isashatopper4125: well I can cancel them, but that doesn't change anything00:00
isashanow I'm just using a fresh vm instead00:00
daftykinslooked at the CUPS pages?00:01
topper4125isasha: k.. thought maybe your spool was getting overflowed... might be a VM thing00:01
isashathe first time I used a netbook though00:01
isashanow i'm VMing it within virtual box on my proper laptop00:02
topper4125isasha: about the only thing I have left of offer is this:00:02
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu00:02
DarkAirHow can I install a driver from the terminal for a Broadcom BCM4328?00:04
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:04
Lady_AleenaDoes Ubuntu come with a driver for an ATI All-in-Wonder 9000 Low Profile?00:04
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:05
arooni-mobiletrying to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 but now i see "Preparing the upgrade failed Preparing the system for the upgrade failed so a bug reporting process is being started."  what tdo i do now00:09
Lady_Aleenatopper4125, it's what I have. ubottu, so the open source drivers should work with my video/audio card?00:11
Ben64arooni-mobile: you know you could keep 12.04 for about 4 more years?00:11
arooni-mobileBen64, it looks like i cant upgrade it anyway00:12
arooni-mobileso i might have to keep it00:12
Ben64you could upgrade if you want00:12
arooni-mobilesee earlier message00:13
arooni-mobilei failed jaja00:13
DarkAirCan anyone help me? I need to install a Broadcom driver on 12.04.1 64-bit but have the file on the HD. No internet access00:13
crazybrainI am getting an error whenever I try to install anything00:14
crazybrainashok is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.00:14
Lady_AleenaAlso, is an IRC program included with a Ubuntu installation?00:15
topper4125Lady_Aleena: fond a forum post from 2009 from a person that got it working... so it should work today.00:15
machicolaanyone know a good freenode channel to discuss pc hardware? i.e. processors, memory, design & architecture etc.00:16
topper4125Lady_Aleena: IRC software is no longer installed by default00:16
Lady_AleenaHow about a browser?00:17
topper4125firefox as default00:17
angel56topper4125: don't they install pidgin by default still? It does IRC00:17
Lady_AleenaRecommended IRC program to download when I install Ubuntu?00:18
topper4125Pidgin was replaced with empathy (or something like that... I just reinstall pidgin)00:18
topper4125xchat is a good irc program00:18
k1l_angel56: Lady_Aleena  empathy is default, which can irc00:18
k1l_!irc | Lady_Aleena00:18
ubottuLady_Aleena: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines00:18
agentI tried empathy before this xchat.00:19
agentempathy wasn't as pretty00:20
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Lady_AleenaHow plug-and-play is Ubuntu?00:22
daftykinsLady_Aleena: what would you plan to plug in?00:23
dr_willistotally plug and play for my hardware00:23
dr_willisbut i researched what to buy ;)00:24
daftykinsLady_Aleena: the main thing is to check compatibility before buying. and don't trust salesmen in shops either00:24
illovaethat's true00:24
topper4125Lady_Aleena: never had a problem with mice, keyboards, HP Printers, Acer monitors, Joysticks, my 3 GPS units (from Rand Mcnally, Garmin, and Cobra)...00:24
daftykins"oh look it says Linux 2.6 on the box, that'll guarantee it!"00:24
Lady_AleenaI don't remember the manufacturer of my hard and floppy drives or the specifics about them. My monitor is a Dell. I have a lot of USB ports.00:25
daftykinsyou can pretty much guarantee internal component compatibility00:25
topper4125hard drives *should* be 100% compatible, Floppies.. not so sure... monitor... yes... the only USB problem I ever had was with a M$ USB hub.00:26
illovaeLady_Aleena: sounds good, what is you graphic card?00:26
illovaetopper4125: floppies? no problem00:26
dr_willissome of those 'green' hard driveds were quirky . but i think thats been fixed now00:26
Lady_Aleenaillovae, video and audio are all on the ATI All-in-Wonder 9000 Low Profile, I think.00:26
dr_willisall in wonder? how old is that?00:27
MoL0ToVwhat pc is? what cpu and chipset?00:27
MoL0ToVa pentium4?00:27
Lady_Aleenadr_willis, it is a really old computer (2003).00:27
daftykinsi would highly doubt all the functionality of an all-in-wonder card will work under Linux00:27
dr_willisall in wonders were a Major pain even in windows years ago00:27
daftykinse.g. TV input, video capture, etc.00:28
MoL0ToVyes.. but today is all digital.. so a all in wonder is not needed...00:28
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illovaeI recall that TV tuner functions work on ubuntu...00:28
dr_willisif you can find a analog signal to tune. ;)00:29
Lady_AleenaI may have a Creative card in the computer too, but I haven't found it on my devices list yet.00:29
* daftykins cracks out the VHS player00:29
MoL0ToVhere in italy in 2003 we use analog tv tuner, but from some years DVB is used also for tv.. so...00:29
k1l_!hcl | Lady_Aleena you can lookup you specific hardware00:29
ubottuLady_Aleena you can lookup you specific hardware: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:29
Lady_AleenaI'm not worried about the TV tuing.00:29
illovaedr_willis: huh true00:29
Lady_AleenaACK! tuning00:29
MoL0ToVLady_Aleena, you have some ram memory? at least 1 gig is needed today to work..00:30
Lady_AleenaI have 1 GB of memory, maybe more which Windows isn't seeing.00:30
topper4125hmmm... wonder if the mythbuntu people have had better luck/worked harder with All in Wonder if it has tv tuner on it00:31
dr_willistopper4125:  last i used an AIW,,.. they wer almost useless ;)00:31
dr_willisi dont even recall the svideo out working00:32
dr_willisbest answer.. put ubuntu on it and see what explodes. ;)00:32
dr_willisor lubuntu may work better00:33
topper4125looks like the mythbuntu people try to avoid it, and if *they* avoid a tv tuner... there's a darn good reason for it.00:40
jacklkThis is fairly basic, but when I try and install nginx I get this error: E: Package 'nginx' has no installation candidate Shouldn't nginx be in the main repo, and how can I have "access" to download it? dpkg is fully up to date.00:43
k1l_!info nginx00:44
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.1-2.2 (quantal), package size 7 kB, installed size 86 kB00:44
jacklkdpkg wont recognise it.00:45
jacklkIt installs other packages fine.00:45
k1l_jacklk: which ubuntu do you have exactly?00:45
jacklkk1l_: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my VPS.00:46
k1l_jacklk: is universe enabled?00:47
who0amiis any free VPS?lol00:47
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Lady_AleenaIs there a page somewhere which lists all of the software Ubuntu 12.10 will install so I know what I need to search for?00:47
k1l_jacklk: sometimes the hosters fiddle at the sources themselves. so maybe you need to ask their support00:48
jacklkk1l_: Right, thank you for you help anyway.00:48
MoL0ToVLady_Aleena, you can search trough synaptic package manager00:48
k1l_Lady_Aleena: packages.ubuntu.com00:49
MuphridLady_Aleena: You mean this http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/ubuntu-desktop ?00:50
Lady_AleenaI don't see what perl gets installed? Is it Strawberry?00:53
Jisawesome2Can someone help me install  wireless card drivers?00:53
Jisawesome2Can someone help me install  wireless card drivers?00:53
dr_willisJisawesome2:  tell us the chipset  for starters00:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:54
Tex_NickLady_Aleena : Strawberry Perl is for the windows platform00:56
William9455Hello, I just tried to install for the 3rd time my AMD Radeon HD 5450 Graphic drivers from amd.  I have lost my desktop in unity, got one in gnome and am getting this error"cd /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/8.982/build; sh make.sh --nohints --uname_r=3.5.0-21-generic --norootcheck....(bad exit status: 1)00:56
William9455[Error] Kernel Module : Failed to build fglrx-8.982 with DKMS00:56
William9455[Error] Kernel Module : Removing fglrx-8.982 from DKMS"00:56
William9455I tried to uninstll my unity desktop and reinstall did not work00:57
Kardosi have an empty directory called /selinux , is it needed or can i delete it?00:57
William9455This is the error message, i am running ubuntu 12.10 12 gig of ram ICORE 5 3.10 GHZ processor00:57
Kardos(i didnt create it, ubuntu did, somehow)00:57
Jisawesome2kardos, is it really imperitive that you delete it?00:58
user82William9455, is the package "linux-headers-generic" installed?00:58
Kardosno, but leaving a mess around isn't generally a good idea00:58
Jisawesome2Where was the folder created00:59
Kardosin /00:59
Kardosowned by root:root00:59
topper4125I think its created during install... I see it on all my USB sticks, CD's, etc....00:59
Jisawesome2Well, I have no idea01:00
Jisawesome2I dont have it01:00
Jisawesome2What version are you using01:00
topper4125Cleanup should have got rid of it01:00
Kardoshmm ok01:00
Kardosthen i shall rm it01:00
Jisawesome2Worst case, you will have to add it back01:00
Kardosthe dir /ubiquity-apt-clone has a few things in it, can i clear that too?01:00
William9455No worst case is you lose all ability to operate in unbuntu, like rmove all icons and start bar launcher01:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 352193 in libselinux (Ubuntu) "/selinux/ directory created in root" [Low,Fix released]01:01
KardosWilliam9455, as long as i can shell back in...01:01
William9455Yep couldnt do that either01:01
serverplatypusI'm planning on getting an Intel wireless 5100 mini-pci card on ebay. Since the one I got  from Broadcom has  flaky performance .01:02
serverplatypusIs there a big chance the card from ebay might be a clone and not be able to functioncorrectly  with the iwlagn module?01:02
Jisawesome2Can someone diagnose this problem I have with my wireless card?01:02
=== Macaroni is now known as maccaboo
Jisawesome2It locates the network, and supposedly connects, but when I try to access the internet, it loads for a second, then disconnects from the network01:03
Jisawesome2by 'loads' I mean it tries to01:03
Jisawesome2It doesnt actually bring up the page01:03
serverplatypusJisawesome2: which card is it? What does it say when you run dmesg from a terminal01:04
Jisawesome2Its the rosewill rnx-150pc01:04
Jisawesome2And I will check on the terminal01:04
William9455Any ideas why AMD Radeon HD 5450 would fail and cause system to log in but not show anything on desktop?01:05
William9455I have the log bu dont really want to blast the rom01:05
user82William9455, the log you posted pretty much reviels that it could not isntall the driver successfully01:06
Jisawesome2serverplatypus, do you want me to post the result to a pastebin?01:06
William9455I get that, any way to get back to where the desktop is working or is unity pretty much gone, after the install my backup copies were also gone01:06
serverplatypusJisawesome2: knock yourself out dude :)01:06
Jisawesome2well, oyu asked whsat it said...01:07
serverplatypusJisawesome2: no, I meant, go ahead, I'd like to see01:08
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daftykins!pastebin | William945501:09
ubottuWilliam9455: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:09
William9455sorry will do next time01:09
daftykinsWilliam9455: nah i mean put your log in that to show the channel01:09
William9455Ahh ok01:09
William9455it is up01:11
Jammes_Rhi all01:11
William9455Hello James01:11
Jammes_Rhave a little problem w/ persistant instalation01:11
Jammes_Ranyone willing to help...?01:11
Jisawesome2See anything serverplatypus?01:13
topper4125!details | Jammes_R01:13
ubottuJammes_R: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:13
Jammes_Rwell it is not a real ubuntu it is based on ubuntu first01:14
Jammes_Ri followed a guide on internet01:15
Jammes_Rand im almost at the end01:15
Jammes_Rjust cant figureout01:15
Jammes_Rsyslinux thing01:15
topper4125Which distro is it?01:15
Jammes_Rwhat file or what content i have to replasy to make it bootable01:15
Jammes_RBT5 and the guide that im following is http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?sclient=psy-ab&hl=bg&tbo=d&site=&q=cache:okDdyCmzkzwJ:http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/index.php/Persistent_USB%2Bbacktrack+persistent&nfpr=&spell=1&ct=clnk01:16
Jammes_Rcant perform last part01:16
Jammes_Rw/ "cp" commands01:17
sporkubushi guys ... i finally got ubuntu 12.10 working on my macbook pro but i can't get the wifi to work at all... i've followed 6 or 7 different online guides and i'm totally stuck :(01:17
Jammes_Ralways get an error01:17
xangua!backtrack | Jammes_R01:17
ubottuJammes_R: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:17
Jammes_Ri know but the problem is not related with remositories or any other other stuff01:18
Jammes_Ri thing is more "behind the keybord device problem " thing01:18
Jisawesome2See anything serverplatypus?01:18
William9455No ideas on my problem?01:20
topper4125I think the #backtrack-linux people would have better support for this...01:20
alcaprawnterminal command to show gnome_version?01:20
topper4125alcaprawn: gnome-panel --version01:22
topper4125sporkubus: did you try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145699601:24
IronicusGreetings, I am hopeful there is someone here who is willing/able to help me with recovering data from a drive with 2 partitions.  Partition 1 is encrypted, partition 2 is not and is 6.4 gb, partition 1 is the remainder of the 250gb disk.  the drive has footage on it that was recorded from a zmodo surveillance dvr.01:29
operhiem1What can I check when I'm not being prompted for my cryptsetup passphrase by the initramfs?01:31
operhiem1The RAID volume that holds the crypt_LUKS partition is active, but the initramfs itself seems to lack vgscan and friends.01:32
operhiem1How might I add them to the initramfs?01:32
serverplatypusJisawesome2: Hmmm I can't see anything in particular, do you know which module that corresponds to your card?01:33
IronicusGreetings, I am hopeful there is someone here who is willing/able to help me with recovering data from a drive with 2 partitions.  Partition 1 is encrypted, partition 2 is not and is 6.4 gb, partition 1 is the remainder of the 250gb disk.  the drive has footage on it that was recorded from a zmodo surveillance dvr.01:33
sporkubuscan anyone help me troubleshoot why my wifi isn't working?01:34
sporkubusi've tried so many things now...01:34
X-Sleepy-Xhi :) i have a problem with the fan on my laptop running 12.04. in win7 the fan was mostly quiet but not its running all the time and the laptop feels warmer than back in win7. it's an asus n53sm-s1087v01:34
kslaterI'm doing an EOL upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 and I've run into a problem where it's trying to fetch packages from a repository that doesn't exist any longer. I have the old-releases.ubuntu.com entries in sources.list, but they're at the bottom. Maybe I should move them up?01:34
dr_willisIronicus:  so you want to recover partition 2? or 1 or both?01:34
dr_williskslater:  what package/repo is it wanting to get stuff from?01:35
topper4125Ironicus: just a shot in the dark here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89077001:35
dr_willisIronicus:  no need to msg me. keep it in the channel01:35
kslatersporkubus: what are you trying to use to configure and control wifi with?01:36
IronicusSorry, Partition 1 please01:36
sporkubuskslater: what do you mean01:36
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest43722
kslaterbadly worded question, are you using some gui tool? Or doing stuff from the command line?01:36
sporkubuscommand line01:36
sporkubuseven though I don't really know what I'm doing, just following guides online01:36
dr_willisIronicus:  so you have an encrypred 245gb partition that you want to 'rescue' - you do know how to unencrypt it?01:37
kslaterdr_willis: Here's the error01:37
kslaterW:Failed to fetch01:37
sporkubusI have a broadcomm b4331 so i've been following specific instructions for that, but nothing has worked so far01:37
Eduard_MunteanuCan I convince py2dsc not to prepend "python-" to my package's name?01:37
dr_williskslater:  thats still uisng the old now eol repo. not the old-releases.  repo it seems01:38
IronicusI do not, unfortunately it seems that the tech support dept at zmodo doesn't know much about how their devices are built, the type of encryption used , etc.01:39
kslaterdr_willis: I think you're correct. I'm going to poke around on old-releases and see if I can spot extras01:39
ZapthusYo amo ubuntu!!!01:39
Zapthusoh yeah!01:39
dr_willisIronicus:  so by 'recover' you mean 'unencrypt  a working encrypted hard drive'01:39
* rootpt off01:40
IronicusHere's the issue, there should be hours and hours of footage listed in the gui of the dvr, but there is none, so my theory is that the partition has become corrupted or the file system is perhaps corrupted?01:41
IronicusI apologize for the vaguness of my request01:41
dr_willisIronicus:  can you even see files on it?01:42
Ironicusno, not on partition 1, partition 2 has some log files, but partition1 remains mysterious01:42
dr_willisif the company cant even tell you the type of encryption used.. i would say its a lost cause.01:43
dr_willisunless you can get better tech support from them01:43
topper4125was the partition encrypted through Ubuntu?01:44
Jisawesome_serverplatypus, would that mean the pci slot?01:44
IronicusIs there any way to determine what the encryption is?  there must be a tool available that can at least tell me that, right?01:44
topper4125if it was try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/31675/decrypt-home-from-separate-partition-after-re-install01:44
IronicusThe data is encrypted by the dvr as it is recorded I believe01:45
topper4125oh... okay... start with googling  "DVR [model] encrytpion"01:46
topper4125I thought this was just a general "Ubuntu /home encryption" thing01:46
Ironicusgoogle results seem to all reference WPA and WEP encryption, not seeing anything referencing file encryption though01:48
tripelbI was sent here because I have a nexus 7 to talk to people were putting Ubuntu on. That was 2 weeks ago and I see nothing can I find out where and when people are talking about that I have so many questions.  Also http://randall.executiv.es/raring_nexus7 but the channel the mansion isn't on freenode if indeed it is a channel at all.01:49
MoL0ToVwhy to encrypt files?01:49
MoL0ToVis more simple to do a chmod01:49
Jisawesome_can someone diagnose this problem I am having with my wireless card?01:49
cfhowletttripelb: it's under development.  that's all we know.01:49
Jisawesome_It locates my network, and seems like it connects01:49
Jisawesome_But then, when I try to open a page on the internet, it suddenly disconnects and the page does not load01:50
IronicusI can add that normally to view the footage on a pc you would plug a usb storage device into the dvr, perform an export from the dvr menu , then use a comverter to convert the files from their h.264 format to avi format01:50
cfhowletttripelb: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus701:50
MoL0ToVJisawesome_, you are distant from wifi router?01:50
Jisawesome_I am probably 15 feet01:50
Jisawesome_And my phone can use it from over 3001:51
MoL0ToVif you go near the router01:51
MoL0ToVworks or disconnect?01:51
Jisawesome_I havent tried, but I would predict the same result01:51
MoL0ToVwhat wireless card you have?01:52
Jisawesome_Rosewill RNX 150pc01:52
MoL0ToVyou can try to check if power output level of the router and whe wireless nic is set to max01:53
MoL0ToVthen try to change wifi channel01:53
Jisawesome_I was unable to install the drivers if that could be the issue01:53
MoL0ToVis possible that exist other wifi transimission on came chan01:53
dr_willistripelb:  theres the #ubuntu-arm channel also01:54
tripelbcfhowlett: tx01:54
Jisawesome_My other devices pick it up fine01:54
cfhowletttripelb: no worries.01:54
kslaterso what I need is an old-releases.ubuntu.com repository that has extras for either natty or maverick01:55
MoL0ToVis possible that rosewill device is defected01:55
Jisawesome_I suppose it is possible01:56
Jisawesome_I havent tested it in any other system01:56
MoL0ToVtry to place in another pc01:56
MoL0ToVand you see01:56
Jisawesome_Can a wireless card work without drivers?01:56
dr_willisJisawesome_:  they always have somr sort of drivers.. mine are included in ubuntu01:57
dr_willisplug them in and they work01:57
k1l_kslater: you should replace the releases to old-releases for all repos01:57
Jisawesome_I cant install mine, the disk will not work on ubuntu01:57
Jisawesome_and ubuntu does not have them in the repositories01:57
dr_willisJisawesome_:  disk? use the repo drivers/extras01:57
dr_willisor find a ppa01:58
Jisawesome_What is a repo?01:58
MoL0ToVJisawesome_, open a terminal and do lspci or lsusb to view what chipset the network card uses01:58
dr_willisits all about the chipset of the card. not the brandname01:58
Jisawesome_Well, I downloaded a linux compatible driver from the manuyfacturer website, but I do not know how to install it01:59
kslaterk1l_: the only place releases appears in my sources.list is in lines with old-releases.01:59
MoL0ToVJisawesome_, all wifi card is supported in linux01:59
kslaterso that's not it01:59
MoL0ToVonly few arent01:59
CrusaderADAnyone know what's up with the timer on ubuntu.com?01:59
Jisawesome_But linux can not run .exe files02:00
Jisawesome_Which is what are on the driver cd02:00
MoL0ToVJisawesome_, you must connect the  wireless card then do a lspci or lsusb to view the chipset02:00
k1l_CrusaderAD: wait and see :)02:00
MoL0ToVthen you know also what driver is needed02:00
MoL0ToVand you can donload and install the kernel module02:00
cfhowlettCrusaderAD: no one knows.  patience.  all will be revealed.  i gues02:00
CrusaderADk1l_: no spoilers, eh?02:00
MoL0ToVif not included in linux kernel02:00
Jisawesome_I downloaded a driver02:01
Jisawesome_But I dont know how to install it02:01
MoL0ToVyou must listen.02:01
MoL0ToVopen a terminal02:01
MoL0ToVand do a lspci or lsusb02:01
Jisawesome_Ive done that already02:01
Jisawesome_I know the chipset, and I downloaded a driver for it02:01
MoL0ToVand what are the chipset?02:01
=== qos|away is now known as qos
yaboohi all how to I increase the partition size of a existing partition.02:02
Jisawesome_Its downstairs at the moment02:02
kslaterso I commented out the extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu main line in sources.list. Now we're Calculating the changes, so that's progress02:02
cfhowlettyaboo: boot from usb/cd, run gparted and resize02:02
yaboocfhowlett, thanks02:03
MoL0ToVJisawesome_, connect the interface, do a lsusb then say what chipset are02:03
yaboocfhowlett, forgot its a virtual box ubuntu, guess cannot be done?02:04
user__Soo.. whats goin on guys?02:08
cfhowlettyaboo: resize?  sure.  I think.  so long as you're only resizing the partition, not the HDD, the method is the same, so far as I know.02:08
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:09
dr_willisvbox has ways to enlarge the virtual disks. then you can expand the file systems02:09
Jisawesome_Ralink RT 306002:10
dr_willisor just add more virtual disks02:10
Jisawesome_MoLoToV Ralink RT 306002:10
cfhowlettdr_willis: totally outside my ability to speak to.  Please advise yaboo as needed.02:11
MoL0ToVyou tryed to follow this guide? http://askubuntu.com/questions/84959/how-do-i-get-a-ralink-rt3060-wireless-card-working02:11
kslaterok, here we go on the first upgrade02:12
lcabrezahey guys, how do we check the existing volume group space remaining ?02:12
Jisawesome_Ill try that, thanks02:12
* kslater wishes he could have a beer02:12
dr_willisvbox manual is the place to start02:12
Lady_AleenaThank you all for trying to help me.02:14
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slacksdThank you02:18
slacksdopps, sorry.02:18
slacksdwrong window02:18
cfhowlettkslater: beer after upgrade.  It's a law.02:24
cfhowlettlcabreza: df -h  or df -H02:24
kslatercfhowlett: dude, I would love to, but a medication I'm taking would say "Not a good plan"02:24
kslatermaybe in 6 months02:25
cfhowlettkslater: OK then.02:25
rsvpwhich medication?02:25
kslaterbelieve me, I've been patiently waiting. While my wife and son drink every interesting beer and wine in the state02:25
A_Davewitch medication?02:26
lcabreza cfhowlett:using veritas or VXfs02:26
cfhowlettlcabreza: ah, sorry.  must have missed. that.02:26
kslaterActually, I need to review all of those drug information pages and see which one(s) prohibit alcohol.02:26
rsvpu shall get super drowsy :(02:27
p0rkDoes the nobody user and/or group allow everyone access, or no one?02:31
somsipp0rk: same as any other user or group. So only users called 'nobody' or in the group called 'nobody' respectively02:35
p0rkthank you02:36
somsip!nobody | p0rk02:36
p0rkall good02:37
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kermitwhats package-data-downloader and why's it seem to be trying to install things on it's own?02:41
A_Davepackage-data-downloader is called to update flash, it appears02:44
AshleyWaffle12Hi, is the Ubuntu 32 bit 12.10 DVD a hybrid image? (hybridiso)02:45
AshleyWaffle12or should I make it one with isohybrid02:45
Ray2Ubuntu-12.04...Trying o/s from a cd switched to gnome-classic...Set up four workspace When I click on 2 thru 4 the screen goes black...mouse move but cannot select anything as there are no menu's on screen02:46
Jake90real talkative bunch here, huh?02:48
operhiem1There's a certain kind of silence contained in a restrained panic.02:48
operhiem1To that end, any pointers on what more I should check when my initramfs doesn't prompt for a cryptsetup passphrase?02:49
kslaterwho was the guy trying to put Ubuntu on a Transformer Prime?02:50
operhiem1I do have the UUID of /dev/md0 listed in /etc/crypttab and have since run update-initramfs and update-grub.02:50
AshleyWaffle12kslater: Transformer Prime?02:50
AshleyWaffle12kslater: What's that?02:51
operhiem1If I run cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md0 name from the initramfs shell I'm dropped to when the root device times out I'm able to open the volume.02:51
kslaterIt's an Android tablet from ASUS02:51
operhiem1I'd still be able to boot if I could run vgscan and vgchange from the initramfs shell, but they're not included.02:52
kslateranyway, someone had asked about it earlier. I don't have much scroll back as I closed pidgin while my update is running02:53
kslaterif that guy asks again, send him over to #asus-transformer, he'll likely get better answers there.02:53
EmanonHold on there was a thread about putting it on the tf101 that might work for the 20102:54
Ray2Ubuntu-12.04...Trying o/s from a cd switched to gnome-classic...Set up four workspace When I click on 2 thru 4 the screen goes black...mouse move but cannot select anything as there are no menu's on screen02:57
isashawell you'll never guess how I got that printer to work...02:58
dr_willisisasha:  large hammer?02:59
isashano, Windows XP02:59
CongHow do I get a shortcut of the rubbish bin on my desktoP?02:59
dr_willisisasha:  large bloated os?   ;002:59
isashawell hey, it actually worked :/02:59
isashaand it installed in 5 minutes on an SSD :D03:00
dr_willisim suprised it worked at all03:00
XabsterIs there an Ubuntu "subdistro" for developers?03:00
EmanonThat would be cool.03:01
Xabsterlike lubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu03:01
Xabsterjust one with a lot of dev tools and less distractions03:01
Xabsterone i could boot when i need work done03:02
EmanonAnd have it be clean of extra stuff so it doesn't cause problems in the product program too.03:02
EmanonCall it CleanRoom Ubuntu or something.03:02
Xabsteri guess, but i don't really have such problems03:03
EmanonI've heard some do.03:03
Ray2Oh well another session without help !!!!!Bye03:05
* dr_willis closes the ticket03:08
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Xabsterwhat's the countdown on ubuntu.com for?03:17
dr_willismayan calander for the release of the ubuntu cranial implant03:18
cfhowlettXabster: no one knows.  we'll find out in 14 hours.03:18
somsipXabster: an announcement03:18
Xabsteruh secrets03:18
Xabsteri love secrets03:18
lcabrezaexciting ...03:18
* dr_willis waits for marketing hype and dissapointment03:19
cfhowlettXabster: ubuntu sputnik edition is for developers ...03:19
cfhowlettXabster: sputnik-precise03:19
Xabstergoogle results are not good03:20
Xabsterdoes it not have its own site?03:20
cfhowlettXabster: see  http://cn.engadget.com/tag/ubuntu+12.04+lts+precise+pangolin/03:21
cfhowlettXabster: or not. sorry.  look up the dell sputnik project for details03:21
Xabsterthanks, but if it doesn't have its own site it's probably not well enough tested for my taste03:22
Xabsteri'm a beginner and have other needs03:22
Congwhat's the rubbish bin icon for .desktop files?03:22
cfhowlettXabster: it's targeted to ubuntu developers, not beginners03:22
ChelseaHi all, I've selected a wrong driver in "Additional Drivers", and now I'm stuck in textmode (allready did nvidia-xconfig). Is there a way to select drivers from the CLI?03:22
rhydinhi. i made a live usb install using universal usb installer ( http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/#button ) and even with the persistence feature, my live usb is still not retaining my custom UI and still prompts try/install on boot. i deleted casper-rw and created an ext4 partition, which i can see on the live usb. ideas?03:22
p0rkI'm looking for a backup solution that will integrate with Webmin or has it's own web based GUI. Something based on tar and/or rsync would be ideal. Any suggestions?03:23
Xabstercfhowlett: i didn't mean ubuntu developers, i meant programmers and coders using ubuntu03:23
Xabsteri just kinda want some pre-installed programs03:23
Xabstersort of like the ubuntu distro made for learning and children03:23
dr_willisp0rk: webmin has a bad rep. ;)  ebox is normallt reccomended03:24
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).03:24
p0rkfor real? Webmin has never let me down.03:24
somsipp0rk: not sure about the webmin integration, but: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem#Backup_Methods03:24
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.03:24
p0rksomsip, i read over that article a few minutes ago. ill revisit it, thank you.03:24
p0rkI completely understand, and that's fine, but I did not ask for help with Webmin, nor is it causing any problems what-so-ever. I will look into the suggested replacement in the meantime.03:25
p0rkzentyal does look pretty03:26
rhydinare there any recommended guides for setting up a persistent usb configuration on the ubuntu wiki? i'm having trouble.03:27
dr_willisrhydin:  i find it easier to just do a full install to usb.03:27
rhydindr_willis, that sounds like a good idea. is that possible to install from windows?03:29
dr_willisrhydin:  no idea. i boot one usb live setup. install to a 2nd usb flash03:30
frustrateddoes anyone know why my menus sometimes become really tiny so that i cant see nor use them. here is an example, my skype menu has shrunk to an unusable size: http://picpaste.com/4591a49fe076d744cea356a3d2758e91.png03:31
frustratedbut it also happens with system menus03:31
frustratedlike network connections03:31
frustratedand i have to log out to fix it03:31
somsipfrustrated: what desktop is that?03:34
carol_so what are you running?03:34
frustratedno effects03:34
frustratedsomsip: did that answer your question?03:34
frustratedsorry if it didnt03:34
somsipfrustrated: yes - I have no experience of gnome so can't help03:35
dr_willisnot seen  that issue mentioned in here befor either03:35
frustrateddr_willis: its extremely irritating03:36
dr_willisid make a new user. see if it happens to them.03:37
CongI got a issue too. The paste option in the menu won't change from greyed out.03:37
pyro3o7if I have a static ip setup in /etc/network/interfaces is there any reason to keep the packages dhcp3-client and dhcp3-common?03:37
frustrateddr_willis: is there a gnome channel?03:38
frustratedor do i have to go to another network for that?03:39
dr_willis#gnome perhaps03:39
dr_willisbut gnome fallback/clasic mode dosent get much love03:39
dr_willisi dont use it either03:40
dr_willisgnome-shell is nifty03:40
frustrateddr_willis: why not?03:40
dr_williswhy should i?03:40
dr_willisits limited, problematic, and scheduled for removal in the future03:41
rhydinwhy is 32-bit recommended over 64-bit versions?03:41
dr_willisrhydin:  idiot proofing.03:41
frustrateddr_willis: usually when someone says something like  "X doesnt get much love" they mean X doesn't get much love by people in general. Sorry I misunderstood.03:41
alcaprawnDoes anybody use get_iplayer on ubuntu and pref with mplayer too?03:41
dr_willisif you have 64bit hardware, then use  64bit ;) if you want03:41
dr_willisfrustrated:  gnome fallback mode was ment as a tempary fix its scheduled to be removed from gnome in the near future.03:42
CongThere'll still be gnome-panel thought, right?03:43
frustrateddr_willis: so ill be stuck with the gnome that has the annoying menu pop up when you move your cursor over the top left corner of the screen?03:43
dr_willisgnome-shell dosent have a gnome panel03:43
dr_willisfrustrated:  theres plugins to customize gnome shell03:44
frustratedwhy do they have to mess around with success? gnome classic worked well. this is a serious question. does anyone know?03:44
dr_willisgnome classic had major issuea and a very old code base03:45
dr_williswith your logic we sould be using windows 95 clones03:45
A_Davethey are trying to go to touch screen interfaces like on phones03:45
frustratedwhat are the implications of having "major issues" or a "very old code base"? im not a programmer03:45
Xabis there a way to test hardware compatibility before installing? something like exposing the real hardware to a virtual machine instance?03:45
dr_willisfrustrated:  had to fix deep bugs and implement new features03:46
milamberXab: livecd?03:46
Xaboh right03:46
frustrateddr_willis: do you have any suggestions for an alternate desktop?03:46
dr_willisfru i use unnity, or gnome-shell or lubuntu03:46
frustratedkde is too complicated03:46
alcaprawnkde complicated lol03:47
alcaprawnbloated more like =D03:47
frustrateddr_willis what is the differnece between gnome and gnome shell03:47
frustratedyes bloated too03:47
alcaprawnits the boomer of all window managers ;D03:47
alcaprawnratposion ftw :P03:47
dr_willisgnome shell is the fancy shell for gnome303:47
alcaprawnbut, srsly does anybody use get_iplayer?03:47
dr_willisunity is a shell for gnome303:47
dr_willisif you want light and old skool. theres lubuntu and xubuntu03:49
frustratedwill lubuntu affect any of the programs i use?03:49
A_Davekde, sfce, lxde, fluxbox, enlightenment, unity03:49
A_Davesorry, xfce03:49
dr_willisdesktop really shouldent matter much03:50
frustratedi really only need a menu, a battery meter, a network configuration menu and a weather widget03:51
vivekimsitHi guys! I have a script in the init.d dir. How to make it auto start on boot?03:53
CongNot how to make it auto start on boot, it is how can I make it start on startup? boot is bootstrapping.03:55
Xaboh yeah, i totally forgot03:56
dr_willisyou may want to check thta 'upstart cookbook' site cong03:56
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Xabubuntu has amazon link03:56
Xabwhat did they pay for that?03:56
Xaband to who?03:56
dr_willisXab:  we have no idea in here03:56
dr_willisits been in the forums and blog sites for ages03:57
vivekimsitCong:  ok!03:57
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ03:57
Xabhow about i don't want my OS to have advertisements?03:57
somsipXab:  simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping03:58
dr_willisthen  remove thhhe leeeens like tot just said..../03:58
Xabno i dont want to03:58
Xabill find other distro to show that i don't condone it03:58
dr_willisprivacy settings, or remove the lens.03:58
dr_williswe dont care what you do03:59
dr_williswe just supply support answers03:59
Xabso i should have stayed quite ?03:59
Xabi just replied to your help03:59
Xabnext ill stay quite04:00
dr_willisyou asked.. we answered.. we dont have inside info on this stuff04:00
A_Davesurely you mean "quiet"?04:00
vivekimsitdr_willis: Can I get  link to that doc?04:00
dr_williswhich doc04:00
vivekimsitdr_willis: "you may want to check thta 'upstart cookbook' site cong"04:01
dr_willisvivekimsit:  i always just put 'upstart cookbook' into google04:01
Congthat's an expression.04:01
vivekimsitdr_willis: It depends on Distro!04:02
dr_willisgoing to google.com and entering a search term depends on the distro?04:02
apndr_willis: no04:03
vivekimsitdr_willis:  Ok! one more thing, the script I am talking about starts a service and I have already wrote a script for that in the init.d dir.04:04
rhydincan the ubuntu image be overburned to a cd-r, or should it be written to a dvd?04:04
dr_willisrhydin:  12.10 i think needs a dvd04:04
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RealsI'm having problems with ps. When I run ps aux only my processes are listed….. only sudo ps aux shows all the processes. Any thoughts?04:16
RealsI've searched everywhere on the internet for an answer04:17
rhydinare there any versions that require less than 4.8gb of drive space to install to a drive? my flash drive is only 4gb.04:17
rhydinthe setup won't allow me to continue.04:18
Realsburn a dvd?04:18
rhydiner. i'm booted from the live dvd and installing to a flash drive04:19
acovrigwhat would you suggest for installing a virtual box machine to a physical machine?04:19
Realsif your booted using a live cd can't you just download ubuntu to the drive directly?04:21
rhydinreals, that's what i'm trying to do?04:22
Realsnot a usb drive but the hardrive04:23
rhydini don't have a hdd in the unit, that's the issue.04:23
CongWhy do my windows keep sticking to the bottom or top sometimes?04:27
CongCycling, i.e. close, open, fixes it.04:31
kelvinellawhat is jockey-text?04:34
kelvinellait crashes when I try to install Additional Driver04:34
EmanonJockey is the program that handles that "Additional Driver" section.04:35
kelvinellabut the nvidia driver is installed anyway04:35
kelvinellaso should i just ignore the crash msg?04:35
Congjockey doesn't work for me either.04:35
EmanonI have no idea whether you should ignore it but that's what it is.04:36
Congsome internal problem; bug04:36
kelvinellai restart the computer, nothing breaks i guess i can just ignore it04:36
CongHow do I disable sticky edges?04:41
EmanonInstall CompizConfig Settings Manager and it's an option in there.04:42
jagginessCong, compiz stuff.. it must be in there ^ yup04:42
^Phantom^does this channel dispense help for nexus 7 installations?04:42
chequeSimple question, Trying to find out if a friend made a user on headless setup without my permission, is "syslog" an actual user with a home directory? I get "syslog" and "cheque (my nick) as my two users after doing the following command: cat /etc/passwd | grep /home | cut -d: -f104:42
EmanonIn the window management section of CCSM Cong.04:43
jribcheque: yes syslog is an actual user04:43
AshleyWaffle12jrib: But it doesn't have a /home directory does it?04:44
jribAshleyWaffle12: it does apparently04:44
AshleyWaffle12cheque: Maybe he "occupied" the syslog user and made a home directory for it04:44
jrib(though the directory does not exist)04:44
CongEmanon, can I use something that doesn't involve CCSM?04:44
mibitziit has a directory assigned in /etc/passwd but it's not created04:44
AshleyWaffle12Plus, having syslog might be convienient for destroying any logs of his actions04:44
chequeAshleyWaffle12, hmm any way i can find out size of syslog directory via command? i'm root n headless04:45
chequeIf it's lots of GB's he may be using it for storage04:45
AshleyWaffle12cheque: Well, you can check all the files in it04:45
CongEmanon, something installed already.04:45
jribcheque: the output from your grep command seems to be normal.04:45
AshleyWaffle12cheque: type ls -la /home04:45
AshleyWaffle12What directories come up aside from your own, if any04:45
EmanonPossibly Cong but I don't know of it.04:46
chequeAshleyWaffle12 none just lost+found and cheque04:46
AshleyWaffle12cheque: That's fine then04:46
AshleyWaffle12cheque: Sure he isn't using your user?04:46
LiquidSmokecan somebody help me out with an install problem I'm having with a uefi board04:46
chequeAshleyWaffle12 no but i'll change pass for safety.04:46
AshleyWaffle12cheque: Also, you can use a different home directory than /home04:47
jribcheque: what password are you changing?04:47
AshleyWaffle12For example, he could have made some obscure sounding /usr directory04:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:47
maslois there such a thing as a mime email parser that I could use in a php script to get important information? plain body, subject, from address, to address etc?04:47
chequejrib cheque and root passes04:47
EmanonIf you're that worried AshleyWaffle12 just reinstall saving only /home/<youruser> and an apt dump (whatever that command is) of your packages.04:48
jribmaslo: you might ask ##php for best practices04:48
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: It's not me, it's cheque04:48
maslojrib: I was wondering if there was a package that does it that I can call within my php script, I have tried several php classes but they all fail with some mime types04:48
woot_all_: Can anyone help me with "no such file or directory" error?04:49
EmanonSorry AshleyWaffle12.04:49
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: Besides, even that isn't secure... It's theoretically possible to slip in a rootkitted package, right?04:49
chequeEmanon not that worried but just wanted to know if any user except my own existed that was suspicious seeing he may have renamed it to "syslog" thinking I might say thats sys log no need for suspicion lol04:49
EmanonI suppose so. So just backup /home<youruesr> to something with exec turned off to check for strange filesizes.04:49
aaasi7 w/ ssd (not sure that matters, unless it is booting too fast): i get cifs errors because fstab tries to mount cifs shares before the network is up, does any one else experience this? I tried 'nounix,bootwait' as arguments to fstab but doesnt seem to help.  I need to connect to a samba share at boot, but i need to do it after network is up, using default upstart scripts, and hacking rc.local seems klugly to me, any other solutions for a he04:50
aaasadless server?04:50
sw0rdfishwill adding my user to group adm ... allow me to copy files from /etc/openvpn/keys via sftp?04:50
sw0rdfishits saying permission denied04:50
EmanonI like you AshleyWaffle12.04:50
kelvinellahow do u move icon launcher in the unity bar?04:51
LiquidSmokeI am running a asus m5a97 motherboard with uefi bios, i went for a reinstall of ubuntu after getting a new harddrive and cant get around the the uefi bootloader, when i originally set it up, i remember using a lower version with a diff bootloader and then upgrading to current version....this now isnt working for me either04:51
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: Thanks lol, why?04:51
EmanonClick and hold until it pops off then move kelvinella04:51
EmanonCause you seem like the kind of person who hangs out in security forums coming up with solutions to security holes that have only been exploited in labs.04:52
EmanonSo you seem likeme.04:52
JoshDreamlandCould anyone tell me what service brings my kernel down for immediate halt when I press the power button?04:53
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: Hehe, personality wise, yes - whenever I'm doing anything from playing Minecraft to chatting on irc, my imagination flashes by with all the things going on04:53
woot_I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I am trying to install a couple of programs, but no matter what directory I try to change to, I get "no such files or directory" error. I even get it on a file I downloaded.04:53
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: Though I don't have any security forums I go on now :(04:53
AshleyWaffle12you could query me some links :D04:53
kelvinellai set autohide on the unity and now i switch back to autohide - off but it is still autohide?04:53
kelvinellahow to fix?04:53
EmanonI have my laptop set up to resist cold boot (which is out of labs now) as well as evil maid and evil chef.04:54
metaphysicianI want to mirror a repository, but I only want to get the latest versions of all packages in that repository. How can I do that?04:54
LiquidSmokeanybody know how to get around the uefi bootloader to installl ubuntu?04:56
EmanonThis may not be supported (and tell me if it's not) but have you tried UnSettings kelvinella?04:56
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: What security forums do you go on?04:56
woot_I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I am trying to install a couple of programs, but no matter what directory I try to change to, I get "no such files or directory" error. I even get it on a file I downloaded.04:56
kelvinellaEmanon, ?04:56
kelvinellawhat is unsetting?04:56
EmanonI get rss feeds from several security sites AshleyWaffle12 sec.04:56
Emanonkelvinella: It's an application to configure Unity. It's more featureful than the built in settings.04:57
EmanonSec kelvinella I'll get you a link.04:57
EmanonAnd Pardon me if it's not Canonically supported.04:58
kelvinellahow to install unsettings?04:58
EmanonThe link I sent just now explains.04:59
EmanonHuh, AshleyWaffle12 I must have cleaned out my security feeds only r/netsec is in there now.05:00
woot_Emanon_:Can you help with fatal error:no such file or directoy?05:00
LiquidSmoke anybody know how to get around the uefi bootloader to installl ubuntu?05:00
EmanonNo idea woot_  it happens to me occasionally too and I'd love to see a fix.05:00
Basil1x12.10 on a Toshiba L755.  the sound works for a bit, then craps out.  everything insists sound is working, but there is no sound.  bog standard install.  HDMI port is unaffected, is internal speakers only that don't work.  Any help would be appreciated.05:01
AshleyWaffle12Emanon: Okay, cool05:01
kelvinellaEmanon, i think i will try restart the computer and it maybe fix05:01
woot_Emanon_: Then how does anyone ever get anything done in Ubuntu?05:01
Emanonhttps://pay.reddit.com/r/netsec/new/?sort=new is pretty good though AshleyWaffle12.05:01
Emanonwoot_: We do our best and try to find someone more knowledgable when we screw something up just like the real world.05:02
RiXtErwoot_, how are you trying to access this file?05:02
kelvinellaEmanon, restart fix it05:03
woot_Rixter_: Terminal "cd /home/cgminer-2.10.4-x86_64-built.tar.bz205:03
kelvinellaautohide unity bar is annoying because the unity bar is not sensitive05:04
kelvinellaI will just leave it on there on the left05:04
woot_Rixter_: Terminal "cd /home/cgminer-2.10.4-x86_64-built"05:04
woot_already extracted05:04
kelvinellahow to install skype?05:04
Emanonkelvinella: I think you can change the sensitivity in UnSettings.05:04
EmanonJust checked kelvinella You can.05:05
RiXtErwoot_, are you trying to build something?05:05
kelvinellano its ok now its fix i dont wanna install too many things to break things05:05
RiXtEror is that the extracted binary?05:05
woot_Rixter_: I am05:05
RiXtErwoot_, you need the build-essentials package05:05
Emanonkelvinella: Skype may be in the default repositories try sudo apt-get install skype05:06
kelvinellaEmanon, how to install skype?  its not in the ubuntu store anymore05:06
RiXtErwoot_, then generally you do a ./configure && make && make install.05:06
=== qos is now known as qos|away
EmanonOh my mistake I'll try to find a repo for it.05:06
woot_Rixter_: sudo apt-get install build-essentials?05:07
RiXtErwoot_, I think that is the correct package.05:07
Emanonkelvinella: Didn't find a repo yet but here's the direct download from skype.com http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-beta-ubuntu-6405:07
woot_Rixter_:thank you I'll give that a try05:08
bazhangEmanon, thats not correct, its in partner repo05:08
bazhang!info skype partner | kelvinella05:08
ubottukelvinella: skype (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 15 kB, installed size 61 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)05:08
EmanonThanks bazhang.05:08
kelvinellaEmanon, hold on let me grab something to eat05:08
bazhang!partner | kelvinella05:08
ubottukelvinella: Canonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »05:08
Emanonkelvinella:  Listen to bazhang try the partner repository.05:09
Basil1x12.10 on a Toshiba L755.  the sound works for a bit, then craps out.  everything insists sound is working, but there is no sound.  bog standard install.  HDMI port is unaffected, is internal speakers only that don't work.  Any help would be appreciated.05:12
EmanonDoes anyone know how to remove entries from the Unity Dashboard?05:12
Basil1xright click, and select unlock from launcher?05:13
EmanonNot the launcher, the dash.05:13
EmanonLike when you hut super.05:13
Basil1xhmmm... don't hit super05:14
Basil1xI mean I don't05:14
LiquidSmoke anybody know how to get around the uefi bootloader to installl ubuntu?05:15
kvothetechLiquidSmoke: ?05:16
^Phantom^The 12.10 lubuntu livecd kernel doesn't support my laptop's hardware05:16
Basil1x12.10 on a Toshiba L755.  the sound works for a bit, then craps out.  everything insists sound is working, but there is no sound.  bog standard install.  HDMI port is unaffected, is internal speakers only that don't work.  Any help would be appreciated.05:16
^Phantom^does this mean i won't be able to upgrade the linux kernel successfully when I update it?05:17
SerenE_SparKHow can we create a Symlink in linux using java05:17
=== Teufelchen_ is now known as Teufelchen
^Phantom^the 12.10 ubuntu kernel also didn't support it05:17
Basil1xPhantom... you could try installing Ubuntu, then 'sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop'05:18
^Phantom^every 'buntu version fails installing with the .10 version05:19
^Phantom^But it's okay, I went with lubuntu 12.0405:19
dr_willis12.10 needs pae05:19
^Phantom^The laptop is old and will be replaced eventually05:19
^Phantom^oh wow05:19
^Phantom^my laptop has a desktop pentium 4 cpu05:19
dr_willisthere are non pae repos i hear05:20
^Phantom^lubuntu (and previously xubuntu) saved my laptop from windows xp05:20
^Phantom^it *crawled* with xp05:20
Basil1xas so many did05:20
^Phantom^tried windows 2000 but things broke horribly05:21
^Phantom^so i said screw it and went with xubuntu05:21
^Phantom^now i run lubuntu (it's lighter imo)05:21
EmanonI found the solution. The Unity dashboard stores its entries in /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications so you just delete the appropriate file from there to remove it from the dash.05:21
WeThePeopleanybody know of a good free auto-responder to use for my list of customers?05:21
lix_Good day. - I have a Thunkpad X220 with a Mic/Headphones combo jack, which I don't know how to make it work with alsa(?) pulseaudio etc. the jack port works for the headphone part, but not the microphone. Searched ubuntuforums etc. but don't find a solution. - Any suggestion?05:22
Basil1xI'm having a similar problem, lix_05:23
lix_Basillx and no solution?05:23
=== lix_ is now known as lix
EmanonDid you try changing your input source in the System Settings>Sound dialogue?05:23
Basil1xalsa does not like my sound hardware... odd, bcos I've used it since 10.10 with no problems until last week05:24
lixBasillx I have a "turn around", which is a tiny USB soundcard but would be nice to get the jack-combo port running...05:25
lixBasil1x mhmm05:25
EmanonNow, is there a keyboard combo to move a window from one screen to another in a multimonitor setup?05:25
Basil1xI think Win7 did something to my sound card with the latest updates that prevents it working reliably in 12.1005:27
Basil1xor 12.04 for that matter.05:27
lixBasil1x I think I just found something http://voices.canonical.com/david.henningsson/2011/11/29/turn-your-mic-jack-into-a-headphone-jack/05:28
Basil1xmight work for you.05:30
Basil1xI fear I'm in for the complicated fix05:30
Basil1xor a switch to Fedora, which is a hateful thought... I hate their approach05:31
threex5could someone help me configure lirc to control volume?05:31
threex5or, if you're not familiar with lirc, i would like to know how to turn my master volume up, down, or toggle mute from command line05:32
dr_willisalsactrl command i think three05:35
l057c0d3rthreex5, hmm alsamixer maybe05:35
l057c0d3rto view it in terminal at least...05:35
threex5isn't alsamixer graphical?05:35
threex5I didn't think you could send text commands to it05:36
l057c0d3rhmm good point05:36
dr_willisalsactrl has cli options05:36
dr_willisif i spelt it right05:36
dr_willisaha - its 'amixer'05:37
Ben64whats happening in 12 hours, 23 minutes?05:37
dr_willischecked the man pages. ;)05:37
threex5yeah amixer works, but05:38
dr_willisBen64:  it will be lunch time here....05:38
Ben64dr_willis: ubuntu.com05:38
dr_willisalsactrl  can save the settings05:38
dr_willisBen64:  someone asks about every 20 min...05:38
dr_willisBen64:  we dont know.. some marketing hype i imagine05:39
* dr_willis is cynical05:39
threex5amixer toggle mute doesn't work05:39
threex5it'll mute it but not unmute05:39
Ben64threex5: on="off"; off="on"; now=$(amixer get Master | tr -d '[]' | grep "Playback.*%" |head -n1 |awk '{print $6}'); amixer sset Master ${!now}05:39
dr_willisthreex5:  ive seen bug reports on that05:39
threex5and when i started googling it i discovered this is a problem a number of people are having with no solution05:39
Ben64solution ^05:40
threex5thanks Ben64. The problem is that I'm trying to set commands in my .lircrc file05:40
Ben64you wanted command line stuff05:40
Ben64that works on it05:41
threex5so it asks you for the program you want to control, the command that you want triggered and the button that triggers it05:41
threex5ok i will give it a shot05:41
=== qos|away is now known as qos
zutmeJust did an install of Ubuntu Server 12.10, and there are some logical volumes still there on my disks from an old debian install. I'd like to remove them, but none of the standard commands are proving useful. Any way to blow them out quickly?05:41
Ben64I used to use that in a script to control my volume from my multimedia keys that weren't supported under 10.0405:41
threex5Ben64, the result is the same as a simple amixer set Master toggle05:42
threex5it will show [off] and [on] in the terminal but it doesn't actually unmute it05:43
threex5it mutes it though05:43
Ben64does it mute more than just the master05:43
Dan39hello, using 12.04 and connecting to xfce4 remote desktop with x2go. it pretty much all works, but stuff takes a very long time to show up, like the task bars will show up quickly, then the desktop background and icons takes another full minute to show up05:50
ivotklHello everyone. =)05:51
ivotklI am trying to set a home server. Which would be the best hw parts for it? I'm trying it to be a low cost server and won't be on 24/7. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210042705:52
ivotklI also need help to configure it and to allow connections from other networks into it.05:52
dr_willisivotkl:  depends on what its serving. most any pc can serve stuff05:53
dr_willisivotkl:  i got a raspberryPi as my home server05:53
ivotkldr_willis: Just for streaming / copying music, photos and movies.05:54
dr_willismost any pc can do that05:54
ivotklAnd allow remote access by let's say... 3 people at the same time?05:54
ivotklLike a terminal server.05:54
wachpwnHey, I have a bunch of smbd processes in my ps aux list. Is that normal?05:55
wachpwnsmbd -F05:55
dr_willisssh access is not that intensive... depending on what they are running05:56
dr_willisget the most cpu/memory you can for the $$ ;)05:56
ivotklI will use linux to get to it, but other houses will use windows.05:56
Ben64I like how the start time on all my processes now says "2012"05:56
dr_willissplurge on a ssd :)05:57
ivotklI have worked extra hours to save some. I think I can get an A4 or A6 from AMD + 8GB RAM + MOBO + 1TB HDD. Is dedicated graphic card a must?05:57
Dan39im always having problems with NX on 12.04, its getting really annoying :|05:57
Ben64ivotkl: are you going to be using it as a computer05:57
ivotklBen64: Maybe.05:57
ivotklHow do you write in red? XD05:58
dr_willisivotkl:  were not ;)05:58
Ben64when you type someones name the irc client usually makes it red for them05:58
dr_willis1tb hd is tiny. ;)05:58
ivotklOh, cool.05:58
Ben64if you're just going to be using it as a server, it doesn't need much cpu at all05:58
ivotklBut I'm not Rockefeller and prices are a bit high where I'm at (Argentina).05:58
Ben64like dr_willis said, raspberry pi would work as a home server05:59
dr_willisyou could some old old pc as a decent server05:59
ivotklNever heard of it Raspberry pi.05:59
=== amit is now known as Guest46474
wachpwnraspberry pi?05:59
ivotklIf it is hardware might be restricted here.05:59
dr_willismy pi does ushare/dlna ssh, and runs xbmc for the wife05:59
Ben64very small linux computer05:59
wachpwnIsn't that a python framework?05:59
ivotklOh, like DSL? (Stands for D*mn Small Linux)06:00
dr_willispi can run different distros and os's06:00
kelvinellaPlease install the Extension Pack from the VirtualBox download site. After this you will be able to re-enable USB 2.0. It will be disabled in the meantime unless you cancel the current settings changes. ??06:00
kelvinellahow to do that?06:00
ivotkllike virtualbox?06:00
Ben64I have debian on my pi06:00
dr_willispi is a small cheap arm based pc.06:00
Ben64I use it as a media center06:00
ivotklAbout HW, I wouldn't like it to be too old fashioned as I might use it as terminal server as well.06:01
kelvinellaVirtualBox is not currently allowed to access USB devices. You can change this by adding your user to the 'vboxusers' group. Please see the user manual for a more detailed explanation. ??06:01
kelvinellahow to add user to vboxusers group?06:01
ivotklEmanon: Are you kidding? That's a whole computer?06:02
dr_willisivotkl: why would we kid06:02
dr_willisi got 2 of them.06:02
dr_willisneed 4  more06:02
Ben64I want more of em06:02
Ben64shipping prices kind of suck06:02
ivotkldr_willis: dunno. =P Looks like a robotic module. Too tiny. It's like a space-saving dream coming true. =P06:02
dr_willisand long waits06:02
Ben64I built a lego case for mine06:03
dr_willisits not an intel based pc. ;)06:03
dr_willisi cant find m y legos.. so i used wood06:03
Ben64Also, if I get a second one, it'd be 512MB memory06:03
Ben64dr_willis: got any pics?06:03
dr_willisBen64:  its a wooden gift box i wittled with a xacto knife ;)06:04
ivotklI can get here in my country some 512MB Raspberries.06:04
dr_willisivotkl:  so most any pc can work as a server.. depending on the details of what its serving06:04
ivotklsite is similar as bestbuy.06:04
dr_willispi's are nifty in some uses06:05
ivotkldr_willis: ok, and how about serving as a terminal? I think it requires more powerful HW for that.06:05
Ben64ivotkl: that is $244 USD?06:05
ivotklBen64: Should be.06:06
ivotklLemme see.06:06
Ben64that's way way too much06:06
ivotklI know. =P06:06
dr_willisivotkl:  i ssh into my pi from my cell phone06:06
dr_willispi should be like $35 us06:07
ivotklIt is actually 153 USD if I take official average price of USD here.06:07
dr_willissomeone is ripping someone off...06:07
ivotklWell, I'm in Argentina. They take advantage of us and we have USD restrictions similar to the ones in Venezuela.06:08
Ben64RS delivers to Argentina06:08
ivotklBen64: ink please?06:08
ivotklBen64: *link please?06:08
ivotkldr_willis: I would like to install ubuntu on my phone. Which are the minimum specs and how do I do it?06:08
dr_willisivotkl:  as far as i know you use one of those vm things to put linux in a vm on your rooted phone06:09
dr_willisthey are in the android market06:09
dr_willisor you find a custom rom for your phone06:10
ivotkldr_willis: Could you create a basic howto or refer me to one?06:10
b1tgl0wAre there any programs to manipulate console output already sent to std::out? Use case: I forgot to send output to log, want to search output06:10
dr_willisivotkl:  not really. see the android market apps/links06:10
dr_willisive not seen a phone run ubuntu natively yet.06:11
Artemis3ivotkl what restrictions? and why would these people even know about the restrictions in venezuela?06:11
ivotkldr_willis: Does it mean I have to sort of jailbreak it?06:11
ivotklArtemis3: I was just saying. =P06:11
ivotklTo explain it better, I cannot buy USD anymore just because I want to. It has been restricted. =P06:12
ivotklTo travelling only.06:12
Artemis3ivotkl, and online purchases?06:12
ivotklArtemis3: And you cannot even change whatever you want.06:12
Ben64don't need USD to buy a raspberry pi, they're UK based06:12
ivotklAnd you cannot even change whatever you want.06:12
ivotklIt's the same for any currency.06:12
Artemis3ivotkl, you can't to any online purchases in foreign currency?06:13
ivotklI can.06:13
ivotklArtemis3: I can.06:13
Artemis3ivotkl, are you limited somehow?06:13
ivotklArtemis3: Online purchases bought with CC are  subject to a 15% recharge, but it has not happened to me yet and I have bought some apps on Apple's AppStore06:13
ivotklArtemis3: Economically, not that much. I can always save and make some overtime.06:14
Artemis3ivotkl, the limit is 400$ here...06:14
ivotklAnd I could charge it to my CC and bank would convert it to ARS.06:14
ivotklOhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are from Venezuela. =B06:14
ivotklI cannot buy it unless I go on a trip.06:14
ivotklAnd I believe I have to use them on the trip, unless I save them.06:15
Artemis3ivotkl, incidentally, new year means fresh 400$ quota06:15
ivotklOh, that's why a lot of Ven ppl go to US?06:15
ivotklNot here.06:15
ivotklIt works differently here.06:15
Artemis3ivotkl, because there is a bigger quota for travelling06:15
Artemis3ivotkl, so you are much better :P06:15
ivotklArtemis3: Oh, ok. Now back to Rasp...06:16
ivotkl(No offence BTW) =P06:16
ivotklwould it work as terminal server?06:16
Artemis3ivotkl, and the pi is like 25$, so not important, its when you need something above 400$ where the problem starts06:16
dr_willistheres the #raspberrypi channel06:16
ivotklOh, sorry. =P06:16
ivotklnot connecting. =P06:17
ivotklraspberrypi channel, I can't join06:19
wachpwnso I just did a reboot on my ubuntu server06:19
wachpwnanything ssh/ssl is not working now06:19
wachpwnhttp:// works but https:// doesnt, ssh doesnt work06:19
wachpwnIt's a remote box, am I screwed right now?06:20
ivotkldr_willis: Could you point me to an android app which is Ubuntu OS? I could only find an app which emulates it and a Remote. Was that remote control you were talking when you said you used your phone to control you Rasp?06:21
Ben64look up your phone on xda-developers or something06:21
Noskcajivotkl, xda-devs or ask on #ubuntu-arm06:22
OerHeksrasp-pi is arm 6, ubuntu only runs on arm 7 AFAIK06:22
NoskcajOerHeks, that is correct. you will need to do some stuff your own to get ubuntu-arm working06:23
OerHeksif you can't join  #raspberrypi the error is you need to be registered06:23
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:23
Emanonivoqb: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid&hl=en Maybe? or was that the "emulation" you were referring to?06:24
lemonsparrowI just created a new user and I want to make it a sudo user. how can I make it ?06:25
ivotklEmanon: It is not.06:25
ivotklI think it is better than the one I found.06:25
ivotklWhat does " P.O.A. " mean on the Rasp website when ordering?06:26
ivotklOut of stock?06:26
EmanonPay on Arrival maybe?06:26
Emanonidk really.06:26
somsipivotkl: Price On Application06:26
computerhow do i find out if my system is running 32 or 64 bit?06:26
EmanonAhh that sounds better.06:26
Random832lemonsparrow: adduser username admin06:26
Noskcajcomputer, what os?06:26
ivotklcomputer: uname -a should do it I think.06:27
Noskcajcomputer, open terminal, type "arch"06:27
ivotklNice trick Noskcaj, it is easier. =P06:27
jussihry, I didnt know about arch, thats nice to have06:27
ivotklYup, did not know that either.06:27
Noskcajivotkl, no problem. you normally have to buy rasberries of a reseller06:28
ivotklsomsip: what does that mean then? Order first, get the price later?06:28
OerHeksto see if you cpu is capable> lscpu06:28
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:28
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
somsipivotkl: it possibly means they cannot guarantee the final price in all countries due to exchange rates, postage charges, customs charges, etc06:29
ivotklsomsip: Might it go higher than 153 USD?06:29
somsipivotkl: too many variables affect the price wheverever you are, and this discussion is off topic06:30
MyLittleBroncoHi all.06:30
Noskcajivotkl, no. but please change to -arm06:30
NoskcajMyLittleBronco, helllo06:31
ivotklDo you mean #arm?06:31
MyLittleBroncoHey, Noskcaj.06:31
Noskcajivotkl, #ubuntu-arm06:32
* MyLittleBronco extends an arm.06:32
ivotklany hardware channel?06:33
MyLittleBroncoLots of participants. I wonder how many are zombies.06:34
MyLittleBroncoGo to http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode and do a search to find a hardware channel06:35
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:35
CookieMdefinitely not me06:36
katymoneyperrywolud someone be willing to teamview me and help me setup a bridged connection in virtualbox from win 7 to ubuntu 12.0406:37
MyLittleBroncoAs long as they don't start eating brains, it's fine.06:37
MyLittleBroncoKaty, if you are trying to get networking to work in the guest client, it's best to use the default settings. Any actual hardware connections should be done on the host.06:39
=== kyle1 is now known as kylescottmcgill
kylescottmcgillwachpwn: did you get it get sorted?06:39
wachpwnkylescottmcgill: nope06:39
kylescottmcgillsudo apt-get install openssl openssh06:40
katymoneyperrywell give meh sometime and we can see how this goes06:40
kylescottmcgillopenssh will be either client or server sorry06:40
kylescottmcgillthat should fix your https and your ssh06:40
wachpwnkylescottmcgill: It was working. I just did a reboot, now my box is saying no route to host.06:40
katymoneyperryi am making a 128 GB vd 60gb for swap 60 gb for hdd06:40
kylescottmcgillwachpwn: is your box sitting somewhere remotely?06:41
wachpwnkylescottmcgill: yes06:41
kylescottmcgillwachpwn: sounds like either the openssh daemon isnt starting, or the box isnt booting, do you have a control panel you can login to and reboot from there?06:41
wachpwnI think I just hosed myself with that reboot. I can access the http server on it06:41
MyLittleBroncoKaty, you don't need that much swap space.06:42
wachpwnbut not the https vhost06:42
kylescottmcgillwachpwn: some hosts dont work when you reboot the box internally06:42
katymoneyperryfor building android i do and i only allowed 1 gb of real ram for the vm06:42
katymoneyperryonly have 4gb real ram06:43
aridholEvening, I have a strange issue with mounting an NFS share via fstab. I am running 11.10, 3.0 kernel (just updated) and the NFS share mounts if I do it manually or via mount -a. It does not mount on bootup and no mount or nfs error is shown in dmesg (i did dmesg | grep nfs and dmesg | grep mount). my fstab line is host:/share /mountpoint nfs _netdev,auto,rw,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 Any suggestions welcome06:43
Noskcajkatymoneyperry, then buy more, its cheap06:43
kylescottmcgillwachpwn: if you can access http sites on your server that at least means you have access to the box, and its on, sounds like your ssh daemon isnt running, can you ssh -v username@domain.com06:43
kylescottmcgillwachpwn: the -v flag will give you a little more information on whats going on06:43
wachpwnkylescottmcgill: let me pm you06:45
pats_Tomssomeone can help me to fix my sound? I have linux mint what is based on ubuntu. Maybe someone have any idea :/06:45
somsip!mint | pats_Toms06:46
ubottupats_Toms: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:46
katymoneyperrycan only hold 8 gb of ram in laptop need at least 16 gb for building06:46
tioxsomsip: That chanell is barren!06:46
tioxHe'd have better luck going to #linux-mint on this server06:46
pats_Tomsno one really helps there ubottu06:46
somsiptiox: then maybe that's a good suggestion for you to put to him06:47
Noskcajkatymoneyperry, oh, at least upgrade then06:47
whthi all06:48
=== wht is now known as dolphin
MyLittleBroncoUnless you have a custom setup, it's best to use pulseaudio and Alsa for Debian/Ubuntu derivatives. Beyond that, the linuxmint-help is best.06:50
MyLittleBroncoHi, wht or  what?06:51
magbatz /msg NickServ REGISTER silvery, magbatz@hotmail.com06:54
magbatzwell did that just happen06:54
pats_Tomsyes :d06:54
MyLittleBroncoDoes anyone use postfix? I'm just curious how it's working.06:54
magbatztime to go burn my computer06:54
beethoven8201postfix is nice06:54
beethoven8201hard to setup06:54
beethoven8201I just played around with it06:54
beethoven8201not running a serious mail server06:55
beethoven8201where's the windows 8 channel here? is there one?06:55
MyLittleBroncoI was trying to set up my local network.06:55
MyLittleBroncoWindows 8?06:55
katymoneyperryMyLittleBronco: would i want to use bridged or nat06:55
beethoven8201yeah windows 8, lol06:56
MyLittleBroncoProbably nat.06:56
beethoven8201I kind of want a tablet06:56
beethoven8201not sure which to get06:56
beethoven8201all of them seem to suck06:56
MyLittleBroncoI think.06:56
beethoven8201and linux on tablets seems bad06:56
katymoneyperrynah get ipad mini06:56
katymoneyperrykicks arse06:56
beethoven8201I need an x86/64 tablet06:56
MyLittleBroncoGet a Google tablet.06:57
beethoven8201or rather what I really need is a laptop that's super tiny with a hardware keyboard06:57
magbatzhey hey06:57
beethoven8201I was looking at the sony vaio tablets06:57
beethoven8201the duo series06:57
aridholanyone have a clue about my fstab & nfs problem? google has failed me06:58
beethoven8201google tablets run android right?06:58
aeon-ltdbeethoven8201: yes06:58
MyLittleBroncosorry, aridhol06:58
beethoven8201I need something more robust06:58
beethoven8201since I will need to be able to code on it, run eclipse, yadayada06:58
beethoven8201probably run a vm or two06:58
aeon-ltdbeethoven8201: what is there really though? your options now are iOS or android06:58
beethoven8201there are w8 tablets06:59
ivotklsee you guys, I'm going to sleeep.06:59
ivotklThank you. =)07:00
prishabhwhat is this 11hours thing http://www.ubuntu.com/ ?07:00
somsipprishabh: there will be an announcement07:00
katymoneyperryMyLittleBronco: the more swap the more the compiler will use to build = faster build time correct07:00
MyLittleBroncoI'd go for at least a full size laptop. Then set up virtual desktop to do what you want on a tablet.07:01
prishabhsomsip: so we are not allowed to know before that ends?07:01
MyLittleBroncoor remote desktop.07:01
aeon-ltdprishabh: that's the idea07:01
prishabhmaybe 13.0407:01
MyLittleBroncoThey really need to slow down on the upgrades and work on the bugs.07:02
MyLittleBroncoMaybe even start releasing that hard to find software and missing libraries.07:02
aeon-ltdMyLittleBronco: but new releases include bug fixes...07:03
MyLittleBroncoSome, yes.07:03
somsipprishabh: it's a press announcement. It's how thigs work in business07:03
MyLittleBroncoYes, more people are going with the Ubuntu server, most jumping ship from Microsoft.07:05
katymoneyperryi need weed07:05
EmanonI'd like to see Cannonical come out and say "this release we're not changing one single solitary thing about the UI we are just making it work better on devices for which support has been lacking".07:05
personyHi there, new install of ubuntu 12.10, on an ASUS N56VZ laptop. I have a USB mouse, which I have to unplug and replug back in a crap ton of times, in order for it to function / initialize. The mouse is new, and works fine on Windows. Any help is appreciated (quite annoying) every restart, the mouse stops working.07:06
EmanonOr "this release we're making noveau work properly so you can replace the proprietary drivers with it without sacrificing functionality."07:06
MyLittleBroncoI'd still like to see more support libraries. I'm tired of getting dependency issues about missing libraries while trying to install programs.07:06
MyLittleBroncoPersony, I think your Asus and USB mouse are blacklisted.07:07
katymoneyperryMyLittleBronco: does ubuntu 12.04 support EFI07:07
personyMyLittleBronco: why would it be blacklisted?07:08
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
MyLittleBroncoDon't check EFI. That's only for certain Macs.07:08
sexxxyanyone use nagios and nrpe?07:09
MyLittleBroncoHi, sexxxy.07:09
theoshi all! my touchpad stopped working suddenly after i log in. it works fine before till the login screen comes. how can i solve this problem? please help!!07:09
sexxxyhow would I get nrpe to connect back to the nagios server instead of the nagios server connecting to nrpe?07:10
ecthiendertheos, what do you mean stopped working? what happens after the login screen?07:10
=== Guest16748 is now known as Someguy123
theosecthiender after logging in, the pointer just hangs at the position it was at before logging in. no buttons work07:11
MyLittleBroncoTheos, if it worked before even after log in, you need to undo whatever you did. Usually messing with conf files or installing unsupported software will cause hardware to stop working.07:11
theosMyLittleBronco i just pressed the on/off button :/07:11
katymoneyperryMyLittleBronco: booting ubuntu07:12
katymoneyperryfor install07:12
ecthiendertheos, what display manager do you use?07:12
theosi pressed the touchpad enable/disable button by mistake. and it stopped working since07:12
djonohello ive just installed vlc on lubuntu and i cant find it in my menu any ideas?07:13
MyLittleBronco If you dual boot, boot into Windows and press the button to turn it on again.07:13
theosecthiender GDM07:14
theosMyLittleBronco deleted windows long back :)07:15
ecthiendertheos, something wrong with your gdm settings?07:15
MyLittleBroncodjono, press Alt-F2 and type vlc and it will run. You need to edit you menu to add it if it's not there.07:15
katymoneyperryMyLittleBronco: http://gyazo.com/1c12c68c84f0041b3d55b95c3676280f07:15
katymoneyperryit's a pic07:15
djonohow to exit apt-get07:16
theosecthiender any way to reset touchpad settings? i donno whats wrong. everything else seems fine07:16
MyLittleBroncoYou don't exit apt-get. You wait until it's finished.07:16
katymoneyperryso is it fine07:17
ecthiendertheos, I dont know.07:17
MyLittleBroncounless it's doing something you don't want it to.07:17
theosecthiender after everything failed, i am using proto=exps to make the mouse work. if that helps07:18
MyLittleBroncokaty, it should be fine.07:18
ecthiendertheos, so you are saying after logging in you are able to work? (make the mouse work?)07:19
theosecthiender yes only after giving the options in modprobe conf. not by default. and its limited to movement of pointer. no scrolling07:20
ecthiendertheos, oh! so you are able to log in, only your mouse doesn't work?07:20
theosecthiender heh yes. thats the problem. the touchpad isnt working07:21
ecthiendertheos, sorry then. i thought your system froze. undo the changes in modprobe.conf07:21
theosecthiender then the mouse stops working again. i tried07:21
katymoneyperrydoes it look like it's connected btw not my real ip http://gyazo.com/11f3aa5b895d0a200ca5f6b6fd2fcaad07:21
ecthiendertheos, and try this: sudo modprobe -r psmouse07:21
ecthienderand then sudo modprobe psmouse07:21
theosecthiender i tried that. doesnt work without those options07:22
ecthienderafter logging in. type that in a terminal.07:22
MyLittleBroncohi, nearst07:22
ecthienderyou have synaptic touchpad?07:22
theosecthiender yes PS/2 synaptic touchpad07:23
ecthiendertheos, any existing bugs? did you check in launchpad?07:23
ecthiendermini-HOWTO, hey :)07:23
theosecthiender donno. i will check. but pressing the on/off button on the touchpad shouldnt disable the touchpad :/07:24
MyLittleBroncoHay's for horses, they eat it, and you know what that makes. ;)07:24
=== mini-HOWTO is now known as doucheybras
theosisnt there a reset option for touchpad settings?07:25
=== doucheybras is now known as J0seph
* MyLittleBronco dislikes douchy bras, and makes a grimace.07:26
computerhow do i make vlc my default player? using xubuntu07:26
Noskcajcomputer, !xubuntu07:26
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels07:26
MyLittleBroncoGreat, ad bots?07:27
MathSquarecp /usr/share/app-install/desktop/vlc\:clementine.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/vlc.desktop07:27
ecthiendertheos, I honestly dont know. someone else here might know.07:27
J0sephHello world07:27
Noskcaj!botsnack | MyLittleBronco07:27
ubottuMyLittleBronco: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!07:27
ecthiendertheos, what machine are you using?07:28
theosok thanks ecthiender07:28
theosecthiender i am using an hp dv7 laptop07:28
computermath, that was for me right?07:28
MyLittleBronco!kubuntu !kubuntu07:28
NoskcajMyLittleBronco, lolol07:28
MathSquareDo anyone know how to get / add in to code dodge windows into unity 6.10.0( Ubuntu 12.10 )07:29
Noskcaj!kubuntu | !kubuntu07:29
ubottu!kubuntu: Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde07:29
MyLittleBroncoKDE rules, Unity drools.07:29
MathSquareno i like unity07:29
MathSquarebecause i like the global menu07:29
Noskcajunity is good just my shit laptop cant run it07:30
MathSquareDo anyone know how to get dodge windows07:30
MyLittleBroncoI think I've been running KDE since  you've been in diapers, MathSquare.07:30
MathSquareadd into the code07:31
NoskcajMyLittleBronco, kde is from 1995 it think, how old is MathSquare07:31
MathSquareand i had been useing linux since 201007:31
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:31
=== qos_ is now known as qos_|away
MathSquareand been prgraming since 2009 on windows07:32
MathSquareand i07:32
MyLittleBroncoI used RedHat 6 when it was new.07:32
MathSquarei like unity07:32
NoskcajMathSquare, stop slightly showing me up in every way. MyLittleBronco point taken07:32
Noskcajyou are very old07:32
somsipAnd now it's time to stop please.07:33
personyMyLittleBronco: you mentioned you think my laptop and mouse are blacklisted, why would it be?07:33
MyLittleBroncoNot old, experienced.07:33
Noskcajno, old07:33
* MyLittleBronco steps off his soapbox and stops.07:33
MyLittleBroncoDriver issues, persony.07:33
user94202Random screensavers are not working in kde. All i get is a black screen. Any ideas?07:34
MathSquareRemove the diver07:34
=== mike is now known as Guest86657
MyLittleBroncoI also have been reading the blacklists.07:34
Noskcaj!kubuntu | user94202,07:34
ubottuuser94202,: Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde07:34
theos!touchpad | theos07:34
ubottutheos, please see my private message07:34
MyLittleBroncouser, check your video drivers and try using Xscreensaver instead.07:35
MathSquareHey Do anyone have any idea to get dodge windows onto 12.1007:35
MyLittleBroncoI don't use dodge windows; I have a hard enough time keeping them where they belong. :O07:36
MathSquareor add it in though code07:36
MyLittleBroncoSorry, that was a no, MathSquare.07:37
MathSquareI just don't understand why they remove it do you07:38
MyLittleBroncoThat's why I like KDE. Everything is in System Settings.07:38
MathSquareI hate KDE Buggy for me07:38
MathSquareBut i hate windows more07:39
NoskcajMathSquare, what do you mean dodge windows?07:39
MyLittleBroncoYea, it kept crashing until I changed my video driver.07:39
MathSquareunity option07:39
MyLittleBroncoIt's actually an old gnome option, too.07:40
djonohello all i cant seem to find wine in the lubuntu software center07:40
MyLittleBroncoIt's supposed to make your windows move out of the way somehow.07:40
MyLittleBroncosudo apt-get update07:41
NoskcajDJones, just use synaptic07:41
katymoneyperryMyLittleBronco: now this i where imma need ya to teamview me after i install teamviewer which idk how to do that07:41
katymoneyperryLINUX n00b ;)07:41
MyLittleBroncosudo apt-get install wine1.507:41
MyLittleBroncoOr open Software Center and search for wine.07:42
djonoisnt wine on 1.6 now?07:42
djonoin the software center it doesnt exist07:42
MyLittleBroncoI guess it is 1.6. I install 1.5 and left it alone.07:43
djonoalso i cannot find mono-complete as well07:43
katymoneyperryhow you do apt-get for teamviewer 807:44
MyLittleBroncoYou need to get the deb from the website, or install the xpi if you have Firefox.07:44
katymoneyperryhowdo i do the xpi i have ff built in07:44
djonook mylittlebronco i just found them on synaptic07:45
MyLittleBroncoSorry, that was for dnono.07:45
djonoi get the message Lubuntu 12.10 _Quantal Quetzal_ - Release i386 (20121017.1)07:46
djonoin drive /media/cdrom/07:46
djonoi have to insert a disk?07:46
MyLittleBroncoIt's easier to use Synaptic to install programs.07:46
djonoits trying to download wine but i get message insert disk Lubuntu 12.10 _Quantal Quetzal_ - Release i386 (20121017.1)07:47
djonoin drive /media/cdrom/07:47
MyLittleBroncoIt's looking for your disc because it's listed in your sources.07:47
katymoneyperrybrb gonna login here thru ubuntu07:47
djonook thanks mylittlebronco i took the cdrom source out and its downloading07:49
* nearst ** SysInfo ** Client: HexChat 2.9.4 (x86) ** OS: Error Code 2 ** CPU: Error Code 2 (1.00 GHz) ** RAM: 1526 MB Total (946 MB Free) ** VGA: Error Code 2 ** Uptime: 3.72 Hours **07:50
nearstwhy my box blinking at boot?07:51
MyLittleBroncoHere's a fun one. Why does my system keep trying to install OSS4 when Ubuntu doesn't support it? This is going to mean another apt-purge and reboot to get sound working after OSS4 kills it.07:52
MyLittleBroncoI meant apt-get purge. oops07:52
MyLittleBroncoYour box?07:52
TheRoufHello guys, just a question. On 12.10 64bit, compiz won't keep the commands I put in the compizconfig settings panel, after I reboot. Any ideas?07:53
nearstya. eeepc 901.07:53
EaglemanIn which order does apache2 loads the HTTPS section ( i have to know which one is the default one )07:53
nearstdefault is 80, other is 443 or any other port define07:54
MyLittleBroncoAlt-F2, gtksu compizconfig, Enter07:54
TheRouftnx MyLittleBronco07:55
EaglemanIn which order does apache2 loads the HTTPS section ( i have to know which one is the default one ), i want to know this becuase of NameBasedSSLVHostsWithSNI07:56
MyLittleBroncoMuon is messed up!07:57
=== Xab is now known as Xabster
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
MyLittleBroncodpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libpq5_9.1.7-0ubuntu12.10_amd64.deb (--unpack):08:00
MyLittleBronco trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libpq.so.5', which is also in package postgresql-libs-32bit 8.4.7-1.208:00
MyLittleBroncoErrors were encountered while processing:08:00
MyLittleBronco /var/cache/apt/archives/libpq5_9.1.7-0ubuntu12.10_amd64.deb08:00
MyLittleBroncoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)08:00
FloodBot1MyLittleBronco: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:00
MyLittleBroncoAny thoughts?08:00
MathSquarehey Can anyone help me with unity08:02
MathSquarehey Can anyone help me with unity08:03
MathSquareDodge windows08:03
aeon-ltdMathSquare: don't ask to ask, just ask08:03
crkyes, MathSquare : don't use it :P08:03
* crk throws in his two cents08:03
* aeon-ltd grabs two cents on the floor08:03
MyLittleBroncoI just got a tsk, tsk from Floodbot108:04
MathSquareok can you help me add dodge windows back into unity 6.10 (ubuntu 12.10)08:04
MathSquarecan anyone help me add dodge windows back into unity 6.10 (ubuntu 12.10)08:04
Ben64!patience | MathSquare08:04
ubottuMathSquare: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:04
MathSquareI try AskUbuntu08:05
MathSquareFossfreedom keep closing my question08:05
MathSquareon askubuntu08:05
MathSquarehe say it is a repeat but i ask on 12.04 but that way doen't work on 12.1008:06
MathSquareok can you help me add dodge windows back into unity 6.10 (ubuntu 12.10)08:06
MathSquareok can you help me add dodge windows back into unity 6.10 (ubuntu 12.10)08:06
KAtyPerRyMyLittleBronco: well i am ready for your wonderful help08:07
MathSquareok can you help me add dodge windows back into unity 6.10 (ubuntu 12.10)08:07
MyLittleBroncoAny ops here?08:07
Ben64MathSquare: stop repeating08:07
KAtyPerRyMyLittleBronco: imma query you08:08
=== Mordy is now known as Guest71753
MyLittleBroncoor mods?08:08
Ben64!pm | KAtyPerRy08:09
ubottuKAtyPerRy: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:09
KAtyPerRywell i need help setting up to build android08:09
Ben64KAtyPerRy: this is an ubuntu channel, not android08:10
KAtyPerRyok i stfu08:10
nearstwhat nobodeset in grub cmdline do ?08:11
MyLittleBroncoThat's /join #android08:11
MyLittleBroncoor maybe, android-dev, or android-develop08:12
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
MyLittleBroncoIt means don't mess with grub unless you want to reinstall your system.08:13
Ben64!nomodeset | nearst08:13
ubottunearst: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:13
nearstBen64, ty. i forgot to call ubottu.08:14
MyLittleBronco It's rough when you forget which packages you installed with dpkg.08:17
EaglemanIn which order does apache2 loads the HTTPS section ( i have to know which one is the default one ), i want to know this becuase of NameBasedSSLVHostsWithSNI08:18
MyLittleBroncoMy status bar says, "Downloading 45647 of 45753 in All Mail." Ugh.08:20
MyLittleBroncoI think maybe I have too much mail.08:21
KAtyPerRyhow to install google talk in ubuntu08:22
nearstu may use pidgin as alternative08:22
somsipEagleman: you would probably be better asking in #apache given you have been asking in here for a while08:23
mah454in ubuntu kubuntu 12.10  ,  I have this dependency "kdelibs5"  , but can not find this package in repository ~!08:25
mah454in ubuntu kubuntu 12.10 , I have this dependency "kdelibs5" , but can not find this package in repository !08:25
Eaglemansomsip it differs per distribution08:26
somsipmah454: kdelibs-bin perhaps?08:26
mah454somsip:  I want to install this package : sflphone-client-kde08:27
mah454somsip: this : sflphone-client-kde08:27
MyLittleBroncoTry sudo apt-get install kdelibs*08:28
somsipmah454: you really want to install a package that failed to build...good luck.08:28
MyLittleBroncoWhat were you trying to install?08:29
somsipEagleman: fair enough. I've just seen you asking for a while now so thought I'd mention it.08:29
BowblesI would like to take an existing Ubuntu 12.04 install, which is on a single drive, and then create a raid 6 array from some other drives in the system, and migrate everything over, so that I can boot from the raid 6 array and completely remove the existing single drive. Can anyone point me in the right direction?08:29
ikoniaBowbles: the concept is pretty easy, there are a few little niggles08:30
somsipmah454: ah - i see it was just natty that failed.08:31
MyLittleBroncoRAID Tools, but I don't know the package name. You can dd the image of your drive.08:31
Bowblesikonia: yeah the concept seems super easy08:31
Bowblesbut then I keep getting stuck on stuff08:32
Bowblesand I feel like I must be missing some basic procedure08:32
ikoniaBowbles: 1.) make raid array 2.) copy data across (taking care with permissions) 3.) fix some file issues 4.) re-apply grub08:32
ikoniaBowbles: that's the high level process,08:32
ikoniaBowbles: the details are 1.) consider putting /boot on a seperate non-raid partition to make life easy 2.) change your /etc/fstab and grub config files 3.) apply grub to the MBR of the of the physical disk - not the raid array08:33
MyLittleBroncoWell, it's 3:30 a.m. here. Time for bed. Zzzzz08:33
Bowblesikonia: do you think it may be worthwhile to try and move my actual ubuntu OS to a flash drive?08:34
Bowblesand then run the array just for storage?08:34
MyLittleBroncoHave fun. Don't blow up anything. Night.08:34
ikoniaBowbles: what do you mean by flash drive, like a usb pen drive ?08:34
Bowblesikonia: eyes08:34
nearstblow your drive.hehe08:34
Bowblesyes even08:34
ikoniaBowbles: personally - no, USB disks perform badly08:34
ikoniaBowbles: so it will depend on your needs/expectation08:35
nearstsince ive 2 partition, how about mbr?08:36
ikonianearst: sorry what ?08:37
nearstsda1 is xp, and sdb1 is ubuntu.08:38
dr_willisthats 2 hard drives.08:39
ikonianearst: but what is your actual question ?08:39
nearstikonia, i just have blinking screen at boot after grub.08:41
ikonianearst: sorry, I've miseed context again, what's happened, you've done an install and grub now doesn't boot your install08:42
Bowblesikonia: should I be raiding drives or partitions?08:42
ikoniaBowbles: up to you, personally, I like to make 1 partition that encompasses the drive, set it's partition type to raid08:42
aridholEvening, I have a strange issue with mounting an NFS share via fstab. I am running 11.10, 3.0 kernel (just updated) and the NFS share mounts if I do it manually or via mount -a. It does not mount on bootup and no mount or nfs error is shown in dmesg (i did dmesg | grep nfs and dmesg | grep mount). my fstab line is host:/share /mountpoint nfs _netdev,auto,rw,soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 Any suggestions welcome08:42
dr_willisraiding partitions wouldent make much sence08:42
Bowbleshmmm, then /boot may need to go to USB at least temporarily08:43
ikoniadr_willis: it can make a lot of sense, depending on your partition layout08:43
nearstya. i done install for 2nd time.08:43
ikoniaBowbles: you can make a small 200mb partition at the start of the disk and mirror it on the other disks for resillience08:43
Bowbleshow would I mirror it?08:44
ikoniaraid 108:44
ikonia(for example)08:44
BowblesBut doesn't that defy the whole point of not putting boot on a raid volume?08:44
dr_willisaridhol:  dirty work arouund. put mount -a in  /etc/rc.local after a delay08:45
ikoniaBowbles: raid 1 is different than raid 5,608:45
Bowblesikonia: ok I understan08:45
aridholRaid is at the basic, a hardware redundancy play is it not? Why partititon?08:46
aridholdr_willis, I will do that if it comes to it. I just don't understand why my machine won't load it at boot or at least tell me why it won't :(08:47
dr_willisaridhol:  my guess would be networking is not up when it tries and is failing08:48
Bowblesaridhol: because grub has trouble dealing with raid 5 and 6 from what i gather08:48
dr_willisaridhol:  i thought there was a mount option to make nfs wait untill it tried.. but that might have been a samba option08:48
aridholbut shouldn't dmesg or /log/messages etc.. tell me that?08:48
aridholI have _netdev in my fstab which I gather is for NFS3 or ealier to "wait" but it does nothing08:49
aridholBowbles, ah, I had no idea :/08:49
dr_willisaridhol:  i would double check that option. it  might have some limitations.08:50
aridholI guess it makes sense to ask if the mounting of shares is "proper" to be done outside of fstab and in a seperate runlevel / startup sequence08:50
aridholam I living in the past?08:50
dr_willisis _netdev and auto redundant could auto be overrideing netdev?08:51
EaglemanI am a bit confused with the owner system with apache, should the files in the http folder owned by www-data or the user that maintains those files?08:52
aridholnetdev without the underscore is not a valid option as far as I understand08:52
somsipEagleman: I tend to leave the user as secure as possible, and chgrp -R www-data *; chmod g+s -R *; Depends whether production or local dev server though08:53
Eaglemansomsip so the file belongs to the group where the user is in, even then if a user creates a file the file owner will still be user:user08:57
dr_willishas mention of _netdev not working as intended08:58
somsipEagleman: no - if you create a file it will be owned by eagleman:www-data08:58
Bowblesso ikonia I would partition for 200mb at the start of each drive, and then mark all of those partitions as bootable?08:58
cute_bettongi have a samsung series 7 with a hybrid ATI/intel card, and for some reason sudo reconfigure xserver-xorg no longer seems to work in ubuntu 12.04 32bit, is there a replacement for this?08:58
Eaglemanhmm if i create a file now it belongs to 1001:1001  so no www-data involved08:59
FloodBot1aridhol: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:59
somsipEagleman: I believe your username is too long to display so it's using your uid instead. Looks like the parent directory is not g+s (if that is what you want)08:59
TheCrownedFoxI would like to take a screenshot of a computer (running ubuntu 12.04) that has its monitors inactive via ssh, so that I can see what X would be displaying from a distance. Is this possible to do?09:00
dr_willisTheCrownedFox:  ive seen  it done. but dont recall the exact command. saw it on a android server tool.. lets me see if i can find it.09:02
TheCrownedFoxThank you kindly09:02
aridholThanks dr_willis. I have a hard time accepting that a user hack is needed to have a system wait for an essential share from a network. Are we to rely on this for running ubuntu in a production environment? rediculous.09:02
cute_bettongso no one has any idea about my question?09:02
cute_bettongwhat has replaced reconfigure xserver-xorg, becasue the command dosen't seem to work09:03
arabihow to enable java for firefox in ubuntu 12.1009:04
dr_willisaridhol: i dont use nfs at all so im the wrong one to duscuss the deeper implinations  with. ;-)09:06
Eaglemanwhich umask do you suggest somsip ?09:06
makarahi. I'm formatting new external 1TB disk. But with ext4 it already uses up 64GB before I've even added anything?!? Is there a better filesystem? (besides NTFS)09:07
arabihow to enable java for firefox in ubuntu 12.10?09:07
nearsthmm.. i hate grub209:07
aridholThanks for the attempt, I do appreciate it. Just dissapointed that a "common" usage is such a pain09:08
nearstarabi, which java ? sun or open?09:08
dr_willisTheCrownedFox:    export DISPLAY=:0 ; import -window root foo.png09:09
cute_bettongcan anyone tell me why dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg no longer works? and what can i use that would replace it09:09
arabiI have installed openjdk-7-jdk already09:09
TheCrownedFoxthanks, let me give that a try real quick09:09
nearstdpkg-reconfigure -phigh?09:09
dr_williscute_bettong: hasent worked yor ages as far as i know. x auto configures mainly. no xirg.cinf needed in most cases09:10
aridholmakara, 64 is perfectly normal. for example a "320GB" drive uses about 22GB09:10
nearstarabi, try install icedtea6-plugin09:10
aridholdrive sizes are not what you'd expect :)09:10
dr_williscute_bettong:  a deeper issue will be how badly supported those dual gpu   setups are in linux09:10
arabinearst, thanks09:10
cute_bettongdr_willis, well i can tell you that the hybrid video card works perfectly in ubuntu, i was just trying to do the old xorg customizations09:11
makaraaridhol, oh ok09:11
dr_williscute_bettong:   if you have an xorg.conf then try just rename/deleteing it09:12
cute_bettongdr_willis, i do that and my graphics stop working09:12
dr_willisi dont know what customizations you need09:12
cute_bettongdr_willis, im trying to turn on my ATI cards power management feature so it stops throttleing my core temps09:12
EaglemanWhat would be a good umask for a www folder?09:15
nearstEagleman, depend on user. i would love to use 777 on my localhost09:16
somsipEagleman: it depends if you need to write. If not, the standard is to give you a 644 file, which is fine.09:17
Eaglemanchmod 777 everything09:17
somsipEagleman: Starts a very bad habit...09:17
Eaglemannearst started it xD09:17
kylescottmcgillthe same as your webserver daemon Eagleman09:18
somsipEagleman: is this local or production>?09:18
Eaglemanlets say its production09:18
Eaglemanits a homeserver running 2 websites with FQDN's09:18
somsipEagleman: are you writing to any files (cache, etc) with www-data user?09:18
kylescottmcgillif you use apache, and apache uses www-data then use www-data, if you are the only one of the system then you could start apache with your user and group and set those permissions, but in any case i wouldnt use the /var/www/ folder, and set up a virtual host09:19
Eaglemani think i am not writing to anything outside the www folder09:19
Eaglemansome files do need write issues but thats only 3% of them09:19
Eaglemanshould be done by hand09:19
TheCrownedFoxthat worked pretty well, thank you09:20
somsipEagleman: so you need write access to certain folders. Make them chgrp www-data and chmod g+s them. Leave eveyrthing else as it is. That should do it09:20
somsipEagleman: but that is very simply put09:20
somsipEagleman: big difference between getting it working and making it secure09:21
Eagleman644 wouldnt the last 4 be useless since www-data is in first 4 ?09:21
ErdMutterEagleman, what I do is have my /var/www set to chmod 775, and have it chown root:www-data ... then I make a symbolic link to it in my home dirrectory ... then i make the symbolic link owned by my user. Not sure if it really helps any, just found it to work the best... i might be wrong.09:21
somsipEagleman: if you are not writing to the file, www-data only needs RO09:21
nearstsecurity and speed is big topic in IT09:21
malefikuHello guys09:21
nabblethi, i am looking for a rdp comaptible desktop viewer that can connect to multible computers simultanously. i tried remmina but i can only open one connection :(09:22
malefikuI have another problem now with my website09:22
nearsthi malefiku09:22
nearstnabblet, why view multiple computer at the same time? :D09:22
malefikuI have on my tablet 2 internet connections: 3G from Orange mobile phone provider and WIFI, from a local internet provider: when I try to enter my mobile version of www.marian32.com it points me to Google, but on wifi works; on wifi doesn't work the desktop version of the website09:24
nabbletnearst: because i have to monitor them for some time and have to compare things on them09:24
malefikuWhat is the problem?09:24
nabbletnearst: settings, installed software and all that... having them open at the same time will speed things up09:24
Eagleman-rw-r--r--  1 user userr  629 May 27  2012 test.php  is what i currently have, just trying to make it more "secure"09:24
Eaglemandirectory:  drwxr-xr-x  3 user user    4096 May 27  2012 temp09:25
somsipEagleman: PHP will work, unless it needs to write to temp. Like log files and such09:26
kylescottmcgillis it suppose to have userr as the group?09:26
Eaglemansomsip then the creator from the program will say which files/folder needs specific permissions09:26
somsipEagleman: not sure what you mean there09:26
nearstnabblet, owh.what os involve?09:28
nabbletnearst: win xp and win 709:28
MonkeyDustmalefiku  better try ##networking or #ubuntu-server09:28
nabbletnearst: googling shows that remmina has trouble with multiple rdp connections. there are bugs filed09:28
Eaglemansomsip, like this for example:  Within your genealogy folder, find the files adminlog.txt, config.php, genlog.txt, importconfig.php, logconfig.php, mapconfig.php, pedconfig.php, subroot.php, templateconfig.php and whatsnew.txt and give them all Read/Write permissions (666, or rw-rw-rw-) using your file manager or FTP program.09:29
cute_bettongis there a command to make ubuntu tell me how much vram i have? i know the card is listed at 1gb gddr4 but i don't know if ubuntu is using that ram is there a way to tell?09:30
nearstnabblet, ya. if your xp and win7 in your network. why not use synergy.remote mouse and keyboard09:30
somsipEagleman: yes - if you are the 'creator of the program' you will need to chmod those files.09:30
nabbletnearst: do i have to install synergy on the win machines?09:32
nearstya. client and server method09:32
nabbletnearst: i prefere to use board software of win xp. i know there are many ways to do this job (teamview, vnc, ...) but i thought it should work via rdp too...after all remmian is very charming as long as it is only one computer. i am trying to use multiple instaces of remmina now, maybe that helps09:34
nearstnabblet, ya.09:35
nearstwhy everytime i boot into default grub my screen gonna blinking and hang?09:36
nabbletnearst: i am playing around with rdesktop too09:37
cute_bettongalright, my ATI card is reporting the wrong size in memory, is there a way to fix this?09:37
cute_bettongthe ati card has 1gb gddr509:38
cute_bettongthe system is reporting 25609:38
ikoniacute_bettong: how are you checking this ?09:40
cute_bettongikonia, im using an app from the repo's called hardinfo09:40
cute_bettongikonia, its telling me that i only have 256mb of ram on my card, and the card physically has 1GB of gddr509:41
ikoniacute_bettong: ok, I'd suggest some other checks09:41
cute_bettongikonia, what do you have in mind?09:41
ikoniacute_bettong: look in the xorg log, see what that's reporting09:41
nearstnabblet, last time i use vino and tsclient. hehe09:44
cute_bettongikonia, is there a command to tell?09:44
ikoniacute_bettong: look in the xorg log, see what that's reporting09:45
cute_bettongikonia, [    10.617] (--) PCI:*(0:0:2:0) 8086:0116:144d:c0b3 rev 9, Mem @ 0xc0000000/4194304, 0xb0000000/268435456, I/O @ 0x00004000/6409:46
cute_bettong[    10.617] (--) PCI: (0:1:0:0) 1002:6741:144d:c0b3 rev 0, Mem @ 0xa0000000/268435456, 0xc0700000/131072, I/O @ 0x00003000/256, BIOS @ 0x????????/13107209:46
cute_bettongcrap sorry09:46
cute_bettongdiden't mean that >.<09:46
ikoniano problem09:46
cute_bettongikonia, is that what you where looking for?09:47
ikoniano, I was expecting a line stating how much memory was available on the device09:47
computerhow do i delete shortcut from Applications menu?09:47
ikonia!info hardinfo09:47
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.1ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 241 kB, installed size 700 kB09:47
nearsttry lshw -C video09:48
cute_bettongikonia, it's reporting only 25609:49
ikoniacute_bettong: what is09:50
nabbletnearst: vino is for hosting remote desktop, right?09:50
nabbletnearst: or is there a client function too?09:50
cute_bettonglshw -C video09:50
nearstnabblet, yup.09:50
cute_bettongikonia, lshw -C video09:50
nabbletnearst: ok, thank you09:50
ikoniacute_bettong: what model card is this ?09:50
ikoniacute_bettong: and what model does lshw think it is09:50
nabbletnearst: i'll stick to rdesktop until remmina get's the multi-connect fixed09:50
cute_bettongikonia, Whistler [AMD Radeon HD 6600M Series]09:50
cute_bettongikonia, memory:a0000000-afffffff memory:c0700000-c071ffff ioport:3000(size=256) memory:c0720000-c073ffff09:51
nearstnabblet, cool :D09:51
cute_bettongikonia, so the os is reporting 256mb of ram when there's 102409:51
ikoniacute_bettong: is that aparture size set in the bios ?09:51
cute_bettongikonia, this laptop has a simpleton bios, and the video ram is dedicated not shared09:52
cute_bettongikonia, it's a samsung series 7 only 5 months old09:52
ikoniasimpleton bios ?09:52
jacklkI'm on a friends server with also many other accounts, what's the best way to make my home folder private? What do I chmod it to?09:52
cute_bettongikonia, bare features, boot order and the low level stuff nothing for a apiture size09:52
ikoniacute_bettong: could you please post the output of "lspci" in a pastebin please.09:53
ikoniacute_bettong: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/laptops-portable-pcs/laptops-and-netbooks/samsung-series-7-gamer-1102324/review09:53
cute_bettongikonia, http://pastebin.com/EfvkNDEU09:54
ikoniacute_bettong: I'm asking due to that as it says this machine is not customizable and it says it comes with an nvidia card,09:54
ikoniacute_bettong: be good to see the output of lspci09:54
cute_bettongikonia, the samsung series 7 i have is model # 700z5a-s0a09:54
ikoniacute_bettong: perfect, thank you09:55
ikoniacute_bettong: interesting, http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/840140-REG/Samsung_NP700Z5A_S0AUS_Series_7_Chronos_NP700Z5A_S0AUS.html says it comes with a 6750 card09:56
ikoniacute_bettong: yours is a 660009:56
blamiikonia: it has both intel and nvidia 675009:56
ikoniablami: and yet his has AMD09:56
blamiikonia: wow09:56
nearstyup. dual gpu now09:56
nearstim still stick with intel GM915. lol09:57
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
blaminearst: be happy09:57
ikoniacute_bettong: something odd here, it's also showing your laptop processor as a "xeon"09:57
blaminearst: those optimus thingies are evil09:57
ikoniawhen that spec says it should be an I7 267509:57
cute_bettongikonia, i assure you it's not.09:57
blamiikonia: that's correct09:58
nearstblami, aha. hihi09:58
ikoniacute_bettong: just seems odd that it's reporting a xeon and a 6600 card, when it should be an I7 and a 675009:58
blamiikonia: my i5 thinkpad reports xeon PCI-E hub as well09:58
cute_bettongikonia, is my ubuntu broken? v.v or is it fixable09:58
ikoniacute_bettong: I don't think it's ubuntu, just hold on09:58
blamiikonia: theres nothing like Core i7 in hwdb09:58
ikoniablami: perfect, thank you09:59
cute_bettongikonia, according to the box the video card in my laptop is a amd hd6750M gddr5 1GB hybrid09:59
nearstuname -a then09:59
ikoniacute_bettong: ok so it may just be a pci identifier problem09:59
blamiikonia: it's not problem afaik10:00
ikoniablami: what's not ?10:00
blamiikonia: architecture in fact is Xeon in case of newer Core i-something CPUs10:00
cute_bettongikonia, blami it's an i7 i assure you10:01
ikoniablami: not according to my I7 thinkpad, but it's just wording10:01
blamiikonia: newer Xeons and Core i cpus are almost same,10:01
cute_bettongikonia, blami it's an intel i7-2675QM10:01
ikoniacute_bettong: try "sudo update-pciids"10:01
blamiikonia: better said newer Xeons are based on i710:01
ikoniablami: you're missing the point of what I was raising10:01
nearstlook at /proc/cpuinfo?10:01
ikoniablami: I'm not arguing better / worse hardware, just what his sysstem had identified, eg: xeon process bridge, amd 660010:02
ikoniawhich are all differerent than what his spec is10:02
cute_bettongikonia, that is correct, and there's been no change to lspci after running that command though it did update10:02
blamiikonia: only thing I am saying is what lspci reports is correct10:03
cute_bettongikonia, the odd thing is that hardinfo is reporting the correct cpu10:03
ikoniacute_bettong: ok, so it's possible (although I'm not massivly up to date on the dual video card stuff) is that it's possible it's using the intel gpu but still listing it as the amd10:03
ikoniacute_bettong: does the intel cpu scale down ram to 256 ?10:03
blamicute_bettong: that's ok because hardinfo does more homework to identify it. lspci just looks on vendor and device ids.10:04
ikoniaI'm assuming the onboard gpu is smaller than the amd10:04
cute_bettongikonia, i think the intel card has 512mb of ram but according to catalyst it's running the amd card not the intel10:04
ikoniacute_bettong: I wouldn't trust that %10010:05
cute_bettongikonia, blami here http://pastebin.com/nKYiWyST10:05
nearstati=amd fan10:05
ikoniabut I'm not up to date enough on the current intel/amd switching to be certain what it should display10:05
cute_bettongikonia, blami this is what hardinfo reports10:05
ikonianearst: ?10:05
cute_bettongnearst, i love ATI XD10:05
Jordan_Ucute_bettong: I don't know much about it, but I think some hybrid graphics implementations always have the integrated graphics card driving the display, and offload rendering to the secondary GPU. So depening on how these tools are looking at the situation, it might appear that the intel card is the card being used. (I wish I could also tell you how to get the value you want).10:06
nearstchipset is really different now. sometime i also confuse10:06
blamiJordan_U: I think AMD is stuck in phase they need hw mux10:07
blamiJordan_U: which is good for linux users because having laptop like Lenovo T420 which has everything except LVDS hardwired to second card is pain10:07
nearst<< lenovo T4310:08
blamicute_bettong: could you please paste your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?10:08
blamicute_bettong: it will give us a definite answer to what card is driving your display10:08
lesshastehuge numbers of copies of "wireless network authentication required"  windows appear .. how can I stop them?10:09
cute_bettongblami, http://pastebin.com/JqNAAry610:09
blamicute_bettong: from that I can say youre running on AMD card10:10
cute_bettongblami, how come it's only reporting 256? is there a way to change that?10:11
nearst!info nomodeset10:11
ubottuPackage nomodeset does not exist in quantal10:11
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:12
blamicute_bettong: does that amd use shared memory or it's own?10:13
beachbrakeerr, i downloaded 12.10 iso10:13
beachbrakeand i need Untetbotin to take it to install linux on my new system.10:14
cute_bettongblami, the amd has dedicated GDDR510:14
beachbrakebut unetbootin is only supporting 12.0410:14
beachbrakeanyone with a better solution.10:14
nearstbeachbrake, it will work10:14
MonkeyDustbeachbrake  I used unetbootin to install 12.10, what goes wrong when you try?10:15
beachbrakei am in an ubuntu system.10:15
beachbrakei installed unetbootin and there is no 12.10 in the dropdown menu10:15
nearstuse iso option10:15
cute_bettongblami, im currently googleing this issue, but not finding anything pertinant so any help you render would be wonderful10:15
MonkeyDustbeachbrake  download the iso form the website, then use unetbootin to put it on the usb stick10:16
beachbrakeMonkeyDust: i did10:16
beachbrakebut i need to select somethign from the drop down right?10:17
kylescottmcgillwhat do you need unetbootin for? cant you just dd the iso onto a USB stick anyway?10:17
cute_bettongblami, can i go into xorg.conf and use Option VideoRam 104857610:17
nearstwhat cause booting blinking10:17
beachbrakewill it boot in the beginning if i just copy paste the iso?10:17
cute_bettongblami, can i go into xorg.conf and use Option VideoRam 102410:17
beachbrakekylescottmcgill: ^10:18
zhangyuqinghello everyone10:18
kylescottmcgillnot if you copy and paste it10:18
kylescottmcgillit needs the MBR associated inside the iso image to see it as a boot option10:18
kylescottmcgillWhat system are you on?10:18
blamicute_bettong: not sure if frglx supports that10:19
beachbrakeubuntu 9.04 currently10:19
nearsti love karmic10:19
cute_bettongblami, gonna reboot really quick we shall see.10:19
kylescottmcgilljust a generic PC or Mac or ?10:19
beachbrakekylescottmcgill: generic laptop10:19
kylescottmcgillbeachbrake: if your on Ubuntu you could always dist-upgrade, however fresh install is always best10:19
beachbrakekylescottmcgill: i am trying to install it in another laptop.10:20
beachbrakeerasing my broken open-suse.10:20
kylescottmcgillok i see, sorry i came in half way :)10:20
MonkeyDustbeachbrake  not from the drop down menu, choose 'disk image'10:20
beachbrakeMonkeyDust: okay :)10:20
kylescottmcgillsudo dd if=/path/to/downloaded.img of=/dev/rdiskN bs=1m10:21
Jordan_Ubeachbrake: From 9.04 you're likely to run into compatability problems as 9.04 had a much older version of syslinux. You may have to use dd, though be *very* careful if you do.10:22
kylescottmcgillJordan_U: this is a fresh install on another laptop10:22
cute_bettongblami, im back10:22
nearstwcb cute_bettong10:22
beachbrake"space used to preserve files across reboots.."10:23
beachbrake^ should i be specifying any page?10:23
kylescottmcgillIts just storage space for ubuntu10:23
beachbrakeso 0 would be okay?10:23
kylescottmcgilli wouldnt worry about it if your not going to use it as a live USB type thing10:23
kylescottmcgillya thats fine for an install10:23
Jordan_Ukylescottmcgill: As I understand it, beachbrake is trying to make a bootable USB drive containing an Ubuntu 12.10 Live system, and is using Unetbootin from Ubuntu 9.04 to create it. If that's true, then my comment applies.10:23
cute_bettongnearst, thank you10:24
beachbrakeno, i just want it to detect in startup and install fresh ubuntu over opensuse.10:24
beachbrakeJordan_U: yes10:24
cute_bettongblami, it dosen't10:24
kylescottmcgillJordan_U: ah right i get you, ty10:24
MordFustangcan anyone tell me how to send analog sound to TV?10:24
beachbrakeJordan_U: I also downloaded an iso in the 'downloads' folder.10:25
blamiMordFustang: using headphones jack on your soundcard10:25
Jordan_Ubeachbrake: It's still worth trying Unetbootin, but if the resulting USB drive gives you an error from syslinux and fails to boot then you'll need to make the USB from a different OS or use dd.10:25
MordFustangblami: I have connected hdmi to TV and 3.5mm jack for audio but sound its not working10:26
cute_bettongblami, so any ideas?10:26
beachbrakeJordan_U: you mean, take the .iso and paste it on another OS (like windows) and recreate it?10:26
dr_willisMordFustang:  normally hdmi to a tv carries audio anyway.10:26
MordFustangdr_willis: I know10:27
dr_willisMordFustang:  the tv may have options to seelct what audio channel to use. or it maaay default to the analog when a specific hdmi port is used. or the vga port10:27
MordFustangtv thinks that he is receiving audio with hdmi10:28
Jordan_Ubeachbrake: Yes. (Though just for future reference, the term is usually "copy" as in "copying the file"  while "pasting the file" does make some logical sense, it's not said commonly and confused me for a moment)10:28
dr_willisMordFustang:  tryed the pavcontrol tool yet?10:29
MordFustangdr_willis no what is that :)?10:29
dr_willisits a tool.. install it.. try it10:29
dr_willis!info pavcontrol10:29
ubottuPackage pavcontrol does not exist in quantal10:29
cute_bettongso no one has any answers to my problem?10:29
dr_willisif i can get its name right10:30
dr_willis!info pavucontrol10:30
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (quantal), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB10:30
dr_willisno idea why it has a U in the name10:30
beachbrakeJordan_U: okay.10:30
MordFustangdr_willis: pavucontrol is not the right solution10:32
dr_willisMordFustang:  i recall using it befor to enable hami audio on my system.10:33
dr_willisor was it pavmixer10:33
SlaptmanCan anyoneplease recommend an alternative for itunes mainly intrested in podcast and music10:33
dr_willis!info pavmixer10:33
ubottuPackage pavmixer does not exist in quantal10:33
MordFustangdr_willis: my graphic card is not connected to spdif10:34
dr_willisnot on my ubuntu box so i cant check10:34
blamiit's pavucontrol afaik10:34
kylescottmcgillSlaptman: Rhythembox is standard for that kinda stuff10:34
dr_willisMordFustang:  i dont see how spdif figures into it.10:34
blamicute_bettong: no, really. Those proprietary drivers are kinda black magic10:34
blamiSlaptman: rhythmbox works well10:34
cute_bettongblami, i must have missed something what are you talking about? im using a driver that i compiled for ubuntu from ati10:35
MordFustangdr_willis: in windows I need to change some registry files to get audio working so I think I need to change some magic file here in ubuntu :)10:37
dr_willisMordFustang:  i just play somthing making noise. then use pavucontrol to tell it to use the hdmi out10:37
dr_willisor i tell it to use the analog out10:37
dr_willisor i recall telling it to send some apps to the analog.. and other to hdmi10:38
dr_willisi think i did that once. ;)10:38
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dr_willishmm. got a ctcp version from pbt and hes not even on the channel. ;P10:40
beachbrakeDevice for bootloader installation : /dev/sda6 openSUSE 12.1(i586)10:41
beachbrakeMonkeyDust: ^ am i selecting it right?10:41
cute_bettongblami, http://pastebin.com/ZN6KVzCJ10:42
cute_bettongblami, is that correct for this card? is that 1gb?10:43
beachbrakeJordan_U: ^^10:44
blamicute_bettong: it seems it is but basically it does nothing ...10:46
cute_bettongblami, what do you mean it does nothing? O_O10:47
dr_willisbeachbrake:  normally groub goes on the drives mbr. not partition10:47
dr_willisbeachbrake:   /dev/sda  not sda6    unless you are doing somthing special10:47
beachbrakedr_willis: its a dual boot system10:48
beachbrakewindows 7 and openSUSE10:48
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dr_willisbeachbrake:   so? mine are dual boot and it goes to the mbr of the hd you want to boooot10:48
beachbrakeI am replacing openSUSE with ubuntu10:48
dr_willis1 hd grub goes to sda.10:48
djonohello ive just installed wine and kind find it in my menu in lubuntu10:49
dr_willisif yiu had ubuntu on a seperate hd like sdb. then you could put it on sdb and boot sdb leaving windows untouched10:49
beachbrake"no root file system is defined"  please correct this from partitioning system"10:49
dr_willisdjono:  wine dosent really have an icon10:49
dr_willisbeachbrake:  tell the installer what partition you want to use for /10:49
pavsyou can use wine from commandline. or start and windows exe and wine will cmoe in to action.10:50
dr_willisdjono:   'wine /path/to/windowsapp.exe'10:50
djonoi used mint before this lubuntu install and it had a wine configure icon and a C: folder10:50
beachbrakedr_willis: I have said /dev/sda10:50
dr_willisc: will get made aftwe you run an app with wine10:50
dtouronddjono: Just start the Windows program and it should start automatically.10:50
beachbrakeits giving me that error.10:50
dr_willisbeachbrake:  / would be a partition. not a hd.10:50
djonooh ok. so file association is already set10:51
dr_willisbeachbrake:  such as /dev/sda510:51
beachbrakedr_willis: okay10:51
kelvinellawhich firefox extension would allow me to have enable/disable JS, Java, etc in status bar?10:51
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beachbrakedr_willis: the ones with ntfs would be windows right?10:51
dr_willisntfs = windows yes10:51
beachbrakethere is a swap for 0MB10:51
beachbrakesda6 i guess.10:52
dr_willisno idea . :) its your disks.. not mine10:52
beachbrakeso /dev/sda6 has 21474 MB and /dev/sda7 has 295984MB10:53
pratzHello guys10:55
pratzI am using 12.0410:55
pratzhcitool is not scanning devices, any ideas ?10:55
=== vahid is now known as Guest67151
pratzcommand - hcitool scan : no output10:56
beachbrakesda 7 then, and i have not spocified any mount point10:56
pratzhardware is HP laptop10:56
beachbrakecheck0 format the partition.10:56
* beachbrake tires.10:57
cute_bettongblami, did you get my last post?10:58
pratzdo we have any alternate bluetooth scanner other than hcitool ?10:58
dr_willispratz: run it as root perhaps?10:59
=== root is now known as Guest42320
pratzdr_willis: I am using it as root10:59
dr_willisbeachbrake: you nwed to tell it / as a mountpoint somewhere11:00
dr_willispratz:  out of ideas here. i always have issues with bt.11:00
pratzdr_willis: here is the trace back http://dpaste.org/UH7Zp/11:01
remonteesÇa en chie du ventilo ici !11:02
dr_willisim on my phone leavung work pratz  so i gotta run.11:02
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kelvinelladoes anyone know the firefox extension where you can have the JS and Java enable/disable selection box display at the firefox status bar?11:05
pratzdr_willis: yap, no worries11:05
kelvinellai reinstall ubuntu and forgot the extension name11:05
pratzhcitool can not scan , any ideas ?11:06
pratzhere is the trace back http://dpaste.org/UH7Zp/11:06
funktHi there I'm having really bad probs with 12.04 chrome, firefox just keep on crashing anyone have any ideas what I could do to prevent this?11:11
jackbrownDoes anyone knows in which folder MATE DE stores MENU Shortcurts ?11:12
wooohey please anybody help me what is lamp..I have installed it but how to use it?11:13
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_nick320Hi there Im having really bad probs with my browser crashing in 12.04 all the time could anyone give me some advice?11:14
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arabiwhic is the best ebook reader app for ubuntu other than documentViewer?11:16
JPSmanIs it possible to set up a script that watches my network traffic and that sends me a notification that my downloading speed has dropped below say 10 Kb/s ??11:16
tozenhi gals! happy new year! any remastersys specialist here?11:16
jackbrownDoes anyone knows in which folder MATE DE stores MENU Shortcurts ?11:17
nearstnot sure11:18
c_nickWhen i try to format my USB Thumb Drive I keep getting the error Read Only File System.. i tried with GParted fsck dosfsck dmseg but same error11:19
kelvinellaubuntu12.04 is lovely11:25
kelvinellaunity is great if you have decent video card11:25
CatbuntuCinnamon FTW!11:26
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kelvinellai like the way unity group all my softwares11:26
kelvinellai constantly need to open 5 or 6 softwares to work so unity is great11:27
uncledeathhi, what's with the countdown?11:33
uncledeathon ubuntu homepage?11:33
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cfhowlettuncledeath: no one knows.  wait and find out.11:34
tottto-drummonduncledeath Mark Sthuttlesworth will make a special announcement today11:34
uncledeathis it good or bad?11:35
nearstnone is good11:36
pratzHello guys11:37
c_nickuncledeath: its basically their OS on Mobile Devices11:38
cfhowlettpratz: greetings11:38
pratzI am not able to scan bluetooth devices with hcitool scan, any ideas ?11:38
romi canot mount my hard disk in my computer using a live cd, can anyone help me11:40
romi downloaded 12.10 ubuntu11:41
narcislinuxHi,why timer is there?what is for ?! http://www.ubuntu.com/11:42
cfhowlettnarcislinux: wait and find out.11:42
c_nicknarcislinux: its a countdown for their touch based OS11:43
narcislinuxcfhowlett: lol plz tell me11:43
romi am trying to mount it take a backup of it before i reinstall.11:43
cfhowlettnarcislinux: per c_nick, it's the mobile OS announcment11:44
romcan anyone help pls??11:45
narcislinuxcfhowlett:  c_nick : :D Thanks11:45
nearstrom, mount /dev/sdx /mnt/11:46
romshould i type this in the terminal?11:47
varnieHi there.11:47
nearstrom, check your drive first11:47
cfhowlettvarnie: greetings11:48
romthen what do i do?11:48
varnieI installed ubuntu but did smth wrong  (I noticed that after ubuntu booted successfully, and I am in xfce4 environment I see some "16 gb volume" which is not mounted. and it looks like that boot partition is on it! how could it be?11:49
varnieI can show my df -h output if it will help.11:49
varnieit marked as "boot" in gparted though.11:50
dencryptwhere is it mounted?11:50
varniemy question is it boot partition really and why it is not mounted automatically11:50
varnieit is mounted in /media/11:50
dencryptlooks like a USB to me11:51
varniemaybe it is left from the previous ubuntu installed.11:51
nearstyup. u use 16gb as usb bootable?11:51
atlefvarnie, how did you install?11:51
varnieit countains the following folders: bin, boot, build, cdrom, dev, etc, home, lib, etc, root and so on11:51
varnieusing ubuntu live cd11:52
rom<nearst> how do i do this please help..11:52
varniemaybe ubuntu 12.10 prevented that volume from being erased while I installed fresh distro.11:52
CatbuntuRepartitioning worked fine11:52
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Kartagiswhy does typing break reminder open this particular directory on nautilus upon hitting ok?11:52
nearstrom, u in livecd now? or other pc11:52
romother pc11:53
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varniehere's my partitions scheme: http://pastebin.com/u708xMKA11:53
varniecan I safely delete that /dev/sda1 partition?11:54
varnienearst, hmm, no I guess no11:54
Guest67151i found this dec package is an image11:55
nearstvarnie, try umount11:55
varnienearst, I am sure it will successfully unmont, but what then?11:56
ender__hi all. i've been trying for a coupel of hours to add 2 users that use the same home folder.11:56
varniewhile my /boot contains such entries as "initrd.img-3.5.0-17-generic" that 16 gb partition's boot folder contains "initrd.img-2.6.35-5-generic"11:57
cfhowlettender__: pretty sure tha11:57
varnielooks like it is left from ubuntu 10.10.11:57
cfhowlettender__: pretty sure that's not going to happen.  Why not assign them a shared file ... not shared /home11:57
nearstvarnie, try fresh install11:57
romif i click the 250 gb hard disk i have is says unable to mount location (canot mount file)11:58
romwhat should i do to set this rite?11:58
nearstrom, try dh -h, what /dev/sd is that11:58
nearst*df -h11:59
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ender__cfhowlett. thank you. i did this :12:01
ender__sudo groupadd Project12:02
ender__ sudo adduser -d /home/Project -s /bin/bash -g Project nicole12:02
ender__ sudo useradd -d /home/Project -s /bin/bash -g Project george12:02
ender__ sudo passwd nicole12:02
ender__ sudo passwd george12:02
FloodBot1ender__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:02
ender__sudo usermod -d /home/Project -m george12:02
cfhowlettender__: nicely done.  Good luck.12:02
ender__sorry about that. this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1487725/12:03
romwhich one of these /cow, udev, tmpfs, /dev/sr0, /dev/loop012:03
majnoon countdown countdown12:04
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romwhich one of these /cow, udev, tmpfs, /dev/sr0, /dev/loop0  df -h got me a list of these?12:10
joarrom: huh?12:12
romi am having a problem someone help?12:12
joarrom: what's the trouble?12:12
romi cant mount my hard disk with a live cd..12:13
joarrom: and what is the error message?12:14
ikoniarom: what file system is on the disk you want to mount ?12:14
atlefrom, what fileformat12:14
romit is my whole hard disk which is not mounting.12:15
ikoniarom: what file system is on the disk you want to mount ?12:15
romi dont even c the partitions of it.12:15
ikoniarom: what file system is on the disk you want to mount ?12:15
joarrom: pastebin the output of `sudo fdisk -l`12:15
Night-hackswhen i ssh to my server it says Permission denied, please try again.12:17
djonohello all. im using a mobil broadband internet stick and using lubuntu. is there a way to configure the settings to set my idle or reconnect option?12:17
Night-hacksit was ok till yesterday !12:17
romil get in right back.12:18
asilhouetteanybody recommend a good wireless dongle12:18
djonohello all. im using a mobil broadband internet stick and using lubuntu. is there a way to configure the settings to set my idle or reconnect option?12:18
asilhouetteworking well with with linux12:19
atlefasilhouette, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported#By%20Manufacturer12:20
asilhouetteoh wow thanks atlef12:20
djonois there an alternative network manager that supports mobil broadband12:21
ikoniadjono: gnome network manager supports it just fine12:21
KM0201if your device isn't recognized properly, it's unlikely changing network managers is going to fix the problem12:21
djonoit recognises it fine. just would like to set idle 0 and connect on disconnect option12:22
KM0201hmm, proably should have clarified that.. but that, i do not know.12:22
djonoalso when it disconnects i have to always disable networking and enable it again12:23
asilhouettedjono: have you tried wicd12:24
asilhouettenot quite sure it supports mobile broadband though12:24
djonowicd doesnt support mobile broadband stick12:24
asilhouetteah ok12:24
djonothe best one ive triend believe it or not is actually on puppy linux. is there a way i can get pup dial on ubuntu?12:24
romDisk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders, total 488397168 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x0006adca     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1            2046   117186559    58592257    5  Extended /dev/sda2   *   11718656012:24
ikoniarom: please use a pastebin12:25
ikonia!pastebin | rom12:25
ubotturom: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:25
djonopupdial had the best features  in my opinion as far as mobil broadband12:26
rom 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14    Disk /dev/sda: 250.1 GB, 250059350016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 30401 cylinders, total 488397168 sectors Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x0006adca     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1            2046   117186559    58512:29
oskar-hi all, on my ubuntu 12.04 server boot is not completed until i press at least one keyboard key. it seems as if apparmor is the cause. what could i do to fix it?12:36
dr_willisit dosent give any error messages or other info?12:37
dr_willishow are you determining its apparmour?12:37
Ricardo-UbuntustHello, have a happy new year for all people from Seville!!!!12:41
oskar-dr_willis, network and ssh is already running then, so i could log in and see a process with command "/etc/init.d/apparmor start". also, when i pressed a key, the next output was from the apparmor script. but what i see now is, that it is not so very well reproducible. i will investigate...12:44
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romi am not able to do the copy paste through the pastebin, n i dont have much time can i paste each line at a time n can come one geve me a solution?12:47
romfor the sudo fdisk -l12:48
tgahey, I'm trying to get a Netgear WN511T working on 12.04 with ndiswrapper12:48
tgaother than installing the driver in ndiswrapper and adding the module what else do I have to do to get the network manager to recognize the card?12:48
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TBarthHi, how can I disable "last used applications/files" in the dash-starter. I dont want to see them in a list.12:48
romi am not able to do the copy paste through the pastebin, n i dont have much time can i paste each line at a time n can come one geve me a solution?12:50
ikoniarom: use the pastebin12:52
beachbrakewhile loading the OS, mid way, power went off12:52
beachbrakewhat is the status of the load?12:52
beachbrakeshould i restart again?12:52
ikoniastatus of the load ?12:52
ikoniawhat load ?12:52
cfhowlettbeachbrake: assume it's corrupted12:52
nearst!htop > beachbrake12:52
beachbrakeinstalling ubuntu12:52
cfhowlettsavio: greetings12:52
ikonianearst: ?? what /12:53
kjslaterGood morning and HELP!12:53
ikoniabeachbrake: I would start again12:53
cfhowlettbeachbrake: loss of power during an installation means start over12:53
ikoniakjslater: no need for the caps12:53
beachbrakeokay, i just dont want system to have incomplete files.12:53
beachbrakei hope it does no damage.12:53
kjslaterHehe. I never use them, except in an emergency.12:54
ikoniabeachbrake: re-install would be a safe move then12:54
beachbrakeikonia: cfhowlett thanks12:54
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the current stable release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.10 - Support in #ubuntu12:54
romnot getting through, it ast for download then i got  to launchepad..12:54
ikoniarom: use a different pastebin then, such as pastebin.ca12:54
michagogoubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso is that 32-bit version, correct?12:55
ikoniamichagogo: correct12:55
nearstmichagogo, yup12:55
michagogoAlso, I got it via bitorrent -- that download process includes a checksum, right? So I don't need to verify it again?12:55
nearstx64 for 4GB above12:56
CongThere's no gpc for u12.04.12:56
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kjslaterMy upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 seemed to work, other than having to comment out extras. But it appears the grub menu.lst was never updated. So i have a non-booting system right now. Is there any easy way out of this?12:57
kjslaterSystem in question is booted with a 12.04.1 live DVD12:58
nearstkjslater, try chroot and reinstall grub12:58
dr_willisor grub212:58
DeadC0whi all . I'm back. I tried sharing a file between users like this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1487895/     ; is there no simpler way ? :)12:59
kjslaterWhich does 11.04 desktop have dr_willis?12:59
auronandacekjslater: 11.04 was the first release of unity, 11.04 is no longer supported13:00
eristikophilesgood riddance. unity looked terrible13:00
eristikophiles(don't mind me though, i use kde)13:01
ikoniathen please stop commenting13:01
kjslaterNearst - so mount the partitions appropriately, chroot an xterm session to that base and then run grub-setup?13:03
romi got it on to a paste bin what do i do now?13:03
ikoniarom: provide us the URL13:04
romshould i give the link?13:04
savioanyone can tell me what to do on bugsquad13:04
ikoniasavio: what do you mean ?13:04
savioikonia, i join bugsquad long ago but i'm confused where to start i also read wiki but no help13:05
CongThat's not covered here.13:06
ikoniasavio: why have you joined a group you have no idea what to do with ?13:06
ikoniasavio: you are meant to join when you can participate13:06
atlefrom, try installing exfat-utils and exfat fuse in the live session to access the drive13:06
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coloxim"/EXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh"13:07
ikoniacoloxim: please don't do that13:07
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saviocoloxim, | !pastebin13:08
romhow do i do that?13:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:09
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com13:09
kjslaterWhat a way to start a morning..13:11
stullukHi, I am trying to install phyton to my kubuntu 12.04, but apt-get install phyton2.7 fails.. I did this: add-apt-repository ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes but apt-get can not find anything called phyton2.713:15
stullukCan you help?13:15
cfhowlettstulluk: run apt-cache policy python to find the package13:16
cfhowlettstulluk: then install it13:16
stulluklet me try13:16
cfhowlettstulluk: should show up in the Main repository13:16
nearstyup. 2.7.3 in main repo13:17
cfhowlettstulluk: my readout shows 2.7.313:17
stullukyes, mine shows 2.7.3 is already installed too13:17
DJonesstulluk: Looking at https://launchpad.net/~fkrull/+archive/deadsnakes?field.series_filter=precise they don't have a phyton2.713:17
cfhowlettstulluk: well there you go then ...13:17
stullukbut even it is installed, phyton -v shows no such command13:17
cfhowlettstulluk: no PPA required13:17
DJonesstulluk: It jumps from 2.6 to 3.113:17
stullukDjones: I tried installing 3.1,3.2.,3.3.... tried all13:18
stullukbut none of them found13:18
nearstpython --version13:18
stulluklet me try again13:18
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
atlefstulluk, try python -v not phyton -v13:18
nextblovehow are u doing guy13:19
DeadC0w2.7.3 is in the main repository. (for quantal )13:19
nextblovehave some issue13:19
DJonesAlso, you said "apt-get install phyton2.7" fails is that a spelling mistake in python ?13:19
stullukHi, can you check this: http://pastebin.com/4W4vzEHL13:19
nextblovewanna format my flash drive13:19
cfhowlettstulluk: spelling!13:19
stullukoh my god13:20
stullukI am very sorry13:20
cfhowlettstulluk: no worries.13:20
stullukI am sorry sorry sorry13:20
stullukthank you all13:20
cfhowlettstulluk: good luck.  have fun.13:20
nearstanyone use bfs?13:21
dagerikbreadt first search? yeah all the time13:21
kjslaterCan anyone tell me which version of grub I should have on an 11.04 system after upgrading?13:22
Ben64should be grub2 unless you've been upgrading for a long time13:22
nextblovemy flash drive when am gonna format it i have a error : the disk is write protected13:22
nextblovei need a help please13:23
dageriknextblove: unmount it13:23
nearstapt-cache policy grub-pc, or grub213:23
michagogoIn Ubuntu's installer (12.10) is it possible to enlarge/resize the console window/panel/thing?13:23
PorkepixHi. I come here to ask some informations about erratic behavior with a touchpad. My sister just received 1 week ago a dell laptop shipped with ubuntu pre-installed (vostro 3360). The problem is that the touchpad is only saw as generic PS/2 mouse and that it cause lot of problems.13:23
kjslaterBen64- only this one time IIRC13:24
PorkepixI eventually found a driver made via reverse engineering, but compilation fail and I can't install it. If someone can help about this, please ?13:24
blamiwhat service creates /etc/motd?13:24
blamiI don't want see information about upgradable packages here ...13:24
nextblovedagerik : i said i want to format my flash drive in ubuntu and dont know the command to type13:24
dageriknextblove: mkfs13:25
nearsti think its cron13:27
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto13:27
jribblami: man update-motd13:28
michagogoIn Ubuntu's installer (12.10) is it possible to enlarge/resize the console window/panel/thing?13:28
GeorgeJHello folks!13:30
nearsthi GeorgeJ13:30
atlef!hi | GeorgeJ13:30
BluesKajHey all13:30
GeorgeJI have a question. My fstab contains a mountpoint on /dev/mapper/tobi-root. Can I not use /dev/tobi/root instead?13:30
ikoniaGeorgeJ: you can call the device what you want13:31
GeorgeJI see all of them are symlinks, so there should be no reason for them not to be created at the same time, correct?13:31
ikoniaGeorgeJ: what ?13:32
ikoniaGeorgeJ: they are created by udev at boot time13:32
nearstmaybe raid or lvm13:32
GeorgeJMy only concern was that /dev/<myvg> might not exist at boot-time.13:33
ikoniaGeorgeJ: it gets created by udev13:34
azazelim poor is there someone that can send me ubuntu 12.1013:35
ikoniatry your local lug or ubuntu loco team13:35
asilhouetteazazel: download it13:35
DJonesazazel: As its free, just download it from the website13:35
azazeli know its free but i cant afford a blank cs13:36
asilhouetteyou don't need a cd13:36
ikoniatry your local lug or ubuntu loco team13:36
asilhouetteyou can mount it on a usb flash drive if you have one13:36
nearstif u have usb. u can make it bootable13:36
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:37
atlefor memory cards13:37
asilhouettewhere are you azazel?13:37
nextblovehow to format flash drive in ubuntu?13:37
azazelyou understand i dont have a usb drive13:37
azazelnew jersey13:37
asilhouettewhat about your friends?13:38
asilhouetteyou better not be trolling13:38
azazeli have to pay them13:38
ivotklGood morning everyone. (at least for me, hehe)13:38
nearstazazel, try use it on virtualbox or qemu :P13:38
azazeli dont think ubuntu 10.10 can install that13:38
nearstwhy not?13:39
ivotklnextblove: you can use gparted if you want to, I can't recall if file manager allows format (I think it does).13:39
kjslaterUhoh,  after chrooting to rerun grub setup, my setup complained about a partial completed package install and said to run dpkg --configure -a13:39
Porkepix Hi. I come here to ask some informations about erratic behavior with a touchpad. My sister just received 1 week ago a dell laptop shipped with ubuntu pre-installed (vostro 3360). The problem is that the touchpad is only saw as generic PS/2 mouse and that it cause lot of problems. I eventually found a driver made via reverse engineering, but compilation fail and I can't install it. If someone can help about this, please ?13:39
cfhowlettazazel: virtualbox will install to 10.1013:39
azazeli will see13:40
kjslaterMaybe that wasn't a great idea?13:40
nearstkjslater, mount -o bind /dev/proc, sys, dev. then chroot13:40
cfhowlettazazel: pretty sure you can find affordable flash drives even in NJ ...13:40
nearstapt-get install --fix-missing13:41
Ben64~$10 for 16GB13:41
CongCheap and slow.13:41
kjslaterNearst - dpkg is running, kill it?13:41
Ben64Cong: in other words, a flash drive13:41
azazelno i checked its no available for ubuntu 10.1013:42
CongNo. It's not the same, Ben6413:42
w3bg33kmy swap LV has 0% available on it...I want to resize it, but I can't when it's in use...what is the best way to do that?13:42
Ben64Cong: flash drives are all slow13:42
cfhowlettazazel: as 10.10 is EOL, perhaps it's time you upgraded anyway.13:42
w3bg33ki'm using turnkey linux, so i have bot the TKL web gui & shell access13:42
michagogoazazel: You can get a flash drive for probably <$%13:43
nearstkjslater, not sure your situation right now13:43
azazelif i stall ubuntu 110.04 will i be able to install ubuntu 11.1013:43
BWMerlinI am trying to install the pidgin-plugin-pack through apt-get but I do not want to install all of the pack only two components contained within it13:43
BWMerlinis it possible to choose which parts get installed?13:43
PiciBWMerlin: No. It looks to be a package that just contains a bunch of plugins, not a metapacakage that would depend on other packages.13:44
Ben64azazel: it'd be easier to upgrade to 12.04 from 10.0413:44
azazelhow do i do that13:45
cfhowlettazazel: current version is 12.10.  Current Long Term Support version is 12.04.  Unless you really need the latest/greatest shiny stuff, I advise you install LTS.13:45
michagogoWhy is LTS recommended?13:45
Ben64lasts longer, more stable13:45
BWMerlinPici: thanks13:45
nearstmore longer, less cutting edge13:46
BWMerlinif I install from source would I be able to select the plugins I want to install or will it be the same thing, all or nothing?13:46
PiciBWMerlin: I don't know, sorry.13:46
nearstbut point is stable running :)13:46
cute_bettongdoes gwibber work in ubuntu 12.10?13:46
Ben64!info gwibber | cute_bettong13:47
ubottucute_bettong: gwibber (source: gwibber): Open source social networking client for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.0-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 116 kB, installed size 614 kB13:47
azazelbut how do i go from ubuntu 10.04 to ubuntu 12.0413:47
BWMerlinIs there a command I can run during the configure/make process?13:47
bandaif i take the drive out of my laptop and temporarily install another drive from a latop with different hardware, would the item still boot correctly? Could it damage my hardware? (maybe a silly question, anyway)13:47
cute_bettongBen64, uh, that was useless.13:47
Ben64azazel: by using the update manager13:47
cfhowlettazazel: best bet is to download 12.04 and clean install.13:48
Ben64cute_bettong: it exists, so it works, what more do you want?13:48
Ubuntu_LoveI want to build Ubuntu 12.0413:48
Ubuntu_LoveHow to build Ubuntu 12.04?13:48
bandawill ubuntu detect that it's different harware and change the drivers etc?13:48
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents13:48
cute_bettongBen64, im using the 12.04 v of ubuntu and gwibber dosen't work, so im wondeirng if i can install the 12.10 version in 12.04 and make gwibber work13:48
cfhowlettUbuntu_Love: build?  it's already an iso ...13:48
Ben64cute_bettong: don't mix versions13:49
Ubuntu_Lovecfhowlett: No. I will edit source code13:49
banda1) dellivotkl who's talking about windows?13:49
cute_bettongBen64, so ill just have to stick with a broken version of gwibber?13:49
Porkepix Hi. I come here to ask some informations about erratic behavior with a touchpad. My sister just received 1 week ago a dell laptop shipped with ubuntu pre-installed (vostro 3360). The problem is that the touchpad is only saw as generic PS/2 mouse and that it cause lot of problems. I eventually found a driver made via reverse engineering, but compilation fail and I can't install it. If someone can help about this, please ?13:49
Ben64cute_bettong: file a bug report maybe?13:49
azazelbut what do i do to the ubpdate manager to go to 120413:49
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Ben64azazel: it'll ask you if you want to upgrade13:50
cute_bettongBen64, there's no point in me fileing a bug report, there's already more than a dozen on the subject with no visible answers in site, it seems that gwibber-facebook is broken in 12.0413:50
ivotklnextblove: if files manager won't let you format USB drive, you should type this on terminal "sudo apt-get install gparted"13:50
cfhowlettazazel: update manager should offer to update you.  If not, check the settings.  There should be a selection box for LTS.  If you enable that, you can upgrade from 10.04 to 12.0413:50
Ubuntu_LoveHow to build Ubuntu 12.0413:51
cute_bettongBen64, i can't even find gwibber source code and figure out how to install it >.<13:51
bandasay ubuntu gnu/linux is isntalled on a laptop, and i transfer the drive into a laptop with different hardware? will ubuntu reconfigure itself during boot if it detects new harware?13:52
cute_bettongBen64, i want to install gwibber 3.6.0 in ubuntu 12.0413:52
cute_bettongBen64, supposedly that version of gwibber works13:52
Ben64cute_bettong: looks like the fix is already in for 12.0413:53
cute_bettongBen64, really how can i get it?13:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 1058672 in gwibber (Ubuntu Precise) "Can't add my Facebook account" [High,Fix released]13:53
romhttp://pastebin.ca/2298706  can anyone help me?13:54
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cute_bettongBen64, im not finding anything but the normal gwibber in the repo's and i have the gwibber daily PPA as well am i missing something?13:55
ikoniacute_bettong: why are you using a daily ppa ?13:56
cute_bettongBen64, also this is a diffrent error than im getting, i can add the facebook account, but it won't refresh or pull down the feed from facebook, twitter and everything else is fine13:56
cute_bettongikonia, becasue gwibber in ubuntu is broken, and i was hopeng that the daily ppa would fix it13:56
ikoniadefine "broken"13:57
cfhowlettbanda: no you'd want to reinstall.  just moving the hardware from point A to point B will not configure as needed.13:57
dufarom: it's a directory listing, what's the issue?13:57
cute_bettongikonia, ok in ubuntu 12.04 you go and add your facebook account, and it works the account is added, BUT when you go to the gwibber main widow and click f5 or refresh, it dosen't pull down anything from facebook HOWEVER it will post to facebook, and i've googled for hours and can't seem to find a fix for it or any alternative for it either13:58
ikoniacute_bettong: is there a bug logged ?13:58
cute_bettongikonia, several all reporting the same thing13:59
ikoniacute_bettong: can you give me one of the launchpad bug id's please.13:59
Touhou11The authentication in gwibber is fucked at the moment, already a bug report13:59
ikoniaTouhou11: there is no need for that language13:59
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:59
ikoniaTouhou11: it is uncalled for an unwelcome13:59
cute_bettongikonia, sure give me a moment13:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 1088775 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "gwibber does not refresh Facebook feeds" [Medium,Triaged]13:59
cute_bettongikonia, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gwibber/+bug/108432514:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 1088775 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1084325 gwibber does not refresh Facebook feeds" [Medium,Triaged]14:00
cute_bettongikonia, it's why i was looking to install gwibber from it's website or project page, but i can't even figure out how to do that >.<14:01
ikoniacute_bettong: 1088775 appears to be the master bug14:01
ikoniacute_bettong: put yourself on the notification and follow it's progress14:01
romi couldnt mount my disk with a live cd.14:02
romthis is what i didi all this time..14:02
rom<nearst> was the one who was helping me till now..14:03
ikoniarom: your disk is mounted, what's the problem14:03
romhow do u say?14:03
ikoniarom: "what is the problem"14:04
romstill cant c my windows partition?14:05
Ben64you mounted it in /mnt14:05
ikoniarom: it's there in /mnt14:05
ikoniarom: you mounted it it has your autoexec.bat, your msdos.sys etc14:05
ikoniarom: it's in the pastebin !14:05
cute_bettongikonia, so from what im seeing there gwibber is broken becasue facebook as usuall can't do its job?14:05
ikoniacute_bettong: ok, and there is a bug logged as you can see14:06
cute_bettongikonia, yup seems to now effect every version of ubuntu, what a shame.14:06
romoh, i didnt know that!14:06
romthank you!!!!14:06
ikoniacute_bettong: that may suggest it's a problem with gwibber, rather than ubuntu14:07
cfhowlettikonia: exactomundo14:07
Touhou11If Ubuntu ships with a piece of software by default, they should take an interest in ensuring it works14:08
cute_bettongikonia, it's a shame that it's not fixed yet, gwibber when it works is rather nice14:08
kjslaterWould an 11.04 install DVD have a rescue current, botched install option?14:08
ikoniacute_bettong: then work with the gwibber people to get it fixed14:09
dragonWhat's the timer at ubuntu.com for?14:10
XphnXI don't think anyone knows14:10
dragonAnd why is this room so awfully quiet?14:10
DJonesdragon: You'll have to wait and see later14:10
XphnXBut "so close you can almost touch it" is a big hint ;)14:10
dragonDJones: lol, seriously?14:10
XphnXOnly canoical knows14:10
dragonI already feel all touchy-feely.14:10
DJonesdragon: Yep, we know as much as you do14:11
KM0201logic says its a tablet or phone14:11
Ben64kindle fire: ubuntu edition14:11
KM0201probably a tablet of some type14:11
Touhou11Whatever happened to Ubuntu TV? Been awfully quiet since last year14:11
dragonMakes sense!14:11
XphnXWell they already have Ubuntu for N714:12
dragonTouhou11: yeah, I've been looking forward to it!14:12
XphnXWhich is awesome.14:12
XphnXIt was supposed to be announced this year, UbuntuTV was14:12
XphnXMaybe late announcement?14:12
XphnXBut I doubt it14:12
KM0201dunno, the tablet market seemss tough to crack.. apple and google have a serious hold on that14:12
XphnXMajor hint there14:12
FloodBot1XphnX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:12
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic14:12
XphnXHush, floodbot14:12
DJonesProbably better for discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic though to leave this channel free for support questions14:13
XphnXWell, it's sort o on topic, but ok :)14:13
dragonLong time ikonia <314:14
dragonI used to support poor lost souls here in 2008-09.14:14
rom<nearst> thank you all, for getting this fixed for me!14:15
keepbroumm can someone help an ubuntu noob? i have a slight problem that I cant figure out?14:16
XphnXHopefully I can still remember how ubuntu works, I haven't used it in a bit14:16
HowdyDoodyHow to upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04 with liveCD and all drives in LVM (logical volume mgr) ??  Is there a clear cut way to upgrade that is not too complicated but not all that S-L-O-W ?   I've been told that using update mgr for the upgrade is VERY slow.14:17
XphnXI never had issues w/it, but14:17
XphnXI never upgraded from 11.10 to 12.0414:17
XphnXI just installed 12.04 clean on14:17
KM0201i dont think lvm would matter14:18
KM0201so just upgrade as usual14:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade14:18
woooI want to transfer data from 2 different pc's (windows to ubuntu).I installed ip messenger for this but it is giving error " Can not setup lock file:/tmp/g2ipmsg.lock errno : -11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)".please help me in this or tell me If there any other way to transfer data?14:18
katsunexubuntuhey guys does anyone know how to install intel graphics drivers?14:18
XphnXIntel should come w/ubuntu14:18
XphnXOr at least the kernel14:19
XphnXAm I right on this? they intergrated it into the kernel?14:19
katsunexubuntuXphnx that's also what I know, but I'm running xubuntu14:19
Touhou11katsunexubuntu: Intel graphics drivers are part of the default kernel14:19
katsunexubuntuXphnX and the screen is randomly tearing whenever I'm in heavy graphics14:20
XphnXWhat kernel is xubuntu using14:20
keepbroI have the 12.04 LTS version but I keep getting told to update on the update manager - every time I do it tells me that I need to connect to the net even though I am. The bug report says that it cant find what I am trying to update so obviously I need to look elsewhere but I am new to this OS and its all a bit greek to me14:20
HowdyDoodythanks, ubottu for the links, got a lot to read up on, now.14:21
yanick_Hi, I have an ATI Radio 3600 and Ubuntu 12.10. Obviously, I could not install the proprietary ATI drivers. Now, how can I have HDMI sound working?14:21
katsunexubuntuTouhou11 i'm having some problem with the screen tearing whenever I play videos or just using the computer14:21
yanick_*/radeon dammit14:22
katsunexubuntuXphnX I dont know how to know the kernel can you tell me?14:22
XphnXi can't remember off the top of my head14:22
katsunexubuntuXphnX I mean the command to know the kernel version14:22
XphnXjust a sec14:22
Therion87yanick_ Why cant you install the properitray drivers?14:22
atlefuname -a14:22
atlefuname -r14:22
yanick_TheDrums, because it's not compatible with the new Xorg?14:23
keepbroheres the bug report if anyone is helping14:23
katsunexubuntuatlef thanks14:23
yanick_Therion87, because it's not compatible with the new Xorg?14:24
katsunexubuntuXphnX it says 3.5.0-21-generic14:24
atlefkatsunexubuntu, np14:24
woooplease help!!14:24
woooI want to transfer data from 2 different pc's (windows to ubuntu).I installed ip messenger for this but it is giving error " Can not setup lock file:/tmp/g2ipmsg.lock errno : -11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)".please help me in this or tell me If there any other way to transfer data?14:24
XphnXit should have intel drivers then14:25
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katsunexubuntuXphnX I'm using Xubuntu,14:25
Laurencebi seem to have a problem with X14:25
Laurencebi cannot see the top of windows14:25
katsunexubuntuXphnX is it just the same with ubuntu?14:25
Laurencebcan anyone help14:26
XphnXthe kernels are the same14:26
XphnXthe top of windows?14:26
FloodBot1XphnX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:26
Laurencebyes, the top bar14:26
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katsunexubuntuXphnX actually I was browsing on that website right now14:26
Laurencebtop bar has disappeared14:26
XphnXFloodbot1: -.-14:26
Laurencebcan i restart X and keep my open windows?14:27
Laurencebi just lost all my swap14:27
ikoniaLaurenceb: no need for that14:27
Laurenceboh, its cached14:27
Laurencebmaybe i ran out of memory?14:28
Laurencebok, how can i fix this?14:28
XphnXyou were the one where the top bars had disappeared14:28
Laurenceb0k total means i have no cache?14:29
Laurencebthis is not good14:29
XphnXis this your problem? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187832514:29
yanick_does anyone know if the open source ATI drivers will eventually support HDMI sound output?14:30
Laurencebi have no browser14:30
XphnXo fail14:30
XphnXTry resetting the Xorg server:14:31
XphnXsudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg14:31
XphnXtry that?14:31
katsunexubuntuXphnX is there any other way?14:31
katsunexubuntuI really dont wanna leave linux14:31
andrea_Laurenceb: what did you do to restart X ?14:32
Piciyanick_: I was able to get my ATI card (with HDMI sound out) working with the help of this PPA on 12.10.  https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx14:32
Laurencebi havent tried anything yet14:32
Laurencebhow can i fix the swap[ issue?14:33
Piciyanick_: Keep in mind that PPAs are technically unsupported by the community, so you might have unforseen problems.  I haven't seen anything strange myself though.14:34
katsunexubuntuPici who are you talking too?14:36
XotixJust installed the virtaulbox guest additions, getting "The header for the current running kernel were not found", doesn't cause and fail/error but what does it mean?14:36
Picikatsunexubuntu: "yanick_", which is why I prefaced my comments with their name.14:36
atlefXotix, http://askubuntu.com/questions/98416/error-kernel-headers-not-found-but-they-are-in-place14:37
katsunexubuntuPici okay I"m sorry I didint saw the name,..14:37
Xotixatleaf thanks14:39
arabihow can I set Android Development Kit on ubuntu 12.1214:39
yanick_Pici, will take a look14:40
atlefarabi, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/07/android-sdk-installer-for-linux-debianubuntu14:40
linuxearthwhat is the best uploading site where we can upload many big files and with security?14:43
ikonianothing to do with ubuntu14:43
WDKevinI understand Zentyal is preferred over Webmin, but when I look at the Zentyal website it appears that it is it's own distro. Is that the case?14:43
WDKevinlinuxearth, try http://ge.tt14:43
yanick_Pici, I did try this already, but it's incompatible with Gnome 314:43
linuxearthWDKevin: i try14:44
Piciyanick_: Sorry, I'm using xfce here and it works fine.  XBMC too.14:44
linuxearththe site is good14:44
yanick_Pici, yeah :) I'm not sure why the open source driver can't enable HDMI... isn't it a standard output device??14:45
woooCan I transfer data between two pc's(windows to ubuntu) using ethernet ? and without using ip messenger as installing ip messenger giving me error.14:45
irvwooo: samba would be the easiest i think14:47
linuxearthirv is correct14:47
benkaiseris there an api reference for making panel applets for unity?14:49
blamibenkaiser: indicators?14:51
blamibenkaiser: or dock icons?14:51
benkaiseris that what they are called? the ones next to the wifi, bluetooth and sound icons.14:51
blamibenkaiser: indicators14:51
blamibenkaiser: I'm right now working on unified keyboard indicator and I can recommend you to study code of message indicator (one used by gwibber, empathy and tbird)14:52
blamibenkaiser: it's pretty understandable14:52
benkaiserblami: thanks! :)14:53
mega1why when i do fdisk -l it tells me that root doesn't contain a valid partition table14:53
benkaiserblami: I tried writing a panel applet the other day (I have one that controls my music laptop over ssh) and It just lacked a good api14:54
mega1it also says that swap_1 is the same14:54
katsunexubuntuhey guys anyone know any alternative for  intel graphics drivers?14:54
katsunexubuntuthe default driver for my xubuntu doesnt seem to work right14:54
katsunexubuntuit causes screan tearing14:54
blamibenkaiser: i think it's all pretty uncommited type of interfaces and apis ... it may change anytime14:55
blamibenkaiser: gnome and related projects really doesn't care about documentation a lot ...14:55
blamibenkaiser: (my point of view)14:55
kostaskanenas ellinas?14:56
benkaiserblami: fair enough, it doesn't bother me... but is there at at least an indicator that someone has written that uses a lot of the features? would be handy to look at that source...14:56
blamibenkaiser: messages indicator uses pretty much from what's available14:57
bobbleitRegarding the ubuntu announcement today: http://socloseyoucanalmostbobbleit.com/14:57
benkaiserblami: excuse my ignorance, where can I find the source for that? (I have only been using ubuntu for 3-5 months and just getting into the development of it now), also is it in python? because python is my most fluent of the languages available for the api...14:58
Seveasbobbleit, your photoshop skills suck :-)14:58
bobbleitSeveas, i know! :P14:59
blamibenkaiser: apt-get source indicator-messages will work ... and not sure but it's very likely there's python binding to libindicator15:00
mega1i have sda1 2 and 5 what happened to 3 and 415:00
blamimega1: have you ever heard about MBR and primary and extended partitions?15:01
benkaiserblami: done, where do I find the source? roughly which directory...15:02
lenovolkanlast 3h :)15:02
blamimega1: each MBR can hold only up to 4 primary partitions sda1-sda415:02
blimhi, im noob but need to work something out plz help. I’ve been trying to installed amd drivers 12.10/11beta with no luck because my Ubuntu version is too new. but will Ubuntu 12.04 be ok for installing AMD drivers?15:02
blamimega1: basically sda1-sda4 are primary partitions and sda5+ are extended ones15:03
compdocblim, it should. I recently could not install 12.10 because it wouldnt work with the video card on the pc. but 12.04 works perfectly15:04
blamiit's weird and I am happy it's going to be obsoleted soon15:04
mega1blami: sda1 is linux sda2 is extended and sda5 is linux lvm15:04
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blimso I shouldn't get this error with 12.04 "Error: Distro Version entered incorrectly or not supported, use --listpkg to identify valid distro versions"15:05
genteorany free  irc client for ipad2?15:05
ikoniagenteor: nothing to do with ubuntu15:06
blamimega1: sda1 is primary - i think it's your /boot partition which holds your kernel and boot loader files15:06
ikoniablim: have you dont --listpkg to verify if your distro is supported15:06
blamimega1: sda2 is extended - kind of container that holds other partitions sda5+15:07
mega1blami: what i did was cloned my old hd which was a 80gb onto a 500gb i am trying to find all my space15:07
UltimaKRcan anybody help me with an error message i get when trying to install lubuntu?15:07
atlef!pastebin | UltimaKR15:07
ubottuUltimaKR: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:07
blimi just get --listpkg: command not found15:08
UltimaKRubottu: what are u talking about15:08
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:08
atlefUltimaKR, paste your eroor ther and link to it here15:08
blamimega1: it should be possible to create another extended partition sized to rest ~420gigs and then format it as lvm pv and add it into your vg15:09
UltimaKR"the creation of swap space in partition #5 of scsi1 (0 0 0) (sda) failed" is what I get15:09
blamimega1: I usually format new disk and simply copy everything and fix /etc/fstab15:09
mega1blami: when i fdsik -l it says disk /dev/mapper/tech-root: 43.6 gb and tech-swap_1 is 1535 mb  and both says does not contain valid partitions15:10
mega1blami: i am looking for the rest of my hd to format it15:11
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adamkblim: --listpkg is an argument to the AMD installer...  You would run (for example): ./amd-driver-installer-catalyst-12.10-x86.x86_64.run --listpkg15:11
benkaiserblami: I just disconnected (internet dropped) did you message me?15:12
adamkObviously use the name of the installer you downloaded.  That will list the distributions that you can build packages for using --buildpkg15:12
blamibenkaiser: no but ... source should be in indicator-messages-VERSION/src directory15:12
mega1blami: i want to give my self ftp access to it15:13
jhutchins_wkmega1: You may be able to grow the partition to use all the space using gparted.15:13
UltimaKRblami: can you help me with this error i get when trying to install lubuntu? "the creation of swap space in partition #5 of scsi1 (0 0 0) (sda) failed" is what comes up15:13
jhutchins_wkmega1: Since you have the old disk as backup it's safe to try that.15:13
blimok, trying to work out what info I need from this output15:14
ikoniablim: why are you trying to use beta enviornments15:14
blamiUltimaKR: that's very generic ...15:14
blamiUltimaKR: don't know what it can be ...15:14
blimI know it was a bad idea15:14
ikoniablim: the beta drivers I should say15:14
adamkblim: What video card do you have?15:14
UltimaKRblami: sorry I am a total noobie when it comes to this...why would that come up on a brand new hard drive?15:14
ikoniablim: why are you doing this ?15:14
Zephronis this the official ubuntu irc channel?15:15
atlefZephron, yes15:15
Zephrongot here from the ubuntu.com page..but don't really know15:15
blim6950 unlocked to 6970, 12.10 or 12.11beta have the same outcome15:15
ikoniablim: why are you doing this ?15:16
ikoniablim: why are you using beta drivers when you have no idea what you are dointg15:16
adamkblim: Wait...  Why not just use jockey to install the drivers packages for/by Ubuntu?15:16
blimIm simply trying to get one of the drivers to work15:16
ikoniablim: why are you using beta drivers when you have no idea what you are dointg15:16
blimI learn quick and its fun15:17
mega1jhutchins_wk: i have only putty access to the computer15:17
ikoniablim: why are you using beta drivers when you have no idea what you are doint15:17
ikoniablim: you're not learning, you're asking us to fix it/ do it for you15:17
ikoniablim: why not use the stable/known working drivers provided in the ubuntu repo15:17
UltimaKRikonia: maybe he learns by example15:17
blimI know the problem, I need to know if I'll get the same problem with ubuntu 12.0415:17
EaglemanHow do i fix this information?  The site's security certificate is not trusted!15:18
ikoniaEagleman: ask the site to fix their SSL certificate15:18
Eaglemani am hosting it :P15:18
blimbecause those drivers are slow and games run almost good15:18
EaglemanI have to buy a certificate?15:18
UltimaKReagleman: everything is a money scam15:19
wilmertwo computors on the network. Host computor have chared a folder in nautilus with guest-premissions. Client computor can find host when browsing network but when I double-click on the host I get "could not mount share- failed to get sharelist from server" why?15:19
blimikonia: I dont have to use the beta driver, I am also using the 12.10 ones with the same outcome15:19
UltimaKReagleman: yeah you need to buy a certificate, but is it necessary? I know that my antivirus will protect me even if I go to a nontrusted site15:19
ikoniablim: you don't have to use the beta drivers, but as you say, it's all learning, so good luck15:20
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Eaglemanso the only way to get rid of the message to buy a certificate?15:20
UltimaKReagleman: if the people know you site to which they are headed, then they will know they are safe even if it says "not trusted"15:20
blimforget I even used the beta drivers, It was just me trying to see if the beta driver had a fix for this problem I was having15:21
EaglemanI know i can trust my own site, just wanted some information about how to get rid of that message15:21
blimdoes it show ive not slept in the past 31 hours or something?15:23
wilmerEagleman, Don't know if I missed the beginning now but if you use https on a server that doesn't have a public certificate.. then you get this message... It's as simple as that.. You can not get around this if you use https15:23
wilmertwo computors on the network. Host computor have chared a folder in nautilus with guest-premissions. Client computor can find host when browsing network but when I double-click on the host I get "could not mount share- failed to get sharelist from server" why?15:24
Guest97349somebody talk spanish here?15:24
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:24
gacEagleman: there should be a way for you to mark your "self-signed" certificate as trusted, you'll need to do it on every browser you use though. you'd be better off getting something like a free Startcom certificate, as their CA is included in major browsers so there's a high chance of it "just working" whichever computer/browser you happen to be using15:25
gacalso, UltimaKR, that sounds like nonsense. I would never use an "untrusted" HTTPS site, it could imply some quite nasty things (i.e. phishing) which your AV can't protect you from15:26
benkaiserblami: thank you :)15:26
Eaglemanthanks gac  do they also support wildcard domains?15:27
gacEagleman: not sure, I've never needed to try. but you can have more than one free certificate, so you could just get a specific one for each domain (unless you have too many to be managable, in which case you should probably cough up for real certs anyhow)15:28
Wuschiiim having some troubles when i try to install python-qt4. It says that there are some dependencies which should not be installed15:29
Eaglemangac:  We are currently receiving more requests than we can handle. Please try it later again.15:30
davzieErrm, what is this countdown about, I thought that Ubuntu was April / October releases15:30
gacthey're releasing some new product davzie, it's not related to ubuntu linux15:30
WhereIsMySpoonwhat's the name of the gui version of the program that gives you a tree view of what folders are using what space?15:31
tymnethey hey, happy new years :)15:32
Zephronhappy new year! tymnet15:32
WhereIsMySpoongac: that's it15:32
Eaglemani will come back later, thanks15:32
gacEagleman: i just signed into startcom fine15:33
gaconce i'd found my client certificate15:33
gacgive it a go later on and see if it fits your needs :)15:33
Eaglemanexpress lane gives me over capicity15:33
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toxboiHi everyone. I'm running lucid on a production machine and want to upgrade the php package >= 5.3.3 . I was wondering if I can use precise repository for the php packages as the latest version available in lucid is 5.3.215:36
tymnetanyone know if users are still getting banned for playing diablo 3 on wine?15:36
bazhangtymnet, thats not on topic here15:37
bazhangtoxboi, never mix repo versions15:37
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tymnetah ill try find the wine station15:37
bazhangtymnet, #winehq15:37
toxboibazhang: yep, I'm aware of that. Is there a solution for this apart from compiling from source or using third party repos.15:38
bazhangtoxboi, find a PPA perhaps15:38
toxboibazhang: I did but that's third party and not patched.15:38
tymnetthanks bazhang trooper :)15:40
tymnetis there any way of telling if your install of ubuntu is correct. I don't really know what i'm doing and i've used sudo apt-get install sudo apt-get remove a few times?15:42
toxboitymnet: If you're referring to the winehq package, the repo has the stable version.15:43
tymnetah nah i'm not. i mean in a general sense15:44
toxboiYou may need to check if it has compatibility issues.15:44
tymneti've not installed wine yet15:44
iceroottymnet: if "sudo dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | grep -v ^rc" is not showing anything all the packages are installed fine15:44
toxboitymnet: unless you've installed any third party repo, things should be almost stable.15:44
tymnetah nice thanks iceroot15:45
tymnetthat's the thing15:45
biebI installed 12.04 server before the holidays.. everything was working fine, I have a static IP and downloaded software and updates.. today I am not able to get to any sites I tried apt-get update and it fails with "unknown host", same error if I try to ping anything. I have looked at /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/original and the correct DNS servers are in there.. any ideas where to look next? I can remote into the server by IP so I am guessing DNS is my issu15:45
tymnetshould i post what was reported?15:46
tymnetit's stable15:46
tymnetjust cleaning up15:46
iew_paulbieb: have you set the nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces using the dns-nameservers statement?15:47
blimcan anyone tell me a program that works on linux for creating usb installer with the ubuntu 12.04 iso?15:47
iceroot!usb | blim15:47
ubottublim: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:47
iew_paulbieb: "dns-nameservers"15:48
jhutchins_wkbieb: Can you resolve hostnames with the host command?15:48
tymneticeroot, should i post the results from the command sudo dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | grep -v ^rc?15:48
iceroot!paste | tymnet15:48
ubottutymnet: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:48
tymnet| Status=Not/Inst/Conf-files/Unpacked/halF-conf/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend15:49
tymnet|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)15:49
tymnet||/ Name                                   Version                                                                 Description15:49
FloodBot1tymnet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:49
=== abhinav_singh is now known as panda_singh
iceroottymnet: until now nothing is reported there, its just the header with some infos15:49
=== panda_singh is now known as abhinav_singh
tymnetI don't follow you iceroot15:50
tymnetbtw i love workspace switcher :)15:50
blimif I redownload ubuntu will it be difference from the one I payed for?15:50
biebiew_paul: no.. just IP, netmask and gateway in interfaces. I thought the resolv.conf handled the dns15:50
wilmertwo computors on the network. Host computor have chared a folder in nautilus with guest-premissions. Client computor can find host when browsing network but when I double-click on the host I get "could not mount share- failed to get sharelist from server" why?15:50
mega1how do i setup a user and give them ftp access only yo 1 folder15:50
jhutchins_wkbieb: Can you resolve hostnames with the host command?15:51
DJonesblim: What did you pay for?15:51
blimpayed what I thought it was worth"*15:51
biebjhutchins_wk: I have never used host command.. let me look up how to test15:52
iew_paulbieb: I've had resolv.conf be overwritten on me in 12.0415:52
jhutchins_wkbieb: host google.com15:52
xanguablim: you did not pay, you donated15:52
jhutchins_wkiew_paul: dhcp will do that, but I believe he said he had static.15:52
jhutchins_wkxangua: you can also pay depending on where you get it.15:52
biebjhutchins_wk: "connection timed out; no server could be reached"15:53
blimand id happily  donate more but id rather be of some help myself15:53
jhutchins_wkblim: Did you get a disk from ubuntu or somewhere?15:53
biebiew_paul: static IP15:53
xanguajhutchins_wk: blim you need to know the diference betweenm pay and donate15:53
jhutchins_wkbieb: That sounds more like a networking/gateway issue, although you say you can connect by ip.  Can you ping an external IP?15:54
blimyou guys need to take a chill pill15:54
DJonesblim: Who did you pay? You can make donations to Canonical, but you may have paid somebody to install the system, unless whoever you've paid have added apps, you'll probably get the same thing if you download it15:54
blimdonate** yes15:54
Touhou11blim: Be aware that if you're donating, Canonical is a for-profit private company. You'd be better donating to Debian15:54
toxboibieb: I've a feeling that maybe the DNS server provided by your hosting provider is not working anymore. Give google's public DNS a try and check if that helps.15:54
DJonesblim: In that case, what you download should be the same regardless of what you donate15:54
biebjhutchins_wk: I can connect to server via ip using putty.. can not ping outside ip..15:55
blimI donated from ubuntu side just before I downloaded the iso15:55
jhutchins_wkWhether he "paid" or "donated" is irrelevant to his question.15:55
Touhou11I'd avoid Google's DNS for privacy reasons15:55
toxboibieb: yep15:55
ikoniagood lord15:55
jhutchins_wkbieb: Sounds like it doesn't know what it's gateway should be.  That should be in the interfaces file.15:55
ikoniaprivacy reasons....they are dns servers15:55
blimI dont wont help with the driver problem anymore just chill man15:55
jhutchins_wkbieb: You can use the route command to see what it is now.15:55
blimIve worked out the problem like i was told to do XD15:56
=== emile_ is now known as dawkirst
biebjhutchins_wk: route gives correct gateway15:56
Touhou11ikonia: Yes, and you have no idea the software which is providing the DNS service15:56
jhutchins_wkbieb: That's very strange.  Is there a firewall on the gateway?15:57
ikoniaTouhou11: so....it's a dns server, it maps domain names to IP's15:57
jhutchins_wkbieb: Can you ping the gateway?15:57
blimand anyway I just wanted confirmation, that was all. Its not hard to give a person a push in the right direction15:57
Touhou11ikonia: I strongly suspect Google is recording every DNS request and correlating it with all the other data they hold on each person15:57
biebI will check with the network guy.. I thought this address was cleared15:57
Touhou11ikonia: It's your choice anyway, just alerting people to the issues15:57
biebjhutchins_wk: yeah I can ping gateway15:57
toxboiTouhou11: I agree. In this case, we just want to rule out the hosting provider's DNS server issue.15:58
ikoniaTouhou11: your making up an issue...and warning people of something you have no proof of, please don't spread fud15:58
jhutchins_wkbieb: Yeah, definitely check with network guy.15:58
Touhou11ikonia: You're right, there's no proof in this instance, but looking at Google's long history of privacy violations there are reasons to be concerned15:58
ikoniaTouhou11: please don't spread FUD15:58
biebtoxboi: should I put google dns in interfaces file? or resolve?15:58
DJonesTouhou11: Googles privacy issues aren't really a problem for the ubuntu support channel15:59
Touhou11ikonia: I suggest you read up on the issue15:59
ikoniaTouhou11: please don't spread FUD15:59
toxboibieb: I did first try in resolv.conf and restart networking to check if that helps.15:59
BluesKajTouhou11, so what's google going to do with the info , spam you like they are already doing?15:59
bazhanglets get back on topic please16:00
Touhou11BluesKaj: I couldn't say, I don't work for Google16:00
bazhangTouhou11, see above16:00
=== abhinav_singh is now known as panda_singh
biebtoxboi: resolv.conf says do not edit, that is handled by resolvconf16:00
* toxboi regrets bringing google into the channel. Apologies.16:00
=== nix is now known as Guest86290
=== Johnny is now known as Guest18921
toxboibieb: That's alright. We're just trying to test if that works.16:03
biebtoxboi: ok.. I will try it16:03
abh_isn't there a kernel with grsecurity support?16:04
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
abh_and if i want to recompile it manually, isn't there problem with ubuntu kenrel source?16:04
abh_or i've to use vanilla kernel?16:04
BluesKajbieb, add the nemeservers to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head , igonotr the do not edit warning , it writes to resolv.conf16:05
BluesKajignore the do not edit warning , that is , bieb16:06
blimin regards to gaming, is there any reason I shouldn't use 64bit?16:06
biebBluesKaj: thanks16:06
blimwell thanks for the help with what Ubuntu version to use with amd drivers. have a good one and happy new year16:08
BluesKajbieb, I think those setting will hold if you arent using network manager , otherwise NM will overwrite them each session16:08
biebBluesKaj: ok.. will try that16:09
tymnetanyone know how to drop the mouse sensitivity lower when it's already at the lowest point. acceleration too.16:13
kjslaterSo I've progressed to having a new version of grub on my broken 11.04 upgrade attempt. Now it just drops me into the grub prompt.16:13
Touhou11tymnet: You can set it manually in xorg.conf or similar16:14
tymneti have no idea how to do that16:14
tymnetim new16:15
bitplanehi guys, how do I see gmail contacts in the contacts app? Online Accounts doesn't say it integrates with Google's contacts and I have no options for online accounts in the contacts app16:15
kjslaterCan anyone walk me through entering the proper grub options to attempt a boot?16:15
Touhou11tymnet: http://www.x.org/archive/current/doc/man/man5/xorg.conf.5.xhtml16:16
arabimy guake terminal is not opening on 12.10 ... tried reinstalling but not working ... :(16:16
tymnetTouhou11, you need su to edit xorg?16:17
marenostrumHi, what for is that countdown on ubuntu.com?16:20
benkaiserI am installing the fglrx-experimental-9 as steam suggests, and my main monitor can work at 2560 but AMD Catalyst only sees my external monitor (attached by thunderbolt-vga adapter) as 640x480. How can I fix this?16:20
ZabrienI would like to expand my root partition, but gparted says that expanding using the free space preceding it may cause problems with booting. How can I make sure I can still boot from the partition?16:27
MonkeyDustmarenostrum  we think it's for andriod16:27
ct529hi there! Gimp is crashing everytime I try to open or save a file, anyone with the same problem?16:27
marenostrum_MonkeyDust, Thanks. (I won't tell anyone!)16:27
ct529gimp 2.8.2 on 64bit ubuntu 12.1016:29
devsysHi everyone. Just rebooted my Ubuntu workstation and am getting a kernel panic error. Here is a screenshot (the wkstation is virtual): http://imgur.com/FsP6i. I tried googling a bit but am really lost as to how to begin troubleshooting this. Any help is appreciated!16:30
ct529I get (script-fu:18693): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: gimp_wire_read(): error16:36
MermenHi there. I've updated to 10.04. I have to re-connect to ti internet after start up. I found a solution to the connection dropping on the Ubuntu forum. Would anyone know why it is forgetting passwords?16:36
ct529Segmentation fault (core dumped)16:36
Mermen12.04, sorry16:36
=== jimbob is now known as blim
=== blim is now known as blim_
blim_who was the guy that was telling me not to use AMD beta drivers if I dont know what I'm doing?16:40
=== obris_ is now known as obris
compdocblim_, was he right?16:41
blim_I dont know yet, but I have a gift for him16:42
blim_more than licky16:42
abh_so, well, nobody uses grsecurity on newer ubuntu kernel... :)16:42
blim_I just want to light his mood with a gift but I cant remember his name16:44
bazhang!ot | blim_16:44
ubottublim_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:44
blim_happy new year to you too16:46
bazhangblim_, stop with the chit chat16:46
Slartso, what is the countdown on the main ubuntu site for? we're between releases, right? or has something changed?16:51
newb1ecan anyone help me,please ?16:52
youquexAre there mirrors for the cannonical "partners" server?  If so, is there a list anywhere.16:52
DJonesSlart: Give it another hour, all will be revealed then16:52
Slartnewb1e: just ask your question, if someone knows they will answer16:52
SlartDJones: I was afraid you'd say that..  =)16:52
devsyshey guys trying to fix my kernel panic errors, lbotted into a live cd and selected the toption to rescue a machine. It is now asking to setup the network, a hostname and im sure more as I advance. Is this going to be written to my exsisting server or is it just some base config for the live CD to run from memory?16:53
SlartDJones: If they come up with something that will make me have to redownload another iso I will be slightly miffed16:53
newb1eHow to secure Ubuntu Server 12.04 ?16:53
newb1e.eg ,blocking port scan16:53
aboudreaultnewb1e, google for iptable16:53
MonkeyDustnewb1e  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSecurityTools16:53
aboudreaultthere surement a lot of tutorials16:53
beethoven8201newb1e: there's a gui for the firewall as wel16:54
Slartnewb1e: you might want to google for "how to harden ubuntu server" .. I think that's the term mostly used.. but there has to be something on the ubuntu wiki.. let me look around, see what I can find16:54
newb1ek, i try16:54
beethoven8201does ubuntu work well on tablets?16:54
beethoven8201or work at all?16:54
CookieMit depends16:55
bhaveshbeethoven8201: ubuntu for nexus 7 is going to be available soon.16:55
beethoven8201I wonder if that's the announcement in 1 hr16:55
Slartnewb1e: this seems like a good start.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/94045/how-to-secure-ubuntu-server some of the links are to older documentation but the general idea is still the same for newer versions16:55
rmiHi. Sound is somewhat quiet on my Thinkpad X230 running 12.10. I can set it to 200% in sound options, which seems to be okay, but I don't want to go to sound seetings every time. Can I make 200% (or more, if possible) the default maximum? So that I can use the normal controls to go that high.16:55
Transfusion"so close you can *touch* it..." I think so...16:55
CookieMfor example, 12.04 is rock-solid on my lap; whereas 12.10 appeared to be a disaster16:56
ActionParsnipCookieM: clean install of both I assume?16:57
newb1eSlart : thank you :)16:57
newb1ethank you guys , nice support ;)16:57
CookieMi'm on 12.04 at the moment and i'm happy with it16:57
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
CookieMhej Mongolski16:58
devsysHi everyone. Just rebooted my Ubuntu workstation and am getting a kernel panic error. Here is a screenshot (the wkstation is virtual): http://imgur.com/FsP6i. I tried googling a bit but am really lost as to how to begin troubleshooting this. Any help is appreciated!16:58
ActionParsnipCookieM: but was the quantal install an upgrade from precise?16:58
devsysI just tried to reinstall grub via the ubuntu recovery option and it is doign the same thing16:58
devsysI was able to mount the filesystem and see the files, so everything appears to be there.16:58
CookieMActionParsnip, clean install from dvd16:58
devsysNot sure what else to do...16:59
Basil1x12.04lts here... my sound ikon has gone from the top bar.  how can I get it back?  also, sound keeps stopping, but one thing at a time.16:59
CookieMi erased the whole partition by parted magic before installation17:00
ActionParsnipDevsys: hold SHIFT at boot, do older kernels load k?17:00
jtdwhy does this say "#ubuntu-unregged" when I am in fact registered?17:01
ActionParsnipCookieM: weird. Not had an issue. Been on raring since October and still no issues :)17:01
ActionParsnipJtd: I'd ask in #freenode17:02
devsysAction: I got this error with the older kernel listed ( 2.6.35-22-generic ) http://imgur.com/5WwPd17:02
CookieMActionParsnip, i'm on precise from the premiere and nothing serious happened but wanted to give quantal a try and it failed17:02
jtdso, I have Ubuntu Quantal authing to AD for logins and it seems to be working well. I created /home/DOMAIN for domain accounts to have their home directories created, but instead of creating home directories it's just complaining they don't have one and putting them in /. How do I get it to create their homedir on login if it doesn't exist?17:03
jhutchins_wkdevsys: Can you boot to the previous kernel?17:03
ActionParsnipCookieM: no bad thing. Lts is nice to have17:03
devsysno jhutchins_wk the screenshot I posted above is the error from the previous kernel.17:03
MonkeyDustjtd  #ubuntu-server17:03
jtdthanks MonkeyDust17:03
devsysI also posted a screenshot of the kernel panic error from the current kernel17:04
ActionParsnipJtd: or #samba17:04
Basil1xAnyone any good at sound issues?17:04
devsysI don't get what is broken, since It mounts in recovery more from a live cd and I can see the data17:04
Basil1xbcos I seem to have them all17:04
Basil1xIs there any way to completely reinstall all sound <alsa AND PulseAudio>?17:05
ActionParsnipDevsys: I recommend you boot to liveCD and fsck your partitions17:06
devsysActionParsnip: ok I will do that now17:06
MonkeyDust!sound > Basil1x17:06
ubottuBasil1x, please see my private message17:06
ActionParsnipKingsmith: on release days its a lot more17:06
mcsmashThis is really cool! :D17:07
kingsmiththere's some sorta release in 50 min17:07
ActionParsnipKingsmith: how do you mran?17:08
kingsmithtry that17:09
=== TestBot is now known as Guest57210
youquexOk, so no one knows if there are mirrors for the cannonical "partner" repo?  Obviously you can change mirrors to another server for everything else, but what about the partner repo?17:09
pero_phi all17:09
ActionParsnipKingsmith: the next release is in April,  not in 50 mind...17:09
himuraHi all17:10
ActionParsnipMins (still getting used to tablet kboard)17:10
PiciActionParsnip: There is *something* being announced in 50 minutes.17:10
beachbrakein ubuntu17:10
* beachbrake breathes fresh air.17:10
ActionParsnipPici: nice and vague :)17:11
pero_pwhy linux movie players can't play broken video files and windows can?! windows players like kmplayer skip bad parts and plays video nicely.17:11
krishna_Hii...can we make ubuntu as a client of microsoft isa server//17:11
MonkeyDustPici  probably ubuntu tv or android something17:11
yfipero_p: did you try mplayer?17:12
pero_pyfi, i installed SMPlayer17:12
pero_pyfi, seems using mplayer to play video files, still stop at bad parts :|17:12
tjr9898I am trying to use virtualbox as a regular user.  I added the user to the lp, user, and vboxuser groups.  But still does not work.  What should I look into?17:12
Ther0ot_hi all17:13
himuraHi, someone know how disable changing wallpaper in ubuntu 12.04?17:13
ActionParsnipTgr9898: sudo usermod -a -G vboxuser $USER17:13
MonkeyDusttjr9898  open a terminal and type this line       sudo modprobe vboxdrv;sudo modprobe vboxnetflt17:14
Ther0ot_is there any body have good knowledge in ubuntu cloud?17:14
pero_pwhy linux movie players can't play broken video files and windows can?! windows players like kmplayer skip bad parts and plays video nicely? i even used vlc and mplayer, no effect.17:15
ActionParsnipTher0ot_: ask your real question and see :-)17:15
yfipero_p: assuming the kmplayer you are refering to is http://kmplayer.kde.org/, then the result should be the same17:15
MonkeyDustpero_p  try vlc17:15
arabihey guys i have an information for you : IF YOU DISABLE libnotify on 12.10 YOU CAN'T RUN GUAKE TERMINA.... thanks.... :)17:15
ActionParsnipPero_p: vlc does it17:15
chaospsychexarabi: 0.o17:15
pero_pActionParsnip, any configuration for vlc to do it? i even used vlc but it stops at bad parts17:16
ActionParsnipArabi: have you reported a bug?17:16
TheLordOfTimearabi, no need for caps by the way17:16
arabiActionParsnip, where I have to report17:16
Ther0ot_mmm ok actionP17:16
pero_pMonkeyDust, the problem still there even with vlc :|17:17
devsysActionParsnip: it is saying I should use xfs_check and xfs_repair instead of fsck. Never used these tools. Ran xfs_check and it reported a bunch of errors. Should I go ahead and try a repair? Or should I use fsck like you initially suggested?17:17
ActionParsnipPero_p: Just works here. What is the output of: lsb_release -sc17:17
chaospsychexarabi: first maybe you should see if guake utilises libnotify maybe ?17:17
pero_pMonkeyDust, think i need special codecs17:17
tjr9898@MonkeyDust - no output and still permission denied.  #virtualbox17:17
ActionParsnipArabi: run:    ubuntu-bug guake17:17
pero_pActionParsnip, precise17:17
pero_pActionParsnip, it's ubuntu 12.04 precise17:18
chaospsychex! 12.0417:18
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120417:18
arabichaospsychex, how can determine the dependency please17:18
makerbreakrwhere does ubuntu builder save the ISO?17:18
ActionParsnipDevsys: sounds like an unhealthy partition,  it may fix the boot issue17:18
chaospsychexarabi: what? how did you install guake? you need to check if libnotify is present ?17:18
chaospsychexarabi: you shouldn't have dependency issues if you installed using the pkg manager...17:19
Ther0ot_i want to make private cloud by open stack but i stuck in (setup user credentials)17:19
pero_pActionParsnip, is there any room for vlc here that i can join and ask?17:19
MonkeyDust!codecs | pero_p then maybe tis is useful to you17:19
ubottupero_p then maybe tis is useful to you: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:19
ActionParsnipPero_p: let me search.  #videolan may exist17:19
arabichaospsychex, i used apt-get17:19
Ther0ot_can u help in this?17:19
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.17:20
michagogoIs there a way to get rid of unite and return to gnome?17:21
pero_pMonkeyDust, thanks17:21
MonkeyDust!notunity > michagogo17:21
ubottumichagogo, please see my private message17:21
ActionParsnipPero_p: what version of vlc?17:21
pero_pActionParsnip, VLC media player 2.0.3 Twoflower17:21
RoHello, where would I be able to get help with the program Jack?17:22
himuraHi, someone know how disable changing wallpaper in ubuntu 12.04?17:22
ActionParsnipMichagogo: unity is a shell for gnome, it doesn't replace it17:22
ActionParsnipHimura: set a static image as the wallpaper17:22
MonkeyDusthimura  right click on the desktop, change deskto background17:23
ActionParsnipPero: could try a PPA for a newer version.  May help. Could also try renaming ~/.config/vlc  then rerun the application17:24
Ther0ot_ i want to make private cloud by open stack but i stuck in (setup user credentials) is there any body can help "in clouding"17:24
tjr9898+MonkeyDust - no output and still permission denied.  #virtualbox17:24
ActionParsnipMichagogo: if you like the gnome2 feel, use xfce. You can also install gnome-panel to get the gnome2 desktop session but its a bit weird17:25
himuraThanks MonkeyDust17:25
himuraThanks ActionParsnip17:25
Basil1xI reinstalled alsa... but the ikon has not returned. also, the sound still craps up.  http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=baa18f799b1ade3df8ab6653686b60bf0ef2ed3517:26
ActionParsnipBasil1x: try: killall pulseaudio;  rm -r ~/.pulse*     wait 10 seconds and reboot17:27
=== bzoltan1 is now known as bzoltan
hippiehackerhttps://gist.github.com/4436283 # is creation of default CAs for firefox possible, _before_or_at_ profile creation?17:28
ActionParsnipBasil1x: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1796427.html17:29
Ther0ot_no one here know about cloud17:29
Basil1xOK... did killall and rebooted... sound ikon still not in top bar17:31
ActionParsnip Basil1x: ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1796427.html17:33
ActionParsnipThe0ot: I know of it, I just don't use ubuntu cloud17:33
res22what is the download timer for on ubuntu.com?17:35
kylescottmcgillBasil1x: start the gnome-sound-applet17:35
MonkeyDustres22  probably ubuntu tv or soemthing android related17:35
kylescottmcgillThat will give your icon back17:36
socrates_johnsonhello, i just purchased an asus windows 8 laptop and am trying to wipe it to dual-boot windows 7 and ubuntu. i installed windows 7 but when i boot from the ubuntu live cd to install linux the entire harddrive appears as "unallocated"17:36
socrates_johnsoni'm new to all the uefi/secure boot stuff so i'm sure i'm messing something up there17:36
kylescottmcgillsocrates_johnson: parition it first inside Windows, then come back and use that parition17:36
ActionParsnipRes22: an announcement of some kind17:36
res22I can feel the excitement17:37
kylescottmcgillis it the new 13.04 or something?17:37
kylescottmcgilllol sweet im glad i was up at this time17:37
Basil1xummm is something supposed to happen when I start this applet.  Terminal just sits there17:38
kylescottmcgillit should spawn a Sound icon in your bar17:38
socrates_johnsonkylescottmcgill: that's what i've done in the past but none of the partitions appear in linux at all. the entire 750 gb is unallocated (even though there are two partitions from the windows installation)17:39
Basil1xOK... it didn't.17:39
xibalbaI have a list of IPs in file 'A.txt', I want to see if these IPs are in 'B.txt'. If they're not in B.txt, I would like output so I know what to add from A to B, any thoughts?17:39
kylescottmcgillsocrates_johnson: Windows 8 / 7 havnt changed parition types have they?17:39
xibalbaplz type my name if you have some though so i can see it17:39
kylescottmcgilluefi should effect your Parition Map17:40
makerbreakrxibalba man diff17:40
xibalbaman diff....yea17:40
kylescottmcgillBasil1x: what Window Mnager are you using?17:40
xibalbathe lines aren't exactly arranged the same, one is a config file, one is just a file of ip addresses17:40
pero_pActionParsnip, tnx, i tried disabling "Preload MKV files in the same directory" in Input/Codecs->Demuxers->Matroska, and now problem seems to be solved. ;)17:41
pero_pActionParsnip, in VLC of course17:41
socrates_johnsonkylescottmcgill: does it matter if i do the installations with secure boot disabled? the only setup options that seem relevant are "secure boot" (enabled by default) and "launch csm" (enabled by default)17:41
xibalbai ran diff A.txt B.txt, wasn't too helpful17:41
kylescottmcgillBasil1x: lightdm is the login screen, what are you using after this?17:41
ActionParsnipXibalba: join the 2 files, then use sort and uniq to mske the final list.17:42
Basil1xkylescottmcgill: lightdm, Unity. also have KDE, kdm and gdm installed17:42
xibalbaActionParsnip, even if they're totally different in structure?17:42
xibalbaone is a config file, one is a simple list of ip addresses17:42
kylescottmcgillsocrates_johnson: i dont think so.. but you could try disabling them, sorry im not sure17:42
ActionParsnipXibalba: then you'll need to grep for IP addresses in the file17:43
xibalbai tried that with grep -vn -f A.txt B.txt17:43
ActionParsnipPero_p: cool17:43
xibalbadidn't seem to work17:43
socrates_johnsonkylescottmcgill: no worries, i've tried it both ways but it doesn't seem to make a difference. although you can also boot off of the dvd/cd using uefi mode (or not)17:43
xibalbai think i need to grep B.txt to Awk then do a comparison17:45
ActionParsnipXibalba: i'd ask in #bash17:45
xibalbai can regex my grep search for an IP right ?17:45
beethoven8201you tried diff, xibalba ?17:45
xibalbayeah, didn't get what i wa slooking for17:45
beethoven8201you should sort before diff fyi17:45
xibalbastructure of the two files is different17:46
beethoven8201you can grab ips first then diff that17:46
xibalbathats what i'm trying to do with grep/awk right now17:46
beethoven8201sed might work too17:47
beethoven8201search for things that match regex, replace them with a new line before and after, grep out just those lines, diff after sorting17:47
* Basil1x has decided to clean-install 13.04, and see if that helps the BS sound issues... tired of futzing with this thing. if there are still issues when I've done that, will be back :)17:48
Basil1xTTFN, and thanks for the help17:48
MonkeyDustBasil1x  mind: support in #ubuntu+117:48
alusionwhere is the usual place to save shell scripts?17:50
RollinV2ubuntu.com countdown almost done... 10min17:51
alusionmy body is ready17:51
me_i have port 80 open why ?17:51
=== Buckethead is now known as Guest20852
MonkeyDustme_  port 80 is for http17:52
me_but why it's open ?17:52
me_in grc test17:52
xibalbaThanks Action17:53
xibalbaand others17:53
me_success on what ?17:54
=== Magellanicus is now known as Guest28259
LockalAwww so close, so close!17:54
Lockaland still can't touch it :)17:54
lenovolkanlast 517:55
* RobinJ prepares to be disappointed17:55
root404hi guys17:55
root404hi everyone17:55
* Neshemah prepares to be disappointed too17:56
spjtI'm hoping the big announcement is that my printer will now work17:56
root404i was trying to change the interface on ubuntu17:56
me_what you can't touch17:56
root404any help?17:56
RobinJmy guess is something related to ubuntu for android17:56
RobinJdoes anyone know which irc channel these guys are using? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1CvVf9K7H00#!17:56
PiciFeel free to discuss the announcement in #ubuntu-discuss, and keep #ubuntu free for the folks still looking for support.17:56
Neshemahoh 3 minutes 3 minutes17:57
PiciRobinJ: if thats the hangout, then #ubuntu-discuss17:57
beethoven82013 minutes to countdown17:57
beethoven8201better be nexus717:57
RobinJPici, thanks17:57
root404i was trying to change the interface on ubuntu17:57
root404any help?17:57
PiciNeshemah, beethoven8201: Can we please keep #ubuntu open for support only, #ubuntu-discuss for the announcement, etc.17:57
NeshemahYes yes.17:57
NeshemahSorry, wrong channel, I have lots of them opened.17:58
Piciroot404: If you're having a problem you'll need to explain it exactly, we can't read minds.17:58
Lockal"So close, you can almost apt-get it."17:58
root404ma english are not that good17:59
sikoryhey notbryant17:59
=== Guest20852 is now known as Magellanicus
=== ian_ is now known as isantop
hausmannhi, i have some games from humble bundle installed in the software manager. when i upgraded to quantal the PPAs are inactivated, how do i fix this?18:00
bluefoxxxwhat's the big flowery countdown on ubuntu.com?18:01
crshbndcthausmann: you need to install the paps18:01
me_tel me18:01
hausmanncrshbndct: apps? a second time you mean?18:01
notbryantbluefoxxx: haven't you heard? they just released "spinning circle 1.0"18:01
sikoryhey crshbndct, you here as well?18:01
xanguahausmann: third party repositories are temporary disabled so they don't interfiere with the upgrade18:01
crshbndctsikory: notbryant ohey18:01
Calinoutablets ftw :D18:02
hausmannxangua: okay but it seems it's permanent since i'm done with the upgrade :/18:02
MrPopinjayIs the site down?18:02
hausmannsince yesterday18:02
Calinouof course it is18:02
matc21website down...18:02
Calinoutim cook approves18:02
bluefoxxx~spinning circle18:03
bluefoxxxubottu, what the heck is going on with ubuntu.com?18:03
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:03
trimetaI can still hit the frontpage, but aside from the countdown being 00:00:00, nothing new.18:03
MrPopinjayWell this countdown has gone well18:03
cdavismine shows 00:00:00 wait left :)18:03
notbryantcountdown was a fantastic idea!18:03
PiciFeel free to discuss the announcement in #ubuntu-discuss, and keep #ubuntu free for the folks still looking for support.18:03
xanguahausmann: so you can't go to software center, edit, sources and enable the third party repositories¿18:03
notbryanteveryone hit the site at once!18:03
Lockal"So close, you can 00:00:00 it."18:04
Trunks2k5_will be a new system released for tablets?18:04
c3lfinally a site that loads18:05
mcrawforcountdown to...... homepage being down!18:05
lix... so? - what * is*  it? - Ubuntu website being DDosed deliberately?18:05
kaiserfarrellstill loading18:05
FabianSMaybe they did dist-upgrade on their webserver.18:05
hrnzhey FabianS ;)18:05
notbryantmaybe their server is running windows18:05
ZAKhanubuntu for phones18:05
hrnzor ubuntu..18:05
bluefoxxxiceroot, if the phone OS works as well as the software running the Web site, it'll finally push Windows Phone 8 right out of the running.18:05
Calinouserver runs on windows RT18:05
mcrawforevery single computer watching the countdown trying to load the video simultaneously18:05
mcrawforresults in self-ddos18:06
vividso close, you can almost crash it18:06
josePHPagodahello everyone.  I'm running the virtual machine manager, with ubuntu as a host, and ubuntu as guest.  This works fine, but I can't get file system passthrough to work.  It mounts in th guest, but no matter what I do I get "permission denied" in the guest.  Any ideas?18:06
mcrawforso close you can almost touch it. Almost.18:06
david23400the website SUX18:06
kaiserfarrellloading and waiting,,,18:06
ZAKhanubuntu.com is refeshed now ..18:06
lixdid anyone touch "it" yet?18:06
mcrawfori'm touching it right now18:06
david23400NO it fucked my nervs18:07
FabianSSo ubuntu is going to fail together with mozilla now?18:07
lixmcrawfor: what do you get?18:07
PiciCan we please move announcement discussion to #ubuntu-discuss.  There are people looking for support here in #ubuntu18:07
IdleOne!language | david2340018:07
Calinouno u18:07
ubottudavid23400: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:07
lixPici: roger18:07
mcrawforlix: you understand when you're older18:07
LockalSo close, but only Mark Shuttleworth can touch it.18:07
djono_hello just got xchat on lubuntu i cant receive files18:07
crshbndctso the announcement was aboslutely nothing then? what a let down18:07
Lockal"Perfectly distilled" -- yep, ubuntu phone18:07
FabianScrshbndct: Well, they announced some vaporware.18:07
bluefoxxxLockal, so the phone is available in Africa?18:07
Calinoudjono_: you have to forward ports to use DCC, also DCC is beyond pointless in 201218:08
sc30317what is going on with the ubuntu homepage?18:08
sc30317the announcement is making it drag18:08
djono_so how would i do that?18:08
josePHPagodaanyone here every used the VMM?18:08
crshbndctFabianS: yeah, on a year old platform.18:08
LockalFor those who are loading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpWHJDLsqTU18:09
ciastekHas anything been revealed at ubuntu.com ?18:11
bluefoxxxCalinou, djono_, there's a setting somewhere in like /etc/default/iptables or something that lets you default load the irc_conntrack module, which will automatically recognize DCC SEND requests and DCC ACCEPT and open the ports appropriate to the particular handshake per host.18:11
Rohow do I change the default programs for lubuntu? I can only change my email and web client18:11
bluefoxxxif your firewall/NAT is Linux anyway.18:11
bluefoxxxif it's a commodity router, good luck.  Consider buying a TrimSlice or something and building your own router.18:11
HopsyI CAN TOUCH IT yeah!18:12
LordDeathseems like we DOSed ubuntu.com ^^18:12
ciastekHopsy: what is it?18:12
sc30317LordDeath: seriously18:12
Hopsyits a ..18:12
Calinou>not using a router18:13
vexati0njoin #ubuntu-offtopic18:13
StarBrilliantPerfectly distilled. Ubuntu on phones at CES, 7–11 January 2013.18:13
HopsyHappy new year!18:13
Calinouthe late bluefoxx, buy it for me then18:13
vexati0nstupid slashes.18:13
ciastekStarBrilliant: thank you!18:13
sc30317StarBrilliant: is that what the announcement is?18:13
KurtKrautIs it only me or the countdown at ubuntu.com is actually stuck at 00:00;00?18:13
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:13
sc30317KurtKraut: yup same here18:13
phzxdit's stuck18:13
KurtKrautphzxd, sc30317, thanks for the info.18:14
StarBrilliantthe ubuntu's webpage is hard to access, it's too busy18:14
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.18:14
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=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
=== darek is now known as Guest59383
Guest59383witam wszystkich18:15
Guest59383Witam czy ktoś pisze po polsku??????????18:16
BluesKaj!pl | Guest5938318:17
ubottuGuest59383: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.18:17
fasAnyone here know how to go about getting Win7 in virtualbox via either OEM key or recovery partition?18:18
qhartmanfas: It's incredibly difficult to do, not to mention a violation of the license.18:19
puebloHey, can anybody help me out?18:19
ciastekfas: you can bend win7 installation using *.wim images from recovery partition, imagex utility and some win7 disk to boot18:19
puebloI played a bit with locales setting and languages and changed to something wrong within gnome-control-center my user language: (gnome-control-center:7723): common-cc-panel-WARNING **: locale 'en18:19
puebloen' isn't valid18:19
MonkeyDustpueblo  start with a question18:19
puebloand it now just crash if I open it18:20
xibalbahow would i change this to just search for all netblocks period? egrep '183\.([0-9]|(1[0-6]|2[0-3]))'18:20
pueblowhere can I change that setting without using the GUI?18:20
MonkeyDustxibalba  better ask in #bash18:20
MercuryI wonder how one goes about getting a development phone for the Ubuntu phone stuff.18:21
Mercuryxibalba: What are you trying to search for there?  IP addresses that live in, any IP addresses?  Something else?18:22
xibalbaany netblock, i have a file of different netblocks. 209..../20, 216.../18, etc...18:22
mcrawfornow the counter says 0 but nothing is happening18:22
Mercuryxibalba: Drop a few lines and your script into a pastebin.18:22
Lockal"As you use your phone the image will evolve": so at the beginning ubuntu phone has only splash attack?18:23
xibalbai want to match on all of those18:23
Mercuryxibalba: But there are lines that are not netblocks?18:23
Porkepix Hi. I come here to ask some informations about erratic behavior with a touchpad. My sister just received 1 week ago a dell laptop shipped with ubuntu pre-installed (vostro 3360). The problem is that the touchpad is only saw as generic PS/2 mouse and that it cause lot of problems. I eventually found a driver made via reverse engineering, but compilation fail and I can't install it. If someone can help about this, please ?18:23
xibalbathere will be some yes18:24
Mercuryxibalba: There's the right solution, and then there's the really easy one which will probably work just fine.18:24
xibalbapulling the netblocks out of a config file18:24
Trunks2k5_What is the name of the new operating system for smartphones?18:24
virtuMyUnity still not available for 12.10?18:24
gotwigTrunks2k5_, they call it "Ubuntu" ...18:24
Mercuryxibalba: egrep '^[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\/[0-9]*$'18:24
Trunks2k5_sure but I thought there is a version name around18:24
genii-aroundTrunks2k5_: There's also "tizen" but it's an ongoing WIP18:25
Munchorgotwig, hi18:25
gotwigMunchor, >.<18:25
MercuryTrunks2k5_: I'm going to bet that it's 13.04.18:25
MercuryTrunks2k5_: (Bet / hope.)18:25
xibalbaf i cant copy out of IRC for some reason18:25
xibalbamercurius, would you mind pastbining that18:25
xibalbathis is aggrevating that i can't copy18:26
gotwigcan I use my scopes and lenses with that?18:26
david23400DO WE have to buy a new phone18:26
david23400or this can be installed on other phones?18:26
david23400such as androids18:26
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.18:26
Mercuryxibalba: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1489383/18:28
Mercuryxibalba: NP, but, learn regular expressions some time, it's worth while. :)18:28
xibalbaoh i've been meaning too, too many things on plate now18:29
=== Guest30155 is now known as |Slacker|
Mercuryxibalba: Now _that_ I get.18:29
gotwigdavid23400, its going to work wit galaxy  nexus I guess18:29
gotwigI hope I can install it on a n900!18:30
xibalbaMercury, my config file looks like : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1489385/ : and doesn't seem to be grabbing the netblocks18:30
bekksgotwig: Does a N900 support Android?18:30
h00kFor discussions on Ubuntu Phone, head over to #ubuntu-discuss18:30
gotwigbekks, a n900 supports everything on earth, and space18:30
dlynes_laptopDuring startup, my raid devices seem to be going down and back up again.  The reason I'm saying 'seem' to be, is because i set some kernel flags for them in /sys/block/md[0-1]/..., which seem to be getting set, but then after I've finished booting up, those flags aren't set18:30
Mercuryxibalba: That's because you gave me http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1489370/ as your example lines, and so the grep looks for lines which are _just_ that.18:30
gotwigbut who wants android on his n900....18:30
xibalbaah, i misinformed you18:31
gotwigits sooo crappy18:31
Mercuryxibalba: Remove the ^ and $ from the grep.18:31
xibalbaoh ok those act as literals?18:31
MercuryThose act as anchors, ^ means the beginning of a line, $ means the end of a line.18:31
xibalbasweet, i should be able to make this work18:31
gotwigI am really looking forward to Ubuntu on phones18:31
xibalbai need to 'sync' my acl list, and remove old IPs18:31
dlynes_laptopIs there somewhere in the boot process that I need to put the flag setup after?  Or, is there something i'm missing?  It's currently in rc.local, and waits for md0 and md1 to exist before setting those flags18:31
gotwigI once was an awesome ubuntu dev...18:31
xibalbabig list of them, going to be a pain if i can't filter18:31
gotwigthan I stopped my development..18:31
gotwigI hope I  can develop scope and lenses for that18:32
rebelhi all18:32
DJonesgotwig: Discussion about Ubuntu phone in #ubuntu-discuss18:32
Mercuryxibalba: Ah, ACLs, the pain.18:32
xibalbayes especially since i'm having to base it off of a bind acl list18:33
xibalbawhich is written differently18:33
MercuryConversion pain is annoying, but.18:33
Jordan_Udlynes_laptop: What flags are you trying to set, and why?18:35
=== panda_singh is now known as abhinav_singh
NexuusWow.  Ubuntu phone.  Who's psyched about that?18:35
dlynes_laptopjordan, md/stripe_cache_size, md/preread_bypass_threshold, queue/scheduler, queue/nr_requests, queue/iosched/read_expire queue/iosched/front_merges, device/queue_depth --- all for optimization18:37
dlynes_laptopJordan_U, md/stripe_cache_size, md/preread_bypass_threshold, queue/scheduler, queue/nr_requests, queue/iosched/read_expire queue/iosched/front_merges, device/queue_depth --- all for optimization18:37
taconehello, Shift_L + "plus" doesn't work on my keyboard, any help ?18:37
CarbonideWill there be an Android virtual machine?18:40
gbsit's unity for android18:42
MonkeyDustCarbonide  http://www.virtualboximages.com/Android+OS+2.6.29+x86+Virtual+Appliance18:43
GeorgeJHello folks18:43
kylescottmcgilllol, they sport Unity as such a great feature, i hated it, and i believe a lot of other people didnt enjoy it either18:43
GeorgeJIs there any way I can see which package created a user?18:43
icerootGeorgeJ: look for a file created for that user via the package and use "dpkg -S /path/to/file"18:45
=== gbs is now known as fserve_
ChelseaAm I the only one feeling a bit dissapointed after seeing Ubuntu's bit "announcement"?18:47
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
genii-aroundgrepping the postinst files for "adduser" and the added username might narrow it down too18:47
mega1how do i mount a usb drive i just pluged in18:48
icerootChelsea: its epic18:48
kylescottmcgillthe phone looks nice18:48
kylescottmcgillit would be better if they annouced how to blitz my iOS and replace it with Ubuntu or something :D18:48
ChelseaBut... there is no phone. There's just the software, possibility and ecosystem.18:49
kylescottmcgillFair point18:49
milambermega1: it should automount, did it not?18:49
kylescottmcgillsimilar to B2G (Boot 2 Gecko)18:49
milambermega1: if not, you should be able to see it when you do: sudo fdisk -l18:49
mega1how do i tell18:49
=== falk is now known as Guest94281
milambermega1: the command: df18:50
ChelseaIf they're still trying to woo manufacturers, I doubt it will be a reality in 2013.18:51
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest38728
mega1not there18:51
=== jason is now known as Guest36532
dkesselif there will be no phone in 2013, i guess they might build a simple installer for example for the nexus 4 and maybe other popular devices18:53
kylescottmcgillya, the iphone :D18:53
gvomega1: dmesg | tail -20       then look for something like: [1801309.393727]  sdd: sdd118:54
gvowhere sdd could be sdb or sdc or ...18:54
dkesseli hope there will be one for the galaxy s2 :)18:54
gvomega1: Also as milamber said you can try sudo fdisk -l18:55
Chelseadkessel, That possibility would be nice for a lot of people. But Cannonical can't build a product or service on rooting other phones can they?18:56
kylescottmcgillmega1: what are you looking for? is your Drive not mounting? If your using Gnome, you could try Disks18:56
OldSamdoes anybody know if there is a generic way to find out the location of _all_ configuration files for a given package? so that I could copy all of them to another ubuntu installation, getting the same service (same config)18:56
kylescottmcgillgnome-disks in the command line will run it18:56
dkesselyeah, i too guess the rooting part will be the problem18:56
OldSam(and also all database files or other relevant stuff)18:56
mega1i am using ubuntu server and i have used putty to access the computer18:57
kylescottmcgillOldSam: + that, i normally just recreate the ones i know of, but knowing where everything is would be mint when im configuring it18:57
gvomega1: so did you try anything I suggested?18:57
charley__i have a question concerning dist-upgrade from ubuntu 12.04 to 12.1018:58
mega1sudo fdisk -l does not show the drive18:58
charley__i have done this but when i open my computer the welcome screen still shows 12.04 lte why?18:58
kylescottmcgillmega1: oh right, yeah the dmesg (or sudo dmesg) should tell you when you connected the device, if nothing is in there, check the drive again, once you have figured out what sdX it is you can mount it to /media or something18:58
lduroshi, is there anyway I can start the printer settings gui from the command line?18:59
lduroswhat would be the command to run?18:59
genii-aroundcharley__: dist-upgrade option in apt-get does not move you between different releases of Ubuntu. For that you require do-release-upgrade18:59
=== david23400 is now known as David_BUsy
charley__as a stand alone command?18:59
genii-aroundcharley__: Yes18:59
mega1dmesg | tail -29 unable to enumerate usb device on port 118:59
charley__ty very much i will try it now19:00
kylescottmcgillmega1: fdisk -l wont do anything you have to give it the path to use like /dev/sda etc19:00
kylescottmcgillinstead use lsblk19:00
kylescottmcgillcheck lsblk first19:00
gvomega1:  sounds like the system can't read your usb part.19:00
Bighongtreba mi haker19:00
BetaSoulAfternoon all. Quick question: Does switchable graphics work properly for the AMD 5650 for the HP ENVY line?19:00
megharshis their any  fxp client19:01
gvomega1: what version of the OS19:01
remonteesça en chie du ventilo19:01
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:01
OldSamat least 'dpkg -L package' shows me all relevant files... now  it would be really helpful if there would be a way to just show the config files... or is that information is not available in the package manager?19:02
gvomega1 what is the device?19:02
GeorgeJgenii-around: How would one go around doing that?19:03
mega1i have an external hp usb drive19:03
kylescottmcgillServer wont auto mount it, you will have to manually mount it first, if it can read it19:03
kylescottmcgillwhat is the device formatted as, and does it work in other machines?19:03
gvomega1: so it looks like Linux isn't finding anything it likes.  I don't know how you'd get it to work.19:04
genii-aroundGeorgeJ: eg: sudo do-release-upgrade19:04
charley__the do-release-update doesnt seem to work19:05
charley__what is the full process19:05
kylescottmcgillcharley__: you just type that command19:05
genii-aroundcharley__: Not update at the end. upgrade19:05
GeorgeJgenii-around: I was refering to what you said earlier: <genii-around> grepping the postinst files for "adduser" and the added username might narrow it down too19:05
genii-aroundGeorgeJ: Oh, sorry, got temporarily confused19:05
gvocharley__: First backup anything you consider important.19:05
charley__says no new release found19:05
GeorgeJNo problem, I replied rather late.19:05
kylescottmcgillthen your on the latest :)19:06
genii-aroundcharley__: add -d     then19:06
touchscreenhappy new year every one19:06
MoL0ToVi'm whatching these pages: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/android http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone  ma non ho capito molto bene... so in  the next future we  can install ubuntu on a android or a windowsphone?19:06
PeterJCLawhi, can someone please tell me what thing it is that tells you which package to install for a given program?19:06
PeterJCLawie: $ rvm list19:06
PeterJCLawThe program 'rvm' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:19:06
PeterJCLawsudo apt-get install ruby-rvm19:06
PeterJCLaw(I'm guessing that this isn't bash)19:06
charley__this isnt supose to format my disk right?19:07
gvocharley__: No but it is possible to make it unbootable.19:07
kylescottmcgillPeterJCLaw: goto rvm.io everything is there19:07
michagogoIs the ruby-rvm actually what you want?19:07
genii-aroundGeorgeJ: The pacgaes have post installation scripts, these are what add users if needed. the post installation files are found in the directory /var/lib/dpkg/info/      So what you can do if a script added user "george" for instance is: grep adduser /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.postinst | grep george19:07
PeterJCLawkylescottmcgill: well yes, but that's not the bit I'm interested in19:07
michagogoAccording to the site, you should install with `\curl -L https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable --ruby'19:08
kylescottmcgillthen what is the problem?19:08
GeorgeJgenii-around: Awesome, thank you.19:08
charley__thank you gvo19:08
PeterJCLawI'd like to know what it is that is telling me that19:08
gvocharley__: If the system starts to update and you have a power failure, for instance, it is possible that the system will be left in a state that's unbootable.19:08
PeterJCLawbecause I think it's cool19:08
charley__and genii-around19:08
PeterJCLawbut also because it's got a bug19:08
mega1lsblk says sda 8:0 0 465.8G 0 disk |-sda1 8:1 0 244M 0 Part sda2 8:2 0 1K 0 part 'sda5 8:5 0 33.7G 0 part  |-Tech-root (dm-0) 252:0 0 32.3G 0 lvm '-Tech-swap_1 252:1 0 1.4G 0 lvm [SWAP] sr0 11:0 1 1024M 0 rom19:08
PeterJCLaw$ sudo apt-get install ruby-rvm19:08
PeterJCLawE: Unable to locate package ruby-rvm19:08
michagogo!pastebin > mega119:09
ubottumega1, please see my private message19:09
gvocharley__: That's not usually a problem ordinarily but when upgrading it can.19:09
touchscreengot a  Acer Aspire Z5761 with touchscreen i install ubuntu 12.04 fine but i can find out how to activate touchscreen 23" any one could coatch19:09
alesanhi, is there a way to rip bluray discs with ubuntu? I do not have a bluray driver in my home PC19:09
BetaSoultouchscreen: have you check restricted drivers?19:09
kylescottmcgillPeterJCLaw: right i see what you mean, it could be an older package, or something, command-not-found is built into Ubuntu as far as im aware, but generally its bash or whatever shell that would normally say command-not-found19:10
bekksalesan: Do you have a blueray reader/writer in your PC?19:10
alesanbekks, which one?19:10
bekksalesan: Thats what I am asking.19:10
GeorgeJgenii-around: The adduser lines seems to span multiple lines. Since the user I'm looking for is called bind, I grepped for "bind" to not avail.19:10
alesanbekks, the reason I want to rip is that I do not have a BD driver on the PC I want to watch the movie19:11
touchscreenBetaSoul " have you check restricted drivers?" do not understanded ?19:11
bekksalesan: a driver is some sort of software. You need BD capable _hardware_ to actually being able to read the BD.19:11
GeorgeJgenii-around: Hmm, I have issued apt-get autoremove. Is there any way I can purge the data of the packages that are no longer installed?19:12
gvoGeorgeJ: Are you looking to copy a DNS server from one system to another?19:12
PeterJCLawkylescottmcgill: thanks19:12
dkesselPeterJCLaw: i think the program is command-not-found19:12
GeorgeJI've installed samba4, which I've now uninstalled, but its dependencies I removed with apt-get autoremove.19:13
alesanbekks, OK make that "Blueray disc drive"... a little pedantic this year uh ;) ???19:13
GeorgeJI also want to purge the data the dependencies(which no longer exists) have.19:13
michagogoGeorgeJ: you mean `apt-get purge'?19:13
kylescottmcgillautoremove will only remove it if its no longer needed19:13
bekksalesan: So you dont have a BD disc drive then?19:13
PeterJCLawdkessel: looks like it, thanks19:13
GeorgeJI'm actually looking for something on the lines of apt-get autopurge.19:13
michagogoIIRC apt-get has a switch or option or something to purge anywhere that it'd remove or something19:14
kylescottmcgillGeorgeJ: there is purge and clean19:14
alesanbekks, not in the computer where I want to play the video.19:14
alesanbekks, that computer is windows, also19:14
* ratifers feliz ano novoooo19:14
hapsterwill nouveau finally work with optimus laptops for 12.10?19:15
MuphridGeorgeJ: apt-get purge && apt-get autoremove --purge19:15
mrecwhen starting xbmc I get following error message: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libva-x11.so.1: undefined symbol: fool_postp19:15
mrecdoes anyone know how to fix that issue?19:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:15
GeorgeJMuphrid: Thank you!19:15
genii-aroundGeorgeJ: As far as I recall you can use the purge with installed packages but I don't think it works with uninstalled/not installed ones19:15
bekksalesan: So how is your question related to Ubuntu then, without even having Ubuntu and without BD cap0able hardware?19:15
mrecof course with ubuntu :-)19:15
michagogoGeorgeJ: --purge being the option I mentioned19:15
alesanbekks, why do you have to complaint about irrelevant details? I am asking if there is a way to rip a BD with Ubuntu19:16
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
GeorgeJgenii-around: Well, not really a problem. I'll just re-install samba4, lawdy.19:16
alesanhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD gives me a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable19:16
Zephronholy crap..ubuntu phone looks amazing..19:17
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
zikalifyis the hangout reading this?19:19
TaintHow do I mount NTFS drive(s) in ubuntu vm? tried listing partitions and doesn't show19:19
RollinV2you need vmware tools installed (assuming windows is host and ubuntu is guest)19:20
Bighongpozdrav svima19:21
tolajono: Will Ubuntu for phones use Gecko for the web app runtime?19:21
Taintok I'm trainstalling vmware tools now RollinV219:22
jonotola, I think it uses webkit19:22
tolajono: That's a great shame. Because if it was Gecko, I have a browser app you might be interested in.19:23
tolajono: Will the browser app use Webkit too then?19:23
WanderingEnderIs there a channle for this new "Ubuntu for Phones" stuff.19:24
DJonesWanderingEnder: #ubuntu-discuss19:24
* tola goes there19:24
=== bob is now known as Guest97157
=== rslacke is now known as |Slacker|
tolajono: (In case you're wondering. The browser app I'm talking about is called Firefox. It's an HTML5 web app https://github.com/mozilla-b2g/gaia/tree/master/apps/browser)19:25
cheese1756What's everybody's thoughts on Ubuntu for mobile?19:26
cheese1756Looks far nicer than Android19:26
FabianSA bit laggy.19:27
dlynes_laptopcheese1756, that's exactly what they're discussing on #ubuntu-discuss right now19:27
FabianSLet's hope the releases will run faster.19:27
cheese1756dlynes_laptop, Ah, that seems like more of a proper place19:27
frantzDoes anyone know what the command is for openssl to show a list of certifiates? I'm trying to view info for one, but we can't remember the name the prevous developer saved it as19:28
FLeiXiuSHow can I modify the ISO installer's boot menu permanently from a cooked ISO19:29
MonkeyDustFLeiXiuS  use isomaster19:30
FLeiXiuSMonkeyDust, I'd rather not.19:30
FLeiXiuSUnder the livecd, I modified the contents of grub folder, but they don't work with the new installer.19:32
MonkeyDustFLeiXiuS  there's also remastersys19:33
trickynick praky19:34
Lilanyone know why the ubuntu site is throwing errors out at me?19:34
trickyjtricky: hi19:34
Lilhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/gomobile  <-- does that url work for anyone?19:35
DJonesLil: Probably being overworked at the moment after the ubuntu phone announcement19:35
Taintok RollinV2 I have VMware tools installed now how do I mount my drives?19:35
dkesselLil: nope, not working19:36
RollinV2Taint, http://askubuntu.com/questions/29284/how-do-i-mount-shared-folders-win7-host-in-ubuntu-guest-using-vmwaretools-v19:36
Zephrongomobile links qorks now19:38
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
wdennishello all19:42
ClientAlivehi. When it comes to opacity of windows, is a larger number mean more transparent or less transparent? Which way does the scale go?19:42
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
wdennishave a q: any way to mount nfs share thru GUI (Nautilus), kind of like doing so on a Mac?19:42
frantzANyone know how to view installed ssl certificates19:43
l00pbackWow just saw Ubuntu OS for Mobile.....Mind Blown!!!19:45
wdennisfrantz: do you have a /etc/ssl/certs directory? My certs are in there19:46
DDAZZAHow can I get a script to run that requires root privileges to run when I log in?19:47
Lukian123Hi all!19:47
Ray2Ubuntu-12.04..I am running from a live cd to try this o/s..Switched to gnome-classic after downloaded needed apps...Added one row of 4 workspaces...When switching workspaces to 2 thru 4 the screen goes black...Mouse has movement but no menu's and cannot return to workspace 1..any fix ??19:48
khdkid@Ray2 probably because you are running it from a live cd. try installing it.19:53
=== sas_ is now known as sasvirco
=== wbraun is now known as pueblo
joarI can swear I interfaced to a program that stored a username and a password encrypted.19:54
joarI can't remember the name of the utility though.19:55
joarit was not kwallet19:55
Noskcajis planet.ubuntu.com down or just my internet being stupid?19:56
aruneI have a problem with ubuntu-one app on android, is there some #ubuntu-one-channel to get help?19:56
joarNoskcaj: down19:56
DJonesarune: I think its #ubuntuone19:57
kostkonarune, runs perfectly here? What's your problem?19:57
kostkonarune, without the ?19:57
MonkeyDustarune  some 60 people in #ubuntuone19:57
arunekostkon: normally it automatically uploads photos to ubuntu one, but now it fails for one photo, always19:57
kostkonarune, hmm, right. Does the photo open ok on your pc?19:58
Noskcajarune, i think its still in beta19:58
makerbreakris anyone familiar with ubuntu-builder19:58
aruneI get the notification "upload fails" but when clicking it there is no additional information on why19:58
makerbreakrIm not getting the try/install dialoge upon start, it just boots to a command prompt19:58
makerbreakrand I hvae to manually run startx to get the desktop19:58
aruneIll try take another photo19:58
WizekHello! I have a fresh wubi install of Ubuntu 12.10 x64 and try to install 32bit apps (such as skype and steam) but I get this error: "Wrong architecture (i386)". I googled a bit, and found that I need 'ia32-libs', however trying to install it yields: 'ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch but it is not installable'. What can I do now?19:59
=== qos_ is now known as qos_|away
carl-ericHi - when installing with the ubiquity installer and choosing manual partition setup (because other partitions must remain safe) - how do I setup encrypted swap with a random key? I can only choose "physical volume for encryption", which requires a password key.20:00
=== qos is now known as qos|away
=== sas_ is now known as sasvirco
MonkeyDustWizek  wubi may be the problem, it's meant for testing ubuntu -- better install ubuntu on its own partition20:00
angellioshi all20:01
Ray2khdkid...I'd prefer not to install until I am sure I like gnome classic...This type problem did not exist in 10.04 when I tried it before installing..Unity is not my cup of tea20:01
=== Access__ is now known as Natix
khdkidRay2 have you tried cinnamon?20:02
WizekE: Package 'ia32-libs-multiarch' has no installation candidate20:03
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
WizekAlso, trying to 'sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch' I get this ^^^20:03
Ray2khdkid..Not familiar with cinnamon20:03
arunenow I have "2 uploads failed"20:03
WizekMonkeyDust: that doesn't seem right. Why would wubi have an effect on wheter apt-get sees a package or does not?20:04
SharkMuttleworthRay2: I suggest trying Xubuntu (XFCE) if you want a "normal" desktop, gnome-classic and cinammon are both beset with bugs20:04
ForSparePartsCould somebody tell me what files I need to create/edit to make a desktop environment entry at the login screen? I want to replace the apt-get version of XMonad with the development version, but that'll knock out my nice launch option.20:04
mshhello to all,how can i run internet explorer in ubuntu 12.10 and how should i install it?20:05
arunekostkon: gah, dmesg says cannot enumerate device when connecting phone to computer20:05
carl-ericAnybody know how to setup encrypted swap with the ubiquity installer?20:05
MonkeyDustWizek  what i'm saying is: instead of struggling with wubi, do a 'real' ubuntu install20:05
kostkonarune, android 4+?20:05
arunekostkon: yes ICS20:05
WizekMonkeyDust: what would you recommend if this error was on a non-wubi system?20:06
CrazyGangstermsh: PlayOnLinux have a wizard to install EI20:06
kostkonarune, check this: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/how-to-mount-android-40-ubuntu-go-mtpfs.html20:07
arunekostkon: thanks!!20:07
CrazyGangstermsh: *IE20:07
SharkMuttleworthmsh: There are a few options: some websites provide tools to show you how a website looks in IE (e.g. http://browsershots.org/), or you can install vmware/virtualbox and install windows with ie as a vm, or microsoft provide some official vm's with ie included which you can use for testing20:07
WizekAlso, to mitigate some20:07
WizekAlso, to mitigate some crashes I needed to install nVidia drivers which I think messed up where apt-get looks for packages20:08
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
WizekI followed these steps: http://www.everythingismyfault.com/2012/12/11/ubuntu-nvidia-drivers/20:10
SharkMuttleworthWizek: Whoever wrote that guide is clueless, but it hasn't messed up your repository settings20:12
Wizekwell, after 2 hours of googleing this was the first one that helped20:13
Wizekbut I'm also clueless about this subject so you might very well be right20:14
WaltherNice job for the Ubuntu Phone thing! When can we download and install? :P20:14
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:16
hippiehackerhttps://gist.github.com/4436283#comment-695263 is there a way to keep Googles Certificate Authority from being injected into firefox on Ubuntu?20:18
=== Wizek is now known as Wizek_
WizekSo nobody had issues with installing this 'ia32-libs-multiarch' yet?20:27
dlynes_laptopWalther, the discussion's happening on #ubuntu-discuss20:27
Wizek(or have an idea as to how can I work around/debug it?)20:27
Jordan_UWizek: Start by stating what problem you're seeing.20:28
MonkeyDustWizek_  did you try installing ia32-libs-multiarch ?20:29
WizekJordan_U, MonkeyDust:  https://gist.github.com/a5199898fb4203423e8a20:31
aruneops, window manager died during upgrade to 12.1020:31
arunecannot switch to update-manager20:32
JoaoSantanahi all20:32
arunehow do I find you the progress of the update?20:32
JoaoSantanahappy new year20:32
arunealt-tab does not work20:33
MonkeyDustWizek_  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/+bug/101629420:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1016294 in ia32-libs (Ubuntu) "ia32-libs-multiarch but it is not installable " [Undecided,Confirmed]20:33
mshCrazyGangster,thank you for your guidance.20:33
=== carlo_ is now known as Guest58099
mshsharkMuttleworth,thank you so much.20:34
bekksI bet he did not even code one line ;)20:35
Helperhapsit`s amazing20:35
WizekMonkeyDust: Thanks, reading through the conversation.20:36
Helperhapsthe first time i came in20:36
scellefdoes anybody know if a PPC channel exists for ubuntu?20:36
* scellef sees archlinux and debian ppc channels20:37
Helperhapsi am fresh20:37
mrecwhere is this freaking LC_LANG defined?20:37
Sazpaimoncan anyone tell me why ubuntu server comes with wireless stuff?20:37
scellefmrec: grep -R LC_LANG /etc20:37
mrecnowhere there20:37
Sazpaimonlike, iw, wireless-tools, wireless-regdb, etc?20:37
scellefmrec: grep -R LC_LANG /home?20:37
ozy_workSazpaimon: why wouldn't it?20:37
Sazpaimonwhy would a server need wireless?20:38
ozy_workSazpaimon: why wouldn't it?20:38
Sazpaimonthat is to say, wireless by default20:38
mrecscellef: nope20:38
mrecthose locales are the biggest failure in the linux world20:38
ozy_workSazpaimon: in my mind 'server' denotes stability/feature freezes/long term support, not 'limited features'20:39
WizekMonkeyDust: Someone suggests purging the reverse dependencies. I'd like to give that a try, but it sounds like something potentially harmful. Or is it completely safe?20:39
ozy_workthen again, i'm not really a ubuntu guy (joined because of the countdown clock)20:39
scellefmrec: d'oh :(20:39
Sazpaimonozy_work, so in your opinion, server == hardened20:40
Hawkerzhaha...crazy issues with unity in virtualbox on mac20:40
Hawkerzfor 12.1020:40
MonkeyDustWizek  it's only wubi, not much lost if things go wrong, give it a try20:40
PiciSazpaimon: Everything that is installable in Ubuntu Desktop can be installed on Ubuntu server. So yes, you can get wireless working.20:41
WizekMonkeyDust: in what way can It go wrong? What should I be expecting?20:42
SazpaimonPici, my question is why does it need to be *installed* from the get-go20:42
Sazpaimoni mean if you need wireless, apt-get install wireless-tools, by all means. But a server install does not need such a thing out of the box20:42
PiciSazpaimon: Probably because it was small enough to include by default and not cause a problem.20:44
ituvoxHello. I can't seem to get my epson multifunctional scanner (tx135) on ubuntu 12.04. The printer part of it works fine, but the scanner just stalls when trying to run iscan or xsane.20:46
=== puff` is now known as puff
douglpuff puff pass20:48
ozy_workSazpaimon: pretty much. To me, what you are asking for is a 'minimal' install, not a server install20:49
ozy_worka minimal install -- install the bare minimum to get the OS running, a basic gui install? Install basic OS tools, and more on20:49
ozy_workagain, looking at this as a RH admin20:49
ozy_worknot a ubuntu one20:49
jaffarciao a tutti20:50
ubottujaffar: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:50
Piciozy_work: it still applies.20:50
WizekMonkeyDust: I owe you an apology. It does have to do with wubi, so sorry for doubting you on that one. But, fortunatelly, there was a very easy solution: "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386" ia32-libs is installing right now, fingers crossed for skype and steam :) after that20:50
Sazpaimonozy_work, I just think that something like wireless-tools could be installed from something like tasksel, instead of by default, but that's just me20:51
MonkeyDustWizek  no problem, but maybe you can add a comment to the launchpad page20:51
ozy_workSazpaimon: perhaps. In my mind, you should be starting with a miminal install then, and build up the packages you want20:52
ozy_worki'm not sure what tasksel is20:52
ozy_workit's been years since my last ubuntu install20:52
joakoWhen I run VLC a a service I don´t get any audio output from the sound card. How can I enable it?20:52
Cpt-ObliviousWhat GPU driver should i use for an "AMD GL M5950", when i install ubuntu by default, it doesn't recognize any driver at all and Unity is very sluggish. When i go to software sources and select the alternative proprietary driver it installs and when i then reboot I can login but Unity no longer works AT all, only a black background screen. Any advice which driver i should use?20:53
jrtappersIs there any way to move the launcher in 12.04 or 12.1020:54
nickgawHi, Does this channel support ubuntu running on the chromebooks?20:55
daftykinsnickgaw: just fire away with your question, if someone can help they'll speak20:56
joakoCan I remove pulseaudio from ubuntu and user a simpler system?20:57
nickgawmy question is the default installation of the rhfwc script does not include sound support but I was wondering if a apt-get update then an apt-get dist-upgrade would add sound support to my chromebook?20:58
nickgawand is sshd included in the default arm installation?20:58
daftykinsnickgaw: everyone would recommend a full upgrade anyway. so yeah, do a dist-upgrade to get the latest packages. apt-get install openssh-server for SSH access20:59
jrtappersIs there any way to move the launcher in 12.04 or 12.10, I got asked and couldn't think of any way20:59
carl-ericIs there any way to customize partitioning and get encryption with the new Ubiquity installer?20:59
WizekMonkeyDust: Good point, posted.21:00
daftykinscarl-eric: pretty sure it's designed so that in every version you can manually partition and still encrypt at least /home21:00
EaglemanWhere can i find a copy of the default index.html file shipped with a fresh apache installation, it's used by DirectoryIndex ?21:01
carl-ericdaftykins, I want full disk encryption via luks, the way the old alternate installer allowed it.21:01
daftykinscarl-eric: oic, ok sorry that's beyond me21:01
KI4ROjrtappers, Here's a possibllity for you:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/33605/can-i-move-the-unity-launcher21:02
carl-ericdaftykins, if I select "something else" in ubiquity, I get a graphical partition editor which seems to pretend to support encryption, but doesn't offer any way to actually mount a crypto volume.21:02
genii-aroundEagleman: /var/www21:02
Eaglemangenii-around i am asking for a copy becuase i removed the file in /var/www/ a year aigo21:03
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
mrecI start to hate ubuntu21:04
mreclanguage settings are a big fail with ubuntu21:04
Helperhapsthat`s true21:04
Helperhapsbut i just fall in love with it21:05
=== nacho is now known as Guest39636
EaglemanWhere can i find a copy of the default index.html file shipped with a fresh apache installation, it's used by DirectoryIndex ?21:05
genii-aroundEagleman: It's just a placeholder file that says "It Works!"  if you really need that particular one for some reason instead of any old one you could make there, you can apt-get download apache   then ar -x  the file, then tar -xvzf data.tar.gz   then copy it from the local var/www it makes21:05
jrtapperswhat is a good graphics card that has decent drivers for Ubuntu and Windows?21:05
genii-around!ru | mokujin21:06
ubottumokujin: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:06
Eaglemangenii-around i was under the impression that it showed me way more than that, something like distribution and a nice layout21:06
MonkeyDustjrtappers  start here for ubuntu https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCards21:06
=== Guest39636 is now known as newwen
Eaglemangenii-around something like this:  http://linuxmoz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/centos-apache-install-default-page.png21:07
genii-aroundEagleman: No, the default one just says "It Works!"21:07
genii-aroundEagleman: Note that is a Centos and not Ubuntu package21:07
Eaglemanyeh i should have mixed those 2 together21:08
jrtappersany cards that are known to be good /avoided, I have a bit of a habit of getting that 1 part that doesn't work easily21:08
=== shawnz is now known as Konigsberg7
milamber!hardware | jrtappers21:09
ubottujrtappers: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection21:09
mokujinsomeone can speak russian ?21:09
Eaglemangenii-around when i get the page:  Forbidden  how can i remove this at the bottem?  Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at FQDN Port 44321:09
Eaglemannevermind, i am getting to easy now, already found it21:10
mrecis there any way to change the language in ubuntu within 10 minutes?21:10
ubottusintella: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:10
milamber!ru | mokujin21:10
ubottumokujin: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:10
mrecthis is the biggest fuckup in ubuntu since system -> administration -> language support is gone it's completely messed up21:11
milamber!language | mrec21:11
ubottumrec: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.21:11
joakoIs there any way I can enable audio output from a service?21:11
genii-aroundEagleman: That setting is in /etc/apache2/conf.d/security file. Set ServerSignature Off   and ServerTokens Server:Apache21:12
Eaglemani was wrong indeed, i hard coded it in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf21:12
rasanen7I would like to configure an MTA so that I could use a client for sending mail through my ISPs mailservers, but also so that any system messages or local emails aren't forwarded to the ISPs servers.21:13
Sazpaimondoes byobu work with putty?21:13
DJonesSazpaimon: Yes21:14
genii-aroundEagleman: Those variables can be set in a few places, that's one of the files that's a possible for it.21:14
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
SazpaimonI set putty to use Xterm for the function key behavior, and F1-F12 work, but ctrl+f2 doesn't split my window like it should21:14
Sazpaimonit just spawns a new window21:14
DJonesSazpaimon: Thats not something I ever used, I justed the basic features21:15
Eaglemangenii-around the security file dominated the httpd file21:15
HeKToNplase tell me which room is for free talking21:15
Sazpaimonand shift+f2 just sends tilde (~) character21:15
erreurya qlq121:15
TheLordOfTimeHeKToN, there's an offtopic channel, #ubuntu-offtopic, but you must still abide by the IRC rules and the Code of Conduct there.21:16
DJonesHeKToN: General chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic, although the normal guidelines for all ubuntu channels still apply21:16
Sazpaimonwell then I guess it doesn't work21:16
HeKToNthank you :)21:16
joakoI am trying to use VLC in ubuntu but there is no audio output. How can I enable audio for VLC?21:18
EaglemanWhich  ServerName do i have to set if i have 2 FQDN's and 5 virtualhosts ?21:18
erreurhy how can i installe ubinto on my pc using flash disk21:18
adamkjoako: Use pavucontrol to see if VLC is outputting to pulseaudio.21:19
DJoneserreur: INformation on installing Ubuntu from a flash disk is here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick21:19
erreurthank's DJones21:20
joakoadamk: I think that´s a GUI app? I don´t have GUI access.21:20
adamkSo what kind of files are you trying to play in vlc?  Presumably you're using console front end for vlc?21:21
joakoadamk: I Have a .pls with mp3 streams. I can run it from the GUI and the music plays fine. BUt when I create an upstart script that runs VLC as the same user as before, there is no audio.21:22
erreurwow this is so chaos21:23
erreureavry bodey talk's in da same time21:23
joakoIt appears to playback, but no audio actually comes from the soundcard. I am using the HTTP interface21:23
erreurhow can i talke to somme one alone21:23
Eagleman!pm erreur21:23
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:24
Eaglemanyou will get used to it erreur21:24
erreurhope soo21:25
Eaglemantook me 3.5 years21:25
erreurbut hhhh alright nothing21:25
Eaglemanjust joking :P21:25
DJoneserreur: You'll find that if somebody is speaking directly to you, in most cases, they'll say your nick at the start of the line which should highlight you in your irc client21:26
erreurhey i can probably speac french fluéntly not english21:27
erreursoo go eazy21:27
ilcadminhmm came here just to say hi lol:P21:27
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:27
carl-ericArgh. It seems Ubuntu really is learning from Gnome and removing features, even from the damn installer. Ubiquity doesn't seem to allow the custom luks options the old alternate installer did.21:28
rasanen7Let's try this another way: What combination of an MTA and mail client would you recommend for the task of sending simply emails like system messages (through CLI/scripts) via my ISPs mail server?21:28
erreurit's ok i like it en englais c mieux21:28
erreurcomme sa21:28
EaglemanI am running on port 443 ( HTTPS ) do i also need a ServerName Directive for that?21:29
blnoerreur: you still write in french, and with lots of typos with that… (mais t'écris pourtant en français, et en sms en plus…)21:29
=== bearovercloud_ is now known as bearovercloud
ilcadmincan anyone give me a link to "how to compile in xubuntu" (c++ i`m interested) thanks21:30
erreurwé est ... ?21:30
=== Dext is now known as dext
Joba_TettHelp me?21:30
Joba_TettIt says: /home/jobatett/Downloads/Builds.zip.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.21:30
Joba_TettI'm using FF and need to download a file.21:30
joakoIs there any way to remove Pulse Audio in ubuntu and replace it with something more reliable?21:31
ESphynxHey guys, how can I work around 'error: undefined reference to `glwMDrawingAreaWidgetClass'' while safekeeping my sanity?21:31
joakoWhen I run a program from the GUI i get audio but when I run something from SSH I don´t get audio21:31
blnoerreur: and so people won't help you here if you use French. And nobody will want to help you if you continue to type like you're texting too.21:31
joakoAnd I don´t get any error!21:31
jhutchins_wkjoako: Where do you expect to get the audio via ssh?21:31
erreuraaaah ok thank's so this chat thing is to help & stuf like that21:32
joakojhutchins_wk: From the same soundcard in the machine that works in the GUI21:32
usr13blno: First, you need to install package build-essential21:32
=== MedievalChips is now known as The7thSin
blnoerreur: yep. Sorry if that wasn't clear.21:32
jhutchins_wkjoako: Sorry, no congruent description.21:32
erreuri dont have any problems so they help me21:33
erreurnn its ok i get it now21:33
jhutchins_wkjoako: Do you expect it on the system you are originitating the ssh session from, or the remote system?21:33
erreurops thank you21:33
dlynes_laptoperreur, Well, if you have no problems, you can always stick around and help others21:33
usr13!compile | blno21:33
ubottublno: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall21:33
joakojhutchins_wk: I run the program in the GUI and audio comes from the system´s sound card. I want to be able to run the same program as a service and have the audio come from the same sound card.21:34
dlynes_laptoperreur, merci beaucoups m'sieur21:34
jhutchins_wkjoako: If I ssh to my workstation upstairs and do mpg123 daisy.mpg, the computer upstairs will sing "Daisy, Daisy" while the one I'm on will essentially do nothing.21:34
usr13!packages | blno21:34
ubottublno: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!21:34
blnousr13: it wasn't me who asked about compilation21:34
ApachezLinus Thorvalds tells kernel developer a merry xmas ;)   https://lkml.org/lkml/2012/12/23/7521:34
usr13blno: Oh, sorry21:34
randomuser33Hello Ubuntu gawds, quick question...Would the latest version of ubuntu read exFat out of the box or would I need to install a package?21:34
erreurok i'will but i cant understand somme words in english21:34
erreurit's ok i'll  try my best21:35
randomuser33erreur: Google translate ftw21:35
jhutchins_wkjoako: Some of the players/collection managers provide an interface that will allow you to control them remotely, but they usually have to be launched locally.21:35
ESphynxman I love Linus lol21:36
joakojhutchins_wk: The issue is no the interface. THe issue is if I don´t launch from the GUI there is no audio output21:36
dlynes_laptoperreur, bien quit, your english is just fine21:36
erreurok thank's21:36
usr13joako: What exactly are you trying to do?21:37
blnois there a channel to discuss the new Ubuntu phone announcement?21:38
joakousr13: I am trying to run VLC a service. When I run VLC as a service or through SSH there is no sound output. WHen I run VLC from the GUI there is sound output21:38
dlynes_laptopblno, #ubuntu-discuss21:38
jhutchins_wkjoako: That would be reasonable.  Your audio system is essentialy owned by the local GUI.  If you launch a GUI app remotely the display is forwarded, but the GUI already has control of the local sound.21:38
blnodlynes_laptop: thanks21:38
joakoAnd I just ran MPG123 from SSH and again there is no sound output21:38
zirpuanyone had ethernet and wifi disappear after the latest update to network-manager-gnome ?21:38
jhutchins_wkjoako: You would have to trigger the GUI app to launch in the existing local session.  There are ways to do that, but I don't know them.21:38
DJonesblno: The discussion has been moved to #ubuntu-phone21:38
joakoPreviously I had openSUSE and I could run VLC as a service21:39
blnoDJones: great, thanks21:39
jhutchins_wkjoako: On the other hand, text based apps are not using X forwarding, and they can often access the mixer on the local system (as above with mpg123).21:39
dlynes_laptopDJones, thanks for the update....been sending everyone to #ubuntu-discuss :)21:39
joakoI never said I was using x forwarding. And I said MPG123 also does not output audio21:39
joakoWhat if I just didn´t want a GUI? I Could not use audio?21:40
usr13joako: That is normal.  The audio will originate [only] from the local PC.21:40
jhutchins_wkjoako: Supposedly one of the reasons for pulseaudio is that you can run a -local- app on your machine and forward the sound to the output of a remote machine.  Again, I don't have details.21:40
joakousr13: So what is needed to enable the sound?21:40
jhutchins_wkjoako: Investigate why mpg123 isn't working.  Does the user have permission to access /dev/dsp?21:40
jhutchins_wkjoako: Are you running pulse or straight ALSA?21:41
=== HeKToN is now known as HeKToN|away
joakojhutchins_wk: I am using the same user for the GUI and SSH. And I am using whatever is the default in Ubuntu 12.0421:41
usr13joako: The should should be heard on the pc that the app runs on.  Now, from a ssh session to another PC,  you may not even be able to run a gui app like vlc without first setting the display to the local machine with command:  export DISPLAY=:0.0  After that you should be able to run a gui app on the remote PC.21:42
joakousr13: VLC doesn´t need a GUI and that doesn´t explan why CLI-only mpg123 doesn´t work.21:43
joakoI used to have openSUSE and I could run VLC as a service with the HTTP interface just fine and audio would come out of the machine´s sound card. Now in ubutnu I can not get sound as a service, or from SSH basically it has to be done MANUALLY from the local GUI.21:44
usr13joako: mpg123 should work as well, yes, and the audio should be heard on the PC that the app resides on.  Maybe you just need to turn up the volume.  Try alsamixer.21:44
Jordan_Ujoako: Pulseaudio automatically routs sound to the same place that $DISPLAY is going. You can also manually direct it to a remote machine.21:45
vinceakavincehey yall i dont know if this is where i should ask about having trouble installing ubuntu or not. but im having some difficulties21:45
joakoJordan_U: I don´t know what that means. There isn´t a display so maybe that´s the problem21:45
randomuser33Hello Ubuntu gawds, quick question...Would the latest version of ubuntu read exFat out of the box or would I need to install a package?21:45
k1l_!ask | vinceakavince21:46
ubottuvinceakavince: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:46
Jordan_Ujoako: $DISPLAY is the variable related to X which tells applications which X Display (which doesn't neccessarily correspond to a physical display) to send commands to.21:46
joakousr13: Just turned up the volume to max on everythign and still nothing21:46
Jordan_Ujoako: It's basically (though not quite) the only difference between "ssh foo@bar" and "ssh -X foo@bar".21:47
usr13joako: Jordan_U is addressing your issue .21:47
bekksrandomuser33: Looks like you have to install fuse-exfat for using exfat.21:47
zirpuhere's a fun bug:  install arping and it uninstalls network-manager.  that was fun.21:47
joakoJordan_U: So what should I put in /etc/init/vlc.conf upstart script so audio will play?21:47
randomuser33Oh okay. I assumed I would have to do someting. Thanks! bekks21:47
Jordan_Ujoako: So the first thing I would try is "ssh -X foo@bar" then running mpg123 within that ssh session, though I'm not sure that will work as I haven't tried it before.21:48
icerootzirpu: you created a bug for that already?21:48
joakoJordan_U: I am SSH in from a Windows PC21:48
sander__Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to contribute with graphics design work to any ubuntu related project?21:48
usr13To the question about exFAT:  http://superuser.com/questions/436368/how-to-open-exfat-ssd-in-ubuntu-12-0421:48
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
DJones!contribute | sander__ This should be a good place to start,21:49
ubottusander__ This should be a good place to start,: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu21:49
icerootzirpu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/arping/+bug/11959721:51
Jordan_Ujoako: Then you're probably not going to be able to get this working automatically via ssh, because you need some network routable sound system to get the sound from the PC running mpeg123 to the machine you're sitting in front of, and pulseaudio is pretty much it for that. Though pulseaudio can be installed and used in Windows, I doubt that it integrates nicely with ssh clients to automatically route sound.21:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 119597 in network-manager (Debian) "Conflict with network manager, why?" [Unknown,Fix released]21:51
dcrouchHello everyone.21:52
easy_errhi, i have a compaq presario cq56, with a realtek rtl8191se 802.11b/g/n wifi adapter. I'm using Easypeasy OS based on ubuntu. I manage to connect to the wireless network but i'm unable to access any page whatsoever nor am I able to login to skype, empathy etc. any idea please?21:52
joakoJordan_U: I think you misunderstood me. I don´t want to direct the audio anywhere. SSH is just a test. I want VLC to run as a service and I want the audio to come from the local machine´s sound card21:52
joakoBut the same issue when I ssh is that audio is not output21:52
dcrouchIs there a way to get into single-user mode to reset root password on a local machine if fast boot options are enabled?   (No splash screen or anything at prompt, we just land in login menu).21:53
usr13joako: Have you tested the sound system?  If not, try play: /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*21:53
usr13joako: Have you tested the sound system?  If not, try:   play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*21:54
Jordan_Ujoako: Ahh, then I think you're running into a security problem. By default only the user at the active tty can output sound (so for example if you switch users, the old user's apps won't be able to play sound until you switch back to it).21:54
joakousr13: When I login via the GUI I can run VLC and everything plays fine, But when I run mpg123 or VLC from an SSH session.... or from an upstart script then there is no audio21:54
Jordan_Ujoako: And it's not based on UID (though I don't know exactly what it is based on).21:54
lahwrandoes anyone have a fresh install of ubuntu handy? would you tell me if it has the python-twisted package installed?21:55
joakoJordan_U: So what file do I need to chmod 777 to allow the audio from anywhere?21:55
Jordan_Ujoako: I can think of an ugly hack which will probably work though (and also may help you examine the situation to find out how to do this properly).21:55
brendan_is there a way to specify the directory in which a package via apt-get is installed to?21:56
joakoJordan_U: Please do go on21:56
brendan_ie: going to be using apt-get to install libyaml-dev, but would like it to go to /usr/local21:56
Jordan_Ujoako: Try opening a terminal on the physical machine, and start screen. Then ssh in and "screen -x" to connect to that screen session and run mpeg123 from there.21:56
usr13joako: That is an anomaly.  What is the OS?21:57
joakoJordan_U: 1) I don´t have access to the screen right now. 2) How would i do that from a startup script?21:57
joakousr13: Ubuntu 12.0421:57
Jordan_Ujoako: If that works, you can examine the differences between the environment inside and outside the screen session to maybe figure out how to do this properly.21:57
usr13joako: export DISPLAY=:0.021:58
joakoCan I remove pulse audio and use something else?21:59
vinceakavinceim here on a friends pc. my computer that i want ubuntu on doesnt have a working browser. i downloaded the ubuntu 12.10 iso file, ran the universal usb installer.exe and formatted the usb and all that. restarted my computer, went to the boot options, selected the usb, and its saying "no configuration file found"21:59
easy_errhi, i have a compaq presario cq56, with a realtek rtl8191se 802.11b/g/n wifi adapter. I'm using Easypeasy OS based on ubuntu. I manage to connect to the wireless network but i'm unable to access any page whatsoever nor am I able to login to skype, empathy etc. any idea please?21:59
usr13joako: Yes.  YOu can remove pulseaudio and you'll be left with alsa22:00
ESphynxhey guys, why doesn't nm /usr/lib/libGLw.so.1.0.0 have any symbols at all?22:00
joakousr13: and alsa doesn´t need a GUI or have all of these ¨security¨ ¨features´ ?22:00
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
usr13joako: I don't know what the problem is.  Jordan_U and myself have given you several tips on how to troubleshoot the problem but I think we've pretty much exausted the possibilities.22:02
usr13joako: Try alsamixer22:02
jonasthomas_I have a dump question.  I'm running 10.04 and supposedly libgl1-mesa-glx 7.10.1-0ubuntu2 will cure all sort of problems22:03
jonasthomas_currently I have 7.7.1-1ubuntu3.1 in 10.04   Is there a way to back port this into 10.04 or is this going to force me into 12.04?22:03
jrtapperseasy_err: can you ping any addresses?22:03
joakousr13: Yes when I run alsamixer I set the volumes to max22:03
usr13joako: Did you try  play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*  ?22:03
joakoI try to remove pulseaudio but it trys to remove others like gnome-session and vlc22:03
joakousr13: No but I tried mpg123 http://some/stream22:04
usr13joako: Try  play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*  ?22:04
easy_erri cannot ping anything22:04
jrtappersNot addresses or IP's?22:05
usr13easy_err: What are you trying to ping?  IP addresses, or domain names?22:05
Jordan_Ujoako: Try "pasuspender mpeg123 foo.mp3" as that will suspend pulseaudio and have mpeg123 talk directly to alsa.22:06
brendan_is there a way to specify the directory in which a package via apt-get is installed to? ie: using like --prefix= when doing a source install so i can specify the path for the  apt-get install libyaml-dev?22:06
usr13easy_err: I can't "ping anything"  either, but I CAN ping a valid domain name and I can ping IP addresses that exist on my LAN.22:06
usr13brendan_: Not that I know of....22:07
Jordan_Ujoako: If that also fails then pulseaudio probably isn't what's arbitrating access to the sound card for this security feature (or at least isn't the only thing arbitrating access).22:07
jrtapperseasy_err: Have you got an IP adress from DCHP?22:07
joakoJordan_U: ¨Feautre¨ not feature22:07
usr13easy_err: Do you have a network problem?22:07
Jordan_Ubrendan_: No. Why do you want to?22:07
=== abailarri is now known as matxgu
brendan_because im currently compiling libyaml via source for a specific version22:08
brendan_and we are specifying the prefix as /usr/local22:08
usr13brendan_: You could use a symlink22:08
brendan_for use with ruby, etc.22:08
ggherdovHi all. I have little knowledge of the lifecycle of an Ubuntu version. What is, now, the lowest version of Ubuntu that is, somehow, supported? I mean, if I am writing a software, and would like it to be packaged for Ubuntu, what is the lowest Ubuntu release that I need to make sure my thing is compatible with?22:09
brendan_it may work as is, but was curious22:09
jrtappersIs my name showing as registered, I don't know if I did it right or not22:09
usr13jrtappers: see for yourself.22:09
Muphridggherdov: 10.04 LTS which will end its life in march or april. If you would like to package something it is better to contribute to debian instead, then it will flow to ubuntu22:10
usr13jrtappers: Yes.  You are James.  Right?22:10
joakoJordan_U: No pasuspender doesn´t work either22:10
brendan_Jordan_U: im trying to make management easier, but not create new problem(s)22:10
jrtappersYes, thanks22:10
brendan_working with Puppet22:10
jrtappersI am just getting used to this22:10
ggherdovMuphrid: really? I had the impression that packages comes first at Ubuntu, and later at Debian. I mean, Ubuntu has newer version of packages.22:11
shilohis ubuntu going get rid of infinity anytime soon or is this it now?22:11
MonkeyDustshiloh  you mean Unity?22:11
usr13jrtappers: YOu can do:  /whois jrtappers22:11
Muphridggherdov: Ubuntu imports from debian Sid (regular releases) and testing (lts). Debian comes first22:11
shilohMonkeyDust: yes sir, meant unity22:11
ggherdovMuphrid: ok22:11
MonkeyDustshiloh  you can easily install something else, if you don't like Unity22:12
jrtappersusr13: that doesn't seem to work for me22:12
Jordan_Uggherdov: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ubuntu_releases#Version_timeline22:12
easy_erri am trying to ping addresses not ip's and yes, I think i have a network problem since I get connected to the network successfully but i am unable tu surf the web22:12
jrtappersI get nothing back22:12
ggherdovJordan_U: thx22:12
usr13jrtappers: CHeck status window (Not sure what client you are using, but...)22:13
shilohMonkeyDust: understood, i used to like it with gnome but have left, was just curious if they were going to move back or not.22:13
jrtappersusr13: XChat22:13
jrtapperseasy_err: What IP do you get for google.com?22:13
Jordan_Uggherdov: You're welcome.22:13
usr13easy_err: route -n  #What is the gateway address?22:14
usr13easy_err: (Should be your gateway router's IP)22:14
rstrtOk, I just saw the news about the Ubuntu phone. Does that imply that I can install Ubuntu over top of existing Android devices?22:14
jrtappersshiloh: you can install other window managers22:14
easy_errwell, i gotta boot into linux to check...be right back...22:15
usr13easy_err: Wait22:15
jrtappersrstrt: Not yet, it seems to mean OEMS can add it, but some ROMS may happen22:15
jrtappersrstrt, but if you want it on an android device at the moment there is a way with vnc I think...22:16
rstrtjrtappers; ah. Thanks. I don't want to run VNC into Ubuntu, It would be cool if I could load it onto my Gnex to test, we'll see where it goes.22:16
jrtappersThink that is one of the devices that will get a Beta Version in the next few weeks, il check22:17
usr13easy_err: Check the gateway IP first, see that it is, in fact, your gateway router's IP.  Then see what nameserver you are using, cat /etc/resolv.conf  It may be the router's IP and if so, you need to have your router's caching nameserver turned on and the router should have a valid nameserver from outside that it uses.  If not, or if you want to just sidestep all that, just  as your nameserver.22:17
shilohjrtappers: understood, i might research that a little bit and try.22:17
jrtappersshiloh, what Window Manager wold you like22:18
joakoHow do I disable the /etc/init.d/pulseaudio service?22:18
usr13easy_err: Also, check your IP.  ifconfig  See that you have been given an IP within the subnet of your router's dhcp pool. (Probably 192.168.1.x or something to that order.)22:18
usr13easy_err: Ok, you can go.22:19
usr13joako: sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio22:19
joakousr13: It tries to remove other stuff too. So I just want to disable the service22:20
=== ocontant is now known as toordog
joakoNot sure if /sbin/chckconfig is compatible in Ubuntu...22:20
usr13joako: What other stuff?  (Does it matter?22:20
joakousr13: I am not 1000% sure but it´s called bluecherry-desktop and I do not want to remove it. I just want to disable the pulseaudio from hell without deleting it right now22:21
usr13joako: chkconfig ?22:21
usr13joako: I'm not 1000% sure either, but just remove it.22:22
joakoNo. Can you just answer the question? How do I disable a service in Ubuntu?22:22
usr13joako: What does chkconfig have to do with any of this?22:22
joakousr13: I want to disalbe the /etc/init.d/pulseaudio service22:22
joakoand in my system there´s no /sbin/chkconfig22:23
usr13joako: Just uninstall it.  What's the problem?22:23
shilohjrtappers: i like gnome for use and mate for when playing some games22:23
usr13joako: Why not?22:23
joakousr13: because I dont want to22:24
usr13joako: YOu can always re-install later on if you want them back.22:24
usr13joako: Ok, never mind.22:24
jrtappersshiloh, you on 12.10?22:24
joakoI used update-rc.d -f  pulseaudio remove. Is that correct to disable the service?22:25
usr13I suppose you could remove the executable bit from /etc/init.d/pulseaudio22:25
shilohjrtappers: no thinking of installing again, had been using another distro since unity was infriendly for me to use22:26
ztguubuntu phone (Y)22:26
shilohjrtappers: and its 12.10 that i am dl-ing22:27
jrtappersshiloh, follow these instructions http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/how-to-get-complete-gnome-3-desktop-in.html22:27
Kuhrectcan any one help me getting skype installed?22:27
jrtappersKuhrect, sure22:27
jrtappersKuhrect, what Ubuntu version?22:28
usr13Kuhrect: go to skype.com, download, install.22:28
ztguanyone with experience in powertop and lsmod?22:28
shilohjrtappers: thank you for the assistance, much appreciated22:28
KuhrectI downloaded precise_4.0.1.20-1-i386 and opened with Ubuntu Software Center.Click install and get error wrong architecture 'i386'22:28
jrtappersshiloh, glad to help22:28
joakoOnce I reboot I still have pulseaudo process running, so should I do this? chmod 000 /usr/bin/pulseaudio22:28
ztguAudio codec hwC0C0 is draining power from my laptop22:29
MonkeyDustusr13  i installed it from software center, after i deleted the conflicting install from the website22:29
jrtappersKuhrect, what version of ubuntu are you using?22:29
jrtappersKuhrect, Run these commands22:30
jrtapperssudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"22:30
zwircIm ordering a dedicated server, whats best   http://www.webtropia.com/de/root-server/professional-root-server-details.html?pid=ProfessionalM vsthan http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produkte_rootserver/ex4s22:30
jrtapperssudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype22:30
usr13Kuhrect: Is your system 32bit  or  64bit?22:30
jrtappersKuhrect, I got that from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype22:30
vinceakavinceim here on a friends pc. my computer that i want ubuntu on doesnt have a working browser. i downloaded the ubuntu 12.10 iso file, ran the universal usb installer.exe and formatted the usb and all that. restarted my computer, went to the boot options, selected the usb, and its saying "no configuration file found"22:31
usr13Kuhrect: Did you select the 64bit version?22:31
toordogI'm having some issue with kerberos and I need to reinstall /usr/share/kerberos-config/*22:31
toordogany idea how to do that?22:31
usr13Kuhrect: I don't think there IS a 64bit version.  I think it just comes with 32bit libraries that enalbe it on your 64bit system.  Maybe you should try the package manager.  apt-cache search skype22:33
Kuhrectwhen i ran the command i got :  The following packages have unmet dependencies:22:34
Kuhrect skype : Depends: skype-bin but it is not installable22:34
KuhrectE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.22:34
joakoWhat do I need to do to enable ALSA in ubuntu? I am getting the error: -A alsa,none22:34
mkanderWhat is the best bare-metal backup strategy for an ubuntu server?22:34
usr13Kuhrect: sudo apt-get install -f22:34
MonkeyDustmkander  #ubuntu-server22:34
WeThePeoplewhat does the alt button do?22:35
RyuGunsHey, I need a bit of help.22:35
joako alsa audio output error: cannot open ALSA device "default": No such file or directory22:35
ztguhow can I blacklist modules? An audio codec is draining my battery.22:35
toordoganyone know how to repopulate /usr/share/kerberos-config22:35
Kuhrecttappers you there?22:36
VlanXcould anyone help me to enable 3D graphics with an old ATI card?22:37
jrtappersI am here22:37
joakoAnd when I run ¨aplay -l¨ I get the error: aplay: device_list:252: no soundcards found...22:37
jrtappersKuhrect, try apt-get install -f22:37
jrtappersIt fixes some problems22:37
WeThePeoplevlanx, do a lshw in terminal and paste.ubuntu.com22:38
KuhrectUnable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?22:38
jrtappersKuhrect, sorry, sudo apt-get install -f22:38
RyuGunsI dualboot ubuntu 12.10 and Mac OS X 10.6 on a 2006 MacBook, whenever I log in on ubuntu, it freezes... so after time, when I log in, I switch to TTY4, login and run "sudo restart lightdm". It works, so I log in again and it just restarts...22:38
usr13Kuhrect: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -f22:38
jrtappersusr13, is one of those meant to be upgrade, or update twice?22:39
usr13Kuhrect: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install -f22:40
usr13jrtappers: Tnx22:40
Robbiliejust a quick question, when will the source for ubu for phones will be available?22:40
jrtappersKuhrect, whats happening?22:40
jrtappersusr13, thats ok22:40
Robbiliei have the "superphone" or it from this website: http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone/operators-and-oems22:40
zabomberRobbilie: i read in a couple weeks... eagliy waiting too22:40
Andrilhello all22:40
Robbiliezabomber, read the specs of the razr i and from the website :D22:40
=== nacho is now known as Guest54650
jrtappers*, In XChat you can do a whosis by rightlicking names and selecting the first option22:41
zabomberRobbilie: do you have a link?22:41
=== Guest54650 is now known as newwen
Robbilieor do you mean the razr i?22:41
Andrili got to 2 GSM Galaxy Nexus & 1 HTC One X ready to go!22:42
SailorMoonwhats the command to see what wireless device i have?22:42
jrtappersRobbilie, I thing that the Nexus might be first22:42
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
zabomberrazr i...22:42
usr13SailorMoon: lspci22:42
usr13SailorMoon: or   lspci |grep ireless22:42
InfiniteByteApropos ubuntu-phone: have i to buy a phone, that comes with ubuntu or can i install it on other smartphones?22:42
Robbiliejrtappers, i think so but the intel atom cpu is better for desktop support :D22:43
SailorMoonAnyone know anything about BCM4311?22:43
Jordan_USailorMoon: Try asking your actual question.22:44
Kuhrectnow what do i do22:44
MonkeyDust!bcm | SailorMoon start here22:44
ubottuSailorMoon start here: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:44
SailorMoonAnyone know how to get the BCM4311 working from a fresh install?22:44
Robbiliewill it be capable of running dalvik?22:44
zabomberholy wow!!! thats a beatiful piece of tech....22:44
zabomberthanks Robilies22:44
jrtappersRobbilie, If its powerful the vnc trick may be worth a go22:44
Robbiliejrtappers, which vnc?22:44
jrtappersRobbilie, you run ubuntu from a terminal app then vnc in22:45
usr13SailorMoon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:45
usr13SailorMoon: What does  iwconfig say?22:45
Robbiliei once ran it with chroot but upstart doesnt like chroot that much so i am using arch linux with chroot22:45
Kuhrectusr13, i ran the commands now what?22:46
roothola mundo22:46
jrtappersRobbilie, Thats the way I was saying22:46
=== root is now known as Guest59587
usr13Kuhrect: apt-cache search skype22:46
Robbiliejrtappers, yeah fullscreen vnc running minecraft was fun :D22:46
usr13Robbilie: What does upstart have to do with chroot?22:46
Robbilieyou know upstart?22:46
k1l_!rootirc | Guest5958722:46
ubottuGuest59587: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.22:46
Robbilieit simply doesnt "upstart" xD22:46
usr13Robbilie: Ok, well, I guess I'll take your word for it, but I didn't think it would matter.22:47
Robbiliethere are a lot of services need to be running to make anything work xD22:48
Robbiliearch linux is much easier with this ;)22:48
Robbiliei got sound to work!22:48
Robbilieno way with ubu xD22:48
usr13Robbilie:  What your saying doesn't make any sense.  Either you are using a wrong term or two or I'm just lost here.22:48
Congposition_constrain_workarea won't disable. help!22:48
Robbilieupstart <- service starting in ubuntu22:49
Congtried almost everything22:49
Robbilieit manages the services right?22:49
usr13Robbilie: Right.22:49
x0auserHi guys , whi i can't change icon's theme ! when i apply changement from ubuntu tweak all icons become grey !22:49
usr13Robbilie: And your point?22:49
Kuhrecturs13, i ran that command now what ?22:49
az_anyone here get the the new steam working?22:49
Robbilieand when i ran ubu wit chroot, upstart doesnt upstart22:49
usr13Kuhrect: What did it reply with?22:49
Robbiliegot it? :D22:50
Kuhrecta list of things22:50
usr13Kuhrect: What was the output?22:50
CongHey, somebody try this. drag a window down and click away from the window. drag it up again and click away from the window again.22:50
abcharoldPlease could I be told a roundup of new features in ubuntu 12.10, I have the 12.04.1 LTS at the mo22:50
usr13Kuhrect: apt-cache search skype | pastebinit    #Show us resulting URL22:50
jagginessaz_, yeah.. it works..22:50
=== abailarri is now known as matxgu
usr13abcharold: You are in a good place, IMHO.22:51
usr13!lts | abcharold22:51
ubottuabcharold: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)22:51
jrtappersRobbilie,  must have been laggy :D But COOL22:51
Robbiliemineraft made my phone run out of ram xD22:52
x0auserwant to use default icon's theme of raring ringtail but icons become grey !  Why ?22:52
riddleboxI had my laptop on a charger all day, I take it off the charger and boot it up to ubuntu 12.10..and the power meter shows about half, and 3 hours and 55 min of battery life?22:53
jrtappersShould we change the update center icon?22:53
=== james is now known as Guest77791
vinceakavincenevermind guys i figured it out :)22:54
SailorMoon"fatal: module ssb is in use"?22:55
=== Phenniix_ is now known as Phenniix
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
Slingtold ya, ubuntuphone :)22:56
SailorMoonI cant get it to work :(22:56
jrtappersWe need an ubuntuphone channel22:56
SailorMoonThere's an Ubuntu ARM channel, jrtappers22:56
Jordan_Ujrtappers: #ubuntu-discuss for now, and also #ubuntu-phone.22:57
usr13Kuhrect: sudo apt-get install skype22:57
SailorMoonplease help me, im running some modprobe -r command and it keeps telling me "FATAL: Module ssb is in use"22:57
jrtappersSailorMoon, Jordan_U, thanks22:58
Jordan_Ujrtappers: You're welcome.22:58
usr13SailorMoon: lsmod   #Probably already there.22:58
Kuhrectusr13, The following packages have unmet dependencies:22:59
Kuhrect skype : Depends: skype-bin but it is not installable22:59
Kuhrect teamviewer7 : Depends: ia32-libs but it is not going to be installed22:59
Jordan_USailorMoon: The module can't be removed while hardware is using it.'22:59
SailorMoonSo what do i do about it, Jordan_U22:59
gotwigI wanna start 32 bit firefox nightly, aurora I guess: I get all the time libxul.so is missing, which package do I need?22:59
gotwigI run ubuntu 12.10 64bit22:59
SailorMoonnvm, i figured out my issue i think, Jordan_U22:59
jrtappersKuhrect, is that my commands for install?23:00
DominikST95hey...Has anyone experience with ATI HD 4xxx drivers on Ubuntu 12.04? Want to update mine, but nothing is working...23:00
Kuhrectthat is what i got when i "sudo apt-get install skype"23:00
jrtappersI have had driver disasters recently, blackscreens, terminal only all sorts23:01
jrtappersdid you d the 1st command fisrt?23:01
provenzanowsup hackers :D23:01
toordogwho's a hacker here?23:02
Robbiliehaha :D23:02
jrtapperstoordog, whats your definition?23:02
jrtapperstoordog, If its breaking passwords on a locked computer because the user forgot the password then yes23:03
gotwigno idea how I can get libxul.so 32 bit for 64bit system??23:03
Robbiliejrtappers, omfg hes a hacker call the fbi!23:04
anduralI was wondering if anyone here can help me with a video issue23:04
jrtappersRobbilie, hackers are who built the intenet, only blackhats are bad23:05
Unguidedhello all. how do you add hard drives to ubuntu?23:05
Robbiliejrtappers, ok i further will use the #ironic tag ok? :D23:05
gotwigandural, ask23:05
jrtappersRobbilie, good thing I didn't say about arpspoof :D23:06
Robbiliejrtappers, dsploit is nice ;)23:06
Miebster1What do all of the columns of ls -l indicate, and why isn't it listed in the man page under ls -l23:06
jrtappersRobbilie, theres a fun tool to show people that Internetz is not securez23:06
kvothetechUnguided: partition format then mount it?23:06
Robbiliejrtappers, dsploit doesnt run on intel android :(23:06
Robbiliesame for arpspoof23:06
anduralI'm running 12.04 on a desktop with 2 nvidia cards.  After rebooting (ran some updates), it won't boot into graphical.  I'm form back in the xorg.conf and startx days, so I don't know where to start in fixing the issue23:07
AbhishAre there themes available for the Ubuntu website? I wanted to use it as the basis for another site.23:07
Unguidedkvothetech: Newb. what tool do I use to do that with?23:07
louiz920is there anywhere to get the new mobile ubuntu source?23:07
anduralI'm currently trying to remove nvidia-current and just using nvidia-common23:07
jrtappersUnguided, are these new drives23:07
louiz920not, 12.04 optimized for ARM, but the newer touch focused ubuntu23:08
Abhishlouiz920, It is not yet available. SHould be just after the eighth.23:08
jrtappersRobbilie, have you seen hak5?23:08
toordogjrtappers it<s been done so well lately that USA try to pass law to control it all ;)23:08
Unguidedkvothetech. Older blank drives.23:08
louiz920gotcha, guess i'll have to wait for CES :)23:08
louiz920thanks Abhish23:08
Robbiliejrtappers, isnt it the webshow?23:08
jrtapperstoordog, remind me what we are talking about plz23:08
jrtappersRobbilie, yes23:09
gotwigjust installed firefox:i386, fixed libxul.so error23:09
kvothetechUnguided: same process...23:09
Robbiliejrtappers, nope just watched it for a few secs and i was bored :D23:09
jrtappersRobbilie, a youtube podcast on computer security :D23:09
kvothetechunless it's a tape drive or something.23:09
kvothetechthen you should just have to mount it23:09
Robbiliejrtappers, i have a friend with a bad history (da police took it all :( ) and hes my security expert ;)23:09
jrtappersRobbilie, If you use ssh use public key23:10
Unguidedkvothetech: Ok. Thanks23:10
SailorMoonKay guys noob time, lets say i used "sudo modprobe -r brcmsmac bcma" to unload something-or-other, and i want to blacklist it, what would i do?23:10
anduralgotwig I'm running 12.04 on a desktop with 2 nvidia cards.  After rebooting (ran some updates), it won't boot into graphical.  I'm form back in the xorg.conf and startx days, so I don't know where to start in fixing the issue23:10
Robbiliejrtappers, i do ;)23:10
jrtappersI use public key and google authenticator for when I don't have my cert23:11
Robbiliejrtappers, you have to tell me more bout g auth23:11
SailorMoonKay guys noob time, lets say i used "sudo modprobe -r brcmsmac bcma" to unload something-or-other, and i want to blacklist it, what would i do?23:11
AbhishSailorMoon, look for a file with blacklist in the name under /etc/modprobe23:11
ESphynxhey guys... all my panels disappeared... and ctrl-alt-f2 stupidly does not update the screen :S23:11
gotwigandural, have you just tried to run nvidia-xconfig?23:11
SailorMoonBut whats the driver name, "brcmsmac" or "bcma" or "brcmsmac bcma"?23:12
SailorMoonIm not sure what to add23:12
anduralgotwig not yet, let me run this and see what it does23:12
AbhishSailorMoon, WHy are you trying to blacklist that module?23:12
gotwigandural, where are you from?23:12
ScuniziWhat's in the repos that I can use to edit .bdm video files taken with a HD camcorder?23:12
cnuulhuI'm updating directly from a very old version of Ubuntu to to 12.04 (LTS). How should I go about backing up and restoring files for all users?23:12
cnuulhuAnd can I back up anything more than files?23:12
SailorMoonBecause its conflicting and its making my wifi not work, Abhish23:12
jrtappersRobbilie, two factor authentication so even if the password for my accounts is sniffed im still secure23:12
AbhishWhat is your wifi car?23:12
SailorMoon"brcmsmac" or "wl" is making my wireless not work23:12
anduralgotwig currently in California23:13
SailorMooni have it working now but only because i used modprobe -r23:13
SailorMooni want it to work on boot23:13
gotwigandural, alright ;) I am from German23:13
Robbiliejrtappers, hear alot bout that will enable that now because my password is too insecure23:13
AbhishSailorMoon, run sudo lsmod | grep b4323:13
anduralgotwig : originally dutch :)23:13
AbhishSailorMoon, The reason I'm asking these questions is that I'm rather intimate with issues pertaining to broadcom chipsets.23:14
SailorMooni have it rebooting, just to see.23:15
jrtappersRobbilie, Public wifi is insecure, so twofactor is needed, passwords c an be sniffed23:15
=== d is now known as Guest86380
=== redrocket[Den] is now known as redrocket
anduralgotwig I manage to get to a different graphical login, which lets me type username/password and then does nothing23:15
SailorMoonYeah, it isnt working, Abhish23:15
Freederwhats the best way to figure out what is causing a high system load? top doesn't show the culprit, its all at 0%23:15
vinceakavinceim installing ubuntu 12.10 desktop on my computer alongside my windows xp (this is a friends computer im chatting on). its asking me to partition drive space. is that just asking how much of my hard drive do i want to use for windows and how much for ubuntu? or what? also is that something i can change in the future?23:16
jrtappersFreeder, sudo top23:16
jrtappersvinceakavince, why not wubi?23:16
FreederI'm already running it as root23:16
DominikST95vinceakavince, partitions can be changed later, but it may be that some data gets lost23:17
jrtappersvinceakavince, OH yh, XP = no wubi, sorry23:17
DominikST95(if you do it wrong)23:17
gotwigandural, can you get to the ubuntu lightdm?23:17
Robbiliejrtappers, enabled :)23:17
toordog jrtappers what about 7 then :)23:17
Robbiliejrtappers, now going to add a new pw additionally23:17
anduralgotwig no.  doing a 'service start lightdm' gets me to this odd graphical login23:18
SailorMoonAbhish: simply typing "sudo modprobe b43" makes my wireless card work. what should i do to make it load at boot?23:18
vinceakavincehmm, how might i do it wrong? lol now youve got me worried. is there anything i should watch out for, or what would cause loss of data?23:19
gotwigandural, so the normal lightdm...?23:19
gotwigandural, the phrase before you are loged in23:19
toordogvinceakavince: just that resizing a partition is never 100% safe23:20
VlanXWeThePeople:  http://pastebin.com/KSYJ8Ncw23:20
jrtapperstoordog, Please can you remind me, my chat history is a bit broken23:20
anduralgotwig, I don't know, I haven't seen this one before.  The usual lightdm login looks different than what I get now.23:20
toordogjrtappers: I keep losing you :P23:20
jrtappersOh, security tip, Use XARP23:20
Abhishb43... how is the performance? I usually have to blacklist that driver.23:20
anduralgotwig I get this one http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_pzVKVDOIYcQ/TNuIGKArGbI/AAAAAAAAFF4/eXHZ5RCL8Lc/s1600/LightDM+Industrial.png23:20
vinceakavincetoordog: oh ok well thanks for the heads up23:20
AbhishAll you should need to do is blacklist brcmsmac and wl.23:20
DominikST95if you for example try to make a full partition smaller, some data will be erased23:20
AbhishSailorMoon, ^23:20
anduralgotwig but logging in does nothing, it just puts me back at that screen23:21
Kuhrectcan any one help me install skype on ubuntu??23:21
gotwigandural, are you serious^^?23:21
WeThePeoplevlanx, what dist?23:21
jrtapperstoordog, I am back in the conversation flow23:21
gotwigandural, I think I know about your problem23:22
VlanXWeThePeople: 12.1023:22
AbhishSailorMoon, udev handles driver loading. Blacklist the offending drivers and it should act fine.23:22
AbhishKuhrect, is it available in the app store?23:22
toordogjrtappers: i was just saying earlier that hacker shown so well that internet is not secure that now USA want to pass law to control the internet ;)23:22
anduralgotwig that would be nice :)23:22
gotwigandural, you would have to remove some hiden .Xauthority files I guesss23:22
gotwigthey are somehow corrupted23:22
gotwigor invalid23:22
AbhishIf not, download it and install it. The package manager will make sure it works.23:22
anduralgotwig interesting.  where are those normally located?  and, any idea how that happened?23:22
gotwigin your home directory23:22
jrtappersIts insecure, but only humans make mistakes23:23
anduralgotwig hmm okay.23:23
gotwigandural, before that create a new user on terminal23:23
az_hello, i am trying to install a downloaded driver for radeon 2400. I can't seem to figure out to do so. Any help?23:23
gotwigandural, to test, if it has to do with that... I dont have much time, 00:23 AM here =)23:23
jrtapperstoordog, SSL can be beaten, passwords can be sniffed so there are still security mountains to climb, but a MITM is always a problem23:23
gotwigandural, do you know how?23:24
anduralgotwig yes23:24
anduralgotwig I used to be able to fix this until they switched away from the old xorg system23:24
plut0ubuntu is booting up in the recovery menu every reboot, filesystem state = read-only, any idea how to fix this?23:24
SailorMoonAbhish: how do i blacklist them? D:23:24
gotwigplut0, yeah23:24
gotwigplut0, so, do you want to become write rights first?23:25
impizahi any programmer23:25
jrtapperstoordog, But the internet is hard to police, and thats part of its brilliance and part of the problem23:25
impizai want a little help23:25
impizaplz pm me23:25
plut0gotwig: / is read-write, its a bogus message23:25
gotwigimpiza, whats up...23:25
ESphynxguys... all my panels are gone :| help please? I tried to reinstall gnome-panel it doesn't help :S23:25
impizaoff topic gotwig23:26
gotwigplut0, so do you want to know how to mount it writeable?23:26
impizaplz pm me23:26
anduralgotwig that worked, thank you :)23:26
plut0gotwig: it is writable...23:26
gotwigimpiza, spammer -..-23:26
VlanXWeThePeople: do you think it would be possible to enable graphic acceleration?23:26
ESphynxalso now ctrl-alt-f1/f2 is completely messed up while X is running... the console only comes back after I ctrl-C my 'startx'23:26
MuphridSailorMoon: add it to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:26
gotwigandural, with your normal user?23:26
jrtappersWhat languages can Ubuntu software center apps be made in?23:26
gotwigandural, I am happy as well :-)23:26
schultzahow do i add a folder to the the nautilus sidebar?23:27
gotwigplut0, so you want to start  without recovery?23:27
plut0gotwig: yes23:27
Appianohi guys i run ubuntu 12 i installed foxit reader but it comes out in chinese, could somebody help me? i need to use it for my thesis tomorrow morning, please! how do i change the language of the software, i looked it up online and found nothing, thanks23:27
gotwigplut0, does it start in normal mode when you select it?23:28
plut0gotwig: yeah it boots fine, just comes up with the recovery console every reboot23:28
schultzaah, nevermind23:28
az_ok, so there are no drivers technically, weird...23:28
jrtappersschultza,  do you mean bookmarks23:28
gotwigplut0, try to get grub to generate all your entries new23:28
plut0gotwig: update-grub, did that already23:28
deltabAppiano: specifically foxit, or would another pdf reader do?23:29
Jordan_UAppiano: There are many other PDF readers available. Do you need to use Foxit?23:29
gotwigplut0, have you written the changes on the disk?23:29
plut0gotwig: yes23:29
deltabAppiano: you probably have evince installed already23:29
gotwigplut0, first grub-mkconfig than grub-update, than grub-setup diskname or grub-install diskname23:30
Jordan_Uplut0: What is the output of "cat /proc/cmdline" when it boots this way?23:30
kysstfafmis he a GOG gamer?23:30
gotwigI always forget if its grub-setup or install... try both23:30
AppianoI found out that the search function works a lot quicker with Foxit. do you suggest any alternative?23:30
DominikST95how can i update my ATI HD 4870 driver? No tutorial on the internet worked -.-23:30
gotwigplut0, grub-install diskname that is23:30
gotwigplut0, have you run grub-mkconfig before?23:31
=== qos|away is now known as qos
provenzanohey guys did some1 used DSL on usb?23:31
k1l_DominikST95: why you want to update?23:31
plut0gotwig: tried those commands, no luck23:32
Jordan_Ugotwig: grub-update isn't a command, update-grub is a wrapper around grub-mkconfig, grub-setup is a utility that shouldn't be run manually, grub-install is OK to run manually but doesn't need to be to update the grub.cfg. Most importantly though you should never suggest that people run commands without knowing what they actually do, especially for something as important as the bootloader.23:32
k1l_provenzano: dsl like in damnsmalllinux?23:32
gotwigJordan_U, oh well23:32