akkbkerensa: When you talk to your friend with the UEFI problem, ask if the machine can still boot from USB. I'm curious.03:17
akk(If someone had a Secure Boot problem and couldn't load grub from the hard drive, they could carry around a tiny USB stick with grub on it, maybe.)03:17
jyoHooray for the LoCo election?04:30
pleia2hah, we never have enough nominees :)04:30
jyoGo go jtatum this year? :)04:31
pleia2yay jtatum!04:31
MarkDudeWho is the new lead?04:46
MarkDudejtatum, ? good choice- who else?04:47
pleia2MarkDude: details here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2011-October/001843.html04:47
pleia2no one yet, old terms havent expired :)04:47
* MarkDude was not trying to push anyone out of course :)04:52
MarkDudeno objections here. Jack was good, I was hoping to have another person to fill his spot to ALSO have a first name that starts with J04:53
MarkDudeThat was my main requirement :)04:53
MarkDudeOh wait. I wanted to recall Darkwing - for ignoring the duck within04:57
MarkDudeI mean sure Disney could sue him out of house and home- he should have taken the dumb, idealogical stance and explained to his kids why they no longer licked Mickey04:59
MarkDudeuh liked05:00
pleia2disney land must be very different than disney world...05:00
pleia2oh :)05:00
MarkDudeMuch smaller05:00
pleia2reminds me, I am going to disney world this week \o/05:00
bkerensaakk: Will do05:07
* bkerensa spoke to soon05:07
bkerensaMarkDude: Are you a LoCo player?05:08
* bkerensa is semi-annoyed with Google's new Authorship Markup05:08
* MarkDude is more pimp, playa, hustla05:09
MarkDuderumor has it that is how Lyz got her nick - the Star Wars thing was a ruse05:10
pleia2oh not you too :)05:10
MarkDudeEither that or when I am in Hayward - I see Playa street, and think of beaches05:11
* bkerensa loves it when people reshare his post and then people leave trollish comments demanding me to swiftly addresss their concerns elsewhere05:12
bkerensathe pitch forks are out :D sharks are a circling05:12
bkerensapleia2: Do you know if webdav encrypts data or passes it is plaintext?05:15
pleia2bkerensa: not a clue, sorry05:16
broderbkerensa: i wouldn't expect webdav to at the protocol level05:16
broderi'd expect that you'd do it over ssl05:16
bkerensabroder: Ok... I had connected to my box.net account via WebDav in nautilus05:17
bkerensaand if I'm mobile (not at home) I dont really wanna transmit via a protocol in plaintext05:17
bkerensaBut I do wanna be able to mount it some how securely05:18
broderbkerensa: are you using http:// or https://?05:18
MarkDudebkerensa, haters gonna hate, trolls gonna get erased05:19
bkerensaMarkDude: Nah its ok... I approved the comment and kindly thanked him for his two cents05:19
MarkDudeThat works05:20
bkerensapleia2: Xubuntu seems to be more popular via torrent then Ubuntu or other variants05:20
bkerensaatleast my client is seeding xubuntu the most05:20
* MarkDude caalls that the jo no method. He is very casual with the people that try to sucker him into bikeshedding05:21
broderbkerensa: what if you try just doing https:// instead of webdav://?05:21
bkerensabroder: Ill try that right now05:21
bkerensabroder: Also I need to edit fstab to make it mount everytime right?05:22
bkerensawell or I could make a bash script and have it run after login05:22
bkerensaMarkDude: You ever gonna grab MarkTerranova.com from me ;)05:24
MarkDudeOh yes05:25
MarkDudeI need that link again05:25
MarkDudethat was saved in my archived F15 I killed05:26
Faqtotumwebdav has webd feet05:49
Faqtotumdamn it, jim. i'm a duck, not a doctor.05:56
nhainesbkerensa: webdav is in plaintext and you use webdav over SSL for encryption.05:59
nhainesbkerensa: and you can try davs://05:59
bkerensaok :D06:00
BotenAnnaidk what webdav even is. going to its page it looks like what if wikipedia was invented in 199115:26
MarkDudeSan Jose meetup today. Geekbeat.tv Cali Lewis15:41
FaqtotumBotenAnna: it's a filesystem over http16:02
BotenAnnacollaborative filewiki editing 2.0 in the cloud!16:03
FaqtotumBotenAnna: it's apple's de facto half-assed alternative to samba16:05
MarkDudesamba apple16:13
MarkDudeThey arent related?16:14
Faqtotumsamba is a gnu/linux thing16:15
jdeslipGot a question for everyone.  Is there a command that returns just the name of the current directory16:37
jdeslipinstead of pwd which gives the whole path16:38
akkI don't know of one command, but you could do pwd | sed 's_.*/__'16:41
akker, nix that, basename `pwd`  is better16:41
nhainesakk: I didn't know about basename! +116:45
akknhaines: it's handy! dirname does the opposite, if you need both parts.16:46
jtatumFaqtotum: webdav is from apple?16:58
Faqtotumno, but they adopted it for that purpose16:58
jtatumhm… i thought afp was for that purpose :)16:59
Faqtotumthey used to use afp on their public servers but discontinued that in favor of webdav, back in the 10.3 era17:00
jtatumah.. mobileme or some such?17:01
Faqtotumincluding that17:02
jtatumwell, that kinda makes sense. wouldn't want to use smb/nfs/afp to publish anything over the internet17:02
jtatumwhereas webdav is actually made for that purpose17:02
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
jdeslipakk: thanks!17:42
=== negronjl_mobile is now known as negronjl
BotenAnnabtw everyone19:38
BotenAnnaif you dont have an askubuntu account19:38
BotenAnnawell, wtf is wrong with you 8)19:38
BotenAnnaaskubuntu owns if you have questions ask me it is the only ubuntu thing i do because it is cool!!19:39
* MarkDude has a long list of things that is wrong with him....19:39
BotenAnnaand you can even sign up with your launchpad account (LIKE I DID) so no excuses!!!19:39
pleia2the most common complaints are closed source, run by a company and it lacks translations19:39
BotenAnnastill, there's nothing quite like it yet19:40
BotenAnnaand i havent seen anything more capable of providing such high quality answers19:40
BotenAnnaand so quickly, too19:40
BotenAnnaand in a very google-friendly way, idk how many times i've come across a stack exchange site on a search result and it's been helpful19:41
BotenAnnalike, a lot :)19:41
BotenAnnaif they turn totes evil or whatever it wouldn't take us long to make an OSS version of it so I'm only minorly concerned about the closed source thing19:42
pleia2there is already an open source implementation that debian uses, ubuntu decided not to19:43
BotenAnnaother than the broken images everywhere that's not too bad haha19:43
BotenAnnathis one is a bit more rough around the edges19:44
BotenAnnai can see why canonical said just go with the pretty one :319:44
pleia2it was a guy on the community team at canonical, I don't think he did it as a canonical thing though19:45
pleia2it's a community maintained thing :)19:45
BotenAnnathere's a link to askubuntu in the installer19:46
BotenAnnaso someone did an official thing19:46
pleia2the installer is developed by the community too!19:46
BotenAnnathats how i found out about it19:46
pleia2community is official, canonical is a company that handles trademarks and invests in ubuntu19:46
BotenAnnaI'd assume canonical was the one that said "yeah go ahead and do that with the branding in the installer" but I am not aware of the details of the sausage-making process, ha19:47
pleia2developers on Ubuntu can be anyone, they don't need to be canonical employees, and they all make decisions together (there are some major decisions that Mark as project leader makes, like switch to Unity)19:47
BotenAnnaesp since shuttleworth has been jobsing the h*ck out recently and obsessing over more UI kind of things19:47
BotenAnnaah the ubuntu shapado is mainly in spanish19:48
BotenAnnanot surprising19:48
pleia2actually, he's not the CEO anymore, I don't actually know if he's strictly a canonical employee19:49
BotenAnnalots of jobs besides CEO!19:49
pleia2yeah, I don't know if he has a title anymore :)19:49
BotenAnnaOn 17 December 2009 Mark announced that, effective March 2010, he would step down as CEO of Canonical to focus energy on product design, partnership and customers19:50
BotenAnnaso basically19:50
BotenAnnahe's being all Steve Jobs now19:50
MarkDudeMark S has better shirts tho ;)19:52
BotenAnnatell me about it19:52
BotenAnnalike A FREAKING SPACE SUIT19:52
BotenAnnaHowever, in an early 2009 New York Times article, Shuttleworth said that Canonical's revenue was "creeping" towards $30 million, the company's break-even point.[21]19:53
MarkDudeSpace ftw19:53
BotenAnnaso is canonical making money yet? im p impressed if they are19:53
pleia2no, every time they get close they invest in something new19:54
Faqtotumthey kinda have to19:54
Faqtotumit's not a tax shelter if it makes money19:55
Faqtotumi'm curious: is he chairman of the board?19:56
BotenAnnain other channels anna is in, a discussion of the male/female ratio of this picture http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5a/Ubuntu_Developer_Summit_Natty.jpg20:00
* pleia2 missed the Natty UDS20:01
BotenAnnamostly i find it amusing that there is a higher concentration of girls near the front....20:01
BotenAnnathey thought i wouldn't notice and would get tricked into participating!!!20:02
pleia2the ubuntu women project has done a lot to encourage women to go, we have a whole page about it on our wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS20:02
FaqtotumBotenAnna: there are none on stage-right20:03
BotenAnnathere's a couple, there's the one looking down (and wearing a collar?) near the front, and on the very left edge of the photo, three near the edge20:04
Faqtotumnonsense. moobs.20:04
BotenAnnaugly girls are girls too!20:04
Faqtotumno one said anyone was ugly20:04
Faqtotumtext humor fails.20:05
BotenAnnawell if ugly guys were dismissed from that picture... well i have bad news... ;)20:06
Faqtotumno one is left?20:06
Faqtotumno surprise to me20:07
Faqtotumany male who is attractive has no business being in tech, regardless of ability or interest20:08
* MarkDude thinks pic is better with women at front, maybe have jono move farther back also ;)20:09
MarkDudeFaqtotum, So just because I am hot - I should not be here?20:09
MarkDude^^^^ sarcasm font20:09
FaqtotumMarkDude: you're strategically missing when things get really techy, so nya20:11
MarkDudeWell yes, that is called the CM model20:12
MarkDudeCommunity Manager20:12
MarkDudeaaditya, pingy20:12
BotenAnna20:08 < Faqtotum> any male who is attractive has no business being in tech, regardless  of ability or interest20:13
BotenAnnalol kind of applies to girls as well. im glad im not hideous but also not so conventionally attractive to get a lot of unwanted attention, ha20:13
FaqtotumBotenAnna: sorry, i forgot about aaditya. my bad.20:14
Faqtotumattractive and in tech20:14
Faqtotumoh, it wasn't you who pinged him20:15
MarkDudeHell, even I can tell aaditya is sexy20:15
BotenAnnahaha i am not familiar with aaditya?20:15
Faqtotumanyway, no one has to be attractive if they don't want to be20:16
MarkDudePlus he has deeper voice than Barry White20:16
Faqtotumno, barry white is deeper20:16
MarkDudeok Faqtotum on par with20:16
BotenAnnayet people have to be unattractive even when they don't want to be so so often :(20:17
MarkDudeNixie Pixel once called him her sexy Indian20:17
Faqtotumbeing unattractive rocks20:17
BotenAnnai am of the opinion that most people can be decent looking with enough effort but levelling taurens and coding while swilling mountain dew IS pretty compelling20:18
MarkDudeFaqtotum, well my my minimally decent looks- I decided to downgrade and go with ironic Fu Manchu mustache. Comfort level good20:18
FaqtotumMarkDude: whenever i used to take the person i live with anywhere tech-related, the first question out of her mouth was always "is aaditya gonna be there?"20:18
Faqtotumi'm not kidding20:19
Faqtotumshe really used to say that20:19
MarkDudeSounds about right. I know Courtney is happy with him being at an event20:19
MarkDudeIts like he will be there, ok, I can show up20:19
pleia2MarkDude: is Dallas Braden going to be there?! :)20:20
MarkDudepleia2, does not talk about it, but Dallas was really really eyeballing the Princess at a baseball game20:20
MarkDudeShe of course is happy with MJ, so she did not notice20:21
MarkDudeOr says she did not ;)20:21
pleia2I never notice20:22
pleia2I was at a LUG meeting and someone asked me about the toys on my shoes that light up when I walk, "so they light up when you jump?" "yep!" "do it" "ok!"20:22
* pleia2 facepalm20:22
pleia2my best friend was standing right there laughing, she is the worst wingman ever :)20:23
BotenAnnasadly, attractive people showing up to OSS stuff probably does more for The Cause than we'd like to admit :X20:23
BotenAnnalol pleia220:23
MarkDudelol, hmmm.20:23
pleia2I've put on weight though, and gotten older, which mostly means people take me more seriously now, so it's ok :)20:23
FaqtotumBotenAnna: it's true, but still not enough20:24
MarkDudeBotenAnna, true. Also important is the attractive folks that are well grounded. When they act like we are all the same, it makes it more so20:24
pleia2oh, Obama is at the W20:24
BotenAnnayeah they can't act like rockstars20:24
MarkDudeLuckily we have a few of those nice types20:24
pleia2(next door, was wondering why the roads were closed)20:24
BotenAnnathe problem with an everyone-is-invited let's-be-a-community thing is that everyone is invited, ha20:25
BotenAnnanot necessarily bad, but it quickly attracts people who long for acceptance20:25
BotenAnnathere's a place for everyone though20:26
pleia2ok, going to attempt to go to the post office to ship out these Ubuntu CDs, police everywhere downstairs so it's unclear how successfully I'll be :)20:27
pleia2(they can't stop me from leaving my own building, right?)20:27
pleia2I suppose I should worry about coming back20:28
MarkDudeWell I think Courtney is a good example of that being done the right way. She dresses all fancy, since she wants to. But does not act like otheress would need to. Its her choice.20:28
MarkDudeJust like pleia2 and using pink. She does not make others do so.20:28
MarkDudelol- aaditya is going to scrollback and think hmm, what do I say to all of this :D20:29
BotenAnnai stalked pleia2 on launchpad and am impressed that she owns princessleia.com20:30
pleia2apparently they can stop us from leaving our building :(20:32
akkerk! for how long?20:32
akkThat's pretty rude, to do that without giving a lot of advance notice.20:33
pleia2ah, 10 minutes20:33
philipballewis there a situation going on down there though?20:33
MarkDudePres is acting #likeaboss20:33
akkoh, 10 min isn't bad.20:34
philipballewnot horrible20:34
akkbarring medical emergencies and such20:34
BotenAnnaalso i swear i put my picture on launchpad so i could easily be stalked but it is just showing my icon20:36
* MarkDude gf is still sorta leery of public stuff. She is not sure what to think of me being so easily found by typing my name in Google20:38
MarkDudeI am her only friend on FB, so that is kinda weird20:38
Faqtotumthen stop referring to her as "gf" in a publicly logged channel20:42
* aaditya scrolls back.20:45
MarkDudeFaqtotum, the woman in question has been referred to as my gf or my muse. Unless you are friends with me on FB20:46
akkooh ... squeal ... IT'S AADITYA!20:46
MarkDudeNo further specifics20:46
aadityaWhat the heck is going on here!?20:46
MarkDudeHows it going aaditya20:46
aadityaIt's going, MarkDude!20:46
MarkDudeLooks like you could use punctuation called interroband20:47
* Faqtotum is familiar with said punctuation, but not how to type it20:47
MarkDudeFaqtotum, copypasta20:48
MarkDudeThere ya go20:48
Faqtotumlike i always do with ♫, you mean?20:48
aadityaMarkDude: I'd rather use ಠ_ಠ20:48
aadityaFaqtotum: ಠ_ಠ20:48
aadityaNow the question is...20:49
aadityaWhy is my sexiness being discussed in a public tech-oriented channel?20:50
aadityaWhat did I do to deserve all this?20:50
aadityaBotenAnna: nice to meet you too.20:50
Faqtotumaaditya: i think that's been discussed, too20:51
MarkDudeWell it started as not many sexy folks in tech20:51
* aaditya scrolls up harder.20:51
MarkDudethen your name came up20:51
BotenAnnaaaditya: I hear you are quite handsome! XD20:51
BotenAnna20:38  * MarkDude gf is still sorta leery of public stuff. She is not sure what to  think of me being so easily found by typing my name in Google20:51
FaqtotumMarkDude: "came up" you say...20:51
MarkDudeAnd then I said, well heck- even I can see that20:51
aadityaBotenAnna: rumors, rumors everywhere.20:51
BotenAnnahonestly i paused a lot before signing up for launchpad20:52
MarkDudeFaqtotum, my name20:52
BotenAnnabut who cares im changing my last name when the gf and i get civil unione'd here when we get around to filling out paperwork, ha20:52
MarkDudegoogle mark terranova20:52
aadityaMarkDude: you have an epic webpage!20:53
MarkDudeBotenAnna, are you going to put the old name in parenthesis?20:53
aadityaThat too a .org. lol.20:53
MarkDudeaaditya, it needs updating20:53
* MarkDude just got .com with my name20:53
MarkDudethx to bkerensa20:53
BotenAnnaMarkDude: different, everywhere, so it's super confusing!20:53
MarkDudewell they 2 will be the same20:53
MarkDude1st the gk site, then my vanity crap20:54
Faqtotumi've refused to have a website of my own since forever, and i'm not changing that20:54
aadityaMarkDude: How did you acquire .com?20:54
BotenAnnasometimes my maiden name, sometimes my family name, sometimes a mix of the two!20:54
MarkDudebkerensa, the awesomeness that is him20:55
aadityaMarkDude: I have a tool that you can use to make an epic site without having to deal with HTML.20:56
BotenAnna<twitter> it's called javascript. what's html?20:56
MarkDudebring it on aaditya20:56
akkTough to have a js site that has no html on it.20:56
BotenAnnayay a bad joke that probably only made sense to me ^_^20:56
aadityaI wrote a script that pulls text from a Google Doc, removes the formatting, runs it through a MarkDown parser, and displays a neat HTML5 output.20:56
aadityaMarkDude: and it runs on AppEngine.20:56
MarkDudeI want to post my blog again, its been down for a while20:57
BotenAnnalo and behold, gaze upon my mighty homepage http://botenanna.info/20:57
aadityaSo all you do is to update the Google Doc, and the whole thing updates as expected.20:57
aadityaBotenAnna: it's epic.20:57
aadityaMarkDude: I've done the same experiment with GitHub. That one was kind of interesting.20:58
BotenAnnahours of hand-coding html, javascript, shockwave, and silverlight let me tell you20:58
BotenAnnawith a lot of html5 thrown in20:58
aadityaUpload your MarkDown syntax'ed text to github, and let GitHub make HTML out of it.20:59
aadityaYeah, that's easier than anything else.20:59
aadityaMarkDude: http://pages.github.com/20:59
aadityaand once you have your site at http://markdude.github.com/, you can easily map it to markterranova.com21:00
MarkDudeSure git, there is a good non technical way to start out ;P21:01
MarkDudeaaditya, I mean you know me, you have met me21:01
aadityaMarkDude: nah, it's something you can easily handle in say... 2 commands.21:01
aadityaRest is GUI.21:01
MarkDudeSounds like rainman will need a bit of help21:01
* MarkDude can do it21:01
aadityaMarkDude: sudo apt-get install git git-cola21:02
aadityaand when you get stuck, you know where to go XD21:02
MarkDudeSo I have to do this on Ubuntu21:03
MarkDudeYou have any su -- advice?21:03
Faqtotum-- ??21:06
BotenAnnamy advice?21:08
BotenAnnanever use su --21:08
* BotenAnna puts on sunglasses21:08
* MarkDude uses Fedora tho much of the time.21:09
BotenAnnawe use CentOS at work for our product21:10
BotenAnnaI hate it so much21:10
MarkDudeSo writing about my FOSS only in Ubuntu sounds silly21:10
BotenAnnaI have never met a CentOS I've ever liked21:10
Faqtotumi think she was trying to hint at "never use Fedora"21:10
MarkDudeWell I will not argue with you.21:10
BotenAnna21:10 < Faqtotum> i think she was trying to hint at "never use Fedora"21:10
MarkDudeFair enough. Technically Centos is designed to be like RHELL21:11
BotenAnnainteresting second L you have there21:11
MarkDudeFedora actually has much newer packages21:11
FaqtotumRPM is hell, regardless21:11
* MarkDude pretends that was accident ;)21:11
MarkDudeFedora has like 10 times the packages of rhel21:12
MarkDudeWell at the moment I am using Ubuntu21:15
* MarkDude got apt get you are screwed message21:15
MarkDudePackage git is not available, but is referred to by another package.21:16
MarkDudeThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or21:16
MarkDudeis only available from another source21:16
MarkDudeE: Package git has no installation candidate21:16
pleia2so way more than 10 minutes, everything is still all blocked off, I had to sneak in via some friendly police in the back21:16
MarkDudepleia2, used her Force powers,21:16
pleia23 shipments of CDs are on their way to socal :)21:16
MarkDudeThis is not eh Princess you are looking for21:16
BotenAnna<pleia2> #occupylocalpostoffice21:18
MarkDudeBotenAnna, lol on your site21:18
pleia2I'm just trying to live my life here! :)21:19
pleia2there are protesters outside though21:19
BotenAnnawe are the 99%! of people who want to mail ubuntu cds!21:19
BotenAnnais that why it was shut down/blocked off?21:19
pleia2no, I guess they always do this when the president comes within a 2 block radius21:20
pleia2the occupy folks just decided to wander down from ferry building :)21:20
BotenAnnayou're local then :)21:21
BotenAnnai work in culver city, traffic this morning was fun!!21:21
pleia2cool :)21:21
pleia2yeah I live at new montgomery and howard (between 2nd and 3rd)21:22
BotenAnnai guess i shouldn't be TOO surprised given the channel but CA IS a big state ^_^21:22
pleia2obama is at the W, which is howard and 3rd21:22
Faqtotumthere's a ferry building in culver city?21:22
BotenAnnahaha yikes :X21:22
pleia2some protesters: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/6281378790/21:22
BotenAnnapresident staying next door, good excuse to stay home and work on your oss projects. or night elf. nobody would blame you~21:22
pleia2too bad I work from home :)21:23
BotenAnnathe protesters have to be an interesting bunch21:23
BotenAnnatea parties and people upset that obama is as left as we get but still right of center21:23
BotenAnnaah, Keystone XL is the pipeline thing21:24
BotenAnnaI heard about that21:24
pleia2I'm pretty sure all protesters in SF are the same people, regardless of the protest21:24
pleia2buncha hippies in this city :)21:24
pleia2I love it21:24
nhainesBotenAnna: pleia2 is not local.  :P21:24
pleia2nhaines: CDs shipped!21:24
BotenAnnaoh wait pleia2 are you in the bay area?21:25
nhainespleia2: thanks!  \o/21:25
pleia2oh, culver city is LA21:25
BotenAnnaim dumb. obama was here yesterday, left today for the bay area didn't he?21:25
pleia2I'm in SF21:25
Faqtotumi've taken several of those online where-are-you-on-the-political-spectrum tests lately21:25
BotenAnnahaha i was like "those streets sound like downtown LA!!"21:25
MarkDudelet me guess Faqtotum21:25
MarkDudeyour answer was MEOW?21:25
FaqtotumMarkDude: Nyan.21:25
BotenAnnamine was like -10, -8 :V21:25
Faqtotumthere is an economic axis and a social axis21:26
Faqtotumon the economic axis, i consistently come up dead-center21:26
Faqtotumon the social axis, i'm consistently exactly half-way between dead-center and "anarchist"21:27
BotenAnnai ~*try*~ not to bring up politics around OSS because inevitably I end up in some hours long tangle with a libertarian. just a warning to any libertarians in the room ;D21:28
pleia2I try not to bring up politics around anyone :)21:28
BotenAnnathere's a place for politics, that place is google plus21:28
nhainespleia2: that's what Hitler said!21:28
MarkDudenext thing ya know it turns into debate over who should pay for the sidewalks...21:28
BotenAnnalol nhaines21:28
pleia2cats are a good subject, I like talking about cats21:28
Faqtotumwell, plenty of liberty in OSS, so there's common ground21:28
BotenAnnaexcept libertarianism isn't about liberty its about concentrating power into a ruling elite of corporatists and OH GOD DONT GET ME STARTED (if you want to rebut this: http://gplus.to/BotenAnna :P)21:29
pleia2nhaines: that was the fastest 0-godwin I've ever seen, nicely done :)21:29
nhainespleia2: what can I say?  I'm a pro at Internets.  :)21:30
BotenAnnabut on a basic level yes, the two do fit well which is why I try to be careful XD21:30
BotenAnnabecause on the other hand, free community maintained stuff attracts pinkos like me ;P21:30
pleia2so, who wants to see cat pictures?21:30
nhainescats  \o/21:30
pleia2best cats ever21:30
BotenAnnap.s. im still impressed that you got princessleia.com21:31
BotenAnnadid you like, spawn camp the internet?21:31
pleia2BotenAnna: yeah, I got lucky (owned princessleia2.com, emailed the old owner of princessleia.com in 2002 and she had "grown out of it" and offered to give it to me)21:31
BotenAnnahaha wow21:31
pleia2emailed her to say "hey, nice site" "yeah, you want it?"21:31
nhainesNow that's how to troll all other SW fans.21:32
BotenAnnathese are some freaking cute kitties21:32
Faqtotummoar ocelots, pl0x21:32
pleia2http://zooborns.typepad.com/zooborns/ocelot/ !21:32
BotenAnnanow the real question here about the ocelots...21:32
* BotenAnna stuffs up glasses21:32
BotenAnnaare they....21:32
MarkDudeAlso George Lucas must have much more common sense than say Disney21:33
BotenAnnaOf or relating to dreams or dreaming.21:34
BotenAnnaneverb othered to look that up until just now21:34
MarkDudetaking away Dark wing duck name21:34
nhainesBotenAnna: it was in the name announcemnt.  :P21:35
BotenAnnathat sounds like it got dangerous21:35
BotenAnnanhaines: you assume im able to read21:35
nhainesBotenAnna: can't you?  Eureka can.21:35
nhainesCan't you, Eureka?21:35
BotenAnnai.... i'm illiterate21:35
nhainesEureka: cat got your tongue?21:35
Eurekanhaines: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:35
BotenAnnai am not a bot21:36
BotenAnnai am a nice girl21:36
Faqtotumirony is that for a while, i thought BotenAnna really was a bot21:36
Faqtotumi did21:37
nhainesthat's how the song goes too, I think.21:37
nhainesAww, I referred a friend to ING Direct and his stuff came and his debit card is way cooler than mine.21:37
BotenAnnadid he get the cool upside down one?21:38
nhainesBotenAnna: that's the one.21:38
BotenAnnai like ing, shame im going to be replacing it with a credit uniion eventually =\21:38
nhainesI might just call them up and say... well, just what I said here.21:38
nhainesBotenAnna: use both!21:38
BotenAnnabut they get the boot after chase so congrats to them!21:38
BotenAnnaing is owned by capital one21:38
nhainesI thought that hadn't gone through yet.21:38
BotenAnnaand are thus connected to that whole "hey lets bet Americans' money" junk21:39
Faqtotumsan francisco federal credit union's visa cards convert currency for international transactions at cost21:39
nhainesBotenAnna: Can't I rail against their evil ways but *still* give them control of my money?21:39
BotenAnnayeah it's not as bad as Chase or Bank of America so I'm replacing the Chase account first, but I like having two different financial institutions so I'll probably sign up for a couple credit unions or something21:39
Faqtotumi think it's 1% below the interbank rate21:39
BotenAnnai've been looking in to local credit unions and apparently there wasn't really anything I needed to fear21:40
BotenAnnalike i thought atms would be hard to find, esp out of state, but they have more ATMs than most banks21:40
BotenAnnamy only remaining concern is can I replace ING's great online banking stuff, but that may be possible21:40
nhainesING has the best online banking really.21:41
Faqtotumi still have my old unexpired BofA check card that says "customer since 1985" somewhere. they let me keep it after i closed my accounts last year and went to chase.21:41
nhainesIt even works with Linux if you use Firefox.21:41
Faqtotumthis year, i closed the chase acct21:41
Faqtotumthere is no upside to ING that i could find21:42
nhainesFaqtotum: how about no local branches and you have to mail in checks to deposit them?21:42
Faqtotumi have a similar acct with AmericaNet Bank, at a higher interest rate21:42
BotenAnnaing is good if you need to move money around with bank transfers21:43
Faqtotumi might not even keep that21:43
BotenAnnawhich i find myself doing21:43
FaqtotumAmericaNet transfers anything to anything for free, as long as the amount >= $121:43
Faqtotumif i nuke that, i'll have to use paypal21:44
Faqtotumthere are nice credit union deals that make things like ING completely obsolete, though21:45
BotenAnnaFaqtotum: in terms of online services or just availability?21:54
MarkDudeParisoma has some cool events upcoming22:08
FaqtotumBotenAnna: the former23:12
nhainesFaqtotum: I think that was the important one.23:17

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