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ali1234if git format-patch added the mailing list i want to post to as a CC: should i also add it as To:?01:44
ali1234never mind, damn thing doesn't work anyway01:45
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knightwisehow are you doing today ?07:20
jacobwmorning campers08:31
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JamesTaitHappy World Radio Day, folks! :-D09:20
kvarleyUbuntu 12.10 64-bit - My laptop always boots up with the wireless turned off. How can I fix this?09:34
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:36
popeykvarley: how do you switch it on?09:37
kvarleypopey: I go to the wireless indicator which makes me think software rather than hardware switch?09:38
kvarleyI wasn't happy that I didn't have Steam on Ubuntu for years and now it's here I'm not happy that Steam is on Ubuntu - My wallet is thinning out rapidly!09:51
mungbean_i stil get plagued by the debconf window appearing when installing things from software centre09:54
mungbean_experienced it on loads of different isntalls09:54
kvarleyWhat license is the ambiance theme under?10:12
Laneykvarley: /usr/share/doc/light-themes/copyright10:14
kvarleyLaney: Thanks, I was looking in /usr/share/themes/Ambiance but couldn't see anything10:15
Laneyapt-cache search ambiance reveals the package name10:15
kvarleyLaney: Ah ok, thank you :)10:15
Laneythen /usr/share/doc/<package>/copyright shows you the license info for every package10:15
kvarleyNice to know10:16
kvarleyLooking at repackaging ambiance for another environment, when I'm forced to use a different environment other than unity I just miss ambiance too much!10:16
davmor2Morning All11:01
davmor2popey: :( on the phone dude11:01
DJonesIs it lazy to have a coffee machine in a home office? To me it makes perfect sense, makes sure I have enough to drink while working, I don't have to interupt what I'm doing to go downstairs to make a drink etc, my wife said its being lazy11:34
davmor2DJones: I have a Dolce Gusto beside me right now :)11:34
DJonesdavmor2: Good, I'm glad its not just me11:35
davmor2DJones: I don't you it constantly but it is there when I want a drink11:35
DJonesThis is an  8 cup percolator, fill it up and drink through the day as needed11:36
dwatkinsDJones: I tend to take breaks to go to the kitchen and make a cup of tea whether I'm working at home or in the office, just to get away from my desk etc. in-between tasks.11:38
dwatkinsso having a coffee machine isn't lazy, but it might mean I don't get regular breaks away from the machine to chill out11:39
ubuntubhoyAnyone able to help me get an old laptop with BCM4318 wifi working on 12.04 ?11:41
dogmatic69ubuntubhoy: just state the problem and someone might help.11:46
ubuntubhoybasically networking is enabled, but shows nothing11:47
ubuntubhoyiwlist sc an says the network is down11:48
ubuntubhoyI have checked a ton of stuff on Ask Ubuntu, but nothing has worked11:48
dogmatic69did you just install?11:48
dogmatic69did it work on the live disk?11:48
ubuntubhoyother than updating nothing has been added11:49
ubuntubhoysame on the live disk11:49
dogmatic69sometimes it works on live and not once installed11:49
ubuntubhoybut it did work on a previous version11:49
ubuntubhoymother-in-laws laptop11:49
ubuntubhoywas doing a re-install11:49
dogmatic69what laptop is it?11:49
ubuntubhoyan old Acer Aspire 363011:50
dogmatic69what does lshw show?11:51
ubuntubhoybasically says *-network disabled11:53
ubuntubhoyalso has a *-remoteaccess UNCLAIMED above it11:54
dogmatic69there is a askabuntu that says its starts up disabled.11:54
dogmatic69did you try11:54
dogmatic69sudo rmmod -f ath5k11:54
dogmatic69sudo rfkill unblock all11:54
dogmatic69sudo modprobe ath5k11:54
ubuntubhoyyeah, saw that11:55
ubuntubhoyI have a BCM chip though11:55
ubuntubhoynot ath11:55
dogmatic69change the ath5k part maybe?11:56
ubuntubhoyBCM4318 [Airforce One 54g]11:56
kvarleyRandom question, my headset picks up a lot of noise. Is there any way to strip that out on-the-fly?11:56
kvarleyAnother q, how to I listen to my mic live? I remember on XP ages ago you could tick a box to "Listen to this device" or something similar12:02
MartijnVdSkvarley: where is it plugged in?12:02
MartijnVdSkvarley: unmute it12:02
kvarleyMartijnVdS: Plugged into the 3.5mm port on the side of my laptop that does both headphones and mic in one socket12:03
MartijnVdSkvarley: some of those are just noisy.. can't do anything about that12:03
kvarleyMartijnVdS: Hehe ok :)12:03
kvarleyMartijnVdS: It's a Wii U headset so I suspect it is just bad quality mic12:03
kvarleyMight stick some foam on it12:03
MartijnVdSkvarley: I switched to an USB sound card/stick on my desktop because the default outputs were VERY noisy (I could hear almost every bit passing on the PCI-E bus)12:04
kvarleyI was just seeing how much pain I'm inflicting upon other gamers when using the mic for online play12:04
davmor2ubuntubhoy: did you install the broadcom wifi drivers?12:05
ubuntubhoyDave2: think my issue is the firmware12:05
ubuntubhoyjust going through something12:05
ubuntubhoymight be the answer12:06
davmor2ubuntubhoy: what version of Ubuntu?12:06
davmor2ubuntubhoy: open the dash type in jockey and see if it displays additional drivers12:07
ubuntubhoyjust rebooting12:07
ubuntubhoy2 secs12:07
bigcalmdavmor2: you're slightly closer to Tamworth than I am. Go and fetch my new workstation from UPS would you? ;)12:07
ubuntubhoyDave2: also, it hung trying to install additional drivers twice. Had to re-install12:08
* czajkowski pokes davmor2 HOWDY12:08
davmor2ubuntubhoy: check your tab completes12:08
davmor2czajkowski: how do12:09
ubuntubhoyDave2: tab completes ?12:10
davmor2bigcalm: it's probably easier for you, 1. the A5 is close to you than it is me, 2. you'd need id if they let you collect :P12:10
davmor2ubuntubhoy: I'm davmor2 not Dave212:10
ubuntubhoybad eyesight is bad12:10
bigcalmdavmor2: it's due for delivery tomorrow. I'm just impatient12:10
davmor2bigcalm: if it has UEFI burn a cd/dvd rather than a pendrive, also use 64bit 12.10 + if you want to keep secureboot in place :)12:12
bigcalmdavmor2: good to know, ta12:12
bigcalmdavmor2: though until I have a new ssd for Ubuntu, I'll have to make do with Windows on the hdd. Work comes before play, sadly12:13
davmor2ubuntubhoy: so the fact that the drivers weren't installed will mean that the wifi was permanently down12:13
davmor2bigcalm: yeap just a heads up, ie if you intend keeping windows 8 on it then it has to have secure boot in place, but the new UEFI menu will mean that it will happily allow you to boot both which is cool :)12:15
bigcalmdavmor2: I ordered the machine with Windows 712:15
bigcalmdavmor2: if I go crazy, I'll be able get Windows 8 from our company. But I hope not to use Windows much at all12:16
davmor2bigcalm: I'd still double check if the UEFI is secureboot enabled for windows 7 I think MS backported12:16
bigcalmdavmor2: oh, I expect the machine to be locked down like that. But 13.04 should 'Just Work', right? :)12:17
AlanBellI don't know if 32 bit will work12:17
davmor2bigcalm: 64bit 12.10 or 64bit 13.04 should just work yes12:17
bigcalmUg, the snow is starting to settle again12:17
bigcalmdavmor2: I have no reason, that I know of, to bother with 32bit any more12:18
AlanBellI have *no* idea why bug 585940 is still not fixed12:18
lubotu3bug 585940 in ubuntu-website-content "Misinformation when intending to download the 64-bit edition" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58594012:18
bigcalmIs there a reason for anybody to use 32bit on a modern machine?12:19
AlanBellit isn't fixed12:19
davmor2bigcalm: AlanBell: I think 64bit will be the default for 13.04 possibly12:19
AlanBellwell that might be what the last comment means12:21
Dave2I was wondering why my pocket kept vibrating when I was at lunch12:21
AlanBellhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/585940/comments/139 why don't the web team like bugs? Why is this a web team only problem? (it would affect the pressed disks)12:22
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 585940 in ubuntu-website-content "Misinformation when intending to download the 64-bit edition" [Undecided,Fix released]12:22
AlanBellI guess we will find out in April12:22
davmor2AlanBell: also I see from the steam client info that 32bit is still used quite a lot, but 64bit is definitely edging ahead :)12:23
BigRedSNah, that last comment just means nobody's going to look at it12:23
AlanBellwell yeah, it will be used quite a lot because we press 32 bit and recommend the 32 bit download12:23
AlanBellI would be astonished if anyone is running steam games on a processor that can't do 64 bit12:24
davmor2AlanBell: agreed12:24
davmor2AlanBell: and 64bit is the only secureboot enabled image too12:24
BigRedSI'm a bit bemused at the steam package being x8612:24
ali1234popey asking everyone to "cut them some slack" - ok, but that was 2.5 years ago :)12:25
directhexfor steam, 64 bit is more popular than 32-bit by a 2:1 ratio12:25
AlanBelland now we have people downloading the 32 bit image, putting it on USB, finding it doesn't work on EFI and having to download 64 bit after figuring out why it doesn't work12:25
directhexdavmor2, windows 7 and older don't support secure boot at all12:25
directhexdavmor2, they don't support pure uefi boot either, you need CSM video bios support enabled to do a UEFI install of windows 712:26
directhexvista sp1 x64 is needed for uefi12:26
davmor2directhex: I thought there was a back port for it I'm more than happy to be wrong about that though12:27
davmor2I hates the UEFI anyway12:27
bigcalmdavmor2: why?12:27
directhexdavmor2, you're mistaken. windows 8 is the only microsoft OS to support uefi secure boot.12:28
davmor2directhex: cool I hate windows 8 and secureboot so I can just bundle them together :)12:29
ali1234what about windows RT?12:29
directhexon x86-6412:30
ali1234i dunno12:30
ali1234i asked because i don't know12:30
directhexwindows rt and windows phone 8 also use uefi secure boot (on arm)12:31
davmor2bigcalm: It's a pain, because it is optimised for windows the minute that it detects a windows secureboot drive it starts booting from it but sometimes before the USB power is up meaning the pendrive isn't detected, when it is re-detected the pendrive is place below the HDD in boot order and so on12:31
directhexdavmor2, that's uefi fast boot. turn that off.12:31
BigRedSthat's an implementation issue rather than a uefi or secure boot issue per se, isn't it?12:31
directhexfast boot on my thinkpad boots ubuntu by default12:32
davmor2directhex: there is no option for it on this machine12:32
BigRedSI don't really mind jumping through one hoop when I want to install an OS in order that the other billion boots are quicker12:32
directhexon the thinkpad, under the "startup" menu, "boot mode" is set to "quick"12:33
davmor2directhex: but this was testing the UEFI on it's default setting to report the issues to the Ubuntu devs12:33
directhexit's nothing to do with usb receiving power, btw12:34
davmor2directhex: the only thing I have on the ideapad is OS Optimized Defaults [Win8 64bit]12:34
davmor2directhex: it was it was booting before the usbpendrive had start12:35
directhexof course. it's doing fast boot. that's intentional.12:35
davmor2directhex: but on this machine you can't turn off fastboot12:35
davmor2directhex: also if the pendrive powered up before the machine booted windows it did the right thing it was just trying to get it to power up twice on the trot in order to select it as primary boot the first time and then boot from it the second12:37
davmor2directhex: it's wasn't the best experience :(12:37
davmor2directhex: from DVD though it worked flawlessly12:38
directhexdavmor2, so when pressing the "select boot device" button with a usb drive plugged in, it won't let you pick the usb device?12:39
ali1234heh, remember when you had to solder a bigger capacitor on your amiga so that it would wait longer for hd to spin up? nothing ever changes12:40
davmor2directhex: there isn't a select boot device button I hit ever option I could fine F2 goes into the UEFI/Bios screen and that is it12:40
ali1234well except that you can't just solder on a bigger capacitor these days12:40
directhexdavmor2, and the windows 8 boot manager? should let you do all kinds of things, e.g. boot arbitrary uefi apps from usb12:42
davmor2directhex: possibly but it's default is to boot windows 8 which it starts doing before you get chance to tell it to do anything else.  Never seen that page at all12:44
directhexdavmor2, Settings, Change PC Settings, General, Advanced Start Up12:44
davmor2directhex: nice, I'll keep that in mind.  However that doesn't take away from the fact that UEFI is going to be a pain for a lot of novice users trying to install Ubuntu for the first time which is the issue we were trying to resolve by gaining data on it12:46
directhexdavmor2, and i'm giving you data. every uefi implementation is different and badly behaved - the only thing which is the same for every single person is windows boot manager.12:47
davmor2directhex: indeed, and it is far easier then running the gauntlet with UEFI,  which then takes you back to UEFI sucks ;)12:49
directhexwell, how about simply announcing "ubuntu doesn't support computers made after 2012" - that'd be the simplest way to avoid UEFI support issues12:49
directhex2006 if you include (uefi-based) intel macs12:49
directhexaround 2006ish if you include MSI's "clickbios" uefi, which they shipped for years before any os would boot on it12:50
davmor2directhex: hahaha, to be honest if all UEFI systems included a press F11 to change boot device no of this would be an issue12:50
directhexsadly, "boot device list" is a toggle which is off by default on here. and not available on most.12:51
BigRedSI really wish that UEFI secureboot talk at fosdem was actually about UEFI and not Monsanto...12:54
directhexBigRedS got it in one though - this stuff involves hoops to speed up boot. every second the system is waiting for user input rather than booting is a wasted second any time you *don't* want to change things12:54
davmor2directhex: indeed, it appears to me that the manufactures + MS are trying hard to make it stick to the OS version they install to make the user/support/ms's lives easier.  Which to be fair I think is a good idea, but then those users are never likely to be playing with the bios/uefi anyway.  Catch 22 I guess12:54
directhexdavmor2, my thinkpad boots the first uefi application alphabetically. "ubuntu" is earlier than "Windows Boot Manager" :D12:55
BigRedSnah, it should be easy to break my own things, it should just be obvious that once I've done that it's my fault.12:55
BigRedSDidn't macs solve the waiting issue about a billion years ago by having you hold down the 'c' key or something if you didn't want it to just get into OSX as soon as possible?12:56
davmor2directhex: I'm assuming mine would if I had dual booted12:56
Laneyoh come on snow12:56
LaneyI have to cycle to town12:56
directhexBigRedS, apple's firmware engineers are less moronic than the average taiwanese odm12:57
davmor2bigcalm: ^ does all that answer your Why by the way :)12:57
ali1234it's funny because i had exactly this conversation with the meego devs12:57
ali1234them: "we can't have a boot menu because it would slow down the boot"12:58
ali1234me: "just check for a held key like grub does"12:58
directhexsome keyboard controllers are a bit broken, and interpret "held key" at boot as "broken keyboard, disable keyboard support"12:59
MartijnVdS"But someone could be holding it accidentally"12:59
BigRedSdirecthex: yeah. I'm astonished at how much of a not-standard uefi has turned out to be12:59
directhexBigRedS, it doesn't matter if it's a standard. the people doing the implementation are the cheapest pay-per-hour coders in india, subcontracted by already cheap people in taiwan13:00
davmor2BigRedS: I'm not MS had something to do with it, they force ooxml on us and then don't follow their own standard ;)13:00
davmor2directhex: no to mention the fact that if one bios/UEFI is a cent cheaper they will switch13:01
BigRedShaha, yeah, but so far I've managed to avoid ooxml. Bioses are things I interact with daily and I'm really not looking forward to 'u'efi arriving...13:02
directhexam i the only person here who's been using efi fine for years?13:02
directhexas in since 2006?13:02
BigRedSnah, there's several macbooks in here aren't there/13:03
davmor2directhex: I have no issues with the system once the OS I want to use is on, it's just the getting on that is the issue :)13:03
davmor2directhex: to be fair I think it has some nice features over the bios especially if you get a asus mb with the pretty gfx UEFI13:05
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I had pretty GFX in my bios13:09
MartijnVdSbut the bios was really showing its age, from an API-side13:09
MartijnVdSso _something_ had to be done.. I don't know if UEFI is the best :)13:09
directhexit's simple, guys13:10
directhexbios only works in 16-bit13:10
directhexwe won't have 16-bit-capable processors for ever13:10
directhexefi began because itanium isn't 16-bit-capable13:10
davmor2directhex: :D13:10
directhexthat's not me being a smartarse, that's the potted history. bios is 16 bit. bios boot is 16 bit.13:11
directhexamd64 processors can act as 64/32-bit, ot 16/32-bit13:11
directhexso they can do the 80186 boot13:11
davmor2directhex: Oh I agree,  I think it's just missing some minor things that would make it and Ideal replacement.13:12
ali1234UEFI missing things?13:14
ali1234people usually complain it is too complicated13:15
Dave2the two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive13:16
cliftontsHi all13:17
cliftontsSave me! I'm setting up machines for a company and it's driving me crazy!13:17
cliftontsI think a monkey designed their software suite13:17
cliftontsWell, you are a chatty lot!13:22
BigRedSyou didn't really offer a means for us to save you13:35
cliftontsI'm not sure there is an easy way13:36
cliftontswin 7 with some dodgy custom package management system bolted on13:36
cliftontsI've been trying to install anti-virus for an hour now and it keeps failing13:36
shaunocustom package management makes me cringe.  my work machine has been trying (and failing) to install some .net updates on the hour, every hour, for 3 weeks now13:37
cliftontsget this one, the download of anti virus kept failing and the pc needed a reboot anyway so I thought why not13:40
cliftontsI now can't download the anti virus because I'm not logged in, logging in tells me not having anti virus is a violation of the terms of service and kicks me out!13:40
cliftontsI do sometimes wonder if Linux is a curse. It makes working with windows such a headache when you know there is a better way.13:43
MartijnVdScliftonts: I don't mind Windows 7, as long as I get to install and manage it myself13:44
MartijnVdSoh and it should run on SSD so it's actually quick13:44
MartijnVdS(and for some things linux is way superior, like debugging network problems etc.)13:45
cliftontsThis time it's not Linux as such, but the methodology behind it. I mean this would be much easier to have a ready made custom install cd13:46
cliftontsor perhaps all the software in a repository, I'll take tick, tick, tick apply!13:46
cliftontsAnd everything is locked down. The email system is so custom you'd never be able to use it on linux because it has been designed to lock the company in to it's supplier13:47
OliveiraBorgesanybody help me how to configure streaming live14:09
ubuntubhoydavmor2: if you are about are you able to offer any more advice mate ?14:14
cliftontsIt's not really my speciality but perhaps it might help to give a little more info. What software you are trying to use, is this within your own network or over the net? etc14:14
ubuntubhoygot to a point where it is stuck on 'wireless is disabled by hardware switch'14:14
ubuntubhoyafter installing the firmware and blacklisting what I think I have to14:15
davmor2ubuntubhoy: rfkill list all14:15
davmor2ubuntubhoy: then try sudo rfkill unblock all14:16
cliftontsAah, so it's not the streaming that's the problem, but the network connection14:16
ubuntubhoydavmor2: no change, but list states that it is hard block14:20
ixxviltotally stuck on this one14:22
ixxvilany ideas anyone14:22
ixxvilhow do you password protect a dir with forced ssl14:22
davmor2ubuntubhoy: have you tried hitting the button to enable wifi?14:22
ixxvilive got ssl installed, ssl is running just fine14:22
ixxvilthe certs are in place14:22
ixxvilbut the dir just wont give me a login page14:22
ixxvilif i remove the ssl, it seems to work14:23
ubuntubhoyDave2: yeah, it works fine in Win14:23
jpdsixxvil: I think you're confusing SSL with password auth.14:23
ubuntubhoydavmor2: ^^14:23
ixxviljpds:  no im not14:23
ixxviljpds: ive got a password auth htaccess file in place for the dir i want protected14:23
ixxvilit works without ssl14:23
ixxvilmoment i turn ssl on it just doesnt,14:24
BigRedSapart from the SSL* directives what's different in your SSL vhost from your cleartext one?14:24
ubuntubhoydavmor2: Thanks for the help mate - gonna re-install and see if I get better from clean incase anything I have previously done has caused it14:24
BigRedSwhat do you get instead of the login page?14:25
ixxvilthis is what i have in my htaccess file14:25
BigRedSand are you expecting a login page (i.e. some code you wrote that makes a webpage) or a login box (the browser's built-in pop-up box asking for a password)?14:25
ixxviljust the browser's popup14:25
BigRedSwhat do you have in your vhost config?14:26
ixxvilyou mean default-ssl?14:26
davmor2ubuntubhoy: when you do select install 3rd party drivers and connect it to the internet via a cable if you can14:26
BigRedSonly if you're hitting the default ssl vhost14:26
ixxvilwhere is this vhost config file?14:27
BigRedSwhen you use SSL do you get the page that's behind the auth, just without the auth, or do you go somewhere completely different?14:27
ixxvili ve been googling and some people mention a vhost.conf14:27
ixxvilthere isnt one here, but i do have in etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl14:27
BigRedSnormally you'll have a file in /etc/apache2/sites-available that defines your vhost and you will have enabled it with a2ensite14:27
BigRedSyou might have just edited the defaults14:27
ixxvilyes sites-available14:28
BigRedSbut exactly how you did it isn't that important. What is important is that the SSL vhost is the same as the non-SSL one14:28
BigRedSit sounds like you've got different DocumentRoots, depending on what it is that you *do* see on the SSL  connection14:28
BigRedS(obviously the SSL vhost will have the SSL* directives (SSLCertificateFile, SSLCertificateKeyFile etc.) different, but the rest should be the same14:29
ixxvilif im using ssl14:29
ixxvilthe big lock and the cert is up there14:29
ixxvilssl works14:29
ixxvilthe popup page doesnt come up14:29
BigRedSwhat does come up?14:29
BigRedSthe page you're trying to protect?14:29
BigRedSsome other page?14:29
ixxvilthe directory is wide open, it doesnt ask for a usernmae or pass14:29
ixxvilit opens the directory... its not paswd protected14:29
BigRedSbut the directory you want to hide, or a different one?14:29
ixxvilthe one i want to hide14:30
BigRedSokay, so they're serving from the same place. Have you any AllowOverride directives in either vhost?14:30
ixxvili dont know what this vhost14:30
ixxvildo you mean default-ssl?14:30
BigRedSvhost is a feature of apache, which that page sort-of explains at the top14:31
BigRedSdefault-ssl is a file. It by default contains a single vhost definition14:31
ixxvilthats all good to know14:32
ixxvilwhat should i be look at and where?14:32
ixxvillooking at14:32
ixxvildefault-ssl has a directive14:33
ixxvilfor var/www14:33
BigRedSare you looking to just get this working, or use this to learn about apache?14:33
ixxvilto get it working14:33
BigRedScool, post your default-ssl config on pastebin and I'll see if I can see what's broken :)14:33
ixxvilok cool14:34
BigRedSah, also the normal 'default' one, unless you created another file for the cleartext vhost14:35
ixxvilthe default one or the default-ssl14:35
ixxvildefault-ssl has the modified stuff14:36
ixxvilabout the ca and the key etc14:36
BigRedSyeah, those're just paths to the files, though, aren't they?14:37
BigRedSIf you want to edit those lines out or something go for it ; I don't need to know what they've got14:37
ixxvilits been edited and it's been working14:38
ixxvili didnt change anything else14:38
BigRedSRight. Basically, when you hit your server on port 443 Apache serves up pages according to what's in default-ssl, and so does it over SSL. When you hit it on port 80 it follows whats in default.14:40
BigRedSSome difference between the two is causing it to not honour your auth14:40
BigRedSlikely, -ssl is missing an AllowOverride (though that should raise an error), pointing at the wrong dir (though you've already said it isn't) or something that I've not yet thought of14:41
BigRedSit's hard to guess what else without looking at your actual config14:41
ubuntubhoydavmor2: working a treat now - cheers for the help.14:41
ixxvilthats default-ssl14:42
ixxvili switched it from 80 to 44314:43
ixxviland it didnt work either14:43
ixxvilbesides i should've been using 443 there, cause i want it to go through ssl first and then to the login page14:43
BigRedSdefault-ssl should never have been :8014:43
BigRedSgo though ssl first?14:43
jpdsBigRedS: Make sure the auth is behind SSL.14:44
ixxvilnot sure where it says 80 except in my htaccess file14:44
ixxviljpds: yeah thats what ive been reading14:44
ixxvilthe ssl should kick in first or something14:44
BigRedSthe browser opens an SSL tunnel and then sends http down it14:44
BigRedSwhen using https14:45
BigRedSthe directory you wish to protect, is that in /var/www?14:45
BigRedSThe "AllowOverride None" in "<Directory /var/www/>" probably isn't helping14:46
BigRedSI think you want AllowOverride AuthConfig14:46
BigRedSOh yeah, I spoke to your hr person at uds :)14:48
BigRedSjpds ^14:48
BigRedSwe asked for you back :)14:48
ixxvilo changed it14:48
ixxvilrestarted apache14:48
ixxvilyeah still nothing14:48
BigRedSixxvil: did it help?>14:48
ixxvilno login page14:48
Azelphurhttps://twitter.com/Azelphur/status/301704335052660737 ah, templating.14:49
jpdsBigRedS: Heh. :)14:49
ixxvildouble checked14:49
ixxvilnot getting it14:50
BigRedSjpds: she said no :(14:50
BigRedSixxvil: so it's just serving the index of that /var/www/dir?14:50
jpdsBigRedS: In another circumstance "I spoke to your HR person" would set a different tone.14:50
jpdsBigRedS: I can't imagine why.14:50
BigRedSI was a tad drunk on canonical-funded wine :)14:50
czajkowskiBigRedS: such a lush :p14:51
ixxvilits just showing the same dir with 1 file in it14:51
czajkowskianyone coming to http://hackntalk.eventbrite.com/  we could have  a bug jam there during some of the day if we had interested people14:51
BigRedSixxvil: does the dir you're after have only one file in it? It might be best to see the default config (the cleartext vhost) since that one is doing what you want it to14:51
BigRedSisn't it?14:51
BigRedSczajkowski: I should be there14:51
ixxvilthe default config?14:52
czajkowskinow we just need a laney to keep us entertained and it'll be like the last one14:52
ixxvilwhat do you mean14:52
ixxvilthe dir im after has only 1 file in it because i put only 1 file there14:52
BigRedSit's the first weekend after I move to London, and I can't think what would've gone wrong enough for me to not be able to get there14:52
BigRedSixxvil: cool. Just checking you're seeing all the files in the dir14:52
Laneyi will probably be in london the day after that14:52
ixxvilso did a few others14:52
BigRedSixxvil: yeah, the config for the non-ssl vhost. /etc/apache2/sites-available/default14:52
ixxvildefault looks like default, it barely has anything but a few directives but i can paste it14:53
BigRedSczajkowski: Nah, I'm looking forward to spending the day laughing at you getting frustrated by computers14:53
czajkowskiBigRedS: shall be on my best behaviour14:53
jpdsBigRedS: So, everyday?14:53
czajkowskithere are 38 people signed up for this14:53
czajkowskiI've room for 7014:53
BigRedSixxvil: yeah, please. I don't have a ubuntu server handy and it's probably different from Debian by enough to be annoying :)14:53
BigRedSczajkowski: pft. I bet that'll change14:53
czajkowskiBigRedS: I dont want numbers to drop so no :)14:54
BigRedSczajkowski: bill it as a feature!14:54
BigRedSixxvil: ta! hang on a mo!14:55
AzelphurI just realised, I broke every single aspect of TalkTalk, at every single step of the way14:55
Azelphurdam me and my continual breaking of things :(14:55
czajkowskiAzelphur: tis ok I break things too14:56
czajkowskibadly usually14:56
czajkowskidavmor2: mocks me when I do14:56
czajkowskiI'll get him on your larting case14:56
Azelphurczajkowski: but I broke their signup system, line allocation, phone system, and newsletter system14:56
=== elmo_ is now known as esmo
AzelphurI don't think there's anything else to break14:56
czajkowskiyou say this14:57
czajkowskithat's surely a challenge14:58
davmor2czajkowski: No I mock you because all you do is use it, everyone else tries to break it and can't :P14:58
BigRedSixxvil: apart from "AllowOverride All" vs "AllowOverride None" I can't see anything14:58
BigRedSwhich is annoying. I get this far too frequently with apache :(14:58
czajkowskidavmor2: I'm a good test case14:58
BigRedSand, if you're now at least allowing AuthConfig to be overridden that shouldn't be an issue14:59
davmor2czajkowski: No you're not because nobody else can reproduce it :P14:59
BigRedSjpds: every day?14:59
ixxvilwell from google14:59
ixxvilsome of them say to modify the vhosts conf14:59
jpdsBigRedS: "getting frustrated by computers".14:59
ixxviland adding a directive entry14:59
BigRedSixxvil: that sounds centosy14:59
BigRedSthis sites-enabled thing is a debianism15:00
BigRedSwell, or just old. Apache 1.x was all about /etc/apache/vhosts.conf15:00
BigRedSreally, I'd get the chapter on webservers out of a "how to do ubuntu servers" book15:00
ixxvilyou want me to change default-ssl Allow to Auth15:00
ixxviland then in default what?15:00
BigRedSjpds: ah! Yeah, so I hear. I only get to see it infrequently15:00
BigRedSbut it's among my favourite spectacles15:00
ixxvilwith authconfig nothing happened15:00
ixxvilis there anything i need to change in /default?15:01
BigRedScome on now, *something* happened :)15:01
OliveiraBorgeshow to i make a streaming server live with webcam using linux server like that (my pc-windows-   ->  linux server  -> customers)15:01
BigRedSnah, default's working :)15:01
ixxvilwhat about the haccess file?15:02
ixxvilthat looks right?15:02
ixxvili suspect it's that htaccess file15:02
ixxvilmaybe it needs to go into the web root dir? var/www?15:02
BigRedSwhere is it now?15:02
ixxvilin the dir i want to protect15:02
BigRedSyeah, .htaccess looked right I think. What was the url to that again?15:03
BigRedSno, that's fine15:03
BigRedSit affects the directory it's in and any subdirs, so that's the right place for it15:03
ixxvilye but the ssl part might have to go into var/www?15:03
ixxvilmost of google thats what they're doing, adding the ssl part as a directive15:04
BigRedSoh yeah, I've never seen that SSL directive before15:04
BigRedSI remember now15:04
BigRedSwhat happens if you take that out, but visit the site via SSL?15:04
ixxvillet me try15:04
BigRedSI bet what's happening isn't "nothing"15:05
ixxvilwell there isnt a auth page15:06
ixxvilafter removing the ssl part15:06
BigRedSah, so quite a lot happens. It lets you view the contents of the directory15:06
BigRedShm, and this is with https:// at teh beginning of the url?15:06
ixxvilof course15:06
BigRedScool. Just checking :)15:06
BigRedSyeah, I'm stumped15:07
ixxvilApache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at yadayada.com Port 44315:07
ixxvilthats from the bototm of that dir15:07
ixxvilso ssl is working15:07
ixxviloh after removing the ssl15:08
ixxvili might need to restart apache i guess?15:08
BigRedSnot in the .htaccess file15:08
BigRedSwell, sometimes you do, but you shouldn't need to15:08
ixxvilyeah no difference15:09
* popey pokes xnox 15:20
* xnox pokes popey15:20
popeygetting core installer popup when I plug my iphone in! :D15:20
xnoxpopey: awesome. and the upgrade that fixes that got superseeded.15:20
* xnox should re-upload a fix.15:21
* popey unpokes15:21
xnoxpopey: in the mean time replace /etc/init/usb-creator-gtk.conf with http://paste.ubuntu.com/1644310/15:22
xnoxpopey: and let me know if that fixes it for you.15:23
* xnox will do an upload of that shortly15:23
* xnox unpokes15:23
* mungbean_ finds his mod has improved since putting slothstranaut on his picture frame on his desk15:33
ixxvilBigRedS: apache folks say to use a directory block15:36
ixxvilits preffered15:36
ixxviletc etc15:36
BigRedSixxvil: for what?15:44
ixxvilBigRedS: yeah15:56
BigRedSAh. It shouldn't make any difference functionally, but I guess it's worth a pop. That'll at least get around any AllowOverride funny business15:57
ixxvilyeha buti dunno how15:57
ixxviland last time i messed with it it broke my vhost file15:57
ixxvil19:28 < thumbs> ixxvil: you don't have HTTP auth directives in your :443 vhost.15:58
ixxvilyou need to place the auth directives in the appropriate <Directory> block in your vhost.15:58
ixxvilany idea how?15:58
ixxvil http://wiki.apache.org/httpd/PasswordBasicAuth basicall this15:58
BigRedScopy what's in the vhost file into a <directory> block15:58
BigRedSyou can give apache directives that only apply to files and directories in a directory15:59
BigRedSyou've already got a set there for /var/www15:59
BigRedSyou could make another <Directory /var/www/whatever> block, and put the content of your htaccess into it15:59
ixxvilbut they say i dont need htaccess15:59
ixxvilif i have a directory block15:59
BigRedSwell, not if you do it this way15:59
ixxviland it seems htaccess slows performance15:59
BigRedShah, yeah arguably it does16:00
BigRedSfunctionally, though, the two should be identical16:00
BigRedSa .htaccess file is basically a <directory> block for the dir its in16:00
BigRedSbut it needs to be allowed to override stuff16:00
BigRedSthat's what the AllowOverride directive does - sets what .htaccess files are allowed to change16:01
ixxvilso under directory var wwwi make another one?16:01
* popey wonders if AlanBell's printer has arrived16:03
ixxvilso like that16:06
ixxvilis that right?16:08
ali1234why does the topic say: ☃ ❄ ❅ ☃ ❆ ❇ ♿16:12
BigRedSixxvil: looks right16:14
ali1234it looks like two snowmen pelting a disabled person with snowballs16:14
BigRedSixxvil: though weren't you going to put teh content of the .htaccess in that directory block?16:15
ixxvillike what16:15
BigRedSOh. My terminal can now do unicode16:15
ixxvilbased in the link16:15
BigRedSauthtype basic; authname whatever; authuserfile /etc/apache2/passwd etc.16:15
ixxvilit says the htaccess file goes in the dir i want to protect16:16
BigRedSokay, cool16:16
BigRedSyeah, that's fine, too :)16:16
ixxvilit says i have to make a directory block for the htaccess too?16:16
BigRedSwhat's 'it' here?16:16
ixxvilohn it's two recipes16:17
ixxvilone using the htacccess stuff as a directory block16:17
ixxvilusing the htaccess file in the dir i want protected + a separate directory block in the vhost16:18
BigRedSyeah. which one are you doing?16:18
ixxvilpache2: Syntax error on line 237 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 16 of /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default-ssl: Expected </VirtualHost> but saw </Directory>16:18
ixxvilo fixed16:19
ixxvili had an extra </Directory>16:19
ixxvilim getting the auth page!16:22
ixxvilbut its not accepting the password16:22
BigRedSoh, cool16:23
BigRedSIs it saying the right thing? Your browser will say something like "The page at whatever says: XXXX" where XXXX is what comes after AuthName16:24
BigRedSin your config16:24
ixxvilPlease contact the server administrator, webmaster@localhost and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.16:24
ixxvilThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.16:25
ixxvil[Wed Feb 13 08:22:25 2013] [error] [client] (2)No such file or directory: Could not open password file: /etc/ap$16:26
ixxvilthats /etc/apache/passwords?16:26
ixxvilshould it be .htpasswd?16:26
ixxvilIT WORKS16:30
ixxvili mispelt etc/apache2/password16:30
ixxvilwhene it was passwords16:30
ixxvil<- GENIUSSSSS16:31
BigRedSaha, cool16:33
BigRedSI've no idea why that worked16:33
BigRedSbut it did, and sometimes apache is like that16:33
ixxvilthey say it has to go in the directory block for 443 to pick up or some shit16:33
ixxvilalright thanks BigRedS16:37
BigRedShaha, I don't think I did anything, but I'll take the credit :)16:38
Azelphurtalktalk are putting me on hold for 45 minutes16:38
Azelphur"May I please put you on hold for 45 minutes while I check the line"16:39
AzelphurI'm not even joking right now16:39
Azelphuryea, I'm pretty pissed at them, they made me wait 3 months for an engineer to come out and connect me, only to not send the engineer16:41
Azelphurthen they registered it as a fault on the line and sent an engineer to repair it16:41
Azelphurand the engineer says there's nothing for me to repair because they didn't send an engineer out to fit it, and that it's a common problem with talktalk (And only talktalk) that they do to avoid paying for a line to be fitted.16:41
shaunothat 45 minutes is usually because callcenters are run by accountants16:42
shaunothey can't spend 45 minutes on market as not ready to take a call, because some beancounter will be measuring it.  so if they need to spend 45 minutes on an issue, it's easier to keep you on the phone.  else they take a beancounter hit, or the phone rings again16:43
shaunoit's not because they actually need you on the phone :/16:43
shaunoer, marked, not market.  love when typos make real words.16:43
BigRedSah, that makes more sense with that correction :)16:44
Myrttithey wanted to move us to residential plan and to pay 15pounds a month instead of 7. "but you get 6 months for free" doh16:45
=== xnox is now known as foxtrot
shaunoI swear I don't speak english anymore.  it started out as "marked not ready" in my head, and gained some spare words in the translation16:45
=== foxtrot is now known as xnox
Azelphurfun, think I might have made some progress after getting put through to a manager16:47
Azelphurbasically they were supposed to send someone out to fit my line, didn't, and then they sent an engineer out to repair it to try and avoid costs, engineer specifically told me it's a common thing and only happens with talktalk16:48
shaunoI wonder if repairs get billed to someone else (eg BT)16:49
Azelphurthat's what the openreach guy said16:50
Azelphurrepairs are BT, new lines are TalkTalk16:50
Azelphurso they try and send them out on repairs when people have no lines to get them to fit lines16:50
shaunoright.  the connection is their business, but if BT own the lines, maintaining them is theirs.  so they're playing a game to have someone else pick up the tab.  awkward16:50
Azelphuryep, not happy.16:51
penguin42the intention of splitting Openreach off from BT was to stop BT having the advantage in being able to get lines done/fixed quickly; the downside is it's now just as bad for everyone16:51
shaunoit's quite clever, but what was the point of waiting months for the install if they had no intention of showing?16:51
shaunosurely they could schedule imaginary appointments any time they liked16:51
Azelphurshauno: indeed, annoying as fuck xD16:52
shaunoI'm surprised to say I'm quite happy with UPC (nee NTL).  ordered a new install, got a text message by the end of the day telling me they'd be between 10-11am the next day.  they showed up when they send they would, and I have 100meg by lunch16:53
MartijnVdS♥ Reggefiber ;)16:53
MartijnVdSprecioussss 100/10016:53
shauno100/10, but it does me fine16:54
MartijnVdSI need to start producing videos now I have the bandwidth to upload them :)16:54
shaunoself-install is fantastic though.  they've finally admitted that it's not that difficult, and DPD have better service than a truck roll16:56
MartijnVdSOfficially, I had to wait for someone to come around and install it16:56
MartijnVdSbut I work for my ISP, and my colleagues told me it's easy to do.. so I did it myself :)16:56
penguin42does anyone know on T-mobile PAYG hth you figure out the day on which your internet topup ends?16:58
MartijnVdSpenguin42: BA or AL to 150?16:58
MartijnVdSpenguin42: http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/help-and-support/index?page=html&cat=CONTACTUS16:58
penguin42MartijnVdS: It just tells me I've got it, not the last day of it16:59
MartijnVdSpenguin42: so call them, ask for a human16:59
penguin42MartijnVdS: I doubt I'll get any further to be honest16:59
MartijnVdSpenguin42: ask their twitter team, they'll be able to tell you where to look :)17:00
MartijnVdSangry tweets = public = fix nao17:00
penguin42haha possibly17:00
MartijnVdSpenguin42: The best way to get a real problem fixed (besides contacting one of the "consumer watchdog" TV programs) is tweeting about it, and mentioning their "Web care" account17:01
* penguin42 really should sign up for a twitter account I guess17:02
jacobwhi, can i use an external node classifer only for a particular environment?17:16
jacobwwrong channel17:16
Azelphurgiving TalkTalk a tongue lashing on their forums, http://www.talktalkmembers.com/forums/showthread.php?p=955739#post955739 xD17:19
penguin42Azelphur: Ask for references for Openreach job numbers/booking numbers (not sure what their exact terms are)17:32
penguin42Azelphur: The problem with all this stuff is that since both sides are equally hopeless it's almost impossible to figure out who is screwing it up17:32
Azelphurindeed \o/17:32
Azelphurat least I can publicly humiliate them.17:33
penguin42Azelphur: There are companies like Andrews & Arnold who make it their business to sort out Openreach screwups - but they do cost a bit17:33
Azelphurthe openreach engineer also said I might not even be able to get a connection because the pole is full17:34
penguin42Azelphur: they normally have ways, but it'll take a bit of bitching17:36
AzelphurI shall continue to bitch at increasing levels until they do something about it17:36
penguin42Azelphur: I'd get the line provisioned via BT rather than talktalk17:36
AzelphurI'm in contract with talktalk unfortunately17:37
penguin42but they've failed to fulfil?17:37
* Azelphur shrugs17:37
penguin42Azelphur: I'd also ask Ofcom about it17:38
Azelphurif it goes on much longer I may cancel and switch ISP17:38
Azelphurwill see what they get back to me with in 48 hours about getting me connected17:38
MartijnVdSAzelphur: you seem to have _a_ connection to the interwebs17:47
AzelphurMartijnVdS: yea, my brother lives next door, chucked 30m of outdoor grade ethernet out the window.17:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: 😎17:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: nah xD =~ 😝17:48
MartijnVdSor 😣17:48
Azelphurhehe, I need to get an addon for that17:48
MartijnVdSAzelphur: get the "symbola" font from here: http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/17:48
MartijnVdSAzelphur: or install the "Droid" font family17:48
AzelphurI have the font :p17:49
MartijnVdSgucharmap -> "Emoticons" blcok17:49
AzelphurI assume you have something that does xD -> 😝17:49
MartijnVdSI do not.17:49
Azelphuror are you just doing lots of clicking?17:49
MartijnVdSI look at the gucharmap thing, then copy/paste single characters17:50
MartijnVdSAzelphur: popey has the scripts18:02
Azelphurprobably not for pidgin though, pidgin needs a python API :(18:03
ali1234Azelphur: you cannot publicly humiliate talktalk any worse than they already have been. they are total rubbish18:49
penguin42not unless they started delivering you horse burgers18:54
MartijnVdSpenguin42: hors d'oeuvres?18:58
shaunoI found an article today, sweden asking questions about 9,000 missing horses .. per year.  made me chuckle19:04
shauno"Sweden's 9,000 missing horses baffle experts"  http://www.thelocal.se/46170/20130213/19:05
ali1234looooool really?19:06
shaunojust seemed like a very awkward moment to be the guy in the corner going "erm, has anyone seen my horse?"19:06
shauno(although they are hypothetical horses, it's just comparing the expected life span / death rate vs the number of licenses issued to bury them)19:06
ali1234does it really take an expert here to put 2 and 2 together?19:07
ali1234DAE search google news for "over 9000" periodically?19:08
MartijnVdS.. noooo?19:08
shaunothe whole thing's pretty barmy though.  the issue isn't really that they're horses.  it's that if they'd actually been reared for human consumption (free of various medications that don't sit well with humans), they'd be worth more than the meat they're filling19:09
ali1234yeah it does seem a bit suspicious that an animal which is bred for working is going cheaper than an animal bred specicially to efficiently produce meat19:11
shaunoit's only cheaper than beef if it's "mystery meat".  if it's actually fit for consumption, it wouldn't be economical to pad beef with it19:12
ali1234i bought some really cheap steaks in lidl once and i'm sure they were not beef. even at the time they seemed a bit weird.19:12
ali1234still ate them though.19:12
MartijnVdSeverything I've ever eaten from lidl was "a bit weird"19:12
MartijnVdSit never tastes as it should19:13
shaunothis is a valid point19:13
ali1234some of their stuff is great19:13
MartijnVdSali1234: their wine, after a few bottles?19:13
ali1234the steaks were ok, they just didn't taste like beef.19:13
ali1234they didn't kill me or anything :)19:13
MartijnVdSbut they made you into the man you are today!19:13
shaunoI guess it does mean they've flat-out proven that all the tracability steps they put in after the whole mad cow mess, only work on paper19:14
ali1234best lidl food item is their frozen pizzas which are like the high end super market luxury ones, but at the "value range" price19:15
shaunothey can't claim they can prove where the cow came from, if they can't prove it's a cow19:15
ali1234yeah, totally19:15
ali1234it's extra ironic that french factories are involved after they made all that stink over british meat19:16
shaunowe still get side effects of that here.  most the meat in my fridge contains at least 3 different claims that it's entirely sourced, handled and tracable within ireland19:19
shaunoI'm sure it won't be long until they add "we promise it's beef" logos to the mess19:19
AlanBellpopey: nope, not arrived yet19:20
AlanBellali1234: um, interesting point about the topic19:22
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bigcalmA weekend no less!19:26
AlanBellwell yeah, lets try that19:26
* bigcalm adds it to his calendar19:27
MartijnVdSali1234: at work we came up with "HAL 9001: It's Over 9000!"19:38
AlanBellit goes to 9001 \o/ that is one better than 900019:39
MartijnVdSAlanBell: except it takes 3 episodes to get there19:39
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Myrttipopey: http://offbeathome.com/2013/02/bringing-home-baby-reptile-edition-a-guide-to-owning-your-first-reptile20:30
directhexdead monitor /o\20:51
popeyoh golly20:55
popeyczajkowski: decided to have butter + lemon + sugar20:55
popeydirecthex: didnt you just buy one?20:56
directhexpopey, for the wife20:56
czajkowskipopey: tis good stuff :)20:57
czajkowskinow if we could just get you liking the bacon and syrup it'd be all good21:00
Davieybacon and syrup ?!21:09
Davieyget a grip.21:09
czajkowskimaple syrup21:09
Davieyczajkowski: take a long hard look at what you just said.21:10
bigcalmMaple syrup is wonderful. Not sure about having it with bacon though21:30
popeybacon and syrup is just flat out wrong21:38
bigcalmI'm glad that there is some sanity in here21:39
AzelphurI've tried fish fingers and custard21:39
bigcalmAzelphur: and?21:39
Azelphurit was good.21:39
shaunobacon and maple syrup actually works.  sausages, less so.21:39
Azelphur10/10 would eat again.21:39
czajkowskicustard and fig rolls in a microwave for 1 min = yummyness21:43
ali1234Azelphur: you mean breaded fish fillets in white sauce with vanilla essence21:51
Azelphuraka fish fingers and custard, yea21:51
ali1234only the vanilla is really "wrong" but vanilla goes with everything21:52
ElysiumAny mods in here?22:06
popeyElysium: wassup?22:07
madfishbah...work have enabled a draconian firewall policy. No direct ssh or tunneling. Now using gateone on my vps but remarkably useable22:07
popeymadfish: ssh on port 443?22:08
ElysiumI need to reset my nickserv password mate, ive installed ubuntu alongside windows, my password works fine on Windows mIRC, come on XChat on Linux and apparently it's invalid.22:08
popeyah, that sounds like a job for #freenode22:09
madfishpopey: tried and getting errors. I've tried corkscrew and even ip over dns as a last resort. No dice. I only need to admin a couple of VPS's22:09
Elysiumwhos #freenode?22:10
popeyits a channel22:10
popey /join #freenode22:10
popeymadfish: is it an NTLM windows authenticating proxy?22:11
Elysium /join #freenode22:11
AzelphurElysium: without the space at the beginning ;)22:11
popeywithout the space in front22:11
Elysiumget there in the end ;)22:11
Azelphurtook a screenshot of my desktop at the moment for showing off purposes, https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2013/Jan/2013-02-13-220306_10240x1440_scrot.png22:11
Azelphurthose of you without widescreen monitors, I pity you. :p22:11
shaunogood lord.  someone really needs to teach you alt+tab.  I see what you're trying to do, and it's been solved years ago22:12
dwatkinsI used to have terminals arranged like that, then I discovered Screen ;)22:13
Azelphurdon't hate my non-tabbing ways.22:14
directhexi can't taste a goddamn thing22:15
dwatkinseat an onion22:17
madfishpopey: I think so. I've tracked down the proxy IP and port but get an ISA proxy error in putty for windows22:17
popeymadfish: there's a python based local proxy you can run which can do ntlm22:17
madfishpopey: ooh. Looks promising. Using gateone (not affiliated to it!) has been rather good as an emergency. html5/websockets goodness :) Might do a nodejs implementation22:20
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