user42381(sorry bout the duplicate.... seemed not to be working for a moment...00:00
cyclob|workhi guys really need some help on getting a script working in 14.0400:01
pooltablehelp installed java and flash00:02
expungepooltable: oh my, that is troubling00:02
user42381the pulseaudio volume control is only showing the dummy output device.00:02
cyclob|workhttps://gist.github.com/anonymous/53fab7bc6140d175fc4c < here is the script when i try to run it i get an error [Java framework] Error in function createSettingsDocument (elements.cxx).00:02
cyclob|workjavaldx failed!00:02
user42381where can I add audio devices?00:03
cyclob|worki've tried both java6 and java700:03
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ryan_46slb: You ask a good and important question. I don't know the answer. I think I read once that pointing it at the Windows efi boot partition would overwrite it and destroy Windows boot.partition. Haven't read any how to examples that said point it to efi boot partition specifically. Some have said make a specific efi partition yourself. Most seem to use /sda and end up using boot repair or BCDedit or some such. But I really want to know the00:09
Eric^^i was trying it on a VM, i got mixed answers from google.00:10
Eric^^unfortunately it stalled after the installation/00:10
Eric^^(slb & ryan_46)00:10
slbyes Eric^^ ?00:11
Eric^^did you install?00:11
expungeEric^^: what vm?00:12
cyclob|workhmm okay.. i get a "Warning: failed to read path from javaldx" error when trying to run headless libreoffice any ideas on what's causing that?00:12
Eric^^expunge: virtualbox, usually it never hangs but it seemed to consume alot of cpu and act up cause i set it in efi mode00:12
Eric^^the installation went alot quicker, would explain the cpu usage i guess00:13
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slbEric^^, you tried it both ways in the VM?00:16
Eric^^slb: i'm trying to install it to /dev/sda1 (efi partition) now,00:17
pooltablehelp installed java and flash00:17
cyclob|workis there a way to install 32bit java?00:17
qtrainhaving problems with nodejs and 13.10  can anyone assist? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25170723/error-with-nodejs-and-express00:18
Beldarqtrain, 13.10 is eol.00:18
qtraini know but some of the stuff I use wont work on 14.04.. can i not ask questions about old distro?00:19
Beldarcyclob|work, I believe so let me know when you figure it out I need that to.00:19
cfhowlettqtrain, you can ask about supported distros.00:20
Beldarqtrain, 12.04 is supported for another 3 years.00:21
cyclob|workBeldar: do you need 32bit java specifically or just java?00:21
Beldarcyclob|work, 32 bit00:21
Beldaron 64 bit os00:21
Beldarcyclob|work, I saw indicators ou can on a 64 bit, just the correct install is all I believe00:22
cyclob|workyeah should be easy only the 32bit version isn't in the repos so have to manually install it00:23
Beldarcyclob|work, I saw web pages with all the commands just need the correct release is all when I looked, Ijust was not in a real hurry is all.00:24
user42381I'm having trouble finding system, preferences, sound.  anyone know where it might be?00:25
MoundBobis there a channel for people new to linux?00:26
ObrienDaveyou're in it00:26
expungeMoundBob: this is certainly one00:31
MoundBobok just checking00:31
Beldarthe newbs abound here00:31
cyclob|workfinally got libreoffice to work now my damn script fails.. its just one thing after another with 14.0400:32
ScuniziScribus users. I have a text frame line spacing question but would prefer to take it to #Scribus123.  Hope to see you there.00:33
pooltableWe are unable to verify if Java is currently installed and enabled in your browser. help00:36
gartralsoooo... I have an interesting question.. say I have an SSHD that needs a driver to operate... can I somehow force it to use a portion of, or all of the "SSD" part of the disk as swap?00:36
slbgartral, i've heard that you will kill an SSD by putting a swap on it. SSDs apparently don't need a swap partition00:38
gartral(note, I mean Solid State Hybrid Drive, not Secure SHell Daemon)00:38
gartralslb: I.. really don't care.. I have a computer with maxed out ram... need more memory... swap on magnetic disks is paaaaainfully slooooow00:39
slbgartral, up to you00:40
gartralslb: but it is possible to do what I want, yes?00:40
Scunizipooltable: some parts of java on google chrome have been removed by google (linux only until later this year then everywhere else). If you're having an issue with a site try it with Firefox00:40
slbgartral, theoretically i suppose so, but i have never done it00:40
Eric^^gartral: it seems it adds more wear and tear00:41
slbwhen asked for device for boot loader installation, should i specify the actual EFI partition that computer came with (e.g., /dev/sda2) or just the hard drive (/dev/sda)?00:41
slbasking again00:41
Beldarslb, The modern SSD has a same life as a spinning.00:41
Beldarpooltable, java -version  in the cli00:44
slbwhy won't usb live 14.04 let me create an ntfs partition??00:44
pooltablejava version "1.7.0_55"00:44
pooltableOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.4.7) (7u55-2.4.7-1ubuntu1~
pooltableOpenJDK Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode)00:44
Beldarslb, gparted will.00:44
pooltablebut brower still not working00:45
gartralslb: it... depends.. is this a UEFI 1.1 or 2.0 system?00:45
Beldarslb, yo9u can't install ubuntu to it is all, what is the end goal?00:45
Eric^^slb: the vm hanged at the end again, though while installing i saw it say "running grub-install /dev/sda1"00:45
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Eric^^slb: when installing grub the command is grub-install /dev/sda .. so i dont know00:45
Eric^^slb: for what it00:45
slbgartral, its a UEFI, not sure which one00:46
slbEric^^, thanks for checking00:46
Eric^^*it's worth when i installed ubuntu i didnt change anything that had to do with the bootloader installation00:46
slbBeldar, ??00:46
Beldarpooltable, Go to addons-plugins make sure it's on.00:46
Eric^^(running efi too here)00:46
slbEric^^, i went one step back and then "something else" to manual partitioning step a couple of times, and it defaults to /dev/sda00:47
slbso that's what i'm going with00:47
Beldarslb, You are not really saying why you need a ntfs question marks mean nothing, we can't read you mind.00:47
slbok, got your question now00:47
pooltableIcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.2.3 (1.2.3-0ubuntu0.12.04.4)) in firefox00:48
Beldarpooltable, As well not working is not enough details, some on site java needs have to be the latest version too00:48
pooltablenow get to work on chrome00:48
pooltablehow to ?00:49
Beldarpooltable, How to what, be detailed.00:49
gartralslb by default ubuntu sets up a UEFI/MBR booting system, easier to do, but slower to boot... a UEFI/GPT system boots very fast, but is a headache to setup, and becomes a royal pain if you dual-boot00:49
Beldarnever seen any slower boot info00:50
pooltablebeldar want java to work00:50
Beldarpooltable, yes that is obvious.00:50
pooltableplease help set by step i will uninstall it to get it to work00:50
bmhatfieldAny advice on the right place to track when we'll se packages/ a USN for https://www.openssl.org/news/secadv_20140806.txt00:51
pooltablebeldar only thing i always for get with new install of ubuntu00:51
Beldarbmhatfield, Heh how would we know.00:52
bmhatfieldBeldar: Because a USN is an "Ubuntu Security Notice"?00:53
pooltablebeldar java version "1.7.0_55" is what i have is it up yo date?00:53
cfhowlettbmhatfield, ask in #linux00:53
gartrali'll be back later00:53
bmhatfieldI'm looking for an updated Ubuntu OpenSSL package.00:53
Beldarbmhatfield, tis is support no connection to canonical or development00:53
cfhowlettbmhatfield, what's in the repos is what's available00:53
bmhatfieldOf course.00:54
bmhatfieldJust looking to figure out my course of action given that the needed version is *not* in the repo.00:54
bmhatfieldPresumably it will appear there at some point.00:54
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Beldarmight be fixed the heartbleed ting was fixed with no package name change, confused many00:54
cfhowlettbmhatfield, ask the #security team/channel?00:55
bmhatfieldIt had a version number bump though :-)00:55
Beldarstill many were confused00:55
cfhowlett*are* confused00:55
Beldarthat is an assumption we saw were until understanding. ;)00:56
Beldarpost is were are is present00:57
cfhowlett*past* is were ... ftfy01:01
Beldarpost and past are basically the same context is the difference maybe01:03
Beldarenglish is funny with multiple meanings for words01:04
jim1hello,why my log file is 10 gigs of space?ty01:05
keith2if i want to use truecrypt to encrypt a partition, then during installation of 14.04, when partitioning, i assume i would just create a partition, but not have it mounted, since truecrypt would mount it when i needed it visible, right?01:05
expungejim1: it's either old or verbose or both01:05
Beldarjim1, lots of errors, never cleaned, you guess01:05
jim1i have bleachbitd installed01:05
jim1i do everyday scans of cleaning up garbage01:05
expungekeith2: sounds good01:05
Beldarjim1, look through, heh.01:06
jim1i must delete some stuff then01:06
keith2expunge, all i need to do is note the partition number and tell Truecrypt to encrypt it later01:06
expungekeith2: yarp01:06
expungekeith2: though the number will be easily discerned later01:07
expungemostly you need only leave space for it01:07
expungeif you want it on a separate partition01:07
keith2expunge, i have some particular size requirements, and dual boot, so have to make sure it is "reserved"01:07
expungekeith2: right, leave space for it =)01:08
VRMacI'm trying to build siklon's cpuminer, and I'm running into syntax errors in automake that I haven't had on my other systems. I have all dependencies and compilers installed.01:08
Beldarjim1, We generally preface with nicks when addressing another, you have yet to.01:08
keith2bizarrely, i will have 9 partitions01:09
expungethat is bizarre01:10
keith2one windows recovery, one windows efi, one mystery windows (sager?), windows OS, windows data, /, /home, truecrypt one, swap01:11
Beldarthat is a normal uefi OEM01:11
keith2beldar which is a normal uefi oem01:11
Beldarwith ubuntu split into 3 partitions anda efi01:11
Beldarit's gpt no biggie01:12
keith2beldar what could the 100 mb mystery one be that linux install can't identify file system01:12
keith2Beldar, gpt?01:12
Beldarkeith2, Probably a firmware of more likely the uefi boot, no idea here, other than I have consistently seen 6 partitions in windows uefi installs01:13
keith2the ones i created were windows data, /, /home, truecrypt one, swap01:13
Beldarprobably why it's gpt for one reason01:14
keith2Beldar, there was one efi fs one01:14
keith2what the heck is gpt?01:14
Beldarkeith2, Partitioning typology.01:14
keith2ah, thanks01:14
Beldarbot does not know lol01:15
Beldarkeith2, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GUID_Partition_Table  Enjoy01:15
chriyshey guys what do you advise as ftp server on a vps01:15
expungewell it's probably for efi, not gpt; if you really care pastebin your info01:17
expungechriys: openssh-server01:17
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keith2expunge, in middle of install01:17
chriysexpunge: it is better than proFtp or VsFtp ?01:17
chriysI have Ubuntu 12.04 on that server01:17
keith2expunge, and i don't really care that much, just curious01:17
Beldarkeith2, Did you image/clone windows?01:17
expungechriys: it's secure01:18
keith2Beldar, no, brand new, nothing on it and i have recovery disc01:19
pooltablehelp install Java SE 8u1101:19
Beldarkeith2, Your an acccident waiting to happen, all the recovery disc does is trigger what is there, you better hope what you need is still there.01:20
keith2ok, install done! now at boot menu, my boot option 1 is ubuntu, which i take to mean as success. there's still a Windows Boot Manager boot option . i guess i just move it down.01:20
keith2Beldar, your confidence in me is noted :)01:20
Beldarkeith2, Not a confidence issue but being prepared for any contingency. You are sailing without a all weather wet suit01:21
keith2i actually have been using linux since redhat in 2002 or so (before fedora came about), been through fedora, mandrake, mandriva, ...01:22
Beldarhard to tell honestly01:22
keith2just haven't had to mess with an EFI before, and that was the caution part01:22
chriysexpunge: do you a good link for installation?01:22
chriysby the same occasion if you have an idea for an mail server that will be cool01:23
pooltablehelp install Java SE 8u11.01:23
keith2Beldar, maybe a little risk is fun sometimes01:25
yahyaI've got a problem with writing persian in ubuntu, the problem is  when I try to write mixed persian and english text files in gedit or vim the lines starting with  persian characters start from right direction of the screen  how can i change ubuntu so it just starts lines  form left?01:26
expungeyahya: isn't it a right to left language?01:28
yahyayes it is01:28
help-audio-btpavucontrol gives the following error when run:  (pavucontrol:2471): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_main_quit: assertion `main_loops != NULL' failed01:29
help-audio-btHome directory /home/eric not ours.01:29
Beldarkeith2, Don't come here and expect any empathy for your risk. ;)01:29
Beldarif it blows up01:29
help-audio-bthow can I fix that so it will run.01:30
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expungeyahya: so you have to move your eyes all the way to the right regardless, no?01:30
keith2Beldar, ha, its working so far, at least ubuntu part01:30
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yahyayes i want it to start from left so i can follow the lines easily01:31
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Guest94463 hello im trying to change my os from xubuntu 12.04 to ubuntu 14.04.1 via clean install. i alredy do the md5 sum and hash match and everything. its for windows install. 64bit. it is really annoying. i don’t know what to do any more. can i get some help maby?01:32
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Beldarkeith2, you claimed to know efi than you should know gpt, you know all that proclaimed experience and all. Honestly I would not touch you with a ten foot pole, no backups and just not thinking complacency, it will bite you in the booty sooner or later if it has not and you did not already learn. ;)01:33
ans4175join #bandung01:33
expungeGuest94463: windows install?01:33
Guest94463like the install is for users that have windows that want to change to ubuntu01:34
Guest94463the iso01:34
expungeGuest94463: do you have unpartitioned disk space to install Ubuntu to?01:34
keith2i didn't say anything re efi, except that i was doing an install on an efi machine for the 1st time. it was a brand new machine with nothing on windows. hard day?01:35
Guest94463more than likely. not many scripts01:35
chriysexpunge: do you have a reference for an mail server ?01:35
Guest94463way more than likely01:35
expungeGuest94463: so you know what a partition is?01:35
expungechriys: I don't get into that much, the default is probably fine for most, otherwise ask #ubuntu-server01:35
expungeGuest94463: okay01:36
chriysok ok01:36
expungeGuest94463: there is an installer that installs Ubuntu into a file on a Windows system, but01:36
keith2expunge, know why my new install won't show me additional drivers, installed nvidia-common and still nothing01:36
expungeGuest94463: it has a bad reputation that it has earned01:36
keith2yes, don't do it01:36
expungeGuest94463: it's far better to create free partition space to install Ubuntu to, but it's more involved01:36
chriysI forgot to tell thanks later, for your advise for openssh-server01:36
expungekeith2: you got a nvidia card?01:36
keith2expunge, what about the "install along windows option" for Guest9446301:37
chriysexpunge: I forgot to tell thanks later, for your advise for openssh-server01:37
keith2expunge, yes Geforce GTX 860 I think01:37
NowWeAreTwoI was able to install ubuntu onto a spare drive.. I dont remember how I did it tho :/01:37
Guest94463i dont like the sound of that. the only reason i want to install ubuntu is beacuse i likke unix01:37
expungeNowWeAreTwo: gj01:37
keith2expunge, yes Geforce GTX 86M01:37
keith2expunge, yes Geforce GTX 860M01:37
keith2there wego01:38
expungeGuest94463: okay, well you can try wubi if you want, just be warned =)01:38
kidxI am looking for ubuntu studio help01:38
expungeGuest94463: if you mount the install image, it will show a .exe you can run01:38
kidx wanna broadcast to my yes streaming server.01:38
Guest94463i have wubi and it dosnt work01:38
expungeGuest94463: what happens?01:38
kidxany one have a tutorial on how to?01:38
expungekidx: do what now?01:38
keith2Guest94463, i would boot from usb live disk and just choose the install alongside windows option, but others may differ01:39
expungekeith2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:39
kidxbroadcast to my icecast server hosted by yes streaming01:39
Guest94463well i need the best option01:39
LapJupoff topic but --> "‘Staggering’ data breach of 1.2B usernames and passwords could worsen:" The stolen credentials include 1.2 billion password and username combinations and more than 500 million email addresses, http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2014/08/06/staggering-data-breach-could-worsen-expert/01:39
expungeGuest94463: that probably is the best, if you want to keep windows01:39
Guest94463i have xubuntu01:39
expungebut resizing partitions, while quite safe, is not 100% safe01:40
expungeGuest94463: you have?01:40
expungeGuest94463: how many more do you need?01:40
Guest94463what? no i only run xubuntu01:40
expungeLapJup: I'm sure about 1.1B of those are already in rainbow tables01:40
expungeGuest94463: so... what did you want help with, again?01:40
Guest94463update, clean install ubuntu 14.04.101:41
keith2success! with due caution (except not cloning windows, apologies to Beldar ) successfully installed 14.04 on EFI Win 8.1 machine, and both windows and ubuntu boot beautifully01:42
expungeGuest94463: clean install? You just boot the install media, and tell it to install01:43
keith2Guest94463, easy, boot live usb, install ubuntu 14.04 over xubuntu01:43
expungekeith2: gj01:44
Guest94463idk how i guess01:44
Guest94463i dont know how to do it correctly01:44
keith2make a live usb for 14.04, boot with it, follow prompts, tell it to install ubuntu where xubuntu now is01:44
pooltablejava plug in not working help i have installed01:45
expungeGuest94463: as long as you don't say "hey installer, please overwrite my windows partitions", you will be fine01:45
daftykinspooltable: which browser?01:45
pooltableall three firefox chrome and opera01:45
fajar_kasimbar1REGISTER password 09huiI01:45
Guest94463dont know what that is, but okay01:45
daftykinspooltable: chrome won't work.01:45
Beldar!register | fajar_kasimbar101:46
ubottufajar_kasimbar1: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:46
keith2expunge, how would i know which of those many nvidia packages apply to my card?01:46
pooltablejava version "1.7.0_55"01:46
BeldarGuest94463, So why you not using the nicks we love you by?01:46
pooltablehow to get chrome to work ?01:46
daftykinspooltable: you can't, chrome does not work with java plugins anymore.01:47
daftykinspooltable: focus on firefox only - http://askubuntu.com/questions/354361/how-to-install-java-plugin-in-firefox01:47
expungefajar_kasimbar1: should probably not use that password any longer =)01:47
BeldarGuest94463, You have the same IP of a nick thats been here over the last couple of days.01:47
Beldarcough zw01:47
NowWeAreTwoexpunge:  lol, I was thinking that... dont feel too bad fajar_kasimbar1 I did that once.. not on such a populated irc chan tho.01:48
expungeouting someone for no particular reason is incredibly bad etiquette01:48
pooltablei like chrome01:48
Beldarhiding your nick is not much better01:48
LapJupexpunge: what's a rainbow table?01:48
expungeas long as we agree what you just did was quite bad01:48
expungeLapJup: wikipedia knows =)01:49
Beldarsorry I disagree this user has bee nothing but trouble01:49
NowWeAreTwoLapJup: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/5e/f0/4e/5ef04e041d2f6f06b10841ad7a62fdef.jpg01:49
expungeis he being trouble right now?01:49
Beldarusing wubi when told the down low yes01:49
expungeNowWeAreTwo: ha01:49
expungeBeldar: right...01:49
Guest94463oops sorry i got caught up in somthing im back now01:50
Beldaroverusing the channel due to just not thinking yes01:50
keith2yes, must be punished i tell you!01:51
=== Eric^^ is now known as Guest38212
expungeI really don't care what he might have done, ever01:52
Guest94463so i tryed to do the install through boot menu and...boot error is what it said01:52
expungeyou do not out people who have not already volunteered their identity01:52
pooltableok now opera01:52
Jkuphello all simple bash question here, if i need to create a program that identifies a 1 of 2 files by searching for a string in the directory, what would be the best way to do this, and than open the file that it found and dump contents into seperate file?01:52
expungeit is abhorrent, immoral01:52
* expunge moves on01:52
expungeJkup: it might be more than one file?01:53
BeldarJkup, #bash maybe01:53
pooltableok opera works01:53
pooltablenow chrome01:53
JkupI asked bash, no repsonse, sorry01:53
Guest94463it is not like im spaming the channel01:53
keith2Guest94463, no worries from my end01:54
Guest94463okay good thank you01:54
keith2ask away01:54
keith2my previous advice stands01:54
BeldarJkup, what does lsb_release -a  say?01:54
keith2make a live usb for 14.04, boot with it, follow prompts, tell it to install ubuntu where xubuntu now is01:55
pooltablewhy is chrome not support java any more or ubuntu ???01:55
Jkupand also,file 1 contains the string adult, file 2 does not, i set up a grep command to search for string adult than save it to a variable but it doesnt save just the file name, it  saves the entire answer01:55
expungepooltable: I'm sure you could make it, but it might be involved01:55
expungepooltable: the web in general is going away from java01:55
expungepooltable: everything is01:55
expungeit's an insecure, childish, poorly maintained paradigm01:55
expungeJkup: use grep -l01:55
SchrodingersScatJkup: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/01:56
Jkupthank you so much, such a simple answer i need to do more research lol thank you01:56
expungeJkup: also there are a number of ways you can parse grep's ordinary output, but -l is handy in this case01:56
Jkupnow to dump it into a seperate file lol, thanks01:56
pooltableexpunge or any way around it for chorme or will it by pass it ?01:56
expungeJkup: sep-a-rate01:57
expungeJkup: a very unreliable way to do this would be: cp -n $(grep -l foo file1 file2) bar01:58
daftykinspooltable: chrome has broken support for the NPAPI, you will not get java plugins working anymore, so don't waste your time trying.01:58
expungepooltable: I would imagine there is a way, but I don't know it and have no motivation to find it01:58
daftykinsexpunge: no, there isn't a way01:59
samthewildonehow do I turn off screen saver ?01:59
expungedaftykins: I would imagine there is01:59
expungesamthewildone: why?01:59
daftykinsexpunge: no, they broke the NPAPI - it's game over01:59
samthewildoneim trying to watch a fucking movie01:59
expungedaftykins: I would imagine there is01:59
pooltabledaetykins i see thanks i just read that will they chrome ubuntu fix this soon or a way around this?01:59
Jkupnewb question warning, is foo actually a command or just a quirky programmer thing?01:59
expungesamthewildone: in what application?01:59
samthewildonethe screen keeps going dark01:59
expungeJkup: it's the universal first placeholder02:00
daftykinsexpunge: ok but don't mislead users with your stubborn opinion02:00
expungeJkup: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foobar02:00
expungedaftykins: never do02:00
Beldarfor no particular reason is incredibly bad etiquette02:01
Jkupi c02:01
expungesamthewildone: I know how to do it with mplayer, you might ask #vlc about VLC02:01
SchrodingersScatsamthewildone: tools > preferences > Show Settings > all > Video > Disable Screensaver02:02
DraginCan someone please help me with the "make command? This is what I type, and the output I get... make rscw.c make make: Nothing to be done for `rscw.c'.02:02
Draginmake: *** No rule to make target `make'.  Stop.02:02
SchrodingersScatsamthewildone: otherwise settings on your buntu machine and type in 'screen saver' and check 'power' as well because maybe theres' something about the screen in there.02:03
BeldarDragin, What is the app, and have you read the read me, and what can give in detail basically?02:03
=== karstensrage_ is now known as karstensrage
samthewildonethanks I found it02:03
SchrodingersScatsamthewildone: also there are tools for x like xautomation, where you can have it move the mouse for you, or press keys.  If you make a short loop of the mouse picking random coordinates then you could avoid that whole bee's nest.02:05
Draginread the readme... It sends me to a web site that doesn't go into how to install it. I am guessing that it assumes I already know how. The file I am trying to compile is called rscw.c (It makes my computer talk to my radio to decode Morse Code)02:05
expungewell, you can just send xscreensaver-command -deactivate at that point02:05
keith2expunge, Beldar daftykins , anyone really, copying /home from backup drive to new machine, should i just copy the docs and the profile folders for the apps i use (thunderbird, firefox, j-pilot, etc.) or copy all of /home to new machine02:05
expungekeith2: you can copy all02:06
expungekeith2: use rsync -apv path/to/orig/ path/to/home/02:06
expungekeith2: actually -ap is faser, and running again with -apv will make you feel good02:06
Scunizikeith2: If you're doing a fresh install I suggest making a partion just for /home so on the next reinstall you don't have to mess with it. In the mean time copy everything in /hom02:07
Draginhere is the entire content of the ReadMe file.... See02:07
Dragin  http://www.cs.utwente.nl/~ptdeboer/ham/rscw/02:07
Draginfor more documentation.02:07
keith2Scunizi, did that02:07
Scunizikeith2: smart :)02:07
SchrodingersScatDragin: so you entered the directory after using tar, and ran make?02:08
BeldarDragin, Way beyond ubuntu support however this a tar and are you familiar with that?02:08
aliteralmindNewbie question: Do you have to create the nobody user, or is it already there?02:08
aliteralmind(django_test_venv)jeffy@originaldjangster:~/django_files/django_test$ sudo su nobody02:08
aliteralmindThis account is currently not available.02:08
Dragina little bit. I just used the archive manager to unzip it. That is as far as I have gotten though02:09
expungealiteralmind: sudo su?02:09
BeldarDragin, Not the correct way to unpack.02:09
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression02:09
expungealiteralmind: if you're copying this guide's commands verbatim, it sounds incomplete02:09
Draginshould I try the make as su?02:10
BeldarDragin, ^^^^^^^^02:10
JkupDeese is dumb02:10
svetterhi there, has anyone heard of any timeframe for updated openssl packages in ubuntu repos?02:10
expungesvetter: updated to what?02:10
Scunizisvetter: should already be done.. if you're referring to the issues the banks had recently02:10
Dragindo I just type tar foo then to unpack it properly?02:11
Beldarsvetter, This a weakness based issue and you were here earlier with another nick?02:11
svetterno, i always had that nick :)02:11
Beldarsvetter, Someone was here earlier asking about this just wondering.02:11
svetteri wouldn't ask twice02:11
Beldarheh some do just checking02:11
=== MichaelC is now known as MichaelC|Away
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression02:12
expungesvetter: look into the openssl fork02:12
expungewill probably be standard eventually02:12
cyclob|workwhat version of libreoffice does ubuntu 12.04 come with? 3.2?02:13
ConnorTibergCan someone help me?02:13
Jkupexpunge my new masterpiece somevar=$(grep -l '1232' *.txt )  cat $somevar > newfile.txt cat newfile.txt02:13
expungecyclob|work: 3.5.402:13
aliteralmindexpunge: "su nobody", without "sudo", asks me for a password, but I never created the account, so I can't know what it is. This is a new Digital Ocean server.02:13
SchrodingersScatDragin: tar xzf rscw-0.1a.tgz #will extract it02:13
cyclob|workthanks expunge02:13
expungeor at least, that's what it can easily install02:13
expungeConnorTiberg: hi02:13
BeldarConnorTiberg, Probably, should we guess. ;)02:13
expungealiteralmind: yeah I remember you02:13
ScuniziConnorTiberg: don't say HI.. just ask a question :)02:14
expungealiteralmind: you could create the account, but why does it want you to be "nobody"?02:14
mattyHello, Question I know Mint is an off shoot from Ubuntut, but does that mean that everything that works on ubuntu can work on Mint, and any installation steps using "apt-get" is the same?02:14
ConnorTibergWell,I can use the terminal command"sudo apt-get install uodate"02:14
ConnorTibergI can't02:14
expungematty: yes02:15
ConnorTibergI don't know why,always fail!02:15
expungematty: excluding potentially the choicest repos, they probably have their own02:15
aliteralmindexpunge: http://goo.gl/0Dw0ZQ, under step nine. It so the web server can be under user nobody, for security.02:15
BeldarConnorTiberg, It's sudo apt-get update than sudo apt-get upgrade02:15
ScuniziConnorTiberg: uodate isn't in the ubuntu repositories.. not sure what that is.02:15
DraginThanks SchrodingersScat02:15
TJ-ConnorTiberg: "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get upgrade"02:15
mattyexpunge: Thank you, and just to clarify if any website has ubuntu steps, its the exact same in MINT02:15
expungealiteralmind: I don't see anything about sudo su nobody on this page02:16
expungematty: mint is ubuntu02:16
expungematty: they have their own repos I think02:16
expungematty: and some small alterations02:16
TJ-matty: In theory, but not 100%. If packages and dependencies, or {pre,post}install scripts do different things, then things may be different02:16
mattyexpunge: Thank you again02:16
aliteralmindexpunge: "sudo su" was just my mad newbie non-skills.02:16
expungematty: most instructions for any debian based distro will be about 98% applicable to any other debian based distro02:16
SchrodingersScatDragin: after that, make errored out on me because I don't have the deps installed, but it found the Makefile at least.02:17
expungealiteralmind: so... what was the problem?02:17
ConnorTibergBut the terminal said can not download some file because verify HASH fail02:17
aliteralmindexpunge: I'm referring to the config file in step nine: user="nobody"02:17
mattyawesome thanks guys02:17
expungealiteralmind: what about it?02:17
TJ-ConnorTiberg: Do you have the debugging symbols archive enabled?02:17
NowWeAreTwoMy question. When running minecraft.jar and going full screen, I get a ghost image of my desktop. the game continues to run in the background but does not crash.  is this a java issue or  game issue or driver issue? how do I find out how to fix this?.. answer when evs...02:17
ConnorTibergNo,I'm a greenhand linux user and I use ubuntukylin02:18
aliteralmindexpunge: When I attempt to start the gunicorn /django server, it's saying02:18
Scunizialiteralmind: I don't think that means you need a "nobody" user.. it's just a way of limiting access or granting access I believe.02:18
aliteralmind"NameError: name 'nobody' is not defined"02:18
TJ-ConnorTiberg: which Ubuntu release and Linux kernel versions are you using ("cat /etc/issue" && uname -r") ?02:18
expungeNowWeAreTwo: ghost image?02:18
expungealiteralmind: read the comments referring to 'nobody' on that page02:18
aliteralmindScunizi: Precisely the reason is being used.02:19
NowWeAreTwoyeah, like a snapshot of whats whats behind the minecraft window.02:19
expungeNowWeAreTwo: it's see-through?02:19
ConnorTibergUbuntukylin 14.04LTS and the kernel version is 3.13.0-32.generic02:19
NowWeAreTwodamn you google. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/archive/legacy-support/1732247-fullscreen-in-ubuntu-issue02:19
NowWeAreTwolet me try that.02:19
expungeNowWeAreTwo: or http://linux.about.com/od/gmr_howto/a/hwtgmr05t01.htm02:20
NowWeAreTwoexpunge:  not see thru..  it just doesnt render the minecraft screen... also my extended display goes dead when I try this.02:20
Scunizialiteralmind: those are instructions if you don't want to run gunicorn as root.  personally if it's designed to run safer in a root environment then I would keep it that way.02:21
TJ-ConnorTiberg: Give us the URL that this reports "pastebinit < <(sudo apt-get update)"02:23
aliteralmindScunizi: Well, I can do that since this is only for me showing off at interviews, not a production environment. If I can't figure this out, I'll leave it that way.02:23
Scunizialiteralmind: good luck :) .. might be a question for the dejango channel or mail list02:24
jhutchinsaliteralmind: look in /usr/share/docs/gunicorn/ for a README file and other documentation that explain how to set it up.02:25
aliteralmindexpunge: Got it. To be honest, I never even noticed the comments. I needed to surround it with SINGLE quotes. So their instructions are wrong AGAIN.02:26
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=== keith2 is now known as keith2_
aliteralmindscunizi, jhutchins: Thanks for the help. I'l'l take a look at the gunicorn docs.02:26
keith2_expunge, that's odd, tested that with one folder and it copied files from the folder, but not the folder itself02:26
keith2_what's wrong with a simple cp -R02:26
aliteralmindexpunge: By that I mean user='nobody'02:27
aliteralmindInstead of user=nobody02:27
aliteralmindexpunge: Thanks again!!02:27
expungekeith2_: it's not resumable, and permissions come into play02:28
expungekeith2_: rsync foo/ bar/ copies files, rsync foo bar/ copies the entire folder02:28
ConnorTibergTj-:Stil online?02:28
expungekeith2_: it's subtle :/ =P02:28
TJ-ConnorTiberg: Yes, do you have the URL?02:29
expungealiteralmind: =)02:29
keith2_expunge, you had foo/ bar/ in earlier example, but thanks02:29
expungealiteralmind: for every blog post, there are comments underneath explaining why the post is balls02:29
ConnorTibergGive me the URL please:)02:29
expungekeith2_: yeah, orig/ home/02:29
SchrodingersScatkeith2_: also a good idea to --dry-run the first try02:29
expungeI should've said oldhome/ newhome/02:29
expungeif they're already copied you can just mv them now02:30
TJ-ConnorTiberg: No... you run the command I gave you, *it* writes the output to a pastebin and gives *you* the URL to give us, so we can see it :)02:30
SchrodingersScatkeith2_: which with verbose on, should show you what it would do but doesn't actually change things02:30
NowWeAreTwoexpunge:  noob here.. starting x is like starting ubuntu without the desktop manager? can I do this thru boot manager?02:31
aliteralmindexpunge: This post is the ballsiest of ball-ish-ness. So many problems. I'm making a blog post out of it now. An annotated version of their instructions. Been banging my head with this for 24 hours now.02:31
expungealiteralmind: =)02:31
ConnorTibergcat /etc/issue and uname -r??02:31
expungealiteralmind: I s'pose you're learning extra things, though, heh02:31
expungeNowWeAreTwo: you can do it from a running X, actually02:32
ConnorTiberghello newbiee02:32
Newbieewhere can i find working source list? mine is not update well02:32
Newbieeim first time using ubuntu02:32
aliteralmindexpunge: You'd think that an error they themselves corrected in the comments TEN MONTHS AGO, would be updated in the actual instructions...02:32
NowWeAreTwoexpunge: okay, gonna try running it from a term then.. this is gonna be wierd.02:32
TJ-ConnorTiberg: Give us the URL that this reports "pastebinit < <(sudo apt-get update)"02:32
expungeNowWeAreTwo: yeah02:33
aliteralmindexpunge: I could deal with learning a little bit less   ;)02:33
expungeNowWeAreTwo: if it works, you'll go to tty8, probably02:33
expungeNowWeAreTwo: so CTRL+ALT+F7 goes back to original desktop02:33
expungeand +F8 to new server02:33
NowWeAreTwookay... interesting02:33
expungealiteralmind: reliable people do not use blogs to transmit technical howtos =)02:33
ConnorTibergQuite a lot URL02:33
expungeNowWeAreTwo: I use startx -- :1 -br for it, but I'm not sure I've ever done it with a DM running02:34
expungeNowWeAreTwo: yeah, works fine with a DM, too02:34
expungealthough my CTRL+ALT+F# isn't working on here, had to use (sudo) chvt to get back =P02:35
ConnorTibergW: 无法下载 bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/extras.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_main_binary-i386_Packages  Hash 校验和不符02:35
ConnorTibergW: 无法下载 bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/cn.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_universe_binary-i386_Packages  Hash 校验和不符02:35
ConnorTibergE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.02:35
=== rafael is now known as Guest71871
ConnorTibergTj-:Got it?02:35
Newbieemy update result02:36
TJ-ConnorTiberg: Not exactly, that was just the errors, however I can work with that, but read this information for the future:02:36
TJ-!paste | ConnorTiberg02:37
ubottuConnorTiberg: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:37
SpeendaShHello everyone i have a question about USB : i am a Xubuntu user and just recently one port USB stopped working when i plug a Bluetooh key the light flash but it's not recognise and it does the same for other USB devices... any idea of what could be the problem ? it was focntionning perfectly it's the 1st time it's doing this02:37
SpeendaSh(all the other USB port worked perfectly fine)02:37
BeldarNewbiee, You are eol.02:37
TJ-ConnorTiberg: Do this "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/* " then re-try "sudo apt-get update" - if there are no external proxies interfering that ought to work02:38
Beldar!eol | Newbiee look at eol upgrades02:38
ubottuNewbiee look at eol upgrades: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:38
NewbieeBeldar what is eaol meaning02:38
Newbieeok one moment please02:38
TJ-SpeendaSh: The port is probably damaged from having devices pushed in and pulled out of it - often-times the solder on the pins tears away from the PCB tracks, or goes 'dry-jointed'02:39
SpeendaShTJ-,  Oh flop... it's weird cause i was rarely using it though...02:39
knobHello everyone =)02:39
expungeheya knob02:40
TJ-SpeendaSh: Is it a laptop or desktop system? If a desktop, is it a front port on the chassis, or a rear port attached to the motherboard?02:40
SpeendaShTJ-,  It a desktop one, it's one the back on the motherbord02:41
knobo/ expunge  :)02:42
TJ-SpeendaSh: That's unusual - it is usually the front ports that suffer more. That port is attached directly to the motherboard (probably in a cluster of other ports such as keyboard, network, and so on) ?02:42
SpeendaShTJ-,  right... that's why i found it weird myself... it was working perfectly and i was reallyr arely using it... it's just as suddenly stopped working... yes it is attached directly to the motherbord.02:44
SchrodingersScatI have one like that, it charges my e-cig now.02:44
TJ-SpeendaSh: Do you see error reports when connecting devices in "/var/log/kern.log" ?02:44
knobHey guys, I am going to setup an ftp service on my server.  I will migrate in the near future to scp, yet for now, ftp is the only way to go.     I am running 14.04.    Does this link still apply? vsftp?  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/ftp-server.html02:45
SpeendaShSchrodingersScat,  lol right... atthe moment that's the only thing it could do... charge up my phone ... that would be so lame... ):02:45
SpeendaShTJ-,  eum... how can i see this ? when i plug it is nothing happen just that the device light shine.02:45
expungeknob: scp is so much simpler, and secure02:45
knobI ask because the link states it is for 10.0402:46
* Beldar dreams of a e-cig smart phone02:46
knobexpunge, I know dude I know... yet there truly is no other way at the moment.02:46
knobBeldar, I can link you to a e-cig with Bluetooth... what it does?  I am not sure02:46
SchrodingersScatI'm having a hard time thinking of why you would have no other option than ftp.02:46
Beldarand microwave02:46
knobSchrodingersScat, expunge , because the machines that are right now dropping files into the old server are running ftp.   These machines are thousands of miles away.   No remote access.02:47
knobSo I have to setup ftp, and then I get around to changing them over to scp.02:47
=== NowWeAreTwo is now known as NowWeAreSleep
spigotso why would some of my fn keys seem to randomly work/not work? this is a samsung netbook, so its using samsung-tools02:47
TJ-SpeendaSh: If that port is even half-working you should see some messages in the kern.log as the device is plugged in. I usually put a tail on the log-file and watch it as I connect the device, as in "tail --follow /var/log/kern.log"02:47
knobI am already 30-35% done in the transfer... yet the server move needs to occur tonight.02:47
spigotlast boot, brightness and fan control were working, but not volume. reboot! volume works, fan control, but brightness does nothing.02:48
aliteralmindI just changed a directory's ownership, and I didn't even need to look it up on the web. Thank you. Thank you very much.02:48
SpeendaShTJ-, i'm sorry i'm pretyt much a newbie at this lol what is the "kern.log" ?02:48
SpeendaShTJ-,  Do you mean it's a command line ?02:49
TJ-SpeendaSh: It is where the Linux kernel writes all its messages about hardware events, processes going bad, and so on02:49
spigotthere's not a word in any log I can find, and it makes little sense to me that from a fresh boot (not from restore from a sleep state or hibernate), some would work and others wont. If I reboot again, its random if both brightness and volume (fn+ up/down vs fn+ left right) will work02:49
TJ-SpeendaSh: Yes, at a shell command-line in a terminal02:49
Newbieehow do you find codename of your ubuntu?02:50
SpeendaShTJ-,  oh ok... so what command line do i need to write in the terminal ?02:50
TJ-spigot sounds like an ACPI problem02:50
TJ-SpeendaSh: "tail --follow /var/log/kern.log"02:50
spigotNewbiee: try "lsb_release -a"02:50
SpeendaShTJ-,  Thanks i'll give it a try just a sec02:51
spigotNewbiee: in a terminal, type that command, that is.02:51
patchmani have a chromebook w/touchscreen running Ubuntu 14.04... the Unity Launcher does not respond to touch events, such as opening a program... how to fix?02:51
BeldarspigotI would check the web and askubuntu with the release the exact model and variations of fn and uses, your samsung-tools are not really in use per-say in linux I suspect02:51
Beldarspigot, ^^^02:51
spigotTJ-: could be. something is taking those fn+left/right presses and doing nothing with them, not even an error. that's what gets me.02:51
Newbieeits quantal. but says No LSB modules are available.02:52
Bashing-omNewbiee: IF all you want is the "codename" terminal command -> lsb_release -dc <- will tell you that.02:52
Newbieedo i need it?02:52
patchmani have a chromebook w/touchscreen running Ubuntu 14.04... the touchscreen works (mostly) but the Unity Launcher does not respond to touch events, such as opening a program... how to fix?02:52
Newbieeok thanks you guys02:52
spigotNewbiee: no, sorry, listen to Bashing-om - I was just recalling the command from memory, giving you a bit more information than you need. don't worry about any messages about missing lsb modules02:52
BeldarNewbiee, YOU have 12.10 quantal, the link you showed says that.02:52
SchrodingersScatknob: seems it's up to you.  I didn't see anything jarring in that page02:53
knobSchrodingersScat, thanks!! I am running it now.  Just installed it... going to remove anonymous login from the .conf02:53
knobI know ftp is not good... yet it is either that or "no work".   So,... we will make do for now.  :)02:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 1344762 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "update-notifier tells me to upgrade from 12.04.4 LTS to 14.04 LTS (because of HWE), but that release is not found" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:54
SpeendaShTJ-,  i've type the comand line a whole list of things showed up and the i plugged my usb device and nothing happened...02:54
NivexHWE stack falls out of support tomorrow and the "You should run do-release-upgrade" message has been there for two weeks. This is a bit disturbing.02:54
Newbieeyes i have 12.10 ubuntu. learned now its quantal codename02:55
BeldarNivex, do-release-upgrade -p works02:55
patchmanis there some setting for Unity Launcher to enable it for touch events?02:55
TJ-SpeendaSh: That means the port has gone AWOL I'm afraid... you should see something if its data connections were working02:55
NivexBeldar: ok, so why isn't the official channel working yet?02:55
BeldarNivex, No idea we have no connection to it.02:55
TJ-SpeendaSh: The only other possibility - remote - is the USB controller is shutting down that port for some reason02:55
Beldarask them02:55
TJ-SpeendaSh: Press Ctrl+C to terminate the 'tail ...' operation02:55
SpeendaShTJ-,  ok done02:56
NivexBeldar: ask who? I've asked in three different #ubuntu- channels and two different twitter accounts, not to mention the bug report I pasted. I can't get anyone to answer.02:56
SpeendaShTJ-,  oh flop.. my poor USB port... wjhat happened to him...02:56
SchrodingersScatnothing gold can stay02:56
BeldarNivex, Gotta go to the developers all those sources you have tried are not connected except by the word ubuntu when it is used.02:57
spigothmm. turns out "Samsung Tools has no control on screen brightness levels, nor on the behaviour of the Fn-Up and Fn-Down hotkeys used to control brightness."02:57
spigot"If brightness control does not work for you, then the problem may be in the kernel driver missing support for your notebook model, may be a bug in gnome-power-manager (if you use Gnome), may be a bug in powerdevil (if you use KDE), and so on." so I guess I should look elsewhere02:57
Beldarspigot, No really, this is linux not the original OS. :)02:58
aliteralmindI just completed these instructions (http://goo.gl/0Dw0ZQ), and I'm not clear on how to access the static directory that I just created in the final steps. It seems to have worked, but I don't get how to see it in a browser. What's the url?02:58
NivexBeldar: I thought filing a bug report would connect me with "the developers". Can you recommend a specific mailing list or other such venue?02:59
BeldarNivex, I think they know, your contribution would be what?02:59
NivexBeldar: *I* want to know. I know deadlines are sometimes missed. I just want to know what the blockers are so I can plan my upgrades.03:00
aliteralmindActually, it says that should work, but it's giving me a 502 bad gateway.03:00
BeldarNivex, If you want to help, help the at least 50 user who come here daily needing help. ;)03:00
Beldaron that exact issue03:01
sgo11sometimes, there will be a popup window to remind me to backup the entire file system, something like that. what is that service? I would like to stop it. thanks.03:01
BeldarNivex, If they knew the "blockers it would be fixed. Sometimes you just have to adapt. ;)03:01
NivexThat argument doesn't hold water. You can know what the issue is but still be working on a fix. It might still be in testing. I just want some communication.03:02
NivexI can't adapt if I don't have information.03:03
BeldarNivex, Sorry as a long time user and helper that rhetoric does work, it is critical thinking. Adaptation is why you are not a hunter gather.03:03
expungehunting and gathering is underrated03:04
NivexCritical thinking requires information. All I know is "It's broken."03:05
aliteralmindThere are no comments about this (beyond someone else saying they have this error...no solutions), and this page (http://www.nginxtips.com/502-bad-gateway-using-nginx/) is not helping...or I'm not getting it.03:05
NivexThis conversation is going in circles.03:06
BeldarNivex, It requires a hypothesis generally depending on the end goal. It is as you cannot understand there is no available answer that suits your needs, live with it. ;)03:06
Beldaroh well not our job to raise the cognitive consciousness03:07
Newbieei got that message: No candidate version found for update-manager03:08
patchmanis there an applet to set brightness from the task panel?03:08
Newbieedo i have update manager already?03:09
BeldarNewbiee, Have you looked at the eol upgrade in the link I gave you?03:09
Newbieeit says From version 6.06 and up you will need to install the update-manager and update-manager-core packages.03:09
BeldarNewbiee, You have to change the sources03:09
Newbieenot for cli servers. i dont know if mine is cli server though03:09
Newbieei changed sourcelist03:10
BeldarNewbiee, That is a long upgrade through two other eol's you might just backup and fresh install 14.04.03:10
Newbieeits my source list03:11
BeldarNewbiee, I thought there was a jump upgrade but could not find one.03:11
BeldarNewbiee, read the requirments.03:12
NewbieeBeldar this is new vds already. do i need update or not?03:13
BeldarNewbiee, Backup the OS before you do any upgrades.03:13
Newbieecan i solve my problems without upgrade?03:13
BeldarNewbiee, being eol means no security updates and you are not attached to the repos, that was all the 404's03:14
BeldarNewbiee, Another here may help on staying where you are hnoever it is not safe basically03:15
NewbieeBeldar i cannot use apt-get install tcl php perl? or other updates?03:15
daftykinsNewbiee: it's game over, upgrade o'clock03:15
BeldarNewbiee, I would not know exactly, the only help staying where you are will be people feeling sorry for you and not thinking of the safety issues.03:16
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Newbieei couldnt install tcl on ubuntu03:20
=== joel is now known as Guest72139
sgo11sometimes, there will be a popup window to remind me to backup the entire file system, something like that. what is that service? I would like to stop it. thanks.03:22
Newbieeok i will not update then.03:22
TJ-Beldar: daftykins + those interested in the 12.04.5 HWE upgrade availability clarifications: please read these two: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2014-July/000186.html  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2014-August/002969.html03:23
SchrodingersScatsgo11: what backup programs do you have installed?  could be easier to examine while it's still open, say by checking running processes with htop, top, ps, etc.03:23
laspahrHey, I've just finished teardown/reconstruction of my first tower, it was running WinXP 32-bit, AMD Athlon XP processor, 512 MB RAM and 160GB Hard Drive03:23
sgo11SchrodingersScat, I don't have that open now. Just fresh installation of ubuntu. it should be a default service.03:24
laspahrwhat's the best Distro of Linux to put on there? I was leaning towards Ubuntu just vanilla but I wasn't sure if there was a better one?03:24
sgo11SchrodingersScat, I saw that annoyed notification in many ubuntu releases. 12.04, 13.10, 14.04 etc...03:24
SchrodingersScatsgo11: oh, between updating?03:24
=== z00t is now known as NaStYdoG
Beldar!flavors | lasers lubuntu would be my choice03:25
ubottulasers lubuntu would be my choice: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.03:25
daftykinslaspahr: i wouldn't put any on there, it's too old and rubbish03:25
SchrodingersScatlaspahr: with 512ram you're probably wanting to stick to lubuntu or xubuntu03:25
Beldarlaspahr, sorry bots message for you.03:25
sgo11SchrodingersScat, no. it just pops up randomly. maybe a few months after installation.03:25
laspahrso not vanilla Ubuntu?03:25
daftykinslaspahr: it won't work03:25
Beldarlasers, sorry you can go back to sleep.03:25
laspahrokay, so lubuntu or xbuntu?03:26
sgo11SchrodingersScat, did you never see such popup backup notification? that's weird. I keep seeing them in multiple ubuntu releases.03:26
* lasers grumbles 03:26
BeldarI vote openbox with tint2 really laspahr03:26
daftykinsTJ-: thanks, i came to that conclusion looking it up the other day. should be pretty handy that program to confirm people will move to 12.04.5 and run trusty's 3.13 kernel :)03:26
laspahrBeldar what's that?03:27
Beldarlaspahr, A desktop even lighter than lubuntu/lxde03:27
SchrodingersScatlaspahr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements03:27
TJ-daftykins: It's pretty daft there's no clear explanation for end-users though; and ending support on the day the release comes out too - there should be at least a month's grace!03:27
SchrodingersScatsgo11: correct, the only annoying pop-up I get is to restart occasionally, and that's when I update kernel without restarting.03:28
expungelaspahr: does it have a dedicated graphics card?03:28
sgo11SchrodingersScat, I never have that pop-up in my ubuntu life. \03:28
Beldarlaspahr, lubuntu is rather config orientated not so many gui's same with openbox.03:28
daftykinsTJ-: agreed, the older HWE's giving EOL warnings seem to be confusing many03:28
yggdrasilhad a macbook pro that just wouldnt install ubuntu. so i mounted the disk via firewire and performed a peninstall of the installation cd onto the hard drive . so now i hvae it booting up but .. can i convert the peninstall to a full blow ubuntu install ? when it starts up it asks to install or to run.03:28
laspahrBeldar: so it would be optimal for this tower? SchrodingersScat: so it would work, just not well? expunge: ummm.. I don't think so, I didn't see one03:29
expungeyggdrasil: what's a pen install?03:29
yggdrasilits like a dd of the cd03:29
Beldarlaspahr, optimal is a subjective opinion, develop one. ;)03:29
laspahrBeldar: so pretty much instead of a vanilla Ubuntu install with GUI, it's going to be more command line?03:29
daftykinsyggdrasil: no03:30
expungelaspahr: nah, it needn't be03:30
expungelaspahr: does it have a dedicated graphics card?03:30
quantibilitywho remembers me from yesterday03:30
expungeyggdrasil: you can install _from_ a dd of the cd _to_ the firewire drive and migrate -that-03:30
Beldarlaspahr, No all mentioned are desktops, it is the configs that increase as you go lighter, rather than  a gui to click the changes you might want.03:30
BasketballW: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/dists/testing/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]03:31
expungequantibility: nick only03:31
yggdrasilexpunge i think im on the phase 2 of that. how do i migrate it ?03:31
expungeyggdrasil: you ran the ubuntu installer and it finished?03:31
yggdrasilim doing an apt-get update03:31
expungeyggdrasil: you need an installed system first03:32
yggdrasili wanst sure if the installer could instal onto the drive it booted on.03:32
laspahrBeldar: so less personalization..? sorry I guess I'm not catching on03:32
Beldarlaspahr, That computer might make a nice local media server or something, an OS is possible, but I would not do it unless forced.03:32
yggdrasillet me run it and see what happens03:32
laspahrconfigurations, that's the word I was looking for03:32
expungeyggdrasil: oh okay03:32
expungeyggdrasil: you have an internal drive03:32
expungeyggdrasil: and on that is the install media03:32
expungeyggdrasil: yeah you can install from that03:32
sgo11SchrodingersScat, I think that is deja-dup. trying to figure out how to disable that pop-up now.03:32
yggdrasilok ill try it03:32
expungeyggdrasil: as long as it can see some partition space03:32
laspahrBeldar: if I were to make it a "server", what would that do for me?03:32
yggdrasilyep i should have quite a bit.03:32
expungeyggdrasil: it wouldn't boot from usb?03:33
SchrodingersScatlaspahr: should try a couple, depending on how daring you get you can get complicated03:33
yggdrasilexpunge: nothing. tried a million different iterations03:33
SchrodingersScatsgo11: sounds likely03:33
expungeyggdrasil: how'd you dd it to the internal?03:33
laspahrIt's quite loud when it's running... so Idk if I can handle it running 24/703:33
Beldarlaspahr, to many questions for me this is info you can research.03:33
yggdrasilibooted the macbook in target mode03:33
yggdrasilthen mounted it via firewire03:33
expungeyggdrasil: target mode?03:33
laspahrokay so pretty much, it's junk?03:33
expungeyggdrasil: what OS did you use to dd?03:33
yggdrasilso the internal drive looked like an xternal drive to the workstation.03:34
expungelaspahr: it is if you can afford $25 to replace it03:34
yggdrasili actually used the ubutntu start up disk.03:34
expungelaspahr: it's a working computer to _someone_03:34
SchrodingersScatlaspahr: if you install the server image you'll get a text boot, last I checked, it takes ~52MB ram03:34
daftykinslaspahr: i'd bury it.03:34
Beldargold for some junk for others and everything between03:34
quantibilityexpung: im looking for that room i was directed too for talking bs and ubuntu?03:34
yggdrasilok wel im gont to try it. ill let you know03:34
expungeyggdrasil: okay, you probably could've just installed from that point...03:34
expungeanyways, yeah, g'luck03:34
laspahrwell it's not like I'm losing money, the guy gave it to me and said "if you don't want it it's going in the trash"03:34
sgo11SchrodingersScat, I found this X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=120 in deja-dup-monitor.desktop. what is unit of 120? 120 days?03:34
yggdrasili would have had to install it from the workstaion and i was afraid it would have been differnt target.03:34
expungequantibility: -chat maybe?03:34
yggdrasiluh architecture03:34
expungequantibility: /msg alis list *ubunt*chat* or *off*03:34
expungeyggdrasil: no matter03:35
SchrodingersScatsgo11: remembered moments03:35
yggdrasilok cool.03:35
expungeyggdrasil: should install from where it is, if there's partition space03:35
daftykinsyggdrasil: i think expunge is right that it may've installed ok in target mode03:35
expungeyggdrasil: you can resize afterwards, or just leave the image there for emergencies03:35
daftykinsyggdrasil: did you ever try zapping the PRAM as well prior to your boot attempts?03:35
expungepoor prams03:35
laspahrYeah, Imma move on to the next computer heh03:35
yggdrasilok well let me see what happens. this will be like an awesome recovery partition if i think its goint to do what its goinna do03:35
yggdrasildaftykins: yes i did that03:35
^Mikehelp! Scrolling seems to go in opposite directions in different programs. I've tried "natural scrolling" both off and on and it doesn't seem to do anything03:35
yggdrasilthought that was going to get it for sure.03:36
sgo11SchrodingersScat, number of seconds. weird.03:36
yggdrasilill keep you posted03:36
Beldarlaspahr, Heh donate it to a suitable place.03:36
SchrodingersScatsgo11: could be so everything is mounted? your guess is as good as mine03:36
laspahrSuch as? :) I'm thinking for parts/not working sell on ebay :)03:37
laspahrcuz the parts are fine, just not worth it for me to keep03:37
sgo11SchrodingersScat, anyway, I think i just apt-get purge deja-dup. I don't need any backups.03:37
daftykinslaspahr: nobody sane would spend money on that old junk, now - all this is is off topic for this channel03:37
Basketballwhat is a good app to make a collage in03:37
SchrodingersScatsgo11: well, you do, but, ok03:37
laspahrdaftykins: suggestion for a better channel?03:38
SchrodingersScatsgo11: there are many fine options for you to consider in the meantime03:38
yggdrasiloh yea im going to have to resize this partition..03:39
daftykinslaspahr: ##hardware - but they will laugh at you much as we did :)03:39
yggdrasilthanks for the insight gentlement.03:39
SchrodingersScatI wasn't laughing, I have worse machines I'll keep for longer.03:40
Newbieehow can i install tcl on ubuntu? apt-get install tcl not works04:13
Bashing-omNewbiee: 12.10 still ?? // release 14.04 -> Filename: pool/main/t/tcltk-defaults/tcl_8.6.0+6ubuntu3_amd64.deb .04:15
NewbieeBashing-om yes i will not update it. i see its long story and im new user. first time using.. first i should learn somethings maybe04:18
Newbieei will apt-get install pool/main/t/tcltk-defaults/tcl_8.6.0+6ubuntu3_amd64.deb ?04:18
BeldarNewbiee, Learn it on a supported release this an eol is not a ideal learning platform.04:19
Newbieebut my provider not has latest version of ubuntu04:19
Newbieei had to choose this on my vds04:20
Bashing-omNewbiee: As 12.10 is End_Of_life it has no support, the softeare repository has been turned away and no longer exists as you may have known it . Install a current release and be supported .04:24
NewbieeBashing-om i cannot install tcl on my ubuntu version?? omg04:25
Bashing-omNewbiee: Your release has no support // either upgrade or fresh install to a current release.04:26
Newbieeno support meaning i can not install anything on it?04:26
Bashing-omNewbiee: Food for thought // Release 14.04 has full support untill April of 2019 !!04:27
Bashing-omNewbiee: You - as just getting started, no - you will not be able to install anything on release 12.10 // fact .04:27
=== corey_ is now known as Guest35326
Artemis3Newbiee, stick to LTS releases, that is, either 12.04 or 14.0404:30
NewbieeBashing-om but this vds maybe not lets me to update it. i paid for this operation system yesterday. they not sell latest version04:31
NewbieeArtemis3 ok i will know that04:31
=== mike_ is now known as Guest80631
Artemis3Newbiee, i suggest backup and reinstall an LTS version. To upgrade from 12.10 you need too many steps and lots of wasting time04:32
NewbieeArtemis3 where do i install it? on cpanel?04:35
Newbieeno need backup its new system and didnt use for anything yet04:35
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=== andyland_ is now known as andyland
StritNewbiee, Wait. You bought 12.10 somewhere?04:36
Newbieeyes i bought that04:36
Newbieemaybe they not lets me to update it i dont know how though04:36
Artemis3Newbiee, this is your computer or you using remote system?04:36
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
Newbieeits vds04:36
Newbieenot my computer04:36
StritNewbiee, You do now you can legally download 14.04 on ubuntu.com right?04:36
Newbieepaid for a month04:36
Artemis3Newbiee, for remote system it depends on what they provide, can you ask them to install you a new version?04:37
NewbieeStrit its not my computer04:37
=== Azelphur_ is now known as Azelphur
NewbieeArtemis3 yesterday i asked them to install ubuntu 12. its latest version on their list04:37
Artemis3Newbiee, ask them 12.04 not 12.1004:37
=== `Nothing4You is now known as Nothing4You
Artemis312.04 = LTS04:38
=== _andyj__ is now known as _andyj_
Strityep. 12.04 is an LTS (Long Term Support)04:38
Artemis3Newbiee, if you use 12.04 its all fine04:38
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=== JuiceSSH_ is now known as JuiceSSH
Newbieei have Description:    Ubuntu 12.1004:41
Newbieeits bad :(04:41
StritNewbiee, yeah, tell them to install 12.04 for you instead. :)04:41
daftykinsNewbiee: you've been talking about this for a long time now, you have your answer - go and sort it out.04:42
daftykinsthere is no need to waste users time here more until you've installed a supported version04:42
Newbieeon their list04:42
cfhowlettNewbiee, 12.10 is not supported here.  NOT supported.  come back when you've installed a supported OS04:43
Newbieeits written as Ubuntu 12.X and i chosen it. there's not another version. (and they change it with money)04:43
Newbieeok thanks04:44
quantibilityhow do i get my sound to work right?04:50
Abhijit!sound | quantibility04:52
ubottuquantibility: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:52
daftykinsquantibility: a little more detail is always welcome with questions04:53
cfhowlett!details | quantibility04:53
ubottuquantibility: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:53
quantibilityyeah sorry, im getting sound out of hydrogen but not google chrome should i try the same thing on a different browser?04:54
quantibilitynothing really out of firefox either04:56
quantibilitycommand to restart sound?04:56
quantibilityyeah yeah yeah04:57
Locke2002Help? My fail2ban generated a bunch of emails to you@example.com because I didn't change a filter I used, and now sendmail is retrying them every 10 minutes. What should/can I do?04:57
Mallot1Can ubuntu be used to host a online mysql server?05:00
cfhowlettMallot1, of course.  see #ubuntu-server channel for more.05:01
Mallot1online not local?05:01
Mallot1wow thanks cfhowlett!  :D05:02
cfhowlettMallot1, happy2help05:02
daftykinsTJ-: just had a go with that command on a 12.04 VM i have lying around :) here's it fully dist-upgrade'd and running "hwe-support-status --verbose" - http://paste.ubuntu.com/7976582/05:10
daftykins(it reads 12.04.5 from /etc/issue)05:10
AmR|EiSaI try install Qt on kubuntu 14.04 and this my log05:13
AmR|EiSaamr@EiSa-LapTop:~/Downloads$ chmod +x qt-opensource-linux-x86-android-5.3.0.run05:13
AmR|EiSaamr@EiSa-LapTop:~/Downloads$ ./qt-opensource-linux-x86-android-5.3.0.run05:13
daftykinsdon't paste here05:13
AmR|EiSabash: ./qt-opensource-linux-x86-android-5.3.0.run: No such file or directory05:13
daftykinsuse paste.ubuntu.com05:13
AmR|EiSathat's all05:13
AmR|EiSasorry for that.05:14
daftykinsattempting to install something via a .run file is a recipe for disaster05:14
daftykinsare you sure you can't find packages for what you're after?05:14
AmR|EiSathat bash say05:14
AmR|EiSamy uname -a was " Linux EiSa-LapTop 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux "05:15
daftykinsAmR|EiSa: so... did you look for a package or PPA of what you want to install?05:16
AmR|EiSasome one say that I need 32bit support, Is this right ?05:16
daftykinsno idea, i'm unfamiliar with Qt05:17
AmR|EiSaOK, How I can install 32bit support ?05:17
TJ-daftykins: Thanks for that output - I was busy adding features to pastebinit! That is somewhat confusing isn't it, if 'issue' is "12.04.5" isn't that supposed to include the latest HWE?05:17
bruceleetrying to install gui after having installed ubuntu 14.04 server05:18
bruceleeand trying to do it from cd05:18
bruceleei have the cdrom mounted, and did apt-cdrom /media/cdrom add05:18
bruceleehow do i download ubuntu-desktop now, it says theres no such package05:19
bruceleeinfact, everything i try to install says no such package05:19
daftykinsTJ-: ooh are you pastebinit's dev? :) as per your links, i can only imagine i'm jumping the gun and too early at trying this - as today is the 7th (albeit 6am BST)05:19
daftykinsbrucelee: did you apt-get update?05:20
bruceleedaftykins: yah05:20
daftykinsbrucelee: so what's the CD? (or rather DVD)05:20
bruceleeits ubuntu 14.04 workstation05:21
bruceleedesktop rather05:21
AmR|EiSaHow I can install 32bit support package ?05:21
cfhowlettbrucelee, EVERYTHING results in "no install"?05:21
bruceleeeverything ive tried installing sof ar05:21
daftykinshrmm i'm not 100% sure the standard desktop ISO can be used like that05:21
TJ-daftykins: I'm not, but I've just added a couple of useful features (echo to local console, review before paste) and put in merge requests: https://code.launchpad.net/~tj/pastebinit/05:22
daftykinseeee: wb05:22
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
daftykinsTJ-: sounds great!05:25
=== ice is now known as Guest14386
AmR|EiSaplz any help about How to Make 32-bit Applications Work on a 64-bit Operating System ????05:30
BeldarAmR|EiSa, Name the app you have 32 bit stuff already most likely IE firefox.05:31
=== x_ is now known as df3d2
AmR|EiSaBeldar: I need install Qt SDK 32bit from installer not from server and the system can't run it :(05:32
ZZRMikeI have a 3TB drive that I partitioned with parted and mounted with ext4. I'm trying to copy files off my NAS onto it using rsync. But the disk usage is hovering around 2TB event hough rsync is supposedly copying new files over. Is it an issue with "df" or???05:35
eeeedaftykins: thanks :)05:35
BeldarAmR|EiSa, That helps the channel help you, however apps not in the ubuntu repos are technically short on support here. I see a qt-sdk in trusty can't tell the bit05:36
daftykinsR0ckET: hi05:37
daftykinsdo you have a question?05:37
bruceleeanyone know how to install gui from cd?05:37
TJ-AmR|EiSa: Beldar If the foreign architecture has been enabled, you should be able to install it with "apt-get install qt-sdk:i386"05:37
bruceleei have ubuntu server installed (14.04) and i want to install ubuntu-desktop onto my server05:37
R0ckETI need to compress a list of files with gzip, my problem is that they keep the same name home.css gzip> home.css not home.css.gz05:37
bruceleei did apt-cdrom add05:37
bruceleebut hwen i type apt-get install ubuntu-desktop it says no package05:38
BeldarTJ-, Thanks I figured there was a way just not familiar with the process.05:38
=== tkeranen_ is now known as tkeranen
AmR|EiSaTJ-: the server don't have last very it's 5.3.0 & 5.3.105:38
daftykinsbrucelee: by now you could've just done it via network surely (:05:38
bruceleedaftykins: my network is really slow :p05:39
bruceleeits also limited data05:39
bruceleei cant do it over network :(05:39
bruceleebut yeah05:39
bruceleethis issue is killing my time05:39
cfhowlettbrucelee, ??? then how do you expect to install anything?05:39
daftykinsbrucelee: i see, see if there are any issues with your /etc/apt/sources.list - but i'd just get it done (TM) :)05:39
bruceleecfhowlett: im not always without internet, but i need the gui now, if possible05:39
bruceleedaftykins: all i have in my sources.list is this:05:40
cfhowlettbrucelee, sudo apt-get install xfce4 kde lxde05:40
Beldarbrucelee, pastebin it05:40
daftykinsbrucelee: ^05:40
daftykinspaste.ubuntu.com please05:40
bruceleedeb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release amd64 (20140722.2)]/ trusty main restricted05:40
bruceleejust one line05:40
Beldarwhew that was a close one. ;)05:41
bruceleei commented out the rest05:41
cfhowlettbrucelee, would that be the server cd-rom05:41
AmR|EiSaI try 5.2.1 and it's work fine05:41
bruceleethats the desktop iso05:41
bruceleemy iso is ubuntu14.04.1-Desktop-amd64.iso05:41
AmR|EiSaI try 5.2.1 x64bit and it's work fine*05:41
bruceleei looked at this ubuntuforums.org link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97269305:42
cfhowlettbrucelee, you can use the alternative ISO as a source.  Not so with the 14.04 ISO.  or so I understand05:42
bruceleealmost exactly...05:42
bruceleehow many different kinds of cdroms are there?05:42
bruceleei thought theres just 1 :p05:42
cfhowlettbrucelee, there is now . now more alternative.05:42
TJ-AmR|EiSa: 5.3.0 is in the Utopic archive; you may be able to backport it05:43
daftykinsbrucelee: i wonder if this is of any use, don't be fooled by the outdated content - http://funwithlinux.net/2013/01/ubuntu-install-packages-from-cd/05:43
tac_So I just installed dropbox. I'm not sure how to get it to run in the background automatically (and without a terminal) every time I start x.05:43
tac_oh, nvm. I guess it has an option to handle that for you05:44
cfhowletttac_, fire up a terminal.  dropbox             command will display options05:44
bruceleecfhowlett: whats an alternative cdrom? is that simply the same cdrom downloaded from an alternative source like bittorrent?05:44
nightstrying to configure nginx05:44
TJ-cfhowlett: The desktop ISOs can be used as apt-cdrom sources; they have an archive on them the same as other disks05:45
daftykinsMandakh: if you have a support question feel free to ask it05:45
cfhowlettbrucelee, it is no more for 14.0405:45
nightsget some very long time outs and then i get "an error occured"05:45
bruceleecfhowlett: what do you mean it is no more for 14.04?05:45
nightstheres nothing in the error.lgo05:45
bruceleecfhowlett: what is no more?05:45
cfhowlettTJ-, please advice brucelee05:45
bruceleeTJ-: thats what i have, the desktop iso05:46
TJ-brucelee: The desktop ISOs can be used as apt-cdrom sources; they have an archive on them the same as other disks, you can see the marker in the ISOs root directory, in its /.disk/ directory05:46
bruceleeTJ-: the iso is in, and i did apt-cdrom add05:46
bruceleeTJ-: but when i do apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, it says no package available05:46
TJ-brucelee: is it mounted05:46
bruceleeTJ-: yeah05:46
bruceleeTJ-: i can browse to it05:46
bruceleeinside /.disk/ theres base_installable, casper-uuid-generic, cd_type info, release_notes,url05:47
OerHeksbrucelee, and your server is 64 bit too, and updated to 14.04.1?05:48
bruceleemy server is ...05:48
nightsanyone know nginx well??05:48
daftykinsnights: i bet they have a channel05:48
bruceleeOerHeks: yeah, 14.04 LTS, 14.04 trusty05:49
TJ-brucelee: Can you show me "grep cdrom /etc/apt/sources.list" ?05:49
OerHekscat /etc/issue # does it say 14.04.1?05:49
bruceleedeb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release amd64 (20140722.2)]/trusty main restricted05:49
tac_Here's a better question than the one I just asked05:49
OerHekselse that iso is not seen as it is in the future05:49
tac_In the keyboard settings, I bound SUPER+T to open a terminal05:50
bruceleeTJ-: ^05:50
tac_but instead, it opens the trash...05:50
tac_Is there a way I can disable it opening the trash? Or is Unity trying to send me a message regarding my insistance on using a text-based interface?05:50
redhat_Sublime text is not installed, getting an error. Kindly help me ...05:51
=== duncan is now known as duncannz
bruceleeTJ-: i also cant see any issues with my sources.list :p05:53
TJ-brucelee: That's incorrect, edit the '/trusty/' bit so it is "deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release amd64 (20140722.2)]/ trusty main restricted"05:54
OerHeksredhat_, how did you try to install sublime text?05:54
TJ-brucelee: A crucial space before "trusty" is missing05:54
redhat_oerHeks: through repo...05:54
=== awpti_ is now known as awpti
bruceleeoh sorry, there already is a space, im just consoled in via virtualbox, so i cant copy and paste05:54
bruceleelet me ssh in05:55
bruceleedeb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release amd64 (20140722.2)]/ trusty main restricted05:55
bruceleethis is what it is05:55
bruceleesorry for having you compare :P05:55
TJ-brucelee: OK, so there is a space already!05:56
bruceleebut at least we now know theres noting wrong with it05:56
TJ-brucelee: OK... lets dig deeper :)05:56
bruceleesounds like ill need to find that pastebin addon05:56
* cfhowlett thinks *Inception Alert!*05:56
TJ-brucelee: OK, the disk doesn't contain "ubuntu-desktop"05:57
bruceleeok :/05:58
bruceleethat sucks05:58
bruceleeall those sites i was reading said it was possbie05:58
bruceleehow do you tell what pacakgaes are in it05:58
redhat_0erHeks: through repo...06:00
redhat_OerHeks: through repo...06:00
OerHeksredhat_, yes, but i am waiting for more details06:00
OerHekswhat repo, what error, etc06:01
OerHeksPPA's by the way, are not official supported here *06:01
redhat_OerHeks: fetch to failed repo06:02
cfhowlettlibsublime7 is in the repo ... not sure if that's the same06:02
=== xyNNN|off is now known as xyNNN
OerHekscfhowlett, that is just an interface lib, not the 3th party sublimetext06:03
TJ-brucelee: "MOUNTPOINT="/path/to/mount/"; zgrep '^Package:' ${MOUNTPOINT}/dists/trusty/*/binary-*/Packages.gz"06:04
redhat_OerHeks: kindly help me out...06:05
OerHeksredhat_, how? we don't know what ppa/repo you used06:05
cfhowlettredhat_, if you give no details, you get no help.06:05
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:05
bruceleeTJ-: so all these links are incorrect i guess? or were they using some special cd that I don't know about06:06
bruceleei guess they didnt specify 14.0406:07
bruceleeperhaps it doesnt work with 14.0406:07
cfhowlettbrucelee, as i stated earlier: ALTERNATE iso - no longer mader.06:07
cfhowlettno longer made.06:07
bruceleei dint really know what you meant by that06:07
cfhowlettbrucelee, the method stated in that longer no longer works..06:08
bruceleewhat is this concept of "alternate iso"06:08
redhat_OerHeks: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-306:08
TJ-brucelee: The alternate installer went away unfortunately, the -server variety replaced it for text-based installs, but that doesn't contain the -desktop packages. -desktop's archive only contains a few relatively essential additional packages that may be needed during install.06:08
redhat_sudo apt-get update06:08
redhat_sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer06:08
bruceleewhat do you mean by the alternate iso is no longer made, that means an alternate iso used to be made? what is this alternate iso? what is the purpose for the existance of an "alternate" iso... why is it named something so meaningless? :P06:09
cfhowlettbrucelee,  beginning to suspect you're playing games.  Alternate ISO is GONE.  zip, zilch, nada.06:09
cfhowlettbrucelee, so discussion of alternate is a huge waste of space and time.06:10
bruceleeok... i guess im just trying to understand context. is an alternate iso simply a backup copy of an iso that someone downloads as an alternative to having a normal iso?06:10
bruceleei mean06:10
cfhowlettbrucelee, if you want a gui, I'd suggest you get a .torrent of whichever ubuntu flavor you prefer.  Once you have the ISO, install it.  then add the server packages you want06:10
OerHeksredhat_, installs fine here, on trusty 14.04.106:11
bruceleeyeah it seems now i have to download it from the internet... im fine with that06:11
bruceleeill just do it tomorrow or something when i dont have to use tether06:11
ZZRMikeIf I have two folders on the receiving end of rsync, is there a way I can copy from a single source and ignore the files from dir1 when copying to dir2? Or do I just need to split the files up on the source end and then copy them?06:11
bruceleewhat im asking now is unrelated to getting ubuntu-desktop... just simply about alternate iso06:11
cfhowlettbrucelee, as it's obsolete, it's completely off-topic to support.  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic06:12
redhat_OerHeks: How to get rid off .....06:12
bruceleecfhowlett: i mean if you dont want to talk about anything thats not the most current then you dont need to talk about it, but it still pertains to ubuntu, its not off topic06:13
=== stub` is now known as stub
bruceleeit could pertain to a lesser version06:13
brucelee#ubuntu-offtopic is for stuff unrelated to ubuntu06:14
OerHeksredhat_, you can undo this by: sudo ppa-purge ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-306:14
OerHeksbrucelee, alternate was an text based installer with more tools, EOL06:15
TJ-brucelee: The Alternate images were last published for 12.0406:15
redhat_<OerHeks> okay06:15
TJ-OerHeks: Alternate isn't EOL, it's still part of the 12.04 LTS support06:16
bruceleeah ok06:16
OerHeksTJ-, true, but he is working with 14.04 isn't he?06:16
bruceleecfhowlett: thanks for chiming in to let me know theres no alternate cd for 14.0406:17
redhat_OerHeks: command not found.06:19
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html06:20
OerHeksoh sorry, you need to install it first06:20
redhat_How ?06:23
cfhowlett!test | testssufsjgsjfg,06:24
ubottutestssufsjgsjfg,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )06:24
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redhat_OerHeks: How06:27
redhat_OerHeks: How ?06:27
nightsso stuck06:27
nightsanyone know nginx well?06:27
cfhowlettnights, nginx almost certainly has it's own channel.06:28
stoogenmeyercan somebdy help me with a bash script, i want to be able to iterate over names of folders in the same folder as my script, but i dont want to get the ./ from the folder names06:29
nightscfhowlett: thats true, thanks06:29
stoogenmeyerim using this right now for i in $(find ./deps -type d -maxdepth 1)     do         echo $i     done06:29
redhat_OerHeks: I've install ppa-purge06:33
redhat_OerHeks: Still facing same problem.06:36
TJ-stoogenmeyer: " shopt -s dotglob; for p in *; do [ -d "$p" ] && echo $p; done "06:40
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=== Cybert1nus is now known as Cybertinus
stoogenmeyerTJ-: what does shopt do here? what does dotglob do?06:46
stoogenmeyerTJ-: Thanks06:46
TJ-stoogenmeyer: it ensures that "*" will expand files/dir names beginning with the ".", which are otherwise 'hidden' from the shell06:47
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gr33n7007hWhat the hell's happened to ubuntu?06:51
=== mike is now known as Guest96370
cfhowlett!details | gr33n7007h,06:51
ubottugr33n7007h,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:51
gr33n7007hlike the interface?? last time I used ubuntu was 10.0406:52
cfhowlettgr33n7007h, you can install and use alternate desktop environments quite easily.06:52
ObrienDavethat's called "unity". like  it?06:52
gr33n7007hwhoa I'm not sure yet I'll have to give this some serious thinking06:53
=== xyNNN is now known as xyNNN|off
gr33n7007hgoing for a test drive in unity06:55
cfhowlett!ot | gr33n7007h,06:55
ubottugr33n7007h,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:55
trijntjegr33n7007h, hold the windows key to get an overview of all the shortcuts etc06:55
marsokod_hello, I made a stupid mistake and I don't know how to fix it. I removed the "Indicator Application" entry in the startup applications box. And now I cannot login with a GUI. How can I put it back through the command line?06:55
* ObrienDave resists snarkyness ;P06:56
marsokod_I tried putting a .desktop file in .config/autostart but it does nothing06:56
gr33n7007htrijntje, nice tip :)06:56
=== xyNNN|off is now known as xyNNN
sancasmarsokod_, if u want to login in type Ctrl + alt + 1 , a full console will be open in ur pc asking for ur user and pass06:59
stoogenmeyerhey why does this command give me an error: if [ 0 -gt 0]; then echo hello; fi06:59
stoogenmeyerthe error is bash: [: missing `]'06:59
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
marsokodsancas, yes I was using that but then I don't know what to do to put the Indicator Application back in the startup06:59
ObrienDavestoogenmeyer, try: if [ 0 -gt 0]; then echo 'hello'; fi07:00
stoogenmeyernope still the same weird error07:01
ObrienDaveshows what i know about scripting LOL07:01
asc232stoogenmeyer, is : if [ 0 -gt 0 ]; then echo hello; fi07:01
stoogenmeyerim such a retard, there needs to be a space before the closing ]07:02
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
sancasmarsokod, what did u remove? :s and how?07:02
ObrienDavesancas, marsokod, removed the "Indicator Application" entry in the startup applications box07:03
marsokodI removed The Indicator Application entry (which starts /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-application/indicator-application-service)07:04
=== dk_ is now known as Guest72947
Beldarmarsokod, Do a reinstall on the desktop from a chroot.07:05
eeeemarsokod:  what were you trying to do?07:05
sancasmarsokod, just add it again using the start up application box xD07:05
Beldarmy guess07:05
Beldarmarsokod, Did you uncheck or just remove it?07:06
Beldaror both07:06
marsokodeeee, Beldar, don't ask me what I wanted to do with that :D, I was just being stupid trying to clean all the things I put in there and removed (not uncheck) one too much07:07
Beldarmarsokod, There not there to begin with, I would think an uncheck is the key07:07
marsokodI wanted to speed up my laptop, and guess what now it is super fast but I only have the command line07:08
phuhIs it a good idea to put ssl pem file in /etc/ssl/certs?07:08
phuhor /etc/ssl/private?07:08
cfhowlettmarsokod, but it's fast ... right?07:08
cfhowlettphuh, ask ##linux07:08
Beldarmarsokod, than do a reinstall on the desktop07:08
eeeei think the indicator app is the clock and such stuff, cause i removed vlc and other players from the volume indicator using gsettings07:08
cfhowlettmarsokod, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop07:08
Beldarsancas, you were telling to just add it with no X.07:09
sancasmarsokod, which is the content of the .desktop u put in autostart?07:09
Beldarstartup is empty to begin with, you have to run a command to fill it.07:12
Beldarthe stuff is already auto starting07:12
marsokodI copied another one that was generated by the gui. I don't have access to it now but it had Type=Application, a name and an Exec field with /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-application/indicator-application-service07:12
sancasmarsokod, exec just leave indicator-application-service i think xD07:13
sancasbut it had to work idm07:13
marsokodwhat's strange is that by default this indication service is not started with a .desktop file07:13
marsokodon a fresh ubuntu installation, you don't have any .desktop file in autostart (you don't even have the autostart folder)07:14
marsokodis there another mechanism to start applications, beside upstart and the autostart?07:15
cfhowlett!es| fansili123,07:15
ubottufansili123,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:15
cfhowlett!cn | fansili12307:16
ubottufansili123: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:16
sancasmarsokod, did u give permission to .desktop?07:16
ObrienDave!jp| fansili123,07:16
ubottufansili123,: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。07:16
eeeemarsokod: you could add it to ~/.profile07:16
marsokodsancas, no,  but I did copy it from another .desktop07:16
cfhowlettObrienDave, dude!  It's chinese!  He even said "Thank you."07:16
ObrienDavecfhowlett, i wouldn't know one from the other ;P07:17
cfhowlettlaughingtiger, check your channel ... !bastard is certainly offtopic here07:17
fansili123I think i should learn engligh,there aren't chinese07:18
cfhowlettfansili123, if you can manage in English, state your problem as clearly as possible.07:18
laughingtigerthank u cfhowlett, I wondered how the ubottu would response to it. lol07:19
marsokodI have to go, I'll try later today with the optionns you gave me and if not I'll reinstall it (was thinking about doing it anyway before that)07:19
sancasmarsokod, add the lines X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=true and X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=0 to the .desktop07:19
marsokodgreat advice sancas, I'll try it07:19
marsokodthank you sancas Beldar cfhowlett eeee07:20
cfhowlettmarsokod2, happy2help07:20
laughingtigerfansili123, try to join #defocus.07:21
sancaslol marsokod2 go to sleep xD07:23
laughingtigeras I recall, this place used to be very lively until my arrival . looks like I'm the death. lol07:37
laughingtigerI'm the DEATH!07:38
=== peter is now known as Guest85744
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
hydeHmm, I'm missing windows borders in Ubuntu server 14.04, where I did `apt-get install lubuntu-desktop`07:40
hydeeverything I've found in the net talk about compiz, but I don't have it installed at all07:40
hydeand I'd rather not (VM)07:40
hydecan anybody hint at how to fix?07:40
cfhowlettlaughingtiger, you're in the wrong channel for silliness.  Play elsewhere.07:41
Gaurav_i have removed ubuntu more than 5 times due to the inability of ubuntu to just install softwares from my pendrive...i have internet in college but internet is very cosly for my home to afford in india..  Now i want the same process as .exe files in windows.. I know .deb are same as .exe but they give dependency error...whats the heck is this ubuntu....  If anyone knows anything like that, plz help me out.. I just have fresh copy of 07:43
cfhowletthyde, in Xubuntu: /home/.config/xfce4        resets all DE configurations.  The equivalent Lubuntu file should be /home/.config/lxde        or similar07:43
hydecfhowlett: thanks, checking it out07:43
Gaurav_how to install softwares offline in ubuntu07:44
cfhowlettGaurav_, .deb install is NOT recommended as it doesn't install the dependencies.  windows is not ubuntu.   .deb is not .exe.         Your choices: 1. learn the proper method of installation  2. compile from source  3. use windows07:45
ObrienDaveGaurav_, that is how most Linux packages work. they DEPEND on other packages so a programmer does not have to re-invent things07:45
Gaurav_then why does they simply put in .deb files all the things it requires07:46
cfhowlettGaurav_, "they" are wrong".  .deb doesn't pull depends.07:46
cfhowlettGaurav_, http://techspalace.blogspot.com/2009/04/offline-update-ubuntu.html07:46
cfhowlettGaurav_, I don't know if this method still works but it used to when I was offline07:47
Gaurav_yup this i am aware of, but how to install synaptic package manager in fresh ubuntu 14.0407:48
=== zopsi is now known as notzopsi
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
cfhowlettGaurav_, ubuntu software center07:49
staxxxhello everyone. my desktop got messed up. no icons appear and no window borders and x to close them any help please?07:50
hydecfhowlett: didn't help. I removed the whole ~/.config directory, no change. So the defaults must be somehow corrupted.07:52
hyde(it's a fresh account so removeing the whole .config is no problem)07:52
marandihi guys , i use wget to download specific files from server using bash loop , now i wanna know how to make a condition if it dosent found the file in server , exit the the loop , can u help me out ?! http://pastebin.com/5sPauvZm07:52
cfhowletthyde, sorry.07:52
staxxxhello everyone. my desktop got messed up. no icons appear and no window borders and x to close them any help please?07:53
Beldarstaxxx, Any clue how?07:53
staxxxi dunno really i was installing some software and then somehow i got like this07:53
cfhowlettstaxxx, try a different DE as qjqqyy suggested.07:54
staxxxwhats a DE?07:54
cfhowlettstaxxx, desktop environment = look and feel.  default in ubuntu is unity but there are others.07:54
staxxxwhen i try a metacity --replace i get a Failed to load theme Ambiance message07:54
staxxxi'm with ubuntustudio here07:54
staxxxi tryied logging onto a guest account but the problem remanis07:55
cfhowlettstaxxx, see THOSE little details matter.  anyway, ubuntustudio uses xfce4.          try this: sudo apt-get install lxde.         logout choose lubuntu/lxde session.  login07:55
staxxxok I'll do so and then what?07:56
cfhowlettstaxxx, test operations and look.  if it's all good, logout choose xfce4/xubuntu session and login to US.  should reset07:57
hydecfhowlett: ok, it was a stupid user error, I had removed openbox, not realizing that is what is actually providing the window decorations in LXDE... I thought it was just a fall-back plain WM. Installing it back solved the issue.07:57
staxxxwhats US07:58
cfhowletthyde, that there is some good detective work, Lou.07:59
cfhowlettstaxxx      ummm             U buntu  S tudio07:59
staxxxit worked! its all back thank you so much08:02
cfhowlettstaxx nice work08:05
fansili123so many people, I'm curious that where are you come from? i'm an Chinese08:07
fansili123who can tell me08:07
cfhowlettfansili123, wrong question.  for chitchat of that type: #ubuntu-offtopic08:07
cfhowlett!kylin | fansili12308:07
ubottufansili123: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin08:08
fansili123you are right08:08
fansili123so many people,so little chats08:10
cfhowlett!behelpful | fansili123,08:11
ubottufansili123,: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.08:11
fansili123ok,i'll be quiet08:13
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Guest20797Here is the English exchange08:16
=== Guest26742 is now known as txspud
hydefansili123: in case you came here with a problem: another good guideline for topical "technical" channels: do not ask to ask, just ask your question directly, with relevant details (like here with Ubuntu version, if it seems relevant)08:16
Guest20797But is this seat taken?08:17
MortezaEHello. Could i use the same grub entry i used to boot ubuntu10.10 for booting 14.04 ? (i mean maybe it need some new parameter...)08:18
MortezaEit was linux/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic root=UUID=0cb11512-feea-4f69-a2bc-6c788fff809d ro   quiet splash08:18
cfhowlettGuest20797, yes this channel is in English.  Ask your support question08:19
d4rks1d3rhi guys08:19
hydeMortezaE: why? ie. how come you are in a situation where you want to copy a grub entry? And is it even same version of grub in 10.10 and 14.04?08:19
cfhowlettMortezaE, update grub would seem to be wiser than hacking 10.10 to 14.04 entries08:20
d4rks1d3ri have a question: some time ago i compiled a highly customised kernel for a gentoo dist. Now I want to compile a kernel with the same options for ubuntu08:21
cfhowlett!kernel | d4rks1d3r08:21
ubottud4rks1d3r: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)08:21
Guest20797What is there exchangel08:21
cfhowlettGuest20797, what language do you speak?08:22
d4rks1d3ri have a backup of the root drive on gentoo. is there a way to compile it using the same options?08:22
Guest20797everybody is good, there is no chinese08:22
cfhowlettd4rks1d3r, read the kernel link above?08:22
cfhowlett!cn | Guest2079708:22
ubottuGuest20797: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:22
hyded4rks1d3r: there's a standard, easy way to transfer configurations between kernels, when compiling sources. I don't remember the exact details, but just saying this in case you were not sure.08:23
geirhad4rks1d3r: extract the .config file08:24
hyded4rks1d3r: or to grab the configuration from a running kernel, and apply it to a source compilation08:24
MortezaEhyde, cfhowlett during installing 14.04 as a new fresh os, i incorrectly selected my 10.10 partition for grub installation(that itself had grub). now, i see it's grub.cfg intact (i see the same boot menu)08:24
cfhowlettMortezaE, reinstall grub will fix that08:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:25
linuxgeek_i have a 14.04 kvm host. eth2 is a member of a bridge breth2. in the interfaces file breth2 is set to dhcp.08:25
MortezaEcfhowlett, you mean grub-install? will it automatically find all OSs?08:26
linuxgeek_when i do a ifup breth2, the message is repeated "dhcpdiscover on breth2 to port 67" and the bridge is not getting an ip08:26
cfhowlettMortezaE, read the link.  os probe goes looking for installed OS so ... yes.08:27
MortezaEOK, Thanks...08:27
kevin_linuxHow to get Ubuntu chinese08:27
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cfhowlettkevin_linux easy way is to install ubuntukylin08:28
=== Guest99928 is now known as JamesM__
cfhowlett!kylin | kevin_linux08:28
ubottukevin_linux: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin08:28
hydelinuxgeek_: where's the DHCP server running? is it running? is it ok?08:28
kevin_linuxthank you08:29
linuxgeek_hyde, the dhcp is running ok because the eth2 interface when not bridged get the dhcp ip08:29
hydelinuxgeek_: ok, then, apart from verifying the configuration is really in use (like by rebooting), no idea what could cause that08:30
hydemm, eth2 is up, right?08:31
linuxgeek_ah, reboot is not an option. this needs to be sorted without a reboot :-/08:31
linuxgeek_yes eth2 is up08:31
MortezaEcfhowlett, update-grub helped me in some second... i think i'm kinda ultra geek hehe!08:32
cfhowlettMortezaE, happy2help08:32
kevin_linuxI would like to ask you how IRC into the ubuntu chinese??08:33
hydelinuxgeek_: another thing to watch might be the packet counters of eth2 and breth2 (ifconfig), and see how they grow with DHCP packets. might give a hint at just where the problem is08:33
cfhowlettkevin_linux, google translate is not helping you here.  I THINK you want set your ubuntu to chinese language?08:34
eeeekevin_linux: type /join #ubuntu-cn08:35
kevin_linuxcfhowlett thank you , what I want is his answer eee08:36
eeeenp :)08:36
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:36
pamHey folks..08:37
pamJust intalled 10.04 on an old laptop (2003) so my gf could play facebook games and check facebook from time to time..08:37
pamI tried to install some games via the ubuntu software center...and nothing is happening...08:38
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noir_Hi everybody. I have an acer laptop, I've a problem of overheating. I thought  it was for the intel+nvidia combo card, but deactivating the nvidia card (I  think I did it right) things don't seem to get better. Any hint?08:38
noir_I once solved but I don't remember how I did, it's been long ago :P08:38
six86Hello. Is there a way to see "behind the progress bar" in an ubuntu server installation? Problem is that I have a problem with my preseed, but I can't see what's going wrong because it just is stuck on the progress bar.08:38
=== cdmsn is now known as cdmsn|awy
tarelerulzI'm thinking of buying a solid state drive for my laptop.   Do any of you have one in a laptop?08:39
pamI tried to install some games via the ubuntu software center...and nothing is happening...I'm on 10.0408:40
tarelerulzTo old08:41
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
tarelerulz10.04 is old , they might not work because your  system is to old.08:41
pamI used some of these games when I was running 10.04 on my system no problem.  I would imagine that ubuntu would try to install them at least08:42
OerHekstarelerulz, it is not, 10.04 is still supported.08:42
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.08:42
OerHeksoh only server08:43
pamSo it won't allow me to download via the software center?08:43
OerHekspam, no, unfortunatly, time to upgrade08:44
pamwhat version above 10.04 is still supported?08:44
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120408:45
tarelerulzWhy do you run such an old version?08:45
pambecause my gf doesn't need anything fancy08:46
six86Hello. Is there a way to see "behind the progress bar" in an ubuntu server installation? Problem is that I have a problem with my preseed, but I can't see what's going wrong because it just is stuck on the progress bar.08:46
bcverysix86, you may wish to try #ubuntu-server08:48
OerHekssix86, try alt-tab?08:48
=== sun is now known as Guest64133
six86OerHeks: at least in the vm it doesn't work, have to try on the real isntallation08:48
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|afk
hydesix86: have you tried alt-F2 etc?08:56
hydeto switch virtual console08:57
bobptz12.04 refuses to boot with error:  "Could not write bytes: broken pipes”.  I checked the disks, they are ok.  Here is the dmesg: dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7964696/.  Can somebody experienced help me please?08:57
sgo11I am trying to install ubuntu to an usb flash-drive. During installation, I create /dev/sdb1 with ext4 partition and mount it as root /. install grub to /dev/sdb1. anything wrong with this? When I try to boot from this usb, I can see the grub screen is fine, but after I press Enter, it's just a black screen.08:59
hydebobptz: that paste does not seem to have that error (and the few errors in it don't seem related or interesting, though I'm not sure what they are)09:00
hyde...also, how do you get the dmesg, if it refuses to boot?09:00
bobptzhyde, you mean the dmesg?  I got it from CLI.  From recovery mode09:01
bobptzhyde, indeed, the dmesg does not have the error.  I don;t know.  When I try to boot normally, I see it09:01
bobptzhyde, the dmesg is to check the drivers.  I do not hve the knowledge, but can you see what video drivers it has?09:02
hydebobptz: no, sorry. though if you're at text mode recovery console, I don't think any X video drivers have been loaded yet09:03
hydebobptz: if it does not hang completely, then try alt-F1 (or ctrl-alt-F1 from GUI) to get to text mode console after normal boot.09:04
hydebobptz: then look in /var/log directory09:04
hydebobptz: in particular. Xorg.0.log might be useful it if is GUI problem only09:05
sgo11I think I need to install grub to /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb1. that might be the problem. let me try it again.09:05
bobptzhyde, I remember I searched for it and I could not find it09:05
bobptzhyde, I mean the Xorg.0.log09:06
=== tvoss|afk is now known as tvoss
bobptzhyde, can I also try a normal boot, and if it hangs completely, then I can boot from live cd, and then I can go to the hdd and find the files you said?09:09
chewbeccaciao a tutti09:14
d4rks1d3rthe instructions for compiling a kernel ar for up to ver 1309:20
d4rks1d3ri have ver 14, do they apply?09:20
ubottuchewbecca: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:22
noir_sup guys, where can I read source code of common commands like mkdir?09:29
=== head_victim is now known as Guest68461
Theorynoir_:  dpkg-query -S /bin/mkdir will tell you what package it is from09:33
Theorythen google will find you the source :-)09:33
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=== Vez is now known as Vezz
editioni have a presentation made in libreoffice, that will not display properly in MS Office09:47
editionHow can I show my presentation on Windows?09:47
d4rks1d3redition: install libreoffice in windows09:48
hateballedition: What versions of each are you using? And what file format? The question might get a better response in #libreoffice also09:48
editionanother persons computer :)09:48
editioni don't think they would allow that09:49
qjqqyyportable edition09:49
=== christian is now known as Guest99297
qjqqyyow he left...09:50
d4rks1d3rwhat does SYSTEM_TRUSTED_KEYRING mean?09:54
jakob2Buying a new computer, is nvidia or ATI prefered theese days? What works best?10:00
hydejakob2: I don't know the answer either way, but it probably depends on if you are ok with proprietary drivers, or if you want open source ones.10:02
jakob2hyde: I'm guessing the free drivers are missing features? Free drivers are prefered of course, but not if they perform worse than proprietary10:04
hydeTheory: (noir seems to be gone), to get the source of the package, `apt-get source package` is better than searching the web. that will give you the sources of the binary you are actually using.10:04
Walexjakob2: I get pretty good overall performance in TF2 with the free drivers on an ATi 7850. But the kernel must be at least 3.13 or newer10:04
jakob2Walex: I'm on 3.15 so that's fine :)10:05
jakob2Walex: does ATI still have that icky catalyst control program?10:05
hydejakob2: one thing to consider is, do you want the latest and greatest (which might require proprietary drivers to advantage off), or are you ok with an older card (which might have good support in OSS drivers too)10:06
Walexjakob2: yes but the GNU/Linux package does not use it.10:06
jakob2hyde: I'm fine with an older card, I'm just planning to play some minecraft every now and then if I'm in the mood10:07
jakob2I'm no gamer10:07
l337hi there, can anyone please help me install SSL on Ubuntu 12.04LTS?10:07
jakob2hyde: is there a specific old and stable card that i should go for?10:08
hydejakob2: then I'd probably go with whatever has better OSS support, since those will keep getting better, while with proprietary drivers you might be in trouble (ie. need to tweak stuff) after next big distro update.10:08
hydeand my possibly outdated/wrong understanding is, ATI has better OSS drivers.10:08
jakob2which is ATI?10:08
jakob2hyde: alright thanks10:08
hydemm, AMD10:08
jakob2AMD it is10:09
l337anyone? :(10:09
pilatusguys what is the most recent AMD radeons currently supported by catalyst for linux? I will buy one at Wal-Mart next time10:10
jakob2l337: sudo apt-get install openssl10:10
hydel337: generally, don't ask to ask, just ask about your actual problem. "install SSL" does not really mean anything. SSL is a protocol, an abstract thing (or a specification document).10:11
hydeif you don't know the right terminology, then you can ask how to do whatever it is you want to do (with SSL in this case, I presume)10:12
l337jakob2, hyde, thanks for the replies. well, I have the certificates from an SSL authority and I wonder about how do I install them10:12
jakob2l337: for what? A web server?10:12
l337jakob2: yes10:12
jakob2l337: which one? Apache? Nginx?10:12
l337sorry, am quite a newb10:12
l337fuck knows, actually10:12
l337I've got ZPanel installed on Ubuntu10:13
Walexl337: ironic coonsidering your nickname :-)10:13
jakob2l337: did you follow a tutorial?10:13
l337I've put it like this exactly from that perspective :P10:13
l337jakob2: yes, a few10:13
l337and it didn't work everytime10:13
jakob2for zpanel10:13
jakob2can you link it?10:14
l337the thing is, I'm trying to "migrate" a SSL from my old hosting to a VPS I've purchased10:14
jakob2or maybe just visist and look at the error page10:14
l337and if I understood correctly, as long as the domain name remains the same, I can do it10:14
jakob2is it apache or nginx?10:14
jakob2or lighttpd mayhaps?10:14
jakob2yes you can!10:14
l337jakob2: Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.3.10-1ubuntu3.13 with Suhosin-Patch Server at vapeboy.co.uk Port 8010:14
HopenessSo many people10:14
jakob2there you go, apache it is10:14
jakob2l337: let me know if you get stuck10:15
l337thanks so much, will give that a try10:15
l337and get back to you10:15
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john_ramboI am using Gmail under Claws Mail client .....I am getting this evry now and then http://imagebin.ca/v/1Vzk5Oa4VEnG ..... I got this 3 time within 5 minutes ....Is this norma ?10:18
john_rambonormal ?*10:19
l337jakob2: a quick question, do I copy the private key from the old host as well?10:20
jakob2l337: yes10:24
jakob2l337: sorry for slow response, copy all the files!10:24
jakob2the cert and private key10:24
jakob2I have one .cert and one .key10:25
tarelerulzWhat is the different from installing Ubuntu  on  sd card and  putting the files from an Ubuntu installer cd on the sd card?10:26
=== philippe is now known as Guest90573
bobptzhyde,  I did what you said.  I opened the syslog and the dmesg file.  I could not find the error, although I had just seen it on screen.  Also I could not find the Xorg.0.log file.  I tried to make a copy of the /var/log directory.  Do you want me to upload a file for checking?10:28
l337jakob2: mind if I pm you?10:29
jakob2l337: It's better to type in public, then I'll be corrected if I'm wrong10:31
l337the questions are just plain stupid10:31
jakob2go ahead10:31
jakob2just ask, don't worry :P10:31
l337I've found two config files in /etc/apache2: httpd.conf (empty) and apache2.conf10:32
l337which one should I edit?10:32
l337I presume the non-empty one10:32
jakob2Uhmm I'm not sure, don't you have a virtualhost somewhere? It's been a while since i confed apache10:32
jakob2I just use nginx nowadays10:32
bigbrovarHi guys.. getting bluetooth headset to work in a2dp mode stopped working (after I applied some updates on ubuntu 14.04) when I try to enable a2dp more in sound settings I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/7978594/10:34
bigbrovarso what I get now is sound in mono10:35
ice9is xorg now started using normal user not root?10:35
bobptzhyde, have you seen my message?10:37
bigbrovarmaybe I should do a reinstall?10:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest17508
bigbrovaranyone having problems enabling a2dp on their bluetooth headset? when I try I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/7978594/10:41
rasputinlol idk10:41
bigbrovarguess I should file a bug then10:42
Shadow}}Is there a line to download an Audio CD burner? For MP3.10:44
bigbrovarthe other day I can't burn an audio cd with brasero.. now a2dp which use to work just stopped working forcing me to listen to coldplay in mono.. It can be frustrating when I spend more time away from serious Linux server related work to fix simple problems on a deskop OS10:45
Shadow}}Such as k3b or brasao(Something of the spelling). Idk if either is free though... Need a free one..10:45
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=== ogra_` is now known as ogra_
=== michael is now known as Guest19241
cfhowlettKevin_Linux, protocol for support: STATE THE ISSUE!11:12
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)11:12
cfhowlettKevin_Linux, no tell the problem = no help offered11:14
ObrienDave!ask | Kevin_Linux11:15
ubottuKevin_Linux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:15
Kevin_LinuxThank you, I am the novice to learn, thank you to give me guidance11:17
cfhowlett!manual | Kevin_Linux, read this.11:18
ubottuKevin_Linux, read this.: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:18
rohdefKevin_Linux, everyone is novices just at different levels11:18
kurono_hey everyone! i have a problem: i cannot shutdown my system without switching off from hand.11:20
Kevin_LinuxI began to use the Linux mint to know IRC can communicate, so come in, oh, thank you, I'm in using mobile phone client now, to become familiar with the environment, in order to learn, thank you care about,,11:20
* cfhowlett is beginning to hate google translate11:21
cfhowlettKevin_Linux, did you try #ubuntu-cn          ?  Chinese language support11:21
Kevin_LinuxCfhowlett: thank you for your kind, but I feel better with a little mint,11:26
cfhowlettKevin_Linux, mint is not supported here.  sorry.11:26
cfhowlett!mint | Kevin_Linux11:26
ubottuKevin_Linux: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:26
sangdraxIs there a new ubuntu openssl package to address the security advisories released on the 6th?  I know openssl version 1.0.1i fixes most of them, but I don't know what version that translates to in ubuntu11:27
ubottuA fix for the recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities (2014-0076 & 0160) has been pushed to the Ubuntu repositories. See http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2165-1/ and http://heartbleed.com/ for more information.11:28
Kevin_Linuxthank you ubottu11:28
sangdraxthe CVE's released on the 6th aren't heartbleed, I have updated to fix that already.11:29
=== xyNNN|off is now known as xyNNN
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Malsasa_Hello, can somebody tell me forum rules when no one permitted to answer badly such as advicing fork bomb or rm -rf /? I have googled, searching on ubuntuforums.org, but no luck. I need to read that post to warn myself and my friends. Thank you.11:43
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!11:44
juniourhi i wan to run a script at boot but its not working any help here11:44
cfhowlettMalsasa, that is the *m *f trigger11:44
cfhowlettMalsasa, I believe that maliciously suggesting said command is a violation of guidelines and should result in a permban11:45
ObrienDaveMalsasa, IRC Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl11:45
juniouri kept my script in /etc/init.d/ dir  chmod 755 my_script and update-rc.d my_script defaults11:45
juniourbut not working11:45
Malsasacfhowlett: thank you but I am searching for ubuntuforums rules page about that. Do you have the link? The main rules I have, but the fork bomb-like rules no. I need the page mentioned you can't give fork bomb advice to someone.11:46
cfhowlettMalsasa, uknown11:46
cfhowletthowever see the forum use guidelines ... should be there11:47
Malsasacfhowlett: i remember, some years ago i have read such page on ubuntuforums. It is veru good, remind all members NOT to give bad advices.11:47
Malsasacfhowlett: yes I have, but no explanation about fork bomb and r* -r* / there.11:48
=== andatche_ is now known as andatche
cfhowlettMalsasa, submit a query to the forum mods11:48
Malsasacfhowlett: hmmm, thank you but I don't want to bother them. Them all are busy, right?11:49
cfhowlettMalsasa, way less busy the IRC ops11:49
rajmahendraI am using Ubuntu 13.10 and first time installed Skype  when ever i connect i am getting "Skype can't connect"  i tried to login in skype.com i can login ... any one help me ?11:50
llutzMalsasa: CoC point "Take responsibility for our words and our actions" covers that  i'd guess11:51
cfhowlettMalsasa, this ^^^^11:51
Malsasallutz: yes, but I ever see a page with so many explanations about many bad advices. I need that.11:52
llutzrajmahendra: hasn't skype banned old versions last week?11:52
rajmahendraReally ?!11:52
rajmahendrahow can i use skype then !?11:52
cfhowlettrajmahendra, update to the newest version11:52
rajmahendraany other skype client ?11:53
cfhowlettllutz, source?11:53
* aeyesi whispers11:53
cfhowlettrajmahendra, the version in repos works11:53
aeyesianyone know how to 5.1 ?11:53
rajmahendrait says Skype 4.2 for linux11:53
llutzcfhowlett: some german news-sites refering to http://blogs.skype.com/2014/06/20/making-way-for-the-next-generation-of-skype-on-desktop/11:53
rajmahendrai tried update adn uptrade11:54
sakamopaeyesi: context! 5.1 surround sound? some other 5.1?11:54
cfhowlettrajmahendra, nope.  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    should get it11:54
aeyesiubuntu uses alsa by default right?11:54
OerHeksrajmahendra, you need to upgrade, 4.2 is banned from their servers.11:54
rajmahendrasudo apt-get dist-upgrade  will upgrade ubuntu to 14 right ?11:55
cfhowlettrajmahendra, no it will not11:55
cfhowlettrajmahendra, apt-get do-release-upgrade will get the latest ubuntu.  dist-upgrade will upgrade the currently installed distro: 14.04   >>> 14.04.111:56
rajmahendracfhowlett, dist-upgrade  show following    Building dependency tree11:57
rajmahendraReading state information... Done11:57
rajmahendraCalculating upgrade... Done11:57
rajmahendra0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:57
llutzcfhowlett: "do-release-upgrade" is a script/program, not an apt-option11:57
cfhowlettllutz, doh.  right.11:57
Malsasacfhowlett: OerHeks: llutz: sirs, i've found it http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=326 from ubuntuforums > New to Ubuntu > Announcements.11:57
rajmahendracfhowlett,  no update is found for skype using dist-upgrade11:58
cfhowlettrajmahendra, run this command      cat /etc/issue11:58
Malsasacfhowlett: OerHeks: llutz: sirs, thank you.11:59
rajmahendracfhowlett, Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l11:59
cfhowlettMalsasa, happy2help11:59
Malsasacfhowlett: I've bookmarked it and I don't want it to gone again.12:00
MalsasaSorry for my English.12:00
rajmahendracfhowlett, Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l12:03
rajmahendra   is look same12:03
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy12:04
cfhowlettrajmahendra, see above - no longer supported.  time to upgrade12:04
rajmahendracfhowlett, better to upgrade ubuntu ? i am gettign some issue in 14 so i moved back to 1312:05
cfhowlettrajmahendra, 13.10 is not supported ... no security.  choose your poison12:05
cfhowlettwww greetings.  state your problem12:06
rajmahendracfhowlett, hmmmm :(12:06
stangelandis it possible to devise a command which will run recursively through a filestructure and calculate how much MB is used on different types of files?12:06
cfhowlettrajmahendra, choices choices.12:06
marianne_hi there! I'm on the ubuntu site and looking at the 14.04 LTS download.... can someone please provide the link to the known issues page?12:07
aeyesithere should be none but u never know... marianne12:07
rajmahendracfhowlett, is there any client support connecting to skype ? :)12:08
marianne_aeyesi: then I guess my next question is... I'm on 12.04, do I have to go to 13.10 and then just upgrade, or can I install over the top?12:09
cfhowlett rajmahendra you'd have to ask skype.  I'd say running an unsecured, unsupported OS ... skype is the least of your issues.12:09
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga12:09
Atlantic777Hello! On a laptop we have problems with sound playback. Everything worked fine until regular update. After that, sound just died. Mic works ok, but speakers (or headphones) simple don't. speaker-test didn't help. alsamixer says that everything's fine, it's not muted. Any ideas how to debug?12:09
rajmahendracfhowlett, that is very true :)12:09
cfhowlettmarianne_, 12.04 is a long term support release as is 14.04    direct upgrade is available for LTS > LTS12:10
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga12:11
llutzstangeland: like (single filetype):   ls -lrt dir-struct/*.filetype | awk '{ total += $5 }; END { print total }'12:12
cfhowlettmarianne   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes#Known_issues12:12
llutzwell, extensions, not necessarily filetypes12:13
marianne_cfhowlett: Just checked my software updater and it's not showing yet, and yes, I verified my settings12:13
stangelandllutz, mmm ok...isnt there some way to automatically discover all filetypes in the dir structure and do a calculation for each?12:13
llutzstangeland: idk12:14
l337hey guys, I'm having trouble restarting apache2: Syntax error on line 85 of /etc/zpanel/configs/apache/httpd-vhosts.conf12:14
l33785: ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/_cgi-bin/"^M12:14
l337what could be the issue?12:14
cfhowlettmarianne_, check your software sources : enable LTS only12:14
=== Guest60327 is now known as jimi_
jeffreylevesquewhen I close the lid of my laptop Ubuntu 14.04 goes to sleep.  When I open the lid, the screen is frozen, and I cannot even type my login password.  Is this a known issue?12:15
cfhowlettmarianne_, then run a terminal       sudo do-release-upgrade -p12:15
marianne_cfhowlett: hummm....it has been verified that you can actually upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04? yes I'm paranoid12:20
llutzl337: use "dos2unix /etc/zpanel/configs/apache/httpd-vhosts.con"12:21
cfhowlettmarianne_, verified.  yes.  LTS has always had that capability.  although IMHO you're better off torrenting the ISO and doing a clean install.  (Free advice and worth every penny you paid.)12:21
llutzl337: use "dos2unix /etc/zpanel/configs/apache/httpd-vhosts.conf"  your file contains msdos lineendings12:21
=== xyNNN is now known as xyNNN|off
marianne_cfhowlett: iso just finished downloading.... it's just painful to set it all up again after doing a clean install12:24
cfhowlett!md5sum | marianne_, verify the IS and the USB12:24
ubottumarianne_, verify the IS and the USB: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:24
DS-McGuire13:15 <DS-McGuire> I think I am being a bit stupid but... I can't figure out how to join the mailing list for Ubuntu-docs! Can somebody help?12:24
noir_Hi guys. In a pretty fresh install I have some font rendering problems in the  browser. For example, check this screen.  http://hostimage.webjapt.com/images/screenftf.png how could I solve?12:24
cfhowlettmarianne_, also, you might find it helpful to make a dedicated /home     when you install, DO NOT FORMAT /home12:25
cfhowlettmarianne_, actually make home BEFORE you install.  move the current home to dedicated /home12:25
marianne_cfhowlett: good idea, probably move most stuff to the Mac first, just in case12:26
cfhowlettmarianne_, either way, backup ^212:26
marianne_cfhowlett: oh yeah.... learned that the hard way years and years ago12:27
marianne_cfhowlett: I'm also big into RTFMing first so I know what I'm getting into12:28
OerHeksDS-McGuire, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc12:28
cfhowlettmarianne_, my god!  you *choke* READ?!  around here, you're like a ... a unicorn!  I've heard of this, but never actually met an ubuntero who RTFM's!12:29
* ObrienDave detects snarkyness ;P12:30
marianne_cfhowlett: lol, be nice, we are all odd in our own little ways12:30
cfhowlettmarianne_, trust me, those comments are intended to be compliments!12:30
=== lakhan is now known as xcscs
ObrienDavemarianne_, i concur12:31
xcscswhy all the folders in the /proc have the same content ?12:31
marianne_cfhowlett: and they were taken as such....it's just I've hosed things so many times and found out later it was a known issue12:31
cfhowlettmarianne_, anyway, you're doing LTS > LTS at the right time, imho.  the first point release just came out a couple of weeks ago.  Dont know why the online updater doesn't work12:31
llutzxcscs: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/proc.html12:31
=== gnu is now known as Guest44981
ObrienDavei heard there was a bug somewhere in the updater that has the point release on hold. don't quote me12:32
=== yoni is now known as Guest48755
cfhowlettmarianne_, note what apps you've added, note your FF plugins, passwords, etc.  then go for it.  I only do LTS so the first upgrade in 2 years felt nice.  I'm on Ubuntu Studio so I can't speak in detail about ubuntu, but come here for any assistance you might need.12:32
marianne_cfhowlett: that's why I was asking, I knew it was released, but nothing was showing up... probably spend the next few days reading and then tackle it on the weekend12:33
ObrienDavemarianne_, the ISO works fine12:33
marianne_cfhowlett: all you guys here have been very helpful in the past12:33
cfhowlettmarianne_, that is so much preparation and staged planning --- it'll pay off.  Users like you don't show up as they've don't their homework.12:33
cfhowlettmarianne_, happy2help12:34
marianne_cfhowlett: ok, I haven't read anything yet... still on the firewall change call for work, but I'm wondering if the ISO has an upgrade option12:35
cfhowlettmarianne_, nope.12:35
emxhow do i make a clean ubuntu install? what i have: running 12.04 (which i don't want to upgrade) and another distro on a different partition.12:36
cfhowlettmarianne_, the usb will offer "try ubuntu" or "install ubuntu"12:36
cfhowlettemx, partition some space, install ubuntu to that partition.12:36
emxcfhowlett, no space left for that12:36
marianne_cfhowlett: probably go the terminal route then and have the iso on had in case I hose it all12:37
cfhowlettemx, ??? then you need to overwrite one of your existing OS?12:37
cfhowlettmarianne_, that'll work12:37
eeeeemx: you want to replace 12.04 with 14.04.1 ?12:37
marianne_eeee: yuppers12:38
emxcfhowlett, yes, which would be 12.04. what i don't know: can i overwrite the current installation.12:38
emxeeee, yes12:38
emxwithout upgrade12:38
emxclean install12:38
emxi guess bootable usb drive is the option?12:38
cfhowlettemx, yes.  select the 12.04 part as your 14.04 installation target.  format it that partition.  do NOT format your /home partition12:38
=== devandroid is now known as pepigno75
cfhowlett!md5sum|emx, yep, usb.  verify the ISO and the USB12:39
ubottuemx, yep, usb.  verify the ISO and the USB: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:39
=== pepigno75 is now known as devuser
emxcfhowlett, i got a backup of those files12:39
eeeeemx: install via live usb, and in the "something else" option, check the box that says "format" for whatever partitions you have (except the efi one of course)12:39
cfhowlettemx, make 2 backups12:39
eeee(of course if you dont have anything you want on it anymore in the home directory)12:39
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, ask your ubuntu question12:39
glcheethamHi any other guys in UK having slow apt-get update? I posted a question on the ubuntu forums here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2238327 about it12:40
Alexanderrockz_my ubuntu lags like crazy12:40
cfhowlettglcheetham, don't know but your software source utility will test for the fastest mirro12:40
glcheethamIt's still giving me grief, been like this for a couple of days now12:42
glcheethamBut my ubuntu server updates super quickly12:42
noir_Hi guys. In a pretty fresh install I have some font rendering problems in the12:42
noir_browser. For example, check this screen.12:42
glcheethamupdates repos, that is12:42
cfhowlettglcheetham, did you localize your mirrors?12:42
Alexanderrockz_can someone help me12:43
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: shoot12:43
Alexanderrockz_my ubuntu wont stop  lagging12:43
glcheethamYeah, Software and Updates > Download From > United Kingdom main server12:43
YevgenyI have with PXE booting12:44
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: type top in the terminal, see if anything is consuming alot of resources12:44
cfhowlettglcheetham, that's the default.  run the test option ... might surprise you.12:44
YevgenyI get an error message PXE-E5112:44
emxeeee, cfhowlett, thanks12:44
cfhowlettemx, happy2help12:44
Yevgenyno DHCP or proxyDHCP offers recieved12:44
Yevgenybut when I start windows n the pc I get an IP adress12:45
YevgenyAnyone know much about PXE boot?12:46
YevgenyI get the error messag: no dhcp or proxydhcp offers recieved12:47
sakamopglcheetham: You can manually choose a mirror to use. I do not think your problem is the UK mirror per see; it might be your ISP12:47
emxYevgeny, sounds like you got no dhcp server12:47
Alexanderrockz_pings thse days12:47
Yevgenywell I have a dhcp server12:48
cfhowlettYevgeny, #ubuntu-server or ##linux would know more, I suspect12:48
Yevgenywhen i start windows or linux on the pc I get an IP adress12:48
Yevgenyno problem there12:48
glcheethamThe auto select server decided that it couldn't find a good one to use12:48
Yevgenythere's some kind of connection error between the pxe server and the pc12:48
Yevgenycfhowlett: thanks12:48
Alexanderrockz_also, whats compiz12:48
Alexanderrockz_i'm new to ubuntu12:49
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, one problem at a time ...12:49
Alexanderrockz_ok lol12:50
glcheethamI'm pretty sure compiz is a compositing window manager12:50
glcheethamMutter does the same thing12:51
sakamopAlexanderrockz_: Can I sk what you mean by "ubuntu is lagging". Do you mean the desktop is slow to respond , or do you have network latency?12:51
Alexanderrockz_desktop's slow12:52
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, ubuntu uses unity as the desktop environment - a bit of a memory hog.  test a different DE12:52
sakamopAlexanderrockz_: Ah OK. Has it always been that way or is this a change?12:53
kostkonAlexanderrockz_, what's your graphics card12:53
eeee_u can't umm that dude.. you get an umm for kostkon's Q though12:54
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sakamopAlexanderrockz_: If it worked before and not now, something broke. If it's always been that way, it could be configuration or using Unity on a low end machine. More information is required.12:55
Alexanderrockz_graphics card information is intel celeron @1.80GHz12:55
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, and your ram?12:56
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: did it run fine before?12:56
Alexanderrockz_4.00 gb12:56
eeee_ok, you're in luck then :D12:56
sakamopUbuntu really needs something like DXDiag.12:57
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, celeron?  I'm guessing you've got some - "legacy" hardware.  try this:  sudo apt-get install lxde                    logout/choose lxde session, login12:57
Picisakamop: perhaps you were looking for lshw?12:57
sakamopPici: It's not as complete.12:57
=== erry_ is now known as erry
sakamopPici: It doen't have driver versions, etc.12:58
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: what are you using for the graphics driver?12:58
eeee_(go to dash > drivers)12:59
glcheethamguy on the ubuntu forums told me that my apt-get update is trying to connect to the wrong ip address to get to the mirror. I think it's got something to do with the fact that I tried setting a proxy. How do I fix this?13:00
cfhowlettglcheetham, find your proxy tutorial and reverse it13:01
ubottuSeveral Ubuntu channels prohibit access from open proxies and other anonymous connections due to a high level of abuse. The supported ways to hide your IP address on freenode are to use !Tor or get a !cloak13:01
Picihrm.. thats less than helpful.13:01
mjaykglcheetham: are you currently using a proxy / how did you set he proxy up13:01
cfhowlettglcheetham, sorry that's not it13:01
glcheethamI set the proxy through the gui, network > proxy settings, and it is not currently in use13:01
sakamopBTW Intel Celerons aren't legacy, they are still in production. They are entry level chips though.13:02
mjaykglcheetham: if its not currently in use then it shouldn't be a problem, can you link to your forum post?13:02
Alexanderrockz_i got hundreds of 404 not found when i ran the sudo command13:02
glcheethamHere ya go http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223832713:02
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: is this an old system you haven't used in a long time?13:02
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, sudo apt-get update13:02
linuxhello all13:03
linuxI've an issue make and make install "wordfield"13:03
linuxreference to `gzopen'13:04
=== linux is now known as linux1622
Alexanderrockz_it still errors me13:06
linux1622about installing wordfield?13:06
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, what does        cat /etc/issue              show you13:06
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: which ubuntu release is this?13:06
linux1622let me check13:06
mjaykglcheetham: im confused that IP address that you are trying to connect to looks like a digitalocean server in singapore13:06
Alexanderrockz_1 at a time lol13:06
linux1622only this ... Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:06
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, cat /etc/issue13:06
Alexanderrockz_btw 12.1013:07
eeee_it's the same question, do as cfhowlett suggested13:07
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, there it is.  12.10 is no longer supported so ... no updates13:07
mjaykglcheetham: if you go to archive.ubuntu.com in your browser  does that work ?13:07
cfhowlettAlexanderrockz_, 12.04 is supported fro about 2 more years.  14.04 for 5 years.  install one or the other13:07
eeee_Alexanderrockz_: do you intend to upgrade?13:08
glcheethamArchive.ubuntu.com works in browser, I can connect to the internet otherwise fine, and the proxy is not longer in use or needs to be in use13:08
Alexanderrockz_i guess13:08
glcheethamAnd a digitalocean server in singapore... lol :-)13:08
mjaykglcheetham: have you messed with your dns settings?13:08
cfhowlett!patience | linux1622,13:08
ubottulinux1622,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:08
eeee_k, updating the graphics drivers might fix the lag13:09
djo_imali bg tuka13:09
eeee_( Alexanderrockz_  )13:09
cfhowlettdjo_, ???? English?13:09
linux1622ok thank you13:09
djo_i have a question13:09
cfhowlettdjo_, ask your ubuntu question13:09
djo_how to activate my AGP13:10
glcheethamJust to let everyone know, I have fixed my problem. Very much thank you for hinting about DNS mjayk13:10
cfhowlettdjo_, AGP????13:10
ubottumjayk,: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!13:10
djo_i thinck this is my video cart13:10
gulzarUbuntu 14.04 is stuch at "will now halt" at every shutdown. Though it reboots properly13:11
djo_some on?13:12
cfhowlett!details | djo_,13:12
ubottudjo_,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:12
mjaykgulzar: you are shuting down via terminal ?13:13
gulzarmjayk: tried GUI and terminal both13:13
djo_no idea13:13
eeee_djo_: are you trying to use a program with the graphics card?13:13
djo_when i try to play something13:13
gulzarmjayk: anyting to do with nvidia?13:13
dwayneI have an Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS installation that never fully shuts down as well13:13
mjaykgulzar: sounds like when you do it via terminal you dont specify a time but if same happens in gui i dont know sorry13:14
dwayneI've tried using the UI and even "sync; sync; init 0"13:14
andlabsHi. Is there a PPA that comes with xutils-dev 1.8? The current version, 1.7, won't work for some things I am trying to build .Thanks.13:14
gulzarmjayk: I use "sudo shutdown -h now"13:14
mjaykgulzar: sorry matey that was my initial thought13:14
gulzarmjayk: Thank You13:15
Alexanderrockz_i gotta go13:16
mjaykgulzar: there is the same problem on askubuntu, seams like falling back to opensource nvidia drivers fixed it13:16
mjaykgulzar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/125844/shutdown-does-not-power-off-computer13:16
bahamasanyone have any idea what's wrong with this upstart script http://bpaste.net/show/9YVf9uXqB2uSixwukAFO/? each line is not recognized13:17
SP33Dhow can i end a crashed programm starter13:17
eeee_SP33D: click on the "x" then Force quit13:17
SP33Di expirence strange things with wine in ubntu utopic but don't can end the wine programm starter graphicaly13:17
ubottuSP33D,: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136313:18
SP33Dthere is no window or process any more13:18
SP33Di am dev but i don't know all :(13:18
mjaykSP33D: tried wineserver -k ?13:18
cfhowlettSP33D, utopic not supported in this channel13:19
SP33Dwine server -k makes nothing and ps aux don't shows wine anymore13:19
noir_bahamas: what?13:19
cfhowlettSP33D, #ubuntu+113:19
eeee_SP33D: try pkill wine13:19
slashdot 13:20
=== slashdot is now known as s12
eeee_ 13:20
eeee_was curious13:20
bahamasnoir_: the upstart script I pasted above is not working. I get 'description: not found; respawn: not found'13:21
noir_bahamas: can you paste it again? I missed it13:21
noir_bahamas: uhm, can't help you sorry... Maybe you are running it with the wrong interpreter? Sometimes it happens to run with bash instead of sh for example and everything goes wrong.13:23
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
noir_By the way, why some websites with chromium have horrible font rendering? For example facebook is barely readable.. What should I do?13:24
cfhowlettnoir_, use firefox?13:24
glcheethamyeah noir_, chromium isn't really meant to be stable and bug-free anyway13:26
noir_cfhowlett: with iceweasel it seems to go better, but it seems a little slower as browser13:26
cfhowlett!browser | noir_, choose your poison13:26
ubottunoir_, choose your poison: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.13:26
andlabsasking again, because this time I have the version numbers right :S13:27
andlabsHi. I need xutils-dev 1.18 to build some software with jhbuild, but Trusty only comes with 1.17. Is there some PPA I can use to upgrade? So far searching has led nowhere. Thanks.13:27
SP33Dthis are only libs @ andlabs13:28
compdocandlabs, there might be, but sometimes you need to compile your own13:28
SP33Dsimply download new version and put it where the old was13:28
SP33Dno changes needed13:28
noir_By the way firefox font rendering sucks too with certains websites, like facebook and github, so maybe he's trying to use some font that has bad rendering, but i don't know how to check it and solve13:30
SP33Din ubuntu trusty how do you restart the starter bar13:31
SP33Din unity13:31
andlabsSP33D: that sounds bad, though it's just complaining about some m4 macros13:31
andlabscompdoc: hm...13:31
andlabsnope, even the m4 macros have to be autotol'd13:35
andlabsoh wait the packag ejust includes the macros13:37
sakamopCould also be new to linux desktop and not used to the font rendering. it's different on windows or mac.13:37
sakamopDifferent between distros too. Isn't the ubuntu font renderer not free?13:37
andlabsnothing seems to be breaking so far, thanks13:38
YokoBRguys, is it normal for an acer aspire one to be between 34 C - 46 C ?13:38
sakamopI cant comment on that specific model, but it's within tolerance for the chips. It's probbaly summer too where you are, so that will result in the machine running hotter.13:40
hey_joei just did "apt-get install sysinfo" stupidly on my server machine... i think it installed all sorts of X libs etc..13:41
hey_joewhats the best way to remove it, and everything it installed just now13:41
hey_joeaside from apt-get remove sysinfo - i don't believe that will grab all the depencies it just threw up on my system13:41
=== qwerty is now known as Guest77072
Guest77072hello all13:42
Guest77072is this LXLE13:43
sakamopWhat is LXLE? I know LXDE and can't think what keyboaed layout causes that to be typo.13:45
brontosaurusrexsakamop, lxle.net < they have a page13:46
andlabsright, neve rmind; thanks anyway13:47
nutzzhow can I list all the directories that I was in?13:49
s12ls -a to show hidden13:49
nutzzI mean, if I do ca dir1; cd dir2; cd dir3. Is there any command that will list dir1, dir2 and dir3?13:50
bcverynutzz, pwd13:50
nutzzI mean, a history of all the directories that I worked on since the computer is on13:51
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mjsey89Hi all13:55
mjsey89What is the best way to access a network drive on a windows domain13:56
bcvery!samba | mjsey8913:58
ubottumjsey89: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html13:58
chrisgeorgeWhen using dir_colors in ubuntu, for some reason the default for any directory with the permissions drwxrwxrwx, is a green background and blue foreground. I can't seem to find the correct dir_colors entry to change this. Any ideas?13:59
=== xyNNN|off is now known as xyNNN
mjsey89asks me for a username and password though14:01
s12are you using samba?14:01
=== cdmsn is now known as cdmsn|awy
=== cdmsn|awy is now known as cdmsn
|Frodo|hello! I've installed Kubuntu (12.04 LTS) on my eeepc netbook with atom processor. the hardwaree clock works fine, but when running Kubuntu for a while (in idle), the software cloack "looses" time, up to severeal minutes per hour. why is that happaning?  __  I can run a (selfmade9 script via cron to adjust the software clock every 10 minutes via NTP or hardware clock, but is there a better way?14:02
bobptz12.04 refuses to boot with error:  "Could not write bytes: broken pipes”.  I checked the disks, they are ok.  Here is the dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7964696/.  Can somebody experienced help me please?14:05
mjsey89s12, yes  I am14:06
s12And i assume it's your windows drive your trying to access?14:08
=== No_one_a1_all is now known as No_one_at_all
bobptz12.04 refuses to boot with error:  "Could not write bytes: broken pipes”.  I checked the disks, they are ok.  Here is the dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7964696/.  Can somebody experienced help me please?14:10
s12@bobptz http://askubuntu.com/questions/355515/could-not-write-bytes-broken-pipe-12-0414:13
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sgo11hi, how to check which font I am currently using in a terminal? I got some font problems. thanks.14:15
noir_sgo11: what kind of terminal are you using?14:15
sgo11noir_, lxterminal14:16
noir_sgo11: hasn't it a config file somewhere?14:16
kotsarHi guys! I'm facing very interesting issue in ubuntu 14.04 (unity). I have laptop with where headphones out and microphone in are merged in one. When I switch on my laptop my laptop speakers are working great, but headphones are not working. In unity sound settings it's indicated Speakers and S/PDIF. But after I reboot my laptop, the SPDIF device disappears, only speakers are left, and I can connect my headphones and they are working properl14:17
kotsary. So every time I need to use my headphones, I need to switch on my laptop and then reboot it. Anybody can help?14:17
sgo11noir_, GUI shows it chooses "monospace".14:17
sgo11noir_, Monospace is like a group. I am wondering which font I am currently using.14:17
=== Tux is now known as Wither
noir_sgo11: can you provide a screen? maybe it's a common font :P14:18
sgo11noir_, that is not what I want. I want to use some command line tool to check which font I am currently using. my fonts are overlapping with each other. very weird. I have setup the same in other PCs, other PCs have no problem.14:20
sgo11This is very weird. If I setup the font to be Dejavu Mono in lxterminal, it works very well. If I setup the font to be Monospace, it doesn't work. BUT I configured /etc/fonts/local.conf, it uses Dejavu Mono in Monospace family. This config file always works in other PCs. what's wrong here?14:25
s12What are you trying to achieve?14:26
sgo11does it mean my local.conf is not working? why is not working? I am using the same file in another PC which works fine. they have the same md5sum.14:27
sgo11s12, Use DejaVu Sans Mono as Monospace font. I did configure this in local.conf.14:27
sgo11This is the first time I met such issue. weird.14:28
Zenncan someone here update the softwares in ubuntu software center ?14:28
Zennalmost half of it is outdated14:28
s12When did you run a Apt update last?14:29
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:30
sikor_sxehi there, where does ubuntu store the domain name?14:30
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:30
Chaos_ZeroI like gedit alot but I find so far it is very unstable, usually freezing forever when I try to open or save files. Is there a way to get a more stable version, possibly older?14:31
ZennOerHeks, the eclipse ide is outdated14:31
Zennand there isnt any skype14:31
sgo11what can cause /etc/fonts/local.conf not working? thanks.14:32
cfhowlettChaos_Zero, before you try older, try different: vim  is supposed to be quite usable14:32
cfhowlettZenn, false.  skype is in the repos.14:32
OerHeksZenn, skype is in the partner 3th party repo14:32
Zenn3th party repo what ?14:33
noir_man xchm14:33
cfhowlett!repos | Zenn14:33
ubottuZenn: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.14:33
Zenncfhowlett, what about the eclipse ide?14:34
cfhowlettZenn, never used it.  heard good things about it.  YMMV14:35
Zennit is outdated14:35
manue475it is only a test, does somebody can read me?14:35
kostkonmanue475, no14:36
Zennmanue475, yes14:36
cfhowlett!test | manue475,14:36
ubottumanue475,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )14:36
cfhowlettZenn, there are about 20 editors available .. pretty sure ONE will meet your needs.  install and test14:36
manue475thanks kostkon, it is allways good to have people who read the mind.14:36
Zennwell I already installed eclipse14:36
Zennthought would come in here and let you guys know it is outdated14:37
Zennhttps://www.eclipse.org/ -> 4.414:37
Zennubuntu software 3.814:37
cfhowlettZenn, thanks.    moving on now ...14:37
brontosaurusrexZenn, i'am shocked14:37
manue475I like to join to asterisk channell but I get a message that says I should be a member.14:37
Bundestrojanergood evening14:38
cfhowlettmanue475, nothing to do with ubuntu ...14:38
bobptzs12, the problem started after I updated 12.04 for newer hardware, through the update manager14:38
kostkon!register | manue47514:38
ubottumanue475: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:38
Bundestrojanerhow can i check where apt-get installed a program to?14:38
pressure679My irc programs doesn't work, anyone knows what's wrong?14:38
cfhowlettpressure679e , can you see this message?14:38
manue475thanks for information14:39
pressure679cfhowlett: Yes, although this is Firefox14:39
cfhowlettpressure679, so ... IRC works for you!14:39
bobptzs12, then I went to ubuntu tweak and used the JANITOR to wipe older stuff.  After that the laptop never booted again.  So I should reverse all this?  And what will happen if I hit update again?14:39
Zennyou should be bronto14:39
Zennneed cpr?14:39
pressure679cfhowlett: Well, sort of14:40
=== manue475 is now known as Manu8
johnjohnthedonhello guys14:40
cfhowlett!details | pressure679, don't cookie crumb the clues.  details14:40
ubottupressure679, don't cookie crumb the clues.  details: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)14:40
johnjohnthedoni have a file thats in multiple directories i want to remove them with one command can someone let me know what command to use please?14:41
x9hello, running xubuntu 14.04 and for some reason, randomly, my wireless card shuts off or something? Wi-Fi connections drop and it faults to Ethernet (and all connected file transfers fail because nothing is connected to ethernet)14:41
cfhowlettbobptz, don't use janitor.  learn how to manually clean your system.  it's really not that complicated14:41
pressure679There's much more to it, it's with emacs' IRC client & xchat gtk & gnome versions, just stopped working this morning14:41
x9I've had it go a day of full use without fail, but then it will fail randomly14:42
x9are there any power saving features in Ubuntu I can tweak? (even though the laptop is connected to mains power)14:42
pressure679It's on ubuntu 12.04 btw14:42
hualet_deepinjohnjohnthedon: find . -name "you-file-name" | xargs rm14:42
s12@bobptz sorry i've never toyed with janitor im not sure how it does things. Try reversing it if it gives you that option14:42
bobptzcfhowlett, what can I say, I trusted it.  Anyway, my priorityis to fix the system now14:42
=== ePirat is now known as Guest6322
johnjohnthedonthanks hualet14:43
bobptzs12, even if it allowed reversing, I cannot start ubuntu, just CLI14:43
cfhowlettbobptz, what is the output of terminal command:    cat /etc/issue14:43
bobptzcfhowlett, I have copied the entire /var/log directory and I can view it (from windows).  If you want me to see the /etc/issue, I need to reboot (exit from windows)14:44
=== user___ is now known as Fricetix
bobptzcfhowlett would it help if you looked at the dmesg file?  I have this one14:45
cfhowlettbobptz, no don't reboot!14:45
bobptzcfhowlett, ok....14:45
kostkonbobptz, also the /var/log/dpkg.log14:45
bobptzok, this is easy, please wait14:45
cfhowlettbobptz, I was after knowing your current version ... anyway, did you sudo apt-get dist-upgrade            to get the latest distro packages...14:46
x9are there any power saving features for wi-fi cards?14:46
Bundestrojanerhow can i look up where apt-get installed a program to?14:46
x9namely one that shuts off the card after so long?14:46
bobptzcfhowlett, no14:47
TeraJLcan someone test this bug on your PC (it only takes a second), and report it? it has been bugging me since 12.04 with no fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-control-center/+bug/134943614:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1349436 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) ""Move window to workspace #" shortcut is not working" [Undecided,New]14:47
=== manue307 is now known as manu8
hualet_deepinBundestrojaner: dpkg -L package-name14:47
Bundestrojanerhualet_deepin: thx :)14:47
x9TeraJL: sorry, unless it affects Xubuntu as well14:47
cfhowlettbobptz, may I suggest:   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade         don't be shocked if it pulls down a whole bunch of goodies14:47
kostkonTeraJL, have i seen you here before? :P14:47
TeraJLx9: i think it's a unity problem :/14:48
bobptzcfhowlett, ok guys, do you want to see any of the logs before I reboot?14:48
TeraJLkostkon: probably14:48
bobptzcfhowlett, or you want me to run the dist-upgrade?14:48
cfhowlettbobptz, YES run dist-upgrade      to make sure you've go the latest ... might fix your issue14:48
bobptzcfhowlett, ok, I will try this.  let me go then14:49
kotsarHi guys! I'm facing very interesting issue in ubuntu 14.04 (unity). I have laptop with where headphones out and microphone in are merged in one. When I switch on my laptop my laptop speakers are working great, but headphones are not working. In unity sound settings it's indicated Speakers and S/PDIF. But after I reboot my laptop, the SPDIF device disappears, only speakers are left, and I can connect my headphones and they are working properl14:49
kotsar y. So every time I need to use my headphones, I need to switch on my laptop and then reboot it. Anybody can help?14:49
bobptzcfhowlett, I can connect to internet through wire, but the CLI mode will establish a connection with the net?14:50
cfhowlettbobptz, if you're connected at all, using CLI will not change that.14:51
bobptzcfhowlett, well, when I booted with liveCD, it could not connect to the net14:51
cfhowlettbobptz, that's different ... live cd hasn't been optimized and configured after installation to  your system14:52
bobptzcfhowlett, so if I go to recovery mode and the to CLI, I will have connection?14:52
cfhowlettbobptz, don't recover.  boot as regular.  start a terminal and upgrade14:53
bobptzcfhowlett, my system showes the error and the hangs.  It does not go to GUI14:56
cfhowlettbobptz, OK, now try recovery14:56
bobptzcfhowlett, I can only go to recovery mode. So should I procceed?14:56
cfhowlettbobptz, sorry, but I gotta work tomorrow.  gtg14:56
bobptzcfhowlett, ok, I will try anyway14:57
manu8hello again.15:02
manu8does somebody know something about asterisk?15:02
sikor_sxewhat could be wrong if hostname -d is not consistent?15:04
ZennI cant find skype in the software centre15:06
manu8ok, good day for everybody15:06
x9Zenn: download it from http://skype.com15:07
x9is there any automatic power saving software in Ubuntu to shut off wireless cards?15:08
mjrbordoHello everybody :D15:10
mjrbordoanybody have any idea why grub dont recognize ubuntu after instalation ?15:10
mjrbordoim talking about 14.0415:10
x9mjrbordo: upgrade, fresh install from disk, or wubi?15:11
mjrbordofrom usb15:11
mjrbordofirst 2 times i tryed on empty ssd disk15:12
jhutchinsmjrbordo: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?15:12
mjrbordonow i trying to install with windows 8.1 but its same15:12
mjrbordoi just install with swap partition15:12
x9computer came with/had installed Windows 8.1 or are you installing that alongside Ubuntu?15:12
mjrbordoafter instalation i saw the window with " To use ubuntu need to reboot computer now or still try ubuntu" - smth like this and after rebooting there is no option in grub to chose ubuntu. Only options "Try ubuntu, install ubuntu... ect.15:14
x9remove the USB stick and reboot again15:14
TJ-mjrbordo: You've left the boot media in, and it is starting instead of the hard disk because it is ahead of the hard disk in the firmware's boot menu order15:14
x9mjrbordo: remove your install stick and reboot the computer. should work properly then.15:15
mjrbordoi tried without sb stick and was same15:15
mjrbordonow i have 8.1 and its just start windows  instead grub to chose OS15:17
Scriptonautanyone here know how to get heroku on ubuntu 12.04 with apt-get15:17
Eldunarhello do u know when wayland will come?15:18
x9!boot-repair | mjrbordo15:18
Peter_Hi, I'm using 12.04LTS and would like use perf for performance measurement. I need to find a package that contains an uncompressed vmlinux and I think it would be linux-image-3.2.0-67-generic-dbgsym but no -dbgsym package seems to be available for my kernel version. I would downgrade but I cannot, is there any way I can generate that package myself?15:18
mjrbordoin grub or ubuntu  terminal ?15:19
TJ-Peter_: use "/usr/src/linux-headers-`uname -r`/scripts/extract-vmlinux"15:20
yogeshpI am trying to install 14.04 on g505s and unable to boot the system. Live CD is boots up well. Nothing happens after loading Initrd (in failsafe). There is a win7 already installed and it uses BIOS. How would I debug the issue further?15:21
phunyguyyogeshp: have you checked that the livecd is error-free?15:22
yogeshpPhoenixSTF: Livecd was working well15:22
phunyguythat's not what I asked15:23
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:23
yogeshpphunyguy: ooh! did not.15:23
phunyguyI would say that is a first step... if that shows that there are no errors, then there is something else going on.15:24
c2h6oHey guys... I"m unable to install the citrix receiver on ubuntu 14.0415:24
c2h6oia32-libs dependency is not met15:24
phunyguyc2h6o: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CitrixICAClientHowTo15:25
OerHeksc2h6o, no need for ia32 package, just add :i38615:25
phunyguydid you follow that?15:25
c2h6oit says cannot install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0:i38615:28
yogeshpphunyguy: dccff28314d9ae4ed262cfc6f35e5153  ubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso it matches what site has said15:29
x9so in xubuntu, is there a way to make smooth transitions on desktop backgrounds, like with compiz or something?15:30
c2h6odpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of icaclient:15:31
c2h6o icaclient depends on libxerces-c3.1.15:31
c2h6o icaclient depends on libcurl3 (>= 7.19.1).15:31
c2h6o icaclient depends on libwebkit-1.0-2 | libwebkitgtk-1.0-0.15:31
c2h6oand that's where it stops15:31
c2h6olibwebkitgtk dependency is not met, even though it says I have the latest version15:32
s12is it dependant on a specific package?15:32
c2h6os12, it is dependent on libwebkitgtk-1.0-015:38
c2h6os12, not sure what the question is15:38
Peter_TJ: thanlks!15:39
=== MrPocketz is now known as MrPockets
=== om26er is now known as om26er|brb
emxi try to use a self signed certificate on odroid ubuntu. what i get is this: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long15:40
trijntjeI want to install ubuntu encrypted with separate home and root partitions. How can I do this? I used the graphical installer to create two 'physical volumes for encryption', but now I have to give my password twice every time I boot15:41
trijntje(once for /, and once for /home)15:42
xrosnighti upgraded the chromium browser to version 34 but the browser warns me that flash plugin is not installed while firefox works well. why is that? how to fix?  Thanks!15:42
trijntjexrosnight, pepperflashplugin-nonfree15:42
xrosnighttrijntje: apt-get install $that_one?15:42
trijntjexrosnight, yes15:42
zubuntui cannot boot to ubuntu15:43
zubunturunnian dual boot15:43
c2h6oTJ-, your wizard skills are required15:43
s12@c2h6o have you tried installing an older package which is being requested?15:43
xrosnighttrijntje: it warns " E: Unable to locate package pepperflashplugin-nonfree"15:43
=== TheSojourner is now known as mjulian
TJ-c2h6o: my wizzard skills are failing right now :(15:43
trijntjexrosnight, thats weird, I have it here (pepperflashplugin-nonfree). Which version of ubuntu are you running?15:44
xrosnightlinuxmint 13 trijntje15:44
xrosnightbased on ubuntu 12.0415:44
zubuntui dont know what happened15:45
zubuntuone day i closed my pc15:45
zubuntuand then i couldnt boot to ubuntu anymore15:45
zubuntuit is giving black screen15:45
zubuntulooks like command line but it doesnt type15:45
OerHeks!mint | xrosnight maybe mint has no pepperflash-plugin15:46
ubottuxrosnight maybe mint has no pepperflash-plugin: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org15:46
x9yes mjrbordo?15:46
trijntjeI want to install ubuntu encrypted with separate home and root partitions. How can I do this? I used the graphical installer to create two 'physical volumes for encryption', but now I have to give my password twice every time I boot15:47
xlmnxpi need terminal color code :D15:47
xlmnxpURL :D15:47
s12trijntje your unlocking two encryptions, would be pointless without a password for each15:48
trijntjes12, what do you mean pointless, since the passwords are the same I only want to give it once15:49
Dr_DanQ:  i have a older ASUS netbook. Its has just Intel Atom N550 at 1.6ghz.  Its only 2 cores.   Would U14 run on this?  Or should use Lubuntu/Xubuntu15:49
eeeetrijntje: if somebody guessed it then it's probably over, it defeats the point15:50
s12trijntje, from what i understand your unencrypting your root folder first then your home folder second if theres no password theres no need to encrypt it15:50
Dr_DanOh.  Its got 2GB ram15:50
trijntjes12, who is talking about no password? I want it to use the same password to decrypt both home and root15:51
s12@Dr_Dan https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements15:51
trijntjeeeee, guessed what, guessing has nothing to do with my question15:51
eeeesorry, no idea i thought you were encrypting twice15:52
sgo11hi, I installed ibus input method. now, at every login, the default input method is set to ibus. how can I change the default input method to be English? thanks.15:52
trijntjeeeee, no, i have a / partition and a /home partition, both encrypted15:52
Dr_DanS12,  thank you.  Do you have a personal opinion?  It may install,   but would it be slow?15:52
s12@Dr_Dan Personally i'd try the LiveBoot from a USB or look at other lightweight flavours of linux15:53
s12@trijntje you have two encryptions therefore you need two passwords15:54
TJ-trijntje: The solution is to add a key-file to the /home/ encrypted-volume, store it in the root-filesystem encrypted volume, and add an entry in "/etc/crypttab" so that cryptsetup can unlock the /home/ encrypted volume automatically15:54
=== go is now known as Guest1627
molgrumcan anyone link me to file a bug for blender-ogrexml-1.9? i can't access the bug section for it15:55
trijntjemolgrum, ubuntu-bug blender in a terminal15:55
molgrumhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/i386/blender-ogrexml-1.9 clicking bugs there takes me to trusty general15:55
molgrumtrijntje: i'll try that thanks15:55
trijntjeTJ-, cool, thanks a lot, I'll give that a try15:56
TJ-trijntje: alternatively, store the key-file on an external USB device and have that plugged in at boot-time, and set "/etc/crypttab" to use a key-file and custom script that knows how to mount and read the USB device15:56
trijntjeTJ-, I'll probably stick with the first options, since I've lost quite a lot of usb drives over the years ;)15:56
trijntjethanks again, I'm off15:57
TJ-trijntje: "dpkg -L cryptsetup" will show you some examples including default scripts that come with the cryptsetup package15:57
molgrumi wonder if trinjtje meant "ubuntu-bug blender-ogrexml-1.9"15:57
TJ-trijntje is going to lose his data ... he didn't wait to be told about the importance of an offline back-up of the LUKS headers for the encrypted devices!15:57
NTQHi there. I am using Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 x64 with nemo as the default file manager. But the current version is only 2.2.3. So I thought I could use this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~gwendal-lebihan-dev/+archive/ubuntu/cinnamon-nightly . But if I try to dist-upgrade, it wants to install much more than only the new version of nemo. Could this be dangerous for my gnome?15:58
=== xyNNN is now known as xyNNN|off
Ca11umI have installed the latest Ubuntu Desktop and installed the latest (non-beta) driver for my ATI RADEON graphics card. In the past I've been able to correct the overscan settings in the Catalyst Control Center, but now the settings seem to be cut down.16:04
Ca11umDoes anybody know where I can change the overscan for my display?16:04
samthewildoneWhy does my computer reboot randomly ?16:05
samthewildoneIt happens only at night when I play Google Music...16:05
=== graingert is now known as Guest32333
samthewildoneThis never happened when I had windows installed. So it has to be something ubuntu 14.04.1 is doing...16:05
TJ-samthewildone: It's telling you to get to bed :)16:06
samthewildoneTJ-, I'm already in bed... I play music on my computer when I sleep.16:06
samthewildoneits one of my habits, been doing it for years.16:06
TJ-samthewildone: sounds like the PC is joining you :)16:06
samthewildoneTJ-, so your telling me that my PC is self-aware ?16:07
xanguasamthewildone: do you put your computer in the bed and let it overheat¿16:07
=== darkness is now known as Guest54417
samthewildonemy computer is a desktop and no... I did not have any sexual relations with my computer.16:07
TJ-samthewildone: I'm damn sure mine is... if I threaten it with being thrown out the window again, it behaves itself!16:07
samthewildoneFor real people, isn't there a changelog I can see ?16:08
TJ-samthewildone: Is the shutdown controlled or instant, as if power was turned off, and does it reboot or just go to power-off state?16:09
TJ-samthewildone: if slightly controlled there may be some clues in one of more of the system log files16:09
OerHekshow 'randomly'? after one hour?16:10
samthewildoneWell when I wake up from my slumber, I log in and when I start Chrome it say's "chrome wasn't shutdown properly, restore to last page?"16:11
samthewildoneAlso when I log in my splash screen for compiz loads up, signifying that the computer has rebooted.16:11
xanguasounds like suspend16:12
samthewildoneAlso I don't know the exact time the computer reboots but, I know when I wake up the music is no longer playing.16:12
TJ-samthewildone: first stop, "/var/log/" and look for clues, especially in syslog and kern.log and their saved backups16:12
marianne_samthewildone: could also be a brown out or power spike causing the reboots without warning16:13
=== Germanaz0 is now known as Germanaz0|0FF
samthewildoneTJ-, http://pastebin.com/a8q9V2Fg16:15
samthewildoneDon't know what I'm looking for but, figures that the computer reseted around 5:3016:15
=== chiluk` is now known as chiluk
samthewildoneSomething just crashed....16:17
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samthewildoneyou know what I think it's this compiz thing16:17
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samthewildonejezz people still do this ?16:18
MohammadAGsamthewildone you're not cool enough to understand16:19
PiciSorry unregistered folks, you'll be unable to speak until we work this out.16:19
MohammadAGbut yeah, #ubuntu-unregged seems worse16:19
samthewildoneI'll come back16:20
sgen_Hello, my sound wont work since I apt-get upgraded yesterday. How can I fix this16:21
=== om26er|brb is now known as om26er
s12 16:25
NTQHi there. I am using Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 x64 with nemo as the default file manager. But the current version is only 2.2.3. So I thought I could use this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~gwendal-lebihan-dev/+archive/ubuntu/cinnamon-nightly . But if I try to dist-upgrade, it wants to install much more than only the new version of nemo. Could this be dangerous for my gnome?16:27
=== kimphill is now known as Guest44051
d4rks1d3rhi guys, can you point me to a good tutorial on how to build a new kernel on Ubuntu 14.04?16:27
OerHeksNTQ, that ppa will update your whole cinamon, can't tell if that hurts, as it is not our repo16:28
mjrbordo1Hi there. When ubuntu is starting i get this error "Kernel panic - not syncing: No working init found! Try passing init= option to kernel. See.....16:29
NTQOerHeks: I have not installed cinnamon. So maybe I got a fresh installation of cinnamon? That should not be a problem. I have not to use it. ;)16:29
mjrbordo11 line before is " Starting init:/bin/sh exitst but couldn't execute it (error -8)16:30
OerHeksNTQ, i think so, that ppa installs the whole desktop.16:31
mjrbordo1anybody know somthing about init probs16:32
mjrbordo1or about kernel panic ?16:32
phunyguymjrbordo1: did you mess with anything or did it just stop working?16:32
anon_031Does anyone know why my AMD gpu is hot after installing 14.04?16:32
phunyguymjrbordo1: please answer in the channel so other folks can benefit16:33
mih1406Hi, does the amazing Spring framework provides role-based permissions for users?16:34
mjrbordo1i installed on clear SSD16:34
mih1406Oops, my mistake :)16:34
phunyguymjrbordo1: did you check your install media for errors?16:35
mjrbordo1then it happend after rebooting16:35
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:35
mjrbordo1how i can do it ?16:35
phunyguyI just showed you16:35
mjrbordo1from live ubuntu ?16:35
phunyguymjrbordo1: it is good practice to check BEFORE you wipe your OS and try to install  :)16:36
phunyguybut you may be able to get to a boot menu on the livecd and I recall there being an option there to check the install media for defects16:36
mjrbordo1but i need to use "!md5" where? im in live usb ?16:37
phunyguytry what I just said.16:37
mjrbordo1in terminal ?16:37
OerHeksmjrbordo1, open terminal ( ctrl alt T )16:37
phunyguyboot to the livecd, and press a key before it starts to load to get to the ubuntu livecd boot menu16:37
phunyguyalso, how are you chatting16:37
phunyguyfrom livecd?16:37
mjrbordo1from win 8116:38
phunyguywell you should be able to to it from windows too16:38
phunyguy(see second link on !md5)16:38
lorddhi guys, I've been looking back and forth but no luck today..16:38
mjrbordo1so i need to plug in USB stick and use !md5 command from windows console?16:38
phunyguyhow did you write USB stick?16:39
mjrbordo1with the program16:39
mjrbordo1i forgot who was16:39
mjrbordo1thats right16:39
mjrbordo1second one16:39
mjrbordo1im mean ubetbot...16:40
phunyguyI woudl recommend you download the ISO, and write that to USB....16:40
phunyguydownload iso, check for defects, then write to USB16:40
user123321What is the setting I need to set in interfaces file to enable networking between my VM's without a router?16:40
mjrbordo1i got CD like this and its not running at all16:40
phunyguymjrbordo1: you have a CD burned?16:41
mjrbordo1but iso16:41
phunyguymjrbordo1: do you still have the ISO?16:41
phunyguy....so click that link, and check the ISO for defects.16:41
mjrbordo1which one link ?16:42
phunyguyTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:42
emxwhen i access a local host through https:// i get a log entry in other_vhosts_Access.log (which seems to be created vor hosts listening on 80, not 443). why?16:42
sauraedronhi, how do i make unity not respond to some of my keys ..  my other application use keys (ctl+shift+u key)16:43
phunyguysauraedron: open the Unity Dash and type "keyboard"16:43
phunyguysee options in there16:44
sauraedron@phunyguy - then what ?16:45
anon_031How can i stop my AMD graphics card from running constantly at 70C after installing 14.04? I've tried both opensource and proprietary drivers but doesn't seem to make any difference :(16:45
phunyguysauraedron: I think you can handle it from here.16:45
mitch-_i have ubuntu 14.04 for my laptop. I'm currently traveling to a different timezone. can i have my clock change automatically to the correct time based on the location i'm currently in? (I'm in EST instead of CST)16:45
phunyguyanon_031: unfortunately I don't think you are going to get an aswer for that from Ubuntu... I would say get a hold of the vendor of your card for some support,.16:46
anon_031phunyguy: damn, that's a shame - i've installed arch/debian and ubuntu on this machine before and didn't have this problem16:46
phunyguyI understand.... but that's ATI/NVIDIA for you.16:47
anon_031yeah :( isn't there some way in 3.11+ to use advanced power management tools for gpus?16:47
phunyguythe vendor probably knows :)16:47
phunyguyaside from that, I have no idea16:47
phunyguysauraedron: I answered you....16:52
s12change the shortcuts to something else16:52
s12something that wont affect what you need16:53
phunyguyI told you where to find the shortcuts.... change them.16:53
phunyguyor delete.16:53
s12^ or that16:53
sauraedron@phunguy - stupid of me..16:54
sauraedronthanks :)16:54
phunyguyalso, you don't need the @.  This isn't twitter  ;)16:54
sauraedrontschh .. :D16:54
jpedroza2kGood morning. I just installed Pulseaudio 5 from the ppa in an attempt to stop my bluetooth headset from stuttering while listening to music. Now I can pair the headset, but it doesn't show up in sound settings. I have reset the bluetooth adapter, re-paired the headset, but all to no avail. Still no sound from headset. Is there a way to revert back to version 4 of pulseaudio, or is there a better way to fix this issue?16:55
sauraedronphunyguy, one more some shorcuts dont work (app based) like ctrl+shift+u in qtcreator16:55
sauraedronis it something i need to configure ?16:55
phunyguysauraedron: there is probably some app-specific config, yes16:55
phunyguythat I can't help with.16:55
sauraedronohk , thanks a lot :)16:56
notmoosehello all, my laptop goes into suspend mode after ~5min of doing nothing, even when its plugged in, while im watching a move16:58
Beldarjpedroza2k, Try looking in the terminal by running alsamixer16:58
notmoosehow can i disable the suspend mode?16:58
notmooseive already set the power management to Don't suspend, yet its still going in suspend mode after 5min16:58
jpedroza2kBeldar: I see Headphone 1 and Headphone, but only one can be controled (Headphone) which appears to be the hard wired headphone jack.16:59
Beldarjpedroza2k, Not really an issue I can help with other than the mixer.17:00
Beldarjpedroza2k, YOu can do a ppa-purge to get back to the ubuntu repos that the PPA changed.17:01
Beldar!ppa-purge | jpedroza2k17:01
ubottujpedroza2k: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:01
notmooseguys please does anyone know how to disable suspend/sleep mode?17:01
jpedroza2knotmoose: System Settings->Power17:02
ilivany rsyslog users around?17:02
ilivwhen using imfile, is there a way to avoid writing to default /var/log/syslog and directly send messages to centralised log server?17:03
ilivso, what I'd like to do is on the client monitor a file with imfile, NOT write anything to syslog files on the client, and push that file's lines to a remote log server instead17:03
notmoosejpedroza2k: ive already tried that one, it still goes to suspend mode after 5min of not doing anything17:03
jpedroza2knotmoose: Not sure then. Did you make the change to both on battery and plugged in?17:04
notmooseyes i did17:04
notmoosethe screen is plugged in to my tv though from my laptop, not sure if that matters17:05
jpedroza2knotmoose: Then I sadly must give you support answer #112: It works for me.17:05
notmooseit mainly happends when im watching something with flash in fullscreen17:05
notmooseah shit17:05
notmoosenot the answer i was looking for :)17:06
kooksteranyone know how i can close a ssh session based off the IP address that its connected to with?17:06
kooksterim using "netstat -tnpa | grep ESTABLISHED.*sshd" to get all the connected SSH sessions17:07
phunyguynotmoose: please watch your language17:07
Beldarnotmoose, Please keep the language clean. One of the keys for help here is details, like the release and desktop should be in your inquiry. Also be aware this is free help and has a wait time while people come on the channel and or understand and you have provided enough details. ;)17:07
Picikookster: You could check the output of who, and then grep the output of psaux for that pts/number (killing the associated sshd process should do the trick)17:08
kookstercould you type that out for me? I am really new to linux17:09
mitch-_does anyone know about time zone automatically changing?17:09
d4rks1d3rcan anyone point me to a good tutorial for compiling a kernel under ubuntu?17:09
OerHeksd4rks1d3r, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel17:10
kookstero gosh17:10
kooksteri see17:10
d4rks1d3rOerHecks: thanks, i want to be able to customize it (e.g. using menuconfig)17:11
kooksterugh i really need to lock this server down. It looks like there are atleast 4 bots trying to bruteforce into it :/17:12
samthewildoneIs the channel fixed ?17:13
Picikookster: You may want to look into fail2ban.17:13
Picisamthewildone: yes.17:13
samthewildonePici, was tweaking ubuntu while waiting'17:13
kooksterto the googles! thanks Pici17:13
Picikookster: the default configuration it comes with in Ubuntu is usually good enough for most people too :)17:14
samthewildoneIs USB3.0 supported ?17:14
samthewildoneespecially charging and file transfer ?17:14
samthewildoneI have the Note 3 for quite a while and wondered if those features work on 14.04.117:14
s12mitch-_ why does it have to be automatic?17:15
=== notzopsi is now known as zopsi
mitch-_s12, because i travel for my job quite a bit. and i have my VM (windows) running the correct time off of the host system. and i want my calendar to be correct for meetings and such.17:16
SchrodingersScatsamthewildone: usb3.0 works on mine17:16
samthewildoneUnable to mount SAMSUNG Android; Unable to open MTP device '[usb:009,002]'17:17
=== 7JTAAGIML is now known as korrx
=== JoshG_ is now known as JoshG
samthewildoneThis is the error I get after selecting (Media device (USD 3.0)) on my Note 317:17
Beldarsamthewildone, what android and ubuntu release?17:18
samthewildoneLatest release of ubuntu and android 4.4.2 KitKat17:18
=== jon_ is now known as jon-work
Beldarsamthewildone, You have the developers on the android usb debugg ticked?17:19
mjrbordowhat if md5 checksum is fine with mine iso and it doesnt run on rebooting ?17:19
=== Guest44051 is now known as kimphill
mjrbordoim talking about iso on DVDrom17:19
emxhttp://pastie.org/9453579 why?17:20
Beldarsamthewildone, Developer options that is.17:20
samthewildoneBeldar, nope17:20
samthewildoneBeldar, not on.17:20
emxthe command: apt-get install apache2-mpm-itk17:20
Beldarsamthewildone, Try that you have to tap an area 7 times to show the option have you done this and are you familiar with this?17:21
samthewildoneWhy would I need to turn it on ?17:21
samthewildoneall I want to do is transfer files through usb3.0 via my computer / phone.17:22
Beldarsamthewildone, some androids it needs to be to use the usb, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcFVRDZ5Z9Q17:22
aliteralmindFinally made it through the Django/Digital Ocean/Ubuntu muck. Here's a blog post all about it: http://goo.gl/33IlDu17:23
trijntjenice clickbait aliteralmind, why don't you go away?17:23
liamHey  guys...I started the  LFS101x Introduction to Linux course, through the Linux foundation . Kinda excited...anyone else did it? I hope to eventually work somehow in Linux and figured this a good introduction. Any opinions?17:24
trijntje!offtopic | liam17:24
ubottuliam: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:24
SchrodingersScathe actually was talking about blogging that yesterday, probably still !ot17:24
aliteralmindtrijntje: I went through a lot of conversations yesterday on this group regarding this. People helped me. I'm showing them the results. By all means don't click on it.17:24
liamapologies, thanks anyway.17:25
samthewildoneokay I enable the dev options and usb 3 still doesn't work.17:25
trijntjealiteralmind: I'm sorry. Its just that there's this spammer that does the same thing, joins the channel, and pastes an obfuscated link with some 'catchy' title ;)17:25
thesebwhy 1st terminal i open is SLOOOOW but then i open second and it is responsive? happens ALL THE TIME NOW17:26
aliteralmindtrijntje: NP. Here's the full link: http://aliteralmind.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/doingthedeepdowndiggitydivewithdjangoanddigitalocean/17:27
x9Okay, I'm having a strange glitch in Xubuntu 14.04.1...17:27
x9I was playing osu! under Wine when suddenly the computer locked up, Ctrl+Alt+F1 wasn't even going to a terminal.17:27
SchrodingersScataliteralmind: curl -I can also get the header so you know where shorturls might lead17:28
x9So I did a soft reset, and then after rebooting, the screen went black after logging in. I was able to get to a terminal with CTRL,ALT,F1 though, and did another soft reset.17:28
trijntjetheseb: caching. If you have already opened something it is in the computer memory instead of on the harddisk, thats why its fast17:29
x9The second reboot didn't even go to the login screen, and I wasn't getting a terminal. Rebooted into Recovery mode, and went to "Normal" boot, and finally it loads, but now I don't have an output to my second monitor and my background was reset to default.17:29
=== zopsi is now known as notzopsi
x9I'm going to try rebooting one more time, after I install irssi17:30
Beldarsamthewildone, So you are not new here, we use nicks as a preface when addressing others. Did you check the box in the options for usb debugging, and unmount the usb and plug it back in?17:30
thesebtrijntje: thanks...but even after launches the terminal is sTILL unresponsive like cpu is overloaded17:31
thesebtrijntje: if i kill it and start 2nd one after loading it is responsive17:31
aeyesium... does someone experience with 5:1 sound (yesh once again xD)17:31
Beldaraeyesi, address the actual issue for help.17:32
aeyesiok, how to enable 5.1 sound ? ^^17:33
aeyesiI am not sure anymore if ubuntu have pulseaudio or alsa by default (old wikis says pulse but it seems i have only alsa) but meh17:33
s12google didn't return anything for that search?17:33
Beldaraeyesi, Ubuntu release and desktop is important.17:33
aeyesiIt does ... but many of them are somewhat old ~17:34
aeyesiSo i am just askin just for sure,...17:35
samthewildoneBeldar, yes17:35
pbxin ubuntu 14.04, how do i remove Thunderbird from the little-envelope menu in the upper right?17:35
Beldarsamthewildone, Thanks, not sure beyond that. There are wifi apps on google play that work17:36
aeyesiBeldar ... at least,,, alsa or pulseaudio is by default?17:36
aeyesisince /etc/pulse/daemon.conf does not exist i guess alsa17:39
Beldaraeyesi, So my contact with you was primarily a help for you to get help, not an area I really know, however here is a link since we do not know what you have tried so far, no details from you. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DigitalAC-3Pulseaudio17:39
aeyesiSo i have to install pulseaudio i guess17:39
trismpbx: in dconf-editor: com/canonical/indicator/messages and then remove the thunderbird.desktop from applications then run: restart unity-panel-service17:40
Beldaraeyesi, it is installed, that link shows dependencies.17:40
trismpbx: although if you run thunderbird again, it will probably return17:41
Beldaraeyesi, Be careful here and document any changes.17:41
pbxthanks trism17:41
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nutzzis there any way to grop commands? like curly braces in programming?17:47
=== maestroj_ is now known as maestrojed
MonkeyDustnutzz  you mean grep?17:48
SchrodingersScatnutzz: there are functions within bash, yes  grop(){ echo "This is grop" } ; grop17:48
nutzzsorry I mean group17:48
MonkeyDustnutzz  there's also #bash17:49
SchrodingersScatnutzz: grop() { echo "This is grop"; } ; grop #needed a ; after the echo17:49
s12 17:49
=== Guest32333 is now known as graingert_
quantibilitywho directed me yesterday to sounb? i reinstalled and i need some help remembering things17:50
=== graingert_ is now known as Guest74506
quantibilityfor instance where did all my ubuntu software go? how do i update that?17:51
nutzzSchrodingersScat: This doesn't output anyhing grop() { echo "test";  echo "a"; echo "b"; }17:51
SchrodingersScatnutzz: you didn't call the function17:51
SchrodingersScatnutzz: when you enter 'grop' in the same terminal it should echo the test, a, b, etc.17:52
nutzzthis is realy cool17:52
SchrodingersScatnutzz: functions are like setting a variable, in bash, sort of..17:52
Ycareneis libxml2-dev broken?17:52
SchrodingersScatmore like an alias17:52
SchrodingersScatnutzz: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide17:53
nutzzSchrodingersScat: thanks17:53
Guest74506Ycarene: define?17:54
SchrodingersScatnutzz: welcome, have fun17:54
YcareneAttempting to install dvd95 via source, results in /usr/bin/ld: ../dvdauthor/.libs/libauthor.a(readxml.o): undefined reference to symbol 'xmlTextReaderIsEmptyElement@@LIBXML2_2.4.30' even though I have libxml2 installed.17:54
Ycarenere-installing the library doesn't work.17:56
MonkeyDustYcarene  what is the output of   cat /etc/issue17:59
YcareneLinux Mint 17 Qiana \n \l18:02
MonkeyDustYcarene  mint is not supportede here18:02
bazhang!mintsupport | Ycarene18:02
ubottuYcarene: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:02
quantibilityI can't log into SU?18:02
quantibilitysomeone help?18:03
somanHow to make mic on my webcam logitec work in skype? Xubuntu 14.04.1,  3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP, skype 4.3. VIdeo works but sound doesn't. With 12.04 mic and mic were working well18:04
RugI have squid3 running on one of my servers and it is working as a proxy. BUT as soon as I enable 'transparent' it fails to operate.  any suggestions?18:04
Rughttp_port 8888  <- works      http_port 8888 transparent  <- does not work18:04
quantibilitysu problem? how do i fix?18:04
MonkeyDustRug  better ask in #ubuntu-server18:04
somanalsamixer shows that sound is realtec ALC85018:04
RugMonkeyDust: thanks18:04
supercom32When using the "blkid" command, what TYPE shows up for devices which are unformatted without any file system? Does anyone know?18:10
geirhasupercom32: it simply won't show up in blkid at all18:15
mitch-_my request for a time zone automatically changing isn't possible with Ubuntu 14.04 is it.... there's no daemon that i could switch to from the standard one that woudl have it?18:17
=== tavasti` is now known as tavasti
MonkeyDust!ntp | mitch-_ start here18:19
ubottumitch-_ start here: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)18:19
mikemarshhow do i add facebook integration into gnome shell on ubuntu 14.04?18:20
potato_farmerIs there a room for Ubuntu MAAS assistance? Or is this it?18:21
ubottuMetal as a Service is a dynamic server provisioning service for scalability. See more about it at https://maas.ubuntu.com.18:23
mitch-_MonkeyDust, thank you but. that has no feature to automatically set the time zone based on current location. (IE i'm traveling to EST right now and my clock is still set to my home time zone... CST)18:23
mitch-_it can SHOW me the time zone i'm in based on location. but not SET my clock based on that. :(18:24
EsoRoticaHi there: I'm attempting to move an extended partition into some unallocated space (Windows -> blank -> ubuntu ->blank) on my disk via GParted on the liveCD. However when I use Gparted, it never finishes scanning the drive. I've also attempted from the command line with the same result18:24
EsoRoticaGparted from the install works fine, its when I use the LiveCD that the scan does not complete*18:25
frainfreezeI didn't know anything about ubuntu while installing, now I am in this hoples mess, I need help, so I had windows7 when I decided to install ubuntu, I installed it and updated it up to 13.04 then I had problems and was offline. When I came back my disto was EOL. can I now burn lts 14 to cd and switch 13.04 with 14?18:26
tac-ticsDoes anyone have any ideas on why my Wifi might suddenly stop working after a while?18:27
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: Is Windows still on the disk as well?18:27
frainfreezeI can't make backup18:29
frainfreezeAnd that is basicly my whole lif work in 100gb windows18:29
MonkeyDustfrainfreeze  you can do that, it will work, but you simply cannot upgrade or install something new18:29
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: Thats fine. I'm assuming you paritioned off some space for Ubuntu to begin with. Do you have file there you need to save?18:29
indoctrinatedtac-tics: what are you doing before your Wi-Fi drops? Is it the connection, or do you lose the device?18:29
frainfreezeSo I can install 14 over 13? I wont loose windows files?18:30
tac-ticsindoctrinated: Nothing in particular. Last night, I lost it while editing a text file, not doing any other work18:30
frainfreezeFor ubuntu ones , it is not problem everything is mostly python and some of platform inependent c++, I need to keep windows working18:30
MonkeyDustfrainfreeze  if you have a separate /home18:30
tac-ticsthis laptop (not ubuntu) has had no trouble the last few days with it. Wireless modem is in the same room (literally 4 feet from the laptop)18:31
MonkeyDustfrainfreeze  if you have no important documents in ubuntu, choose "something else" and fresh install 14.0418:31
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: Well, there are a few ways to go about it... I would say the something else method on the CD18:31
mjrbordook i downloaded iso from official ubuntu.com (14.04.1) and i burn it on dvd. Why it not booting?18:31
indoctrinatedDid you lose the device, or just the connection? (ex. is wifi0 still there in ifconfig?)18:32
kamirpcHello guys :)18:32
Guest82383What can I use to draw a shape in onCreateView in a fragment. I mean I can use a Button that has no listener but it seems like a poor solution, what is used to just draw a shape?18:32
tac-ticshmm. I never saw a wifi0. Is that distinct from wlan0?18:32
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: if the intsall isnt borked, you could in theoretically just dist-upgrade18:32
indoctrinatedthey're the same. It depends on how you want to name the device18:32
Beldarmjrbordo, Did you set the dvd to be first read in the bios18:32
tac-ticsWhatever the default is then18:32
Guest82383Why does a button with the same width and height result in an oval shape and not a circle (it uses an OvalShape drawable as background)?18:33
tac-ticswlan0 is still around18:33
tac-ticsso I didn't lose the device18:33
mjrbordoBeldar yes of course18:33
frainfreezeSo when I run instalation, is there anything special i have to do and keep eye on? And can I remove 13 after installing 14 , as it is laptop with only 250gb of space18:33
compdocGuest82383, sounds like screen rez is wrong18:33
mjrbordofirst dvd then usb then "hdd" cuz i got ssd :)18:33
Beldarmjrbordo, Burned as an image? Can you describe not booting from you end?18:33
EsoRoticaGuest82383: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/drawable-resource.html18:34
indoctrinatedDoes NetworkManager show available networks?18:34
Guest82383What is that you do ComplexType or TypedValue?18:34
Rohan_mI need Help with my internet connection on ubuntu18:34
mjrbordoyep when i open dvd in windows i see ubuntu-xxx.iso18:35
Guest82383to use dp and sp in code?18:35
tac-ticsindoctrinated: yes, it does18:35
tac-ticsindoctrinated: including the one that disconnects me18:35
Beldarmjrbordo, preface with nicks please, did you burn the iso as an image?18:35
indoctrinatedIf you see networks in NetworkManager but keep getting disconnected, it may be wireless noise. I have that problem in my apartment.18:35
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: Sorry, I must have misunderstood something. Did you say you DO have documents to save in the 14 installation?18:35
Bomboi'm trying to set my screen resolution to 1360x768 (16:9) using the nvidia control panel on ubuntu 14.04, but it fails: Xorg.0.log says '(II) NVIDIA(0): Virtual screen size determined to be 1360 x 768' but later '(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "DVI-I-1: nvidia-auto-select @1024x768 +0+0"' so i end up in 1024x786. this is my conf: http://bombo.jpe.gs/x11/xorg.conf log: http://bombo.jpe.gs/x11/Xorg.0.log18:35
indoctrinatedTry changing the channel on your router18:35
tac-ticsindoctrinated: is there a reason I'm having an issue with Ubuntu and not with any windows machines I have or with my Chromebook?18:36
Rohan_mAny networking expert I need Help with my internet connection on ubuntu18:36
indoctrinatedIf your router allows it, try using the 5GHz band too18:36
MonkeyDustRohan_m  ask and wait18:36
tac-ticsthanks. I'll try it out18:36
indoctrinatedNo problem.18:36
mjrbordoBeldar i think yes. When i open a disc its 1 file called exacly as i downloaded it18:36
indoctrinatedRohan_m send me a private message real quick18:36
frainfreezeEsoRotica, no I must keep windows intact, only windows, and i have 13.04 , I want to put 14.04 instead it18:37
frainfreezeEsoRotica, I can not make back up and windows stuff is whole life work18:37
Beldarmjrbordo, should be burned as an image sounds like you just transfered the iso to the dvd.18:37
mjrbordoBeldar so how i should burn that as an image?18:37
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: working with partitions is always a dangerous task, have you tried to attempt to update the ubuntu intall via package manager?18:38
mjrbordoBeldar so how i can burn it as an image?18:38
Beldarmjrbordo, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-windows18:38
Rohan_mindoctrinated: I just switched to new ISP (optical fibre) it works fine on  windows but when i'm ubuntu i'm unable to connect to some website like facebook and servers on other locations also same happens in my android phone even for whatsapp but on windows stuuf works fine , when i change the connection to different ISP's line it works fine on Ubuntu and android what si problem18:38
=== owner_ is now known as Guest90903
frainfreezeEsoRotica, no as I don't know anything about OS-es expecialy not unix, i was window suser for years, trying to switch on buntu18:39
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: YAY for that!18:39
Beldarfrainfreeze, Do you have windows imaged/cloned and or backed up?18:39
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: There are a few ways to do it. If I remember correctly you can do it through the GUI or you can run commands in the terminal. Let me check the GUI way18:39
mjrbordoBeldar thx for help. I know i'm retard :D and i read tutorials in english when i have Polish language on system so sometimes i dont notice the most simple solutuions :D18:40
EsoRoticaBeldar: No, and he said he cant.18:40
Beldarmjrbordo, No problem, your doing fine by asking fine help. ;)18:40
frainfreezeEsoRotica, yeah ubuntu rocks, it is epic.... I love it! As soon i do this I will abandon windows bt it has to work18:40
Rohan_mI just switched to new ISP (optical fibre) it works fine on  windows but when i'm ubuntu i'm unable to connect to some website like facebook and servers on other locations also same happens in my android phone even for whatsapp but on windows stuuf works fine , when i change the connection to different ISP's line it works fine on Ubuntu and android what is the  problem?18:41
BeldarEsoRotica, Just noticed the issue we get many here who don't is all.18:41
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: http://www.themukt.com/2014/06/17/upgrade-ubuntu-14-04-lts-previous-versions/18:41
frainfreezeBeldar no I have no possiblities for that18:41
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: disregard that18:41
indoctrinatedGAH! I have to run to lunch. Rohan_m, shoot me a PM on twitter. (@alexthejourno) and I'll see if I can figure it out later (or you can ask someone here, if it's urgent)18:41
BeldarEsoRotica,This is a channel where as peers we work together so don't freak out if someone chimes in. ;)18:41
EsoRoticaBeldar: I was not freaking out in any ways, just getting you up to speed*18:42
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: I meant to send you this. http://www.tuxtrix.com/2014/03/upgrade-from-ubuntu-1304-to-ubuntu-1404.html18:42
frainfreezeoh, ok18:43
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: you an not likely tro have installed third party PPAs unless you've opened the terminal at some point to get some newer versions of software installed. It sounded like you didnt spend much time in Ubuntu... Is that the case?18:44
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frainfreezeActualy I messed alot... Even switched to old archive to get things18:45
Guest82383if i want to draw a shapedrawable, what do I use? can I use just View? and have the shapedrawable as bg ?18:45
frainfreezeI update everythign to latest, installed some dev tools etc.18:45
EsoRoticafrainfreeze: Okay, Then maybe a fresh install would be best afterall.18:45
mjrbordoBeldar i dont have first option on my win 8.1 Pro O.o but I downloaded infra instead18:46
frainfreezeAny leads? Somethign to keep eye on? I realy realy have only one copy of windows work wich I made in last 4 years... That must stay intact, EsoROtica18:47
s12 18:57
phunyguys12: can we help you with something? I noticed several times now where you just entered a blank line.19:00
Rohan_mI just switched to new ISP (optical fibre) it works fine on  windows but when i'm ubuntu i'm unable to connect to some website like facebook and servers on other locations also same happens in my android phone even for whatsapp but on windows stuuf works fine , when i change the connection to different ISP's line it works fine on Ubuntu and android what si problem19:01
s12phunyguy Sorry resting on the keyboard, moving things around, will avoid in future19:01
phunyguys12: no worries, was just checking.19:01
streulmaHello, what is better to use for me? HP 17 inch notebook with normal HDD and Ubuntu, or Macbook Pro 13 with SSD and HDD with Ubuntu?19:07
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bpromptstreulma:    better is always relative.... it depends on a variety of other factors... I mean 17" screen is a nice screen real estate... you can fit lots of things at the same time there..... then again an SSD is smoking fast... but 13" screen is, well..  13"19:09
streulmabprompt smoking fast ?19:10
bpromptstreulma:   yeap19:10
streulmayes but is it Done to install Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro ?19:10
bpromptis it done?19:10
streulmabprompt, yes, if I come elsewhere, then they see Ubuntu instead of OSX :D19:11
bpromptstreulma:    well.... so... that's ok.... I'd think19:11
bpromptunless you want to "keep up with the joneses"19:11
s12dual boot!19:12
bpromptyeap.. you can always just install both, macOSX and *nix19:12
MonkeyDustbprompt  "smoking fast", "keep up with the joneses"... what do you mean?19:12
bpromptsmoking fast   === really really fast,     "keep up with the joneses"  === colloquial lingo for dress-matching.... trying to look the same as the neighbour, wearing something or buying or installing something just because peter and martha have one, plainly dogmatic19:14
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s12Is there an ideal platform for creating desktop widgets on ubuntu?19:15
preyaloneIs there a package for the original Bourne shell?19:15
s12Hold that thought, solved now19:16
sudoritzQuiestion for sudoers file19:24
sudoritzi treid added a user to the file (and it still wont let me login sudo su -19:24
sudoritzi even added a new gorup and added user to that group19:24
sudoritzand it still shows is not in the sudoers file.19:24
sudoritzeven did this as the group19:25
sudoritz%sudoresolve ALL=(ALL) ALL19:25
sudoritzresolveALL=(ALL) ALL19:25
MonkeyDustsudoritz  don't abuse the enter key, it has rights too19:25
SchrodingersScatsudoritz: and you are user 'resolve'?19:26
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OldOneEyehi i just installed fall back gnome, how do i delete the others?19:30
MonkeyDustOldOneEye  you don't, simply logout, switch, login19:31
PCworkerHello, Is it possible to upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 LTS straight to the new Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?19:32
OldOneEyei have but i wanna remove them and keep just fallback19:32
icetea_I have an issue with an Ubuntu VM (KVM). A Ubuntu ISO is attached (can't remove it since I don't have access to it) and when I reboot the ISO is booted. If I select boot from local drive there it starts grub. Is there a way from Ubuntu or grub to disable the ISO boot before grub? The BIOS is SeaBIOS or sth like that.19:32
xanguaPCworker: you can upgrade from LTS to LTS, yes19:33
xanguaOldOneEye: 'others' what? what do you wanna delete19:33
qtrosHi all19:35
PCworkerxangua: How do I go about doing that? I tried the update manager, but all it shows is a non-LTS version.19:35
qtrosI installed nvidia drivers v331 via Update Manager19:35
qtrosNow I have unbootable system :D19:35
qtrosHave Nvidia GT 24019:36
daftykinsPCworker: you need to set to LTS only19:36
daftykinsicetea_: is it a VPS from a provider?19:37
icetea_daftykins: Yes.19:37
PCworkerdaftykins: Duh, brain fart, Sorry for wasting your time.19:37
icetea_But with a control panel where I can't detach the ISO.19:37
OldOneEyei wanna delete the other desktops in login screen and keep fallback19:37
mjrbordoI've got Acer Aspire E1-572G and brightness setting doesnt work on Fn +\- keys19:37
daftykinsicetea_: contact them to unmount it...19:38
levohow possible is this: i got a pdf opened in evince, i want to highlight some text and after right-clicking or pressing some combination keys, append the selected texts to a pre-determined file.19:38
daftykinsicetea_: what you have asked is KVM/VPS support, not ubuntu support :)19:38
mjrbordosb help ?19:39
xanguaOldOneEye: what desktops¿19:39
OldOneEyeat login19:39
OldOneEyeubuntu 2d 3d etc19:39
daftykinsmjrbordo: *FIRST* google result - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219228019:40
xanguaOldOneEye: just leave them there ald you'll be OK19:40
bpromptlevo:    are you doing bookmarks by any chance?19:40
reactormonkI'm in an ubuntu chrot from an usb stick and moving my data from one harddisk to another. But the chroot doesn't have grub-install. how do I install the bootloader on the new harddisk?19:40
levobprompt: i'm selecting the english words i don't know the meaning of and need to have em all gathered in one file for reviewing purposes.19:41
PCworkerdaftkins: It is there now. I will do the upgrade tonight.19:41
daftykinsreactormonk: you don't run grub-install from inside the chroot, but outside on the device19:41
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reactormonkdaftykins, well, outside there's an arch because that's what I had handy.19:42
daftykins"there's an arch" ? do you mean you're booted with Arch Linux media? can't help you then.19:42
daftykinsreactormonk: ^19:42
levoi have an idea. all the selected text goes to a buffer. so it's possible to get that buffer using XX command and writing a script and setting a key combination for that script.19:42
reactormonkdaftykins, hm, sad. looks like I'll have to install grub-install inside the chroot then.19:43
daftykinsthat's no hardship.19:43
levosuppose i select some texts, is there any commands that gives me the selected text?19:44
daftykinslevo: 'gives' ? you mean like ctrl+C? :)19:44
bpromptlevo:   ctrl-c   =)19:44
daftykinshehe bprompt ^519:44
MonkeyDustOldOneEye  /usr/share/xsessions/ contains the entries ... in a terminal, paste this line: sudo cp /usr/share/xsessions/ /usr/share/xsessions_backup/      then delete the entries you want from /usr/share/xsessions/19:44
levodaftykins: no when you just highlight some texts it goes to the clipboard19:45
levoand this is different from ctrl+c 's clipboard address19:45
MonkeyDustOldOneEye  forget what I said, it doesnt work19:46
PCworkeris there a list of the "most commonly used" command line commands? The ones that even the experts use regularly?19:47
MonkeyDustPCworker  sudo is quite common19:48
pbxPCworker, any unix/linux intro will cover the important basics.  E.g. http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/19:49
reactormonkwhich package contains grub-install ?19:49
tomhfifeI am able to connect to certain WiFi access points when I boot from the Ubuntu Live USB, but not when booting into my normal Ubuntu installation. Wifi works for some access points but not others, I believe the problem is related to not connecting to wireless N19:49
tomhfifeI have a Broadcom wireless chip19:49
pdo_fn14Need to opening update-manager manually in standard users?. IMHO I never know doing manually19:49
OerHeksyour most used bash comands > history | awk '{CMD[$2]++;count++;}END { for (a in CMD)print CMD[a] " " CMD[a]/count*100 "% " a;}' | grep -v "./" | column -c3 -s " " -t | sort -nr | nl |  head -n1019:49
tomhfifeanyone have any ideas about taht?19:49
daftykinstomhfife: yeah, likely your broadcom device has poor drivers. have you seen the broadcom link?19:50
daftykins!broadcom | tomhfife19:51
ubottutomhfife: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:51
bpromptlevo:    have you looked into Klipper? maybe19:51
mjrbordoanybody know how to edit /etc/default/grub ?19:51
bprompt!klipper | levo19:51
ubottulevo: klipper is the KDE clipboard utility. It stores clipboard history, and allows you to link clipboard contents to application actions. Further information is available at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Klipper19:51
daftykinsrasputin: yes?19:51
levobprompt; thanks, another pal suggested me xclip19:51
tomhfifedaftykins: thank you. I guess I need to use the older drivers that are on the Live Disc, I'll check the link. Thanks!19:51
pdo_fn14Manually to refreshing db like apt-get update19:52
pdo_fn14I'm mean19:52
bpromptlevo:    you can set Klipper's "history count"  to have as many entries in it...so it doesn't remove entries till it gets to that "history count" value....which means you can tell it 1,000 and it will simply pile up 1,000 from the clipboard buffer19:52
PCworkerMonkeyDust: and pbx: Yeah, I am studying the Terminal commands for command line usage. I want to be able to contribute to this OS and have the knowledge to be able to Use, Repair and Maintain anything and everything about it.19:52
bpromptlevo:    it also allows "commands" to be executed and strings replacement on-the-fly using regexs19:53
levobprompt: thanks, i'm taking a look @ it19:53
bpromptlevo:   and Klipper's history is accessible also through the "edit contents" option19:54
PCworkerAnd Ubuntu Support has been a tremendous help to me since I became a Serious Linux User.19:54
shabeoi... got a question20:00
shabeois there an IRC channel for kali linux?20:00
daftykins!alis | shabeo20:00
ubottushabeo: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:00
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)20:00
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daftykinsanyone what?20:02
daftykinsask a question if you have one.20:02
=== Guest86624 is now known as Jake
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)20:04
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ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:05
daftykinsshabeo: stop making the bot repeat please, you've already seen that output20:05
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user01hey im having proxy problems in xfce20:10
user01for google-chrome20:10
user01usr/bin/google-chrome --proxy-auto-detect doesnt seem to work20:11
user01works fine in firefox20:11
user01is there something else to try?20:11
user01my env variables are set20:12
user01for proxy20:12
Urchin[emacs]user01: find proxy settings and punch in data manually?20:13
user01tried that too with --proxy-server20:14
daftykinsuser01: why are you trying to configure chrome via switches at run...?20:15
PCworkerpbx: i went to that webpage you suggested and I appreciate it, much. That one is going to help a bunch. Thanks for the information.20:15
daftykinswhy not consult its' built-in settings...20:15
user01daftykins: it says . . . When running Google Chrome under a supported desktop environment, the system proxy settings will be used. However, either your system is not supported or there was a problem launching your system configuration.20:16
user01daftykins: it refers me to the man pages then20:16
daftykinsuser01: what is 'it' in this case?20:16
user01daftykins: when i click on change proxy settings under network in advanced settings20:17
daftykinsof what...20:17
user01daftykins: chrome://settings/20:17
daftykinsis there something wrong with configuring it manually?20:18
user01daftykins: manually where?20:18
user01daftykins: im using xfce20:18
daftykins*facepalm* i give up.20:18
user01daftykins: do you mean manually in google chrome?20:19
user01daftykins: that is chrome://settings/20:19
user01daftykins: what i just told you a few lines back20:19
user01daftykins: <user01> daftykins: it says . . . When running Google Chrome under a supported desktop environment, the system proxy settings will be used. However, either your system is not supported or there was a problem launching your system configuration.20:19
daftykinsuser01: right but that's for auto, why not just configure manually?20:19
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user01daftykins: is there a different tab for configuring manually?20:20
OerHeksi think you must restart chrome, or logout/login to make it work, chrome keeps a process running even if you close it.20:20
user01daftykins: <user01> daftykins: when i click on change proxy settings under network in advanced settings20:21
user01daftykins: i got that message20:21
daftykinsuser01: sorry i give up, perhaps OerHeks can assist you further20:22
user01daftykins: so is there another place to configure manually other than advanced settings --> network --> Change proxy settings . . .20:23
daftykinsdo you not understand english? see above.20:23
user01daftykins: i was reponding to your previous comment20:23
user01daftykins: read my english20:23
aalexhello. I upload packages to Launchpad on my PPA, but the package don't show up: https://launchpad.net/~mapmap/+archive/ubuntu/mapmap/+packages20:23
daftykinsuser01: stop talking to me please20:24
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user01daftykins: ditto to me too pls20:25
user01OerHeks: I restarted OerHeks20:25
gorelativeanyone here familiar with nginx20:25
OerHeksaalex, https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/BuildScores20:25
user01OerHeks: the same20:25
daftykinsgorelative: either ask the actual question, which would be more appropriate in #ubuntu-server - or find their own channel20:26
gorelativethanks ill go to -server20:26
user01OerHeks: or it requires a complete system restart?20:26
trismaalex: did you check your email? the upload may have been rejected for a variety of reasons20:27
OerHeksuser01, i am not sure, if setting a proxy needs system restart.20:28
user01OerHeks: hmmm ok thanks ill try a complete system restart . . . but i cant manually set inside chrome so ill have to launch as before will try thanks20:29
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Guest90382Hello.  I have to do a dpfg grub configure with a boot cd since I cannot boot into ubuntu.  How do I make sure I dpkg configure on the correct partition where my bootloader is located?20:31
Guest90382Is there any way I can specify /dev/sda1 ?20:31
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aalextrism: thank you!20:32
aalexIt has been rejected. (Source/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed.)20:32
aalexSo, now I should rebuild it using git-buildpackage as a source only build, perhaps20:33
user01OerHeks: rebooting did it with the command line option, thanks for your help20:34
OerHeksuser01, have fun20:35
user01OerHeks: is it a google process that keeps running then?20:35
user01OerHeks: firefox had no such issue20:36
s12Is it possible to force a proccess to stop, ive tried the kill option even with sudo. Python debugger has stopped the whole python enviorment. Ubuntu 14.0420:48
srepflerhi, I have a desktop with two network interfaces eth0 and eth1. My IP address is assigned to eth0 via DHCP and is bound to it via it's MAC address. I would like to connect a Mac over eth1 which I would like to be able to access the network over eth0 (DHCP will not assign it an IP address). What's the best way to achieve this?20:51
srepflerI have the latest Ubuntu LTS20:51
BadooHello Can I get a registeration code20:51
shmup_any suggestions for sitting on the 'preparing to install ubuntu gnome' screen? i've googled, but it's a bunch of non-solutions :)20:56
shmup_tried silly things like ubiquity --debug, not checking the two optional checkboxes.20:56
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ShormaxHi guys, can someone give me a good anti-malware for Ubuntu 14.04 pls ? :)20:59
cybertailsHello Folks...21:00
cybertailsWith Wubi, Why is there a Limit with 30GB for the install size?21:01
Beldar!av | Shormax21:02
ubottuShormax: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:02
Beldarcybertails, That is the way it was developed. By the way it is not under support per-say and is designed for a try out in lieu of a full install. It can be transfered to a partition.21:03
cybertailsI was just wondering as I was thinking of installing it on a partition on my External Hard Drive, that's why I asked :)21:04
Beldarcybertails, When transfered it can be extended to any size you would like.21:05
Beldarsame with an regular install cyber21:05
Beldarcybertails, ^^21:05
Elena22 Here some videos. I hope you like them! http://bitly.com/1nx3K4c21:05
BeldarDon't click on that anyone21:06
cybertailsthanks for that, I think I'm going to do a dual-boot with the External Hard Drive having a seperate 100GB Partition (It's a 1TB Drive)21:06
Beldarcybertails, Would you like the transfer link?21:07
Beldarcybertails, An external is not the optimal use is all.21:07
cybertailsThanks for that, I'll be fine then21:07
ahsmhey guys21:07
ahsmis this a help channel?21:08
Beldarahsm, ubuntu support.21:08
Beldar!topic | ahsm21:09
ubottuahsm: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic21:09
ahsmsweet =)21:09
ahsmok well i have a question, i need some support :P21:09
shmupokay. preparing to install ubuntu. ~30 minutes of overall waiting. working internet connection (talking to you through it). any suggestions?21:09
compdocshmup, grab a beer too21:09
shmupi have a few bananas and some iced coffee21:10
Beldarshmup, Address any issue you need, without details it is our guess.21:10
LandiniusQuestion: is there a way to expand the Terminal log so u can scroll way longer that i can right now?21:10
chriyshi guys, I just installed openssh-server but for some reason I get connection refused when to connect (ftp and ssh)21:10
shmupBeldar: there are no details in the situation of sitting at the Preparing to Install Ubuntu screen. it is a screen with two checkboxes for additional drivers, and a continue button.21:10
BeldarLandinius, in edit-profile preferences21:11
ahsmwhen i installed ubuntu after downloading latest version (14.04 LTS) everything was dope but then i updated it and the super key + W now crashes unity... what could this be?21:11
Beldarshmup, Do it from the live desktop.21:11
user123321what does the command "killall -0 {something}" do?21:11
shmupi've tried ubiquity --debug21:11
shmupBeldar: i am talking to you from live desktop21:11
Beldarshmup, Not sure I recognize that screen can you image it and post it in a imagebin? The install is pretty straight forward, if you have another OS there be sure it is imaged/cloned and or backed up, be prepared for any contingency.21:13
shmupthis is a known issue since at least 12.04, but there are no known solutions. sure, i'll grab you a screenshot.21:14
Beldarshmup, cool and any links on the issue you see would be nice.21:14
user123321Does anyone know what does "killall -0 haproxy" mean? I couldn't see the killall command with -0 prefix in the manpage.21:14
Beldar!patience | user12332121:15
ubottuuser123321: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:15
chriyshi guys, I just installed openssh-server but for some reason I get connection refused when to connect (ftp and ssh)21:15
user123321Oh ok, sry I thought no one noticed :D21:15
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shmupBeldar: http://i.imgur.com/sIxIY8a.png21:16
Beldarshmup, Is this 14.10 or 14.04?21:17
Beldarshmup, Cool is there an unallocated space for ubuntu?21:17
shmupBeldar: Oh, I thought that was a screen I'd get to after another continue, heh. I only just chose English for my language one click prior.21:18
shmupSo maybe if I handle my partitions in Disks all will be well?21:19
Beldarshmup, Do you know what unallocated space means in this context? Is this a dual boot and if so with what exactly?21:19
Guest2194Hi.  Ive read a few google results about hard links. And I understand then as an inode pointing to a particular piece of data, exactly as a regular file. Does this "fool" my laptop into thinking it has less space than it does, as when I do a du from outside the folder, I get a sum of both files?21:19
shmupNo, my space is all allowcated. I have an older build installed at the moment. I have a new SSD in here that I'm only going to install /home on.21:19
shmupI just didn't know I had to prepare this ahead of time. I thought the installer brought you to a screen for that.21:20
Beldarshmup, allocated with what, my concern here is uefi/efi and gpt partitioning already there and any other OS's21:21
shmupThey are already there, but are you saying that I can't get to the "Preparing disk space" process until I resolve something?21:22
shmupI'm going to just wipe out my drive that already has the gpt partitioning.21:22
Beldarshmup, We need to be on the same page, if you do not understand me address that.Yes there is a resize option, however if you have UEFI/efi this is a little different is all.21:23
Landiniusthanks Beldar found it :)21:24
Beldarshmup> I'm going to just wipe out my drive that already has the gpt partitioning. YOU will still have a gpt partition table is all21:24
BeldarLandinius, Cool, no problem.21:24
shmupI need to determine if I have UEFI/efi21:25
shmupIs this an adequate way to determine? [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS21:26
Beldarshmup, Was this a W8 or apple computer ever, UEFI is a different bios setup it is noticeable.21:26
shmupNo, neither of those21:27
Beldarshmup, Not sure on the command, let be prompt the bot on uefi just for info.21:27
Beldar!uefi | shmup21:27
ubottushmup: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:27
Landiniusok got another terminal question. is there a /? u can use to use to load one page at a time and resume by using "space" or something?21:28
Beldarshmup, Mainly since you asked for info, just trying to make sure your set is all.21:28
shmupYeah cool cool. Does it help you if you know that I installed 13.10 last year the same way I'm attempting to install 14.04 now?21:29
shmupI'm reading wiki for UEFI, though21:29
ahsmwhen i installed ubuntu after downloading latest version (14.04 LTS) everything was dope but then i updated it and the super key + W now crashes unity... what could this be?21:29
Beldarshmup, Sounds like you know what is up than if you have installed previously.21:30
shmupBeldar: I just meant that does it mean anything if normal installer worked last time with an upgrade, heh21:30
shmupBeldar: Did not mean to give a tone of _I am experienced_. Was hoping that would clue some information.21:30
samthewildonehow do I empty my trashcan when I have root access files in them >21:31
Beldarshmup, This uefi/efi stuff has been around since at least the 12.04 release, ubuntu does automatic changes for this. What happens is if there is a W8 there it needs to be resized in windows is all leaving an unallocated space.21:31
shmupsamthewildone: rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/*21:31
shmupIs one way, anyways.21:32
shmupSudo that I meant, samthewildone21:32
Beldarsamthewildone, This a server, why are you in root?21:32
samthewildoneshmup, thanks21:32
shmupStaying late at work today to get machine ready for tomorrow is maybe a better idea for weekend. :P21:33
samthewildoneshmup, go HOME21:33
shmupI should D:21:34
shmupI need to solve this triviality so I can make real progress!21:34
samthewildoneI'm assuming your a network admin21:34
shmupNaw, a developer21:34
samthewildoneC/C++ ?21:34
shmupWe're a web shop. Mostly python and php and then the frontend kinda stuff you'd expect21:35
samthewildoneim currently in school for software development.21:35
samthewildoneworking with Qt21:35
shmupAwesome :)21:35
guntbert!ot | samthewildone shmup21:35
ubottusamthewildone shmup: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:35
shmupYep, back to my Ubuntu problem.21:35
Beldarget a room lol21:35
* samthewildone runs in a cave21:35
Beldarshmup, As long as the resize sees you setup you should be fine.21:36
samthewildoneOkay so has anyone pondered on my USB3.0 problem ?21:36
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Beldarsamthewildone, Have you checked usb2?21:37
=== sydney1 is now known as sydney
Beldarsamthewildone, This is not in root is it?21:38
=== Luyin_ is now known as Luyin
samthewildonejust want to be able to use my usb3 features as on windows.21:38
samthewildoneFile transfer which was ungodly fast.21:38
Beldarcool I would try usb2 just for a check is all samthewildone21:38
Beldarsamthewildone, android has a two choice on read one is mtp the other media I believe I forget how to change this you might ask in #android as well.21:40
Beldarmight be a click on the android drop down top left21:41
samthewildoneI did that already21:42
samthewildonewhen my phone is plugged in, it gives me three options. One of them being "use 3.0"21:42
samthewildonethe other 2 works, camera & standard usb21:42
Beldarsamthewildone, strange you have a modern android and 14.04 should just plug and go.21:42
samthewildoneMy phone works fine with the standard usb2.0 option21:43
samthewildonedon't get me wrong.21:43
Beldar12.04 needed a mtp setup from a ppa, releases beyond just plugged21:44
TJ-samthewildone: Have you monitored the kern.log to see what is *actually* happening when the device is connected? It may be the port is taken by the USB2 controller via the uhci driver21:46
samthewildoneTJ-, whats up my MAFIA friend...21:47
samthewildoneTJ-, I did but, that stuff is so hard to understand.21:47
samthewildoneI hope you weren't expecting me to get a book on kern.log 101 ...21:47
samthewildoneSome of the stuff was easy to figure out, like the date and time.21:48
DraginI am typing su and it asks for my password. I KNOW my password, but it keeps saying Authentication failure. How can I reset the password? I would rather not go into root if I can use su. Anyone have any ideas?21:48
TJ-samthewildone: Well we can't guess - if there's information there put it in a pastebin so experts here have some change of giving you useful advice21:48
guntbertDragin: you are looking for    sudo  , not   su21:48
guntbert!sudo| Dragin21:48
ubottuDragin: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo21:48
samthewildoneTJ-, that's another problem, I tried posting in pastebin but no luck.21:49
Dragindumb question, but what's the difference?21:49
samthewildoneTJ-, the file keeps updating21:49
Beldarsamthewildone, here is a link, just info. http://www.howtogeek.com/192732/android-usb-connections-explained-mtp-ptp-and-usb-mass-storage/21:49
TJ-samthewildone: Of course, that's the point of log files :)21:49
Draginthanks guys21:49
samthewildonewhere can I find the directory of this book for evil again ?21:50
samthewildoneTJ-, the directory of kern.log21:51
samthewildoneoh wait I can do "whereis ..."21:51
gabmushello people, i have a problem with a new laptop i just bought: the installation of 14.04 gnome works fine, but right after installation, on first boot i get a kernel panic. my machine is an asus laptop with a bay trail celeron and integrated graphics21:53
samthewildonegabmus, TJ- will tell you to see your kern.log21:53
jhutchinsgabmus: Will it boot in rescue mode?21:54
TJ-samthewildone: all logs are in "/var/log/" ... simply do "sudo tail -n 1000 /var/log/kern.log | pastebinit"21:54
gabmusit boots with an older kernel21:54
jhutchinsTJ-: This assumes it somehow gets around the kernel panic.21:54
gabmusit boots in 3.13.0-2421:55
gabmuslet me boot and ill pastebin the kernel log21:55
TJ-jhutchins: what kernel panic?21:55
samthewildoneTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7983221/21:55
gabmusnot syncing something, let me just get the log21:56
TJ-samthewildone: "usb 8-2: new high-speed USB device number 12 using xhci_hcd" ... tells us the device reports itself as a USB2 device but it is using the USB3 controller in compatibility mode21:57
jhutchinsgabmus: Yeah, that's just saying it wasn't able to flush the disk cache, which isn't a problem at boot.21:57
=== megan is now known as Guest63888
TJ-samthewildone: Now with this info we can dig deeper: "lsusb -v -s 04e8:6860 | pastebinit"21:58
jhutchinsgabmus: So what does it NOT boot?21:58
TJ-samthewildone: That will tell us everything the USB device reports as its capabilities21:58
jhutchinsAh, boots with the older kernel.21:58
TJ-gabmus: My bet would be the initrd.img file is incomplete for the newer kernel; possibly the /boot/ file-system ran out of space21:59
jhutchinssorry, gotta run.21:59
=== gabmoose is now known as gabmus
TJ-gabmus: My bet would be the initrd.img file is incomplete for the newer kernel; possibly the /boot/ file-system ran out of space21:59
gabmusshouldnt /boot be in the / partition?22:01
gabmusmaybe installing a newer kernel could help?22:01
=== Lunariooo is now known as Lunario
maujhsngambmus i have an older ASUS laptop and I notice over time time ASUS, and Linux have issues The problem perhaps is in the BIOS!22:03
=== matthewvz is now known as Guest83788
gabmuswhat problem could there be in the bios? also my pc is brand new22:04
gabmusmaybe i have to disable some intel shit?22:04
TJ-gabmus: Sometimes /boot/ can be in a separate file-system. Regardless, check the size of the latest kernel's initr.img ("ls -latr /boot/initrd.img*") and see if it looks significantly different to the other known good intrds22:04
maujhsngabmus It is technical, and hard to explain!22:05
gabmusmaujhsn: try to explain it at least22:05
dlamehhh something weird happened and now when I `ls -l` it's all question mark thingys like:   ???     anyone know what to check?22:05
TJ-gabmus: The fact that the older kernel boots successful is a strong indicator that the problem is *not* with the firmware configuration, a Panic with VFS is almost always when the kernel tries to mount the initrd image22:06
Artemis3dlam, type reset22:06
maujhsngabmus ASUS is microsoft software friendly...they are not Linux software friendly if that makes sense to you!22:07
gabmuskernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt22:07
gabmusmaujhsn: im sorry but it doesnt make much sense to me22:07
maujhsnASUS and LINUX just dont like each other!22:07
gabmusTJ-: what am I supposed to do to fix this issue?22:07
gabmusmaujhsn: i was told the exact opposite22:08
TJ-gabmus: Boot to the known-good kernel, then run the command I just recommended and compare the initrd.img* file sizes as I suggested22:08
gabmusTJ-: which command?22:08
TJ-maujhsn: That isn't helpful. Please stick to specific support issues.22:08
maujhsngabmus whoever told you this is wrong!22:09
nevermoreravenI tried to use "firefox -ProfileManager" in terminal without quotes and it just opens the defualt profile instead in enlightenment de but don't have this problem with gnome22:09
TJ-gabmus: "ls -latr /boot/initrd.img*" and compare the file sizes to see if the most recent img file looks a lot different to the others22:09
maujhsngambus Do you have linux installed on your ASUS!22:10
gabmusi think the file sizes are similar, arent they?22:11
joelmodo anyone know if there is a place I can put a xorg.conf under my user directory so that rules are read at login22:11
maujhsngambmus Or are you u running it on a USB?22:11
gabmusits running on the hdd22:12
TJ-gabmus: OK, sizes look to be what to expect, so now try re-generating the suspect initrd.img22:12
TJ-gabmus: which kernel version is it that is failing? -32-generic?22:12
gabmusTJ-: yes22:12
nevermoreravenI tried to use "firefox -ProfileManager" in terminal without quotes and it just opens the defualt profile instead in enlightenment but don't have this problem with gnome22:13
TJ-gabmus: Let's try regenerating it, this at least can rule in/out whether the image is corrupt: "sudo update-initramfs -uv -k 3.13.0-32-generic"22:13
TJ-gabmus: You'll see a lot of messages (due to the -v verbose flag) ... if something goes wrong generating the image it should be obvious22:14
Dragincan anyone help me get past this error? http://pastebin.com/PZzc6b7f22:14
hwildeDragin,   locate rfftw.h22:14
gabmusdone, stuff looks fine22:14
gabmusdo I try to reboot or what?22:15
Draginshould'nt that have been in the tarball for rscw?22:15
TJ-gabmus: OK, try a reboot... if it fails again, try another reboot but that time hold down Shift key as the system starts to get to GRUB boot menu, then choose Advanced sub-menu, and try the Recovery option22:15
hwildeDragin, no it should have been installed when you ran "make" and "make install" for FFTW22:15
gabmusTJ-: recovery with which kernel?22:16
TJ-Dragin: That is a dependency - you have to install the -dev packages of the relevant libraries yourself22:16
gabmusTJ-: same issue, same kernel panic22:16
TJ-gabmus: The one that breaks ... you're hoping to get a better result because Recovery doesn't do so much as a regular start22:16
TJ-gabmus: Are you able to photograph the screen when it happens and upload it for us to view?22:17
gabmusdo i have to take a pic to the kernel panic?22:17
TJ-gabmus: The next suggestion is an extension of the previous 'Recovery' method. In the boot menu, highlight the "Recovery" option then press 'e' to edit it. You'll get a simply text editor, navigate to the line beginning "linux ...", move to the end of the line and add the text "break=premount", then press Ctrl+X to boot the modified entry22:18
TJ-gabmus: This "break=premount" will interrupt execution of the initrd.img file-system's "/init"  shell script, *if* the kernel is getting that far. If this leaves you at a shell prompt it proves the initrd.img is GOOD and we can look for other causes, such as a bad root file-system reference22:19
nevermoreravenI tried to use "firefox -ProfileManager" in terminal without quotes and it just opens the defualt profile instead in enlightenment but don't have this problem with gnome22:20
TJ-nevermoreraven: could "firefox" be a script that ignores that option?22:21
nevermoreravenit works fine in gnome22:21
nevermoreravenbut in enlightenment window manager it doesn't work22:22
nevermoreravenhow would I know it is a script?22:22
TJ-nevermoreraven: show us "which firefox" and "hash -t firefox"22:22
gabmusit seems not to crash22:23
gabmusits stuck at "random: nonblocking pool is initialized" tho22:23
nevermoreravenhash -t firefox doesn't work TJ-22:23
nevermoreravensays it is not found22:23
TJ-nevermoreraven: OK, that rules out the bash shell having cached the path to an incorrect firefox script22:24
TJ-gabmus: OK... that could be good news. You might need to press Enter a couple of times to get a shell prompt. or it may be you need to switch to the VT (virtual terminal) it is on with Alt+F1 or Alt+F7, depending in which is active now22:24
gabmusi am in (initramfs) console22:25
TJ-gabmus: That is great :)22:25
TJ-gabmus: OK, I've just read the photo - thanks for that, it's very useful, it has pinpointed the cause.22:25
gabmusbecause my next hope is archbang xD22:26
TJ-gabmus: The panic is caused in the RTL driver's interrupt handler, I assume that system has a Realtek network device?22:26
gabmusyes, exactly22:26
gabmusdo i need a driver for it or what?22:26
TJ-gabmus: OK... this might not solve the problem permanently, but... if the cable is connected to the port (assuming it isn't WiFi!), try booting with the cable disconnected. That should prevent the card receiving interrupts22:27
maujhsngabmus Your wasting your time w/ this!22:27
gabmusoki doki22:27
stylesI've been running the open source drivers for my Radeon HD 7870 for some time. I wanted to try the closed sourced ones by AMD (because I'm going to start playing Dota and do see some issues with the open source ones). Do you recommend installing them from the AMD site or via the "Additional Drivers"22:28
TJ-gabmus: Arghhh no, stop22:28
x_roothello, just a doubt about bash, to open a program is just write the program command and.. that's it right?22:28
TJ-gabmus: I just did "modinfo rtl8221ae" and it reports it is a PCI WiFi device!22:28
gabmusTJ-: i get a kernel panic in fact22:28
x_rootlike, if everytime the sessio start i want to open "thunderbird" i put the *.desktop of the program in the .sh and.. that's it.. right?22:28
stylesx_root, depends if the program is in your path?22:29
gabmusTJ-: what hopes do i have?22:29
TJ-gabmus: Is it possible you can disable wireless radio with a hardware kill switch? I'm trying to find away to get you started with the latest kernel so we can do direct diagnosis22:29
x_rootmy path styles? "/home/$USER"?22:29
gabmusso i cant use wifi?22:29
gabmusnor ethernet?22:29
stylesx_root, type env22:29
TJ-gabmus: Well, the fact it boots fine with the older kernel means either there is a regression in the rtl8221ae driver, or something else has changed in the configuration for the more recent initrd22:30
maujhsnmaujhsn :)22:30
gabmusTJ-: if i use the older kernel, the wifi doesnt work correctly22:30
TJ-gabmus: You can use Ethernet... but try disabling the Wifi radio, in case it helps22:30
ObrienDavegabmus, calm down, be patient, let TJ- help you22:30
x_rootstyles, did.. and now?22:30
x_rootmandatory path?22:31
TJ-gabmus: OK ... well that sort-of points to the kernel driver being broken even more... maybe this later kernel was thought to fix the known bugs but just hits other more serious bugs.22:31
DraginWOW! To have been such a small file, it took forever to make!22:31
TJ-gabmus: My first step now would be to suggest we blacklist that kernel module so it isn't loaded... then you can boot into the more recent kernel safely, and we can work from there22:31
Jammerx2There's a window that I move partially off screen (the title bar only) by alt + dragging. Whenever the window loses focus it shifts it down and to the right, is there any easy way to combat that?22:31
TJ-gabmus: boot into the older kernel, and at a terminal do: "echo 'blacklist rtl8221ae' | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl8221ae.conf"22:33
nevermoreravenTJ- what should I do?22:33
TJ-gabmus: Then, all being well, you can safely boot into the newer kernel (without the WiFi for now) so we can investigate more22:33
maujhsngabmus What model ASUS do you have?22:33
TJ-nevermoreraven: I'm not sure, if you are executing the regular firefox executable  the only explanation that makes sense would be a typo in the command line22:34
nevermoreraveni see22:34
TJ-maujhsn: if you read the kernel panic you'd see it is a X551MA with BIOS revision 40222:35
gabmuscommand done, do i reboot now?22:36
daftykinsTJ-: for assistance with gabmus' issue, it's the kernel... bug 134127522:36
ubottubug 1341275 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Gigabyte GB-BXi7-4470R] Kernel panic in rtl8821ae" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134127522:36
TJ-daftykins: Thanks, I'd just hit that :)22:36
gabmuso_o now i get some awkward kind of error im not quite able to identify22:37
adymitrukwhy does the browser resolve a domain, but nslookup can't?22:37
rypervencheadymitruk: What command are you running with nslookup?22:37
TJ-gabmus: OK, a fix is to use the latest stable upstream kernel22:37
Basketballwhen i run apt-get update i get W: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/dists/testing/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]22:38
gabmuswooohoo! nice! :D now, how do i do that :322:38
TJ-gabmus: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds22:38
adymitrukrypervenche: ^^^22:38
bram__anyone who has an idea, i'm trying to install ubuntu server on 2 ssd's with a software raid. In the installer i only see 1 disk, if i open a terminal window and do dmesg | grep sd i see the 2 disks22:38
guest683can you read that?22:38
TJ-gabmus: install the recommended packages in that article from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.16-utopic/22:38
gabmusthank you, just let me try! btw will my wifi work this way?22:39
rypervencheadymitruk: That page is not loading for me, possibly blocked by my work. Can you use a different pastebini site please?22:39
TJ-gabmus: Yes22:39
MoProductionsI’m almost embarassed to ask, but I can see a file called profiler.dat in my window, but can’t seem to get a terminal to find it with the find command.  I’m actually looking for a different file but was using that as a test case.  Is tehre a simple “just look thru the whole system and show me where every file named “foo” is”?22:39
daftykinsguest683: didn't see a first message, no. ask a question if you have one22:39
adymitrukrypervenche: that's because it's supposed to be local network only22:39
adymitruknslookup works for google.com and others22:40
daftykinsMoProductions: "man find"22:40
rypervencheadymitruk: Well I'll need to see what you're typing and your error in order to be able to help.22:40
rypervencheadymitruk: Ah, it just loaded.22:40
bram__hmm, never mind looks fixed after deleting the software raidsets, however i did dd if=/dev/random on all the disks and created a blank partition22:40
MoProductionsi’m a bit new to linux and the man page + other websites couldn’t answer my questions22:41
DraginHow do I give myself permissions to do what needs to be done to these folders please? http://pastebin.com/ncCarRJh22:41
rypervencheMoProductions: You can type "sudo updatedb" then "locate blah" will give you everything you need.22:41
gabmusso i have to install the image and headers deb for amd64?22:41
rypervencheMoProductions: If you need it to grab something case insensitive, use "locate -i blah"22:42
rypervencheadymitruk: And you're using "api.stackato-t3xs.local" in your browser?22:42
maujhsngambus i386!22:42
gabmusi have amd6422:42
MoProductionsrypervenche: Ahhhh….”locate”….that seemed to work out great even without the -i.  Didn’t know about that command, thank you.22:42
adymitrukrypervenche: https://22:43
rypervencheDragin: You need to have root permissions to be able to add anything to /usr/local.22:43
adymitrukbut yes22:43
gabmusand what about the all package? do i have to install that too?22:43
TJ-gabmus: Correct, the -generic_amd64.deb and and _all.deb22:43
gabmusso 3 debs?22:43
TJ-gabmus: correct22:43
gabmussorry if i may sound ripetitive, but i just have to make sure :322:43
TJ-gabmus: You're quite right to query if you are unsure :)22:43
Draginso then I need to do the make install as root then?22:43
rypervencheadymitruk: What does "dig api.stackato-t3xs.local" give you? Also try it without the .local. I believe it is probably using mDNS since it's a .local address, so dig/nslookup probably won't work for that.22:44
rypervencheDragin: Yes, unless you decide to play it somewhere else on your system. I'd recommend using "sudo checkinstall" instead though, because it will create a deb package and install it for you.22:44
skypcehello people22:44
rypervencheDragin: It doesn't always work, but when it does, it makes it easy to remove the package from your system :)22:45
Draginthanks =)22:45
gabmusdone, im rebooting22:45
skypcewhich package has  gtk-update-icon-cache ?22:45
daftykinsskypce: is that a file? use apt-file22:45
OerHeks!find gtk-update-icon-cache22:46
adymitrukrypervenche: ^^22:46
ubottuFile gtk-update-icon-cache found in libgtk-3-0, libgtk-3-0-dbg, libgtk-3-bin, libgtk-3-doc, libgtk2.0-0, libgtk2.0-0-dbg, libgtk2.0-bin, libgtk2.0-doc22:46
gabmusoh my god it actually works, im so happy right now T.T22:46
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skypcegreat thank you22:46
DraginI typed sudo -v, gave my password... still gives the same error22:46
=== matthewvz is now known as Guest51721
gabmusthank you very much guys, particularly thank you TJ, you've been very very helpful <322:46
TJ-gabmus: it works?22:47
adymitrukrypervenche: same thing for without the api, without the local and without both22:47
TJ-gabmus: Great :) I'm just figuring out what the bug is in the driver now22:47
gabmusthe os booted and everything looks fine, lemme just check the wifi22:47
Dragincommand not found on the xudo checkinstall22:47
Draginsudo even22:47
gabmusmeh, wifi is still not working ;I22:47
rypervencheadymitruk: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.local22:48
rypervencheadymitruk: "Although .local is an officially reserved Special-Use Domain Name[6] and such host names will never be resolvable by the global Domain Name System, a considerable proportion of the queries submitted to it do specify that pseudo-TLD.[7]"22:48
adymitrukrypervenche: so how does the browser resolve it then?22:48
rypervencheadymitruk: If you want something resolveable, try a non .local address and see if that works for you.22:49
qtrainhaving trouble with npm  Node is installed correctly but when i try to run npm i get Error: ENOENT, stat '/../../.node'  Any ideas22:49
qtrain ?22:49
adymitrukrypervenche: can't change it22:49
rypervencheadymitruk: It can resolve, but it uses multicast DNS to do it, not DNS, which is what nslookup uses.22:49
rypervencheadymitruk: Let me see if I can find something that will work for you.22:49
=== Cygnus_ is now known as new-nick
TJ-gabmus: in what way "not working" ? "tail -n 1000 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit" will help us here22:49
adymitrukrypervenche: thanks.. I'll google some more and come back22:49
maujhsngabmus Why am I not getting through to you that ASUS is more Microsoft Windows friendly not LINUX!22:50
rypervencheadymitruk: Also, where do you have the domain's DNS record? Is it on that machine or on another machine?22:50
adymitrukrypervenche: another machine22:51
gabmusTJ-: the wifi just doesnt work... but i remember i blacklisted the driver, so im deleting the .conf file that blacklists the wifi driver and im trying again22:51
adymitrukI think it's the last machine that's a windows service22:51
rypervencheadymitruk: Well nslookup was querying that machine itself. (
TJ-gabmus: hahaha yeah, I forgot that! I hope it boots :)22:51
=== weltardt is now known as albortcha
qtrainalso, this is output if I try and run sudo apt-get install npm.  Says I've held broken packages.  Can anyone help me fix?22:51
rypervencheadymitruk: Check your /etc/resolv.conf22:51
gabmusok, it boots, but the wifi is still not working :\22:51
adymitrukrypervenche: interesting22:52
rypervencheIt's going to take a minute for that to load for me :/22:52
adymitrukrypervenche: weird.. I'm seeing it quick..22:53
maujhsngabmus I've had the same issues with my older model ASUS, and not getting wifi to work!22:53
adymitrukrypervenche: can you curl https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/B5wlCTCc22:53
=== albortcha is now known as oddjob
rypervencheadymitruk: It's my work blocking it. I just created a tunnel and can see it now. So your DNS servers are local, so you either need to have the address in /etc/hosts or it won't resolve.22:53
gabmusany idea to make the wifi work?22:54
=== oddjob is now known as weltardt
rypervencheadymitruk: So you'll probably want to change what your nameserver(s) should be.22:54
adymitrukrypervenche: catch-22.. I'm trying to use the DNS entry to get the IP22:54
rypervencheadymitruk: That's not a catch 22, put your DNS server's IP in your resolv.conf.22:55
TJ-gabmus: Right, the rtl8821ae driver is the Linux kernel staging tree. That is for poor quality drivers, often from manufacturers, that are candidates to be cleaned up so they can join the mainline drivers. So, you can consider the driver currently experimental (at least for the 3.13 kernel version in Trusty)22:55
maujhsnLucky for me I own an old HP laptop w/ AMD technolgy as well!22:55
TJ-gabmus: in what way "not working" ? "tail -n 1000 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit" will help us here22:55
adymitrukrypervenche: so how ever the browser is managing to find the IP, I need to do the same22:55
=== weltardt is now known as blbofjd
rypervencheadymitruk: Your browser is probably using mDNS, like I said, so it is using a multicast request to find the IP. nslookup won't do that.22:55
funhey folks who have used ovh here?22:56
rypervencheadymitruk: It's only able to do that because of the .local ending.22:56
gabmushttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7983609 sorry22:56
rypervenchefun: I've got OVH.22:56
adymitrukrypervenche: so what can I use from the command line to find it?22:56
gabmusthe wifi doesnt work meaning that it doesnt detect any wifi network around while im like 30cm far from the router22:56
adymitrukrypervenche: is there some mdns alternative to nslookup?22:56
d4rks1d3rHi, anyone with good experience in Ubuntu? Namely the bootup process?22:56
funrypervenche: I got  idea to try and create snapshot of VPS 1 and restore to VPS2, would it work? customer service saying yes and now22:57
rypervencheadymitruk: Try ping?22:57
d4rks1d3rI have a very strange issue, and I hope somebody can crack this riddle :)22:57
Beldard4rks1d3r, Many, what is the issue?22:57
funthis way I can spin more ready made ubuntu instances :D22:57
maujhsngabmus Try the latest linux mint instead you may have better luck with it installed on your ASUS!22:57
gabmusd4rks1d3r: write the whole problem in one message please22:57
gabmusmaujhsn: its ubuntu based :I22:57
maujhsnBut better22:58
gabmusmaujhsn: im not quite sure there isnt a way to make wifi work in ubuntu if there is on mint22:58
Beldarmaujhsn, please opinions to yourself.22:58
adymitrukrypervenche: ping works :)22:59
d4rks1d3rHere goes: I installed Ubuntu 14.04 server - no GUI - during the boot, the screen goes blank (no video input). However, everything else works fine, i can ssh and do whatever22:59
rypervencheadymitruk: Also, you could do "dig @ -p 5353 api.stackato-t3xs.local"22:59
adymitrukwhat's so special about 224. ip?23:00
rypervencheadymitruk: That uses the multicast address.23:00
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maujhsngabmus Linux Mint works w/ wifi on my old ASUS!23:00
TJ-gabmus: Thanks. It seems the driver for the RTL8221ae has been asked to scan for networks, and is in a loop switching between 2.4GHz and 5.xGHz frequency bands ("rtl8821ae-0:rtl8821ae_phy_switch_wirelessband():<0-0> 5G")23:00
rypervencheadymitruk: is the multicast DNS address.23:00
adymitrukrypervenche: ok.. that worked23:00
d4rks1d3rI forgot, also when I shut it down, it freezes during the process23:00
l337_can someone help me please? I'm having problems with ssh access. It stopped working for me (using terminal on mac). ssh: connect to host **.***.**.** port 22: Connection refused23:01
=== l337_ is now known as l337
Beldard4rks1d3r, If you have ssh reload the mbr with grub23:01
adymitrukrypervenche: does nslookup have a similar functionality?23:01
funl1337 try another machine23:01
funalso reboot u ubuntu box23:01
gabmusTJ-: any idea?23:01
rypervencheadymitruk: I would hope so. I don't use nslookup. I'd recommend using dig, but I'd have to check the man page to figure it out.23:02
skypce!find appstream-glib23:02
d4rks1d3rBeldar: if it was a grub problem, it wouldnt boot to the point to be accessable23:02
ubottuPackage/file appstream-glib does not exist in trusty23:02
Beldard4rks1d3r, Okay you're the expert. ;)23:02
funrypervenche: any ideas about restoring snapshop to vps 2?23:02
adymitrukrypervenche: if dig is better, I'm not going to worry about it.. I'll read up on it and use it23:02
funon ovh :)23:02
adymitrukrypervenche: thank you very much! You've saved me a day23:02
l337fun: done, same thing23:03
rypervenchefun: I don't use a VPS with them. I'm not sure what hypervisor they use on their end. You'd probably have to ask them, and even then they may not know. :P23:03
TJ-gabmus: I'd like some proof that driver ever works first - someone else that can use it. With it being in staging, and looking at the recent commits affecting it, I think I'd consider it mostly 'broken' :)23:03
rypervencheadymitruk: Anytime :)23:03
funrypervenche: yes they dont know :) they use VMware something hypervisors23:03
l337what the hell, I didn't change anything23:03
funl337: then access via console23:04
funand issue service ssh restart something like that23:04
gabmusTJ-: so no way my wifi will work anytime soon right?23:04
d4rks1d3rBeldar: I'm asking...Trying to understand, however it's worth the shot - what should I use to update MBR?23:04
funrestart ssh service23:04
rypervenchefun: SSH is apparently no longer accepting requests on that port from your machine. I'd do a telnet from another machine to see if it's listening for other IPs. If not, then you'll need to get console access to the machine.23:05
Beldard4rks1d3r, grub-install /dev/sdX X is the HD and needs root or sudo.23:05
rypervenchel337: ^ rather23:05
Beldard4rks1d3r, Than update-grub same root or sudo23:05
idefinehi, where can I specify options for upstart? Specifically I'd like to set a value for --logdir23:06
TJ-gabmus: It is asked to scan by wpa_supplicant: "00:51:17 GabMus-Asus-X551MA wpa_supplicant[775]: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-STARTED " ... but just keeps flipping between frequency bands.23:06
gabmuscant i force one frequency manually?23:07
TJ-gabmus: There are some new parameters that can be passed to the module to modify its behaviour; I'm checking on what they might do to help, now23:08
l337rypervenche: I have console access to it23:08
gabmusthank you kindly :323:08
l337rypervenche: what do I do?23:08
TJ-gabmus: oooo... firmware! can you "grep firmware /var/log/dmesg | pastebinit" ?23:08
gabmussure just a sec23:09
d4rks1d3rBeldar: same issue23:09
nevermoreravenon them x pills23:09
nevermoreravenkeep it real23:10
l337rypervenche: I did a restart "sudo service ssh restart"23:10
nevermoreravenyou know what I am saying?23:10
l337“stop: Unknown instance: ssh start/running, process 1637”23:10
l337this is what I got back23:10
skypcehelp me23:11
skypcei am trying to compile gnome-software 3.14.323:11
d4rks1d3rany other suggestions?23:11
skypcei am trying to compile gnome-software 3.13.4 say sorry23:11
skypcei have this error23:11
skypce trying to overwrite '/usr/local/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled', whic23:11
skypceh is also in package gtk+ 3.13.1-123:11
skypcedpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)23:11
blbofjdyes, it works23:11
l337fuck, not even ssh is working23:12
l337"ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused"23:12
TJ-gabmus: does this show a file: "ls -l /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8821aefw.bin"  ?23:12
funrypervenche: I called OVH support they said atm its not on23:13
funin future they might enable it23:13
mikeg3Hi something is messed up with the way I log in…I think I am auto logging in…I am no longer prompted for a password in Ubuntu 14.1023:14
funfolks what would be the easiest way to copy entire Ubuntu install from 1 VPS to another?23:14
gabmusTJ-: yes, the file is there23:14
TJ-gabmus: OK, we need to get confirmation the driver did load it: "pastebinit /var/log/dmesg" please23:15
ObrienDave!language | l33723:16
ubottul337: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:16
suncokrethow can i change screen resoluton in log on screen?23:17
TJ-gabmus: For Your Information :) "[   13.738475] rtl8821ae: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned."23:18
gabmusmeh, i know it, i installed a staging kernel, right?23:18
svenxgabmus: i have the same card, in my asus.. something. htpc-thingie. i have to blacklist it on the kernel command line to make the kernel not panic23:19
svenxgabmus: you make it boot without blacklisting? (tons of scrollback to read)23:20
svenxi'm hitting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/132774123:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1327741 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel panic on driver rtl8821ae" [Low,Incomplete]23:20
TJ-gabmus: ahah! "rtl8821ae_module_init+0x2b/0x1000 [rtl8821ae]" ... there's a crash caused by this module, in cfg80211 around time "[   14.019892]"23:20
gabmusTJ-: what am i supposed to do then?23:21
TJ-gabmus: Not a staging kernel, no. You've installed the latest mainline kernel... but this particular driver is in the kernel's 'staging' source-code tree because it is not up to quality - Relatek dumped it there and expect kernel devs to tidy up their mess23:21
TJ-gabmus: Complain to RealTek about the poor state of their drivers, and otherwise, wait23:21
gabmusaw, what a mess23:21
gabmusdo i have to wait then?23:22
lawltoadwhats the diff between /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/tasks and /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/cgroup.proc23:24
TJ-gabmus: Lots of similar bug reports around, you're not the only one affected. There's a post on the linux-wireless mailing list reporting it, but no follow-up there23:24
Red_MistAny good "how to linux" pages out there?23:25
svenxgabmus: maybe check recent commits to see if they mention the issue. https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/log/drivers/staging/rtl8821ae23:25
livthekidtry the ask ubuntu23:25
TJ-svenx: I've already done that23:25
svenxTJ-: ok23:26
nevermoreravenTJ- I have an ubuntu based distro on 12.04 how can I make a script know that it is ubuntu 12.04?23:26
TJ-svenx: gabmus has the lastest kernel23:26
nevermoreravenI can't get it to work says it can't detect my version23:26
gabmusyep... what if i get an usb wifi dongle? could it work?23:26
skypcehey guys, do you can tell me if gnome-software package is working ¿? skypce-sandbox.com23:26
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TJ-gabmus: You should make a bug report to the kernel developers, against the linux-wireless sub-section, for this. there are currently none filed: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=specific&order=relevance%20desc&bug_status=__all__&product=Networking&content=rtl8821ae&list_id=36297123:28
TJ-gabmus: Yes, if the device has a good driver23:28
gabmusok... thats not the best solution but *sigh* i see no other chance23:29
gabmusor... i can return the laptop and get something else... do you have good experience with hp notebooks?23:29
delinquentmeso I want to make a loop which takes an input of 7 .... and evaluates that variable to 01, 02,03,04,05,06,0723:30
nevermoreravenhow do I spoof what my OS and version is?23:31
Red_MistOkay, I answered my own question.. also.. this is awesome.. it should be in irc header! http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/03/2400-introduction-to-linux-course-will-be-free-and-online-this-summer/23:32
OerHeksRed_Mist, check out http://fullcirclemagazine.org/23:34
TJ-gabmus: I wouldn't be surprised if this is fixed inside 2 or 3 months23:34
Red_MistOerHeks: thanks, will check it out.23:35
theevil24aoe quien habla español23:35
l337can anyone please try and ssh
gabmusTJ-: really? so its better if i wait?23:35
gabmuswhat would *you* do?23:35
TJ-delinquentme: "for a in {1..7}; do printf "%02d\n" $a; done"23:36
mikeg3How can I troubleshoot Ubuntu 14.10 not requiring a password when I log in?23:36
Daekdroom!ubuntu+1 | mikeg323:37
ubottumikeg3: Utopic Unicorn is the codename for Ubuntu 14.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+123:37
TJ-gabmus: I'd get a (cheap) wifi dongle for now and be patient :)23:37
OerHeksmikeg3, go into system sttings > accounts> there you can manage autologin23:37
TJ-gabmus: You have an otherwise excellent PC ... these are the things we in the Linux community have to put up with, because of the Microsoft monopoly on PCs23:37
Basketballwhen i run apt-get update i get W: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/dists/testing/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]23:37
gabmusTJ-: i am used to self built desktop pcs, there arent any issues with my desktop pc so far, so im not used to this kind of problems :\23:38
mikeg3OerHeks: Been to settings accounts, Autologin is already off.23:38
gabmusi think ill just wait then... thank you very much for all the effort you put in helping me23:38
TJ-gabmus: There are some hardware manufacturers that do no provide any linux driver supprt, although they are getting rarer now. Most commodity hardware gets drivers (even if they have to be reverse-engineered by the community) eventually23:40
gabmusone last thing: how can i check if this issue is solved over time? do i have any reference page i can watch?23:40
TJ-gabmus: You remember the Mainline Kernel Builds wiki page I pointed you to? Bookmark it, and check back every month or so to look at the recent mainline builds in the PPA ... as work on kernel version 3.17 gets underway there will be a series of Release Candidate builds available... rc1, rc2, ... etc, until the final 3.17 is released. When you see a new one, install it and test. If it works great, if there are problems, revert to the previous stable release (3.1623:42
TJ-in this example)23:42
TJ-gabmus: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds23:42
mikeg3sorry for typo using 14.0423:43
gabmusperfect, thank you :)23:43
mikeg3How can I troubleshoot Ubuntu 14.04 not requiring a password when I log in?  Even though I want to type one.  Autologin is off.23:46
Daekdroommikeg3, does your user account have a password set for it?23:48
mikeg3Yes it does, although I had to do a lost password reset procedure23:49
TeraJLwhich KDE distro based on ubuntu you guys USE?23:49
DaekdroomTeraJL, there is Kubuntu.23:49
mikeg3then the problem started23:49
TeraJLi see so many rage about kubuntu that's why i've asked..23:50
DaekdroomTeraJL, I'm afraid your question is offtopic for this channel.23:50
Daekdroommikeg3, Can you go to system settings > user accounts and check whether the account has a password?23:50
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Guest97136I am having trouble with "apt-get update", can anyone help?23:51
mikeg3If I am there, how can you tell if the password is already set.  I see dots, I assume password is set.23:51
TeraJLDaekdroom: i understand that, can you tell me a channel that may be best, and possibly ubuntu related?23:52
DaekdroomYes, I believe that indicates the password is set.23:52
gabmusg2g guys, its been a pleasure23:52
gabmusagain thank you everybody, see you soon!23:52
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DaekdroomTeraJL, there is a Ubuntu offtopic chatter channel in #ubuntu-offtopic. You may or may not get answer for your question there.23:53
mikeg3I do not have to type an initial password though, just a mouseclick to log in.23:53
=== baver is now known as bavery
Daekdroommikeg3, try setting the password again, then.23:53
DaekdroomIt'll ask for your current password, if the old password doesn't work, then it's probably a blank password since the lost password procedure.23:53
mikeg3ok brb to set password23:54
Guest97136I am unable to update my repositories23:56
Guest97136I get error:  I am having trouble with "apt-get update", can23:56
Bashing-omGuest97136: :" I am having trouble" is broad .. are there specifics we can work with ?23:56
Guest97136E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.23:56
Guest97136 have tried updating software resources23:56
wehdedoes anyone else use 14.04 and pulseaudio with network playback?23:57
Guest97136there when I try to select best server I get an error23:58
Guest97136asking me to check my connection23:58
Guest97136I can very well surfvia browser23:58
Bashing-omGuest97136: Let's look at the source.list file .. -> cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit , tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit<-, See if we can see the error of the package manager's ways.23:59

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