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fobelxhi. i want to install 32-bit SDLnet library on my 64-bit ubuntu install.00:03
fobelxwhat is the package name?00:04
jrib!multiarch | fobelx00:04
jribfobelx: use multiarch (i.e. just append :i386 to the package)00:04
hitsujiTMOfobelx: libsdl-net1.2:i386   appears to be the right one00:05
jribfobelx: why do you want this package by the way?00:06
hitsujiTMOfobelx: sorry: there are some later versions. what version are you looking for?00:06
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hitsujiTMOfobelx: there's also libsdl2-net-2.0-0:i38600:07
zzxcAnd it works00:08
zzxcAint exactly pretty but it does work.00:08
weissbierhi, one question, why is the net-tools package that outdated? there is "net-tools 2.10" but ubuntu ships with "net-tools 1.60"00:17
zzxcdaftykins: Hey, its up and running.00:17
weissbierany specific reason, or is it because people should use iproute2?00:17
zzxcdaftykins: Ain't exactly pretty but its running for the first time in a while.00:17
Beldarweissbier, You would have to ask the ubuntu developers, in gneral the release your running can be a factor.00:18
weissbieri'm using ubuntu 13.1000:18
hitsujiTMOweissbier: according to the upstream source 1.6 is the latest00:18
Beldarweissbier, Is there an actual attached to this other than "the latest"?00:19
weissbiernah, just the output of the newer versions is more verbose00:19
Beldarthats an opinion00:19
weissbieri was compiling http://sourceforge.net/projects/net-tools/00:20
weissbierthats not a bug for me, i just was curious00:21
hitsujiTMOweissbier: http://sourceforge.net/projects/net-tools/files/?source=navbar  is current stable. you're probably compiling the dev build00:21
weissbieryeah, i was cloning the git00:22
litropyhow can I check why a package has been held back by apt-get?00:22
weissbierany ppa with the git-build anywhere?00:22
Jordan_Uweissbier: If you look at git HEAD of a project you're almost never going to be looking at a stable release.00:22
weissbierinteresting that fedora uses some newer release of it00:23
zykotick9litropy: does "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" offer to install them?  regular "upgrade" can't install new packages, or removing blocking packages.00:24
clynamenI'm on ubuntu 12.04, How can I install a package that is on latest ubuntu versions without conflicting with other packages?00:24
zykotick9clynamen: you can't really.  check for a PPA for the software you're interested in updating.  good luck, going down this road - you might need it ;)00:25
zykotick9!ppa | clynamen if your not familiar00:25
ubottuclynamen if your not familiar: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:25
Ari-Yangclynamen: you can, but could be tricky00:25
Ari-Yangclynamen: like download the .deb of the ppa of a different ubuntu version and then install them00:26
Ari-Yangclynamen: or just find a PPA....00:26
litropyzykotick9, I imagine it does. But that doesn't tell me why00:26
zykotick9litropy: don't know what to tell you...  there should be some aptitude advanced search for what you want though... i certainly don't know it ;)  good luck.00:27
hitsujiTMO!dist-upgrade | litropy because there are depenency changes00:27
ubottulitropy because there are depenency changes: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.00:27
litropyThanks, all00:29
clynamenI see, thanks, let's try ...00:29
Quest ARM cortex vs     intell pentium 3 legacy.    1ghz both. which will be faster?00:29
hitsujiTMO!ot | Quest00:29
ubottuQuest: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:29
zykotick9Quest: didn't make it to ##hardware?00:30
koodooanyone here good with steam on ubuntu00:48
koodooThey arent answering on the other channe00:48
daftykinsask away describing what you're doing and what's going wrong00:49
hitsujiTMOkoodoo: actually you were answered several times in the other channel00:49
koodooWhich one is that hitsuji?00:49
koodooNo one is answering there.00:50
koodooAnd now it is a different question...00:50
daftykinsdo you want to stop spamming and ask then?00:50
koodooOk my problem: I open steam and play Gmod and it just closes with no error. I tried running with terminal(nothing there) .00:50
koodooIt "crashes"00:50
koodooand it does not show anything big in terminal.00:51
daftykinsforce re-check the cache?00:51
koodoodaftykins: What does that mean?00:51
daftykinsthe game cache.00:51
aaasanyone using nfs for windows 8, can recommend a client to connect nfs on ubuntu00:51
koodoodaftykins: Will it delete anything if not, how do I do it?00:52
hitsujiTMOaaas: install the Services for Unix-based  in windows00:52
daftykinskoodoo: right click properties on the game in the game list, then local data tab or something like that, 'verify integrity of game cache'00:53
aaashitsujiTMO it's no longer in win 8 for the version i have00:53
hitsujiTMOaaas: ahh sorry . win 8 enterprise only :(      try https://code.google.com/p/nekodrive/00:54
KlojumHi people, having a sudden error via GRUB2 here. FYI: laptop with 1TB HDD and triple boot: WinXP / Ubuntu 12.04 / OpenELEC Gotham. Things worked fine for a couple of weeks, now I get a "invalid magic number" when selecting OpenELEC, and it won't boot. Ubuntu still boots (as you can see). This is the partition list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471527/ .00:55
BeldarKlojum, Have you run sudo update-grub00:56
Klojumyep... one and only thing I did sofar, but to no avail.00:56
hitsujiTMOaaas: you might also want to ask in ##windows        that channel is more appropriate for that question00:57
BeldarKlojum, That has to be a gpt setup with that many partitions00:57
aaashitsujiTMO yeah i tried...no luck yet00:57
BeldarI see no extended00:58
hitsujiTMOKlojum: can you pastebin the output of: sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda00:59
KlojumSorry, my bad. It's only a 750GB  (it's late here already ;-) )01:00
KlojumComing up..01:00
BeldarI would guess sda4 is the extended not posted01:00
Klojumhmm... no gdisk installed01:00
hitsujiTMOKlojum: sudo fdisk -l01:01
KlojumOkay, here's a noob question: how come it has worked for almost a month now?01:01
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KlojumhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471580/01:02
BeldarKlojum, Your problem is on a OS not really supported here try #grub maybe or their support maybe01:03
[LMZ]Beldar: Well I got video to work, but I feel there is a few other issues; SSD. Going to replace that tomorrow and see, if not going to use the normal 1TB 5400RPM drive that came with it.01:03
KlojumAlready tried in #grub, but no response so far.01:04
Beldar[LMZ], Go full ssd if you can.01:04
KlojumThanks anyway :)01:04
[LMZ]Beldar: Yeah, this laptop I am on has 200GB SSD. It's very nice!01:04
hitsujiTMOKlojum: where exactly do you get the "invalid magic number"  error?01:04
Beldar[LMZ], I have a 246 gigger, very nice.01:05
gTupacCan anybody help me to get the bluetooth working on my hp pavilion 15 please?01:06
eminentdomaincan anyone help me figure out getting utorrent installed in ubuntu01:06
KlojumWhen selecting the bottom item of GRUB's menu items, being OpenELEC.  This item has been added via /etc/grub.d/40_custom.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471601/01:06
eminentdomaini'm having issues getting the latest version of glibc01:06
[LMZ]Beldar: Nice nice, anyways I am heading out. Thanks for your help! If I get it working with the new SSD, I will let you know.01:06
eminentdomaini need to have 2.16 but i'm stuck at 2.13 and i cant figure out how to upgrade it01:07
gTupacCan anybody help me to get the bluetooth working on my hp pavilion 15 please?01:07
Beldareminentdomain, 3rd party not really supported there are hand fulls in the ubuntu repo that are.01:07
gTupaceminentdomain: why not use transmission? :p01:08
eminentdomaingTupac i'm afraid of resetting all my rss feeds01:08
eminentdomaini have quite alot of them being exported from another utorrent install01:08
EighgaHello, I was wondering if I could pick the rooms brain about an issue I'm having with Ubuntu. I will go into detail here and try to be a thorough as possible.01:09
EighgaMy friends computer stopped working and asked if i knew of a way to get a couple files off the hard drive to fix it. I did a bit of "Googling" and came across an Ubuntu Community posting regarding Data Recovery (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery) from what I could tell, is that it's rather involved and I'm still a novice user.01:09
EighgaSomething else I noticed, When i first plugged the hard drive into my computer and was running windows 8, It showed up saying it was (not that it was needing formatting but the word escapes me). So I went and installed Ubuntu on my computer and Ubuntu doesnt actually recognize the hard drive, It notices every other Hard Drive i plug into it but this one.01:09
FloodBot1Eighga: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:09
gdoshow can i configure leafnode for a local network (or ssh tunnels)? i do not want to subscribe to the 'BIG 8' news groups...just create my own.01:09
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Guest32526nick 华仔01:09
spydonDid anybody else pledge for the Linux Voice magazine? :) http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/linux-voice01:09
Eighgasorry, just learnt about flood01:09
gTupaceminentdomain, oh then, im sorry, as I'm not using utorr for ubuntu, not sure if  can help you out on this one :/01:09
eminentdomainalso utorrent lets me control it from my phone01:10
eminentdomaincan transmission do that?01:10
BeldarEighga, W8 is uefi and gpt partitioning, go to ##windows and ask about recovery.01:10
Myrttispydon: why not ask in #ubuntu-offtopic01:10
jribeminentdomain: if the hard drive failed, just use backups01:10
gTupachey, anybody could help me get my bluetooth on? please?01:10
jribEighga: if the hard drive failed, just use backups01:10
hitsujiTMOKlojum: run fsck on the partition01:11
KlojumhitsujiTMO: okay... brb01:11
Eighgathere are no back ups of the hard drive01:11
Eighgaalso it originally had a windows 7 installation on it01:12
jribEighga: do you get output to dmesg when you plug it in?01:12
jribEighga: also, tell your friend, if there are no backups, then there is no important data01:12
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Eighgaoutput to dmesg, I dont quite follow.01:13
KlojumhitsujiTMO: FYI, gdisk information.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471621/01:13
EighgaWell, my friend would do backups but you know how that goes, hasnt been done for a while, etc etc.01:13
clynamenHow can I force apt-get to install without worring about dependencies?01:13
BeldarEighga, W8 is a ##windows issue this is not ubuntu recovery on windows support.01:14
jribEighga: plug in drive, type "dmesg" see output.01:14
Beldarclynamen, bad idea.01:14
clynamenBeldar: I don't care, just tell me please01:14
BeldarI do01:14
hitsujiTMOclynamen: can you pastebin the exact errors01:15
th0rclynamen: apt-get install -nodeps (or something close...I am not on linux right now)01:15
clynamenBeldar: I don't want to criticize or rant, but man apt-get is so broken01:15
Eighgajrib: what in the list of output am i looking for?01:15
clynamenhitsujiTMO: I'm trying to install boost libs from a PPA01:16
clynamenand some dependecies are not satisfied since I'm replacing old boost packages01:16
hitsujiTMOclynamen: sounds like a broken ppa then01:16
KlojumhitsujiTMO: fsck on sda6:  OE_SYS: clean, 20/131072 files, 51251/524288 blocks01:17
clynamenbtw, I know the risks, what is the command to ignore dependecies?01:17
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Beldarclynamen, Just the fact you don't care is a huge red flag of you being back asking for more non-supported help, ppa's are not supported here.01:18
spydonMyrtti: good idea :)01:18
quidnuncAnyone know why mini-dinstall is creating "Packages" with filename that contain subdirs like "raring/mypackage"???01:18
clynamenOk, I will shot myself in the foot, then I will not ask help anymore ;)01:18
Beldaryeah right, and I have bridge for sale, you interested?01:19
SchrodingersScatBeldar: network bridge?01:19
* Beldar sees way to much help that is not supported here01:19
hitsujiTMOclynamen: if your getting such an error from a ppa then there's a problem with the ppa itself. it has nothing to do with the fact that you already have a version of libboost installed already. infact any lib boost can be installed alongside another without any issue01:19
BeldarSchrodingersScat, London01:19
Eighgajrib: I got a message that says nss-myhostname01:20
Eighgagot that a couple times01:20
hitsujiTMOclynamen: purge that ppa and find a non broken one01:20
clynamenno ppa... I will install directly from the source01:21
clynamenor, at least, there is no way to install a package from a newer version?01:22
MrDyneHey i'm just getting ready to point my domain name at my internet's static ip address using A record. My domain provider is mydomain. I was wonder, there this huge list of mail, mx, www, email etc that can all be A recorded to a diffrent IP... can I just delete them all and leave the * wild card cuz it's all going to the same ip?01:24
MrDynenot totaly a linux question but the ip address goes to my linux server.01:25
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hitsujiTMOMrDyne: you will need an A entry for domain.xxx  and you can use a CNAME for * to domain.xxx01:26
hitsujiTMOMrDyne: just remember that * will have to be after all other records01:27
jessica91 01:33
zzxcHey is there something simalar to genfstab from arch in ubuntu?01:34
hitsujiTMOzzxc: is nano/vim not good enough?01:35
Eighgajrib: so I went through the dmesg and it doesnt mention this hard drive ever being pluged into it, I looked for the serial number, and any other number off the actual hard drive. Nothing at all came up in the dmesg report01:36
reisiozzxc: if it works on arch it probably works on ubuntu01:36
zzxchitsujiTMO: With how many times I've been unable to access a machine after doing that I try to avoid it alot.01:36
zzxcreisio: Currently no package let me see if exist in apt01:36
zzxcreisio: Yeah it doesn't exist.01:37
reisiozzxc: it's unlikely something named 'genstab' is more than a very small script or the like01:37
toolhow do I find the control panel01:39
zzxctool: Flavor of ubuntu are you on01:39
toolubuntu 701:39
zzxcreisio: Cool thanks. I'll have to read through to double check thats compadible01:39
zzxctool ubuntu 7?01:40
zzxctool: like Feisty Fawn?01:40
hitsujiTMO!eol | tool01:41
ubottutool: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:41
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toolI like ubuntu 701:41
hitsujiTMOtool: that lost support, like 5 years ago01:42
toolive tried new ubuntu01:42
zzxctool: Wow,I'm impressed. It should be gnome2. Seriously though01:42
zzxctool: it was a LTS.01:42
toolcontrol panel does nothing when clicked01:42
zzxcSorry not tool, hitsujiTMO it was a LTS01:42
zzxctool: Mmm interesting. What are you trying to access?01:43
tooleverything really01:43
toolevrrything in CP01:43
toolI use it a lot01:44
zzxchitsujiTMO: Sorry I stand corrected 8.04 was the LTS.01:44
hitsujiTMOzzxc: no, it wasn't ... even april releases are lts01:44
jeffersoncomo crio um time regional ubuntu da Bahia01:44
xangua!pt | jefferson01:45
ubottujefferson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:45
zzxchitsujiTMO: Hahaha.  Yeah I just looked it up again. Supported ended in 2008.01:45
zzxctool: I'm serisouly not sure. You could try launching it through alt+f2 or command line.01:46
zzxctool: but I'm not sure what it would be called.01:46
toolwhere do I get help01:47
zzxctool: I'm not going to be of much use but seriously I have to admire your staying power on it.01:47
zzxctool: uhmmm also a good question. Archives of forum chats may be your best bet or poke around here until you have someone who knows more.01:47
hitsujiTMOtool: i'll jokingly say archive.org01:49
zzxcYou know it might be because I have a background in stat mech, but I after to wonder why pandora would have thought that was sense in trying to trace back by roots rather than taking a large amount of agregate data and finding relevance amoung user preferences.01:51
zzxchitsujiTMO: On a tanget. I heard something about there servers going up in a fire. Do you know what all would have been lost?01:52
hitsujiTMOzzxc: they had backups, just non money for new servers01:52
zzxchitsujiTMO: Alright cool, thanks for the info.01:53
veryhappyhey guys, want to install skype http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471712/ any suggestions?01:54
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veryhappythank you in advance01:54
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zzxcveryhappy: How are you trying to install this?01:58
veryhappyzzxc: i'm trying to add the repository and then i install skype02:00
zzxcveryhappy: So via a ppa I take?02:00
Beldarveryhappy, The ubuntu repo has the latest skype use it.02:00
zzxcBeldar: Since when?02:01
zzxcBeldar: It used to be on a super old version.02:01
veryhappyBeldar: ok 1st off: if you didn't see i have issues and 2nd off i didn't find any skype version in the ubuntu repos.02:01
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga02:02
zzxc!Ekiga | zzxc02:02
ubottuzzxc, please see my private message02:02
zzxcHuh. Interesting I didn't know about that.02:03
zzxcveryhappy: Out of curoisty what version and flavor are you using?02:03
Beldarveryhappy, This from the skype site this repo?02:04
zzxcveryhappy: Additionally you could try apt-get install xemacs21-mule xemacs21-nomule: xemacs21-mule-canna-wnn02:04
GrendelTanyone dealt with an "Input Signal Out of Range" issue in X?02:05
GrendelTGRUB is set fine, it's only after X loads02:05
GrendelTno video signal is displayed and the monitor shows "Out of Range"02:05
Beldarveryhappy, really, what release you running, skype is in the releases not eol, and 3rd I saw your errors 4th did you read the bots info?02:05
zykotick9GrendelT: you need to lower the resolution to something your display can handle02:06
GrendelTit's at 1024x76802:06
GrendelTthat works on a different monitor02:06
GrendelTwhen i hook up this other monitor (a HannsG) it won't show02:06
b0xis there a safe way to install nvidia drivers?02:07
veryhappysorry guys, got many conversations running on here02:07
b0xevery attempt ive tried generally ends in a black screen after login02:07
zykotick9b0x: are you talking about downloading the driver from nvidia.com, OR using the Ubuntu install method?02:08
b0xbut my system seems to be running very hot when on ubuntu, suggesting its running flat out the whole time (even though ive got onboard intel gfx also)02:08
veryhappy12.04.3 LTS amd6402:08
b0xany method02:08
b0xive tried before from the software center02:08
zykotick9b0x: DON'T download the driver from nvidia.com!  that is all ;)02:08
utusanwhy not?02:08
zzxcveryhappy: Is it from the deb from the skype webpage.02:10
GrendelTthe monitor is an HW191D ... says it supports 1440x900 @ 70Hz... I'm just trying to get it do to 1024x768 as a starting point02:10
zykotick9utusan: i posted "why nvidia installer sucks", a debian dkpg factoid to http://paste.ubuntu.com/6471795/ (no line wrap, sorry)02:11
veryhappywell, when i add the repository i get the error i've already shown and when i try to use the .deb file it said something is missing...02:12
Beldarveryhappy, where did you get this repository?02:14
kkkkkkkhi all, i have pentium B960 processor and it is 64 bit capable, i have 2 gb ram, is it beneficial to use 64 bit ubuntu, instead of 32 bit, what performance gain i will get, if i switch from 32 bit to 64 bit02:15
kkkkkkkright now , i am using ubuntu 32 bit, 12.04 LTS02:16
veryhappyhttp://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/install-skype-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/ - but that was the 2nd page i tried out02:16
veryhappyit actually tells you the same the first page did02:16
a_l_g64 bit is for more then 4g of ram02:16
kkkkkkka_l_g: nothing more advantage for laptop users02:17
kkkkkkka_l_g: instead of RAM02:17
a_l_glol low end loptops02:17
kkkkkkki read somewhere that 32 bit can also address 64 GB of RAM , with the help of PAE02:18
Beldarveryhappy, Can you just run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade and pastebin all of it, always pastebin commands.02:18
zykotick9kkkkkkk: tbo, i consider 2gb kinda a small amount of RAM, to begin with.  SO, if you go 64bit, due to the overhead - you'll have even LESS, then if you stick to 32bit.  there are a couple of cases where you'd want 64bit, but mainly media-encoding and number crunching (if you're doing either of those, primarily, then go 64 else stick to 32 (unless you upgrade your ram)02:19
Beldarpae kernels allow more ram in 32 bit02:19
veryhappywhat do you mean "always pastebin commands"?02:19
veryhappyinclude the commands as well?02:19
veryhappyi just know how to make pastebinit write everything online02:19
Beldarveryhappy, Your first pastebin of errors shows no command leading to them.02:19
a_l_gsudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback and kill the 3d look of ubuntu02:20
kkkkkkki am asking about advantages of 64 bit processor and hardware, i don't need more RAM i am happy with 2 GB, as by default i use only 500 Mb of it, after opening firefox, chrome, etc, if i need to do some other work, i close one and work on another02:20
veryhappyah gotcha02:20
veryhappybut how?02:20
zykotick9kkkkkkk: media encoding & math/number crunching - those are the main two benefits (besides supporting more ram)02:20
Beldarveryhappy, run that command as a copy and paste to a terminal and copy and paste all of the text to a pastebin.02:21
kkkkkkkzykotick9: i do none of them :)02:21
kkkkkkkzykotick9: no simulations02:21
veryhappywell you want me to copy everything manually right_02:21
Beldarveryhappy, What ever works for you.02:22
a_l_gkkkk yes it will work but if your doing server to may need to use 32 bit02:22
kkkkkkkso, it is a safe idea to use 32 bit , for most of normal users02:22
Beldarveryhappy, You can copy and paste all of the terminal info in one full sweep.02:22
zykotick9kkkkkkk: there is that 2035 (or whatever) year issue... if your in high finance or something ;)02:22
a_l_g64 bit will work but it a little more work as a new user i would use 32 bit and call it a day02:23
Beldar!tab | a_l_g02:23
ubottua_l_g: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:23
a_l_gno shit02:24
Beldar!language | a_l_g02:24
ubottua_l_g: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:24
LothsahnEvery time I add a new item in alacart (the menu editor for the "applications" menu in gnome classic), it puts it under the Other group.  How do I edit groups like Internet and Sound and Video?02:24
kkkkkkka_l_g: i am a normal user with no specific task, watching some movies, surfing internet for my work, sometimes on facebook, that's it02:25
kkkkkkkthanks all02:25
zzxcHey how do I install an audio compoent to a ubuntu server install?02:26
veryhappyis there a way to copy terminal text with > 2>&1?02:28
zzxcWhat do you mean >2>&1?02:28
Beldarveryhappy, click where the command starts and move the cusor to the bottom of the terminal or double click the terminal.02:29
Beldarthe menu has a choose all I believe02:29
a_l_gUsing PulseAudio rm -r ~/.pulse*; pulseaudio -k for 12.04 rm -r ~/.config/pulse; pulseaudio -k for 1302:29
veryhappyBeldar: NOT helpful02:29
veryhappyit doesn't fit on the screen, so i wanted to know a better way not a NOOB way02:30
Beldarveryhappy, bummer well good luck than. ;)02:30
Beldarhehe I'm far from being a noob but you go girl/boy02:30
Lothsahnveryhappy:  If you want help from people, it's best not to insult them.02:31
Beldaryou get ignored02:31
veryhappyBeldar: i'm also not quite a noob anymore but the hint you gave me was more than superfluous02:31
LothsahnAnyone know how to edit groups in the applications menu other than the "Other" group using a GUI?  It seems like the default menu editor always puts them in Other, and the old "type" dropdown no longer exists.02:32
* Beldar wonders when they put open source in kindergartens02:32
toolhow do you share a printer02:32
LothsahnOh sweet..  I just found the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/124408702:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1244087 in Ubuntu "Ubuntu 13.10 Main Menu editor Problem" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:33
zzxcBeldar veryhappy: Hey seriously guys, Enough the the snide comments.02:33
veryhappyBeldar: i'm quite often helping people in here and i'm sometimes even doing it for hours without my problems getting solved, then i might have the possibility to complain at least once!02:33
Lothsahnveryhappy: You have the right to complain all you want--however, the only significant result of that complaint would be that you'll get ignored and not get the help you seek.02:35
GrendelTcomplaints > /dev/null02:36
veryhappyseriously guys, i'm sorry, but sometimes i can't hold it anymore.02:36
toolsave me02:36
LothsahnGrendeIT: In most cases, yes.  People in here aren't a paid company to whom they need to actually please others.02:36
Lothsahnveryhappy: Now, what did you mean by "copy terminal text"?  Did you mean redirect to a file AND also see it?02:36
GrendelTyou mean, nobody here is paid to listen to it :)02:36
Lothsahnveryhappy: if that's what you were referring to, the utility you're interested in is called "tee"02:36
Beldaror even care02:37
Lothsahnveryhappy: If not, please rephrase your question. :)02:37
toolpls save me02:37
veryhappyLothsahn: i just wanted to have everything i typed and saw on the terminal in a file or concatenate it straight to pastebinit02:37
Beldar!details | toobluesc02:37
ubottutoobluesc: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:37
Beldar!details | tool02:37
ubottutool: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:37
GrendelTif anyone has experience with monitor resolution being out of range, hit me up02:37
Lothsahnveryhappy:  I'm not sure about pastebinit, but if you want to redirect to console output as well as a file, you can output it to "tee".02:37
Beldartoobluesc: sorry02:38
Lothsahnveryhappy: http://embraceubuntu.com/2007/05/17/using-tee-to-write-to-files-and-the-terminal/02:38
GrendelTit works on one monitor, i've dropped the res to 1024x768, but still no love02:38
toolim using ubuntu 13.502:38
GrendelTmonitor works in higher resolutions in windows, and card works on higher resolutions on other monitors02:38
zzxctool: If you're talking about this conversation people let me join you. If you need help with the printers I have no clue.02:38
toolid like to share a printer02:38
PDilyardi installed 13.10 and my laptop won't wake from suspend. it worked on 12.0402:38
Lothsahnveryhappy:  You, of course, may need to install the tee utility.  However, it's very helpful if you want to both see output and send it to a file.  As for pastebinit, I'm not familiar with that.02:38
geekmasterflashHey, I have something of a strange issue I need some help with. For my work I need to set up a softphone. That I have done, but I am trying to set the program to use my headphones and not my speakers02:39
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:39
geekmasterflashBut I can't find any way to get ubuntu to recognize my rear headphone's jack02:39
GrendelTit seems to be using the "radeon" driver... is that good or no? do i want to use the fglrx instead? Radeon HD 6310 chip02:39
geekmasterflashI can get it to work if I disconnect my my speakers and plug the headphones into the speaker jack02:39
veryhappyLothsahn: it is already installed :) btw: pastebinit just needs to be piped with "command | pastebinit"02:40
geekmasterflashBut that means I can't listen to music while working, which would be tragic02:40
Beldartool, Stop posting garbage and give some details.02:40
toolI did02:40
shin1hai hai02:40
veryhappytool: but then please write more than just "help"02:40
Lothsahnveryhappy: Ah.  In that case, tee will work for you.  You'll just have to redirect the output to tee first (which will copy to the console), and then pipe/redirect to pastebinit02:40
toolI did02:40
Beldartool, Name of OS and printer and share info would be a good start.02:41
GrendelTtool: don't spam. post, be patient and continue to google while you wait02:41
veryhappyLothsahn: "command | tee | pastebinit" ?02:41
toolshare info?02:41
Lothsahnveryhappy: Don't remember the exact syntax.  Go read the page I linked--it's pretty detailed with examples.02:41
fobelxhitsujiTMO: hi. i tried to install libsdl-net1.2:i386 but it wants to remove a lot of packages and says the move could be dangerous.02:41
Beldartool, from-to is there a network, is this wifi...etc02:41
PDilyardi installed 13.10 and my laptop won't wake from suspend. it worked on 12.04. any ideas?02:41
GrendelTwhat version are you running, what sort of printer is it? is the print server built into the printer?02:41
fobelxhitsujiTMO: so i opted out.02:41
veryhappyLothsahn: that's in all cases better than the manually copy and paste thing :)02:42
veryhappythank you02:42
Lothsahnveryhappy: of course.  :)02:42
fobelxhitsujiTMO: i couldn't figure out how to install version 2 of sdl net though...02:42
Lothsahnveryhappy: Tee is a very common command.  if the page I linked isn't descriptive enough, I'm sure you can figure it out with Google.02:42
toolcannon mx 39502:42
toolubuntu 13.502:43
geekmasterflashAnyone have any experiance with getting headphones to play nice with speakers?02:43
Beldargeekmasterflash, hmm, no details?02:44
GrendelTyou can't just unplug one and plug in the other?!02:44
GrendelTor plug headphones into any ext jack on the speakers?02:44
esdetrying to uninstall opera. ubuntu 12.04, not installed in software center but still showing in unity, and with which, and i can open and run it. i am not able to remove it with dpkg or apt, both say it is not installed02:44
GrendelToh tool...02:44
LothsahnIf I have a specific bug in ubuntu that's irritating to me, is there some way that I could pay to get it fixed?02:44
shin1ngak ada ubuntu 13.5 yang ada 13.402:45
Beldargeekmasterflash, red wine, empathy and positive reinforcement. ;)02:45
geekmasterflashBeldar: Using pulseaudio, I am trying to get both my speakers and rear headphone jack to play nice. Currently, I can get the rear input to work, but my read headphone jack doesn't appear to be an option in sound control02:45
GrendelTtool: help spam is not cool - patience02:45
geekmasterflashBeldar: I can get the headphone to work if I plug them into the speaker port, but that means I can't use my softphone and listen to music02:45
toolyou no listen02:45
geekmasterflashBeldar: Which is my end goal02:45
jribLothsahn: sure, you can create a bug bounty02:45
geekmasterflashBeldar: I'd be happy to provide more details if you know which commands I should be throwing down to get them?02:46
Beldargeekmasterflash, Not sure if it is not in the sound control, you sure it's not a input?02:46
veryhappyLothsahn: you indeed helped me a lot.02:46
Lothsahnjrib:  Where can you do a bug bounty?02:46
Beldarlike for a mic02:46
geekmasterflashBeldar: I am positive, as I have the mic portion of my headset plugged into the mic port and it works02:47
Beldargeekmasterflash, I would address this to the channel.02:47
jribLothsahn: I don't know.  Check if launchpad has such a functionality02:47
Lothsahnjrib: Thanks02:48
veryhappyLothsahn: anyway i didn't get the 2>&1 work for me02:48
jribLothsahn: if there isn't such functionality there (or you can't find it), try #ubuntu-bugs or the mailiing list02:48
Lothsahnveryhappy: 2>&1 just means redirect stdout and stderror02:48
geekmasterflashAlright, so the issue is this: I have set up a softphone on my machine for work. I like to listen to music while I work, so my goal is to have my sound from the softphone go to my headphones and mic and everything else my speakers. My headset is plugged into the rear headphone and mic jack. My mic is working, but in sound control I have no rear headphones option02:49
jribLothsahn: eh?02:49
Beldargeekmasterflash, no sign of it with alsamixer in the cli?02:49
veryhappyyea i did apt-get update and upgrade but i just got 4 lines instead of all the lines normally shown02:49
geekmasterflashBeldar: Let me check02:49
Beldarjust a guess02:49
GrendelTtool : you'll find this hilarious. I just googled for linux printer sharing canon and guess what model was in an example on the top 10 search results? yeah. cool huh?02:49
GrendelTso RTFM and Google away02:49
john_doe_jrhow do you set the FQDN on ubuntu server?02:50
richringerWhen I run sudo apt-get update I get an error when it reads the cache at 98% is there a way I can fix this? I can't do any updates at all.02:50
geekmasterflashBeldar: Yeah, I see a headphone option in AlsMixer02:50
Lothsahnveryhappy:  So the syntax would be:  command 2>&1 | tee (filename) >> pastebinit02:50
Beldargeekmasterflash, is it off?02:50
aaasanyone using samba 4 or 4.1 in production?02:50
veryhappyLothsahn: i need a filename?02:50
Lothsahnveryhappy: That'd send it to pastebinit and a file.  I'm not sure how to send it to pastebinit as well as stdout, as there's only one stdout stream02:50
geekmasterflashBeldar: Good question. I see multi-colored bars which seems to suggest to me that it's not02:51
veryhappytool: stop writing help again and again02:51
Lothsahnveryhappy:  Well, yes--there's only one stdout stream, so unless pastebinit supported splitting the stream, I don't know of a way to send stdout to console and redirect it02:51
Beldarrichringer, Are you sure all the repos are up for your release?02:51
veryhappytool STOP WRITING HELP02:51
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!02:51
veryhappycan anyone please kick this bastard?!02:51
Beldargeekmasterflash, I have rarely messed with the alsamixer and am in windows so can't really directly help is all.02:51
veryhappytool shut the fuck up02:51
IdleOnetool: what do you need help with?02:52
richringerBeldar it reads the repo's then bombs on reading my cache at 98% I don't see any repo errors02:52
IdleOne!language | veryhappy02:52
ubottuveryhappy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:52
Beldarrichringer, You might change the repo in software sources.02:52
=== Hassen is now known as Epic_Fail
richringerBeldar I'm running 13.1002:53
BuntuFuntuHe stopped o.O02:53
Lothsahnveryhappy:  if you had to see it in the console, you could either open a second terminal and tail -f the file that tee is writing to, OR you'd have to write a program, I think02:53
Beldarrichringer, and that means?02:54
veryhappyLothsahn: it's strange i always just get Reading package lists...02:54
veryhappyBuilding dependency tree...02:54
veryhappyReading state information...02:54
veryhappy0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:54
Lothsahnveryhappy:  There are two streams to capture--stdout and stderr.  The 2>&1 should capture them both02:55
Lothsahnveryhappy: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prog-Intro-HOWTO-3.html02:56
seryphanyone happen to have a Thinkpad T530 working on a docking station in Ubuntu? Nvidia gfx.02:57
jimmy_bananashey is there any pulseaudio experts out there who might help me configure my alc268 soundcard with pulseaudio in ubuntu 13.10?02:57
Beldarjimmy_bananas, state the actual details to the channel for help.02:58
richringerBeldar apparently my local cache is corrupted. I get an input/output error says status file could not be opened or parsed.02:58
Beldarrichringer, hmm, this from the cli?02:59
apb1963What is the ubuntu way of using a scanner on 12.04 ?02:59
richringerBeldar huh?02:59
zykotick9richringer: i'd check your "dmesg" are you getting a lot of I/O errors?  could point to a failing drive (hopefully not).03:00
Beldarrichringer, just wondering where and when you see "an input/output error says status file could not be opened or parsed."03:00
richringerBeldar I ran apt-get update in a terminal.  it showed the error in the terminal window.03:01
Beldarapb1963, you tried xsane?03:02
Beldarrichringer, I would follow what zykotick9 suggests.03:02
Beldarapb1963, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Scanners03:02
richringerBeldar yea... I just checked and that's what it's looking like.03:03
veryhappyLothsahn: it doesn't help anything03:03
jimmy_bananasIve got a Toshiba Satellite X205-S9800 with the realtek alc268 soundcard configured for 2 channels in alsa. This laptop has 4 speakers and a subwoofer capable of 5.1 surround, however I am unable to successfully enable the pulseaudio settings to work as such. I am running (Ubuntu 13.10). I have done some suggested modification to the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf file with only confusing results.03:03
GrendelTFYI - i got my Out of Range error resolved by uninstalling the fglrx drivers completely and rebooting.03:03
Lothsahnveryhappy:  So I can help you get it redirecting to a file and console--but you're on your own for pastebinit03:04
Lothsahnwhat command are you trying to redirect?  apt-get update?03:04
jimmy_bananasboth alsa and pulseaudio are up to date, but I am teaching myself how to configure them via ubuntu forums, and trial & error so its been an education lol03:05
DarthExpeditordoing a design layout for a game03:05
DarthExpeditorOut of all the sci-fi shows and what not, who had the coolest lab?03:05
Lothsahnveryhappy:  The following command will run an "apt-get update" and send all output both to test.txt and the console: "sudo apt-get update 2>&1 | tee test.txt"03:06
Lothsahnveryhappy:  I don't know of a way to redirect standard out to pastebinit and also have it go to stdout.  There may be a way--but I can't help with that.  But at least if you send it to a file, you could monitor that file with tail -f03:06
Lothsahn(in another terminal).03:06
veryhappyyea i'll try that03:06
gp5stWhy is my apt broken, and more importantly what I do to fix it.  I've found various references to similar errors, but no solutions. http://bpaste.net/show/iKh7LkCgKVcyJIbXpe9q/03:07
Lothsahngp5st: What specific error are you getting?03:08
Lothsahnveryhappy: I believe this would be your command to redirect to pastebinit and a file: "sudo apt-get update 2>&1 | tee test.txt"03:08
LothsahnDo check to see if pastebinit has a flag that can cause it also to output to stdout03:08
Lothsahnveryhappy: "sudo apt-get update 2>&1 | tee test.txt > pastebinit"03:08
zykotick9gp5st: my question, why is bash-completion not even installed?  is this some stripped down install of some sort?03:09
veryhappyLothsahn: really strange, i did it all the time the way you did but it didn't work now i see it just worked with .txt ?!03:09
hggdhprocps failed to start03:09
Lothsahnveryhappy: The specific filename should not matter.  I don't know why it wasn't working for you! :)03:10
gp5stzykotick9: idk, it's a small vm. from ramnode.03:10
veryhappyLothsahn: no, i'm completely stupid. :D i didn't do it that way03:10
pgrytdal-2Hello. Every time I try to install Ubuntu 13.10 (both 32bit and 64bit) the isntaller freezes.03:11
zykotick9gp5st: good luck.  i got nothing.03:11
gp5stzykotick9: why did initramfs-tools get messed up?03:11
veryhappyLothsahn: i did command1 && command2 | tee something and of course only saw the output of command2!03:11
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Is the hardware up for it?03:11
Lothsahnveryhappy:  Well.  Yep!  You would.  :)03:11
john_doe_jris there a way to install vmware tools using sudo apt-get?03:11
veryhappyso i need to make an append for tee then03:11
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Have you checked the sums of any iso or changed install media?03:12
Lothsahnjohn_doe_jr:  Not that I know of.  Copy the installer from the virtual mounted CD and run it manually from your home directory03:12
veryhappythank you guys for solving this issue :)03:12
john_doe_jrLothsahn: alright thanks03:12
Lothsahnveryhappy: Tee will append if you pass -a03:12
gp5stLothsahn: I think it's do to this error: invoke-rc.d: initscript procps, action "start" failed.03:12
Lothsahnveryhappy: tee --help :)03:12
gp5stLothsahn: but i don't know how to fix it or why it broke03:13
pgrytdal-2Beldar What do you mean "is the hardware up for it"? I have tried a different install media. How do I check the sums?03:13
Beldar!md5sum | pgrytdal-203:13
ubottupgrytdal-2: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:13
Lothsahngp5st: Do not know solution offhand.  Sorry man.  Google shows: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196573403:13
azio_mi want to use updatedb shouid i install mlocate or locate03:13
Beldarpgrytdal-2, You have 64 bit so I would assume the chip os fast enough is there enough ram, this is checking the hardware.03:14
birdsnacksso i'm used to using iptables, but not that used to ubuntu server, i just want to put an iptables rule to route 80 through to localhost:8081 and am not sure how to do it without conflicting with networkmanager03:14
birdsnacks(so that it survives reboot)03:14
gp5stLothsahn: i've seen that, but i don't have /etc/sysctl.d/30-iscsitarget.conf03:15
pgrytdal-2Beldar I know the LiveUSB runs just fine with the 64bit (except for the installer.) There is 8gbs of RAM.03:15
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Cool, we just on occasion have people trying to install on computers to old and weak to really run ubuntu.03:16
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Is this a dual boot perchance?03:16
BuntuFuntuBeldar: Is a Lenovo S100 too weak to run Ubuntu?03:18
zykotick9!firewall | birdsnacks03:18
ubottubirdsnacks: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo03:18
zykotick9birdsnacks: just in case ;)  good luck.03:19
LothsahnBuntuFuntu: Depends on how patient you are!03:19
BuntuFuntu     System Type Netbook     Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Starter     Notebook type Budget,     Netbook  Processor / Chipset      CPU Intel Atom N455 / 1.66 GHz     Cache L2 cache - 512.0 KB     Chipset Intel NM10 Express     Features Integrated memory controller,     Hyper-Threading Technology  Memory      RAM 1.0 GB ( 1 x 1 GB )     Max RAM Supported 2.0 GB     Technology DDR3 SDRAM     Speed 1333.0 MHz / PC3-10600     F03:19
BeldarBuntuFuntu, should be okay03:19
LothsahnBuntufuntu: (mostly kidding)  That thing should be fine, depending on how much ram you have installed.  I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a bunch of boxes with similar specs, but a slower processor.03:20
KnownSyntaxBuntuFuntu: It'll be slow with a lot of things open, assuming it only has 1GB RAM default.03:20
reisioBuntuFuntu: how much?03:20
veryhappyLothsahn: how can i printf a newline into a file? \n?03:21
BuntuFuntuWell it's running fine and yes it only has 1gb ram. And Reisio: I got mine for free(:03:21
LothsahnBuntuFuntu:  If you upped it to 2GB RAM your experience would be a lot better, but the machine I'm on right now really isn't all that much faster than that one--and I have about 50 deployed machines in production with smaller specs than that.03:21
KnownSyntaxI use that same netbook as a Ubuntu Server, although I'd highly recommend upgrade the RAM (although it's a pain with netbooks) as you will see the difference right away.03:21
reisioveryhappy: echo -e '\n'03:21
Lothsahnveryhappy: if you're talking C, you want fprintf03:21
reisioBuntuFuntu: oh, nice03:21
reisiothink my cousin might give me one of those03:21
Lothsahnveryhappy: and for a newline, it's \n on Linux and \r\n on Windows03:21
reisioshe might be under the delusion that a 5-year-old netbook is worth something, though03:21
reisio\n works fine on Windows03:21
veryhappyYEEHAW you guys i did it with your help! http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472046/03:22
BuntuFuntuI think the S100 was released in 201003:22
Lothsahnreisio: Not if you want to edit it in notepad.  yes, I know it's a dumb editor, but a lot of windows programs expect \r\n.  many do not.03:22
reisiothe kind of people who use notepad will not be using things from a Unix system03:22
Lothsahnveryhappy: :)  Now you're VERY HAPPY.  (pun intended)03:22
Lothsahnreisio: Depends on if they're planning to ship to other users.  I frequently get asked why log files don't open right. :)03:23
BuntuFuntuHoly crap I just found out  MY S100 has bluetooth O.O03:23
veryhappyso you actually see that everything should work right, but now i can show you that i can't install skype03:23
BuntuFuntuAnd there wasn't a setting to turn bluetooth on with windows 7 starter,03:24
reisioLothsahn: notepad users who look at log files? I think not03:24
reisioanyways, you don't put a \r into a text file on the offchance it will go to Windows03:24
pgrytdal-2Beldar No. It is not dual boot. The 32bit does not come out correct. The 64bit does.03:24
reisiojust unix2dos as required03:24
Lothsahnreisio: Yep.  Wish those ubuntu folk hadn't renamed that package.03:24
reisiodid they?03:25
reisioto what?03:25
BuntuFuntuDevice 'LGL35G' (E8:92:A4:12:BF:2F) wants access to the service '0000111f-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb\03:25
LothsahnThere's a compatibility package, but like...  seriously?03:25
reisiothink that's just a separate package03:25
BuntuFuntuWHat service is that?03:25
LothsahnReisio: Yeah, but, by default, dos2unix and unix2dos doesn't work on Ubuntu unless you install extra packages03:25
Lothsahnreisio: Or didn't in one of the previous releases, like 12.04 LTS03:25
reisiowell that would mean tofrodos is superior03:26
Lothsahnreisio: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154018003:26
BuntuFuntuLothsans, what service is my device trying to access?03:26
BuntuFuntuDevice 'LGL35G' (E8:92:A4:12:BF:2F) wants access to the service '0000111f-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb03:26
Lothsahnreisio: superior or not, I don't expect to code an application for any mainstream linux and have dos2unix nonpresent!  It was rather annoying :)03:26
BuntuFuntuThat would be bluetooth, right?03:26
LothsahnBuntuFuntu: No idea.03:26
reisiothey should've made it a drop-in replacement (use same name)03:27
Lothsahnreisio: Agreed.03:27
Beldarpgrytdal-2, So when and where does the installer freeze on the 64 bit, and are there any errors?03:27
Lothsahnreisio: I mean, also, how much can you REALLY improve that package!  I mean...  regex replace \n with \r\n!03:27
Lothsahnreisio: </soapbox>03:27
reisioyeah I mean, really all the convenience is in the name03:28
reisioyou can do it with tr from coreutils, after all03:28
Lothsahnreisio: I saw a software vendor do it with a regex.03:28
Lothsahnreisio: and they screwed up their regex in shell.03:28
pgrytdal-2On the 64 bit, if I decide to encrypt my whole installation, it freezes after I put in my name, computer name, username, and password. If I do not do that option, it happens somewhere during "copying files"03:29
pgrytdal-2^ Beldar03:29
Lothsahnreisio: And they did it because they didn't select dos2unix when they compiled busybox.  I mean, you can't make this stuff up...03:29
reisiopoor silly embedded people03:29
BuntuFuntuLothsahn: It was Bluetooth03:30
Lothsahnreisio: I'm sure they saved like a full 100 bytes from the compiled binary.  Given their volumes of like 10,000 units/year, that was like...  a full $5?03:30
thejhawkWow, so apparently Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows don't play nice together share wise03:30
Beldarpgrytdal-2, I have never encrypted so that is a dead end for me. Any other info though like a custom computer build, if it had another OS and what it was, just variables that could be the root of the problems.03:30
thejhawkI love how samba just freaking breaks for no reason03:31
Beldarme too03:31
Lothsahnthejhawk: You mean samba?  Haven't had any problems.  Normally I find samba works better than windows file shares03:31
thejhawkI did too03:31
Lothsahnthejhawk: was an absolute PAIN to setup, though03:31
thejhawkEverything worked perfect03:31
geekmasterflashHmm, so I am not getting sound to my headphones, but it's mirrored what's being played on my speakers. Is there any way to have my front headphones be different outputs from my built in sound?03:31
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: That's very dependent on your soundcard.03:32
thejhawkI made three folders sharable I even put files in them from both PCs last night03:32
thejhawkworked great. Then I come back to my computer tonight and can't share anymore03:32
thejhawkauthentication error on Windows side and I can' access Windows shares on ubuntu side03:33
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Realtek ALC89203:33
Lothsahnthejhawk: Weird.  Check /var/log/samba and make sure it's running?03:33
evilbugok. scrapped unity and now back to xfce.03:33
thejhawkIf it wasn't running wouldn't I not be able to see them?03:33
reisioevilbug: :)03:33
geekmasterflashLothsahn: I am trying to have my front mic be sepearate outputs from my default so I can make phone calls and listen to music03:33
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Other helpful info might be the install media and how you are loading the ISO to it.03:33
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: I don't know anything about which card you have.  I'm just saying that some cards would support multiple output streams, and some do not.  I wouldn't normally expect an embedded chip like a realtek to do that.03:33
thejhawkI can see my PC on the Windows workgroup in Windows 703:33
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: but I have no experience with a Realtek ALC892.03:33
DoverMogp5st, okay03:34
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: I'm not even sure if Ubuntu supports that with multiple sound cards.  It might.  You could pick up a soundblaster audigy dirt cheap on ebay and play with that in addition to your realtek03:34
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: If you find it's impossible with the realtek03:34
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: ...Unless it's a laptop.03:34
geekmasterflashLothsahn: It's a desktop03:34
geekmasterflashLothsahn: According to Realtek, this built in can handle multiple outputs03:34
gp5stDoverMo: the mention of ubuntu there gets you kicked. happened to me before as well. I was hoping someone there might know something. I didn't spam the channel, and even acknowledged it was in contract to normal conduct and that I've tried other avenues first03:35
thejhawkI've already installed in the last day Ubuntu about 4 times so I am guessing this isn't for me03:35
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: So I doubt you can do what you're trying to do, but you might be able to.  I'm not sure how to set it up.03:35
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92286003:35
DoverMogp5st, : P. that's freenode for us03:35
* thejhawk just doesn't have the time to spend days trying to find out why I can't do something as simple as share folders across a network. oh well =(03:35
geekmasterflashLothsahn: I can do it in windows, so I am positive it's not a hardware issue.03:35
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: that website talks about setup for multiple sounds cards in ubuntu.  if it's just showing one stream, I would suspect it's not possible.03:36
gp5stDoverMo: it's annoying. i know they don't want to get over run as an ubuntu support channel, but still. no way to build a community03:36
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: That means the hardware supports it, which is good.  Now the question is does the Linux driver support it03:36
BuntuFuntuthejhawk: Let me see what I can find out.03:36
thejhawkThe OS still looks nice though. Linux has come a long way from years ago03:36
DoverMogp5st, indeed. bad sentiments03:36
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: Linux is just the Kernel, not the OS(:03:36
thejhawkI give Ubuntu credit as far as linux finding drivers03:36
thejhawkI kno03:36
thejhawkI am speaking on Linux as a whole03:36
DoverMogp5st, anyways, the output from that command should tell you what you need to configure first03:36
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: If the linux driver doesn't show it as multiple outputs, it's probably not possible.  But you can buy one of these for $7 (including shipping) and have two soundcards: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Creative-Labs-Sound-Blaster-Audigy2-GOLD-PCI-Sound-Card-SB0060-Tested-Working-/321258355975?pt=US_Sound_Cards_Internal_&hash=item4acc7d7d0703:37
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Just need a spare PCI port.03:37
Lothsahngeekmasterflash:  You might find that your easiest solution.03:37
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Which I don't have.03:37
thejhawkUbuntu looks fantastic though. Perhaps 5 or 6 years down the road you may see ubuntu machines that rival OS X and Win03:37
geekmasterflashLothsahn: I am running SLI03:37
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: You don't have $7?03:37
thejhawkThat would be fantastic03:37
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Oh, a spare PCI port.  I wasn't talking PCI-X...  I meant the olstyle PCI port03:37
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: No room in the case?03:38
geekmasterflashLothsahn: My PCI ports are filled by 2 video cards and system blowers03:38
geekmasterflashLothsahn: To keep it from roasting alive03:38
themillgp5st: there is no part of that question that is debian related or even close to anything #debian can possibly help you with. Asking in ##windows would be just as likely to get you an answer.03:38
pgrytdal-2Beldar It *is* a custom computer. I received it from my church, after the Windows XP installation got a virus, so they replaced the entire computer(??). I know the CPU is an Asus P5K3 Deluxe. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500.03:38
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: My school district replaced one of two Computer Labs at the high school with Ubuntu computers(:03:38
thejhawkThe whole "your computer can completely break at any point in time after doing nothing" thing I think is still a hangup.03:38
BuntuFuntuOS'S* Not computers03:38
thejhawkI mean not to those that have the time03:38
BuntuFuntuAnd I think it's Edubuntu :303:38
pgrytdal-2beldar The grpahics card (if it maters) is a Evga E-Geforce 8800GT03:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:39
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: what about a USB headset?03:39
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: Good to hear. I hope they have knowledgable people working with them03:39
Lothsahngeekmasterflash:  This all assumes that you don't see two outputs in the pulseaudio configuration tool03:39
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Wouldn't that have the same problem? Or would the USB headset use it's own audio driver?03:39
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: Linux as a whole I think still requires people with a whooooooole lot of time to be able to troubleshoot.  I mean my opinion Doesn't mean I am right03:40
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: USB headsets usually have their own decoder--I *think*03:40
BuntuFuntuthejhawk: They do(:03:40
zzxcHey is there a ubuntu server channel?03:40
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: But I think distros like Ubuntu will get past that03:40
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: You should double check me on that.03:40
reisiozzxc: /msg alis list *ubunt*serv*03:40
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Penguin-USB-2-0-Audio-Adapter-Card-for-Linux-Ubuntu-/27079192728003:40
veryhappythere you go guys03:40
gp5stthemill: I don't really care to talk to you about this. I acknowledged that and as a last ditch someone there would know someone or something about procscp. I didn't spam the channel and honestly didn't expect much to come of it.03:40
pgrytdal-2beldar I used both a 2gb SD card (connected to a SD to USB converter thing), a 8gb SD card (same thing), and a 1tb external hard drive. I do not have an actual USB drive right now xP03:40
BuntuFuntuTHejhawk: the only problem I've had with ubuntu is my laptops touchpad stopped working yesterday but even that fixed itself XD03:40
DoverMothejhawk, helps if you brain can telepathically read machine language03:40
gp5stthemill:  But +q me, it's fine. w/e I'm not going to login to another box and rail against it or anything.  I don't care to squabble about someone's fiefdom03:40
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: After like 20 minutes of using a usb mouse. my laptops came back :303:41
Lothsahngeekmasterflash you could check out that one.  it's built to work with Linux, which would be a big plus in terms of messing around with drivers.03:41
thejhawkIt might!03:41
Beldarpgrytdal-2, To be honest I'm not sure I never have install problems, so I'm just going through possibilities which there are a lot of. How are you loading that ssd?03:41
themillgp5st: it's not about fiefdoms. Debian doesn't support upstart and Debian does support openvz. #ubuntu or ##linux might.03:41
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Hmm, that might be just what the doctor ordered, that or Realtek offering real linux support on their drivers.03:41
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: This is all non-ideal.  I mean, theoretically, ubuntu should work like windows and let you do what windows does.  But I don't know what options you ahve in the pulseaudio.  if the driver doesn't expose multiple output streams, you're hosed.03:41
thejhawkI love Linux and I think ubuntu is great, I just don't like being afraid everytime I open up my laptop praying to the OS gods that everything still works03:41
zeekSo I need help with pgadminIII. I already tried #pgadmin channel and I counld'nt find help there, can anyone point me to a better channel?03:42
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Start by looking at pulseaudio's configuration and see if you only see one output device.  if you only see one, you're done. :(03:42
Beldarpgrytdal-2, You are doing the install to an internal HD?03:42
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: I've ran that risk almost this whole month.03:42
geekmasterflashLothsahn: a thought strikes me, can I duplicate the card in alsa and just have the second "card" have every channel but mic and headphone muted and do it that way?03:42
pgrytdal-2Beldar Yes03:42
thejhawkThat sucks too because samba was working great. the only hangup I had with my install was getting java to work with chromium and oidentd03:42
thejhawktwo things that I didn't care that much about03:42
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: I full installed Ubuntu, no fall back os's:D03:42
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Possibly.  I'm not 100% clear on how the audio configuration works down to that level03:42
gp5stthemill: it is about fiefdoms and i know that, hence why i said so from the outset. I was hoping to find someone to point me someone where i could get help or help me outside of the channel. shooing people away for seeing if anyone knows anything that they could discuss out-of-band isn't anyway to run anything03:43
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: The mic isn't really the problem anyway--you don't care if the mic goes everywhere, you just want to capture it in skype or your telephone program or whatever03:43
themillgp5st: it's not. But good luck.03:43
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: The problem is the sound output03:43
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: Yea =( I wish I knew what made it break.03:43
gp5stthemill: in theory, this issue isn't about #ubuntu so why are you talking about it here?03:43
geekmasterflashLothsahn: True.03:43
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: I thnk it has something to do with libpam-smbpass03:43
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: Everytime I use the software center to install samba03:43
thejhawkit would hang on that03:43
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Here is something: When I look in alsamixer, I can see it has a headphone channel03:43
gp5stthemill: you're breaking your own philosophy just to make me upset and make sure i've learned my lesson03:44
thejhawklast time it hung I went into term and manually installed it via apt-get03:44
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: Hmm. did you google search it? Thats probably a stupid question lol03:44
thejhawkand it worked03:44
geekmasterflashLothsahn: It's just mirrored to the base output03:44
pgrytdal-2Beldar To create the live USB, I have used Unetbootin, usb-creator-gtk and the terminal method. (http://anl4u.com/blog/how-to-create-live-bootable-usb-via-terminal-in-linux/)03:44
thejhawkBuntuFuntu: Yea. can't find anything that seems usefull03:44
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: I can't guarantee that the card I linked will show up as a second soundcard, but I think it will.03:44
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Ah.  yes, you do not want to mirror that03:44
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: If you could set it to non-mirrored and have two output sources, that's what you want03:44
thejhawkI installed Ubuntu, shared a folder and natuilus asks to install samba which I did03:44
thejhawkI noticed though it hung on libpam-smbpass03:45
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Indeed, I am just not sure I can03:45
thejhawkSo I went to terminal, apt-get installed and then my shares worked03:45
thejhawkfor a day03:45
thejhawknow they broke03:45
BuntuFuntuThejhawk: Hmm. PM me thejhawk.03:45
veryhappydid you guys see?03:45
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Do you have any dvd's, the ssd going through a usb converter could be a problem, one never knows.03:45
pgrytdal-2Beldar No I do not. Besides, the DVD player on the computer I am using does not work. x(03:46
HereticLockeUbuntu keeps returning me to login screen when I login03:47
HereticLockeCan someone please help?03:47
eb0thereticlocke just delete ubuntu and install archlinux03:47
HereticLockeSeriously, this is an emergency03:47
eb0tim being serious03:48
zzxceb0t: Yeah not a fast thing.03:48
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: You using ubuntu?  Open sound in the control panel03:48
DoverMoHereticLocke, i would recommend lunar linux03:48
thejhawkI wonder if it's better to use apt-get instead of the software center03:48
gp5stHereticLocke: what's the error log say?03:48
thejhawkI mean I know the software center is just a GUI03:48
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Just "sound"?03:48
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Applications->System Settings->Sound03:48
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: AFK.  Be back in a couple03:48
eb0tor fedora if you dont want to get into the guts of linux03:48
HereticLockegp5st: something about a .so file03:48
zzxcHereticLocke: So when you sign in it automatically signs out.03:49
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Got sound open03:49
gp5stHereticLocke: not very informative03:49
thejhawkAny samba gurus?03:49
eb0tmaybe turn off caps lock03:49
thejhawksorry about the any03:49
thejhawkI need a good seasoned samba guru03:49
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Thats about it for me I'm assuming your limited to this install media. If it were me I would look there IE a USB, and look on askubuntu in regards to to hardware and computer model if relevant for this release your trying.03:49
thejhawkI would be greatful for your assistance03:50
gp5steb0t: interesting, i didn't see that in all caps..i wonder if pidgeon auto-converts that?03:50
zykotick9HereticLocke: log into console (ctrl+alt+f1) and run "ls -la .Xauthority" is it owned by root?03:50
HereticLockegp5st: error while loading shared libraries /use/lib32/libc.so.6: invalid ELF header03:50
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Thing is it could be any number of things really.03:50
eb0tdont know ...im using weechat-curses on archlinux03:50
zzxcthejhawk: Whats your issue?03:50
HereticLockezykotick9: I have done that It is not03:51
zykotick9HereticLocke: ok.  good luck.03:51
thejhawkzzxc: I had 3 folders shared on a network, everything worked. I could get into the folders and add/remove files. I could also do the same on my Win PCs03:51
HereticLockegp5st: Does that help?03:52
thejhawkzzxc: And now they broke and I don't know why. Authentication problems for both03:52
thejhawkzzxc: on the Win side Win 7 is asking for a pass03:52
zzxcBut it is getting the auth page?03:52
thejhawkzzxc: and Ubuntu is asking the same03:52
Beldarpgrytdal-2, Better help might be good, I am not a file checker for errors and there may be places to look in this freeze, I just don't know where03:52
thejhawkI get a diag, on Win 7 asking for a username and password.03:52
gp5stHereticLocke: well, it's more informative than "something about an so" :)03:52
pgrytdal-2Beldar Okay. Thank you anyway. At least you tried. =)03:53
Lothsahngeekmasterflash:  Do you see multiple devices under the output tab?03:53
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Like I have analog output and digital output on my computer03:53
thejhawkzzxc: When the software center installed samba it hung on libpam-smbass (did not install it)03:53
thejhawkzzxc: I did so via apt-get and that made them work before03:53
thejhawkbut I don't know now03:54
geekmasterflashLothsahn: I see HDMI/Display 4, HDMI/Display, Digital Output (buildin) and Analog Output (built in)03:54
gp5stHereticLocke: from http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/error-while-loading-shared-libraries-libstdc-so-5-wrong-elf-class-elfclass64-723830/ does installing 'ia32-libs' help any?03:54
thejhawklibpam-smbpass was on there03:54
thejhawkis on there I mean03:54
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: That would indicate that it's not aware that your soundcard can output both03:54
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: But if you hooked your speakers up on digital and your headphones on analog, it might work03:54
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Have to feed and tuck in baby.  Will be back in like 30 mins.03:54
thejhawkI've had this trouble before and that corrected it. But now seing as how its installed I don't know what the issue is03:54
apb1963Beldar that's the page I've been looking at... not able to get my scanner working properly... it prints... but xsane can't find it.03:55
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: if you don't have digital speakers, though, that's not going to work.  There may be another way to do it--but given that it only shows one analog output device I suspect it doesn't know your card can do them separately.03:55
zzxcthejhawk: Wait so what is the change. Are you under the new OS on windows/ did you reinstall samba/ or did it just break?03:55
thejhawkit just broke.03:55
geekmasterflashLothsahn: I have noticed something troubling03:55
geekmasterflashLothsahn: I normally use pavucontrol for sound03:55
thejhawkzzxc: to trouble shoot I removed/installed samba03:55
HereticLockegp5st: package not available03:55
thejhawkthat didn't work03:55
apb1963beldar: sane-find-scanner finds it, I followed the directions and put the ids in the conf file... no joy....  I'm sure I'm missing something obvious03:56
thejhawkzzxc: I removed/installed libpam-smbpass03:56
thejhawkthat didn't work either03:56
geekmasterflashLothsahn: In pavucontrol, I get the option to set my built in a analog output+input03:56
zzxcthejhawk: Did you do a remove or purge?03:56
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Bunt in this sound screen, it doesn't even mention my mic03:56
gp5stHereticLocke: even after doing an apt-get update? are you on a 64-bit machine?03:56
thejhawkshould I not have?03:56
zzxcNo that was the right option.03:56
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Or give the option to set input03:56
Beldarapb1963, Have you googled the scanner and your release?03:56
zzxcPurge removes all user files as well (supposely)03:57
thejhawkzzxc: I just wished it worked03:57
thejhawkzzxc: not sure what happend03:57
apb1963Beldar: I don't understand03:57
thejhawkzzxc: they were working earlier today. I03:57
xsi_Why zorinOS isn't supported here and I should fight with that offtopic? ZorinOS just uses the same ubuntu kernel, doesn't it? My tryings were crudely interrupted by "we are not abliged"?03:57
zzxcthejhawk: Yeah I'm trying to set up audio on server. I know what you mean. Sometimes its like beating your head against a wall.03:57
thejhawkI've been away from my PC a while and I did get a few ubuntu diag. telling me Ubuntu had a problem03:57
HereticLockegp5st: Yes I am. Still does not work03:57
apb1963Beldar: do you mean on the project sane page?  That page won't come up.03:57
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: not sure why that would be03:58
thejhawkzzxc: The only thing I think I can do is reinstall Ubuntu entirely03:58
zzxcthejhawk: with the samba share after you put in the user and password?03:58
Beldarapb1963, askubuntu is a good resource. Many time the hardware yhou using IE a scanner or computer or printer and the actual release like 13.04 brings up info, same at askubuntu.03:58
thejhawkzzxc: because I have no idea and no advance knowledge of samba03:58
zzxcthejhawk: I would hold off on that until you're completely out of options.03:58
zzxcthejhawk: ehh I've only used it about as much as you honestly.03:58
zzxcThough it was a different usecase.03:58
thejhawkzzxc: It asks for a user/pass and I give it one and still asks for one03:59
Beldarapb1963, if others are having a problem chances are its on the web,03:59
thejhawkI give it the user pass for my account03:59
gp5stHereticLocke: from http://askubuntu.com/a/179818 try 'sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 libgcc1:i386 gcc-4.6-base:i386 libstdc++5:i386 libstdc++6:i386' what version of ubuntu. should have asked that sooner03:59
zzxcthejhawk: when you did the reinstall did you tell it which users to allow?03:59
thejhawkI do the same when Ubuntu asks me for a pass to open a windows share03:59
ubuntu_ashleyCan I restore files from a windows backup to ubuntu?03:59
HereticLockegp5st: This all started when I ran sudo MV /etc/X11/xorg.conf.back /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:00
Beldarubuntu_ashley, files of?04:00
ubuntu_ashleyI backed up everything in windows before installing but I can't figure out how to restore the backup04:00
geoffmccHereticLocke: if your using 13.10 use  apt-get install gcc-multilib04:00
thejhawkzzxc: About 30 min ago. And I have not beenin the config at all other than to change the workgroup04:00
HereticLockegp5st: Reverse that. xorg.conf first and then xorg.conf.bak04:00
zzxcHave you restarted your machine since?04:00
thejhawkI restarted the service04:00
thejhawkand the name service04:00
thejhawksmbd nmbd04:00
ubuntu_ashleyits a .VHD file04:00
HereticLockegeoffmcc: Already installed04:01
geekmasterflashLothsahn: Thanks for you help, but for my own sanity I think I will buy that usb sound expansion you showed me04:01
Beldarubuntu_ashley, This from a windows backup using its tools?04:01
gp5stHereticLocke: which version of ubuntu and can you install those packages? xorg.conf touches so much stuff, I won't be able to help you other than saying to switch it back04:01
zzxcHmmm: well its acting like it doesn't like the user info you're providing.04:02
gp5stHereticLocke: the libc6:i386 line, not ia32-libs04:02
HereticLockegp5st: 13.1004:02
Beldarubuntu_ashley, Not sure other than windows does not read the linux partitions without a driver and that is some old stuff.04:02
gp5sttry the line from the stackoverflow HereticLocke, ia32-libs is apparently for older version of ubuntu04:02
ubuntu_ashleyit has all my photos and poems04:02
zzxcthejhawk: I'm kind of clueless on it though. I would try removing and reinstalling it again, and setting the user list up again, but I'm clueless as to what is going wrong.04:02
Beldarubuntu_ashley, Load it to a usb or external HD and try04:02
HereticLockegp5st: How can I switch it back? The packages are not available04:03
ubuntu_ashleyI have the usb connected it sees the files04:03
ubuntu_ashleyI can't open it though04:03
gp5stHereticLocke: the xorg.conf file. do the libc6:i386 and company packages install?04:03
apb1963Beldar: Good idea... sadly, there is only 1 hit for my  12.04 Epson XP-310; and the question was about printing.  I have printing working... it's scanning that is a problem. The link they provide on that page leads to the Epson website... but the page isn't found.04:03
apb1963oops.  xp-30004:04
Beldarubuntu_ashley, If it's made with the windows backup utility, its to just reload through that utility, not open04:04
HereticLockegp5st: Already installed04:05
ubuntu_ashleythat just sucks04:05
Beldarapb1963, I have seen problems with combo printer and scanners, you migh try posting at askubuntu and the ubuntu forums if you get no answer here.04:05
gp5stHereticLocke: not sure then, you can try to remove and then reïnstall but they prob have tons of things depending on them. Someone else here might know how to force-install something04:05
Beldarubuntu_ashley, You might ask in ##widows they would know more on this I would think.04:06
apb1963Beldar: nvm... I found the epson page.  Thank you for your help!  Hopefully that driver will do the trick.  Time will tell.... very shortly :)04:06
Beldarubuntu_ashley, Is this the whole OS saved?04:06
ubuntu_ashleyI dont know04:07
Beldarubuntu_ashley, A recovery or install disc has a reloading utility for images.04:07
geoffmccubuntu_ashley: http://askubuntu.com/questions/202571/how-to-mount-a-virtual-hard-disk04:08
ubuntu_ashleywhy does my firefox crash every 10 minutes or so04:08
Lothsahngeekmasterflash: Okay, I hope that works out for you.  I can't guarantee it will. :)04:08
birdsnacksany idea why a script will run fine from the command line (as ubuntu user) but not on crontab @reboot as the ubuntu user, i can't work it out, i've printed 'whoami' listed the dir, made sure the script goes into the right wd, etc, but i am getting permission denied on accessing the file the shell script (that cron fires) is running (http://dpaste.com/1481982/plain/ output showing the file is there and readable)04:09
birdsnackscrontab -l @reboot /home/ubuntu/assembly_flight_mearth/sandbox/echo_server/run.sh >> /home/ubuntu/echo_server.log 2>&104:10
birdsnacksi wonder if something isn't reading on @reboot04:10
ubuntu_ashleyis there a good book for beginners?04:11
DoverMoubuntu_ashley, hard to say. maybe check your plugins + extensions. You can do a clean install with "apt-get purge firefox && rm -rf ~/.mozilla && apt-get install firefox*04:11
zykotick9birdsnacks: if i where you, i'd check line 26 of /home/ubuntu/echo_server/echo_server.js <-what's that?!04:11
DoverMoubuntu_ashley, meant to put " not "*"04:12
ubuntu_ashleyDoverMo, what does that do? lol04:12
birdsnackszykotick9: $(which nodemon) $@ ${BASE}/echo_server.js - all parts of this are correct upon printing individually04:12
DoverMoubuntu_ashley, it uninstalls, deletes local files, reinstalls04:12
BuntuFuntuUbuntu_Ashley, that command will fully delete firefox and then reinstall it.04:12
birdsnacksand it runs fine if i execute my cron line from the shell as ubuntu04:12
birdsnackswonder if eth0 isn't actually up04:13
zykotick9birdsnacks: ? that's way over my head.  but that's in the error, so it's your biggest lead right now ;)04:13
birdsnacksi wrote it, it runs fine in debian :\04:13
birdsnackscan't figure out what resource is missing at @reboot04:14
privacypleaseubuntu_ashley: Try just deleting extensions from the ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.profile/extensions before removing everything. I couldn't open firefox at all earlier, so I had to do this04:14
MVanDruffmy soundblaster audigy sound card is no longer being detected. anyone know how to fix?04:15
BuntuFuntugonna try my new LiveCD brb04:17
birdsnackslooks like @reboot is a bit of a disaster04:19
chadmandooHey everyone.  I was curious if Expect is still a common technology?04:19
HereticLockeI have no xorg.conf file04:20
MVanDruffmy soundblaster audigy sound card is no longer being detected. anyone know how to fix?04:22
somsip_HereticLocke: this is  normal on more recent versions04:22
HereticLockeOkay thanks04:23
HereticLockeI can't login. It keeps logging me out04:23
HereticLockeWon't display my desktop04:23
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Can you access a tty? Perhaps try adding another DM , gdm/kdm I'm not sure what your original problem is04:24
HereticLockeprivacyplease: Yeah I can. I've tried those but it still returns me to login. That is just the problem04:25
muteboycan anyone help me with an ffmpeg job?04:26
somsip_!anyone | muteboy04:26
ubottumuteboy: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:26
muteboyhow do I use ffmpeg to rotate an mp4 90 degrees clockwise, and scale it down to 600px tall?04:28
muteboyi've searched and found examples, but none seem to work04:28
somsip_muteboy: you tried -vf "transpose=1" for rotate?04:29
muteboyjust tried it, and the output is the same as the input04:32
somsip_muteboy: works for me but I'm no ffmpeg expert. Maybe you should try an ffmpeg channel04:32
muteboythat is an exellent idea!04:33
muteboy(didn't occur to me there was one)04:33
privacypleaseHereticLocke: I'm not sure the steps you've taken so far, but are you using a propietary driver? Could you dump the Xsession log and upload it?04:33
HereticLockeprivacyplease: I cannot because I cannot login. I am via mobile04:34
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Press ctrl + alt + f2 ? You should be able to login if the graphical login screen appears. Unless you really messed something up04:35
HereticLockeprivacy please: I can but no gui04:35
digitalw00tAnyone know of an audio streaming client.. one that just sits there waiting to have data streamed to it?04:35
privacypleaseHereticLocke: You can use pastebinin after logging in via tty to upload the file04:36
privacypleasepastebinit, rather04:36
muteboydigitalw00t: do you mean like https://launchpad.net/audio-recorder04:37
HereticLockeprivacyplease: How? No gui no browser04:37
privacypleaseHereticLocke: ctrl + alt + f2 should bring up a terminal, you do not need a gui04:38
HereticLockeprivacyplease: yes but how do I pastebin?04:39
digitalw00tLooking for something I can run in a raspberry pi.  Wanted to put it on the back deck and just stream music to it.04:39
privacypleaseHereticLocke: sudo apt-get install pastebinit, it is a command line tool to upload to pastebin04:39
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
somsip_digitalw00t: then the raspi forum is probably a better idea seeing how you need something that is built for that04:39
digitalw00tI haven't decided on a platform.  Raspberry, beaglebone, etc.04:40
somsip_digitalw00t: still, if it isn't ubuntu, you are asking int he wrong place. This is for ubuntu support04:40
digitalw00tI'm asking opinions in a linux irc channel.04:41
somsip_digitalw00t: this is for ubuntu support only...04:41
DoverModigitalw00t, there's ##linux04:41
HereticLockeprivacyplease: paste.ubuntu.com/647225304:41
digitalw00tWow.. there's always someone in each place like that.04:41
somsip_digitalw00t: and when you leave, he'll be gone ;-) IT's just a suport channel. That's all04:42
digitalw00tI can RUN ubuntu on a beaglebone black.  If you don't have an opinion you don't have to speak.04:42
DoverModigitalw00t, always04:42
digitalw00tI normally use Ubuntu DoverMo, so I figured I would ask here.04:43
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Can you explain the steps you took before the problem started?04:44
DoverModigitalw00t, try searching 'icecast'04:45
HereticLockeprivacyplease: I sudo apt-get purge fglrx*04:46
digitalw00tThanks DoverMo.. started eyeing vlc, but REALLY didn't want to run a gui.  Hate to lose horsepower on a gui if it's not needed.04:46
HereticLockeprivacyplease: Then I sudo apt-get install fglrx04:46
somsip_digitalw00t: doesn't omxplayer suport streaming on raspi?04:47
HereticLockeprivacyplease: Then mv /etc/X11/xorf.conf /etc/X11/xorf.conf.back Then I restarted and could not login04:47
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BuntuFuntuGreetings from Pear OS 804:49
privacypleaseHereticLocke: I see, did you try the steps here http://askubuntu.com/questions/68306/how-do-i-remove-the-propretary-ati-drivers?04:49
privacypleaseHereticLocke: I have done this myself before, and something like that fixed it04:49
HereticLockeprivacyplease: I think that is where the trouble started04:50
HereticLockeShould I finish the steps?04:50
privacypleaseHereticLocke: I would concentrate on removing the drivers completely, without reinstalling the proprietary ones until you login again04:51
privacypleaseHereticLocke: The way I understand it, you removed the proprietary drivers, and then you haven't put them back in correctly and it's still using them and has nothing else to fall back to because nothing is setup correctly04:52
blognewbHi guys? I did try to verify a file by doing this on the terminal: gpg --verify --with-fingerprint x.html.sig x.html04:54
wheatthinif they are truly installed, then just run   sudo aticonfig --initial04:54
blognewbthen it printed an RSA Key Id, then what should i do next to check?04:54
blognewbis it enough that the RSA key id matches or do i have to do any more step?04:55
privacypleasewheatthin: Would that work with missing shared objects?04:56
wheatthinnope.. which objects were missing?04:57
HereticLockeprivacyplease: It didn't work. By the way there was no xorg.conf to remove I did as you said :(04:57
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Did you remove all of the flgrx? and then restart?04:59
privacypleasewheatthin: paste.ubuntu.com/647225304:59
HereticLockeprivacyplease: I don't think so I will try again05:00
C200Anyone here use Spotify to sync local music to an iPod?05:00
blognewbHi guys? I did try to verify a file by doing this on the terminal: gpg --verify --with-fingerprint x.html.sig x.html // then it printed an RSA Key Id, then what should i do next to check? is it enough that the RSA key id matches or do i have to do any more step?05:01
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest98355
HereticLockeprivacyplease: No it still does not solve the problem05:07
C200One further question: Does sudo apt-get install spotify-client ring a bell?05:07
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Well your answer is in between removing the proprietary drivers completely and getting xorg dependencies working so you can login and maybe reinstall them05:07
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Has the Xsession file changed?05:07
HereticLockeprivacyplease: No it has not05:08
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Ok, do the steps to reinstall xorg?05:10
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Then be sure to reconfigure it sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:10
ziikutvHello, I have ASUS Maximus Gene Z mother board with the graphical bios (EFI), I made a partition by decreasing volume of C drive, and converting the unallocated space to a drive H: which i intended to install Ubuntu on. I did this using EaseUS partition manager. BY aplying the changes in the software, i had to reboot windows. As it was rebooting I changed boot order to goto Sandisk usb with iso files in it. When I selected any of the options (try ubunt05:13
ziikutvLatter is the ISSUE # 2 i am having.05:13
yhusha_anyone familiar with any apps for ubuntu that do search and replace in every file in a specific directory case sensitive, the TextWrangler app for osx does this.. but that is osx.05:13
=== arquebus is now known as maxirater
somsip_yhusha_: gui or cli?05:14
privacypleaseyhusha_: I think linux can handle that just fine, perhaps uses the software centre to search for a gui version05:14
wafflejockyhusha_: sed may serve your purposes... jedit is a nice graphical option for doing regular expression search and replace if that's what you're looking for05:15
MrCleanWithHairyhusha_: sed05:15
ziikutvcan anyonee help me with these issues?05:16
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:16
ziikutvAm I allowed to report a question i had?05:17
blognewbHi guys? I did try to verify a file by doing this on the terminal: gpg --verify --with-fingerprint x.html.sig x.html // then it printed an RSA Key Id, then what should i do next to check? is it enough that the RSA key id matches or do i have to do any more step?05:17
privacypleaseziikutv: Your question was truncated it appears.05:18
yhusha_much appreciated! l8er05:21
ubuntuaddictedif i install a mainline kernel into my Precise Xubuntu and I am currently running the AMD binary drivers, do I have to reinstall the AMD driver for me to get a display to work?05:22
privacypleaseblognewb: It depends what you are matching it to, it should match the correct signature of the author, I believe.05:23
ziikutvprivacyplease: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472333/ I pasted the question I asked here05:23
blognewbprivacyplease, the next line after i did that was it said the RSA Key ID, then the sender's RSA Key ID matched. But Isn't that a public key? His Public RSA Key ID Matched, is that enough as verification?05:24
blognewbmatched = i checked it manually05:24
privacypleaseblognewb: Well you are importing the signature file and then verifying it with the file you downloaded. The signature or fingerprint is the public key that was used to sign the file with authorship. I'm not an expert though but I think that is how it works.05:28
=== keith_ is now known as occamsquattro
ziikutvprivacyplease: Got any idea about what to do with that question i asked?05:29
blognewbThe signature or fingerprint is the public key that was used to sign the file with authorship. = so you think it's verified in your opinion, privacyplease ?05:30
HereticLockeprivacyplease: It does not work. :(05:30
privacypleaseblognewb: I think so, best asked in a security channel though to be sure.05:30
privacypleaseHereticLocke: It's hard for me to imagine where you are at in the process. Can you try to get in with failsafe mode?05:31
privacypleaseziikutv: I am reading your question05:31
HereticLockeAlright I will yry05:31
apb1963Beldar: I did a bunch of different things, I'm not 100% sure which of them did the trick.  The key was to unplug and replug my USB cable.  I suspect, but am not sure that some of the instructions on this page helped, in particular installing the libsane-extras package, but again... not really sure which of the dozen things I did was required other than replugging my cable.  Just thought you might like to know.  Thanks again for the help.05:34
privacypleaseziikutv: First of all, resizing a partition is a high risk process.05:34
privacypleaseziikutv: However, did you remove the recovery partition in the process?05:34
HereticLockeprivacyplease: I can't. The screen goes blurry05:35
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Could you try using lightdm? Install and make sure it is set to use it? It's a long process to figure out graphic problems :(, especially from my limited memory of past problems.05:36
zzxcSo what is the huge appeal in using rtorrent?05:36
ziikutvprivacyplease: I did not have it05:36
privacypleaseCan you do a sudo startx in a tty and see if it produces a message05:37
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Or not because it will probably throw a display mode error?05:37
privacypleaseziikutv: Ok, well can you get a copy of windows 8 start up repair and fix the corrupt system?05:38
privacypleaseziikutv: Do you have a MBR installed correctly, I'm not sure what you meant by goes in to Power Saving Mode? You've not managed to install linux?05:39
privacypleaseziikutv: You click the install option, how far do you get in the process? The screen goes black?05:39
ziikutvas soon as the iso boots u05:39
ziikutvand i select any of the option from the grub menu my monitor goes to power saving mode05:40
HereticLockeprivacyplease: lightdm is the default already. Choosing gdm presents me with no login screen at all05:40
ubuntuaddictedif i install a mainline kernel into my Precise Xubuntu and I am currently running the AMD binary drivers, do I have to reinstall the AMD driver for me to get a display to work?05:40
HereticLockeprivacyplease: sudo startx logs me in with no unity I can see my desktop and files05:41
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:41
ziikutvi g2g05:41
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Can you purge your display managers and reinstall one of them?05:42
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Also are there any changes to your Xsession files or other log files05:43
HereticLockeprivacyplease: Okay I will try again  yes05:43
HereticLockeprivacyplease: paste.ubuntu.com/647237305:44
armenbhello...I accidentally ran do-release-upgrade on the wrong machine, and now my 12.04.3 LTS system wants up grade to trusty. I'm pretty sure I hit ctrl-c before anything was really upgraded though. How can I reverse this?05:45
privacypleaseHereticLocke: I'm not seeing anything within that log file. Mostly warnings due to the use of sudo on the x server05:50
HereticLockeprivacyplease: I love you. :)05:51
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Well, is that good news? or just a moment of madness?05:52
HereticLockeprivacyplease: Good news. :)05:53
lotuspsychje!downgrade | armenb05:53
ubottuarmenb: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.05:53
privacypleaseHereticLocke: Ok great :)05:53
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
HereticLockeprivacyplease: Thanks for your help05:54
privacypleaseHereticLocke: No problem05:54
lotuspsychje!cookie | privacyplease05:54
ubottuprivacyplease: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:54
lotuspsychjen72230: what can we do for you?05:55
n72230Well, I seem to have an issue with the wifi on my PC05:55
privacypleaseExcellent, another cookie for my computer :)05:55
lotuspsychje!details | n7223005:55
ubottun72230: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:55
n72230it's running cylon linux 12.04 and I'm using ndiswrapper with the netwg121v2 driver, the connection drops every 5 minutes05:56
lotuspsychjeprivacyplease: lol :p05:56
n72230D: any suggestions?05:57
lotuspsychjen72230: not sure we can support cylon holdon05:57
n72230it runs off of Ubuntu 12.0405:57
n72230Kernel 3.205:57
lotuspsychjen72230: normally we can only support official ubuntu versions05:58
n72230Anything that works with Ubuntu works with Cylon05:58
lotuspsychjen72230: i know, many other Os run ubuntu based, but have specific channels for support05:59
lotuspsychjen72230: did you try askbuntu like the website suggested?06:00
n72230Just help me out :/06:00
n72230That's cool you don't want to help, thanks for wasting my time!06:06
saad_I'm trying to install gcc on Ubuntu 10.04 I get the following error06:06
saad_You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these:06:06
saad_The following packages have unmet dependencies:06:06
saad_  g++: Depends: g++-4.4 (>= 4.4.3-1) but it is not going to be installed06:06
saad_       Depends: gcc-4.4 (>= 4.4.3-1) but it is not going to be installed06:06
saad_  gcc: Depends: gcc-4.4 (>= 4.4.3-1) but it is not going to be installed06:06
FloodBot1saad_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:06
lotuspsychjesaad_: are you on 10.04  server or desktop?06:06
saad_how do you check that?06:07
lotuspsychjesaad_: do you have a desktop, or you run all in terminal?06:07
saad_all in terminal06:08
lotuspsychjesaad_: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might know?06:08
unicornjedi i need help making my web server accessible to the internet. I want to be able to put my public Ipaddress in firefox and get my webpage06:08
SchrodingersScatunicornjedi: from a home line? did you port-forward?06:10
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
unicornjediSchrodingersScat, hello. I am on a home-line. I running ubuntu server saucy in a virtualbox. So how do I port-forward>?06:11
rahuldroyCan someone help me with the wireless issue I am having06:11
SchrodingersScatunicornjedi: normally through your router06:12
unicornjediSchrodingersScat, uh so how can I do that?06:13
Jeet-Hi All06:14
bossHello from Alaska06:14
SchrodingersScatunicornjedi: log into your router and look for port forwarding in the menu, then add port 80 to your machine.06:14
privacypleaserahuldroy: What is the issue that you are having?06:15
madsailorunicornjedi, also, beware that you should have security setup before forwarding ports....especially port 8006:16
unicornjedimadsailor, if I port forward 80 , will that affect all local computers?06:17
unicornjedimadsailor, or just my computer06:17
privacypleaserahuldroy: Please keep the conversation in the main chat :), I have alot of window activity already :P06:18
SchrodingersScat!ask | rahuldroy06:18
ubotturahuldroy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:18
madsailorthat depends on how you set up your router config06:18
madsailoryou can and will want to forward port 80 only on your computer06:18
rahuldroySorry everyone :(06:19
privacypleaserahuldroy: It is ok, more people can help you in the main chat so it is better for you too06:20
wachpwnskiIs there a reason I cannot resolve my host name over dns on my local network?06:21
wachpwnskisome of my hostnames I have to hit doing ping hostname.local06:22
rahuldroyi am currently using Ubuntu 12.04. My wireless chipset is Qualcomm Atheros AR5416. It works perfectly on the live-cd but not after install. I tried ubuntu 13.10 before this with the same result. Ethernet works fine06:22
privacypleaserahuldroy: Could you post the output of dmesg | wlan0 in the command line onto paste.ubuntu.com06:23
privacypleaserahuldroy: If you interface is wlan0, use ifconfig in the terminal to find out perhaps06:24
privacypleasewachpwnski: Could you explain a bit more information? So I can get a clearer picture of your issue06:25
wachpwnskiprivacyplease: so I used to be able to ping from one host to the other by host name06:25
wachpwnskiSo on my LAN i could do "ping node01" and get a response06:26
wachpwnskiNo I get ping: unknown host node0106:26
wachpwnskibut some boxes I can ping with ping node01.local and get a response06:26
wachpwnskiIs this an OS thing or a dns thing from DHCP?06:27
privacypleasewachpwnski: Did the avahi configuration change?06:27
rahuldroyMy Wireless hardware information - http://paste.ubuntu.com/64724806:27
privacypleaserahuldroy: The last paste does not exist :(06:28
wachpwnskiprivacyplease: not sure, I am using 12.04 LTS06:28
rahuldroyMy Wireless hardware information - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472481 (Take 2)06:28
=== siva is now known as Guest34123
privacypleaserahuldroy: also try dmesg | grep wlan006:29
privacypleaserahuldroy: I am a little tired so I forgot the grep :)06:29
wachpwnskiprivacyplease: is there a way I can refresh with taht?06:29
privacypleasewachpwnski: I am not entirely sure, the avahi will lookup the host names, part of the settings are in /etc/nsswitch.conf which applies the .local to hostnames06:31
rahuldroyoutput of dmesg | grep wlan0 : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472486  (Thanks for you help everyone)06:32
privacypleasewachpwnski: Perhaps if all local machines aren't on the same configuration they aren't communicating correctly06:32
wachpwnskiprivacyplease: yah, i have linux mint as a desktop on here06:32
wachpwnskilooks like one of my boxes don't have avihi on it06:33
AdblockerHey all. I have a folder that I had to make for a program to create files in....but for some reason the program cannot create it. Someone that understands the software has explained to me that I need to check that I have the right permissions and ownership over the file? Can someone explain to me what I might need to do?06:33
buuAdblocker: How are you running this program and what is its name?06:34
Adblockerbuu: using terminal, the program is tor06:35
buuoh, um.06:35
buuAdblocker: This isn't exactly a subtle and exact solution, but try the command: chmod 777 <foldername>06:35
Adblockerthanks buu06:36
privacypleaserahuldroy: Thanks for the information, you are being deauthenticated, I think perhaps it is an issue with the encryption you are using06:36
privacypleaserahuldroy: Have you tried, for a test, to use a basic encryption like WEP and see if that atleast works?06:36
privacypleaserahuldroy: Not for a permanent change, but perhaps a configuration needs to be altered.06:37
Adblockerbuu: didn't work :/06:37
rahuldroyYepp, I have tried turning authentication off completely & also tried WEP with no luck06:37
buuAdblocker: A) what do you mean "didn't work"? Always tell us the exact error message. B) Before that, please paste the *single* line returned by ls -l <foldername> and tell me your username on that computer.06:38
privacypleaserahuldroy: Which ubuntu version are you working with currently, 13.10?06:38
rahuldroyUbuntu 12.04.3. The computer is getting its internet from my laptop (internet sharing)06:40
privacypleaserahuldroy: I see, that is often problematic :)06:40
Adblockerbuu: total 0 is the output. username is servu. the error is, "Error creating directory home/servu/hidden_service/: No such file or directory06:40
privacypleaserahuldroy: I had tons of issues with that in the past, WEP normally worked using that but not between different ubuntu version or with windows06:41
privacypleaserahuldroy: Are you at university or something?06:41
buuAdblocker: That error looks like you're missing a leading slash: /home/servu...06:42
rahuldroyI am a uni student but at home at the moment. I use ubuntu on my laptop fulltime but now I am trying to switch my desktop in my room. Stuck at this problem :'(06:43
Adblockerbuu: I love you06:44
elementary-site4hi guys! can someone help me install elementary os plz :(06:44
privacypleaserahuldroy: My advice would be to avoid this approach altogether if possible, it is never stable it was a nightware with ICS for me06:44
buuelementary-site4: This is #ubuntu06:44
buuAlso its #ubuntu06:44
buuIt is a channel with some number of 'U's in the name06:45
buuUnlike the word 'elementary' which possesses zero 'U's06:45
elementary-site4I understand, but someone from the elementary site said ppl here would be willing to help,,,,06:45
balsaqi am installing a game thru terminal (ubuntu 12.04 LTS) and I found instructions online from a ubuntu member forum...it seemed to be going well...now i am stumped because terimnal is asking me "what direfctory do i want to install the game into"? i don not know the proper way to command terminal and respond?06:45
elementary-site4so is anyone willing to help?06:46
privacypleaserahuldroy: However, if you can you would likely need to upgrade your kernel, test different network manager versions, wpa_supplicant versions, everything06:46
rahuldroyI am only using ICS on my Desktop because of the wireless problem :(, once the wireless is fixed I won't have to do it06:46
balsaqi chose home  but terminal sais..."cant intall it to the same directory it is in"...06:46
SchrodingersScatbalsaq: /home/balsaq/game-name/ ?06:47
privacypleaserahuldroy: Ok great, so you are not doing ICS through the wireness then? it is through cabling? Perhaps I misunderstood06:47
rahuldroyhow would you upgrade those. I have tried sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:47
balsaqis that what i am supposed to type in terminal SchrodingersScat ?06:47
rahuldroyI am doing ICS from my laptop (wireless is working perfectly) to my desktop using Ethernet06:47
SchrodingersScatbalsaq: idk, but making a directory for it to be in might help06:47
balsaqso i have to make a directory06:48
balsaqhmmm, never did that06:48
privacypleaserahuldroy: Because the wireless is not working on the Desktop? Correct? and the desktop is 12.04 or 13.10?06:48
balsaqso how do i make a directory and then command terimanl to finish the installation?06:49
rahuldroyDesltop is Ubuntu 12.04.3 and Laptop is 13.10.06:49
balsaqit is right after i type    sudo ./install.sh                                   that the terminal asks me...what directory do i want it in06:49
elementary-site4I would really appreciate the help guys :(, it saying that I it has a problem installing the grub-efi package into target06:50
balsaqis a directory a file or was i supposed to have made a partiton for stuff like this when i did my install schmidtm ?06:51
SchrodingersScatbalsaq: idk what you are working with, if you had typed a directory that you had permission to make, it might have made it for you, it is a mystery06:51
buubalsaq: A directory is a ... folder.. it contains other things like directories and files06:52
buubalsaq: When it asks you for a place to install, try typing: ~/game06:52
buuAnd see what happens06:52
DarrylHi everyone06:53
reisioDarryl: hi06:53
balsaqok schmidtm ill try that thank u06:53
DarrylI am planning to setup a Django production server on Ubuntu. Has anyone setup Django production server?06:54
reisioDarryl: I'm sure someone has06:54
privacypleaserahuldroy: Ok, do you have the kernel version for the desktop?06:54
babinlonstonHi , i have a server which was installed with post-fix mail server in VPS, now i can send mail from VPS to any emails, and even i can send mails from any email to vps too, is it possible to use this post-fix to send and receive mails from any other vps which holding applications without installing or configuring post-fix in that vps ?06:54
balsaqway terminal asks me the question, it leads me to believe there are various terminals for me to put installs? i dont know what a directory is so i dont know how to answer...it is the final step and my install is done06:54
deepblue_come and join #Kanaan for a test06:54
=== perosredo is now known as pero
rahuldroyKernel version : 3.5.0-43-generic (64 bit)06:55
balsaqi mistyped that sch let me try again...does ubuntu already has places that are know as directories ?06:55
balsaqor is a directory something i have to create when i install a game ?06:56
SchrodingersScatbalsaq: it's just where you want it to place files.  folder/directory/etc.06:56
balsaqok here goes06:56
reisioDarryl: something kind of like http://eshlox.net/en/2012/09/11/nginx-uwsgi-virtualenv-and-django-ubuntu-1204/06:56
balsaqill try your idea now06:56
reisioDarryl: just keep in mind a howto is no substitute for reading the package docs06:57
DarrylThanks reisio06:57
gdoteofi used xmodmap to map capslock to ESC, which is wonderful and i don't know why it took me five years to do it06:57
gdoteofbut i am wondering if there is a way to map shift+capslock to capslock06:58
reisiogdoteof: :)06:58
gdoteofor something like that06:58
gdoteofsince like 2 times a year i actually want it06:58
wafflejockgdoteof: xbindkeys?06:58
reisiogdoteof: not tab?06:58
DarrylI would be using Ubuntu 13.10 server for Django because 12.04 does not work well on my old laptop server for some strange reason06:58
gdoteofreisio: not tab what?06:59
reisiogdoteof: ESC used to be where TAB is these days06:59
gdoteofi use tab all the time; i am happy to keep it the same06:59
DarrylI think i should give 12.04.3 a try before trying 13.10 :D06:59
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:00
gdoteofreisio: am i missing a point of yours?07:00
reisioI don't think so, no07:00
elementary-site4can someone help me install grub?07:00
reisioelementary-site4: what's the trouble07:00
RomanceHello, i used another partition (ntfs) as my download default directory for firefox, but whenever i want to delete some of the files, it wont move to trash but delete it immediately, how do i fix it to move to trash first?07:00
wafflejockDarryl: honestly 13.10 has been better on my system07:01
privacypleaserahuldroy: Ok, if you had previous kernel versions work for you, then select a previous kernel at grub. Otherwise, the only option is an upgrade really that I can see would be useful07:01
reisioRomance: how're you deleting?07:01
wafflejockDarryl: I don't normally recommend going up to the cutting edge but in my case it's worked out pretty darn well.. using Kubuntu07:01
Romancereisio: right click, move to trash07:01
elementary-site4Reisio: I am attempting to install elementary os on my computer, but the installer says cannot install grub-efi package to target07:01
reisioRomance: mmm, well if it's another FS, it'd actually be copying the data to trash07:02
reisioRomance: you sure you want that?07:02
gdoteofokay i got xbindkeys; are you suggesting i basically bind something to a script that turns off my capslock->esc binding? or can i do smething else07:02
DarrylI will give 13.10 a try then. older version of Ubuntu gave kernel panic on long run on my old system :(07:02
privacypleaserahuldroy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472561/07:02
Romancereisio: of course, its my safe bet to restore something if i deleted wrong files07:02
reisioRomance: so this is... nautilus?07:03
Romancereisio: yes? ubuntu 12.04 gnome07:03
elementary-site4Would there be any way to install grub to a different partition?07:04
elementary-site4its an uefi problem i guess07:04
wafflejockgdoteof: sorry not sure I understand the issue entirely... xbindkeys will let you setup key bindings that don't ordinarily work through the key mapping settings but I'm not sure I understand your issue07:04
Romanceelementary-site4: grub is supposedly to be always in /dev/sda07:04
reisiowell, no grub can be installed to a partition07:05
elementary-site4It's trying to install it there, but I don't think it can :C07:05
reisioit's just ordinarily not07:05
gdoteofwafflejock: well i have 2 issues.  i used xmodmap to map Caps to escape; which works to hit escape but actually still turns caps on which is really annoying; and 2) if 1. wasn't an issue i would like to have some way to still turn on capslock07:05
gdoteofwafflejock: like, shift+capslock07:05
gdoteofor ctrl+capslock07:05
reisioRomance: that does sound like a bug, so despite being able to fix it yourself, you should probably first just see what upstream thinks about it07:05
reisioRomance: it may just be a pref, though :)07:06
gdoteofwafflejock: it appears xbindkeys is primarily a way to bind keys to commands; so i was wondering if it was being suggested that i write a command that can turn on and off capslock; then bind a key to that07:06
gdoteofor if there is some more direct way07:06
Romancereisio: i dont know, maybe i set fstab incorrectly, would it effect it?07:06
reisioRomance: no07:07
reisioit's a bug for a few reasons07:07
reisioit says "move" and does not move07:07
rahuldroythanks for that , ill try it out now07:07
reisioit also is a different behavior depending on FS07:07
reisiofor one it moves, for one it deletes07:07
reisionow they may have done it on purpose, but it's still a bug :p07:07
wafflejockgdoteof: I've used xbindkeys to setup key bindings for the keypad in kubuntu to run system commands... it may also help to remap keys but it sounds like that's what you're using xmodmap for already so not sure how it'll come into play tehre07:08
Romancereisio: is there somthing i can do to at least "view" the deleted files07:08
wafflejockgdoteof: as you said xbindkeys basically allows you to run some command when a key or key combo is hit though so it may still come in handy but not sure exactly how to apply it to your situation07:08
reisioRomance: that's involved, did you lose some important files?07:08
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
Romancereisio: not really, just wanna try to find a way07:09
reisioRomance: well that's another matter :p07:09
reisioRomance: as to the original, do you see something about 'behavior' in the nautilus prefs?07:10
gdoteofokay; well maybe someone can help me understand why caps lock now maps to capslock and escape key07:10
RagBalI'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome 3 and on my secondary monitor I have this small area in the right where I can't mouse-click or scroll, any idea what could be causing this?07:10
gdoteofpressed seemingly simultaneously07:10
reisioRomance: oh nevermind07:10
Romancereisio: what kind of behavior, oh but when i `ls` in the terminal, it highlights them green which mean they are all readable writeable and executable no matter what files are they07:12
reisioRomance: ...huh?07:12
Romancereisio: yeah i was like 'huh?' too, i dont know why its like that07:12
nixmhello i have my windows vista disk for installation i am running ubuntu 13.10 and i installed virtual box i want to install the vista in he virtual machine how do i create an ISO of my vista disk to the drive or can i install it from the disk?07:14
privacypleasenixm: I think you can officially download the vista iso from the net07:15
nixmi have the real disk07:16
nixmits in my drive07:16
munznixm: just connect the optical disk in your settings for the vbox07:16
reisionixm: 'install it from the disk?' yes07:16
gothmasterflashI have a co-worker gifting me a 1.2 Ghz SPARC desktop (dual processors) from Sun. Is 10.04 worth installing at this point, or should I just stick with Solaris?07:21
nixmmunz thanks got it07:21
nixmreisio thank you07:21
reisiogothmasterflash: solaris is deader than disco07:23
gothmasterflashreisio, True, but 10.04 is older than dirt. Even other linux distros have nothing but old libs for SPARC as far as I can see07:23
reisiogothmasterflash: the arch is pretty dead, too :)07:24
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gothmasterflashreisio, Still sees some use in server rooms, but yes.07:25
gothmasterflashreisio, I think that is why he's just giving it away07:25
kcjHello. I'm getting "Requires installation of untrusted packages" whenever I try to install something from the Software Center. Could anybody help please?07:25
wafflejockI have SPARC NAS :(07:26
gothmasterflashkcj, try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:26
gothmasterflashwafflejock, That's basically what I plan to do with it. What are you running on it?07:26
wafflejockonly 200Mhz too so building anything on it is a marathon07:26
kcjgothmasterflash: Already have restricted extras install.07:26
wafflejockIt's a readynas duo mostly basic stuff just have some custom config for rsync07:27
wafflejockit works fine for what it does, backup and RAID 1, not a completely custom setup though07:27
reisiowell the hardware you can't do anything about07:27
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne__
wafflejockit's OS is sarge07:27
reisiobut if you use something other than solaris, you _can_ have modern software07:28
xanguakcj: it's better when you explain further and pastebin error messages so you don't get random asnwers like 'install extras' :)07:28
dinosrulekcj: does sudo apt-get update help at all?07:28
xanguaand that :)07:28
munzkcj: near the bottom of the updates you will find some 3rd party app you installed and it is causing it07:29
munzyou can unselect it, not sure another solution07:29
kcjCan't really pastebin a dialog box but I can screencap.07:29
munzspotify has done it to me07:29
kcjdinosrule, munz: Here's what apt-get update spits out http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472643/07:31
gothmasterflashkcj, Odd07:32
wafflejockgothmasterflash: this is the output of my uname -a Linux NETGEARNAS #1 Wed Jun 20 20:08:20 PDT 2012 padre unknown and here's my sources.list on the box, beyond that I can't really tell you much  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472647/07:32
gothmasterflashThanks wafflejock07:32
kcjgothmasterflash: Yes.07:32
xangua!gpgerr | kcj just add the standard ubuntu keys07:33
ubottukcj just add the standard ubuntu keys: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »07:33
elementary-site4can someone help me install Ubuntu 13.04?07:34
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Which part has you stuck?07:34
liamzHey all, I have a question relating to sandboxing of apps. My problem is that occasionally I will run an app that will take up all available system resources and crash the Unity shell. Is there a way of sandboxing programs so they don't crash Unity? I was thinking maybe using ulimit +/ renice07:34
munzkcj: http://askubuntu.com/questions/89198/the-following-signatures-were-invalid07:34
elementary-site4I put the iso onto the usb and then booted it up, and slected install ubuntu, but after that i get a black screen and nothing happens07:34
liamzQuestion on SE here, not much discussion though http://askubuntu.com/questions/372335/is-there-a-way-of-sandboxing-applications-so-when-they-fail-they-dont-crash-ubu07:35
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, How did you create the boot usb, exactly?07:35
elementary-site4I used usb creator07:35
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, In ubuntu?07:35
elementary-site4yes sir07:35
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Did you remember to set the persistence?07:35
elementary-site4I'm not sure what that means07:36
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, in usb creator, this is an option that asks you to select how much space you want to reserve for persistence07:36
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, I had to set it manually myself, otherwise I would get the same problem you did on USB boot07:37
elementary-site4oh its set to to 1gb it seems07:37
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, How big is the usb device?07:37
grendal_primeis there a way to create a desktop shortcut to a remina entry?07:37
grendal_primeremmina that is07:38
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, How big the iso?07:38
elementary-site4roughly 800 mb07:38
elementary-site4883 mb to be exact07:38
elementary-site4I actually had it to discard on shutdown07:38
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Yeah, I would recreate the boot usb07:39
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash should i change that?07:39
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash: okay07:39
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, And make sure to change the reserved space to it's max07:39
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash could this possibly be an ueif problem?07:39
munzgrendal_prime: i think so07:39
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Not likely. the image you are using should have UEFI capabilities07:40
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Unless you are using an old image?07:40
munzremmina -c ~/.remmina/file-name.remmina07:41
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash I am using the 13.04 image07:41
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, That should be fine.07:41
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, are you dual booting?07:41
elementary-site4yes sir07:41
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, What are the installed OSes?07:41
elementary-site4Windows 8 only so far07:42
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Yikes.07:42
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash yes :'(07:42
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, I have had nothing but nightmares with trying to dual boot with win807:42
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash i need to keep windows 8 however to keep my warranty alive07:42
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash did you manage to do it?07:43
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, You're probably breaking the warranty trying to install Linux.07:43
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Yes, but not until after learning the hard way that GPT is difficult and can brick your disc07:43
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash ur scaring me 0.007:44
elementary-site4curse u microsoft07:44
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, My warranty was voided when I installed Linux. Best Buy are nazis like that.07:45
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Which is why I don't buy pre-build PCs07:45
grendal_primemunz,  ya that does not seem to do what i want07:45
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Now I just build my own and each piece has it's own warranty07:45
elementary-site4 gothmasterflash if i keep the windows partitions it makes it easy to erase any evidence of linux ;307:45
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, http://apcmag.com/how-to-dual-boot-windows-8-and-linux.htm07:46
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, This will probably take you were you want to go07:46
munzer not..07:46
munzmisread lol07:46
elementary-site4I saw that guide and was confused on how to install the grub07:47
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, The win8 tool they are showing tells you how07:48
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Step Three: Chain Load Grub07:48
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, They are just dropping down menus07:48
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Easy as windows, I guess.07:49
elementary-site4that doesnt install grub however07:49
elementary-site4only makes a menu for it07:49
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, I think you need to read it again07:49
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, the step one: Installation order is just telling you Windows first.07:50
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, And that when you install linux, be sure to make /boot partition to throw grub on07:50
elementary-site4yes I understand that07:51
elementary-site4which is why i said I not sure how to create partitions well07:51
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, The graphic interface is pretty good on that iso07:51
elementary-site4I usually use the install alongside windows 8 option07:51
elementary-site4and it does it for me07:51
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Don't do that since you need to create a special partition07:51
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Instead select the option to create your own partition07:52
elementary-site4Yes and then I should create an ext4 swap and boot partition correct?07:52
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, How much memory do you have?07:52
elementary-site4I can allocate more though07:53
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, Memory, not storage07:53
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, you probably don't need swap07:53
elementary-site4so only ext4 and boot?07:53
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, first I'd create /boot07:53
Jordan_Uelementary-site4: You don't need a separate /boot/.07:53
gothmasterflashJordan_U, He does if he wants to use the windows 8 OS loader07:54
elementary-site4so I can just make one partition for boot and select install?07:54
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, No, you'll also need /07:54
Jordan_Ugothmasterflash: Your statement doesn't make sense. Please explain what you mean.07:54
gothmasterflashJordan_U, If he wants to use grub boot loader, that's fine. However, he wants to avoid putting it on the MBR07:55
gothmasterflashJordan_U, So that win8's boot loader can be used07:55
Jovialmeaning there will be one partiotion for /boot and one for / (main dir) :)07:56
Jovialright ?07:56
gothmasterflashJovial, That's the idea.07:56
Jordan_Ugothmasterflash: 1: Grub's boot sector should go in the MBR, or nowhere (if needed, a more reliable method of using a file loaded by BCD can be used) 2: Installing grub's boot sector to a partition (still not recomended) does not require a separate /boot/ partition.07:57
kcjxangua: How do I find the key for the repo that's failing?07:57
elementary-site4  gothmasterflash ohh okay I understand now. However I have never created a parition for boot before. how many space should i allocate for it?07:57
Jordan_Uelementary-site4: Do not create a separate /boot/ partition.07:57
xangua(01:33:22) ubottu: kcj just add the standard ubuntu keys: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> » reading helps07:58
Jovialits a good practice to have a /boot partition - 300-500mb so if something go wrong you can boot somekind of recovery options in that partition :)07:58
kcjI have read it.07:58
Jovialatleast that's what they say in the books :)07:58
elementary-site4I must read these books. x307:59
kcj"Find the GPG keyword for the repository" the one that won't auth right?07:59
kcjxangua: ^07:59
elementary-site4wait jordan is saying to not create two seperate ones07:59
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, You may not want to create a /boot/ partition07:59
gothmasterflashelementary-site4, I think Jordan is correct.07:59
kcjI didn't come here to be patronised thanks.08:00
Jordan_Uelementary-site4: Also, going back to swap, do you want to be able to suspend to disk (hibernate)?08:00
elementary-site4 Jordan_U  yes that would be very helpful sir08:00
Jordan_Uelementary-site4: Then you need either a swap partition or a swap file, and it should be the same size as your available RAM or larger.08:01
gothmasterflashJordan_U,  0_008:01
gothmasterflashJordan_U, You want him to create 8 gigs of swap space?08:01
Jordan_Ugothmasterflash: If they want to be able to suspend to disk while all 8 GiB of their available RAM is in use (for more than cache), then they will need 8 GiB of swap space to hold that data.08:02
elementary-site4Jordan_U: So from what I understand I only need to create a 142 gb of ext4 / and then 8gb of swap?08:03
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elementary-site4 Jordan_U  a guide i was reading earlier said to make 130 of ext4 and the rest swap08:03
jonascjHi all. I've installed a package (Xmonad 0.11) via "dpkg -i" and a .deb file downloaded from launchpad. Another version of that software (xmonad) was already installed (xmonad 0.10) via apt-get. I would like to go back to this previous version (xmonad 0.10).08:07
jonascjHow to?08:07
Jordan_Uelementary-site4: A 142 GiB root partition using ext4 and an 8 GiB swap partition makes sense, yes. Using 20 GiB for swap though is much more than needed, the only time you would need that is if you had programs allocating so much that they needed 28 GiB (highly unlikely, and would indicate something being very broken already), or if you needed to suspend to disk while programs were allocating 12 GiB, (still unlikely).08:08
dissolvecan anyone help me with some basic eigrp setup?08:09
reisiodissolve: eigrp?08:09
Jordan_Udissolve: You're using Ubuntu for a router?08:09
elementary-site4 Jordan_U  thank you so much sir!!08:09
dissolveno but if i ask in there the cisco guys laugh and dont answer08:09
dissolvethey are too smart to answer simple questions08:10
_joeywhat's a good djvu plugin for chromium and firefox? Thanks!08:10
Jordan_Uelementary-site4: You're welcome.08:12
elementary-site4 Jordan_U can you help me with one more problem08:12
shamskabraHello guys, it may sounds crazy, I had beet trying for 8 days 14-15 hours a day, setting up my computer for Ubuntu 12.04 with Nvidia GeForce 640 with CUDA for supporting GPU Cycle Rendering on Intel i7 machine. All the information I get on forum is so jumbled for newbie like me. I did try many times and succeeded but each time I try to improve following the instruction I messed up with the08:13
shamskabrawhole setup then start over. I don’t want anything just to run my Nvidia, CUDA , along with Blender 2.69 if any expert out there please help, now I have fresh installed Ubuntu.08:13
elementary-site4 Jordan_U when i boot the iso, and select install ubuntu, nothing comes up except a black screen08:13
elementary-site4I just finished reinstalling the os to make sure it wasnt corrupt also08:13
dissolvedownload YUMI and its so much easier for installing any OS08:14
ikoniashamskabra: I'd be checkoing a lot of things at a basic level first, such as does your card/the nvidia drivers you are using support enabling CUDA external processing, look at if blender is actually built to be able to take use of this, I'd check those two important facts before doing anything else08:14
jonascj /last jonascj 1008:14
_root_how could I find out how many network card NIC i have and what are thier names?08:15
Jovial_root_ ifconfig  .... ?08:15
Jovial_root_ i'm not in front of a linux right now ... but i suppose that ifconfig | grep eth08:16
Jovialwill do the job08:16
_root_Jovial: Doesn't show the down NIC; i want the list of all08:16
gr33n7007h_root_, iwconfig08:17
jonascjshould I just remove the package again "dpkg -r" and then reinstall it with "apt-get" ?08:17
Jovial_root_ ifconfig -a;08:17
JovialDisplay info on all network interfaces on server, active or inactive08:17
_root_gr33n7007h: iwconfig is for wireless i think???08:17
gr33n7007h_root_, It'll list em all08:18
elementary-site4I dont think yumi can help08:18
_root_gr33n7007h: yes it did thanks08:18
shamskabraMy Nvidia is GeForce 640 the one i see in supported list is 640 M this means my card is not supported. ?08:19
_root_eth0 doesn't show in any of the output; non of them;;; not ifconfig nor ifconfig -a08:19
ikoniashamskabra: what list08:19
_root_what should I do?08:19
elementary-site4I give up T.T microsoft doesnt want me happy </308:19
_root_ifconfig eth0 up??????08:19
shamskabraCUDA supported Nvidia card List.08:19
elementary-site4thanks for trying to help guys ^^08:20
ikoniashamskabra: what list ?08:20
shamskabraCUDA supported Nvidia Product list.08:20
ikoniashamskabra: where ?08:20
ikoniashamskabra: so if that's not in the list, I'd have concerns about your card08:21
shamskabrai see thanks , i guess i should get a 640 M instead of 64008:22
_joeywhat's a good djvu plugin for chromium and firefox? Thanks!08:23
raidghostCallerID lookup source seems to be a place to start looking;)USB 3.0 works sometimes, USB 2.0 works always08:23
b14If im not mistaken M is for mobile.08:23
raidghostAny modules ive missing since the usb3 external harddrive wont show up08:23
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shamskabraikonia: i figured out my card is there GeForce 640 , please check http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gt64008:36
ikoniashamskabra: I don't need to check it08:38
shamskabrai thought you are helping, if you are then you have to, if not then just ignore let some one response to the questions of the people who are having trouble with there system.08:39
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Jovialprakash hi :)08:40
shamskabrahello Prakash08:40
hurdorbsdHow to select kernel from grub in xubuntu 13.1008:42
DarrylI completed installing Ubuntu 13.10 Server08:42
Beldarhurdorbsd, The arrow keys up and down08:42
hurdorbsdBut in xubuntu nothing like menu08:43
hurdorbsdit jus starts08:43
hurdorbsdlike Windows08:43
geirhahurdorbsd: Hold down the shift key while booting08:43
Beldarhurdorbsd, hold down the shift key as soon as it powers on to see grub08:43
hurdorbsdOKay I get it08:43
hurdorbsdbe back08:44
sahil__my plymouth is completely disbled(even the fallback test mode),i was tinkering with the packages with synaptic then it happened.how shall i reenable it? i hav plymouth,plymouth theme and plymouth text installed08:46
sahil__*fall back text mode*08:46
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hurdorbsdthanks a lot guys08:53
hurdorbsdHow to reinstall an app using apt-get ??08:53
hurdorbsdHow to reinstall an app using apt-get ??08:53
hurdorbsdn thanks again for SHIFT key08:53
llutzhurdorbsd: sudo apt-get install --reinstall packagename08:54
coalwaterhi all08:54
Jovialhi :)08:54
hurdorbsdand remove a app with all its depe... ??08:55
llutzhurdorbsd: man apt-get08:55
hurdorbsdapt-get remove --auto-remove package?08:55
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prakashhow can i reduce the brightness of the screen? i am using ubuntu 12.0409:02
coalwaterprakash: If your keyboard has a shortcut you can use that, you can also find it in system settings under 'brightness and lock'09:03
vijayaHow to know PCIe is configured as a host or  device in u-boot source code09:04
Lopehow can I start a terminal and execute a command inside it without the terminal closing immediately afterwards? mate-terminal opens a terminal. mate-terminal -e 'echo "hi"' closes immediately.09:05
aeon-ltdLope: why?09:05
prakashi have tried brightness and lock but it no effect , brightness is still the same09:05
C4709Anybody know of a software for router that can give stats about which machines are connected to the router (there ip addresses), how much data they have uploaded and download and active port numbers  ?09:07
ikoniaLope: because you're telling it to open a terminal and run that command, it does exactly that, once the command is run, it exits09:07
ikoniaC4709: you could do that with iptables and say ulog09:07
aeon-ltdC4709: i think i remember something liks ddwrt or tomato having something like that09:08
llutzLope: mate-terminal -e "echo hi ;cat"   if mate-terminal has no "noclose" option09:10
vijaya How to know PCIe is configured as a host or  device in u-boot source code09:11
ikoniavijaya: I have no idea what you are asking09:11
vijayaPCIexpress either can be configured as a host or device... In u-boot source code how to search that PCIe is configured as a host or device09:16
vijayaikonia:  PCIexpress either can be configured as a host or device... In u-boot source code how to search that PCIe is configured as a host or device09:16
ikoniavijaya: sorry, it doesn't make sense what you are asking09:16
kcjStill getting this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6472933/09:17
vijayaI too do not know exactly. My senior assigned this task, I donot have any idea.so, asking here09:18
Roryvijaya: Why don't you ask your senior for clarification?09:30
pl2Hello, I'm trying to upgrade a package in apt beyond what is currently on offer via the package manager. How best to go about this? For instance, apt is showing version .6 is the latest, but i need version .1009:31
Rory!ppa | pl209:31
ubottupl2: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:31
BraggartHi peeps.09:33
BraggartAnyone know how to add an entry to LightDM to run a VNC client?09:33
RoryBraggart: Searching the Internet for "lightdm vnc client" yielded this http://seb.so/vnc-from-boot-without-logging-in-ubuntu-lubuntu-xubuntu-and-mint-lmde/09:34
BraggartNo, that's something else.09:34
BraggartThat's LightDM acting as a VNC server.09:35
RoryMy apologies09:35
BraggartI want to add an entry to LightDM, along side the user list, that executes a command basically.09:35
BraggartThe command being something to the tune of opening a full-screen VNC client.09:36
RoryBraggart: You could make a new user, and set the command as autorun for that users login09:36
RoryBraggart: Then when you log in as that user (you can set it without a password) it will start the VNC client09:36
babinlonstonHi all , I'm Using Ubuntu 12.04 and While access some webpage which was hosted in my VPS some time not opens and its shows some error as apache version and Ubuntu, I don't want to show that my server is using apache and Ubuntu as my operating system , how can i remove it ? Please Guide09:36
BraggartRight, right, I vaguely remember reading something like that before. But how can I make sure nothing else loads? The user is to be just a dummy for the command, and I don't want anything else to load at all.09:38
RoryBraggart: or look in /usr/share/xsessions to see how sessions are created, and copy one and modify it, then you won't have to make a new user09:38
RoryBraggart: Then you could have the fullscreen client instead of Unity, rather than on top of it09:38
nomikeDo you know if lighdm from saucy still has XDCMP support?09:39
Rorynomike: Not sure, but if it does it might solve Braggart's problem as well :P09:39
Braggartbabinlonston: Try the IRC channel for Apache.09:39
BraggartOh? What's XDCMP?09:39
Rorynomike [cc Braggart]: Take a look here, there's an entry you have to add to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf https://wiki.ubuntu.com/xdmcp09:40
RoryBraggart: You don't want to use XDCMP naked over the internet09:40
Braggartbabinlonston: Apache support channel: #httpd09:40
nomikeRory, I know that page, but the most recent info's I could find are for 11.10. No mention about any further ubuntu releases.09:41
babinlonstonBraggart: yes im there thanks mate09:41
Rorynomike: why don't you try enabling the option and see if it works ;)09:41
nomikegood point.09:41
BraggartRory: Nah, I just have a local VM that I want someone to be able to access on my PC and nothing else.09:41
Braggartnomike: Check the LightDM version and look it up and see if it supports XDCMP thing.09:42
RoryBraggart: up to you; sounds like you already have VNC all set up though so probably just go with that09:42
BraggartRory: Yes, that's why I'm not looking for a server. KVM VMs already broadcast VNC, I just want it to be accessible from the login screen.09:43
RoryBraggart: Right, so copy one of the entries in /usr/share/xsessions to /usr/share/xsessions/VNC.desktop and then modify it09:44
BraggartAye, be having a look at it now.09:44
RoryBraggart: Then you can log in to that session instead of Unity, on any user09:45
RoryBraggart: Although forgetting to set it back again, and accidentally logging into your VNC server will annoy you forever ;)09:45
RoryBraggart: Also, different users have different default sessions, so if you want to avoid the "make default or just for this sessions" dialogue you can make a new user called VNC or something09:46
BraggartCan I haz user with option only to login with vnc.desktop?09:47
tomboy64i am using lubuntu quantal on an armhf. is there an easy way to get icedtea/openjdk installed on that?09:47
tomboy64Braggart: try giving him the shell nologin09:47
Braggarttomboy64: That's a supported arch, so it should have dedicated repo you can apt-get install from/09:48
tomboy64Braggart: didn't find one. only found openjdk-7 referenced - but couldn't figure out which09:48
tomboy64it isn't the "partner" repo09:48
BraggartThen there's probably an issue. I can't say any more, perhaps you should look it up.09:49
BraggartAn issue with getting OpenJDK on armhf.09:50
heverhello, where are the thinkpad keymappings stored? Suspend works but I want to set LockScreen myself ???09:50
tomboy64ahhh, thanks for the hint with the repo, finally dug it up on launchpad.09:50
BraggartGood luck.09:51
BraggartRory: What exactly do I have to modify on vnc.desktop.09:52
BraggartRory: What exactly do I have to modify on vnc.desktop?09:52
BraggartBy the way is there any VNC client preinstalled on Ubuntu? There should be, right?09:53
cwchang2~cwchang: test09:54
cwchangstart to use IRC09:55
Rorycwchang: cwchang2: This isn't the appropriate place for that, try #flood10:01
sperrhakenWhen I run the following command in a ssh-session: dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower.Suspend , I get `Error org.freedesktop.UPower.GeneralError: not authorized'.  I hoped to fix that with a .plka file: http://nopaste.info/f5bcff3cf1.html , but it didn't do the trick.  How can I suspend my machine remotely with the interface provided by org.freedesktop.UPower10:13
sperrhakenwithout reverting to sudo when logged in remotely?  Where does my misconception lie?10:13
Romancewhich is best terminal video converter that can work well under 128 MB ram, i need it to downgrade the quality and size10:16
reisioRomance: ffmpeg; why do you need to downgrade the quality and size?10:16
frdmncan someone help me with my kernel problems? my /boot/ partition was too small for the new kernel, I increased the partition but aptitude still has some problems: http://hastebin.com/pujihidosu10:17
Romancereisio: well life shit, i dont have that speed, beside i got this free vps 128mb ram, rtorrent files, and use grive (google drive) to upload/sync it to my google drive10:17
_root_I have problem with the NIC; I have 2 network interface and i have 2 IP one gatway and a subnetmask and this is my /etc/network/interfaces   http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473119/    ;;;; but in the bootstrap ubuntu waits 60sec and then says that can't read the network config file10:18
reisioRomance: so the bandwidth is the bottleneck?10:18
_root_and boot without it10:18
Romancereisio: not really, i have unlimited bandwidth but poor speed, just 1Mbps10:18
reisioRomance: so you want to reduce quality to make transfer time less?10:19
Romancereisio: exactly10:19
reisioRomance: what format is your stuff now?10:19
RoryRomance: I'd advise that it will take so long to convert the video on such a low-end machine, that the different might not be worth it10:19
RoryRomance: if it's one of those 128mb lowendbox openvz instances especially10:20
Romancereisio: err im not thinking it yet, i dont have torrent downloading atm10:20
RomanceRory: its from host1free10:20
RoryRomance: You could find a lower quality torrent10:20
reisiowell if you're talking about the kind of things I think you're talking about, they're going to tend to be more diligently transcoded than you could pull off without a lot of research10:21
RoryRomance: This page might help if you want to convert http://www.ubuntumanual.org/posts/327/converting-videos-in-ubuntu-using-ffmpeg-the-ultimate-free-video-converter10:21
reisiowhat you could do, though, is put a streaming media server on the box10:21
reisiolet the network do the work10:21
Roryyes Romance , people who encode and release videos over bittorrent, especially well-known release groups, tend to be VERY good at getting the best possible quality out of a given size10:21
Roryreisio: I doubt the box has the power to convert a 1 hour video in less than an hour, which would prevent streaming10:22
Romanceencoding time is not a concern, but 128mb ram is sufficient right to do the job?10:22
RoryRomance: yes but it will be very slow10:22
reisioyou don't need to convert it, just stream it10:22
reisioit becomes the problem of the network device and your media player's caching ability10:23
Roryreisio: The entire issue is he doesn't have the bandwidth to stream, so needs to convert to a smaller file, I thought?10:23
reisiono he just doesn't want to wait10:23
reisiothat is, he doesn't want to wait while it downloads from the remote server to his local box10:23
reisiostream it and there's no download of the whole file at once10:23
RoryRomance: Well, there's a few options for you been described so far. pick one and try it :)10:23
Romancehow about split the files? would it be a better idea10:23
reisioyou just buffer what you're about to watch10:23
reisioRomance: nope10:23
RoryRomance: That won't make a difference. 1+1=2, and 2=2, you still have to download the same amount10:24
Romanceoh right10:24
sperrhakenfrdmn: Try 'dpkg -r initramfs-tools && aptitude install initramfs-tools'10:24
_root_any ideas?10:24
frdmnsperrhaken: http://hastebin.com/dibotawuka10:25
frdmnno luck :/10:25
Romancemaybe i just need to buy that 15usd/year vps, but not having my debit card link with paypal yet lol10:25
RoryRomance: if you want a proper seedbox, I recommend a proper seedbox :)10:26
Roryfrdmn: Can you please paste the output of: sudo apt-get -f install10:26
RomanceRory: no i prefer vps where i can run many things10:26
RoryRomance: or a higher-end VPS than a 128mb openvz instance10:26
RoryRomance: I have one of those, but I use it only for an IRC bouncer, I wouldn't encode video on it10:27
frdmnRory: sure thing: http://hastebin.com/dixujedasa10:27
RomanceRory: yeah i saw one with 512MB solusvm , 15usd/year10:27
RoryRomance: Further discussion on this in #ubuntu-offtopic, you will probably get some recommendations there as well10:28
RomanceRory: danke10:28
sperrhakenfrdmn: Can you go to /var/cache/apt/pkg and see if you can install the appropriate version of initramfs-tools-bin via dpkg -i ?10:28
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sperrhakenfrdmn: Oh, it's /var/cache/apt/archives10:29
WhatElsehi guys10:29
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
frdmnsperrhaken: seems that this worked :)10:30
WhatElse9/10 I start ubuntu 13.10, it freezes (I think it's a video-driver related problem)10:30
WhatElseI'm using nouveau as video driver, with nvidia it doesn't work at all10:30
WhatElsewhat can i do?10:30
Rory!nomodeset | WhatElse worth trying this10:31
ubottuWhatElse worth trying this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:31
_root_how to set two network card eth0 eth1 with two static ip?10:31
WhatElseRory, I've already tried, Unity starts in both way (with and without modeset) but after 2 secs, it freezes10:31
frdmnsperrhaken & Rory: here's my dpkg -l: http://hastebin.com/munapocufi10:32
WhatElseRory: with nomodeset it starts anyway but with the wrong resolution10:32
RoryWhatElse: Ah I didn't realise you got that far - can you try a different user?10:32
peterbinhi just did a clean install of ubuntu server 12.4.3 with lvm and boot in a separate partition, install went ok but I can't boot into the system. No errors, no output just a blank screen, just wondering if there is an issue I missed and how can I go about fixing this?10:32
WhatElseHow can i do that? Because it automatically log in with my user10:33
WhatElseRory: how can i do that? Because it automatically log in with my user10:33
RoryWhatElse: You can boot to recovery mode, select the root shell option, and use the "adduser" command10:34
WhatElseRory,ok, now I'll try, but I had this problem from the first time I've installed ubuntu 13.10 (fresh installation, hd was empty before)10:35
RoryWhatElse: It's possibly a bad .iso or a bad CD/USb burn10:36
Rory!md5sum | WhatElse10:36
ubottuWhatElse: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:36
WhatElseRory, I've installed it more than one time, and I've checked md510:36
WhatElseRory, when it was starting in recovery mode, it crashed with a kernel dump10:37
RoryWhatElse: I'm definitely going with a dodgy install then. Re-download, check the integrity of the .iso before you create your installation medium, then reinstall10:37
peterbinhi just did a clean install of ubuntu server 12.4.3 with lvm and boot in a separate partition, install went ok but I can't boot into the system. No errors, no output just a blank screen, just wondering if there is an issue I missed and how can I go about fixing this?10:38
ActionParsnipWhatElse: press CTRL+ALT+F1 and run:  killall -u $USER    and you will go back to the login screen10:38
Rorypeterbin: Do you get as far as the Grub boot menu/10:38
WhatElseActionParsnip: when it freezes I can't do anything10:39
WhatElseRory, I can try, again, but I did it at least 4 times10:39
Laurencebapt-get just went mad10:39
Rory!example | Laurenceb10:39
Laurencebi had to kill it10:39
ubottuLaurenceb: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:39
ActionParsnipWhatElse: does CTRL+ALT+F1 do nothing?10:39
WhatElseRory, I'm not a newbie in linux world, it happens only with ubuntu, some pc, proprietary driver + arch linux everything work10:40
Laurencebi was attempting to updATE evince10:40
WhatElseActionParsnip, nope10:40
sperrhakenfrdmn: Sorry, I don't get what you want to show me with the output of `dpkg -l'.10:40
RoryWhatElse: when you press numlock, does the light on your keyboard change?10:40
WhatElseRory, no10:40
lvlephCould someone help me figure out how to switch from EFI to BIOS boot? I am using Ubuntu 13.04 on a Mac and the NVIDIA drivers don't work in EFI boot mode.10:40
RoryWhatElse: That usually is the difference between a complete freeze-up, and something temporary...10:40
peterbinRory: the minute I turn on the comp it doesn't do anything, just a black screen, no grub menu, nothing.10:41
ActionParsnipWhatElse: have you tested RAM using Memtest86+ from Grub?10:41
Rorylvleph: That is entirely dependant on your machine, it will be something in your BIOS interface10:41
SimonJaihey guys, got this weird issue...10:41
WhatElseRory, yes, as I said, sometime I can read the kernel dump of the error and it *seems* related to video driver10:41
lvlephRory, this is a make and there is no BIOS interface10:41
SimonJaii'm trying to change the netmask of one of my eth to /25, but it doesn't want to change from /2410:41
SimonJaiany ideas?10:41
WhatElseActionParsnip, no, now I'll try10:41
Rorypeterbin: Do you even see a POST screen (not ubuntu loading, just the device itsself starting up) - can you get into a BIOS menu?10:41
WhatElseActionParsnip, it is checking, but I don't think this is the problem, because on the same pc, archlinux and windows 8 work without problems10:43
WhatElseI've also tried latest video driver from nvidia website, and the one in repository (without results)10:44
Laurencebdoes apt-get keep a log of what was removed/installed?10:44
Laurencebi need to restore my system10:44
reisioLaurenceb: yup10:44
reisioin /var/log/ :p10:45
ActionParsnipLaurenceb: /var/log/dpkg.log10:45
WhatElseIt must be something that happens during boot, because, if 1/10 it doesn't freeze on boot, then everything will be fine10:45
RoryWhatElse: It doesnt happen every time?10:45
WhatElseRory, as I said, it happens 9/1010:45
WhatElseRory, every morning I boot my pc 10+ times in order to get it working10:46
gothmasterflashWhatElse, I was having a similar problem with an nvidia card recently.10:46
makkalothi, can someone suggest a screencast recorder for linux that works10:46
popeymakkalot: kazam10:46
RoryWhatElse: When you said you tried to install again 4 times, did you check the integrity of the medium? because if it was bad, you'd just be installing the bad image over and over10:46
WhatElsegothmasterflash, and? I have a gtx55010:46
gothmasterflashWhatElse, I have a GTX66010:46
gothmasterflashWhatElse, What I found was that my card was overclocked from the manufacturer10:46
gr33n7007hSimonJai, use ifconfig10:47
gothmasterflashWhatElse, and it was causing hell. It wouldnt over heat10:47
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Just lock up at boot, or randomly10:47
makkalotpopey, thanks checking10:47
gothmasterflashWhatElse, I flashed my bios and now I am good across all boots10:47
WhatElseRory, the iso was ok because the MD5 match. now I'll do a dump with dd from the usb stick and check md5.. it should match, right?10:48
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peterbinRory: fixed it, once you mentioned the splash screen, I went into the bios, apparently the boot order was disabled and the sata disk was being used for booting, weird, first time I've encountered this (old slash new comp). Once I corrected it, it now boots, thanks.10:50
WhatElsegothmasterflash, ok, I'll investigate. What is your card's manufacturer?10:50
gothmasterflashWhatElse, MSI10:50
Rorypeterbin: Glad you got it working, boot order is exactly what I was going to suggest :)10:51
RoryWhatElse: There's an option to check integrity from the liveUSB's boot menu10:52
WhatElsegothmasterflash, mine is Zotac10:52
WhatElseRory, ok, I'll try this10:52
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Can you give me the model number they sold it as?10:53
RoryWhatElse: You have to press a key when you see the purple boot menu with the keyboard icon at the bottom10:53
WhatElsegothmasterflash, yes, wait a sec10:55
WhatElsegothmasterflash, Zotac GTX550 Ti AMP: Edition 1GB 192 bit DDR5,    PN: 288-5N194-100-ZT           SN: xxxxxx10:57
ActionParsnipWhatElse: could edit the lightdm config file in root recovery mode so that autologin doesnt occur10:59
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Hmm, looks like that card is slightly overclocked by the manufacturer11:01
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Have you overclocked anything else on your system?11:01
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Like FSB or processor?11:01
WhatElsegothmasterflash, nothing11:01
WhatElseActionParsnip, it freezes also in recovery mode, so it's difficult to adjust the config file11:01
gothmasterflashWhatElse, On recovery mode, did it freeze when you went to low graphics mode or even before then?11:02
WhatElsegothmasterflash, what do you suggest? I won't damage my video card just because ubuntu doesn't work :/11:02
WhatElsegothmasterflash, before, it was booting and it crashed11:02
SimonJaimy config is in /etc/network/interfaces11:03
WhatElsegothmasterflash, it doesn't reached the recovery menu and freezed11:03
SimonJaidoesn't restarting network service update the netmask?11:03
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Well, if it's crashing before any graphics come in then it's probably not graphic card related.11:03
sandman13if I installed Ambiance theme in usr/share/themes would it affect the original theme?11:04
Rorysandman13: Ubuntu already comes with Ambiance theme11:04
Rorysandman13: It is the default theme11:04
WhatElsegothmasterflash, I thought was a graphic problem because, If i remove "quiet" from kernel params, and I'll try yo read the kernel error, there are some "nvidia" words in the dump11:04
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Have you tried removing nvidia drivers and installing noveau to see if it boots?11:05
sandman13Rory it's for xfce11:05
cfhowlettsandman13, radiance for xfce?11:06
sandman13cfhowlett: are you suggesting or wondering?11:07
cfhowlettsandman13, wondering?  so far as I know, radiance on xfce is a no-go.11:08
WhatElsegothmasterflash, I'm using noveau now, with nvidia driver things go worse11:08
gothmasterflashWhatElse, I see11:08
sandman13cfhowlett: thinking of giving ambiance a shot11:08
gothmasterflashWhatElse, But even with Noveau it still wont boot?11:10
WhatElsegothmasterflash, any idea? I'm in this situation from a lot of time now, this morning I get really fed up of spending half-hour every day to boot.. so I'm here :(11:10
WhatElseWhatElse, yes, this morning I tried a lot of times as usual, but it didn't start :/11:10
r0berbuenos días !11:12
ubottur0ber,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:12
r0bertoy tratando de crear un atachment que es solamente un campo que quiero que salga con cada nodo que muestra mi vista; he probado con atachment (no me sirve ya que no añade el atachment en cada nodo sino una sola vez en la  vista), y con EVA que creo tampoco me sirve porque quiero crear dicho atach a cada elemento renderizado de la vista, no a una entidad en si, en este caso el nodo11:13
r0ber¿alguien sabe como podría hacer esto?11:13
r0bercon una pista me sobra :)11:13
gothmasterflashr0ber, !es11:13
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:13
cfhowlettr0ber, no habla espanol11:14
r0beres decir , el tema es evitar los duplicados, puesto que ahora tal y como tengo la vista me muestra duplicados los nodos, porque tengo un campo autores, que por cada autor asociado a un nodo , muestra el nodo X veces11:14
cfhowlettr0ber, NO MAS!11:15
r0berpor eso he pensado usar un atach, pero que este atach sea a cada nodo que muestra mi vista, no a la vista en si11:15
ubottur0ber,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:15
=== support is now known as Guest92891
r0bercon eva se crea un nuevo campo por lo que veo, pero ese campo no esta accesible desde views curiosamente por lo que veo11:15
sandman13cfhowlett: found a theme but installation guide instructs to copy it to /usr/share/theme. Does it have some impacts on the Unity or not?11:15
r0berme permite meter el campo EVA a node,user etc etc.. pero no a mi otro display que es donde quiero meter dicho campo11:16
Rory!es | r0ber11:16
ubottur0ber: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:16
cfhowlettsander, radiance is a unity theme.  shoehorning it into the XFCE filesystem is unlikely to make it work, but I look forward to your report.11:16
WhatElseOk, Memtest86 has finished, everything was fine :/11:17
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Have you tried to reset the bios?11:18
WhatElsegothmasterflash, mainboard bios?11:18
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Yes11:18
RoryWhatElse: I would also advocate for trying that. Yes mainboard bios11:18
sandman13cfhowlett: i'm confused is radiance and ambiance same or else?11:19
WhatElsegothmasterflash, Rory: no, I'll try11:19
Rorysandman13: They are different themes11:19
WhatElsebut do you mean from bios menu? Or in a more hard way?11:19
Rorysandman13: They were released together with ubuntu 10.04, Ambiance is a dark theme (default) and Radiance is light11:19
peterbincan anyone recommend a good app that can backup a whole system into an image file also taking into consideration I have an ubuntu server unstall with two hard drives being used with lvm, not sure whether that makes a difference.11:20
sandman13Rory: what does "sudo apt-get install light-themes" install Ambiance or Radiance or both?11:21
aeon-ltdpeterbin: clonezilla?, wait 2 hdd as one iso?11:23
gothmasterflashWhatElse, I recommend poping the bios batter out and reseating it11:24
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Easy way to do it.11:24
Sh1G3rUpeterbin, clonzilla but unles you have those hdd in some raid they will have to be backuped separately11:25
G[zero]DHi all, there are experts of network solution trhougt ubuntu desktop and ubuntu server?11:26
peterbinaeon-ltd: I thought the same thing as you, two hard disks as one file image, hmmm, not sure if I am correct on that one or I should just clone each separate... I am actually looking at clonezilla right now. The idea is to do full system image backup once a month or so while incremetnal file/partition backup every so week11:26
aeon-ltdG[zero]D: describe more11:26
WhatElsegothmasterflash, ok, I did it, a stranger error appeared on boot!! "BUG: soft lookup CPU#0 stuck for 23s!"11:26
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:26
G[zero]DI have an Ubuntu server behind a network firewall11:27
chillpil1_Usage: !translate FromLanguage ToLanguage Word or Phrase to translate11:27
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:27
G[zero]Dand I can reach only port 2211:27
aeon-ltdone line please11:27
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:27
Sh1G3rUG[zero]D,  good you have ssh acces11:27
aeon-ltdit's far easier to read11:27
gothmasterflashYou did it while the power was off, right?11:27
gothmasterflashWhatElse, you did it when the power was off, right?11:27
G[zero]DI need to install, al lot of packages11:27
WhatElsegothmasterflash, yes, of course11:28
Sh1G3rUG[zero]D, no other ports open at all??11:28
G[zero]Dicmp ssh smb11:28
Sh1G3rU80 443?11:28
lotuspsychjecan the useracounts list be locked so other users cant poke around usernames?11:29
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, on bootup?  you can change it so the user list doesn't display.11:29
G[zero]DI have try to set up a reverse ssh tunneling with source my ubuntu desktop but not work11:29
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: sorry i mean the useracounts icon from system settings11:30
G[zero]DSh1G3rU, http and https are firewalled11:30
WhatElsegothmasterflash, I have windows on the same hd, it doesn't boot too now.. what the hell is happening? :|11:30
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, not sure how but definitely do-able.  Kiosk mode, maybe?11:31
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: you know packagename of useraccounts?11:31
peterbinaeon-ltd: I am looking for something that can be automated, I am not sure clonezilla can do that11:31
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Can you boot into the bios settings?11:32
WhatElsegothmasterflash, yes. Even grub starts11:32
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, sorry, no.11:32
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G[zero]DI would like to create any type of tunnel, ssh, gre, ipsec, and use my desk like a apt proxy11:33
WhatElsegothmasterflash, could be something related to shit like UEFI and bla bla bla? (MainBoard and CPU are just three months old)11:34
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Can you give me that error again?11:34
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Usually on a UEFI motherboard there is a button you can press to flash the bios11:35
lotuspsychje!language | WhatElse11:35
ubottuWhatElse: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.11:35
WhatElsegothmasterflash,  "BUG: soft lookup. CPU#0 stucks 23s!" <- it is printed every 23s11:35
gothmasterflashWhatElse, What's your MoBo?11:36
WhatElsegothmasterflash, MSI 990FXA-GD8011:36
WhatElselotuspsychje, sorry11:36
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D4CH_RPi"Sorry, Ubuntu 13.10 has experienced an internal error"11:37
G[zero]Dother informations: the ubuntu server appears intersepted by a work proxy or this machine is configure to configure automatically proxys: :~$ sudo aptitude update11:37
G[zero]D[sudo] password for djzoidberg:11:37
G[zero]DGet: 1 raring Release.gpg [933 B]11:37
D4CH_RPiExecutablePath /sbin/wpa_supplicant11:37
D4CH_RPiwhats thisand how do I fix it?11:37
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Alright shut it down11:38
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Open the case11:38
RoryD4CH_RPi: Have you made sure to install all the available updates from the Update Manager?11:38
D4CH_RPiI think so, Ill check11:38
WhatElsegothmasterflash, it's already opened11:39
gothmasterflashWhatElse, According to MSI what you need to do is remove the power cord11:39
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Inside there is a CMOS jumper11:39
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Or a black button11:39
gothmasterflashWhatElse, They could be labeled11:39
ActionParsnipD4CH_RPi: are there any bugs reported?11:40
gothmasterflashWhatElse, If it's a jumper it should be near the battery11:40
ActionParsnipG[zero]D: I recommend apt-get it handles mutiarch better11:40
gothmasterflashWhatElse, If it's the button, I recommend you check the back near the USB ports11:41
G[zero]DI cat use apt or aptitude, this machine work only in local lan11:41
D4CH_RPiActionParsnip: How do I see that?11:41
gothmasterflashWhatElse, As that looks to be where MSI tends to put them11:41
WhatElsegothmasterflash, there is't a jumper, but I have on the back, near PS2 and USB ports, a button labeled cl-cmos11:41
WhatElsegothmasterflash, maybe i have to push it (without power?)?11:42
G[zero]Dhave a default route, nameservers, etc but it's closed by firewall11:42
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Alright according to MSI this what you need to do11:42
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Remove all but one DIMM11:42
ActionParsnipD4CH_RPi: launchpad.net or just report a bug and see if duplicates already exist11:42
WhatElsegothmasterflash, ok11:42
gothmasterflashWhatElse, press and hold the CMOS battery down for 30 seconds11:42
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Then pop the battery out and then back in11:42
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Then put your DIMMS back, and boot and head to BIOS11:43
gothmasterflashWhatElse, There should be an option to reload optimized settings11:43
G[zero]DActionParsnip, my request is: How can redirect all traffic of this server to my desk and use that like proxy?11:44
G[zero]DActionParsnip, I have only ssh access and smb port opened from my desk ---> to server  || from server ---> to my machine  all closed11:45
D4CH_RPiActionParsnip: ill do it next time i boot it up. Everything is updated11:45
WhatElsegothmasterflash, ok, I did it, everything. I'm trying to boot ubuntu11:47
G[zero]DI go to smoke :'( no solutions for me11:47
WhatElsegothmasterflash, same error.. :/ This time it print also: "self-detected stall on CPU [...]"11:49
WhatElsegothmasterflash, keyboard is unresponsive, I'll try with windows11:49
WhatElsegothmasterflash, windows doesn't boot too. But it boots in recovery mode, so maybe, the CPU works11:51
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:52
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gothmasterflashWhatElse, Sorry, I didn't realize you were on a UEFI board before I suggested this.11:52
WhatElsegothmasterflash, so do you think it's an UEFI problem?11:52
gothmasterflashWhatElse, It could be that UEFI is thinking both installs are not legit11:53
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Since it was cleared out11:53
WhatElsegothmasterflash, I see. So the solution is to reinstall everything? :/11:53
=== MobGod_ is now known as MobGod
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Is there an option in your bios to boot without UEFI, maybe something like CMS only?11:55
WhatElsegothmasterflash, I don't know, I'll check11:56
kiwi_hi... is there a package for popping up a message window (e.g. 'Good night, sweet dreams!' ;-)  upon shutdown?11:57
gothmasterflashWhatElse, http://superuser.com/questions/376470/how-to-reinstall-grub2-efi It looks like the suspicions I have are correct11:57
gothmasterflashWhatElse, http://askubuntu.com/questions/139394/cannot-boot-after-bios-uefi-reset-to-defaults11:58
gothmasterflashWhatElse, the good news is you can recover11:58
gothmasterflashWhatElse, But you'll need a recovery disc to do so11:58
G[zero]DI'm back11:59
WhatElsegothmasterflash, ok, I'll try12:00
gothmasterflashkiwi_, shutdown -h 18:45 "Server is going down for maintenance" ?12:01
G[zero]DIs possible, create a tunnel through ssh connection, maybe with ip address? In this case I can route all traffic to my pc12:01
gothmasterflashG[zero]D, http://ha.ckers.org/ssh_proxy.html12:02
kiwi_gotmasterflash, where can i put it, so it is displayed when i use the gnome menu for shutting down?12:03
WhatElsegothmasterflash, there isn't any option about boot mode (legacy or uefi) in bios12:03
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Looks like you're stuck on UEFI. You'll need to use recovery discs to re-add your OSes to UEFI's safe boot12:03
gothmasterflashWhatElse, That should, hopefully fix the current issue12:04
gothmasterflashWhatElse, Which will then see if the bios reset fixed the other12:04
G[zero]Dgothmasterflash, interesting12:04
WhatElsegothmasterflash, yes, but if I'm lucky with this, I still have the other problem. Maybe it's a good time to change distro, because I can't waste all this time to get things working12:04
WhatElsegothmasterflash, thank you for your help, you are very kind :)12:05
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!12:06
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gothmasterflashWhy did someone just call an emergency?12:07
Myrttiphilinux: it greaty helps if you append that with "| the problem" so we know what to look12:07
=== Guest19469 is now known as nano_ub
Myrttiphilinux: so, what am I supposed to look at?12:07
gothmasterflashphilinux, He made one non-sense entry12:08
gothmasterflashphilinux, That doesnt make him a troll12:08
gothmasterflashphilinux, Could have been a cat12:08
gothmasterflashphilinux, now if he floods it...12:08
Myrttiok. Thanks for the report, no action needed for now. Moving on.12:08
gothmasterflashHello nano_ub12:08
nano_ubanyone here good with xorg? :)12:09
gothmasterflashnano_ub, I have managed to break it and fix it a few times12:10
nano_ubhave some issue with hdmi on a hp 4510s12:10
gothmasterflashnano_ub, What do you need?12:10
gothmasterflashnano_ub, can you be more specific?12:10
nano_ubproblem is, the hdmi is conencted to the tv, but dont get any picture on it12:11
StaticLNXis there any graphical ssh clients in ubuntu that are similar to securecrt in windows?12:11
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Okay, so that could be anything.12:11
nano_ubbut on the tv it says connected12:11
gothmasterflashnano_ub, At any point do you see a splash screen, like on boot?12:11
nano_uband i cant find the, dual mode settings12:11
nano_ubnothing :/12:12
gothmasterflashnano_ub, or is it always just blank?12:12
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Okay, do you have another monitor?12:12
nano_ubblack, and says no signal12:12
gothmasterflashnano_ub, At this point you can't be sure it's the monitor12:12
gothmasterflashnano_ub, It could be lack of drivers, bad cables, etc12:12
gothmasterflashnano_ub, If you have another monitor hook that up and boot12:13
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Do you get the same problem?12:13
nano_ubcables works tryd it,12:13
nano_ubmaybe dual mode something in xorg should be change, but i thought it was auto12:14
gothmasterflashnano_ub, xorg can12:14
gothmasterflashnano_ub, But your seeing a problem you can't address yet12:14
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Because without display you can't edit any xorg files12:14
gothmasterflashnano_ub, So we need to figure out if it's your monitor or something else.12:15
gothmasterflashnano_ub, The best way to do so is to go single monitor to the card12:15
gothmasterflashnano_ub, and see if you've got display12:15
nano_ubvga connector to a monitor works12:16
gothmasterflashnano_ub, How about THAT monitor?12:17
nano_ubhdmi to tv doesnt12:17
gothmasterflashnano_ub, even in single mode?12:17
Ben64use a ssh server so you can change settings with the hdmi connected?12:17
nano_ub ya12:17
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Okay, so now we know the issue the next set is going to be checking that you have video drivers installed on your card12:17
gothmasterflashnano_ub, on single monitor, boot into linux then give me an lspci and post the results to pastebin12:18
nano_ubdid a lcpci, and it says  VGA Compatible Controller : Intel corporation mobile 4  chipset Intergrated Graphic Controller12:24
gothmasterflashnano_ub, okay, now do lscpi -k12:24
gothmasterflashnano_ub, And tell me if it's got a kernel driver12:24
bl4ckdu5tIs there a way to recover a file removed with rm?12:25
davividalwhat is the most recent gnome I can install on 12.04? I can't upgrade12:27
nano_ubKernel driver in use: i91512:28
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Okay good. What was the brandname and model of your monitor?12:29
nano_ubthat 1 i connected samsung 235012:30
gothmasterflashnano_ub, I mean the one you want to use12:30
nano_ubOh that one i want to use is a samsung 32" lcd something12:30
gothmasterflashnano_ub, Get the exact mode number. if we need to make an xorg config we have to include h-sync and v-sync. The wrong information can cause damage.12:31
Ben64nano_ub: does the computer have hdmi out?12:31
nano_ubya Laptop, model name HP Probook 4510s12:31
Ben64nano_ub: install ssh server and restart with the tv connected and ssh into it12:32
gpixbl4ckdu5t: sudo apt-get install extundelete12:32
gothmasterflashBen64, You love suggesting that. :P12:33
gpixbl4ckdu5t: assuming you're one ext3/4 partition12:33
Ben64gothmasterflash: it will help12:33
gothmasterflashBen64, I agree, but my presumption is always that people don't have a second computer on hand12:33
Ben64thats a bad presumption12:34
nano_ubi have :) but hdmi cable is not that long so :P12:34
Waka_Flockawhere is the ubuntu dev channel?12:35
Waka_Flockaah thanks Ben6412:36
Waka_Flockathought it was #ubuntu-112:36
bl4ckdu5tThanks gpix12:36
Ben64Waka_Flocka: #ubuntu+1 for 14.04 support, not the same as dev12:36
Waka_Flockawell my question regards trusty12:36
Ben64then it is #ubuntu+1 you want :)12:36
_root_i have two network card NIC on my server both have static ip and both are ifconfig output ; so they are up; but i cant ssh (putty) to my server with first ip  meaning eth0 ip to my server12:39
Ben64_root_: check in the ssh config, it may be set up to listen on only one ip12:40
Lopeanyone familiar with krenamer? its not recognizing my regex. i search for /test/gi and it doesn't find test this.txt12:40
_root_Ben64: when i set it i had one ip but; how could i set it to listen to 2 ips?12:41
Ben64_root_: what does this command return -- "grep -i listen /etc/ssh/sshd_config"12:42
=== grubles is now known as Guest65873
_root_Ben64: #ListenAdress ::            #ListenAddress
Ben64_root_: then it should be listening to all addresses, you must have something else incorrect12:46
_root_Ben64:  for example?12:46
lewis581can someone please tell me the help channel? I need help setting up SASL?12:47
Ben64_root_: interfaces file, firewall, something else12:47
Ben64lewis581: what help channel12:47
_root_Ben64: this is the only file i did editing on http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473167/12:47
lewis581is there no help channel? my bad12:47
Rorylewis581: This is the Ubuntu support channel12:48
Ben64lewis581: there are many help channels, you'll need to be more specific12:48
lewis581the irc server help channel12:48
Rorylewis581: #freenode12:48
Ben64_root_: are you sure you have multiple nics12:49
_root_Ben64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473657/12:51
Ben64_root_: strange. you should contact ovh, thats what you pay them for :D12:52
_root_Ben64: how did you get the OVH part12:54
Ben64you pasted ips12:54
_root_Ben64: anyway;was  my /etc/network/interfaces wrong? ;;;; OH the IPs12:55
_root_Ben64: that is my job; they gave the user IP netmask Gateway ...12:55
Ben64btw, you do need to restart the ssh server for it to work on the new ip(s)12:56
_root_Ben64:  sudo service ssh restart?12:56
_root_Ben64: is the service ssh or anything else?12:57
Ben64yep thats the service12:57
Ben64and you can check if its listening with nmap12:57
_root_Ben64:  how about nmap?12:58
Ben64yeah, i said nmap12:58
_root_Ben64: I mean how do i use nmap to find that out?12:59
DannyButtermanHi there. Does anyone know why removable medias do not automount anymore in 10.04 ? It happened all of a sudden on a machine, while on mine it works perfectly12:59
Alex0150Anyone know how to install wpasupplicant again on my Ubuntu with Live Ubuntu?12:59
Ben64_root_: nmap -p 22 <ip address>13:00
Ben64DannyButterman: sorry, 10.04 is no longer supported on desktops13:00
_root_Ben64: on my local machine or on the server?13:00
DannyButtermanBen64: well I know, but someone might know what to do anyway13:01
Ben64_root_: both13:01
Ben64DannyButterman: no... you need to upgrade13:01
_root_Ben64: anyway;was my /etc/network/interfaces wrong?13:03
EminentDomainyay got utorrent to work finally13:03
Ben64_root_: i don't think the route stuff is necessary, but probably not bad13:04
EminentDomaincouldnt get it to work in freaking 12.04 but 13.10 it worked fine13:04
EminentDomainsomething to do with the GLIBC version13:04
_root_Ben64: that is OVH directives;13:04
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leandrosansilvaHello to all. Is it possible to run a byobu (I'm using tmux backend) for some users at the system's boot?13:10
leandrosansilvaWhat I need is something like, before I login using user "abc", there's already a byobu session for this user13:11
Roryleandrosansilva: Do you mean to automatically log in multiple users, and start them some empty byobu/screen sessions13:11
Roryleandrosansilva: OK13:11
leandrosansilvaRory: excatly13:11
leandrosansilvaexactly :-)13:12
Roryleandrosansilva: Any commands in /etc/rc.local are executed on system boot13:12
Roryleandrosansilva: You could sudo -u username "command to start your preferred multiplexer"13:12
ActionPa1snipRory: leandrosansilva: above the 'exit 0' line :)13:13
Roryleandrosansilva: (one for each user) - if you wanted to make it one line you would do: for USER in `cat /path/to/list/of/users` ; do sudo -u $USER byobu; done13:13
ActionPa1snipRory: no need for sudo in rc.local, they are ran as root already13:14
RoryActionPa1snip: sudo -u user13:14
ActionPa1snipRory: oh sorry, misread13:14
leandrosansilva ok, I'll try that. I've looked at tmux manual and there's nothing about that. For screen I know you can use -d -m -S  options, which have that porpuse (to be ran in background)13:14
Roryleandrosansilva: I don't think you need to put that in rc.local because it's all background anyway13:14
RoryI'd like someone else to check my idea is sensible though, and will work13:15
RoryAnd by someone else I mean ActionPa1snip13:15
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=== Guest44247 is now known as nano_ubu
nano_ubuProblem not solved :/13:18
kiwiiii hate linux13:19
nano_ububut found the log for Xorg tho, '13:19
kiwiiiim using ubuntu 10.10 on old i686 based pc but I cant get anything done13:19
nano_ubu ah13:19
kiwiiicant install irc, cant install flash13:19
[Gentoo]with the unity ui?13:19
geirhakiwiii: 10.10 is long past EOL (end of life)13:20
nano_ubuThere is no support13:20
geirha!eolupdate | kiwiii13:20
kiwiiii can install windows xp on my pc, but not ubuntu13:20
kiwiiigo figure13:20
ActionPa1snipkiwiii: I recommend a clean install of Precise, which is LTS and supported til April 201713:20
geirha!eol | kiwiii13:20
ubottukiwiii: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:20
nano_ubuwhere can i find the default xorg config?13:22
zatrickyHey all13:22
nano_ubuhello :)13:22
[Gentoo]nano_ubu: there isnt one13:22
theadminkiwiii: Ancient releases are not supported. Use the latest LTS release if you want a stable system you can use for a reasonably long time (5 years since release date, to be precise, and then upgrade), or simply the latest version if you want to see new features (but you'll have to upgrade every 6 months or so)13:22
theadminnano_ubu: To reset to default, simply remove the xorg.conf13:22
zatrickyI've noticed on some of our servers when I log on I get the message "0 packages can be updated.\n0 updates are security updates." which is correct - but I get the message 5 times in a row prior to the first bash prompt being available. Is this a known issue?13:22
nano_ubucant activate hdmi :/13:23
ceciliahello guys, i'd need a littke help to understand how to automatically mount USB drives in another folder except /media13:23
theadmincecilia: If it's a specific drive, it's easy enough.13:23
theadmincecilia: If not, that can be complicated...13:23
ceciliatheadmin: no, unfortunately must be many different media except a single one that is a 1TB HDD taht must remain mounted to /media13:24
ceciliabut that's done via /etc/fsab anyways13:25
kiwiiilinux X_X13:25
theadminkiwiii: Hey, XP isn't supported anymore either. Not like you get any updates on it.13:25
EminentDomainXP is supported until 201413:25
theadmincecilia: Uh. Hm. Then I have no idea lols13:25
kiwiiitheadmin:i can get any software to run on xp13:25
kiwiiiincluding youtube >.>13:25
* kiwiii strangles mark shuttleworth13:26
EminentDomaini upgraded from XP to ubuntu13:26
kiwiiii have old pc which can't easily run 12.0413:26
theadminkiwiii: Hey. You get software for Windows from other sites and stuff. You get software for Ubuntu from the Ubuntu servers. Can't keep all of the versions supported, mantained and upgraded.13:26
kiwiiii cant install anything on 10.1013:26
nano_ubuIm gonna install windows iguess :P13:26
theadminkiwiii: Try Xubuntu.13:26
ceciliano fuck windows13:27
theadminkiwiii: It's a lightweight version of Ubuntu with an environment very similar to the one in classic Ubuntu versions (pre-11.04)13:27
kiwiiiwindows 3.0 > ubuntu 10.0413:27
EminentDomaindoes anyone have a support related issues or do I need to get out the ban hammer?13:27
Rory!eol | kiwiii13:27
ubottukiwiii: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:27
kiwiii10.10 is all I can get that is fine with my i686 pc13:27
Rorykiwiii: Consider Xubuntu or Lubuntu13:27
theadminkiwiii: Try Xubuntu, really, it should work just fine, maybe even better.13:28
EminentDomainwell that's an old machine13:28
[Gentoo]kiwiii: is it i686 or before i686 like i58613:28
ceciliaEminentDomain: yes I do13:28
[Gentoo]because afaik i686 is the default 32 bit arch13:28
nano_ubucant get picture from my hdmi to the tv screen, hmdi is connected and on the tv, its says hdmi2 connected but no screen tho13:28
kiwiiirory i know what is eol, didn't expect ubuntu will become so nonchalant about old pcs which still need to run old distros13:28
Rorykiwiii: You can still run it, but the repositories aren't available13:28
Rorynano_ubu: Can you open Display Settings and see what you see?13:29
kiwiiiit said on installation screen that I am running i686 cpu, cant run 12.0413:29
theadminkiwiii: Third time: Try Xubuntu or Lubuntu. They will run just fine on an old PC like yours.13:29
JEHorn86Hey everyone, I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 over an older install (complete wipe) and after a system update GDM went black13:29
gothmasterflashkiwiii, It's not that we are telling you that you can't run ubuntu if you like... just that it's going to be impossible to support.13:29
Rorykiwiii: Did you accidentally download the 64-bit version?13:29
kiwiiirory what is the use without repositories13:29
JEHorn86Ive never had GDM do that before on this PC13:29
nano_ubuonly the main display, no tb13:29
kiwiiiRory: i downloaded 10.10 32bit13:29
cecilialol someone with gentoo as nickname visiting an ubuntu chat13:29
gothmasterflashkiwiii, I generally find BSD and Gentoo to be good for old hardware13:29
kiwiiibefore I downloaded 12.064bit yes13:29
Rorycecilia: Visiting? [Gentoo] is very much a regular here13:30
JEHorn86So I'm trying to figure out how to fix this without going back to 12.0413:30
kiwiiigothmasterflash:my pc is pentium 4, 2800 with ht, it aint slow :<13:30
RoryJEHorn86: Can you try booting from an older kernel by selecting a lower-numbered version from the Grub boot menu, and see if the problem persists?13:30
gothmasterflashJEHorn86, did you do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm13:30
tavarishJEHorn86, I had the same issue, and I do some "/etc/init.d/lightdm restart" and some reboots13:31
tavarishit fixed it13:31
G[zero]Dgothmasterflash,  no way13:31
nano_ubugothmasterflash,  still nothing ^^13:31
JEHorn86I logged in after the initial install and the updater came up so I ran it. After I rebooted that's when it occured. so no, I never ran dpkg directly.13:31
ActionPa1snipkiwiii: all OSes eventually die, XP is dead on 1st April next year13:31
RoryJEHorn86: By the way do you actually mean GDM proper, or lightdm which is the default Dm now13:31
gothmasterflashG[zero]D, No way?13:32
JEHorn86oh sorry, yeah lightgm13:32
ceciliaRory: well sounds even much funnier then :D13:32
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Still nothing? Have have you done?13:32
JEHorn86sorry lightdm13:32
JEHorn86Sorry I've used Debian so long that I'm used to saying GDM or GDM313:32
RoryJEHorn86: You could try switching to another console (Ctrl Alt F1) and running sudo service lightdm restart, see what you see13:33
kiwiiiRory: if i download the 32bit version of 12.04 will it work on my Pentium 4 CPU?13:33
Rorykiwiii: Yes13:33
tavarishkiwiii, yes13:33
kiwiiiok good thanks13:34
kiwiiii will return to slate linux a bit later13:34
nano_ubugothmasterflash,  i upgraded everything, but there is no xorg file for me to check, so i cant do so much more13:35
nano_ububut i have a log tho from xorg13:35
[Gentoo]nano_ubu: what are you tryiing to do13:35
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, are you booted into graphics?13:36
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, I could be as simple as going to settings, Displays, and turning the monitor on13:36
G[zero]Dgothmasterflash, I unable to connect the server to internet through ssh resevse tunneling13:36
nano_ubuya but no settings there13:36
nano_ubuonly main display13:36
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Well, you can try defining the second monitor in /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:37
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, But lots of warnings....13:37
nano_ubu[Gentoo], im trying to use hdmi on my laptop to the tv, but no picture13:37
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, You'll want to be comfortable with the command line in case it breaks13:37
[Gentoo]nano_ubu: ah ok no idea13:38
[Gentoo]im still on a vga lol13:38
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, and you'll have to get the right h-sync and v-sync for your monitor13:38
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Or you can break it13:38
Rorygothmasterflash: I doubt that actually, the monitor probably just won't display it, it's not like the bad old days. HDMI is cleverer than VGA to a CRT13:38
Rory_KaszpiR_: Hello13:39
gothmasterflashRory, Probably right, but I remember breaking monitors myself. Now I never take the chance.13:39
_KaszpiR_got problem with AMD/ATI 8730M with installed latest AMD beta driver13:39
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Okay, so you'll need to write an xorg.conf13:39
_KaszpiR_this is error when running gnome-session13:39
_KaszpiR_now I'm sitting on xfce413:39
_KaszpiR_trying to solve this13:40
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, if you booted up to a blank screen, would you know how to get to command line and erase it?13:40
[Gentoo]xorg --configure will give you a load of bloat but you can use it as a template13:40
_KaszpiR_the laptop I have uses integrated intel video card and also has discrete mobile card from amd13:40
_KaszpiR_ubuntu 13.1013:41
nano_ubuok ive checked the log searched for hdmi, and found.. Output HDMI1 has no monitor section13:41
meh33heya guys, is there a difference between java jdk for ubuntu desktop or ubuntu server?13:41
[Gentoo]meh33: why wouild there be13:42
[Gentoo]same package13:42
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Right, we need to define the monitor in xorg13:42
meh33[Gentoo], im just trying to make sure, following a guide for ubuntu desktop to install java jdk from source13:42
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, xorg --configure will give you a template to work with13:42
[Gentoo]meh33: they will all be the same thing13:43
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Once you have that, we can add another monitor section to it and define your HDMI display13:43
[Gentoo]meh33: on a server you might want to look out for deps13:43
[Gentoo]but thats it13:43
ChaosZenI'm a Linux noob, trying to chmod my /var/www so that I can save doc edits from Bluefish. Can't get "sudo chmod -R 666 /var/www " to work.13:45
RoryChaosZen: Why not, what happens?13:45
nano_ubugothmasterflash, Samsung UE32D4004BW13:45
meh33[Gentoo], thanks for the info dude13:45
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, That's the monitor model?13:46
llutzChaosZen: you want to set x-permission on dirs13:46
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, ok, and did you generate an xorg file?13:46
llutz!permissions  | ChaosZen13:46
ubottuChaosZen: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:46
nano_ubuthat part i dont know how to ^13:46
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, We've told you twice13:46
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, xorg --configure13:46
nano_ububrb :D13:47
hufghelloo any ideas why tmpfs /tmp would slow down after a while even if i have enough memory(32gb total, 6gb for /tmp)13:47
[Gentoo]nano_ubu: 1366x768 on that 32" will look terrible for PC use13:47
hufgit gets spammed with tiny files for gigabytes13:47
hufgat some 2gb it slows waaay down13:47
ChaosZenok, nevermind then. Must have been momentary bug. Tried again to see the error message and it worked this time.13:47
RepoxHello. I'm having an issue with someone being able to send spam from my server. I suspect the problem is a php-script, but I'm unsure as to how to find out. Could someone point me to where to look?13:47
nano_ubudoesnt work13:47
nano_ubucommand not found13:48
gothmasterflash[Gentoo], I dont know I am using a similar screen and it looks fine to me13:48
RoryRepox: If you look in the mail headers do you see a header similar to x-script13:49
nano_ubu[Gentoo],  only 720p on the tv so13:49
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Try xorg -configure13:49
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, I might have put too man - in there.13:49
nashantHey, is it possible to run a command for an x session from outside of said session?13:49
nano_ubui did command not found'13:49
RepoxRory: I'm not where I can see the mail headers - I'm not recieving the mails myself.13:49
RoryRepox: They're being sent from your server; what MTA are you using?13:50
ChaosZenEarlier I tried to chmod via terminal and even typing exactly like the ubuntu site explained to use chmod, it would display the syntax and say --help for details.13:50
paolocd mp313:50
RoryChaosZen: Sounds like you made a typo13:50
RepoxRory: I'm unsure, but I belieive it's Postfix?13:50
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, how about sudo X -configure13:51
nashantI've got synergy running to share my mouse/keyboard with my xbmc server but it takes focus from XBMC when I leave that screen, which causes screen tear, so I wanted to run a cron job to use wmctrl to bring the XBMC window to the front13:51
ChaosZenThen I started Bluefish using sudo bluefish from term to work around. Then chmod exactly the same way and this time it worked.13:51
nano_ubuim in su13:51
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Okay, then don't use the sudo part13:51
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, just the X -configure13:51
RoryRepox: There's instructions here on how to log mail sent through PHP's mail() function13:53
RoryRepox: http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-log-emails-sent-with-phps-mail-function-to-detect-form-spam13:53
RepoxRory: Thank you. I'll take a look at it.13:53
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suyash1629hi guys, i was setting up the android build environment on ubuntu 12.04 and while installing required packages i had got some package dependencies and recommended to install libgl1-mesa-dri but after installing and rebooting ubuntu is not working properly14:02
nano_ubunew file fixed14:02
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Fixed?14:02
nano_ubuthe xorg.conf.new14:02
nano_ubuno for the configuration14:02
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Okay, copy it's contents to pastebin14:03
gothmasterflashnano_ubu, Give me the link14:03
suyash1629hi guys, please help me i was setting up the android build environment on ubuntu 12.04 and while installing required packages i had got some package dependencies and recommended to install libgl1-mesa-dri but after installing and rebooting ubuntu is not working properly14:06
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, Not working how?14:06
mregg964Hi -- we have a problem with Postfix following a 10.04.4 update. Postfix no longer sends nor receives any mail. For sent mails, mail.log shows 'Connection timed out' every single time. Can somebody help?14:07
suyash1629gothmasterflash: at first i got broken pipe error while booting but than i booted into recovery and fixed partial dpkg but after rebooting again mouse is not working14:08
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, Is there some reason you want to be using the MESA driver?14:08
Rorymregg964: Have you checked you aren't blacklisted as spam?14:09
rwc2can i not mount a luks encrypted flash drive using '14:09
Rorymregg964: Also check your reverse DNS is correct14:09
rwc2can i not mount a luks encrypted flash drive using 'mount -f vfat device path dest path'14:09
mregg964Rory: yes, that's the first thing I did, but we're getting OKs14:09
suyash1629i needed the following packages for the android build environnment: sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg flex bison gperf libsdl1.2-dev libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev squashfs-tools build-essential zip curl libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev pngcrush schedtool libxml2 libxml2-utils xsltproc g++-multilib lib32z1-dev lib32ncurses5-dev lib32readline-gplv2-dev gcc-multilib14:09
gothmasterflashrwc2, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemsOnRemovableStorage14:10
mregg964Rory: how do I check my reverse DNS?14:10
suyash1629gothmasterflash: i needed the following packages for the android build environnment: sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg flex bison gperf libsdl1.2-dev libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev squashfs-tools build-essential zip curl libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev pngcrush schedtool libxml2 libxml2-utils xsltproc g++-multilib lib32z1-dev lib32ncurses5-dev lib32readline-gplv2-dev gcc-multilib14:11
_KaszpiR_hm, managed to start gnome,14:11
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, I don't see the mesa driver as a requirement14:11
Rorymregg964: dig -x your.ip.address14:12
_KaszpiR_but cinnamon just stops responding to any mouse clicks or keyboard input after few seconds14:12
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, Have you tried to remove it and replacing it with whatever driver your card would use otherwise?14:12
rwc2so, i cannot mount an encrpyted device with the correct key?  what if i just want to mount it and not access the data?  possible?14:12
Roryrwc2: You cannot mount an encrypted device without the key14:13
Roryrwc2: What are you actually trying to do, there may be a better way14:13
suyash1629gothmasterflash: but there is dependencies on mesa while installing the above packages, any solutions?14:13
vic_i have som issues with black screen on my laptop.. i get it to work with "nomodeset", but thats not ideal for performance... is there anything i can do?14:14
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, If you have to have it there, why not tell your card to use a different driver in xorg.conf?14:14
suyash1629gothmasterflash: my graphic card is ati and the driver is not working with ubuntu14:15
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cristian_cI've installed bustle14:17
cristian_cAfter I've launched it, I've got this message: 'No diagram loaded' 'Having saved the output of bustle-dbus-monitor' to a file , open that file to see a sequence diagram of D-Bus activity.'14:18
cristian_cHow I solve this?14:18
cristian_cI've also installed graphviz14:18
cristian_cBut nothing has changed :(14:18
cristian_cAny ideas?14:18
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, Have you tried to use fglrx?14:19
gothmasterflashsuyash1629, Oh woops, old card.14:20
mregg964Rory: Oh!!! it returns another name, which is not us. How do I get rid of that?14:23
suyash1629vic_, its hp pavilion g614:23
Rorymregg964: You have to contact your network provider14:26
Rorymregg964: To be honest if it was working before, it has to be something that's changed14:26
mregg964Rory: yeah well, we're having a security issue too, and I think this thing could be related.14:27
oebHello folks, quick question about the service command, got a linux server, and I'm trying to start mysql with an argument (--skip-grant-tables) but it tells me that it's not supported for upstart jobs. Is there another way?14:27
mregg964Rory: could it be a problem with the DNS server?14:27
MonkeyDustoeb  if you don't get an answer here, there's also #ubuntu-server14:28
oebThanks MonkeyDust14:28
MonkeyDustoeb  and 'quick questions' rarely have quick answers14:29
Rorymregg964: What sort of security issue?14:29
oebMonkeyDust,  story of my life :P14:29
Rorymregg964: You should do more testing; send mail to lots of different domains and see which ones gets blocked, or all of them14:30
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
Rorymregg964: If there's an ongoing security issue someone might have been messing with the firewall14:30
Rorymregg964: Check that outbound traffic to port 25 is enabled14:31
vic_suyash1629: 4th gen intel?14:31
Roryoeb: Look in /etc/init/mysql.conf14:32
Rory!upstart | oeb14:32
ubottuoeb: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/14:32
Roryoeb: Change the line that says "exec mysqld" to "exec mysqld --skip-grant-tables"14:33
oebI think I may have it Rory , I have started it directly from /usr/bin/mysqld_safe14:33
Roryoeb: If you're just doing it once-off that' a better way anyway :)14:33
oebThank you14:33
alkahi all14:35
suyash1629vic_: sorry for not responding someone else was helping me..14:36
Roryalka: Hello14:36
dry[1]hi. what happened with xampp on ubuntu? Problem: "access denied" after fresh install (ubuntu: 12.04 LST, xampp: 1.8.3).14:37
alkamaybe root access?14:40
alkaor broken install14:40
dry[1]alka, install OK, access forbidden14:41
Rorydry[1]: Where are you seeing that error?14:41
alkaor broken dependences14:41
k1l!xampp | dry[1]14:41
ubottudry[1]: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.14:41
alkagreat advice ))14:42
pgar23I need help creating a bash script...I have the majority of it programmed already but where can I get assistance with this?14:44
dry[1]Rory, alka: "localhost/anyfile.php". I can't access files and I can't create files. On ls -l: "root" instead of "user" everywhere.14:44
hitsujiTMOpgar23: #bash14:44
Rorydry[1]: You will get a better supported and easier to configure stack if you uninstall whatever you installed, and install the LAMP stack as mentioned in the link above14:45
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.14:45
k1ldry[1]: as already said by the bot. we do not support that insecure side installs from xampp. use the packages that ubuntu ships for you14:45
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Questany help with broken package?  http://pastie.org/850749514:46
deanLHow do i specify every new file created under a folder to belong to a specific user and group ?14:47
OerHeksQuest, what are you trying to install?14:48
dry[1]Rory, k1l: so I see "taskel" is trendy now, "xampp" passé. right?14:48
QuestOerHeks,  php514:48
Questfor apache214:48
Rorydry[1]: Use "tasksel" to install packages which come in groups14:48
hitsujiTMOQuest: what EXACT commands did you use to install php5?14:49
QuesthitsujiTMO,  sudo apt-get install php514:50
ikoniaQuest: that looks like it's a packge from the wrong repo14:50
hitsujiTMOquest: thats the wrong command14:50
hitsujiTMOQuest: its sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php514:51
Questikonia,  hitsujiTMO  whats the right ?14:51
=== jhutchins is now known as jhutchins_wk
hitsujiTMOQuest: its now trying to install every package that uses the php5 engine14:51
QuesthitsujiTMO,  should i remove php5?14:52
hitsujiTMOQuest: try the command i just gave you first14:52
k1lzorlak: do you have a actual ubuntu support issue?14:53
QuestErrors were encountered while processing: man-db php5-common php5-fpmlibapache2-mod-php5 php5-cgi php5-cli14:53
zorlakxbuntu only evaluation14:53
hitsujiTMOQuest: try remove php5 so. its still trying to install everything14:53
Questsudo apt-get remove php5 ?14:54
hitsujiTMOQuest: yup14:54
zorlakmy pc is very ....slwon14:54
WeThePeoplehi, is it possible to look at the notifications in a terminal?14:54
QuesthitsujiTMO,  same error14:55
QuesthitsujiTMO,  ikonia  http://pastie.org/850751814:55
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ikoniaQuest: it still looks to me like you've changed the repo away from the default14:56
ikonia(I could be wrong on that, but that's what it looks like)14:56
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WeThePeoplehow do i display the notifications in the terminal window?14:57
=== Unit194 is now known as SonikkuAmerica
MonkeyDustWeThePeople  try thisx example: notify-send "System Update Successful"14:58
hydruid1 14:58
damagnaI'm trying to figure out whats wrong with sound on my oneiric server. Every time I try to aplay something the alsa volume instantly mutes.14:58
SonikkuAmericadamagna: 11.10 (Oneiric) is no longer supported.14:59
Questikonia,  sources are from united states15:01
hitsujiTMOquest can you try: sudo dpkg -r php515:02
ikoniaQuest: what version of ubuntu is this ?15:02
Laurencebi have a problem with evince15:03
Laurencebit wont display embedded comments in pdf files correctly15:03
m1sf1t 15:03
Laurencebwhen the page is autorotated 90 degrees15:03
chicognuok i install ubuntu into a separete partition encrypted witk luks15:03
chicognubut my system don't boot15:04
chicognuhow to solve is15:04
_root_i have too network card and two static ip http://paste.ubuntu.com/6473167/ ;;;;;but i only can ssh to server for the eth1 IP address and eth0 Ip address says connection time out;;;; Why?15:04
QuesthitsujiTMO,  php5 is not installed.  ikonia  12.1015:05
hitsujiTMOchicognu   my system won't boot is not a valid description of the problem. can you please tell us exactly how the system won't boot15:05
hitsujiTMOQuest: can you pastebin the output of: dpkg --get-selections15:05
QuesthitsujiTMO,  ikonia  in a minut.15:06
chicognuhitsujiTMO: i can tell what i did before15:06
hitsujiTMOchicognu: what does the system do that it wont boot? where did it stop?15:07
SonikkuAmericadamagna: I would suggest you run [ do-release-upgrade ] to upgrade your system to 12.04 LTS (Precise), which will be supported until 2017.15:07
hitsujiTMOchicognu: also, what version of ubuntu did you install?15:07
chicognuhitsujiTMO: i use luks in /dev/sda2 ok ? mount it, an install ubuntu on it, except the /boot wich i install on a pendrive .... the installation occur just fine. i reboot, load the kernel at /boot but don't startup waiting for the root file system15:08
_root_i have too network card and two static ip http://paste.ubuntu.com/6474224/  ;;;;;but i only can ssh to server for the eth1 IP address and eth0 Ip address says connection time out;;;; Why?15:08
chicognuhitsujiTMO: 12.0415:08
Rory_root_: What interface is your SSh server listening on? ( /etc/ssh/sshd_config)15:09
hitsujiTMOchicognu: what method of installation is this? from cd or debootstrap?15:09
dry[1]Rory, k1l: thx. apache is back at work.15:09
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)15:09
chicognucd hitsujiTMO15:09
_root_Rory: the section related to what you are talking in sshd is # 'd15:10
hitsujiTMOchicognu: can you pastebin the grub.cfg please15:10
ikonia!info php5-common quetzal15:10
ubottu'quetzal' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable15:10
f00bar80anybody can point me to a vmware ubuntu 64-bit image with vmware-tools installed15:10
chicognuhitsujiTMO: where is it located ?15:10
Roryf00bar80: No because that is against the distribution terms of Vmware tools15:10
Roryf00bar80: Install Ubuntu, then download and install VMWare tools from their site15:11
hitsujiTMOchicognu: /boot/grub/grub.cfg15:11
chicognuhttp://pastebin.com/sneCWbC5 hitsujiTMO15:12
SonikkuAmerica!info php5-common quantal15:12
ubottuphp5-common (source: php5): Common files for packages built from the php5 source. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.6-1ubuntu1.4 (quantal), package size 416 kB, installed size 942 kB15:13
SonikkuAmericaikonia: ^15:13
QuesthitsujiTMO,  ikonia  while i just upgraded after update. /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.8.0-33-generic_3.8.0-33.48_amd64.deb  subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 115:13
QuesthitsujiTMO,  ikonia  should I del /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.8.0-33-generic_3.8.0-33.48_amd64.deb      ?15:14
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
Kaffienany chance someone can point me in the right direction with this issue?  I'm trying to install ubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop   http://pastebin.com/ebDkYwYv   getting issues with the package configs i think.   http://pastebin.com/ebDkYwYv15:15
hitsujiTMOQuest: no, what was the error?15:16
QuesthitsujiTMO,  error was . /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-3.8.0-33-generic_3.8.0-33.48_amd64.deb  subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 115:16
chicognuhitsujiTMO: some tip ?15:16
f00bar80Rory, that's what i already did and it's not working thvm-tools15:17
hitsujiTMOQuest: thats not the error, that just says there was an error. it should be a few lines above that15:17
QuesthitsujiTMO,  no. and I did rm tthat15:17
=== BurritoBazooka is now known as Burritoh
Richhhsudo ./configure   gives command not found15:17
QuesthitsujiTMO,  theres was no error else where15:18
Richhhtrying to compile the node binaries15:18
QuesthitsujiTMO,  now after the rm, I dont see my apps in package manager15:19
Richhhhaev installed build-essential openssl libssl-dev pkg-config checkinstall15:19
garshaspwheres the help channel15:20
k1l!details | garshasp15:20
ubottugarshasp: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:20
Picigarshasp: This is the official Ubuntu help channel right here.15:20
MonkeyDustgarshasp  you've come to the right place15:20
garshaspim running 12.04.3 and it keeps freezing on me15:21
Richhhim thinking of arnold's pizza shop now15:21
gothmasterflashgarshasp, When does it freeze? At boot? After an hour?15:21
garshaspit freezes after boot15:21
Richhhany idea why i cannot sudo ./configure15:21
gothmasterflashgarshasp, So, you can log in and it freezes15:22
ikoniaRichhh: you shouldn't be doing "sudo ./configure"15:22
garshaspthats correct15:22
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Are you overclocking anything?15:22
Richhhi cant ./configure either15:22
hitsujiTMOchicognu: there seems to be entries for different kernels in your grub.cfg. was there already a /boot in the pendrive?15:22
garshaspgothmasterflash, everything is stock15:22
Richhhikonia how can i compile the untarred binaries then15:24
garshaspsomething to do with compiz?15:24
ikoniaRichhh: you don't use sudo to do that15:24
chicognuhitsujiTMO: look what i think it is happining i use luks to protect / and leave boot with out encrypt. I think my kernel is no reconize /dev/sda2 as a encrypted file system, because of this it don't prompt me for a password. what do you think ?15:25
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Maybe. what graphics card are you using?15:25
MonkeyDustgarshasp  try a different DE, to know if it still freezes15:26
garshasphang on consulting the brochure15:26
hitsujiTMOchicognu: it is set to load the the / from a wrapper, but what worries me is the entries for a 3.2 and 3.8 kernel. as if there was already a kernel and grub present on the pendrive before you tried to install and never formatted it15:27
hitsujiTMOchicognu: s/wrapper/mapper15:27
gothmasterflashgarshasp, For an issue like that my troubleshooting would be -use a different DE, if that fails find a different video card driver, if that fails, check your hardware with an other OS, if it's fine in another OS, try resetting bios15:27
QuesthitsujiTMO,  my packages are gone15:28
garshaspgothmasterflash, i have to use this version basically15:28
garshaspi dont even know what a de is15:28
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Why?15:28
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Desktop Enviroment15:28
gothmasterflashgarshasp, So if you are using unity, try Gnome or KDE15:28
garshaspwould that be under settings?15:28
chicognuin fact i don't format it before install but thouse kernels arent the default ?15:28
chicognuin fact i don't format it before install but thouse kernels arent the default anywhay hitsujiTMO15:29
gothmasterflashgarshasp, That would be under "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop"15:29
hitsujiTMOquest: i suggest a reinstall. I asked you for some info a while ago, and asked you not to delete that file. however since you insist on not doing what i ask, then I cannot help you further on this issue15:29
QuesthitsujiTMO,  it was an accident15:29
garshaspgothmasterflash, have you found that gnome de works better for these issues?15:30
gothmasterflashgarshasp, It's my go to, but I am strange15:30
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Most people hate gnome15:30
QuestI have deleted some apt/cache/linux-image 4334 sometihing 64.deb and my packages are gone. is there a way to fix it?15:30
JoshStroblI don't hate Gnome, I just don't agree with their direction.15:31
gothmasterflashgarshasp, but the point isn't which DE is better, just as a test to see if your issue is something related to Unity or not15:31
JoshStroblAnd the fact they ballsed up Nautilus.15:31
hitsujiTMOchicognu: it generated the grub.cfg based on info of other things present in /boot so the initramfs or anything could be completely misconfigure. i suggest a reinstall but make sure you format /boot this time15:31
garshaspgothmasterflash, whats your prediction based on past reports?15:31
gothmasterflashgarshasp, My prediction is that you're going to end up resetting bios15:32
garshaspgothmasterflash, is that difficult?15:32
gothmasterflashgarshasp, but you'll want to take every option first15:32
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Depends on your computer and if they used UEFI15:32
garshaspoh dear15:32
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
garshaspgothmasterflash, have you heard about this problem with the 12.04 build?15:33
gothmasterflashgarshasp, I have had this problem.15:33
garshaspgothmasterflash, so you had to reset the bios lol15:34
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Yes.15:34
garshaspgothmasterflash,  :(15:34
chicognuhitsujiTMO: ok, i will do that but i need to know if my proceed has correct. I boot using livecd, creat swap and / on the hdd, format / with luks, creat a ect.4 fs on it, open the luks and map it to /dev/mapper/something and install / in /dev/map/something and boot on my pendrive (without format.) If i redo it again, formating /boot things will work just fine ?15:35
gothmasterflashgarshasp, I got an MSI branded nvidia GTX66015:35
gothmasterflashgarshasp, and suddenly I started random freezing. tried everything15:35
gothmasterflashgarshasp, Then I found out the manufacturer overclocked the card15:35
gothmasterflashgarshasp, which didn't play well with my system15:36
gothmasterflashgarshasp, reset bios, and then I was set.15:36
hitsujiTMOchicognu: yes that does seem to be fine,15:36
QuestI have deleted some apt/cache/linux-image 4334 sometihing 64.deb and my packages are gone. is there a way to fix it?15:36
chicognuhitsujiTMO: ok thank you15:37
mreggHi - we need some help as our Postfix server does not send nor receives email since our lastest 10.04.4 update. All emails are queue with "Connection timed out" message. What can we do?15:37
mreggRory: are you here by any chance?15:37
hitsujiTMOmregg: also try your question in #ubuntu-server15:38
mregghitsujiTMO: thanks15:38
JoshStrobl@mregg You can upgrade from 10.04.4 to 12.04...15:38
Questwhat linux kernel is needed for ubuntu 12.10?15:39
Kaffienanyone else having issues with zram-config?15:39
JoshStrobl@Quest 12.10 initially used 3.515:40
JoshStroblAlthough you could run 3.11.15:40
QuestI have deleted some apt/cache/linux-image 4334 sometihing 64.deb and my packages are gone. is there a way to fix it?15:41
Questjoshhunt,   ^15:41
JoshStroblActually isn't 3.12 out for saucy and trusty now?15:41
garshaspgothmasterflash, de change might work, can i switch to 2d from the settings?15:41
JoshStroblLooks like it: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/15:41
ikoniaJoshStrobl: no, thats the mainline kernel15:41
JoshStrobl@ikonia: Aaand the problem with running mainline is..what exactly?15:42
sqrt7744at numerous times, first at $60, most recently and foolishly at 86515:42
Questok. what exact should i apt-get install ?15:42
ikoniaJoshStrobl: it's not patched for ubuntu as the ubuntu kernels15:42
ikoniaJoshStrobl: hence "mainline"15:42
ikoniarather than "ubuntu"15:42
Questsubprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 115:43
gustavocastromanyone can help with idt beats audio driver for hp dv7-7010us ? I'm new. Tried google and only can find something helpful. The sound driver installed on ubuntu is very poor.15:44
JoshStroblzorlak_: What about it?15:44
zorlak_good distributions15:44
JoshStroblDo you mean *ubuntu or xubuntu?15:44
zorlak_yes ....tester lubuntu15:45
hitsujiTMOgustavocastrom: beats isn't a driver, its a dodgy equaliser. what sound card do you have?15:45
JoshStrobl@zorlak_ You know, writing in complete sentences is allowed in this channel...15:45
ikoniaQuest: it looks to me like you've tried to install a package from a later version of ubuntu than you are running15:45
=== LjL^ is now known as LjL
gothmasterflashJoshStrobl, I think english might not be his primary language15:46
chroin what package can I find the command hda-jack-sense-test ?15:46
gothmasterflashzorlak_, we have help in other languages if you are having issues getting the idea across?15:46
Questikonia,  what can i do now?15:47
hitsujiTMO!es | zorlak_15:47
ubottuzorlak_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:47
ikoniaQuest: did you try to install packages from anther release ?15:47
mreggHelp needed with 10.04.4 Postfix please15:47
JoshStrobl@mregg: #ubuntu-server15:47
mreggJoshStrobl: thanks, I tried, but it's not active15:48
Questikonia,  no i gues15:48
ikoniaQuest: then why are the packages for a later version than 12.1015:48
ikoniaQuest: did you use a PPA or an external repo ?15:49
Questikonia,  really dont know15:49
Questppa. yes15:49
ikoniaQuest: come on !!!15:49
PiciQuest: Do you want us to guess?15:49
ikoniaQuest: I told you earlier, "this doesn't look like it's coming from the default repos" you said "it is"15:50
* JoshStrobl facepalms15:50
QuestPici,  ikonia  i can show you the info I can fetch but I dont know what happened. iam no expert15:50
ikoniaQuest: you activly told me the wrong information and said it was coming from the default repos15:50
ikoniaQuest: re-install your server with the right version you want15:50
ikoniaQuest: don't use PPAs and pay attention to th software you installing15:50
Questikonia,  i dont know what ppa might be the "new repo thing"15:51
Questikonia,  i should remove ppa?15:51
ikoniaQuest: even then it's not the default - I asked you and you said "default"15:51
ikoniaQuest: re-install your OS with the version you want to use15:51
ikoniaQuest: the install the right software using only the core ubuntu repos, no 3rd parties, no PPA's15:51
Questikonia,  can reinstall. wil break alot15:51
ikoniaQuest: it's alrady broken15:51
Questikonia,  broken things are ought to be fixed. arnt they? :)15:51
JoshStroblConsidering you're the one that broke it.15:52
ikoniaQuest: yes by people who can manage a machine properly and give clear information15:52
ikoniaQuest: the easiest / quickest solution would be to install using a supported version of ubuntu with the apcakges you want15:52
JoshStroblQuest: http://www.ubuntu.com/download15:52
ikoniaQuest: that way you use only the core ubuntu repos - no external sources15:52
Questikonia,  how about a dist upgrade?15:52
JoshStroblDon't get stuff from PPAs then say you're pulling from the official repos.15:52
ikoniaQuest: it won't do anything15:53
JoshStroblQuest: Really, re-install.15:53
ikoniaQuest: you've messed up your package system good, a re-install with the correct ubuntu version would be the quickest and best option fo ryou15:53
Questwont it upgrade to new linux image?15:53
=== moo is now known as Guest47401
Questikonia,  I have a lot of configs, databases, etc.15:53
ikoniaQuest: back them up15:53
meh33anyone can help me out with installing java jkd by any chance? after installing it and run 'java -version' i get this error: bash: /usr/bin/java: cannot execute binary file15:54
Dathow come scponly was removed from the repos?15:56
JoshStrobl@meh33 Where did you install it from?15:56
OerHeksDat, scp is in the repo's, and installed standard.15:56
DatOerHeks: this is true but I was refering to scponly15:57
KaffienI have tried to install  lububtu-desktop but it requires that i have zram-config installed.  zram doesn't seem to want to install on ubuntu 13.10.   If anyone could / will help that would be much appreciated.  Here is the output.  http://pastebin.com/ebDkYwYv15:57
meh33JoshStrobl, i followed the simplest how to i could find, from here http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Oracle-Java-JDK-on-Ubuntu-Linux15:57
JoshStrobl@meh33 Follow the directions at http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html15:58
meh33JoshStrobl, hmm that link doesnt open for me15:59
OerHeksDat oh, no typo. scponly it was removed after Lucid > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scponly/+publishinghistory16:00
JoshStrobl@meh33 It's working for me.16:00
JoshStrobl@OerHeks Mind checking the link?16:00
DatOerHeks: was it deleted because it was bad or unstable?16:00
DatOtherwise I'll have an issue trying to keep a chroot with scp16:01
Questikonia,  joshhunt  the do-release-upgrade tool auto deleted the ppa and started downloading apps. i hope it will make things better?16:01
meh33JoshStrobl, it worked after multiple refreshes, thanks16:01
OerHeksDat, i was looking for the reason, cannot find any.16:01
QuestJoshStrobl, ^16:02
JoshStrobl@meh33 No problem bud, have a good one :)16:02
Dathrmm maybe I should install it from the source then16:02
DatOerHeks: do you know of any other alternative to chroot scp/sftp users?16:02
JoshStrobl@ikonia We tell the guy to simply re-install and nada, le sigh...16:02
ikoniaQuest: what part of "that will not work" have I not made clear16:02
ikoniaQuest: you ask "will it work" I saw %100 no, you do it anyway - this is why your machine is broken16:03
JoshStroblMaybe he secretly wants a broken machine...16:03
Questikonia,  so if i just remove ppa and update . will that be ok?16:03
ikoniaQuest: NO !!!!16:03
ikoniaQuest: why can you not understand this "no"16:04
* JoshStrobl facepalms16:04
ikoniaQuest: I've said 5 times now "no"16:04
Questikonia,  is there any way i can fix the system without a reinstall?16:04
JoshStroblWhat the **** do you not get by NO16:04
=== root____1 is now known as YouDontKnowMe
JoshStroblNO MEANS NO16:04
ikoniaJoshStrobl: easy on the language please16:04
JoshStrobl@ikonia I said ****, as in the * 4 times.16:04
QuestJoshStrobl,  so its not fixable by ANY means. thats hard to digest16:04
ikoniaQuest: the "best" way for you to get a working machine will be 1.) find an ubuntu release with the package you want - probably 13.04 or 13.10, then install that version16:04
Questspeaking of linux  atleast.16:04
JoshStrobl@ikonia It wasn't some curse word that was auto removed ;)16:04
ikoniaQuest: it is fixable, but being honest, it's not fixable for you16:04
YouDontKnowMeHi, ubuntu be trollin, I'm trying to figure out why my system is messed up. I had to boot into recovery mode and drop into shell...16:04
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe Recovery mode drops into shell.16:05
ikoniaQuest: so the best thing to do is pick a later ubuntu version that has the packages you want as part of it's core repo - then install that16:05
hitsujiTMOJoshStrobl: it implied a curse is ikonias point16:05
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe It's not like Windows where you'll get put into a GUI with admin rights.16:05
YouDontKnowMeWhen I boot, it spits some text on the screen and then acts like its about to load the graphics whatcha call it, and then goes back to text, and then goes back to a black screen with my mouse and repeats16:05
tgm4883!details | YouDontKnowMe16:06
ubottuYouDontKnowMe: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:06
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe What were you doing prior to the restart?16:06
YouDontKnowMeJoshStrobl: I was clickin hella links in my chrome browser and then I restarted the next day and now it keeps going back an forth between text and my mouse cursor16:07
YouDontKnowMeI don't think this is the ubuntu virus but it could be16:07
JoshStroblWhat were you doing aside from using Chrome?16:07
Guest72379Hello can someone help me set up ssh?16:07
Guest72379as a Tunnel proxy?16:08
YouDontKnowMeI think my lil bro was playing hella ram intensive games on chrome, when i was sleeping16:08
=== Guest72379 is now known as kronos_
=== kronos_ is now known as kronos__
JoshStroblThat wouldn't have caused it to crash and give you the issues you're having. Did you install any packages aside from Chrome before letting your little bro play?16:09
JoshStroblSometimes changes those packages have won't be applied until reboot.16:09
Questhow to run 3 commands in one line so that each runs after the first had finished. (each uses sudo)?16:09
Rorymregg: Hi, was in a meeting, do you still need me specifically?16:09
ikoniaQuest: what commands are you trying to run ?16:09
YouDontKnowMeI don't think so, the reason i restarted is becaues it was hella laggy16:09
geniiQuest: Put && in between them16:10
Questgenial,  sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && echo 1  ?16:10
RoryQuest: Put && between them if you need to ensure each one completes sucesfully before the next. If you don't care if it was sucesfull or not, use ; instead of &&16:10
Questgenii, ^16:10
ikoniaQuest: why are you running update ??16:10
ikoniaQuest: it WILL NOT WORK16:10
ikoniaQuest: it will make things WORSE16:10
geniiQuest: When you deviate from instructions, it makes no one want to help you.16:11
ikoniaQuest: do you understand the words I'm saying to you "it will not work to try to update/upgrade" ?16:11
YouDontKnowMeJoshStrobl: Any ideas? This is confusing16:11
Questgenii,  I understand but I reinstalling is the last resort for me16:11
tgm4883Quest, no, you don't16:11
ikoniaQuest: blindly typing commands is not a better option16:11
napscthere comes  a point where *ignore* is the appropriate response... just saying....16:12
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe Do you mind rebooting the system and seeing if you have any options for other Linux kernel versions?16:12
Questif its fixable, I need to fix16:12
JoshStroblIt may be an issue with a specific kernel version.16:12
ikoniaQuest: typing commands blind is not a fix16:12
JoshStroblThough doubtful.16:12
ikoniaQuest: I'm giving you a proper solution for now AND for the long temr16:12
ikoniaterm even16:12
YouDontKnowMeIt may be that I havent restarted since the first time i installed ubuntu16:12
JoshStrobl@Quest It is NOT fixable.16:12
JoshStroblYour FIX is to REINSTALL.16:13
YouDontKnowMeI ran updates on meh system I thinks16:13
JoshStroblYea, I'd suggest rebooting and seeing if there is an option in your GRUB boot menu to switch to a different kernel version :)16:13
JoshStroblHopefully there is and it'll resolve the issue!16:13
YouDontKnowMeJoshStrobl: you talking to me?16:13
YouDontKnowMeokay yeah ill try that16:14
YouDontKnowMeThankyou so much you are hella help16:14
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe Don't thank me unless it works.16:14
Questikonia,  ok.. what solution?16:14
JoshStrobl@Quest Re-install. Re-install. Re-install. (chants like Ballmer)16:14
JoshStroblObviously make sure your stuff is backed up.16:15
Quest reinstall16:15
Questreinstall: command not found16:15
ikoniaQuest: backup your data and configs, pick an ubuntu version that has the package versions you want in the core repos, install the new version, replace your backup date16:15
Questjust kdding16:15
JoshStroblYea, just going to ignore you @Quest16:15
Rory!zram | Kaffien16:15
ubottuKaffien: zRAM is a module of the Linux kernel which increases performance by avoiding paging on disk and instead uses a compressed block device in RAM, useful on systems with less RAM, and SSDs.  Install zram-config to enable zRAM.16:15
Kaffieni know what it is16:15
Kaffienit just doesnt want to install / config .... but the point is moot now.  thanks for your help16:16
RorySorry Kaffien I thought that would have more info than it did16:16
Kaffienhehe .... I didn't realise that lubuntu is an action distro as well.16:16
Roryan action distro?16:17
thai-2012Hi! please help.... how to install theme to Ubuntu from gnome look? i'm only start learn linux systems16:17
Kaffienwhat is the reigning champion desktop these days?16:17
Kaffienactual rather16:17
KaffienSorry, this keyboard is horrible.16:17
xanguathai-2012: what theme¿16:17
gothmasterflashKaffien, probably unity due to most people not caring enough to put something else on there.16:17
tavarishKaffien, Windows of course16:18
Kaffienother than unity. I'm using this one a vm so less graphic intensive the better.16:18
Kaffiendon't you dare say console16:18
JoshStrobl@Kaffien MATE, Cinnamon, Pantheon.16:18
hitsujiTMOKaffien: try xubuntu or lubuntu then16:18
JoshStrobl@Kaffien: Pantheon from elementaryos.org, MATE and Cinnamon from linuxmint.com16:19
thai-2012xangua i wanna theme "windows style" to my Ubuntu. but i don't know how to install. there is download button. it downloading archive. what next?16:19
JoshStrobl@thai-2012 Link to the theme please.16:19
xanguathai-2012: is this a gtk theme¿ if it is, it is a gtk3 theme¿16:19
thai-2012http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/LiNsta+%28LiNsta+is+Not+Vista+%3B-%29+Pack?content=41090 this link. it downloading archive only16:20
JoshStrobl@Kaffien If I were you, I'd run MATE with Linux Mint.16:20
Kaffienahhh  it's been a while since i used mint.16:20
KaffienI think i'll give that a go16:20
Rorythai-2012: I really doubt that will work now... it would have worked in 2006 when Ubuntu used Gnome 216:20
JoshStroblOh man, 2006 LOL16:20
RoryTakes me back :')16:20
KaffienHalf tempted to check out gentoo if it still exists.16:21
Kaffiennow that i have a slightly more powerful machine than a p3-800 hehehehe16:21
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: put the theme folders in the ~/.themes directory16:21
thai-2012ok. anyone give me a link please to to theme, which will work in 12 04?16:21
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: then you should be able to see the theme in your theme manager16:22
kkkkkkkhi all, i am using ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS and i am having a weird problem, my USB 3g wireless modem gets detected automatically, after a minute, and connects, but the problem is that sometimes when connection  dialing fails (due to server load or whatever ), it gets disappeared from the list, network menu>MObile broadband gets disappear from the list and i had to re insert modem again and wait for a minute to get it detected and try dialing again. why this is happ16:22
Rorythai-2012: I personally prefer the Webupd8 themes PPA https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/themes16:22
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:22
thai-2012hitsujiTMO Thank you. but where is themes directory?16:22
RoryhitsujiTMO: it is a hidden directory (starts with a dot) in your home directory16:23
Rorythai-2012: ^16:23
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: ahh wait that's a metacity theme. thats not gonna work on unity16:23
JoshStrobl@thai ~/ is your home directory, so it'd be /home/yourname. .theme is a hidden directory.16:23
YouDontKnowMeJoshStrobl: This is still giving me trouble16:23
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe When you rebooted, did it give you other Linux kernel versions to pick from?16:23
YouDontKnowMeFor some reason, its switching between my mouse cursor, and text on the screen when i try to boot.16:24
YouDontKnowMeHow do I check/downgrade kernel versions?16:24
kkkkkkki need to solve that problem, because in windows, when connection to internet fails, i can just retry untill i get connected, how to acheive the same in linux, it is weird to reinsert modem again and wait more than a minute for redialing16:25
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe Let's try and see if it is a dependency issue. Boot it into shell (try CTRL + ALT + F1, sometimes that works).16:26
kkkkkkksometimes due to server load, dialing fails and i need to redial, but i can dial only once in linux, if it fails, it gets out of the list16:26
tavarishkkkkkkk, how do you do your insertion ?16:26
JoshStrobl@YouDontKnowMe Then try: sudo apt-get update (it'll update your apt cache)16:26
YouDontKnowMeI've tried to boot into shell (by using f2 instead of f1) and it gives me a chance to login but then it switches back to the mouse and text16:27
YouDontKnowMebrb im going to try to update16:27
kkkkkkktavarish: it is a USB modem, i just insert it in USB  port, wait for some time to initilize, click on the connection name MObile broadband, it gets connected. that's it. but when dialing fails, mobile broadband gets disappeared from the list , just like modem is being discarded and i need to re-insert the modem again in USB port16:28
kkkkkkkUSB 3G wireless modem16:28
SiyaGood afternoon all16:29
tavarishkkkkkkk, I will say nothing, otherwise the 'buntu community here will ban me16:30
tavarishi can't help you, sorry16:30
Ichbins_hi, since today Im unable to login via IMAP , Im using courier-imap and Im on 10.04 , any ideas?16:30
kkkkkkktavarish: you can say privately16:30
Siyagetting a touchscreen to work on Ubuntu(studio) 13.10 and xinput-calibrator says I should add lines to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf16:30
Siyabut my system doesn't have xorg.conf.d16:30
Siyado I create it or should I add the lines to a different file?16:31
tavarishit won't help you, because it's a useless information to solve your problem, but a usefull one to explain why it will be difficult to solve it16:31
zykotick9Siya: you can just "sudo mkdir /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d" then create your file there16:32
zykotick9Siya: the alternative is to use xorg.conf but that's quasi-deprecated at this point16:32
JoshStroblIt's best to have it in xorg.conf.d/ anyways, since that is all user-defined and you don't risk messing with xorg.conf16:33
fisherjohnHi I need help reinstalling/repairing grub. Idk where the problem lies.16:33
ikoniafisherjohn: you're using mint - not ubuntu16:33
ikoniafisherjohn: this channel doesn't support mint16:33
kkkkkkktavarish:  how to provide more information, lsusb detects it properly, mode-switch is working properly, but if dial fails , then it is out of the list, i mean unable to dial, that's it. LSUSB : OMEGA TECHNOLOGGY  1c9e:960516:34
Ichbins_no courier experts here?16:34
Siyathnx zykotick916:34
=== root is now known as Guest27840
Guest27840So I tried to update and that didnt fix the issue16:34
kkkkkkkthere is some problem with modem-manager16:34
=== solidoodlesuppor is now known as baordog
thai-2012i typed in filemanager    ~/.themes     and he can't find folder...:(16:34
JoshStrobl@Guest27840 Did you just do sudo apt-get update or did you also sudo apt-get upgrade?16:34
Guest27840I did update and upgrade afterwards16:35
=== Guest27840 is now known as NotAGuest
xanguathai-2012: create it16:35
malthewith upstart, how do I force it to start a process which it thinks is already running16:35
JoshStrobl@thai-2012 "cd ~/ && mkdir .themes"16:35
lucaonesalve ragazzi16:35
tavarishkkkkkkk, what does dmesg tell you when it happens?16:36
thai-2012JoshStrob THANK YOU :)16:36
NotAGuestIs there anyone who can help? When I boot, my screen hops from spitting out text output like "checking battery state" to the mouse cursor in front of a black screen, and it just hops back and forth16:36
daftykinsNotAGuest: what did you recently change?16:37
simongIs there a way I can see from what repository a specific version of a package was installed?16:37
kkkkkkktavarish: i never used dmesg and what to tell from dmesg command output, let me read log properly16:37
simongwith apt16:37
JoshStrobl@NotAGuest: Not entirely sure what the issue is then. It could possibly be a driver issue, since it doesn't seem to be a kernel issue (since you had no prior Linux kernel), nor a Chrome issue, or a dependency issue.16:37
NotAGuestdaftykins: Nothing that I know of16:37
thai-2012wow. Now i have Themes folder:) Thank you)))16:37
zykotick9JoshStrobl: sidenote, you don't need to use @ people will be highlighted if you include their nick (see "/msg ubottu tab") - this isn't twitter ;)16:37
NotAGuestBut I haven't restarted in a while16:37
tavarishkkkkkkk, maybe you will have information about what happen16:37
JoshStrobl@zykotick9 I use it because smuxi has it for smart-tabbing.16:37
daftykinsNotAGuest: so you've done some upgrades, on which release?16:37
NotAGuestdaftykins: 13.1016:38
zykotick9JoshStrobl: i see...  lame...16:38
JoshStrobl@zykotick9 Not really.16:38
daftykinsNotAGuest: have you had it installed long enough that you have much on it?16:38
NotAGuestYes I have all my work files on it16:38
thai-2012i want ask again. Now i download tar Gz archive. I must unpack it and then put to themes folder? Or no16:39
JoshStrobl@daftykins Not a kernel issue or broken deps it seems. Maybe an issue with an open source driver?16:39
NotAGuestOh and sometimes I see something like "broken pipe"16:39
esdethai you could gunzip it right into .themes16:39
NotAGuestI installed the lubuntu environment btw16:40
daftykinsJoshStrobl: oh have you been assisting here already? sorry16:40
JoshStrobl@daftykins You're apologizing because you're helping someone out as well? You're strange :D16:40
* NotAGuest whistles16:41
JoshStrobl@NotAGuest Did you do that before or after the issues?16:41
JoshStroblAnd you didn't tell me?16:41
JoshStroblle sigh16:41
NotAGuestWell, I mean I did it like 2 weeks ago16:41
NotAGuestWhen I reinstalled ubuntu on my system16:41
zykotick9NotAGuest: use a console to log in (ctrl+alt+f1), then "ls -al .Xauthority" who owns that file? [fyi alt+f7 to return to where gui, is suppose to be]16:41
thai-2012i unzip theme to themes folder. but there is nothing. maybe i download wrong theme... oh.16:41
NotAGuestbut I dont recall restarting since then16:42
JoshStroblCertainly sounds like lubuntu's deps broke your system then.16:42
daftykinsand suddenly the mystery turned another corner...16:42
NotAGuestI've used lubuntu for weeks though16:42
JoshStrobl@daftykins What would life be without mystery and surprises, eh?16:42
NotAGuestwithout it doing this since I installed16:42
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: upon relooking at that theme, its a metacity theme ( gnome2 theme engine ) so will not work fully with unity/gnome316:42
NotAGuestzykotick9: one moment16:43
NotAGuestI can't alt-left/right it isnt working :P16:43
NotAGuestso i need to exit irssi to check16:43
thai-2012hitsujiTMO: what category (left pane) i must choose in gnome look? GTK? Gnomw or what?16:43
JoshStrobl@hitsujiTMO He should be able to use GTK+ 3 themes right?16:44
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: gnome-shell16:44
NotAGuestOkay so...it seems I cant log into my account and im stuck in root and there is no .Xauthority16:45
hitsujiTMOJoshStrobl: yes, that theme will most likely come with gtl2 + gtk3 + metacity parts. its the metacity part that will fail16:45
ikoniaNotAGuest: you should not be able to login as root16:45
zykotick9ikonia: +116:45
NotAGuestikonia: I did this from recovery16:45
ikoniaahh ok, so from a recovery console16:45
NotAGuestYeah its the only way I can get access to the internets :P16:46
JoshStrobl@hitsujiTMO Noted for future reference :) Thanks.16:46
ikoniaNotAGuest: recovery mode does not have internet access16:46
zykotick9ikonia: ahhh, those little details - i had no idea either ;)16:46
ikoniait's "single user"16:46
ikoniaor at least should be16:46
NotAGuestikonia: You can enable networking16:46
NotAGuestI don't have a usb or cd so its not like i can reinstall it16:47
NotAGuestI could iso-boot me thinks, but i hate the fact that im losing all my files...16:47
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: where is the normal account breaking? can you get to a vt with ( ctrl + alt + f1 )16:47
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: what is happening then?16:48
NotAGuestwhen i alt-left and do ctrl+alt+f1 it switches back to here16:49
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: not even dropping to initramfs? no splash? nothing?16:49
NotAGuestNothing is happening16:49
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: can you try and boot with noquiet nosplash16:50
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: I forgot how to add those options16:50
NotAGuestput them at the end of the grub command?16:50
esdeteamviewer is installed on ubuntu 12.04. most times it works great. but sometimes when i attempt to connect the windows will open and the remote desktop loads almost completely then freezes. I ssh into the machine, and kill the TV process and restart it. Nothing. Leave it running and type 'teamvierwer --daemon restart" and it's still "frozen" and other attempts to connect hang. The only way to resolve the issue is to reboot. Any one else seeing behavior lik16:50
esdee that?16:50
=== CarlFK is now known as CarlFK[ps1]
thai-2012Ok. i download theme Gnome Shell. in readme says i must install https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-shell-extensions   i download latest. There is a folder in ZIP only. how to install? advice please16:51
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: yes, instead of splash quiet use nospash noquiet16:51
NotAGuestokay I will return, if it doesnt work16:51
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: typo warning nospash16:51
hitsujiTMOzykotick9: woops. i'm sure he'll see the mistake16:52
hitsujiTMOthai-2012: unzip and copy the folders ~/.themea folders16:52
=== CarlFK[ps1] is now known as CarlFK
NotAGuestTried nosplash and noquiet but didnt work.16:54
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: did you at least see an error this time?16:55
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: I didnt see any kind of error, just a bunch of text on the screen for a little while and then it kept doing what its been doing.16:56
hitsujiTMOcan you try and somehow pastebin /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/dmesg.016:58
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: I don't know how i could16:58
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: actually. can you try the kernel option: text16:58
NotAGuestWhat should i be looking for in those files?16:58
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: how do I do that?16:58
=== BurritoBazooka is now known as Burritoh
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: same as nosplash noquiet do: nosplash noquiet text16:59
NotAGuestAll right ill try that16:59
guest324i have a flash drive that initially is recognized by kubuntu, but after about an hour it was unable to be accessed, even though in bash i was accessing it every minute.  the device was never actually mounted from beginning to end.  is there a way i can adjust the length of time before the drive will stop being able to be accessed (without removing and reinserting the device?)17:05
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
AnarchEHello all, hoping to get some help with an odd networking issue.  After updating to 13.10 I lost networking entirely.  Not even a link light on the NIC.  Tried another NIC (diff chipset) and a USB NIC and all have the same problem.  Been googling for a few days with no luck, so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction.17:09
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: I tried what you said, and it brought me to a login prompt, so i logged int and then it spit out a bunch of text like ls command not found and similar stuff (commands that were not found) then it logged me out17:09
ActionPa1snipAnarchE: bad cable? checked connection on router / switch?17:10
AnarchEActionPa1snip: Replaced the cable, tried a different port on the switch too17:11
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: hmm. interesting. have you modified /etc/profile or ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc?17:11
AnarchEActionPa1snip: Verified the port and cable work with another PC as well.17:11
Alligadihow can i know which kernel module this usb to ethernet device (http://www.markit.eu/pl/pl/00049244/v2p6927688) uses?17:12
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: I have actually lol17:12
NotAGuestboth of them :P17:12
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: can you tell me what changes you made?17:13
NotAGuestI added some path vars17:13
hitsujiTMOsounds like you've a broken path var then. ( explains the path not found )17:13
hitsujiTMOcommands not found even17:14
NotAGuestThat might be it...but how do I fix it if I can't even get into my system?17:14
suuash1629hi everyone, i was setting up android build environment and got some package dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri, so i installed that and i got the broken pipe error and then i boot in recovery and went into dpkg and performed upgrades, and after that the ubuntu booted successfully but the mouse is no longer working, pleas anyone help me17:14
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: did you change the global one ( /etc/profile ) or the local one ~/.profile and ~/.bashrc?17:14
NotAGuest.profile and .bashrc17:15
verywisemani am installing ubuntu 13.10 , and i have hardware RAID5 , and i am on  "installing grub" step, how can i know the device of my harddisk , because i want to install grub in MBR?17:15
NotAGuestI highly doubt i modified the one in /etc/17:15
NotAGuestbut i have a bad memory so idk17:15
=== waltercool_ is now known as waltercool
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: delete the .profile and .bashrc in your home and copy over a fresh copy from /etc/skel     ... you will need to: chown youruser:youruser  those files after too17:17
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: I dont know how to get in the system though, it wont let me log in17:18
NotAGuestI can't access those files from the root console im in now?17:18
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: you can do all that from the recovery prompt. have you remounted the filesystem as readwrite?17:18
NotAGuestI havent yet17:18
NotAGuestNot sure how to do that :D17:18
NotAGuestUnless thats an option17:19
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: mount -o remount,rw /17:19
suuash1629hi everyone, i was setting up android build environment and got some package dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri, so i installed that and i got the broken pipe error and then i boot in recovery and went into dpkg and performed upgrades, and after that the ubuntu booted successfully but the mouse is no longer working, pleas anyone help me17:19
NotAGuestoh okay17:19
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: Is that it? I'm about to go try this now.17:19
* NotAGuest will brb17:20
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: yes. try that and come back if its still the issue. could be that you have changed the global one if its still broken17:20
Rorysuuash1629: Can you try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"17:20
vr2mxHello, does anybody know, how to delete the .bash_history for root (i know it is called like that for the standart user) ?!17:22
hitsujiTMOvr2mx: sudo rm /root/.bash_history                           ???17:23
Rory!pm | suuash162917:23
ubottusuuash1629: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.17:23
Rorysuuash1629: Case in point: I'm going home now17:23
suuash1629Rory: ok done, anything else to do?17:24
suuash1629ubottu: ok17:25
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:25
daftykinsa bot with a heart of gold17:25
suuash1629Rory, anything ele to do do than that?17:27
daftykinssuuash1629: if you read closely he said he was going home17:27
suuash1629can anyone else help?? please17:27
* man0riaX ist away (offline. bye bye.)17:31
=== man0riaX is now known as man0riax|offline
suuash1629please anyone help,i was setting up android build environment and got some package dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri, so i installed that and i got the broken pipe error and then i boot in recovery and went into dpkg and performed upgrades, and after that the ubuntu booted successfully but the mouse is no longer working,17:31
greekHi. Please recommend a guide for installing Windows side-by-side on an existing installation of Ubuntu (12.04 LTS). Thanks17:31
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: Okay; That didnt work either but it gave me more info. I saw that some things in /opt/ were "not found" and it seemed lik the system was stalling. And when I logged in it said the same that a bunch of commands were not found17:32
ikonia!dualboot | greek17:32
ubottugreek: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot17:32
greekThanks ikonia17:32
danleyHi. Is there a way to figure out what event cause a system to wake up from suspend (S3)? I have a small atom box that should be sleeping most of the time.... but it usually wakes up after a couple of minuts. ethtool tells me it only reacts to the Magic Packet and I can't figure out where that would come form since the box is alone at home with the router ;)17:33
suuash1629please anyone..17:33
ikoniasuuash1629: anyone what ?17:33
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: sounds like you changed it globally then.    can you comment out any path entries in /etc/profile17:34
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: okay ill try that17:34
suuash1629ikonia: anyone help for my problem.. i have posted it some time ago17:35
ikoniasuuash1629: I didn't see it so saying "anyone" is useless to me17:35
danleysuuash1629, can you repeat it, I haven't seen it, yet17:35
suuash1629i was setting up android build environment and got some package dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri, so i installed that and i got the broken pipe error and then i boot in recovery and went into dpkg and performed upgrades, and after that the ubuntu booted successfully but the mouse is no longer working,17:36
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: Okay I saw something else this time (i didnt change anything in /etc/), when i tried to login. Said something like "/bin wasnt in the path"17:36
ikoniasuuash1629: what version of ubuntu and have you added any external repos or PPA's17:37
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: next is to check /etc/environment          it should be exactly: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6474889/17:38
suuash1629ikonia, ubuntu 12.04.3, ppa? yes i had17:38
ikoniasuuash1629: and at that point I'm out17:38
NotAGuesthitsujiTMO: can you save that in a .txt somewhere where I can wget it?17:38
hitsujiTMONotAGuest: actually, you probably cant see that link. its should contain exactly:      PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"17:38
ikoniasuuash1629: if you've installed stuff from 3rd party repos that created conflicts, you should be able to manage your dependencies and know whats changing17:38
NotAGuestokay ill look at it17:39
suuash1629ikonia, what do you mean? i didn't understand..17:39
neyderhi, how can i make dnsmasq dns service doesn interfere with my pc dns17:39
ikoniasuuash1629: I mean if you're using PPA's that create package conflicts, you should know / understand how to mange them without breaking things, knowing what they are changing and without blindly doing upgrades17:40
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
neyderi'm trying to make an ubuntu mirror , but when dnsmasq is on with archive.ububntu.ccom pointing to my server , on my server I cant access to real archive17:41
suuash1629i have not installed anything eles than libgl1-mesa-dri, which made the conflicts, just after that, it caused the problem17:42
hitsujiTMOneyder: if you using your own mirror then just change the sources.list to point to you server17:42
ikoniasuuash1629: right, so that backs up what I said17:42
TheWhiteCodehey guys17:43
JesseH2hitsujiTMO, It's "NotAGuest"17:43
JesseH2Thank you, you helped me fix it.17:43
TheWhiteCodecan anyone see this?17:44
JesseH2Really do appreciate it, hitsujiTMO. And this is freenode????17:44
hitsujiTMOJesseH2: no problem at all17:44
JesseHOh this is freenode17:44
suuash1629ikonia, i have removed that too and also done sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, my laptop is using radeon graphic card so i did that17:44
ikoniasuuash1629: that won't fix anything17:44
suuash1629ikonia, so now what should i do?17:45
ikoniasuuash1629: as I said - I'm out17:45
suuash1629as always, everyone is answering half..17:46
neyderhitsujiTMO, or in case I don't want they to acces FB, but just for me (and my server) be allowed with dnsmasq MitM mode17:46
TheWhiteCodeYou can't see my messageS?17:47
TheWhiteCodeat all?17:47
ikoniaTheWhiteCode: we can see you17:47
Aquawordhi, if my Ubuntu freezes often where to check the possible reason? syslog?17:47
k1l!ask | TheWhiteCode17:47
ubottuTheWhiteCode: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:47
k1lAquaword: yes, or dmesg. both at /var/log/17:47
robin__whats a good key-combination for chinese input?17:48
Aquawordk1l: thanks17:48
suuash1629please anyone help,i was setting up android build environment and got some package dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri, so i installed that and i got the broken pipe error and then i boot in recovery and went into dpkg and performed upgrades, and after that the ubuntu booted successfully but the mouse is no longer working17:49
=== jack is now known as Guest58570
suuash1629please anyone help,i was setting up android build environment and got some package dependencies on libgl1-mesa-dri, so i installed that and i got the broken pipe error and then i boot in recovery and went into dpkg and performed upgrades, and after that the ubuntu booted successfully but the mouse is no longer working17:52
ikonia!repeat | suuash162917:52
ubottusuuash1629: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:52
suuash1629i have searched everywhere, no answer, there is no other place than this where i can ask properly..17:53
jekkti got a problem in my task in stochatics :) which i cannot solve alone17:55
jekkti dont know what to do there:)17:55
jekktmay some one is interested to help me?17:55
ikoniajekkt: if you have an ubuntu question, just ask17:56
suuash1629ubottu, i have searched everywhere, no answer, there is no other place than this where i can ask properly..17:56
ubottusuuash1629: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:56
jekktubuntu is a linux distribution :) i trouth im here on math channel17:56
=== laci is now known as Guest94142
jekktoh shit its truth im on ubuntu:D17:57
ikoniajekkt: don't know what you just said, sorry17:57
ikoniajekkt: please tone down the language17:57
=== brandon is now known as Guest89211
Walexsuuash1629: there are several versions of X and the various libGL, depending on which Ubuntu version you are using, However choosing one as a rule has no effect on the mouse working or not, even if an X server update happens.18:01
Walexsuuash1629: which Ubuntu version are you using?18:01
Lenn1edid anybody know, how to measure: when i read sometginf from file - how much is taken from memory (cached), and how much is real from hdd ?18:02
Lenn1eor if tools like iostat, iotop show just real hdd acces (i dont think...), or hdd+mem18:02
WalexLenn1e: depends on too many factors18:02
WalexLenn1e: those tools show actual disk IO, not cache IO.18:02
Lenn1eif so, its good.18:03
suuash1629Walex, i m using ubuntu 12.04.3, and i cant find which version of X should i use or anything else, the only problem now is not working mouse, while installing mesa some packages were removed and i think mouse driver was too removed, dont know exactly whats hapening.18:06
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
ezra-ssuuash1629, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all18:07
Walexsuuash1629: you should use the 'x-swat' PPA and choose the packages ending in 'lts-raring'...18:08
Walexsuuash1629: most likely some packages were removed because you half-updated the server side stuff.18:08
ptyyyHow can I determine what version of Cinnamon I am using?18:09
Trudkoguys I have ubuntu 13.10, webcam vx-1000 and I have expected that it will work out of box(ubuntu enthusiast convinced me), but it doesn;t if I try to test it in cheese it worked but when I tried to record video , cheese frezzed. In skype it doesn't work at all. In settings when video starts the picture is frozen18:09
Lenn1eptyyy: cinnamon -v ?18:09
ptyyyLenn1e, thanks -- sorry I'm making the switch from the awful thing known as macosx18:09
suuash1629well, i m following what ezra-s said, pc is rebooting18:09
ptyyyah, it's cinnamon --version18:10
Lenn1eptyyy: i never used macosx, but it seems to be somethink between win & lin...18:10
Lenn1e(friends using)18:10
ptyyyi guess awful was the wrong word, it's just very cluttered I suppose18:11
Lenn1eptyyy: yes, more concise :)18:12
xteejxHi guys, trying to do a merge, made all necessary changes, debuild -S 'd it and tested the build itself in pbuilder. How do I check it installs, I've forgotten?18:12
WalexTrudko: in general it works out of the box if you choose peripherals known to work... It is impossible to make every possible buggy peripheral work in advance.18:12
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
WalexTrudko: but the Webcam freezing could simply be too little power being available to it, it is a classic symptom.18:13
suuash1629ezra-s, mouse is working now... thanks a lot18:13
ezra-ssuuash1629, Im glad ;)18:14
Trudkoand I thought it would be easy to work with ubuntu, pitty seemed like a fun, but wasn't even good for development.18:14
Trudkook I will skype from Windows , still thx18:14
suuash1629ezra-s, also some packages getting mesa dependencies is over18:15
suuash1629: ) thanks guys18:16
garshaspchanging to 2d helped than ks18:17
kingplusplusi am connecting to ssh using bash script because my internet disconnect often  how do i make it reconnect when i get disconnected this is my bash script http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475078/18:18
aguiteli have old pc with:VGA compatible controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. K8M890CE/K8N890CE [Chrome 9] (rev 01) ,how install default driver ?18:19
garshaspwhats the appeal of this os18:21
garshaspits buggy, takes forever to dl stuff18:21
garshaspits godawful just sayin18:21
Mojo_JojoIt is what you make of it.18:21
garshaspok example18:22
Mojo_JojoDownloading stuff being slow is most likely you internet connection speed.18:22
garshaspi have broadband18:22
=== jordan_ is now known as jordan
garshaspexample: i dl vlc 30 min ago, it is STILL going thru the motions18:22
Mojo_JojoWhat kind of computer are you using? (specs)18:23
garshaspmojo: its older but comparable os much faster18:23
Mojo_JojoHmm there are a few tricks you can use to speed things up.18:24
ActionPa1snipgarshasp: installing or downloading, which is taking a long time?18:24
lenzHello there. I just tried to update, but I got: "E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found." What can I do to fix this?18:24
=== sage11 is now known as Oda_Wizjin
garshaspi cant even tell tbh18:24
garshaspi did sudo apt-get blahblah18:25
garshaspok it finally did it18:25
Mojo_JojoWhen logging in, click the little icon next to you name, select unity 2d, that should speed things up a little, you can also research alternative desktop environments. For older computers I like to use something called LXDE18:25
garshaspMojo_Jojo, yeah man, im in 2d18:25
garshaspi had to figure that one out, but yeah, that helps tremendously18:25
alainushow do I get a live cd with kernel 3.12 ?18:26
Mojo_Jojo^_^ It takes a little getting used too. I came from a windows environment myself when I switched to Ubuntu. Lots of really good guides out there on the web to help ease the transition.18:26
lenzHello there. I just tried to update, but I got: "E: The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found." What can I do to fix this?18:27
garshaspMojo_Jojo, this 12.04 build is weird, i was using jaunty jackalope many moons ago and quit after all the driver issues i had18:27
garshaspbut i *had* to use ubuntu because some devs made it mandatory18:27
llutzlenz: you have a https:// url in  your sources.list(s)?18:28
lenzNo I dont. llutz18:28
llutz!info apt-transport-https  | lenz something seem to require this package18:29
ubottulenz something seem to require this package: apt-transport-https (source: apt): https download transport for APT. In component main, is standard. Version (saucy), package size 16 kB, installed size 182 kB18:29
=== u is now known as Guest75270
joosseecan anyone paste me the correct output for "iw reg get" when your country is CA , canada?18:33
=== Wizjin is now known as WiZjin
=== WiZjin is now known as Wizjin
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=== WizjiN is now known as wIzjIN
=== wIzjIN is now known as wIzjIn
lenzOk got it.18:35
lenzIt was because steam added the https:// to my sources.list.save18:35
gr33n7007hjoossee, http://pastebin.com/rgDXfhSY18:37
hitsujiTMOlenz: no steam does not modify sources.list and does not use https18:37
joosseety gr33n7007h18:38
lenzhitsujiTMO, it did for me... I installed via software center18:38
joosseedoes anyone know where the wifi connect logs are kept? or NM logs?18:38
gr33n7007hjoossee, /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/18:39
hitsujiTMOlenz: thats not steam doing that, that's whoever created that package. you should report that as a bug then18:39
lenzIll do that18:40
trismhitsujiTMO: not a bug, software-center keeps packages that are purchased in private password protected ppas18:40
ross`Excuse me, i'm trying to get ETrade Market caster to work on firefox in ubuntu18:40
ross`It gives an error saying plugin missing but won't offer a suggestion18:40
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
ross`The page said it needs java though, so i ran apt-get install default-jre18:40
ross`restarted firefox, and it still doesn't work18:40
ross`does anyone have any idea what could b eup18:41
Mojo_JojoLook into the iced tea plug in18:41
hitsujiTMOtrism: no sofware center adding https ppas but not installing apt-transport-https is not a bug?18:41
Mojo_JojoIts in the software centre.18:41
krichelanybody here has tried out zswap?18:41
gr33n7007hjoossee, read that wrong18:41
ross`Mojo_Jojo: i really want firefox java, so w/e makes firefox actually use the java is what i need18:42
joosseegr33n7007h, those seem to be the config files? I'm looking for error logs?18:42
=== Pixel is now known as Guest55019
_KaszpiR_[fglrx] ASIC hang happened18:44
_KaszpiR_yeah, no ssuspend for me18:44
gr33n7007hjoossee, /var/log/daemon.log18:45
hitsujiTMOjoossee: cat /var/log/syslog | grep NetworkManager18:46
KartagisOnixs: are you there?18:46
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: UUOC award ;)  "grep NetworkManager /var/log/syslog"18:47
trismhitsujiTMO: ahh good point, it is in ubuntu-standard though, hmm, only recommends though18:48
ActionPa1snipross`: there is a webupd8 ppa with an easy deb to install oracle java with18:51
hitsujiTMOtrism: hmm. you're right. so it should be there by default. maybe they should have it as a depend for any package that uses it tho.18:51
zykotick9hitsujiTMO: Recommends ARE installed by default... steps need to be taken to prevent that...18:53
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
hitsujiTMOzykotick9: i know thats why i said he was right. but where software center installs something that requires it i would expect it to also ensure that apt-transport-https is installed and not removed by the user18:55
billy_ran_awayWhy does my 2 disk RAID 1 device have no identity information?18:56
krichelI am running 3.11.0-13-generic #20~precise2-Ubuntu. The zswap doc says that I can run a custome compessor and suggests, as an example in the doc to use zswap.compressor=deflate as a kernel option. But when I do that dmesg says "zswap: deflate compressor not available" and send me back to the default lzo compressor. Is this a bug or a feature, and where should this be reported to?18:57
Kowala :)18:58
reisiohi half19:02
halfdanI need help with ufw - I have a service running at and would like to setup port forwarding from my public ip and port 80 to the local ip and port 808019:03
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xubuntu002account-plugin-irc has some bugs on saucy19:05
jhutchins_wkhalfdan: You are running ubuntu/ufw on your firewall/router?19:05
halfdanjhutchins_wk, it's a pi19:05
halfdanwith tunneled ip19:05
jhutchins_wkhalfdan: This should cover it: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/19:06
jhutchins_wkhalfdan: Uses it's own firewall script, but the principles are the same.19:06
ur0plcould any of you tell me what is a good program to create a boot usb image of windows?19:06
halfdanalright, thanks19:06
ur0plinside ubuntu, of course19:07
FourFireI have a situation with my Ubuntu19:07
genii!details | FourFire19:08
ubottuFourFire: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:08
FourFireI have the following equipment: Laptop with an Ubuntu installed hard drive unencrypted file system, bootable USB19:08
FourFire, external usb to SATA III cable/adapter19:09
OerHeksur0pl, usb-creater is installed standard, should work fine19:09
FourFireOld hard drive with Ubuntu, encrypted filesystem19:09
melow01Thunderbird Question: How do I view messages that have been archived?19:09
FourFireI've switched the old hard drive for the new one (laptop)19:10
FourFireand installed the Ubuntu I'm currently using on it19:10
james7689Hey I want to play tf2 on ubuntu but I have a intel graphics hd 4000 and from what I have found they don't have a version I can use on 13.10 and when I play tf2 without it it's laggy and unplayable is there anything I can do to make it playable?19:10
FourFireI need my files on this drive19:10
FourFirehow do I #1 boot of the old drive externally19:10
FourFire#2 unencrypt/move files into this drive without booting from the old one19:11
PDilyardubuntu 13.10, i keep getting a message that says "The update information is outdated. This may be caused by a repository that is no longer available." Is there a command i can run to see if any repos are failing?19:11
jimmy_bananasHello, I am having some difficulty configuring my pulseaudio settings. I would surely appreciate a little help or advice on this. I am running Ubuntu 13.10 amd64 on a Toshiba Satellite X205-S9800. Alsa is configured, and my soundcard is alc268. I have pretty decent sound however I would like to configure pulseaudio for 5.1 surround and to enable the built in subwoofer. I have altered the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf to reflect 6 channels etc, but I find mys19:11
jimmy_bananaself lost when it comes to reflecting these changes in the pulseaudio manager. Thanks19:11
OerHeksFourFire, fastest way is to put the old drive back in, and do a backup19:11
FourFireI also have the minor annoyance the since installing the new drive I can't boot directly but have to boot menu and select the installed drive manually19:11
nafgI recently did an upgrade and /dev/null is getting set to mode 0600 on every boot, any ideas?19:12
OerHeksFourFire, should think about that before doing a hdd swap19:12
OerHeksnafg nice troll, keep it up !19:13
FourFireotherwise it just goes to grup rescue and says "can't find device <l0t5-0f-w3ird-num83r5-4nd-l3773r5>"19:13
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FourFireAll ubuntu versions are 12.0419:14
hitsujiTMOnafg: what was upgraded? was it packages from a PPA or main repo?19:14
FourFire(that I have)19:14
xangua!paste | PDilyard: sudo apt-get update , paste the output19:14
ubottuPDilyard: sudo apt-get update , paste the output: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:14
FourFireI assume the letters are the ID of my old drive19:14
nafghitsujiTMO: sudo do-release-upgrade19:15
FourFirethe drive I'm switching because it was poorly formatted and had upwards of 50 bad sectors according to S.M.A.R.T.19:15
compdocFourFire, good idea19:15
hitsujiTMOnafg: ahh. did you have any ppas prior to the release-upgrade?19:15
PDilyardxangua:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475338/19:15
FourFire(so I couldn't resize partitions before remapping bad sectors)19:15
PDilyardxangua: i guess i see it now, thanks :)19:15
FourFireI don't want to backup the drive directly because the partitions are really ****ed up19:16
=== Black is now known as Guest93820
hitsujiTMOFourFire: image the drive an work the backup from that19:17
fishsceneDoes anyone know where to find the transmission config file? Everything I find online TALKS about editing the config file, and all the settings therin, but no one talks about where to locate the config file.19:17
hitsujiTMOfishcooker: look in  /etc/transmission* maybe19:18
glitsj16fishscene: ~/.config/transmission/settings.json19:18
chrowhat is the transmission file for ?19:18
fishsceneglitsj16: Thanks!   chro: So I can modify the username/password to log in to the webclient. It seems it has locked me out…19:19
chrooh transmission the bit torrent client19:19
fishscenelol yes. Sorry for not being specific :P19:19
hitsujiTMOfishscene: no /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json for the webinterface19:20
fishsceneI'll check out both. Also, where did you guys find this information? the Transmission wiki was 100% useless19:20
hitsujiTMOfishscene: tou must stop the transmission-daemon service before making any edits19:21
nafghitsujiTMO: not sure, maybe I have a 3rd party postgres (csg) for historical reasons19:21
nafghitsujiTMO: It's a rackspace cloud server19:21
glitsj16fishscene: just by browsing around your filesystem, nothing secretive19:21
FourFirewell I'm copying the files from the unencrypted and messed up old windows partitions in the mean time19:21
fishsceneglitsj16: That can take a while as I'm SSH'd into Ubuntu Server. >.>19:22
FourFirewhich means I can feel free to format those partitions and maybe make the next bit easier19:22
fishsceneEither that, or my unfamiliarity with the filesystem is to blame here.19:22
FourFirehitsujiTMO: I have done some commands which I was told to do earlier19:22
hitsujiTMOfishscene: https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/ConfigFiles19:22
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
FourFirethis resulted in some text file with all my installed packages (on the old drive) to be created (on the old drive and thus encrypted from here)19:23
FourFireis that what you mean hitsujiTMO19:23
FourFireis there any way I can boot from my old drive, via USB?19:24
FourFirewe've got 24 minutes before my 38 GB of files is transferred (at 22MB/s)19:25
hitsujiTMOnafg: nah i doubt such a ppa would cause the issue. what may have happened is that something may have created a file there before /dev filesystem was mounted in which case you could try deleteing the file and rebooting19:26
Aterohi I want to know how to format a hard drive or sd card so all data is permanently lost? I hard I could use dd what is the exact command?19:26
AteroI heard I could use dd command but I don't remember the exact line19:27
zodiakhey guys+gals, so, strange question, is there anyway to do a 'dry-run' with dhcp ?! as in, see what a dhcp server would offer without changing the ip?19:28
hitsujiTMOFourFire: what i mean that since there are so many physical errors then any access to the drive could cause more errors ( from a failing hdd head ) so the best thing to do is image the drive ( dd the file hdd to a file ) and then use that image in a virtual machine to perform the backup19:28
PDilyardxangua: ok so the package that fails is obviously java6, but how can i see the name of the ppa that is causing the trouble?19:28
PDilyardxangua: in other words, what is the command to remove that ppaq19:28
gr33n7007hAtero, dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdX19:30
hitsujiTMOnafg: actually can you tell me the output of: ls -l /dev/null                          after boot19:30
Aterogr33n7007h: thanks friend19:30
f00bar80i've installed open-vm-tools on a ubuntu guest , but still i can't paste from host into guest , any idea what's wrong /19:31
AteroI will do it now is great19:31
chrof00bar80, what VM are you using19:31
f00bar80chro, vmware workstation 9.019:32
chrohave you tried to ask in #vmware19:32
FourFirebut hitsujiTMO I'm using it right now! copying 38GB of files from it onto this drive19:34
FourFireit was using it as my only system drive the day before yesterday19:34
FourFireI just want to deal with this and hide it in my cupboard ASAP so it doesn't become a problem19:35
hitsujiTMOFourFire: i'm just gonna warn you at this point that using such a drive in such a manner ( even as read only ) has potential to cause further damage ( not saying it is going to happen, just may happen )   you should always image a dodgy drive and work from that image instead19:36
FourFirethe smart status was green, apart from a failed read selftest and ~ 58 bad blocks19:36
halfdanjhutchins_wk, does that work if the service is on masquerading seem to be mostly for machines on the same network19:36
=== kevin is now known as Guest77711
hitsujiTMO58 bad blacks is a lot19:37
FourFirehitsujiTMO: so how do I image the drive?19:37
* FourFire hasn't done any of this before19:37
FourFireoh cool you can VM an... of Course you can :D19:39
hitsujiTMOFourFire: the simplest thing to do is to dd the the drive ( dd if=/dev/sdX of=~/backup.img bs=1048576 ) but of course you have to be absolutely careful that you correctly specify the drive as the input file and not the output file. then you can mount that image in a virtual machine or dd it to a working drive19:40
geniihitsujiTMO: Probably ddrescue if it has bad blocks19:41
FourFiresdX is my old drive which I'm copying, correct?19:42
geniileno: You are not in the correct channel for that.19:42
geekmasterflashleno, No command 'sex' found, but there are 24 similar ones19:42
IdleOne!behelpful | geekmasterflash19:42
ubottugeekmasterflash: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.19:42
Anuskaleno, make sex and learn linux19:42
FourFirewhat is 'bs=1048576' for? does it change if I mention that my partition is 32 GB in size?19:42
geekmasterflashReally IdleOne ?19:43
* geekmasterflash sighs19:43
IdleOnegeekmasterflash: yes, really.19:43
ezra-sFourFire, that's block size if im not mistaken, it means your partition is devided into chunks of that size, I'm no expert in the matter though19:44
hitsujiTMOFourFire: yes its the sdX is the old drive . bs is blocksize. its just a buffer size of the amount of data it reads before writing to the destination19:44
FourFireyou know I just recently noticed that my clickpad works!19:45
hggdhFourFire: blocksize. You can also state it by 'bs=10M', for example19:45
FourFireit's amazing, I no longer Need an external mouse in order to use my operating system19:45
Roryezra-s: FourFire the bs argument to dd just specifies how much data is copied at once19:45
RoryTo all intents and purposes it doesn't matter what you put19:45
ezra-sRory, so it was about dd, sorry about my intrusion, thanks for the explanation :)19:46
hitsujiTMOFourFire: and ofc, sdX should not be mounted as you're performing the image19:46
xanguaPDilyard: I doubt you installed something from that repository so you can just remove it in Sotware Center>Edit>Sources19:46
FourFirethe BS should for optimal performance fit within my drives cache19:46
FourFireis that correct?19:46
PDilyardxangua: thank you!19:47
Roryezra-s: hitsujiTMO explained it while my incredibly slow Internet was sending my message19:48
hitsujiTMOFourFire: as rory said it doesnt really matter about the size of the bs. you can omit it and it will do just fine. the only time you really need to specify it is when dealing with SSDs or you're attempting to copy a specific amount of info or from a specific location19:48
hggdhFourFire: no, not necessarily correct. Usually, if a device is known to be faster is writing with a specific blocksize, google will show in a search19:49
FourFirehitsujiTMO: thanks for telling me, I might have imaged while it was mounted19:49
Roryexactly FourFire for example to make a gigabyte of zeroes you do "dd if=/dev/zero of=zero.bin bs=1M count=1024"19:49
hggdhFourFire: this is important: *never* 'dd' with output to a mounted filesystem. Corruption is almost certain19:50
reisioto the same FS you mean?19:50
hggdh(meaning output to the /dev/<device>)19:50
Roryreisio: don't dd to /dev/sda2 while a filesystem on /dev/sda2 is mounted.19:51
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rottinrob_good day everyone19:55
rottinrob_I was hoping someone may have advice19:56
geekmasterflashrottinrob_, On?19:56
jpedroza2kI have advice, never sniff a gift fish.19:56
gasshoIRC geekmasterflash19:56
rottinrob_my system is blocking me it seem with security polocies19:56
geekmasterflashgassho, Funny.19:56
rottinrob_where are those ?19:56
tgm4883!details | rottinrob_19:56
ubotturottinrob_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:56
geekmasterflashrottinrob_, Can you tell us exactly the error you are getting?19:56
funktHi there I am trying sudo gedit and I am getting magic-cookie errors does anyone know what I could do?19:57
rottinrob_I've had problem with internet windows closing on me ..just fiight my syste19:57
rottinrob_I just got  a popup that ssid I have secrity policies blocking my actions19:58
geekmasterflashrottinrob_, Is there a language other than english you'd be more comfortable with?19:58
rottinrob_no just typing fast, I do apologize for the spelling19:58
geekmasterflashrottinrob_, So recreate the issue and give us exactly, word for word, the pop up warning19:59
=== vinay is now known as Guest46684
rottinrob_the pop up said that my que I posted in mysql was intercepted by security polices and I was not allowed to perform that action20:00
hitsujiTMOrottinrob_: is this a corporate wifi network?20:01
rottinrob_I have been trying for 5 days to get mysql maas and apache to speak properly20:01
=== Guest46684 is now known as vinaykrsharma
rottinrob_no, it is my personal server I am trying to build20:01
killertaxicabI am looking for help identifying my new partition in ubuntu. The partition was created in windows.20:02
reisiokillertaxicab: lsblk -f20:03
hitsujiTMOkillertaxicab: is ubuntu not recognising the filesystem?20:03
killertaxicabhitsujuTMO: Sorry, allow me to rephrase. I am looking to install ubuntu onto the new partition from a LiveUSB key.20:03
hitsujiTMOkillertaxicab: delete the partition and install ubuntu to the free space20:04
VeganGeckohi there, is any dev here? anyone how can explain me this sentence from the ubuntu website here: More than 55% of all Linux developers use Ubuntu,20:04
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
VeganGeckohow = who20:05
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest88645
hitsujiTMOVeganGecko: i would that call that a statistic pulled from somewhere unpleasant20:05
fishsceneVeganGecko: Seems to be self-explanatory. Was there something in particular you were looking for? like actual statistics?20:05
newi want the background color in a .pdf and print it with the background color that i changed.20:05
newi want to change the background color in a .pdf and print it with the background color that i changed.20:06
VeganGeckoWho count this statistic on which Way please?20:06
Picirottinrob_: We would need the *exact* text or a screenshot of what you are seeing.20:06
anonynimityhow do i call breakfast in ubuntu 13.10?20:07
cerhi everybody, nouveau is gioving me some serioous grief .... the system crashes very often .....  is it worth installing nouveau firmware?20:08
new_i want to change the background color in a .pdf and print it with the background color that i changed.20:08
cer13.10 b4 bit20:08
cergraphic card nvidia quadro fx 1600 m20:08
VeganGeckonew: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=pdf+editor+ubuntu&t=kde20:08
certhis is my dmesg, only messages related to nouveau driver20:09
suyash1629hi guys, can any body help, the proprietory ati driver is not working it always gives error, can anybody tell where can i get driver for driver for AMD Radeon HD 6470M20:09
VeganGeckosuyash1629: Which Version?20:09
suyash1629ubuntu 12.04.320:10
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, http://askubuntu.com/questions/221394/how-do-i-install-the-x-org-radeon-ati-driver20:10
new_VeganGecko, which one should i install?20:11
suyash1629geekmasterflash, is that for AMD Raheon HD20:11
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, far as I can tell. The open source driver should work for both ATI and AMD radeon20:12
Anuskawhere is xorg.conf on ubuntu?20:12
Anuskais on /etc/X11/ ?20:12
Anuskais not20:12
VeganGeckonew_: There is no expierence on my Side with such Tools on Linux.20:12
hitsujiTMOAnuska: there is none by default. it auto generates20:13
k1lAnuska: there is no xorg.conf needed anymore by default. but if you need one just make one20:13
Anuskai try Xorg -configure20:13
suyash1629geekmasterflash, "sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-ati" returns "xserver-xorg-video-ati is already the newest version"20:13
Anuskaand put my on /home/user20:13
AnarchEAnyone have any guesses what would cause me to lose all networking abilities while upgrade from 13.04 to 13.11?  I've even tried a livecd and I no longer get a link light.  Tried a USB dongle and no luck with that either.  Tested the cable/port and confirmed they are working.20:13
Anuskaif i want to modify someting on xorg.conf and install that how?20:13
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Good, so you've already downloaded it20:13
hitsujiTMOAnuska: xorg.conf goes in the folder you specified20:14
Anuskais not on /etc/X11/20:14
suyash1629but the driver is not working properly..20:14
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Now just make sure you're using it. lspci -k and then find your card and see what it says your driver is20:14
hitsujiTMOAnuska: yes that folder /etc/X11/20:14
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Are you sure your even using that driver?20:14
genii!xorgconf | Anuska20:14
ubottuAnuska: The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.20:14
suyash1629i never downloaded that driver myself20:14
VeganGeckoLinuxkartoffel: From my point of View is a good Programmer exactly the oppiside thing from a Thief. And a bad Programmer is exactly that: A Thief of Freedom. ^^20:15
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, you might be using the propritary driver20:15
jhutchins_wkAnarchE: I presume you can't restore a backup to 13.04.  Look at /var/log/syslog and sudo dmesg | less and see if anything seems relevant.20:15
suyash1629i have uninstalled the proprietary one20:15
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)20:15
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Okay, but are you using the open source one?20:16
Anuskaubottu, Server terminated with error (2). Closing log file.20:16
ubottuAnuska: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:16
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, lscpi -k20:16
Anuskagenii, Server terminated with error (2). Closing log file.20:16
AnarchEjhutchins_wk: Other than "IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready, there are no errors.20:17
AnarchEjhutchins_wk: I've attempted to disable ipv6 in every way possible and that hasn't fixed it.20:17
AnarchEjhutchins_wk: Unfortunately a roll back wasn't possible.20:17
suyash1629geekmasterflash, lscpi -k returns something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475634/20:17
FourFire" don't dd to /dev/sda2 while a filesystem on /dev/sda2 is mounted." ok now I'm confused20:18
AnarchEjhutchins_wk: The fact that a live CD doesn't work either is baffling.  I feel like it has to be an APCI issue but it hasn't been.20:18
AnarchEfourefire:  df -h will tell you what's mounted.  you can't dd a live drive.20:18
AnarchEFourFire: So you'll have to umount then dd20:19
FourFireI have the following setup: dev/sda (current, new disk) dev/sdb (old filesystem, Ubuntu partition is sdb5 I think?)20:19
FourFiredoes that mean I should copy sdb5 to sdb2 ?20:20
FourFireand then run That file20:20
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Kernel modules: radeon20:20
FourFireor do I copy it onto sda?20:20
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, I believe that's not the open source driver20:20
FourFireand then VM that20:20
hitsujiTMOFourFire: dd if=/dev/sdb of=~/fulldrive.img           make sure /dev/sdbY is not monted20:20
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Let me verify20:21
suyash1629geekmasterflash, ok20:21
FourFirehow do I inpiut this exactly in relation to "dd if=/dev/sd5 of=~/backup.img bs=10M" ?20:21
hitsujiTMOFourFire: or you can dd a single partition with : dd if=/dev/sdb5 of=~/backup.sdb5.img20:22
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, No I am wrong20:22
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, That is the open source driver.20:22
auronandaceFourFire: i'd use absolute paths when dealing with dd20:22
=== troy__ is now known as Troy^
suyash1629geekmasterflash, so, xserver-xorg-video-ati is working?20:23
hitsujiTMOFourFire: given auronandace's comment: dd if=/dev/sdb5 of=$HOME/backup.sdb5.img20:23
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, put in this command and pastebin the results dmesg | egrep 'drm|radeon'20:23
suyash1629geekmasterflash, pasted the ressult: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475680/20:25
cerhi everybody, nouveau is giving me some serioous grief on 13.10 at 64bit .... the system crashes very often ..... this is the dmesg with the errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/6465235/20:26
cerin particular, it seems to conflict with firefox20:26
FourFire"permission denied"20:26
FourFirewell I'm getting somewhere20:26
cerI do not seem to be able to find solutions on google20:26
FourFiredo I need to input a password somewhere20:26
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, I don't see any obvious errors20:26
FourFireand in that case is it the old drive or the current system's password?20:27
FourFireI'll try sudo20:27
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Are you sure that your issue isn't that intel card?20:27
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, which one is being used?20:27
hitsujiTMOFourFire: sorry use sudo. /dev/sdb5 is only readable by root20:27
FourFireI sudoed and stuff is happening20:27
FourFirewhat does "sudo" stand for? I backronymed "Super User Direct order"20:28
suyash1629geekmasterflash, its a hp paviliion g6 laptop and has two cards pre-installed, i don't know which is used a default..20:28
fishscenesudo = super user do20:28
Anuskaif i do: X -configure20:28
suyash1629geekmasterflash, in windows both were used as needed.20:29
Anuskagive me some abord terminal20:29
Anuskaand save the fine in /home/user20:29
=== b0xa is now known as b0x
Anuskabut is incomplet20:29
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, egrep -i " connected|card detect|primary dev" /var/log/Xorg.0.log20:29
guest324do mounts made in dolphin automatically unmount after a set time if unused?  is there a timer setting in a conf file?20:30
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Linux isn't going to do that unless you've set up bumblee or something20:30
suyash1629geekmasterflash, [    28.036] (II) intel(0): Output LVDS1 connected20:31
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, Your problem then isnt your raedeon20:31
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, You're not even using it.20:31
suyash1629geekmasterflash, so what should i do?20:32
Guest41284just installed 12.04 along side osx 10.9 on 2010 macbook pro  now i get grey screen when trying to use osx20:32
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, If you're having graphics problems, it's going to be with the card in use. In this case the intel card. Reinstall it's drivers would be the first suggestion20:32
zzxcguest324: I would imagine not. That would be a terrible set up20:33
zzxcGuest41284: You're at the EFI screen are you trying do a Ubuntu only machine?20:33
suyash1629geekmasterflash, because i didn't install this, came preinstalled when i install ubuntu. how can i reinstall it?20:34
wheatthinalong side osx 10.920:34
zzxcwheatthin: I take this is in reference to Guest41284?20:34
zzxcwheatthin: Alright cool.20:35
Guest41284zzxc: no  i want dual boot20:35
zzxcGuest41284: How did you partition the new drive, and what do you get if you hold option while booting?20:35
zzxcGuest41284: Sorry new partition*20:36
Guest41284zzxc: in osx i allocated 40 gigs free space20:36
cersorry, it keeps crashing because of malfunction in nouveau20:36
cerhi everybody, nouveau is giving me some serioous grief on 13.10 at 64bit .... the system crashes very often ..... this is the dmesg with the errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/6465235/20:37
sovernIs it possible to convert an ubuntu install to lubuntu?20:37
xlosonHi, pardon my bad English I'm french I'have tried to read opus codec with vlc and mplayer and none of them work. This is what I got with mplayer http://pastebin.com/6bg16bMS20:37
geekmasterflashsuyash1629, I don't really know much about intel cards. Sorry.20:37
Kartagissovern: yeah, install lubuntu desktop and bam!20:37
suyash1629thanks a lot geekmasterflash for ur time..20:37
zzxcGuest41284: How did you resize it? And what format is the Ubuntu install in?20:37
bazhangsovern, install lubuntu-desktop20:37
sovernbazhang: apt-get install lubuntu-desktop?20:38
zzxcsovern: Yeah removing ubuntu's cruf is a but more diffecult though.20:38
zzxcsovern bazhang: yep20:38
Guest41284zzxc: i get the option to selecy osx  huh  thanks20:38
jiffe99I just downloaded and burned ubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386.iso but my 32-bit laptop doesn't seem to want to boot it20:39
zzxcGuest41284: Alright cool. If you're going to multiple boot your mac with something beside windows you might want to check out rEFInd.20:39
Guest41284zzxc: how do a get a slicker selector setup  so it defaults to osx and not efi20:39
zzxcGuest41284: Haha see above.20:39
jiffe99opening it in windows explorer I can see all the files so looks like it burned ok20:39
zzxcOne sec I need to see if it finished building yet.20:40
adamVOGESi searched thie net but didnt find satisfying results on askubunut.net  : is kubuntu and installing KDE on ubuntu the same thing ??? please tell me :P #noob20:40
xanguaadamVOGES: yes20:41
suyash1629can someone tell me on how to reinstall intel graphic card?20:41
Ben64jiffe99: if it's very old it might not work, newer ubuntus need PAE20:41
zzxcAlright, so I need to do some testing so I might have a slower response time.20:41
jiffe99Ben64: its only about 5 years old20:41
Beldarjiffe99, Are you familiar with the per-session boot?20:41
Ben64jiffe99: you'd have to look up the cpu and see if it supports PAE20:41
chalcedonymy husband's computer is getting an error - Software Updater20:42
chalcedonyFailed to download repository information,20:42
chalcedony Check your Internet connection20:42
FloodBot1chalcedony: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:42
* chalcedony grovels apologizing to FloodBot1 20:42
suyash1629sorry, i mean graphic driver20:42
chalcedonyhe's connected to the web, is there something we can fix?20:42
Beldarchalcedony, this a straight to the server no proxies..etc20:43
FourFiremy drive stopped whirring now20:43
chalcedonyBeldar, yes his box, router, dsl20:43
zzxcGuest41284: OSX's EFI manager will hang for 30 seconds while it waits to see if there are any HFS(+) paritions. And I don't think it will even recongize ubunutu.20:43
Beldarchalcedony, no ftp...etc20:43
chalcedonyBeldar, no20:43
Beldarchalcedony, You might change the server in software sources just to check.20:44
Anuskawhere i can get more info about Xorg configuration on ubuntu?20:44
zzxcGuest41284: When I first installed ubuntu on a mac I did it though the bootcamp set up. It seemed to play work alright for the most part with that.20:44
chalcedonyBeldar, do you mind elaborating some? not sure i remember how to do that?20:44
zzxcAnuska: Yep beat me to it.20:45
tgm4883chalcedony, are you able to post your /etc/apt/sources.list to pastebin?20:45
hitsujiTMOchalcedony: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list on his machine?20:45
jiffe99Ben64: I'm not seeing PAE listed, there a way to tell from within ubuntu?20:45
chalcedonyhitsujiTMO, TGiFallen_ ok moment :)20:45
Ben64jiffe99: you said it won't boot...20:45
suyash1629can anyone please tell me how to reinstall the intel graphic drivers?20:46
Anuskamy X running witout gdm , kdm , xdm20:46
Anuskahow i stop the X?20:46
Ben64suyash1629: its built into the kernel, you can't "reinstall" the intel driver20:46
tgm4883Anuska, you are looking for lightdm20:46
jiffe99Ben64: I have ubuntu 11.10 on it right now20:46
Beldarchalcedony, ubuntu softwrae center-edit-preferences-software source first tab I believe20:46
jiffe99it just doesn't boot the install cd for ubuntu 13.1020:47
Guest41284zzxc: refit vs  refind?20:47
hitsujiTMOjiffe99: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep pae20:47
suyash1629Ben64, the driver is not working properly.. so i wanted to reinstall it20:47
Anuskawow tgm4883, have other namepff20:47
Ben64!work | suyash162920:47
ubottusuyash1629: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.20:47
tgm4883Anuska, nope20:47
Beldarchalcedony, I'm on trusty and the software center is not letting me open the software sources, so I can't give you the exact everything.20:48
Anuskatgm4883, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475781/20:48
chalcedonyBeldar, ok he's on 13.0420:48
Beldarchalcedony, same thing20:48
jiffe99pae is listed under flags when I cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep pae20:48
tgm4883Anuska, I'm not sure what you are trying to do20:48
Anuskai try X -configure20:49
hitsujiTMOjiffe99: are you installing from  cd or usb?20:49
suyash1629Ben64, i mean it sometimes give errors and also while booting i get white screen20:49
Anuskato create xorg.conf becouse is not on /etc/X1120:49
Anuskato configure videocard20:49
tgm4883Anuska, I was just responding to you about stopping X regarding gdm, kdm, etc. gdm was replaced by lightdm in Ubuntu awhile ago20:49
FourFireI honestly have no idea how to use VirtualBox to open this file20:49
Beldarchalcedony, basically in software sources you have a button to look at all the possible servers like main or one closer to you or the fastest ping to choose from.20:49
jiffe99hitsujiTMO: I burned it to a dvd20:50
chalcedonyBeldar, ah yeah20:50
Beldarchalcedony, Cool, sounds like you remember now.20:50
hitsujiTMOjiffe99: did you verify the dvd and did you md5sum the iso?20:50
FourFirehitsujiTMO: do I need to add a virtual or physical hard disk to the VM?20:51
hitsujiTMOFourFire: since you've just dd'd the lvm you should be able to mount that with loop20:51
chalcedonyBeldar, sortof kindof - let me pastebin this20:51
FourFirehitsujiTMO: I have no idea how to do that, could you give me a command?20:52
xanguajiffe99: if you computer has no pae support either install xubuntu or lubuntu wich uses non-pae kernel20:52
jiffe99xangua: it does have PAE20:53
gordonjcpxangua: it didn't when I tried it20:53
jiffe99MD5 sum looks good20:53
Beldarchalcedony, just run software-properties-gtk  then ubuntu software-download from20:53
guest324are there any good free kubuntu/linux e-books available?20:53
Anuskahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6475801/ lowe graphic mode???20:53
gordonjcpI have some 32-bit non-PAE kit and I needed to install the mini iso20:53
gordonjcpguest324: ebooks about what?20:53
hitsujiTMOFourFire: unfortunately i'm not familiar with dealing with encrypted partitions. what type of encrytion did you use? luks?20:54
guest324gordonjcp, about linux basics, libraries, grub, etc.20:54
FourFirehitsujiTMO: I don't know whatever is default on Ubuntu probably20:54
gordonjcpguest324: yeah, head over to tldp.org20:54
gordonjcpguest324: all kinds of stuff there, not all of which massively up-to-date but still worth a read20:55
hitsujiTMOFourFire: ok, try this first: sudo apt-get install cryptsetup lvm220:55
FourFireI can't use VirtualBox?20:55
FourFire(I just installed it)20:55
guest324gordonjcp, great, thanks, i think this is along the lines of what i'm seeking20:55
gordonjcpguest324: don't forget the Ubuntu wiki20:56
FourFirealright, I'll do that20:56
chalcedonyhttp://pastebin.com/r3Nnkw3z  tgm4883 Beldar - it looks like he has some odd things20:56
hitsujiTMOFourFire: not for the lvm on its own. this should hopefully be simplerish20:56
tgm4883chalcedony, hmm ok, can you pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get update"?  That should show us which one is having the error20:57
ment0sI have installled autofs and configured it to automount my cifs share, however when autofs daemon is running I cannot manualy mount hard drives from file explorer ( i am getting permission denied ) could some one help to resolve this  ?20:57
guest324gordonjcp, is there book-like documentation on the wiki or is it mainly encyclopedic20:58
hitsujiTMOFourFire: once thats installed: sudo modprobe dm-crypt && sudo cryptsetup luksOpen ~/backup.sdb5.img backup20:58
FourFirehitsujiTMO: done20:58
Beldarchalcedony, That is the sources.list we want to change the server it calls to for those.  just run software-properties-gtk  then ubuntu software-download from20:58
Beldarchnage then server called to20:58
auronandace!manual | guest32420:59
ubottuguest324: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:59
hitsujiTMOFourFire: any errors?20:59
hitsujiTMOwhat error?20:59
kontinuityhi everyone20:59
FourFireis not a valid LUKS device20:59
kontinuityI am trying to clone a ppa package so that I can use a newer version, how do I go about doing that?21:00
guest324auronandace, is there a Kubuntu Manual or no?21:00
FourFireI guess I hooed and haaed at the different encryption types before picking something random when I installed that partition21:00
guest324too redundant?21:00
FourFireI have no idea which one I picked21:00
guest324maybe a KDE manual?21:00
auronandaceguest324: not that i'm aware of21:00
hitsujiTMOFourFire: sudo apt-get install kpartx21:00
hitsujiTMOFourFire: it prob wont allow mounting from a file21:01
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest63672
jiffe99hmm, might be the drive, it doesn't seem to recorgnize blank dvds either21:01
chalcedonyouch! Beldar i get a whole LOT of errors, starting with this  - (software-properties-gtk:26069): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_style_provider_get_style_property: assertion `GTK_IS_STYLE_PROVIDER (provider)' failed21:01
FourFireok, what now?21:01
Guest63672I am having a hard time booting from my CD-ROM, while running a single Ubuntu boot21:01
Beldarchalcedony, with running 'software-properties-gtk '?21:02
Guest63672The CD ROM just clicks, and that's all21:02
hitsujiTMOFourFire: once kpartx is installed run: sudo kpartx -a -v $HOME/backup.sdb5.img21:02
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you pastebin the output of that21:02
chalcedonyBeldar, yes21:02
chalcedonyas root21:02
Guest63672How am i able to check if the CD-ROM is recognized by the Linux system?21:02
Beldarchalcedony, I have no sudo there.21:02
chalcedonyBeldar, ok trying without21:03
hitsujiTMOFourFire: not even an error?21:03
FourFirejust a newline21:03
chalcedonyBeldar, sorry. it's still not happy - last line: (software-properties-gtk:26088): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_css_rgba_value_get_rgba: assertion `rgba->class == &GTK_CSS_VALUE_RGBA' failed21:04
chalcedonySegmentation fault (core dumped)21:04
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you pastebin the output of; ls -l /dev/loop021:04
hitsujiTMOFourFire: sorry; ls -l /dev/mapper21:05
Guest63672Can someone help me with the problem i am facing? I am trying to boot a Windows XP OS, while running a single-boot system (Ubuntu 13.04), and the CD-ROM won't boot at all or even play a music cd when i insert it. All i get is a clicking sound, nothing else. What could cause the problem?21:05
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: sounds like u may have a DVD or dual layer disc trying to be read by a CD ROM if u can't get it to boot from CD its a problem with either in the media or the device reading it21:05
Beldarchalcedony, Not sure than that command should have the software sources appear, and this was just an attempt to see if it is the server called problem, so......21:05
FourFire"crw------- 1 root root 10, 236 Nov 25 20:03 control"21:05
FourFirenothing pastebin worthy21:05
chalcedonyBeldar, it seems to have some other kind of problem?21:06
FourFireloop0 is "brw-rw---- 1 root disk 7, 0 Nov 25 22:02 /dev/loop0"21:06
Beldarchalcedony, Not sure can you just run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade and pastebin all of it.21:06
Guest63672wafflejockTablet: Nope, it's a standard CD, 700 MB21:07
chalcedonyBeldar, pastebin the whole of the update upgrade?21:07
Beldarchalcedony, yeah including the comands you can use that command as is.21:07
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: using a minimal CD?21:07
hitsujiTMOFourFire: ok. i'm wondering if the image was the root partition and not the lvm. can you try: sudo mount -o loop $HOME/backup.sdb5.img21:07
hitsujiTMOFourFire: ok. i'm wondering if the image was the root partition and not the lvm. can you try: sudo mount -o loop $HOME/backup.sdb5.img /mnt21:07
chalcedonyis there a way towreit the command to save that to a file?21:07
hitsujiTMOFourFire: second one there. i forgot the mount point21:08
wafflejockTabletWhat I so did u burn to the disc most won't fit on a standard cd21:08
Beldar!pastebinit | chalcedony21:08
ubottuchalcedony: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com21:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest86223
Guest86223Hay people21:08
Beldarhideee hidee hoe21:08
Guest63672The CD-ROM won't play anything, so i assume it's a hardware related thing. Drivers, etc?21:09
wafflejockTabletAh sorry I see windows21:09
chalcedonyBeldar, wow i'd forgotten about pastebinit, it quit working for me will try21:09
Guest63672Yeah, i want to boot into Win XP21:09
hitsujiTMOFourFire: once thats done and there's not errors have a look in /mnt21:09
wafflejockTabletSounds like a hardware problem really have never had an issue with a CDROM drive21:09
Guest63672It's an old HP Compaq nx901021:10
wafflejockTabletEven if Linux was having problems during boot its just up to your bios and device21:10
=== gary is now known as Guest79581
FourFire"mount: can't find /home/fourfire/backup.sdb5.img in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"21:10
FourFireit's right there21:10
FourFireI can see it in nautilus21:11
Guest63672Is there a way to wipe everything on my hard disk?21:11
=== Guest79581 is now known as gareim
FourFiresame name21:11
Guest63672using bash?21:11
Guest63672because i don't see another alternative21:11
BeldarGuest63672, What is on the HD and what is the end goal?21:11
Guest63672Ubuntu 13.04 on the HDD, and i want to install Windows XP21:11
FourFireok I did the second thing21:12
FourFireit's newline21:12
hitsujiTMOFourFire: check in /mnt21:12
BeldarGuest63672, Ubuntu is not the booting problem, and this is a windows issue go to ##windows, the XP install will wipe ubuntu.21:12
FourFirehow do I check exactly?21:13
FourFireis it a folder in HOME ?21:13
hitsujiTMOFourFire: not thats a folder in root21:13
Guest63672Beldar: Yeah, but since im using a single boot (Ubuntu) i should get the support till the moment where i don't have ONLY that OS installed?21:13
BeldarGuest63672, Not a ubuntu issue.21:13
FourFiremnt is folder with things inside it21:13
hitsujiTMOFourFire: no* ...    FourFire thats the backup image so.21:14
FourFireit's in "root" or "behind" HOME21:14
gareimNot an Ubuntu issue, but there's not much to do from the Windows side..21:14
Guest63672Beldar: Okay...21:14
BeldarGuest63672, The problem is not ubuntu related is all it is booting a XP iso. ;)21:14
Beldarer cd21:14
* FourFire isn't very familiar with file systems, they are currently more of a GUI guy21:14
hitsujiTMOFourFire: as in in nautilus goto "Computer" thats the root directory. and then open mnt folder21:15
stale_( . ) ( . )21:15
FourFireyeah I'm in mnt folder now21:15
hitsujiTMOFourFire: whats in there?21:15
FourFireit's "higher up" than HOME, not inside it21:15
FourFire"bin" "boot" "cdrom"21:15
FourFirelots of linuxy folders21:15
Guest63672Beldar: Okay, i thought there are people here that are willing to help, and not making formal statements about what is *Ubuntu related problem* and what21:15
Guest63672is not21:16
Guest63672but nevermind21:16
hitsujiTMOFourDollars: thats your old hdd image then. so /mnt/home should contain your old /home directory21:16
FourFiremnt/home has two broken shortcuts :(21:16
BeldarGuest63672, Fair assessment if it was a ubuntu issue.21:16
tgm4883Guest63672, This is the official ubuntu support channel. Beldar is right, if it's not a Ubuntu issue, it can't really be supported here21:17
hitsujiTMOFourFire: what do you mean?21:17
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you pastebin the output of: ls -l /mnt/home21:17
gareimGuest63672: I joined late. What was the problem?21:17
p0wn3dHe wants to install Windows XP and he thinks that ubuntu broke his CDROM drive21:18
Beldarwould not matter at boot21:18
Guest63672gareim: I am trying to boot Windows XP PRO SP3, from the CD-ROM. I am using Ubuntu 13.04. The CD-ROM won't boot, and it won't even play any kind of CD and stuff21:19
FourFirehitsujiTMO:  http://pastebin.com/5kLVq8L621:19
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: yeah CDROM is likely broke21:19
xanguaGuest63672: sounds like a question for ##windows21:19
Guest63672p0wn3d: I am actually using Linux distros for a while, and i'm not a n00b, as you're thinking.21:19
gareimYeah, booting from CD has nothing to do with Ubuntu since Ubuntu doesn't even load at that point21:19
wafflejockTabletReally people here will help on Ubuntu issues where they can21:19
wafflejockTabletWe can't fix your CDROM though21:20
BeldarGuest63672, I would just check the per-session boot option is all, they should know what that is in ##windows.21:20
Guest63672Yeah, i know, i just came here to see if someone has an idea of what the problem could be.21:20
hitsujiTMOFourFire: and does /mnt/home/[user]  propperly contain you old data?21:20
FourFirejust two broken links21:21
OerHeks Guest63672 sounds like you have set the SATA controller to AHCI or linux, xp needs ide-mode21:21
FourFirethey ask to be deleted when I click on them21:21
BeldarGuest63672, some of are on ##windos as well.21:21
gareimTry testing the CD by booting it in a VM. If it works there, it's not your CD. If it doesn't, it's your CD21:21
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you pastebin: ls -la /mnt/home/[user]21:21
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: best u can do is check cables and your bios settings or do a grub boot from iso but it may get hairy21:22
hitsujiTMOFourFire: i wonder did you have an encrypted home folder too21:22
Jordan_UGuest63672: When you insert a CD into this system while running Ubuntu, the CD should mount automatically and be avaialble in Nautilus. If it doesn't, then check dmesg for error messages which might confirm that you have a hardware problem.21:22
Guest63672OerHeks: How do i change to IDE mode?21:23
xanguaJordan_U: you came late to the party21:23
zzxcwellll this ain't the right window.... sorry about that21:23
Januaryhi all ...21:23
zzxcJanuary: Hey how are you doing?21:23
gordonjcpzzxc: congratulations, you're the first person ever to do that :-p21:23
FourFirehitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/EDW8u6xV21:23
gordonjcpzzxc: at least it wasn't the root password to a prodution server <ahem?21:23
Januaryyea - what is the root password?21:24
hitsujiTMOFourFire: yup encrypted home folder too. give me a sec and ill read up on it21:24
FourFireyeah my home folder was encrypted, that's the thing you get to choose on install21:24
wafflejockTablet1234 123 is a security risk ;)21:24
Guest63672What is the abbreviation for the *cd-rom file* under /dev?21:24
xangua!root | January21:24
ubottuJanuary: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo21:24
JanuaryI agree - thanks :-)21:25
wafflejockTabletHeh like the spoon reference21:25
hitsujiTMOFourFire: ok, can you run this: sudo ecryptfs-recover-private21:25
Guest63672What is the abbreviation for the *cd-rom file* under /dev?21:25
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: I'm showing cdrom linked to sr021:26
Guest63672Okay, is it smart to wipe everything from the HDD?21:27
Guest63672and if it is, how do i do it using bash/21:27
wafflejockTabletWon't help if u can't boot from a bootable cd21:28
FourFire"command not found""21:28
p0wn3dWe just use our company wide adobe password 12345621:28
wafflejockTabletThat happens before your HDD comes into play21:28
c4iffSo I configured solarized color scheme for vim and it was working fine, now since I've launched gvim; it only comes up correctly and vim launched from a terminal comes up with really strange colors. I've verified my vimrc and even made it the same as the global vimrc in /etc/vim. I'm not quite sure what settings got over written.21:28
Guest63672Yeah, you're right :/21:28
wafflejockTabletKeepassx is nice for reals though21:28
hitsujiTMOFourFire: sorry: sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils and try again21:29
Guest63672Okay, recommend me some generic CD-ROM drivers?21:29
FourFireok it's searching21:30
=== pants is now known as Guest56269
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: again drivers don't come into play since they are on the HDD if your bios won't let u choose to boot from cdrom and that doesn't work nothing else will21:31
hitsujiTMOFourFire: let me know the result. if it finds or doesn't find it21:32
FourFireINFO: Found [/mnt/home/.ecryptfs/[user]/.Private]21:33
wafflejockTabletGuest63672: you'll need a new cdrom hooked up somehow21:33
gassho`Well hello :>21:34
hitsujiTMOFourFire: follow the dialog to recover the folder21:35
hitsujiTMOFourFire: once its done it should tell you a mountpoint: somewhere in /tmp usually21:36
FourFireYes, ITS WORKING21:37
* FourFire guffles hitsujiTMO 21:38
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you paste the mount point here please21:38
FourFireThanks for your help, I really needed it!21:38
Anuskahi, i have this config on xorg : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6475953/21:38
hitsujiTMOFourFire: np. at least you have a safe image to work from now21:38
Anuskawhat is wrong? becouse21:39
FourFireI'm happily copying my files from tmp/ecryptfs.T8LPBH2A21:39
Anuskamy resolution is big21:39
hitsujiTMOFourFire: ahh cool. so you are good to go?21:39
entrerihello, is there anyone here using music.xbox.com ? Could anyone with an Hotmail or Xbox account tell me if it works? Either using Archlinux, Ubuntu, Mint... I keep seeing "Sorry, can't play right now" when I try to play a song... It's supposed to be web-based streaming but when it's from Microsoft you can bet you will have problem using it under anything but Windows...21:39
=== gb_ is now known as Guest41543
chullBelial`, this weird! -1:~# pastebinit apt-get update && apt-get upgrade21:41
chullUnable to read from: apt-get21:41
chuller Beldar?21:42
IlmenHi everyone; I have a liveUSB of ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso on a hard drive but the uefi bios of my new laptop don't detect the hdd21:42
rootwowCan anyone help me out_21:42
FourFireok I have one more question21:42
FourFireI have two files here21:42
hitsujiTMOentreri: works for me in chrome. maybe its using a proprietary codec thats not available on your browser?21:42
Ilmenis network booting of ubuntu hard?21:42
FourFireone is a .txt file with a list of all my installed software21:42
rootwowi have one problem with the xubuntu installer21:43
FourFireit was generated by me inputting some command in the terminal21:43
rootwowhe would not let me install it alongside windows21:43
docdtvHello - I am a Linux user from way back (1992?), but just started to use U[buntu]. I am using ver 10LTS because ver 12LTS HIDES all the power tools and geek goodies *SIGH* - Is there an Q&D way to expose a menu of geek tools in 12LTS?21:43
FourFireis there some way for me to get the computer to read the file and install all the software?21:43
hitsujiTMOFourFire: dpkg --get-selections ???21:43
FourFireyeah that's like the command I input to get the file21:43
geekmasterflashdocdtv, I don't follow. What exactly is Ubuntu hiding?21:44
entrerihitsujiTMO: I'm using Chromium with the most recent flash player... can you hear the songs ?21:44
chalcedonyBeldar, welcome back21:44
wafflejockTabletdocdtv: define geek tools?21:44
wafflejockTabletIts all still here from what I can tell21:44
hitsujiTMOentreri: chromium does not have some propritary codecs. yes i can hear the songs21:44
Guest63672#define GEEK TOOLS g33k_t00lz :)21:44
chalcedonyBeldar, this weird! -1:~# pastebinit apt-get update && apt-get upgrade21:44
chalcedony Unable to read from: apt-get21:44
docdtvThanks much geekMF - the desktop menu in 12 is AUSTERE - while 10 has pull-down menus with MANY geek tools listed21:44
entrerihitsujiTMO: you're using firefox ?21:44
hitsujiTMOentreri: no chrome21:45
JoshStrobl@entreri It's working for me under Chrome.21:45
geekmasterflashdocdtv, Ah, you are talking about Gnome21:45
hitsujiTMOentreri: chromium != chrome21:45
docdtvYes Gnome21:45
entrerihitsujiTMO: Chrome on Ubuntu ?21:45
docdtvI read in Wikipedia you now use a new desktop21:45
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
hitsujiTMOentreri: yes, chrome on ubuntu21:45
docdtvUniverse or something?21:45
entrerihitsujiTMO: I'll try to find it21:46
docdtvUNITY! That's it!21:46
wafflejockTabletUnity I use kubuntu though21:46
geekmasterflashdocdtv, You can get gnome on any version of Ubunutu. Give the command sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop21:46
FourFirelots of old geeks say it sucks21:46
zzxcrootwow: yeah shoot what you're issue?21:46
hitsujiTMOentreri: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/21:46
wafflejockTabletKDE is nice21:46
geekmasterflashdocdtv, 10.04 was before Unity21:46
FourFireHowever windoze noobs like me don't have a problem with it21:46
docdtvGreat fix GMF - thanks so very much21:46
geekmasterflashdocdtv, However, unity doesn't hide these options21:46
entrerihitsujiTMO: it's not in the repo ?21:46
geekmasterflashdocdtv, Just puts them in a different place.21:46
hitsujiTMOentreri: no its not21:46
docdtvJust too hard for my lazy ass to find I guess = "hidden" LOL21:47
hitsujiTMOentreri: google provide a .deb for ubuntu/debian21:47
m0neymaker09 http://adf.ly/ZtjfG enjoy !21:47
WiGustinteresting. Does chromium spy for users like chrome?)21:47
m0neymaker09 http://adf.ly/ZtjfG enjoy !21:47
m0neymaker09 http://adf.ly/ZtjfG enjoy !21:47
FloodBot1m0neymaker09: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:47
Anuskahow i change resolution on xorg.conf?21:48
entrerihitsujiTMO sorry I /msg you accidently, thanks for your help21:48
Anuskabecouse i add Modes "1280x1024"21:48
docdtvSo I take it that doing "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop" will ALSO USURP initialization of Unity, right?21:48
geekmasterflashdocdtv, It will install gdm, which you can select as your primary Desktop Manager. From there when the system boots you will be give the option of unity or gnome21:49
hitsujiTMOFourFire: personally i'd not use that file as a source directly. it will certainly contain packages that you don't want, like old kernels21:49
geekmasterflashdocdtv, If you remove unity21:49
geekmasterflashdocdtv, then it will just be gnome21:49
Beldarchalcedony,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade | pastebinit21:50
FourFirehitsujiTMO: what should I do short of manually going through the file and installing every single "good" package by hand ?21:50
docdtvOk, I will accept the two-desktop option for now, Maybe some friends will be using Unity21:50
FourFirecan I go through the file and eliminate all the "bad" packages?21:50
chalcedonyBeldar, lol ok that might work better, thank you :)21:50
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you pastebin the file and i'll see how it was generated21:50
docdtvMany thanks for such friendly and expert help GMF - you're the best! :)21:50
zzxcWiGust: Chromium is all open source.21:51
wafflejockTabletYeah u can check for yourself and build from source if its a really big deal, to you21:52
FourFirehitsujiTMO:  http://pastebin.com/wh4Fg45621:53
WiGustzzxc: yes, but i read an article 2010 what it had some "dirty code"21:53
=== b0xa is now known as b0x
NeoIDhi, I seriously need help. I've been struggling with deleting a single file and whoever I ask has never seen something like this before. I'm root, but still can't delete this file: http://pastebin.com/qwQLyWtW21:55
IlmenI'v found a "network installer" for ubuntu 13.10, and I'm considering using it as my bios doesn't seem to detect my usb devices; is there any important difference with a classical liveUSB installation?21:55
NeoIDIlmen, check that fastboot is disabled21:55
IlmenI didn't found any such option in my bios21:56
Ilmen(I tried to disable secure boot, but to no avail)21:56
geekmasterflashNeoID, is the drive encrypted?21:57
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, no21:57
geekmasterflashNeoID, have you tried to chmod the file?21:57
NeoIDit's a raid6 configuration21:57
Anuskaxorg is so fuck21:57
BeldarIlmen, Are you not seeing it in the bios or it does not boot?21:57
hitsujiTMOFourFire: can you run this: dpkg --get-selections | awk '{ print $1 }' > ~/newlist.txt                                and then can you pastebin that too21:57
WiGustwafflejockTablet: no thanks, just my curiosity :) i don't use its21:57
Anuskawhy ubuntu deleted xorg.conf from /etc/X1121:57
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, yes, but I only get permission denied21:57
Beldar!language | Anuska21:57
ubottuAnuska: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.21:57
IdleOneAnuska: Please don't swear in this channel21:58
IlmenBeldar: I don't see it at all21:58
geekmasterflashNeoID, is your desktop Unity, Gnome, Kde....21:58
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, none, ubuntu server21:58
geekmasterflashNeoID, Can you see who owns the file?21:58
Anuskai add xorg.conf on /et/X11 and give me the graphic is low21:58
BeldarIlmen, Any other usb's to test with?21:58
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, that's the strange part.. it's owned by "964858371", but I only have one user on the system21:59
zzxcWiGust: It would be hard to get malciuous code in. They do make things like disabling third party cookies harder, but I haven't seen what article you're talking about. Got a link?21:59
IlmenBeldar: I also doesn't detect my old windows xp on its hdd21:59
NeoIDI've run fsck twice, but the ext4 filesystem seems to be ok21:59
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest87777
IlmenBeldar: (on another external drive)21:59
BeldarIlmen, From the bios or am OS on the HD, can you boot to an OS on the HD?22:00
geirhaNeoID: what does lsattr say?22:00
chalcedonyBeldar, i'm not seeing a pastebin address - however we did it 3 times :)22:00
NeoIDgeirha, -u-D--d-c----e- 13. Taishou.a - Higurashi.mp3/ads22:01
geirhaNeoID: ok, u means undeletable22:01
geekmasterflashNeoID, I sometimes get this problem when a file is in use22:01
Beldarchalcedony, Not sure what to say, this is really basic stuff to get this command to a pastebin, once again we are getting slowed down on just basic fact finding, not even a solution.22:02
WiGustzzxc: yeah, but only on russian http://habrahabr.ru/post/101396/22:02
Guest87777hello. I want to install developers version of xubuntu 14.04 and I found the ISO with "trusty-desktop-i386" which should be developers version of xubuntu 14.04 but after installation it looks like ubuntu 13.04 - salamander... It should be like that, or I have to install developers version from some other ISO?22:02
NeoIDgeirha, possible to remove the U somehow? I've rebooted the server multiple times, so the file should not be in use22:02
geirhaNeoID: chattr -u22:02
IlmenBeldar: I'm not sure to understand the question; my internal hdd has windows 8, and I have an image of ububtu on an external hdd22:02
NeoIDit's just an mp3-file.. but strange is that the file system suddently thinks it's a directory22:02
BeldarIlmen, An image being a ISO or full install?22:03
jiffe99hmm, tried dvd and sd card, won't boot the ubuntu install from either22:03
NeoIDgeirha, that didn't doo much... no erros, but still: -u-D--d-c----e- 13. Taishou.a - Higurashi.mp3/ads22:03
BeldarIlmen, A HD not a usb Flash?22:03
IlmenBeldar: Iso converted to liveUSB with Rufus22:03
hitsujiTMOchalcedony: do you get a reply when pinging ubuntu.com or paste.ubuntu.com?         ping ubuntu.com                  ping paste.ubuntu.com22:03
zykotick9jiffe99: when you created the sd card, what did you use?22:04
jiffe99zykotick9: unetbootin22:04
zykotick9jiffe99: ok.22:04
chalcedonyhitsujiTMO, let me try from his box22:04
BeldarIlmen, On a HD not a flash usb, in gneral we see this method fail often is all.22:04
zzxcWiGust: Thats cool I know a bit a Russian22:04
geekmasterflashNeoID, Are you using some kind of Active Directory/Samba?22:04
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, I'm using samba22:05
Ilmenwell, the ubuntu is on a flash usb actually; but the computer of my brother (windows 7) does detect it22:05
chalcedonyhitsujiTMO,  8 received, 0% packet loss, time 7004ms22:05
chalcedony - to paste.ubuntu.com via ssh22:05
geekmasterflashNeoID, Anyone currently listening to music?22:05
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, nope22:05
NeoIDI've killed smbd and I'm the only user on the system :/22:06
geirhaNeoID: Hm. What about  chattr -uDdc  ?22:06
iridethelongbusIm working on asettting up a hp envy 4500 for my boss and i  followed this guide and my printer is not being detected by the GUI hp setup.  http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/manual/hp_setup.html22:06
NeoIDgeirha, no output22:06
BeldarIlmen, Not sure on a W8 setup I always use a per-session boot myself never the bios. However my "assumption" is that the bios would show it for a per-session to work22:07
hitsujiTMOchalcedony Beldar ahh its not piping to pastebinit because its failing at apt-get update and your using the guard operator &&.22:07
homeWhat is compiz and why is it prone to failure?22:08
IlmenBeldar: Windows 8 itself does detect the flash usb but not the bios22:08
hitsujiTMOchalcedony: try: sudo apt-get update | pastebinit22:08
geekmasterflashNeoID, anything if you try lsof?22:08
=== home is now known as Mongo44
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, nope, no output22:08
zykotick9home: compiz is the 3d/eyecandy window manager, that makes unity possible...  it's always had stability issues...22:09
geekmasterflashNeoID, how about strace rm -f (filename)?22:09
Mongo44Any fixes?22:09
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, http://pastebin.com/ZSe41WCx22:10
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
BeldarhitsujiTMO, I wondered about that mine worked but only the last what's available, however all I ever wanted was a updat upgrade to a pastebin, the user could not access the software sources to begin with this is at the least an hour into a simple fact finding effort, rather disconcerting in the end.22:10
geirhaNeoID: Hm. the u flag causes it to be undeletable, but why you can't remove that flag, I'm not sure. I don't use extended attributes much. Maybe the parent directory has some attributes too?22:11
Mongo44How many OS'es can be run on one computer?22:11
BeldarhitsujiTMO, Help them please. ;)22:11
NeoIDgeirha, I've tried to change that flag on every parent dir, but no changes are working22:11
buuMongo44: 88.322:11
geniiMongo44: As many as you have space for22:11
NeoIDseems like the file is just a shadow/damaged22:11
zzxc__WiGust: Hey So I read though it.22:11
geirhaNeoID: What does lsattr on the parent dir say?22:12
hitsujiTMOBeldar: given that problem i'd still see the issue as being in the sources22:12
geekmasterflashNeoID, it looks like it's a symbolic link, Neo.22:12
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, it should be/was always a file :S22:12
geekmasterflashNeoID, but other than that that strace doesnt tell me anything I know how to read22:12
BeldarhitsujiTMO, Did you see the sources.list post?22:12
NeoIDgeirha, -------------e- backup/homes22:12
hitsujiTMOBeldar: no i'll look up22:12
Mongo44Is Debian better than Ubuntu?22:12
geekmasterflashNeoID, I'd recommend showing it to someone that knows more than me22:12
iridethelongbusNobody has any idea about my printer issue? Im sure its something simple im missing as a nooB. I ran this guide: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/manual/hp_setup.html yet hp setup is not detecting a printer via USB.22:12
BeldarhitsujiTMO, They directed it at me, just one 3rd party.22:13
Beldarcould be the issue22:13
geirhaNeoID: and lsattr 'backup/homes/13. Taishou.a - Higurashi.mp3/' ?22:13
zykotick9Mongo44: is Red better than Blue?  <your question is OT here>22:13
NeoIDgeekmasterflash, I've shown the problem to a whole bunch of people who claim to know a lot about ubuntu, still no one figured it out :p22:13
NeoIDbut thanks for your help :)22:13
intersecHi, somebody can help me setting up the POSTFIX22:13
wafflejockTabletintersec: where are u stuck also does your ISP allow port 25 traffic?22:14
jhutchins_wkintersec: Depends on the question.22:14
geirhaIf it has the immutable flag (i) set, then that would explain why you couldn't remove the u flag on the ads file within it22:14
zzxc__WiGust: My russian is a little bit rough but He refenced a Library that isn't included, and simply pointed to chorium connecting to google.ru as proof of phoning home. Which it could be, but more likely its a plugin connecting.22:14
NeoIDgeirha, that gives me: ---D--d-c----e- /mnt/volume/backup/homes/Maki/Music/Musikk desktop/Ny cd/13. Taishou.a - Higurashi.mp3/ads22:14
intersecthe first problem is i never did it22:15
hitsujiTMOBeldar: the pastebin is expired.22:15
Mongo44Why did the ISS choose to switch to Debian?22:15
hitsujiTMOchalcedony: can you please again pastebin the file /etc/apt/sources.list22:15
geirhaNeoID: wait, the u flag is gone now. Try removing it22:15
zykotick9Mongo44: try #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu is support only22:16
NeoIDgeirha, rm: cannot remove `ads': Permission denied22:16
geirhaNeoID: ok, back to what I asked before then,  lsattr '/mnt/volume/backup/homes/Maki/Music/Musikk desktop/Ny cd/13. Taishou.a - Higurashi.mp3/'  # the parent of ads22:17
zzxc__NeoID: Sudo !!22:17
geekmasterflashzzxc__, He's in su22:17
zzxc__NeoID: Ignore me!22:18
NeoIDgeirha, running that gives me: "---D--d-c----e- /mnt/volume/backup/homes/Maki/Music/Musikk desktop/Ny cd/13. Taishou.a - Higurashi.mp3/ads"22:18
NeoIDbut still I can't delete it22:18
hitsujiTMOchalcedony: can can you also run: sudo apt-get update &> ~/update.txt                   you'll then be able to pastebin the update.txt file in the home directory22:18
zzxc__I'm heading home. Have a good one guys.22:18
numbertenanyone with experience installing 12.04 on mbps? getting a hanging black screen whenever I try and 'install ubuntu' or 'try ubuntu w/o installing'22:19
jiffe99there a way to tell if a dvd is bootable from within ubuntu?22:19
zykotick9Mongo44: try #winehq for wine specific question22:19
geirhaNeoID: Really? it adds "ads" on the end, even when you did not provide it?22:19
NeoIDgeirha, yes it does22:20
NeoIDit's a folder inside a file :p22:20
geirhaNeoID: Then the filename probably has a / in its name, which is not allowed22:20
Mongo44Is there a way to turn screen brightness below the lowest setting? In darkness it seems too bright. I have tried redshift.22:20
NeoIDgeirha, ok? how may I cange that?22:20
geekmasterflashNeoID, Have you tried to rename it?22:20
geirhaNeoID: It shouldn't be possible to have a / in a filename in the first place22:20
buntutechgood evening resident ubuntites...22:20
buntutechi need help installing a game22:21
geekmasterflashbuntutech, Which game?22:21
geirhaSo somehow it's been corrupted22:21
buntutechit is called SecondLife22:21
NeoIDgeirha, it shouldn't have one... the original file, which also is/was on another server did not have a / in the filename22:21
buntutechand i have found instructions to install it in the terminal22:21
NeoIDmv filename foo.mp3 gives me permission denied22:22
buntutechhowever i am failing at just one small point that i don't understand?22:22
geirhaNeoID: It just ended with .mp3, right? so the NUL that terminated the file's name must've gotten changed somehow, by an accidental dd or some kernel bug or whatever22:22
buntutechi will do my best now to describe the final part of my terminal installation command and hope that someone here can help me with the last step22:23
buntutechthis will take me a moment to type it out please stand by...22:23
jiffe99so I've verified that I can read the contents of the ubuntu install disk from within ubuntu on my laptop, I've verified it is bootable, but my laptop won't boot it22:23
NeoIDgeirha, I guess something it's quite right as I can cd into the mp3 file and create folders22:23
jiffe99someone said xubuntu doesn't require PAE?22:24
wafflejockTabletbuntutech: use paste.Ubuntu.com for long text22:24
k1ljiffe99: it does22:24
jiffe99k1l: well what can I use that doesn't require PAE?22:24
k1ljiffe99: lubuntu was the one which got non-pae kernels22:24
wafflejockTabletU can get 12.04 with no pae22:24
Mongo44Does anyone know how to turn the screen brightness below the lowest given setting?22:25
wafflejockTabletI found xubuntu non pas for an older machine22:25
geirhaNeoID: It could also explain why it has odd ownership and weird combinations of attributes22:25