daftykinstime for an early one00:01
daftykinsnn all :)00:01
diddledanlol http://www.avclub.com/article/hbo-gos-new-ads-capture-awkwardness-watching-hbo-y-20371000:07
MooDoohello all06:03
mapphows it going guys06:06
MooDoonot 2 bad mapp you?06:07
mappnot bad just watching final bit of tv before bed06:08
mappthen il flick on the usual tv eps thati fall asleep to..2 broke girls..mom..the millers..seen em all soo many times:D06:08
popeyLaney: you know pbuilder-dist a bit I believe? Is there an easy way to run some set of scripted commands in the pbuilder after doing a "pbuilder-dist <distro> <arch> login"?06:46
MartijnVdSpopey: yes, there are hoook scripts for pbuilder06:46
MartijnVdSpopey: check out the manpage (pbuilder) and /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples06:47
MartijnVdS              F<digit><digit><whatever-else-you-want> is executed just  before06:47
MartijnVdS              user  logs  in,  or  program  starts  executing, after chroot is06:47
MartijnVdS              created in --login or --execute target.06:47
popeyhuh, i was looking at the pbuilder-dist man page.. thanks07:00
diploMorning all07:05
MooDoohowdy diplo07:07
jussiHuomenta :)07:26
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:27
* smittix yawns07:29
smittixWoken up with a cracking headache this morning. urgh07:32
dwatkinsbah, smittix07:37
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jussipopey: that looks interesting...08:40
TwistedLucidity$300...so that's £450? :-S08:48
DJonesPlus vat08:49
TwistedLucidityActually, at the bottom the stat €269 and €299. Not *that* bad. Still more than I can afford, mind you.08:50
TwistedLucidity"...they state..."08:50
ujjain2I really moved to the UK and want to connect my TV (analog) and I assume I need a coax-cable (I asked too many people in the UK that didn't know what that is). On amazon.co.uk I see most cables are male-male, but I assume I need a male-female, right? Just connecting the TV to the analog TV port in my room.10:07
MartijnVdSwasn't analog TV discontinued in the UK?10:08
MartijnVdSEverything should be DVB now?10:08
ujjain2ah really? so no more coax cables?10:08
DJonesMartijnVdS: Analog has been, but even digital tv still uses teh same analog tv ariel10:09
MartijnVdSDJones: yes, but he specifically asked "analog"?10:09
ujjain2Can I get free TV on my Samsung UE40F6200 from NL? It supports DVB-T, but I don't know what that means. I need to get a device that can pick up aerial messages from the air?10:10
popeyDVB-T is what we use, yes10:12
DJonesujjain2: If a property has a tv ariel, they are normally a coax cable from the ariel into the house with a male connector to plug into the tv's ariel socket, the same ariel should feed both analog and digital signals10:13
popeyassuming it points to a digital terrestrial capable transmitter..10:13
DJonesYou would hope so, is there anywhere thats not getting digital tv now, I thought the changeover had been completed10:14
popeyyes, changeover is complete10:14
popeywhat was that website which lists which transmitter you're pointing at?10:14
popeyfound it via my old dvb blog post10:15
popeyujjain2: www.wolfbane.com/cgi-bin/tvd.exe10:15
ujjain2DJones, the property has a tv ariel yes.10:15
ujjain2so that's male-female?10:15
popeystuick your postcode in that, and it should help you find out (with the compass direction) which transmitter you're pointing at10:15
popeythe UHF port is female,10:16
popeyujjain2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TV_aerial_plug10:17
DJonesujjain2: Most older properties just have a cable with a male connector at the end to plug into the tv (the other end just goes straight to the ariel), newer properties/flats etc could well have a wall mounted socket that you'd need to plug a short coax cable into, I guess that would just depend on whether the fitter used a male or female wall socket as to which cable you'd need though10:18
ujjain2aerial plug, antenna cable, coax cable, many terms, but I will just look at the plug and tv I guess, to see if it's male/female when I'm home10:18
Myrttiawwwww, no Unity Webplayer for Linux?10:18
ujjain2ah right, I understand.10:18
popeyMyrtti: sadly not10:19
Myrttino Flappy48 then10:19
popeythat is the only use I've had for it ever10:19
foobarryanyone point me to good info about generating a csr file with a subject alternative name?10:21
MartijnVdSfoobarry: you generate a CSR normally, then select the SANs on the signing end I think10:24
MartijnVdSapparently not always10:25
MartijnVdSfoobarry: http://wiki.cacert.org/FAQ/subjectAltName10:25
MartijnVdSfoobarry: that explains how to do it using an OpenSSL config file10:25
directhexwe use an openssl config to read it from an env var10:28
directhexthen call "ALTNAME='DNS:foo.bar.com, DNS: foo2.bar.com' openssl whatever"10:29
MartijnVdSdirecthex: oh that's an awesome idea10:30
directhexsee also passing in HOST via commonName_default              = $ENV::HOST10:31
foobarryaltname is the website address only?10:48
foobarrydoesn't include the hostname too10:48
MartijnVdSfoobarry: if you look at the cacert howto page, it seems they don't set a CN, but it's still present in the CSR10:49
MartijnVdSIt lists commands that let you list the contents of the CSR10:50
directhexfoobarry, altname is a comma-and-space separated list of "DNS:somehost" entries10:50
MartijnVdSIt seems like you need commonName = hostname *and* also add that hostname in the altName list10:51
directhexfoobarry, it is *SSL library implementation specific* as to whether cn= is considered when altname is also present10:51
directhexiirc openssl does not, gnutls does10:51
directhex(safest to include it)10:51
directhex(assuming you need it)10:51
* awilkins wants to smash Windows 2k12 server into a billion tiny pieces with a toffee hammer10:52
* dwatkins hands awilkins an installation DVD10:52
directhexwindows server 2012. because touchscreens! :D10:52
awilkinsIt takes _4 minutes_ to unpack a 200MB archive10:53
awilkinsSame archive on my Linux desktop - 1.2s10:53
* Myrtti is trying to allocate UK bank holidays into her vacation calendar10:53
awilkinsI have no idea what our IT department have done to it10:53
awilkinsHave finally got an Apache Solr server running on it10:53
awilkinsThe dashboard doesn't work, and beacuse I can't get to port 8080 on this server10:54
awilkinsI have to use the local instance of IE10:54
awilkinsNot sure if the dashboard not working is because of IE, so using IE to download Firefox10:54
awilkinsIE keeps crashing at 99%10:54
* awilkins is feeling murderous10:54
directhexMyrtti, https://www.gov.uk/bank-holidays/england-and-wales.ics10:55
Myrttidirecthex: yeah, but the problem is that I have to fill out which days I'd like to take off into this Googly Spreadsheet...10:55
Myrttiso no automation for Myrttis10:55
awilkinsAlso, clicking around on realllly slow desktop UI via RDP when I could just be TYPING COMMANDS is driving me cuckoo10:57
foobarrydoes alt_names require IPs too?10:57
* awilkins watches IE stop at 98% download again10:57
dwatkinsawilkins: I feel your pain10:58
directhexfoobarry, no. altname is just a list of valid hostnames for which the server connection is valid10:58
dwatkinsI have to use virtual machines a lot, it's painful to have to wait to open menus10:58
foobarryok , cheers10:58
directhexfoobarry, e.g. if you ever try to go to "https://XYZ", every possible value for XYZ needs to be listed, but nothing else10:58
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foobarrythx. i am slightly confused because there's an F5 load balancer in the process11:01
dwatkinsI thought the trend now was to use hostnames, since IP addresses might change even if they're set by MAC address on the DHCP server etc.11:04
dwatkinssome firewalls insist on IP addresses for whitelisting, but that's just not practical anymore, especially as many people use hosting services where a single IP address might be shared between multiple customers11:07
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WobboHow can I install Ubuntu on a USB. Really installing it, not like "Universal USB Installer". If I use that, I can't update it, etc. It isn't a real installing.11:16
WobboI have installed Ubuntu normally on a USB, but than de bios can't use it.11:17
popeyi have done this a few times11:19
popeyboot from an ubuntu iso on one usb stick, insert another, and install onto it11:19
popeythe key is to make sure the usb device is set as where the installer puts grub11:19
popeyif you dont do that it wont be bootable11:19
WobboUbuntu made on my laptop a /boot/efi fat11:19
WobboI think that for the fast load think11:20
MartijnVdSWobbo: EFI only understands (a subset of) FAT11:32
NET||abusehmm, it's a little offtopic today, but any suggestions on a modern router to use for my friends home web design business setup. he's got 3 servers and 8 pc's, want to do a nice setup with dmz setup as he hosts client facing stuff off his home servers,11:44
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: Routerboard/Mikrotik?11:45
NET||abuseand he's looking to do some cloud hosted production work, but ultimately justto make sure he has a decently flexible solutoin11:45
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: Really, check out the Routerboard stuff :)11:46
NET||abusewill do :) ok.11:46
NET||abusehmm, looks like the basic option of the R750UP is available to his local supplier11:48
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: what's the advantage of this router?11:51
NET||abusewhy this over others?11:52
NET||abuseisthe os particularly well featured?11:52
NET||abuseor is a little embeded linux/bsd box?11:52
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: it's got Linux embedded, and the company makes a whole range of good but cheap routers etc.11:53
NET||abusepretty cool.11:53
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: also, they make the tiny wifi APs and big lots-of-port routers and switches11:54
MartijnVdSand their software/UI is great11:54
NET||abusedefinately a plus on the UI side, he's no need for wifi, just need flexible hardwire router11:56
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: they also have those11:57
NET||abusehe's got a switch with 4 ip's from his ip, so he just needs to mount up 2 ip's from his connection, and assign one port as a dmz for his servers11:57
NET||abuseumm, from his ISP :P11:57
NET||abusefinding my keyboard setup a bit stupid today.11:57
NET||abusei'm slouching , that's why.11:57
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: Yeah, get the RB750 (GL if you need gigabit)11:57
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: they also list measured throughput rates on the product pages11:58
NET||abusecan he hook a gigbit 8port switch off one port and have that as his dmz ?maybe do passthrough on 2 or 3 ip's from his ISP's connection?11:58
MartijnVdSyes, should be possible11:59
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dwatkinsNET||abuse: sounds like something that might be best done with VLANs12:10
dwatkinsalso, for anyone who wants to learn more, here's a set of videos with free networking training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdYg02XJt6QRQfYjyQcMPfS3mrSnFbRC12:11
diddledanMartijnVdS: I love routerboards12:11
diddledanMartijnVdS: I also love that the admin console while being windows-only runs without issue in wine12:12
foobarryi'm out of contract on my broadband..whats the cheapest deals out there?12:12
diddledanthe webadmin on routerboards is a bit of a mess, however12:12
dwatkinsdepends what you want in terms of speed, bandwidth cap, static IP etc., foobarry12:13
diddledanI've got sky12:13
diddledan80Mbps/20Mbps+static IP12:13
MartijnVdSdiddledan: the admin console is a fine webapp too12:14
foobarryi want cheap12:14
foobarryno static ip12:14
foobarrynothing fancy12:14
dwatkinsfoobarry: ADSL or FTTC?12:14
diddledanfoobarry: cheap as a cheap thing with a dent in the side is plusnet12:14
foobarryplusnet cheaper than taltalk?12:15
dwatkinsI'm about to switch to PlusNet for my FTTC connection, as they cost the same as my current ISP (IDNet) but don't cap.12:15
dwatkinstalktalk have lots of network issues where I live.12:15
foobarryi don't use much internet at home12:15
foobarryi'd like to ditch the phone line if poss but prob unlikely12:15
foobarryi prob pay around 22.50 per month atm for phone+bband12:16
dwatkinshttp://www.moneysavingexpert.com/phones/cheap-broadband has a few deals and some useful info on it12:16
foobarrygood idea12:16
dwatkinsI'm wary of talktalk and BT because of problems I've had with them in the past, but I hear good things about PlusNet.12:17
foobarrydwatkins: how much for the plusnet package?12:21
dwatkinsfoobarry: I'm going for fibre broadband, so it'll be more expensive than just ADSL12:21
foobarrybut no phone req'd?12:22
dwatkinstheir prices are on here, though: http://www.plus.net/home-broadband/12:22
dwatkinsoh, you need a phone with any such connection12:22
dwatkinssometimes line rental is included, often not12:22
dwatkinsyou can pay line rental via your ISP, too, if you want12:23
foobarryvirgin don't demand it for fibre12:23
dwatkinsoften it's cheaper if you pay up-front for a year's line rental12:23
dwatkinsah yes, but then the phone is free because you already have Virgin's hardware (i.e. coax) installed, iirc12:23
dwatkinsI used to have phone, TV and internet with Virgin.12:23
foobarryits a swindle :(12:24
dwatkinsindeed, "Free" as in "the price is included in that of the other service{s}.12:24
dwatkinsah yes, PlusNet's page has two tabs, one with and one without line rental12:24
foobarryplusnet = 131.88 line rental for 1 yr + £2 pm broadband12:28
foobarrytalktalk = 126 line rental (next few days only) and 3.50/month bb12:29
dwatkinsfoobarry: you may also want to compare the frequency of outages, e.g. http://www.talktalk.co.uk/servicestatus/ vs http://www.plus.net/supportpages.html?a=212:32
dwatkinsI've used windows server for about 10 seconds today, and I already want to smash it with a hammer... sound familiar?12:36
foobarrytalktalk offering me £126 annual rental and monthly 2.25 recurring12:41
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daftykinsfor anyone who missed my lovely snaps13:38
daftykinsthere's me coming into land over Guernsey and a couple of the neighbouring islands13:38
* awilkins is causing severe consternation to a Win2k12 server by .. asking it to do stuff13:54
MartijnVdSawilkins: see that's what you're doing wrong13:57
awilkinsHave now got to the point where I can actually stuff documents into a Solr server with Nutch13:58
awilkinsNow have to contend with fact that these pages are complete cack14:05
dwatkinssounds like something it doesn't like14:50
dwatkinsmy Win2k3 server is slow, but that's because it's running on an ancient vmware 2.0 server with a 2.6 GHz core2duo14:50
dwatkinsif I could work out how to get vmware ESXI to run, I'd use that. It seems you need to install their management system on Windows which presents a webserver, so I'll need at least one Windows virtual machine.14:51
dwatkinsat least vmware 2.0 has a web-console by default (although it requires IE, which I need a virtual machine for)14:52
daftykinsah yes the silly activex control for viewing?15:11
mappwell lol my referred order went through..and i made a new one after itsaid referred argh15:43
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lazarus_anyone know how to boot iso files using grub 215:46
daftykinsthis is to do an update when you don't have a USB flash drive or spare DVD to burn i take it?15:48
BigRedSHrm, dist-upgrading to trusty doesn't seem to have given me any cool desktop wallpapers16:10
mappE: Invalid operation do-release-upgrade16:11
mappthats all i get16:11
davmor2mapp: what are you trying to do?16:15
Laneyit's do-release-upgrade not apt-get do-release-upgrade16:16
mappoh duh16:18
mappsilly me16:18
daftykinsvery nice tune18:49
daftykinsheard iton BBC 6 Music in a burger place in Brighton this weekend18:50
dwatkinsdaftykins: I love the description on the website of one of the tracks: "gorgeous and woozy piano-strewn opener Out of the Woodwork"18:53
maps|wrkshould i upgrade to 14.04 now then, hmm im just worried it might lock me out if i do it remotely:D19:05
daftykinsi personally think upgrades are a joke best avoided :)19:07
maps|wrkwhat u on19:08
daftykinstea currently19:09
maps|wrki mean ubuntu rls19:09
daftykinsamusingly my servers are still on 10.04.4 so before next year comes around i have some work to do19:09
maps|wrkthats kinda old now19:09
daftykinsyep but it was LTS19:10
daftykinswhich meant i have been able to nurture it for many moons19:10
maps|wrki still need to solve this pesky issue with http / and that rubbish thing that ruined my apache19:10
daftykinsbut it's been weeks! :)19:11
daftykinshave a look at what you've got in sites-available and sites-enabled in /etc/apache2/19:12
maps|wrkand im stuck19:12
maps|wrkI installed from source..for apache..and it all worked ssl an all..then zetyal screwed it up19:12
maps|wrkbut now..it looks like zentyal isnt running ps aux | grep zentyal shows nothing19:13
daftykinssource on a packaged OS :(19:13
maps|wrkwanted to19:13
daftykinsyou sir have broken the #1 rule of fight club19:13
daftykinsbut yeah so my 14.04 server LTS upgrade plan would involve creating new VMs, then re-establishing packages and scp'ing content19:16
daftykinsthen a port forward edit and all's good19:16
maps|wrklooks like httpd.conf had the Listen 80 line removed..could zentyal have done something like that and made it a virtual host listenn on 80 by default19:17
daftykinsso where apache installed... you should still have sites-available and sites-enabled19:17
daftykinsyou *really* need to look there first :)19:18
maps|wrkapache is in /usr/local/apache/htdocs doc root19:18
daftykinszentyal could've modified those19:18
maps|wrkand /usr/local/apache/conf for copnf19:18
maps|wrkthen conf./extras /httpd-vhost etc19:18
daftykinswhat's in httpd-vhost/ ?19:18
maps|wrksec will pastebinit19:18
daftykinsdo you access your home box via http://IP/ ?19:20
daftykinsor a dyndns / proper domain?19:20
maps|wrkeither works19:21
dwatkinsnot for long19:21
maps|wrkhttps://frogs.zapto.org or
dwatkinsdyndns.org is no longer free19:21
maps|wrkthey're both working on that atm19:22
maps|wrkargh no19:22
daftykinsyeah i need to sort out my noip19:22
dwatkinslikewise, and my blog is on a dyndns.org address (although it's static)19:22
daftykinsbut my stupid router's web form for dynamic DNS configuration is bugged so i have to factory reset to edit it again19:22
dwatkinsmost routers I've looked at recently only have dyndns.org, sadly19:22
maps|wrkhang on isnt my host a no-ip19:22
dwatkinshooray for tomato alternative firmware19:22
daftykinsmine can have custom additions by telnet'ing in19:22
daftykinsbut it already has noip19:23
daftykinser free noip accounts are .no-ip.biz19:23
maps|wrk]ah no its not..its a dyndns ive got a no-ip ac too19:23
daftykinsmaps|wrk: well neither of those even point to your document root, so it must be getting configured somewhere else19:24
maps|wrkin httpd.conf19:24
daftykinscan you pastebin that?19:24
maps|wrkbut thats enabled two vhosts hasnt it? to garbage sites19:24
maps|wrkhang on zapto.org os no-ip.com thats staying free i assume?19:24
daftykinslove your friendly welcome message btw19:24
maps|wrkyea its static too..need to change it so it's dynamic..that was my old static bethere ip had for6yrs19:25
maps|wrkand i stole that MOTD off an efnet irc server;p19:25
maps|wrklets see19:26
maps|wrkgotta be careful with messing with apache..else il be looked out of irc (qwebirc) and also shell (shellinabox) cant ssh in id get in trouble for using an app i dont need19:27
maps|wrkcould that httpd-vhosts be causing an issue? as it has 2 defined there, which as i say are just garbage entries19:27
daftykinsso what's the idea of what's wrong? because i saw that message from one of your addys so surely that's being served from .../htdocs/ ?19:31
maps|wrkbut hang on19:34
maps|wrkthat was https:// it doesn't work on http:// non SSL and it used ti before I installeed zentyal19:34
maps|wrkthen spent ages removing it and still wondering whats happened;/19:34
dwatkinsthe cert is also invalid, but I imagine you know that19:34
maps|wrkyou see anything there which would be stopping http:// port 8019:34
maps|wrkyea i know:) i generated it myself..i think you always get errors if its not signed by a 3rd party19:35
dwatkinsmaps|wrk: either the port isn't open/forwarded on the firewall, or there's no process listening on it.19:35
dwatkinswhen you start Apache, does it say there's a problem opening port 80 for listening? can you telnet to that port on the local network?19:36
maps|wrkit did at one point./.but im not sure now ..i set apache to start at bootup and if i stop and start now i risk killing my connection and not being able to reconnect;p19:36
maps|wrkthe port's 100% definitely forwarded19:37
maps|wrklets see telnet19:37
dwatkinsno need to reboot19:37
maps|wrkmark@frogs:/usr/local/apache/conf$ telnet localhost 80    Trying   telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused19:37
dwatkinsok, check the Apache log or restart the daemon19:37
maps|wrkhow can i check to see if somethings listening on port 80? netstat and something19:37
maps|wrkyou dont think it's anything to do with the err httpd-vhosts file19:38
maps|wrkah thanks19:38
maps|wrkthen grep 80?19:38
dwatkinshmmm, not sure as I think the syntax has changed since I last used it19:38
dwatkinslook for a line like this:19:39
dwatkinsapache2     693      www-data    3u     IPv4  120878196        0t0        TCP *:http (LISTEN)19:39
maps|wrkgives me a lot of results lsof19:39
dwatkins*:http means it's listening on all interfaces (network connections incoming) for http, i.e. port 8019:39
dwatkinshttp is port 80 as devined in /etc/services19:39
dwatkins*defined (haha)19:39
maps|wrkhttpd     3227 3251      apache  rtd   unknown                         /proc/3227/task/3251/root (readlink: Permission denied)19:40
maps|wrki see stuff like this..no mention of tcp.http19:40
daftykinsnetstat -tuln is happy19:41
daftykinsyeah your config directive had :80 but not *:8019:42
maps|wrkthe httpd.conf should have Listen 80 - isnt it? the vhosts had *:80 - should i rm the vhosts? they arent used19:43
maps|wrkhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7317114/ error_log output started my machine at 16;19 - dont see any errors or anything about 80?19:43
dwatkinsI think apache logs to /var/log/syslog when it starts19:44
maps|wrkmy mistake :|19:44
dwatkinsrestart it with either "service apache2 restart" or "apachectl restart"19:44
dwatkinsthen check the most recent files in /var/log and /var/log/apache219:45
maps|wrkbut one more thing you see http://paste.ubuntu.com/7317005/ right httpd.conf - well it didnt have Listen 80 previously I just added it now --19:45
maps|wrkwould that fix it? or shall i remove it..dont wanna restart apache and break everything19:45
dwatkinsbreak what?19:46
maps|wrkwell stop apache starting on ssl even19:46
dwatkinsyou have a backup of your working config file, don't you? ;)19:46
maps|wrkas i added Listen 80 to httpd.conf -19:46
maps|wrkif it doesnt start up again i cant get back on here!!19:46
maps|wrkil have to wait till i go home to fix it if it didnt come back:P19:46
dwatkinshang on, how are you connected?19:46
maps|wrkim connected through web browser using qwebirc and shellinabox19:47
dwatkinsah ok19:47
maps|wrkssh is running..but i wont be able to connect to it, cant use any non work apps19:47
maps|wrkso question is would Listen 80 break it:D19:48
dwatkinsfind out what external ports you can access19:48
dwatkinsif you want to use ssh, there's probably a way, e.g. have ssh listen on port 44319:48
maps|wrkbut how would i connect..cant use putty19:48
dwatkinsah ok, that's between you and your employer19:48
dwatkinscan you put apps onto a usb stick and run them?19:49
dwatkinsI guess shellinabox is probably the simplest way, though19:49
maps|wrkthats why im mtrying to make sure apache does come back19:49
dwatkinsso, you need a separate entry in the sites-enabled directory for the port 80 webserver, or a second port to listen on (i.e. 80 as well as 443)19:49
dwatkinsnot sure how to have the same webserver listen via http and https at the same time, though19:50
maps|wrkwell, im not sure it worked before using the https config file in the conf/extras dir19:50
maps|wrkbut i noticed in the httpd.conf file (main config file) was no entry for listen 80 where there normally is by defualt..so figured it could be that19:50
maps|wrkbut then also what are these random odd vhosts entries19:51
dwatkinsdid you follow a guide like this? http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/ssl/ssl_howto.html19:51
maps|wrkmark@frogs:/usr/local/apache/conf$ sudo /etc/init.d/apachectl restart  [Wed Apr 23 20:51:46.116226 2014] [so:warn] [pid 4681:tid 3075208896] AH01574: module authz_core_module is already loaded, skipping19:52
maps|wrkno errors about port 80 or unable to use port19:52
dwatkinscopy the existing config, go home, read the guide, implement it :)19:52
dwatkinsto be honest, that's the easiest way, as your config might have some other thing that's causing a problem19:53
bashrcthe problem I was having with installing ubuntu the other day turned out to be the fault of unetbootin20:04
daftykinsUEFI install?20:04
maps|wrktrying to install off usb?20:04
bashrcwhen I used the startup disk utility to make a bootable USB drive the installation just worked20:04
daftykinsah, so mac?20:05
daftykinsyeah unetbootin is widely commented as borking for UEFI20:05
maps|wrkya whats all this UEFI daftykins  heard it makes it hard to install other OSs20:05
daftykinsit's BIOS' replacement20:05
bashrcI don't think it's UEFI because the laptop is approximately 4 years old20:06
daftykinsoh ok so not a mac?20:06
bashrcno a lenovo20:06
daftykinsah well20:06
daftykinsunetbootin seems to cause more trouble here and there :)20:06
daftykinsmaps|wrk: i'm just about to switch off my desktop and go cook so can't elaborate there right now i'm afraid!20:06
bashrcin the past I found unetbootin to be more reliable than the startup disk creator, but things must have changed20:07
daftykinsultimately it's the new tech to allow newer features along with being able to boot from GPT disks that are 3TB or larger etc.20:07
daftykinsi just use dd20:07
maps|wrkyea but ive heard its a pain installing say even win7 on a new machine that coes with win8?20:07
daftykinsor universal usb installer from pendrivelinux.com if i've a windows host20:07
daftykinsonly if you're not willing to root around in your system's setup screens really20:08
bashrccan you just dd the iso directly to the usb drive?20:08
maps|wrkya thats quite good20:08
daftykinsbashrc: yip20:08
maps|wrkyou can? didnt know20:08
bashrchah, never really considered doing that20:08
daftykinsdd if=blah.iso of=/dev/sdX20:08
maps|wrkcan you get grub to boot off ajn iso? someone was asking earlier20:08
daftykinsmaking sure you don't try and use a partition e.g. /dev/sdb120:08
daftykinshas to be the main device itself20:08
daftykinsi don't know how but GRUB can have a menu entry added to point to an ISO20:09
bashrcanyway problem solved.  I probably won't be using unetbootin again.20:09
daftykinsk gotta go, laters o/20:09
maps|wrki hink i used unbetbootin and it worked fine20:10
daftykinsyeah lots of variables in this land of computers20:10
foobarry3.8.0-38 isn't letting my laptop suspend20:12
foobarrybut if i try to remove the package it tries to remove raring-lts package too20:12
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maps|wrk3.0-=38 of what20:16
foobarryubuntu kernel20:17
diddledanoh, I see unicorns made an unsurprising appearance at the naming ceremony of 14.1020:34
dwatkinsultimate unicorn20:43
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diddledansorry, just squeezing one out20:59
diddledanlike _graingert did above...20:59
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maps|wrkfixed apache23:07
maps|wrkit was as simple as inserting Listen 80- into httpd.conf23:07
daftykins£42.49 for a 1TB WD Red to fix the dying disk in my array23:13
daftykins£61.38 for a 2TB WD Red23:14
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