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mappshey daftykins not bad..you?01:48
mappsstruggling wth strongswan mind01:48
diddledan_I just watched a terrible tv-movie01:58
diddledan_called cybergeddon01:58
diddledan_apparently there's a tv series as well01:59
mappswhat did it get/1002:04
Myrttiuh, anyone have a moment to help with my ALSA DKMS issue?08:03
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Shark Awareness Day! :-D08:03
MartijnVdSJamesTait: is that a prequel to shark week?08:04
JamesTaitMartijnVdS, oh, maybe - when's shark week?08:04
MartijnVdSJamesTait: I think that depends on the woman?08:04
* JamesTait facepalms.08:05
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Myrttihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/UpgradingAlsa/DKMS is confusing08:28
MyrttiI don't know which version I should install08:29
Myrttioooherrr! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/supermechanical/range-oven-intelligence-a-brain-for-your-oven-or-g?ref=category08:33
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shadowfaxwho's a microserver owner?09:23
shadowfaxi think i could be persuaded to buy one instead of synology09:23
popeyi am09:24
shadowfaxdo you know your uidling power usage pls?09:25
diploAnd me :)09:25
popeyand measuring mine wouldn't help as it has 5 disks in it09:25
popeyand isn't the one you can buy these days09:25
shadowfaxnot sure whether to get synology ds213j or a micro with 2 disks09:26
shadowfaxno cashback on teh hp though :(09:26
shadowfaxits £129 atm09:26
popeyI am tempted to get a newer one to replace the one I have09:26
diploThat's close to what I paid with cash back I think09:27
popeyguessing I could just pull the disks out of my current one and slap them in it09:27
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:27
shadowfaxwhat RAM does it come with?09:27
popeythats the old model isnt it?09:27
shadowfaxwhat's the new one?09:28
popeythats the current one09:28
shadowfaxyeah big bucks though09:28
popeyfewer USB ports too09:28
shadowfaxnoticed that people use qpenology which is a synology rebuild09:29
popeyooh, red arrows09:30
ali1234i too have a microwave09:30
ali1234i don't put harddrives in it usually09:30
ali1234popey: if you see david cameron today could you throw an egg at him for me pls?09:31
shauno_oh gosh, the new raspberry pi appears to add so much sanity.  finally!09:40
GargoyleWhat files does "locale-gen en_GB.UTF-8" create? Trying to find some way to add it to an ansible script for my AWS instances.10:20
mgdmif you're on debian or similar you can do 'dpkg-reconfigure locales'10:21
mgdmI think they end up in /usr/share/i18n/ or somewhere like that10:21
Gargoylemgdm: I only want it running once from ansible.10:22
mgdmare you using an off the shelf AMI? I'd build it in if not?10:23
GargoyleYeah. The default Ubuntu 14.04 one10:24
mgdmwe've got a fairly custom one in an attempt to cut down the boot time10:27
GargoyleI'll probably settle down and create an AMI a bit later, but at the moment things are changing around a bit, so I like the process of firing up a default instance and then pointing ansible at it.10:30
mgdmSure, makes sense10:31
mgdmI can recommend Packer for when you get to that point10:31
GargoyleNice. Thanks for the tip. :-)10:34
shadowfaxthe n54l comes with 4gb RAM, quite decent10:35
shadowfaxdoes anyone run plex on their microserver?10:35
shadowfaxwant to utilise the nas and chromecast.10:36
Myrttiwe run virtual machines of which one runs plex10:36
Myrttiapparently UPnPlay knows how to do Chromecast, nowadays, too10:37
Myrttitoo bad it's ugly10:37
Myrtti(so if you're not disturbed by how ugly UPnPlay is, you don't necessarily need Plex to use Chromecast for your homeserver content)10:38
shadowfaxso upnplay direct to microserver running ubuntu?10:39
Myrttiwell, the server would run mediatomb or whatever10:40
MyrttiUPnPlay is an Android app10:40
shadowfaxdoes look ugly10:40
Myrttimy issue with Plex is that to use it with your mobile phone you need to buy the plex app. Which isn't a problem for me, I've paid for it and use it, but my sister refuses to put any payment methods on Google Play.10:41
Myrttialthough, now you can buy stuff from Google Play using Paypal, which is an improvement10:41
Myrttialso, mediatomb is open source and arguably easier to install than plex media server, which hasn't had functioning Ubuntu repos for a good while now10:43
Myrttiand yes, UPnPlay is UGGGLLLEEH10:45
brunogirinMyrtti: plex has a .deb for their media server for Ubuntu that works out of the box on 14.04 (or at least it did when I installed it a few weeks ago)10:51
Myrttibrunogirin: yes, but the repository that package might set in place in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plexmediaserver.list won't work and hasn't worked for a good while.10:52
Myrttibrunogirin: so if you want to upgrade it, you have to rinse and repeat that downloading the deb every time.10:52
Myrttiin comparison to just apt-get install mediatomb and upgrading it just happens.10:53
Myrttialso, "arguably easier to install" --> yay discussion10:53
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:00
shadowfaxanyone booting from usb on their microserver?11:09
shadowfax(ubuntu server)11:09
shadowfaxnew rasppberry pi announced11:46
shadowfaxwell, the b+11:46
foobarryi wonder how many people got a shock last night after searching for world cup scorer goatse on the internet13:15
foobarrynew raspbery pi free from ice cream stall on wesmtinster bridge allegedly14:10
foobarrycan anyone verify?14:10
mgdmI've seen ac ouple of folk who got them14:11
awilkinsAlas, they closed the stall at 133014:38
foobarryand moved to twoer bridge14:38
* awilkins isn't in London14:38
foobarryi am14:38
awilkinsPah, Londoners, centre of the universe :P14:38
foobarryits a big place though14:39
foobarrynot sure what is actually happening, you buy a raspi and get free ice cream?14:39
foobarryor vice versa14:39
awilkinsYou need to know the codeword14:40
awilkinsWhich is "Extra Raspberry"14:40
diddledan_extra raspberry14:40
foobarrythats it?14:40
foobarryi'm off14:40
foobarry*may not be off14:41
diddledan_honest trailer for minecraft14:46
ali1234if it was honest it would mention how buggy the game is14:53
foobarryi've still never played it14:54
diddledan_don't you hate when an error message says "contact your system administrator"?15:04
diddledan_how is the "system administrator" even if he's not me going to work out what's wrong with that error message?!15:05
diddledan_specifically this error message from osx reads "Check the server name or IP address, and then try again. If you continue to have problems, contact your system administrator."15:08
diddledan_how useful is that?!15:08
daftykinserr, well surely it is in context? :)15:09
diddledan_no, because the server name or ip address is correct15:09
Myrttiyeah I got an error message about alsa-hda-dkms being broken for months, then google returns absolutely nothing on how to fix it other than uninstalling it (which you can do) and reinstalling it (which you can't)15:09
awilkinsI almost pine for the days when Soundblaster was the standard sound hardware15:11
awilkinsTHe drivers for Linux were easier than the Windows ones15:11
MyrttiI'm yet to reboot to see if I've lost sound by uninstalling the package15:11
MyrttiI can't figure out how to install an equivalent15:12
diddledan_creative actually opensourced some drivers for the x-fi15:12
diddledan_then promptly ignored it thereafter15:12
diddledan_I don't believe they ever touched it since15:12
MyrttiI'll buy the person who figures out which package I need to install to a laptop running 3.13.0-32-generic #56~precise1-Ubuntu using this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/UpgradingAlsa/DKMS as instructions15:14
Myrttia beer15:14
MyrttiI accidentally a word15:14
Myrttibeer or a beverage of choice15:14
awilkinsWindows : You can't download the drivers because Creative are trying to hide the face that their different card models are mostly differentiated by firmware15:14
awilkinsLinux : HELLO, you have a soundblaster, I will scroll some kernel logs with pretty colours and it will work15:15
awilkinsThe ubuntu wiki annoys me a bit15:16
awilkinsShould be instanced per-release15:16
awilkinsAnd pages should only be copied to the new release if they are actually still relevant15:16
diddledan_the ubuntu wiki has some way outdated stuff, I agree15:16
awilkinsLike that page which is talking about packages that don't exist any more!15:18
diddledan_Myrtti: do you actually need the updated driver from the oem-audio-hda-daily pakages?15:18
awilkins(which don't exist anymore)15:18
awilkins(or are in a PPA if they do)15:18
Myrttididdledan_: I don't know, because I haven't dared to reboot yet15:18
Myrttias of now the sound works15:18
awilkinsMyrtti, The package you uninstalled doesn't exist anymore :-)15:19
MyrttiI know it doesn't15:19
awilkinsWhich I presume is why you can't reinstall it15:19
awilkinsWhat does lsmod say about hda ?15:20
awilkinsYou probably have snd_hda_intel loaded15:20
Myrttiyeah I do15:20
awilkinsI think they're all standard kernel modules..15:21
awilkinsNot sure where the files are15:21
awilkinsMine are in /lib/modules/3.13.0-30-generic/kernel/sound/pci ... I reckon if you still have things like snd-intel8x0m.ko you're golden15:23
awilkinsAh, and snd-hda-intel.ko15:24
awilkinsThe DKMS stuff is just for separate module packages that version independently of the kernel15:24
awilkinsAFAIK all the out-of-the-box modules are included with each kernel15:25
awilkinsDKMS for things like proprietary nvidia and VirtualBox device drivers15:25
diddledan_why can't I login to my samba shares on a newly installed 14.04?!15:30
diddledan_the shares are listed when browsing
mappsfell asleep twice during gang related15:30
diddledan_but logging in fails15:30
diddledan_(I'm looping back to eliminate ip addressing issues)15:31
diddledan_the only log message I can find is  "pam_unix(samba:session): session closed for user nobody"15:34
daftykinsconfirmed with smbclient?15:35
diddledan_it says NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED15:39
diddledan_my password is correct15:39
daftykinsstandard \\IP\share ?15:40
diddledan_err, I guess?15:40
daftykinsgah same issue i have15:41
awilkinsdiddledan_, I always have problems with auth on samba15:45
awilkinsDid you create the shares to be accessed by existing users?15:45
diddledan_I right clicked a folder and selected the network share option15:46
diddledan_if that is "create the shares to be accessed by existing users" then yes, I did15:47
awilkinsdiddledan_, I'm not sure if this is right, but my mental model of it is that the Samba password database isn't the same as the system one and isn't synced until the user changes their password15:47
awilkinsBut it always annoys the hell out of me until some kind of random scrabbling fixes it then I forget about it until next time it annoys me15:48
diddledan_that's how it used to be, yes, but the ui doesn't indicate anything along those lines15:48
awilkinsThat's why it's annoying15:49
diddledan_I click the share option and it creates a share - it doesn't tell me that I can't access it15:49
diddledan_it used to prompt you for your password the first time you set it up, I thought15:49
awilkinsThis kind of thing hurt Linux adoption in the enterprise I'm sure...15:50
daftykinsi always use "sudo smbpaswd -u user" to specify one manully15:51
daftykinsugh, please excuse my broken keyboard, dropping letters all over the shop =|15:51
diddledan_I know why the passwords are different - they require different encryption hashes - but that doesn't explain why when you install ubuntu it doesn't create both considering that it installed samba by default15:51
diddledan_and even if it didn't create both at user-add/install time then it should tell you when you set up a share for the first time what you need to do for each user15:52
awilkinsHah, probably because libpam-smbpass isn't installed by default15:52
* awilkins reads about that to see if it's the special magic15:53
daftykinsdiddledan_: before i was under the impression you were connecting to a remote share15:54
awilkins" Samba user accounts are separate from system accounts, but the libpam-smbpass package will sync system users and passwords with the Samba user database. "15:54
diddledan_daftykins: I was, I changed to connecting to a local share to prove that it's not a networking issue15:54
daftykinsthat's not very clever ;)15:54
daftykinsif said package isn't on as defult15:54
diddledan_it seems completely "stupid" to me to install something by default and provide a ui which then won't ever work without jumping through hidden hoops15:55
awilkinsWell, likewise15:55
daftykinsto the bug machine!15:56
diddledan_why not just don't install samba at all - it would save space on the download and would require people to read the instructions which can tell about how to get a password set15:56
diddledan_OR set the bloo*ing password when the user(s) is/are created15:57
diddledan_I'm sure if I filed a bug it would be marked as wont_fix15:58
diddledan_or invalid15:58
awilkinsSystem devs should probably be forced to work in a Windows network three months of a year15:59
awilkinsBehind an ISA server proxy15:59
awilkinsWith NTLM auth on15:59
awilkinsThe `/usr/share/doc/libpam-smbpass/examples/password-migration` from the libpam-smbpass package is illuminating16:00
daftykinsi was at a place briefly where they ran ISA i think, i asked the immediate kinda boss if there was a way to bypass it temporarily, being in IT - he didn't know.16:00
awilkinsI loathe it16:00
awilkinsBut now they are changing to Websense which is even worse16:00
awilkinsIt futzes with all the SSL certs16:01
awilkinsSo doing things like cloning from https:// at github makes Git throw a wobbly (rightly) because they are assentially man-in-the-middle attacking us16:01
awilkinsHave resorted with much grumbling to adding their silly internal self-signed x509 cert to the trusted list16:02
diddledan_why does anyone think that's a good idea16:02
awilkinsBecause risk management16:02
awilkinsThe result is I now refuse to sign into any personal account for anything from my work laptop16:02
diddledan_can you vpn at all?16:03
foobarryboot from usb16:03
awilkinsI may have some kind of arrangement16:03
awilkinsHah, I boot my main work machine from an eSATA SSD with Trusty on it16:03
awilkinsAll my productive work occurs on Linux16:03
awilkinsHeh, that's a bit overkill16:05
awilkinsI might have SSH access. I couldn't possibly comment what I use it for.16:05
daftykinshdparm isn't giving me the security section, seems it's very common to get this "Integrity word not set" error16:16
mappsso this annoying vpn thingonly happens when usig 3g16:26
mappssee there ..i included a screenshot too16:29
mappsnot had any replies on there asked in #openvpn and #openvpn-as no replies16:29
diddledan_aah yeah, I remember now that you linked it a few days ago16:29
mappsonly seems to happen when using the vpn over 3g..but it just seems strange16:30
mappsi read openvpn site docs..and it works fine except for 3g ..i cant be the ONLY person using an openvpn vpn over 3g16:30
mappsbut yet theres nothing anywhere about the issue i get16:30
diddledan_it suggests to me that it isn't tearing down the connection properly at "15:07:44 TUN teardown"16:35
diddledan_and because it's torn the tun down the device can't access any network because it is configured to send everything through the tunnel16:35
diddledan_which no longer exists16:36
diddledan_how to fix though I haven't the foggiest :-p16:36
mappsive looked everywhere16:36
mappscant find anything16:36
mappswatching Sabotage atm...the arnie film:D16:38
mappsive started setting up stongswan..hopefully wont have te same issue using a strngswan vpn over 3g16:39
mappscant see any way to fix the openvpn issue so easiest to switch16:39
daftykinswhy do you even VPN 0o16:39
mappsbecause i want to:D16:40
mappswhy not16:40
diddledan_because NSA16:40
diddledan_SWM 4 NSA fun16:41
daftykinsmapps: i wondered if it had an actual practical / work purpose16:41
mappsah no16:41
diddledan_my workplace has an ovpn network which I was going to sort out connection to via my ipwn16:41
jpdsmapps: strongSwan works like a charm over my 3G.16:42
mappsi setup my strongswan but it didnt work:)16:42
diddledan_jpds: from your ipwn?16:42
jpdsdiddledan_: android, yep.16:42
jpdsdiddledan_: And laptop over a tether.16:42
diddledan_jpds: android != ipwn16:42
jpdsdiddledan_: No idea what an ipwn is.16:43
mappsjpds https://www.zeitgeist.se/2013/11/22/strongswan-howto-create-your-own-vpn/ have a look at that - does that cover everythng? i followed it and i still couldnt connect (16:43
diddledan_jpds: that thing wot apple made16:43
jpdsmapps: He's doing a lot of Wrong Things.16:44
daftykinsguides doing things wrong!?16:44
diddledan_was that a ™16:45
mappsi need a good guide :( any suggestions beyond read the dpcs16:45
jpdsmapps: http://people.canonical.com/~jpds/ipsec/16:45
mappswhat did you write that for? but how useful for me :D16:48
jpdsmapps: To increase people's knowledge on IPsec.16:48
mappsbut i meant was it ome presentation or somethinf16:49
jpdsIt's more of a mini-howto than a presentation.16:50
jpdsmapps: Should be useful, let me know if anything's unclear or wrong.16:58
mappsi cant transfer from my barclaycard to current account i dont get why17:28
mappsit let me before17:28
mappsbut yet i can increase my credit online17:29
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diddledan_have the schools let out for the summer?18:21
diddledan_there's a group of yoofs outside doing their damndest to smash all teh glass18:22
mappscould be18:56
popeysome will have18:57
popeyours finished last week18:57
mappswish i had all this free time18:57
mappsworking fulltime is a chore18:57
mapps0% interest on balance transfers till 201518:58
mappsso i dont pay anything seems good18:58
MartijnVdS\o/ new Weird Al song19:15
foobarrywhat do you fellows use to backup androidy devices to your nas?19:20
foobarryand ladies too are invited19:21
foobarryowncloud? any other suggestions?19:22
foobarrysend to cloud instead?19:25
foobarryhow would you copy your titanium backup folder from your tablet or your downloads folder to local NAS?19:26
foobarryor sync it19:26
diddledan_what's a titanium backup folder?19:28
foobarrytitanium is a way to backup apps+data, very useful19:28
foobarryfor restores etc19:28
diddledan_surely you only need to worry about the data19:29
diddledan_apps are all on the play-doh store19:29
foobarrymostly yes19:29
foobarryapps+data is useful to ensure data and app version are in sync19:29
foobarryand also i've had apps disappear from the store e.g. snowman game19:30
dogmatic69_this seems like a good bit of code for backing up mysql http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/mysqlscript.htm22:17
Azelphurdogmatic69_: I have something that does similar, stores your backups dated, bzipped, and on a per-table per-databases basis, https://github.com/Azelphur/backup_mysql/blob/master/backup_mysql.sh22:22
dogmatic69_Azelphur: this one does rotation22:22
Azelphurah, mine doesn't :)22:22
dogmatic69_ye, I had a 'home made' script, but got about 10000 backups :D22:23
dogmatic69_this one also does per table, gz with dates22:23
dogmatic69_and you can configure how many to keep per day, week, month, year22:24
dogmatic69_AlanBell: your chicken cam, is it all custom software you knocked together?22:27
ali1234i also have a similar script22:28
ali1234rotation is done by another script which is a one liner: find /home/al/backups -maxdepth 1 -iname '*.gz' -mtime +60 -delete22:30
ali1234each script is run by cron periodically22:30
dogmatic69_ali1234: what is -mtime22:31
ali1234modification time22:31
ali1234basically that deletes gz files older than 60 days22:31
dogmatic69_you will have trouble when you need something from 65 days back :/22:32
ali1234yes well you can easily extend this method by having multiple versions of each script with different time periods22:32
ali1234i don't bother though because this is mainly in case i accidentally rm -rf the whole website or something22:33
dogmatic69_well a couple weeks ago I lots my entire DB, innodb crashed22:34
dogmatic69_completely smashed :(22:34
ali1234yeah. i would notice in less than 60 days if that happened22:34
maps|wrk_hi all23:03
maps|wrk_oops didnt know i had this under root23:22

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