logCan packages in main depend on a virtual package that is provided by one that is also in main?00:11
logOr do they have to explicitly depend on the package that's in main?00:11
log(This is for Depends for one of the binaries, not the Build-Depends.)00:12
cjwatsonIf there's more than one provider of the virtual package, they need to do REAL | VIRTUAL or behaviour is random.00:13
slangaseklog: whenever there's a "preferred" real package to satisfy the virtual dependency, it's best to list it first.00:13
cjwatsonSo normally we'd have PROVIDER-IN-MAIN | VIRTUAL00:14
logOkay, thanks!00:14
cjwatson(This rule is probably not followed everywhere; there are enough constraints on the system that in practice it will *often* choose the "preferred" real package anyway, but now and again this bites somebody.)00:15
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daya_Anyone have implemented simple-cdd in ubuntu04:17
pitti_Good morning05:05
sarnoldmorgen pitti_ :)05:06
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Snow-ManI don't suppose any of ya'll have run into a kernel panic w/ a 3.2 kernel on a DL585 G1?05:25
Snow-Manpitti: hey... :)05:25
pittihello Snow-Man05:25
Snow-Manpitti: ever had a kernel panic when trying to run a 3.2 kernel on a DL585 G1?05:25
pittiI'm afraid I never did that; that sounds like server-type hw?05:26
Snow-Man(I just upgraded the box that hosts the PG gitmaster to wheezy and it turns out to hate the 3.2 kernels)05:26
Snow-Manpitti: uhm, well, yes..  It's a 4U, 4-proc HP server box05:26
sarnoldSnow-Man: there's lots of different reasons for kernels to panic; can you pastebin the problem? that might help someone point out something to try05:28
Snow-Mannah, the rackspace guy couldn't get the full panic05:29
Snow-Maniirc, when I saw this before, it was something w/ the ASICs05:29
Snow-Manor how it handles interrupts or something05:29
sarnoldhrm. there were a few years there when adding something like acpi=0 ioapic=0 to the linux kernel command line was a very useful debugging step -- but I think the consequence of those would more or less turn your machine into a single-CPU system :)05:30
Snow-Manthat'd kind of suck..05:32
pittiapw: hey Andy! is bug 1068356 something for rtg?05:53
ubottubug 1068356 in linux-firmware-nonfree (Ubuntu) "lots of missing firmware links" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106835605:53
pittiapw: seems our l-f-n package is in dire need for some cleanups and updates, and our kernel is missing tons of firmware: links in modules05:54
mardyjbicha: hi! I got your comment about eds + uoa, I'll investigate a bit06:03
mardyjbicha: it sounds really wrong that a run-time dependency is automatically added because of the build time dependency -- I didn't notice that debhelper was behaving like that, maybe there's something wrong in how eds is built06:04
jbichamardy: I don't think it's behaving wrong :)06:06
mardyjbicha: or maybe the UOA dependency is not as cleanly separated as I believed; let me try to split it out and see what happens06:07
jbichaI can see why you'd want a library to depend on its associated daemon but signond is no ordinary daemon06:10
mardyjbicha: I'm a bit rusty with building... once I checkout lp:ubuntu/evolution-data-server and make my changes to the debian/ directory, how do I build the packages?06:16
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jbichamardy: bzr bd (like Unity modules, assuming you have bzr-builddeb set up right)06:19
OdyXtkampetter: I just found out why cupsfilters.drv spits some "Bad driver information file", cups 1.6 dropped at least pcl.h and escp.h, we need to include them from cups-filters, I'll prepare a patch on Debian for that.06:21
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pittiyolanda: good morning, how are you?07:17
pittiyofel: FYI, https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-squid3/7/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/ has logs about the two tests that fail now07:17
pittithe others work now after your recent fix07:17
pittiyofel: so you can't access ftp.ubuntu.com from the jenkins nodes, I'm afraid; http works fine07:24
dholbach_good morning07:25
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apwpitti, ack, will look/discuss with him07:27
pittiapw: not sure whether that's really a regression in the kernel itself; could potentially also be in libkmod or so07:28
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pittiyofel: sorry, that was for yolanda07:30
yolandahi pitti07:30
yolandalet me see07:30
pittiyolanda: I found out that ftp access works with setting $ftp_proxy on our side, though07:31
pittilet me try the full test with that07:31
pittiyolanda: I'll discuss with jibel, so no need to do anything on your side yet; just keeping you informed07:33
yolandagood, just let me know07:37
mardyseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/118972807:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1189728 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[Page] Cannot scroll content if its height is less than page height" [Undecided,New]07:41
mardyseb128: that's the problem affecting the About page ^07:42
seb128mardy, oh, thanks for figuring that out/filing a bug07:42
seb128mardy, ken and I were puzzled at why it worked when tweaking values07:42
mardyseb128: me too :-)07:43
mardyseb128: there's a lot of magic in the Page component, but not all of it is working properly07:43
seb128mardy, yeah, I can see that ;-)07:46
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pittixnox: do you know whether there is something like /etc/environment which is being read into upstart jobs? I. e. where would I set $http_proxy so that all daemons pick it uP?08:21
pitti/etc/environment itself doesn't seem to get into jobs08:21
pittihm, not that it would help much; even poking it right into the upstart job doesn't fix the squid3 test08:27
pittiyolanda: it seems squid3 itself doesn't respect $http_proxy/$ftp_proxy, so you cannot really chain those08:27
pittiyolanda: so I don't know how to make this test work :/08:27
yolandaso squid3 isn't using the configured proxys?08:29
pittiapparenlty not; and it does seem a bit recursive08:29
pittiso, that's certainly a limit of our DC machine, not really the test itself; perhaps we should keep this as a manual test only08:30
pittitests which talk to remote servers are notoriously unreliable08:30
yolandai can disable it then08:31
pittiyolanda: do you know what test_squidclient does? it still fails here even with proxy set08:32
pittiwhere "here" == DC machine08:32
pittiyolanda: oh, of course -- it uses an ftp URL08:33
pittiand gopher08:33
* pitti tries another run with just http and https08:33
pittiyolanda: so, tricky; for running the test on a workstation (e. g. by security team), it's definitivley useful to have the full one08:33
pittiyolanda: how about this:08:34
yolandatell me08:34
pittiyolanda: debian/tests/squid exports an env var $SQUID_TEST_HTTP_ONLY or something08:34
pittiyolanda: and debian/tests/test-squid.py tags the ones which use ftp/gopher with @unittest.skipIf('SQUID_TEST_HTTP_ONLY' in os.environ)08:35
pittioh, second argument: "skipping non-http test for autopkgtest run"08:35
pittithen the security team can still call debian/tests/test-squid.py for the full thing08:35
pittiTest squidclient ... ok08:35
yolandasounds like a good idea08:35
pittiyolanda: so, with taking out ftp and gopher, this one works as well08:35
pittiyolanda: or maybe calling it with an extra argument or something08:36
yolandaso only http is working, or also https?08:36
pittithen test_squidclient can add the ftp and gopher one in "full" mode, and only use http[s] for adt mode08:36
pittiyolanda: https:// seems fine08:36
yolandaok, problems with gopher and ftp08:36
yolandai'll do some rewrite08:36
xnoxpitti: i don't think we inherit, nor set proxy settings at the moment. One would need to source them in the job file, or you can simply pass it on a command line. E.g. $ sudo start squid3 http_proxy=$http_proxy08:46
pittixnox: ack, thanks08:46
LaneyI think jobs intentionally start in a minimal environment08:46
pittiindeed, and this makes sense; we don't want the full enironment of the "start" command there for sure; I was just wondering if we source /etc/environment08:47
xnoxpitti: for session init we inherit a few environment variables (XDG_* and others) and have setenv/unsetenv commands to set "session-wide" environment variables. As well everything on the desktop session wants $HOME and etc.08:47
pittiLaney: ah, thanks08:47
yolandapitti, gopher is running locally, is it necessary to skip this test? or maybe only the ftp one?08:53
pittiyolanda: they all run locally; the problem is in the DC, where non-http[s] doesn't work08:54
pittiyolanda: we need to skip the ftp test, and either the whole squidclient one, or in the DC environment it doesn't add the gopher and ftp list entrie08:54
yolandaok, i thought the problem was accessing remote urls08:54
pittiyolanda: yes, it is08:55
yolandabut gopher is on gopher:// ?08:55
pittiyolanda: ah, ok; so just the ftp one then08:55
pittiyolanda: (I didn't notice that, sorry)08:55
pittiin fact, if it's ok to test against localhost, the test could just set up its own ftp server?08:56
yolandacould be, if we setup an ftp server, we are just setting a local gopher service08:56
pittiI do that in the gvfs test with twistd, that's super-easy; but of course we have root, we could also just install vsftpd or so08:57
yolandai can have root and install packages08:57
yolandathere is a needs-root restriction08:57
pitti(test dependency)08:57
yolandalooks like a good solution, better than skipping the ftp08:58
pittibut twistd ftp might still be easier08:58
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yolandai'll try to add local ftp then09:00
mardyKaleo_: hi! Do we have any class to read XDG .desktop files?09:01
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yolandapitti, is it normal that takes so much time when setting up ftp using twistd ?09:44
pittiyolanda: not really, should be sub-seconds09:44
yolandai'll comment the line but suddenly my tests aren't running09:44
yolandathere should be some problem with my environment, i try commenting that lines and the problem is the same09:51
pittiyolanda: hm, did you follow the approach from the gvfs test?09:53
pittiyolanda: NB that this starts twistd on port 2121, as this test doesn't run as root09:53
yolandapitti, yes, but seems that my environment is broken, even commenting that lines it's stuck09:54
yolandai'm recreating it again09:54
yolandano way, i'll try rebooting the machine10:00
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poeeHi. Where would be the best place to start linux programming ?10:04
mlankhorstyour own pc :)10:04
poeeuh I mean which language? etc10:05
mlankhorstthat's up o personal preference, just pick something you like10:06
poeeokay thx.10:08
tvossdidrocks, ping11:09
didrockstvoss: pong11:10
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Kaleo_mardy: a bit11:51
Kaleo_mardy: what do you need it for?11:51
Kaleo_tvoss: you pinged me yesterday?11:51
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tvossKaleo_, yup, for our catchup :)11:52
Kaleo_tvoss: sorry, day off :)11:52
tvossKaleo_, no worries, was my first day after vacation11:52
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OdyXtkamppeter: What is the reason to not set "dnssd,cups" as default protocols on cups-browsed?11:59
mardyKaleo_: just to know whether we had some classes for it. I noticed that both razor-qt and KDE have their implementations, so I was wondering if a class reading XDG desktop files could be useful in Qt itself12:03
mardyKaleo_: or maybe as a standalone project12:04
Kaleo_mardy: it would be12:05
Kaleo_mardy: but we have nothing of quality and separate enough12:05
mardyKaleo_: OK. This look rather clean: http://razor-qt.org/develop/docs/classXdgDesktopFile.html12:06
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yolandapitti, i'm unable to run twistd for the tests, as soon as i start it, the tests hangs12:17
yolandai tried with python and even by bash,it's quite strange12:17
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hrwdoes someone has etckeeper 1.3 usable under precise?12:30
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tkamppeterOdyX, in the beginning I thought about simply supporting only the current format, dnssd, by default, but nowadays, listening to CUPS broadcasts I think is a good idea, as servers often use older software versions and so in more use cases we have everything working out-of-the-box. We only leave the CUPS broadcasting of local shared printers off by default. Feel free to change the default to "BrowseRemoteProtocols dnssd cups" in the cu12:44
tkamppeterps-filters package (I think there is a ./configure option for that) and I will let this go into Ubuntu with a sync of your next cups-filters package.12:44
OdyXtkamppeter: the only thing I'm afraid of is how we will then phase the "cups" protocol out when we'll want to deprecate it fully.12:45
OdyXtkamppeter: ha, by not exposing the new server's printers over "cups", right ?12:45
tkamppeterOdyX, yes, as I said, we do not do CUPS BROADCASTING, only BROWSING, BrowseLocalProtocols will stay empty by default.12:46
OdyXtkamppeter: great, we have consensus.12:47
OdyXtkamppeter: I've begun to get a flow of complicated bugs in Debian as 1.6.2 got uploaded to unstable, and that migration is the one that creates most headaches.12:47
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OdyXtkamppeter: by the way, did you see my question regarding how to contact msweet ?12:48
tkamppeterOdyX, see PM.12:52
evbdmurray: there seem to be some problems with that table sorting code: https://oops.canonical.com/oops/?oopsid=OOPS-bd2bd022aff067ce725ce9f5a425bb7a12:54
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mardykenvandine: was it you who merged this just now? https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/evolution-data-server/split-uoa/+merge/16860913:39
mardyjbicha: or you? ^13:40
LaneyDang, I would have been picky about the long description :P13:41
jbichamardy: that was me; it seems to work so far13:41
Laneybut that's a good idea, I'm glad you did it - was going to do it myself probably13:41
mardyjbicha: excellent, thanks!13:41
mardyjbicha: I'll disapprove the other reviews, then13:43
jbichaany ideas about how to do the same for Empathy?13:43
Laneycan we wait to upload it until we get the desktop file fix?13:43
mardyjbicha: yes, it should be quite similar, it's also a module13:44
jbichaLaney: sure, empathy & shotwell need to be fixed too for it to matter much13:44
jbichamardy: we already supposedly split the uoa bits out13:44
jbicha*our of empathy13:45
jbichaLaney: this problem: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/libsignon-glib/dont-depend-on-signond/+merge/16849613:45
Laneyah, it> the split13:46
mardyjbicha: mmm... then I don't understand your question: "any ideas about how to do the same for Empathy?" <- if it's already split it should be alright, isn't it?13:46
kenvandineboth goa and uoa are split for empathy13:47
jbichaexcept empathy still depends on libsignon-glib113:47
mardyjbicha: ah, weird. Let me check, maybe it's an unnecessary dependency13:48
mardyjbicha: lp:ubuntu/empathy, right?13:49
Laneybecause it calls into libsignon-glib from libempathy if you build with UOA13:49
kenvandinemardy ~ubuntu-desktop/empathy/ubuntu13:50
jbichaLaney: is that fixable or do we need my MP after all?13:50
mardykenvandine: thanks13:50
Laneyit doesn't look easily fixable, at least13:50
kenvandineempathy is split with mcp-account-manager-uoa and mcp-account-manager-goa13:50
kenvandinebut yes... empathy itself seems to depend on libaccounts-glib13:51
kenvandinewhich is weird13:51
kenvandineand libsignon-glib13:51
Laneylook for HAVE_UOA13:51
xclaessemardy, pong13:52
mardyxclaesse: thanks13:52
mardyxclaesse: looks like empathy itself is depending on libsignon-glib13:52
kenvandineand libaccounts-glib13:52
xclaesseit is optional dep, yes13:53
mardyxclaesse: is that dependency built into a pluggable module, or is it in a common binary?13:53
Laneyit's on libempathy-gtk13:53
xclaesseit is in internal libempathy13:53
xclaessewhich is linked on all empathy binaries13:53
xclaessethe code separation is not perfect in empathy tree13:54
mardyxclaesse: the problem is that Laney and jbicha are trying to make the empathy package not depend on libsignon-glib, so that if one doesn't use UOA one doesn't have to install signond, signon-ui and all (for example, for the GNOME remix)13:54
kenvandinewhich pulls in Qt and more13:55
LaneyPretty sure it's not possible as the code stands13:55
xclaessefrom a packaging POV it is not possible13:56
xclaessemardy, also it would make problems, like accounts menu opens UOA13:56
mardyxclaesse: right13:57
jbichaxclaesse: oh you mean https://bugzilla.gnome.org/701903 ? ;)13:57
ubottuGnome bug 701903 in UOA "If built with --enable-ubuntu-online-accounts, accounts dialog always opens the UOA one" [Normal,Unconfirmed]13:57
xclaesseon gnome remix you would have to change back to empathy-accounts13:57
xclaessejbicha, exactly13:58
jbichathat's just a bug though13:58
xclaesseI wish GNOME had a gtk implementation of signon-ui14:04
xclaesseinstead of their useless GOA14:04
mardyxclaesse: do you think it would be difficult to modularize empathy-keyring.c?14:04
mardyxclaesse: looks like the libsignon-glib dependency comes from there only14:05
mardyxclaesse: the libaccounts dependency is not that troublesome14:05
xclaessemardy,  barisione (on #telepathy) started working on that but priority changed and it is not actively worked on atm14:06
mardyxclaesse: OK, maybe we'll catch up with him14:07
xclaessemardy, but empathy-auth-client will always need to know about all credentials storages14:07
mardyxclaesse: or could the password storage/retrieval methods could be moved to mcp-account-manager-uoa? (am I making some sense at all?)14:07
xclaessewe would have to split it into 2 different programs14:08
xclaesseone for accounts that store in gnome-keyring, and one for UOA14:08
mardywhat if we build once with --disable-uoa (or whatever it's called), and then once more with --enable-uoa, and then put the resulting files into different packages?14:10
mardykenvandine: like how you are doing for having dual qt4/qt5 builds14:11
xclaessemardy, if you make those package conflict to not have both installed, then it could work14:11
* mardy needs to leave soonish14:11
xclaessemardy, note that ubuntu's empathy will migrate accounts to UOA14:12
xclaessethen if you switch to GNOME remix your accounts are lost14:12
xclaesse(not really lost, but they won't appear if you don't have the uoa plugin)14:13
xclaesseso for someone switching between unity and gnome, that won't be pleasant :(14:13
kenvandineit's possible14:14
kenvandinebut not a big fan of doing that14:14
Laneyseems to me like it would be better to fix the underlying problem rather than hacking around it in packaging14:14
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jbichamardy: for Saucy maybe we'll have to accept my dont-depend-on-signond MP until someone fixes the empathy issue14:40
Laneymight be better to seed it rather than having a single random component depend on it14:45
Laneyif we do do that14:45
xnoxseeding is more lightweight.14:46
jbichaLaney: well it could be multiple components, some people don't have ubuntu-desktop installed for whatever reason14:46
Laneyyes, you'll have to add it everywhere14:47
Laneywhich is annoying when it's not really a correct dependency14:47
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jbichaI don't know; I worry about someone having gnome-control-center-signon installed but not working14:49
bdmurrayslangasek: did you see the last comment in bug 1185300?14:54
ubottubug 1185300 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "package linux-image-3.9.0-2-generic 3.9.0-2.7 failed to install/upgrade: run-parts: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools exited with return code 1" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118530014:54
bdmurrayev: does that oops page have information about the revision of errors being run?15:05
jbichaShotwell suddenly starting failing to build within the hour http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755143/15:08
jbichadoko: any ideas?15:09
evbdmurray: we haven't updated deploymgr (or whatever part would do this) to run `bzr version-info --python > errors/version_info.py` yet, so no15:09
dokojbicha, picker binutils ...15:11
dokolink with -lgomp15:11
dokopickier even15:12
jbichadoko: stop changing stuff when I'm compiling ;)15:13
dokojbicha, maybe linking with -fopenmp is enough, but I didn't check15:15
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shakaran am trying to debug compiz with following this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingCompiz but it seems that compiz-*-dbgsym packages are not available? I ask in #compiz but they only suggest compile compiz with gcc -g, but that is complex for desktop users that report bugs with apport. So apport is failing to retrace the compiz bugs15:24
rbasakshakaran: thanks for debugging! It looks like debug symbol packages are available for compiz on ddebs.ubuntu.com - have you tried these? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Debug_Symbol_Packages for details.15:26
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evbdmurray: https://oops.canonical.com/oops/?oopsid=OOPS-0aa0e4bce06fcf0e9d364461b8889e1f - eep15:31
bdmurrayev: whoa, let me finish fixing the previous oops you posted15:33
evtrying to see what's going on here15:33
evfixing this15:36
shakaranrbasak, ok, trying that :) Thanks15:36
bdmurrayev: thanks15:37
bdmurrayev: https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/errors/fix-all-versions-oops/+merge/16871315:40
evbdmurray: thanks; reviewing15:44
evbdmurray: I'm going to simplify this a bit and merge in15:51
bdmurrayev: okay, I'll keep an eye out15:53
shakaranrbasak, Could you remove the comma in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingCompiz after compiz-core-dbgsym? It seems a typo, but the wiki page seems inmutable and I don't have privileges15:57
shakaranrbasak, also after compiz-fusion-plugins-main-dbgsym15:58
rbasakshakaran: done. Thanks!16:01
rbasakBTW, I don't have my privilege either. I think you may just need to log in or something.16:02
shakaranrbasak, right, I think that I was inmutable after login, now I see that I can edit too, but thanks anyway for edit :)16:06
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evbdmurray: don't know how I missed this, but the code didn't catch the NFE on bucketsystems_cf.get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5755358/16:23
evbut I think the call is unnecessary16:23
evinserts are fast. get+maybe insert is slow16:23
bdmurraywould it not insert duplicate systems?16:25
bdmurraywe want bucketversionssytems to have only unique systems16:25
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slangasekbdmurray: thanks, I'd missed that last comment in 1185300; reopened/reassigned/commented16:41
evbdmurray: duplicate systems? I'm not sure I follow. It's inserting the system uuid, which is always going to be the same thing.16:41
evbdmurray: I made the change as r78 - if that's in error I'm going to have to hand off to you on this as we're reaching EOD UK time. If you make additional changes to oops-repo, generate a build: https://code.launchpad.net/~daisy-pluckers/+recipe/oops-repository-daily then give webops the .dsc so they can feed it to dak16:43
bdmurrayev: right, because its uuid: '' it'll be the same.  I came to that conclusion myself.16:43
evokay, cool16:43
tkamppeterOdyX, I have CUPS 1.7b1 in my PPA.16:48
bdmurraympt: could you have a look at bug 1186376 again?16:48
ubottubug 1186376 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "should support setting of whether or not to include phased updates" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118637616:48
lamontev bdmurray: does that mean that I do or don't want r78?17:03
bdmurraylamont: yes to r7817:05
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lamontbdmurray: ack - it's working its way through17:08
slangasekdoko: your latest binutils upload has regressed autopkgtest support.17:21
argesev: is there a way to upload crash data directly to a LP bug. its a kernel bug, and i have .crash .dmesg and all that good stuff. I can manually attach stuff, but wanted to know if there was a whoopsie command to make this easier.17:30
argesor is this an ubuntu-bug thing?17:31
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argesok so using 'apport-cli *.crash', it asks to send a report (which I do), but then it says 'fill out the form in the automatically opened web browser' which never gets opened17:40
argeslooks like this is bug 99492117:42
ubottubug 994921 in apport (Ubuntu Quantal) "'ubuntu-bug /var/crash/app.crash' (and even more so, 'apport-cli -c /var/crash/app.crash') should still allow manual bug filing in stable releases" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99492117:42
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dobeyslangasek: hi. sorry for being a bit slow, but I've just updated bug #1166356 with the requisite test/regression info. thanks.18:13
ubottubug 1166356 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu Precise) "[UIFe] Old music store interface going away on server" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116635618:13
argesev: I'm wondering if the above bug is blocking any linux kernel crashes from being reported to errors.u.c, have you seen any reports show up recently in saucy?18:19
slangasekdobey: great, thanks!18:21
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jbichamardy: bug 119001818:34
ubottubug 1190018 in shotwell (Ubuntu) "Shotwell shouldn't hard-depend on UOA" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119001818:34
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smoserinfinity, adam_g_ saw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/1124384 in saucy19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1124384 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Saucy) "Configuration reload clears event that others jobs may be waiting on" [High,Confirmed]19:10
smoserPreparing to replace upstart 1.8-0ubuntu2 (using .../upstart_1.8-0ubuntu5_amd64.deb)19:11
smoserit seems from changelog of 1.8-0ubuntu5 that may be intended to be not possible ?19:11
adam_g_smoser, FWIW i have no idea how old of a saucy cloud-image im using19:11
smoseri meant xnox19:12
smoserwell, the goal was that the bug seen there should not occur on upgrade19:12
smoseri think19:12
shakaran_arges, it is "easy" to fix. You only have to edit a file and allow Crash report. I did that for fill my lastest bug, because if not you cannot fill a crash bug never.19:34
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argesshakaran_: yes i used the workaround. but i'm wondering why its disabled for apport-cli/apport-bug where it seems like the default behaviour should allow one to upload a crash report to a bug/new bug19:37
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infinitysmoser: I think the implication in the changelog is that the running version (not the new version) needs to support lossless re-exec.20:09
infinitysmoser: Since the running version is what's responsible for serializing the objects.20:09
smoser  * In postinst, check running upstart for the above version number or 1.920:10
smoser    or better and then perform lossless stateful re-execution. Other wise20:10
smoser    check for runlevels 2-5 and perform partial stateful re-execution.20:10
infinitysmoser: Yes, keyword "running".20:10
smoser"other wise"...20:11
infinitysmoser: "Otherwise, work as badly as it did before". :P20:11
smoserwe should have performed a partial, stateful re-execution20:11
sconklin@pilot in20:11
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infinitysmoser: It did do so.  And hit the same bug because ubuntu2 can't serialize the bits you care about.20:11
infinitysmoser: On upgrade from ubuntu5 or higher, it should work.20:11
smoseri thought the plan was that it would not restart20:12
smoser(ie 'partial')20:12
infinitysmoser: The way I read the postinst, it'll only reexec if (a) it supports full stateful re-exec, or (b) if it's runlevel 2-5.20:13
infinitysmoser: So, I assume your test was in runlevel 2.20:13
smosershould not be at runlevel 220:13
roadmrhello folks! I used to be able to rsync rsync://old-releases.ubuntu.com/old-releases/ but as of this morning I can't (@ERROR: Unknown module 'old-releases'). Does anybody know what changed, or who should I ask about this?20:14
smoseroh fiddle faddle.20:15
smoserits a freaking race.20:15
smoseryeah, i think that is what happened. we are at runlevel 2. but that didn't mean that we had reached a safe state to reexec20:16
infinityThat's... Fun.20:16
infinityIt sort of goes away when your base version is ubuntu5 or higher.20:17
infinitySince re-exec should DTRT.20:17
infinityBut if you're relying on this to work for, say, raring, then...20:17
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OdyXtkamppeter: aww, nice, we should get it ready for experimental, are you comfortable with the git packaging to do that ?20:35
vlad_starkovQuestion: I got a problem after apt-get upgrade on Ubuntu 12.04 with raid1+encryption+lvm. After reboot the LVM-passphrase is always wrong! Anyone know this issue?20:37
dokoslangasek, could you give me a poiinter?20:38
slangasekdoko: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-binutils/: previous build succeeded (with a fix from pitti), latest upload seems to have lost that change20:39
vlad_starkovEmergency question: I got a problem after apt-get upgrade on Ubuntu 12.04 with raid1+encryption+lvm. After reboot the LVM-passphrase is always wrong. After few tries it comes to initramfs# shell. Is it possible to check the passphrase right from initramfs shell?20:45
vlad_starkovAny help appreciates!20:45
slangasekvlad_starkov: this was an upgrade within 12.04, not an upgrade *to* 12.04 from some previous release?20:46
vlad_starkovslangasek: right. That was just a regular software upgrade within 12.04 LTS.20:47
slangasekvlad_starkov: since you're in the shell, it should be possible to manually unlock the disk and then resume boot; let me see20:47
slangasekvlad_starkov: btw, at the shell, does your keyboard map appear to be correct?  That seems like the most likely culprit for your current problem20:48
vlad_starkovslangasek: Probably you are right. I do all the stuff through KVM.20:48
slangasek(e.g., if your passphrase is in russian and your keyboard is in english because of a configuration failure, it'll be hard to enter the passphrase from the initramfs shell either :p)20:48
vlad_starkovslangasek: English only :-)20:49
slangasekvlad_starkov: even so, I would first check that when you type the passphrase at the shell, the right characters are printed20:49
vlad_starkovslangasek: how can I make sure I when I enter the passphrase it hides behind the *20:49
vlad_starkovslangasek: one momemnt pls20:49
slangasekright - once we're sure it's not a keyboard issue, I can help you manually unlock the disk - but I have to look that part up20:50
vlad_starkovslangasek: it's not a keyboard.20:51
vlad_starkovslangasek: I can type passphrase in the shell20:51
dokoslangasek, ahh, thanks, forgot that ...20:53
slangasekvlad_starkov: /lib/cryptsetup/askpass 'unlocking' | /sbin/cryptsetup -T 1 luksOpen /dev/$source_device $target_device_name  --key-file=-20:53
slangasekdoko: ok :)20:53
vlad_starkovslangasek: so what should I fill in to the variables?20:54
slangasekvlad_starkov: whatever it says in /conf/conf.d/cryptroot20:55
vlad_starkovslangasek: OK. I see the target and source20:56
vlad_starkovslangasek: http://cl.ly/image/1W1D0p2h0w0R20:57
slangasekvlad_starkov: ok - so you want /lib/cryptsetup/askpass 'unlocking' | /sbin/cryptsetup -T 1 luksOpen /dev/disk/by-uuid/7d6240ba-2d09-4abc-831f-fba1e35a4f32 md1_crypt --key-file=-20:58
slangasek(or you can write "/dev/md1" instead of the long name, if you prefer ;)20:59
vlad_starkovslangasek: I think so20:59
vlad_starkovslangasek: you type really fast for sure20:59
slangasekvlad_starkov: hopefully that command succeeds when you give it the passphrase, and the /dev/md1_crypt file is created20:59
slangasekvlad_starkov: yes, I've been told that ;)21:00
vlad_starkovslangasek: should I do cryptupsetup luksHeaderBackup /dev/md1 header.img21:00
slangasekI'm not familiar with that command21:00
slangasekbut I guess it wouldn't hurt :)21:00
vlad_starkovslangasek: ok just made a backup of header21:03
vlad_starkovslangasek: now lounch your command21:04
vlad_starkovslangasek: 'unlocking' was a passphrase?21:07
slangasekvlad_starkov: no, that's the prompt21:07
slangasekit should print 'unlocking' and then let you type the passphrase (without displaying it)21:07
vlad_starkovslangasek: so I ran the command and it returned 'unlocking'. What should I do next?21:07
vlad_starkovaa ok21:08
slangasektype the passphrase, hit enter :)21:08
vlad_starkovslangasek: no key available with this passphrase21:09
slangasekvlad_starkov: that doesn't sound good.  You should have an older kernel version available; can you try booting an older kernel?21:10
slangasekmaybe it's a problem in the kernel, or maybe it's a problem with something updated in the initramfs21:10
slangasekeither way, booting an older kernel should get around it if it's a problem with an update21:10
vlad_starkovslangasek: wait a second21:10
vlad_starkovslangasek: how to check whether it was decrypted?21:11
slangasekvlad_starkov: by checking whether the $target device has been created in /dev (/dev/md1_crypt)21:11
slangasekbut that error message means it definitely wasn't21:11
vlad_starkovslangasek: I tried one more time and changed l (L in down case) to I (i in uppercase) and it returned nothing21:12
slangasek"returned nothing" sounds like success :)21:13
slangasekis /dev/md1_crypt there now?21:13
vlad_starkovslangasek: no21:13
slangasekstill, the difference in behavior is promising21:13
vlad_starkovslangasek: maybe I reboot the server and try to enter passphrase with uppercase i ?21:14
slangasekI would suggest rebooting, and trying again with the "fixed" passphrase - yes21:14
vlad_starkovslangasek: ok. 2 minutes..21:14
vlad_starkovslangasek: My God!!! It works!21:16
tkamppeterOdyX, up to now I have only modified stuff in existing branches and replaced the upstream source in the GITs of Foomatic, I never introduced a new branch (which we probably would need to do here).21:16
slangasekvlad_starkov: aha :)21:16
vlad_starkovslangasek: I feel myself like an idiot spent 1.5 hours dealing with it21:16
slangasekvlad_starkov: I'm glad it was someone writing the passphrase down wrong, and not a critical bug that I have to fix ;)21:17
vlad_starkovslangasek: Man thank you so much for you help!21:17
vlad_starkovslangasek: I will read about encryption in Ubuntu. This is definitely white space in my knowledge!21:18
slangasekLUKS is pretty nice to have... but yes, it's opaque to a lot of people21:19
vlad_starkovslangasek: So after that incident I will do backups of LUKS-headers. Nice lesson for me though.21:21
robert_ancelljdstrand, Can you set the commit message on https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/lightdm/lightdm-1189948/+merge/168796?21:26
jdstrandrobert_ancell: I did already21:27
jdstrandI tried to request a rebuild, but it didn't seem to work21:27
robert_ancelljdstrand, ok, I can do that. Cheers21:27
vlad_starkovslangasek: After all, I will backup luks headers with "cryptupsetup luksHeaderBackup /dev/md1 --header-backup-file header.img" As someone just recommended me I have to backup LVM headers too. Do you know the correct command for that?21:30
slangasekvlad_starkov: I'm afraid I don't, sorry.  If LVM headers were lost, I would expect to be restoring from backups ... probably to a new disk21:31
vlad_starkovslangasek: OK. So as I think loosing luks headers is kinda much more painful than LVM21:32
* vlad_starkov backup backup backup...... and backup!21:33
xnoxvlad_starkov: one typically should backup the data itself, and not lvm/luks/raid headers. They do help to recover from certain types of corruptions & mistakes, but they are not replacements for full backups.21:34
slangasekvlad_starkov: yes, and there's also a higher risk of these being lost to a "normal" operation (if someone incorrectly re-keys the disk).  Whereas an LVM header would typically only be lost because of a disk failure21:34
slangasekalso what xnox says :)21:34
hallynDaviey: smoser: zul: got a question on path forward for qemu-kvm in precie21:34
vlad_starkovxnox: sure.21:34
argeshallyn: bug 118992621:35
ubottubug 1189926 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Precise) "data corruption in storage attached to VM using KVM" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118992621:35
hallynthere i a data corruption bug in the qcow2 stack in 1.0, which noone seem to be sure how to cleanly bckport21:35
hallyn^ tht one :)  (thanks arges)21:35
vlad_starkovslangasek: am I right thinking that luks headers leave the same if I don't change the passphrase?21:35
hallynso I intend to do a merge from 1.2 upstrem, or from 1.2 debian, plus the commit that fixes it - and hope that is accepted for SRU21:35
slangasekvlad_starkov: yes21:35
vlad_starkovslangasek: so it's good21:36
infinityhallyn: Bumping the entire qemu packaging and source to 1.2?  That seems unlikely to be accepted.21:36
hallynmy inclination is to merge from debian.   But precise was bsed on upstream qemu-kvm.  Any objections to my switching?21:36
hallyninfinity: it's a tough sell, but I'm nto sure there is an alternative otehr than not fixing the bug21:36
hallyninfinity: the plus side would be it's in use in wheezy and squeeze-bckports21:38
hallynand it now has an active maintainer (mjt)21:38
hallynwe can simply tell people who hit the bug to use a 1.5 backport...21:39
xnoxvlad_starkov: if you re-initialise the disk again with same settings and passphrase, all your data will not be accessible any more, as a new encryption key will be generated and used for the data.21:39
hallynanyway there's still a very minimal chance that upstream (kwolf) will have a fix, I was just goign to start a merge as a contingency21:40
xnoxvlad_starkov: to be on a safe side I'd recommend backing up securely the actual encryption key used or complete luks headers using dd or luksHeaderBackup like you used above.21:40
infinityhallyn: The commit in question is a 1-liner... I assume it doesn't apply because it modifies code that doesn't exist in 1.0?21:40
hallyninfinity: there's that, and the code has changed so much that it's doubthful that the one-liner by itself suffices21:41
argesinfinity: there have been quite a few changes to the qcow2 code, and this one liner is really just the final patch that fixes it. we could go with a large set of cherry-picks that fix the issue, but I'm unsure that would make a good SRU candidate21:41
argeslarge set == re-write of much of the qcow2 allocation/cluster code21:42
vlad_starkovxnox: Currently I have RAID1. So if 1 disk fail, the other one will boot in degraded mode?21:46
sconklin@pilot out21:47
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vlad_starkovxnox: what is the best practice of backup the entire disk/raid through the network?21:47
dokoinfinity, did we have a bug report for ld.so loading the libraries of a wrong architecture?21:56
infinitydoko: You mean failing to skip them and erroring out instead?21:57
infinity  * debian/patches/any/unsubmitted-ldso-machine-mismatch.diff: Skip past21:58
infinity    libraries that are built for other machines, rather than erroring.21:58
infinityI didn't close a bug with that changelog entry, so I'm going to assume we didn't have one.21:58
infinityThough I need to clean that whole area up a bit and submit some sanity upstream.  It's going to lead to an argument I don't want to get into.21:59
dokoinfinity, in raring?21:59
infinitydoko: That's in raring, yes.22:00
dokohmm, doesn't seem to work22:00
dokoat least when targeting aarch6422:00
infinitydoko: Maybe it would help if you told me what you're experiencing instead. :P22:00
dokotomorrow, chasing a gcc cross build issue for hours22:01
infinitydoko: Does aarch64 define __arm__ by any chance?22:05
infinityKay, that's about the only place I see where this could go wonky.22:05
infinityBut a copy and paste of the errors you're seeing might be more enlightening.22:05
infinityAssuming it's not just an opaque "dpkg-shlibdeps hates us" error.22:05
dokowell, it's the perl issue22:06
dokoso nothing unknown22:06
dokobut maybe ld.so could be more intelligent22:06
infinityBut we already have aarch64 cross packages in the archive, I'm a bit curious why this would suddenly have stopped working.22:06
hallynarges: the more i look at this, the more i'm convinced that the one-line commit actually fixed something that was broken right before it, in commit 250196f19c6e7df12965d74a5073e10aba06c80222:07
dokocjwatson did cross-build gcc-4.722:07
dokonot sure what he did do22:07
hallynarges: infinity: ^ meaning the 1-liner would be unrelated to the *actual* fix for the bug22:07
infinitydoko: I was referring to gcc-4.7-aarch64-linux-gnu and gcc-4.8-aarch64-linux-gnu ...22:08
infinitydoko: Those wouldn't exist if my patch wasn't working, no?  Since the patch was needed for ppc64 and aarch64 both.22:08
dokothat's build the cross compiler, not cross building the compiler22:08
infinityOkay, well, cross-building the compiler might be an entirely different bug we're tripping on, then. ;)22:09
infinityHappy to look into it, if someone gives me something slightly more reduced.22:09
dokoand at some point, I'll get to cross building the cross compiler ...22:09
argeshallyn: yea i was trying to backport that patch too... its a doozy though, and needs a lot other changes before hitting v1.022:09
infinity(Or just a tarball of a failed build tree, and a description of what command breaks)22:09
hallynarges: you know in a case like this bisect could in fact be wrong.  heck commit aef4acb6616ab7fb5c105660aa8a2cee4e250e75 may have fixed it too - the more recent commits were unrelated (adding tracing and factoring out functions and such)22:09
infinitydoko: Cross-building cross-compilers sounds like masochism. ;)22:10
cjwatsondoko: Like I said to you in /msg, I didn't do anything special, just preinstalled the cross gfortran in the chroot22:10
cjwatsondoko: Hopefully gcc-4.8 will build natively in stage1 and then we won't need to worry immediately22:11
dokoinfinity, we need a cross compiler for aarch64 targeting armhf, and maybe I do want to do that on a fast platform. so much for the use case22:11
dokocjwatson, sorry, didn't see the msg22:12
infinitydoko: I can't see how this is necessary for out initial bringup.  And once we're building natively on a bunch of parallel buildds, if it takes time, it takes time.  Oh well.22:14
dokowell, it would be a use case for the canadian cross22:15
dokobut you know these canadians better than me22:15
dokoanyway, good night22:17
mwhudsondoko: do you ever see test_io hang building python on armhf?22:20
xnoxvlad_starkov: just see normal backups, rsnapshot (for small) or bacula (for very large) are good for backups. Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem for many available options.22:25
vlad_starkovxnox: thanks22:27
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smoserhallyn, i'm afraid i dont have anything to add to the above.23:49
smoseronly that the cloud archive probably already has a newer version of qemu-kvm for precise ...23:50
smoserand that is a supported path.23:50
hallynarges: ^23:54
hallynsmoser: ok, I'm looking at what a quantal + wheezy merge would look like, and arges has a working (though not yet qa-tested) patch cherrypick so we may just stick with 1.0 in precise after all23:55
hallynif nothing else, i've got a set of patches which should be added to quantal (low prio as that may be :)23:55
smoserthat would be nice.23:55
hallynnow what is quantal's lifetime again?  /me checks23:56
hallyntill april23:57

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