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[MT]I can't figure out why this thing won't import. :(   https://code.launchpad.net/~tdc/tdc/debian02:11
[MT]I can run 'git clone https://alioth.debian.org/anonscm/git/collab-maint/tdc.git' just fine02:13
dobey[MT]: seems pretty clear. the url is wrong02:13
dobeyand apparently you just deleted it anyway02:14
[MT]dobey: sorry, I should have waited. I just tried removing the trailing / that I didn't notice was there. Hoping that fixes the issue.02:15
dobeyyou can edit the branch url, instead of deleting it and making a new import02:16
[MT]oh? where do you change it?02:17
dobeyon the branch page, under the short list of last few import attempts, there is a green link that says "Edit or review" or something like that02:18
[MT]I don't see that.02:19
dobey"(+) Edit import source or review import"02:22
[MT]still not seeing it02:24
[MT]dobey: I was under the impression only lp admins get that option; also- it failed again02:33
[MT]could you try to clone that url and tell me if it fails for you?02:33
dobeyi changed it to use git:// and it got a better error02:34
dobeyi think maybe https:// doesn't work for cloning git from alioth perhaps02:34
[MT]was there a 3rd import that I'm not seeing yet?02:34
dobey[MT]: maybe only people with certain permissions do then. but i thought the owner of the branch could edit the import url02:35
dobeyah well02:35
[MT]dobey: if I try to personally clone it with git://, it fails, if I try with https:// it works (on my laptop)02:36
dobeywith bzr-git?02:41
[MT]with just git02:42
[MT]dobey: could you try changing it to just http:// ?02:44
dobeyalso failed02:46
[MT]I don't get it... https://alioth.debian.org/anonscm/git/collab-maint/tdc.git <-- that's the correct repo02:52
dobeyhttp urls don't work for the imports02:55
[MT]you're brilliant :D02:55
dobeyanyway, it's imported now02:55
[MT]Could you do me one last huge favor?... https://code.launchpad.net/~nginx/nginx/debian  <-- that needs to be updated too02:55
[MT]actually... that's not the issue with that one, but it'd be nice to see them use the same url anyway02:59
dobeyapparently it is03:01
dobeyit's imported now03:01
[MT]THANKS!!! :D03:01
dobeylater :)03:03
phillwhi , any staffers about? I need a rather messed up lp area for lubuntu handing back04:45
phillwah well, as not staffers about, I have to sign off and hand it back to others :( Still, I hope you all got easter eggs :P06:33
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arosen1Is there an issue going on with launchpad right now? I'm unable to access:  https://login.launchpad.net/+openid15:54
dobeyarosen1: no, but what do you mean by "unable to access" exactly?17:09
arosen1dobey:  i think its an ISP issue.17:09
arosen1a few other people in #openstack-infra are having the same issue.17:09
arosen1if i tunnel somewhere else it works fine17:09
* arosen1 so nvm :) 17:09
thomasberendsI´m trying to work with the Launchpad API, but I get back an XML responsive, instead of JSON. How can I change this?19:17
dobeyhow are you trying to work with it?19:17
thomasberendsdobey: I´m testing out requests. Unsigned, but they give back results.19:18
thomasberendsI tried to get a bug report. https://api.launchpad.net/1.0/bugs/1160687 , this gives back XML.19:18
dobeythomasberends: that doesn't tell me at all what you are doing19:18
dobeyyou're doing it in python? why are you expecting json?19:19
thomasberendsdobey: The API documentation talks about JSON, instead of XML.19:19
dobeyare you sending the appropriate Accept: header in your request?19:20
cjwatsonnamely, Accept: application/json19:22
thomasberendsdobey: Nevermind. Stupid me.19:22
thomasberendsDamn. I never thought I would forget this in my life. I was testing it in a tester application, and it had settings from the last test. It asked the API for XML....19:23

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