erichammondPatrickdk: Yep, the standard EC2 AMIs are built for pv.  EC2 also has an hvm instance type which requires a special hvm kernel, but I'm wondering if a pv kernel could theoretically run there.00:25
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EvilResistanceif i want a certain program to run on boot, but it doesnt have an init.d file, and needs to be run before a user logs in, where should that program's command go?02:11
Patrickdkthere is no guarentee it will run before a user logs in02:11
Patrickdkbut normall rc.local02:11
EvilResistancePatrickdk:  location of that is...?02:12
EvilResistanceahhh there it iis02:12
shirtwhy is dbus-daemon installed and running by default? is this a critical service? how do i know if i need it?02:23
twbUnfortunately it is :-///02:37
twbThese new-fangled fancy-pants init systems think that a running system dbus is a prerequisite to being able to do things like, oh, mount the bloody filesystem02:38
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twbYou can easily tell why (as far as apt is concerned) by running "aptitude why dbus" or whatever the package name is02:39
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twbHmm, it looks like I'm lying, and that's a systemdism absent from upstart.02:41
twbaptitude why dbus on my systems generally indicate it's pulled in by bluez (bluetooth support) or Emacs; and the session dbus (dbus-x11) is pulled in by the GUI web browser.02:42
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shirttwb: so should i remove dbus?03:06
twbshirt: I'm not stopping you03:06
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pmatulisshirt: is anything wrong with your system?03:18
shirtpmatulis: no, this is a fresh install03:20
pmatulisshirt: then do not remove stuff willy-nilly.  learn in-depth before even considering it03:21
shirtonly package that needs dbus is accountsservice, and i don't think i need that03:25
shirthm... that's ultimately needed by ubuntu-standard. i guess i should leave ubuntu-standard installed :\03:35
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am_rany idea how to force unmount a locked up unionfs mount point?04:40
am_ri keep getting "rmdir: failed to remove `dir': Device or resource busy"04:40
EvilResistanceam_r:  did you try umount -f ?04:41
twbOh yeah I saw that accountsservice crap on oneiric, I went "WTF is this doing in -standard"04:44
twbIt's as bad as plymouth being a hard Depends of init04:44
twbam_r: unionfs and aufs are pretty buggy, I regularly wedge them in such a way as they can't be unmounted short of rebooting04:45
twbam_r: if you're happy to break the system further you can umount -l which will basically pretend to umount it04:45
twbObviously try umount -f first as EvilResistance suggests, also check lsof04:46
am_raha that fixed it :)04:50
twbFSVO fix04:53
shirttwb: it actually goes, "ubuntu-standard" -> "language-selector-common" -> "accountsservice / dbus"05:01
twbYeah I was grumpy when I ran into that one05:01
shirttwb: "accountsservice"  also happens to depend on dbus. weird that aptitude why only mentions it05:01
shirttwb: so now all ubuntu servers have to run this useless dbus daemon :|05:02
shirtif people need and it use then they should by all means install it :) but it's there by default now05:03
twbWell it also gets pulled in by stuff like dnsmasq for silly reasons05:08
robbytHi All, I'm having some problems with apparmor and mysql on an EC2 box- I updated the apparmor profile for mysql because I moved the datadirectory, I even rebooted, but apparmor still blocks access to the new data directory. I'm running 10.0406:54
eagles0513875|hey guys any koan and cobbler users here07:00
smoseradam_g, saw this again http://paste.ubuntu.com/800273/07:01
adam_gsmoser: jamespage saved the day on that one07:01
adam_gsmoser: not sure i remember what it was, he would.07:01
adam_gsmoser: im downstairs  btw07:02
adam_gserver room07:02
smoserit just "went away"07:02
smoseryou retried07:02
smoserit ends up as a result of an apt-get update failure07:02
smoseri think its related to our mirrors issue that we're seeing07:04
adam_gsmoser: hash mismatch?07:04
smoseri'm going to lunch then will boether you more.07:04
smoserwell, yeah in one way or another.07:04
chrislabeardI'm trying to run bind on my server, I have my domain and sub domains pointing at the public ip but it seems like the virtual servers are working if I change all the records for the domains to the local IP seems like it works locally but not publicly.07:31
chrislabeardoh yeah eagle s07:32
chrislabeardwow I can't type07:32
eagles0513875|chrislabeard:  why don't you use your domain registrars dns07:32
eagles0513875|i never setup or ran bind07:32
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: I'm going to be creating a ton of sub domains and don't want to login everytime and create a record07:32
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: you will still have to login to the server07:33
chrislabeardthought this would be the easier/smarter way to do this07:33
eagles0513875|not really07:33
eagles0513875|more work imho07:33
eagles0513875|understanding how bind works how to set it up07:33
chrislabeard well I'm using virtualmin that creates the records for me07:33
chrislabeardwhen I create a new domain07:33
eagles0513875|the domain itself should have an entry @ and then the ip of the server07:33
eagles0513875|at least that  is how mine is07:34
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: i have them pointing at my name server07:34
eagles0513875|thats wrong07:34
chrislabeardwait hold on07:34
chrislabeardI mean I have my domain pointing to my name server07:34
eagles0513875|your name server needs to know the ip's of the servers where the sites are on or what ever07:34
eagles0513875|lol try again chrislabeard07:34
eagles0513875|you have your name servers pointing your domain to that 99 ip07:35
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: yeah sorry its been a long night can't type very well. My name server is pointing to my server's public ip07:35
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: correct07:35
eagles0513875|you have vps servers on the same machine or different07:35
chrislabeardsame machine07:36
eagles0513875|then all subdomains should point to that 99 ip address07:36
eagles0513875|what are those hosting07:36
chrislabeardk thats how I have it set up07:36
eagles0513875|what is on these machines if you don't mind me asking07:36
chrislabearddev environments07:36
chrislabeardwell they will be07:36
chrislabeardonce I get it working07:37
eagles0513875|you running web servers etc07:37
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: right07:37
eagles0513875|the way i have my subdomains setup then isn't a dns issue07:37
eagles0513875|it is an apache issue07:37
eagles0513875|i have a single server hosting about 7 sites07:37
eagles0513875|thats where apache Vhosts come into play07:37
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: Yeah, I'm using apache vhosts07:37
eagles0513875|so whats the issue07:38
chrislabeardthose virtual servers are pointing at the public ip07:38
chrislabeardhowever when I go to http://wwmcd.org07:38
chrislabeardits not actually showing the right virtual domain it should be saying "testification"07:38
eagles0513875|easy fix07:38
chrislabeardand http://test.wwmcd.org should be showing "OMG"07:38
eagles0513875|then the vhosts aren't right07:38
eagles0513875|how did you setup the vhosts07:39
chrislabeardvirtualmin did, but I might need to customize the templates for them07:39
eagles0513875|the way i do it is setup in sites-available the vhosts then use the ubuntu a2ensite to enable the ghosts07:39
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: can you paste bin me one of the vhosts07:40
chrislabeardyeah just a second07:40
* eagles0513875| slides chrislabeard a coffee :) 07:41
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: primary domain -- http://pastebin.com/G46gKyUa07:41
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: i need the subdomain if you don't mind07:41
eagles0513875|the primary domain works or not chrislabeard07:41
* chrislabeard drinks coffee intently 07:41
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: it does not work07:41
eagles0513875|ok let me look07:42
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: subdomain - http://pastebin.com/Rzfh0f5g07:42
eagles0513875|if it decides to load the pastebin07:43
eagles0513875|found the problem07:43
eagles0513875|for each alias07:43
eagles0513875|you need its own vhost07:43
eagles0513875|for each subdomain you need a vhost07:43
eagles0513875|let me copy you the one of my main business site :)07:44
chrislabeardit creates its own07:44
eagles0513875|well its making a big mess of things07:44
eagles0513875|virtualmin = FAILMIN07:44
eagles0513875|how versed are you with commandline07:44
Deathvalley122cobbler ftw07:44
eagles0513875|Deathvalley122: not what I'm helping him with07:44
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: how versed are you with command line07:45
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: decent07:45
eagles0513875|working via command line is a million times better then web min07:45
Deathvalley122webmin is falling apart07:45
Deathvalley122with there development07:45
eagles0513875|Deathvalley122: its a big security hole in ones system07:46
chrislabeardyeah I just don't have the knowledge to right a script to do all this07:46
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: its not all that hard07:46
eagles0513875|once you get one the same concept for all07:46
eagles0513875|just have to adapt it for each directory07:46
eagles0513875|look at mine http://pastebin.com/LPkgiPwi07:46
eagles0513875|very easy very simple07:46
eagles0513875|i have a directory eagleeyet in /var/www07:46
eagles0513875|ignore the stuff with # chrislabeard  that stuff is commented out as it doesn't seem to work but the ghosts themselves works fine07:47
chrislabeardthe only thing that is confusing me is that I have another fake domain setup that is resolving fine and its IP is set to the server's local IP whereas the other domains are set to public and are not working07:47
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: i created a file in /etc/apache2/sites-available with the vhost information then used a2ensite to create the necessary symlinks etc07:47
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: with public ips i have a feeling that has something to do with the vhosts07:48
twbeagles0513875|: congratulations on evading my /ignore for nearly a whole hour.07:48
eagles0513875|what i do wrong twb  :(07:49
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: K i'm gonna give this a few more mins and see if I can find the wrong, if not I'll research scripts for doing this07:49
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: you have an example vhost which i pasted for ya07:49
eagles0513875|of mine07:49
chrislabeardeagles0513875|: yeah that one is really neat and tidy07:49
* eagles0513875| is puzzled as to what i did to twb to upset him07:49
ts2chrislabeard: did you restart/reload apacahe after adding the virtual hosts?07:51
chrislabeardts2: I believe so07:51
eagles0513875|ts2: look at his pastes07:51
eagles0513875|virtualmin butchers the vhosts07:51
eagles0513875|with lots of junk07:51
eagles0513875|mine are simple and to the point07:51
ts2those *admin packages are usually more trouble than they are worth07:51
eagles0513875|i had installed webmin on my home server for testing it fudged up my entire installation07:51
ts2chrislabeard: and they are linked in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled? (just checking some basics)07:52
chrislabeardts2: not really sure how to check that one07:53
ts2chrislabeard: look at the output of "ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled"07:53
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: ls -la in that directory will do it07:53
ts2you should have a link to the real config file from /etc/apache2/sites-available in there07:53
chrislabeardit shows me 000-default  jenna.dev.conf  test.wwmcd.org.conf  wwmcd.org.conf07:54
ts2you probably don't want to 000-default one, that's the one that ships with apache, and will be the default when no vhost config exists for a domain07:55
ts2if you just use http://<ip-adderss>/ for example07:55
eagles0513875|i removed that 000-default and created a new one 000-eagleeyet07:55
eagles0513875|on mine07:55
chrislabeardso i can just delete that one07:55
eagles0513875|chrislabeard: the ghosts are there07:55
twbIf you disable 000-default then some other entry will be used as the default when no vhost exists07:55
twbI advise you to keep it and populate /var/www/ with a single index.html file that says something like "sorry, did you want: ..."07:56
ts2the default is the first (alphabetically) file/link found in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled07:56
twbe.g. http://epoxy.cyber.com.au/07:56
twbts2: not quite -- it uses the first one found in the httpd.conf file, which happens to #include all those .conf files in lexicographic order.07:57
onrethe thing with web-based admin tools is that usually they sort of "lock you in", as in, you shouldn't touch relevant configurations by hand if you use them07:57
twbts2: if you were silly and wrote one straight into e.g. /etc/apache/conf.d/security.conf it would be the default07:57
ts2twb: I'm assuming nothing insane has been done to the default config07:57
chrislabeardI haven't touched the default config other than just install the modules and virtualmin07:57
* eagles0513875| waves to twb 07:58
chrislabeardI just don't get why the virtual hosts work fine when I change them to the local ip07:58
twbchrislabeard: if you installed virtualmin you have failed, reinstall ubuntu and start again07:58
chrislabeardlol I know I know its terrible07:58
chrislabeardI just really like GUI07:58
chrislabeardat least web based07:59
ts2chrislabeard: hmm, you need a "NameVirtualHost" somewhere, and you probably want to replace all the "_default_:80" with just "*"07:59
ts2unless you want to have https:// versions with different config08:00
chrislabeardts2: for each virtual host does it need have the wildcard address? or are they supposed to be something else?08:00
ts2I simply have <VirtualHost *> for *all* virtual hosts08:01
twbYou cannot meaningfully do a vhost dispatch on 443 unless you have a cert that's valid for all the vhost names (or all your end users ignore cert validation).08:01
ts2and I have "NameVirtualHost *" in the first, I can't remember why exactly, except that I needed to for some reason08:01
twbts2: that tells it to do vhost dispatching08:01
twbThis discussion probably should move to #httpd08:02
chrislabeardwell, thanks for all yalls help. I gotta get some sleeeeep.08:03
hallynkirkland: just wondering, does mutt not handle gpg on gmail for you?08:14
eagles0513875|hey guys is there an oneric ppa with koan in it cuz the standard 11.10 version is bugged08:19
ts2eagles0513875|: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas find out08:22
eagles0513875|thanks ts2  :)08:23
eagles0513875|hey fwereade08:26
eagles0513875|hey guys how can i disable selinux on ubuntu server08:54
eagles0513875|ignore last question08:57
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eagles0513875|any selinux experts in here09:33
eagles0513875|hallyn: you know much about selinux09:34
hallynzul: failing 0.9.9, do you fancy merging 0.9.8-2?  :)  I hadn't realized i hadn't done that yet...09:46
hallyneagles0513875: it's been awhile09:46
hallynthe theory, yes.  practice on debian/ubuntu, not that much09:47
zulhallyn: sure i can probably start it this afternoon09:47
hallynzul: awesome.  let me push one more 0.9.7 version right now09:47
zulhallyn: okie dokie09:47
hallynzul: libvirt_0.9.7-2ubuntu12_source.changes is on its way.  thanks.09:47
hallyni'm going to spend a bit of time trying to straighten out the udd tree!09:48
eagles0513875|well hallyn  I'm trying to use koan to provision a guest using koan on 11.10 but have encountered a bug which i have fixed and documented detailed steps to fix it09:49
eagles0513875|but now I'm having a problem with lvm and selinux returning SELinux security context setting to LVM partition failed09:49
eagles0513875|is that something i setup incorrectly in the system in cobbler?09:50
eagles0513875|or an issue with selinux09:50
hallynmore details - what exactly fails.  userspace is getting eperm?  the *wrong* context is assinged to /dev/dm-X or /dev/mapper/Y?09:50
eagles0513875|basically hallyn  thats the issue i am having09:51
hallynwhat is the context on /dev/dm-X and /dev/mapper/Y?09:51
eagles0513875|would you like me to paste bin the entire output i get and what I'm passing to koan09:51
hallynsure - to pastebin, not here :)09:51
hallynbtw, you might get the best info out of #ubuntu-hardened09:52
eagles0513875|i know :)09:52
eagles0513875|what exactly is that channel09:53
eagles0513875|hallyn: http://pastebin.com/zuKLck1j09:55
hallynSpamapS: .09:56
eagles0513875|hallyn: ubuntu-hardened is rather dead09:57
hallynso is zeus an ubuntu box, running selinux?  I know nothing about koan.  It sounds like it's selinux policy is out of sync with the host's.10:00
hallynsorry, not much help10:00
eagles0513875|ubuntu box10:00
eagles0513875|how can i get them in sync10:01
eagles0513875|morning corm10:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #914676 in lxc (main) "Support clean container reboot vs shutdown disambiguation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91467610:26
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hallynrbasak: how is the lxc testing going?10:32
rbasakhallyn: in progress. looks good so far10:33
hallynfwiw I tested (on amd64) with lp:~serge-hallyn/+junk/lxc-test10:33
eagles0513875|wish i could say i was having better luck hallyn  :(10:34
hallynrbasak: if you have tests i could add to that script lemme know10:34
hallyneagles0513875|: does "touch ab; chcon -t virt_iamge_t ab" work?10:35
ikoniaeagles0513875|: how are you running SELinux on ubuntu ?10:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #914679 in lxc (main) "/run is not setup as tmpfs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91467910:35
rbasakhallyn: your test script looks good, I'll try that on arm10:35
hallynthe last I knew, we didn't even have a ssh policy working in the standard selinux setup...10:36
hallyn(i'd meant to add it, but then lost my setup)10:36
ikoniathat's why I'm curious to how eagles0513875| is running selinux on ubuntu10:36
hallynwhat does 'id -Z' show?10:37
eagles0513875|its fixed some issues with koan i was experiencing10:37
hallynis anything confined?  (ps -Z)10:38
ikoniawhat did ?10:38
eagles0513875|its set to permissive hallyn10:38
hallynok: so does my chcon command work for you?10:38
hallynif not, then my recommendation woudl be to insert a policy module defining that type.10:39
eagles0513875|it returned nothing10:40
hallynls -lZ ab shows what then?10:45
alex88hello guys, i have ubuntu natty server,  and i need to upgrade libvips-tools as the version that's in oneiric..how can i do that? it would be nice to use the oniric repo only for that instead of downloading and installing debs10:46
koolhead17Daviey: hello there10:47
SpamapSalex88: install ubuntu-dev-tools and use 'backportpackage'10:47
eagles0513875|ls: cannot access ab: No such file or directory hallyn10:48
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alex88smoser: seems what i need, will it also be updated with apt-get in case it's updated in oneiric repo?10:49
alex88ups.. it was for SpamapS10:51
SpamapSalex88: no10:51
eagles0513875|wait a min10:52
alex88SpamapS: says unable to find package libvips-tools in release oneiric.. but it's there in packages.ubuntu.com10:53
eagles051387|i hope that koan is getting upgraded version wise in 12.0411:21
alex88i've installed and configure smbd on ubuntu natty server, but "start smbd" says Unknown job: smbd, /etc/init.d/smbd start says the same11:24
ikoniait's just smb isn't it11:31
ikonials -la /etc/init.d/smbd will show no such file11:31
eagles051387|ikonia: I'm still at a loss as to why I'm still having issues with koan11:33
ikoniaI've not been following your issue11:33
ikoniawhat is the issue ? (summary)11:33
eagles051387|nut shell is started out as an issue in koan where it wanted a xen kernel which is pre version 311:33
eagles051387|which i was helped and got a solution11:34
ikoniaok - so you're using ubuntu what version ?11:34
eagles051387|the next issue once that was fixed was a python one which relates to selinux11:34
ikonialets get the basic info11:34
ikoniaeagles051387|: ok - 11.10 - with what kernel11:34
eagles051387|3.0 kernel11:34
ikoniathe ubuntu stock kernel or a different one11:34
eagles051387|Linux zeus 3.0.0-14-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 21 20:28:43 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux11:34
ikoniathe ubuntu stock kernel or a different one11:35
ikoniajust asking to be %100 clear11:35
eagles051387|once i installed selinux it stopped complaining of python bugs in the code now its complaining about lvm11:35
ikonia!info linux-image11:35
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)11:35
ikoniaok - so your kernel is that one ^ ?11:35
ikoniagreat, so all stock, no changes,11:36
ikoniawhat's the issue with lvm11:36
eagles051387|when i run koan its giving me an error with selinux and lvm11:36
ikoniawhat error ?11:36
eagles051387|hold on11:36
eagles051387|now ikonia it seems the error has changed11:39
eagles051387|its a libvirt error now11:39
rbasakhallyn: my lxc test succeeds on your md5 437beee14c4f48006e0d5dd096aa6bcf  lxc-rally-p.debdiff, running your tests now11:39
hallynrbasak: lxc-rally-p6.debdiff is the one i was planning on pushing.  (which fixes lxc-ps and lxc-ls, which will probably fail for you with running my tests, but let's see)11:50
SpamapShallyn: any luck on your libvirt branch?11:51
hallynrbasak: only lxc-ls is different11:52
hallynso no need to rerun all tests11:52
hallynSpamapS: it's going, slowly11:52
rbasakok thanks11:52
eagles051387|hallyn: you in charge of libvirt python lib11:53
eagles0513875ikonia: the error im getting is SELinux security context setting to LVM partition failed12:30
__godhelpmei could use some help installing the server edition with raid from usb12:41
pmatulis__godhelpme: what do you mean by 'with raid from usb'12:45
__godhelpmetrying to install onto a raid system but usb is my source not cd12:46
__godhelpmehere's my problem it asks me if i want to load the raid drivers i say yes but when i go to partition it, it wont see the raid or the drives at all12:50
__godhelpmepmatulis, any ideas12:54
kerframil__godhelpme: why not open a terminal and check the status of the device and whether the appropriate driver has initialised.12:57
__godhelpmekerframil, and how do i do that from the install screen12:58
kerframil__godhelpme: Alt+F2 should work, iirc12:58
kerframil__godhelpme: also, Alt+F4 should show a log (including messages emitted by the components of the installer)12:58
__godhelpmedevice-mapper target "mirror" is not in the kernal13:01
kerframilthat's not relevant13:01
kerframilcan't remember is lspci is available from the shell here, but if it is - try running "lspci -k"13:01
kerframillook for the RAID controller there. if it is currently supported/active, it will also show the kernel module supporting it.13:02
__godhelpmewhat did you want to know from lspci13:03
kerframilwhich controller you're trying to support would be a good start. maybe you should start with just "lspci" - no parameters.13:04
kerframillook for SCSI controllers13:04
__godhelpmehudson amd raid controler13:04
kerframilhmm, I don't know much about this controller. can you run "lspci -nn | grep SCSI" and paste the line here if possible?13:05
__godhelpmeno scsi13:06
__godhelpmeonly raid13:06
kerframilok, whatever. the line correlating with your controller - with -nn13:07
kerframilthe identifies in square brackets at the end of the line are of interest13:08
__godhelpmeRAID bus controller [0104]: Amd Hudson sata controller [Raid mode][1022:7802 (rev 40)]13:08
__godhelpmeRAID bus controller [0104]: Amd Hudson sata controller [Raid mode][1022:7802] (rev 40)13:09
ikoniaeagles0513875: what are you actually doing to cause this error13:11
kerframil __godhelpme:  hmm. my guess is that it's a 'fakeraid' controller. if not in RAID mode, it should be supported by the AHCI driver. if that assumption is correct, it probably needs dmraid. I don't believe in dmraid and would be inclined to use the RAID implementation in Linux instead.13:12
__godhelpmeso change it from raid to ahci the setup the raid via dmraid right?13:13
kerframil__godhelpme: almost. if I were in your position and wanted to use RAID, I'd toggle it to AHCI in BIOS but use md RAID (that's the native implementation in the kernel which is controller agnostic).13:13
kerframil__godhelpme: if it were a 'proper' hardware controller, then I would say otherwise. but it doesn't look like it.13:14
__godhelpmemd raid?13:14
__godhelpmeexplain please13:15
kerframilbriefly, md means multiple device. that's the native (software) implementation in Linux. you can assemble an array from component devices (/dev/sda, /dev/sdb ...) into a device which follows a naming scheme like /dev/md0 ...13:16
kerframildmraid is something entirely different and is used to support half-baked 'fakeraid' controllers in their native RAID mode (which I personally don't recommend)13:16
__godhelpmecould you point me to a guide for md raid?13:17
kerframilbest off asking someone else. I refuse to use it.13:18
__godhelpmemd raid13:18
kerframila search for ubuntu mdraid will probably turn up some answers13:18
kerframiloh, sorry13:18
kerframilif you switch to AHCI, the individual drives should show up13:18
kerframilthen it should be fairly straightforward13:18
__godhelpmeok sounds good thanks ya it detects the drives thanks for your help13:20
kerframilsure. good luck with your install.13:20
eagles0513875ikonia: nothing i had to make an addition to a single line in the koan app.py and then all im trying to do is run koan to provision the vps13:20
ikoniaok - so show me the line you've added13:22
a_okI have set umask in both /etc/login.defs and /etc/profile but I still get the default umask13:29
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gary_posterhallyn, sent you the details, fwiw.  Thanks.14:50
hallyngary_poster: in email, or bug?14:51
hallyni see it, thanks14:55
hallyngary_poster: jinkeys.15:05
gary_posterhallyn, heh, what?15:06
hallynon mine it just completely, cleanly draws the console over X, rather than the ugly effects you were getting.15:06
gary_posterstill not ideal, sounds like :-)15:07
eagles0513875ikonia: the and not is what i added but this was giving me the issue about needed a xen enabled kernel which is pre 3.0 kernel version15:09
eagles0513875ikonia:  # correct kernel on dom0?15:09
eagles0513875                if uname_str.find("xen") == -1 and not os.path.exists("/proc/xen/capabilities"):15:09
eagles0513875                   raise InfoException("kernel-xen needs to be in use")15:09
ikoniaeagles0513875: sorry say that again15:14
ikoniaeagles0513875: what are you talking about now ?15:15
ikoniaeagles0513875: the last thing you said was you where having a problem with selinux and lvm and I asked for the line you changed, now you are showing me something that checks for a xen kernel ???15:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #914306 in openssh (main) "sorry, the program"parted_server"closed unexpectedly" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91430615:16
ikoniaanychance you could backup and explain a little or have I missed a post ?15:16
eagles0513875you wanted to know what i changed initially15:18
eagles0513875and the lines above were the issue i was having with it wanting a xen kernel which is pre 3.015:19
ikoniaok, so how does this releate to selinux ?15:19
ikoniaor your problem15:19
eagles0513875ahh now all that does is bring on the next problem of it complaining about the python selinux code15:20
eagles0513875which is fixed by installing selinux15:20
eagles0513875now when i run this command to have koan provision the guest i get this output15:20
eagles0513875ikonia:  this is the error http://pastebin.com/xyvhE9kQ15:21
hallynstgraber: ^ control groups appear to be not working for containers, at least for chardevs15:22
ikoniawhy are you using a xen initrd ?15:22
ikoniaeagles0513875: ^15:22
ikoniawhy are you using a xen model when you are not using xen ?15:22
ikoniaor are you using xen ?15:22
eagles0513875we are15:22
ikoniaok - so you are using xen, great.15:22
eagles0513875xen is part of 3.0 kernel hence going back to the initial code paste15:22
eagles0513875where it wanted a pre 2.6 kernel but thats not necessary with 3.0 and later15:23
ikoniaok, I'm starting to follow15:23
eagles0513875now i have no idea why selinux is having issues with lvm when its set to permissive mode15:23
ikoniaeagles0513875: ok - hang on15:24
ikoniaeagles0513875: so 1.) why are you doing vgs -o vg_name ?15:24
ikoniado you have a volume group called "vg_name" ?15:24
eagles0513875and where do i specify that15:24
ikoniaso why are you doing that15:24
ikonialook at line 1015:24
eagles0513875i specified the volume group name in cobbler15:24
eagles0513875let me check something in cobbler15:24
eagles0513875fixed the volume group issue15:25
eagles0513875now the issue has moved onto lib virt15:26
ikoniaeagles0513875: do you have a volume group called vg_free ?15:26
hallynfeh.  i think i see.15:26
ikoniaahh I see what you are doing15:26
eagles0513875im using koan to provision a system i created with cobbler15:27
ikoniavg_free is the option15:27
ikoniawhy are you using vgs ??15:27
ikoniayes, I understand that, but you're actual process doesn't seem to tie togther15:27
eagles0513875for the xen guests15:27
eagles0513875to be able to increase their size15:27
eagles0513875would you like me to pastebin the libvirt issue15:28
ikoniaso you have a volume group called xenguestlvm ?15:28
ikoniado you also have an logical volume call xenguestlvm ?15:28
ikoniaas well as a volume group15:29
eagles0513875this is the partition /dev/sda5        85940224  1953523711   933791744   8e  Linux LVM15:30
eagles0513875VG Name               xenguestlvm15:30
ikoniaok - so you have a volumegroup called xenguestlvm, and a logical volume called xenguestlvm15:30
eagles0513875how do you name the logical volume?15:31
eagles0513875logical partition15:31
ikoniawhen you create it15:31
eagles0513875ahh ok15:31
ikoniaso looking at that error, you are specifying a security policy called virt_image_t15:32
eagles0513875when you give the partition a name you need to give it a location correct?15:32
ikoniahowever it also looks like you have no se policy called virt_image_t15:32
eagles0513875how do i go about creating one15:32
ikonia??? why are you using it if you don't know how to use it15:32
ikoniadon't bother15:32
ikoniajust don't use selinux if you don't need it or know how to use it15:33
ikoniaeagles0513875: where did you get the info that you should use -t virt_image_t ?15:33
eagles0513875ikonia: if i dont use it koan throws python errors15:33
eagles0513875ikonia: it seems to be hardcoded into koan15:33
ikoniaare you following a guide ?15:34
ikonia(for the setup of this stuff)15:34
eagles0513875i had someone helping me in cobbler with the initial problem yesterday15:35
eagles0513875im just wondering if its worth all this hassel file a bug with what i have fixed so far and push for a newer version in 12.0415:35
ikoniawhy file a bug ?15:35
eagles0513875this was a trunk pull for 11.10 pulled back 2nd june15:35
ikoniawho says there is a bug ?15:36
eagles0513875ikonia: this is a clean install on the server15:36
ikonia???? so ?15:36
eagles0513875only ubuntu orchestra server and koan15:36
eagles0513875btw here is the virt_image_t hard coding15:36
ikoniaI don't see a bug though15:37
ikoniaok - so there is a check to see if selinux is enabled, that suggests you can use it without selinux, as if there is a check that means there must be two options, one for se enabled and one for without15:38
ikoniaalso 0 suggests that selinux is not enabled15:38
eagles0513875well i disabled se linux and it still didnt work for me15:38
eagles0513875let me try and disable it15:38
ikoniaI may have missed some of your back story, so apologies if I'm asking you to repeat stuff you've said before15:40
eagles0513875no worries i just really want to get this resolved15:40
eagles0513875i just disabled it now it seems to be spitting out libvirt errors again15:40
eagles0513875should i try uninstall selinux all together and put back apparmor15:40
ikoniano, what is it complaining about15:42
ikonialets look if it's a genuine error, or a miss-configuration15:42
roaksoaxsmoser: i retried the odev without success15:42
smoserroaksoax, what failed?15:42
smoseri walked through it myself on a fresh install15:43
roaksoaxsmoser: nothing seems to fail but rather, I just can't log into the VM15:43
lynxmanroaksoax: hey15:43
roaksoaxsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/800673/15:43
roaksoaxlynxman: howdy man15:43
eagles0513875ikonia: http://pastebin.com/7JdaBBrf15:44
ikoniaeagles0513875: what should be listening on port 8000 ?15:44
ikoniathat's the libvirt daemon isn't it ?15:44
ikoniayes it is15:45
ikoniayou've not got libvirtd running15:45
eagles0513875just started it and tried running koan again and its not working15:47
smoserroaksoax, thats output of the build-zimmer stuff ?15:47
smoserthe console log?15:47
eagles0513875ikonia: im wondering if its worth it keeping at this issue when there is a much newer version then what is in the 11.10 repos15:48
smosercan you run that comand i gave yesterday to extract the ovf-env.xml file from the .iso file you're handing it please ?15:48
ikoniaeagles0513875: stop saying "not working" and give details]15:48
eagles0513875ikonia: same issue as what i pasted above15:48
ikoniaso still can't connect to port 8000 ?15:48
ikoniaok, so telnet localhost 8000 what error do you get15:49
roaksoaxsmoser: yes15:49
roaksoaxsmoser: I added ssh-import-id for my lp id to the cloud-init config, but now It doesn't even seems to be installing openssh-server15:50
smoserroaksoax, ^ can you get me the ovf-env.xml file15:54
roaksoaxsmoser: hold on, can't pastebinit15:57
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hallynaHA - gary_poster: it's overlayfs itself.  It doesn't do the LSM checks.  I can put myself into a locked down device cgroup, overlay-mount /dev to /mnt, and then I can write to /mnt/tty7 but not /dev/tty716:01
hallynapw is going to look into why16:01
eagles0513875ikonia: any ideas16:02
gary_posterhallyn, ah-ha!  great, thanks.  Right, that's what William had guessed.  Thanks!16:02
roaksoaxsmoser: http://people.canonical.com/~andreserl/ovf-env.xml16:03
smoserroaksoax, your user-data is "hi world"16:04
smoseryou didn't copy and paste16:04
ikoniaeagles0513875: sorry, one moment please.16:07
ikoniaeagles0513875: can you please telnet localhost 8000, what do you get16:07
eagles0513875connection refused16:07
eagles0513875the DC has a firewall setup to provide anti Ddos protection and all that would the port need to be opened on that16:08
eagles0513875ignore that i just realized i used the local host machine that is having this issue16:08
roaksoaxsmoser: heh... ok will re do it lol16:08
eagles0513875ikonia: i dont have any firewall setup on the local host no ufw or iptables16:09
ikoniathere should be no firewall16:09
ikoniaeagles0513875: ps -ef | grep virtd16:10
eagles0513875root      1150     1  0 02:16 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/libvirtd -d16:10
ikoniaok, so the issue is why can't your koan setup invoke the connection to libvirtd16:11
ikoniare-looking at your log, the xen daemon wants to talk to libvirtd, what on your setup could stop that ?16:12
ikoniadoes your machine run a gui ?16:12
eagles0513875only thing i installed was the ubuntu-orchestra-server16:12
ikoniaas in a desktop of some sort ?16:12
eagles0513875no it does not16:12
ikoniathat's annoying16:12
ikoniaahhh, hang on16:13
ikoniacan you pastebin the output of "netstat -a | grep LIST | grep 8000" please16:14
eagles0513875ikonia: no output is returned16:15
ikoniaeagles0513875: grep 8000 /etc/services16:16
eagles0513875nothing returned there either16:17
ikoniathat's fine, that's not a worry, ok, so libvirt isn't listening, there is the problem16:18
ikoniaso that is the root cause to this problem at this moment, libvirtd is not listening16:18
eagles0513875ikonia: what do i need to do to fix the problem16:19
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smoseradam_g, lp:~smoser/+junk/check-archive is the check-archive script16:22
ikoniaeagles0513875: depends on the reason16:25
eagles0513875what can we do to determine it16:25
ikoniacome on - you should know basic debugging16:26
ikoniayou're selling your services as a professional Linux admin for paying customers16:26
ikoniawhat have you checked so far ?16:26
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ikoniaeagles0513875: are you there ?16:32
eagles0513875ya i am helping dad on skype really fast16:35
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's worth checking what the listen address is for libvirtd - it may be set to all interfaces or a speific one, so if you try to connect to it on localhost, but it's saying listening on instead16:35
eagles0513875i hear ya16:37
ikoniajust reading the docs now and it looks like libvirt listening on a socket16:38
ikoniaso netstat -a won't show it on port 8000 it will show it as a socket file16:38
ikoniaso netstat -a | grep libvirt should show the socket file16:38
eagles0513875its listening on 8154 and 815616:40
eagles0513875ikonia: http://pastebin.com/JarXUYCF16:41
ikoniaok, thats good, so it is listening16:41
eagles0513875is it listening on the right socket though?16:43
eagles0513875what is the 8154 and 815616:43
ikoniajust reference numbers, think of it as process id's16:45
ikoniaso the question is why can't xen connect to it16:45
ikonia(also check in your libvirt config file that libvirtd is not bound to 1 ip and localhost is valid)16:45
eagles0513875ikonia: from the looks of it its not bound to anything specific16:51
ikoniaeagles0513875: great, it's on all interfaces, so localhost should be fine16:51
ikoniathe question is why can xen not connect then.16:51
eagles0513875could it be the way i have bridging setup16:52
eagles0513875i was told in xen not to use xend scripts as those tend to be buggy but setup the bridge in the network interfaces file16:53
smoserroaksoax, did you try again ?16:54
ikoniaI guess a question that I can't see the answer to, is how is xen trying to connect ?16:54
eagles0513875gd question16:54
ikoniaI don't use xen so don't know how it normally connects16:55
roaksoaxsmoser: on it16:56
eagles0513875ikonia: im asking in xen for some help16:57
eagles0513875appreciate the help though ikonia :)16:57
* eagles0513875 slides ikonia a coffee16:57
ikoniaeagles0513875: out of interest, check the permissions on the socket files16:57
eagles0513875ikonia: srwxrwx---. 1 root libvirtd 0 2012-01-11 02:16 /var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock  and srwxrwxrwx. 1 root libvirtd 0 2012-01-11 02:16 /var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock-ro17:00
eagles0513875Pici: ?17:00
ikoniaeagles0513875: try virsh -c qemu:///system list17:03
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's not xen, but it will test your connection to libvirtd17:03
eagles0513875error: unable to connect to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock', libvirtd may need to be started: Permission denied error: failed to connect to the hypervisor17:03
roaksoaxsmoser: this still fails: ( cd cloud-init/doc/ovf/ && ./make-iso ovf-env.xml.tmpl ../../../ud-build.txt -o - ) > build.iso17:03
roaksoaxwrote iso to -17:03
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smoserroaksoax, how does it fail?17:05
eagles0513875ikonia: actually needs sudo17:05
smoserpaste that console log and that ovf-env.xml17:05
eagles0513875but when i run koan command i am using sudo which shouldnt give me this issue or so i would think it shouldnt17:06
ikoniaeagles0513875: yes, sorry, I'm not using ubuntu, I forgot sudo17:06
ikoniaeagles0513875: why are you now referncing koan ? and why would sudo remove the problems with libvirtd ?17:07
roaksoaxsmoser: the ovf-env-xml.tmpl is the same as I linked a bit ago17:07
roaksoaxthere's no console log17:07
smoseri'm confused.17:07
roaksoaxsmoser: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800784/17:08
smoserso that looks fine.17:08
smoserand when you start kvm with tha t?17:08
Deathvalley122it could be17:08
eagles0513875ikonia: ignore my last comment regarding sudo17:08
smoseryou get no console output?17:08
Deathvalley122that is needs to be chmod17:08
eagles0513875Deathvalley122: shhh im working on getting this issue resolved :p17:09
roaksoaxsmoser: if I do this, it works: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800785/17:09
smoserroaksoax, i dont understand how those 2 things are different17:10
roaksoaxsmoser: never mind :)17:11
smosercan you get the ovf-env.xml out of both ?17:11
roaksoaxsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/800788/17:11
roaksoaxsmoser: ok I think I found the problem17:13
roaksoaxsmoser: for some reason it didn't finish building the image17:13
roaksoaxnot it seems to resume normally17:13
smoserroaksoax, can you get the ovf-env.xml file for me to see?17:14
roaksoaxsmoser: there's not ovf-env.xml but there's a ovf-env.xml.tmpl17:14
smoserno. there is ovf-env.xml inside the iso17:15
smoserroaksoax, isoinfo -i build.iso  -x "/OVF_ENV.XML;1" | pastebinit17:16
roaksoaxsmoser: http://people.canonical.com/~andreserl/ovf-env.xml17:16
smoserthat says "hello world"17:17
smoserroaksoax, the command you're running inside cloud-init takes the user-data in 'ud-build.txt' and shoves it inside of an iso it creates17:17
smoserthe one you've got there has user-data that says 'hello world'17:18
roaksoaxsmoser: right, but that file is not being used17:18
roaksoaxerr where is it being used?17:18
smoserthen you're doing something wrong17:18
smoseryou create that iso file17:18
smoserand then you run kvm..... -cdrom that.iso17:19
roaksoaxsmoser: hold on as I said, for some reason kvm could finish the process, but now it seems it has17:19
smoseri know whats wrong17:19
smoseryou need to re-create your image file17:19
smoserqemu-img create -b ...17:19
smoserdo that again17:19
smoserget a fresh image to kvm17:19
smoserbecause the one you messed up thinks it has alrady run the first-boot stuff for the instance-id that is inside the ovf file17:20
smoserso cloud-init is not doing anything17:20
smoserthat make sense?17:20
roaksoaxsmoser: ok found the problem. As i presumed the kvm command failed for some reason before it finished doing its cloud init stuff17:25
smoserroaksoax, so theres probably a silent grub 5 second wait before it laods the kernel17:37
smoseri just realized that17:37
roaksoaxsmoser: seems like it17:47
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uvirtbotNew bug: #914920 in ipmitool (universe) "Please merge ipmitool 1.8.11-5 (universe) from Debian testing " [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91492018:26
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iToastIm upgrading to ubuntu server 11.10.18:41
pmatulisiToast: good stuff18:41
iToastShould I hold out for 12.018:43
ikoniait's up to you18:44
ikoniait's 4 months away18:44
sanilmI have PHP5 installed on my Ubuntu Server, and when I try to send an request using cURL to Google Maps Geocode API, the page timeouts18:50
sanilmI suspect that Ubuntu blocks the PHP5 requests18:50
sanilmHow can I check / change that?18:50
ikoniawhy do you think ubuntu blocks php5 ?18:51
ikoniaphp5 is just a language, what ports is it communicating on18:51
ikoniathats the key if you think it's being blocked18:52
sanilmI suppose 18, because I use apache18:52
sanilmIt's an ordinary LAMP server18:52
mgwwhat is the url for the geocode api?18:52
ikonia18 ?18:53
mgwcan you ping it?18:53
ikoniaport 18 ?18:53
ikoniaI don't think it will be communicating on port 1818:53
mgwI think he meant 80 — no?18:53
sanilmYes 80, sorry18:53
mgwhttp that is18:53
sanilmDid not notice that I made a mistake18:53
ikoniasanilm: ok, so port 80 is open by default18:53
ikoniaubuntu won't be blocking that18:53
sanilmWell, when I use cURL to send a request, I get a false boolean... I don't know what else could be the reason why it does not work18:54
sanilmIf I open that URL from Chrome, it perfectly works18:54
sanilmDoes firewall have to do something with that?18:56
sanilmI just remembered what else could be the reason19:02
sanilmI chagned my network settings so that ubuntu uses the static ip19:02
sanilmBut when I try to update it or download any package, it won't work until I change that back to dhcp19:02
sanilmCould that be the reason?19:02
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Guest50124I want to call screen with a command and I want to command to immediately detach19:07
mgwsanilm: yes, if your network is failing to route or resolve dns, you won't be able to connect to a host19:07
Guest50124something like 'screen ping google.ca &'19:07
mgwthat's why i asked if you could ping the google url19:08
sanilmI figured out the problem19:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #914954 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91495419:11
pdtpatrick_Question -- I'm trying to update the motd on my server. /etc/motd.d has the files, i've change of the files in this directory, i understand pam.d/login has option to display the motd upon successful login, however, it does not display the new change19:26
pdtpatrick_there''s also no update-motd binary to restart the service (if it is)19:26
kirklandpdtpatrick: it's /etc/update-motd.d/19:26
pdtpatrick_right i've edited a file in there, how do i make it appear on the next login?19:27
pdtpatrick_kirkland: btw -- good work on the new byobu - quite nice19:27
kirklandpdtpatrick: thanks19:27
kirklandpdtpatrick: it should automatically do so19:27
kirklandpdtpatrick: if you file a bug and assign it to me, i'll get a /usr/sbin/update-motd shell script that manually updates19:28
kirklandpdtpatrick: in the mean time, i can give you a one-liner to do so, if you like ...19:28
pdtpatrick_interesting .. creating /etc/motd.tail19:31
pdtpatrick_will auto append to the file based on the 99-footer shell script19:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #914971 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: sub-processo script post-installation instalado retornou estado de saída de erro 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91497119:36
pdtpatrick_kirkland: i figured it out .. they have /var/run/motd.new so I'm just going to symlink that to /var/run/motd and that should work.19:39
kirklandpdtpatrick: cool19:40
jandrodoes anyone know of a good alternative to torrentflux-b4rt with multi-user support and is web-based? cheers19:42
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peterrusmy realtek RTL8111/8168B gigabit ethernet card works fine under the ubuntu server bootcd20:31
peterrus(during install)20:31
peterrusand on the ubuntu desktop live cd20:31
peterrus11.10 that is20:32
peterrusbut in my install it does not work20:32
peterrusit does show up in lspci of course20:32
peterrusbut the interface is not there in ifconfig20:32
peterrusany ideas?20:32
jmarsden|workpeterrus: is /etc/network/interfaces set up and doing the right things for that NIC?20:38
peterrusjmarsden|work: it shouldnt do anything20:39
peterrusexcept get a static ip20:39
peterrusbut dhclient doesnt get a ip either20:39
jmarsden|workWhether it is static or dynamic IP depends on what you write in /etc/network/interfaces :)20:40
peterrusmy networkcard is not showing up in ifconfig21:31
peterrusits a21:31
peterrusRTL8111/8168B gigabit ethernet card21:31
peterrusthe module is loaded21:31
peterruswhere else could the problem lie?21:31
peterrusis there something I can check?21:31
peterrusit is working under both the ubuntu server and desktop 11.10 livecd21:32
peterrusbut the local install does not work21:32
peterrussame modules on the livecd loaded21:33
peterrusas on the local install21:33
peterrusthis is strange21:35
peterrusthe card shows up as eth121:35
peterrusand there is no eth021:36
peterrushow would I fix this?21:36
JanCdid you use another NIC before?21:36
peterrusbut it is not there currently21:36
peterrusand I dont plan on using it again21:36
peterrusso I guess eth0 is mapped somewhere21:36
RoyKpeterrus: rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules21:36
JanCsomething like that indeed21:36
RoyKpeterrus: debuntu binds ethX to a mac address21:37
peterrusRoyK: exactly, super!21:37
peterruswhat is that?21:37
RoyKdebian/ubuntu :P21:37
peterrushaha XD21:37
JanCudev links nicks to device names, because by default they are numbered in the order they come up otherwise21:37
peterrusI see21:38
peterrusthanks alot!21:38
RoyKthat file is generated on bootup if it doesn't exists21:38
peterrusthen I will just delete it21:38
RoyKI had to disable the generation of that once on a netboot system, but don't remember where21:39
JanCpeterrus: alternatively, you can edit that file, I guess21:39
peterrusI could do that21:39
peterrusbut its to late now XD21:39
guntbertpeterrus: deleting it is fine21:39
RoyKyou still need to reboot, and then removing it is easier :P21:39
JanCRoyK: well, in some cases it's easier to edit (e.g. if you have 2 nicks and replaced one, but the remaining one needs to keep its device name)21:40
RoyKbut in his case, where a nic has been replaced, I'd just remove it21:41
JanCit would be more useful if NICs were named after the PCI slot they are in, I guess...21:42
JanCs/after/based on/21:43
RoyKnot at all21:43
RoyKthat is, they are, from linux' point of view21:44
RoyKudev renames them later21:44
RoyKwhich is good indeed21:44
RoyKsince without that, suddenly eth1 can become eth2 after inserting a new board etc21:44
RoyKwhich is usually not what you'd want21:45
JanCthe idea is that a replaced NIC would get the same device name automatically21:45
RoyKthat doesn't work in practice21:45
RoyKsince the new nic may be another chipset, meaning the order may be differenc21:46
RoyKso better tie the nic to something that identifies it, meaning its MAC address21:46
JanCRoyK: the "persistent rules" thing is because now they are ordered on the time their driver gets innitialized, what I mean is naming them based on the fysical slot they are in21:47
RoyKthat doesn't make sense21:47
JanCit would make a lot of sense on servers, I think, but maybe less so on desktops21:47
RoyKanyway - you can probably script that up as well21:48
JanCprobably  ☺21:48
peterrusdid you know21:57
peterrusI actually trashed and reinstalled my server21:57
peterruswhich was quite painstaking21:57
peterrusbecause of this XD21:57
peterruswrong window22:03
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skonedo most people enable the root account on server or just use sudo?  On a server it seems more realistic to use root accounts22:55
maxbdefine 'enable'22:56
skoneturn it on22:57
xranbyskone: when the system boot the first program that start the init program are root22:57
xranbyskone: all security are invented by avioding having all priveliges22:57
xranbyskone: so init makes sure that the user processes gets locked down22:58
xranbyand to answer your question22:58
xranbyandministrators use sudo22:58
skonebut I have ssh limited to this account and if someone get my password they have root access.  If I have a seperate root account and disable ssh on the root account then they would need two passwords to get in22:58
skonethat was my main concern22:58
pangolinby enabling a root account and setting a root password you give an attacker 2 possible ways in22:59
pangolininstead of one22:59
skonei guess I can see it both ways22:59
pangolinif you need  extended elevated privileges use sudo -i but remember to "exit" when you are done.23:01
xranbyskone: how about you add a second user with sudo access23:01
xranbyskone: and prevent ssh longin for this second user23:01
skoneyeah, thats what I was thinking I wold do23:02
kaushalCan i seek help on rsyslog application on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ?23:25
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