buddha_wait yakeb you mean to say that it boots up but then there is no login manager?00:00
phong_i like REalvnc because i used to it00:00
yakebexutux: apt-get00:00
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aaasphong_ i see3.. well im just trying to think on what would be best for you00:00
aaasphong_ if you know vnc that's a plot00:00
aaasphong_ but try nx to see if you like it00:00
aaasphong_ go to www.nomachine.com00:00
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yakebbuddha: that's right, or if there is, it is misconfigured; it's just a blank screen.00:01
phong_aaas, realvnc for windows, i can change to what ever port i want00:01
antidwhat is BusyBox?00:01
aaasphong_  if you want only open source youll have to ask people here about freenx00:01
Dr_Willisnormally vnc starts at a specific port then moves up for each addational desktop. whats the poing in specifying a differnt port phong_?00:01
exutuxyakeb: so if you a blank screen try to login from tty ( ctrl+alt+f2 ) and remove slim00:01
aaasphong_ you can change the client to connect to any port but you have to change the server to run on that port too00:01
exutuxso reinstall gdm00:01
buddha_yakeb: what exutux said00:01
phong_aaas, anyway, since i already install RealVNC how to start it?00:01
aaasphong_  Dr_Willis is correct, i dont see why a different port is necessary00:01
buddha_and undo whatever configuration you did00:02
exutuxyakeb: sudo apt-get remove --purge slim00:02
phong_aaas, why?00:02
aaasphong_ im not totally sure.. i think thats Xvnc, correct?00:02
aaasphong_ why do you want to change the port?00:02
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phong_aaas, because example port 5900 is being use for windows 700:02
phong_windows 7 has realvnc and is use port 590000:02
aaasphong_ the vnc client on windows?00:02
phong_wnc server on window00:02
exutuxyakeb: then sudo apt-get install gdm or install --reinstall00:02
Dr_Willisphong_:  somthing is confused here..  you got vnc going on  the vmware guest.. and host os? or what exactly.00:02
aaasphong_ but that is the default00:03
aaasphong_ the sever usually defaults to 5900 and the client usually connects to 590000:03
phong_ok then, i have to tell windows to listen to 5901 thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn00:03
aaasphong_ why do you need to change it to 5901?00:03
phong_well...tell me how to start vnc server on linux thennnnnn00:03
exutuxwell night all00:03
aaasphong_ you need display :1?00:03
phong_i need to display00:03
Dr_Willisvnc destops are numbered :1 and :2 and so on. thats the port+the Number.. ie: :1 = 5900+100:03
phong_drlisten man00:04
phong_ok let me tellu situation00:04
aaasphong_  so i think realvnc is Xvnc?00:04
Dr_Willisphong_:  clarify the exact issue man...00:04
aaasphong_ yes go ahead00:04
Dr_Willisxvnc is not realvnc. they are 2 differnt vnc servers. with differnt design goals.00:04
phong_I have 1 computer running windows 7 also has REalVnc server00:04
phong_i instaall ubuntu on windows 7 as vmware00:04
yakebetuxux (and) buddha_:thanks for your help. i will give this a try.00:05
phong_and later install realvnc for linux00:05
exutuxbut...why not configure remote desktop in Ubuntu....is too easy than complicate life with vncserver?00:05
phong_my    router currently port 5900 to windows ip00:05
phong_let say my windows ip is
phong_ubuntu has
phong_5900 is being port to x.x.x.10000:06
phong_now i want 5901 tooooooooo port to x.x.x.10100:06
aaasphong_ router shouldn't matter if all computer are behind it00:06
phong_aaas, it should00:06
aaasphong_ you shouldnt have to mess with routing tables00:06
phong_aaas, i connect externally00:06
aaasphong_ ah ok00:06
aaasphong_ but you said you were using vmware?00:07
Dr_Willisphong_:  set the vmware to use  the networking mode where  the gueyou should really set up the vmware box to do a differnt higher range or ports.. such as 690100:07
Dr_Willisoops messed up.. :) lol00:07
phong_how to do that00:07
phong_that is what i was saying00:07
phong_i can't bring realvnc configuration00:07
Dr_WillisPortNumber=(port number)   in vnc config file.. according to the realvnc docs.00:07
antidwhy when i try (an old version) boot install, after the ubuntu loading screen, i get to some "busybox" console with a endless "loading...please wait" at the top and a meaningless list of commands00:08
Dr_Willisi tend to use tightvnc.00:08
phong_the problem is for me how to configure in lunix00:08
Opiniecould someone guide me through the hurdle of copying an ubuntu partition from an USB stick to a partition in a HD? The computer in question is a MacBook running Leopard. I'm currently booted into Ubuntu 10.1000:08
phong_ok where is vncconfig file?00:08
phong_and how to know if realvnc is on?00:08
aaasphong_ what command did you use to run it?00:08
phong_usually windows 7 has an icon..it starts as service00:08
phong_i install it00:09
phong_that' sit00:09
phong_dont know if it run or not..and dont know how i can check00:09
aaasphong_ and it gave yo uthat error?00:09
buddha_Opinie: so the USB has a bootable version of ubuntu, not a live edition?00:09
phong_aaas, everthing installed fine00:09
phong_aaas, is realvnc has GUI configuration?00:09
phong_or is it command thing00:09
Opiniebuddha_: it's an actual OS that I'm currently running. I guess you could call it a live edition..?00:09
aaasphong_ if you open up a terminal and do 'ps -A | grep vnc -i' you probably dont have any vnc server running00:09
Opiniebuddha_: Also, the cd drive of the computer does not work00:10
phong_let me try00:10
aaasphong_ if you dont see any 'vnc'00:10
Jordan_UOpinie: How did you create the USB install?00:10
Dr_Willisvncserver PortNumber=6900    (from how i am reading the doc)00:10
phong_aaas, i dont see nothing00:10
buddha_Opinie: ok, so the USB is not an install ISO00:10
phong_so it is not running00:10
phong_how to start it then?00:10
aaasphong_ tryo vnc4server00:11
aaasphong_ try 'vnc4server'00:11
aaasphong_ does it know that command?00:11
phong_The program 'vnc4server' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:00:11
phong_sudo apt-get install vnc4server00:11
Dr_WillisFor a detailed list of all the Xvnc command-line options, run00:11
Dr_Willisvncserver -list00:11
aaasphong_ and 'vncserver'00:11
OpinieJordan_U buddha_ : I used my MBP to create the operating system running from the USB stick on my macbook. Essentially, I created the USB operating system using another computer00:11
Opiniebuddha_: no, it is not an ISO00:12
phong_i am installing it now00:12
Opiniebuddha_: *install iso00:12
aaasphong_  i thought you installed it?00:12
buddha_Opinie: 2nd question: do you have another USB stick? cause if you do that makes things easy00:12
aaasphong_ after you install type: "vnc4server :1 -geometry 1024x768"00:13
phong_aaas, i did, download from RealVNC00:13
phong_vnc4server is diff from realvnc?00:13
Opiniebuddha_ Jordan_U: yes, I do happen to have another USB stick00:13
Dr_WillisYou could always set up the router to forward port 7900 for example to port 6900 on the proper linux ip#. and not need to reconfigure vnc at all..00:13
aaasphong_ i dont know what executable they use00:13
Dr_Willisthen vnc to the port 7900.00:13
phong_aaas, anyway i install vnc4server00:13
phong_now what00:13
aaasphong_ after you install type: "vnc4server :1 -geometry 1024x768"00:13
Dr_Willisphong_:  you do realize that using vnc over the 'internet' is not secure? you shoudl really ssh tunnle it.00:13
phong_i call 'vnc4server' and create password00:13
phong_now what00:14
aaasphong_ try that command i had atove00:14
HRuivothanks for the help. bye ;)00:14
phong_aaas, then what00:14
phong_what port is it listening to?00:14
konrWhat's that program in Ubuntu's installation that allows you to visually check a keyboard layout? Are there others programs that do it?00:14
aaasphong_ try: 'ps -A | grep 'vnc'"00:15
phong_so that i can port forward00:15
aaasphong_ do you see a 'vnc' server running00:15
buddha_Opinie: alright, this is what you do. Grab yourself a copy of Clonezilla and install it on the other USB stick. Then put both USB sticks in and reboot the computer into clonezilla (this is assuming you have already set up a partition for the ubuntu)00:15
phong_phong_@p:~$ ps -A | grep 'vnc'00:15
phong_ 3498 pts/0    00:00:02 Xvnc400:15
aaas phong_ and this is on ubuntu that is running on vmware on a windows 7 host?00:15
phong_what now?00:15
phong_it has IP too00:16
aaasphong_ you have a vnc client in windows?00:16
Opiniebuddha_: just to be clear, first step is to install ubuntu on the other USB stick as well?00:16
phong_on other minchine00:16
phong_i will test on other machine00:16
aaasphong_ try connecting to the ip with port 5900 and then 590100:16
aaasphong_ try here first00:16
aaasphong_ make sure you can connect to the server internally00:16
phong_ok i try internally00:16
Opiniebuddha_: oh wait, never mind, now I understand what you meant. Yes, I have a partition already00:17
Opiniebuddha_: set aside for ubuntu00:17
Opiniebuddha_: right, I'll try what you suggested00:17
buddha_Opinie: ok, so boot up your clonezilla and clone the partition on the USB to the MBP00:18
phong_aaas, i think i forgot the pass00:18
aaasphong_ haha00:18
phong_it asks for password00:18
aaasphong_ thats a good sign00:18
phong_can i reset?00:19
aaasphong_ yes00:19
aaasphong_ I think it's vncpasswd00:19
ricreethe popup window from the force quit button is stuck on my screen, even after pressing escape.  Anyone know what the name of the process is so I can kill it?00:19
aaasphong_ did you need this over an internal network (across a router) or over the internet?00:20
aaasphong_ you really should tunnel this through ssh, but at that point you might as well use nx00:20
phong_aaas, authentication fail00:20
phong_i've changed pass00:20
buddha_Opinie: then I believe you can use grub on a MBP as its a x86, so reboot into Ubuntu after cloning is done and run "grub-install /dev/sda (or whatever your setup is)" if you want grub00:20
aaasphong_ you need this over the internet?00:20
phong_aaas, how can i kill it?????????????????????00:21
phong_i thhhink i forgot to put the resolution          ?00:21
aaasphong_ its ok, its not connecting because the password00:21
aaasphong_ i think00:21
phong_but i did change it00:21
aaasphong_ yeah it might be using a non defaul password00:21
aaasphong_ location00:21
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aaasphong_ do you have a ~/.vnc dir00:22
phong_let me see00:22
phong_i'm in it00:22
aaasphong_ it has a passwd file?00:22
aaasphong_ 'mv passwd passwd.old'00:22
aaasphong_ now try to recreate the passwd, but dont do sudo00:23
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aaasphong_ then check if the passwd file is there00:23
Opiniebuddha_: I suppose it's time to correct a minor misunderstanding, I actually wanted to install the ubuntu on a macbook, the MBP was just an intermediary that I had to use to create the USB ubuntu partition. Just a sec and I'll check which version the macbook in question is00:23
ricreethe popup window from the force quit button is stuck on my screen, even after pressing escape.  Anyone know what the name of the process is so I can kill it?00:23
phong_yes it is here00:23
phong_it created 100:24
aaasphong_ now you are trying to connect to vnc *on the same machine*?00:24
Loungehow can i reinstall the original ttys? whats the packege for that?00:24
aaasphong_ so ubuntu is in vmware00:24
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buddha_Opinie: if its a macbook of any kind then it's an x86. I was wrong about the grub though. I think its so weird configuration on macs00:24
aaasphong_ and you are launching a client in windows *on the same machine*00:24
buddha_looking up now00:24
Loungepython-pyoncl screwdup my system00:24
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antidwhy do i get some "BusyBox" console after ubuntu load screen when trying to install (some older version)00:24
Loungethe ttys are all red and wrong sized00:24
phong_same machine00:25
Opiniebuddha_: ok00:25
aaasphong_ ok and you try again and still no connect?00:25
phong_no connect00:25
phong_same authentication failur00:25
aaasphong_ your port is 5900?00:26
aaasphong_ in the vnc client its <ip>:5900?00:26
phong_just the plain ip00:26
phong_i think usually if u dont put port it default as 590000:26
aaasphong_ try <ip>:590000:26
aaasphong_ then <ip>:590100:26
Loungehow do i reinstall the ttys?00:27
phong_lol sammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme00:27
Jordan_Ubuddha_: You were right the first time. Intel macs have a BIOS implementation in addition to EFI, so you can install and use grub-pc as you would on any other PC (you can also use grub-efi, but I wouldn't).00:27
ActionParsnipphong_: what are you planning to do when you finally get connected via VNC>?00:28
cexsumcould anyone give me a link to the file that contains fonts for ubuntu?00:28
aaasphong_ hold00:28
buddha_Jordan_U: wait, I was right about something? this is a red-letter day.00:28
ActionParsnip!fonts | cexsum00:28
ubottucexsum: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/00:28
antidis it possible that my disc has only "wubi" -- or something00:28
phong_ActionParsnip, just to have it available00:28
ricreeon the offchance anyone was wondering, I solved my problem with "killall gnome-panel"00:29
OpinieJordan_U buddha_ : In case it makes any difference, I already have Refit installed on the macbook.00:29
ActionParsnipphong_: sure, but to what end? You do realize there are far sleeker solutions than VNC00:29
aaasphong_ im not sure.. you dont have the capslock on do you.. .maybe you should jsut learn nx00:29
aaasphong_ you're going to have to tunnel this anyways00:29
urlin2uantid, wubi is just a app in ubuntu00:29
phong_aaas, froget it..00:29
aaasphong_ sorry00:29
antidwell this is broke00:29
phong_any other  software?00:29
aaasphong_ yes try nx00:29
phong_ok how to kill it00:29
phong_or other00:29
phong_how ttttttttto install nx00:29
ActionParsnipphong_: what activities would you conduct in the VNC session?00:29
aaasphong_ 'sudo pkill vnc'00:29
milesHow to migrate the /home directory from one (failing) HDD to another without breaking things?00:30
Jordan_U!separatehome | miles00:30
ubottumiles: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving00:30
antidis it not possible to install from a usb of 1 gb?00:30
buddha_Opinie: in that case install the bootloader (grub) to the partition with ubuntu (grub-install /dev/sda?)00:30
miles(My /home and / already are on distinct hard drives)00:30
phong_can realvnc client connect to nx ?00:30
urlin2uantid, yes use netbootin to load the thumb00:30
Opiniebuddha_: k00:30
urlin2uantid, unetbootin00:30
aaasphong_ i think maybe, but just download the nx client00:30
Jordan_Umiles: That tutorial doesn't cover exactly what you're trying to do but it should give you a good idea on how to copy things over none the less.00:31
phong_aaas, cause my phone has vnc client00:31
buddha_miles: clonezilla is your friend00:31
phong_vnc for android00:31
milesReading it now, thanks for the link00:31
aaasphong_ but answer ActionParsnip question.. why are you doing htis, file management? running programs?00:31
phong_running app00:31
Jordan_Umiles: You're welcome.00:31
phong_or do what ever i want00:31
milesoh, yeah, clonezilla too. great idea.00:31
aaasphong_ why cant you just rdp into the windows machine and run ubuntu through vmware?00:31
aaasphong_ lots of apps use rdp00:32
phong_that is running thru many thing00:32
phong_i've done it before man00:32
phong_with realvnc for linux00:32
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aaasphong_ but this way is better00:32
aaasphong_ windows 7 is your host?00:32
urlin2uActionParsnip, I think the user just needs someone to talk to to be honest.00:32
phong_this time i forgot how to do it lol00:32
aaasphong_ just rdp into windows machine00:32
phong_did it before love it00:32
aaasphong_ then you can run windows and ubuntu at the same time00:33
phong_no man, i have phone00:33
phong_i use vnc from my phone00:33
aaasphong_ yes the phone too00:33
aaasphong_ many many many rdp apps00:33
aaasphong_ vnc isn't secure00:33
phong_why not?00:33
aaasphong_ unless you tunnel through port 2200:33
ActionParsnipphong_: you do know that you can remotely access most of the OS without VNC, Torrent apps have WebUIs and files can be accessed over SSHFS for example00:33
aaasphong_ its not by nature00:33
aaasphong_ you have android or iphone?00:34
ActionParsnipphong_: data sent via VNC is not encrypted in any way, it's al sent plaintext00:34
phong_sorry i was remotely chat to u00:34
phong_sorry ffor that ddd00:34
aaasphong_ the best: http://www.wyse.com/products/software/pocketcloud/index.asp00:34
ActionParsnipphong_: android has transdroid which will allow you to manage transmission beautifully :)00:34
aaasphong_ you set your windows machine to run rdp00:34
phong_ok show me what i need to download for android?00:35
aaasphong_ youll connect with little hassel00:35
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ActionParsnipphong_: install transdroid00:35
aaasphong_ sorry that one might not be free. but its definetly the best00:35
phong_let me get out of this chat in vmware00:35
ActionParsnipphong_: enable the web UI in transmission and you are good to go00:35
Dr_Willisis that the whole point of this vnc stuff? to controll a torrent client?  Transdroid is the way to do it.. :)00:35
phong_be back in min00:35
phong_let me turn vmware off00:35
aaasphong_ also you can use virtualbox instead of vmware...you can run in seamless mode and run both ubuntu and windows int he same os00:35
ActionParsniptoo many peope are TOO quick to reach for VNC. Its an appaulingly BAD protocol but people don't TINK to use sleeker solutions00:36
aaasActionParsnip agreed, its only for certain things00:36
aaasActionParsnip nx is almsot always00:36
Phong_ok i close vmware00:37
Dr_Willisutorrent3 has a nice android client also - but not sure what version of utorrent is ported to linux at this time. :)00:37
Phong_now what?00:37
aaasPhong_: ok first you need an rdp client on yoru phone00:37
ActionParsnipaaas: i can usually name a better solution than any remote desktop thing under Linux00:37
Phong_just to let u know, im chat with u at home pc, but connect from work ;)00:37
milesDoes 'sudo rsync -axS' copies over the file permissions?00:37
aaasPhong_ you have any rdp app on yoru phone?00:37
Phong_aaas, and Dr_Willis i want u guys to know that i'm currently vnc to home pc and chat with u...i'm at work now00:37
Phong_what is it00:38
Phong_let me install00:38
ActionParsnipPhong_: if you port forward port 8080 on your home router to the IP of the system running transmission you can connect from anywhere and manage your torrents00:38
Phong_ActionParsnip, i did have 8080 for my router remote as well ;)00:38
aaasPhong_ im not sure if there s free version of pocketcloud00:38
aaasPhong_ but its the best00:38
Jordan_Ubuddha_: There I will disagree with you. Grub shouold be installed to the mbr, not to a partition (it will not replace rEFIt as rEFIt is not stored in the mbr).00:38
Phong_what is the program call again?00:39
Phong_are you sure it is safe?00:39
Jordan_UOpinie: Is there any reason you don't just install Ubuntu to the macbook normally (via the installer)?00:39
aaasPhong_ if you only need to manage torrents. ActionParsnip there are lots of things that people need to do with their computers and not everything has a web interface00:39
aaasPhong_ http://www.wyse.com/products/software/pocketcloud/index.asp00:39
aaasPhong_ see if it's free00:39
ActionParsnipPhong_: then change the port of transmission's remote interface, it's all in transmission's settings00:39
OpinieJordan_U: err, it's been quite problematic due to various reasons. but before I go on raving about the problems, what do you mean via the installer? via a live cd?00:40
ActionParsnipaaas: true but 9 times of 10, VNC isn't needed00:40
Jordan_UOpinie: Yes.00:40
Phong_aaas, is pocketcoud connect to their service first then to ur pc ?00:40
aaasActionParsnip again it depends on the user... i couldn't live without rdp access 9/1000:40
OpinieJordan_U: the macbook's cd drive does not work00:40
Phong_if it is i dont like it00:40
aaasPhong_ no00:40
aaasPhong_ direct to your comptuer00:40
aaasPhong_ it's rdp00:40
Phong_ok good00:40
aaasPhong_ and maybe vnc too00:40
Phong_installed arleady00:41
Phong_now what00:41
aaasPhong_ go to windows and type 'remote desktop' in the command bar00:41
aaasPhong_ select 'select users who can use remote desktop'00:41
buddha_Jordan_U: if the system uses GTP partition table then yes you would want to install to ubuntu partition I believe00:42
Jordan_UOpinie: You will run into trouble trying to boot a normal Ubuntu USB as for some reason Apple's BIOS implementation doesn't support USB.00:42
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Phong_more secure?00:42
aaasPhong_ make sure 'allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop' is selected (for now)00:42
Phong_i need to add user then00:42
Jordan_Ubuddha_: No, even with GPT you want to install to the MBR (after creating a BIOS boot partition as an embedding area).00:42
aaasPhong_ we'll change it later, some clients needs the less secure00:42
aaasPhong_ yes make sure your vmware user has access00:43
OpinieJordan_U: with Refit you get around that. I've already successfully booted into ubuntu on the macbook. The problem now is to get the Ubuntu OS from the USB stick into a partition I've made on the macbook's internal HD00:43
buddha_Jordan_U: I sit corrected00:43
aaasPhong_ then connect your phone to wifi and try and connect to the ip00:43
Phong_less secure, do i need to add user?00:43
aaasPhong_ yes00:43
Phong_create 1?00:43
aaasPhong_ make sure your primary user has access00:43
aaasPhong_ the one using vmware00:43
Phong_aaas, slow down, let me create 1 user00:44
Jordan_UOpinie: Even with rEFIt I can only boot EFI based bootloaders from USB on my (fairly old now) macbook pro.00:44
aaasPhong_ sure00:44
Phong_aaas, can i give password to Adminstrator ?00:44
Phong_or create newe one00:44
aaasPhong_  who is the user you use most?00:45
OpinieJordan_U: But seriously, I already have Ubuntu running on the macbook from the USB. I just can't get the OS copied from USB into the HD00:45
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
aaasPhong_ the one that you setup vmware with00:45
Phong_i only log with admin00:45
Phong_normally i dont deal with user00:45
aaasPhong_ name is 'Administrator'?00:45
aaasPhong_ oh jeez00:45
aaasPhong_ fine try it00:45
Phong_let me give password00:45
aaasPhong_ im not sure if it will let you but maybe00:45
Phong_ok i create 1 with admin previlage00:46
OpinieJordan_U: I've the Ubuntu-from-USB running computer sitting next to me, I'm currently on my macbook00:46
Dr_Willissounds like a whole lot of work for very little real gain :)00:46
aaasPhong_ ok00:46
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: totally00:46
shaynewhats a good dvd burning program?00:46
Dr_Willisim not even clear on what the core question/end goal is any more.00:46
Dr_Willisshayne:  you mean a video file to DVD iso converting program?00:46
Dr_Willissince anything can 'burn' an iso.. basically. :)00:46
buddha_Opinie: ok so you tried clonezilla? there are other ways but that is the easiest and most pain-free way I can think of.00:46
shaynea program that will convert and burn, something like nero?00:47
guhcamposIs there any way to force a device to stay on /dev?00:47
ActionParsnipshayne: xfburn is all I use to burn :)00:47
h00k!info brasero | shayne00:47
ActionParsnip!burner | shayne00:47
Opiniebuddha_: I'm trying to recall how to extract the clonezilla iso to the USB00:47
ubottushayne: brasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 175 kB, installed size 544 kB00:47
ubottushayne: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:47
guhcamposI have a faulty usb hdd that I'm trying to recover using ddrescue00:47
Opiniebuddha_: sorry, I had to do something else in the meanwhile00:47
guhcamposbut the device is created when I plug the HD to the usb, but after few seconds it disappears again00:47
Opiniebuddha_: hence it's taken so long00:47
ActionParsnipguhcampos: what is in the output of:  dmesg | tail00:48
Phong_aaas, done add ...less secure -> user  done00:48
aaasPhong_ now connect your phone TO WIFI and try and connect to your ip using pocketcloud00:48
aaasPhong_ use the ip of that machine..the WINDOWS ip not the vmware ip00:48
Dr_Willisguhcampos:  thats why ddrescue (or was it dd_rescue?) has a log feautre that you SHOULD be using.. if it disconnects.. you reboot, restart the rescue.. and hopefully it recovers some more befor it disconnects again.00:48
buddha_Opinie: no worries, just wanted to know if it failed.00:48
ActionParsnipguhcampos: use a pastebin if you want to share00:49
guhcamposDr_Willis, but it only lasts a few seconds, it's a 500GB HDD T_T00:49
Dr_Willisguhcampos:  yes it may take a while.. :)00:49
buddha_I just realized something: food tastes good. Ima go eat.00:49
Dr_Willisguhcampos:  took me almost 2 weeks to recover a 2Tb hd...00:49
guhcamposActionParsnip, it's on another computer, I can't really paste, but the last message is "reset high speed usb device using ehci_hcd" followed by "device descriptor read/64 error -110"00:49
ActionParsnipguhcampos: ok find out what error -110 means00:50
muktiIs there a reason that the volume will not go to max by default? And how would I go about changing this?00:50
shaynebrasero always freezes up while trying to convert the file to dvd.00:50
Phong_aaas, port?00:50
guhcamposActionParsnip, but who is issuing error -110? Udev?00:50
aaasPhong_ it should be 3389 i think.. but it hsould be defaulted00:50
aaasPhong_ you shouldnt have to specify00:50
Phong_but i need to add to router then00:50
aaasPhong_ did you say you are at work?00:50
aaasPhong_ and your'e doing this work at home?00:51
aaasPhong_ ah ok00:51
aaasPhong_ yes then you need to forward 338900:51
Jordan_UOpinie: So why don't you just run the installer from the LiveUSB?00:51
Phong_u sure windows listen to that port?00:51
aaasPhong_ if you have the service running yes00:51
Phong_ok bb let me add to router00:51
muktiIs it dangerous to put the volume past 100%?00:51
OpinieJordan_U: ironically, I can't boot a liveUSB installer on the macbook00:52
Dr_Willismukti:  not that ive ever noticed.. except for distortion.00:52
Dr_Willismukti:  and your hearing. :)00:52
ActionParsnipguhcampos: not sure, i'm sure websearches wil pull stuff up00:52
aaasPhong_ if this doesnt work you'll have to wait until you get home and test it behind the firewall00:52
guhcamposActionParsnip, I'm digging through it00:52
ActionParsnipmukti: not really no00:52
gregdayI have a 2TB drive I've been using for awhile, but I'm wiping it to use with mdadm and I'm having the weirdest error. I can fdisk just fine and create partitons, but no matter what I do, I cannot read or write sdb1. I can read/write the whole disk, and if I make two partitions, I can do whatever to sdb2, but not sdb1.00:52
Jordan_UOpinie: Can you boot a LiveUSB installer from a machine with a firewire port with the macbook in target disk mode?00:52
ActionParsnipmukti: +1 for distortion though, crank speakers rather than the app00:52
muktiDr_Willis: so is that the only reason that it is set that low? I only ask because I just opened up Sound Preferences for the first time and saw that 100% isn't the max volume...00:52
gregdayIf I try to mkfs on /dev/sdb1 I get "Error getting MD array info from /dev/sdb1"  Been using Linux for 12 years and never seen this.00:53
muktiActionParsnip: Well, I'm on a laptop00:53
gregdayCould by disk be failing?00:53
Dr_Willismukti:  you normally set the pc at like 75% - then use the speaker knob. :)00:53
muktiDr_Willis: I'm on a laptop though...00:53
Jordan_Ugregday: What is the exact command you are running? Can you pastebin the exact command and the entire output?00:53
Dr_Willismukti:  so? the actual question is? I missed it...00:53
OpinieJordan_U: I'd have to get a new firewire cable. I would have done that otherwise. Somehow Apple has managed to change the shape of its firewire ports, so the the firewire cable I have is inapplicable00:54
muktiDr_Willis: If I set my volume to 75%, I can't turn up the speakers lol00:54
Jordan_UOpinie: So how do you plan to get Ubuntu onto the macbook's hard drive?00:54
muktiDr_Willis: I was really just asking if it was dangerous to put the volume past the 100% mark.00:54
gregdayJordan_U:  http://pastebin.com/DDrTMjhV00:55
Dr_Willismukti:  how are you putting it past 100%?00:55
gregdayJordan_U:  mdadm --create  fails on this disk too.00:55
Phong_aaas, it's working00:55
gregdayJordan_U: But no error using fdisk to *create* sdb1. Just when I try to actually do anything with it.00:55
aaasPhong_ sweet: now you can connect and use any app on windows00:55
OpinieJordan_U: well buddha suggested that I boot the macbook using an USB that has clonezilla on it. With that – this is how I understood it – I should be able to copy the USB ubuntu partition to the partition I've made on the macbook's HD00:55
Phong_aaas, however, vnc start faster00:55
muktiDr_Willis: I opened sound preferences, and the 100% mark is not at the end of the volume bar00:56
aaasPhong_ AND if you run virtualbox in seemless mode you can run both at the same time00:56
Dr_Willismukti:  cant say that i ever noticed..00:56
aaasPhong_ maybe because it's not encrypted?00:56
Phong_aaas, oh00:56
aaasPhong_ you're also more secure00:56
Phong_aaas, i see. cause VNC faster..maybe less secure00:56
aaasPhong_ and you can connect from any other windows computer without downloading anything00:56
aaasPhong_ vnc is usually solw00:56
aaasPhong_ rdp is pretty fast00:56
Dr_Willisvnc may start faster.. but be slower to actually use. :)00:56
Jordan_Ugregday: The pastebin you just created is already the 7'th result in google for "Error getting MD array info from".00:57
gregdayJordan_U: I know, I've been searching too!00:57
muktiDr_Willis: http://i.imgur.com/4DFn6.png00:57
gregdayJordan_U:  I find it odd that I can write (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb) just fine, but writing to sdb1 fails.00:57
Phong_can it be lower color?00:57
gregdayJordan_U: And running badblocks on the disk returns no errors.00:58
aaasPhong_ if you like pocketcloud support them by buying the paid app because its a great app and i ahve got so much work done using it00:58
Phong_aaas, are you sure it is not goes thru their company right?00:58
Dr_Willisonce you write to sdb - you would delete the partion table.. thus you cant write to sdb1 after you write to sdb00:58
aaasPhong_ yes, its in the client00:58
aaasPhong_ certain00:58
gregdayDr_Willis: Oh, I'm recreating sdb1 in fdisk after trying that.00:58
gregdayDr_Willis: I'm not that stupid :)00:58
Phong_aaas, i like it connect directly ;)00:58
Jordan_Ugregday: I assume that dd of=/dev/sdb1 works also?00:58
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aaasPhong_ mess with the settings also all windows have a r'remote desktop' client00:58
aaasPhong_ you can change settings there too00:58
Dr_Willisgregday:  ive seen cases where you must reboot, or somehow reload the partition table or else the kernel uses the old table also.00:58
gregdayJordan_U: Nope, it fails. But if I make an sdb2 I can write to that00:58
gregdayDr_Willis: I did reboot also.00:58
Phong_aaas, what about for linux?00:59
Dr_Willisgregday:  hit it with a hammer... :)00:59
aaasPhong_ 'rdesktop'00:59
Jordan_Ugregday: What error message does dd give?00:59
aaasPhong_ or 'krdesktop' 'grdeskto' 'xrdp'00:59
aaasPhong_ there are lots00:59
gregdayJordan_U: "No space left on device"00:59
Phong_aaas, you know why free?00:59
Phong_lol the freaking ads00:59
Jordan_Ugregday: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?00:59
aaasPhong_ what has adds?00:59
aaasPhong_ ahhh00:59
Phong_that is why it is free..00:59
aaasPhong_ yes pocketcloud00:59
Phong_it load the ads01:00
aaasPhong_ iddnt know that01:00
aaasPhong_ there MUST be other free ones01:00
aaasPhong_ but if you use it alot just use the paid one01:00
aaasPhong_ it has lots of really really cool features01:00
gregdayJordan_U: It's hanging on that...01:00
Jordan_Ugregday: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?01:00
Phong_aaas, thanks time to go hjome01:00
Phong_thanks alot01:00
NautilusI have an 8.04 install that's working fine (local web dev box) but it's slowwwww (apache, php and/or mysql).  Perhaps there are some things I can tune easily?  Maybe theres real verbose logging, etc?01:01
aaasPhong_ np bye01:01
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jcook_5xdataCan some one help with lightdm on ubuntu 11.10? it fails to start to keeps trying to but after about 20 time it just stops. right now I am using slim it works but it does not support xubuntu01:01
gregdayJordan_U:  Nothing relevant in dmesg except for I/O errors on...   fd0.  I have no floppy drive.01:01
ActionParsnipjcook_5xdata: ask in #ubuntu+1 for Oneiric01:03
gregdayJordan_U: parted finally returned. It lists the partition I created in fdisk, and it matches another identical disk I have (sdc). No errors or anything weird looking. I can pastebin it if you want01:03
gregdayLooks like searching for fd0 was what was holding it up01:03
jcook_5xdataActionParsnip, k thx01:04
Jordan_Ugregday: Please do.01:04
ActionParsnipjcook_5xdata: np man01:04
Jordan_Ugregday: sudo rmmod floppy01:04
gregdayJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/pQiD4a9x01:04
groksehehe, i'm trying to add firewall rules to our linux router box, and i keep locking myself out01:04
grokse i finally gave up and brought my laptop into the server room to save me the trip back and forth01:04
psycho693Hey everyone How do I fix fullscreen lag in youtube?01:05
Dr_Willispsycho693:  you coulkd always try the html5 version of youtube in google-chrome/chromium browsers and notuse flash at all. :)01:05
psycho693Ok i will try that thanks post back shortly01:06
Jordan_Ugregday: No idea, please file a bug report.01:06
ActionParsnippsycho693: can you give the output of:  cat /etc/lsb-release; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep "flash|gnash|swf"      use a pastebin to hold the output01:06
psycho693ActionParsnip Pm me because I have no idea how to do that01:07
ActionParsnippsycho693: copy the command I gave and paste to a terminal and hit enter01:08
psycho693Ok and you want me to post what it shows?01:08
ActionParsnippsycho693: then use a pastebin to hold the output01:08
Jordan_U!pastebin | psycho69301:09
ubottupsycho693: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:09
psycho693http://paste.ubuntu.com/677597/ there it is01:10
ActionParsnippsycho693: try: sudo apt-get --purge flashplugin-installer; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree01:11
ActionParsnippsycho693: there is also this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/08/adobe-flash-11-beta-2-released-faster-linux/01:11
ActionParsnippsycho693: your ubuntu is 32bit01:11
psycho693yes it is01:12
psycho693I did what you told me01:12
psycho693not the link01:12
ActionParsnippsycho693: its a good first move01:13
ActionParsnippsycho693: you will need to close your browsers and rerun to reload the browser01:13
ActionParsnip*plugin, reload the plugin01:13
psycho693Ok will do01:13
Opiniebuddha_: well, now I have the clonezilla on the USB, but I can't see it on the refit boot screen. Perhaps I didn't use the right version of Clonezilla? You did mean the AMD64 one, didn't you? http://clonezilla.org/downloads/stable/iso-zip-files.php I used the first one of those01:13
psycho693ActionParsnip: it doesnt even show Flash in my plugin list?01:15
ActionParsnippsycho693: ok but does flash work ok?01:15
psycho693ActionParsnip No still laggy01:16
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ActionParsnippsycho693: what video chip do you have, as well as RAM amount and CPU spec please01:17
psycho693CPU Athlon x2 Ram 1 GB and Nvida 680001:19
psycho693Not my main machine lol01:19
crazpsycho693: what kind of CPU though? 5200/6000?01:19
skrite_ActionParsnip, hey, got sound going, thanks for your help.01:20
muktiWhat is the ubuntu offtopic IRC?01:21
silverarrowanyone using Tor here?01:21
urlin2umukti, #ubuntu-offtopic01:21
urlin2usilverarrow, not Ubunru.01:22
psycho693and Video card is Nvidia 7800 not 680001:22
horsepillI am using natty with default gnome.  Sometimes I see my desktop background through the application I am using.  If I then use the app or move the window the background goes away.  Any ideas on why?01:22
JimmioHey all. I can't for the life of me make a bootable USB drive to install Ubuntu off of. This laptop's CD drive is f'd, and I need USB. Unetbootin and the Ubuntu make startup disk both fail with the BIOS saying "Boot error"01:22
silverarrowurlin2u, yes from packager manger?01:22
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Zungohi, who remembers my iusse? i think you do ActionParsnip01:23
SRCI do, now get out.01:23
Dr_WillisJimmio:  theres other tools at the pendrivelinux web site. I alwyas use the one that makes a grub2 usb that boots the iso file. tends to work well for me.01:23
SRCI'm kidding Zungo01:23
urlin2usilverarrow, ah get the tor bundle from them it is easier.01:24
JasonnHow do I make a user not be able to use IRSSI?01:24
=== e1ky is now known as syrinx_
Dr_WillisJasonn:  uninstall irssi :)01:24
Dr_WillisJasonn:  theres other irc clients they could use.01:24
JasonnDr_Willis: I just want it to be unavailable to ONE user, and avaiable to everyone else01:24
JasonnI need it installed01:24
MOnkaiihey yall01:24
silverarrowurlin2u: , I see, I am new to Tor, and am a bit reluctant to mess system up, and tons of packages to choose I really couldn't make sense of01:25
ZungoJasonn: play with perms that should help.....01:25
urlin2usilverarrow, you can get the whole thing from them with a browser set up.01:25
JimmioDr_Willis: Could you be more specific? There's lots of tools on that site..01:25
Dr_WillisJasonn:  you will have to do some serious work to lock down that user. or move irssi to some other path and add that path to the other users.. but then user 1 could alwyas give the full path to the client...01:25
JasonnZungo: How do I do that?01:25
Dr_WillisJimmio:  i use the one that makes multi boot flash that boots the iso files..01:26
JasonnDr_Willis: COuld I somehow do that without changing the path?01:26
Zungojust point the irssi binary and deny perm to that user01:26
silverarrowurlin2u: I see, for chromium too?01:26
Dr_WillisJasonn:  not that i know of.01:26
Zungoget it?01:26
urlin2usilverarrow, not sure, but I think opers and firefox, not sure really.01:26
Dr_WillisJasonn:  user 1  could alwyas just use some OTher irc client..  You mught beable to lock it down a bit with groups.. but never needed to.01:26
JasonnDr_Willis: Then can I make a message pop up when only ONE user sshs into the server?01:27
Seb314I am using ubuntu in Oracle Virtualbox, I have an Atheros AR9285 802.1; iwconfig does not detect my wifi card. How should I proceed to fix this?01:27
Dr_WillisJasonn:  user 1 could alwyas just recompile irsi from wource...01:27
horsepillI am using natty with default gnome.  Sometimes I see my desktop background through the application I am using.  If I then use the app or move the window the background goes away.  Any ideas on why?01:27
Dr_WillisJasonn:  you could monitor the ssh logs. and make a script to do somthing when its triggered i guess.01:27
silverarrowurlin2u, well, either easily installed01:27
ZungoDr_Willis, Jasonn: or just block that user...  with permission control....01:27
silverarrowurlin2u, I have wondered why opera is not in the package manager?01:28
Dr_WillisJasonn:  i think you need to clarify the core issue. :)01:28
JasonnDr_Willis: So basically I let this user run his bot on my server, and he is using IRSSI and some other programs, and I cant tell him to fuck off and stop using my server :/01:28
silverarrowhorsepill, ghosts in the computer?01:28
horsepillsilverarrow: seems like it01:28
Dr_WillisJasonn:  this is  Your server? a company server?  or what exactly?01:29
h00kJasonn: please keep the language appropriate01:29
JasonnDr_Willis: My personal server01:29
Seb314I am using ubuntu in Oracle Virtualbox, I have an Atheros AR9285 802.1; iwconfig does not detect my wifi card. How should I proceed to fix this?01:29
silverarrowhorsepill, suspect it might be graphic card driver issues, I'm not shroe01:29
ZungoJasonn, then block that user!01:29
urlin2uSeb314, it does not use a wireless01:29
ActionParsnipSeb314: the wireless NIC is not important as it is virtualized in virtualbox01:29
JasonnZungo: So how do i set the block?01:29
Dr_Willisdisable the user account. :)01:30
Zungough, idk, but you need to do global ip block...01:30
ActionParsnipJasonn: set the shell to /bin/false01:30
muktiurlin2u: thanks (RE: your response at 21:21)01:30
Zungoin the server01:30
JasonnActionParsnip: Can I do that for just one user?01:30
qinJasonn: chmod irssi to 00001:30
ActionParsnipJasonn: sure01:30
JasonnActionParsnip: Command?01:30
Dr_WillisI fail to understand why you cant tell him to stop causing issues on the server..01:30
Jasonnhe will be like01:31
Dr_Willistheres dozen of annoying things you could do.... :)01:31
ZungoJasonn: change that user $SHELL to /bin/false01:31
urlin2usilverarrow, add this to your sources list and update and install opera  deb http://deb.opera.com/opera/ lenny non-free #Opera Official Source01:31
qinZungo: Neat!01:31
Jasonn:/ I just want him to stop using my server, but you know when you tell someone they could use something of yours, and then he uses it a lot, and you cant tell him to stop01:31
ActionParsnipJasonn: actually in /etc/ssh/sshd_config  you can use:  DenyUsers  name101:31
JasonnDr_Willis: ^^01:31
Dr_WillisJasonn:  i definatly could tell him to stop overloading my server...01:32
JasonnActionParsnip: kthanks :D01:32
silverarrowurlin2u: tanks01:32
ActionParsnipJasonn: obviously change name1 to the ACTUAL name, this will mean they cannot SSH in, much neater01:32
h00kJasonn: perhaps come up with some acceptable use policy they have to abide by to use your server?01:32
ZungoJasonn: just lock him and catch him and block block..... ok?01:32
ActionParsnipJasonn: restart the ssh service to apply once you make the change01:32
Zungoyea, use policy01:32
JasonnActionParsnip: damnit, I already saved it with name1 :/01:32
silverarrowurlin2u:  have you discovered the tab function ?01:32
ActionParsnipJasonn: think about it01:32
ActionParsnipJasonn: blindly copying stuff isn't smart dude01:33
JasonnActionParsnip: I was joking01:33
urlin2usilverarrow, where on the channel?01:33
JasonnActionParsnip: Do I put that at the bottom?01:33
buddha_Opinie: sorry I was chowing down. I would use the x86 version just to be safe but Jason_U might have been right about Macs not being able to boot live usbs ?01:33
ZungoActionParsnip: do you remember me? i was the guy that was having frezzing troubles.01:33
JasonnActionParsnip: Do I have to restart sshd ?01:34
Jimmiobuddha_: Macs cannot boot from USB. I'm 95% sure.01:34
Dr_Willisbe easier to just totally disable his account.. but wait.. yoiu just said you 'couldent tell him to stop' but you basically are stopping him totally anyway...01:34
silverarrowurlin2u:  type in the first three letters or so of a nick then press tab01:34
psycho693jimmio you are correct they cant01:34
ActionParsnipJasonn: yes01:34
silverarrowurlin2u: auto nick filling sort of01:34
ZungoJasonn: run sudo service sshd restart01:34
urlin2usilverarrow, that is why when I talk to you it is red .01:34
Opiniebuddha_: the macbook did try to boot the clonezilla, but what I suspect to have been the clonezilla window just shortly flashed then went away and never returned.01:34
silverarrowurlin2u: fillin01:34
JasonnZungo: thanks :)01:34
Dr_Willisdoes ssh notice the config changes and restarts? a lot of services do that these days01:35
JasonnZungo: sshd: unrecognized service01:35
DonaldKeyzi learn something new everytime i come here01:35
Dr_Willistab completion is our friend. :) sudo service ss<tab>01:35
silverarrowurlin2u, yes, always correctly addressed,01:35
Zungogo find sshd in ps then,  or reboot...01:35
Dr_Willisnot on a ubutu box right now.. so cant verify the name of the service01:36
Zungoor better, sudo init 301:36
Dr_Willissudo service status    will show it...01:36
Zungoand go back01:36
Zungoto 501:36
silverarrowurlin2u:  I  just noticed you didn't have the ":" that comes with the tab function, maybe it's just a quirk01:36
Dr_Willisbest is to learn the proper service name.. not mess with init command...01:36
Dr_Willisbecause you dont need to restart ALL the services.. like init would do..01:37
Opiniebuddha_: something that I noticed was that Ubuntu seemed to be using a kind of i686 version of itself (I hope that makes some sense), so I thought I'd try to use the same version of clonezilla01:37
buddha_Opinie: yeah, I've never had any luck booting off school iMacs01:37
urlin2usilverarrow, yes I have been using the IRC for a long time and undertand01:37
Dr_Willistime to learn what the proper name is.. it maybe ssh, or sshd.01:37
milkhey all - i'm on 10.10 and looking to upgradee rtmpdump from 2.3 (what is in the repo) to the latest, 2.4, but i'm not sure how to go about it. any advice?01:37
rodhashGuys, what software you suggest to open a jpg or png file? When opening I can't copy the image to paste in another document.. : (01:37
buddha_Opinie: ok, I don't know if all macbooks were x64 or some where x8601:37
Opiniebuddha_: and I was successful in booting ubuntu01:37
Opiniebuddha_: ok, my macbook is quite ancient01:38
silverarrowurlin2u: I'm in pidgin right now, and the red text doesn't appear even when addressed to nick01:38
urlin2usilverarrow, not my fault lol.01:38
smokin40sHello everyone! I've been trying to find a way to disable gnome+compiz while launching a game so it runs better is this possible?01:38
Opiniebuddha_: no the OS I had installed on a USB stick01:38
ZungoInit runlevel meaning: 1=single, 3=nogui, 4=nogui+net, 5=X & def. Is that correct???01:39
silverarrowurlin2u:  definitely the pidgin guys lol01:39
Dr_Willissmokin40s:  you coyule change from compiz to metacity via commands/script.. but thts not 'disabling gnome'  - Unless you want to logout and log backinto a minimal desktop session.01:39
urlin2usilver never used it, I don't do an text or IM other then xchat on the irc.01:39
Dr_WillisZungo:  not in Ubuntu.01:39
buddha_Opinie: ah, hmmmm. well have you tried clonezilla for x8601:39
buddha_although I don't think they make another version01:40
urlin2usilverarrow, never used it, I don't do an text or IM other then xchat on the irc.01:40
Dr_Willis!runlevel | Zungo01:40
ubottuZungo: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.01:40
silverarrowurlin2u, xchat acted up the last two days, it has the red text function though01:40
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
smokin40sso Dr_Willis metacity uses far less resources to run is that what you are sayin?01:41
Zungosmokin40s: just run killall compiz and killall unity and make sure you opened a term so you can run metacity&& gnome-panel. and better do not close that term01:41
Dr_WillisZungo:  2=3=4=501:41
Dr_WillisZungo:  killing compiz may cause X to exit also...01:41
Opiniebuddha_: I don't think there is a version that is explicitly listed as being an x86 version, but is x86=amd64?01:41
bambanxguysfor what is used the hostname?01:41
Dr_Willissmokin40s:  if you wanted the max resources for a game, you could install some very minimal window manager. log into that. and then play the game,01:42
buddha_Opinie: no, x64 = amd64 and x86 = i686 roughly01:42
buddha_for our purposes anyway01:42
Opiniebuddha_: ok, I'm trying x86 now01:42
smokin40swould you suggest a good minimal window manager?01:42
Dr_Willissmokin40s:  dozens of them. try wmx, or icewm perhaps01:42
buddha_Opinie: sorry I don't mean to be confusing01:42
Opiniebuddha_: problem is figuring out which boot option is the clonezilla one. Refit seems to have trouble identifying the different options01:43
Dr_Willissmokin40s:  or jwm.01:43
Opiniebuddha_: no problem ;-)01:43
silverarrowurlin2u: advantage with pidgin, has different colored nicks01:43
smokin40sthank you so much for your help01:43
Zungoreally Dr_Willis? no, the session is gnome-session and compiz is a sub process01:43
qinsilverarrow: irssi have colors too!01:43
Zungoi already tested01:43
Dr_WillisZungo:  easier to do 'metacity --replace'01:43
Zungooh yep01:43
Zungobut killall unity is right01:43
gaelfxsilverarrow: pidgin also has very poor handling of large IRC rooms, such as this one01:43
DanyWalkerhi guys, i have a problem01:44
DanyWalkeror a question01:44
silverarrowgelfx, i don't notice much difference except for the missing red text function ?01:44
gaelfxDanyWalker: have at it01:44
JimmioOkay. Bad news. Dell Dimension 3000 can boot my flash drive. Laptop can't. What should I do?01:44
Zungokillall unity&& metacity --replace&& gnome-panel01:44
DanyWalkeris possible add password to my zip file?01:44
Zungois not ubuntu related i think......01:45
silverarrowgaelfx: nick spell error01:45
DanyWalkerzip -p password archive.zip archivo.txt01:45
buddha_Opinie: so from my little research session it looks like you might be able to boot the clonezilla if you use unetbootin. no guarantees though01:45
gaelfxsilverarrow: not a problem, not sure what you mean by red text function though01:45
Zungoumm then is an affirmation01:45
Opiniereally? I did install unetbootin onto the ubuntu01:45
silverarrowgaelfx: though I might not know the finer points of xchat01:45
Zungosmokin40s: use Blackbox01:46
silverarrowgaelfx, you know, address post with nick and it gets red in the receiver end01:46
buddha_Opinie: did you use unetbootin to install the clonezilla onto the other USB stick?01:47
* Zungo quits *01:47
gaelfxsilverarrow: I'm fairly certain that most any modern IRC client can highlight posts directed at you ;)01:47
Opiniebuddha_: no, I used my MBP to install the clonezilla into the other USB stick01:47
Opiniebuddha_: *onto01:47
Opiniebuddha_: I don't mind trying it with unetbootin though01:47
buddha_i would do that01:48
buddha_its worth a shot01:48
Opiniebuddha_: I can do that with ubuntu, can't I?01:48
silverarrowgaelfx: I'm in pidgin right now, I don't get any red highlighted text nick or no nick01:48
buddha_yep, just download the program (either from apt-get or unetbootin website) and away you go01:49
buddha_Opinie: disclaimer, I don't know if unetbootin is in the ubuntu repositories01:49
silverarrowgaelfx: though nicks are given different colors, so fairly easy to follow two or three people's conversation01:49
Opiniebuddha_: you need to add a repository to get it01:49
Opiniebuddha_: but I sorted that out already some hours ago01:50
Opiniebuddha_: err, after doing this I will still have to be able to boot into clonezilla, won't I?01:51
buddha_should do. use unetbootin to put clonezilla on the other USB01:52
buddha_it'll wipe the old install on the USB01:52
Opiniebuddha_: hmm, ok01:53
ferreiraHey ... look01:55
ferreirai'm surprise01:55
Opiniebuddha_: something odd I've noticed is that there's apparently a led in my computer's sound socket. it doesn't light up on mac os x, but it does on ubuntu01:55
ferreirapeoples use IRC01:55
Opiniebuddha_: … ubuntu works better than mac os x01:56
gaelfxsilverarrow: yeah, but pidgin does highlight it when I send you messages, right?01:56
wifiwontworkhi i have an rtl8187 that shows as connected in NM but wont connect through firefox.01:56
buddha_Opinie: that is odd. (1st comment) 2nd one is not01:56
Lasersferreira: People still use AOL. And it's worse than IRC.  I really have nothing negative about IRC. :O01:56
ferreiraSomeone from Brazil?01:56
silverarrowgaelfx: no, unfortunately01:57
buddha_wifiwontwork: have you tried "ping www.google.com" ?01:57
wifiwontworkhi i have an rtl8187 that shows as connected in NM but wont connect through firefox. using ubuntu 11.0101:57
wifiwontworkbuddha_ i can ping anything but the problem is I think my internal card is allowing me to ping01:57
silverarrowgaelfx: your nick is in sort of a mustard color, thats it, text standard01:57
gaelfxsilverarrow: that's very strange, because it always did that for me01:57
ZequezUbuntu 11.10 Beta 1 comes out August 10? ^^01:57
ZequezAugust 1*01:57
buddha_wifiwontwork: what?01:58
polygon-pushercrazying thing just happened, I ran the last updates and now unity is gone  I'm getting the older style of gnome, why?01:58
ferreiraHey ... someone from brazil?01:58
IdleOne!br | ferreira01:58
ubottuferreira: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:58
I\O_Errorhow to set fluxbox at minimal graphics config. 256MB RAM, old pentuim procesor gets abused when you drag window01:58
crazpolygon-pusher: did you load in ubuntu classic or something?01:59
polygon-pusherthing is everything is working fine01:59
polygon-pusherjust no unity01:59
ZequezDoes Ubuntu 11.10 first beta comes out in 3 days? ^^01:59
gaelfxsilverarrow: yeah, that's basically highlighted01:59
IdleOne!11.10 | Zequez01:59
ubottuZequez: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:59
Zequezlol, the Ubuntu bot knows what he's doing, keep it going02:00
silverarrowgaelfx: yes, but it is mustard color whom ever you adress, so not that in your face red02:00
gaelfxsilverarrow: there's probably someplace you can change that color02:01
silverarrowgaelfx:  when missing a cup of coffee, i might need the red fist lol02:01
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silverarrowgaelfx: well colors are sort of random, restart and you might be pink02:02
gaelfxsilverarrow: I think the highlighting is always the same color02:02
=== nandemonai_ is now known as Guest57342
silverarrowgaelfx: ,write something with out my nick02:03
I\O_Errorfluxbox renders ever step of window when you drag it. how to prevent that?02:03
link620does anyone want to buy a vb 4 license? :)02:03
silverarrowgaelfx: for experiment I mean02:03
wifiwontworkbuddha_ I also am able to receiver packets. However firefox simply wony work02:04
crazI\O_Error: clever name.02:04
buddha_wifiwontwork: have you tried another browser to compare?02:04
JadedJacobHas anyone used 'ubuntu rescue remix' to recover a failing hard drive?02:04
bambanxguys i am new on ubuntu for what is used the hostname?02:04
=== Guest57342 is now known as nandemonai
crazbambanx: hostname is the connection it will connect ie- localhost/
wifiwontworkbuddha_ firefox works with my internal brdcom card02:05
wifiwontworkbuddha_ yes I have02:05
wifiwontworkbuddha_ could it be a kernel issue? I current have 2.26xxx02:05
wifiwontworkwould upgrading to a 3.xx work?02:05
FloodBot1wifiwontwork: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:05
JadedJacobor even the command 'Ddrescue' ?02:06
silverarrowgaelfx: I think the nick goes in fat types, as highlighted02:06
el_seanohuh.  Lagging?  Or an ungodly fast typist?02:06
bambanxthanks craz02:06
link620vb 4 license anyone?02:06
buddha_wifiwontwork: have other browsers worked? can you upgrade and stuff like that? And what are you using, Hardy Heron?02:06
IdleOne!warez > link62002:06
ubottulink620, please see my private message02:06
Opiniebuddha_: I now have some sort of a command line02:07
Opiniebuddha_: I think it's clonezilla02:07
chipotlehow do i turn on ssh in ubuntu? i want to ssh into my machine from another network but it says 'connection refused'02:07
Opiniebuddha_: I booted into it02:07
link620thanks for the message, but this isnt pirate talk from me, i wanna sell my genuine license :)02:07
jrib!ssh | chipotle02:07
ubottuchipotle: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)02:07
buddha_Opinie: you're in!02:07
wifiwontworkbuddha_ i've only tried firefox and chromium. I also cannot use any other services like xirc with the usb rtl8187. I can however send and receive packets with it....02:08
IdleOnelink620: take it simewhere else please. This is an Ubuntu support channel02:08
Opiniebuddha_: no don't get excited yet, it says GNU GRUB 1.99-0 for some reason02:08
link620KK np then02:08
Opiniebuddha_: on the top it does02:08
buddha_wifiwontwork: sounds like you might be right, a kernel issue02:08
blahblahI recently bought a $250 Acer Aspire One laptop which came with Windows 7 Starter ALREADY installed on it.  I am trying to make a dual OS with Fedora and Windows.  This computer has no CD drive, so I had to make Fedora bootable from a USB flash drive.  The problem I have is that even after partitioning my hard drive with some software in Windows (resized the 250 GB HDD to 150 GB with the rest unallocated) I cannot install Fedora.02:08
blahblahThe Fedora graphical installer doesn't even list partitions, only the Hard drive and USB as hardware.  Keep in mind, I cannot just let it format the hard drive, because then I will lose the Windows which came with the laptop (no Windows install CD came with it because it has no CD drive).02:09
buddha_Opinie: hang on a sec02:09
IdleOneblahblah: try #fedora02:09
blahblahim on webirc02:09
blahblahI can't register my nick02:09
Opiniebuddha_: http://clonezilla.org/screenshots.php?in_path=/00_Clonezilla#02_clonezilla-live-boot-menu-gra.png02:09
karmstuse the command to register02:09
ActionParsnip!register | blahblah02:09
ubottublahblah: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:09
IdleOneblahblah: that doesn't change the fact that fedora is not supported in here.02:09
wifiwontworkbuddha_  ok thanks for your help02:10
ActionParsnipblahblah: if you want help registering, i'd ask in #freenode02:10
karmstWell I have to say I am very impressed02:10
buddha_no probs02:10
karmstIt took about 1/2 a day to figure out how to build the software raid correctly in the Alternate installer02:10
buddha_Opinie: alright, select the default option02:10
karmstbut other than that this thing is faster, and gets better video and audio out of it than Windows 702:11
karmstand it's more secure02:11
karmstand free =)02:11
karmstI don't really like unity though02:11
karmstand Gnome3 is annoying02:12
ZequezAnd KDE is ugly02:12
crazymadmonkeyhey guys, could you give me a simple formula for installing a program in the "tar.gz" format in LinuxMint?02:12
buddha_Opinie: then just hit enter to accept the defaults until it says start clonezilla02:12
IdleOnekarmst: Glad you are enjoying Ubuntu but please take chat to #ubuntu-offtopic.02:12
ZequezAnd XFCE is not as fast as it claims02:12
=== zach is now known as fermionic
SRCzequz: take that back, KDE is beautiful02:12
karmstwell I have some questions that are on-topic02:12
IdleOnePlease ask them :)02:12
ZequezAnd LXDE have lack of much features02:12
Opiniebuddha_: err, I have a grub command line in front of me. That cannot be right, can it possibly?02:12
chipotlemy friend says when he installed ubuntu he didn't have to give a root password. does this sound right? if he lost his root password, what can he do to get it back?02:13
Nach0zLXDE runs with so little ram though... supersmooth02:13
IdleOneZequez: chat in #ubuntu-offtopic, support in here.02:13
ZequezBut Unity in 11.10 looks promising02:13
ActionParsnipkarmst: then use a different DE....02:13
karmstCustomizing the desktop? what is GTK2 or Gnome2 and so on?02:13
ZequezIdleOne: Oka02:13
SRCUnity looks promising in 11.10, do tell?02:13
buddha_Opinie: that's weird. is it not the image that you linked to?02:13
crazymadmonkeyhey guys, could you give me a simple formula for installing a program in the "tar.gz" format in LinuxMint? like how do i install a program called example.tar.gz?02:13
ActionParsnipSRC: oneiric is offtopic here02:13
karmstAnd how do you make everything more unique to the user experience02:13
ActionParsnipkarmst: use themes and such02:14
IdleOne!mint | crazymadmonkey02:14
ubottucrazymadmonkey: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:14
SRChopefully the next Unity update will make it far more stable than the current piece of trash it is02:14
karmstyou'd unpack the tarball02:14
gaelfxcrazymadmonkey: no one can say since that's a zipped file and we don't know what's in it, first you have to unpack it02:14
linuxuz3rZequez, yeah it looks good02:14
linuxuz3runity 11.1002:14
Opiniebuddha_: no, none of those images. That's what was so worrying. I'll let you know, when the right images start appearing on my screen02:14
wifiwontworkif installing a new kernel is it easy to do a rollback to the original when i inevitably mess up my box?02:14
karmsttar -zxvf *.gz02:14
crazymadmonkeykk i will look on the linuxmint channel02:14
buddha_Opinie: hmm, maybe try a reboot and see if that brings up the Clonezilla grub02:15
jaocbi have a few questions before i install ubuntu. 1 does it re format my harddrive 2 what format does it use because im am currently making backups on my external hdd which is in ntfs ?02:15
Opiniebuddha_: ok02:15
karmstActionParsnip I understand the concept of themes and I find some really interesting ones02:15
karmstbut how do you apply them?02:15
ActionParsnipjaocb: it uses Ext4 by default, you will need 2 partitions to hold the OS02:15
ActionParsnipkarmst: check www.gnome-look.org02:15
ActionParsnipkarmst: use the appearence app and you can install them easily02:16
SinghamHi..I have a "Palm One Life drive" and want to sync it on ubuntu...any ideas ?02:16
somsipSingham: put it into external USB mode. Does it get recognised as an external drive?02:16
kolixHi guys02:16
jaocbso it will format my harddrive for me, while installing or do i need to do that before i install ?02:16
lorphhello how do I allow everything by default in UFW02:17
ActionParsnipjaocb: it can, or you can dual boot and it will format a portion of the space02:17
Jordan_Ujonas: That is part of the install process.02:17
karmstok but which version of Gnome should I use for a default 11.04 ubuntu install?02:17
karmstthat's what I don't get02:17
ActionParsnipjaocb: the install media can do al the partitioning you need02:17
karmstGTK 1.x, GTK 2.x, GTK 3.x?02:17
chipotleonce i install openssh-server, what do i need to do to be able to ssh into this machine from a remote network? is the init script started?02:17
ActionParsnipkarmst: natty uses 2.x02:18
jaocbok thank you. and last can it read ntfs on my porable hard drive or is there an app that can ?02:18
Singhamsomsip : Yes it has started.02:18
kolixHey guys, doe sUbuntu Server come with LAMP?02:18
Jordan_Ujonas: Yes, Ubuntu can read and write to ntfs by default.02:18
karmstchipotle you need to create an SSL certificate02:18
jaocbthanks for all the help02:18
ActionParsnipchipotle: one openssh-server is installed you can connect from anywhere with a logical link, if you want to connect from outside you LAN you will need to setup port forwarding02:18
ActionParsnip!lamp | kolix not by default02:19
ubottukolix not by default: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)02:19
Jordan_Ukolix: The server install CD comes with packages for a LAMP stack on it. What you install depends on what options you choose in the installer ( "LAMP" being one option ).02:19
chipotlekarmst: i'm helping my friend out who has ubuntu, i haven't used it, but he claims he didn't need to specify a root password when he setup ubuntu. though he can use synaptic package manager in his regular user account just fine. how can he reset his root passwd?02:19
somsipSingham: not sure if you'll get the bridge software working. Perhaps wirth trying under Wine if you really need it?02:19
ActionParsnipchipotle: the service is added to the startup and wil be started after it is installed too :)02:19
ActionParsnipchipotle: you don't02:20
karmstroot password is the same as original user account using sudo02:20
chipotleActionParsnip: where do i setup port forwarding?02:20
ActionParsnipchipotle: in your router02:20
karmston your router02:20
chipotleoh. so iptables or whatnot isn't configured by ubuntu on install?02:20
ActionParsnipchipotle: not by default, it is there. Just not configured02:21
=== nandemonai is now known as Guest43588
Singham<somsip> : I want to convert videos for it. Resolution -> 320 x 480. and only .asf video format supported. any software for that ?02:21
karmstdo you have a hardware router chipotle?02:21
chipotlekarmst: nope, the computer goes directly to the cable modem02:22
=== Guest43588 is now known as nandemonai
karmstyou will want to enable iptables then02:22
ActionParsnipchipotle: then it's good to go now02:23
ActionParsnipchipotle: as karmst you should configure iptables as you currently have no web security02:23
karmstParsnip I wouldn't have anyone access the WAN until they have security turned on02:23
ActionParsnipchipotle: with respect to protecting ports etc02:23
ActionParsnipkarmst: +102:23
bsmith093how do i kill the oprocess that puts an icon on the gnome panel saying there was a problem checking for the updates02:23
karmstterminal window:02:24
chipotlehow do you make a separate, distinct root passwd instead of using sudo?02:24
karmstselect program that is causing issues02:24
karmstyou don't02:24
karmstchipotle you have to use sudo02:24
buddha_chipotle: sudo su to get to root. the passwd to change root password02:24
ActionParsnipbsmith093: sudo apt-get update    should do it, if there are any issues, pastebin the output please02:24
chipotleActionParsnip: are there any apps that make iptables firewall rules easy? i don't have time to configure iptables for him by scratch02:24
Polahchipotle: That shouldn't be done unless necessary. Not having a root password is more secure. Anything that is required to be run as root can be done through sudo on an account with appropriate privileges02:24
ActionParsnipbuddha_: please don't advise that02:24
karmstyou could edit the CALCs but it's just too much of a PIA to do02:24
buddha_surry bro02:25
karmstchipotle: sudo -i02:25
ActionParsnipbuddha_: its not necesary or advised.02:25
Polahbuddha_, chipotle: Shouldn't use sudo su. sudo <command> for individual commands, sudo -i to give an extended period root terminal02:25
buddha_if people want to do it that's their deal02:25
karmstthat will keep you in sudo without having to keep typing sudo in front of everything for the current terminal session02:25
ActionParsnipbuddha_: we follow the recommended methods and practises here02:25
SinghamHi..I want to convert a video in 320 x 420 resolution and in .asf format.Which converter is available ?02:25
buddha_ok sorry to hurt the newbie02:25
Polahchipotle: If there's a service listening on a port then that port should be automatically opened. iptables closes ports unless there's a service listening on them unless specifically told to keep them closed02:26
ActionParsnipSingham: handbrake, mencoder, ffmpeg02:26
chipmonkj #evince02:26
karmstwhat are you talking about Polah?02:26
karmstiptables is not automated02:26
karmstit just doesn't open a port until you specifically specify one02:27
muktikarmst: doesn't iptables block everything initially?02:27
Polahkarmst: Well no, not exactly, but ports are automatically closed unless there's a service listening on them02:27
karmstyes... it would be a real pain to have to disable 35000+ ports02:28
Singham<ActionParsnip> : Does it support 320 x 480 resolution conversion ?02:28
Osmodivs!dream studio02:28
OsmodivsI can't find their channle02:28
wifiwontworkI have had a couple of kernel panicks when sending / receiving packets02:28
chipotlePolah: i disagree. read this http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/openbsd/2005-03/2878.html02:29
ActionParsnipSingham: can't see why not02:29
Singham<ActionParsnip> : Thanks dude....  :)02:29
karmstHey thanks! there's some pretty niffty themes on gnome-look.org02:30
karmstNow stupid question time... Is there an easy way to create my own themes?02:30
bsmith093ActionParsnip: ok umm, how do i pastebin the output, i cant get it to save to a file02:31
Polahchipotle: Disagree with logging in as root? It's actually a very good security feature. Logging in as root allows that user to run anything they like and those applications to do anything they like to a system. Using sudo allows A) only authorised users to run certain commands as root and B) causes the user to think about what they're doing before actually running the command.02:31
vnhi, im on a livecd of natty, can we configure the compiz cube with that? where? I'm so lost, the interface is so different and im used to the CLI02:31
chipotlewhere does ubuntu have the default mount points for usb drives?02:31
mesheppardIn linux how do you check which drivers are installed / missing ? In windows im used to using device manager.02:32
SinghamActionParsnip : $ mencoder02:32
SinghamMEncoder 1.0rc4-4.4.5 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team02:32
SinghamNo file given02:32
SinghamExiting... (error parsing command line). Whats the prob ?02:32
buddha_chipotle: if they are automatically mounted then they are in /media02:32
FloodBot1Singham: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
urlin2uKardos, I know a person who downloaded a theme from there and had the setup wiped, pretty unusual but be careful02:32
karmstshould be mounted to your media directory chipotle02:32
Singham<FloodBot1> : ok02:32
chipotlegot it, thanks02:32
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PolahSingham: For multi-line text use pastebin or paste.ubuntu.com, rather than posting a bunch of lines in the actual channel02:33
ActionParsnipSingham: its a complex command, I suggest you find guides and examples online02:33
bwrightHow has ubunutu not fixed HL-2140 printers being recognised as HL-1270 printers which causes the wrong driver to be intsalled that totally roots anything you want to print.02:33
Singham<Polah> ,Actionparsnip : ok02:33
bwrightAnd then makes configuring it back incredibly frustrating.02:33
ActionParsnipbwright: brother make linux drivers you know02:34
bwrightThis has been a bug for like 3 years.02:34
bwrightI know02:34
karmstinstall the driver from source bwright02:34
ActionParsnipbwright: then grab the driver fro their site and install it...02:34
bwrightI know they do but ubuntu defaults to installing HL-2170.02:34
bwrightWhich is a "bug".02:34
karmstso then don't select the default02:34
bwrightInfact those drivers were made in 2008 for i386 only02:34
ActionParsnipbwright: i guess, have you reported it?02:34
bsmith093ActionParsnip: so how do i pastebint he apt-get process02:34
rabbitrunhow do I use my TV as a monitor. I have a DVI to VGA adapter, and my VGA to composite cable hooked into my TV. My graphics card should be able to support this.02:34
ActionParsnipbsmith093: copy the text and go to a pastebin site to make the paste02:35
bwrightand libc6-i386 in the currentu ubuntu somehow is not recognised by the package.02:35
bwrightActionParsnip: Several times. I think lots of people have.02:35
Polahbsmith093: Highlight and use Ctrl+Shift+C to copy it and then paste it as you would anything else, or use > <file> to output it to a file and you can copy/paste it from there02:35
bwrightbrhl2140lpr:i386 depends on libc6 (>= 2.3.4-1)02:35
CommodoreI am trying to get my Ubuntu computer to read some 5 1/4 floppies but it keeps saying no media detected.02:36
ActionParsnipbwright: is your OS 64bit?02:36
bwrightYes that was what I was saying.02:36
rabbitruni am using an ATI card02:36
bsmith093ActionParsnip: here http://pastebin.com/NVNS79WN02:37
ActionParsnipbwright: that sort of thing is one of the reasons 32bit is recommened02:37
symaxianhow can i manually mount an ext4 partition02:37
mesheppard In linux how do you check which drivers are installed / missing ? Thanks.02:37
ActionParsnipbsmith093: looks fine02:37
ActionParsnip!mount | symaxian02:37
ubottusymaxian: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount02:37
symaxianI get the wrong fs type, bad option/superblock error02:38
bsmith093ActionParsnip:  yeah i know, so then why do i get the little icon that says it found problems02:38
bwrightActionParsnip: Yes so I have to cripple my CPU to some kludgey 32 lowest common denominator instruction set to get my printer to work?02:38
Polahsymaxian: mount -t ext4 -o defaults /dev/sdX /media/<name>02:38
Polahsymaxian: Change sdX as appropriate and <name> to whatever you want to call the location02:38
jcook_5xdata? what is the package name of the pulse audio control panel in ubnutu. The one if you right click on the volume icon in the right hand corner02:39
CommodoreI am trying to get my Ubuntu computer to read some 5 1/4 floppies but it keeps saying no media detected.02:39
bwrightActionParsnip: This was not required in previous versions of ubuntu.02:39
symaxianfsck it?02:39
bwrightActionParsnip: I have had this work from 7.04 to - 9.1002:39
Polahjcook_5xdata, pavucontrol is perhaps what you're looking for02:40
jcook_5xdataPolah, col thanks i think that it02:40
bambanxfor what is used the opt folder?02:41
OsmodivsHey, I downloaded some distro, and I want to know if it as a way to found out wich architecture is this LiveCD in the terminal02:41
Polahbambanx: Nothing really. Some programs install their files there.02:42
PolahOsmodivs: What's the filename?02:42
bwrightThe common fix is supposed to be sudo dpkg -i --force-all --force-architecture02:42
OsmodivsPolah, Uh... well, its in a CDrom02:42
bwrightHowever now libc6 is not recognising the i386 variant.02:43
bambanxthanks bro02:43
CommodoreI am trying to get my Ubuntu computer to read some 5 1/4 floppies but it keeps saying no media detected.02:43
rypervencheOsmodivs: iname -a maybe02:43
OsmodivsPolah, /devsr0 I guess02:43
OsmodivsPolah, /dev/sr0 I guess02:43
PolahOsmodivs: You already burned it?02:43
rypervencheOsmodivs: I mean "uname -a" sorry02:44
OsmodivsPolah, yeah02:44
Polahosmodivs: Do you still have the ISO?02:44
OsmodivsPolah, Yes02:45
Osmodivsrypervenche, It says i686 i686 i38602:45
OsmodivsWith a Low latency kernel02:45
PolahOsmodivs: Ah, are you booted into the cd? uname would work in that case. i386 is 32 bit02:46
OsmodivsWhatever that means, LOW means no that good02:46
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PolahOsmodivs: Where did you get the distro from?02:47
Opiniebuddha_: I don't think I'll get the clonezilla to work. I've tried numerous times without success02:47
usr13Osmodivs: This may be off topic just a bit, but did you run checksum?02:47
OsmodivsPolah, dreamstudio02:47
buddha_Opinie: that sucks02:47
Opiniebuddha_: I'm pretty pleased just having ubuntu, even if it is on a usb stick02:47
Osmodivsusr13, Nah, it didn't have any MD5sum on its web page02:47
OsmodivsWell, it is  based in Ubuntu02:48
usr13Osmodivs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes02:48
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Opiniebuddha_ Jordan_U : but thanks for your help, much obliged02:49
mesheppardhow can i check in linux which drivers are installed and or missing ? thanks.02:49
Jordan_UOpinie: You're welcome.02:49
buddha_Opinie: sorry we haven't found a solution02:49
symaxianhow can I fsck an ext4 partition02:49
IdleOnemesheppard: if something is working possibly it needs drivers if everything is working then no drivers needed02:49
OsmodivsLinux dreamstudio 3.0.0-9-lowlatency #13ppa1~natty1~Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Tue Aug 2 3 11:57:46 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/LINUX02:49
Opiniebuddha_ : np02:50
usr13Osmodivs: I never burn a CD without verifying the integrity of the iso.02:50
Jordan_UOpinie: Don't give up quite yet (I'm reading the scrollback to see what the current problem is).02:50
OpinieJordan_U: ok02:50
mesheppardBut is there a way to check like in windows ?02:50
Osmodivsusr13, Since it is based on Ubuntu, is it ok to check the sum there? and if so, what version should i check?02:51
PolahOsmodivs: If it's different from the official Ubuntu ISOs then the md5sum will be different02:51
usr13Osmodivs: There is a particular hash for each particular iso02:51
OsmodivsWell, then I guess dreamstudio is a SUM orphan02:52
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OpinieJordan_U: I basically got stuck with the problem of not being able to boot clonezilla02:52
Jordan_UOpinie: That light is the optical audio portion of the audio port BTW. If you mute the optical audio channel the light will go away.02:53
symaxianSo e2fsck wont replace the bad superblock because it complains about a bad superblock....02:53
accelhow does ubuntu-netbook differ from ubuntu-desktop?02:53
OpinieJordan_U : ah, ok02:53
accelfor a macbook pro, what should I use?02:53
symaxianaccel: Theres an ISO customized for installation on newer macbook02:53
accelsymaxian: oh, what is is it called?02:54
accelwindow 402:54
=== the_troll is now known as notapuff
symaxianIts just ubuntu for macbook pros02:54
Jordan_Uaccel: There is no Ubuntu netbook remix any more. Both now use the "Unity" shell (which was previously only used on netbooks).02:54
symaxianaccel: If you look on the wiki there might be a guide for your specific model02:55
accelsymaxian , Jordan_U : is it 11.04, or is there something newer?02:56
ogd                                 02:56
ogd                              02:56
ogd                                 02:56
ogd                                 02:56
ogd                                02:56
FloodBot1ogd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:56
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bobdobbsIf a user installs postfix via apt-get, they get access to the gui-like configuration screens in a terminal, as pictured here: http://tinyurl.com/3yeqeu6 . How do I access that process if I've already installed postfix?02:56
bobdobbsI tried 'dpkg-reconfigure postfix', but the prompt just returned.02:57
Jordan_UOpinie: OK, to recap, what *have* you been able to boot in the macbook you're actually installing to?02:58
OpinieJordan_U: Ubuntu from USB02:58
Jordan_UOpinie: OK. What happened when you tried to run Ubuntu's installer and install to the internal HD?02:59
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OpinieJordan_U: no, I'm actually working with a working Ubuntu operating system that's on a USB stick. I don't have a USB with Ubuntu installer03:00
Jordan_UOpinie: OK, understood. Is the Ubuntu install using grub-efi or grub-pc? (if you haven't changed anything then it's using grub-pc).03:01
OpinieJordan_U: haven't changed anything, so the latter03:01
t4nk266wondering if someone can help - am new to Ubuntu - just installed 11.4 ... have created and authenticated to a few messaging accounts i.e. facebook/icq/hotmail... and I've also logged into IRC - everything is green, I'm all connected... but how do I join an irc channel !?03:02
Jordan_UOpinie: That's a good sign, it means that your mac can boot a BIOS based bootloader from USB. That makes things easier. Do you have an Ubuntu 11.04 liveCD iso on the USB drive?03:02
t4nk266I don't see a window where I can enter the join command03:02
Jordan_UOpinie: (as an actual file).03:03
OpinieJordan_U: live cd as an actual cd03:03
bastidrazort4nk266: you type it in this window. /join #channelname03:03
Jordan_UOpinie: Make an iso image from it and put that image on the USB drive (again, as a normal .iso file, no unetbootin type stuff).03:04
t4nk266bastidrazor: I'm actually logged intot his channel via another computer!03:04
t4nk266I don't see a window within ubuntu within which I can type the join command03:04
bastidrazort4nk266: what irc client are you using?03:04
RussWt4nk266  Which chat client are you using?03:05
Polaht4nk266: If you're using Empathy there's an option somewhere to open a conversation with someone. If you open a conversation with chanserv or suchlike after connecting to a network you can then enter a join command in that chat03:05
OpinieJordan_U: I seem to have been misleading you (accidentally). I have ubuntu 10.10. But that doesn't matter though, does it?03:05
t4nk266i remember chanserv coming up, I authenticated my username..... but then I closed that window... I'm still connected to IRC.... How do I get that window back to enter commands back to the server?03:05
t4nk266I'm using empathy, haven't installed anything else...03:06
uofm49426if sudo modprobe start a module how do i stop one03:06
RussWt4nk266 This conversation is in an IRC channel, so I think it's working03:06
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t4nk266As I was saying earlier Russ, I'm using a different computer03:07
t4nk266to communicate with you here.03:07
Polaht4nk266: In one of the dropdown menus there'll be an option to start a conversation with someone, start one with chanserv, you can enter /join #channel in any open IRC window and it'll join that channel on the connected network03:07
PolahEach time you connect the ChanServ conversation open automatically as well, I believe.03:07
t4nk266ok I'll have a look.... :)03:07
ArcademanDoes anyone know if the ipod touch works well on Ubuntu and how can I get it to sync songs perhaps??03:07
RussWin the Contact list window for Empathy there is a "Rooms" menu item03:08
wifiwontworkCan anyone advise if there is a way to determine if a kernel is the cause to a usb wireless problem i'm haveing with an usb rtl8187 chipset?03:08
PolahArcademan: Banshee which comes by default with 11.04 has an iPod plugin to sync music.03:08
t4nk266ok i've found it .... I fired up Empathy Internet Messaging - and then I notice that the File menu for this application is on the top bar... even though the window for the app was in the middle of the screen03:09
t4nk266weird - but interesting.03:09
flodinehey guys can i update ubuntu 11.04 kernel?03:09
RussWIf you choose the IRC connector and the #Roomname you should be able to get in03:09
Polaht4nk266: If you're on Unity then it'll do that. GNOME and other desktop environments can display it in the window03:09
ArcademanPolah, banshee does show it there but then it disappears from the list :O03:10
t4nk266how do I know if I'm on unity?03:10
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t4nk266Polah: Last q - how do I know if I'm on Unity?03:12
Thelmariat4nk266: Are things working? If so, you're probably using gnome. :P -- Unity is the default for 11.04, so if you didn't select 'classic' at the login screen, you're probably using unity.03:12
t4nk266I think I'm using unity then! I remember Gnome from when I installed it on slackware years ago - and this looks different03:12
RussWThelmaria...UNLESS your hardware cannot support unity, in which case it reverts to "classic"03:13
ThelmariaRussW: Point taken.03:13
t4nk266Polah, RussW, BastidRazor, Thelmaria    ... thanks for your assistance.03:14
Polaht4nk266: Unity is default on 11.04. At the login screen if you change the dropdown menu where it says "Ubuntu" to "Ubuntu Classic" then you'll them GNOME03:14
Jordan_UOpinie: No. I would recommend installing 11.04 though.03:14
t4nk266Polah: thanks03:14
Jordan_UOpinie: Do you have an 11.04 iso or can you download one quickly?03:15
wifiwontworkaccess to everyday programs on unity is wack03:15
OpinieJordan_U: ok, I'm downloading it now03:15
wifiwontworkway too much work tweaking03:15
bambanxhow i can install all content of the folder to other folder? with mv ?03:15
OpinieJordan_U: downloading will take while and no, I don't have an iso handy03:15
t4nk266long shot but anyone here a) used Ubuntu b) with Dynamips c)  when studying for their CCNP route?03:16
Jordan_UOpinie: I'll be here for a few more hours. Basically what we're going to do is add a menu entry in your grub menu for booting from that iso as described here: http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/Loopback.cfg#How_do_you_use_a_loopback.cfg_to_boot_an_iso.3F03:16
OpinieJordan_U: but you need not feel obliged to stay there waiting for my download etc. to finish. if you don't mind, you could just tell me what you think I should do03:17
OpinieJordan_U: ok03:17
OpinieJordan_U: thanks03:17
bambanxguys how can i move all content of one folder to other ?03:18
wifiwontworkany one have experience with kernel 3.0.0-7??03:18
nac-godfathercp -r <folder>/* <folder>03:19
sumikanbambanx: you can use "place" from ubuntu mark.03:19
nac-godfatheror cp -a03:19
Polahnac-godfather, bambanx: That copies, it doesn't move it03:19
Jordan_UOpinie: Basically, add the menu entry as described, reboot holding shift (to display the grub menu since it's hidden by default) select the new entry and it will boot the Ubuntu Live environment where you can run the installer normally.03:19
bambanxusing mv03:20
flodinewifiwontwork why stop there03:20
nac-godfatherrm -rf *03:20
sumikanmv is a command but "place" from ubuntu mark is with user interface. so It's useful and easy03:20
flodinewifiwontwork go to 3.0.103:20
Polahnac-godfather, don't tell people to do that.03:21
Dice-Manit's a bad joke03:21
flodinewifiwontwork or 3.1-rc03:21
Dice-Mani was about doing it03:21
hetecroI need help03:23
hetecroAnyone know anything about triple booting on a mac pro?03:24
edwinkcwAfter I ssh into remote machine with X11 forwarding option, I quit the ssh but it hangs. However, if I ssh without -X option, I can quit the ssh normally. What is the problem? and how can I investigate it?03:24
e\ectrois there anyway I can grab the $PS1 contents off a remote server and save the value to a variable?03:25
e\ectroI want to do a $active =~ m/Active//;03:25
delinquentmeok so im having some wireless issues with my new laptop .. im 95% sure its Atheros wireless hardware ... i just followed this walkthrough :  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1461695  << and now the wireless is in a worse spot...  I have fewer options on the wireless drop down .. and the WICD has no options to allow to add new networks03:26
JoeR1Does anyone know of a software method to lock my cores at 2.8? They run at 2.4 and then kick up to 2.8 under heavy load and I would like them to stay at 2.8 all the time.03:28
bastidrazorJoeR1: cpufrequtils is the command line way or there should be an applet for the panel that lets you make changes03:29
JoeR1bastidrazor, Thank you, I shall look into them03:29
hetecroIs there anyone here who isn't here to ASK questions?03:29
Jordan_U!anyone | hetecro03:29
ubottuhetecro: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:30
JoeR1hetecro, I suspect bastidrazor is here to answer them03:30
hetecroI have a mac pro running Ubuntu, Lion, and Windows 703:32
hetecroThere are 5 partitions03:33
hetecroIn order, 1.bootcamp, 2.hfs+, 3.ext3, 4. Ntfs, 5. Fat3203:33
hetecroI want to know if I can share files (or te entire user folder) between the three without using fat32 and it's poor performance/limits03:34
theadminhetecro: If Mac is capable of reading NTFS, yeah03:35
SquidSHey, how do I install a broadcom driver without connecting the Linux computer to the internet, I can't get my wireless card to work on this netbook, but it's ethernet port is broken >_>03:35
theadminhetecro: Ubuntu can read both HFS+ and NTFS03:35
SquidSIs there a way to find the drivers and just transfer them over and install?03:35
lion42... usb stick and google?03:35
theadminhetecro: And it's also capable of writing to NTFS, idk about hfs+ though03:35
theadmin!google | lion4203:36
ubottulion42: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.03:36
hetecroCurrently, if I want to use a file from one os on another, I have to copy to fat32 partition, boot into desired os03:36
hetecroYes, but can you change the directory of the user folder to the ntfs partition, so that documents automatically are placed in those folders03:36
SquidSI've tried googling it lion, no results.03:37
IdleOne!broadcom | SquidS03:37
ubottuSquidS: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:37
SquidSI have no idea WHAT card it is.03:37
SquidSThat, might help.03:37
theadminhetecro: No, because of UNIX permissions -- /home/* MUST be a UNIX-compatible filesystem03:37
hetecroAlso, osx can read ext3, and ntfs, but not write03:37
hetecroAnd windows an only use ntfs03:37
Jordan_Uhetecro: OSX can write to ntfs with ntfs-3g.03:38
sumikanI'm Japanese. In ISO-2022-JP, Can I  use "half-size katakana" on Pidin's IRC, do anyone know ?03:38
theadminhetecro: There are ext3 drivers for Windows out there I beleive03:38
hetecroIf there was a reliable way to read and write to one file system from all oses, I would use it03:38
theadminsumikan: You might find better help in #ubuntu-jp I think03:38
stealz_I am trying to store my password for conkyEmail in a keyring, but I dont know how to do that actually (Ubuntu, with conkykeyring isntalled) and google wasnt really helpful03:38
sumikan theadmin: thank you very much03:38
BILLYKANE sumikan,I am a chinese and use wqf font  on Pidin's IRC03:39
hetecroNtfs-3G has issues though, and you cannot move the user directory to it.03:39
hetecroDoes ubuntu run on hfs+?03:39
sumikanBILLYKANE:heh! so great! thanx :)03:39
theadminhetecro: Again, UNIX file permissions. No.03:39
Jordan_Uhetecro: The only downside to ntfs for Ubuntu and OSX is that if you ever have a power outage or otherwise don't cleanly unmount the partition you will need to run chkdsk from Windows as neither OSX nor Ubuntu can fix ntfs.03:39
propmanhetecro:  this came through on one of my rss feeds (haven't used it yet so can't comment)  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/08/access-ext4-ext3-or-ext2-partitions-in.html03:39
Jordan_Uhetecro: No, Ubuntu uses ext4.03:40
anastasiswhats the deal with channels that have 550 members but their is noone in the rooms. Are all these people logged in but no one is looking at their irc window?03:40
theadminhetecro: You can install on ext2-4, maybe some other unix-compatible filesystem03:40
hetecroHm, it installed for me on ext303:40
theadminanastasis: Some just log in to read the messages when they come back03:40
xanguaanastasis: normally that is how it is03:40
Jordan_Uhetecro: You can make your Documents directory a symlink to a directory on your ntfs partition without issue. You won't have unix permissions for that directory, but you don't really need them in most cases (for Documents).03:41
JoeR1anastasis, Yes that happens a lot but you don't want to talk about that in here or the ops will get on you.03:41
hetecroHfs+ is unix compatible, I thought. OSx is built on the Debian framework03:41
Jordan_Uhetecro: No, OSX is not built on Debian.03:41
theadminhetecro: OSX is BSD-based03:41
Jordan_Uhetecro: Ubuntu can't write to journaled hfs+.03:42
hetecroIt is definitely built on a unix based structure from what I was fought03:42
anastasisanyone know where i can get help on phpmyadmin /mysql? Those channels are ghost towns.03:42
theadminanastasis: I may be able to help, depending on the question03:43
flodinewifiwontwork yes03:43
anastasisOk, stay with me...I will compose my question.. Thank you.03:43
wifiwontworkflodline do you know of anyways to determine if the kernel is causing problems with usb device?03:44
flodinewifiwontwork all you can do it try it bro and if it dont work fall back to old kernel.03:45
wifiwontworkflodline i think i did...says I installed new ndiswrapper and broadcom wireless...strange03:46
wifiwontworkno reboot required after installing a new kernel...crazy03:46
flodinewifiwontwork what ubuntu are you on?03:47
wifiwontwork dkms: running auto installation service for kernel 3.0.0-703:47
wifiwontworki think03:47
hetecroSo, what should I do chief? I really want to share a user folder for them, can it be an alias directory?03:48
Corruptcomquestion --  best b/w laser printer with drivers for full use features.03:48
rabbi1anastasis: #phpmyadmin, ##mysql03:48
theadminhetecro: Answer is you can't, just can't put your entire user directory on another filesystem. A part of the directory, sure03:48
ArcademanIs there a chance of getting a hold of Rhythebox devel group my ipod 1st gen works ok but the 2nd gen/3 gen does not :)03:48
ArcademanSame holds for banshee :)03:49
thetravI have created a public and private key for use with ssh.  When I created them I used a passphrase, however I now wish to use them via some software that cannot support passphrases.  I've already put them in heaps of places.  Is there a way to remove the passphrase (I know what it is) or do I have to create a new pub/private pair?03:49
wifiwontworkI had a rtl8187 usb wireless card I was trying to hook up, I was able to send / receive packets but wasnt able to browse with firefox or any other browser, no IRC or anything....03:49
hetecroWell, I dont want to share application folders or framework folders, that would confuse the hell out of osx03:49
bastidrazorCorruptcom: HP LaserJet P1102w :: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147967003:49
Jordan_Uhetecro: You cannot share your entire home directory between OSX Ubuntu and Windows. You can share directories for your Documents, Pictures, etc.03:49
hetecroJust pics, music, videos, downloads. . .03:49
hetecroYes, that's what I want03:50
wifiwontworkanyway thanks for the help flodline...03:50
theadminhetecro: Just make them links, then03:50
hetecroBut make it default03:50
theadminhetecro: Create a link called "Documents" pointing to some documents folder on a FAT32 drive, and such03:50
talntid2thetrav, you have to re-make them.03:51
hetecroYes, but Fat32 does not work for me, I have plenty of files over 2gb03:51
theadminhetecro: Then NTFS, or whatever.03:51
hetecroHm. . . Perplexing03:51
talntid2yeah, I found that out a while back :(03:51
theadminhetecro: Those documents, pictures, etc folders are unimportant -- you can even delete them03:51
make7upursWhen I try boot off of ubuntu live usb I end up with a flashing cursor. Using partition inspector it says my MBR code is grub. I previously installed ubuntu succesfully with refit however now I'm unable to even boot into a livecd or liveusb to clear the MBR data.03:51
anastasisI have been given a login to a phpmyadmin at mysql.websitesettings.com, when I login I see that I am able to administer a database. Basically the person who gave me this is looking for someone to reconstitute the site that this DB used to administer. I see that I can import/export the DB but it seems this DB is only half the story, arent their other files I would need to reconstitute the site?... In this site I am looking at a DB host03:51
anastasised on some server and I assume the web site host server is on some other server and somehow pointed at the DB. I need to 1>DOwnload the DB and files associated so that I have a complete archive of the site.  Do I need access to the web server portion of this equation to do that or is the DB enough somehow. THanks and rabbi1 for the channels. sorry so long.03:51
talntid2a created a bash script to go through and change them... heh03:51
flodinewifiwontwork i didnt do anything about to install 3.0 myself03:52
Jordan_Uhetecro: Use ntfs.03:52
hetecroBut when you use certain programs, they (by default) point to your *registered* directories for docs03:52
hetecroIs there any way to use the console to change the default location?03:53
theadminhetecro: Yeah, well, it's just in their settings. If those folders are links, they'll point to the link location03:53
hetecroAh! I see03:53
make7upursHow can I completely clear my EFI along with any hybrid MBR on my macbook pro. I want to reinstall ubuntu but Im not even able to access the live cd or even access grub...any suggestions?03:53
hetecroIs ntfs support in Ubuntu stable enough to read and write at the same speed of ext?03:53
make7upursI've erased all partitions involved with ubuntu03:54
wifiwontworkflodline lol...you helped me walk myself through the problem03:54
theadminhetecro: No, sadly, NTFS write speed in Linux is currently horrible03:54
hetecroThat's why I dont like fat3203:54
wifiwontworkflodline what are you upgrading from?03:55
flodinewifiwontwork think im going to be happy with what i have no problems with regular kernel.03:55
hetecroWhat about exfat? Windows 7 can be installed on it, how is the support03:55
Jordan_Umake7upurs: Are you using the +mac liveCD image?\03:55
Jordan_Uhetecro: Not good yet.03:55
wifiwontworkflodline what kernel are you using now?03:56
hetecroIf only someone had the technical knowledge to program Windows on top of a Unix file structure like everybody else03:56
flodinewifiwontwork i had to do what your doing on version 9.10,had all kinds of problems03:56
theadminhetecro: An implementation is available here: https://launchpad.net/~relan/+archive/exfat -- note that it's currently BETA, however03:56
ActionParsniphetecro: fat32 max file size is around 4Gb,  stopping the holding of DVD ISOs which are 4.7Gb03:56
pedahzurI've googled, and found random things, but nothing definitive. Is there a definitive guide for removing PulseAudio in (K)Ubuntu 11.04?03:56
hetecroI am a multimedia professional, I use all three OSes for audio/video creation03:57
flodinewifiwontwork 2.6.38-11-generic03:57
Corruptcomthanks bastidrazor i will check it out i have an office depot across town.03:58
hetecroA 20 minute clip of 4k footage takes up several GB03:58
theadminpedahzur: In Ubuntu, you can't -- GNOME requires Pulse to work03:58
GhostFreemanis this 4k footage in REDCODE?03:58
hetecroYes it is.03:58
make7upurs@Jordan_U no I used i8603:58
hetecro.r3d files03:58
theadminpedahzur: As for Kubuntu, apt-get remove pulseaudio should just do it03:59
ActionParsniphetecro: the file extensiopn means nearlynothing in Linux, the data is looked at to determina what it is, not the extension.03:59
zykotick9theadmin, "GNOME requires Pulse to work" isn't correct - ALSA works just fine for Gnome in other distros03:59
hetecroI have a short film Im currently working with that is ~55GB in size03:59
theadminzykotick9: Oh, right, that's a GNOME3 thing. Sorry.03:59
theadminzykotick9: My mistake03:59
ActionParsniphetecro: so saying ".r3d files" doesn't hold much weight03:59
ActionParsniptheadmin: lubuntu doesn't use pulse ;)03:59
theadminActionParsnip: lol nice04:00
silverarrowwhat then ?04:00
hetecroWell, nonetheless, I use all three systems, but doing what I do for a living makes communication between them incredibly slow04:00
pedahzurtheadmin: What is the best thing to install in its place?  ALSA? OSS4?04:00
sublim21by chance, anyone familiar with a usenet program for ubuntu that will not only parse nzbs, but also autopar and unzip?  i've been googling and came across pan ->http://pan.rebelbase.com/faq/#General1 reading the faqs now thought04:00
sublim21suggestions are appreciated.04:00
theadminpedahzur: Wouldn't suggest to use OSS, but ALSA is good04:00
make7upursJordan_U: I used the 32bit i386 version04:01
ActionParsnippedahzur: alsa is tried and tested04:01
make7upursJordan_U: I was able to boot into ubuntu succesfully previously04:01
zykotick9pedahzur, PulseAudio actually requires ALSA to work - these are NOT alternatives to one another.  Removing Pulse from Ubuntu is "probably" a bad idea, in my opinion.04:01
Jordan_Umake7upurs: Try this http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/releases/11.04/release/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64%2bmac.iso04:01
hetecroWhat about a network drive? Network drives dont give 2 poops about filesystem04:01
hetecroRunning on GB Ethernet here, would that be faster?04:02
ActionParsniphetecro: true, the kernel and the sharing service handle it all04:02
hetecroWould that be faster than using a shared filesystem like Fat?04:02
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ActionParsniphetecro: doubt the file access time would be faster over lan with fat rather than something decent04:03
pedahzurtheadmin: zykotick9: I understand that it's "probably" a bad idea, but when you can't get your USB headset to work despite EVERYTHING you've tried, you get desperate. It's really frustrating when the device shows up in the PulseAudio device list, but it won't make it available as a recording device.04:03
make7upursJordan_U: thanks04:03
hylianin irssi, how can i set my nick to something other than my account's name... how can i set my nick and password permanently for freenode.org?04:03
wifiwontworkok now i've even installed a new kernel cannot get rtl8187 usb wireless working...I have to be complicating this more than it is any help?04:04
Jordan_Umake7upurs: You're welcome.04:04
hetecroI mean, if the network drive is formatted as ext4 or ntfs04:04
theadminhylian: /network add freenode -autosendcmd "/nick yournick ; /msg nickserv identify password"04:04
hetecroWould it be faster than having a partition of ntfs or fat04:04
theadminhylian: And then: /server add -network freenode irc.freenode.net04:04
hyliantheadmin: thank you, i'll try that now...04:04
flodinewifiwontwork why are you trying to update the kernel bro?04:05
ActionParsnipheckman: if its local then it will be a lot faster04:06
ActionParsniphetecro: ^04:06
theadminhylian: You can also use /msg nickserv identify NICKNAME PASSWORD to use a nickname different from the account name04:06
hetecroHm. . . Perplexing04:07
hyliantheadmin: good advice, I am going to try this now, brb, thanks again04:07
wifiwontworkflodline I was getting kernel panics when using my rtl8187, fairly heavily. Although I was never able to connect to the net, i was at one point able to ping out but now can't even ping04:07
hetecroOk. New question04:07
ActionParsniphetecro: storing on a lan storage is handy if you use multiple OSes though, also makes backups easier as there is only one copy04:08
Lesterwoodguys, for linux desktop, what runlevel does the system usually start on04:08
theadminLesterwood: 504:08
Lesterwoodfull multiuser?04:08
theadminLesterwood: Ubuntu doesn't have runlevels04:08
theadminLesterwood: But in normal Linux systems, X = 504:08
Lesterwoodwhy not?04:08
theadmin!upstart | Lesterwood04:09
ubottuLesterwood: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:09
flodinewifiwontwork ok well one of those newer kernel will work bro04:09
zykotick9!runlevels | Lesterwood04:09
ubottuLesterwood: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.04:09
hetecroIn my apartment, I am stuck with wifi, I have my mac pro set up in all three oses to serve the internet connection a wireless N router04:09
ActionParsniphetecro: I thought you said you had Gb ethernet?04:10
hetecroIt goes in the wifi and out the Ethernet port to the rest of the computers in the house04:10
pedahzurtheadmin, zykotick9: Sorry if you messaged me...my client disconnected.04:10
hyliantheadmin: still had to manually set the nick, and msg the nickserv my pass, but i was able to connect to freenode without typing the whole address... :)04:10
ActionParsnip05:02 < hetecro> Running on GB Ethernet here, would that be faster?04:10
pedahzurtheadmin: zykotick9: I understand that it's "probably" a bad idea, but when you can't get your USB headset to work despite EVERYTHING you've tried, you get desperate. It's really frustrating when the device shows up in the PulseAudio device list, but it won't make it available as a recording device.04:10
hetecroI do, using the router04:10
wifiwontworkflodline I hope so...this install hasnt04:10
theadminhylian: You did the /server add thing, right?04:10
ActionParsniphetecro: so if you are stuck with wifi, that's not ethernet... I'm confused04:10
hetecroThe computer acts as an internet bridge o the router with both wifi and GB Ethernet04:11
hyliantheadmin: i can try again. i did do it... maybe i flubbed it.04:11
xFxshell free please04:11
theadminxFx: You want a shell account? Try Anapnea04:12
ActionParsniphetecro: i see04:12
wifiwontworkflodline which kernel are you installing?04:12
hetecroUnfortunately, since the computer must be connected to the receiving port of the router, it cannot be networked with the computers on the other side04:12
hyliantheadmin: i also like sdf.lonestar.org, good people over there, running fairly old but reliable unix servers.04:12
flodinewifiwontwork im not im going to be happy all is working on both laptop.are you on a dell?04:13
theadminhylian: Well, Anapnea has a friendly community, and a TON of development tools... Besides, the only shell provider I found that has Finch04:13
hetecroThe computer has two Ethernet ports on the back, but if I connect one to the RX and the other to on if the four TX, a technical paradox occurs and the internet bridge no longer works04:13
hyliantheadmin: hmm, good to know.04:14
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ryoohkiis there a seperate ubuntu sysadmin channel?  ubuntu-server?04:14
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest22556
wifiwontworkflodline I'm on an HP. everything works fine out of the box, but i think the rtl8187 chipset might be way buggy...04:14
Chris_0076hmm, I will ask again because I still have not gotten a response, I have a problem with Compiz, when I move a window on the screen and watch system monitor compiz jumps up to 100% cpu usage =/04:15
hetecroIs there a way to stop this paradox and have the computer both serve the internet from the wifi to the router and also connect to the network of the router?04:15
flodinewifiwontwork im on a hp 8510w04:16
nitetriphetecro, try different subnets?04:16
wifiwontworkenvy here. 3.1 here I come04:16
pedahzurtheadmin, zykotick9: Yay!  For some reason, my USB headset is now working...I wonder if there has been an update since the last time I tried it.04:17
flodinewifiwontwork lol04:17
hetecroIf I do that, the computers on my personal network no longer receive internet from th router04:17
nitetripyou have to have them all on the same subnet04:17
wifiwontworkI hope this works i'm sick of hearing myself b1tch about my wifi04:17
hetecroIt's working like a wireless bridge04:17
flodinewifiwontwork why not go for it bro04:17
flodinewifiwontwork your on a hp what?04:18
robin0800hetecro, think if you have two nic cards you can do it04:18
hetecroNo, the two Ethernet ports are on the same card04:18
hetecroOr, to be more specific, they are both on the mobocracy04:18
xFxtheadmin I want an ssh account, do you have?04:19
theadminxFx: Join #anapnea, they can give you one04:19
robin0800hetecro, thats what I mean you need two cards04:19
hyliantheadmin: i went over it this time, and it works. for freenode, you have to add a wait command... (nickserv is a little slower than irssi expects.) thanks again! :)04:19
theadminhylian: Ah, makes sense04:19
hetecroWhy cant technology just work the way it does in my head?04:20
theadminhetecro: If you'd try installing Linux on your brain you'd have much more trouble :P04:20
ActionParsniphetecro: network logic isn't what you think. Connecting 2 NICs to the same subnet causes all sorts of badness04:20
robin0800hetecro, perhaps your heads not right04:20
flodinewifiwontwork later bro04:21
wifiwontworkflodline hp envy 17 210004:21
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wifiwontworklater bro04:21
hetecroMaybe not, but it should be able to send the internet from the wifi to the router, then receive into the other Ethernet port from the router04:21
G0RDoes anyone remember the gnome applet to copy/paste currency symbols?  I've been trying to find it but can't seem to anywhere, would love to get it back04:21
Opiniehetecro: please clarify04:22
Opiniehetecro: I think I've that set up working right now04:22
hetecroThe internet comes into my computer via wifi04:22
hetecroThe computer has two Ethernet ports04:23
hetecroI have a router connected to one Ethernet port receiving the internet04:23
Opiniethe wifi router?04:23
hetecroThen I have all of my other computers connected to said router04:23
hetecroIt is a wifi router.04:24
bakerim having ishues with (ati catalist control center) not saving settings. Vertical refresh always on to stop tearing04:24
Opinieand that is the source of the internet?04:24
hetecroBut not the same one the computer is receiving the internet from04:24
qinG0R: character palette?04:25
Opinieso router A receives the internet and is connected to the wifi router (router B), which then shares the internet via wifi to other computers?04:25
bakeranyone else here know how to fix that?04:25
hetecroMy apartment complex uses a wireless signal, but networking is not allowed. So in order to both receive internet AND network, I had to re-distribute the internet04:26
hetecroMake sense?04:26
Opinieah right04:26
Opiniemakes sense04:26
Opinieyou ought to be able to do that04:26
magn3tsDoes rhythmbox ever quit for y'all or are you forced to force Quit it every, single time as well?04:26
nitetripand the answer is to change the subnet of your personal network04:26
Opinieunless the apartment complex has some sorts of measures to prevent that kind of thing happening, but I wouldn't know about them04:27
hetecroSo wifi A goes into computer A, then computer A shares internet from wifi A to wifi B04:27
wifiwontworkDoes this make sense to anyone, able to do radio network analysis but cannot connect to the net (ie cannot ping) through a wireless usb card?04:27
bambanxguys how can i know the path of a file on terminal?04:27
ActionParsnipmagn3ts: not one I use dude, are there any bugs reported04:27
hetecroComputers b through X receive internet from wifi B04:27
G0Rqin:  Don't think so.  It just had the main four currency symbols on the panel04:27
ActionParsnipbambanx: of a command, you mean?04:27
hetecroHowever, computer A cannot communicate with computers b-x04:28
Opiniehetecro: with a mac that would be easy to accomplish, but I really don't know how to do it in ubuntu04:28
bambanxi need to know a path of a file in command line04:28
bakerati catalyst center saving setting but when loging in and out it shows its saved04:28
ActionParsnipbambanx: which command    e.g.    which gedit04:28
bakerbut not really04:28
icerootwhat is the package-name of the usb-start-disc-creator from gnome?04:28
bakeris it a bug or something anyone here have a fix04:28
bakerits a v-sync ishue04:29
bambanxthanks actionparsnip04:29
ActionParsnipbambanx: say what you mean in future, makes things quicker ;)04:29
hetecroWhen plugging router B into computer A's second Ethernet port, a technical paradox occurs and Computer A no longer sends the internet signal to wifi B04:29
hetecroAnd the router/wifi no longer works for computer's B-X04:29
nitetriphetecro, the paradox is that you are using the same subnet for both networks, so they can't tell each other apart04:29
bakeryo actionparsnip04:29
ActionParsnipbaker: sup04:30
hetecroHow would I change the subnet and still receive internet connection on the router AND network all the computers04:30
bakerwell i have rebuit a new system and finding out it was a bad cap causing my ishues not to boot04:30
UoUeAahow can i get a built-in card reader to work on ubuntu 10.04?04:30
hetecroWhen the subnet is changed, the internet stops working04:30
bakerim on ati radeon04:30
bakergetting a tearing effect04:31
nitetripchange the subnet on the other interface04:31
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: run:  lsusb   one line will identify the device04:31
bambanxActionParsnip : which dont show me nothing :(04:31
bakerin ati control center its not saving my setting for vertical refresh?04:31
hetecroSo. Computer A is on two subnets, one for receiving and distributing the internet and one for networking?04:31
UoUeAaActionParsnip: tarminal or root tarminal?04:32
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: normal terminal, or I would have said:  sudo lsusb     no need to EVER use a root terminal04:32
nitetriphetecro, and all your other computers have to be on this "networking" subnet04:33
bakeractionparnsnip do you know a fix man?04:33
ActionParsnipbambanx: then you either typed the command wrong or it doesn't exist04:33
ActionParsnipbaker: to what?04:33
hetecroImma make a diagram, and maybe you can help me to visualize it04:34
bakerdo you have ati04:34
bambanxjust dont show me nothing04:34
ActionParsnipbaker: no, and never will04:34
ActionParsnipbambanx: try:  which gedit     the command exists and it shows you the actual binary ran04:35
bakermy opinion its better than nvidia on ubuntu04:35
UoUeAaActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677693/04:35
bakerof the bat i could use the effects without installing the video driver04:36
bakerpretty nice if you ask me04:36
bakerjust installed the ati driver04:36
bakerto fix my tearing problem04:36
UoUeAaActionParsnip: i already have a 2-gig card in it right now04:36
bakerment off the bat typo04:37
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see the 2Gb partition04:37
UoUeAaActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677694/04:37
bakerno 1000gb04:38
ActionParsnipbaker: i use nvidia, they have supported Linux for ages, so they get my money04:38
Jordan_Ujoin #ubuntu-offtopic04:38
bakerwounder why i could turn the effect without insalling a driver for the video graphics04:38
UoUeAaActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677695/04:39
ActionParsnipbaker: the open driver gives the features it needs04:39
bakeranyone here use ati and have catalyst installed?04:39
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: if you run:  lspci   is the reader shown there?04:39
bakerbut not on nvidia?04:40
attjbaker, I have ati and catalyst installed04:40
ActionParsnipbaker: my system under kde gets ok effects under kde04:40
bakerattj do you get a tearing type effect when moving your wobley window04:41
attjin 11.04?04:41
gaelfxbaker: probably related to the status of the free drivers04:41
bakerna on 10.1004:41
attjbaker, ok, but no i get that kind of effect04:42
bakergaelfx i figgured the ishue out in more settings04:42
bakerits a vertica refresh problem04:42
kennethadammilleanyone use vmware fusion?04:42
WebETGUser401hey guys04:43
WebETGUser401i just installed04:43
nitetripanyone know what driver i need to use for this ethernet card? "Ethernet controller: O2 Micro, Inc. Device 0985 (rev 11)"04:43
kennethadammilleI know that I'm off topic, I'm asking to be pointed in the right direction04:43
bakerattj go to catalyst control center and look for more setting under 3d then houver your mouse ouver performance04:43
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: ok it's a Texas Instruments PCI1620    use that to find guides04:43
bakerit will tell about it and how to fix it04:43
attjbaker, sorry but i'm at work now :(04:44
gaelfxkennethadammille: I know this is not what you want, but have you considered virtualbox?04:44
attjdifferent computer04:44
kolixhi guys04:44
bakersettings must be (Always on) Quility04:44
bakerworks but when loging off or rebooting it dosnt stay nice and smooth04:44
UoUeAaActionParsnip: how friend04:44
bakerodd might be a bug in 10.1004:45
kolixI just installed Ubuntu Server....but forgot to install the recoomended packages04:45
kolixhow do i reinstall these packages from the terminal?04:45
bakertry it when you get the chance04:45
kolixdoes Ubuntu Server come with a GUI?04:45
Jordan_Unitetrip: Ethernet cards are almost always supported out of the box. Do you see an ethernet interface in "ifconfig"?04:45
gaelfxkolix: no04:45
gaelfxkolix: you can install one if you want to though04:45
nitetripJordan_U, not for this card unfortunately. I have 2 nics installed but only an eth004:46
kolixgaelfx: I forgot to install LAMP, openSSH, and Tomcat from the options menu04:46
bakeractionparnsnip are you using the latest ubuntu?04:46
Jordan_Ukolix: sudo tasksel04:46
kolixhow can i install these from terminal?04:46
kolixok I'll try that04:46
kolixone more quick question04:46
gaelfxkolix: you can use Taskel to install LAMP, apt-get to install OpenSSH and I don't know about tomcat04:46
kolixmy terminal cuts off at the bottom, how do i scroll down?04:47
gaelfx*tasksel haha04:47
bakerwhy not use file zilla for oppen ssh04:47
ActionParsnipbaker: I'm using oneiric throughout04:47
theadminkolix: You can normally scroll with pageup/pagedown keys if scroll lock is on04:47
need_susehey guys, I need help. I have ubuntu 11.04 on my computer and I would like to switch to OpenSUSE KDE. How do I create a live usb running opensuse on ubuntu?04:47
gaelfxkolix: there's a handy guide about installing LAMP on the ubuntu help documentation04:47
ActionParsnipbaker: use TAB to autocomplete names04:47
theadminneed_suse: Unetbootin04:47
theadminneed_suse: But honestly that's more of a SUSE question04:47
need_suse@theadmin, doesn't work04:48
ActionParsniptheadmin: the OS installed currently is Ubuntu, just wants to use a Suse ISO with it04:48
theadminneed_suse: You can also simply: sudo dd if=somefile.iso of=/dev/sdz # sdz = your usb stick.04:48
bakerThat a OS Im a bit of a newb04:48
ActionParsnipneed_suse: could try usb-creator04:48
Polahkolix: sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server openssh-servers tomcat604:48
ActionParsnipneed_suse: can you expand on "doesn't work", it doesn'ty help a lot04:48
UoUeAaActionParsnip: how can i see the kernel im using?04:49
Jordan_Utheadmin: Are you sure SuSe supports being dd'd to a drive? Most isos don't.04:49
ActionParsnipbaker: yes it's the pre-release04:49
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: uname -a04:49
need_suseActionParship, it only works for ubuntu based OS04:49
theadminJordan_U: I know Fedora does... And I'm pretty certain SuSE did too, but I'm not 100% sure04:49
kolixare thoese what come with the default installation of ubuntu server 11.0404:49
bakeranother new ubuntu project?04:49
theadminJordan_U: Yep, it does04:49
theadminJordan_U: 11.04 does at least04:49
bakerwhat do you mean TAB not autfiling04:50
ActionParsnipneed_suse: could try th 1 2 3 app from pendrivelinux if you have a windows system around04:50
Jordan_Uneed_suse: Unetbootin supports OpenSuSe, Ubuntu's "USB Startup Disk Creator" does not (and is not Unetbootin).04:50
theadminJordan_U: Err, 11.404:50
ActionParsnipbaker: no, its the next release of ubuntu, do some websearching and you'll see exactly what it is04:50
Polahkolix: I know openssh-server is the default SSH server and a standard LAMP stack is Apache, MySQL and PHP5.04:50
need_suseJordan_U, Unetbooting only supports OpenSUSE 11.1!!04:50
bakerthats what i was talking about a new ubuntu lol04:51
kolixok guys, im kind anew to ubuntu04:51
bakerits a beta or a leak reslease04:51
Polahneed_suse: unetbootin allows you to select a pre-downloaded ISO as well04:51
gaelfxPolah: tasksel is a much easier way to install LAMP04:51
bakerthat you are using04:51
Polahgaelfx, tasksel?04:51
ActionParsnipbaker: its the alpha release, its not beta til 4th Sept, its not leaked at all04:51
UoUeAaActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677700/04:51
theadminneed_suse: You can do the dd thing I suggested04:52
need_susePolah, Unetbooting doesn't have the latest version of opensuse04:52
theadminneed_suse: It's sure to work04:52
bakerlol first release whatever man04:52
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: why do I need that?04:52
gaelfxkolix: Polah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP04:52
Polahneed_suse, it doesn't have the latest Ubuntu either. Download the ISO and select that from unetbootin04:52
UoUeAaActionParsnip: do you think the patch at the end of this might work, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=420721&page=704:52
ActionParsnipbaker: try researching, the web will answer your questions easily and free me up to help people with more technical questions04:52
Jordan_Uneed_suse: Using the disk image option might work, but that is more of a question for #suse.04:52
need_susePolah, I tryed that before.04:52
kolixguys i'm at command prompt again04:53
theadminneed_suse: Do the dd thing, seriously, it works fine according to their wiki04:53
kolixi can't get to user@hostname04:53
Polahkolix: What do you mean you can't get to it?04:53
UoUeAaActionParsnip: it's ubuntu_2.6.24-21_tifm_ms.patch.zip, and my kernel is http://paste.ubuntu.com/677700/04:53
need_susetheadmin, how do I do it? I'm not a pro at the terminal04:53
kolixthe last words in terminal are this04:53
bakerActionparsnip is natty more stable04:54
ActionParsnipbaker: massively, yes04:54
kolix"ubuntu comes with absolutely no warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law"04:54
theadminneed_suse: http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Live_USB_stick#Linux_Instructions_204:54
kolixi dont have access to user@hostname to type commands04:54
bakerwhat about plymouth ishues with res on boot and shutdown?04:54
Polahkolix: When you first log in? Perhaps give it a few moments to show up04:54
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: the kernel version is different so not sure. Have you tried Oneiric liveCD to test there?04:54
ActionParsnipbaker: depends on video chip and used driver04:54
UoUeAaActionParsnip: what is that?04:55
ActionParsnipbaker: I'm not very interested in plymouth, as long as I get my login screen, what happens before that is of no consequence to me04:55
Hot2Trotcan someone help me with the blasted 'find' command, i swear it just don't work on my computer04:55
theadminHot2Trot: Huh?04:55
PolahHot2Trot: What are you trying to find, apart from help?04:56
theadminHot2Trot: The syntax is simple, "find directory" is the basic idea04:56
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: its the next release of ubuntu, it has a different kernel which may make it work04:56
Hot2TrotI run simple 'find '*summer*'' in my hoome directory, and in my /home/me/downloads/ there is a xxxxxsummer.pdf04:56
Hot2Trotand it just hangs forever04:56
theadminHot2Trot: That's not the way you do it04:56
theadminHot2Trot: You want: find ~ -iname '*summer*'04:56
Hot2Trotoh sorry, i pu the -name flag though04:57
Hot2Trotis the currect directory not automatic?04:57
theadminHot2Trot: Nope04:57
theadminHot2Trot: You can use . for current directory04:57
Polahtheadmin: What's the ~ for in that find command?04:57
kolixok guys walek me through this again real quick04:57
ssargenntothis isnt a strictly ubuntu based question i guess. but does anybody know a good yahoo messenger alternative to gyache or pidgin? is there another?04:57
UoUeAaActionParsnip: i don't wanna change the LTS, thanks for your help friend.04:58
Hot2Trottheadmin: ok, other quick, what if I want to exclude symbolic links?04:58
bakerwell my mobo graphics card is not that bad i got hdmi,vga and dmi plugins. Not really a pc gamer04:58
kolixhow do install the defualt packages that come with Ubuntu Server 11.04 from terminal prompt?04:58
Polahtheadmin: Oh nevermind, directory04:58
kolixtaskel for LAMP04:58
ActionParsnipUoUeAa: i'd say it was worth it, just to test04:58
kolixi need lamp, ssh, tomcat04:58
ActionParsnipkolix: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-server     probably04:58
ActionParsnip!info ubuntu-server04:58
Polahkolix: sudo apt-get install tasksel tomcat6 openssh-server      , then run tasksel and select LAMP server.04:58
ubottuPackage ubuntu-server does not exist in natty04:58
kolixmy damn terminal is getting cut out again, is there a keyboard shortcut that takes me automatically to the end?05:00
theadminHot2Trot: Hm... find ~ -type f -type d -iname "*lol*"05:01
need_susekolix, ALT-F405:01
need_susedon't click05:01
gaelfxkolix: are you sure it's not a screen resolution issue?05:01
kevin_Does anyone use the Emerald theme manager in here?05:01
kolixloged me out05:01
Hot2Trottheadmin: thanks very much05:01
Polahkolix: Or you can install them all individually like I said earlier, sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server tomcat6 openssh-server libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-auth-mysql05:02
theadminHot2Trot: -type specifies filetypes to search for: f = file, d = directory, l = link05:02
kolixPolah, I'm not that advanced05:02
ActionParsnipkevin_: emerald is 3 years dead05:02
kolixI just forgot to select the packages when i had the option during installation05:02
kevin_well what do you use for a theme manager?05:02
kolixI don't have one05:03
ActionParsnipkevin_: openbox05:03
theadminkevin_: Compiz, mostly05:03
theadminkevin_: I use xf4wm here05:03
Polahkolix: Just run that command, it'll install them all and then you can configure as necessary. In fact, do this: sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server tomcat6 openssh-server libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-auth-mysql && sudo a2enmod php5 && sudo service apache2 restart05:03
kolixi want the terminal to scroll automatically05:03
kevin_ok... So then how do you apply the theme?05:03
kolixi have to figure out this terminal issue first ^.^05:03
gaelfxkolix: if you're going to be using server edition, using sudo apt-get install is the most basic thing you'll be doing on it05:03
theadminkolix: Make sure scroll lock is off05:03
raj-darkmysteryone quick-question.. what command will show me the output of all the commands ran by all users in last 5 days?05:04
ActionParsnipkevin_: apply what theme?05:04
bakerpain and the ask if you ask me why not stay simple?05:04
JouvaSo I've been pulling my hair out trying to boot from a USB flash drive on a first gen MacBookPro w/ the 11.04 install/live image. I have no external optical drive so I can't use that, and my internal one is broken so my only option to do this right now is use the flash drive. And the various instructions I've seen don't help me.05:05
kolixhey guys, when ever i press alt + f1, f2 etc... the tty number changes05:05
kolixwhat is this?05:05
ActionParsnipJouva: did you MD5 test the ISO you transferred?05:05
theadminkolix: The TTY number...05:05
kevin_Jouva get unetbootin05:05
kolixwhat does it mean?05:05
kevin_it will create a bootable flash drive installer for you05:05
theadminkolix: TTYs are consoles, from 1 to 7, accessible by Ctrl+Alt+F{1-7}05:05
Jouvakevin_: Wiki says it only makes one that's bootable for WINDOWS05:06
kevin_nope it will do both05:06
JouvaOh ok lemme check that out05:06
kolixok cool05:06
Polahkolix: You have several TTYs available for use by default. You can log on as different users on each one simultaneously.05:06
Jouvakolix: Think of them as like virtual desktops in text mode05:06
theadminkolix: If you want to run several terminal programs at the same time, consider getting "tmux" or "screen"05:06
ActionParsnipJouva: it will work with crappy macs05:06
bakerjouva try a youtube video05:06
bakeror something05:06
theadminkolix: Using TTYs for that normally makes no sense05:06
Polahtheadmin, kolix: I believe screen comes by default05:06
kolixdo i need to be root to apt-get?05:07
Polahkolix: Yes, use sudo05:07
gaelfxkolix: generally, yes05:07
kolixi didn set a root password05:07
JouvaYou don't05:07
gaelfxkolix: it's the password of the first account you made05:07
theadminPolah: Not sure about that, am not an Ubuntu user for a long time05:07
Polahkolix: prepend commands with sudo and enter your own, provided the account is an administartor05:07
ActionParsnipkolix: use sudo and when asked for a password, use your login password05:08
Polahtheadmin: I remember finding it on my old install and I didn't remember installing it. Maybe I did and forgot05:08
kolixok thanks guys05:08
Jouvakolix: sudo lets you run apps under your user as root, provided that user is permitted to use sudo, which the initial user you create is allowed to by default05:08
kolixthanks for your patience ^.^05:08
raj-darkmysteryguys anyone knows? what command will show me the output of all the commands ran by all users in last 5 days?05:08
Hot2Trotis there some standard flag or option to use to make something open without keeping the asosciated virtual terminal open as well?05:09
kolixcool thanks05:09
ActionParsnipHot2Trot: use ALT+F205:09
kolixhow do i figure out this reolution situation?05:09
ActionParsnipHot2Trot: the parent process needs to be running for it's children to keep running05:09
ActionParsnipraj-darkmystery: you can use the history command to see a list of executed commands, not sure about the age though05:10
gaelfxHot2Trot: I think you can use nohup to do that05:10
PolahHot2Trot: If you're multiple programs in a terminal, like someone said before you can get 'screen' which runs several virtual screens in a single terminal which you can move between and run various commands in. Of course, if you kill the entire terminal then they'll all die.05:10
dsnydersHi all!  Is there a way of selecting two windows and tiling them?05:10
Jouvakevin_: the unetbootin page says it will only boot on Windows even if you use the Mac version05:11
Hot2TrotPolah: I am familiar with screen, so you're saying I can open a screen, runt he command, detach from the screen, and I'll still see the gui going?05:11
ActionParsnipdsnyders: are you using compiz?05:11
Polahdsnyders: Compiz can automatically tile windows if you drag them to the left or right of your screen05:11
raj-darkmysteryActionParsnip, history will show me the commands from a single user only... how I can check the commands ran by all users in an system?05:11
kevin_Jouva are you trying to install ubuntu or run it live?05:11
bakeractionparsnip  program  to burn iso on ubuntu?05:11
dsnydersActionParsnip, maybe.  I'm not sure.05:11
JouvaInstall it05:11
ActionParsnip!burner | baker05:11
ubottubaker: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto05:11
PolahHot2Trot: Hmm, I don't know about a GUI continuing to show. The program should continue to run in the terminal. Perhaps try and find out?05:11
ActionParsnipdsnyders: do you use desktop effects?05:11
dsnydersActionParsnip, my windows are "rubbery when I move them"05:12
kevin_from OSX right?05:12
Hot2TrotPolah: just did, it does05:12
Hot2TrotPolah: curiouser and curiouser05:12
ActionParsnipdsnyders: good enough, drag a window to the side and it will snap like in Win7 etc05:12
JouvaI'm trying to install it and keep OSX05:12
PolahHot2Trot: Good to know (:05:12
gaelfxdsnyders: that's Desktop Effect :D05:12
bakerdsnyders your just getting started man or your somking some funking shiz05:13
dsnydersActionParsnip, So they'll snap but I'd still have to resize them manually?05:13
Polahdsnyders: They'll snap to half the width of your screen by default I believe05:14
Jouvakevin_: Yeah, I'm trying to install it and keep OSX, but a lot of things imply it's best to do it with a CD and not flash drive cause it's a pain, and I can see that05:14
bakerwhy not just double click top bar on window05:14
bakeropens to full like windows05:14
PolahJouva: Using a CD or USB gives you the same Live session and outcome. The only difference is the method used to start the Live session05:14
gaelfxJouva: maybe if you make a persistent Flash drive, but other than that, it should be essentially the same05:14
dsnydersbaker, I want two windows each half filling the screen.05:15
JouvaPolah: Have you successfully booted a MacBookPro from a Live version of Ubuntu via a USB flash drive?05:15
PolahJouva: I can't say I have05:15
kolixguys, my terminal is cutting off the last 4 lines, so i can see the current position in my terminal05:16
JouvaPolah: Yeah. It's a Mac. So it likes to do things its own way and get in the way with everything :P05:16
kolixhow can i fix this?05:16
bakeryou need compiz settings manager05:16
magnusI need help on one thing, I am reeding on a guid on ubuntu.com and i wonder when its says "<Directory /home/user/public_html/>" will "user" be my user name or shall i just write user?05:16
bakerand get extra plugins that are not supported05:16
dsnydersActually, I'm looking for a two paned file gui manager05:16
bakeras i can reamemer there was one like that windows 7 thing05:17
gaelfxJouva: there aren't any tools you can use to manipulate the boot order?05:17
sublim21can someone help a new guy  to ubuntu follow this guide?http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16974905:18
Jouvagaelfx: That's not the problem. The problem is getting it to both recognize the USB flash drive as a bootable device AND getting it to properly start the boot process05:18
gaelfxman, I'm glad I never bought another Mac after college05:19
kolixok fixed that problem05:19
kolixnow i just have a ">" at terminal, how do i get out of this?05:19
Jouvagaelfx: And it's all a matter of how the flash drive is setup. The Wiki claims the proper way is to basically change the .iso into an img/dmg file, and dd that file to the flash drive as raw data for the partition05:19
magnushello can I please get some help?05:19
asdjaputra!ask | magnus05:19
ubottumagnus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:19
magnusI tryed :P05:20
Jouvakolix: It sounds like you hit a ' or ` or some other opening quote/parenthesis/whatever. Try just hitting ctrl-c05:20
asdjaputramagnus what is it?05:20
dsnyders... maybe a gui version of Midnight Commander05:21
kolixlol that worked05:21
kolixok, now how do i get a GUI on ubuntu server05:21
asdjaputrakolix, why would you?05:22
Polahkolix: For a production server, not recommended. Eats resources that would be better spent for apache or such like05:22
magnusI'm reeding on a guide on ubuntu on the following link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP, it says "Change the DocumentRoot to point to the new location. For example, /home/user/public_html/" will the user be my username or shall i write user05:22
kolixi want to install this - http://sourceforge.net/projects/u-fingerprint/05:22
calmpitbullhello....how to change order of os in boot screen05:22
kolixplus i want to use the top commands to monitor bandwidth, i/o etc05:23
dsnydersmagnus, you'd write your own username.05:23
magnusok thanks05:23
calmpitbulland how to delete one of os in ubuntu05:23
sublim21how does install a tar.gz file?05:23
asdjaputrakolix, top works in terminal05:23
sublim21yes.  im reading about it online...05:23
asdjaputrasublim21, tar -zxvf <name>.tar.gz05:23
asdjaputrasublim21, ./configure; make; make install05:24
Polahsublim21, you don't. It's a type of archive, use tar -xvz to gunzip and untar it and then you'll be left with a directory of whatever was in the archive05:24
sublim21asdjaputra: i tried that but nothing happens05:24
sublim21wait, didn't try that05:24
kolixPolah, can you give me the commands to install LAMP again?05:24
Polahkolix: Just run that command, it'll install them all and then you can configure as necessary. In fact, do this: sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 mysql-server tomcat6 openssh-server libapache2-mod-php5 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-auth-mysql && sudo a2enmod php5 && sudo service apache2 restart05:24
PolahThe joys of the up arrow (:05:24
asdjaputrasudo tasksel05:24
sublim21asdjaputra: what do you mean by ./configure yadda yadda05:25
Polahor tasksel for everything apart from openssh-server and tomcat05:25
asdjaputrasublim21, install05:25
kolixTHANK YOU05:25
sublim21asdjaputra: so what voodoo magic do i type in the console to make it work?05:25
kolixnow, how do i "select" an option in tasksel05:25
asdjaputrasublim21, ./configure; make; make install05:25
asdjaputrathe joys of up arrow :)05:25
Polahkolix: run tasksel, arrow keys to move down the list, space to select and enter to confirm I imagine05:26
asdjaputrasublim21, wait you downloaded source right?05:26
gaelfxJouva: so boot camp can't install an alternate OS from a USB? that's kinda lame05:26
Jouvalemme check that out05:26
asdjaputrasublim21, yes just do that05:26
sublim21im really confused05:26
kolixPolah: thanks. Before i had the options of LAMP, TOMCAT, and OpenSSH, these options arnt currently shown, BUT manual package selection is...would these options be under that?05:27
asdjaputrafirst "tar -zxvf <name>.tar.gz"05:27
asdjaputrathen "./configure;make;make install"05:27
Polahkolix: hang on, I'll install tasksel and have a look05:27
asdjaputramake sure you cd-ed to that directory05:27
asdjaputraPolah, that's right05:27
asdjaputraspace to select and enter to install05:28
goingtomoonbrbforgot the sudo make install :)05:28
Polahasdjaputra, thought so, that's the normal keys for lists like that05:28
sublim21neither are working05:28
asdjaputrathere's a web server option in tasksel05:28
sublim21./configure; make; make install generates an error05:28
sublim21while sudo -zx... generates nothing05:28
kolixnot in mine05:28
dsnydersSo... I have to manually tile windows then?05:28
sublim21it just returns the command prompt05:28
ssargenntoanybody using a good yahoo messenger alternative beside gyache or pidgin?05:28
asdjaputrakolix, web server and Sql server05:28
i-sharifIn have facing problem to calibrate  my touch screen05:28
gaelfxJouva: or amybe you could try mounting the Ubuntu ISO and installing with boot camp from that?05:29
kolixdns, mail, samba05:29
asdjaputrasublim21, paste the output to pastebin05:29
Polahkolix: You'll want to select OpenSSH server, LAMP server and Tomcat Java server05:29
sublim21asdjaputra: k05:29
sublim21asdjaputra: http://pastebin.com/wrAn1iVX05:30
ActionParsnipssargennto: empathy may do it, or kopete05:31
sublim21as you can see.  failure :(05:31
sublim21im trying to install hellanzb-0.9.tar.gz05:31
kolixPolah: are thos eoptions shown in your tasksel?05:32
asdjaputrasublim21, what's the name of the folder inside that tar.gz?05:32
chavosublim21: you have to cd into the new folder05:32
Polahkolix: Yes, I just installed it and there's a fairly long list of them, requires some scrolling05:32
kolixoo..how do you scroll?05:32
Polahkolix: You could reinstall tasksel or just do it manually like I did05:32
sublim21asdjaputra: there's no folder.  just that file.  if i double click nothing opens up in the archive viewer05:33
Polahkolix: Keep pressing down/up on the arrow keys after you get to the bottom of the list05:33
asdjaputrasublim21, what file?05:33
ssargenntoActionParsnip, thanks just installed kopete, will give empathy a try also05:33
glebihankolix, there's no need for tasksel05:33
sublim21asdjaputra: hellanzb-0.9.tar.gz05:33
glebihankolix, "sudo apt-get install lamp-server^" does the same05:33
sublim21im trying to follow this guide man http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16974905:33
Polahmhm, just install manually like I said before05:33
ActionParsnip!info hellanzb05:33
ubottuhellanzb (source: hellanzb): Newzbin (nzb) & BinNews (bns) files downloader and post-processor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13-6.1 (natty), package size 169 kB, installed size 764 kB05:33
need_suseHay guys it's me again, How to I put a OpenSUSE Image into a usb stick to install it later using ubuntu?05:33
Polahglebihan: He wants tomcat and openssh-server as well, tasksel just gave him an easy way to select and install all of them rather than my list of three commands and half a dozen packages05:34
ActionParsnipsublim21: surely using the repos is better? Its a later version and is already packaged..05:34
sublim21natty is the distro im  running on05:34
asdjaputrasublim21, that's called version05:34
sublim21ActionParsnip: and in english for us 'newbies'05:34
roothorickokay, seriously05:34
Polahneed_suse: Get the ISO, use unetbootin to install it onto the usb stick05:34
ActionParsnipsublim21: use apt-get or software centre etc05:34
glebihanPolah, I was just mentioning that apt-get handles tasks just as well as tasksel05:34
sublim21apt-get hellanzb?05:35
roothorickhow do I stop Pulse from screwing with my mixer? It doesn't know what it's doing and I DON'T have the patience to wait for a bugfix05:35
ActionParsnipneed_suse: remember to MD5 test the ISO05:35
asdjaputrawell sublim21 you got the right manual page05:35
asdjaputratar -zxvf ungzip it.05:35
Polahglebihan: Doesn't tasksel just download the packages using apt-get or aptitude anyway and just gives an easy way of selecting a specific group of packages?05:35
need_susePolah, for the last time, Unetbooting isn't up to date!!! It doesn't have the latest versions of opensuse05:35
kolixhmm unmet dependencies05:35
glebihanPolah, that's right, and apt-get does the same when you use "^" at the end05:36
sublim21asdjaputra: that doesn't work05:36
sublim21on a sidenote, when i run sudo apt-get install python-dev python-twisted unrar par2  i get a message at the end letting me know 6 were'nt updated05:36
Polahneed_suse: Like I said, download the image from the internet and then in unetbootin there is an option to select an existing disk image to use. You aren't restricted to just unetbootin's list of avaiable images05:36
gaelfxneed_suse: you can use any .iso you've downloaded with unetbootin05:36
asdjaputrasublim21, sudo apt-get update05:37
need_suseI'm gonna try it again... Polah05:38
Polahroothorick: remove pulse or use pasuspender to launch the program and suspend pulse?05:38
asdjaputrasublim21, it should work05:38
sublim21asdjaputra: updating appeared to work05:38
sublim21but i still can't get the stupid program installed.  im sorry for not understanding05:38
Polahroothorick: pasuspender <command> will run that command with no access to pulse05:38
sublim21i don't know what else to do :/05:38
Polahsublim21: What are you trying to install? hellanzb?05:39
asdjaputrahellanzb is 404-ed05:39
sublim21Polah: jah05:39
sublim21im guessing that's bad05:39
asdjaputrasublim21, sudo apt-get install hellanzb05:39
Polahsublim21, did you sudo apt-get install hellanzb?05:39
gaelfxsublim21: file not found ;)05:39
asdjaputrahtml geeks05:39
magnussame problem i get on php405:39
sublim21now its installing05:39
sublim21; D05:39
PolahHmm, I found and got it from the repos05:40
REK_007which channel to join for help on dc++ ?05:40
sublim21i think it installed.  but don't know how to run05:40
asdjaputraREK_007, what is dc++05:40
Polahsublim21: The command "hellanzb" perhaps?05:41
magnusi write in terminal sudo apt-get install php4, but it would not install :S05:41
REK_007asdjaputra: its a program for sharing files05:41
asdjaputraREK_007, like p2p?05:41
Polahmagnus: php4 is no longer available through the repos. It was replaced by php505:41
glebihanmagnus, php4 is outdated and not in the repos anymore05:41
c_nickhow to kill git-daemon?05:42
statimanyone know if there is a boot option to install in *very* plain text mode… like not even the curses-based looking text mode05:42
asdjaputrakillall git-daemon, perhaps?05:42
magnusok tnx05:42
JimmioIf anyone comes up with anything for this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11200967#post11200967 Leave a post and I'll check tomorrow. Night all. This laptop will be the death of me.05:42
Jouvagaelfx: Boot Camp is specifically for the optical drive05:42
Jouvagaelfx: So no go w/ the USB flash or a mounted image05:43
REK_007asdjaputra: not exactly .. well i dont know yet .. but read that i can be inplemented on LAN with diffrent subnet hence need help in setting it up05:43
asdjaputraJimmio, buy a CD-ROM reader05:43
asdjaputraREK_007, :?05:43
gaelfxJouva: figures. like you said, Apple wants their hardware to work for them, not for you05:43
JouvaPretty much05:44
gaelfx(lightly paraphrased)05:44
I\O_Errorsome one has installed a very very low resources consumer, ubuntu based distro?. Meant for old computers.05:44
ActionParsnipstatim: you can use the minimal ISO, it will instal a very bare bones OS you can build up from, it that's what you mean..05:44
ActionParsnipI\O_Error: lubuntu :)05:44
REK_007asdjaputra: well we have a LAN with peers under many subnet so direct sharing is not an option and we are looking for a cross platform shraing software05:44
asdjaputraI\O_Error, xubuntu works as well05:45
asdjaputraREK_007, oh..05:45
bakeri/0 error i think is a bad hard drive05:45
decio_Polah, It says that it can't find the kernel image05:45
* asdjaputra thinks I\O_Error is caused by Bad Sector at Hard Drive.05:45
statimActionParsnip:  yea im using that.  i mean the install mode… like to get just a terminal looking debug output instead of the blue/gray looking text mode05:46
c_nickhow to get the list of running processes ?05:46
* asdjaputra haz kernel panic.05:46
glebihanc_nick, ps -ef05:46
asdjaputrasublim21, how's it going?05:46
=== hetecro_ is now known as hetecro
bakeri know what the i/0 is but i had error with a bad secctor a while back on a free hard drive cant remember the error when trying to install ubuntu05:46
gaelfxasdjaputra: SMART status to the rescue!05:47
I\O_Errorinstalled base system, then xorg, fluxbox, but fluxbox consumes a lot of procesor.05:47
magnushow do I save on nano mode in terminal?05:47
REK_007magnus: ctrl+x05:47
decio_c_nick, go to the terminal and put "top", then press enter05:47
jamiewanc_nick: top or htop in terminal05:47
ActionParsnipI\O_Error: really, fluxbox is quite light05:47
magnussnx :P05:47
ActionParsnipI\O_Error: infact, very05:47
asdjaputraActionParsnip, no no no it's very light05:47
sublim21asdjaputra: im working on it.  the tutorial has me editing some config files.  im currently hitting an error, hopefully works after performing these tweaks.  will keep you updated man05:47
asdjaputraseconded :(05:47
c_nickglebihan, thanks .. decio_ jamiewan top did not work .. but ps -ef did05:48
asdjaputramagnus, Ctrl+O05:48
asdjaputraREK_007, Ctrl+X quits nano..05:48
REK_007asdjaputra: its asks to save too :/05:48
magnusbut I cant save :S05:48
ActionParsnipI\O_Error: could go with flwm, its even lighter05:48
asdjaputramagnus, check read/write permissions05:48
asdjaputraI\O_Error, twm05:49
asdjaputraI\O_Error, or worse..fvwm95 XD05:49
I\O_ErrorActionParsnip, asdjaputra. Will check. I hope configuration is not hard05:50
asdjaputraI\O_Error, fluxbox? yeah that's quite hard..05:50
decio_can anyone help me? I want t put a OpenSUSE image on a usb to run it from the usb. I did try Unetbootin ad millions of others. Does anyone knows how to help me?05:50
asdjaputraif you want an easier one, that'll make up large configuration files, thus making it big05:51
ActionParsnipi though fluxbox was quite easy, hard to grasp but one you're in, its groovy05:51
asdjaputradecio_, unetbootin? why it won't work05:51
ActionParsniphi ylmf05:51
asdjaputrahello; ylmf has quit05:51
decio_asdjaputra, it says that it couldn't find the kernel image, twice05:51
ActionParsnipdecio_: is the usb stick healthy?05:52
ActionParsnipdecio_: is the image you downloaded healthy?05:52
asdjaputradecio_, check integrity05:52
decio_yes, I installed ubuntu from it05:52
asdjaputraActionParsnip, no, it's been sick with Bieber Fever :D05:52
asdjaputradecio_, md5sum -c <md5sum>.txt05:52
gaelfxwhich toolkit does fluxbox use?05:52
asdjaputragaelfx, GTK+, if i'm not mistaken05:53
magnusdo you know were /etc/mysql is? :P05:53
gaelfxand is there a version of ubuntu available that allows you try it out by default (like kubuntu for kde) or do you have to install it yourself?05:53
asdjaputragaelfx, live version?05:53
gaelfxasdjaputra: precisely, is there?05:53
asdjaputragaelfx, yes05:54
decio_I have Ubuntu 11.04 and Xubuntu 11.0405:54
asdjaputraeven for normal ubuntu05:54
* gaelfx 's brain isn't so great today05:54
asdjaputradecio_, find md5sum of these images05:54
computer_i have a laptop looking desktop, how do i change to look like a desktop look?05:54
asdjaputradecio_, and then place it at the same folder of the ISOs, and do md5sum -c md5sum05:54
ActionParsnipcomputer_: log off and log in to Ubuntu Classic05:55
asdjaputracomputer_, what? you mean unity?05:55
decio_asdjaputra, can you explain more precisely?05:55
computer_ok how do i login as classic?05:55
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
hetecroOk. . . I was trying to change the filesystem on one of my partitions and now my bootcamp doesnt work05:55
ActionParsnipcomputer_: Unity-2D will replace Ubuntu Classic in Oneiric and onwards. It is not a "laptop interface"05:55
ActionParsnipcomputer_: select the session at the bottom of the screen on the login screen05:55
amh345how to i decrypt a gpg file with a specific key?   gpg --output some_file.txt --decrypt some_file.txt.gpg is telling me secret key not available05:56
asdjaputradecio_, when you download an iso you can also find the MD5SUM.txt inside that same directory05:56
hetecroIt boots into OSX just fine, but I cant boot into any other partitions05:56
asdjaputradecio_, download that too, and then place it at the same directory as your ISOs are in05:56
gaelfxasdjaputra: which .iso has fluxbox by default?05:56
ActionParsnipgaelfx: fluxbuntu used to but its dead05:56
asdjaputragaelfx, find it out, many distro uses fluxbox by default (fluxbuntu)05:56
asdjaputraActionParsnip, no they said they're working on something05:57
ActionParsnipgaelfx: could install minimal then install slim and fluxbox05:57
asdjaputrahttp://www.fluxbuntu.org/ Still alive and strong :)05:57
magnusdo anybody know were I find /etc/mysql?05:57
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: ahh, thought it was gone. I used to use fluxbuntu05:57
asdjaputradecio_, and then fire a terminal and cd to that directory and say md5sum -c <md5sum name>05:58
glebihanasdjaputra, alive and strong ? ----> Fluxbuntu 9.04 Experimental05:58
gaelfxActionParsnip: I was hoping for a live version so I could try it out first :P05:58
magnusforget it xD I found it xD05:58
razercan someone help me with my question???05:58
asdjaputraglebihan, they're trying to catch up, apperently :-P05:58
asdjaputra!ask | razer05:58
ubotturazer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:58
Hot2Trot_does anyone know a quick program that can stitch together .avi's or even other forms of movie files05:59
gaelfxActionParsnip: curiosity has always been a thing for me, what's slim?05:59
decio_asdjaputra, I don't know what is md5sum, it didn't come with anything like that. I just downloaded the live kde image05:59
asdjaputraHot2Trot, openshot05:59
ActionParsnipgaelfx: could try a virtual system05:59
ActionParsnipgaelfx: its a login manager / DM thing, like GDM05:59
Hot2Trot_asdjaputra: thank you, i shall give it a try05:59
gaelfxActionParsnip: ah, now THERE'S an idea :D05:59
glebihanasdjaputra, last release was in 07' so not sure they're trying to catch up...05:59
asdjaputradecio_, md5sum is something to check the integrity (health) of your ISO, you can find one at it's official website (ubuntu?)05:59
asdjaputraglebihan, idk either, but it's still there05:59
JoeR1razer, What is your question?06:00
asdjaputraHot2Trot, your welcome06:00
decio_can you give me the link? asdjaputra?06:00
gaelfxActionParsnip: can I customize it so that the login screen's background is tank man?06:00
asdjaputradecio_, what distro are you downloading?06:00
ActionParsnipgaelfx: i guess so, never done it myself06:00
decio_OpenSUSE Live KDE06:00
gaelfxsuhweet, I've got a new fun project :D06:00
JoeR1gaelfx, Easily, one moment and I will get the link06:00
magnusI need help again :P why cant I edit the permission my mysql folder?06:01
ActionParsnipgaelfx: its on the screen all of 3 seconds, so I don't expend any effort into it06:01
asdjaputraActionParsnip, is xdm lightweight/06:01
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: yes06:01
decio_asdjaputra, OpenSUSE Live KDE06:01
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: I use lxdm on my lappy06:01
asdjaputradecio_, if you go to opensuse website06:01
asdjaputraActionParsnip, xdm, not lxdm06:01
asdjaputraActionParsnip, wait, are those the same?06:02
razerOK... Soo I want to install Ubuntu side by side with my Windows OS. I have the 11.04 Live CD and I know how to install using the CD. Thing is... I already have 2 OS in dual boot. One is Windows XP and the other Windows 7. If I install Ubuntu as a side by side install will I be able to access all the existing OS I have via grub?06:02
decio_asdjaputra, yes...06:02
REK_007razer: yes06:02
asdjaputradecio_, and then check the FTP/HTTP download site06:02
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: just alternatives06:03
magnusI need help again :P why cant I edit the permission my mysql folder?06:03
asdjaputradecio_, you should get an MD5SUM.txt or just plain MD5SUM06:03
glebihanmagnus, why do you want to do that ?06:03
gaelfx!info slim06:03
ubottuslim (source: slim): desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.1-8ubuntu1 (natty), package size 755 kB, installed size 1424 kB06:03
decio_http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.4/iso/openSUSE-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso.md5, asdjaputra06:03
asdjaputradecio_, yes that's it06:04
gaelfxweird, latest version is more than a year old, but still not in repos?06:04
unguesthow many of you are overweight and living in your mother's basemend?06:04
decio_what do I do asdjaputra?06:04
asdjaputradecio_, just download that to the same folder as your ISOs06:04
gaelfxunguest: define overweight06:04
magnuscuz the guide tells me to write "mysql -u root -p" in terminal but i got no permission to do that06:04
asdjaputradecio_, and do this (without quotes) `md5sum -c openSUSE-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso.md5'06:04
decio_@asdjaputra, yes06:04
asdjaputramagnus, sudo?06:05
decio_asdjaputra, where do I do that?06:05
asdjaputralet it run, and if it's right it'll output "openSuse-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso OK"06:05
magnustnx :P06:05
asdjaputradecio_, terminal06:05
glebihanmagnus, what guide ? what are you trying to do ?06:05
asdjaputraglebihan, my guess is install MySql06:06
magnusedit password on mysql thing :P06:06
JoeR1gaelfx, I am having a hard time doing anything right now because all the cores of my PC are maxed out so maybe you could look in the community documentation?06:06
magnusstill no permission :S06:06
decio_asdjaputra, it appears another line with this ">" and nothing changed06:06
asdjaputradecio_, without quotes, now Ctrl+C06:07
gaelfxJoeR1: hey, no worries, it's not a big deal06:07
JoeR1gaelfx, It can be doen, I have done it but my pc is going slow06:07
magnusERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)06:07
glebihanmagnus, the correct command would be "mysql -u root -p password", password being the one you set as mysql root password (not your user's password)06:07
magnusok :)06:07
decio_md5sum: openSUSE-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso.md5: No such file or directory06:08
decio_, it says this asdjaputra06:08
magnusstill no access06:08
bazhangdecio_, is this related to ubuntu in some way?06:08
ActionParsnipdecio_: you need to change directory to the one the file is stored in06:08
glebihanmagnus, what error do you get this time ?06:09
JoeR1gaelfx, Ubuntu Tweak06:09
magnusERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)06:09
JoeR1gaelfx, I think I used Ubuntu Tweak to do it06:09
decio_I'm new to all this stuff. The file is on the download section06:09
asdjaputradecio_, and the ISO?06:09
glebihanmagnus, sorry I mistyped, there's no space between the "-p" and the password06:09
decio_asdjaputra, the file too06:09
asdjaputradecio_, so ISO and MD5SUM must be in the same folder, and then do that command again06:10
roothorickglebihan: mysql should prompt for a password if none is given...06:10
ActionParsnipunguest: ive not lived at home for 6 years now, 10 stone and 6' tall, not overweight at all06:10
magnusSudo thank mr glebihan xD06:11
roothorickmagnus, glebihan: Yeah, I just tried it on my server. "mysql -u root -p" produces a password prompt, which is probably a bit safer06:11
glebihanroothorick, right, but when you use "-p" without value it considers you're giving an empty password (06:11
decio_md5: No such file or directory06:11
decio_No command 'md5sum:' found, did you mean:06:11
decio_ Command 'md5sum' from package 'coreutils' (main)06:11
decio_md5sum:: command not found06:11
decio_, asdjaputra, can you be more specific?06:11
FloodBot1decio_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:11
unguestActionParsnipwhy Ubuntu though?06:11
unguestfit people use Windows 7.06:11
asdjaputradecio_, `md5sum -c openSUSE-11.4-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso.md5'06:12
roothorickglebihan: that's not what my mysql is doing. "-p" with no value means "prompt for password"06:12
ActionParsnipunguest: it works on all my hardware, I dont have a PC strong enough to run Windows 706:12
asdjaputrawithout quotes06:12
glebihanroothorick, it may depend on some configuration on the server then, I don't get the prompt here06:12
asdjaputraand it has to be in the same folder as the ISO is06:12
ActionParsnipunguest: I dont need to pay for an OS as Ubuntu does all I need06:12
unguestActionParsnip at least you're broke. that's alright.06:12
asdjaputrabazhang, it's an openSuse question, but only regarding MD5 checking06:12
bazhangasdjaputra, decio_ #suse please06:13
ActionParsnipunguest: I'm currently at work, not broke at all, just don't need to spend cash on something I don't need06:13
bazhangunguest, thats enough06:13
decio_asdjaputra, it keeps saying the same06:13
glebihanroothorick, but you're right, that's the expected behavior, there's something weird there06:13
asdjaputradecio_, let's take it to #suse06:13
CiscoGeekdoes anyone know what dual monitor mode allows you to select the second monitor as primary?06:13
calmpitbullneed help im in grub rescue06:13
unguestbazhang i'd say that's plenty enough.06:13
CiscoGeektwin view?06:13
bazhangunguest, please take chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic06:14
unguestoh, there's one06:14
roothorickokay so, serious question, what is PulseAudio supposed to do for Ubuntu that ALSA can't?06:14
unguestwill surely do, thank you kind stranger06:14
roothorickI'd wager, the whole list, is stuff I couldn't get Pulse to do06:14
calmpitbullI need help, im in grub rescue> ls (hd0,5)/boot/grub now what06:15
ActionParsniproothorick: go crazy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_audio06:15
calmpitbullI need help, im in grub rescue> ls (hd0,5)/boot/grub now what06:15
roothorickActionParsnip: I'm more interested specifically in why Ubuntu has gone to using Pulse by default06:16
hetecroWhat is the closest distro to MacOSX? Im getting frustrated with having to google everytime I install something not in the repo06:16
calmpitbullI need help, im in grub rescue> ls (hd0,5)/boot/grub now what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:17
Thelmariahetecro: If I remember right, OS X has a BSD base, but that was a fair time ago, it's deviated a fair bit from any distro I know of.06:17
ActionParsnipcalmpitbull: have some patience child06:17
ActionParsniproothorick: not sure, never had an issue with it06:18
asdjaputrageezus -rwj06:18
roothorickhetecro: I rarely have to install anything not in the repo... and when I do I know SPECIFICALLY what I'm looking for and what website to get it at...06:18
hetecroThat was somewhat of a joke, but what is the most user friendly environment06:18
calmpitbullActionParsnip:  lost my calm today06:18
sublim21asdjaputra: alright.  i think i installed it right06:19
asdjaputrasublim21, can you configure it?06:19
sublim21but im not sure.  when i type in hellanzb i get back the following error message: hellanzb v0.13 (config = /etc/hellanzb.conf, C yenc module)06:19
sublim21Couldn't listen on [Errno 98] Address already in use.06:19
sublim21Exiting: FatalError'>: Cannot bind to XML RPC port, is another hellanzb queue daemon already running?06:19
sublim21but yes.  i did configure it to the best of my knowledge06:20
roothorickhetecro: I've been _VERY_ impressed with the Unity setup in Natty. Give it a whirl.06:20
sublim21how can i know if an instance of hellanzb is running?06:20
asdjaputrakillall <tab><tab>06:20
ActionParsnipsublim21: ps -ef | grep hell06:20
roothorickhetecro: if you're at all a power user though, you'll want to tweak it a little with CCSM06:20
ActionParsniphetecro: thats dependant on the user06:22
asdjaputraActionParsnip, lol grep hell06:22
hetecroSee, I like the Android OS, but it's too dumbed down to be a real distro for pcs06:23
hetecroBut it is the easiest I've ever used06:23
kolixhey guys06:23
kolixI want to get usplash and a GUI on my desktop06:23
thecpaptain_yo kolix06:23
kolix..err.. i mean on ubuntu server06:23
hetecroI've always used Ubuntu because it's what I used first06:23
roothorickkolix: why?06:23
kolixi want to montior stats using a variety of top commands06:24
roothorickhetecro: make a Live USB of natty, play around with Unity a bit. It borrows a lot from W7 but introduces a lot of new things too06:24
kolixlike have 4 terminals going at the same time06:24
asdjaputrakolix, screen06:24
roothorickkolix: never tried it myself, but play with tmux06:25
hetecroHmm. Is it as user friendly as Android, but as customizable as Ubuntu?06:25
thecpaptain_i'm trying to connect to a wireless network in ubuntu without success. I can access the same network using the same computer with windows 7, and i'm able to access it using my iPod. In ubuntu i'm able to access another wireless network, yet not this one. Does anyone have an idea what the problem and the consequent solution might be ?06:25
roothorickhetecro: I genuinely doubt desktops will ever be able to touch smartphone OSes. We just expect so much more from full-blown computers.06:25
hetecro@ thecpaptain_ it is probably a security issue06:25
razerI have another question. Ubuntu is unable to detect my WLAN adapter. It was detected the first time I installed Ubuntu but now it wont. This happened only after my installation of Fedora (the latest stable release). I removed Ubuntu in order to make space for fedora and went ahead and installed Fedora. Fedora wouldn't detect my WLAN adapter so I decided to switch back to Ubuntu. After the installed finished, I realized that the same t06:25
roothorickhetecro: as for customizable, it doesn't have as many knobs and buttons as, say, GNOME, but I at least didn't miss them06:26
kolixapt-get tmux?06:26
hetecrothecpaptain_: Try changing your router to WEP temporarily and see if it picks it up06:26
roothorickrazer: sounds like a firmware issue. You may not be able to dual-boot and keep wireless on that laptop.06:27
JoeR1SO, I installed the "newest" Nvidia drivers from thier site and these driver have been rejected by my kernel (2.6.38-11) and I need to know how to get rid of them if I ever want to see my desktop again06:27
roothorickJoeR1: rejected how?06:27
asdjaputraJoeR1, edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf06:28
hetecroIm assuming he means they just didn't work06:28
JoeR1roothorick: failed to load06:28
roothorickJoeR1: that's still not useful... what does dmesg say?06:28
JoeR1asdjaputra: blacklist didn't work last time because, for some reason, my system doesn't bring up the nouveau (spelling?) drivers06:29
kolixroothorick, i don't have X or anything installed06:29
asdjaputrakolix apt-get install screen, or if you want a better one use byobu (included by default)06:29
kolixcan i still use tmux?06:29
JoeR1roothorick: one  moment06:29
kolixasdjaputra, what does screen do?06:29
roothorickkolix: as I said, I have never used it myself06:30
asdjaputrakolix, it's a multiple terminal manager06:30
hetecroroothorick: You mean Natty Narwhal?06:30
kolixcan i make it look cool, like with diffrent colors and stuff06:30
asdjaputrakolix, byobu is better in the GUI side, it's a modified version of screen06:30
asdjaputrakolix, you can always edit ~/.bashrc to get colors06:30
sublim21i'll natty your face06:31
roothorickhetecro: yeah, 11.0406:31
asdjaputrakolix, see, the thing is that memory in servers are put to much better use for apache, mysql, php, and so on, rather than running GUI06:31
asdjaputrasublim21, wrong, it's i'll maverick your face :)06:31
kolixasdjaputra, but you should see my setup06:31
asdjaputrakolix, you're running a server, no?06:31
roothorickkolix: I've always had the attitude servers should do, well, server-y things, and the cool monitoring widgets should be run on a separate machine with less mission-critical tasks06:31
kolixmy server monitor is a 32' plasma running through an RCA jack06:31
* GNUdog is away: Away From Keyboard06:32
kolixgirls will see this06:32
c_nicknicolus 20522 19836  0 11:56 pts/0    00:00:00 grep git-daemon << is this git-daemon running ? and 19836 the process id of the same ? I need to kill it and restart06:32
asdjaputraroothorick, via ssh?06:32
kolixi want it to look cool06:32
roothorickasdjaputra: whatever gets it there securely06:32
asdjaputra!away | GNUdog06:32
ubottuGNUdog: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»06:32
asdjaputraroothorick, cool, never thought of doing that, because the server is a foot away, i don't need ssh :)06:32
gaelfxkolix: why did you choose the server version then?06:33
thecpaptaingot dc06:33
roothorickasdjaputra: my server's a foot away from me and I still shell into it06:33
kolixasdjaputra: is byobu installed automatically06:33
kolixor do i just apt-get?06:33
asdjaputraroothorick, :D06:33
roothorickkolix: are we actually talking about a server here?06:33
asdjaputrakolix, run it to figure it06:33
thecpaptainas i said, its my landlords router, so i don't have access to it atm06:33
asdjaputraroothorick, no, he's installing desktop on a server :)06:33
* gaelfx facepalms06:33
roothorickkolix: does this computer actually provide services to other computers in any way, shape or form?06:34
JoeR1roothorick: API mismatch: The client has version 280.13 but the kernel module has version 270.41.0606:35
hetecroI have 2 quad-core intel Xeon 64bit processors, do I need the Amd64 image or the intel image.06:35
hetecroThe documentation. Is. Unclear06:35
roothorickJoeR1: does "sudo rmmod && sudo modprobe nvidia" fix it?06:35
roothorickJoeR1: does "sudo rmmod nvidia && sudo modprobe nvidia" fix it?06:35
JoeR1roothorick: I shall see, one moment06:35
kolixbyobu is awesome06:36
thecpaptaindoes anyone have an idea what i can do? and do you remember my situation ? hehe06:36
hetecroAnyone know the answer to my question?06:36
asdjaputrakolix, the same sentence i said when first trying it06:36
asdjaputrahetecro, amd6406:37
roothorickhetecro: either will work, but you should use amd6406:37
hetecrothecpaptain: Did you not get my suggestion?06:37
asdjaputrahetecro, it's not that 64-bits are exclusive to amd, it's that amd first apply 64-bit, so it's called amd6406:37
hetecroStrange considering the current market, but thank you06:37
hetecroDoes natty support dual processing?06:38
sublim21i got a dual processor on my little netbook06:38
roothorickhetecro: AMD actually invented the current 64bit instruction set, which Intel sort-of-coopted as EM64T. Linux calling it amd64 is something of a tradition06:38
hetecroOr even quad cores?06:38
sublim21natty works alright06:38
roothorickhetecro: Natty supports SMP just fine, I'm running it on a Phenom II X4 right now06:38
sublim21currently not being able to view flash on firefox.  don't know why06:38
ActionParsniphetecro: first to desktop 64bit. The name just stuck. It's likd IDE drives being called as they are. It just stuck06:38
kolixasdjaputra, can byobu split the screen into 4 terminals?06:39
JoeR1roothorick: it seems I will need to restart to find out before I do that can you tell me how to set gryb to ALWAYS bring up an boot menu from which I can choose what kernal to boot into?06:39
hetecroSo, two quadcore xeons will get the full treatment?06:39
ActionParsnip!flash| sublim2106:39
ubottusublim21: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:39
asdjaputrakolix, like terminator does? no it'll need X functionality06:39
ActionParsniphetecro: easily.06:39
roothorickActionParsnip: technically, IA64/Itanium reached the market first, but bombed... AMD made their own 64bit instruction set they called "AMD64" (hence the name) and it stuck so hard Intel was forced to use it under a different name06:39
thecpaptaincould you repeat the suggestion hetecro ?06:39
c_nickps -ef which column is the process id 2nd or 3rd06:40
thecpaptainand also tell me how to "whisper" to you :)06:40
ActionParsniproothorick: gotcha06:40
thecpaptainor you know, make you see that its you i'm talking to, even though its still public06:40
roothorickhetecro: well, your programs will have full access to them. Whether they get fully utilized is up to you ;)06:40
hetecrothecpaptain: Just temporarily change the wifi security to WEP and see if it connects06:40
hetecroIf it does, it's a security issue.06:41
thecpaptainah yes, only thing is i don't have access to the router since it belongs to my landlord06:41
ActionParsniproothorick: forgot about that. Rambus was soo pricey06:41
asdjaputrathecpaptain, use BackTrack to hack it :)06:41
hetecroAh! Is it wpa2?06:41
thecpaptainyes its wpa206:41
JoeR1roothorick: So yes or no to my grub question?06:42
calmpitbullI need help, im in grub rescue> ls (hd0,5)/boot/grub now what06:42
hetecroIt might be a kernel issue I had once connecting to AES vs TKIP06:42
thecpaptainhow do i make it so that i make your names red in the beginning ? :D06:42
thecpaptainusing backtrack sounds cool06:42
thecpaptaini'll get it from ubuntu software center ?06:42
asdjaputraJoeR1, why does grub always show boot option?06:42
roothorickJoeR1: you can edit grub.conf, as long as there's two options and a non-zero timeout you should get a prompt06:42
asdjaputraJoeR1, well what's wrong with that?06:42
JoeR1asdjaputra: It doesn't and I would like it to06:43
G00053has fglrx hit 11.9 yet ?06:43
thecpaptainhm so is there a way to fix it ?06:43
roothorickG00053: it's not even September yet! Have patience.06:43
ActionParsnipthecpaptain: its a seperate disto (ubuntu based) but will run from livecd06:43
JoeR1I shall try that, assuming I can find grub.conf, and return shortly06:43
asdjaputra/etc/grub/menu.lst --> 1.9906:43
hetecroYeah, thecpaptain, but it will be hard to diagnose06:43
asdjaputrawoops thats /boot/grub/menu.lst06:44
JoeR1wait, I need a command line document editor06:44
asdjaputraJoeR1, nano06:44
thecpaptainhm... so what's the easiest solution do you think ?06:44
G00053roothorick: I heard there was a fix coming for the issues in gnome/unity - shell06:44
thecpaptainshould i ask my landlord if its possible to change the encryption ?06:44
asdjaputra/boot/grub/grub.cfg --> 206:44
hetecroBest bet is to run a livecd of dsl or puppy, connect to the network and print the network configuration, then copy all of the info into the configuration for ubuntu06:45
roothorickG00053: a) AMD has officially said you should be using the DRI drivers instead of fglrx unless you need a specific feature the DRI drivers don't have06:45
thecpaptainActionParsnip didn't understand what you said really xD06:45
roothorickG00053: b) they do monthly releases. (20)11.8 (August). 11.9 won't be out until sometime in September.06:45
ActionParsnipthecpaptain: usb wifi known to connect to wpa2 in ubuntu ;-)06:45
G00053roothorick: fair enough06:45
rsvpwhat happens if enable-shm=no in the conf file for PULSEAUDIO ?? Does the hard drive go to work instead of RAM?06:45
thecpaptainhmm aight06:45
JoeR1Where is grub.conf?06:46
hetecrothecpaptain: Log into windows, run CMD, the. Type ipconfig -all after connecting to the network06:46
thecpaptainaight, then ?06:46
hetecroUse that information to create your configuration for ubuntu06:46
kolixasdjaputra, you still around?06:46
thecpaptainhmmm, all right06:46
asdjaputraJoeR1, /boot/grub/grub.cfg06:46
hetecroInstead of using dhcp06:46
asdjaputrakolix, yes06:46
thecpaptainbut i might need some help with the configuration depending on the level of complexity06:47
kolixasdjaputra, you said i need X to split the screen into 4 terminals06:47
thecpaptainbut i'll do that and return06:47
kolix4 terminals going at the same time ont he same screen06:47
roothorickJoeR1: apparently you're supposed to be editing /etc/grub.d and /etc/default/grub instead...06:47
asdjaputrakolix, CMIIW, yes06:47
thecpaptainso should i go into windows, run cmd, acquire that information and then return to ubuntu ?06:48
hetecroKk. Remember that google has plenty of docs on the subject of creating custom kexts and such for these configurations06:48
thecpaptaini'll be back in a min then :)06:48
thecpaptainthanks up till now06:48
asdjaputracorrect me if im wrong06:48
kolixso with X i can change the terminal colors and stuff?06:49
kolixand just type a command to pane the terminals?06:50
asdjaputrakolix, changing colors could be done by editing ~/.bashrc06:50
asdjaputrakolix, but memorizing the color codes is hard06:50
kolixhow do i get X using apt-get?06:51
kolixi'm extremely new to linux06:51
asdjaputrakolix, yes06:51
asdjaputrakolix, if you want a desktop why download a server06:51
BILLYKANE1apt-get install x-window-system-core06:52
asdjaputrakolix, fancy colored prompts is not the server style :D06:52
sublim21y u no work?06:53
kolixit's installing :)06:54
natalieevening all06:54
kolixno, do i need some type of terminal manager to split the screen to 4 terminals06:54
BILLYKANE1kolix,try dvtm06:55
kolixBILLYKANE1, I just installed X06:55
kolixdoes X come with a terminal manager?06:56
asdjaputrakolix, you have to install it06:56
nataliemy PC died (slow long beeps) and i have a laptop from '95 that i have lubuntu on. works great so far, but, i have my 1920x1080 screen connected to it. getting a little flicker, but seems ok. problem is i can only 'mirror' the screens. what would be the best utility to add to lubuntu to get more dual screen features???06:56
kolixok X is finished installing, how do i run this thing?06:56
thecpaptainso this is what i got06:57
sublim21asdjaputra: what was that website i sent you earlier?06:57
sublim21im too fucked up to even browse these logs on this new fangled operating system06:58
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:58
BILLYKANE1dvtm can work without X,no maybe you can install dwm or some other window manager06:58
asdjaputrasublim21, hellaznb is on 404 (not found)06:58
JoeR1Well that did not work06:59
thecpaptaini got the ipconfig from the cmd, what am i to do with the information ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/677737/06:59
natalieor even set my 1920x1080 monitor as default06:59
JoeR1what is the command to show the kernel version I am using?06:59
thecpaptainor rather, what information can i use ?06:59
BILLYKANE1 JoeR1,uname -a07:00
JoeR1right, remembered just before you said that07:00
JoeR1but thanks07:00
JoeR1also I am pleased to report that i did edit my grub.cfg correctly so at least I am booting the right kernel07:01
kolixBILLYKANE1, dvtm is nice07:01
kolixhow do i uninstall X?07:01
asdjaputrakolix, why?07:01
JoeR1I need to rollback or get rid of the Nvidia drivers I currently have07:02
kolixasdjaputra, i don't need both07:02
asdjaputraboth dvtm and X?07:02
asdjaputraisn't dvtm window manager that runs on X07:02
BILLYKANE1apt-get uninstall x-window-system-core07:03
BILLYKANE1dvtm,twin and vwm,that is it07:03
nataliekolix, open the software centre and simply deselect the driver. DO NOT uninstall X07:04
JoeR1So, any advice on how to fix the driver issue I am having?07:04
kolixnatalie, i don't have a GUI installed07:04
kolixI'm running ubuntu server07:04
kolixBILLYKANE1: sudo apt-get dvtm?07:05
natalieummm... ok, sorry mate, not sure why you would then add a proprietry graphics driver. can offer no more help07:05
klawdhi! how can i run a script after hibernate?07:05
thecpaptaini've done what you told me to do, now what do i do with the information i've acquired ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/677737/07:06
kolixinvalid operation: dvtm07:06
hplpbkolix: you need 'install' somewhere in there07:06
BILLYKANE1apt-get install dvtm07:07
crazi have 15days until i go back to school, what can i do/learn in 15days? lol07:07
JoeR1craz: welding07:08
asdjaputrame 707:08
asdjaputracraz, hack WPA/WPA207:08
BILLYKANE1the keyshortcut of dvtm is some kind hard.hope you can manager it.8-)07:09
kolixhttp://www.brain-dump.org/projects/dvtm/screenshot1.png - cool07:09
JoeR1So, I need some help getting rid of Nvidia drivers and the guy that was helping me has left07:09
kolixi was just looking for a tutorial07:09
sublim21asdjaputra: alright.  im going to quit trying hellanzb and am going to try something else.  how can i uninstal programs?07:09
asdjaputrasudo apt-get purge07:09
thecpaptainhehe, and i'm trying to connect to a wireless network with a WPA2 encrypt :)07:10
kolixbilly, is top the best for statisitc monitoring?07:10
=== sparky is now known as eskim0
kolixlike htop, iftop, etc07:10
Secrisubuntu doesn't recognize my screen resolution07:11
JoeR1does irssi keep multiple channel open?07:11
BILLYKANE1kolix,I think htop is much better07:11
gaelfxJoeR1: use joeck-text -d [driver], that will disable it07:11
gaelfxJoeR1: jockey-text, sorry07:11
BILLYKANE1however ,in many case ,I still need to run kill -9 manually07:12
JoeR1gaelfx: Do I need only the version number or an ID that I would need to query a terminal to find?07:12
icerootBILLYKANE1: kill -9 is always a bad idea07:12
ThelmariaJoeR1: Yes, Irssi will keep mutliple channels open. Irssi + screen is amazing.07:12
JoeR1Thelmaria: How do I switch between them?07:13
gaelfxJoeR1: jockey-text -l should list the drivers enabled, use the name that that tells you07:13
BILLYKANE1iceroot,you are right07:13
ThelmariaJoeR1: Alt + <n> where <n> is a number.07:13
JoeR1gaelfx: Thank you, I will07:13
JoeR1Thelmaria: Thanks07:13
icerootBILLYKANE1: http://partmaps.org/era/unix/award.html#uuk9letter07:14
gaelfxJoeR1: note that that only disables it, it won't actually remove it. But if it's disabled, you can still re-enable it without installing again07:14
ThelmariaJoeR1: Down the bottom of your irssi screen you should have something like "16:44 JoeR1 blah blah Act: 3,4" -- the numbers after Act: are the channels which have had input since you last looked at them.07:14
ThelmariaJoeR1: No numbers = no new stuff.07:14
norbert79Good morning. I am looking for finding the device file for Bluetooth in /dev, but failed to do so so far. I would like to use Bluetooth under wine, but for that I would like to know which device file I have to link. It's not rfcomm*, I am already through that part.07:15
BILLYKANE1iceroot,mostly ,I use -9 to kill opera."shut down socket connections,that is it"07:15
icerootBILLYKANE1: read the text07:15
gaelfxnorbert79: I think it's a different part of /dev for different kinds of bluetooth devices07:15
norbert79gaelfx: Well, sure, but since I am clueless where to look, some advice would be welcome.07:15
gaelfxnorbert79: for example, a mouse or keyboard would be something like hid, whereas headset would be something like audio07:16
BILLYKANE1iceroot,Thanks,next time I will try the suggestions.07:16
norbert79gaelfx: Right now I have a phone added as Bluetooth device, and would like to use COM transfer07:16
norbert79gaelfx: Yet I don't see anything which might point as being available for such07:16
sublim21alright so i installed a program called hellanzb.  im super dumb.  i'm running natty on  a netbook.  how do i remove it with apt-get?07:16
sublim21what magic words shall be typed into the terminal07:16
sublim21oh pray tell masters of the natty07:17
norbert79sublim21: If you have installed it through dpkg or apt-get, use either "dpkg -r" or "apt-get purge" and the name of the package07:17
gaelfxnorbert79: yeah, I'm not sure where that would show up, but it does seem that /dev is this most likely place. lemme check07:17
norbert79gaelfx: Sure, thank you...07:17
norbert79gaelfx: /dev let me down unfortunetaly... :(07:18
sublim21norbert79: thanks nor.  btw, your brother q.  kind of sucks.07:18
norbert79sublim21: Whatever you say :)07:18
gaelfxnorbert79: com transfer as in a remote control?07:18
kolixwhat does CTRL+g mean in linux?07:19
kolixCTRL + the g key?07:19
norbert79gaelfx: Yes, would like to make possible running a phone-handling application running07:19
BILLYKANE1 kolix:,that is the way dvtm shorcut works:press down ctrl,then press g,then release both. then press C07:20
norbert79gaelfx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup This helped me a bit, but since the description is rather very old I thought there might be other solutions too...07:20
gaelfxnorbert79: did you check the bluetoothremotecontrol page?07:20
norbert79gaelfx: Since I doubt this has been left as it is...07:20
norbert79gaelfx: Not yet, but the weird thing is, that I AM able to remote control my desktop through the phone WITHOUT any tricks07:21
norbert79gaelfx: So this is why I doubt I would need to hack /etc/bluetooth, and there must be a dev present in /dev07:22
norbert79gaelfx: But I might be still wrong07:22
zed_Hello, is there anyone know how to play *.MTS format file?07:22
gaelfxnorbert79: I think you would need to edit that to change functionality, but I'm not sure how to, sorry07:23
zed_kmplay looks like not work07:23
norbert79zed_: Did you try VideoLan?07:23
norbert79zed_: VLC seems handling it07:23
zed_norbert79, VideoLan? Ok, I'll try it.07:24
zed_Thank you all~. :-)07:24
norbert79gaelfx: Oh well, thank you anyway for trying...07:24
norbert79zed_: You are welcome!07:24
JoeR1well, margianl success07:25
asdjaputraelky, are you playing around with operator status ;)07:25
gaelfxJoeR1: meaning?07:25
elkyasdjaputra, not playing07:26
JoeR1gaelfx: my screen nows displays in 1080 but the gui still failed to laod07:26
elkyasdjaputra, trying to make sure people aren't going to come here and insult everyone again07:26
asdjaputraelky, what are you doing, renew bans?07:26
gaelfxbans are serious business ;)07:26
elkyasdjaputra, fixing them07:26
=== decio_ is now known as huhhh
=== huhhh is now known as decio_
norbert79gaelfx: Appearntly ffmpeg might be able handling it. So I guess having that and playing it under Totem might do the trick07:27
JoeR1gaelfx: Suddenly, and without warning, the nouveau driver showed up so I am setting that to active07:28
JoeR1I shall return to report failure or triumph07:29
gaelfxJoeR1: well, when you disable nvidia drivers, nouveau is pretty much the only other option. what exactly do you mean that the gui doesn't load?07:29
kolixhey BILLYKANE1, you still around?07:30
gaelfxnorbert79: or vlc ;)07:30
BILLYKANE1kolix,I am here07:30
norbert79gaelfx: For which you just told, that it didn't work... :S07:31
kolixBILLYKANE1, i'm using dvtm07:31
kolixbut i've got like 4 winwdos crunched in the top-left corner07:31
kolixanyway to use the full screen?07:31
kolixdo i need to use screen too?07:32
BILLYKANE1I don't know...07:32
BILLYKANE1You can try..07:33
BILLYKANE1well. in fact ,seldom did I use this console based apps.lol07:33
kolixhow do i exit dvtm?07:34
fyksenkillall dvtm ?07:35
kolixdo i just kill it?07:35
BILLYKANE1I am not sure.try type exit07:35
eviscaresHello all.07:36
eviscaresDoes someone know how I could download a file from a ppa via a browser? I have to copy it to another pc which doesn't have internet access.07:36
BILLYKANE1it work?07:36
asdjaputraeviscares, launchpad.net07:37
asdjaputrakolix, Ctrl+C07:37
happygoluckyi installed a program from source and then deleted it from bin07:39
=== razer_ is now known as razer
happygoluckybut when i type the name of the program it still points to the program07:40
happygoluckyhow do eliminate that07:40
gschwepphappygolucky: whereis [programname] and have a look.07:40
iceroothappygolucky: i guess reload the shell-session would fix it07:41
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
iceroothappygolucky: not sure when PATH is read07:41
happygoluckygschwepp: shows nothing now that i rm from bin07:42
theadminiceroot: Items in $PATH aren't cached or anything, deleting it will instantly remove it from $PATH, however07:42
happygoluckyiceroot: i ctrl+d and relogin and still the command exists07:42
theadminhappygolucky: Try "which progname"07:42
iceroottheadmin: ok thanks for the info07:43
gaelfxeviscares: I don't think you can install the ppa that way though, it would be the same as installing manually the packages that are available from the PPA, but without the same updateability07:43
happygoluckytheadmin: it's gone, nothing there but the command stayed07:43
happygoluckyi'm wrong07:43
happygoluckythe command is gone07:43
happygoluckyi must have ctl+d and then switched to a diff tty, sorry all07:44
thecpaptainwhat do i do if i have a broken package ?07:44
thecpaptaini'm trying to install a package using update manager07:44
thecpaptainbut it says i have a broken package07:44
gaelfxthecpaptain: I believe that's a job for sudo apt-get check07:45
theadminthecpaptain: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install07:45
asdjaputrathecpaptain, sudo apt-get install -f07:45
gaelfxthecpaptain: ignore me07:45
theadminasdjaputra: -f install, otherwise it thinks "-f" is a package name07:45
decio_thecpaptain, are you using Pinguy?07:45
thecpaptainthe agony of choice l0l07:45
kolixBILLYKANE1: my terminal is cutting off on my larger monitor07:45
thecpaptaini'm on ubuntu, i have no idea what pinguy is heheh07:45
JoeR1Woo Hoo! Welcome back GUI!07:45
thecpaptainso which one of them should i choose ?07:45
gaelfxJoeR1: nouveau works?07:45
thecpaptainsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install ??07:45
asdjaputratheadmin, oh right, thanks for the info07:46
theadminthecpaptain: Do that, yes07:46
thecpaptaingot it07:46
JoeR1gaelfx, It does, however i will most likely be returning to the Nvidia drivers once I clear that up - it will depend on how well nouveau does hd content07:46
thecpaptainErrors were encountered while processing:  /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-2.6.32-33-generic_2.6.32-33.72_i386.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)07:47
gaelfxJoeR1: I've never really used it so I don't know, but I will say that VDPAU does WONDERS for me07:47
theadminthecpaptain: Nothing too good... Try the command again, but before it this time do "sudo apt-get clean"07:47
JoeR1gaelfx, I have heard VDPAU mentione frequently, what is it?07:47
gaelfxJoeR1: if you want to get rid of the old NVidia drivers, I suggest apt-get -purge nvidia-current or whatever07:48
gaelfxJoeR1: it's a way to make sure that tough video processing is handled by the video card and not the CPU07:48
thecpaptaini'm on it, its processing07:48
JoeR1gaelfx, I will be taking a different apporache because the driver were installed from the Nvidia website and therefore are not listed by jockey07:49
gaelfxJoeR1: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDPAU07:49
JoeR1gaelfx, You misunderstand, i want to know WHAT VDPAU is.07:49
JoeR1ah, I see07:49
gaelfxJoeR1: ah, yes, that is generally a bad idea. Jockey makes things much simpler, especially w/ regards to kernel updates07:49
thecpaptainit worked :) thanks07:49
theadminthecpaptain: No problem. Seems like a failed download in the past :D07:50
gaelfxthecpaptain: I'm sorry, I have to ask, are you a CPA?07:50
JoeR1gaelfx, it will be a long a torturous crawl through my system07:50
thecpaptainwhat's a CPA ?07:50
gaelfxcertified public accountant07:50
thecpaptainerrr no idea07:50
gaelfxthough there are probably other meanings for it as well07:50
thecpaptaini'm guessing its a profession ?07:51
thecpaptainhehe nope i'm not07:51
thecpaptainwhy ? :)07:51
FloodBot1thecpaptain: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
gaelfxminhthong: type '/join #ubuntu-vietnam'07:51
asdjaputrathere is no #ubuntu-vietname07:52
asdjaputrathere is no #ubuntu-vietnam07:52
theadminI'm not sure that channel even exists, most Ubuntu channels are #ubuntu-two_letter_country_code07:52
gaelfxJoeR1: it might not be so bad really07:52
asdjaputravietname code is:..07:52
JoeR1gaelfx, we shall see07:52
ubottuĐể được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ07:53
theadminSeems like there's no channel07:53
gaelfxubottu knows nothing of vietnam :P07:53
ubottugaelfx: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:53
theadminelky: Thanks.07:53
gaelfxhaha, oops, forgot to move the name to somewhere other than the beginning07:53
asdjaputraubottu, hey where's vietnam?07:53
ubottuasdjaputra: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:53
norbert79!offtopic asdjaputra07:53
asdjaputranorbert79, don't worry it's done07:54
norbert79thank you07:54
fabiohello, im trying to get few priority for a rsync process07:54
minhthongasdjaputra, I'm in ho chi minh07:54
fabiohow can i achieve this, with top07:54
asdjaputraminhthong, uh yes, how can i help you07:54
fabiobecause rsync is making load getting higher07:55
jasonmsphey all.  I'm looking into options for setting up a softphone and getting a telephone number so when I am out of the country clients can ring me.  What are your thoughts on Dimondcard  and are there other alternatives for setting up a line to my computer?  On the linux side what program is best?  Empathy, Ekiga, Twinkle, etc?07:55
norbert79jasonmsp: Skype?07:55
norbert79jasonmsp: Works well07:55
jasonmsp(other than skype .. ) =_07:56
minhthongasdjaputra, I use zorin OS 5 . When I finish update driver, the splash is problem07:56
minhthonghow can I fix it?07:56
theadminminhthong: We do not support derivatives.07:56
theadminminhthong: The only distributions this channel supports are Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and maybe a few others07:56
minhthongbut zorin OS is ubuntu 1107:56
theadminminhthong: ZorinOS is not a supported deriv07:56
gaelfxminhthong: what he means is that it's only based on Ubuntu 11, with some changes, which most of us here don't know anything about07:57
norbert79jasonmsp: other than skype... Well... Emulation is out of the question, right? (Wine)07:58
minhthongyes it's only based on U 1107:58
jasonmspnorbert79:  well I have virtualbox setup right now with windows xp.  I don't know enough about wine to be comfortable with it at this point.07:58
theadminminhthong: We can't support it. Sorry.07:59
norbert79jasonmsp: I see...07:59
jasonmspnorbert: (linux is the host, windows is the guest)07:59
norbert79jasonmsp: Hang on07:59
asdjaputraminhthong, seek for help in official forum zorin-os.com07:59
JoeR1gaelfx, One more into the void my friend07:59
jasonmspnorbert79:  If it is a viable alternative I'm open to it..07:59
minhthongtheadmin, how to change boot screen, splash?07:59
iballhi, i have a ubuntu desktop with a scsi hba... i have some old legacy audio workstation hardware which uses scsi and ide, i was wondering if i could connect the workstation directly to the hba and have ubuntu emulate scsi/ide hard disks?07:59
norbert79!vopi jasonmsp08:00
ubottuVoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.08:00
theadminminhthong: We do not support ZorinOS. However, in regular Ubuntu, that can be done with a tool called "StartUp Manager" if I recall right08:00
gaelfxJoeR1: ok, what's up?08:00
norbert79jasonmsp: ^^08:00
norbert79Never heard of Gizmo5 though08:00
minhthongtheadmin, yes i want to ask for u 11. what software is best to change splash?08:01
jasonmspnorbert79:   yeah I'm reading the community docs on Ekiga now.08:01
jasonmspnorbert79:  Is dimondcard the only provider or are there others/08:02
norbert79jasonmsp: If you need real phone access I guess Gizmo5 would be useful, otherwise I would recommend Mumble for voip transfer.08:02
norbert79jasonmsp: I have no idea unfortunetaly. I only used Skype so far08:02
theadminminhthong: Well, you've got the answer. I only know one such software to do it via a GUI08:02
norbert79jasonmsp: And I assume you live in the US, while I am sitting in EU. So I am not familiar with the providers either.. :(08:03
minhthongtheadmin, how about supper grub 2?08:03
minhthongtheadmin, does it good?08:03
theadminminhthong: That's got nothing to do with bootsplashes at all, it's a recovery tool08:03
jasonmspnorbert79:  well techinically I'm, in the middle east at the moment, but I tunnel into our servers in the US.08:03
gaelfxminhthong: I'm not sure that's what you use for splash screens08:03
norbert79jasonmsp: Yet, you might also consider Google's solution too08:03
urlin2uminhthong, supergrub is for booting broken setups08:04
minhthongah thanks08:04
=== rlpb is now known as racb
minhthongtheadmin, super-boot-manager it have plymouth-manager so i think it can change splash08:06
KhyddSupremeI'm New Here08:08
KhyddSupremeWhere You From08:09
gaelfxwe all hail from the great land of supportopia, and we believe only in offering support, not chat08:10
KhyddSupremeWhere Do I Go To Chat Then08:10
gaelfxKhyddSupreme: type /list and find any of the other wonderful channels freenode has to offer08:11
JoeR1KhyddSupreme, #ubuntu-offtopic08:11
gaelfxKhyddSupreme: offtopic channel is acceptable as well08:11
takeshyhow i can change resolution to 128x1024 in backtrack 5 kde08:12
theadmintakeshy: We do not support backtrack, however try: xrandr -s 1280x102408:12
JoeR1Khisanth, You want to chat - I am in offtopic and will be glad to talk to you while I wait for my PC to finish being foolish08:12
JoeR1sorry Khisanth wrong person08:13
JoeR1KhyddSupreme, You want to chat - I am in offtopic and will be glad to talk to you while I wait for my PC to finish being foolish08:13
takeshyi just wanna know were i can find the file default in backtrack5 kde because i fin it in ubuntu in ect/gdm/init/defaut08:14
asdjaputraxrandr -s 1280x1024 -as said by theadmin08:14
takeshynot work because i don't have it in resolutions08:15
shomonhi, is there an idea yet of when a patch will be released for the infamous range bug in apache?08:15
shomonsince the debian project have released a patch now...08:15
takeshyi find the solution but i need to save the changes to file defaut as i say08:16
asdjaputraKDE menu -> screen properties?08:16
asdjaputraR&R if i'm not mistaken08:16
takeshywere i can find this file on backtrack5 kde /etc/gdm/Init/Default08:17
iballhi, i have a ubuntu desktop with a scsi hba... i have some old legacy audio workstation hardware which uses scsi and ide, i was wondering if i could connect the workstation directly to the hba and have ubuntu emulate scsi/ide hard disks?08:18
droid2Done a whereis already?08:18
theadmin!pm | takeshy08:19
ubottutakeshy: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:19
droid2Scssi?? No problem08:20
droid2You can hook it up. Type in sudo fdisk -l  from the terminal and should show up active in the list or.. Easier. Plug it up and run the ouve cd. The drive should show show up up under the home folder08:22
DJHalcyonHello, is anybody available to answer an embarrasingly newbie question?08:23
droid2Live uhh autocheck08:23
droid2yes n00be us. . How can i help08:24
* Langly oils droid208:24
DJHalcyonI'm pretty new to Linux, and I'm trying to apply a patch I found that will enable a specific device to work, but I'm not sure how to do that, let alone how to discern what I ought to be patching.08:24
MearI'm wondering if someone can answer a quick question about ubuntu and texlive.08:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:25
MearI've got a dual boot W7 and ubuntu with an NTFS data partition. I'd like to install texlive and texmaker so that I can use it from both, or at the very least acces the user files. Can I install it directly to the ntfs partition?08:26
droid2DjHalcyon what is it08:27
DJHalcyondroid2 It's for the Elgato Video Capture. I can shoot you the URL I found for the patch if you like.08:27
droid2Well you are in luck.  Image on my android now. Shoot the directions08:28
stevethepirateIs it possible to get compiz-like effects in Gnome3?08:28
theadminstevethepirate: Gnome3 is not supported here. And I've found no way to do so.08:28
iballdroid2: i dont think u understand what i am saying08:29
urlin2ustevethepirate, in fedora you can.08:29
DJHalcyondroid2: http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-media/msg24270.html08:29
stevethepiratetheadmin: It's a bit silly to say that the default window manager is not supported here :)08:29
theadminstevethepirate: Default for Ubuntu is Unity08:30
stevethepirateOh, this is true.08:30
stevethepirateApologies, I did off a custom CD>08:30
takeshywere i can find this file on backtrack5 kde /etc/gdm/Init/Default08:30
takeshyno one can help me??08:30
iballdroid2: i have old roland digital audio workstation which use ide/scsi hard disks, i'd like to emulate those ide/scsi disks via my desktop which is running ubuntu and has a scsi hba on it08:30
droid2Iball  ah. But the question should be grasshoppa. . What controller connects  the scsi. . And is the scsi  still supported?08:33
iballi dont follow08:33
urlin2utakeshy, etc is in files08:34
MearCan anyone even hazard a guess as to whether w7 and ubuntu can share a texlive installation? if not, I'll just assume no.08:34
takeshyfuck all of you assholes08:35
droid2We must find out if these drives that are attached are connected to a scsi  controller which08:35
Thelmariatakeshy: Ask in #backtrack-linux... way to be rude about things.08:35
=== sena is now known as senayar
iballthe roland has its own scsi controller im not sure what controller it is... i have a adaptec hba in my desktop08:36
razerAnyway to speed up ubuntu 11.04? It seems to be slower than 10.1008:36
Thelmariarazer: Are you on a laptop?08:36
Merleyrazer: Purge the abomination called Unity08:36
iballdroid2: i need my hba to act as a scsi disk08:36
droid2Iball  we can bring up under terminal a nd run the following  command08:37
tajysUgh Unity >.< I remember when I updated, I was like "Oh god, wtf is this? How do I make it go away? x.x"08:37
droid2Sudo lspci | grep -I08:38
mehedihas there any text to speech software for ubuntu?08:38
droid2Drat wait08:38
iballdroid2: what is that going to solve?08:38
iballi'm asking a simple question of whether a scsi hba can be used to emulate a scsi disk08:39
iballi dont need to access scsi disks from linux08:39
droid2Iball if its seen08:39
iballi need to access scsi disk from my roland legacy audio workstation (which is not linux based)08:40
mehedihas there any text to speech software for ubuntu?08:40
theadmin!repeat | mehedi08:40
iballand i'd like to have a virtual disk image on my linux box08:40
ubottumehedi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:40
urlin2umehedi, adobe 8 reader has a  text to speech08:40
=== razer_ is now known as razer
choihi, any1 know how to output to a filename that increments in mencoder? like file1.mov, file2.mov, file3.v?08:41
muppismehedi, espeak should be pre-installed.08:41
mehediespeak...will i get it in ubuntu software center?08:42
droid2Mehedi look up festival08:42
Kakihello, os-prober is not finding my windows, is there any way to tell update-grub manually that there is a windows partition?08:43
boothkhello, I am having difficulty trying to execute a script written on a different machine, stored on a flashdrive08:46
droid2Iball okay let me get this straight you want find out if your rollin equipment can read format  extension 4 formated scsi right?08:46
Thelmariaboothk: What difficult specifically are you having? Is the script executable?08:46
boothkThelmaria: The script has ugo+rwx for the original machine (UNR 9.10), but on the second machine it comes up as u+rw (Ubuntu 11)08:48
boothkThelmaria: It seems to completely ignore chmod, also08:48
mehedican i download extra voice for espeak?08:48
Thelmariaboothk: Is the flash-drive mounted read-only, perchance?08:49
nbros652I'm writing a bash script in which I use a line like "read -p 'Enter text: ' text" however, for the input I want to be able to input the '\' character. Is there any way to read this without typing "\\" at the prompt?08:49
droid2Brb trying the text on my cell is a pain08:49
boothkThelmaria: If it is, I've no idea how to mount it otherwise08:49
pete__uhhhohhh, I need swirmware?08:49
pete__can someone help me, I've got  broadcom Bluetooth USB08:50
pete__and I need something called swirmware and I can't figure out what it is08:50
JadedJacobHow can I format a NTFS partition to ext3 in ubuntu command line?08:50
Thelmariaboothk: You could try copying it into /home, although that's not an ideal solution - sorry, I can't be of much more help.08:50
takeshywhat's the best format of files ext3 or ext408:51
theadminWho was I in a PM session with just now? I got disconnected08:51
razerHey guys trying to reinstall ubuntu 11.04 and it says that wireless network device not ready... It was ready before a reboot ten after the reboot, when I finally decided to install, this happens! Any help08:51
nbros652takeshy: I've had problems with write failures and corruption as recently as a year ago.08:51
nbros652takeshy: in ext408:51
takeshythanx nbros65208:52
takeshyso ext4 best than ext308:52
gaelfxtheadmin: me08:52
=== aterm is now known as splitpaw-mobile
nbros652takeshy: depends. in my case I had encrypted my home folder and lost everything as a result when my computer froze and the delayed write didn't write.08:53
aeplus... damn, i have ext408:53
splitpaw-mobilestill there08:53
ThelmariaJadedJacob: You could use fdisk if you need to make a partition - otherwise, man mkfs.ext308:53
shomonanyone know when an apache patch will be issued for ubuntu? for the big one released last week08:53
boothkthelmaria: Damn... not really the optimal solution..08:54
JadedJacobi've tried to use mkfs.ext3, but after it finishes the partition is still NTFS when i run 'fdisk -l'08:54
takeshycan some one send me a dvd of ubuntu to my home08:54
compizzI have messed up with compiz and now alt+f2 isnt wokring, how to fix this problem?08:55
nbros652 anyone here that can answer my bash question above? (Read a '\' character using the read command without typing "\\" in the prompt)08:55
splitpaw-mobileok, on the rolland. if it's got a supported scsi controller.. you disks are showing up on the ubuntu side, then if they were formatted to ext4.. no the roland won't seem them.. if you get me the roland type.. it might been running linux.. and I can find out.. which means it MIGHT be able to run EXT 2 formatted disks08:55
ThelmariaJadedJacob: You could always use fdisk to format, too.08:55
=== tum is now known as Guest68739
JadedJacobwhat is the command?08:55
boothkcompizz: if i can remember what the application was called, you should be able to browse to it in /usr/bin...08:56
yezariaelyJadedJacob: entry in partitition table is different than real filesystem08:56
boothkcompizz: or somewhere in /usr08:56
yezariaelyJadedJacob: change it with fdisk08:56
yezariaelythis is not connected with each other08:56
JadedJacobyezariaely: OK, how can I get it to update?08:56
splitpaw-mobileon the relation to festival.. if you bring up synaptic package manage.. you ten do a searhc for festical... there are other voice formats there to choose from08:56
ThelmariaJadedJacob: change type (fdisk /dev/<Drive>, then 't' to change type - press 'l' to bring up type codes). Or man fdisk.08:57
splitpaw-mobileI said festical LOLZ!08:57
yezariaelyJadedJacob: with fdisk08:57
yezariaelyor as Thelmaria said08:57
takeshywho can send to me a dvd of ubuntu08:57
yezariaelytakeshy: per email?08:57
takeshyyes plzz08:57
yezariaelyyour kidding ^^08:58
takeshyi cant download it because of my connection its realy slow08:58
takeshyi'm in morocco08:58
yezariaelytakeshy: and you think email would be better?! there was once a ubuntu per mail system by ubuntu. do not know if it still exists08:59
jaybuttswhere goes the iptables config08:59
takeshyi mean by post08:59
r_roncoszek1Morning Guys! Is setting GRUB_GFXMODE and GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX enough to change grub and console res at startup?08:59
jamiewan700M email lol08:59
takeshyto my home08:59
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.09:00
yezariaelytakeshy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#Get%20Ubuntu09:01
yezariaelyit says that you can still request it by email09:01
jaybuttslike any other distrubution lol right thats why theres no /etc/sysconfig/iptables :)09:01
Kakilinux can't handle my PCI-e ssd raid0. can someone help me posting the bug?09:02
aeplusjust got my install up tonight, took me two days, but now it is up09:02
Zburatorulcan i have a suggestion for a light irc server (ssl support a must) please?09:02
yezariaelymail I mean ...09:03
apwanyone know how one signs the code of conduct with a new key when you are upgrading keys ?09:03
fsvieirahello, how do I prevent my windows to lose focus. Sometimes when I open a program and swicth to another, when program loads I lose focus of the program that I am working... How do I prevent this?09:04
razounetteyezariaely: do you speak french ? you can order a CD here: http://enventelibre.org/cd-dvd/cd-ubuntu-1104-edition-francophone09:05
fsvieirarazounette: you speak french ?09:05
yezariaelyrazounette: takeshy: I am not the one looking for a ce, but takeshy is maybee this helps?09:05
razounettefsvieira: cannot help you though09:06
takeshybut it's not free09:07
takeshyand i don't have a credit card09:07
takeshycan some one buy a cd for me09:07
yezariaelytakeshy: did you read the link I gave you?09:07
yezariaelythe one on ubuntu? try this09:07
yezariaelythey say it is free09:07
=== lion42 is now known as Guest99896
takeshybut the link not work09:07
yezariaely"Install CD's can also be be requested via mail, free of charge."09:08
yezariaelythen write an email to the guys asking them?09:08
DJHalcyonCan anybody help me make sense out of applying my first patch?09:08
yezariaelyDJHalcyon: patch -p1 < file.patch or patch -p0 < file.patch ?09:09
pete__anybody done swirmware on usb bluetooth09:09
hplpb"Be aware the requested discs can take as long as 6-8 weeks to arrive at their destination."09:09
yezariaelyor what kind of patch?09:09
hplpbIs it really going to take up to 6-8 weeks to download the ISO?09:09
takeshynot work09:09
aeplusi think it would take two days... i did it with dialup09:10
takeshycan you buy it for me it's just 3 $09:10
jamiewantakeshy: do you work, or do you have money09:10
JadedJacobyezariaely: OK, I'm using fdisk09:10
takeshynn i hav't09:10
DJHalcyonyezariaely: I have a URL for the patch I found, but I can't tell what the software is that I'm supposed to be patching.09:10
penostakeshy send me an email to gunitinug@gmail.com09:10
razounettetakeshy: you should try dowloading it with bittorrent. dowload would resume when interrupted.09:10
JadedJacobI'm up to 'last cylinder or +size or +sizeMB or +sizeKB09:10
yezariaelyJadedJacob: but take care...09:10
yezariaelyJadedJacob: you do not need that09:10
takeshyok penos09:11
yezariaelyas was said earlier09:11
=== evil is now known as Guest1459
yezariaelysimply change type of partition09:11
yezariaelynot the size09:11
JadedJacobI'm trying to split a 2TB drive into 4 500GB partitions09:11
yezariaelyok without data on it I hope?09:11
yezariaelythis does NOT work with data on it.09:11
yezariaelyyou WILL loose your data09:11
JadedJacobthere is no data on there no09:12
yezariaelygodd ;) just want to make sure09:12
razounetteI shut down my PC while GParted was moving my ext4 partition. now it is screwed up. can I try to recover it with tools like testdisk ?09:12
takeshysome can buy a ubuntu cd for me plzzzzz i don't have a credit card09:12
mehedi34has there any internet data meter for ubuntu?09:12
JadedJacobhow do i change the type of partition in fdisk?09:13
razounettetakeshy: send me money by mail and i'll take care of you :p09:13
Guest1459hi, i use lubuntu and have a problem with sound, some BD video files are low volume, but other have normal sound.   Sorry for my bad eng09:13
DJHalcyonyezariaely: I tried what you said and 3 hunks failed. Obviously this is where it starts to get patch-specific but I feel totally over my head here.09:14
penostakeshy dude send me an email09:14
chalcedony when you install off the CD does it allow you to select the drive for installation?09:14
Andy1978razounette: you should always make a backup of your important data before playing with gparted...09:14
jamiewanand dont shut down when its doing stuff lol09:14
yezariaelyDJHalcyon: does this patch really apply to the version you have?09:15
DJHalcyonyezariaely: I really have no idea. I need to get this device to work, and I lack either of the supported OSes, I found a patch that said it would add support for it in Linux. I'm really newbing it up here.09:16
takeshypenos message send ok09:17
andeeeuk_anyone see this error before: Failed to retrieve share list from server I am trying to access wondows share09:18
Andy1978razounette: even at this point when you did not make a backup before, you should do NOW make a backup with dd before trying to rescue the partition09:18
andeeeuk_anyone see this error before: "Failed to retrieve share list from server" I am trying to access wondows share09:19
razounetteAndy1978: yep, y backed it up with ddrescue09:19
JadedJacobAndy1978:why would he use DD over ddrescue09:20
Andy1978JadedJacob: it's not a physical problem rather a user problem09:20
Andy1978JadedJacob: so there is no benefit of ddrescue over dd09:20
JadedJacobI'm currently trying to resuce a HDD09:21
JadedJacobit comes up as RAW data in Windows XP09:21
andeeeuk_any help with samba would be great! :@)09:22
andeeeuk_cant access windows share09:22
Andy1978JadedJacob: I think you have to distinguish if there is a hardware/physical problem with your drive or a "soft-" problem like interrupting a program while writing09:22
rajhi! andeeeuk..09:22
=== raj is now known as Neo10101\
loco123Hi there, I am having trouble with VMware tools install onto my Ubuntu machine. I have alot of confusion around the kernel headers. Can anyone help with this?09:22
meegoooi have  thz.dtapart file how to excract it ?09:23
javier__hi to everyone. I don't get sound in my laptop (ubuntu 11.04). I was "touching" things yesterday trying to have audio in hdmi connection. And know I don't have audio at all in my laptop. Not sure about what did I touch09:23
andeeeuk_hi raj09:25
yezariaelyDJHalcyon: patch for what? kernel?09:25
=== raj is now known as Maximas
DJHalcyonyezariaely: It's a patch to add support for the Elgato Video Capture. I'm not sure which kernel.09:26
andeeeuk_raj have you seen this before "Failed to retrieve share list from server"09:26
yezariaelyDJHalcyon: the patch is normally for a specific kernel version09:27
yezariaelyhave a look in the patch file09:27
chalcedony when you install off the CD does it allow you to select the drive for installation?09:27
c_nickhow to run something in the background09:27
c_nickeg:- ./exe <runasbackgroundprocess>09:28
Andy1978c_nick: add & at the end09:28
javier__now I noticed I've sound in vlc, for example, but not in banshee09:28
javier__maybe, the reason is that I runned this command: aplay -D plughw:0,7 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav09:30
DJHalcyonyezariaely: Nothing's really jumping out at me here. Would you mind taking a look?09:30
* ahhughez is stuck trying to get audio out on his ASUS GT520's HDMI out. Anyone able to help me get started?09:30
c_nickthanks Andy197809:30
gschweppahhughez: did you try it with alsamixer ?09:31
* ahhughez tries now... thanks gschwepp09:32
javier__ahhughez: I was with that yesterday as well. Finally I got sound changing options in audio settings in Vlc, but now everything is mixed I don't have sound in banshee09:32
ahhughezWell 'says' my card is HDA Intel... witch is the mboards sound card... not the GPU.. is that wrong?09:33
penostakeshy you there? check your email09:34
ahhughezha! select card... now NVidia... but only has S/PDIF.... is that pseudo for hdmi?09:35
Tank852HI. I have a .bin installation file here. How do in install in Ubuntu 10.04?09:35
Andy1978ahhughez: no, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S/PDIF09:36
Tank852any ideas?09:36
zagibuTank852: you make it executable, then run it09:37
ubuntu_download the ...mmmmmm in spaniosh its name is Gestor de descargas"09:38
ahhughezAndy1978, ya.... I got ya... but this graphics card only has hdmi out. Which confuses me09:38
ubuntu_i don't remember in english09:38
Tank852zagibu: how do i do that?09:38
zagibusudo chmod +x filename09:38
Tank852sudo chmod a+x <drag the file to the terminal> ?09:39
ubuntu_but with this application you can install some .bin file09:39
andeeeuk_samba is buggy, DO NOT INSTALL.... at least not with 11.0409:39
andeeeuk_samba is buggy, DO NOT INSTALL.... at least not with 11.0409:39
ubuntu_but how this file is an executable09:39
Tank852i actually tried the chmod+x. nothing noticable happened?09:39
ubuntu_i suppose that you can to execute  directly09:40
javier__Hi. I have the audio problem after  trying hdmi audio. I think I changed settings and selected hdmi output sound and can't turn it back to normal. So I don't have sound in banshee or radio Tray, but I do in vlc for example. Some help?09:40
Tank852zagibu: Where did it install to?09:41
andeeeuk_samba is buggy, DO NOT INSTALL.... at least not with 11.0409:42
Andy1978Tank852: you can see the difference with "ls -l". Nevertheless: you your brain: do you trust the .bin file? Then: Is ist some sort of installer? Then it needs perhaps root rights and has to be run with sudo09:42
Tank852okay thx anyway09:44
e01can somebody help me with installing ubuntu 11.04 server on sw-raid09:46
zagibuTank852: a bin file is just a binary file...it can be anything...if you make it executable and try to run it, you will see what happens. It might not work at all, or it might start a nice installer-gui or something09:47
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto09:47
e01after i setup hostname and set up the timezone, it detect partitions but then show me only two options, login into scisi, undu partition changes and back09:47
zagibuit might also be a rootkit09:47
e01dr-willis, it is hardware raid, in bios it is shown as SATA, SW-RAID09:48
dr-willisi dont use raids anymore. to many hassles09:48
searchingwhen I open my pc my monitor change refresh rate and after 3 or 4 hits come back is a monitor problem?09:48
JadedJacobonce i've used cfdisk to make partitions and mkfs.ext3 to format partitions, is there anything else i need to do to "update" them for the system?09:49
searchingwith hand09:49
c_nicksearching, check if the cord is lose09:50
e01dr-willis, for office server i think raid is good09:50
dr-willisuse a hammer. ;)09:50
Andy1978e01: you really don't want to use software raid in you bios/chipset aka "fake raid"09:50
Kingsyanyone know what I am doing wrong here, I have vino-server on a computer of mine, I then opened up port 5900 on the router, and attempted to connect to the pc with      vncviewer 89.55.BLAH:5900   it says09:51
Andy1978e01: you propably want to use software raid provided by your distribution09:51
c_nicksearching either the point where the cable goes to the External Power Supply or the input to the monitor point somewhere there might be a lost connection09:51
andeeeuk_samba is buggy, DO NOT INSTALL.... at least not with 11.0409:51
dr-willisJadedJacob:  you mean get the system to actualy use them? mount them somewhere.09:51
e01Andy1978, what i have to set in bios?09:51
JadedJacobI want to save a copy of my internal drive using ddrescue.09:51
JadedJacobI'll mount them and see if it works09:52
Kingsyhttp://pastie.org/2453604 <-- that when I try to connect09:52
dr-willisandeeeuk_:  stop trolling.09:52
Night-hacksive installed tofrodos but dont dos2unix command09:52
Night-hacksdont have*09:52
Kingsyit looks good.. but when it asks for a password I enter it and it does nothing, if I type it again I can acually see characters coming up.. (hence the C^ thing when I crashed it)09:52
Kingsyanyone know what I am doing wrong?09:53
Andy1978e01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID09:53
andeeeuk_dr-willis sorry, just thought i would let eveyone know :)09:53
andeeeuk_samba is buggy, DO NOT INSTALL.... at least not with 11.0409:53
Ad0I have a software RAID, and I did an apt-get upgrade and I got from grub-pc: "The GRUB boot loader was previously installed to a disk that is no longer present"09:54
Ad0and I can pick disk09:54
dr-willisandeeeuk_:  useless spamming like that may get you booted from here.09:54
dr-willisandeeeuk_:  i suggest you stop spreading fud.09:54
andeeeuk_dr-willis.... thanks for letting me know09:55
=== balthus is now known as xaba
andeeeuk_just supprised that samba is in such a state on 11..04!!!!09:55
e01Andy1978, the problem is that i do not get the partitioner09:55
=== Mud is now known as Guest19054
andeeeuk_Not work your time everyone!!!09:55
SpiderFredhi guys I am stuck creating most basic function for backup and it doesnt work when I run it from text file and I get now error output. how to find out what is wrong?09:55
dr-willisNight-hacks:  the binary may be under a new name. check the package mgr. to see what it installed09:56
e01the installator, go to detecting, and then stop, with option to login into iscsi partition, and that is09:56
TheoKarI'm relative new to ubuntu, just tried version 11.04 and after first boot I got the message that my system is to slow to work with unity, so I should use Ubuntu classic while logging in09:57
mtnzpls if someone can help, i am with ubuntu 11.04, i have set the power prefrences to never to hibernate, still it goes into hibernation after about 10 min. then when i have to snap it back it bugs the screen and everything becomes so slow...and after 2 clicks with the mouse averything freezes and i have to restart from the button of the pc.09:57
tomodachiTheoKar: yup, so what is the question?09:57
SpiderFredhere it is but I see nothing wrong with it http://pastebin.com/fzd6eNbg09:57
dr-willisTheoKar: whats your video chipset09:58
TheoKarI installed some additional drivers and after the next boot I suddenly have working unity. (which I don't want) so after switching back to Ubuntu Clasic the design of the Panels hase changed. How can I get them back to use the System Theme?09:58
JadedJacobany users of ddrescue around?10:00
TheoKarOn logging in, the design I wan't is there for a glimps of a second but then the ugly old grey panel is comming back10:00
sandertjeTheoKar: System --> Preferences --> Appearance ?10:00
dr-willisJadedJacob:  used it a few times10:00
magnifiqueman/msg BotServ BOTLIST10:00
JadedJacobany success?10:00
magnifiqueman//msg BotServ BOTLIST10:01
JadedJacobI have a 200GB internal seagate drive formatted as NTFS, that is showing up in windows as file system "RAW"10:01
dr-willisJadedJacob:  rescued 2tb of data. lost 100mb. ;)10:01
TheoKarsandertje: there I can set another theme, yes. This affects my window design but doesn't affect the panel design at all10:01
JadedJacobbut in ubuntu rescue remix, it comes up as NTFS10:01
JadedJacobI'm making an image of it, before I try and run chkdsk on it.10:01
Kingsyanyone have an idea about my problem?10:01
JadedJacobdr-willis: when you ran ddrescue, did you use /dev/HARDRIVE or /dev/HARDDRIVE.PARTITION NAME10:02
magnifiquemanJadedJacob, you must to do click left (i'm french)10:02
sandertjeTheoKar: perhaps something with Compiz?10:02
JadedJacobthe faulty drive is /dev/sdb, and the partition is /dev/sdb110:03
dr-willisJadedJacob:  use sdb1 or similer10:03
sandertjeJadedJacob: what about the other partitions?10:03
* Langly turns JadedJacob into Kirsten Dunst10:03
dr-willisJadedJacob:  but either can work i belive10:04
JadedJacobI used the command, sudo ddresucue -r 3 /dev/sdb /mount/recovery/image.img log10:04
=== Guest99896 is now known as lion42
JadedJacobthere is only 1 partition.10:04
=== eyes_ is now known as EyesIsMine
dr-willisJadedJacob:  and use a logdile like rhe docs saw10:04
JadedJacobshould I have used /dev/sdb1 ?10:04
magnifiquemanJadedJacob, ypu speak french ?¿?10:04
JadedJacobyep, I used a log file :)10:04
JadedJacobno i don't speak french10:04
dr-willisJadedJacob:  either can work. may be easier to use sdb110:05
dr-willisyou can then easily mount the rescued  image via mount10:05
TheoKarsandertje: and what something can that be? after switching back to ubuntu theme (with unity) I still have the ugly grey panels only with unity! panels still not affected by the theme settings10:06
DJHalcyonCan someone tell me how to determine which kernel a patch was created for?10:06
JadedJacobmount the rescue image on a rescued parition or Full HARD DRIVE?10:06
dr-willisyou mount an inage to a mountpoint..10:06
dr-willisnit a partition ir garddrive10:07
dr-willisor a harddrive10:07
JadedJacobyeah but can that be done on both an image that was created from a parition as well as a full drive?10:07
fladdis anyone here familiar with serial port programming and can answer me a question?10:07
dr-willisyes.. but sda1is easier to do it with10:07
JadedJacobWell I have a 2tb external drive.10:08
dr-willisless options. more flexible10:08
YounderYou know.. The inabillity of Unity to launch several programs of the same name is a pain10:08
sandertjeTheoKar: i have no clue, actually10:08
Ad0does anyone know? :S10:08
JadedJacobWith 2 partitions, so I'll create another image on the 2nd partition, and use the partition in the ddrescue command this time.10:08
dr-willisYounder:  gmm. it can do that middle click i think10:08
Youndersome might say a show stopper10:08
dr-willisunkeess im confusedby what you mean10:09
Younderdr-willis, It's counter intuetive10:09
TheoKarits a fresh and normal installation, wich killed the panel design capability. how can I get that back to use the system themes?10:09
dr-willisYounder:  si..10:09
Ad0did an apt-get upgrade, and grub-pc says "The GRUB boot loader was previously installed to a disk that is no longer present, or whose normally unique identifier has changed for some reason." I have raid5 maybe that's the reason10:09
dr-willisunity and gnome shwlls are works in progress..10:10
dr-willis!iso | JadedJacob10:11
ubottuJadedJacob: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.10:11
dr-willisJadedJacob:  similer to above example10:11
Youndergnat-ada is extremely buggy10:12
Younderwe wine all the time.. What a wonderful OS you have maintained10:14
BanyoMay I have yout attention for a second guys_10:14
BanyoI have a problem booting ubuntu, its like some kind of ckecking10:15
YounderBanyo, of cource10:15
Banyoits like Battery state:                     [OK]10:15
Banyoand such, and it just stands like that and nothing happens10:15
JadedJacobok thanks guys10:15
JadedJacobI'll have a go and a google :)10:15
YounderBanyo, You have a laptop?10:15
BanyoNo, its a PC10:15
YounderBanyo, the turn that laptop stuff off10:16
JadedJacobwhat's the best way to bring a screen back, that has gone to sleep if I'm running a recovery command?10:16
JadedJacobarrow keys? space bar?10:16
BanyoI mentioned battery because thats the only thing i remeber10:16
LanglyAll night by the xev xev10:16
BanyoI will now try to find an image on google to show you what am I talking about10:16
Banyothere is whole list of things and it says that they are [OK]10:17
YounderBanyo, good luck. when you have a clearer idea dont fail to check back here10:17
DJHalcyonWould anybody be willing to Gchat for about 10 minutes about some simple Linux questions that I'm having?10:17
YounderBanyo, we need your feedback10:18
=== EsZettAal is now known as szal
JoeR1hello folks10:19
TheoKarwhich window manager is set for the standard profile?10:19
BlouBlouTheoKar: I think it's compiz10:20
BlouBlouwindow composer10:20
penosis there a program like garageband?10:23
yacinehi evrybody :)10:23
Kingsyjust started a tightvnc server and tried to connect to that and got the same thing.. can someone offer any advice?10:24
axioni just installed nautilus-elementary to try it, didnt like it, removed it, reinstalled nautilus...and now i cannot login graphically. dreaded ice authority updating error. google solutions dont help. any suggestions? new ubuntu user :)10:25
=== b08z80-|-Z is now known as bobweaver
xqix9u2vaxion, try deleting some . files in your home directory10:30
xqix9u2vKingsy, why install that i think vino is builtin, and enabled w checkbox...10:31
xqix9u2vpenos, ardour is worth checking out10:31
gschwepppenos: you want to record music ?10:31
gschwepppenos: http://rgrwkmn.hubpages.com/hub/Recording-in-Linux-aka-Free-and-Open-Source-Digital-Audio-Workstation10:31
penosgsch kind of10:32
Johnny_GigglesIf I insert a USB stick and mount it on Ubuntu, does it modify the USB stick in any way?  (OS X puts silly files on the USB stick)10:32
Kingsyxqix9u2v: I have, but I cant connect to it either10:32
xqix9u2vdid you install a firewall?10:34
xqix9u2vopen port 590010:34
CptNyggahWhy are there two FloodBots in here?10:34
sattu94CptNyggah: there used to be three..10:34
gschweppJohnny_Giggles: no. i don't think so. You can just try it.10:35
Johnny_GigglesI don't think it does.  But then the OS X files are hidden on OS X10:36
Kingsyxqix9u2v: yup10:36
Kingsyxqix9u2v: and no, I don't have a firewall10:36
Kingsyxqix9u2v: I have sshed into the machine and ran10:36
xqix9u2vtelnet hostname 590010:37
Kingsyxqix9u2v: k 1 sec just rebooting the machine remotely to start clean10:38
ubuntu_Alguien puede indicarme como reparar el grub desde la consola?10:38
Kingsyxqix9u2v: ok I have just started the server with vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 16 -pixelformat rgb565 -httpport 590010:39
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=== Relic is now known as Guest15181
xqix9u2vit may be conflicting with vino?10:39
Kingsyxqix9u2v: it now says     chris     1936  0.0  0.1  20476  4716 pts/0    S    11:38   0:00 Xtightvnc :1 -desktop X -auth /home/chris/.Xauthority -geometry 1024x768 -depth 16 -pixelformat rgb565 -rfbwait 120000 -rfbauth /home/chris/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 5901 -fp /us  BLAH      from ps aux | grep "vnc"10:39
xqix9u2vrun it on dif port10:39
xqix9u2vok so u can connect but yea run it on 590110:40
Kingsyxqix9u2v: ahh that could be the problem then.. I only have port forwarding setup on 590010:40
gschweppJohnny_Giggles: yeah. Hidden os x files are hidden in osx that the way it works :).10:40
Kingsylet me direct another port through10:41
Kingsy1 second10:41
xqix9u2vahh i see, you already didn that on 590110:41
Kingsyxqix9u2v: what do you mean?10:42
xqix9u2vno i didnt read your earlier message carefully... you are on right track10:42
Younderso unity hasn't renders UNIX totally useless but only because I have  a BASH shell10:43
Kingsyxqix9u2v: ok I have just routed another port 5901 through10:46
KingsyI will try to connect10:46
chewy_hi guys, anyone here using spotify or a nice alternative to it?10:47
Kingsyxqix9u2v: exactly the same problem10:47
Kingsyxqix9u2v: it asks for a username.. then a password.. then does nothing10:47
agoristduane2Hey I'm trying to install ubuntu 11.04 from a cd but it won't install...when I tell it to install it just bring me to a black screen with a few lines of text...it has been like that all night and nothing has changes10:49
xqix9u2vKingsy, what client on what platform?10:49
BanyoI made a thread about my problem10:49
xqix9u2vagoristduane2, verify cd?10:49
Banyocan anyone help me with it?10:49
agoristduane2Yup I have and it's not the cd that's the problem10:50
Kingsyxqix9u2v: ahh just got connected..10:50
xqix9u2vgnome installation...  best left to devs10:50
Kingsyxqix9u2v: but for some reason, the screen is a basic X10:50
Kingsyxqix9u2v: how do you load gnome with the vnc?10:50
KingsyI started the server like this10:51
Kingsyxqix9u2v: vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 16 -pixelformat rgb565 -httpport 590110:51
dr-willisvncserver by default is running whats in. vnc/xsession perhaps10:52
xqix9u2vKingsy, hmm i see... you need to have x server running beforehand10:52
dr-willis .vnc/xsession or similer10:53
Kingsyxqix9u2v: it should be.. I booted the pc up so gnome should be running10:53
Kingsydr-willis: ok..10:53
Kingsylet me see wahts in there10:53
dr-willisvncserver dies not need a xsession beforhand10:53
dr-willisexcept for vino. or x11vnc10:53
Kingsydr-willis: in .vnc the only files I have are mars:1.log  mars:1.pid  mars:2.log  mars:2.pid  passwd      xstartup10:53
xqix9u2vno but then you will be in twm,10:54
dr-willisKingsy:  edit xstartup as needed10:54
dr-willisandbe sure to close/kill extra vnc sessions10:54
xqix9u2vyou have a menu when u click a mouse button?10:55
dr-willisvncserver -kill :1    and so on10:55
xqix9u2vthats twm10:55
dr-willisi normally use jwm with vnc10:55
Trashihi. i have a 1.5ghz pentium4 and 1024 GB shared memory machine. im looking for a good os, because at the moment winxp is running and its really slow ... what would you commend? ubuntu or better xubuntu? dont know .. maybe gnome2 is to much, so xfce would be the better choose?!10:55
Kingsyyeah thats it..10:55
Kingsyumm I will edit that file and see what I get10:55
Onepamopaguys, anyone knows how to enable tcp_nodelay? openvpn screams: setsockopt TCP_NODELAY=1 failed (No kernel support)10:56
xqix9u2vyou want to run x beforehand otherwise u run twm or jwm whick isnt much better10:56
dr-willisKingsy:  i make mine run 'xterm &' and then 'exec jwm' For example10:56
dr-willisTrashi:  least powerhungry is lubuntu10:57
xqix9u2vso ssh in startx then connect10:57
Kingsydr-willis: hmm how do I get it to load a normal gnome window session again ?   exec gnome-session or something ? I forgt10:57
xqix9u2vactually u hmmm..10:57
dr-willisKingsy:  yes10:57
Kingsydr-willis: cheers10:57
xqix9u2vi dont think you can run startx remotely10:57
Trashidr-willis: nice .. will look for .. thanks!10:57
dr-williscompiz and vnc not a good combo10:58
paul_ukhi all, is there a way to hide .ext~ files?10:58
dr-willisxqix9u2v:  for vnc thers no need to10:58
xqix9u2vlol ^^10:58
paul_ukby that I mean .txt~ .php~ .whatever~ files10:58
glebihanpaul_uk, if you're in nautilus, Ctrl+H10:59
dr-willispaul_uk:  would be a filemanager featurr10:59
Onepamopawell, think it's time I repeat the question: guys, anyone knows how to enable tcp_nodelay? openvpn screams: setsockopt TCP_NODELAY=1 failed (No kernel support)10:59
xqix9u2vu might as well... then why run vnc you can simply forward x/...10:59
paul_ukgelian, im using thundar ok i'll ask in xbuntu10:59
dr-willisxqix9u2v:  i got vnc on my phone. not x10:59
Kingsydr-willis: that worked :) just two things, first when I frist connected I got an error saying I didnt have the hardware to run the selected config and to select gnome-classic ??10:59
xqix9u2vno need for vnc if you are going to run jwm lol11:00
nisstyreI would tend to disagree with that viewpoint11:00
glebihanpaul_uk, I think it's the same in thundar as in nautilus11:00
dr-willisKingsy:  tep.. thats why i suggest a wm other then gnome11:00
agoristduane2Hey I think I was able to get to the install page...I say " i think" because after i selected install ubuntu i was brought to a black screen with an empty gray box in the middle any suggestions as to what the problem could be?11:00
dr-willisjwm is ideal for vnc. about as light as you can get11:01
Johnny_GigglesIs there a mint channel?11:01
Kingsydr-willis: also when I was viewing cheese (my webcam) vncviewer just closed, in the terminal I had this message--11:01
Kingsy main:        End of stream11:01
chewy_guys, is gnome 3 available in ubuntu 11.04? i mean i saw tutos and ppas, but from april. what s the standard procedure installation today, and can we have it in a 11.04 system without messing the unity one? (a gdm with 2 choices for instance?)11:01
xqix9u2vdr-willis,try reading this http://tldp.org/HOWTO/XDMCP-HOWTO/ssh.html11:02
glebihan!gnome3 | chewy_11:02
ubottuchewy_: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.11:02
xqix9u2vx already runs over network11:03
xqix9u2vno need for vnc in your case11:03
dr-willisxqix9u2v:  my case? what case.11:04
dr-willisive used xdmcp for 10+ years. it has its pros and cons.11:04
xqix9u2vif you are running jwm for vnc that is pointless...  might as well run your regular wm11:04
dr-willisvnc also has its pros anc cons11:05
dr-willisxqix9u2v:  you are confused about vnc i think11:05
xqix9u2vyes, but the whole point of vnc is that you get to use whatever wm you want11:06
dr-willisa complex destop can make vnc very slow.11:06
xqix9u2vif you like jwm fine11:06
xqix9u2vyou probably do not have a root window jpeg/wallpaper in jwm thats why it feels fast to you11:07
Kingsydr-willis: xqix9u2v: thanks for your help.. it works which is a start11:07
xqix9u2vvnc is only limited by network speed11:07
agoristduane2Is there no one on here willing to help me?11:07
agoristduane2I've stated my problem twice and got 1 reply who didn't reply after that...is anyone on here willing tk help a linux bewb?11:08
agoristduane2*linux newb11:08
dr-willisvnc has other limits as well. but i must be off.11:08
=== X_ is now known as FreeNET
lion42agoristduane2, attempting to guilt-trip people for support is unlikely to help you.11:09
* ahhughez continues to try and get his hdmi audio working. I can now see the correct card 'HDA NVidia' in AlsaMixer... and the 'PCM' (whatever that is) appears to be on max volume/level. But still no sound :'( any suggestions?11:09
lion42However, I would recommend re-asking your question at a later hour, and my only personal recommendation would be to ensure that you're installing a copy of ubuntu compatible with your system, and trying a fresh copy if that's the case.11:09
xqix9u2vno it doesnt it just sends a picture and mouse and kb thats it11:09
agoristduane2...I wasn't trying to guilt-trip people and i apologize if it seems that way... And thanks for the suggestion Lion4211:10
xqix9u2vnothing complicated about vnc it needs bandwidth11:10
ytzasdfmy ubuntu install hangs on "Attached SCSI removable disk"11:12
ytzasdfi'm using usb install11:13
marekw2143hi, I've installed openvpn package, and I have files with extensions: .crt, .ovpn, .key. How can I connect to VPN?11:14
volga629marekw2143: you need on connected machine openvpn client11:15
baconagoristduane2 is there enaythign else you can tell us about the system your doing the install on?11:15
volga629marekw2143: if you using linux and NetworkManager applet it will easy way connect to openvpn server11:16
baconand have you tried pressing ctrl+alt+f1 when the machine stops functioning11:16
baconthere might be more information available there11:16
kristjanHello! Could anyone help me?11:16
kristjanI installed SWAT 4 with wine and game works great, but i can't find a way to add SWAT 4 to my applications menu :S11:17
marekw2143volga629: so in NetworkManager I switched to VPN tab and what then ?11:17
kristjani get error: Missing startup.ini file UNKNOWN: appInit11:18
KentrelHi, there's something suddenly wrong with my sound. Everything comes out with a "buzz"... Is there a way to fix this without logging out or rebooting?11:18
volga629marekw2143: first of all check if open vpn plugin installed for NetworkManager11:18
TheoKarI found the answer to my faulty panel. After calling:   "killall -9 gnome-settings-daemon && gnome-settings-daemon && nautilus -q" the panel-design is back and working.11:19
marekw2143volga629: synaptic shows that: network management framework (PPTP plugin) is installed11:19
delinquentmeso I've got a new acer laptop that I've installed ubuntu on .. and im looking to get the wireless working .. i've found a few tutorials however they've kinda set me back .. ( fewer options on the wireless icon ... and still not picking up on the wireless networks around it )  .. i know the hardware is Atheros but i dont know the model number for that hardware ... I do have the windows version of the driver ...11:19
volga629marekw2143: look for openvpn one11:19
marekw2143volga629: what's that?11:20
volga629marekw2143: network-manager-openvpn11:20
volga629marekw2143: synaptic should find like this11:21
marekw2143volga629: ok, I've installed thta11:21
volga629marekw2143: go to NetworkManager right click edit connections vpn tab and add choice openvpn from list and fill info according what you have11:23
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TheoKardelinquentme: the windows driver might not work in ubuntu. wich version of ubuntu did you install?11:24
delinquentmeTheoKar, 10.0411:24
KNUBBIGHey, I need tomcat7 on ubuntu, but it somehow won't work on 11.04 so I tried updating to 11.10 (it's only for developing apps on my own), but I get the error: "Error authenticating some packages" (and a list of all packages). Any help  with either tomcat7 on 11.04 or the upgrade error?11:25
marekw2143volga629: ok, I've imported .ovpn, but how can I connect now to that network ?11:25
delinquentmeI've read some have support based off of HAL ? but HAL was discontinued in 10.04? and also that this hardware might be natively supported in 11.0411:25
TheoKardelinquentme: is your system recognicing the hardware? which driver is used (if any)?    try lspci -v11:27
delinquentmeyessss AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)11:27
volga629marekw2143: save connection. To connect left click on on NetworkManager tab and you should see vpn connection in list11:27
delinquentmeTheoKar, ha i found that command just then :P11:28
volga629marekw2143: NetworkManager icon11:28
delinquentmeTheoKar, this is weird >> Capabilities: <access denied>11:28
delinquentmeunder that wireless card11:28
marekw2143volga629: yes, but there in VPN menu are only two options : Configure VPN and Disconnect VPN . Option Disconnect VPN is disabled (can't click on it)11:29
MK`I noticed a few days ago that a folder named ~ was created in my home folder, as in, it's location is ~/~/. Does anyone else have this? What causes it?11:29
TheoKardelinquentme: shouldn't matter. I have the same message for all my network devices11:30
=== szal_ is now known as szal
delinquentmeok sweet11:30
TheoKardelinquentme: whats there in the driver section?11:30
ThelmariaKNUBBIG: Have you tried updating and upgrading your apt-cache? In terminal: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrad11:30
glebihanMK`, probably a command you mistyped at some point11:30
volga629marekw2143: did assigned name to openvpn profile ?11:30
ThelmariaKNUBBIG: oops - that last one is 'sudo apt-get upgrade'.11:30
MK`I don't believe so. But I will doublecheck11:31
marekw2143voidmage: yes11:31
KNUBBIGThelmaria: yes, I did that. I was just told in #ubuntu+1 that they had signing issues and I have to wait a bit11:31
marekw2143and I made it available to all users11:31
ThelmariaKNUBBIG: Ah, fair enough.11:31
glebihanMK`, does it reappear regularly if you delete it ?11:31
razerHow can I change the position of an app in the unity launcher??11:31
delinquentmeTheoKar, http://pastie.org/2453923 those are the two network related ones i believe?11:32
volga629marekw2143: so you should see in vpn you profile11:32
MK`glebihan: yes11:32
marekw2143volga629: where ?11:33
MK`.. glebihan when I delete it or rename it, it is instantly re-created.11:33
TheoKardelinquentme: http://blog.homelinux.org/?p=17011:33
glebihanMK`, in that case, there's very likely a script containing a mistyped command somewhere11:34
stratokahi all11:34
glebihanMK`, do you use some kind of a sync system ??11:34
volga629marekw2143: if you left click on NetworkManager icon you should VPN connections:11:34
MK`glamorblue: No, where can I look at running scripts?11:34
chewy_glebihan, thanks. so that means it can break the system. i thought there would be some gdm choosing DE with the install. Thanks for your help11:35
marekw2143volga629: but what's interesting, in "Wired" I don't see anything, but I've defined /etc/networks/interfaces with vim for wired connection11:35
glebihanMK`, well... "ps -ef" could be a start11:35
chewy_glebihan, with a gdm DE choice, unity or gnome3, this would just crash the X session, but nothing else. if some libs are involved, definitely not funny.11:35
ytzasdfmy ubuntu  usb install hangs after this: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk11:36
ytzasdfany tips11:36
glebihanchewy_, it shouldn't crash anything else than you desktop sessions11:36
MK`glebihan would I look for something running under my own user, not root?11:36
glebihanMK`, probably yes, what use does the "~" folder belong to ?11:37
delinquentmeTheoKar, Ok giving it a test run ... brb11:37
chewy_glebihan, but there won t be with the ppa install 2 sessions available, right? you can t choose between unity or gnome3 in a gdm prompt, can you11:37
marekw2143and clicking on "connection information" generates window with information: no valid active connections found11:37
MK`Ah, yes, I forgot about that. I own it glebihan11:37
ytzasdfubuntu: advertises to be easy to use, impossible to install11:37
TheoKardelinquentme: ok11:37
glebihanMK`, then yes it's probably a script running as your user11:37
volga629marekw2143: when you left click on NetworkManager icon what you see should have Wired ... on the bottom it should be VPN connections11:38
glebihanchewy_, no unity will be broken if you choose to install gnome 311:38
Thelmariaytzasdf: On the whole, it is. (easy to install, that is). Did you checksum the install iso image?11:38
marekw2143volga629: that's true11:38
wasanzyhi all11:38
volga629marekw2143: Do you see under vpn connection with profile name ?11:39
wasanzyI have a vodafone usb modem broadband, which when I plug it to my laptop, it detects it but is not connecting to the internet11:39
ytzasdfThelmaria, yes the hash is the same11:39
ytzasdfand i cant find any info on my error -_-11:40
marekw2143volga629: when opening NetworkManager via "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Network Connections" ?11:40
wasanzyI have been using this for some time till today11:40
BSaboiahi guys. does anyone rent a VPS or a dedicated server here?11:41
wasanzybut now the Betavine Connection  Manager show the device is N/A11:41
ThelmariaBSaboia: Not really an ubuntu question, per se.11:41
BSaboiaThelmaria, yes, i know it is a little bit off topic11:42
wasanzypls who can help me?11:42
marekw2143volga629: after unchecking  "enable connections" and then after checking it once again, I see my VPN connection in "VPN connections" submenu11:42
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
BSaboiabut there is not a direct place to ask this, and i thought that maybe here is a good place, since many people here should be linked to system management and so on11:42
Thelmariaytzasdf: You're trying to install the right version for your hardware?11:43
wasanzyany one to help me with the modem?11:44
volga629marekw2143: you should have NetworkManager icon in task bar11:44
ytzasdfi'm trying to install ubuntu11:44
marekw2143volga629: I've got it11:44
delinquentmeSO it seems that didnt work ... presuming b/c the other software that I've installed ... i think ill blame the 'mad wireless' ? TheoKar11:44
glebihanBSaboia, try #ubuntu-offtopic11:44
ytzasdffor a p67 sabertooth/i7/etc.11:44
marekw2143volga629: and there's VPN connection name under "VPN connections " menu11:44
ytzasdfubuntu 11.04 desktop that is11:44
marekw2143volga629: it's checked11:44
volga629marekw2143: so you connected ?11:44
marekw2143volga629: but clicking "Connection informations" generates : No valid active connections found!11:45
BSaboiaglebihan, danker11:45
iszakAnyone know what's going on with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/799938 ?11:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 799938 in linux (Ubuntu) "Trackpad of Dell XPS 15z not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:45
=== wzhh is now known as zerohonor
Thelmariaytzasdf: Are you using a live-cd iso? Do you get to a desktop, or the thing won't even manage to boot?11:45
volga629marekw2143: when you press ones on vppn connection name it will try connect11:46
OerHeksiszak, read the last comment #34 wich gives a solution ( maybe) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/799938/comments/3411:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 799938 in linux (Ubuntu) "Trackpad of Dell XPS 15z not working" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:47
TheoKardelinquentme: madwifi?11:47
marekw2143volga629: but maybe my NetworkManager is corrupted? when I click "enable networking" (to uncheck that) I still have access to internet11:47
iszakOerHeks, that's a work-around I want it baked into the core.11:47
ytzasdfThelmaria, i'm using the ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso11:47
delinquentmeTheoKar, yeah apparently its a possible solution for atheros wireless chipsets11:47
OerHeksisxak, then you have to wait for an update.11:48
iszakOerHeks, I want to speed up the process; there's basically no indication a fix will even be provided.11:48
TheoKardelinquentme: so previous to your madwifi installation it didn't work either?11:48
delinquentmeTheoKar, correct11:48
volga629marekw2143: if vpn connection established and if you doing ifconfig -a you should see tap int up and running plus you can check daemon.log in /var/log11:48
OerHeksiszak, the url is the fix, did you try it ?11:48
Thelmariaytzasdf: Hrm, that would be right. I'm afraid I'm out of my depth to debug the issue - my suggestions would be a) try re-downloading and re-burning to disk / flash drive, b) try another alternative disk, see if that works.11:49
TheoKardelinquentme: and you do have wireless network around you to access? :-)11:49
iszakOerHeks, yes I have and it does fix it but I want to see it baked in.11:49
ehsan_Hi guys11:49
ehsan_I have a problem with eucalyptus11:49
delinquentmeTheoKar, yeah haha :D its my own that i setup and i can connect to it with other laptops11:50
ehsan_when I try to run the eucalyptus-describe-availabilty -zones verbose to see if we have resources11:50
volga629marekw2143: if vpn connected you should see small lock on top of NetworkManager icon11:50
ehsan_I see no resources11:50
marekw2143volga629: so VPN is not connected11:51
ehsan_and all of the resources in zones is set to zero11:51
marekw2143ifconfig -a don't show that11:51
delinquentmehow diffierent is 10.04 from 11.04 ?? ( ubuntu )11:51
dr_willisdelinquentme:  very :)11:51
ehsan_of course my nodes are registered11:51
iszakdelinquentme, unity is the default UI is the major one.11:51
volga629marekw2143: explain what you see11:51
ehsan_somebody said that your nodes are not registered11:51
TheoKardelinquentme: so first thing to do, deactivate unity :-)11:51
ehsan_but when I try to euca_conf --list-nodes11:52
delinquentmedr_willis, what about the LTS ... when will the next LTS supported version come out?11:52
dr_willisor read some unity docs.. and learn to use unity..11:52
marekw2143volga629: I see information about 4 interfaces: eth0, lo, vboxnet0 (that's for VirtualBox I guess) and wlan011:52
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)11:52
ehsan_I see the two nodes ip's that I have registered11:52
dr_willis3 yrs after last lts.. i think. :) if im reading that right.11:52
volga629marekw2143: so vpn not connected11:52
ehsan_Could anybody help me please?11:53
volga629marekw2143: what version of ubuntu ?11:53
glebihandr_willis, nope a LTS every 2 years usually11:53
delinquentmedr_willis, so is it safe to assume if i dont want to become an ubuntu hacker i should stick ot 10.0411:54
dr_willisdelinquentme:  i dont worry about sticking to LTS. i use what i like...11:54
glebihandelinquentme, the next LTS should be 12.04 (though it's not official yet)11:54
dr_willis11.04 works fine for me.. actually the alpha of the next release is working decently well for me also. :)11:54
FAMASi need help11:55
dr_willis10,11,12 = 3 yrs... :)11:55
FAMASi cannot connect to synirc server11:55
marekw2143volga629: maybe I should start some VPN daemon?11:55
marekw2143volga629: hmm, maybe I've removed NetworkManager daemon from startup daemons somewhen11:55
dr_willisFAMAS:   never heard of it..... elaborate on the issue..11:55
FAMASit is an irc server11:55
FAMASjust like freenode11:55
dr_willisFAMAS:  you mean its an Irc NETWORK....11:56
FAMASlike that11:56
dr_willisso you connect to any of its servers.. and there ya are.11:56
FAMASnow neither xchat nor chatzilla has it on their serverlist11:56
FAMASbut i can connect to it via mirc11:56
marekw2143volga629: 11.0411:56
FAMASand that is on my windows 711:56
FAMASi cannot bring mirc to this ubuntu11:57
volga629marekw2143: NetworkManager should be on startup to manipulate network connections11:57
marekw2143volga629: but I've probably removed it in the past from startup11:57
marekw2143volga629: and now I'm using /etc/network/interfaces11:57
volga629marekw2143: you want doing everything manually ?11:58
marekw2143volga629: nono, I just want VPN connection :)11:58
marekw2143volga629: how to check if network-manager is removed from startup ?11:58
bluenemouninstall nm ;)11:59
sylowHi, I'm trying to serup courier pop3, postfix is only used from localhost, but for additional pop3 accounts, do I need a system user for each address?12:00
marekw2143bluenemo: and maybe how to enforce so that nm is always started?12:00
dr_willisnetwork manager is started by default..12:00
dr_willisunless you somehow broke it. :)12:00
MK`glebihan: I think it is chromium doing it. I have a shortcut with --user-data-dir=~/.config/etc... whenever I launch it or it is open it creates this folder. When Chromium is closed it does not re-create that folder, and deleting the folder deletes the config (even though don't seem to be stored there?)12:01
bluenemoimho nm is broken by default ;) i use wicd if i need it graphicly for some reason12:01
sylowI see examples with mysql db and tables for the addresses, I wonder if that's needed12:01
volga629marekw2143: update-rc.d -f NetworkManager remove12:02
marekw2143volga629: what will that do ?12:02
bluenemoremove nm from init scripts12:02
marekw2143ok, I removed12:03
volga629marekw2143: remove from startup12:03
dr_willisim not even sure if update-rc.d works any more with upstart.12:03
dr_willisI dident think he wanted to remove it.. Unless i missread what he has been saying..12:03
marekw2143yes, I just wanted to ensure that it will start :)12:03
bluenemowell then it wont do this now :)12:03
dr_willisUnless you have removed it or broke it.. it should start.12:03
bluenemonm is the default network interface management tool on ubuntu and should start up by itself after a successfull installtion12:04
MK`It seems Chromium's user-data-dir is not an absolute location but begins at ~/12:04
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:05
marekw2143now my network configuration is done manually by /etc/network/interfaces12:05
bluenemojust check the network management tools. ip, dhclient, and so on12:06
kristjanHello! Where are panel .desktop files located?12:08
volga629here some info: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/update-rc.d.8.html12:08
marekw2143hmm, I'll read and configure openvpn by hand12:09
carerahi boys12:09
BlouBlouhi carera12:09
careraplease, i have a line of numbers and i need to remove lines given by those numbers from specific file, can anyone give me a quick help?12:09
carera$ sed '1d,3d,4d,5d' file.txt just doesnt work12:09
coz_kristjan,  look in /usr/share/applications12:10
kristjanthere is no swat 412:11
marekw2143uff, now my ifconfig -a shows interface tap12:12
kristjani need to open up panel swat 4.desktop12:12
marekw2143but firefox can't make use of that12:12
coz_kristjan,  what is  swat4?12:12
kristjanI have problem with the game12:12
kristjanThe desktop shortcut works fine and runs the game12:13
kristjanwhen i add it to my panel list with same command, it won't run12:13
Picikristjan: Are you trying to run a game under WINE?12:13
coz_kristjan,  ah12:13
Pici!appdb | kristjan12:13
ubottukristjan: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:13
kristjani asked in #wine and they told me to look under distrubution channel12:13
kristjanubottu i did12:13
kristjanone person told me, that it's not wine fault12:14
jetscreamerso you don't have a problem with running the game12:14
coz_kristjan,  then look under .wine in the home directory12:14
* Cortex chuckles at that incredibly hilarious statement12:14
jetscreamerso don't say 'the game' because they'll redirect you to #winehq12:15
kristjanno, game works fine, only the shortcut in panel wont work12:15
kristjanis there a way to edit my panel icons with gedit?12:16
kristjancoz_ there's nothing12:16
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:16
kristjanPici: where is the !appdb located?12:17
coz_kristjan,  you could try to look under gconf-editer   /aps/panel/   see if anything is under there,, although I doubt it12:17
Picikristjan: I don't understand your question.12:17
Picikristjan: !appdb is a trigger to make ubottu tell you about Wine's appdb12:17
kristjanwhere is gconf-editor located?12:18
coz_kristjan,  whcih version of ubuntu on you running there?12:18
coz_kristjan,  open a terminal and type  gconf-editor12:18
kristjanDone, now?12:18
c_nickhow can i check permissions for a particular user12:19
coz_kristjan,  well as I said  maneauver to   /apps/panel   see if anything is under there, but I doubt it12:19
coz_kristjan,  I am surprised there is a panel icon for the game after installing into wine  but I know little about games/wine12:20
EnmityWhenever my laptop boots it boots into a blank screen. I have to ctrl-alt-del to get it to boot into a grub menu. I think there is an old suspend image that it is trying to load that is broken. How do I delete it?12:20
coz_!blank screen12:20
volga629Enmity: what ubuntu version ?12:20
kristjanWine automatically put the icon into desktop and not to panel, when i try to add the icon to panel, with the same command as in desktop, i get error12:20
EnmityI installed 10.04 I think then upgraded to 11.01 when it was out - it has been doing it for ages12:21
coz_kristjan,  ah I see.. not sure then,,, apparenlty the panel icon you  made is not seeing the executable under wine12:22
Jcook_5xDatadoes anyone jnow what this package is called http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/831/screenshothf.png/12:22
kristjancoz_ how to fix that?12:22
Jcook_5xDataI like to install it on xubuntu12:22
Enmity!blank screen12:22
REEXhey guys, i just purchased an ubuntu 11.04 vps12:22
REEXwhen i try to install the package weechat12:22
REEXit says12:23
REEXReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree... Done E: Unable to locate package weechat12:23
xanguaJcook_5xData: clic on the sound indicator-preferences12:23
REEXi tried installing other packages too, but to no avail12:23
REEXany ideas?12:23
ThelmariaREEX: Have you done an apt-get update / apt-get upgrade?12:23
coz_kristjan,  to be honest I have little experience with wine,, however,, let me check around , hold on12:23
jribREEX: apt-cache search -n weechat12:23
Jcook_5xDataREEX, apt-cache search wee12:23
jrib!apt > REEX12:23
ubottuREEX, please see my private message12:23
xanguaoh then you need indicators Jcook_5xData, don't thin they support xfce4-panel12:23
REEXThelmaria: all right i'll do apt-get update12:24
xanguathere was a package for xfce4-panel to support gnome-panel appets12:24
volga629Enmity: I now in ubuntu 10.04 you need add in kernel line in grub.conf nomodeset12:24
DSpairHello all. Need some help with apt.conf. We have an internal unauthenticated repo for our in-house packages. Is there a way to set the allow-unauthenticated option for that repo by default?12:25
volga629Enmity: I know sorry12:25
Jcook_5xDataxangua, Hmmm it use to and I know the old one. I upgrade to 11.10 to see if I could use Unity (nope) I like gnome3 but it mess with my starcraft 2 playing12:25
volga629Enmity: sorry morning, I know in ubuntu 10.04 you need add in kernel line in grub.conf nomodeset12:25
Enmitywhen you suspend it just saves a file like a ram image or something, and upon booting if it detects one there it tries to decompress and load that? so all I need to do is delete the old failed suspend image?12:26
bittinSomone wants a Mac LC?12:26
xanguaJcook_5xData: 11.10 uses gnome3....12:26
xanguaunity is just a shell12:26
coz_no it doesnt12:26
coz_sorry 11.10  does12:26
dr_willis!info weechat12:27
ubottuweechat (source: weechat): Fast, light and extensible chat client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.4-1 (natty), package size 3 kB, installed size 36 kB12:27
volga629Enmity: when you reboot you machine in grub press ESC to load menu and edit kernel line12:27
Jcook_5xDataxangua, I know - I alway play with different desktop12:27
dr_willisEnmity:  it normally suspends using the swap partition. theres some options i recall to make it not try to recover/unsuspend.\12:28
hiwkusing 11.04, so far with unity, what would be the prefered way to bind media keys (such as XF86AudioPlay)?12:29
dr_willisnight all.12:29
hiwkI tried to bind that to a "run command" using CCSM, but it doesn't seem to "take", so I think something else is capturing it12:30
Enmityso can I mount the swap patition and try to ls for this file and delete it?12:30
ThelmariaHas init been fully replaced in ubuntu yet?12:31
SirDidii want to install ubuntu with a usb-stick on my thinkpad, but it only appears this message -> Minimal BASH-like line editing si supported. for the first word...12:31
DaghdhaHi, is there a ubuntu preferred media server? (Like mediatomb)12:32
SirDidiwhat can I do?12:32
DaghdhaOne that's actually supprted maybe by ubuntu, i dunno12:32
tonytiolá algum canal BR ?12:34
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:35
delinquentmeSo when im trying fixes out for ubuntu... what are the chances that previous attempts at fixes would nullify a working fix .... IE it would normally work to fix said problem ... but it doesnt because of all the attempted fixes before ( this specifically applies to wireless card drivers )12:36
eypalin case here is some people from Canonical; there is something wrong currently at the http://webapps.ubuntu.com12:38
eypalyou are already maybe aware of this but just to make sure..12:39
eypalgood morning/day/evening to everybody and bye12:39
kjeoiewdM,Y TUMMY HURT!12:41
=== eyes_ is now known as EyesIsMine
Enmitydoes anyone else have any insight how to delete a suspend image from my swap partition? dunno if that is even heading in the right track. To do that, just swapoff /dev/sda2 then mkswap /dev/sda2?12:42
kolixHey guys12:42
kjeoiewdM,Y TUMMY HURT!!!12:42
kolixme again...12:42
kolixhow di set up ftp accounts?12:42
Thelmaria!ot > kjeoiewd12:42
ubottukjeoiewd, please see my private message12:42
kolixhow do i set up ftp accounts on ubunt server?12:43
kolixsomething about ftpd?12:43
Thelmariakolix: You could check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html12:44
kolixThelmaria, thanks12:44
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel|lunch
ThelmariaEnmity: If messing with the swap partition doesn't hlep, have you tried disabling and then re-enabling suspend / resume? How you'd do that, I'm not sure.12:47
coz_kristjan,  hey guy,, did you fix that issue?12:48
coz_kristjan,  you may have to  be sure ,, for that sortcut that it is pointing to wine and the executable for example   wine “/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS2/Photoshop.exe”12:48
coz_kristjan,  you put wine at the beginning I believe,, at least it makes sense here12:49
kristjanno i didn't got it to work12:49
kristjaneven when i create on desktop another icon with same command and name, i again get the error?!12:49
capsoftlo folks, i was wondering if i can change the resolution of ubuntu while working in m$ virtual pc12:50
kristjanlooks like only the icon, what wine created, works :(12:50
kristjaneven when i add the swat 4 to my awn dock, again... same error12:50
coz_kristjan,   as I said  you probably have to  make the command on that shortcut look similar to t his12:50
coz_kristjan,     wine “/home/username/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CS2/Photoshop.exe”12:50
kolixhey guys, just installed vsftp12:50
Avaszi only get about 150-200 kbps in scp from a machine in LAN. I thought it would be faster than that. what maybe the reason?12:51
kristjancoz_: i still get same error...12:52
kristjanlooks like the icon can't find startup.ini12:52
coz_kristjan,  then #winehq  should have the resources to fix the issue, if they dont I would be surprised and disappointed12:52
kristjani'll ask soon, first try something :)12:54
japroAre there other possibilities to broadcast my ubuntu desktop to streaming sites (justin.tv etc.) other than ffmpeg?12:54
japroI get very low frame rages with ffmpeg and can't figure out why12:55
japro-rages +rates12:55
yujinI have downloaded Nexuiz,but the package was broken.12:55
coz_yujin,  did you download from their site?12:56
Cortexhow do I enable compositing?12:56
coz_Cortex,   do you want to run compiz?12:57
Cortexno, Docky12:57
theadminCortex: Hamsters like Docky need a compositing manager, such as Compiz. So... you do want to run compiz :P12:57
coz_Cortex,  on gnome  open gconf-editor   maeuver to  /apps/metacity/general   and enable compositing there12:57
Cortexapologies, thanks!12:58
yujini download it by multiget12:58
coz_Corey,  if on the other hand you run compiz and this is ubuntu 11.04  classid  in a terminal    compiz --replace & disown12:58
cherylI need to see a geek about a webcam on Ubuntu 10.412:59
kjeoiewdare you going to upload the video12:59
Thelmariayujin: You could try using apt to install it - 'sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get install nexuiz'13:01
GlenjaminHi guys, I'm trying to set the default browser to a shell script. I've updated x-www-browser via update-alternatives, but links are still opening in firefox - any ideas?13:01
cherylI need to see a geek about a webcam on Ubuntu 10.1013:01
theadminGlenjamin: You can set $BROWSER, too13:02
theadminGlenjamin: For that to be permanent you might want it in your bashrc13:02
Glenjaminwill that work in gnome?13:04
RPSHi Guys, I need flash player and java to watch some video on a website. It's been a while since I started up from scratch and I can't remember the best way to determine what to download. Any helpful info will be appreciated13:04
theadminRPS: As for Flash, apt-get install flashplugin-installer13:04
theadmin!java | RPS See this about Java13:05
ubottuRPS See this about Java: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.13:05
eros_what is one of the better email clients for ubuntu13:05
Cortexanother newbie question guys, when in Compiz, how do I enable compositing?13:05
theadminCortex: Compiz will always have it enabled13:05
theadminCortex: That's it's sole purpose13:05
Glenjamintheadmin: just tried doing "BROWSER=/path/to/script gnome-open <url>" with no effect13:05
theadminGlenjamin: I don't think you want gnome-open, that uses GNOME's settings... You could try the universal xdg-open tool13:05
Cortexoh right, then I don't know what the hell Docky is doing then13:06
Night-Hacksi deleted the bottom panel in gnome 2.30 wrongly :( !13:06
theadmin!resetpanels | Night-Hacks13:06
ubottuNight-Hacks: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »13:06
eros_or more specifically should I use thunderbird or evolution13:06
Night-Hackstheadmin:  :'( all custom panels are gone !13:07
Glenjamintheadmin: xdg-open also still opens in firefox =/13:08
theadminGlenjamin: Okay, then I have no idea :/13:08
GlenjaminPreferences -> Preferred Applications only lists Ffx and Chrome, but update-alternatives includes my script. Any idea where the prefs dialog gets its settings from?13:09
yujinthanks Thelmaria ,my network speed very slow,i had to copy address from synaptic.13:09
theadminGlenjamin: Nay, it should be gnome-specific stuff13:09
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jribcan someone point me to documentation on what ubuntu does during boot?  i.e. how the kernel, plymouth, and X all interact?  I ask because I'm being bitten by this "blank screen bug": plymouth never seems to display the splash to me but ubuntu eventually boots after about 3 minutes (this is very long; it used to boot in less than 30 seconds)13:10
midhunoi am using ubuntu on my netbook but i can't connect to public wifi networks by that...but private wifi networks works good for me..anybody please help13:11
splitpaw-mobile!nosplash |jrib13:11
theadminjrib: You may find this helpful: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Booting13:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
zogatoI'm having some troubles with Evolution. Currently running on natty. Evolution is constantly trying to send emails through a server that cannot send emails and thus everytime I boot evo up. It tries to send it over and over. I read on the forums that I can just go to my .evolution directory and delete the outbox file but there is no .evolution directory in my home folder. Could it be somewhere else?13:14
theadminzogato: It is in your home folder.13:15
theadminzogato: It's a hidden directory13:15
midhunoi am using ubuntu on my netbook but i can't connect to public wifi networks by that...but private wifi networks works good for me..anybody please help13:15
theadminzogato: Hit Ctrl+H to see those if you use the standard file manager13:15
theadminzogato: Also, if I recall correctly, it's .config/evolution13:16
jribI'm being bitten by this "blank screen bug": plymouth never seems to display the splash to me but ubuntu eventually boots after about 3 minutes (this is very long; it used to boot in less than 30 seconds).  Furthermore, I can boot much faster by forcing gfxpayload to equal text in grub.cfg.  However, something still seems to be "working" because even though I can get into X, I do not have access to my sound13:16
jribcard until about 3 minutes later (and this only after issuing udevadm trigger --sysname-match card0)13:16
zagibumidhuno: what's the error message?13:16
kristjanHow can i create icon with command to cd to directory and then open file with wine?13:16
theadminkristjan: Well, you can do exactly that ;)13:17
jribkristjan: write a bash script that does that then have a launcher execute said script13:17
kristjanhow can i create one?13:18
jribkristjan: create one what?13:18
kristjanthe bash script13:19
BluesKajHey all13:19
jribkristjan: in a text editor, create a file with first line "#!/bin/bash" and then write your commands on the other lines.  Save and then make it executable.13:19
splitpaw-mobileWell you just opened a can of worms13:20
kristjani can't get it to work13:21
jribkristjan: be more specific13:21
theadminkristjan: You need to make the file executable.13:21
splitpaw-mobile!bash |kristjan13:21
ubottukristjan: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:22
pr0dempathy IRC wrap around bug is driving me insane13:22
theadminpr0d: Use a *real* IRC client then13:22
pr0dis there no sign of a fix?13:22
kristjani opened up gedit and typed in:13:22
kristjancd "/home/kristjan/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Sierra/SWAT 4/Content/System"13:22
kristjanwine " /home/kristjan/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Sierra/SWAT 4/Content/System/SWAT 4.exe"13:22
FloodBot1kristjan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:22
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)13:22
theadminpr0d: You can do "ubuntu-bug empathy" to report a bug13:23
theadminpr0d: See how well it works13:23
jribkristjan: change " / to "/13:23
pr0dfrom searching the net the bug has been reported several times13:23
theadminpr0d: Well then, just hope for them to fix it in a few years13:23
RPStheadmin: I show OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime & Java 6 Web Start as being installed. ...I also see Java runtime (architecture independent libraries), Java runtime using HotSpot JIT (headless) as well as Alternative JVM for OpenJDK using Cacao listed as being installed too. I also show Adobe Flash Plugin for Mozilla installed, but that is the only Flash I have found installed.13:23
kristjanstill don't work13:23
pr0dfew years :D13:24
pr0dkitten will die13:24
theadminpr0d: I'm kidding, but yeah, could be so too :D13:24
japrohmm, noone screencasting his desktop on ubuntu here?13:24
jribkristjan: be more specific... what happens when yout ry to execute it in a shell13:24
RPStheadmin: I have had no luck getting the video to play inside of firefox. I'm sure it's operator error, but what am I missing? LOL13:25
jribkristjan: pastebin your terminal session showing your attempt and full output13:25
DrkCodemani tried installing wubi on my windows 7 64bit installation went through then when i booted up it said the root file system coudlnt be mounted ran check disk said the volume was clean13:25
theadminRPS: Did you restart FF after installing Flash/Java?13:25
DrkCodeman2TB HD 4GB ram13:25
kristjanenv WINEPREFIX="/home/kristjan/.wine" wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Sierra\\SWAT\ 4\\Content\\System\\Swat4.exe13:25
splitpaw-mobileKristjan http://www.google.com/m/search?q=creating+a+wine+shortcut+to+an+application&mshr=29&msbs=&mscq=&mscm=&popt=1&pbx=1&aq=&oq=creating+a+wine+shortcut+to+an+application&aqi=&fkt=4241&fsdt=37569&cqt=35681&rst=25064&htf=&his=&maction=&csll=&action=&ltoken=d714b0ec13:26
kristjansry, my bad13:26
kristjankristjan@kristjan:~$ '/home/kristjan/Töölaud/SWAT 4'13:26
RPStheadmin: BLUSH ...why that would be wayyyyy too simple for me. LOL13:26
theadminRPS: Heh13:27
kristjanhow do i create a file, what would run in terminal?13:28
AccidusI'm trying to upgrade to Natty, but the upgrade manager complains about "pkGProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages."13:28
RPStheadmin: I'm not really clueless, I just the role of clueless on IRC. I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night though. ;) Thanks13:28
theadminRPS: um... okay. No problem I guess13:28
RPSthank you for the help13:28
splitpaw-mobileKristjan found that dosbox supports swat4 http://www.sierrahelp.com/Patches-Updates/NewSierraInstallers.html13:29
DrkCodemananyone else get "wubi no root file system defined"13:29
kristjanwhat am i supposed to do with that?13:30
chaospsychexhow do i create  a sql db? i have sqllite installed13:31
theadminchaospsychex: sqlite3 somefile.sqlite13:31
theadminchaospsychex: After that, well... CREATE TABLE something ( firstname STRING PRIMARY KEY, lastname STRING );13:32
theadminchaospsychex: And such ;)13:32
splitpaw-mobileKristjan you can install dosbox from aplication center and create a shortcut by right clicking on the swat4 startup and create shortcut. Copy to the desktop. Right clic,k on it and select edit. Your command should be somthing like this: dos /home/yourusername/swat4folder/sw4.com [or exe] and save it13:33
RPSAnyone I may have confused with my Holiday Inn Express comment should check a few of the commercials at this link to get a laugh. Then you'll know what I was talking about. LOL http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=holiday+inn+express+commercial&aq=1&oq=holiday+inn+express13:35
jrib!ot | RPS13:35
ubottuRPS: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:35
sylowto be able to receive pop3 mail, the postfix smtp can be set to local (they don't interfere), am I correct?13:37
Baarn1hey, how to use chmod to set different recursive file and folder permissions in the same subfolder? (i mean 755 for directories and 644 for files, for apache stuff)13:37
OnlyodinBaarn1, chmod +X will set directories only to +x13:38
jribBaarn1: or use find, but it's strange that you would need to do this13:38
dixitjoin #ubuntu13:40
Baarn1ok thanks, thought there was an easier way to specify only to toggle files OR folders13:41
Onlyodinjrib, doesn't sound all that strange to me, I just set chmod -R g+X (and chown) so that my webserver is able to traverse directories?13:41
jribOnlyodin: why would you have directories that are not executable in the first place13:42
OnlyodinBaarn1, how much simpler do you want?13:42
RPSSorry about the link earlier13:42
damianfrancishey there I'm wondering if anyone here has had positive experience modifying the ubuntu installation iso's for ubuntu server to add pre configured software such as cassandra, hadoop, java, akka/scalla, etc13:42
Baarn1ya ok, that IS quite simple ;)13:42
tomodachidamianfrancis: why not use puppet instead for pushing out your packages?13:42
Onlyodinjrib, possibly something or someone had unset the execute flag?13:42
jribOnlyodin: I would call that strange :P13:43
Onlyodinjrib, so, do you believe chmod -x should ignore directories?13:44
jribOnlyodin: no13:44
DaghdhaAnyone use MediaTomb on unbuntu? Is it ok?13:45
yoshxdoes anyone kwows mdadm ?13:45
DinkDaghdha: I used it 1yr ago and it worked great then13:48
AccidusI'm trying to upgrade from Maverick to Natty. The upgrade manager failed, the error in the /var/log/dist-upgrade/*/main.log file is "failed to SystemUnLock() (E:Not locked)". What should I do?13:49
DrkCodemanyeah windows 7 64bit doesnt show any issues with the os but ubuntu cant see the windows partition13:53
ionitewhat is the difference between LTS 10.4 and 11.04?13:53
DrkCodemanwas going to do side by side13:53
xanguaionite: long term support13:54
ionitexangua: does it mean that its less buggy and more stable?13:54
AccidusThe main.log file can be found here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677991/13:54
xanguaionite: if by more stable you mean use old software, yes13:55
ionitexangua: so in other words 10.4 is more stable than 11.0413:59
=== sena is now known as senayar
DrkCodemanif windows 7 check disk doesnt see a problem with the partition and installation why is it ubuntu can't see the bootloader for it?14:08
genii-aroundDrkCodeman: Is it some EFI bootloader?14:09
perlsyntaxIf i got one sound card in the motherboard and  1 in pci and one in the other shout will it hurt my pc?14:09
DrkCodemangenii-around: no14:09
perlsyntaxif i am it won't right in linux.14:10
DrkCodemangenii-around: it is the defaulted windows 7 boot loader14:10
perlsyntaxanyone know:)14:10
DrkCodemanEFI is for creating a hackintosh :P14:11
perlsyntaxwill it hurt have 3 sound cards in linux or not?14:11
bluehe2920 what is this?14:13
eduardoinswedenhi, I partition disk in win7 for installing ubuntu, should i assign driveletter or not?14:13
Slartperlsyntax: hasn't hurt me so far14:13
bbbbbbbbmy laptops touchpad has a "touch button" (upper left corner) designed to switch it on and off with an indicator led. works in windows, is there a way to implement this in linux? it is no real button, just a part of the touchpad14:13
Slartperlsyntax: pulseaudio helps a lot though.. so if you have problems using that it might be a bit painful getting all the audio to the right place14:13
genii-aroundperlsyntax: You should not have any ill effects from having 3 soundcards in your linux box14:14
oooaaaooohi guys , i would like to install a gnash plugin for chromium, is there any way to do this?14:14
DrkCodemangenii-around: any other ideas?14:14
genii-aroundDrkCodeman: Encrypted maybe14:14
oooaaaoooi have gnash installed on my ubuntu 11.0414:14
eduardoinswedenhelp me get windows out from my machine please14:14
xqix9u2veduardoinsweden, no need for that as linux installer will format it14:14
oooaaaoooeduardoinsweden: yeah just select the option that overwrites all14:15
DrkCodemangenii-around: not sure how it would be encrypted14:15
xqix9u2veduardoinsweden, disk drives are cheap if you are afraid pull the disk14:16
eduardoinswedenntfs or exfat?14:16
compdocsounds like eduardoinsweden has already installed Ubuntu, so wont be using the Ubuntu installer anymore14:16
eduardoinswedennope, have not installed it14:16
eduardoinswedencompany dont let me delete windows partition :(14:16
compdocah, then let Ubuntu use the whole disk. Do yo have files that need to be saved?14:17
compdocooops. Its not your computer14:17
eduardoinswedenyes, there is company stuff and some tools, they want me to use for win only14:17
compdocis there room for Ubuntu?14:18
splitpaw-mobileLet's alll get on knees brothers and sista's let's pray to the big penguin in the skies and let us help brotha eduardoinsweden select "14:18
xqix9u2veduardoinsweden, maybe use live cd????14:18
xqix9u2vi vote 'fresh ubuntu wipe'14:18
IdleOneeduardoinsweden: you want to remove windows but you need it for work?14:19
IdleOneeduardoinsweden: if this is a company computer and they have already told you they don't want you to delete windows then you shouldn't.14:20
bbbbbbbbmy laptops touchpad has a "touch button" (upper left corner) designed to switch it on and off with an indicator led. works in windows, is there a way to implement this in linux? it is no real button, just a part of the touchpad14:20
Xgamerzduring setup when i must set password of root ?14:20
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:21
* compdoc feels all Matrixy now14:21
compdocIm surprised the company allows a user to install a 2nd OS on one of theor boxes14:22
IdleOnethey probably don't14:23
jurilhi.. I'm trying to get to work a GT520M Nvidia video card on an ASUS u30sd with ubuntu 11.04.. drivers install correctly.. but after issuing nvidia-xconfig gdm doesn't start and X hangs.. nvidia-xconfig creates /etc/X11/xorg.conf, could be the culprit?14:24
oooaaaooohi guys , i would like to install a gnash plugin for chromium, is there any way to do this? im googling it but the closest one i get is using yum which i am not familiar with14:25
xqix9u2vjuril, delete xorg.conf14:26
IdleOneoooaaaooo: browser-plugin-gnash is the package name14:26
jurilxqix9u2v, yes.. I deleted it.. but is the nvidia driver working? How can I check?14:27
xqix9u2vok, now startx14:27
xqix9u2vgo for it14:27
=== racb is now known as rbasak
jurilxqix9u2v, but the nvidia configuration panel tells that it is unable to detect a working driver..14:28
eduardoinswedenhmmm, stop spamming me about religion, this is not #fiction channel14:29
cdavisAnyone having problems with apt-get update this morning, I am getting lots of different errors14:29
norbert79cdavis: Not really... what kind of errors? Did you try switching repository?14:29
cdavisnorbert79: 72% [27 Translation-en xz 0 B] [34 Release 27.1 kB/39.8 kB 68%] [41 Sources 21.3 kB/65.0 kB 32%] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Waiting for headers] [Connecting to/usr/bin/xz: (stdin): File format not recognized14:30
norbert79apt-get clean all first, then switch repository, and try again...14:30
cdavishow do you switch repo globally?14:31
norbert79Use System/administration/software sources14:31
norbert79cdavis: Then go to first tab, and select in the middle14:31
norbert79cdavis: Might be just a temporary issue with the repository server you are on14:32
owner_Why Ubuntu 11.8 not able to detect my external hard disk?14:32
xqix9u2vjuril, edit the xorg.conf backup removing/commenting til it works.... make sure you do not comment the driver section14:33
norbert79owner_: Are you sure you are running 11.8? There is no such at Ubuntu14:33
=== Mud is now known as Guest99560
norbert79owner_: Recommend running "lsb_release -a | grep Description"14:34
xqix9u2vjuril, maybe easier way: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:35
owner_Why Ubuntu 11.8 not able to detect my external hard disk?14:36
norbert79owner_: Recommend running "lsb_release -a | grep Description"14:36
norbert79owner_: Please stop being write only :)14:36
szal!repeat | owner_14:36
ubottuowner_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:36
xanguaowner_: because ubuntu 11.8 does not exists , what's why ;)14:36
=== owner_ is now known as aol
* xqix9u2v is back (gone 00:00:46)14:37
szal!away | xqix9u2v14:37
ubottuxqix9u2v: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»14:37
norbert79szal: Quite grumpy today :) aol: You haven't still provided any output from "lsb_release -a | grep Description". If you fail to do so, we cannot help you.14:38
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo14:39
aolnorbert79: it ubuntu 11.0414:40
norbert79aol: This is a start... And what is exactly the problem?14:40
decio_can  you guys tell me what is the fedora help channel? #fedora doesn't work14:42
szaldecio_: it does if you register your nick14:42
aolnorbert79: the problem is i plug my external had disk, and it didnt appears to use it like nothing plugged14:43
decio_szal, how do I do it?14:43
szal!register | decio_14:43
ubottudecio_: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:43
compdoc#fedora does work14:43
* [DeVil-BoY] laters everyone14:43
norbert79aol: Did you check the menu 'Places'? Are you sure it doesn't get auto-mounted?14:43
dmtarmeyhello anyone able to help with flash i going mad please help help hepl im going mad14:44
JakoLightwhich browser do you use14:44
aolnorbert79: how do i check it does auto mounting ?14:44
dmtarmeyiv tried firefox crome cromuim14:45
eduardoinswedenwhat is bootable flag14:45
norbert79You should be able selecting it, or via the filebrowser being able seeing it14:45
JakoLightaol: there is a config file for that14:45
eduardoinswedenshould it be on or off in installation?14:45
=== decio_ is now known as decio
aolJakoLight: where is it  located ?14:45
eros_When I install a .deb file where does it install it to?14:46
zykotick9eduardoinsweden, i'm not sure grub cares about boot flags, maybe?14:46
zykotick9eros_, depends on who made the .deb14:46
JakoLightaol: I dont remember google it: ubuntu mounting conf etc.14:46
eduardoinswedeni am doing new install14:46
eros_how would i go about finding and running a file then14:46
eduardoinswedenwhen I choose Guided installation it will not show the 3 partitions14:46
szaleros_: what did you install?14:47
JakoLightaol: but the newest version of ubuntu does auto-mounting by default14:47
eduardoinswedenbut manually it detects it14:47
eduardoinswedenhow can that be?14:47
szalnever heard of14:47
szal!info debplay14:47
ubottuPackage debplay does not exist in natty14:47
zykotick9szal, playdeb i think is the name14:47
dmtarmeyhello is there a site with flash installed that wont need flash running on my computer14:47
szal!info playdeb14:47
ubottuPackage playdeb does not exist in natty14:47
DrkCodemananyone else having problems with wubi / side by side installation on larger hard drives?14:47
DrkCodemanubunu doesnt see my windows 7 partitions14:48
szaldmtarmey: remote Flash doesn't exist, to my knowledge14:48
eduardoinswedenIn manuall installation, there is 2 options "Use as" and "Bootable flag" what should I pick there?14:48
zykotick9DrkCodeman, 2TB mean different partition types need to be used14:48
aolJakoLight: but it doesnt for me14:48
JakoLightdmtarmey: you can find a .deb package at adobe's website14:48
Pici!flash | dmtarmey JakoLight14:48
JakoLightdmtarmey: have you tried that14:48
ubottudmtarmey JakoLight: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:48
eros_oops sorry playdeb14:48
zykotick9eduardoinsweden, you can probably ignore the "bootable flag".  The "Use as" is important14:48
splitpaw-mobiledmtarmey from the prompt: sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get -r install && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree14:49
szalzykotick9: in practice 2 TB is less than that, so msdos partition table will do (I have one here & no problems)14:49
eduardoinswedenwhat should I do with "Use as"?14:49
dmtarmeyhello szal do you know how i can get flash working or how to put in on a server so people with linux flash problmems can still see youtube videos14:49
=== joshua is now known as Guest87337
szaldmtarmey: as I said, that's not possible, for all I know14:50
ezeqli cannot install nvidia prop drivers : "driver is activated but not in use". any hints?14:50
splitpaw-mobilei just answer that dmtarmey from14:50
aolany body has any idea how to mount/read/open (be able to use) my external disk14:50
DrkCodemanzykotick9: yeah i have a 2TB drive so what do i do?14:50
szalezeql: lspci | grep -i vga <- please14:51
zykotick9DrkCodeman, sorry i'm not really sure, I don't have any 2TB+ drives yet, so haven't personally had to try.  Look into GPT.14:51
eros_So when you install a .deb file via terminal it just puts it where it wants?14:52
ezeqlszal, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)14:52
eduardoinswedenGuided install dont detect all partitions?14:52
=== KindOne is now known as MeanOne
szalezeql: what do you want w/ an nVidia driver on an Intel chip?14:52
zykotick9ezeql, and you're wondering why nvidia isn't installing?14:52
eduardoinswedenit only shows me full disk14:52
ezeqlszal, i do have two chip, the integrated one and a dedicated gforce 525m14:53
DrkCodemanzykotick9: what if i were to manualy create a partition within windows using partition magic format it fat im sure ubuntu would pick up on that14:54
szalezeql: then you probably deactivated that one, otherwise it'd show up in lspci14:54
zykotick9DrkCodeman, i don't think so14:54
ezeqlszal , i didnt ... or i didnt want to...14:54
szalezeql: you better go look in the BIOS & find out what display adapter(s) is/are listed there & activate the right one14:55
decio_Sense I can't have help from the fedora channel, can someone help me with a problem in fEDORA?14:55
goncalo_hi all!!14:56
szaldecio_: no.14:56
Picidecio_: No, you need to ask in #fedora.14:56
decio_szal, come on, I just wanna know how to install flash player on this thing!!14:56
decio_Pici, I can't access14:56
szaldecio_: this is Ubuntu support and not Fedora support14:56
ezeqlszal, i cannot do that, theer is no such option on bios14:56
Picidecio_: You may need to register to join #fedora. See /msg nickserv help register or ask in #freenode14:57
p1l0tDang hurricane took my server offline all weekend. My backup battery was only good for one hour14:57
p1l0tHacked my mother nature.14:58
decio_Pici, I tryed and it doesn't work.. I just wanna know how to install some packages like the adobe flash player14:58
IAmNotThatGuydmtarmey, Are you using Ubuntu 11.1014:58
Picidecio_: We cannot help you. Ubuntu and Fedora are not the same thing. Please ask in #freenode if you can't join #fedora for some reason.14:59
szaldecio_: define 'doesn't work'14:59
eros_Nm I found it it adds a repository to ubuntu software center14:59
decio_does OpenSUSE and Fedora work like the same? Pici15:00
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
Picidecio_: I don't know. You need to ask them. This channel is for UBUNTU support only.15:00
IAmNotThatGuydecio_, you have #suse and #fedora working fine15:00
mtnzhope someone can help me, i am using ubuntu 11.04, i have set the screen energy not to shut off, but it still enters in hibernation after 10 min. of being in rest.....why is that??15:01
aolthe auto-mount function is on, but still can use my external HD15:02
muktiIs there a way to tell if I have USB 3.0 ports? I forget what my laptop came with....15:02
ThelmariaI have some scripts imported from another distro which require mail. I don't have mail installed, and aptitude search mail has alot of candidates. Which mail do I want for cron jobs and the like to be able to mail me?15:03
=== twocarlo is now known as billgates
=== billgates is now known as Guest46339
nnulli found a demon inside my computer, i open my computer case with my hammer, reemove the demon, i put magical demon rock next to my sippitiyou, buuut the deeemon make a revenge, and now when i turn on my porn machine sippitiyou crys, how can i fix him?15:04
kjeoiewdsippitiyou crys?15:05
IdleOnennull: please play somewhere else15:05
muktiIs there any way to tell if I have usb 3.0? I ran lsusb and this was the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/678044/15:05
IdleOnemukti: if you did you would see Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub15:06
IdleOneyou don't.15:06
muktithats what I thought, I just wanted to make sure15:06
genii-around"2.0 root hub"15:06
FKmanhello all, i have problem with installing ubuntu 11.04 Server on Xen. Can anybody help me with ?15:06
johnhamelinkHi there, I'm trying to install ubuntu 10.0 on my macbook pro 13" early 2011 (8,1). When I try to boot the liveCD, I get "unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem" from initramfs. Can anyone point me to a workaround to this problem? :)15:07
g0thwhere can I specify where pulseaudio is sending its output?15:07
g0thwhen I play a file with e.g. mplayer -ao pulse I hear nothing15:07
zykotick9FKman, you might want to try asking in #ubuntu-server IF you don't get an answer here15:08
szalg0th: in the mixer or in pavucontrol15:08
g0thszal: in pavucontrol I see the bars moving under playback15:08
muktiwhat is the offtopic ubuntu channel?15:08
FKmanzykotick9: ok, thanks15:08
g0thszal: but I still hear nothing15:08
g0thI selected digital audio everywhere15:08
IdleOnemukti: #ubuntu-offtopic15:08
alakoomukti: #ubuntu-offtopic15:08
g0thwhat mixer?15:08
muktioh, I put two #s15:08
eduardoinswedencan I create a swap partition after install?15:09
g0thszal: what mixer?15:10
zykotick9eduardoinsweden, if you're currently using the installer - that's the easiest way to create a swap partition (but yes, it can be done after, but more involved)15:10
eduardoinswedenbut how do I create swap partition? I only see the partitions that is available, created from windows15:11
szalg0th: whatever you have, what do I know..15:11
Bogus8Can anyone help me figuire out why is my raid 5 down with (s) spares indicated at the remaining 3 drives?15:11
g0thcan anyone else help?15:11
eduardoinswedendo I need to creat partition in an excisting partion and use that for swa?15:11
g0thin alsamixer everything is turned on15:11
Bogus8I have obviously lost one drive and that is fine... I just don't know why I can't keep running at this point.15:12
g0thhow can I debug this15:12
=== brian_ is now known as BrianOfTacoma
g0thif I hear nothing, how can I determine who's fault it is?15:12
eduardoinswedenhow do I create a swap partition?15:13
eduardoinswedenI have only one partition to use?15:13
BrianOfTacomaI have a bash command line question... I am trying to delete all files within a certain folder of the type .mp3 (and all recursive folders) ... I know I am going to use "find" ...15:13
BrianOfTacomabut what should the location be?15:13
volga629<BrianOfTacoma: find / -name "*.mp3"-exec rm -rf {} \;15:15
PiciBrianOfTacoma, volga629: errr.. don't do that.15:15
=== Baarn1 is now known as Baarn
zykotick9eduardoinsweden, you do need a separate partition for swap yes (swap files are a poor substitute for the real thing).  Why did you create your partitions in windows?  FYI FAT/NTFS can't be used for installing Ubuntu, only for storage.15:15
PiciBrianOfTacoma: That will search your entire computer for mp3 files and deletes them. Switch / with the path to the files. Also, you should use -delete instead the -exec rm -rf {} \; part15:16
eduardoinswedenbut how do I know make a swap partition in intallation?15:16
eduardoinswedennow that I have only one partition to use for installing ubuntu?15:17
jmartinto answer SWAP question https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html15:17
szaleduardoinsweden: why do you have only one partition?15:17
sauravshow to make ubuntu run faster?15:18
szalsauravs: buy faster hardware15:18
tomodachisauravs: how is it slow for you?15:18
jansenra #magento15:18
eduardoinswedenBecause I created one partition in windows7 to use for install ubuntu, why cant you create parition for swap in installation, that would be so logical15:18
francis__How do I join oneiric channel15:19
szalfrancis__: /join #ubuntu+115:19
ocmsRzrhi, my hard drive is crashing, and I don't have money for a new hard drive or a new laptop.  I need to create a persistent live cd, the trouble is that my computer is also old, and 11.04 takes forever to turn on when booting from the usb.  I would like to create an alternate install on the usb and install X11 and a windowmanger and emacs.15:19
volga629Pici: rm is not delete ?15:20
jmartinthis is the first time i have ever used IRC from a server.15:20
szaleduardoinsweden: use Custom partition setup, or better yet, partition w/ GParted, then use Custom Partition Setup to just assign the mount points15:20
ocmsRzrI tried to install to the usb as if it were another hard drive, and the install works, but when it reboots nothing happens.  Grub doesn't start and I just get a black screen until I shut it off15:20
ezeqlszal, i have found on lspci info this line : 01:00.0 3D controller: nVidia Corporation Device 0dec (rev a1)15:20
szalezeql: pretty much says nothing as to what model it is15:21
zykotick9ocmsRzr, you had to use "Advanced" button and tell installer to put Grub onto the USB - it's quite possible15:21
ezeqlszal, its gforce 525m15:21
Picivolga629: It is, but whitespace in filenames can make find and exec do weird things. I try not to take chances with that.15:21
zykotick9ocmsRzr, by default it would have installed to HD even though you installed onto the USB15:21
volga629Pici: you can not use -f option and it will ask for confirmation to delete file15:21
eduardoinswedenThere is not Custom partition setup in the installer guide15:21
ocmsRzrzykotick9: can you be a little more specific? Grub prompted where to install, and I chose /dev/sdb once and /dev/sdb115:21
ocmsRzrboth had the same result15:21
eduardoinswedenthere is only "Partition disks" in the installer menu15:22
muktiAre there any programs similar to rsync that work over FTP in Ubuntu?15:22
zykotick9ocmsRzr, are you sure the usb was sdb?  during the install.15:22
Picivolga629: That could be for hundreds of files.15:22
DrkCodemanso ubuntu doesnt look for gpt it only detects mbr partitions?15:22
ocmsRzrzykotick9: Only insofar as when I chose to rescue the install later, sdb showed up as the correct drive15:23
ocmsRzrI don't have a hard drive15:23
francis__join #ubuntu+115:23
zykotick9francis__, you need /join15:23
eduardoinswedenWhere is the "Custom partition setup" in the installer? I cant find it, need to make a swap partition15:23
ocmsRzrI have two usb sticks, one I made into an alternate installer cd15:23
ocmsRzrand the other is the target usb that I want persistent15:24
volga629Pici: that right to :-015:24
eduardoinswedenwtf.... this install sucks15:24
useradd downloaded packages in synaptic package manager15:25
useradd downloaded packages in synaptic package manager15:26
Piciuser: Is that a question?15:26
=== william is now known as Guest79518
useryes pici15:26
userhow to add downloaded packages in synaptic package manager?15:26
Piciuser: You mean add a .deb file that you downloaded?15:27
Piciuser: You cannot. synaptic/apt doesn't know or care about packages installed via files.  You can use dpkg to manage them.15:28
Abs-outguys, i installed 11.04 on a pc y'day and updated everything15:28
Abs-outa few hours ago i had a blackout and after light came back i tried to start ubuntu15:28
Abs-outand now it throws me to some command prompt upon boot15:28
Gentoo64pcs fried15:28
user<Pici>but using package script method how15:28
Gentoo64Abs-out, it might be just fscking15:28