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ritzHi, how does one create a minimal repo05:19
ritzsuch as one seen in https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-greeter-team/unity-greeter/daily-recipe/files05:19
StevenKmkdir foo; cd foo ; bzr init ; bzr push lp:...05:21
ritzStevenK, cool, thanks05:21
vibhavpHow Do I register a distro on Launchpad?05:30
poolievibhavp, can you tell me why you want to?05:31
vibhavppoolie: Our Team is working on a Localized Hindi CD image05:31
vibhavpI just started to think about it05:32
pooliei wonder if you can actually do it or if you need to ask an admin05:32
vibhavpwhich admin?05:32
vibhavpWill email the list about the Idea05:33
vibhavppoolie: What should I ask??05:33
pooliejust explain about your project and that you want to track bugs on lp05:34
poolieif you're just thinking about doing it05:35
poolieit might be a bit premature to add it to the list of distros on lp05:35
freijonHey there. I imported my code from a git repository. The initial import worked fine. Also, launchpad tells me every 5 hours, that the import was successful, however nothing gets updated. what exactly is getting imported from git? Is there a way to keep the code synced?05:35
vibhavppoolie: Or should I just add it as a normal project?05:35
poolieno a distro is better, but perhaps only add it once you've done the first release or something05:36
poolieo/ jml05:36
freijondoes nobody import code from external repositories?05:49
wgranthttp://code.launchpad.net/+code-imports <- nobody at all :)05:51
wgrantfreijon: ^^05:51
freijonit was more like a rhetorical question ^^05:53
freijonwgrant: did you experience what I mentioned above?05:57
wgrantfreijon: Oh, sorry, missed the question entirely.05:57
wgrantfreijon: Can you link to the import?05:57
wgrantfreijon: That's not meant to happen.05:57
wgrantfreijon: Ah, you just deleted and recreated them?06:01
freijonwgrant: yep, I noticed that used a different url than all the others. Maybe that was the reason.06:03
freijonI used https:// instead of git://06:03
wgrantEither should work.06:04
wgrantfreijon: btw, you can change your username from the default (derived from your email address) at https://launchpad.net/~/+edit.06:07
wgrantAnd that import is done.06:07
freijonI don't get it. Its still an old stage of the code, even though the HEAD branch on git is up to date06:10
wgrantLet's see.06:10
freijonyou can compare the *.pot language file06:11
wgrantfreijon: Ah06:11
wgrantfreijon: So, you have two branches.06:11
wgrantmaster and HEAD06:11
wgrantLP imports master by default.06:11
wgrantDo you deliberately have two?06:11
wgrantI can change it to import HEAD if you want, but in git it's conventional to use master.06:12
freijonI created the HEAD branch especially for launchpad, since it told me "The URL of the git repository. The HEAD branch will be imported."06:14
wgrantfreijon: Ah06:15
wgrantfreijon: So, git repos have a file .git/HEAD06:16
wgrantfreijon: Which points at a branch that is the active head.06:16
wgrantThat's what Launchpad means.06:16
wgrantAnd in your repo it points at master.06:16
freijonI guess the problem sits in front of the screen then ^^ thanks06:17
wgrant(in git terminology, don't confuse HEAD and head. they're rather different :))06:17
Ge0rGhi. Is one of the translations team available to 'review' my project's translation import queue? I've changed some strings manually and need a re-import of all the .po files in https://translations.launchpad.net/yaxim/master/+imports :)07:16
Ge0rGunfortunately, the web interface does not allow the project maintainer to upload without review, and I don't have the .po files in SCM :(07:16
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ritzhi, How do I identify the bzr branch name ? required for building in lp when using merge ?08:49
ritz# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version 0.2.6-0ubuntu1.lp949782.108:50
ritzmerge . lp:ubuntu/unity-greeter08:50
ritzthe "." here has to be the branch name08:50
wgrantritz: It just has to be unique within the recipe.08:50
wgrantritz: It can be whatever you want. It's used mostly for eg. including {revno:FOOBRANCH} in the deb-version template.08:51
Ge0rGis anyone available to approve my translation imports in https://translations.launchpad.net/yaxim/master/+imports ? :D08:53
ritzwgrant, thanks. I thought, this was to be a branch name. Coming from a git based world, I was confused08:54
ritzinteresting, using lp:ubuntu/oneiric/unity-greeter in recipes changes to lp:ubuntu/unity-greeter08:58
ritzIf I understand this correctly, once precise is released ubuntu/unity-greeter will point to 12.10 release code ?08:59
ritzhmmm, "You have exceeded today's quota for ubuntu precise"09:02
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notifyany way of changing the summary in a launchpad bug without using the email interface ?13:21
tsimpsonnotify: click the pencil icon on the right of "Bug Description"13:22
notifyok. thanks will try that13:22
tsimpsonor you could use the API too, but I'm guessing that's overkill for what you want13:24
notifytsimpson: that appears to edit the body or "description" as they call it. i want the one line summary13:24
tsimpsonok, there's another pencil icon at the end of that title line13:24
notifytsimpson: yeah got it. thanks13:25
tsimpsonno problem :)13:25
notifytsimpson: any quick way of getting the bug fixed too ? only kidding :)13:34
tsimpsonwell, the quickest way is always to just fix it yourself ;)13:34
notifytsimpson: hehe very true13:37
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Ge0rGcan somebody from the translation team please ack the pending imports in https://translations.launchpad.net/yaxim/master/+imports16:33
czajkowskiGe0rG: not sure this is the right place to be asking16:34
czajkowskidpm: would you know where Ge0rG should be asking16:34
czajkowskiGe0rG: they are not in my queue as they are not launchpad/product stuff which is what I do review.16:35
Ge0rGczajkowski: I still can't understand why uploads from the project maintainer need to be reviewed.16:36
dobeyGe0rG: i think you need to ask in #ubuntu-translations (or #ubuntu-i18n maybe it's called)16:39
dobeyoh, yaxim is an imported tree, not a native branch16:40
dpmGe0rG, you're asking at the correct place16:40
dpmczajkowski, Ge0rG so a Launchpad developer needs to review and approve the import16:41
czajkowskidpm: ok so in #launchpad-dev so might get the oncall reviewer so16:41
dpmthat might be a good idea, yes16:42
czajkowskiway to many so's in thet sentence16:42
Ge0rGso. I should ask in #launchpad-dev then?16:43
czajkowskidpm: Ge0rG this may also be of some help https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/ImportQueueApprovalNotification16:43
czajkowskiGe0rG: aye bac is the on call reviewer so he may be the right person in this case.16:43
czajkowskithe revier changes so just check the topic in case you need to do this again.16:44
dpmactually, that's a good point and it reminds me that IIRC there was a change in LP a while ago to allow project maintainers to approve their own imports16:44
dpmGe0rG, have you tried to approve it yourself? You might want to try to see if that works16:44
czajkowskidpm: I think that document is what Ge0rG is looking for and will resolve their issues.16:45
czajkowski90% sure at least16:45
dpmczajkowski, I was just suggesting what the document says16:46
Ge0rGdpm: I can only change the status to "deleted", "blocked" or "needs information". "approved" is greyed out16:54
Ge0rGohfail. I need to click that little yellow crayon thingie and manually select the template and language, despite both being encoded in the file name?16:55
dpmGe0rG, templates don't need languages assigned16:56
dpmwhere's your template? I can probably have a look at it16:56
Ge0rGdpm: I want to import changed .po files into the according languages. the import queue is https://translations.launchpad.net/yaxim/master/+imports - yaxim is the only template there16:57
dpmGe0rG, ah, you don't need to approve translations. Once the template has been imported, they should be approved and imported automatically, but it might take some minutes16:58
dpmYour template has been imported, so you should be all good16:58
dpmand the .po files should get imported without need for manual intervention16:58
dpmThe only stage where you need to manually approve things is the first time ever you upload a template16:59
dobeydpm: i think he's trying to import existing translations, so they don't just get thrown away16:59
dpmyeah, but if they have been imported together with the template they should be automatically imported16:59
dpmonce the template is17:00
dpmwhich seems to be the case, as all files have got the same timestamp17:01
Ge0rGdpm: the template was approved, the translations are still under review.17:02
dpmGe0rG, yeah, that's what I'm saying, they'll be approved after the template, but it will take a while17:02
dpmI seem to remember that the rule of thumb was ~20 minutes17:03
Ge0rGdpm: how long is a while? I've uploaded them yesterday, and I think the template is approved for some hours now.17:03
dpmIf they don't, then I'd suggest pinging a Launchpad dev17:03
Ge0rGnow that I figured out how to manually approve them, I think I can handle it myself.17:04
dpmGe0rG, cool. In any case, even if you approve them it will still take the same amount of time. What takes time is the import (i.e. changing state from Approved to Imported)17:05
Ge0rGdpm, czajkowski: thanks for the help :)17:05
dpmno worries :)17:05
Ge0rGI suppose I still don't understand how the system is meant to be used, but at least it seems I can achieve what I need17:06
Ge0rGtnx & bye :)17:06
Pikkachuhi, would anyone please delete some wrong packages from my ppa? the modifications to the application are the same in all packages, except for the form they were applied and the wrong package namings... anyone?17:23
cgreganHello Launchpad team....I need a team PPA made private for PES....who is the PPA privatization guru?17:24
Pikkachuhere are the packages for deletion please, marked as deleted: https://launchpad.net/~renatosilva/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=17:30
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