UltimaKRtomreyn: the thing i am having trouble understanding is why do these errors keep taking place when nothing is wrong with the disk or the drive?00:01
naztyhow do i get rid of ubuntu after installing it using wubi.exe00:02
tomreynUltimaKR: because optical media sucks even more than magnetism based media.00:02
tomreynit may work on one drive but not the other00:03
tomreynin fact this is pretty common00:03
UltimaKRtomreyn: so my only option really then is to try to use a program to allow the PC to boot from USB, so that I can use lubuntu from there?00:03
UltimaKRwould i need to burn it somehow or just copy the iso to a flash drive?00:04
tomreynthat or a tftp / etherboot <tomreyn> you could still try the chainloading approach, or to boot from network00:04
tomreynUltimaKR: i'm not terribly keen on carrying on with this00:05
tomreynjoggers: we can talk here00:05
Dr_Willis_i would just put the hd in a usb enclosure, install to it from a differnt pc.. then put the hd back00:05
Dr_Willis_or set it up with grub2 to boot an iso file from small partion at the front. ;)00:06
Dr_Willis_netbooting may be a easier solution.00:07
nashantevening Dr_Willis_. You don't have any experience getting hdmi audio to work for radeons do you?00:07
ikonia!pm > joggers00:08
ubottujoggers, please see my private message00:08
Dr_Willis_nashant:  i rarely use ati video cards.00:08
ikoniajoggers: please see the private message from ubottu, I've asked you to stop pm'ing people earlier00:08
nashantYeah, I thought that might be the case00:08
Dr_Willis_nashant:  run that pavucontrol tool and  twiddle with it would be step 1 ;)00:08
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Dr_Willis_joggers:  no need to msg me.. and ive no idea what you are asking abut Templets00:09
smkatzthe line sudo mv drupal-7.18/* drupal-7.18/.htaccess /var/www/drupal isn't working.00:11
ikoniasmkatz: you need to give info as I keep telling you00:11
ikoniasmkatz: "it's not working" tells us nothing00:11
TDJACRSince upgrading to 12.10 from 12.04, GNOME 3 is constantly freezing or crashing, which either requires a restart or a switch to a tty and a gnome-shell --replace. I tried upgrading GNOME using the official PPA, still same issue. Occurs on two computers, both with different graphics drivers.00:11
smkatzit says no such fiile or directory00:12
smkatzfor both of then00:12
michagogotomreyn: Hmm. Just reinstalled and gave it the 128MB video from the start00:12
michagogoSame thing00:12
ikoniasmkatz: then the files don't exist in the directory you are in00:12
smkatzdon't worry -- I do expand on it's not working, it just takes me a while to type00:12
smkatzexcept that when I do an ls00:12
smkatzit says the directory drupal-7.18 does exist00:12
smkatzin var/www00:12
ikoniasmkatz: please show me the output of this command "pwd"00:13
bdi_How do i make a shortcut to show desktop?00:13
jribbdi_: are you using unity?00:14
smkatzI'm in var/www00:16
ikoniasmkatz: I asked you for the output of the command "pwd"00:16
smkatzand there is a drupal-7.18 directory00:16
ikoniasmkatz: please give me what I ask you - not what you think I want00:16
bdi_jrib, yes00:16
michagogoHmm. Fresh install, 12.10 VM, first login. I say remind me later to the updates, and then I get "The application Compiz has closed unexpectedly."00:17
smkatzslash var slash www00:17
michagogoWhat might be wrong? WOuld any of the details shown there be useful in diagnosis?00:17
ikoniasmkatz: do you mean /var/www00:17
smkatz(My IRC client won't send that output because it interprets it as a command.)00:17
ikoniamichagogo: the xorg and compiz logs wouldbe the virst place to check00:18
ikoniasmkatz: type <space> /var/www00:18
ikoniasmkatz: now please show me the outpuf of the command "ls dru*"00:18
michagogoikonia: There are all the problem details in the "closed unexpectedly" box -- would any of them be helpful to you?00:18
ikoniamichagogo: to me...no, to a bug report yes00:19
ikoniamichagogo: I'd also consider your trying to run a 3d desktop in a virtual machine00:19
ikoniacompiz may not be happy with that00:19
michagogoCan I tell it not to do that?00:19
ikoniamichagogo: unity depends on it00:19
michagogoWait, there was a checkbox for enabling 3d acceleration.00:20
michagogoShould I power off and tick that?00:20
smkatzin what format would you like that output00:20
ikoniatry it00:20
ikoniasmkatz: pastebin if it's long00:20
ikoniasmkatz: actually - wait00:20
ikoniasmkatz: do "ls | grep -i dru" pastebin the output of that00:20
tomreynmichagogo: that's why i brought up 3d earlier. but i doubt it works without the vbox guest utils installed. on the other hand, i think some of them got mainlined, so it could.00:21
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michagogoWell, if it does need those it'll be a catch-2200:21
tomreynmichagogo: i suggested you run in recovery mode earlier (the stuff about pressing shift on boot), did you ever do it?00:21
michagogotomreyn: Must have missed that, sorry00:22
tomreynrecovery mode doesn't require 3d00:22
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smkatzcan I ask you another question?00:22
n00bzHalp me please? After installing ubuntu, my laptop reboots to unknown filesysytem, grub rescue00:22
smkatzwhen I did the previous command00:22
smkatzI can see install.php now00:22
smkatzbut yes, I'll pastebin both those outputs00:22
smkatzhang on00:22
ikoniasmkatz: just the last one00:23
ikoniasmkatz: not both of them00:23
michagogotomreyn: Under advanced options for ubuntu?00:23
tomreyn<tomreyn> michagogo: shut down the hard way, then start it again and hold doen left shift key while it's booting. this should bring up the boot menu, where you can select the recovery option.00:24
tomreyn<michagogo> tomreyn: I'm going to try to do it again00:24
tomreyn<tomreyn> make sure you (mouse) click on the ubuntu VM before holding down shift.00:24
ikonian00bz: saying anyone is pointless00:24
smkatzI figured it out00:24
=== sharky1 is now known as sharky
smkatzthe directory is not in the right place00:24
smkatzthank you for your time00:24
smkatzif you'd like to walk me more, feel free00:24
n00bzUnderstood ikonia, i'm just desperate, cos i dunno how to fix it00:25
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michagogotomreyn: Resume, clean, dpkg, failsafeX, fsck, grub, network, root, system-summary?00:25
wNzn00bz: if its a fresh install you could always try again00:25
tomreynmichagogo: umm, that's not the options i expected but try failsafeX00:26
michagogoWhat did you expect?00:26
n00bzwNz: i've no idea how to do anything from the screen im at00:26
tomreynmichagogo: something like "Ubuntu Linux 3.5.xxx", "Ubuntu Linux 3.5.xxx (Recovery)"00:26
michagogoYeah, I chose recovery there00:27
michagogoThen I got those choices after a bunch of verbose boot stuff00:27
tomreyni see, i guess that's new then or i haven't run into it, yet00:27
tomreynwell failsafex should help00:27
michagogotomreyn: Now it looks stuck: http://i.imgur.com/dHfdr.png00:28
michagogoOr is it supposed to take a while?00:28
tomreynmichagogo: this can take up to 2 minutes00:29
tomreynpossibly more if it needs to check larger file systems00:29
tomreynbut since it's a VM i assume you only have one smaller partition there00:30
Magoogleanyone running ubuntu on the pi?00:31
michagogoIIRC it's a dynamic vhd, max 100gb00:31
tomreynMagoogle: yes00:32
michagogoStill at that same view00:33
tomreynmichagogo: no new lines printed on screen?00:33
Dr_Willis_Magoogle:  Ubuntu wont work on the raspberry Pi - untill they get it ported to the arm 6.00:33
michagogoWell, other than the ^[ from me forgetting to hit the host key before alt-tabbing00:34
doctorlyI just updated and my wifi nolonger connects, any help would be great.00:34
tomreynmichagogo: is it busy on the virtual hdd? the should be an access indicator on the bottom right00:34
michagogoDOesn't seem to be doing anything, no00:34
tomreynmichagogo: hmm that's not good. reboot again, and select the fsck option this time00:35
ikoniawhy fsck ?00:35
michagogotomreyn: Seems like this might be relevant: http://i.imgur.com/Rmc2X.png00:36
tomreynikonia: because his file system can be corrupt, having powered down uncleanly a couple times.00:36
chewspamam i in the right place for help with ubuntu?00:36
ikoniawhere did he say it powered down unclear (am I missing text)00:37
tomreynmichagogo: so when the blue platters icon, the most left one is blue instead of grey it means there is HDD activity.00:37
michagogoNo, it's always blue00:37
cexpert1All: Where is a good channel for PHP OOP?00:37
tomreynikonia: i suggested that he should close the guest window earlier, which means an unclen shutdown00:37
michagogoActivity is indicated by a green circle on the bottom-right corner00:38
MDMAso i made an install of ubuntu alongside win8, but after reboot it wont offer me a chance to start ubuntu, it will just start win8 immediately. what could have gone wrong? how do i boot ubuntu instead?00:38
ikoniacexpert1: we are not a yellow pages of irc channels00:38
michagogoOf the HDD icon, that is00:38
ikoniacexpert1: #freenode will teach you how to use irc00:38
tomreynmichagogo: oh okay, i think you'Re right, the platter icon just indicates that a HDD is connected00:38
michagogoThat's the blueness, I think, since there's a greyed out cd next to it00:39
cexpert1ikonia: Just asking, sure someone know, been searching and can't find one.00:39
lordnazim trying to boot ubuntu off a usb flash drive i just bought00:39
chewspamI'm a n00b with ununtu.  i just did a fresh install of 10.04, and I am unable to connect wirelessly.  Any dieas?00:39
bdi_Anybody in here using crashplan.com? Are they good?00:39
Dr_Willis_chewspam:  depending on the network card. you may need to install some addatona drivers/firware00:39
lordnazshould i use unetbootin.exe?00:39
Dr_Willis_lordnaz:  unetbootin, or the many tools at the pendrivelinux site.00:40
tomreyn!ot | bdi_00:40
ubottubdi_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:40
ikoniacexpert1: #freenode will teach you how to search/use irc00:40
Dr_Willis_lordnaz:  or the various 'image' tools to put the iso straight to the flash00:40
chewspamDr., I can't seem to find any linux drivers for my Atheros AR813200:40
lordnazDr_Willis_, should i use the pendrive the way it is?00:40
Dr_Willis_way it is?00:40
lordnazit has the .exe's and everything on it00:40
lordnazi just bought it00:40
Dr_Willis_lordnaz:  what exes?00:40
Dr_Willis_You bot a Ubuntu flash?00:41
MDMAi made a n ubuntu install but i want to replace it with an arch install, i can just overwrit that part of the harddrive with arch right?00:41
RollinV2mdma: not at all00:41
cexpert1ikonia: Already been there and no room search available nor instructions on search.  Also Room search on IM client only showing first result, not able to see all!00:41
lordnazi took it out of the box and ran unetbootin.exe using the ubuntu iso00:41
RollinV2go to the #archlinux room and tell them about your plan, get your flame shield ready00:41
Dr_Willis_lordnaz:   You used Unetbootin to put the ISO file image onto the flash? or how did that ubuntu stuff get there?00:41
lordnazall the linux stuff is on theree00:41
ikoniacexpert1: no you've not00:42
ikoniacexpert1: you have not been in that channel00:42
lordnazbut the flash drivee stuff is still on there too00:42
ikoniacexpert1: the people in #freenode will teach you how to user IRC / search / find channels00:42
michagogocexpert1:you can search for channels with alis, see /msg alis help list. /msg alis list *searchterm* looks for channel names containing searchterm. /msg alis list * -topic *searchterm* looks for channel topics containing searchterm.00:42
MagoogleDr. Willis yea sorry its xbmc thats running on PI but thats the previous version before the mmade it run off of 1q2.1000:42
Costanzahello.. what kernel version does the latest ubuntu have?00:42
Ekranoshello guys, i looked alot for drivers for nvidia optimus and workarounds, does anyone know how i can use nvidia optimus on my laptop?00:42
michagogotomreyn: It's been 4-5 minutes that it's been showing this:tomreyn:00:42
cexpert1 /msg alias list *php*00:43
Dr_Willis_lordnaz:  try to boot it up and see if it works. :) if not use some other tool to put the ISO onto the flash. backup any stuff that came with the flash if you want to keep it.. but ive never seen them come with anything worth keeping00:43
doctorlyI just updated and my wifi nolonger connects, any help would be great.00:43
michagogocexpert1: alis, not alias, and with no leading space00:43
Dr_Willis_Magoogle:  what was the question? I ant remember00:43
lordnazk cool00:43
doctorlyno longer*00:43
chewspamAny idea where I can find linux drivers for an Atheros AR8132 wireless card?00:44
Ekranosmy ubuntu 23.20 has 3.5.0-21-generic00:44
tomreynmichagogo: that's after rebooting with the "fsck" option?00:44
michagogotomreyn: Rebooting, choosing recovery, and then fsck from the pink menu00:44
Costanza3.5 kernel.. ok, thanks00:44
EkranosDoes anyone know how i can use NVIDIA Optimus on my Acer Laptop?00:45
cexpert1michagogo: How do I pipe to .txt file?00:45
Ekranosapt-get update > ./text.txt or apt-get update >> ./text.txt00:45
michagogocexpert1: That's a client thing, I don't know00:45
tomreynmichagogo: can you just hit ctrl-c a couple times (after clicking the window so it grabs your keyboard input)00:45
MDMAso i made an install of ubuntu alongside win8, but after reboot it wont offer me a chance to start ubuntu, it will just start win8 immediately. what could have gone wrong? how do i boot ubuntu instead?00:46
tomreynmichagogo: if this makes a difference it will show instantly00:46
michagogoIt did00:46
michagogoBooted to ubuntu login screen00:46
EkranosCan somebody help me with NVIDIA Optimus support on Ubuntu 12.10?00:46
CostanzaMDMA do you have secure boot turned on?00:47
LanDiMaybe u dont install the grub00:47
michagogoShould I go ahead and log in?00:47
EkranosMDMA, just turn off uefi in your BIOS00:47
Costanzaif he turn off UEFI then he cant boot the OS because he probably installed both in UEFI mode00:47
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
MDMACostanza: dont know. // what is UEFI?00:48
tomreynmichagogo: weird. maybe there's a pause there on purpose so one can read the output. now see if you can select a different session type on the login screen00:48
EkranosI had the same issue and it worked for me then00:48
tomreynmichagogo:  i.e. not "Ubuntu / Unity" but something else00:48
MDMALandi: did you talk to me?00:48
michagogoVirtualbox just crashed00:48
tomreynmichagogo: whoops. which version?00:48
michagogoOr rather, the VM did00:49
tomreynsame thing00:49
michagogotomreyn: The latest -- updated it today00:49
LanDiMDMA, ya00:49
MDMAi should install the grubn before i installed ubuntu?00:49
Costanzadoes ubuntu boot using grub2-efi or does it boot to uefi using kernel?00:49
EkranosIs there somebody that can help me with NVIDIA Optimus on Ubuntu 12.10?00:50
tomreynmichagogo: that would be 4.2.6. it says on the help menu, "about" option00:50
michagogoYeah, that00:50
michagogotomreyn: Okay, booted again00:50
michagogoThe only other option is Guest session or remote login00:50
tomreynmichagogo: do the failsafe again00:50
michagogoLet me guess -- ^C that?00:51
LanDiMDMA, When u are installing Ubuntu, he question u if u want install grub in MBR, u need say yes00:51
tomreynmichagogo: yes i guess00:51
MDMALanDI: ifi didnt, how can i start it?00:51
tomreynmichagogo: my goal is for you to update ubuntu to the latest version, after which i hope booting with default settings will be flawless00:52
=== smithkm_lunch is now known as smithkm
michagogotomreyn: I downloaded and installed today00:52
doctorlyI am having a really hard time setting up my wireless network. I have no ssid showing up when I try to connect. Is there a way to see all of the available networks??00:52
LanDiMDMA, MBR = Master Boot Record00:52
tomreynmichagogo: i was referring to patches.00:52
Costanzado i have to compile kernel with CONFIG_EFI_STUB=y myself???00:52
michagogoOkay, at the logon screen00:53
michagogoThough it looks the same00:53
michagogoEntered password...00:53
michagogolet's se00:53
tomreynmichagogo: we'll see00:53
n00bzi've rebooted after install of ubuntu, and have a black termail screen that says grub rescue... what can i do?00:53
n00bzi don't even know how to safely power off from here00:54
Dr_Willis_the system dident boot properly n00bz  you an just hit the reset/power buttons00:55
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
Dr_Willis_n00bz:  you are not in the OS - but you are in the Grub Boot loader 'emergancey' type fallback command line00:56
n00bzbut it keeps bootiing to that Dr_Willis_00:56
Dr_Willis_So you need to reinstall/fix grub.00:56
tomreynn00bz: you can safely pull the plug or rather switch off your PDU there, or hit reset button. you should download an ubuntu live/install cd for your version, boot off it (burn to cd or write it to a usb key) and run the recovery option00:56
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:56
n00bzright, i got the power off bit00:56
michagogotomreyn: Haven't gotten a dialog yet, but nothing else either. Just the wallpaper image00:56
michagogoOh, wait -- there's the Compiz crash00:57
n00bztomreyn, i've still got the cd, but how do i even load it?00:57
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)00:57
tomreynmichagogo: :-/ i'm not sure what is wrong, but something is very wrong. if your host system was linux i'd recommend you to inspect the system log, as well as VirtualBoxs' log00:58
Costanza!Mainline kernel00:58
n00bzand Dr_Willis_ is it safe for me to mess around with grub if i don't know what i'm doing?00:58
michagogoIs there some kind of keyboard shortcut that will bring up a terminal or something?00:58
tomreynn00bz: you place it in the cdrom by and configure your bios to boot off it.00:58
n00bzyou make it sound so easy :P00:59
tomreynn00bz: often there is some F key you can hit to access the boot menu when powering up the system00:59
Dr_Willis_n00bz:  live cd + that boot-repair tool is where i would start00:59
tomreynn00bz: if there is not, you need to access your biod and then look for startup/boot options and change the boot order so that cdrom is before HDD01:00
=== hmm is now known as Guest65540
michagogotomreyn: Okay, it's 3 am here01:00
michagogoI'm giving up for now01:00
Guest65540hi.. can anyone help me out?  I am trying to get the open source ati drivers to work under xubuntu 12.10, but I can't seem to get them to recognize the card.  12.04 recognizes the card with the opensource drivers.01:00
tomreynn00bz: also have a look at what Dr_Willis made ubottu tell you earlier01:01
n00bzi am!01:01
tomreynGuest65540: which model do you have there?01:02
n00bzi know my questions are retarded, but i do listen01:02
Guest655406290.  It's a cheap netbook amd c-60 processor01:02
tomreynn00bz: alright, sorry ;) people are often too lazy01:02
tomreynor overwhelmed01:02
Guest65540I can get the properiety drivers working but they don't work so well with mythtv01:03
n00bztomreyn, i appreciate the help. my only other option is to take it locally to someone who offered to remove my HD save my files and reinstall windows01:03
tomreynGuest65540: 6290? which brand?01:03
Guest65540it's an apu01:03
tomreynn00bz: i'd spend my night here, then, too ;)01:04
n00bzi reckon01:04
MDMAhow is ubuntu for wathcning movies?01:04
tomreynGuest65540: so ati is the brand of the netbook, right?01:04
[snake]can I tell ubuntu not to activate the screensaver while I am watching a video?01:04
cakebossTHE WORLD IS ENDING01:04
FloodBot1cakeboss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:04
[snake]with flash that is01:04
Guest65540it's a cheap acer 72201:04
tomreyni see01:05
SeptimaMDMA: just fine01:05
Guest65540the other option is to try helping me upgrade the kernel of 12.04 to 3.3+.. can't seem to get that to work01:05
Guest65540keeps using 3.2 for some reason01:05
tomreyn[snake]: try caffeine01:06
tomreyn[snake]: thats a software, not a bad joke01:07
tomreynGuest65540: give me a mnute, i need to look stuff up01:07
Guest65540no problem01:07
XMLnewbi__is it possible to re install a Ubuntu server over ssh?01:07
[snake]tomreyn, that's awesome, I'll check it out :P01:07
Septimawhat's up n00bz?01:08
tomreynGuest65540: you want to upgrade to linux 3.2? ubuntu 12.10 should come with linux 3.5 if i'm not mistaken.01:08
n00bzit's broken septima :)01:08
Guest65540it does .. it uses 3.501:09
n00bzSNAFU :)01:09
TheLordOfTimeXMLnewbi__, "reinstall"?  not really, since SSH implies the server remains on and connected...01:09
Guest65540but that doesn't work correctly with the open source drivers or something01:09
Septimahow's it broken?01:09
RollinV2XML nope, but what type of server is it? a VPS?01:09
tomreynGuest65540: so you downgraded your kernel?!01:09
Guest65540so that's why I was going to just upgrade 12.04 3.301:09
Guest65540no I didn't01:10
Guest65540I have two installations of linux ..01:10
n00bzwell, my startup screen is grub error, and i don't know what to do...01:10
Septiman00bz: have you ran boot-repair on it?01:11
XMLnewbi__is it possible using a VPS  to start from scratch and switch to cpanel's01:11
tomreynGuest65540: okay, can you please list the installations of linux and other operating sstems you have on this cetbook, including the linux kernel versions for me?01:11
n00bzseptima if i knew how, i might01:11
n00bzbut what will boot repair do?01:12
Guest65540ok.. I have mythbuntu 12.04 installed it's using 3.2 35 I think01:12
RollinV2XML yes you can install cpanel on a VPS if your host OS is supported (ex CentOS)01:12
n00bzi need windows at the moment, to run a VM to be able to use ubuntu, because my internet doesn't work with it01:12
Guest65540and I have xubuntu 12.10 and it's using 3.5 0.2101:12
Guest65540I want to try upgrading the mythbuntu to 3.3.01:13
doctorlyI am having problems connecting to the internet. When I initially ran the setup, it connected fine. But now I cant see the ssid of any network and I cant connect if I do it manually, I have the right driver and everything though.01:13
RollinV2n00bz if you have moderatly powerful system virtualizing ubuntu as a guest in a windows host is fine01:13
Septiman00bz: well if ubuntu's in the VM, you can do one of two things: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair01:13
Septiman00bz: either mount the boot-repair disk image or mount the ubuntu install iso01:14
RollinV2noobz, if you have the cash using vmware + vmware tools makes the ubuntu vm management a lot easier01:14
Septimavmware player is free01:14
RollinV2yes, workstation is much improved but not worth the cash for average users01:15
* n00bzz kicks her ISP01:15
Septiman00bzz: you can use boot repair one of two ways: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair the difference with a VM is that you load the iso up in the vm instead of burning it to a cd01:16
tomreynGuest65540: alright, gotcha. if you don't mind, can you pick a different nickname, this would make adressing you easier for me.01:17
Guest65540how do you change again? /nick "username"?01:17
=== SudoKing_ is now known as SudoKing
n00bzzi have it on my HD as well septima, it's just useless to me without internet01:17
=== Guest65540 is now known as ATI
ATIthere we go01:17
tomreynATI: okay, cool, i hope this nickname isn't taken, yet.01:18
Septiman00bzz: you had the usb modem didn't you?01:18
n00bzzyesh septima01:18
Septiman00bzz: did that setup page not work for you?01:18
n00bzzi've 48 hours experience with linux, i'm still trying to understand01:18
n00bzznothing works out of the box >.<01:18
tomreynATI: okay, let's concentrate on getting the drivers work on xubuntu 12.10 for now, i need yet to read up more, brb01:19
ATIoh ok.. no problem.01:19
Septiman00bzz: honestly, usb modems are just an odd thing01:19
n00bzzi struggled septima, since i could only make changes to ubuntu in my VM, while i look at the instructions01:20
kevinchdumb question, how can I find which files are using my boot drives space?01:20
kevinchlike the biggest files/directories.  I have other hdd's mounted that I don't care about, they're nearly empty01:20
Septiman00bzz: well doing it in the VM won't work.. because your VM is getting it's connection routed through your host (windows)01:20
Septiman00bzz: i'd print the instructions and use your other install01:21
SolarisBoykevinch: you can do this in the terminal with (du or find or ls) and you can try in the gui with 'disk usage analyzer'01:21
kevinchyeah this is ubuntu server so i'll have to use du or something01:22
n00bzzi'd need to dload usb_switchmode for that septima?01:22
ATItomreyn:  not sure if this info is needed.  Under 12.04 when I hit glxinfo render reads Gallium 0.4 on AMD PALM while on 12.10 it stats LLVMpipe.01:22
Septiman00bzz: with apt-get? i'd try it.. if it already has it, it'll say so and won't bother downloading it again01:22
SolarisBoykevinch: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-do-i-find-the-largest-filesdirectories-on-a-linuxunixbsd-filesystem/01:23
SolarisBoygood start up article01:23
n00bzzblah, wont work without internet septima :P01:23
Septiman00bzz: yeah, i realized that after i said it01:23
kevinchdu just hangs sometimes01:24
Septiman00bzz: looks like it's already pre-installed on ubuntu 12.1001:24
kevinchi also have 0 bytes free so that could be a problem01:25
n00bzzexcellent, finally some good news septima :D01:25
SolarisBoykevinch: yea possible 0 space causes odd issues with applications01:25
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kevinchtime to go deleting01:25
brucet927Is this the right place to ask a simple question about ubuntu one?01:25
SolarisBoykevinch: is this a remote server?01:25
IdleOnebrucet927: #ubuntuone is the place01:27
brucet927cheers Idle0ne01:27
kevinchhome media server SolarisBoy01:27
t-rex_can someone help me figure out my wireless situation? I am using a netbook and cant figure out why the connection went out01:28
tomreynATI: okay, thanks. now start with the instructions in the firts answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68306/how-do-i-restore-default-video-drivers01:28
SolarisBoykevinch: boot the live cd and run the du's find's from there if needed01:29
tomreynATI: that's until the reboot, do not install the ati drivers afterwards.01:29
kevinchi found a few to delete01:29
kevinch30gb may be too small for a boot drive and temp download folder eh?01:29
ATIok give me a second.01:29
SolarisBoy30gb for boot is huge unless you plan on having a *lot* of kernels01:30
SolarisBoyunless you mean boot=root..01:30
WeThePeoplehow do i setup a second monitor in 12.04?01:30
kevinchthen something is taking up my disk01:30
=== luckman212_phone is now known as luckman212
kevinchnope not at all, but I do plan on using it for a temporary download folder01:30
=== qos|away is now known as qos
ATItomreyn do you know if I can do this through ssh?01:30
kevinchfor sickbeard/couchpotato01:30
tomreynATI: yes you can01:31
ATItomreyn: ok will do...01:31
SolarisBoykevinch: which user are you?01:32
SolarisBoykevinch: if your having problems with commands && your disk supports and has reserved space - you can maybe do the stuff as root01:33
SolarisBoys/disk/file system/01:33
kevinchI was doing root btw01:33
kevinch /dev/sdc1                           30439744  29387828          0 100% /01:34
kevinch0 available01:34
kevinchbut I just deleted some01:34
tripelbCould someone explain to me what is the difference/distinction between askUbuntu and Ubuntu Forums? Thanks.01:35
brucet927I'm using the gallium drivers for this laptop's graphics card (ATI X1200), would their be a performance boost using the official proprietary drivers from ATI?01:35
ATItomreyn:  weird I can't seem to libgl1-mesa-dri package when I try the apt-get install01:36
tomreynkevinch: it says there's more data stored on it than the max capacity. unmount and run fsck.01:36
kevinchits my boot drive01:36
kevinchcan i safely unmount?01:36
ATItomreyn: iis there a repository I should try adding?01:36
kevinchI don't think my mounts for my other 2 drives (2TB each are working, sick beard is saying its out of space)01:37
ATItomreyn: oh wait nevermind... It copied and pasted wrong.. sorry about that01:37
tomreynATI: no, this should be in default repositories. please post the output of the failed command, as well as the command itself (you ran) to a pastebin01:37
Dr_Willis_askubuntu.com is a lot more orginized for one tripelb  :)01:38
b44How to update ubuntu 10.04 stable to testing ?01:39
WeThePeopledr_willis, have you setup up dual monitors in 12.0401:39
icerootb44: dont do that if you dont know how to upgrade to the development version01:39
tomreynkevinch: touch /forcefsck && reboot01:39
WeThePeopledr_willis_,have you setup up dual monitors in 12.0401:40
b44iceroot: you mean apt-get update  ?01:40
icerootb44: no01:40
icerootb44: that command will not update your packages01:40
icerootb44: why you want 13.04?01:40
b44iceroot: I don't want 13.04 ... I just want the "testing" mode of 10.04 instead of "stable"01:41
icerootb44: and what is the testing-mode on 10.04?01:41
ATItomreyn: alright went through all the instructions and rebooted.  I still get the same results.01:41
ATItomreyn: could it be that I need to configure the xorg.conf?01:41
Dr_Willis_WeThePeople:  with my nvidia systems.. I just plug them in. make sure i got hte nvidia drivers installed and with 12.10 twinview auto kicks in.01:41
b44hm... maybe I misunderstood something. iceroot, what I want is to install the newest openjdk and scala packages. That's why I wanted to change to "testing packages" instead of "stable packages". E.g stable java-jdk is v6, but testing is v701:42
WeThePeopledr_willis_, i have the other monitor plugged in and its not auto detecting it01:42
iceroot!backports | b4401:43
ubottub44: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging01:43
ATItomreyn:  even though I ran "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" no xorg.conf was created under /etc/X1101:43
tomreynATI: you shouldn't need to configure xorg, it should be automatic.01:43
ATItomreyn: the xorg.conf file is empty.01:43
tomreynATI: xorg populates the contents of this file in memory when it starts up01:43
tomreynso it is never written to disk01:44
iceroottomreyn: udev is managing the settings and its created at every boot.01:45
ATItomreyn: oh hmm.. didn't know that.  anyways no drivers appear to be loading up correctly.. all I can select under display is 1024x768 and the refresh rate is 0 hz for the laptop screen!01:45
tomreynATI: that's when you use the open source drivers. we'll see what you are running now. please run: sudo lspci -knnv | grep -A10 VGA | pastebinit01:45
iceroottomreyn: if you want to overwrite the detecting of udev you have to create /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:45
tomreyniceroot: we don't want to for now. udev writes an xorg.conf? where to?01:46
iceroottomreyn: no01:46
iceroottomreyn: udev is detecting the settings and communicationg directly with xorg01:46
iceroottomreyn: without a config file01:46
ATItomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1453774/01:46
iceroottomreyn: if you want an own config you have to create xorg.conf. everything in that file will overwrite the settings from udev01:46
tomreyniceroot: okay, this sounds like i can agree to it :) thanks for explaining.01:47
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tomreynATI: oh, i expected you to have two actually. having just one should make it easier.01:47
tomreynATI: can you re-run this with slight modification please: sudo lspci -knnv | grep -A20 VGA | pastebinit01:48
ATItomreyn: it should be ... but I guess nothing ATI ever produces is ever easy to work with01:48
ATItomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1453782/01:49
R33p3Rneed some help please !01:49
R33p3Ri have a 3g dongle, when i boot the computer with the dongle on usb port it works, but when i start unity then insert the dongle it doesn t recognise it01:50
R33p3Rsomeone having the same prob could give me some lights plz01:50
tomreynATI: okay so your ati is detected correctly and you're using the right driver already, that's good. can you sum up the problems again for me?01:51
ATItomreyn:  I can't even change my display settings, and nothing is outputed through hdmi.  right now I am stuck at 1024x76801:51
ATItomreyn: maybe I using my windows experience, but usually that meant that the drivers aren't loaded correctly?01:52
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b44iceroot: thanks. I enabled backports, and configured backports to be used automatically in installs. But apt-cache search only shows openjdk-7-jre, not openjdk-7-jdk. Why?01:53
iceroot!info openjdk-7-jre lucid-backports01:54
ubottuPackage openjdk-7-jre does not exist in lucid-backports01:54
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)01:55
icerootb44: what is the output of "apt-cache policy openjdk-7-jre01:55
tomreynATI: okay, let's see what Xorg says about it, can you post the log, please? ( ls -lah /var/log/Xorg.*.log && cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log ) | pastebinit01:55
iceroot!info openjdk-7-jre lucid01:55
ubottuPackage openjdk-7-jre does not exist in lucid01:55
b44iceroot: hm.... it's installed: none,  and all other things empty01:56
b44seems not to be available :/01:56
icerootb44: the name of the repo is interesting01:56
icerootb44: you said its shown up via apt-cache01:57
ATItomreyn:  are you sure "ls -lah /var/log/Xorg.*.log && cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log ) | pastebinit" is the right syntax?  it says -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `)'01:58
icerootATI: remove the )01:58
tomreynATI: you're missing the leading paratheses01:58
ATIiceroot:  oh wait.. yeah thanks01:58
ATItomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1453804/01:59
b44iceroot: hm.. It's strange. When I autofill after typing "apt-get install" I get openjdk-7-jre as option. But "apt-cache search openjdk" doesn't give01:59
b44iceroot: Any way to install java v7 ?02:00
b44isn't it supported on 10.04 ?02:00
ouyeshow many of you are running 12.04?02:01
ouyesa lot of new hardware is not good supported on 12.0402:01
kevinchI'm only using 92% of / but I still get this error when I run du02:02
kevinchsort: write failed: /tmp/sortP2mbdQ: No space left on device02:02
kevinchwell this command in particular02:02
kevinchdu -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 1002:02
Dr_Willis_kevinch:  7% is reserved normally for root/lost+found ussage02:02
Dr_Willis_oope 5%02:02
Dr_Willis_kevinch:  also be sure your /tmp/ is not mounted to a ram device. :) like mine is02:03
ouyeskevinch, why not try to make space02:03
kevinchI'm trying to figure out whats taking up all my space02:03
kevinchso its difficult to do so02:03
kevinchwith being so low02:04
ouyesDr_Willis_, why you mount your /tmp to ram device? how many ram do you have?02:04
tomreynATI: hmm you're right, it's using the VESA fallback drivers for some reason, that's bad.02:04
Dr_Willis_ouroz:  8gb of ram on a SSD system.  :)02:04
tomreyn[    17.434] (II) [KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported.02:05
tomreyn[    17.434] (WW) Falling back to old probe method for modesetting02:05
tomreynthis is bad02:06
ATItomreyn: hmm..  what does drm do?02:06
kevinchi hate running out of room02:06
kevinchso annoying02:06
kevinchand hard to get out of02:07
tomreynATI: direct rendering mode, a requirement for 3D acceleration02:07
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ATItomreyn: ahh... I could have sworn it worked under live-usb .. let me check.  once it rebooted I started getting this problem again.02:08
ATItomreyn: yeah.. no problems... arghhhhhhh.........02:10
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ATItomreyn: is there some way I can take the live-usb display settings and to replace the installed version's?02:12
tomreynATI: good question, i don't know how. having its Xorg.0.log could already help, though02:14
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
ATItomreyn: you mean I should pastebin that too?02:14
tomreynATI: yes please02:15
ATIalright give me a second.. I guess I should try install openssh-server so I can copy and paste easier02:16
djznanyone figured out how to make the mouse pointer LARGER in Unity+Compiz ?02:16
ATItomreyn: hmm.. you wouldn't know the password to a live-cd where the username is this would you?02:18
tomreynATI: good plan. btw. here's how you could dump the config (but you'd need to do this from a real terminal, i.e. ctrl-alt-F1 or so; SSH should also work): http://mummila.net/nuudelisoppa/2012/06/25/dump-effective-xorg-conf-note-to-self/02:18
tomreyntomreyn: where the username is what?02:19
n00bzzugh, how do i get boot repair without internet?02:19
ATItomreyn: username is "this"02:19
ATItomreyn: it's the default username02:19
=== marvin is now known as Guest8811
ATItomreyn: I don't know what the default password is...02:19
tomreynATI: is it? that's news to me.02:19
ATItomreyn: hmm.. let me look up how to change passwords02:20
tomreynATI: sudo passwd <username>02:21
tomreynbut you'll need to be able to run sudo02:21
tomreynor just run "passwd" to set a password when you're the "this" user already02:22
ATItomreyn: cool thanks.02:22
ATItomreyn: ok.. here's the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/1453833/02:23
tomreynATI: please do: sudo gedit /etc/default/grub02:24
tomreynyou have two options there which you need to remove: radeon.audio=1 radeon.modeset=102:25
djznhey guys, i'm trying to make my pointer larger, any tips? seems like dconf-editor do change the sizes, but the pointer is inconsistent in some apps and unty.02:25
wa5qjhKEEP CALM and remember that if the MAYANS could predict the future, there would still be MAYANS!02:25
ATItomreyn: oh..  ok.. let me get rid of those.  I need to reboot then02:25
tomreynATI: then reboot, and post your X log file again02:25
me_that is tru02:26
ATItomreyn: should I try getting the xorg.conf stuff from the live cd first?02:26
tomreynATI: yes give it a try first02:26
ATItomreyn ok... you said ssh should be fine right?02:26
tomreynATI: yes should be. the grpahical output on the monitor will fail, but i guess that's okay02:27
ATItomreyn ok... I am almost finish getting the dump just need to winscp it02:28
tomreynyou can pastebin it02:28
ATIhow do you pastebin exactly?02:29
tomreynpastebinit /path/to/file02:29
ATIahh.. ok02:29
tomreynwill post the file to paste.ubuntu.com02:29
ATIok rebooting now02:30
MrWibblesis there a way of using setfacl so it applies to every directory in a path02:32
MrWibblesi.e. setfacl --modify user:whatever:r-x /this/and/this/and/this02:32
MrWibblesso it doesn't apply to /this/notthis for example02:32
ATItomreyn: alright so I removed radeon=1 stuff.. did a sudo update-grub and I still have the same problem02:33
ATItomreyn: after a reboot that is.02:34
ATItomreyn: should I try putting the xorg.conf in now?02:34
tomreynATI: what's the output of: grep -F '[KMS]' /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:35
tomreynATI: this should be a single line only, if so you can post it here02:35
ATIgrep -F '[KMS]' /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:35
ATI[    17.407] (II) [KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported.02:36
tomreynATI: grep -F 'Kernel command line' /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:36
tomreynalso a single line, can also go here02:37
ATIKernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.5.0-21-generic root=UUID=6924c69f-4fca-48fd-90d3-be094fc50c59 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=702:37
tomreynhmm okay, well try the xorg.conf then02:37
tomreynif it works that way we can modify it to make it less static.02:38
ATIhah.. it didn't work........ hahah02:39
b44missing dependency "libjansi-java" for installing "scala 2.9.2-400"02:40
b44How to install that? it's not in listed in packages..02:40
ATItomreyn: maybe I should just try reinstalling xubuntu again............02:40
tomreynATI: so you're saying it worked initially and broken when you tried fglrx?02:43
ATItomreyn: I don't quite remember... but I don't think it ever worked.....  then I got some instructions to try installing vaapi... that didn't work, and it installed fglrx which I later purged..02:44
ATItomreyn: fglrx works.. but it feels slower when using mythtv under 12.04.. the problem was 12.04 and opensource is that the sound wasn't working02:45
ATItomreyn: that is.. sound through hdmi.02:46
tomreyni'Ve also read reports on fglrx being slower than radeon (if it works)02:47
ATIyeah.. I read that if I had kernel 3.3+ installed that sound was supported.. but I couldn't get that working.02:48
tomreynand here it says that the "[KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported." problem reported in Xorg.0.log can be prevented by disabling the framebuffer: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Radeon#Kernels_.3E.3D3.0.002:48
ATII mean I couldn't install 3.302:48
ATIoh let me read that02:48
ATIdo I disable the framebuffer in the xorg.conf?02:49
tomreynwell, the gentoo people did it by rebuilding their kernel, that's not really the preferred option for us.02:50
tomreynyou could probably blacklist the module, or maybe it's possible in xorg.conf, too. the xorg.conf you created on the live cd sets a lower priority on it, this can be sufficient to fix the issue, too02:51
ATII can reinstall xubuntu again just to check that I didn't set anything weird the first time around.....02:51
ATIhmm.. ok.  let me look into how to disable the framebuffer though xorg02:52
tomreynthe other issue when you disable the framebuffer device, though, is that i think you loose the failsafe X, too, i.e. if the radeon driver doesn'T work you then get no output at all02:52
tomreynno grpahical output, that is02:52
tomreyni think you would best try the xorg.conf from the live CD now02:53
ATII did try the xorg.conf from the live cd ...02:54
treenomI really need help getting my wifi working. I was connected, but after I updated it started saying that I am now disconnected. It wont even list any ssid02:54
tomreynand rebooted?02:54
ATIyeah.. I rebooted and everything was the same02:54
ATIsame problem.02:54
treenomas me?02:54
ATIsorry talking to tomreyn02:55
tomreynATI: had you done this again? still same output? grep -F '[KMS]' /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:55
ATI[    17.324] (II) [KMS] drm report modesetting isn't supported.02:56
tomreynwell that sucks :-/02:56
ATIit looks like I can disable the framebuffer through grub?02:57
ATIjust add " vga=normal nomodeset"?02:57
treenomI am having a really hard time with my wireless, if any one could point me in the right direction, it would be amazing02:57
tomreynATI: vga=nofb OR vga=normal should work, yes, why nomodeset?03:00
ATItomreyn: oh  I don't know.. didn't check..03:01
tomreynATI: i guess you should actually put the radeon.modeset=1 in again, to force it03:01
tomreynas well as the vga option, then update-grub, reboot, rename xorg.conf (so it is no longer used), reboot again.03:02
ATIok give me a second.03:02
sammello World03:04
fsvieirahi, I am a linux user for many years, I have ubuntu with unity, I love unity but it freeze most of the times in the last updates... how can I solve this, and should I switch to a more open UI?03:05
Septimafsvieira: i'd upgrade my video drivers03:07
ATItomreyn: hmm.. well vga=nofb with the radeon mode =1 thingy didn't work correctly.. now all I get is a black screen, and I can't even ssh in..03:11
Kardoscan the bootable install cd assemble a mdadm array?03:11
fsvieiraSeptima, I am upgraded , another thing I notice is the performace, I just buy some games, and in untiy they are slow but in gnome shell they are more fast.03:11
tomreynATI: you mean radeon.modeset=1 right03:13
tomreynATI: not being able to SSH in is strange... anyway, do a ctrl-alt-delete, then hold down shift when it boots03:13
ATIuse set gfxpayload=vga=nofb before linux command instead text is deprecated03:13
ATIerror unrecognized number03:13
ATIyou need to load the kernel first03:13
Septimafsvieira: then i'd stop using unity03:13
tomreynATI: holding down shift will bring up the grub menu, where you can then edit out the problematic lines so you can boot up fine again.03:14
ATIsorry that is.  text is deprecated.  use set gfxpayload=vga=nofb before linux command instead. then the error stuff03:14
ATIoh ok03:14
fsvieiraSeptima, yeah thats what I am going to do, but I really start liking unity... but yeah I think I should stop03:14
tomreynATI: where is this message from, and where do we use "text"?03:15
ATIthat's when I try to run ubuntu under grub03:15
ATIthat's the error that comes up03:15
ATIand then it returns back to the grub menu03:15
Septimafsvieira: it'll improve with some more development time on it03:15
Sazpaimonis there a way to have unity do windows-style alt+tab where it doesn't group applications and just shows all windows?03:16
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
tomreynATI: maybe "nofb" is an alias for "text". anyway, the easiest option now is probably just to remove all the extra options and boot it up then03:17
fsvieiraSeptima, what I was asking is if I can do something... maybe I am doing something wrong03:17
tomreynATI: i'm afraid i will need to wrap it up pretty soon, it's kind of late here, or early rather.03:17
ATIoh.. I tried the vga=normal instead.. and it loads.. but I still get the same problem as before... where the vesa drivers are loading up03:17
ATItomreyn: that's okay.. thanks a lot for your help03:18
tomreynATI: another option you have is to try updated kernel + video drivers, i.e. xorg-edgers.03:18
Septimafsvieira: i haven't heard of anything to improve unity in that aspect. i personally just went the xfce route instead, when i experienced the 'show nothing but my wallpaper' bug between unity and amd/ati cards03:18
ATItomreyn: ok.. I will look into that03:19
ZNaughthello, could someone help me with nvidia driver install?03:19
tomreynATI: but getting back from that to where you are now can be annoying. so ... just saying.03:19
ATItomreyn:  I am going to do a fresh install of xubuntu first and then try to troubleshoot from there..03:20
ZNaughtafter installing the NVIDIA drivers, the desktop does not load after login03:20
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
tomreynATI: i assume this won't actually fix it, but sure, give it a try.03:22
ZiberI've updated my /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding file, to allow my server to be an IPv6 router. How do I make it take effect?03:22
tomreynATI: the other way around might be better, though03:22
tomreynATI: since when you have xorg-edgers and it works worse than now, downgrading is annoying, but if you want to reinstall anyways then: no loss03:22
ATIhow do I add that repository?03:24
tomreynATI: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xorg xserver-xorg-video-ati && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:26
fsvieiraSeptima, ok tx03:26
ZNaughtcan anyone help with nvidia driver install?03:27
tomreynATI:  also do this in the end: sudo apt-get install mesa03:27
tomreynATI: and run "COLUMNS=120 dpkg -l mesa" and make sure it reports something with "sarvatt" on the version column03:28
tomreynonly then did the upgraded packages get installed properly03:29
tomreynATI: xorg-edgers also has an updated fglrx driver which you can also try if the open source one doesn't work.03:29
tomreynpackage fglrx-installer03:29
ATItomreyn: alright give me a second to do all of that..03:30
tomreynATI: i'll bbiab, then gone03:30
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
SeptimaZNaught: did you uninstall the restricted modules03:31
ATIok.. it can' find the package mesa03:31
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ZNaughtSeptima: I did not, couldnt find any tutorials that said to do anything other than install from a repository03:32
ATItomreyn: sorry about that.. right it says unable to locate package mesa03:32
Alexa22Is ubuntu a good choice to put on my netbook 1g Ram 200g hdd03:32
SeptimaZNaught: for removing the restricted modules03:32
ZNaughtSeptima, will this require me to uninstall the old drivers and reinstall?03:33
SeptimaZNaught: i'd uninstall them, and make sure everything is cleaned up, then install the nvidia drivers that you downloaded from nvidia's site03:34
GarheadeAlexa22: It should work just fine on a netbook.03:34
ZNaughthow would I do that Septima? Heck, I dont even know how to run a .run file. I am trying linux for first time03:34
SeptimaZNaught: in a console use the 'cd' command to change to the directory where they were downloaded.. for instance: cd ~/Downloads03:35
=== default is now known as Guest18543
SeptimaZNaught: then use: chmod +x driverfilename.run03:35
Alexa22I am doing ubuntu 11.04 on my netbook03:36
Alexa22just need to figure out how to make boot from usb03:36
ZNaughtok thanks, but how do I uninstall?03:36
SeptimaZNaught: then it's just a matter of running them... sudo sh ./driverfilename.run03:36
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
Alexa22hey is Java a good coding language to know for programming linux apps?03:36
ZNaughtSeptima, what about uninstalling?03:37
SeptimaZNaught: well for the restricted modules it speaks about, you'd do something like: sudo apt-get --purge remove restrictedmodules03:37
SeptimaZNaught: for the files it specifies, i'd delete them in the terminal.. using the rm command03:38
SeptimaZNaught: it also says to purge and remove nvidia-glx03:38
mark___can someone recommend a good vnc/screensharing solution for ubuntu? i seem to remember a newish solution coming out a fwe months ago. any ideas?03:39
ZNaughtSeptima, but I already have the drivers installed, how can I uninstall them?03:39
ZiberAnyone familiar with radvd, is there anything else I have to do except put my prefixes in the config file and reload it in order for my server to start advertising IPv6 addresses on my LAN?03:40
SeptimaZNaught: looks like you need to do: sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config xserver-xorg-dev03:40
SeptimaZNaught: and additionally install the linux headers for your kernel version.. you can get your version by typing uname -a03:41
SeptimaZNaught: if you get all that set up there, i'd try just running the .run file03:41
tomreynATI: hmm, maybe the PPA didn't install properly then. got any error messages while setting it up (using the long line of commands i posted)?03:42
ZNaughtSeptima, how do I install the headers? Sorry03:42
SeptimaZNaught: sudo apt-get install03:42
MrWibbleshey guys03:42
tomreynATI: this line: <tomreyn> ATI: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xorg xserver-xorg-video-ati && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:42
ZNaughtSeptima, just that line?03:42
MrWibblesi'm having issues with permissions.. is there anyway to apply  user:whatever:r-x to all the directories contained in /a/b/c03:43
MrWibblesbut not their subdirectories03:43
SeptimaZNaught: if you type like: sudo apt-get install linux-header, then hit tab a few times, i'll list what's available.. like i said, you need to get the ones to match your kernel version, which you can find out by typing uname -a03:43
Jordan_UMrWibbles: Yes, but first why do you want to do this?03:43
MrWibblesso that an application can access its files03:43
MrWibblesit need r-x on every directory to the application directory03:44
Jordan_UMrWibbles: What application? What files?03:44
MrWibbleseach application has it's own system user03:44
ZNaughtSeptima, ok to recap: Uninstall the NVidia drivers by installing the linux headers, then remove the restricted modules and files, then run the .run file?03:44
MrWibblesthe applications files.. different depending on what language the application is writtain in03:44
SeptimaZNaught: yes03:45
MrWibbleshttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/8916056/acl-along-a-directory-path << shit03:45
tomreynATI: packages available in this repository: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=quantal    - you also want the linux update to 3.7 and newest linux-firmware03:45
ZNaughtok thanks. I will give it a shot03:45
Ziberanyone with radvd experience might be able to help me get my server to start advertising addresses?03:45
Jordan_UMrWibbles: Normally such directories are created automatically, and with the correct permissions. The fact that you're asking this question makes me wonder if there is something else wrong which needs to be fixed rather than worked around.03:45
tomreynATI: the 'mesa' package may be virtual only and thus not be listed in dpkg -l output. but "apt-cache search mesa" should find it.03:46
ATItomreyn: is there anyway I can just download the packages manually?03:46
MrWibblesjordan_u:  ok.. application doesn't exist... other applications do  /srv/dd/application_name gets created.. r-x permissions need to be added to /srv and /srv/dd03:46
MrWibblesthe user only gets created when the application is created03:47
tomreynATI: click on the links on the page i just sent you, but using the PPA does work, and you should use it if by all means possible to be able to properly revolce dependencies.03:47
MrWibblesone option would be to add all the applications to a group and then give the group permissions03:47
ATIbasically the error is this W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/mesa9/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found03:47
ATIW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/mesa9/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found03:47
ATIW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/mesa9/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found03:47
MrWibblesbut i thought it would be more obvious if it just listed out all the applications specifically03:47
tomreynATI:  how did this mesa9 get there?03:48
ATII might have tried putting a mesa9 repository in there...03:48
tomreynATI: why?03:48
Jordan_UMrWibbles: I still don't understand your situation, but "chown user:group /path/to/directories/*/" should change the user and group of all directories within the directory "/path/to/directories/". Try with simply "echo /path/to/directories/*/" first to confirm that that glob gets you the results you want.03:49
ATItomreyn: that was before.. I came on here to get assitance.03:49
ATII also get this error Err http://ppa.launchpad.net quantal/main Sources03:49
ATI  404  Not Found03:49
ATIErr http://ppa.launchpad.net quantal/main amd64 Packages03:49
ATI  404  Not Found03:49
ATIErr http://ppa.launchpad.net quantal/main i386 Packages03:49
FloodBot1ATI: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:49
ATI  404  Not Found03:49
tomreynATI: i see, well you can remove those lines. and don't paste here, use the pastebin03:50
MrWibblesJordan: has to use ACL03:50
ATIoh ... sorry.03:50
ATIhow do I remove those repositories?03:50
tomreynATI: i think you had a typo on the apt-add-repository command.03:50
MrWibblesJordan: the stackoverload question pretty much says you can't do it03:51
MrWibblesso i have to apply r-x to each individual directory03:51
Jordan_UMrWibbles: That glob should allow you to use whatever command you want with all of the directories within another directory. I have no idea what stack overload question you're referencing. For more information on globs see http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide/Patterns .03:52
tomreynATI repository definitions added by apt-add-repository are stored at /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ - identify the one which has "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net ..." (i.e. blank space behind the .net) and delete the file. then run ap-add-repository again03:52
ATItomreyn: I entered "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa".  it looks like it's working03:52
Successhey guys I left for a while and everything seems to be working now, thanks for the help!03:52
tomreynATI: okay, then it should work indeed. maybe the broken line is one from an earlier attempt then03:53
tomreynATI: apt-get update && apt-cache policy    # gives you a list of the currently defined repositories03:53
tomreynATI: good luck, and good night, at some point. i'll likely be around again the other day if you wish to continue.03:54
jk_hey, i m new to this channel03:54
ATIalright thanks a lot!03:54
tomreynhi + bye jk03:54
tomreynyw ATI03:54
lenochka_здесь русские естьб03:55
rxnngut Mientras Pueda Escribir, Yo Soy El ReY que Sabe Meter Clones Jua Jua Todos Estupidos :D03:55
brzglvz Mientras Pueda Escribir, Yo Soy El ReY que Sabe Meter Clones Jua Jua Todos Estupidos :D03:55
tomreyn!ru lenochka_03:55
Septima!ru | lenochka_03:55
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ubottutomreyn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:55
brzglvz FlooD MortaL: A Joderse Todos Mientras Este Yo Jua Jua03:55
rxnngut FlooD MortaL: A Joderse Todos Mientras Este Yo Jua Jua03:55
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confusedHello, I was wondering if anyone could assist me.  I have a vps that I am setting up to be a web server via xmapp that is running ubuntu 12.04 64bit.  I am wanting to set it up to use xmapp's version of apache instead of the preinstalled version at startup, yet have no clue where to start.  Google has just lead to chain smoking and crying in the corner04:01
asher^hi all. is there a way i can change the mirror that apt-get is trying to get packages from? the mirror that is trying to use is missing packages04:04
xangua asher^: software center, edit, sources04:05
confusedHello, I was wondering if anyone could assist me.  I have a vps that I am setting up to be a web server via xmapp that is running ubuntu 12.04 64bit.  I am wanting to set it up to use xmapp's version of apache instead of the preinstalled version at startup, yet have no clue where to start.  Google has just lead to chain smoking and crying in the corner04:06
jk_what date is today?04:07
asher^xangua thanks!04:07
ghosttsis there a way to lock my wireless driver? so it cant be updated or messed with at all?04:07
asher^is it unusual for mirrors to be missing packages btw? i was on the australian one04:08
jk_how to make my ubuntu work with wireless04:09
confusedHello, I was wondering if anyone could assist me.  I have a vps that I am setting up to be a web server via xmapp that is running ubuntu 12.04 64bit.  I am wanting to set it up to use xmapp's version of apache instead of the preinstalled version at startup,I have configured xmapp to run at startup, but have no clue how to disable auto start of the apache2 server that came preinstalled04:09
xangua!repeat | confused04:09
ubottuconfused: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:09
somsipasher^: sometimes they fall behind04:10
confusedMy apologies for the repeat, figured I'd update it with a bit more info04:10
jonesn420hi. could someone help me figure out how to make lxpanels temperature addon display my temp in F and not C04:13
jonesn420hi. could someone help me figure out how to make lxpanels temperature addon display my temp in F and not C04:16
pkhfinding it tough to put together a google query for this... is it posible to 'cd' into a folder that's been mounted over without umounting the other? (e.g. / is part1, /home is part2, /home on part1 still contains crap, want to delete.)04:19
zoite_pkh, i dont believe so04:20
pkhk, will shut it down, pullt he drive and mount is elsewhere, thanks04:21
somsippkh: no - the files on part1 are effectively hidden and unaccessible by the mount of part204:23
pkhcheers. just thought there might be some weird way to access that would have saved me pulling the drive -- go no livecd lying around...04:24
somsippkh: I had the same thing with a /boot which confused me greatly. Nothing I found indiciated there was a way round it, but boot to live CD wasn't too onerous04:25
bluesnowHi, I'm having a problem where I can ping localhost and DNS servers, but can't browse to websites04:26
bluesnowI also can't use apt-get or other internet programs04:26
bluesnowI can ping and DNS servers, but none of my other internet stuff works.04:27
erncicconfused: 'sudo update-rc.d apache2 remove' will stop apache2 from starting04:27
bluesnowCan anyone help?04:27
jonesn420bluesnow, see if simple browser settings are auto detect or no proxy or what04:27
jonesn420that can sometimes affect04:27
bluesnowjonesn240: My browser is no proxy. However, my apt get and other programs that use networking are also not working.04:28
bluesnowjonesn240: Any idea what's going on?04:28
jonesn420router settings?04:28
bluesnowjonesn240: I connected to a VPN yesterday, and apparently the VPN is known for messing with routing tables / internet configs04:29
bluesnowjonesn240: Yeah, I'd think so, but I already reset my routing table.04:29
bluesnowMaybe I didn't do it correctly?04:29
bluesnowI'm not sure if I ran the right command.04:29
jonesn420possibly i cant see. i know a bit of routing but not everything04:29
bluesnowjonesn240: Do you know how I could reset my routing table properly?04:29
jonesn420if u did just setup it once i would just try one more time04:29
jonesn420one sec gotta piss04:30
jonesn420did u even restart the network after changing it04:31
jonesn420still gotta piss brb just answer that for now04:31
bluesnowjonesn240: What do you mean by restarting the network?04:31
jonesn420service network restart04:32
bluesnowjonesn240: that returns 'network: unrecognized service'04:33
jonesn420sorry just thought u knew /etc/init.d/networking restart04:33
jonesn420try that04:33
bluesnowjonesn240: That returns "Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces"04:34
bluesnowBelow that it says: Reconfiguring network interfaces...04:34
jonesn420i havent setup a small server in about 5years just trying to remember the commands... dont even remember if running sudo in front helps with more or not04:35
bluesnowjonesn240: I did run sudo in front of that04:35
=== kgs is now known as Guest58160
jonesn420run sudo /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart04:37
jonesn420then rerun /etc/init.d/networking restart04:37
ZNaughtSeptima, no luck, it booted back in with a reduced resolution (as I would have expected), but again desktop doesnt load04:38
jonesn420any change BluesKaj04:39
[_-S1L3NC3-_]how do you delete mail messages on ubuntu?04:40
jonesn420lol i mean bluesnow04:40
bluesnowjonesn420: Nope. It's strange that I can ping DNS servers if they messed with my routing table.04:40
jonesn420thats what i am tryin to figure out i started searchin a bit cause network issues bugged me bad back in day and still cant find nothin yet04:41
[_-S1L3NC3-_]how do you delete mail messages on ubuntu?04:46
jonesn420u here bluesnow04:46
bluesnowjonesn420: yes04:46
jonesn420post a very detailed report of your problem on ubuntuforums and in a few hours or tonight i will take a good look at it. i will research a bit for you. i got a friend who is in IT that i talk to daily too and it could be simple since the issue is explained quite simple04:48
bluesnowjonesn420: Okay, thanks04:48
erncicbluesnow, can you telnet into a web server?04:48
jonesn420include all of your network information04:48
jonesn420do u have an ubuntuforums account04:48
bluesnowjonesn420: No, but I can make one.04:49
bluesnowernic: Not sure, I haven't tried.04:49
bluesnowI just don't understand why I can ping DNS servers but not connect to websites, or use any programs with networking04:49
jonesn420ok i will look for your name on there. just do a detailed network info report04:49
bluesnowjonesn420: Okay, thanks.04:49
erncicbluesnow: telnet google.com 8004:49
jonesn420it could be simple but like i said havent messed with this stuff in 4 or 5 years04:49
bluesnowtelnet google.com 80 returns 'telnet: could not resolve google.com/80: Name or service not known.'04:50
jonesn420yeah bluesnow u could be in good hands with erncic  but if not i will look for your name or a similar name and recent post on ubuntuforums. i will find it if u post. gotta go04:50
bluesnowjonesn420: Okay. Thanks for all the help so far anyway.04:50
erncicshould be a space between com and 8004:50
jonesn420no problem just returnin a favor i had to ask someone a simple problem about setting up a temperature module lol04:51
jonesn420never messed with it04:51
jonesn420but i know a FAIR bit ammount of networking.04:51
bluesnowerncic: I did put a space between com and 80, but it still returns could not resolve google.com/8004:51
jonesn420see you on the forums maybe04:51
bluesnowjonesn420: Okay, thanks.04:52
jonesn420yeah ull just get the best exposure there on ubuntuforums.com04:52
erncicbluesnow: you can ping, but not resolve?04:53
bluesnowerncic: Yes. Pinging or (google's DNS server) works fine.04:53
bluesnowerncic: Apparently, the VPN I connected to yesterday messes with the routing table (and maybe other network stuff?), but I've tried resetting everything.04:53
bluesnowStill no networking though..04:53
erncicbluesnow: what does route get give you?04:55
Noskcajerncic, isn't that google's dns?04:56
erncicyes, just wanting to know what route it would take to get there… due to a possible vpn twist.04:56
drecuteHi, I'm trying to install Adobe AIR SDK 2.6 on oneiric but can't find libgtk-x11-2.004:57
bluesnowernic: Now when I try to telnet google.com 80 it just hangs.04:57
bluesnowI can still ping DNS servers though.04:57
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
erncicbluesnow: that is good…. give it GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 followed by an empty line04:58
bluesnowerncic: Okay, be right back. I need to close the internet on this computer while I test.04:59
szxwhy does Software Updater always show changelogs for me?04:59
erncicbluesnow: you should get html back04:59
szxI have eto press q to continue updates04:59
pinguinei'm using gnome fallback mode, in system settings, brightness and lock, "turn off when inactive for:" only allows max of 1 hour. How do I increase this to a larger time?05:00
bluesnowerncic: GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 also hangs.05:02
erncicbluesnow: you gave it an empty line after the above?05:02
bluesnowerncic: How do I give it an empty line?05:03
erncicbluesnow: hit enter twice05:03
bluesnowerncic: Hitting enter the first time runs the command though?05:03
erncicno, it is waiting for the empty line.05:03
bluesnowerncic: Okay, be right back.05:04
leviCan someone help me I am kinda new to ubuntu and I am trying to install drivers for my Nvidia GeForce GT 430 and need help finding the right drivers05:04
somsiplevi: just install nvidia-current05:05
leviok thanks ill give it a try05:06
bluesnowerncic:  It's still hanging.05:06
erncicbluesnow: lets go more basic. does 'dig @ google.com' give you a good lookup?05:07
ouyesHOW to stop the screen saving when you are playing a movie?05:08
doctorlyIs there any way to rollback before an upate?05:09
bluesnowerncic: It's still hanging.05:10
somsipdoctorly: before an update? What are you wanting to do?05:10
erncicbluesnow: sorry. that was not supposed to go into the telnet session. It is just a command by itself.05:11
doctorlysomsip: everytime I update my system I lose my wireless05:11
somsipdoctorly: you want for your wireless drivers not to be updated?05:12
somsip!pinning | doctorly05:12
ubottudoctorly: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto05:12
bluesnowerncic: It's still hanging05:12
somsipdoctorly: though you may have to experiment to find out exactly what packages you need to pin. If it's just the drivers, it's going to be quite easy05:12
doctorlysomsip: this isnt the system05:12
somsipdoctorly: that sentence makes no sensde05:13
doctorlysomsip: how do I find the packages.05:13
somsipdoctorly: what wifi card do you use?05:13
doctorlygive me one sec05:13
erncicbluesnow: it is hanging? It should time out after 10 secs or so, not completely hang05:13
doctorlysomsip: im opening the info now, it might take a little bit because it is a netbook05:14
bluesnowerncic: I'll try again.05:15
doctorlysomsip: It looks like its a: Broadcom corporation: BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY05:16
somsipdoctorly: I know nothing about Broadcom wifi so you may need to research this more. command 'dpkg --get-selections | grep {packagename}' will tell you if you have a package installed. Packages that might be installed for BCM4312 include some here, but you may need to look for more http://askubuntu.com/questions/33855/how-do-i-get-a-broadcom-bcm4312-wireless-card-to-work05:19
smacktalkwhat's the best rdt ap for ubuntu?05:24
bluesnowerncic: After a minute or so, it says 'Cant connect to HTTP:80 (Bad hostname)05:24
MacLaddyWow, there are a lot of people here.05:25
smacktalkrdp remote desktop05:25
=== root is now known as Guest17601
MacLaddyAnyone willing to offer some advice on HDD Partition for install? I have a couple of questions.05:25
bluesnowerncic: After that, it says 'LWP:Protocol::http::Socket: Bad hostname 'HTTP' at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/protocol/http.pm05:25
somsipsmacktalk: client or server?05:25
somsip!ask | MacLaddy05:25
ubottuMacLaddy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:25
erncicbluesnow: hmm. that makes no sense. It is a straight dns lookup.05:25
somsipsmacktalk: I have used remmina. it worked ok05:26
bluesnowerncic: Any idea what the second part means?05:26
bluesnowSays "LWP: Protocol::http::Socket: Bad hostname 'HTTP' at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/protocol/http.pm'05:27
MacLaddyI have Windows Vista on a 1TB HDD. I just purchased a second 1TB HDD. I would like to Install Ubuntu. Should I park it next to Vista on the same HDD, or on the second HDD?05:27
erncicbluesnow: no, I don't know how perl got involved at all.05:27
bluesnowerncic: Hmm :( Whatever VPN I connected to yesterday must have really messed with my networking.05:28
erncicbluesnow: I got to tell you, I am at a loss now with that showing up.05:28
somsipMacLaddy: if your Vista partition fills the drive, maybe easier to put ubuntu on 1TB. Though it's nothing but preference and how much fiddling about you need to do to set it up how you want it05:28
bluesnowerncic: This is strange because other people in my office have connected to the same VPN without this much trouble.05:28
smacktalksomsip I don't like remina...doesn't work that great05:28
bluesnowerncic: They said the VPN messed with their routing tables, but it was fine after disconnecting and restarting.05:28
somsipsmacktalk: ok05:28
bluesnowI seem to have tried everything though.05:29
erncicbluesnow: you can do a 'route flush' to clear the routing tables, but that does not take into account a dig failure like that.05:29
bluesnowerncic: route flush returns flushing 'inet' routing table not supported.05:30
MacLaddyThank you, somsip. Second question. I would like to make a small partition next on the same HDD as Ubuntu just for playing with other versions. Triple boot. If I do this, can Ubuntu and the second Linux OS share programs, or must they each have their own?05:30
bluesnowerncic: It took about a minute before the GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 returned 'Can't connect to HTTP:80 (bad hostname)'05:31
erncicbluesnow: what does just 'route' return…. it should be your default gateway unless you are running something more complex on this box.05:31
somsipMacLaddy: separate programs. they can share some data (media) but you're probably asking if you try to share program data (config files, etc). File syatem layouts can vary from distro to distro and different package versions too05:31
somsip*asking too much05:31
bluesnowerncic: It returns Kernel IP Routing Table, and routing table headers below that. The table is completely empty.05:32
MacLaddyThanks somsip.05:32
somsipMacLaddy: np05:32
doctorlyis it possible to rollback my kernel to the previous kernel??05:32
erncicbluesnow: no default route at all?05:33
bluesnowerncic: No, I don't see any.05:33
bluesnowJust Kernel IP Routing Table, routing table headers below that, and nothing else.05:33
bluesnowThe headers are like 'Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface'05:33
erncicbluesnow: ok, are you using a  dynamic or static ip?05:34
bluesnowerncic: Dynamic05:34
somsipdoctorly: temporarily or permanent?05:34
bluesnowerncic: The routers at my home/office assign my laptop IP addresses, I think.05:35
doctorlysomsip: from what I have found, it looks like my problem is with the newest kernel and the drivers05:35
doctorlysomsip: so I guess permenent05:35
=== hmm is now known as Guest62604
somsipdoctorly: what version of ubuntu?05:37
erncicbluesnow: ok, 'sudo route add default via x.x.x.x' , x.x.x.x being whatever your default gateway should be.05:37
doctorlysomsip: 12.1005:37
bluesnowerncic: Okay, be right back while I try that.05:38
Petazwin8 is a trojan for the feds05:39
somsipdoctorly: sorry - I'm finding nothing obvious that might help you. You might have to look around or try later05:39
doctorlysomsip: its alright, I will keep researching05:40
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=== Guest35627 is now known as LoganCloud
ouyesdo you know where is the deb package, when you install some applications via ubuntu software center?05:42
somsipdoctorly: it may be as simple as uninstalling the current kernel, grabbing the .deb for the old one, and sudo dpkg -i kernel*.deb to get the initrd links updated05:42
somsipouyes: /var/cache/apt/archives maybe?05:43
joekoocc1_Can anyone help me? My computer connected to web is still using cable. there is no problem running on window using wireless, but not on ubuntu. Why? and how to resolve this? Thanks.05:44
aeon-ltdjoekoocc1_: you might need drivers05:46
bluesnowerncic: Okay, that added the route to my kernel IP routing table, but I still can't connect to anything05:46
bluesnowerncic: Is there another routing table somewhere else in ubuntu that might have been messed with?05:46
erncicbluesnow: not that I am aware of.05:47
bluesnowerncic: I wonder if I need to add other routes to the routing table..05:48
erncicbluesnow: firewall?05:48
bluesnowerncic: Don't have a firewall05:48
bluesnowerncic: By default gateway, you meant the gateway for my internet connection, right?05:49
=== redwar is now known as thegreatspace
erncicbluesnow: yes. 'iptables -L -n | less'05:49
bluesnowerncic: That gives chain INPUT (policy accept) chain forward policy accept chain output policy accept END05:50
bluesnowBut the target, proc opt source, and destination are all empty05:51
bluesnowThey're empty for INPUT, FORWARD, and OUTPUT05:51
erncicbluesnow: accepts on all is ok, does not look like a problem there.05:51
bluesnowerncic: Yeah, but the target, proc opt source, and destination columns are all empty.05:52
bluesnowThat might be a problem?05:52
erncicbluesnow: the policy assigned on all is accept, meaning everything is accepted- an empty firewall that accepts all packets.05:53
bluesnowerncic: Ah, I see.05:53
erncicbluesnow: scratching my head .....05:53
bluesnowerncic: Yeah :(05:54
bluesnowerncic: I just heard that the VPN's security messes with routing tables.05:54
bluesnowBut we seem to have dealt with that05:54
erncicbluesnow: yeah we did. the table seems good, no firewall rule problems, pinging works, no dns, no web. dig still fails right?05:55
=== lance_ is now known as Guest88425
bluesnowerncic: dig still fails. I can ping DNS servers, like or
bluesnowerncic: well, I was able to ping DNS servers before we fixed the routing table.05:57
=== Guest88425 is now known as MrSalt
erncicbluesnow: cannot ping now?05:58
bluesnowerncic: I can still ping DNS servers.05:58
erncicbluesnow: ok, I thought we had moved backwards.05:59
bluesnowerncic: Thankfully not.05:59
erncicbluesnow: exactly.05:59
bluesnowerncic: Wait, my routing table now shows in the first column06:00
bluesnowDestination: default Gateway: my laptop name Genmask: Flags: UG ..06:00
bluesnowNot sure why it's showing 'my laptop name' under Gateway06:00
erncicbluesnow: your laptop name would be wrong…06:01
bluesnowerncic: Yeah, I think so.06:01
bluesnowerncic: sudo route add default via x.x.x.x returns Usage: ...06:02
bluesnowSo I guess that didn't work?06:02
bluesnowIt should return something else on success, right?06:02
erncicbluesnow: yes, we want route add default gw x.x.x.x06:04
bluesnowJust tried, 'sudo ip route add default via x.x.x.x', and that returned RTNETLINK answers: file exists06:04
bluesnowerncic: That command returns 'SIOCADDRT: File exists'06:04
erncicbluesnow: you have a default route. 'route del default' and then route add default gw x.x.x.x06:06
bluesnowerncic: Okay, be right back while I try the internet.06:06
stinktoadhello...i have a small question06:07
stinktoadmy wired connection does not read anything..it says device not managed06:08
stinktoadhow can I get it to show that I am connected06:08
stinktoador how can I get it to recognize my ethernet connection06:10
bluesnowerncic: Doing sudo route add default gw x.x.x.x is adding my computer's name under 'Gateway' in the 'default' row06:10
bluesnowI'm getting x.x.x.x from Edit connections -> wireless -> my connection -> IPv4 Settings -> Gateway06:11
bluesnowSo I'm not sure why it adds my computer's name under gateway..06:11
erncicbluesnow: it should not be your laptop name, it should be the gateway address or the gateway's name…06:12
bluesnowerncic: Yeah, but it keeps adding my laptop's name.06:13
bluesnowerncic: Maybe the VPN I connected to did that as a hack?06:13
erncicbluesnow: if it is your laptop name, all external requests should loop back to yourself and not go anywhere…. kind of like you are having, but your pings would die too, I would expect.06:13
bluesnowernic: Hmm, not sure. My pings are working..06:14
felipe_Brzi'm running 11.04 and I would like to stop the window switcher (alt+tab) from grouping similar windows (like many terminal instances) under one group... anyone know how to do that?06:15
Panda000Hey hab nen kleines Problem. Bin noch relativ neu in Linux und jetzt hat sich bei meinem einen Acc der Bildschirm "aufgehangen" nach neustart / abmelden öffnet sich immer die alte Sitzung und ich kann die Programme weder schließen noch irgendwo schreiben ... hab dann im Terminal nen neuen acc erstellt und da läuft auch alles einwandfrei ..06:15
erncicBluesnow: I am thinking the default gateway is wrong, but I don't have any idea what it should be.06:15
bluesnowerncic: It should be my router's IP address, right?06:19
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:19
erncicbluesnow: yes.06:19
bluesnowWhich seems to be what I'm trying to do, except it keeps adding my computer's name06:19
stinktoadmy wired connection does not read anything..it says device not managed06:22
anandMerry Christmas and Happy New Year!06:22
stinktoadhow can I get it to recognize my ethernet connection06:22
erncicbluesnow: lets try and grab a new lease from dns and see if we can get a good gateway from dhcp… should have started here, but …. sudo dhclient -r06:23
stinktoaderncic, could you help me with this when you get a chance?06:24
bluesnowerncic: What do I do after sudo dhclient -r? The command doesn't return anything.06:24
erncicstinktoad: dynamic or static ip?06:24
stinktoadI would like to set it up as static06:24
erncicbluesnow: that should have released your current ip lease and grabbed a new one. check your routes06:24
bluesnowerncic: Okay, be right back.06:25
stinktoadi run ifcong in terminal06:25
stinktoadand get my eth006:25
erncicstinktoad: I do not think the interface will be "managed" if it is static.06:25
stinktoadwell I guess as long as I have connection it works06:26
stinktoadso I shouldnt worry about it I take it06:27
stinktoadbut I am not runnin static right now06:27
bluesnowerncic: Okay, I did that. My routing table shows one row, with06:28
bluesnowDestination:, Gateway: *, Genmask:, Flags: U, Metric: 0, Ref: 0, Use: 0, Iface: eth006:28
stinktoadwell thanks erncic ..06:28
bluesnowThat's the only row in my routing table.06:28
erncicbluesnow: what works and what does not...06:29
erncicstinktoad: sorry, the gui end is not my strength.06:29
bluesnowerncic: Be right back, I'll test again.06:29
=== mike_ is now known as Guest93857
bluesnowerncic: Same situation still. ping works, pinging DNS works, no browser, no telnet, no GET /index.html06:32
bluesnowerncic: I still don't have a default route to my gateway though.06:33
erncicbluesnow: at a loss.06:33
bluesnowerncic: The lack of a default route to my gateway would cause problems, right?06:34
ouyesIs it possible to disable the screen saver when you are playing a movie???06:36
erncicbluesnow: I would have thought so before tonight, but the pinging of tells us that somehow, those packets are being routed out of your network and are getting back in. how and via what route ??? does a 'traceroute' a) work and b) give up your gateway ip...06:36
bluesnowerncic: Let me try that.06:36
=== l057c0d3r_ is now known as l057c0d3r
bluesnowerncic: Unfortunately I don't have traceroute installed..06:41
bluesnowerncic: Ping is definitely working.06:41
erncicbluesnow: the computer you are on now… same network?06:41
bluesnowerncic: well ping is working from both computers.06:42
bluesnowAnd they're going to the same gateway (same network)06:42
erncicbluesnow: was wondering what it was showing for the gateway.06:43
erncicbluesnow: got it06:43
bluesnowerncic: I just ran traceroute on the computer I'm on. How do I find the gateway it's going through?06:43
jonesn420using lubuntu, mouse pointer dissapeared and in middle of video conversion which takes an hour. anyone know if there is a way to get it back instead of restarting after conversion done?06:44
smilejayarkhi, there??06:44
jonesn420it happened after went idle06:44
erncicbluesnow: first hop is the default06:45
jonesn420bluesnow, did u find a fix06:45
bluesnowerncic Next to '1', it says
erncicbluesnow: (or it should be)06:45
bluesnow192.188.188.1 is the IP I was trying to add as the gateway for default, but it kept adding my laptop's name06:45
bluesnowjonesn240: Nope, still trying to fix it.06:46
jonesn420ok i got a prob right now myself lol mouse dissapeared in middle of working stuff06:46
jonesn420did u post on the forums yet bluesnow06:46
erncicbluesnow: hmmm. head scratcher for sure.06:47
bluesnowjonesn240: Not yet.06:47
lcabrezaquestion: anybody has a way to use RhEL's plytmouth or boot screen ? instead of the default on ubuntu ?06:47
erncicbluesnow: post it to the forum….. that is your best bet.06:47
bluesnowerncic: Yeah. Any idea why adding as the default gw would result in my laptop's name?06:48
bluesnowThat doesn't seem to make any sense at all.06:48
erncicbluesnow: the only thing I can think of is a) a dns entry for with your laptop's name, b) an ip conflict with the default gateway (not likely) …06:49
erncicbluesnow: an /etc/hosts entry.06:50
bluesnowlet me check that06:50
jim_hi, any way to get youtube vids to play in firefox? fresh 12.04 install, and pretty new to linux06:50
bluesnowerncic: Looks like the VPN I connected to modified that file.06:51
zombifierjim_ : Did you install Flash? It's part of the restricted-extras06:51
erncicbluesnow:… meaning ….06:51
bluesnowerncic: I have, BEGIN hosts added by Network Connect ework-atl.turner.com06:51
bluesnowwell, I'm not sure what else is supposed to be in that file06:51
bluesnowI've never opened that file before06:51
Phabawill changing /proc/sys/kernal/randomize_va_space from 1 to 0 make me more vulnerable to explits?06:51
jim_not directly, but checked the 3rd party box when I installed - which version should I install?06:51
Phabajim_,  chrome has a built in flash player i think06:52
jim_it's for an old neighbor who uses firefox, don't want to add chrome to the confusion06:53
Phabajim_, ithink you can download it through the software center06:53
OerHeksjim_, install ubuntu restricted extras for flash, openjdk and codecs06:54
erncicbluesnow: it usually has an entry for localhost and if static ip, a second line with the static ip to the hostname map, and then some ipv6 stuff below that. It can contain other stuff if needed, but usually the first two lines are what I was interested in.06:54
jim_are those restricted extras in a single package?06:54
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:54
OerHeksjim_, yes, one metapackage to get them all06:54
bluesnowerncic: Yeah it has localhost, and my_computer_name06:55
erncicbluesnow: those are expected and not a problem.06:55
jim_not great at ubuntu yet - how would I get that metapackage, please?06:55
bluesnowmy /etc/resolv.conf also has search turner.com and nameserver x.x.x.x and nameserver x.x.x.x06:55
bluesnowNot sure if the 'search turner.com' should be there06:55
OerHeksjim_, open softwarecentre, and typ " restricted "06:56
jim_ah, found it - tyty06:56
erncicbluesnow: that file is not your problem. the dig command we used 'dig @ google.com', the @ forced the nameserver, ignoring /etc/resolv.conf.06:57
=== viiiiiiiiiii is now known as Cherry-Vanilla
bluesnowerncic: Right. The VPN seems to have edited quite a few of my networking related files though.06:59
bluesnowerncic: Wait, you didn't tell me to run dig earlier.06:59
bluesnowLet me try that.06:59
jim_was not prompted for a system restart after installing restricted extras, but still no youtube vids - could a restart help?07:01
bluesnowerncic: dig @ google.com does work07:01
OerHeksjim_, yes, restart could help, at least restart your browser07:01
bluesnowerncic: It returns (1 server found) and an Answer Section with google.com IN A x.x.x.x07:01
bluesnowSo dig is working.07:01
bluesnowI'm not sure what that means though.07:01
jim_had already restarted browser, so system next - let's hope I don't end up back here. thanks again07:02
erncicbluesnow: good to know. means dns through a forced dns server is working. does 'dig google.com' fail?07:02
cache_zafor flash i just installed flashplugin-installer07:02
bluesnowerncic: Let me try.07:03
xpistosHello all.07:04
bluesnowerncic: Yeah, dig google.com fails. It times out.07:04
bluesnowerncic: I think they edited my etc/resolv.conf file, which might be the problem (?)07:05
xpistosWould a bad ethernet cable cause firefox and chrome to be unable to connect to anywebsite but still be able to ping the same website?07:05
erncicbluesnow: now, those /etc/resolv.conf entries become important… you got it.07:05
ikoniaxpistos: no07:05
bluesnowerncic: /etc/resolv.conf should be DNS server addresses, right?07:05
Phabawill changing /proc/sys/kernal/randomize_va_space from 1 to 0 make me more vulnerable to exploits?07:05
xpistosOk, I am lost then. My wife's computer is hard connected to the router the same as my home server but her computer goes through days where it will not connect07:06
Phabaxpistos, sounds more like a dns issue07:06
ikoniadoesn't sound like dns07:06
erncicbluesnow: technically for a dhcp assigned address that file should say "don't edit this file", but it has been edited.07:06
ikoniaas the same website can be pinged07:06
Phabaikonia, depends if he's pinging the ip of the website07:07
ikoniaare your browsers set wrongly to use a proxy07:07
ikoniaPhaba: he said website, he didn't say ip07:07
erncicbluesnow: so lets just fix the dns extras to something we know works …. etc07:07
xpistosuh I don't think so but I will check07:07
ikoniaI don't suggest randomly changing your dns servers07:07
erncicbluesnow: comment out the name servers added by the vpn first.07:08
ikoniaand /etc/resolv.conf is not where you need to set the dns servers, with the ubuntu dnsmasq setup07:08
xpistosokay. here box is dhcp07:08
xpistoswith an reserved address on the router07:08
ikoniaxpistos: dynampic/static ip doesn't matter07:08
erncicbluesnow: and try the dig command without adding anything.07:08
xpistosi am checking dns vs ip now07:08
ikoniaxpistos: so when you "ping" the website are you pinging the url or ip07:09
xpistosin her browswer if I put the router ip it won't come up07:09
bluesnowerncic: okay, trying now.07:09
ikoniaxpistos: answer the question07:09
xpistosI was checking07:09
xpistosI put the url and it pings07:09
ikoniaxpistos: answer the question07:10
ikoniaxpistos: what url are you pinging07:10
xpistosright now google.com07:10
ikoniaxpistos: what ip does it resolve to07:10
ikoniaxpistos: (you should see it in theping output)07:10
ikoniaxpistos: ok, so that loks valid07:11
ikoniaxpistos: what IP address are you putting in the browser to try to get to the router07:12
xpistosI have set to
xpistosand I can ssh into her computer from my laptop07:12
bluesnowerncic: It works!07:13
bluesnowerncic: Had to add DNS servers to my /etc/resolv.conf file07:13
ikoniaxpistos: can you please show me the output of netstat -rn07:13
ikoniaxpistos: use a pastebin07:13
xpistossure. one sec07:13
bluesnowerncic: Wow, I feel like I learned a lot. And that's a really scary VPN :(07:13
asarchAn off-topic question: anyone in Germany?07:13
bluesnowerncic: Thanks for all the help.07:13
ikoniaasarch: if it's offtopic, don't post it07:14
erncicbluesnow: you are very welcome…. I am glad we learned along the way.07:14
asarchI know and I really sorry for that07:14
xpistosikonia: http://pastebin.com/9X3KiiLZ07:15
asarchI just need to find someone in that country to mp him07:15
ikoniaasarch: and yet you are still talking about it07:15
jim_hi again - still no luck playing youtube vids after installing restricted package07:15
ikoniaxpistos: ok, that looks good, so it really suggests the browsers are trying to use a proxy07:15
xpistosChecking now07:15
ikonia(a proxy which doesn't exist)07:16
jim_any other ideas to get flash videos to work?07:17
xpistosok for some reason chrome had use system proxy settings so I put it back to no proxy and restarted FF but now change07:17
xpistosI will look in the network to make sure there isn't a proxy somehere07:18
xpistosokay under network proxy the method is set to none07:19
xpistosand if it matters I am using opendns07:21
xpistosstill nothing07:21
=== HeN_ is now known as HeN
asarchThank you :-)07:23
xpistosWe both have a user on the computer which don't use mine but they are both doing the same07:25
xpistosNope no proxy either07:28
xpistosikonia: Basically firefox says the connection timed out if I let it sit07:32
xpistos1I tried testing the router for giggles. no change07:34
Unifxstupid question, have you tried going to tools then check the connections tab and make sure that it is on obtain ip automaticly07:36
xpistos1I have no idea here. The wireless connection from my laptop is fine. My homeserver has no problems and it is also hard connected07:37
xpistos1Unifx: Yes. I use address reservations on the router.07:38
xpistos1if I couldn't ping anything or if I couldn't ssh into her box I would say bad port, bad cable what have you but I can do those things but something is not allowing it to connect to the router07:39
xpistos1and the router sees it in attached devices07:40
Unifx"into her box" is all i saw07:42
xpistos1Hell even my plex media manager works fine. There has to be something going on with the browser or somethign07:42
Unifxso you have checked the firefox proxy right07:43
xpistos1if I couldn't ping anything or if I couldn't ssh into her box I would say bad port, bad cable what have you but I can do those things but something is not allowing it to connect to the router07:43
xpistos1Unifx: yes, it is set to none07:43
Unifxand you can set up a sock proxy at all>07:43
xpistos1I am not sure how to do that so I generally don't try07:44
xpistos1I have used ssh tunnel before but that is only out of necessity and she doesn't need it on her box07:44
Unifxyeah you just need like putty on urs and to set firefox;s sock proxy but only reason i sugest that is to test firefox itself07:45
A[D]minSGood Morning Everybody.07:45
aeon-ltdguten morgen07:45
Unifxgood evening07:45
A[D]minSI've plugged in my laptop 6GB Ram, however i'm running with 32-bit OS07:45
A[D]minSHow i can force the system to utilize the full capacity of memory.07:46
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info07:46
A[D]minSaeon-ltd: thx ;)07:46
aeon-ltdyou're welcome07:46
A[D]minSLinux egabi-Solutions 3.5.0-19-generic #30-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 13 17:49:53 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux07:47
A[D]minSThe generic default kernel already has PAE enabled.07:47
xpistos1Unifx: I can do that to check07:47
xpistos1is putty in the repos07:48
Unifxif not sudo apt-get install putty07:48
xpistos1I must have already installed t07:48
xpistos1so I guess I should putty to the server and use that as an ssh tunnel and then set firefox to use that as the proxy?07:49
Unifxyeah just open putty set the ip and port then the tunnel port07:49
Unifxthen set firefox proxy as a sock ip of ever port u set07:50
xpistos1destination should be home?07:51
Unifxbounces off putty07:52
A[D]minSI love ubuntu :)07:52
A[D]minShave a good day/night everybody07:53
xpistos1ok the tunnel is up now let me set FF07:53
Unifxmake sure you only set the sock port07:54
xpistos1well that is different. I don't think I have it set right cause right away it say proxy server is refrusion connections07:54
Unifxand ip07:54
Unifxum yeah that is wierd07:55
xpistos1okay so in ff i have socks host as home and port as same port in putty 456707:55
xpistos1let me recheck putty07:55
Unifxthen save07:55
xpistos1in putty ssh tunnel07:56
xpistos1I set the source port as 456707:56
xpistos1and destination as the server's ip but it says I have to save it as host.name:port so I add the port to the ip so its says
Unifxheads up you shouldnt post that lol07:58
Unifxok so when setting up the tunel07:59
Unifxdont use a servers ip07:59
Unifxuse a port only and change it to dynamic07:59
Unifxthen when you click add07:59
Unifxoit should look like07:59
FaeLLejust wondering if anyone has a easy guide to get openswan running on Amazon EC2 using IPSec PSK08:00
FaeLLethe guides i found on google were giving me issues and i have no idea how to troubleshoot08:00
xpistos1it is internal08:00
xpistos1Well that worked08:02
Unifxso pretty much08:03
Unifxeverything works accept your own fire fox with out a proxy08:03
Unifxso your pings work>08:03
xpistos1yes pings worked08:03
Unifxso your http is up08:03
xpistos1so now the next is how do I get it to work without the ssh tunnel08:04
Unifxand have you tried other browsers08:04
xpistos1not uet08:04
xpistos1she only wants to use firefox. I tell her to use chrome but she was gettig the same results08:05
Unifxyeah i only use ff08:05
xpistos1google works08:05
xpistos1I got tired of ff and the rapid release breaking stuff constantly08:05
xpistos1or chrome works now to08:05
fedorhi there, I am interested in knowing, why when i am copying files to my android-smartphone (via usb-cable) i am getting something that is corrupted, thus i am left without files needed, when I really need them.  Is it connected with the file system, or is it just that i am unlucky?08:05
xpistos1Unifx: LOL. Wierd. I killed the putty session08:06
xpistos1firefox does not work, but chrome is still working08:06
DavidSchererwhen I do `ssh user@host -p PORT` I keep getting the message "connection closed by IP". This is only happening on my Desktop (Ubuntu 12 LTS) but not on my Android phone, both using the same Internet connection. On the target VM, the connection is going through fine and there are no firewall issues, but it shows as though I am closing the connection.08:06
xpistos1I know chrome uses the network default08:06
DavidSchererAny ideas on how to fix this or what is even wrong?08:06
mal10canyone know how to change the default desktop to fluxbox in ubuntu 12.10 via terminal?08:06
xpistos1turn off the proxy in FF and now it is working without putty session up too???08:07
Unifxso putty is closed08:08
Unifxand all working08:08
xpistos1this is crazy08:08
Unifxyeah thought so08:08
Unifxsome times it has a few bigs08:08
DavidSchererOh, and it only seems to happen for one specific user. If I try with another_user@host I get a login prompt.08:08
solitary1yeah sometimes theres a bug where you have to set a port then remove it08:09
computerwhere is the device manager in ubuntu?08:13
computerneed to get my videio card to work08:14
cristian_cI'm looking for files which contain info on the multimedia keys on gnome 208:15
cristian_cI'm looking for info about commands executed from the multimedia keys08:16
cristian_cAny ideas?08:16
xpistos1uni4dfx: well it is still doing messing up with the ssh tunnel08:17
DavidSchererOkay, doing ssh -vvv User@Host -p Port shows that right before the connection closes I see it debug1: Offering RSA public key: /home/david/.ssh/id_rsa ::: debug3: send_pubkey_test ::: debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply08:17
DavidSchererThen the connection closes.08:18
xpistos1uni4dfx: or without it rather08:18
noregretwill deb packages for 10.04 work correctly on 12.04 ?08:22
DavidScherernoregret: Probably depends on the package?08:22
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
noregretDavidScherer: im looking for sphinx, http://sphinxsearch.com/downloads/release/08:23
noregrethow can I know the versino of a package from apt-cache search ?08:24
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
MrBarhow to see why some pkg installed?08:27
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
noregretMrBar: apt-cache pkgnames08:28
MrBarnoregret : it only pkg listing08:30
noregretMrBar: rephrase your question08:32
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
MrBari need to know for what reason (why) apt install some pkg, for example i need listing [pkg some-name: installed manualy, pkg foo: installed by depend of bar]08:34
=== Superfine is now known as Sornaensis
zantekkMrBar: sudo apt-get install apt-rdepends08:37
zantekkafter this: ex. apt-rdepeds foobar08:37
MrBarapt-rdepeds -r   generate long list08:37
MrBarhow to find what pkg select it08:38
MrBarheh  in debian i get right answer: need a aptitude :)08:41
computerwhere is the device manager in ubuntu?08:43
computerfor 12.1008:43
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:44
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=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
computerwhere is the device manager in ubuntu?08:51
computerfor 12.1008:51
rabbi1is there any light weight app, which can show my recent mails(gmail etc...) and posts (fb, twitter, linkedin etc) in a single app? like pidgin for chat....08:57
estrangedSoulat the start screen08:57
estrangedSouli lost my ubuntu pass08:58
estrangedSoulhow can i retrieve it08:58
zantekkrecovery console08:58
zantekkreboot and choose it in grub08:58
estrangedSoulI just have wubi09:00
estrangedSoulwhere is grub and how do i get to it09:00
zantekkwhen you boot, you can choose either starting windows or ubuntu09:01
computerwhere is the device manager in ubuntu?09:01
computerfor 12.1009:01
zantekkand there should also be someting like Ubuntu 12.10 - Recovery Console09:01
zantekkcomputer: lsusb xD09:02
zantekkcomputer: not in System Tools -> Device Manager?09:02
computerwhere do i first click to get there?09:03
rabbi1will gwibber be a good choice ?09:03
computernot use to this unity desktop09:03
computeri click dash oard and dont see it09:04
zantekkjust start typing device09:04
zantekkand get rid of unity09:04
zantekkit's crap09:04
computeri type device manager and nothing shows09:05
zantekksudo apt-get install gnome-panel09:05
zantekkreboot and choose Gnome Classic at your login window09:05
computerwill gnome work with compiz?09:06
zantekkyes of couse09:06
rabbi1I never liked Unity09:06
zantekkI hate it^^ it's for touch devices..09:07
computerseems like they killed ubuntu with this unity crap09:07
rabbi1tried to be too smart. but spoiled in my opinion.. I also think it can be made better09:08
=== eGetin_ is now known as eGetin
=== devlin is now known as Guest69050
zantekkkust use xfce with avant-window-navigator -> perfect09:08
computershould at least come with the opstion to use gnome by default09:08
computerxfce dont work well with compiz09:09
estrangedSoulhow can i retrieve it09:09
estrangedSoulmy password to ubuntu09:09
zantekkcan't see any problems09:09
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords09:09
rabbi1computer: you can install gnome and make it default..09:09
estrangedSoulwhat about user name?09:09
computerboot in recovery mode09:09
zantekkestrangedSoul: I wrote it to you some lines ago09:10
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo09:10
subhadeepmy left side bar is not coming up in Cairo unity panel mode...can anybody help me09:11
zantekkdon't use unity09:11
Name141-if the keyboard is detected wrong in install, is that an easy fix or a reinstall easier fix fix ?09:11
ct529hi! After the last kernel update my boot time has increased of approx 10s.09:14
ct529Any changes that could justify it?09:14
zantekkct529: go back to the older one?09:15
ct529zantekk: sorry?09:15
zantekkct529: if the newer kernel seems to be slower on your system, just switch back09:16
ct529zantekk: I would rather udnerstand what is wrong09:16
zantekkcan find anything in the logfiles?09:17
ct529everything seems to be taking a little bit more, from dmesg09:18
computeri still cant see device manager anywhere?! what the hell?!09:20
zantekkjust try booting the older kernel and compare them, if the newer is really that slower, go back to the older one09:20
zantekkcomputer: for what? what do you want to do?09:21
computervideo card09:21
zantekksudo apt-get install nvidia-current09:22
zantekkreboot, done09:22
nikttowhat is best / advised tool to set up ubuntu / debian repository? Still reprepro?09:22
computerdoes ubuntu not come with device manager anymore?09:22
zantekkdunno, I'm not using 12.10 atm09:22
ct529zantekk: that is what I have already done of course, but it is only slower at boot09:22
zantekkcomputer: but what for? terminal is much faster^^09:23
computeryeah if i knew all these commands, maybe09:24
zantekklearning by doing ;)09:25
computerthnx though09:25
ct529computer: does muon not show you the nvidia driver?09:25
computerits downloading09:26
computernvidia-current is downloading09:27
ct529computer: or synaptica09:27
ct529which package manager are you using?09:27
computerseems only "ubuntu software center" and not synaptica09:29
computerthat also sucks09:29
micjan02i have a serial logger that i connect to via socat. one end (serial logger) is tcp, the other is pty. how can i send sysrq ("^a f" in minicom, "^a b" in screen) over such setup?09:29
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ct529computer: I think you can install synaptica from the software centre, and that would be able to show you all the drivers09:30
Guest96298does anybody know where does cups gets fonts to be embedded from?09:39
rabbi1installed gwibber for first time, but it doesn't show any comment at all... what could be the issue?09:40
computerk now its asking me to run nvidia-xconfig as root? how do i do that?09:41
computerk now its asking me to run nvidia-xconfig as root? how do i do that?09:43
computersudo -s ?09:44
joey8computer→ to run programs as root prefix your command phrase with sudo09:44
joey8ie sudo plink -test09:45
computeri tried but i get the same error msg09:45
david_Can anyone help me with an SSH issue?09:45
computerYou do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.09:45
computeri tried sudo nvidia-xconfig but keep getting the same msg09:46
=== tombatone is now known as tombstone
david_computer: You have installed the driver, no09:47
=== tombstone is now known as gibo
computeri guess09:47
computeryeah i did09:48
Jester_Morning everyone!09:50
david_Maybe ask nvidia?09:50
david_My SSH client is (after sending a pub key packet) closing the connection, or perhaps the server is closing the connection.09:51
david_The SSH server logs say that I'm closing the connection.09:52
david_It only happens on my desktop, not on my phone.09:52
david_Both use the same internet connection.09:52
david_Ideas? I've been searching forever.09:53
=== gibo is now known as tombatone
joey8david_→ is the ssh server on the same machine as you are ssh-logging in from09:54
david_No, it's our production machine.09:54
sons_of_shi all09:55
sons_of_si'm spanish09:55
david_joey8: I recently set up RSA keys for Bitbucket, would that have an effect?09:55
sons_of_salgun español aqui?09:55
sons_of_s[david_] you spanish?09:55
sons_of_s[david_] in server people spanish o no?09:56
david_sons_of_s: Hablo espanol muy paquito.09:56
sons_of_s[david_] yo soy nuevo en este server09:56
david_Forgive me for butchering a simple sentence in your language. :S09:56
sons_of_sLOL xDD i'm not understand09:56
sons_of_stendre que aprender ingles por huevos....09:57
david_Yo tambien09:57
sons_of_s[david_] tu español xD09:57
=== helpme is now known as Guest29502
david_Nein, abber mein Deutsch ist gut, oder  besser als mein Spansih.09:58
sons_of_s[david_] you german?09:58
sons_of_s[david_] in spanish mucha fiesta, mucha beer xDDDD09:58
Myrtti!es | sons_of_s09:58
ubottusons_of_s: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:59
david_3rd generation German American.09:59
sons_of_s[ubottu] okkk thanks09:59
guang_#j /os09:59
=== sons_of_s is now known as sons_of_satan
sons_of_satan[ubottu] tu eres español?09:59
FloodBot1john00102: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:00
Myrttisons_of_satan: it is a robot program, not human10:01
cousteau`sudo` is not safe for graphics applications and `gksudo` is.  Is `sudo -H` safe as well?10:01
sons_of_satan[Myrtti] thanks10:01
david_joey8: So no, different, remote server. Would a ssh -vvv help?10:01
cousteaufor what I could understand, the problem with sudo is that it doesn't change $HOME to /root, thus messing the user config files10:02
cousteauhowever `sudo -H` exports HOME=/root10:02
thermiongood to know...10:02
david_cousteau: What about just su to root until you're done? I mean, it's an extra step...but?10:02
david_cousteau: Ahhh, very good to know indeed. :)10:03
cousteausu root is safe as well?  (`sudo su` I guess)10:03
Myrttinot really10:03
david_I didn't say it was safe.10:03
david_I'm just under the impression when you su a user $home changes.10:04
cousteauI mean safe regarding $HOME10:04
cousteauas in "as safe as gksudo"10:04
david_I don't know what gksudo is, so I'm pleading the 5th here.10:04
joekoocc1_how to control the usb port as in the serial port & parallel port in ubuntu?10:04
mobherohi, how to install tomcat7 on ubuntu 10.04 LTS server10:05
mobheropls help on this10:05
david_I wish magic could fix my SSH, I'd have phoned the neighborhood weirdo that does raindances.10:05
Myrtticousteau, david_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo explains some good and bad options10:05
cousteaujoekoocc1_, not sure what you mean, but when you plug an FTDI USB device, a /dev/ttyUSB* or /dev/ttyACM* device will appear10:06
david_mobhero: I think you should ask tomcat people, or browse the tomcat docs, or maybe check to see if Apt or Yum or whatever your fav PKG manager has it.10:06
cousteaumy idea was to alias sudo to `sudo -H` by default.10:06
guestLinxwhich is he best tool for Linux to convert video file to  AVI DIVX ?10:07
david_cousteau: That may not be a good idea.10:07
cousteauI proposed that idea to brainstorm and it was blatantly rejected10:07
david_You usually only need sudo to do commands that require elevated permissions is certain areas.10:07
cousteauguestLinx, are you aware of the fuzziness of the word "best"?10:08
guestLinxcousteau: easiest and more efficient10:08
david_So if you're installing something as a User BOB, with sudo, instead of stuff going into BOB's home directory, it'll go to root.10:08
cousteauguestLinx,  some will suggest you ffmpeg, or winff, or mencoder, or avidemux, or another video editor10:09
cousteaudavid_, shouldn't it?10:09
david_guestLinx: Your best option is to Google search, a bunch of different blog entries and stuff will pop up arguing the features and benefits of several in each post.10:09
david_The "Best" is the one that has everything you need.10:09
cousteau"easiest" is also a fuzzy word10:09
david_cousteau: Shouldn't what?10:10
cousteauand it sometimes conflict with "most efficient"10:10
cousteaudavid_, put stuff on /root rather than ~user10:10
cousteaualso, if it puts stuff on ~user it will do so with root as owner10:11
cousteauI'm not sure, but I think everything on ~user should belong to user10:11
david_If I'm writing an install script, good practice is to have the app you're installing be ran as a non-system, non-root user. The files should also be owned by the same user.10:11
david_For the most part, I only want the install script ran with SUDO so I can add files to places I normally might not be able to or to change permissions for something I'm setting up.10:12
david_I'd be writing this install script assuming $home points to the user's home folder I'm installing the program to run as, rather than the Root/system user.10:13
cousteaunon-sudo for local install (e.g. ~/program/) and sudo for /usr/local/10:13
cousteauor /opt/10:13
cousteaudavid_, but if ran with sudo, the user that is doing the install is root10:13
cousteaucasted by the user10:13
david_I think sudo not changing the $home variable by default is wholly intentional and to good purpose.10:14
cousteauyou never see superman doing superman stuff dressed as clark kent10:14
david_cousteau: But the files are still OWNED by the user running the script.10:14
david_They're just doing it with superuser permissions.10:14
cousteaudavid_, if sudo writes something, its owner will be root10:14
david_And still relative to the user who's running the script's home directory.10:15
thermionhow uses realtive paths in an installer??10:15
cousteaudavid_, actually the INSTALL script should not touch the user CONFIGURATION10:16
david_cousteau: And that can be changed by the script, but if it's placed in the wrong folder, ie a sub-dirctory of  /home/root/something and it should be in /home/bob/something you have other problems.10:16
cousteauso it should either go to ./ or to an install path10:16
david_Suffice it to say I merely think aliasing sudo to sudo -h by default is not a great idea.10:16
cousteauso to $PWD and not to $HOME10:16
cousteau-H, not -h10:16
david_It might not be wrong, or bad, but it could cause some un-expected side-effects.10:17
cousteauI think it would avoid a bunch of sudo-related errors10:17
cousteauand all those "nooo! don't use sudo for graphical things, use gksudo!"10:18
david_Most of the "install" scripts I write are CLI php scripts used to take a fresh Clone from Git and move all the *.default files to their right places and all that and change directory permissions and stuff.10:18
cousteauseems that the only problem with sudo vs gksudo is the $HOME thing10:19
cousteaudavid_, sudo installations should be system-wide and thus not touch a specific user's configuration10:20
david_Right, anyway, I didn't really want to argue, I'm just saying I can think of instances where that alias may not be a great idea.10:20
david_cousteau: Are you talking about an install done by a sudo install.sh ?10:21
cousteauwe're not arguing! we're discussing.10:21
david_Just because something "should" be a certain way doesn't mean it always is.10:22
cousteaudavid_, I'm talking about whatever install script you were talking about10:22
david_Have you looked at browser compatibility lately? :P10:22
david_I apparently break that rule all the time with my "install" scripts.10:23
david_They're more like "get this setup like yesterday" scripts.10:23
david_I hate clicking the refresh button wondering "What now?"10:24
david_"Oh, I forgot to make templates_c writable. Oops."10:24
e-v-oHow can I enable Unity 3D (at the moment it's 2D only) in Ubuntu 12.04 running on VirtulaBox?10:31
david_e-v-o: Is the option available on the login screen?10:31
e-v-odavid_: It doesn't appear to be, options are Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D10:32
e-v-oThe host is a macbook pro btw10:33
david_e-v-o: Buying an MBP was your first mistake. :P But that is entirely another discussion altogether, however if you ever need a new one let me know. I have a laptop and some super glue laying around you could have.10:37
david_Scratch that, I just found the Gorilla Glue. Much more effective. :D10:37
e-v-odavid_: lol I would've bought a Ubuntu supported laptop if it wasn't for the Adobe software that I need for work. Besides, no laptop hardware comes close to the mbp build.10:39
BlackDalekWhat is a fool-proof way of finding the location of a file on my system? I can never get the nautilus file search to find anything10:39
BlackDalekhow can I find a file in the filesystem?10:40
david_e-v-o: Too bad it's glued in...so in <18 months, when hardware is twice as good, there's no possibility of an upgrade without another 1.5k. I like the Mac UI (to an extent) but the price tag and super glue is where I draw the line. The computer shop down the street can build me a Mac-ish specced laptop for less $$$ that I can upgrade.10:41
e-v-odavid_: thanks for the links but they don't seem to be specific to my situation.10:41
david_BlackDalek: Is it a common config file? I use google. (Like for finding hosts-enabled)10:41
BlackDalekis there some command which will search the entire filesystem for the  file specified?10:41
e-v-odavid_: that's not totally true, you can upgrade ram and hardisk, what else do you want on a laptop?10:42
david_Otherwise I'm sure there's a REALLY cool, and crazy, command you could use to do what you want.10:42
BlackDalekdavid_, no, it is a specific file belonging to a program which I want to copy from one computer to another.. but I do not know its location10:42
david_e-v-o: Really? I was under the impression that RAM and HDD in the MBP were glued in.10:42
BlackDalekdavid_, I know the exact name of the file, I just can't find it10:43
david_My neighbor was groaning about it.10:43
e-v-odavid_: nope, they never have. You do need to unscrew the bottom though :P10:43
thermionhow about "find / -name [name_of_file]?10:43
david_BlackDalek: try find filename10:43
tempinhi! i want to give ubuntu for ARMv7 a try, where can I search for available software for this particular platform?10:43
e-v-oBlackDalek: look up the Linux "find" command.10:43
e-v-ooops too late10:44
alimje-v-o: Did you install Virtual-Box extensions already? Did you enable 3D support in Virtual-Box video setting?10:44
Linpassionthere ise same user to know ho to change the purple screen on ubuntu 12.02 LTS, without using plymouth^?10:44
david_e-v-o: http://macdailynews.com/2012/06/13/teardown-of-macbook-pro-with-retina-display-reveals-soldered-ram-glued-in-battery/10:44
e-v-oalimj, yes I did. That was the first thing I did.10:44
david_Linpassion: gnome-utils?10:45
david_It's in the USC.10:45
tempinis there an online version of apt-cache search "software" specific for available packages for ARM?10:46
e-v-odavid_: wasn't aware of that! mine's the previous model. I certainly won't be upgrading if it is true.10:46
Linpassioni'll try david10:47
david_e-v-o: Pretty sure it is. My neighbor was groaning about it a while back, and so has a collegue that I used to work with complained that he should have saved 500 and bought a Best Buy laptop and super glue.10:47
=== GabrieleV_ is now known as GabrieleV
david_Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with my SSH? I can paste the ssh -vvv again if need be.10:48
noregretwhat package has add-apt-repository ?10:49
david_noregret: ?10:49
david_noregret: I thought that was an apt utility?10:49
BlackDalekhow long does the "find" command usually take to search a 70gb filesystem? been sitting there for 5 minutes now....10:50
BlackDalekHas it stalled?10:50
david_BlackDalek: Not really sure? Probably depends on whether or not there's indexing and stuff.10:51
david_Also depends on the how many files.10:52
BlackDalekdavid_, a whole bunch of permission denied errors are coming up - is there anyway I can force it to search those directories too?10:52
david_And if you're searching just the file name.10:52
lemonsparrowI have ssh command like this $ ssh -l user -p 22 a@b.com   how to add the proxy to this command ?10:52
david_BlackDalek: sudo find10:52
david_lemonsparrow: I don't think ssh utility itself supports a proxy, or at least there's nothing in the docs.10:53
david_You can configure a base proxy to route all your traffic through from your computer, if you want.10:54
david_No sure how though.10:54
david_Or maybe there's a way to pipe to or from the ssh for a proxied connection.10:54
lemonsparrowdavid_: I am trying $ ssh -v -p 22 user@host.com and i get the error ssh: connect to host host.com port 22: Connection timed out10:56
david_lemonsparrow: No idea what -v does. I use ssh user@host.com -p 123410:57
david_lemonsparrow: And since port 22 is the default, you don't need it.10:58
lemonsparrowdavid_: and where do you set the proxy ?10:58
david_Unless you're trying to SSH to a non-standard port.10:58
david_lemonsparrow: I don't think you can with ssh. You'd probably have to do it via the system or a pipe somehow or something. Or SSH into a VM then SSH from the VM to somewhere else.10:59
lemonsparrowdavid_: I still get port 22: Connection timed out10:59
david_Can you ping the IP you're trying to reach? Is it the right port?11:00
david_Is there really an SSHd server running on the target machine for you to connect to?11:01
lemonsparrowdavid_: I am trying to ssh into a public server11:01
david_Connecting from a proxy probably won't resolve you not being able to connect.11:01
david_But I don't know.11:01
david_Anyway, I need to go afk for a bit.11:02
agselis there something like krusader with synchronization in gnome?11:04
Guest91268trying out steam and installed the latest Nvidia additional drivers and it dident work, how do i uinstall it from the terminal11:04
XATRIXHi guys, is there any repo where can i find a 3.7 kernel with pf-kernel patchset to install from ?11:08
jonesn420hurry you guys click this http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/maya got 1 minutes 45 seconds left11:09
jonesn420whats gonna happen11:09
FloodBot1jonesn420: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:09
jonesn420oh nice FloodBot1 is set for 20 wpm lol11:09
jonesn420im just watchin this site to see what they implemented to say after these 20 more seconds11:10
XATRIXhttp://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/maya - Upstream write/read error :)))) Looks like IT started!! :))11:12
jonesn420nice it started countin up. they musta felt stupid11:12
e-v-oDoes anyone know how to enable Unity 3D in Ubuntu 12.04 running on VirtulaBox on OSX host?11:12
nyuszika7hI get connect to upstream server timeout, jonesn42011:12
nyuszika7hhad the write/read error before11:12
e-v-oI have installed the Guest additions btw.11:12
jonesn420refresh nyuszika7h11:12
jonesn420i got that too but it started countin up11:13
XATRIXOh crap...I see alien ships over the Ukrainean sky.... O_O11:13
jonesn420hold on11:13
XATRIXHoly shit11:13
FloodBot1jonesn420: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:13
Ann-Mariyamy ubuntu 12.04 always connects to internet through a program gvfsd-http. How can I sotp this and save my bandwidth ???11:13
jonesn420this FloodBot1 is retarded11:13
XATRIXOh my god...There're tons of the FreeBSD DVDs are falling from the ships on our heads...11:14
jonesn420wow i need some mail them too me cause i dont see them XATRIX11:15
jonesn420Cows are flyin i thought that was always a joke11:15
XATRIXjonesn420, i will ask some subscription for you , next time it will try to land nearby..11:16
nyuszika7hError 503: Connection lost11:16
Ann-Mariyasomebody plz tell me how to prevent the gvfsd-http from connecting to internet ???11:16
jonesn420oh i didnt think it was the aliens. nah dont let them know. u done been probed and forgot about it!11:16
XATRIXOh, these aliens are hunting for people and microsoft laptops/desktops11:17
jonesn420awesome. they should aim for novell11:18
jonesn420well wonder how long this world ends clock will count up now.11:18
jonesn420i say they have to add multiple digits to it11:19
jonesn420or they will notice they are retarded11:19
jonesn420even if the world ended it wouldnt be like it exploded KABOOM...it wont be bad stuff happenin over time11:19
silvio_it is the 2000 Bios Bug, its now on! Cause Bios was an Idea of Microsoft11:19
* XATRIX somokes a bit lot...11:19
* jonesn420 joins XATRIX from probably a continent or country away11:20
* jonesn420 runs out already. he says "damn i only had a bug"11:20
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, helo11:21
jonesn420alright im done bullshittin11:21
Ann-MariyaXATRIX:how to prevent the gvfsd-http from connecting to internet ?11:21
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp --dport PORT_THAT_USES_gvfsd_http -j REJECT11:23
MaccerWhere can I speak to ubuntu developers or package maintainers?11:23
Ann-MariyaXATRIX: what is this dear ?11:23
XATRIXMaccer, it's a DDAY dude... what are you talking about :)11:23
MaccerXATRIX. :-(11:23
jussiMaccer: probably #ubuntu-devel - but be very polite, they are extremely busy11:24
Maccerjussi: Thank you.11:24
cousteauAnn-Mariya, 201211:24
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, It's a firewall command to deny network access of gvfsd11:24
Ann-MariyaXATRIX:iptables v1.4.12: invalid port/service `PORT_THAT_USES_gvfsd_http' specified11:25
Ann-MariyaTry `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.11:25
Ann-MariyaThis is what I got11:25
Snurre86I installed det aditional beta driver from nvidia and the pc diden't boot so i typed "sudo apt-get --pure remove nvidia-*" but i want to install another beta driver i know works. But it don't looks as if it is completely uinstalled11:25
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, ofcource... PORT_THAT... is a thing you have to change on the real value11:26
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, are you really using network shares through the internet ?11:27
Ann-MariyaXATRIX: plz 4ward the actual command...u know ladies are not gud in computers11:28
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, I just use internet to browse and chat !!!11:29
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, ok, let's do it from the start. Why do you want to block it ? :)11:30
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, It slows down my internet11:30
XATRIXCan you give me the output of: sudo netstat -tup | grep gvfsd11:31
xatr0zXATRIX: i dont like your nick, my hilight goes nuts :P:P11:31
MonkeyDustAnn-Mariya  please don't say 4ward and gud, better use the actual words11:31
XATRIXMonkeyDust, don't buy computers for the ladies next time ;)11:32
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, terminal doesn't gave any o/p11:33
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, you have to do it from root account !11:33
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, the same11:34
XATRIXCan you give me the output of: sudo netstat -tup11:34
XATRIXAny ESTABLISHED connections from gvfsd ?11:35
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, let me notify that this time my firewall shows that, gvfsd-http is not connected11:35
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, block it with your firewall - the simpliest way11:35
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, I am using firestarter11:35
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, no idea what is it :)11:36
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, well how can I block it ?11:36
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, Can you do it with your firewall ?11:38
XATRIXBy the way , are you from India ?11:38
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, no option for that11:38
XATRIXShould be , any firewall must have this option to11:38
ironhalikWhen hibernating, swap partition has to be equal or larger then my RAM size?11:39
Ann-MariyaXATRIX,k . u have been most helpful11:39
MonkeyDustironhalik  better larger11:39
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, you can also try to find the executable with : locate gvfsd-http and remove it , if you don't use the network shares11:40
ironhalikMonkeyDust: can I hibernate with a swap file? I would need to repartition my ssd after latest upgrade11:40
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, what is this n/w share, i don't understand11:40
SkyRocknRollThere is a hot debate going on in my office now regarding which os ( ubuntu or debian ) should be used in our new server ?11:41
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, Ubuntu has some functionality to share files, or whatever media between people over internet... If you don't use it, you don't need gvfs11:41
ironhalikWikimedia runs on ubuntu :)11:41
SkyRocknRollany point to support for ubuntu  i will appreciate :)11:41
MonkeyDustironhalik  i have not enough ewperience with hibernation, to know such things11:41
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, well i don't need it11:42
fidel_SkyRocknRoll: this channel is offering technical support - not propaganda11:42
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, remove it ;)11:42
ironhalikMonkeyDust: Nevermind. I'll check the docs, I think there was something there about it.11:42
swSkyRocknRoll It doesn't work like that, you use whatever is best for the organisation, depending on your requirements. This isn't a debate room, people here will tend to use Ubuntu, for obvious reasons.11:42
Ann-MariyaXATRIX, let me show the command11:42
SkyRocknRollmy opponent who is recommending debian says only this point " Debian is used by lot of guys"11:43
ss_hello! I've done terrible things :). I've been trying to the nvidia drivers working on ubuntu (I was trying to run a game and it was running very slowly and i assumed this was due to incorrect graphics drivers). I went to the update centre and went to software sources, additional drivers and chose an nvidia driver11:43
MonkeyDustSkyRocknRoll  wrong channel11:44
swSkyRocknRoll You're not up against much then. Again, this is the wrong channel - try ##linux.11:44
* SkyRocknRoll going to linux channel11:44
ss_i restarted X (logged out)... nothing seemed to change visually but now the game segfaulted! ok. So I tried playing around with the nvidia-settings commands, specifically i ran nvidia-settings which started with a dialogue box suggesting i run nvidia-xconfig11:44
ss_i proceeded to run nvidia-xconfig, on an initial x restart, black screen, no output whatsoever, after that i restarted the machine and now im stuck in 640x480 :D11:45
XATRIXAnn-Mariya, dpkg -S gvfsd-http - show me the output11:45
ss_brb, gonna try reverting to the original x.org drivers11:47
ss_is there a way to... completely reinstall X? I have a feeling this is all down to some duff xorg settings11:47
ss_is there a way to revert/reinstall xorg?11:47
gaussblurinci want to write an application, that would use Oauth on JS for linux system family. How should i share this with others?11:55
gaussblurincSo, i mean, that this application would use it's own appKey. is it normal? it will be open as source js-code.11:56
bdi_Hello, i have inserted my SD card from my camera into my computer running ubuntu 12.10 desktop. However when i do that i get: Unable to mount EOS_DIGITAL: Error mounting /dev/mmcblk0p1 at /media/bdi/EOS_DIGITAL: Command-line `mount -t "exfat" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid" "/dev/mmcblk0p1" "/media/bdi/EOS_DIGITAL"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: unknown filesystem type 'exfat'12:00
bdi_Is there any way to mount this?12:00
seudo_tw /j #python.tw12:00
POVaddctbdi_: afaik there is no exfat support in linux yet12:01
tomreynbdi_: exfat is indeed not a known file system type12:01
bdi_ahh got it fixed12:02
bdi_hmm maybe not12:02
tomreynbdi_: there's a fuse module for exfat, thoughj12:04
POVaddctbdi_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ExFAT12:04
bdi_yeah i got it working12:04
POVaddctpatented, proprietary sh*t12:05
gaussblurincofftopic: maybe somebody know a skype-dev channel?12:06
tomreyni think there is #microsoft12:06
bdi_but damn its slow12:06
gaussblurinctomreyn: thanks, will search12:07
casualX hi there! can someone give me a advice how to create a xorg.conf file for a livecd at system startup or a workaround for starting X without xorg.conf and nvidia drivers?12:07
gaussblurincand how about security in Oauth and applicationKey? if it is an open source?12:07
POVaddctbdi_: complain to M$ for making exfat undocumented, proprietary and patented12:07
bdi_POVaddct, ohh its crappy M$ FS12:08
Saxonhello,every body12:08
Touhou11POVaddct: True, it took several years before NTFS was in a usable state from Linux12:08
bdi_POVaddct, you cant expect anything else from M$ or Apple12:08
tomreyncasualX: your question sounds like you want to find out http://askubuntu.com/questions/206283/how-can-i-uninstall-a-nvidia-driver-completely12:08
POVaddctTouhou11: the same will happen with exfat. plus it is patented.12:08
bdi_POVaddct, i really like M$ more than i like Apple though...Apple is #1 disgusting12:09
POVaddctbdi_: hehe12:10
casualXthx tomreyn but nouveau seems not to work too...even the vesa driver seems not to work12:10
Nick-Black-92829Hello there 12:12
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casualXtomreyn I creat my livecd from scratch for a study project so I need to find a way to create a xorg.conf when starting it up...I allready tried doing it by system service with X -configue and then copy to /etc/X11/ but it failed cause my service script could create any file12:12
tomreyncasualX: "it failed cause my service script could create any file" doesn't make much sense to me. why does the initskript fail due to being able to create files?12:17
XATRIXAny grub configurator for ubuntu ?12:18
tomreynXATRIX: there is update-grub12:18
XATRIXgrub2 is hard as hell, like C++ coding12:18
Nick-Black-92829 /who *cadena*12:18
XATRIXtomreyn, update-grub or update-grub2 ?12:19
Touhou11grub2 is fairly simple to understand, just read the manual: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html12:19
tomreynXATRIX: $ ls -l /usr/sbin/update-grub212:20
tomreynlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Okt 14 19:37 /usr/sbin/update-grub2 -> update-grub12:20
XATRIXtomreyn, i mean, i installed kernel binary12:20
XATRIXHow can i configure grub menu12:20
XATRIXTo manually setup the order of entries12:21
tomreynXATRIX: you optionally edit /etc/default/grub and run update-grub12:21
casualXtomreyn I thought maybee its not possible but I think its just my mistake. here is my scrip which runs well when I do it /etc/init.d/ after login from console but not from startup...youre my great saver today if you can help me fix it http://pastebin.com/FvGLBkj012:22
tomreynXATRIX: to manually change the order of entries and not have them overwritten automatically on next kernel update / removal you will need to adjust the names of files in /etc/grub.d/12:24
tomreynXATRIX: it may be better to just set the # of the default entry in /etc/default/grub though12:24
XATRIXok,, let's go another way12:25
XATRIXgive me a sec12:25
proyecto_Buen día12:25
wilfredorI'm looking for a free software solution for around 30,000 phones with different architectures, from call centers (pbx) to mobile phones12:25
erncicwilfredor: asterisk12:26
tomreyncasualX: did you create this based on some template? where is this script stored, how is it invoked on boot?12:27
wilfredorAsterisk is a virtual pbx but We have a fisical pbxs erncic12:28
XATRIXtomreyn, http://hastebin.com/rakusodanu.vhdl12:28
XATRIXThat's what i currently have12:28
XATRIXI need to enable pf-kernel12:28
tomreynwilfredor: your question is pretty surely out of the scope of this channel12:29
tomreyn!ot | wilfredor12:29
ubottuwilfredor: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:29
heideggermartinI am trying to get a server running on https:// and if I generate .ssh files for it then my client complains because the ssh key for that domain is different on ssh and https12:29
elfersomeone answer his question =p12:29
wilfredortomreyn: I forget, ubuntu is not gnu/linux12:29
muelliheideggermartin: can you provide a screeshot or an error message?12:30
heideggermartinuhm ... Error: SSL Error: DEPTH_ZERO_SELF_SIGNED_CERT12:30
elferi have questions, but i wont ask until later...12:30
casualXtomreyin yes i did this by a general template...the script is stored in /etc/init.d/ by the way i dont use upstart I use openrc...after creation i runned rc-update add <script> name...I can see the output on the monitor but It not create the file /root/xorg.conf.new...after when I logged in I can successfully start it with /etc/init,d/<scriptname> start and then it does his job :)12:31
elferneed a cat nap soon12:31
heideggermartinwell: I want to make sure that the https uses the same key as the ssh shell to avoid running into other errors so I wondered where the cert and key files for ssh are hosted by default on ubuntu12:31
heideggermartin(as you can see above its a rather non-saying error of my command line tool in running in node)12:32
muelliheideggermartin: what client are you using?12:33
muelliheideggermartin: the sshd keys are somewhere in /etc/ssh/12:33
tomreynXATRIX: as per /etc/grub.d/41_custom you can create a file /etc/boot/grub/custom.cfg which will have just the kernel stanza you wish to show up in grub menu in it.12:33
tomreynXATRIX: alternatively you can place it in /etc/grub.d/40_custom12:34
heideggermartinmuelli: I have found tons of ssh keys in /etc/ssh/certs but I don't know which are used for the ssh command (I use mac/node/browser)12:34
tomreynXATRIX: then run update-grub again and set default to the # of the kernel stanza in grub.cfg12:35
XATRIXtomreyn, Sure but where should i edit paths to the kernel ? I wouldn't like to parse ton of a code :)12:35
XATRIXAlso, i have no grub menu during startup...12:35
muelliheideggermartin: I have a weird feeling about your problem so I ask stupid questions. So you are using the OpenSSH ssh client? On the command line?12:35
tomreynXATRIX: hold down shift at boot to make grub menu load12:35
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XATRIXDidn't know about this12:36
heideggermartinmuelli: yes i used the standard command line client.12:36
tomreynXATRIX: you don't need to parse any code, you can put the plain kernel stanzs into one of the files12:36
muelliheideggermartin: and can you pastebin your terminal session, including the program you call and how it returns?12:36
XATRIXkernel stanzs = kernel images paths ?12:37
heideggermartinmuelli: the client is part of the problem, but not one I can change ;)12:37
heideggermartinmuelli: As far as I can tell its possible to register different known_host ssh certificates for different ports12:38
tomreynXATRIX: kernel stanza =  a "menuentry" section, as found in your existing /boot/grub/grub.cfg12:38
muelliso, are you going to post a full transcript of you calling ssh?12:38
heideggermartinmuelli: ssh <user>@<myserver>12:39
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muellipastebin the contents of your terminal. Or use "script" and upload the file.12:39
XATRIXtomreyn, wait. If i reboot my box and hold down shift during startup, will it automatically add my new kernel to the list of kernels available to boot to ?12:40
XATRIXOr i have to manually write something into the config file12:40
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tomreynXATRIX: since the kernel image you want to try to boot is not a standard ubuntu image, you need to manually add a menuentry { } section referencing the kernel image and initrd to /etc/boot/grub/custom.cfg or /etc/grub.d/40_custom12:42
tomreynXATRIX: did you build this kernel image yourself, or did you find it somewhere? it's a bit of a dangerous situation that you would want to setup a custom kernel but know little about how grub works on ubuntu.12:46
XATRIXtomreyn, I'm quite experienced in building custom kernels, i did gentoo for about 7 years :) The trouble is that grub2 is quite a bit complicated than grub, and i would not like to dig into the script-code :)12:47
XATRIXI know how bootloader works, i also used lilo bootloaders, but grub2 confuses me as hell :)12:48
tomreynheinrich5991: /etc/ssh/certs is not a standard location on ubuntu, as far as i know. what is stored in there, what placed it there (if you know), and what is its purpose (if you know)12:48
XATRIXAlso it's not a hand-made kernel, i downloaded it from the http://pf.natalenko.name/binaries/ubuntu/12:48
tomreynsorry heinrich5991, this was supposed to go to heideggermartin12:48
heideggermartinmuelli: https://gist.github.com/70fd2abf55e78724285d12:49
heideggermartinmuelli: I am not sure this tells you anything.12:49
muelliheideggermartin: well. So why do you see SSH being a problem? it's "npm" that fails, right?12:49
heideggermartinmuelli: This is my custom npm server ... running on ubuntu12:50
heideggermartinmuelli: that has a different ssh key than the ssh service on the server12:50
muelliheideggermartin: I don't see SSH in the problem space at all.12:50
muelliheideggermartin: the problem I see is that "GET" fails due to SSL things.12:50
heideggermartinmuelli: it fails imho because the server is not part of the known_hosts12:51
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casualXhave a nice day folks12:51
Guest84894Comment ça va12:51
muelliheideggermartin: how do you know that?12:51
muelliheideggermartin: I see the problem is clearly mentioned: zero depth certificate. That's obviously the SSL certificate12:51
muellifrom the HTTPd that is12:51
heideggermartinmuelli: its a common failure if you have try to access a uncertified secure domain12:52
heideggermartinmuelli: it also says in the error SELF_SIGNED_CERT which you usually have to certify with a [YES/no] question12:53
heideggermartinmuelli: that is not available in npm12:53
YokoBRguys, plz, i can't understand what's happening. I had Ubuntu Server 10.04, but then i switched to 12.04. Now i've installed postfix, but i can only send some kind of mail with php. I mean, when an unser registers, it doesn't send him a mail. But when he do the first login, it does.12:54
heideggermartinmuelli: to make sure I made no other mistake I want to try to take the same ssh key in my npm server as I have in the ssh service(server)12:54
muelliheideggermartin: *shrug* anyway, so far, that doesn't look like anything SSH related at all to me.12:54
muelliheideggermartin: it looks like you only need to convince npm to trust the certificate that your httpd sends out. No idea how to do that though. But that's a npm specific problem.12:55
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heideggermartinmuelli: I am right now wondering if I write proper english (its not my mother tongue)12:56
heideggermartinmuelli: To be as clear as I can: I have the feeling that I can solve this problem if I have the same .ssh key for both services (SSH and HTTPS). The https service is installed by me and the ssh service is out-of-the-box.12:57
muelliheideggermartin: no12:57
heideggermartinmuelli: So I am asking if someone knows which .ssh key and cert file is used in the default ssh service of ubuntu.12:58
muelliheideggermartin: again, I am very surprised to see you seeing anything SSH related in there. The output you provided has no indication whatsoever for anything related to SSH. Not a single hint. It's all HTTPS.12:58
heideggermartinmuelli: You are not answering my question.12:58
muelliheideggermartin: look in /etc/ssh/. But you won't find anything to solve your problem there. SSH is *not related* to your problem. *Why* would it be? There is not a single technical reason.12:59
muelliheideggermartin: I am. And I am doing that although I believe your questions are bad.12:59
muelliheideggermartin: The SSHd key is in /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key. But that doesn't buy you anything.13:00
heideggermartinmuelli: Thank you, do you know which the cert key is?13:00
heideggermartinmuelli: sorry, cert pem file13:00
muelliheideggermartin: the problem is, your question don't make much sense. And that is, I believe, because you don't understand enough of the technical side of things.13:01
muellii.e. SSHd doesn't work with PEM encoded files.13:01
joey8!patience > heideggermartin13:01
ubottuheideggermartin, please see my private message13:01
tomreynheideggermartin: are you mixing up SSL and SSH by chance? "certificate" often refers to X.509. SSH doesn't use "certificates". sure, both openssl and openssh work with key pairs, often RSA key pairs, but they store and use them very differently.13:02
muelliheideggermartin: so if you want your problem to be solved, don't focus on ssh. Focus on npm and how to make it accept a certificate of your liking.13:02
heideggermartintomreyn: That they store those files differently is unfortunate.13:04
tomreynheideggermartin: why so?13:04
mimiNo problem as such, but would like to ask for some advice please? ..Can Win8 be run successfully in Virtual Box from within Ubuntu? All I need windows for is itunes13:04
heideggermartinIn the couchdb that runs on the server I have the possiblity to define the key/cert pem file for the https communication.13:04
muelliSure it is. But it's only 2012. We have yet to reach a state in which we can do PKI properly.13:04
muellimimi: guess so.13:05
mimimuelli: doesn't sound like you've tried it? :)13:05
muellimuelli: correct. But I don't see a reason why it would not work. Plus: it's easy to test, no?13:06
mimiI would normally run a dual boot system, but don't know if I can be bothered to go through the hassle (yet again)13:06
tomreynmimi: it does provide a windows 8 profile. and windows 8 boots up fine in a virtualbox VM on a ubuntu 12.10 host. video acceleration doesn't work for me, but that's porobably not a concern for you.13:06
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heideggermartinAs far as I can tell: npm (like git) uses the known_hosts file on mac to accept uncertified urls13:06
muelliheideggermartin: how do you know?13:06
mimitomreyn,  ...thanks. No, I don't think it would be a concern. I use linux most of the time, and only windows for itunes.13:07
muelliheideggermartin: that is very very likely to only apply for SSH. But you *don't* try to make a connection via SSH. But rather HTTPS.13:07
mimiI've never tried virtual box ...am running linux at the moment from live usb13:07
tomreynmimi: i guess you'll be fine then.13:07
mimitomreyn, thanks. once Virtual box is running in Ubuntu, is windows just installed as per normal ...within virtual box?13:08
heideggermartinmuelli: Not much i can say to that ...13:09
mimithanks ....'night. ...13:10
LTFHi, do u know how can I locate a script which runs afert login?, I only can see the echo exit to search it by it13:11
LTFim trying find / | xargs grep ´word´13:11
LTFwithout success13:11
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LorraHi everybody! I'm running ubuntu 12.0413:16
tomreynLTF: can you post the output you get after logging in (including the login/password prompt) to paste.ubuntu.com?13:16
Lorra.1 with the beautiful Enlightenment 17 window manager and I would like to use connman which is the default network manager for it or as second choice network-manager in the tray. Does anybody know how to accomplish either of those?13:17
MarcNI'm running Ubuntu Desktop 12.10 but want to upgrade to x86_64 in order for KVM to support x86_64 VMs. Is that simply a matter of installing a different kernel package?13:18
tomreynMarcN: if you installed a 32 bit ubuntu so far, then you should reinstall to switch to the 64 bit architecture.13:21
DJonesMarcN: Have you installed 32 bit originally? If so, you can't upgrade to 64 bit, you have to do a fresh install13:21
LTFtomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1454691/ i transcripted it because i cant copy from that console,the scripts takes the bash returns login when exiting the script13:21
the_dark_knighthi, Is there any comman to see the performance of opening a url say 100 times. I have a url localhost/test.php. I want to send request to open this url 100times maybe more. Is there any command in shell to do that?13:22
LTFits in session without X tomreyn13:22
tomreynLTF: and you want to get rid of the "Ingrese ai si quiere restaurar la imagen de Ax o f123 si quiere restaurarla de f123" message?13:22
Lorrathe_dark_knight, you may get the contents at that url by using curl <your_url>13:23
LTFtomreyn: no,I want the code,i want to locate it13:23
heideggermartinmuelli: I solved it with help from nodejs community. Thanks a lot!13:23
LTFtomreyn:  to modify13:23
muelliheideggermartin: :)13:23
heideggermartinmuelli: Half-knowledge is a grudge13:24
MarcNDJones, tomreyn - If I wipe and install Ubuntu Server, surely I can install ubuntu-desktop (or whatever) to get all the GUI goodness, right?  My goal is to run KVM + OpenStack and be able to host x86_64 VMs  (like Ubuntu Server which is x86_64 only).  Just to kick the tires.13:24
tomreynthe_dark_knight: you want to look into httpd bench marking.13:24
muelliheideggermartin: bonus points if you mention briefly how to solve it so that people in the future can read these archived IRC logs.13:24
alexxxxxaCan somebody help me to set correctly  /etc/network/interfaces ?13:24
Lorrathe_dark_knight, you can repeat that command in a loop, when you invoke curl it gives also some statistics before outputting the result, you may extract them from the output of the command and then use them to do whatever you want13:24
alexxxxxaI'm having problems with my wireless13:24
compdocMarcN, yes, thats easy to do13:24
heideggermartin:muelli: sure: npm set strict-ssl false13:24
tomreynLTF: the code which does what exactly?13:25
alexxxxxadisabling ipv6 didn't work :(13:25
fellipehi. I am running 12.04 server and I have two interfaces with two internet links, and I have multipath rules. So I can switch between the links at anytime. But, I set dns-nameservers in each of interface configuration block, and the dns resolution is toooooo slow. I thought the kernel would query the proper dns wich belongs to that link of that specific interface. So how to solve it?13:25
LTFtomreyn: restores a cloned image13:25
MarcNcompdoc, thought so, just wanted to verify before wiping the lappy...13:25
compdocMarcN, install server and select LAMP, and ssh, and whatever else you need. And I can give you the command to install a minimal desktop13:27
tomreynLTF: umm, now you lost me. none of this output you posted to pastebin is related to a process which "restores a cloned image" of something.13:27
SirJВсе америкосы вафлёры13:27
LTFtomreyn: no,its only the output,its asks u what image u wanna restore13:28
bba56I am using chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 and each time i click on any link a pop up winodw appears forn this site ad6media.fr13:28
Mukhtharhello all13:29
Mukhtharshould i delete the id_rsa & id_rsa.pub file after adding the id_rsa.pub to authorized_keys13:29
MarcNcompdoc, no worries, I'm a long, long time Ubuntu user, but wanted to test my plan before starting....13:29
smartraceri need a help.my brother stopped ubuntu while its upgrading.now ubuntu is not loading13:30
muellismartracer: how do you know it's "not loading"?13:30
smartraceri tried recovery mode but keyboard is not working.when i enter recovery mode13:30
tomreynLTF: please sum up again what you are trying to accomplish, how you have tried to do it so far and how it is not working out. so far you were talking about searching all files for some text to find some script, mentioned that something outputs something undesirable when you login, and about images which are retored. i do not understand how to this goes together.13:31
smartraceri entered the ubuntu and screen freezes13:31
[awall].sh ps|grep perl|wc -l <-- command for what?13:31
tomreyn[awall]: .sh is not a knwon command on a default ubuntu installation.13:32
[awall]ps|grep perl|wc -l ?13:33
[awall]command for?13:33
Lorrasmartracer, you can use the cd/dvd/usb key you installed ubuntu from in "livecd" mode, copy the files you care about (tipically the contents of the /home directory) somewhere safe and perform a clean install, it doesn't take much13:33
smartracerscreen freezzes its not loading what to do?13:33
Lorrasmartracer, (the clean install doesn't take much, I don't know about copying your files)13:34
smartracerhow can i do package repair throu command line at start up13:34
tomreyn[awall]: # of running processes, owned by the current user, which contain the string "perl"13:34
tomreyn[awall]: possibly +113:34
LTFtomreyn: no, after i login with an specific user an script is executed,the script only shows a text giving me two options, if i close the script the session is closed asking login again. Well, I want to locate the script in my system, to modify its code13:34
witnitDoes anyone know how to download a CD version of ubuntu 12.10.  I can only seem to find the DVD version which is too large for a CD.  Thanks.13:35
tomreynLTF: this doesn't sound like a standard ubuntu configuration.13:35
OerHekswitnit 12.10 is too big for a 700 mb cd+r13:35
smartracerok thanks for help13:35
cfhowlettwitnit: time to try the usb install method?13:35
Mukhtharwitnit: http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/13:35
Touhou11witnit: Use Xubuntu, that will still fit on a CD, plus it's better anyway13:36
witnitcfhowlett: I would if the PC I'm trying to install to had a USB port.  It's a n OLD PC.13:36
LTFtomreyn: no,is a script made by an user13:36
witnittouhoull: thanks.  I'll look it up for differences.13:36
LTFtomreyn: i just wanna learn how to search it by content13:37
cfhowlettwitnit: ah.  ok.  then the suggestion to try xubunut/lubuntu would seem valid.  both are optimized for older/lower spec machines13:37
tomreynLTF: check what the users' shell is: getent passwd | grep <name_of_the_user>13:37
witnitThanks folks!!!13:37
tomreynLTF: aslso check what the users' home directory is. then inspect the dot file in the users' home directory13:37
chipdalfhave a nice day... bye...13:38
Mukhtharwitnit : u can use plop boot manage to boot from usb if the bios does not support or by adding usb card13:38
LTFtomreyn: no, i mean, the script is executed by "restaura" user, i know its owner, i have access, this system just has not .xinitrc or x system, and dont know where to looki in,in rc.d i did not find it13:38
tomreynLTF: for example, if the users' shell is bash, then the scripts which get executed on login are, in his home directory, .bash_profile and .bashrc13:39
LTFtomreyn: no,i already checkd there13:39
witnitmukhthar: Thanks, but I'm just trying to revive an unused PC without investing more money into it.13:39
tomreynLTF: maybe the script which is called is invoked / referenced by the login scripts.13:40
LTFtomreyn:  so how i locate it13:41
tomreynLTF: well, read the users' login scripts since no other scripts the user can modify are executed on the users' login.13:42
tomreynLTF: either what you are looking for is in there or it is referenced yb them13:42
tomreynLTF: you can diff the users' login scripts against those in /etc/skel/ to detect changes13:43
angyNeed some help here. I was trying to format a usb stick and throu my not paying attention i changed my hardrive file type.... Now i get grub rescue when i start up. What is the command to change the file type back to fat (i belive it should be??)13:43
craigbass1976angy, is it a grub thing, or an fdisk thing that you need?13:44
angyall i can get is a grub command prompt. Im still new to linux.13:44
lenochka_это ubuntu-ru ?????13:45
angyit shows this,  error: unknown filesystem.       grub rescue>13:45
Picilenochka_: /j #ubuntu-ru13:45
ubottulenochka_:: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:46
craigbass1976angy, are you trying to boot to this stick?13:46
angyno, its installed on hard drive. been there for months. i just changed the file type to ntfs by mistace13:48
cfhowlettsebokie: greetings13:50
angycraigbass1976:I think i need the command to change the file type back to fat3213:50
sebokieI would like to buy a printer which is able to scan to network folder13:51
sebokieHP LaserJet Pro 200 MFP M276nw13:51
craigbass1976angy, I don't know that you can just do that with a command.  Someone else pipe up, but I thought this involved fdisk and changing the filesystem type from there.13:51
sebokiedoes someone know if it can scan to a NFS share on a Ubuntu server?13:51
craigbass1976sebokie, pm me13:52
s9iper1how to set up proxy setting in ubuntu 12.10 in my country youtube is banned so i like to open it throught proxy any body helps !! ??13:52
angycraigbass1976: Ya i wish lol, it wont boot pass grub command thou13:52
TheLordOfTimes9iper1, if its banned, i think asking for help bypassing local laws is bad form...13:52
cfhowlettTheLordOfTime: i'd tend to agree ...13:53
angys9iper1: Google is your best friend13:53
TheLordOfTimes9iper1, i don't think this channel will help you to bypass local laws and regulations, i think you'll need to google that on your own.13:53
s9iper1angy: yes google is and i set up proxy as well but didnt help13:53
cfhowletts9iper1: that said, i'm pretty sure the local community knows how.  I'm in china.  accessing youtube took me 30 seconds once I googled the solution13:53
cfhowletts9iper1: not youtube ... facebook.  but the same method.  see reassigning /hosts file for more13:54
s9iper1cfhowlett: i am from pakistan13:54
angyya im pretty sure theres some law we would be breaking instructing you on that over irc.13:54
djznguys i need to make my cursor pointer BIGGER... like 48.....13:54
cfhowletts9iper1: YMMV but see  http://4rapiddev.com/internet/access-blocked-facebook-in-vietnamchina-using-google-dns-or-changing-hosts-file/13:55
stigmatacan the back in time app save the backup file on a computer on the network doesnt seem to have13:55
s9iper1cfhowlett: is this helpfull i try that ??13:56
angyAnyone know that grub command to change disk file type to fat32 or what ever ubuntu needs to fun ?13:57
Mukhtharshould i delete the id_rsa & id_rsa.pub key on the remote servers for passwordless login13:57
stigmatacan the back in time app save the backup file on a computer on the network doesnt seem to have ?13:58
craigbass1976angy, I musty have misunderstood.  I thought you actually changed the filesystem type of the thumb drive.  What you did was actually changed what grub thought it was?13:58
tomreyndjzn: which desktop / window manager are you using?13:58
tomreynandy: you can use parted to set the partition type13:59
tomreynangy: ^13:59
angyCORRECT 9sorry for caps)14:00
craigbass1976tomreyn, I'm not sure the filesystem type actually changed.  I think angy just screwed up grub, the equivalent of putting the wrong filesystem type in the menu.lst file, or however it is you do that these days.14:00
angyi used the disk app in ubuntu and thats how i changed it i thought i was on the thumb drive but i was on the hard disk14:01
tomreynangy: do this in a terminal: ( cat /proc/partitions && echo === && sudo parted /dev/sda print ) | pastebinit14:01
djzntomreyn: unity14:01
angykk 1 sec14:01
angywith () ?14:02
tomreyndjzn: then i don'T know, sorry.14:02
tomreynangy: yes, paste anything after the colon14:02
angyits on a diff pc14:02
tomreynangy: ths should return a URL which I need you need to copy here14:02
angyokay kool14:03
Petazis there a ubuntu notbook with ubuntu key instead of windows key?14:03
agselcan anyone recommend me a tool for gnome which has krusader alike synchronization?14:04
agselor should I use krusader?14:04
angytomreyn: unknown command14:04
tomreynangy: okay then do this in a terminal: ( sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install parted && cat /proc/partitions && echo === && sudo parted /dev/sda print ) | pastebinit14:05
HapzzzPHP 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.4 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Sep 12 2012 19:00:43)14:07
Hapzzzhow do i update that with the packages14:07
Hapzzzat least to latest 5.414:07
angywow unknowncommand: sudo O014:08
ss_Hi there, I'm having some problems running a game on ubuntu. Well, a few games actually! two from the current humble bundle :).14:08
ss_specifically, Shank 2 just seg faults horribly14:08
ss_while Closure says: "Couldn't find matching GLX visual"14:08
ss_slightly more useful, investigating this i've found a package called "glx-alternative-nvidia" Which i've tried to install14:09
angytomreyn: i think i have to do a fresh install it wont even do sudo14:10
tomreynss_: your video drivers lack 3D acceleration14:10
ss_ss_, my video driver is an nvidia 650 GTX.14:10
ss_oh driver14:11
tomreynangy: are you working from a live cd now?14:11
ss_yes! :D14:11
angyno this is a diffrent computer14:11
tomreynangy: okay, but the other computer which is broken, how are you working on it?14:11
ss_tomreyn, yes I had feared the nivdia drivers were not correctly installed when nvidia-settings told me I "did not appear to be running the nvidia drivers" :D14:11
tylerI am running ubuntu 12.10. How can I close the lid on my laptop have it "Do nothing"14:11
=== tyler is now known as Guest62965
brendan_so on 12.04 server, i get "running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces" so what is the recommended way?14:11
ss_tomreyn, however, I have tried to follow various guides and none of their steps seem to fail?14:12
angyits on the same desk: when i power on it goes to grub rescue:14:12
dchernivbrendan_, ifup & ifdown14:12
dchernivbrendan_, but you should be good with service networking restar14:12
brendan_ok ty dcherniv14:12
ss_tomreyn,  that is to say, i've installed nvidia-current and restarted X, though this seems to have had little effect14:13
ss_any suggestions on how to proceed? :S14:13
=== scott_ is now known as Guest48886
Guest62965Nevermind, easier than I thought.14:13
angytomreyn: I dont have anything to loose on the drive so a fresh install cant hurt. Ill just take this as a learning excperiance14:13
tomreynss_: i'm sorry, can't guide you through fixing the video acceleration right now. try the guides on help.ubuntu.com to either install the proprietary nvidia or the open source noveau drivers with video acceleration, unless you already did.14:15
brendan_one more quick question dcherniv, should networking be restarted when an entry is made to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head14:15
tomreynangy: alright then, if you 're not loosing anything, then just go ahead. it can well be faster than trying to recover.14:16
angyya, now i just have to get this thumb drive to mount on ubuntu so i can format and create a boot. that was my origenal issue LOL14:17
=== phoenix_firebrd is now known as phoenix_firebrd_
angyBut i think its working now14:18
ss_tomreyn, hmm yes i have already installed the propriety nvidia drivers using apt-get install nvidia-current-updates14:18
ss_that seems to work successfully, but changes nothing14:18
ss_is there really nothing more that has to be done after the nvidia-current-updates is installed? no settings changed etc?14:18
brendan_should networking be restarted when an entry is added/deleted to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head14:19
dchernivbrendan_, yes14:19
angyHow can i echo the DM that this pc is using so i can install that on my PC ?14:19
ss_brb, gonna restart X after having installed those new drivers14:19
tomreynangy: sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk14:20
ss_hmm, no joy14:20
angygot that already14:20
tomreynangy: okay :) what did you mean by DM?14:21
angyi forget what desktop maneger this pc uses14:21
angylike gnome and what have ya14:22
tomreynangy: the default would be unity14:22
angyya i hate unity lol14:23
tomreynangy: i dislike it, too. you select the window manager / desktop to use when logging in.14:23
tomreynangy: some more suggestions: xubuntu (xfce), lubuntu (lxde), kubuntu (kde)14:23
angyokay im gonna relog so i can see what this pc uses i liek it14:24
tomreynzwangsfixiert: whom are you talking to?14:24
craigbass1976I've got a samba share.  In fstab, I do a //   /home/craig/share  cifsfile_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,uid=1000,gid=1000   0 0  But this doesn't work at boot because samba hasn't started yet when fstab is read.  I do a mount -a and it's fine.14:25
angyand kunduntu is the same as ubuntu or whats the diff ?14:25
Piciangy: Kubuntu comes with KDE as the default desktop environment, and a different set of KDE specific applications installed by default. Otherwise they are exactly the same.14:26
aditya3098Hey, I have a little prob with gdm314:26
craigbass1976So I stuck a script that has mount -t cifs // /home/craig/share in it, ran update-rc.d samba-mounts defaults, but still didn't get it to mount at boot.  Any other ideas?14:26
aditya3098It worked fine on precise, but just don'nt work on quantal14:26
angyokay, i guess ill give that a try. Just wondering if i need to hit a diff channel if i need help (#kubuntu) ?14:27
ss_ah ha! there was an error on my install of nvidia-current-updates. specifically this error: "ERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-3.7.0-7-generic is not supported"14:27
aditya3098Hey, I have a little prob with gdm314:28
aditya3098It worked fine on precise, but just don'nt work on quantal14:28
aditya3098Did that get lost?14:28
tomreyncraigbass1976: you want to edit /etc/fstab and have it mounted that way. see the fstab man page for the proper format.14:28
gbamanhey guys, got a quick question, i have a rather complicated ubuntu install for testing with and need a little help :)14:28
gbamananyone here good with that sort of stuff?14:29
VegetablesaladHello, could anyone please help me with this error.. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=yK9TZvU414:29
VegetablesaladI had 2.32, then I compiled and installed 2.34 and now am getting this error14:29
tomreynaditya3098: it didn't get lost. you didn't describe your problem, yet.14:29
aditya3098When I load gdm, it shows up with the default background and just sits there14:30
tomreyn!ask gbaman14:30
tomreyn!ask | gbaman14:30
ubottugbaman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:30
gbamanSorry, I am trying to install ubuntu on an external HDD which already has data on it on 2 seperate partitions14:31
=== RedWar is now known as thegreatspace
gbamanI have a 20gb partiton for ubuntu testing allocated and just need to install it now, but what is the best way to do this, taking into account the bootloader as that seems to be causing problems14:32
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:35
moooanyone have any ideas how I would insert a new line "\n" with: gawk -- '{ sub(/\/[^\/]*$/, "", $0 ); print $0 }'14:35
aditya3098\nick adityav309814:36
gbamanI am trying to install ubuntu on an external HDD which already has data on it on 2 seperate partitions then i have my 3rd ubuntu partition. I have a 20gb partiton for ubuntu testing allocated and just need to install it now, but what is the best way to do this, taking into account the bootloader as that seems to be causing problems --Now on 1 line14:36
=== aditya3098 is now known as adityav3098
mooo     anyone have a clue?14:37
ss_tomreyn, ok so I found this discussion on the forum: http://askubuntu.com/questions/202677/nvidia-driver-doesnt-work-in-12-10 which suggests that I should have linux-source installed before I install the nvidia-current-updates driver14:38
lovWhenever I press the "alt" button, the "Dash Home" menu opens. Is there any way to disable it opening for default? This gets really confusing and obnoxious when using synergy./14:40
ss_however, when I try to install the current-updates driver I noticed there was an error at the end regarding a problem with dkms and the unsupported version of my kernel. I then tried nvidia-current instead and it seemed to work! in that it got to the end of the aptitude install without an error.14:41
lovNevermind, found it. Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts.14:41
lovThanks anyway!14:41
ss_however, nvidia-settings still believes the nvidia drivers are not installed and the game still crashes :D14:41
joey8before i could say bye14:41
moooanyone familiar with gawk?14:42
lovOK, nevermind. That actually doesn't work.14:43
lovI'm looking at http://askubuntu.com/questions/122209/how-do-i-modify-or-disable-the-huds-use-of-the-alt-key14:44
lovhowever, disabling the "Key to show the HUD" item still shows the search bar when I press alt.14:44
lovI've also disabled "Search", but that didn't help.14:44
angyIf i install xbackight can i set brightness to 100 at boot some how ?14:45
lovLooking around, it seems like a lot of people have this problem.14:47
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eruditehermithey, can anyone help me. After an apt-get upgrade, my apt is stuck at update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.5.0-21-generic14:52
eruditehermitand it won't complete14:52
eruditehermitcan anyone help me make it finish14:52
eruditehermitI don't want to reboot with it like this14:52
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: how long has it been stuck?14:54
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, 20 minutes+14:54
craigbass1976I dont' know what just happened.  All of a sudden I'm stuck at a grub menu, and the keyboard doesnt' work.14:54
craigbass1976Any ideas?14:54
SolarisBoya few hard to tell14:56
SolarisBoydo you have log output with any errors? and possibly dmesg? and is the initramfs a product of a distupgrade or specific package install?14:56
SolarisBoycraigbass1976: the initram gets loaded on bootup to memory where drivers and stuff are loaded before pass of two init, so a broken one can affect boot14:57
SolarisBoycraigbass1976: do you have other kernels installed?14:57
=== e-v-o_ is now known as e-v-o
=== pinkpelican is now known as Guest48363
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, was that at me?14:59
craigbass1976SolarisBoy, I only see a choice for "Previous Linux versions".  I've been running 12.04 on that box since not long after it came out, so if grub saves the kernel entries by default, then they're there somewhere.  I'm downloading an iso now to boot to14:59
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, the initramfs is just hanging. I was removing fglrx14:59
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: do you have any log errors?14:59
Tony_Starkanyone know what a dma script error is or what causes it?14:59
NaZZaXis there an easy way to change the obnoxious colors in nano the comments are bright fuscha14:59
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, which log would I look at?14:59
zgnuuIs there a graphical program I can use to edit my GTK colours?15:00
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: try looking at the tail end of dmesg and /var/log/syslog15:00
=== LordDeath_ is now known as LordDeath
SolarisBoycraigbass1976: really sorry i was aiming those for eruditehermit =)15:00
SolarisBoycraigbass1976: stuck at grub boot then?15:01
martianIs there a way to set a custom prompt for only a specific directory (and its children perhaps)?15:01
superdmpI don't understand why I am getting this: http://dpaste.com/849849/ (Ubuntu 10.10)15:01
* NaZZaX hates colors on mirc15:02
SolarisBoymartian: maybe with bash startup files and conditional logic on setting PS115:02
craigbass1976SolarisBoy, yes; hang on though.  I'm grabbing xubuntu iso15:04
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1454897/15:04
martianSolarisBoy: oh right, like adding an inline-if in the prompt. hmmm thanks :)15:04
SolarisBoymartian: sure15:04
SolarisBoymartian: it's probably easier with zsh/zle stuff take a look at how they do it (bash/zsh) for those prompts where it updates to your current directory as a hint - lots of folks have that prompt15:05
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: nothing concerning you i see there =(15:06
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: are you on a laptop?15:06
guang_when i use gdb,why i type "b 0x7c00",then type "c",but it does not stop at 0x7c00?15:07
craigbass1976SolarisBoy, well now, that's retarded...  PS2 keyboard works fine.15:07
SolarisBoycraigbass1976: if your using a very special keybooard (in some cases) i've seen it not be fully functional or not functional at all at grub screens during bootup (and earlier in bios)15:08
SolarisBoyonly a very few though.. mainly on servers and stuff where i had to just plug a ps/2 mouse in to get it to work - also it could be other weird things like bios setting lock keys on boot - no clue least it works now huh?15:09
B0R3D_W1Sd0mhow to use windows key of my keyboard in ubuntu15:09
craigbass1976SolarisBoy, It's weird.  THe same keyboard has worked for months.  Now that I'm into xfce, the usb keyboard works fine.15:09
SolarisBoyweird - im pretty lame on X/graphics related stuff and defer to my coworkers on that lol15:10
Tony_StarkSolarisBoy: When I boot my ubuntu server, it gets to a certain point where it is attempting to run a script, but says dma error.  What causes this and how to I fix it.15:10
SolarisBoyTony_Stark: what script? whats the error exactly? (pastebin) does it halt boot? what throws the error?15:11
Tony_StarkIt does halt the boot process and continues to display the same error over and over15:12
SolarisBoyTony_Stark: ok15:12
SolarisBoyTony_Stark: do you know what script it is? something you put or something from the system? is it new?15:12
cdavisI am very frustrated with nvida and kernel apt-get kernel updates.I don't think X is using any nvidia drivers again, can someone help me trouble shoot this15:12
Tony_StarkSolarisBoy: I am running Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.  I have not run it in a while, but when I attempted to boot it the other day, I got the error message.15:13
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, well my machine hung so I didn't get  achoice15:13
Tony_StarkSolarisBoy: I wish I was at home and I would paste the error for you, but I am not there right now.15:13
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, when I ran it after rebooting it completed15:13
SolarisBoyTony_Stark: Tony_Stark cool can you capture the message and post?15:13
cdavismodprobe nvidia claims nvidia-310 doesn't exist, however, dpkg shows it as installed15:13
wesslyit's better to download a 32 bit version of OS for Intel B960 or x64?15:13
SolarisBoyahh - Tony_Stark maybe try booting with nodma options into a recovery mode and disabling whatever script it is15:13
Tony_StarkSolarisBoy: Ok..I will attempt that.  If you are on later this evening, I will get you the specific error.15:14
jim_hi - having trouble with a fresh ubuntu 12.04 install, can't get flash (youtube) vids to play.  have installed full restricted package, checked for proprietary drivers, also tried the firefox plugin "Flash Aid," but still a black space where the vids should be - I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks15:14
Tony_StarkSolarisBoy: Thank you for helping15:14
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: you may want to check you file system - or hdd - i had that happen and a week later that drive died - also i've seen it happen actually work after about 30 minutes updating initramfs (same bad drive)15:14
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, I just got this. Its a new SSD15:15
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: not a definate but something to consider - also check the error logs again more fully (sudo find /var/log -name \*log -mtime -5 -exec grep -i error '{}' \; ) - you may find an actual error then15:16
SolarisBoyTony_Stark: sure15:16
SolarisBoyeruditehermit: you can adjust some of the values in the command to see more stuff like stuff more than 5 hours young or maybe change the string "error" to "initram" or something else.15:17
Guest67523hi derps!15:17
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, thanks15:18
eruditehermitSolarisBoy, brb15:18
Guest67523I have come here to announce the end of the world!15:18
SolarisBoyit's possible it was putting something huge into the image and it pretty memory intensive to pack all the stuff back into the image with the lzma compression so i've seen that halt based ont hat as well15:18
Guest67523control-z!!! me gusta it15:19
jim_having trouble with a fresh ubuntu 12.04 install, can't get flash (youtube) vids to play.  have installed full restricted package, checked for proprietary drivers, also tried the firefox plugin "Flash Aid," but still a black space where the vids should be - I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks15:21
SolarisBoywessly: as per http://ark.intel.com/products/59836/Intel-Pentium-Processor-B960--2M-Cache-2_20-GHz | thats a 64 bit cpu so you should go with 64 bit15:21
craigbass1976I stuck mount -t cifs // /home/craig/share in a file called /etc/init.d/samba-share  and ran update-rc.d samba-mounts defaults  How do I undo that?15:22
anonymous_i am 16 years15:22
SolarisBoyi wonder how old ubuntu is15:22
theadminSolarisBoy: The first release was in 200415:22
theadminI think15:23
SolarisBoycool thanks theadmin15:23
SolarisBoystill a baby15:23
craigbass1976SolarisBoy, But a lot older than Windows 815:23
compdoccraigbass1976, update-rc.d -f apache2 remove samba-mounts, then delete /etc/init.d/samba-share15:23
compdoccraigbass1976, oops15:24
SolarisBoyright... also i think windows 8 is demon spawn so many differences15:24
compdocupdate-rc.d -f samba-mounts remove15:24
craigbass1976compdoc, That was funny though.15:24
tomreyncraigbass1976:  was /etc/init.d/samba-share already there and you added to it or did you create this file from scratch and it didn't exist previously?15:24
=== MartinS is now known as Guest75437
anonymous_i am moroccan15:24
ShawnRiskI am using Ubuntu 12.10 and wondering why my wireless internet can't connect sometimes but other times I can.  I only have a WPS device wired to the internet box.  Any ideas?15:24
craigbass1976tomreyn, I made it15:24
=== root is now known as Guest3159
SolarisBoyShawnRisk: are there signal differences during the inability to connect?15:25
tomreyncraigbass1976: then you should be set with compdoc's instructions15:25
tomreyncraigbass1976: were you able to make the mount on boot work with fstab?15:25
ShawnRiskSolarisBoy: On My Mac it is full, and on Ubuntu it is 1 under the top, but that shouldn't make a difference.15:27
craigbass1976tomreyn, not yet.  It was trying to mount via the init.d script, then instead of just failing it locked the box up and gave me an error.  Something about Merry Christmas Ha Ha Ha!15:27
hdyuiwow11hi there15:27
jay_why_beeI have a update-grub question.  I just upgraded a server clean, but I have a filesystem (unmounted) with my old server's install on it.  Whenever I update-grub, it finds all the old kernels on that unmounted filesystem.  How can I keep it from adding this to my grub.cfg?15:28
tomreyn!rootirc | root15:28
ubotturoot: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.15:28
dr_willisjay_why_bee:  you could rename the kernel directory perhaps.15:29
=== root__ is now known as d0tnet_
tomreyncraigbass1976: well, it's close to cmas ;)15:29
dr_willisjay_why_bee:  or perhaps disable the os-prober part of the grub configs15:29
SolarisBoyShawnRisk: just checking - so you can single the ubuntu box out with different behaviour your saying?15:29
hdyuiwow11after update to 310 network drivers lost15:29
SolarisBoyShawnRisk: what card/driver is it using?15:29
jay_why_beedr_willis let me see if I can rename the old /boot directory.15:29
hdyuiwow11nvidia 460M15:30
SolarisBoyShawnRisk: also try iwevent command from wireless-tools (i think) package to see what the card is doing around the time it's occuring15:30
EagleScreenwhen i am watching a movie, afer some minutes, the screen turns black, then when I move the mouse, screen turns on again, how can I avoid this behaviour?15:31
dr_willisdisabvle the screen blanker perhaps in the settings EagleScreen . some media players auto-disable it. some dont15:32
dr_willisor set itto be like 2 hrs. instead of 20 min15:32
tomreynjakub: do you really need to connect with four users?15:33
craigbass1976Is it possible to tell grub to ignore the fact that there's no keyboard and just boot?  I don't understand why it's hanging15:33
cdaviscan someone help me with modprobe nvidia > FATAL: Module nvidia_current not found.15:33
strempohi guys15:34
=== Andrew is now known as Guest62383
dr_williscraigbass1976:  ive seen the PC BIOS complain../ but never grub15:34
jay_why_beedr_willis: trying to rename the old "boot" directory, or even the old links vmlinuz and vmlinuz.old did't work15:34
dr_willisjay_why_bee:  never really had the issue. You could just delete them if you never plan on booting the server.. or tar them up15:34
EagleScreendr_willis: I have: Turn screen off when inactive for: Never15:34
jay_why_beedr_willis: any idea where the script is that probes for other configs?15:35
dr_willisor perhaps move them to  some other directory15:35
=== RedWar is now known as thegreatspace
strempoi want to install lubuntu in my pc, but i m not able cause sis video impede me at the beginning15:35
tomreyn!rootirc > d0tnet_15:35
ubottud0tnet_, please see my private message15:35
craigbass1976dr_willis, grub is being a vulgar noun.15:35
dr_willisjay_why_bee:  that would be the os-prober script in the grub.d dir15:35
xomniverseI installed the game Cave Story to /opt/CaveStory+ and /opt/CaveStory+_64 will launch via terminal or the Thunar file manager,but if I create a /user/share/applications/cavestory.desktop file and try to launch it from there, it crashes15:35
strempohow should i do dr_willis15:36
dr_willisxomniverse:  make a script the launcher launches that cd's to the cavestory directory then runs the game15:36
dr_willisstrempo:  sis really stinks in their linux support.. their windows support stinks also..  I dont ever buy anything with SiS - so no idea15:37
AbortDdo i only have to apt-install gcc to be able to compile code?15:37
dr_willisstrempo:   if the forums and askubuntu.com dont mention that specific sis card.  ive got no other ideas,15:37
RandyG71Good day folks......having some issues with my ubuntu machine and am lost on a solution. error is15:37
dr_willisAbortD:  for C code.. gcc would be needed yes15:37
=== marvin is now known as Guest60063
RandyG71dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic_3.2.0-31.50_amd64.deb (--unpack):15:38
RandyG71 failed in write on buffer copy for backend dpkg-deb during `./boot/abi-3.2.0-31-generic': No space left on device15:38
RandyG71No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already15:38
dr_willis!compile | AbortD15:38
ubottuAbortD: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall15:38
AbortDdr_willis: my question though is that the only package i need15:38
dr_willisAbortD:  for the most basic and trivial of C  code.. perhaps.15:38
erncicAbortD, apt-get install build-essential would be better15:38
=== sudokode is now known as zombiesudokode
AbortDdr_willis: erncic ty15:38
dr_willisRandyG71:  perhaps you have so many apport logs its maxed out.15:39
tomreynRandyG71: your partition is full.15:39
AbortDhavent used ubuntu in awhile15:39
alimjCompliant: Why aircrack-ng was removed from 12.04 precise? I had to compile it from source. It is not only for hacking. I use airodump to monitor available frequencies for better WiFi config. Anyone from Canonical?15:39
RandyG71thanks for the response......how do i clear the logs? The partition is pretty big and i am only using OSticket on the machine15:39
tomreynRandyG71: that's, your /boot partition15:39
tomreynRandyG71: remove some kernel images15:39
strempoif i install ubu minimal15:39
dr_willisalimj:  perhaps no one wanted to maintain it.. and we are not  canonical emplyees here15:39
xomniversedr_willis: Shell script worked like a charm, thanks! :)15:40
* greys-hade is back (gone 00:11:25)15:40
* greys-hade is away: PS3 or sleeping or something...15:40
alimjdr_willis: I was hopping someone might be!!!15:40
tomreyn!away > greys-hade15:40
ubottugreys-hade, please see my private message15:40
strempoif i instal ubu 8.04 and then i upgrade it's ok?15:41
dr_willisalimj:  the forums or askubuntu.com or the package sites may give a clue why it was removed.15:41
tdruskalimj: could you possibly install it from an older ubuntu repo?15:41
dr_willisstrempo:  try it and see and tell us if it worked.. i would be suprised if it did15:41
keywordhi guys I have a problem I just get a new acer ultrabook m5-481t  and I installed ubuntu 12.10 so it has ellantech touchpad but I cant configure the SCROLL, just works left and rigth click anyone knows how can i configure this please??15:41
alimjtdrusk: No. I compiled it from source. It is OK.15:41
RandyG71I tried to rremove some kernals and also apport but i keep getting same error. Cannot remove because: linux-image-server : Depends: linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic but it is not going to be installed15:43
dr_willisRandyG71:  that was not the same error you posted eralier.. ;)15:44
RandyG71it's part of the same error15:44
RandyG71didn't wanna flood15:44
dr_willisdone a sudo apt-get update recently?15:44
RandyG71sudo apt-get update15:44
RandyG71oops wrong window - der15:45
anonymous_do you help me to hacking15:45
PiciRandyG71: can you pastebin the entire error message?15:45
dr_willistried a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:45
RandyG71dr_willis - yes15:45
dr_willisanonymous_:  learn some real programing skills, not vague mass-media-fud terms like hacking15:45
keywordanyone can help me?15:45
dr_williskeyword:  with brand new/just came out devices - it may take some time befor the forums/kernels/devs get caught up with any potential new bugs. You have checked the forums and askubuntu.com?15:46
Ca11umDI'm trying Steam for Linux, but as I attempt to launch the game (Team Fortress 2), I get the error; Required OpenGL extension "GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode" is not supported. Please update your OpenGL driver.15:46
Ca11umDI've updated/upgraded everything and installed additional drivers. What else must I do to fix it?15:46
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.15:47
keyworddr_willis:  do you recommend me isntall 12.04 ?15:47
dr_williskeyword:  that would be even older version. so i would imagine have the same issues. You could test it with a live cd/dvd/flash15:47
AbortDone more question how do i speed up my mouse pointer?15:48
CatbuntuRandyG71, why do you use sudo being root?15:50
RandyG71just used to it15:50
RandyG71I never type in putty15:50
tomreynCa11umD: what's the output of: glxinfo | grep ' render'15:50
=== Guest69050 is now known as milamber
Ca11umDtomreyn: glxinfo is not installed15:51
alimjRandG71: How much free space do you have in /boot? Is it in a separate partition?15:51
RandyG71ahhh....   /dev/sda1                  228M  220M     0 100% /boot15:52
tomreynCa11umD: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && ( glxinfo | grep ' render' && lspci -knnv | grep -A12 VGA) | pastebinit15:53
tomreynCa11umD: this should return a URL, please run the command and post it here15:53
alimjRandG71: To small for /boot. Please exand it...15:53
cba123I have an mdadm softRAID5, with 6 drives, 4 active, and a spare.  The other failed.  I've read a few things that I can basically recreate the array with the spare drive, and not lose data.  My raid has /dev/sd[a-f]1, sdf1 failed, and sde1 is the spare. I found a command "mdadm --create /dev/md0 --assume-clean --level=5 --chunk=128 --raid-devices=6" but don't know the rest there. Can anyone help me finish this line to get my ra15:54
cba123id back up, without sdf (which I'll get tomorrow).15:54
theadminRandyG71: GParted will help15:54
alimjtheadmin: Agree with you...15:54
Ca11umDtomreyn: fglrxinfo returned version/renderer information, if that is helpful?15:54
tomreynRandyG71: actually 220M should be enough, you really just need to remove some kernel images.15:55
dr_willisremove old kernels perhaps RandyG71  may be easier15:55
RandyG71I need to do it all from CLI since my ui will not load. This is a VM too15:55
theadminRandyG71: You can (and should!) use a livecd for partition resizing anyways15:55
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alimjtomreyn: Agree with you. Rand: However, do not delete them. Just move them to another partition15:55
tomreynRandyG71: start with this to get a list of installed kernel images: dpkg -l linux-image\* | grep ^i15:56
=== wessly is now known as Guest95162
tomreynRandyG71: now which one are you running currently? uname -r15:57
Guest95162hello, for intel B970 what should i download x32 or x64?15:57
theadminGuest95162: Is it a 64-bit processor?15:58
SolarisBoyGuest95162: 6415:58
SolarisBoyit's a 64bit proc15:58
dchernivGuest95162, what is intel B970?15:58
=== Guest19223 is now known as d0tnet_
Guest95162Then i think 64 is the answer?15:58
tomreynRandyG71: so I suggest you delete all but the current and the last but one then.15:59
SolarisBoyhttp://ark.intel.com/products/63915/Intel-Pentium-Processor-B970-2M-Cache-2_30-GHz |B970 specs15:59
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jay_why_beedr_willis: There is a thread about adding to the "30_os-prober" to allow you to ignore some partitions (or logical volumes, in my case).  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/grub2-skipping-one-partition-from-os-detection-741100/15:59
RandyG71ok so I ran: dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge16:00
RandyG71to purge old kernals16:00
RandyG71but got errors16:00
dchernivGuest95162, yes get 64 bit16:00
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=== AndrewMc is now known as Guest11008
tomreynRandyG71: that's kind of a complex series of commands, do you know what it does?16:02
RandyG71I got it off a couple of reputable "how to" sites16:03
alimjRandy: Just sudo apt-get purge linux-image-x.x.x.x-generic16:04
alimjRandy: Then: sudo update-grub216:04
tomreynRandyG71: maybe start with something more simple: sudo dpkg -P linux-image-2.6.38-1{0,1,2,3,5}-server16:04
tomreyn!ask d0tnet_16:05
tomreyn!ask | d0tnet_16:05
ubottud0tnet_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:05
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tomreynCa11umD: maybe also helpful, i don't know its output. is there a reason you don't want to install mesa-utils?16:07
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
tomreynRandyG71: are you talking to alimj then? be sure to address the people you're talking to, so they will know.16:10
Ca11umDtomreyn, I just don't like cluttering up my computer with stuff I'll use once16:10
RandyG71oh, sorry16:10
fellipehi. I am running 12.04 server and I have two interfaces with two internet links, and I have multipath rules. So I can switch between the links at anytime. But, I set dns-nameservers in each of interface configuration block, and the dns resolution is toooooo slow. I thought the kernel would query the proper dns wich belongs to that link of that specific interface. So how to solve it?16:10
alimjRandy: It is time for 'apt-get -f install' However; I suggest you to remove two more old kernels16:11
tomreynCa11umD: well you can just pruge it afterwards without any remainders. it's also a rather small package.16:11
robertzaccourhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARsz9dX6_Do wow good video short but detailed. so true so true.16:11
stobixehm. I can't install wine because wine1.4 has a bogus dependency on wine1.4-i386 (I have amd64). What do?16:13
mooois there a way to search for a condition in vim, for example a letter, and add a word to the last line if matched?16:13
d0tnet_anyone got a good hit squid.conf ?16:14
stobixmooo: hmm, some :g trickery perhaps?16:15
alimjd0tnet_: What is the question? It has many available config options16:15
tomreynfellipe: it's not the kernel querying the nameservers, it's applications / user space most of the time. and they will use either the glibc resolver or whatever is set in /etc/resolv.conf. if you have the resolvconf package installed this should allow for the dns-nameservers option in your interface configuration to be applied to /etc/resolv.conf (which is then a symbolic link)16:15
bsnyderi'm searching for an iso image of JeOS for use w/ VMware Fusion16:15
mooostobix: I was thinking something along those lines16:15
moooI was thinking something like :g/h/$/blah/g16:15
mooobut that didn't work.16:15
bsnyderbut i see that ISO images of JeOS have been replaced by the vmbuilder script, but VMware is not supported16:15
bsnyderis there a solution here?16:16
EagleScreenUbuntu turns off the screen after a while when I am watching a movie, even having configured it to turn off the screen never. I'd need some help to avoid this behaviour, please.16:16
tomreyn!ot > robertzaccour16:17
ubotturobertzaccour, please see my private message16:17
fellipetomreyn, hi! interesting, but why it is happening when I have dns-nameservers in each config block? I commented out one of these two lines and now it is resolving quickly16:17
moooanyone have any clue?16:18
fellipetomreyn, and I already have the resolvconf installed16:18
d0tnet_alimj: to reduce tcp_miss . ?16:18
stobixmooo: :g/h/normal Giblah<ESC> perhaps?16:18
stobixmooo: alsa: :h :g :)16:18
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
tomreynfellipe: i wouldn't know. i think it should work with different dns-nameservers in each block, as long as you can connect to those from both paths16:18
tomreynfellipe: chances are you just had one nameserver in there which you can't actually query.16:19
stobixmooo: but skip the <ESC> part, it didn't work. :)16:19
stobixmooo: hm, I don't know if you can get around it only matching lines, not characters, though. Right now you get one match for each line with a matching character...16:20
tomreynfellipe: you can use the dig or host commands to directly query these nameservers while switched the the very  route you have configured them for, and see whether they respond (and how).16:21
fellipetomreyn, god idea. I will  run ip route get <dns>16:21
=== SierraAR is now known as Sierr[a]AR
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
tomreynmooo: maybe a combination of grep and tee -a would help. admittedly that's not vim.16:24
ironhoofHello, I have a 500GB GPT drive with EFI machine, I tried installing ubuntu on it, and I get a failure to boot, is there a simple way around this?16:25
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
Sazpaimonhow can I make logrotate only compress files that are x days old16:29
stobixI don't get what's wrong with wine... If there is a wine-amd64 package, why would I need to install a 32-bit chroot to install wine? What gives?16:29
Sazpaimonstobix, wine has a 64 bit version, but I don't think it's packaged16:31
Sazpaimonthe wine package installs the 32 bit version of wine, because the majority of windows applications are 32 bit16:31
Sazpaimonlike I said, though, there does exist a native 64 bit version of wine, but that will only allow you to run 64 bit windows applications, unless you set up a wow64 environment, in which case you would still need the 32 bit compatability support packages16:32
=== larry is now known as Guest59641
Guest59641hi, finally got mATE Working, it is really good16:33
theadminSazpaimon: If you use PlayOnLinux, you can easily install extra versions of Wine without any trouble, including 64-bit ones16:33
Guest59641hi steve, its larry16:33
stobixSazpaimon: Hm. Maybe the wine package on a 64-bit machine should try to do something else than trying to install a package that doesn't exist (wine-i386), and install a chroot first/instead?16:33
=== Guest59641 is now known as larry__
stobixSazpaimon: anyways, thanks for the info. I guess I'll simply ignore the package manager brokenness for now.16:34
DatzDoes anyone know if gnome-session-fallback has the ability to use widgets in the task/tool bars?16:34
larry__hi svt16:34
Sazpaimontheadmin, does wine64 actually work now? I havent used it in a long time16:34
theadminSazpaimon: I have no idea16:35
fellipetomreyn, hi. I ran ip route get <dns server ip> and the kernel is using the same route to all the dns-servers ip ....  so how can I switch between dns-servers since it's no longer possible to use /etc/resolv.conf?16:35
larry__I know wine is meant to RUN a windows application, but how do you INSTALL a windows application, I would like to install my windows printer drive16:36
fellipetomreyn, or I can set static route to each dns server ip...16:36
Sazpaimonlarry__, a driver != an application16:36
Sazpaimonas for installing applications in wine, running the setup program should be sufficient16:37
TheLordOfTimelarry__, a windows driver won't install on linux, even if you use Wine.16:37
larry__Sazpaimon,  atm i run a windows partition with the  printer software on it so boot between the two16:37
Sazpaimonif you want your printer to work in ubuntu, you'll need to install native linux drivers/modules for it16:37
larry__there isn't one, leastwise not one  that is usable16:38
Sazpaimonusually CUPS is sufficient for most printers16:38
tomreynfellipe: sounds like your route switching doesn't work so well then.16:38
fellipetomreyn, it is because I did not set static routes to dns servers16:39
tomreynfellipe: okay, good to know it works then16:39
Sazpaimonanyway back to my question. How can I make logrotate only compress files that are  older than a certain time?16:40
tomreynfellipe: i have little practical experience with multi path setups mysqlf, probably less than you.16:40
larry__nope, my epson has four ink cartridges and the cups manager does not know which cartridge has run out. all i know is it has stopped printing because one  cartridge has run out. guess which one is unsatisfactory as the wrongguess leaves you with open but unused cartridges16:40
DatzDoes anyone know if gnome-session-fallback has the ability to use widgets in the task/tool bars?16:40
theadminDatz: Sure. Right-clicking the panel no longer words, some weirdo thought it was a good idea to map the context menu to Ctrl+WinKey+RightClick16:41
theadminDatz: But other than that, yeah16:41
Datztheadmin: sweetness. thanks16:41
tomreynSazpaimon: that's not really uspported by logrotate, i think. you could write a wrapper script for the compression command or do the compression yourself using the postrotate hook, though16:41
Ja1how can i find the external hard drive ID on linux ?16:41
Ja1lsusb ?16:41
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
fellipetomreyn, ah, I don't think so! You all are gurus here.. I am just a newbie ;)16:42
tomreynJa1: blkid <DEVICE>16:42
theadminJa1: Depends on what you mean by ID16:42
=== e-v-o_ is now known as e-v-o
tomreynJa1: that's if you mean the block device id16:42
theadminJa1: UUID? blkid is the best choice, or see the files in /dev/disk/by-uuid/ (they are symlinks to /dev/sd*)16:43
Ja1theadmin im trying to run a backup script16:43
Ja1which doesnt let me run because of the wrong Id16:43
Ja1ERROR: The mounted backup drive was not properly identified with id file "gatekeeper_backup_drive"16:44
tomreynfellipe: well a multi-homes link setup is kind of advanced, i'd say. ;-)16:44
fellipetomreyn, sure, and it works like a charm ;)16:44
Sazpaimontomreyn, well for now I can juse use delaycompress, and that will only compress the files from 2 runs ago right?16:44
tomreynfellipe: that's pretty nice indeed.16:45
bjrohanI am looking for some help in settng up rysnc over my home network using ssh, can anyone here verify my command to make sure it will do what I want?  I have ssh with rsa keys set up already16:45
tomreynSazpaimon: delaycompress just changes the order in which logrotate does things during a run.16:45
Ja1tomreyn any idea ?16:45
fellipetomreyn, yeah. so thanks!16:46
dchernivbjrohan, why bother with ssh?16:46
tomreynJa1: we still don't know what "ID" refers to16:46
dchernivbjrohan, just setup an rsync daemon16:46
Datztheadmin: that doesn't seemt to be working for me.16:46
Datzctrl+win+ right click16:47
theadminDatz: Or was it Ctrl+Alt+Win+right click...16:47
theadminDatz: Try that, it was some crazy combo16:47
Datztheadmin: win+alt+right click. Thanks very much :)16:48
Ja1 backup_drive_id - A file named this must exist in the root of the backup16:48
Ja1# drive to designate it as a "real" backup drive. We do not want to accidently16:48
Ja1# back up to a local directory!16:48
Ja1tomreyn ?16:49
tomreynJa1: yes?16:49
Ja1# SCRIPT variables...16:50
Ja1# backup_drive_id - A file named this must exist in the root of the backup16:50
Ja1# drive to designate it as a "real" backup drive. We do not want to accidently16:50
Ja1# back up to a local directory!16:50
FloodBot1Ja1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:50
stobixhaha, gotta love the fuzzy completion of zsh! :) ababuboba<tab> -> baobab16:50
theadminstobix: lol, neat16:50
Ja1tomreyn backup_drive_id16:50
Ja1any idea which one could be >?16:50
tomreynJa1: i don't know this backup script, so i can't help you, sorry. also got to go for a while.16:51
CyberGlitchanyone in here used cobbler and Ubuntu with success?16:52
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
linuxthefishwhere is httpd.conf located in ubuntu?16:54
linuxthefish/etc/apache2/httpd.conf is empty16:54
llutzlinuxthefish: debian/ubuntu use apache2.conf16:55
CyberGlitchi have cobbler installed and ubuntu 11.04 added but it fails trying to find a cdrom16:57
linuxthefishand how do i stop upstart-socket-bridge from running? it uses a lot of ram16:59
IdleOneCyberGlitch: 11.04 is no longer supported, its EOL17:00
CyberGlitchok, 12.10 is giving me the same issue17:01
mrhydehi is there any careers prior to anything linux related?17:11
dchernivmrhyde, que?17:12
mrhydedcherniv: como sabes que hablo español? :O !!!!!17:14
dchernivmrhyde, nah, english :)17:14
BluesKajmrhyde: this isn't the channel for your question , google "redhat enterprise"17:14
Misbehavistes mui?17:15
BluesKaj!es | mrhyde17:15
ubottumrhyde: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:15
Misbehavistporke no?17:15
mrhydelol ok17:15
swift94well ... you could work developing for companies that make linux... or try developing for steam... :)17:16
RandyG71for those that gave me some direction earlier....thank you. I ended up cleaing up logs with webmin then some cli work and now i can upgrade17:16
dchernivmrhyde, or work as a sysadmin17:17
MisbehavistAt its peak (Saturday) it looks like most west facing breaks in SoCal will see surf running head high to 2' overhead.17:18
IdleOneThis channel is for Ubuntu support. Try jobs.com if you are looking for work.17:18
DJonesMisbehavist: How is that related to Ubuntu support?17:18
=== shihan_ is now known as Shihan
dchernivif you take all the elephants on earth and line them up from here to the moon... They will all die because there's no air17:19
dcherniv^little known scientific fact17:19
Misbehavistdcherniv: i doubt there are that many of them left17:19
MisbehavistDJones: STOP17:19
Misbehavistwtf is your problem17:20
Terriblistjesus its like the same 4 people in al chanels17:23
sitwonis this the right channel to get help with installing proprietary nvidia drivers in 12.10?17:23
Terriblistsitwon: i can help17:24
beakyare thre alternativesto the unity shell?17:24
Terriblistsitwon: do you want to install drivers from nvidias website17:24
Terriblistthats what i use17:24
Terriblistits awesome17:24
swift94well if you mean deskop environments .. there are  beaky17:24
xanguabeaky: kde, xfce, lxde, gnome-shell, lots of17:24
sitwonTerriblist: I have a GTX 660 Ti card, I just installed a fresh copy of 12.10 for 64-bit. I've tried to install nvidia-current and nvidia-current-updates but neither one seems to work properly17:25
Terriblistyeah dont use those17:25
swift94enlightenment, openbox ... and a few others17:25
beakyhow do I install one of those alternative shells17:25
Terriblistall the linux drivers are a mess17:25
beakywhich one is the most lightweight17:25
swift94they should be available in the repos17:25
beakyah thanks17:25
swift94oh ... probably lxde17:25
Terriblistsitwon: go download from nvidia17:25
Terriblistget the latest linux driver for your card17:26
beakyalright I've downloaded gnome-shell. how do I switch to it :D17:26
rumpelbeaky, log out, choose gnome-shell, log in..17:26
swift94once you log out, you then have the option to switch desktop environments17:26
swift94it should be on the top right hand corner of the login window on ubuntu17:27
swift94as n image17:27
swift94also ... it may not look exactly the same as a distro with the DE installed by default17:28
beakyit worked! thanks17:29
beakyit looks too ubuntuish17:29
swift94gnome 3 ?17:29
beakygnome classic :D17:29
beakyalso how do I uninstall amazo17:29
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ17:30
beakyah thank17:30
darshanbeaky: change to gnome instead of gnome classic17:30
=== debsan_ is now known as debsan
beakyis gnome gnome-3?17:31
beakyah gnome 3 (and unity) runs too slow on my machine :(17:31
swift94one last thing ... gnome classic (dont quote me) is not being supported ... it still works, but no advancements are beign made17:32
beakyso I should switch to xfce then17:32
darshanbeaky: gnome classic looks more or less the same as unity17:32
Terriblistbeaky: whats your q?17:32
swift94personally I like kde because of the customizability, but then again it depends on your specs17:33
beakyI wanted to switch my graphical shell to something less resource-intensive than unity17:33
beakyand my options were gnome-classic, xfce, lxde, and some others17:33
beakyKDE's nice, but it is quite heavy :D17:33
Terriblistbeaky: use gnome 217:34
Terriblistthats why im not using debian717:34
Terriblistthey ruined it with gnome417:34
swift94well .. kde is still underneath as far as ram.... but yes .. i guess it is heavy ... it runs several programs in the background....17:34
swift94gnome 4?17:34
Terriblistgnome3 jeesh im kidding17:34
Terriblistrelax nerdds17:35
beakyI dislike gnome 317:35
Terriblisti hate gnome317:35
swift94lol... the world is melting!!!17:35
beakyyeah today is the apocalypse17:35
swift94.. gnome 3 is ok for me...17:35
Terriblistwhy did they try to copy unity17:35
beakythey are experimenting with new user experiences17:35
=== darshan is now known as _dmn
Terriblistgnome3 would be ok if they allowed to make it look like gnom317:35
Terriblistbeaky: it also depends on your video drivers and your os17:36
Blaskcan i install gnome2 on my ubuntu12.10?17:36
Terriblistfor example debian7 w nvidia.run drivers and gnome3 runs17:36
beakymy OS is arch GNU/Linux17:36
Terriblistas fast as gnome217:36
beakyI'm running ubuntu in a VM17:37
swift94arch ... dang17:37
Terriblisti know linux mint didnt work that great17:37
swift94ive wanted to do that or a while17:37
Terriblistyeah the whole linux world is falling appart w all this gnome bs17:37
Terriblisteveryone is complaining online17:37
Terriblistglad i have debian617:38
rumpelTerriblist, I'm not complaining, so you're statement is false.17:38
Terriblistrumpel: you are special17:38
maslohi guys I'm having issues figuring out how to fix postfix to make it accept external emails, I keep playing with smtpd_recipient_restrictions with different parameter and it ends up bouncing or saying server configuration error if anyone could help me out that would be appreciated17:38
swift94.. yeah ... honestly ... they should have stuck wiht the gnome 2 layout and changed metacity or compiz17:39
swift94sorry ... dont know it maslo17:39
SolarisB1ymaslo: post your postfix conf and the error message to pastebin17:40
masloone second17:40
sitwonTerriblist: still having problems. I try to run the script and it complains that X is running... ok, I swtich to VT1 and stop lightdm. now it complains I'm using the neuvau driver. I let it blacklist the neuvau driver, but then I can't get back to VT117:43
IdleOnePlease change your nick17:45
SUCK_MY_DICKeh, I like this nick17:45
maslohttp://pastebin.com/Uvp7Cudf SolarisB1y, just to mention that I am far from understanding postfix that much it is the basic configurations that I changed a little I'm just trying to set up a piping to a php script but first I need to figure out how to receive external emails :X I'm a web developper trying to understand sysadministration/ubuntu more by hosting myself17:45
=== KindTwo is now known as KindOne
Terriblistsitwon: you have to uninstall everything nvidia17:46
masloright now it bounces with In:  RCPT TO:<asd@mathzx.com>  Out: 451 4.3.5 Server configuration error17:46
maslowell not bounce but I get a message from my vps with the transcript of the session17:46
sitwonTerriblist: I did, but nevermind. I figured out that VT1 was showing up on my onboard graphics instead of on the Nvidia card. I just had to switch the plug17:47
Terriblistsitwon: http://www.cyberciti.biz/howto/debian-linux/install-nvidia-proprietary-unix-driver/17:47
Terriblistfollow those steps exactly17:47
Terriblistand youll have it working17:47
SolarisB1ymaslo: the mail server you are on responds to mathzx.com and is the mx for the domain?17:48
maslothe domain mx is set right17:49
Terriblistsitwon: ur even gona have a cool nvidia logo on startup17:49
SolarisB1ymaslo: send the postfix logs please and look for "asd"17:51
llutzmaslo: "mydestination = mathzx.com, localhost.com, , localhost"     <- do you really own "localhost.com"?17:53
maslolol no but it was there by default17:53
masloI assumed it was meant to be that way17:54
llutzmaslo: that is a registered domain, remove it17:54
maslodoing so right now17:54
Terriblistsitwon: make sure you anwer all the steps corectly in the .run17:54
RageI need some help with my computer17:54
=== daniel is now known as Guest18244
RageI recently installed 12.04 on my ubuntu and I'm not really that pleased with it17:55
* dr_willis never knows if he should ask for details.. or of the person is just taking the time to actually type in details....17:56
RageThe only way to "downgrade" my ubuntu is to reinstall it right?17:56
dr_williscorrect rage17:57
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.17:57
maslothat's the main.log until the last postfix reload, http://pastebin.com/fhA5CmUm17:57
dr_willisyou could try 12.1017:57
masloand that's what I get from my vps http://pastebin.com/LsXECgqJ17:57
Rageif I reinstall ubuntu it won't keep my applications and stuff will it?17:57
smkatzhi guys. I'm  a lot smarter than I was last night. I've mastered a bunch of this web server/drupal stuff. still have some questions. so, when configuring packages, I have to input the mysql password for database creation, and I installed phpmyadmin but when I go to phpmyadmin/setup in a web browser, I'm not sure what the username should be17:58
dr_willisRage:  of course not. a reinstall  erases everything17:58
smkatzRage, why are you downgrading, first of all?17:58
smkatzare you having some problem we could help you fix?17:58
RageI have so far found several errors in python and other apps17:58
Terriblistsmkatz: download navicat17:58
DJonesRage: Have you reported them as bugs?17:59
Terriblisthow can you even use phpmyadmin lol17:59
maslosmkatz have you tried root?17:59
smkatzyes that's the strange part I have tried root17:59
Rageactually I haven't17:59
smkatzwhat does navicat do?17:59
smkatz*looks it up*17:59
RageIs there any way I could use Pytivo on 12.04?18:00
Terriblistits a mysql gui tool18:00
DJonesRage: Thats the best way of helping to get them fixed, if nobody reports them,  the developers won't know about them18:00
smkatzterriblist is it OSS?18:01
smkatznot obvious18:01
Terriblistbut you can get the light version18:01
Terriblistand you need wine18:01
smkatzand how does it specifically address my problem? to be clear, I'm not scared of the command line,18:01
Terriblistbut its the best tool for mysql18:02
smkatzI just wanted to simulate a web host18:02
smkatzbecause I'm mentoring someone18:02
Terriblistyou can use command line sql but its alot less eficient18:02
zgrany sed wizards online? I need to replace each first char on line in file1(has 1299 lines) with each char from  file2 (has 1299 chars)18:02
Terriblistwhat do you mean simulate lol18:02
Terriblistlinux ie ubuntu IS the BEST web host18:03
smkatzI mean I want to teach them phpmyadmin18:03
Terriblistgoogle runs on debian servers18:03
=== tireIronNinja is now known as gimmiegotcha
smkatzI installed it using apt-get install phpmyadmin18:03
smkatzit prompted me to create a database18:03
smkatzI did18:03
RageDjones? does PyTivo work on ubuntu 12.04?18:03
smkatzI can access the phpmyadmin login page18:04
=== RedWar is now known as thegreatspace
Terriblistsmkatz install mysql workbench then18:04
Terriblistits free and its native to linux18:04
dr_williszgr:  you going to be doing this a lot? or just once?18:04
DJonesRage: Its not something I've heard of18:04
Terriblistphpmyadmin is horible18:04
DJones!find PyTivo18:04
ubottuPackage/file PyTivo does not exist in quantal18:04
Terriblistalso if you put phpmyadmin on your resume18:04
Ragewell it runs on python and ffmpeg18:04
Terriblistppl will run18:04
Terriblistfrom you18:04
SolarisB1ymaslo: is the user/alias setup properly?18:04
DJonesRage: Looks like its not part of the repositories18:05
BluesKajRage:  I used pytivo up until 11.10 and it worked well18:05
Terriblist*DO NOT: put phpmyadmin on your resume18:05
n0sqi don't know who to talk to but something needs to be done to fix emesene or amsn or firefox or all of them or whichever is the actual problem - i'm not sure of what happened but now my wife can no longer access her hotmail account  unless she closes emesene (ubuntu 12.04) AND logs out of hotmail in firefox - then she can log into hotmail and then access her mail but can't open any mail18:05
Rageit is a third party app18:05
masloSolarisB1y: how would I go about looking for that? like I mentioned I don't know much about postfix18:05
masloand ubuntu lol18:05
Terriblistsmkatz: install mysql workbench18:06
smkatzyou looking to configure postfix?18:06
llutzmaslo: check your main.cf again "Dec 21 21:32:47 mathzx postfix/smtpd[9798]: warning: unknown smtpd restriction: "check_relay_domain""18:06
sitwonok, so I have the proprietary drivers installed and working. and now I have Steam installed18:06
sitwonwasn't L4D2 ported to Linux?18:06
maslollutz: checking right now18:06
DJonesRage: You probably need to check with the 3rd party developer, they're most likely to be able to help18:06
SolarisB1yyea was going to mention your relay_domains is balnk also18:06
* n0sq doesn't know if trying a different distro will fix the problem18:06
SolarisB1ybut the error comes on the RCPT TO command18:07
RageI'm looking for an irc chatroom for pytivo right now18:07
smkatzterriblist, I'm really just trying to install drupal18:07
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*18:07
astra05hey guys18:07
maslorelayhost should be what SolarisB1y?18:07
Terriblistsmkatz: so whats the problem18:07
smkatzI created several databases during this process via db_common18:07
=== X-Pig is now known as Xpig
Terriblistdrupal is very friendly18:07
zgrdr_willis: i need it for tesseract-ocr training. I print some text, scan it, parse scan with tesseract and after that need to fix each char, so I wanted to do it with sed but I don't know it(18:07
smkatzbut the drupal auto-installer failed18:07
smkatzapt-get install drupal718:07
smkatzso I am installing it manually18:08
astra05does anyone know anything about install ubuntu on arm a8 laptops?18:08
smkatzand i am to the point of creating the database18:08
astra05like the Avatar AVRA-138A118:08
smkatzbut I've already created some18:08
dr_williszgr:  i think you will need more then sed. most likely awk can do it.  the #bash guys may know better ways. You could almost do it with just bash and the cut/paste commands.. but been years since i last used them18:08
smkatzso I want to see if I can use or delete those18:08
dr_williszgr:  awk definatly shoul dbe able to do it18:08
smkatzI figured i would setup phpmyadmin at the same time18:08
zgrdr_willis: thanks will google that way18:08
BluesKajRage: http://pytivo.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_Install18:09
maslollutz / SolarisB1y removed the delay thingy and gets this in the bounced message : The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.118:09
Terriblistsmkatz: but why18:09
llutzmaslo: where do you have the "check_relay_domains" from? wasn't it replaced long time ago by "reject_unauth_destination"18:09
Terriblistyou are just wasting your time18:09
willemhi, has anyone here managed to install nvidia proprietary drivers on ubuntu 12.10 and still have a desktop environment left afterwards?18:10
=== willem is now known as willemvds
maslollutz lol from outdated tutorials I'm assuming18:10
mohamedalaa98Hi guys :D how can I get my application in USC?18:10
dr_williswillemvds:  the nvidia drivers work for most people.18:10
llutzmaslo: you shouldn't use those. get actual ones from postfix.org or ubuntu.forums18:10
smkatzterribist, what do you think I should do?18:11
smkatzcreate a new database from the command line18:11
=== Vyom is now known as Guest82069
SolarisB1ythe postfix basic configuration is pretty straight forward18:11
=== Guest82069 is now known as Vy0m
Terriblistor use mysql workbench18:11
SolarisB1yon postfix.org that is18:11
willemvdsdr_willis: i tried installing it through ubuntu additional drivers, then myself, then using ubuntuextreme script - no luck either way18:11
Terriblistlearn to connect a mysql tool to the database18:12
=== Vy0m is now known as Vyom
willemvdsfriend of mine also tried it at work and also had issues18:12
Terriblistinstaead of installing a mysql web tool on your website18:12
Terriblistbecause its tarded18:12
smkatzwhy will mysql workbench work any better than phpmyadmin?18:13
nookkubuntu 8.04.4 is good or not?18:13
smkatzlook. I can't login to the setup page18:13
smkatzthis tells me that the mysql password and username don't appear to be correct18:13
smkatzor it's not connected correctly as you say18:14
nookkTerriblist, the answer was for me?18:14
smkatzdo you know how to fix this?18:14
Terriblistsmkatz: can you access your mysql ?18:14
Terriblistin shell18:14
dchernivsmkatz, mysql -u root -p18:15
Terriblistnow were talking18:16
dr_williswillemvds:  most likely depends on the chipset.18:16
smkatzthis should also help18:16
dr_williswillemvds:  my 5 nvidia systems worked with no issues.18:16
willemvdsi have 560ti18:16
smkatzI think I did set a password terriblist18:16
dchernivsmkatz, setting phpmyadmin facing outside world is stupid.18:17
smkatzdccherniv, don't worry18:17
masloactually llutz I got the check relay from mail.log ' fatal: parameter "smtpd_recipient_restrictions": specify at least one working instance of: check_relay_domains, reject_unauth_destination, reject, defer or defer_if_permit'18:18
dchernivsmkatz, im not worried its not my install :)18:18
gmachine_24so.....my docs folder is 400mb... I have several back ups including one online, which, of course, I really don't trust - but the data is 256-bit encrypted. my ? is I want to back up the data to a thumb drive using truecrypt to create a partition on the jump drive. I can't think of any reason not to do this - but thought I'd ask here first. Sorry this was so long.18:18
michael0243gmachine_24: That sounds pretty straightforward and doable18:19
=== paul__ is now known as PDun
gmachine_24michael0243, that's what I think. But, you know . . . there always seems to be something . . . but thanks for the input. :)18:19
michael0243gmachine_24: basically any storage drive in linux is the same thing(with some abstraction in there) so you can do pretty much anything on any type of storage that you want if you can do it on others18:20
pbxbrianHi Hi18:20
pbxbrianquick bit of help with a dependency issue please?18:21
pbxbrianI'm running 12.0418:21
pbxbriantrying to install a package and I'm getting Depends: libperl5.10 (>= 5.10.1) but it is not installable18:21
Terriblistsmkatz: forget phpmyadmin18:21
Terriblistits not going to help you do anything18:21
smkatzdcherniv, how do I take appropriate precautions?18:21
pbxbrianbut perl5.14.2 is installed18:21
smkatzlots of people do install it....18:21
pbxbrianhow do I get around this...?18:21
Terriblistsmkatz: !!!18:21
Terriblistdo you need to reset your mysql root pass18:22
Terriblisti can help you do that18:22
gmachine_24michael0243, ok, thanks. I am a 99 percent Linux person but still keep a dozer around for scanning....18:22
dchernivsmkatz, dont use phpmyadmin18:22
smkatzTerriblist, look I'm new. sorry, I don't mean to be ignoring you18:22
smkatzhow do I remove it?18:22
Terriblistwhy does he think phpmyadmin will fix his stuff?????18:22
smkatzI don't think it will.18:22
smkatzI'm aware my problem is deeper than PHPMyAdmin18:23
dchernivsmkatz, i cant count the number of times people's sites were infected through phpmyadmin in my practice18:23
michael0243pbxbrian: sudo apt-get install libperl ?18:23
smkatzok. good to know18:23
Detox_at_Workplease help... I installed ubuntu and it created a home folder 75% of HD  can I adjust now, keeping the HD intact or must I reinstall fresh18:23
dchernivsmkatz, whats the problem you're having anywayt18:23
smkatztell me how to remove it18:23
pbxbrianmichael0243: if only it was that easy :)18:23
pbxbrianlibperl 5.14.2 is installed18:23
pbxbrianbut this package is looking for libperl5.10 (>= 5.10.1)18:23
gmachine_24Detox_at_Work, you can change the partition sizes18:24
smkatzdcherniv, I'm trying to cleanup. I ran the drupal auto-installer18:24
smkatzit failed18:24
Detox_at_WorkI only have 1 partition18:24
smkatzI need to get rid of that database18:24
pbxbrian5.14.2 is >= 5.10.118:24
Detox_at_Work1 hd18:24
n0sqapparently, i can only access hotmail with windows now18:24
smkatzand also remove phpmyadmin18:24
michael0243detox_at_work: use parted. It is a GUI to do that. Pretty simple. Good a tutorial. MAKE BACKUPS!18:24
gmachine_24Detox_at_Work, so then what is the problem?18:24
n0sqgrrrrrr, also18:24
smkatzhow are you trying to access hotmail?18:24
smkatzthrough a web browser?18:24
Detox_at_WorkI am using it for big blue button server18:24
smkatzor a client? (thunderbird)18:24
michael0243pbxbrian: that shouldn't happen. Interesting18:24
n0sqsmkatz: with amsn or emesene18:25
gmachine_24Detox_at_Work, so then what is the problem????????????????????????18:25
Detox_at_Workand once I iinstalled it,, HD is shown as full18:25
dchernivsmkatz, login to mysql as root18:25
Detox_at_Worki have to shrink the home folder18:25
dchernivsmkatz, mysql -uroot -p18:25
dchernivsmkatz, drop database DRUPALDATABASE18:25
Terriblistmysql -u root -p18:25
n0sqsmkatz: but, when i manually login with the browser the links to the mailbox don't work18:25
Detox_at_Workthere is only 1 partition on the hd18:25
hsnmckI just installed xubuntu and I chosen to encrypt my home folder.. I'm trying to change enter my passphrase but it's giving me Error: Unwrapping passphrase failed [-5]. Is there a way to change the passphrase ? I'm logged in!18:25
gmachine_24Detox_at_Work, if your home folder is just a folder you can't shrink the size... unless it's on a separate partition...... I think18:26
pbxbrianI think the easiest solution to this problem is debian squeeze18:26
smkatzcan I list the databases on the system?18:26
Terriblistdcherniv: he cant lol18:26
smkatzusing mysql?18:26
dchernivsmkatz, drop user DRUPALUSER18:26
michael0243detox_at_work: then your hard drive isn't big enough assuming your partition is as big as the hard drive.18:26
smkatzok. I have the information I need18:26
Detox_at_Workis 250 gig hd18:26
Terriblistsmkatz: are you in mysql now?18:26
n0sqsmkatz: but, the links work when i use IE18:26
michael0243detox_at_work: so that means you have 75% of 250gig used.18:26
Detox_at_Workfresh install of ubuntu and 1 prog that fits on a pen drive18:26
Terriblistcan you type: show databases;18:26
n0sqi guess i should try konquerer18:26
dchernivsmkatz, show databases; will list dbs18:26
gmachine_24Detox_at_Work, why do you want to shrink the size of the home folder?18:27
Detox_at_Workis not needed18:27
smkatzalright, you guys great18:27
Detox_at_Worksoftware is in /opt and /var18:27
Terriblistdcherniv: lol18:27
Terriblistsmkatz: is so LOL18:27
Detox_at_Workthere is nothing in home folder either18:27
Detox_at_Work1 help deoc i created that is mayby 50k18:27
gmachine_24Detox_at_Work, well then it's not taking up much space18:27
smkatzTerriblist: my ubuntu system isn't fully functional yet, so I'm getting advice from another computer18:28
michael0243detox_at_work: go get us a sudo parted -l pastebin18:28
Detox_at_Workbut when I look at gui or nf -s it shows hd = 100 full18:28
smkatzare you getting an error message when you access hotmail?18:28
Terriblistjesus smkatz18:28
Detox_at_Workand shows /home as using all the space18:28
Terriblisthow much problemz do u haz?18:28
michael0243detox_at_work: nf?18:28
Terriblistall at once18:28
smkatzTerriblist, not very many18:28
gmachine_24he's making my head hurt18:29
smkatzbut the screen resolution isn't right... :-)18:29
Detox_at_Workok will hve to go across to other pc logging out of this now18:29
smkatzI know, I know18:29
smkatzbb when I get my head examined18:29
masloSolarisB1y / llutz should I just uninstall postfix and the configurations and just install everything again to get the basic default conf and start from there?18:29
Terriblistargh stupid floats18:30
Terriblisti minus int from float and what hapenz?18:30
llutzmaslo:make a copy of your configs, then" sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix"18:30
mom_hi need help regarding wireless driver18:31
gmachine_24mom_ can you tell us what the problem is?18:31
Terriblistno moms allowed18:32
PDunI know this is blasphemy, but does anyone know how to make a bootable thumb drive for windows 2000 within Ubuntu?18:32
mom_acutally installed zorin18:32
mom_and my wireless driver is not detecting18:32
Sven_vBPDun, i'd try dosbox (package name)18:33
gmachine_24mom_ you mean your wireless card isn't being recognized...........??18:33
mom_yes u r right18:33
DJonesmom_: We don't support zorin, its not an official version of ubuntu18:33
xanguamom_: ask in the zorin support channel, forum, mail list, wathever they yse ;)18:33
mom_theres windows wireless driver app18:33
mom_i tried that but18:34
mom_its doesnt respond and hangs18:34
DJonesmom_: zorin isn't supported here18:34
mom_oho ok18:34
=== MartinS is now known as Guest20171
mom_i heard it had similar issue in ubuntu also that y i asked18:35
mitico08ciao a tutti18:35
TerriblistPDun: download win2000 iso18:35
Terriblistburn it on usb with unetbootin18:35
gmachine_24mom_ did you go here http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ZorinOS&uio=OT10cnVlJjExPTIxNQ6c18:35
PDunTerriblist - I have an iso18:38
Terriblistso burn it18:38
n0sqlooks like i found my hotmail problem - i'm using a ghostery plugin - when i disable it i can get into hotmail - strange that i didn't have this problem with the ghostery plugin for IE18:38
PDunThanks that's what I was looking for knew I had done it like 12 years ago:-)18:38
smkatzn0sq glad I can help with something...18:38
newroadhello, I'm been using Remmina to connect to my company's RDP servers, but they've recently changed the default ports of the RDP servers for security reasons. Is there a way I can can change the port that Remmina connects to a specific server on?18:39
n0sqsmkatz: i don't remember you suggesting a plugin problem18:39
smkatzterriblist switching to linux box now. will read documentation extensively, and come back when I am using linux box irc client18:39
smkatzn0sq it was sarcasm.18:39
smkatzself-deprecating humor18:39
mom_thanks gmachine_2418:40
=== Guest59873 is now known as di_giorgio
khayes_I only found a wiki guide for installing 10.04 on a MacBook Pro 5,3. Is it likely I could start there and upgrade to 12?18:42
nullby7ei need DVD image of actual version by ubuntu?18:42
dchernivkhayes_, you should be able to grab the latest ubuntu and install that18:43
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Guest3086hi room18:43
nullby7eis there a only cd image for download?18:44
khayes_dcherniv: Ok, great. Will I have any issues dual booting with my setup? I have a SSD as my system drive and a normal HDD as a secondary but the boot record is on the secondary iirc18:44
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Aluminanybody know where I can find a template on pinning a specific package (or packages) from a given source?  (a PPA, for example)18:47
=== wessly is now known as Guest7317
AluminI think I've almost got it, but I'm not quite sure on the syntax.  I don't know if I can use origin since I can't match on just the hostname (all PPAs have the same hostname)18:48
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto18:51
dr_willisive rarely needed to use pinning18:51
[snake]So I got ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, coming from 32 bit. and now 3d graphics are really really horrible. The funny thing is that I can use anything else on my computer, and it's totally fast while the 3d graphics are running. why are they so slow does anyone have any thoughts? my processor is also not even using it's full capability...18:55
\\Mr_C\\is there a place that has each linux kernel generic binary already compiled?18:55
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, no18:56
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, binary kernels are distribution-specific18:56
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, there's no "generic" kernel18:56
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[snake]i have majora's mask running at 1 frame per second.18:56
\\Mr_C\\takes so long to compile18:57
[snake]yet, my computer is running fine besides that.18:57
[snake]\\Mr_C\\, just set it to compile then go to work/school and it will be half done when you get back.18:57
dcherniv\\Mr_C\\, not really, over here with modules i need it takes about 30 minutes18:57
Oliver_Hey, does Ubuntu have vanilla packages? (e.g. XFCE without customizations)18:58
dr_willis[snake]:  what video card?18:58
KnipleHey Guys, I need some help. I run Xubuntu 12.10, and when I'm on AC Power, the system gets really slow, and speeds up as soon as i unplug the ac-adapter and run on battery power. Anyone of you know what this might be? (I tried to google for it, but couldnt find any relevant information)18:58
dr_willisOliver_:  not that ive ever noticed.18:58
Oliver_hm, okay18:58
[snake]dr_willis, um... let me pull out my motherboard box, it is the built in nvidia one, I will see what it is specifically.18:58
KnipleOliver_: i guess you can log out and choose xfce without the ubuntu constumization?18:58
[snake]that was a horribly worded sentence lol18:58
dr_willis[snake]:  you did install the nvidia drivers?18:58
Oliver_Kniple: Never heard of that18:59
[snake]dr_willis, yes I installed them.18:59
dkessel[snake] or you could run "lspci" and pastebin the output18:59
Kniplewell if you log out, you get a drop down with environments, and you can choose xfce classic, and xfce ubuntu, i think.18:59
dr_willis[snake]:  run nvidia-settings and be sure its using them. Try some native linux 3d games also.18:59
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Alumindr_willis: already read that, couldn't quite get it working19:00
Alumin(from that).  However, I think I have in fact got it working :)19:00
AluminI'm going to try doing a full regex match against the URI of the source, 'cause really that's the only way to be sure19:02
[snake]dr_willis, I'm in the nvidia-setting. it says what version it is: 295.40 does that mean it is running that then?19:02
merpnderpAnyone know if the latest Alienware M14x is fully supported?19:02
Aluminbasing the pin on Origin is nice, and _should_ be authoritative, but it presupposes that the admin of the source doesn't change the Release file19:02
dr_willis[snake]:  if you were not running them.. then it would have said so when you started up nvidia-settings19:02
strempoi've downloaded19:03
[snake]ok it has them then. dr_willis what else do you think could potentially be the problem?19:03
strempoubu 8.04.419:03
dr_willismerpnderp:  id say check the forums and askubuntu to see if people report problems with it.  - 'latest' hardware is often the MOST problematic.19:03
Petazcan I run ubunto on a windows 8 phone?19:03
dr_willis[snake]:  tried a native 3d linux game? - could be the onboard nvidia is just not that good a 3d card for what you are wanting to do.19:03
merpnderpdr_willis: thanks19:03
dr_willisPetaz:  doubtfull.19:03
strempodr_willis i've downloaded and installed ubu 8.04.4 but at the beginning it say: gtrld not found19:04
Petazwhat phones can run ubuntu?19:04
strempoand it doesnt work19:04
dr_willisPetaz:  none run the natively as far as i know.19:04
[snake]dr_willis, I tried minecraft before, it was worse. All my graphics worked really well on 32 bit ubuntu 12.04 but now it's not the same on 64 bit :(19:04
khayes_I just tried booting into 12 from my MBP 5,3 and selected Install Ubuntu. It booted into a black screen with a single yellow Y with a red background19:04
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dr_willis[snake]:  cant say ive notced any issues in 64bit vs 32. but i havent ran 32bit in years19:05
dr_willis[snake]:  you could do a 32bit install to a flash drive for a test bed to see if preformance is better.19:05
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[snake]dr_willis, well, I know that it was better graphics before. but the funny thing is that now, the graphics suck but my computer is running in normal speed. nothing is laggy while I'm running the game, like it was on 32 bit.19:06
[snake]dr_willis, perhaps I need an older driver or something19:06
strempodr_willis i've downloaded and installed ubu 8.04.4 but at the beginning it say: gtrld not found19:06
loculinuxen español19:07
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DJones!es | loculinux19:07
ubottuloculinux: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:07
dr_willisstrempo:  means very little to me. ive not used 8.x in 4+ years.. and no idea what gtrld means19:07
dchernivI regret Nozing19:08
dr_willisstrempo:  if that pc is haveing a hard time running the installer. i would either pull the hd and install it from a differnt pc onto the hd. or do a install to a flash drive. then dd/image the flash onto the internal HD.19:08
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strempono the installation is gone well, but at the restart, doeesn't work, pc say: no gtrldl found  on hd, please reboot19:11
dr_willisstrempo:  sure its not saying 'ntrldr' ?19:12
dr_willisif its not booting to grub. try the grub fix-boot tools  (aka boot-repair)19:12
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SomelauwI like ubuntu, except the purple theme. Is that a matter of taste or does everyone else like it?19:13
strempodr_willis how should i do?19:13
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)19:13
dr_willisuse the boot-repair tool from a live cd would bewhat i would try strempo19:13
dr_willisSomelauw:  its easy to change themes/colors..19:14
p1l0tDo you have to reboot for changes in /etc/group to take effect?19:14
dr_willisp1l0t:  log out/back in19:14
p1l0tdr_willis: thanks19:15
strempodr_willis i've copied ubu on stick no in cd19:15
strempobut now at the reboot also the stick doesn't work19:15
stremponow i'm with puppylivecd19:16
p1l0tdr_willis: It's username:number:group correct?19:16
dr_willisive rarely had to mess with groups.. :) so  i dont recall p1l0t19:16
p1l0tdr_willis: Do I need to logout from everywhere?19:18
dr_willisp1l0t:  the group changes will only affect the new login shells/apps19:18
dr_willisi think19:18
p1l0tdr_willis: thanks19:19
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kevinchi think i screwed something up when I was trying to resize my lvm volume and partition19:24
kevinchits ext419:24
kevinchhaving trouble fixing it19:24
talntiddwhat are the symptoms?19:24
talntiddand how did you resize it?19:24
kevinchcan't mount19:24
kevinchmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/Media-Media,19:25
talntiddwhat happens when you list volumes?19:25
dr_willisgotta love the generic 'it aint working' error messages19:25
kevinchyeah sorry for the lack of info19:25
talntiddshow me "/etc/fstab"19:25
dr_willisdmesg output may give some more info also.19:26
talntiddand how are you trying to mount it?19:26
kevinch  --- Physical volume ---19:26
kevinch  PV Name               /dev/sda119:26
kevinch  VG Name               Media19:26
kevinch  PV Size               1.82 TiB / not usable 3.05 MiB19:26
kevinch  Allocatable           yes19:26
FloodBot1kevinch: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:26
kevinch  PE Size               4.00 MiB19:26
nicholasanyone who knows witch desktop environment arch Linux is using as standard19:26
talntiddkevinch, use pastebin19:26
kevinchthats the mount line /dev/Media/Media        /home/admiral/Media ext4 rw,noatime 0 019:26
kevinchfor this drive19:26
auronandacenicholas: it doesn't, you choose what you want; this channel is for ubuntu support19:27
dr_williskevinch:  your command said /dev/maper/media-media  not media/media19:27
kevinchyes thats the feedback i get when I try and mount with sudo mount -a19:27
kevinchI think the size of the lvm volume and partition aren't the same19:28
kevinchi think the partition is bigger than the lvm19:28
talntiddwhy do you think this?19:28
kevinchjust a hunch, i think i saw something come up yesterday19:29
kevinchwhen i was trying to troubleshoot19:29
talntiddyour details are astounding19:29
ViaNocturna85some of my games scale wrong and show only about 1/3 of the actual screen since its too big, i have intel graphics, anyone know what i could do?19:31
bluwhaleHi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a networking solution. I have a Win7 laptop at my desk, and an Ubuntu desktop. Is there any way to share the internet connection between the two of them? The win7 desktop has internet because of its inbuilt wifi, but Ubuntu doesn't. Perhaps I could connect them both with an ethernet connection or something?19:31
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kevinchtalntidd what more information could i get for you that would help?19:32
kevinchI think i did something wrong when i resized the partition and the volume19:32
dr_willisbluwhale:  windows has internet shareing connection features. (ICS) that can do it.19:32
dr_willisbluwhale:  you will need either a crossover cable. or 2 normal cables + a hub/port. unless you got GbE ports19:32
Aluminbluwhale: you can do IP masquerade on the Ubuntu system to share the connection19:32
namidarkMy server is randomly losing its DHCP lease and then it refuses to pick up a new one (dhclient just hangs and pings the dhcpserver) -- if i manually configure an IP I can ssh into it, but no domain's resolve, and if I edit resolv.conf to set the nameservers, the domain's still won't resolve... anyone have any ideas?19:33
Aluminbut yeah, as dr_willis said you'll need a crossover cable to connect them if you don't have a hub/switch19:33
bluwhaledr_willis, Well, I have ethernet ports on both. So can I link them through those?19:33
bluwhaleAlumin, ^^19:33
Aluminand you'll have to manually configure the networking (i.e. without DHCP) on whichever machine is "behind" the other one19:33
dr_willisactually  ive seen some Normal 100speed Nic ports that can auto switch. :) but nmot sure how common they are19:33
kevinchbluewhale you may not need crossover if one of the NIC's auto configures and knows its a crossover19:33
kevinch*not a crossover19:34
dr_willisI thinl all the 1000 speed Gigibit ports can do it.19:34
Aluminbluwhale: sure, but you may need a cxrossover cable depending on your NIC hardware19:34
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JoshDreamlandSeems Ubuntu has decided to call immediate system reboot without prompt as soon as updates finish. How do I make it not do that?19:34
dr_willisI guess that Raspberry Pi has one of these smart NIC ports. ;) from what ive read of its specs.. not seen it on any other desktop/laptops. but most new ones have Gigibit.19:35
bluwhaleOk, thanks for the tips guys. I think I'll do more research.19:35
bluwhaleBased on your suggestions.19:35
Aluminnamidark: can you ping the nameservers themselves?19:35
Aluminbluwhale: if you want the MSW box to be the "master", look up Internet Connection Sharing19:35
Aluminif you want the Ubuntu box to handle it, look up IP masquerade19:35
Aluminyou might want to look up the pinout for a crossover cable as well, in case you need to make one19:37
dr_willisalways handy to have a crossover cable, or a little converter/dongle in the pc toolbox19:37
AluminI can't remember the orange/white, orange, brown/white, brown, blue, fuchsia, teal, silver...whatever19:37
bluwhaleThanks guys.19:39
namidarkAlumin: yeah i can ping by IP19:41
new-to-thisexcuse my lack of knowledge, but i would like some advise trying to run a command that would search for all .mp4 files and then execute vlc with those files in it. im came up with this but it doesnt excute vlc. Please advise ? find . -iname "*.mp4" -exec  '{}' /usr/bin/vlc \19:41
p1l0tI just made a directory with dr-------T 0_o19:42
namidarkAlumin: actually I take that back, I can't19:42
p1l0tchmod says it doesn't exist but I see with ls19:42
new-to-thisexcuse my lack of knowledge, but i would like some advise trying to run a command that would search for all .mp4 files and then execute vlc with those files in it. im came up with this but it doesnt excute vlc. Please advise ? find . -iname "*.mp4" -exec  '{}' /usr/bin/vlc \; even19:42
Aluminnew-to-this: I think you mean19:42
namidarkAlumin: the two other servers on the same switch, have dhcp leases fine, but their route table is definitely different, I'm missing a route on the bad server19:43
Aluminfind . -iname '*.mp4' -exec /usr/bin/vlc '{}' \;19:43
dr_willisthat might run an instance of vlc for each file.. may not be what you want. ;)19:43
new-to-thisAlumin: yes i do19:43
new-to-thisit doesnt return anything19:43
AluminI don't second-guess the question.  :)  But yes, you're right, he probably wants xargs19:43
Aluminit doesn't?19:44
new-to-thisnot for me no19:44
Aluminhmm...looks reasonable to me19:44
dr_willisspaces in file names may also goof things up19:44
namidarkAlumin: here are the two routing tables; https://gist.github.com/435525219:44
p1l0tWhat does dr-------T mean?? I get drwxrwxrwx or dr-xr----- but what is dr-------T19:44
new-to-thisif i run "/usr/bin/vlc" i get vlc up19:44
dr_willishave it test with doing an 'echo' of the file names.. instead of using vlc.19:44
strempohi the name is grlde19:45
dr_willis-exec echo .......19:45
puffis there any way for "apt-get show" or some similar command to see which repo a particular package is coming from?19:45
Aluminnamidark: well, assuming the one server is supposed to have eth0 and the other br019:45
[snake]dr_willis, :DDDDDDDDDD I fixed it!!!!! I installed the version-current-updates and now I have 3d working!! I never saw the version-current-updates before :P19:45
AluminI'm assuming that's not the problem19:45
[snake]dr_willis, thanks!19:45
Aluminyour obvious problem is that the "bad" route table has no default route :)19:45
alexwatersi am trying to run a process as a service. when i do sudo start - it dies with this error in syslog: kernel: init: main process terminated with status 134. how can i look up that error code to find out what is breaking?19:46
namidarkAlumin: once I've been getting dhcp working I just add the bridge and dhclient the bridge and it picks up the IP, essentially they're all using eth0 in br019:46
new-to-thisah found the answer19:46
new-to-thisthe files for some reason are .mp4.19:46
iamwhoiamdr_willis: doesnt the "\" at the end fo the command of new to this return the second prompth (i dont know how to call it)19:46
Tex_Nick12.10 Unity ... trying to update thru synaptic ... it's been hung for about 10 minutes on the last linf of http://pastebin.com/Xq9LnYHy ... any any ideas before i abort the update ?19:47
new-to-thisnot sure why and that command works as expected19:47
puffI'm having a problem where dmesg is reporting the kernel wants nvidia 304.48 and the packageis reporting 304.64.  I was on x-swat PPA nvidia-experimental-304 so I purged that and was about to install nvidia-current, but "apt-get show" says nvidia-current is 304.64 too. (this is all on ubuntu 12.4 fwiw).19:47
new-to-thisthanks for your help in any case :-)19:47
strempothe problem is grldr19:47
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Aluminalexwaters: exit status codes are application-specific, you'll have to look that up in the man page for the app I'd assume19:48
alexwatersAlumin: the service is supposed to change directories and then do python default.py -dev19:49
alexwatersAlumin: would that be python then?19:49
Aluminnamidark: honestly, I don't understand how that stuff works...all I know is ya ain't got no default route and that's why you can't get to the nameservers I'd assume :)19:49
Aluminalexwaters: well, maybe, but Python itself is probably just passing through whatever exitcode the script it runs is providing19:50
alexwaterswhen i run that in bash, it executes without an error though =(19:50
alexwatersAlumin: oh well, thank you19:51
Aluminalexwaters: hence why you need the docs :)19:51
JaxsterAt work i'd like to setup a linux machine that I can control the windows network with - Active Directory, Exchange Management, Mapped drives to all my servers, Network information and Audits and other administrative tasks.  I've gotten a virtual machine of 12.4 to connect to the domain, authenticate with AD as a user with privledges, setup my exchange... What else should I do? anyone? I'm lost19:51
Jaxsternow.. I feel like i've done a lot for how little I know but I'm not exactly managing anything with this setup yet because I dont know what to do now. Suggestions?19:51
namidarkAlumin: yeah :( I think the DHCP server is fubar'd at work, asking for a router to subnet myself off19:51
Aluminalexwaters: if you want, you can run it at the command line and then run "echo $?"19:51
veryhappyhey guys - anyone scared of the end of the world? - :D - i have a question about my alsa, i have a quite fresh install of ubuntu on my slim pc and now i want to be able to connect it over hdmi and get video and sound. unfortunately i only get a video but no sound since i removed pulseaudio completely like advised. what can i do now?.19:51
Aluminit might be exiting 134 anyway, just not printing an error :)19:51
strempono one can help me?19:51
veryhappystrempo on what?19:52
erncicstrempo: wubi install?19:53
strempoi've downloaded and installed ubu 8.04.419:53
erncicstrempo: is it installed onto (inside) windows?19:54
strempobut at the restat: cannot find grldr in all drivers, please reboot19:54
OerHeksstrempo only the server is supported19:54
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.19:54
alexwatersAlumin: echo $? returns 019:55
alexwatersafter running the command from bash19:55
strempoah i cannot install if it's not supported??19:55
Aluminalexwaters: yeah, unfortunately it looks like you're just gonna have to look it up in the docs for whatever it is, then19:56
OerHeksstrempo you won't get updates, so it is useless, upgrade to 10.04 or even better 12.0419:57
mattb_Qurdyiond plrsdr? Yhr $og ppl lodinh yhid hmr id inyrndr@ middddprllinh yhr ptrbioud eotf yhtoed uou oggg@19:57
DJonesmattb_: You may want to remove the cat from your keyboard or use English in this channel19:58
strempomy sis graphic videos don't do install it19:58
iamwhoiamDJones: lol19:58
chrs_is everything ok with the ubuntu servers?19:58
corvaxiaIs there a way to keep files persistent in a LiveUSB?19:58
chrs_i'm getting an error when i try apt-get update19:59
talntidd"an error"19:59
chrs_Err http://archive.getdeb.net maverick-getdeb Release.gpg Could not connect to archive.getdeb.net:80 ( - connect (113: No route to host)19:59
OerHekschrs_, getdeb is down for some weeks now19:59
DJoneschrs_: archive.getdeb isn't part of the ubuntu servers19:59
strempoOerHeks, i don't understand, why starts : cannot find grldr?20:00
OerHeksstrempo i don't know, and support is over for 8.04.20:01
* OerHeks jumped in @ 9.0420:02
iamwhoiamstrempo: are you talking about this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1719333?20:02
strempoyes iamwhoiam , but i don't have win20:03
chrs_i need to figure out how to configure apt to use something else besides getdeb20:03
ernciccorvaxia: unetbootin has a checkbox to turn on persistence in a liveusb.20:04
OerHekschrs_, for what game/tool ?20:04
chrs_but my apt-get update isn't even working20:04
chrs_is update supposed to fail because it couldn't hit one server?20:05
chrs_theres no getdeb in my /etc/apt/sources.list20:06
Picichrs_: its likely in a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20:06
iamwhoiamstrempo: what exactly are you doing? fresh install, usb install, wubi?20:06
=== Plinker__ is now known as Plinker
strempocan i write in pv?20:07
chrs_Pici: you're right, found it20:07
IlostMyNcikHi, How can I configure a keyboard shortcut to open a specific window?20:08
iamwhoiamstrempo: better here, so that anybody can help20:08
strempook, i'm with puppy, i've downloaded ubu in usb bootable,20:09
strempothen i had done start the installation20:09
strempoat the reboot20:09
strempothe error: grldr don't found, restart20:10
chrs_hmm, also getting: Err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com maverick/main Sources                          404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:10
iamwhoiamstrempo: i suppose restart with the bootable usb that had ubuntu?:)20:10
Picichrs_: maverick reached its end-of-life in April.20:11
chrs_that's weird, my browser can get there20:11
Pici!EOL | chrs_20:11
ubottuchrs_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:11
chrs_i guess i have my answer then20:11
chrs_this is what i get for being lazy and not staying up to date20:12
strempothen i restart with the full installation20:12
iamwhoiamstrempo: check this http://reboot.pro/topic/8014-strange-problem-cant-find-grldr/, the answer of was_jaclaz20:13
IlostMyNcikso, is there a way to raise a window ?20:13
iamwhoiamstrempo: if i understood your problem correctly20:13
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
IlostMyNcik can I configure a shortcut key to switch to a specific application?20:14
iamwhoiamstrempo: better check the whole discussion in the website20:14
iamwhoiamstrempo: i just saw that the guy went through many issues20:15
gurjeetI seriously need help with wireless driver. It's driving me crazy! I have 12.04 running on MacBook Pro 9,1. Is someone around who can help? I have tried every solution given in every Ubuntu forum20:15
corvaxiaIt feels like the support recently backpedaled on macbookpros20:16
strempoiamwhoiam, , but if i format the 2 stick in ext2 it's better?20:16
corvaxiagurjeet are you using a 32 or 64-bit distro20:16
lisehi i need help ! i m a beginer  ! and someone can explain me how working this chat ?20:16
gurjeetIt used to work just fine about a month ago. And then I visited Canada for 15 days, and ever since I have returned, the network lookups just times out every few seconds.20:16
gurjeetcorvaxia: It's 64 bit.20:17
Nik05hey guys20:17
iamwhoiamstrempo: ididnt see anything in their discussion mentioning formatting ...20:18
gurjeetSometimes there's no problem for a few minutes, but most often the network drops out every few seconds.20:18
erncic!ask | lise20:19
ubottulise: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:19
corvaxiaHave you tried reinstalling the b43 drivers for your wifi chipset?20:19
maetthewerncic, I think this is someone that's never used nick :P20:19
gurjeetcorvaxia: Yes, quite a few times.20:19
maetthewerncic, err. not nick, irc20:19
Nik05Im still having some problems with apparmor. Im doing updates with aptitude, and its hanging at apparmor20:20
erncicmaetthew: I agree, but I don't know a nicer ubottu phrase...20:20
corvaxiagurjeet Sorry, I don't have enough experience to recommend anything else. I just got started on Ubuntu and I would hate to have the Blind leading the myopic20:20
maetthewerncic, hah20:20
Nik05when checking ps, i see that cat /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles is running all the time20:20
maetthewNik05, kill it?20:20
Nik05well after a few minutes it continued20:20
BluesKaj!aptitude | Nik0520:20
ubottuNik05: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.20:20
Nik05but this happens all the time20:21
RageNow I really do need to reinstall my ubuntu20:21
gurjeetcorvaxia: Thanks for trying.20:21
RageCan someone tell me how to backup my system so that I can keep all of my programs?20:22
corvaxiagurjeet I was hoping I could help since I ran into issues on the macbookpro 9,2 when installing 12.10. This code fixed everything for me (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro9-2/Quantal#Wireless). But you said you were running 12.0420:23
Nik05and now the updating is haning at cups. aa-status is the one that is hanging20:23
RageCan someone tell me how to backup my system so that I can keep all of my apps and stuff?20:24
erncic!fr | lise20:24
ubottulise: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:24
Nik05how can cat /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles hang? When i check /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/profiles with ls, it says its size is 0.20:25
lisemerci ! thaks for ur help !20:25
ernciclise: very welsome20:26
Tex_NickRage : what version of ubuntu are you using20:27
RageI just updated and I have gotten about 50 error messages and crashed20:27
Tex_NickRage : Unity ?20:27
Ragewhat about unity?20:28
Tex_Nickare you using Unity ?20:28
RageI'm really not sure20:28
RageHow can I check?20:28
Tex_NickRage : in dash type backup ... look through the options20:29
iamwhoiamRage: when looking at the desktop, is there a bar with applications on the left20:29
iamwhoiamperhaps echo $DESKTOP_SESSION20:30
RageIt says the program backup is not installed20:30
Ragethere is a bar20:30
Ragewith all the applications20:31
Nik05so nobody knows about problems with apparmor?20:31
Rageiamwhoiam: there is a bar that shows all of the applications20:32
iamwhoiamRage: there should be a program called backup.. perhaps install it?20:32
blitzI'm trying to get turbovnc working on 12.10, I followed the guide on turbo vnc (I'm connecting from a mac with x11) and was able to ssh in, set it up and then connect via IP:2, but now all I get is a grey screen. Any ideas20:32
Tex_NickRage : in Ubuntu Software Center ... type backup ... you will be given a variety of backup apps ... Deja Dup Backup Tool is thefaut on mu box20:33
Rageit's just called backup?20:33
gurjeetcorvaxia: I have tried those exact instructions quite a few times in the past, but the problem persists.20:33
RageI have 2 different backup apps20:33
Rageand the one that has a locker or whatever as the icon20:34
iamwhoiamRage: so when you typed backup it did return something...20:34
Rageyes, it return "The program backup is not installed"20:34
Rageoh, I can install it with the command it shows, :P*20:35
iamwhoiamRage : Tex_Nick said "in dash type backup"20:35
user82hi! is anyone around here who knows how to pass cflags to make-kpkg?20:35
iamwhoiamRage: anyway, you already have the backup programs, so, use them...20:35
Ragedoesn't he mean the terminal?20:35
Tex_NickRage : the icon that looks like a sake or locker is the Deja Dup Backup Tool ... it allows many options for backup, including to Ubuntu One20:35
iamwhoiamRage: no..20:35
iamwhoiamRage: dash is what u see when you put your mouse on the top left corner20:36
Rageoh right20:36
iamwhoiamRage: the terminal is called... well, the terminal :)20:36
Rageisn't is also bash though?20:37
Nik05Ok now it is "Installing new version of config file /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.chromium-browser ...", and it is running "aa-status --enabled" all the time. When i kill(TERM sig) a new one gets started.20:37
Nik05And its hanging the hole update, what to do?20:37
iamwhoiamRage: which is also bash?? the dash?? no!20:37
=== SierraAR is now known as Sierr[a]AR
Rageisn't the terminal also called bash?20:37
RageI figured it was a typo20:38
Ragebut yeah, in the dash, there are 2 different backup programs20:38
Rageand I have one more question20:39
RageIf i do back it up, and I reinstall ubuntu, will it keep the programs?20:39
iamwhoiamRage: with this i cannot help, i have never used backup programs, only terminal commands for getting all my installed packages and then reinstalling them... someone else might help20:40
Tex_Nick!bash | Rage20:41
ubottuRage: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:41
Tex_Nick!dash | Rage20:41
ubottuRage: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash20:41
=== Sierr[a]AR is now known as SierraAR
RageI know what the dash is already20:41
iamwhoiamRage: check online for backup etc.. for example, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem, it is easy to get info20:42
Nik05Can i "safely" kill "/bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/apparmor-profiles.postinst configure 2.7.102-0ubuntu3.5" ?20:42
jonesn420i added firestarter to /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart however each time it starts it is shown. i just would like to know what comment to add to make it start hidden (window not shown but in the lxpanel)20:42
iamwhoiamjonesn420: i think that is app-specific20:44
jonesn420i dont see any option in preferences iamwhoiam20:44
=== shojo is now known as boobsicles
iamwhoiamjonesn420: if the app doesnt give you the option, then i think you need to use something extra, like devilpie or something.. at least you used to need, a20:46
iamwhoiamjonesn420: check here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148256220:47
jonesn420ok but i just thought there was some kind of comment u add at the end of it like @firestart -c or whatever20:47
kmicuI want to run conkeror with specific GTK 2 theme on Ubuntu 12.10, but with no success, any tips?20:47
=== RedWar is now known as thegreatspace
iamwhoiamjonesn420: for example, in your example, "-c" would be an option that the app would give you (again, as fas as i know)20:49
jonesn420not if i add it too the /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart that is just a text file to edit for startup20:50
jonesn420finally i found it iamwhoiam. and i got the password priveledges taken care of from this tutorial http://askubuntu.com/questions/17322/autostart-firestarter-gui-on-boot20:51
ntzrmtthihu777um, I hope I am not out of line for asking this, but can anyone here help with a bit of reverse engineering?20:52
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ravciI AM UNABLE TO OPEN MY DVD DRIVE...................................20:52
ravciHELP ME OUT20:53
jonesn420ravci by the actual button on your computer or by right clicking in pcmanfm and hitting eject?20:53
jonesn420or by terminal?20:53
Terriblistor by hammer?20:53
ntzrmtthihu777continue not, time of hammer, it is.20:53
Terriblistooops i split my cofe20:53
mrhydeis it me or does ubuntu 12.04 seem extremely familiar to os x mountain lion?20:54
guntbert_!ot | Terriblist20:54
ubottuTerriblist: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:54
jonesn420i think u spilt your coffee i split a blunt20:54
ntzrmtthihu777>.< say its not so120:54
ravciWE R STILL ALIVE...20:54
guntbert_!shout | ravci20:54
ubotturavci: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.20:54
jonesn420WOOT WOOT20:55
Terriblistdood guntbert_20:55
Terriblisttake a prozac20:55
jonesn420the earth didnt EXPLODE. although if anything happened it started and will take  200,000 years20:55
jonesn420people dont understand some stuff20:55
Terriblisti believe majority rules20:55
guntbert_jonesn420: ravci Terriblist ntzrmtthihu777 this is a suport channel20:55
blitzso. it seems like when I connect to my vino, using tightvnc or vinagre, I'm controlling the desktop but everything only moves/changes on the host desktop and I can't see the changes20:55
FlannelPlease take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.20:55
jonesn420of course guntbert. we cant be human and bullshit20:55
ntzrmtthihu777heh, I am on offtopic now.20:55
TerriblistFlannel: why dont you20:56
Terriblistjoin #theory20:56
Terriblistits my chan20:56
slahi room20:56
ravcihelp me out with my dvd drive .............plz20:56
jonesn420ravci answer my q's above20:56
iamwhoiamjonesn420: -start-hidden is a choice given by firestart20:57
eltigre_hey, is it theoretically possible to mount data cdroms in linux?20:57
jonesn420i dont see a spot in the options man. i had to add it to the directory autostart file20:57
ntzrmtthihu777as in iso's? I do it all the time20:57
Nik05eltigre_ why wouldnt you be able to mount cdroms?20:57
ravciit ws working fine before the installation of Virtualbox ... but now it is'nt20:57
iamwhoiamjonesn420: if you type man firstart (whatever its called) you will probably see it there20:57
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
iamwhoiamjonesn420: again, probably :)20:58
jonesn420yeah i got it working iamwhoiam thanks. i actually did forget about man pages20:58
jonesn420i guess ravci didnt want help20:59
jonesn420i tried20:59
jonesn420it was simple im sure20:59
guntbert_!enter | jonesn42020:59
ubottujonesn420: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:59
jonesn420guntbert_, ubottu ok guys. this room is not that active though 80 people in here or a ton more that never say a word21:00
Terriblisti want to start my own irc21:00
jonesn420its all znc's shit21:00
slalit's get it stared in here21:00
Terriblistjoin #theory21:00
jonesn420i want to also Terriblist it will be called #helpandhumantalk21:01
guntbert_jonesn420: don't argue please - don't clutter the channel, don't make side comments - keep to ubuntu support21:01
jonesn420got you man21:01
iamwhoiamguntbert_: where can i get the keywords of the ubottu??21:01
guntbert_!brain | iamwhoiam21:02
ubottuiamwhoiam: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots21:02
jonesn420i wasn't arguing actually though guntbert_ just trying to conversate about why21:02
blitzis there anyway to use unity-2d with vino even though my main environment isn't on 12.1021:02
guntbert_jonesn420: "conversate about why" seem totally appropriate for #ubuntu-offtopic :)21:03
=== carlos is now known as Guest8502
jonesn420guntbert ok bud. i am leaving anyway but when u see me in here I DO help and I DO ask for help.21:03
jonesn420have a nice one guys21:03
canihojri have problems with plymouth-ubuntu 12.04 (64) and nvidia 310...21:07
canihojri try shutdown framebuffer, update grub..... same as somes tutorials, but dont work for me (21:08
=== sniper is now known as Guest70776
BrainPaidhello mans, I need some help about OuTTY21:11
BrainPaidpardon, Putty21:12
=== vitimiti_ is now known as vitimiti
nfl32hi. could someone help me out with a screwed up /etc/sudoers config. i cant even open synaptic now or anything that ask for password. my terminal error is sudo visudo -s21:18
nfl32sudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 3121:18
nfl32sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin and that is with visudo. that sucks. leafpad wont open either and i cant even open pcmanfm in a root window. WOW. this sucks21:18
pingfoxw00t Steam!21:20
guntbert_nfl32: please see http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo21:20
nfl32guntbert_, thanks i will check that out21:21
guntbert_nfl32: Good luck!21:21
nfl32guntbert_, yes thanks for wish ha. i gotta write stuff down and HATE bash crap21:23
WhitePelicanI need some help with virtual box, can anyone help?21:23
ntzrmtthihu777not technically ubuntu support, but what is the irc command to authenticate your nick? I already regged it with nickserv21:23
ntzrmtthihu777what's the problem | WhitePelican21:24
guntbert_WhitePelican: possibly better support for virtulabox in #vbox21:24
erncicntzrmtthihu777, /NickServ identify password21:24
ntzrmtthihu777I actually just set up a new vbox, so its fresh in my head21:24
ntzrmtthihu777thank you erncic21:25
Nik05what about "/msg NickServ help" ?21:25
WhitePelicanntzrmtthihu777, the manual is a tad cumbersome. What I'm trying to do is increase the size of my virtual machine21:25
Nik05ntzrmtthihu777 it will tell you everything21:25
ntzrmtthihu777ah, thank you.21:25
guntbert_WhitePelican: that is definitely beyound the scope of *this* channel21:26
ntzrmtthihu777well, If I am not mistaken, you cannot increase the size of the virtual disc image if you set it as fixed size, and it will automatically grow if you set it as dynamically allocated21:26
nfl32guntbert_, is it possible to make sudo changes under another partiton instead so i have a gui. i am not friendly with bash plus no printer so rather do this way if possible21:26
ntzrmtthihu777and those are the only options, I think.21:27
ntzrmtthihu777bash is easy, lol. what exactly are you trying to achieve, nf123?21:27
nfl32lol ntzrmtthihu777 i really havent ever used it though. always went around it somehow this is what i need to do ntzrmtthihu777  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo21:28
guntbert_nfl32: you could do it from a live usb/CD - but you need  to handle command line in any case21:28
erncicWhitePelican, you can expand it, but you need to treat it as if you had added a new hd and use something like clonezilla to move the data over.  It is exactly like a physical move.21:28
ntzrmtthihu777lol, yeah you could do that, erncic.21:28
nfl32guntbert_, ok. so live usb only cant do it from partition on same drive for sure?21:28
WhitePelicanerncic, understood21:29
guntbert_nfl32: that has nothing to do with "partition"21:29
WhitePelicanerncic, thanks21:29
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, you would have to do a live session. I accidentaly broke sudoers before, was a bit of a pain. not even recovery mod was working, so a live session is a must21:30
nfl32guntbert_, the screwed sudo system is on sda my 1 hard drive and it has 3 partitions the other 2 systems work fine. so can i make these http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo changes that way or i really gotta burn off a iso live usb. that is all i am askin21:30
Guest12334hi, does anyone know if there's a way under xorg.conf to set the screen to only use 1080i and ever 1080p21:30
nfl32ok ntzrmtthihu777 appreciate it. i may be back to ask for some help lol21:30
ntzrmtthihu777ah, then just boot one of your other systems and fix it.21:31
nfl32ok thats cool ntzrmtthihu77721:31
nfl32i will do that21:31
guntbert_nfl32: ahh, you are multibooting - sure, as long as the borked system is not the actiive one it should work (although I never tried that approach myself)21:31
walterwojI just rebooted my server after installing updates and now It will not boot.  It gives me a black screen with a blinking cursor.  In recovery mode it shows a bunch of bios messages (no errors though) and then hangs.  It wont boot under any kernel.21:31
ntzrmtthihu777try ctr+alt+f6 at the blinking cursor. or another f button21:32
ntzrmtthihu777I had similar issue.21:32
=== e-v-o_ is now known as e-v-o
ntzrmtthihu777ok, that works now21:36
ntzrmtthihu777_dang, did It die?21:39
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest88341
Petazhow did you steal that nick?21:41
Guest88341easy... you can steal it yourself for 30 secs Petaz21:41
=== Guest88341 is now known as kusanagi
=== kusanagi is now known as aafuentes
aafuentesi get this error when trying to install ¨The creation of swap space in partition #1 of LVM VG tachikoma, LV swap failed.¨21:43
aafuentescan anybody help me?21:43
=== Guest12334 is now known as ATI
ntzrmtthihu777still here21:44
ntzrmtthihu777how original21:45
Jordan_Usla: Please stop.21:50
Rudi_join #pure-ctf c3zeilboot21:50
FloodBot1Rudi_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:52
DJonesRudi_: Stop that21:52
emxwhat can go wrong when using do-release-upgrade?21:53
jribemx: upgrade could fail and your left in version limbo21:54
emxjrib, so the system would stay bootable, if a service was restartet it would not fail and so on?21:54
=== guntbert_ is now known as guntbert
Jordan_Uemx: There are no guarantees.21:56
jribemx: not necessarily.  But if you are not doing strange things with your packages (badly behaved PPAs, repositories not meant for your version, .debs not meant for your version), then the install should go smooth.  In any case, you're advised to have backups (which you should have even if you aren't upgrading of course)21:56
erncicemx: I hear ppa's are a no-no too.21:56
walterwojI don't know, I hope not, It was running fine until reboot, then nada!  Now all I get is this (in recovery mode): http://static.inky.ws/image/3544/2012-12-21_16-35-25_55.jpg21:57
emxjrib, erncic, Jordan_U: i guess the system is voodoo free. is it safe to use 11.10 for a few more months? it's a remote system and i relatively new to ubuntu21:58
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
* joey8 thinks he better do backups now21:58
walterwojntzrmtthihu777: Does my paste  look familiar?21:59
doug1how can I get mkfs NOT to mount a volume when it's already in fstab?22:00
nfl32hi. i am editing the etc/sudoers and i have it back to normal however still a problem. i followed a good tutorial website also22:00
mrhydewow ubuntu is amazing -words coming from a Mac user :)22:00
tim-cthi all Please could someone look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/1455744/. I still cant see thru the firewall22:00
Jordan_Udoug1: mkfs doesn't mount volumes, so you'll have to rephrase your question.22:00
erncicemx: how remote and what is your "Are you kidding me?" strategy?22:00
doug1Jordan_U: Yes it does. If I run mkfs on a volume, and that volume is already in fstab, it automatically mounts it22:01
emxerncic, what on earth is a "Are you kidding me?" strategy? :P remote means around 3'000 km away.22:01
doug1Jordan_U: I can reproduce this.22:02
ntzrmtthihu777how can I list channels?22:02
metap0dHi everyone, I just installed Ubuntu and then Chromium but I don't seem to have a flash plugin installed. I tried googling how to add it but can't find a relevant article :/22:03
erncicemx: that is my way of waying if the sshd doesn't come back up, what is your plan. I have done it myself, but I was aware of the possible outcomes.22:03
ntzrmtthihu777sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer22:03
nbdu1nderboa noite22:03
phibxrmetap0d, either install it as ntzrmtthihu777 said, or just install Chrome from http://www.google.com/chrome.22:04
emxerncic, i see. i got one strategy: not upgrading and change to a local hoster so i can kick butts when something goes wrong.22:04
ntzrmtthihu777or just wise up and use the excellent browser that comes with buntu22:04
guntbertntzrmtthihu777: you better don't list them - send a /msg alis help22:04
Jordan_Udoug1: Something may be automatically mounting the volume, but it's not mkfs. Let's assume for now that there is something that is mounting the volume whenever a filesystem appears on it. How is the device specified in the fstab? (specifically, is it specified by UUID, by label, or by static device name?)22:05
nbdu1nderanyone can help me?22:05
ntzrmtthihu777uh, we just did nbdu22:05
guntbert!ask | nbdu1nder22:05
ubottunbdu1nder: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:05
nbdu1nderi have a thermatalk sports shock h7 but the drivers dont work on linux22:05
Tex_Nicknbdu1nder : ask your question22:05
nbdu1nderi installed the wine22:05
walterwojI just updated my ubuntu install and afterwards needed to reboot after rebot this is all I get in recovery mode: http://static.inky.ws/image/3544/2012-12-21_16-35-25_55.jpg22:05
nbdu1nderwhere is the program files on linux?22:06
nfl32ntzrmtthihu777, could you pm me please for a bit of help with the sudoers?22:06
nbdu1nderno the program files of wine (srry for my english)22:06
guntbertPatero-ng: please don't22:06
ntzrmtthihu777sure. how do I pm?22:07
lb27nbdu1nder: ~/.wine/ ?22:07
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest27298
lb27that was a question, not an answer.22:07
Jordan_Unbdu1nder: ~/.wine/drive_c/22:07
nfl32you type /msg my name i can do it to you i guess22:07
guntbertntzrmtthihu777: just type   /msg alis help    (the / must be the first character on the line)22:08
Tex_NickPatero-ng : posting false answers here have the potential to cause damage to a user's system22:08
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, it does nothing gunt22:08
ntzrmtthihu777absolutely nothing.22:08
Patero-ngit wasn't gonna hurt him22:08
ToeTagI'm Ron Burgundy?22:08
nfl32hmm. i just sent you hi. you dont see a tab on left side. (if ur using xchat) (are you on a website irc?)22:09
guntbertntzrmtthihu777: it will possibly open a new window22:09
Tex_NickPatero-ng : it wasn't going to help either22:09
ntzrmtthihu777nope. I am using irssi22:09
nfl32that might be why22:09
guntbertntzrmtthihu777: irssi opens a new window by default22:09
siverHi, I accidently messed up some of my keybindings and now I'm trying to reset them to default ... is there any way to do it?22:10
nfl32well i have folow the psycho cats fix sudo and still hasnt fixed it. i only added one line and took it out22:10
ntzrmtthihu777join #theory, its empty more or less.22:10
phibxrsiver, where did you mess them up? And How?22:10
nfl32so not sure what it is doing or i gotta update something else22:10
siverrunning gnome classic and well, I was adjusting / adding some new ones in the keyboard -> shortcut pane22:10
walterwojAnyone know anything about fixing a boot to a blinking cursor?22:10
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, but no window opens22:10
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
siverand I accidently clicked and then hit a few keys, but now I'm not sure what the defaults are supposed to be22:11
ntzrmtthihu777yes walter. press ctrl + alt + f122:11
phibxrsiver, haven't been running gnome classic for years, but I guess that they would most likely be saved somewhere under ~/.config in your home-directory.22:11
ntzrmtthihu777it should allow you to login with command line22:11
phibxrsiver, try this one: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Keybindings22:11
ntzrmtthihu777then type startx22:11
siverphibxr: yeah, I actually just deleted my .gconf folder ... but for some reason that didn't fix it22:11
phibxrsiver, seems like it uses dconf instead of gconf. but that's perhaps gnome 3/unity.22:12
doctorly2hi, im running ubuntu in text only, and I am trying to find a way to bind fn+up, fn+down, for pg up and pg down.any help would be awesome! keep in mind that I cant page up in this chat yet:P22:13
siverphibxr: well, it's a fresh ubuntu install, just installed gnome on top ... but my keybindings that I already set in unity were still working in gnome classic, maybe that gives you a better idea of where I should be looking?22:13
doug1this makes no sense. I am running '/sbin/mkfs -t ext4 /dev/bcvg/log' and something is mounting the volume afterwards. I thought it was because there was already an entry in /etc/fstab, but that's not it cuz I just ran "/sbin/mkfs -t ext4 /dev/bcvg/log" again with it commented out22:13
phibxrsiver, okay, you may want to check this one out then: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17626/how-can-i-restore-default-keyboard-shortcuts22:14
phibxrsiver, I sadly haven't been able to mess my keybindings up -- yet. :)22:14
siverbut my alt/ctrl-tabbing is completely messed up, I cant switch between tabs in the same window ... it both behaves as alt-tab22:14
siveryeah, first time here as well22:14
Jordan_Udoug1: Is it mounting it somewhere in /media/ ?22:15
doug1Jordan_U: No, mounts at /var/log/bxxx22:15
doug1Jordan_U: it's not automounted22:15
siverphibxr: do you think it's possible I have a conflict between 2 different files that have different functionality for the same key combination?22:16
quidnuncHow do I create a live-usb than will run on a Macbook?22:16
doug1now, if I umount it, and run the mkfs again, it's not automatically mouned this time22:16
Jordan_Udoug1: What type of device is this?22:17
doug1Jordan_U: Logical volume on Amazon ephemeral disk22:17
phibxrsiver, No idea I'm afraid.22:17
doctorly2does anyone know how to change keybindings for terminal?22:18
Jordan_Udoug1: Logical Volume as in LVM?22:18
doug1Jordan_U: Correct22:18
Jordan_Udoug1: I would expect that to show up in /dev/mapper/ .22:19
_andyj__after fresh install of ubuntu 12.10 logging in updating now wifi is no longer working...  how can I undo whatever was changed in update?22:19
doug1Jordan_U: Yes, and ...?22:19
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walterwojntzrmtthihu777: Already tried that , no response22:21
Tex_Nick_andyj_ : you might try lspci or lsusb to see if your adapter is listed22:24
_andyj__lspci shows the broadcom BCM43225, but I get nothing in network manager22:25
Jordan_Udoug1: And when odd things that don't seem to make much sense happen, it's often good to try to understand everything that's happening. Do you understand why the logical volume is showing up in /dev/bcvg/ ? What is the device name of the physical volume associated with it, or is the actual LVM portion of this part of the Amazon foo rather than being handled by the guest?22:25
Jordan_U_andyj__: Please pastebin the output of "lsmod" "iwlist scan" "nm-tool" and "dmesg".22:27
jribemx: 11.10 has support until april 201322:28
emxjrib, good news. thanks.22:28
Tex_Nick_andyj_ : is that on a laptop & you say it no longer works ... did it work on another install22:30
Patero-ngwhen will 10.04 be extint22:30
_andyj__Jordan_U: how about a sub section of dmesg?  like dmesg | grep broadcom ?22:31
Jordan_U_andyj__: I'd rather see the whole thing, as I don't know yet what I'm looking for.22:32
_andyj__you're looking for my wireless adapter right?  it's in the dmesg | grep Broadcom output22:32
_andyj__I'll pastebin the whole thing, it's just a huge output not sure what you will get from all the rest of it22:33
_andyj__Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/eqJACZ2Q22:35
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_andyj__there is weird message at the very end of dmesg about USB disconnect, device number 6 which is my wifi module22:36
walterwojJust in case anyone needs to know in the future my issue ( seen here: http://static.inky.ws/image/3544/2012-12-21_16-35-25_55.jpg) was caused by a cheap USB hub causing some type of IRQ related issue.  I unplugged the Hub and rebooted and It booted fine.  I know It was the hub because I reconnected it and it caused same hang.  So a blinking cursor can be caused by USB issues.22:38
doug1Jordan_U: The logical volume is in bcvg because I put it there. bcvg is the volume group. it's comprised of two physical disks, xvdb1 and xvdc122:39
Jordan_U_andyj__: Try "sudo modprobe b43".22:40
_andyj__Jordan_U: no error output but still nothing in network manager or iwlist scan22:41
_andyj__unless it stashed the err out to a log22:41
Jordan_U_andyj__: dmesg | tail22:41
_andyj__Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/UY6mVL4E22:42
joey8walterwoj→ thanx for that i have stuck it in the back of my head ヅ22:42
Patero-nganybody knows why I can't see the splash screen after installing the nvidia driver22:42
mallet`Hi. Is there a command line tool like notify-send, but to send a blinking icon in the systray instead of a popup?22:43
Jordan_U_andyj__: iwlist scan22:43
_andyj__same as before22:43
Jordan_UPatero-ng: Because the fancy plymouth boot splash requires KMS, which proprietary drivers don't support.22:44
Patero-ngthat's it!22:45
joey8mallet`→ would be interested to know the answer to your question22:45
Jordan_U_andyj__: Can you boot from an Ubuntu 12.10 LiveCD/USB (where hopefully wireless will be working) and post "lsmod" and "dmesg" from there?22:45
mallet`joey8: I hope there is one!22:45
_andyj__Jordan_U: sure brb22:45
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joey8mallet`→ there are more options to sending a notify message22:47
mallet`joey8: The only option I do not understand is "--category" in notify-send22:50
joey8mallet`→ PM22:50
Patero-ngwho wants to play snes emulation with me22:52
MyrttiPatero-ng: how's that Ubuntu support question?22:52
_andyj__Jordan_U: what output did you need from my live cd connected to wireless again?  dmesg and iwlist scan?22:54
Patero-ngMyrtti shhh don't alert the mods22:55
MyrttiPatero-ng: too late, I *am* one22:55
kevinchhi testdisk can find my partitions easily without error in my lvm volume but when I go to mount I get this error22:56
Tex_Nick_andyj_ : Jordan_U posted ... Can you boot from an Ubuntu 12.10 LiveCD/USB (where hopefully wireless will be working) and post "lsmod" and "dmesg" from there?22:56
kevinchmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/Media-Media,22:57
_andyj__Tex_Nick: thanks not connected to a bouncer right now so I can't see prior messages after reboot22:57
Patero-ngever heard about tails22:57
Tex_Nick_andyj_ : i understand ... have been following22:58
_andyj__Jordan_U: output you asked for...  http://pastebin.com/yerGaNNa22:59
kevinchthis also comes up22:59
kevinch[  507.659175] EXT4-fs (dm-1): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem22:59
kevinchin my log22:59
pxotowhat distribution are you using?23:02
pxotodont say windows23:02
kevinchubuntu 12.04 LTS server23:03
kevinchI screwed up when I tried to resize a partition23:03
kevinchYES I GOT IT WORKING23:05
pxotoim on backtrack23:05
kevinche2fsck got it working23:05
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pxotohacker wannabe distribution23:05
pxotociao xsyssyx23:06
ubottuxsyssyx: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».23:06
pxotoare you from china?23:06
pxotosomebody online>23:06
_andyj__Jordan_U: I would reinstall but this happened from a fresh install after first update/reboot23:07
greasemonkeyBurned a ubuntu 12.04.1 bootable CD but boot kernel says it can't run because system requires 'pae'.  It's an HP/Compaq nc8000 laptop.  What's "pae"?23:08
_andyj__greasemonkey: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE  which image did you burn i386 or amd64?23:11
greasemonkeyBurned the i386 image.23:12
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_andyj__does your machine have over 4GB of ram?23:13
greasemonkeyFilename is ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso23:13
afuenteswhen i try to boot up from a 12.10 usb i get this error  "error: symbol not found grub_efi_secure_boot" can anybody help me?23:13
_andyj__not sure why it is giving you that message but I don't think from my little bit of googling that your hardware would warrant PAE23:14
sasukehi can anyone tell me How to migrate Thunderbird’s data&profile from Ubuntu to Windows 723:14
greasemonkeyHP/Compaq nc8000 laptop has 1GB ram23:15
_andyj__did you check that md5/sha before and after burn?  maybe it was a bad download?23:16
afuentes_andyj_, yup :)23:16
afuentesi always do23:16
Patero-nganybody here wanna netplay23:16
PJSingh5000greasemonkey, I wonder if you've run into that "Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)" that Microsoft proposed to prevent computers ceom loading non authorized OSs???23:18
PJSingh5000*ceom = from23:18
Tex_Nickafuentes : if you're trying to boot on a system that has winDoze 8 installed, the secure boot issue is probably the issue23:18
greasemonkeyHaven't verified the sums after download--no errors or interruptions encountered during downloading.23:19
PJSingh5000afuentes, sorry that message was meant for you, nbot greasemonkey23:19
afuentesyup, i think i have some uefi or something... i already have installed along and its running :/23:20
kullixquestion: what program can i use to make a bootable windows 8 usb from Ubuntu?23:20
mrhydehello I'm running ubuntu 12.04 on virtualbox, I installed updates and my video resolution has reduced23:20
OerHeksgreasemonkey, download the precise non-pea mini.iso and install ubuntu-desktop manually ( or xubuntu/lubuntu) http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/non-pae/23:20
afuentesi have been able to boot it with ubuntu 12.04... but i cant install from there coz a bug :(23:21
afuentesso i burned a 12.10 where is supposed to be fixed... but it wont even boot :(23:21
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:21
afuentesi already have debian installed :(23:22
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afuentesit wasnt that hard23:22
afuentesand i dont remember any uefi s******23:23
mrhydedebian is nice to have a linux installation from scratch but ubuntu is easier and more straightforward and modern23:23
afuentesyup... what i meant is that i already installed some linux on it23:23
Patero-ngis it better to use linux on uefi?23:23
afuentesso i dont think did something ubuntu cant23:23
Tex_Nickafuentes : seet the ubottu factoid sent to you by OerHeks above23:23
afuentesso i dont think debian did something ubuntu installer cant23:24
OerHeksafuentes, i have no experience with uefi23:24
OerHeksbut that wiki could be a help23:24
doug1ok, so how come /sbin/mkfs -t ext4 /dev/bcvg/log automatically mounts the volume, but /sbin/mkfs -t ext4 /dev/mapper/bcvg-log does not!?!?23:24
sasukeHello , can any body answer to my question please. How to migrate Thunderbird’s data&profile from Ubuntu to Windows 723:25
afuentessasuke, there is a plugin for thunderbird to import and export23:25
OerHeksdoug1, does /dev/mapper/bcvg-log exist ? ls -l /dev/mapper/  would show you23:25
kaddihi guys :) I was wondering if there is a way to know what packages you no longer use or stuff I can safely uninstall witohut missing it23:25
afuentesotherwise, just localice the data folder and move them23:26
sasukeafuentes: ok let me check23:28
sasukeafuentes: one doubt, will it work from ubuntu to windows23:33
greasemonkeyOerHeks, Thanks for the URL.  I pulled it and will try to boot from the mini.iso.  Hope it works.23:33
KaRmAdo I need to set volume_normalization to "yes" in the config file for replay gain volume leveling to work, or does it work by default when my files have replaygain tags and it is set to 'track' ?23:34
afuentessasuke, not sure... there is a import/export plugin for thunderbird with lots of options... I remember i used that in the end23:35
afuentesif you look for it in the plugins section it should show up23:35
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ubuntuaddictedwhat does knotify4 do? it's taking up 1123m of virt memory and I need all the memory I can get. trying to play shank2 and record it with ffmpeg23:42
ubuntuaddictedalso, what about console-kit-daemon?23:43
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ubuntuaddictedi've never seen this so dead23:48
gmachine_24ubuntuaddicted, we're saving our energy for Christmas23:48
gmachine_24ubuntuaddicted, are you running a kde version23:49
n00bzzhow do i set my timezone, systemwide? and get it to stick23:49
gmachine_24ubuntuaddicted, did you do a search for knotify4? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-runtime/+bug/73645323:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 736453 in kdebase-runtime (Ubuntu) "knotify4 uses 100% CPU despite not Qt/Kde apps being in-use" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:50
smkatzterriblist, if you're still there, I did succeed in the drupal install23:51
smkatzthanks so much for your help23:51
gmachine_24n00bzz, when you say "systemwide", are you talking about a network or one computer23:51
smkatzalso dcherniv23:51
n00bzzgmachine_24, one computer23:51
smkatzI also dpkg -r phpmyadmin23:51
gmachine_24n00bzz, click on the clock on your taskbar23:52
gmachine_24then click 'edit'23:52
gmachine_24click a few things to see what they do23:52
n00bzzsure, i can do that. but i want the time to stick when i reboot23:53
gmachine_24n00bzz, what happens when you reboot?23:53
n00bzzthe time is funky again gmachine_2423:54
gmachine_24n00bzz, and are you talking about the time itself or just your time zone, such as EST?23:54
gmachine_24"funky" does not help23:54
n00bzzi have to reset the time everytime i boot23:55
gmachine_24n00bzz, how old is your computer?23:55
n00bzzabout 12 months23:55
gmachine_24n00bzz, the only time I had that trouble was when my cmos battery died23:56
gmachine_24what version of ubuntu are you using?23:56
walterwojn00bzz: The battery on your motherboard is prolly dead.23:56
n00bzzit's only happened, since i installed ubuntu23:56
kaddican i delete the content of "/var/lib/dpkg.backup" if I need more room, or is important info stored there?23:58
gmachine_24n00bzz, well, a cmos battery is cheap and will probably fix the problem23:59
etfbI installed Gnome Shell to see if it was better than Unity.  It wasn't, so I uninstalled.  How do I get Unity back?23:59
gmachine_24esp if you got the computer used or second hand or whatever they call it these days... "pre-owned"23:59
etfbI'd google it, but Firefox won't load now...23:59
gmachine_24etfb, you can choose which desktop gui to use @ signin23:59

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