prodigalN00byagoo: i'm having an issue with standard TTY, and grub boot splash00:00
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: you could boot to normal gnome and run the netbook launcher UI00:00
yagooprodigalN00b, did u take a look at this? http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=48975200:01
yagooprodigalN00b, if that's correct for those 4-5 lines -- option dpi would have an effect..00:01
scarleoguiri: Yeay, that's the user groups, you can do all that from terminal instead, don't know if there's a gui for it in Oneiric00:01
yagooprodigalN00b, u can pastebinit ur xorg.conf file00:01
prodigalN00byagoo: it'd have an effect for grub?00:01
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prodigalN00bx is displaying perfectly fine, that isn't my issue man00:01
yagooprodigalN00b, kms00:02
yagooprodigalN00b, it can have an effect on tty1-600:02
ActionParsnipSchuenemann: I believe if you press ALT+F2 and run: netbook-launcher00:03
guiriscarleo: Oh cool.  'users-admin' in term seems to be it00:03
prodigalN00byagoo: ^^^ yeah i could see that, but really i think the issue starts sooner than X00:03
scarleoguiri: great00:03
prodigalN00byagoo: it's not like i often need to go to a tty, but i tihnk it looks ugly as it boots up in grub (it's just white with black blocks)00:03
yagooprodigalN00b, is that the xorg.conf made from X -configure from yesterday?00:03
SchuenemannActionParsnip, it says X error of failed request: BadLength00:04
prodigalN00byagoo: it's the one that the nvidia configurator built00:04
yagooprodigalN00b, line 155 -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/712616/00:04
LaoLang_coolhello, can I set the xft font in  more black color? I've set foreground to black, still want it a  little more black...00:04
bnmorganholy crap i think i'm in over my head.00:04
slade--I just upgraded to the new version of ubuntu and i lost /usr/lib/libuuid.so  cant figure out how to get it back.. any advice?00:05
bnmorgancould someone walk me through creating a VM to run windoze in?00:05
yagooprodigalN00b, try this->00:06
prodigalN00byagoo: i can see that being an issue, sorta.. except that X is workgin fine.. i feel like you're hung up on something that i'm not concerned about, i really just want grub to look right when booting00:06
bnmorganpref in a direct window so that I don't irritate everyone else with my stupid questions.00:06
prodigalN00byagoo after that lightdm is taking over and looks fine00:06
yagooprodigalN00b, http://pastebin.com/wTa9LsNc .. add option dpi..00:07
scarleobnmorgan: just install VirtualBox, it's pretty self-explanatory00:07
yagooprodigalN00b, restart lightdm from tty1 -- (u dont need to reboot ur machine)00:07
shareis there a website to talk about technology?00:07
shareIRC channel00:07
yagooprodigalN00b, when lightdm starts.. see if tty1 looks fine00:08
prodigalN00byagoo: right now the only way i can see anything outside of X is via ssh00:08
david_yadinHi, i've installed the Gnome-shell and now i'm having this pixel-like errors on screen. whenever there's some kind of animation or mouse activity, it turns into this pixels00:08
prodigalN00byagoo: but i can restart it from there00:08
bnmorganalright. thank you00:08
mspongedoes someone have a 2011 Macbook Pro 15" with Lion that successfully installed Ubuntu AFTER installing Lion?00:08
david_yadindoes anyone knows how to fix it?00:08
cajunspicedavid_yadin, sounds like hardware problems, or at least a driver problem00:09
cajunspicedavid_yadin, what video chipset are you using?00:09
CarlFKservice gdm restart - used to work, whats the new way to restart X?00:09
Lady-34msponge: i have a g3 and i can run ubuntu 10.4 live so far because i have no har drive for it at the time,,im just missing the wifi driver00:09
prodigalN00byagoo: so 1) the warning no longer shows in the xorg log, 2) tty1 still looks nasty00:09
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CalangaoThis 11.10 layout is killing me. Can anyone help me get rid of this side menu and back to the 11.04 upper bar menu?00:10
david_yadincajuspice, I'm using a Geforce 9500 gt. Do I have to reinstall all the drivers?00:10
Lady-34Calangao: im sorry to tell u but there is no going back00:10
scarleoCarlFK: Maybe you are running lightdm instead?00:10
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mspongerEFIt will boot from different devices, but the USB stick and USB DVD drive will show one or two lines from the ubuntu installer and either freeze at "Loading Boot Image" or claim that an image checksum doesn't match. Problem is that the images are verified to work on other (non-Mac) computers00:10
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:11
whoaaCalango I'm trying to go back to the old menu too00:11
Lady-34Calangao: u have the option to install the gnome-shell and select genome at boot00:11
doornumber9Calangao: I had the same problem. Have you considered switching to Xfce?00:11
cajunspicedavid_yadin, you might have to, but probably it's something a reinstall won't help, like the driver being not entirely compatible with the video chipset00:11
JetJagurXPyagoo  So far so good.  Installed newer nvidia driver and computer boots into X correctly.00:11
CarlFKscarleo: right - thanks.00:11
yagooJetJagurXP, cool00:11
ActionParsnipgotta love nvidia00:12
JetJagurXPyagoo  Trying to adjust dual monitors now.00:12
Calangaoomg, no going back? Thanks Lady-34 and doonumber9.00:12
magpiiarkanaid, i am getting this message when i try running those commands http://codepad.org/qQkziLAG00:12
Lady-34im just cant figure out how to dim this backligh,,is blinding me and sucking my battery like crazy00:13
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity00:13
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CalangaoI wish they didn't change where you find all your applications in every single update.00:14
doornumber9Calangao: if you run "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop", it'll install the xubuntu packages. Then you can choose which session to use after you boot. You can always switch back and forth until you decide which you prefer.00:14
Lady-34but it happend on all linux distros,,is a gateway M-Series 7300:14
prodigalN00byagoo: any other tricks?00:14
Calangaodoornumber9: I'll try that. Thanks00:14
yagooprodigalN00b, did u try turning of kms? Boot with the nouveau.modeset=0 kernel command line parameter.00:15
yagooprodigalN00b, http://wiki.debian.org/KernelModesetting00:15
Lady-34Calangao: so do i,is a mess looking for apps,,instead of making a shortcut for every category on the bar,they just blended all in 1 single huge menu00:15
slade--hmm this channel seems to focus mostly on the UI and gnome and stuff00:15
prodigalN00byagoo: ok cool, let me try that00:15
slade--there a better channel for asking questions like the one i was asking?00:15
yagooslade--, alot of new comers..00:16
prodigalN00byagoo: hmm, it says to blacklist it for nvidia cards, which i already have00:16
scarleoLady-34: Calangao Try "Filter results" next to search bar in Dash00:16
JetJagurXPCrap, gotta run nvidia-settings manually since it's not part of the distro00:17
Lady-34is there a command to dim lights ?00:17
yagooslade--, dpkg -L uuid-runtime00:17
slade--its already installed..00:17
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scarleoLady-34: Calangao It's pretty much as it used to be with categories00:17
JetJagurXPOk.  Still not working.00:17
slade--yagoo: ack that doesnt have the .so in it anymoire00:18
Lady-34scarleo: i cant make my own shortcuts any more00:18
yagooslade--, dpkg -L libuuid100:18
Lady-34like i was used too00:18
slade--wow they sure movesd things around..00:18
JetJagurXP2nd monitor looks like old style X.  Cursor is even an x, not a pointy thing.00:18
scarleoLady-34: Yes you can, drag whatever app you want to the launcher00:18
GeneralcamoOh yy00:18
GeneralcamoI got my internet back00:18
JetJagurXPCan't drag a window to the second monitor...00:19
yagooslade--, ldconfig --help00:19
slade--hmm thats installed too and still problems00:19
GeneralcamoOK, how do I connect to a wireless network in ubuntu?00:19
RoastedSo I'm dealing with a stubborn install of 11.10. I keep getting repository errors when I try to update and whatnot. Here's the odd part - I even reinstalled 11.10, SAME problems.00:19
fubaredHow do I tell which is my btrfs / partition from live cd (trying recovery)00:19
prodigalN00byagoo: lol i can't even get into the grub boot menu ... i tap esc non stop and it never goes into it :S ... actually i'm not too concerned about that.. trying to get my nameserver configurd correctly.. too much crap on here messign with basic settings00:19
Roastedfubared, system monitor I think?00:19
Roastedfubared, I think it says the file system type but I'm not sure00:19
yagooprodigalN00b, not.00:19
Lady-34scarleo: how can i add a root terminal to the bar without using the terminal ?00:19
prodigalN00bnot what00:19
yagooprodigalN00b, You are supposed to edit /etc/default/grub00:19
Calangaoscarleo: I figured that already. But I was already used with all my applications organized and this side bar is way too big and keeps hiding when I want to see it and popping up when I don't.00:19
yagooprodigalN00b, then update-grub200:20
JetJagurXPI'm going back to Natty...00:20
JetJagurXPThanks folks.00:20
prodigalN00byagoo: yeah i just didn't want to have it break and not have a working grub entry00:20
fubaredRoasted: Not for unmounted file systems00:20
shareIm going back to Win9800:20
Roastedfubared, hmm, try gparted00:20
yagooprodigalN00b, it won't break anything.. update-grub2 uses /etc/default/grub to update grub.cfg00:20
Roastedshare, thats pro00:20
JetJagurXPGood luck with that share00:20
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scarleoLady-34: That's pretty redundant, ctrl+alt+T and do sudo00:21
venomcodeocelot is good if you know how to tune the drivers00:21
prodigalN00byagoo: yes i know, i meant the mod that i'm making... i'll give it a whirl00:21
yagoofubared, file -s /dev/<partitiondevice>00:21
venomcodehey yagoo i figured out my keyboard light problem00:21
JetJagurXPvenomcode Well, I'm using it as virtual machine host.  Don't have time to mess with the drivers.00:21
CalangaoI have to reboot now. Thanks.00:22
mrwizeguy1983if only tocia was here, i figured out the solution to the issue he and i both had00:22
number34i just installed ubuntu 11.10 on a laptop i purchased today and compiz seemed to be working just fine, i install the proper drivers via the addtional drivers program and now its broken, any help would be appreciated00:22
mrwizeguy1983is there anyone in here that's here a lot and can pass on a solution?00:22
fubaredyagoo: thanks00:22
yagoovenomcode, that the hp model?00:22
venomcodein a virtual machine ocelot isnt the same as a host OS00:22
yagoofubared, np00:22
venomcodeworks better as Host00:22
venomcodefor me at least00:22
number34also, in the systems info under graphics it says driver unknown00:22
JetJagurXPI'm using VirtualBox anyway so it don't matter00:23
number34so if it didn't even install it why did it even break compiz00:23
Lady-34scarleo: password issues00:23
yagoofubared, the fdisk -l doesn't give enought hints? (btw what partition id is fine for btrfs ?)00:23
meowsusIs there a linux command to search the contents of a bunch of text files in a directory? Kind of like "find" but that will search actual text inside the files?00:23
scarleoLady-34: What?00:23
yagoomeowsus, grep -Ri <word> .00:23
CarlFKmeowsus: find .. -exec grep foo {} \;00:23
number34any help would be much appreciated00:23
slade--yagoo: weird it must be working right otherwise cron wouldnt be working.. i wonder why i dont have a /usr/lib/libuuid.so00:24
ppcblasterI just installed 11.10 and in the Launcher is a box at the top "Install Release" What is it? I clicked install and it wanted to install Ubuntu again and ask something about "Unmount", Please explain00:24
fubaredyagoo: I found it.00:24
fubaredmeowsus: ack-grep00:24
cajunspiceslade, it could be someplace else00:24
yagooslade--, it's not weird. man ldconfig.. that gives ya a hint00:24
QationFor some reason on my volume settings it show that the Connecter section is switching from Analog Output to Analog Headphones very rapidly and this is causing my volume to be going up and down very fast. Anyway to fix it?00:24
slade--g++ -Wall -g  -levent -luuid    <-- the luuid doesnt complain..00:24
JetJagurXPIt's cool that the Command Bar will "minimize" when the Displays utility is run.  Wish it could be set to minimize automatically.00:25
number34driver questions are apparently tricky and to be ignored00:25
jrib!helpme | number3400:25
ubottunumber34: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude00:25
number34haha, fair enough00:25
number34back to google00:26
prodigalN00byagoo: ok, you got me in the right direction.. that value didn't fix it, but setting the GRUB_GFXMODE did00:26
Lady-34number34: whats the question ?00:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:26
QationAnyone know how I can fix my problem? I can't watch any videos without it sounding like its skipping00:26
number34i just bought a laptop and installed ubuntu, everything was fine, i tz is brokehen installed the proper drivers for the graphics card via the addtional drivers app and then rebooted and now compi00:26
yagooprodigalN00b, u might as well try a nicer one for tty -- u can try vga=ask on the bootline00:26
ppcblasterI just installed 11.10 and in the Launcher is a box at the top "Install Release" What is it? I clicked install and it wanted to install Ubuntu again and ask something about "Unmount", So I cancelled it. Please explain00:27
yagooprodigalN00b, using vga=<> prevents kms for tty1-6 i believe00:27
slade--yagoo: hmm its pointing to  /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libuuid.so.1  which is referenced indirectly in /etc/ld.so.conf   but its still not making the file..00:27
number34under systems info under graphics it says driver unknown though, if they didn't even install i'm curious as to how it broke compiz00:27
prodigalN00byagoo: sorry, i don't quite follow00:27
yagooslade--, why are u asking me to debug ? use strace..00:27
prodigalN00bvga=ask does what exactly? (it's been soo long since i've messed with xorg stuff.. like beryl days)00:27
yagooprodigalN00b, "vga=ask" << literally can be passed on the kernel bootline00:28
yagooprodigalN00b, u'll see what i mean..00:28
prodigalN00byagoo: but will it prompt me on boot? cuz i don't want that00:28
Lady-34number34: what is it a nVidia X server00:28
slade--yagoo: sorry, unfamiliar with this wacky library system00:28
number34its a amd card00:28
yagooprodigalN00b, a list is give of textual terminal dimensions.. (it probes)-- u can then find the value u like.. then change vga=<that value>00:28
prodigalN00boh i see00:28
number34amd xeymour 512mb00:29
yagooprodigalN00b, i think using this method.. is better than using vgatextmode application00:29
prodigalN00byagoo: so revert all that what i did before? or keep it since it's displaying something00:29
D-coym4v, help me hdp xD!00:30
yagooprodigalN00b, no need to revert .. u can add on to it00:30
prodigalN00byagoo: oohh shit that broke it.. says "ask" parameter no longer supported, and fails to boot00:30
yagooprodigalN00b, vga= is only for textual console.00:30
imduffy15Hi, could somebody tell me why this won't set the title in a putty window for a screen session: PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;${USER}@${HOSTNAME}: ${PWD/$HOME/~}\007"'00:30
yagooprodigalN00b, it does?00:30
Lady-34number34: run this on a terminal and tell me the output please lspci -nn | grep VGA00:31
yagooprodigalN00b, probably a ubuntu mod of the kern..00:31
prodigalN00bit's fine, it dropped back to the selector00:31
yagooprodigalN00b, so just yank it out..00:31
prodigalN00bit said it's legacy and no longer supported00:31
ixxuhi, my laptop crashed while updating to the new kernel version. there where 2 java application running, which it seems the system couldn't close. after seeing it "refreshing" for about 1hours (eta for update was 10mins) i decided to power off the system hard. now i can't boot it anymore. even with live-cd's other than ubuntu. possible there is a hardwarecrash ?!00:31
yagooprodigalN00b, oh really00:31
prodigalN00bis there anything i should run here like vbeinfo?00:31
yagooprodigalN00b, i'll try that on my machine..00:31
ppcblasterI just installed 11.10 and in the Launcher is a box at the top "Install Release" What is it? I clicked install and it wanted to install Ubuntu again and ask something about "Unmount", So I cancelled it. Please explain00:31
number3400:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0116] (rev 09)00:32
number3401:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc NI Seymour [AMD Radeon HD 6470M] [1002:6760]00:32
yagooprodigalN00b, how high can u get GRUB_GFXMODE ?00:32
ActionParsnipppcblaster: uninstall ubiquity, sounds like your installer didn't finish00:32
prodigalN00byagoo: just did vbeinfo, looks like i can do 0x11b (1280x1024x32)00:32
prodigalN00bwould i do vga=0x11b?00:32
number34would i need to uninstall the intel graphics controller for the amd card to work?00:32
prodigalN00bactually i don't want that high of a resolution, too hard to see on a 55" at 7ft away00:33
Lady-34number34: you installed the wrong driver i figure,,because ubuntu identify you hardware00:33
yagooprodigalN00b, did it complain only about "vga=ask" or can it do vga=<specific value" ?00:33
yagooprodigalN00b, ya u can do vga=0x11b00:33
prodigalN00bit just complained about vga=ask, but i haven't tried otherwise, bout to now00:33
Lady-34number34: try that but remove the one you installed first00:33
AntisocheI'm unable to connect to a samba share I created through dolphin.  I 'smbpasswd'-ed my user account but I'm getting NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.  I set debug to 255 and it's finding my account and the correct path, but says "make_connection: connection to projects denied due to security descriptor."  This is simple Linux->Linux using smbclient. I did a 'net usershare' with 'Everyone:d,BOX\\user:f guest_ok=n'.  I can get readonly access but00:34
Antisoche I want full access to authenticated me.  Can anyone help?00:34
ppcblasterWhat is ppcblaster: uninstall ubiquity ?00:34
number34what if the one i installed is correct? could i uninstall the other one to find out? and how would i go about that?00:34
maletorWhenever I reboot since upgrade to Oneiric I get a purple screen without anything else. I need to hit the restart button and that takes me to GRUB for a successful boot. How can I fix?00:34
ixxusometimes i can boot into ubuntu, but with very fucked up graphics and no mouse or tasta supported00:34
Lady-34number34: did you restart after installation ?00:34
prodigalN00byagoo: would i put that 0x11b in the GRUB_GFXMODE, or vga= in the kernel line in the default/grub00:35
ixxusame is when going to choose the version of the livecds i tried00:35
ppcblasterWhat is uninstall ubiquity ?00:35
Lady-34number34: so please remove the driver you installed and try intel driver00:35
number34it works fine with the intel driver00:35
QationIn my sound preferences window, the Connector: on the output tab is switching rapidly from Analog Output to analog Headphones and rapidly changing my volume. Is there a way to fix this?00:35
number34thats what it was using before00:36
maletorWhenever I reboot since upgrade to Oneiric I get a purple screen without anything else. I need to hit the restart button and that takes me to GRUB for a successful boot. How can I fix?00:36
number34but since i have the amd card i would like to utilize it00:36
yagooprodigalN00b, GRUB_CMDLINE_LNUX i guess00:36
yagooprodigalN00b, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX00:36
scarleoAntisoche: Can you paste your /etc/samba/smb.conf from the server00:37
prodigalN00bi just tried it in the GRUB_GFXMODE, bout to see how it generates00:37
number34i'm gonna try some things, thanks for all your help lady-3400:37
semitonesmaletor: since no one else has tried to help you yet, you could try booting without 'quiet splash' and see if you notice anyhing00:37
ppcblasterI just installed 11.10 and in the Launcher is a box at the top "Install Release" What is it? I clicked install and it wanted to install Ubuntu again and ask something about "Unmount", So I cancelled it. Please explain what I need to do00:37
scarleoAntisoche: in a pastebin that is00:37
yagooprodigalN00b, i see vbetool.. but no vbeinfo here00:38
Antisochescarleo: Thanks, but I just got it.  If I set 'Everyone:r' it works.  I get full access with my account.00:38
prodigalN00byagoo: in grub, run vbeinfo00:38
scarleoAntisoche: great00:38
Antisochescarleo: Can't say that makes sense or that I like what it implies, but I can deal with it.00:38
lazarus_what is online accounts used for in settings in 111.1000:38
lazarus_what is online accounts used for in settings in 11.10*00:39
grungekidppcblaster: make sure you take your disk out agter install00:39
scarleolazarus_: to connect your google account00:39
Lady-34number34: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver  they have some references ther you might waht to see00:39
Lady-34u wlcm00:39
lazarus_scarleo: yes but what does it actully allow you to do00:39
maletorWhenever I reboot since upgrade to Oneiric I get a purple screen without anything else. I need to hit the restart button and that takes me to GRUB for a successful boot. How can I fix?00:39
scarleolazarus_: sync a lot of stuff, like mail, calendar, contacts etc00:40
Lady-34maletor: try run sudo apt-get update-grub and see00:40
Lady-34sudo update-grub ups00:40
yagooprodigalN00b, u should know that grub2 has modules.. i never looked into addon modules for video-- i also dont know how grub video mode would carry into tty terminals00:41
histomaletor: it works after your reboot? What are you talking about for a successful boot?00:41
yagooprodigalN00b, u should disable to kms if u want to use any vga=00:41
prodigalN00byagoo: yeah i am (you mean nouveau.modeset=0 right?)00:42
Lady-34why if my graphis are supported by linux i cant dimm my light ? any solution for this ?00:42
maletorhisto: yeah it works after i hard reset00:42
ppcblastersudo apt-get purge ubiquity* is this correct?00:42
maletorLady-34: i will try that00:42
prodigalN00byagoo: it doesn't seem to work as well if i do vga=### as well as GRUB_GFXMODE="1024x768"00:42
yagooprodigalN00b, i dont see any differenc on here too00:43
histomaletor: if it works when you start the computer what's the issue/00:43
yagooprodigalN00b, try seeing if there's a grub2 module for video00:43
prodigalN00byagoo: might try that later.. right now wifey's etting irritated i keep rebooting00:44
yagooprodigalN00b, ls -la /boot/grub/ shows modules for video00:44
prodigalN00byagoo: i think she wants to watch a show :P00:44
yagooprodigalN00b, pull out the pc speaker..00:44
prodigalN00bno the pc i'm rebooting is the one she wants to watch a show on00:44
yagooprodigalN00b, but are the show no?00:44
strigoick strigoi00:45
prodigalN00bheh, at times00:45
tWiZtErapt-get isntall system-config-lvm isnt working00:45
tWiZtEronline guides say to get it like that00:45
tWiZtErsystem-config-lvm package not found, wtf?00:46
tWiZtEri have multiple guides saying it exists00:46
prodigalN00byagoo: thanks for the help man.. i might bug you again later :P you're good at this hardcore gui stuff00:47
ArkaniadtWiZtEr: Perhaps the guides are outdated?00:47
yagooprodigalN00b, been using linux longtime00:47
GeneralcamoHow do I connect ubuntu to a wireless network00:47
tWiZtErprobably, this is fucked00:47
drahstanyone have any ubuntu-server 10.04 experience? I've got kvm up and running on two chassis, can connect via qemu+ssh, but cannot migrate00:47
Generalcamoand fix my mouse00:47
|Slacker|alright...i installed kubuntu-desktop then asked softwre center to remove it, but kde's still installed00:47
ArkaniadGeneralcamo: Click the network panel up top right00:48
|Slacker|how do I remove it?00:48
ArkaniadGeneralcamo: Providing you have wireless drivers the access points should be in a list.00:48
GeneralcamoI cannot click, as my mouse is broken00:48
GeneralcamoWell, touch pad00:48
GeneralcamoI need to know how to get that to work00:48
GeneralcamoIt worked in natty00:48
prodigalN00byagoo: i go in and out of it every few years... been doing windows and basic debian administration for our clients... pretty basic really, but i play with kernels n stuff... the gui stuff has always been a trick for me00:48
scarleotWiZtEr: it's there in mine, try sudo apt-cache search system-config00:48
GeneralcamoWireless too00:48
tociaslacker: did you reboot?00:49
|Slacker|just rebooted00:49
GeneralcamoHow do I connect to a wireless network, without a mouse00:49
sdsheeksHello all.  I picked up a cheap HP server and was wondering if it would run 64bit Ubuntu it is HP ProLiant DL380 G3 Dual Xeon 3.06GHz00:50
ArkaniadGeneralcamo: You should try WICD. I'm pretty sure it can do what you need.00:50
sdsheeksor do i need 32bit with it?00:50
tociaslacker: try this in the command line http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome00:50
|Slacker|tocia, thanks...I'll check00:50
GeneralcamoDefine WICD00:51
tWiZtEranyone know how to mount an LVM volume that was imported to this VM by attaching a VMDK?00:51
ArkaniadGeneralcamo: Wireless Internet Connection Daemon?00:51
tWiZtEri think its corrupte00:51
GeneralcamoHow do I find that?00:51
aeon-ltdsdsheeks: modern xeon? likely 64bit capable then00:51
uxat54the 11.10 i use doesn't use the new LightDM Loginscreen but the old gdm instead. can someone help me with that?00:51
tociaslacker, be aware of your release, the link is for 11.1000:51
tociaon top there are links for the older ones00:52
GeneralcamoHow do I find the Wireless Internet Connection Deamon00:52
sdsheeksaeon-ltd: it is dual xeon 3.06/53300:52
sdsheeksaeon-ltd: I think I just answered the question..i was able to find my previously burnt 64bit copy of server and it errored out (this kernel requires an x86-64 cpu, but only detected an i68600:53
yagootwist, install vmware/vmwaretools .. and try using one of the vmware mount commands00:53
yagootWiZtEr, ^00:54
aeon-ltdsdsheeks: congrats i guess :)00:54
fweezelthe last updates I installed broke my display resolution, how do I fix this?00:54
sharkusHello all.00:54
ixxui get this screen when i try to recover my system: http://www.xup.in/dl,12813927/thx-ubuntu.JPG/00:54
sdsheeksaeon-ltd: yea i'll just down the 32bit version.. thanks! ;)00:54
GeneralcamoGuys? How do I fix my laptop's touchpad00:55
GeneralcamoAnd get WICD?00:55
sharkusI'm trying to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 on an acer laptop. I am not seeing the option to install alongside Windows 7, only options to replace or something else00:55
sharkusAny ideas why I'm not seeing the install alongside option?00:55
sharkusthis is 11.04 btw00:56
aeon-ltdGeneralcamo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD00:56
GeneralcamoCan anyone help me?00:57
tociasharkus, during the installation it will ask where to install ubuntu, and you need to choose a partion that's not used00:58
yagoosharkus, did u choose "something else" option? see if u can resize ntfs00:58
fweezelis there a way to force a resolution that it thinks it can't do?00:58
GeneralcamoUnable to locate package WICD00:58
yagooanyone knows if ntfs can be resized in the ubuntu installer? (for sharkus)00:59
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scarleosharkus: be careful resize partition with windows on it from Ubuntu, do it from win instead. Windows might get angry00:59
cntrationalWhen logging in, nothing shows up except my wallpaper when booting into either Gnome Shell or Unity. I'm on the Live USB, what do I do?00:59
yagoosharkus, i'm not sure if ntfs can be resized..00:59
yagooscarleo, no it won't..00:59
semitonesyagoo: gparted can\\00:59
LinuxCodyI think it can00:59
LinuxCodyI did it00:59
semitonesyagoo: its included on the cd00:59
sharkusok, am in/on LiveCD and looking at GParter00:59
yagoosharkus, i mean-- i'm not sure if ntfs can be resized with the ubuntu installer-- but it can be with the gparted live cd (sf.net)00:59
yagoosharkus, that's perfect..00:59
LinuxCodyAnd does anyone know how to fix a laptop touchpad on ubuntu Oneiric?00:59
sharkusmain reason for me doing this is Windows is refusing to boot, and it's the wife's lappy and she's had enough of windows so I'm trying for a conversion :D01:00
yagoosharkus, and make 2 partitions for linux-- 1 ext4 and the other swap (swap should be 1 gig)01:00
LinuxCodyI cannot use an external mouse, or my laptop's touch pad01:00
uxat54how can i repair Lightdm on my 11.10 system? it wont work, and gdm is used again..how can i fix this?01:00
yagoouxat54, gdm and lightdm dont run at the same time.. u can only have one gui logon daemon (there's much more advanced setups that let u nways..)01:01
scarleoyagoo: So why this warning: "If you have resized a Windows 7 or Vista partition and cannot boot up windows, you can use the instructions from WindowsRecovery to fix it."01:01
aeon-ltdLinuxCody: yes?01:01
yagooscarleo, use paragon rescue kit01:01
yagooscarleo, do u use a 100mb boot partition for bootmgr ?01:02
semitonesscarleo: just in case something happens01:02
yagooscarleo, how many ntfs are there?01:02
scarleoyagoo: No, I was referring to you saying there is no risk in resizing a in partition from Ubuntu01:02
nronflxOMG what moron designed the UI for 11.1001:02
GeneralcamoAny way that my mouse can be fixed?01:02
scarleoyagoo: I have no problems whatsoever and would never touch a copy of Windoze01:03
yagooscarleo, there isn't .. at least for me there isn't.. I've done this like 20 times.. from XP to Win2008-W2008R2 and Win7.01:03
uxat54yagoo, i want to use lightdm but it doesnt work anymore since i made some updates. Now it looks like the old login screen..do you know how i can fix this?01:03
sharkusok, when I unmount the ACER partition in GParted I see a little red exclamation mark in a circle after /dev/sda2, when I view it it makes mention of a bad sector. I;m guessing that perhaps this might be the reason for a) Windows 7 getting upset, and b) the option to install alongside being missing. Does that sound about right?01:03
yagooscarleo, i'm a master at this stuff.01:03
semitonessharkus: at my linux installfest we repartitioned from windows01:03
GeneralcamoIs there any other way I can get help for this?01:03
semitonessharkus: yeah01:03
semitonessharkus: get a new hdd,unfortunately01:03
scarleoyagoo: great :)01:03
tociasharkus, sounds right for a01:03
tociatry a chkdsk -f01:04
sharkuswill do01:04
GeneralcamoHow can I fix my mouse/touchpad on my laptop?01:04
sharkusguessing new HDD time though, but hey, it's backed up, well, the worthwhile stuff is, Windows, nope, who needs to backup the OS :D01:05
LukeI want to run something when lightdm starts... what's the best place to do that?01:05
yagoosharkus, that acer partition is a dumb recovery filesystem for reinstal windows..01:05
nronflxwtf are this guys doing, we are digressing with each released to pre- win 9501:05
yagoosharkus, u can ignore that..01:05
CharminTheMoosewpa_gui is complaining that I can't write the wpa_supplicant.conf file because I don't have update_config=1 in the config file in /etc, which I do. I'm running both apps (both wpa_gui and wpa_supplicant) as root, but still no written config file. Any pointers as to what I'm doing wrong here?01:05
LucidGuyKVM quesiton:  Attempted a   "virsh save guestname guestname.state"  Seemed like it was doing nothing so I ctrl-D the operation.  The guetname system is now stuck "paused".  I noticed that ksmd is eating up 12% cpu with this only one kvmguest paused.  Could the save still be taking place?  I've tried virsh restart, destroy, and even restarting qemu-kvm with no luck.  GuestKVM still paused and ksmd still eating CPU.   Suggestions?01:05
nronflxthe devs are making ubuntu less and less user friendly01:06
yagoosharkus, btw.. if u do fdisk -l .. it may say cylinder boundary doesn't land etc.. this is common and is safe to ignore..01:06
sharkusyagoo: think it's the actual active partition, as it's 286GB, there is some recovery partition of 11GB,01:06
yagoosharkus, that's fine.. u can leave it there01:06
GeneralcamoI agree01:06
semitonesnronflx: do you have a support question?01:06
sharkusthanks for the help, I'll wander off and bash the thing, sorry, chkdsk it :D01:06
theborgeranyone point me in the direction to install XBMC on 11.04? the readmes i ahve read are not working01:06
GeneralcamoSo much that I can't even use my mouse!01:06
nronflxyeah where is my old user friendly ui01:06
yagoosharkus, actually gparted does that..01:06
GeneralcamoBy the way, how can I fix that mouse01:06
ActionParsnipnronflx: kde is pretty much the same for the last 3 or 4 releases...01:06
yagoosharkus, it does ntfs check before it resizes..01:06
nronflxActionParsnip: no is not01:06
ActionParsniptheborger: there is an XBMC ppa01:06
sharkustypical, just shutdown <facepalm>01:07
ActionParsnipnronflx: same here, maybe its my tweaks01:07
theborgerActionParsnip: that replaced just xbmc? is there an install guide?01:07
semitonesActionParsnip: thank god you're here01:07
semitonesso many people with questions01:07
yagoosharkus, what sizes u going to make for ext4 and swap?01:07
GeneralcamoI am asking a question that I had since 2 hours ago01:07
Barzoghnronflx: go try archlinux or gentoo , and you shall see if ubuntu is really less user-friendly ^^01:07
GeneralcamoHow do I fix my mouse?01:08
nronflxif the intent is to lure people into switching to a "as user friendly ui" as windblows, we are missing the target01:08
ActionParsniptheborger: the ppa only goes up to maverick, but ive had it running from there on Natty without issue01:08
ActionParsniptheborger: or LXDE, works well01:08
yagooGeneralcamo, serial?01:08
ActionParsnipsemitones: sup?01:08
semitonestheborger: try googling 'xmbc ppa' you should find a page with instructions01:08
sharkusyagoo: not sure, what would you recommend?01:08
theborgerActionParsnip: ok thanks01:08
yagoosharkus, how much is used on ntfs ?01:08
semitonesActionParsnip: i'm trying to help people too :)01:08
nronflxBarzogh: we are talking ubuntu, if i want to discuss those other distros ill go to their channel01:08
uxat54sudo shutdown -h now01:09
ActionParsnipsemitones: sweet01:09
ActionParsniptheborger: http://askubuntu.com/questions/41226/install-xbmc-on-natty?amp01:09
Generalcamohow do I fix my mouse in ubuntu?01:09
Generalcamoand touchpad01:09
yagooGeneralcamo, you don't know what type of mouse it is?01:09
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: what is the make and model of the system please01:09
GeneralcamoLatitude d60001:09
yagooGeneralcamo, the touchpad point is not a mouse01:09
elbetoGeneral campo  Preferences---> Mouse01:09
GeneralcamoAlready tried that01:10
GeneralcamoDoes not even show my touchpad01:10
samrugerhello, im on ubuntu 11.10 and im having trouble with my password. all of a sudden when ever i try to sudo anything my password fails, when i try to reset the password in recoverymode/root with passwd it says authentication token manipulation error. any clue?01:10
GeneralcamoExternal mouses do not work either01:10
JRandolphGeneralcamo: I'm using a D62001:10
JRandolphIm having nothing wrong in 11.1001:10
yagoo    Don't have dial-up, parallel-port, or serial devices, so those are untested01:11
yagoo    Running into the not-powering off-at-shutdown bug (MattZimmerman: Have you tried the kernel? It fixed a similar problem for someone else) (CarlosJHernandez Works fine with 2.6.10-5)01:11
yagoo    Bluetooth works01:11
yagoo    The modem needs driver from Linuxant (non-free in any sense). Demo version of the driver seems to work.01:11
yagoo    BIOS problem, address space collision with IRQs and ACPI trouble. The solution about setting acpi=off makes soundcard and wlan work, but there are some bogus interrupts which will be handled by the wrong device driver. Better solution is to disable parallel port if possible, as BIOS sets it fixed on IRQ 7. Then ACPI (CPU scaling, battery charge indicator, shut down), sound and wlan will01:11
FloodBot1yagoo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
GeneralcamoMy touchpad worked in natty narwhal, but broke in oneiric acelot01:11
GeneralcamoOh my...01:11
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf   and use this guide: http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/11/15/fixing-my-alps-touchpad-with-the-synaptics-driver/01:12
yagoo^ sorry for the paste.01:12
semitonesGeneralcamo: my edge scrolling was broken in natty and oneiric. So I just kept maverik01:12
netWoescan anyone help with resolvconf and dns-nameserver? It seems to not be picking it up? but i'm not sure what's going on...01:12
yagooGeneralcamo, there's lots of problems with ur laptop.. i suggest u do everything as stated by the url i gave01:12
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intelmethis there a better place than here to ask a specific question about rinetd  (installed on ubuntu)?01:13
ActionParsnipnetWoes: you can set dns servers in network manager01:13
aymarahow do i set hava sun as default instead of opendjk ?01:14
scarleosamruger: You have likewise-open? I've read about conflicts there01:14
netWoesno, i need to use /etc/network/interfaces for setting WoL values when the interface is up...01:14
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yagooscarleo, you still working on that dualboot fix?01:14
robin0800with gnome classic in 11.10 if I enable compiz I loose the ability to use the panel settings how to get them back?01:15
netWoesActionParsnip: when doing that, i use a static ip config via that file, and the network manager ignores it01:15
netWoesActionParsnip: that and i don't have network manager installed01:15
ActionParsnipaymara: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-jdk-in.html01:15
ActionParsnipnetWoes: can you pastebin the interfaces file please01:15
yagooaymara, u dont need jdk do you? that's for development and is bigger download)01:15
MonkeyDustcan I somehow save a live session?01:16
scarleoyagoo: I'm not working on anything and the last thing I would like to have is Windoze on my box :)01:16
netWoesActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/712663/  ... might i also add, it seems to generate the resolv.conf correctly if i manually run /etc/init.d/networking restart... but it's empty on boot... that's my only issue atm01:16
yagooscarleo, u dont need to have windows to use ntfs-- i use ntfs on usb to transfer between linux and mac oses01:16
Generalcamoxorg.conf does not exist01:17
aymarayagoo that's what i'm reading, it's for developers, i installed runtime 6 sun, but need to set it as default01:17
cajunspicedoesnt exist in /etc/X11 ?01:17
semitoneswhat cvommand idid you use Generalcamo01:17
yagooaymara, um.. isnt there already a deb in the repo for this? why u downloading directly from sun?01:18
ActionParsnipnetWoes: may help  http://wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration01:18
ActionParsnipnetWoes: I suggest you uninstall network manager, then it can't stink the place up01:18
ActionParsnipyagoo: no, its not packaged, nor is it owned by sun01:18
netWoesActionParsnip: yeah i've read that up and down, doesn't really get into the nitty detail.. and yeah NM is uninstalled01:18
cajunspicewell, if you have no xorg.conf anywhere, you'll have to make one01:18
ActionParsnipyagoo: its owned by oracle now, the license for java changed and they don't want or like their java package being packaged01:19
MonkeyDustcan I somehow save live session settings?01:19
scarleosamruger: If you google that message there are a lot of different results for it, the cause varies01:19
tociaaymara: you can remove java and JDK from Ubuntu Software Center01:19
yagooaymara, did u try apt-get install defaultjre ?01:19
GeneralcamoIt looks like my touchpad is not even identified in cat /proc/bus/input/devices01:19
aymarayagoo, i need the sun one i try to reinstall it from software center01:19
yagooaymara, did u try apt-get install default-jre ?01:19
yagooaymara, oh01:20
aymarayagoo no i'll do it now then01:20
ActionParsnipnetWoes: if network manager is out then the resolv.conf should be left alone. If you run:  dpkg -l | grep network | less     do you see any network manager packages installed?01:20
ActionParsnipaymara: its owned by oracle now01:20
epistemeanyone else having trouble setting custom key shortcuts?01:21
cajunspiceGeneralcamo, here's a sample xorg.conf- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=93128001:21
yagooaymara, be sure to download a good one.. like right arch.01:21
ChaosrattAnyone have any experience doing fresh Raid1 installs on 11.10?01:21
GeneralcamoThat website is useless, my touch pad is not even identified01:21
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netWoesActionParsnip: nope... but what's stumping me is if i run /etc/init.d/networking restart it generates fine... on reboot it just says generated by resolvconf but no values/settings01:21
ActionParsnipyagoo: aymara: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/oracle-buys-sun-now-owns-java-becomes-a-hardware-player/1659801:21
bnmorganhelp request: required virtual size does not fit available size: requested=(3360, 1050), minimum=(320, 200), maximum=(1680, 1680)01:21
cajunspiceGeneralcamo, how are you chatting here if you can't type anything?01:21
bnmorganit was working find before i updated and rebooted.01:21
ActionParsnipnetWoes: could add the command in /etc/rc.local  to make it run at boot01:22
GeneralcamoI am using my windows desktop01:22
ActionParsnipnetWoes: add it above the exit 0 line and you should be ok01:22
GeneralcamoAnd I CAN use my keyboard on my laptop01:22
Generalcamojust not the touchpad...01:22
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: I gave you a guide how to get it running01:22
GeneralcamoI know01:22
netWoesActionParsnip: hmm.. might try that, but seems like it should be working01:22
GeneralcamoBut it fails at the first step01:22
cajunspicethen get some sample xorg.conf with your windows machine, and then copy it over to your linux machine01:22
theborgerActionParsnip: still not wokring cannot find xbmc01:22
Generalcamocat /proc/bus/input/devices01:23
GeneralcamoMy touchpad is not identified01:23
dimas__Hello all !01:23
yagooaymara, did u check these pools ? http://archive.canonical.com/dists/01:23
Generalcamomy keyboard IS01:23
Generalcamobut not my touchpad01:23
yagooaymara, http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/s/sun-java6/ (was hinted from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java)01:24
ActionParsniptheborger: did you add the PPA, then change it to maverick?01:24
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: the guide shows what to add the xorg.conf to make it load01:24
GeneralcamoIt also states that you need to know what your touchpad make is before continuing01:24
aymarayagoo, ok i'll read them01:24
cajunspiceGeneralcamo, how is your touchpad seen as? ps/2? usb? serial?01:24
netWoestheborger: yes what ActionParsnip says is right, add it and change to maverick.. i installed it yesteday01:24
GeneralcamoI don't know01:25
nronflxhow do i get rid-off the bottom bar, i want to use cairo-dock but that bar is on the way, before i could right click and delete the bar, on 11.10 i have no such option, ideas?01:25
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: lspci; lsusb   will detail it01:25
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ActionParsnipnronflx: which DE?01:25
GeneralcamoIt is none of them01:26
ActionParsnipnronflx: if you run:  killall gnome-panel    does it vanish?01:26
semitoneswhich gnome01:26
GeneralcamoMy touchpad is not listed in either one of them01:26
nronflxthe one that come with 11.1001:26
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: just try what the example says, it can't make it not work any less01:26
cajunspiceif it's not usb, it's probably ps/201:26
semitonesnronflx: gnome doesn't come with it. only unity01:26
bnmorganis there a better place for me to go as a complete new user for help?01:27
nronflxi installed gnome, maybe i need to logout and loging under gnome if i have that otpion,01:27
ActionParsnipbnmorgan: here is good or #ubuntu-beginners   may exist01:27
semitonesbnmorgan: #ubuntu-beginners might be what you're looking for :)01:28
GeneralcamoDo I need to reboot for the changes to apply?01:28
bnmorganthank you.01:28
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: if you used xorg.conf then yes01:28
ActionParsnipmakes life easier01:28
bnmorganjoin #ubuntu-beginners01:28
theborgerActionParsnip: did you use git?01:28
cajunspicejust need to restart X01:28
GeneralcamoIt did not work01:29
coraxxDoes anyone know how to create Dia shapes (.shape files) with Ubuntu ...Inkscape doesn't seem to work right ?01:29
theborgernetWoes: are you talking about using git?01:30
cajunspiceGeneral, has that touchpad ever worked with linux?01:30
bnmorganhaving problems getting my monitors out of mirror mode after my first reboot01:30
GeneralcamoWith Natty01:30
bnmorgananybody have suggestions?01:30
gary_inNYCmy system prompts Desktop effects cannot be enabled.  what can i do to re-enable them?01:30
GeneralcamoWould reinstalling ubuntu from scratch fix it?01:30
netWoestheborger: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ubuntu maverick main deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ubuntu maverick main01:30
cajunspiceGeneral, do you still have a copy of the xorg.conf you used with natty?01:30
ActionParsniptheborger: never used it in my life01:31
GeneralcamoA lot of system files were messed up when I updated it01:31
theborgernetWoes: ok thanks i think i had the wrong http in there01:31
GeneralcamoI restored most of them01:31
ActionParsnipcajunspice: for new users I always go for a reboot to keep it simple01:31
GeneralcamoAnd somehow got my documents back01:31
melhuishjSo, I can't mount my Linux partition from a live disc using GParted.  It shows up, but when I click on it all of the options dissapear01:31
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: did you upgrade from Natty to Oneiric or is it a clean Oneiric install?01:32
scarleobnmorgan: did you try System Settings -> Displays and then untick Mirror Displays?01:32
ActionParsnipmelhuishj: mount the partition from nautilus in the live CD01:32
GeneralcamoNatty ---> oneiric01:32
barneyhi all, need help. Netbook remix. On bootup I get background and top taskbar with clock etc but no menus like favourites, apps, etc.01:32
GeneralcamoBut with a special install dick01:32
melhuishjThat's the thing...it doesn't show up in nautilus01:32
cajunspiceGeneralcamo, can you get a console window to type "dmesg | more"01:32
bnmorganscarleo: yes, it tells me an error "required virtual size does not fit available size: " and lists several sizes.01:33
melhuishjI see the 100GB Windows partition, the swap, and some other small partitions, but the ~150GB Linux partition is absent from the list01:33
coraxxwho knows how to work Dia Diagram Editor in Ubuntu ?01:33
semitonesmelhuishj: try running mount in terminal01:34
GeneralcamoAlready did that too01:34
theborgernetWoes: thanks i just had the url wrong.01:34
cajunspiceGeneralcamo, if you can do a "dmesg | more", somehwere in that output it will tell you what kind of mouse linux thinks your touchpad is01:34
scarleobnmorgan: Could you try unplug that extra monitor and logout/login then connect it again?01:34
melhuishjWell, I've tried, but its an LVM partition it seems, so I had to go through a rather annoying process to find the actual partition location, and it still didn't work01:35
ActionParsnipGeneralcamo: try a clean install, may help01:35
bnmorganok. brb.01:35
melhuishjOr did you mean just run mount?01:35
GeneralcamoWhich line?01:35
semitonesGeneralcamo: see if the live media detects it01:35
semitonesmelhuishj: just mount, to see what/wehre it is01:36
unc0nnectedhey everyone, I've upgraded from 10.04 to 11.10 and my machine hangs during the boot sequence.  I can alt-f1 into another tty and when I do the hung boot screen goes on to Starting NetBIOS name server, then does a starting/stopping Mount network filesystems and hands there01:36
melhuishjIt seems /dev/sda6 is not present01:36
GeneralcamoI can't even find it01:36
cajunspiceGeneral, another workaround solution would be plugging in an external usb mouse. just temporarily01:36
GeneralcamoI will probably just run a full clean install01:36
GeneralcamoThanks for the help guys, but I think I will just reinstall ubuntu01:38
GeneralcamoHave a nice night/day01:38
coraxxwho knows how to work Dia Diagram Editor in Ubuntu ? n e body ?01:39
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yagoounc0nnected, apt-get install pastebinit; cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |pastebinit -t myxlog01:39
cheekeeI am having trouble getting Ubuntu to recognize my DVD RW drive...I have tried adding /dev/cdrom, /dev/cdrom4,/dev/dvd to fstab but no luck so far01:39
barneyhi all, need help. Netbook remix. On bootup I get background and top taskbar with clock etc but no menus like favourites, apps, etc. It was working fine before an update this morning.01:40
apparatusHey, has anyone got experiences with SSDs here?01:40
aymarayagoo, i got it now, i have sun java as default, my applet now is working01:40
cajunspicecheekee, does it detect anything?01:40
rodayoIs it at all possible to prevent apps from getting grouped together in the task switcher? Or better yet a way to show the window instead of the useless icon...01:40
byronscarleo: didn't change anything01:40
Guest46424I have a question about screen, how does the -X flag work?01:40
rodayoOneiric btw, forgot to mention01:40
Logan_!anyone | apparatus01:41
ubottuapparatus: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:41
yagooaymara, i thought applets are going extinct.. i haven't seen one in like the past 2 years..01:41
yagooaymara, midlets and java servlets are here to stay.. but i don't see a future for applets01:41
scarleobyron: hmmm, what's your GPU and what driver are you using?01:41
Guest46424I am /quit01:42
apparatusThe problem being that I just bought a Crucial m4 64GB version and I'm getting relatively normal read speeds (around 275MB/s) but delivers write speeds of 15MB/s (should be multiple times higher).01:42
aymarayagoo, it's not an applet, it is a software to play dominoes online01:42
cheekeecajunspice:  well I have a blu-ray drive, that doesn't seem to show on fstab either, but I can watch DVDs on it. I can't copy files to the Blu-ray drive though01:42
scarleocoraxx: I have used it, what u need help with?01:42
unc0nnectedhmm, boot sequence hangs but if I alt-f1 and run sudo service gdm start gnome starts up.. any ideas?01:42
yagooaymara, applets exists as java in a webbrowser.. however that's not the only place java is used..01:42
ActionParsnipapparatus: look into hdparm01:43
apparatusOne other person also had problems with it and complained about it in Crucial's forums and managed to find the answer on his own. This however, was in Windows.01:43
yagooaymara, so i was suprised when u said applet.. i see like no applets on the web other than java apps/servers/cellphones..01:43
byronscarleo: 6770 and i don't know.01:43
cheekeecajunspice: The Blu-ray device is a sata device the DVD -rom is old school01:43
byronor don't know where to look01:43
scarleobyron: is that ATI?01:43
=== byron is now known as bnmorgan
semitonesunc0nnected: try booting without 'qquiet splash' in grub and see if it says anything01:43
yagoosemitones, did u try those commands i gave u?01:44
aymarayagoo, thks01:44
scarleobyron: then there are probably better suited persons here to help you, no exp from ATI whatsoever01:44
cajunspicecheekee, what happens if you try to mount the drive manually?01:44
apparatusActionParsnip: I'm not exactly experienced in dealing with Linux. What should I look for?01:44
semitonesyagoo: wrong person01:44
yagoounc0nnected, u tried those commands i gave u?01:44
unc0nnectedsemitones: I'll try that right now.. will that show me more info then when I press escape during the boot sequence to show me line by line of what's going on?01:44
tassehi i just tried to install gnome-shell and it was bugged, afterwards i installed gnome-shell and got a bug and i did this ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/FglrxInteferesWithRadeonDriver#Problem:__Need_to_fully_remove_-fglrx_and_reinstall_-ati_from_scratch ) - now, if i start my pc i dont get anything but a black screen with nothing..01:44
yagoounc0nnected, u need sudo for apt-get01:45
semitonesunc0nnected: i actually don't know what hitting esc does01:45
coraxxscarleo: need help with creating shapes ...or rather custom-shapes ...how you tried that ?01:45
unc0nnectedyagoo: sorry, i missed them.. I'm going to try them right now.. thanks01:45
yagoocoraxx, maybe ask on #linux? you're asking on how to use dia.. i'm sure very if anyone is using it01:45
cajunspicecheekee: like with "mount -t iso9600 -r /dev/sr0 /mnt/cdrom" (with a cd in the drive)01:45
yagoocajunspice, -t auto, is easier01:45
cheekeecajunspice: It doesn't respond at all. My Floppy drive at least tells me it has nothing to read.01:45
bnmorganscarleo: where do i find driver info?01:46
cajunspiceyou mean the command never finishes?01:46
ActionParsnipapparatus: read the man page and look for samples online. You may need to mess with dma etc, use it to test throughput first01:46
ActionParsnipapparatus: also check BIOS settings01:46
freiI'm having problem linking libxml2 (I get a 'ex1.c:(.text+0x60): undefined reference to `xmlReadFile' error), but all the libxml2 packages seem to be installed and I use -lxml2 when compiling. Someone has an idea what the problem could be ?01:46
coraxxyagoo: thanx ... 'm gonna stickj around for a while and see what scarleo have to say ;-)01:47
unc0nnectedyagoo: pastebinit is amazing, how did I not know about tihs until now.. thakns for the recommendation.01:47
yagoocoraxx, u didnt get a pastebinit output ? that's what alot of people do..they post their x log01:47
scarleocoraxx: No never tried that, following a guiide?01:47
cajunspicecheekee: does the command never finish or does it come back with some error?01:47
yagoocoraxx, cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log |pastebinit -t myxlog01:47
unc0nnectedtheres my xorg log01:47
scarleobnmorgan: you could have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI01:48
coraxxscarleo: I can't seem to find a guide on the subject.  Which is very strange.  On Dia's homepage I found a script that _should_ convert .svg-files to .shape-files ...which is nice as Inkscape is a good tool for creating shapes...however it is not working right :-(01:49
scarleocoraxx: there is a guide here: http://dia-installer.de/howto/create_shape/index.html.en Is thta what you want to do?01:49
bnmorganscarleo: argh. looks like my answer. it worked till i updated to what i thought were the proper proprietary drivers.01:49
coraxxyagoo: (are you sure you meant to direct that answer to me ;-) )01:49
cheekeecajunspice: it says /sr0 doesn't exist01:50
bnmorganhow do i un-screw it.01:50
yagoocoraxx, looks like i was asking you on X problems. u caught me naked..01:50
netWoeswhy is this resolv.conf issue so irritating? NetworkManager is GONE, resolvconf is generating empty on boot, but fine when I manually run "/etc/init.d/networking restart"01:50
yagoocoraxx, i meant that for unc0nnected01:50
* yagoo lets scarleo and coraxx talk about dia coolness01:50
cheekeecajunspice: /dev/sr0 doesn't exist01:51
=== angela is now known as angela-
coraxxscarleo: no... I came across that guide during my search, however it assumes that you wanna create shapes based on already existing shapes in Dia ... now new ones you import.01:51
coraxxscarleo: *now = not01:52
unc0nnectedSo I can start GDM manually but the thing still hangs on 'Run system V runlevel compatability' .. think installing lightdm would help?01:52
* coraxx thanx yagoo for letting us discuss this cool Diagram software :-)01:53
scarleobnmorgan: You can read here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver, just purge the fglrx ones and install the radeon ones instead01:53
cajunspicecheekee: does anythng show up in a dmesg ?01:54
cheekeecajunspice: it also says /dvd, /dvd4, /cdrom and /cdrom4 don't exist either even though fstab lists them all01:54
scarleocoraxx: Hmmm, it says: You can also use other tools such as Inkscape to draw your shape, save it in the SVG format and import it to Dia.01:54
scarleocoraxx: Could you share a svg file so I can try to import it?01:54
yagoounc0nnected, looks like there's 2 solutions.. i would try the latter one-> https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11957801:55
cajunspicecheeke: fstab does n't devices be seen, it only automounts them after they are seen01:55
unc0nnectedI've just set lightdm to be the default and it loads fine, but not gdm01:55
yagoounc0nnected, first solution is part-solution (there's a slight flicker).. maybe more bleeding edge fglrx driver doesn't have this problem..01:55
unc0nnectedyagoo: checking the link now.. thanks01:55
unc0nnectedi thought /etc/X11/xorg.conf was depreciated01:56
cajunspicecheekee: try this "dmesg | more" and then "/sr0"01:56
coraxxscarleo: exactly what I've read ...but it really stinks...both the script and the guide :-) ... how can I send a .svg-file to you ? ..or rather how would you like me to do that ;-) ?01:56
scarleocoraxx: found this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4643243/import-custom-svg-shapes01:56
jmwpcI need help getting a network driver to load at startup an 11.10. I need to load the module r8712u for the (usb) network adapter to work. When using sudo modprobe r8712u, everything works. When I add r8712u to /etc/modules and reboot, it does not work. How do I get this module to load at startup?01:56
yagoounc0nnected, no it isnt01:56
melhuishjIn case anyone is interested, I figured it out01:56
yagoounc0nnected, u sometimes don't see xorg.conf on linux because X can also dynamically discover things..01:57
yagoounc0nnected, to generate an xorg.conf file..01:57
cheekeecajunspice: There is something there  cdrom: Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.2001:57
unc0nnectedyagoo: gotcha.. actually I tried completely removing all ati drivers and still encountered this problem01:57
yagoounc0nnected, stop lightdm, X -configure, copy the sample for /root or ~/ (xorg.conf.new) and copy it as /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:57
cheekee[  156.796966] sr 4:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr001:58
yagoounc0nnected, edit xorg.conf after01:58
* yagoo likes mcedit from apt-get install mc for editing in console01:58
ActionParsnipjmwpc: you can add the command:  modprobe r8712u    in /etc/rc.local01:58
ActionParsnipjmwpc: add it above the exit - line :D01:58
cajunspicecheekee: ok, so it is detecting you drive01:59
coraxxscarleo: HA!....I didn't know you could do that ....that is very cool :-D ... it would be even cooler if it worked correctly :-( ....I only see a black outline of the shape...no colors *sniff*01:59
yagoounc0nnected, dont try the xorg trick..01:59
yagoounc0nnected, that's the flicker side-effect solution. Try the last reply on the thread01:59
cajunspicecheekee: is it a data disc you've got in it when you try to mount it?01:59
jmwpcActionParsnip: I will give that a go... brb01:59
cheekeecajunspice:  A live CD02:00
scarleocoraxx: you can share in any way02:00
yagoounc0nnected, btw "[   795.497] Warning: LookupWindow()/SecurityLookupWindow() are deprecated.  Please convert your driver/module to use dixLookupWindow()." from ur x log02:00
unc0nnectedyagoo: xrandr outputs: Can't open display02:00
scarleoso that doesn't work?02:00
cajunspicecheekee: I don't understand why you get that error when you try to mount it, then02:00
cheekeecajunspice: but I can't eject it02:00
coraxxscarleo: (...and it duplicates the shape within the shape...weird :-( )02:00
yagoounc0nnected, what was ur command?02:01
cajunspicecheekeeL if you can't eject it, then it is mounted02:01
yagoo(and full commandline)02:01
cheekeecajunspice:  the devce simply doesn't respond or allow me to mount it02:01
unc0nnectedyagoo: just xrandr .. I'll look into that warning now and try to solve that. thanks for pointing that out02:01
yagooxrandr works here02:01
jmwpcActionParsnip: That worked... how is that different than adding it to /etc/modules?02:02
cajunspicecheekee: if you want to eject it, try umount {whatever you mounted it to}02:02
yagoounc0nnected, what warning..02:02
unc0nnectedyagoo: as it shold I imagine.. heh, but mine is not a computer that plays by the rules02:02
yagoounc0nnected, xlog or xrandr?02:02
unc0nnectednothing in my life is apparenlty :)02:02
coraxxscarleo: unfortunately no ...but I was a nice trick you found ..maybe I'm closer to the answer now...so thanx.02:02
unc0nnectedyagoo: xrandr, xlog isn't even installed02:02
yagoounc0nnected, your log shows very good edid pickup and modelines.. so it looks very stable02:02
scarleocoraxx: np, I hope you get it right02:03
yagoounc0nnected, (xlog as i mean /var/log/Xorg.0.log)02:03
unc0nnectedyagoo: yea that's what it wants you to think.. it wants to lure you into a false sense of security and then it explodes everything all at once02:03
yagoounc0nnected, i meant the last line -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/712690/02:03
yagoounc0nnected, also what's the output of xrandr?02:03
yagoounc0nnected, xrandr |pasteinit -t xrandr02:03
cheekeecajun it says /sr0 is not mounted according to mtab02:03
yagoounc0nnected, xrandr |pastebinit -t xrandr02:03
unc0nnectedyagoo: it just says 'can't open display'02:04
coraxxscarleo: I think the problem is the requirements of the .SVG-file ...there must be some definition somewhere of how it should be formatted if it should work with Dia...or rather the .shape-file format....I don't think all .svg-files agrees with Dia.02:04
yagoounc0nnected, are u normal user?02:04
cajunspicecheekee: oh, did you mount it as root? or at least sudo'd?02:04
yagoounc0nnected, (not # root)02:04
unc0nnectedyagoo: tried it as both02:04
yagoounc0nnected, u have to be in X of course02:04
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freiFor many packages there is a 'doc' package, where do you access it ? (I though it was "man [nameoftheprogram]" but it doesn't seem to be the case).02:05
amirandaI use the nvidia driver, and I have two displays.  When I try to configure both displays, and tell nvidia-settings to configure them as separate displays (NOT twinview), the second display doesn't get a window manager or anything.  Is there a way to fix that?02:05
=== znf is now known as Znuff
scarleocoraxx:yeah, either the svg or some import options that needs to be set02:05
=== Znuff is now known as znf
malexwHey folks, I just upgraded to 11.10 but I'm having trouble getting gnome to start. How should I go about debugging this?02:06
Fahfrei: /usr/share/doc02:06
yagoounc0nnected, Aplications/SystemTools or Accessories/Terminal02:06
cheekeecajunspice: I may have tried that02:06
yagoo(Applications/SystemTools/Xterm is an alternativve)02:06
coraxxscarleo: Dia is not very flexible in that regard ...so the answer is probably in the 'exported' format ...I which I knew of a .shape-file editor in Linux/Ubuntu ... I haven't been able to find one.  Do you know of any ?02:07
bnmorganscarleo: for the time being i think i surrender. i don't have the patience left to try to get it going.02:07
yagooamiranda, multiseat?02:07
Lady-34where is the configuration for diming mi backlight,is blindng me,,so bright controls does not work on keyboard or anywhere else on the system02:07
bnmorganscarleo: back to windoze :(02:07
frei@Fah: thanks !02:08
cajunspicecheekee: if you cd to "/dev" and type "ls sr*", what does it say?02:08
yagooamiranda, two users 1 computer? or 1 user with two separate desktop sessions using 1 keyboard ?02:08
amirandayagoo: no, just me.  1 user with 1 keyboard, but wanting two separate sessions (so I can switch the desktop on one screen, but not the other.)02:09
cheekeecajunspice: no such file or directory02:09
cajunspicesounds like something is messed up02:09
amirandayagoo: works fine on 10.04, but not on 11.10 (and I think not on 11.04 either, though I didn't test that much).02:09
cajunspicecheekee: it found sr0 at boot time, it was in the dmesg. but it's not ending up in your dev directory02:10
ActionParsnipjmwpc: that script is ran just before the login screen shows, runs as root too. Not sure why /etc/modules doesn't work though02:10
scarleobnmorgan: thats too bad02:11
unc0nnectedyagoo: ya I shutdown X to run X -configure02:11
scarleocoraxx: there is documentation for it in /usr/share/doc/dia-common/custom-shapes.gz Haven't read it but there might be clues02:11
unc0nnectedi'll start ti back up again02:11
yagoounc0nnected, xrandr didnt do the trick?02:11
scarleocoraxx: No, I don't know any other .shape editors02:11
coraxxscarleo: ok thanx :-) ...I'll take a look.02:11
unc0nnectedyagoo: it might, I just had to run to the bathroom for 5.. bootign back into x now02:12
coraxxscarleo: ok...no worries :-)02:12
yagoounc0nnected, use beer bottles02:12
yagoounc0nnected, that's what gf's and wives are for :)02:12
cheekeecajunspice: I tried to symbolically link sr0 to my cdrom then I unlinked it...It seems to have disappeared completely now02:12
bnmorganscarleo: i know. i'll give it another go in a day or two when i'm not at the end of 13 hrs work and a migraine02:13
unc0nnectedyagoo: they only go so far, that and my computer is the only mistress in my life right now and apparently she is on strike02:13
yagoocheekee, what disppeared? the /dev/sr0 devicefile ?02:13
cheekeeyagoo: yes02:13
scarleobnmorgan: that sounds better :) get some rest02:13
cajunspicecheekee:that wasn't good to do. if you type "top", do you see any process named "udevd"?02:14
yagoocheekee, if u reboot it should be regenrated from udev02:14
scarleocoraxx: Here is a lot more detailed documentation also: http://dia-installer.de/doc/en/custom-shapes-chapter.html02:14
yagoocheekee, ur maybe for udev to recheck currently02:14
jonpryhow can i debug an acpi problem?02:14
unc0nnectedyagoo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/71270802:15
unc0nnectedyagoo: there's no problems once lightdm is loading.. well there are but nothing in the boot sequence anymore02:15
cajunspiceudevd not running would explain how it's not getting put into dev02:15
cheekeeI see no udev02:16
cajunspicethat's the problem02:16
FerchoLPHi, I upgraded to 11.10 and switched to XFCE and I have now the following issue: when I mute sounds, it works OK, but when I unmute, volume is set to 0 and I have to volume up again.   Also, the HP pavilion mute media button doesn't turn red on mute any more. This is not really important but maybe is related and can help to figure out what the problem can be.02:16
cajunspiceyou need to have udev loaded at boot time02:16
yagoocheekee, u shouldn't use -f with ln sometimes..02:16
yagoocheekee, especially with sym links against dev files..02:16
malexwAnyone know how to disable or uninstall the binary AMD ATI driver from a terminal?02:17
yagoocheekee, if u reboot does it get regenerated?02:17
gantryI'm confused on how we install gnome shell extensions.  I install them from the Ubuntu Software Center, but when I use the Advanced Settings tool, I don't see anything under Install Shell Extensions02:17
cheekeeok I'll try that now, be back in a few mins02:18
bluerhello i install ubuntu 11.04 with second partition for home but cant see my files what should i change in fstab in order to access my files?02:18
scarleocoraxx: like 11.3.2. Recognised drawing elements May be a hint of what works from the svg02:18
ActionParsnipbluer: is the home partition in /etc/fstab?02:18
Gskelligsomehow during the 11.10 install, my mouse cursor turned HUGE and won't go back, can't figure out how to get it back since 11.1002:18
ActionParsnipbluer: here is mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/712712/   I suggest you use the noatime option but the line will be identical except the UUID02:19
ActionParsnipbluer: you can find out your UUID by running:  sudo blkid02:19
grom358running XFCE.. my unmute/mute button doesn't work properly. Mute appears to work.. But unmuting only unmutes the ASLA device. The PulseAudio is still muted.. Resulting in no sound02:20
FerchoLPahh same problem here!! after unmiting, volume is set to 002:21
cajunspicedoes alsamixer help?02:21
FerchoLPin my case, both alsa and pulse are set to zero at muting, but are not restored to previous value on unmuting02:22
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bluerActionParsnip http://paste.ubuntu.com/712715/02:22
=== derp is now known as MontrealQueen
bluerActionParsnip: what should i change in my fstab?02:23
=== bbya_ is now known as bbya
cajunspiceFerchoLP, what happens if you run alsamixer from a console window?02:23
=== MontrealQueen is now known as derp
grom358alsamixer does the same thing02:24
grom358what happens with alsamixer exactly the same.. Pulse Audio is still muted.. so no sound02:24
cajunspicewhat kind of audio do you have?02:24
grom358as in sound card?02:24
grom358HDA Intel02:25
cjsSo, the ability to do a guest session is removed in Ubuntu 11.10?02:25
=== haji is now known as Guest10309
=== Guest10309 is now known as hajiki
=== hajiki is now known as hajik
cajunspicefrom alsamixer, are all the mixer controls set to zero, or just the main alsa volume?02:25
cjsOh, hm. It's supposed to be there. Something's wrong with my panel.02:25
fructoseAnyone know if there is something like Grid that works great on more than 4 windows? Once I use up my four corners, I find myself having to manually resize things to fit02:25
scarleobluer: line 14: UUID=96aa5caa-0767-4b31-a875-f5b52fdbb6ba /home ext4 defaults 0 002:26
grom358any other ideas?02:26
FerchoLPin my case, just the Master is set to zero02:26
cheryljosiehello everyone, my boot just got hosed. hangs at initramfs after update. oneiric fresh install02:26
FerchoLPfrom both alsa and pulseaudio02:26
scarleobluer: if that is the correct UUID02:26
cjsWhere's the gnome-panel setup in Ubuntu 11.10?02:27
cajunspiceFerchoLP: at least it's easier to correct when it's only one volume control02:27
cheryljosieanyone know what to do if hung at boot?02:27
ivanBliminseAnyone have any idea why the 11.10 64 bit ISO gives me an error that says, "prefix not set" then a black screen with white garbled columns maybe... i've tried burning it to a CD,DVD and boot stick. same result all three times02:28
tabaxter_A quick query. If I am mid-distribution upgrade, is it possible to hibernate my computer without completely screwing the process? I need to have the computer powered down in the next ten minutes in order for an electrician to work on the property.02:28
cajunspiceivanBliminse: did you try to burn the same download 3 times, or three different downloads?02:28
ivanBliminsecajunspice, three different downloads..02:29
scarleobluer: You should change line 14 in your fstab paste to what I gave you02:29
cajunspicesounds like a bios problem02:29
ivanBliminsecajunspice, the 11.10 32 bit works just fine...02:29
cheryljosiehello, anyone know what to do when hung at initramfs?02:29
ivanBliminsecajunspice, even though it is a 64 bit system02:30
cheryljosieDo not have a clue where to start. not even a kernel prom.02:30
bluerthanx scarleo02:30
dwarderguys, was anyone able to run this device on ubuntu http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=44002:30
cajunspiceivanBliminse: I'd guess the 64 bit version made some assumptions about what kind of bios it would be dealing with, that aren't true02:30
cjsOh, hm. It's not gnome-panel in Ubuntu-2D in 11.10 any more. What am I using for that bar at the top of the screen, and how do I change it?02:30
ivanBliminsecajunspice, any idea on a way around it?02:30
theborgerwhat is the best or works the best VNC type server for 11.04?02:31
dwarderi am thinking about buying one to work with my ubuntu02:31
cheekeecajunspice: my sr0 is back after rebooting but I still don't see anything in top02:31
bluerwhat about noatime02:31
cheryljosiehello, anyone know what to do when hung at initramfs? where to start looking for the problem? is there an update bug in oneiric?02:31
cjsIs there another place I should be asking these questions?02:32
netWoesActionParsnip: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/resolvconf/+bug/366967 looks like it's still bugging people after all these years02:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 366967 in resolvconf (Ubuntu) "ifupdown-udev integration should be thought-out more thoroghly" [Medium,Confirmed]02:32
cajunspiceivanBliminse: I always prefer the 32 bit versions myself. was it the 64 bit version for your particular kind of cpu chip? (intel, amd, etc)02:32
ivanBliminsecajunspice, I didn't know there were differnt versions.. i wondered about it saying amd.. where do I find the 64 bit intel?02:32
cajunspicecheekee: does a "cd /dev" "ls sr*" show anything now?02:32
cheryljosiewould it be faster to just reinstall and try again?02:33
ivanBliminsecajunspice, does using the 64 bit double your throughput?.. why do you prefer 32 bit?02:33
cheekeeyeah sr002:33
cheryljosiei would rather not reinstall... it took me days to get it all running02:33
scarleobluer: You can add it if you want: defaults,noatime where it says default02:35
cajunspiceivanBliminse: I prefer 32 bit because I have an amd64 where the speed of 32 bit is like 95% of the speed of 64 bit, and 32 bit is much more dependable02:35
cheryljosiehello, anyone care to chat about boot problem? hung at initramfs after update, 11.10 oneiric02:35
Stupendoussteve64 bit binaries use more ram, not much use using 64 bit unless you have more ram than 32 bit supports02:35
tabaxter_A quick query. If I am mid-distribution upgrade, is it possible to hibernate my computer without completely screwing the process? I need to have the computer powered down in the next ten minutes in order for an electrician to work on the property.02:35
cajunspicecheekee: if sr0 is there in your /dev directory now, you can use it to mount discs02:36
Stupendousstevetabaxter_: Got a good back?02:36
ivanBliminsecajunspice, I have Intel i5 ... i'm not seeing a 64 bit download for intel.. do they not make one?02:36
cheryljosiei do believe 64 bit has an advantage if running full disk encryption because of the extra registers...02:36
StupendoussteveivanBliminse: It's called amd6402:36
qmrThe following extra packages will be installed:   pulseaudio pulseaudio-esound-compat pulseaudio-module-x1102:36
cheekeecajunspice: I just tried sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/cdrom02:36
qmrWHY.  WHY.  WHY.02:36
qmrI removed pulseaudio for a reason02:36
ivanBliminsestupendoussteve, is that not for an AMD?02:37
StupendoussteveAMD did 64 bit first, Intel copied ;)02:37
StupendoussteveIt is for both02:37
cajunspiceivanBliminse: I don't know02:37
qmritanium is pretty old02:37
tabaxter_Stupendoussteve: not great, no. All valuable stuff is on ubuntuone, but a lot of apps are installed that I'd dearly love to not have to reinstall.02:37
StupendoussteveItanium isn't x8602:37
cheekeecajunspice: and got the message /dev/sr0 unknown device02:38
Stupendousstevetabaxter_: Interrupting the upgrade for any reason is generally a very bad idea. It may come back from hibernation, or you might just find a half broken system02:38
cajunspicecheekee: I'm out of ideas, it should be working02:38
ivanBliminsestupendoussteve, any idea why the 64 bit install version doesn't work? I get "prefix not set", then black screen with what looks like white garbled columns... I've tried 3 downloads, cd,dvd,flash02:38
cheryljosieprefix not set sounds like a ram problem?02:39
darkfearsdoes anyone know how I can get NDAS drivers? running Ubuntu 11.10. Have Flash plugin installed, when using firefox it still says "plug-in not installed" when I am trying to view the driver download section on ximeta's website02:39
qmrHow do I install something with apt without getting pulse audio ?02:40
cajunspicecheekee: have you tried putting the disc in the other drive?02:40
darkfearsso basically i cannot see the link which would allow me to download the NDAS drivers without flash plugin working properly02:40
cheryljosieqmr try another distro maybe... all packages are going to pull in their dependencies02:40
ivanBliminsedarkfears, did you try another browser?02:41
qmrpulse is horrible02:41
darkfearsjust chrome but it didnt work either. says flash plugin is not installed.. but it is02:41
StupendoussteveivanBliminse: You're not doing a wubi install, are you?02:41
ivanBliminsestupendoussteve, nope02:41
tabaxter_Stupendoussteve: Bugger.   If I have no other option, is hibernating the safest available option, or am I better to try a complete shut down/something else?02:41
ivanBliminsedarkfears, msg me the site let me take a lok02:42
Stupendousstevetabaxter_: Is it still downloading the packages?02:42
cheryljosieok well i tried, looks like i do a reinstall, since no one cares to acknowledge my presence.02:42
ivanBliminsecheryljosie, just because noone answered doesn't mean noone cares.. be greatful noone replied instead of people giving bad ifo02:42
cajunspicecherlyjosie, what was your problem again?02:42
linociscohi I have encrypted home folder and since I last change my password, I failed to log in. now I totally forgot all old and new password. how could I do ?02:43
ActionParsnipdarkfears: can you give a PASTEBIN of:  uname -a; lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'    thanks02:43
StupendoussteveivanBliminse: It was a known bug with wubi, I'm not seeing anything about actual installs of 11.10, might try the alternate cd02:43
ivanBliminsestupendoussteve, downloading that now.. my last hope lol02:43
qmrhow can I forcefully install a package ignoring dependencies?02:44
cheekeecajunspice: The blu-ray drive works although it is is strangely labelled floppy0. The problem is that I can't write anything to it.02:44
cajunspicecheekee: that's very strange02:45
ActionParsnipqmr: I strongly advise you DON'T but you can tell apt-get to only download the package, then run:   sudo dpkg --force-all -i filename.deb02:45
jpkhi, quick question:  how do you change the default terminal emulator in 11.10?  when i press ctrl+alt+t, i get one terminal, and i want to use another.  in 11.04, this could be changed in a preferred applications applet somewhere.  i can't find that in 11.10.02:46
ActionParsnipqmr: the whole idea of a package based OS is so that apps get deps met, circumventing this will make you not able to install ANY other packages02:46
ActionParsnipqmr: or updates, or anything02:46
Stupendousstevelinocisco: Did you set up a recovery key in the window that popped up when you first booted?02:47
qmrwell as soon as pulse audio gets fixed get back to me :P02:47
ActionParsnipjpk: sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator      perhaps02:47
ActionParsnipqmr: its fixed02:47
qmrActionParsnip: false02:47
tabaxter_Stupendoussteve: Nope. a half an hour off finishing the install stage.02:47
cheekeecajunspice: stranger still, there is NO floppy0 listed in /dev even though...the blu-ray drive clearly works and is listed as floppy002:47
ActionParsnipqmr: works here so it must be02:47
gantryhas anyone installed a gnome-shell extension from the software center?02:47
qmrI tried playing a game and simultaneously running teamspeak and everything went to hell02:48
tabaxter_Stupendoussteve: I'm tempted to just offer the electrician muffins to hold off for the necessary amount of time, but he appears pretty rushed.02:48
linociscoStupendoussteve: I am not sure , bro02:48
ActionParsnipdarkfears: its a terminal command, run it as one then copy the output. Head over to http://pastie.org  and paste the text there and hit paste, when the page changes. Copy the new address in the address bar and paste that here02:48
cajunspiceit cheekee: do you have an actual floppy drive?02:48
qmrhttp://pastebin.com/RKucHBnp :/02:48
linociscoStupendoussteve: I thought I didn't02:48
ActionParsnipqmr: are you using a Creative Audigy sound card by any chance?02:49
cheekeecajunspice: yes I do, I remember noticing both floppy and floppy0 in /dev, 30 mins ago, now both are unlisted02:50
Stupendousstevelinocisco: Wouldn't be very secure if you could decrypt without knowing any of the authentication details, no?02:50
VxQeMy network connection keeps dropping out when I try to use samba in ubuntu. I can browse shares from my windows partition on the same box.02:50
VxQeAnd this has worked previously02:50
templetwhat lightscribe printing solutions are there for ubuntu natty ?02:50
qmrActionParsnip: don't think so.. intel something something.  why do you ask?02:50
ActionParsnipqmr: Creative stuff can cause a lot of issues02:51
Stupendousstevetemplet: checked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LightScribe ?02:51
qmrI see..02:51
cajunspicecheekee: I wish I could figure out your problem, but I'm stuped02:51
templetappreciate it Stupendoussteve02:51
ActionParsnipStupendoussteve: beat me to it02:51
cajunspicecheekee: oh wait, in your /etc/udev directory, do you have a file for persistant cd rules?02:52
=== conor_ is now known as Gskellig
Gskelligmy cursor in ubuntu keeps randomly becoming huge02:53
Gskelligcan't figure out how to fix it02:53
jpkActionParsnip: Hm, that seems to change the terminal that opens when you invoke x-terminal-emulator, but the one that opens with the keyboard shortcut didn't change02:54
cheekeecajunspice: yes I do02:55
ActionParsnipjpk: ok then unset CTRL+ALT+T then make a new shortcut to run x-terminal-emulator and it will work02:56
cajunspicecheekee: /etc/udev/rules.d/persistent-cd.rules might be at fault02:56
cajunspicecheekee: that file controls how drives are named02:56
cheekeecajunspice: It still has my old DVD drive listed so it seems like I have 3 DVD drives02:56
cajunspicecheeke: that's probably whats confusing things02:57
jpkActionParsnip: How do I do that?  The keyboard shortcut applet just lets me change the keybinding for "Launch Terminal", but nothing else.02:57
Gskelligmouse is giant in firefox, normal in xchat, except when i go to click on a link or type in a box, then it gets giant again02:58
cajunspiceGskellig: isn't there a desktop setting that makes the cursor grow when moved?02:58
cheekeecajunspice: it even has entries for my pendrives...If I rename the file will anything go badly wrong?02:59
cajunspicecheekee: don't rename the file02:59
Gskelligcajunspice, I don't know, but that doesn't sound like my problem02:59
ActionParsnipjpk: make a new shortcut, i'm not sure how it's done in gnome but this may help02:59
ActionParsnip!shortcut | jpk02:59
ubottujpk: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://goo.gl/Pwxq102:59
cajunspicecheekee: make a backup copy of the file, and edit the entries in it02:59
SetiAmonHey I'm running oneiric and i have a question.Believe it or not i have never done this so please bare with me03:00
ParadigmUltraUnity keeps losing mouse controls.  I suddenly can't gain focus on any windows.  Can anyone tell me why?03:00
darkfearsActionParsnip: did you get the PASTEBIN link?03:00
GskelligI'm on oneirc03:00
SetiAmonI want to burn my mp3s into a playable mp3 cd for the car,what do i use?thats doable right?03:00
ActionParsnipdarkfears: indeed03:00
dr_willisSetiAmon: yes its doable03:01
cajunspiceSetiAmon: you could use mkisofs to combine all the mp3 files into one iso image, and then burn that03:01
VxQeEverytime I browse an SMB share, ubuntu forgets how to talk networking for about 30 seconds. :/03:02
dr_willisSetiAmon: i use k3b with the mp3 plugin but other apps exist also03:02
SetiAmonLuck i had just installed k3b yesterday03:03
SetiAmonso i can burn/play MP3's and they will play on a modern cd player? I remember back in the day i had to use wav or redbook or something.03:03
SetiAmonbut i can fit all 100 or so songs onto a cd.I wonder if modern cd players can play mp3 DVDs?03:04
cajunspiceSetiAmon: are you talking about a plain old cd player or one that can play mp3 data discs?03:04
SetiAmonman i'm so old/behind03:04
dr_willisSetiAmon: some can03:04
SetiAmonits a cd for a friends car,he drives a BMW so i imagine its a modern CD player03:04
GskelligSetiAmon, just before the ipod became popular, you could buy CD-mp3 players03:04
Gskelligbut not all CD players can play MP303:05
ectabyteIs there a way I can just permanently disable the automute features on alsamixer?03:05
Gskelligonly a few03:05
SetiAmoni have anotehr cd player from the 90's i'm sure wouldn't work03:05
Gskelligand they are clearly advertised03:05
dr_willisSetiAmon: make a data cd and see03:05
cajunspiceSetiAmon: ok, so find out the format of a disc that definitely plays in it, and make one like that03:05
SetiAmoni'll try and burn a single cd03:05
christopherUm hello03:05
Gskelligcan someone help me with my cursor problem? randomly huge size cursor03:05
DrChunckshello =) i am new to ubuntu03:05
christopherI got a question and i want the Ubuntu Community to vote on it03:06
Gskelligask away christopher03:06
christopherU know itunes03:06
screenCMDI've heard of it03:06
christopherHow they have all that music, how come Ubuntu hasn't come out with open source music distributer03:06
cajunspiceGskellig: from your description, it's not random, it's being done to the cursor by the apps you're running03:06
ActionParsnipchristopher: ubuntuone has a music store...03:07
dr_willisit has... ;-)03:07
Stupendousstevechristopher: The red dress03:07
christopherIs it free, open source music03:07
Gskelligcajunspice, i think its the cursor... Multiple apps have similar problems03:07
christopherlet me look into it...03:07
Stupendousstevechristopher: I am sure there are free songs, however open source doesn't mean free in price03:07
christopherI know03:08
Stupendoussteveand music doesn't generally have source code03:08
ectabyteIf I wanted to apply this patch http://us.generation-nt.com/answer/bug-631963-patch-alsa-hda-disable-automute-feature-by-default-help-204087371.html would I copy the text after "Ben." into a file then "patch /path/to/file" ?03:08
cajunspicechristopher, they'd end up like piratebay and napster03:08
selixum banshee is ubuntus answer to itunes03:08
ActionParsnip!patch | ectabyte03:08
ubottuectabyte: Patches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.03:08
christopherbut i found a site providing all free "open source"music and i feel it should be distributed properly03:08
Gskelligin xchat for example the normal cursor is fine, but the cursor for clicking a link or typing in a box are enormous03:08
linociscoStupendoussteve: the thing is I wanna get it back. That is my personal laptop. I need to use it03:08
ActionParsnipchristopher: there are sites with legal torrents too with music for free legally03:08
StupendoussteveSounds like you found a site distributing it appropriately03:08
Gskelligin the desktop, the mouse seems fine03:09
selixmusic does not have source, music players do.03:09
Gskelligin firefox the cursor is always huge03:09
ActionParsnipchristopher: sites like http://www.legittorrents.info/03:09
SetiAmondr_willis:  Hey k3b says i have to convert mp3 into wav files to burn them to a audio cd?03:09
christopherYet i don't like going through third party sites i'd rather go through a OS i trust03:09
Stupendousstevelinocisco: Did you keep a backup? If you encrypted your home, forgot the passwords and did not set a recovery, it is stuck encrypted03:09
VxQeHmm if I ping another box for a while, I get like 48% packet drops. :/03:09
SetiAmondr_willis:  how do i make a playable MP3 cd with k3b03:09
screenCMDgoing through iTunes isn't going through an OS03:09
ectabyteubottu: So I have to download the source of alsamixer then use the patch on that?03:09
ubottuectabyte: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:09
ActionParsnipVxQe: what medium does the link use?03:09
ectabyteDamn :(03:10
cajunspiceSetiAmon: it only needs to be an audio cd for old-school cd-audio-only players03:10
Gskelligplus i doubt apps are causing this problem, I just installed 11.10 like an hour ago03:10
Gskelligall I've installed is xchat03:10
Stupendousstevechristopher: I think it's up to publishers to add their music to the music store03:10
ActionParsnipVxQe: yep, that's right :)03:10
dr_willisSetiAmon:  thats why i mentioned the use of a j3b plugin /extra package to automate ut.03:10
Gskelligand it had the problem before that03:10
ectabyteOh wrong person anyone03:10
Stupendoussteveor artists in some cases03:10
ActionParsnipVxQe: ok then possibly a bad cable or a bad port on the connection device03:10
christopherOk let me retype, A trusted Software03:10
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:10
SetiAmondr_willis:  whats the name of the package i need to install to make a mp3 CD on k3b?03:10
ActionParsnipVxQe: or bad port on the system or bad driver settings03:10
ectabyteActionParsnip: So I would need to get the source of alsamixer then apply the patch to that and reinsall it?03:11
dr_willisSetiAmon:  read the url and or check k3b faq. i dont recall03:11
SetiAmonfound out  sudo apt-get install libk3b2-mp303:11
linociscoStupendoussteve: so what do I do ?03:11
dr_willislooks about right03:11
VxQeI found some stuff related to the MTU earlier but I couldn't make any progress. And this only happens in ubu, windows is fine.03:12
linociscoStupendoussteve:  using boot live CD, can i do something ?03:12
ActionParsnipectabyte: I guess so, not sure03:12
christopherI've been with Ubuntu for about a year it has its flaws but better then the BSOD i got with XP03:12
ectabyteOkay, I'll try it hopefully wont break it.03:12
ActionParsnipVxQe: what chip does the ethernet controller use?03:12
ActionParsnipVxQe: sudo lshw -C network     will tell you03:13
ectabyteWell no source package for alsamixer using apt-get source03:13
ectabyteis there a way I can set the settings of alsamixer using one command?03:14
ParadigmUltraI'm having a very BIG flaw with Ubuntu.  I lose window focus, and I can't click on anything!03:14
Stupendousstevelinocisco: You may be able to log in to the account using the steps at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword03:14
StupendoussteveHowever, it will be very broken03:14
cajunspiceVxQe, do you have a hub, or is it a direct connection?03:14
StupendoussteveI would suggest creating a new user or reinstalling03:14
PhydoCan anyone help me with an NDISwrapper issue?  I have my wireless driver installed under 11.10, and it shows that the hardware is indeed attached, but it still wont show the wireless device03:14
ActionParsnipParadigmUltra: if you ALT+TAB, does it help?03:14
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
linociscoStupendoussteve:  What I am so disappointed, whenever I changed password for account with encrypted home folder, why would that happen ?03:15
ActionParsnipPhydo: is ndiswrapper loaded into the kernel using modprobe?03:15
Phydoactionparsnip: I believe so.  I used the option for it, and it seemed to succeed03:15
VxQeActionParsnip, it's an RTL8111/8168B, probably not cable since it works in windows?03:15
VxQeHow would I adjust driver settings?03:15
Stupendousstevelinocisco: Do you know the password for the account?03:16
Phydoactionparsnip: and I believe my computer may be suddenly dying.  one second03:16
ActionParsnipPhydo: if you run:  sudo modprobe ndiswrapper    does it give any errors?03:16
linociscoStupendoussteve: yes.03:16
ParadigmUltraActionParsnip: Not usually Alt tab, but sometimes Alt Super would work, but only sometimes.  I don't have that active right now because I rest Compiz to defaults,in hopes that the issue would go away03:16
cajunspiceVxQe: realtek is considered the world's worst ethernet03:17
ActionParsnipVxQe: http://www.rvdavid.net/how-to-get-gigabit-speeds-from-rtl81118168b-pci-express-gigabit-ethernet-controller-on-ubuntu-linux/03:17
VxQeActionParsnip, that's not an issue, everything shows up as 1GB/s03:18
Phydoactionparsnip: sudo modprobe ndiswrapper gives no output03:18
VxQeWould it be worth install the rtl proprietarydriver?03:18
ectabyteHow can I permanently disable the automute alsamixer option?03:19
zrutyIn Pidgin, is there a way I do not have to see all those 'left the room' messages?03:19
cajunspiceVxQe, how many lost packets do you get if you lower the speed to 100mbit/sec?03:19
eN_Joyhi all i just upgraded to 11.10 and it seems like i can't find libXt.so any more, what package should i apt-get? thanks03:20
SetiAmonUgh WTF dr_willis hey man i instaleld the codec and it said it was going to burn it mp3 but instead it burnt it .wav whats up with that03:20
Stupendousstevelinocisco: So you change the login password, but it did not update the encrypted passphrase so your home will not unlock?03:20
ActionParsnipPhydo: ok thats good, try your network device03:20
templeti want to burn a lighscribe image of ubuntu natty 11.04 but cannot find a cd image for that disk in the form of png or jpg anywhere.  where can i look ?  something to impose on a cd03:20
holmescnnowadays, I prefer to use rsync to instead of cp with --progress, then i can see the progress of copying and also the speed. but is there some disadvantage to do that?03:21
jaz-devIs anyone else having issues with Flash since the update?03:21
ActionParsniptemplet: find ANY image and you can use imagemagick to convert it03:21
cajunspiceSetiAmon: it sounds like what you wanted it to do was to burn a data disc03:21
Phydoactionparsnip: I do iwconfig and nothing shows up, and nothing shows up if I go to the network connections section03:21
holmescnjaz-dev, yes, flash won't work in my chrome.03:22
Phydoactionparsnip: but it shows up in lsusb, and the ndisgtk shows it's installed and connected03:22
ActionParsnipPhydo: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan    do you see access points?03:22
z0x1cAny ideas why Compiz might ignore CCSM settings?03:22
Phydoactionparsnip: no interfaces suport scanning03:22
Phydoactionparsnip Sorry, this is my first ndis experience.  I hate to be a burden :P03:23
SetiAmonI want to burn mp3's on a cd that will play on my cd player in the car cajunspice03:23
SetiAmonin other words i don't want .wav files i want .mp3 files on the cd formated to play on a modern cd player03:23
jaz-devholmescn I've been digging around for a while, I'll let you know if I find anything.03:23
linociscoStupendoussteve: bro, I am still not successfully logged inside.03:23
cajunspiceSetiAmon: what did you get from your attempt with k3b? a data disc with wave files or an audio disc?03:23
holmescnjaz-dev, thank you.03:24
ActionParsnipPhydo: which wireless chip do you have?03:24
jaz-devholmescn: i take it you are using x64?03:24
SetiAmonit said it was mp3 format etc and i burnt it but the cd in the disk was a wav file.it turned it into a wav instead of perserving the mp303:24
linociscoStupendoussteve:  as I have only one account03:24
PhydoActionparsnip: It's a wnda3100v203:24
SetiAmonI choose audio cd btw03:24
akira_what terminal code allows me to remove pokerstars? it was working then it suddendly stopped- must i remove than re-install?03:24
=== Lance_ is now known as Guest48586
holmescnjaz-dev: yup03:24
holmescnflashplugin64-installer from ppa03:25
cajunspiceSetiAmon: if you chose audio cd, then it converts the mp3 to wave, it has to03:25
Phydoactionparsnip: Driver says "bcmwlhigh6"03:25
Stupendousstevelinocisco: How did you change the password, was it on the command line with passwd or in the gui?03:26
holmescnSetiAmon: choose data disc03:26
cajunspiceSetiAmon: if you want a disc full of mp3 files, you have to burn it as a data disc03:26
ActionParsnipPhydo: may help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138370803:26
darkfearsmethinks ActionParsnip some kind of IBM AI .lol. Good multitasker03:26
linociscoStupendoussteve: it was changed using command line , passwd username03:26
SetiAmoncajunspice:  do i have to do anything special to get a CAR cd player to play the mp3's?03:27
ChaosrattHaving an odd issue with a fresh install of 11.10 server and gnome desktop03:27
Stupendousstevelinocisco: That is the cause of your trouble, passwd does not update the encryption passphrase (the gui does)03:27
akira_buy a mp3 player headunit03:27
ChaosrattLoads the logon screen just fine, but when I logon the screen flickers black and I'm right back at the logon screen03:27
Stupendousstevelinocisco: if you know the old password, if you change the used password back to that it should work, or you could update the encryption passphrase but you must know the old password03:27
cajunspiceSetiAmon: if it's a modern player that can handle mp3 data discs, then you don't have to do anything too special. just find an mp3 data disc that you know plays in it, and use the same format03:28
SetiAmonOk so just data disk burning mp3's without any special do dads03:29
akira_a stock car radio 9/10 will not play an mp3 file unless its a new model- anything 5 years or older requires a new headunit03:29
cajunspiceSetiAmon: in other words, find out how it wants the files named, and what iso format it expects03:29
akira_this is completely determined by the brand of car- and what options as well03:29
akira_iso and mp3 files should never be in the same sentence03:30
holmescnMy friend's new car just need a usb stick to play mp303:30
cajunspiceSetiAmon: the key is finding a mp3 disc that you know plays in it03:30
akira_exactly "new"03:30
SetiAmonI'm just burning a data disk in k3b and going to test it out and see if it plays03:30
SetiAmonBRb goin to pop it in and see03:30
akira_you can burn a data disk with any operating system but if your car has a old stock player it aint ganna play unless its *.wav03:31
zappusHello everyone03:31
Gskelligcursors still randomly huge03:31
GskelligI think it has to do with the accessibility settings, but I can't find where to change them03:31
cajunspiceGskellig: which window manager are you using?03:32
zappusis there a way to lock down the left side panel from constantly auto-hiding? in 11.1003:32
akira_you actually want that to appear?03:32
zappusi like it :D03:32
Phydoactionparsnip: nothing on there other than what I did.  and most of the people can't do it.  I almost can't believe it says [solved] lol03:32
Gskelligcajunspice, unity. I installed 11.10 like an hour ago. Vanilla everything, just xchat03:32
zappusIf i didn't want it showing id stick with xfce :P03:33
akira_its buggy03:33
zappusso i cant alter its behaviour?03:33
Phydooh well03:33
akira_i have no idea- i avoid the left side of my screen so i dont have to see it03:33
=== harmagent is now known as vector
holmescnzappus, when you maximized a windows, it will hide03:34
zappusi don't want it to hide, i want it to stay there all the time :P03:35
holmescnso i think you can make it disappeared automatic03:35
cajunspiceGskellig: there should be an accessibility tab03:35
akira_i believe he wants it to always apear03:35
Stupendousstevezappus: You're supposed to be able to change it in compizconfig-settings-manager (ccsm). There is a Unity plugin03:35
Gskelligcajunspice, the accessibility tab doesn't have anything about cursors though03:35
holmescnoh, sorry.03:36
cjsCtrl-alt-F7/F8/F9 etc. seems to give me different virtual consoles on which I can run an X server. Anybody know an easy way to have, e.g., lightdm running on two at once, so I could easily switch between two users' graphical environments?03:36
zappusThanks Stupendoussteve03:36
akira_anyone here know the ubuntu terminal code to uninstall a program in wine?03:37
holmescnI just rm it.03:37
akira_yea but isn't the drive hidden?03:37
holmescnbut i don't know how to remove the menu items03:37
cajunspiceGskellig: if you look for the cursor themes settings, that might do it03:37
akira_its a virtual c drive i can't find03:37
linociscoStupendoussteve: As I still cant login, how can I change pwd ?03:38
celthunderakira_: rm -rf .wine/drive_c/program\ files or something like that is where it is03:38
holmescnakira_ it is in ~/.wine/drive_c03:38
akira_so cd .. ~/ .wine/drive_c?03:38
Gskelligwhere do i find cursor themes?03:38
akira_or cd .wine03:38
celthunderakira_: depends where you are and where you want to go?03:39
SatanaaGskellig gnome tweaking tool03:39
almoxarifeakira_: is nautilus not available?03:39
akira_i installed pokerstars- it was working- now it just wont load- im thinking i need a reinstall-03:39
akira_but i cant find it- and it wont let me reinstall cuz it says its already installed03:39
akira_no idea what nautilus is03:40
Gskelliggnome tweaking tool?03:40
StupendoussteveNautilus is the gnome file manager03:40
almoxarifeakira_: no idea what wine is either03:40
cajunspiceGskellig: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/05/19/how-to-install-cursor-themes/03:40
akira_i dont even know what gnome means yet t.t03:40
StupendoussteveNautilus is the file manager on a default install03:41
Gskelligjust want the default cursors though =\ lol03:41
magn3tsWhats the new style for installing 32bit apps in 64land?03:41
akira_if i use the gui dash home its there- it just wont load03:41
Stupendousstevelinocisco: I sent you a link to the LostPassword link. Login as root, change the user's password back to the old one with passwd, and it should unlock the drive when you login03:41
akira_wineHD says to right click the program to run in wine- but i can't find the exe in the gui03:41
akira_how do you find a exe in the gui?03:41
akira_tons of xxx blah bullshit yea i dont fucking understand03:42
almoxarifeakira_: of course it won't, you crashed the wine prog, and you have no idea how to get around the file system, be it windows or ubuntu03:42
linociscoStupendoussteve: ok I will try bro03:42
cajunspiceGskellig: the directions also include how to set your cursor theme to one you already have installed03:42
VxQeActionParsnip, the proprietary drivers appear to be working fine. However the realtek installation script is broken. :(03:42
akira_all i tried to do was listen to a youtube music video and play pokerstars at same time- then it crashed03:42
Gskelligthanks cajunspice03:43
mikelisshi, I ran s2disk --force, and now my system won't boot...it just hangs at the Ubuntu splash screen, with the little dots going from left to right. Help?03:44
cajunspiceyou're welcome03:44
akira_so if you ran a program in wine that worked fine and now it crashed- and wont reload what do you do? whats next?03:45
almoxarifeakira_: same as in windows03:45
akira_i dont know how to do the same- in linux03:46
almoxarifeakira_: the issue is within wine=win(doz)03:46
histoakira_: remove some of the settings files in the .wine folder03:46
histoakira_: and /j #wine-hq  they have support there03:46
almoxarifehisto: some? just pick some?03:47
emrafter rebooting from install im at grub> ???03:47
histoakira_: sorry #winehq03:47
histoalmoxarife: well the relevant settings for that application would make sense03:47
h00kakira_: please keep your language appropriate in here03:47
akira_little late but ill take note03:47
h00kakira_: thanks :)03:47
akira_was trying to prove a point :P03:48
histoakira_: yeah /j #winehq03:48
histoakira_: well you can watch youtube in linux03:48
akira_and my slaptick comedy needs rehab...03:48
histoakira_: and pokerstars should run under wine.03:48
akira_it did work fine03:48
histoakira_: uninstall the app and reinstall it it's winderps who knows03:48
akira_then i went to youtube to listen to music and its mucked up03:48
ChaosBringerakira_ what are you trying to install?03:48
akira_i had pokerstars running fine and working- i tabbed to goto youtube- picked some montgomery gentry- played the music was invovled in a high hand03:49
akira_on pokerstars then everything froze03:49
akira_closed screen re logged on- now it wont reload03:49
emranyone help me past this grub prompt?03:49
StupendoussteveIt's okay, your pokerstars avatar runs away to the nearest spawn point03:50
Toph2in ubuntu 11.10, where do I set the security levels.. I don't want to have to go through the password process every time i bring the computer out of suspension03:50
oracleI have a networking class which uses Wireshark for the labs, how do I find out what interface I have to configure wireshark to capture from?03:50
StupendoussteveToph2: That one is set in Screen03:51
oraclelike how do I make it find my network adapter03:51
akira_Monster killllll03:51
oracleor really, how do I find my network adapter03:51
akira_mega kill overkill?03:51
ChaosBringerakira_ that is def a wine issue. (although like everyone said, pokerstars usually runs fine). Did you try rebooting your comp and seeing if it opened then?03:51
akira_that kind of spawn point ;P03:51
akira_i havent actually shut down and reset- the icon is there- its just when i click it - nothing happens03:51
Stupendoussteveoracle: ifconfig, see which adapter has an ip address or has the address for the lab network03:52
cajunspiceoracle: do you have more than one ethernet?03:52
ChaosBringerthen open the process list03:52
ChaosBringerand kill it03:52
ChaosBringerthen re-open it03:52
oraclehold on a sec03:52
akira_i dont know how to open the process list03:52
akira_master yoshi03:52
ChaosBringerWhich WM are you using?03:52
ChaosBringerWindow Manager03:52
oraclewlan0 has an ip03:52
ChaosBringerGnome / KDE?03:52
akira_11.1 ubuntu- latest wine03:52
cajunspicethen wlan0 is the one03:52
ChaosBringerGnome / KDE / Unity?03:53
Stupendoussteveakira_: System Monitor03:53
oracleStupendoussteve: it says I don't have permission to capture on that device03:53
ChaosBringerStupendoussteve : Each WM has a different way of getting to it, thats where i was getting at03:53
cajunspiceare you root?03:53
StupendoussteveChaosBringer: And he said earlier he's on Unity03:53
emrafter installing updates in rebooting I'm at a grub prompt. lost! anyhelp?03:53
oraclehold on, I will be03:53
ChaosBringerStupendoussteve : I wasnt here earlier :)03:53
ChaosBringerakira_, Stupendoussteve is right, Its called System Monitor03:54
akira_im not even sure where or what that is either ;P03:54
ChaosBringerrickclick on the process, choose kill03:54
Stupendoussteveakira_: Hit the windows key and type in system03:54
oraclecajunspice: I did sudo -s in terminal and it still gives me the same error in wireshark03:54
ChaosBringerakira_, how would you search for an app in windows 7? its the same in linux lol03:54
soreauoracle: You most likely need an interface in monitor mode. The easiest way would probably be to install aircrack-ng and run 'sudo airmon-ng start wlan0' which will provide a mon0 interface in most cases03:55
Stupendoussteveoracle: did you sudo wireshark?03:55
oracleStupendoussteve: how do I sudo wireshark?03:55
ChaosBringeroracle, on a terminal, you do, sudo wireshark&03:55
Stupendoussteveoracle: sudo wireshark03:55
oracleso stype: sudo wireshark03:56
oraclethanks, got it03:56
magn3tsWhats the new style for installing 32bit apps in 64land?03:56
emranyone here able to help?03:57
akira_you guys are wonderful03:57
ChaosBringermagn3ts, what app are you trying to install?03:57
magn3tsChaosBringer, its different in Oneiric03:57
cajunspiceemr: sure03:57
ChaosBringerso akira_ are you good now?03:57
magn3tsChaosBringer, ADB/Eclipse needs a i386 version of ncurses03:57
ChaosBringerI have ADB and Eclipse running on 11.1003:57
akira_works like a charm funny how all these oddball fixes are like the windows alt +ctrl +del windows keys03:58
akira_end process03:58
magn3tswell whatever, I'll just install all of ia32libs then lol03:58
emrcajunspice: stuck at a grub prompt after rebooting from update.03:58
ChaosBringernot really oddball lol, just u didnt know how to open the System monitor03:58
cajunspicedidn't like the update03:58
akira_yea lol too much bill gates03:59
emrha I guess so03:59
akira_i need an EXTERMINATION03:59
ChaosBringerglad we can help03:59
akira_after the ultra kill03:59
cajunspiceit's usually better to do clean installs03:59
emrwhat is clean install?03:59
cajunspiceupdates are asking for trouble03:59
_Neytiri_i am having an issue compiling a kernel and i don't know why i am getting this error04:00
Stupendoussteveemr: Installing from scratch04:00
emrdon't check updates in install?04:00
_Neytiri_make: *** [debian/stamp/conf/minimal_debian] Error 1 Failed to create a ./debian directory: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/make-kpkg line 971.04:00
cajunspicea clean install is when you take a freshly zero'ed empty disk and install the new version from scrtach04:00
LuisCarlosHi everybody. How can I create a bootable usb stick with ubuntu 11.10 in Debian?04:01
Gskelligcajunspice, the link you sent me doesn't work for 11.1004:01
cajunspiceno? aww04:01
StupendoussteveSweet. If you set the Unity bar to never hide, applications don't cover it up04:01
Gskelligits for 11.04 and before04:01
Gskelligthats what I was looking for with 11.10 and couldn't find it04:01
arghx_Neytiri_: give us the real error. the first one04:02
akira_in earlier response before you fixed my problem- in win 95 98 NT vista and 7 i hit CTRL alt del :P for system monitor :P04:02
emrhow can I wipe the drive from where im at now?04:02
cajunspicecan you boot the live cd?04:02
mrooneyhey all, what would be the best channel if I'm having trouble using dput to upload to a PPA?04:02
arghxemr: delete the partition of ubuntu04:02
akira_sorta like updown updown left right select start :P04:02
GskelligI can boot the live cd04:02
emrwhen I was installing I asked it to delete partitions04:03
emrim booting from usb04:03
cajunspiceemr: if you want to wipe the disk, boot the live cd and then try a command like this- "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad0 bs=1m count=<disk size in meg> oseek=0"04:04
emrsry no live cd04:04
akira_if your ganna wipe the disk- its best to pull it out- and type format C: /u /s04:04
akira_for an unconditional full format04:05
soreauakira_: That's not a default ubuntu command04:05
cajunspiceakira_ : those windows formats don't actually wipe the disk, they just verigy the sectors04:05
akira_well if your ganna wipe the drive you dont need ubuntu commands04:05
soreauakira_: Please stay on topic04:06
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_Neytiri_arghx, test -f debian/control || sed         -e 's/=V/'  \                -e 's/=D/1.0/g'         -e 's/=A/amd64/g'  \-e 's/=SA//g'  \-e 's/=I//g'    \-e 's/=CV/2.6/g'    \-e 's/=M/echo "CONCURRENCY_LEVEL := 5" >> /etc/kernel-pkg.confNeytiri <neytiri@xray-hope.com>/g'    \-e 's/=ST/linux/g'      -e 's/=B/x86_64/g'    \                  /usr/share/kernel-package/Control > debian/control    sed: -e expression04:06
_Neytiri_#7, char 41: unknown option to `s'04:06
akira_yes- technically nothing wipes the drive other than physical distruction of the disk04:06
cajunspiceno akira_, the dd command I gave earlier will zero all secotrs04:07
soreauakira_: For the purposes of this channel, there are several utilities to wipe the disk including dd04:07
mattalexx_I pressed Ctrl+Alt+F8 and now I'm getting no video output. How can I get back to the GUI?04:07
Gskelligwow, even with gnome tweak tool, the mouse cursors won't change04:07
Stupendousstevemattalexx_: Alt F704:08
mattalexx_Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F7 isn't working to get back to the GUI but I thought it might.04:08
arghx_Neytiri_: sounds like a kernel-package bug04:08
Gskelligsorry, they changed but they're still huge04:08
akira_that is cool that in linux there are commands to 0 the sectors- that is something windows and dos are not capable of doing04:08
Gskelligeven after CHANGING The cursors04:08
mattalexx_Stupendoussteve, Didn't do anything04:08
akira_but you still don't "wipe" the drive ;) you just write over it04:08
soreaumattalexx_: If it's not F1-8, you might need to restart gdm or reboot04:08
_Neytiri_arghx, is that something i can fix?04:08
arghxakira_: that is a wipe04:08
akira_you can still recover previous data :P if you want to be technical04:08
ChaosBringerGskellig, did you logout and login?04:09
soreau! ot | akira_04:09
ubottuakira_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:09
ChaosBringerthe cursor change does not take place instantly04:09
ActionParsnipakira_: you can but it takes ages04:09
Gskelligwell it DID change04:09
Gskelligbut still messed up04:09
GskelligI'll definitely try relogging though, thanks brb04:09
edgyHi, if I encrypted my home dir, where are the secret keys stored in case I want to back them up? /home/.ecryptfs?04:09
arghx_Neytiri_: just make-kpkgk with as few options as possible and if it persists, filoe a bug04:09
ActionParsnipthere is an MoD wiper on the ultimate boot CD which switches each bit 7 times, no going back04:09
akira_yes it can- unless your using a SSD04:09
arghxActionParsnip: single overwrite is enough, no more needed04:10
akira_any fbi agent will find wiped date in a matter of a few days tho ;)04:10
ActionParsniparghx: it can still be recovered after a single wipe, its just tricky04:10
arghxActionParsnip: no it cannot. this is arumor, nothing else. we don't use MFM and RLL anymore04:11
Stupendoussteveakira_: That's actually not very likely on modern drives. The data is much more densly packed04:11
lariecan someone help me with libtranslate?04:11
Stupendoussteveakira_: And dd will overwrite all data. Reformatting only marks it as unused04:11
akira_DD overwrites but you need several passes for untraceable04:11
soreauakira_: Please take it elsewhere04:11
Stupendousstevewipe will do it04:12
soreauStupendoussteve: enough04:12
StupendoussteveI want to securely delete the data on my Ubuntu HD, what utility should I use?04:13
ChaosBringera magnet04:13
arghxStupendoussteve: dd. all you need04:13
akira_take to to a HD shredding machine04:13
akira_or it will always be recoverable ;)04:14
akira_ed DD done.04:14
ChaosBringerStupendoussteve, http://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ie=UTF-8&ion=1&nord=1#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&safe=off&nord=1&site=webhp&source=hp&q=linux%20zero%20out%20drive&pbx=1&oq=&aq=&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&fp=a7d5b7030ebfa2c5&ion=1&ion=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=a7d5b7030ebfa2c5&ion=1&biw=1728&bih=92104:14
ActionParsniparghx: http://gizmodo.com/5494427/leave-no-trace-how-to-completely-erase-your-hard-drives-ssds-and-thumb-drives  "(aka "zero-filling") is not sufficient to meet government data sanitation (disk wiping) standards such as DoD 5220.22-M or the more comprehensive Standards and Technologies (NIST)"04:14
wereverhi guys, my hard disk have some bad sectors, I will format now to install a clean ubuntu, I have 250GB HD, how do you recommendme partition it and check errors to avoid problems in the future?04:14
ChaosBringerYeah, i wasnt kidding when i said a magnet....04:15
ChaosBringerits about the only thing that will blank it out.04:15
ActionParsniparghx: your witness04:15
arghxActionParsnip: what constitutes legal certitude based on decades old regulations and what the tech on the ground says are different things04:15
ChaosBringerIf you want to encrypt it however04:15
ChaosBringeris not crackable by anything04:15
Stupendousstevewerever: smart should remap some bad sectors, however you can do a scan with badblocks04:16
purpleyuanHey all. I'm attempting to use rc.local to run a couple of commands at startup; I put the commands into the file, but when I boot up nothing happens. Could someone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong?04:16
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ActionParsniparghx: purpleyuan do you add them above the exit 0 line?04:17
Gskelligrelogged in, still screwed up cursors04:17
Gskelligcolor changed, size is still huge04:17
purpleyuanActionParsnip: Yep.04:17
cajunspiceGskellig: what's your screen resolution?04:17
ActionParsniparghx: well all your argument is based on you "saying its so" you have given no citation04:17
akira_sit farther away from monitor x.x?04:17
werever<Stupendoussteve> thanks!, Im doing some research now04:17
ActionParsnippurpleyuan: ok are there multiple things you have added?04:17
Gskellig1366x768 sorry04:17
purpleyuanActionParsnip: Yes... am I supposed to add something in between?04:18
cajunspiceGskellig: I don't know04:18
Gskelligit happened during install too04:18
cajunspiceit might be a video card thing04:18
akira_its prob best to report bug to ubuntu site- as its open source universe drivers04:19
akira_maybe you have a funny video card where the drives are improperly working04:19
Gskelligvideo card thing? wouldn't surprise me. This laptop has two video cards04:19
akira_what is your base system?04:19
Gskelliggraphics switching04:19
ActionParsnippurpleyuan: you can add something like:  echo 1 >> /home/username/test.txt    between each line, make sure the lines are being processed04:19
cajunspiceGskellig: what kind of video card do you have?04:19
akira_maybe its trying to switch between duel monitors04:19
Gskelligi had lots of problems with previous versions of ubuntu on this laptop04:20
akira_can you take one out?04:20
akira_oro are they sli?04:20
Gskelligits a laptop...04:20
ActionParsnippurpleyuan: what sort of things do the commands do?04:20
akira_yea so ?04:20
lorin`.set theme lyynx04:20
cajunspiceGskellig: what video driver does it say it's using?04:20
akira_laptops are desktops :P just takes 2hrs longer to open04:20
Gskelligits an integrated intel GMA something and a Geforce G210M04:20
soreaupurpleyuan: In rc.local, you need to specify the full path to the command because of a sterile environment04:20
Gskellighow do i check that?04:20
Gskelligin the past i have had to manually disable the Geforce just to get more than 30 mins battery life04:21
Gskelligin which case I got like 10+ hours...04:21
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purpleyuanActionParsnip, soreau: I configuring my touchpad. So the commands are: synclient FastTaps=104:21
akira_you got a integrated gaming performance laptop wow04:21
akira_never thought they existed04:21
harshadaHey any idea/link abt installing windows through virtual box inside ubuntu 11.04???04:21
cajunspiceI suppose you could try switching it to the VESA driver, it might help04:21
ActionParsnippurpleyuan: doesn't that need running as user?04:21
Guest50830do you know where to configure the keyboard layout for the login screen under 11.10 ?04:21
arghxActionParsnip: just sa single google https://www.infosecisland.com/blogview/16130-The-Urban-Legend-of-Multipass-Hard-Disk-Overwrite.html for example04:21
Stupendoussteveharshada: Start Virtualbox and it will prompt you04:21
Gskelligwith windows i can switch on the fly between the discrete and the performance graphics cards04:21
ActionParsniparghx: reading04:22
Gskelligthere was some progress being made with support for a similar function for linux04:22
arghxActionParsnip: note on where the info about overwriting comes from...04:22
GskelligVESA driver?04:22
purpleyuanActionParsnip: Er... Actually, I don't know. Gosh, I'm a real noob at all these things. Where would I put something like that?04:22
soreaupurpleyuan: Yes, everything in rc.local will be run as root so do not put user commands there.04:22
cajunspiceyes, ubuntu comes with a variety of drivers for you to choose from04:22
mosnowhat the? "The entire disk will be used: Ubuntu /dev/sda (ext4)" -- since when does a filesystem go on the disk device? shouldn't this read /dev/sda1 or something?04:22
visitor1i want to use mupdf, i dowloaded it and extracted itbut cant start it? anyone can help?04:22
Gskelligwww.martin-juhl.dk <--- that guy is working on a software called "bumblebee" and "ironhide" which support graphics switching for intel/nvidia graphics cards on linux04:22
Stupendousstevemosno: Badly worded, it will create the partitions04:23
Gskelligcajunspice, its more than just drivers, in order to get it working correctly I need to disable one graphics card04:23
mosnoStupendoussteve, yep, that's my point exactly04:23
akira_yea- the fbi can take 1/4 inch of of your HD disk after you destroyed it with a hammer and ran DDkill - etc etc and still recover data- so point is null if you really want to erase a hard drive you have to make it disappear- SSD are even harder to wipe04:23
arghxmosno: it will make a partition the size of the disk. and you can put the filesystem on the device with no partition04:23
cajunspiceGskellig: there is a file "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" which tells it which driver to use04:23
ActionParsniparghx: i concede, the document is more current and cites well. My mistake. I am now educated :)04:23
soreaucajunspice: That is not necessarily the case with recent versions of X using open drivers04:23
mosnoarghx, yeah but who does that (the latter)04:24
visitor1i want to use mupdf-0.9-linux-i386, i downloaded it and extracted it but cant start it? anyone can help?04:24
cajunspicesoreau, it was just a thought04:24
arghxActionParsnip: urban legends are this way or they weren't urban legends. SSD erasure is fun tho. there it's almost impossible :)04:24
ActionParsniparghx: oh totally hehe04:24
arghxmosno: I've seen them. fun times when windows tries to access such a drive :)04:24
Gskelligill work on that later, for now i just wanted to get the cursor fixed, I didn't know they could be related. This is turning into a pretty big project04:25
arghxvisitor1: give us the full filename. and why cant you use repos?04:25
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mosnoand what's with the "copying files..." terminal area? it's like two lines wide. how to make it taller?04:25
purpleyuanWould I put user-run commands in /etc/init.d/rc.local ?04:25
ActionParsnippurpleyuan: well if you boot the OS and launch a terminal, can you run the command without sudo?04:25
visitor1arghx its not in the package manager04:25
purpleyuanActionParsnip: Mhm.04:26
soreaupurpleyuan: no, use your DE method to start user programs04:26
notimikhm can you set autologin for a user without using the gui?04:26
arghxvisitor1: still, filename?04:26
cajunspiceGskellig: if you were setup to use the VESA driver, it draws the mouse cursor(s) in software, so one less thing to go wrong04:26
visitor1arghx -rwxr-xr-x   1 daniel daniel 6.4M 2011-09-05 13:54 mupdf04:26
arghxnotimik: qingy can afaik. getty replacement04:26
brandonc503iv tried with flash drives but you have to format the drive specificly04:26
brandonc503err mt04:26
purpleyuansoreau: What is the DE method?04:26
brandonc503Can I use my android to install linux os to comp via usb start up?04:26
arghxvisitor1: I said filename. this is not a filename04:26
mosnoand what happens when i press "Skip" on the "installing system" phase???04:27
soreaupurpleyuan: Depends on what DE you use (desktop environment such as gnome or kde)04:27
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visitor1arghx  mupdf-0.9-linux-i38604:27
=== Guest66114 is now known as magg
purpleyuansoreau: ahhh. Okay. I'm currently using Unity shell.04:27
akira_if your android will work as a storage device that reads but mostly those are geared twards windows04:27
akira_like a sony walkman mp3 player04:27
arghxvisitor1: your file has no extension?04:27
notimikarghx: ah oki I have the gui isnatlled but the user gui can be loaded remote and im 23 km waya from that computer so..04:27
soreaupurpleyuan: So gnome.. 2 or 3? (11.04 or 11.10)04:27
visitor1arghx no04:28
arghxvisitor1: if it doesn't, run file mupdf-0.9-linux-i38604:28
purpleyuansoreau: Gnome3 (11.10)04:28
visitor1arghx http://mupdf.com/04:28
arghxvisitor1: if you run the program "file" as I told you, you don#t get a URL: please do what I say04:29
notimikbut I guess the only thing I really need is to get my usb discs to auto mount ( which the gui login does )04:29
akira_if you want a usb device to complement you running linux- i mean it only takes a 70cent 700mg disk- and a 1gig thumb drive is pennies on the dollar from chinca04:29
GskelligVESA driver04:29
soreaupurpleyuan: Can you try running gnome-session-properties?04:29
arghxGskellig: which videocard?04:29
visitor1arghx it just opens the compressed file but i already unrared it04:30
arghxnotimik: then put them in fstab04:30
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purpleyuansoreau: Whoa! Hahah. Okay. If I wanted to run more than one command, I assume I would write a separate script and then instruct this startup to run that script?04:30
Gskelligindeed. lol that is the question.04:30
emrcan I format thru gparted?04:30
arghxvisitor1: "file" doesn't do that either, but since you are unable to follow simplest instructions, I stop here now04:30
GskelligGMA X4500MHD AND a Geforce G210M in a laptop04:30
purpleyuansoreau: Thanks a whole bunch. :)04:30
notimikarghx: mm but is neat to have them automount :)04:30
soreaupurpleyuan: If you are able to use a command without sudo (as your normal user), you should always run it as user. Never run as root or with sudo unless you know why you need to04:31
visitor1arghx sorry, daniel@daniel-desktop:~$ file mupdf-0.9-linux-i38604:31
visitor1mupdf-0.9-linux-i386: directory04:31
arghxGskellig: fun. optimus again. set one of them in BIOS to always be used or use vgaswitcheroo. and before you do anything else, fix your video, before tinkering with cursors and such04:31
akira_your generally supposed to run commands without sudo?04:31
purpleyuansoreau: Gotcha. Thanks much!04:31
soreaupurpleyuan: ie. /etc/rc.local is for running programs as root, gnome-session-properties (in this case) for running as user. You can add multiple commands with that utility04:32
UbuntizedI have a problem with the LiveCD and I have two copied I made so its not the CD.  It gets stuck at the ISOLINUX 4.03.  Prior ISO versions boot fine.  I just see a flashing cursor04:32
nhrIs there a way to not to suspend if ssh connection is active04:32
purpleyuansoreau: how do I add more than one? The command line is one line...04:32
kenobi112i have a question for anyone that can answer...I am unable to get chromium browser to launch...any ideas04:32
akira_i have run every command i have ever run and 9:10 they shoulndt have been run in the first place always used sudo04:32
Gskelligarghx, bios doesn't have that option, and vgaswitcheroo doesn't work for me04:32
akira_talk about mucking up...04:32
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
StupendoussteveUbuntized: did you check the md5?04:33
soreaupurpleyuan: Just add one at a time04:33
Ubuntizedyes its fine04:33
Ubuntizedboth Cds are fine04:33
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest82443
arghxGskellig: how is it that vgaswitcheroo doesn't work? more info needed there (rather:wanted...)04:33
stephnihow do i check if libdvd is already installed in ubuntu 11.1004:33
nhrI frequenty connect to box in different room and it does hibernate after 5 minutes if idle. However it still hibernates if I have connected using ssh04:33
soreauakira_: That's why you always run as user unless you know why you need administrative privileges04:33
Gskelligi actually haven't tried it on 11.10, but it wasn't working on 11.0404:34
UbuntizedThere is something going on with this new ISOLINUX04:34
Gskelligcould have been my incompetence though =\04:34
arghxstephni: dpkg -l |grep <package you want to know if it's installed>04:34
wereverwhen do you recommend me write zeros on the entire hd?04:34
llutz_stephni: dpkg -l libdvd004:34
akira_soreau: what command is user vs admin? so sudo is admis as (blank) is to user?04:34
arghxGskellig: look if /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo exists pleas and what the "switch" file inside has as content04:34
cajunspicewerever: only if you want to wipe the disk for a clean install, and and have nothing you want to save04:35
soreaustephni: Yes, grep dpkg -l output. The packages with 'ii' next to them mean installed04:35
arghxakira_: one runs with root priviledges, other as a user with UID>1000. rc.local always runs with UID 004:35
soreaustephni: 'dpkg -l|grep libdvd0' in this case should tell you04:35
larietell me please the name of any translate app i can use via libtranslate or commandline04:35
arghxGskellig: not using vgaswitcheroo is a prime reason why a laptop needs watts of power04:35
akira_can you give me an example of what i would type? say if i was to install a program w/o using sudo in the terminal?04:36
stephnidone not installed am on it now thanks04:36
arghxakira_: you cannot do that with dpkg. at least not properlly.04:36
melow01I somehow borked my WiFi by editting my /etc/network/interfaces... any suggestions?04:36
Gskelligyeah arghx, i found a way (with a lot of work) with 11.04 to turn off my nvidia graphics card, and i had ridiculously low power consumption04:36
wereverthanks <cajunspice>04:36
Gskelligbut i'd like to use it (and my hdmi port)04:36
arghxmelow01: remove your changes to that file04:36
soreauakira_: Typically, if your prompt ends with a dollar sign ($), you're running as user. Root prompts usually end with a pound sign (#). sudo grants temporary root privileges while running as user04:36
Targeni've just noticed opening an url to a PDF in lynx by default launches okular to view that pdf.  anyone have a clue as to how to disable this?04:36
melow01arghx, I did by commenting out my changes (#)04:37
Targeni know i can just type 'd' to download the file instead.04:37
arghxGskellig: can you please look at the switch file?04:37
Gskelliglooking now04:37
Targeni nonetheless find this behavior ridiculous and would like to disable it.04:37
ActionParsnipTargen: what should happen?04:37
stephnii can't download avi videos why? and does anyone know of a good download acceralator for ubuntu like Dap in windos?04:37
akira_ohh i see is default user even if you log in as admin? i always see $04:37
melow01arghx, then I restarted networking: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:37
akira_never have seen #04:37
Gskellig/sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo doesn't exist04:37
ActionParsnipstephni: I use fatrat here04:37
TargenActionParsnip: it should ask me what to do with the file, or just save it or somesuch.04:37
arghxGskellig: fsck :(04:38
Targenwhich is what lynx has always done with files it can't display since forever...04:38
Targenin every distribution, always.04:38
stephniit should be in the software centre right?04:38
arghxGskellig: I'd be interested to know what exactly you did in 11.04, tho I have to run now, at least for a bit04:38
Gskelligarghx, wait like 20 seconds04:38
Targen(googling is unhelpful since searching for anything involving ubuntu and "lynx" leads to stuff about the "lucid lynx" release)04:38
soreau! dvd | stephni04:38
ubottustephni: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:38
arghxstephni: dvdcss is not needed for avis. avis have no CSS whatsoever04:39
arghxGskellig: I stay here. just not on keyboard. you can tell me or PM me, thank you04:39
Gskelligi'll pm you04:39
stephnibut am installing libdvd now is it illegal?04:39
Gskelligsomeone made a kernel module i believe04:39
akira_any bank of knowledge is tough to search through unless you know exactly what you are looking for04:39
TerryAis anyone able to help, i have a problem since doing some updates, now my network keep shutting down after about 19m and i have to reboot to get it up again04:40
TerryAi am having this issue on 2 different PCs (different hardware)04:40
akira_stephni i think you need the command to install the hidden unincluded ubuntu extras i believe- have no idea what it is anymore- but maybe thats what you need?04:40
soreaustephni: You should be able to download and play avi files with the default firefox downloader and ubuntu's default video player, totem04:40
stephniave installed the hidden extras already and am done installing libdvd04:41
akira_ohh avi.. dunno how to help you with that-04:41
stephnisore anytime i want to download an avi file it opens like a webpage04:42
akira_did you flash update?04:42
soreaustephni: Maybe try installing firefox addon download helper04:42
ActionParsnipstephni: right click the file and select 'open with'  then select your media player and click to remember the association04:42
soreauor that04:42
akira_yea your browser is set to open file vs saving04:42
akira_so it tries to play it04:43
akira_if you can dl it- plently will open04:43
soreaustephni: Or you could copy the avi link and manually download it with wget, then play it with one of your local players (totem, vlc or mplayer)04:43
akira_netscape navigator was the first to start such- then windows took it- but netscape is a dirivitive of firefox hehe- and firefox will do that as well04:43
stephniwget then the link right?04:44
melow01I somehow borked my WiFi by editting my /etc/network/interfaces... any suggestions?04:44
soreaumelow01: don't do that04:44
melow01soreau, haha... thanks04:45
TerryAthink i have the answer for the avi playing in firefox issue04:45
emrcajunspice: wasn't able to get ds command to work fro04:45
soreaumelow01: Have you tried putting it back like it was?04:45
cajunspicealways make a backup of important sytem files you wish to edit04:45
cajunspiceemr: that was "dd"04:45
emrsry I think I got it with g parted04:45
akira_"dont do that" wish i heard that several times on my build04:45
melow01soreau, yes, I commented out (#) the modifications04:45
soreaumelow01: And subsequently rebooted?04:45
melow01soreau, Yes. I also restarted the process at the cmd line04:46
TerryAstephni, you still have that problem?04:46
emryeah ds04:46
melow01soreau, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart04:46
soreaumelow01: Alright, do you have a wifi interface in the output of 'iwconfig'?04:46
emryeah dd stupid smartphone04:46
thedoctaris there anyway to install ubuntu theme on linux mint?04:47
melow01soreau, iwconfig, eth1: Access Point: Not-Associated04:47
stephniok for now04:47
cajunspiceso the live cd doesn't support the dd command? shame on it04:47
soreau! mint | thedoctar04:47
ubottuthedoctar: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:47
stephnii'll come back later04:47
TerryAi found the answer steph04:47
soreaumelow01: So your wifi interface is eth1..04:47
cpgocan I mount a certain folder from another partition to ubuntu or does it have to be the whole partition?04:47
melow01soreau, My eth0 is working (currently using it) but I'm not too savvy on setting up WiFi ssids via CLI04:48
soreaumelow01: Does 'sudo iwlist eth1 scan|grep -i essid' show AP's?04:48
TerryAin firefox, goto edit, preferences, application04:48
cajunspicecpgo: you have to mount the partiton for it to see the folder04:48
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest71211
melow01soreau, Yes!04:48
thedoctarubottu: oh, but there's only 1 other guy in linuxmint-help04:49
ubottuthedoctar: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:49
cpgocajunspice, then is there a way to change permissions of a single folder to another user?04:49
TerryAgo down to AVI and open the rollup in the right collumn, and you have the option to open it in fire fox or just in totem04:49
soreaumelow01: So the driver is working.. are NetworkManager and nm-applet running?04:49
cajunspicecpg0: yes, the command would be "chown"04:49
melow01soreau, how do I connect to one of them?04:49
cpgocajunspice, any changes I make to a folder has no effect04:49
TerryAdefault is to open it in sirefox04:49
cpgocajunspice, its a ntfs partition04:49
melow01soreau, how do I check if those services are running? top?04:49
soreaumelow01: ps ax|grep <process name>04:50
stephnidoes fatrat increase download speed?04:50
cajunspicecpgo: did you mount it as ntfs or ntfs-3g? you need to use ntfs-3g for it to be writable04:50
TerryAdid that fix it for you stephni?04:50
cpgocajunspice, let me check/try04:50
akira_only way to increase download speed is to supply your ISP with more cash...04:50
Hdale85Why don't any of the ubuntu applications show network shares as save points?04:50
Hdale85I have a media server and I want torrents to save to a specific folder on that server but it doesn't show SMB shares at all in the list and when I try and write the path in it doesn't take it. Other programs do this as well.04:51
JusticeZeroHey, one of the updates in the last 8 days (and I have no clue which one, I didn't really study them since nothing looked objectionable) broke a program I was using. How can I fix this?04:51
melow01soreau, 1494 ?        S      0:02 nm-applet --sm-disable04:51
soreaumelow01: What were you trying to do in the first place by messing with your network interfaces file, and what else did you change?04:51
JusticeZeroIt's in 10.04LTS04:51
melow01soreau, I needed to setup a static IP earlier today to connect to a box at work with a crossover cable04:51
TerryAjustice, same here, but its not just a program, mu NIC keep failing since an update, but on 2 different computers04:51
soreaumelow01: Is NetworkManager not running?04:51
smwHdale85, stupid question. Why are you saving an an smb share?04:52
soreauJusticeZero: Network Interface Card04:52
melow01soreau, Looks like NetworkManager is working but it also has a '?'04:52
Hdale85smw, my server serves all the computers in the house some of which are windows boxes, so SMB was just what I ended up using and what I know how to use.04:52
smwHdale85, torrent + smb does not sound like the best idea if it can be avoided04:52
TerryAnewwork adapter, i keep loosing all network access afer a minute or so, and have to reboot to get it up again04:52
|ntegra|I've got grub1 - is it possible to boot ubuntu?04:53
Hdale85smw, why is that? I've never had issues before?04:53
JusticeZeroAh. I dunno, I can't do updates from home because the connection is too unstable and slow, so I take it to school every week or so to do updates.04:53
smwHdale85, but the torrent is running on a computer that serves the smb, right?04:53
soreaumelow01: The question mark does not mean anything for our purposes. In what way is it broken? Can you see the wifi icon in the panel? AP's by clicking on it? Not able to connect via this method?04:53
Hdale85smw, no it's on my desktop04:53
smwHdale85, is this a new issue in oneric?04:53
|ntegra|I'm running into a "?no init? try init= boot argument"04:53
JusticeZeroAnd I updated. It runs, but one of the programs I was using no longer runs.04:53
DickAssjko/join #ruby04:53
smwHdale85, why do you run torrents from you desktop if you have a server?04:54
Hdale85smw, no I haven't used torrent and what not much in ubuntu but just recently I installed it on my main machine04:54
TerryAis anyone able to help me with my network issue?04:54
DickAssThe plant then took the guano molecule into it's root... going up it's stalk or shoot it deftly04:54
DickAssturned into a pollen grain, swept up by a bee taking it to it's nest04:54
DickAssThe nest gave birth to a larvae, which turned into a pupae, and finally into an adult bee04:54
DickAssThe molecule went into the bee's stinger during growth.  Then some kid got stung...04:54
DickAssit really hurts when it comes from bird shit04:54
FloodBot1DickAss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:54
|ntegra|is that because it's grub1 and the initrd.img rather than a initrd.gz04:54
Hdale85smw, do you suggest I run a web interfaced client from my server? I did that with usenet......so I guess that's a possibility04:54
melow01soreau, Precisely, I typically click on the WiFi icon and then select my AP. My icon is there with a '!' but no APs are listed. So I'd like to learn how to connect to APs using CLI04:54
commieso, White Screen of Death where the login screen should be after the pc has sit for a bit and does its power management stuff04:54
smwHdale85, either that or a cli one. I use rtorrent.04:54
akira_< got stung...04:54
commieany idea what causes that in 11.10?04:54
|ntegra|has anyone heard of the "try init= boot arg" error message?04:55
soreauTerryA: Might be a driver issue. You might need to look up the information for your card and google about it04:55
melow01soreau, When I click on the WiFi icon, it says "device not managed"04:55
smwHdale85, you can also use rutorrent frontend for rtorrent04:55
smwHdale85, but I find rutorrent isn't worth the effort of installing when you can use rtorrent strait :-P04:55
soreaumelow01: Well you either use NetworkManager + nm-applet or just use the CLI method since NetworkManager interferes with anything you will try in terminal04:55
Hdale85smw, eh if possible I'd like to stick to a browser interface one as it's easier for other users and if I'm on a windows machine it works nice. Of course I can still SSH from windows but still....04:55
TerryAsoreau, i have 3 different computers now with different hardware that have been working fine, but now suddenly after allowing them to do the waiting updates they ALL have the same issue04:55
smwHdale85, you can also use transmission in server client mode04:56
TerryAi doubt its driver specific04:56
soreaumelow01: Pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file to pastebin.com04:56
JusticeZeroI dunno. This channel is hit or miss. Usually about 75% of the time people ignore me. Probably because nobody knows but it still sucks.04:56
melow01soreau, Is NetworkManager the GUI interface in Ubuntu?04:56
cajunspiceTerryA: what are the exact symptoms?04:56
Hdale85smw, hmm so you can setup a transmission server? that's a bit interesting04:56
smwHdale85, yep04:56
tnm_is there any solution for slow ubuntu one synch?04:56
smwHdale85, and sickbeard + sabnzbd is nice ;-)04:56
soreauTerryA: Certainly a software bug then. You should file a bug report against ubuntu04:56
smwHdale85, (sab is not torrent related)04:57
Hdale85smw, yeah I'm running sabnzbd04:57
TerryAeverything runs fine for a few minutes or untill i start downloading something sizable, them after about 20mb the NIC just dies04:57
cajunspiceTerryA: can you ping?04:57
smwHdale85, sickbeard?04:57
soreaumelow01: NetworkManager is the underlying program that manages your network interfaces and which nm-applet uses04:57
TerryAnope, cant ping either04:57
Hdale85smw, no not currently is that a torrent client?04:57
smwHdale85, it is offtopic in this channel but you may want to check out #sickbeard04:57
smwHdale85, nop04:57
TerryAi try shutting nown the nic, then restating but no go, cant connect04:57
melow01soreau, ok04:58
soreaumelow01: Can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file to pastebin.com?04:58
cajunspiceTerryA: what kind of lan/cabling situation?04:58
Hdale85smw, awesome they support nzbsrus haha going to have to set that up.04:58
soreaumelow01: Typically something is wrong in that file when it says device not managed04:58
Hdale85smw, well thanks for the help, I think I'll setup rutorrent it looks pretty nice04:58
TerryAall 3 are on cabled 10/10004:58
smwHdale85, I like nzbs.org and nzb.su :-)04:58
|ntegra|I'll just go try that then04:59
akira_tons of ? are asked and tons of ? are answered- no one ignores questions here- this a gods bank for all answers04:59
smwHdale85, join us in #sickbeard :-)04:59
akira_only thing you wont find here is the answer for why the seed for the tree of life was planted...04:59
TerryAsorry, i cant whisper, im using a webclient and dont have the options04:59
cajunspiceTerryA: after the net dies and you can't ping out, does your hub's activity lights indicate that the hib sees the ping attempts?05:00
stephniwhats the eqivalent of task manager in ubuntu?05:00
TerryAi'll check05:00
akira_system monitor!05:00
akira_soreau just taught me this05:00
JusticeZeroakira: Unfortunately I often have the questions that people give up on and stop answering me. Right now i'm trying to figure out if I can roll back eight days of general updates - since something broke things and I have no idea what.05:00
cajunspiceor "top" command05:00
wereveralternate iso for ubuntu 11.10 can be installed on a live boot usb by the same way that normal iso?05:00
soreauakira_: I didn't say anything about system-monitor05:00
melow01soreau, http://pastebin.com/Ts4mjXsb05:01
akira_X.X it wasn't that term but you fixed my problem05:01
JusticeZeroI don't even know what they were - just that it was sometime between this afternoon and Monday of last week.05:01
cpgocajunspice, its mounted with ntfs-3g and doing a chown has no effect. I can only change owner by mounted the driver with uid/gid= in options but I only want a certain folder as that user/group and the rest as something else. Not possible?05:01
stephniplease does ubuntu have a task manager like in windows?05:02
stephnito see running progs05:02
akira_type system monitor05:02
JusticeZeroSteph: Try 'system monitor'05:02
TerryAok, just tested it, YES the hub and nic lights do flicker with the ping attempt, but i get no response... and it seems to happen after 19mb every time...05:02
soreaumelow01: You need to comment everything but the first two lines05:02
akira_you can't roll back stuff- if you mucked something like all things- need to start fresh05:02
akira_for justice...05:03
melow01soreau, ok...05:03
soreaumelow01: Then try 'sudo service network-manager restart' to restart networking05:03
wereveralternate iso for ubuntu 11.10 can be installed on a live boot usb by the same way that normal iso?05:03
cajunspicecpgo: only the files you change would get a changed ownership, but you might not be able to do that from linux.05:03
akira_at least with ubuntu its like 20minutes install and 20secs to boot05:03
soreaumelow01: and possibly 'killall nm-applet; nm-applet --sm-disable & disown' to restart nm-applet05:03
JusticeZeroVery annoying to have maintenance updates break programs. :p05:03
cajunspiceTerryA: so the problem is in the receiving ... are you running half-duplex or full-duplex?05:04
tioxUbuntu 11.10 AMD64, I am trying to create a custom X session where Avant Window Navigator loads on boot with compiz.05:04
akira_i would assume linux is like windows recovery- a root system written and re written never works as well as a system that was written once and turns the pages- now im no programmer or a logistical user of linux05:04
akira_im just trying to apply general application here-05:04
akira_to life- etc05:04
tioxI modeled My session after gnome-fallback, and it just frozed on me. Am I doing something wrong?05:04
akira_all seems to always follow the same bill05:05
akira_my old geek friends used to say- when it doubt reformat05:05
TerryAno idea cajun, its ust standard installs, i havent tinkered with anything like that05:05
tioxakira_: Then they weren't geeks.05:05
JusticeZeroDunno, i'm willing to take the chance though. Mind you, i'm more and more likely to actively disable my security etc. updates after this.05:06
xanguaakira_: doesn't sounds like geek ;)05:06
cajunspiceTerryA: the update might have switched the default for the ethernet cards to full-duplex, which is only fine if oyu have a compatible full-duplex hub05:06
TerryAhow do i check the setting full vs half?05:06
akira_:P well you muck something up in a written format allbeit windows or linux a tree is a tree05:06
llutzTerryA: ethtool05:06
akira_onces the branches are cut down the stem usually dies05:07
tioxI've used the new settings network manager came with when I updated and had no problem.05:07
soreaumelow01: Anything?05:08
cajunspiceTerryA: trying to run full-duplex on a half-duplex lan will do just what's happening to you, things will run great for a little while05:08
FlynsarmyWhen I hide a window to the system tray (such as banshee or pidgin) and reshow it, its position always changes back to left of my second monitor. how do I get it to stay where i left it before i hid it? 11.10, gnome classic05:08
JusticeZerosoftware isn't botany05:08
akira_or "root" rather05:08
TerryAifconfig doesnt show anything about duplex, installing ethtool now05:09
akira_we are all 0's and ones- from mother nature to this discussion05:09
akira_can't change principality05:09
simple_usersudo mount -t nfs ~/Mounts/Movies is failing in oneric.  Worked fine in natty, and another box on the network has the share in it's fstab with no problems05:09
JusticeZerogenetic fallacy05:09
TerryAoops, no im not, gotta reboot first05:09
Flynsarmygot it. disabling 'place windows' in ccsm did the trick05:09
JusticeZeroIs there a way to find out what packages were updated?05:10
akira_well you have two choices- you can spend 6weeks here complaing of the questions you have that keep getting ignored or back up your work and be fully functional in 35minutes- really the choice is yours05:10
computer_JusticeZero, sure just go to the Ubuntu Software Center and click on the "History" option05:11
JusticeZeroyes but I would need to re-acquire a copy of 10.04 xubuntu and also get xfce and a few other things... and I can't even find out what updates are needed from here.05:12
TerryAok, got ethtool installed, how do i use it to check the duplex setting?05:12
akira_you can find open source networks for any ubuntu dl... google.com05:12
simple_usernfs mount is not working. anyone have experience with this?05:12
llutz  TerryA ethtool ethX05:13
=== tum is now known as Guest99449
JusticeZeroergh. I'm not seeing a 'history' button.05:13
T-CoHello all. I read that there is this great thing called sni-qt in 11.10 which will make systray icons as indicators... However my Skype icon is not shown at all now. Any pointers?05:13
TerryAok its set to full duplex05:13
cajunspiceTerryA: try setting it to half-duplex then05:14
JusticeZeroakira: The problem is not in locating the software. the problem is in the hour long bicycle ride round trip to campus to get to a network that is stable.05:14
melow01soreau, 'sudo service network-manager restart' <-- That did it!05:14
melow01soreau, After I commented out the extra lines05:14
soreaumelfy: Took you long enough ;)05:14
akira_well then- let me tell you this- i have been there- done that- without a bike05:14
melow01soreau, thank you05:14
soreaumelow01: No problem :-)05:14
akira_and it turns into 8+hrs05:14
akira_walking... with your life on your back05:15
akira_so i feel ya05:15
cpgocajunspice, well whatever I needed is actually working now/ thanks for the help05:15
akira_but a bike ride is good for your health ;)05:15
melow01soreau, I copied some of the commands you just told me to run into the /etc/network/interfaces file for future troubleshooting05:15
JusticeZerook, found the history, it was in Synaptic.05:16
TerryAlol, and how do i set it? and will it be permanaent or will it revert on the next reboot?05:16
Gskellighow do i remount the root partition in grub2?05:16
melow01soreau, So, if I want to change that file from the command line, I should turn off NetworkManager?05:16
soreaumelow01: right..05:16
Gskelligwhat I'm about to do might mess up my booting05:16
soreaumelow01: Since you're interested, I personally ditch NetworkManager and nm-applet in favor of CLI network configuration05:17
Gskelligneed to make sure I can fix it05:17
cajunspicellutz knows more about ethtool than I05:17
JusticeZeroNow how do I roll them back? Do I have to do them one at a time and type them in or some such?05:17
melow01soreau, Well, I'm trying to get better at CLI so I'm trying to migrate in that direction05:17
BsimsOk give me a reason to upgrade when the last version has the newest kde and I know the existing bugs with it05:17
wereverhow can I install ubuntu from alternate cd?05:17
llutzTerryA: sudo ethtool -s eth0 full05:18
Bsimsmelow01: I do quite a bit from the cli, what are you trying to do?05:18
llutzTerryA:err, half, sry.    "man ethtool" for more options05:18
melow01soreau, What would be the CLI method of connecting to WiFi if I don't know the ssid... like at a new cafe?05:18
melow01Bsims, thanks... but soreau already fixed my network issue05:18
wereverhow can I install ubuntu from alternate cd? please help, I just installed this iso on a flash memory and I cant start05:18
JusticeZeroBsims: better driver support and various similar infrastructure type things? Assuming you are already dealing with/abandoned the latest kde version?05:19
melow01Bsims, just asking some follow up questions05:19
soreaumelow01: For wired, usually 'sudo dhclient eth0' will suffice. For wifi, it depends on the encryption type. For open you can use 'iwconfig eth1 essid <ap-name>', wep use 'iwconfig eth1 essid <ap-name> key <key>' and for wpa(2) use wpa_supplicant. In any case, you'd follw the config command with dhclient eth105:19
JusticeZerowerever: What are you doing to start with the flash memory? What's it not doing?05:19
Bsimsmelow01: no problem, I would suggest using gnu screen, it turns any terminal into basicaly a tabbed version and it works over ssh05:19
JZApplesWhere are the Unity configuration files in 11.04?  Particularly the Unity launcher shortcuts?  I was trying out 11.10 with a live CD and when I reboot back into my regular OS the filesystem isn't mounted and a README.txt file tells me to execute ecryptfs-mount-private.  The second time I tried the live cd and rebooted, Unity didn't start and all i could see were my desktop icons.  I ran unity --reset but now all my shortcuts05:19
JZApplesin the launcher are gone and the stock ones are there.  Just curious if there is a configuration file for this that can be copied from my old backup.05:19
soreaumelow01: To try these, you'd want to 'killall nm-applet' and 'sudo service network-manager stop' to allow you to have full control over your network interfaces05:20
JusticeZerowerever: (Because while i've never installed with alternate, i HAVE had to troubleshoot a usb memory bootup before..)05:20
werever<JusticeZero>after boot I have a menu with RUN UBUNTU FROM THIS USB, INSTALL ON A HARD DISK, ETC, I choose 1rst or 2nd option nothing happens05:20
melow01soreau, And I would search for an unknown wifi ssid by using 'sudo iwlist eth1 scan|grep -i essid'?05:21
TerryAok, tried "ethtool -s eth0 duplex half" and got operation not permitted - not setting duplex05:21
soreaumelow01: sure.05:21
cajunspiceTerryA: you need to be root05:21
JusticeZerowerever: Hrmmm... I've never seen that one myself..05:22
TerryAi am05:22
TerryAshould i put sudo infront?05:22
melow01soreau, When I entered the key next to iwconfig, does it get sent over the internet in plain text? or encrypted?05:22
harshadahey i want to install virtualbox with windows inside ubuntu 11.04 any idea??05:22
llutzTerryA: not if you are root already05:22
soreaumelow01: WEP is really completely insecure so it doesn't matter anyway..05:22
werever<JusticeZero> I just trying to to this http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/05/10/how-to-install-ubuntu-11-04-on-an-encrypted-lvm-file-system/05:22
akira_need web32 if you want century encryption...05:23
cajunspiceTerryA: if ethtool won't do it, you can always try hand-editting the config files05:23
melow01soreau, Ahh.. interesting, didn't know that05:23
wereverhow can I install ubuntu from alternate cd? please help, I just installed this iso on a flash memory and I cant start to install, is something different VS normal ISO?05:23
TerryAi should be root, but it now accepted it with sudo, but it still says its full duplex05:23
BsimsTerryA: ubuntu doesn't do root it does sudo05:23
soreaumelow01: There are more advanced wifi tools and utilities in the aircrack-ng suite.. and more info on their website at aircrack-ng.org05:23
llutzTerryA: "whoami" if you don't know who you are05:24
melow01soreau, ok, got it. thanks for the help and the theory.05:24
TerryAok, so i sudo'd it and it accpted the command, but doing ethtool eth0 again still shows it as full duplex05:24
akira_a simple pw "pop:)!" takes centuries to crack- its not the pw its the suffixes05:25
soreaumelow01: Not a theory.. but that would depend on what you're referring to05:25
wereverplease help how can I install ubuntu 11.10 from alternat cd using a usb flash memory?05:25
Gskellighow do i remount the root partition in grub2?05:25
melow01soreau, ok, well, the explanations05:25
JusticeZero...Why do you need the hard drive to be of that particular type (encrypted?)05:25
cajunspicemight require a reboot05:25
soreaumelow01: There's a lot to learn. But to make it easy in a work situation, just use nm-applet>configure interfaces (or whatever it's called when you click it) to set a static IP instead of DHCP05:26
JusticeZero<-- dubious of that website's claim that you will not take a performance hit from encrypting the entire hard drive that has the OS on it05:26
computer_Oh JusticeZero are you flying no GUI style?05:26
akira_you will take a hit05:27
reisioJusticeZero: noticeable?05:27
akira_if hd is encrypted performance wise05:27
JusticeZeroI'm using the standard (not ubuntu) xfce.05:27
akira_if its heavy05:27
melow01soreau, True, I've been doing that for years but I'm trying to force myself to become comfortable in the CLI environment05:27
reisioJusticeZero: not actually used Xubuntu's Xfce so I'm curious — what's the difference?05:27
JZApplesEncrypting the OS hd has a performance hit.  Makes sense.  Didn't know that.05:27
melow01soreau, baby steps05:28
soreaumelow01: Ok, well just know NetworkManager will interfere with what you try to do on CLI05:28
JusticeZeroThat's what i'd think, which was why I was trying to figure out why werever wanted to install Ubuntu onto an Encrypted LVM format partition..05:29
computer_JusticeZero, /var/log/apt contains a history of package installations05:29
JusticeZerocomputer: The same as the list on synaptic history I assume? So how do I start undoing the update?05:30
akira_with no real known hackers and almost 0 virii on linux- not totally sure why you would feel the need to encrypt unless someone else has access to the drive05:30
reisioviruses :p05:30
reisiothere are plenty of crackers, though05:30
reisiobut not letting sshd run will keep you away from most of that05:30
cajunspiceany linux with pre-version 4 mozilla has a back door05:30
akira_yes- plenty but unless you use open wifi networks...05:30
reisioI'm just saying, you said there were none :p05:31
akira_i said virtually 0 :P05:31
reisioyou said hackers and 0 viruses05:31
computer_JusticeZero, can you start X at all?05:31
JusticeZeroRight - there are probably some valid reasons to install on an encrypted hd but I was unclear whether werever had any of them, and less clear on how the alternate installer would fare any better installing in such an unorthodox enviroment.05:31
reisiothe virus part is essentially true05:31
reisiothe cracker part is not05:31
akira_well why hack a system that very few use? potential gain is minute05:32
reisiokeep your teeth sharp05:32
akira_hackers are everywhere most hackers get employed by the us government after getting caught05:32
reisiobesides you can't know what's on it until you do05:32
JusticeZerocomputer: I'm running my system right now - it mostly runs fine, but the update broke a program I wanted to use.05:32
cajunspicelots of linux users05:32
eshloxsomeone have idea why i cant connect to sftp with kdevelop/krusader (permission denied) but using console sftp its ok? ;-S05:32
reisioJusticeZero: which'n?05:32
JusticeZeroSomething in wine. (Cue the groaning I know.)05:33
cajunspiceTerryA: any luck?05:33
akira_keep your teeth dull and your fangs sharp ;)- how you get away with things...05:33
qinnshi , somebody can tell me how i can close the radio in linux ? my friend was living like this and it is bad music05:33
computer_From my experience unless you have very good practice for implementing encryption things can go very bad very quickly05:33
computer_JusticeZero, so you can run synaptic from the bash?05:34
jdjbmedinahello can someone help me out with my graphics card issue05:34
supyodo you guys prefer ubuntu or joli os?05:34
computer_jdjbmedina, maybe05:34
reisioqinns: you'll have to identify its process/name/icon first05:34
JusticeZeroI dunno, I just ran it from the menu.05:34
jdjbmedinai guess maybe is better than no05:35
llutzsupyo: we prefer no polls here05:35
melow01soreau, got it. that helps a lot.05:35
commiewhats your graphics card issue05:35
akira_i prefer spending my entire life -f ubuntu to work :P05:35
computer_jdjbmedina, we would have to know the nature of the GPU issue better such a question could be answered05:35
soreaumelow01: Another great resource in ##networking. I don't think I've found one to stump those guys yet ;)05:36
almoxarifehow do increase the workspace count from the default 4 to 6 in unity?05:36
computer_JusticeZero, okay so you have GUI, got it05:36
soreaumelow01: s/in/is05:36
commieyou should run 16 workspaces!05:36
DekeI think the video card guy disconnected05:36
akira_why you should never run duel vd cards onboard...05:37
JusticeZeroyes, I have most everything. it's just that it managed to break wine somehow by me doing my maintenance updates, and that is an annoyance.05:37
computer_JusticeZero, well in that case run synaptic package manager and go to "File->History"05:37
JusticeZerocomputer: Done, open05:38
computer_ And there you can look through the updates and remove any suspect offenders05:38
JusticeZeroThat's actually the problem, they all LOOK harmless.05:39
computer_JusticeZero,  When do you do the updates?05:39
JusticeZeroAbout once a week or so I bring the netbook in with me to campus so i'll have a stable network.05:40
reisioqinns: could try lsof /dev/snd/*05:40
akira_the harmless looking are usually the most dangerous :P05:40
computer_JusticeZero, cool but when was the last time you run the update05:41
akira_im sorry i wish i really could help you- but im faded- and im a novice on linux- just an old dos junkie and a computer nerd who used to love microsoft05:41
JusticeZeroI just pasted the log to you. Commit Log for Tue Oct 18 21:04:25 201105:41
akira_i broke my wine too- but i fixed it- dunno how you broke yours05:41
melow01soreau, huhm interesting... what's s/in/is?05:42
cajunspiceWell, good luck TerryA, I'm in need of sleep05:42
JusticeZeroBefore that was Commit Log for Mon Oct 10 14:18:18 201105:42
akira_well i didn't fix it- this chan fixed it.05:42
MrSassyPantswhat's with spamassasssin randomly working and then no longer again? (postfix/dovecot/amavis/spamassassin setup)05:43
qmrwhy is pulse audio default again?05:43
soreaumelow01: Well I made the mistake of typing 'in' where I meant 'is' so I used a common sed nomenclature (]a program designed for text substitution)05:43
MrSassyPantsI mean, after a reboot, spamassassin doesn't seem to do anything anymore05:43
Gskellighow do i remount the root partition in grub2?05:43
D_Russhow do i get the previewer to work on the sidebar in unity. i had this in 11.04 and cant remember how to do it in 11.1005:43
melow01soreau, ok... but I'm still confused on what that is05:43
JusticeZeroBecause Canonical thought that if it got love, it would be better than the commonly used programs.05:44
MrSassyPantsoh, that's avahi05:44
akira_love = 51dollars a week05:44
soreaumelow01: For example if I said 'The bokk is blue' and I meant to type 'book', I'd use s/bokk/book to denote correction05:44
akira_child support05:44
akira_:P sry im done05:45
akira_really im gone.05:45
melow01soreau, ohh... that's notation for corrections? I'm not hip to that jive man.05:45
soreaumelow01: In terminal: 'man sed' ;)05:45
melow01melow01, Ahh.. isn't that the way to correct text in vim? I'm learning vim too05:46
computer_JusticeZero, I say this because if you know the date you updated when things got all broken you can uninstall all things installed on the date05:47
soreauI'm not familiar with vim05:47
JusticeZero*looks* I do have to admit that I have no sympathy for anyone making software of that type complaining that the problem is other programs misbehaving. Since 'working in spite of other programs flakiness' is the main job of the daemon in the first place.05:47
melow01soreau, all good, not important05:47
soreaumelow01: It's a way to correct text from CLI. Usually useful for large corrections or substitutions in source code05:48
yagoothere a way to alias two ethernets (eth0, eth1) ? (both are the same chipset but have different busids) .. can't seem to find this information05:48
reisiomelow01: one way, yes05:48
JusticeZeroRight, I can uninstall it but does that roll it back or just make a hash of everything?05:48
melow01soreau, got it. Ya, I vaguely remember learning that someone along the line.05:48
yagooi think i found something05:49
computer_JusticeZero, and then if you are really keen you can run the update manager once again only this time install them one at a time and check each time if wine brakes05:49
melow01reisio, thanks05:49
spvenskohi, does this (http://pastebin.com/qymdELgi) mean all of my RAM is used up?05:49
JusticeZeroplus, 'how to uninstall/roll back said packages' is sort've the problem.. yeah and if I had a real internet here I probably would.05:49
xc0ffeehey guys.. how do I set 'No proxy' field in ubuntu 11.10?.. 'Network' application doesn't seem to have the option to set 'no-proxy'05:49
reisiospvensko: means Linux is managing it all05:50
JusticeZeroI generally cannot successfully complete an apt-get update without errors at home05:50
Dekehi everyone, im running oneiric 64bit version. when05:50
=== barna is now known as bipul
spvenskoreisio: in what sense? i'm trying to run some scripts but they've frozen more or less05:50
Dekemy computer goes into suspend, it dosent wake up05:51
Dekeit spins hard drives and fans up and sits there05:51
computer_JusticeZero, what kind of errors?05:51
yagooDeke, no way! that sux!!!05:51
=== aidenhong_ is now known as aidenhong
yagooDeke, dmesg says any errors/warnings ?05:52
JusticeZeroPiles of them. It works fine when i'm on the network on campus.05:52
ghabitHello. Boot logo of ubuntu have wrong resolution, so ubuntu logo while booting is 'stretched'. How to fix it?05:52
DekeI dont know about dmesg, some logging thing?05:53
ghabitSecond question - I want google chrome @ ubuntu, is it possible? Not chromium, because I need preload functionality of chrome.05:53
KartagisI can't switch between programs on alt+tab. I can only do it on release. what gives?05:53
yagooDeke, ya.. if there are device errors, they would show up in there, dmesg is a command05:53
Dekerun from terminal?05:53
yagooDeke, ya05:53
Kartagisthis puter started to act strange after installing oneiric05:53
Kartagiss/installing/upgrading to/05:54
yagooDeke, logs get archived.. so if ur machine freezes, u can check prior dmesgs--> zcat /var/log/dmesg.1.gz05:54
JusticeZeroUsually it's a bunch of 'could not retrieve blah from the server' type stuff.05:54
JusticeZeroIn any case when i'm not on the yucktastic free wifi at home it's a nonissue05:55
Dekeok sweet, I will try that when I get home. thank you very much, I wasnt sure where to start looking but that sounds like a god start05:55
JusticeZeroAnyhow what do I type or do to roll each of these packages back?05:56
jaybuttsI lost my network manager to turn on my vpn when I did dist-upgrade to 11.1005:56
computer_JusticeZero, what happens when you ping a target?05:56
Gskellighow do i remount the root partition in grub2?05:57
wweaselHey, could anyone give me a hand by telling me in what file apt stores the "Automatically Installed" flags for each package?05:57
jaybuttshow do you turn on VPN in gnome 305:57
JusticeZeroDunno, gimme a line to paste into the terminal and i'll tell you.05:57
erle-will the proprietary driver packages in ubuntu be updated?05:57
computer_JusticeZero, I would type "sudo apt-get remove --purge 'package' -f05:59
wweaselOr, does someone simply know where apt stores settings about installed packages?  I accidentally messed up the Automatically Installed flags for a bunch of packages, and would like to use a system backup to help me set things right.05:59
computer_To ping just type; "ping google.com" of what ever URL you fancy06:00
JusticeZeroI know there's a twitchy redirect on the network here that drives us absolutely nutty.06:00
=== Ram is now known as Guest29041
computer_Ooo maybe you should try a "traceroute" on it's butt?06:01
wweaselVoila! Is this thing logged? If so, the answer to my question above is: /var/lib/apt/extended_states06:01
JusticeZeroAm I still connected?06:02
enchiladoJusticeZero: yes06:02
ghabitHello. How to make gnome session default for me?06:02
ghabitAfter reboot ubuntu boots into the unity.06:03
* yagoo is happy.. he has synergy06:03
computer_JusticeZero, Harro dare06:03
Morgzanyone find unity is a focus hog? You can't click elsewhere to change focus, you have to stop whatever its trying to do..06:03
odb|fidelghabit: logout - choose classic at login manager & login it. it should rememeber the lasz choice06:03
KartagisI've just realized a weird behaviour. when I start ubuntu, networking is off. I have to restart networking to make it work. what gives?06:04
yagooMorgz, unity sux for desktop imho06:04
ghabitodb|fidel, I choosed gnome, not gnome classic.06:04
ghabitI want gnome 3.06:04
odb|fidelghabit: whatever you want06:04
computer_ghabit, Did you switch the option at the login screen?06:04
yagooghabit, search "gnome shell" with ubsoftcenter06:04
beta0x64how can you find all files that have a string in it with bash?06:04
odb|fidelits about selecting at login screen in the first place06:04
Kartagisthis has been happening for the last 2 days06:04
=== zendeavor is now known as zshendeavor
ghabitcomputer_, I choosed GNOME @ login screen.06:04
yagoobeta0x64, u use grep06:04
ghabityagoo, allready installed it, but ubuntu logs me into the unity every time.06:05
JusticeZeroOkay, network disconnected..06:05
MorgzI just did a /etc/init.d/networking stop and it made the GUI go crazy, drop down menus were wrong size etc, theme looked more like high contrast. That sound right?06:05
yagooghabit, u have to select the gear icon before typing ur password (or maybe after ur password), then hit <enter>06:05
computer_ghabit, that's strange the last time I tied it, it was latching06:05
JusticeZerocomputer: Dunno, give me a line to put into the terminal and i'll tell you. I know there's a twitchy redirect that drives us batty.06:05
JusticeZeroThe internet has been behaving exceptionally well today.06:05
=== zshendeavor is now known as zendeavor
computer_To ping just type; "ping google.com" of what ever URL you fancy06:06
karstenvHi all in ubuntu 11.04 has a problem with bash completion with environmental variables , how can I downgrade bash to a version that is working ?06:06
yagookarstenv, ????06:06
yagookarstenv, check with shopt06:06
yagookarsten, the #bash people would laugh at this06:06
JusticeZerolots of '64 bytes from iy-in-f103.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=25 ttl=53 time=198 ms'06:07
yagooJustasic, thats market tracking-- i think firefox uses that-- they have like a deal with some corps out there..06:07
JusticeZeroHow do I make it stop, btw?06:07
yagooJustasic, I use my own dns server and give 1e100.net a dead end..06:08
Morgztrying to leave router on dhcp and setup my ubuntu as static ip. I've edited interfaces and chosen an IP outside the dhcp range, but I get nothing at all, no connection even to router.06:08
karstenvyagoo: I dont understand what you said nor why anybody would laugh at a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/77862706:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 778627 in bash (Ubuntu) "In natty, bash completion now quotes shell variable references rather than expanding them" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:08
Polahyagoo, Justasic: Why run your own DNS server to stop specific domains? Just add it to your /etc/hosts and point it somewhere else.06:08
PolahJusticeZero, Ctrl+C06:08
ghabitUnity again.06:09
ghabitAny other method to set up gnome as default?06:09
yagookarstenv, Fixed by editing line 1587 of /etc/bash_completion (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/769866/comments/10)06:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 769866 in acroread (Ubuntu) "tab completion no longer escapes filenames and completes dirnames incorrectly (space instead of slash)" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:09
Justasicwhy are we tagging me in convo's i am not engaged in?06:09
yagookarstenv, that's an april report.. we're in october..06:09
JusticeZero> --- google.com ping statistics --- | 159 packets transmitted, 152 received, 4% packet loss, time 158211ms | rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 54.805/254.432/468.614/108.144 ms06:09
computer_Justasic, cos we love you and we miss you06:10
karstenvyagoo: well thanks , but you are funny. I don't care whether we are in 2011 or 2012 , just need to get it working ;) and BTW In don't use ubuntu very often , and this is not even my problem but someone asked me to find out haha06:11
ChaosBringerFor bug : https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=660807 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/857710 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/87209006:11
ghabitHow to make gnome-shell sesstion default for me? Every time i am booting, ubuntu logins me into the unity.06:12
ubottuGnome bug 660807 in File and Folder Operations "File selection by typing is buggy sometimes" [Minor,Resolved: fixed]06:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 857710 in nautilus (Ubuntu Oneiric) "File selection by typing is buggy sometimes" [High,Fix committed]06:12
yagookarstenv, that's cool..06:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 857710 in nautilus (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #872090 File selection by typing is buggy sometimes" [High,Fix committed]06:12
ChaosBringerit's been reported the fix is in ubuntu-proposed06:12
yagookarstenv, btw.. I hate globs if u know what i mean :)  (help glob hehehehe)06:12
* yagoo likes globs that contain dots06:12
ChaosBringeri guess06:12
ChaosBringerthe only update i need to make is to nautilus itself?06:12
robertzaccourI'm having problems with fglrx drivers on my ATI 4250. any suggestions anyone?06:12
ChaosBringerfrom the ubuntu-proposed?06:12
Morgztrying to set my ubuntu as static ip, and still allow others computers to use the dhcp on the router. my interface file is : http://pasteit.com/15721 IP 200 out of dhcp range. Do I need to point it to the right DNS server?06:13
ChaosBringeri want to enable it, fix it, and then disable that source so i want to know which package i need to upgrade06:13
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: details please "problems" doesn't tell us much06:13
robertzaccourActionParsnip: fails to install06:13
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: is the rest of the OS updated?06:13
tensorpuddingChaosBringer, i forgot to mention, it might be worth reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed06:13
robertzaccourActionParsnip: yes06:14
tensorpuddingChaosBringer, apparently you can use apt pinning to block proposed updates06:14
robertzaccourActionParsnip: it says Sorry, installation of this driver failed.  Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log06:14
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: ok can you pastebin that file please06:14
yagooMorgz, u do need a nameserver always06:15
robertzaccourActionParsnip: how do I get that file?06:15
ChaosBringertensorpudding, i'm going through and only updating the nautilus packages06:15
karstenvyagoo: aparently that is not fixed see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash/+bug/77862706:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 778627 in bash (Ubuntu) "In natty, bash completion now quotes shell variable references rather than expanding them" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:15
ChaosBringerif it breaks at least i know which packages i must revert06:15
ActionParsnipMorgz: you can set static IP in network manager, why use interfaces file?06:15
ChaosBringerlots of packages there...lol06:15
MorgzActionParsnip - dont see that section in network manager06:16
=== angela is now known as Guest39202
computer_JusticeZero, ooo, 4% packet loss is not so happy fun time06:16
JusticeZeroYeah, I figured that.06:17
MorgzActionParsnip - dammit - ignore me  :)06:17
robertzaccourActionParsnip: how do I get the log file?06:17
karstenvthus question again how cam one downgrade to maverick package see http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick/bash ? That's what we can't figure out yet . Any hints ?06:17
AangNeed help here. My panel crashes on login. I recently installed some packages that TerminatorX needed. Seems to have screwed up my Desktop. Compiz isn't running either.06:17
computer_JusticeZero, still it could be worse06:17
JusticeZeroyeah. Like I said, the internet is working unusually well tonight06:17
ActionParsnipMorgz: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html   instead of setting it to DHCP address only, use Manual06:18
computer_JusticeZero, have you done a trace route to see what is going on?06:18
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: gedit /var/log/jockey.log06:18
JusticeZeroNope. Not familiar with any of those tools..06:18
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: you can be even cooler and run:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /var/log/jockey.log06:18
JusticeZeroTell me what to type and i'll tell you what it says and you can tell me what's stuffed up and i'll have a clue next time.06:18
AangOS: LM906:19
ActionParsnipAang: what is that, please?06:19
ghabitHow to make gnome-shell sesstion default for me? Every time i am booting, ubuntu logins me into the unity.06:19
AangMy OS is Linux Mint 9 LTS06:19
ActionParsnipAang: mint isn't supported here06:19
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:20
Aangok then06:20
AangI'll go bacl there06:20
yagookarstenv, have u tried backports or try updating bash?06:20
ActionParsnipghabit: you can configure lightdm and tell it to auto log you in and set the session type06:20
computer_JusticeZero, first you need to install traceroute06:21
yagooghabit, it'll remember (lightdm or the greeter touches a file in ~ for you)06:21
yagooghabit, it'll use the last session u used..06:21
computer_JusticeZero, sudo apt-get install traceroute06:21
computer_and then just like ping run it with a target06:22
StarminnHow can I set an NTFS drive to auto-mount on boot in 11.10?06:22
yagooStarminn, it does (at least for the internal ones)06:22
benwalburnfor some reason, whenever I boot ubuntu, my desktop icons are pushed up about two inches, often on top of others. Is there a way I can prevent that from happening?06:22
Calinoubenwalburn: right click > organize06:23
Starminnyagoo, My having to do it manually says otherwise. ;)06:23
Calinounothing else to do06:23
computer_"traceroute  ubuntu.com" and then check out the hops06:23
JusticeZerorunning one on google.com now.06:23
robertzaccourthanks brb06:23
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
JusticeZerook, i'll do on ubuntu.com then06:23
yagooStarminn, are they usb?06:23
benwalburnoh, so it's not just me. I was doing the organize thing anyways lol06:23
Starminnyagoo, No, it's the same HDD that Ubuntu is on -- just a different partition.06:24
cobra679hello all06:24
benwalburnand is there a setting I can change so I can shutdown even if another user is logged on?06:24
cobra679i got a question06:24
JusticeZero*waits while it grinds away*06:25
cobra679how would i spy on linux software06:25
cobra679when its running06:25
cobra679so i can see the strings06:25
=== Aang is now known as Zutara
DarsVaedahi, my black printer color is empty is there a way to print only in blue? I have a pdf file that is black/white06:25
yagooStarminn, maybe look at the ntfs tool from ubsoftcenter06:26
computer_JusticeZero, that was a good time to use the /me command06:26
cobra679DarsVaeda have you tried sticking your dick in it?06:26
yagooStarminn, or the disk utility from accessories06:26
ghabityagoo, what is lightdm?06:26
computer_DarsVaeda, usually not06:26
DarsVaedacobra679: do you like to be banned?06:26
JusticeZeroIt hits watermelon.canonical.com on 17. 18 is canonical again, as is 20. (19 is stars..) The first six are just IP numbers, no text till line 7.06:26
yagooghabit, u using 11.10? (it replaces gdm)06:27
LasersDarsVaeda: Not really a Ubuntu question. Printers are a good way to waste money. I had a printer that's out of black ink but I'm not able to use color prints to produce black. Nop.06:27
DarsVaedayeah I hate printing, especially in ubuntu it is even worse06:27
=== lonewolf is now known as Guest95949
DarsVaedaproblem is it is a scanned book, so I can not just copy and paste the text and change the color -.-06:28
cobra679DarsVaeda try stick your dick in it06:28
karstenvyagoo: well updating bash is now updated to the newest version which has that error ;( . What is the process to try backports or to downgrade form the newest version we have , that's what we can't find out how to ...06:28
ghabityagoo, i have a fresh install of 11.1006:28
Zylumcobra679, please leave06:28
ghabityagoo, my login windows looks like this - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7e/Lightdm-screenshot.jpg06:28
Zylumwow, it worked haha06:28
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda: tried OCR?06:28
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda: optical character recognition06:30
osmosisis there a way in ubuntu to download a video from youtube?06:30
JusticeZeroI'm not really sure how to read this traceroute, and I don't want to flood.06:30
DarsVaedaoh now i get you, no I don't have the book just the pdf06:30
reisioosmosis: what browser do you use?06:30
yagooghabit, what are u talking about? u're not able to click the top right gear icon?06:30
ActionParsniposmosis: youtube-dl06:30
DarsVaedaaww well, I'm running out of time, thanks to everyone anyway :)06:30
anujhello folks ! i have 11.10 on a Dell laptop . whenever i stop charging my laptop it hibernates , even though its not below the critical level . but its not 100 % either . any ideas ?06:30
ActionParsnipDarsVaeda: there are softwares to co06:31
reisioosmosis: the simplest way if you use Firefox is with http://www.downloadhelper.net/06:31
ActionParsnipConvert pdf to text06:31
osmosisreisi, chrome06:31
yagooghabit, what are u using? are u using cli? (did u do apt-get update before?)06:31
karstenvhey ubuntu freaks - non gis question (booo!) : in ubuntu 11.04 there is a problem with bash completion with environmental variables , how can I downgrade bash (bash is now newest version)  to a version that is working ?06:31
yagooapt-get update, then apt-get install bash06:32
ActionParsnipAnuj: which model dell??? Dell have a massive range of laptops06:32
osmosisActionParsnip, cool06:32
anujdell vostro 1520 .06:32
yagooghabit, meant that to someone else06:32
karstenvsorry wrong channel06:32
yagookarstenv, apt-get update ?06:33
JusticeZeroyagoo: karstenv wanted to go back to an earlier version than the update would offer.06:33
karstenvyes exactly06:33
ghabityagoo, i can press that gear button. And I am choosing there GNOME option.06:33
karstenvis downgrade not an option in ubuntu ?06:33
yagookarstenv, when u do apt-get update... do u see backports mentioned anywhere? (shift-pageup can be done in bash)06:33
ghabityagoo, but after reboot I am allready autologined into unity. So I have to end sesstion, click on gear icon, choosing gnome etc.06:33
ActionParsnipanuj: check Linux-laptop.net  see if there is a howto. Also check for bugs regarding acpi for the model06:34
robertzaccourActionParsnip:  I'm back. I have the 3D unity panel. Is that all that matters? I'm not sure06:34
yagooghabit, try turning off autologin.. then relogin with ur preferred session twice..06:34
Zylumkarsten, check ftp://ftp.cwru.edu/pub/bash/ for previous bash versions06:34
yagooghabit, when in ur preferred session, turn back autologin06:34
anujActionParsnip, thanks ! will check it out !06:35
ghabityagoo, thx, i will try it. Before i will logut - where I can check nvidia latest drivers?06:35
yagookarstenv, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports06:35
ghabitand how I can look which drivers is installed?06:35
robertzaccourActionParsnip: whats that command again for log files?06:35
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: gedit filename06:36
robertzaccourActionParsnip: I just remembered haha thanks06:36
robertzaccourActionParsnip: brb with pastebin06:36
ActionParsnipghabit: nvidia-settings tells you06:36
yagookarstenv, it's a simple y/n question.. if u don't see it then try adding a backport repo06:36
StarminnIs anybody else able to get on http://gnome-look.org ? (downforeveryoneorjustme says it's up but I keep getting Errors)06:37
karstenvyagoo: ok I did not see one that was of any use ... so I need to add one as you said I guess - sources.list right ?06:37
ActionParsnipkarstenv: could use xterm instead til the bug is fixed (assuming it isn't also affected)06:37
almoxarifeStarminn: no prob getting in here06:37
JusticeZeroI'm going to give up on this for the night, later.06:38
ActionParsnipStarminn: tried a different browser?06:38
ghabitActionParsnip, thank you!06:38
Starminnalmoxarife, Hmm... Thank you.06:38
StarminnActionParsnip, Good point. *facepalm* I shall try that now06:38
ActionParsnipghabit: np dude06:38
robertzaccourActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/xxF5P5Mg06:39
=== psycose_ is now known as psycose
yagookarstenv, bpo should be selectable with the gui06:39
CharminTheMoosewpa_gui is complaining that I can't write the wpa_supplicant.conf file because I don't have update_config=1 in the config file in /etc, which I have. I'm running both apps (both wpa_gui and wpa_supplicant) as root, but still no written config file. Any pointers as to what I'm doing wrong here? On 11.04.06:39
StarminnActionParsnip, Hmph. Alright, so Opera doesn't work with gnome-look.org suddenly (though it did earlier), nor does Chromium; however Firefox works fine with it.06:40
ghabitActionParsnip, I can see there 280.13 version. Is it binary from nvidia? Or should I install other one?06:40
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: I'm not great with jockey logs. Maybe others can advise.06:41
yagookarstenv, if u dont have this one-- maybe u can add it-> "add-apt-repository deb http://archive.canonical.com/ ubuntu natty partner"06:41
ActionParsnipghabit: yes. Nvidia-settings will moan if nvidia's proprietary driver isn't loaded.06:42
robertzaccourI'm having trouble with my flgrx I have an ATI Radeon 4250. Here's the log I got http://pastebin.com/xxF5P5Mg anyone got any advice?06:42
yagookarstenv, "add-apt-repository deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu natty partner"  << this one actually (there was a wrong space somewhere)06:42
ActionParsnipStarminn: then its not dns problems causing it06:42
ActionParsnipStarminn: try clearing web cache and/or cookies06:43
yagoorobertzaccour, how are you generating that log?06:44
StarminnActionParsnip, Yep, that did it. My many thanks.06:45
ActionParsnipStarminn: np :-)06:45
robertzaccouryagoo: sudo gedit /var/log/jockey.log06:45
auronandace!gksudo | robertzaccour06:46
ubotturobertzaccour: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:46
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: 1. You don't need sudo to just read the file. 2. Sudo is NOT suitable for GUI apps, use gksudo instead06:46
reisioperfectly suitable if you can stand having a term open temporarily06:47
reisioI'd suggest learning a non-GUI text editor anyways, though :p06:47
ActionParsnipAnd use pastebinit to upload text files :-)06:48
robertzaccouryagoo: here is what it says now http://pastebin.com/2c4jec9d06:48
kickingvegasanybody here familiar with ddrescue?06:48
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: a little06:49
kickingvegasActionParsnip: seems to be taking a very long time. is this common?06:50
yagooanyone knows how to prevent gnome-mount from automounting certian partitions?06:50
vega-so, finally twinview is starting to be usable after upgrades to compiz and newer nvidia drivers from x-swap ppa..06:50
karstenvyagoo: gui , yup but we have no gui access for this one06:51
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: how big is the filesystem you are copying?06:51
karstenvyagoo: ok will add the rep you send06:51
yagookarstenv, u doing ssh?06:51
lyraeWhen installing the new release from a usb, what are the options that should be in GRUB? all i have is 'default' and when i click it, it drops to a a terminal that says (initramfs) or something06:51
ActionParsnipyagoo: you can make udev rules to ignore certain devices06:51
karstenvyagoo: yup06:51
yagookarsten, if the X is installed, u can do ssh -XY <host/ip> , and try gnome-session or startx06:52
ActionParsniplyrae: if you press E to edit, you ca06:52
ActionParsnipCan see ghem06:53
ghabityagoo, maybe manual editing lighdm conf file will help? Unity again )06:53
yagookarstenv, actually it may take a bit more homework.. (i simply use nx)06:53
ghabitUnity <3 me ^)06:53
yagooghabit, oh ya..06:53
lyraeActionParsnip: See what? the grub options?06:53
yagooghabit, um.. i think i tried this back.. and noted the same ..06:53
ActionParsniplyrae: yes06:53
tioxghabit: I enjoy the Unity final product too, but at the end of the day, I just wanna go back to the typical panels setup.06:53
ghabituser-session=ubuntu - is that option needed to change?06:53
yagooghabit, if u really really want to get it working.. a possibility is maybe to use gdm06:54
yagooghabit, as a simpler solution06:54
yagooghabit, or check the ~/.*dm file that gets generated..06:54
kickingvegasActionParsnip: 1GB. Following example 1 in the ddrescue manual where06:54
yagooghabit, i would check that ~/.*dm file06:54
ghabityagoo, @ /etc/lightdm/ ?06:54
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: a 2Tb filesystem will take a lot longer than a 40Gb one...06:54
tioxWhat's going on again guys?06:54
yagooghabit, cat ~/.dmrc06:55
jfb_h20I'm about to install 11.10, how can I clone my ppa package providers similar to dpkg --set-selections ?06:55
Zutaraconfigure: error:  X11-libs not installed or broken sudo apt-get install xlibs-dev doesn't help. What gives?06:55
Surabhi547which is better 10.10 or 11.04 ?06:55
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: 1gb should be swift. Can you not work on it directly with foremost or is it really shaky?06:56
ActionParsnipSurabhi547: both and neither06:56
yagooSurabhi547, 10.1006:56
karstenvyagoo: ok it worked now by manual download of a deb package sudo dpkg -i bash_4.1-2ubuntu4_amd64.deb  and then sudo-apt -f update06:56
kickingvegasActionParsnip: where ddrescue -f -n /dev/sda /dev/sdc logfile worked fine.06:56
kickingvegasActionParsnip: my bad, 1TB06:56
yagookarstenv, well bash has few dependencies.. so it should06:56
robertzaccouryagoo: any ideas?06:57
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: what interface are both using and what sort of storage are they?06:57
tioxjfb_h20: Don't clone 'em.06:57
yagoorobertzaccour, check ur x log for any errors (/var/log/Xorg.0.log)06:57
tioxJust fix them when the update is done.06:57
kickingvegasActionParsnip: Now running ddrescue -d -f -r3 /dev/sda /dev/sdc log file and it found 480GB errsize and 9 errors06:58
jfb_h20tiox: I'm not going to update, doing a fresh install?06:58
llutzjfb_h20: copy your sources.list(.d/*)06:58
kickingvegasActionParsnip: both on SATA, both hard discs06:58
jfb_h20llutz: that's safe?06:58
yagoojfb_h20, u use get-selections06:58
ghabityagoo, editing the /etc/lighdm/* file helped!06:58
tioxllutz: Not always the case, if I recall.06:58
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: not sure what errsize is, sorry06:58
ghabitSo, i have one last question ^)06:58
yagooghabit, what does ~/.dmrc say ?06:58
yagooghabit, ~ means home.06:59
tioxMight be better to copy the entire /etc/apt folder.06:59
kickingvegasActionParsnip: also seems to be cycling through the sectors06:59
tioxExcept for the .gvfs file of course, since it won't let you, root or not,.06:59
jfb_h20yagoo: I think that only works for the packages, but I'll still need the ppa providers, no?06:59
ghabityagoo, session=gnome-shell06:59
yagooghabit, it does?06:59
yagooghabit, mine says gnome-fallback06:59
yagooghabit, hold on..06:59
robertzaccouryagoo: the log is empty07:00
brandonphp files on newly installed lamp are wanting to save or open.. like a download.. what did i forget?07:00
ghabityagoo, I have changed 'ubuntu' to 'gnome-shell' @ /etc/lighdm/conf and now I am booted @ gnome. gnome-fallback means like gnome2 afaik.07:00
yagooghabit, ls -la  /usr/share/xessions07:00
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: I've only used it a few times on usb flash when my dumb friends balls up their data and have no backup. No where near that size07:00
yagooghabit, hope that gives a hint07:00
kickingvegasActionParsnip: ok thanks07:01
phizohow to check usage consumption etc; i remember it was a command it showed the % of processors07:01
ghabityagoo, how do you think - what is difference between gnome-classic and gnome-fallback? ^)07:01
tioxFor those yet to update, do the following: Make sure if you removed ubuntu-desktop, to install it, and resolve all depends errors. Then, log out and press Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in and do sudo apt-get do-release-upgrade as to avoid all the GUI issues you may encounter doing it from the GUI.07:01
ChaosBringeris everyone else experiencing problems07:02
yagooghabit, not sure07:02
ghabitGuys, while I;m loading, ubuntu logo is 'stretched' how to fix it?07:02
ChaosBringerwith ubuntu typeahead function in nautilus?07:02
ghabitI have 1680x1050 resolution.07:02
ChaosBringeron gnome 3 / gnome-shell07:02
ActionParsnipkickingvegas: you can either let it run and see what happens, or stop it. You could even try using rsync but I'm guessing the data isn't healthy07:02
jfb_h20tiox, yagoo, if I use dpkg --get-selections > installed, then edit installed only to have a subset of what I installed and know about, can I use dpkg --set-selections on my fresh install? Or should I append the edited version of installed to a fresh version of installed (e.g. run dpkg --get-selections again after installation)07:03
yagooghabit, if u look at those files u get the exec= .. then u see the difference07:03
yagooghabit, i'm to see if i can autologin non-unity07:04
ChaosBringeris everyone else experiencing problems with ubuntu typeahead function in nautilus (gnome 3.2 / gnome-shell 3.2) ?07:04
robertzaccouryagoo:  http://pastebin.com/VN2TtV3M07:04
ActionParsnipghabit: you can set the res by uncommenting and editting the line in /etc/default/grub    then run:  sudo update-grub   to apply. Personally I wouldn't bother07:05
tioxCheck this out jfb_h20: http://askubuntu.com/questions/24022/how-can-i-backup-my-repositories07:05
yagooghabit, i noticed there was a bug-- systemsettings was kde-control center-- i relaunched systemsettings again from the menu and i got gnome-control-center this time..07:05
yagooghabit, so there is a bug at least here..07:05
kiwi_Hello All  I have a problem that is a result of the 11.10 upgrade and I  am looking for some help.  Is this the best place It is the Nvidia graphics card07:06
yagooghabit, (i have kde installed but didnt launch it)--07:06
tioxJust make sure when you copy it back in, you replace the distro name with oneiric07:06
tioxkiwi_: What specific video issue?07:06
ghabityagoo, well, I haven't kde... I have tried kubuntu, but sound there was glitchy for me, so I have installed ubuntu. ^)07:06
jfb_h20tiox: thanks.. I hope that takes care of : "If you are planning to use this backup on another computer, make sure that the version of Ubuntu on the machine matches the versions in the sources.list file, otherwise, you might have some problems."07:07
osmosisis compiz in 11.10 ?  Inverting windows doesnt seem to work by default anymore.07:07
robertzaccourgot problems with my FLGRX drivers http://pastebin.com/VN2TtV3M any advice anyone?07:07
dr_willisosmosis:  its the default wm. check ccsm plugins07:07
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz07:07
vin__ciao a tutti07:08
jfb_h20tiox, what about whether I need to append my edited 'installed_software' file or can use it as is?07:08
kiwi_hello tiox - I have dual 17" screen that had a native reloution os 1280x1024 and now I only have one one working screen at 800x600 a bit of a come down07:08
ZutaraCan someone tell me why TermicatorX can't find the X11-libs? How do I check to see if their installed?07:09
yagooZutara, u compiling or not?07:09
ZutaraI am.07:09
yagooZutara, think07:09
tioxHave you checked the display preferences yet?07:09
ZutaraIt hangs at Xll-libs broken or not installed07:09
vin__qualcuno sa come far funzionare thunderbird con exchange?07:09
vega-Zutara: headers installed?07:09
tioxGo into your dash home (if in Unity) and look up the word "displays"07:10
yagooZutara, u need dev libs.07:10
mlechnerhi, after upgrading to oneirirc my unity bar doesn't show mounted partitions anymore - how to configure this (using dconf-editor?)?07:10
dr_willis!info terminatorx07:10
tioxI know, probably basic stuff you did already kiwi_, but making sure.07:10
ubottuterminatorx (source: terminatorx): realtime audio synthesizer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.82-7.4ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 312 kB, installed size 1288 kB07:10
yagoo(-dev strings in package names)07:10
osmosisdr_willis, compizconfig-settings-manager    installs  compiz-core.  Does that mean compiz was not installed?07:10
ZutaraTermX 3.83 has to be built form source. It's not in a package file yet07:11
Zutara3.82 had mouse grab errors07:11
dr_willisosmosis: compiz is used by the default ubuntu setup07:11
dr_willisZutara:  use the apt-get build-dep  option to pluu07:11
dr_willispull in all needed deps07:11
ZylumIt seems my screen blanks out for a few seconds after pausing or stopping playback in all of my media players.. never encountered this one before.. I'm still on natty07:12
osmosisseems like the dock uses the super key now. Might be blocking compiz from using it07:12
kiwi_tiox: I can only run Unity2D  what do you need to know from the "Dispaly" control pannel07:12
ChaosBringeris everyone else experiencing problems with ubuntu typeahead function in nautilus (gnome 3.2 / gnome-shell 3.2) ? Can anyone answer if this is just a bug random people are experiencing or common across all installations PLEASE?07:12
kapipiIs the new system settings menu a Gnome 3 change or a ubuntu change?07:12
tioxWell, first of all, if it detects your other monitor.07:12
Zylumdoes anyone have an idea why this happens to me?07:12
dr_willisChaosBringer:  what does the bug do? ive not seen any keybord issues07:13
robertzaccourdoes FLGRX basically mean I'm screwed and to install what came with the laptop back on it?07:13
kiwi_tiox the second dispaly is not detected07:13
kapipiHow do I change my keyboard model (not layout) in 11.10?07:13
ghabitHow I can change a bit theme for ubuntu @ gnome3? I want ubuntu icons, but don't want dark elements.07:13
ghabitso I have only one part of window dark.07:14
ChaosBringerdr_willis: When you open nautilus in any folder that is not the home folder, as you type to search for a folder, it does not work07:14
ghabitlooks bad.07:14
Santanghabit "gnome tweaking tool"07:14
Zutarasudo apt-get build-dep ./configure Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list07:14
osmosisDoes anyone have the Negative plugin working with compiz in 11.10 ?07:14
tioxDoes xrandr see it kiwi_?07:14
tioxOpen up a term and type in xrandr07:14
dr_willisrobertzaccour:  depends on the exact chipset. you may want to check the forums or askubuntu.com ther may be fixs07:14
robertzaccourdr_willis: Radeon 425007:15
Santanyea most questions you wount find in here are at askubuntu07:15
yagooghabit, did u try gdm ?07:15
Santanjust takes time07:15
dr_willisZutara:  correct.. you need the src  sources in your sources.list07:15
* tiox is tier-1 tech support -- Not that great07:15
dbuggerHey guys. Does anybody know how can I convert a MOV into a FLV video?07:15
vin__qualcuno sa come configurare thunderbird con exchange?07:15
ZutaraSo how do I get those?07:15
kapipiI want to change my keyboard model from 105 key to 109 key, where do I do this? It used to be in keyboard settings...07:15
llutz_!sources |Zutara:07:15
ubottuZutara:: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories07:15
Zutaradbugger: ffmpeg might do the job07:16
dr_willisdbugger: winff, mencoder, ffmpeg.. perhaps others07:16
vilcobraHello world ;-)07:16
llutz_hrm wrong factoid... Zutara you need to add the "deb-src ..." lines to your sources.list07:16
dr_willis!info arista07:16
ubottuarista (source: arista): multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.7-1 (oneiric), package size 271 kB, installed size 1780 kB07:16
yagooghabit, if u use gdm i'm sure it'll work (apt-get install gdm)07:17
ghabityagoo, nope, not tryed yet, but I will try.07:17
dr_willisarista is a new tool for stuff like that also. not used it a lot yet07:17
yagoodbugger, ffmpeg is best for this07:17
ghabitI want just to delete that dark line - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/27/20111019101419.png/ , all other want to stay. How to do it?07:17
kiwi_Hello tiox. Thanks for all your help I have to go in a few mintues - I will be back later - Is there any further infomation that I can gather when I am away?07:17
Zutarallutz: where's that file again? I haven't edited it in a while.07:18
tioxNot that I know, because I am not too experience on the problem you are having.07:18
yagoodbugger, i would suggest looking stuff too that use ffmpeg.. ffmeg may not be enough07:18
tioxFortunately, there are others who have suffered.07:18
tioxGather some info on google. If you don't have the nvidia xorg package installed, give that a whirl and see what happens.07:18
=== harold__ is now known as Hdale85
yagooghabit, lol.. what are u complaining about now?07:19
yagooghabit, what dark line?07:19
Guest56738how to apply socks ip/port from command line, or in which file?07:19
dbuggeryagoo, Zutara dr_willis but how?07:19
dr_willisdbugger:  how what?07:19
Zutarasudo apt-get install winff07:19
yagoodbugger, use your package manaer07:19
tioxThere is a bunch of them if you have synaptic installed kiwi_07:20
tioxJust type in nvidia in the search field, see what pops up and do some research on the right one for your video card.07:20
yagootiox, synaptic it works good on 11.10? i haven't seen it yet.. i always use console or have been looking at ubsoftcenter07:20
dr_willissynaptic is not installed by default in 11.1007:20
tioxyagoo: Synaptic is installable through the Ubuntu Software Center.07:20
tioxAnd yes, it works.07:21
yagooyah.. but is it any good?07:21
yagoopff lol07:21
ZutaraWhy'd the do that anyways?07:21
dr_willissynaptic is the stabdard gui tool for years..07:21
stepnjumpHi guys, I had 4 SMALL partitions  at the end of my hard drive visible in gparted. I deleted them all and then made it to be a new swap partition because my acer netbook is too slow. Now when I rebooted, I was left at grub rescue menu. Now I'm logged on liveUSB. How could I repair my grub please07:21
tioxIt's great, actually. I prefer a GUI with it since I can better find and install multiple packages in some instances.07:21
SunTsuyeah, synaptic works great: "[1]    12083 segmentation fault  synaptic"07:21
dr_willisZutara:  space limits07:21
DDRHi. Using the 'classic' ubuntu desktop, how do I change around stuff on the bars at the top and bottom of the screen?07:21
yagoodr_willis, apt-get/aptitude for me07:21
tioxHaha... didn't have a segfault myself.07:21
* Zutara has one07:21
DDRI'm trying to get rid of the top bar.07:21
Zutarait sucks07:21
DDRIt's wastin' space.07:22
tioxDDR: It's part of Unity. Don't try.07:22
ZutaraYou could un-install unity DDR07:22
DDRCan't move it to the bottom? :(07:22
tioxBut, if you install Avant Window Navigator, and figure out how to make a custom X session with it (like I've been trying to do), then you can, in theory, use it instead of Unity.07:22
DDRI can't move stuff on the bottom bar, either.07:22
tioxlet me look in CCSM's Unity PLugin prefs.07:22
robertzaccourcould not installing proprietary drivers cause a problem? I have the 3D Unity panel07:23
Zutarallutz: where's that file again? I haven't edited it in a while.07:23
tioxI see.07:23
DDRHow do I (can I?) unlock it?07:23
tioxNo, gnome-panel seems set in stone.07:23
somethingintereslooking for a Download Manager that allow me to set "max number of server connections" a la Internet Download Manager on Windows. Ideas?07:23
kapipiDDR If its like old fashioned Gnome, then you need to right click an open spot on the bar and choose "unlock" (or something like that).07:23
Zutaramy gnome-panel crashes. :(07:23
tioxI will investigate that in a bit.07:23
tioxI've been aiming to use AWN as the panels.07:23
yagooZutara, you mean your me-panel crashes..07:23
DDRkapipi: Yes, that's exactly the option I'm not finding. :(07:23
Zutarayagoo: Huh?07:24
kapipiDDR AFAIR it matters *where* you right click.07:24
* yagoo been using years apt-get.. has seen synaptic.. but LIKES ubuntu software center07:24
yagoopff lol07:24
vega-how do i add system monitoring stuff in unity top or left panel? like cpu, mem usage could be added on classic gnome07:24
yagoosynaptic.. why bother? hehhehe07:24
tioxvega: Not possible unless there is an extension for it.07:25
kapipiNoone know how I can change my keyboard model from 105 keys to 109 keys?07:25
ghabityagoo, see - my menu bar @ all the windows. It is dark. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/27/20111019101419.png/07:25
tioxThe top bar cannot be edited.07:25
kapipiOr can someone at least tell me whether the new system settings is a Gnome3 feature of another invetion of Canonical?07:25
* Zutara has been using a comination of Synaptic and Terminal ever since he first installed Ubuntu 9.10 (LTS?).07:25
DDRkapipi: Right. I unlocked it about two weeks ago, in the previous version.07:25
DDRThen I got an upgrade prompt, clicked 'yes', and here a mere three hours later am I.07:25
tioxIf you want editable panels, retrograde to Gnome 2 or use XFCE.07:25
vega-tiox: uh..07:25
yagooghabit, you girlie girlie? you mean you don't like the shadows applied to your windows? what's happening you breaking nails here? lol07:25
vega-some gadgets/widgets available for the desktop then?07:26
kapipiDDR: I am kinda regretting upgrading. The only tangible positive change for me is the new task switcher.07:26
tioxNot kidding. Gnome 3 is kinda set in place, as well as Unity.07:26
ghabityagoo, i want like here http://www.gnome.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/cc-all.png , but whitout changing icons, and all other.07:26
Zutaratiox: BOOOO07:26
tioxThink I lie?07:26
ZutaraI just don't like Unity07:26
* yagoo thinks ghabit has no issues07:26
ghabityagoo, I mean menu, where the windows buttons like menu, edit, etc.07:26
ZutaraIt looks like Scheisse to me.07:26
templeti deleted ~/.pulse however now i'm missing a detrimental volume control icon.  previous sound settings remain.  how do i get it back ?07:27
DDRkapipi: We're in this together. :P07:27
yagooghabit, did u try apt-get install gnome-fallback-session ?07:27
yagooghabit, the latter screenshot has "Activities" column07:27
tioxvega-: I have a weather applet. I'll seek more.07:27
kapipiI kinda feel that lately Ubuntu has removed several more or less essential features (for me) without providing alternatives.07:27
* Zutara had a few weather applets when his GP worked. :|07:27
tioxvega-: Install indicator-multiload07:28
tioxThat'll habdle CPU, RAM and other stuff.07:28
yagooghabit, gnome-session-fallback (not gnome-fallback-session)07:28
dc5alaghabit, have you tried gnome-tweak-tool?07:28
tioxBUT, remember, the more you put into the top panel, the less titlebar you'll see in a maximized window.07:28
ghabityagoo, for now I want to try gnome3.07:28
yagooghabit, then choose "Gnome" and not "Gnome-classic" from logon screen07:29
ZutaraWhat's this: Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ubuntulooks", Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "crux-engine",07:29
ghabitdc5ala, I cannot change there just color theme.07:29
yagooghabit, the latter is "Gnome" that screenshot is. IT has "Activities" in the left column07:29
ghabitdc5ala, changing themes there will change shape of checkbox etc., and I want to just get rid of dark menu line.07:29
ghabityagoo, w8 a minute please, i will upload other screenshot.07:30
tioxI will say this once and for all fellas: Gnome knows what's best for you. Hate it? install XFCE, LDXE or some other format, and use your GTK tools through the new environment.07:30
yagooghabit, #gnome07:30
yagooghabit, look into using gconf edit tools etc..07:30
osmosisDoes anyone have the Negative plugin working with compiz in 11.10 ?07:30
Zutaratiox: Gnome is tha shit.07:30
dc5alaghabit, that color there is part of the theme, you probably have to use another07:30
tioxGnome is (No cursing allowed).07:31
tioxIf you still wanna stick with Gnome, try on gnome-tweak-tool07:31
dr_willisosmosis:  it should work. if you set a proper keybinging i imagine07:31
ZutaraTried that. Didn't like it07:31
tioxI know, unity does not take to it well.07:32
dr_willisgnome terak tool is a must have ;)07:32
* Zutara isn't using unity :D07:32
checheHi, I just found an error on a 10.04 version that print dialog crash the application07:32
checheit has been sudently maybe with an upgrade07:32
dc5alaghabit, when i change the gtk+ theme from Ambiance to Adwaita i exactly get that change you want07:32
yagoowho said that?07:33
yagootiox, thanks07:33
Zutarasudo apt-get build-dep ./configure Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list07:33
checheopen gedit -> print and when it comes the printers the whole programs crash07:33
* yagoo was wondering how the F to change the system font for gnome07:33
Zutarawhere do I get to my sources file?07:33
dr_willisZutara:  /etc/apt/sources.list07:33
brandonso i guess my httpd.conf has nothing in it.. i looked because my .php are not loading script, but asking to open or save as..07:33
brandonwhat should i look for?07:33
Zutarathanks willis07:33
=== haji is now known as Guest51158
yagooI'd like to know why the F gnome-tweak-tool is not part of the standard install..07:34
yagooG F!!07:34
dr_willisZutara:  may be a good idea to read an apt beginners guide or 207:34
dr_willisyagoo:  space limits07:34
ZutaraI've edited this file LOADS of times. I just haven't done it in a while.07:34
yagoosure.. it's like 4k..07:34
yagoogimme a f break07:34
=== Guest51158 is now known as magg
dr_willisyagoo:  and it depends on how much other stuff?07:35
dc5alaghabit, look here, i get rid of dark menu bars: http://imagebin.org/17981707:35
yagooto be more precise it's f 75k fetched..07:35
yagoopff lol07:35
dr_willis80+mb what i say last week07:35
MorgzI've tried a bunch of settings for a static IP, Network manager - manual , interfaces file, resolv.conf - I have no trouble setting my IP, but cannot reach the router unless ip is automatic. Am I missing something obvious07:35
dr_willisso installing it took 80 mb here07:35
yagoodr_willis, ah07:36
dr_willisif i remember the #'s right07:36
DDRHm, does anyone know if this works with the whatever I was just upgraded to?07:36
yagoodr_willis, must be for non-unity packages..07:36
dr_willisso.. yes.. space limits  ;) its a gnome 3 tool and pulls in other gnome 3 stuff07:36
yagoowell thats good i'm expecting not to use it for unity..07:37
dr_willisunity and gnome-shell and gnome3 are all intertwined.  can cause issues.07:37
faLUCEhi, is there a list of 40' monitors compatible with ubuntu ?07:37
llutz_Morgz: you have to set ip, netmask, gateway, dns07:37
llutz_Morgz: make sure not to use an IP from router dhcp-pool07:38
ZutaraWhen I click save in gedit Terminal says Segmentation Fault. What the F did I do to my Installation?07:38
ZutaraThe changes are there tho07:38
DDRZutara: Ow. :(07:39
Paladinlawhi, when i logout my monitor gets "Out of ranged" but when i press enter it logs in again and i can see my desktop. is there a way to fix the out of ranged problem when i logout?07:39
ZutaraDDR: ?07:39
DDRCrash-on-saves are the worst.07:39
yagoook.. anyone knows what i can use to prevent internal ntfs partitions from being automounted in my gnome session ? (they're not listed under the mount command of course -- and ntfs-tool does not fire up at all for normal users)07:40
ZutaraIt just started happening recently. After I installed packages for TerminatorX07:40
ghabitonce again ) How to make windows default for grub?07:40
conntrackThe more you do the more you expose yourselves07:40
yagooghabit, u edit the *_DEFAULT= in /etc/default/grub, do a update-grub2 .. and that updates grub.cfg07:41
yagooghabit, numbering starts from 007:41
Zutarasudo apt-get build-dep ./configure Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to find a source package for .07:41
llutz_ghabit: sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/06_os-prober && sudo update-grub07:41
* yagoo wonders what the f he just did..07:41
Zutaragraet What did I do wrong this time?07:41
* yagoo should slap ghabit to have ubuntu as default07:42
ghabityagoo, ubuntu will default for me, I have a girlfriend. ^) She likes win.07:42
yagooyou're lamo ghabit.. wtf u have ubuntu for?07:42
ghabityagoo, why do you think so?07:42
yagooi answered u too quickly..07:42
templeti've lost my sound indiciator in ubuntu natty and i don't know how to get it back.   i think i lost it deleting ~/.pulse07:43
ghabityagoo, I just haven't time to investigate some problems for now. I was gentoo user for some years some time ago.07:43
Zutaratemplet: right lick the panel and add the indicator applet07:43
yagooghabit, slap your girlfriend to check out unity at least.. convert your b**07:43
DDRHm, still have kde over here... guess I'll use that. :)07:43
m_fulderI have set up a FTP server on 2 ubuntu servers and they work just fine when I try to connect through FTP clients like filezilla...though when I try to connect through the internet there are no files listed..the same goes for if I try to connect announymously through FTP client..I have set all the announymous options on in my vsftpd config thoguh :/ what could possibly be the problem?07:43
Morgzllutz - ip outside pool, interfaces is as follows: http://pasteit.com/1572207:44
Wazlegood morning, i found a programm 2 years ago, which builds a 3d planet regarding to your network traffic. does anyone know the name of this programm?07:44
yagooWazle, it's called Uranus07:44
Wazlethx alot :)07:45
llutz_Morgz: open wifi-network, no encryption?07:45
SunTsum_fulder: packet filter?07:45
Morgzpretty sure the router is setup already, or that network manager has those settings. Am I wrong?07:45
m_fulderSunTsuwhat do you mean? :P07:45
llutz_Morgz: you have to setup wpa_suplicant or something if you don't use networkmanager07:46
ghabitmmm don't remember the number entry for the grub....07:46
llutz_Morgz: you've setup IP but not the underlaying wifi-stuff07:46
stepnjumpguys, my grub will not let me log on to ubuntu or windows. The problem is I am now connected via liveusb. What should I do please to fix my mbr/grub?07:47
m_fulderSunTsu I have now set local_enable=NO and managed to login as an annon. user thoguh I can't get the list of files..its all emty even if there are files in that dir07:47
Zutarallutz: how do I go about finding out if I have X11-libs installed?07:47
llutz_Zutara: apt-cache policy packagename07:47
DDROh, right; my KDE install is slightly gimped. :(07:47
ZutaraW: Unable to locate package X11-libs07:48
llutz_libx11-dev iirc Zutara07:48
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Zutaralight@light-yagami ~/Downloads/terminatorX-3.83 $ apt-cache policy libx11-dev07:49
Zutara  Installed: 2:1.3.2-1ubuntu307:49
Zutara  Candidate: 2:1.3.2-1ubuntu307:49
Zutara  Version table:07:49
FloodBot1Zutara: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:49
Zutara *** 2:1.3.2-1ubuntu3 007:49
Zutarashould've put that in a pastebin07:50
llutz_Zutara: short: it is installed07:50
ZutaraSo what's the problem with TerminatorX? It can't find it.07:50
Morgzllutz - cheers I'll look it up07:51
bradsk88this is entirely off topic, but would anyone mind popping over to http://collection.cooperhewitt.org/view/objects/asimages/2970 and telling me whether they get an error or not?  I'm trying to figure out if it's something local to me or if the site is actully down.  Thanks.07:51
* Zutara gets an unexpected error07:51
bradsk88thank you07:51
commieso if a .sh file throws the error while loading shared libraries libncurses.so.5 when your running 11.10 x6407:52
commiewhat is the fix?07:52
yagoostepnjump, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lod8sRb_6I&feature=channel_video_title07:52
yagoostepnjump, steps to fix grub207:52
commiespecifically error while loading shared libraries: libncurses.so.5: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6407:52
templetZutara, i am using natty unity so right clicking and adding volume-indicator does not work whatsoever07:52
stepnjumpthanks Yagoo07:52
Paladinlawhi, when i logout my monitor gets "Out of ranged" but when i press enter it logs in again and i can see my desktop. is there a way to fix the out of ranged problem when i logout?07:53
Zutaratemplet: the inidcator applet should have it.07:53
yagoostepnjump, u can skip the usb part07:53
Zutarachecking for XOpenDisplay in -lX11... no LINEBREAK configure: error: X11-libs not installed or broken07:53
yagoostepnjump, u should be able to use the ubuntu installer cd07:53
ChaosBringerno one has the answer....07:54
ChaosBringeris everyone else experiencing problems with ubuntu typeahead function in nautilus (gnome 3.2 / gnome-shell 3.2) ? Can anyone answer if this is just a bug random people are experiencing or common across all installations PLEASE?07:54
ZutaraWhy people make compiling apps so hard I will never no the answer to.07:54
FloodBot1ChaosBringer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:54
starni know this is ubuntu channel but kubuntu channel is not helping me how do i display hidden folders in kubuntu ctrl h is not working...07:54
stepnjumpyagoo, I don't have a cd bay in this computer. It's a netbook. Just USB07:54
=== commie is now known as commiebob
=== nickmoeck_ is now known as nickmoeck
llutz_!info terminatorx  | Zutara07:55
ubottuZutara: terminatorx (source: terminatorx): realtime audio synthesizer. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.82-7.4ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 312 kB, installed size 1288 kB07:55
llutz_Zutara: so why do you try to compile?07:56
ZutaraAs I've stated 2 times before I'm compiling the 3.83 Version. The 3.82 crashes when you clik the "Mouse Grab" button.07:56
ZutaraThe developer fixed it in 3.8307:56
llutz_Zutara: sry missed that, flaky network today :(07:57
Zutarait ok. I just wish I could get through this smoothly.07:57
Ubiwhats is the name of the prgramm which creates a 3d planet regarding to your network traffic?07:58
* Zutara laughs at the name07:58
DDRVolume control. I needs it. :(07:58
ZutaraDDR: Volume Screenlet?07:58
ZutaraWould that work?07:58
Ubiwhere can i find uranus?07:58
supercar_heavenguys from where can i get source code for ubuntu software center ?07:59
ZutaraUbi: Ubuntu packages (google it) or Synaptic/Software Center07:59
DDRZutara: Erm, in KDE? I can't find a widget for it. :(07:59
=== kondores is now known as testosteron
DDRSorry, I was more complaining and less expecting someone to care. Thanks.07:59
ZutaraOh. You're running KDE? darn.07:59
=== testosteron is now known as kondores
llutz_DDR: alt-f2: kmix08:00
=== kondores is now known as klavikula
DDRNot installed. Thanks, that's what I need!08:00
yagoostepnjump, use pendrive to make the usb..08:00
yagoostepnjump, unetbootin and usb-creator are not good08:01
=== northwoods_ is now known as Northwoods
yagoostepnjump, save some time -- http://www.pendrivelinux.com/liveusb-install-live-usb-creator/08:01
=== klavikula is now known as kondores
yagoostepnjump, u can use virtualbox /vmware08:01
somethingintereshow can I work out what is causing my 11.10 to lock up requiring a restart?08:02
stepnjumpThats what I use yagoo live usb creator08:02
m1h0nick y4h008:03
=== m1h0 is now known as y4h0
yagoostepnjump, u used this download link? http://skss.learnfree.eu/go.php?http://download.learnfree.eu/lfu-usb/live-usb-install-2.3.2.exe08:03
* Zutara downloads a car filled to the brim with 200 copies of Pink Floyd's Meddle08:05
conntrackIsnt' uranus shareware?08:05
varikonniemihello, what is the status of radeon 6870 drivers with 11.10 atm? i think i read on the release day from was it phoronix that tested with three different 6 series and all crashed unity after some minutes?08:08
shomonhi, what's an easy way of backing up my gmail in ubuntu? it's getting quite full08:09
varikonniemii tested it with live usb for some hour, and all seemed fine, can i assume i will be fine if i upgrade?08:09
shomonfetchmail? or some mail client?08:09
supercar_heavenguys from where can i get source code for ubuntu software center ?08:10
=== gu is now known as guarl
llutz_shomon: imapdump.pl from http://www.athensfbc.com/imap_tools/08:10
llutz_supercar_heaven: apt-get source software-center08:11
supercar_heaventhanks llutz_ :)08:11
shomonthanks llutz !08:11
Gulkcan anyone tell me how i properly disconect, i have to choose a new nick all the time cause my old is still loged in08:12
valgoghi, how can I change GNOME fonds in a new Ubuntu?08:12
valgoghi, how can I change GNOME fonts in a new Ubuntu?08:12
pjoulvalgog: by using gnome tweak tool08:12
m_fuldercan I do something like:  find /myFolder/ -type f -name '*.a' cp {} /tmp/folder rm {}\;  ??08:13
Gulkwhy is my nickname still used after i loged out?08:13
valgogis it installed by default? I could not find anything, that changes the fonts in the "standard" System Settings08:13
Zutaravalgog: no08:13
pjoulvalgog: apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool08:14
DDRkmix should be included in the kde package, I think. It doesn't seem to me now.08:15
ljsoftnetvalgog in gnome 3 i thinks its not there anymore, try gnome-tweak-tool08:15
yagoostepnjump, choose 'try' ubuntu08:15
valgogIt would be nice to add this information to the docs08:15
yagoostepnjump, and open a terminal08:15
yagoostepnjump, tell me when u reach tere..08:16
stepnjumpI'm here08:16
shomonllutz, will imapdump dumping result in something readable by other mail clients?08:16
llutz_m_fulder: cp&rm=mv, so: find /myFolder/ -type f -name '*.a' -exec mv {} /tmp/folder \;08:16
yagoostepnjump, choose 'try' ubuntu and click the terminal from Accessories or the Systems submenu08:16
llutz_shomon: should create maildirs08:16
m_fulderoh right hehe thanks llutz_ :D08:17
llutz_shomon: look into help, haven't used it for awhile, it has some options08:17
shomonyeah I'm trying to figure out how to get it to talk to gmail... it's okay though :)08:17
supercar_heaveni know the basic commands now i want to learn more about different types of server's and setting them up ? What should i follow or any links or resource for it ?08:19
ubuntu_Ok Yagoo, now I will see what you write.. In evolution, it's so slow I can't change pages. Now I'm in xchat08:19
ubuntu_Sorry, would you mind repeating08:20
=== ubuntu_ is now known as stepnjump2
stepnjump2Sorry this is stepnjump08:20
yagoostepnjump, open the terminal app, its somewhere in menu08:20
Zutaradoes Ctrl+Alt+T work to open it?08:20
ZutaraIt does for me08:20
brontosaurusrexis denyhosts something to use for additional ssh protection?08:21
stepnjump2ok it's open08:21
yagoostepnjump, sudo su -08:21
stepnjump2keep in mind I'm running a liveUSB08:21
yagoostepnjump, pastebin.com < show me what shows up->  fdisk -l08:21
llutz_brontosaurusrex: just keeps some scriptkiddies away08:22
brontosaurusrexok, so probably i should nuke my ssh log, so it will be done quicker or what?08:23
stepnjump2Yagoo http://paste.debian.net/137963/08:23
yagoostepnjump, what's sda5 sda6 sda8 ?08:23
yagoostepnjump, nmind.. we can fix this08:24
yagoostepnjump, e2lable /dev/sda5 ?08:24
yagoostepnjump, e2label /dev/sda5 ?08:24
stepnjump2Those are... well Windows 7 and Linux and there's a small partition in between very small that I don't care about08:25
yagoostepnjump, if they're not labelled that's fine..08:25
llutz_brontosaurusrex: use pubkey-athentication, limit users (AllowUser) to ssh, keep it uptodate. that should be safe enough. Denyhosts works but i doubt it really has positive effects08:25
stepnjump2I created another partition to install ubuntu on it again so that it will hopefully repair it08:26
yagoostepnjump, repair what?08:26
stepnjump2will repair the grub08:26
yagoostepnjump, is there any data u want to recover at all from one of those linuxes?08:27
stepnjump2the grub or the boot08:27
supercar_heaveni know the basic commands now i want to learn more about different types of server's and setting them up ? What should i follow or any links or resource for it ?08:27
deej1976brontosaurusrex: have a look at port knocking https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortKnocking08:27
yagoostepnjump, nothing on the linux partitions ?08:27
stepnjump2That's what I normally do when that happens. I create another partition and then I reboot with a new install of ubuntu and voila!08:27
stepnjump2but that's crazy08:27
stepnjump2Oh yes08:27
stepnjump2there are08:28
stepnjump2let me see08:28
stepnjump2sda3 is my windows08:28
yagoostepnjump, so mount those sda5 sda6 and sda8 and backup what u need..08:28
llutz_!enter | stepnjump208:28
ubottustepnjump2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:28
yagoostepnjump, what's the output of-> "mount" ?08:28
stepnjump2and sda6 is my ubuntu08:29
stepnjump2sda8 is my new partition I wanted to install the new ubuntu on but if you are going to help, may as well go your way08:29
stepnjump2ps: I cannot seem to be able to mount any partitions from the liveusb08:29
stepnjump2so don't expect me to be able to write to sda6/boot/grub/*.cfg08:29
yagoostepnjump, "mount<enter>"08:29
yagoostepnjump2, i quoted it too.08:29
stepnjump2How do you want me to mount them yagoo?08:30
yagoostepnjump2, i'm not paid to help here u know.08:30
robertzaccourI notice bad static in audio recording. any ideas on how to fix it?08:30
yagoostepnjump, bye.08:30
stepnjump2I know Yagoo08:30
tioxOKay, the top bar is driving me mad. And it looks like a part of Nautilus.08:31
stepnjump2wow! Some people get upset quick!08:31
tioxThe classic panels are not a part of my session. Avant Window Navigator is. I log in and the top bar, this window bar or window menu at the desktop exists.08:32
tioxIf someone knows how to remove it, or link to a guide on removal, please link in a PM. I'm going to bed.08:32
brontosaurusrexdeej1976: thats tottaly silly and nonpractical, what if i have all those knocking ports closed on location where i am?08:32
Guest4Hey, sorry my question is not quite about the Ubuntu itself, but some time ago (maybe a year) I was trying the music player which was designed not to play music from hdd (I'm not sure if it could do it) but instead it downloads/streams music when you enter the artist/title. So, yes, the question is: what was the player name? :\08:33
deej1976Ok maybe it's a little extreme :D08:33
brontosaurusrexlmao @ "Cryptknock is an encrypted port knocking tool"08:33
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brandonc503so installed ubuntu.. trying to get lamp up. and on re boot its stuck ...08:35
jesse2hello.  im sure this question has been asked a million and one times -- how can i get my close/maximize/minimize buttons on the left side of the screen? in 11.10.08:35
brandonc503black screen with text in middle says.. Ubuntu 11.10... * Startin blootooth [ok]08:36
robertzaccourI notice bad static in audio recording. any ideas on how to fix it?08:36
jesse2oops, i mean on the RIGHT side of the screen08:36
drvladimirI want to learn emacs.  There are several packages to choose from.  Which one is just good ol' command line emacs?08:36
ljsoftnetjesse2 have you tried using gnome-tweak-tool?08:36
brandonc503pulseaudio configured for per-user session.. saned disabled; edit /etc/default/saned       *starting web server apache2 [ok]08:36
Guest4Can't do it when using Unity as far as I know :(08:36
jesse2ljsoftnet: didnt know they made it for gnome3! thanks!08:37
supercar_heavendrvladimir: install the complete package..08:37
ljsoftnetjesse2 your welcome08:37
supercar_heavenand follow the tutorials that are there..08:37
supercar_heavenit's easy to follow..08:37
jesse2ljsoftnet: im not seeing it on the software center, do you know where I can find it?08:37
llutz_drvladimir: emacs23-nox08:37
nnfxjesse2, sudo -u your_login /usr/bin/gconftool-2 -s -t string /apps/metacity/general/button_layout "menu:minimize,maximize,close"08:37
phxwhere can i find a repository for dapper, still alive?08:39
jesse2nnfx: not noticing a difference after i executed the command; should I logout/log in?08:39
nnfxlogout then log in08:39
jesse2thanks nnfx08:39
Hot2Trotis there anyway to see what the appropriate command line command would be for a good setting I've found in avidemux's gui?08:42
signal0hey. does anybody know how to tweak the time in unity, when i press alt+tab and have more than 1 window for example firefox?08:42
zykes-has anyone here seen errors with "watershed" stuff and lvm on boot ? We have an error with it where the server drops to busybox under boot because of it08:42
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mgjHow do i quit pdflatex which has encountered an error? Ctrl+d, ctrl+c, 'exit' and 'quit' does nothing08:43
Morgzcan I switch from network manager to wicd (and maybe back) with minimal fuss?08:45
Guest62267Hi, I'm currently running 10.4 and have had a message come up in firefox telling me to update to the newest version (7.0.1) and offering me a tar.gz I've checked with the upgrade manager and I've already got the most recent version availible in there. Will I run into problems if I don't update? Will it be awkward to install the tar.gz?08:45
icerootMorgz: yes08:46
icerootGuest62267: the firefox you are using at the moment is not the one from the repos i guess08:48
shomonhow do you get perl to be more talkative? like "sh -x" ? I'm stuck staring at a prompt for what might be years ;)08:48
icerootshomon: #perl08:48
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
llutz_perl -w08:49
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust_
shomonthanks llee08:49
shomonllutz, I mean :)08:49
nils_just started an upgrade from natty to oneric (using do-release-upgrade), seems like it hangs on "removing portmap"08:51
`marianne`hiya, is there any way for CPU frequency to be controlled based on CPU temperature? as in, start underclocking it if temperature raises too high?08:51
jesse__hello.  does anyone know where i can find ubuntu-tweak-tool?08:52
iceroot!info ubuntu-tweak-tool08:52
ubottuPackage ubuntu-tweak-tool does not exist in oneiric08:52
icerootjesse__: what should that be doing?08:52
jesse__iceroot: hmm, i dont understand08:53
jesse__!info gnome-tweak-tool08:53
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 71 kB, installed size 656 kB08:53
LaykeHow can I load up the Keyboard layout interface. I added Kubuntu desktop, and can't find it.08:53
LaykeEvery time I want to use a " I have to hit space after it.08:53
ljsoftnetjesse_ do you mean "Ubuntu Tweak" or gnome-tweak-tool?08:53
jesse__ljsoftnet:  gnome-tweak-tool... as you recommended.  do you know how i can download it/add it to my sources and use it?08:53
ljsoftnetjesse__ w808:54
jesse__will do, thanks08:54
erle-which fglrx driver is to prefer? fglrx or fglrx-update?08:54
JudgeHi there. We need support for advanced GD features in PHP like imagerotate() for example. In LP: #74647 there was a question about why this isn't supported in Ubuntu and it was answered with "won't fix".08:54
JudgeTherefor, we set up a PPA, changing the GD support to the bundled one, which supports these functions.08:54
jesse__erle-: fglrx-update wouldnt work on mine, so i used the other08:54
JudgeNow, we updated PHP to the latest Repo-Version by accident on lucid and hardy and suddenly: This is working with the default packages !08:54
JudgeCan someone tell me when and why this has been changed and if this will be a permanent change this time?08:55
erle-jesse__, here too, but the other has graphical errors08:55
faLUCEhi, is there a list of 40' monitors compatible with ubuntu ?08:55
erle-jesse__, which video card do you have?08:55
MeanEYEJudge: Probably a bug. Use apt-cache show <package name> to get a maintainers email and ask them directly. I doubt someone will know about that here.08:55
jesse__erle-: to be honest, not sure!08:55
jesse__not my PC :)08:56
ljsoftnetfaLUCE i think it depends on your graphics card and monitor resolution08:56
despe70how can I use sed to copy a part of a (very big) file to an other based on line numbers ?08:56
ljsoftnetjesse__ its here http://live.gnome.org/GnomeTweakTool08:56
jesse__ljsoftnet: thanks... i went there but i was unable to find a download link/repository08:57
ljsoftnetjesse__ w808:57
jesse__ljsoftnet: will do.  thanks again.08:58
JudgeMeanEYE: Thank you for the Info! But this seems to be quite a "placeholder" - mail: Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>08:58
JudgeOriginal-Maintainer: Debian PHP Maintainers <pkg-php-maint@lists.alioth.debian.org>08:58
JudgeMeanEYE: Or are that real adresses? O.O08:58
ojiiis there any way to DOWNgrade from 11.10 to 11.04?08:59
MeanEYEJudge: Those emails are for the purpose of contacting people who packaed it. That is probably a mailing list address but it should still work. I wouldn't try to contact Debian packagers because they won't be able to help you.08:59
ljsoftnetjesse__ have you tried this command "sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool" ? without the quotes?09:00
llutz_despe70: sed -n 'x,y' big.foo > new.foo     x= starting line, y= number of lines (head/tail could also be handy instead of sed)09:00
llutz_despe70: sed -n'x,yp'   sry09:00
jesse__got it! thanks! ljsoftnet09:00
shomonhi llutz - I used that imapdump tool, and now I have lots of emails with a number as filename. I've tried opening them in mutt and in thunderbird, but can't figure out how...09:00
ljsoftnetjesse__ your welcome09:01
shomonI could read them with vim, but I wanted to see if they can still be accessible as email...09:01
despe70llutz: thx ! I assume sed is easier / faster than head+tail on a 3Gb file09:01
llutz_shomon: configure the dir containing the files as mailbox in mdir format09:01
shomonin thunderbird?09:01
LaykeCan I ask questions about Kubuntu desktop in here also?09:01
LaykeI don't know if it there is another channel where I should go for that.09:02
DDRHibernate: Turned off my power light, didn't turn off my computer. :P09:02
DDRAsk first, we'll yell at you if it's not the right place.09:02
Guest62267iceroot: I think I am using the one from repos; the help about says 'mozilla firefox for ubuntu'09:03
drvladimirDo any of you use xfce?  The xubuntu channel is dead, and I've got a question lol09:03
DDR(figuratively speaking of course)09:03
Rods_TigerEvery time I try to press the 'back' button in my browser the sidebar dashes out and gets in the way and I get the 'search' panel instead.09:03
drvladimirOn xfce.   In my window list applet, I'd like to set it so that...  Say I only have one window up.   I don't want it to expand and cover the entire area of the applet.  How can I set a size limit for individual window tabs without shrinking the entire applet?09:04
`marianne`seriously, is there no way to automatically control cpu frequency based on cpu temperature? :/09:05
deej1976Layke: try could try the kubuntu channel09:06
shomonwhere can I go to learn how to turn a list of email messages with numbered filenames into mbox format? I'm not getting very far with google...09:06
shomonmdir format I mean09:07
Arnold`marianne`, have you tried the CPU Frequency Scaling Indicator yet?09:07
llutz_shomon: you'd maybe better had used imaptombox.pl then09:07
MonkeyDust_is it possible to save a live session?09:07
Rods_Tigerwhat might be more useful is if I could move that sidebar from the left, to the bottom or the other side.09:07
stephanemagnenatHello. I want to use backportpackage to port a dependency of my software to my PPA, but I need to specify a specific key. Unfortunately, neither -k nor GPGKEY or DEBSIGN_KEYID env variable work and therefore backportpackage fails09:07
shomonaah that's okay I cna do it again, only took 5 minutes first time round llutz09:07
`marianne`Arnold, the gnome applet? i have it running on my netbook, though it has no options based on heat... and it's my desktop (which runs fluxbox) that keeps reaching concerning temperatures09:08
llutz_shomon: but mutt should read those files, thunderbird... i doubt it09:08
computer_MonkeyDust, do you persistence?09:08
stephanemagnenatIs there a way to specify a key to backportpackage, or a way to directly backport a package using on launchpad?09:08
shomonmutt just said "not a mailbox"09:08
Arnold`marianne`, are you also running a different operating system on your computer? Or it's just Ubuntu?09:08
`marianne`Arnold, the desktop (the one i'm concerned about) is just ubuntu, the netbook is triple booted with haiku and windows, too09:09
ojiiis there still on way to downgrade ubuntu? Half of my boots fail, unity2d is the only thing I can get to boot (barely though), as of this morning sound completely broke, unity dash doesn't show apps anymore (only files), ...09:10
JudgeMeanEYE: Thank you!09:10
CantWinnojii, I could be wrong, but I'm sure the only real way is to back your stuff up, then dust it and re-install 11.0409:11
Siegel-hi. i have a brother mfc-5460cn printer/scanner/fax which i had installed. i upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 and it doesnt work anymore. i dont know if the driver is still installed and only needs to be updated or if i need to reinstall it. how do i check?09:11
ojiiCantWinn, thought so... so I can just try to somehow get *some* work done until they eventually fix it... great...09:12
ojiinext time i'll wait 6 months with the upgrade09:12
Siegel-anyway i downloade the drivers, but when i tried to give the first command to install the driver this is what happened:09:12
CantWinnojii, From my understanding it's to do with the Gnome3 and not so much Ubuntu09:12
Siegel-david@david-desktop:~$ sudo dpkg -i --force-all mfc5460cnlpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb09:13
Siegel-[sudo] password for david:09:13
m4kHi I installed ubuntu 10.04 server along with LAMP setup, but when I try to install wordpress "I get Failed opening required '/var/www/wp-includes/load.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear')" even though I have installed php-pear package.09:13
Siegel-dpkg: error processing mfc5460cnlpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb (--install):09:13
llutz_shomon: i just looked, but repos just hold mb2md, which converts mbox into maildir but not vice versa09:13
Siegel- cannot access archive: No such file or directory09:13
Siegel-Errors were encountered while processing:09:13
=== Furai` is now known as Furai
FloodBot1Siegel-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:13
Siegel- mfc5460cnlpr-1.0.1-1.i386.deb09:13
Rods_Tigerhow do I stop that sidebar on the left from getting in the way of the browser's back button?09:13
deej1976ojii, did you try a live CD, a fresh install of 11.10 might be better than an upgrade09:13
ojiiCantWinn, do I really care? They bundled a release.... Never had issues with ubuntu upgrades before, they always went super smooth, with 11.10 all hell broke loose09:13
Rods_Tigerwhenever I click 'back', I get a search box instead.09:13
ojiideej1976, I can't reinstall my machine every 6 months09:13
shomonah that's okay llutz_ I'm switching to use imaptombox.pl now09:13
Siegel-here is the link- http://paste.ubuntu.com/712995/09:13
celltechWhat are some things I can purge/uninstal to make 11.04 run ALOT FASTER09:13
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Siegel-i must say that last time i did this, i had the same problem because i didnt type the correct driver name. the name i typed is what its called but my friend gave me a slightly different version of that name and it worked.09:14
deej1976Lots of stuff changed under the hood in this release, give a live CD ago09:14
CantWinnojii, Yeah, a lot of people have been having issues.09:15
coz_celltech,  well  ... not sure what your system specs are that may be causing 11.04 to be running slowly09:15
CantWinncelltech, that depends on your system, and what you need.09:15
celltech11.04 is just a ram hog09:15
ojiiCantWinn, my point. it's sad how this upgrade is really not that good compared to previous ones :(09:15
celltechit can't multitask worth a junk09:15
osmosis_pauli'm having issues with compiz in my equip, does not work with one user, but if i create a new user everything works fine09:15
coz_celltech,   how much memory do you have on that system ?09:15
osmosis_paulhow can i fix the problem??09:15
osmosis_pauli desinsyall compiz and install again but nothing09:16
Siegel-can anyone help me with the printer problem?09:16
celltech512 cause I'm too lazy to upgrade :)09:16
m4kHow to install pear, I did " sudo apt-get install php-pear" but I cant see /usr/share/pear folder09:16
coz_celltech,  then there's the issue09:16
computer_MonkeyDust, Oops, do you mean persistence? Thant might make a bit more sense09:16
Siegel-Brother mfc-5460cn, cant seem to install the driver after upgrade to ubuntu 11.10. i tried the first command and got an error. here is a link http://paste.ubuntu.com/712995/09:16
celltech512 should be plenty. XP ran flawlessly on that and I could multitask09:17
coz_osmosis_paul,   well you could open the home directory,, ,ctrl + h.. to show hidden files,, open the .config folder   delete all compiz related folders and then restart compiz or log off and back on to see if that makes a difference09:17
coz_celltech,   I agree to a point... are you on Unity or classic no effects session?09:17
dc5alam4k, check /usr/share/php09:17
osmosis_paulcoz_, thanks09:18
celltechNo effects09:18
CantWinnSiegel-, Is there a reason why you are using the --force?09:18
coz_osmosis_paul,  no problem let me know if that helps a bit09:18
Siegel-CantWinn:  im following the instructions from the brother site09:18
coz_celltech,   and was this a "clean" install of 11.04   or an upgrade09:18
Siegel-CantWinn: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/instruction_prn1a.html09:18
Rods_TigerHow do I stop the sidebar on the left from interrupting the browser back button? Each time I click the back button, the sidebar gets in the way and I get a search box instead.09:19
coz_celltech,   ok.. I generally dont recommend upgrades.. only because they are consistently inconsistent,,, I always suggest a clean install...this way , if there are issues , you can be sure they are not caused from an upgrade09:19
CantWinnSiegel-, What is your system? 64? 32?09:20
celltechgood point.. I see your point on that09:20
Siegel-CantWinn:  i think its 32. how do i check/09:20
coz_celltech,  I believe this  regardless of the distribution or the  the OS09:20
ghabitHello. I have 1680x1050 resolution. While booting the bootup logo is 'stretched' how to fix it?09:21
CantWinnSiegel-, Open your Dash Home - Type "system" find the icon that says system info click it09:22
MeanEYEJudge: Don't mention it. :D09:23
CantWinnI back up coz_ all the way on that one09:23
Us3r_Unfriendlyhi room09:23
CantWinnsup Us3r09:23
Siegel-CantWinn: its 3209:23
Siegel-i had the scanner and fax drivers still downloaded, i saved them from last time. i just downloaded the printer driver from here: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-5460CN, lpr and cups09:24
Flynsarmy11.04, gnome classic. When I click the 'dot' in the titlebar, compiz crashes with error: ** (gtk-window-decorator:20947): CRITICAL **: Could not find frame info P\xbd\xeb in frame type table. Segmentation Fault. Is this a known bug?09:25
Siegel-CantWinn:  i cant find specific instructions for 32bit. i cant only find 6409:26
coz_Flynsarmy,  not a bug that I can remember...  Which "dot" are you referring to?09:26
CantWinnSiegel-, I think I have an easier way for you09:27
Siegel-CantWinn: all the better09:27
Flynsarmycoz_: there's the close/max/min buttons, and on the opposite side is a dot that brings up the task bar right click menu09:27
solofightpeople i installed proftpd and added users to a specific directory. now i want a particular user to access /usr and its subdirectories  how do i change it ?09:27
solofightremoving and adding the user is the only way ?09:27
CantWinnGo to dash home, type synap and tell me if something comes up09:27
freedom07if i installed ubuntu 11.10 beta2, do i need to reinstall with final release?09:27
Flynsarmycoz_: looks like someone else is having a similar experience: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1767304 I'm not sure how to test what version fo gnome i'm on though?09:27
Flynsarmycoz_: and im on 11.10, not 11.0409:28
Siegel-CantWinn: what is dash home? im using gnome shell, not unity09:28
Siegel-and my ubuntu is in hebrew (it sucks)09:28
Rods_TigerIn the screenshot utility I pressed 'help' and got this: Document Not Found09:29
Rods_TigerThe URI ‘ghelp:user-guide?goseditmainmenu-53#goseditmainmenu-53’ does not point to a valid page.09:29
Rods_TigerI don't understand09:29
CantWinnSiegel-, Open up a terminal09:29
reisioRods_Tiger: probably was expecting to be opened in a different browser09:29
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Rods_Tigerso what do I do?09:30
Siegel-its CantWinn its open09:30
JRandolphAnyone know what time of the day the backup will happy09:30
CantWinnSiegel-, next you want to type sudo su09:30
Siegel-kk im signed in09:30
coz_Flynsarmy,  ah ok.. I have not installed 11.10 yet.. so I havent worked through any of the compiz/ubuntu issues,,, it doesnt surprise me though,,, you can meet me in #compiz  , and although I am not up to speed at this    point , one of the other compiz support people would be soreau , who may have more info on this one,, also ,,  you can go to #compiz-dev and speak with  smspillaz  the main developer and ask about the issue ,,, i am assuming he wou09:30
coz_ld be aware of it,, the only issie is that sam lives in austrailia so you will have to adjust with your time zone to speak with him09:30
Flynsarmycoz_: no time adjustment needed :)09:31
CantWinnSiegel-, next type "apt-get install brother-lpr-drivers-bh7"  -- without ""09:31
coz_Flynsarmy,  excellent :)09:31
* tiox says with the enthusiasm of a 5th grader, "I FOUND IT!!"09:31
soreaucoz_: smspillaz does not frequent #compiz-dev anymore09:32
=== root is now known as Guest29642
Siegel-CantWinn: kk but it said 0 upgraded09:32
tioxThat top bar that annoyed me, that can be switched off in gnome-tweak-tool09:32
coz_soreau,  oh ,, just shows where I am been :)09:32
Siegel-CantWinn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/713009/09:33
cutiyari had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem09:33
CantWinnSiegel-, You have it installed allready09:33
lyraeJust installed the new ubuntu. i miss the taskbar and don't like the dashboard. How can i make it like it used to be?09:34
Siegel-CantWinn: so how come it doesnt work and when i go to print something it doesnt even show up as an option? is it possible that i need to update it?09:34
CantWinnSiegel-, When you open up "printers" under your admin menu can you set to install a new printer, the drivers etc should be there09:34
JRandolphlyrae: There is Gnome-Shell09:34
Rods_TigerI would like to press the back button in the browser, but I can't.09:34
JRandolphand I think a fall back session09:34
Siegel-CantWinn: let me look09:34
lyraeJRandolph, what is that. Is it the old gnome?09:34
JRandolphNot sure waht the differents are09:35
Rods_TigerThe sidebar on the left dashes out into the way.09:35
=== Skummel2 is now known as Skummel
Siegel-CantWinn: when i go to "printers" i see none. it just gives me an option to add a new one09:35
Rods_TigerEvery time I press the back button, I end up with a search box instead.09:35
cutiyari had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:35
JRandolphlyrae: Check the uuntu software center09:35
deej1976gnome-shell has a fail-back option in the repo09:35
JRandolphsearch for gnome09:35
CantWinnSiegel-, Add a new printer09:35
Jonnyis there an easy way to mount a samba share?09:36
cutiyari had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:36
freshinstallJonny, smbmount09:36
freshinstallor use nautilus09:36
Siegel-CantWinn: it told me the firewall is not active and then it wont let me add. it only lets me cance;l09:36
JRandolphI'm curious what time the "Backup" included will 11.10 will actually back09:36
lyraeJRandolph, no no that's not what i meant. What i meant is, I don't like the new desktop environment(forgot what it is called). i remember in beta there was an option when you login to use regular gnome09:36
JRandolphIt's set to daily09:36
ghabitHello. I have 1680x1050 resolution. While booting the bootup logo is 'stretched' how to fix it?09:36
Jonnyyeah, I would like to creat a premenent mount point09:36
freshinstallJonny, /etc/fstab09:36
JRandolphclassic gnome09:37
Jonnyso i can share my music over the network09:37
JRandolphI'm not sure if you can get it from the software center09:37
freshinstallJonny, you mean how to create a share then I think?09:37
CantWinnSiegel-, the firewall is NOT active?09:37
JRandolphYou can just download Gnome 2.0 and install it09:37
deej1976Install gnome-session-fallback, this will give you gnome-shell with a gnome2 look09:37
Siegel-CantWinn: i guess not. how do i activate it?09:37
scarleo!notunity | lyrae09:37
ubottulyrae: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic09:37
JRandolphIt's unsupported though09:37
Jonnyfreshinstall, well if i have it as a share i am not able to import my music folder into clemantine09:38
ragnarHi, I just installed ubuntu 11.10 on my Dell Precision M4400, however, after I reboot, it doesnt seem to get to the logon screen. The monitor goes weird and then theres just a black screen showing me which services its starting.09:38
barzan_i had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:38
ragnarwhat could this be_09:38
Siegel-CantWinn: it told me its necessary to activate mdns, ipp, ipp-client ו־samba-client09:38
Jonnythats why i want to map it :)09:38
CantWinnSiegel-, Is this a network printer? Or do you have it plugged in via USB etc?09:38
lyraescarleo, many thanks09:38
freshinstallJonny, no idea what clementine is :-)09:39
ip00qhi, I installed gnome-shell and if authentication is required, it asks me for the wrong users' passwords (I have 2 admin accounts).. anyone seen this?09:39
barzan_i had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:39
Siegel-CantWinn: no, its just our own printer. were part of no network. its a usb connection09:39
Jonnyfreshinstall, it is just a music player in ubuntu09:39
barzan_i had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:39
barzan_i had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:39
barzan_i had used tutorial to solve waiting network configuration , but now ita nit load the sytem ,helpp needed09:40
scarleo!repeat | barzan_09:40
ubottubarzan_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:40
ragnarHi, I just installed ubuntu 11.10 on my Dell Precision M4400, however, after I reboot, it doesnt seem to get to the logon screen. The monitor goes weird and then theres just a black screen showing me which services its starting. What could be causing this09:40
ragnarin live CD it starts fine.09:40
ragnarI am currently using it with livecd right now09:40
wartrendwow 11.10 kinda sucks. going back to windows vista09:41
freshinstallJonny, to tell you the truth, i bought a qnap nas for home a year or so ago and haven't looked back, for music and file sharing it's so awesome, and simple (and I set up file shares all day every day ;-) )09:42
reisiowartrend: hah09:42
CantWinnSiegel-, This should all be installed with CUPS..  type in terminal    dpkg  -l  |  grep cups09:42
Siegel-CantWinn: while installing ubuntu 11.10 it asked me if i want to upgrade my printer drivers or configuration something like that. the default was no, , so i chose no. could that be the cause of the problem?09:42
CantWinnSiegel-, Could be, we'll try seeing what's up with cups09:43
Siegel-CantWinn: i typed that and nothing happened09:43
Siegel-CantWinn: it didnt even go back to prompt09:43
CantWinnSiegel-, sudo apt-get install cups09:44
scarleobarzan_: what tutorial did you use?09:44
Siegel-CantWinn: nothing happens. as if terminal is not responding.09:44
Rods_TigerI need to be able to press the back button of the browser, but the sidebar on the left of the screen pops out into the way each time, resulting in a search box instead.09:44
CantWinnyou still have a # after your name in terminal?09:44
Siegel-CantWinn: k opened up a new terminal and typed that. 0 upgraded, 0 installed, 0 removed...09:44
ragnarnobody is able to help me? or even remotely tell me what could be wrong?09:45
Siegel-CantWinn: i tried the first thing now (dpkg -l | grep cups)09:45
Siegel-CantWinn: ill show you the result09:45
barzan_scarleo, from here totalcomputersusa.com09:45
wartrendragnar - whats the problem09:45
freshinstallHey, can I get the unity app bar to zoom, coz I want it to look even more like OSX ;-)09:45
Siegel-CantWinn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/713020/09:45
reisiofreshinstall: superkaramba?09:46
ragnarnobody is able to help me? or even remotely tell me what could be wrong?09:47
barzan_scarleo, thisartilce http://www.totalcomputersusa.com/2011/10/ubuntu-11-10-booting-system-without-full-network-configuration/09:47
CantWinnSiegel-, sudo apt-get update && install09:47
ragnarHi, I just installed ubuntu 11.10 on my Dell Precision M4400, however, after I reboot, it doesnt seem to get to the logon screen. The monitor goes weird and then theres just a black screen showing me which services its starting. What could be causing this09:47
ragnarit works on livecd, I am using it right now09:47
scarleobarzan_: and what is your current state? Please be precise09:47
Siegel-CantWinn: kk its doing stuff09:47
ragnarbut when I have installed it and rebooting, it doesnt give me the logon screen09:47
freshinstallragnar, did you choose to install third party software at install?09:47
ragnaras if xorg crashes09:47
ragnarfreshinstall: yes09:47
freshinstallragnar, it's prolly nvidia driver  - happened to me09:48
ragnarshould I not do that?09:48
barzan_scarleo, after this instructions the ubuntu wasnt boot up so iam on it in live cd09:48
bryianhi...could someone tell me how to install applications without using wine...e.g. have to install jdk09:48
ragnaryep, it has uh, nvidia09:48
ragnarso yeh09:48
Siegel-CantWinn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/713021/ look at the bottom09:48
ragnarshould I just reinstall and not choose to use, uh, third party drivers?09:48
freshinstallragnar, try install without them, i bet it's the trick, then choose "additional drivers" and go for the "beta" newest one09:48
Jonnyfreshinstall, that is really good09:48
Siegel-CantWinn: missing file operand09:48
Jonnyi was looking into getting one myself09:48
ragnarfreshinstall: aight, Ill give it a shot right now09:48
ragnarthanks for the advise.09:48
ragnarhave an awesome day!09:49
freshinstallJonny, I just set it up as a printer share with my old(ish) hp deskjet - worked first go09:49
CantWinnSiegel-, Yeah because I forgot to tell you to put cups at the end09:49
freshinstallnow everyone can print09:49
Siegel-CantWinn: haha oh ok let me trty again09:49
Jonnyfreshinstall, nice!!09:49
scarleobarzan_: login to your HD install in recovery mode, hold shift down while booting and select recovery and then go to root console (recovery console or whatever similar)09:49
CantWinnIt's just telling you that it's looking for something to install and nothing was there09:49
Jonnytht would be cool09:49
wartrendwell ragnar - i would put vista on it and be done with it. If i wanted osx i would have bought an over priced macbook09:49
zykes-0/win 2009:50
freshinstallJonny, unbelievably it even has an asterisk add on, you can use it as a VOIP PBX although I've not tried yet09:50
barzan_scarleo,i thought about but its just boot to my hp logo and go back repeating in other word its dont come recovery09:50
Jonnyfreshinstall, i would like a home skype setup09:51
Jonnywould be q nice09:51
Siegel-CantWinn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/713024/09:51
scarleobarzan_: so what did go wrong hen you followed theguide?09:51
Siegel-CantWinn: its almost a problem with the location.09:51
CantWinnSiegel-, This happens when you have another package manager open09:51
barzan_scarleo, its problem i dont know what was the wrong , i just do these instructions09:51
Siegel-CantWinn: ooh ok, update manager is open.09:52
CantWinnSiegel-, bingo09:52
freshinstallJonny, the nature of voip is that the pbx just does the connections - kinda like a matchmaker - then the media, the actual conversation goes direct between clients, so the pbx doesn't need to be terribly fast or have that much bandwidth, as the calls aren't going through it.09:52
barzan_scarleo, the live cd also cant recognize the hard disk09:52
Siegel-CantWinn: its updating, its done in a minute. should i try it again when its closed?09:52
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
CantWinnSiegel-, sure can.. btw, was any cups stuff in your update?09:52
scarleobarzan_: sounds like you have some other problem09:52
Jonnyfreshinstall, yeah. Didnt realise that09:52
soreauIs nouveau experimental 3D enabled by default in 11.10?09:53
Siegel-CantWinn: i told you i chose "no"09:53
Rods_Tigerwell, it seems that there's no way of using the back button without it being interrupted by the sidebar on the left, rendering it unusable for web browsing. Thanks for your help everyone.09:53
Siegel-CantWinn: it says now:" missing destination file operand after `cups'"09:53
scarleobarzan_: just a coincidence that it happened at the same time09:53
freshinstallJonny, try asterisknow - with an old junk PC works really well - you need a bunch of voip phones or ATAs (analogue telephone adapters) to play with it much though - although softphones installed on PCs will work09:53
barzan_scarleo, the rescue broken system also dont work09:53
CantWinnSiegel-, Give it another go after the update, then try to add printer again.. that should work. Also see if you can update cups from your update manager. I'm sorry to take off but I have work soon and I got to go.09:54
freshinstallJonny, but be prepared to spend a year or more mastering it ;-)  I'm glad I did, got a killer phone setup at home now, but it's a long haul09:54
Siegel-CantWinn: could it be possible that its because i just redownloaded the printer drivers and they may not be the correct ones? they may be for 64 and not 32. though ic ant find the page that gave me an option to dl 3209:54
scarleobarzan_: DO you have / on a separate partition?09:54
barzan_scarleo, any hope to fix?09:54
freshinstallsorry, I'm off topic....09:54
barzan_scarleo, no09:54
Siegel-CantWinn: i just did. its done updating. its fine i also have to go to work09:54
scarleobarzan_: you have any important files on hd?=09:54
Siegel-CantWinn: update manager told me to restart. should i try after restarting?09:54
freshinstallyes Siegel- restart09:55
CantWinnSiegel-, yes09:55
barzan_scarleo, yes lotsss of app and Android development and Music And Videos\09:55
Siegel-ok so ill try09:55
scarleobarzan_: and a backup then I guess?09:55
Jonnyfreshinstall, im not sure if i can spare that time lol09:55
Jonnylooks good though09:55
barzan_scarleo, i didnt back up09:55
zendfanHi Linux gurus09:55
zendfanI have a small question to ask in my cron I have /usr/sbin/anacron which I assume is standard but I cannot find this directory and over night my ubuntu server has filled 9gnon my home network any ideas ?09:55
scarleobarzan_: I guess you will in the future... So you can't mount the hd from the live disk?09:56
barzan_scarleo, yes09:56
ghabitis it ok so low resolution sound indicator - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/20111019125604.png/ ?09:56
hungerAny idea why my screen dims when setting a terminal to fullscreen? 11.10, unity and gnome 3.2.09:57
scarleobarzan_: not much to do then09:57
barzan_scarleo, it means no hope????09:57
scarleobarzan_: if the disk can't be read, no. You can read through this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery That's my best suggestion09:59
barzan_scarleo, so why i do read this if its there is no hope to fix10:00
barzan_scarleo, this 11.10 pissed me offfff too much i was really stable 11.410:00
scarleobarzan_: well I don't force you to10:00
barzan_scarleo, thank10:01
Siegel-hi im back and its still not working. tried the same command and it wont install. tried adding new printer, i get the same prompt about the firewall not being activ10:02
brandonc503when i first install ubuntu. what is owner name of the /var and contained files?10:04
scarleozendfan: what do you mean your network is full?10:04
llutz_brandonc503: root10:04
llutz_brandonc503: most files/dirs owned by root, not all10:05
barzan_scarleo, if i installed new sys on my older HD i can recovery my files from?10:05
=== mang0 is now known as mang0|OUT
brandonc503getting Re: ERROR 13 (HY000): Can't get stat of '.dbname' (Errcode: 13) when creating a db10:06
farciarz84Hi I'd like to add xorg-edgers PPA, that will give me up-to-date mesa, X etc. Please help :)10:06
scarleobarzan_: you can try10:06
llutz_brandonc503: mysql? owned by mysql:mysql10:07
Siegel-freshinstall: hi. it didnt work even after restarting10:08
barzan_scarleo, i want to create new partition to install on it10:08
brandonc503ah.. somone had me change permissions recursive and messed it up10:08
norbert79Good day. Anyone else experiencing the loss of their OpenGL support from the Intel Video drivers after today's xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core package updates? I haven't touched anything on the X or around it, it just stopped working after today's security update. Details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186456710:08
llutz_brandonc503: thats one of those "not all" dirs :)10:08
brandonc503ya figured10:08
brandonc503anyway i can revert my /var/ folder to what it was on install?10:08
brandonc503without reinstalling all of ubuntu10:08
llutz_brandonc503: no, theres no mechanism to revert that except doing it manually comparing to a fresh installation10:09
scarleobarzan_: yes?10:09
brandonc503k thanks10:09
brandonc503only the 3rd install tonight10:09
barzan_scarleo, i want to create new partion to install ubuntu on it again10:09
YounderIs there a way for the system to backup which programs are installed and automatically install them from this backup?10:09
=== vibhav_ is now known as vibhav
iceroot!clone | Younder10:10
ubottuYounder: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate10:10
barzan_scarleo,i want my old system remain10:10
scarleobarzan_: well, if you can't read your hard drive that won't be possible, but you can try. If you're going to try DataRecovery you shouldn't do anything to your hd as stated in the guide I linked you to10:11
=== Guest84651 is now known as Odium_xXx
brandonc503so when i install ubuntu, does the pasword i set go for the username i make aswell as the root?10:12
SetiAmonI'm getting more used to gnome 3 But does anyone here with dual monitors have firefox switching monitors (to secondary) after starting up?10:12
SunTsubrandonc503: in a way, yes. root can have it's own, but normally you use sudo with your user's password10:12
llutz_brandonc503: nope, its the user-password you also use for sudo.but its not roots pw10:12
norbert79Ok, maybe some Lucid users present here10:13
norbert79Good day. Anyone else experiencing the loss of their OpenGL support from the Intel Video drivers after today's xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core package updates? I haven't touched anything on the X or around it, it just stopped working after today's security update. Details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186456710:13
brandonc503k tnx10:13
KIMPRINCEJust installed my first Ubuntu, V 11.10.  Some instructions are telling me to go to Software Centre->Edit, but I can't find any edit!10:14
icerootnorbert79: any easy ways to test it? i have an intel-card here10:14
norbert79iceroot: glxgears would show if it's working or not10:15
norbert79iceroot: if you are on the same patch level10:15
m4kdc5ala: I did checked /usr/share/php and it is present10:15
=== user__ is now known as dynamics
norbert79iceroot: I even did a regular reboot, just to make sure all new libraries and drivers get loaded, and lost OpenGL support since last update10:16
XMan2012i am having this error "XAMPP: Another web server daemon is already running.10:16
scarleoKIMPRINCE: It's in the global menu, when Software Center window is open, take the mouse all the way to the top of the screen and you should see a menu10:16
XMan2012whenever i try to startup my xampp server10:16
icerootnorbert79: sorry dont know where glxgears should be coming from10:16
norbert79but you get informed about it, when trying executing it10:16
llutz_!lamp | XMan2012 xampp is not supported here10:16
ubottuXMan2012 xampp is not supported here: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)10:16
deej1976KIMPRINCE: if you are running Unity you need to move your mouse to the bar at the top this will change and show you the normal files,edit,view,help menus10:17
icerootnorbert79: ok i will try it10:17
KIMPRINCENice one scarleo10:17
icerootnorbert79: glxgears running fine here on latest 11.10 with intel-card (from eeepc 901)10:17
llutz_XMan2012: sudo lsof -i :80             to check what's already listening10:17
norbert79iceroot: I have mentioned it's a Lucid box, so 10.04, but thx for checking anyway10:17
Silent_SamuraiHello, I am wondering how would I install flash (For youtube) on my Ubuntu 10.04 64bit. Thank you.10:18
XMan2012how can i check how many webserver are in running process on my ubuntu 10.1010:18
norbert79!flashplugin Silent_Samurai10:18
MarcelT3i got a sql dump in an utf8 file that shows silly tokens like <82> and i think they came from converting the db from latin1 to utf-8 long time ago.10:18
icerootnorbert79: ak ok sorry didnt read that but there was an update for both packages too in the last 2 days10:18
MarcelT3if i grep for '<82>' now, i get zero lines. can someone help me out?10:18
norbert79iceroot: Exactly those updates made my OpenGL go in the dumps10:18
norbert79iceroot: It worked before the updates10:19
icerootnorbert79: ii  xserver-common          2:1.10.4-1ubuntu4.1     common files used by various X servers10:19
norbert79iceroot: xserver-xorg-core                                 2:1.7.6-2ubuntu7.810:19
norbert79xserver-common                                    2:1.7.6-2ubuntu7.810:19
norbert79these new ones caused my GL support go AWOL10:19
icerootnorbert79: guess that is related to 10.04 - 11.1010:19
Silent_Samurainorbert79, Are you refering to the "flashplugin-installer" component?10:20
norbert79Silent_Samurai: Yes, sorry10:20
norbert79Silent_Samurai: Thought ubottu had that in it's db10:20
Silent_SamuraiWell this is awkward.10:20
Silent_SamuraiMy Ubuntu froze, the only thing i can do is move my mouse and type.10:20
norbert79iceroot: Yes, I have began my comment starting with Lucid Lynx10:20
icerootnorbert79: yes, sorry didnt read that10:20
norbert79Silent_Samurai: Why don't you go inside console? Alt+F1 and try login from there installing the application10:21
norbert79Silent_Samurai: Ctrl+Alt+F1 I mean10:21
ravendoes anyone knows about a channel for gpxe support?10:21
tociaHi, my keyboard and mouse are frozen at login (11.04 64), keyboard responds to alt-sysrq-r, I edited xorg.conf setting AutoAddDevices false and mouse came back, but not the keyboard. Any suggestions?10:21
s1raven: use alis , /msg alis help list , so for example  /msg alis list *gpxe*10:23
Greg2k11u have xorg.conf backup in cd/etc/x1110:23
Greg2k11maybe rename10:23
scarleoMarcelT3: try in #mysql or whatever you are using10:24
Greg2k11sorry etc/x1110:24
tociaGreg2k11: talk to me? with X -configure I created a new one, but nothing cjhanges10:24
MarcelT3i´ll do that, thx scarleo10:24
piksiis there a trivial solution to the problems i'm having with unity sidebar and the menu bars in apps? when an app is maximized it's sometimes very hard to get the unity panel to pop up. also, from time to time the menu bar of apps just disappears (with the close/minimize buttons) and doesn't reappear. this happened rarely on 11.04 but now more often in 11.10. it's a fresh install10:24
Greg2k11u have a backup of the file in x11 dir10:25
norbert79Guess I am the only unlucky one, whos got it's X broken since newest xserver update... last try10:25
Greg2k11rename to original10:25
Greg2k11happened to me it worked10:25
norbert79Good day. Lucid Lynx issue: Anyone else experiencing the loss of their OpenGL support from the Intel Video drivers after today's xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core package updates? I haven't touched anything on the X or around it, it just stopped working after today's security update. Details here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186456710:25
tociaI backup'd and I restore the original one before editing, but didn't work10:26
icerootnorbert79: if you dont get an answer here, i guess its best to open a bug against the xserver-package and rever to the latest updates10:26
iceroot!bug | norbert7910:26
ubottunorbert79: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:26
KIMPRINCEI heard that the Sun JDK was available from Canonical.  I have added them to my Software Centre, but can only find Skype, Adobe, etc...?10:26
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norbert79iceroot: If you would have read my Ubuntu forum entry you would have realised, that I have mentioned, that ubuntu-bug fails on me because I am on Firefox 7.0.1 coming from a PPA where the supprters also work for Canonical...10:27
tociaI reinstalled xserver.xorg and glrx, too, nothing works10:27
norbert79iceroot: So I can't even file a bug there manually10:27
MeanEYEMy bash auto-complete is not working. Any solutions to that?10:28
ip00qthe SUN has gone down10:28
ghabitis it ok so low resolution sound indicator - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/20111019125604.png/ ?10:28
llutz_MeanEYE: does it work if you do "source /etc/bash_completion" in a terminal?10:29
SubNormalhow can I copy paste in ubuntu server, like copy from lynx to command line?10:29
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OnkelTemHi, I have problem with 2 monitors on Ubuntu 11.10. I'm using NVidia drivers and setup screens to be separate. But `gnome-control-center display` is unable to detect screens. What I do next?10:31
Kartagis(CRON) error (grandchild #1273 failed with exit status 1) <--- what does this mean?10:32
computer_For some crazy reason I keep forgetting where the Ubuntu desktop images folder is10:32
MeanEYEllutz_: Give me a moment.10:32
MeanEYEllutz_: Yeah it does. :) Thanks. :D10:32
computer_Any one know OTOTH?10:32
llutz_MeanEYE: add that line to your ~/.bashrc10:33
OnkelTemAlso, when starting X session I get error messages in a modal message box 2-3 screens height saying it was unable to save some parameters, listing resolutions and refresh rates. Any ideas where these messages come from and why?10:33
MeanEYEllutz_: Yup. I know. :) I just found it wierd that it didnt work :)10:33
MeanEYEllutz_: Thanks :D10:34
computer_I wonder why I always have to look it uhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocn-E3BWNPA10:34
g3orgeubuntu or xubuntu? can I change between them easily?10:35
computer_Oops that you link wasn't meant to be posted peoples sorry about that10:35
scarleoSubNormal: Ctrl+Shift+C Ctrl+Shift+V10:35
SubNormalscarleo: thanks do you know how to select the text with out using the mouse?10:36
dabukalamalt+click and drag used to take screenshots of parts of the screen in meerket/natty didn't it? or was that only with compiz installed?10:37
scarleoSubNormal: No10:37
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SubNormalscarleo: ok thanks10:38
=== Greg2k11 is now known as abso
SubNormalany one know how to select text in ubuntu server with out mouse?10:38
ghabitis it ok so low resolution sound indicator - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/20111019125604.png/ ?10:39
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
norbert79iceroot: Downgraded to previous version, now I have OpenGL support and Compiz also working...10:41
norbert79iceroot: Just wanted to let you know10:41
soa2iiHi. I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my Acer Aspire 1524 wlmi. The wifi chip is just supported with ndiswrapper. I installed everything and included the official acer driver. iwconfig shows my card and the system recognizes my SSID. Now it just won't accept my password. Any idead how I can get more debug information why it wouldn't connect to my wifi?10:42
soa2iidmesg says: [  135.965836] wlan0: encryption modes supported: WEP; TKIP with WPA; AES/CCMP with WPA – my wifi is WPA2 CCMP is this the problem?10:44
DoverOsis there anyway to reconfigure unity without a reinstall?10:44
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farrukhjonhi all help. How mount USB Card Reader10:50
Chotaz`Workis my mouse faulty or does ubuntu 11.10 workign with single click to open files?10:50
Chotaz`Workfarrukhjon: you shouldn't need to.10:51
soa2iifarrukhjon: mount /dev/sd[whatever]10:51
soa2iiBut udev should handle that.10:51
Kartagis(CRON) error (grandchild #1273 failed with exit status 1) <--- what does this mean?10:51
farrukhjonWindows sees my USB Card Reader (SIYOTEAM) but Ubuntu Linux as there is no10:51
farrukhjonsoa2ii:  but fdisk -l only shows sda10:52
soa2iifarrukhjon: Well … what does dmesg say if you plug something in?10:53
farrukhjonwhat libs(???) i need to install ?10:53
soa2iifarrukhjon: Or take a look at lspci if it's recognized properly10:53
lunitikfarrukhjon: it should already be mounted if you plugged it in... look at dmesg | tail -n1010:54
farrukhjon00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Device 5a31 (rev 01)10:54
farrukhjon00:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge10:54
farrukhjon00:04.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge10:54
farrukhjon00:05.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge10:54
FloodBot1farrukhjon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:54
farrukhjon00:06.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge10:54
farrukhjon00:07.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge10:54
lunitikfarrukhjon: it should list a fkjafkdsjafa10:54
soa2iifarrukhjon: http://paste.ubuntu.com10:55
lunitikfarrukhjon: dmesg | tail -n10 to that site please10:55
lunitikfarrukhjon: assuming you have plugged it in recently... if not, unplug it and plug it back in so we don't have to look  :)10:56
farrukhjonlunitik:  sd 9:0:0:0: [sdc] Device not ready10:56
lunitikwell then kick it!10:56
lunitikfarrukhjon: jk... what does "mount" have to say?10:57
farrukhjon lunitik: Buffer I/O error on device sdc, logical block 51210:57
lunitikalso, usb devices would be listed @ lsusb10:57
lunitiksdc should be a removable disk10:57
farrukhjonusb-storage: device found at 1010:58
lunitikfarrukhjon: well then please define parameters for "not working"... have you tried to do anything with it?10:58
farrukhjonlunitik: in windows it work fine but plugined in Ubuntu no10:59
lunitikI wanna look at why sdc isn't ready... but idk where it'd be logged... cuz however it failed should be listed around that line10:59
lunitikfarrukhjon: that doesn't really expand, it more simplifies... "not working" to just "no"11:00
computer_Is it just me or is the Ubuntu desktop bookmarking system busted in 11.10 at the moment?11:00
lunitikcomputer_: define "desktop bookmarking"? you mean like, webapps on your desktop?11:01
luisthey guys… can i make a custom live ubuntu usb (not CD) with UCK? whats the easiest way to do it?11:01
farrukhjonlunitik:  have any GUI tools for diagnostic or look usb card reader ?11:01
computer_Crap I really can't add a new Bookmark11:01
Kartagiswhat can I do about (CRON) error (grandchild #1273 failed with exit status 1) ?11:01
dispihello! have problem with sound since updating to 11.10, lenovo r61i laptop speakers play music but headphone jack does not http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=6241afac06bea3182425e8a60540c27e5e15123a this i got. help! (my speakers are damaged too)11:02
lunitikKartagis: be thankful for the other 127211:02
computer_lunitik, no as in you open up your home folder and the in the unity menu you click on the Bookmarks option11:02
lunitikcomputer_: it does seem to lack any customization option11:03
computer_lunitik, in every other version of Ubuntu I have just dragged and dropped the folder I what to bookmark in to the left side bard11:04
lunitikcomputer_: like, it is designed in, but not yet done... it seems11:04
lunitikcomputer_: 11.10? it is the first version to use gnome3 and gtk311:04
tindocan anyone tell me how to diable unity in ubuntu 11.10?11:04
lunitikcomputer_: maybe they just didn't get around to it in gnome3.011:04
lunitiktindo: just install another desktop and it should add an option to your session settings11:05
computer_lunitik, there "customization options" are there but when I click on "Add Bookmark" nothing happen11:05
lunitikcomputer_: I tried right clicking around and see no option, similar result with Add Bookmark11:06
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tindocan anyone tell me how to disable unity in ubuntu 11.10?11:06
lunitiktindo: I just did...11:06
computer_lunitik, well that would suck, CPU fan running very fast all the time and now no folder bookmarks11:06
tindosorry didnt see your response11:06
Yanchoguys - anyone can give me some clue about a virtual box image i upgraded to 11.10 please? after the upgrade its a black screen - did follow some help tips already, but when i execute startx i get:  Failed to load module vboxvide / fatal server error: no screens found: xinit: giving up | xinit: unable to connect to X server: connection refused | xinit: server error .. any ideas please?11:07
tindognome 2 still working?11:07
lunitikcomputer_: I have noticed that suspend doesn't work either...11:07
lunitiktindo: no... you would recommend you give xfce and xubuntu-desktop-settings a try... it'll be similar11:07
computer_lunitik, I works really good for me11:08
lunitikYou can prolly just 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop-settings'11:08
lunitikcomputer_: well, but it is no longer supported upstream... that is why Unity happened in the first place, differences of opinion during the port to gtk3 and gnome311:08
lunitikInstead of compromise and unity, both have gone entirely to their own ideas... eventually they outta see what works best in each.11:09
tolecnalHello there, just did an upgrade from 10.04 to 11.10 on a box, and everything seems to working good apart from mysql. I've done a Google search, and see that quite a few others suffer from the same problem.  The problem resides with apparmor, and it's policies with mysql. The error is as follows:11:09
tindook thanks.. how do i install xfc?11:09
tolecnalapparmor="DENIED" operation="mknod" parent=2968 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" name="/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock" pid=2969 comm="mysqld" requested_mask="c" denied_mask="c"11:09
computer_Sorry lunitik what did you say isn't supported up stream anymore?11:09
lunitiktindo: again, I told you... sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop-settings or just xubuntu-desktop11:09
lunitikcomputer_: gnome2.011:10
tolecnaland according the apparmor man page, a confined process can't execute commands such as 'mknod' which mysql does when it starts up11:10
tindosorry lumitik i've got like 3 things going on at the same time and i missed it again11:10
tolecnalthus, it can't create the socket, failing to start up mysql.. does anyone have any pointers on how I am to proceed?11:10
computer_lunitik, oh sure, I am cool with that11:10
lunitiktolecnal: read about how to add an allow value for the same11:11
lunitiktolecnal: idk the tools ubuntu uses to define apparmor rules, but there must be directions on how to11:12
computer_I will just be patient and make do in the meantime11:12
tolecnallunitik: I've read the man pages, and read the wiki entry on apparmor, and none give me any indications as to how I should allow this11:12
lunitikcomputer_: in the time you took to decide, you could been fiddling with xfce to see if you like it11:13
EngonyrHow do I empty my recent activity or disable it?11:13
Engonyrin Unity11:13
tolecnallunitik: and seeing as the man page also states that programs running under apparmors watch can't execute mknod and similar system commands, I must admit I'm somewhat at a loss11:13
lunitikcomputer_: unity is pretty nice though, just remember the system apps are a .2 atm11:13
computer_lunitik, I have looked at it a few times but I think I prefer unity and where they are headed with it11:13
jfb_h20hey all, I'd like to do a fresh install of ubuntu, and I'd like to have more or less 'virgin' settings for desktop configs, so which of the .gnome  .whatever config directories should I delete?11:14
computer_lunitik, do you mean .2 beta?11:14
jfb_h20my home is on it's own partition...11:14
lunitiktolecnal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor11:14
jribjfb_h20: all of them?11:14
lunitikcomputer_: no, Ubuntu and Gnome cycles are basically synced11:14
jfb_h20jrib, no, there's many that are for software11:15
jribjfb_h20: like what?  A fresh account will only have what's in /etc/skel11:15
computer_lunitik, okay, what does the .2 mean then?11:15
jribjfb_h20: oh I see, you want only settings for your desktop11:15
lunitikcomputer_: ie, Ubuntu released when 3.2 was packaged11:15
jfb_h20jrib: yes.\11:15
jfb_h20maybe I can just cp /etc/skel into my home directory and overwrite anything existing?11:16
lunitikcomputer_: means still immature, things missing from the port11:16
jribjfb_h20: nope11:16
computer_lunitik, oh okay, thanks11:16
EngonyrHow do I erase my recent activity in Unity and how do I disable it altogether?11:16
vega-jfb_h20: /etc/skel doesn't contain anything related to gnome or the desktop11:16
lunitikcomputer_: so if you don't REALLY need those features, I would recommending prodding around and see if you really need them at this time11:16
jfb_h20right, infact I don't want to overwrite .bashrc ;)11:16
eraseEngonyr, you called?11:17
Engonyrerase: I actually said the word erase in my question. Sorry.11:17
jfb_h20so where do things like the settings for the panel, nautilus, etc. reside?11:17
vega-jfb_h20: might be .config11:17
arghxerase: get a better nick :P11:17
Engonyrerase: and adjust your notification settings11:17
arghxjfb_h20: ls -al ~/.* there11:18
computer_Cool thanks lunitik11:18
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jfb_h20arghx: so can I get ride of things like gnome-control-center gnome-disk-utility menus nautilus etc in that directory?11:19
ghabitis it ok so low resolution sound indicator - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/20111019125604.png/ ?11:20
tolecnallunitik: I've read that, and I got to admit that it hasn't exactly made me wiser. I could disable apparmor for mysql alltogether, but as the idea behind apparmor is one that actually is sane, I'd rather not disable it (even if it's only for mysql)11:20
Engonyrnevermind, already found the solution. Activity Log Manager.11:20
lunitiktolecnal: no, just the rule that it isn't permitting atm... you should be able to edit that... the config should show tools to do so, and the actual files involved11:21
* lunitik doesn't really like AppArmor... there is a reason Novell dropped it after acquiring the company that made it11:21
Rods_Tigerwhat use is the 'startup applications' thing? I click on 'add', and there's no apps visible.11:22
lunitikHint: They made SELinux a major feature of their last enterprise version11:22
Rods_Tigerif I then click 'browse', there's all my documents, but still no apps.11:22
lunitikRods_Tiger: you can hit "/" to type a path to an app11:23
jribtolecnal: I don't know if it's related, but did you follow the release notes suggestion regarding apparmor for upgrades?11:23
Rods_TigerHow do I get it to show me the apps folder, so that I can then add an app so that it will start up with it?11:23
lunitikRods_Tiger: "/usr/bin" enter11:23
lunitikRods_Tiger: but you prolly just wanna type /usr/bin/appname there11:23
Rods_TigerI want to use the startup applications to add an app, but there's no apps visible to click on11:24
tolecnallunitik: well, /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysql has this (http://pastebin.com/XLC7dFR4), which I understand is permissions which are permissive. And the paths are correct, yet I'm getting errors. And *again*, the man page states that confined processes can't use system commands such as 'mknod'.11:24
lunitikRods_Tiger: still, it doesn't list the stuff that runs as part of gnome-session anymore  :(11:24
tolecnaljrib: I did not see any release notes about this during the upgrade, so I'm not aware of any notes11:24
Rods_Tigerit doesn't seem to list anything at all11:24
ntelfordwhere's a good place to report bugs for the Compiz Window Placement plugin under Unity? (e.g. Ctrl + Alt + NumPad shortcuts)11:24
jrib!notes | tolecnal11:24
ubottutolecnal: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/11.1011:24
lunitikRods_Tiger: It assumes you know what you're doing... I just told you what to do11:24
Rods_TigerI know what I'm doing. I want to add tomboy. Where's the icon for tomboy when I click 'add'?11:25
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot11:25
Sidewinder1!launchpad > ntelford11:25
ubottuntelford, please see my private message11:25
tolecnaljrib: nothing specific there about mysql as far as I can see11:25
dr_willisI think theres ~/.config/autostart/    also11:26
lunitikRods_Tiger: then in the command space enter /usr/bin/tomboy11:26
jribtolecnal: it is for any custom policies you may have11:26
Sahan76Hi experts. I'm using ubuntu 10.04. I hot the error hd0,7 out of disk grub rescue>.So I read on this on the net and typed command ls (hd0,7)/boot/grub . It have of huge list. Then I typed set prefix=(hd0,7)/boot/grub. Then insmod linux. But it again gives me error hd0,7 out of disk. Now i don't know what to do. Please help me.;-]11:26
lunitikRods_Tiger: It should be more obvious, but it isn't11:26
dr_willisif you find the tomboy.desktop file Rods_Tiger  you could copy it to ~/.config/autostart also11:26
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Rods_Tigerthat page with the screenshot of startup applications doesn't resemble mine. That one has a list of apps, and some tabs. Mine doesn't.11:26
raven10.04 netboot does not load anything - any ideas?11:26
dr_willisRods_Tiger:  it may be outdated or for the lts version11:27
Rods_Tigerhow can it be outdated? this ubuntu was just released wasn't it?11:27
s1!nomodeset | raven11:27
ubotturaven: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:27
dr_willisRods_Tiger:  the docs/website may be outdated11:27
Rods_Tigerthat's ridiculous11:28
Rods_Tigerhow can that be?11:28
lunitikRods_Tiger: because you are using 11.1011:28
ravens1 no it stops at this blue screen with grey border at the bottom11:28
dr_willisdocs were written for an earlier ubuntu version......11:28
Rods_TigerI know I'm using 11.1011:28
dr_willisis that so hard to understand11:28
Rods_Tigerit is incredibly hard to understand11:28
ghabitis it ok so low resolution sound indicator - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/20111019125604.png/ ?11:28
Travis-42Since upgrading to 11.10, I get the following dpkg errors every time I run apt-get. any ideas? http://pastebin.com/sFacceYJ11:28
dr_willis11.10 has changed a lot of things... not all the docs/wiki/factoids have been updated.11:28
Rods_Tigerthe documentation should track the release11:28
s1ghabit: was this after a fresh installation or after upgrading ! .11:28
lunitikRods_Tiger: That is the full version from gnome2... now you have as far as the port to gnome3 has gotten11:28
dr_willisRods_Tiger:  which release? theres the lts, the current, the one befor now which is still valid....11:29
tolecnaljrib: ah, the sed one liner fixed it.. cheers! :)11:29
Rods_TigerI said. The one that was released a few days ago11:29
* lunitik followed and answered11:29
dr_willisRods_Tiger:   it would be more logical for the docs to stick with the LTS version since it wont change in 6 mo. :)11:29
Rods_TigerThe help button on startup application seems to fail. I get this: Document Not Found11:29
Rods_TigerThe URI ‘ghelp:user-guide?gosstartsession-2#gosstartsession-2’ does not point to a valid page.11:29
Sahan76 11:30
Rods_TigerI'd be more logical for new users if the documentation matched what they were using.11:30
Rods_Tigerand if the help button worked.11:30
josephseraosHi there. Yesterday I put my computer up to date. It's 10.04 LTS, and the last update was about xserver. But after this, 3D efects was disabled. What could happened?11:30
jribtolecnal: no problem11:30
Rods_Tigerand if I could click on an icon of an app to add it to startup11:30
dr_willisRods_Tiger:  depens on which docs you are refering to.. Im talking about the web sites. I havent even looked at the included gnome docs.11:30
Sahan76help me.11:31
dr_willisbut this is getting beyond tech support. i guess.11:31
dr_willisSahan76:  and the issue is?11:31
lunitikRods_Tiger: you can assist with the docs getting up to date if you'd like to reflect current status, no one else has yet11:31
Rods_Tigerexcellent - I will.11:31
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:31
Rods_Tigerhow do I write the new docs11:31
tindosorry to be a pain in the ass but i cant get xfc to install... any ideas?11:31
cheehi. if lspci nor lsusb show any sign of a wifi card, does this mean there is no wifi card in the machine?11:31
dr_willisthe ubuntu manual was wanting help the other day for updateing their project Rods_Tiger11:31
llutz_chee: most likely11:31
cheewhile preparing your answer for that, note that the result of11:32
Ibischee: Try enabling wifi first on your laptop keyboard.11:32
lunitikRods_Tiger: Simply sign up for a lp account, and log into the wiki with it... it will let you edit pages but not on help.ubuntu.com (that is more for completed works)11:32
chee'rfkill list'11:32
Travis-42I keep getting dpkg errors about dictionaries-common -- http://pastebin.com/sFacceYJ -- Can I remove this in Ubuntu 11.10?11:32
chee0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN11:32
cheefollowed by two entries11:32
cheeSoft blocked: no, and Hard blocked: no11:32
jfb_h20dr_willis: are updates to the manual getting reflected in the online documentation>11:32
s1raven: i see , mostly the issue is related to the hardware Graphic card , i had this issue once and i pass'd it with " nomodeset " boot option.11:32
Rods_Tigergreat. I see your policy of recruiting people who have no idea what to do to actually write the manual is in full swing. I'll sign up and rewrite everything according to my user experience so far.11:32
lunitikRods_Tiger: Uses same system as for example wikipedia, very easy to understand11:32
Rods_Tigerback in a minute, this shouldn't take long11:33
Sahan76grub rescue. It responds to ls  (hd0,7)/boot/grub command. But after set prefix and insmod linux it gives the error out of disk11:33
tindoany other shells i can install other then gnome and xfc? i really dont like unity11:33
lunitikRods_Tiger: I am mostly pointing out that it is a community process, that means work that no one does doesn't get done11:33
Ibistindo: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:33
dr_willisRods_Tiger:  we are not recruiting.. you ASKED ....   Rods_Tiger | how do I write the new docs11:33
Rods_Tigerno, it was specifically suggested that I personally contribute11:33
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Ibistindo: Then log out, and switch to other desktop.          You can also do: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop11:34
lunitikRods_Tiger: Certainly, but if you cannot, then you will have to wait for someone else to do it instead11:34
Rods_Tigergreat idea - someone asks for help, points out that there is no help in the docs, so why not get that person to write them,11:34
Rods_Tigerno, I can - I'll make some thing up11:34
ravens1 seems more that it does not load anything from the network - network card is idle11:34
tindounable to locate xbuntu-desktop11:34
fabiandgood day . is someone from pocl around?11:34
jfb_h20Rods_Tiger: what was your original question?11:34
Ibistindo: xubuntu-desktop11:34
lunitikRods_Tiger: Firstly, I have told you how to accomplish what you want, second, you are the one that pointed out the complatency with the docs11:34
tindoah spelling error lol11:35
cheeIbis: i try that. the light remains unlit over here11:35
Rods_Tigermy original question was that when I open startup apps, there's no list of apps - no icons to click on, no names of apps, nothing.11:35
lunitikRods_Tiger: I have said simply add /usr/bin/tomboy to the command textbox11:35
cheeIbis: though note again that 'rfkill list' returns '0: acer-wireless: Wireless LAN; Soft blocked: no; Hard blocked: no'11:35
jfb_h20and when you click add?11:35
Rods_Tigerthen when I click on browse, it doesn't show me any apps, it shows me the inside of my documents folder11:35
Rods_Tigerthere's no apps folder11:36
kamilnadeemanyone who uses gnome shell here ?11:36
dr_willislinux dosent use an 'apps' folder methodology..11:36
Ibis!ask | kamilnadeem11:36
ubottukamilnadeem: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:36
lunitikRods_Tiger: get out of browse... the textbox next to browse... enter /usr/bin/tomboy11:36
lunitikRods_Tiger: whatsoever you like for name and description, irrelevant11:36
jfb_h20Rods_Tiger: yes, this is where linux is still 'commandish', you could browse to /usr/bin11:36
kamilnadeemI am having problems accesing startup applications ?11:37
jfb_h20Rods_Tiger: but it is easier to just enter the command and make a description you like (this is freedom)11:37
dr_willistheres also the /usr/share/applications/tomboy.desktop11:37
kamilnadeemwhere is it?11:37
perlsyntaxI useing ubuntu 10.04.3 and i try to do this apt-get builde-dep and i get a error way is that for?11:37
Rods_Tigerno it isn't easier, it's easier to see icons11:37
lunitikkamilnadeem: power-spanner-thing > startup applications11:37
jfb_h20Rods_Tiger: point taken, for some it is easier.11:37
DigiGramI like a joint venture between gui and cli11:38
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perlsyntaxdoes anyone know?11:38
dr_willisI just drag/drop from /usr/share/applications to ~/.confign/autostart   :)11:38
DigiGrammakes life easier for scripting and quick jobs to cli11:38
Sahan76help me. I'm stuck at grub rescue.11:38
lunitikRods_Tiger: the tool was slapped together so the functionality is at least there... I have told you how to use that functionality11:38
DigiGrambut gui just to make you feel up to date with others11:38
jfb_h20Rods_Tiger: regardless, the point is Name and Description are up to you, the command needs to refer to the program command.11:38
perlsyntaxdoes anyone know??11:38
s1raven: was this after an upgrade or a fresh installation!11:38
kamilnadeemSahan76 search suer grub disk on the net11:38
Rods_TigerI've browsed to usr/bin and I can see lots of apps and lots of nonsense apps that I didn't install. Tomboy is there, but its icon looks wrong - looks like a text document.11:38
kamilnadeemdownload rescutax11:38
lunitikperlsyntax: because you can't spell11:39
AkimaI'm using Ubuntu 10.04.  Recently an update for the Package 'xserver-xorg-core' was rolled out.  This update has broken compiz desktop effects on my machine.  How do I role back to the previous version (version 1.7.6-2ubuntu7.6)?11:39
jfb_h20Rods_Tiger: which you can find in a terminal by typing 'which tomboy' for example11:39
kamilnadeemmake the live usb and reinstall grub11:39
Rods_Tigerno thanks11:39
dr_willisRods_Tiger:  because its actually a python script perhaps..11:39
perlsyntaxlunitik,Maybe your rude.11:39
dr_willisor is tomboy in .mono  i forget..11:39
Rods_Tigerdoesn't matter what it is, I've selected it and added it11:39
lunitikperlsyntax: sudo apt-get build-deps firefox for instance gets you the build reqs for firefox... I think you're supposed to be bzr lp:~ubuntu/firefox now though11:39
ravens1 i am trying to install a new system without usb support since two days11:39
kamilnadeemluntik (I am using Shell in Sabayon so I want a way of Shell)11:40
* jfb_h20 has gone to upgrade to 11.1011:40
Ibiskamilnadeem: Version of Ubuntu you're using?11:40
perlsyntaxi know how to do it it in 10.10 but not in 10.04.311:40
lunitikkamilnadeem: sabayon isn't ubuntu, it is #gentoo11:40
Zypehdoes anyone have a tutorial for the FVWM??11:40
s1raven: how!11:41
Rods_TigerI'll test it now, see if it starts up when I start up11:41
kamilnadeemYeah I came in the wrong place11:41
dr_willisZypeh:  the old window manager? should be all sorts of docs out for it. what are you trying to do?11:41
perlsyntaximaybe no one know in here.11:41
perlsyntaxmaybe no one knows.11:41
scarleoperlsyntax: know what?11:41
kamilnadeemAlthough I have ran Gnome Shell on Ubuntu 11.10 and It is great11:41
kamilnadeemIt is also my main system11:41
dabukalamin marvick i used to do a sudo service gdm restart to restart gnome. But ever since unity that's stopped working. Any alternatives?11:42
Zypehdr_willis, i want to try some FVWM11:42
scarleodabukalam: maybe you are running lightdm now?11:42
dr_willisZypeh:  install it, should be a session for it at the login screen.11:42
dabukalamdabukalam, i'm on oneiric11:42
perlsyntaxscarleo,I try to do this. apt-get build-dep emacs23 and i get a error.11:42
lunitikdabukalam: should be lightdm instead now... I usually just /etc/init.d/lightdm restart tho11:42
=== Pupuser is now known as Guest23701
Zypehdr_willis, ya i konw11:42
lunitikdabukalam: same thing, idk, just another way11:42
scarleoperlsyntax: an error?11:42
perlsyntaxyes a error11:42
dabukalamscarleo, lunitik, i'll try that11:42
perlsyntaxmaybe it a bug11:43
Zypehdr_willis, i just want to learn FVWM11:43
Ibisperlsyntax: Describing the issue is a good idea. What is you exact error message?11:43
lunitikZypeh: is FVWM even alive anymore?11:43
Ibisperlsyntax: You said "builde-dep"               <------------- Spell check helps.11:43
dr_willisZypeh:  check out its homepage and docs I guess.. not a lot to learn about if i rember right.11:43
=== Guest23701 is now known as LittlePuppy
scarleoperlsyntax: well, would you mind terribly specifying what error?11:43
dr_willisI seem to recall some fvwm variants still being worked on. metisse perhaps?11:44
Zypehdr_willis: ya, i saw before11:44
lunitikZypeh: there were lots of docs on www.fvwm.org last I checked... never liked it much visually tho... very configurable11:44
dispiohno, backlog got filled, wonder if anyone answered my question so will post it again since no visibility: hello! have problem with sound since updating to 11.10, lenovo r61i laptop speakers play music but headphone jack does not http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=6241afac06bea3182425e8a60540c27e5e15123a this i got. help! (my speakers are damaged too)11:45
IbisHey I have a super problem but I dun wanna post the error message I just saw a few minutes ago!1111:46
scarleoperlsyntax: you know, when asking for help it always helps giving as much relevant info as possible, your error message might be considered to be relevant11:46
lunitikIbis: well then it will be difficult to help11:46
Ibisscarleo: Lol, perlsyntax is gone.11:46
LjLdoes Universal USB Installer just put the .iso inside the filesystem like Unetbootin does, or does it wipe your card?11:46
scarleoIbis: :)11:46
Ibislunitik: Then I can just repeat the same exact question until I get an answer from a psychic.11:47
lunitikLjL: no reason to guess when the sys will tell you... if the answer is yes, it will be listed as a loop via mount()11:47
lunitikAlso, it won't touch your data without a request to do so11:48
IbisHi MaxFrames.11:48
lunitikIbis: might be time consuming  :P11:48
ghabitWhat is BRAID letters @ software-center?11:48
MaxFramesoneiric is a no go on my eeepc :(11:48
MaxFramesit's painfully slow, whereas 11.04 was acceptable11:49
Sawhi. I'm having troubles reseting my password. Usually I just got into recovery mode root, but this time it required password too. So I found at ubuntu website another way; using init=/bin/bash. I did it, but now I don't have the passwd utility anywhere.11:49
Ibisghabit: http://blog.canonical.com/2011/06/07/ubuntu-software-center-adds-braid/          <------- Look here.11:49
MaxFramesand I have mouse pointer freezes11:49
LjLlunitik: i'm using it from Windows though11:49
IbisThat's what Braid is.11:49
SawAny other way to edit password (or even create new user without any password) ?11:49
usr13dispi: What do you mean, speakers are damaged too?11:50
MaxFrameswhat's up with ubuntu getting more and more resource demanding? old versions used to run just fine on this tiny netbook11:50
lunitikghabit: take a look at http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/ubuntu-software-center-lets-you-test.html ... it is directions to make it possible to test drive apps that are curios before you install11:50
MonkeyDustMaxFrames: try easy peasy11:50
lunitikLjL: #windows11:50
usr13!password | Saw11:50
ubottuSaw: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords11:50
LjLlunitik: when the very ubuntu.com page gives instructions for using it, no, i don't think that should be in #windows11:51
MaxFramesMonkeyDust: is that an ubuntu fork?11:51
ghabitlunitik, Ibis, when i'm clicking @ that thing, nothing happens.11:51
alias_lnfirefox error loading...: Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.11:51
MonkeyDustMaxFrames: it's eeeBuntu (sort of)11:51
theadminalias_ln: Delete ~/.mozilla and try again11:51
Sawubottu - done and done. Still nothing. (that is, I don't remember the root password either. And that link si what I was talking about)11:51
ubottuSaw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:51
vega-funny thing, when booting with recovery mode there's an option soon after to "drop to root shell", which prompts for root password... which ubuntu doesn't assign, clever11:51
lunitikghabit: what irc client?11:51
Ibisghabit: Yea, and now I gave you the link to that webpage for Braid, you can now click to add.11:51
Sawusr13 xD11:51
usr13alias_ln: What do you see in .mozilla/firefox  ...or yea, just delete it and it will be re-created11:51
MaxFramesI see... well, worth a try I guess11:52
lunitikghabit: xchat variants should be right click > open in browser11:52
MaxFramespity to lose all my settings though11:52
usr13Saw: No joy?11:52
ghabitlunitik, i mean BRAID picture @ software-center.11:52
Sawusr13 - I wrote the response to the bot.. xD " done and done. Still nothing. (that is, I don't remember the root password either. And that link si what I was talking about)"11:53
ghabitIt is like BIG banner @ top of software-center.11:53
Ibisghabit: I just gave you the link. Now from that page you can download it.11:53
mrwizeguy1983more lovely issues with 11.10:  I seem to have lost system tray functionality, for skype and xchat etc.11:53
mrwizeguy1983anyone know how to fix that up?11:53
usr13Saw: What do you mean, root password?  Did you create a root password?  (Because normally, there isn't one.)11:53
ghabitOne more question please - is it ok so low resolution sound indicator - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/163/20111019125604.png/ ?11:54
Sawusr13 - I don't remember creating one. But when I go into recovery mode, then root, it says 'please enter root password for maintenance'.11:54
MonkeyDustmrwizeguy1983: you have to add apps in dconf, i forget which entry11:54
Sawbtw, even though I can't find passwd, nor /sbin/passwd, nor /bin/passwd, nor /usr/bin/passwd, If I use ls -R | grep passwd it does find soemthing. I'm not expert on unix/linux though, how do I get the full path from it?11:55
mrwizeguy1983thanks MonkeyDust11:55
MonkeyDustmrwizeguy1983: sort of white list in dconf11:55
ravens1 i just tested it again after loading the release file it idles11:55
usr13Saw: If you have followed the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword and still can't recover, I don't know.  Accept that you could boot from the CD and use sudo to edit shadow file.11:55
theadminSaw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword#The_Other_Way11:55
mrwizeguy1983that should be very helpful MonkeyDust thank you.  i wonder why it doesn't work by default after upgrading for 11.04 where it was working11:56
MonkeyDusti wonder too :)11:56
Sawusr13 - ok , different question then. How can I tell 'ls' command to write the full path of a file each time? such that if I use 'ls -R | grep passwd' i'll ge the full path?11:57
theadminSaw: You could just use "which passwd" to tell the full path to the command11:57
llutz_saw find path/ -type f -iname passwd11:57
Sawtheadmin - the system can't find the command, that is why i'm searching for it :P11:58
theadminSaw: That means your system is pretty messed up...11:58
Sawllutz_ - find utility doesn't 'exists' either.11:58
Sawtheadmin - yeah I know.11:58
theadminSaw: You gotta reinstall11:58
SawI entered using bash shell11:58
llutz_Saw: you are in grub-shell?11:58
AnarashaHey everyone :) I have a problem. I just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10. Everything worked fine on 11.04, but on 11.10, my Jack port doesn't seem to work. When I plug something into it, my internal speakers go silent as intended, but whatever I plugged in gives no sound. I run a laptop.11:58
Sawllutz - I entered using bah shell, into recovery mode. I think that what messed up everything.11:58
theadminSaw: Is your /usr on a separate partition?11:59
Sawi'm trying to either create a user with an empty password, or reset a password for an existing user. I can't do any of it though.11:59
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MonkeyDustAnarasha: in terminal, type alsamixer11:59
Sawtheadmin - it's all virtual machine one disk, so no. But from some reason it's empty. I do know the command exists though, using 'ls -R | grep passwd' find some results, I'm just not sure where..11:59
AnarashaMonkeyDust - Okay, what now?12:00
mrwizeguy1983MonkeyDust, everything i can install under dconf is already installed, any ideas?  is it under dconf editor settings?  i saw something under unity2d called legacy tray, but didn't see anything under unity that was similar12:00
Sawoh, don't know if it's important, but i'm using ubuntu server edition 64bit.12:00
hemzaI'm using ubuntu lucid, now I  want to upgrade to the latest release12:01
rcmaehlUbuntu 11.10 32-bit. How do I remove all the ratings and play counts on a large number of songs in many directories but not any other metadata? Is there a command I run in terminal or a program I can install. I only want to remove rating and play count, absolutely no other metadata do I want to remove.12:01
theadminhemza: You can only upgrade by upgrading to Maverick first, then Natty, and THEN Oneric.12:01
theadminhemza: No fun, really, I suggest a reinstall12:01
mrwizeguy1983ok, thanks for the lead12:02
arfbtwn_is anyone here using Lucid with the banshee-daily ppa enabled? I have it enabled but the version from it shows as 1.9x...12:02
hemzaOk. I know that i want to ask if Oneric work fast like lucid. i'm preparing my PhD and do not want to format my laptop ... theadmin12:03
AnarashaMonkeyDust - Everything in AlsaMixer is unmuted. Which one of them is supposed to be the jack?12:03
Sawtheadmin - ok, I found passwd in /etc/passwd . I can't run it though, it says permission denied.12:03
dr_willishemza:  maybe best to stick with what you got. unless you need the newer features12:03
MonkeyDustmrwizeguy1983: in dconf-editor, choose desktop-unity-panel, find the whitelist, you have to use single quotes12:03
theadminSaw: That's not an executable file...12:04
theadminSaw: Of course you can't run it12:04
llutz_Saw: /usr/bin/passwd, /etc/passwd is the file holding users12:04
varikonniemiwhy does an ubuntu alternate install take so much longer than noemal? i find this disturbing since i want to install to raid, and must use alternate for that, no?12:04
llutz_(more or less)12:04
Sawha, that's right. agrh. I even displayed it before.12:04
dr_willisvarikonniemi:  i cant recall ever seeing it taking longer.12:04
MonkeyDustAnarasha: can't say, it was a mere hint12:04
usr13Saw: You might try and  edit /etc/shadow  go to original user and delete all between first and second colons (:)12:05
sproatyAny idea how to get the windows-like start menu back in 11.10? I've installed gnome-panels-classic and my 'start' menu is split into applications/places - in 11.04 I had a little icon with everything unified12:05
AnarashaEvery bar has the sign 00 on it when unmuted and MM when muted. But PCM doesn't have either one of those, it's simply blank12:05
varikonniemidr_willis, 11.04 took nearly an hour on alternate, under 15 minutes on normal12:05
rcmaehlsproaty: try kubuntu?12:05
AnarashaDo you think that could have anything to say?12:05
sproatyrcmaehl, nah...I'm assuming it's there *somewhere* if it was available in 11.0412:05
hemzaI have some problems with my toshiba A200 laptop, it shutdown suddenly when the processor work hard12:06
usr13Saw: More-than-likely, only the original user has admin priviledges and so that is the one you need.12:06
Sawusr13 - anyway to create new user editing the file rather than editing?12:06
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dr_willisvarikonniemi:  could be some bug in the kernel/drivers.. mine was faster i recall.. but now a days. i install from a iso off the first hd.. so my installs are amazing fast. :)12:06
rcmaehlsproaty: yeah with a heck of a lot of configuration file changes and package removals/installs12:06
Sawusr13 - I just want any user, so I can login into my normal shell with all the commands. At least for nwo, anyway.12:06
AnarashaHey everyone :) I have a problem. I just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10. Everything worked fine on 11.04, but on 11.10, my Jack port doesn't seem to work.12:07
AnarashaWhen I plug something into it, my internal speakers go silent as intended, but whatever I plugged in gives no sound. I run a laptop.12:07
scarleohemza: overheating maybe, are your fans running? Have you cleaned your computer from dust?12:07
AnarashaEverything in AlsaMixer is unmuted except for PCM which doesn't have that option.12:07
rcmaehlAnarasha: define jack port12:07
rcmaehlas in the audio out?12:07
AnarashaThe green, round thingymajig I plug external speakers or headphones into12:07
usr13Saw: I really dont' know why the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword#The_Other_Way  or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword  didn't work for you.  Did you do exactly as instructed?12:07
AnarashaYeah, audio out12:08
rcmaehlAnarasha: can you screenshot your alsamixer?12:08
AnarashaSure, hold on a sec12:09
Sawusr13 yes. First way didn't work because of the 'Give root password for maintenance'. Second way didn't work because I don't have any kernel in my boot list. Third way is where i'm at now, but there is no passwd utility from some reason.12:09
Dan_EI upgraded to 11.10 and now when I open or try to foward a e-mail or connect to xchat or mostly any other program all I get is a blank white screen?12:09
hemzascarleo, i guess that, and  try to open my laptop to clean the fans, but it is difficult to open it.12:09
Sawusr13 - well, there is one thing. At first I tried editing the 'normal' image (init=/bin/bash) and entering it, but it just didn't run anything after I booted (F10 or ctrl-x). So I did the same fro the recovery mode and used it. I'm there now.12:09
usr13Saw: You don't have a kernel?12:09
smwWhy did ubuntu move /var/run to /run?12:09
smwIs there a reason they choose this?12:10
rcmaehlDan_E: did you check for restricted drivers?12:10
Dan_Eno but how do i do that?12:10
Sawusr13 - it's not listed. there are 4 entries in the list: (1) Ubuntu, with Linux .. (2) same thing, (recovery mode) (3) Memory test (4) Memory test with some extra details.12:10
dabukalamdoes compiz work on lightdm?12:10
llutz_smw: yes, it has to do with tmpfs. long discussion some time ago12:10
alias_lnDan_E:  config your email/xchat12:10
AnarashaRcmaehl - This is my Alsamixer: http://i55.tinypic.com/dxi8f7.png12:10
smwllutz_, link to discussion?12:11
dr_willisdabukalam:  why would it even need to>? :)12:11
Travis-42In Ubuntu 11.10, when I plug in an iPhone it asks me what I want to do for a device with photos (I chose "Do nothing"), and for a device with audio (again "Do Nothing"), but then it pops up a nautilus window with "Documents" on the iPhone. How do I get Ubuntu to do nothing for this too?12:11
scarleohemza: http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/toshiba-satellite-a205/laptop-disassembly-1.htm12:11
usr13Saw: Those ARE your kernels.  You have been given adequate information, you just need to sort though it and puzzle it out.  Any more conversation will only cloud the issue.12:11
dabukalamdr_willis, wha?12:11
dr_willisdabukalam:  and yes - it should work with lightdm if it was calling for a window manager.12:11
s1raven: have you tried any of GRUB boot option parameters! .. am not sure what you mean by " loading the release file ".12:11
rcmaehlDisable automute12:11
Sawusr13 - "sort though" ? waht does it mean?12:11
llutz_smw: not off hand, try google. sry12:11
dabukalamdr_willis, oh you mean it has nothing to do with lightdm?12:11
llutz_smw: its not only ubuntu switching to /run12:12
dr_willisdabukalam:  lightdm  is just a special app that runs on top of X.12:12
dabukalamdr_willis, or that lightdm already has those features?12:12
smwllutz_, who else?12:12
usr13Saw: Read, follow instructions.12:12
dabukalamdabukalam, so it didn't replace gnome?12:12
dr_willisand X would be running compiz, or whatever as its wndow manager.12:12
buzzkillI am getting an error 'Could not find the release notes' when trying to use 'update-manager -c' is there another method to upgrade to 11.10?12:12
dr_willisdabukalam:  lightdm replaced GDM.12:12
Sawusr13 - anyway then yes, I did the second way. I entered using init=/bin/bash , and entered. no passwd, as I said. I am getting a few errors at the end, when booting it up though:12:12
rcmaehlAnarasha: then hold on while I look something up12:12
llutz_smw: at least debian12:12
* dabukalam scratches head12:13
Anarasharcmaehl - Thanks mate :) Much appreciated12:13
theadminSaw: Eh, I have an idea here12:13
smwllutz_, ok12:13
theadminSaw: Try this command: mount -o remount,rw /dev/sdXY /12:13
smwllutz_, I found a good explanation12:13
theadminSaw: Where X is a letter and Y is a number, something like "sda1" maybe12:13
usr13theadmin: If he followed the instructions, "change the ro to rw", he would already have it mounted rw, Right?12:15
Sawuser13 - "mount: you must specify the filesystem type". and btw, if I use mount --help to see the options, -o isn't one of them.. i'm gonna try play with it a bit I guess though.12:15
* lunitik wonders when y became a number12:15
hemzatnx scarleo12:15
Sawusr13 - works!12:15
usr13Saw: Not only does that mean that the filesystem was not recognized.... ok got it..?12:16
Sawusr13 - I checked out the options, used 'mount -a' !12:16
Sawnow everything is working :} thx man!12:16
computer_Wow so now I am trying to add my user to the vbox group via GUI and in 'User Accounts' there is no groups12:16
scarleoIs there no way to let the "return from screenlock login" look like the lightdm login? Suddenly everything got so ugly in comparison :)12:16
lunitikSaw: -o should be options... for instance 'mount -t iso9660 -o loop /path/to/iso /some/where/else' would work12:16
AFfoHi I saved a file on a usb stick after waking up ubuntu from suspension, now that file won't open, citing "input/output error". If I cat the file in a terminal, it will display some of the file before finally breaking the cat, saying 'input/output error'12:16
llutz_computer_: sudo adduser user vboxusers12:16
lunitikSaw: allowing you to browse a CDROM in this instance12:16
Dan_Egot it thanks rcmaehl12:17
Sawargh, almost working.12:17
AFfoI don't quite get what use suspend is if it fucks up file saves like this...12:17
AFfoIf anyone has some ideas for recovering this data, would much appreciate it.12:17
Sawnow passwd gives me an error when I try to change password:12:17
Saw"passwd: Authentication token manipulation error" "passwd: password unchanged"12:17
lunitikSaw: just make sure that 'else' is an empty dir12:17
computer_Thanks llutz so you can't do it by the GUI for now in 11.10?12:17
Sawlunitik - I managed to mount all the drives, got passwd now :}12:17
theadminSaw: Okay, do just this: mount -o remount,rw /12:18
llutz_computer_: no idea, i dont use 11.10 and wouldn't ever use a GUI for this ;)12:18
rcmaehlAnarasha: yeah theres a bug report for your card. apparently you're not the only one with that problem with alsa.12:18
theadminSaw: That error is obviously a filesystem write eror12:18
Sawtheadmin - minute, I executed a 'find' command and ctrl-c won't stop it xD12:19
Anarasharcmaehl: Does that mean I should just sit tight and wait for a fix? Or is there something I can do?12:19
klawdhi! i have a VM with ubuntu on it (didn't install it myself) when i go su someuser, it doesn't do anything. anyone know why this oculd be?12:19
rcmaehlAnarasha: you can try a different sound system12:19
theadminklawd: Because Ubuntu doesn't actually use su, you should do this: sudo -u someuser -i12:19
lunitikSaw: sudo -i [enter] ... then passwd username (can add password here or enter and follow the prompt for hashtag typing of password)12:19
plain-userwhat fonts can i use in lirbe office that are similar to georgia or times new roman? or can i install them?12:19
computer_Yar no su in Ubuntu12:19
scarleoSaw: That error has lots of different causes, try google it, some suggest re-shadowing passwords12:19
Anarasharcmaehl: What do you mean by sound system? Software? Or do you mean hardware?12:19
klawdtheadmin: you mean it doesn't use root.. right?12:20
lunitikSaw: my way would just use root instead of the sudo env12:20
scarleoSaw: Ah, saw you solved it, great12:20
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mrwizeguy1983MonkeyDust, i put 'all' in there as per a website i found, thanks very much12:20