tuxboy@Ekushey there?05:10
Ekusheyki khobor?10:48
tuxboyI am back! @Ekushey11:13
tuxboymiya, gorome 11:13
tuxboyকাইত 11:13
Ekusheydropbox khulo nai aar?11:24
tuxboyমিয়া, লল লল কইরা লাভ 11:24
tuxboyনাই 11:24
tuxboyতয় আব্বায় একটা স্ট্যান্ড ফ্যান কিনছে 11:25
tuxboyজোরসে হাওয়া দেয় 11:25
tuxboyচ্রম! 11:25
Ekusheybattery powered?11:25
tuxboyনোপ 11:25
Ekusheycurrent thake?11:25
tuxboyIPS ড্রেন করে 11:25
tuxboyহুম 11:25
Ekusheyah IPS11:25
tuxboyআচ্ছা আইস টি জিনিসটা কেমুন? 11:27
Ekusheyhey Rezwan17:10
Rezwanhi Russell bhai :)17:11
Ekusheyhey hey17:13
Ekusheygood news, i'm now a part of the ubuntu membership board :)17:13
Rezwanwow. congratulations :))17:14
Rezwanbtw how may people are members of "ubuntu membership board"? ;-P17:14
Ekushey4 members17:16
Ekusheytime to write up a blog post, lol :p17:18
RezwanEkushey, don't forget to share the link :)17:19
Rezwanbtw what's the link of your blog Russell bhai?17:19
Ekusheyhttp://ekushey.com ;)17:19
Ekusheycan you rejoin the channel?17:20
Ekusheypart and rejoin...17:20
RezwanI don't understand it Russell bhai17:20
Rezwandid mean leaving and then come back to this channel?17:21
Rezwandid you*17:21
Ekusheyyes yes correct17:21
RezwanI'm back!17:22
Ekusheywait a sec bro...17:22
Rezwanok waiting, but don't know that waiting for what :P17:22
Ekusheyok try once more please17:23
Ekusheyah :)17:23
Rezwanso from now I will get the "voice" automatically?17:24
Ekusheyyes wanted to see if it works or not :P17:24
Rezwanhaha ok I believe it might will work17:24
Ekusheyglad i still remember the command :p17:25
Rezwanwhat's the point of having voice Russell bhai? what the difference does it make? :)17:25
Ekusheynothing over here, it's a small channel17:26
Ekusheybut still ;)17:26
Rezwanhaha okay17:26
Rezwanso it's like having a tag that I'm a regular member of this channel? :)17:27
Ekusheywell voiced used can chat on a moderated channel, but this channel isn't moderated17:28
Ekusheybut still, it gives a warm feeling :)17:28
Rezwanahh okay :)17:29
Ekusheydo you maintain a blog?17:32
RezwanEkushey, mmmm...... I have some blogs but.....17:34
Rezwanvery irregular 17:34
Ekusheyi don't write either17:34
Ekusheylet me take a look :)17:35
Rezwandon't look on my blog! :P17:35
RezwanI even don't know what do I write :P17:35
Rezwanbut give me the link of your blog :)17:35
Rezwanbtw I can get the link of your blog anyway ;)17:36
Ekusheymine is at http://ekushey.com17:36
Ekusheyeasy link ;)17:36
Rezwanahh yes you've mentioned it earlier :P17:37
Rezwanbtw I can get the link from your twitter too ;)17:37
Rezwanmine is http://sonofrain.wordpress.com17:37
Ekusheyi'm Ekushey everywhere (almost)17:38
Rezwanso it's now trademark for you ;)17:38
Rezwanyou patent the nick like Jabbar Kagu ;-P17:39
Rezwanthe social networking platform I'm most regular is twitter17:40
Rezwanmy twitter nick is @rezbd17:40
Ekusheyi'm there already17:41
Ekusheywe have few things in common17:42
Ekusheywill talk about it later17:42
Rezwanyes I know your twitter :)17:42
Rezwanactually I got*17:43
Ekusheytwitter is crazy! it says "Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!"17:43
Ekusheyhappening to all pages that i'm trying to check17:45
Rezwanperhaps the pages really do not exist!17:46
Rezwanor the person you are looking for deactivated his/her twitter account17:46
Ekusheyworking with https://17:47
Rezwanthen it is my fault :P17:47
Ekusheynah it's twitter's fault17:47
Ekusheyit should work the same way17:47
Rezwanyes it should17:48
RezwanI rarely go to the twitter main site17:48
Rezwanmostly tweet using a twitter app or client 17:49
EkusheyTweetDeck is good... supports multiple account17:50
RezwanI like Hotot most17:50
Rezwanit also supports multiple account :)17:51
Ekusheyi started using TweetDeck after Twitter bought them17:52
RezwanI've tried TweetDeck once. one chrome17:53
RezwanI found Echofon better convenient than it :P17:54
Ekusheyi used to use it, until it stopped working17:55
Rezwanyou may try hotot. it has been improved a lot recently.17:57
Ekusheywill do :)17:58
InfoAngelurlinfo enabled18:25
Ekusheywhat other commands does it have ArcAngel?18:25
InfoAngelavailable plugins: 8b, admin, alarm, alias, all, ask, autovoice, birthday, bugtracker, cfg, chan, chatlog, choice, colors, confluence, controlchar, core, count, data, dns, echo, feedback, fisheye, fleet, forward, gatekeeper, gcalc, geo, greeting, grep, hubbub, idle, ignore, imdb, infoitem, ipcalc, irc, irccat, irccat2, jira, karma, karma2, kickban, koffie, learn, lists, - 1 more18:26
lubotu2`ArcAngel: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:26
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Ekushey!weather dhaka18:26
InfoAngelDhaka, Dhaka Division (dhaka) has a temperature of C/F with Humidity: 0%.  ( km/h).18:26
Ekushey!weather new york18:26
InfoAngelNew York, NY (new york) has a temperature of 23C/74F with Humidity: 76%. Wind: N at 4 mph (6.0 km/h). Oh, and it's Clear.18:26
lubotu2`Ekushey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:26
Ekushey!weather sylhet18:27
InfoAngelSylhet, Sylhet Division (sylhet) has a temperature of 29C/84F with Humidity: 73%. Wind: S at 1 mph (2.0 km/h). Oh, and it's Thunderstorm.18:27
Rezwan"Dhaka Division (dhaka) has a temperature" LMAO18:27
InfoAngeltwitter <txt>18:27
Ekushey!twitter test18:27
InfoAngel1 tweet posted18:27
Ekusheyoops :p18:27
ArcAngeli have no idea where18:27
EkusheyArcAngel hehe ;)18:28
ArcAngelthis bot does so much18:28
ArcAngeli don't know all myself18:28
Ekushey!rss help18:28
InfoAngelWelcome to JSONBOT - you can give this bot commands. try !help .. or !todo or !shop or !feedback .. ;]18:28
InfoAngeldocumentation for jsonbot can be found at http://jsonbot.org18:29
lubotu2`Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:29
InfoAngelsee !list for loaded plugins and "!help plugin" for help on the plugin.18:29
Ekushey!help rss18:29
InfoAngelcan't find help on rss18:29
Ekushey!help twitter18:29
InfoAngelhelp on twitter:  arguments: <txt> - send a twitter message.18:29
InfoAngelpermissions: USER, GUEST - location: jsb.plugs.common.twitter - examples: twitter just found the http://jsonbot.org project18:29
Rezwanis it not possible to get weather update like this using the bot? >> 18:29
Ekushey!imdb titanic18:29
InfoAngelTitanic (USA,Canada,Hungary,UK): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1869152/ | rating: 5.6 (out of 1372 votes) | Genres Drama | Language: English18:29
Rezwan<Rezwan> !weather Dhaka18:29
Rezwan<s2k_twitter> Rezwan's weather request; Dhaka, Bangladesh (23.8°N/90.4°E); Updated: 12:00 AM BDT (May 31, 2012); Conditions: Thunderstorm; Temperature: 85°F (29.4°C); High/Low: 100/82°F (37.8/27.8°C); Humidity: 71%; Dew Point: 77°F (25°C); Pressure: 29.53 in/1000 hPa; Wind: Calm18:29
EkusheyRezwan my bot could do that but it's offline now18:30
Rezwanahh :(18:30
Rezwan!imdb mr. nobody18:30
Ekushey!imdb beder meye josna18:31
lubotu2`Ekushey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:31
InfoAngelBeder Meye Josna (Bangladesh,India, 1991): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0197278/ | rating: 7.5 (out of 39 votes) | Genres Drama,Romance | Language: Bengali18:31
Ekushey!imdb mr. nobody18:31
InfoAngelFilm not found18:31
Rezwan!imdb twelve angry men18:32
lubotu2`Rezwan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:32
Ekushey!wikipedia coffee18:33
lubotu2`Ekushey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:33
InfoAngelhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee ===> *  brewed: 1 cup (7 oz, 207 ml) = 80–135 mg. [!] *  drip: 1 cup (7 oz, 207 ml) = 115–175 mg. [!] *  espresso: 1 shot (1.5–2 oz, 45–60 ml) = 100 mg [!] *  Coffee Roasting [!] *  Home Roasting Coffee [!] *  Tea [!] *  International Coffee Agreement - 13 more18:33
Ekushey!wikipedia bangladesh18:33
lubotu2`Ekushey: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:33
InfoAngelhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bangladesh ===> * Fazlur Rahman Khan The father of "tubular design". He is the designer of Willis tower, John Hancock centre, Hajj terminal and etc. He is regarded as the "Einstein of structural engineering" and and the "Greatest Structural Engineer of the 20th Century" for his innovative use of structural systems that remain fundamental to modern skyscraper construction. - 7 more18:33
* Rezwan thwaps InfoAngel 18:33
Ekushey!google test18:34
lubotu2`I have no google command, use http://www.google.com/18:34
InfoAngelTitle: "Google" - http://tinyurl.com/16118:34
RezwanRussell bhai did you ever check "uncyclopedia" ?18:34
Ekusheyyes yes, hilarious site lol18:34
Rezwanyes lol18:35
Ekusheypeople gets offenced reading the bangladesh page but i found it to be funny18:36
RezwanI found it very funny too18:36
RezwanI was die laughing 18:36
Ekusheyi think Sylheti people living in UK wrote major parts of it18:36
Rezwanmmm.. possibly 18:36
Ekusheyhahaha good, it means your sense of humour is good18:36
Rezwanmy sense of houmour is not bad, that I can say you :)18:37
EkusheyBangladeshi people lack sense of humour18:37
RezwanI don't think so Russell bhai18:37
Rezwanin twitter I found many Bengali folks with a very good sense of humour18:38
Rezwanbut yes one think is sure18:38
Rezwangenerally religious people lack sense of humor :P18:38
Ekusheytwitter users from bangladesh doesn't represent the country ;)18:38
Rezwanhaha sure18:39
Ekusheyi interact with a lot of people (from all walks of life) and this what i've realized18:40
Ekusheysense of humour is very low 18:40
Ekusheypeople easily get offended18:41
Rezwanyes you are right. I feel it mostly in real life18:41
Ekusheyyeah that is what i'm sayinh18:41
Rezwanand girls have even lesser sense of humour :P18:41
Ekusheyeven high court get offended if you say something bad about the PM on facebook18:42
Ekusheya facebook status doesn't mean anything18:43
Ekusheythey don't understand it18:43
RezwanI see religious people also get offended very often18:44
Rezwaneven I'm a religious. I can say think18:45
Rezwanতাদের "ধর্মানুভূতিতে" খুব ঘন ঘন আঘাত লাগে18:45
Rezwanআশ্চর্য এক অনুভূতি!18:45
Ekusheyhehehe true18:46
RezwanI think average Americans have good sense of humour18:47
Ekusheythey do18:48
RezwanI've been in a couple of weather channels in espernet for almost two years. most of them, almost everybody t here are Americans.18:48
Rezwanthey have a good sense of humour18:49
RezwanI know they do not resemble the whole Americans 18:49
Ekusheyyou have personal interests in meteorology?18:49
Rezwanmmm.. kind of18:49
Rezwannot so deeply18:50
RezwanI just like to keep an eye on weather. that's all :)18:51
Rezwanand also like to keep an eye on a major hurricane when it forms 18:52
Ekusheyhurricanes worldwide or in bangladesh?18:52
Rezwansorry I got a disconnect very badly19:00
* Rezwan pokes Ekushey 19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> I know they do not resemble the whole Americans 19:00
Rezwan<Ekushey> you have personal interests in meteorology?19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> mmm.. kind of19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> not so deeply19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> I just like to keep an eye on weather. that's all :)19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> and also like to keep an eye on a major hurricane when it forms 19:00
Rezwan<Ekushey> hurricanes worldwide or in bangladesh?19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> major hurricane worldwide19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> major hurrican doesn't happen a lot19:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> specially up to category 3, 4 or 519:00
Rezwan<Rezwan> category 4 or 5 hurricanes are very rare to happen19:00
RezwanI've dropped after that19:00
Ekusheyi didn't get those 4 lines19:01
RezwanI guessed so ;)19:01
Rezwancan you remember a hurricane was heading to NY last year?19:02
Ekusheywhat was the name?19:02
Rezwanit caused a massive flood in the differ states of US19:03
Rezwanmmm... earl ?19:03
Ekusheyglad it wasn't Sahara ;)19:03
Rezwanit was a category 3 hurricane 19:04
Rezwanbut it did hell scare them 19:04
RezwanI was keeping an eye on it's path19:04
Ekusheywe get cyclones and not hurricanes, right?19:05
Ekusheywill have to study about it19:05
Rezwanyes but they are same :)19:05
Rezwanjust name differs place to place19:05
Rezwanhere hurricanes are knows as cyclone 19:05
Ekusheyso what category do we get in here?19:06
Rezwanin some place they are known as typhoon 19:06
Rezwanthe last most powerful cyclone সিডর was a cat 419:06
Ekusheyeurofighter typhoon!19:06
RezwanI don't know how to spell সিডর in English :P19:07
Ekusheyi think sidr19:07
Ekushey!google sidr19:07
lubotu2`I have no google command, use http://www.google.com/19:07
InfoAngelTitle: "Google" - http://tinyurl.com/16119:07
Ekusheybad bot19:07
Ekushey"Cyclone Sidr was the strongest named cyclone in the Bay of Bengal that resulted into one of the worst natural disasters in Bangladesh."19:08
Rezwanwe don't got category 5 hurricane/cyclone 19:09
Rezwanperhaps we had before they started to keep records ;)19:09
EkusheySahara/Papiya = cat 419:10
EkusheyHasina/Khaleda = cat 519:10
Rezwana category 5 hurricane may happen maximum once in a year worldwide 19:11
Ekusheyback Rezwan19:32
Ekusheywill be away again after some time19:32
Rezwanwelcome back :)19:33
Ekusheywhen you do you usually go to bed?19:33
Rezwanit depends19:33
Rezwansometimes 1, sometimes 219:34
Rezwansometimes even at 12am!19:34
RezwanI guess you stay up overnight? ;)19:34
Ekusheyall night long19:35
Rezwanwhen do you wake up at morning?19:36
Ekusheyi usually go to bed between 6-8 AM and wake up at around 3-5 PM 19:39
Ekusheybrb again19:39
Rezwana perfect owl life! I jealous you19:41
Rezwanwelcome back ashickur-noor 20:40
RezwanEkushey: I'm going off to sleep Russell bhai. have a wonderful evening :)20:56

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