javier_israel: ok, thanks!00:00
DinoMuffinlotus-blade: sudo mkdir /media/cdimg ; sudo mount <iso image here> /media/cdimg00:00
javier_someone else has any idea, how to fix it? Repeat: I installed banshee-extension-clutterflow, everything fine, I changed some of its options and then I can't open banshee (except if I uninstall the extension, which I still would like to use). Ideas about to fix that?00:01
israeljavier_: you can try, sudo find / -name *banshee*00:01
DinoMuffinthat, or I think there's a program, like "furious iso mount" or something in the ubuntu package manager00:01
flowerpotwith System V init, you could start up in single user mode or bring a system from multi-user mode down to single-user mode (e.g. to perform maintenance).  How is this same task accomplished with Upstart?00:01
DinoMuffinif you watn a gui00:01
javier_DinoMuffin, what did you mean with "to the logs"? I think I've never done that00:01
DinoMuffinjavier_: when a program crashes, it will usually forward its error output to the /var/log directory00:02
DinoMuffinnormally syslog00:02
DinoMuffinor, you can run the program from a terminal window00:02
mcphailflowerpot: debian/ubuntu have never supported use of runlevels like that00:02
DinoMuffinand it will forward it to the terminal window00:02
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willdabeastHow do you boot a Windows XP cd if the current OS is Ubuntu, and on Startup I cannot access my keyboard to enter the BIOS. Is there a way to start the installation while logged in?00:03
acerimmerwilldabeast: you can't get to your bios?  that's not good00:03
Rinso question, does linux have a huge database of drivers that it can access?00:03
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: that's a task for your bios00:03
acerimmerwilldabeast: xp???  for what?00:03
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: make sure that the CD drive is first inthe boot priority00:03
willdabeastacerimmer, I can get to my bios, but it won't recognize my keyboard for some reason00:04
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: or hold tab when you computer starts to choose a boot drive00:04
willdabeastdinomuffin, yea that's what I am trying to change00:04
israelwilldabeast: weird cuestion, mmm change the keyboard usb by ps2 and try to get in the setup00:04
mcphailRin: the linux kernel is full of "drivers"00:04
Rinso how does it choose which one it use, and does it do it automatically?00:04
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: oh, what's your keyboard? USB?00:05
israelwilldabeast: try pressing F900:05
mcphailRin: it chooses automatically and you rarely have to override it00:05
Rinso basically, i create a live cd, and boot my new computer using that cd and it will autp configure most everything?00:06
willdabeastisrael, it didn't do anything.00:06
willdabeastDinomuffin, let me check00:06
zennez0009anyone here uses zim wiki desktop?00:06
javier_DinoMuffin, what I find tehre is "Jan 31 19:04:26 javier-Aspire-5742 kernel: [15809.971686] ptrace of non-child pid 26261 was attempted by: gdb (pid 26348)"00:06
mcphailRin: unless you are very unlucky, yes00:06
javier_DinoMuffin, doesnt say a lot to me...00:06
Rinalright.  that makes me feel a ton better about linux then.  XD00:06
israelwilldabeast: mmm then you need to enter setup and set boot secuence cd first00:07
DinoMuffinjavier_: but it's working now, correct?00:07
mcphailRin: it is magic when it works... (which is most of the time)00:07
Rinmind if a query you mcphail, and ask a few other questions i have on my mind?00:07
javier_DinoMuffin, yes, because I unistalled the extension00:07
willdabeastdinomuffin, the keyboard flashed on and turned off, it's not a keyboard problem though I use it on my computer all the time.00:07
mcphailRin: happy to reply in channel but I'm going to bed soon00:08
DinoMuffinjavier_: I've never used banshee, but has it updated recently? the extension may no longer be compatible00:08
Rinok, well, i was just wondering about how linux "drivers" come to be, are they done by the oem, or by other people?00:08
vandal-willdabeast, i had similiar issue with pretty new usb keyboard. problem solved with usb to ps2 adapter ;)00:08
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: it's possible that the BIOS doesn't like it though. If you have a PS2 adapter, try putting that on00:09
israelwilldabeast: told you earlier00:09
israelwilldabeast: weird cuestion, mmm change the keyboard usb by ps2 and try to get in the setup00:09
mcphailRin: bit of both. Some of the drivers have had to be reverse engineered00:09
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: also, if you're running it through a KVM switch, it might get angry00:09
magicJwilldabeast:  it is that the bios is too old to support usb00:09
javier_DinoMuffin, but, the thing is, after installing the extension, it worked. I went then to its properties (of the extension), and make changed about the resolution that it displays some images. And then it crashed and never worked again. When I nuistall it, the changed i made in preferences are still there (I assume) and I don't get the chance to set them as they were at the beggining, because the program doesnt open00:10
Rinand also, is there a tool inside of ubuntu itself that you can use to find new drivers for your hardware?00:10
DinoMuffinjavier_: have you tried deleting the config files?00:10
DinoMuffinjavier_: they're probably in your home folder somewhere00:10
willdabeastdinomuffin, any other solutions? I don't have a ps2 cord00:10
javier_DinoMuffin, I can't find it there, that's the problem. There is no .banshee folder00:11
mcphailRin: new drivers will be loaded automatically for new hardware. Ubuntu will offer alternative drivers if necessary00:11
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: well, have you been able to access bios with that keyboard before?00:11
Rincool, so for the most part its all plug and play00:11
mcphailRin: as i said, when it works it is magic...00:11
Rinalso, what about games?  is there even a such thing as steam for linux?00:11
javier_DinoMuffin, Ah! I found it! It's fixed :) Thanks a lot!00:11
willdabeastdinomuffin, no I mean that keyboard works with my other computer, this computer it doesn't let me do anything after I enter the Boot Menu00:12
DinoMuffinjavier_:no prob :)00:12
mcphailRin: some steam games work. Steam itself runs through an application called "wine"00:12
Rinand theres an app market im assuming, correct?00:12
mcphailRin: but don't expect much major-label support for ubuntu00:12
Rindidnt figure to00:12
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: ok, i guess i didn't hear the entire problem. if it stops working after you enter bios, then it sounds like the bios version may be buggy00:13
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: or too old00:13
Rinthere needs to be though.. windows is too much of a monopoly00:13
dsirijuscould anyone help me with trackpoint (trakstyk by hp actually)? it freezes if i move it too fast (i have to move it REAL slow not to freeze)00:13
mcphailRin: there is a user-friendly "app-market" type interface00:13
israelwilldabeast: some pc dont let you use usb keyboards until de OS is running thats why you need to change for a ps2 plug00:13
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: what israel said too00:13
dsirijusit's recognized as ps2 mouse, and trackpad works just fine00:14
Rinis there a such thing as java for linux?00:14
metasansanaRin yup00:14
mcphailRin: of course00:14
metasansanaJava is multi platform00:14
willdabeastdinomuffin and israel, is there a way to fix it if the bios is too old?00:14
Rinand im assuming that means any java programs are able to be run in linux as well?00:14
alfredo72Hi. I'm having audio issues since my last upgrade, audio is choppy, at best, music sounds as if played in a phonograph! some web videos work, some don't00:14
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: flash the bios, if there's a newer version00:14
metasansanaRin not any but most should00:14
mcphailRin: just about, yes00:14
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: but you ususally have to be able to navigate the bios to flash it00:14
Rinalrighty.  also, anything browser based should be just like on windows, right?00:15
alfredo72anyone? help...?00:15
fbsdaccents in my keyboard doesn't work, somedy can help?00:15
mcphailRin: there is no real support for silverlight00:15
willdabeastdinomuffin, ok is there a way to do it while logged in?00:15
metasansanaRin: you may have font rendering issues but for the most part yup00:15
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metasansanasilverlight barely exists00:16
Rinis firefox not the same on ubuntu as windows?00:16
acerimmerfbsd: System>Preferences>Keyboard00:16
mcphailRin: better on ubuntu00:16
Rinthought so00:16
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: flashing bios though ubuntu?00:16
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: not that I know of00:16
Rinso why would fonts mess up?00:16
mcphailRin: you can install the Windows fonts easily00:16
xcyclistBack.  I looked through synaptic, deleted obvious related items, re-installed thunderbird twice, and made sure to get an -f dist-upgrade.  I see no difference.  I still cannot send an email, because the send window has no send button.00:17
alfredo72anyone with some insight about audio problems?00:17
willdabeastdinomuffin, alright thanks, appreciate all the help. Israel as well.00:17
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: good luck00:17
Rinok, cool.00:17
xcyclist$ uname -v00:17
xcyclist#26-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 17:07:31 UTC 201200:17
Rinim definitely going to use ubuntu, maybe only as a dual boot, but still00:17
fbsdacerimmer: i have already do that00:17
DinoMuffinalfredo72: what computer do you have?00:17
DinoMuffinHP what00:18
alfredo72hold on00:18
DinoMuffinI mean the model number00:18
mcphailRin: remeber you can try ubuntu by installing it from "within" windows00:18
Rini know.   im just saying, im already hooked on it00:18
Rinjust because of the community behind it00:18
Rinlet alone the magic00:18
mcphailRin: lol00:18
alfredo72dinomuffin: pavillion slimline s500000:18
willdabeastdinomuffin and israel, is there a way to fix it if the bios is too old?00:18
Rinim going to wait until ig et my new computer built, then ill be dual booting it00:18
willdabeastdinomuffin and israel, is there a way to fix it if the bios is too old?00:18
willdabeastdinomuffin and israel, is there a way to fix it if the bios is too old?00:19
FloodBot1willdabeast: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:19
metasansanaRin: you can even run it in a vm00:19
* Rin is a tech noob btw. XD00:19
metasansanaRin virtual machine like virtual box00:19
Rini have no idea how to do one of those.00:19
DinoMuffinalfredo72: 1 sec00:19
alfredo72thanks Dino00:19
metasansanaRin: its actually straight forward00:20
metasansanalike installing a new program00:20
Rinplease and thanks for all the help00:20
metasansanaRin Virtual box allows you to install other operating systems without messing up your main one00:20
Rinoh.  cool00:20
DinoMuffinalfredo72: does it only happen when using flash? or with everything?00:21
Rinso is it running both OS's at the same time?00:21
alfredo72Dino: everything, Banshee sounds as if played through a tin can00:21
metasansanaRin think of it like you are running a guest operating system as a regular application00:21
alfredo72some videos sound ok, most don't00:21
metasansanaRin like you would Firefox or Internet explorer00:22
Rinso its an OS as a single program inside of windows?00:22
Rinand how do i set that up to be done?00:22
alfredo72I have upgraded and updated everything00:22
DinoMuffinalfredo72: and you're using pulseaudio, correct?00:22
metasansanaRin: Virtual Box is the application that you manage the Os guests from00:22
alfredo72good question Dino, how do I find that out?00:22
Rinhow do i get Virtual box?00:23
metasansanaRin: https://www.virtualbox.org/00:23
DinoMuffinalfredo72: open a terminal and type in pulseaudio00:23
DinoMuffinit should say the dameon is running if you do00:23
alfredo72E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.00:23
alfredo72E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.00:23
alfredo72getting anywhere?00:23
metasansanaRin: they have documentation on the website two00:24
flowerpotIs it possible to have a file system on a device without a partition?00:24
Rinit seems as if oracle is a really big open source backer00:24
DinoMuffinalfredo72: i'm checking for bug reports00:24
alfredo72cool, thanks Dino00:24
DinoMuffinalfredo72: unfortunately pulseaudio is a bit of a trainwreck00:24
metasansanaRin: They acquired Sun Micro a while ago00:24
alfredo72oook... so the recommendation is...00:24
metasansanaRin: they have an agenda like any other corp00:24
dsirijusalso, it seems like the more cpu is hit, the more i get these cursor freezes (they last like second or two)00:24
html_5how do i open port 5000 -5100 on ubuntu00:24
acerimmerFound!  http://imagebin.org/19665800:25
Rinwell, any company out for money has an agenda00:25
KC-45what irc clients do you guys recommend00:26
KC-45im absolutely new to ubuntu00:26
Rinbut for now, ill just use it as a dual boot, so that i can play with it and see how it would work on its own.00:26
alfredo72DinoMuffin: I began the sound troubleshooting procedure found in the ubuntu forums, but it seems that is for NO audio at all, which is NOT the case00:26
DinoMuffinalfredo72: can you check your syslog?00:26
Rinthank you guys, for all the help.00:27
acerimmerKC-45: ubuntu?  chatzilla works well in firefox.  xchat is also nice00:27
alfredo72hold on Dino00:27
metasansanaRin: no probs00:27
Rinill probably be back.  XD00:27
willdabeastdinomuffin, I love you. ps2 keyboard worked ;)00:28
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willdabeastisrael, I think you said to do that too, thank you00:28
alfredo72DinoMuffin: check syslog as in typing "dmesg" in terminal?00:28
DinoMuffinwilldabeast: cool :)00:28
acerimmerwilldabeast: http://imagebin.org/19626900:28
DinoMuffinalfredo72: type in "cat /var/log/syslog | grep "pulse"00:29
alfredo72ok, hold on (thanks)00:29
alfredo72bash: cat/var/log/syslog: No such file or directory00:30
DinoMuffinthere should be a space after cat00:30
alfredo72my bad00:30
DinoMuffinno worries00:30
alfredo72ok, a bunch of data pops out00:31
alfredo72do I copy paste that for you?00:31
DinoMuffinmind putting it in a pastebin?00:31
willdabeastIs there a way to rank people who answer questions up and down in this chatroom as a peon?00:32
alfredo72no, not at all... HOW? (my handle is no joke)00:32
DinoMuffinalfredo72: pastebin.com, copy paste it in there and upload00:32
alfredo72yes, I'm @ pastebin, upload to where?00:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:33
DinoMuffinalfredo72: there should be a large area in the middle of the page under "new paste"00:33
DinoMuffinalfredo72: paste it in there, and at the bottom click "submit"00:33
DinoMuffinalfredo72: then give me the link in your address bar00:34
alfredo72gotcha, 1 min00:34
DinoMuffinalfredo72: sure00:34
alfredo72Dino: http://pastebin.com/v38470Ec00:34
DinoMuffinalfredo72: thanks00:35
DinoMuffinalfredo72: oh I thought it was more than that lol00:35
alfredo72no, bro, thanks to you00:36
evoandroidevodoes sshd recored who loged in and what they did00:36
cyberjorgehi, i want to save the results of tailf00:36
cyberjorgethis doesn't work.. tailf /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log | grep -i email@domain.com > filetered.log00:36
cyberjorgeany suggestion?00:36
alfredo72so I'm I going to have to take my computer out to the backyard and... shoot it?00:36
DinoMuffinalfredo72: but good news, looks like your not the only one with this issue00:36
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DinoMuffinalfredo72: well, hopefully not00:37
alfredo72hahahaha! how could that be good news?00:37
DinoMuffinalfredo72: means you probably don't got to shoot your computer ;)00:37
alfredo72ok I won't00:37
alfredo72so what's the prognosis Doc, Dino Sir?00:38
codepaldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libfreerdp1_1.0.0-0git1_i386.deb (--unpack):00:40
codepal trying to overwrite '/usr/share/freerdp/keymaps/aliases', which is also in package libfreerdp0 0.8.2-2build100:40
alfredo72"hmm"? what do you mean by "hmmm"?!?!00:40
codepalhow to fix ? ^^00:40
DinoMuffinalfredo72: have you ever had it where it cuts out completely?00:40
vadi2How can I cancel a dist upgrade? I did apt-get clean in the middle of it, and now it'll give me an error dialog for every single package ahead.00:40
alfredo72Dino: no, maybe with some web videos00:40
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ok00:41
alfredo72DinoMuffin: but the audio is very low, choppy and sounds as if played through a can00:41
iarpanyone have experience using setfacl? i'm trying to make a certain folder only write as nobody:users nomatter who writes to it, it always must be nobody:users00:41
DinoMuffinalfredo72: and i'm guessing you checked the physical connection and all that?00:42
evoandroidevodoes sshd recored who loged in and what they did?00:42
alfredo72DinoMuffin: do I sound THAT stupid? ;)00:42
DinoMuffinalfredo72: lol, just gotta check all the bases00:42
alfredo72I know, I know00:42
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ActionParsnipevoandroidevo: its logged in /var/log/auth.log00:43
xcyclistthunderbird send problem:  I found I get this only on my main account on my laptop.  The secondary account puts up a good send window, but the primary does not.00:43
stephenhevoandroidevo: no, only their login time00:43
stephenhit does not do any sort of auditing00:44
xcyclistSo, it appears to be something got corrupted in my account.00:44
stephenhwell history of what they did00:44
codepalnm fixed it with dpkg --force-all00:44
evoandroidevook thanks guys00:44
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DinoMuffinalfredo72: alrighty, try opening up "alsamixer" in a terminal00:45
alfredo72Dino: I've already done that, all bars are cranked all the way up and are not muted00:45
xcyclistAnyone know where to look for stuff that might mess up thunderbird configurations so I can just start over without losing my email history?00:46
DinoMuffinalfredo72: i was gunna suggest reducing the PCA to < 70%00:46
acerimmerxcyclist: I'd guess there're in your /home and are hidden by default.00:46
alfredo72ok, hold on00:46
DinoMuffinalfredo72: i believe that it has to digitally amplify the sound if it's above that00:46
alfredo72ummm. Dino? there is no PCA bar00:47
DinoMuffinoh PCM00:47
DinoMuffinyeah, sorry00:47
DinoMuffinthat about blew my brain00:47
alfredo72ok, so it's either 71 or 69, no way of putting 7000:48
DinoMuffin69 then00:48
DinoMuffintry running some music afterwards00:48
kah_i've been running virtualbox for about a week now with ubuntu, shutting it down, starting it up and now I just shut it down and started it and out of the blue I get no launcher or top tab, any ideas? it looks like this http://www.screencast.com/t/CH47jtwa400:48
alfredo72ok, one sec00:49
DinoMuffinkah_: did you restart it?00:49
alfredo72Dino: YOU EFFIN ROCK!!!!00:49
kah_several times00:49
kah_DinoMuffin: several times00:49
DinoMuffinalfredo72: sweet :D00:49
DinoMuffinalfredo72: aparently there is some issues with the alsa driver when it amplifies sound00:50
alfredo72can't believe that did it (I'm POSITIVE I hadn't touched anything there)00:50
kah_i can click on the top tab and will get the pull down menus00:50
DinoMuffinalfredo72: i'll put it in a bug report00:50
kah_and they show up00:50
alfredo72thanks dude00:50
alfredo72so what can I do for you?00:50
kah_but launchy and the top menu bar are transparent00:50
DinoMuffinalfredo72: if it just updated, it you might not of had to do anything00:50
xcyclistacerimmer:  okay, well I've looked in the .thunderbird directory, and it is pretty obscure, and has no serious difference from my other account.00:50
alfredo72I know: " aguy walks into a bar carring a briefcase..."00:50
DinoMuffinalfredo72: lol, dont worry about it. i do this stuff for fun00:50
alfredo72so one last question: do I put all the bars in the "white zone"? all are cranked all the way up to red00:51
acerimmerxcyclist: I've been know to delete hidden config files.  logout/login and it forces a rebuild of the config.00:51
kah_DinoMuffin: any idea? :D00:51
DinoMuffinalfredo72: the rest shouldn't matter, PCM is the one to look out for00:52
DinoMuffinkah_: 1 sec00:52
alfredo72cool, thanks a lot bro, really appreciate that00:53
alfredo72and another (less important) question, this one I can live with: my monitor  is out of range but there is no option for the resolution ... any ideas on that one?00:53
DinoMuffinalfredo72: no prob man00:53
DinoMuffinalfredo72: is it on DVI or VGA?00:54
alfredo72ok, I hjaven't got a clue00:54
DinoMuffinkah_: try reinstalling gnome_panel in the synaptic package manager00:54
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ok, is it LCD or CRT?00:54
alfredo72LCD I guess... flat screen, not a year old00:55
artichokuhowdie howdie! how's it hangin'?00:55
DinoMuffinit's probably DVI then00:55
DinoMuffinalfredo72: open a terminal and type "xrandr"00:56
DinoMuffinalfredo72: any resolutions showing up?00:56
alfredo72Dino: yeah, a whole bunch of them00:57
DinoMuffinbut they don't show up in the display options?00:57
alfredo72oh they do, it's just that the one spcific for my stupid monitor doesn't00:57
DinoMuffinoh, its on a non-native resolution?00:58
alfredo72well it's a resolution HP thought is really cool?00:58
ActionParsnipalfredo72: what video chip do you use?00:59
Oeralfredo72, what resolution exactly ?00:59
DinoMuffinalfredo72: I have to wonder now if it's actually connected through VGA, rather than DVI00:59
alfredo72that's what I'm trying to find out without shutting down the computer00:59
alfredo72how wpould I know that?01:00
ActionParsnipalfredo72: lspci | grep -i vga    what is output?01:00
DinoMuffinwell VGA will likely be a thick black cable with a blue end01:00
DinoMuffinDVI will have a white end01:00
alfredo72VGA it is01:00
haylovga has a bunch of pins01:00
DinoMuffinit might not be detecting the monitor correctly01:00
haylolinux sux with some resolutions alfredo72 2nd monitor im guessing?01:01
DinoMuffinyou can force a specific resolution with xrandr01:01
DinoMuffinif memory serves me01:01
semitonesActionParsnip: hey, you told me a long time ago to unload psmouse and reload it when my computer resumed from sleep01:01
haylocool DinoMuffin il try that01:01
alfredo72haylo: nope this is the monitor that came with the computer01:02
alfredo72DinoMuffin: cool, how?01:02
semitonesActionParsnip: is there a way to make that happen every time I come back from sleep, automatically?01:02
DinoMuffinalfredo72: gotta remember how lol, 1 sec01:02
semitonesActionParsnip: also is that still the best way of dealing with the problem of the touchpad not working properly?01:02
alfredo72sure, no prob01:02
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ah yeah, that link ben posted would do it01:03
alfredo72thanks Ben6401:03
alfredo72Dino: it should be 1366x76801:05
DinoMuffinwow you have to know the specific h and v sync timings?01:05
Ben641366x768 isn't that strange01:05
DinoMuffinyeah but he's not using dvi01:05
Ben64doesn't matter01:05
alfredo72Dino: those would be H = 48kHz V = 60 Hz01:05
ActionParsnipsemitones: sure, make a script to unload and reload the module, then run:  gksudo gedit  /etc/pm/sleep.d/90_psmouse     and you will need text like #2 here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133442901:06
evoandroidevo1024x600 :D small screen eh01:06
alfredo72Ben64 so basically I follow instructions on the thread you kindly provided?01:07
Ben64alfredo72: yeah, should do it01:08
ActionParsnipsemitones: same deal here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+question/17627301:08
ActionParsnipsemitones: also: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_configure_the_TrackPoint01:08
ActionParsnipsemitones: says how its done too01:08
ActionParsnipsemitones: the last one is probably the way forward01:09
DinoMuffinoh ok01:09
semitonesActionParsnip: thanks, I'll look at that one then01:09
DinoMuffintil about cvt01:09
evoandroidevois there anything that records the screen in Ubuntu kinda like fraps for windows01:09
semitonesActionParsnip: it had been a while... I was hoping an update would have fixed it by now. I was avoiding upgrading away from 10.10 because I didn't want to deal with trackpad issues01:10
SonWighFac9yeah the new gnome 3 have a built in screen recorder01:10
DinoMuffinevoandroidevo: have you tried "desktop recorder" in ubuntu package manager?01:10
ActionParsnipevoandroidevo: recordmydesktop or byzanz01:10
evoandroidevoyea i have tried it but i couldnt get it to save the video01:10
alfredo72uh, Ben64, quick question: I assume the mode I want doesn't exist so I have to input the second line of code?01:11
ActionParsnipsemitones: some touchpads hate being hibernated01:11
evoandroidevoi tried recordmydesktop01:11
=== armand is now known as Guest1635
whiteLimeanyone have any cool ideas i can do on ubuntu school server01:11
DinoMuffinalfredo72: yeah, after you enter cvt, copy what's after the Modeline bit01:11
ActionParsnipevoandroidevo: or xvidcap01:12
ActionParsnipwhiteLime: in what way?01:12
evoandroidevois xvidcap the package name01:12
alfredo72ok, hope that doesnty make me go blind01:12
ActionParsnip!info xvidcap01:12
ubottuxvidcap (source: xvidcap): Screen video capture for X. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.1.7-0.2ubuntu12 (oneiric), package size 1145 kB, installed size 2808 kB01:12
evoandroidevoman the bot in here is so useful01:13
whiteLimeActionParsnip anyway as long as its legal.01:13
alfredo72Dino, I'm at a loss here01:14
alfredo72mind walking me through this one?01:15
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ok, well try entering this in first "xrandr --addmode VGA 1366x768"01:15
alfredo72ok, cause I entered "xrandr --newmode <Mode``Line>" and got mode bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'01:17
DinoMuffinalfredo72: oh, well the stuff in angle brackets is where you add in the values from cvt01:17
semitonesActionParsnip: xinput list shows ps/2 mouse and alpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint as both existing on my computer. Am I safe just configiuring the alps?01:18
alfredo72Dino: hahaha, I AM stupid01:18
DinoMuffinalfredo72: lol, we've all done it01:18
alfredo72and after that I got "xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default01:18
alfredo72xrandr: cannot find output "VGA""01:18
evoandroidevo whats the min requirements for 64bit?01:18
evoandroidevoas in ram01:19
DinoMuffinmake VGA VGA101:19
DinoMuffinevoandroidevo: how much ram do you have?01:19
DinoMuffinit'll run01:20
kah_DinoMuffin: ok, I'm not quite sure how to reinstall gnome_panel in the synaptic package manager01:20
alfredo72Dino: same message: xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default01:20
alfredo72xrandr: cannot find output "VGA1"01:20
semitonesActionParsnip: take a look at the last thing on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad -- is that gconftool command relevant?01:21
ickefeshi guys! i have a VIA 1708S internal sound card which both Windows and Ubuntu detects as "Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)". How do I install it with VIA drivers? Regards.01:21
DinoMuffinalfredo72: :/01:21
alfredo72Dino: LOL01:21
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ok, type in xrandr and tell me what output is connected01:21
klhif a printer dont work w/ cups would it work with cloudprint via ubuntu?01:21
alfredo72Dino: xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default01:22
alfredo72Screen 0: minimum 320 x 240, current 1368 x 768, maximum 1368 x 76801:22
alfredo72default connected 1368x768+0+0 0mm x 0mm01:22
alfredo72   1368x768       50.0*01:22
alfredo72   1360x768       51.0     52.001:22
alfredo72   1280x720       53.001:22
alfredo72   1024x768       54.0     55.0     56.001:22
FloodBot1alfredo72: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:22
DinoMuffinkah_: in the search bar, put in gnome-panel (not gnome_panel, sorry), and click mark for reinstallation01:22
ActionParsnipsemitones: not sure dude, Gnome3 uses dconf01:22
kah_i can't see anything..01:23
ActionParsnipsemitones: i'd use the wake up script thing personally01:23
kah_DinoMuffin: i can call up the terminal.. can i do it from there?01:23
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest36229
DinoMuffinthat's so weird01:23
DinoMuffinit sees 1368 but not 136601:23
kah_ it looks like this http://www.screencast.com/t/CH47jtwa401:23
Guest36229yo waz up homies01:23
semitonesActionParsnip: that's what I was going to do too, until I read the page with the xinput commands you put up. I'll go back to writing the wakeup scrpt01:23
Guest36229...... yo?01:24
semitonesActionParsnip: this also has some confusing stuff that might be relevant: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection01:24
DinoMuffinalfredo72: I think you got muted01:24
DinoMuffinalfredo72: :(01:24
alfredo72no, here it is: http://pastebin.com/nJe8tDiA01:24
DinoMuffinalfredo72: oh, nevermind01:24
evoandroidevois 12.04 torrent only download?01:24
alfredo72a small faux pass on my IRC etiquette01:24
=== Guest30611 is now known as game16
DinoMuffinalfredo72: lol01:25
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ok, try entering in that command from earlier, but make VGA1 default this time01:25
alfredo72Dino, if this goes wrong what's the worst that could happen?01:26
DinoMuffinalfredo72: well, it shouldn't do anything if you're just adding a mode01:27
DinoMuffinalfredo72: hopefully it will show up in the display settings01:27
maumhow can Iisten radio on ubuntu?01:27
semitonesActionParsnip: is this what I want to save as "etc/pm/sleep.d/90_psmouse" ?01:29
alfredo72 Dino: so the command would be... I'm lost here01:29
alfredo72xrandr --newmode <1366x768>01:30
DinoMuffinalfredo72: try "xrandr --addmode default 1366x768"01:30
alfredo72ok will do01:30
evoandroidevowhere is the power settings to change how long it takes for the computer to lock01:30
DinoMuffinalfredo72: it might not do anything though01:30
alfredo72you were right Dino: xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default01:31
alfredo72xrandr: cannot find mode "1366x768"01:31
DinoMuffinalfredo72: ok01:31
evoandroidevonevermind found it01:32
DinoMuffinalfredo72: lemme check one thing01:33
alfredo72by all means01:34
semitonesActionParsnip: i don't understand the original script so I hope i'm doing it right01:34
html_5how do i open port 5000 -5100 on ubuntu01:34
infektedhow do you call on a browser in ubuntu and i mean not a specific one just default01:34
kah_DinoMuffin: hmmm if i take off hte 3d acceleration on the virtualbox, all is better01:35
pfifoinfekted, `/etc/alternatives/x-www-browser`01:35
kah_DinoMuffin: since im only programming ruby i guess i don't need the 3d +D01:36
pfifohtml_5, you dont have todo anything, the firewall is open by default, if you closed ports then just reopen them the same way01:36
infektedit didnt do the default but it instead opened epiphany01:38
pfifosilly xchant, why you no remember my hide join/part messages settings01:38
html_5trying to setup a local ftp/like such  server locally... but i dont know how, (filezilla) pfifo01:39
infektedi have chromium as default01:39
infektedbut i dont want to straight call on chromium01:39
infektedhold on im going to try something01:40
pfifoinfekted, you can run `update-alternatives` to select the default x-www-browser01:40
infektedgot it01:41
infektedthanx man01:41
pfifohtml_5, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html01:41
semitonesif I want to make a script that runs a command on resume from sleep, is this how to do it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/824650/ --> /etc/pm/sleep.d/90_psmouse ?01:42
DinoMuffinalfredo72: aparently vesa likes to round things01:42
DinoMuffinalfredo72: >:/01:42
evoandroidevoi have a stupid question but why do alot of people still use 10.04 or 10.1001:42
alfredo72huh? vesa?01:42
infektedwould you know how to call on default instant messenger?01:42
semitonesevoandroidevo: because 11.04 introduces bugs :( >:(01:42
semitonesi'm so sorry I ever updated01:42
pfifo!lts | evoandroidevo01:42
ubottuevoandroidevo: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)01:42
DinoMuffinalfredo72: basically cvt won't give me the paramaters for 1366x768 because vesa rounds to the nearist 801:42
DinoMuffinso imma try something else01:43
GlowballHi. I have been using the Chromium beta ppa on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/beta) for a while now, but recently, Chromium has stopped updating. It is still in 15.0.874.106, while the ppa lists a newer version available for Maverick. In Ubuntu Software Center, only the libvpx package is listed, not chromium-browser.01:43
evoandroidevoisnt 12.04 going to be a LTS01:43
alfredo72ok, I think I get what you said, not that I understood the way you said it01:43
pfifoinfekted, look in /etc/alternatives... IM programs might not have defaults since there all different01:43
=== nathan__ is now known as Vorsaykal
pooltablehelp installed firefox 10???01:44
DinoMuffinalfredo72: actually, can you tell me what monitor you have?01:44
pfifoGlowball, 10.10 is out of date01:45
pfifoevoandroidevo, yes 12.04 will be LTS01:45
Glowballpfifo: It is still supported till April. And the ppa still lists a newer version of Chromium for Marverick.01:45
DinoMuffinalfredo72: is it "great wall"01:45
alfredo72as in "made in china"?01:45
DinoMuffinalfredo72: well, I saw a report sayign that some of those monitors say they can support higher resolutions when they really cant01:46
pfifoGlowball, since its a ppa theres no real EOL, the maintainer mostlikely just doesnt update it.01:46
DinoMuffinand they just scale it back01:46
alfredo72weird... can't find model or make01:46
semitonesif I want to make a script that runs a command on resume from sleep, is this how to do it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/824650/ --> /etc/pm/sleep.d/90_psmouse ? (ping: ActionParsnip)01:46
Glowballpfifo: If you click on the link, it says there is a newer version available in the PPA. Ubuntu just doesn't pic it up.01:46
dsirijusso, i guess my trackpoint (recognized as "ps/2 generic mouse") is something like guest mouse to touch pad01:47
dsirijusall ran as evdev drivers01:47
alfredo72oh here: HPS1931a01:47
dsirijusand trackpoint doesn't work (locks every few seconds of usage)01:47
panosdkhi can someone tell me how can i automount my win partition.Its sda1 but i cant find in on pysdm01:47
dsirijuscan i run it as separate mouse or something?01:48
DinoMuffinalfredo72: well, one thing you can try is setting the monitor to 1280x76801:48
DinoMuffinalfredo72: it might look a bit better01:48
dsirijus(it even shows in settings as plain mouse)01:48
=== jason is now known as Guest15181
DinoMuffinalfredo72: but until I find out the timings for 1366x768, I cant generate the xrandr command01:48
pfifoGlowball, its saying that the build failed01:49
DinoMuffinalfredo72: brb01:49
alfredo72ok, no worries Dino,01:49
Glowballpfifo: Oh, you're right O.o The packages are only about the source version number?01:49
alfredo72oh, you mean you'd write them now?01:49
BlueProtomanAnyone here mind helping me out with my hardware acceleration?  I still can't get it working.  Ubuntu 11.04, Intel HD 3000 and nVidia GeForce 520M, both controlled via Optimus.  I've tried this https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Troubleshooting and https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Upgrading-on-Ubuntu , and after resetting numerous times I still have no luck.01:50
dsirijusno one has any idea? this is killing me, completely unusable01:50
pfifoGlowball, what do you mean?01:51
JermBobhey how can i remove the mail icon in the top menu bar on my ubuntu 11.10 install please ?01:51
pooltablehelp installed firefox 10???01:51
DinoMuffinalfredo72: back01:51
Glowballpfifo: The package list at the end of the page lists v17 as the latest version. Synaptic/Software Centre can't find it and won't update higher than 15.01:52
DinoMuffinwell, to add a new resolution to xrandr, you have to have the sync timings01:52
DinoMuffinbut cvt won't give it to me for that resolution01:52
bazhangJermBob, right click remove from panel after unlock from panel ?01:52
pfifoGlowball, ohh, well if the build failed, then launchpad wont make a package for it01:52
somsippooltable: where are you trying to install it from?01:53
JermBobbazhang its not the panel its the main bar at the top which has shutdown and stuff on it ?01:53
alfredo72Dino: how would the sync timings look like? as an example?01:53
Glowballpfifo: So there still is something wrong which prevents my Ubuntu from updating to the latest version, right?01:53
bazhangJermBob, yes, try that01:53
DinoMuffinalfredo72: well the command, in the end, should look somethign like "xrandr --addmode "1368x768_60.00"   85.25  1368 1440 1576 1784  768 771 781 798 -hsync +vsync"01:53
pfifoGlowball, no, you just have to wait for the build to be fixed, then the latest version will be available in the repo01:54
JermBobbazhang if i right click it or anything it gives me a list of Avaliable, Away, Busy, Invisible, Offline | Clear01:54
pooltablesomsip here it is on desktop01:54
alfredo72Dino; ah, but nothing the monitor itself could give me01:54
JermBobits that dumb chat thing that it comes with01:54
wchan_im using xubuntu. i want to create a launcher to eclipse .. how can i do it?  i created one and it says it cant find my JRE ... how can i ensure the launcher does something like source ~/.bashrc before launching the ecilpse01:54
somsippooltable: what have you downloaded?01:55
DinoMuffinalfredo72: nope01:55
DinoMuffinalfredo72: have you tried setting it to 1280x768?01:55
alfredo72Dino: so I guess that will remain unsolved01:55
alfredo72yes but not much improvement01:55
pooltablesomsip firefox-10.0.tar.bz201:56
pfifowchan_, you could try running it like this `PATH=$PATH:/usr/java/bin /full/path/to/eclipse`01:56
somsippooltable: nah - I can't help you with installing form source01:56
wchan_pfifo: no semicolon needed?01:56
pfifowchan_, no thats all 1 command01:57
BlueProtomanAnyone here mind helping me out with my hardware acceleration?  I still can't get it working.  Ubuntu 11.04, Intel HD 3000 and nVidia GeForce 520M, both controlled via Optimus.  I've tried this https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Troubleshooting and https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Upgrading-on-Ubuntu , and after resetting numerous times I still have no luck.01:57
pooltablesomsip ok i just have a take a few day to the they update it o well01:57
alfredo72Dino: changed settings but everything looks awful! all fuzzy01:57
somsippooltable: that would be the easiest and recommended course of action01:57
DinoMuffinalfredo72: change em back01:57
alfredo72Dino: so I'll just keep on searching, thanks anyway01:58
alfredo72oh I did, instantly! lol01:58
pooltablesomsip at least my $$ windows will have it now01:58
DinoMuffinalfredo72: yeah, sorry bout that. maybe someone on the ubuntu forums could help more01:58
DinoMuffinalfredo72: or if I could find the timings for that resolution01:59
alfredo72no worries Dino, the audio thing was important, it was driving me crazy01:59
html_5trying to setup a local ftp/like such  server locally... but i dont know how, (filezilla)01:59
alfredo72this one helps01:59
dsirijuscould someone tell me how to load some different driver for a pointing device?01:59
ablyssBlueProtoman, have you tried http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-270.41.06-driver.html02:00
dsirijusit is evdev now, i think i need synaptics02:00
JohnnyonFlameccmake is not present in cmake's package02:00
JohnnyonFlameanyone knows how to fix?02:00
grysahellooooo nb speak spanish02:02
scientes!es | grysa02:02
ubottugrysa: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:02
MiggsHi guys. I got myself into a spot of PPA trouble with Pidgin. I'm trying to clean it up but apt is giving me an error that I don't know how to deal with. Can someone please look at this http://pastie.org/3292911 and give me a hint?02:02
scientesMiggs, what files are in ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/02:03
ablyssMiggs, whats a PPA02:03
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa02:03
Miggsscientes: morgan@lappy:~$ ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | grep -i pidgin  finds nothing.02:04
MiggsThere is also no mention of pidgin in /etc/apt/sources.list02:05
pfifoubottu, thanks but wheres the $20 you owe me?02:05
ubottupfifo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:05
ablyssMiggs, so basically your PPA wants to install something but your system does not support it02:05
scientesOK, then it is some PPA-foo, i'm not sure about how all that stuff works02:05
metasansanawow ubottu responds!02:05
MiggsThe ppa has been purged already and I can't find anywhere where that could be being referenced.02:05
ablyssMiggs, you use sudo apt-get update you should see the PPA in the list02:06
scientesMiggs, apt-get update02:06
MiggsI've already done that a bunch but I'll do it again now02:06
scientesMiggs, then do apt-get remove pidgin && apt-get install pidgin02:07
scientesor apt-get -t your-version-codename install pidgin02:07
haylomiggs put in synaptic and then deselcet pigin and go ahead and install- it will just install the dependencis02:07
MiggsNo mention of pidgin in the apt-get update output.02:07
jtannenbaumI'm on 10.04 and my monitor resolution is screwed up. I knew this because the bottom left corner of my screen can do this: http://i.imgur.com/fRtex.png02:07
jtannenbaumit's clearly cut off02:07
jtannenbaumchanging the resolution just makes it obviously messed up02:08
Miggsmorgan@lappy:~$ sudo apt-get remove pidgin leads to Package pidgin is not installed, so not removed02:08
pfifoMiggs, according to the pastebin, pidgin is trying to install a pidgin-data that is too new for it to use, so I am thinking your trying to install a non-ppa version of pidgin that is pulling in a ppa verson of pidgin-data, double check your PPA and ensure your desired package isnt named something different from just plain 'pidgin'02:08
haylomiggs it sounds like you tried to remove pigin then reinstall it?02:08
ablyssjtannenbaum, do you have reset or recalibrate button on your monitor?02:08
jtannenbaumdon't think so, it might be in the menu02:08
hayloyeah i dont think you should draw pigin from a ppa- its in almost every repo i think02:09
Miggshaylo: that's right - I used the ppa on the pidgin site then cleared that out so I could use the one in the Ubuntu repo instead.02:09
ablyssjtannenbaum, maybe restarting gdm02:09
scientesMiggs, apt-get remove pidgin && apt-get install pidgin02:09
hayloMiggs, put the name in synaptic02:09
haylothat will tell you the depends Miggs02:09
Miggsscientes: apt says pidgin is not installed so it can't remove it, then the install has the error in nthe pastie.02:09
Miggshaylo: Cheers, I'll give that a try.02:10
haylothen deselct it and install those depends will still be selected02:10
hayloits a pain but at least it gives you some options02:10
jtannenbaumablyss: I've restarted the computer, which I assume restarts gdm02:11
jtannenbaumand no luck02:11
jtannenbaumanything I can install? the resolution in general looks kind of garbage, like everything is very slightly fuzzy02:13
abstraktcan I install a 32bit firefox?02:13
abstraktI need to run the flash debugger plugin, but it's only available for 32bit (apparently)02:14
pfifoabstrakt, you might have to build form source02:14
=== david is now known as Guest99861
pfifoabstrakt, along with all its 32bit deps, but in the end, you can install a 32bit FF02:15
=== mike is now known as Guest66323
dmitry_good evening, I have  aproblem using the ls command in ubuntu, every time I type in the command it seems to look for a directory02:15
=== Guest66323 is now known as Timmaah
dmitry_giving me the error bash: ls: No such file or directory02:15
jeremiah_how do i figure out the size of a file in linux?02:16
Ben64jeremiah_: ls -ho <file>02:16
pfifojeremiah_, ls -lh <filename>02:17
jeremiah_<Ben64> what?02:17
dmitry_hmm it doesn't work I'm trying to us "ls -la" command02:17
Timmaahhey guys.. got a bizarre bug. Currently coding on a big piece of work and I'm in the process of editing it.. and the file becomes read-only. I then change file permissions.. nope.. rw-rw--r.. I then try to sudo su.. to see if I can fix it that way but get the following error message: "Sudo: Can't open /var/lib/sudo/%user/0: Read-only file system02:17
JermBobwhats the command to list all running processes ? ps - ??02:17
jeremiah_<pfifo> what??02:17
pfifodmitry_, try `/bin/ls`02:17
Ben64jeremiah_: you asked how to figure out the size of a file....02:17
meberhartps -aux02:17
dmitry_all I get is bash: ls: No such file or directory02:17
TimmaahOther files in the directory have the same issue.. outside that directory i can edit the files. Directory permissions are create/delete files :/02:17
Timmaahany ideas?02:17
dagerikHow can I find out what version of sudo I have?02:18
subb1os> ubuntu lucid. Not able to find grub.conf or menu.lst file. how do i edit grub options?02:18
meberhartJermBob - ps -aux02:18
JermBobthannks meberhart02:18
jeremiah_<Ben64> but what am i soppose to do with that?!02:18
Ben64type it02:18
dmitry_ok awesome, tI think I delteted this from my PATH variable02:18
pfifojeremiah_, it a command intended to be run on the command line02:18
jeremiah_<pfifo> tried, and did not work02:19
JermBobanyone know the process name for the chat program that comes installed on ubuntu ? i want to remove the mail icon at the top of the screen as its no use to me02:19
ablyssjtannenbaum, i try signing in as guest user02:19
pfifojeremiah_, what didnt work?02:19
dr_willisJermBob:  i think the webupd8 blog site had that mentioned in their ubuntu tweaking guide02:19
semitonesDoes ubuntu still use HAL as of 11.10?02:19
ablyssjtannenbaum, its possible your settings are fubar02:19
JermBobdr_willis thanks ill check it out02:20
dr_willissemitones:  its slowly being phased out. I dont think hal is included by default02:20
jeremiah_<pfifo> typing that in it brought up an error02:20
dr_willis!hal | semitones02:20
ubottusemitones: hal is in the process of being deprecated.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer for more info.02:20
pfifojeremiah_, what was the error?02:20
semitonesdr_willis: I wonder if this page should be updated to include that at the top: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHal02:20
semitonesdr_willis: I got there from a page saying that trackpad problems could be HAL related02:20
Miggshaylo: Thank you very much for the help - synaptic pointed me in the right direction and I got it sorted out.02:21
jeremiah_l<pfifo> s: cannot access tree63: No such file or directory02:21
Ben64jeremiah_: you have to use it on a file that exists02:21
dmitry_Can anyone also help me figure out why this doesn't work:02:22
dmitry_dmitry@dmitry-desktop:~$ PATH=$PATH:$HOME/dmitry/arm-2007q3/bin/02:22
dmitry_dmitry@dmitry-desktop:~$ arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc02:22
FloodBot1dmitry_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:22
dmitry_arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc: command not found02:22
njmikell0226running 11.04, how do i install a theme found on gnome-look.org? noob to linux02:22
jeremiah_<Ben64> it does! it is on my desktop02:22
dr_willisnjmikell0226:  depends on what the theme is for.02:22
semitonescould someone take a look at this forum thread and point me in the right direction? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11655215#post1165521502:22
hayloawesome Miggs :)02:22
Ben64jeremiah_: you have to be in that directory, or specify the full path of the file you want02:22
pfifojeremiah_, make sure to include the path ex. `ls -lh /path/to/file.ext` or use the cd command to navigate to the directory in question... or just run `ls` by itself to determine what files are in your working direstory02:22
semitonesscript-writing, resume, and suspend question: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11655215#post1165521502:23
evoandroidevohow do i update kernel to latest stable?02:23
Ben64evoandroidevo: check in the update manager02:23
njmikell0226meaning?. gtk? is what is shows, but no idea. its android ICS theme02:23
pfifodmitry_, pastebin that info and I might be able to read it02:24
dmitry_sorry I'm just trying to PATH=$PATH:$HOME/dmitry/arm-2007q3/bin/02:24
evoandroidevolol i has ICS on my phone02:24
dmitry_but i get  PATH=$PATH:$HOME/dmitry/arm-2007q3/bin/02:24
jeremiah_<pfifo> way to compex but whatever02:24
dmitry_I mean    arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc: command not found02:24
pfifodmitry_, setting your path shouldnt try to call a cross gcc02:25
dmitry_sorry can you explain?02:25
dr_willisnjmikell0226:  could be a gnome shell theme, or a gtk2, or gtk3 theme.. the webupd8 blog site has a PPA setup with a lot of differnt themes.  plus guides on using them02:26
dr_willisnjmikell0226:  i thinkyou are refering to the ICS gnome-shell theme. which is in the webupd8 ppa.02:26
pfifodmitry_, it looks like your trying to set your path, right? that doesnt involve running any commands02:26
evoandroidevodr_willis arent you the one that fully install ubuntu on a 16gb flash drive so that u could use the dd command on it02:27
dr_willishttp://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/holo-android-ice-cream-sandwich-like.html       ICS gnome shell/gtk3 theme02:27
dr_willisevoandroidevo:  its a 32gb flash  :)  running on it right now02:27
pfifoI want a 32gb flash :(02:28
dr_willisFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on02:28
dr_willis/dev/sdf1              29G   11G   17G  40% /02:28
Ben64dr_willis: what speed is the flash?02:28
dr_willisusing 11 out of 17gb on it at the moment - i wonder where i partioned the other 16gb at...02:29
dmitry_<pfifo> what should I do instead? I'm trying to follow this tutorial, http://groups.google.com/group/beagleboard/browse_thread/thread/452ba83aa2bd69aa02:29
dr_willisBen64:  normal usb202:29
evoandroidevowish i had a 32gb too but anyways say it was a 16gb how would i dd the flash drive over with out makeing the partion 16gb how would u make it bigger02:29
Ben64dr_willis: i mean the actual speed...02:29
dr_willisBen64:  no idea.02:29
pfifodmitry_, is your cross compiler working?02:29
Ben64dr_willis: any of my flash drives would be horribly slow for a running system02:30
semitoneshey -- could i get  a sanity check on a script I'm making?02:30
=== ron is now known as Guest96050
dr_willisBen64:  just a sandisk i found on same.02:30
Ben64dr_willis: sudo hdparm -t /dev/sdf02:30
evoandroidevoBen64 so are mine02:30
dr_williswork time for me. bbl.02:30
dr_willismay be nback in about 20 min02:31
pfifoBen64, Ive been stuck with a 1GB flash for the last year, if you use casper+toram it runs really fast :)02:31
Ben64he left02:31
evoandroidevoi have a 4gb for my live usb02:31
Karmaonfucking hell, why does filezilla crash every time?02:31
bazhangKarmaon, no cursing here02:31
Karmaonbazhang: sorry02:32
semitonesbazhang: could you take a look at a script that i don't understand real quick02:32
Ben64my flash drive =  Timing buffered disk reads:   48 MB in  3.11 seconds =  15.43 MB/sec02:32
bazhangsemitones, to accomplish what02:32
Ben64my boot drive =  Timing buffered disk reads:  424 MB in  3.01 seconds = 141.02 MB/sec02:33
pfifosemitones, try rmmod instead02:33
semitonesbazhang: to accompish a fixing of my trackpad by automatically running a line in bash that I currently type every time I resume from sleep02:33
semitonespfifo: just replace modprobe with rmmode?02:34
evoandroidevoim getting a 16gb class 10 micro sd for my phine ^.^02:34
Ben64semitones: what do you type each time02:34
pfifosemeion, disregard that, if you type it and it works on the command line then rmmod isnt needed02:35
pfifosemitones, what is the script just not executing on resume?02:35
semitonesBen64: "sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 2; sudo modprobe psmouse" -- if I could get it to run every resume, that would be great.02:35
Ben64sudo is probably the problem02:36
semitonespfifo: I don't know bash scripting, or how to make a script run on resume02:36
Ben64how would a script enter your password02:36
pfifoBen64, the script should be running as root though02:36
Nach0zsemitones: pfifo: you can have crontab execute something on startup using the @reboot instead of the * * * * * at the front of the command02:36
semitonespfifo: this is the one I copied from someone else: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11655215#post11655215 (look at the last post)02:36
DinoMuffinwhy would you have a script enter your password02:36
DinoMuffindefeats the purpose02:36
GirffeHey, I'm trying to change the appearance of Ubuntu, but when I use gnome color chooser to change the color of the top panel, it only changes part of it02:37
Ben64pfifo: not sure if it does02:37
dmitry_yes, it seems to be working if I run it fromthat directory02:37
evoandroidevoif u run a script dont u have to enter the password after sudo excutes before it contunes02:37
pfifosemeion, im already looking at it, when you run `sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sleep 2; sudo modprobe psmouse` does it fix your mouse?02:37
Ben64semitones: remove the sudo from the script02:38
Nach0zGot a question for yall that's more technical than most of what I know about ubuntu02:38
pfifodmitry_, can you try your command once more and pastebin everything it says02:38
dmitry_I got it, it was supposed to be PATH=$PATH:$HOME/arm-2007q3/bin/02:38
Nach0zwhen I try to start up, my ubuntu refused to connect to the system bus, so I get no networking02:39
semitonespfifo: yes, it fixes the mouse. it's really handy!02:39
semitonesBen64: got it02:39
Nach0zsays that it can't connect to /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket or something02:39
dmitry_do I need to export the PATH to save it? Will it overwrite the existing paths?02:39
pfifodmitry_, and by pastebin I mean http://fpaste.org not ctrl+v in this channel02:39
evoandroidevoor pastbin.com lol02:39
pfifosemitones, then perhaps your forgot to chmod 0755 the file?02:39
javier_Hi! I installed coverflow extension for banshee and then changed its options (selected more resolution for some images it displays). After that, banshee crashed , and I can only make it work if I uninstall the extension, that I still would like to use. I believe the problem are those settings I made in coverflow extension, that persist after uninstalling and reinstalling it. Is there a way to reset those properties manually>? Thanks!02:40
evoandroidevooh forgot the e always do that02:40
DinoMuffinNach0z: so, how do you get it connected afterwards?02:40
Nach0zDinoMuffin: I don't. it never connects02:40
semitonespfifo: i haven't saved the file yet, I just wanted to see if it made sense. Right now it looks like it would run the command when I suspended too, which doesn't make sense to me02:40
DinoMuffincan you post the exact log entry02:40
Nach0zum. I can look. where's the system log in Ubuntu again?02:41
pfifosemitones, ohh well you should try it and adjust accordingly, there doesnt seem to be any problems with the script02:41
Nach0zthanks. one sec02:41
GirffeWhen I try to edit the color of the panel in Ubuntu using Gnome color chooser, it only does this:02:41
GirffeIs there a way to change the color of the entire bar>02:41
semitonespfifo: alright I'll give it a try. Thanks!02:41
Nach0zDinoMuffin: what's the actual logfile called that I'm looking in?02:41
Nach0zoh nevermind02:42
DinoMuffinprobably either dmseg or syslog02:42
XdocWhos going to be Preident02:42
Nach0zDinoMuffin: pasting into pastebin now. I'm not actually ON my ubuntu right now, it's a different partition on this laptop, I'm just accessing the partition through an EXT3 reader02:42
pfifoXdoc, #ubuntu-offtopic is going to win02:42
Nach0zDinoMuffin: http://pastebin.com/pAMHge1P02:42
=== XReaper|What is now known as XReaper
Nach0zDinoMuffin: hope you can help with this. I've tried a dozen times to fix this setup. I'd just reinstall manually if I had the disk and some way to keep my encrypted home folder thingy.02:43
DinoMuffinNach0z: looks like a known bug02:45
Nach0zDinoMuffin: I aint had a look at that partition in almost three months so... dunno XD02:46
DinoMuffinNach0z: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185943202:46
DinoMuffintry wegorz solution02:46
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Nach0zDinoMuffin: thanks.lemme try this out02:47
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=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
Nach0zDinoMuffin: ffs cygwin can't access the drive XD this might take a while02:50
Nach0zDinoMuffin: Um. What if there's no /var/lock? :S02:50
DinoMuffinwhy not boot into that partition?02:50
Nach0zDinoMuffin: cuz is broke :|02:50
Nach0zbut yeah it looks like i'll have to resort to that02:50
DinoMuffinNach0z: the installation is broken? or the harddrive?02:50
Nach0zbut there's no /var/lock on my partition....02:51
evoandroidevocygwin i could never get that to work02:51
Nach0zthe installation is borked02:51
DinoMuffinNach0z: oh :|02:51
Nach0zDinoMuffin: yeah. lol. that's what I'm tryin to fix02:51
DinoMuffinwell, that's probably why it can't connect to the network02:51
DinoMuffinso, reinstall ubuntu?02:51
Nach0zDinoMuffin: that's my point XD that's why I'm coming in here askin for help. the installation messed up the /run and /var/run stuff02:51
Nach0zDinoMuffin: I'd reinstall but my home folder is encrypted and I don't wanna lose all that work.02:52
Nach0zmight copy my /var/lock off of my ubuntu server...02:52
DinoMuffinyou shouldnt need to delete the home folder02:52
Nach0zto overwrite the OS on the drive?02:52
DinoMuffinwell, is home it's own partition?02:53
evoandroidevoNach0z y not just copy to a extrunal hard drive ? just in case02:53
Nach0zDinoMuffin: not that I'm aware of. it's encrypted but I'm not sure how that process works02:53
Nach0zevoandroidevo: cant copy encrypted hidden stuff >_> can't even find it02:53
Nach0zbrb though, letting the dog inside02:53
DinoMuffini don't remember if ubuntu defaults to having it all one big partition, or a sepereate home partition02:54
evoandroidevoone big partion02:54
LirthAnyone know why when I try to log in to Roboform Chrome extension for the first time it will crash Ubuntu? I get an error message about Kernels when it happens.02:56
DinoMuffinNach0z: ok then, do you have a ubuntu live cd?02:57
pfifono I remember it creating a swap partition when i used the default partition recommendation02:57
dagerikI am having trouble with running ubuntu(10.04) on a GMA500 laptop. The graphics are really sluggish. Should I upgrade to latest ubuntu?02:57
Nach0zDinoMuffin: nope. wish I did.02:58
evoandroidevoLirth if u posted the log in a http://pastebin.com someone could help you02:58
DinoMuffinNach0z: well, you need one02:58
Nach0zDinoMuffin: I've needed one for a looong time.02:58
pfifoNach0z, you dont have 50 livecd coasters on your coffee table?02:58
Lirthevoandroidevo: My problem is it crashes, shows the error message for a second or two, and then goes to the log in screen and I don't get a chance to take it down.02:59
DinoMuffinNach0z: you can manually access the data off the encrypted folders, but you need a live cd and the mount password02:59
evoandroidevopfifo Y 50 u olny need 502:59
pfifo...per distro03:00
DinoMuffinLirth: it will save the last log to the dmesg.0 file in your /var/log folder03:00
Nach0zDinoMuffin: ah I see. that'd be cool. gonna reboot right now and see if I can beat this thing into submission. brb03:00
JermBobhey another question, how can i change the resolution in ubuntu ?03:00
quixotedongo to display03:01
evoandroidevosystem settings then display03:01
kah_When I click delete, it redirects me to the page, without asking about if I want to delete... what ... is.. going... on... http://pastie.org/329317703:01
quixotedonor type displays03:01
quixotedonJermBob: type displays03:01
JermBobah my bad03:01
JermBobi was in the screen part03:02
JermBobthanks again03:02
pfifokah_, this is ubuntu support03:02
JermBobyou guys are choice with your help even if my questions are dumb03:02
kah_pfifo: shit! whoops sorry03:02
DinoMuffincaptain planet... he's a hero...gunna take polution down to zeero03:04
DinoMuffinNach0z: so did it work?03:05
LABcrabHello people!  i have a 2 GB and 4 GB DDR3 sticks in my laptop, but only the 2 GB stick is detected.  What went wrong?03:05
DinoMuffinDoes it show up in your bios?03:05
LirthOk, my log from crashing in ubuntu when I tried to log into the chrome extension is here. I don't have any problems when I use it in WIndows 7. http://pastebin.com/Ckzwyuts03:05
dagerikLABcrab: It was not automatically mounted. You have to mount it manually.03:05
pfifoLABcrab, does the 4gb stick work when you install it by itself?03:05
LABcrabdagerik: Really?03:05
LABcrabpfifo: Don't feel like trying.03:06
LABcrabNot yet.03:06
LABcrabNot tonight.03:06
pfifoLABcrab, well i can tell you for sure, your not allowed to mix memory like that03:06
LABcrabSays who?03:06
pfifoLABcrab, dual channel memory doesnt work that way03:07
LABcrabPlus i have the other problem where if i put my mouse in the lower right corner, it gets trapped.03:07
LABcrabpfifo: So i have to put 8 GB and that's it?  What do i do with the 2 GB + 2 GB that comes with the laptop?03:07
evoandroidevosell it03:07
dagerikLABcrab: Nevermnd my comment. I though you were mounting usb sticks03:07
pfifoLABcrab, the memory needs to be the same, 2, 2+2, 4, 4+403:07
evoandroidevokeep it for just in case03:07
DinoMuffinLirth: has it ever crashed like this before with any other program?03:08
pfifoLABcrab, its also possible your board doesnt support 4gb sticks, and the most you can have is 2+203:08
LirthDinoMuffin: Only with the Roboform extension right after turn my computer on and only in Ubuntu.03:08
LABcrabpfifo: but that's not fair, another computer has 1 GB + ½ GB of RAM DDR1.03:08
LABcrabpfifo: Up to 8GB according to Crucial.03:08
DinoMuffinLirth: how many times, do you think?03:09
pfifoLABcrab, that was before dual channel architectures03:09
LABcrabWell, darn.  Gotta pay another $25.03:09
LABcrabWhy is dual channel better?03:09
pfifoLABcrab, not reall, use only the 4 stick for now03:09
LirthDinoMuffin: I don't turn my computer off often, but it happens every time as I can remember.03:09
pfifoLABcrab, twice as fast03:09
LABcrabpfifo: Then i'm not ahead compared to 2 GB + 2 GB i had before!03:10
LABcrabi get 0 GB of new memory!03:10
pfifoLABcrab, the 2+2 will be faster then the 4 alone03:10
DinoMuffinLirth: and this is a laptop?03:10
pfifoLABcrab, but you should still test the 4 works all by itself03:10
themaster_Need some help03:11
LirthDinoMuffin: Yes, HP Pavillion dv603:11
DinoMuffinLirth: thanks, 1 sec03:11
Nach0zDinoMuffin: IT WORKZ mwahahaha (thanks)03:11
LirthDinoMuffin: It happens only once per time I turn the computer on. After that it's fine until I turn off the computer again.03:11
themaster_I need help with ubuntu server getting a command to run on boot03:12
pfifo!ask | themaster_03:13
ubottuthemaster_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:13
DinoMuffinNach0z: no prob :)03:13
DinoMuffinLirth: oh03:13
DinoMuffinLirth: sorry I misunderstood, I thought it was kernel panicking03:14
themaster_problem is this is urgent DX03:14
evoandroidevothemaster_ ask in more detail03:14
LABcrabpfifo: It's brand new and sealed from the store!  Unlikely it won't work.  What do i do with the 2 GB and 2 GB i have left?  Other computers with DDR2 won't take them!  Darn, who makes RAM like this?03:14
LirthDinoMuffin: I'm completely new to ubuntu and the word kernel keeps coming up. What exactly is it?03:14
themaster_I need to launch a flash policy daemon on boot so it can run along my IRC server03:14
themaster_I have no idea how to start..03:15
xanguaLirth: the linux kernel03:15
DinoMuffinLirth: kernel panic is the equivilant of a windows BSOD, basically03:15
pfifoLABcrab, I suggest you mail the 2 2GB to me.03:15
DinoMuffinLirth: means something pretty bad happened and it can no longer run03:15
LABcrabpfifo: As a donation?03:15
evoandroidevoLABcrab u could sell them or keep them in case ur ram goes bad better safe than sorry03:16
scientesDinoMuffin, he is just seeing informational messages, probably on boot03:16
DinoMuffinLirth: when it happens, either the computer completely freeses and nothing happens, or it goes to a terminal screen that gives you a stack trace03:16
scientesLirth, to see kernel information, largely about hardware, type dmesg03:16
LABcrabevoandroidevo: Never had a RAM problem for almost four years on my older laptop, but maybe.03:16
evoandroidevothe computer im on now the ram goes out easily but its not mine so idc03:17
pfifoLABcrab, also, intel made memory like this03:17
DinoMuffinif it's a software error, as in you can still use your computer after the crash, it will likely be in your syslog file, rather than dmesg03:17
LABcrabWhat about my mouse being "trapped" at the bottom right, and i have to jig it out to get it out?03:17
pfifoLABcrab, I would keep the sticks, you might obtain a craptastic used box in the future that could use them03:18
DinoMuffinLirth: sorry if that's confusing, but if it's a kernel panic, you cannot use your computer until you manually restart it again03:18
LABcrabi guess.  They're only worth $12.50 a piece anyway, if you consider 4 GB = $25.03:18
LABcrabBut the mouse problem is bugging me.  Fix please?03:18
LirthDinoMuffin: I don't think it's that. It crashes and takes me to the log in screen, but I don't have to restart.03:18
Nach0zDinoMuffin: in the time that my ubuntu's been offline... I just did sudo apt-get update... 579 packages to be updated :| almost 600 megs03:19
DinoMuffinLirth: ok, what it's doing then is killing the X server03:19
DinoMuffinLirth: and restarting it03:19
Guest32940colorado state03:19
DinoMuffinNach0z: lol, have fun with that03:19
MrKeunerhello, default LANG for a box is A, if I want B as for my user, how should I be handling this? I guess I should write LANG=B somewhere? .bashrc? .bash_login?03:19
Nach0zDinoMuffin: ikr :'<03:20
scientesB? LANG=C03:20
DinoMuffinLirth: anyways, the log for that is Xorg.0.log.old03:20
xanguaMrKeuner: select the language on your login screen03:20
scientesexport LANG=C03:20
DinoMuffinLirth: if you can pastebin that, that would be awesome03:20
scientesotherwise you need a read region, ie LANG=zh_CN03:20
cyclicfluxHello all!!!!03:20
LirthDinoMuffin: As I said, I'm new to linux and ubunu, so... Huh? What is Xorg.0.log.old?03:21
pfifoMrKeuner, I put it in .profile03:21
scientesLANG=C means to skip gettext, and use the original text, instead of the translations03:21
MrKeunerxangua, no X access here03:21
tycel2so, appearantly Ubuntu wubi didn't find my drivers properly for my video card03:21
DinoMuffinLirth: Xorg is the graphical user interface manager, so to speak.03:21
scientesMrKeuner, you see my stuff about LAND?03:21
MrKeunerpfifo, does that work for ssh sessions?03:21
tycel2its nvidia I believe (atleast it says so on the toshiba website)03:21
tycel2so what do I have to install to get them to wrok?03:21
DinoMuffinLirth: when programs crash under linux, they forward their error messages to /var/log03:21
LABcrabAm i the only person in the world that gets the mouse stuck on the bottom right, and then when i try to get it out, i have to shake it very hard so it moves elsewhere on the screen?03:21
evoandroidevoahh better03:22
Guest32940@Labcrap are you using a vm03:22
MrKeunerscientes, just notices, nut don't understand if I need de_DE.utf would still LANG=C work?03:22
LirthDinoMuffin: I found it. Should I paste the whole thing?03:22
DinoMuffinLirth: the file Xorg.0.log.old is the log from the last time X server ran03:22
DinoMuffinLirth: yeah03:22
pfifolol labcrap03:22
scientesMrKeuner, LANG=C gives you english, for 99.9% percent of packages, as most packages are written in english03:23
LABcrabGuest21792: one, it's "crab", two, i use VirtualBox once in a while, but happens with or without VBox.03:23
scientesbut they don't have to be written in english, and otherwise you need the specific region code, even if en_US03:23
LirthDinoMuffin: I can't figure out how to open it. I can't seem to find the way to open it in a text editor03:23
cyclicfluxI am having some kind of strange issue with regard to my monitor intermittently going to sleep while I am using my computer. It goes to sleep fine when it is left, however, when I am using it, it appears that it intermittently goes to sleep. I changed my graphics settings to kms for my ati-5770, and blacklisted the appropriate modules in '/etc/modprobe.d/', as well as updated the 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT', with the 'radeon.m03:23
cyclicfluxodeset=1', and then ran 'update-grub'03:23
LABcrabFor example, i'm running Ubuntu natively right now, mouse gets stuck at bottom right unless i shake very hard.03:24
themaster_How do I get ubuntu server to initiate a command on boot?03:24
scientesLABcrab, that sounds very strange03:24
cyclicfluxhowever, this appears to still intermittently happen, its kind of sporadic, and random, but has a tendency of coming in bursts03:24
DinoMuffinLirth: if you're at a terminal, run "gedit Xorg.0.log.old"03:24
DinoMuffinLirth: otherwise right click and open it with gedit03:24
cyclicfluxthemaster, I would think it would be something either in grub, or init-scripts03:24
dr_willisthemaster_:  /etc/rc.local is one way03:25
LirthDinoMuffin: Ok, it is at http://pastebin.com/KATsrmfr03:25
pfifoMrKeuner, yes if your shell is /ben/bash on the remote machine03:25
themaster_dr_willis how would I do it with that?03:25
LABcrabscientes: Why does this happen?  One of my only Ubuntu problems.03:26
DinoMuffinLirth: thanks03:26
cyclicfluxthemaster, that would def. work, or you could source a script in your xsession. But it is important to remember what run-level you want it to occur on.03:26
dr_willisthemaster_:  edit the file. its a script03:26
themaster_well it is a flashpolicy daemon03:26
cyclicfluxIs anyone familiar with this happening with the hibernate/etc... of the monitor??? I am beginning to think that I am just going to have to recompile the damn kernel to get rid of the excess fat.03:26
dr_willisthemaster_:  x gui app?03:27
MrKeunerpfifo, what about cron running as your user? can it have the LANG variable when you put it in .profile?03:27
themaster_No, not GUI its all terminal ubuntu server dr_willis03:27
dr_willisthemaster_:  try rc.local then03:27
DinoMuffinLirth: one more question, did this just start happening recently?03:27
pfifoMrKeuner, cron uses a blank enviroment, you need to take care to setup things correctly in cron03:27
themaster_dr_willis, it starts like ./flashpolicyd.rb03:27
North_ihavnoth:  Are you Korean?03:27
cyclicflux I am having some kind of strange issue with regard to my monitor intermittently going to sleep while I am using my computer. It goes to sleep fine when it is left, however, when I am using it, it appears that it intermittently goes to sleep. I changed my graphics settings to kms for my ati-5770, and blacklisted the appropriate modules in '/etc/modprobe.d/', as well as updated the 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT', with the 'radeon.03:28
cyclicfluxmodeset=1', and then ran 'update-grub'. Does anyone know what else it could be?03:28
MrKeunerpfifo, ah OK, always thought my scripts not running well in cron was due to .bashrc .profile .bash_login confusion03:28
dr_willisthemaster_:  use the full path and end it with &  in rc.local03:28
DinoMuffincyclicflux: does it only happen under ubuntu?03:29
LirthDinoMuffin: I just started with Linux after Christmas this year, and I didn't start using the Roboform Extension until about a week or two afterwards. I really started noticing it after I experienced it a few times which was last weekish. So it's been going on for almost the entire time.03:29
DinoMuffinLirth: ok03:30
evandroany asterisk users?03:30
scientesevandro, #asterisk03:30
evandroI use freepbx03:31
_pr0t0type_hey guys, I put some old ppa repository that no longer works (url is dead), I deleted it from my /ect/apt/sources.list, however every time I run 'sudo apt-get update' the upgrade complains about errors from the already deleted deb ppa.  Is there anyway to fix this?03:31
evandroI just upgraded from 2.9 to 2.10 and I have problem with IRV03:31
DinoMuffinLirth: well it's definitely crashing the X server, and it's not an unknown problem03:32
LirthDinoMuffin: Is that good or bad?03:32
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, well aside from windows and ubuntu, I have had archlinux on here, however, not long enough to see it happen. It starts up, and then I did the kms setting and then it stopped for like a few weeks03:33
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, I thought maybe it could have been something in xorg setup. However, ubuntu's is very different than what I am used to with i.e. gentoo, archlinux, slax etc...03:34
DinoMuffinLirth: it's good, it'll give me a better idea of how to approach the issue03:34
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, I checked the X.org.0.log, and there were no errors, and xsession-errors(I am not that familiar with what to look for in this), as well as the x-configuration03:35
DinoMuffinLirth: lemme ask you, are you set on using chrome as your web browser?03:35
DinoMuffincyclicflux: well what I was asking is weather or not your monitor is dying03:36
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, I thought it was the monitor however, it doesn't happen on Windows.03:36
LirthDinoMuffin: Does this mean chrome is the cause?03:36
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, It could very well be(its only a year old)03:36
DinoMuffinLirth: it looks like there are known conflicts with roboform and chrome on all operating systems03:36
DinoMuffinIt might not be an issue on firefox03:36
LirthDinoMuffin: That's strange. I haven't noticed it on windows 7 on this laptop or on XP at school.03:37
DinoMuffincyclicflux: well, if the backlight is dying, the monitor will still have a green light03:37
troy-i have 11.10 installed - how can i encrypt the entire fs?03:37
DinoMuffinLirth: well, those computers probably aren't using the same version of chrome03:37
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, greenlight? And is there a way to check?03:38
LirthDinoMuffin: I just updated it. School doesn't preinstall chrome so I do it myself and it's the most recent version.03:38
DinoMuffincyclicflux: if it doesn't have a glowing power button, next time it blanks out, hold a flashlight to the monitor03:38
DinoMuffincyclicflux: if there's still a picture, your backlight or controller is dying03:39
DinoMuffincyclicflux: if there's no picture at all, it just lost signal03:39
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, its stating it has lost signal03:39
DinoMuffinLirth: I'm not sure how it is for Chrome, but for firefox, it lags behind the windows versions03:40
DinoMuffincyclicflux: ok, nevermind then03:40
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, it says something like going into standby-mode. Do you think its something with the acpi/power-mgmt(thats included in ubuntu) for laptops, or pm-utils that is causing it?03:40
LABcrabDid i miss anything regarding how to fix the mouse?03:40
DinoMuffincyclicflux: only two things I can think of that would shutdown the monitor are power settings and the screensaver program03:40
LirthDinoMuffin: Do you have any idea (no matter how unlikely) why it works for windows but not Ubuntu for me?03:41
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, would you like me to pastebin one of my logs for you to see??03:42
DinoMuffinLirth: it's hard to be exactly sure without more information. But there could be an issue between the versions, there could be some rendering issue or memory access violation03:42
DinoMuffincyclicflux: sure03:43
LirthDinoMuffin: You said that it lags behind the versions. Does this mean that I have to be patient when I'm logging in and let it load?03:43
DinoMuffinLirth: usually things don't take down the Xserver though03:43
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, which one would you like to see xsessionerrors?? or syslog-ng??03:44
DinoMuffinLirth: did you say before that it only crashes once and then works fine afterwards?03:44
H264hey, I have a .deb where the dependency is already met (I compiled and installed it myself), how do I tell dpkg that this dependency is met?03:44
LirthDInoMuffin: Correct. It takes me to the log in screen. Then I log in and I can open Chrome, do the same thing, and it works fine.03:44
DinoMuffincyclicflux: lemme ask, does it happen when you're typing? Or just when you leave it alone for a few seconds?03:45
MrKeunerhi, how can I change the LANG that sudo uses?03:45
DinoMuffinLirth: that is a bit odd03:45
LirthDinoMuffin: Exactly!03:46
MrKeunerhi, how can I change the LANG that sudo uses? added de_DE.utf8 to /root/.profile but did not work03:46
DinoMuffinLirth: lol sorry, it's a pretty complex problem03:46
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, it happens most of the time when I am typing, and maybe once when I leave it alone. However, it always happens when I am using the computer(as little as once a week, or as much as 8x's a day). Its been going on for like a few weeks or so03:47
DinoMuffincyclicflux: but it wakes up afterwards right?03:47
DinoMuffinLirth: it's almost acting like there is some driver issue03:48
DinoMuffinLirth: but that's not something that normally clears up by itself03:48
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, yes, if it is in its genuine sleep/hibernation(when I've left the computer). However, when using the PC, and it does it doesn't wake up. Nothing I have tried can wake it, I even tried 'setterm' command from archlinux.org and it didn't work03:48
LABcrabNobody has a solution for mouse stuck in lower right corner?  10 minutes before i leave.03:49
Nach0zLABcrab: I'm assuming you've tried rebooting?03:49
DinoMuffincyclicflux: that's bizzare too03:49
DinoMuffincyclicflux: almost like its not seeing the interrupt03:50
DinoMuffinman you people and your weird problems today03:50
DinoMuffin1 sec03:50
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, even though the monitor disconnects like its going to sleep, it really isn't due to the fact its not waking up.03:50
unnamed12593Could someone point me in the right direction here, I'm trying to figure out what channel I should ask a question regarding creating and mounting volumes using dmsetup on ubuntu.  #lvm is completely silent03:50
LirthDinoMuffin: Thanks for all the help. Honestly, I have no idea why nice people sit in the chat rooms to help out people like me. I really appreciate it though.03:51
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, in one of the xsession-error logs, I saw that the gnome-settings-daemon stated it lost connection with the display or screen(or something like that), due to something else using it. However, it didn't disclose what else could be using it.03:51
LABcrabNach0z: for the mouse?  Does nothing.03:51
DinoMuffinLirth: no problem :). I enjoy doign it03:52
Nach0zLABcrab: so you HAVE rebooted then. If that didn't help, then I don't know. sounds like either A. a bad driver or B. you got some broke hardware03:52
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, hahahahahaha I have never had this happen before03:52
DinoMuffinLirth: sometiems these problems get really complicated however03:52
LABcrabNach0z: will test it on another machine, but yeah, pretty sure it's driver.03:53
Nach0zLABcrab: sorry I can't help more03:53
semitonesI'd like to run a script on "resume" -- how can I do that?03:53
LirthDinoMuffin: Takes a lot of focus and a lot of time. Wish I had either.03:54
DinoMuffincyclicflux: if it happens again, try pressing ctrl + alt + f1 to enter single user mode03:54
semitonesI have a command I run every time I resume from sleep. How can I make it a script that runs automatically?03:54
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, didn't work, hahahahaha03:54
DinoMuffincyclicflux: :|03:54
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, what could take the connection from gnome-settings-daemon?03:55
dagerikUbuntu is not detecting my external 24' screen's highest resolution. I tried adding the 1920x1080 resolution using xrandr like this: http://folk.ntnu.no/dageriv/images/2012-02-01_04.50.38.png But it "Failed to change the screen configuration!". Suggestions?03:55
DinoMuffinLirth: i'd reccomend trying it under firefox03:55
DinoMuffinoh he left03:55
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, should I maybe re-compile the kernel? Eliminate all modules and make it monolithic?03:55
DinoMuffincyclicflux: sorry, i don't remember if i asked, but is this a recent thing that has started happening?03:56
Jordan_Ucyclicflux: Making your kernel image more monolithic isn't going to help anything.03:57
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, yes, and I know my problem sucks, I would rather have a different one as well!!03:57
DinoMuffincyclicflux: lol03:57
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, hahahahaha03:57
cyclicfluxJordan_U, why wouldn't it?03:57
DinoMuffincyclicflux: well, if its something that just started happening recently...03:58
Jordan_Ucyclicflux: Becuase it's the same code, with the same policy, either way. Why would it?03:58
DinoMuffincyclicflux: i know the kernel was updated a few days ago03:58
BarblahHi all.  I just upgraded a 10.04.3 machine and got a firefox9 upgrade.  is firefox 3.6 deprecated on 10.4.3?03:59
Barblahand is there anyway to downgrade to 3.6.x?03:59
cyclicfluxJordan_U, to stream-line it, minimize excess code, as well as load-time, which not only would boost performance it would minimize the likelihood for error, which if my history serves me right is the reason they initially created the monolithic kernel for Multix03:59
Nach0zBarblah: I don't think there's ANY way to get firefox 3.6 on ubuntu anymore. that's olllld.04:00
floorlavaI have no forward-back icons in epiphany, or power button on GDM. What icon pack am I missing?04:00
DinoMuffincyclicflux: well, the fact that single user mode isn't overriding the blank tells me it's gotta be a kernel or driver issue04:00
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, you want me to pastebin the dmesg log04:00
DinoMuffincyclicflux: what's your graphics adapter?04:00
DinoMuffincyclicflux: sure04:00
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, ati577004:00
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, juniper I believe04:01
gopiballava"The attempt to mount a file system with type swap in SCSI3 (0,0,0), partition #6 (sdb) at none failed"04:01
LABcrabGood night y'all and thanks!04:01
gopiballavaWhy is it trying to set up swap on sdb? Swap is supposed to be sda204:01
Jordan_Ucyclicflux: Building modules into the kernel doesn't actually make the code more monolithic. Reducing the modules, and thus code, that are loaded *might* make a difference, but I very much doubt it. Most bugs are in the logic of the code interaction with hardware. Neither of those is going to change by building your module into the kernel.04:02
righteousRatanyone know how to launch a desktop gui over x1104:02
Jordan_Ucyclicflux: *logic of the code or interaction with hardware.04:02
DinoMuffinthe ati driver might also be buggy now04:03
gopiballavaIt just hangs at this point. I've tried a few times.04:03
righteousRative seen someone do ssh'd into centos with some command. i think it had nautilus and gnome in the command name but i cant recall at the moment04:03
BarblahrighteousRat: you mean X forwarding?  as in, ssh -YCc blowfish user@host xeyes04:03
righteousRathmm let me rephrase my question. anyone know how to launch the desktop gui through ssh -X user@domain04:03
DinoMuffintry starting the file browser when in the ssh session04:04
righteousRatBarblah:  theres a command you type in the terminal you ssh'd into and it launches a desktop window04:04
righteousRatbut i cant recall. was hoping someone here might remember it04:04
righteousRateven just a file browser really would be fine04:04
gopiballavaBooting from USB. Any suggestions?04:04
BarblahrighteousRat: nautilus is what you would want then04:04
DinoMuffinwhen in the session, type nautilus04:04
righteousRatthanks Barblah04:05
gopiballava(11.10 desktop 32 bit)04:05
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:06
gopiballavaI've never had much trouble with Linux installers, *especially* not just randomly hanging with silly error messages like this.04:06
gopiballavaAny suggestions for a less broken installer? CLI installer?04:08
* Gnea frowns at the fact that the flashplugin-installer for 11.04 doesn't install anything that works on amd64 with chromium04:09
cyclicfluxJordan_U, the basis for my statement was due to the fact that there are unnecessary modules with the ubuntu install things for laptop power-mgmt/etc, and although the modules are blacklisted, and the kernel has the right modules, there could still be memory mismanagement from other miscellaneous modules that didn't get filtered in the kernel's logic. Many times I would agree, however, this problem is something that I have tried04:09
cyclicflux many things to solve and yet it hasn't worked04:09
gopiballavaTold it not to use swap. Still doing it.04:09
gopiballavabloody hell.04:09
cyclicfluxJordan_U, while other very lean distros i.e. gentoo/archlinux that are fully-customizable and everything is compiled on system I have never had this problem with. Plus, the ubuntu packages have a tendency of lagging a bit with regard to versions of the code04:10
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, what do you think. I will gladly pastebin my dmesg log or any other log04:11
DinoMuffindmesg would be a good start04:11
gopiballavaWhat Linux distribution should I switch to? Cause I don't have the patience to deal with installers that hang like this.04:11
dr_willisgopiballava:  go to the distrowatch website and pick one04:12
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa04:12
ben_zenhey, so I've got a question about how the LiveCD creates what it sees as a « hard drive »04:12
J7my microphone isn't working. can someone please help me?04:13
J7it's the jack04:13
DinoMuffinben_zen: you mean the temp file system?04:13
J7the microphone input won't work04:13
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, I checked X.org's site for the ati-5770 support and it is fully supported for KMS, and benchmarks from phoronix state it is undoubtedly faster. The one semi-weird thing I think is that of the connector I am using and that is I believe a parallel port to vga connector(this came with the computer)04:14
ben_zenDinoMuffin: sort of, I guess.04:14
DinoMuffinJ7: go to your alsamixer and check the mic level04:14
ben_zen(I'm trying to figure out if I've got a bad memory slot or bad firmware, and this may be the solution.)04:14
DinoMuffinben_zen: oh? booting issues?04:15
ben_zenDinoMuffin: no booting issues04:15
ben_zenbut I installed two 4GB SODIMMs and it's telling me it only sees one04:15
ben_zeneven after flipping them04:15
DinoMuffincyclicflux: did you post your dmesg?04:16
ben_zenhowever, when I loaded up the live cd, it said I had 3.6GiB of RAM, and 3.9GB of disk space04:16
ben_zenthat looks mysteriously similar to a full 8GB of RAM installed to me.04:16
=== BELGIUM is now known as GreatA`Tuin
DinoMuffinben_zen: were you using a 32x cd?04:16
ben_zenDinoMuffin: no, AMD6404:16
DinoMuffinben_zen: well tmpfs has a max size limit04:18
DinoMuffinI think it defaults to half physical ram size04:18
ben_zenDinoMuffin: that answered my question, I think. The answer isn't pretty, but that's what I was wondering about.04:19
DinoMuffinI can link you to further specs if you'd like04:19
ben_zenDinoMuffin: yeah, definitely. I just want to be sure that's what's up04:20
DinoMuffinI don't remember if a livecd retains that limit or not, but it would make sense given what youv'e said04:20
ben_zen(since now I get to yell at Apple about EFI not working)04:20
DinoMuffinben_zen: http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/marcelo/linux-2.4/Documentation/filesystems/tmpfs.txt04:20
ben_zenyep, half of physical RAM.04:21
ben_zenWhich means Ubuntu could read everything in my system ...04:21
ben_zenbut the Apple Hardware Tool, OS X itself, and memtest couldn't … -_-04:21
DinoMuffinben_zen: osx couldn't read >4gb o_O04:22
J7my mic levels are all the way up, DinoMuffin04:22
ben_zenDinoMuffin: I think it's an EFI problem04:22
DinoMuffinben_zen: oh04:22
ben_zenbecause it's only reading the existence of a SODIMM in bank0/dimm004:22
ben_zenbank1/dimm0 reads as empty04:22
DinoMuffinben_zen: weird04:23
ben_zenDinoMuffin: in a word, yes. This was happening before, too, I discovered … when I cracked the case, expecting to see one DIMM, and saw two.04:23
ben_zen(I upgraded from 4GB to 8GB today, only I thought I was upgrading from 2GB)04:23
DinoMuffinJ7: what are you trying to do, if you don't mind me asking?04:24
J7I'm trying to get my mic to work on Skype, DinoMuffin04:24
J7it doesn't work for anything, DinoMuffin04:24
byoungmnIs the mic working on anything else???04:25
=== _skpl is now known as R_zr
byoungmnOh, you answered that04:25
J7I know the mic itself works04:25
J7works with other computers04:26
byoungmnDo the speakers work04:26
byoungmnjust not the mic04:27
ben_zenDinoMuffin: thanks for the help!04:27
J7byoungman, that's right04:28
J7byoungmn, that is correct04:28
byoungmnAre you sure the mic port on the card is good04:29
J7no, i'm not04:29
byoungmnI'd first try a meter on the port and see if your gettign a signal from the port04:30
gopiballavaOk, bug report for the installer filed.04:30
byoungmnplay some music04:30
byoungmninto the mic04:31
byoungmnor a card if you have a known good one04:32
harrisi tried making linux USB bootable04:33
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, well thanks for your help, I know there is some logical explanation for it, however as of now no one has been sure. I feel like I need to find someone or some instructions that are very very illustrative of the inner-workings of x, framebuffer, graphics/video, & debugging the kernel. This is undoubtedly the most terrible of terrible problems.04:33
harrison thumbdrive04:33
harrisi tried unetbootin04:33
DinoMuffincyclicflux: lol, sorry bout that04:33
harrisbut my computer will not boot from it, it keeps getting stuck on here http://askubuntu.com/questions/68781/installation-problems-on-dell-xps-15z04:33
harrisand keeps refreshing04:33
harrisi used a sandisk cruzer usb drive, could that sandisk be the problem?04:33
kurtulhow can i type 5digit unicode characters? i can type 4 digits using ctrl+shift+u+4digit.04:34
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, its all good you def. recommended everything that I eventually found to do in the past few weeks. Do you think I should move up to ubuntu 11.04, I am using ubuntu 10.04 Backtrack 5 R1 with gnome204:34
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, as of now04:34
emis there a way to view all used sockets and release them if wanted?04:34
DinoMuffincyclicflux: oh, any reason you're holding back?04:35
Guest12237hello all, Is it possible to encrypt the main folder after i have already installed ubuntu.or can that only bee done via installation04:35
DinoMuffinharris: probably not04:36
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, because I am using backtrack's ubuntu. Is there a way to avoid having to re-install by changing the sources.list, and going with the official ubuntu 11.04 repositories???04:36
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, it does look pretty sick, it being ubuntu 11.0404:36
Guest12237anyone know04:37
DinoMuffincyclicflux: it's not something i've attempted before04:37
Guest12237if i can somehow encrypt my files after the installation proccess04:37
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, I know typically one would only have to do a 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' followed by an 'apt-get dist-upgrade'04:37
benbloomis tehre a way to route my webcam through vlc, in such a way that skype will recognize vlc's output as a webcam?04:37
cyclicfluxDinoMuffin, do you think it would work??04:38
DinoMuffincyclicflux: for backtrack?04:38
Guest12237that sounds interesting benbloom?04:38
DinoMuffincyclicflux: i doubt going from bt to stock ubuntu through updates would go smoothly04:39
Guest12237Does Anyone know if it is possible to turn on encryption for my main folder After the installation process04:39
benbloomwell Guest12237, most webcams come with a bundled app that allows you to preprocess video before skype/msn or whatever. I'm looking to VLC to do the same i guess04:39
DinoMuffindepends on how the kernel handles the camera04:40
Guest12237Yea true my logitech has this little program that lets you add things to it like back grounds etc. it also allows you to Pan tilt and zoom04:40
Guest12237pre skype04:40
Guest12237Does Anyone know if it is possible to turn on encryption for my main folder After the installation process04:40
harriswhat is BSSID for wireless connection?04:41
DinoMuffinGuest12237: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Setup_Your_Encrypted_Private_Directory04:41
DinoMuffinharris: you mean the mac address?04:42
Guest12237is this the same thing that is available in the installation process04:42
DinoMuffinor sorry not mac address04:43
DinoMuffinmedia access control04:43
Guest12237i assumed it encrypted all of your files, from the glance that i gave it it looks like it makes a ./private dir04:43
Ben64mac address04:43
DinoMuffindamn i need to go to bed04:43
DinoMuffinmy brain decided they weren't the same thing for some reaosn04:44
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, werrrrrd!!! I am going to have to get going to bed as well shortly myself04:44
cyclicfluxdinomuffin, thanks again bro04:44
DinoMuffincyclicflux: no prob man04:44
gopiballavaHmm. So there are these warnings about Debian mirrors throttling bandwidth. I wonder what they throttle it to. I'm getting just over 25 mbits/sec.04:46
rick__anyone familiar with bluefish04:46
xangua!anyone | rick__04:48
ubotturick__: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:48
rick__i opened it up and created a html doc very simple just a background color and put it on the server and thier is no color present04:48
DinoMuffinpastebin the code04:48
DinoMuffineven though its not really a ubuntu problem04:49
harrishow do i setup wireless on LUBUNTU?04:49
harriswhen i try UBUNTU the wireless is very easy, but on LUBUNTU its not showing up right away, in fact, it does not even show the wireless card LED lighting up04:49
daneswhich is the best action game for ubuntu?04:49
redscarehello. is there a way to have alt-tab always show a window preview in unity?04:50
aeon-ltddanes: no best, and discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic04:50
danesaeon-ltd, I already did and nobody wants to discuss04:51
rick__can anyone anser?04:51
Sebastienanswer *04:51
Sebastienrick__ this is #ubuntu not #html :/04:51
Sebastienpeople might not know.04:51
DinoMuffinrick__: it's either gunna be a problem with the html code, your browser (unlikely), or apache (very unlikely)04:52
sqeeKEYDoes anyone know how to use fbsplash?04:53
noybHello.  I'm using Ubuntu 11.10.  When I tried to mount a cd-rom using gmount I got the little gmount-iso window.  It asks for the "image file (.iso).  No matter what I try it seems impossible to mount.  I've also tried using the command line.  I've looked online for a gmount tutorial.  The only ones I've found assume that you know how to figure out what the .iso file is on the cd-rom you are trying to mount.  I am thoroughly confused.  Any idea04:55
redscareis there anything that I can do to bind keys to window actions04:55
noybs, anybody.  Thanks in advance from a lost noob.04:55
Ben64noyb: i'm confused, are you trying to mount a cd or an iso04:56
DinoMuffinnoyb: what command did you try?04:56
rick__its coded like the book says04:56
rick__and it has always worked04:57
noybHello, Ben64... I'm trying to mount a cd-rom for my d-link dir-615 router.04:57
cheapieI accidentaly melted my keyboard. Can somebody suggest a good virtual keyboard?04:57
Ben64noyb: you don't need a cd for a router04:57
harrisi want to make a bootable USB linux that actually works04:58
pedahzurDoes anyone know why Chromium Browser is at v16 for i386 but only v14 for AMD64?04:58
pedahzurharris: unetbootin04:58
dagerikharris: Use startup disk creator or some other tool for creating startupdisks. One such other program is unetbootin04:59
DinoMuffinharris: what drive are you using?04:59
noybBen64... originally, I set up the router with the cd-rom... then forgot my password... I want to reset & reinstall the software... to do that I assume that I will need to use the cd-rom... just like last time.  Yes?  No?04:59
cheapieHello? Anybody?04:59
Ben64noyb: you can reset the router with the button on the back of it04:59
DinoMuffinresetting the router doesn't erase the firmware05:00
Ben64noyb: also, the software on the cd is unnecessary and probably windows only05:00
goddardi can't click on the flash "Allow" button05:00
goddardit does nothing05:00
LordKowbut resetting a router does reset the settings. beyond that there is not much else for a router reset button to reset.05:00
DinoMuffincheapie: why not buy a new keyboard?05:00
gandhijeehey is there away to get a list of the recently installed packages, and what they mighthave changed?05:01
goddardanyone know how i can click it?05:01
noybthanks, DinoMuffin...  understood LordKow...  be all that as it may... the real question is how to mount the cd-rom...05:01
harrisi used UNETbootin05:02
noybthat is my primary area of confusion... or maybe not :-)05:02
buntuCan I use a capture card in ubuntu without mythtv?05:02
harrisbut now everytime i try to boot into the USB it gets stuck on the loadign screen05:02
Ben64noyb: the software on the cd will most likely not work in ubuntu05:02
cheapieDinoMuffin: I don't think my parents will take me to the store right now. I'm supposed to be sleeping...05:03
harrisi keep getting stuck here: http://www.liberiangeek.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Install-Ubuntu-.04-Natty-Narwhal-via-USB_AB0F/natty_unethbootin_3.png05:03
LordKownoyb, no router should require software to be setup. so, I would maybe go to the router manufacturer's website and find the setup instructions there. having said that, ubuntu should still be able to mount the cd whether it can run the software or not.05:03
DinoMuffincheapie: i don't know of any that work *well*, but there are a few in the ubuntu package manager05:03
noybhmmm... on the envelope it says "for mac and linux users please use the documentation on the cd located in the 'docs' folder...05:03
DinoMuffinnoyb: why do you need the cd in the first place?05:03
LordKowrouter or dsl modem?05:04
harrisis LUBUNTU compatible with unetbootin?05:04
DinoMuffinnoyb: I can't think of why ubuntu would need extra software to use or access a router05:05
cheapieDinoMuffin: OK. I'll try taking it apart and pressing the rubber domes.05:05
noybDinoMuffin... because I can't get into my router to tweak it because I forgot my password & the only way to get in is to start over with a fresh install which can only be accomplished with the cd... unless I'm more of a noob than I thought.05:05
Ben64noyb: just hold down the reset button on the back of the router for about 30 seconds05:05
LordKowharris, you might have better luck asking in #lubuntu05:06
DinoMuffinnoyb: usually you can hold the reset button down for 10 seconds and it will reset it to factoy defaults05:06
DinoMuffinnoyb: then look up the model of your router and find the default password05:06
DinoMuffinnoyb: it's usually some combination of admin and password05:06
urlin2uharris, should be but there are other usb loader look at pendrivelinux05:07
harrisok, should my drive be FAT32 or NTFS? or it does not matter?05:07
urlin2uharris, fat3205:07
harrishow can i see what my drive is right now?05:07
harrisfrom windows 705:08
harrisoh nevermind, it is fat32 alread05:08
urlin2uharris, in the disk utility  in ubuntu or install gparted it is a partitioner as well05:08
harrisshould i format it and try again with pendrivelinux? i already made one with unetbootin05:08
ubuntunewbieHello users , may i know how to access the files located in ubuntu ..those files are on the same partition in which ubuntu has been installed... did wubi...05:08
urlin2uharris, in ubuntu you can right click the thumb icon and format as well.05:08
noybok... but my problem remains the same... not the router... but how do I mount the cd... as I said, I tried using gmount as well as the command line... until I figure that out everything else is secondary... maybe I didn't explain myself clearly enough at first... it's been a l-o-n-g day.05:09
dageriknoyb: check out the mount commanad05:09
noybtried that05:09
DinoMuffinnoyb: you can mount a cd rom drive with: "sudo mkdir /media/cd ; sudo mount /dev/<cd drive> /media/cd"05:09
DinoMuffin<cd drive> being the block device for the drive. ususally sr005:09
harrishttp://www.pendrivelinux.com which one do i get?05:09
DinoMuffinunmount with "sudo umount /media/cd"05:10
noybI'll give it a try DinoMuffin... brb05:12
cordovalwhere do i find this folder? cd /apacheserverroot/conf/ssl.key (ssl.key is the default key directory.)05:14
buntuIs the ubuntu software center downloading things very slow - is that my problem or perhaps the application I'm downloading?05:15
urlin2uharris, one that is for linux05:15
urlin2uharris, I think unetbootin will do it have youtried?05:15
Zandow-Xalguien habla español??05:15
urlin2u!es | Zandow-X05:16
ubottuZandow-X: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:16
harrisyes i tried unetbootin, but now i am trying  pendrivelinux05:16
Zandow-Xjeje es que en ubuntu-es nadie responde05:16
Zandow-X veo que aca hay mas movimiento05:16
cordovalwhere do i find this ssl.key folderS?05:16
cordovalcd /apacheserverroot/conf/ssl.key (ssl.key is the default key directory.)05:16
Ben64Zandow-X: this is an English only channel05:16
haylobuntu in my experiance software center gets about 100 kb.s so yeah its slow05:16
haylobut not tooo slow05:17
haylothere are slower repos to draw from05:17
haylotry an unsupported local us repo if you really like fast DLs05:17
goddardi can't click on the flash "Allow" button05:17
hayloor whatever countries i snearest you05:18
cheapie_DinoMuffin: I just wanted to let you know that it is working now that I removed the top cover. I am pressing the little rubber domes manually.05:18
buntuhallo thank you.05:19
saikatcan anyone tell me how to set 1200x800 resolution in ubuntu 10.0405:19
saikatusing xrandr05:20
noybDinoMuffin... typed in both items as per your suggestion... although the command line says /media/cd file exists. when i try to access it then it says it can't find /dev/sr0/media/cd in /etc/fstab or05:20
noybDinoMuffin... /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab05:20
urlin2uharris, I use this one the page is in french if you have your flash block turned off it will let you do a google translate, read carefully I suspect you may have problems, but works you just have to know how to load it. AND use gparted to format the thumb to fat32, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/05:21
noybmaybe I should go back to using an abacus... :-)05:21
DinoMuffinnoyb: type lsblk05:21
urlin2uharris, I guess it has a download from there now so follow the directions05:22
DinoMuffinit will show what the block device is fior your cd05:22
DinoMuffinprobably at the end05:22
noybok... checking05:23
harrispendrivelinux worked!05:23
harrisit worked really well!05:23
harrisdo i HAVE to format the usb drive before doing this process?05:23
saikati need to set 1200x800 display resolution in ubuntu 10.0405:25
saikatcan anyone help me05:25
MiggsQuick check with you guys - should a Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz/4GB/Nvidia m8400GS laptop be laggy with Ubuntu 11.10 in either Unity or Gnome Shell? I don't think it should be but I'm having the damnedest time working out the problem.05:25
noybformat: name - maj:min - rm - size - ro - mountpoint... as follows: sr0 - 11:0 - 1 - 76.5m - 0 - /media/DIR-615B205:26
xanguaMiggs: try a live cd and see05:26
__vincentis ubuntu currently the FASTEST distro?05:26
Miggsxangua: which live cd? I've got 11.10 on here now and it's laggy and often only does partial screen updates for several seconds.05:27
aeon-ltd__vincent: fastest for what?05:27
__vincentboot time and app start up05:27
__vincentand execution05:27
aeon-ltd__vincent: heheh no05:27
__vincentwhich one would you recommend05:27
xangua!ot | __vincent05:27
ubottu__vincent: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:27
aeon-ltd__vincent: depends on how much you know and how much spare time you've got05:27
__vincentyou cant compile kernel in ubuntu?05:28
aeon-ltd__vincent: you can05:28
xanguayou can also try ##linux for a linux general discussion __vincent , but Lubuntu is the lighter flavor of ubuntu, uses lxde destop and few resources05:28
aeon-ltd__vincent: i'll meet you in ##linux05:28
rick__anyone know how to change the channel on smuxi to #html05:30
noybDinoMuffin... format: name - maj:min - rm - size - ro - mountpoint... as follows: sr0 - 11:0 - 1 - 76.5m - 0 - /media/DIR-615B205:30
noybDinoMuffin... is /media/DIR-615B2 the block device you spoke of?05:31
sartanack, forget the package to install to return the old gnome behavior instead of unity.. gnome-something, and apt-cache search is giving me a few too hundred many results05:31
rick__help please05:32
Ben64rick__: /join #html05:33
sqeeKEYDoes anyone know how to use fbsplash?05:33
cheapie_Finished working on my keyboard. Turns out I have 4 backslash keys.05:34
DinoMuffinnoyb: there's a space between those two paramaters you put in earlier05:35
__vincenti cant write to that channel05:35
__vincentwhat do you think of this article http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_arch_faster&num=105:35
DinoMuffinit should look exactly like this: sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cd05:35
urlin2usqeeKEY, where you getting it from?05:36
noybDinoMuffin... I'll try it again05:36
LordKowsartan, perhaps you are looking for gnome-session-fallback05:36
sartanthat sounds right, thanks.05:36
cheapie_Now... is there a way to change the num lock state via software?05:36
dagerikI just noticed remote desktop is on my startup applications. Is thi sby default in 10.04?05:37
urlin2udagerik, yes05:38
acidraini have installed a gtk user interface for an application. when i type "monosim" as the tutorial suggests, i get command not found. any solutions?05:38
urlin2udagerik, not setup you have to do that.05:38
dagerikurlin2u: I dont understand your last sentence05:38
sartanLordKow: aced it, that was exactly what i was looking for. thanks mate05:39
acerimmerdagerik: yes.05:39
urlin2udagerik, you have to set up a remote desktop situation, I never have myself .05:39
noybDinoMuffin... typed it exactly... heard the cd drive spool up... "command line says: "mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only05:39
DinoMuffinthat's fine05:40
DinoMuffinnoyb: go to /media/cd in your file browser and the files will be there05:40
sqeeKEYurlin2u, I have not got it yet, but just doing some research. I would like to set a background image for the console, I do not use X05:40
DinoMuffinnoyb: unmount it later with: sudo umount /media/cd05:40
DinoMuffinnow it is nappytime05:40
sqeeKEYurlin2u, I believe I must recompile the kernel for it to work.05:41
urlin2usqeeKEY, not in the ubuntu repos not really supported here per say, does not mean nobody will help but I would not hold my breath.05:41
urlin2usqeeKEY, I think this is it not sure really. http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/07/connect-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx-remote-desktop-windows-machines/05:42
noybthanks, DinoMuffin... later05:42
urlin2usqeeKEY, maybe not either.05:42
sqeeKEYurlin2u: remote-desktop-windows?05:43
urlin2usqeeKEY, there are a number of ways people remote to other computers if you have an I dea what you want to do I would just ask how to do that here.05:43
sqeeKEYurlin2u: I do not want to remote.. I would like to set the background image for a TTY05:44
sqeeKEYurlin2u: I think it uses framebuffer05:44
urlin2usqeeKEY, way outside my pay range. :D05:44
sqeeKEYurlin2u: well, thanks for trying ;)05:45
urlin2usqeeKEY, np.05:45
sqeeKEYurlin2u: gentoo, & backtrack both have a nice fbsplash..ubuntu has a splash image for the boot menu but the console is still just black05:45
urlin2usqeeKEY, I use burg it is adequate, there is appa for it.05:46
urlin2ua ppa*05:46
thetinyjesusdoes anyone know when ios 5 support will happen?05:46
Ben64thetinyjesus: what support05:47
thetinyjesusi can mount my iphone 4s, but when I transfer it says it's successful but the songs don't show up05:47
urlin2usqeeKEY, burg is awhole bootloader though just to get a image to choose from you would want to know how to load the mbr.05:47
Zandow-Xi phone sucks!!!05:47
sqeeKEYurlin2u: burg looks cool05:47
Zandow-Xburg is cool XD05:48
thetinyjesusactually it does not suck it is nice to have a phone that never crashes or needs to be rebooted kinda like linux on a pc05:48
urlin2uI have like 5 OS right now on my HD so burg looks nicer with all those kernel lines05:48
thetinyjesusi just didn't know if there was a way to actually transfer music to an ios 5 device yet05:49
sherifhi guys anyone knows how to make flash applications works faster on ubuntu05:49
sqeeKEYurlin2u: what do you need 5 OS for..ubuntu is the only thing needed ;)05:50
urlin2usherif, your using chrome or firefox?05:50
acerimmerurlin2u: commitment issues?05:50
sherifurlin2u chromium05:50
obelichhiyas good night all05:50
bullgard4Who is the user of »User ID 324821 « in http://www.identi.ca/ubuntudev?05:50
urlin2usqeeKEY, one is W7 the others are for helping other users on other channels, and I like a variety to learn from.05:50
almoxarifesherif: which flash version you using?05:51
sqeeKEYurlin2u: yeah, I use virtualbox :D05:51
obelichone question anyone know where can download the brainstorm in clean ? http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/05:51
sherifurlin2u how cud i know?05:51
urlin2usqeeKEY, I only have a netbook with 2 gigs ram, so they run to slow in a virtual.05:51
urlin2ubullgard4, how would we know?05:52
obelichor any app like ubuntu brainstorm05:54
sherifurlin2u i update my system from update manager is flash included?05:54
sherifurlin2u or it has different update?05:54
urlin2usherif, not n a stock setup in chromium I don't know don't use it.05:54
sherifalmoxarife how cud i know05:54
sherifurlin2u do u use mozilla?05:55
urlin2usherif, yeah F with some select addons runs pretty fast.05:55
=== Guest24907 is now known as Octane
sherifurlin2u i c so there shud be addons for chromium too right?05:56
almoxarifebullgard4: http://identi.ca/conversation/89569647#notice-89757060 <-- that help?05:56
urlin2usherif, don't use it not sure, if there is not even a 1% of FF's addons at best05:57
urlin2usherif, what is your chip speed and ram amount?05:57
almoxarifesherif: u kud luk at i-der extensions or plugins05:57
sherifurlin2u dont know but flas works well on windows05:58
sherifalmoxarife where is that05:58
goddardanyone used luckyBackup?05:59
urlin2ugoddard, I like grsync better for a gui back up using rsync.06:00
almoxarifesherif: flash is an installed app, what ever you use to install apps should allow you to look for 'flash', i use synaptic, so i would look for 'flash' in the 'installed' tab, i would see that i installed the official adobe flash for amd6406:01
urlin2ugoddard, you want a full OS backup?06:01
goddardurlin2u: complete as possible would be nice but mostly just configuration settings and home information06:02
goddardurlin2u: i would like the option though so i can make a complete back up at times but then switch to a simple one later06:02
urlin2ugoddard, I just use grsync for home and clonezilla for the whole OS.06:02
sherifalmoxarife its adobe flash plugin for mozilla maybe thats y it doesnt work well with chromium06:02
almoxarifegoddard: when you are done fiddling with all the various methods look at 'deja-dup', its too simple and allows for restoring via nautilus files/folders06:03
goddardurlin2u: ahh nice those look good06:04
goddardanyone else have problems with flash that needs you to click their warning menu ? i can't click on the flash "Allow" button06:04
almoxarifesherif: no, cant be, i use chromium, and adobe flash 64, then again 'fast' is relative, i dont know what you are seeing that is 'slow'06:04
urlin2ugoddard, I also have all ny own stuff on a external drive mostly just the OS on the netbook.06:05
sherifalmoxarifeflashplugin-installer i have this version installed06:05
sherifalmoxarife flashplugin-installer
almoxarifegoddard: flash running on what comes up with a warning?06:06
ubottursync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync06:06
sherifalmoxarife when u play flash games on facebook its very slow06:06
bullgard4almoxarife: How does http://identi.ca/conversation/89569647#notice-89757060 answer my question?06:06
codepython777I want to convert a png file to a windows ".ico"file on ubuntu. I tried "convert" but it errors out --convert: width or height exceeds limit  -- any other ideas?06:07
almoxarifesherif: i have 'adobe-flash' installed, you on a 32bit system?06:07
sherifalmoxarife yes06:08
almoxarifebullgard4: should have answered the 'who' wrote it06:08
LordKowcodepython777, i believe you want your png to be 256x256 or smaller, has to be square as well06:09
sherifalmoxarife is it adobe flash plugin 1106:09
codepython777LordKow: it indeed is06:09
almoxarifesherif: yeap06:09
bullgard4almoxarife: You said: "{It} should." But did it?06:09
codepython777i even tried 128x128 -- same error06:09
LordKowwhat about 48x48 just for testing purposes?06:10
sherifalmoxarife there are 2 softwares in the software store06:10
almoxarifesherif: do i guess what they are?06:10
codepython777cant live with that size06:10
urlin2ucodelurker, resize in gimp06:11
acerimmercodepython777: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa511280.aspx06:11
Jimu_Ubuntu's (11.10) default desktop is Gnome 3? Unity is just the launcher on the left, right?06:11
urlin2ucodepython777, resize in gimp06:11
bullgard4Jimu_: No.06:11
urlin2uJimu_, unity is its own desktop, nt gnome 306:11
bullgard4Jimu_: Default is Unity.06:12
sherifalmoxarife 1-Adobe Flash plugin installer for the Adobe Flash plugin for Mozilla  2-Adobe flash plugin 1006:12
almoxarifebullgard4: yes it did, google is a power tool, may i help you in its use? i would recommend 'googlizer' for gnome, i have a script that would do same for kde06:12
idarksidehow can i install sslv2 on ubuntu06:13
Jimu_Okay, so Unity is Gtk 3.0 then? Cause I can alter the desktop icon text colors under /usr/share/themes/THEMENAME/...something i forget06:13
almoxarifesherif: be reckless, try the 1106:13
sherifalmoxarife i did06:13
codepython777png -> ico converters on ubuntu? any?06:14
LordKowJimu_, do not feel like you're the only lost linux user, most are. there are layers upon layers of APIs06:14
Jimu_If I'm trying to learn how to create a window/shell theme for Ubuntu's Unity, do I aim for Gtk 3.0?06:15
LordKowfrontends to the frontends of the backends which frontend ten more backends and it never ends06:15
almoxarifesherif: when all is done i dont think you will see any appreciable change, but who knows, i believe your slow flash is a slow connection06:15
Jimu_LordKow: heh, yep06:15
sherifalmoxarife i dont think so its 1 mega and i told u it works very fine on windows06:15
bullgard4almoxarife: i asked at the outset: "Who is the user of »User ID 324821 « in http://www.identi.ca/ubuntudev?" Now you are telling me "google is a power tool." Is that all you are able to answer this question? I know Goggle well, and this does not answer my question at the outset.06:15
scriptwarlockThe problem is the login screen is divided into two showing a onscreen keyboard like thing in the left side and the same magnified in the other side06:16
almoxarifesherif: windows then sounds like the ticket, i am telling you now06:16
scriptwarlockanyone knows how to sort this out?: The problem is the login screen is divided into two showing a onscreen keyboard like thing in the left side and the same magnified in the other side06:17
Jimu_scriptwarlock: this is on a desktop computer?06:17
scriptwarlockJimu_: yes06:17
idarksidehow can i install sslv2 on ubuntu please06:17
sherifalmoxarife wut ticket?06:17
Ben64you can install flash from adobe.com06:17
Jimu_scriptwarlock: and this happened on a new install, or maybe a reboot after an ill-conceived config change?06:17
scriptwarlockJimu_:  can't launch safe mode can't type any letters nothing but a magnifier06:17
scriptwarlockJimu_:  not fresh install06:18
scriptwarlockJimu_:  kids playing the login screen, darn06:18
Ben64have you tried turning it off and then on again?06:19
scriptwarlockJimu_:  but i have now fired the live cd but i need to locate the on screen keyboard to disable, you have idea where to hunt the config?06:19
idarkside_m2crypto is calling sslv2qq in ubuntu n i need to fix it plz06:19
Jimu_scriptwarlock: ugh, that's the worst. The right side of the screen is a magnified view of the left side? does it move? i don't know anything about it, but this is gathering details06:20
scriptwarlockJimu_:  yeah worst than i think of, yes magnified but it's black so i'm dead blind to the login screen.06:20
Jimu_sounds like two different accessibility features at once - a zoom feature and the virtual keyboard feature. I'd start by looking up how to turn on and off those features on the login. The kids didn't actually log in, right? so it must be settings you can make from the login?06:22
scriptwarlockJimu_:  yeah06:23
urlin2uscriptwarlock, your going to have to change your nic now. :D06:24
scriptwarlockJimu_:  the only remedy i think was to hunt down the conf file via live cd heres the command to disable but i have no clue where to find this file "sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 /desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_magnifier_enabled --type bool --set false"06:24
scriptwarlockurlin2u: why?06:24
Jimu_scriptwarlock: looks like something called orca is involved with both accessibility features06:25
urlin2uscriptwarlock, a nic like that i am surprised your even asking, just ribbing yiu.06:25
scriptwarlockurlin2u: heheh06:25
urlin2uorca is what I thought to06:25
idarksideplease can someone answer me06:25
scriptwarlockJimu_:  ok so where can i find the orca config file so that i can disable via text editor06:25
acerimmeridarkside: greetings06:26
Jimu_scriptwarlock: i'm googling here, no direct knowledge06:26
idarksidehow can i install sslv2 on ubuntu please06:26
wrektjetis there a way to end the activity in a terminal without closing it for example I initiated top and want to end it w/o closing the terminal bec its running via a program called guake06:26
scriptwarlockJimu_:  phew darn kids06:26
urlin2uidarkside, sslv2qq shows nothing on google.06:26
urlin2uempty page06:26
Jimu_scriptwarlock: what version of Ubuntu?06:27
scriptwarlockJimu_:  10.0406:27
acerimmeridarkside: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8206546/undefined-symbol-sslv2-method06:27
acerimmeridarkside: The Ubuntu people build OpenSSL without SSLv2 support because the protocol has known security issues. So that's why you can't find SSLv2_method in their library even though you can find it when you compile the library yourself.06:28
urlin2ubeen droped from ubuntu06:28
idarksideyeah i know06:28
idarksidebut i need it for a mcrypto lib in python06:29
urlin2uidarkside, you might try ##linux06:29
goddardalmoxarife: permission warning06:29
goddardallow or deny06:29
almoxarifegoddard: for what ?06:29
Jimu_scriptwarlock: can you see the login screen besides the virtualkeyboard?06:29
idarksideill try ty06:30
scriptwarlockJimu_:  yes i can click the username but i can\t type a letter in the password06:30
Jimu_scriptwarlock: can you see the top bar?06:30
mikelissAnybody have experience with ndiswrapper? I installed a driver successfully on my laptop as a test, but repeating the process on my desktop is failing.06:31
almoxarifegoddard: for what ? what are we talking about?06:31
scriptwarlockJimu_:  theres no top bar on lucid login screen06:31
mikelissThe driver shows up and is installed correctly when I run ndiswrapper -l, but no wireless networks are listed in Ubuntu's wireless thing in the upper right corner.06:31
mikelissWould LOVE some help -- this is my dev machine, and I need to get back to work on it.06:32
Jimu_oh. darn. this looks promising, though, scriptwarlock : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131617206:32
almoxarifemikeliss: did you reboot?06:33
mikelissalmoxarife: Indeed.06:33
bazhangmikeliss, whats the chipset06:33
NorthWhile installing the google Chrome, I got the error message that . "Error:Dependency is not satisfiable:libasound2"06:33
mikelissbazhang: Not sure...how do I check?06:33
Northwhat should I do?06:34
bazhangmikeliss, usb or internal?06:34
almoxarifemikeliss: would you share /var/log/syslog06:34
mikelissbazhang: usb06:34
bazhangmikeliss, lsusb with the card plugged in should show it06:34
mikelissalmoxarife: easier said than done, the computer has no internet...06:35
almoxarifemikeliss: got you06:35
scriptwarlockJimu_:  /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow sudo rm gnome-mag.desktop -- this one?06:36
mikelissbazhang: Hrm...doing lsusb freezes when it tries to get the device's info...06:36
almoxarifemikeliss: how about the 'lsusb' does it show the wifi usb?06:36
mikelissalmoxarife, bazhang: it does show the model when I run just lsusb, but not the chipset, so I ran lsusb -vv, and it's now frozen.06:37
Jimu_scriptwarlock: no, the part 'sudo dpkg -P gnome-orca' and 'sudo dpkg -P gnome-mag' <-- maybe only the second is important06:37
scriptwarlockJimu_:  i can't even launch the safe mode and terminal theres no way i can type that06:38
scriptwarlockJimu_:  but i was on the live cd now and saw that file06:38
Jimu_if you press Ctrl-Alt-F1?06:38
scriptwarlockJimu_:  yes no terminal06:39
almoxarifemikeliss: try -v -V06:39
Jimu_i run Ubuntu 11.10 from VirtualBox, and at login I can type Ctrl-Alt-F1 and get console06:39
scriptwarlockJimu_:  good for you but not in my case06:39
mikelissalmoxarife: lsusb (usbutils) 00106:39
Jimu_can you use dpkg from a live CD?06:40
scriptwarlockJimu_:  well as i have said i have now seen this two files in /usr/share/gdm/autostart/LoginWindow thru live cd06:40
Jimu_seems like it wouldn't work right06:40
scriptwarlockJimu_:  i need to confirm if this is safe to delete the "gnome-mag.desktop" and "orca-screen-reader.desktop"06:41
skorketI've just installed natty (11.04) and I'm having switching focus to another window with the keyboard shortcut 'alt-tab'.  I have 'focus on mouse-over' and of course 'alt-tab' to switch between windows.  Any suggestions on how to resolve this?06:42
Jimu_well, you've got a live CD so almost everything is 'safe', but i'd suggest renaming them with an obscure ending rather than deleting them06:42
skorketsorry, I'm having *trouble* switching focus06:42
Jimu_like 'orca-screen-reader.desktop.old'06:42
scriptwarlockJimu_: ok let me try that one and be back06:43
banseljajHi. I keep getting a java headless exception error whenever i try java apps. what seems to be the problem?06:43
hydrox24skorket: alt-tab switches to a different program, alt-"~" switches amongst the multiple windows of a single program06:43
samurai2hi anyone know how to do scheduling running java program in ubuntu? thanks06:43
skorkethydrox24.  ok.  I would like to switch focus to another program06:44
scriptwarlockJimu_: be right back06:44
hydrox24skorket: I was simply wondering if you weren't aware of the 'feature' I am not sure  I am able to help beyond that.06:44
skorkethydrox24, no, I was not, thank you06:44
hydrox24skorket: make sure you hold down alt and "tap" the tab key06:44
hydrox24samurai2: you mean like run a jave app every so often?06:45
samurai2hydrox24 : yeah like that. :)06:45
skorkethydrox24, ah, I see, it's just really slow.  I expect it to be too responsive.  If I slow down, it eventually switches.  weird.  Anyway to speed that up?06:45
hydrox24skorket: your using unity (the default) yes?06:46
skorkethydrox24, I haven't altered anything so I assume I'm using the default06:46
hydrox24!cron | samurai206:46
ubottusamurai2: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto06:46
samurai2cron? it's that like a apache zookeeper?06:47
hydrox24skorket: I seitched to using gnome-shell (gnome3) as I found unity a little too slow/laggy. I wouldn't recommend the process of changing Window Managers to newcomers though.06:47
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mikelissbazhang: almoxarife: I got lsusb -vv to run finally...still don't see the chipset though.06:47
hydrox24samurai2: not sure what apache zookeeper is but it basically runs a command on a set schedule06:47
skorkethydrox24, thanks06:48
hydrox24samurai2: if you can run the java app from the command line then cron is the way to go.06:48
samurai2ic. thanks :)06:48
hydrox24mikeliss: try lshw06:49
hydrox24mikeliss: It's unlikely, but you never know eh ;)06:49
banseljajHi. I keep getting a java headless exception error whenever i try java apps. what seems to be the problem?06:50
mikelisshydrox24: No luck.06:51
hydrox24banseljaj: Since we didn't answer the first time, it means that we don't know. Please come back in atleast an hour when there will be different people in here or try other channels/forums06:51
hydrox24mikeliss: no sure sorry, what model is it? (Make, Model etc.)06:51
banseljajhydrox24, I apologize.06:51
mikelissIt's a Belkin N600 DB06:51
hydrox24banseljaj: that's ok :)06:52
mikelisshydrox24: ^^06:52
hydrox24mikeliss: kk, brb06:52
mikelisshydrox24: This is probably a better term to search by: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Belkin_F9L1101v106:52
hydrox24mikeliss: wait... it's a full-on router... not just a USB wifi card?06:52
mikelisshydrox24: Those steps worked on my laptop.06:53
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1774680 mikeliss this?06:53
hydrox24so.. the problem is solved?06:53
mikelisshydrox24: No, apparently n600 is a rather abused model number at Belkin. That model number is either a router or a USB thing.06:53
mikelisshydrox24: No, it worked on my laptop, but not my desktop. The laptop was more or less a testing ground, since it has Internet.06:54
hydrox24mikeliss: is your laptop on the same version of ubuntu?06:55
mikelissbazhang: Yup.06:55
mikelisshydrox24: Yup.06:55
hydrox24does it give you any errors when selecting the driver?06:55
mikelissbazhang: Sorry, that yup was meant for hydrox24 - the link you posted isn't right. I have the USB thing, not the router.06:55
mikelisshydrox24: None I've found in syslog or when I run ndiswrapper -i in the terminal06:56
hydrox24mikeliss: it's just silent then doesn't workC?06:56
hydrox24mikeliss: it's just silent then doesn't work?06:56
mikelisshydrox24: Seems as if. I just don't see it popping up in my network thing in the upper right corner like it did on my laptop. Otherwise everything seemed to go smoothly.06:57
hydrox24mikeliss: OK, so can you see if it is listed under "ifconfig -a"06:57
hydrox24will be called wlan0/1 or something06:58
mikelisshydrox24: No luck there. I have eth0 and lo, but that's it.06:58
hydrox24mikeliss: is it by chance that the laptop is 32bit and the desktop 64?06:59
mikelisshydrox24: yeah, actually, that's a good point.07:00
hydrox24mikeliss: that's you issue right there.07:00
mikelisshydrox24: sounds like a hell of a good lead, yeah.07:00
mikelisshydrox24: Any ideas how to make it work?07:00
hydrox24mikeliss: not right now, but someone mentions using it on 64-bit and having lsusb crash ;)07:01
mikelisshydrox24: sounds familiar, eh?07:02
A_Jmy gui is not loaded correctly, the top navigation bars are missing can someone help me. looking for the restart command of the gui07:02
mikelisshydrox24: You have any knowledge of how to find a replacement one that will work? This is already my second one with no luck. I could use a PCI card as well, if they work better?07:03
hydrox24A_J: try going to terminal (ctrl-alt-1) then log in07:03
hydrox24A_J: after that type in "sudo service gdm restart"07:03
dejavuxubuntu kullanan herkese selam07:04
hydrox24mikeliss: what country do you live in?07:04
mikelisshydrox24: USA07:04
hydrox24dejavu: this is the english channel, sorry. Try #ubuntu-XX replacing XX with you rlanguage code07:04
A_Jnop, it did not work07:04
A_Jstarted the samw way07:04
hydrox24mikeliss: oh, I have one that works out-of-the-box but I can't really mail it to the USA07:05
hydrox24A_J: so you don't want to restart... you want to *reset*07:05
mikelisshydrox24: Well, I'm looking for dual band also...07:05
hydrox24mikeliss: I'm in Aus ya see.07:05
A_Jyes hydrox24. i'm using xfce, and by default it boots into it like this07:05
scriptwarlockJimu_: u there?07:06
hydrox24A_J: well, I am happy to help, but the fols over at the xfce channel will be far more knowledgable.07:06
A_Jhydrox24: okie. ty07:06
scriptwarlockbahzang: u there?07:06
scriptwarlockanyone knows how to disable or hide the accessibility on login screen in ubuntu 10.0407:08
A_JHow can i get the pc to login into two user accounts at startup and keep one in the background07:13
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acerimmerA_J: login, switch users, login07:13
A_Jacerimmer: yes thats the normal way. any other auto way07:14
A_Jsay a autologin script07:14
s1n4hey, how can I add more desktop ?07:15
acerimmers1n4: what?07:16
A_Js1n4: buy new ones07:16
eigarAnyone know how to prevent lag on end of files using pulseaudio + mpg123, play, mplayer, etc.07:16
ubottus1n4: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:16
amusselmSo.... I'm noticing some odd behavior from a particular package07:17
s1n4acerimmer, stfu07:17
ubottus1n4: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!07:17
almoxarifeeigar: explain 'lag at end'07:18
ritzstokachu_,  hey07:19
ritzarges, hey07:19
eigaralmoxarife: i suspect it has something to do with drainage, (or what it is called), based on how these apps use the sound system. Have looked at mplayer a bit and at end of file pulseaudio keep checking for data lasting for up to 1-2 seconds. This creates lag/sielnce at end.07:20
orvaris there something like rc.local that runs more often?07:21
eigarif I use the -cache in mpg123 this is solved, but then the file is "cutted of" not whole file is played.07:21
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orvarlike when waing from hibernate and suspension07:21
almoxarifeeigar: i was about to say 'cache'07:21
mehrdadha anyone noticed that changing dirs doesn07:22
mehrdadha anyone noticed that changing dirs doesn't update the title bar? *07:22
eigaralmoxarife: I have a list of (very short) mp3's only one word pr file. If I use cache ie "undervalue" becomes "underval"07:23
mehrdadthe title remains the same as the first dir07:23
almoxarifeeigar: i use the combination you brought up, i cant say i notice the lag07:23
azuredhi! hows everybody doing? :)07:23
ritzmehrdad, now that you mention this, yes.07:23
mehrdadi mean, this is basic ui expectations right?07:24
ritzmehrdad, title in global menu is not updated07:24
eigaralmoxarife: The file is here: http://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/undervalue.mp307:24
ritzmehrdad, are we talking about global menu ?07:25
azuredterminal challange: "i have no name" when i tried to change my username vim passwd. so whats next? any pointers?07:26
UidXwhoa this channel is crouded indeed07:26
smwUidX, yep07:27
smwUidX, this may be one of the most populated channels on freenode07:27
almoxarifeeigar: not sure what you expected me to hear, i hear the word,07:27
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eigaralmoxarife: this is perhaps showing it more: http://ssl.gstatic.com/dictionary/static/sounds/de/0/wise.mp3 , When I play it without the cache option it is "wise", when i use cache it becomes "w"07:29
eigaralmoxarife: but, then again, it's perhaps only here07:29
hydrox24mikeliss: you there still?07:30
almoxarifeeigar: are you giving -cache a value?07:33
hydrox24almoxarife: Just a note on eigar issue, I had the same problem with VLC for a while, meaning that it is possibly the underlying system?07:34
eigaralmoxarife: yes, were talking about mpg123 right? I have tested with everythign from mpg123 -cache 1 to 1024 to 26000 etc07:34
eigarerr. -b07:34
ritzeigar, sorry, late to the party. which app is this ? which audio card ? are you using pulseaudio ?07:35
hydrox24ritz: mpg123 is the app07:35
hydrox24ritz: probably safe to assume that he's using pulseaudios07:35
Learnerhi, looking for help, is there a way i can install the "galaxy" changing wallpaper from 11.04 to 11.10.? thanks in advance07:35
UidXcan anyone help me with MySQL query?07:36
almoxarifeeigar: sorry, no i am using mplayer for playback,07:36
eigarritz: yes, mpg123, mplayer etc. And using pulseaudio,07:36
ritzeigar, out of curiosity,  does uninstall pulseaudio help her ? do we see any logs from pa in syslog ?07:36
coolstar-ipodLearner: you can copy it from 11.04's /usr/share/backgrounds07:36
* ritz needs a new keyboard 07:36
almoxarifeeigar: and not sure if it makes a diff but i dont have pulseaudio installed07:37
tellersI found on a Wiki entry that what a well-connected young man did was rewritten to make him out as the victim.07:37
UidXaww i hate mysql07:37
Learnerhmmm.. do you know where can i get the file? i unsitalled tellers 11.04 alrready : (, thank you!07:37
tellersIt has been like this for months on end.07:37
tellersTalka bout corruption.07:37
UidXim trying to add a colomn in a table and how do i deal with this row which has auto_increment enabled07:37
eigaralmoxarife: with pure alsa or jack I do not have the problem.07:37
joshwinesUidX: you shouldn't have to include the auto-increment column in the INSERT query07:38
eigarand the problem is with mplayer as well07:38
ritzeigar, if I understand this correctly, this is an issue with pa07:38
eigarritz: yes07:38
ritzeigar, which audio card are you using ?07:38
azuredterminal challange: "i have no name" after vim namechange07:38
Ben64eigar: I always remove pulseaudio on my computers07:39
almoxarifeeigar: one of the perks of moving to plasma-desktop was tossing pulseaudio07:39
eigarritz: currently a hdmi thisngy. Have tested with a couple of others to.07:39
ritzeigar, high cpu load ? did you try http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_debug_PulseAudio_problems#Playback_problems.2C_crackling_or_skipping ?07:39
UidXjoshwines: then do i have to do like "insert into whatevertable values(, something, something)" ?07:39
azuredterminal challange: "i have no name" after vim namechange. cant access super user!07:39
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Ben64!details | azured07:40
ubottuazured: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:40
ritzeigar, okay, this is limited to hdmi o/p, and not an issue with internal speaker/jack o/p ?07:40
joshwinesUidX: INSERT INTO xxTable (column1, column2) VALUES (value1, value2)07:40
azuredubottu: ok07:40
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)07:40
chinosukehow to find the package name given the config file?07:41
almoxarifeeigar: can mpg bypass pulse for what you are trying to do?07:41
UidXoh thanks!07:41
UidXi really appreciate your help :D07:41
icerootchinosuke: dpkg -S /path/to/file07:41
chinosukethanks :)07:41
hydrox24mikeliss: you there still?07:42
joshwinesUidX: No problems, there is a #mysql channel where you'd probably get more help too07:42
ritzeigar, have you tried this http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/CannedResponses ?07:43
eigarit seems like the problem not lays with the HW but how pulseaudio works. The philosophy of mplayer is very different from the one in pulseaudio. mplayer opens a sink with pulseaudio and deliver part by part to pulseaudio. When the file end mplayer stops delivering data (obviously) but pulseaudio keeps looking for data to see if there's any more coming.07:43
ritzeigar, try running pa under debug mode07:43
ritz$ pulseaudio -vvv07:43
azuredi run Mint 11, when i terminal type sudo i get:' sudo: unknown uid: 1000'. this happened now after i as root vimchanged passwd, the name of my regular user07:44
iceroot!mint | azured07:44
ubottuazured: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:44
bugmy ubuntu 11.10, run into a java debug issue: localhost: JDWP exit error AGENT_ERROR_TRANSPORT_INIT(197):07:44
bugany one has solved it?07:44
azuredok thx07:44
bugplease help, I have fixed my /etc/hosts file to make localhost resolve correctly07:45
eigarritz: yes, i have done so. I have alos hacked in the code of pulseqaudio, recompiled and hacked in mplayer code to log what is happening. The problem is partially described above. Pulseaudio philosopy: 1. Open ana audio stream 2. deliver song after song to this stream. Mplayer: 1. Open an audio stream 2. deliver 1 track. 3. close audio stream 4. open new deliver next.07:45
ritzeigar, interesting. pa does not see the close stream request07:46
eigarritz: yes, even after close is sent it keeps checking for data. This kreates the lag/pause/silence between tracks.07:47
ritzeigar, in your setup, mplayer->pa->alsa ( with pa plugin ) ?07:47
ritzodd, try a smaller buffer - http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/LatencyControl ?07:47
nc__Hey guys! I am trying to install Samba4 on Lubuntu 11.10 but I get this error: E: samba4: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1 - Does anyone know what it means? :o07:48
eigarritz: ok. I'll check some more. Now I have to send an urgent e-mail. For now. Thanks.07:48
ritzeigar, :)07:48
saucer_eyesAnyone here that can help me fix my sound? It plays through my headphones, just not speakers.07:52
hydrox24nc__: That is a rather dull error and is not very verbose, I will check possible problems but it may require significant debugging.07:54
hydrox24nc__: are you installing it using apt-get?07:55
nc__hydrox24: Yep07:55
hydrox24nc__: what command did you use (word for word) to try installing samba?07:56
nc__hydrox24: sudo apt-get install samba4 - I did try installing it using synaptic first though, then I uninstalled it and tried it via apt-get07:57
hydrox24nc__: ok, so can you run the command:07:57
hydrox24"sudo apt-get remove --purge samba"07:58
hydrox24after doing this, remove the /etc/samba/smb.conf file07:58
nc__hydrox24: how do i do that in terminal? I need sudo priviledges it seems :o07:59
iToastUbuntu 11.10 got linux backwards...07:59
iToastLinux just works and has high hardware support...07:59
hydrox24nc__: sorry, you mean removing the .conf file?07:59
iToastUbutnu 11.10 has low hardware support and doesn't just work..07:59
nc__hydrox24: yes exactly07:59
hydrox24iToast: this is a support channel, please ask your question or move to ubuntu-offtopic08:00
hydrox24!ot | iToast08:00
ubottuiToast: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:00
iToasthydrox24, Why is 11.10 so horrible for hardware support?08:00
hydrox24nc__: "sudo rm /etc/samba/smb.conf"08:00
nc__hydrox24: thanks, sorry should have told you i'm a noob08:00
hydrox24iToast: That is not a specific problem, please ask that at ubuntu-offtopic08:00
iToast11.4 down have amazing hardware support, 11.10, it hates wyse machines, and amd cpu's... and external hdds..08:00
hydrox24nc__: that's cool08:00
iToasthydrox24, It doesn't boot.08:01
iToastGrub won't autoboot, thats fixable, but when it goes to boot its just a black screen08:01
nc__hydrox24: done08:01
hydrox24nc__: Now, try installing samba with "sudo apt-get install samba"08:01
hydrox24nc__: not samba408:01
iToastwere's ubuntus server amd64 iso's...08:02
nc__hydrox24: doing it now :)08:02
iToastDoes ubuntu server support amd64...08:03
hydrox24iToast: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download08:03
nc__Hydrox24: it worked beautifully, thanks alot :)!08:03
hydrox24iToast: look at the Bittorrent section08:03
iToasthydrox24, Why are these burried away?08:03
hydrox24nc__: Wonderful.08:04
iToastThere is more then intel cpus...08:04
hydrox24iToast: they weren't I just google "ubuntu server amd64"08:04
hydrox24iToast: it was the top result08:04
iToasthydrox24, Look on the website08:04
iToasthydrox24, Goto ubuntu.com and find it manually.08:05
nc__iToast, just click alternative downloads at the download page? :o08:06
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
nc__Bye guys, might be back :p thanks again hydrox2408:06
iToastnc__, http://www.ubuntu.com/download08:06
hydrox24iToast: look08:06
iToasthydrox24, ...?08:07
hydrox24iToast: ubuntu homepage > Download > ubuntu server (grey bar under orange bar) > ubuntu server for arm (tab above "1")08:07
iToasthydrox24, Thats a horrible design.08:07
iToastWhen a user is looking for a amd64 iso they don't click on ubuntu for arm.08:08
hydrox24iToast: I did it 20 secs & remember that it is a "technology preview" not meant for the general public08:08
Myrttihydrox24: why server?08:08
iToasthydrox24, What08:08
hydrox24iToast: It's designed to be hidden away08:08
iToasthydrox24, amd64...08:08
hydrox24iToast: *A little*08:08
iToastIt runs stable08:08
hydrox24oh, soz08:08
hydrox24wrong one08:08
hydrox24got amd and arm mixed up, lol08:09
hydrox24will redo for you, but after that this probably needs to be taken to ubuntu-offtopic08:09
iToastarm is useless :/08:09
pnormanamd64? ubuntu homepage > download > ubuntu server, select 64 bit version08:09
andynhey, we need a "lite" version of ubuntu for raspberry pi :P08:09
pnormanactually, by default, the 64 bit version is selected08:09
Ben64ubuntu is too heavy for pi08:10
hydrox24pnorman: you're right.08:10
iToastpnorman, Thats the confusion :P08:10
hydrox24iToast: listen to pnorman :)08:10
iToastit states nothing about amd64...08:10
pnormanWhy would anything other than 64 bit be selected?08:10
MyrttiiToast: 64-bit *is* amd6408:10
iToastA default install of ubuntu will accept 4gb of ram :/08:10
hydrox24andyn: you could try the alternate install?08:10
hydrox24iToast: sorry?08:10
andynhydrox24: lol :-)08:10
nc__hydrox24: I just rebooted, when i type samba in the console it says that it's not installed and tells me to use sudo apt-get install samba408:10
hydrox24andyn: yeh, not really lite enough...08:10
pnormaniToast: You're saying it should say amd64 instead of 64-bit?08:11
iToastpnorman, It should give a hint :p08:11
iToastIts rare i see a server based off amd...08:11
hydrox24nc__: that's annoying...08:11
iToastben64 Lies08:11
Ben64iToast: nope08:11
iToastben64 windows 8 will run on arm.08:11
Ben64not on pi08:11
pnormanI think saying amd64 would confuse people more than 64-bit. most people wouldn't get that intel 64-bit CPUs are also amd6408:11
iToastSomeone will get it to run smoothly.08:11
nc__hydrox24: Yep, any clues? Should i try installing samba4?08:12
hydrox24nc__: I am assuming you just want to share files on a windows network, yes?08:12
nc__hydrox24: actually just between lubuntu and os x lion :o08:12
hydrox24nc__: I share files over a network with samba and I have never used the actual "samba" command08:13
iToastBen64, ubuntu will run on pi.08:13
iToastXmbc runs on it i believe08:13
iToastandyn, too slow :P08:13
hydrox24nc__: I thin kthat iToast is right actuall Ben6408:13
andynwell, if you want a unity-like desktop you could run wmaker on it.08:14
iToastBen64, It will run.08:14
iToastYou just gotta optimize it.08:14
Ben64ubuntu doesn't work currently on it, it might in the future, but it'd have to be cut down significantly08:14
iToastPeople got windows 7 on a penitum...08:14
iToastVista to run in 54 mb of ram08:14
coolstar-ipodiToast: Unity is too heavy08:14
hydrox24nc__: can you try using the inbuilt sharing? unless you need careful control over permissions etc, just right click the folder you want to share, go to the sharing tab and go from there08:14
iToastcoolstar-ipod, who cares? cut it.08:14
coolstar-ipodIt lags on my system with dual core CPU and 3GB RAm08:15
iToastwe don't need unity...08:15
andynBen64, iToast: since it has unified hardware it should not be too hard to trim a very compact kernel and libraries for it.08:15
Ben64i'd rather use something designed better for the rpi08:15
iToastThe issue is that you guys want unity08:15
iToastand all the other crap piled on ubuntu08:15
iToastIt just needs a UI for a tv08:15
iToastOr lcd :p08:15
=== sKew is now known as Guest15596
iToastWhy not ubuntu for tv...08:15
=== Guest15596 is now known as Skew-_^
coolstar-ipodiToast; I use KDE myself08:16
hydrox24iToast: you do know there is ubuntutv...08:16
Myrttiremember kids, #ubuntu-offtopic is that ---> way08:16
andyni already have a few great uses for a rack-mounted device that needs an integrated computer08:16
iToasthydrox24, Thats what i'm talking about08:16
Skew-_^!kernel | Skew-_^08:16
ubottuSkew-_^, please see my private message08:16
nc__hydrox24: there's no sharing tab under preferences or antyhing on my lubuntu :o08:16
iToastIM thinking about buying a ubuntu tv, but i see no use for a full os on a tv :/08:17
iToastUnless the hardware can decode streaming 1080p video in real time, its pointless to me08:17
iToastI wan't to be able to overlay 2 different 1080p videostreams08:17
Skew-_^!gnome | Skew-_^08:17
Ben64rpi does 1080p08:17
ubottuSkew-_^, please see my private message08:17
iToastBen64, what doesnt?08:17
Ben64my phone08:17
iToastBen64 wrong!08:18
iToastYou just need a accessory for it08:18
Ben64no.. pretty sure my phone doesn't do 1080p08:18
iToastWhat phone is it08:18
Ben64droid 308:18
[deXter]heh, well my phone has no issues with 1080p.. but my computer has!08:18
[deXter](admittedly I'm using open-source drivers..)08:18
iToastBen64, it can with a accessory08:18
coolstar-ipodSkew-^: do bot calls at #ubuntu-bots08:18
Ben64iToast: nope08:18
iToastBen64, they said that the apple a4 might never get hacked08:19
iToastsame to the a5...08:19
=== aromasca_ is now known as aromasca
coolstar-ipodI know a phone that doesn't do 1080p08:19
Ben64thats different. my phone literally cannot decode 1080p. can't even do 720p08:19
iToastBen64, With a accessory it can08:19
coolstar-ipodWindows Mobile..duh08:19
iToastRenember, you can have a external decoder ;)08:20
Ben64no, there is no accessory to make it magically decode08:20
iToastben64 build one.08:20
Ben64you're just silly08:20
iToastOr use usb hostmode like most phones can do and use a usb one08:20
iToastYou need to write your own drivers...08:20
Skew-_^iToast, A5 iphone/ ipad2 is hacked (jailbrakeable) now :)08:20
iToastSkew-_^, And all the noobs who wanted it for ilegal uses spammed the jailbreak devs :/08:21
iToastJailbreaking is pathetic now08:21
sec_Skew-_^: link?08:21
iToastI asked 10 people what jailbreaking is for, they said to get free apps -_-08:21
hydrox24iToast: that *IS* sad08:21
iToastApperently 99c is too much >_>08:21
coolstar-ipodiToast: you are talking to someone using a Jailbroken iPod08:21
hydrox24but we need to move to !ot08:21
sec_iToast: what it for?08:21
iToasthydrox24, I wanted to strangle them for that D:08:21
coolstar-ipodWanna know why?08:21
iToastsec_, "free apps"08:21
hydrox24iToast: LOLZ08:21
Ben64i rooted my phone, but not for free apps08:22
iToastRooting is having the same effect08:22
coolstar-ipodGuess why I Jailbroke08:22
* overclucker is a control freak08:22
iToastRooting atleast has no centrial source for these ilegal apps :D!08:22
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:22
iToastMost ilegal ones are infected...08:22
Ben64could get free apps on android without root :P08:22
Skew-_^LoL, i jailbreak it cuz i want to have access true SSH, and kill prosseses and have a longe ring tone, cuz it sucks to have a iphone that sounds like a Bell Tower08:22
hydrox24I think that they need to make jailbreaker hard, so that only people that are knowledgable can do it08:22
iToastSkew-_^, I jailbroke my ipod touch to ssh into my servers08:22
hydrox24meet you guys on ot08:22
hydrox24I'm on offtopic now, meet me there08:23
coolstar-ipodLet's go to the offtopic channel. Will we?08:23
=== e01[at]home is now known as e01
sec_iToast: why?08:24
rick__hey im new to uuntu ive downloaded firefox aurora and cant figure out how to open the download from firefox download screen08:25
rick__hello mr potatohead08:27
ServerSagerick__: Did you download a debian/ubuntu version of aurora?08:28
rick__i just clicked the download button08:28
ServerSageThen you'll just get a tar.bz2 file.  Correct?08:29
TheYsNoihi...new boot here...08:30
ServerSagerick__: In order to use it you need to extract it.  When you download it from their site they give you a tar.bz2 file.  You can either double click on that an your GUI will probably extract it for you, leaving you with an executable, or you can extract it on the command line.08:31
=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
rick__how do extract on cmd line i dont even know where cmd line is08:32
quixotedonrick__: mind your manner08:32
rick__what did i do08:33
ServerSagerick__: If extracting a downloaded file, or using the command line, is outside your realm of knowledge, do you think it's a good idea to run alpha/beta software?  Not trying to be a jerk, just saying.08:33
callaghanHi, is there a quick way to find out if a user is running X/L/K/Ubuntu using the command line? I want to use it for a bash script. Thanks08:33
tellersLooking for genitally mutilated males. Contact me in private to participate in an investigative report. Nationwide publicity a significant possibility.08:34
Smellycallaghan, use: cat /etc/issue08:34
Smellycallaghan, Sorry, that doesn;t seem to contain the info you want...08:35
callaghanSmelly: This says Ubuntu 11.10 \n \l on my Lubuntu system...08:35
callaghanSmelly: well, I guess there is no easy way apart from looking if lxde or unity is running ;)08:36
rick__im learning by the way i have more knowledge than you can phatom pal back off im gonnaq make my company pyramidtechnologies bigger than apple and microsoft combined but i doubt you will even know about it so stop trying to prolong the process pal your negativity is undesireable08:36
Smellycallaghan, How about /etc/lsb-release08:36
ServerSagerick__: Thats one way to get help.08:36
callaghanSmelly: same here, only Ubuntu08:36
rick__so will anyone tell me how to use cmd line08:38
bob___type commands08:38
ServerSageI love people that brag about their intelligence but lack simple skills like sentence structure.  :)08:38
rick__or does everyone feel i should be deprived08:38
ServerSagerick__: Do you know which *buntu and which GUI you are running?08:38
callaghanrick__: http://www.amazon.com/Linux-Command-Shell-Scripting-Bible/dp/047025128X08:39
Smellycallaghan, maybe try "cd /etc; grep -R Lubuntu" to see if there's a file which has the distro name08:39
callaghanrick__: I bought this and it contains everything I ever needed :)08:39
rick__no money pal08:39
rick__0 dollar budget08:40
ServerSagerick__: Drop the attitude.  Were here to help.  You need to remember that most of us are actually sitting at jobs right now WHILE trying to help you.08:40
rick__my company has been brought to its knees and i got trown out on the street08:40
callaghanrick__: then there's this: http://www.freeos.com/guides/lsst/08:40
callaghanrick__: it's not as complete, but a good start nonetheless08:41
rick__but it will rise up soon08:41
dotachinis there any reason to split up large (20GB+) gzip files in pieces?08:41
callaghanSmelly: whoa, that's taking a long time ^^08:41
rick__i need some good people08:41
ServerSagedotachin: Some filesystems only support 2gb files.08:41
rick__ive got gret ones but thier is so much to do08:41
Smellycallaghan, It'll finish :)  Maybe add " | less" at the end to be able to scroll trhough the output08:42
ServerSagedotachin: Plus, moving a single 20gb file is harder than moving 20 1gb files.08:42
dotachinServerSage, but any reasons in terms of file integrity?08:42
rick__can you tell me how to use cmd line08:42
ServerSagedotachin: Nope.08:42
rick__where is it located08:42
dotachinServerSage, ok, thnx.08:42
Smellycallaghan, and make sure you are in /etc :)08:42
Jordan_U!terminal | rick__08:43
ubotturick__: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:43
tellersWe are looking for genitally mutilated males. Contact me in private to participate in an investigate report. Nationwide publicity a significant possibility.08:46
ServerSageUmmm, tellers probably needs to be made to disappear.08:46
alumnoun abrazo08:46
callaghanSmelly: I used "cd /etc; grep -R Lubuntu | tee ~/output" so it should to the job... no, nothing's in there ^^08:46
callaghanSmelly: ah well, I guess the user has to select what he is running then. Thank you for your time :)08:47
Smellycallaghan, Are you sure you're on Lubuntu? :) It should read08:47
Smellycallaghan, welcome.08:47
tellersGenitally mutilated is another expression for foreskin-amputated.08:47
tellersIt means circumcised.08:48
Smellycallaghan, Skip the "It should read"08:48
callaghanSmelly: yeah, I'm sure, I also have a xubuntu machine where the command is still running08:48
=== ritz is now known as ritz|afk
Smellycallaghan, weird that it doesn't show up in issue at least... Well, good luck08:49
LunatyKSmelly is it smart to load Xubuntu at the same time as Ubuntu08:50
callaghanSmelly: it shows up in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf I can check if this path exists.08:50
krisedHi. I have a script which sets up various things. But each command line requires sudo (such as making changes to .profile) how do i tell a batchscript that all commands in the script must run as such ? so i dont have to execute one line at a time08:51
SmellyLunatyK, Is that a rethorical uestion?08:51
Skew-_^krised, run it as sudo?08:51
JadedJacobevening ubuntu08:51
Skew-_^krised, run the script as sudo08:51
rick__ok how do accsess ubuntu cmd line08:51
LunatyKCause i added packages for Xfce and Xubuntu08:51
krisedSkew -_^if i run it as sudo it wont run every command as sudo. just the first line08:52
Skew-_^krised, dont use sudo in script?08:52
SmellyLunatyK, I don;t know what you mean by "load". You mean have installed side by side as in "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" and "apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"?08:52
ServerSagerick__: Did you not read what the good bot told you earlier?08:52
krisedSkew-_^ if i start every line with sudo it will ask for my password between each line08:52
ServerSage!terminal | rick__08:52
ubotturick__: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:52
rick__yup i cant remember08:52
ServerSagerick__: Seriously?08:53
rick__where do i click first08:53
LunatyKI went thru Synaptic Package Manager and downloaded the packages that way08:53
Skew-_^krised, dont have SUDO inside the script just run the script from terminal whit sudo infront have u tryed it?08:53
LunatyKI was trying to get Slackware Packages08:53
JadedJacobI'm after some software for ubuntu that allows to you click a button on a application make it resize 50% of the width of my LCD screen.08:53
rick__dont belittle me please i need help08:53
JadedJacobeither Left or Right08:54
krisedSkew-_^Hmm ill try. thanks. My problem here is that i need to repack a installed ubuntu back into a working distro ISO file.. i cant find any program that works.. remastersys gives errors when using that (when i boot the iso made)08:54
ServerSagerick__: You've been given help.  Other than driving to your house and opening it for you what more would you like?08:54
SmellyLunatyK, So you installed Ubuntu from CD or so and then you installed Xubuntu (packages) through synaptics? I'm not sure if that's advisable. It might be possible, but I'd personaly rather go with either one or the other.08:55
rick__why is it no one i talkto want to help you all act like im gonna kill you when i get my mind ad powerback08:55
LunatyKIt lets me choose08:55
rick__tell me where to clik please08:55
ServerSagerick__: Read the help!  It tells you EXACTLY WHAT TO CLICK.08:55
LunatyKIf i want Gnome or Xubuntu08:55
rick__it says applications08:55
rick__thier is nothing under apps08:55
garamanrick__: press the "Windows" key and type "terminal" then hit Enter08:56
ServerSagerick__: click the Ubuntu logo and start typing terminal.08:56
rick__windows key??08:56
garamanrick__: between Ctrl and Alt08:57
SmellyLunatyK, What lets you choose?08:57
garamanrick__: also works to press Alt+F2, type "gnome-terminal", then hit Enter08:57
rick__ok im in thank you08:57
rick__now how do i run file08:57
JadedJacobi think i'll just post on the ubuntuforums instead.08:58
ServerSagerick__: Do you know where you downloaded the firefox file?08:58
LunatyKThe Login Screen shows Session and it lets me run either Ubuntu or XUbuntu08:58
rick__from firefox aurora website08:58
ServerSagerick__: Yes, but where did you save it to?08:58
rick__its located in downloads section of firefox i cant make anysense of these ubuntu directories08:59
garamanrick__: in terminal type "cd Downloads", then "ls"08:59
garamanrick__: what filenames do you see?09:00
rick__no such file or directory09:00
garamanrick__: type "pwd", what do you see?09:01
LunatyKHow do you go root?09:01
goddardthe -15 kernel isn't working09:01
goddardhow can i debug?09:01
SmellyLunatyK, Ah ok. So they're both installed already. Well if it work, it works. (For the time being)09:01
garamanrick__: in terminal, type "pwd"09:01
LunatyKYes Smelly and it hasnt been messing up tho09:01
madigansudo /load .xchat2/budus.so09:01
SmellyLunatyK, with "sudo <command>" you execute the command as root09:02
rick__home rick09:02
rick__home rick is what i see09:03
ServerSagerick__: Try running "ls", do you see a Downloads listed?09:03
garamanrick__: in terminal, type "ls -1F".  you should see list of dirs, one of which should be named "Downloads"09:03
madiganXD i can't load the plug XDDC! i try sudo beacuse i'm desperate09:03
rick__it says deskto videos doc ex desktop pic tempp downloads music public09:04
ServerSagerick__: Then type "cd downloads"09:04
rick__no such file or directory09:04
norbert79rick__: Just one thing to mention: Linux is Case-sensitive... If you See Downloads, it's not the same, like 'downloads'09:05
ServerSagerick__: You have to match the case.  So if it's Downloads you need to do "cd Downloads"09:05
=== SoulShadow is now known as Shadows`birthday
garamanrick__: indeed, try "cd Downloads" again, exactly as written09:05
garamanrick__: with capital "D"09:05
[deXter]unless of course, you turn off case sensitivity in bash, like I do ;)09:05
rick__it says downloads $09:06
norbert79[deXter]: Which could just screw up your filesystem, just saying ;-)09:06
garaman[deXter]: I "set completion-ignore-case on", which is handy while less dangerous09:06
[deXter]garaman, yeah, that's what I use actually09:06
LunatyKSmelly could i script Ubuntu to look like SlackWare?09:07
norbert79rick__: I would assume ls -lF would be the next step...09:07
norbert79rick__: so you can see what's listed there09:08
aLeSD|hi all09:08
rick__yep no fire fox thou09:08
auronandaceLunatyK: look like slackware? you are aware that slackware uses vanilla packages?09:08
aLeSD|is it normal that /sbin in not in my path ?09:08
LunatyKI am09:09
LunatyKThats what im used to auronandace09:09
rick__lf says cmd not found09:09
TheYsNoihi aLeSD09:09
icerootaLeSD|: /sbin is in PATH on default ubuntu09:09
ServerSagerick__: Try running "ls -l"09:09
auronandaceLunatyK: then that means slackware doesn't have a look of it's own, what you want is the default look of the packages09:09
LunatyKYes that09:10
aLeSD|iceroot: I just switched from kubuntu 2 ubuntu09:10
rick__type ls -l09:10
ServerSagerick__: Yes, in the terminal type in "ls -l" without the quotes.09:10
icerootaLeSD|: /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games09:10
aLeSD|I simply run sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop09:10
LunatyKCould i do that auronandace09:11
icerootaLeSD|: to get the09:11
rick__not there09:11
=== christiantarry is now known as earlybirdd
auronandaceLunatyK: no idea09:11
icerootaLeSD|: to get the "real" ubuntu its sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:11
ServerSagerick__: You sure you downloaded it?  :)09:11
LunatyKIma try something09:11
LunatyKafter Synaptic gets done09:11
norbert79rick__: You would like to check your queries/personal messages...09:11
auronandaceLunatyK: what has ubuntu changed that you don't like the look of?09:11
aLeSD|iceroot, ubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.09:11
icerootaLeSD|: then you have everything you need09:12
almoxariferick__: wanna try this with the gui folder viewer god gave ubuntu?09:12
LunatyKActually auronandace i am used to Slackware09:12
norbert79rick__: Like clicking the window, I think top, since you have at least 1 personal message in your IRC client09:12
LunatyKAnd seeing something that doesnt look like it09:12
LunatyKSeems wrong09:12
norbert79rick__: I think right to the channel window-tab09:12
auronandaceLunatyK: you haven't answered my question, whats different that you don't like?09:12
aLeSD|iceroot, my system want't start gdm ... it tries with kdm all the time .. The prob is that I removed kdm09:13
LunatyKThe whole thing09:13
icerootaLeSD|: ubuntu is not using gdm09:13
auronandaceLunatyK: such as?09:13
icerootaLeSD|: its using lightdm09:13
LunatyKthe themes the wallpapes the menu09:13
icerootaLeSD|: depending on your version09:13
auronandaceLunatyK: so you don't like unity? is that it? more of a kde fan?09:14
icerootaLeSD|: what version are you using?09:14
MonkeypawsHello.  I have a webserver running ubuntu/apache and an IP camera.  I'd like to have 1 connection between the ubuntu server and the IP camera.  Then, however many users connect to the ubuntu/apache server to view the stream.   I want to avoid anyone connecting directly to the IP camera in order to view the stream.  Is this do-able? thanks09:14
aLeSD|iceroot, 13.0409:14
icerootaLeSD|: not possible09:14
aLeSD|Who tells ? Hainstein ?09:14
icerootaLeSD|: there is no 13.0409:14
icerootaLeSD|: output of "cat /etc/issue"09:14
aLeSD|I configured lightdm09:15
icerootaLeSD|: then its lightdm instead of gdm09:15
auronandace!kubuntu | LunatyK09:15
ubottuLunatyK: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde09:15
aLeSD|now the problem is the $PATH09:16
aLeSD|iceroot, is it configured in .bashrc ?09:16
icerootaLeSD|: /etc/bash_completion09:19
* dfcnvt hit the sack, "G'night"09:19
almoxarifeMonkeypaws: how does apache talk to the camera? network? usb?09:19
Monkeypawsalmoxarife - the video stream is available over the network, at
aLeSD|iceroot, thanks09:21
LunatyKinstalling Kubuntu09:25
varikonniemihmm, i have been zipping 60 gigs folder to a .zip archive with ubuntus compress option. I left it overnight and it is only halfway therE?!09:25
jattwhy do you want to zip 60 gigs! rotfl09:26
varikonniemiso i can archive it handy in one file09:26
JadedJacobVarazir: What compression setting did you use? What is your CPU? How much RAM do you have?09:26
LunatyKauronandace is that smart09:27
jattbetter those 60 gigs are text files09:27
varikonniemidunno about compression, it does not let me choose09:27
jattif not09:27
varikonniemic2d 3.1ghz, 4ggs ram09:27
jattyou are wasting your time09:27
varikonniemicpu usage 10%09:27
JadedJacobYeah like what jatt: Unless they are text files or BMP's(haha) you're wasting your time09:28
=== LunatyK is now known as Eternal
JadedJacob*like what jatt said i mean09:28
varikonniemithe point is not to compress them but to just have one file to archive09:28
=== Eternal is now known as LunatyK
jattthen don't compress them09:28
jattarchive them09:28
icerootvarikonniemi: tar09:28
jattwith tar for example09:28
varikonniemibut there is clearly something wrong here09:28
=== LunatyK is now known as DJ_Eternal
varikonniemii read tar is really bad for this, since it has no index09:28
jattyeah PEBKAC09:28
hayloi think zipping is good but something that big takes to long to zip varikonniemi09:29
JadedJacobWhen you say there is something wrong...Do you mean you think your harddrive is on the way out?09:29
hayloplus unless the data has a compressible pattern it doesnt get that much smaller09:29
varikonniemiyeah but what is it doing this all time when cpu usage is at 5-10% for the process09:29
icerootvarikonniemi: what is the value of %wa09:30
varikonniemimemory usage 50M09:30
DJ_EternalIs it smart to install Kubuntu with Ubuntu and Xubuntu09:30
icerootvarikonniemi: on top09:30
varikonniemiiceroot, ?09:30
haylowill take ten percent cpu to do an operationg like this09:30
icerootvarikonniemi: you are talking about cpu usage, what is "top" showing for the value %wa09:30
varikonniemiwhere can i find %wa09:30
rick__ok im back09:31
jattyou should do the experiment how it takes to uncompress the 60GB. and then compress them again09:31
icerootvarikonniemi: open a terminal and type in "top"09:31
icerootvarikonniemi: at the top of that screen there is %wa09:32
rick__you there09:32
icerootvarikonniemi: that is the reason why it is working so long09:32
icerootvarikonniemi: %wa = waiting time of the cou for your hdd09:33
auronandaceDJ_Eternal: i don't like unity either (xfce is my choice)09:33
varikonniemiiceroot, ok :)09:33
icerootvarikonniemi: so your cpu is waiting 40-60% of the time because your hdd is not delivering the data fast enough09:33
DJ_Eternalxfce is good09:33
DJ_Eternalbut i want slackware back09:33
=== debdj is now known as d00m
icerootDJ_Eternal: #slackware09:33
DJ_Eternalbut my disk drive isnt working09:33
quiescensi was going to say09:33
quiescens40-60% is more likely because of drive failure09:34
DJ_Eternaliceroot i know alot about it09:34
quiescensthan actual io saturation09:34
icerootquiescens: no09:34
icerootquiescens: that is a normal value and has nothing to do with drive failure09:34
varikonniemihmm, i have process python as zombie. Is that bad09:34
goddardxfce yo dawg dat is oogleee09:34
icerootvarikonniemi: you are using "terminator"?09:35
varikonniemiiceroot, no09:35
icerootvarikonniemi: ok09:35
bc81hello.  i'm trying to get a daap server up and running on maverick, mt-daapd is not working, is there a better more up-to-date method?09:35
goddardiceroot: you should change your name to fireroot then it will sounds like your gonna can your sys admin rather then shoot him09:36
icerootgoddard: :)09:36
bc81i've tried tangerine also, but my ipod touch 2g can't connect to it (using Simple DAAP client09:37
bc81the touch can see the share, but not connect to them09:37
DJ_Eternalauronandace i just hate unity period09:37
reisioDJ_Eternal: so don't use it09:38
goddardDJ_Eternal: don't hate participate09:38
DJ_Eternalreisio if i had a diskdrive i wouldnt be09:38
varikonniemion windows i have once rarred a 150 gigs archive, and it had no problems, so it clearly is something fishy going on with archive roller09:38
icerootDJ_Eternal: you have a support-question?09:38
DJ_EternalIm on a laptop09:38
DJ_Eternaliceroot well noone answered my question :/09:39
DJ_EternalIs it smart to install Kubuntu with Ubuntu and Xubuntu09:39
reisiovarikonniemi: what is?09:39
icerootDJ_Eternal: why not?09:39
ePlus`hey all09:39
reisioePlus`: hi09:39
ePlus`where do i set "ifconfig eh0 up" to be up at boot09:40
Skew-_^ACER S3-951/ULV i5-2467M/NLED13.3WXGAG/Intel HD/4GB/SSD 256GB/BGN/BT 4.0/Lithium Polymer/1.3M HD/W7HP-64  VS. ASUS UX31E 13.3'' HD+ Glare i7-2677M HD3000 4GB DDR3 256GB SSD Cam BT USB 3.0 4 cell Bag W7HP alu HDMI ???09:40
icerootDJ_Eternal: of course you have then all applications from all of them09:40
auronandaceDJ_Eternal: if you have enough space you can09:40
varikonniemireisio, <varikonniemi> hmm, i have been zipping 60 gigs folder to a .zip archive with ubuntus compress option. I left it overnight and it is only halfway therE?!09:40
DJ_Eternalidk if i do or not09:40
jattbuy a more powerful computer09:40
jattthen it will be faster09:40
icerootDJ_Eternal: maybe 6-8gb for all of them09:40
prashant_123456wanna lock system volume at a certain low end using ubuntu 11.10 gnome ?????09:41
Skew-_^jatt, who me?09:41
jattno the 60GB guy09:41
Skew-_^aha i see09:41
DJ_Eternalhow do i find out09:41
goddardDJ_Eternal: live disc?09:42
reisiovarikonniemi: 60 is a lot, wouldn't compress it unless it's for really long term09:42
DJ_EternalUbuntu is installed09:42
goddardDJ_Eternal: haha ok09:42
DJ_EternalXubuntu is installed09:42
DJ_EternalNow im working on Kubuntu09:43
glosoliHey folks,  I have one problem. Sometimes I can't restart my computer if some programs are running in the background, ubuntu just hangs forever on the splashscreen for reboot, and does nothing, just CPU Fan Noisy becomes09:43
auronandaceDJ_Eternal: if you want slackware then why did you install xubuntu?09:43
DJ_EternalCause i couldn't get my Slackware to update to 13.3709:43
varikonniemii restarted my computer and python process is still zombie. Is this normal?09:44
aBoundSlackware is not an easy to use distribution.09:44
icerootDJ_Eternal: what is your question? to be honest we dont care about slackware09:44
goddardDJ_Eternal: so you just install lots of OS's on your computer for fun?09:44
reisiovarikonniemi: sure it's the same #?09:44
auronandaceDJ_Eternal: so you couldn't reinstall slackware instead of upgrade?09:45
DJ_EternalIm just trying to make sure of something but nvm09:45
=== FrankLv_ is now known as FrankLv
varikonniemiwait, i have one python as #1867 and one as #185009:45
DJ_Eternalauronandace my diskdrive is out and i have to have the disk drive working to do so09:45
jattzombie processes are not normal09:45
varikonniemii just resintalled my os yesterday :(09:46
auronandaceDJ_Eternal: so how did you install xubuntu? by usb? if so why can't you install slackware that way?09:46
reisiothey happen09:46
DJ_EternalSlackware requires 6 cds09:47
bob___DJ_Eternal: not true09:47
DJ_EternalAnd i dont have a usb big enough09:47
icerootDJ_Eternal: again, we dont care about slackware, go to #slackware if you want to discuss that distro09:47
llutz_DJ_Eternal: to make it short: you don't have any clue about wat you're doing, you just decided to troll around here.09:47
glosoliHey folks,  I have one problem. Sometimes I can't restart my computer if some programs are running in the background, ubuntu just hangs forever on the splashscreen for reboot, and does nothing, just CPU Fan Noisy becomes09:47
norbert79DJ_Eternal: I would recommend #ubuntu-offtopic09:47
jattwhat is slackware?09:48
llutz_jatt: wikipedia tells you09:48
bob___glosoli: hit esc at that splash screen and it hsould show you the shutdown messages and you can see where it's hanging09:48
rick__im back09:49
rick__can we get back to bussiness09:49
aBoundDJ_Eternal, Doesn't seem like Slackware requires 6 CDs there's a package with the DVD for everything and 6 ISOs which means you don't need all of them.09:50
tomek_who knows how to move window x - [] from left to right ?09:50
aBoundSome of the ISOs are source packages.09:50
icerootand all are off-topic09:50
aBoundiceroot, Indeed.09:50
reisiotomek_: called "decorations"09:50
bc81tomek_: i think it's gconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"09:51
aBoundDJ_Eternal, Best to head to the slackware channel for help on the Slackware distro.09:51
bc81tomek_: of course, you can rearrange the string to your liking09:52
pfifohello everyone :)09:55
bc81so, does anyone have success in running a daap server on their 'buntu?  trying to connect the ipod touch 2g (old, but good ;)09:55
bc81hi pfifo09:55
rick__can anyone help me run files on ubuntu09:57
tomek_bc81 : no gui tools09:57
bc81lol rick__  what kind of "files"?09:57
bendraswhere am i?09:57
pfiforick__, to execute a file simple add ./ to the fron09:57
rick__im on my day with ubuntu09:57
pfifoex ./myscript.sh09:57
dns53-laptopnick dns5309:58
=== dns53-laptop is now known as dns53
rick__well i cant find the file in cmd line09:58
bendraslinux sucks!09:58
bc81tomek_: open a terminal and paste that command, only rearrange the string09:58
rick__i like linux09:58
rick__windows sucks09:58
bc81tomek, so you want them reversed: menu:close,maximize,minimize09:58
_Ethan_when manually creating the partitions, /home should be the biggest one in size?09:59
cristian_c I'm using Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, I purchased an asus WL-330gE. The device shields the connection to the router, unfortunately I have to first establish a direct connection to the router, and then the computer automatically snaps to a repeater. But if the PC tries to connect to the router via the repeater, it fails09:59
Tiven__Ethan_ : no need for that10:00
Tiven_it's all about what you need10:00
reisio_Ethan_: but yes, in general10:00
bc81_Ethan_: generally, yes.10:00
Tiven_because you usually use the most space for saving in there10:00
cristian_cthe network manager tries to connect several times, but it fails to connect. So I updated the firmware to the latest version, from version to, but unfortunately the problem persists10:01
reisioif you put everything on one partition, you don't have to consider this10:01
cristian_cWhat can I do to solve the problem?10:01
_Ethan_so /home is supposed to be the "folder" where i put data10:01
glosolibob___: Thanks for answer :) Might be what I need10:01
pfifocristian_c, you might want to ask in ##hardware this is ubuntu support10:01
_Ethan_the thing is , arent they just folders but partitions?10:02
_Ethan_i can understand to have a swap partition10:02
auronandace_Ethan_: i use a seperate storage partition for my files10:02
reisio_Ethan_: home is for non-OS data10:02
pfifo_Ethan_, you dont have to make /home a partition at all10:02
_Ethan_and in fact i have one partition for data in my windows xp, because i wanted it10:03
Tiven__Ethan_ : basically home is all that you save. i used to use Home on my headless server to save all services (webservers, gameservers, etc)10:03
_Ethan_pfifo but is it the default mode ubuntu uses when installing isnt it ?10:03
cristian_cpfifo, is this not a problem that affects the operating system?10:03
llutz__Ethan_: then just dont put /home on extra partition, mount your data-filesystem later to i.e. /home/you/data10:04
pfifo_Ethan_, because it makes reinstalling easier, you wont lose all your settings if you have a seperate /home10:04
reisioyou shouldn't _have_ to reinstall, though, if course10:04
Tiven_personally i prefer knowing that if anything at all happens, i know that im safe just by getting this one partition10:05
_Ethan_thanks a lot for your help10:05
_Ethan_cross fingers for me10:05
Tiven_good luck bro10:05
_Ethan_because i actually have two primary partitions, windows xp and data10:05
reisioto be safe you must backup10:05
llutz_Tiven_: that's what backups are for10:05
reisioregardless of partition scheme10:06
_Ethan_next i´ll do ext 4 / as primary10:06
Tiven_i always backup, i always use partitions too :P10:06
_Ethan_swap and /home10:06
_Ethan_(/home as logical)10:06
llutz__Ethan_: logical/primary makes no difference10:06
UidXis there any program which analyzes a jar file and draws an entire class map?10:07
auronandace_Ethan_: i keep all my linux partitions as logical (allows primaries to be used for other OS's)10:07
UidXoh is there #java?10:07
UidXthanks im new to this server so i'm not really used to it10:07
dns53UidX there are, but ask somewhere else, it has been a while since i did java programming10:07
reisioI don't multi-boot, seems a waste of time10:07
_Ethan_llutz yes, but i´ll have 3 primary partitions so i´d prefer to kept the one left for a future possibility10:07
_Ethan_auronandace exactly10:08
reisioUidX: /msg alis list *foo*10:08
llutz__Ethan_: just put all non-win stuff on logical10:08
_Ethan_"/" needs to be primary isnt it ?10:08
llutz__Ethan_: no10:08
pfifoauronandace, how many OS's do you need10:08
auronandacepfifo: not a question of need10:08
llutz__Ethan_: logical/primary makes no difference (for most non-windows OS)10:08
_Ethan_thought the OS partition needs to be primary10:09
auronandacepfifo: i like to keep my options open, and its fun to try something new10:09
=== max is now known as Guest88489
reisionot that a desktop install needs more than for partitions10:09
auronandace_Ethan_: no, linux and haiku can reside entirely in logical partitions10:09
reisioor even two10:09
pfiforeisio, I require 610:09
_Ethan_auronandace then you meant that for linux you always use logicals to reserve primary partitions for windows for example ?10:09
reisiopfifo: you specialize areas with file systems?10:10
auronandace_Ethan_: yes, and bsd and openindiana10:10
pfiforeisio, what?10:10
grymekhi, i have downloaded my windows 7 from msdnaa ( so its oryginal ) but i havent cdrom on my computer ( im writting from second a laptop ), on windows i could copy iso disk to pendrive and make him a disk boot partytion, how to do the same with a cd or iso file on ubuntu ?10:10
reisioguess not10:10
grymeki have ubuntn 10.0410:11
_Ethan_auronandace ok, thanks for the advice10:11
reisiogrymek: 1 min10:11
norbert79grymek: use unetbootin for such, or use the Ubuntu's main website for the pendrive-installer-creator10:11
auronandace_Ethan_: i also keep my storage partition as a logical too10:11
cristian_can another question:10:11
_Ethan_just a last question, would you recommend defragmentation ?10:11
_Ethan_prior all this process?10:11
norbert79_Ethan_: There are no defragmentation tools for Linux, since EXT3-4 doesn't need such... It's done automatically10:12
_Ethan_of my data and windows xp partition10:12
cristian_cI'm using lubuntu 11.1010:12
pfifoauronandace, it sounds like you make one giant extended and then all logicals10:12
auronandacepfifo: indeed :)10:12
reisiogrymek: _2nd_ answer here: http://serverfault.com/questions/6714/how-to-make-windows-7-usb-flash-install-media-from-linux10:12
cristian_cbut I can not see the volume icon on the panel10:12
bc81_Ethan_: yes, good idea to check the filesystem and defrag prior to the operation (but not mandatory)10:13
reisiogrymek: the one with 23 ups10:13
=== nibbler_ is now known as nibbier
bullgard4[Banshee 2.2.1] Is there no keyboard shortcut to set the playback volume? http://library.gnome.org/users/banshee/stable/keyboardshortcuts.html.en10:13
cristian_cI tried to add it, but it still is not displayed10:13
cristian_cHow can I solve this problem?10:14
_Ethan_i´ll go ahead then10:14
_Ethan_back in 2-3 hours , hopefully with good news :D10:14
bc81bullgard4: have you tried the Multimedia Keys extension?10:14
grymekreisio: ok10:15
grymeknorbert79: ok i ll try10:15
bc81bullgard4: oh nevermind i see you want volume10:15
bc81bullgard4: you can use command:  banshee --set-volume=2010:18
shine_hi, can someone help me on how to remove an custom schema from openldap(that uses cn=config)...i've olready remove all the entries that uses the attributes and classes of this schema, what should i do next? i know that these thread is not specific for ubuntu but no one helped me on the openldap chat10:20
bc81bullgard4: or you can bind the command: banshee --set-volume=+5   or   banshee --set-volume=-5  to a shortcut key (compiz has this ability)10:20
Fudgeanyone know why grub-pc 1.98 in lucid detects my osx but natty and precise doesnt?10:20
gokulhello, i am getting --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/824916/  when i connect my new usb drive, i am not able to access it too, any suggestions ?10:26
dns53gokul bad power on the usb plug? tried plugging in the laptop? tried another plug?10:27
bc81gokul: try opening it in the gparted, if it's new it needs to be formatted possibly10:27
gokuldns53, bc81 it's not the plugging issue, tried it in different systems, it's not working in ubuntu and arch but works in windows. Also did a quick format in windows, but still not working in ubuntu10:29
callaghangokul: Does it appear in the Disk Utility?10:30
auronandacegokul: try gparted like bc81 suggests10:31
bc81gokul, and you tried opening in gparted?10:31
dns53gokul ok so the device exists?   run sudo fdisk -l   to list disks and partitions10:31
gokuldns53, bc81 will try gparted now10:33
=== Raynes is now known as Guest5928
gokuldns53, bc81, auronandace  fdisk -l actually kinda hangs, have started gparted but it was scanning for devises for a long time and doesn't show anything10:36
aLeSD|hi all10:37
_rahmat_hi aLesD|10:37
gokul i am getting "Buffer I/O error on device sdb, logical block 1950463"  in syslog10:37
aLeSD|I am using twinview ... is it possible to set differents backgrounds between the 2 monitors .. or extend a sigle image to both ?10:38
dns53gokul so your disk might be on the way out, is this a hard disk in an enclosure or a usb drive?10:38
ikoniaaLeSD|: you should be able to span an image across both as one virtual monitor, but not use two different ones10:38
gokuldns53, it's a usb drive, and i just bought it.10:39
dns53gokul does it have any data on it?10:39
gokuldns53, none, just plugged in for the first time10:39
llutz_gokul: take it back to the shop10:39
norbert79aLeSD|: Using two different images for your desktop is dependant on what Window handler you are using. Unity, the default Window manager cannot handle more, than one image, while KDE has/had the support for such for example.10:40
auronandacegokul: what brand?10:40
redAnyone here that is familiar with rsync?10:41
ikoniared: yes10:41
redI'm having problems understanding the correct syntax, even tho im looking at examples etc10:41
redheres my command:10:41
redrsync -avz --exclude=/var/www/aac7/sites/ office@
redI run it at my dev server10:42
redto copy files from live server, excluding the sites folder10:42
redbut still the incremental file list that starts to roll before the sync is showing every file under the sites as well, so I hit ctrl-c10:42
dreginAhoy! Is there any plan to allow a user to remote desktop to a machine without the screen at the PC's desk unlocking???? In know I can use NoMachine or whatever else, but I need to be able to work on the same code I had on my screen when I left work... having to set it all up again is a pain.10:42
redthe .40 is the live environment10:43
gokulauronandace, my company bought a whole bunch of customized usb drives for employees. No brand name on it. :)10:43
redshould the exclude be relative to the aac7 path instead?10:43
dns53red just --exclude=sites10:44
auronandacegokul: customised usb drives? sounds fishy10:44
ikoniared: it should be releative to where you are10:44
redthanks, dns5310:44
RawProduceHi, does anyone know how can I install Kivio version 2 on 11.10?10:44
dns53red in my script i keep a log file in the rsync directory and i just have --exclude=log10:44
RawProduceit's not in the repo by the looks of it10:45
redi see10:45
redcan i do sites,sites_old10:45
redor similar for the exclude?10:45
aLeSD|norbert79, ok ... but is it possible to expand a single image in the 2 monitor. Use the 2 monitor as a single one.10:45
bc81pattern could be sites*  (correct?)10:45
dns53red multiple exclude lines10:45
shine__can enyone help me on openldap problem ?10:46
red--exclude=sites --exclude=sites_old ?10:46
norbert79aLeSD|: I have never tried such, so I can't really help further, sorry10:46
RawProduceyet this page - http://ubuntuguide.dyndns.info/index.php/Ubuntu:Oneiric#Kivio_.28Diagram_editor.29 says that kivio is in fact included in 11.10...10:46
redill test wildcard10:46
gokulauronandace, they needed the company logo10:46
aLeSD|norbert79, however thanks10:46
bc81red: you could also match from a file: --exclude-from=FILE10:47
auronandacegokul: if you can find out who made the usb drives then you can avoid them (sounds like some outsourced cheap manufacturer)10:47
redwildcard worked, however i noticed 1 more folder i need to exclude, (tmp)10:48
redbc81: this is a one time thingy so i dont think i really wanna build some file for it10:48
redbut if its the only way, then i guess i have to10:48
quiescensred: you should really be able to do --exclude more than once10:48
redkk, ill test again10:48
norbert79RawProduce: I think you might been fooled, since if you check the page you quoted, it shows, that it's not related to Canonical. (dyndns.info..?). I would suggest for checking kivio you should use: http://packages.ubuntu.com/10:49
bc81or could they be comma separated?10:49
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:49
norbert79RawProduce: I did a lookup though, and it seems, that kivio is not listed in the packages, but let me do a deeper search10:49
* dns53 goes to check the rsync man page10:49
RawProducenorbert79: appreciate the help :)10:49
RawProducenorbert79: it's a bit weird since installing koffice provided icons and a mimetype for kivio10:50
norbert79RawProduce: I understand, but if it's missing it could be because of different reason10:50
norbert79RawProduce: http://www.koffice.org/kivio/ - I think, that kivio is not even ready, according to the official webpage. That's why it's not available yet10:51
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
RawProducenorbert79: fair enough, guess I'll use something else then, thanks again for the help10:51
reCAPTCHAHi! I can't seem to find the drivers for my soundcard: Creative Labs SB1040 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio10:52
norbert79RawProduce: Sure, you are all welcome!10:52
reCAPTCHACan anyone point me in the right direction?10:52
reCAPTCHAI know there probably is no official supported driver version, but surely there's a community OS one.10:52
RawProducereCAPTCHA: this might help - http://digg.com/newsbar/topnews/Tutorial_Set_up_X_Fi_in_Ubuntu10:53
reCAPTCHARawProduce: I'll give it a go, thanks much.10:53
RawProducereCAPTCHA: you're welcome10:54
norbert79RawProduce: I might be reading the date wrong, but isn't that tutorial a bit old?10:54
norbert79RawProduce: it might be, that the support is already there, just activated different10:54
gokulhello, some more logs on the usb drive issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/824937/ does any body know why i am getting "udevd[313]: worker [8239] failed while handling '/devices/pc****"10:55
glosoliAnyone here uses DIA and get problems of getting CPU Usage extremely high ? or does someone knows any alternative  ?10:56
RawProducenorbert79: yeah, it might be a bit out of date, but generally compiling a driver is about the same between versions10:56
sanoobephi...any one there?10:57
norbert79gokul: Revieweing your past conversation it looks like a faulty USB drive for me as first look. You might want to try it under other OS-es too, but I wouldn't assume more luck.10:57
glosolisanoobep: Yes10:57
sanoobepi wish to about thread safetuy + ubutu10:57
gokulnorbert79, it works in windows and mac10:57
sanoobepthread safety + ubuntu10:57
Daniel_WMDEhi all. some windows are not accessible via the application switcher (alt-tab) it seems. some vanisch "sometimes", but the netbeans ide seems to always be missing10:57
Daniel_WMDEany ideas why?10:57
gokulbut not in ubutnu and arch10:57
norbert79gokul: So no issues under other OS-es then... This limits the issues. Let me go into query10:58
Daniel_WMDEunity seems to have trouble with java based apps anyway... freemind doesn't stick in the launcher, for instance, but at least i can alt-tab to it10:58
Daniel_WMDEany idea how to fix this?10:58
bc81gokul, in windows can you format it to fat 32?10:58
sanoobephi ...let me know about thread safety + linux10:59
gokulbc81, did a quick format in windows but still not working in linux10:59
reCAPTCHARawProduce: Unfortunately, it does not seem like the creative site offers these drivers in any format but .exe10:59
Daniel_WMDEsanoobep: that question seems awfully broad...10:59
norbert79reCAPTCHA: Well, I found it different :)11:00
bc81gokul: not quick format, but format to fat32 filesystem11:00
reCAPTCHAnorbert79: you did? Please inform!11:00
norbert79reCAPTCHA: What card do you have again?11:00
norbert79reCAPTCHA: X-Fi?11:00
reCAPTCHAnorbert79: X-Fi Xtreme Audio, yeah.11:01
sanoobepwhich package will support for thread safety on ubuntu11:01
norbert79sanoobep: Define "thread safety"11:01
norbert79sanoobep: http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?catID=1&CatName=Sound+Blaster&subCatID=231&subCatName=MIDI+Keyboards&prodID=17927&prodName=Sound+Blaster+X-Fi+Titanium&bTopTwenty=1&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFAQ_17927,VARSET=CategoryID:1 ?11:02
sanoobepthread safety is php package11:02
norbert79reCAPTCHA: http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?catID=1&CatName=Sound+Blaster&subCatID=231&subCatName=MIDI+Keyboards&prodID=17927&prodName=Sound+Blaster+X-Fi+Titanium&bTopTwenty=1&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFAQ_17927,VARSET=CategoryID:111:02
norbert79reCAPTCHA: Scroll down, select Linux, and press SUbmit, if it's this card11:03
reCAPTCHAnorbert79: http://support.creative.com/downloads/welcome.aspx?nLanguageLocale=1033&nPage=111:03
reCAPTCHAThis is the card.11:03
norbert79reCAPTCHA: :) So the same... Ok: http://support.creative.com/downloads/download.aspx?nDownloadId=1079211:04
sanoobephow to enable thread safety on info.php file?11:04
ubottuPHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/php5.html11:04
reCAPTCHAnorbert79: the drivers will work for both cards then?11:04
emiliano_#join release11:04
norbert79reCAPTCHA: I can't help you further, I don't own a Sound Blaster X-Fi, this is how far I can go11:05
reCAPTCHAnorbert79: thanks much.. hopefully it works.11:05
norbert79reCAPTCHA: You are welcome11:05
sanoobephow to enable thread safety on info.php file? which package will install ?11:06
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norbert79sanoobep: Until someone will get back to you with the answer, I would suggest you try to join the ##php channel too for further help11:08
sanoobepany one know about thread safety11:08
nils_how can I change my console keymap permanently? I tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup (I think it was console-data once?) but it doesn't seem to let me select the keyboard mapping11:09
sanoobepunable to login ##php chanel11:10
LjL!register > sanoobep11:11
ubottusanoobep, please see my private message11:11
dns53nils_ i can't remember exactly but you may need to change the debconf priority11:11
nils_dns53: so it just skips the question? That makes sense, thanks.11:12
dns53nils_ i believe it does, it might be the wrong package as well11:12
Cafewindows start-up direct a blue-screen after install ubuntu, anyone?11:14
nils_dns53: yeah it's the wrong package11:14
SonWighFac9goood morning people11:15
BenSprzhi all11:19
BenSprzi have a dualboot vista/ubuntu 10.04  the ubuntu does not find my wireless network I guess its a driver issue?11:20
BenSprzanybody any suggestions I'd appreciate it, thanks11:20
lordb_i need help Generating key in Ubuntu and obtaining fingerprint11:20
lordb_i ve used gpg11:20
BenSprzcan anyone please suggest (in linux beginner terms...) what i have to do to get ubuntu 10.04 to find my wirelessnetwork11:22
dns53lordb_ do you want to use seahorse (gui) or the command line?11:22
BenSprzi can also (probably) access the windows vista partition and find the driver there?11:22
dns53take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide11:23
BenSprzdns53 thanks, will do now11:24
sanoobepi wish to about register free node?11:26
varikonniemiwell, well. whoever said a zombie process is not normal here, thanks :/ i reinstalled ubuntu and it was there immediately adter booting from setup11:27
varikonniemithen i went and looked at my server and my laptop, they both also have it11:27
varikonniemiso i guess it is normal after all?11:27
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, first we need to determine what wifi chipset your wifi card hasd11:31
BenSprzubuntuaddicted: it a bcm4311 802.11b/g WLAN11:32
BenSprzubuntuaddicted: its a broadcom and it shows in lshw -C network11:32
BenSprzubuntuaddicted: should I give you the output of lshw?11:33
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RaeCarruthfor some reason opera browser does not allow me to 'open folder', how do i enable this? or point opera to nautilus?11:36
jasoxHi guys, I was wondering what font size (small/normal) do you use in ubuntu on 24" monitor(16:10) ?11:37
RaeCarruthfor some reason opera browser does not allow me to 'open folder', how do i enable this? or point opera to nautilus?11:38
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, i would just folllow a Blog on how to get that chipset working. I found this one but will admit I am not familiar with that chipset. http://nfolamp.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/ubuntu-11-10-getting-wireless-bcm4311-working/11:39
OrderPickerwhat happened to lib-apache2-mod-ssl in ubuntu lucid?11:40
ubuntuaddictedjasox, i wish I had that large of a monitor. lol I just use the default font since 5.0411:40
BenSprzubuntuaddicted: thanks I will try, Im trying to use the ubuntu manual at the moment but have little knowledge of commandline11:41
jasoxubuntuaddicted, :D I set small fonts, large fonts looks too large :/11:41
BenSprzit seems the b43 driver is there somewhere, but i dont know how to load it/use it/turn it on correctly11:42
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, everything I have learned over the 6 years I have used Ubuntu has been at ubuntuforums.org and on IRC11:42
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OrderPickerwhen tryning to install it with apt-get, apt-get replies: Couldn't find package libapache-mod-ssl11:42
Guest14154i have a query to configure dovecot can some one help me to sort out the error here is the mail.warn log Feb  1 16:38:05 dovecot: child 4531 (login) killed with signal 911:43
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, WIFI drivers have been a sore spot in ubuntu for a long time. They add drivers to the linux kernel when they feel they are working BUT sometimes bugs get introduced which then make that driver which is built into the kernel not work. Sometimes you have to blacklist a module from loading and use a different driver (module)11:43
ubuntuaddictedOrderPicker, try to use sudo aptitude search apach211:44
BenSprzubuntuaddicted: the blog you suggested didnt help me... sorry11:44
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: No reply....11:45
RaeCarruthfor some reason opera browser does not allow me to 'open folder', how do i enable this? or point opera to nautilus?11:45
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, and which version of Ubuntu are you using11:45
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: No results11:45
BenSprz10.04 lts11:45
Guest14154the same error is there in mail.err mail.log etc.11:45
ubuntuaddictedOrderPicker, it may be built into another module. have you googled it?11:45
wookienzguy how do i disbale iommu, is it bios or kernel paramter?11:45
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: yep11:45
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, that's what I use still. one second, let me google it11:45
theadminwookienz: You need to boot with "iommu=off" on your kernel line, or recompile the kernel without IOMMU support at all.11:48
wookienzok thanks11:48
ubuntuaddictedOrderPicker, you checked here: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/httpd.html ?11:48
BenSprzubuntuaddicted: lshw says under configuration driver=b43-pci-bridge latency 011:48
BenSprzand below it says *-network DISABLED11:49
ubuntuaddictedBenSprz, I am sorry I can't help you specifically as I don't use wireless. :(  Check here: http://nfolamp.wordpress.com/2010/05/02/ubuntu-10-04-and-broadcom-bcm43xx-wireless/11:50
ubuntuaddictedyou need to enable networking11:50
ubuntuaddictedtry this command sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:50
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: No results11:50
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: THANX!11:51
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: i am on my way!11:51
ubuntuaddictedOrderPicker, thanx for what?11:51
ubuntuaddictedOrderPicker, you use which version of Ubuntu11:51
OrderPickerubuntuaddicted: lucid...11:51
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bullgard4gvfs-info differentiates »display name«, »edit name« and »name«. What are the differences?11:56
Tom22Can someone help me get my audio working?11:56
bullgard4!sound | Tom2211:56
ubottuTom22: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:56
michaelahello i have been wondering if it was possible to install linux without the inter net11:58
michaelaand if its not than we should make a big ruckus to make it possible11:59
norbert79michaela: I think you are referring to alternative downloads. There is a Ubuntu DVD version, you might want to take a look at this: http://swtsrv.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/pub/linux/distributions/ubuntu-dvd-release/11:59
BenSprzubuntuaddict: i tried installing the bcmwl package from the live cd /poos/restricted/b/bcmwl but it said dkms dependency bad or somthing like that12:00
theadminmichaela: It is possible to install the standard Ubuntu CDs without being online, yes12:00
michaelatheadmin how do you do that12:01
theadminmichaela: Just... boot and install like you normally do.12:01
Tom22Hi, I went through the troubleshoot on getting audio working, and still none of them apply to me. Can someone help?12:01
michaelathats mot much of an explanation theadmin12:02
theadminmichaela: ...Ubuntu installer doesn't require you to be online so you pretty much do all the same things as normally, what's not clear?12:02
gogasanHello. I have a problem: my mouse driver sometimes don't work: mouse don't move, buttons are not working. So is it possible to reload drivers without reboot? Googled, nothing.12:03
michaelano when i install ubuntu it requires me to be online12:03
theadminmichaela: It doesn't, it suggests that for best installation experience, but you can proceed even if there's no connection present.12:04
Tom22Hello. My sound doesnt work. Tried 2 sets of speakers, soundcard detected, but unable to regulate volume in alsamixer. Have read troubleshoot guide, no help.12:04
michaelaare you sure because if thats the case than i feel like an idiot12:06
BenSprzwhat does FATAL: Module wl not found mean after running the sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl command mean?12:06
BenSprzmichaela: dont worry, so do I...12:06
michaelacool thanks ill try it12:07
Tom22sudo aptitude --purge reinstall linux-sound-base alsa-base alsa-utils linux-image-`uname -r` linux-ubuntu-modules-`uname -r` libasound212:07
Tom22Sorry about that,12:07
Tom22didn't mean to paste that12:07
natrixnatrix89does anyone know where does gnome-control-center store the list of available wallpapers?12:07
natrixnatrix89I mean I want to add an xml with wallpaper changer to the available wallpaper list, but the gui version doesn't allow other files than pictures.. how do I add an xml to the list?12:07
ndlovuthe ubiquity "Find Files" shortcut does not seem to be indexing all my files - only recently opened ones. Is this intentional, or can I set it to index everything?12:08
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bullgard4[Banshee 2.2.1] Is there no keyboard shortcut to set the playback volume? http://library.gnome.org/users/banshee/stable/keyboardshortcuts.html.en12:08
Tom22I've been having some problems with my sound. Alsamixer wont let me change the volume from MM (mute), but soundcard IS detected12:08
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natrixnatrix89does anyone know how to add an xml to the wallpaper list in ubuntu 11.10?12:09
bullgard4Tom22: What happens if you click on »MM«?12:10
jschoolcrafttzdata is configured to EST on my server, but doesn't appear like cron is respecting TimeZone.  It's running 5 hours early (UTC for me, as I'm EST).  Am I missing something?12:10
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gogasanNo ideas about reload mouse driver without reboot?...12:11
Tom22bullgard4 Nothing, as alsamixer is cmd based. But I'm able to change the MM to 00 by pressing "M" on my keyboard. But unable to raise the volume from 0012:11
Tom22bullgard4 http://i40.tinypic.com/blteg.png12:12
norbert79Tom22: You are trying to change the setting of the headphone SENSE settings. That option won't go further, than muted/off and 00/ON12:14
norbert79Tom22: That's not a volume12:14
Tom22norbert76 so why isn't alsamixer showing my volume levels?12:15
norbert79Tom22: Might be because of incomplete support or other issues, but what I see is, that you only have three options listed. Press F5 and check all options12:15
norbert79if those are all, then you have not a full support of your soundcard, or there is another issue present12:16
bullgard4Tom22: If you are unable to raise the volume from 00 then it is a bug, I believe. Try again after  restarting the computer. If this still happens, I'd google if someone having your computer type else experienced the same mis-behaviour.. Or file a bug report in Launchpad.12:16
norbert79bullgard4: Sorry, but this is just a very generic, and wrong approach. it's not a bug, he only can just access limited features supported by the soundcard.12:17
Tom22bullgard4 & norbert79 thank you for your help. I'm going to get something to eat, will restart when I get back., F5 brought up some more options, but it doesn't seem like I'm able to raise any of the levels.12:17
norbert79Tom22: You might want to check F6, since I don't know if you have more, than 1 soundcard in your system12:18
norbert79Tom22: The current is an ESS ES197812:18
bullgard4norbert79: "incomplete support" is a bug.12:19
norbert79bullgard4: Again, not true. If the kernel lacks a support of a specific hardware, it's not related to the Ubuntu distribution itself12:19
norbert79bullgard4: But as we have limited information it's hard to tell at this stage12:20
norbert79bullgard4: So I would avoid categorising the current situation as 'bug'12:20
dddbmtI've created a bash script. Is there any way to make a shortcut to it either in the unity sidebar or the unity topbar?12:23
lechienkituhttp://danstonchat.com/7272.html xD the first sentance "If you take a music for me, what's it ?"12:24
lechienkituoh no12:24
lechienkituif you would to say me what do you feel for me on music, what's it ?12:24
lechienkitujoke times ... done12:25
BenSprzI'm not making any progress on my wireless despite reading up in lots of forums, I get errors galore and no success, can somebody help me please12:26
BenSprzi use ubuntu 10.04, the wireless card is a bm4312:28
reisiobm43 always fun12:28
BenSprzreisio: any suggestions, please?12:29
reisiofor what? Just got here12:29
BenSprzreisio: hello then12:29
BenSprzany suggestions on making the bm43 work12:29
crizzydoesn't 11.04/11.10 include working oss driver for bm43?12:29
crizzyi'd remember so12:30
zgris it possible to determine dpi value in 11.10?12:30
BenSprzcrizzy: you're saying? get a newer distro?12:30
BenSprzi kind of liked the lts idea with 10.04 though for i am new to this topic (as in linux...)12:31
crizzybut it also means it's already 2 years old12:31
bullgard4[Banshee 2.2.1] Is there no keyboard shortcut to set the playback volume? http://library.gnome.org/users/banshee/stable/keyboardshortcuts.html.en12:31
crizzywith 2 years old drivers12:31
reisiothink bm43 is still a formware party12:31
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reisiosee help.ubuntu.com12:31
BenSprzcrizzy/reisio: the laptop is 5 years old, shouldnt a 2 year old distro have the proper drivers?12:32
crizzyopen driver for these crappy chipsets didn't exist 2 years ago12:32
reisioit's a legal matter, IIRC12:32
crizzyso no12:32
BenSprzand: i checked help.ubuntu.com, i read lots, tried lots of commands, but to no avail12:32
crizzyBenSprz: and yes, i seemed to remember somewhat right: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/09/broadcom-releasing-fully-open-source-driver-wifi-driver/12:33
crizzy(this dated 5 months after LTS release)12:33
crizzyso 11.10 should have this for sure12:34
crizzyand besides, you can upgrade to 12.04 soonish pretty painlessly, it will be LTS too12:34
BenSprzcrizzy: i did mean no offense, just trying to switch to linux and learn something while im at it12:34
eQuiNoX__hey guys i have an ejabberd server setup with two client IMs connected to it - im unable to transfer files from one to another. I get a "service unavailable" - doesnt ejabberd support file sending?12:34
crizzyBenSprz: well, yes, broadcom chipsets were one of the last 'painful' common hardware cases with linux, but just pick latest 11.10 rel and you should be ok12:35
theadmineQuiNoX__: Probably need to enable it somewhere, would make no sense to support that by default12:35
eQuiNoX__theadmin: i see12:35
eQuiNoX__will look into the config, thanks theadmin !12:35
AxonetBEOne day there was on smashing magazine a twitter post with  a website where people are telling witch tools they use for developing, somebody knows this website, because I cannot find it back.12:36
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theadmineQuiNoX__: I beleive ejabberd has a web interface for configuration (or am I confusing it with something?)12:36
crizzyBenSprz: or, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx this might help. i'd still just go for newer distro and forget old problems12:36
jschoolcraftcrontab isn't respecting configured timezone, anything I can check to figure out why (some setting I may have missed?)12:36
dns53jschoolcraft have you restarted your pc since changing time zone?12:37
jschoolcraftit's my server, but no, i haven't.12:37
theadminjschoolcraft: Add TZ=your_timezone to the crontab before the entries.12:37
theadminOr yes, reboot lol12:37
eQuiNoX__theadmin: you're right, ejabberd's the one12:37
dns53jschoolcraft it checks it on boot12:37
jschoolcraftdns53: okay, will try that then.12:38
crizzyBenSprz: and if you're trying to 'convert' to linux, i'd recommend not to :) install dualboot, investigate linux, find out how to do things in linux, which ways to do things work best, etc. but don't try to forcefully 'convert'12:39
reisiodunno, I've had more success with the totally dive in approach12:39
eQuiNoX__hmm but its mostly stuff about ACL, access rules, virtual hosts, nodes, stats etc in the admin panel, theadmin12:39
LachezarHello people. What's an alternative to Ubuntu, that does not have Unity, Zeitgeist and is Keyborad-friendly?12:39
theadmineQuiNoX__: Hm, well, I dunno, sorry.12:39
eQuiNoX__lemme just take a quick look at the logs12:40
crizzyBenSprz: usually this only leads to eventually hitting some thing that works differently than what you're used to in windows / what you don't get working / and then you just get frurstrated12:40
eQuiNoX__theadmin: np np, thanks for your help!12:40
reisioLachezar: Ubuntu12:40
theadminLachezar: Err... We only support Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu here, we don't really discuss "alternatives"12:40
reisioLachezar: you can forego Unity if you choose12:40
LachezarWell... I was thiunking of Lubuntu/Xubuntu.12:40
theadminLachezar: Xubuntu is similar to Gnome2.12:41
theadminLachezar: Well, XFCE is.12:41
LachezarBut I am having tremendous problems with configuration.12:41
theadminLXDE feels something like Windows 95 on the other hand12:41
crizzyunity is way more keyboard friendly than gnome2 ever was, though12:41
LachezarCan't configure «Windows» button to open the start menu. (for instance).12:41
Lachezarcrizzy: Bulls*it.12:41
theadminLachezar: In XFCE? Just bind the Super key to xfce4-menu-popup12:41
theadminLachezar: In LXDE, I dunno.12:41
BenSprzcrizzy: if i were to get frustrated easily I'd not be in this forum anymore. I'm trying to do exactly that: learning how to do things in linux12:42
auronandace!language | Lachezar12:42
ubottuLachezar: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:42
BenSprzall the drivers and packages and such are installed, i can even "see" my network and configure it, but i cant connect12:43
norbert79!russian | shiryak12:46
ubottushiryak: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:46
holmshi people. ubuntu lts in here. please help me to migrate on python 2.7. python --version shows 2.7.2 , how to force modwsgi to use newest version12:47
holmsubottu: trololo nice12:47
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* Lachezar takes language note seriously and apollogises for reacting hastely.12:48
norbert79Lachezar: Please check your personal messages...12:48
holmsany support in here? =/12:48
norbert79!ask | holms12:48
ubottuholms: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:48
norbert79and yes :)12:48
norbert79Btw regarding python: Well, Lucid came with 2.7212:48
holmswell i ASKED already12:48
holms13:47 < holms> hi people. ubuntu lts in here. please help me to migrate on python 2.7. python --version shows 2.7.2 , how to force modwsgi to use newest version12:49
holmsnorbert79: the one which is in production server - is not12:49
holmsand i added some repo to src.list12:49
holmsnow installed linked, works12:49
holmsbut how to force mod_Wsgi to use it12:49
holmsreinstalled mod_wsgi , didn't help12:50
norbert79holms: Is mod_Wsgi part of...?12:50
norbert79holms: Is this a part of the Ubuntu system?12:50
holmswell it's apart of apt-get (crappy packed) repo12:50
holmswhich is done everything in another way how author created12:50
Lachezarcrizzy: The fact that I can not reconfigure keyboard shortcuts multiplies «Unity Keyboard Friendliness Coefficient» with ZERO.12:50
holmsso you ubuntu responsible for this12:51
dr_willishow vague12:51
LachezarI am still unable to assing Win+T to terminal. In my language Win+T is bound to Кошче, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever :-/12:51
norbert79holms: There is no 'we ubuntu'... If you want to get help, well first a detailed infor on the package and the ways you did would be helpful, and second, the dpkg/apt-cache can also tell you the author of the package too12:51
dr_willisthe update-alternatived system defines what versions are the defaults i belive12:51
dr_willisthere nay be some guides on askubuntu.com on usung different versions of python12:52
Lachezarmod_wsgi seems to require (re)compilation against the appropriate runtime version.12:53
norbert79holms: Anyway, to make things clear, you are talking about holms: libapache2-mod-wsgi and that package is depending on libpython2.6 (>= 2.6), python (>= 2.6), python (<< 2.7)12:53
holmsyea i saw that =/12:53
holmsso it's the only way?12:53
holmsthen I need probably to install in apache mods-enable by my self too12:53
norbert79holms: Since python 2.6* is supported for Lucid, I am still riddled how you managed getting 2.7.212:54
holmspoython 2.6 - IS DEAD12:54
Lachezarholms: Well... I can see a few different python*wsgi packages, that refer to different python versions.12:54
norbert79holms: So I would assume you used a PPA for getting a later python, but you tried to use the internal module, which only supports 2.612:54
holmsnorbert79: so i've already installed python 2.712:54
holmsroot@li270-125:/# python --version12:55
holmsPython 2.7.212:55
norbert79holms: Sure, now you only need to get the module compiled for 2.7.2 too12:55
holmsbut wsgi doesn't see it12:55
norbert79since Lucid supports for wsgi only python 2.6*12:55
holmsnorbert79: now that's lol12:56
holms2.6 is out of date12:56
norbert79holms: Not really12:56
holmseven datetime functions works differently12:56
norbert79holms: Lucid came with 2.6. If you wish having a more recent version you need to go to Python for providing the deb packages for you using Lucid, or you need to compile the module on your own12:56
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norbert79holms: I would suggest reading apt-cache show libapache2-mod-wsgi and check the line 'Depends on'12:57
holmsDepends: apache2, apache2.2-common, libc6 (>= 2.4), libpython2.6 (>= 2.6), python (>= 2.6), python (<< 2.7)12:58
norbert79holms: Here is the link to the WSGI page: http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/DownloadTheSoftware?tm=212:58
Lachezarholms: There seems to be a WSGIPythonHome directive. Maybe this can help?12:59
norbert79Lachezar: Might cause issues, since the module was compiled for 2.612:59
holmshm let'see12:59
norbert79Lachezar: So I would not recommend that, but compiling it against 2.712:59
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norbert79Or upgrading to later Ubuntu versions13:00
Lachezarnorbert79: I agree (generally). The WSGIPythonExecutable and WSGIPythonHome might help trying.13:00
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norbert79Lachezar: Well, indeed worth trying, but I wouldn't assume a failure free result :)13:02
norbert79PatwoperAndroid: Works! :)13:02
Lachezarnorbert79: *shrug* Yes, probably will fail, but it does not hurt trying...13:02
knytm4r3hi there13:03
TheYsNoisame here...now working13:03
Tom22Hi norbert79 & bullgard4 . I'm back. I have 2 sound chips in there. 1 on board, and 1 sound card. I bought the sound card because the on board wasn't working properly with Ubuntu13:04
norbert79Tom22: Hah, as I assumed... Why don't you switch the soundcard using F6 in your alsa-mixer then, and check if the volumes work there13:04
norbert79Tom22: just as generic reminder: make sure your speakers are attached to your soundcard13:05
norbert79Tom22: And it would have been worth trying to check your BIOS on your motherboard based soundcard which settings it had set13:05
Tom22norbert79 right, f6 brings up a menu with 3 options:13:06
Tom22-   (default)13:07
Tom220  ESS ES1978 (Maestro 2E)13:07
FloodBot1Tom22: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:07
Tom22     enter device name...13:07
norbert79Tom22: Chill for a bit, floodbot didn't like you :) Send me the message in a form of /msg13:07
Tom22norbert79 :) ok13:07
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IamTryingHas anyone installed Ubuntu on "Dell Inspiron One" ? (all drivers works?)13:09
hyperstreamIamTrying, i did a Inspiron 8200 the other day :P mega pain.13:10
LachezarOh. While I'm at it: I am having trouble running Ubuntu (From USB) on my new home computer: I get 'Boot failure' and do not reach GRUB at all.13:11
IamTryinghyperstream, pain???? what do you mean nothing supports or do not get installed or you just unable to complete13:11
LachezarTried using the 'Live USB Maker', and tried manually installing GRUB to the USB stick. Windows 7 USB boots :(13:11
Ramonskiewhen i burn or put the ubuntu server 10.10 on usb and i put it in my machine i get redirected to gnu grub 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3. and can't do anything also the list of command when pressing TAB is confussing13:12
hyperstreamIamTrying, well the touchpad and the little stick thing in the middle of the keyboard was working properly pulling to one side etc. USB mouse didnt help. That was the hardest part of the installation. I also had to install from grub menu rather than livecd enviroment(failed most the way through).13:13
hyperstreamIamTrying, what issue are you having champ ?13:13
LachezarCan I install Lubuntu «on top» of my regular Ubuntu?13:13
LachezarI know I can do it with Xubuntu (installinf xfce-desktop).13:14
meberhartyou could dual boot13:14
meberhartor do you just want the DE?13:14
PiciLachezar: sure.13:16
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PiciLachezar: lxde-core depends on the core components of the desktop, or you can choose to install lubuntu-desktop13:17
LachezarPici: Common Ubuntu repository, or do I need to add another one?13:18
IamTryinghyperstream, i got USB keyboard and USB mouse and CD-ROM. So i hope no worries to format first? :)13:18
PiciLachezar: Everything is in the regular Ubuntu repos.13:18
LachezarPici: nice... One good news item in some time :)13:18
hyperstreamIamTrying, If live cd works, id be feeling confident in the format and install. How ever, not everything goes to plan ;/13:19
spopMSG ubuntu13:19
hyperstreamIamTrying, err, sometimes things dont always go as planned*13:19
hyperstreamspop: dont its a trick!!13:20
LachezarDoh... This bug with aptitude not showing correct package states is seriously hindering me :(13:20
IamTryinghyperstream, OK i cross my finger in 33 direction hope it get installed and i dont lose touch / other drivers.13:20
Panpan_Please where I can find all chat's channel ?13:20
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LjL!alis > Panpan_13:20
ubottuPanpan_, please see my private message13:20
hyperstreamIamTrying, :) What do you have on it now? How big is the hard drive at current? How much free space?13:20
IamTryinghyperstream, i just bought it now, its i5 cpu, 6gb ram, 500gb space. Running windows 7 64-bit. Will remove it with Ubuntu 64-bit as a test drive.13:21
hyperstreamIamTrying,  Oh man, ahah my 8200 is like 512MB ram, old school. That machine should fly with ubuntu on it.13:22
hyperstreamIamTrying, just dual boot it for peace of mind if you want. Install it next to your windows. Or use some sort of a partitioning software to shrink your main partition to free up some space to place ubuntu on its own.13:23
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*13:23
IamTryinghyperstream, OK thank you, if trouble i will knock here back :)13:23
mivulfhmmm. which folder on ubuntu is analogy for Program Files? opt?13:23
Ramonskiewhen i burn or put the ubuntu server 10.10 on usb and i put it in my machine i get redirected to gnu grub 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3. and can't do anything also the list of command when pressing TAB is confussing13:23
hyperstreamIamTrying, sure thing, should be here for another hour or so :)13:23
Panpan_ok thanks how i can enter inside ?13:24
hyperstreamRamonskie, what are you trying to achieve with the USB key ? an install or repair ?13:24
Ramonskieinstall but i also tried it with a cd same result13:24
hyperstreamPanpan_, you use /join #channel13:25
newcodeCan I install a specific version of php using apt-get?13:25
hyperstreamRamonskie,  Is there a previous version of ubuntu installed ?13:25
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:25
Ramonskiehyperstream, nope cleared all disks i even deleted the raid volumes13:26
Panpan_ok thanks you guys13:26
hyperstreamRamonskie, is this a 'Live' USB ? and the cd was also a live cd ?13:26
Ramonskiehyperstream, just downloaded the 10.10 server iso and burned it to cd13:27
hyperstreamRamonskie, ahh, just to make sure, you are planning to use this as a desktop ?13:28
Ramonskiehyperstream, and with the usb i rtied unetbootin or and the diskcreator13:28
hyperstreamRamonskie, its weird cause you should be prompted with a screen where you can choose what you want to do. IE: live cd | install | check for defects etc13:28
ericandrewlewisis it ill-advised to buy an apple computer if i'm planning on using ubuntu in the future?13:28
Ramonskiehyperstream, no the is going to be a server, i had the 10.04 installed but there where alot of problems with the network card so i wiped the thing i wanted to start with a newer version13:29
* ericandrewlewis is aware of dual booting / partitioning13:29
PhorcePRamonskie: I believe 10.10 will become unsupported in April, so it may not be the best choice of versions13:30
dr_willisericandrewlewis:  why pay the extra $if you dont need osx13:30
hyperstreamRamonskie, ahh, im afraid its out of my reach. From what i've semi gathered/pictured, i figured there was an old ubuntu grub loader that is kicking over instead of booting from CD or USB (BIOS Boot order)13:30
ericandrewlewisdr_willis b/c i've become accustomed to osx over the past 7 years, and the applications built on it13:30
dr_willisericandrewlewis:  you just as13:31
jattactually apple machines are popular among some linux (kernel) developers afaik13:31
RamonskiePhorceP, the newer version has some dependency that dont work with cloudfoundry setup13:31
dr_willisansewered your iwn question then13:31
reisioericandrewlewis: Linux supports Apple hardware well13:31
hyperstreamericandrewlewis, its what you make of your OS :)13:31
holmsosx have macports no problem to work in there who need photoshop, especially web devs :P13:31
dr_willisif yiu need osx.. buy apple13:31
ericandrewlewisjust wondering if there's any practical issues with using ubuntu on mac hardware, no then?13:31
reisiothey're just expensive because of their trendiness13:31
reisionot really no13:32
holmsreisio: don't flame about apple in here. if not pro you don't need apple =)13:32
jattthey are pretty well built machines13:32
reisiowho's flaming13:32
ericandrewlewisk thanks reisio holms dr_willis13:32
holmsreisio: because it's not a trent and not overpriced13:32
holmsthose who buying to browse the web are idiots13:32
Ramonskiehyperstream, i thought that was the problem also but when i removed the cd or usb it just tells me that there is nothing installed :)13:32
reisiothey are well built, just not twice the price well built13:32
holmsbut those who buying them for media pro software, for exmaple logic studio (and coreaudio in osx have 3x better latency)13:33
holmsit's the way to go13:33
holmscoreaudio implemented on kernel level13:33
hyperstreamRamonskie, What happeneds if you select the default option (or there is none ?) <-- you said you had a grub screen etc.13:33
holmswindows it's on userland, which is 12-15ms latency instead of 3ms13:33
holmsreisio: one of the reason to have it for me. and ofcourse shell+photoshop :P13:33
holmsi used hackintosh on my pc for 2 years :P13:33
holmsok sorry for flame ;D13:34
jtannenbaumI'm on 10.04; I changed my cursor in Appearance, and it's only showing a difference when it's hovering over links/window borders13:34
jtannenbaumotherwise it's the usual white cursor13:34
silver_hookI want to upgrade 10.04 → 11.10, do I have to upgrade version by version and if so, do I have to reboot in between updates?13:35
hyperstreamjtannenbaum, move the mouse to the white part where its not working, grab the correct colored marker and color it in on the screen. Its working, but please dont move it.13:35
Ramonskiehyperstream, i donn't have any options it just tells me that i can press the TAB button to see the list of commands.  but when i use the command "ls" it shows me {memdisk} {hd0} {hd1} and nothing further13:35
hyperstreamjtannenbaum, joking, are you using gnome ?13:35
mduponthi all13:35
LjLsilver_hook: yes, and yes. maybe it would be better to wait until Precise is out, and upgrade directly to that.13:35
silver_hook12.04? Why?13:35
hyperstreamjtannenbaum, i would try rebooting (if you havnt) sometimes things are just a little funky and is fixed when reloaded.13:36
jtannenbaummm, thanks13:36
silver_hookWill that be LTS again13:36
LjLsilver_hook: because 12.04 will be LTS like 10.04, so you can upgrade directly to it without going version-by-version13:36
mduponti am just trying to upgrade to to use nvidia, on oneric, and now i am dropped down to irrssi. the kernel module nivida-current-updates is not found , any suggestions?13:37
silver_hookLjL: Thanks for the idea. I guess we'll just wait for these two months :]13:37
reisiofailsafe login?13:37
babaluhello, is there a tool that allows to send screenshots directly to imgur?13:38
reisiothere are probably scripts13:39
babalureisio: i want to be able to upload just a part of my screen13:39
LjLbabalu: KSnapshot supports a few sites, but not imgur :(13:40
eden6000Is it something you have to do frequently?13:40
babalueden6000: yes13:40
babaluLjL: which websites? and how to use this functionnality?13:41
eden6000babalu: try this? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/quickly-upload-images-to-imgur-via-nautilus/13:41
babalueden6000: you'd have to have the images already saved on your desktop13:42
LjLbabalu: Zooomr, Flickr, 23, Piwigo, SmugMug, Shwup, Debian Screenshots, Picasa, Gallery, Facebook13:43
jdhfrhow to upgrade on next release?13:43
LjLbabalu: i'm also finding hints that the Pastebin plasmoid for KDE allows exporting to imgur, but you'd need the KDE desktop for that13:43
bazhang!upgrade > jdhfr13:43
ubottujdhfr, please see my private message13:43
babaluLjL: i have kde, so what should i do?13:43
jdhfri don;t have a browser13:43
babaluwhat i'm looking for is HyperDesktop http://imgur.com/tools , however, when i start installing it with wine, i get a warning saying that there are more suitable tools for *nix systems, without giving any other precisions13:44
LjLbabalu: press the PrintScreen key13:44
robertzaccourI put in a cd and no music to be found. any suggestions? yes it is a music cd13:44
LjLbabalu: take a screenshot, then press Send, and that'll allow you to select one of those sites13:44
jason404is there a setting/hotkey which makes less show the percentage or line-number/total-lines in a text files, so you know how far into it you are?13:44
babaluLjL: i can only "Send to..." applications (like gwenview)13:45
reisiobabalu: there's a Linux util father down the page13:45
LjLbabalu: uhm, weird, maybe it's a plugin, let me look.13:45
babaluoh i missed that one, thanks :)13:46
babaluLjL: cool thanks13:46
eden6000just try....I don't use imgur :-)13:46
LjLbabalu: well i don't know, the APT package description doesn't say what package you need for sending. maybe it's "kipi-plugins" but i'm not sure. you can also add the Pastebin plasmoid to your panel or desktop, and use that - it supports imgur, i just checked.13:46
reisioeden6000: what do you use?13:46
mdupontok well thanks for all the advice people.13:47
jdhfrcan someone just tell me a command to upgrade release?13:47
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
eden6000I don't use any image sharer at all :-)13:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:47
reisioah :)13:47
bazhangjdhfr, its still two months to release13:47
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for 12.04 support jdhfr13:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:48
babaluLjL: is there an important reason as to why ksnapshot doesn't support imgur?13:48
LjLbabalu: no idea13:48
* quiescens dies.13:49
lotrpylet us revive you with some magic13:50
mdupontwell it looks like i did not have the kernel sources installed, that is why the DKMS failed13:50
mdupontat least that was the message13:50
robertzaccourIs there a reason why my CDs aren't being recognized?13:50
robertzaccourI mean they're there in the home folder, but I open them and its empty13:50
reisiobabalu: I bet you can find a script/patch for it13:50
reisiotry asking #kde13:50
LjLbabalu: someone was trying to add it, at least, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22489313:50
ubottuKDE bug 224893 in Wish For New Plugins "New tool to export to Imgur" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]13:51
quiescensmdupont: you don't usually need the kernel sources for dkms, but you do need the headers at least13:51
babalui've tried the pastebin plasmoid it's working well :)13:51
babaluthanks for all the suggestions13:51
reisiobugs are nice, but don't assume because there's one that nobody's made the script yet, it's a bug internet13:51
reisiobig :p13:52
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: what do you mean?13:52
babaluwhich image sharing websites do people recommend?13:53
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: mounted CD's would be in /media13:53
reisiobabalu: imgur :p13:53
jdhfri don't really care what support are where, i need my system on now. could someone show alittle consideration and give out command?13:53
babalulol :)13:53
reisioimageshack got too annoying13:53
robertzaccourDinoMuffin: I put in any cd, try to import it into a media player, it shows the cd folder empty. Then I try to access the cd files in the home folder. empty. I just did a fresh install, so I'm gonna download and install again in case the file was corrupt.13:53
reisiojdhfr: what's the problem?13:54
LjLjdhfr: the fact that *you* don't care says nothing about what this channel should do.13:54
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: what cd player are you using?13:54
jdhfrreisio: i need command for release upgrade13:54
robertzaccourDinoMuffin: amarok, clementine13:54
reisiobet the bot knows it13:55
bazhangjdhfr, it's alpha13:55
Picijdhfr: to what release?13:55
melvincvWhere do I learn about ubuntu server, online?13:55
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: have you tried VCL?13:55
robertzaccourDinoMuffin: The home folder says the disc is empty, what could any player do?13:56
jdhfrDISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 11.10", next one after this13:56
reisioVLC is easily the best GUI multi-media player on any OS13:56
LjLjdhfr: there isn't a release after that. there will be in April.13:56
TheYsNoiVLC is great13:56
reisiomplayer the best without GUI :)13:56
PhorcePreisio: not really, since it doesn't utilize more than one core13:56
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: VCL can open CDs through the GUI13:56
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: the mounted CD wouldn't be in your home folder13:57
reisioI'm sure it can13:57
DinoMuffinrobertzaccour: to mount a CD manually, try: "sudo mkdir /media/cd ; sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/cd"13:57
reisiouse /mnt/ for manual mounts13:58
=== gustav is now known as beerbro
PhorcePreisio: I've watched it peg a single CPU to 100%, then played the same video in XBMC where both cores are clearly being utilized13:58
samba35how do i run (execute) xxxx.run  file13:58
jattwhat does13:59
jattfile xxxx.run13:59
samba35i have chnage permission +x and ./file name it give me error14:00
icerootsamba35: chmod +x xxxx.run  then ./xxxx.run14:00
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
reisioPhorceP: and I prefer mplayer, but as an ordinary GUI player, VLC is the best, even if it doesn't necessarily utilize multiple cores ATM (which I doubt somewhat)14:00
iceroot!details | samba3514:00
ubottusamba35: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:00
* reisio shrugs14:00
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=== skilz is now known as skilz-a
samba35it give me error cant execute binay file14:02
robertzaccourVLC is playing it fine :) perhaps KDE is just weird about media. How do I organize playlists in vlc?14:02
dddbmtHow do I update Firefox from 9.0.1 to the newest? I am using Ubuntu 11.1014:04
=== sly is now known as Guest64875
LjL!info firefox14:04
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 9.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.11.10.2 (oneiric), package size 17001 kB, installed size 36744 kB14:04
woozlydoes apt-get has packages? want to install web-dev (apache, php, phpmyadmin... etc)14:04
LjL!latest | dddbmt14:04
ubottudddbmt: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:04
theadmin!lamp | woozly14:05
ubottuwoozly: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)14:05
Lam0rdeutsche hier ?14:08
DinoMuffinprobably not14:08
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:09
VladyHi all14:11
mdupontok quiescens that was it, need to install the exact mathching header files.14:14
mdupontthanks bai14:14
jdhfrwhy ibuntu dont do differential updastrs? is it at all possinlwe with debs?14:14
jdhfrrpm systems do download small files, can deb ones do the same and why ubuntu doesnt?14:16
DinoMuffinjdhfr: I guess I don't understand what you're trying to do. Is something not updating properly?14:17
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=== skilz-a is now known as skilz
jdhfrubuntu download whole packettes when upgrading, can i make her download difference files only, like rpm packettes in fedora etc?14:19
icerootjdhfr: no14:19
dlentzjdhfr, you're referring to delta rpm's and deb doesn't have euivalent14:19
icerootjdhfr: there are no delta-packages on debian bases systems14:19
jdhfrsad is it impossibl e completely? :(14:20
icerootjdhfr: its not possible to have deltas14:20
byfayim newbie14:20
byfaycan some one help me14:21
Bisu[Shield]is there a sticky notes something for gnome 3?14:21
dlentz!ask | byfay14:21
ubottubyfay: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:21
Bisu[Shield]!ask | ubottu14:22
ubottuBisu[Shield]: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:22
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xroHi, i installed ubuntu 10.04 in a VMware server... I installed the vm-tools but i cannot have my vm in full screen... why? have an idea?14:29
fishcookerhello fellas..14:30
fishcookeri've come with netmos tech pci 9865..14:30
fishcookeranyone have same problem to make it works with ubuntu?14:31
babaluhow can i get a good security for my computer? is there to know whether or not my computer is keylogged?14:31
LjL!crosspost | babalu14:31
ubottubabalu: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.14:31
babaluLjL: sorry14:32
LjLbabalu: you can install rkhunter and chkrootkit to check for some common malware, you can also enable a firewall14:32
aLeSD|my ubuntu stops forever to the ubuntu starting system image14:32
aLeSD|and I have to sudo service lightdm start14:32
aLeSD|I think I have not lightdm in the rc ...14:33
propellerdnkSeeking a Russian speaking member14:34
bazhang!ru | propellerdnk14:35
ubottupropellerdnk: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:35
propellerdnkSeeking a Russian speaking member14:35
bazhangpropellerdnk, #ubuntu-ru14:35
propellerdnkno !14:35
bazhangpropellerdnk, here is english14:36
jpdspropellerdnk: You were asking this yesterday.14:36
propellerdnkSeeking a Russian speaking member   ,   no #ubuntu-ru14:36
babalui interrupted an install of sudo apt-get install, by closing the Konsole running it; now i can't start apt-get anywhere else14:36
ikoniapropellerdnk: #ubuntu-ru - or not at all14:37
deelHi please see my question here http://askubuntu.com/questions/100509/how-to-type-in-indic-language-from-english-us-keyboard14:37
jpdspropellerdnk: вы уже знаете где наитй помошь.14:37
xroI'm the only guy that cannot put ubuntu in full screen in his VMware server?14:37
OnigiriWell that was annoying... apparently I can't just give the installer the dns name for the iscsi portal during install... it needs the ip or the machine won't come up on first boot. ._.14:37
prowerhello everyone :> i'm still having a weird dvd burning issue in 11.10 that has existed in my case since...i believe 9.04. though my burner supports speeds of up to 18x (as do the dvd-r's that i'm using), wodim in k3b reports that my burner doesn't support speeds of 18x and downgrades right to 4x :< this is not a problem in any other linux distribution i use, nor windows...anyone know what...14:38
prower...might be going on here?14:38
sandy19hey can some one help me on xampp installation14:38
ikoniasandy19: what are you trying to install ?14:38
bazhangsandy19, xampp is not supported, use lamp14:38
sandy19oh yes lamp on 64 bit ubuntu14:39
sandy19here is my problem i tried to install lamp14:40
ikoniasandy19: how did you try to install lamp14:40
jrib!lamp | sandy1914:40
ubottusandy19: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)14:40
jribikonia: according to his forum post, he's trying to use xampp14:40
ikoniajrib: and yet he's in here saying lamp......14:41
babalui get an error message when i start apt-get, that says that there is a lock14:41
babaluwhat can i do?14:41
proweri'd think twice about using python as a web-app development language in ubuntu, considering some of the problems with the basic functioning in the version of python 2.x in 11.10 :<14:41
jribprower: what problems/14:41
ikoniawhat are you talking about ?14:41
prowerjrib: i'll give a demonstration if you'd like! just open up a terminal and run python as the interactive interpreter14:42
jribprower: yes?14:42
prowerjrib: alright, now type help(), then modules14:42
eikkeI just provisioned an Oneiric machine using Ubuntu Orchestra using the default profile14:42
eikkenow I'm wondering: what are the username/password to use?!14:43
prowerjrib: you should see a segfault14:43
proweri'm not trying to be insulting by the way, i've been contributing to information on the bug on launchpad :>14:43
sipiorprower: works fine here.14:43
prowersipior: really? That's interesting...are you using unity or kde? 32-bit or 64-bit?14:44
prower(this information could really help)14:44
sipiorprower: server install, 64-bit.14:44
ikoniathe desktop shouldn't matter14:44
prowersipior: aha...the segfault occurs when parts of gtk are installed, that's probably why you don't see it...and as ikonia says on a server you're probably not going to have desktop stuff installed anyway :> that's good to know though, a little bit closer to what the problem might be14:45
sipiorprower: i do have a fair bit of gtk installed, but it's possible there's a package or two missing. in any event, you say you've submitted a bug report.14:46
jdhfrwhy is bluetiith built in ubuntu?14:47
sipiorjdhfr: why wouldn't it be?14:47
jdhfrbecause it's optional hardware14:48
ikoniajdhfr: it doesn't get loaded if there is no blue tooth hardware14:48
sipiorjdhfr: fairly common optional hardware, you mean.14:48
prowersipior: oh yes, the bug is in there...it hasn't been assigned to anyone yet but it's there :> it's just a bit discouraging to have some of the basic functionality of python broken when you're writing apps in it...particularly for new users to python, a lot of tutorials direct you to help() modules and on a typical 64-bit, unity installation that causes a crash :/ it'll all be fixed in time though14:48
LjLjdhfr: most hardware is "optional", that doesn't mean Ubuntu shouldn't have built-in support for it.14:49
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek day 2 starting in 10 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom14:50
jdhfrit should not have unremovable support i belibe?14:50
ikoniajdhfr: it is14:50
ikoniajdhfr: you can remove the software you don't want, and the modules don't get loaded unless there is bluetooth hardware in the machine14:50
ikoniashisha42: ?14:51
ikoniashisha42: stop that14:51
ikoniashisha42: do you need Ubuntu help ?14:51
jdhfrwell i tried remove bluez stuff but my desktop applications going with it :(14:51
ikoniajdhfr: no they don't14:51
sandy19hello guys i tried to follow the tutorial given by bot14:51
ikoniajdhfr: and to be honest it takes up approx 1.2 meg of disk space, why do you care14:51
sandy19but failed14:51
ikoniasandy19: you need to give more information than "it failed"14:52
sandy19ok my os : ubuntu 11.10 (64bit)14:52
sandy19i download the lamp14:53
proweri'll try to dig up information on the bug so that if anyone experiences it here they can report it as well :> just need to figure out why my sound suddenly stopped working first, bbl14:53
ikoniasandy19: how did you download lamp ?14:53
sandy19tar ball file14:53
ikoniasandy19: no - there is no tar ball in those instructions14:53
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)14:53
no_gravityHello! When trying to conntect to a wifi spot and it fails - is there any way to see what went wrong?14:53
ttt-4hi, i get a kernel panic when booting into ubuntu. How can i find out what is wrong or how to fix it?14:53
ikoniattt-4: read the info on screen to get an idea14:54
iggymydogi need help getting minecraft to work on my computer....i have java jkd but it says that minecraft isent exucutable......wtf?14:54
ikoniasandy19: show me where in that document it says "download a tar ball"14:54
twrightno_gravity: it will usually be something authentication related14:54
sandy19i installed xampp from here --> http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html14:54
ikoniasandy19: that's not the link you where given in here14:54
ttt-4only the end of the stack is printed on the screen. I couldnt make anything of it, ikonia14:54
LjLsandy19: LAMP is not XAMPP. XAMPP isn't supported here.14:54
ikoniasandy19: we told you not to use xammp14:54
iggymydogi need help getting minecraft to work on my computer....i have java jkd but it says that minecraft isent exucutable......wtf?14:54
ttt-4is the kernel panic written to a log somewhere?14:54
no_gravitytwright: awesome. now what?14:54
ikoniaiggymydog: stop with the language14:54
sandy19oh sorry then i  need to install lamp14:54
DinoMuffiniggymydog: what command are you using to start minecraft?14:55
no_gravitytwright: by the way, its an open network14:55
iggymydogyou mean english?14:55
LjLiggymydog: no need for "wtf".14:55
twrightno_gravity: hm, then it may be signal strength14:55
iggymydogwhat the fudge14:55
iggymydogi dont know what command im useing14:55
no_gravitytwright: no, its fine. my other computers can connect.14:55
iggymydogits just not excutable is all i know i guess14:55
fardadhello all: I need to get few webcams  and be sure they are compatible with Ubuntu, any suggestions?14:55
DinoMuffiniggymydog: you need to envoke java to run the minecraft client14:56
UICTamaleiggymydog: are you double-clicking on it?14:56
DinoMuffiniggymydog: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame14:56
iTextWhich is the right place to ask about packaging an app for ubuntu14:56
twrightno_gravity: the command `iwlist scanning` will give you more info14:56
LjLiText: #ubuntu-packaging14:56
iTextLjL Thanks14:56
LjLiText: there are also sessions about development in #ubuntu-classroom currnetly, including ones about packaging14:56
iggymydogim right clicking it and slecting java from a list of apps to run   it on14:56
Guest64875iggymydog, java "minecraft executable"    maybe even do chmod +x "minecraft executable" ................. at a quick guess.14:56
=== Guest64875 is now known as SlyUk
ttt-4hi, i get a kernel panic when booting into ubuntu. How can i find out what is wrong or how to fix it? Only the end of a call stack gets shown on the screen and it says 'kernel panic.. rebooting in 30seconds'. Any ideas?14:57
iggymydogi dont exactely know what that means.....14:57
UICTamalehas anyone seen a problem with shutting down ubuntu in 11.10?  Every time I shut down, the machine hangs after a few seconds' worth of the alternating orange and white blocks under the word 'ubuntu'.14:57
iggymydogim a noob at ubuntu14:57
theadminiggymydog: java -jar minecraft.jar14:57
iggymydogguest64575: can you walk me through it?14:57
DinoMuffiniggymydog: you need to use the minecraft jar file with a specific command14:57
UICTamaleiggymydog: You need to open your terminal.  It's under accessories14:57
DinoMuffiniggymydog: specifically the one I gave you above14:57
iggymydogok term got it14:58
iggymydogits open14:58
twrightno_gravity: and dmesg should tell you if any errors occurred when you attempt to connect14:58
prowerphew...just needed to log out and log in apparently :> for anyone who _is_ experiencing the segfault issue with python, here is the bug on launchpad...please contribute to it if you can, i think the lack of information is stalling things: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python2.7/+bug/89683614:58
DinoMuffingo to the directory with the minecraft.jar file14:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 896836 in python2.7 (Ubuntu) "Segmentation fault when asking help() for the list of modules" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:58
UICTamaleOk, now go into the folder where you keep the minecraft jar14:58
UICTamaleif it's on your desktop, that'll be "cd Desktop"14:58
iggymydogdinomuffin: now what?14:58
DinoMuffinenter in: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame14:58
UICTamale"cd" for "change directory"14:58
iggymydoguictzmzle: now what?14:58
UICTamalenow type what dinomuffin put in there14:58
iggymydogUICTamale: now what?14:59
UICTamale"   java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame   "   without the quotes14:59
iggymydognana@nana:~$  java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/LauncherFrame Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:217) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:205) at 15:00
no_gravitytwright: ok, will play around with dmesg15:00
iggymydognana@nana:~$  java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/LauncherFrame Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.minecraft.LauncherFrame at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(URLClassLoader.java:217) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(URLClassLoader.java:205) at 15:00
iggymydogsomethign went wrong?15:00
paranaguys is it true or not, i have to know before doing it:15:00
paranadd if=/dev/sde of=/home/somefolder/image.img15:00
paranato create a image of my sd card?15:00
UICTamaleif you type "ls", do you see the minecraft jar?15:00
LjLparana: looks right, assuming your sd card is /dev/sde15:00
theadminparana: That is correct, but only if /dev/sde is your SD card15:00
epronhello, I am kinda ubuntu newbie. I get MANY of these entries in my auth.log which I didn't get before. Any ideas? CRON[5076]: pam_unix(cron:session): session closed for user root15:01
epronthey are executing every 10 mins15:01
iggymydogno i dont see minecraft.jar15:01
theadminUICTamale: If it throws an exception then yes, it's there.15:01
UICTamaleiggymydog: then you're not in the right directory.15:01
paranaLjL: theadmin: thx a lot15:01
iggymydognana@nana:~$ ls avida    Documents  examples.desktop  Pictures  screenshot.png  Ubuntu One Desktop  Downloads  Music             Public    Templates       Videos nana@nana:~$15:01
paranamy sd card at sde15:01
iggymydogwhat should i do then?15:01
* prower ponders dd if=/dev/random of=/home/somefolder/explodemyharddrive.img15:01
UICTamaletheadmin: not if the error is a class def not found15:01
theadminUICTamale: Oh... Man Java is annoyingly weird :/ Could just say "java: file not found" like any sane runtime15:02
UICTamaleiggymydog: You didn't type "cd Desktop"15:02
iggymydogUICTamale: which dectory should i be in and how do i get there?15:02
UICTamaleiggymydog: You need to do that first.15:02
iggymydogUICTamale: ok15:02
UICTamaleiggymydog:  now do ls and confirm minecraft.jar is there15:02
prowertheadmin: to say the least :P additionally if you're using openjdk for minecraft in linux you're probably going to have a good few issues, i did at least...had to get java 7 from oracle and manually install that15:03
iggymydognana@nana:~$ cd Desktop nana@nana:~/Desktop$ ls 100_3070.JPG            map.desktop 100_3103.MOV            pattern.desktop fight.wav               pictures gnect.desktop           Untitled.wav gnome-terminal.desktop  WHITE_BIRCHES___Leonid_Afremov_by_Leonidafremov.jpg kigo.desktop nana@nana:~/Desktop$15:03
iggymydogno minecraft15:03
jayson_Has anyone ever got ubuntu working on a qualcomm board15:03
theadmin!arm | jayson_15:03
ubottujayson_: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.15:03
eproni guess it's kind of a cron job but why it didn't spit anything in auth.log before?15:03
DinoMuffinif you downloaded it, it's probably in your downloads folder15:04
DinoMuffiniggymydog: cd ~/Downloads/15:04
UICTamalehas anyone seen a problem with shutting down ubuntu in 11.10?  Every time I shut down, the machine hangs after a few seconds' worth of the alternating orange and white blocks under the word 'ubuntu'.15:04
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iggymydognana@nana:~$ cd cd ~/Downloads/ bash: cd: cd: No such file or directory nana@nana:~$ cd desktop bash: cd: desktop: No such file or directory nana@nana:~$15:04
iggymydogdinomuffin: nana@nana:~$ cd cd ~/Downloads/ bash: cd: cd: No such file or directory nana@nana:~$ cd desktop bash: cd: desktop: No such file or directory nana@nana:~$15:05
DinoMuffinonly one 'cd'15:05
DinoMuffiniggymydog: you put in "cd cd ~/Downloads"15:05
proweriggymydog: you typed cd twice, you only need it once15:05
DinoMuffininstead of "cd ~/Downloads/"15:05
|Anthony|some updates came over the wire today... but the launchpad link in the update is broke:15:05
|Anthony|why is that?15:05
ubottuError: ubuntu bug 915210 not found15:05
iggymydogdinomuffin: nana@nana:~$ cd ~/downloads/ bash: cd: /home/nana/downloads/: No such file or directory nana@nana:~$15:05
theadminiggymydog: Linux is case-sensetive. "downloads" is NOT "Downloads"15:06
proweriggymydog: don't worry, that's something people stumble over when they're first starting out :>15:06
iggymydogok im at downloads now what?15:07
DinoMuffinnow run the command from before15:07
DinoMuffinjava -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame15:07
UICTamaleif that's where minecraft.jar is15:07
UICTamaleyou can keep doing 'cd <something>' and 'ls' till you find it.15:07
DinoMuffinwell if he downlodaed it, it should go there by default15:07
iggymydogomg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!115:08
UICTamaletrue, teach a man to fish, etc15:08
iggymydoghahahahaha thank you soooo much!15:08
DinoMuffinif it's still not there, run: "find ~ -name minecraft.jar"15:08
DinoMuffiniggymydog: np15:08
UICTamalemost rewarding support thread I've seen in a while15:08
prowerDinoMuffin: Are the extra memory allocation bits necessary? I've had poor performance in minecraft in general but i just run it as java -jar minecraft.jar15:08
theadminDinoMuffin: Given that "~/Downloads" exists in a default Ubuntu setup, lol, otherwise Firefox would ask where to save15:08
iggymydogwill i have to do this everytime?15:08
UICTamaleiggymydog: No, you can make a custom launcher.15:08
DinoMuffiniggymydog: you can put the command into a file and execute that instead15:08
islamicoi wanna ask about something,may i ask??15:09
iggymydoghow do i do that......15:09
DinoMuffinprower: I'm not sure if the memory params are defaulted if it's not entered15:09
DinoMuffinprower: never tried it15:09
theadminiggymydog: No. Here, run this: echo "java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp ~/Downloads/minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame" > ~/Desktop/Minecraft && chmod a+x ~/Desktop/Minecraft15:09
prowerDinoMuffin: Hmm...I'll have to give it a try your way and see if the sound chops up less15:09
|Anthony|anyone? why would a bug fix be pushed without a bug?15:09
LjLislamico: ask away15:09
bazhangislamico, go ahead15:09
theadminiggymydog: This will give you a file called "Minecraft" on your desktop, now just run that15:09
DinoMuffinprower: if you're using something with intelGMA, it will lag a lot15:10
islamicohow can i protect my pc from ARP attacks??15:10
DinoMuffinprower: unfortunately, minecraft is not optimised well15:10
theadminiggymydog: Sorry, don't mind what I said, that won't work15:10
prowerislamico: well, you could try installing arpwatch, that would at least tell you in your logs if someone is trying to poison you15:10
LjL!info arpon15:10
derpiesT 1327667326 <incog>hello󠁟15:10
ubottuarpon (source: arpon): versatile anti ARP poisoning daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-2ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 210 kB, installed size 404 kB15:10
islamicobut what about protection??15:11
theadminiggymydog: This will: echo "#!/bin/bash" > ~/Desktop/Minecraft && echo "java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp ~/Downloads/minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame" >> ~/Desktop/Minecraft && chmod a+x ~/Desktop/Minecraft15:11
iggymydogthanks yall life saver15:11
prowerDinoMuffin: So it would seem :< I found that I had to manually replace the version of lwjgl that it used with one off the website to get the controls to work properly15:11
iggymydogi did soemthing and its on my desktop?15:11
xroHi, Is there anybody thout could help me to put my ubuntu 10.04 in full screen in VM (VMware server)15:11
LjLderpies: please stop with the unicode15:11
theadminiggymydog: Run the last command I gave then double-click the file that magically appeared on your desktop and there is your minecraft :P15:11
iggymydogimma gtg i got minecrafting to do :D thank you15:12
theadminWell that was a simple problem :)15:12
=== jincreator1 is now known as jincreator
theadminDinoMuffin: Where'd you get that weird command with -Xmx and -Xms anyway15:13
DinoMuffintheadmin: minecraft.net download page :P15:14
theadminDinoMuffin: Oh... Never thought of looking there xD15:14
eproncould it be a rate limiting log imposed by ufw?15:14
=== danny__ is now known as bean
prowerislamico: arpwatch will, if i remember correctly, warn you if there's a change in ip address with respect to the known mac address, if you see this pop up in your logs i'd imagine you could just use ufw to firewall off the offending ip address15:16
|Anthony|anyone? why would a bug fix be pushed without a bug in launchpad?15:16
ubottuError: ubuntu bug 915210 not found15:16
theadmin|Anthony|: Maybe you miscopied the URL or something?15:16
prower|Anthony|: I would imagine that whoever pushed the bug out probably just hasn't gotten around to posting the information yet?15:16
neww21hello , maybe someone can help me ... ? my microphone not works15:16
TucksDo I need the Python bindings for ClamAV (Antivirus)?15:17
rewtzby mistake anyone has problems installing shoutcast server on ubuntu 11 x64 ?15:17
theadminTucks: Not unless you know you do15:17
AngelForgetyour O.s. whay it is ?15:17
theadminTucks: You need them to code Python scripts which use clamav. If you do that, then yes.15:17
=== arges is now known as arges_
TucksThanks. I was installing a lot of ClamAV-related packages from the Software Center, and I wasn't sure whether I needed the Python ones. Good to know. :)15:18
Pici|Anthony|: I'm not sure why the bug page is blank, but this is what you should be looking at: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1352-1/15:19
|Anthony|thanks Pici15:19
melvincvIs it possible to see my GPU temperature in Ubuntu? I'm using the AMD drivers, my GPU is AMD radeon hd 6450.15:19
rewtzPici i can't add ipv6 on my vps ubuntu 11.04, no matter how i try i cannot see it in ifconfig.15:20
neww21my micro was working but sound was very low , when i installed other driver in software sources it stopped work15:20
RadiumCathello, whats a good minimalistic music player?15:20
RadiumCatsomething that just plays mp3, without the extra shabang15:20
bazhangaudacious RadiumCat15:20
AngelForgetstay one people speak italian ?15:20
LjL!it | AngelForget15:21
ubottuAngelForget: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:21
bazhangAngelForget, #ubuntu-it15:21
RadiumCatbazhang: something lightweight than that?15:21
bazhangRadiumCat, the command line mplayer?15:21
XAlcadeiasXmi spiegate solamente come cambiare canale?  scusate ma sono nuovo...15:21
prowerRadiumCat: More lightweight than audacious? :P I suppose you could install sox and just type play whatever.mp3 from the console15:21
rewtzPici: 2001:1af8:4010:a023:1:0:7176:8398 gateway 2001:1AF8:4010:A023::1/64 <- i cannot add, i get no error..15:21
LjLXAlcadeiasX: /join #canale15:21
RadiumCatsox, thats it15:21
RadiumCatthanks kindly15:21
RadiumCatbazhang: thanks for the help15:21
prowerRadiumCat: No problem15:21
Picirewtz: I'm not sure how to do that, sorry.15:22
XAlcadeiasX /join #ubuntu-it15:22
LjLXAlcadeiasX: senza spazi prima della /15:22
subb1someone please demystify the concepts> TTY , PTS, console in Unix context.  I have searched google and everywhere they have the same explanation unuseful for me.  Man pages are even worse. This concept is so arcane. Kindly help or you could help me with a good article on this.15:22
rewtzPici thanks!15:22
ashickur-noor /join #ubuntu-it15:22
ashickur-noor /j #ubuntu-it15:22
LjLashickur-noor: without spaces before the /15:22
rewtzcan someone give me some ipv6 ubuntu help?15:24
ikoniabest to just ask your question15:24
szalrewtz: ask an actual question15:24
TucksOne last question about a ClamAV package in the Software Center.  There is a package labeled "Update script for 3rd party signatures" (clamav-unofficial-sigs).  Should I install that?15:25
prowerTucks: All I've ever needed is clamav and the updating daemon for it personally15:25
bazhangmarijan, ?15:25
valdur55Hello. How can i transate .desktop files?15:26
rewtzszal i tried every way from online tutorials to add 2001:1af8:4010:a023:1:0:7176:8398 gateway 2001:1AF8:4010:A023::1/64 in my ifconfig, i get no error on "ip -6" or by editing the /etc/networking/interfaces file but i can't see the ips in ifconfig15:26
happyblueI am using live-cd lucid, I cant install any progamms. it just doest not leave the "unpacking" stage...15:26
prowermarijan: if you're expecting people here to download a random file labeled as an aimbot and run it you're probably barking up the wrong tree15:26
Tucksprower  ::  Okay, thanks.15:27
prowerTucks: np15:27
bazhanghappyblue, on to the live session?15:27
epronso anyone can help me with this flooding auth.log: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) ?15:28
subb1any help guys?15:28
jdhfrvaldur55: there are script in build time, it pulls out strings and put them into .desktop15:28
happybluebazhang, no I mean I am using the live session right now15:28
jdhfror you mean?15:29
happybluebut I cant install any new programms with e.g. sudo apt-get install mbr15:29
mneptokhappyblue: "mbr" is not a program15:29
jdhfrvaldur55: program that desktop file is from surely have the strings in its pot file15:29
TucksYou can also search for packages in the command line using "sudo apt-cache search whateverpackageyourelookingfor"15:30
DinoMuffinepron: don't worry about it15:30
DinoMuffinepron: it's cron doing that15:31
epronit didn't before15:31
epronlike.. a week before15:31
happybluemneptok, http://pastie.org/3296271 is what I get15:31
mneptokhappyblue: what is it you're trying to do, exactly?15:31
Kartagiscan you guide me to properlu set up audio input?15:32
kasiihi all15:32
dr_willisKartagis:  theres that pauvcontrol tool that can do that i belive.15:32
dr_willisif i spelt it right15:33
DinoMuffinepron: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110653715:33
jdhfrstupid ubuntu installer installs grub All the time :(15:33
epronDinoMuffin:  crontab -l for root is empty15:33
txomonhi, anyone knows how to install kubuntu without installing kdm15:34
epronis it possible that something in cron.daily generates that?15:34
LjLtxomon: i don't, but you can always reconfigure gdm so it starts instead.15:34
LjLtxomon: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm15:34
Kartagisdr_willis: no pauvcontrol in repos or on my system15:34
dr_willisKartagis:  install it.15:34
dr_willis!find pauvcontrol15:35
DinoMuffinepron: probably15:35
ubottuPackage/file pauvcontrol does not exist in oneiric15:35
dr_willisif i can spell it right15:35
txomonLjL: yeah, but I don't want to have it, dont need kdm...15:35
dr_willispavucontrol  pavuk        pavumeter15:35
LjLtxomon: why don't you just uninstall it after installing kubuntu-desktop?15:35
dr_willis!find pavucontrol15:35
ubottuFound: pavucontrol15:35
Kartagispavucontrol, okay15:36
dr_willis'pulse audio volume Unknownword Control' :)15:36
Psychubunto is very low xD15:36
Teddy1!how to see streams that use windows media player in firefox?15:36
ubottuTeddy1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:36
Psychubuntu is very low xD15:36
LjLPsych: do you have an Ubuntu support question?15:36
txomonLjL: it interacts with the system...15:36
txomonbut ok15:37
jdhfrdefine 'low'15:37
happybluemneptok: install live-cd on an usb. the usbcreator doesnt work as well15:37
LjLtxomon, if you uninstall it (especially if you use --purge) it really should not leave any marks in the system.15:37
Teddy1How to see streams that use windows media player as player in firefox?!15:37
john_doe_jrdoes anyone know how to unset an environment variable in ubuntu?15:37
Tucks#ubuntu-offtopic for general discussions! hooray, I found it!15:37
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  if you are lucky - you could cut/paste the stream url into vlc, or some other players and they may work.15:37
DinoMuffin!ch | Psych15:37
ubottuPsych: Das Schweizer Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-ch, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie aber in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Aus regionalen Gründen ist im Schweizer Channel nur Englisch erlaubt. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.15:37
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal15:38
john_doe_jrdr_willis, were you talking to me?15:38
mneptokhappyblue: the USB Creator app has always worked well for me, and was simple enough to use that i did not have to seek advice on getting a USB stick to boot. ;)15:38
Psychi dont speak german ..15:38
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  or try the various vlc-firefox plugin, or totem firefox plugin, or some otehrs. (i tend to cut/paste)15:38
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  i got on the wrong line. :)15:38
Teddy1its not german15:38
dr_willisthat was for Teddy115:38
epronone more thing. Although I've enabled ssh rate limiting with ufw, I see quite a lot of failed password from sshd and the same ip in auth.log15:38
Teddy1it was both of us15:38
Psychi have understand xDD but the language is german xD15:38
jdhfrit was german15:39
happybluemneptok I wonder if my live-cd that iam using is just screwed15:39
epronand also cat ufw.log | grep limit is always null15:39
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  export foo=""  (i think) to unset15:39
Teddy1dr_willis:  oh i didnt see you write that15:39
mneptokhappyblue: or the USB media you're using is nearing EOL15:39
prowerepron: probably just drive-by scripts trying to brute force their way in, i changed the default port for ssh and never saw any failed attempts again except for my own15:39
epronprower: I know, but ufw is supposed to rate limit them15:40
Kartagisdr_willis: I can play sounds but not input. where do I look?15:40
eproni still get > 15-15 entries per ip in a 2 minutes timespan15:40
happybluemneptok but besides that problem, I cant install any programmes during my live-session, so theres something wrong with that15:40
Teddy1dr_willis:  I dont havent had so much good times with vlc in the browser(in windows or ubuntu)15:40
john_doe_jrdr_willis, that sets it15:40
DinoMuffinepron: most effective way to reduce failed attempts is to move sshd to a non-standard port15:41
prowerepron: hmm...not sure what to tell you there i've never set up rate limiting...maybe there's an option in sshd_config that would do the job15:41
happybluemneptok does not matter if its a small or a large programme15:41
john_doe_jrWhat kind of problems are you having w/ VLC...I know a lot about this type of thing?15:41
happybluemneptok seems like dpkg has got some problem15:41
DinoMuffinepron: yo15:42
epronI see... yeah it sounds ok to change the default ssh port15:42
Teddy1 john_doe_jr. its not with vlc, but it is a stream from tv, but they use only and onlys support windows media player15:42
epronI'll have to change some deployment scripts though15:42
Teddy1cant get it to work with vlc15:42
epronone more thing... is it ok to just rm -rf .log and .log.1 ?15:43
Teddy1john_doe_jr http://www.nrk.no/nett-tv/direkte/nrk1/15:44
=== owner_ is now known as Guest32268
Teddy1thats the url to the streams15:44
epronDinoMuffin: was why for me?15:44
DinoMuffinepron: yeah15:44
Teddy1they stream lillyhammer today(episode 2)15:44
Teddy1if someone have seen it15:44
eproni don't want /var/log filled with logs15:44
epronplus i want to keep track of some stuff15:44
DinoMuffinepron: uhh15:44
epronit's been some time since i did some administration15:45
epronand this is our production server15:45
eproni need to keep track of some stuff15:45
DinoMuffinepron: well, you can remove the log if you want. linux will just make another one15:45
auronandaceepron: that is the point of /var/log/ to keep logs15:45
DinoMuffinepron: most of the time my logs don't ever get over 15MBs or so15:45
DinoMuffinfor the entire folder15:45
john_doe_jrTeddy1, you probably need chromium or chrome with non-free installed15:45
epronwhat's the limit before they get gz'ed15:46
Teddy1epron:  the logs should be logging veeery much to be start using your hdd15:46
Teddy1john_doe_jr:  doe you happen to know the commands in your head?15:46
DinoMuffinepron: IIRC the log files are managed by logrotate cron15:47
scwizardI want to run this at startup: sudo play start /path/to/play-application/ --%prod"15:47
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
Teddy1is it sudo apt-get chromium non-free15:47
DinoMuffinepron: the limits are somewhere in /etc/15:47
scwizardwhat do I put in the "exec" line of my play.conf in my init folder?15:47
Psychit | ubuntu15:47
DinoMuffinepron: /etc/logrotate.conf15:47
john_doe_jrTeddy1, just a sec15:47
Teddy1and then apt-get install chromium? or?15:48
Seppoz_workim wondering why cylinders=$(fdisk -l $DEVICE | grep cylinders | head -n1 | cut -d',' -f3 | cut -d' ' -f2) works on ubuntu 10 but not on 11, is there anything im doing wrong?15:48
auronandace!info chromium-browser | Teddy115:48
ubottuTeddy1: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.0.874.106~r107270-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 (oneiric), package size 18844 kB, installed size 69092 kB15:48
Seppoz_workused in a script15:48
epronDinoMuffin: ok thank you very much15:48
DinoMuffinepron: no prob15:48
sdsWhen booting from the CD, which config file controls the options displayed in the menu (try, install)? i would actually like to remove the install option.15:48
john_doe_jrsudo apt-get install chromium-browser chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree15:48
scwizardthis should init service thingy howsit is confusing the heck out of me, I even read the whole man init(5) and I still don't know how to approach this15:48
sipiorSeppoz_work: investigate each stage of the pipe, and figure out which part changed.15:49
Seppoz_worksipior: the pipe is fine15:49
john_doe_jrTeddy1, sudo apt-get install chromium-browser chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree15:49
auronandace!upstart | scwizard15:49
ubottuscwizard: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:49
sipiorSeppoz_work: obviously not.15:49
Teddy1john_doe_jr: thnx i try15:49
Seppoz_workecho $(fdisk -l $DEVICE | grep cylinders | head -n1 | cut -d',' -f3 | cut -d' ' -f2)                   486515:50
scwizardauronandace, I know what upstart is, and I'd like some help using it15:50
Seppoz_worksipior: but the output is just what i want15:50
sipiorSeppoz_work: then what's the problem?15:50
Seppoz_workits not working in a script15:50
Teddy1john_doe_jr:  i got: Reading package lists... Done15:50
Teddy1Building dependency tree15:50
Teddy1Reading state information... Done15:50
Teddy1E: Unable to locate package chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree15:50
jeagleGood day to everyone! I have a quick question. to output a string of text to a txt file. it's "echo 'text goes here' > logfile.txt" how would I go about apending the next echo string to the next line?15:51
sipiorjeagle: ">>"15:51
auronandacescwizard: sorry, i thought you were trying to get an init system working and weren't aware that ubuntu uses upstart (not sysv)15:51
Seppoz_workhttp://pastebin.com/YbNzFuY8 prints Cylinder:  - Heads:  - Sectors:  - Blocksize:15:51
jeaglesipior: Thanks! I'll give it a shot! ^-^15:51
Seppoz_work<sipior>: thats the problem15:51
JjonWhat would you guys say is the most lightweight OS?15:52
scwizardauronandace, why would I be making a play.conf in /etc/init if I was trying to do things the sysv way?15:52
JjonI could post my specs, they're bad15:52
bazhangJjon, lubuntu15:52
jeaglesipior: Thanks dude! you are the best! :D15:52
bazhangjatt, thats off topic for here15:52
Seppoz_workwhats the difference between bash of ubuntu 10 and 11?15:52
mneptokJjon: that question is not directly related to Ubuntu support. please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic15:52
bazhang!lubuntu | Jjon15:53
ubottuJjon: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.15:53
Jjonaah, lxde, I don't know about that one.. Thanks anyways guys15:53
jdhfrlubuntu is not lighter15:53
jdhfryou need some special distro15:53
Oerjdhfr, yes it is lighter.15:54
sipiorSeppoz_work: you're running the script with superuser privileges, right?15:54
john_doe_jrTeddy1, did it work?15:54
LjLjdhfr: it is lighter, please do not spread misinformation15:54
Seppoz_workis that a problem? was the same before tho15:54
LjL!requirements > jdhfr15:54
ubottujdhfr, please see my private message15:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:54
romeyrohello guys, i m trying to make work compiz+emerald on xfce4 but i don't know for which reason i get the following errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/825225/15:54
sipiorSeppoz_work: well, it works fine here.15:55
Seppoz_workis #!/bin/bash ok?15:55
Tuckshow do I do a specific search for my native apps on Xubuntu 11.10 in the command line?  I have some command line apps and tools that are not listed in my Applications Menu.15:55
sipiorSeppoz_work: yes. if you insert a "sudo" in front of "fdisk", does it work?15:55
Seppoz_workwell i execue the script as root15:56
auronandaceromeyro: its --replace (not -replace)15:56
thetinyjesusDoes anyone know if there is a workaround for getting Ios 5 devices synced?15:56
sipiorSeppoz_work: echo each part of the pipe, and see where it goes pear-shaped.15:56
john_doe_jrTeddy1, ?????15:56
Teddy1john_DOE_JR: NO, i sendt you a pm  with the error15:57
Teddy1ops, sorry the upper case15:57
romeyroauronandace, oh thank you :D15:58
auronandaceromeyro: no worries :)15:58
* jdhfr thinks that 512 MB RAM is anything but lightweight15:59
thetinyjesusDoes anyone know about getting Ios 5 devices working?15:59
mongyromeyro, no need for sudo either.16:00
Seppoz_workif i enter fdisk -l /dev/sdc my card ejects16:00
Seppoz_workand mouts again16:00
romeyroauronandace, looks like its working but on the terminal the commande stopped at setting update http://paste.ubuntu.com/825238/ I think its not normal16:02
Seppoz_worksniper seems that was some bug in the card reader, thanks for the help tho16:02
auronandaceromeyro: like mongy said, don't use sudo16:03
auronandaceromeyro: apart from that you can close  the terminal16:04
auronandaceromeyro: if you place && at the end it should push it to the background and free up the terminal (i think its &&, either that or just one &)16:05
sipiorauronandace: just one :-)16:05
auronandacesipior: ah, thanks16:06
=== Dickmiester is now known as |DM|
Kartagiscan you help me please? I've got no audido now, in or out16:08
romeyro_auronandace, even when i try without sudo he stop at Setting update"prev_key" :S16:08
auronandaceromeyro_: have you add the & at the end?16:08
romeyro_auronandace, no, what i did is compiz --replace ccp16:09
auronandaceromeyro_: try: compiz --replace ccp &16:09
=== skilz is now known as skilz-a
Oer!sound | Kartagis16:10
ubottuKartagis: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:10
Seppoz_workdid something changed with fdisk? it doesnt seem to use sectores anymore as the default size16:10
memyselfis ubuntu more easily to be hack into when using unsecured free wireless connection ?16:10
bazhangmemyself, no?16:11
sandy19hello ubuntu16:11
sandy19i want to learn php16:11
esuavememyself: unless your allowing people to connect to your machine with no authentication.16:11
memyselfcomparing to windows is ubuntu more easily to be hacked ?16:11
sandy19so what should i install16:12
auronandacememyself: security isn't that simple16:12
esuavesandy19: http://php.net16:12
bazhang!ot | memyself16:12
ubottumemyself: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:12
auronandacememyself: perhaps you should define "hacked"16:12
sandy19thnx esuave looking at that :)16:12
zippytechwhen I copy a say 2 gig file to a usb drive, my desktop almost becomes unresponsive till the copy is done. does any one else have that problem16:12
memyselfi'm worry about using ubuntu as it has no firewall16:12
jdhfrzippytech: that problem is a trademark of linux16:13
LjL!firewall | memyself16:13
ubottumemyself: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.16:13
bazhang!iptables | memyself16:13
ChrisGagnonzippytech: if you use the deadline scheduler thaat problem doesn't happen16:13
LjLmemyself: you should never really use an unsecured wifi connection, anyway. it's a very bad idea.16:13
jdhfronly reach people can afford secure wireless16:14
zippytechthanks I will look into that16:14
bazhangjdhfr, thats enough16:14
memyselfljl , how bad is using unsecured wifi connection ? cos most free wifi at fastfood restarant are unsecured16:14
auronandacejdhfr: don't talk nonsense16:14
sipiormemyself: you'll want to look into a decent vpn solution for open access points.16:14
LjLmemyself: well, anyone can see the data you're sending and receiving.16:14
bazhangjdhfr, editorializing and offtopic commentary in #ubuntu-offtopic16:15
LjLmemyself: so you should absolutely *never* send plaintext passwords over unsecured wifi, for one thing16:15
ChrisGagnonzippytech: use 'echo deadline | sudo tee /sys/block/<your block device here IE: sda>/queue/scheduler' to switch to deadline16:15
romeyro__auronandace, sorry if i m taking time to answer its because my computer froze up everytime i click on the terminal and i had to turn it off :S. Same thing happened with compiz --replace ccp &16:15
memyselfis it encrypted when you use unsecured wifi to browse those site with https ?16:16
mneptokmemyself: yes16:16
LjLmemyself: yes, https is encrypted, but other things are not16:16
esuavememyself: are there really hackers hanging out at the local fast food joint there?16:17
jpdsesuave: You never know.16:17
memyselfi'm worry unsecured wifi will not protect my laptop when other side of the net user attack me16:17
DinoMuffinit's just a general a security risk16:18
auronandaceromeyro__: sorry, i stopped using compiz a while ago (always been too buggy for me on xfce)16:18
LjLmemyself: you're right to worry. if you're really set on using unsecured wifi, at least enable a firewall.16:18
DinoMuffinanyone, ANYONE, with a packet sniffer can pull all the non encrypted data16:18
mneptokesuave: in a big city, you have at least 100 people living and working within range of a storefront. they're there all day. roll those dice.16:18
auronandaceromeyro__: so my compiz knowege is rather old16:18
memyselfi just installed ubuntu without enabling any firewall as some say there no such need16:19
romeyro__auronandace, haha its ok, i m checking on google. Thank you for your help :)16:20
DinoMuffinmemyself: it's not in most cases16:20
auronandacememyself: most regular users will likely never need to touch the firewall16:20
DinoMuffinmemyself: if you're on your own private LAN behind a router, you're fine16:20
memyselfit's not ? meaning ?16:20
memyselfso now the question is should i or shouldn't i configure firewall ?16:21
LjLmemyself: there is no need if you're behind a router like most people are. but if you're going to use unsecured wifi, i'd say there is a need.16:21
mgreenwayI am trying to updrade to a newer kernel16:21
LjLmemyself: if you ask me, yes you should16:21
esuavememyself: yeah i would enable firewall too16:21
mgreenwaythere doesn't seem to be testing repos like in debian16:21
jpdsmemyself: All you need to do is: sudo ufw enable16:22
memyselfi just read something like ubuntu initially close all port so there's really no need to do anyting16:22
jpdsmemyself: Yes, but you might install something that will open a port.16:22
memyselfand some say ufw is outdate no more update16:22
jpdsmemyself: Whay?16:22
mgreenwayhow would I install a kernel like 3.1.0 are there ubuntu testing repos?16:23
tadohey folks! does anyone know how to set thunderbird's date format? it does not follow my system settings...16:23
nice11hi how are you/16:23
memyselfit's obselete , the developer dump it16:23
jpdsmemyself: No.16:23
Oermemyself, don't listen to "some", he has it wrong.16:23
auronandacememyself: maybe it would be helpful to tell us where you're getting your info from16:24
OffleinI am using UFW and I would like to forward all incoming traffic [on a specific port] hitting this computer to another computer/port on this computer's network. I guess using Masquerading. Does anyone know how to do this?16:24
memyselfso enabling the firewall just by entering ufw enable and then that's all no configuration required ?16:24
BoreeasHey, my Ubuntu partition only has 5 GB of free space left. The drive has about 50 GB of unallocated space left, how to I extend my partition to use this space?16:24
memyselffor the ufw info , i guess i got it from google16:25
LjLBoreeas: use gparted from a live CD (and have a backup)16:25
auronandacememyself: google is a search engine, google led you to?16:25
zayaboreeas just make sure to back up what you want just incase16:26
BoreeasNo easy way to do it? Alright then16:26
abyscan somebody tell me what packages ubuntu is using to set up wireless ?16:26
sipiorBoreeas: before you do that, make sure the reserved block percentage on that partition is set to zero: "sudo /sbintune2fs -m 0 /dev/<device>". should give you five percent of the volume back.16:26
sipiorBoreeas: sorry: "/sbin/tune2fs"16:27
LjLsipior: err, is that a really good idea though?16:27
sipiorLjL: yes, it is.16:27
BoreeasSo, burn Gparted on a disk (does a flashdrive work too, if the bios can boot from a flashdrive) and then modify the partittion?16:27
tadohow do i open pgp encrypted files with nautilus? (or how do i encrypt new files?)... i read here that seahorse is no longer working https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/seahorse-plugins/+bug/796752/16:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 796752 in seahorse-plugins (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] Attempt to install would lead to removal of essential packages" [High,Triaged]16:27
Boreeassipior: Sorry, I didn't understand that. What is that going to do?16:27
sipiorLjL: reserved blocks is an ancient defense mechanism, which wastes tens of gigabytes on modern drives. time to bury it.16:28
gandhijee_hey, what do i need to install in the base chroot ubuntu to have it setup a different hostname for itself, and get the color and auto-complete stuff going on?16:28
LjLsipior: is there a replacement for it, though?16:28
sipiorLjL: none is really required.16:29
memyselfFirewall is active and enabled on system startup , means i got the ufw start up already or i need to restart?16:29
esuavelooking for some load testing solutions to test some of my ubuntu 8 servers.. anyone know of anything good?16:30
memyselfooh , it's firestarter that is obselete16:30
sipiorBoreeas: ext filesystem creation generally reserves a small portion of disk block for exclusive access of the superuser. this is old-fashioned, but surprisingly common even on modern machines. turn it off, and get a fair bit of space back.16:30
sipiorBoreeas: you'll still want to claim that unused 50GB, but this might take some of the pressure off.16:30
Boreeassipior: So /dev/<device> would be the ubuntu filesystem, not the unallocated? Alright, I'll do that, thanks16:31
gandhijee_sipior, the reason it still exists is so that the system still has space for log files... if that particular volume isn't being used for any logging use tune2fs to change the storage amount16:32
sipiorBoreeas: yep, the partition you want to modify.16:32
sipiorgandhijee_: no, that's not why.16:32
gandhijee_then why16:32
LjLBoreeas: please keep in mind that the operation sipior is suggesting *does* take away the capability for root processes to access reserved blocks, which might impair those processes' ability to do their work when the disk is full. if you do that, be aware of the consequences.16:32
sipiorgandhijee_: this isn't the 80's.16:32
gandhijee_so you don't keep log files for you systems?16:32
gandhijee_i know its save my butt before.16:32
sipiorgandhijee_: that's nice.16:32
gandhijee_so you still haven't given a valid reason....16:33
sipiorgandhijee_: i have no interest in validating my opinions to you. do what you want, as i will.16:35
LjLsipior: the problem is not what you do but what you recommend to people in this channel.16:35
gandhijee_pretty much16:35
gandhijee_if you have a good reason for it, then please share, otherwise, don't just say this is what it is.16:36
sipiorLjL: spare me your tedious mewling, i'm not interested in a discussion.16:36
tadoanyone has good suggestions on how to open a pgp encrypted file in nautilus?16:36
llutztune2fs -m1 /dev/foo (still too much) as a compromise. those 5% default is ...16:36
Sicpplease see this thread, http://askubuntu.com/questions/76712/setting-nautilus-open-terminal-to-launch-terminator-rather-than-gnome-terminal16:37
Sicplook at the first answer, I cannot find anything called "dconf-tools" in my repositories. All I can find is "dconf" and it doesn't have a "gsettings" tool with it16:37
sipiorllutz: that is indeed fair, at least on /. still, when has that been a problem in the last decade? :-)16:37
llutzsipior: that root-reserved blocks only make sense on / or /tmp or /var, but is pretty nonsense on all other data-fs16:38
sipiorllutz: even then, i have reservations (ahem)16:38
Sicpwhy do I need dconf-tools anyway16:40
Sicpcan't I change that value from gconf-editor?16:40
pfifollutz, what about fragmentation concerns?16:40
SicpI just follow the package names16:40
h00kSicp: because new things are using dconf, if i recall correctly16:41
Sicpnew? I'm on 10.0416:41
Sicpstill considered new?16:41
sipiorpfifo: that becomes an issue above 85%-90% usage. you surely wouldn't reserve that much?16:41
=== fardad is now known as fardad_afk
pfifosipior, I would reserver 10-15 sure, but I dont usually use my whole partitions16:42
SicpI will just uninstall nautilus-open-in-terminal and reinstall it16:42
Sicpit should adapt to the new environment variables16:42
h00kSicp: I'm looking for a relevant article16:43
SicpI already posted one above, h00k16:43
Sicpbut I don't have "dconf-tools" in my repos16:43
Sicphere it is, h00k, http://askubuntu.com/questions/76712/setting-nautilus-open-terminal-to-launch-terminator-rather-than-gnome-terminal16:43
h00kSicp: was it the http://askubuntu.com/questions/91403/when-to-use-gconf-vs-dconf ?16:43
h00kSicp: ah, okay.16:43
h00kSicp: oh, those gsettings settings, those can go directly in a terminal16:45
Sicpwithout the gsettings directive?16:45
infeeeeehello i have loading problem, the ubuntu title appears, but the five dots remain red16:45
Sicpbecause it doesn't recognize "gsettings"16:45
h00kSicp: I gotcha. I am now following16:45
pfifoinfeeeee, turn off the boot splash to get an error message if there is one16:46
Sicpunder the gconf-editor > / > desktop > applications > terminal > I've set the exec and exec_arg just like I wanted, I had set them before in Preferred Applications and they took effect in gconf-editor of course16:46
h00kSicp: I don't have 10.04 box handy, try installing dconf and using the gsettings directive16:47
SicpI uninstalled nautilus-open-in-terminal and I'm going to restart nautilus16:47
Sicpit didn't work, h00k16:47
h00kSicp: okay.16:47
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Schrodinger`Cathey i need to install sykpe because 2.2 work very bad on my computer. i have add the good line in sources.list, and now "apt-cache show skype" show to me 2 differents versions of skype whith the same "package name", how i can install the ? tanks16:48
LjLSchrodinger`Cat: sudo apt-get install skype=   however it will be replaced with the newer version if it's in a repo that you have enabled, as soon as you dist-upgrade.16:49
auronandace!pinning | Schrodinger`Cat16:49
ubottuSchrodinger`Cat: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto16:49
Sicpit still doesn't work, I guess nautilus-open-terminal just takes gnome-terminal as the default16:50
SicpI need those dconf-tools16:50
pfifo!info dconf-tools16:51
ubottudconf-tools (source: d-conf): simple configuration storage system - utilities. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.10.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 60 kB, installed size 252 kB16:51
pfifosudo apt-get install dconf-tools16:51
infeeeeehow can i turn off the bootsplash?16:53
bazhanginfeeeee, permanently? or just the once16:53
pfifoinfeeeee, at the grub menu press 'e' and delete the 'quiet splash' part of the kernel line16:53
infeeeeebazhang: permanently16:53
bazhang!nox | infeeeee this one?16:54
ubottuinfeeeee this one?: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:54
Schrodinger`Catthanks auronandace ubottu LjL16:54
goldcitymanhello, i have ubuntu 9.10, how can i know the hardware of pc?16:54
bazhanggoldcityman, sudo lshw16:54
jpdsgoldcityman: lshw16:54
goldcitymanok thanks16:54
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Syco54645_workanyone using thunderbird with gnome-shell? i am trying to find a way to do persistant email alerts. i keep missing emails at work.16:56
pfifoIs there anyway I can configure since ubuntu 10.04?16:57
MonkeyDustpfifo  configure what exactly?16:58
Guest65013Hi people17:00
Guest65013Anyone here use en17?17:00
DaniG2kguys I'm trying to play TripleA but when I try to run it I get an error that says17:01
DaniG2kCould not find Java.17:02
DaniG2kYou must have Java installed and in your path.17:02
MonkeyDustDaniG2k  install open jdk, not sun-jdk17:02
Guest65013Use synaptic and install java?17:02
DaniG2ki have openjdk installed already17:02
Guest65013<<  /win1 >>17:03
DaniG2kMonkeyDust: could it be that it requires version 7? but i don't think so...17:05
Guest65013Guys anyone here has used enlightenment?17:06
Guest65013Can't get net to work in En1717:06
pfifo!anybody | Guest6501317:07
ubottuGuest65013: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:07
three18tiwhat would cause the umask of a directory not to show the `d` flag when `ls -la`?17:07
=== lomeunick is now known as altri
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:08
llutzthree18ti: what does it show? l for link?17:08
three18tillutz, just a `-` it's not a link.17:09
Guest65013I have a problem with enlightenment. I installed it today and my wifi is not working in it.17:09
pfifo!work | Guest6501317:09
ubottuGuest65013: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:09
pikaciuit is on strike!!!17:10
llutzthree18ti: "stat yourdir"   says what?17:11
pfifoin that case, simply coerce its union delegate17:11
three18tillutz http://pastebin.com/qyjbqmdW17:12
llutzthree18ti: so it's a regular file and not a dir17:12
three18tillutz, that's the problem, it is indeed a directory but the FS sees it as a file.17:15
micutzuhy all17:15
llutzthree18ti: fsck17:15
KayGridleyafternoon all17:15
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
scwizardnetstat tells me that tomcat is listening on port 5005 for remote debugging, just like I want it to17:16
KayGridleyanyone able to help getting an ubuntu server to talk to the rest of the network it's sitting as part of please?17:16
micutzui'm sorry does counter-strike work on Xubuntu 11.10?17:16
scwizardhowever when I nmap the tomcat server from another place, it says that only ports 22 and 8080 are open17:16
MonkeyDustmicutzu  wrong channel17:16
three18tillutz, thanks.17:16
micutzuok so where sould i go?17:17
scwizard(and naturally I'm having difficulties remote debugging tomcat)17:17
MonkeyDust!info tomcat17:17
ubottuPackage tomcat does not exist in oneiric17:17
auronandace!appdb | micutzu17:17
ubottumicutzu: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help17:17
scwizardMonkeyDust, it's a ubuntu question, sorta like "if an applicaiton is listening on a port, why can't I conect to it on that port"17:17
scwizardand you mean17:18
scwizard!info tomcat617:18
ubottutomcat6 (source: tomcat6): Servlet and JSP engine. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0.32-5ubuntu1.1 (oneiric), package size 29 kB, installed size 308 kB17:18
KayGridleymy default gateway is unreachable if anyone can help17:18
MonkeyDustKayGridley  how are you online? via the gateway?17:19
cromagis there a channel regarding webhosting ?17:19
scwizardcromag: #ubuntu-offtopic ?17:19
damo22how do u tell if your kernel is 64 bit17:20
auronandacedamo22: uname -a17:20
Polahdamo22: Run uname -i. If it's 64-bit it will output x86_64.17:20
KayGridleyMonkeyDust: online via a windows netbook running wireless onto the same network as the server, so the gateway is working17:20
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damo222.6.32-312-ec2 #24-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 7 18:31:34 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux17:21
BlouBloudamo22: that's not 6417:21
auronandacedamo22: thats 32bit17:21
damo22good news17:21
KayGridleyI used sudo route add gw (ip address) eth017:22
MonkeyDustKayGridley  so the gateway *is* reachabe, but not from your ubuntu pc? is it wifi or with cable?17:22
damo22but the endianness of that machine is different to mine i think17:22
KayGridleythe ubuntu server is cable, both ends flashing nicely17:22
damo22how do i test endianness17:22
KayGridleythanks btw :)17:22
winnie667hello! what packages am i missing if nm-applet refuses to ask for a keyring password when connection to an encrypted wifi?17:22
MonkeyDustKayGridley  can you ping the gateway from your ubuntu pc?17:22
iggymydogi am runni9ng ubuntu on an olc computer dell demension 4600 with a pemtium 4 and it says my hard disk is failing17:23
iggymydogmy computer is also very slow17:23
iggymydogcan someone help me?17:23
KayGridleyMonkeyDust no I get "Network is unreachable"17:23
winnie667i hage network-manager-gnome gnome-keyring and libpam-gnome-keyring installed17:23
iggymydogi am runni9ng ubuntu on an olc computer dell demension 4600 with a pemtium 4 and it says my hard disk is failing17:23
KayGridleysounding like a dead cable do you think?17:23
damo22demension is right17:24
MonkeyDustKayGridley  does the ubuntu pc have a static ip address or dynamic (dhcp)?17:24
pikaciuKayGridley: the led on the router is  on ?17:24
chaos_zerohello, i have ubuntu server instaled...new to using just  the cli... I have 6 wired connections and one wireless. I want to configure so that the wireless is bridged between the server and five of the wired connections. the last wired connection is another slower connection that i want to activate only if the wireless fails/disonnects. how hard is this to do?17:24
winnie667iggymydog: it won't help to repeat your question, what do you expect us to do? send you a new HD? If your system informs you that your HD is failing then that's what's happening17:24
KayGridleyMonkeyDust I've set it to static as it's part of a rack of other servers17:24
iggymydogyes i know.......... i expect you to help me solve it17:25
KayGridleypikaciu aye, well the 40+ on the switch are :) including the ones linked into the server I'm trying ot connect17:25
MonkeyDustKayGridley  has it worked before? is the network correct, in /etc/network/interfaces ?17:25
iggymydogmy friend doesent have a hard drive he runs ubuntu from his dickdrive17:25
Polah iggymydog: It means your hard drive is physically failing. You'll need to get a new hard drive.17:25
pra7eek_Guys I installed the enlightenment desktop environment and my net does not work in it. I can't connect to the wifi network. Any solutions?17:25
ZinkyrEnglish ?17:25
damo22iggymydog: sounds like you need a new dickdrive17:25
iggymydogyes i know i need a new one....17:25
scarleodamaltor, :D dickdrive17:26
pikaciuKayGridley: what 's the gateway ip ?  ?17:26
KayGridleyMonkeyDust: no, this is the first time its been installed as an ubuntu server, previous to this week it was a defunct spare windows server that ws powered down17:26
Polahiggymydog: So what do you need us to help you with?17:26
iggymydogis there a way to turn a cd drive into a hard drive17:26
damo22iggymydog: yes, hit it with a hammer and it becomes hard17:26
Polahiggymydog: No. Unless you want to store all your data discs and swap them out all the time.17:27
iggymydogPolah: i need some way to make my computer work without useing a hard drive17:27
KayGridleybut I suspect that is an internal17:27
KayGridleynot external17:27
MonkeyDustKayGridley  what's the outcome of dig|grep SERVER ?17:27
KayGridleyMonkeyDust what does that do?17:27
KayGridleysorry v. new to ubuntu17:27
iggymydogPolah: then could you help me turn my other computer into a linux17:27
MonkeyDustKayGridley  to know your gateway's address17:27
iggymydogPolah: its already a puppy linux but i cant get uvb=buntu on it17:27
Polahiggymydog: Just buy a new hard drive for your laptop and replace the failing drive...17:27
mister2hey guys, is there a way to tell evince to change whether a cover page is by itself in dual view?17:28
iggymydogPolah:its a desktop17:28
KayGridleyooh thats odd17:28
KayGridleyMonkeyDust it puts a # between 2 and 5317:28
iggymydogPolah: and besides im not looking to spend money thats not what i want17:28
MonkeyDustKayGridley  what's the complete line?17:28
mecoI'm looking for something to which I can simply provide a file of ping replies and it'll do the rest by itself giving me a nice graphical output...17:29
chaos_zerono ideas? =P17:29
KayGridley;; SERVER:
Polahchaos_zero, about what?17:29
chaos_zerooh, ill put it once more17:29
chaos_zerohello, i have ubuntu server instaled...new to using just  the cli... I have 6 wired connections and one wireless. I want to configure so that the wireless is bridged between the server and five of the wired connections. the last wired connection is another slower connection that i want to activate only if the wireless fails/disonnects. how hard is this to do?17:29
MonkeyDustKayGridley  the gateway's address is
Polahiggymydog: What errors do you get when attempting to install Ubuntu on your other system?17:29
mister2anyone? hey guys, is there a way to tell evince to change whether a cover page is by itself in dual view?17:29
iggymydog i have a dell inspron 530 with intel duo core 2 that was windows vista.......i changed it to puppylinux running puppy from the diskdrive the hard drive is tottaly empty what do i do? ive tried installing ubuntu before but couldent do it17:30
llutzMonkeyDust: thats the nameserver, not the gateway17:30
llutzMonkeyDust: they _can_ be identical, but its not a must17:30
Polahiggymydog, what do you mean "couldn't do it"? Did you get errors, failure to boot, or what?17:30
iggymydogubuntu just wouldent run.....it would come up on the desktop but no icons or enything would come up and it would freeze there17:30
KayGridleyllutz: they are different on this network17:30
iggymydogi couldent evin see a mouse17:30
Polahiggymydog, are you sure the image you downloaded was correct and your burn to disc/USB drive was correct?17:30
KayGridleyand .2 would be correct for one of the nameservers17:31
chaos_zeropolah help meeeeee :)17:31
pra7eek_Guys I installed the enlightenment on my ubuntu 11.10 and now i can't connect to my wifi network. Any suggestions?17:31
MonkeyDustKayGridley  what's the outcome of grep name  /etc/resolv.conf ?17:31
pikaciuKayGridley: ping
iggymydogim sure it was correct17:32
KayGridleyooh can ping .217:32
Polahchaos_zero, it's certainly possible although I don't know details of exactly how. This should be a good place to start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing17:32
iggymydogPolah: i used it to install it on this computer17:32
KayGridleyok so not a dead cable then17:33
Polahiggymydog, was it burned to a disc or is it an image on a USB drive?17:33