frankbanrick_h_: ping12:57
rick_h_frankban: pong12:57
frankbanrick_h_: could you please take a look at my comments on https://codereview.appspot.com/52080044/ ?12:58
frankbanrick_h_: (and thanks for your great QA)12:58
rick_h_frankban: looking12:58
rick_h_sorry, slow start this morning12:58
frankbanrick_h_: np, just re-proposed12:59
rick_h_frankban: sounds good for the most part. I'm a very cli heavy person so I often found the quickstart very chatty overall which I ack is a personal preference kind of thing. 13:02
rick_h_frankban: I'll try to dupe the one where I created reran quickstart and went to 'use' an environment and it went back through the install ppa, etc process13:03
rick_h_and very cool on "f you accidentally removed a13:03
rick_h_bootstrapped environment from the envs.yaml file13:03
rick_h_you can still destroy it passing its name to13:03
rick_h_`juju destroy-environment`. "13:03
rick_h_I wasn't aware of that13:03
frankbanrick_h_: heh, I believe we are not exactly the target for quickstart ;-) or at least, it is intended to be used also by others13:03
rick_h_frankban: understood...but but but :)13:04
rick_h_frankban: on the plus side I asked jcastro and lazypower looked at it as well to try to get some more QA13:04
rick_h_and they had nothing but "Awesome!" and "shipit!" to say about it13:04
frankbanrick_h_: awesome, good move! thanks!13:04
rick_h_and I was trying to be hyper critical due to 1.0 and such13:04
frankbanrick_h_: could you please run the interactive session again to check UI changes (after pulling the branch)?13:05
rick_h_frankban: so let me get my coffee going and I'll try to reproduce the one issue, then update and rerun some QA on the updates. And thanks for those. 13:05
frankbanthank you13:05
rick_h_frankban: ok, I can't dupe my thing with the ppa now. I'm not sure how I hit that. I did end up hanging quickstart because my lxc launch errored and quickstart hung with bringing up the gui13:41
rick_h_frankban: not sure if we care or if this is just a corner case http://paste.ubuntu.com/6762128/13:42
frankbanrick_h_: what's the last message from quickstart?13:42
rick_h_frankban: sorry, terminal is cleared when I ctrl-c'd quickstart. It was about 'bringing up juju-gui'13:43
rick_h_during the deploy the gui step13:43
rick_h_but it seemed to hang13:43
rick_h_I'm having some issues in QA as lxc and trusty have some issues atm13:44
frankbanrick_h_: ok, does this happen also in a fresh lxc install?13:45
frankbanrick_h_: I mean trusty + lxc13:45
rick_h_frankban: I'm not sure. I've got a few different kinds of errors I'm working around atm13:50
frankbanrick_h_: could you please reproduce the error running quickstart with --debug?13:51
frankbanrick_h_: and paste the output (warning: password is in the debug output)?13:51
frankbanrick_h_: if that error is included in the megawatcher data it could be trivial to avoid quickstart to hang13:52
rick_h_frankban: sure thing. Let me try to set it up again13:53
frankbanrick_h_: thanks13:53
rick_h_frankban: yea, looks like there is some api stuff. This is a slightly different error. I've so confused my local lxc with all this testing. https://pastebin.canonical.com/103053/13:57
frankbanrick_h_: I see. So the machine is in an error state. Quickstart only watches the unit. This is not related to this branch, but it maybe should be handled by another branch before 1.0. What do you think?14:04
rick_h_frankban: sounds ok to me. Seems like this might get us too many chasing error reports. 14:04
frankbanrick_h_: this should not happen, but when it does, quickstart effectively hangs, because the unit will be forever in an "pending" state14:06
rick_h_frankban: right, and I've done it in two ways in an admittingly broken ways14:06
frankbanrick_h_: ok, so 1.0 can wait for this to be handled, and it will be my next card. if you agree, I;ll ask you to reproduce the machine error again later, to check quickstart no longer hangs.14:08
rick_h_frankban: cool14:09
rick_h_I live to fail for you :)14:09
frankbanrick_h_: :-) other comments?14:09
rick_h_frankban: going back through the email14:10
rick_h_frankban: looks good. the newline from the initial landing UI before the first bullet isn't there, but that's a tiny thing. 14:12
frankbanrick_h_: I see it14:12
frankbanrick_h_: I mean, I see the new line here14:13
frankbanrick_h_: before "automatically create and bootstrap a local environment"14:13
rick_h_frankban: correct14:14
rick_h_oh hmm, maybe terminal differences then14:14
frankbanrick_h_: do you see "new Amazon EC2 environment" below?14:15
frankban(just to check I correctly pushed all the changes)14:15
rick_h_frankban: nvm, ignore me14:17
rick_h_I see it14:17
frankbanrick_h_: ok14:17
hatchoo boy I love bugs that only show up on prod14:34
rick_h_the nice thing is that with the charm now you can run 'prod' but uncompressed files I think.14:36
hatchwell I can dupe locally so that's nice14:37
hatchrick_h_ https://codereview.appspot.com/52790043/diff/60001/hooks/utils.py isn't git available already on juju instances?14:51
rick_h_hatch: doing reviewer comments atm14:52
rick_h_hatch: if so then it should be fine, but not 100% sure14:52
rick_h_if you create an lxc container env is it?14:52
hatchwell I was pretty sure that juju used git to keep track of something-or-other 14:53
rick_h_I didn't realize that at all14:53
hatchso including it probably doesn't hurt anything either :)14:56
rick_h_explicit > implicit says the Python heroes of old14:56
rick_h_jujugui so I've got the charm supporting git branch up for rewview with qa instructions and reviewer comments. https://codereview.appspot.com/52790043/14:58
rick_h_any takers? /me looks at hatch 14:58
hatchPython....Python....that's the language they replaced with Ruby right?14:58
bacrick_h_: you need one or two?  i'll do one.14:58
rick_h_bac: I think I just need one.14:59
bacrick_h_: well i'll be glad to unless you want hatch.rb to do it14:59
hatchif bac can take it that would be awesome, I'm trying to track down a bug in browser.js 15:00
hatchin compressed files15:00
rick_h_bac: I appreciate a true developers insight into the review15:00
bacrick_h_: i thought you might15:00
bacrick_h_: let me get this proposal written first (warning)15:01
rick_h_bac: np, thanks15:01
hatchugh consolemanager code can die in a fire15:03
bacbenji: is your bundle branch likely to be finished today?  i'd like to do a release of charmworld this afternoon to avoid the friday disappointment.15:08
jcastrohey rick_h_15:09
jcastrodo you know the tldr on charm store pages?15:10
jcastrolike how you guys were going to bust them out to be separate from the gui?15:10
rick_h_'charm store pages'?15:10
rick_h_jcastro: tldr is that it's back burnered and possibly part of other things that will solve the problem in different ways15:10
rick_h_from people way high up15:10
jcastroany word on SEO/URL fixes then?15:10
jcastrohere's our problem15:10
jcastrowe're doing a charm audit, and we can't find our charms15:11
jcastroso, I end up on an out of date github imported page15:11
rick_h_I think it's been thought that the cleaned up pages on manage.jujucharms.com are a 'good enough' stop15:11
jcastrohmm, should I whine to escalate? If we can't find our own charms how are users going to find them15:11
rick_h_if that's not true, you can bring it up and such, but there's nothing planned atm15:12
rick_h_at least that I'm aware of, I don't know if some other team/etc is thinking or looking into it. 15:12
jcastroI'll bring it up at the cross team15:12
rick_h_sounds good15:13
jcastrowhich I think is today?15:13
rick_h_no idea, gary is out until tomorrow so if it's today he won't be there from us15:13
lazypowerin about an hour and a half15:13
jcastrook no worries, it's in an hour and 1515:13
bacoh, benji isn't here today is he?15:13
jcastrorick_h_, is URL-niceness part of that work or is that a different thing?15:13
rick_h_bac: oh right, he's out until monday15:13
baci guess his work won't land.  pfft.15:14
rick_h_jcastro: quick call?15:14
rick_h_bac: yea, sorry. he chatted with me about handing it off, but since everyone is out we thought it could wait15:14
rick_h_sorry to mess up the deploy 15:14
jcastrorick_h_, yeah fire it up!15:14
bacrick_h_: not messed up.  i'll go ahead with my stuff.15:14
bacrick_h_: or i can pick up his branch this afternoon.15:15
bacrick_h_: when you have time could you review https://codereview.appspot.com/51010046/ ?15:45
hatchoh man this bug that I'm working on has existed forever15:45
hatchheh oops15:45
rick_h_bac: sure thing15:45
hatchjujugui call in 1015:50
hatchugh yet another double dispatch bug15:56
hatchcan we just start over?15:56
hatchjujugui call in 215:58
hatchhmm apparently hangouts hates me16:00
rick_h_hatch: hah, but we managed to keep you connected the whole time16:22
rick_h_your interwebs are strange up there in canada16:22
hatchI just rebooted my router, running on hotspot now16:23
hatchhopefully the reboot fixes it16:23
frankbanrick_h_: before I proceed, could you please check that lxc/trusty error using lp:~frankban/juju-quickstart/handle-machine-errors (it's just a prototype).16:51
rick_h_frankban: sec, yep16:52
frankbanrick_h_: thanks16:52
rick_h_frankban: ever seen ERROR TLS handshake failed: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority ?16:57
hatchrick_h_ you've been h4z0r3d16:59
frankbanrick_h_: never17:01
rick_h_bah, I can't fail the same way twice wheeeee17:01
frankbanrick_h_: was that handled by quickstart?17:04
rick_h_frankban: no, I had this before but got around it somehow17:05
rick_h_now I can't seem to get around it17:05
rick_h_asking in #juju about it.17:05
frankbanrick_h_: maybe removing the jenv file?17:06
rick_h_juju-quickstart: error: machine 1 is in an error state: error: container "rharding-test2-machine-1" is already created17:08
rick_h_frankban: ^17:08
rick_h_looks good to me17:08
frankbanrick_h_: great17:08
jcastrorick_h_, now that I have seen17:18
jcastrojuju leaving containers around17:18
rick_h_jcastro: yep17:18
rick_h_frankban: is making quickstart watch for stuff like that so it doesn't hang for the user17:18
rick_h_but errors out properly17:18
hatchjcastro hey I have had a request for bundle level configuration options.... say you have a bundle and you want to deploy it in devel/debug/prod modes 17:18
hatchanyone brought anything like that up yet?17:19
hatchright now you would need 3 bundles17:19
rick_h_bundle inheritance?17:19
rick_h_bac and benji were getting that working in proof/charmworld17:19
hatchimho it sounds like it could be doen with 'stacks' 17:19
hatchhow were they planning on doing it now?17:20
hatchping a configuration server?17:20
bachatch: it works now on staging17:20
rick_h_no, but I mean if you create a bundles.yaml with 3 bundles17:20
rick_h_and defined a base set of charms/config17:20
bachatch: no, you have three different stanza, each inheriting from a base with mods17:20
rick_h_and override it using inheritance17:20
rick_h_so you'd have name-debug, name-devel, name-prod bundles17:21
rick_h_and pick the one you want to deploy17:21
hatchhmm I didn't know that was possible17:21
hatchto have a 'base' dundle17:21
rick_h_the bundles.yaml file can contain several bundles in there. Just have to name them differently17:21
bacany bundle can inherit from any other in a deployer config file  (basket)17:21
hatchohh cool, what's the syntax for that?17:22
bacrick_h_: is that why it is bundles.yaml and bundle.yaml?17:22
bacinherits: other17:22
rick_h_bac: I *guess*?17:22
rick_h_oh, no idea. I thought it was always bundles.yaml17:22
rick_h_when it is bundle.yaml?17:22
jcastrohatch, wouldn't you deploy the same bundle to 3 environments? devel/debug/prod?17:22
baci'm just saying that's why that name was picked17:22
rick_h_jcastro: but in debug there'd only be one unit, and different config17:22
jcastrooh I see17:23
rick_h_jcastro: bug in devel it's scale out, maybe use a cache layer not in debug17:23
jcastroit would be neat to arbritrarily pass along config and units to parts of a bundle17:23
jcastro"deploy this bundle but only one of each"17:23
rick_h_right, there's a pre-deployment config story that's on the radar currently17:23
rick_h_but it's done on each bundle deploy and not part of the file itself17:23
rick_h_so not quite the same use case, but should be handy17:24
jcastrobut at the same time, forking/cloning a bundle is cheap17:24
jcastroand they don't contain _too_ much logic17:24
rick_h_right, but you'd want them in the same file17:24
rick_h_fix a config bug and find all the forks fml17:24
jcastroso like myapp-prod, myapp-dev and -debug isn't too bad17:24
jcastrooh right17:24
jcastroyeah that does sound nice17:24
hatchbac can you link me to the bundles.yaml file which has this inherit feature?17:25
bachatch: https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charms/bundles/complicated/bundle17:26
hatchbac oh cool thanks I'll pass this on17:26
jcastroman, that is brutal17:27
bacrick_h_: not to be pushy, but are you going to be able to get to my review soonish?17:27
bacjcastro: it is a cleaned up version from kapil17:27
rick_h_bac: looking at it now17:27
bacthe "if you can ingest this, then ingest works" bundle17:27
jcastroI did not know about overrides17:27
rick_h_bac: yep, in progress17:27
rick_h_bac: feedback in, qa'ing now17:35
rick_h_bac: qa-ok17:38
bacrick_h_: cool.  looking at your review now.  qa started17:38
bacjujugui: in case i forget tomorrow, i will not be able to make the noon meeting.  apologies.17:39
rick_h_bac: ack, thanks for the heads up17:39
hatchwe have a noon meeting? ;)17:39
bacsure we do17:39
* rick_h_ didn't realize noon meeting and looks at the calendar17:39
bacfor exactly one of us17:39
rick_h_you're ahead of eastern?17:39
bacwould you people please get on AST17:39
rick_h_for some reason I thought you were in eastern17:40
bacrick_h_: no daylight savings17:40
rick_h_bac: ah17:40
bacso US/East half teh time17:40
rick_h_that's right, we talked about that17:40
rick_h_you're just trying to be complicated17:40
bacgah, i wish we'd all ditch DST17:40
bacand the goofballs here are now talking about starting up with DST!  geez, one of the best things they do they want to mess up17:41
hatchoh bisect...you rule17:48
rick_h_hatch: hah! awesome!17:48
hatchunfortunately it was me that caused the bug17:48
rick_h_yea, there are days when I go "All this moving to git stuff is paying off."17:48
hatchso I'm conflicted17:48
rick_h_double hah!17:48
rick_h_try to tell me you need to break my feature will you17:49
rick_h_I'll shove that crap right back at you :P17:49
rick_h_j/k and all that, but glad to see we hopefully don't need to break things17:49
hatchoh sweet, I didn't CAUSE the problem, I exposed it17:49
rick_h_hah, off the hook17:49
hatchlol yeah kinds17:49
rick_h_"I didn't break it, I just proved it was broken"17:50
hatchhaha, in math that would be the time to write a paper17:50
rick_h_in code it's time to write a pull request, same diff17:50
bacrick_h_: our dependencies branch will still be on launchpad, right?17:55
hatchrick_h_ ok another fix....enable the simulator so the next delta comes in :P17:56
hatchno? no? lol17:56
bacrick_h_: i think deploy.py setup_repository might need some fixing17:57
rick_h_bac: yea bzr is still installed17:58
rick_h_bac: looking, never seen/used that17:58
rick_h_bac: I updated the functional tests and they pass 20-functional17:59
rick_h_looking into deploy.py17:59
rick_h_but all tests pass currently17:59
rick_h_including the ec2 live functional ones17:59
rick_h_bac: ok, I've updated the rsync in there to ignore .git as well which is the only thing I can see to fix there. 18:02
bacrick_h_: my 'make deploy' has been stuck at DEBUG:root:waiting for the unit to be ready18:02
bacfor a long time.  i haven't run this lately.  any idea how long it should take?18:02
rick_h_pushing a new -cr18:02
rick_h_bac: 10min?18:02
rick_h_bac: can you juju status and see if something broken?18:02
bacgui is pending but all else looks fine18:03
rick_h_bac: ok cool. You can log in and check the unit log if you think there's an issue but it should get to an error if it fails18:03
rick_h_so sounds like it just needs more time18:04
bacit's been 30 minutes....18:04
rick_h_oh, then check out the unit log please18:05
hatchugh test tracebacks that are only on chai.js18:05
rick_h_juju ssh juju-gui/018:05
rick_h_and then tail -f -n 100 /var/log/juju/unit<tab complete>18:05
rick_h_bac: ^18:05
rick_h_hatch: web components! and the font thing seems cool http://blog.chromium.org/2014/01/chrome-33-beta-custom-elements-web.html18:06
hatchwill look in a bit18:10
bacrick_h_: can't do that yet.  no public address assigned at this point18:11
rick_h_bac: you can't ssh to the machine? are you using ec2 or something else?18:11
bacyou can't ssh until it gets an address18:11
rick_h_bac: oh it doesn't work on local I didn't think because it requires sudo18:12
rick_h_or can you? /me didn't try I guess18:12
bacrick_h_: /home/bac/charms/precise/juju-gui> sudo juju ssh juju-gui/018:12
bacERROR unit "juju-gui/0" has no public address18:12
rick_h_right, I think quickstart works on local but make deploy doesn't18:12
bacrick_h_: i'll restart with ec218:13
rick_h_bac: thanks, sorry for not specifying. It should work on any of the public clouds hp, ec2, azure18:13
bacrick_h_: i'm just frugal.  and i thought it'd be faster18:13
frankbanrick_h_: are you sure? IIRC make deploy shoudl work correctly on LXC18:13
frankbanrick_h_: make test/ftest does not18:14
rick_h_frankban: I thought I hit an issue and you said it wouldn't work because it required sudo?18:14
rick_h_oh, maybe that was the functional tests I'm thinking of 18:14
rick_h_bah, ok. /me goes to try local lxc then with make deploy18:14
frankbanrick_h_: yes, "make deploy" sould not require to bootstrap the environment, and that's the only operation requiring sudo18:14
rick_h_frankban: k, testing local out now18:16
frankbanbac, rick_h_ : when using lxc, you can find info in ~/.juju/local/log (or similar) ssh is often not required18:16
rick_h_frankban: ah, I've got trusty issues with local lxc and this 18:17
rick_h_    agent-state-info: '(error: symlink /var/lib/lxc/rharding-local-machine-1/config18:17
rick_h_      /etc/lxc/auto/rharding-local-machine-1.conf: no such file or directory)'18:17
frankbanrick_h_: trying make deploy on trunk18:17
rick_h_agent-state-info: '(error: container "rharding-local-machine-1" is already created)'18:18
rick_h_bah, see, issues. /me goes to tear that down manually18:18
rick_h_frankban: same thing     agent-state-info: '(error: symlink /var/lib/lxc/rharding-local-machine-1/config /etc/lxc/auto/rharding-local-machine-1.conf: no such file or directory)'18:20
rick_h_on trunk18:20
frankbanrick_h_: you can try lxc-destroying your containers, and then manually removing juju related stuff in /var/lib/lxc/18:22
frankbanrick_h_: and in /etc/lxc/auto/18:22
rick_h_frankban: yea, its clean. It's that to write to /var/lib/lxc it needs root perms18:22
frankbanrick_h_: I think that's ok18:23
rick_h_I need to try to set the alt path. It's not writing to .juju/local :/18:23
rick_h_because that machine it starts is ending up in /var/lib/lxc I think18:23
frankbanrick_h_, bac: make deploy just worked here with trunk + lxc, and now I need to go, have a nice evening18:25
rick_h_frankban: cool, good to know it's just me/trusty18:25
bacthanks frankban18:25
bacrick_h_:  and me18:25
rick_h_frankban: will try on my laptop I think to see if my branch is causing bac grief18:25
rick_h_bac: worked on trunk? 18:26
rick_h_bac: not sure what the 'and me' is to?18:26
bacrick_h_: it isn't working for me18:26
rick_h_right, ok18:26
rick_h_bac: so make deploy on ec2 is or is not working either?18:26
bacrick_h_: yes, it has come up on ec218:27
rick_h_ok cool, I'll test lxc on my laptop with trunk and my branch and see if I can dupe any local issues or not18:27
hatchrick_h_ https://github.com/hatched/juju-gui/commit/527027fbbda1fb712e62e8b8e795cbee84587700 this fixes the issue, I can't find any issues in qa but looking for input on any potential problems I may have overlooked 18:28
rick_h_hatch: looking at that how are we sure that doesn't introduce another level of dispatch on 'working' cases?18:29
rick_h_hatch: I'd expect it to set/check something before and after navigate to see if it fired or not?18:29
rick_h_and if not, then check hash and force a dispatch18:30
hatchthat path is only hit when the user logs in and if there is a hash in the url so it shouldn't get hit during any other case18:31
rick_h_onLogin is only triggered once per visit to the site pinky swear?18:33
hatchit's triggered when the env fires a login event18:34
hatchthis.env.after('login', this.onLogin, this);18:34
hatchso it should only happen once :)18:34
rick_h_ummm, ok then. if you say so18:34
* rick_h_ doesn't trust anything happening only when it's supposed to18:34
hatchhaha, I'm going to try it on lxc right away18:35
hatchdid you push your charm update up?18:35
hatchthe pull-from-git one18:35
rick_h_yea, it's pushed. lp:~rharding/charms/precise/juju-gui/git-ify18:36
rick_h_bah, my laptop has juju .0718:36
hatchwow that's an old one18:36
rick_h_go raring go18:37
hatch:/ my juju env is corrupted or something18:43
rick_h_hah! at least I'm not the only one having issues with it 18:44
hatchRROR destroying environment: remove /etc/lxc/auto/hatch-local-machine-1.conf: no such file or directory18:44
hatchbut it thinks it's running18:44
hatchany ideas on how to get around that?18:44
rick_h_nope, kill everything. Destroy the environment. Re-bootstrap?18:44
hatchit is killed18:45
rick_h_make sure all the old machines are gone and removed from lxc18:45
hatchit just thinks it's up18:45
rick_h_sudo lxc-ls18:45
hatchno machines18:45
hatchjuju status shows them though18:45
rick_h_wipe the .juju/environments/xxxx?18:46
rick_h_I'm not sure there18:46
hatchI'll ask in #juju18:47
bacrick_h_: where do i find the hash for 'network-prototype', your second QA step?18:51
rick_h_bac: that is the name of a branch18:52
bacokey doke18:52
bachow do i verify version.js is correct?18:52
rick_h_bac: oh right, so to check the version in github go to that branch in the drop dow18:52
rick_h_and click on commits18:52
rick_h_to see the list and their hashes18:52
bacrick_h_: thanks, i didn't see the drop down18:52
rick_h_notice in the upper left next to the "juju-gui/+" is a drop down for branches available18:53
rick_h_bac: so I got make deploy to work with local lxc. It took a bit and I tracked it was running by cat .juju/local/logs/unit.....18:54
bacrick_h_: cool18:54
hatchjust plz dont merge network-prototype into develop....it will break the world18:57
rick_h_hatch: we're not, it's just the qa case of can you set that branch in the charm 18:57
hatchsome guy kept squatting on my username until one of the others in London told me about nickserv's `enforce` option18:58
hatchnow I don't have to ghost anymore18:58
rick_h_I got all excited we had random github forkers 18:59
rick_h_and then saw they worked for cisco in their user bios 18:59
hatchhaha, well they aren't RANDOM but they hopefully will be contributing18:59
baccrud, no vanguard in #webops18:59
hatchugh why can't I `juju deploy  lp:~rharding/charms/precise/juju-gui/git-ify` LIKE FOR SERIOUS!!!!19:00
rick_h_because it's not in the story, non-trunk branches aren't deployed19:00
rick_h_or ingested that is19:00
hatchI don't care what the excuse is...it should work :P19:00
hatchI'm providing the path where everything it needs is contained19:00
bacrick_h_: sorry for the slow review/qa.  done now19:01
rick_h_bac: not a problem, I know it's been a slow process getting things working. Yay charm dev19:01
hatchoh well gues I'll just have to pull your branch down and do it local19:02
rick_h_hatch: yep19:02
rick_h_hatch: make sure to make sysdeps19:02
hatchwell I'm just gona deploy it as a local charm19:02
rick_h_hmm, ok19:02
bacjujugui: anyone have a USB 3 hub that they like?  i've been through two and can't get one that reliably works19:03
hatchyou don't like that approach?19:03
rick_h_hatch: no, just not tried it19:03
rick_h_I think make deploy is supposed to be faster because it skips some step, but can't recall which19:04
hatchthe upload to juju19:04
hatchI htink19:04
rick_h_bac: I've got http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009Z9M3DY/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it's been working for me19:04
rick_h_but there was a post about some issues with anker usb3 stuff so not sure if I can recommend19:05
bacrick_h_: i have the cousin http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009Z9M3DY/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=119:05
bacwestern digital externally powered hard drive frequently won't mount19:05
bacanker did contact me and send a replacement after i put a bad review on AMZN.  second one is only marginally better19:06
rick_h_yea, I'm trying to find the blog post19:06
rick_h_there's something about certain chipset versions or something19:06
rick_h_but I only have keyboard, power cable, and such on it. no drives19:06
bacdid a firmware update on the WD and that seemed to help but not consistently19:06
bacan, so you're not really pushing USB 319:07
rick_h_yea, once in a while plug in my usb3 thumbdrive19:07
rick_h_but that's rare19:07
bacohh, i didn't think to try my thumbdrive19:08
hatchI want this....but jeesh $$ http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F4U055/19:08
rick_h_thanks for the review bac 19:08
* bac waits for 4K apple cinema display with thunderbolt19:09
bacbecause that'll be cheap19:09
hatchit'll be like $5000 lol19:09
hatchholy smokes this bzr branch is taking FOREVER!!19:09
hatchI want the belkin thing so that I only have to plug/unplug a single cable when 'docking' this thing19:11
hatchbut at $300 it's gona have to wait :)19:11
bacyeah, that'd be nice.19:11
bachatch: if i had an external monitor i'd do it19:11
rick_h_why I like thinkpad and docks19:11
rick_h_drop in dock, go19:12
hatchI have two but they are both display port which I don't think allows for chaining19:12
hatchso the $300 part is probably only one piece in the puzzle19:12
bacso the rule is now, no deploys after noon us/east on thursday...effectively19:13
hatchsounds like a plan19:13
bactuesday is a good day to deploy.  i'll shoot for tuesday.19:13
hatch163831kB and it's still going19:13
hatchhow big is your branch rick_h_  lol19:13
rick_h_hatch: get better internets :P19:13
hatchcan't I branch a single revno somehow?19:14
bachatch: i think you may have your repo malconfigured19:14
bacusing shared repos?19:14
hatchI'm just pulling down a single branch, I don't realy want to set up shared repos on this box19:14
bachatch: then you don't really mind waiting19:15
baci mean, it can grab the common info from a local shared repo19:15
bacor you can download it again each and every time19:15
hatchkind of a shortcoming of bzr hey that I can't pull down a single revno19:15
rick_h_sure you can19:15
hatchreally? it sure seems to be pulling down the entire repo still19:16
rick_h_yea, there's flags to do a shallow clone19:17
jcastroany idea why this isn't showing up on jujucharms.com?19:17
rick_h_jcastro: the fixes for supporting inheritance and self-referring relations are in progress19:17
rick_h_we can't deploy the one fix right now and the other will be fixed monday19:18
jcastrooh ok, so it'll just show up at one point19:18
bacjcastro: we've made a request to deploy19:18
rick_h_jcastro: rgr19:18
rick_h_jcastro: that found two bugs in our proofing stuff19:18
rick_h_jcastro: fixes in progress19:18
rick_h_hatch: bzr co --lightweight lp:~juju-gui-charmers/juju-gui/charm-download-cache $DOWNLOADCACHE19:19
rick_h_is an example19:19
jcastrorick_h_, ok so I'll just say it'll show up over the next few days or so19:20
rick_h_jcastro: rgr19:20
jcastromanually doing the bundle by hand seems to have worked19:20
jcastroin the mock environment anyway. :p19:20
rick_h_yea, kapil had some as well that worked but we had issues with them ingesting due to proof thinking they were invalid19:21
bacjujugui, jcastro: manage.jujucharms.com did get updated19:45
bacso inherited charms should work now or when they get ingested19:45
bacself-referential ones will have to wait until next week, jcastro19:45
rick_h_jcastro: bac so I downloaded and ran proof on it19:47
rick_h_E: openstack: The requested relation nova-ceilometer to nova-ceilometer is incompatible between services.19:47
rick_h_is the error19:47
rick_h_that's the one benji is working on and will be updated next week19:47
bacyes, the so-called 'self-referential'19:48
bacjujugui: i'm going to duck out.  dog to walk.  festivities to shoot (camera) while avoiding being shot (glock).19:50
rick_h_bac: good luck with the shooting19:50
rick_h_on both ends of it19:50
bacthrough in some civil rights violations, unconstitutional search and seizures, pig on a stick and it's a party.19:51
jcastrorick_h_, ok so here's a weird one.19:51
rick_h_ruh roh19:51
* rick_h_ ducks19:51
jcastrorick_h_, do a search for "elastic search juju"19:51
jcastrowhatever ~charming-devs is, it's URL comes up before the canonical one19:52
rick_h_hmmm, well...not sure on that one19:54
rick_h_I mean I can make crap up19:54
jcastroyeah I had never even heard of ~charming-devs19:55
rick_h_"google knows that juju and the word 'charm' goes together and in this case the url has more charm in it due to the ~charming-devs in it19:55
rick_h_jcastro: it's our ES charm that we package it up for charmworld/IS. Notice sinzui is the only one with commits on it19:55
rick_h_it's purely to get into IS for charmworld19:55
rick_h_jcastro: hmm, http://manage.jujucharms.com/precise/elasticsearch/hooks/install19:56
rick_h_might be causing the page to lose points on google-fu19:56
rick_h_jcastro: maybe file a charmworld bug on the 404's 19:57
rick_h_the other charm doesn't have the 404s and seems better quality19:57
hatchrick_h_ hey you around?20:45
rick_h_hatch: yea20:45
hatchso I haven't been able to deploy my branch using your charm20:46
rick_h_k, got a sec to hangout and I can walk you through getting debug info?20:46
hatchin a bit, dogs are playing lol20:46
hatchoh I think I screwed it up20:47
hatchrick_h_ is there a way I can trigger a config changed hook to run?20:51
rick_h_hatch: change hte config?20:51
rick_h_hatch: set it back to 'develop'20:51
rick_h_hatch: so you have to resolve it if it's in error first20:51
rick_h_then set it to develop20:51
rick_h_then set it to "https://.....you...repo your_branch"20:52
rick_h_watch the unit log in /var/log/juju/unit..... for what's going on20:52
hatch2014-01-16 20:50:30 INFO juju.worker.uniter context.go:323 HOOK ValueError: u'git@github.com:hatched/juju-gui.git render-app-hash': release not found20:52
hatchno matter what I try that's the error I get20:53
hatch'release not found'20:53
rick_h_don't use the git addres20:53
rick_h_only https20:53
rick_h_git needs ssh keys20:53
rick_h_never use those for tools/etc outside of your own work20:53
rick_h_https:// note that in all the examples/etc20:54
hatchoh there are examples?20:55
rick_h_yea in the docs 20:56
rick_h_well actually in the config.yaml there's notes on possibly values20:57
hatchblarg no luck20:59
hatchapparently it barfed on 'develop' as well21:00
rick_h_on 'just' develop?21:01
rick_h_the string?21:01
rick_h_then I need to see the logs/etc because it's passed qa and whiel I've got a stupid functional test issue keeping me from landing it works21:01
hatchit appears to be working on the https though....21:01
hatch2014-01-16 21:00:41 INFO juju.worker.uniter context.go:323 HOOK ValueError: u'https://github.com/hatched/juju-gui.git render-app-hash': release not found21:02
hatch2014-01-16 20:58:30 INFO juju.worker.uniter context.go:323 HOOK ValueError: u'develop': release not found21:02
rick_h_wtf it shouldn't be trying to find a release.21:03
rick_h_what's your juju set command?21:03
hatchis there a way I can check where the charm is from?21:04
rick_h_not following21:04
hatchcharm: cs:precise/juju-gui-81 is what it says21:04
hatchis that the version of your charm?21:05
rick_h_nope, not sure where 81 comes from21:05
rick_h_version is 10221:05
rick_h_bzr rev is 150s21:05
hatchhmm wth21:05
hatchyeah revno is 15921:06
rick_h_so sounds like the charm source is out of date21:06
hatchwell that's the revno from the folder `juju deploy --repository=/home/hatch/precise juju-gui`21:08
rick_h_I'm not sure21:08
rick_h_juju ssh juju-gui/021:08
rick_h_then sudo update db21:08
hatchin the charm what should I look for?21:08
rick_h_and locate utils.py21:08
rick_h_in that should see some git stuff21:09
hatchoo lots of those21:09
rick_h_git references or utils.py?21:10
rick_h_locate utils.py | grep juju-gui21:10
rick_h_locate utils.py | grep juju 21:11
rick_h_locate HACKING.md21:11
hatchmaybe the db is broken21:11
hatchany idea the real location for it?21:11
rick_h_oh oh21:11
rick_h_sudo locate HACKING.md21:11
rick_h_forgot the charm is owned by the non-ubuntu user21:11
hatchthere we go21:11
hatchohh...thats odd21:12
hatchisnt it?21:12
rick_h_so go there and look for the utils.py21:12
rick_h_and look for git in that file21:12
hatchok there is no git in this file21:13
rick_h_then you've got somem other source21:14
rick_h_and that explains everything21:14
hatchwhich is impossible because of how it was deployed21:14
hatchmaybe I came across a bug?21:14
hatchohhh right21:15
hatchok so this CLI needs some help lol because it totally should have thrown an error instead of just working silently21:16
rick_h_'this cli'21:16
rick_h_the unit should be in an error state?21:16
hatchno it never should have deployed21:16
rick_h_because the hook should have failed21:16
rick_h_why not? it picked up something that worked. I'm not sure what you did or how you did it21:16
hatchit deployed from charmstore even though I specified a repository21:16
rick_h_did you maybe get trunk vs my branch?21:17
rick_h_is your local repository trunk vs my branch?21:17
hatchmy local repo is your branch, with git in the utils etc etc21:17
hatchbut because I didn't type local:precise/juju-gui it disregarded the repository flag21:17
rick_h_then like I said, I'd sure just run 'make deploy' if I were you :)21:17
rick_h_if you wanted to save time, edit the config.yaml and make your url + branch the default value21:18
hatchI don't think I know the process to pull down a charm into an instance21:18
rick_h_kill it21:18
hatchoh well I can start over haha21:19
hatchI thought you meant to pull down the charm into the instance21:19
rick_h_I mean change the config.yaml in your checkout, run make deploy, enjoy21:19
hatchthat could be on a tshirt21:20
hatchmake, deploy, enjoy21:20
hatchI wish there was a way to list the config options and their values without the descriptions21:21
hatch*sigh* now juju is throwing errors again21:23
hatchthis version is sure buggy21:23
hatchI of course am probably doing things which are not 'normal' lol21:26
hatchthere we go21:27
hatchcharm version 102 being deployed21:27
rick_h_hatch: https://plus.google.com/104537541227697934010/posts/Qj8R5SWAsfE21:28
hatchit's picking up steam 21:29
hatchI still think the template should be loaded in from another file21:29
hatchI THINK I saw a video where one of the devs was going to say that they are putting together some functionality like that21:31
hatchbut maybe I'm just making that up21:31
rick_h_hatch: ok, just pushed the charm changes to ~juju-gui trunk version21:36
rick_h_hatch: so soon it'll be in the store hopefully21:36
rick_h_just not the reviewed/released one, but the ~juju-gui one21:37
hatchahh well it's ok now - I think I also figured out my issue with the corrupt juju instance21:37
rick_h_okie dokie21:37
rick_h_I'm giong to head out. If you need a hand let me know and I'll try to check in later.21:37
hatchif you go `juju destroy-environment local` then `sudo juju destroy-environment local` then it throws the error21:37
hatchcool, have a goood one21:38
rick_h_you too21:38
hatchmorning huwshimi, sorry I haven't had a bunch of time to look at your branch again22:13
hatchbut the reason your event isn't being fired is because your callback is in the wrong context22:13
hatchI just added the comment22:15
huwshimihatch: Ah great. No problems at all22:15
huwshimihatch: But will that event get fired if there is no CSS animation in the test?22:19
hatchumm looking22:19
hatchso the issue is that we aren't loading the css hey22:22
huwshimihatch: Even adding  style="transition: left 0.1;" to the element doesn't fix it.22:24
huwshimihatch: Unless it needs to be vendor prefixed22:25
hatchdoes the event fire when it's not in a test?22:25
huwshimihatch: Yeah, it has been working fine (even without the 'this' from your comment)22:27
hatchok right, the 'this' comment was only to fire that event22:28
hatchok so what's happening is that the event is not being fired in phantomjs22:29
hatchso what you want to do is know when the new tab is visible right?22:29
hatchhuwshimi looks like phantom does not support transitionend22:31
huwshimiWhen it has animated into place22:32
huwshimiah right22:32
huwshimihatch: And I believe you can't simulate arbitrary events with YUI right?22:33
hatchyou could try firing an event on the node22:33
hatchbut I have no idea if that's going to work 22:34
huwshimiI also have problems with the selectionChange event not firing, but that's probably my fault somehow22:38
hatchhmm that looks ok but I haven't pulled down the code to really take a look22:41
hatchbeen stuck trying to fix a bug all day22:41
huwshimihatch: What are you working on?22:42
hatchwell I just finished qa'ing and now I'm writing the last of the tests but it's the bug where it wouldn't dispatch if there is a hash in the url on prod22:42
huwshimioh, fun22:43
hatchyeah it was a simple small fix but tracking it down and testing it was very time consuming22:44
hatchI dropped my phone on my laptop and scratched it22:54
hatchthese things are sure fragile lol22:54
hatchjujugui looking for a review/qa https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/75 (requires qa in real env)23:13
rick_h_hatch: I'll look first thing in the morning 23:20
hatchcoolio, qa'ing takes a while unfortunately23:20
rick_h_yea, I'm between things so should have time23:21

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