charlie-tcaGood morning15:29
charlie-tcaXubuntu session for OpenWeek starts in about 30 minutes15:30
scott-workgood morning charlie-tca , i declined this year to do one on ubuntu studio, just too damn busy with work, family at the moment15:32
charlie-tcaI took one to fill in the schedule, when they needed the slots filled. Then they added a whole extra hour15:35
scott-worklol, that's slightly horrid15:36
charlie-tcaheh, yeah15:38
charlie-tcabut the sessions usually help get word out about the distribution, so it's okay15:38
madnickhm, my friend just installed 11.1016:25
madnickAnd he tells me, only the mouse works, and the UI is non responsive16:25
madnickHe cannot switch TTY16:26
madnickI cant find a bug report on this16:26
madnickBut, he cannot report it, since IO does not work16:26
Unit193Wish I could make it :/16:40
genii-aroundcharlie-tca: That went reasonably well.17:02
madnickIt was a good talk :)17:03
charlie-tcamadnick: I get that freeze on this laptop, usually it is firefox to blame, but I had to remove geany in 11.10 because it seems to be taking as much of the cpu as it can, also17:04
charlie-tcaI don't know why firefox does it, but it grabs cpu up to 100% when some scripts run, and it will take several minutes to unfreeze17:05
charlie-tcageany was freezing the entire computer, not even the mouse would move here.17:05
madnickOh I see17:06
charlie-tcatwitter seems to have one of those scripts17:06
madnickHe reports he was using 17:06
madnickthe network applet in the panekl17:06
madnickso it might be a larger issues17:06
Unit193I did miss a lot...17:07
charlie-tcaHe could keep the Task Manager open, and maybe he will be able to spot the runaway application with it17:07
charlie-tcaThat's how I caught geany. It showed geany using 56% of the cpu, and firefox had 46%17:08
madnickI managed to get test-mode working for my LDM greeter :)17:13
madnickBut Im unsure if its wise to start development already, if ldm api will change alot17:13
charlie-tcaNow we will have a new greeter, right?17:13
charlie-tcaIt should change, but not too bad17:13
madnickQuestion is when to start :P17:13
charlie-tcaYou will be able to change it pretty easy, since most of the changes will happen to unity greeter itself17:14
madnickYeah, the more "massive" work is getting webkit up and interacting with the user17:14
madnickLightDM hopefully ownt change badly17:14
madnickBut I think ill wait until we get a CD alteast17:15
madnickThe best part is that, when it does work, someone with much greater graphical skills than me can just design freely using CSS :P17:16
knomecharlie-tca, at what time today will you announce the nominations?17:23
charlie-tcamadnick: we don't get the cd until alpha1, which is Dec 117:24
charlie-tcaknome: I did not schedule a time. It's just an email to the ML17:24
knomecharlie-tca, i know. i was just asking if you had planned a time :)17:25
knomelol, i'm using all 16MB's of the 7635MB google mailbox...17:25
xrdodrxhi charlie-tca, I unfortunately couldn't make it to the session today in #ubuntu-classroom but I'm curious about plans on using Xfce 4.10 in Xubuntu 12.04...as Xfce 4.10 is a major release it would be good to push it in with the newest LTS, and it includes a lot of useful features such using thunar for the desktop...according to the Xfce roadmap Xfce 4.10pre1 should be out as early as 2011-11-06...18:33
xrdodrxroadmap: http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.10/roadmap18:34
charlie-tcaxrdodrx: we will put Xfce 4.10 in Precise if possible. We have to wait and see if the dates move first. Xfce has a habit of not having enough developers to make things happen when they want them to.18:37
charlie-tcaWe can't put a pre-release version in without making sure it won't cause too many issues.18:37
mr_pouitthe desktop plugin of thunar isn't ready for the moment18:39
xrdodrxcharlie-tca, would testing out/compiling the pre releases when they come help?18:40
charlie-tcaWe will not put them in unless mr_pouit okays it. He is the authority on what we do.18:44
charlie-tcaxrdodrx: I would suggest asking mr_pouit 18:45
mr_pouitfor the moment, only 2 components (+xfce4-dev-tools) had 4.9.x pre-releases18:48
mr_pouitso it's a bit too early18:48
mr_pouitno more than 10~20% of what is planned on the roadmap has been done ;-]18:48
charlie-tcaWe just have to wait until it gets to the point wwe can look at it.18:49
xrdodrxmr_pouit, do you work with xfce upstream? 19:18
charlie-tcaxrdodrx: mr_pouit is an Xfce developer and founding member of the xfce foundation19:38
xrdodrxi see19:39
xrdodrxsorry guys, i thought the roadmap was more binding than it was apparentely :)19:39
xrdodrxkeep up the good work, i'll help in any way i can :D19:39
charlie-tcano problem. We just went through the same situation with the upgrade to Xfce 4.819:39
charlie-tcaYour questions and assistance is desired. We might find there is a way to make things happen, if the right question is presented. 19:40
charlie-tcatime frames on 4.8 moved for about a year or so, trying to get all the pieces together enough to have it usable. 19:41
charlie-tcaWe have hopes it will be smoother for 4.1019:41
xrdodrxcharlie-tca, How did it go for 4.8? I started using Xfce [and Xubuntu] at that version and had never used it prior19:42
charlie-tcabumpin g19:43
charlie-tcawell, bumpy19:43
charlie-tcaWe did push 4.8 into natty before it went final19:44
charlie-tcabut the times move so much, we really had to wait over 6 months past our original goal19:45
charlie-tcaThat's one of the reasons xfce-places-plugin did not get into natty by default.19:46
charlie-tcaIt just wasn't ready yet19:46
xrdodrxI see...that's unfortunate. :( I imagined that with GNOME 3 maybe Xfce would get a little more love ;) but most of that love was from end users, not developers 19:46
charlie-tcaWe were only able to test it for a a couple of weeks, too19:46
charlie-tcayeah, unfortunately, increasing users doesn't help development so much19:47
charlie-tcaMost of the Xfce developers are volunteers, just like for Xubuntu, and their time is very limited19:47
Unit193If anyone else missed it and really wanted to attend: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/20/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t16:0020:01
mr_pouitwell, i'm only an xfce contributor (not developer ;-)20:07
xrdodrxUnit193, i read it over, and here i was all this time pronouncing xubuntu "ecks ubuntu"20:23
Unit193I say X ubuntu, I claimed not to know (but I did), now that's gone down the drain...20:23
Unit193I liked how honest he was20:24
madnickI say X Ubuntu :(20:24
madnickZoobuntu is right, right? ;)20:24
* knome says *ksu-buntu"20:24
knomei don't care how you pronounce it20:25
knomeas long as you use it20:25
xrdodrxwell Unit193 i just assumed it was "ecks ubuntu" because "xfce" is pronounced "ecks eff sea ee" http://wiki.xfce.org/faq#about_xfce20:25
knomeand enjoy it20:25
knomeksu-buntu is much more natural when you speak finnish20:25
Unit193Only thing I didn't quite agree with, Thunderbird isn't exactly lightweight, but it's the best (for a GUI client)20:25
knome(or kzo(o)-buntu)20:25
knomeUnit193, true.20:26
knomecharlie-tca, is the agenda correct at Xubuntu/Meetings?20:53
knomecharlie-tca, i was just wondering because the agenda says: Nominations will close October 20, 2011, and the community election will be held at the meeting on October 23, 2011. If there are issues with this, please let us know between now and October 20. 20:53
charlie-tcamadnick: yes20:53
knomecharlie-tca, i mean, it's good to have that in the minutes since that was current on the last meeting, but in the agenda for the next meeting? :)20:54
charlie-tcaand that was put up since nominations opened20:54
charlie-tcaMost of the people realize that if they are reading it past the 20th, it expired.20:55
knomei realize that too, but i just wondered if the agenda was correct otherwise because of that point20:56
charlie-tcayes, it is correct20:56
charlie-tcaI put the announcement out. 20:57
knomealso can we maybe move the election more to the beginning of the meeting - maybe not the dead beginning, but you realize the meeting starts at 1AM local time...20:57
charlie-tcaI realize the meeting time is not optimum for all users. However, The updates should be quite quick, since we released Xubuntu 11.1020:58
knomemaybe move the old business after the governance?20:59
charlie-tcaSince we are world-wide, the meeting will be at bad times for a lot of people20:59
charlie-tcaAre you planning on being long winded about something?20:59
charlie-tcaI expect the entire meeting to be under 1 hour, easily.20:59
knomei hope that's true too21:00
knomei do have one more little thing for other business (which i'm about to add in a sec)21:00
charlie-tcaSince we can not finalize anything until after UDS, I don't see old business taking much time.21:00
knomei was just asking if it was possible to change the order, that's all21:01
knomei that's not possible, fine21:01
charlie-tcaWe keep the format as close to the same each time as possible, because it helps everyone trying to attend and follow along. 21:03
knomebtw, since we seem to have more traffic in #xubuntu-offtopic, and a few not-so-nice situations, do you think you could add operator privileges for me there as well?21:03
charlie-tcaJuggling the order does make it harder for those who attend each meeting21:03
charlie-tcaI thought you never went in there?21:03
knomei've been there now, since we've had a lot of users come in @#xubuntu and chatting about gnome and stuff21:04
knomethis is pretty much after oneiric release21:04
knomethat's why i am asking this now, not then21:04
charlie-tcaokay, you got your cheat sheet handy for adding ops?21:05
knomejust a sec21:05
knomei need to check how to do that...21:05
charlie-tcaI am looking, will make the changes21:06
knomethe flags you want to add is +votriA21:06
knomecan you also add me +r in #xubuntu-devel (able to unban)21:07
charlie-tcasure, what was the command?21:08
knomejust one more moment... :)21:08
knome/msg chanserv access #xubuntu-offtopic add knome +votriA21:09
knomeshould do it21:09
knomeand the same for #xubuntu-devel 21:10
charlie-tcashould be done for offtopic21:10
knomelooks correct :)21:10
knomeand works too21:11
charlie-tcagot them all done21:11
charlie-tcaThanks for your help21:11
knomeyep, that's correct21:11
knomethanks, it's much appreciated21:11
knomelooks like i have ops in channels i didn't know21:13
charlie-tcadid I do it?21:13
knomeheh :)21:13
knomeunless you edited the access list for #ubuntu-fi-en21:13
charlie-tcaDon't think so21:15
knomeme neither21:15
knomei can't remember when i last joined that channel though21:15
knomenow i did, said something quite strange and parted :)21:17
knomeone thing we should probably think once we get the new website running is articles about xfce/gnome difference, and lightdm, as i said earlier :)21:27
knomemany people seem to be wondering about that, or just look lost21:28
charlie-tcaThey are lost. They read a blog about how Xfce is exactly like Gnome2, and they install it. Then they find out "oops, it isn't the same. Why not?"21:34
knomewhich blog says xfce is like gnome2?21:35
knomewe should comment those too21:35
charlie-tcaabout half the ones being written21:36
charlie-tcaI tend to not bother tracking them. I have other more important stuff I am concerned with21:36
charlie-tcaI asked several times for someone to volunteer to track these things, and got no response.21:37
knomefrankly, i think i've missed that, but on the other hand, work on this fall hasn't allowed me much "extra" foss work21:43
knomethe best we can do is write an article, or two, or more, on that21:44
knome(seems like it)21:44
charlie-tcaYes, got someone volunteering to write one?21:45
knomei can do that once we get the website up21:45
knomei'm willing to write to yet an another blog... (i only contribute to three now)21:45
charlie-tcaOkay. I will see everyone later. Back to vacation here.21:49

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