maletapfcanyone willing to help from changing settings of sound in ubuntu?00:00
ZiberHm, working now. Thanks.00:00
yeatsZiber: good00:01
maletapfcI have sound card integrated on motherboard.  My jack where sound goes out is dead so i have to use another jack for sending sound on speakers. This works fine with realtek HD settings in  Windows 7, but i don't know how to fix that in ubuntu...any idea?00:01
i_is_brokecan i put more then 1 iso. img on a dvd?00:01
agoole22does anyone know why my ubuntu suddenly stops letting me click ?00:02
mitchellmelatapf no you cant00:02
th0ri_is_broke: not usually00:02
tab1293anyone use beets?00:02
usr13maletapfc:  alsamixer   #Look to see what channels may be muted or turned down.00:02
usr13agoole22: It is totally locked up?00:03
mitchellanybody know how to scan using clamav?00:03
th0rmitchell: clamscan <filename>00:03
mitchellis there a way to scan everything?00:03
usr13mitchell: scan what?00:03
yeatsmitchell: sudo clamscan00:04
usr13mitchell: What for?  Are you using your PC as a fileserver?00:04
th0rmitchell: check the clamscan man page00:04
usr13mitchell: Or are you doing this just for the protection for this one system?00:04
usr13!virus | mitchell00:05
ubottumitchell: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus00:05
usr13mitchell: I think you have saddled a dead horse.00:06
mitchellusr13, yes as a matter of fact i am. i would like to scan all files/programs/etc for maximum protection. but i also use this for personal use. and i understand it is very hard to get a virus using linux operating systems, i just want to be on the safe side00:06
usr13mitchell: Don't bother.  You are safe.  Linux is not victum to virus problems.00:06
mitchellNot only this, but I am (unfortunately) under the same partition as windows. just want to be sure00:07
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agoole22usr13: when it locks up, I cannot click on anything, at all sometimes,00:07
usr13mitchell: It doesn't matter that you have windows too.00:07
usr13mitchell: Are you running wubi?00:08
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mitchellok, also, have you transferred over ubuntu data to a new partition so i can delet  windows. and yes i am using wubi00:08
maletapfcusr13: cannot figure out how to declare that specific jack is for sound out...any suggestion except alsa mixer?00:08
usr13mitchell: The virus scanner  you have on MS Windows will be fine.00:09
faint545how do i install a adobe reader plugin for firefox on ubuntu?00:09
mitchelluser13: ok thank you00:09
usr13faint545: The Software Center00:09
faint545usr13, i couldnt find it00:09
usr13faint545: Or synaptic package manager00:10
faint545usr13, what is the pacakge name?00:10
usr13faint545: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound00:10
mitchellfaint545: just search for adobe and you will get numerous search results. but the plug in only works for mozilla firefox00:10
Stanley00mitchell: are you sure? It work on chromium too,00:11
mitchellstanley00: did it, i though it had it pre-installed00:11
usr13mitchell:  I think  Stanley00 is correct, it also works on chromium00:12
mitchellusr13: hmm did not know that00:12
usr13mitchell: Well, it may be pre-installed. YOu could be right about that, not sure.00:12
faint545usr13, flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound will also install a flash player? i dont want to overwrite the flash plugin i have installed for firefox00:13
mitchellOh. But Stanley00, did you have to download it for it? Or no?00:13
Stanley00mitchell: I just run sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restrict-extra and wait...00:14
usr13faint545: I'm sorry, what was your original question?00:14
Stanley00mitchell: or apt-get install flashplugin-installer if you just need flash plugin00:14
mitchellStanley00: Oh I see. You didn`t get it from the Software Center?00:15
michael_pwould you say 500 files for kde00:15
usr13faint545: Oh I see, you want adobe reader00:15
mitchellStanley00: yea sure i get where you`re coming from00:15
usr13faint545: You will find it in The Software Centre00:15
agoole22usr13: any clue to my mouse locking up ?00:15
mitchellagoole22: what kind of laptop?00:16
urlin2uagoole22, the tap pad right?00:16
maletapfcis there any other application except alsa mixer for setting up sound card and specifying what every jack should work. (I need to set jack for microphone to send sound on my speakers)00:16
usr13faint545: sudo apt-get install adobereader-deu00:16
agoole22yeah the touchpad,00:16
agoole22its an acer aspire00:16
mitchellagoole22: assuming its a laptop00:16
agoole22mitchell: yeah laptop00:16
Stanley00mitchell: I think my command is just an shortcut to install flash via USC, Adobe Flash Plugin marked as intalled in USC as well.00:16
domino14so i'm on an AWS instance and it seems my CPU usage has suddenly started to nearly hit 100%. But when i do a "top" i never see the processes get any higher than about 40-50% cumulatively00:17
urlin2uagoole22, I have a aspire one the touch[ad works fine on mine it's just cumbersome I use a mouse00:17
mitchellagoole22: thats why, i had an acer, it sucked. they make it to be affordable. their hardware is horrible.00:17
agoole22well I never had troubles, and the pad works fine,00:18
agoole22seems that sometimes it just locks up, for no reason00:18
agoole22I'm thinking a package issue, maybe something broken ?00:18
mitchellagoole22: how old is it?00:18
agoole22mitchell: 4 months00:18
maletapfcis there any other application except alsa mixer for setting up sound card and specifying what every jack should work. (I need to set jack for microphone to send sound on my speakers)00:18
mitchellagoole22: it very welll could be a package issue if it is only 4 months. have you dr00:19
usr13agoole22: Does it totally lock up?00:19
mitchelldropped it*00:19
agoole22mitchell: never dropped00:19
agoole22usr13: yaeh, once it locks, its totally locked up00:19
usr13agoole22: Test your ram00:19
mitchellagoole22: for how long?00:19
agoole22usr13: I can move it, but I simply can't click on anything00:19
usr13!memtest | agoole2200:19
urlin2uagoole22, are you maxing the ram when this happens the aspire comes with only 1 gig ram.00:20
agoole22mitchell: once it locks, until reboot,00:20
mitchellagoole22: for how long does it lock up for?00:20
agoole22no I have 6 gigs of ram00:20
faint545also, are u able to uninstall a program if you installed it with a .bin file?00:20
agoole22never came close to maxing the ram00:20
usr13agoole22: test your ram   memtest00:20
agoole22usr13: you think memtest ?00:20
agoole22usr13: ok, I will check it,00:20
agoole22usr13: why would the ram prevent me from clicking anything ?00:20
usr13agoole22: May or may not be RAM memory problem but that is first thing I would check.00:21
mitchellagoole22: it could never hurt, although, ido believe it is a hardware issue, not package00:21
agoole22ok, Ill go and do a memtest00:21
usr13agoole22: Do you have external mouse?00:21
domino14top is taking up 99&% ??00:22
domino14  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND00:22
domino14 3288 ubuntu    20   0  2496 1164  928 R 99.9  0.1   0:02.62 top00:22
FloodBot1domino14: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:22
usr13domino14: Don't try to paste here00:22
domino14um, i hardly count 3 lines as flooding00:22
usr13!paste | domino1400:22
ubottudomino14: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:22
domino14that's 4 lines right there00:22
usr13domino14: sudo apt-get install htop00:23
urlin2udomino14, ubottu is a bot.00:23
Mr-smilehi all00:29
crankharderwhat package installs a java runtime?00:30
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wildbat!java | crankharder00:30
ubottucrankharder: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:30
Mr-smileI have bought a new printer: Fuji xerox. How do I install on ubuntu 10.10?00:30
crankharderwildbat: sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found00:31
[Justm3]hey can i have some help setting up ubuntu on my new computer? i have ubuntu on my current computer, but my new one is having a LOT of problems... first, its an asus g74s. im trying ubuntu 10.10, which is what i have now. problem one: ubuntu says i have a 600x800 screen, yet it is FAR larger than that. problem two: i cannot hook up to the wireless from ubuntu, even though it is on. help please?00:31
=== ia9371 is now known as ai9371
wildbatcrankharder: install python-software-properties .00:32
tab1293does anyone here use beets to import music?00:32
urlin2u[Justm3], what is the GPU, and the wireless card?00:32
[Justm3]also, apparently ubuntu is not accepting ANY function key actions. which is probably why it is not accepting the wireless00:32
chrome_is there any extension for g chrome to download flash videos?00:32
[Justm3]urlin2u: how can i check GPU and the wireless card?00:32
crankharderwildbat: that wants to install about a thousand packages...  why do I need the likes of firefox to have a java runtime?00:33
urlin2u[Justm3], lspci will list a lot including those.00:33
urlin2u[Justm3], look in additional drivers you probably need a grapgics driver to begin with.00:34
[Justm3]urlin2u, i have a nvidia geforce gtx graphics card, if the sticker is right.00:34
wildbatcrackharder,  add-apt-repository is installed by default.00:34
[Justm3]i cant find which is my wifi card tho00:34
[Justm3]i can look it up online tho00:35
urlin2u[Justm3], look in additional drivers00:35
[Justm3]from the system toolbar? it says 'No proprietary drivers are in use on this system'00:36
[Justm3]oh wait00:36
[Justm3]didnt have the network cable plugged in00:36
[Justm3]nope. still blank00:36
michael_pjust finished installing now  i get this http://pastebin.com/fVaihZiD00:36
michael_pis it any importance00:37
ChogyDanmichael_p: can you boot?00:37
urlin2u[Justm3], it sounds like a graphic driver is needed, if your resolution is that low, I'm not a nvidia user so others can help there.00:38
ChogyDan[Justm3]: have you looked in the additional drivers app?00:39
[Justm3]it doesnt show ANYTHING00:39
ChogyDan[Justm3]: what does `sudo lshw -C video` say?00:40
maletapfcanyone familiar with sound cards and editing way of sound card works? (i need to set  jack which should be for input to be my 'speaker out jack' any suggestion?00:41
[Justm3]ChogyDan, like what in particular? i have a VGA compatible controller... nVidia corporation... physical id: 0,...00:41
ChogyDan[Justm3]: are you able to pastebin the whole thing?00:42
[Justm3]can try...00:42
superciliouscan someone please recommend a remote desktop system for ubuntu that works the way windows does?00:43
Michael_phi i am in but i get terminal display00:43
|Justm3|k.gimme a minute to pastebin it.00:43
magyarhi, i've upgrade my system to 11.04 and can't get hardware DRI to work, I only get mesa software rendering and in glxinfo an error of "libGL error: failed to authenticate magic 10"00:44
superciliousI want to be able to use my ubuntu machine remotely from windows and other linux systems00:44
th0rsupercilious: vnc00:44
superciliousis there something like remote desktop for ubuntu?00:44
superciliousI tried VNC, it doesnt work. All I get is a slow as hell screen. no audio, no files, no printers nothing00:45
superciliousits a joke00:45
superciliousI want something like remote desktop00:45
PerfieMsupercilious: ooo tell it again!00:45
th0rsupercilious: well, if you ever get all your info out to us maybe we can do better00:45
ChogyDan|Justm3|: weird, you got no driver there.00:45
superciliousth0r, what info?00:45
th0rsupercilious: we would know you tried vnc because?00:46
[Justm3]ChogyDan, how is that possible?00:46
superciliousbuts its not a remote desktop00:46
|NeXuS|vlc keeps on losing video00:46
|NeXuS|i get a odd error can anyone help00:46
superciliousits a remote slideshow of my screen00:46
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maletapfcanyone familiar with sound cards and editing way of sound card works? (i need to set  jack which should be for input to be my 'speaker out jack' any suggestion?)00:47
ChogyDansupercilious: maybe try TeamViewer00:47
urlin2u|NeXuS|, patsebin the errors00:47
superciliousChogyDan, thanks, will try it00:47
[Justm3]ChogyDan, how is it possible that i have no graphics driver? and how can i get it?00:47
ChogyDan[Justm3]: I dunno.  Im just noting that.  I don't really know what is going on.  Has this card ever worked?  When did this problem start?00:48
|NeXuS|is my error00:48
|NeXuS|it seems like all media players crash at the same time00:48
[Justm3]well, i got the coputer today. windows 7 works JUST fine. but when i tried installing ubuntu... problems happened D:00:49
[Justm3]should i try fedora? thats what a friend suggested...00:49
|NeXuS|vlc mplayer .... no matter what i open it crashs it almost seems like a codec error00:49
|NeXuS|Ubuntu is the best00:49
|NeXuS|but im stuck hehe00:49
urlin2u|NeXuS|, how are you opening it?00:49
ChogyDan[Justm3]: is this the latest version of Ubuntu?       hmmm, I dunno.  Im not sure fedora would be different here00:49
[Justm3]i have 10.1000:50
[Justm3]i heard 11.4 sucks... no offense...00:50
TD_i have 11.400:50
TD_i just got it.00:50
urlin2ume to 11.04 here.00:50
maletapfci agree 11.4 sucks :)00:50
ChogyDan[Justm3]: well, if this is a new computer... you may need to use the latest Ubuntu regardless00:50
|NeXuS|i use 10.10 i like it better00:50
TD_I haven't used it enough to figure it out yet00:50
|NeXuS|im justing opening videos and some times it crashs00:50
TD_what can i use to sync my ipod on here?00:51
TD_anyone know?00:51
ChogyDan[Justm3]: fwiw, 11.4 is not much different than 10.10; Im just using gnome classic00:51
|NeXuS|and it causes all the players to crash after 1 video crashs00:51
ChogyDan!ipod | TD_ try this00:52
ubottuTD_ try this: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:52
urlin2u|NeXuS|, well I see it is pointless to try and help you, not a question answered, good luck with that.00:52
|NeXuS|vlc is what im using00:52
[Justm3]well, i guess i should see if fedora will work...00:52
ChogyDanya, go for it00:52
[Justm3]if no one can help me here D:00:52
|NeXuS|look at the paste bin it shows what app i use to start it00:52
|NeXuS|http://paste.ubuntu.com/683974 = vlc open and playing media and no video showing only audio is heard00:53
TD_ChogyDan, thanks for that, but do you have a recommendation?  Like, is there something i can use that will let me sync apps?00:53
ChogyDanTD_: no I don't, but maybe try banshee; that's the new default for Ubuntu00:54
superciliousI just tried out teamviewer, its easier to use than VNC (no port forwarding), but its no better in performance.00:55
TD_alright, can i ask why its red on my screen?00:55
superciliousIt still feels incredibly slow and laggy00:55
TD_Im new on IRC00:55
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superciliousIs there really no remote desktop alternative in linux?00:55
adamwbbim having trouble with the wubi installer00:55
=== Guest97954 is now known as Verto2
aeon-ltdadamwbb: describe it00:55
kishadamwbb, what trouble is that00:55
jribDice-Man: !vnc | supercilious00:55
jrib!vnc | supercilious00:56
ubottusupercilious: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX00:56
urlin2uadamwbb, what is the problem?00:56
adamwbbim trying to launch and it desnt open00:56
adamwbbi get this error in the log :00:56
adamwbbAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'decode'00:56
superciliousno, VNC is not a remote desktop, its a remote slideshow of my screen. It does not feel like I'm sitting in front of the remote machine.00:56
superciliousIt doesn't even do sound00:56
jribsupercilious: read the last sentence in the factoid then00:56
urlin2uadamwbb, how and where are you launching?00:56
magyarhi, I can't get 3D graphics to work with ubuntu 1.04, it worked with 10.1000:56
adamwbbi have downloaded the wubi installer from ubuntu website i click run and it shows up in the processes for a few seconds00:57
adamwbbbut does not show a screen00:57
aeon-ltdmagyar: you mean compiz?00:58
msseverWhat could cause the touchpad on an Acer Aspire running Natty to suddenly stop working? Note that external USB mice still work.00:58
magyaraeon-ltd: not sure what you mean00:58
urlin2uadamwbb, the instaler I believe does not have the ISO download the ubuntu ISO and burn it to a cd and click that.00:58
adamwbbim running windows xpsp3 on a dell optiplex i had ubuntu on it once00:58
Verto2mssever: The touchpad broke?00:58
aeon-ltdmagyar: 3D? as in effects such as desktop cube they are run by compiz00:58
msseverVerto2: You could say that.00:59
adamwbbi have an 11.04 cd in to the same thing happened i double clicked the wubi file and nothing same log error00:59
superciliousis there a freenx installation tutorial? it seems like its oriented towards large enterprise installations. there are easy setup instructions00:59
Verto2I mean does it just not work in ubuntu?00:59
superciliousthat i can find00:59
aeon-ltdmssever: update? unlikely a module for synaptics(or alps) would be removed though00:59
magyaraeon-ltd: nope, rendering (dri, glx)00:59
urlin2uadamwbb, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer00:59
msseverVerto2: It's my friend's machine, and it broke this morning. I don't know whether it's only Ubuntu since the machine doesn't have any other OS and my live USB stick isn't on me at the moment01:00
msseverVerto2: YEs, it doesn't work. Nothing.01:00
Verto2I had an acer netbook who's touchpad was just flaky period01:01
superciliousdoes anyone here have a working freenx based connection from windows to ubuntu?01:01
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adamwbbsame thing still nothing showing but in my temp folder a log with the same error AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'decode'01:01
urlin2uadamwbb, the installer alone does not have the ISO I just checked every ubuntu ISO has wubi on it, exceopt the minimalk.01:01
Verto2Reboot, etc. I assume's been tried?01:01
msseverVerto2: The machine in question has other issues, as well.01:01
Verto2er, ?01:01
mitchellIs there a way to remote into a computer that is using windows but on a separate network?01:01
msseverVerto2: Rebooting doesn't solve it, and the suggestions I found on Google haven't helped01:01
Verto2Magyar:  What card/drivers?01:01
adamwbbyes ive rebooted ive fixed mbr i tried wubi 8.10 but that killed the computer01:02
Verto2What are the other issues, mssever?01:02
magyarVerto2: ATI 1950XTX01:02
wildbat!ssh | mitchell01:02
ubottumitchell: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)01:02
magyarVerto2: the driver is radeon01:02
mitchellubottu: ok great, i will look into it!01:03
ubottumitchell: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:03
msseverVerto2: Other issues: The backlight has to be forced on via cron; when booting, the initial Acer logo screen stays up for up to a minute while the machine is unresponsive. My friend says that this is sporadic01:03
TheMatrix3000any user interfaces you guys know of for dns01:03
urlin2uadamwbb, you want only releases 10.04 and beyond all others are end of life, get a IISO burn it to a cd and use that, you want a cd for repaiers.01:03
adamwbbi tryed installing from cd but it wants me to wipe xp off01:03
Verto2magyar:  Sorry, not familiar with ati hardware so much.  :\01:03
Verto2User interface for dns?01:04
urlin2uadamwbb, because you don't know what your doing.01:04
adamwbbi have a cd of 11.04 the wubi on that doesnt work either01:04
urlin2uadamwbb, are you doing this in admin?01:04
adamwbbyes im on administrator account right now01:04
TheMatrix3000to make it easier to administer a domain01:05
Verto2Poked around in the bios, mssever?01:05
TheMatrix3000lol, intead of using the bind config files manually01:05
msseverNo, I haven't. Maybe I will, but I don't have acess to the machine at the moment since my friend had to go to class01:05
urlin2uadamwbb, so what keeps you from dual booting wubi was designed as a try out app.01:05
msseverVerto2: See ^01:05
adamwbbmy xp partition takes up my drive i dont know how to resize a partition without formatting01:06
Verto2TheMatrix3000:  http://www.debianadmin.com/bind-dns-server-web-interfacefrontend-or-gui-tools.html01:06
msseverTheMatrix3000: Have you checked out something like webmin? I've never used it before, but maybe it can handle BIND?01:06
superciliousI cant get freenx working. its too cryptic01:06
superciliousis there any other way to get a remote desktop like experience01:06
urlin2uadamwbb, hao full is the HD?01:07
Verto2If something seems broken (or at least slow) during post, I'd start in the bios.01:07
msseveradamwbb: From the live CD, you can use GParted to resize your partition if you've got enough free space01:07
Michael_pi am going have to reinstall ubuntu01:07
adamwbbits a 320gb but only 298 can be used and thats how big the ntfs partition is01:08
urlin2uadamwbb, how full is that partition?01:08
msseverVerto2: Thanks for the suggestion. I'm wondering though whether this can be the same problem, since the slow POST occurred a while before the touchpad quit.01:08
devcalaisSo, do linux users not use iphones? I am quite attached to my iphone, but even with Wine I cannot seem to install itunes on my new Ubuntu 11.04..01:08
adamwbb244 is free01:08
Verto2Is reinstall an option, mssever?  Might be the fastest way to fix everything at once if you can backup anything important.01:09
msseveradamwbb: I recommend using GParted from the live CD to resize your partition. Then, you can create a new partition for Ubuntu01:09
ChogyDandevcalais: try this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone01:09
urlin2uadamwbb, as suggested if you do not have 4 primary partitions already, the XP can be shrunk and a extended, for ubuntu put in.01:10
adamwbbok ill log off and switch to the cd01:10
makarronesei  :)01:10
Verto2We've evolved beyond the need for something as primitive as a "phone," devcalais.  ;)01:10
msseverVerto2: I'm not sure, since it isn't my machine. Of course, I'd first have to check from the live CD, which would go a long way towards determining whether this problem is hardware or software. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait on that since my tools are at home.01:11
=== sysdoc_ is now known as sysdoc
msseverVerto2: Thanks for your help. It seems that at this time no further troubleshooting is possible01:12
Verto2Any time  :)01:12
chris215i need help with clam antivirus, is anyone available?01:13
szal!ask | chris21501:14
ubottuchris215: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:14
msseverchris215: Just ask your question and see. :)01:14
Verto2clam antivirus?01:14
chris215szal: following the directions from this page :   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV     i went to01:16
chris215http://clamtk.sourceforge.net/ and downloaded it01:16
bluebomberWhen I make changes to /etc/network/interfaces, what exactly do I need to do to make the changes take effect?01:16
chris215but i dont know where to extract the tar to01:16
msseverbluebomber: HAve you tried sudo service networking restart?01:17
chris215i already have clamav but i want to install the gui clamtk, the one from sourceforge, i just dont know where to extract the file to01:17
szalchris215: I think 'sudo apt-get install clamtk' would be leagues easier than that01:17
bluebombermssever: I do try that, but that particular service doesn't work for me: "restart: Unknown instance: "01:17
msseverchris215: If there's an Ubuntu package, it'll be MUCH easier01:17
bluebomberI always have to /etc/init.d/networking restart it for some reason (do you know why?).01:18
msseverchris215: is the tarball a source package01:18
chris215mssever: i know, but i wanted to get the more updated version, as suggested on the ubuntu help page, which told me that to do so i should go to clamtk.sourceforge.net and obtain it there01:19
mitchellzoray: hola que pasa?01:19
szal!es | zoray, mitchell01:19
ubottuzoray, mitchell: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:19
zorayhola mitchell01:19
chris215mssever: it's called clamtk-4.34.tar.gz01:19
chris215i dont know what a source package is i am sorry01:20
Verto2More important question is, what do you need av for anyway, chris215?  :)01:20
urlin2uchris215, what are you using it for?01:20
zorayyo quiero habla español01:20
szalchris215: no idea what advantage you think you'll get from that..  the virus definitions are updated independently anyway01:20
chris215i run dual boot with windows 7 and was told it would be a good idea to have it01:20
msseverchris215: Of course, you're free to install the raw package, but if you install stuff outside the package manager, be sure you know what you're doing or else you could end up with a messed up system01:20
pidzhello ubuntu! :)01:20
msseverchris215: clamav won't help your Windows 7 install01:21
|NeXuS|im going crazy im using Ubuntu 10.10 and when a video crashs a video player it loses all video playback in any app01:21
Verto2Do you mount the windows partition most of the time?01:21
msseverchris215: for that, you need a Windows antivirus01:21
chris215thats why i came here, i fugured someone here would know where you are supposed to extract the tar to01:21
szalmssever: clamav actually checks mostly for Windows viruses01:22
th0rmssever: clam IS a windows antivirus....a virus is a virus01:22
msseverchris215: Anyway, I'm assuming the tarball you have is a source tarball. So, you can extract it anywhere01:22
zorayhey i have a problem with my cam of notebook01:22
Verto2I mean it's possible something could install something nasty on the win partition while running ubuntu if the win part is mounted, but.. why?01:22
msseverszal: th0r I meant one that runs under windows01:22
zorayplease help me01:22
msseverzoray: Just ask your question01:22
Stanley00zoray: can you be more specs?01:22
th0rmssever: no, you can use clamtk in ubuntu to scan the windows partition or folders01:22
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urlin2uchris215, bitdefender and avast have linux use AV that have the windows virus in their updates, and can be used to scan windows ,linux, and external stuff.01:22
msseverchris215: to extract a tarball: tar xzvf tarball_name.tar.gz01:23
msseverchris215: then cd to the newly-created directory and look for a README or INSTALL file with instructions01:24
Verto2chris215:  Just be careful, make backups of critical data, and overwrite any executable code system-wide frequently.  ;)01:24
zoraymy cam watching in internet, but no in messenger01:24
|NeXuS|[0x1dd1a30] xcb_xv generic debug: cannot put image: X11 error 2 = error i get in vlc when i lose video01:24
Verto2Honestly, it's faster than using av.01:24
msseverchris215: But again, unless you know what you're doing, you shouldn't do this unless you're willing to risk a broken system01:24
zoraypleaqse help me01:25
msseverzoray: Can you give more details?01:25
th0rchris215: I think the repo has clamtk 4.33, that should be new enough. You would save yourself some headaches by using a deb package for install01:26
chris215mssever: how do i avoid a broken system?  and by broken system do you mean like it will be cool with a reinstall or like the computer is a paperweight01:26
surskittyhow do I make the monitor shut off a minute after the screen blanks instead of however long it takes by default?  using 10.10, if it matters01:26
msseverchris215: A reinstall would fix things01:26
chris215th0r: ill give it a shot01:26
chris215mssever: ok01:26
zoraymy cam, that i have in the notebook runs on the regular network, but does not connect with messenger01:26
Stanley00zoray: which messenger are you using?01:27
zorayi have 201:27
pidzI would just like to ask what is the difference between Unity and Gnome2. Most importantly, what is the function of that vertical bar on the right?01:27
chris215th0r: synaptic has version 4 of clamtk?  or ubuntu software center01:27
msseverchris215: to avoid a broken system, you have to make sure that manually-installed software stays up to date and doesn't conflict with other stuff. Using a package manager handles this automatically, but as soon as you move away from the package manager, you have to keep track of things yourself. And the package manager won't know about what you've fdone manually01:27
zorayemesene and aMSN01:28
urlin2usurskitty, screensaver time and power screnn shut off coordinate.01:28
chris215while we are on that subject, what are the advantages of using the computer janitor?01:28
chris215do you guys use it?01:28
th0rchris215: clamtk is just a frontend to clam, so the version you use isn't going to be critical. You want to keep clam updated, but the gui isn't critical. You might install that first, and if it doesn't fit your needs you can uninstall and pursue the later version01:28
msseverpidz: The vertical bar on the *left* is like a dock where you can launch programs and manage windows01:28
Verto2pidz:  Unity is a similiar concept to Aero in win7, and the bar on the left is basically a task bar with some animations and some neat features01:28
urlin2uchris215, none use bleachbit.01:29
Verto2Or right, wherever it might be01:29
mitchellchris215: no i dont. I havent, i barely know what is used for01:29
pidzThank you very much mssever & Verto201:29
chris215urlin2u: bleachbit as opposed to computer janitor?01:29
Stanley00zoray: please wait a minute, I haven't used that 2 before01:29
zoraymy cam, that i have in the notebook runs on the regular network, but does not connect with messenger01:29
zorayi use emesene and aMSN01:29
urlin2uchris215, yes, computer janitor can wipe apps if you don't know how to use it.01:30
msseverzoray: What do you mean by "regular network"? Google Video chat? Empathy?01:30
mitchellIs there a defragmenter in Ubuntu?01:30
CyberSixanyone know the proper way to add ipv6 hosts to a users db in pure-ftpd? 'pure-pw usermod user -r [ipv6:host]' breaks01:30
chris215can the mintmenu be installed in ubuntu?01:31
surskittyurlin2u: not sure what you said, but found it while looking again; thank you.01:31
chris215because i really liked that01:31
Stanley00mitchell: you wont need that ;)01:31
mssevermitchell: If there's one, it isn't well-known. At any rate, the ext filesystems don't become too fragmented01:31
pidzmitchell: i don't think you need to defragment ubuntu, or any linux flavor for that matter01:31
zorayno none01:31
urlin2uchris215, be careful about asking questions here in lieu of problems as a new user or ever the answers you get may be biased or just wrong.01:31
zorayi dont' know01:31
|NeXuS|is there a big dif in 9.04 to 10.04 ?01:31
Verto2Depends on the fs, mitchell.  But if you're using ext (the default) you really don't need to worry about it.01:32
idlemind324nexus 10.04 is still supported01:32
zoraymy notebook have a problem with procesator01:32
mssever|NeXuS|: There's a major user interface difference. Google it for details01:32
|NeXuS|i cant keep video play back working in 10.1001:32
mitchellmssever:stanley00:pidz: thanks, i am just looking for ways to optimize my system because i am running windows as well on this as a dual boot and since then, i have noticedd my sytem is offly slow01:32
|NeXuS|i was thinking of back tracking maybe01:32
urlin2u|NeXuS|, backtrack is for geeks, and not supported here.01:33
zorayhowever, i cab use my camera web sites01:33
mssevermitchell: In my experience, the number one thing that slows down a linux sstem is memory issues01:33
|NeXuS|no back track as in try a older ubuntu hehe01:33
zoraybut, no in the messengers01:33
mitchellI agree entirely, i just need to figure out a way where i can move my ubuntu data onto a separate partition so i can delete windows and not have to go thgrough and re install ubuntu01:34
zorayis the cam that is built into the notebook01:35
mssevermitchell: If you're feeling adventureous, you could use cp -a to copy your stuff across, manually fix up your new /etc/fstab, then go to a live CD and update grup to point to your new install01:36
zorayplease help me01:36
mssevermssever: But I can't guarantee success, so be sure to have backups01:36
pidzmssever: can mitchell just delete the windows partition and resize the ubuntu partition to occupy the whole disk?01:36
msseverpidz: mitchell If the goal is simply to delete Windows, that would be the easiest option01:37
zoraymy oprative system is ubuntu01:37
ketnosHey, I just installed ubuntu 11.04 on a coby netbook and the touchpad doesn't work01:37
mitchellI was going to try something like that, my only dillema is that my netbook doesnt have a cd drive and i havent figured out to properly format a flash disk and boot off that to use as a live cd. and i cant just delet windows first becaue i am useing wubi. otherwiwse i would have done that in a heartbeat01:38
ketnosanything I can do to debug that?  I looked in /proc/bus/input/devices and didn't see anything01:38
idlemind324so ubuntu 10.04 lts with virtualbox 4.1 ... i have an ubuntu 10.04 lts server vm running inside it captures all keys but shift + 9 "(" and shift + 0 ")" any ideas?01:38
zoraymy cam no works01:38
msseverzoray: If you want people to help you, try this: First, put everything on ONE line. Then, describe your issue in detail (in one line). Then, if someone knows how to help you, they will. Posting on multiple lines is hard to read01:39
mitchellzoray: probably just need an updated driver compatible with ubuntu01:39
bbbbbbuggggafter enabling Flash's Hardware Acceleration I have a image in background from youtube video01:39
bbbbbbugggghow can I fix this without relogin01:39
mssevermitchell: From Ubuntu, use the Startup Disk Creator to make a live USB stick. Warning: It'll delete everything on your flash drive01:40
mitchellmssever: my last message was to you by the way (forgot to title it) XD01:40
zorayi am women technology that knows no01:40
|NeXuS|is there a big diff in 10.04 to 10.10 ?01:41
zorayi need a man who knows01:41
bbbbbbugggg|NeXuS|: software and kernel01:41
bbbbbbuggggand bugs01:41
MonotokoI have a piece of code that is working when I run it, but not in cron...can anyone tell me why? Here is the cron line I have set: 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * xplanet -body earth -projection mercator -num_times 1 -geometry 1366x768 -output /home/monotoko/Downloads/sunrise/earth_1024x512.png01:42
IdleOne!es | zoray perhaps getting help in your own language will be easier.01:42
ubottuzoray perhaps getting help in your own language will be easier.: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:42
Monotoko(trying to run it every 10 mins)01:42
|NeXuS|10.10 wont let me play media for long01:42
|NeXuS|so im thinking 10.04 might fix it01:43
bbbbbbugggg|NeXuS|: did u install restricted extras01:43
mitchellmssever: ok i have formatted it, now what do i do?01:43
mssevermitchell: I haven't used Wubi, but if Wubi presents Ubuntu with what appears to be a partition, you can use dd to copy that file to a raw (unformatted) partition. Then, after mounting it and fixing fstab, you shold be good to go01:43
|NeXuS|yeah i did01:43
bbbbbbuggggzoray: what is your question?01:43
szalzoray: no swearing please, not even in other languages than English01:43
|NeXuS|i can play videos then media play back quits01:43
mssevermitchell: And, it should be a safe operation01:43
bbbbbbugggg|NeXuS|: install vlc player01:44
|NeXuS|vlc is the same01:44
bbbbbbuggggand graphic card drivers01:44
mssevermitchell: There should be an option where you can choose an ISO file and write it to the USB disk01:44
|NeXuS|it don't matter what player crashs when 1 crashs the rest do01:44
zoraybbbbbbbbbblug: my cam no works in messenger01:44
PiciMonotoko: Do you see evidence in /var/log/syslog that the cron job is actually running?01:44
|NeXuS|i lose video play back on all media players when it crashs01:44
mitchellmssever: from the startup disk creator?01:44
mssevermitchell: yes01:44
bbbbbbuggggzoray: maybe it doesn't work in Linux?01:45
mitchellmssever: ok lemme check01:45
|NeXuS|i keep on thinking its a newbie qustion but i don't know01:45
MonotokoPici, one sec01:45
zoraybbbbbbbbbbluggggg: is the camera that is built into the laptop01:45
MonotokoPici, it's running...just exiting with error status 101:46
PiciMonotoko: You may need to provide the absolute path to xplanet.01:47
bbbbbbuggggzoray: type alt+f2 and then write: gstreamer-properties01:47
bbbbbbuggggzoray: then go to Video tab01:47
MonotokoPici, I installed it from apt...where would it likely be?01:47
PiciMonotoko: /usr/bin/xplanet01:48
MonotokoPici, thank you...approaching a running time now so il let you know if it works..01:49
bbbbbbuggggthis is a weird bug. I closed firefox, flash and all but keeps showing an image from a clip in youtube01:49
bbbbbbuggggit only goes away If I kill/restart GDM01:49
bbbbbbuggggor X whatver01:50
Michael_pnot giving up01:50
bbbbbbuggggif I kill X server background image disappears01:50
MonotokoPici, it didn't work :(01:51
PiciMonotoko: Do you have an encrypted home?01:51
afeijohi all01:51
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afeijoafter updating from 10.10 to 11.04, my ubuntu wont load, how can I fix it?01:51
zoraythx very much bbbblugg01:52
bbbbbbuggggafeijo: give us more details01:52
MonotokoPici, I'm getting this: Sep  7 02:40:01 Bella cron[1077]: (monotoko) RELOAD (crontabs/monotoko)01:52
MonotokoSep  7 02:40:01 Bella CRON[11574]: (monotoko) CMD (xplanet -body earth -projection mercator -num_times 1 -geometry 1366x768 -output /home/monotoko/Downloads/sunrise/ea$01:52
MonotokoSep  7 02:40:02 Bella CRON[11573]: (CRON) error (grandchild #11574 failed with exit status 1)01:52
FloodBot1Monotoko: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:52
bbbbbbuggggzoray: webcam works?01:52
Monotokosorry wrong thing >.>01:52
Monotokothis: Sep  7 02:50:02 Bella CRON[11984]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)01:52
afeijobbbbbbugggg, do you know the loading 5 red dots? it freezes at the 5th dot01:52
|NeXuS|afeijo: my bet is its your x1101:52
bbbbbbuggggzoray: so you just need to configure the MSN program.. which one are you using?01:52
zoraybbbbluggg: yes thx, but in messenger not chatcam01:52
afeijo|NeXuS|, what that means?01:53
bbbbbbuggggzoray: what application are you using for MSN?01:53
zoraybbbbbblugggg: i using emesene and aMSN01:53
|NeXuS|i thought you had no desktop but your stuck01:53
bbbbbbuggggzoray: I use emesene01:53
afeijo|NeXuS|, I can only go to ctrl+alt+f6 as  text mode01:54
vokyhello i have a question what is the best(graphical if possible) to turn my (and manage) server into a router?01:54
PiciMonotoko: thats fine.  At the end of your command, can you put the following: 2> /home/monotoko/cronlog01:54
immysl_hello everyone :)01:54
bbbbbbuggggzoray: what is the version of emesene?01:54
MonotokoPici, sure...does the file need to exist or will it create it?01:54
PiciMonotoko: it will create it01:54
bbbbbbuggggzoray: in Emesene go to Help > About01:55
zoraybbbbbluggg: let me see the version01:55
Pici!tab | zoray01:55
ubottuzoray: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:55
bbbbbbuggggnice netsplit01:56
vokyhello i have a question what is the best(graphical if possible) to turn my (and manage) server into a router?01:56
bbbbbbuggggvoky: what type of server01:56
MonotokoPici, Error: Can't create /home/monotoko/Downloads/sunrise/earth_1024x512.png. Exiting from DisplayOutput.cpp at line 6901:56
afeijohow can I dig more data to help me fix that unloading problem???01:57
vokywell this server witll act as my homes gateway to the internet01:57
PiciMonotoko: Does /home/monotoko/Downloads/sunrise/ exist? remember that Linux filesystems are case-sensitive.01:57
vokyi want all traffic to go though my server01:57
MonotokoPici, it does indeed...was one of the first things I checked01:58
vokybbbbbbugggg: well this server witll act as my homes gateway to the internet,  i want all traffic to go through this server01:58
cornellGood evening.  I use up to three computers at a time.  My normal desktop workstation (ubuntu), my laptop (ubuntu/windows) and my company's laptop.  I use headphones instead of speakers.  I've been wanting the sound from all computers to go to the one set of headphones, but the only equipment I found is relatively fancy and expensive mixers.  I just want to listen to the internet radio, and hear warning beeps and stuff from the others.01:58
MonotokoPici, damn! The file it's trying to overwrite is owned by root >< sorry about that... :$01:59
immysl_how can i start a small open source project to further develop a salary system for ubuntu?01:59
PiciMonotoko: ah!02:00
cornellI had a thought.  The workstation as a mic jack in the front and back.  System / preferences / sound shows mic 1 and mic 2.  Could I take the headphone output from the other two and plug them into the mic jacks?02:00
PiciMonotoko: My next step would have been to test whether you needed to set DISPLAY, but that didn't seem right to me.02:00
MonotokoPici, nah...I could run the same command from the terminal...problem was I left root up after a "sudo su" earlier02:01
bbbbbbugggg!ve > zoray02:02
idlemind324immysl_ what do you mean by salary system?02:02
vokybbbbbbugggg: well this server witll act as my homes gateway to the internet,  i want all traffic to go through this server02:03
cubevanbabyhey there, I have a problem and hoping someone could help. I installed ubuntu 11.04 on an aspire revo and I have no sound. I performed all updates and no dice. anyone able to help?02:03
cubevanbabyI should probably also note that I went in and tried a number of configurations in the sound menu muted and unmuted as some forums suggest02:05
pidzcubevanbaby: i would think that you have to install proprietary drivers for your audio to work02:05
maumI cannot see the menubar and sidebar in ubuntu 11.04. what should I do?02:05
immysl_idlemind324: it's a system that helps small scale businesses to manage the salaries of their employees. i need to further develop it though, but would like to make it an open source app.02:05
idlemind324immysl_ you could place the project on sourceforge, google code or github02:06
idlemind324immysl_ you would still need to promote it02:06
HisRoyalFreshnesI got Natty recently, first time on Linux, wondering if there's any way to make the taskbar on the side auto-hide02:06
cubevanbabypidz: how would I do that? I went into the hardware manager and installed proprietary hardware drivers but it only caught video02:06
immysl_ah thanks for giving me some clues. :) anyway the code might not be real good cos i'm not an expert at programming yet. so it won't have a negative impact on the project right?02:08
idlemind324immysl_ it's the opposite in open source02:08
idlemind324immysl_ you can't be afraid to release your code because of quality. open source projects are so efficient / secure / high quality because of the number of eyes that look at the code02:09
beachedis this the help channel?02:10
maumI cannot see the menubar after I did this https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/527458/comments/19902:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527458 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "please include status messages/tooltips" [Wishlist,Won't fix]02:10
IWantFroyobeached, Yes.02:10
immysl_ah that's some much needed encouragement. thanks a lot idlemind324. i'll try my best to launch the project by this week itself. three cheers!02:10
beachedawesome, new to ubuntu02:10
beachedbeen using mint02:10
beachedI can't get the pannels to display on my main screen02:11
maumI cannot see the ubuntu menubar after I did this https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/527458/comments/19902:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 527458 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "please include status messages/tooltips" [Wishlist,Won't fix]02:11
beachedanyone know how to change what screen the panels are displayed on?02:12
maumubottu: there is no status messages and I cannot see the ubuntu menubar after I reboot my PC02:13
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IWantFroyomaum, ubottu isn't a human. It just gave you details on the bug link you posted.02:15
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snap-lAnyone get flash working under oneiric?02:20
urlin2uyes, you using 64 bit?02:20
snap-lI'm using 64 bit02:21
Stanley00snap-l: do you mean adobe flash plugin? if so, yes here ;)02:21
snap-lI installed flashplugin-installer, and it's not downloading like it used to02:21
snap-land trying to install flashplugin-nonfree gives me an unmet dependency.02:21
freshone0iam using ubuntu 11.04 natty, how can i get skype? i tried the internet but they have skype for 10.04 and 32 bit02:21
urlin2uthere was a problem with the 64 bit people were using the sevenmachines ppa.02:21
matt___i'm trying to install ubuntu on this new box that has an onboard software raid. right before i get to the partition guide it detects the raid and asks me if i want to initialize it. i select yes. when it gets to the the actual partition guide it doesn't show any disks. i ctrl+alt+f2 to a new console and run "dmraid -ay" . if i hit  go back in the instal process and re-detect the disks it does see it. when it finally trys to install gr02:22
matt___any help would be greatly appreciated.02:22
snap-lurlin2u: Would you elaborate?02:22
xanguafreshone0: skype.com02:22
intmedi am trying to install openfire in ubuntu 11.04 server.02:22
intmed The following packages have unmet dependencies:02:22
intmed openfire : PreDepends: sun-java5-jre but it is not installable or02:22
intmed                        sun-java6-jre but it is not installable02:22
intmedE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).02:22
FloodBot1intmed: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:22
infobitfreshone0, its available for 64 bit 11.0402:23
ChogyDanintmed: do you have sun java installed?02:23
urlin2usnap-l, in oneiric those that have 64 bit were using that ppa to get flash to work I belive.02:23
freshone0xangua: tried that one the file that gets downloaded does not work02:23
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »02:23
xanguaintmed: enable partner repositories02:23
infobitfreshone0, use ubuntu software center02:23
freshone0should i try the 64 bit?02:23
yesitisjustmeanyone use wine?02:23
ThelmariaWhere on the filesystem are network settings like default route kept?02:23
xanguafreshone0: define doesn't work02:23
matt___i use wine02:23
snap-lurlin2u: Which PPA, please?02:23
intmedxangua: how to enable partner repos02:24
infobitfreshone0, if you have the processor support for 64 bit then make use of it02:24
xanguaintmed: just told you via the bot02:24
yesitisjustmedoes msi extension work in wine?02:24
freshone0i mean the file got downloaded i even extracted it using the archive manager but then nothing happened.02:24
pidzyesitisjustme: using wine, on Debian though02:24
intmedsudo: add-apt-repository: command not found02:25
freshone0how does one find out my processor is 32 bit or 64?02:25
xanguafreshone0: extract what¿ just install the .deb02:25
freshone0can you tell me the line i need to do it through the terminal02:25
urlin2usnap-l, https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash02:25
infobitfreshone0, goto Applications>ubuntu software center> in search tab type skype then fallow instuctions02:25
xanguaintmed: witouth the   :02:25
uabn93hi, mupen64's newest version 1.99.4 says it "links against libpng 1.4" but i can't find it in synaptics in order to get it running in 11.04. can i get some help?02:26
xanguafreshone0: double clic the deb02:26
snap-lurlin2u: Thank you02:26
matt___anyone? ;[02:26
freshone0xangua: how does one find out my processor is 32 bit or 64?02:26
intmedxangua: yes, i used it withour :02:27
cornellWell, good night all... TTFN02:27
urlin2usnap-l, your welcome, you know the oneric channel as well?02:27
xanguafreshone0: uname -a02:28
intmedxangua: there is add-shell but not add-apt-repository command02:28
xanguaintmed: you need to install somethign to the server to use add-apt-respository, but don't remember what S:02:29
yesitisjustmeanyone get msi extension working on wine?02:29
freshone0uname -a?02:30
freshone0what ios that02:30
qinintmed: apt-add-repository02:30
freshone0what is uname-a ? i dont understand that02:31
freshone0xangua: ....?02:31
xanguafreshone0: on your terminal02:31
intmedqin: that command not found02:31
idlemind324in my ldap directory server the uid's start at 1000. in ubuntu by default your local system users start at 1000 too. isn't this a problem for more than one user to have the same uid?02:32
qinfreshone0: Your kernel version, pae, generic = 3202:32
FroyoSharkHi, I decided to install Ubuntu on my old Toshiba Satellite, but sound isn't working02:33
FroyoSharkI removed Pulse and installed Alsa, but that didn't help :/02:33
SchalaI have some trouble regarding 11.04 install. I can't find any blank DVDs or flash drive around, but I have a previously burned copy of 10.10. Can I install 10.10 and just get 11.04 through software update, or will it not be as good?02:34
wildgooseFroyoShark: Run kmix from the command line and make sure your PCM isn't muted.02:34
freshone0just got it on ubuntu software centre thanks a ton.02:34
FroyoSharkgnome alternative?02:35
urlin2uSchala, you only need a cd, and having a cd of the actual install is a god tool to have.02:35
FroyoSharki don't want to download all the kde packages :/02:35
Schalamy dad misplaced the stack of blank CDs he bought... so... I'm a bit screwed02:36
FroyoSharkwildgoose, I used AlsaMixer, PCM is at 10002:37
ChogyDanSchala: you can upgrade, Ive been upgrading for awhile now02:37
Pyro_Killergentlemen, have anyone here tried the utorrent linux server?02:37
Schalawill any 10.10 junk be left over that 11.04 doesn't use?02:38
Pyro_Killerexperiences, is it wih a gui?02:38
uabn93does anyone know how to run mupen64 emulator from the terminal?02:38
FroyoSharkutorrent for linux is the same as on windows02:38
redvenomwebHello.  How can I tell which point release of 10.04 I am on?02:38
Pyro_KillerNo. they made a new one02:38
xanguaPyro_Killer: a web gui i believe02:38
HisRoyalFreshnesCan I get some help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184002002:39
wildgooseFroyoShark: Which audio card?02:39
FroyoSharkIntel HDA I believe, what is the command to check?02:39
Pyro_Killerxangua: me too, but will i be able to run it without a gui on my server (ssh)02:39
Pyro_Killerredvenomweb: uname -a02:39
urlin2uredvenomweb, there is only the main and the update 30 days later if your updated your at that.02:39
Pyro_Killerbut mainly, have anyone tried it out?02:39
Pyro_Killerthe utorrent for linux02:40
xanguaPyro_Killer: there are already native linux clients with terminal interface02:40
xanguatorrent *02:40
Pyro_Killerxangua: yes, but i am not satisified with those available02:40
zykotick9redvenomweb, try "lsb_release -a"02:40
mewayanyone know much about virtual memory to help me understand and use it?02:40
Pyro_Killerxangua: and i have tried trrentflux and rtorrent with the rutorrent interface02:40
mewayI read a page already02:40
redvenomwebzykotick9: thank you02:40
FroyoSharkwildgoose, Intel HDA I believe, what is the command to check?02:41
BashI can't really find a good guide to directly install Ubuntu onto a pendrive, is it very different from having a live ubuntu on usb?02:41
edbianmeway: to help you 'use it'  the OS is already handle-ing it for you so you are 'using' it02:41
mewayBash: no02:41
intmedxangua: qin: found the package which contains add-apt-repository command it is contained in python-software-properties. But i can't install it http://pastebin.com/xi7Qh11y02:41
mewayedbian explain?02:41
urlin2uBash, a full install?02:41
Bashmeway: Thanks.02:41
mewayBash: no problem02:42
Pyro_KillerBash: get 2 pendrives, screw out the hdd in you computer, make it install on the usb with mbr and all, screw hdd back in, bott from pendrive when you feel like it02:42
edbianmeway: There is some physical memory on the system.  (your ram) the OS knows about this memory and creates this pretend 'virtual memory' in which is puts stuff.  This helps it simply the task of making sure one program can't talk to another and programs can't read OS data.02:42
urlin2uBash, a direct install if full is diferent then a live cd.02:42
Pyro_KillerBash: ive done so before and i intend to do it again02:42
JZApplesIs anyone aware of a way to have nautilus keep the folder highlighted when you move forward and backward between folders?  For example if I go into a folder from a long list of other folders and then click the back button, i would like to have the folder that i just went into highlighted so i know where i was.02:42
Bashurlin2u: Yeah, so I can install programs etc on it, I thought the "persistant" part you choose was that but I guess I was wrong02:42
edbianmeway: So what are you trying to do?02:43
wildgoose!audio > FroyoShark  Have you checked here allready?02:43
ubottuFroyoShark, please see my private message02:43
Picolohappy 7 setember02:43
intmedJZApples: yes02:43
JZApplesintimed, please enlighten me02:43
BashPyro_Killer: You mean get a live usb on one pendrive and then install on the other one, without a hdd in ofcourse?02:43
mewayedbian: what would increasing this virtual memory do?02:43
FroyoSharkwildgoose, no hang on02:43
Pyro_KillerBash: easiest and safest way, imo02:44
FroyoSharkHDA ATI SB02:44
edbianmeway: Well you see virtual memory can be bigger than physical ram.  To make up this space difference the OS uses the harddrive (swap partition).  Increasing virtual memory would mean you have more swap partition.02:44
BashPyro_Killer: What's the biggest difference? Sorry, a little rusty.02:44
intmedJZApples: i am using nautilus in fedora 15 and i have do nothing it is working for me bu default02:44
urlin2uBash, the persistent is a casper-rw file that fills up and can't be emptied, if you have a thumb of 8 or more gigs and don't want it for installing a full install is a better choice in my opinion, it can be used as you h=would a HD install.02:44
JZApplesintmed, I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and it is not.  Is that a known bug I wonder...02:44
edbianmeway: What are you trying to do?02:44
Pyro_KillerBash: well, its like you installed it on a hdd, but its a pendrive, to cahnge between hdd os and pendrive os, is just a bios setting02:45
mewayedbian make my computer perform better02:45
wildgoose!audio > FroyoShark02:45
ubottuFroyoShark, please see my private message02:45
intmedJZApples: try updating nautilus02:45
Bashurlin2u: So let's say that I fill my casper-rw with 4gb of stuff and I delete them, it still takes 4gb on the pendrive?02:45
mewayedbian: for optimization02:45
FroyoSharkwildgoose, I said it's an HDA ATI SB02:45
HisRoyalFreshnesCan I get some help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184002002:45
FroyoSharknothing is muted or anything02:45
squidlyanyone here using ocfs2 between 11.04 and 10.10?02:45
BashPyro_Killer: Gotcha, just not clear about what's the advantage against using a live pendrive?02:45
urlin2uBash, no you just loose all the updates your abck to the original ISO.02:46
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:46
squidlyI cant get the 11.04 host to connecto to the cluster with two 10.10 nodes02:46
Bashurlin2u: But when I reboot I still have my changes saved and programs installed?02:46
edbianmeway: messing with virtual memory would require changing the kernel and basically having a M.S. level knowledge of O.S. optimization and an in-depth knowledge of the kernel.  The easiest way for you to increase performance is to get more ram, decrease the amount of programs you're running, or get a faster processor02:46
BashIrssi and my background stayed atleast.02:46
urlin2uBash, not if you remove the casper-rw02:46
Pyro_KillerBash: live os'es doesnt save your files, installed programs or settings, this way it does02:46
Bashurlin2u: Oh.02:46
JZApplesintmed, i'm kind of new to Linux.  I keep up to date with the Update Manager but I have a feeling you are asking me to do something different.02:46
BashRight, thanks urlin2u and Pyro_Killer, I'm gonna tinker away and see that I can manage. :)02:47
Pyro_KillerBash: good luck, and more then anything, have fun02:47
intmedJZApples: yes, give me some time. i am now searching for the solution on net.02:47
urlin2uBash, you can have a bigger the 4 gig casper though.02:47
robertzaccourmy laptop has 2GB RAM and came with windows 7 64 bit. Does that mean that Ubuntu 64 bit would be recommended over 32 bit?02:48
guser_freewareexcuse me, but i'm new to open source. how i can change my background?02:48
urlin2uguser_freeware, where the desktop?02:48
robertzaccourguser_freeware: right click02:48
guser_freewareurlin2u: yes02:48
Bashurlin2u: The mainly use for the pendrive is to help people with their destroyed windows drives and I thought it would be good to both be familiar with my setup and have the programs at hand that might be needed.02:49
JZApplesintmed, hmmm, i tried the internets but didn't have much luck.  Hopefully your kung fu is stronger.02:49
urlin2uguser_freeware, yeah right click change deskyop background02:49
guser_freewareJZApples: what means kung fu02:49
guser_freewareokay urlin2u i right clicked now what02:49
HisRoyalFreshnesHe's talking about his ability to computers02:49
JZApplesguser_freeware, lol, skills to pay the bills.  Leet hacker.  Uhhh, guru....etc. etc. etc.02:50
zykotick9robertzaccour, it's up to you.  personally i run 64bit on an eeepc " 'cause it can", but in general if you have less then 4GB memory 64bit is kinda a detriment in many key areas02:50
robertzaccourzykotick9: detriment how? as in slower?02:50
guser_freewareHisRoyalFreshnes: oh02:50
urlin2ubase_, if you have a big enough thumb you can use a multil;oad app, I have a 16 gig that has bitdefender, W7, natty, oneric, puppy, maverick and other ISO's02:50
intmedJZApples: try sudo apt-get update nautilus02:50
zykotick9robertzaccour, it's a complicated explanation, but 64bit uses more memory compared to 32bit...02:50
pidzrobertzaccour 64 bit allows you to take advantage of having more memory02:50
cubevanbabyhey me again. still trying to get the sound to work. got some help to figure out my card and found and installed the drivers then I checked every setting to test... muted and un muted no dice02:51
robertzaccourzykotick9: so 64 bit would be less efficient? how come the laptop came with 64 bit windows 7?02:51
urlin2uguser_freeware, right click choose change desktop background02:51
JZApplesintmed, E: The update command takes no arguments02:51
zykotick9robertzaccour, the actual "detriment" however, comes with the slight compatibility issues in running 32bit only programs02:52
HisRoyalFreshnescubevanbaby: are you getting internet sound but nothing else?02:52
guser_freewareurlin2u: ok, i chose one. but now it looks the same02:52
zykotick9robertzaccour, it's MUCH MORE efficient if you have more the 4+ GB memory ;)02:52
HisRoyalFreshnesKind of like this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1840020 ~02:52
cubevanbabyHisRoyalFreshnes: no sound at all02:52
HisRoyalFreshneso damn02:53
robertzaccourzykotick9: is 32 bit more efficient running 2GB DDR3 RAM?02:53
HisRoyalFreshnesYou're in deeper shit than I am02:53
qinJZApples:  inotifywait -m -r --format '%:e %f %T' --timefmt '%H:%M:%S' ~ (make sure your system is quiet, so you could see if nautilius write somwhere, try same for /tmp)02:53
HisRoyalFreshnesJust saying02:53
urlin2uguser_freeware, you can also use almost any background you want like a picture you have, tinker with it I suspect your not clicking a new image if not changing.02:53
zykotick9robertzaccour, in "most" areas and over all, probably yes.  if you're doing encoding probably no02:53
qinJZApples: sudo apt-get update && sudo apr-get install --reinstall nautilus02:54
cubevanbabywell thanks for linkage but not... like helpful thanks anyways02:54
cubevanbabypidz: what we tried didnt work02:54
guser_freewareurlin2u: no, i DID click on a new image, but it dint load on my background of my desktop02:54
zykotick9robertzaccour, 64bit is faster in certain areas, but there is more overhead in addressing big memory ranges (BUT, the fact that you can use big memory efficiently makes it the new standard)02:54
HisRoyalFreshnesI was mainly wondering if we were having the same problems, so we could kill two birds at the same time02:55
JZApplesqin, log off and back on when it's done or do i need to restart?02:55
guser_freewareits the fourth time i tried this, and i NEVER get it to work02:55
urlin2uguser_freeware, are you seeing this to choose from? http://imagebin.org/17135202:55
cubevanbabyI feel that way about my sound not working lol02:56
cubevanbabyeff 11.0402:58
cubevanbabyim rolling back forget this crap02:58
qinJZApples: You do not need to logout.02:58
guser_freewareyes. fucking 11.04 seems to  be shit. you know? when you cat ever mak ethe sound work. nor the desktop picture02:59
JZApplesqin, negative.  It didn't work.02:59
xanguaguser_freeware: drop that language02:59
HisRoyalFreshnesI have sound on YouTube but not on the system. No music, nor startup sound. Can someone please help me?02:59
qinJZApples: Wait, does Alt-Arrow works?02:59
JZApplesqin, negative.03:00
cubevanbabyguser_freeware: yes I do know03:00
cubevanbabyall too well03:00
qinJZApples: Do they work in firefox (or any browser)?03:00
guser_freewarexangua: why? you dont let people speak freely in this chanel xangua?03:01
qinguser_freeware: /join #angry03:01
Bashguser_freeware: It's a support channel, not one for you to vent your anger.03:01
somsipguser_freeware: speak freely, but show respect o people (possibly minors) who do not want to hear expletives03:01
urlin2uguser_freeware, people of all ages have acces even children03:01
JZApplesqin, The back/forward arrows work, it just doesn't highlight the folder I was previously in when going back so if I'm in a folder that has a lot of subfolders, go into a folder, and then go back, it is easy to lose my place and forget where i was.03:01
guser_freewareope. my bad. sorry to any children heard me say bad words03:02
qinJZApples: Oh, not sure that nautilus have such feature.03:02
organikshey guys03:02
qinJZApples: maybe, nautilus-scripts?03:02
HisRoyalFreshnesJZApples: isn't the series up top?03:02
JZApplesqin, bummer, that is really handy.03:03
guser_freewarehey can you guys please like forgive me?03:03
organiksmy buddy installed 4 ati 5850 but can only get info on one, what is he doing wrong03:03
JZApplesHisRoyalFreshnes, yes, that's a good point.  like I said, just new to linux and Windows used to do that so it has been annoying me a lot.  I'll keep that in mind.  Probably get used to it in no time.03:03
HisRoyalFreshnesI know what you mean03:04
ksx4systemhow do I force using downgraded kernel? i have traced back one nasty issue, simpliest solution will be using oldest possible Linux kernel for 11.0403:04
HisRoyalFreshnesI just put this on my little netbook a few days ago to free up RAM etc03:04
HisRoyalFreshnesThis system is a hassle03:04
guser_freewareplease guys03:04
ksx4systemof course it'll be very easy to dpkg -i *.deb but how to force this exact version?03:04
HisRoyalFreshnesBut 7 Starter was terrible to me03:04
IdleOne!guidelines | guser_freeware03:05
Bashguser_freeware: Take it easy, it's not a channel for friends, it's pretty exclusive for support. :)03:05
qinksx4system: I think you can use older one via grub.03:05
ubottuguser_freeware: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:05
ksx4systemHisRoyalFreshnes: win$hit starter 7 is complete crap... completely unsusable, I run Debian 6 on my netbook03:05
cubevanbabythere's an angry channel?03:05
guser_freewarecubevanbaby: no there isnt03:05
ksx4systemqin: it's not possible in my case since I deleted just everything non-essential from the SSD03:06
cubevanbabythere should be win 7 is looking sweet to the completely and totally busted 11.0403:06
cubevanbabyIm using03:07
HisRoyalFreshnesksx4system: when I found out that I couldn't even change the background, I raged03:07
ksx4systemqin: I was thinking about Ubuntu as a temporary solution - I didn't have enough time to install full blown Debian 6 with backports kernel... and I don't have this much time now too :(03:07
ksx4systemHisRoyalFreshnes: there's a nasty hack for that but still - it sucks03:08
cubevanbabyit should be fine for that nice and fast just dont try to watch anything03:08
qinksx4system: Still in synaptic you will find at least 3 older versions, you can install them and pin.03:08
HisRoyalFreshnesAll I found was themes, maybe it's the same thing that you're talking about, because they sucked, ksx4system03:08
ChogyDanksx4system: it looks like there are a few older kernels in the repos, just type out the full versions, not the meta package names03:09
HisRoyalFreshnesSo like03:09
ChogyDanksx4system: ie sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.38-8-generic03:09
HisRoyalFreshnesI have sound on YouTube but not on the system. No music, nor startup sound. Can someone please help me?~03:09
ksx4systemqin: downgrading to older version is not an issue for me, forcing not to upgrade from version x.y.z is03:09
cubevanbabyyeah roll back to 10.04 like me03:10
guser_freewarecubevanbaby: just try gentoo linux. its better and easier (i heard)03:10
ChogyDanksx4system: for the kernel, that is as simple as removing the meta packages03:10
cubevanbabyits not that03:10
cubevanbaby10.04 is fine03:10
qinksx4system: If you pin kernel version it will be kept, in case of dist-upgrade.03:10
guser_freewarecubevanbaby: then you dont have a narwhal on yaur desk looking at you always all of the time03:11
qin!pinning > ksx4system03:11
ubottuksx4system, please see my private message03:11
ChogyDanyou don't need pinning for the kernel...03:11
cubevanbabyI think my life will find a way of moving on03:11
ksx4systemcubevanbaby: too much hassle, 10.04 afair runs with 2.6.32 kernel which doesn't really support SSD disks (exactly: TRIM on ext4)03:11
UhriventisYeah, I'm trying to help my friend with a problem. Haven't been behind Ubuntu for years. He has sound on the internet and SNES but not on the system as a,whole- meaning no mp3, movies, startup sound or the like. Any ideas?03:12
cubevanbabyksx4system: that is less hastle then having absolutely no sound03:12
ksx4systemqin: thnx, if it's the same pinning I do on Debian boxes I'm at home03:12
cubevanbabythis is for a media pc I just need it to work03:13
onezhello...can you help me?03:13
guser_freewarei thought this was linux channel03:13
qinksx4system: Since it is apt and dpkg, it is pretty much same.03:13
ksx4systemcubevanbaby: my box randomly restarts GNOME session, it's a nightmare... x.org segfaults and nobody knows wtf is it03:13
cubevanbabysame nobody can figure out this sound thing for me03:13
UhriventisSeems to me to be a ALSA pulseaudio conflict03:14
ChogyDanUhriventis: what version of Ubuntu?03:14
guser_freewarei have to go. bye you guys!03:14
James123hello, how do i scan hard drive for errors and bad sectors in ubuntu? (similar to chkdsk in windows)03:14
qinguser_freeware: ubuntu is debian based and both are linux distributions.03:14
UhriventisHis is 11.04. I use Slackware03:14
cubevanbabyUhriventis: me or someone else?03:14
UhriventisWe are running in loops03:14
edbianJames123: The OS does it automatically every 24 boots03:14
onezI plan to buy USB audio interface, what is the best that work well with ubuntu? please help03:15
ChogyDanUhriventis: did you check the audio app, make sure nothing is muted?03:15
UhriventisSomeone else he is here but hadn't been heard03:15
James123well i need it done now, i connected an old hard drive, i wanna find out in what condition it is, to check if it has bad blocks etc...03:15
edbianJames123: use disk utility :)03:15
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:15
UhriventisI put him through all trouble shooting ideas03:15
ChogyDanUhriventis: I think you need to check it when the app is actually running sound03:16
cubevanbabyif its ALSA pulseaudio conflict can someone link me03:16
edbianJames123: palimpsest   in a term or search for the app called 'disk utility'03:16
cubevanbabyI can only find old sites03:16
FloodBot1cubevanbaby: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
UhriventisOkay, how would he do so03:16
ChogyDancubevanbaby: I don't think alsa and pulse will conflict on a software side, only on the hardware side03:16
James123thank u03:17
ChogyDancubevanbaby: I take that back, nvm03:17
BashHow good is the NTFS compatibility nowadays?03:17
cubevanbabyI would need more everything ive followed online has led nowhere I need like a clear link or something03:17
cubevanbabyIve spent 4 hours on this no dice03:17
edbianBash: works great, no issues03:17
ChogyDanUhriventis: click the sound thing, sound prefs, Applications, it should be listed03:17
edbianJames123: sure03:17
ChogyDanUhriventis: I like to also test with gstreamer-properties03:18
Bashedbian: No real worries about messing up a hdd tinkering around with files (and saving them to the same hdd)?03:18
UhriventisI'm not familiar with this new front end they use now03:18
edbianBash: well you could tinker with certain files and mess things up...03:18
=== TiG4 is now known as pixlgeek
cubevanbabygod I keep researching with no luck. honestly I should just reinstall windows it sucks but honestly, it worked03:19
Bashedbian: Ofcourse, but I meant standard non-system files.03:19
edbianBash: the actual ntfs-3g module won't do anything that corrupts files, no03:19
edbianI used to use it all the time03:19
cubevanbabyhelp anybody?03:19
Bashedbian: Nice. Last I used it it was really shoddy but it seems to have catched up. :)03:20
edbianBash: yep :D03:20
ChogyDancubevanbaby: are you having the same issue?03:20
cubevanbabyno sound03:20
new1too<edbian> hello.03:21
edbiannew1too: hello03:21
ChogyDancubevanbaby: maybe try gstreamer-properties03:21
new1tooyou've helped me alot. so far, so good.03:21
edbiannew1too: o good :)03:22
new1toojust wanted to say thanks03:22
nemohm. I just found a good reason to update all my machines to Natty03:23
edbiannew1too: sure! :D03:23
nemoWas reading The Register - apparently Oneiric has dumped Gnome2, so if I want to try XFCE4 to get used to my new desktop, I guess I should try 4.8 which apparently is only in Natty03:23
cubevanbabystill no sound03:24
cubevanbabytried every setting03:24
ChogyDancubevanbaby: did you try all the settings on the output tab under sound preferences?03:25
ksx4systemcubevanbaby: do you know what chipset your soundcard has?03:25
cubevanbabyyes I tried every option03:25
Braber01Hi I'm having trouble downoading videos from vetoh on ubuntu could somebody help me?03:25
cubevanbabyksx4system:  no clue03:25
=== bryan is now known as Guest77188
ksx4systemshould I uninstall ATi/AMD graphics drivers before trying to install newer (non-standard) kernel?03:25
cubevanbabyI have a realtek alc66203:25
Guest77188hello  im on ubuntu i have enable  ROOT   but how to disable the root command03:26
ChogyDanksx4system: shouldn't be needed03:26
ksx4systemcubevanbaby: there was mess with it on Debian. afair after recompiling ALSA and a little bit of tinkering (you MUST be sure that none of outputs volume is set to zero) it should work03:27
cubevanbabyI have no clue how to do all that03:28
cubevanbabyI need instructions with command line copy paste to do that03:28
ksx4systemcubevanbaby: w8 a sec, I'll reboot my box and try to help you03:28
cubevanbabyI have been searing for 4 days on it03:28
new1tooi need help getting my vm to see a usb drive.03:28
Echapai need help03:29
Guest77188can someone help me03:29
zykotick9Guest77188, i'm a little hesitant with this as your question isn't 100% clear.  If you've enabled the root account and simply want to disable it, I think you could try "sudo passwd -l root"03:30
Echapahow can i make my laptop faster03:30
Marty-Rickwant to use gnucash on my lucid box for business, anyone know a decent channel for that03:30
Guest77188yeah but doesnt work03:30
new1too<Echapa> How do you mean faster?03:30
zykotick9!doesntwork | Guest7718803:30
ubottuGuest77188: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:30
Echapait runs slow03:30
Braber01Only enable root if your working on a server03:30
Echapanewltoo it runs slow03:31
Braber01and disable sudo for all users03:31
new1too<Echapa> What OS are you running?03:31
rypervencheHow can I find out how large a folder is using the command line? Just like you do by right-clicking on the folder and choosing "Properties".03:31
zykotick9rypervenche, "du -sh /path"03:32
zHammeRzI always used du -cs, what does the s do?03:32
Echapanewtloo> ubuntu 11.0403:32
rumpe1zHammeRz, summary03:32
Kardoss = summary03:32
new1too<Echampa> Me, too.03:33
zHammeRzsorry I meant h03:33
rypervenchezykotick9: Thank you.03:33
new1tooMine is fast.03:33
rumpe1zHammeRz, human readable filesizes03:33
Echapanewltoo> i think i install it wrong03:33
Echapanewltoo> i am new at this software03:34
Echapanewltoo> i am new at this software03:34
cubevanbabyoh man almost midnight03:34
new1too<Echampa> How old is your laptop?03:34
cubevanbabywhy am I doing this to myself I thought linux was supposed to be better or whatever03:34
Echapanewltoo> about 4-5 yrs old03:34
Guest77188when i use the command  sudo password  -l  root  it says command not found03:34
Echapanewltoo> or can u point me in to  a good book that i can read for linux03:35
new1too<Echampa> My laptop is 7 years old. I had to get a version of Ubuntu for older systems.03:35
zykotick9Guest77188, "passwd" not "password"03:36
rypervencheEchapa: http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php03:36
=== Guest5646 is now known as skye0218
jef91The TTYs on my system are no longer working. When I do ctrl+alt+f16 all I get is a blinking white line on a black screen, any ideas?03:37
chris215question:   is my home folder the folder called home, or the folder with my name on it?03:37
Guest77188passwd: password expiry information changed03:37
Echapathanks rypervenche03:38
zHammeRzchris215, default your technical "home" folder is the folder with your name on it, in the /home mount point03:38
zykotick9jef91, (just curious) have you messed with plymouth resolution in any way?  OR are you using non-standard nvidia/ati drivers?  {i probably can't help, i'm just curious}03:38
chris215zHammeRz: thank you03:38
htmlchris215,  you name i think, wahts your flavor?03:38
chris215im trying to learn conky03:38
new1too<Echapa> Check out <rypervenche> link above.03:38
jef91No to all of the above zykotick903:38
jef91It's happened on my nvidia and intel systems03:38
=== Edi is now known as edis
chris215html: my flavor is lucid03:38
htmlchris215, 10.04?03:39
=== edis is now known as edis6
chris215html: yeah03:39
zHammeRzyou can also open up a terminal and type pwd to get your home dir if you're running 10 or 11, perhaps older versions have the same shell, dunno03:39
htmlits the one with your name on in03:39
chris215html: and you?  i also have mint 11, fedora 15, and win 7 on this computer03:39
zHammeRzfedora is still kicking?03:39
chris215im still pretty novice as you can see by the question i asked03:40
htmlhell yaeH!03:40
chris215i like fedora03:40
chris215html: whats your flavor03:40
zHammeRzI haevn't messed with Fedora in forever03:40
new1tooI have 15.03:40
Guest77188please tell how to disable this root03:41
rypervencheMy flavor is Linux *ends distro war* :)03:41
=== tyler is now known as Guest59544
htmlfedora is like the best when you have in mind what you what to install right in the beginning, and the options are almost limitsless03:41
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:42
zHammeRzGuest77188, what are you trying to do?  You can't disable the root account..and I imagine if you somehow did the system would not boot03:42
chris215not ubottu again!!!03:42
Guest59544I've been gettin a weird error when I've been trying to do run the "make install" command from terminal.  is there anyone who can help me figure it out?03:42
chris215thanks for the help guys03:42
Guest77188but how to close this terminal ?03:43
zHammeRztype exit or ctrl-d03:43
rumpe1Guest59544, what are you trying to do?03:43
pidzwhat is the error Guest59544?03:43
xanguazHammeRz: Guest77188 there is not root acount in ubuntu by default, if you enabled it you are by your own03:43
rumpe1Guest59544, which package e.g. and why do you have to compile it manually?03:43
htmlrypervenche, there is no war of distros03:43
Guest77188yes i have enable it to run bastille but now i want to close the terminal03:43
Guest59544I was trying to install GIT, and got this error03:44
Guest59544/bin/sh: cannot create GIT-BUILD-OPTIONS: Permission denied03:44
Guest59544make: *** [GIT-BUILD-OPTIONS] Error 203:44
zHammeRzthanks for the clarification xangua...guest77188 just type exit or press ctrl-d03:44
rumpe1Guest59544, so why not use git from the official repositories?03:44
Guest59544the what now?  I've been using linux for all of...23 hours.03:45
rumpe1Guest59544, "sudo apt-get install git-core" in terminal03:45
htmlwhats that?03:45
rypervenchehtml: I know I know. :P03:45
Guest77188but if i close the terminal it will kill it03:45
xanguaGuest59544: then why do you want git for¿03:45
stiltzkinHey, any compression experts in the house?03:45
zHammeRzGuest77188, did you do a su elevation?  if so, still type exit to go back to regular user priv's03:46
stiltzkinCould really use a little insight into LZMA if anyone is around03:46
ChogyDanstiltzkin: Im not who you are looking for, but what is your question?03:46
htmlrypervenche, i wanting to state that its cuz of fedora that you-bunt-too got some grounding and some money to be one of the big boys03:47
cubevanbabyksx4system: you still round?03:47
Guest77188when i type exit it say log out but  the root is still on03:47
mewayI was messing with gparted now it takes me to the desktop login screen but when I put my user name and password in a white square box flashes and nothing happens. I'm using lubuntu *I assume the same issue for ubuntu*03:47
rypervenchehtml: State all you want, it makes no difference to me. Next subject :)03:48
cubevanbabyok, well since nobody has been able to help me does anyone know of a good paid support service?03:48
stiltzkinChogyDan: Yeah I might not even be in the right channel but you guys are usually pretty helpful with this kind of thing and it relates to Ubuntu - kind of. Basically I want to know if anyone knows of a parallel implementation of LZMA, particularly decompression. I have a 36GB LZMA-compressed file I need to extract, but as it stands now unlzma uses only 1 of my 8 available CPU cores to do the decompression. I want to know if there's some03:48
cubevanbabyno offense I understand this is out of the goodness of your hearts but spending 4 days trying to get sound to work is not my idea of novice user usability03:49
xanguacubevanbaby: you can get paid support from canonical03:49
Guest77188so is there another solution03:49
xangua!attitude | cubevanbaby03:50
ubottucubevanbaby: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:50
stiltzkinI was looking at fsarchiver, which has support for SMP compression/decompression and LZMA, but it looks like only when encapsulated in its own .fsa file format, it doesn't decompress plain archives03:50
cubevanbabyI covered off that this was a volunteer effort03:51
stiltzkinAlso 7zip supposedly has support for both of those things, but only in the Windows version <_<03:51
kwixsonTrying to set up VLC to stream my webcam on the home network.03:52
cubevanbabymy attitude reflects someone who is fed up because people who said they would help arent and people arent telling me they dont have answers so I asked for paid support especially since there are so many sound issues experienced by many. that is fair03:52
ChogyDancubevanbaby: you are correct.  You may have better luck filing a bug report, where experts might get a better fix03:52
stiltzkinI know this is a weird situation but if anyone knows of a solution I'd be really appreciative. And apologies if I'm too far off topic for this channel, but I am looking for something that works on Ubuntu, after all03:53
kwixsonI'm having trouble figuring out the settings, in particular, selecting the correct device.03:53
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
crash1hdOMG why oh why did I backup lol (I backed up my main drive overtop of another drive that i swear was the empty drive :( sadly it wasnt and I ended up writing over one of my video drives all because I got a new mobo and figured that I would backup only to find out when I booted that everything was fine lol love ubuntu for that.  Going to try testdisk and see if I can get the partitions back, I have a feeling that I will not be able t03:53
crash1hdo as I used ddrescue to do the clone03:53
htmlrypervenche,  fedora is nice but the waiting for the iso is a little slow, p2p people need to seed their copys! and other distros03:53
htmlcubevanbaby,  what do you need?03:54
cubevanbabytnx for your attention to this I am on 11.04 with a realtek alc662 i installed the driver and tried every setting and all mutes including the speakers and I have 0 sound03:56
htmlcrash1hd,  well you do know about data recovery?03:58
stiltzkinMaybe someone can point me to a channel that might know? Just shooting in the dark here03:58
crash1hdhtml, yep and I figured it wont hurt to try but I am not expecting miracles lol :)03:59
crash1hdIm just kicking myself for not mounting the drive first to verifying that it was the blank drive04:00
kwixsonOkay, so I think I mostly have the device figured out now. But when I send it to HTTP and then go to http://localhost/webcam I get server not found.04:00
kwixsonI'm guessing extra configuration is needed?04:01
no-name-has the sandy bridge graphics support for ubuntu improved?04:03
urlin2uno-name-, here is a google search http://tinyurl.com/3eyabu604:06
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
no-name-still troublesome, apparently04:09
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest56143
rwwOkay, so this is perhaps a stupid question, but I'm in a live session and would like to shutdown or restart. The power icon in the top-right has only Lock Screen and Suspend. Umm?04:16
cubevanbabyok, clairification any online support that wont cost me as much as buying a new windows 7 cd?04:17
IdleOnerww: sudo shutdown now04:17
cubevanbabysorry paid support04:17
rwwIdleOne: no. Tell me a way that isn't user-unfriendly.04:17
rwwIdleOne: or find me a bug on LP about it, my web browser is being stupid :(04:18
IdleOnerww: perhaps starting up system monitor and shutting down from there? (not sure you can)04:18
IdleOneit isn't very user friendly or discoverable but...04:19
rwwIdleOne: nothing relevant in there :(04:19
cubevanbabyso... paid support anyone? cheaper than 150 bux04:19
BlackWebrww sudo shutdown -h now04:19
cubevanbabyotherwise I should just get windows 7 :P04:19
IdleOnecubevanbaby: canonical.com has paid support04:19
cubevanbabyvery expensive support04:20
rwwBlackWeb: please to read scrollback :(04:20
IdleOnewell it's either free ( requires patience) or canonical.04:20
cubevanbabyif its going to cost me as much as an os that works out of the box, why would I get the thing that doesnt work?04:20
rwwIdleOne: I'm serious about the LP bug thing, btw. It's probably easily Googleable, it's just not something I can get to :(04:20
BlackWebrww so you want to restart or shutdown right04:20
rwwBlackWeb: yes04:20
IdleOnerww: let me give a check.04:21
BlackWebopen terminal04:21
zykotick9rww, can't you just logout, then use the DM to shutdown?04:21
BlackWebthen copy and paste "sudo shutdown -r now"04:21
BlackWebthat will reboot04:21
rwwzykotick9: Is there a Logout option somewhere I'm not seeing?04:21
[away]so long so long04:21
rwwhrm, I wonder if...04:21
[away]so long04:21
BlackWeb"sudo shutdown -h now" will shutdown system04:21
rwwthe physical power button on the machine pops up the "Shut Down the Computer" box, I guess that's not terrible.04:22
rwwBlackWeb: Apologies, you appear to be missing the point :(04:22
dr_willisrww thats what i always do.04:22
jamesw1is anyone aware of an issue with dells freezing under natty? i have a brand new xps and it has completely frozen twice in the last two days04:22
dooglusis there some way to make ubuntu ignore one of my USB devices?04:23
dooglusevery time it tries to use my webcam, the wireless internet disconnects, and won't reconnect until I reboot04:24
IdleOnerww: not finding anything recent, something from 2007 in LP04:24
dr_willisjamesw1:  the chipsets used would be the imporntant unfo to mention. could be a video issue. or sime odd bug with that exact make laptop04:24
dooglusso I'd like it to think I don't even have a webcam04:24
jamesw1dr_willis: how can i provide that?04:24
IdleOnerww: correction https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-session/+bug/75397604:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 753976 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "session restart/logout/shutdown menus are missing " [Undecided,New]04:25
dr_willisdooglus:  blacklist the webcam module. to keep the cam off04:25
dooglusdr_willis: what's the module called?04:25
rww... apparently the "Shut Down the Computer" box automatically shuts down after a bit. Fun times.04:25
dooglusdr_willis: "lsmod | grep -i cam" shows nothing04:25
dooglusdr_willis: lsusb shows it as: Bus 001 Device 003: ID 04f2:b008 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd USB 2.0 Camera04:26
dr_willisdooglus:  it may not hav cam in the name04:26
xhazkHey all... am setting up a 'transparent proxy' for both IP and DNS via Tor/Vidalia/Privoxy and THINK I finally have all but DNS done. But I don't know a way to verify that applications are running through the proxy automatically. Anyone know a trick to figure this out?04:26
dr_willislamod shows loadedmoudeles04:26
dooglusdr_willis: it's a USB device - doesn't that mean it won't have a distinct kernel module?04:26
dr_willistheres dozens if webcam modules i imagine04:27
AtharvaHi...My 2 laptops are connected using wifi..How can I access the shared files between both  of them ?04:27
dr_willisxhazk:  privoxy has a test url to check it.04:28
ubottuLinux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as a kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux04:28
xhazk@dr_willis Great, thanks... Able to point me in general direction of?04:28
dr_willisxhazk: privoxy faq page04:29
xhazkThanks mate04:29
AtharvaAnyone to help ?04:30
xhazk@atharva Yes, you should be able to... may need to install Samba (sudo apt-get install samba4 if I recall) especially if one is Winblows.04:30
[away]dr_willis: so how do you "blacklist" the module when you find it?04:30
dr_willisAtharva:  you did make some shares?04:30
xhazkAtharva... make sure  you right click folders desired to share and designate in properties too.04:30
Atharva<xhazk> : Both are ubuntu..04:30
dr_willis! blacklist04:31
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »04:31
[away]oh nice104:31
zykotick9Atharva, if they're both running GNU/LInux, install openssh server on one (or both) then in the Ubuntu menu Places / Connect to Server / select SSH from the dropdown and input the other computer's info.  Alternatives are NFS for SAMBA.04:31
dr_willisAtharva: learning to use ssh and sshfs is wirth the time. makes it easy to transfer files04:32
dr_willissamba can be a pain04:32
xhazkI like PuTTY for ssh04:32
Atharva<dr_willis> : I have a shared folder on one of the computer..How to access it on other.. ? (with wifi).04:33
dr_willistheres more to ssh then just a remote cli. ;)04:33
Atharva<dr_willis> : Samba is also installed04:33
dr_willisAtharva:  use the filemanager.. places menu item04:33
dr_willisor enter  smb://ip.of.the.server/ to get to it04:34
amircxanyone has success to install ubuntu with 2tb h.d ? its makes a grub error04:34
dr_willisamircx:  i doubt if its a hd size issue04:35
xhazkamircx: Just 1.5tb i tried. Doing automated format? I always do manual... Ubuntu has given me weird grub errors since 10.10 with automated04:35
amircxsee my question there04:36
Atharvadr_willis : Please explain how to use the file manager..I am unable to get it.04:36
dr_willisi dont use lvm ;)04:36
dr_willisicon in panel for your files.... click on it...04:37
amircxso if i got 2tb hd and another 1 tb hd04:37
dr_willislook in places menu item... use connect to.. or network items04:37
dr_willisnot on ubuntu so i cant be exact..04:38
amircxand i want that the 2tb will be / and the 1 tb will added space to /home04:38
amircxis that possible without LVM?04:38
dr_willisamircx:  trivial to do that04:38
dr_willisso yes amircx04:38
dr_willismount ither place to /home in fstab04:39
amircxcan you  give me example?04:39
dr_willisthats how its been done for years04:39
dr_willis!  mount04:39
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:39
amircxyeah im newb in all the sys admin04:39
dr_willislvm lets you have finer controll of partition sizes04:40
cubevanbabycan anyone help me or are we just going to pm me spend an hour goggling all the stuff I googled and then tell me to install windows?04:40
dr_willis2tb for / is huge04:40
cubevanbabyis it any wonder that novices are scared of looking at linux?04:40
dr_williscubevanbaby: state the ussue not rambling comments04:41
Michael_panyone knows how to update nvida drivers from prompt or comand line04:42
Atharvadr_willis : Thanks...And can you tell me Are there any exams of ubuntu to become a member of ubuntu (like you) ?04:42
cubevanbabyI have so many times its like mashing my skull into a bloody pulp against a giant brick wall. I have an aspire revo realtek alc662 and my sound doesnt work no matter what I do04:42
dr_willisAtharva:  i read the docs and play with things.04:42
dr_willisself taught04:42
|Justm3|hey question. is there a difference between the wubi ubuntu and ubuntu 11.04?04:43
cubevanbabyand Im sorry if I am pissed off its because Ive been asking for help for 4 hours asked for paid support which is as expensive as buying windows and Ive spend my entire long weekend on this04:43
Atharvadr_willis : Which docs.....any example ?04:43
dr_willis|Justm3|:  other then how rhey install.. no04:43
cubevanbabyit sucks so yeah I am losing patience04:43
|Justm3|really? you POSITIVE?04:43
dr_willisAtharva:  any and All i can find04:43
dr_willisAtharva:  start with learning bash04:44
zHammeRzI didn't google anything except your model #, and the one you told me it was came with windows xp, but yet your the dummy that blowed away your recovery partition so if your such an expert figure it out yourself04:44
z3r0c0d3Hi all04:44
htmldr_willis, ? are you there?04:44
Atharvadr_willis : Thanks..04:44
|Justm3|dr_willis: are you 100% positive that they are exactly the same?04:45
rwwzHammeRz: that's not helpful :(04:45
|Justm3|cuz if so... then i found the solution to my driver problem :D04:45
cubevanbabyI dont care about installing windows back I was hoping to get the sound to work04:45
z3r0c0d3Anybody here use gnome 3?04:45
dr_willis|Justm3|:  the yser would see little differance. thers a few little things different. but i dobt recomend wuni04:45
cubevanbabyif you dont know, then say so04:45
zHammeRzwtb, easier ignore option for XChat :)04:45
dr_willisdrivers are the same just..04:45
cubevanbabyand by the way, whats the protocol on people cursing the hell out of you on pm?04:46
amircxsorry sys crash04:46
amircx;) windows..04:46
|Justm3|dr_willis: well, i tried wubi cuz EVERY other linux distro seemed to reject my monitor [2000x1000 px] and my wifi... the wubi worked JUST fine for those :|04:46
amircxcan you paste again the url that explains how to do the mount04:46
ssfdre38how can i check how much space im using on my server?04:47
Atharvadr_willis : Great work..keep it up...Inspired by you..Thanks..:)04:47
cubevanbabyis this part of the helpful newbie user community? [00:43] <zHammeRz> dude, your a fucking asshole...fuckiing noob04:47
dr_willisdrivets should be udentical justm304:47
cubevanbabyis it any wonder that I am frustrated?04:47
dr_williswuni justsboots differently04:47
|Justm3|dr_willis: the other linux distros didnt have them by default tho...04:47
rwwcubevanbaby: I believe you're familiar with /ignore. Quoting inappropriate comments in the channel only inflames matters.04:48
htmlcubevanbaby,  i here,04:48
dr_williswhat video chipset?04:48
cubevanbabyso I am supposed to just endure that jesus04:48
|Justm3|nvidia GEFORCE GTX?04:48
dr_willisdifferent distris can gave diff verons if drivers04:48
rwwcubevanbaby: No, you're supposed to ignore it. I can't ban someone from the channel for what boils down to your word vs theirs, so there's not much I can do.04:49
dr_willismore specufic chipset. gtx us a common term i think04:49
|Justm3|idk D:04:49
dr_willisnvida works fine for my 4 machines04:49
cubevanbabyyou know, this is why people are afraid to adopt04:50
zHammeRzApologies, figured I would take it PM since they have been working on it for a while and it would save the channel some spam..my mistake lol04:50
cubevanbabyI am frustrated because for the past 3 days nobody even responded to me in here04:50
dr_williscubevanbaby:  no its not.  please stick to support.04:50
cubevanbabythen I ask nicely no response04:50
rwwcubevanbaby: As you've been told, #ubuntu is for technical support. Ranting about how you're not getting any just contributes to making the channel less usable for everyone else who is also seeking support.04:50
dr_willisif no one knows then they dont know04:50
cubevanbabybut its cool for people to cuss me out tell me to install windows and $%^& myself04:51
dr_williscould be alsa has no supporr for the chipset.04:51
dr_williscould be it may just work in the next release also.04:52
htmlcubevanbaby,  i here, , and i dont want you to do any of that04:52
|Justm3|dr_willis: but can i be assured that since wubi worked *out of the box*, 11.04 will work JUST the same *right out of the box*?04:52
cubevanbabythank god, an answer04:52
dr_willisjystn3 it should04:52
dr_willistest with a luve cd justm304:53
|Justm3|im downloading the iso right now...04:53
|Justm3|85% done...04:53
|Justm3|then gonna load onto my jump drive, and try and install...04:53
dr_williswuni can be a pain ;)04:53
|Justm3|should i try installing, or just loading?04:54
dr_willistest live desktop04:54
dr_willisfor my nvudia i must install the nvidia drivers to get proper res. yours may differ04:54
dr_willislive cd gives ma a lowres screen04:55
|Justm3|well, as i have no wifi access unless the drivers are there...04:55
|Justm3|im screwed,again...04:55
dr_willisdeoends on the chipser04:55
dr_willisplug in a cable...04:55
dr_williswireless depends on the chipset also04:56
dr_willismy wireless all work fine04:56
|Justm3|if at the very least the WIFI doesnt work right when i run it...04:56
|Justm3|im giving up til tomorrow... which is technically in 4 minutes, but im referring to the 16 hours from now tomorrow xD04:57
cubevanbabythanks but no thanks all. after the amount of attitude Ive endured and the lame level of cussing me out that it came to, I will not be using ubuntu any longer. you guys are mean as hell jerks. I get that you do this for free but jesus christ its like you're the big bullies and I'm the stupid noob. I dont get why you guys have to be like that.04:57
dr_willismore ranting..04:57
* rww kicks chanserv04:58
amircx! mount04:58
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:58
dr_willisi was offering suggestions but the rants overshadowwd them04:58
|Justm3|what is ubottu? a bot?04:58
dr_willisyes a bot04:59
dr_willisu bot u04:59
zHammeRzYup so smart, I've witnessed a few people trying to have conversations with it :)04:59
|Justm3|oop. time to test the new distro. thanks for the help ;)04:59
|Justm3|bye for now...04:59
|Justm3|if it works, hopefully i should be on in a few minutes :P04:59
dr_willisnever mind...05:00
dr_willisi hate nicks that start with |05:00
dr_willistoo hard to type for me.. ;)05:00
dr_willisi was going to tell him about nomiseset05:01
ValderHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me set-up a CUP server. I got it working on my Ubuntu netbook, but not with windows.05:02
dr_willisi give up05:02
somsipdr_willis: andone more time...05:02
dr_willissilly android irc client05:02
urlin2udr_willis, I was thinking they might want to know but just didn't want to interject05:02
wildbatnomodeset  ?05:03
dr_willis11.10 has improved the nvidia issues at least05:03
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:04
wildbat[OT] dr_willis: get Swype may be :)05:04
ValderCould anyone help me setup a Print server?05:04
dr_willisandchat has issues here nit showing what i type with all keynords05:05
ssfdre38how can i check how much space im using on my server?05:05
dr_willisValder:  cups us installed be default for that05:05
ValderI know, but I can't get it to work with my windows machine05:06
Valdernor can I get it to work over internet.05:06
wildbatssfdre38:   df -h      for fs level,  du -h <dir> --max-depth=1       for  dir level.05:07
xuser1i habe an error my linux not starts http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/217/photo0135b.jpg/ please help me05:07
urlin2uxuser1, is this a wubi, or a dual boot?05:08
xuser1is a dual boot05:08
urlin2uxuser1, screen shot is hard to read what orefaced this happening?05:09
ssfdre38i want to see system wide how much percent wise the space im using05:09
urlin2uprefaced xuser105:09
xuser1i havent other screenshot05:10
Lasersxuser1: First time booting linux?05:10
Lasersxuser1: Try using older kernel. Reboot. Hold SHIFT. Select an older version of kernel.05:10
urlin2uxuser1, no problem, any hints to why this might have happened or this just suddenly happened on a running setup.05:10
xuser1i used my phone to do that screenshot05:11
Valderssfdre38, Ttry 'df -H'05:11
permittivityssfdre38 - working on an answer for you.  uno momento, par favour05:11
xuser1i havent any older screenshots05:11
xuser1*any older kernels05:12
xuser1i havent other older kernel05:12
urlin2uxuser1, boot a live cd run this script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/05:12
permittivitydf -k --total05:12
celldeeGhostWolf: Did you resolve your problem? If not, I was thinking that you could mount your Vista drive and copy the file over that way.05:13
AlessonZaireHello jessie_05:13
ssfdre38Valder, thanks that worked05:13
permittivityyou don't need the -k, though.05:13
permittivityjust df --total will do the trick05:13
permittivityif you just want the final answer:05:13
permittivitydf -k | tail -105:13
Valderno problem. What permittivity said works too.05:13
permittivityif you just want the percentage:  df --total | awk '/total/  { print $5 }'05:14
permittivitythat's all05:14
permittivitynext in line, please. lol05:14
SIFTUpermittivity: FYI --total doesnt work with nfs mounts05:14
ValderHelp me! lol05:14
permittivityah, good point.  you're very right.05:14
permittivityhmm, you need  to know it on NFS stuff, too?05:15
ValderI need to setup this Print server to work with windows.05:15
permittivitythought that was an easy question.05:15
SIFTUpermittivity: lol I didnt ask the question.. just pointing it out.. as it will count multiple mounts to the same device05:15
dr_willisValder:  i just install samba. and set cups to share my printer and they work with windows. worked for years ;)05:16
permittivityvalder.  cups can be a pain but I suggest you install the cups web interface.  hmm, what's the nifty little "program" called.  it's really a huge help in getting cups + samba to work with windows.05:16
dr_williscups web is installed by default05:16
ValderThat's what it said at ubuntu wiki, but I look for the printer in windows and nothing..05:16
xuser1this is the result http://paste.ubuntu.com/684101/05:16
Valderis the anyway to completely remove Samba? Configurations and everything?05:17
dr_willisValder:  enter the ip#. dont rely on samba ir host names perhaps05:17
dr_willisave you tweaked samba at all Valder05:18
permittivityvalder, sure there is, but why would you?  samba runs out of a config file.05:18
jessie_AlessonZaire: Hello. What's up?05:18
ValderYes. I was file sharing. I think that's where I messed it up.05:18
dr_willischeck smb.conf to be sure printers are shared perhaps05:18
permittivityvalder:   ok.  let me give you a helping hand.  uno momento,senor05:18
AlessonZairejessie_ nothing special, just greeting :D05:19
permittivityvalder:  i'm assumign you can use the command line?05:19
dr_willisuser made shares shouldent affect cups at all05:19
ValderI'm using ssh right now to connect to the server.05:19
davidwinter62trying to download and install testdisk05:20
AlessonZaireIt happened that I switched here the moment you were logging in haha05:20
Valderand Willis, I'm not sure, but I think I just messed with something in the config that doesn't make it work.05:20
davidwinter62I down loaded everything but dont know how to launch05:20
permittivityvalder:  can you give us the output of the following, please don't paste anything self identifiable:05:20
permittivitygrep -v ^# /etc/samba/smb.conf | grep -v ^$05:20
ValderBecause it was working (sharing a folder) then it stopped.05:21
imadamHello everyone, would anyone be able to help me?05:21
urlin2uimadam, ask a question and we will see05:21
xuser1urlin2u: any idea http://paste.ubuntu.com/684101/ ?05:21
davidwinter62can anyone help me get testdisk up and running05:21
REK_007Windows doesn't boot from GRUB2 menu . It gives an error that partition not found ... any solutions?05:22
imadamThanks! When trying to install ubuntu 11.04 via disk onto my desktop I got a few days ago I get an error.05:22
imadamA message comes up saying: The instaler encountered an error copying files to the hard disk: [Errno 5] input/output error. - This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk....05:22
imadamAny advice?05:22
Valdergive me a sec.05:22
xuser1no windows works05:22
xuser1is a grub problem?05:23
permittivityREK:  you realize the answer you're going to get from us, right?  lol05:23
davidwinter62I think I'm in the wrong chat room.  Can someone help me connect to a room that can help a newbie05:23
REK_007yeah xuser105:23
REK_007permittivity: what do you mean by that :S05:23
permittivitylol. remove windows, then you dont' have to worry about booting to it.  lol05:23
dr_willisimadam:  make new cd. verify its md5.05:24
urlin2uxuser1, it looks good try reloading grub to the mbr it looks like it should boot.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB205:24
REK_007well i need it for certain purpose as well :/05:24
xanguadavidwinter62: sudo apt-get install testdisk05:24
xuser1so , does windows create this problem?05:24
Stanley00davidwinter62: what's exactly does you need then? using ubuntu?05:24
imadamdr_willis: so you think it may just be an issue with the CD?05:24
AlessonZairedavidwinter62 you're in the right place, just explain your problem, if someone knows the answer, they'll let you know05:24
urlin2uxuser1, the script shows it should be booting I see know cause.05:24
imadamI was able to get linux mint up and running, so its not a hard drive issue?05:24
dr_willisimadam:  or the hd.... like the message said05:25
REK_007xuser1: it doesnt boot at all i changed the UUID and did test disk05:25
permittivityvalder:  still alive over there?05:25
REK_007but nothing fixes it05:25
dr_willishds can die at ANY time05:25
urlin2uimadam, can you paste bin a screen shot opf gparted?05:26
zHammeRzimadam, are you installing it from cd or dvd?  If so, try burning the image again using a slower speed, such as 4x.  you might have just got a bad burn.05:26
imadamHow can I run a check to verify its md5?05:26
xuser1im not sure is a hhd problem windows works05:26
Stanley00imadam: run md5sum <yourfile>05:26
urlin2u!md5sum | imadam05:26
ubottuimadam: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:26
imadamIts a DVD-R CD.05:26
zHammeRzI would try burning it again at a slower speed and then try to re-install05:26
zHammeRzand what ubott said :)05:27
REK_007xuser1: the windows is good . It works but it present on another physical drive . So I think GRUB has some problem recognizing the HDD05:27
imadamThanks guys, going to try the lower speed and see what happens. I had an older linix mint version on a CD I was able to install onto the desktop, so doesn't look like an HD issue.05:27
xuser1windows and linux are on same hdd05:28
REK_007different HDD05:28
REK_007one is on ssd other on hdd05:28
urlin2uxuser1, yeah, do you want to try just reloading the mbr?05:28
xuser1 REK_007:  win is on c (dev/.sda1) an linux on |dev/sda 305:28
permittivityREK: are you sure that linux loaded grub to the hard drive that the bios uses to boot from?05:29
urlin2uxuser1, sorry your talking to another.05:29
REK_007permittivity: yes05:29
REK_007xuser1: yeah i get that ... but cant fix it :(05:29
imadamHow do I load up terminal in 11.04? I'm a noob and been running 10. somthing for a looong time.05:29
jeffrey_Is there any easy way add the Google Calendar to Ubuntu?  Every tutorial I look at points me to software that doesn't seem to exist anymore....05:30
zHammeRzimadam, when you get 11 loaded up, just press the windows key, then in the search type terminal, then click :)05:30
Lasersimadam: Search for it in Applications "Terminal"05:30
urlin2uREK_007, run this script from a live cd and pastebin the RESULTS.txt http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/05:30
imadamLasers: Oh wow, thanks. Works a treat. Looks like I have alot to learn.05:31
xuser1urlin2u: how do i reload the mbr?05:31
Lasersimadam: Good luck. :)05:31
imadamThanks guys.05:31
Lasersimadam: You never stopped learning in linux.05:31
REK_007GRUB stull says no such device no such partition05:32
imadamThats very true. The main reason while I'll never change back to Windows.05:32
urlin2uxuser1, I posted the grub2 linl05:33
imadamI'm on my works computer (sadly they run windows) is InfraRecorder any good when it comes to burning disks?05:33
urlin2u!grub | xuser105:33
ubottuxuser1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:33
urlin2uimadam, works great05:33
ActionParsnipimadam: its great. Remember to burn as slowly as possible05:34
imadamslow and steady wins the race (to awesome Ubuntu-ness)05:34
xuser1i need install grub 2?05:34
earthshadeCan anyone recommend a company that builds computers with ubuntu preinstalled?05:34
urlin2uimadam, that's the scuttlebutt.:D05:35
earthshadeOr a few? :P05:35
earthshadeNo one^???05:35
Lasers!sup | OJ_Simpson05:35
zHammeRzearthshade, dell used too, not sure if they still do05:36
LasersOJ_Simpson: Nevermind. How're you? What do you need help with? Spit out. :)05:36
ValderI got it! lol05:36
urlin2uearthshade, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed05:36
OJ_Simpson<-- Kubuntu 11.0405:36
ActionParsnipearthshade: www.Linuxpreloaded.com05:36
earthshadezHammeRz: I dont think so05:36
earthshadeThx urlin2u and ActionParsnip ill check it out05:36
zHammeRzI know they did for a while, they may have abandoned it..check the other links :)05:36
ActionParsnipOr just home build :-)05:38
jeffrey_even when they did, Dell only installed it on their most underpowered computers, it seemed......05:38
OJ_SimpsonI installed the Full Kubuntu package and it broke my Nvidia video driver, so After removing the package video driver still broke, then I did a clean install with the same /home and still no Nvidia driver05:38
zHammeRzjeffrey_, yea I did notice that.05:38
urlin2uOJ_Simpson, you have to install it sounds like05:39
earthshadeurlin2u ans ActionParsnip thanks!  An the only company i had checked out before was system76, but everything seemed wayyyyy overpriced05:39
dr_willissounds like kubuntu did not break the driver05:39
ActionParsnipOJ_Simpson: did you try: sudo nvidia-xconfig05:39
teweai am server administrator and the server is in another room and i would like to acess remotly using vncviewer but this one is not compfortable becaouse i must be enter to server room and in order to make allow and also iam using putty but this one is fine but this is also i coudnt acess the graphical like vnc viewer is there any body to help me?05:39
imadamNot that big of a market for Ubuntu. Couldn't you always buy a desktop from Dell running no OS and install ubuntu yourself?05:40
OJ_SimpsonI installed the video driver directly from Nvidia the first time, after the clean install I tried to install the driver from the restricted driver section but neither of them will activate05:40
ActionParsniptewea: vnc is very insecure. What distro / OS does the server run?05:41
dr_willistewea:  use vncserver not the built in gnome remote desktop vnc. no need to go to ther room then05:41
earthshadeimadam: you can buy computers without operating systems?!?!?!?05:41
dr_willisearthshade:  of course05:42
ActionParsnipearthshade: sure05:42
zHammeRzearthshade, or just build your own..plenty of howTO guilds on the 'net on how to build one from scratch.05:42
OJ_Simpsonimadam bare bones baby05:42
teweaActionParsnip:ubuntu serevr 8.405:42
zHammeRzhowto GUIDES I mean :)05:42
imadamearthshade, you sure can. I contacted Dell last year asking if they could do it and they said sure.05:42
imadamYou pay over the odds for a new computer running windows.05:42
earthshadeSorry, ios multitasking fail there05:43
ActionParsniptewea: so why do you need more than ssh? I hope you didn't install a desktop on it05:43
ValderDr.Willis. Here are my Samba config files.05:43
earthshadezHammeRz: I want a laptop though so thats gonna be a bit tougher05:43
OJ_Simpsonsudo: nvidia-xconfig: command not found05:43
earthshadeAnd also if you do buy a computer without an OS how do you know if it will be compatible05:44
earthshadeWith ubuntu05:44
ActionParsnipearthshade: tough yes but some companies give the option05:44
nodexubuntu is kinda compatable with ever pc05:44
urlin2uearthshade, http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/05:45
ValderAlmost every.05:45
htmlthere s  a list of part on ubunutu .com that tells you, and ask people, earthshade05:45
ActionParsnipOJ_Simpson: its there when you install an nvidia driver via the repos05:45
teweaActionParsnip:i would like to acess remotly like fro example to show me all the application on the server like the terminal it self and run another graphical application?05:45
htmlearthshade,  what do you have in mind? to build?05:45
imadamnodex, disagree. I installed ubuntu onto my laptop a while back and pretty messed up my wireless card.05:45
earthshadeIm dual booting ubuntu on my old pc now and there are a lot of compatibility issues, thats why im wondering05:45
earthshadehtml: A laptop, without being specific at all05:46
OJ_Simpsonpop the live cd in and if can connect to the internet install simple done05:46
dr_willistewea:  ssh can do that for the most part.05:46
OJ_Simpson@ActionParsnip reinstalling driver now I'll let you know what happens when I reboot05:47
dr_willisssh -x remotepc   run gedit.. it appears locally. running on remote05:47
ValderHow can I reset Samba to default configurations?05:47
htmlearthshade, if its unity based  then brace your self for a fight , to get it to work , unless you find the rare gups that dont have much of one05:47
teweadr_willis:but ssh can only brings me the file  not all application05:47
dr_willisValder: that config looks very default to me exept for the one share05:48
earthshadeHtml: you lost me there :P05:48
dr_willistewea:  rephrase that. it made no sense05:48
ActionParsniptewea: there are web ui possiblities but the more services you add to be  connected to, the less security you will have. There are guides for VNCing to headless systems around the web if you really want. I'd look into ebox too, see if it suits your needs05:48
htmlearthshade, if its unity based  then brace your self for a fight , to get it to work , unless ..05:48
ValderThen why do you believe my Windows pc won't connect? What port does Samba use or does it even use any?05:48
earthshadeIf what is unity based? Unity based?05:48
zHammeRzNothing wrong with Unity05:48
earthshadeIm so lost05:49
earthshade<<<<ubuntu noob05:49
ActionParsniptewea: you can connect to ssh with x forwarding allowed, and run gui apps. Any windows systems will05:49
ValderUnity is GUI which isthe bar you see on the top.05:49
dr_willisValder:  631 for cups.. and it may not be a samba issue. but a cups onw. can you access that minecraft share?05:49
ActionParsnipNeed to run xming but the app will show on the desktop05:50
ValderNo, I can't05:50
earthshadeValder: ah, so what do i need to fight if something is unity based?05:50
htmlearthshade,  then your going to do like 3x and up more work just tring to !) find one that works (gpu) or go with something thats going to give you hell05:50
dr_willisValder:  try to access it via ip. not server name05:50
ValderDepends on how old your computer is.05:50
earthshadeFIND ONE WHAT?!?!?05:50
Valderdr_willis, I'll try.05:50
teweaActionParsnip:how can i connect  to ssh with x forwarding tell  me how can i do that?05:51
imadamWhat is a good IRC client for linux?05:51
dr_willistewea:  ssh -x foo05:51
ValderI tried \\192.168.1.X and nothing05:51
zHammeRzimadam, I use XChat05:51
earthshadeimadam: Xchat05:51
dr_willisValder:  can you ping the box?05:51
imadamThanks guys, going to download Xchat. I haven't been on IRC for years.05:52
ValderThat, I can do05:52
pidzxchat all the way05:52
dr_willischeck firewall Valder  is all i can suggest05:52
wildbattewea:  ssh -X foo05:52
teweadr_willis:but it says Could not resolve hostname foo: Name or service not known?05:52
Valderufw allow smbd?05:52
wildbattewea:  ssh -X <hostname>05:52
SIFTUtewea: dr_willis note it is "ssh -X foo" not -x which actually disables X forwarding05:53
dr_willistewea:  think a bit...  foo is an example name..;)05:53
TehAndrewRyanhey all05:53
ActionParsniptewea: in putty there is a tickbox. You will need to install xming then run it, so the apps have an x server to stick to. The app runs on server but displays on the client. Its not a million miles from Citrix05:53
TehAndrewRyanhow comes i have to force all of my CPU-cores to run at the desired speed? i'm getting lag in games otherwise05:53
dr_willisi make x forarding the default ;)05:53
htmlzHammeRz,  kinda, if you can get it too work, fine, but if your a person wanting a gpu that works well with unity , AND for those speed demonds  /muliti-taskers, compiz,3d effects  and a few other in conjunktion ,05:54
ActionParsniptewea: i suggest: ssh -X -C user@host05:54
OJ_SimpsonOk so I reinstalled the nvidia driver from repository and now it says it's active but not in use05:54
Valderdr_willis, will ufw allow smbd allow samba throw the firewall?05:54
dr_willislocal lan can use  -Y i recall05:54
zHammeRzhtml, I seem to have plenty of speed.  I just use a nvidia 8800gts 320mb .. the only issue i have is when moving windows around it pauses..haven't been successful at turning off the 'show windows contents while dragging' option (B/c I can't find it) :)05:55
zHammeRzOther than that issue, I love Unity and the way it flows05:55
dr_willisValder:  i dont yse a firewall at all. normally05:55
ValderAh... okay05:55
ValderHa! That worked.05:56
TehAndrewRyanhow comes i have to force all of my CPU-cores to run at the desired speed? i'm getting lag in games otherwise05:56
OJ_Simpsonsudo nvidia-xconfig05:56
OJ_Simpson[sudo] password for dan:05:56
OJ_SimpsonUsing X configuration file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf".05:56
OJ_SimpsonVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.05:56
OJ_Simpson                  Device section "Default Device" must have a Driver line.05:56
OJ_Simpsonsh: pkg-config: not found05:56
FloodBot1OJ_Simpson: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:56
htmlzHammeRz,   nvidia is  a bit better at linux ,  but try going the 150.00 to 299.00$ range  and for what ive seen  its hard,, i just as  go with system 7605:57
htmlOJ_Simpson,  PASTBIN!05:58
teweaActionParsnip:still it is not working?05:59
htmlOJ_Simpson,  PASTBIN! http://pastebin.com/05:59
teweaActionParsnip:what suppose to do me in putty06:01
ValderThank you for your help, dr_willis06:02
magn3tswhat is the difference between "emacs32" and "emacs-snapshot"06:02
ValderI got it working.06:02
imadamis 2.6x a good speed to burn ubuntu onto a disk?06:04
imadamSomeone on here told me to try burning slower.06:05
zHammeRzyea, few of us did :)06:05
susundbergWell if you had problems with similar setup then yes06:06
zHammeRzI just burn dvd's at 4x06:06
OJ_SimpsonSo can anyone figure this one out http://pastebin.com/e4PCqXra06:06
teweaActionParsnip:were do i install xming?06:06
imadamWhat about write method? Is session-at-once (SAO) ok?06:06
zHammeRzI leave those at default06:07
imadamShall just leave it at default and try the lower speed.06:07
urlin2uimadam, just write as image06:08
susundbergOJ_Simpson: add Driver line to Default Device section ?06:08
infidanyone know why google chrome's Developer Tools refuse to let me edit javascript dynamically? I click and double-click on javascript in the 'Scripts' tab like i'm supposed to and nothing ever happens. I've tried it in ubuntu 10.04 LTS on 3 different machines using different versions of chrome, including the 14.x beta and 15.x developer channel versions.06:08
fus10nx1Is there an easy way to have Ubuntu 'watch' a piece of software that crashes very rarely and automatically restart it if it stops running? Furthermore, is it an easy task06:08
infidyet somehow it works in my 13.0 chrome install on windows 7 :|06:08
susundbergOJ_Simpson: afaik googling the error seems like the generated xorg.conf does not contain device line since that is not compulsory, but nvidia-xconf requires such06:09
urlin2uimadam, you kept saying the HD is okay are you familiar with the limit of partition types on a sigle HD?06:09
susundbergfus10nx1: run it manually from terminal06:09
fus10nx1susundberg: what good will that do ?06:10
imadamurlin2u, has no partition. Not running any OS what so ever, bare bone :)06:10
OJ_SimpsonLike I said before I previously installed the driver directly from Nvidia06:10
fus10nx1and that seems like a bad solution for when the machine reobots06:10
susundbergfus10nx1: i guess you can also attach to the process with gdb06:10
urlin2uimadam, cool06:10
susundbergfus10nx1: yes that is for debugging only -- what did you want to do and why?06:10
fus10nx1i have a piece of VPN based software and every so often (very rarely) it'll crash06:11
fus10nx1and i have to manually go in and restart it06:11
fus10nx1its rare, but when it happens my alert system sends hundreds of alerts since none of the machines can talk to teh main server06:11
fus10nx1think nagios06:11
wildbatfus10nx1: you can have a script with endless loops with the command of the app in it . (given it is not a daemon).06:11
fus10nx1isnt there a way to just have ubuntu 'watch' it and if it goes down, try to start it again06:11
frankhi, I'm having trouble in 11.04 with sloppy and incredible slow window resizing. I have a nvidia gtx460 and the latest closed source drivers installed.06:12
fus10nx1i belive it is a daemon06:12
=== jeeves__ is now known as jeeves_moss
zHammeRzfus10nx1, cron.d is the daemon I think you're looking for06:12
frankI changed window resize in ccsm to "normal", xorg is really really slow redrawing the windows as i resize them06:12
jeeves_mosshow can I get past this?  http://pastebin.com/aJmZPMuV06:14
jeeves_mosshow can I get past this?  http://pastebin.com/aJmZPMuV06:15
frankjeeves_moss: we saw it the first time, if noone replys i guess noone knows06:15
[LR]SwordswornGood Morning :) ive installed ubuntu server so i have now browser by the hand and id like to configure the server from work via putty so my problem is how can i get the "inet ip" of my server without browsing to www.whatsmyip.com ?06:16
frankyour usb isnt providing enough power06:16
frankor maybe a broken drive06:17
[LR]Swordswornhas no one an idea about it? :/06:19
=== [LR]Swordsworn is now known as Swordsworn
glebihanSwordsworn, you might find a few solutions there : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87355106:21
rawfodoghow do I add a SHOW DESKTOP icon in unity ?06:21
scarleoHi, how can I avoid my apparmor profiles being overwritten everytime applications gets updated?06:21
somsiprawfodog: http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/05/unity-add-icon-to-show-desktop-in.html06:22
rawfodogthank you somsip06:22
somsiprawfodog: thank google...06:22
zHammeRzSwordsworn, login to your router and look at the dhcp client lease table06:22
html[LR]swordsworn   like you internet ip?  speakeasy06:22
rawfodogwell I did find this, but I was being nice ;P06:23
somsiprawfodog: fair enough - my reply did read a bit hard. Not intended. Just working and tryng to help06:23
rawfodogI want something in the app indicator portion. SUPER+D doesnt always work correctly06:23
ValderIs there any way to force a specific print mode in CUPs? For example Draft?06:23
rawfodognp somsip06:23
=== arun__ is now known as brass286
JadedJacobWhat size do you guys use for your /root partition if you're not using a home partition?06:33
FlannelJadedJacob: /root or /?06:33
pidzquit bye.06:35
htmlSwordsworn, did you get your answer?06:37
Swordswornsorry i didnt get it was reading in the german ubuntu channel but i was able to fix it there anyway thanks :)06:37
[THC]AcidRainwhat command can be used to move all files in all folders to 1 folder06:38
Swordswornoh thats a good one id like to know that too i allways use wincsp for such jobs ^^06:39
Fuchsmv with some wildcards06:39
Fuchsor mv together with find06:40
=== michael is now known as Guest19936
Fuchseither in a for loop, with -exec or xargs06:40
Fuchsyou probably have to be a bit more specific06:40
Guest19936greetz 2 all. Anybody available that wants to discuss a problem with interrupt handling in natty causing system to become very slow? Offending interrupt (16) in use for ethernet. Restarting networking resolves issue, or system restart also resolves.06:41
devcalaisIn theory, a "good working knowledge of UNIX", what do you think that equates to? What should someone with a "good working knowledge" be able to do on a UNIX system, do you think?06:43
devcalaisIt's a computer science undergraduate degree, if it helps.06:43
devcalais(systems, network admin)06:43
yogeshhwy  i have i dual boot  problem06:44
=== yogesh is now known as etrh
urlin2uetrh, and how about a description, what are the Os's, and any possible causes.06:45
etrhubuntu and Windows 706:45
etrhpossibly i wrote the mbr06:45
urlin2uetrh, how?06:46
etrhi read it somewhere06:46
Guest19936greetz 2 all. Anybody available that wants to discuss a problem with interrupt handling in natty causing system to become very slow? Offending interrupt (16) in use for ethernet. Restarting networking resolves issue, or system restart also resolves.06:47
splitpaw-mobileLook into installing irqstering06:48
caseyHi there. Does anyone know an easy and effective way to add more space to an ubuntu partition? As odd as this sounds, I only have this partition (Maverick) and another which is currently just free space. Any helpers would be fantastic.06:48
urlin2uetrh, so run this script from a linux setup or a booted cd, and pastebin the RESULTS.txt http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/06:48
teweaActionParsnip:thanks it works now06:48
=== bastlfreenode is now known as thebastl
teweadr_willis:thanks it works now06:48
imadamHi guys, its me again :)06:51
[THC]AcidRainepic fail06:51
[THC]AcidRainfind "/media/Server2/My_Documents/My_Videos/Movies/South Park/South Park Season 5" -name "*" -exec cp "{}" /"/media/Server2/My_Documents/My_Videos/Movies/South Park/Season 5" \;06:52
davidvip1hi all, anyone know how to create a wifi hotspot using ubuntu laptop with cable connection?06:52
[THC]AcidRainturns out if the directory doesnt exist, this command just puts them all into 1 file06:52
caseyHi there. Does anyone know an easy and effective way to add more space to an ubuntu partition? As odd as this sounds, I only have this partition (Maverick) and another which is currently just free space. Any helpers would be fantastic.06:52
imadamJust wanted to follow up and let you know I got ubuntu installed in the end, I would put the issue down to burning the image to fast onto disk. Thanks for all your help and helping me to resolve this issue. <306:52
soreaudavidvip1: hostapd06:52
zHammeRzimadam, Cool!  Glad to hear we won!06:53
soreaudavidvip1: Provided your wifi chip is capable of 'master mode', you're in business06:53
urlin2ucasey, remove the one empty if next to maverick and resize the maverick from a live cd.06:53
[THC]AcidRainworse thing about it is i just have to accept it. cause it has already started ripping my files apart lol06:53
imadamHaha yeah we won. Now just to find out how I set up dual monitors and we can all party.06:53
urlin2ucasey, all from a live cd, post a screenshot of gparted if that makes no sense.06:54
soreauimadam: What graphics card?06:54
ZenMasterGood morning guys.06:54
davidvip1soreau: thanks for the info.06:54
caseyurlin2u: How do I remove the empty partition if its empty?06:54
ZenMastercasey: fdsik.06:55
imadamsoreau, I'm looking to buy one on ebay with 2 HDMI outputs. My current one only has 1.06:55
htmlZenMaster,  hi06:55
caseyurlin2u: And how does the live cd resize it without installing the OS again?06:55
ZenMasterhtml: Hello.06:55
urlin2ucasey, is it unallocated or a empty partition?06:55
htmlimadam,  whats you need?06:55
soreauimadam: My recommendation is Radeon HD chips FWIW06:55
caseyurlin2u: it's an empty. (Previously natty)06:55
rose24anyone can tell me which is the console font used at boot time?06:55
caseyzenmaster: please elaborate. I'd like to know more.06:55
htmllink please!06:56
imadamsoreau, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to look into that. In the meantime I shall just run one screen.06:56
urlin2ucasey, post a screen shot of gparted, I don't like guessing.06:56
ZenMasterhtml: Do you have this one for "Casey"?06:56
caseyurlin2u: Sure thing. Where's a good site to upload quickly?06:56
imadamAlthough is it possible to run one screen off HDMI and one off VGA?06:56
urlin2ucasey, http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add06:56
htmlimadam,  in theroy, youtubue it06:56
ZenMastercasey https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition06:56
htmlZenMaster,  what do you mean?06:57
imadamhtml, I shall haha. (:06:57
imadamThanks again guys.06:57
urlin2ucasey, just give us the urj.06:57
caseyurlin21: http://imagebin.org/17136806:57
ZenMastercasey: Needs help removing a empty partition. Maybe that link ==^ I just posted shall help. :)06:57
htmlimadam,  but there is a app u need06:57
imadamTake it easy everyone!06:57
caseyzenmaster: Do you know the answer? Because hearing it from a live person always helps :).06:58
zHammeRzcya imadam06:58
ZenMasterCasey are you looking for via command line? Or are you in X?06:58
waseemhow to install coral draw 1206:58
waseemhow to install coral draw 1206:59
urlin2ucasey, boot a live cd open open gparted and we v=can go from there.06:59
triptecwe hear u06:59
caseyzenmaster: I'd rather have a gui program to make sure I do it correctly. But i'm not sure if that answers all of your question?06:59
[THC]AcidRainhow do i target a path with spaces?06:59
htmlcasey,  ubcd06:59
[THC]AcidRainputting quotes around the path doesnt work06:59
ZenMasterurlin2u: You are so correct.06:59
caseyurlin2u: How will I be able to chat when i'm on live cd?06:59
triptecwaseem, hhave u run into any problems?06:59
htmlimadam,  but there is a app u need to get it to work06:59
caseyurlin2u: nvm. I understand how it works.06:59
caseyurlin2u: Let me grab cd :).07:00
urlin2ucasey, nvm?07:00
newb1urlin2u hello :)07:00
urlin2unewb1, hello07:00
caseyurlin2u: Thanks for the help so far. Meet cha back in a sec. Nvm=nevermind.07:00
ZenMastercasey: Well what I'm asking, is are you using a mouse and windows. Are are you typing to a dark screen. If you are in "X" (Using a GUI((Graphical User InterFace))) Then I will lead to a program with a gui to do it. If you are in a console, then I will tell you via command line.07:00
ZenMasterSaves me time of having to write you a doc that explains both in IRC> :)07:00
waseem# ubuntu07:00
caseyzenmaster: gui or in "X" is what i am doing.07:00
newb1urlin2u just wanted to say thanks for helping me get started with linux.07:01
urlin2uZenMaster, so your going to expand the extended remove a swap and reload grub.07:01
ZenMasterGparted would be the program you are looking for.07:01
ZenMasterurlin2u: I will relay that to casey. :D07:01
triptecwaseem, seems u would have to use Wine or VirtuaBox07:01
urlin2uZenMaster, and move the partion to the left which means reloading grub to thge mbr07:01
ZenMasterYou get that casey? :D LOL.07:01
urlin2unewb1, no problem.07:02
angelete2i've installed server 11.04, but i have a problem with cron07:03
[THC]AcidRainfind: `/media/Server2/My_Documents/My_Videos/Movies/South Park/South Park Season 1': No such file or directory07:03
newb1urlin2u how do i get my comp to stop opening my usb drive automatically?07:04
[THC]AcidRainwhy do i get this error? :/07:04
angelete2it's not executing a script which is inside /etc/cron.daily07:04
htmlangelete2,  hi07:04
somsipAcidRain - you open with a backtick ` and end with a single quoe '07:05
=== GrundoX is now known as GrundoX[piano]
baratawhere is SOKOBAN?????07:05
barataJesus ... I have nothing to play now07:05
i4ba1excuse me all07:05
[THC]AcidRainwtf, i dont even see a backtick07:05
htmlangelete2,  his cuz its 11.04 bugs are everywhere! ,, i say downgrade, if not go after unity, change to classic07:05
i4ba1i can not connect to internet in ubuntu07:05
ZenMasterhtml: I am using 11.04 on a HP D530 SFF. Running great. I use Unity 2d though.07:06
somsipAcidRain: I quote:  find:07:06
urlin2unewb1, System->Preferences->Removable Drives and Media there is a check box just look for Removable Drives and Media07:06
zHammeRzI use Unity2D also ZenMaster07:06
i4ba1there is a message "the network connection is not connected"07:07
angelete2html: it's not an option07:07
somsipAcidRain: or are you not dealing with the spaces in the path at all in your initial command?07:07
ZenMasterMy video card is also not recomended. Or at least the onboard with this machine.07:07
[THC]AcidRaini am dealing with spaces07:07
[THC]AcidRainbut i swear. i have no backtick in this command...07:07
baratawhat is the best puzzle game ??07:07
baratalike sudoku?07:07
hostdreamhello, I'd like to create an ubuntu mirror (for local installs) and like to know how to only rsync the version I need (Lucid) and not the whole repo rsync://ftp.acc.umu.se/ubuntu/ ?07:07
somsipAcidRain: ok - error message you pasted has them. What's the find command? Can you paste that?07:07
hostdream(if that's possible)07:08
hostdreamof course :)07:08
[THC]AcidRainfind /media/Server2/My_Documents/My_Videos/Movies/South\ Park/South\ Park\ Season\ 1 -name "*" -exec mv "{}" /media/Server2/My_Documents/My_Videos/Movies/South\ Park/Season\ 1 \;07:08
urlin2unewb1, I'm on oneriric right now that Removable Drives and Media sg=how hoping it does  in your set up Natty right07:08
spawn57hello people07:09
i4ba1how to make my internet connect ini ubuntu..?07:09
i4ba1how to make my internet connect in ubuntu..?07:09
newb1<urlin2u> Natty/11.04.07:09
[THC]AcidRainactually i see that command is wrong. it will copy the folders to the directory im trying to get all the files in07:09
[THC]AcidRaini want to leave the folders behind, and mv only files07:09
urlin2unewb1, not sure if I'm correct here to be honest.07:09
upul`where can I find about the security level used in the encrypted LVM option in ubuntu?07:09
frewsxcvwith ubuntu one music for android, can i only listen to music i've purchased?07:10
maletapfcneed help with setting sound card on ubuntu 11.407:11
newb1<urlin2u> that's cool.07:11
[THC]AcidRainfind path -name "*" -exec cp "{}" /path 1 \; --this will leave folders behind07:12
waseemhow to used coral draw 1207:12
[THC]AcidRainfind path -name "*" -exec mv "{}" /path 1 \; this will not07:12
waseemhow to download songs in ubuntu07:14
soreauwaseem: Ubuntu music store?07:14
waseemhow to donload vlc media player07:15
soreau!info vlc | waseem07:15
ubottuwaseem: vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.9-1ubuntu1.3 (natty), package size 1374 kB, installed size 3536 kB07:15
somsip!atroll | waseem07:15
soreauwaseem: apt-get install vlc07:15
maletapfcmy sound card disappeared from list of available sound hardware...need help :S07:16
soreaumaletapfc: What did you do since it last worked?07:17
bullgard4_LibreOffice 3.4 crashes when performing the task suggested in http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6924 and writes: "A report of the crash was created to help us to identify the reason why LibreOffice crashed. Click 'Next' to get to the Error Reporting Tool. When clicking 'next' this old window disappears and no new window appears. How to proceed?07:18
maletapfcsoreau, I was installing\uninstalling alsa mixer, cause i needed to change input jack to output jack, and i couldn't do that..07:19
soreaumaletapfc: Well if it still works in a love session, it's probably not the hardware..07:19
maletapfcactually to redirect sound to go through input jack, cause my default output jack is dead07:19
maletapfcso i downloaded realtek official drivers from internet...i was hoping for some app that will help me to setup what i want07:20
maletapfcbut while installing, it looks like that installing removed my sound card :S07:21
soreaumaletapfc: Most realtek chips should work OOTB07:21
soreau! realtek | maletapfc07:21
ubottumaletapfc: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b07:21
ranjanhi all, any one here have tried websvn??07:21
maletapfcyes...i know...my sound worked fine until my jack died07:22
hostdreamwhat is the distrib name of ubuntu server ? lucid ?07:22
baratawhat is a biorhythm app?07:22
upul`anybody know the details of LVM encryption option?07:23
StarminnRunning Ubuntu 10.10 whenever my computer becomes idle it becomes unresponsive. I'll wiggle the mouse as if to bring it back, but nothing works, so I have to restart X (CTRL+ALT+Backspace) to get it to work again. Ideas?07:23
frewsxcvso...where do i put my music in ubuntu one so i can stream it from my android device?07:24
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
bullgard4_hostdream: Please read https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html07:27
ben_steinwhat is the best email client for ubuntu considering that i use gpg to encrypt messages and attachments + ssl, evolution is BUGGY AS HELL and i am sick of it07:27
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
bullgard4_ben_stein: Evolution is not buggy. You are telling fairy tales.07:28
ben_steinbullgard4_ in my case, on my machine it's buggy07:28
ben_steini can't speak for anyone else07:28
ben_steinbut i doubt that i'm the only  one07:29
vibhavbullgard4 there are bugs in evry piece of software   in this universe07:29
bullgard4_ben_stein: Please report exactly what you have observed. In particular what error messages you have obtained.07:29
hostdreambullgard4 : ok thanks, this describe how to configure ubuntu server ? it means all release (lucid, ...) can be server but depend on what package is installed ?07:29
bullgard4_vibhav: Stop trolling.07:29
StarminnRunning Ubuntu 10.10 whenever my computer becomes idle it becomes unresponsive. I'll wiggle the mouse as if to bring it back, but nothing works, so I have to restart X (CTRL+ALT+Backspace) to get it to work again. Ideas?07:30
vibhavbullgard4 i am no trolling07:30
ben_steinvibhav not exactly, the vulcans have mastered the art of software development to the point where they have no bugs07:30
htmloh crappy,, lolol ahh i think i started a code war,07:30
folivoraStarminn: Have you checked your X's logs ?07:30
Starminnfolivora: Where can I find those?07:30
vibhavstarminn. i too had this problem07:30
folivoraStarminn: /var/log/....07:31
htmlben_stein,  what i have seen its the haredware, and the lack of suporrt07:31
ben_steinhtml there's nothing wrong with my hardware07:32
IamTryingWhen i start my PC, i want it start the VNC server, how do i configure it? (basically always manually i do with GUI, but i want to make it permanent and auto)07:32
Starminnfolivora: What am I looking for?07:33
eltigrehey, can somebody help me debug a sound problem?07:33
folivoraStarminn: Check that does your X's log file have and (EE] line.07:33
folivoraStarminn: sry, (EE)07:34
vibhavIamTrying set it as a startup application07:34
DeltaEpsilonhow do I run "killall gnome-panel" twice with a delay of 2 seconds on gnome startup?07:34
eltigreI'd like to know if the soundcard is dead... nothing seems to work whatever I try07:34
Starminnfolivora: YEs07:34
folivoraStarminn: I also would check kernel's log file, in that case that you could have some power saving problems...07:34
adam__eltigre, ask away and I'm sure someone will have the answers.07:34
urlin2uben_stein, not sure but take a look here. http://enigmail.mozdev.org/home/index.php.html07:35
eltigreI have tried several gstreamer sinks07:35
vibhaveltigre. did you try it on another operating system?07:35
eltigredon't have one07:35
Starminnfolivora: And in that case?07:35
vibhaveltigre. you could use tge live CD07:35
eltigreah wait07:36
ben_steinurlin2u thanks07:36
eltigrenow I got sound ^  ^07:36
IamTryingvibhav, is it like "chkconfig vnc on"?07:36
eltigrebut I had to use alsamixer, xfce audiomixer didn't have that equalizer07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
eltigrefront-mixer was muted... whyever...07:36
Starminnf|shy: Lol. Punby. :)07:36
vibhavIAmTrying does Vnc have a config file?07:37
urlin2uben_stein, no problem.07:38
bullgard4_LibreOffice 3.4 crashes when performing the task suggested in http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6924 and writes: "A report of the crash was created to help us to identify the reason why LibreOffice crashed. Click 'Next' to get to the Error Reporting Tool. When clicking 'next' this old window disappears and no new window appears. How to proceed?07:38
vibhavbullgard4  you could attempt  a reinstall07:40
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
scarleoHi, how can I avoid my edited apparmor profiles being overwritten everytime applications gets updated?07:40
bullgard4_vibhav: A reinstall of what?07:40
urlin2ubullgard4, have you tried the #libreoffice channel as well.07:41
IamTryingvibhav, keyboard start key > search remote > remote desktop > pops up gui > there i can click and it starts. But dont know behind what is the config file for this.07:41
=== mohammad is now known as Guest80808
bullgard4_urlin2u: Yes, I have.07:45
kkk999I have to configure ethernet for my system...On board it is printed as Realtek RTL8211CL, but when I do lspci it shows Intel Topcliff Gigabit Ethernet Controller. I tried for many realtek drivers also compiled kernel several times for ethernet support, but in vain...Can anyone plz help me to which driver I should use...Thanks in adv07:46
DaVampsgood morning all..is this the place to get some help07:46
asdjaputraDaVamps: yes07:46
asdjaputrafor ubuntu07:46
honeyiam using ubuntu 10.04 and i coudnt find fastest downloader is ther any file and vidieo downloader exept flashgote?07:47
DaVampsgood. I need to figure out how to switch from the launcher back to the standard menu in ubuntu 11.0407:47
pratzhey guys how can i get the network connection window through a command ??07:47
JadedJacobThis maybe a silly question but does ubuntu install faster in 'text mode' or once the live cd environment has loaded07:47
JadedJacobCancel that lol07:48
somsipDaVamps: Logout. On the login screen at the bottom there will be a dropdown to choose your session. Choose Classic Gnome07:48
urlin2uDaVamps, you want the classic desktop?07:48
pratzhow can i get the network manger window through command ??07:49
pratzi am using gnome07:49
htmlgoogle it, its on the forms07:49
DaVampssomsip : ahh so with 11.04 it almost presets the windows managers07:49
bullgard4_DaVamps: Log out and Log in until you have keyed in your username. Then at the bottom there will appear a menu. Select "GNOME Classic'.07:49
somsipDaVamps: Just defaults to Unity, 'tis all. But no more Classic after 11.1007:49
Johnny_Gigglesis there a program that allow me to securely write over a USB stick multiple times?  Like Disk Utility for OS X does07:49
honeyplease tell me if there is  fatset download menager for ubuntu 10.1007:49
htmlnetwork manger window commandline,pratz07:50
asdjaputrahoney: for torrents or regular files?07:50
DaVampssomsip : why is that..07:50
asdjaputrahoney: any will do, use wget or firefox downloader07:50
somsipDaVamps: <shrugs> Executive decisions I guess07:50
pratzhtml: command to show up the network manager applet07:50
honeyasdjaputra:is that for all format07:51
DaVampssomsip : figures.. i know progress is a good thing.. but so is a solid working foundation. lol07:51
somsipDaVamps: Unity is not for m either, but many people like it, so UTT07:51
asdjaputrahoney: yes, it's a command line downloader, but there's a GUI representation of wget too07:51
rumpe1Johnny_Giggles, nowadays, this method is not more secure than simple wiping with just one iteration07:51
ActionParsnipJohnny_Giggles: dd will do that for you, or shred (if I remember correctly)07:51
honeyasdjaputra:i need the graphical07:52
DaVampssomsip : yea.. i'm sure i will get used to it.. and eventually figure it out.. but until then... classic is best :D07:52
somsipDaVamps: as long as you find something thatworks for you. Plenty of other options too07:52
ActionParsnipJohnny_Giggles: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/shred.1.html07:52
DaVampssomsip yea.. i'll have to look in to others as well..07:52
DaVampsbrb..switching now.07:53
asdjaputrahoney: download gwget07:54
Johnny_GigglesActionParsnip: thanks for the info07:54
honeyasdjaputra:yeah i download it it is front end of wget07:54
Johnny_Giggleslooks pretty good07:54
Johnny_GigglesActionParsnip: and it's installed by default!07:55
honeyasdjaputra:how can i use it for example i have youtube vidioe and how can i download it07:55
StarminnRunning Ubuntu 10.10 whenever my computer becomes idle it becomes unresponsive. I'll wiggle the mouse as if to bring it back, but nothing works, so I have to restart X (CTRL+ALT+Backspace) to get it to work again. Ideas?07:55
DaVampsSomSip : bless you , thanks for the help, wasnt totally sure how to do that and its perfect now :D07:55
somsipDaVamps: your welcome. PS: Openbox is popular for users who prefer standard-style menus07:56
asdjaputrahoney: use youtube-dl for youtube vids, also command line07:56
DaVampsSomsip : by standard do you mean that look more like Windoez or that style?07:57
ActionParsnipJohnny_Giggles: yeah, cool07:57
somsipDaVamps: Well, if the Classic option goes with 11.10, maybe you would prefer an alternative. Openbox is one. There are many others07:57
ActionParsnipStarminn: what video chip do you use?07:57
DaVampsSomsip  : thanks for the suggestion, i will look in to it.07:58
somsipDaVamps: np07:58
DaVampsSomsip i have one more question if you have time07:58
StarminnActionParsnip: ATI Radeon X60007:58
somsipDaVamps: I'll help if I can07:59
DaVampssomsip : im looking in to gettin a pci-e video card and running more then one monitor. is it possible to setup the 2 monitor to be indenpendant displays and not clones08:00
ActionParsnipStarminn: ok then run:  sudo lshw -C display    to see the driver you are using, see if there are any bugs reported for your release, for that chip using the driver you are using08:00
ActionParsnipStarminn: is it a laptop or a desktop?08:01
somsipDaVamps: Never tried it so I can't help. I do see discussions about dual-head on here so maybe someone els can chime in. I'll leave it to them08:01
asdjaputrahoney: and there's a youtube-dl-gui for GUI in python08:01
IamTryingI tried to install auto+vnc server but failed, here is my attempts e.g: https://gist.github.com/120000908:01
DaVampssomsip : totally understandable08:01
StarminnActionParsnip: Deskto08:01
ActionParsnipDaVamps: sure, nvidia-settings can let you configure 2 seperate X servers on each display easily08:01
ActionParsnipStarminn: does it have a make and model or is it a home build?08:01
honeyasdjaputra: id ownload it both of them but the youtube-dl how  can i use it?08:02
asdjaputrahoney: gwget and youtube-dl-gui?08:02
DaVampsActionParsnip : that would make the that the 2 monitors display an extended desktop setting?08:02
IamTryingDo i have to disable SELinux?08:03
ActionParsnipDaVamps: Makes sense, I'd say so08:03
honeyasdjaputra: yes gwget and youtube-dl08:03
StarminnActionParsnip: The desktop? It's all stock with the exception of some extra RAM. It's a Dell Dimension E-510 and the output of that command is: http://pastie.org/249601508:04
pratzhow to run gnome network manager ??08:04
pratzwhen i press Alt + F2 , what i have to enter to get network manager08:05
DaVampsPratz : check the docs on the ubuntu site. they are very helpful08:05
pratzDaVamps: if you know what to enter please let me know08:05
somsippratz: gnome-nettool? is that what you want?08:05
pratzsomsip: not that's not the one08:06
DaVampspratz : what build of ubuntu are you running.. i'll search the docs.08:06
Starminnpratz: network-manager-applet?08:06
pratzStarminn: yes08:06
somsippratz: run software-center from command line, searchfor network. It's shows the command line for all packages under More Info. Thats how I find them08:06
Starminnpratz: "Gnome Network Manager program name" on Google - 1st result08:07
=== _asdjaputra_ is now known as asdjaputra
asdjaputrahoney, sorry what was it about?08:07
HET2has anyone been able to successfully create an ubuntu usb stick on mac?08:08
JadedJacobanyone know of a good website I can read about the differences between Primary and Extended partitions ?08:09
apixgoodmorning !08:09
somsipJadedJacob: copy what you've just typed and paste into www.google.com08:09
maletapfchow to reinstall linux-image? (I need to rollback default sound drivers)08:09
asdjaputrazao an08:09
VxQesomsip, don't recommend google.08:10
=== DaVamps is now known as DaVamps-AFK
HET2JadedJacob: main difference is you can boot off primary, but you can have more extended partitiions08:10
IamTryingWhen VNCviewer try it gets 104 error what does it mean? Is my VNC server not working e.g: https://gist.github.com/120000908:10
urlin2uJadedJacob, http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/file/structPartitions-c.html08:11
prakasi bought a laser printer from samsung, why it says only windows and mac osx supported! it doesnt seem to be detected on ubuntu08:12
DaVamps-AFKsomsip : how easy is OpenBox to install and setup08:12
JadedJacoburlin2u: cheers08:12
urlin2uJadedJacob, no problem.08:12
asdjaputraDaVamps-AFK, install=easy, setup=hard08:12
JadedJacobOK, If I already have Vista installed, and I want to setup a Dual boot, I can create my root partition for ubuntu as a logical partition right?08:13
DaVamps-AFKasdj : is openbox based off of fluxbox?08:13
somsipDaVamps-AFK: I haven't done it for 2-3 years, so I can't advise08:13
bambanxhow can uninstall a program on console ?08:14
asdjaputraDaVamps-AFK, no idea, sorry08:14
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: depends how many partitions you have already08:14
ActionParsnipbambanx: sudo apt-get remove packagename08:14
prakasit seems like the hardware manufacturers are rejecting linux for some reason!08:14
asdjaputraDaVamps-AFK, i think it's based on BB let me google it08:14
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: if you only have one, you can make them all primary as each physical drive can only have FOUR primary partitions08:15
auronandace!print | prakas08:15
ubottuprakas: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:15
asdjaputraDaVamps-AFK, right, based off blackbox08:15
ActionParsnipprakas: depends which you are talking about. Support by some is phenominal08:15
JadedJacobI'm just reading this.08:15
urlin2uJadedJacob, unlikely that you need a boot partition, the mbr takes care of that.08:15
asdjaputraJadedJacob, outdated08:15
asdjaputrascandalist, is that ubuntu-related?08:15
prakasi have cups installed probably08:15
MSgtGunnyI have a quick question, what program should you use to run object codes files i.e. compiled C code files?08:16
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: You need a minimum of 2 partitions for Ubuntu, so you will only need 3 partitions, so all can be primary (in this example)08:16
ActionParsnipMSgtGunny: you can run them with g++ or install an IDE like geany08:16
asdjaputrascandalist, connection timed out08:17
ActionParsnipprakas: what make and model is teh printer?08:17
auronandaceActionParsnip: actually you only need a / partition (swap is optional but highly recomended)08:17
htmli want to take a movie (big buck bunny ) and make it in a iso so i can put in in the dvd player , how do i go about that?08:17
ActionParsnipauronandace: I'm going by advised settings, swap is used in the default setup, so I use that to advise new users08:17
somsiphtml: devede08:17
ActionParsniphtml: use devede08:18
urlin2uhtml, brasero will rip and burn.08:18
somsipurlin2u: does it convert from *avi (whatever) to DVD format and burn too?08:18
htmlas fast as you guys answer i should pay u08:18
prakasActionParsnip: perhaps it is ML166608:18
ActionParsnipprakas: who makes it?08:19
prakasActionParsnip: samsung08:19
honeywhat i need is just like flash got thats display with in the youtube site and that is compfortable to download any vidio and file?08:19
html ok thanks08:20
ActionParsnipprakas: thanks, let me search08:20
mc89__is there a way at all to make the global font look better08:21
mc89__it looks very stringy and thin08:21
prakasActionParsnip: their cd has drivers for windows and mac!08:21
mc89__is it just a case of changing the font (because i cant seem to make it look much better)08:21
asdjaputrahoney, hey you there?08:21
asdjaputrai'm wondering how often will irclogs updated in the main server?08:21
honeyasdjaputra:what i need is just like flash got thats display with in the youtube site and that is compfortable to download any vidio and file?08:21
Flannelasdjaputra: Every hour08:21
ActionParsnipprakas: http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/pc-peripherals-printer/laser-printer-multifunction/mono-laser-printer/ML-1666/XIP/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail&tab=support   there is a Linux driver on the Samsung site... Did you not check the site for support?08:22
asdjaputraFlannel, thanks08:22
prakasahh thanks08:22
ActionParsnipprakas: http://salahuddin66.blogspot.com/2010/11/samsung-ml-1666-printer-in-linux.html08:22
ActionParsnipprakas: did you do ANY research at all?08:23
htmlpay him pay him pay him pay him (chant)08:23
asdjaputrahoney, http://www.go2linux.org/wget-to-download-youtube-videos08:24
maalacreset bios on Probook 6555b ?08:24
ActionParsnipmaalac: I'd ask in ##hardware08:24
somsiphoney: I haven't been closely watching your thread, but I have used DamnVid successfully for grabbing YT videos08:24
asdjaputrahoney, but I can't answer that question, wget could download all (including videos) but these commands will work only in command line08:24
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:24
prakasActionParsnip: their cd had windows and mac drivers so i didnt know they have a linux one08:25
ActionParsnipprakas: the CDs they ship always have real old drivers, even for Windows. Always grab the ones from the website08:25
MSgtGunnywhen running my c program in anjuta, i get the error, program has been terminated receiving signal 11 (segmentation fault) the program compiled correctly08:26
Untouchab1eHi! I would like to update mutter to 3.1.x on 11.04.. any idea how?08:26
asdjaputrahoney, you're welcome and sorry i can't answer with GUI downloaders08:27
ben_steini am travelling and using a mobile broadband modem (CDMA), sometimes the network manager doesn't show the modem, so i use wvdial, when i use wvdial evolution and chat (gtalk) says there is no network connection08:27
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: possibly a ppa08:28
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas08:28
intnccould i have some assistance with grub, im trying to repair it and it doesn't fix it, i've tried update-grub aswell, - i installed Win7, Ubuntu, Backtrack5 R1 and when i try to boot in windows or ubuntu it says it cant find it but when i go in gparted it shows both there, and i can access my windows files from Backtrack so i know they work..08:28
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: I found this: https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/staging08:28
Untouchab1eshould do the trick08:28
htmlhoney,  whats you need?08:28
Kevin___hello im in need of some help. i currently have newest ubuntu server. + dhcp installed. i think i got everything working except the internet sharing how do i do that ?08:28
=== Mud is now known as Guest95088
Kevin___i tryed trough network manager but it says the devices are unmanaged08:29
ben_steini am travelling and using a mobile broadband modem (CDMA), sometimes the network manager doesn't show the modem, so i use wvdial, when i use wvdial evolution and chat (gtalk) says there is no network connection08:29
honeyi coudnt download using flashgote and i need vidioe downloader from youtube and another sites out of gwget08:30
honeyhtml:i coudnt download using flashgote and i need vidioe downloader from youtube and another sites out of gwget08:30
khaliGthis might be a stupid question, but is there a way to make ubuntu look the way it used to?08:30
Kevin___hello im in need of some help. i currently have newest ubuntu server. + dhcp installed. i think i got everything working except the internet sharing how do i do that ? i tryed trough network manager but it says the devices are unmanaged08:31
auronandace!classic | khaliG08:31
ubottukhaliG: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".08:31
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gen-os/gen-os; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install mutter08:31
khaliGauronandace, thank you08:31
ben_steini am travelling and using a mobile broadband modem (CDMA), sometimes the network manager doesn't show the modem, so i use wvdial, when i use wvdial evolution and chat (gtalk) says there is no network connection08:31
htmlben_stein,  maybe  too many connections, 2) it could be not enough bandwidth08:31
ActionParsnipkhaliG: unity2D replaces Ubuntu Classic in Oneiric onwards08:31
ben_steinhtml neither of those things08:31
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: interesting.. will check it out if the ppa I linked to doesnt work08:31
Untouchab1ethank you08:31
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: ppa:lmedinas/ppa is 3.1.408:32
intnccould i have some assistance with grub, im trying to repair it and it doesn't fix it, i've tried update-grub aswell, - i installed Win7, Ubuntu, Backtrack5 R1 and when i try to boot in windows or ubuntu it says it cant find it but when i go in gparted it shows both there, and i can access my windows files from Backtrack so i know they work..08:32
khaliGActionParsnip, i see! i've been using the classic look on my desktop forever, but i recently installed the latest on a laptop and found it strange and unusable08:32
ActionParsnipkhaliG: you may need to jump to XFCE / LXDE / KDE then08:32
Untouchab1eActionParsnip: the one I linked to has 3.1.908:32
Untouchab1ebut we shall see :) thanks again08:32
asdjaputrakhaliG, if you use it for a while you'll get used to it08:32
ActionParsnipUntouchab1e: you get the idea ;)08:33
ben_steini am connected now using wvdial, everything is working except evolution and chat, the items in the envelope menu in the top right corner08:33
auronandacekhaliG: if you don't like gnome3 or unity then I'd highly recomend xfce08:33
khaliGasdjaputra, lol but i hate it, and no i never will! :)08:33
ben_steinso does evolution only recognize connections from teh connection manager?08:33
asdjaputrakhaliG, i tried another distro to avoid it (Deb) but it looks so cool i can't resist to use it :D08:33
asdjaputrakhaliG, as ActionParsnip said, jump to another DE/WM08:34
khaliGasdjaputra, i guess its just familiarity08:34
khaliGi'd rather not, i like classic - it seems to be fine now08:34
asdjaputrakhaliG, yep, it's still in development state btw, so do expect bugs08:34
khaliGasdjaputra, the new look is?08:34
ben_steinkhaliG at first i hated the new interface, but once i got used to it i love it08:34
ActionParsnipkhaliG: when Natty is EOL you will need to use a different DE or use the Unity stuffs08:35
asdjaputrakhaliG, yes08:35
asdjaputrain 11.10 it'll be far more better08:35
auronandacekhaliG: gnome2 won't be around from 11.10 onwards08:35
khaliGoh man, the whole reason i switched to the default look from years of using blackbox etc was because i just wanted to use the default - thing is the default now just plain sucks08:35
ActionParsnipasdjaputra: works fine here ;)08:35
asdjaputrai wrote a review in Muktware (for Dash only though)08:35
ActionParsnipben_stein: is evolution in offline mode?08:36
ActionParsnipauronandace: there is a 3rd party fork of gnome2 called 'mate'08:36
khaliGso now i might have to go back to blackbox lol08:36
asdjaputraActionParsnip, yes, on some computers08:36
asdjaputrakhaliG, fluxbox :)08:36
auronandaceActionParsnip: yeah I saw that in the arch forums, thanks08:36
khaliGasdjaputra, i wanted to get away from all that tinkering :/08:37
asdjaputraanyway this is getting a bit ot08:37
ActionParsnipauronandace: so it will 'be around' then?08:37
Kevin___actionparsnip may u PM me please08:37
asdjaputrakhaliG, in blackbox or unity?08:37
auronandaceActionParsnip: not as gnome2 (and I doubt mate will be ready in time to be supported by the next ubuntu release)08:38
ben_steinActionParsnip, no, it wont find an internet connection unless the connection was done through the network manager, but i need to connect using wvdial at the moment, which is working fine for everything except evolution and gtalk08:38
khaliGasdjaputra, blackbox, I used to waste too much time setting up keybindings and refining them - so forced myself to switch to vanilla ubuntu years back08:38
ActionParsnipauronandace: true08:38
ActionParsnipben_stein: let me search08:38
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skplhello all, i ust installed 11.04 on a usb drive but it said it couldnt install the mbr, is there any way i can fix this, like installing the mbr manually?08:40
ActionParsnipben_stein: try: route del default; route add default netmask gw xxx.xxx.xx.x dev ppp0       assuming ppp0 is your connection name08:41
ActionParsnipben_stein: fill in the xxxx's with what ever your remote IP address is from wvdial.08:41
ActionParsnipben_stein: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160404208:41
asdjaputrakhaliG, try fluxbox it has keyboard shortcuts preconfigured08:42
=== asdjaputra is now known as C8H10N4O2
ben_steinActionParsnip nice one, thanks and it is ppp008:43
=== C8H10N4O2 is now known as asdjaputra
DaVamps-AFKany one have a link to a site with a full list of Ubuntu Window Managers08:43
asdjaputraDaVamps-AFK, Ubuntu window managers?08:44
asdjaputrathere's no such thing as Ubuntu Window Managers :)08:44
khaliGasdjaputra, not cool though, they shouldn't make the out of box experience so bad08:44
DaVamps-AFKaasdj : ya like FluxBox and OpenBox08:44
khaliGmore and more reason to switch to mac os x i think08:44
urlin2uDaVamps-AFK, even better check this out. http://xwinman.org/08:44
DaVamps-AFKurlin2u :ty i will08:45
ben_steinasdjaputra: window managers available in the ubuntu repositories? i think you can call them ubuntu window managers08:45
MonkeyDustasdjaputra: http://xwinman.org/08:45
aago1254is anyone here that can help me out08:45
asdjaputraben_stein, nah, it would still be called window managers08:45
asdjaputraunless Ubuntu modified them all and call them something different08:46
MonkeyDust!ask aago125408:46
=== DaVamps-AFK is now known as Vampy
MonkeyDust!ask |aago125408:46
ubottuaago1254: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:46
asdjaputra!ask | aago125408:46
aago1254does anyone know why if i run sudo modprobe b43  it turns on my wireless card but if i dont run this command i dont get wirless card to show up08:46
asdjaputraVampy, you could also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_X_window_managers08:47
aago1254im using a b4311 wifi card08:47
Vampyjust looking for something with a little eye candy to it.. and easy to install. I'm slow switching from win xp/7 to ubuntu08:47
asdjaputraVampy, KDE08:48
aago1254do i add something in my demons or moduls in my rc.conf file08:48
bartmonhi! does the login manager in 11.04 remember the last chosen session regardless of user or does it remeber the settings for every user separately?08:49
VampyAsdja : KDE is ok..08:49
asdjaputrabartmon, regardless of user08:49
aago1254or do i go to my etc/modprob.d/ files and if i add it there where do i up in the inf file08:49
=== GrundoX[piano] is now known as GrundoX
asdjaputrabartmon, unless you run dm in different ttys08:50
aago1254humm well thank you guys anyways ill try another irc chat08:51
asdjaputrai'm wondering could you connect 2 monitors to 1 computer and run different sessions?08:51
asdjaputraaago1254, ok08:52
oCeanasdjaputra: sure, it's called multiseat08:52
asdjaputraoCean, using X?08:52
oCeanasdjaputra: yes08:52
khaliGwho is behind unity? Is it ubuntu or gnome?08:52
bartmonasdjaputra: well i have a workstation that i share with another user and she doesn't like unity very much. i don't mind it but i don't want to confuse her with choosing the classic session at login every time.08:52
asdjaputrawow any scripts needed to do this?08:52
oCeanasdjaputra: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX08:52
asdjaputrakhaliG, Canonical08:52
bartmonkhaliG: Canonical08:52
asdjaputraoCean, thanks will check it out08:53
khaliGblah, so these jokers think they know better than the gnome devs? such hubris08:53
asdjaputrakhaliG, no use of complaints here, try to speak it with Mark08:53
oCeankhaliG: this channel is for support, discussion is welcome in #ubuntu-offtopic08:53
bartmonkhaliG: have you tried gnome3 yet?08:54
khaliGtalking about ubuntu isn't ontopic?! lol08:54
khaliGbartmon, nope08:54
oCeankhaliG: that's not what I said. This is technical support questions only. If you need to rant, find another place to do so08:55
asdjaputrabartmon, edit .dmrc08:55
bartmonkhaliG: yes, they do believe they can do better. That's one of the strengths of open source that you can take a project and take it into another direction. It's called forking.08:55
asdjaputrabartmon, sorry i was wrong, it was per-user config files08:55
asdjaputraagree with bartmon, so they will keep improving it for their needs08:56
bartmonasdjaputra: thanks, i'll look into it08:56
khaliGbartmon, well they're retarded - this is an abomination08:56
asdjaputrabartmon, http://library.gnome.org/admin/gdm/stable/configuration.html.en#sessionconfig08:56
oCeankhaliG: please move on or find yourself removed from this channel08:56
asdjaputrakhaliG, no swearing to the gods :D08:56
DarekDeohi im looking for latest amd/ati drivers repositories for "software center". Anybody has a link?08:59
bahamashello. i have network connectivity issues on my 64-bit ubuntu 11.04. i need to reboot a few times for my wifi to work, for example08:59
asdjaputrabahamas, driver and card model?08:59
bartmonasdjaputra: great, you just saved me some time! now  i can upgrade to natty today. :)08:59
ActionParsnipDarekDeo: xorg edgers may have it but it is extremely experimental and may cause a tonne of issues. The drivers in the driver app are known to work well08:59
asdjaputrabartmon, glad to hear that :)09:00
nadim_Hi, just installed ubuntu (harware crash on ,y gentooo box, trying ubuntu), the install is nice and fine. I have 2 nvidia cards and 3 monitors. worked fine in gentoo but I can't get it to work in ubuntu. I  sould appreciate help and i a, ready to give info  as soon as I get help09:00
asdjaputranadim_, state that info now will be good enough09:00
bartmonbahamas: what kind of network card do you have?09:00
asdjaputraso we can look for the problems09:00
bahamasasdjaputra: bartmon  4:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n09:01
nadim_asdjaputra: shall I drown you with useless information or shall I wait till you ask for what you exactely want to know?!09:01
bartmonnadim_: pastebin.com is your friend!09:02
asdjaputranadim_, no use of demanding here09:02
bahamasasdjaputra: when i run nm-tool, driver is 'wl'09:02
nadim_x config written by nvidia-settings doesn't work09:03
nadim_x config written by nvidia-xconfig zorks but a single monitor is used09:03
=== gianni is now known as Guest99963
asdjaputrabahamas, there's a debian wiki page for that, check http://wiki.debian.org/wl but when i tried to open it, it is on 40409:04
nadim_nvidia-settings shows NVIDIA driver 173.14.3009:05
nadim_the three screens are detected09:05
bartmonbahamas: there are a few bugs for that network card: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=BCM4313&orderby=-importance&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.omit_dupes=o09:05
asdjaputrawow flood09:05
bartmonbahamas: try to see if those reports contain any hints.. are you comfortable with doing that?09:06
bartmonasdjaputra: blame launchpad :P09:06
bahamasbartmon: yes, i'll check them out09:06
ActionParsnipbartmon: heard of tinyurl?09:07
asdjaputraChanserv don't flood :)09:07
bartmonActionParsnip: yes.09:07
dagon666where should I add xhost +local: to make it permanent ?09:07
nadim_Any more "specialized" channel for X or nvidia problems?09:08
asdjaputranadim_,  #Xorg09:08
ActionParsnipbartmon: so why not use it?09:08
asdjaputraor #nvidia09:08
harlock06coucou tout le monde09:09
nadim_Obviously I asked for ubuntu users channels that deal with X or Nvidia.09:09
harlock06je suis nouveau dans le monde ubuntu09:09
somsip!fr | harlock0609:09
ubottuharlock06: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:09
bahamasdagon666: your .bashrc09:09
Vampyany one know what the updated package for gthread is09:09
harlock06hi, sorry :)09:09
harlock06i go on the channel FR09:09
dagon666bahamas: I would rather want to avoid that09:09
bahamasdagon666: why?09:10
ActionParsnipVampy: do you mean there is a newer version than on the default repos?09:10
VampyAction : i'm tryin to install the MetaCity WM, and its asking for glib (succesfully updated) but gthread cant be found09:11
VampyAction : in term i run sudo apt-get install gthread and returns unable to locate package09:12
ActionParsnipVampy: all the deps for metacity are in the repos09:12
devcalais64bit 11.04 compared to 32bit uses an entirely different kernel, yeah? There is no 'upgrade' option between the two? I just got mailed a 64bit copy, installed 32bit because I was impatient..09:12
VampyAction : so then ./configure then make then make check then make install should work?09:13
somsipdevcalais: I did find a very long and complicated method to switch from 32 to 64, but I just installed 64 on a separate partition and built it up from there09:13
bahamasbartmon: from what i understand here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/728746 , the issue would be that i'm missing some files. however, those files are present in my case09:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728746 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu Natty) "broadcom 80211 firmware needs symlinks" [Medium,Fix released]09:14
VampyAction : or would i be better off to sudo apt-get install metacity-<vers>09:14
dagon666bahamas: because bashrc is ment to configure your current tty/pty not to grant/deny access globally to the x server. Of course it will work but it is dirty09:14
asdjaputraoCean, why ban?09:16
ActionParsnip!info metacity09:16
ubottumetacity (source: metacity): lightweight GTK+ window manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.30.3-0ubuntu8 (natty), package size 246 kB, installed size 668 kB09:16
VampyAction : so i would need to update it to the newest version, correct?09:18
bahamasdagon666: doesn't xorg have a config file where you can do this?09:18
bartmonbahamas: yes, that was fixed during 11.04 development, before the release in april. I would personally try the method outlined in the last comment - blacklist the default driver (module) and go with b43 & fwcutter. It works really stably on my debian server09:20
JadedJacobWhat's a good text partition program for ubuntu?09:20
bahamasdid bartmon go anywhere? my client doesn't show jons and parts09:21
JadedJacobthere is another one, but i can't think of the name...09:21
bahamasanyway, i did use b43 and fwcutter. that's how i got the wireless to work in the first place09:21
robinduckettbartmon is not here09:22
robinduckett!seen bartmon09:22
ubottuI have no seen command09:23
robinduckett.seen bartmon09:23
bahamasyeah, he probably parted09:23
robinduckettreally? in a channel with who knows how many people in, no one has left a default seen script on?09:23
takyanyone familiar with ip-forwarding?09:24
asdjaputrabartmon left09:24
asdjaputrataky, in router?09:24
takyasdjaputra: would like to make it so one of my servers can utilize ips from another server09:25
takyso, both external ips09:25
asdjaputrasorry can't help on networking :(09:25
ActionParsniptaky: in routers, yes09:25
ZolIf I try "ssh -l git github" and I connect as the git user on another server, where could the config file be that sets this? In my ~/.ssh I have a config file that just specifies the port to use for a specific hostname09:25
ActionParsniptaky: you'll need to setup port forwarding09:25
VampyTaky : or an VPN09:26
takyok, i've enabled forwarding of ipv4 via /etc/sysctl.conf09:27
takyi tried adding a rule to /etc/network/interfaces but it didn't work properly, and i'm unsure of the commands i have to run on the other box to utilize the ip09:27
takybrb guys, going to grab some coffee, appreciate the help btw09:29
asdjaputraah caffeine :)09:29
chip_riderhello I've installed ubuntu 11.04 and after booting into ubuntu I am getting errors such as: "Bad LUN (0:1) Bad Target Number (1:0)" etc. and with an ATI radeon HD 6490m. What might be the problem? google and such returns no results. Thanks.09:30
takyok i'm back09:31
jadahlchip_rider: how are these errors presented to you?09:32
takyso anyone have experience in forwarding an ip address from one machine to another?09:32
JadedJacobIs Ext4 a solid file system now?09:33
chip_riderjadahl, on boot ubuntu in recovery mode.09:33
JadedJacobI remember reading the ubuntuforums about ext4 having a few bugs.09:33
Vampyany filesystem has bugs09:34
chip_riderif I edit the boot string and change "ro ...." with "ro radeon.modeset=0 ..." then the system don't puts this errors but freezes on the next step "Skip stopping firewall: ufw (not enabled)"09:35
help_fasthi, i cant reinstall wubi, it just bring me the choice to read more about my last xubuntu installation, or restart the computer. Any hints? I manually deleted c:\ubuntu and c:\wubins* stuff09:37
help_fastIs there some registry values which to delete09:37
scarleoIs there any difference to allowing ALL from a certain IP than explicitly allowing a certain port from IP in Firewall configuration? Zeroconf will only work when adding a certain port...09:40
bahamasi have another issue. sometimes (only twice so far) the music that is played when ubuntu starts loops forever. has anyone encountered this?09:40
asdjaputrabahamas, can you quit it? killall canberra-gtk-play09:40
asdjaputrabahamas, and you could disable it on Startup Apps09:40
asdjaputrai do hate it when the volume got turned up automatically to 100% and it plays the music09:41
bahamasasdjaputra: well, it's not playing now, so i can't try. i don't mind the music, i just don't want that loop from happening09:42
bahamasor if i can find a way to fix it, that's even better09:42
asdjaputrabahamas, canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login"09:42
AkuUsagihello, i would like to know how to deactivate the splash screen on ubuntu 11.04 and get my old verbose bootscreen back.09:42
ne2khttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/166005 I followed the instructions in comment 1 to fix my sound not working after upgrading to natty. I have now just rebooted after a recent upgrade and sound is not working again -- because I have 2.6.38-10 modules and not 2.6.38-11 modules.09:43
ne2klooking at the package info for linux-alsa-driver-modules-2.6.38-11-generic_2.6.38-11.201108241605_amd64.deb it says "You likely do not want to install this package directly. Instead, install  the linux-alsa-driver-modules-natty-generic meta-package", (which would presumably keep the modules in step with the kernel), but this package is not in my apt-cache list. any idea why?09:44
bahamasi love it when people say something and then they leave09:45
bahamaswithout saying that they're leaving09:45
ZuhaitzYes, * is just in /dev/sda609:48
ne2kalso, ppa:team-iquik/alsa doesn't seem to exist any more09:48
maalacreseting bios password on HP ProBook 6555b. I know there is like a binary or something to do this ..i forgot the password ..need to update bios ..LAN is not working on battery mode09:49
ne2kmaalac: there is usually a hardware way to reset the bios, involving jumpers or combinations of keys at power on. consult your manufacturer09:49
maalactried removing the battery ..didn't work ..i don't see any jumpers on it ..09:50
ne2kmaalac: jumpers will be on the motherboard09:51
ne2kmaalac: you mean you removed the bios battery on the motherboard?09:51
maalacyes, and i tried looking for the jumpers i don't see any ..09:51
ne2kmaalac: there may be a capacitor too, which you would either have to wait to empty or short out to drain it09:52
ne2kmaalac: but, like I said, consult the manufacturer for specific instructions09:52
hostdreamhello, I'm doing an automated ubuntu deployment and I've a problem during the automated install; I've one step where it ask me "Write the changes to disks ?" and have to click yes... how can I avoid this ? I'm installing 10.0409:52
koshieFinalRelizHi folks.09:54
coolforyouhi guys09:54
coolforyoui am new to linux09:54
maalacne2k: thanks. i was just assuming that somebody here already know ..09:54
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, welcome09:54
patoI'm trying to install ubuntu at a "hp EliteBook 8540w" with a nvidia "Quadro FX 1800M". The liveCD crashes when starting Xorg. I've had some trouble with openSuSE 11.4 until I've installed Nvidia-drivers. My concern is that the card is too new for "nv" or "noveau" drivers. How can I enforce the liveCD to use vesa or alike?09:54
coolforyouthank ou koshie09:54
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, it's a big community with a lot of nice people. And bad too. :D09:55
koshieFinalRelizBut Ubuntu is perfect for new user.09:55
coolforyouis it good idea to practice ubuntu linux in VMware ?09:55
idefixwhat happens if you type 'ftp &' in a terminal? is it started somewhere invisibly and you can reuse the terminal?09:55
jribpato: there may be some way but I would just use the alternate install cd instead09:55
jrib!alternate | pato09:55
ubottupato: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal09:55
bahamasidefix: the process will run in the background09:55
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, why not. You've Wubi too. It's is just to try it it's good. But for every day I don't think so.09:55
ActionParsnippato: add the boot option:  blacklist.nouveau=109:56
jribidefix: 'fg' should bring it back to the foreground09:56
bahamasidefix: so yes, you can continue to type in the terminal09:56
koshieFinalRelizWubi install Ubuntu IN windows, like a software. So it's not the best way to use Ubuntu :)09:56
ActionParsnippato: you will then use the nv driver which should work ok09:56
apa__anyone, is there some option in wubi, which forces the reinstallation?09:56
idefixjrib is there a way to resend it back to the background?09:56
coolforyoukos, i just wanted to practice the linux command and instaling driver s , so is VM ware is good option for me09:56
jribidefix: ctrl-z and then 'bg'09:56
robinduckettidefix: probably best to use screen09:56
ActionParsnipapa__: you can uninstall it, then reinstall it09:56
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, not good for driver :D09:57
robinduckettapa__: uninstall reinstall09:57
idefixrobinduckett? what do you mean with that?09:57
coolforyouook ok bro ,09:57
robinduckettftp is an ftp client right?09:57
koshieFinalRelizVM simulate a computer, for Ubuntu that's not your computer, but an other, simulate by vm09:57
robinduckettwhy would you want to background it?09:57
coolforyouso what can i learn through VMware kos :)09:57
ActionParsnipcoolforyou: vmware is great as a testing bed but the hardware is virtualized so you sidestep a lot of driver issues09:57
midhunohelp me i cant play vdos on xmbc09:57
Guest42033 How to join Yahoo chat room on ubuntu09:57
jnsl_I cant get Medibuntu repo to appear on natty, anyone had similar problem?09:57
ActionParsnip!info xbmc09:57
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, you can test a lot of thing on Ubuntu :)09:57
ubottuPackage xbmc does not exist in natty09:57
robinduckettGuest42033: seriously?09:57
robinduckettxbox media center09:58
ActionParsnipmidhuno: i'd ask in the xbmc channel09:58
robinduckettGuest42033: turn your computer off and go outside09:58
patoOK, guys (jrib, ActionParsnip), thanks a lot. I'll try the blacklist.noveau=1 right now. If it fails, I'll try the alternate.09:58
robinduckettGuest42033: find a pretty girl and make a connection09:58
ActionParsnipGuest42033: there is empathy and pidgin which can do it, or you can install gyache09:58
apa__if i try to run wubi, it does not allow me to install, it just gives me options to read more, or restart. I had wubi installation but i removed the c:\ubuntu and c:\wubins* stuff, and now i cant reinstall it..09:58
coolforyouok that fien Action and kos . so it is impossible to practice driver s installation in VMware right ?09:58
AwwwCrapI'm having a heck of a time trying to configure custom settings in xorg.conf for my joystick.  I'm trying to customize the button layout so it is useful for XBMC, but no matter what I do, it just does the default layout.  Help?  Plz??09:59
midhunoi hav problems in using public wifi networks in ubuntu09:59
koshieFinalRelizYou don't have to install by yourself a driver on Ubuntu, just in some case.09:59
ActionParsnipapa__: this page has how to manually uninstall: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide09:59
midhunowhat 2 do?09:59
apa__ActionParsnip:  i have done the manual uninstall, it didnt help09:59
coolforyouthas fine kos .:)09:59
ActionParsnipAwwwCrap: does it work in other apps09:59
koshieFinalRelizIn most popular case your hardware are supported by Ubuntu with free driver, if it's not, you've proprietary, sometimes better09:59
koshieFinalRelizLike for gamers.10:00
ActionParsnipapa__: that page is all I know of wubi.10:00
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, In my case I've never a problem, I'm using Intezl ^^10:00
koshieFinalRelizIntel FTW10:00
AwwwCrapActionParsnip: it works fine as far as games and emulators go, and it moves the mouse around, but the layout is horrible and I'd like to change it10:00
apa__ActionParsnip: ok.. i have used wubi couple times, but now i cant get it to work..10:00
ActionParsnipAwwwCrap: then I'd ask in the xbmc channel10:00
coolforyoukos , actually i was tying to learn red hat linux , but i felt ubuntu will be good to start10:00
AwwwCrapActionParsnip:   its a xorg problem, not an xbmc problem10:01
AwwwCrapbut I'll give it a shot anyway10:01
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, RHEL ?!10:01
koshieFinalRelizOr CentOS ?10:01
koshieFinalRelizRHEL are for entreprise, and it's not free of cost.10:01
coolforyouyes kos RHEL or centos10:01
koshieFinalRelizCentOS are the same distribution with a name and a different logo, but completly free of cost.10:01
knightstalkerHey,wiki.ubuntu.com doesn't load up in chrome and loads up in firefox,and that was the same for a long time now,and in every ubuntu installation I had,any ideas?10:02
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, Ubuntu / Debian have somes difference with RHEL / CentOS :)10:02
ActionParsnipAwwwCrap: if the joystick works in emulators and such then its an xbmc config, surely?10:02
knightstalkerkoshieFinalReliz,you can always try Fedora10:02
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, My advice : Try Ubuntu if you really want to use it everyday, it's free, simple, powerfull.10:02
ActionParsnipkoshieFinalReliz: it is, you just won't get support10:02
coolforyouyes kos . many told me debian is best for server10:02
knightstalkerIts free,but its a kind of test place for RHEL10:02
ActionParsnipkoshieFinalReliz: you can run RHL, maybe not RHEL ;)10:03
koshieFinalRelizknightstalker, it's good too, but a little bit updated for a new user.10:03
koshieFinalRelizRHL exist ? :o10:03
knightstalkerkoshieFinalReliz,yup :p10:03
koshieFinalRelizThat's not RHEL10:03
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, yes, better than Ubuntu IMHO10:03
koshieFinalRelizBut Ubuntu can make a good server :)10:03
coolforyouyes action , i completly agree with you . i will not use RHEL and RHL . but will give a try to debian and centos10:03
knightstalkerUbuntu LTS can make a good server =)10:03
knightstalkerso,no idea on my question?10:03
hostdreameven I'm using the http://pastie.org/2496275 as partition table in my preseed, I've the box asking me for the confirmation to apply disk layout, how can I avoid this ?10:04
ne2ksorry, I left for a few minutes to try a reboot. did anyone reply about my alsa issue? I have repeated the fix for 2.6.38-11 but I still have no sound10:04
coolforyoubut i am comple noob in linux . so i wanted to start with ubuntu , it is good idea ?10:04
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, Maybe we can speak in private ? Some people here seems to needs help and for you know it's just some details.10:04
ActionParsnipcoolforyou: yes, a lot of stuff is managed for you10:04
knightstalkercoolforyou,for a new user,Ubuntu is best10:04
koshieFinalRelizknightstalker, not in all case, you've Mandriva / Mageïa :)10:05
coolforyouthats fine action , knight and kos10:05
koshieFinalRelizcoolforyou, you can complete automatically nickname, try kos and tab touch10:05
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:06
snuffthi guys10:06
koshieFinalRelizdr_willis, :)10:06
hostdreameven I'm using the http://pastie.org/2496275 as partition table in my preseed, I've the box asking me for the confirmation to write change to disk, how can I avoid this ? Can anyone help on this ? :)10:06
dr_willistab key is our friend10:06
ActionParsniptab rules10:06
snufftanyone got a min to spare helping me setup my local webserver? apache is going (haven't figured out vhosts yet tho), phpmyadmin is running fine, as is mysql. the only thing left are creating vhosts and editing hosts file, then setting write permission on my var/www folder so i can actually edit it without sudo-ing all the time.10:08
amoskonghello,  do we need hit 'shift' for inputing '_' ?10:09
amoskongrobinduckett,  sorry ,  do we need hit 'shift' for inputing '_'  by Japanese keyboard ?10:10
robinduckettoh that I have no idea10:10
AwwwCrapActionParsnip: thanks, I was trying to do it at the xorg level because I wasn't aware it was configurable within XBMC10:10
knightstalkerkoshieFinalReliz, I never liked RPM based distros,though!10:11
koshieFinalRelizMe too.10:11
=== tnm is now known as kubanc
KNUBBIGI hate maven!10:15
vibhavKNUBBIG what is macen?10:15
ne2khttp://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=087b7cbe3383b329e9561e5c8323f0a5d017dc49 can anyone help with my lack of sound, please?10:16
idefixdoing stuff like fg and bg is not recommendable I think, it screws up your PC10:16
AceKingCan someone tell me how to install additional fonts in 11.04?10:16
vibhavAceking which font10:17
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
jribidefix: erm?10:18
w123what is your name10:18
oCeanw123: this is ubuntu technical support, chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic channel10:18
jrib!permissions | snufft10:18
ubottusnufft: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions10:18
vibhav!ot | w12310:19
ubottuw123: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:19
AceKingvibhav, In older versions I was able to install a whole list of fonts. I use different ones10:19
oCean!fonts | AceKing10:20
ubottuAceKing: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/10:20
bahamascan anyone tell me where is the settings that sets the terminal in emacs mode?10:20
AceKingoCean, Thanks!10:20
szalAceKing: search your favourite package manager for 'font' and/or 'ttf' and you'll find enough stuff10:20
vibhavaceking. download font , click onit and then click on install10:20
AceKingszal, vibhav, Thanks!10:21
=== KNUBBIG_ is now known as KNUBBIG
vibhavno prob10:21
KNUBBIGpf my kb just stopped working ... maybe macs aren't that stable at all :)10:22
w123can I make friend with you?10:22
w123I am chinese10:23
oCean!cn | w12310:23
ubottuw123: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:23
Skandeehaving problems with my wireless connection at school, can't join the network and i don't know why. At home it works fine and  if i use widows at school iit works,  can sombody help me please10:23
zHammeRzSkandee, you need the wireless password from your school admins10:25
oCeanknightstalker: you can use the bot in private: /msg ubottu info mplayer10:26
Skandeeit isn't password protectet..10:27
KNUBBIGSkandee: maybe protected based on MACs?10:27
knightstalkeroCean:O rly? :p "<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about mplayer"10:27
SkandeeI don't think so. We've all got a password, and when we connect to the network and try to open google.com (eg) then we're asked for the password on a website10:28
oCeanknightstalker: searching for packages, you need the word 'info'  ( /msg ubottu info mplayer )10:28
knightstalkerHmm,is it possible that you cant be online on two computers?10:28
SkandeeWhen I click to connect the network, then it works and works, but doesn't connect10:28
SkandeeI have dual boot...10:29
knightstalkeroCean:you missed the point,No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font10:29
knightstalkerI wanted to find out about fonts not packages10:29
oCeanknightstalker: oh, a bug in the !fonts factoid. Let me try and fix that10:30
knightstalkeroCean,thanks ;)10:30
StravHi. I'm experiencing several troubles with unity's launchers so I'm wondering (haven't check launchpad yet but these problems are so obvious I can't believe they still apply): 1. If I search for an application and drag it to the launcher's bar, sometimes it works, sometimes it don't (more especially if I decided to remove and the place again the application in the launcher). 2. when a new launcher is added, sometimes new instances of10:31
Stravthe application are bound to the launcher, sometimes they are not (hence, duplicated). 3. If I manually edit a .desktop, it automatically gets removed from the launcher (even if I do something as simple as change the icon path).10:31
StravIs there any accessible config file I can check to see why everything is so messed up with my unity?10:32
tasslehoffMy X has gone mad display-wise. How do I recreate an X configuration from my HW?10:33
tasslehoffon 10.1010:33
Stravtasslehoff: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh10:33
tasslehoffStrav: thx10:34
taiahello community :D10:34
vibhavhello taia10:35
w123good evening10:35
SkandeeI think we could you our private pcs too, so I don't think it's the AC10:35
taiaa friend of mine recently asked me a question, he said he has a alfa awus036h wireless modem that is connected via USB interface, he said he can't use it, I googled it and everyone says ubuntu recognize that modem fine,,,,,what should i tell him? :D10:36
vibhavtaia could be a driver issue10:36
daParall4xAnyone know a good programming/coding IRC channel>10:36
robinduckettdaParall4x: depends what kind of coding10:37
Stravtaia: that there's a place called google.com10:37
ActionParsniptaia: run:  lsusb     use the 8 character hex ID to find guides?10:37
ActionParsnipdaParall4x: ##C10:37
taiavibhav, I told him so, I even asked him to patch the driver into kernel, but still no response!10:37
vibhav!google | strav10:37
ubottustrav: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:37
oCeandaParall4x: there is the ##programming channel10:38
daParall4xbut it says i need to get registered?10:38
oCean!register | daParall4x10:38
ubottudaParall4x: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:38
daParall4xsorry im new to irc10:38
daParall4xokay, thanks.10:38
Stravvibhav: nah it's just that the guy said "he can't use it" while it's being recognized as a supported device.10:38
=== daParall4x is now known as Parall4x
sveinseWhen writing a package, how does a package request a reboot of the system? I often see kernel updates which gives a red icon in gnome telling me to reboot due to an upgrade10:40
Stravah. If there was a programming channel where it'll be possible to casually discuss of one's idea... that'll be ideal. Unfortunately no such thing exists.10:41
taiain fact, the device has a confusing process of use in Windows! they should use integrated wireless modem in the laptop to find available network, then using an application called IBSDriver, the connection gets transferred  to this external modem!!! this process seems rediculous in ubunu10:41
=== Parall4x is now known as daParall4x
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
ActionParsnipsveinse: the reboot insn't mandatory, it's just wanting to make you reboot to load the nwe kernel. Or do you have a package you are creating and want to add that feature?10:41
ActionParsniptaia: suprised it connects via usb, most use ethernet which is much more graceful10:42
jpdssveinse: Look at the source for the kernel package?10:42
taiaActionParsnip, yeah, but this one is using USB :P I hate it when it comes to USB issues too :P10:43
jpdssveinse: Or: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/update-notifier10:43
sveinsejpds: Excellent, thanks10:43
=== jason is now known as Guest81298
mouseI'm running firefox and I can't get it to open .rar files with my archive manager by default or even optionally.  I've added file-roller manually but it only seems to be temporary since it still won't let the archive manager be an option in the drop down menu.  Does anyone have experience with this?10:44
solofighthelp needed people when i try to update my system using sudo apt-get install update  i get this error http://pastebin.com/jZsS8gCA10:45
solofightsearched in ubuntu forums and they have said to delete the file and again update10:45
solofightdid the same by doing an rm on that file10:45
solofightand again tried to update10:45
=== Guest81298 is now known as jasef
solofightit results in the same error10:45
solofightdont know how else to proceed10:45
mouseUse punctuation marks instead of enter.10:46
StravCan anyone tell why, in some cases, new applications instances aren't bound to their launchers in unity on 11.04?10:46
solofightmouse, sorry will do10:47
glebihansolofight, first thing the command "sudo apt-get install update" will never work, it should be either "sudo apt-get update" or "sudo apt-get install packagename"10:47
glebihansolofight, so what does "sudo apt-get update" say ?10:49
solofightglebihan, yeah mistake10:49
solofightglebihan, http://pastebin.com/jZsS8gCA10:49
Stravis there some .desktop entry I'm missing?10:49
TheRandomHi, typing 'apt-get install lynx' for example tells me how large the install is etc etc when I tell it to go ahead it gives me 'Something wicked happened resolving 'gb...'' errors? Internet connection is fine.10:49
glebihansolofight, that's the same command, could you pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update" (will probably be the same, but may be better to check anyway)10:50
solofightglebihan, the same error even when i correct the command10:50
StravTheRandom: try a ping on the repository that gives you the resolving error. Then if it works, try to access it's packages directory from your browser.10:51
TheRandomping'ing google gives an unknown host error.10:51
TheRandomI've ssh'd into it so I can't use the browser10:51
solofightglebihan, i read a post which said to remove the entire directory and try again so did this http://pastebin.com/imnLz4WY10:52
solofightbut no good, eneded up with error10:52
StravTheRandom: just by chance: what does ifconfig gives you for
StravTheRandom: (do you have the lo interface enabled?)10:52
TheRandomerror fetching interface information: device not found10:53
ActionParsnipTheRandom: can you ping ?10:53
TheRandomStrav, unsure10:53
StravTheRandom: that's your problem.10:53
TheRandomActionParsnip, I can10:53
glebihansolofight, try "sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*" then "sudo apt-get update" again10:53
StravTheRandom: try: sudo ifconfig lo up10:53
TheRandomStrav, the network adaptor isn't being picked up?10:53
TheRandomstrav, ran it, no output.10:54
ActionParsnipsolofight: http://pastebin.com/pY1h7LNY10:54
Stravthere's no output usually, but then ifconfig to see if it came back up10:54
ActionParsnipTheRandom: then if you run:  gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf     delete ALL text and add the line:  nameserver     save the new file and close gedit, does the web work ok?10:54
solofightActionParsnip, i need to execute all of those one by one ?10:54
TheRandomSeveral lines explaining network adaptors10:55
ActionParsnipsolofight: yes10:55
TheRandomActionParsnip, there was no text in the file, I've added the line.10:55
TheRandomPinging google has found a host, and responds :)10:55
ActionParsnipTheRandom: should be ok, usually that file gets updated by network manager tpe apps (like network-manager and wicd)10:56
TheRandomapt-get install runs.10:56
OnlyodinShould hope so, that's google's DNS ;)10:56
ActionParsnipTheRandom: cool, do you use GUI network apps?10:56
TheRandomActionParsnip, no, not knowingly.10:56
ActionParsnipOnlyodin: I only use it because its easy to remember10:56
TheRandomOnlyodin, I realised after searching :P10:56
TheRandomActionParsnip, so as I understand what occured. My nameserver wasn't available to the server?10:56
Antrax2000hi, im dual-booting ubuntu with arch linux, ubuntu as the primary os. the problem is grub2 tells me that arch boot partition in in /dev/sda5 but actually it's in /dev/sda1. i tried update-grub and still grub got my arch partition wrong, can someone help? thanks10:56
StravTheRandom: yep10:57
TheRandomStrav, thank's.10:57
ActionParsnipTheRandom: ok get fully updated and reboot, see if it stays. If not, we can take extra steps to make it be set each time. The combination of driver/nic and router are making your OS fail to get DNS settings via DHCP (probably some netgear rubbish)10:57
TheRandomHow did you know ActionParsnip  :P10:57
ActionParsnipTheRandom: so we need to work around it by setting the DNS servers manually10:57
TheRandomI'll set it to reboot10:57
StravTheRandom: due to the lack of your loopback interface which got screwed10:58
solofightglebihan, same error10:58
ActionParsnipTheRandom: because you couldn't ping names (needs DNS) so I had you ping a known IP and it worked. Ergo, DNS is failing10:58
solofightwill try ActionParsnip solution10:58
glebihansolofight, did you run the commands ActionParsnip gave you ?10:58
solofightdoing them as we speak10:58
TheRandomActionParsnip, that makes alarming sense :P10:59
ActionParsnipTheRandom: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html  shows how to set it in Ubuntu10:59
solofightActionParsnip, whats the reason for such happening ?10:59
TheRandomAs you forsaw ActionParsnip it has failed again.10:59
solofightbug in ubuntu ?10:59
ActionParsnipsolofight: the apt thing? No idea. I only know the fix11:00
solofightin process of executing the first command11:00
StravActionParsnip: why didn't he had any interfaces to begin with? (I didn't had this problem once or twice)11:00
ActionParsnipTheRandom: if you install dnsmasq and set the first dns server to  you can make name resoles take 0ms rather than ~30ms11:01
StravI did had...11:01
ActionParsnipStrav: no idea, didn't see that bit. Just saw the ping stuff11:01
ActionParsnipTheRandom: you never know, updates may just make it work as it should, meaning you don't need to manually set stuff11:02
TheRandomActionParsnip: installed dnsmasq.11:02
TheRandomActionParsnip: It's interesting as lots of things seemed to fail overnight, ftp, ssh, DNS.11:02
TheRandomActionParsnip: there were no changes on the server bar apt-get upgrade.11:02
damo22ActionParsnip: that doesnt make sense, wouldnt the dns server on localhost still have to ask a real dns for the ip if its not cached?11:02
StravActionParsnip: when I asked him to do an ifconfig... ah I see, he did ifconfig
ActionParsnipTheRandom: you need to tell dnsmasq to listen to
ActionParsnipdamo22: initialy, yes but it learns the resolutions over time11:03
TheRandomActionParsnip, whats the syntax for that? -a --localhost?11:04
mouseI'm running firefox and I can't get it to open .rar files with my archive manager by default or even optionally.  I've added file-roller manually but it only seems to be temporary since it still won't let archive manager be an option in the drop down menu.  Does anyone have experience with this?11:04
ActionParsnipTheRandom: gksudo gedit /etc/dnsmasq.conf      find     listen-address=     and change it to    listen-address=
TheRandomActionParsnip: done.11:04
Kartagisdoes server RAM have anything to do with page loadings being slow?11:04
ActionParsnipTheRandom: after reboot it will apply, then you can change the DNS servers as teh google link I gave says, but set DNS to:,,
TheRandomKartagis, only if the RAM is full ;)11:05
TheRandomActionParsnip: in resolv.conf?11:05
ActionParsnipTheRandom: yes but have each on it's own line11:05
TheRandomyup done that. Rebooting.11:05
ActionParsnipmouse: sudo apt-get install rar unrar p7zip-full unp11:05
ActionParsnipTheRandom: GL11:06
damo22Actionparsnip: what are those special addresses?11:06
KartagisTheRandom: MemTotal:      1048800 kB11:06
KartagisMemFree:        434544 kB11:06
mouseActionParsnip, Thank you.11:06
solofightActionParsnip, after finishing the commands present till line 8 i executed line 9 command and got the error http://pastebin.com/RX55FkcG11:06
solofighthow to proceed ?11:06
TheRandomKartagis, that sounds fine. HTTP page loads?11:07
KartagisTheRandom: yep11:07
TheRandomActionParsnip, no dice. Reboot gives me unknown host errors...11:07
ActionParsnipsolofight: could disable the extras repo, or change server to the main server, or GB server11:07
PoSVActionParsnip: i just installed "sudo apt-get install rar unrar p7zip-full unp" and when i go to the file and rightclick open with unrar nothing happends at all.. :s11:07
TheRandomActionParsnip, and the resolv.conf has been wiped clean.11:07
solofightActionParsnip, how to do that ?11:07
ActionParsnipTheRandom: ok, use the guide I gave earlier. The network manager app will populate resolv.conf for you11:07
PoSVActionParsnip: also if i try to open any movie with VLC it doesn't play.11:08
ActionParsnipsolofight: in software centre11:08
ActionParsnip!codecs | PoSV11:08
ubottuPoSV: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:08
TheRandomActionParsnip, the google link?11:08
PoSVActionParsnip: not even about codec the file actually wont even open, it just sits the same with unrar..11:08
PoSVActionParsnip: like nothing is opening at all :s11:08
ActionParsnipTheRandom: the one I gave earlier...11:09
ActionParsnipPoSV: run vlc from terminal, the output may help11:10
ActionParsnipPoSV: also try other players, like gnome-mplayer :)11:10
TheRandomActionParsnip, I'm looking, but I can only see a link to code.google.com which doesn't include setting permenant nameservers.11:10
ActionParsnipTheRandom: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html11:10
htmlrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! sfvoujb  im getting poked11:10
ActionParsnipTheRandom: yes, that's what oyou need as yours aren't being set11:10
TheRandomActionParsnip, "Additionally, if you are using DHCP client software that overwrites the settings in /etc/resolv.conf, you will need to set up the client accordingly by editing the client's configuration file."11:10
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bazhanghtml, wrong channel11:11
TheRandomI set them in resolv.conf, and when I reboot it's been overwritten11:11
solofightActionParsnip, removed ticks from all under other software tab, now again start from first command or just update command ?11:11
htmlinprogressbazhang,  for what ? my name was at the end of every statment11:11
ActionParsnipTheRandom: yes, tht's why you need the guide, the GUI app you are using to configure networking (network manager is default in ubuntu) is overwriting the file, so you need that guide to tell it what to write to the file as it isn't being recieved by DHCP11:12
tarelerulzI try to send files to my pc via blue tooth ,but nothing happens.   What could the problem be11:12
ActionParsnipTheRandom: if it DID then the app would write whatever it recieved but it isn't so it blanks the file11:12
ActionParsnipTheRandom: that's why I gave the link. It explains how you can tell it the DNS servers.11:12
snufftjrib: thanks :)11:12
PoSVActionParsnip: gnome-mplayer play .flv/11:12
ActionParsnipsolofight: sure, after closing software centre as it will lock the packages11:13
ActionParsnipPoSV: yes11:13
TheRandomActionParsnip, I'm a div I was looking under Debian, however I'm sshing into the server, so do you know how to do this via terminal?11:13
ActionParsnipTheRandom: not sure there. I think there is nm-cli but I've never used it. You could set it for now in resolv.conf manually and when you next physically attend the system (or can get someone else to) you can setup the app there11:14
solofightActionParsnip, closed software center, and again gave sudo apt-get update  and got this error http://pastebin.com/UADn2g8311:14
ActionParsnipTheRandom: if you use a wired connection and nothing smart like VPN etc, you can remove network manager and use /etc/network/interfaces to setup addressing etc and then you can edit resolv.conf and it will not get blanked at boot11:15
ActionParsnipsolofight: I'd try a little later (or try a different server again). Not sure there. Maybe others can advise11:15
mouseActionParsnip, All the packages you've mentioned are installed and I restarted firefox and I still can't get it to use an archive manager by default or to even have an archive manager as an option in the drop down menu.11:16
PoSVActionParsnip: i just tried unrar l file.rar and it asks for a password; is that unrar asking for a password or the .rar?11:16
glebihansolofight, doesn't look like you changed the mirror, did you ?11:17
damo22TheRandom: theres a guide on how to do it on the link ActionParsnip provided earlier... you have to edit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf11:17
Stanley00PoSV: unrar is asking, .rar cant ;)11:17
ActionParsnipPoSV: the file is password protected11:17
solofightglebihan, i disabled all ticks from second tab. now i regognised ActionParsnip was talking about the option in 1st tab called server :( my bad11:17
PoSVActionParsnip: ffs, i don't remember hte password lol11:17
ActionParsnipmouse: not sure man, I don't use firefox11:18
damo22PoSV: looks like youre in trouble11:18
solofightglebihan, even after closing software center when i do a update on terminal it says locked11:18
mouseActionParsnip, You use chromium?11:18
solofightall i have is chrome and firefox and this opened11:18
ActionParsnipmouse: chromium daily and Arora11:19
glebihansolofight, once you've changed the mirror, start over with the commands ActionParsnip gave you11:19
solofightglebihan, ok11:19
mouseActionParsnip, Well thanks anyways.11:20
takyanyone familiar with ip-forwarding?11:22
ichbinderhello. A problem with grep in SVN folders: when I do $ grep -R "bla" * --exclude="*.svn*" it ignores some of the .svn folders but not all. Does somebody else have the same experience and if so, why is that? It seems that ignores the .svn for the first folder grep get's in but not for all, or something like that.11:22
Stanley00ichbinder: maybe you should try --exclude-dir=PATTERN11:25
geirhaichbinder: I use this function instead. svngrep() { find . -name .svn -prune -o -type f -exec grep "$@" /dev/null {} +; }11:25
damo22ichbinder: find . \! \( -iname "*.svn" \) | xargs grep PATTERN11:25
ichbinderStanley00: oh, damn it... thanks for no RTFM... :-/11:26
Stanley00ichbinder: you are welcome ;)11:26
ichbinderthanks geirha and damo22.11:27
geirhaichbinder: To use it, remember to omit -r/-R. E.g.: svngrep -w my_func11:27
geirhadamo22: That doesn't really do what ichbinder is asking.11:29
houdiniHello, I am a NOOB! Can some one please help me change permission settings11:30
ichbindergeirha, damo22: yeah... geirha: why not using the --exclude-dir option?11:30
Stanley00houdini: chmod is what you need then?11:31
IamTrying11.04 using terminal how can i disable this  "Lock screen + screensaver " ?11:31
Stanley00houdini: or, simply right-click on file/folder and look in tab permission.11:31
geirhaichbinder: That's a GNU grep option, I sometimes need to do that on non GNU systems.11:32
_kBz_houdini: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions11:32
ichbindergeirha: ah, ok. Thanks. :)11:32
geirhaichbinder: Though --exclude-dir=.svn should work afaik.11:33
ichbindergeirha: yeah, on my ubuntu, it's working just fine... it was just the small difference between --exclude and --exclude-dir11:33
* smv *Free of charge engineering classes* - http://see.stanford.edu/11:33
solofightglebihan, i changed to main server and entered the commands one by one and whe i do the update this error occurs http://pastebin.com/index/UADn2g8311:34
hostdreameven I'm using the http://pastie.org/2496275 as partition table in my preseed, I've the box asking me for the confirmation to write change to disk, how can I avoid this ? Can anyone help on this ? :)11:34
damo22hostdream: the last line says confirm = true?11:36
hostdreamdamo22 : the last line of my preseed is d-i partman/confirm boolean true11:37
damo22hostdream: perhaps it should be false?11:37
pete-johhi, im trying to create a daemon, i can start it with start-stop-daemon, but i cannot stop it with start-stop-daemon, the daemon creates a pid file in /var/run/daemonfilename.pid, the file contains the daemon process id, what can be wrong o_O?11:38
hostdreamI thought it was the other way, we tell install to automatically confirm damo2211:38
hostdreamdamo22 : let me test again11:38
ZenMasterAnyone here framiliar with controlling fan speed?11:38
damo22hostdream: confirm = true means you want the system to ask a question imho11:38
ZenMasterI have a hp D530 that has a incredible fan. I was working on tryint omake it not sounds like a jet engine.11:39
ZenMasterAnd now I can't get it to slow down. :*(11:39
hostdreamdamo22 : i will confirm you this in 5 min11:39
jamiewanZenMaster: how did u adjust it the first time?11:40
tarelerulzjoin #xbmc11:41
hostdreamdamo22 : no, this is not working ... I did set it to "false" but I still have the popup asking for confirmation...11:41
ZenMasterjamiewan: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fan_Speed_Control11:41
pete-johhow do you know if a process is detached from a terminal?11:42
pete-johis there a command you can enter to find that out?11:43
ZenMasterI was trying to raise thef an devisor because it is saying there is no rpms.11:43
jamiewanZenMaster: yeah i'm not sure, i fiddled with lmsensors for my conky setup but thats it. Maybe a reboot or check BIOS for fan control options if that doesn't work11:43
ZenMasterOr detecting zero.11:43
zimbreshi, All directories of my home directory are appearing in my Desktop, haow can I get rid of them? If I remove the icon them the directory is also removed. Ubuntu 11.0411:43
ZenMasterpete-joh: ps -aux11:43
pete-johZenMaster: great, thats the output for detached processes?11:44
jribzimbres: please pastebin ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs11:44
pete-johZenMaster: what should i be looking for11:44
ZenMasterpete-joh: ps -aux will show you all processes.11:44
jribpete-joh: "jobs" will list the process your terminal is handling11:45
ZenMasterpete-joh: For instance I would do something like #>ps -aux |more (So you can see about 25 procs at a time).11:45
ZenMasterpete-joh: Or ps -aux |grep Gayporn (That would show you all procs with gay porn in the title).11:45
jribZenMaster: please choose more appropriate examples...11:46
ZenMasterBrb I have to restart this machine. So much for uptime. I don't want the cpu fan waking my lady.11:46
ZenMasterjrib: Absolutely no problem.11:46
IdleOne!es | uno1 Hola.11:46
zimbresjrib: http://pastebin.com/iUVHaj0N11:46
ubottuuno1 Hola.: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:46
uno1que tal???11:46
jribzimbres: anything seem funny to you?11:47
krastinanybody know how to make the unity launcher display running programs from the current workspace only?11:47
zimbresjrib: yes, i have removed most default directories because I do not like to name that way. But the question is why my directorys are being diplayed on the Desktop screnn11:48
jribzimbres: look ate the value for DESKTOP11:49
solofightpeople help i changed to main server and entered the commands one by one and whe i do the update this error occurs http://pastebin.com/index/UADn2g8311:49
zimbresjrib: ok, I will edit the file, I did not know it11:50
zHammeRzwhere do you see where the linkspeed of a nic is in Ubuntu 11?11:51
zimbresjrib: Can I just remove lines I do not want?11:51
jribzimbres: you probably don't want to do that as programs will often ask things like "where is the directory for videos?" and XDG_VIDEOS_DIR will be the answer it receives.  Just set some values you prefer11:52
jribzimbres: you can make the value whatever you want (as long as you enter it in the format described in the formats at the top of the file)11:53
hostdreamCan anyone tell me what is wrong in my preseed disk layout http://pastie.org/2496275 that doing a popup appearing during the install process and asking me if I'm ok to write to disk ? I really want to avoid that... :)11:53
zimbresjrib: ok, but anyway I do not need a template directory for example11:54
zimbresjrib: or a publicshare dir11:54
snufftcan someone tell me if the example under the NameVirtualHost is correct for vhosts in apache? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-create-name-based-and-ip-based-virtual-hosts-in-apache.html11:55
jribzimbres: I do not know what the effect of just deleting the value is (it may be restored or it may not)11:55
snufftshouldn't it be enclosed or something to separate vhost entries?11:55
jribzimbres: if it's restored, it's probably restored according to: /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults11:55
zimbresHow do I minimize all windown to have a view of my Desktop on Unity. on later version there was a button on the botton left side of the screen.11:56
pznat 11.4 login screen, there is no option "brazilian portuguese utf-8", I can only see iso-8859-1 option. what is wrong, how can I add the utf-8 option?11:56
robinduckettzimbres: Windows/Super key + D11:56
zimbresjrib: ok, i do most of my work on the terminal and i do not like to see these directories every time I ls11:57
zimbresrobinduckett: thanks, I need to read more about unity.11:58
pete-johjrib: hm, my daemon does not show up under jobs, does it gurantee that it runs as a detached process?12:00
pete-johjrib: i can see the process with ps aux12:01
jribpete-joh: yes12:01
pete-johjrib: epic12:01
pete-johjrib: the TTY column says its running as ?12:01
pete-johjrib: instead of ttyX/ptsX12:01
pete-johjrib: any ideas why i cannot stop the daemon  with start-stop-daemon commadn?12:02
jribpete-joh: I am not familiar with start-stop-daemon12:02
jribpete-joh: I would start by investigating how start-stop-daemon tries to stop the process... and seeing how the process responds to different signals12:02
pete-johjrib: its the function that /etc/init.d/scripts call when they start and stop daemons12:02
pete-johjrib: yea, i can stop the daemon by sending kill TERM, the daemon listens to that kill signal12:03
pete-johjrib: but i have no idea about the internal functions in start-stop-daemon12:03
jribpete-joh: I would read start-stop-daemon documentation and source code at this point12:04
pete-johjrib: also, i cannot use 'pgrep <tab> to list the daemon'12:04
pete-johjrib: i fear that the daemon isnt completely daemonized12:04
uno1ya regrese12:06
garymchi can anyone help me configure my DHCP server on my UBUNTU server with a static IP so it distributes IPs?12:08
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uno1cual es el canal en español???12:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:10
garymcscrap that last one12:10
garymcI need to configure my new server with eth0 as dhcp, and eth1 as /
garymci dont know how to, anyone help me out here, i have ssh access to my server12:10
uno1join #ubuntu-es12:11
nicofs_I am having extreme network issues (wifi) - can someone help? I regularly get disconnected and at some point all I get is "No Networks found", when there should be about 15. Dmesg looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/684343/12:11
nicofs_(if i posted that twice, sorry - i just don't know if the first post arrived...)12:11
ActionParsnipnicofs_: disable ipv612:11
alphonso89anyone here12:12
Hyperbyte!ask | alphonso8912:12
ubottualphonso89: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:12
nicofs_ActionParsnip, where can I do this?12:12
alphonso89i want to install ubuntu side by side with my windows 712:13
alphonso89when i first tried to load it with my usb, i could select the install side by side option and I chose it12:13
don-iis it possible to pipe the output of ls into a text file thats in someone elses home directory ?12:13
don-ii tried with sudo, and it wont let me do that either12:13
Hyperbytedon-i, only if you have write access to it.12:14
alphonso89however it was isntalling and I got an error and it returned me to the selection menu but this time there was only 2 options left. either delete windows 7 or other options12:14
jribdon-i: command | sudo tee file12:14
ActionParsnipnicofs_: run:   gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub    find the line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"   and change it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash ipv6.disable=1"    save the new file, close gedit then run:   sudo update-grub     reboot to test. You could have EASILY found that out yourself using websearches, leaving me free to help otehrs.12:14
zykotick9don-i, fyi if you are using an actual pipe "|", sudo can't... see jrib above12:14
alphonso89i rebooted severtimes and it was still the same12:14
alphonso89is there anyway i can install side by side :(?12:15
RealAndyDoes anyone know how to setup access to GoogleTalk from pidgin on ubuntu, I get "404 Remote server not found" whenever i query the GoogleTalk user directory?12:15
marenostrumalphonso89, Did you have an empty partition? such as D, E etc. in Windows?12:16
nicofs_ActionParsnip, the disabling thing or that ipv6 is the issue?12:16
alphonso89nah i only have 2 partition. 1 with windows inside and another 1 with backup recovery12:16
ActionParsnipnicofs_: the disabling thing12:16
ActionParsnipRealAndy: http://www.rakshitk.com/blog/2008/01/26/how-to-configure-pidgin-to-work-with-google-talk/12:16
don-ijrib, brilliant12:16
don-iHyperbyte, zykotick9, jrib  thanks12:17
don-ii should see what 'tee' does..never used that before12:17
marenostrumalphonso89, L didn't install Uvbuntu side by side with Win 7 but did it side by side with XP on my brother-in-law's machine. There was no problem.12:17
jribdon-i: other way is to do « sudo -i » (you get a root prompt), redirect output from ls like you normally would using '>', then exiting once you are done12:17
RealAndyActionParsnip: thanks12:18
alphonso89yea there shouldnt be any problem12:18
alphonso89i mean ive installed it several times before on this laptop as well12:18
alphonso89side by side windows 7 but it was ubuntu 10.04 and this time im using ubuntu 11.10 beta12:18
marenostrumalphonso89, Did you have an empty partition other than where Win is installed (typically C)?12:18
alphonso89marenostrum, nope. i only have 1 with windows 7 inside and another 1 with backup recovery12:19
don-ijrib, good to know !12:19
The_Rufushelp!!!! I've had my server working fine for a few weeks, nothing has changed at all, but now when I "sudo" a command it tells me my username is not in the sudoers list!!!! I can't administer my computer!!!!!!!12:20
marenostrumalphonso89, I am not an expert on dual booting (installing side by side) but as far as I know, the first point is to prepare an empty partion.12:20
marenostrumalphonso89, Most probably, Ubuntu did what you said because it coludn't see an empty partition.12:21
ActionParsnipThe_Rufus: hold shift at boot, select recovery mode then select root, then run:  usermod -a -G admin foo        change foo to your username, reboot and the foo user can use sudo etc12:21
alphonso89mareno, okay but i just want to know if i did anything wrong.12:21
alphonso89mareno, i was able to install side by side before :(12:22
Dice-ManDice-Man: !vns | supercilious12:22
Dice-ManDice-Man: !vnc | supercilious12:22
ActionParsnipalphonso89: Win7 can resize it's own partitions, you can then boot the Ubuntu CD and install to the new free space12:22
ActionParsnipalphonso89: I recommend ou12:22
rizzo__quick question, need to install apache 2.2.20, found it here http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/packages/show/319714, how can i install that using apt-get?12:23
ActionParsnipalphonso89: you run a FULL backup in case of catastrophe12:23
rizzo__release: lucid12:23
alphonso89actionparsnip, you are saying that i resize it inside windows then i install ubuntu?12:23
ActionParsnipalphonso89: yes, Win7 can resize it's own NTFS partition12:23
alphonso89actionparsnip, can windows do dynamic partition as well?12:23
ActionParsnipalphonso89: the free space can be then used to install Ubuntu to12:23
marenostrumalphonso89, On Win 7, I believe its easy yo create new partitions. Create one and delete all inside it and try to install Ubuntu side by side. (As I said, I'm not an expert on this issue.)12:23
alphonso89actionparsnip, yea i already backed up. thanks12:23
ActionParsnipalphonso89: that I am not sure of. I just know it can shrink stuff12:24
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ActionParsnip!afk > Jef91|AFK12:24
ubottuJef91|AFK, please see my private message12:24
alphonso89actionparsnip, okay thanks guys. i think that should be the only way :(12:24
ActionParsnipalphonso89: it's the way I'd do it. But then again I don't use crappy Windows12:24
Sidewinder1ActionParsnip, When win7 resizes/shrinks it's own partition, does it also defragment?12:24
ActionParsnipSidewinder1: no idea. More than likely ;)12:24
uno1hola ,cual es el canal en español???12:25
marenostrumalphonso89, If you have backup, its nice, don't worry and resize and create a new partition. Do this from Windows OS, I'd say. Then go on as usual.12:25
Hyperbyte!es > uno112:25
ubottuuno1, please see my private message12:25
Sidewinder1ActionParsnip, Should and win, shouldn't be used in the same sentence?12:25
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=== LeDieu is now known as Giac0m0
alphonso89okay thanks guys. i will try. :) i use windows for gaming? because most games are there only12:26
ActionParsnipSidewinder1: BAM12:26
hostdreamCan anyone tell me what is wrong in my preseed disk layout http://pastie.org/2496275 that doing a popup appearing during the install process and asking me if I'm ok to write to disk ? I really want to avoid that... :)12:26
Sidewinder1alphonso89, Just in case, defrag your C:\ prior to shrinking/resizing.12:27
alphonso89sidewinder, okay. does that affect it?12:27
ne2kI have no sound after doing some updates and a reboot in Ubuntu. have tried the fix here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/166005 which worked last time this happened, but hasn't worked this time. ppa:team-iquik/alsa seems to have vanished.12:27
ne2kreport here http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=087b7cbe3383b329e9561e5c8323f0a5d017dc4912:27
marenostrumalphonso89, And as usual, check your installation media against defects. At least check if its working well as a live media (CD or USB stick).12:27
alphonso89okay. i will do that12:28
luc__hi can anybody tell me how  install a pc game iso image file12:28
ActionParsnipne2k: is the correct sound device selected as the output device?12:28
marenostrumalphonso89, Good luck! I believe that there won't be a trouble.12:28
ne2kActionParsnip: yes12:28
Sidewinder1alphonso89, It can't hurt; and if win7 doesn't automayically do it, when resizing, you'll save yourself a multitude of problems.12:28
ActionParsnipne2k: if you run; alsamixer    are all leverls unmuted and cranked?12:28
ne2kActionParsnip: pavucontrol shows the meter going up and down but no sound comes out12:28
ActionParsnipne2k: is it a laptop?12:29
ne2kActionParsnip: no, desktop12:29
ActionParsnipne2k: speakers powered and connected and volume up?12:29
marenostrumSidewinder1, he says he uses it for games. Some of my relatives dual boot too and they use that OS for games as well.12:30
alphonso89thanks guys. okay.12:30
rizzo__trying to install apache ver >= 2.2.18.. any suggestions12:30
ne2kActionParsnip: I am not a complete idiot, btw, I have checked all of these things. the problem occurred after upgrading the kernel, and, as I said, I have had this problem once before (where alsa driver and alsautils were out of sync), and last time, upgrading fixed it, but this time, it has not12:30
alphonso89yea i defrag it everynow and then. i would like to use ubuntu for gaming but most games are on windows12:30
ActionParsnipne2k: I can't assume that so I start with the basic stuff.12:31
Giac0m0Is there already a ubuntu implemetation of the sandbox that you can find in Fedora en RHEL?12:31
Sidewinder1marenostrum, Even though I rarely 'game', I'm ashamed to admit that I still dual-boot; since 2007. :-(12:31
Giac0m0rizzo__: troubles?12:31
ActionParsnipne2k: ok try the natty command at this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure12:31
alphonso89sidewinder if you dont dual boot for gafmes then what?12:31
rizzo__Giac0m0: found a package but not repo https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/apache2/2.2.20-1ubuntu112:31
ActionParsniprizzo__: that's for oneiric12:32
marenostrumSidewinder1, I can't say anything more after this confession! :))12:32
alphonso89mareno hahahahah12:32
Picirizzo__: Why do you need a newer version of apache2?12:32
rizzo__Pici: lame pci compliance12:32
rizzo__how can i install the oneiric one, or better yet is there a lucid one?12:33
ActionParsniprizzo__: mixing debs between releases is not advised or supported. I suggest you upgrade to oneiric (or find a 3rd party PPA)12:33
ActionParsnip!ppa | rizzo__12:33
ubotturizzo__: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa12:33
javier_Hi. I'm in ubuntu, but some applications, like firefox are using dolphin instead of nautilus (I got dolphin when I installed digikam). How can I change back to nautilus=12:33
rizzo__ActionParsnip: upgrading to Oneiric sounds like a better option, no?12:33
rizzo__its beta?12:34
ne2kActionParsnip: the one I used before (linked in that launchpad URL) had a team-iquik/alsa ppa, which now seems to have vanished12:34
asdjaputrarizzo__, yes, beta12:34
Picirizzo__: PCI compliance shouldn't require you to have a specific version.  The apache2 packages in the repositories  have been patched against CVE-2011-3192, if thats what you're worried about.12:34
ActionParsniprizzo__: its more trustworthy as PPAs are compiled / maintained by random folks from the community. Oneiric is currently beta, yes12:34
ne2kActionParsnip: btw, I already have checked that my driver, library and utilities are synched. all on 1.0.24.x12:35
Sidewinder1marenostrum, No worries; I beat myself up enough for both of us. :-)12:35
rizzo__Pici: they are complaining about CVE-2011-041912:36
ActionParsnipne2k: the iquick ppa only supports up to Lucid12:36
ActionParsnipne2k: the command does a bit more than the driver install12:36
Picirizzo__: already been patched as well, see: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2011/CVE-2011-0419.html12:36
zykotick9luc__, see "/msg ubottu iso" and "/msg ubottu wine".  Good luck.12:38
SnowmanX11Hi there! Is there anybody who experienced a problem to connect to a router? I got a new router from my ISP and whatever I did, I could not gain IP address from the router. (Nor wired neither wireless.) The router is a Zyxel P2601HN-F1.12:39
ne2kActionParsnip: to be honest, I'm pretty sure the steps I've done before have done all of that, but I will reboot and try again12:39
rizzo__Pici: thanks alot. i going to talk with my scanner12:39
marenostrumrizzo__, Oneiric is not only Beta now but Beta 1. There will be a Beta 2 on 22 September I think and then the stable.12:40
ActionParsnipne2k: its a good first step12:41
ne2kActionParsnip: bbias12:41
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ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.12:42
cillo564I have 10.04 LTS When comes next LTS version, is it usually easy to dist-upgrade to it?12:44
TheEvilPhoenixi'm trying to watch a DVD, but the thing says it cant decrypt the DVD.  what packages do i need?12:44
TheEvilPhoenixcillo564:  upgrading from LTS to LTS is supported, so its not too hard12:44
TheEvilPhoenixcillo564:  but with EVERY upgrade, you run the risk of things breaking12:44
asdjaputracillo564, and it'll take time too12:44
cillo564TheEvilPhoenix, asdjaputra  ok thanks12:45
zykotick9!dvd > TheEvilPhoenix12:45
ubottuTheEvilPhoenix, please see my private message12:45
TheEvilPhoenixzykotick9:  thanks much12:45
mc89__trying to set up openssh12:46
BluesKajG'Day all12:46
mc89__it's not working because when i try ssh-keygen -t ecdsa... it says type not recognized12:46
Sidewinder1Mornin' BluesKaj12:47
BluesKajhey Sidewinder112:47
asdjaputraG'day.. australian?12:47
zykotick9TheEvilPhoenix, in short, you could install libdvdread4 then run the required script --- alternatively, add the medibuntu repo and install libdvdcss2 [results are the same]12:47
ne2kActionParsnip: right, I've rebooted, and I still have no sound12:48
BluesKajasdjaputra, Canuckian :)12:48
TheEvilPhoenixzykotick9:  that's what i'm doing now12:48
TheEvilPhoenixthe first one12:48
sieHow do I make apt-get or aptitude tell what files does pkg X own?12:48
asdjaputraBluesKaj, no idea what's that sorry :)12:48
asdjaputraBluesKaj, oh canadian?12:48
Picimc89__: ecdsa isn't a recognized type. use dsa or rsa for protocol version 2.12:48
BluesKajasdjaputra,  nick for Canadian12:48
ActionParsnipne2k: which sound device do you use, you have 3 listed in the alsa-info script output...12:49
asdjaputraBluesKaj, i see12:49
hallgeirghello, I have a problem with ubuntu 11.04 "black screen with cursor after fresh install". I have tried to google it, but the only way for me to get into Ubuntu is to insert LinuxMint install CD and choose "Boot from harddrive"12:50
BluesKajasdjaputra, Indonesia ?12:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:50
asdjaputraBluesKaj, yes12:50
ActionParsniphallgeirg: boot to liveCD and reinstate grub2 on your internal drive12:51
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
ActionParsniphallgeirg: why not use your ubuntu liveCD to boot with?12:51
ne2kActionParsnip: the VIA one12:51
hallgeirgAction: reinstate grub2?  cause i can only choose try ubuntu or install ubuntu on ubuntu liveCD12:52
ActionParsnipne2k: I'm guessing your video card has HDMI with HDMI audio. Is that right?12:52
ne2kActionParsnip: yes, correct.12:52
ne2kActionParsnip: I'm not using that12:52
mc89__Pici, then how do i use openssh with the 2 you mentioned12:52
edbianhallgeirg: choose try, then you can use the terminal to install grub12:52
ActionParsniphallgeirg: you can do it in a chroot in the live desktop12:52
hallgeirgI have tried to edit /etc/default/grub12:52
ActionParsnipne2k: just clarifying. hmm, let me see12:52
ne2kActionParsnip: if I mute and unmute the "internal audio analogue stereo" in pavucontrol output devices, I hear pops in both ears of my headphones, so the physical hardware is obviously working12:53
edbianhallgeirg: Did you then run sudo update-grub  (after editing the file?)12:53
ActionParsniphallgeirg: it's not just that12:53
hallgeirgedbian: yes12:53
greenmang0guys, i somehow screwed up with the default cursor theme available with ubuntu, how can i get it back? where to install it from?12:53
edbianhallgeirg: What are you trying to fix?12:53
Picimc89__: ssh-keygen -t dsa    , ssh itself will find the key automagically12:53
ActionParsniphallgeirg: http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/how-to-recover-grub2-linux.html12:54
hallgeirgwhen i reboot my box i get the bios screen, then a black screen with cursor, and nothing more12:54
ne2khallgeirg: can you boot from a CD?12:54
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Giac0m0Is there already a ubuntu implemetation of the sandbox that you can find in Fedora en RHEL?12:55
hallgeirgne2k: yes12:55
ne2khallgeirg: what you report suggests a corrupt MBR12:55
hallgeirgwhat is mbr?12:55
edbianhallgeirg: I think grub is installed.  Can you press shift during boot and see a menu about which OS to boot?  (press shift several times after the bios post)12:55
edbianhallgeirg: MBR is the master boot record.  It is the area of the harddrive where a small program sits that tells the bios where the OS's are on the hdd12:55
hallgeirgedebia: i tried holding shift but only black screen12:56
hallgeirg(did not press multiple times)12:56
pznhow can I "customize" the name of "desktop" folder?12:56
BluesKajhallgeirg, holding the shift works too12:56
edbianhallgeirg: You only have to press it once to activate the menu but knowing precisely what moment to press it is tricky so I usually press it a whole bunch12:56
hallgeirgbut i got to boot it after using Linux mint live cd12:57
edbianhallgeirg: If you didn't have grub installed you'd get a screen that says 'No OS found' or similar12:57
Stanley00pzn: try looking in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs12:57
hallgeirgso i am in ubuntu now12:57
mc89__Pici: openssh is still looking for the ecdsa key12:57
edbianhallgeirg: Can you elaborate on how you did that?12:57
edbianhallgeirg: How did a linux mint live CD help you boot your installed OS?12:57
Picimc89__: Can you show me what command you are trying to run?12:57
ActionParsnipne2k: I can't see anything amiss, all I can recommend is under sound properties change the output device to something else, then back to what it should be. My sound fixing ability is limited12:58
hallgeirgedebian: i booted with LinuxMint live cd, till it said booting in 10 sec12:58
edbianhallgeirg: So you're running linux mint then12:58
ne2kActionParsnip: done all that. thanks for your help12:58
hallgeirgthen pressed a key and choose boot from disk12:58
ActionParsnipne2k: maybe others can chip in12:58
edbianhallgeirg: I see!12:58
ActionParsniphallgeirg: the guide I gave should help12:58
dchuaI'm testing oneiric beta1 and I need to grab the source for a particular package. What deb-src URL should I use (in /etc/apt/sources.list) for this? Thanks.12:58
hallgeirgedebian: no, it booted my freshly installed ubuntu12:58
edbianhallgeirg: Are you running the mint liveCD right now?12:58
Picidchua : Oneiric/11.10 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.12:58
Stanley00dchua: beta has #ubuntu+112:58
ActionParsnipdchua: ask in #ubuntu+1 for oneiric12:58
edbianhallgeirg: Reboot into some linux liveCD (ubunut or mint)12:58
edbianhallgeirg: then pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l12:59
mc89__Pici, /opt/etc/init.d/S40sshd start12:59
hallgeirgedebian: it is big13:00
hallgeirgand what is pastebin?13:00
edbianhallgeirg: paste.ubuntu.com13:00
edbianhallgeirg: It's what you use to show me a lot of text13:00
klingelbarthi, if i use nautilus to copy mp3 files onto my mp3-player, the file-properties (album-name etc.) get lost, so the player can't play the files. does anyone have got a solution?13:00
edbianhallgeirg: do NOT paste it here in the channel13:00
Picimc89__: Uh.  Why does it look like you are running a custom install of openssh? Is there a reason you aren't using the packaged version in the repositories?13:01
hallgeirgedebian: http://paste.ubuntu.com/684388/13:01
edbianhallgeirg: that's not my name ;)13:01
Pici!tab | hallgeirg13:01
ubottuhallgeirg: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:01
valthyxin ubuntu, if i type "arp -a", will i be able to see all hosts in my network? assuming host isolation is not available.13:01
hallgeirg<-- a bit of a noob13:01
robinduckettgot my boss to order me an nvidia card isntead of an ati card for my workstation, anyone know how easy / difficult it will be to swap them out? will i need to uninstall the ati drivers first?13:02
edbianhallgeirg: you have a lot of hdds13:02
mc89__Pici i used ipkg13:02
coz_valthyx,  did you try it?13:02
Picimc89__: ipkg? What is ipkg?13:02
edbianPici: apples newest product13:02
edbianhallgeirg: sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /mnt/13:02
hallgeirgedbian: yeah.. ubuntu is on my 80gb ssd13:02
Picimc89__: Are you running Ubuntu?13:02
edbianhallgeirg: This mounts the ubuntu install into the /mnt folder in the live CD13:02
mc89__Pici, no i just realised the thing im working on isn't ubuntu13:03
mc89__but my desktop is13:03
mc89__it's a qnap nas13:03
Picimc89__: I'm afraid we can't help you with that then.  Sorry.13:03
hallgeirgedbian: done13:03
mc89__ok no worries, my bad anyway13:03
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Onlyodinvalthyx, you'll see the machines your machine has arp'd, ie. it will show the machines it has conversed with, not necessarily all the machines on the network.13:03
edbianhallgeirg: What hdd does the bios boot?13:04
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edbianhallgeirg: You have many OSs13:04
hallgeirgedbian: the ssd disk and I should not have any exept ubuntu now13:05
edbianhallgeirg: ok,   sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdf13:05
hallgeirgedbian: Installation finished. No error reported.13:06
edbianhallgeirg: That installs grub to the ssd and tells grub where to put it's extra files13:06
edbianhallgeirg: awesome :)  try to reboot and see if it works13:06
edbianhallgeirg: It may be the fact that it's an SSD but it shouldn't matter13:06
hallgeirgedbian: thank you so much..  brb13:06
BluesKajne2k, open alsamixer in the terminal , make sure the headphone ctrl isn't muted , F5 will show all ctrls and make sure auto mute is turned off , if so equipped.13:07
edbianhallgeirg: sure13:07
hoarycrippleIs there any way I can specify that particular package never gets updated?13:07
Pici!pinning | hoarycripple13:07
ubottuhoarycripple: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:07
pznStanley00, thanks, it worked!13:07
hoarycripplePici, thank you.13:07
Stanley00pzn: you are welcome ;)13:07
coz_hoarycripple,  you could open sysnaptic  and set that package a frozen13:07
Picihoarycripple: np.13:07
ne2kBluesKaj: done all that13:08
ne2kBluesKaj: I'm convinced that everything is in place as it was before it stopped working13:08
ne2kBluesKaj: I had this exact same problem a few weeks ago, and that time, upgrading the driver to the -dev ppa one fixed it, but this time, it's not working13:09
hoarycripplePici, fantastic.  exactly what I was looking for.  thanks again.13:09
rizzo__so after freaking out about the pci scan results, i installed packeges from another distro of ubuntu and ppa, for apache and php, how to i get them back to the orignal , i went head and edited my sources.lst and ran apt-get update, what else do i have to do13:11
hallgeirgedbian:  you there still?13:12
BluesKajne2k, I get chastised sometimes for suggesting this but pulseaudio can be the problem in a lot of cases , therefore I don't use or need it . Either install pavucontrol and paprefs , or remove pulseaudio and use alsa as your audio ctrl system instead. With pulseaudio it's all or nothing in some cases.13:12
ne2kBluesKaj: I already have pavucontrol13:13
BluesKajne2k, well then , it's your decision whether to keep fiddling with pulseaudio or ....13:14
ne2kBluesKaj: the problem is not with pulseaudio, the problem is with alsa13:14
BluesKajne2k, I have no problems with alsa , but with pulseaudio I have nothing but problems .13:16
ne2kBluesKaj: can I just apt-get remove pulseaudio?13:16
BluesKajne2k, pulseaudio is basically redundant13:17
BluesKajne2k, yes , but you'll need to reboot13:17
valthyxin ubuntu, when i type "arp -a", will it show all the hosts in the network? assuming that host isolation is disabled13:17
sipiorvalthyx: no, only entries for which an arp entry is cached.13:19
ne2k BluesKaj: I've done alsa force-reload and I got lots of pops and clicks, and banshee reports it's playing, but I still get no sound13:19
robinduckettis your cable13:19
robinduckettplugged into the right output13:19
robinducketti know it sounds ridiculous and you've probably already checked13:20
ne2krobinsmidsrod: seriously, I'm not an idiot13:20
valthyxsipior, is there any way to check who are connected to the network?13:20
robinduckettne2k: neither is anyone else who have found that to be the case when they *actually* checked13:20
coz_ne2k,  I dont think he meant it that way13:20
robinduckettcould be anything from faulty cable to incorrect hole13:20
ne2krobinsmidsrod: as I said, when I mute and unmute the headphones in pavucontrol (before I removed pulseaudio), I got clicks in the headphones. therefore the headphones are plugged into the right socket13:20
ne2krobinduckett: I have ruled out all of those things13:21
robinduckettne2k: I get that when my headphones are plugged into the mic.13:21
hostdreameven I'm using the http://pastie.org/2496275 as partition table in my preseed, I've the box asking me for the confirmation to write change to disk, how can I avoid this ? Can anyone help on this ? :)13:21
robinducketti don't get clicks when it's in the right hole13:21
coz_ne2k,  which audio card is th is?13:21
ne2kcoz: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=c8658fe1087c71962f0004c4aa3543804a643094 VIA one13:21
hallgeirgis there anyone here that tried to help me 5 minutes ago?13:21
sipiorvalthyx: nmap is useful for exploring your network surroundings.13:21
BluesKajne2k, reboot, force reload alsa means nothing , you need to rid the system of the pulseaudio default config settings13:22
ne2kBluesKaj: ok. reboot YET AGAIN, here we come13:22
hallgeirgcause it did not work, but now I got the error message "file not found" and something called "grub rescue"13:22
robinduckettunplug all your shit13:22
robinduckettand plug it back in13:22
FloodBot1robinduckett: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:22
SejmLcould someone please help me select the right version of ubuntu in a private conversation?13:22
xxzzhi can I run Ubuntu on this hardware with wifi/X and other drivers http://paste.pocoo.org/show/c5GsYkUvGc069tNC28KJ/13:22
robinduckettand i will bet you one of the queen's finest that it works.13:22
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ne2koh, and restart doesn't work, btw, I have to do reboot from command line13:23
coz_ne2k,   when you ran alsamixer from terminal  did you press  F6  to choose the card?13:23
ne2kbut this is a different problem13:23
ne2kcoz_: the correct card is selected13:23
snufftis there a way to right-click file -> open as admin?13:23
Sidewinder1snufft, Open Nautilus, and do exactly as you said^13:25
IdleOnesnufft: the nautilus-gksu package does that13:26
hallgeirgok, ill try once more. I have a fresh ubuntu install, but every time I boot I get the biso screen, then a black screen with cursor and nothing more. I manage to get into ubuntu with inserting a LinuxMint liveCD and cancel their boot and choose "boot from harddrive"  I have tried to google this problem, but to no solution. It seems my install has failed to get grub to work. Please help.13:27
TeamCocohello, how can i make sure which drivers i need for my graphicscard (gt 540m), i read about bumblebee, but i'm not sure if i have to use it13:28
SejmLhallgeiro I'm kind of a nobb but to me it seems like u're running live cd and didn't install ubuntu13:28
SejmLthat's all i can help u with sorry -__-13:28
ne2kBluesKaj: no improvement after reboot. interestingly, Banshee now crashes randomly after it's been playing for a few minutes.13:29
hallgeirgSejmL: i have installed it. I am sure. Have installed it 3-4 times now, to same result13:29
snufftSidewinder1, IdleOne: where do i grab nautilus from?13:29
ne2kBluesKaj: hmmm, banshee appears to be trying to use jack, "jack server is not running or cannot be started"13:30
BluesKajne2k, try vlc13:30
coz_snufft,  it is default on the system13:30
robinsmidsrodne2k: I assume the stuff earlier was a nick-autocomplete typo?13:30
snufftcoz_: how do i open it then? :S13:30
IdleOnesnufft: nautilus is the default file manager in Ubuntu.13:30
coz_snufft,  open the home directory13:30
coz_snufft,   or   in terminal  sudo -i    then   type nautilus13:30
ne2kBluesKaj: it's trying to use pulse13:30
snufftif it's the default manager, there's no 'open as admin' option or the like :(13:30
coz_snufft,   there should be in nautilus  ,,13:31
BluesKajne2k, remove pulseaudio-utils13:31
coz_unless it requires an extra script13:31
EnkiduHello! I try to grant access to some folder to SAMBA but dont really know how to do that. Someone could help?13:31
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ne2kBluesKaj: I thought I had looked for all packages with pulseaudio in the name and only found pulseaudio13:31
IdleOnecoz_: does nautilus do that default or does he need to install nautilus-gksu ?13:31
ne2kI did dpkg -l |grep pulseaudio and only pulseaudio came up. I think, anyway !13:31
ne2kanyway, removed that now13:32
ne2kBluesKaj: vlc is still trying to use pulse13:32
snuffteven using sudio -i nautilus, there's nothing in right click. must be another script?13:32
coz_IdleOne,   that's what I was wondering ,, I cant tell for sure because of my "mint"  experiment here which handles  it slightly differently,, need to reinstall ubuntu to be sure :(13:32
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robinduckettsnufft: if you want to open something as admin13:33
robinduckettdo something like13:33
IdleOnesnufft: install nautilus-gksu from Software Center or sudo apt-get install nautilus-gksu13:33
BECOOL /msg NickServ identify deepfear13:33
robinduckettgksu gedit thefileyouwant.php or so13:33
ne2kah, vlc-plugin-pulse needed to be removed13:33
hallgeirgok, ill try once more. I have a fresh ubuntu install, but every time I boot I get the biso screen, then a black screen with cursor and nothing more. I manage to get into ubuntu with inserting a LinuxMint liveCD and cancel their boot and choose "boot from harddrive" I have tried to google this problem, but to no solution. It seems my install has failed to get grub to work. Please help.13:33
BECOOL /msg becool identify deepfear13:33
IdleOnesnufft: you will need to log out and back in for it to take effect13:33
Sidewinder1IdleOne, I believe that it's default; at least I don't remember having to do a separate gksudo install. 10.04.13:33
=== BECOOL is now known as becool
ne2kBluesKaj: ok, no pulse error in vlc now, still no sound13:34
snufftrobinduckett: the only problem is that i need to edit a lot of different files, sudo each time becomes a bit of a pain :(13:34
snufftIdleOne: i'll give it a hit. cheers :)13:34
IdleOneSidewinder1: using Daulphin here so I can't check13:34
IdleOneerr Dolphin13:34
ne2kBluesKaj: this really does seem like a red herring to me, btw. there is no problem with pulseaudio generally speaking13:35
robinduckettsnufft: or you could just add your user to the group like I said in #drupal :P13:35
ne2kand there is no reason to think that pulseaudio is the source of the issue13:35
robinduckettthen do a chmod gu+rw13:35
robinduckettor even a chmod 777 if it's on your local machine13:35
snufftrobinduckett: i have added myself to the group?13:35
snufftIdleOne: it's already at the latest verision apparently13:36
ne2ksnufft: if you add a user to a group it only becomes active at next login13:36
pr0tonhi guys, trying to unzip a file on the terminal13:36
IdleOnesnufft: beats me.13:36
pr0tonwhy doesnt, gzip -d file.zip work?13:36
snufftalright. logout/in in progress!13:36
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression13:36
ne2kpr0ton: because gzip is for gzip, not for zip?13:36
pr0toncoz_, on *terminal*13:36
ne2kpr0ton: for a zip file, you want unzip13:37
ne2kpr0ton: funnily enough13:37
pr0tonne2k, ok, read manpages13:37
pr0tonand unzip13:37
coz_pr0ton, maybe check here    s://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression13:37
BluesKajne2k, rm -r ~/.pulse*13:37
robinducketti think unrar handles most of those13:38
coz_pr0ton,     unzip <filename>.zip13:38
dhanijlohey guys13:39
ne2kBluesKaj: this is just utterly insane. I don't see why it should just suddenly stop working. I don't believe pulseaudio has anything to do with it and I actually don't mind pulseaudio, and would rather leave as much stuff unfiddled with as possible13:39
BluesKajne2k, not a redherring pulseaudio is merely a soundserver for alsa , it's redundant unless you want to run several sound sources at once13:39
snuffthmmmm, is there a way to go into edit mode from within gedit then?13:39
ne2kBluesKaj: well of course I do!13:39
ne2kBluesKaj: it's a flaming desktop computer13:39
Ellingtonealguien sabe cual es el servidor de terra?...13:39
robinduckettne2k: did you13:39
robinduckettcheck the holes? ;)13:39
Sidewinder1snufft, gksudo gedit; but BE CAREFUL!13:40
ne2krobinduckett: I checked the holes13:40
robinduckettI jest, of course.13:40
hallgeirganyone know how to fix grub?13:40
EnkiduSomeone can tell me how find the user/group owner of samba ?13:40
IdleOne!es | Ellingtone13:40
ubottuEllingtone: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:40
dhanijlowhat do u think about LDXE?13:41
snufftSidewinder1: wgat's the difference between gksudo and sudo?13:41
IdleOnegksudo is for running GUI apps with sudo privs13:41
snufftahhh. cheers IdleOne :)13:42
Sidewinder1!gksudo | snufft13:42
ubottusnufft: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)13:42
snufftthanks Sidewinder1, reading now :)13:42
BluesKajne2k, well for your info this pc is also a desktop pc, which is used as a media server for our home theater system and we find no need for pulseaudio, but if you must then reinstall it ...there's nothing sropping you from doing so.13:43
Sidewinder1snufft, My pleasure.13:43
ne2kBluesKaj: indeed. I just wish this old "X is broken, let's not fix X, let's remove X and install Y and then spend five days dicking around with it" model of linux support would eventually go away13:44
[unf]I had ubuntu installed as my primary os, then I installed windows 7... I never deleted the ubuntu partition I created a new one for the windows os... how can I access the linux partition and boot into it again? I don't get any boot options when the computer starts...13:44
ne2k[unf]: you can boot a live disk and reinstall grub from there13:45
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:45
[unf]awesome thanks :D13:45
[unf]*face desk* I sort of knew about a "boot loader" just never put 1 and 1 together13:46
Sidewinder1[unf], It's great when a plan comes together. :-)13:46
imadamHello Everyone!13:47
fatal_ERROR777Hello, imadam13:48
imadamfatal_ERROR777, how are you today?13:49
[unf]thanks guys :D13:49
fatal_ERROR777imadam, just fine.13:50
ne2kBluesKaj: rebooted again and picked previous kernel version, 2.6.38-10, and it still doesn't work13:52
danilomi need a twitter client for console,..13:54
nothingspecialdanilom: twidge or bitlbee, however you spell it13:55
IdleOnedanilom: try twidge or ttytter13:55
danilomnothingspecial, im trying twidge but i have problem with 401 error13:56
ActionParsnipdanilom: http://lightlinux.blogspot.com/2009/06/twitter-updates-from-linux-cli.html13:56
danilomi need one tha can use with cron13:56
danilomtwidge was fine but stop working13:56
imadamGwibber is a twitter client and pre-installed in ubuntu.13:56
ActionParsnipimadam: its not cli based13:57
danilomimadam, work in console mode?13:57
ActionParsnipdanilom: the curl command wil help13:57
imadamdanilom nope ;)13:57
Stanley00danilom: if you know python, you can also use python-twitter - Twitter API wrapper for Python, ;)13:58
thedanglerso, some how my grub got messed up, and im trying to boot from the cd but I still get the grub rescue screen. how do I get around this?13:58
Stanley00!grub2 | thedangler13:58
nothingspecialdanilom: twidge uses curl (I think)13:58
ubottuthedangler: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:58
danilomnothingspecial, yes use curl... but i cant use it show 401 error13:59
thedanglerI didn't install windows,  The grub screen for some reason was black so I could never see what I was choosing and whenI wanted to goto windows mode I selected safe mode then when the computer restarted grub was gone.  Ill look at the above14:00
evil_andyHi, I'm having issues where I can't see multicast traffic unless my NIC (an e1000e) is in promiscuous mode... http://pastebin.com/xuT6FWq6 demonstrates the issue...14:00
Sidewinder1I'm curious; when one "drags and drops" in Nautilus, 33 GB, from one ext. drive to another ext. drive, is there any automatic data verification? CRC, md5sum, or the like?14:00
BluesKajne2k, what about your audio settings /selection/options  , for example make sure vlc /tools/preferences points to the same device as your default audio settings14:01
Stanley00Sidewinder1: sadly no, you have to do that manually14:01
=== daniele is now known as poppler
ActionParsnipdamaltor: seems twitter disabled simple authntication :914:01
BluesKajne2 for eg: dev=014:01
thedanglercomputer will not boot from the cd for some reason. always goes to grub rescue. I've set up to boot from the cd drive, actually it was the default.14:02
hannes_hi! I have ubuntu 11.04 on a partition. tried out gnome3 and it worked.. now I haven't used ubuntu for a few months and when I try to boot to it, it gets to loading up services and then freezes right after starting CUPS printing spooler/server.. any ideas of what I could try to fix it?14:04
=== |HoellP is now known as HoellP
danilomActionParsnip, is possible to fix it? adding app in the twitter page?14:04
Stanley00thedangler: maybe you should double-check that, make sure you set-up the BIOS correctly, and/or the cd is bootable...14:04
Sidewinder1Stanley00, Many thanks; that's what I suspected; bot since they're video files and the "MB" matches, I don't have much to worry about. :-)14:04
Sidewinder1but, even.14:05
thedanglerwhy wouldn't the cd be bootable?14:05
danilomActionParsnip, twidge was working 5 days ago14:05
=== alpha is now known as Guest71784
cfeddewhich java-sdk is recommended now that sun is less so?14:05
Sidewinder1Stanley00, Nothing can "go wrong, go wrong..."14:06
Stanley00Sidewinder1: hopefully so... ;)14:06
Guest71784I have a program running which I opened using the terminal (without "&"). How do I deattach this process so that I can close the terminal without the program closing?14:06
coz_cfedde,  well I still use sun  although it is now owned by oracle  ,,, I believe it is lables oracle anyway14:07
thedangleromg it put the iso on the cd it didn't actually burn it properly hahaha jeez14:07
nothingspecialdanilom: Just installed twidge, working fine here14:07
Sidewinder1Guest71784, Why not just open another terminal?14:07
poko1okoHello ppl i have a problem with software centre it is unresponsive14:08
Stanley00thedangler: look like you have found the problem ;)14:08
rj175Hello everyone, I am currently using Ubuntu 11.04 and I am wondering if anyone has ever found a command line application to rename MP3's with the bitrate? I found a script online but apparently it doesnt work with files with spaces on them :(14:08
poko1okoanyone know how to fix or upgrade software centre14:09
Stanley00rj175: try using the script with yourscript.sh "your file name.mp3"14:09
coz_Guest71784,  try   bg14:10
imadamWould sudo rename work for that?14:10
idlemind324rj175 are you trying to rename all files that match a bitrate or rename files to include their bitrate in the filename14:10
TehAndrewRyani'm having a lot of issues with ubuntu, such as (sometimes) flickering drop-down menus, the whole screen flickers if i run a game in fullscreen and something shows up. can these problems be graphics card related? using ATI so..14:11
coz_Guest71784,  also & disown next time should completely detatch the process14:11
Stanley00poko1oko: did you try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade?14:12
terxxdoes anybody know how to put text (or label) in the panel?14:12
Pumpkin-Guest71784: you might also want to investigate the package "screen".14:12
Guest71784thanks all14:12
archaeJust updated ubuntu 11.04 software, now have 2 battery icons and 2 (battery-related) notification popups :S14:13
poko1okostill the same do i need to restart Stanley0014:13
Stanley00poko1oko: well, then you already have the lastest USC,14:13
Stanley00poko1oko: maybe you should do that, because some prog need restart to complete the upgrade.14:14
mocramishello i'm looking for a way to get the MAC adress of a modem to which i'm connected through eth0. Is there a way to do that ?14:14
huliyis CAPT 2.2 stable on natty?14:14
martianAloha! I'm currently running 11.04 on a Dell Optiplex 780, and Ubuntu won't restart or shutdown my box. It has always been like this, going back several years of release. It will finally say in red, "restarting system", but that's it. It just sits there. Any suggestions?14:15
Stanley00mocramis: try looking in arp command, I didnt use that before, but it did14:15
mocramisStanley00, thanks.14:16
meowsusI'm sure a lot of you guys use Chromium Browser. I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with getting Flash to work. I've tried the steps outlined here, to no avail: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-enable-flash-support-for-google-chromium-browser.html14:16
Theishii am trying to run an if else statement in a shell script, but i keep getting 'eq' unexpected operator. Do I need to upgrade my shell in order to do this?14:16
reisiany ideas what apt source am i missing if i cannot get openjdk-7-jdk installed?14:17
reisithis is in natty, that is14:17
Stanley00Theishi: it looks more likely you should check your script file ;)14:17
martianOh damn, as usual, as soon as I decide to ask a question on IRC, I find the answer on the web :)14:17
archaemeowsus: I'm running natty on latest version of chromium, having no issues with flash for the record14:17
Stanley00martian: that's why anyone should searching before asking ;)14:17
Hyperbytemartian, that's the power of IRC. :)14:18
meowsusarchae, so /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins/ contains the flash plugin .so file?14:18
Poko1oko_Stanley00 same thing it is unresponsive14:18
martianStanley00: I should write an irssi plugin to automatically drop the first message you send to a channel =D14:19
TheishiStanley00: hmm, looks like you are right14:19
archaemeowsus: .../plugins is empty on my drive.14:19
andygraybealdoes anyone know if there is a graphical 'htop'  ?14:20
andygraybealwith an entirely 'clickable' gui?14:20
Stanley00martian: ;))14:20
meowsusarchae, hmmm... but you download from the dailys?14:20
andygraybealor a graphical 'ps' would work also14:20
andygraybealsomething that normal people could use to close down their applications?14:20
meowsus"normal people" heh14:20
archaemeowsus: No, I am saying that flash is working fine w/o any non-vanilla plugins from the chromium base download.14:20
archaeon my box ( :14:20
meowsusarchae, hm...14:21
Stanley00Poko1oko_: unresposive? when you install an apps?14:21
meowsusI'm gonna snoop14:21
meowsusThanks man!14:21
ActionParsnipandygraybeal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38758514:21
Poko1oko_yes when i click on a deb file it goes grey and nothing happens14:22
archaeI have 2 battery icons on my taskbar and 2 notification popups for anything related to batteries. Only appeared after update.14:22
Stanley00Poko1oko_: well, actually, I dont like USC much, maybe you should learn some command line tool14:23
Stanley00Poko1oko_: if you just want install a "deb" file, try dpkg -i "yourfile.deb"14:23
Poko1oko_:D ok thank you m814:23
andygraybealActionParsnip, interesting! thank you for this recommendation.14:24
ActionParsnipPoko1oko_: you may need to run:  sudo apt-get -f install    if you get any errors about deps, the command will make apt-get download what it can to satisfy deps from the repos14:24
=== hacked is now known as vinces
bannikhey guys I need some help, my mouse is going insane It keeps jerking around the screen and clicking everything and I keep getting this error in syslog psmouse.c: bad data from KBC - timeout14:25
ActionParsnipbannik: is it a laptop?14:26
ActionParsnipbannik: does the desktop have a make and model?14:26
bannikpackard bell athlon 64 ubuntu 11.0414:27
bannikis that info really needed?14:27
ActionParsnipbannik: possibly, it may be useful14:27
bannikany ideas on what it could be14:28
bannikI tried googling but no one has the answer to fix it14:28
poridgeis it possible to install ubuntu to a virtual disk and boot entirely from that? kind of like windows and its support for native .vhd booting?14:28
ActionParsnipbannik: try adding: options psmouse proto=imps to the file /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf     (the file will be blank)14:28
archaeis there a simple way to restart a process? (gnome-power-manager)14:29
ActionParsnipbannik: reboot to test, failing that, replace with: options psmouse proto=exps14:29
=== rysiek|pl is now known as rysiekpl
=== rysiekpl is now known as rysiek|pl
ActionParsnipbannik: or try: option psmouse.proto=targus   or    option psmouse.proto=raw14:30
ActionParsnipbannik: reboot between each try to see how it goes14:30
bannikthere is no psmouse file14:30
bannikon modprod.d14:30
ActionParsnipbannik: that's why the file is blank14:30
ActionParsnipbannik: any file ending in .conf will be processed in that folder14:31
=== rysiek|pl is now known as rysiekpl
ActionParsnipbannik: making a fresh file enables you to leave the other files undisturbed14:31
=== rysiekpl is now known as rysiek|pl
bannikhow would i make the fresh file, I cant add new files or folders14:32
meowsusarchae, https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa right from the source. The dailys focus on using integrated solutions, rather than sym-linking or copying the plugin to the plugin directory14:32
=== dave is now known as Guest5347
sattu94bannik: do sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf14:33
ActionParsnipbannik: gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf    if you prefer gedit14:33
archaega_pro -- add a /14:33
Stanley00poridge: never heard about that, but you can test that via a virtual machine?14:33
=== rysiek|pl is now known as rysiekpl
MorcegolasI need your help configuring my monitor, I only can set my resolution 1024x768 and my monitor is 1650x1050. I'm using Ubuntu 1114:35
bannikgonna restart and check it out14:35
bannikagain thank you for the help14:35
ActionParsnipbannik: np14:35
ActionParsnipbannik: should keep you busy for 10 - 15 mins ;)14:36
banniki am still learning and i love spending time fixing the linux14:36
=== rysiekpl is now known as rysiek|pl
archaemeowsus: my mistake, I am not running the latest release. My fault for thinking the default repository would have it. I'm currently on 12.0.742.112 (90304) Ubuntu 11.04; will download latest and let you know how it goes14:36
meowsusarchae, ah, right on. Yeah repos would never have the most recent version of any highly developed app. That's Windows logic you're using there ;)14:37
archaedon't make me blush, haha :P14:37
meowsusStill I've got nothing... It seems that no version of Chromium will play flash for me14:39
Stanley00Morcegolas: did you install all driver for your system?14:39
gentoo-intelmeowsus, why isnt it playing flash?14:39
archaemeowsus: does flash perform in firefox/other browsers?14:40
MorcegolasStanley00: Yes, in other monitor that I have it works great but with this asus I can only get 1024x76814:40
ouyesthe fan of my lap keeps running at 3400 rpm though the cpu get a temperature at 50 Celsius degree at the most, what seems to be the problem?14:42
meowsusarchae, of course :)14:42
Stanley00Morcegolas: I dont have much exp with this kind of problem, but I remember that editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf will help,14:42
gentoo-intelmeowsus, what does about:version say about flash?14:42
meowsusgentoo-intel, I'm not sure. Chromium Browser will not play flash, and all of the help i search for on the internet, i get nowhere.14:42
MorcegolasStanley00: But in /etc/X11 I don't have a xorg.conf file14:43
meowsusgenii-around, 10,3,183,714:43
archaemeowsus, he means to type about:version in your address bar and post the version number stated for flash14:43
=== brown is now known as Guest63417
archaemy apologies, beat me to the punch14:43
genii-aroundmeowsus: I think you may have wanted gentoo-intel :)14:44
thedanglerha, followed the instructions and now the ubuntu options in the grub is missing :(14:44
Stanley00Morcegolas: you can make one if there isn't,14:44
gentoo-intelmeowsus, so what ahppens when you go to play a flash video? you havent accidentally blocked plugins in chromiums options ahve you?14:44
meowsusgentoo-intel, sorry: http://pastie.org/249747714:44
meowsusgentoo-intel, any time there is a flash element on the screene, an error says that Shockwave Flash has crashed14:45
gentoo-intelmeowsus, ur on a dev version similar to mine14:45
gentoo-intelhave you tried stable?14:45
meowsusgentoo-intel, i only updated because the repos version was not working either14:46
meowsusBut i keep chromium-browser for bleeding edge webkit development14:46
gentoo-inteltry reinstalling flash? im not sure what to suggest14:46
meowsusJust to make sure it works.14:46
meowsuswait... what flash package do you use?14:46
gentoo-inteli dont personally use flash14:47
gentoo-intelbut ive had it working14:47
=== CoverSli1e is now known as CoverSlide
rj175Sorry to reask this (laptop died :( ), has anyone found an application to rename mp3's on the command line and append the bitrate to the end of the file name?14:47
ben_steintrying to use the mail command, i get this error: Cannot open mailbox /var/mail/stein: Permission denied, also my username isn't in /var/spool/mail14:48
archaemeowsus: run chromium from the terminal and see what error is reported when flash crashes14:48
meowsusarchae, good idea14:48
meowsusone moment14:48
dr_willisrj175:  check out the id3 tag tools in the repos. you may need to make a script14:48
meowsus... :O14:49
meowsus[10388:10388:2833894840:FATAL:process_util_linux.cc(632)] Out of memory.14:49
archaeI'm assuming you've been to this page: http://askubuntu.com/questions/25947/how-can-i-fix-crashing-flash-on-chromium  , am I correct?14:49
ben_steintrying to use the mail command, i get this error: Cannot open mailbox /var/mail/stein: Permission denied, also my username isn't in /var/spool/mail14:51
dddbmtWhat is the best way to install XVID?14:52
archaemeowsus: try running chromium with the -g flag14:53
meowsusarchae, i did, but it wouldn't launch the browser. It goes into some strange shell... like... window...14:53
meowsusarchae, and i'm looking at that page. The player may have had inproper permissions14:54
dr_willisdddbmt:  why do  you thunk you need that? the xvid codex us installed by default i belive14:54
ne2kBluesKaj: ActionParsnip: you would not believe it. the problem all along was the "Independent Headphones" switch buried in alsamixer14:56
darrenhello all14:57
darreni need some tech help...where do i go14:57
darrenvery new to all things linux14:57
dr_willisask here and see darren14:58
darrenanyone point me in the rght diretion14:58
darrenok willis14:58
archaemeowsus: have you tried the instructions @ http://pastebin.com/yevpWg1H  ?14:58
dddbmtdr_willis, I get a "your computer configuration isn't correct" warning when trying to watch a video embedded in HTML with Chromium. But due to the Windows XP IE styled "install missing plugin" bar at the top - I might revaluate once more ;)14:58
BluesKajne2k, it's not buried , the ctrl is there to be setup14:58
ack006+++ Important Message: The current Chromium webbrowser on Natty, version "12.0.742.112 (90304) Ubuntu 11.04", does _not_ reject DigiNotar certificates!! Please please fix this!14:58
darrenwell, i have put ubuntu onto my netbook...14:59
darrenbut the problem is i dont have wifi connection14:59
oCeanack006: it will not help posting that here. If you think it is a bug, you launchpad to report14:59
oCean!bug > ack00614:59
ubottuack006, please see my private message14:59
ne2kBluesKaj: but it's a completely meaningless name, and it changed for absolutely no reason between reboots after installing some non-sound-related updates14:59
darrenfor some reason my computer wont install the bwml15:00
archaeack006: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa | apt-get update15:00
archaesee if that helps. If it does not, the issue should be reported in chromium forums.15:00
oCeanack006: you can use PPA as archae suggested, but please be aware that PPA's are unsupported 3rd party repositories15:00
ack006archae: thanks, just wanted to share this because I think it's very important for people to know, especially those who don't read the bug list.15:01
darrencan someone have a look at tis and tell me what to do...15:01
oCeanack006: this is not the correct place for that15:01
darrencan someone tell me why my netbook wont connect through wifi15:02
darrencheck the pastebin post^^15:02
ne2kBluesKaj: the switch should be called "make your headphones not work now"15:02
ben_steinhow to create a mailbox in /var/spooll/mail15:02
ack006archae: just got a software update for firefox which fixes the certificate problem but there was no update for chromium, that's wat set me off.15:02
ne2kBluesKaj: man, what a waste of time! ;-)15:02
=== e-DIO-t is now known as iDiot
archaeack006: The latest chromium version is 15ish. You are running 12.15:02
darrenanyone help me15:02
=== iDiot is now known as e-DIO-t
darreni thought it was a simple issue like turnng the wifi ON15:03
darrenbut its not15:03
darrenseems complicated15:03
archaeack006: Chromium15.0.871.0 (Developer Build 99583) Ubuntu 11.0415:03
ack006archae: i'm running what's available in the normal Natty repo.15:03
darrenfor some reason when i do sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source15:04
compdocdarren, many portable computers have a switch to disable wireless15:04
darrenit doesnt work....15:04
dweezack006, I'm running the 15.0.871.0 version as well15:04
ActionParsnipdarren: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:04
dweezthink I have a chromium repo added15:04
ack006archae: no -proposed or whatever. firefox got fixed so i think it's reasonable to expect a fix for chromium too15:04
archaeack006: If you'd like to get the latest release of chromium, run my previous command in terminal: Chromium15.0.871.0 (Developer Build 99583) Ubuntu 11.0415:04
darrenthanks ActionParsnip - is this the fix15:04
archaesorry, *  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa | apt-get update15:04
ActionParsniparchae: its a great build :)15:05
archaeminus the asterisk, of course15:05
dweez## Chomium PPA reps15:05
dweezdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu natty main15:05
dweezdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/ppa/ubuntu natty main15:05
ActionParsnipdarren: its the method15:05
ack006archae: thanks for all the suggestions, i do know how to add repos, just wanted to warn ppl using chromium to stay away from affected sites until they're fixed.15:05
ActionParsnipdweez: no need for that if you use add-apt-repository15:05
dweeznever heard of it15:05
archaeack006: The warning is appreciated, but as oCean stated, this is not the place for that. This channel is for support only.15:06
oCeandweez: please don't post those silly messages15:06
dweezExplain to me how that was silly?15:06
oCeandweez: your 2nd to last15:06
darrenParsnip - it won't let me install the drivers thats what i posted in pastebin15:07
dweezoh, I wasn't joking15:07
dweezI'd never heard of add-apt-repository15:07
dweezI've always manually added repos15:07
Flanneldweez: There's no need for ascii art, I think was the intended point.15:07
dweezor did you mean the shrugging smiley face?15:07
darreni cant do sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source15:07
dweezFlannel, no need...but it didn't hurt anything15:07
archaedweez: The emoticon you've posted twice is irrelevant, unnecessary, and will probably be viewed as spam. Since this is a busy channel, please refrain from posting excess data.15:07
darrenit fails and gives the error15:07
dweezand it gets my point across15:07
dweezno, it will not be viewed as spam15:08
=== Shade_Tornado is now known as ShadeTornado
dweezand I posted it once15:08
oCeandweez: it's not appreciated, please don't do it again, that's all15:08
kms11hi everyones. i write a schedule in crontab file. it execute in a pc and doesnt exe in another.. in both pc its service is started . what u think abt this problem?15:08
dweezoCean, I disagree15:08
ActionParsnipkms11: check the cron log, see what happens15:08
dweezI won't do it again but don't act like I shot a dog or something15:08
Picidarren: It looks like you're using an unsupported kernel.15:09
darrenso how do i go about sorting that please Pici15:09
Picidarren: 3.1.0 is not in any official Ubuntu reposptory.15:09
Picidarren: How did you enable it?15:10
darrenthrough wubi15:10
darrenits not a full install15:10
Picidarren: What release of Ubuntu are you running, and how did you install that kernel version?15:10
poridgeis it possible to install ubuntu to a virtual disk and boot entirely from that? kind of like windows and its support for native .vhd booting?  I'm trying to make backing up/restoring easier15:11
darreni am very new to this, i am running through Wubi15:11
darrenjust trying it out15:11
ack006archae: point taken, i'm moving over to #ubuntu-nl, most ppl affected are over there15:11
ActionParsnipPici: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/current/15:11
darrenthe kernel version came when i downloaded wubi15:11
ActionParsnipdarren: does http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/current/ look familiar15:11
Picidarren: No. That version does not come installed be default with any release of Ubuntu.15:12
ActionParsnipdarren: no, it doesn't. Wubi will come with the version of ubuntu you installed wubi with15:12
ActionParsnip!info linux-image15:12
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)15:12
darrenok....so what have i done15:13
darrenhow do i go about sorting out my kernel15:13
ActionParsnipdarren: Natty will have which is teh latest kernel supported here. You have installed a 3rd party kernel which we cannot support here15:13
junctionsHi everyone, I have a quick question I'm not sure how to google: I ran out of space on an ubuntu server home folder. And after deleting 16GB and doing df -h I get this:15:13
darreni dont know how i did that15:13
junctionsFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on15:13
junctions/dev/md0              895G  880G     0 100% /home15:14
junctionsI'm not aware of there being a trash folder while deleting through terminal (rm -rf) how do I make these unused 15GB Available?15:14
FloodBot1junctions: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:14
darrenjust looking to learn about ubuntu15:14
darrencan you tell me what  should do to rectify this please15:14
Picidarren: If you don't know what you've done, I suggest a reinstall.15:14
=== gaz is now known as Guest46768
Theishii created a cronjob that should run every minute, the program it is supposed to run will use notify-send to create a pop up message. I am not seeing the popups, and the script works when i run it from the command line15:15
junctionsHi everyone, I have a quick question I'm not sure how to google: I ran out of space on an ubuntu server home folder. And after deleting 16GB and doing df -h I get this: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/md0 895G 880G 0 100% /home15:15
IdleOnejunctions: is ~/.local/share/Trash/ empty?15:15
sipiorjunctions: is this an ext3/4 volume?15:16
junctionsah, let's see. sorry for reposting, I thought spambot blocked me15:16
ActionParsnipjunctions: try bleachbit15:16
junctionssipior: I'm not sure, how do I check (I didn't mount this server)15:16
sipiorjunctions: try "mount" (no arguments)15:17
BluesKajne2k, if you're interested http://howto.blbosti.com/2010/04/ubuntu-make-alsa-default-instead-of-pulseaudio/15:17
junctionsoh geez. ssh unrespondant, I'll be with you in a little while15:18
junctions/dev/md0 on /home type ext415:19
sipiorjunctions: try "sudo tune2fs -m 0 /dev/md0"15:19
sipiorjunctions: that's in /sbin, if you haven't already added it to your path.15:20
junctionsIdleOne: there's no ~/.local folder. sipior will try15:20
eto-maslois this seen?15:20
ActionParsnipeto-maslo: yes15:20
eto-masloit have been times since i used ubuntu and i need to set one ubuntu box for my friend15:21
eto-masloi started the machine only to see smoe fucked up of a thing instead of desktop15:21
eto-masloi guess it;s this unity thing15:21
Picieto-maslo: Please mind your language here.15:22
Pici!classic | eto-maslo15:22
ubottueto-maslo: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:22
PatrickBicis there some interface where i can listen on battery-changes? like a lower percentage and stuff? i15:22
eto-maslonow how can i make synergy client autostart in this beast?15:22
aago1254did you know natty 11.04 is out!15:22
sipioraago1254: you're a bit late to the party.15:22
idlemind32411.04 with empathy for IRC it grows my window width instead of starting a new line as i type. was this resolved?15:22
eto-masloPici:  is unity baskwards compatible with with XDG autostart schema?15:23
junctionssipior: system is working very good even though it has no space, and it's critical that it continues to do so since it's a very remote computer. removing this reserved space won't make the system less stable?15:23
aago1254well i never was invited15:23
Picieto-maslo: I don't know.15:23
sipiorjunctions: no.15:23
junctionssipior: you rock! :) thanks man15:24
eto-maslookay i try other way: how can i run script on logon in this new unity crap?15:24
sipiorjunctions: works now?15:24
junctionsyes, 16GB Available now15:24
sipiorjunctions: great.15:24
aago1254do you ya'll like unity :P15:25
eto-masloreally guys15:25
=== Mud is now known as Guest68781
Picieto-maslo: I've given you instructions on how to use gnome2 instead of Unity, is that not helpful?15:25
CoverSlidebtw `you ya'll` is redundant15:25
eto-masloi need to solve this asap and don't have time to read through all the undocumented unity crap15:25
junctionsaago1254: not really... I use the classic option at the login. I hope it'll still be there next distro15:25
CoverSlideuse xubuntu15:26
eto-masloPici: it is not as i was told by the person it would rather like to use unity15:26
aago1254its not there i had the beta on 11.10 and its gone15:26
junctionseto-maslo: do you know you can use the classic (gnome) interface?15:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:26
Picieto-maslo: Okay.15:26
poridgeis it possible to install ubuntu to a virtual disk and boot entirely from that? kind of like windows and its support for native .vhd booting?  I'm trying to make backing up/restoring easier15:26
Picieto-maslo: Unity is a shell for gnome, so it should work just the same as that does.15:27
DaVampsWinporidge : yes.. using VirualBox15:27
aago1254i am not use i never looked to far into gettting gnome 2.x in 11.1015:27
Jcook_5xDataanyone know where are the user config file kept for unity? If I log into unity all I see is the wallpaper the menu bar nor panel load up my guess this config file is corrupt15:27
Piciaago1254: Please keep in mind that #ubuntu is for support only. Discussion is in #ubuntu-offtopic and 11.10 in #ubuntu+115:27
poridgeDaVampsWin: not a virtual machine, native boot, is that possible?15:27
aago1254ahh okay ill take off15:28
klingelbarthi,  when i use nautilus to copy mp3-files from hard drive to my mp3 player, all the properties of the files get lost. what can i do to keep them?15:28
ben_steinis there a difference between using gpg and gpg2 with mutt?15:29
DaVampsWinanyone know if there is a alternative to WINE15:29
ben_steinanyone using gpg2 with mutt?15:29
eto-maslookay let's hope i sorted it out thanks15:29
DaVampsWinPoridge : ahh i thougth you were talkin VMs15:30
junctionsklingelbart: that's very odd, never seen it. that would mean it would selectively alter the files, are you sure it's not your mp3-player removing the data?15:30
ActionParsnipklingelbart: do you mean the id3 tag?15:30
klingelbartActionParsnip: yes15:30
Jcook_5xDataDaVampsWin, crossover office, cegia but most wine on linux are use wine as the base15:31
FoolishOwlI've just set my swap to be encrypted using ecryptfs-setup-swap. I noticed it used the device name to refer to the swap partition. Can it use the UUID instead? And would that be a good idea?15:31
DaVampsWinJCook : so they are just forking WINE15:31
klingelbartActionParsnip: any ideas?15:32
ActionParsnipklingelbart: not sure, I'd contact the manufacturer personally15:32
ActionParsnipklingelbart: are you saftely disconnecting the device after copying the data?15:32
sattu94klingelbart: And does this happen in Ubuntu only?15:33
klingelbartActionParsnip: i don't disconnect the device at all. just copy and then look at the copied files in nautilus => no id3 tag left15:33
klingelbartsattu94: in win7 it is no problem15:33
sattu94klingelbart: try copying them through the cp command with the -v option ?15:34
ActionParsnipklingelbart: what does the display say say for the files after you fully disconnect15:34
poridgeis it possible to install ubuntu to a virtual disk and boot entirely from that? kind of like windows and its support for native .vhd booting?  I'm trying to make backing up/restoring easier... i guess kind of like what wubi does but bigger for a full/perm everyday use install?15:35
klingelbartActionParsnip album: unknown; year of release: unknown an so on15:35
ActionParsnipklingelbart: i'd ask the manufacturers15:36
ben_steinis there a difference between using gpg and gpg2 with mutt?15:37
melvincvMay I know how to add a command to start an app along with ubuntu?15:37
klingelbarthow can i see how many space is left on my hard drive?15:37
ActionParsnipmelvincv: is it for afer you log on15:37
ActionParsnipklingelbart: df -h15:37
=== sena is now known as senayar
ActionParsnipmelvincv: there is a startup apps manager15:38
melvincvyes, that works. But is there a terminal [command line] way to do that?15:39
balaji_what is the shortcut key to suspend in gnome3? If there is no shortcut key how to assign it?15:39
* melvincv has come over from Windows XP15:40
DaVampsWindoes anyone know of a coinfig/make/makeinstall/compiler prog for newbie linux users15:41
DrShoggothit really depends on what you are trying to do15:41
dweezbabaei, Don't know what the command is but you should be able to add it in System|Preferences|Keyboard Shortcuts I assume15:41
=== Seryth is now known as mang0
naineshi am new  to ubuntu chat server15:41
imadamHow can I turn ubuntu password manger off15:41
DaVampsWinDr : i've got the game Warzone (i believe its called) and its giving me fits during the compile make and config steps15:42
junctionshello nainesh. I'm also new, but it appears the way things work here is too fast for pleasantries. So, if you have a question go ahead with it.15:42
naineshok thanx15:43
melvincvAlright guys, what's the channel for ubuntu server?15:43
Picimelvincv: #ubuntu-server15:43
imadamDoes anyone know how to turn the keyring password off so it doesn't prompt me for a password everytime I install new apps?15:44
Gabriel403is there anyway of seeing the packages that a tasksel will install without having to install them first?15:44
MrKeunerhello, trying to determine my version of macromedia flash... http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ reports that I am using 11,0,1,129 whereas latest version listed on the same page is:
MrKeuner10.04.3 here15:44
ActionParsnipimadam: the keyring isn't used for updates. That's your login password15:44
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash15:45
PiciGabriel403: tasksel --task-packages taskname15:45
Gabriel403Pici: awesome, thanks15:45
imadamActionParsnip, got ya! Although everytime I try and install new apps and stuff I'm asked for a password, anyway for me to turn that off?15:45
ActionParsnipimadam: no, not in ubuntu15:46
ActionParsnipMrKeuner: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/flash-player-11-hits-release-candidate/15:46
imadamOh ok. Thanks for your help anyway.15:46
poridgeis it possible to install ubuntu to a virtual disk and boot entirely from that? kind of like windows and its support for native .vhd booting?  I'm trying to make backing up/restoring easier... i guess kind of like what wubi does but bigger for a full/perm everyday use install?15:46
MrKeunerActionParsnip, ah, totally forgot about that... thanks15:46
DuolosIs there any way to increase the maximum volume in Ubuntu?  Alsamixer has all channels at max, all applications are set to max, yet it is still only a whisper.15:46
naineshwhat is github?15:47
naineshwhy it is useful15:47
Duolos...was MUCH louder in Windows, so it's not the speaker's limit.15:47
ActionParsnipDuolos: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh15:47
junctionsDuolos: Have you opened the Sound preferences dialog and turned it above 100%?15:47
Duolosjunctions: I'm using KDE, actually.  Doesn'15:48
Duolosjunctions: doesn't have such an option15:48
ActionParsnipDuolos: does if you open the mixer15:49
junctionsDuolos: ah... that's all the help I can give, ActionParnship's way better informed15:49
ActionParsnipmy sound troubleshooting ability is slim15:50
DuolosActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/83PFPrqN15:50
DuolosActionParsnip: I don't see any option in KMix to go above 100%.15:50
JuJuBeeCan I run the 64 bit 11.04 on an Intel 6300 with 4G RAM? or should I use 32 bit?15:51
mc89__good git client for ubuntu?15:51
mang0ActionParsnip: I plugged in my ipod after restarting (last night!) and I still get that same error message. Do I have to do anything with ifuse?15:51
mc89__like tortoise git15:51
mang0mc89__  what sort of client?15:51
mc89__like right click and commit whole folders etc15:51
Vampygood morning all.. any got time to help with config / make / make install for the game WarZone 210015:51
mang0mc89__  you're not making yourself clear. A "client" is a program required to run something15:52
mc89__ah sorry15:52
mc89__the client side of it15:52
sipiorJuJuBee: you'll want a 64-bit install.15:52
mc89__i have the server running15:52
JuJuBeedue to RAM, correct?15:52
yaccAnyone here using Ubuntu with the Nouveau graphics driver?15:52
sipiorJuJuBee: due to us being in the 21st century. (but yes, also ram :-)15:52
hikenbootanyone able to recommend a firewall that will fit on a 4gig flash inside an alix computer besides pfsense which wont do what I want ...trying to do 1:1 NAT with 4 IP's assigned by my internet provider as dhcp (4 out of a possible 1022 ip addresses on the subnet given by ISP)15:52
JuJuBeeI was worried about the slower processor15:52
VampyJuJu : no, you will wanna make sure that your processor support 64 bit OS's15:53
ActionParsnipyacc: I do15:53
ActionParsnipyacc: works great in KDE on Oneiric :)15:53
yaccActionParsnip, could you give me a copy of your kernel boot commandline? or a copy of your GRUB config?15:53
ActionParsnipyacc: do you meanm /boot/grub/grub.cfg?15:54
sipiorJuJuBee: the E6300 isn't *so* old.15:54
yaccActionParsnip, I'm almost sure I'm missing something there to make the Nouveau KMS module work, because I had Nouveau working on this box some months ago, ...15:54
ActionParsnipyacc: which file do you want15:54
klingelbarthow do i install a tar.gz package?15:54
morrihi guys, I have forcefully downgraded my firefox back to 4 because I didnt like the 5 or 6 browser, but now it appears always in update manager, how do I make it that the update manager ignores firefox?15:55
ActionParsnipklingelbart: what is teh file name?15:55
yaccActionParsnip, seems to contain the cmdlines, so yeah, would be great if you could pastebin it or something.15:55
JuJuBeeok  thanmks sipior15:55
ActionParsnipyacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/684512/15:55
ActionParsnip!info libmtp15:56
yaccActionParsnip,  Thanks.15:56
ubottuPackage libmtp does not exist in natty15:56
ActionParsnip!find libmtp15:56
ubottuFound: libmtp-dbg, libmtp-dev, libmtp-doc, libmtp815:56
klingelbartActionParsnip: ?15:56
ActionParsnipklingelbart: you can extract it with:  tar zxvf libmtp_1.0.6.orig.tar.gz15:56
ActionParsnipklingelbart: I'd suggest you find a PPA for it, way easier15:57
morrihi guys, I have forcefully downgraded my firefox back to 4 because I didnt like the 5 or 6 browser, but now it appears always in update manager, how do I make it that the update manager ignores firefox?15:57
PiciActionParsnip: if he comes back, the package name in Ubuntu is libmtp8, its version 1.0.6 in natty.15:58
DuolosActionParsnip: I got disconnect, sorry.  Any ideas on my volume issue?15:58
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Vampyok guys. when i go to do ./configure && make for warzone 2100 i get an sdl error cant find, any suggestion?16:00
Vampyok guys. when i go to do ./configure && make for warzone 2100 i get an sdl error cant find, any suggestion?16:03
NeurotiquetteThis crontab would run everynight at 2am if my understanding is correct? right? ------>    0 2 * * *16:04
h00kVampy: Is warzone in the repositories to install from?16:04
mang0Anybody here using and iPod with Ubuntu?16:04
padhuTeamViewer 6 is not functioning on ubuntu 10.0416:04
Vampyhook : you refering to the package manager repos?16:04
h00kVampy: Sounds like if you check their documentation, they should tell you what you need to compile it.16:04
PiciNeurotiquette: yes.16:05
=== Janos__ is now known as Janos
h00kmang0: What's your actual question?16:06
mang0h00k hold on am typing it and taking a scn shot16:06
VampyHook : haha, should have thought to look in the Package Manager first, was tryin to install it from the zip downloaded from their site16:06
h00kVampy: ;) makes things a lot easier16:07
h00kVampy: plus updates, etc.16:07
VampyHook : yea, i should have thought that one thru a tad more.. moreso since i'm still learning Ubuntu.16:07
NeurotiquettePici: Thank ya :)'16:08
mang0So I've got a mac formatted iPod nano, 2nd gen. I want to be able to mange all my music on my Ubuntu computer, as all my music/photos on my ipod atm are on my mum's mac, which is running outta space. However, when I plug my iPod into my computer (32bit natty) I get this error: http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/9jm9p0x8/Untitledwindow_007.png ActionParsnip suggested installing ifuse, which I did, but it hasn't made any differance. Any ideas? I want (need) t16:09
mang0o be able to manange my music/photos on ubuntu. Thanks :)16:09
mang0h00k ^16:09
FloodBot1mang0: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:09
mang0I didn't realise it was going to be that long, :P16:10
RealAndyCould anyone tell me what model name they personally use  for a webcam for HD skyping? i.e. one of http://www.ideasonboard.org/uvc/#footnote-616:11
maletapfc_NEED HELP! http://i55.tinypic.com/ilytg0.png <-- anyone familiar with this? Trying to install Bodha linux, i also got this kernel panic problem when trying to install lubuntu 10.10 or Mint LInux...PLEASE HELP!16:12
maletapfc_NEED HELP! http://i55.tinypic.com/ilytg0.png <-- anyone familiar with this? Trying to install Bodha linux, i also got this kernel panic problem when trying to install lubuntu 10.10 or Mint LInux...PLEASE HELP!16:14
ActionParsnipmaletapfc_: bodha isn't supported here16:14
ActionParsnipmaletapfc_: neither is mint16:14
ButtFingerI don't have sound unless it's coming out of Firefox would I like to get help please~16:14
Vampywhat is the newest version of Gnome, KDE, CDE and xfce compatible with Natty?16:15
maletapfc_but lubuntu is...it's not important what distribution do you support, i am asking for help cause i don't know what to do with my computer! 3 days i cannot install any OS16:15
maletapfc_i really need help! :(16:15
ActionParsnipVampy: i'd start a chat with ubottu and ask her16:15
Vampykk thanks16:15
ActionParsnipmaletapfc_: it is. Lubntu is official16:15
ActionParsnipmaletapfc_: it is important, we cdannot support the spinoff OSes here. Only official releases are supported here16:16
ActionParsnip!bactrack | maletapfc_16:16
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition16:16
klingelbartwhat's the meaning of this small blue trinangle wich sometimes appears in the upper left of the screen?16:16
expiationis there an official way to install gnome3?16:17
ActionParsnipexpiation: upgrade to oneiric16:17
Myrtti!gnome3 | expiation16:17
ubottuexpiation: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.16:17
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.16:17
mc89__what is the git equivilent of CVS update?16:18
expiationthat sounds bad, ActionParsnip is your way safe? and how do i do that :D16:18
adam_!world domination16:18
ActionParsnipexpiation: officially it's not safe as Oneiric is in Beta16:19
klingelbartwhat's the meaning of this small blue trinangle wich sometimes appears in the upper left of the screen?16:19
ActionParsnipklingelbart: which DE?16:19
klingelbartActionParsnip: unity16:19
BrandonBoltonHello, has anyone been able to get Netflix working on Ubuntu?16:19
VampyAction : what exactly is Oneiric?16:19
expiationwell im brave enough to try that, ActionParsnip is it possible to upgrade a current install to that or do I need to DL/re-install with it?16:19
dinglehello everyone!16:19
ActionParsnipVampy: use tab to complete nicks ;)16:19
ActionParsnipVampy: oneiric is Ubuntu 11.1016:19
Stanley00Vampy: it the next ubuntu release16:20
Matty502Hey guys, I'm having an issue with sound.  I don't have sound for startup or media, but youtube and ZSNES work16:20
ActionParsnipexpiation: you can upgrade natty to oneiric16:20
VampyActionParsnip : awww.. ok16:20
dinglecan anyone point me to a decent tutorial which covers how to register on xchat?16:20
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:20
BrandonBoltonklingelbart: For me that means something opened in Unity like a flashdrive plugged in or download window opened in FireFox16:20
adam_I think I want to marry ubottu16:20
expiationActionParsnip is there a guide for that plz :D i'm still a noob16:21
ActionParsnipadam_: she is handy :)16:21
adam_ActionParsnip: She's awesome!16:21
Piciexpiation: I highly suggest not using the beta if you are still new to Ubuntu.16:21
adam_What else can she do?16:21
urlin2uadam_, a cold dark lonely place but I hear that is marriage. :D16:21
Stanley00expiation: you can ask that in #ubuntu+116:21
Pici!usage | adam_16:21
ubottuadam_: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots16:21
BrandonBoltonMatty502: Have you tried Alsa Sound Manager?16:21
ActionParsnipadam_: lots16:21
dinglethanks ActionParsnip16:22
adam_I think she is a he.16:22
Matty502BrandonBolton: I'm a noob, how do I try it?16:23
DangerOnTheRangrHi :)16:23
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:23
ActionParsnip!gender | adam_16:24
ubottuadam_: yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)16:24
adam_She's awesome.16:24
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:24
Vampyok so if i searched for KDE, Gnome, CDE, or other DE's in the package manager they will give me th most recent versions, correct16:24
Matty502Oh, derp16:24
ActionParsnipVampy: the most recent in the repos you hav, ye16:25
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".16:25
VampyActionParsnip, ty16:25
gulzarI insatlled linux without BOOTLOADER on pendrive. Now want to install bootloader on it and an entry for that OS. How to do so?16:25
BrandonBoltonMatty502: Just go to the Ubuntu Software Center and search for Alsa.16:25
VampyActionParsnip, any way to select all options / checkmarks from searched results16:26
ActionParsnipgulzar: boot livecd or live usb and you can install grub2 to it there16:26
ActionParsnipVampy: I don't understand the question, can you rephrase please16:26
Matty502I just typed in "sound" in the applications menu, clicked to open it, and got a popup telling me that it's waiting for Sound System to respond16:26
gulzarActionParsnip: I am on LIVE ubuntu 10.10 cd16:26
Matty502That has some serious implications, I'd think16:26
BrandonBoltongulzar: Just create it with Unetbootin. It creates the bootloader for you. The drive just has to be formatted to Fat32.16:26
ActionParsnipVampy: do you mean select to install all the results from a search in software centre?16:27
VampyActionParsnip, I want to make sure i get everything for the newest version, how would i do that16:27
VampyActionParsnip,  yes16:27
gulzarBrandonBolton: i did proper install .. no unetbootin16:27
ActionParsnipgulzar: cool, you can do it there :)16:27
mang0So I've got a mac formatted iPod nano, 2nd gen. I want to be able to mange all my music on my computer, as all my music/photos on my ipod atm are on my mum's mac, which is running outta space. However, when I plug it into my computer (32bit natty) I get this error: http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/9jm9p0x8/Untitledwindow_007.png ActionParsnip suggested installing ifuse, which I did, but it hasn't made a differance. Any ideas? I need to manange my music/ph16:27
mang0otos on ubuntu. Thanks :)16:27
gulzarActionParsnip: but how?16:27
gulzarActionParsnip: any link (easy one)16:28
BrandonBoltongulzar: I have always done it through Unetbootin and haven't have a problem yet. Just check that out.16:28
ActionParsnipVampy: Vampy not sure dude, I always use apt-fast (and apt-get)16:28
gulzarActionParsnip: generally they go for chrooting and all that.... I never succeded in it.16:28
ActionParsnipgulzar: http://www.robertbeal.com/562/rebuilding-grub2-grub-cfg-from-ubuntu-live-cd16:28
gulzarBrandonBolton: unetbootin is OK but I want a complete systm on my 8GB pendrive. SO went for normal HDD install16:28
ActionParsnipgulzar: you do realize there are literally thousands of guides on this....16:29
klj613how come when i type (toggle caps lock), i seem to hit the second key faster than ubuntu turn caps off? WHen I TUrn THe CAps OFf (doesnt happen on windows)16:29
gulzarBrandonBolton: I use unetbootin to test new OS but not somthing like this.... :)  there is multiboot also from pendrivelinux16:29
BrandonBoltongulzar: Have you tried Google? There are guides on this.16:30
Guest68781BrandonBolton : he didnt got his google search certification16:30
gulzarBrandonBolton: yup got 4 of them.... just reading them :)16:30
Picigulzar: Please stop pressing whatever you are pressing before you write messages back in this channel. You are sending an extra line with every message.16:31
gulzarPici: sorry actually while selecting names an extra enter is also added. WIll take care of it16:31
muneebwhich app is used to draw these kind of mockups? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=fallback-alert-mixed.jpg16:32
gulzarPici: I am on empathy . this is little diferent from xchat16:32
Picigulzar: I understand, just letting you know.16:33
BrandonBoltonmuneeb: Probably Gimp or Inkscape.16:33
pickelsI use grep tag -r ./ to find all the files with the word tag in it but I would like to exclude certain directories. How would one do this?16:33
mang0No one know about iPods?16:33
hallgeirghey, Im trying to share some folders with my media center (windows 7) and I have set up the share in Samba, but I get "windows cannot access - you do not have permission to access \\computername\film" anyone have any ideas?16:33
melvincvWhat is an Ubuntu Cloak in IRC?16:34
muneebBrandonBolton, i don't think so.. they all look same and i think there must be some app for doing that16:34
krishnanI am configuring OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 10.04 server machine. I am done with installing phpldapadmin. What is my next step. How should I configure apache to enable me to see the web interface.16:34
thevaliantxwould someone like to help me resolve the issue of my computer not recognizing the geeksquad usb stick that's plugged into it? i was in the middle of transferring photos from my cellphone to the usbstick when suddenly i started getting errors saying that the directory with the images wasn't found.16:34
thevaliantxi would really appreciate the help, lots of other data is on that usbstick.16:34
mang0!cloak > melvincv16:34
ubottumelvincv, please see my private message16:34
melvincvAny special advantages in getting a cloak?16:34
BrandonBoltonmang0: Have you tried Banshee? I used that before to manage music on the iPod.16:34
mang0BrandonBolton I can't even mount the iPod.... :/16:35
ActionParsnipmelvincv: people can't see your wan ip.16:35
mang0comes up with the error you see in the picture16:35
muneebBrandonBolton, they seem to be created with "balsamiq" but i don't have any proof so was asking the exact answer16:35
mihacan ubuntu livecd boot from usb cdrom?16:35
melvincvOh, I see. Apart from masking my WAN IP?16:35
urlin2umiha, yep16:36
krishnanI am configuring OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 10.04 server machine. I am done with installing phpldapadmin. What is my next step. How should I configure apache to enable me to see the web interface.16:36
BrandonBoltonmang0: Go to terminal and type df -h16:36
mihaurlin2u: i have two cdrom, and after initial screen it wants to load from cdrom 016:36
mihaunfortunatelly cdrom 0 is in very bad shape16:36
mang0BrandonBolton let me pastebinit? Doesn't look like the iPod is there :/16:36
urlin2umiha, try tapping f12 at powering on to get a menu to boot from.16:37
mang0BrandonBolton: http://paste.ubuntu.com/684547/16:37
VampyActionParsnip, what is the easy and quickest way t install updated Gnome and KDE.16:37
mihaurlin2u: initial syslinux and ubuntu screen works fine.. but if i start livecd it reads from cdrom 0 instead of 116:37
melvincvCan you give me an example of a person using a cloak here? Just curious...16:37
mang0melvincv type /whois mang016:37
MeirDI just installed Ubuntu on my laptop. I have a problem that often the computer gets very slow, and the windows in the OS (Terminal, Browser) start blinking with gray color16:37
mang0* [mang0] (~mang0@unaffiliated/mang0): Jacob :) melvincv <---- now type /whois melvincv16:38
MeirDIs it a known issue?16:38
oCeanmelvincv: please join #freenode channel for help on network use16:38
edbianMeirD: That's just what the OS does when it is struggling with hardware constraints. What are the specs of this system?16:38
urlin2umiha, if it is actually reading the cd1 first then defaulting to cd0, s the cd good did you md5sum the ISO, and burn it slowleu as an image.16:39
melvincvOk :) Got it.16:39
BrandonBoltonmang0: What type of iPod is it? It is most likely the wrong format. I remember they used to do Windows only iPods and Mac only iPods. Now they combine it.16:39
=== marc is now known as Guest52649
MeirDit is an old laptop... HP Compaq 6720s16:39
MeirDHard Drive: 120GB SATA (5400RPM)16:39
mihaurlin2u: hmmm16:39
MeirDProcessor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5470 1.60GHz , 2MB L2 cache, 800MHz FS16:39
MeirDGraphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X310016:39
MeirDRAM: 1 x 1024MB DDR2 ... thats pretty much the specs16:40
urlin2umiha, try the out of the bios boot from menu with a f12 at powering on, it may be another key or key sequence for your computer.16:40
MeirDI installed the Ubuntu 11.0416:40
mihaurlin2u: as i said, it starts from usb cdrom alright (cause first cdrom is empty). it presents me screen 'live cd' or 'install'16:41
mang0BrandonBolton: iPod nano, 2nd gen, 2gb, mac formatted.16:41
mihaurlin2u: you might be right about corruption though16:41
urlin2umiha, it happens do you want a md5sum ink?16:41
pnjh(My apologies in advance if any ubuntu designers are present).  How on earth do I get rid of that ugly purple screen when I start up / reboot  /shut down my computer lol ... Purple is probably my most hated colour :) ... I've seen some ugly "hacks" when searching for this answer on Google, however I'd like to take the time and do it right if anybody has the patience to point me in the right direction? :)16:41
BrandonBoltonmang0: Do you have a Windows computer that you can try and format it with through iTunes? I had to do the same thing with my 1st Generation iPod I don't use anymore.16:42
MeirDedbian: Any ideas?16:43
edbianMeirD: That should be enough for Ubuntu.  Can you elaborate on what you're doing when the windows go grey?16:43
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.16:43
BrandonBoltonpnjh: Just Google 'Change Bootloader screen Ubuntu'16:44
MeirDnothing special... only the terminal window and a browser are open16:44
mang0BrandonBolton I'm afraid I don't :/. I gave up on windows after I got a virus and lost about 700 - 1000 hours work....I have an old, old laptop that doesn't work and probs wouldn't run itunes heh16:44
MeirDSometimes Aptana Studio too... but that's about it16:44
edbianMeirD: next time it happens run top in the terminal and see what is using the most CPU or the most RAM16:44
luiteof course it's window's fault and not your own for not making backups of months of work :p16:44
dinggsmiha: probably no data corruption but a genuine bug. did it load the kernel? "if i start livecd" is too vague a description of where exactly it failed16:44
pnjhBrandonBolton: I did, there were mentions of XSPLASH and Plymouth, a quick scan of these articles led me to believe they are quick "hacks"... isn't there a configuration file or something I can alter manually?16:45
MeirDok, I started "top" I'll check whats going on there16:45
REK_007Guys how can i backup my current ubuntu installation so that i can restore it on my new HDD16:45
urlin2upnjh, at start up you can go text by removing the quiet splash in gksudo gedit  /etc/default/grub16:45
BrandonBoltonmang0: You can try and install iTunes through wWine, there are a few ways to do this but it has to be like iTunes 8 or so.16:46
MeirDcommand "Xorg"16:46
mihadinggs: just checked md5sum, it's fine... it failed right after menu 'start without changing anything'... it wanted to read from 'sr0'16:46
ActionParsnipREK_007: could use dd or partimage16:46
pnjhurlin2u: Text with PURPLE background, so the problem remains lol.  I know it's a silly niggly little point, but I have to look at it every day and it's quite irritating16:46
mihadinggs: cant find option to disable cdrom in bios..16:46
mang0BrandonBolton I'll have a look on appdb for itunes.16:46
urlin2umiha, is the fail a black screen?16:46
REK_007ActionParsnip: I want to keep a backup so that I can format my current 500gb and then again restore ...16:46
ne2kREK_007: can you put both disks in the same machine? if so, do that and use rsync16:47
mihaurlin2u: i pressed f2 and it said ioerror and sr016:47
edbianMeirD: Xorg draws the graphics.  I suggest changing your graphics driver.  Unfortunately I don't know how and I have to go now16:47
urlin2upnjh, black background on my computer16:47
mihait was loading infinetly, the gu16:47
ActionParsnipREK_007: yes, dd will do a bit by bit copy to an image, you can then dd the other way to restore16:47
ne2kREK_007: if not, put them in separate machines and use rsync16:47
BrandonBoltonpnjh: When I did it I had to install a program and download a few different files. I will try and find it again.16:47
MeirDok, thanks man16:47
Matty502First step goes haywire16:47
pnjhBrandonBolton: Thankyou ;)16:47
ne2kActionParsnip: bitcopy is a bit silly if you don't need it. if you copy files you will automatically defragment the drive16:47
urlin2umiha, f2 is generally the bios.16:48
mihathing is i cant find in bios to disable built in cdrom16:48
REK_007sorry i will reframe my question . I will format my HDD on which ubuntu is present and create the partitions again. So is there a way i can backup my current setup[to another HDD] and restore it once my HDD is ready.16:48
pnjhurlin2u: I'll check the file you mentioned and see if I did something different to what you're suggesting.  Xubuntu has the right idea, black and silver <316:48
mihaanyway, my ubuntu 10.04 installation is alright, my lenovo vista recovery wasnt.. just checking if i can boot livecd :)16:48
mang0BrandonBolton looks like itunes 10 is a silver level wine program16:48
ne2kREK_007: why do you want to reformat the drive and recreate the same partitions again?16:48
urlin2uREK_007, yeah clonezilla, but the partions built have to at lwast as big as the original.16:48
greystergood evening everyone16:49
ne2kREK_007: if you're trying to resize, you don't need to go to that length. resizing is mature now16:49
REK_007ne2k: Had made it to GUID table . But not it is having problem reconizing devices on GRUB even with UUIDs16:49
BrandonBoltonpnjh: I did this is a while ago and it worked. http://www.ubuntugeek.co