the device.  how can I access it?10:25
bazhangionite, 10.10?10:25
TBotNikbazhang: These have to be held in a file somewhere.  I wish I knew where cus I'd delete them.  Anyone out there have an Ideas of where these get stored?10:26
OmegaFortenqs, Are you trying to create a HAL layer, or are you making a virtual raid in the vm...10:26
chenthuActionParsnip: i just realised my unity is running but i dont have a dock like side bar like shown in the ubunt official video10:26
ActionParsnipionite: sure just install the DE you desire10:27
ionitebazhang: yep10:27
bazhangionite, upgrade to 11.04, install the xubuntu-desktop / kubuntu-desktop package10:27
ActionParsnipchenthu: if you run:  ccsm   (you may need to install compizconfig-settings-manager)10:27
ActionParsnipchenthu: you can enable the unity plugin10:27
bazhangionite, then if you wish to remove gnome, use the purekde or purexfce link10:27
chenthuActionParsnip: ok10:27
bazhang!purekde > ionite10:27
ubottuionite, please see my private message10:27
bazhang!purexfce | ionite10:28
ubottuionite: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »10:28
makarayagoo: for the record, jigdo seems to be pretty pointless. it has downloaded over 700mb of updates and its still going so there's really no added efficiency10:28
iRBiNiXhello. Have anybody mail on .edu???10:28
bazhangiRBiNiX, how is that on topic for here10:28
OmegaFortemakara, What is your issue?10:28
nqsOmegaForte: i'm not sure.  trying to learn raid, i heard ubuntu is easier.  so far that is false.   but I have 1 64mb /boot device and 4 756mb sas raid devices.  I'd expect to see the raid device so i can create partitions within it, yet I onl[y see the physical devices.  when I try to continue it tells me i don't have a root file system10:29
merfso what is the topic10:29
ionitebazhang: ActionParsnip: which is better for my atom 1.6ghz? XFCE or KDE?10:29
bazhangmerf, try /topic10:30
OmegaFortenqs, Raid requires hardware. If you're making an LVS system, you're gonna have to do it from OUTSIDE of the virtual machine, and it will only be visible in Linux.10:30
bazhangionite, your choice try them or check out screenshots, please dont poll here10:30
makaraOmegaForte: i want latest version of natty because the original 11.04 release has a bug that prevents my usb modem from connecting10:30
OmegaFortemakara, You done any research about the modem and current support?10:30
bazhangionite, both will work fine with that system.10:31
TBotNikbazhang: Even have a network restart script but not helping.  Sometimes I get 1/2 way there then it screws me again.  There are 2 extra false connections [ifupdown (eth2) and ifupdown (wlan0)] showing under "wired" connections in Network Manager, but can not delete them. I think there is another place in gnome or gconf that is holding these and that is where the problem is coming from, these conflict with the real eth2 and wlan0 settings.10:31
chenthuActionParsnip: it worked thanks... :)10:32
OmegaFortenqs, and you don't make a raid array inside an operating system. You do it from the raid controller's firmware during boot, or with their specific mananger inside a supported operatic system.10:32
ionitebazhang: work fine is one matter. optimal performance is another10:32
makarathe modem works fine on an updated 11.04 64bit. i'm using it now to chat through lucid lynx10:32
nqsOmegaForte: ok, maybe i'm confused.  are you saying that mdadm is dependent on having a hardwore controller?10:32
makarabut when i install fresh, obviously i can't get the updates for 11.04 without a connection10:32
makara800mb. is this going to end sometime or should I just give up. mobile broadband is extremely expensive in my country10:33
OmegaFortenqs, All raid, except LVS is hardware, home skillet. mdadm controls software raid. Something you won't get performance out of. Raid controllers have specific hardware to make them actually do their job. Doing things over software can slow things down far more than you'd expect.10:34
OmegaFortemakara, Find a physical line or some wifi until it's done.10:34
nqsOmegaForte: i may be assuming that the base system can be isntalled to a mdadm device.  is this incorrect?10:35
makarayeah. damn what a waste10:35
makaracan you comment on jigdo though?10:35
ActionParsnipchenthu: np man10:35
OmegaFortenqs, I wouldn't do it. Software raid doesn't reflect performance, and in some cases, stability. Raid in it's own is to either gain SPEED in the absense of lifetime, or the gain of RELIABILITY in the absense of speed. No point in software raid unless you're just spanning.10:36
OmegaFortemakara, You talking to me? If you are, I don't know what that is.10:36
TBotNikAll: Anyone else have ideas on how I fix my WiFi?10:36
ActionParsnipTBotNik: whats up with it?10:37
TBotNikActionParsnip: Can't get my WiFi settings to stick tonight.  Box had bad shutdown and now I have crap. Even have a network restart script but not helping.  Sometimes I get 1/2 way there then it screws me again.  There are 2 extra false connections [ifupdown (eth2) and ifupdown (wlan0)] showing under "wired" connections in Network Manager, but can not delete them. I think there is another place in gnome or gconf that is holding these and th10:37
nqsOmegaForte: i use hardvare raid in my old file server.  i'll agree it's better in most cases, but in my case, the controller is so old if it dies, assuming i could find another (ok, i do have 2 spares...) the softwore to access it is no longer avadiable.   software raid would solve that problem10:37
spexiHi! I have Ati Radeon HD3850 with two dvi ports. Other port has Samsung Syncmaster T240 and other port has ViewSonic VG1921wm. Samsung works fine but ViewSonic has a blank screen.10:38
spexiWith having ViewSonic plugged in, Ubuntu 11.04 Live-CD boots over 10 minutes, without the monitor the boot lasts about two minutes or less.10:38
OmegaFortenqs, with a huge trade-off of the file system not being transplantable, re-scalable or performing within normal disk standards, let alone with a controller.10:38
spexiAll settings with monitors are freezing, for example changing resolution to Samsung monitor and applying it takes 2-3 minutes and mouse is not moving.10:38
yagoomakara, u can try keeping the update .debs by setting up options in apt.conf-- then copy all those .debs from /var/cache/apt/archives to other machines10:38
bahamashi. are there any issues with the 64-bit ubuntu? i don't have any issues with it myself. i'm just asking because i'm thinking of installing it to be able to use more RAM10:38
spexiIs the problem with ViewSonic and Ubuntu (there's no problems with the monitor when using Windows), or just having dual screen with these monitors or this display adapter is causing problems?10:38
bahamasalso, on the download page the 32 bit version is recommended10:38
MrCoffeeTVbahamas: I have run the 64 bit version on an AMD Sempron, and no issues.10:39
MrCoffeeTVA bit slow, though.10:39
TBotNikActionParsnip: So what do you think?10:39
yagoomakara, eg: u can use the --download-only option and then backup the .debs from the /var/cache/apt/archives10:39
bahamasMrCoffeeTV: i have an i510:39
OmegaFortespexi, Sounds like you're having a UI related issue. I work best on those. Do you use Unity?10:39
ActionParsnipTBotNik: can you give the output of:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; lsmod       Thanks10:39
MrCoffeeTVYou should be good to go, bahamas10:39
spexiOmegaForte: Yes, I'm using Unity10:40
MrCoffeeTVI mean, that i5 should bat KDE 4.7 around like a toy.10:40
spexiand now with the livecd10:40
nqsOmegaForte: as an aside, are you familiar at all with raidZ on linux?  i'm trying to emulate a system i'm considering with 2 raid arrays, and for the second i'm trying to decide between raid 5, raid 6 and raid z10:40
spexihaven't installed yet10:40
spexijust because if these two monitors won't work..10:40
OmegaFortespexi, It's not the monitor's fault. It's unity's fault. Unity was designed for a single monitor set up and touch screens.10:40
bahamasMrCoffeeTV: if i already have the 32-bit one, can i somehow make the switch or do i need to reformat and install?10:40
OmegaFortenqs, I just do hardware raid man. I'm not going to risk drives on sofware raid.10:40
nqsOmegaForte: I should note the OS most likely won't be ubuntu, nor debian based10:41
OmegaFortenqs, Then you're out of my spectrum in distro's too.10:41
MrCoffeeTVbahamas: You will most likely have to backup and reformat.10:41
spexiCould I switch Unity to old menu style?10:41
ActionParsnipspexi: log in to Ubuntu Classic10:41
bahamasMrCoffeeTV: i see. thanks for the info10:41
MrCoffeeTVbahamas: You would need to do a clean install, yes.  You should be able to back up your home directory, then put that on the new 64 bit version.  I know, it's a headache.10:42
OmegaFortespexi, You sure can! Simple as logging out and looking at the bottom of the x 0 monitor, and selecting "Ubuntu Classic" from the menu that holds Unity10:42
kyle_yagoo: Thanks for your help. but i just didn't see that i was editing a ftab file instead of FSTAB.  I have now added to correct file and it's working but without write. But i think i'll leave it for now and try myself again. I think if you have to speak to me again your loose all your hair, or you just won't .  Bu thanks anyway...10:42
OmegaFortekyle_, What are you having issues with?10:42
spexiOmegaForte: I haven't installed anything yet, just running on livecd. So is there selection with the installation that I can use Ubuntu classic as default10:42
nqsOmegaForte: like I said, i only tried it because every one said it was fast and easy.   it's taken me about 4x longer to get to this point as it does to do a complete gentoo install10:42
Joe6668anyone in here knowledaeable in networking ?10:43
bahamasMrCoffeeTV: fortunately, i don't have much on it because i just installed it. the greater headache is creating a bootable USB and then setting up the wireless. i spent quite some time yesterday making it work10:43
bahamasi hope that solution is cross-platform, so i can replicate it on the 64-bit version10:43
kyle_OmegaForte: Got following line in FSTAB file and it works. Just don't have write access to share.10:43
OmegaFortenqs, That's why hardware exists to do this job. No software is faster.10:43
kyle_//cca2/users/Staff/Kyle.Wadman /media/Profile cifs user=kyle.wadman,password=10:43
nbest Hello.  A lot of times when I try to copy text from a web page I get a lot of things like "\u2019s" inserted in it.  Can anyone tell me why this is and what I can do about it?10:43
OmegaFortekyle_, Add rw past the password section.10:44
OmegaFortespexi, Yeah, you'll just have to do the same thing I told you.10:44
OmegaFortekyle_, And don't forget your 0 0's.10:44
bahamasnbest: are you copying the raw html?10:44
spexi thanks :)10:44
kyle_OmegaForte: so password=***,rw10:44
yagoonbest, where's the past egoing?10:44
OmegaFortekyle_, Should work just fine.10:44
nqsOmegaForte: well, thanks for the help10:44
bahamasnbest: that's unicode what you're seeing10:44
TBotNikActionParsnip: PB at: http://pastebin.com/ZLsDa9MP10:44
nbest now copying from the web page that's displayed bahamas10:44
oCeanJoe6668: maybe try ##networking channel10:45
yagoonbest, and the target window?10:45
nbest  yagoo i paste the text into a screen reader10:45
yagoonbest, what's the application?10:45
nbest  readplease10:45
nbest i use it on wine10:45
kyle_OmegaForte: nope, i did try that, but when i right click I don't get create folder etc...10:45
yagoonbest, you honest about that?10:45
yagoonbest, wine is not supported on any linux channel man..10:45
nbest  bahamas , so if i changed my web page encoding it mifght fix it?10:45
bahamasnbest: if you paste it anywhere else, do you still see those characters?10:45
OmegaFortekyle_, Okay, then it seems like it's a permissions issue. Lemme look up cifs.10:45
nbest i will check to see if i see it elsewhere... one sec..10:46
kyle_OmegaForte: thanks10:46
spexiHow can I list all network computers in command line? I have one Ubuntu machine but it's not shown on the network window, there's only Windows network. I can still connect to that computer with IP address.10:47
OmegaFortekyle_, Does this apply to you? http://lists.samba.org/archive/linux-cifs-client/2006-November/001590.html10:47
nbest oh, pasting it in gedit i don't get them there10:47
nbest  so i guess it's a wine issue10:47
yagoospexi, smbclient -L <ip>/host10:47
spexiIt would be nice just connect to that computer by name10:47
spexiok thanks10:47
TBotNikActionParsnip: Hope you understand that PB is data from current liveCD boot, not from my HDD boot, where the problem is.  Confused don't be, can't get on if wlan0 is down and it auto configs and comes up on liveCD.10:48
Dori922hey bro's10:48
kyle_OmegaForte: reading it now10:48
yagoospexi, apt-cache search samba (there's smbtree and smbclient)10:48
yagoospexi, there's even gui ones ..10:48
nbest  well thanks anyway yagoo and bahamas10:48
TBotNikDori922: Hey back10:48
bahamasnbest: yw10:48
cyphahow can I run synaptic as root in one line?10:48
dr_williscypha,  gksudo synaptic10:49
MrCoffeeTVWell, I'm off to get some rest.10:49
cyphaso I can create a menu entry for it10:49
MrCoffeeTVGot a good install done tonight, so now have the use of two computers.  Nice.  Take care.10:49
Dori922i want to set up ubuntu so it automatically enter a cmd line command at each log in, what do i need to do to do this? :) just point me in the right direction10:49
cyphadr_willis: you are the man10:49
TBotNikcypha: sure10:49
Dori922ive no gui btw10:49
dr_williscypha,  linux/ubuntu fundamentals.10:49
yagoospexi, what do u mean your ubuntu machine not being shown on the network window? (trying to use nmbd ?)10:49
dr_willisDori922,  for a user they have their own .bashrc and .profile10:50
kyle_OmegaForte: my password in ubuntu and windows are the same.  The windows PC is a Windows 2008 R2 Server (Domain)10:50
dr_willisDori922,  for sysem wide stuff befor any logins. heres  /etc/rc.local10:50
OmegaFortekyle_, It's still a cifs share.10:50
spexiyagoo: When navigating to Places-Network10:50
spexithat computer is not listed there10:50
Dori922dr_willis:  i love you |<-----------------------------this-------------------------------->| much :)10:50
cyphadr_willis: well, how about modifying the libnotify files?10:51
spexiThat computer has this irssi which I'm using right now, so I can connect to that computer with IP, no probs10:51
ActionParsnipTBotNik: how is the installed OS different?10:51
kyle_OmegaForte:OK, so what do i need to add, or is it listed on the url?10:51
cyphawhere are those found so I can alter things?10:51
TBotNikDori922: Write a small script to call "terminal" and go to "System" + "Preferences" + "Startup Applications" and add your script there.10:51
yagoospexi, u can use the nmbd daemon (this is part of the samba package)10:51
dr_willisspexi,  i havce constant issues with shares/machines not gettting seen . windows, linux, and so on. I just basically enter the actual server up/share name and they come right up. then i bookmark them10:51
spexijust wondering that should it be listed there10:51
yagoospexi, use swat.. it's easier to set things up.. (apt-get install swat)10:51
ActionParsnipTBotNik: there is no lshw output there dude10:51
dr_willisspexi,  so in the file mnager you can enter an address. (hit ctrl-l)  enter.. smb://ip.of.the.server/sharename10:51
dr_willissame thing can work in windows.10:51
OmegaFortekyle_, I don't know. I just googled your issue, and came to this. It looks like adding noperm to the args section of the mount would solve your issues...But I don't know.10:52
yagoospexi, then url:localhost:601 if i'm correct or its another port (u use firefox)10:52
spexihave to try those things10:52
ActionParsnipdr_willis: even with the 'smb:' prefix?10:52
OmegaFortekyle_, All of my samba stuff is RW/usr out of the box.10:52
yagoospexi, it's port 901..10:52
dr_willistheres just somthing very weird going on with share browsing.. seems to get worse with each new release of windows/samba.  My "Boxee' box sees EVERYTHING.. the windows pcs tend to see each other.. got one tha tonly sees itself...10:52
endgamerHi folks <waves>10:53
spexiyagoo, ok thanks10:53
Dori922thanks TBotNik  :P10:53
dr_willisfor windows you dont use the smb:  you just use their \\ or // thangs10:53
yagoospexi, so once swat is started.. u can do http://localhost:901 .. it not then
kyle_OmegaForte: top man. It's done10:53
TBotNikActionParsnip: Exact same os, just different config settings and I re-edit all 5 files and they are all correct.  It is the thing, that I can not find that is holding those 2 extra false "wired" connects that is beating me, I know it.10:53
ActionParsnipTBotNik: could remove network manager and install wicd10:53
endgamerI've got an odd issue in Lucid if anyone can help...just installed Fluxbox but when I go to switch sessions I find I have no sessions list at login :) Anything that might cause that to not display?10:53
OmegaFortekyle_, Did it solve your issue?10:53
kyle_OmegaForte: If my ubuntu password was not the same as windows, Would it not work or something??  --- Yes it seems to be working fine..10:54
dr_willisendgamer,  you may need to restrt the gdm service. "sudo service gdm restart"10:54
OmegaFortekyle_, That's not the issue...The issue would be that the unix/linux permissions are not compatable with NTFS/CIFS permissions.10:54
ActionParsnipkyle_: run:  sudo smbpasswd -a $USER    set the sambe password and you can authenticate as that user10:54
endgamerdr_willis, I've actually restarted the whole system and it doesn't appear...10:54
yagoonone of u have experience logging in to a Windows Domain from linux..10:55
yagoohis machine is a Windows Domain computer he already said so much earlier..10:55
dr_willisendgamer,  see if theres one in /usr/share/xsessions, you could also try a 'sudo updatedb' 'locate fluxbox.desktop'   Could be the fb packager dident include one.10:56
endgamerdr_willis Ah, thankyou...I take it the sessions menu will only appear if there are other options set up then?10:56
dr_willisendgamer,  yep. gdm looks in that location and perhaps a few others for the sessiopns to show.10:57
lotuspsychjedr_willis: any idea to colortail -f snort logs instead of syslog1.log?10:57
endgamerdr_willis,  will check that out, cheers10:57
dr_williseasy to make your own. I just noticed I got a fluxbox.desktop session here for KDM. even tho i dont have flxbox installed.10:57
dr_willisendgamer,  here it is.... pastebinit /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/sessions/fluxbox.desktop10:58
TBotNikActionParsnip: Under the liveCD boot there is only the "Auto eth0" under "Wired" and "Wireless" is showing only the current active "Auto <myssid>" profile.  When the machine boots under HDD the wired NIC does not come up as eth0 but as eth2 and sometime the "Auto eth2" shows under the "Wired" tab and sometime it does not, but always the Network Manager panel pop-up shows both Wired and Wireless as "not managed".10:58
endgamerdr_willis , hmm...seems there's a fluxbox.desktop in xsessions, and a KDE one...10:59
chenthuhas anyone ever successfully customized a login screen? cause i have been try for the past 48 hrs but in vain... :)11:00
dr_willischenthu,  you can change the gdm walpaper and font, and a few other slight tweaks.. but thats about it.11:00
TBotNikActionParsnip: That is why I went to the nm-system-settings.conf file and change the setting to "true".  Wlan0 came up for a while, and when I kept working on it to get it right, it went down and never came back up.  Nothing wrong with the card, service, etc.  Running on that now via liveCD, so all in the settings.11:00
usalabshi everyone, seeing that I have an account on the ubuntu forum,but still not being able to post, there,,,, I have a real problem after installing security updates which included, samba and winbind, and now I can't access any work groups on my local network, where as I have always done so before the updates11:01
chenthudr_willis:  hmmm....but i heared linux is completely customizable ?...cant customize login screen?11:02
dr_willischenthu,  You can customize it by replaceing it.. if you wanted to.. as i just said theres SOME things you can change on it.. but gdm2 is not as themeable as the old gdm.. lookit here....11:02
ActionParsnipchenthu: I know how to change the wallpaper and the colour of the login box11:02
dr_willistips on tewaking GDM look (above)11:02
endgamerdr_willis is there somewhere the session might be forced to gdm?11:03
ActionParsnipTBotNik: not sure then. Could read through:  dmesg | tail     to see what's going on11:03
dr_willisendgamer,  the .dmrc defines what session to use by default.11:03
chenthuActionParsnip: thank you11:03
TBotNikActionParsnip: I sure want a word with the designers of NetworkManager and the whole networking suite.  the "Network Connections" does not have a way to reset, force, whatever on any connection and not being able to delete these 2 false one, is driving me crazy.  Also "Network Tools" is not Network Tools but just Network Monitor and there is no tools to it, just check what your status is.11:03
ActionParsnipchenthu: http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1311:03
TBotNikActionParsnip: Yeah but will have to tail on the syslog from HDD, right?11:03
ActionParsnipTBotNik: could log a bug11:04
chenthudr_willis and ActionParsnip : thank you so much .... :)11:04
cyphahow can i start nautilus in the current directory from terminal?11:04
dr_willischenthu,  in the next release   gdm is gone anyway. :) LightDM is replaceing it.11:04
usalabsnautilus does not show any workgroups, where as, before the security updates I was able to access all the shares on my network11:04
jribcypha: nautilus .11:04
yagoochenthu, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-10223.html11:04
dr_williscypha,  type 'nautilus'11:04
yagoothat's a little old sorry11:04
ActionParsnipTBotNik: technically, yes. look in /va/log   or boot to the installed OS and run the comamnd I gave11:04
TBotNikActionParsnip: Let check on that BRB11:04
Morgzcypha - mine has a script from ubuntu tweak that does that11:04
cyphanautlius . did it11:05
yagoochenthu, it's outdated that site.. sorry.. but the greeter is customizable11:05
cyphathanks jrib11:05
ActionParsnipTBotNik: using wicd will sidestep network managers stuff as it's a different app11:05
endgamerdr_willis Looks like I'll have to manually force it...it's an oldish system, fairly heavily hacked about, not surprised if I've knackered that up at some point :) Thanks for your help!11:05
ravenhow to remote view an application running opengl rendering?11:05
dr_willisendgamer,  if theres a custome session item. that reads from the users .xinitrc or .xsession i recall.11:05
Viking667I'm trying to get the Oracle java plugin to work with Google's Chrome browser, but I'm striking some trouble. What should I actually be doing? Currently Chrome (and any other Mozilla-like browser) are using the OpenJDK IcedTea plugin.11:06
ActionParsnipraven: ssh -X username@server     openssh-server enables X forwarding by default. Assuming you have an X server on teh client (default in Ubuntu destops) the app will show in the client system if you run any graphical app. Not tried 3D stuff though. Have a try11:06
ActionParsnipViking667: I always use this: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin11:07
chenthudr_willis:  so light DM would be customizable?... i hope it would...11:07
ActionParsnipViking667: installs and java just works11:07
endgamerdr_willis Interesting...switched "default" in the .dmrc to "Fluxbox.desktop" and now I'm getting a session menu :D11:07
Viking667ooo. I wasn't aware of that repo. Thank you.11:08
chenthuyagoo: thank you how?.....11:08
ravenActionParsnip, this command only gives me normal ssh prompt, no graphics11:08
JurgentjeHi... I'm having troubles with LPROF (for icc profiles) ... can't find how to load the IT8 target11:08
AegisXHi guys. I'm finding my laptop's touchpad is way too sensitive on Ubuntu. It's almost as if the heat from my hands moves the mouse randomly, making it click here and there. Do you know of a way to mitigate this?11:08
usalabsanyone got any ideas on how I can get nautilus to show the workgroups after the recent security updates of Lucid LTS?11:08
bullgard4_AegisX: Please describe the heat effect more carefully.11:09
ActionParsnipraven: yes, run a graphical app11:10
yagoochentu, it may be in the menu if not.. try "apropos gdmsetup" or apt-cache search greeter .. install the package and look in menu (i believe it would be in system/administration section)11:10
nbest can anyone recommend a good macro program for ubuntu?11:10
ActionParsnipraven: from the terminal11:10
ActionParsnipnbest: macro in what way?11:10
Viking667ActionParsnip: ah huh. How does that modify the /etc/alternatives/mozilla-libjava.so plugin?11:10
bullgard4_usalabs: What workgroups?11:10
yagoonbest, for accessibility? /firefox?11:10
AegisXbullgard4_: So when I type, my palm hovers over the touchpad. I find that as I type, every now and then the mouse will have moved, or clicked somewhere inadvertently (tap to click).11:10
usalabsbullgard4_ the internal network workgroup11:11
nbest i want a script to send the keystrokes "ctrl-c" then switch to another app then paste the text in11:11
nbest  starting in firefox11:11
AegisXbullgard4_: However, I'm fairly certain that there is no (or at least, minimal) contact between my palm and touchpad.11:11
ActionParsnipViking667: not sure, let me search11:11
Tias____Wie gehts?11:11
AegisXbullgard4_: I have the "disable touchpad when typing" feature enabled under mouse settings, but it doesn't seem to help too much.11:12
TBotNikActionParsnip: PB at: http://pastebin.com/80Nxk8T4  Looks like the dhclient for wlan0 is not reading the default SSID profile.  Giving error: Aug  5 03:32:25 tc-server ddclient[1900]: WARNING:  file /etc/ddclient.conf, line 8: Invalid Value for keyword 'login' = ''11:12
ActionParsnipViking667: seems to make /etc/alternatives/mozilla-javaplugin.so11:12
ravenActionParsnip, ok sry. i am trying to run xbmc on one machine (performance) and need to display that on another (slower) machine. softwarerendering also gives me only a black window via vnc and ssh -X gives me opengl missing error11:12
TBotNikActionParsnip: Looking at that ddclient file now!11:12
Viking667... and where does that point to on your system?11:12
ActionParsnipTBotNik: looks like a good place to hunt11:13
Viking667Because on my system, it still points to the openjdk plugin11:13
nbest i was using autohotkey in windows and am looking for something similar on ubuntu.. i've tried a couple that were recommended from a search but non seem to work very well11:13
ActionParsnipTBotNik: fwiw I don't have that file11:13
ActionParsnipViking667: http://paste.ubuntu.com/659219/11:14
usalabsI click Places -> Network and it shows the folder for 'Windows Network', I've always been able to open that and it shows all the computers on the "home" workgroup, but since the recent security updates, which included, samba and winbind, nautilus doesn't show the "home" workgroup anymore11:14
ActionParsnipraven: if you want an XBMC remote control, enable the web UI11:14
yagoonbest a hot key? depends what u mean a hotkey.. hotkey to what?11:14
ravenActionParsnip, no remote control11:15
ActionParsnipraven: if you have an Android phone, there is an app made by team xbmc to control it like a DVD menu controller too :)11:15
nankurahey guys, is it safe to add yourself the user to every group on the system, i installed the SLiM login manager on xubuntu, and alot of features dont work because you need to be in the usergroup, gdm doesnt need the groups11:15
Viking667ActionParsnip: thanks.11:15
bullgard4_AegisX: This is no heat effect but rather a capacitive effect. I think in those moments your touchpad is not switched off. Rather, your touchpad is configured for gestures. You either manage to get switched off your touchpad in those moments, or switch off Touchpad gestures.11:15
ravenActionParsnip, i need the (graphics-)computing on a machine and displaying on another11:15
dr_willisnbest,  just saw this at a blog site --->  http://maketecheasier.com/make-autokey-works-in-ubuntu-natty/2011/06/2611:15
ActionParsnipraven: not sure about that11:15
nbest  yahoo a hot key that will send a series of keystrokes and/or mouseclicks that I want it to send11:15
AegisXbullgard4_: I see... how do I correct this?11:15
yagoonbest, i believe there's at least a few that can do that..11:16
nbest  hmm, that looks interesting dr_willis  i'll check that site11:16
dr_willis!info autokey11:16
ubottuautokey (source: autokey): dummy transitional package for autokey-qt. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.71.2-1 (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 60 kB11:16
nbestyahoo well the couple i've tried didn't use hotkeys, but you had to type comands in terminal11:17
ActionParsnipViking667: the java ppa I gave will no doubt be updated more frequently than the official ones too :)11:17
nbest  that's not convenient at all11:17
TBotNikActionParsnip: PB of file at: http://pastebin.com/kvUhKePL  I added the '' behind login= as they were missing.  Hope that is all it is.  Course still want like crap to delete those 2 other false connects.11:17
nbest  yes, i tried autokey but i coudln't get it to work11:17
dr_willisnbest,  that url mentions its has issues. and gives some fixsa11:17
nbest i'm very noobish though on ubuntu, i was hoping there was a simple easy to use one11:18
nbest :P11:18
Viking667ActionParsnip: I still had to manually symlink the plugin into /etc/alternatives11:18
bullgard4_AegisX: I only have some how-to in German: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/touchpad11:18
Viking667Isn't there an update-alternatives command that is supposed to handle that?11:18
TBotNikActionParsnip: You think I'm good now?11:18
ActionParsnipnbest: http://www.rrfx.net/2009/07/autokey-keyboard-macros-for-linux.html  has a GUI it seems, you don't need the ppa11:18
ActionParsnipTBotNik: try it is all I can advise11:19
bullgard4_usalabs: Google does not find "internal network workgroup". What do you mean?11:19
ActionParsnipViking667: weird, as long as it's working11:19
Viking667ActionParsnip: thanks for that, by the way. I'm outta here a happy boy.11:19
ActionParsnipViking667: :D11:19
TBotNikBRB reboot underway11:19
AegisXbullgard4_: Haha, I can't read German, so I'll try a translator. Thanks for the help though, at least I know what to look for.11:19
nbest  ActionParsnip , yagoo, i guess i'll keep trying with autokey, perhaps i'll be able to figure it out11:20
nbest  thanks11:20
usalabsbullgard4_ the internal network is all the computer on my network used to be shown in nautilusm but now, after the updates I can't access any of the shared folders on the network11:21
AdvoWorkany idea where ubuntu would keep information(such as A records, for all domains on its server)?11:21
ActionParsnipnbest: there may be other solutions11:22
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: if you run:  route     it may show them11:22
bullgard4_usalabs: Did you do file sharing via smb or nfs?11:22
=== vlt is now known as vlt_phone
bullgard4_usalabs: I am not up-to-date with present SMB. I cannot help you finding the shared files.11:23
nbestActionParsnip,  yea, usually more than one way to do something on a computer, i was really asking if any of you guys had from your own personal experience used something like that and had good results11:23
nbest seriously, macros are so darn useful, once you've gotten used to them you'll never want to be without them again11:24
ActionParsnipnbest: gotcha, not something I do personally. I do some basic scripting in bash to make life easier but as for typing in GUIs with Macros it's not something I do11:24
usalabsok, thanks, I think I'll have to reformat the pc, and re-install ubuntu Lucid LTS and NOT do any updates, I'll stick to what someone said "if it works, then leave it alone"11:25
ActionParsnipusalabs: Lucid is LTS at the same time as Natty on the desktop11:25
bullgard4_usalabs: My productive system is also using Lucid LTS.11:26
jribusalabs: you want to make sure you install security  updates11:26
yagoonbest, did u find any with apt-cache searchv?11:26
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, would there not be a config file for all domainnames vs their NS/A records etc?11:26
nbest ActionParsnip , i gather bash is some kind of programing language, which is fine.. but the good thing about autohotkey.. is it is a system wide macro.. so you dont' have to learn a different language for every different context.. learn it once and you can use it on anything.. but anyway, that's neither here nor there since i'm on ubuntu now hehe11:26
usalabsI did, and it was theose updates that has stopped my from access all my ahred folders across the network11:26
nbest  yea, that's where i got autokey from yagoo11:26
nbest  i dl it but can't seem to figure out how to get it to work11:26
nbest  probably more my unfamilurarity with ubuntu than the application itself11:27
bullgard4_!prefix | usalabs11:27
ubottuusalabs: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:27
yagoonbest, i spotted a few here->xdotool, xmacro, keylauncher -- and this project looks promising https://github.com/polyethene/IronAHK#readme11:28
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: not sure personally11:28
yagoonbest, there are more tools but takes more advanced knowledge with things like xbindkeys..11:28
nbestyagoo, , yea ironahk is the first one i went for, but it's a project that's been dead for years now11:28
nbest and i couldnt' get xmacro to work either hehe11:29
yagoonbest, the last datestamp is apr 7 2011.. so i'm not sure if its entirely dead..11:29
yagooactually june 2011..11:29
usalabsjrib I did install the most recent security updates, and it's those updates that has stopped me from accessing the shared folders across the network, before I did those updates, I was always able to access the network shared folders11:29
jribusalabs: then it's probably worth it to determine the offending package11:29
dr_willisnbest,  i had to change autokey to use the  'X-record' interface for it t work properly here.11:30
nbest yagoo the last datestamp for a forum comment?11:30
usalabsjrib the updates included samba and winbind11:30
yagoothe site i gave has file directory..11:30
jribusalabs: so if you roll those back does the problem go away...?11:30
nbest dr_willis  i'm sure it works.. i was more asking on which macro would be easy to use for ubuntu noob11:30
usalabsjrib how do I do a forced downgrade?11:31
dr_willisnbest,  depends on how hes using the macros I guess..11:31
jribusalabs: sudo apt-get install PACKAGE=VERSION11:31
usalabsjrib how do I know what the previous version was?11:31
jribusalabs: apt-cache policy PACKAGE will show you the versions available11:31
dr_willisusalabs,  you have tried just entering the share server name/path directly in the file manager?11:32
yagoonbest, let me know about the other tools xdotool,xmacro,keylauncher..11:32
dr_willis  smb://server.ip.num.ber/sharename11:32
elacheche_anishello everybody :D I have a question :D11:32
yagoonbest, problem with linux is that doing this stuff is possible for many years but it's ugly...11:32
elacheche_anisWhy the iso 64b edition called amd64, and can this edition work on an intel cpu(centrino or higher)11:33
usalabsdr_willis yes, I tried IP address and host name, and the file manager just showed 'couldnot find smb:///hostname' or 'couldnot find smb:///IP'11:33
AdvoWorkActionParsnip, you probably don't want to know, but I found them in /var/cache/bind/db.**domainname.***11:33
yagooelacheche_anis, amd64 represents 64bit that works on non-itanium intel as well. (reason is because amd was first company to come out with the 64bit)11:34
usalabsdr_willis but from terminal, using smbclient -L hostname I see a list of shares11:34
elacheche_anisok thank you very much yagoo11:35
dr_willisusalabs,  i think you got to many / in the url --> (edample on m lan) -->  smb://nas/PEGSBOOK/11:35
yagooelacheche_anis, np11:35
ubottuAMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64%20Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.11:35
ActionParsnipAdvoWork: freaky, mental note11:35
dr_willisusalabs,  browsing is totally broken here.. but i can access them all via directly entering the info.11:35
nbest yagoo, i've not tried xdotool, keylauncher.... those 2 yet.. idk, i think i'll try to get some more practice at ubuntu and maybe try xmacro again because it seems to be popular11:35
dr_willisusalabs,  but my Boxee box, thats running linux, can see them.. :()11:35
shomonhi, what would you recommend for a ubuntu 10.10 laptop that freezes on the login screen?11:35
dr_willisshomon,  whats your video chipset?11:36
ActionParsnipshomon: memory test is a good start11:36
yagooshomon, what laptop model is it?11:36
mega1how do i upgrade unbuntu10.04 to 11 from cd11:36
yagooshomon, there's a list of popular supported laptop models on ubuntu11:36
ubottuLaptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org11:36
usalabsdr_willis in the file manager I press CTRL L to open a location text box and in it I see smb:/// even removing one / I still get that same error11:36
shomonhardware issue? I can go into the terminals... how do I run a memory test? it's a g62, hp11:36
nbest  yagoo, thanks again for all your suggestions11:36
ActionParsnipmega1: you'll need to upgrade to maverick first11:36
yagoonbest, np..11:36
ActionParsnipshomon: hold shift at boot, select the memtest from the menu you see11:37
mega1how do i do that11:37
=== newton is now known as Guest9600
yagoonbest, i dunno wtf is wrong with developers i bet a lot of people would like this fully implemented and more graphic friendly11:37
ActionParsnipmega1: use the maverick alternate ISO or CD or use the internet11:37
shomonok thanks ActionParsnip11:37
dr_willisusalabs,  weird.. i enter in nautilus  smb://nas/PEGSBOOK/   and it works. still cant browse to it.11:38
nbestyagoo,   lol, yea, i was getting pretty frustrated trying to dl all these progs and not being able to get any to work , but you still gotta love ubuntu.. free, and secure , a great philosophy11:38
shomondr_willis, actually I had problems first that it wouldn't boot and did the blank screen with pointer freeze, but after going into grub and turning on nomodeset it now boots to frozen login :D11:38
shomonI wonder if all that relates to video chipset...11:38
ActionParsnipshomon: if you have bad RAM try removing a stcik (after powering OFF) and retesting. This will help diagnose the bad stick11:38
shomonhi N1Nja11:38
dr_willisHmm. Now my Boxee is showing up on the shares listing..  thats new11:38
Logan_!ask | N1Nja11:39
ubottuN1Nja: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:39
usalabsdr_willis I'll try the previous version of samba and winbind and see what happens11:39
Anne_good day11:39
N1NjaI was actually going to aak if I could help out11:39
yagooshomon, what does it say in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?11:39
felcohello guys11:40
yagooshomon, does it say Driver "vesa"?11:40
Anne_I need some help re setting a proxy under xfce11:40
shomonyagoo, actually I've just given it to a friend to look at, but I'll check. And would it help to delete xorg.conf?11:40
ActionParsniphi felco11:40
Anne_Anyone here who is willing/able to help?11:40
yagooshomon, change the line that says Driver "vesa" to Driver "intel"11:40
felcoI got a 9.04 cd here, for what version I should update until got a stable one?11:40
shomonokay, will do. and I'll come here again and report on that :)11:40
yagooshomon, i read an old post.. seems to be still an issue (this is not ubuntu's fault-- but would occur with any other linux distro as it seems)11:41
N1NjaAnne_: Whats the problem11:41
eemoraniii_running ubuntu 10.4.3, want to upgrade to 11.04, created the usb drive installer, starts to install, then nothing happens, help please11:41
ActionParsnipAnne_: in ~/.bashrc     add: export http_proxy="http://username:password@host:port/"11:41
shomonthanks yagoo, ActionParsnip and dr_willis11:41
ActionParsnipAnne_: also add:    export ftp_proxy="http://username:password@host:port/"11:41
ActionParsnipAnne_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157511:42
N1NjaHoly crap11:42
yagooshomon, this is an old post.. but may not be 100%.. i believe if u see "vesa" -- then change that to "intel" then restart X ( http://www.linwik.com/wiki/using+the+intel+arrandale+intel+graphics+media+accelerator+hd+with+ubuntu+9.10 )11:42
Anne_yes, I did that11:42
ActionParsnipAnne_: you may nee dto set the proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf11:42
Anne_@ActionParsnip, I did that11:42
Anne_apt.conf I did not11:42
yagooshomon, first.. do u have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file that exists?11:42
Anne_hm, will try11:42
oCeanfelco: you have a cd or a current installation of 9.04? Current is 11.04, but 10.04 is LTS release (long term support)11:42
ActionParsnipAnne_: the layout is different for apt.conf11:42
Bernhardis it possible to make an image from my 74 GB system disk and put in on an 300 GB harddisk so that it can boot from that 300 GB ???11:42
yagooshomon, relaying this info to your friend sounds like hard communication ..11:42
ActionParsnipBernhard: sure, use partimage11:43
Anne_@ActionParsnip: What kind of difference? What do I have to type in?11:43
ActionParsnipBernhard: you may have to use liveCD and reinstate grub but it should be ok11:43
shomonyagoo, I'll get it back in a couple of hours :)11:43
mega1is there a way to get ubuntu to check for new hardware11:44
yagooshomon, lol.. (if the file doesn't exist u can make one with X -config)11:44
sacarlsonI can't seem to get ssh to login without a password I tried 3 googles and all fail like http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92067811:44
felcooCean: I got the cd, and I installed it... it is updating to 9.10 now11:44
Anne_thanks all, will try11:44
dr_willissacarlson,  going from a ubuntu box to a ubuntu-box?11:44
sacarlsondr_willis: yes ubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 11.X11:45
ActionParsnipAnne_: post #5 here http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/problems-with-apt-get-synaptic-and-proxy-454026/11:45
ActionParsnipAnne_: instead of asking, try researching a little11:45
felcokinda stuck with this version, because I dont have a media to burn 10.04 lts haha11:45
oCeanfelco: upgrading is one way to go, but since you're install is new, why not download latest 11.04 and install11:45
yagooshomon, actually (X -configure)11:46
shomonexcellent, thanks yagoo11:46
oCeanN1Nja: don't use that language here11:46
sacarlsonwith my ssh problem I have on the newer side uname -a11:46
sacarlsonLinux sacarlson-30gdisk 2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 01:41:57 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux11:46
felcooCean: the upgrade system just got 9.10 dont know why11:46
N1NjaWell ubuntu stinks now11:46
yagooshomon, (/etc/init.d/gdm stop << stops X .. then u can try X -configure to create new config ..) .. good luck..11:46
dr_willissacarlson,  i tend to just do a 'ssh-keygen'   then a 'ssh-copy-id remoteboxip'11:46
bazhangN1Nja, wrong channel for that11:46
ActionParsnipN1Nja: then change, you don't need to broadcast11:46
sacarlsondr_willis: that ssh-copy-id seems to have a problem maybe that I don't listen on port 2211:47
dr_willissacarlson,  just dont ask me how to setup putty or my android phone to use the same keys. :) still working on that.11:47
heizmannHi, everybody. A question concerning to the using of autotools, need some help. Then, I don't understand how include in a tarball packaging a subdir in the $HOME repository, e.g. "/home/$USER/.myprog/myfile.dat" :-/ possible, or not? What's the solution?11:47
dr_willissacarlson,  it may need some options i guess11:47
dr_willisUsage: /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id [-i [identity_file]] [user@]machine11:47
dr_willisNot sure how to put a port in that...   user@machine:portnumber   perhaps?11:48
sacarlsondr_willis: I tried the -p3333  -P3333 didn't work11:48
N1NjaCan people be Banned?11:48
dr_willisN1Nja,  yes.11:48
bazhangN1Nja, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat11:48
felco9.04 is definitly unsupported, right? I cant even install the irssi on it11:48
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.11:48
sacarlsondr_willis: I made sure the file security is set to 60011:49
felcothanks bot, love you11:49
Lasersfelco: Do you have USB stick?11:49
dr_willisfelco,  if you enabke the arcive repos for it.. you can still install stuff on it.. but i suggest upgradeing11:49
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:49
felcoi will upgrade it11:49
oCeanfelco: upgrading might be troublesome. Since you have a new install, by not just download latest?11:49
heizmannNobody for a solution? :)11:50
felcooCean: because I don't have a media to use for the install :/11:50
Ellipsis753Hey, not sure if this is the right place, but I just installed this motherboard http://goo.gl/D14Yf and I can't seem to find any driver for it, anyone know where I should ask or where I can get some?11:50
felconor a flash drive11:50
bazhang##hardware Ellipsis75311:50
jitai am a python programmer, and i am going to install the fresh copy of lubuntu, should i go with alpha 3 version ?11:50
jitaShould all the libraries of python be ported to linux 3 kernel ?11:51
bazhangjita, #ubuntu+1 for alpha11:51
ActionParsnipN1Nja: yes they can be banned11:51
sudokillEllipsis753, should work out the box11:51
Lasersjita: Alpha for productive machine? Good luck.11:51
jitabazhang: just asking suggesetion he11:51
jitaLasers: its buggy ?11:51
bazhangjita, the only one using 3 is in #ubuntu+1 so its best to ask there11:52
wolsjita: python doesn't care at all about linx 3011:52
sacarlsondr_willis: can you change the address at the end of the line of /home/sacarlson/.ssh/authorized_keys to sacarlson@  instead of the name they added that I can't resolove?11:52
ionitehow do i remove gmusicbrowser as my default music player at the desktop Sound Preference button?11:52
wols*linux 3.011:52
Ellipsis753sudokill, It does mostly, however the internet port dosn't seem to. If I plug it in ubuntu thinks about it then dosn't give me any internet. If I use this really old interenet to usb converter then internet is fine.11:52
wolspython only cars about 2.7 vs. 3.111:52
mega1Ubuntu 11.04 alternate does it do server11:52
heizmannHow to include in a C project (tarball, bypassing autotools) a config repository, e.g. "/home/$USER/.myprog/myfile.def" please? :)11:52
Lasersjita: Alpha 3. It's full of bugs. It won't come out for another two months. Yes. Bugs.11:52
[diablo]afternoon #ubuntu ... in ubuntu 11.04 I thought I would try out xfce and did apt-get install xubuntu-desktop  .... now I want to get rid of it and all its apps. apt-get autoremove did not get rid of all the extras.. anyone know how to please?11:53
ActionParsnipionite: run the default apps program and set it as you wish11:53
ioniteActionParsnip: what do u mean?11:53
Lasers!puregnome | [diablo]11:53
ubottu[diablo]: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome11:53
ActionParsnipionite: "default application" is the name of a program, if you set your music player using it, it will change the app in dash11:54
[diablo]thank you Lasers11:54
Lasers[diablo]: No problem.11:54
ioniteoic! thanks11:54
=== root is now known as Guest85258
ActionParsnipionite: i thought it was clear in my first bit :)11:54
ActionParsnipGuest85258: runing an irc client as root is not very smart11:55
mega1Ubuntu 11.04 alternate iso does it do server11:55
ionitemy mp3s keeps repeating the same segment whenever my system is running @ full capacity. like a broken record repeating itself.11:56
ActionParsnipmega1: it will give you a desktop OS but install in CLI11:57
ioniteActionParsnip: i don't have default application in my XFCE?11:57
ActionParsnipionite: in all apps?11:57
N1NjaHey I need help I keep entering a command in terminal and it won't work11:57
mega1sudo reboot11:57
ActionParsnipionite: ahh in xfce, not sure11:57
dr_willisN1Nja,  and the command is?11:57
ActionParsnipN1Nja: use up cursor then enter11:57
N1NjaSudo bring pizza11:57
bazhangN1Nja, enough nonsense11:58
mega1so it will upgrade my server11:58
heizmannHi, everybody ^^11:59
ActionParsnipionite: could ask in #xubuntu11:59
ActionParsniphi heizmann11:59
heizmannActionParsnip: Hi!11:59
ActionParsnipmega1: it can be used to upgrade a serverm you dont even need to burn it. Just mount the ISO as it is12:00
mega1how do i do that12:00
ActionParsnipmega1: sudo mkdir /media/iso; sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /media/iso12:01
ActionParsnipmega1: simples12:01
BluesKajHiyas all12:01
ActionParsniphi BluesKaj12:01
BluesKajhey ActionParsnip12:02
Ellipsis753Hey hardware says I should ask here, I just installed this motherboard http://goo.gl/D14Yf and I can't seem to find any driver for it, anyone know where I should ask or where I can get some?12:02
heizmannA technical question 'bout the creation of tarball packages, need some help. Here the facts: I want (using autotools) create a folder in the $HOME var environment, e.g. "/home/$USER/.myprog/myfile.def". I don't understand how to, because autotools don't know the $HOME var... :) what's the solution?12:03
ActionParsnipEllipsis753: drivers for what part of the board?12:03
bazhangEllipsis753, hardware in ##hardware as I said12:03
dr_willisEllipsis753,  normally its a 'chipset' you need a driver for. Not the whole MB.12:03
mega1i will have to burn it12:03
ActionParsnipmega1: why?12:03
ActionParsnipbazhang: sure the user wants ubuntu drivers for his/her hardware?12:04
mega1no other way of getting it to the computer12:04
ActionParsnipmega1: so there is no web connection to the server?12:04
chenthucan some one tell me how to delete a group of file of a particular file type from a system directory12:04
bazhangActionParsnip, never heard of motherboard drivers12:04
kki313hey, I'm looking for an official ARM-Repository for Ubuntu, is there any? I'm on Freescale i.MX51512:04
mega1network card broken12:04
ActionParsnipbazhang: that's why I'm clearing up what part is required and we can progress ;)12:04
bazhangkki313, try #ubuntu-arm12:04
ActionParsnipmega1: so what use is a server with zero network connectivity?12:05
mega1replaced but it wont go on line12:05
kki313@bazhang: Thanks!12:05
ActionParsnipmega1: ahhh makes sense12:05
ActionParsnipchenthu: are they in the same folder?12:05
ravenxbmc causes opengl error with Radeon Mobility X700 XL - any solution?12:05
chenthusudo rm *.png -----------? doe this work in deleting all the png files in the particular directory ?12:05
Anne_ActionParsnip: I did all the entries in all the files, still no luck12:06
chenthuActionParsnip: yeah they are in the same folder12:06
Anne_apt-get will not connect to canonical :(12:06
chenthuActionParsnip:  i have a bunch of wall papers which i moved to /usr/share/backgrounds and i just wanna take out the .png files from them i also have jpg files there12:06
szalAnne_: exact error msg, please12:06
Anne_szal: none12:07
heizmannNobody for a short explanation, to solve my pb? :)12:07
Anne_I just wait on 0%12:07
szalAnne_: then wait until it either progresses or times out12:08
ActionParsnipchenthu: then you can run: sudo rm /usr/share/backgrounds/*.png   will remove the png files12:08
niidsthello! i have a script in /opt/perks/perks.rb a wanna know how can i do for enter bash command "perks" run the /opt/perks/perks.rb for ANY user, root/nonpriv user.12:08
Anne_szal: ok12:08
isbricniidst: read up on global enviroments12:09
Ellipsis753Ok that was filly strong chatroom but still OK I'll look up the chipset thanks12:09
niidstisbric: sorry?12:09
scirvirHello I'm looking for a way to adjust programs sounds. I find the one that comes with natty kinda crap.12:09
chenthuActionParsnip: ok thanks ... :)12:09
Piciniidst: drop a symlink to that into /usr/bin/12:09
mega1i installed new newwork card and ubuntu did not pickit up12:10
isbricniidst: your eviroment will tell your shell where to look for binarys, try echo $PATH12:10
niidstPici: i'm a ruby developer, i don't know about linux :S can you give me some tutorial? or anything?12:10
Piciniidst: I can give you a command: sudo ln -s /opt/perks/perks.rb /usr/bin/perks12:11
isbricniidst: tha variable hols paths to yor binarys, and as Pici said, make a link to your file in there or add your path to that variable.12:11
tyler_dI'm trying to get unity back(ubuntu 11.04) when I do unity --reset I get  a seg fault, I went one step further and tried simply `compiz` with the same result.. hep please?12:11
mega1if i take out the hd put in new one and install ubuntu it will see it12:12
heizmannCan someone tell me what channel I can ask my question? :-/ Rappel : créer un répertoire de configuration dans le répertoire home, comme "/home/$USER/.myprog/myfile.def" (I'm using autotools)12:12
S0SReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Package tor is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source  E: Package 'tor' has no installation candidate  <------------------------- I can't install tor, any ideas?12:12
krazykrivdaif i do: foo="eval cp ~/x ~/y;cp ~/x ~/y1;cp ~/x ~/y2;";$foo    ... i get exactly what I want.   however I need to try to accomplish the same thing by changing the variable 'foo' to something else so i can execute the 'cp' commands byt doing this: cpp $foo ... is this possible?12:12
Pici!tor | S0S12:12
ubottuS0S: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl12:12
niidstPici && isbric: thanks!12:12
Ellipsis753bazhang, the thing Is you say go to hardware hardware says go here.12:12
heizmann Can someone tell me what channel I can ask my question? :-/ Reminder: create a configuration directory in the home directory as "/ home / $ USER / .myprog / myfile.def" (using autotools)12:12
mega1so i was thinking of upgrading to see if that will work12:12
Ryan__SOS, you might try adding the repositories correctly. I don't have them right here for Unity, but the code is: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nameofprogramppa12:13
mega1do you think upgrading will work12:14
Ryan__In Google or any other search engine, you might search: unity repository ubuntu 11.0412:14
PiciRyan__: What are you talking about? Unity is in the default Ubuntu repos.12:14
tyler_dkrazykrivda: I don't see why can't? just be sure you do cp "$foo" <<destination>>12:15
Ryan__I was thinking there might be a broken package somewhere on the system. That's why I suggested that12:15
dr_willisTOR was gone from the ubuntu repos for a long time , i think it only recently got added back in.12:16
dr_willis!info tor12:16
ubottutor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (natty), package size 1016 kB, installed size 2104 kB12:16
Ryan__If you can't install Unity-3d (default), you might try: sudo apt-get install unity-2d12:16
Ryan__This installs Unity 2d12:16
fider123is it advised to dist-upgrade to kernel 2.6.38-10 ??12:16
krazykrivdatyler_d: i can't.. there is a script i cannot modify12:17
krazykrivdatyler_d: i can't.. there is a script i cannot modify.. the script really says: pm path $file12:18
krazykrivdatyler_d: but i do have control of the file variable12:18
makarayagoo: yeah i did before, but now i don't have my work computer to copy from. i can't download debs with my laptop 'cause it's 10.04 not 11.0412:18
mega1how can i get ubuntu to look for new hardware12:19
mega1and install driver12:19
makarai just wasted 1.3gig of bandwidth on Jigdo. Warning to everyone12:19
WaltherFIreboot, should work12:19
Ryan__makara, you might try upgrading Ubuntu, unless you don't want to. But if you do, then try this: Press Alt + F2 on the keyboard. Then, type: update-manager -d. You can then choose to upgrade Ubuntu.12:20
Picimakara: NO12:22
bullgard4_[Natty] /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.38/drivers/mmc/host/Kconfig is headlined: "MMC/SD host controller drivers". What is a "host controller"?12:22
TBotNikActionParsnip: Well back nothing worked on the HDD boot.12:22
TBotNikActionParsnip: What was the Network mgr alternative you said?12:23
Picimakara: update-manager -d will prompt to upgrade to the next development release of Ubuntu, which is still in alpha status.12:23
ActionParsnipTBotNik: wicd12:23
TBotNikIs it a lot better?12:23
ActionParsnipTBotNik: I find it more flexible, it doesn't do 3G but if you never use 3G you are ok12:24
rumbaI unplugged my network cable while the computer was running, plugged it into another computer, then back into mine and now the network doesn't work anymore. I've even reset the router and no change.12:24
ActionParsnipTBotNik: no software is outright better than another12:24
tyler_dkrazykrivda: what exactly are you trying to do? end goal please? what does this script do? where is it from?12:24
rumbaCommand "ip a" gives "2: eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state DOWN qlen 1000". Any idea how to fix this issue?12:24
TBotNikActionParsnip: Until they get together and combine functions, LOL12:25
fider123is it advised to dist-upgrade to kernel 2.6.38-10 ??12:25
BluesKajrumba, try rebooting your computer ..don't ask me why12:25
ActionParsniprumba: try restarting the network service, or unloading and loading the module driving the interface12:25
dr_willisfider123,  if you need the new features.. yes.. if not.. no..12:25
Picifider123: If you're not sure, read the changelogs.12:25
rumbaBluesKaj: Did that a few times. Also kept if off and removed the network chable, put the cable back in, turned it back on.12:25
ActionParsnipTBotNik: there are usually alternatives in all cases, each has strengths and weaknesses12:25
bullgard4_rumba: Get your eth0 operational.12:25
fider123Pici: where is a changelog ?12:25
krazykrivdatyler_d: i think it is simply impossible12:25
fider123dr_willis: what are the new features ?12:25
dr_willisfider123,  no idea.12:26
rumbaThe network card's lights are on when I boot but they turn off _during_ Ubuntu's boot12:26
TBotNikActionParsnip: HOWTO url please, tired on this NM mess.12:26
ActionParsniprumba: you may need to unload and load the nic module12:26
dr_willisfider123,  i always upgrade to the latest.... :)12:26
ActionParsnipTBotNik: sudo apt-get install wicd    it may be on the liveCD which you can add as a repo12:26
TBotNikActionParsnip: Assume I have to purge nm first?12:26
maahesIIRC, editing resolv.conf manually for ubuntu while using nm-applet was useless because nm-applet constantly overwrote it, if I wanted to force nm-applet to use the same DNS for all connections, how would I do so?12:26
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html12:26
rumbabullgard4_: Isn't that why I'm here? :P12:26
maahesthat's not it12:26
ActionParsnipmaahes: yes but only when the link comes up, if the dhcp has happened you can edit all you want12:27
JurgentjeHi... I'm having troubles with LPROF (for icc profiles) ... can't find how to load the IT8 target12:27
TBotNikActionParsnip: Will also have to CHROOT from here to install right?12:27
rumbaOkay, I'm on wireless now. Brb.12:27
dr_willismaahes,  i just set my routers dns #'s then set the machines to use the routers ip as their dns.12:27
BluesKajrumba, then follow ActionParsnip 's suggestion , /etc/init.d/networking restqart12:27
bullgard4_rumba: I do not know why you are here. But I answered the question which you put here in this channel.12:27
maahesdr_willis~> this is a laptop12:27
Picifider123: If you're regularly concerned with what changes upgrades are bringing you, you should install apt-listchanges.  It will give you a list after it has downloaded the packages (before it installs them). Alternatively... I'm getting you a link for this package's changes.. one moment.12:27
maahesneither of those answers are solutions12:27
ActionParsnipmaahes: you can set DNS servers in network manager, just set the connection to DHCP (address only) and you can set the DNS servers you desire12:27
BluesKajthis dam kb12:27
maahesActionParsnip~> that works *per connection*12:27
maahesnot globally12:28
ActionParsnipTBotNik: that's another way, slightly more graceful plus you'll get the latest wicd from the repos12:28
maahesI.e. if I connect to Wifi_Hotspot1 it works there, but if I connect to Wifi_Hotspot2 I have to set it again.12:28
ActionParsnipmaahes: I beleive there is an all connection option. Wicd can do it12:28
rumbaRestarted network service, no change.12:29
rumbaThe network card's lights turn off during Ubuntu's boot.12:29
Picifider123: This should be it. Chrome is doing some weird things here (windows) so I had to use w3m: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.38-10.4612:32
BluesKajrumba, sudo ifconfig up12:32
maahesI hate that ubuntu now requires logging in to view the forums12:33
TBotNikActionParsnip: You did not get last Q?  "How?"12:33
rumbaBluesKaj: up: error fetching interface information: Device not found12:33
TBotNikmaahes: Not all entries, just some12:33
skymind0after i installed backtrack tools on ubuntu 10.04 synaptic package manager did not work  how i can fix that12:34
rumbaTried rmmod and modprobe r8169, but nothing changed (except that eth0 now appears as the last interface when I do ip a).12:34
dr_willisskymind0,  try the cli apt-get commands?12:34
bnovcwhenever I start typing anything, anywhere, the Ubuntu panel searcher thing pops up12:34
bnovcand makes it almost impossible to do anything12:34
dr_willisskymind0,  whats 'backtrack' tools anyway?12:34
auronandace!backtrack | skymind012:34
ubottuskymind0: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition12:34
bullgard4_[Natty] /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.38/drivers/mmc/host/Kconfig is headlined: "MMC/SD host controller drivers". What is a "host controller"?12:35
bnovcthis happens every few days and I have to reboot to fix it12:35
bnovcis there any easier way to kill the panel thing?12:35
bnovcor maybe even a fix for this12:35
yagoorumba, u need to alias eth0 to r8169 with modprobe conf file12:35
ActionParsnipTBotNik: do you mean "How can I chroot"?12:35
yagoorumba, perhaps the alias file..12:35
skymind0all of backtrack tools12:35
yagooubottu should have that factoir12:35
ubottuyagoo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:35
rumbayagoo: Yes, please be more specific.12:35
TBotNikActionParsnip: You said "A more graceful way than chroot" I said how?12:36
yagoorumba, i think i gave u enough info.12:36
yagoo(yes i know how to do it)12:36
dr_willisskymind0,  whats is this 'backtrack tools' You are refering to? Ive never heard of them. If you mean stuff from a a backtrack repo. well. You may want to start by removing them.12:36
yagoo( i don't spoon feed nor rtfm because i'm polite )12:36
yagoo(unless u push me)12:36
bazhangyagoo, then dont answer at all12:36
ActionParsnipTBotNik: imho the chrioot is better as you wil be using the web like a regular install. If you enable the install CD as a repo using software centre (and wicd is on the CD) then you can install from there12:36
rumbaI was pushing you to remember the bot's ! command :P12:37
yagoorumba, rtfm12:37
skymind0no  i want them12:37
TheCyberShockerHi guys got a different problem now, just installed kubuntu and, for some reason its quite slow, net is slow, and when i click "log out" its just black with the mouse, also the taskbar won't maximize to my screen size12:37
TBotNikActionParsnip: K how to I set the liveCD as repo?  Never done that one yet!12:37
dr_willisskymind0,   even tho you just stated they broke your system badly.. anway. try the command line apt-get commands.. see if those still work.12:38
skymind0plz forgive me sir because my english is weak12:38
TBotNikActionParsnip: my liveCD is 10.04 default, do you know is wicd is on it?12:38
dr_willisskymind0,  does 'sudo apt-get update'  and 'sudo apt-get install SOMTHING' still work?12:38
mega1if i put the alternate ubuntu into cd how do i upgrade12:38
skymind0i reinstalled ununtu12:39
auronandace!upgrade | mega112:39
ubottumega1: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:39
rumbaYeah, so how do I do that alias? All Google has to offer is vi /etc/modprobe.conf, but I don't have that file.12:39
skymind0iask because iwant to add that tools again12:39
TBotNikActionParsnip: locate only shows 2 files on the liveCD, one for desktop and one an image.12:40
skymind0but i am afraid the same problem come back again12:40
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
TBotNikActionParsnip: both under /usr/share/app-install12:40
TheCyberShockerHi guys got a different problem now, just installed kubuntu and, for some reason its quite slow, net is slow, and when i click "log out" its just black with the mouse, also the taskbar won't maximize to my screen size12:40
auronandaceskymind0: you haven't told us what the tools are that backtrack uses that you want to install12:40
dr_willisskymind0,  we have no controll of anything 'backtrack' does if you are using their repositorories. yOu normally DONT mixx repos that way. I sugewst finding the identical tools on ubuntu repos, or ppa's12:41
skymind0but there is not hacking tools on Ubuntu12:42
dr_willisskymind0,  name a specific tool you are wanting to use....12:43
dr_willistheres ppa's and other repos for most everyting that exists for linux for Ubuntu..12:43
TBotNikActionParsnip: So is the wicd.desktop file the actual install repo?12:43
quisealHello, I am running ubuntu 10.10 and was working just fine till today. Today when I started the laptop, the network manager applet is gone and also there is no network.12:44
skymind0mata sploit & ettercap &nmap & ,,,,,,,,etc12:44
dr_willis!info nmap12:44
ubottunmap (source: nmap): The Network Mapper. In component main, is extra. Version 5.21-1 (natty), package size 1735 kB, installed size 7048 kB12:44
auronandaceskymind0: hacking in what way? coding? if so then you can install an ide and build-essential12:44
dr_willis!info ettercap12:44
quisealI try to acces my router...but it just returns can not connect to...12:44
ubottuettercap (source: ettercap): Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.3-2.1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 186 kB, installed size 420 kB12:44
quisealWhat seems to be the problem?12:44
ActionParsnipTBotNik: no thats just a way to launch it12:44
dr_willistheres 2 out of the 3 that exist in the repos skymind0 ...12:44
skymind0what is repos ?12:45
auronandace!repo | skymind012:45
ActionParsnipTBotNik: if you enable the CD as a repo using software centre or uncommenting the top line in /etc/apt/sources.list  the install CD will be a repo, not sure if its on there. Otherwise you'll need to chroot12:45
ubottuskymind0: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories12:45
Jurgentjesoftware shop12:45
dr_willisskymind0,  you may want to spend some time learning Linux/Ubuntu basics then playing with  the more advanced tools...12:45
dr_willis!ppa | skymind012:46
ubottuskymind0: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa12:46
quisealSo, can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?12:46
TBotNikActionParsnip: looking file12:46
skymind0you are dr_willis but that tools are very interesting12:46
bnovchm, it seems to be every time I hit ctrl or shift that the launcher bar opens12:46
skymind0dr_wills what is your opinion about python do you think it is good for beginners &hackers?12:47
OmegaForteskymind0, Did you just say that...12:48
TBotNikActionParsnip: My cdrom is not commented out in the /etc/apt/sources.list file, so I'm good to go?12:48
dr_willisskymind0,  just never use the term 'hackers' or 'hacking' again.. it just makes stuff sound stupid.. and Yes. Python is a good language to learn..12:48
quisealI need some help to restart the network manager applet. Anyone ?12:48
dr_willisquiescens,  run nm-applet from the terminal?12:49
skymind0i am sorry12:49
TheCyberShockerHi guys got a different problem now, just installed kubuntu and, for some reason its quite slow, net is slow, and when i click "log out" its just black with the mouse, also the taskbar won't maximize to my screen size12:49
quisealdr_willis:  I tried and it tells me it's already running12:49
S0SThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  tor : Depends: libevent1 (>= 1.3e) but it is not installable E: Broken packages  <-------- what can I do about it?12:49
wolsdr_willis: without sudo? is it suid root?12:49
dr_williswols,  no idea.12:49
TBotNikActionParsnip: Ah I think we need this in the HDD file, so will work right on reboot, or not?12:49
wolsquiseal: kill it and restart it?12:49
ActionParsnipTBotNik: assuming wicd is on the CD and the CD is in the drive, yes. run:   sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install wicd12:49
quisealwols:  Tried, not working12:49
quisealwols:  I can12:49
wols!doesn't work12:49
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.12:49
BluesKajrumba, that modprobe reference threw me off , but the rt with a number usually indicates a wifi driver, mine uses rtc and I'm on ethernet12:49
quisealI can't acces my router either.12:50
quisealwols:  I can't be more explicit sorry, because I am on a live cd.12:50
wolsquiseal: but you aren currently here with ubuntu?12:50
Sidewinder1S0S, You may want to start Synaptic Package Mgr. and "Fix Broken Packages."12:50
quisealwols:  On the live cd I can acces my router's ip ...but when I am on my ubuntu...can't.12:50
quisealwols:  I am currently running a live cd...12:51
S0SErrrr..... ok o.o12:51
quisealwols:  Any suggestions ?12:51
OmegaForteActionParsnip, Is firewire still considered a "network spooler" in linux...Or do I really have phantom nic's.12:51
wolsquiseal: has your internet access ever worked? andif so, what did you change?12:51
wolsOmegaForte: it still is a NIC aong other things12:52
ActionParsnipOmegaForte: you can use them as NICs, that I know. Otherwise not sure12:52
quisealwols:  I have changed nothing. The current connection works on a live cd just fine12:52
wolsquiseal: I asked about your ubuntu installation12:52
tyler_dI'm trying to get unity back(ubuntu 11.04) when I do unity --reset I get  a seg fault, I went one step further and tried simply `compiz` with the same result.. hep please?12:52
OmegaFortewols, Dammit. I hate firewire.12:52
quisealwols:  The problem is that when I started my machine today, network manager applet was no longer in the gnome bar...and I could not acces my router from firefox which is odd.12:52
ActionParsniptyler_d: is it ok as another user?12:52
quisealwols:  Running 10.10 32 bit ubuntu on the machine12:53
tyler_dActionParsnip: haven't checked12:53
OmegaFortetyler_d, Just log out, select the interface tingus and set it to Unity from whatever you set it to.12:53
wolsquiseal: so check logs, the output of ifconfig, your /etc/network/interfaces, etc12:53
tyler_dOmegaForte: it is already set as unity12:53
quisealwols:  Ok, I'll try. Isn't there some kind of repair of ubuntu?:)12:53
wolsquiseal: no there is no magical repair button. next version maybe12:54
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quisealwols:  Thanks so much :)12:54
rumbaBluesKaj: Mine is r8169. Also, ifup eth0 gives Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.12:55
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makaraPici, Ryan__, I can't do updates because i don't have internet connection12:56
wolsrumba: ifconfig -a12:56
tyler_dActionParsnip: running compiz from term segfaults12:56
BluesKajrumba, so 'route' doesn't give an IP ?12:56
OmegaFortetyler_d, What'd you do to compiz? It doesnt' segfault on it's own.12:57
ioniteJames147: how do i use WINE? I got this error: the file '/home/david/Desktop/English/autorun.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.12:58
* quiescens blinks12:58
TBotNikActionParsnip: Q: don't I have to chroot to have write permissions and be writing to the HDD when I run those cmds?12:58
wolsionite: wine <exe file>12:58
ionitewols: u mean i should use a terminal? can't i use a graphic interface to boot EXE files?12:58
cabulosoi just installed ubuntu 11.04 and tried gwibber for twitter, but nothing shows up in the timeline after i created the account and authorized, anyone can help?12:58
sudokilldouble clicking the exe should work12:58
rumbaBluesKaj: No, I don't see any IP addresses after a 'route'12:59
tyler_dOmegaForte: nothing to compiz specifically, I have been trying to get unity back for some time; with the nvidia drivers or intel drivers (laptop) I don't really care which... fighting for 2 weeks now; currently I'm using the nouveau drivers(ensured that they weren't blacklisted) and rolled back to an old kernel... still no joy12:59
wolsionite: yu can. depending how the GUI is set up. and you can alwaysdefine a shortcut that does "wine <program>"12:59
rumbaI just reinstalled the network-manager via aptitude. I'll reboot and see what happens.12:59
OmegaFortetyler_d, Well, compiz doesn't just into space. It sounds like all the work you've been doing broke a bunch of the dependencies, may be time for a clean install.12:59
tyler_dOmegaForte: well that is simply fantastic to hear.13:00
ionitewols: i got this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/659278/13:00
wolstyler_d: I wouldnÄt listen to him. if there are broken dependencies, apt-get is VERY vocal about them, trust me13:00
OmegaFortetyler_d, Welcome to Linux. Where the tutorials are older than the distros.13:00
BluesKajok rumba, but an install --reinstall would be best , if you updated lately13:01
AdvoWorkany reason why i cant format a drive from ntfs to ufs with gparted?13:01
wolstyler_d: and were you should be very careful what people tell you on irc13:01
ionitewols: alright i solved it. but i'm still puzzled why cant i right click and run it?13:01
wolsAdvoWork: what does gparted tell you?13:01
wolsionite: cause an .exe file is no linux binary?13:02
tyler_dOmegaForte: I personally think thats not a valid solution; if I were using windows ok. but I'm smart enough to know that you can check logs; strace on programs, its simply the next step that is missing; finding someone smarter than I am13:02
tyler_dwols: ;) your a star man I concur13:02
ionitewols: no i mean, like right click, run with WINE13:02
AdvoWorkwols, its just greyed out13:02
OmegaFortetyler_d, Well the thing is; that every step forward you take, you remove the ability to take a step backwards unless you maintain recursive backups.13:02
wolsionite: you are probably looking in the wrong place for autorun.exe. provide a full path to it13:02
wolsAdvoWork: is there a mkfs.ufs somewhere?13:03
ionitewols: but i still get the error of the file '/home/david/Desktop/English/autorun.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.13:03
ionitewols: i'm talking about running from GUI.13:03
wolstyler_d: have you tried a new user as suggested?13:03
AdvoWorkwols, locate couldnt find mkfs.ufs13:03
wolstyler_d: ahdn what is the gxinfo | head -n 10 output?13:03
wolsAdvoWork: hence why you cannot create such a filesystem. linux suppor for ufs is very bare to nonexistant anyways afaik13:04
tyler_dwols: root@cthompson:~# glxinfo | head -n 1013:04
tyler_dError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig13:04
tyler_dname of display: :0.013:04
ionitewols: i tried right clicking the exe file and run with WINE but it doesn't work.13:04
AdvoWorkwols, thing is, its going to be for a freenas box,which uses ufs :/13:04
wolstyler_d: that's an wesome reason why compiz segfaults. no proper 3D support.13:04
dr_willisionite,  use the terminal   wine /path/to/the/whatever.exe13:04
wolstyler_d: question: did you use drives from nvidia.com before? and then switched back to nouveau?13:05
ionitedr_willis: why should i use the terminal and not GUI?13:05
dr_willisionite,  you want it to work? :)13:05
tyler_dwols: fantastical; back to square 1... yah, you and I have been around the block a time or 2 together13:05
sudokillright clicking the exe should work13:05
ionitedr_willis: btw, i installed it in C:/windows where can I find the installed application?13:05
sudokilldouble clicking*13:05
dr_willisionite,  i alwyas use terminal to start wine apps.. theres often a lot of messages/erorrs/info in the terminal text.13:05
wolstyler_d: answer my question please13:05
ionitesudokill: i did try right clicking but it wasn't successful till i used the terminal13:05
wolsionite: check ~/.xsession-errors perhaps13:05
dr_willisionite,  wine has its own 'special' .wine directory that clones a winmdows install13:06
bullgard4_[Natty] /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.38/drivers/mmc/host/Kconfig is headlined: "MMC/SD host controller drivers". What is a "host controller"?13:06
ionitedr_willis: so where can find the files?13:06
tyler_dwols: initially I had tried the nvidia.com drivers yes. .then removed; tried the repo nvidia drivers ; rolled back to nouveau (currently nouveau)13:06
makaralet's start from the top. I have Lynx with Internet and Natty without. I run ethernet cable between them and Natty tries to autoconnect ethernet. It fails. Why?13:06
wolsbullgard4_: a controller on a host. SATA, USB, SDCards, all have host controllers13:06
sprungionite, there is also a #winehq which is the official WINE support channel, they might be able to help you better13:06
wolsmeaning you can attach a "client", in this case a SD card13:07
asdjaputramakara, wait, what?13:07
tyler_dmakara: because the lynx server isn't a dhcp server?13:07
wolsmakara: what is this "Lynx"?13:07
Piciwols: lucid13:07
tyler_dmakara: lynx as far as I know is a text based browswer13:07
makaralucid lynx 10.04 LTS13:07
sprunghe's talking about lucid lynx duh13:08
wolsand as tyler_d just told you, this lynxeither needs a DHCP server or you have to set a static IP on both ends13:08
* sprung rolls eyes13:08
tyler_dawesome.. I just lost the internet race13:08
dr_willisionite,  wine installs stuff into the ~/.wine directory13:08
asdjaputrait's better if he said lucid13:08
asdjaputraor 10.0413:08
wolsmakara: and depending on hardware, you also need a crossover cable13:08
makarawhy must I set an IP on Lynx. its got one from the modem13:08
OmegaFortetyler_d, It's a good thing dude. Winning the internet is paramount to an hero.13:08
sprungmost everybody calls the Lynx browser "links" now13:08
ionitedr_willis: it's not in the file system manager??13:09
wolsmakara: your ethernet you connect to from natty doesn't have an IP. and neither does natty if it doesn't use dhcp or set a static one13:09
sudokillsprung, theyre 2 different browsers13:09
wolssprung: no. they are different browsers13:09
Nicolusis there a xlsx to pdf convertor ?13:09
tyler_dmakara: your 10.04 system gets an ip address from a dhcp server, you need to provide a "bridge" or alternetely the 10.04 has to act as a dhcp server to the other machine13:09
bullgard4_wols: Ah! Understood. Thank you very much for your help.13:09
dr_willisionite,  If your user installs a .exe with wine.. its in the users home dir..13:09
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avinashhmHi , is there any terminal multiplexer, using which i can log the terminal activities into a file ? i usually do edit -> select all -> copy in gedit in default gnome terminal .. but i want to do automatically in some terminall emulator .. any hep pls13:09
dr_willisionite,  You do not install windows apps via wine 'system wide'13:10
wolsavinashhm: screen should do it13:10
OmegaForteavinashhm, byobu13:10
wolsdr_willis: depends where the .wine is :P13:10
asdjaputrawols, seconded13:10
tyler_dmakara: or nat it.. but from what I can tell your easiest solution is to plug them both into a router(which is a dhcp server) and go to town13:10
rumbaReposting with more info: I removed the network cable from my computer, plugged it into another, plugged it back into mine and the network card stopped working in Ubuntu 11.04. The network card's lights also turn off sometime during Ubuntu's boot. I have listed the output of running some commands on my system here: http://pastebin.com/5PenNBs413:10
avinashhmwols, i tried following screen, but feel its complicated .. any manual i can find to help13:10
rumbaI am currently on wireless.13:11
avinashhmOmegaForte, sure .. i ll try byobu .. thanks man13:11
OmegaForteavinashhm, It's what I use on my SSH server.13:11
wolsavinashhm: there are lots of howtos out ther for screen. literally tons13:11
aphexcoilis there a beta version of 11.10 available?13:11
avinashhmwols, actually never digged deep .. i ll try to find and learn .. thanks very much13:11
wolsavinashhm: http://news.softpedia.com/news/GNU-Screen-Tutorial-44274.shtml and it explains logging for example13:12
avinashhmOmegaForte, sure .. i ll try this13:12
wolsavinashhm: when you search, search for "Gnu screen" or your hits will be not exactly what you look for :)13:12
avinashhmwols, ok .. so what should i search for ;-)13:13
wolsI just told you13:13
avinashhmwols, kidding .. i ll narrow it down ;-) .. i think softpedia link is good ..i ll use this .. thanks a ton wols13:13
mega1how do i get ubuntu to install my network card13:14
makara_lost you there. must I set an ip on natty? i've set my mobile connection on lucid to allow other users.13:14
wolsmakara_: you must set an IP on both ends.13:14
wolsmega1: which card is it? usually it happens automatically13:14
wolsmakara_: network-manager for example13:15
mega1sudo reboot13:15
makara_i want it to happen automatically whenever I plug in the ethernet cable13:15
wolsmakara_: what are you actually trying to accomplish?13:16
mega1its on board network card13:17
makara_i have two computers. the only way I can connect to the internet is through a usb modem huawei e180. it doesn't work on natty. its a bug in natty I think. I can't update natty because i can't get internet. I want to create a network between the two computers and update my natty debs using the internet provided by lucid13:17
Sidewinder1!list | figer13:17
ubottufiger: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:17
mega1hd was in another computer13:17
wols!ics | makara_13:18
ubottumakara_: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing13:18
makara_but very simply i want to link these two computers, for internet for files for whatever13:18
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wolsmakara_: linking just privately for files and linking for using one of them as a router are different things. but see what ubottu told you13:19
craigbass1976I'm running a web app and I want to print form it to pdf.  It's only seeing the printers that show up in the print dialog box (what CUPS knows about)  Where do I find a cups pdf printer?  I installed cups-pdf, but sitll don't see a pdf printer showing up in dialongs or at localhost:63113:19
makara_ok. i'll say what happens13:19
OmegaFortewols, Want a laugh? I just chmod' a mountpoint, but forgot to set the owner.13:20
wolsOmegaForte: as long as you set your chmod right, it doesn't matter. 0777 is great ;)13:20
OmegaFortewols, I forgot to, because I'm a pinhead.13:20
mega1is there anything i can do with this network card13:21
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution13:21
wolsmega1: I asked you something that you still haven't answered yet13:21
makara_wols: this looks crazy complicated by the way13:21
airtonixcraigbass1976: what version of ubuntu are you using, (the pdf writer has been in the print dialog by default since at least lucid)13:21
mega1ydont know as its on board13:22
RA_drchello, why is it that after a while, the text and icons in my windows in ubuntu become distorted, and stay that way until i refresh the window?13:22
wolsmega1: lspci -nn knows13:22
airtonixRA_drc: because you're video card isn't properly supported by your driver. I suspect you are using compiz as the window manager, try installing fusion-icon and switching window manager to metacity13:23
craigbass1976airtonix, I'm in Lucid.  You are right, it's in the print dialog that most apps pop up, but not in this app.  And it doesn't show up in the pist of lrinters when I go into the cups GUI13:23
makara_wols: i don't think i have the confidence to start with something like this. could you walk me through creating a connection that I can share files across with please13:23
airtonixcraigbass1976: which application is this ?13:23
mega1ok its a broadcom bcm5751 gigabit pci express13:24
airtonixcraigbass1976: it won't show up in the CUPS web admin or the printer configuration application because it's nothing to do with cups as far as i suspect.13:24
craigbass1976airtonix, it's a java web app; proprietary that I've managed to get running in linux13:24
RA_drcairtonix: how can i tell if i'm using compiz, what should i do to install fusion-icon, and how do i switch the window manager?13:24
craigbass1976airtonix, right, I was wondering if there were some app that would give me a pdf printer cups does see13:24
kakha_hi all13:25
airtonixcraigbass1976: just out of interest, could you screenshot this print dialog window that your java application is producing ?13:25
airtonixcraigbass1976: in anycase, you canf find the cups pdf printer by using apt-cache search cups | grep pdf13:25
airtonixRA_drc: either on the terminal : sudo apt-get install fusion-icon13:26
airtonixRA_drc: or in software center applications > software center. search for fusion-icon, install it.13:27
rumbafyi: This seems to have fixed the issue: http://www.rvdavid.net/how-to-get-gigabit-speeds-from-rtl81118168b-pci-express-gigabit-ethernet-controller-on-ubuntu-linux/13:27
dr_willisairtonix,  i saw an alternative to fusion-icon in this list ---> http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/list-of-application-indicators    but hvent triedit yet.13:27
rumbaI had rtl8169 instead of rtl816813:27
airtonixRA_drc: once you have it installed, run it : alt+f2 then type fusion-icon13:27
dr_willisDisplex provides similar functionality to "fusion-icon" but provides a lot more features.   http://sourceforge.net/projects/displex/files/13:29
mega1wols can you help13:30
wolsmega1: ifconfig -a   you should have a eth0 or so there13:31
wolsif so, "sudo dhclient eth0" and you usually have a IP and working internet13:31
wolsunless network manager crashes the party13:32
BluesKajrumba, if you're interested , this might solve any future issues with network manager , http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html13:32
epzishi everyone I own an iMac and i would like to dual boot os X and Ubuntu without having to use rEFIt, is there any way to do so? (if you need informations about my mac please ask  i dont know what may be helpful)13:33
* BluesKaj avoids network manager like the plague , it's not necessary with etherent , network interfaces does the job13:35
dimmATwerk2what are the chances ubuntu creates a fix for a laptop issue that doesn't happen in windows, but only in linux AND the issue is fixed in a newer BIOS release for the laptop?13:36
wolsBluesKaj: it's not necessary ever. ubuntu just is "user friendly" and uses it13:36
schnuffleepzis: what about runing ubuntu in a VM13:36
xanguadimmATwerk2: update the bios13:36
lluadimmATwerk2: when you file a bug report13:37
epzisschnuffle: problem is (if you want to call it a problem) that i will hardly ever use OS X so i'd prefer having ubuntu natively installed on that mac, and using a VM would be pretty painful given the specs13:37
schnuffleepzis: okay13:37
BluesKajwols  well user friendly is a relative term :)13:37
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TBotNikActionParsnip: K up on wicd from HDD, but have a minor problem.13:38
dimmATwerk2llua: let's say one does file a bug report...  would the ubuntu developers create a fix for an issue that's present in a specific BIOS version that does get fixed in a later BIOS release?13:38
dinesh_Hello friends.. i am using ubuntu.. when i am starting my system i am getting this kind of message one is ( ubuntu,on linux 2.6.38-10 ) other si previous version 2.6.38-813:38
makara_hi there. Please help me connect two ubuntu pcs for sharing files13:38
dinesh_how to remove the previous version13:38
dinesh_can anybody help13:38
schnuffleepzis: have you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation13:39
dimmATwerk2xangua: i have no problems updating the BIOS...  but apparently there's someone who's expecting ubuntu to fix the issue and i'm trying to see how realistic his expectations are13:39
lluasuper realistic.13:39
bazhangdinesh_, best to keep an extra around13:40
wolsdimmATwerk2: not realistic at all. kernel devs might fix your acpi issue, but not ubuntu devs. usually13:40
epzisschnuffle: thanks, gotta give it some time to load it on my superfast internet connection (64k lol)13:40
harshada_how to set command line with arguments autocompletion with up and down arrow in bash??13:40
bazhangdinesh_, remove with the package manager if you wish13:40
dimmATwerk2wols: so what happens with the bug report?13:41
TBotNikActionParsnip: Old config bridged wlan0 (inet source) to eth2 (local LAN).  How do I get that done in wicd?13:41
epzisschnuffle: i may be completely blind or completely stupid but i don't see any way to dual boot without rEFIt in that page13:41
Kiff__hi guys i have an issue with plugging my phone in via usb. on my other laptop running 11.04 its automounted. on this laptop its not if i go to disk utility and click mount its trying to mount /de/vsda1 not /dev/sdb113:42
TBotNikActionParsnip: Where is a good HOWTO on setting up this kind of bridging/masquerade on wicd?13:43
dinesh_bazhang # can you guide me how to remove with package manager13:43
dinesh_i am new to this13:43
h00k!manual | dinesh_ this may help if you're newer13:44
ubottudinesh_ this may help if you're newer: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:44
Sidewinder1dinesh_, You might also want to have a look at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1587462&highlight=removing+kernels+synaptic13:45
epzishi everyone I own an iMac and i would like to dual boot os X and Ubuntu without having to use rEFIt, is there any way to do so? (if you need informations about my mac please ask i dont know what may be helpful)13:46
usalabsdr_willis I downgraded samba and winbind and it fixed the problem for windoz shares, but for my opensus server, I found the problem,,,, I had to remove the smbd and nmbd profiles from apparmor13:47
h00k!mac | epzis13:49
ubottuepzis: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages13:49
epzish00k: been there done that13:50
usalabsdr_willis it seems the current Lucid security updates that include samba and winbind, break samba and prevent access to local network shares13:50
chewyguys, i d like to rip my DVDs. never done it. but now xbmc is running well, and i d love to do so. problem: i d like to keep 2 audio tracks and subtitles. Could anybody here inform me on how to do it?13:51
epzishi everyone I own an iMac and i would like to dual boot os X and Ubuntu without having to use rEFIt or windows, is there any way to do so? (if you need informations about my mac please ask i dont know what may be helpful)13:52
bazhangchewy, using handbrake? ogmrip? with what13:52
semitoneshey you guys -- did natty get a kernel upgrade recently?13:55
faint545anyone in here use Lubuntu?13:56
semitonesmaverick just did, was wondering if there was one for natty too around the same time13:56
chewybazhang, never heard of them...! which one would suit better?13:56
bazhangchewy, matter of choice, both are excellent, one is in the repos (ogmrip) the other in a PPA13:57
jbwivguys, I'm currently using NVIDIA twinview to provide two monitors. I'd like to add another video card and go up to 3. is this possible? anyone know? would I use twinview or xinerama (or something else)?13:57
coz_semitones,   I dont recall one recently at least in the last week or so13:57
rampage73have a unity/ubuntu question, how do i disable the prompt for a password when resuming from hibernate?13:58
semitonesthanks coz_13:58
semitonesi'm still waiting for the "increased power usage" bug to be fixed before I upgrade13:59
sosaitedI am trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 with Unetbootin's hard drive method (on my XP's C drive). I have already partitioned for Ubuntu. And as a workaround to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/313452 bug, when I start the installtion after unmount and then mounting /cdrom. Ubiqutiy crashes at "Copying files";13:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 313452 in Baltix "Jaunty, Karmic: when booting from one partition and installing to another, installer fails to unmount '/cdrom' this halts installation." [Undecided,New]13:59
ActionParsnipsosaited: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?13:59
epzishi everyone I own an iMac and i would like to dual boot os X and Ubuntu without having to use rEFIt or windows, is there any way to do so? (if you need informations about my mac please ask i dont know what may be helpful)14:00
ActionParsnip!test | Dries_14:00
ubottuDries_: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )14:00
ActionParsnip!mac | epzis14:00
ubottuepzis: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:00
epzisActionParsnip: that involves rEFIt which i don't want to use14:01
ActionParsnipepzis: as far as I am aware you have to14:01
epzisActionParsnip: why i HAVE to? what would prevent me from using say grub ?14:01
Kiff__can anyone assist me with getting automount of a usb device to work14:01
epzisplus i see lots of people claimiing they dual boot without it (on forums but i couldnt ask them how as they never came back lol)14:02
ActionParsnipepzis: your dumbass hardware is stopping you. If you had a regular system, you could.14:02
ben22Could somebody please tell me which service respawns "wpa_supplicant -u -s" when it is killed?14:02
epzisActionParsnip: hardware isnt an issue , single boot works14:02
OmegaForteKiff__, sudo gedit /etc/fstab . Add the mount point, and the local mount with the noauto flag.14:02
jribepzis: you can try grub-efi though I didn't have luck booting os x with it last time i tried14:03
OmegaForteepzis, Yeah, it is the hardware's fault. Your hardware requires EFI support, which is like a hardware abstraction layer loading before the hardware abstraction layer.14:03
epzisOmegaForte: AFAIK (i may be wrong on this) Linux (not just ubuntu )supports EFI now14:04
epzisplus, even tho i would like it to be MY hardware it's actually Apple's lol14:04
qoshey guys. is there a way to switch between 2 x servers by a terminal command? i started a second x server and now i am not able to switch between them with CTRL-ALT-6..9 -.-14:05
OmegaForteepzis, Doesn't matter what OSes support it. It matters that your backwards hardware requires it.14:05
JosefAssadquick question. Can I burn the CD iso on a blank DVD?14:05
bazhangJosefAssad, yes14:05
JosefAssadbazhang: ok, cool. Thanks!14:05
bazhangJosefAssad, or a usb stick14:05
ActionParsnipepzis: could use boot camp, or is that the same thing?14:05
ActionParsnipepzis: true but you chose to buy it14:05
epzisActionParsnip: same thing as what? and i didn't choose to pay it i got it given for work14:06
epzis*buy it14:06
ActionParsnipepzis: is bootcamp == refit?14:06
epzisActionParsnip: if you ask my opinion bootcamp is nothing (never seen its use) but yeah if you know a way to dualboot using bootcamp ill give it a try14:07
Kiff__OmegaForte:  lol looking at my fstab for some reason /dev/sdb1 was listed to mount at /14:07
Kiff__not /dev/sda1.. i changed the sdb to sda and now it works if i plug it in14:07
mega1wols it says eth4 not eth014:08
ben22does anybody know how to permanently kill 'wpa_supplicant' ?14:08
OmegaForteKiff__, That's the root mount. Where the OS is installed. You need to find your USB dringus's sd# and set a mount point, and define the file table, add the noauto for when it's missing so it doesn't gripe, define rw so you can write to it, and 0 0 for error handling.14:08
Kiff__OmegaForte: i know its the root mount.. but i dont know why my root device was listed in fstab as sdb114:09
OmegaForteKiff__, Because that' the location of it.14:09
Kiff__becuase my root device is sda14:09
Kiff__df -h shows /dev/sda1             226G  8.2G  206G   4% /14:10
OmegaForteKiff__, I learned something yesterday. Certain USB devices get added before some hard drives, but as long as grub points to the right UUID/address, it doesn't matter.14:10
qoshey guys. is there a way to switch between 2 x servers by a terminal command? i started a second x server and now i am not able to switch between them with CTRL-ALT-6..9 -.-14:10
mega1can i change eth4 to eth014:11
ActionParsnipepzis: not something I've done but it appears it can be done14:11
epzisActionParsnip: you have a link describing it?14:11
Kiff__so it should matter then that i edited fstab to sda1 /14:11
ActionParsnipepzis: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=67854214:11
ActionParsnipepzis: maybe14:11
epzisActionParsnip: that asks me to register O.o14:12
OmegaForteKiff__, Yeah, it does. Just undo what you did before you break something. In linux, there is no undo button.14:12
doubletwistSo, what might cause java web start [javaws] to take **forever** to start? Even if I just run it to get to the settings, it takes about 2 minutes to actually start, but I can't tell what it's doing. I'm using the sun-java6-jre version of jav14:12
Kiff__ok but  how did it mount /dev/sda1 to / when its listed as /dev/sdb114:13
OmegaForteKiff__, God. Okay, stop overthinking this. Open Disk Util from System - Administration.14:13
OmegaForteKiff__, Then unplug the USB dingloid and see WHICH ONE VANISHES. Write that down and plug it back in, and see where it is now.14:14
ActionParsnipepzis: oh, I have an ubuntu forums account. let me retry. All I'm searching for is: ubuntu bootcamp14:14
ActionParsnipepzis: you should try it too14:14
Kiff__i dont need to i know its sdb14:14
mega1how do i reconfiger my network card14:14
OmegaForteKiff__, You  know this, but it wasn't there. Hmm14:14
epzisActionParsnip: if i'm here i eventually did some research, all i found was either use refit or windows14:15
Kiff__it was in disk utility.. i said that when i joined the channel.. but when i clicked mount in disk utility it said mtab says its mounted as / already14:15
OmegaForteKiff__, Maybe it's because the special device mounts are detected on kernel boot, instead of by the bios. And anything mounted at / is the ROOT FILE SYSTEM. Where the OPERATING SYSTEM is installed.14:15
Kiff__which doenst make sense becuase sda is mounted as /14:15
makara_hi. ifconfig -a gives a list of interfaces: eth0, lo, ppp0, wlan0. if I set the ip for eth0 will that affect the ip for ppp0?14:16
ActionParsnipmakara_: no its a seperate device14:17
ActionParsnipepzis: not sure, why is refit not desirable?14:17
epzisActionParsnip: that mac is still under warranty, surprisingly enough apple wont annoy me if i install linux but surely will if i install refit (thats what they said)14:17
makara_ActionParsnip: thanks. The eth0 shows an inet6 address. Can i set a ip4 address for it?14:18
houseloverhey guys14:19
houseloveri have a dilemma14:19
ActionParsnipmakara_: if your network supports both then yes14:19
ActionParsnipepzis: I see14:19
houseloveroops wrong channel14:19
OmegaFortehouselover, What's the problem.14:19
makara_ActionParsnip: how can i set the address?14:19
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jitaHow do i disable apt-get warning to auto-remove the packages ?14:20
epzisActionParsnip: the mac itself is not desirable but since i got it for work (its not mine its company's thats why i can't mess with its warranty) and i have to have it sitting on my desktop id like at least to use it and im not a fan of windows14:21
epzisnor os x14:21
mega1ok when my hd was in my old computer it had eth0 as network card now that i put it into new computer it has eth4 but no internet access eth0 was set as static14:21
makara_jita: go into Synaptic, Settings, Preferences, Files14:21
jribepzis: do you need os x on it?14:21
mega1how can i change this14:21
epzisjrib: i need to have it installed and I will be using it only for work purposes, which during the summer (actually till november) are kinda rare14:21
jitamakara_: i use apt-get14:22
Island_Monkeycan somebody help me here with an issue with the launcher?14:22
OmegaForte!ask | Island_Monkey14:23
jribIsland_Monkey: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)14:23
ubottuIsland_Monkey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:23
makara_jita: what version ubuntu you got? why not use synaptic?14:23
rokindose any one know why i found that pakeg in ubuntu 11.04  need to updated when i have just download it form the website , pakges are old more than 100day ?14:23
jitamakara_: i got lubuntu 11.0414:23
Pat201anyone here use iron?14:23
jribrokin: because the iso is from april14:24
PolahIs there a command to compare files from two directories?14:24
jribPolah: diff, comm?14:24
qoscan PLEASE somebody help me? i started a new x server and now i cant switch between them with CTRL-ALT F6,7,8 ... my screen is just blank and i am pretty stuck here.14:24
makara_jita: so go system - administration - synaptic package manager14:25
jribqos: can you get to a tty?14:25
qosjrib, i am remotly connected via ssh14:25
edbian_qos: ctrl + alt + F1 ?  Do the cli ones work?14:25
Polahjrib: Thank you14:25
ActionParsniproknir: did you install the newer version using a deb14:25
jribqos: kill the x server?14:25
edbian_qos: Then ctrl + alt + FX is effecting the local machine, not the remote machine14:25
qosjrib, no option because of data loss -.-14:26
jribqos: can you be more specific?14:26
mega1is there any way to fix my networking problem14:26
qosedbian_, i know. is there a way to change the x server via terminal command?14:26
qosjrib, there are open text editors with unsaved code -.-14:27
edbian_qos: You can't see x servers via ssh anyway14:27
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
jribqos: do you not have physical access to the system?14:27
qosps aux | grep X shows me that there are 2 server running14:27
qosjrib, yes14:27
makara_mega1: did you try deleting the 'Auto eth4' connection from the list of connections in the Wired tab?14:27
jribqos: so what happens when you press ctrl-alt-f1?14:27
BronekI'm going to install Ubuntu 11.10, who testing it?14:28
qosjrib, nothing14:28
boywonderhi,ive just bought a network drive and im trying to find out how to mount it if i can, can anyone point me right?14:28
bazhangBronek, #ubuntu+1 for that14:28
jribqos: did that work before?14:28
mega1no how do you do that14:28
qosjrib, yes. before i started the 2nd x server that worked14:28
Kiff__boywonder: have you set up the share on the drive?>14:28
jribqos: what text editors?14:28
qosjrib, gedit14:28
makara_mega1: click or right-click the network icon on the menubar and click 'edit connections'14:29
tuffra_avim forever ;)14:29
boywonderKiff__, no i just have a bunch of shares that i think are already there,its sharing through windows at the moment?14:29
mega1this is server14:29
makara_any luck jita?14:29
mega1no clicking14:30
qosedbian jrib. i am remotly connected via ssh to that system. is there a way to switch between the server by a command? the same what CTRL-ALT-F7 does eg ...14:30
makara_mega1: give full version name and number14:30
Kiff__boywonder: sudo mount.cifs //ipaddress/share  /mountpoint14:30
mega1ubuntu server 10.0414:30
jribqos: if you're in a tty, you can use "chvt" but I don't think that will "just work" otherwise14:30
Island_Monkey!ask|Island Monkey I have an issue with the launcher. The launcher hides ok but leaves a black background that interferes with the GUI meaning I can't maximise without that stupid black rectangle in my way. Any ideas how to fix it?14:30
ubottuIsland Monkey I have an issue with the launcher. The launcher hides ok but leaves a black background that interferes with the GUI meaning I can't maximise without that stupid black rectangle in my way. Any ideas how to fix it?: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:30
boywonderKiff__, whats the mountpoint?14:31
PiciIsland_Monkey: please don't prefix your messages with !ask14:31
Kiff__boywonder: where you would like to mount the network share to view it14:31
jribqos: I think attempting to retrieve the gedit document from memory is probably feasible14:31
qosjrib, chvt answers something like: could find a filediscriptor which points to the console.14:31
jribqos: or forcing gedit to save somehow14:31
boywonderKiff__, and i dont have to edit fstab?14:31
jribqos: yes14:32
usalabsjrib earlier you suggested I downgrade samba, I did, and had to also downgrade ubuntu-desktop too, it fixed the network shares not showing in nautilus14:32
qosjrib, *couldnt find ...14:32
Kiff__boywonder: eventually yes but just for testing id suggest doing it manually14:32
Island_MonkeyI have an issue with the launcher. The launcher hides ok but leaves a black background that interferes with the GUI meaning I can't maximise without that stupid black rectangle in my way. Any ideas how to fix it?14:32
jribusalabs: file a bug14:32
usalabswill do14:32
TomSlominskihello. Does this channel provide support for Oneiric?14:33
makara_anyone: how to set ipv4 address for eth0?14:33
xangua!ubuntu+1 | TomSlominski14:33
ubottuTomSlominski: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:33
Island_Monkeyhey there kch14:33
TomSlominskixangua: thanks14:34
Kiff__boywonder: you can also go to places >> connect to server >> windows shre14:34
qosjrib, i got it myself.14:34
jribqos: hmm?14:34
Kiff__makara_: ifconfig eth0 ip netmask14:34
qosjrib, export DISPLAY=:1 && sudo chvt 714:34
jribqos: ok14:35
qosjrib, put it in the remote ssh and the x server is back ... yippi :D14:35
jribqos: cool14:35
BluesKajmega1,  in the terminal , ifconfig , is there a gateway IP14:35
qosjrib, thanks anyway to you both14:35
Island_MonkeyI have an issue with the launcher. The launcher hides ok but leaves a black background that interferes with the GUI meaning I can't maximise without that stupid black rectangle in my way. Any ideas how to fix it?14:36
mega1makara can i do this by command line14:36
boywonderKiff__, the share on the windowsbox looks like this, timemachine(\\hmnhd-T120C3)(U:)14:36
mega1bluesKaj no14:37
Kiff__boywonder goto places >> connet to server then select windows share and fill in ur details14:38
makara_Kiff_: i put in 'sudo ifconfig eth0' and it seemed to accept, but the result of 'ip addr' shows no change. it still only has the ipv6 address14:38
nankurahello ubuntu world14:39
usr13makara_: ifconfig  with no arguments will show you the ip address.14:39
Kiff__makara_: eth0 up14:39
chewybazhang, i m going with handbrake (because it s not pulling so many gtk deps, i m on kde right now, and i d like to avoid gtk libs as long as i can t go gnome 3 without a mess)14:39
BluesKajmega1, run sudo ifconfig up ..see if there's any route to the network device14:39
silly_newbHi. I have an extraction problem. i have '| cpio -idm share/foo/zap share/bar/something'. It refuses to extract the last file. If I switch the files around, share/bar/something is extracted but not share/foo/zap. Ideas?14:39
makara_mega1: i don't know by command line. you can install synaptic by command line and then open it from there14:39
chewyi ll let you know. thank you for your help!14:39
usalabsI've been playing around with deciding or not, to upgrade to Karmic, but there's a lot of downside being published about Unity, anyone got any opinions on this?14:39
usr13makara_: just do   sudo ifconfig eth0  (If netmask is ok, that is default)14:39
ActionParsnipusalabs: Unity is in Natty, not Karmic14:39
ActionParsnipusalabs: I'd say grab the natty liveCD and try it14:40
usr13makara_: Are you trying to establish an internet connection?14:40
boywonderKiff__, that failed lol14:40
FloodBot1jorge12345ff: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:40
TBotNikAll: Was told wicd was superior to Network Manager, but now can not make it masquerade to bridge my LAN across my wlan0 connect.  Additionally I do not see a way in it to set the wlan0 as the default come up first, and it seems to ignore all the standard files, so at a loss right now to know what to do.  Anyone done this in wicd before?  I'm total noobie on this one.  Thinking about going back to NM, if I can't solve this soon, thinking mayb14:40
Kiff__boywonder: in what way?14:40
boywonderKiff__, siad failed to mount14:40
Island_MonkeyI have an issue with the launcher. The launcher hides ok but leaves a black background that interferes with the GUI meaning I can't maximise without that stupid black rectangle in my way. Any ideas how to fix it?14:40
makara_Kiff_: it worked14:40
usr13TBotNik: First: It is beyond the scope of wicd to do internet connection sharing.14:41
Kiff__boywonder: what was the error14:41
Island_Monkeyjorge: nope14:41
BluesKajhmm, seems the latest updates killed a lot of network interfaces14:41
makara_usr13: trying to connect 2 pcs with crossover cable14:41
usr13TBotNik: Second:  Why does it matter if wlan0 comes up first?  What exactly are you trying to do.14:42
TBotNikusr13: Then what do you use to masquerade and bridge?14:42
usr13makara_: Then that is all you should need.  Just set the IP as needed and you should be good to go.14:42
TBotNikusr13: Has to come up first or eth2 was to be primary inet connect and it has to be static dhcpd server.14:43
greywalkhi. when i activate the proprietary driver for nvidia graphics cards from the ubuntu repo, it installs ok, but the whole system kind of hangs, works more slowly. has anyone else had this problem as well?14:43
usr13TBotNik: That you can do with firewall settings.  Or you can just enter the commands on  your own.  I ususally use ipmasqurade (via iptables)14:43
lefort_vHello !14:43
ActionParsnipgreywalk: try running:  sudo nvidia-xconfig    then reboot14:43
usr13!firestarter | TBotNik14:43
ubottuTBotNik: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.14:43
makara_usr13: what about this 'Auto eth0' connection from the network connections list. I still says I'm not connected.14:44
ziikutvHow can i fix flash video that freezes and the audio goes on?14:44
usr13!ics | TBotNik14:44
ubottuTBotNik: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing14:44
greywalkActionParsnip: thanks, I'll try that14:44
ziikutvis that a prob with flash14:44
usr13TBotNik: Again, there are a couple of ways to do ICS, take your pick ^^^14:44
Island_MonkeyCan somebody just ban that idiot (jorge12345ff) please?14:45
bazhangjorge12345ff, english here14:45
ziikutv*bats the idiot*14:45
oCeanziikutv: stop that14:45
jbwivguys, I'm currently using NVIDIA twinview to provide two monitors. I'd like to add another video card and go up to 3. is this possible? anyone know? would I use twinview or xinerama (or something else)?14:45
bazhangIsland_Monkey, that s not necessary14:45
boywonderKiff__, Cannot display location "smb://chris@hmnhd-t120c3/test/test"14:45
ziikutvDoes anyone know why my video freezes but the audio goes on?14:45
JosefAssaduh. I got to the part in the 11.04 install where you have to type where you are but I cant type anything in the box. Ideas?14:45
jorge_its not necessary say some words14:46
ziikutvwhat part is that?14:46
jorge_u are a really idiot14:46
ActionParsnipziikutv: what is the output of: sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf14:46
JosefAssadi cant say anything in it and the forward button is greyed out14:46
craigbass1976airtonix, hey there.  I had to go for a bit.  This dialog: http://tinypic.com/r/157k8wp/7 is where I'd like to see a pdf printer pop up.14:46
Island_MonkeyOne troll sorted.14:46
ziikutvActionParsnip: Is that one command?14:47
ActionParsnipziikutv: yes :)14:47
ActionParsnipziikutv: pastebin the output please (http://pastie.org or similar will do)14:47
phoenixsamprashow to install JRE?14:47
ziikutvyeap, I use pastein.. Ruby on Rails developer :P14:47
ziikutvActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/pS1YxEk914:48
ActionParsnipphoenixsampras: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ferramroberto/java; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin14:48
BluesKajmega1, are you there ?14:48
phoenixsamprasActionParsnip: thanks bro14:49
ActionParsnipziikutv: http://pastebin.com/4MxZYa7N14:50
ActionParsnipziikutv: 64bit flash for your 64bit OS14:50
TBotNikusr13: I know you think I just came here, but been here off and on since 2 pm, now 10 am, had this working under Network Manager, when a hard reboot corrupted the config and could not recover.  All the 5 normal file were correct, as I re-edited them after the crash, but NM kept displaying 2 false connections [ifupdown (eth2) and ifupdown (wlan0)] in the "Wired" tab of "Network Connections" and can not find any HOWTOs that can tell you 1. Wha14:50
ziikutvThanks you are awsome.14:50
ziikutvI spelled it wrong :p14:50
ziikutvwow that has autoremove... aren't you the smart one. I was about to ask if I should uninstall previous :P14:51
ActionParsnipziikutv: np man14:51
makara_usr13: i had a look at that earlier. its too much for my brain. i just want to share a file between 2 computers and make sure the cable I've bought actually works14:51
makara_usr13: its a psychological barrier14:51
TBotNikusr13: TMI?14:51
boywondercan anyone help me get this drive share/mounting sorted please?14:51
JTS000IDI have a Lenovo W520 (64bit) machine and running Ubuntu 64 bit. On power on my machine is frozen. Found this is a Ubuntu issue but not sure what to do now.14:52
ziikutvActionParsnip: Will i have to install the chrome plugin?14:52
TBotNikusr13: Having additional problems since installing wicd, as FireFox refuses to work now.14:53
craigbass1976Or does ANYONE have an answer?  This dialog: http://tinypic.com/r/157k8wp/7 is where I'd like to see a pdf printer pop up.  There's a windows app called pdfCreator that acts like a printer.  While I realize this is largely unnecessary in Linux, some foolish java programmer (or group of them) requires an actual printer to print to.  I'm stuck14:53
TBotNikusr13: The purge issued by the wicd install must have knocked out some FF dependencies, so it's broke now.14:53
nankuradoes anyone use openbox here?14:54
makara_craigbass1976: click print to file. you will be able to choose a pdf14:54
boywondercan anyone help me get this drive share/mounting sorted please? update i have the share now i need to mount it?14:54
airtonixcraigbass1976: print to file...14:55
BluesKajTBotNik, sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox14:55
tyler_din term I am trying to remove nvida-glx, however it isn't found. so in trying to add it then remove it I see that its refered to by another package... how do I find out what package it is?14:56
=== jgay_ is now known as jgay
BluesKajtyler_d, what are you trying to do ?14:58
TBotNikBluesKaj: No wonder FF was crapping, showing 3.0 and 3.5 both installed in Synaptic, so can't run because of conflicts, purging all the 3.0 stuff going to 3.514:58
BluesKajok TBotNik , let us know how it goes14:58
tyler_dBluesKaj: find out what package is refering to that14:59
makara_mega1: did you come right?15:00
BluesKajyeah tyler_d , but why  ...what';s the objective?15:00
=== cooke is now known as llua
tyler_dBluesKaj: to remove any reference to nvidia-glx15:01
usr13TBotNik: I do not think that wicd is causing firefox not to work15:01
TBotNikusr13: When I get FF back up resend me those URLs.15:01
Chadhow is life everybode15:01
=== Chad is now known as Guest22514
makara_usr13: I'm trying to follow these instructions: http://linuxowns.wordpress.com/2008/06/08/share-files-between-2-ubuntu-computers/15:01
BluesKajtyler_d, which driver ? and are you trying to purge/uninstall it?15:02
craigbass1976airtonix, no, that brings up ANOTHER print dialog: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=aeuzgx&s=715:02
makara_usr13: after filling in the 'connect to server' dialog I get an error15:03
tyler_dBluesKaj: oh dear me. yes, I am trying to remove all packages that refer to the virtual package nvidia-glx15:03
TBotNikusr13: I know I was strictly on 3.5 before I issued the wicd install.  It did purge on NM and I had done that a couple weeks back on another machine and that does knock out parts of FF, dependency wise, then all the 3.0 FF stuff had to come from the wicd install, cus I knew I was on 3.5, had cleaned it up about a month back.15:03
atannusHi. I have the Purple Screen of Death. 10.10 was running _fine_ on the machine, and after upgrade to 11.04 is stuck on purple screen. I have tried all solutions presented on forums, no good. Booting with older kernels .38 and .35 get me to the login screen, but after I type int hte password, I get nothing but the background and the mouse pointer (which can move). The 10.10 install had openSSH installed and working, so I _can_ ssh into the machine15:03
atannus, from where I tried removing the nvidia drivers and reinstalling them, which also did not help. This seems to be a common problem with 11.04, and I also know there is no option to downgrade back to 10.10. Does anyone have an idea?15:03
=== kancerman__ is now known as kancerman
apertureAnyone know how to get the transparency of the panels just right? It works in empty spaces, but nowhere else (except top icons)15:05
ne2kTBotNik: Chrome15:05
Myrttiatannus: have you tried logging in to Ubuntu Classic mode?15:05
makara_craigbass1976: what are the printer choices from the drop-down list?15:05
atannusMyrtti, I don't know what that is.15:05
auronandace!classic | atannus15:05
ubottuatannus: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:05
craigbass1976makara_, the dell and the brother only.15:06
BluesKajtyler_d, if you are trying to install the nvidia current driver , the install should automatically remove any vestiges of previous drivers , if gdm/X aren't running , best to install the nvidia -current driver at a tty .15:06
giuliahello. How can I make Murrine as the default graphical engine ? Thank you15:06
TBotNikAll: Well still getting the "already running error" from FF.  Anyone know how to restart it without reboot?15:06
abn7575I want to put gnome3 on here. I like the interface it has15:06
usr13TBotNik: I think you are wrong, NM and FF do not share any dependencies.15:06
ActionParsnipTBotNik: kill the processes15:06
giuliaTBot : kill the process15:06
moxboxTbotNick: pkill firefox15:06
usr13makara_: What error?15:06
bazhangabn7575, not supported will break unity avoid15:06
bazhang!gnome3 | abn757515:06
ubottuabn7575: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.15:06
Onepamopaguys, any way of making the swap partition IN ram ?15:07
usr13makara_: What server are you trying to connect to?15:07
abn7575i know it will break unity. I dont use unity as it is. I dont like it15:07
makara_hanging on the purple screen of death means no login option to choose interface15:07
bazhangabn7575, on your own then.15:07
moxboxOnepamopa: Yes, let me look it up15:07
ne2kusr13: libc6... ;-)15:07
abn7575and uhhh actually it can be downgraded did so twice already lol15:07
giuliajust a question at 2cents, how can I make Murrine as default decoration engine on Unity ?15:07
makara_usr13: my other pc. its linked by an ethernet cable. I set the ip on it to
Myrttiatannus: but with the older kernels you got to the login screen15:07
bazhangabn7575, full reinstall15:07
auronandaceabn7575: gnome 3 will be supported for the next release (perhaps it is better to wait till then)15:07
TBotNikne2k: Never, a keytracker is a virus, that you willingly install and Google is the leader in analytics because of their keytrackers.  No not installing a virus on my machine.  Already installed all the blocking plugins, so not undoing that!15:07
abn7575same install15:07
ramontayaghey guys. i tried searching for this, but can't seem to search with the right words. i have a keyboard that has those special media controls (play, pause, next, stop). it works with miro, but it doesn't work with songbird. is there a setting in ubuntu I can change to get it to work with songbird?15:08
bazhangabn7575, its offtopic and not supported here15:08
usr13TBotNik: http://pastebin.com/rKYtVqEW15:08
boywonderhi can anyone help me mount my network drive, ie do i need to install cifs of smbfs im on 10.415:08
makara_craigbass1976: how old is your system? what version15:08
usr13makara_: So you have one set to   What IP is the other one set to?15:08
abn7575lmao what ever man. someone commented on gnome. I said something. dont worry, ill leave though, dont want to bother you fine closed minded peoples. :) peace15:08
TBotNikusr13: Would if I could, need to reboot, BRB15:09
usr13TBotNik: Why reboot?15:09
giuliaabn, wait until next Ubuntu version15:09
ne2kTBotNik: google chrome is a virus now?15:09
giuliaGnome 3 will be released then15:09
atannusMyrtti, ureadahead main process (317) terminated with status 515:09
Onepamopamoxbox okay, thanks ;)15:09
atannusMyrtti, now I'm stuck on a Black screen! :)15:09
usr13makara_: Very good, that should work.  Now see if you can ping:  From the 192.168..4.4 machine do:  ping
Onepamopaits just Im getting 48gb ddr3 ecc and it's a good idea to remove the swap partiton @ hdd and make it @ ram15:09
atannusis that an improvement?15:10
dydhappy holidays ;)15:10
usr13makara_: Ctrl-c    #To quit15:10
makara_usr13: 'network unreachable' it says15:10
usr13makara_: Check to make sure IP is set;    ifconfig15:10
usr13makara_: On both machines.15:11
usr13makara_: Are you plugged into correct ethernet port?  (Do either of those machines have more than one?)15:11
usr13makara_: If you have NM running, it will sometimes try and change IP settings.  That is sometimes a problem.15:12
makara_usr13: ok#15:12
makara_usr13: it somehow lost the ipv4 address, but it still displayed it in the GUI network tools program15:12
tyler_dBluesKaj: though I appreciate your feedback on that; it ultimately did not answer my question. but ty for trying15:12
tyler_din term I am trying to remove nvida-glx, however it isn't found. so in trying to add it then remove it I see that its refered to by another package... how do I find out what package it is?15:13
atannusIs it possible to Downgrade back to 10.10 from 11.04?15:13
atannusOr do I need a clean install?15:13
makara_usr13: i've reset it to and it pings fine15:13
highness_Umm.. If I want to run something in crontab on a daily basis, will it be correct to use 0 0 * * * root /path/to/script.sh ?15:13
makara_usr13: now it says 'connection refused by server'15:13
BluesKajtyler_d, soory I didn't scrollback to see your original question , I assumed you were having nvidia driver issues15:14
usr13makara_: Ok you are good to go.  But if you want to use these devices to connect the two PCs together perminately, you may need to set those IP addresses via NM.15:14
tyler_dBluesKaj: s'all good15:14
BluesKajok tyler_d , good to hear15:14
usr13makara_: What is saying connection refused by server>?15:14
usr13makara_: What software are you trying to use?  What type of server are you trying to connect to?15:15
Piciatannus: Downgrades are unsupported.15:15
atannusThen get the fucking upgrades working...15:15
oCeanatannus: that language is not acceptable15:16
atannusneither is 11.0415:16
makara_usr13: i put in port 22, ssh, name is alex, the login name of the other computer (lucid lynx 10.04), the folder is /home15:16
ne2khighness_: that will run at midnight every day, and run it as root15:16
atannusbut no one seems to give a damn about that.15:16
highness_ne2k: Perfect15:16
usr13atannus: I understand there is a way to do it and have seen some info on it, but don't know how reliable it is.  Best to back up your /home dir and do fresh install. (If you have /home on separate partition, just tell the install to leave it alone and set same user name.15:16
ne2khighness_: this is /etc/crontab, not a user's crontab15:16
makara_usr13: I'm on natty 32bit15:16
highness_ne2k: That is awesome. I neeed to run as ROOT15:17
usr13makara_: use the IP address.15:17
highness_Thanks for verifying15:17
atannususr13, lucky I do... thanks.15:17
highness_Hmm... Stuff that I put in crontab.daily, does it run automatically, or do I need to do something else with it too?15:17
usr13makara_: i.e.    From    ssh atannus@
usr13makara_: But if user names are same, just do   ssh
ne2khighness_: look in /etc/crontab and see15:18
highness_ne2k: oh, I just ran crontab -e15:18
highness_Is that the wrong way to go?15:18
usr13makara_:   ssh atannus@    #Where atannus is the actual user name on
atannusI'll do a clean debian this time. Ubuntu is becoming too applelish to my taste anyways...15:18
Syntheadwhat does "auth --useshadow --enablemd5" do in a kickstart?15:19
ne2khighness_: crontab -e is for editing a user's crontab, which is different from editing the system crontab15:19
usr13atannus: You can switch back to gnome....15:19
atannususr13, i cant BOOT into the system...15:19
highness_ne2k: Ah.. And when I do crontab -e as root, will it have the same effect?15:19
ne2khighness_: to edit the system crontab, you just edit /etc/crontab -- or use the /etc/cron.daily,etc/ directories (look in /etc/crontab to see how they work)15:19
atannususr13, the damn think is broken. upgrade broke it.15:19
ne2khighness_: I'm not actually sure about that. it shoudl say in the man page15:19
highness_ne2k: Ok. Thanks.15:20
atannususr13, I can ssh, but that's no good for a desktop...15:20
BluesKajmakara_, ssh default port is 22 , so do , ssh alex@remotepcIPaddress15:20
ne2khighness_: I do know, though, that it is acceptable and works to edit the system crontab just by editing /etc/crontab and it will automatically be picked up15:20
makara_usr13: refused. I've only got one login name on this pc and its alex. I'm already logged in and talking to you through it. Can there be multiple logins on one name?15:20
usr13atannus:  What is broken?  (Probably can be fixed.)15:20
ne2khighness_: and that it is /not/ acceptable to edit a user's crontab in this way15:20
atannususr13, Ubuntu is. Unity.15:20
highness_ne2k: Roger15:20
atannususr13, I get a purple screen, nothing else.15:20
atannususr13, its windows all over.15:20
gusgI'm trying to run "sudo ldconfig" but I'm getting this error "/sbin/ldconfig.real: Can't create temporary cache file /etc/ld.so.cache~: Permission denied"15:21
usr13atannus: ...or gnome,(your choice).15:21
atannususr13, so much for error messages... just lock the user on a purple screen.15:21
jribatannus: didn't you quote an error earlier?15:21
usr13makara_: There will only be multiple logins if you have created multiple users.15:21
atannusjrib, read back and you'll understand, son.15:22
deanHey all could someone tell me if it is or isn't recommended installing kde inside ubuntu?15:22
jribatannus: I think we should try to focus on fixing your ubuntu15:22
usr13makara_: Are you sure you have the right password in mind?15:22
craigbass1976makara_, what system, this computer?  It was new within the last three years.  I'm running lucid15:22
atannusjrib, agreed.15:23
ActionParsnipatannus: boot to classic desktop and get 3D accelleration running15:23
BluesKajmakara_, so you say the pc you are sshing from doesn't connect to the internet , only thru ssh into the pc that does connect ?15:23
ActionParsnipdean: you can if you want15:23
ActionParsnipdean: doesn't break anything, you will choose the session at logion15:23
atannusjrib, do you have any ideas? This seems to be a common problem, 100s of ppl reporting it on forums, dozens of "solutions" but none work. All forums tipos are still wide open, and most ppl just gave up.15:23
jribatannus: what solutions have you tried that failed?15:24
atannusOr, perhaps I'm incompetent to find the solution...15:24
deanActionParsnip, Is it easy to do also if I chose kde would I still have access to files and programs etc?15:24
makara_Blueskay: the first thing yes, the second no15:24
ActionParsnipdean: yes, you can even run gnome apps in kde15:24
atannusActionParsnip, read what I said before you suggest IMPOSSIBLE solutions, PLEASE.15:24
usr13makara_: What exactly are you trying to do?15:24
makara_usr13: I created a second user and said don't require password to login. it still refuses my connection15:24
ioniteWhy does my mp3 stutters even while switching windows or opeing a new tab??15:24
iridiumhey boys, I use to do an "netstat -atun | grep 80", but I'm curious there is any way to filter ports in netstat without using grep, awk or similar?15:24
atannusActionParsnip, I get an EMPTY PURPLE SCREEN, I CANT BOOT.15:25
t4nk552hello to all, xdpyinfo show my resolution 3x0 dot per inch. But if I change my resolution and back to it's original, it shows 96x96. Why is xdpyinfo showing wrong dpi in the beginning?15:25
makara_usr13: share files between 2 pcs using a crossover cable15:25
usr13makara_: You can't do that.  You need to have a password.15:25
deanActionParsnip, How would I go about installing it? also if I wanted to remove it would it be easy to do?15:25
makara_usr13: for now15:25
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usr13makara_: If you simply want to share files, use nfs15:25
ActionParsnipdean: you can install minimal kde or kubuntu-desktop and get the full kde goodness15:25
atannusjrib, I tried falling back 4 kernel versions, tried using the default nvidia drivers, tried upgrading to latest nvidia drivers, tried safe mode, nothing works.15:25
makara_craigbass1976: not sure why you're not getting the pdf option. do you have LibreOffice or OpenOffice installed?15:25
usr13!nfs | makara_15:26
ubottumakara_: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.15:26
deanActionParsnip, Is there a best preference?15:26
ActionParsnipdean: its not so easy to get off but is defaintely doable15:26
craigbass1976makara_, libre15:26
ioniteochosi: but XP worked fine with my speakers. so i mean what should i install or something?15:26
ioniteWhy does my mp3 stutters even while switching windows or opeing a new tab??15:26
usr13makara_: If you want to simply transfer files from one to the other, use scp15:26
ActionParsnipdean: whichever you prefer, if you have loads of space available then go full fat15:26
jribatannus: by "nothing works" do you mean that nothing changed or that did it fail in a different way?15:26
atannusjrib, with older kernels I can get to the login screen WITH NO OPTIONS BUT THE PASSWORD INPUT. That means, ActionParsnip, I CANNOT CHOOSE CLASSIC MODE.15:26
ActionParsnipatannus: lose the caps, it achieves nothing15:26
deanActionParsnip, I have 56gb spare15:26
atannusjrib, same purple screen, different resolutions (apparently)15:26
ActionParsnipdean: that'll do15:27
atannusAceKing, OK, WILL DO.15:27
atannusAceKing, sory... meant to ActionParsnip15:27
ActionParsnipatannus: try the boot option: nomodeset   you probably have a crappy intel gpu15:27
deanActionParsnip, When I log in and choose kubuntu can I still use files that are in Ubuntu such as video music and pictures?15:27
atannusActionParsnip, the crappy intel gpu worked fine on 10.10.15:27
usr13makara_: If want to share files, use nfs  Set statick IPs for both systems and set up nfs share on one and make a fstab entry on the other to perminately mount the share on the other.15:27
makara_usr13: i just want to get something to work. all these options are driving me nuts15:28
jribatannus: does "recovery mode" behave differently?15:28
atannusjrib, boots into a prompt.15:28
atannusjrib, pointless since I can ssh into that machine from other boxes.15:28
jribatannus: can you pastebin /boot/grub/grub.cfg?15:28
ActionParsnipatannus: then nomodeset may be needed, some display stuff in 11.04 is ni teh kernel, which is why it works in Maverick15:28
usr13makara_: Sorry.  But again, if you just tell me what you want to do, I can help you. For now, do you just want to make ssh connection?15:28
ioniteWhy does my mp3 stutters even while switching windows or opeing a new tab??15:29
ActionParsnipatannus: different kernel, different issues. Something working in an older version doesn't mean as much as you think15:29
ActionParsnipionite: how much RAM do you have?15:29
BluesKajmakara_, I agree with usr13, nfs works well for file transfer and access15:29
makara_anything! i've never got an ethernet cable to connect 2 ubuntu computers in my whole life!15:29
ioniteActionParsnip: 51215:30
makara_if this works I'm opening a bottle of champaigne tonight15:30
usr13makara_: On the contrary, you have just now.  (you said you could ping the other machine, right?)15:30
jribatannus: by the way, does ctrl-alt-f1 get you to a tty and away from the purple screen?15:30
makara_usr13: that's worth a peach schnapps15:30
atannusActionParsnip, Ok. When Ubuntu doesn't work, its my working hardware's fault. Your should be hired by Microsoft, dude.15:31
atannusThey'll love yah.15:31
usr13makara_: Do you want to connect via ssh from to  or  from to  ?15:31
atannusjrib, lemme check15:31
jribatannus: please... stay on-topic15:31
makara_usr13: yes15:31
atannusjrib, no.15:32
usr13makara_: see my pm15:32
atannusjrib, the only think that responds is ctrl-alt-del15:32
jribatannus: try what ActionParsnip suggested by pressing 'e' at the grub screen to edit the kernel line.  I was going to suggest removing "splash" but I suppose trying a few variations will not hurt15:32
ActionParsnipatannus: no, just that the OS is different so may not work as you expect. Did you try the nomodeset boot option?15:33
atannusjrib, tried removing splash.15:33
ActionParsnipionite: should be ok. Does it affect all media playing apps15:33
mmanim trying to instal atk-1.30 lib and when doing ./configure i get this error: pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0' returned 2.28.8, but GLIB (2.28.6) was found! ...15:33
atannusActionParsnip, yes, I did.15:33
jribatannus: remove 'quiet' too, it might provide more information15:33
atannusjrib, also tried to remove quiet. I said I tried _all_ forum fixes, and none worked.15:33
* jrib has not memorized all forum fixes...15:34
atannusjrib, ActionParsnip I'm not lying when I say I've read and tried forums, guys...15:34
ActionParsnipatannus: try the boot option:  intel.blacklist=115:34
mmanim trying to install gtk+315:34
atannusActionParsnip, jrib you know what, I've been at this for 5 hours, I'm gonna do a clean install... thanks.15:34
jribatannus: ok15:34
atannusThe upgrade was acciental anyways!!!!!!15:34
mmanis the gtk3 already in repositories?15:35
ActionParsnipatannus: nice, personally  always clean install, fewer issues15:35
atannusjrib, ActionParsnip thanks for your time.15:35
ActionParsnipmman: for Oneiric, yes otherwise no15:35
ActionParsnipatannus: np man :)15:35
atannusActionParsnip, the upgrade was accidental... new guy in the office...15:35
atannusI tried Unity couple weeks into beta and hated it...15:36
atannusI'd give it another try now, but too much hassle... maybe in a few months.15:36
atannuscheers folks15:36
ActionParsnip!gnome3 | mman15:38
ubottumman: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.15:38
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ionitehow do i install pulse audio?15:38
administrator__hi there15:39
mmanActionParsnip, I want to install glade for making gui for c++ or do you recommend me other program?15:39
wai1234Hi. Need help with a server config problem (10.04 LTS)15:40
NarcHello everyone. I really need your help here. Two months ago, I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on an old Toshiba Satellite for a friend, and I'm running into issue after issue. Now it's almost working thanks to Kernel 2.6.38-10 but the network stops working after a while. I think it's a network module problem. Here's the kernel log: http://pastebin.com/72VCnKFT  I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks...15:40
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=== sybregunne is now known as Sybregunne
wai123410.04 LTS server using an old laptop with lid switch that turns off screen.  UB6 did NOT sleep with lid closed but 10 DOES.  How do I turn this off? This is NOT a GUI config question, it's a server.15:43
ActionParsnipmman: python makes nice GUIs15:43
dliNarc, the kernel log shows NIC working, but you got problem with system apic15:43
ActionParsnipwai1234: afaik, the screen will simply dim after some time15:43
wai1234Nope, the machine tries to sleep/suspend when I close the lid.15:44
dliNarc, also, 8139too is quite stable for me, can you boot with kernel parameters: acpi=off no apic15:44
wai1234I don't want sleep EVER15:44
Narcdli: That's the part about using a strange power saving mode, is it ?15:44
wai1234I assume it's a power management configuration issue.15:45
mmanActionParsnip, but I want something easy to make GUI, something like "visual basic" that is easy to create guis15:45
dliNarc, try noapic first15:46
Narcdli: I tried these with older kernel but never with this one because acpi=off tends to screw everything, including network, but I'll try that right now. Thanks for your help.15:46
dliNarc, try combinations with acpi=off and noapic15:46
mmanActionParsnip, with Qt i think it is possible15:46
Narcdli: I'm trying that right now... We'll see :)15:47
dliNarc, since you mentioned "old machine", it might be an overheating problem, try to improve system cooling15:47
usr13What is the command to get apt-get to just download openssh-server  (just to get the .deb file)15:49
rumpe1usr13, --download-only15:50
rumpe1usr13, oh... maybe wrong. "apt-get download <package>"15:50
M0TRN_th1hey, does anyone know a cool media-center / music player thing for ubuntu that has a remote control app for Android?15:50
M0TRN_th1I want to make the android control the music in the house speakers15:51
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oCeanusr13: apt-get install openssh-server --download-only15:51
oCeanusr13: then it's in /var/cache/apt/archives15:51
Narcdli: Yeah, it's really an issue, but my friend already bought a base with fans to cool it. I cleaned it the best I could...15:52
dliNarc, taking out the CD-ROM drive, if you can15:53
Starman83Is there a way to disable xdm ?15:55
Starman83I don't want it to start every time I boot15:55
Narcdli: I'd try that. What it need is RAM, but I don't even want to try. noapic seems to solve it as far as I can tell... Thanks a lot.15:55
dliNarc, still overheating is the real issue15:56
Narcdli: Do you think the network crash is caused by overheating ?15:57
dliNarc, one possibility15:58
dr_willisStrangeCharm,  its started by a service in /etc/init/  rename the xdm.conf or gdm.conf or kdm.conf (or whtgever its called) to gdm.DONTRUN16:02
Narcdli: Is it possible that apic or acpi is "telling" the module to crash, or am I talking nonsense ?16:02
dr_willisStrangeCharm,  is on way. using the 'text' kernel boot option will also disable gdm plymouth and the framebuffer I think16:03
Narcdli: I mean, because of overheating.16:03
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dliNarc, yes, overheating causing invalid processing, signals, etc16:03
Narcdli: Ok, thanks.16:03
duryhi there channel :)16:04
durywols_: hi there :)16:05
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
durywols: hi there :)16:06
dr_willisM0TRN_th1,  check out xbmc and boxee. and vlc all 3 have  remote app for ANdroid16:07
duryKM0201: hi there16:07
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sdhasui demand to know how to install ubuntu to fat3216:10
dr_willissdhasu,  that was a feature on distros years ago.. dont think its doable these days16:11
sdhasuwhy the fuck not?16:11
h00k!language | sdhasu16:11
ubottusdhasu: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.16:11
PicCardsdhasu, emulate ubuntu with an OS emulator16:11
sdhasuwhats wrong with fuck? fuck fuck fuck fuck16:11
tyler_danyone care to take a stab at this with me: I'm getting the error GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found) in Xorg.0.log on bootup; as such unity will not run; I have the latest restricted drivers; however there still exists a virtual package "nvidia-glx" that is a virtual package, it is refered to by another package; I have confirmed that I have the latest restricted drivers from ubuntu. so now what?16:12
ChogyDanhow did you confirm?16:12
ChogyDantyler_d: do you have nvidia-current installed?16:12
tyler_dChogyDan: yes16:13
ChogyDantyler_d: maybe try this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-`uname -a`16:13
ChogyDanwait, that isnt right16:14
tyler_dChogyDan: you mean -r16:14
ChogyDantyler_d: sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`16:15
tyler_dChogyDan: ;) yup16:15
tyler_dChogyDan: will have to restart after but we will tias for sure16:15
ChogyDantyler_d: if it builds on dkms stuff, then maybe that was the issue16:16
lestathi all16:17
tyler_dChogyDan: didn't build on dkms stuff... however did something with the nvidia-current16:17
tyler_dChogyDan: let me restart and I will come back16:17
lestatany clue why X is not finding vboxvideo eventhough it's there ? http://pastebin.com/AySEb0wp16:17
FuegoHi all- I'm trying to install ubuntu on my PC. I have two partitions on my 1TB drive, one for windows, and one that I just formatted through GParted. When I get to the "Allocate Drive Space" screen, it lists no devices, says /dev/sda beneath "Device for boot installation", and doesn't give me the drop-down menu.16:18
t4nk678is there an alternative of using XDisplayHeightMM?16:20
phoenixsampraswhere is the python executable located?16:20
oCeanphoenixsampras: use   which python16:21
tensorpuddingphoenixsampras: /usr/bin/python16:21
tensorpuddingphoenixsampras: it's usually a link to /usr/bin/pythonX.X16:21
tyler_dsame error16:21
tensorpuddingfor a particular version16:21
tensorpuddingso that you may have multiple versions of python installed at once16:21
phoenixsamprastensorpudding: thank you bri16:21
ChogyDantyler_d: are you sure your card takes the latest version?16:22
tyler_dChogyDan: it is a GT330M which I have confirmed to work with the lastest so yes16:23
brickwallI need this fixed urgently: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1818887 Thanks in advance16:24
ChogyDantyler_d: are you on 11.04?16:24
tyler_dChogyDan: yes I am16:24
tyler_dChogyDan: 32 bit16:24
bkerensabrickwall: I need specs and more before I can take a stab at it16:25
dr_willisbrickwall,  at least summarize the issue here. Most people will just ignore a question that is just a URL,16:25
brickwallbkerensa: Like what type? I thought the alsa thing would be enough16:25
brickwallSo, it seems that ubuntu has absolutely no idea that this laptop has a microphone. In the audio preferences there is only one audio input: Analog audio16:26
brickwallAlsa info: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=43...447219202ddb0e16:26
OmegaFortebkerensa, The mic he wants to use is built into the webcam on the laptop.16:26
bkerensaOmegaForte: Ahh16:26
makara_suppose I mount an iso. how can I navigate through the folders of the iso from the terminal?16:26
designbybeckanyone know how to fix suspend/hibernate problems in Ubuntu 11.0416:26
designbybeckLast I tried didn't fix anything16:27
dr_willismakara_,  same as you would any other directories..16:27
tyler_dChogyDan: how can I tell what package is refering to nvidia-glx?16:27
dr_willismakara_,  via cd, ls and so on16:27
chenshaojuyou can google it.16:27
makara_i thought I would find it in /mnt but there's nothing there, nor in /media16:27
M0TRN_th1dr_willis, I found "mpd" which also has it and it works great, just can't control more than one mixer channel which is a shame since I want to adjust hte volume for each room16:27
ChogyDantyler_d: apt-cache rdepends nvidia-glx             what I use16:27
ChogyDantyler_d: or wait, maybe aptitude why nvidia-glx16:28
OmegaFortebrickwall, This line tells me that the mic is known, but not detected/activated/supported. Pin Default 0x95a70120: [Fixed] Mic at Int Top16:28
OmegaForte    Conn = Analog, Color = Unknown16:28
OmegaForte    DefAssociation = 0x2, Sequence = 0x016:28
OmegaForte    Misc = NO_PRESENCE16:28
brickwallOmegaForte: Oh, yes. I asked you earlier :P16:28
MeXTuXI have a dual boot system: Windows is /dev/sda and Ubuntu is /dev/sdb. Yesterday I started to receive messages about the Windows disk. They say "SMART STATUS: Disk failure is imminent". I wanna remove the windows disk and know that I will need to boot with a live CD and reinstall grub. Are there any other tasks to accomplish??? Tnx in advance :)16:28
tyler_dChogyDan: based on thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=808247 and it does show as referenced from some "other" package16:28
csdwifii've got a samba share at smb://csdserver/supshare, I'm able to access it and write to it from this PC, but for instance I'm running a bittorrent and would like to save the torrent to the remote share without first having to download it to the local system. how do i bypass this?16:29
ChogyDantyler_d: have you tried removing the driver, and reinstall using the restricted driver manager?16:29
bkerensaOmegaForte: He could edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base16:29
tyler_dChogyDan: 2 times now16:29
epzil0nMeXTuX: do you use Grub now?16:29
edbianMeXTuX: That should be it.  Make a backup of that drive ASAP16:29
bkerensaOmegaForte: and activate then restart16:29
brickwallOmegaForte: So, how do I fix it? Thanks for helping.16:30
tyler_dChogyDan: apt-get remove --purge `dpkg -l | grep nvidia`16:30
edbianMeXTuX: If I were you I would take it out of the case entirely until you do the backup16:30
tyler_dChogyDan: apt-get remove --purge `dpkg -l | grep nvidia` with an awk and some other stuff16:30
OmegaFortebkerensa, If it was known. It says no_presence. It doesn't see anything on the pin.16:30
rumpe1MeXTuX, easiest way would be to put the bootloader to sdb from running linux16:30
ChogyDantyler_d: but you used the gui to reinstall. right?16:30
OmegaFortebrickwall, Go ahead and try what bkerensa said; He could edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-bas16:30
szalMeXTuX: you should be able to just install Grub to sdb now16:30
airyKI need to make more space available in a specific folder with a second harddrive, but also make use of the current hdd space... Basically I'd like to combine two drives and increase the space of that specific folder. Is this possible ?16:30
tyler_dChogyDan: you got it16:30
dr_williscsdwifi,  you can mounta windows share to a directory via the fstab and it will be writeable to as any othe directory.16:30
dabbishWhen I open a document with Chinese text in Gedit it comes out like this: "ÑéÖ€ÂëŽíÎó". What can I do to make it display properly?16:30
szalMeXTuX: and while you're at it, just out of curiosity, could you please pastebin 'sudo smartctl --all /dev/sda'?16:31
brickwallOmegaForte: Okay16:31
bkerensabrickwall: Sometimes its alsa-base.conf on newer releases16:31
ChogyDantyler_d: my last shot in the dark would be to try the beta/alpha drivers in the xorg ppa16:31
rumpe1dabbish, you probably need the language-pack16:31
=== dlm_ is now known as dlm
bkerensabrickwall: Just make sure to restart alsa16:31
rumpe1dabbish, search for "zh" in your package manager16:32
brickwallbkerensa: So, what do I edit in it?16:32
ChogyDantyler_d: like https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates16:32
MeXTuXszal this is the command output http://paste.ubuntu.com/659394/16:33
dabbishrumpe1, thanks, I will16:33
bkerensabrickwall: Look for options snd-hda-intel16:34
dabbishrumpe1, SCIM Input Method?16:34
bkerensabrickwall: If you find it let me know what the full line is on paste.ubuntu.com16:34
rumpe1dabbish, scim is needed for input, not output16:34
tyler_dChogyDan: gross. I'm sorry to hear that. the apt-cache rdepends returns only <nvidia-glx>16:34
csdwifidr willis - it is writable from this machine, it's mountd in nautilus, it's working great.  but if, say, i'm downloading locally, nautilus doesn't let me browse to it on the left pane, even if it's mounted and bookmarked.  i guess the thing i really should do, to make it simpler, is find a way to run my download services off my wired pc16:34
e0s7question...if youre connecting to a socks proxy via a ssh box, then use that to tunnel traffic between your browser to another server, does that get logged anywhere in the proxy box?..proxy box is a linux distro16:35
antithi, anyone try linux on Acer timelineX 4830TG ?16:35
dr_williscsdserver,  nautiuls mounts it to the .gvfs directory somewhere.. Using the fstab method would let YOU mount it where you want.16:35
dabbishrumpe1, Normally Chinese displays fine.  But this document that I downloaded does not16:35
csdwifiok, i'll get my feet wet on that, i've worked with fstab a bit earlier today16:36
edbiane0s7: It will log the initial connection but nothing about what data is passed through it.  (cat /var/log/auth.log)16:36
szalMeXTuX: 5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct   0x0033   134   134   140    Pre-fail  Always   FAILING_NOW 523 <- this thing is through, as it looks..  raw error rate is low, but still, that here's what counts16:36
brickwallAll I see with the work 'intel' in it is: options snd-intel8x0m index=-216:36
bkerensak one sec16:36
rumpe1dabbish, well... there exist hundreds of different encodings for chinese. Or maybe it's broken. Hard to say.16:36
e0s7edbian: thanks, and to see traffic they could use wireshark took or something to see what i pass through...the requests but not the payload since its encrypted16:36
LiquidsnakeXhiiiiiiiiiii admins16:37
dabbishrumpe1, Ok thanks16:37
airyKIs it possible to map 2 drives to a single folder?16:37
edbiane0s7: That is my understanding yes.16:37
LiquidsnakeXi have a problemmmmmmm16:37
edbianLiquidsnakeX: what is it16:37
e0s7edbian: ok thanks16:37
edbianairyK: If you're talking about mounting, not16:37
dr_willisairyK,  depends on what you are trying to do..16:37
edbiane0s7: sure16:37
bkerensabrickwall: Try switching that 2 to 0 then save and restart alsa16:37
szalLiquidsnakeX: you might wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt to type normallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P16:37
=== newton is now known as Guest89746
antiti have no sound with snd_hda_intel16:37
LiquidsnakeXlol just trying to catch some attention that's all <316:37
dr_willisairyK,  there are 'fuse' tools that let you do some neat tricks like the unionfs and so on.16:38
joewlanhi I use wpa supplicant to authenticate eth0 on a LAN, I have a AP capable wlan0 on the same machine and want to allow other pc to connect to the LAN via WLAN, what do I need to do now?16:38
szalLiquidsnakeX: bad idea, you're more likely to be ignored that way16:38
dabbishLiquidsnakeX, Keyboard problem? ;)16:38
airyKIt's for fog project and i'd love to map a second drive to my /images/ directory16:38
cgtdkDR ZAIUS, DR ZAIUS!16:38
Mikelevelcgtdk: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.16:38
LiquidsnakeXANY admin here to help me with my problem ?16:38
dr_willisairyK,  you can easially mount a hd to some sub directory somewhere else on the filesystem16:38
t4nk678xdpyinfo shows resolution to be 3x0 dpi, if I change the resolution and change it again to it's original. It shows 96x96 dpi, how can I fix this?16:38
LiquidsnakeXi have this old compaq presario 2226 CL it came with windows xp home edition16:38
MeXTuXszal so I suppose I need to start to backup all my info :S16:38
airyKfuse tools16:38
=== as456fgt is now known as dury
bkerensaLiquidsnakeX: Im not an admin but can help :)16:39
airyKI'll have to look this up16:39
LiquidsnakeXand the drivers are not for ubuntu os16:39
LiquidsnakeXthanks bkerensa16:39
dr_willis airyK  instead of /media/disk1 and /media/disk2   you could have   /media/disk1    and /media/disk1/disk216:39
bkerensaLiquidsnakeX: Do you want to put Ubuntu on it?16:39
brickwallHow do I restart alsa?16:39
oCeanLiquidsnakeX: describe your issue in single line please16:39
amanhi guys, is there any tool like Visual Studio in linux? I wanted to debug my code using breakpoint.16:39
LiquidsnakeXi have this compaq presario 2226 CL and i don't have the proper drivers for ubuntu , as it came with windows xp home edition16:39
duryhi there channel  ;)16:39
LiquidsnakeXyes i want to try Ubuntu on it16:39
airyKWould I have to mount that using fuse ?16:40
t4nk678aman, use GDB16:40
bkerensaLiquidsnakeX: Have you already install Ubuntu on it?16:40
szalLiquidsnakeX: define 'proper drivers'16:40
Apage43So, I've got ubuntu installed on a UEFI system, straight off the 11.04 disk. It's asking me to do a software update, which says it cannot proceed correctly and then wants to do a dist-upgrade which will remove the EFI grub and install a BIOS grub16:40
Apage43this is probably not right. is there a fix?16:40
dr_willisairyK,  fuse is for fancier things..   seems you are just talking abut mounting to a location yu want.16:40
amant4nk678, can i see every variable value like we see in VS?16:40
brickwallThere does not seem to be a /etc/init.d/ type thing16:41
LiquidsnakeXthe proper drivers, which will work on ubuntu without any confilct or problem16:41
LiquidsnakeXbkerensa no16:41
airyKExactly dr_willis, just a single folder... currently I have the second hdd setup with fstab and mounted to my specific folder. In this case /images/16:41
t4nk678aman: you have to print them out yourself, of course.16:41
szalLiquidsnakeX: define 'proper drivers'16:41
e0s7how can i block an ip from trying to connect to my ssh server16:41
bkerensaLiquidsnakeX: You should be ok to just install from cd or USB and if you need drivers just use the additional drivers section once you install Ubuntu and you can grab them16:42
dr_willisairyK,  you could mont other drives to /images/disk2  and /images/disk3  and so on.16:42
rumpe1e0s7, fail2ban16:42
amant4nk678, i mean like we do in VS, we move cursor over a variable and it shows the value of that variable.16:42
dr_willise0s7,  sshd deamon configs has settings for that.16:42
nikkhello, i just installed the LAMP server using tasksel and php files are downloading instead of displaying, but only in the userdir.  what configuration setting am i missing?16:42
airyKI'm not sure if fog will be able to work with that - Everything has to be in that one specific directory16:42
e0s7can i use hosts.deny?16:43
=== zz_ng_ is now known as ng_
e0s7or is that just for apache or something16:43
t4nk678aman: gdb does not have a gui, so no16:43
amant4nk678, any other options?16:43
Hachyafor PHP files downloading is sounds like the host isn't reading the PHP module properly, thus the browser downloads the page....16:44
bkerensaLiquidsnakeX: I just did a Google for your device and people do run Ubuntu on it out of the box so if you want Ubuntu just install it and if you have any issues IRC & Forums are here day and night :)16:44
nikkHachya, that seems accurate16:44
t4nk678aman: I believe eclipse has a plugin for c/c++, give that a try16:45
kostikhi all16:45
amant4nk678, even i was thinking for the same, but some one told me that is eclipse is good for java only.16:45
brickwallI did alsa force-reload16:45
brickwallAnd it didn't work16:45
Hachyamember:nikk: do you have a PHP info file on the serevr?16:46
t4nk678aman: you have to get the plugin for c/c++16:46
nikkHachya, ok, so apparently, after modifying php.conf, one has to clear the browser cache.16:46
t4nk678aman: look for DDD16:46
nikkHachya, it works now. thank you :D16:46
Hachyanikk: oh yeah....16:46
amant4nk678, ok thanks buddy :)16:46
Hachyanikk: that helps :D16:46
ministerdudeI'm still kind of retarded in ubuntu. How come my pics when I save them. It saves them sideways?16:46
nikkHachya, love it when the fix is that simple ;)16:46
t4nk678aman: it's a graphcial debugger for gdb16:46
Hachyanikk: almost never XD16:46
bkerensabrickwall: Very odd... I did some searching and notice people do run into issues sometimes with webcam mics but I encourage you to continue to try and get resolved16:46
t4nk678aman: you're welcome, good luck16:46
bkerensaministerdude: Are you rotating them or what?16:47
ministerdudeNope. In my email their correct but when I hit save their sideways16:47
brickwallbkerensa: It's actually not my computer. Someone asked advice on what computer to get and we went out to buy it. I then installed ubuntu on it.16:47
=== ymasory is now known as ymasory-away
bkerensabrickwall: Hmm...16:48
OmegaFortebrickwall, What driver in windows does it use?16:48
OmegaFortebrickwall, Like the driver suite that came with the device?16:49
brickwallbkerensa: And they are going to another country tomorrow (I wiped windows)16:49
brickwallOmegaForte: Completely redid the partition table.16:49
ministerdudeHow do I unrotate them from the pic album?16:50
OmegaFortebrickwall, So? you tend to get a driver CD with most of these things. I need to know what it runs driver wise.16:50
adam__Hi all.  Does anyone have a suggestion for an PCI-E interface sata controllre for a low cost NAS rig?16:50
brickwallOmegaForte: They don't come like that anymore :P16:51
hwildeadam__, just buy a drobo?16:51
guibouHi. Anyone can helps me understand why the memory resident size set repported by top is totally different from the maximum resident size set reported by time on the same process ?16:51
OmegaFortebrickwall, Well I still need the info so I can dig for you16:51
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html16:51
BluesKajadam__, this ubuntu support not hardware16:51
uosiuhi all16:52
brickwallOmegaForte: I'll take a look at acer's site.16:52
[THC]AcidRainkonversion irc client is epic fail16:52
hwildeguibou, type  "free"16:52
uosiuHow to declare in my custompkg.deb to force overwrite a file from other package?16:52
guibouhwilde: free only gives me the current amount for the whole system. I want to know for a given program, at the end of its run, how much max memory it tooks.16:53
[THC]AcidRainhax are upon us16:54
centr0how the hell do i turn off that loud beep everytime i restart/shutdown?16:54
kostikI think here present only english16:54
guiboudr_willis: and really, I thank you for your "You are dumb answer" ;)16:54
BluesKaj[THC]AcidRain, if it was really epic , your pc would blow up16:55
[THC]AcidRaincentr0 its in sound preferences16:55
hwildeguibou,  how are you getting memory usage from time ?16:55
mega1can some help me with my networking problem16:55
hwilde!ask | mega116:55
ubottumega1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:55
guibouhwilde: /usr/bin/time --format '%M'16:55
[THC]AcidRainBluesKaj, it did. this is my backup computer16:55
kostikrm -rf16:55
centr0[THC]AcidRain: is there anyway i can keep some sounds but not that beep on restart/shutdown?  all im seeing is use sounds or no sounds at all.16:56
[THC]AcidRainjust in the event that konversion did blow me up16:56
OmegaFortemega1, What actually is the problem...I saw you earlier going on about an adapter being in a different location.16:56
[THC]AcidRaincentr0, yeah. i have it turned off on mine. let me see how i did it. ill pm you when i find out16:56
hwildeguibou, ok and how much discrepancy are you seeing?  because top only polls every x seconds so you might miss the peak obviously16:56
BluesKajmega1, I tried to help you , but you didn't respond to my questions about your situation16:56
centr0[THC]AcidRain: thanks.16:56
epifaniohi all16:56
guibouhwilde: top says 600 Mo, times says 2.4Go16:56
BluesKaj[THC]AcidRain, bummer :)16:56
epifaniocvan i receive support about ubuntu 11.10 here ?16:56
mega1ubuntu server10.04 HD movied from one computer to another now cant access it nor can it access the internet16:56
kostikepicfanio, whats up?16:57
[THC]AcidRainoh centr0, yeah. system > preferences > sound16:57
hwildeguibou, interesting, I am also seeing approximatley 4x difference16:57
Myrttiepifanio: try #ubuntu+116:57
hwildeis this a bits/bytes thing?16:57
[THC]AcidRainunder window > login. right click on the "default" and chose disabled16:57
OmegaFortemega1, Yeah that's because you transplated into a system with different hardware and it wasn't built on it, so now you have to build or install your drivers manually.16:57
epifanioafter an apt-get update , upgrade .. it stop to works (before it was working)16:57
guibouhwilde: I don't know. The man says "bytes"16:57
BluesKaj!who | mega116:58
ubottumega1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:58
epifanio.. the problem is the battery check step (i know my battery is in a bad state .. but it's really odd it doesn't allow me to boot)16:58
epifanio it stop the boot promp at the step : check battery state16:58
trismuosiu: may want to read: http://wiki.debian.org/Adding%20and%20removing%20diversions in addition to the linked Appendix G16:58
ActionParsnipepifanio: hold shift at boot and select recovery mode, then select root and install gnome-power-manager16:59
ActionParsnipepifanio: fixed it for me16:59
hwildeguibou, all of these things are probably based on   /proc/PID/status17:00
epifanioi'll do it nopw17:00
ActionParsnipepifanio: you want netroot ;)17:01
nmvictordoes linux support USB 3.0 through the uhci or through xhci, I cant see xhci hub in my computer or doesn't ubuntu support usb 3.0 yet?17:01
[THC]AcidRainso many hax17:01
nmvictordoes ubuntu support usb 3.0?17:02
Pici[THC]AcidRain: We don't need that sort of extra commentary in this already busy channel.17:03
OmegaFortenmvictor, Mine works, just don't know if I get the full speed yet.17:03
ActionParsnipnmvictor: http://askubuntu.com/questions/12139/does-ubuntu-support-usb-3-017:03
brickwallOmegaForte: It's a driver made by Conexant, called audio driver. It's version on the site is
OmegaFortebrickwall, Care to send me the info you found..17:04
[THC]AcidRainPici, im like a little high school kid in the public school system that smarts off to the teacher every so often knowing i can get away with it.17:04
[THC]AcidRainthats what i do to you. but im done for now :)17:04
brickwallOmegaForte: It's some type of AJAX thing... I can't give you the link... Except I can give you the link to the AJAX thing: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers17:04
OmegaFortebrickwall, Okay, model number and such17:05
brickwallLaptop > Aspire > Aspire 525317:05
boywonderhi can anyone help me mount my network drive?17:05
OmegaForte!ask | boywonder17:05
ubottuboywonder: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:05
ActionParsnipboywonder: use nautilus   file -> connect to serve17:06
boywonderOmega, i dont have smbfs of cifs, i tried to install sudo apt- get install smbfs but17:06
mrmcgibbywhat's the proper way to configure a system with two nics where one nic is DHCP and the connected to the internet, and the other is just a private nic with a static IP?  The system keeps trying to use the non-internet nic to get to the internet.  There are two default routes17:06
ActionParsnip!ics | mrmcgibby17:07
ubottumrmcgibby: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing17:07
ActionParsnipmrmcgibby: you should just need to set the internal nic to static IP with no default gateway17:07
fructosePardon my frustration, but how the hell do I get 11.04 to stop freezing on me every damn day? I've tried using Gnome (Classic) instead of Unity, but it still decides to entirely freeze except the mouse17:08
mrmcgibbyActionParsnip: Network Manager won't let me do that.17:08
boywonderhi can anyone help me mount my network drive?17:08
nmvictorActionParsnip: How do I confirm I have the xhci module installed, coz I only see Universal Host Controlers listed as available logical root USB hubs17:08
mrmcgibbyfructose: anything in the logs?17:08
[THC]AcidRainboywonder, pick me!17:08
OmegaForte!ask | boywonder17:08
ubottuboywonder: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)17:08
ActionParsnipmrmcgibby: I'd use /etc/network/interfaces for the internal17:09
fructosemrmcgibby: Which log? I'll be glad to look17:09
ActionParsnipnmvictor: lsmod | grep hc   should show it17:09
mrmcgibbyi look at all of them17:09
[THC]AcidRainboywonder, do you want this drive to be accessible to the entire network?17:09
mrmcgibbyls -ltr to find the one most recently modified17:09
boywonderstupid ask what when someone should tell me the course?17:09
nmvictorahci                   21591  717:09
nmvictorlibahci                25548  1 ahci17:09
nmvictorActionParsnip: ^17:09
fructosemrmcgibby: I had to reboot, so will that still be useful?17:10
icerootboywonder: what is it? nfs? cifs?17:10
mrmcgibbyActionParsnip: When I do that, then run route, it seems that it's still taking too long to decide what nic should be the default route17:10
[THC]AcidRainboywonder, i would format your drive to a ext317:10
OmegaFortebrickwall, Try this...http://www.linuxant.com/alsa-driver/archive/alsa-driver-linuxant-
boywonder[THC]AcidRain, format un possible17:10
mrmcgibbyfructose: are you sure you need to reboot?  Have you tried Ctrl-alt-f1?17:10
ActionParsnipmrmcgibby: well you probably have 2 default gateways defined which confuses things17:10
boywonderim using it on windows17:11
icerootboywonder: format is a stupid idea, dont listen to that17:11
[THC]AcidRainoh. windows will load a ext317:11
nmvictorActionParsnip: that was the output of the command17:11
[THC]AcidRainlinux just handles it better17:11
[THC]AcidRainiceroot, i format every new drive i get from walmart or bestbuy17:11
[THC]AcidRainas soon as i get it17:11
icerootboywonder: you have a drive which you want to access through the network?17:11
boywondericeroot,  i tried to install smbfs but it didnt work17:11
fructosemrmcgibby: I can get to console, but it's been useless. It apparently goes down to X, so restarting Unity/Gnome doesn't help17:12
icerootboywonder: and the drive is running on windows?17:12
ScuniziI'm looking for openstreetmap in the repos and all I see are icon sets.. with perhaps a reference to "maptool".. what am I missing here?17:12
boywondericeroot, its a network drive17:12
icerootboywonder: ok from a storage? (nas)17:12
OmegaFortebrickwall, If that doesn't do you any good, welcome to Known bug/Idea #553717:12
mrmcgibbyfructose: if you can get to a console, you can look at the logs from there17:13
boywondericeroot, i dunno what that means i can tell you that i can access the shares in ubuntu17:13
boywondericeroot, i need to mount it in fstab17:13
icerootboywonder: ok and you want to permanently mount the drive?17:13
icerootboywonder: ok17:13
brickwallOne second...17:13
ActionParsnipnmvictor: then you have ahci loaded17:13
icerootboywonder: with what you access the drive from ubuntu? if you access the drive have a look at "mount" if it is nfs or cifs17:14
fructosemrmcgibby: I'm well aware that I have logs... I'm just not aware of how that helps right now. I don't know which one to look in or what to look for17:14
boywondericeroot, ok17:14
OmegaFortebrickwall, Here's proof of KNOWN BUG. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/81500617:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 815006 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Satellite L655, Conexant CX20585, Mic, Internal] No sound at all" [Undecided,New]17:14
glebihanScunizi, what exactly do you need ? openstreetmap is a set of packages containing different applications17:14
Zh3kahello evryone17:14
nmvictorWhen my system starts, it dims off, I have to adust brightness back to normal with the fn combination. Suspend and hibernate dont work. I am running Natty with linux-kernel 2.6.38-8-generic on Acer 5734z machine. Is this a BUG?17:14
mrmcgibbyfructose: that's the point of looking at logs.  If you don't know what's wrong, you can perhaps start nailing now the issue17:14
uosiuHi again17:14
glebihanScunizi, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ubuntu17:14
Zh3ka1 question - can ubuntu run windows games ?17:15
uosiunext step of my problem with file divertions17:15
boywondericeroot, its cifs17:15
uosiuhttp://wklej.org/id/572632/ this is my problem with package with file colission. divertion is activated17:15
Scuniziglebihan: I thought there was one main file for install.. I"ve got a .gpx file I'm trying to open and view the route.17:15
nmvictorActionParsnip: does ahci module support usb 3.0 too?17:15
OmegaForteZh3ka, Wine can, but it's hit or miss. Go to appdb.winehq.org and search.17:15
icerootboywonder: ok, so its using also credentials?17:15
icerootboywonder: user/password?17:15
boywondericeroot, yes17:16
glebihanScunizi, openstreetmap is a data format and database, and there are several applications that can use that data17:16
glebihanScunizi, have a look at the link I gave you in order to find what package you need to install17:17
[THC]AcidRainwhat irc client does everyone use?17:17
fructosemrmcgibby: Again, pardon my frustration, but it's pretty useless to be simply told to look in the logs. There are many, many logs in many different locations17:17
rww[THC]AcidRain: ask bestbot in #ubuntu-bots17:17
Scuniziglebihan: did.. the link was enlightening.. thanks. I also found that I can open the file in G-Earth as well.. kinda nice..17:17
OmegaForterww, What's that off-topic flag?17:18
boywondericeroot, i think i have the correct page todo this just it installs smbfs for some reason?17:18
rwwOmegaForte: I don't understand the question. Rephrase?17:18
icerootboywonder: // media/Musik cifs credentials=/home/otto/.smbcredentials 0 017:18
OmegaForterww, The dingus that tells the bot that this isn't the off-topic channel.17:18
icerootboywonder: that is an example for fstab17:18
rwwOmegaForte: oh, factoid. !offtopic or !ot17:18
llutzScunizi: try "viking" for displaying gpx-tracks/-waypoints etc.17:18
OmegaForterww, Ah, thanks.17:19
llutz!info viking17:19
boywondericeroot, so i dont need smbfs?17:19
ubottuviking (source: viking): GPS data editor, analyzer and viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.94-3 (natty), package size 467 kB, installed size 1652 kB17:19
=== RA_drc_ is now known as RA_drc
icerootboywonder: you need it because that is pulling mount.cifs17:20
brickwallBuild failed17:20
Scunizillutz: thanks.17:20
icerootboywonder: the package cifs-utils is pulling the same17:20
ActionParsnipiceroot: won't you need to escape the space?17:20
OmegaForteWell brickwall Welcome to bug 81500617:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 815006 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[Satellite L655, Conexant CX20585, Mic, Internal] No sound at all" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81500617:20
ActionParsnipiceroot: ahh you missed the first slash of media, thats all17:20
acidrainbestbot lies to me17:20
mrmcgibbyfructose: Do you want to solve the problem or not?  When it freezes, go into /var/log, find the most recently modified log and see if something useful was recently added.  The cause might be a number of things.  You might find nothing, you might find something.  That's the nature of troubleshooting issues.  If I knew what the problem was, then I'd tell you what log to look in, but I don't.17:20
icerootActionParsnip: :)17:20
=== acidrain is now known as [THC]AcidRain
icerootActionParsnip: yes you are right17:21
brickwallOmegaForte: If it was just a build issue why can't it be fixed?17:21
icerootboywonder: in my example the is a / missing before "media§17:21
OmegaFortebrickwall, It's a known bug. That package build is what, two years old?17:21
[THC]AcidRainhow do i make nickserv send me an email notification of my password?17:21
rww[THC]AcidRain: ask #freenode17:21
brickwallBuild from source?17:22
[THC]AcidRainrww is a horrible bot.17:22
OmegaFortebrickwall, Yeah, the source isn't maintained or this wouldn't be an issue.17:22
OmegaForte[THC]AcidRain, Find a place.17:22
brickwallOmegaForte: So, should I build it from source?17:23
OmegaFortebrickwall, You could try it.17:23
h00k[THC]AcidRain: rww is not a bot, but #freenode is the proper place to ask.17:23
ActionParsniph00k: too funny though17:24
brickwallI can't find the source17:24
icerootis it possible to encrypt a drive after it is also installed with ext4 and filled with data?17:24
fructosemrmcgibby: Alright. I'm just helplessly pissed that there isn't a better option.17:24
ActionParsnipfructose: wassup?17:25
KM0201fructose: a better option for what?17:25
brickwallOmegaForte: There is only a source RPM17:25
OmegaFortebrickwall, Like I said, welcome to a known bug.17:25
fructoseGetting my desktop to stop freezing on me everyd ay17:25
KM0201fructose: have you diagnosed why its freezing?.. ruled out hardware problems?17:26
highness_Is there some way to invoke a kickstart file from the live installation cd of ubuntu 10.04?17:26
=== maulana is now known as acehdev-dot-net
brickwallOmegaForte: Is it possible to build it and then install it using alien?17:27
fructoseKM0201: I don't know why it's freezing. I'm doubtful it's hardware, but have no evidence since I rarely use another OS on it17:27
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)17:27
fructoseKM0201: But it has never frozen in anything but 11.0417:27
acehdev-dot-netbrotha how to upgrade kernel ubuntu 11.0417:27
KM0201fructose: if it's never froze on anything but 11.04, my first thought would be a problem w/ Unity oor maybe 3D drivers17:28
KM0201fructose: if you switch to gnome-2d, does this continue to be an issue?17:28
fructoseKM0201: I've already switched to Gnome17:28
fructoseKM0201: And even before, restarting unity wouldn't always solve it (though it did on a couple occasions)17:28
brickwallrww: Is it possible to build RPMs outside SUSE or Fedora?17:28
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)17:29
OmegaFortebrickwall, I'd just build it against make if possible. But like I'm telling you, it's a known bug. You're probably not going to be able to get much more. But don't be afraid to try stuff, but remember. If you don't take recursive backups, you may be setting up for failure.17:29
KM0201idunno, very weird17:29
rwwbrickwall: no idea17:29
brickwallOmegaForte: They give no .tar source file17:29
mrmcgibbyfructose: so X isn't locking up?17:30
ActionParsnipfructose: tested your RAM?17:30
prothonjoin ##butterscrottcripple17:30
fructoseKM0201: Not for me. Don't get me wrong, I've used Ubuntu since Warty, but I've had problems like this with Ubuntu with every computer I've ever owned17:30
boywondericeroot, so if sudo apt-get install smbfs doesnt install what do i do?17:30
fructosemrmcgibby: The mouse still works, but I can't interact with anything17:30
KM0201fructose: i think if i had that many probs w/ any distro, i'd find another one.17:30
lindenleHi all why does installing xubuntu-desktop require me to remove ubuntu-desktop?17:31
fructoseKM0201: I'm stubborn I guess17:31
fructoseKM0201: And I've had fewer problems with Ubuntu than some17:31
OmegaFortebrickwall, That's because the source isn't maintained.17:31
KM0201fructose: i've used it since shortly before Dapper, and i very rarely have problems.17:32
brickwallOmegaForte: Is there another source?17:32
mrmcgibbyfructose: yeah, X isn't crashing17:32
OmegaFortebrickwall, I didn't find anything.17:32
brickwallOmegaForte: Did the company die or something?17:33
OmegaFortebrickwall, If I had answers, you'd have them.17:33
icerootboywonder: it does what you want17:33
fructoseWell, actually, I think I may have solved the problem myself... now I just need help not letting it happen again...17:34