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mark06is there any command to revert back to previous commit, but instead of removing the current commit, add another for reverting it?10:18
Penglike hg backout? Um. Not sure.10:19
mark06e.g. 1=x, 2=y, 3=undo y --> so bzr diff -r 1..3 is empty10:20
mark06I want to undo a commit but keep it saved somehow... I'm not like branching and marking as abandoned in launchpad...10:21
mark06hmm maybe that's better10:21
Pengright, like hg backout. I'm scratching my head but I don't remember if bzr has a specific command for it. You can use a 'bzr merge' incantation to make the changes to your working copy, and then commit it.10:22
PengThere's probably information available online.10:23
jelmerPeng, mark06: yeah, you can do a "reverse merge" and then commit that10:23
jelmerbzr merge -r4..3 && bzr commit -m "Revert commit 4."10:24
mark06thanks all11:21
mark06 is there an easy way to convert a bzr+ssh url to http?11:50
mark06just replacing the protocol isn't always enough11:50
mark06or maybe a way to make bzr use the http url for the given ssh one?11:51
fullermdIn general?  No chance, you have no idea how the server is setup.11:54
mark06so bzr+ssh urls can be really arbitrary?11:59
fullermdWell, they're (theoretically/virtually, anyway) filesystem paths on the server.  HTTP requests often, but nowhere near always are, and the HTTP root is almost certainly totally different from the root you get via ssh.12:01
mark06launchpad support would be enough... anyway I'm just writing a manual conversion now12:01
fullermdLP would be an easy case.12:02
mark06from the samples I have here, it's basically s/bzr+ssh/http, and s/ 'launchpad.net/+branch/project' / 'launchpad.net/~<owner>/project/trunk', is that it?12:05
fullermdSomething like that.12:06
fullermdAll the paths are virtual, and defined by LP's particular rules, so they all follow the same pattern on both methods, whatever it is.12:06
mark06hmm, it's problematic since how can we know branch owner?12:06
mark06no they don't follow the same method.... just replacing protocol fails for '+branch' urls.... but it's just ok if ~user/project/branch format is used instead12:07
mark06I mean '+branch' fails under http12:07
fullermdMm.  I've never tried going that way around.12:08
fullermds/http/bzr+ssh/ works fine though.12:09
mark06hmm http://launchpad.net/project works, good... except for an inconvenient message at the bottom, e.g. http://launchpad.net/moin-solenoid/ is permanently redirected to https+urllib://launchpad.net/moin-solenoid/12:09
mark06hmm not ideal but 2> /dev/null12:10
mark06hmm https:// doesn't show that...12:11
mark06any reason to always use https over http?12:11
mark06is lp:foo called an url?12:12
fullermdMore directory lookup, maybe.12:14
mark06hmm "location"12:14
Pengit's a syntactically valid URI, whatever we call it12:15
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mark06http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~renatosilva/+junk/scripts/revision/224 :)12:41
qquarkhi guys! Can someone help me with a problem I have after migrating from GIT repository to Bazaar? My problem is that bzr repo is 3x times larger than GIT - or 2.24 x time if I use "bzr pack --clean-obsolete-packs"14:06
qquarkMy questions are: Why is it so big? How can I see which objects create this large size?14:07
mark06does the size change if you branch from it?14:24
mark06what rate14:30
qquarkits still very big: 5.2 GB instead of 1.4 GB14:30
qquarkthe repo size in git is about 4.1 GB14:30
qquarkand in bzr is 12 GB. And after I do: bzr pack  --clean-obsolete-packs, it becomes 9.414:31
qquarkSo, the trunk in git: 1.4 GB and bzr branch of trunk: 5.2 GB14:32
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fullermdMy impression has been that a factor of two difference is a ways out on the bell curve, but not totally shocking.  A factor of almost 4, though, that's a lot of sigma...14:57
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`nik`how do i configure bzr to show me colored diffs?23:23
`nik`there seems to be a bug in the docs. this section (http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.6/en/user-guide/configuring_bazaar.html#looking-at-the-active-configuration) links me to this page (http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.6/en/user-reference/index.html#configuration-settings) but the configuration-settings anchor doesn't exist. it should link to here: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.6/en/user-reference/configuration-help.html23:26

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