micahgdoes anyone know why bug counts were removed from the +uploaded-packages and like pages?02:39
lifelessStevenK: or wgrant: may02:42
wgrantmicahg: Because it was very expensive to calculate, and pretty much unused.02:48
wgrantWe removed it a few months back, and this is the first mention of its absence :)02:48
micahgI've been meaning to say something for a while now :), it helped me watch for regressions with uploads02:48
micahgI guess I could probably write something that could warn me even better :)02:49
wgrantYeah, but then someone uploads linux and xorg-server and a few drivers, and we end up counting 50000 bugs.02:49
micahgwhat if it was opt in?02:49
wgrantI thought the usual practice was to subscribe to the package for a few weeks02:50
wgrantThen that would be an opt-in timeout :)02:50
wgrantSo no02:50
micahgyeah, but subscribe to random packages where I don't want to see most bugs isn't so useful02:50
wgrantHow does the count help you to identify regressions?02:50
wgrantUnless the package has no bugs open normally at all02:51
micahgmost don't :)02:51
micahgor the number is very low02:51
micahgI'm hoping I can access the uploader information both direct and sponsored through the API?02:55
StevenKUmmmmm. I *think* so03:00
StevenKIt probably ends up on the source publication03:00
wgrantI don't think it's easily searchable at present, but an API would be fairly easy to add03:01
micahgok, well, I'll probably be asking questions at some point03:31
micahgwebops: meissa seems to be having chroot issues lately, does it need a cleaning?03:49
wgrantI've manualled it03:52
wgrantIt does not seem very happy at all03:52
wgrantwebops: before removing the problematic file from the cache, can you grab its size?03:53
* micahg will retry the chroot failed distro builds03:57
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gatoxhi.... i don't know if someone is going to be here today :P but i have a question11:21
czajkowskigatox: shoot11:21
gatoxczajkowski, awesome! thx..... i have a branch in launchpad that is importing code from git, the git repo had been updated yesterday, but the launchpad branch is not being updated, and now i can't find the "import now" button that it used to be there11:22
gatoxi'm kind of lost..... but i'm kind of rusty with this too11:22
czajkowskigatox: you importing it to your ppa or a project11:23
czajkowskilooking for the LP urL11:23
gatoxczajkowski, i'm talking about this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~saruneko/umedia/master11:24
wgrantgatox: Fixed11:24
gatoxit says import started at.... but is not taking the latest changes from git.....11:24
wgrantShould reimport in a few minutes11:24
wgrantThere's no "Import Now" button because there's already one scheduled11:25
czajkowskiwgrant: what did you do to fix it11:25
gatoxwgrant, yes..... it reimport several since last night...... but it never take the latest changes from github..... that's the problem11:25
wgrantIt's bug #107246111:26
ubot5bug 1072461 in Launchpad itself "Code import from githhub does not take latest commits" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107246111:26
wgrantgatox: Yes, exactly11:26
wgrantIt's updated now11:26
wgrantRecent revisions11:26
wgrant62. By Diego Sarmentero 22 minutes ago11:26
wgrantupdate pro11:26
wgrantczajkowski: I used the workaround that I mention in that bug11:26
wgrantI changed the URL from https:// to git://11:26
gatoxwgrant, awesome! thx!11:26
gatoxthx for your help guys!11:28
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gotwigwhats wrong with that build13:35
gotwigplease help13:35
wgrantgotwig: It looks like your test suite hangs13:45
wgrant"Build killed with signal 15 after 150 minutes of inactivity"13:45
wgrantIf there's no stdout/stderr activity for 2.5 hours, a build will be killed13:45
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gotwigwgrant, so just try a rebuild?13:59
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* xnox never build ubiquity in a ppa, it's interesting to do it for ubuntu though.14:13
gotwigit worked before14:14
gotwigany idea why it does not work14:14
gotwigwhy does it *hang*?14:14
gotwiginfinite loop?14:14
hggdhI have a project on LP that I mistakenly set as private on creation. I have since changed it all to public, and checked the licences to be GPL3. Still, I got an email from LP saying it is a commercial subscription14:54
hggdhany ideas on what to do?14:55
czajkowskiseeming similar with another project14:56
czajkowskihave just mentioned this to sinzui14:56
czajkowskihggdh: what is the project ?14:57
hggdhczajkowski: https://launchpad.net/ue-qa-kernel-tests-infrastructure14:58
sinzuihggdh, ignore the email. If the project's license is not proprietary the project will continue to stay active. If you are using commercial features, they will be deactivated when the commercial subscription expires14:58
sinzuihggdh, you may want the commercial subscription if the project needs proprietary blueprints, bugs, or branches.14:59
hggdhsinzui: no, it does not need it; if it does, anyway, it will be under Canonical (but, again, I see no need)15:00
hggdhczajkowski: I saw the sharing, but worried about deleting it and having my own access vanish15:01
sinzuihggdh, you access should be through the team. I just removed you15:02
hggdhsinzui: thank you15:03
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gotwigdoes no one have an idea?16:39
gotwighow to fix this build. it runs fine for me, localy16:39
gotwigafter installing some extra dependencies16:39
petsoundshai. can i get help with launchpad account from this channel?16:44
czajkowskipetsounds: whats up16:45
petsoundsczajkowski: i forgot email address associated with my launchpad account :/16:47
czajkowskipetsounds: didnt we go through this yesterday ?16:47
czajkowskiand you created a new account?16:47
petsoundsczajkowski: this is my first time on #launchpad, and yes i create a new account to check the email address i sign up with but it says "No public address provided"16:50
czajkowskipetsounds: ok what is the LP nick16:50
petsoundsczajkowski: bamf16:51
czajkowskipetsounds: ok so if you don't know your email address you will need to email help@launchpad.net16:53
petsoundsczajkowski: Ok :D16:59
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gotwigany idea why that went into an infinite loop? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/126190376/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.ubiquity_2.10.20%2Belementary17~precise1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:52
TheLordOfTimebroken builder perhaps/17:53
gotwigTheLordOfTime, so server side?17:56
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evillyEvilHow do I fix this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1490189/23:29
evillyEvilI was able to branch from launchpad just yesterday23:29
wgrantevillyEvil: It sounds like your local SSH keys are misconfigured23:35
evillyEvilwgrant: No, I don't think taht is possible. Just yesterday, I was able to branch from launchpad23:35
wgrantWhat does 'ssh YOURLPUSERNAME@bazaar.launchpad.net' say?23:36
evillyEvilwgrant: it said "permission denied"23:39
wgrantIf you run it with -v, do you see it offering your SSH key?23:40
evillyEvilErm, it prints "debug1: Trying .../" ?23:41
wgranteg. mine says23:41
wgrantdebug1: Offering RSA public key: /home/wgrant/.ssh/id_rsa23:41
evillyEvilThen no, I don't see any line with "offering"23:42
evillyEvil(This is on Windows, btw)23:42
evillyEvil(And yes, I did run pageant to host the key)23:42
evillyEvil(is running, that is)23:43
wgrantWell, there's no problem on the Launchpad end, and I don't know pageant well. But it looks like your client is misconfigured somehow23:43
evillyEvilWould you suggest re-install bzr?23:44
evillyEvilWell, then what should I check?23:45
evillyEvilI don't understand how I was I able to branch from launchpad just yesterday, and now I can't23:45
evillyEvilDidn't change anything23:45
evillyEvilsame key, same acocunt23:45
wgrantevillyEvil: What's your Launchpad username?23:47
evillyEvilwgrant: I sent you the username23:48
wgrant2013-01-02 23:39:30+0000 [SSHService ssh-userauth on KeepAliveSettingSSHServerTransport (TimeoutProtocol)] <yourusername> trying auth none23:50
wgrantYour client is indeed not sending any keys23:50
evillyEvilby client, you meant the bazaar application?23:50
wgrantssh/pageant, probably.23:51
evillyEvilOh, hmmm23:51
evillyEvilHow is that possible? The thing was working yesterday just fine...23:51
wgrantWindows' SSH client stack is a little non-traditional, so I can't really help there23:52
evillyEvilwgrant: Ok, I see. But do you have any suggestion on what else I should check?23:53
wgrantCheck that pageant is running, that it has your keys, that ssh is able to connect to it23:54
wgrantPerhaps the ssh -v output has something useful in it23:54
evillyEvilwgrant: Well, the output ends with "No more authentication to try ...."23:54
wgrantRight, but we're interested in what happens *before* it gives up23:55
wgrantLike, why isn't it trying to use a key23:55
evillyEvilAlso, the debug1 lines contain UNIX-like paths, which look wrong because this is a Windows Environemnt23:55
wgrantThat's probably normal23:55
evillyEvilwgrant: That's the output of the command23:56
evillyEvilI honestly can't find anything helpful there23:56
TheLordOfTimePermission denied (publickey). <-- did you upload a SSH pubkey to launchpad?23:57
TheLordOfTimeand is the corresponding private key on your system23:57
TheLordOfTime(and readable by ssh)23:57
wgrantevillyEvil: It doesn't seem to be trying pageant, but I don't know how ssh/pageant integration works.23:57
wgrantIt's been a very long time since I used it23:58
TheLordOfTimeoop sorry didn't know wgrant was helping23:58
* TheLordOfTime returns to silence23:58
evillyEvilTheLordOfTime: Yes, I am certain that I have uploaded the public key. Because I was able to branch from launchpad just yesterday.23:58
evillyEvilwgrant: Yeah, I'm not an expert either!23:59

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