mgwis there some reason do-release-upgrade is reporting no new release (on precise)?00:13
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sarnoldmgw: I believe it will wait until 14.04.1 before offering to upgrade precise users00:34
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mgwsarnold: ok, thanks01:03
mgwi used -d01:03
mgwbut thought it was strange01:03
sarnoldmgw: it does seem strange to me too; it feels like if you've asked for it, it should do it..01:06
ns5I'm try to use PROMPT_COMMAND to change the title of windows putty window, ubuntu server 12.04.4.  It does not work, any idea?02:08
sarnoldns5: are you confident your putty is configured to allow changing window title?02:10
ns5sarnold: yes it is, setting console title works on my putty with other hosts (Arch linux, CentOS, etc.)02:11
sarnoldns5: nice, I love it when you've got easy test cases :)02:14
sarnoldns5: so, what do you set your PROMPT_COMMAND to?02:14
ns5sarnold: PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;SOME TITLE HERE\007"'02:16
sarnoldns5: nice. same thing works for urxvt :)02:17
sarnoldns5: I got it to work by doing this: PS1='`echo -ne "\033]0;SOME TITLE HERE\007"`\$ '02:17
sarnoldns5: .. no idea why PROMPT_COMMAND didn't do it though :(02:18
ns5sarnold: I found the answer, you have to comment "PS1="\[\e]0;${debian_chroot..." in your .bashrc02:23
sarnoldns5: AH! sigh. I've even seen that before. :)02:24
ns5sarnold: yeah same happens to me.  Sometimes we just need to have the patience to read it through02:30
sarnoldns5: *nod* finding the right reference is definitely wonderful though :)02:31
sarnoldns5: have a good night :)02:31
ns5sarnold: it's morning here actually.  Have a good night! :)02:32
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med_are cloud-images painfully slow (to non-existently slow) tonigh?03:01
med_where tonight is western US03:01
med_gaughen, kirkland ^03:03
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mischiefcan i upgrade from 12.04 lts server to 14.04 lts server?04:13
GuegsYou can, but I would wait until the 14.04.1 release.04:15
GuegsEnsures that almost every bug is ironed out.04:15
GuegsAnd 12.04.1 has a few more years of support left on it. No need to upgrade right away. :-)04:16
arrithi do wonder if people will come to expect that of the .1 release of an LTS, so it will be the real .0, then .2 will become the real .104:34
arrithsoon none of it is stable, there will be anarchy in the streets04:34
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lordievaderGood morning.06:55
ice9I need a solution to backup configuration files of different services so I can build another server same like the original one07:06
arrithice9: possibly etckeeper07:08
arrithice9: or do the initial setup with puppet/chef/salt/ansible, to make it repeatable07:08
ice9arrith: I guess puppet is the most famous and used one right?07:09
arrithice9: yes but you should at least look into comparison articles about their pros/cons. some are a lot heavier or lighter weight07:10
arrithice9: if you just need <10 config files you could do a shell script even07:10
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Tazmianhi all, I have msmtp install, and I can use php -d sendmail_path="/usr/bin/msmtp -C ~/.msmtprc -t" test.php. that works, but If I make php file and access it from the browser it wont send, nor does the mediawiki, says unkown php mail() error, anyone have any ideas ?08:24
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sebastianlutterI have a 3 year old server in our office (i7, 32GB RAM) that startet with ubuntu 10.04 and now runs 13.10. I got terrible IO errors in the last three month. With high IO load the IO blocks completly. Using 4 HDDs (a root hdd, and a raid5 with luks partition on the other three). Smart shows the hdds are ok. When error appears I got in dmesg: https://dpaste.de/5GLN . I got various different08:51
sebastianlutterstacktraces, they all have a flush process involved. The server worked well the first two years with ubuntu 10.04. What do you think is this? Controller Error? Kernel Bug? Cosmic rays? Thanks a lot08:51
sebastianlutterIs there a tool to check special for sata  controller issues? Or how do you check IO hardware errors?08:51
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Theteanyone know of any good hardening guides?09:01
verdeP>>insert joke here<<09:02
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hxmgood morning09:16
hxmusing a webdav server i can see the files but not its content09:16
hxmwhy is that mistery?09:16
andolhxm: file system permissions, on the directory vs. the files?09:17
hxm-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data  1667 abr 21 23:57 template-irclog.php09:17
hxmsupposed it has permissions or no?09:17
hxmor may be the webdav.conf?09:18
andolYeah, that should be readable by the filesystem, so I guess the issues is more webdav specific then, which I'm afraid I will be less helpful in regards to.09:18
hxmhttp://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=g8YUUuFz this is the config09:18
bxzHas anyone tried to upgrade 12.04 to 14.04 on XenServer 6.2? After reboot VM can't start and shows me this: Apr 22, 2014 12:33:32 PM Error: Starting VM 'zabbix' - The bootloader for this VM returned an error -- did the VM installation succeed?  Unable to find partition containing kernel09:35
zetheroofresh install of 14.04 server ... configured NIC in /etc/network/interfaces with static IP ... rebooted server ... still DHCP IP is assigned ...10:42
bekksYour keyboard is defective. It repeats . 12 times in one sentence.10:43
bekksYes, yours.10:43
bekksCan you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces?10:43
zetheroois it still doing it?10:44
zetheroobekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7306081/10:45
bekksCan you pastebin "cat /tetc/issue" as well please?10:46
zetherooifconfig -a : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7306084/10:46
andolzetheroo: What you want is iface p255p1 inet static10:46
zetherooUbuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l10:46
bekksI am wondering why your interface is actually named like that :)10:47
zetherooandol: oh ... doh! thanks :P10:47
zetheroobekks: yes, me to ;)10:47
zetheroobekks: there are two onboard NIC's and one add-on card ...10:48
bekkszetheroo: are you using systemd?10:48
zetheroobekks: not sure ... this is a fresh install ... so it would be using defaults ...10:48
bekksAh, your keyboard is defective again. :P10:48
andolRegarding the naming, http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/10:48
zetheroobekks: I don't see it ... :(10:49
bekkszetheroo: just stop pressing . three times in a row.10:49
zetheroobekks: really? I always used to do that10:49
zetheroowhat does it do?10:50
bekkszetheroo: Which is a bad habbit.10:50
bekksandol: All my 14.04 installs have udev 204 (from the ubuntu repos) but use ethX for the network interface naming.10:50
zetheroobekks: but if you do three periods in a row what does it do?10:51
bekkszetheroo: It annoys people, actually. :)10:51
andolbekks: I haven't looked into it heavily myself, but I *guess* it depends on the specific driver being used, and that it's a gradual transistion.10:51
zetheroobekks: previous to 14.04 we were using 12.04, and all the NIC's were named with ethX10:52
bekksandol: Hmm. Well, I'd investigate 80-net-name-slot.rules then :)10:52
zetheroois it possible to rename the NIC from p255p1 to eth0 ... ?12:35
TazmainNetwork interface card ?12:36
zetheroosince changing from 12.04 to 14.04 we have these p255p1 names for the interfaces ...12:38
zetherooit would be nice to have it like the previous ethX naming12:38
patdk-wkya, solved that last night12:40
patdk-wkremove biosdevname12:40
patdk-wkupdate-initramfs -u12:40
zetheroo"remove biosdevname" - from where?12:40
patdk-wkyou may need to remove stuff from /etc/udev/rules.d also12:40
patdk-wkapt-get remove12:40
zetheroopatdk-wk: there is only a README file in that location12:45
patdk-wkthat is good then12:47
patdk-wkyou did the apt-get remove?12:47
zetheroook, rebooting then12:47
patdk-wkand the update-initramfs -u12:47
zetherooI forgot to change the interfaces file accordingly ... so it's waiting for the network configuration12:52
zetheroook, now it's back to using the ethX names :)12:53
zetherooone other thing I noticed on boot is that right after the GRUB menu there is this message: error: malformed file12:54
zetheroowhat is this referring to?12:54
Tazmainzetheroo, so they moved to the new way of naming the adapters.12:54
zetherooTazmain: yep - but IMHO the previous way was simpler12:55
Tazmainzetheroo, definitly12:55
zetherooso after changing the interfaces file to reflect the change on NIC name, I do 'service networking restart', but this doesn't seem to get things going12:57
zetherooin 12.04 I would use '/etc/init.d/networking restart' and that worked great! So what's the 14.04 equivalent?12:58
patdk-wkyou where never suppost to do networking restart12:59
patdk-wkuse ifup12:59
ogra_yeah, thats like replacing the chassis of your car just to switch gears13:00
zetherooI just noticed that now eth0 is the add-on card ... and eth1 and eth2 are the on-board NIC's ... can I change this?13:00
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zetherooI have an NFS export on a 12.04 machine and am mounting it on a 14.04 machine via fstab. It mounts but I cannot view the contents of the mount on the destination machine's mountpoint - I get "ls: cannot open directory .: Permission denied"14:58
zetheroothis was working fine from 12.04 to 12.04 ...14:59
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DarkStar1I have installed and configured ( or at least configured) dovecot yet when I start the service I get no output to logs (mail.log) even though I enabled logging dovecot.conf15:19
tom[]where would make sense to keep a custom script that /etc/bash.bashrc will pull in?15:20
jamescarrcan you guys help me out with a silly ssl issue? It's driving me nuts. Not heart bleed related15:23
jamescarrcurl https://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/feed/rss/15:23
jamescarrthe ssl cert is valid. I am running 13.10, I upgraded the ca-certs, curl, libssl-dev and openssl packages15:23
jamescarrstill gives me error15:23
jamescarrcurl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate15:24
tom[]jamescarr: who signed the cert?15:24
tom[]did they give you a chain cert file, or make one available?15:26
zulcoreycb: i started the packaging branches for juno lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/<project>/juno15:26
tom[]jamescarr: is that what you meant by "upgraded the ca-certs" ?15:27
jamescarrtom[]: I don't own the server. Hitting that url from a browser works, hitting it from curl on the latest OSX works, but hitting it via curl on our ubuntu 13.10 boxes doesn't work15:27
jamescarrtom[]: sudo apt-get install ca-certificates15:27
coreycbzul, excellent, need anything from me?15:27
jamescarrafter an apt-get update15:27
zulcoreycb: nope15:27
tom[]jamescarr: download the latest cert file from mozilla15:27
zulcoreycb: just keeping you in the loop15:27
tom[]jamescarr: and direct curl to use that15:28
coreycbzul, thanks15:28
jamescarrwell to be fair if I use http://www.whynopadlock.com/check.php15:30
jamescarrit tells me bad intermediate cert.15:30
med_is launchpad.net ... down?15:31
jamescarrtom[]: come again? download latest cert file from mozilla?15:32
tom[]jamescarr: moz curates a top level ca cert file. it's used in firefox and lots of other stuff. you can try using curl with it15:33
jamescarrthis one? http://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem15:33
tom[]jamescarr: yes but that looks like a downstream. return to the source15:34
tom[]jamescarr: it's possible an intermediate cert is bad. some browsers cache their decision about a server cert because it can be safer to do so than to check every time against the supposedly trusted network of signers15:35
tom[]jamescarr: a horrible thought but it makes a kind of sense15:36
rbasakjamescarr: instead of works/doesn't work, try considering whether the different options a) validate the cert and succeed, b) fail to validate the cert and fail the download, or c) fail to validate the cert but silently continue anyway.15:37
rbasakjamescarr: could it be that Ubuntu is doing b, and all the alternatives are doing c? Firefox tells me that the https:// URL is not secure.15:39
rbasakjamescarr: if you don't care about security, curl does have a --insecure option that might work for you.15:39
jamescarrrbasak: well I'm trying to understand a larger problem. Since SSL certificate rotations by a number of vendors thanks to heart bleed, a handful of sites are having this problem15:40
rbasakjamescarr: I've seen sysadmins fail to correctly put the full certificate chain in replacement pem files following rotation after heartbleed.15:42
rbasakCould that be it?15:42
tom[]jamescarr: but rbasak is right that the larger problem may only be understandable by understanding the specifics15:42
jamescarrrbasak: that could be it. That would allow browsers to be blissfully unaware, wouldn't it?15:42
rbasakNot sure.15:42
jamescarrfails with the mozilla cacert.pem too via curl15:42
jamescarrwhat a mystery15:43
rbasak"openssl s_client -connect foo.example.com:80" is a pretty good diagnostic.15:43
tom[]this is what firefox shows me: http://i.imgur.com/aRdivtP.png15:43
rbasakIt also supports pointing to specific CA root certificates, etc.15:43
jamescarrdoes "curl https://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/feed/rss/" fail for you all too?15:43
tom[]which appears to be different from what rbasak said15:44
rbasaktom[]: that's what I got. No encryption claimed.15:44
tom[]but it's not an invalid cert15:44
rbasakI also see a failure with curl.15:44
rbasakIf firefox had no problem, it should tell you that the connection is encrypted, surely?15:45
rbasakThough I wonder if there's some special case handling due to it being RSS maybe?15:45
jamescarrλ ~ → openssl s_client -connect www.campaignmonitor.com:44315:45
jamescarrgave me this15:45
jamescarr    Verify return code: 21 (unable to verify the first certificate)15:45
DarkStar1has anyone encountered this error before with dovecot : doveconf: Fatal: Error in configuration file /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-auth.conf line 122: Recursive include file: /etc/dovecot/conf.d/auth-sql.conf.ext15:46
jamescarrdef think this might be on their end15:46
tom[]jamescarr: sounds like it15:47
tom[]there's a revocation issue that i do not understand. after rekeying i found that different browsers said different things about the trust of my servers for a couple of days. it all sorted itself out in a couple of days. i put it down to the time it takes for revocation of the old cert to propagate but i don't know if that makes sense15:47
rbasakjamescarr: looks to me that they're not sending their certificate chain. Compare against www.google.com:443 for example.15:49
tom[]which would be a case of the sysadmin fail you mentioned earlier15:50
smbarosales, Weirdly bug 1275620 was marked as fix committed. Not sure how fixed it really is.16:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1275620 in gccgo-go "gccgo-go segfaults, something related to alternatives" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127562016:33
arosalessmb: hmm perhaps dave thinks that is fixed in gcc-go 4.9  .. .16:34
smbThat is the weird part because right before he says no to that16:34
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arosalessmb: well I can say from our usage testing that we are consistently hitting bug 130475416:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1304754 in gccgo-4.9 "gccgo on ppc64el using split stacks when not supported" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130475416:36
smbarosales, That is the other one16:37
arosaleswe are having to revet to the -08 kernel which seems to not experience the seg faults16:37
arosalessmb: fwiw  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1307289, looks related16:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1307289 in juju-core "Go panics when running tests on ppc64" [High,Triaged]16:38
arosalessmb: one suggestion from apw is to seek if 4k page sizes ontop of a more recent kernel also seg faults.16:40
arosalesit may just take longer to get to the problem therby masking it, but its another data point16:40
apwarosales, how did you pick -8, that seems rather arbitrary16:45
smbarosales, It sounds like that ppc64 issues are actively worked on but people with more knowledge of the architecture.16:46
arosalesapw: smb: that is the kerenel that we haven't seen seg faults on16:47
apwarosales, and which of the later ones have you tested16:47
arosalesapw: smb: we can confirm that -08 doesn't seem them as we do see them in -08 and greater16:48
apwso -09 has them ?16:48
arosalesit was a suggestion from davidC to try the -08, I guess from the 4k page size theorgy16:48
arosalesapw: I haven't tested -0916:48
arosalesapw: would you like me to give -09 some run time or a more recent kernel with 4k page size ?16:49
apwarosales, ok but your statement "-09 and greater" is inaccurate and confusing16:49
arosalesapw: good point16:49
arosaleslet me see if I can see the kernels we have seen the seg faults on16:49
apwarosales, as ogasawara pointed out, -15 is when it was changed, so -09 has 4k pages16:49
apwarosales, which is why -14/-15 are interestined test cases to see if it is page size etc16:50
arosales-18 and -23 we have seen seg fautls16:50
apw-14 was the last 4k page size one, -15 the first 64k page size one16:51
arosalesapw: so in theory -09 should jsut work and -15 should fail16:51
arosaleswhich would help with bisceting16:52
arosalesor better yet -14 and -1516:52
arosalesapw: do you have links handy to those .deb and matching initrams I could test with?16:52
apwarosales, only if page size is the reason indeed16:53
apwwhich there is no proof currently, which is why the tests matter16:53
apwthere should be .deb's under the +source/linux page, to get initrds you need to install the .deb16:53
arosalesapw: thanks.16:54
arosalesI'll update bug with my findings, may not be till later tonight though.16:54
arosalesbug 1304754, that is16:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1304754 in gccgo-4.9 "gccgo on ppc64el using split stacks when not supported" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130475416:54
arosalesapw: smb: thanks16:55
apwarosales, great thanks16:55
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MTughanI'm trying to set up an Ubuntu 14.04 cloud release image in a private setup of OpenStack, and it freezes after cloud-init has run init. I get a description of the network devices in use, preceeded by "ci-info" on each line, but it goes nowhere after that. Anyone know what might be going on?17:49
MTughanThis is what I'm seeing on the console. It gets to this point about 10 seconds after booting and goes no further, even after 10-15 minutes. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44769998/ubuntu-openstack.png17:53
RoyKMTughan: could you get into the box via console? it'd be nice to see what dmesg had to say17:54
MTughanRoyK: I can't get to a console, which is part of the problem. SSH isn't up at this point, and the image above is what the console output is.17:55
RoyKtry a netconsole or a serial console17:55
MTughanI'll see about a netconsole. Serial is impossible as this is a VM.17:56
gnuoyYYou And Me Sonttee17:57
gnuoyYou And Me Song76!17:57
sarnoldgnuoy: are those passwords?17:57
MTughanRoyK: Not sure if I'll be able to get a netconsole; bootloader seems to go by too quickly. I do have this though, which I think is the entire output from the console. I don't see any errors in it though. http://pastebin.com/cvVFEPT917:59
RoyKcan't see any issues there - strange17:59
MTughanYeah, it all looks fine to me too.18:00
MTughanThe IP information and routing tables are correct, and I can ping the VM, so it looks like the network stack does come up, but nothing beyond that.18:03
RoyKicmp etc is deep in the kernel, so it'll come up even without the services you want18:04
MTughanMakes sense, but it has to have an external IP that can be reached to ping externally.18:04
RoyKthat's just routing18:05
gnuoysarnold, thanks for the ping. I had a really odd lock screen issue, the monitor was showing the lock screen but not accepting input as far as I could tell but obviously my keystrokes were getting through to irc just fine :( Password changed now18:06
sarnoldgnuoy: sigh :/18:06
sarnoldgnuoy: 14.04? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/129221718:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1292217 in unity "screen lock has triggered but keyboard is still connected to the main session" [High,Incomplete]18:07
gnuoysarnold, looks like a direct hit, thanks18:07
MTughanRoyK: You know, one thing I've noticed while trying to boot up some other instances is that it tries to reach, which is apparently an IP for EC2 instance data. Those requests are failing right now. Does 14.04 expect that IP to exist before booting?18:13
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dubrewskiI just have a quick question for anyone with the know how to answer it.19:28
dubrewskiI am working on setting up a home server and I am not sure if I should utilize KVM. When done the server will act as a media/web/email server with vpn. Right now I only have one website to host and dont plan on adding more anytime soon. Would there be any benefit for me to set up the email, web, and media sections on their own vm?19:28
sarnolddubrewski: I'd be content without the VMs because I'd do AppArmor profiles on the internet-facing services19:31
sarnolddubrewski: but the VMs do provide some nice belt-and-suspenders isolation -- while there are qemu breakout bugs from time to time, when run via libvirt there are apparmor profiles on the qemu processes, which can help confine the scope of potential qemu bypasses19:33
dubrewskiok, I havent researched apparmor to much19:35
dubrewskibut basically what your saying is the hassel isnt worth the reward for such a small set up19:36
sarnolddubrewski: It depends upon which hassle you'd rather deal with :) setting up some apparmor profiles on your services or just burning a bit extra ram and using kvm :)19:37
dubrewskiok, looks like i have some reading to do on apparmor. Thanks for the advice19:39
tom[]where would make sense to keep a custom script that /etc/bash.bashrc will pull in? right in /etc itself?19:54
rbasaktom[]: yes, or maybe /usr/local/share/<something>/20:26
tom[] /usr/local/etc isn't a linux thing?20:27
bekkstom[]: /usr/local/ is application dependant. Applications may store stuff there at will :)20:28
tom[]i am not an app so maybe that's not the place20:28
bekkstom[]: All my scripts, etc. are stored under /usr/local/ and they use their needed/wanted directory structure under /usr/local/20:29
keithzgHmm. Since the upgrade to 14.04, one of my machines can't start smbd or nmbd . . . and nothing is written to their respective log files :/21:03
keithzg...no ideas? Damn.21:56
keithzgCan't quite figure out how to debug something when there's not even a log or any output other than "start: Job failed to start".21:56
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sarnoldkeithzg: dmesg?22:21
keithzgsarnold: Naw, that was the second or third place I checked and it had nothing. In the end I just backed up my smb.conf and then purged and reinstalled and it's working again now; bugs me that I don't quite know *why* it wasn't working, but oh well!22:22
sarnoldkeithzg: ugh. that bugs me too. I'm glad you're going again though22:23
mortrcaIs there a rule against posting forum links?22:36
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines22:36
RoyKmortrca: afaik, no22:36
mortrcaOkay, I posted in the "Virtualisation" forum, but I'm thinking I should have posted in the server section: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221869122:38
RoyKlibvrit is the common stuff22:39
mortrcaRoyK: Can you expand upon that?22:39
RoyKno need22:39
sarnoldmortrca: with libvirt you're responsible for providing iso images and so forth22:41
sarnoldmortrca: uvtool wraps a bunch of the libvirt stuff to automate finding images, validating signatures, etc22:41
mortrcaThat's it?22:41
keithzgUsed to use vm-builder to create VMs, but it's been broken for the past bunch of releases :(22:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1037607 in vm-builder "vmbuilder completely fails on Quantal due to kernel pae detection failure" [High,Triaged]22:44
keithzgI seriously love how the Bug Bot at one point goes:22:44
keithzg'The attachment "an ugly hack to work around the problem" of this bug report has been identified as being a patch.'22:44
sarnoldkeithzg: haha, that's great :)22:45
RoyKit'd be nice to do nested raids with ubuntu, though22:53
sarnoldRoyK: crazytalk!22:54
RoyKsarnold: heh - just like it'd be fine with cetos or debian or whatnot where it just works ;)22:55
sarnoldRoyK: I think part of the problem is that the folks who would be most motivated to fix it just move to zfs anyway22:56
RoyKsarnold: a 2yo bug unfixed - nasty22:57
sarnoldRoyK: yes :(22:57
RoyKsarnold: should be easy for someone that knows upstart well22:58

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