havarkanetlar, i dont know, try askubuntu.com00:00
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expungenetlar: what's the package name? (dpkg -l | grep -i chrome)00:00
netlarhavarka: See, this is what I still get after uninstalling Google Chrome http://imgur.com/hvonYjr00:01
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havarkanetlar, i understand but cannot help you00:03
netlarhttp://pastebin.com/2r5KYkNf this it what I get when I run dpkg00:03
eeeearooni-mobile: you good?00:03
OerHeksnetlar, that openchrome driver has nothing to do with chrome browser, that is oke00:05
havarkahe just unninstaled chrome, so that command its not gonna show anything00:05
theapantjoin #America00:05
netlarOerHeks: Great, but that is all I get when I run the dpkg command00:05
netlarI just seems like some kind of application shortcut00:06
netlarHow can I find that00:06
OerHeksbut you just removed chrome, not logged out yet, so the folder cache still gives you an icon, what leads to nothing as you already found out00:06
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netlarok, let me log out00:07
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arooni-mobileeeee, i need ot eat something00:07
arooni-mobileill let u know00:07
arooni-mobilewhen i get back00:07
arooni-mobilein any case00:07
arooni-mobilethanks for all the help00:07
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eeeeok, np00:08
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SthNotTakenAlrighty guys, I'm still having trouble: http://paste.ee/p/BRovI. The requested URL /support/setup/ was not found on this server.00:10
netlarOk, that worked, the empty link is no longer there00:10
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netlarSo the purge command removes the PPA also?00:11
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netlarThanks guys for all your help00:13
netlarMaybe I just needed to log out in the first place00:15
havarkano, purge remove config files as well not only app itself00:18
ThaSwapMeetPimpxscreensaver and minidlna wont autostart at boot, and manage launcher will make launchers but you cant edit them in the app, any clues on these problems in 14.04?00:28
MDTech-us_MANwhat would I use to monitor every command a user executes?00:31
MDTech-us_MANfyi: I am root00:31
OerHeksminidlna starts on login, afaik00:31
ThaSwapMeetPimpno it doesnt thats the problem00:31
ThaSwapMeetPimpwhenever it is supposed to autostart, it doesnt00:32
ThaSwapMeetPimplook, be technical all you want pretty sure after my last comment you know what i meant00:32
walshbotwalshbot...dude...welcome back!00:32
walshbot¿Public que?00:33
walshbot¿Public que?00:33
walshbot¿Public que?00:33
walshbotCrazyEddy...dude...welcome back!00:33
ThaSwapMeetPimpdid you really chime in with 0 constructive information to be anal about boot or login?00:33
evil_dan2wikI need to share a 3G internet connection with a wifi adhoc network, how do I do this?00:33
walshbot¿Public que?00:33
walshbot¿Public que?00:33
ThaSwapMeetPimpapparently so00:36
qwerkushello. I'm getting random crashes which completely freeze my desktop. My guess is that compiz+nvidia 340 drivers do not work well together00:38
qwerkussince I'm stuck with 340 for cuda tools, what are my options ?00:39
qiqqwerkus: what ?!00:39
qwerkusWhat what ? Which part do you want me to further explain ?00:41
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Snake2kqwerkus: Are you using Unity? (If yes, have you tried resetting unity?)00:42
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qwerkusSnake2k: till now yes. But to have this chat running smoothly, I had to kill compiz, which also kills unity00:42
kristenbbhow can i use my swap partition ?00:43
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.00:43
eeeekristenbb:  by use you mean...?00:43
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kristenbbeeee: i mean I have created a swap partition, but free still shows 0 swap00:44
Snake2kqwerkus: Damn :| I personally would try resetting unity ("dconf reset -f /org/compiz/" [provided that you have dconf-tools and you have ubuntu 13.04+])00:44
OerHekskristenbb, open 100 webpages00:44
eeeehold on00:44
kristenbbeeee: swapon works, but i don't want to have to manually set it00:44
eeeeyou have to add to fstab00:44
kristenbbeeee: i already have an entry there, but i think it's not enough00:45
Snake2kqwerkus: That resets unity and compiz00:45
qwerkus<Snake2k> ok, go for a reset00:45
kristenbbeeee: the entry says /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 000:45
qwerkusrestarting x, see ya in a min00:45
Snake2kqwerkus: Alright00:46
eeeekristenbb: sudo update-initramfs -u00:46
eeeeah hold on00:47
eeeethat's for using the swap for hibernation00:47
qwerkusno sure the reset worked: i still have my custom launchers on the bar00:47
Snake2kqwerkus: I'd also take a look at logs like /var/log/xorg.whatever.it.is and /var/log/daemon.whatever00:48
Snake2kqwerkus: What custom launchers? -_-00:48
Snake2kqwerkus: lol00:48
eeeeyou're supposed to modify /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume with RESUME=UUID=<UUIDhere> , then update-initramfs00:48
qwerkusSnake2k: blender launcher :) xorg logs a lot of nvidia errors00:49
eeeekristenbb: when you reboot free -m doesn't show anything?00:49
trismqwerkus: favorites use a different set of keys in dconf00:49
Snake2kqwerkus: Aaahhhh, could you post the logs for me?00:49
kristenbbeeee: well it does show something, but no swap ;)00:49
eeee* update-initramfs -u00:49
eeeekristenbb: i guess it's to do with that it's encrypted00:50
qwerkus<trism> thanks, that means the reset might have worked00:50
kristenbbeeee: the home is encrypted, yes. but so what should I do ?00:51
qwerkus<Snake2k> since the restart, I have no errors to report. If it crashes again, I will post them00:51
Snake2kqwerkus: Well, that's good news... I guess... lol00:51
* Snake2k hugs haosul_nebun.00:52
haosul_nebunsoy nuevo en ubuntum y acabo de instalar el so00:52
haosul_nebunalquien me podiar aconsejar...00:52
Snake2khaosul_nebun: I have no idea what you just said...00:52
eeee!es | haosul_nebun00:52
ubottuhaosul_nebun: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:52
qwerkus<Snake2k> dunno. Yesterday, all seemed fine when I finally got blender to recon my cuda gpu. And today, bam: random crashes00:52
Snake2kqwerkus: It could be blender... Custom launchers used to make my life hell.00:53
kristenbbeeee: so what should I do to be able to use my swap ?00:53
qwerkus<Snake2k> nah. This is basically just a console showing up, with blender in debug mode00:53
Snake2kHmmmm weird00:53
Snake2kLet me know if you get hit by another crash, the logs could help pin point the problem.00:54
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ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:55
ubottuŽiadame slovenských používateľov aby v kanáli #ubuntu hovorili po anglicky. Slovensky a česky sa dohovoríte v #ubuntu-cz.00:55
OerHekskristenbb, seen this wiki ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnableHibernateWithEncryptedSwap00:55
kristenbbOerHeks: my question is not about hibernate, it's just about using swap00:55
qwerkussure. Crossing fingers here. I even launched some flash vids, which used to be a good crash trigger. What I definitely don't get, is why an X crash would freeze the entire comp. ctrl+alt+f1 tty just wouldn't respond anymore.00:56
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mattxtnkristenbb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/463661/encrypted-swap-partition-for-14-0400:56
Snake2kqwerkus: That doesn't even respond? :|00:56
Snake2kqwerkus: Weird++ :|00:56
qwerkusah: here we go. Firefox just crashed again.00:57
qwerkusno complete freeze though this time00:57
kristenbbmattxtn: i had seen this link but i wasn't sure what to do after reading it ?!00:58
qwerkusxorg didn't log any error this time00:58
felipe__hello hello01:00
felipe__hello hello01:00
Snake2kqwerkus: Well, Firefox crashing shouldn't be Xorg01:02
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qwerkusok, while we're at it, next question: I keep having this notification "an error has occured when checking for updates"; yet console apt-get update works fine01:07
Snake2kqwerkus: that's it?01:08
Beldarqwerkus, post commands and errors in a pastebin01:08
Beldarthe whole terminal session01:08
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qwerkusBeldar: no command error. As stated, apt-get update works just fine. Yet I get this notification in the toolbar. What command is invoked there ?01:09
Beldarqwerkus, a popup?01:10
qwerkusyet, red one way sign01:11
eeeeqwerkus: try to launch it from the terminal, software-properties-gtk01:11
baegleSo this machine has been setup for quite a few years, and Ubuntu hides a lot of details from me. How can I tell if I'm using FDE or not?01:11
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qwerkus<eeee> ha: works, and now it's gone.01:11
blackangelprgreetings all01:13
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qwerkusOh my; all this fancy gui things. I do love automation, and preset config and all that shiny stuff. But sometimes I just miss my fluxbox.01:14
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qwerkus<blackangelpr>: hi01:15
blackangelprqwerkus, 14.01?01:15
Snake2kI think I broke my system :|01:15
blackangelprSnake2k, ?01:15
Snake2kWell... I was setting my desktop up (different system)01:16
Snake2kI used usermod to change my username from old to new and change the /home/old to /home/new01:16
Snake2kNow when I log in to that new user01:16
Snake2kNo windows...01:16
Snake2kI mean the terminal and etc open but no window systems etc...01:16
Snake2kIt's Xubuntu 14.04, just so you guys know :|01:17
blackangelprSnake2k,  next time use the backup tool its way easier XD01:17
Snake2kblackangelpr: Lmao I know, I guess it's just a problem with the DE (xfce) and compiz not starting up or something01:17
qwerkus<Snake2k> maybe just delete the .xsession file in .config ?01:18
Snake2kHa! Yes... Genius :|01:19
qwerkusI have a xubuntu machine, and every dist upgrade messes things up01:19
Snake2kxfwm4 --replace fixed it lol01:19
Snake2kqwerkus: I'll probably do that or something :|01:19
qwerkus<Snake2k> iirc there is an annoying option in xfce, which saves your current desktop settings at each session01:20
eeeeSnake2k: i think you're supposed to soft link your new home to your old home01:21
Snake2kqwerkus: Yea it's all xfce here01:21
eeeeSnake2k: did you ln -s /home/new /home/old ?01:21
Red_Xanyone here know vlc pretty good?01:21
Red_XI am having issues getting it to play a video, it will however play sound.01:21
Snake2keeee: Well, everything is fine really, xfwm and xfce aren't starting up like they should01:22
qwerkus<Red_X> have been using it since bet 0.901:22
dustinspringmanRed_X: coded issue.... VLC will do most everything, but some stuff is still so foreign that you will need to find the EXACT codec for that specific video..01:22
Snake2kbrb all01:22
dustinspringmancodec** not Coded...01:22
Red_Xahh, well its MP401:22
dustinspringmanIt says its MP401:23
Red_Xi downloaded the stuff I had to go into sudo for01:23
Red_Xthe extra stuff, were i had to agree to winblows stuff01:23
dustinspringmanI run into this all the time with asian security DVR's for camera systems...01:23
Red_Xbut i had a wmv file i try to play, and I do have the same issue01:23
dustinspringmanSheriff's all the time calling b/c they need me to find the right codec... VLC gets a lot of them, but still not all..01:23
Red_Xit was working fine for a while, then it just stoped01:24
dustinspringmanhmmm... thats a horse of a different color...01:24
dustinspringmanMight you have processed some updates recently?01:24
dustinspringmanIf so, I recommend uninstall/reinstall VLC completely.. that might help..01:24
Red_Xyes, like 3 days ago someone, i forget who helped me download some codecs and stuff01:24
qwerkus<Red_X> isn't there a simple option in ubuntu allowing you to install proprietary codecs. I remember having selected something like this01:24
Red_Xi have done that01:24
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dustinspringmanthen a lib that VLC is using must be busted..01:25
qwerkus<Red_X> and you are sure the vid is not broken ?01:25
Red_Xits not just one file, its every file i have01:25
tigrangWhen I enable discrete nvidia card, powertop reports lower power usage than if I only have Intel card enabled (seems odd to me). The issue is that resuming from standby fails if I have nvidia card enabled.01:25
dustinspringmansometimes I have luck starting the file in terminal and seeing what the output says about the failures to render..01:25
dustinspringmantigrang: we should be so lucky...01:26
qwerkusRed_X: you tried to launch vlc in a console, and see what it logs ?01:26
tigrangdustinspringman, what do you mean?01:26
Red_XI am not sure how to do that either, to be honest.01:26
dustinspringmantigrang: nvidia card using lower power than the intel.. =D01:26
qwerkus<Red_X> you use nautilus as file browser ?01:26
tigrangdustinspringman, seems odd right? Intel only its 11W, with discrete enabled through BIOS its 7-8W01:27
Red_Xqwerks, i have no idea what you are talking about01:27
dustinspringmantigrang: I've given up trying to get optimus or bumblebee, or whatever to work with my laptop.. I just run intel.. it does pretty well.. though I don't game anymore.. (no time)..01:27
BeldarRed_X, delete the vlc in ~/.config and see if it works better01:27
tigrangdustinspringman, I dont care about the performance lol, I just want the battery life01:27
Red_XI am not sure how to do a lot of things on here, I figured I would try ubuntu, so, I am not sure how to do stuff beldar01:28
Red_XI got tired of winblows always crashing01:28
dustinspringmantigrang: yea, that's why I stuck with the intel.. whenever I enabled the nvidia, my machine would heat up and chew up the battery.. =/01:28
qwerkus<Red_X> ok, I can walk you through the basics01:28
dustinspringmanRed_X: Nautilus is the default file manager..01:28
tigrangdustinspringman, on mine its the opposite tho heh01:28
dustinspringmanRed_X: when you open "home" or "downloads" or anything like that, its the "windows explorer" of Ubuntu01:29
BeldarRed_X, Go to home hit ctrl-h to unhide files go to .config open it and delete the vlc config01:29
dustinspringmantigrang: what kind of laptop and optimus card(s) you got?01:29
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dustinspringmantigrang: I have an Intel HD7000 and Geforce M55501:29
tigrangdustinspringman, lenovo Z50, intel 4400 and nvidia 82001:29
Red_Xbeldar, delete the file vlc in the .config folder?01:30
BeldarRed_M, yes01:30
dustinspringmantigrang: I guess its possible that the nvidia in your machine is simply a more efficient GPU.. I've never seen that before tho.. and I've had about 6 optimus enabled laptops now..01:30
Red_Xok beldar, i moved it to trash01:31
Red_Xand now its emptied, what now?01:31
BeldarRed_X, is vlc closed?01:31
tigrangdustinspringman, I dont think its even in use - I dont have bumblebee or whatever it is, I just enable discrete card in the BIOS and power usage somehow goes down01:31
Snake2kI'm back humans01:31
BeldarRed_X, So now vlc is the same as it would be when installed, see if it works for what you need with it.01:32
dustinspringmanRed_X: something to remember with Ubuntu.. most .config files will rebuild themselves with default values whenever you delete them and then restart the application.. It's a handy trick when you mangle things or bunk updates break things..01:32
tigrangdustinspringman, glxinfo shows OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Haswell Mobile01:32
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Red_Xnow its not doing anything bahaha01:33
Red_Xand in the video player that comes with ubuntu01:33
Red_Xi get no sound, but it plays the video01:33
Red_Xweird, no?01:33
BeldarRed_X, Have you installed the restricted-extras? What are you trying to play, we need details.01:34
Red_Xyes i have01:34
Red_Xthat is what i did like 3 days ago, do i need to do it again now?01:34
dustinspringmantigrang: sounds right.... what FPS you getting?01:35
Beldartwo questions Red_M read carefully and answer01:35
tigrangdustinspringman, im not gaming01:35
dustinspringmantigrang: than you are the luckiest optimus owner I've met! XD01:35
BeldarRed_X, two questions, read carefully and answer01:35
Red_Xyes i did, and its a mp4 flie01:35
tigrangdustinspringman, well if I can get standby to work then I'll agree with you01:36
dustinspringmantigrang: ....hmmm... what was the problem again? Locks up when resuming?01:36
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tigrangdustinspringman, yup01:36
dustinspringmantigrang: 14.04?01:36
tigrangdustinspringman, screen turns on, but capslock/numlock dont toggle (the light for them), and cursor doesnt move01:37
dustinspringmantigrang: you get anything on the screen at all? or just blank? Yea to 14.04?01:37
tigrangYes to 14.04, and screen does turn on, I can see my DE, but its just locked up01:38
qwerkus<tigrang> I had excatly the same error yesterday. Are you using nvidia proprietary drivers ?01:38
tigrangqwerkus, nope, opensource one01:39
qwerkus<tigrang> well, turns out I had to purge nouveau (foss), and install the 340 bin version from nvidia01:39
dustinspringmantigrang: I found a forum post.. people are sayign to use the proprietary.. fixes your issue01:39
dustinspringmantigrang: http://askubuntu.com/questions/455639/ubuntu-14-04-system-freezes-on-wakeup-from-suspended-state01:39
tigrangdustinspringman, ok I'll give it a shot, thanks01:40
dustinspringmantigrang: qwerkus is on the money.. its a bug in the mesa driver.. install proprietary and hope it doesn't eat your batt, or deal with the resume..01:40
qwerkus<tigrang> yes but beware: as told earlier, I got random crashes here, using the very same prop. drivers01:41
tigrangdustinspringman, whered you see the info about it being a bug in mesa?01:42
dustinspringmantigrang: i read the post wrong, that was from 2010.. sorry.. Not a confirmed "bug"...01:44
sabgentonWill ubuntu touch release on  newer phones when utopic comes out?01:47
sabgentonor is there any news rummors etc of when they will look at newer hardware?01:47
dustinspringmantigrang: but it does look like a recurring problem with the mesa drivers and nvidia hardware..01:48
tigrangdustinspringman, im going to try mesa git packages first01:48
tigrangqwerkus, I'll report back if that helps ;)01:48
dustinspringmantigrang: probably a good idea.. as I said.. I've not had luck with nvidia prop drives on my optimus cards... even with bumblebee and all that, never really worked as desired... the only times I could get the FPS, I was frying my hardware.....01:49
qwerkus<tigrang> good idea. Yet I need the nvidia bin anyway for blender01:50
tigrangdustinspringman, you got a laptop and a frying pan for the price of one - think thats a sweeet deal :P01:50
dustinspringmantigrang: pretty expensive frying pan.. luckily I was aware of the potential and only let it run like that for a couple minutes.. when psensor started talking 187deg F', I said "nope"01:51
tigranghmm, sensors shows N/a for nvidia card01:53
beauthegoatanybody here ever used pwauth for apache?01:53
qwerkus<tigrang> doesn't matter. Psensors calls nvidia-smi to get the temp01:54
dustinspringmantigrang: that's not unusual either.. psensors will give you a close enough number.. even though it doesn't report directly from the GPU01:55
dustinspringmanqwerkus: you've got psensors getting GPU temp on nvidia cards?01:56
qwerkus<dustinspringman> sure. I use the latest build.01:57
dustinspringmanqwerkus: what card do you have?01:57
wmantlyDoes any one know hoto remove this awful nouveau driver01:57
wmantlyive tried everything01:57
dustinspringmanqwerkus: I've tried and tried but on optimus enabled laptops, I've never been successful at getting true GPU temp in psensors...01:57
qwerkuswmantly: how about using ubuntu-drivers ?01:58
wmantlyIm server, and yes ive black listed01:58
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wmantlyqwerkus: is that the package name for addition drivers01:59
qwerkusdustinspringman> what do you mean by "true GPU temp" ?01:59
Neldogzwmantly, you have to sudo update-initramfs -u01:59
dustinspringmanqwerkus: as in, the GPU reports N/A for temp.. I only get ambient system temps and CPU core temps..02:00
wmantlyNeldogz: no, what does that doo02:00
qwerkus<wmantly> sudo apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau02:01
qwerkusworks ?02:01
ibmi have for less than 1 week ago installed xubuntu 14.04, now i have finally fixed the wired internet connection and updated and even upgraded all program package but wifi does still not work, can someone help me to fix the wifi?02:01
wmantlyDoes any one know the package name for "additional drivers"02:01
wmantlyqwerkus: tried that too02:01
Neldogzwmantly, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Initramfs02:01
qwerkus<dustinspringman> what does nvidia-settings say ? can you see the temp there ?02:01
Neldogzwmantly,  The initramfs carries the modules needed for mounting your rootfs02:02
Neldogzif you dont update it after your changes.. you aren't loading the new modules..02:02
ibmlike i sad i have xubuntu version 14.04?02:02
dustinspringmanqwerkus: negative.. nvidia-settings won't even work on my current laptop.. .being a lame software based optimus setup, I don't even have the "discrete" option in my bios.... Are you using an optimus laptop or a desktop with a real Nvidia card?02:02
qwerkus<dustinspringman> you tried nvidia-smi ?02:03
Neldogzdustinspringman, use bumblebee02:03
qwerkus<dustinspringman> nah: I have a desktop card02:03
dustinspringmanNeldogz: I've tried bumblebee many many times.. when I can get it to work, it runs the temp WAY WAY up....02:03
dustinspringmanqwerkus: now I understand.. my desktop nvidia card works as expected... the Optimus laptop fakey setup is where I've lost hope... I just leave it with the intel sandybridge drivers now and it's good enough for basic compute..02:04
qwerkus<wmantly> if you purged nouveau, maybe you can just install the proprietary bin ?02:04
Neldogzwmantly, any luck?02:05
wmantlymy install is ubuntu server 12.04, im am trying to use this box to mine, i put a Nvvidia card in there and tried to install there driver, but it wont install from nouveau being there02:06
Neldogzdustinspringman, is bumblebee switching on your discreet graphics only when you game? or is it always on?02:06
wmantlyqwerkus: no, still says no, even after root02:06
wmantlywhat about the GUI to install drivers, whats the name of that02:07
wmantlyi want to try from there02:07
Neldogzso its complaining about noveau existing and wont let you install the nvidia modules/02:07
wmantlyNeldogz: yea, being loaded02:08
wmantlyive blacklisted, removed packages, it always there02:08
ibmi have for less than 1 week ago installed xubuntu 14.04, now i have finally fixed the wired internet connection and updated and even upgraded all program package but wifi does still not work, can someone help me to fix the wifi?02:09
qwerkus software-properties-gtk02:09
ibmlike i sad i have xubuntu version 14.04?02:09
wmantlyqwerkus: thnx02:09
qwerkuslast tab on the right, may take up to half a minute to load the different drivers options02:09
wmantlyqwerkus: no dice, last tab is statics02:10
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qwerkus<wmantly> ?? I got 5 tabs there, first one being "Ubuntu Software", the last being "Additional Drivers"02:12
wmantlyqwerkus: what ubuntu version02:13
wmantlyqwerkus: im on ubuntu 12.04 lts02:13
qwerkusin 12.04, you can use jockey-text --list02:13
qwerkusthe gui is jockey-gtx02:14
ibmi have for less than 1 week ago installed xubuntu 14.04, now i have finally fixed the wired internet connection and updated and even upgraded all program package but wifi does still not work, can someone help me to fix the wifi?02:14
ibmlike i sad i have xubuntu version 14.04?02:14
qwerkus<ibm> what's wrong with the wifi ?02:15
usr13ibm: lspci |grep ireless #What does that say?02:15
ibmqwerkus it does not work02:15
qwerkus<ibm> you tried usr13 command ? What does it say ?02:16
Snake2kI ruined my desktop :D02:16
ibmusr13 no output02:17
Snake2kI love linux :|02:17
qwerkus<Snake2k> again ?02:17
dustinspringman"does not work" is super informative. It will be very difficult for people to help you with that sort of response....02:17
Snake2kqwerkus: Yea but I did something worse lol02:17
Snake2kqwerkus: I just had the "What does this button do?" moment and I removed initramf-tools02:17
usr13ibm: lspci |grep   #Find the line that looks like the WiFi interface and show us.02:17
dustinspringmanibm: does it not detect the card at all? does it not connect to wifi networks it can see?02:17
qwerkus<Snake2k> like sudo rm -rf *02:17
ibmqwerkus usr13 ibm@IBM-ThinkPad-R51e:~$ lspci |grep ireless02:17
Snake2kqwerkus: All I have now is a mem test on that shit lol02:17
usr13ibm: lspci  #Find the line that looks like the WiFi interface and show us.02:17
dustinspringmanibm: you forgot the W in wireless....02:18
dustinspringmanif you grep for ireless, your not going to find much..02:18
usr13ibm: iwconfig |pastebinit #Send us the URL02:18
Snake2kqwerkus: Anyways, I'll catch you later, peace!02:18
wmantlyqwerkus: i think thats was it, thanx02:18
usr13dustinspringman:  Not true02:18
qwerkus<wmantly> np02:18
usr13dustinspringman: Don't need the W02:18
ibmibm@IBM-ThinkPad-R51e:~$ lspci |grep02:18
ibmUsage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...02:18
ibmTry 'grep --help' for more information.02:18
dustinspringmanusr13: that's odd... without the w, I don't get results... with the w I do..02:19
Neldogzwmantly, how did you fix it02:19
ibmwitch page to pastebinit?02:19
qwerkus<ibm>lspci lists your devices, | is a tunneling/redirection, and grep is a filter -02:19
dustinspringmanI have a question!! anyone here installed wine on 14.04? I've got two machines stuck on "applying changes" for like 2hrs now....02:20
wmantlyNeldogz: Did not fixed it yet, found the command to the GUI for installing drivers02:20
cfhowlett!details | dustinspringman,02:21
ubottudustinspringman,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:21
dustinspringmancfhowlett: really....02:21
qwerkus<dustinspringman> ubuntu or wine repos ?02:21
dustinspringmanOkay.. I'm installing WINE via the Ubuntu Software Center.... Its' sitting on "applying changes" for 2hrs now...02:22
Neldogzwmantly, may not be a good idea to install the proprietary drivers from nvidia02:22
wmantlyNeldogz: its a server install with a minimal gnome classic install for x11 forwarding02:22
ibmusr13 qwerkus witch page to pastebinit?02:22
sydneydustinspringman: Strange :-/02:22
wmantlyso, there was not menu option, i have like no menu links02:22
sydneydustinspringman: Can you cancel it yet?02:22
dustinspringmanWelp, I just force quit one of them...02:22
terminatorWhich is better mysql or mongodb?02:22
dustinspringmanand it now shows its "installed"...02:23
OerHeksdustinspringman, see wilt alt-tab if there is an hidden dialog window waiting02:23
qwerkusibm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:23
Neldogzwmantly, ok02:23
dustinspringmanOerHeks: I did that.. nothing in the background I could find..02:23
Neldogzwmantly, in that case do you really need to install the driver?02:23
dustinspringmanForce Quit and re-opening Ubuntu Software Center appears to have got it done.. I'm gonna test some stuff.. BRB02:23
wmantlyNeldogz: coin mining02:24
ibmusr13 qwerkus http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202174/02:24
wmantlywmantly: its a headless server, it didnt even have a gfx card 1hr ago02:25
qwerkusibm: nice little atheros wlan chip you got yourself here. Should work under ubuntu02:25
wmantlyNeldogz: its a headless server, it didnt even have a gfx card 1hr ago02:25
dustinspringmanYep! Its' working... Just seemed odd that both of these fresh 14.04.1 loads hung on "applying changes" on the WINE install, but it actually finished the wine and even got the second download "microsoft windows compatibility layer" as well.. even tho the USC was stuck..02:25
Neldogzwmantly, ah well for coin mining it will be necessary02:26
ibmqwerkus i use xubuntu 14.0402:26
ibmqwerkus not ubuntu but it should be the same02:26
qwerkus<ibm> yes02:26
wmantlyNeldogz: yea, i have several linux installs on a few boxes, mint and ubuntu have been head aches, debian and windows didnt give me an issue02:27
qwerkus<ibm> can you manually set the connection with iwconfig ?02:27
wmantlyqwerkus: sweet, that worked perfect, gave me the newest drive with just a few clicks02:29
wmantlyone other question can i mix and NVidia install and an ADM install?02:30
ibmqwerkus i do not have the wifi network settings like i should between the time clock?02:30
ibmqwerkus how can i get that02:30
Neldogzwmantly, amd?02:31
wmantlyNeldogz: yes amd02:31
Neldogzyou have 2 video cards, one amd and one nvidia on the same box?02:31
qwerkusibm: the desktop applet is caled nm-applet02:31
wmantlythats what was left for this box02:32
wmantlyof what GFX cards i had02:32
Neldogzi am not sure , never tried that actually02:32
wmantlyi think i can02:32
Neldogzyou should be able to ...02:32
ibmqwerkus i do not now how to wifi connect text based02:32
wmantlysince im not using them for graphics02:32
Neldogzit's a struggle to sometimes get one graphics card to work properly.. you are goign for gold02:32
qwerkusibm: http://docs.xubuntu.org/1304/internet-networks.html02:32
qwerkuson my xubuntu box, when autoconfig fails during boot, the xfce won't load the network-manager. I have to load it manually, and than it works just fine02:33
qwerkusibm: sorry, 1404 not 1304 in the link02:34
Neldogzwmantly, i did some quick googling around and it appears that no02:34
Neldogzwmantly, if you can in fact mix both.. it will be with great difficulty02:35
ibmqwerkus i am using the wired connection02:35
ibmqwerkus but i want the wifi connection02:35
wmantlyim going to give it a shot, remember im not using them graphics or monitors02:36
qwerkus<ibm> did you enable wi-fi ?02:36
ibmqwerkus how?02:36
ibmqwerkus i do not now how?02:37
qwerkusit's in the network-manager menu, as explained in the documentation link I sent you02:37
ibmqwerkus i missed it02:37
terminatorShould install mysql or mariadb?02:38
ibmqwerkus can you send it again02:38
qwerkusok folks02:38
qwerkusthat's it for tonight02:38
qwerkussee ya02:38
Neldogzterminator, the one your most comfortable with02:39
oaulakhi have a problem in my ubuntu system, and i'm not able to install any new package02:39
Neldogzterminator, what are you trying to do?02:40
terminatorJust learning sql rdbms02:40
Neldogzwell.. you cant go wrong with mysql02:41
wmantlyoaulakh: what happens02:41
wmantlyi second mysql, used for 10years02:41
terminatorI used mysql in windows but i want to install something else in linux.02:42
boggleVery basic graphics driver question - http://pastebin.com/w4yLC7dE02:42
terminatorI am confused with two mariadb and mongodb02:43
wmantlyo do02:44
SiesmaxerI am unable to see files on the desktop02:44
wmantlyterminator: what do u want to do02:44
Siesmaxeri downloaded a file to desktop and unable to see the file on the desktop02:45
Siesmaxerplease help..02:45
terminatorI also want to install LNMP bundle too because most cms these days are switching from mysql to mariadb.02:45
BeldarSiesmaxer, What ubuntu release?02:45
ibmqwerkus i can not see if it is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/02:45
Neldogzboggle, does your card use optimus?02:45
boggleNeldogz: sorry, i don't know what that is02:46
Neldogzit's a power saving feature.. basically optimus kicks in when it senses a game or an application that makes use of the GPU02:46
=== jack is now known as Guest88669
Neldogzon a laptop for example, on my MSI the power button glows amber when the system is using the GPU.. for example when i launch a game02:47
IC2Dwhy does ubuntu use more battery than windows on my laptop?02:47
Neldogzwhen its not using the GPU it goes back to white.. but all laptops are diffrent02:47
terminatorBecause it is linux.02:47
BeldarSiesmaxer, You have to turn on show files on desktop.02:47
terminatorLinux is server os.02:48
SiesmaxerBeldar, it s the latest 14.0.302:48
IC2Dterminator: could it be perhaps the ACPI drivers are generic?02:48
SiesmaxerBeldar, How do I turn on/02:48
SiesmaxerBeldar, I am new here..02:48
BeldarSiesmaxer, Install unity-tweak I believe there is a control there.02:48
terminatorYeah pc generally are build for windows.02:48
oaulakhi have a problem in my ubuntu 14.04 system, and i'm not able to install any new package02:49
IC2Dterminator: i wanted to reverse engineer an ACPI driver from the toshiba windows driver02:49
oaulakhi have a problem in my ubuntu 14.04 system, and i'm not able to install any new package  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202309/02:49
Neldogzboggle, so in order to enable optimus in Ubuntu you have to install bumblebee02:49
IC2Dterminator: I dont know where to start tbh02:49
Neldogzboggle, so if you havent then that means that the GPU is always enagaged that is of course if you have optimus02:50
terminatorIntel and microsoft work together for building acpi it impossible to reverse enginee.02:50
phat4lifeis it a bad idea to host my own vpn on a maching in my living room? using openvpn?02:50
SiesmaxerBeldar, Unable to install tweak02:50
Neldogzphat4life, no its a good idea02:50
netlarHow bad are ppa's.  I see so many sites that have interesting applications, but you need to add a ppa to get them02:50
Neldogzphat4life, but i would recommend pfsense02:50
Beldar!info unity-tweak02:51
ubottuPackage unity-tweak does not exist in trusty02:51
phat4lifewhat about hosting it in the cloud02:51
Beldar!info tweak02:51
IC2Dterminator: i'm pretty sure I could use a kvm and read the packets coming from guest to host?02:51
phat4lifelike, if i ran opensvn on a linux instance02:51
ubottutweak (source: tweak): Efficient text-mode hex editor. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.01-8 (trusty), package size 45 kB, installed size 148 kB02:51
IC2Dterminator: guest being windows host being ubuntu02:51
Neldogzphat4life, yes thats good too02:51
oaulakhi have a problem in my ubuntu 14.04 system, and i'm not able to install any new package  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202309/02:51
BeldarSiesmaxer, I'm not a unity user so others will have to get you to the on switch for it.02:51
Neldogzphat4life, you have to ask yourself whats the purpose of the VPN02:51
terminatorVirtual machine right?02:52
Beldaroaulakh, Run sudo apt-get update ans pastebin it.02:52
IC2Doaulakh: try using synaptic package manager to get the required depenancies it's much eaier02:53
Neldogzoaulakh, looks like you downloaded a .deb and cant install it because of dependencies?02:53
EternalScholarSo my touch pad just stopped working all of a sudden and I plugged in a usb mouse and it works. How do I get my touchpad to work again? running ubuntu 14.0402:53
phat4lifeNeldogz: this is mostly just a learning exercise02:53
oaulakhcommand not found02:53
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terminatorHa ha02:54
=== themacproguy is now known as Zachary_DuBois
ibmqwerkus i can not see if it is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/02:54
ibmqwerkus i can not see if it is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/02:54
phat4lifeNeldogz: and then convert to a chef recicpe02:54
Beldaroaulakh, use nicks here, what command?02:54
darkangelIs it true of 1 gets alot of Traffic into there website would they be able to be searched on Google?02:55
Beldardarkangel, Not a ubuntu support issue.02:55
teololtoyEternalScholar, don't you have a touchpad Fn button?02:56
EternalScholaryeah, but it doesn't do anything?02:56
Neldogzoaulakh, install gdebi  then install the .deb file using gdebi instead.. this will resolve all the dependencies for you. sudo gdebi package.deb02:56
teololtoyEternalScholar, then maybe someone else could help you.02:57
Neldogzphat4life, yes then at home that would work as long as you have a way to test it02:57
EternalScholaralright yeah.02:57
Neldogzphat4life, test it inbound from outside02:58
BeldarEternalScholar, Preface with nicks please. Have you just tried a reboot or logout?02:58
oaulakhi have not any .deb installation problem02:59
oaulakhi just cant install softwares from apt02:59
Neldogzoaulakh, whats the error you get?02:59
EternalScholarnicks, It's a problem that happens randomly and repeatedly, despite my reboots and logouts, with seemingly no logic as to when it does or does not occur02:59
Beldar!who | EternalScholar03:00
ubottuEternalScholar: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:00
Neldogzoaulakh, that error is a dependency problem03:00
ibmi can not see if the wifi is enabled or not someone who nows http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:00
BeldarEternalScholar, You have a nick that is a oxymoron. ;)03:00
oaulakhNeldogz : yeah right03:00
oaulakhNeldogz : how to make it work03:00
htmlhow to i re-enable  wifi after a reinstall of ubuntu 14.04 desktop03:00
EternalScholarBeldar, So should I do it licke this hten?03:00
Neldogzoaulakh, where is urar-free .. is that on your computer?03:01
teololtoyI think it's unrar, Neldogz03:01
oaulakhubottu: i tried to remove broken packages complete from synaptic package03:01
ubottuoaulakh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:01
Neldogzteololtoy, yes you are correct03:02
oaulakhNeldogz : no03:02
teololtoyNeldogz, if you're talking about the compression package.03:02
ibmhtml maybe the same problem as you for me it was after installing xubuntu 14.0403:02
oaulakhNeldogz : i was trying to install it03:02
oaulakhNeldogz : but this is what i'm facing03:02
ibmhtml it is always problem with wifi03:03
Neldogzoaulakh, apt-get -f install unrar-free03:03
Neldogzoaulakh, sudo apt-get -f install unrar-free03:03
oaulakhNeldogz : not working03:03
BeldarEternalScholar, yes "licke this hten?" heh...heh.03:03
oaulakhNeldogz : i tried it before03:03
teololtoyoaulakh, Neldogz, I believe the package is called unrar , and nothing else03:03
Neldogzwhats the error you get when you try with the -f03:04
EternalScholarBeldar, Yeah, I have some typing issues sometimes, trying to balance multiple things. + I am new to ubuntu03:04
ibmhtml see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:04
Neldogzteololtoy, oaulakh http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/trusty/multiverse/base/unrar03:04
oaulakhNeldogz : command not found03:05
Neldogzoaulakh, try just unrar03:05
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest93740
ibmhtml can you see if it is enabled or not when you type the same thing http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:05
oaulakhNeldogz : still same command not found03:05
html_ibm,  i got it to work03:05
Neldogzshow us what you are typing03:05
html_ibm,  i can help you if you want03:06
ibmhtml how03:06
Neldogzoaulakh, show us what you are typing03:06
ibmhtml i can not see if it is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:06
phat4lifereally all i need now though is to setup secure ssh to my box03:06
html_ibm,  enable the  drivers it the addittion driver menu03:06
oaulakhNeldogz : this is what what i'm getting "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)03:07
oaulakhE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:07
phat4lifeis there anything more i should do for ssh other than ssh keys to make it more secure?03:07
phat4lifeand passwords03:07
Neldogzlooks like oaulakh gave up03:08
darkangelIs there a way to make a Client for Ubuntu that is Linked to a website? or something like that03:09
phat4lifewait am i going to have to get a dyndns server to be able to ssh into my home ubuntu machine?03:09
darkangelIs there info in Wiki for it?03:09
phat4lifefor any ip basically03:09
ibmhtml i do not have any wifi settings between the clock03:09
ibmhtml how to enable http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:10
ibmhtml i can not see if the wifi is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:11
ibmi can not see if the wifi is enabled or not someone who? nows http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:12
ibmi can not see if the wifi is enabled or not someone who nows? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:13
wmantlyibm: iwconfig03:13
EternalScholarBeldar, are you still there?03:14
BeldarEternalScholar, yes03:14
EternalScholarBeldar, I am having problems with rdesktop, are you able to help with that?03:15
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202443/03:15
BeldarEternalScholar, You have to just state the issue, if we know or think we do, generally we answer.03:15
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:16
LanglySigh, damned eee pc 900hd wifi card, just cant get it working03:16
=== zzz_Ridley is now known as Ridley5
ibmwmantly how to enable wifi03:16
ibmwmantly how to enable wifi03:16
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202443/03:16
EternalScholarI am having a problem with Rdekstop in which I am getting an error connecting to a friend's computer with no other indication of what went wrong other than "unable to connect"03:16
wmantlyibm: it is on03:16
LanglyI've been working on it, I downloaded a package that forums said would work, but I got invalid character in version number or such03:17
ibmqwerkus i can not see if it is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:17
ibmqwerkus i can not see if it is enabled or not http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202288/03:17
ibmwmantly but i can not chose any wifi connections03:17
wmantlyibm: iwlist wlan0 scan03:17
BeldarLangly, look at lspci in the terminal identify the wifi hardware and include it in your inquiries.03:18
phat4lifethis is probably a stupid question: you can ssh to a domain right?  like, ssh mydomain.com03:19
ibmwmantly i do not have any wifi connection settings between the system clock03:19
VaecileHello all. So, I'm having problems with Suspend/Hibernate in Ubuntu. When I suspend, my screens go black and my computer slows down, however my left (main) monitor remains on but with a blinking white cursor in the top right corner. Ubuntu never fully suspends. I also cannot wake it up / resume it without hard-rebooting my PC03:19
wmantlyibm: thats what it said?03:19
Langlyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MsiWind top google hit has a dead link03:19
Langlyhttps://forums.eukhost.com/f15/have-realtek-rtl8187se-wireless-ubuntu-will-work-7093/ package throws an invalid character in version error03:20
LanglyI just keep running into dead ends03:20
somsipphat4life: no, you ssh to a server, with a username. like ssh user@domain.com03:21
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202454/03:21
phat4liferight thanks03:21
VaecileAny ideas, anyone?03:21
BeldarLangly, That link is really old, what ubuntu release is this?03:21
LanglyI downloaded Lubuntu last night, what ever is latest03:22
Langlyhang on03:22
Beldar!who | Langly03:22
ubottuLangly: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:22
EternalScholar!who | EternalScholar03:23
ubottuEternalScholar, please see my private message03:23
wmantlyibm: rfkill03:23
phat4lifeanyone use this? http://duckdns.org/faqs.jsp03:23
phat4lifei could roll my own dnyanmic dns in aws03:23
BeldarLangly, try this thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222613403:24
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202471/03:24
LanglyBeldar should be Lubuntu 14.0403:24
wmantlyibm: sorry, doing a few things at once, rfkill list03:25
LanglyBeldar trying to find where LiLi USB creator stashed the ISO03:25
LanglyBeldar yeah its Lubuntu 14.0403:25
litropyI forgot my btsync password. I'm on Ubuntu, on the actual server. Not sure what to do. I don't mind completely uninstalling. But sudo apt-get remove btsync && sudo apt-get install btsync is not doing it for me.03:26
BeldarLangly, Try the thread I gave yoo.03:26
LanglyBeldar, will do, thanks03:26
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202492/03:27
boggleVery basic graphics driver question - http://pastebin.com/w4yLC7dE03:28
wmantlyibm: its driver issue, the card is powered and on03:28
wmantlyibm: do u know what chipset you use03:29
ibmwmantly no03:29
ibmwmantly the processor is from intel03:30
wmantlyibm: try less two03:30
wmantlylspci | grep -i intel03:30
wmantlylspci | grep -i wireless03:30
PrinceKhaledHello, can someone please help me changing my computer name? (ubuntu 14.04) I am kinda new to ubuntu03:31
=== demon_spork is now known as demonspork
PrinceKhaledHello, can someone please help me changing my computer name? (ubuntu 14.04) I am kinda new to ubuntu03:31
BeldarPrinceKhaled, The user name?03:32
terminatorBeldar, can you answer one of my question please?03:32
PrinceKhaledSorry about this, but how can i send a pm?03:33
Beldarterminator, None that are clear or within my pay grade. ;)03:33
PrinceKhaledBeldar, how can I send you a private message?03:34
Bashing-omboggle: Hybrid graphics > see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics , http://rudrageek.com/linux-now-supports-hybrid-graphics-systems-ubuntu-13-10/ , https://wiki.debian.org/Bumblebee , http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/using-nvidia-graphics-drivers-with.html .03:34
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202518/03:34
Beldar!pm | PrinceKhaled03:34
ubottuPrinceKhaled: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.03:34
PrinceKhaledOkay, so my problem is I need to change my computer name on ubuntu 14.0403:35
wmantlyibm: lspci03:35
BeldarPrinceKhaled, define computer name.03:35
BeldarPrinceKhaled, tell us what it is I would suppose, changing the use name is not a click and run thing.03:36
beauthegoatI'm trying to figure out where idle session timeout is defined in 14.04. Another words I want to limit/edit idle login session for users. Google search results are not helpful; it points me to timeoutd (/etc/timeouts) which seems to be not included in 14.04.03:37
PrinceKhaledwhen you open the terminal for example, you have your computer name. I am trying to change it03:37
ibmwmantly http://paste.ubuntu.com/8202537/03:37
IC2Dlol i still have ubuntu 12.0503:37
PrinceKhaledwhen you open the terminal for example, you have your computer name. I am trying to change it (@beldar)03:38
wmantlyibm: 04:02.0 Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC (rev 01)03:38
wmantlyibm: thats ur wifi card03:38
BeldarPrinceKhaled, This 14.04?03:38
wmantlyibm: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2166532&p=12751685#post1275168503:39
Bashing-omPrinceKhaled: Edit two files: etc/hosts , /etc/hostname . replace the old name with the new one.03:39
BeldarPrinceKhaled, All I could do is give you links, however this is not something I have done and is not beginners stuff, you want a sure helper with this. Personally I would live with it03:40
PrinceKhaledok ty Beldar. I will live with it :)03:41
BeldarPrinceKhaled, this follows Bashing-om's advice. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/change-hostname-ubuntu1404/03:41
zykotick9!hostname | PrinceKhaled03:41
ubottuPrinceKhaled: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.03:41
EternalScholardoes anyone know how to remotely access a 14.04 computer using an andriod phone?03:42
shubhoPrinceKhaled: what is it you exactly want to do03:42
ibmwmantly will this work?03:42
ibmwmantly because i have xubuntu 14.04?03:43
wmantlyibm: thats what others have done to get ur card to work03:43
ibmwmantly xubuntu 14.04 should be the same as ubuntu?03:44
kzhey guys one of my hdds isnt showing up on the bar on the left or in nautilus, it was yesterday. it shows up in fdisk -l though. any ideas03:44
shubhoPrinceKhaled: type the following "sudo su" then "echo yourcomputername > /etc/hostname"03:45
PrinceKhaledI will try this03:45
wmantlyibm: it should03:45
_unreal_any one big on doing ubuntu howto post's?03:46
ibmwmantly ibm@IBM-ThinkPad-R51e:~$ sudo gedit /etc/default/grub03:46
ibmsudo: gedit: command not found03:46
Beldarkz, could you pastebin a sudo parted -l and identify the missing HD03:46
zykotick9shuduo: don't suggest "sudo su" use "sudo -i" instead!  PrinceKhaled be warned, following just what shudho suggested with the hostname will break sudo!03:46
terminatorI have installed SUSE in one partition and installed XEN hypervisor in another. Also i use ubuntu as live cd but i want to install it in my hard disk inside XEN as VPS . Where can i start, either via suse yast or from installcd without hampering windows 98,xp,and 7 which is booted via different bootloaders,  beldar?03:46
shubhoPrinceKhaled: you have to reboot after this for changes to take effect03:46
ibmwmantly it is already not working why03:46
wmantlyreplace gedit with nano03:46
Beldarterminator, No idea. ;)03:46
wmantlyibm: gedit is test edit program for gnome, use nano03:47
wmantlyibm: text edit03:47
=== ShapeShifter499 is now known as Doge7666
ibmwmantly witch one text edit or nano03:48
PrinceKhaledOk, I changed the computer name in a poped up file (etc/hostname). Anything else I should do before restarting?03:50
PrinceKhaledOkay, I am going to restart my computer.03:51
OerHekschanging computername, shouldn't that be done in 2 places?03:54
ibmwmantly the last one does not work03:54
Bashing-omPrinceKhaled: I only see you changed the name in 1 file, need to be changed in both prior to rebooting.03:54
ibmwmantly ibm@IBM-ThinkPad-R51e:~$ service network-manager restart03:54
ibmstop: Unknown job: network-manager03:54
ibmstart: Unknown job: network-manager03:54
RiplokHello room, I have an Intel i5 CPU and I only see 2 core's in Ubuntu 14. Is there a drivers pack I can download to help with this? Right now when I apply a little stress to the system it will max out my CPU.03:55
PrinceKhaled_Thank you guys I think it worked, using this command I found online gksudo gedit /etc/hostname.03:55
wmantlyibm: just reboot, xfce might all it something else03:56
grazfatherhey guys, I have a PC with no keyboard/mouse, but I use it for xbmc. It looks like xbmc crashed. How can I start it up again through ssh?03:56
ibmwmantly are you sure03:56
hexacodeanyone know what the binary is called for the mint installer on the live usb03:56
jerecserver irc.rizon.net03:56
grazfatheror vnc... in which case i need to get the vnc server connecting to the same x session03:56
OerHeksRiplok, please paste your lscpu on paste.ubuntu.com to be sure , not all i5 are quadcores03:57
wmantlyibm: pretty sure, ive been doing this for a while03:57
Beldarhexacode, Mint has there own channel. ;)03:58
cheeseboycan I reinstall ubuntu keeping my home folder intact?03:58
cheeseboyit all one partition03:58
RiplokOerKeks, you are right it is only 2 core :(. I must have grabbed the wrong one out of the pile of parts.03:58
Beldarcheeseboy, It all what the home or the OS?03:58
ibmwmantly if i do not typ anything else instead will that not damage the system03:58
RiplokSorry for that oversight on my part03:58
cheeseboyBeldar, what?03:59
wmantlyibm, the system should come back fine, and it will work or still be broke03:59
cheeseboytheres 1 partition03:59
cheeseboyi didnt do seperate /home partition03:59
Beldarcheeseboy, read your statement and my question.03:59
Beldarcheeseboy, you can make one, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving04:00
OerHeksRiplok, it is still a little beast, have fun with it04:00
Beldarcheeseboy, I would be backed up no matter what.04:00
doofusholy fuck this is the most popular channel on snoonet?04:01
doofusRIP my virginity04:01
RiplokOerheks, oo i will I have been stress testing the system by running Everquest 2, Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 on it lol04:01
RiplokMade a rig out of spare parts i had put away.04:02
coolstarI have kubuntu 14.04 installed and want to switch to xubuntu 14.04. Do I have to reformat and install or is there an easier way?04:03
coolstar(I'm getting tired of KDE and want a change :P)04:03
Beldarcoolstar, sudo apt-get install xubuntu and choose it from the log in.04:03
coolstarBeldar: but the kubuntu apps and all would still be there though, right?04:04
EternalScholarI'm running ubuntu live off a flash drive, does anyone have recommendations for applications I should keep on it?04:04
Beldarcoolstar, Some yes, a desktop is a meta package so be careful if you want to remove kubuntu.04:05
RiplokEternalScholar, what do you want to use it for?04:05
coolstarBeldar: hmm, ok04:05
EternalScholarRiplock, I'm new to the whole Linux scene, and almost completely inexperienced, although generally tech savvy. I'm not really sure what direction I want to go with this, but I've just been using it as a personal computer that I can plug into public computers.04:06
Beldarcoolstar, Many of us have multiple desktops so it is your choice really.04:06
ibmwmantly it did not work04:07
coolstaralso, I have another laptop I installed xubuntu 14.04 on, but after upgrading some "linux-image" package, the trackpad stopped working04:07
doofus#defocus is full of nazis04:07
doofusdo not join04:07
coolstarit's the Acer C72004:07
=== MattJ is now known as Guest31688
ibmwmantly i can not see the wifi connection settings04:07
ibmwmantly any other things to do maybe?04:09
ibmwmantly other ides?04:09
RiplokEternalScholar, I'm not sure one what apps to tell you about. There are a ton of them, i like wireshark, gimp, blender, eclipse and SVN. But i play around with game design04:11
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: and you have persistence on the drive?04:14
dia__My software updater keeps trying to install updates to /boot but i dont want that, how do i make it install onto / ?04:14
EternalScholarSchrodingersScat, I have 4 GB total, around 2 used up already.04:14
dia__wait can i talk or no04:15
OerHeksdia__, not possible with a mouseclick.04:15
dia__OerHeks, yeah i dont care if it's with a mouse or not04:15
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: sometimes I throw clamav on there, just in case i'm near a windows machine and want to run clamav from *buntu04:15
* dia__ former gentoo user 04:15
EternalScholarSchrodingersScat, what is clamav?04:16
dia__i just dont know this system and it feels clunky but im getting along with it04:16
RiplokWhat does clamav do?04:16
ibmcan someone help me to fix my wifi?04:16
SchrodingersScat!info clamav | EternalScholar04:16
ubottuEternalScholar: clamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.98.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1 (trusty), package size 78 kB, installed size 599 kB04:16
OerHeksdia__, just remove old kernel packages, and you'll be fine04:16
dia__Can you elaborate04:16
=== quem_ is now known as quem
ibmi am using xubuntu version 14.0404:17
OerHeksdia__, all you need is the current kernel and the one before that, you can easily remove them in softwarecenter/synaptic04:17
dia__OerHeks, oh so you mean remove the kernels themselves04:17
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: although it probably takes up more space once you update it via freshclam04:18
EternalScholarSchrodingersScat, ubbottu is aweosme.  How do I install? just sudo apt-get clamav? Also: What is freshclam?04:18
RiplokThanks for the Anti-virus app :)04:19
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: iirc it updates clamav, and you're missing an 'install' there, sudo apt-get install clamav04:19
shubhoibm: what has happened to your wifi ?04:19
dia__wait OerHeks04:19
dia__does that just free up /boot or does it switch the update directory04:19
OerHeksdia__, updates do not land in /boot, only kernels AFAIK04:20
dia__OerHeks, then why is it trying to install updates into my /boot04:20
OerHeksand grub ?04:20
ibmshubho i have installed xubuntu version 14.04 but the wifi does not work i can not see any settings options between the clock04:21
=== Guest31688 is now known as TheFearow
shubhoibm: in unity type "additional drivers"04:22
shubhoibm: you may have to install additional drivers in order to run Wifi04:22
EternalScholarSchrodingersScat, anything else you rec'mend?04:23
shubhoibm: was it working when you booted it up using live cd ??04:23
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: what do you normally do on computers?04:23
ibmshubho where is the unity04:23
ibmshubho i have installed it from live usb04:23
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: or do you mean more live maintenance stuff, like gparted, although I think that's default live..04:24
shubhoibm:that round icon in the top left corner which is used to launch programs04:24
EternalScholarSchrodingersScat, Well, at home I game, but that's really more for windows. I was looking into learning more about programming, networking, and cyber-sec, so maybe something up that alley?04:24
tigrangdustinspringman, well newer mesa didnt help04:25
ibmshubho and it was working fine so i tried to install it again if i did something wrong but it was the same problem04:25
SchrodingersScatEternalScholar: nope, not really, there's #ubuntu-offtopic + others where you could probably get some ideas.04:25
RiplokIs there a command to scan the harddrive for Clamav ?04:25
tigrangdustinspringman, but, I got bbswitch, and made a suspend hook which turns nvidia on/off which solves my resume issue :D04:26
Riplokclamscan ???04:26
ibmshubho so wat do you want me to do?04:26
tigrangdustinspringman, Im going to enjoy my extra hour of battery life now04:26
SchrodingersScatRiplok: right, should be clamscan, it has a recursive option, probably -r, should probably read through the manual man clamscan04:26
shubhoibm: please open up "additional drivers" select the driver04:27
BeldarRiplok, no man, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV04:27
gilI run into a strange bug, maybe someone can help me...04:28
shubhoibm: please see this link and proceed http://askubuntu.com/questions/47506/how-do-i-install-additional-drivers04:28
RiplokCool thanks :)04:28
ibmshubho there is non wifi04:28
gilhi can anyone read this?04:28
Beldargil, state the issue for help04:28
gilwhen I run: gksudo sh todo.sh04:29
giland todo.sh is:04:29
shubhoibm: please use the same computer which you are using right now to open up the link04:29
shubhoibm: and proceed04:29
SchrodingersScatwhy would they pipe clamscan -r /foo/bar/ | grep -i found >> /foo/list  when they could clamscan -ir -l /foo/list /foo/bar/ ??04:29
gilwget http://https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb04:29
gilit does not work04:29
gilcan anyone help me?04:30
pavlosgil, you have http://https:// ... it should be just https://04:31
gilwait, copy paste mistake04:31
gilit is wget http://https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb04:32
pavlosgil, I tried wget https:// and was able to get the file04:32
gilI mean with gksudo04:32
Bashing-omgil: Confusing ....what is your end goal here with 3 sepatate uses/issies ??? what is the relationships you want to establish ?04:33
pavlosgil, that I dont know04:33
gilthey're not separate issues04:33
Bashing-omgil: I assure you they are .. what is you goal ?04:33
gilI need help to fix this problem04:34
Bashing-omThere is no stated problem .. I ask again what is ypur goal ?04:34
ibmshubho there is non wifi additional drivers04:34
gilwhen I run gksudo wget https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb it doesnt work04:35
gilthis is the problem04:35
gilthe goal is to download google chrome04:35
giljust the .deb04:35
SchrodingersScatwhy would you gksudo that?04:35
gilbecause I need to in a script04:36
ibmshubho there is not any additional drivers04:36
gilbut when I run it with sudo it works04:36
gilbut I need gksudo04:36
SchrodingersScatgil: do other gksudo commands work?04:36
ibmshubho there is only for a sl-modem04:37
ibmshubho not wifi04:37
gilcan anyone help me?04:38
SchrodingersScatgil: output of ps aux | grep wget   ?04:38
LanglyBeldar well Ive got the adapter being seen now, but it always fails authentication, other machines can connect to the AP just fine04:39
gilSchrodingerScat, one second pls04:39
Langlyconnection failed: bad password04:39
gilI will log in in the computer04:39
gil2nd computer04:39
Bashing-omgil: Yep I can believe that .. 1) wget does not need to be run as any thing other than 'wget", 2) 'gksudo' is a graphical applifier that does not apply in this instance, 3) never use  elevated priveleges in your home directory ( where is gksudo sh todo.sh being run from ?) ..:D04:39
SchrodingersScatgil: well, do you see any wget processes there?04:39
gilwait a sec, logging on 2nd pc04:40
gilI will paste the output of ps aux04:41
gil2ok this is my second pc04:41
SchrodingersScatgil: I think Bashing-om explained it.04:41
=== sergio is now known as Guest71240
gil2root      1837  0.0  0.2   8604  2684 ?        S    02:56   0:09 wget https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb -O playbrowsergooglechrome32.deb04:42
gil2root     12024  0.2  0.2   8604  2692 ?        S    04:54   0:07 wget https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb -O googlechrome32.deb04:42
gil2root     12303  0.0  0.2   9488  2192 ?        S    04:59   0:00 su -c cd /play/playrepo/data; wget ftp://play-repo8714143:play145782014@ftp.play-linux.com/scripts/googlechrome.bash -O googlechrome.bash; bash googlechrome.bash;04:42
gil2root     12311  0.0  0.1   6512  1308 ?        Ss   04:59   0:00 bash -c cd /play/playrepo/data; wget ftp://play-repo8714143:play145782014@ftp.play-linux.com/scripts/googlechrome.bash -O googlechrome.bash; bash googlechrome.bash;04:42
gil2root     12317  0.3  0.2   8604  2688 ?        S    04:59   0:08 wget https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb -O googlechrome32.deb04:42
gil2root     12408  0.0  0.2   9488  2188 ?        S    05:01   0:00 su -c cd /play/playrepo/data; wget ftp://play-repo8714143:play145782014@ftp.play-linux.com/scripts/googlechrome.bash -O googlechrome.bash; bash googlechrome.bash;04:42
unopastegil2 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted04:42
gilI need to use gksudo04:43
gilso what's the problem?04:43
batzyhey guys im having trouble connecting to my university wifi04:43
batzyit keeps asking me the password and user over and over04:43
batzyand im sure it's right04:43
SchrodingersScatgil: I think we disagree, unless you can give a reason that you need to use gksudo for a non-graphical command.04:44
gilI am developing a script04:44
gilto put in a distro04:44
giland it needs to be gksudo04:44
developer____In /etc/fstab, can someone describe to me how to read this line?04:44
developer____"/dev/sdb1 /srv/node/node3/sdb1 xfs noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,logbufs=8 1 2"04:44
developer____especially the "1" and "2" at the very end.04:45
gilsudo is not graphical04:45
batzyyet other wifi's like my home one work04:45
giland it needs to be graphical04:45
developer____what their significance is.04:45
gilwget is inside a zenity progress04:45
developer____, what they mean.04:45
gilso that's why I need gksudo04:45
LanglyBeldar tried no security and got a kernel panic04:45
batzyDid anyone04:46
subhojit777did Ubuntu 14.04 has stopped the support of adding ssh keys on login. I have to do ssh-add <key> after login. This was not happening in older Ubuntu versions04:46
batzyDoes anyone know my issue*04:46
SchrodingersScat!fstab | developer____ , hopefully this explains:04:47
ubottudeveloper____ , hopefully this explains:: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions04:47
SchrodingersScat!pm | gil04:47
ubottugil: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.04:48
BeldarLangly, Not sure myself to be honest.04:48
LanglyI've had enough problems with realtek devices over the years Id like to bonk the devs for that crap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper04:49
batzydoes anyone know why i cant connect to my university wifi? i can usually connect to other wifi's but this one keeps asking me for the user and pass over and over and im sure it's right04:50
Beldarbatzy, I would ask their IT dept.04:50
Bashing-omgil: We are here to help, but your stating a non-true event/issue is only confusing us. Break this down in small pieces, As 'gksudo" will not be used to start a script, period. if the script resides in user space, using elevated privileges will have undesired side effects. SO where are we at ??04:51
batzyBeldar, its asking about a CA cert04:52
gilI'm stating a true event/issue!!!!!!!! I need to run gksudo in a script ok?04:52
gilI know what I am doing04:52
gilI just need some help04:52
Beldarbatzy, no idea here.04:52
gildon't worry about the side effects04:52
gilalso gksudo worked with wget in ftp server04:53
gilbut https is not working04:53
batzyBeldar, i think i found the solution04:54
PrinceKhaledI have a Conky question, am I in the right channel tho?04:56
developer____SchrodingersScat were you about to say something to the question I was asking?04:57
SchrodingersScatdeveloper____: I was just pointing you to !fstab04:57
developer____SchrodingersScat were you about to say something to the question I was asking?04:57
PrinceKhaledI have a Conky question, am I in the right channel tho?04:58
pavlosgil, I added -q in the wget ... that seems to work for me04:58
gil:o really?04:59
gilI'm going to try it04:59
pavlosgil, -q is quiet so it does not output to STOUT04:59
gilI know04:59
gilit is working05:00
gilthank you pavlos05:00
gilthank you so much05:00
pavlosgil, np05:00
abakHi all, can someone recommend a good pdfeditor, LibreOffice Draw messes with kerning big time05:02
gil2thank you pavlos05:02
pavlosgil2, you're welcome05:02
gil2testing it now on my gui05:03
batzythis program says my network daemon isnt running05:03
batzybut it's obviously running..05:03
gil2it worked05:03
batzywhat do05:03
=== hari is now known as Guest78203
phat4lifei can’t ssh into my ubuntu box05:05
phat4lifei added the id_rsa.pub to my mac05:05
phat4lifei call ssh -i id_rsa.pub myuser@myubuntuhost05:06
phat4lifeand i get permissions denied public key05:06
Roadhog11_hi all, I am just now trying kubuntu 14.0405:07
gregorycan i ask doubts here??05:07
batzycan someone help me out05:07
batzyim using cloudpath to connect to my university network05:08
batzyit's saying my network daemon isnt running05:08
batzydoesnt it have to be running for me to be connected?05:08
batzyor does ubuntu disable it and use something else05:08
somsipphat4life: -i refers tot he private key. the public key goes on the target machine05:08
phat4lifeso i transfer my private key from my ubuntu server to my mac?05:09
somsipphat4life: no.05:09
batzycan someone halllp05:09
gregoryI am trying to connect my 3g usb dongle to ubuntu14.04. Os detected the usb but couldnt configure the network connection05:09
Bashing-om!ask | gregory05:09
ubottugregory: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:09
somsipphat4life: you need to clarify what you are trying to do05:09
phat4lifethe ssh server is running my ubuntu, i generated the id_rsa.pub on the ubuntu machine, transfered it to my mac05:09
Roadhog11_I am amazed that kubuntu works so well05:09
phat4lifehow to i ssh into ubuntu now05:09
GatisORoadhog11_, how's kubuntu?05:09
Roadhog11_I love it05:10
batzyshould i ask #networking/05:10
somsipphat4life: if you insist on using the keypair generated on ubuntu, you should transfer the private key to the mac and use that in ssh -i05:10
gregoryI am trying to connect my 3g usb dongle to ubuntu14.04. Os detected the usb but couldnt configure the network connection05:10
Roadhog11_the desktop is a little different but it works great05:11
GatisORoadhog11_, ok05:11
phat4lifeso the server is supposed to have the .pub and my mac is supposed to have the id_rsa?05:11
phat4lifei am confused05:11
gregoryi am new to terminal . so if you please gimme step by step procedure , it would be great05:11
somsipphat4life: a keypair should identify a user on a server. The user is  on the mac. You should have created a keypair on that and copied the pub to ubuntu. You've done it backwards.05:12
gregoryI am trying to connect my 3g usb dongle to ubuntu14.04. Os detected the usb but couldnt configure the network connection05:12
phat4lifethe official doucmentation on ubuntu wasn’t clear on this05:12
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest61407
somsipphat4life: link?05:12
=== amir_ is now known as Guest73271
Roadhog11_I have trie 5 or 6 ditros in 2 weeks, zorin is a good one but kubuntu rocks05:13
somsipphat4life: perfectly clear " The private key is kept on the computer you log in from....etc"05:13
Bashing-omgregory: I know litteel of WIFI, patience, for those who do know to respond.05:13
developer____SchrodingersScat You pointed me to !fstab for my inquiry, but how do I access it?05:14
developer____new to IRC05:14
gregorybashing-om: Of course05:14
SchrodingersScat!fstab | developer____05:15
ubottudeveloper____: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:15
Roadhog11_cant get a good download of mint 17 not sure why but don't need it now.05:15
gregoryany one please help05:18
gregoryhow do i go to linux help channel05:18
Roadhog11_type /join #linux05:18
developer____!xattr | developer____05:18
developer____SchrodingersScat It looks like they don't have one for xattr, like they do for fstab?05:19
=== owner is now known as Guest49734
somsip!info xattr05:20
ubottuPackage xattr does not exist in trusty05:20
developer____!info xfs05:21
ubottuPackage xfs does not exist in trusty05:21
developer____!xfs | developer____05:22
ubottudeveloper____, please see my private message05:22
phat4lifewell ill be damned05:23
phat4lifeok so i generated the id_rsa and id_rsa.pub on my mac, added the id_rsa.pub to the authorized_keys find on the ubuntu machine05:27
phat4lifethen i restarted ssh05:27
phat4lifenow, i purposefully deleted my id_rsa on mac, but i can still ssh into the ubuntu box05:27
purpocketshi all , probably the wrong channel to ask. anyone know a channel for infosec topics please? thank you.05:28
somsip!alis | purpockets05:28
ubottupurpockets: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*05:28
phat4lifehow is it that i can ssh wtf is going on?05:28
purpocketsthanks somsi05:29
qjqqyyphat4life me guesses the ssh agent loaded it in memory05:29
phat4lifehow do you clear that05:29
qjqqyykillall ssh-agent does it here05:30
qjqqyymac is probably similar but I'm not sure, phat4life05:30
phat4lifessh-add -D is what clears it in mac05:31
phat4lifewhich is odd05:31
phat4lifebut ok05:31
qjqqyyyes ssh-add -D works too05:31
EternalScholaris there a terminal command for Flash player?05:33
phat4lifeEternalScholar: die -f flash html5 is the future05:34
gregorydas1326help please05:35
somsip!ask | gregorydas132605:35
ubottugregorydas1326: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:35
gregorydas1326my usb dongle isnt working05:35
phat4lifegregorydas1326: pxe boot05:35
somsipgregorydas1326: that's not a question, and it doesn't give any details. You won't get help if you can't explain the problem05:36
phat4lifemy windows7 bootloader and stupid uief bios forced me to pxe boot05:36
phat4lifeer netboot05:36
gregorydas1326it is detected. but couldnt create network connection05:36
gregorydas1326ok i will explain05:36
gregorydas1326I have a 3g usb dongle which i had used with my windows os. Now i installed ubuntu 14.04. plugged in the usb modem. OS detected the usb modem as a pendrive. I created a network connection (mobile broadband) but it still not connecting..05:38
gregorydas1326I am not familiar with terminal commands..  but i tried some while searching in the internet.05:39
gregorydas1326@somsip  I have a 3g usb dongle which i had used with my windows os. Now i installed ubuntu 14.04. plugged in the usb modem. OS detected the usb modem as a pendrive. I created a network connection (mobile broadband) but it still not connecting..05:39
somsipgregorydas1326: not worth addressing this to me. I know nothing about USB dongles05:40
LanglySwapped out the realtek wifi card with an Athros, most annoying card ive ever changed, not even seen in LSPCI now05:40
gregorydas1326anybody can help with 3g usb dongles??05:41
bazhang!hcl | gregorydas132605:44
ubottugregorydas1326: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:44
bazhang!wifi | and this gregorydas132605:44
ubottuand this gregorydas1326: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:44
LanglyBeldar I swapped out the wifi card, put in an Atheros, had to competely pull the system apart even take out the motherboard to get at it, now thats not even seen by lspci what the derp05:47
LanglyIs there a bios lock for wifi card models on the EEE PC 900HD, I know some lenovo laptops have one forcing a reflash of the bios to change the main internal card05:54
damiworkey guys, this isn't a specific ubuntu query, but i have a device that shoots out snmp, what would you recommend i use to trap and display the logs on ubuntu?05:56
tofutinanyone want to make some money who has windows pc, PM me05:59
=== jack is now known as Guest86252
damiworklol. what do you need tofutin05:59
somsipdamiwork: not here, thanks. Take it private05:59
Langly"Asus have locked out BIOS to spesific parts, which means you simply can't upgrade to whatever part you want."06:11
* Langly bangs head on desk06:11
LanglyAll that time to swap the card, then that06:11
LanglyI want to smack people some days06:11
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GerowenAnybody know why Brasero refuses to burn .bin/.cue images?06:22
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hamidrezawhy my second kernel in ubuntustudio(generic kernel) start without mouse and net and start like recovery mode?06:35
=== ferret___ is now known as ferret_
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
Beldarhamidreza, get to a command line and be sure you have no broken installs with sudo apt-get -f install06:41
Beldarhamidreza, You know the difference from a kernel and recovery line in grub right?06:43
maverixI am just testing irc its the first time I made it work06:51
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bipulfind! jenkisn06:54
bipul!find jenkins06:54
ubottuFound: jenkins-crypto-util, jenkins-crypto-util-doc, jenkins-executable-war, jenkins-executable-war-doc, jenkins-job-builder, jenkins-memory-monitor, jenkins-memory-monitor-doc, jenkins-task-reactor, jenkins-task-reactor-doc, jenkins-test-annotations (and 24 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=jenkins&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all06:54
somsipbipul: though it is not good form to recommend unsupported PPAs on here, you might find the Jenkins PPA is updated much more regularly than the official package.06:55
Snake2kHey guys, I'm trying to wget a zip file from a link, but it gets stuck06:55
somsipSnake2k: how are you getting it?06:55
Snake2ksomsip: I'm trying to download the zip file from "http://traumad91.deviantart.com/art/LibreOffice-Icons-476103608"06:56
Snake2ksomsip: which is the download button on the right with the addr "http://www.deviantart.com/download/476103608/libreoffice_icons_by_traumad91-d7vgjw8.zip?token=ce962272d14ecd4c66763b3da3ecd86ddef03070&ts=1409554958"06:56
Deddokatanause wget06:57
Snake2ksomsip: when I wget the button's addr, it freezes :|06:57
Snake2kDeddokatana: You're scaring me :'(06:57
somsipSnake2k: it uses a token which will probably be problematic with wget06:57
Deddokatanasorry :D06:57
Snake2ksomsip: Yea :| I noticed that but i've been trying to bypass it for a long time, any ideas how I can bypass it?06:58
Snake2kDeddokatana: No problem <_<06:58
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Deddokatanathe download button is on the right06:58
Deddokatanaunless your using a pprogramming language06:59
Snake2kDeddokatana: just Bash itself06:59
Snake2kDeddokatana: I mean, the task is simple... but the token is causing problems06:59
Deddokatanalooking up bash download rederections07:00
somsipSnake2k: maybe this helps? http://superuser.com/questions/771015/trace-web-redirection-in-bash-script07:00
somsipSnake2k: actually, the answer doesn't look great. No upvotes07:00
bipulsomsip: we need jenkins in trusty repository.07:00
somsipbipul: use the official repo version then07:01
Snake2ksomsip: I'll check it out, thanks :)07:01
bipulsomsip: Yes I am using it.07:02
bipulBut I am using Kubuntu.07:02
somsipbipul: so what's your actual issue?07:02
bipulsomsip: I don't find inside apt-get install jenkins.07:03
somsipbipul: jenkins-ci from memory07:03
somsip!info jenkins-ci07:04
ubottuPackage jenkins-ci does not exist in trusty07:04
somsipor not...07:04
somsip!info jenkins-cli07:04
ubottuPackage jenkins-cli does not exist in trusty07:04
somsip!info jenkins07:04
ubottuPackage jenkins does not exist in trusty07:04
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bipulsomsip: so can i report this07:05
somsipbipul: no, just have patience and find the right package07:05
bipulto the developer in order to ask them to add in trusty repository.07:05
bipulsomsip: how?07:05
somsipbipul: unless it has been pulled entirely in which see my previous advice about the PPA07:06
Old0neEyewats a good webpage email server07:09
indn1234hi everyone!07:09
somsipOld0neEye: what do you mean by that?07:09
Deddokatanagmail is open07:09
indn1234Hey, I have a pretty serious problem. I forced shutdown my Ubuntu 12.10 LTS and now I can't login through the account that I force shutdown.07:10
stoogenmeyerhey anybody using sublime which can help me? im trying to setup sublimelinter-jshint, where do i put the jshint_options?07:10
Deddokatanai mean the smtp server is07:10
Old0neEyea email server that people can log into v web browser07:10
indn1234It gives "could not write bytes broken pipes starting the winbind daemon winbind" error07:10
somsip!info squirrelmail | Old0neEye (seems to be the official one)07:10
ubottuOld0neEye (seems to be the official one): squirrelmail (source: squirrelmail): Webmail for nuts. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:1.4.23~svn20120406-2 (trusty), package size 584 kB, installed size 2709 kB07:10
somsipOld0neEye: probably others though07:11
indn1234Any help?07:11
Beldarindn1234, That is an eol release, you might get what yo can with a live and install a supported release.07:11
Old0neEyewhat would i search for07:11
somsipOld0neEye: I searched for webmail ubuntu07:12
indn1234Beldar: apologies, I am actually on a 12.04LTS.07:13
mpourhadihowhi fellas how can i install theme manually?07:14
mpourhadii just downloaded a few but when i copy it in /usr/share/icons or themes they will not shown in the tweak tool07:15
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Guest51076Hi can anyone tell me why my Ubuntu computer won't accept my windows workgroup password07:34
somsipGuest51076: in what way are you expecting it to accept it?07:34
Guest51076so that I can share files on the network07:35
ikoniaGuest51076: workgroup passwordss are local to the machine07:35
somsipGuest51076: so...samba?...nfs?07:35
ikoniaGuest51076: if you set your workgroup password on the windows machine, it will need to auth against that windows machine07:35
Guest51076windows provides a printed password for the workgroup but when I type that into samba it does not accept it07:36
ikoniaGuest51076: where is it authenticating against ?07:36
ikoniaGuest51076: that is the key password07:36
=== __prefect is now known as nha
ikoniasorry the key question07:37
Guest51076sorry but I don't understand07:37
ikoniaGuest51076: workgroup passwords are specific to each machine07:37
Guest51076in the process of re tasking a computer from XP to ubutu but im stuck at this point07:38
ikoniaGuest51076: so if your password is set on the windows machine, your linux machine will need to authenticate againist that windows machine07:38
Guest51076true but how does that work07:39
=== berend is now known as Guest64608
ikonianormally the host that you are trying to mount FROM will act as the authentication service07:40
Guest51076I agree but everytime I try to connect to the workgroup and it asks for the password it wont accept the password that windows has provided.07:41
ikoniaGuest51076: first thing to do is, use smbclient to query the windows host to see what it's offering from you07:42
somsip!info ansible07:44
ubottuansible (source: ansible): Configuration management, deployment, and task execution system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.4+dfsg-1 (trusty), package size 408 kB, installed size 2693 kB07:44
SachiruQuery: Is the kernel used in Ubuntu compressed by default?07:47
ikoniaSachiru: yes07:47
SachiruThanks. The compression algorithm used is lz4 right?07:48
ikoniaI thought it was just bz207:48
ikonialooks like a standard bz2 image07:48
=== _morphis is now known as morphis
SachiruWhy not use something more efficient like lz4?07:56
ikonianot really an ubuntu issue07:57
ikoniatake it up with the kernal developers and grub developers07:57
aukuni need create a alias ->alias finde= "find . -type d \( -path ./.cache -o -path ./.gvfs -o -path ./.dbus -o -path ./Palaver-master \) -prune -o -name 'outfile' -print" , how to put the string 'outfile' in when i put in command line -->finde 'output'?07:57
volkanHi, how can I update the time of the computer from the internet?08:01
volkanIt is wrong right now08:01
somsip!ntp | volkan08:02
ubottuvolkan: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)08:02
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volkanubottu, thanks08:04
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:04
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Descriptionedi get problem on Fetching update on my Ubuntu version.. i got 10.10 now..08:22
ikonia10.10 is end of life08:22
ikoniathe repos are gone, hence why it's failing08:22
Descriptionedany solution i have tried some solutions i found but noone worked..08:23
ikoniasolution to what ?08:23
ikoniayou're using a dead repo08:23
ikoniathe solution is to upgrade to a supported version08:23
Descriptionedi cant even upgrade...08:23
=== mange is now known as Guest33868
ikoniabut from 10.10 I'd suggest a clean install08:23
Descriptionedive tried to upgrade08:23
ikonia!eolupgrade > Descriptioned08:23
ubottuDescriptioned, please see my private message08:23
ikoniaDescriptioned: check the pm ubottu just sent you08:23
ikoniaDescriptioned: again, I'd strongly recommend against an upgrade08:24
ikoniaDescriptioned: I'd suggest a clean install if you are on 10.10 now08:24
DescriptionedWhat you mean by "clean install" ?08:24
shufflebotDescriptioned: you have to wash your laptop ;)08:25
ikoniaDescriptioned: backup your data, download a current supported version of ubuntu, wipe the machine and install the new version08:25
Descriptionedikonia: i dont think i wanna do that.. :P08:26
Abhijit"wipe the machine"08:26
Descriptionedany other solution ?08:26
ikoniaDescriptioned: that is the soluution I strongly advise08:26
shufflebotIt's not that difficult of a task Descriptioned08:27
Abhijityeah. we can do it for you for a small fee.08:27
DescriptionedWell i have plenty free time so.. let it be that way..08:28
shufflebotdd if=/dev/sda1 | nc backupserver 8282 : on backup server nc -l 8282 | dd of=backup.img08:29
shufflebotfull disk backup using DD and nc08:29
shufflebotdon't try on WAN08:29
ikoniadd is useless08:30
Descriptionedno need Backup i don't want any of the stuff i got here :) btw can i do an installation from USB ?08:30
eralph_hi guys08:30
shufflebotikonia: uhhhh08:30
shufflebotikonia: dd is amazing for so many things08:30
shufflebotextracting data out of binary files. DD08:30
ikoniashufflebot: it is useless for his situation08:30
ikoniaI suggested he backup files for a clean image - you take a block level backup of his drive = useless08:30
Descriptionedikonia: can i do new fresh installation of Ubuntu via USB flash drive?08:30
ikonia!install | Descriptioned08:31
ubottuDescriptioned: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate08:31
ikoniaDescriptioned: check those links08:31
eralph_can I ask a question?08:31
shufflebotikonia: why? if you have tons of blcok storage you can always mount and grab later08:31
shufflebotikonia: plus then you have a snapshot of everything as it was08:31
ikoniashufflebot: a.) you don't know what he's got b.) taking a block level backup of the whole drive to backup specific key files = bad08:31
eralph_when i do --> sudo su - user108:31
eralph_it will ask me for password08:31
ikoniaeralph_: you don't do that08:31
shufflebotikonia: he doesn't know what he needs or does't apparently08:32
ikoniashufflebot: again so a block level backup of a drive is pointless08:32
=== jack is now known as Guest68212
eralph_ikonia, do what?08:32
shufflebotikonia: how is it pointless?08:32
shufflebotikonia: key files are as simple as scp/rsync but if you don't know what you want to keep08:33
ikoniashufflebot: enough, please apply thought to actually providing solutions, rather than just random stuff with no knowledge of what the user has/hasn't got08:33
ikoniaeralph_: sudo su - $user08:33
ikoniaeralph_: you do'nt do that08:33
eralph_how should I do it?08:33
ikoniaeralph_: what user are you trying to become ?08:34
eralph_im trying to be root user and perform command using that user08:35
ikoniaeralph_: ok - so that's not what you do08:35
ikoniaeralph_: what command do you wawnt to run ?08:35
ikoniawant to run08:35
ikonia!sudo > eralph_08:35
ubottueralph_, please see my private message08:35
igneriousplease can anyone fix this problem08:37
igneriousroot@home-G31M-ES2L:/home/home# service ssh restart08:37
igneriousstop: Unknown job: ssh08:37
igneriousstart: Unknown job: ssh08:37
ikoniaignerious: do you have the package "openssh-server" installed ?08:38
igneriousyeah i have installed it08:38
ikoniaignerious: how are you checking ?08:38
igneriousdpkg -l openssh-server08:39
ikoniais sshd currently running ?08:39
igneriousroot@home-G31M-ES2L:/home/home# ps -A | grep ssh08:39
ignerious  876 ?        00:00:00 sshd08:39
ignerious 2125 ?        00:00:00 ssh-agent08:39
ikoniaignerious: what version of ubuntu is this ?08:39
eralph_ikonia, how do i chain commands in terminal?08:40
ikoniaeralph_: depends on what you are doing08:40
ikoniaignerious: seems odd08:40
Vladimircannot open wireshark, Gtk-WARNING: cannot open display08:40
ikoniait's not changed to sshd as a serice name has it ?08:40
ikoniaignerious: (not got a 14.04 box to check)08:40
igneriousi tried but unable to fix it08:40
ikoniaVladimir: let me guess, you're trying to run it as root08:40
igneriouscan you help me please08:41
ikoniaVladimir: then don't08:41
VladimirI can't?08:41
somsipikonia: ignerious it is ssh (not sshd). Try just starting it instead of restart?08:41
ikoniaignerious: the service name hasn't changed to sshd has it08:41
ikoniasomsip: thank you08:41
ikoniaI'd suggest "stop" before start08:41
ikoniaas it's currently running08:41
Vladimirikonia: do I have to reinstall it? cause I get the same error as another user08:41
igneriousbut i could not able to start or stop it08:42
ikoniaVladimir: nope08:42
ikoniaVladimir: quit the terminal and launch it from a new terminal08:42
ikoniaI suspect you've broken your current terminal environment trying to run it as root08:42
ignerioustried that too08:42
Vladimirikonia: oh okej08:42
cynicallemonikonia: you need to run it as a privilage user else you cannot capture packets on an interface08:42
VladimirI haven't changed the terminal for a week08:43
ikoniacynicallemon: depends what you're doing08:43
cynicallemonikonia: wireshark isnt much use unless you need to capture packets08:43
ikoniacynicallemon: it's a great analysis tool08:43
Vladimirhopefully I can analyze my error=)08:44
cynicallemonikonia: yes true but how do you get the material for analysis usually08:44
ikoniaand based on the fact that Vladimir is trying to setup a broken tftp server I suspect he maybe trying to review his previous attempts to tftp a file08:44
ikoniacynicallemon: many ways, such as the switch he's been monitoring08:44
Vladimirikonia: I started a new terminal session but get same error :/08:45
ikoniaVladimir: echo $DISPLAY08:45
=== zz_ming2k is now known as ming2k
Vladimirstill same error ikonia08:45
ikoniawhat error ?08:45
ikoniaI asked you to do "echo $DISPLAY"08:46
Vladimirikonia: (wireshark:8986): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:08:46
ikoniahow are you getting gtk errors on that error08:46
ikoniaon that command08:46
Vladimirikonia: yeah I understood, I did that08:46
ikoniaright, so what is the output08:46
ikoniathats why ti's failing08:46
ikoniayou're environment is screwed08:46
Vladimirhow do I fix it?08:46
ikoniaVladimir: depends what you've done to break it08:47
VladimirHow do I know that08:47
Vladimirvery strange08:47
Vladimirmaybe that's why my tftp server not working08:47
ikoniaVladimir: did totally exit the terminal and start a new one08:47
Vladimiryeah I believe so, I go with Putty from a windows server08:47
ikoniaVladimir: this will not have any impact on your tftp server08:47
VladimirI can reboot the linux machine08:47
ikoniaVladimir: thats why then08:47
ignerioushey everyone what should I do08:47
ikoniaVladimir: you can't run X11 to a windows desktop08:47
igneriousplease help08:47
ikoniaVladimir: you need an X11 server08:47
Vladimiroh ok08:48
ikoniaignerious: what happens if you do "sudo service ssh stop"08:48
ikoniaVladimir: you appear to be approaching this wrong08:48
SthNotTakenI have cut/paste a directory listing, I have also posted the error when trying to access index.php here: http://paste.ee/p/Eu4hk . Why can't I see anything?08:48
Vladimirhmm ok ikonia08:48
ikoniaVladimir: you've not done any basic debugging on your tftp server and yet you're trying to sniff an interface to find out why it's not working with no real understanding of the tool08:48
shufflebotikonia: you can,08:48
salahIs there any release notes for 14.10?08:48
ikoniaVladimir: I would suggest working it through08:48
ikoniashufflebot: no, you can't08:49
shufflebotikonia: You can do X11 forwarding with windows08:49
maus-anyone have experience with flashrom?08:49
ikoniashufflebot: no you can't08:49
shufflebotwith xming?08:49
ikoniashufflebot: again READ the problem and read what's said08:49
ikoniashufflebot: thats an X11 server08:49
ikoniashufflebot: again READ the problem and read what's said08:49
ikonia09:47 < ikonia> Vladimir: you need an X11 server08:49
Vladimirikonia: well I have tried to debugg the problem last week, I can't send files to this linux machine nor a windows tftp server from a specific device08:50
SthNotTaken I have cut/paste a directory listing, I have also posted the error when trying to access index.php here: http://paste.ee/p/Eu4hk . I still get the default Apache2 page.08:50
ikoniaVladimir: I'm aware of this, but you've n ot debugged the problem, you've just tried random things08:50
shufflebotx11 was likely installed by installing wireshark just out of apt dependencies ikonia08:50
Vladimirikonia: how do I debug then?08:50
ikoniaVladimir: I'd suggest approaching it properly08:50
shufflebotif there's no display connected you just need to forward to the client08:50
igneriousstop: Unknown job: ssh08:50
droid909guys, in vmware, i have ubuntu guest, and i want to extend my primary partiontion (root), is this scenario looks ok: i boot from my ubuntu cd (live mode), start gparted, resize it and then boot with my ubuntu ?08:51
SthNotTakenHere is a paste of the directory listing, error, and apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf files: http://paste.ee/p/i37b2. I still get the default apache2 page.08:51
Vladimirshufflebot: can I forward to a putty window?08:52
ikoniaignerious: have you done anything to the upstart job configuration ?08:52
ikoniaVladimir: no08:53
ikoniaVladimir: you are approaching this wrong08:53
igneriousikonia: no08:53
ikoniaVladimir: forget sniffing network packets - get it working locally first08:53
ikoniaignerious: this is a physical machine with a full ubuntu install on it ?08:53
Vladimirikonia: well I look in the syslog but there's no meaningful logs :/08:54
cynicallemonVladimir: this may help you - http://engineering.oregonstate.edu/computing/personal/13408:54
ikoniaVladimir: get it working locally08:54
ikoniaVladimir: use the loopback interface08:54
ikoniaVladimir: think about what I told you about it using UDP and the local firewall08:54
ikoniaVladimir: forget sniffing network packages - that's 100 steps down thhe line08:55
igneriousikonia: yeah08:55
ikoniaignerious: most odd, check the upstart job configuration file08:55
ikoniaignerious: check it's there08:55
SthNotTakenHere is a paste of the directory listing, error, and apache2/mods-enabled/dir.conf files: http://paste.ee/p/i37b2. I still get the default apache2 page. What can I check to try to fix this problem?08:55
SthNotTakenWhat information can I share to get help?08:56
tortibSthNotTaken: try putting it in the html dir08:59
=== ballock_ is now known as ballock
SthNotTakenat /var/www/html# ls shows index.html, but going to {ip}/html/index.html shows nothing08:59
jayviis there a ppa for the newest version of git?09:00
tortibSthNotTaken: that's because /var/www/html is the root09:00
SthNotTakentortib: neither {ip}/index.html or {ip}/html/index.html work. Where should it be if it's root?09:00
tortibSthNotTaken: check /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf09:01
tortibit should tell you in there what the root is.09:01
cynicallemonSthNotTaken: so http://locahost/index.html09:01
igneriousikonia: can you give me your ssh_config file09:01
SthNotTakenCan I add another document root?09:02
ikoniaignerious: no, as I said I'm not on ubuntu at the moment09:02
SthNotTakenor should I start placing everything in /var/www/html/ as good practice?09:02
ikoniaignerious: and ssh_config ( in terms of /etc/ssh) should have nothing to do with it09:02
cynicallemonSthNotTaken: the default root is /var/www09:02
SthNotTakenI have DocumentRoot /var/www/html09:03
SthNotTakenI've never changed it09:03
tortibSthNotTaken: there is your answer then09:03
tortibSthNotTaken: did you install php?09:03
SthNotTakenYes, I did09:03
tortibapt-get install php5 ?09:03
cynicallemonSthNotTaken: if thats whats configured then use it09:03
SthNotTakenYes, that's how I did it09:03
tortibSthNotTaken: then put the php file IN the /var/www/html dir09:04
efazati_i can't open png with framebuffer :/ i use fbi ... there is no problem with jpeg09:04
SthNotTakenOh, I restarted apache2, now I see my own var/www/index.php09:04
efazati_how can fix this?09:04
SthNotTakenafter changing document root09:04
tortibSthNotTaken: k09:04
SthNotTakenIs it better to just move everything to var/www/html ?09:04
tortibSthNotTaken: you could have just moved the files over and not restarted apache2, but whatever works for you.09:04
tortibSthNotTaken: depends on what you're trying to accomplish really.09:04
SthNotTakentortib: I'm not the brightest guy. I just want osTicket09:05
tortibif you're going to have more than one vhost it's better to keep them into separate dirs09:05
SthNotTakentortib: are you talking about 'virtual hosts' ?09:05
SthNotTakenI have 4 domains. I can point each of them to var/www/domain$X/public_html/ right?09:05
SthNotTakenI'm reading about this, but I haven't finished. I wanted to get a single page working first.09:05
tortibSthNotTaken: yes as long as you use document root09:05
SthNotTakentortib: thanks a lot for your help09:06
tortibSthNotTaken: so you would create a new file like so touch /etc/apache2/sites-available/vhost1.conf09:06
tortibln -sf /etc/apache2/sites-available/vhost1.conf /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/vhost1.conf09:06
SthNotTakentortib: I'mf following https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts . I think it should work09:06
tortibthen you would specify the ServerName and DocumentRoot in vhost1.conf09:07
gregorydas1326i had problems in connecting my 3g usb dongle to my ubuntu 14.0409:07
tortibSthNotTaken: they usually have good tutorials i would go with that.09:07
SthNotTakenJust seems 14.04 has a different DocumentRoot than 12.04, and that's why I got stuck.09:07
SthNotTakenAnyways, thank you again, tortib09:07
efazati_i can't open png with framebuffer :/ i use fbi ... there is no problem with jpeg, how can fix this?09:08
gregorydas1326i followed instructions froma video from yt (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkxNaMnafzo)09:08
gregorydas1326 i had problems in connecting my 3g usb dongle to my ubuntu 14.04.  i followed instructions froma video from yt (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkxNaMnafzo) it says how to install the driver from the usb dongle drive. i did as it says but stuck at " unbind and bind option" (see paste bin : http://pastebin.com/f4hZcaPE)09:10
gregorydas1326hello? anybody can help09:10
gregorydas1326whatdoes this bind and unbind means09:10
ikoniafollowing random guides on the net/youtube seems to be a big mistake09:11
kristenbbhow can I automatically set the system to use the swap partition ?09:18
salahkristenbb: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-swap-on-ubuntu-14-0409:18
salahkristenbb: or basicly sudo swapon -s if you have a partition ready09:19
k1lkristenbb: if you made a swap partition on installing it will do so out of the bix09:19
=== dratone_ is now known as dratone
kristenbbsalah: swapon works, but i wondered if i could set this to automatic when the system starts09:23
kristenbbk1l: I created the partition after, and it's not working out of the box09:24
k1lkristenbb: is that a new swap partition?09:24
k1lkristenbb: so write it into your fstab09:24
kristenbbk1l: yes. I now have 2 swap partitions for the two 14.04 ubuntus running in dual boot.09:24
kristenbbk1l: one system has its swap working, the other hasn't. That's why i tried to create a second partition for the second system, but it's not picking it up either09:25
k1lit will not be picked up if its not in fstab09:26
kristenbbk1l: so what can I do ?09:27
k1lput it into fstab?09:27
kristenbbk1l: I already have an entry there, but it's not enough, apparently. the file says /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 009:28
eeeekristenbb: you have to add it to crypttab so it's decrypted before fstab is read09:28
iptablekristenbb, does the crypt create it on reboot (do you get asked to enter password on reboot)?09:28
eeee( i think )09:28
k1lwell yes, its first time you mention encryption.09:29
iptablekristenbb, the fstab looks fine, now you need crypttab09:29
kristenbbiptable: i'm sorry i'm not sure I understand your question. Do you mean to ask whether I have to enter my password before entering into my session ? If so, then yes, I didn't change the default settings.09:30
kristenbbiptable: can you please guide me through it, I don't know what this is?09:30
iptablekristenbb, no, do you have to enter password before the system manages to boot? like, before the standard login screen09:31
iptablekristenbb, you have setup swap encryption, that's why.09:31
kristenbbiptable: no, it's just home encryption, not full disk encryption09:31
ikoniakristenbb: I advise you not to do this09:31
iptablekristenbb, no, you also have setup swap encryption09:32
ikoniakristenbb: based on what you said yesterday you have no no need for enrypted swap and your actual needs work against encypted swap09:32
iptablekristenbb, that's why you get /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 in fstab09:32
ikoniakristenbb: also having 2 seperate encyptions for 2 different systems on one disk is likley to cause you problems09:32
ikoniakristenbb: so I advise you again to not use encypted swap - as your expectation show you have no need and will make a problem using it09:32
iptableikonia, you could just settle for 1 unencrypted swap to be shared between the 2 ubuntu systems09:33
ikoniaiptable: sure you could, but this is not something I felt a.) was needed at all b.) going to be maintainable by kristenbb09:33
kristenbbiptable: yes sorry, I was answering to your previous question, I don't need to give any password before the standard login screen09:33
ikoniaiptable: I strongly advise against encypted swap for kristenbb's needs an expectations09:33
kristenbbikonia: thanks for your help, but i'd like to proceed anyway, i do want an encrypted swap, and I do need it09:34
ikoniaiptable: a single swap shared by both systems would by ideal, but as I understand it kristenbb will not consider this, hence my again suggesting he kristenbb reconsideres09:34
iptableikonia, that's what I just advised. "unencrypted swap". I meant, without encryption. sorry, wrong English there09:34
ikoniakristenbb: you don't need it as you stated earlier your expectation is that it's just a block duumping ground an dyou where happy for both to share it09:34
ikoniaiptable: not a problem, we are in agreement09:34
iptablekristenbb, you have encrypted swap and are not decrypting it. I would advise, just format one of the swaps (dev/sdXY) as swap space, then add it as UUID swap entry to your fstab on both ubuntu systems. Do not use encrypted swap.09:35
kristenbbiptable: can you please guide me to making it work with /etc/cryptab, as you mentioned earlier ?09:35
kristenbbi know have 2 entries there, maybe this is the issue ?09:36
iptablekristenbb, if you do need an encrypted swap, unencrypting it is something that would need to happen during boot. Before the login screen you would need to enter the swap encryption password, swap would get unencrypted and mounted and the boot would finish then (and ask you to login).09:36
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antivirtelhello all! how can I add sudo permission for a specific user for a specific command?09:38
kristenbbiptable: when I only had one system in this computer, I had an encrypted swap and was not required to input any password before the login screen. this was all set automatically during the installation process though (i just asked for an encrypted home, it did the rest), so i don't know how it works, unfortunately. but i'd like the same configuration for the second system i just added09:38
antivirtel!dpkg sudo09:38
iptablekristenbb, a good short manual is here, this will show you how these files should more or less look like. https://we.riseup.net/debian/encrypted-swap09:38
eeeeantivirtel: sudo visudo , then add          user <user> ALL=(ALL:ALL) /path/to/bin09:39
eeee*then add the user by <user> ALL ....09:40
iptablekristenbb, the command to setup encrypted swap is ecryptfs-setup-swap09:40
kristenbbiptable: when has this command to be entered ? after the swap is successfully in use ?09:41
eeee( /path/to/bin is the path to the executable you want him to run with privileges )09:41
iptablekristenbb, I suggest you cleanup your partitioning first. boot the other ubuntu, make sure the swap is still working, make sure you know WHICH swap it's using and which is free. boot into the ubuntu where swap is not working, and then reformat the free swap as not encrypted, make sure it works (including after reboot) ,and then run the command I told you to.09:42
iptablekristenbb, as I said, you system is currently in a bit of a mess09:42
iptablekristenbb, why dual boot?09:43
kristenbbiptable: ok let me do just that, thanks; i'll reboot and be right back09:43
GlemSomI have an old installation of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I can't remember if I during installation selected "unantented updates". Is there a way to check if that functionallity is enabled atm ?09:43
iptablekristenbb, well, I'm off to have breakfast09:43
kristenbbiptable: it's ok, i'll hope to be able to catch you again :). i'll do just what you said, and pray it works :)09:43
iptablekristenbb, why dual boot?09:44
iptableGlemSom, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow unattended-upgrades09:46
iptableGlemSom, it's an actual package that you need as well09:46
GlemSomiptable, That package is not installed... Was the installer supposed to install that ?  (It's the server version of Ubuntu)09:46
iptableGlemSom, if it's not installed, then unattended-upgrades are not installed09:47
voidfire_I like your handle :3 do you know of any way to get you managed? :3 something like ruby/python frameworks?09:48
iptablevoidfire_, bash scripts09:48
GlemSomiptable, Ok, thanks !  I was unsure if the installer might have choosen another method of securing unattented updates...09:48
iptablevoidfire_, look at ufw and see how it manages me ;) All managements are made by calling iptables binary09:49
voidfire_Im talking for easy generation scripts09:49
voidfire_cos Im about to fit you into wrt routers and use you to manage a remote distributed network of embedded devices09:50
iptablevoidfire_, still not with you. what's an easy-generation script?09:50
iptablevoidfire_, iptables-save and iptables-restore does just that09:50
voidfire_ugh... I just woke up dont make it hrd for me :309:50
eeeeGlemSom: did you dpkg -l | grep unattended ?09:51
voidfire_yeah gonna use those in the form of on liners to apply a set of rules09:51
iptablevoidfire_, or apart from iptables-(save|restore), you can use your own scripts inthe startup section of /etc/network/if-up.d etc.09:51
antivirtelthank you eeee09:51
voidfire_-m string match rocks for pattern matching and blocking facebook and such ssl packets09:51
iptablevoidfire_, but yes, you can create rules on one system and iptables-save and iptables-restore to copy them over and apply them09:51
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
iptablevoidfire_, the string module, although simple, does a fair work filtering packets based on contents (layer 7 filter) although it is somewhat lacking in content filtering for SSL/TLS encrypted packets.09:53
voidfire_I was kind of amazed to see that you can actually deny /drop ssl connections with the string match/conntrack modules09:54
darksiderhi guys, im trying to understand the output of "sensors", can anyone tell what is AVCC voltage?09:54
voidfire_because there's some fuzz on the internet like its v00d00 magic09:54
=== MohammadAG_ is now known as MohammadAG
iptablevoidfire_, no, iptables does make everything very simple09:56
iptabledarksider, depends on your motherboard09:56
voidfire_yea , I know. planning to abuse them along with reverse ssh tunnels and python's fabric09:57
iptabledarksider, atmega?09:57
iptabledarksider, AVCC is the supply voltage pin for the A/D Converter, Port C (3..0), and ADC (7..6). It should be externally connected to VCC, even if the ADC is not used. If the ADC is used, it should be connected to VCC through a low-pass filter. Note that Port C (5..4) use digital supply voltage, VCC.09:58
darksideriptable: this is the info that I found, just trying to figure out how critical it is :)09:59
iptabledarksider, never failed for anyone. do not monitor.09:59
darksideriptable: OK :)10:00
iptabledarksider, in lamans terms, it's voltage required for the converters that convert the analogue signal to digital (and vice-versa)10:00
iptabledarksider, for example GPU=>VGA port, jack audio output and input, etc.10:01
darksideriptable: such as sound output, VGA output, etc. right?10:01
iptabledarksider, sound output on jack, yes. sound output on HDMI no. Your computer is digital, HDMI is so too, so no conversion needed. For jack output, audio is analogue, so yes.10:02
JoshLopeshello how do i create a command and wait it to finish before leave the screen10:03
JoshLopesfor example:10:03
darksideriptable: jack output is what i meant, even tho jack output can technically have digital output too :)10:03
iptabledarksider, AVCC is needed to timing on conversion (think of it as "needed to power the chip"). I wouldn't bother monitoring it. You WILL know if it failed. the equipment will no longer work.10:03
iptabledarksider, yes, technically, but standard jack to headphones is analogue10:03
JoshLopesscreen -dmS screen$1 sh -c "echo $1; sudo -u www-data -H ./console.php run $1 -fs & echo 'done' & sleep 30;"10:03
JoshLopesit only keeps the screen for the sleep period10:03
JoshLopesi want it to waitfor the php command10:04
voidfire_&& instead of & ?10:04
JoshLopesvoidfire_ was to me ?10:04
darksideriptable: just trying to make a python script to monitor the vitals of the server, and remotely notify me in case of issues10:04
iptableJoshLopes, yes. use &&10:04
JoshLopesvoidfire_ does it make differece okay gona try10:04
=== ming2k is now known as zz_ming2k
JoshLopesthank you10:04
iptableJoshLopes, & means "backgorun it and run another command", && means "and do the next command if the previous one finished SUCCESFULLY. a semicolon instead ";" means, and once previous command finished, successfully or not, execute the next one10:05
iptableJoshLopes, so if you ALWAYS want sleep to execute, use semicolon (;). If you want sleep to execute only if the previous command was a succcess, execute &&10:06
JoshLopesiptable thanks for the explanation, whatsoever the php exceptions are not part of successfull commands10:06
JoshLopesiptable if i ran a php goingtoThrowException.php && echo "Success"10:06
JoshLopesit always go into success right ?10:06
iptabledarksider, the voltage will be there or not. there is not much to it. normally if it's not there, your power supply is off anyways, so I wouldn't worry too much.10:06
iptableJoshLopes, depends what your "goingtothrowexception" does. if it exits with an error (return with non-zero code), then echo success will NOT be executed10:07
iptableJoshLopes, if you want to always go into success, use a semicolon instead. I'm not sure how to make this any clearer10:07
JoshLopesthrow new exception on php not sure if it returns a non zero10:07
JoshLopesgoing to scheck10:07
iptableJoshLopes, consult php manuals, they state that clearly.10:08
iptableJoshLopes, just run a simple php code that throws an exception and run it as php ./exception.php; echo $?10:09
iptableJoshLopes, $? in bash gives you return code.10:09
=== zz_ming2k is now known as ming2k
* iptable finally goes for breakfast. BloodSugar critical10:11
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tarelerulzI see handbreak ,but I can't install it says The following packages have unmet dependencies and list of bunch of packages it need to install10:15
=== popl_ is now known as popl
ikoniatarelerulz I assume you're getting this from a PPA10:17
tarelerulzWell, how do you tell the source?  I only remember installing ppa for chrome and xbmc.10:17
ikoniaapt-cache policy $package10:18
ikoniahowever I suspect the xbmc PPA is probably going to create conflicts with packages that handbrake want anyway10:19
tarelerulzThis might sound dumb ,but how do you get around that? Do installing one and not the other ?10:20
ikoniatarelerulz: this sounds lazy - but you don't10:21
ikoniatarelerulz: the PPA maintainers have a responsiblity to make sure they either a.) meet dependencies in a safe location b.) don't create conflicts10:21
ikoniavery few PPA maintainers do this - which is why using PPA's is often a bad move10:21
ikoniathe xmbc one, I see create problems a "fair" ammount10:21
tarelerulzDo Ubuntu have xbmc in it default  repositories?10:22
ikoniano idea10:23
ikoniacheck pakages.ubuntu.com10:23
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geekstayHi everyone. I've just installed LUbuntu on my computer, and I've got some problem with my internet connection. (Perfectly working before on XUbuntu). First, it asks me sometimes two or three times the wifi password. And secondly, the connection is SLOW ! Less than 1ko/s. It's impossible to do a "sudo apt-get update".10:45
geekstayCould someone help me please ?10:45
ActionParsnipgeekstay: what wifi chip are you using?10:45
ActionParsnipgeekstay: is the system a laptop?10:46
geekstayActionParnsip : bcw 4313.10:46
geekstayActionParnsip : yes. And I can't connect with the ethernet cable.10:46
geekstayAnd it's not my wifi connection, because others computers work fine.10:47
ActionParsnipgeekstay: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan     do you see a lot of networks? Are they on the same channel?10:47
tarelerulzI get this when I try to install  handbrake http://pastebin.com/9CxTvnWW10:47
ActionParsnipgeekstay: why cant you connect via Ethernet?10:47
ActionParsniptarelerulz: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue10:47
geekstayNo, there's just me.10:47
ActionParsniptarelerulz: its a single line, so no need to pastebin :)10:48
ActionParsnipgeekstay: why cant you connect via Ethernet?10:48
geekstayWhen I plug my cable, nothing happen.10:48
tarelerulzUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l10:48
ActionParsniptarelerulz: what is the output of:   apt-cache policy handbrake10:49
ActionParsnipgeekstay: is the Ethernet visible when you run:    sudo lshw -C network10:49
geekstayActionParsnip : It's visible but it outputs that nothing it's connected. I got this problem on XUbuntu.10:50
ActionParsnipgeekstay: if you move closer to the router, is it better?10:50
lonefireblossomHey Guys it seems my wifi won't work with the current driver.10:51
geekstayActionParnsip : One time, just after install linux-firmware-nonfree, connection was fast, but just while 3 seconds.10:51
lonefireblossomso I'd like some help10:51
ActionParsnipgeekstay: what is the driver in use by the wifi?10:51
geekstayActionParsnip : How can I know it ?10:52
ActionParsnipgeekstay: its in the lshw output from earlier.10:52
ActionParsnipgeekstay: look for    'driver='10:52
ActionParsniptarelerulz: are there any bugs reported?10:52
lonefireblossomActionParsnip: Could you help me with my wifi issues too?10:53
tarelerulzYou mean for the version I tried to install ?10:53
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue10:53
ActionParsniptarelerulz: yes10:53
lonefireblossomI'm using an Atheros AR948510:53
lonefireblossomAnd it won't detect that's its even there10:54
lonefireblossomLike in the Network settings10:54
ActionParsnipgeekstay: maybe http://askubuntu.com/questions/450049/extremely-slow-connection-with-a-broadcom-bcm4313-wireless-card10:54
ActionParsnipgeekstay: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221735810:54
lonefireblossomBut when I do a lspci it pops up10:54
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue10:54
htmlhow do i open a port for the server via ssh10:54
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: the wifi adapter shoming in lspci doesnt mean its configured to work10:55
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: thats like saying when a device shows in device manager it is working, even if its got a yellow exclamation mark next to it as there is no driver10:55
lonefireblossomActionParsnip: I know that much and the command says Ubuntu 14.0410:56
ActionParsniphtml: all ports are open by default in Ubuntu, or do you mean in your router10:56
geekstayActionParsnip : brcmsmac or r816910:56
lonefireblossomAnd I know the driver is working for it I tried a wireless script thing I found on the forums would you like it's out put?10:56
geekstayActionParsnip : I've got in the line of r8169  speed : 10Mbit/s10:56
ActionParsnipgeekstay: brcsmac will be the wifi driver10:56
htmlActionParsnip,  no its for a minecraft  running on aws virtual server10:56
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: so why is "[11:53] <lonefireblossom> But when I do a lspci it pops up"   a thing, if you know it doesnt mean its configured...?10:57
ActionParsniphtml: is it in virtualbox?10:57
k1lhtml: you dont open the port. the service opens the port if its needed10:57
lonefireblossomIt's configured, look at this please http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205200/10:57
ActionParsnipgeekstay: r8169 is your Ethernet driver10:57
lonefireblossomIt says kernel driver in use is ath9k10:57
htmlActionParsnip,  i am running amazon cloud vm10:57
geekstayActionParsnip : Oh okey.10:58
htmlActionParsnip,  25565 is the minecraft port i need open10:58
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: try:   sudo modprobe -r ath9k; sleep 2; sudo modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=110:58
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: is it ok then?10:59
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: if it is, we can make it permanent10:59
tarelerulzSo what does that pastbin page I showed you mean ?  http://pastebin.com/Y6RzY5BS  .11:00
ActionParsniptarelerulz: it means that dependancies in the package cannot be met, so it will not be installed11:01
ikoniatarelerulz: I explained this to you earlier giving you (a) and (b) examples11:01
ikoniatarelerulz: I also explained why you may hit problems using a ppa11:01
LonefireBlossom_Sorry, my browser died.11:02
ActionParsniplonefireblossom: try:   sudo modprobe -r ath9k; sleep 2; sudo modprobe ath9k nohwcrypt=111:02
tarelerulzIf I removed the ppa that should mean the app is no longer there ?11:03
LonefireBlossom_ActionParsnip: No response.11:03
ActionParsnipLonefireBlossom_: there won't be11:03
ActionParsnipLonefireBlossom_: is the wifi better?11:03
LonefireBlossom_let me check.11:03
lucaxHello fellow ubuntees I have following question: When I start up my ubuntu 14.04 just after the foot logo has disappeared I get an error, the error says: starting crash report submission daemon, asking for cache data failed, then next line says: assuming drive cache: write through. I checked the docu and it says that it is mostly related to a usb flash drive situation. in my case I don't have a usb stick connected so I don't know why it11:03
lucaxany help?11:03
LonefireBlossom_ActionParsnip: Still unable to do anything, no recog that there is any wifi at all11:04
lucaxin the docu many people bring commands from the terminal to help out but I can't even access the terminal, it jams in the startup process11:05
ActionParsniplucax: keep reporting the bug, it will get things fixe11:05
geekstayActionParsnip : I don't avec bcwl-kernel source installed, so I can't purge it.11:05
LonefireBlossom_Geek Action's gone.11:05
geekstayActionParsnip : And the output of "sudo modprobe -rv wl is Module wl not found.11:05
lucaxis it an active bug? something that is being solved as we speak?11:06
LonefireBlossom_Geekstay: ActionParsnip isn't on RN.11:06
TJ-lucax: That warning message comes from "whoopsie", the error-reporting package, but it shouldn't be the cause of a hang during boot, the message should just be informational11:07
Vladimirbest way to debug a tftp server?11:07
LonefireBlossom_I need help with my wireless11:08
LonefireBlossom_Someone help.11:08
TJ-lucax: Try starting the system in Advanced > Recovery mode from the GRUB boot menu11:08
lucaxthank you TJ11:08
lucaxso f11 or something then11:08
TJ-lucax: As the system starts hold down the Shift key until the GRUB boot menu appears11:09
LonefireBlossom_TJ: Would you know anything about why I am unable to access a wifi menu when I am trying to connect via my wifi? I ran a wireless script and here is what came out. http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205200/11:09
lucaxthanks tj11:09
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: I'm not sure I understand what " unable to access a wifi menu" means - do you mean the Network Manager applet's icon is not in the task tray?11:10
lucaxshould I tap shift repeatedly?11:10
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I mean, I can't connect to a wifi network. Even when I use the manager. And yeah, no Applet.11:11
vapeboyhi, i'm using a vps and my WP suddenly stopped working (without me doing anything). what's the correct way to troubleshoot something like this?11:11
TJ-lucax: No, hold it down. At the moment that the PC's BIOS/firmware loads the GRUB boot-loader, GRUB tests whether the Shift key is down, and if so, it stops at the boot menu rather than booting the default entry11:11
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: Sounds like network manager might not have a connection configured11:12
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I tried one but no dice.11:13
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: show us "nmcli con list | pastebinit" please (assuming the wired network is connected!)11:13
LonefireBlossom_Yeah it is11:13
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: after that, paste the result if this command in the channel here (its only one line): "nmcli nm | tail -1"11:15
LonefireBlossom_TJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205353/11:15
LonefireBlossom_Oh another one?11:15
LonefireBlossom_I did the one you gave me before.11:15
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: this is another command, tells us something different11:15
LonefireBlossom_TJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205358/11:16
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: So, there is a WiFi connection called "WiFi connection 1" ... lets find out more about it: "nmcli con list uuid 8f16c1b9-4caa-4c93-88ac-5c27210f1ead | pastebinit"11:17
cyclonisgood morning all11:18
LonefireBlossom_TJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205371/11:18
cyclonisi have a machine that i not going to be connected to the network im creating a custom ubuntu installation cd my question is there a way to download the patches/updates and put them on the cdrom ?11:19
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: OK, that all looks good. Now lets find out why nm-applet isn't showing. First lets find out if it is running: "pgrep nm-applet" should report a process ID if nm-applet is running, otherwise you'll get nothing11:21
LonefireBlossom_TJ: No reponse11:21
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: You're using Live Desktop ISO right now?11:22
LonefireBlossom_TJ: Yeah.11:22
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I thought I would check if everything worked before I installed11:23
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I found this :O http://askubuntu.com/questions/451593/lubuntu-nm-applet-wifi-icon-missing Would this help?11:24
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I.E if I log in/out will it fix?11:25
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: Looking at the original Wireless-Info report, under the "nm-tool" output, I'd suspect that the problem is due to all those other Access Points operating on the same channel frequency of 2412MHz (I see 6, many with stronger signals)11:25
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I can't tell them to change their frequencies o.o11:26
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: That would explain the failure for NM to connect. The nm-applet is only a user GUI tool, it doesn't affect whether NM tries to connect to the network or not11:26
vapeboyheyt guys, my conf file /etc/zpanel/configs/apache/httpd-vhosts.conf got modified by itself. how could this be?11:26
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: Let's just force nm-applet to run in the background and see how you go: "nm-applet&"11:27
LonefireBlossom_TJ: *hug* It worked <311:28
LonefireBlossom_TJ: The GUI popped up!11:28
LonefireBlossom_TJ: And the thing seems to be working11:28
LonefireBlossom_TJ: Hello?11:29
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: :)11:30
LonefireBlossom_TJ: So do I have to force it every time?11:30
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: No, it should be in the list of programs that are run automatically when you log-in11:31
LonefireBlossom_TJ: So that means by entering that command, I am set?11:32
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: The link to askubuntu you gave me shows how to ensure that the autostart entry is in place11:32
m_anishI need help11:33
LonefireBlossom_TJ: So use what the link says, basically?11:33
m_anish<pl ignore>11:33
m_anishubottu, hello!11:33
TJ-LonefireBlossom_: Yes, use it as a guide to check the Autostart list. If nm-applet is missing, re-add it11:33
LonefireBlossom_Tanks TJ, TYVM11:33
LonefireBlossom_I'll be back after install11:33
m_anishubottu, help11:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:33
LonefireBlossom_And maybe help some folks around here.11:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:34
LonefireBlossom_TJ: I'm a little rusty with Ubuntu but I might be able to help someone, Be back after the install11:34
=== quem_ is now known as quem
bong1i have files in /home/bong/VirtualBox VMs/Windows XP.... but i do not use this anymore bcoz i have a new install can i delete this folder?11:40
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents11:41
ikoniam_anish: please stop11:41
ikoniabong1: if you don't need it - delete it11:41
m_anishikonia, i'm sorry. I was just showing somebody around. is there a sandbox channel?11:41
ikoniam_anish: make one11:42
cfhowlettm_anish, /join m_anish11:42
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents11:44
m_anishikonia, ^^11:44
ikoniam_anish: what ?11:44
m_anishikonia, another "irc irritant"11:45
ikoniam_anish: no, he's just used the bot once11:45
ikoniathats fine11:45
m_anishikonia, sorry to be creating noise. I wanted to show a beginner his way around IRC, while acting like a ... beginner :-) i'll search if there's an #ubuntu-noobs channel.11:47
ikoniam_anish: there is nothing wrong with this channel for new users11:48
ikoniam_anish: you just don't neeed to keep hitting the bot blindly11:48
ikoniam_anish: send the bot info in a pm11:48
m_anishikonia, sounds good11:48
knobHey guys, got a n00b question.  I saw in my ~/.bashrc   that I can add my own aliases to a new file   ~/.bash_aliases   ... well, I created the file, dropped in there a short alias     la="ls -alhcF"     logged out, back in, yet it's not "aliased"11:52
knobAm I missing something basic?11:52
lazersknob: Check ~/.bashrc again to make sure that line/section isn't commented out.11:52
knobThe .bashrc  has a    if [ -f ~/.bash_aliases ]; then   ....11:52
knoblazers, thanks!        It's not commented out, just checked.11:53
knobOdd... the .bashrc is as installed (running 14.0411:53
lazersknob: alias la="blah blah blah" or la="blah blah" ?11:54
knoblazers, damn dude... you da man.11:54
knobgoing to test it out... forgot the "alias"11:54
lazersknob: blah :)11:55
knobw00t! :)11:55
knobThanks man...  little by little I learn more.11:55
knobI love computers... they do EXACTLY what you tell them to do.  99.999% of the time, you messed up in something, not her.11:55
lost_and_unfoundGreetings, we have an java app running on a headless server without X11. I would like to redirect the X11 to my local ubuntu pc using X11 forwarding. How to i redirect the X and allow my machine to display the server application? thanks11:55
cfhowlettagriyudhizt, http://www.sabily.org/website/11:56
cfhowlettagriyudhizt, happy2help11:56
agriyudhiztcfhowlett, where do you comfrom???11:57
cfhowlettagriyudhizt, kronos11:58
agriyudhiztainx, malemmm om masterrr...12:02
tspHow do I see why apt-get wants to install something?12:13
=== DeviantSOP is now known as Killeroid
MatthewsFacehey guys12:16
MatthewsFaceever seen the is error when trying to networking still Ubuntu 14.04 on server?12:16
MatthewsFace       │ Loading apt-mirror-setup failed for unknown reasons. Aborting. │12:16
ikoniaMatthewsFace: trying to network still ubuntu 14.04 ?12:17
ikoniaMatthewsFace: thaat looks like you're trying to setup apt-mirror12:17
MatthewsFaceI have been coding for almost 12 hours12:17
ikoniaMatthewsFace: plesasea just explain on 1 line without hitting enter after every few words12:18
MatthewsFacemaybe I "clicked" yes on a step I shouldn't have12:18
MatthewsFaceSorry Ikonia, I'll do that from now on12:18
tspI'm trying to install mercurial with apt-get install mercurial. It wants to pull in fontconfig, xterm, and a bunch of other stuff12:19
cfhowletttsp, run a terminal:  apt-cache show mecurial               read the output12:20
TJ-tsp: Do you have apt configured to also install the Suggests packages?12:21
tspHow do I check?12:21
GreenDragonHey! I'm unable to set SRWare Iron as my main browser through regular settings.12:21
GreenDragonSo can I get some help?12:21
GreenDragonI've tried scouring the forums but no luck.12:22
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
GreenDragonCan I get some help with setting SRWare Iron As my default  internet Browser.12:24
trijntje_GreenDragon: how have you tried to set it?12:24
GreenDragontrijntje_: Through the Preferred Programs12:25
tspTJ-: Thanks, you got me on the right track. apt-get --no-install-recommends turned out to be the answer12:25
GreenDragonTJ-: It's me Lone Fire! All's well!12:25
trijntje_GreenDragon: and what goes wrong?12:26
GreenDragontrijntje_: I also tried a Terminal command which didn't show SRWare as an option. They don't show SRWare as options12:26
trijntje_GreenDragon: I guess you have to specify the location of SRWare yourself12:27
TJ-GreenDragon: Good to hear :)12:27
gansteedHere is a sentence in APUE_2ed:"Instead, the kernel keeps information about the directory, such as a pointer to the directory's v-node."12:27
GreenDragontrijntje_: How do I do that? I'm running Lubuntu.12:27
gansteedDoes it mean that I can only get the directory name from the kernel?12:28
trijntje_GreenDragon: that depends on how you installed it, I don't know that browser myself12:28
TJ-GreenDragon: Why not just "apt-get install chromium-browser" ?12:28
GreenDragonI ran a wget and dpkg'd it12:28
trijntje_dpkg -L SRWare shows all files that belong to the package SRWare, the binary should be listed there as well12:28
GreenDragonTJ-: Chromium mines your data.12:28
GreenDragonTJ-: SRWare Iron doesn't12:29
TJ-GreenDragon: chromium-browser is the open-source package, *not* Google's Chrome browser12:29
GreenDragonTJ-: The tracking feature is in both12:29
TJ-GreenDragon: what "feature" is that?12:30
jamesM_On the API is there anyway to retrieve some identifying information about the customers bank account? for example the last 4 digits of their account number use to setup the pre-auth?12:30
GreenDragonTJ-: https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/chromium-discuss/V0x5LyOrL_012:31
GreenDragontrijntje_: Nothing came up12:32
trijntje_GreenDragon: no, you have to use the name of the package you installed12:32
GreenDragontrijntje_: I did12:32
trijntje_but its bad practice to install software from outside the repositories, you wont get any security updates12:33
GreenDragontrijntje_: I found it :D12:33
=== gnu is now known as Guest37490
GreenDragontrijntje_:  now what do I do?12:33
TJ-GreenDragon: The discussion you reference, and the bug, were fixed *four* years ago12:34
OnkelTemHi all. I've just install Ubuntu 14.04.1 and it turned out that Layout swiching doesn't work as expected. I used to use modal switching i.e. Caps for the first layout and Shift+Caps for the second, but this is not an option in Ubutnu 14.04. Any ideas?12:34
trijntje_GreenDragon: can you put the list on pastebin.com? Usually the one you want is in /bin12:34
OnkelTemI wish to migrate to Ubuntu 14.04 but this is inability to swithc layouts is a show-stopper12:34
OnkelTemThis is MOST critical thing and I wonder why releasers are so irresponsive12:35
GreenDragontrijntje_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205872/12:35
=== trijntje_ is now known as trijntje
trijntjeGreenDragon: capitol L12:35
OnkelTemAny workaround/fix for Ubuntu 14.04.1 for layouts?12:36
trijntjeOnkelTem: have you looked at existing bug repports?12:36
GreenDragontrijntje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205875/12:36
Nightwolfhi, pulseaudio sometimes hangs completely. i can't even kill -9 it. autospawn is disabled. any ideas?12:37
trijntjeGreenDragon: I dont think thats the full output12:37
Nightwolfi'm using an usb soundcard12:37
usr13Nightwolf: What do you mean it hangs?12:37
usr13Nightwolf: What are the symptoms?12:38
GreenDragontrijntje: it is...12:38
Nightwolfusr13: no sound, pavucontrol can't connect12:38
usr13Nightwolf: What version of Ubuntu are you on?12:38
OnkelTemtrijntje: didn't find any on this. Looks like I'm the only man on the Earth who needs this. About 6 months ago I tried 14.04 with the same result - they just borke everything12:39
trijntjeGreenDragon: in that case I dont know, I don't see anything that would be the binary12:39
usr13Nightwolf: Fully updated?12:39
OnkelTemtrijntje: I wonder is there any workaround12:39
trijntjeOnkelTem: did you report a bug? Otherwise its no surprise it didn't get fixed12:39
GreenDragontrijntje: ill try it again with sudo12:39
OnkelTemtrijntje: what is the best place to report?12:39
Nightwolfusr13: i have the problem for 2 years or so, i just sometimes try to solve it again xD12:39
usr13Nightwolf: Do you really have a need for pulseaudio?  (You might just uninstall it for now, re-install it later on.)12:39
Nightwolfi don't know, i think i also already tried that xD12:40
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:40
usr13Nightwolf: Are you a skype user?12:40
usr13Nightwolf: Ok, well skype needs it.12:40
GreenDragontrijntje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8205908/12:40
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=== ziggy_client2 is now known as ziggy_client3
trijntjeGreenDragon: still the same, I guess you'll have to ask the people who create the browser12:41
GreenDragontrijntje: I can go looking for it, what is a typical binary .ext?12:42
trijntjelinux usually doesnt work with extensions for binaries12:42
usr13Nightwolf: A problem I've found with pulseaudio is that it seems to reserve or hold sound for a particular app, like a flash video on the broser, or a call on skype or video player like mplayer.  So closing other apps seems to free it up.  Like closing the browser or closing the terminal that I played the video from etc. etc.  Have you tried that?12:43
GreenDragontrijntje: I think I found it12:43
GreenDragontrijntje: Yeah I'm pretty sure I have12:44
usr13Nightwolf: And have you told the pulseaudio team about your problems?12:44
GreenDragontrijntje: Now how do I get it to default browser status?12:44
usr13Nightwolf: (They are the ones that will fix it, they are the ones that need to know.)12:44
trijntjeGreenDragon: I'm not sure on lubuntu, isn't there an option to manually add a program?12:45
GreenDragontrijntje: Not that I know of, is there one in terminal?12:45
usr13Nightwolf: Also, there is #pulseaudio channel.12:45
trijntjeI'm not sure, maybe someone else knows12:46
usr13Nightwolf: /join #pulseaudio12:46
Nightwolfusr13: thanks12:46
GreenDragontrijntje: Isn't there a command that I could use to do that?12:46
usr13Nightwolf: There is also a mail-list12:47
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fleetfoxHello. Can anyone point me to ubunt-gnome gnome/mutter repo?12:47
scienceiscoolyesHello, if I sha1sum, sha256sum and md5sum the ubuntu iso one after the other. Will it reduce the quality of the ISO12:47
usr13Nightwolf: pulseaudio-discuss@lists.freedesktop.org12:47
scienceiscoolyesi.e, break it12:47
trijntjescienceiscoolyes: no, you can read files as many times as you like12:48
AaruniI am unable to purge the package linux-image-3.8.0-44-generic from my system. I have already installed linux-image-3.13.0-32-generic .12:48
scienceiscoolyesalright, cheers12:48
usr13Nightwolf: http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/options/pulseaudio-discuss/12:49
usr13Subscribe option ^^^^^12:50
Aarunihere is the error pastebin : http://txt.krow.me/ppcsmvdt712:51
Nightwolfusr13: ok, great. thanks a lot!12:51
MonkeyDronehey guys, I was wondering if there is an easy guide to setting up email services on a dedicated server with Ubuntu 14.04 installation12:52
usr13Aaruni: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-3.8*12:52
Nightwolfusr13: i think it may have something to do with usb, because now lsusb doesn't even work any more..12:52
=== YamakasY is now known as RandomGuy
usr13Nightwolf: Ok, there you go.... you are on the right track,for sure.12:53
=== RandomGuy is now known as YamakasY
usr13probably ...12:53
Aaruniusr13: http://txt.krow.me/prra9hetv12:53
usr13Aaruni: apt-get removepkg linux-image-3.8.0-29-generic12:54
usr13Aaruni: sudo apt-get removepkg linux-image-3.8.0-29-generic12:54
Aaruniusr13: 3.8.0-29 ?12:54
Aarunibut don't I want to remove 3.8.0-44, usr13 ?12:54
usr13Aaruni: Oh, well, you do not have 3.8.0-2912:54
=== daemon_erebus is now known as DaemonErebus
usr13Aaruni: My mistake.  But you do not have linux-image-3.8.0-2912:55
usr13Aaruni: You are trying to remove something you don't have.12:55
Aaruniusr13: but apt throws me an error "1 not fully installed or removed"12:56
usr13Aaruni: Show me...12:57
usr13Aaruni: Show me the full output12:57
Aaruniusr13: right now, I get E: Invalid operation removepkg12:57
usr13Aaruni: ls /boot/vmlinuz-3.8*12:57
usr13Aaruni: removepkg is a slackware command (not used in Ubuntu).12:58
Aaruniusr13: so, purge ?12:58
Aaruniusr13: http://txt.krow.me/pg0pw3utr12:58
actarushi, sorry I have a problem with ubuntu end a new netgear modem, the connection work, but it fall down every 2 or 3 minutes12:59
actarussomebody can help me please12:59
usr13Aaruni: You have only 3.8.0-44 You do not have 3.8.0-2912:59
cfhowlett!ask | actarus13:00
ubottuactarus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:00
Aaruniso, usr13, what do I do ?13:00
usr13Aaruni: So, show me the apt-get error.  (The full output)13:00
usr13Aaruni: sudo apt-get update13:00
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:00
usr13Aaruni: Tell me if you get errors....13:00
Aaruniusr13: no errors in apt-get update13:01
Aaruniusr13: http://txt.krow.me/puhwd0j9j13:01
usr13Aaruni: Ok.  So what is the problem?  (Do you really have a problem?)13:01
usr13Aaruni: (I do not see an error there.)13:02
Aaruniusr13: the error can be seen here : http://txt.krow.me/pirtusptf13:03
pdwCan somebody tell me which package displays the "Welcome to Trusty Tahr.. [cancel] [Upgrade]" notifications I'm seeing every now and then in Precise?  I'd like to disable that, but don't know which package/script is handling it.  It's the ones that look like this: http://cdn2.itzgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Ubuntu-14.04-Release-Notes.jpg13:03
geirhaAaruni, usr13: line 18: usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).13:05
usr13Aaruni: dpkg-reconfigure  linux-image-3.8.0-44-generic13:05
usr13geirha: Oh, let me look again...13:05
philinuxpdw;~ check your settings in software sources13:05
Aaruniusr13: http://txt.krow.me/pwsqg9yyq13:05
Aarunigeirha: but everything else works (just also installed linux-generic-lts-trusty)13:06
usr13Aaruni: uname -a13:06
Aaruniusr13: Linux aaruni-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC 3.13.0-32-generic #57~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:20 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:06
philinuxpdw;~ from system settings > software & updates13:07
usr13Aaruni: mount   #What does that say?13:07
pdwphilinux: thanks - got that one, but it doesn't quite do what I need.13:07
pdwphilinux: I'm trying to push out a config update to all laptops on our network.13:08
Aaruniusr13: http://txt.krow.me/piq45mgrq13:08
pdwphilinux: Do you know if that dropdown is tied to some config file in /etc or /var?13:08
usr13Aaruni: So why not just uninstall the 3.8.0-44 kernel?13:08
Aaruniusr13: that is the original problem : http://txt.krow.me/pzhq2us5t13:09
pdwphilinux: (I'm not too bothered by the notification myself, but I want to avoid one of my users accidentally triggering an upgrade. :] )13:09
usr13Aaruni: Did you also send this?:  http://txt.krow.me/prra9hetv13:10
grodiusHi guys, I am getting a system error because I have a package 'linux-image-3.13.0-35-generic" problem type "kernelOops"... anyone know how to fix?13:10
Aaruniusr13: yeah13:11
usr13Aaruni: cat /etc/issue   #Tell me what that says13:12
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
Aaruniusr13: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l13:12
geirhaAaruni: have you modified any grub config? does running   update-grub   work?13:12
Aarunigeirha: root@aaruni-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC:/etc/apt# update-grub13:13
Aaruni/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).13:13
Aaruni(didn't use pastebin, only two lines)13:13
actarushi, sorry I have a problem with ubuntu end a new netgear modem, the connection work, but it fall down every 2 or 3 minutes13:13
geirharight, so that's what dpkg (and apt-get in turn) is failing on13:13
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=== pinnen_ is now known as pinnen
Aarunigeirha: does it matter, if I tell you that I'm doing all that on uck ? making an ubuntu precise iso jam packed with my favourite applications ?13:15
geirhaAaruni: oh hang on, you ARE missing /dev13:15
Aarunigeirha: ?13:16
usr13Aaruni: But is this a running system?13:16
geirhaerr no, sorry. line 8 has it.  udev on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,mode=0755)13:16
Aaruniusr13: nope. still configuring stuff via the package manager13:16
AaruniI plan to build it by tonight13:16
=== browntown is now known as Guest65453
usr13Aaruni: dpkg -r linux-image-3.8.0-29-generic13:17
usr13Aaruni: Tell us what that does?13:17
Aaruniusr13, geirha : http://txt.krow.me/pebmkzoav13:18
usr13Aaruni: dpkg -r remove-essential linux-image-3.8.0-29-generic13:20
Aaruniusr13: same error13:20
usr13Aaruni: dpkg --configure -a13:22
Aaruniusr13: dpkg: error: unknown option --configure-a13:22
Aaruniusr13: no errors13:23
usr13Aaruni: maybe it is dpkg -a --configure13:23
Aaruniusr13: no errors13:23
Aaruniin fact, no output at all13:23
usr13Aaruni: apt-get clean13:23
Aaruniusr13: done13:23
usr13Aaruni: apt-get update13:24
cfhowlettusr13, would install/reinstall the kernel then allow for removal??13:24
Aaruniusr13: done with no errors13:24
usr13Aaruni: apt-get install -f13:24
Aarunicfhowlett: it doesn't let me install either13:24
Aaruniusr13: same as the original error13:25
Aaruniyou know what, nevermind13:25
usr13Aaruni: What is it?13:25
AaruniI'll just build it, see if it still runs. ignore the error13:25
usr13Aaruni: Well, really, I just don't know.  Not really sure that the problem is...13:26
Aarunithanks anyways, guys13:26
usr13Aaruni: Ok. sorry we couldn't help13:26
usr13or sorry *I* couldn't help.13:26
Aaruniusr13: its OK. I think it has something to do with it not being a running OS, just uck.13:27
netametahow can list hidden files ?13:33
somsipnetameta: ls -la13:33
=== derp is now known as olivierrr
Juniorusing kunbutu 14.04 and i have this problem: apt get update when reading package list very slow (aprox 15 minutes). any leads ?13:33
=== olivierrr is now known as ziggy_client1
netametasomsip thanks13:34
somsipnetameta: np. It's common to add an 'alias ll="ls -la"' to .bash_aliases for that one13:35
netametaI see - i dont really use / need to see hidden files too much really but thanks somisp13:38
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ftlhi all.13:44
odthi! any known issues with 3.16.1 and hostapd? no luck with wpa=1 or wpa=2 anymore, only wpa=0 setting results in working wifi13:50
=== JC_SoCal_ is now known as JC_SoCal
ftlHow do enter the root password on the guest session?13:52
ftlI can not get root account on the logon screen.13:52
blackangelprftl, logon screen? you need to use the terminal type su13:52
blackangelprthen will ask for super user password13:52
blackangelprdont know if possible from guest account13:53
ftlguest-e8eZ84@Linux:~$ su Parola:  setgid: İşleme izin verilmedi guest-e8eZ84@Linux:~$13:53
blackangelprdo not make sense to use it from guest account :P you can use tty113:53
ftluse turkish ubuntu, entered true pass13:53
=== AEM` is now known as aem`
ibmi have installed xubuntu 14.04  less than 1 week ago my wifi does not work can someone help me to fix the wifi connection?13:59
ibmi am using xubuntu version 14.04?13:59
jsnWhere can I find the md5sum for a particular file, say, in this case, /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc-2.19.so14:00
pdwjsn: you can calculate MD5 checksums with the md5sum command.  Just give the filename as argument, like  md5sum /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc-2.19.so14:01
jsnpdw: Yes. I want to know what ubuntu thinks it _should_ be.14:02
pdwjsn: thought you might ask that next.  Sorry!14:02
jsnI’d also accept knowing the last day the package, in this case, libc, was updated.14:03
pdwjsn: so, according to the search engine at package.ubuntu.com, that file appears to be in libc6-dbg in trusty.14:04
ibmi have installed xubuntu 14.04  less than 1 week ago my wifi does not work can someone help me to fix the wifi connection?14:04
ibmi am using xubuntu version 14.04?14:04
pdwjsn: *packages.ubuntu.com, sorry14:04
gansteedWhere is the macro major and minor defined?14:05
miyakoI apologize for my lack of google-fu, but is there an Ubuntu equivelent to Debian Sid?14:05
jsnpdw: No, it is in package libc6. It’s the main library for an entire operating system, the GNU C library.14:05
BasketballActionParsnip,  can you help me14:05
pdwjsn: Try having a look to see if you have /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6*md5sums on your system.14:05
miyakospecifically, a rolling testing repo that I can track for the latest updates14:05
jsnpdw: An md5sum on my system could be compromised just as easily as the file itself. I need somewhere _else_ to look at it.14:06
somsipmiyako: no - ubuntu is released at fixed intervals. You can use the beta, or the latest.14:06
pdwjsn: in which case, I'd download a fresh copy of the package to a trusted host, and compare to the files in that.  Do you know how to unpack a deb archive?14:06
miyakosomsip: can I just update my /etc/apt/sources.list to point to the next release and apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ?14:07
somsipmiyako: no idea. You should probably ask in #ubuntu+114:07
jsnpdw: For sake of argument, let’s assume I don’t have another host. And, yes, I can use dpkg.14:07
miyakosomsip: okay, I didn't know about that channel, I ask there, thanks :)14:07
Basketballhey somsip  do you know how to make a repo with launchpad14:07
prainworkerwhen i connect my cannon camera  ubuntu freezes up on loading  thumbnails °! please help!14:08
somsipBasketball: no. Just ask your question to the channel and wait to see if anyone replies. Don't ask people unsolicited please.14:08
jsnmiyako: I know dist-upgrade won’t push you to anything like sid. They have a new command, something like do-release-upgrade, and that can only be run, I think, when there is a release upgrade.14:08
prainworkerthere are also avi movies on the cam could that be the problem ?14:08
Basketballso i wrote a script that sets up all my programs and icons right.  So i ran into a problem where the script is saving the zip file from the wget of the file to a .html file. how can i make my own repo and add the zips to it so i can do it from the repo not wget14:09
jsnBasketball: A .deb file repo?14:10
Basketballjsn,  no i want to upload the zips to it14:10
miyakojsn: hmm, it sounds like I might just want to install debian on my laptop at this point rather than trying to turn Ubuntu into debian14:10
jsnWhere can I find what Ubuntu thinks the md5sum for a particular file, say, in this case, /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc-2.19.so14:10
ikoniajsn: just run md5sum against it14:11
pdwjsn: I'm not myself aware of somewhere that lists MD5 checksums by package.  However, downloading the deb to my machine here, comparing the deb's SHA256 sum against the one on the https: download page, and extracting the files gives me this:14:11
ikoniajsn: the fact that it's installed means it's passed the internal checksums that it installs14:11
jsnikonia: That shows what the md5sum is on _my_ system. I want to know what the official repository says it should be.14:11
jsnikonia: It coud be changed after it was installed.14:11
ActionParsnipBasketball: what is the issue?14:11
pdwjsn: $ md5sum libc-2.19.so14:11
ikoniajsn: I'm not sure that's held on a file by file basis14:11
pdwjsn: 7b6bbcea6627deace906d80edaefc631  libc-2.19.so14:11
Basketballso i wrote a script that sets up all my programs and icons right.  So i ran into a problem where the script is saving the zip file from the wget of the file to a .html file. how can i make my own repo and add the zips to it so i can do it from the repo not wget14:11
ActionParsnipBasketball: wget -O filename.zip http://www.whatever.com/filename14:12
ActionParsnipBasketball: you can use the -O option to set the resulting filename14:12
jsnpdw: Well, we have the same one. That’s something. But I can’t always rely on you being there for me.14:12
BasketballActionParsnip, can you come here please http://collabedit.com/m9yng14:12
ikoniajsn: could always extract the deb14:13
pdwjsn: you might want to have a look at debsums too.14:13
jsnikonia: I wanted to know if there was an official source I could check. In the limits of the imagination, a downloaded .deb could corrupt the one file right away.14:13
jsnpdw: I have that installed. debsums could be corrupted just as easily as the original file.14:14
ikoniajsn: no it couldn't as when it installs it checksums itself14:14
=== hari is now known as Guest2708
jsnikonia: And nothing on Earth could ever happen after that?14:14
ikoniajsn: the package integrity is checked against the cache14:14
ikoniajsn: no, it couldn't14:14
TJ-jsn: If there is doubt over a system file, you *never* try to verify the checksum on the possibly compromised installed system. Use a live ISO boot and generate the checksum of the suspect file to compare against the checksum of the same file from the same package version14:14
pdwjsn: I guess the question is, what's your threat model?14:14
jsnikonia: My machine couldn’t be hacked? How odd. I thought it, hypothetically, could, and, once hacked, any binaries could be changed, including debsums.14:14
ikoniajsn: if it's hacked how can you trust md5sum14:15
jsnTJ-: Thanks, good advice.14:15
ActionParsnipjsn: md5sum may be compromised also....14:15
jsnikonia: good point14:15
jsnLooks like I am OK, or pdw is in on it and giving me a bad checksum. ;)14:15
pdwjsn: heh, no comment. :)14:15
BasketballActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/5K5311TD14:16
TJ-jsn: Check the build logs for the package to confirm the expected package hashes: e.g. very end of: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/183374320/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.eglibc_2.19-0ubuntu6.3_UPLOADING.txt.gz14:16
ikoniaTJ-: that's useful14:16
ActionParsnipBasketball: if you set the top line to:   #!/bin/bash    and mark the file as executable, it will be a script. The file extension does nothing at all14:17
TJ-jsn:  Those are the same hashes copied into the archive pocket "Release" files, that are in turn signed and a detached signature placed in "Release.gpg"14:17
ActionParsnipBasketball: Elementary is also not supported here14:17
ActionParsnipBasketball: this is Ubuntu support. Ask in #elementaryos14:17
BasketballActionParsnip,  it is a bash script14:17
Basketballscripts work on anyos14:18
ActionParsnipBasketball: Ask in #elementaryos14:18
ActionParsnipBasketball: yes, but you are using Elementary, not ubuntu, so not supported here14:18
jsnOne last paranoid question? Does anyone else have a date around August 28th for their /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc-2.19.so ?14:18
ikoniajsn: do you suspect your machine has been compromised ?14:19
jsnikonia: Or maybe that library got corrupted. I can no longer build a package which I update with each update to libc6. Seems to be the only difference. I do have one other option, but, like I said, I built this all the time without that other option.14:20
ikoniajsn: do you mean point release update to libc6 or actual version changes14:21
ikoniajsn: this does not sound like a corruption, more a change in the packages behaviour14:21
TJ-jsn: Did you not read the build log? "-rwxr-xr-x root/root   1845024 2014-08-28 06:02 ./lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc-2.19.so"14:22
jsnikonia: Could be, just wondering.14:22
jsnTJ-: I was looking for the changelog, honestly.14:22
jsnTJ-: So, no, I did not.14:22
ikoniajsn: I think you're taking a random stab at solving a build problem14:22
ikoniajsn: have you actually analyised the error of the build ?14:22
TJ-jsn: did you update the headers with libc6-dev ??14:22
jsnikonia: I was taking a random stab, because the other fix will take a couple hours. This wasn’t the likely situation, but I simply wanted to rule it out.14:23
jsnTJ-: libc6-dev is up to date.14:23
ikoniajsn: analyising corruption/compromised system would take hours,14:23
pdwCan anyone confirm that setting 'Prompt=never' in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades is sufficient to prevent the "Welcome to Trusty Tahr  [cancel] [Upgrade]" notification popups from appearing?14:24
pdwI mean the one that looks like http://cdn2.itzgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Ubuntu-14.04-Release-Notes.jpg.  I need to push a config update out via Puppet to avoid my users accidentally upgrading their systems.14:24
jsnikonia: Actually, I think, between pdw and TJ-, we’ve ruled out compromised in about 10-15 minutes.14:24
TJ-jsn: So, ask us about the build error rather than one of many possibilities and we might know the cause :)14:24
ikoniaI don't believe so14:24
ThreadKiLLHi TJ- just wanna ask if you help a bit, I dnt really understand why i cannot do command " cat " anymore, it says i need to do apt-get install coreutils , when i do apt-get install coreutils , doesnt work neither.14:24
TJ-ThreadKiLL: Sounds like you killed the system14:25
ThreadKiLLand when i do netstat it says cannot run binary14:25
jsnI am, as of a couple days ago, having problems building mod_perl from source. make is fine, but make test yields a few errors.14:25
jsnI think I am just going to add the apr-iconv package.14:25
TJ-jsn: build log?14:25
ikoniajsn: have you cheked if those tests are applicable to your system14:25
ikoniajsn: not all tests are for all platforms/builds14:25
ThreadKiLLTJ- , really? bt when i do whereis cat , output is very clear, it's already installed.14:26
jsnikonia: FYI, I used to work in the build group for some of the largest software in the world. We filed bugs against ld because it couldn’t handle 4G binaries very well.14:26
ThreadKiLLis there any alternative way or maybe isntall cat command manually?14:26
jsnLet me just do the apr-iconv solution for now. It’s probably not a bad idea, anyway.14:26
ikoniajsn: not sure how that has anything to do with anything14:27
TJ-ThreadKiLL: To get such errors you've seriously messed up the system in some way14:27
jsnThanks, folks!14:27
jsnikonia: You asked if I knew that all tests weren’t for all platforms. I mean, it even _says_ “skipped: not VMS” on a lot of tests like that, and I’ve spent years in a build group.14:28
ikoniajsn: and yet your randomly guessing your machine is hacked14:28
ThreadKiLLTJ- , maybe one of my dedicated server users trolling around and messed up things , do i need to resetup ubuntu etc.? or if you have better advice please do tell.14:28
somsip!zh | star_14:29
ubottustar_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:29
TJ-ThreadKiLL: It sounds like some core system libraries have been compromised, unless you've simply mangled the evironment PATH14:30
=== root is now known as Guest14901
ThreadKiLLTJ- core system indeed, is there any way to restore it from the default system?14:31
TJ-ThreadKiLL: Reinstall the packages14:33
ThreadKiLLTJ-, PS: this is dedicted server btw.14:33
TJ-ThreadKiLL: And don't give users access to privileged functionality14:33
ThreadKiLLthe only problem i have is the compilation " cat " command.14:34
ikoniasounds like you have a lot more problems than that14:35
=== html is now known as johnny_number_5
ThreadKiLLthanks ikania , bt apt-get update doesnt work anymore too.14:36
TJ-ThreadKiLL: >>> It sounds like some core system libraries have been compromised <<<, unless you've simply mangled the evironment PATH14:36
Aeohey guys i'm having a bit of troube with X14:37
Aeoanyone here that can help?14:37
ThreadKiLLTJ- what are the basic solution if the error is cannot run binary file.14:39
ikoniaThreadKiLL: it sounds like you are missing a key libraries14:39
ikoniaI'd guess libc14:39
ikoniaor something as important14:39
ikoniawhich means your machine is in a huge mess14:39
ikoniaI suspect if you reboot now it would not come back up14:40
ThreadKiLLyes i already rebooted my vps , Omg14:40
Aeohey guys, i think i'm havi9ng problems with X. every once in a while my screen just freezes and blacks out and i have to REISUB  to rescue it14:40
ThreadKiLLI thnk i should re-install the wholething14:40
Aeoi'm on the latest nvidia stable drivers 34014:40
Aeoand it's not hardware14:40
Aeoany ideas?14:41
pdwAeo: no obvious suggestions (and I'm not an expert) but it might be worth checking that you're using a release that's more recent than your hardware.14:42
Aeopdw: the gfx card is a 780ti, athe only old bits are the mobo and CPU14:43
TJ-Aeo: Any useful info in the system logs?14:43
AeoTJ-: i'm not sure where to look. .xsession-erros?14:44
TJ-Aeo: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" and "/var/log/kern.log"14:44
pdwAeo: you could check /var/log/syslog, /var/log/Xorg.*.log, and dmesg output.14:45
Aeowant a pastebin?14:45
Aeothey're fairly random, and based on how i have to restart they might not have gotten logged14:45
pdwAeo: no harm in trying a pastebin.  Yes, random crashes could lock up the system before it has chance to log anything.14:46
Aeoif i fire up a game, it's a coin toss wheter they happen or not14:46
Aeoand even idling at the desktop14:46
Aeoit's weird14:46
Aeopdw: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/JhEFQmap14:47
Aeopdw my .xsession-errors http://pastebin.com/dJNgpwQN14:48
TJ-Aeo: This "[mi] Increasing EQ size to 512 to prevent dropped events." is an indication of internal X server problems14:48
Aeoany other log you an think of?14:48
AeoTJ-: what can ti do to fix it?14:48
kesavanbest recovery tool on ubuntu ?14:48
ActionParsnipkesavan: there is no best anything in any OS14:48
kesavan@ActionParsnip: Yes!14:48
ActionParsnipkesavan: if there was, nobpdy would use the others as one is outright better14:48
kesavanI've to research and find the best for my requiremnet14:49
ActionParsnipkesavan: this is not the case, and all options exists14:49
ActionParsnipkesavan: recovery of what?14:49
TJ-Aeo: Also, in .xsessoin_errors you have "(cinnamon:2398): Cogl-WARNING **: Failed to compile GLSL program:"14:49
kesavanProblem is  my files are not shown in the USB pen drive14:49
kesavanbut the data is there14:49
kesavanGParted and others report 11GB data is there14:50
ActionParsnipkesavan: you could use foremost, you will lose filename and folder location but you may get the data14:50
ActionParsnipkesavan: what file system is the usb using>14:50
kesavanGparted report it as FAT3214:51
pdwAeo: The only thing I see that's at all out of the ordinary is that entry at 23.239, where some detail is filled in with ???.14:51
ActionParsnipkesavan: have you ran an fsck on it?14:51
AeoTJ-: so what's the root cause and how cani fix it?14:51
kesavanI did it14:51
pdwAeo: That looks to me (though I'm no expert here) like something might not be entirely supported.14:51
pdwAeo: I realise that's not too useful though.14:52
kesavanext2fs_open2: Bad magic number in super-block14:52
Aeopdw: it's all good :)14:52
=== basketpc is now known as jjprieto
TJ-Aeo: I'd suspect Cinnamon; as far as I'm aware that isn't part of Ubuntu, either14:52
AeoTJ-: well, TBH it's linux mint. that channel ran out of ideas though :/14:53
ActionParsnipkesavan: you said it's its fat3214:53
TJ-Aeo: Well, there you go "not supported here"14:53
pdwAeo: I don't know if there's any mileage in turning off the stereo support (since I can imagine that being less well-tested).14:53
ActionParsnipkesavan: you may find that foremost will help, you will need as much space as the USB's capacity. You will use filename and location data but files may be revovered14:53
ActionParsnipkesavan: why is the data not backed up?14:54
Aeopdw: screen dosen't support, and i'm not sure how to anyways14:54
AeoTJ-: well, thanks :P14:54
pdwAeo: np.  Have you tried falling back to a simpler desktop (mate rather than cinnamon)?14:54
kesavanyes... no backup tken from USB pendrive14:54
Aeopdw: i tried awesome, but no i cant get used to a twm. ani reccommendations?14:55
pdwAeo: just try something without 3D acceleration on the desktop as a start.14:56
Aeopdw: fair enough, thanks14:56
ActionParsnipkesavan: then why are you trying to get the data back, it is worthless14:56
pdwAeo: on Ubuntu 12.04, I'd suggest falling back to the 2D desktop (without visual effects).14:56
pdwAeo: Not sure how that translates to a current Mint install. ;)14:56
Aeopdw: i think 17 is based off 14.04314:56
pdwAeo: try installing the lubuntu-desktop package in that case.14:57
Aeopdw: thanks14:57
pdwAeo: another approach is to launch a separate X server just to handle the game, but that's a bit involved... :)14:57
pdwAeo: np14:58
Aeopdw: it's not game specific. i can be idling on the desktop and it can happen14:58
weiyanghi, all, I am willing to change a net_dev's name on the fly, is this possible?14:58
weiyangI know, it is possible to change a net_dev name by add a rule in udev14:58
kesavan[Logs] http://paste.ubuntu.com/8206950/14:58
pdwAeo: good point.  Yes, see how the lubuntu or xubuntu desktops suit you, see of that helps any.14:59
weiyangwhile this would take effect after reboot?14:59
Aeosounds good14:59
Aeothanks TJ- and pdw14:59
pdwAeo: welcome :)14:59
yaowenruiinstall lubuntu is very hard15:00
Aeoyaowenrui: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop :P15:02
yaowenrui_just desktop or hole system?15:03
__zug__I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a older machine (upgrading to 12.x slows this machine down). Anyway I can get Chrome to update so that I can install some extensions/apps I want? I keep getting "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: gconf-service" trying to install the google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb package.15:03
SuperLagMy ThinkPad has a camera built-in. What app(s) could I use to record video with?15:03
cfhowlett__zug__, desktop???15:03
cfhowlettSuperLag, cheese15:03
tomodachiSuperLag: cheese15:03
cfhowlett__zug__, end of life = no longer supporte15:03
__zug__ugh, ok15:04
ikoniaisn't it still in support on the server15:04
ikonia5 years ?15:04
cfhowlettikonia, it is.  he's on desktop15:05
MannerMan__zug__: Try Xubuntu or Lubuntu15:05
ikoniaahh the desktop packages have not been updated15:05
ikoniahence why it's not met15:05
ActionParsnip__zug__: Ubuntu 12.04 using Unity2D will run ok, or try Lubuntu or Xubuntu 14.04 :)15:05
cfhowlett__zug__, lubuntu is optimized for older machines.  xubuntu is also legacy friendly15:06
TeraJL hi there, i've bought a caddy to put an HDD (the one i used before) and installed a new SSD, but my CPU first core is allways at 100, i've tracked it down to "/sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe12" and i've noticed that if i remove the HDD and leave the SSD it don't get that problem, what could it be? my HDD i've re-formated to ext4, but i still get the same...the main problem is overheating (and probably some performance issues)15:06
__zug__MannerMan: I've played with Xubuntu so might try that. I'll look at Lubuntu as well. Thanks guys.15:06
MannerMan__zug__: You're welcome, in theory you could do something like upgrading to 12.04, install xubuntu-desktop, and uninstall ubuntu-desktop, but I would recommend fresh install.15:08
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TJ-TeraJL: You might improve the situation by installing the package "irqbalance"15:13
Nightwolfseems legit15:15
cfhowlett!ops | beid7712 porn15:15
ubottubeid7712 porn: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang15:15
TeraJLTJ-: that will just make the high amount of CPU usage to be shared to all other cores? the problem is, it is using 100% of one core, with an huge number of interrupts even if it's not mounted15:18
TJ-TeraJL: Check out the caddy, but surely if there a lots of IRQs that might suggests the file-systems on the device are being fscked?15:21
TeraJLTJ-: sorry, but by fscked you mean that the OS is checking the device? because i've been like this for almost a month and never stopped... only if i turn off that interrupt but that does not seem ?healthy?15:23
TJ-TeraJL: That does sound ... *wrong*15:25
TJ-TeraJL: What's the caddy, what interface and how is it connected to the PC, what interfaces does it use internally to the drive?15:25
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TeraJLTJ-: the caddy is a serial ATA ( http://www.dx.com/p/designer-s-2-5-sata-to-sata-hdd-ssd-caddy-for-12-7mm-optical-drive-122075 ) and its on a laptop to use the HDD instead of the CD drive15:29
TJ-TeraJL: Does it have any active electronics on-board? If not, then it would look to be an issue with the SSD and controller it is connected to15:31
TeraJLTJ-: ? the SSD seems to be working fine (atleast without the HDD), the HDD is on the caddy, and the SSD is inside the pc.... the caddy does not seem to have any active electronics15:36
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
TJ-TeraJL: Ahh, sorry, I did mean to type "HDD" not "SSD". Have you done a SMART check on the drive? Have you looked at "kern.log" for clues?15:39
rustyraptorwhat does "enable base mosaic" mean in the nvidia X-Server settings?15:44
eeeerustyraptor: it's a religious thing15:45
caelinuxhola a todos15:45
eeee!es | caelinux15:45
ubottucaelinux: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:45
caelinuxahh ok thx15:46
caelinuxI also can speak english15:46
caelinuxthis is my first time here15:46
eeeeit's up to you15:46
caelinuxi dont know how this program works15:46
cxmi need help configuring postfix15:46
caelinuxwhat is this15:46
eeeethis is an IRC channel15:46
ActionParsnipcaelinux: do you have a support question15:46
caelinuxno im trying this distro of caelinux and i just saw this software15:47
cfhowlettcaelinux, you should go to caelinux for support - we only do ubuntu official flavors here.15:47
TeraJLTJ-: http://pastebin.com/6CJsTdGt there are some warnings but i don't know what to search for15:47
TeraJLTJ-: what's the best way to do a smart check?15:48
SimonJaihey guys, need help quite urgently15:57
SimonJaitrying to upgrade 12.04 to 14.04, but when I run 'do-release'upgrade' i get "No view can be imported, aborting" error15:57
SimonJaiplease help15:58
k1l_SimonJai: "do-release-upgrade" is the commans15:58
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
SimonJaisorry typo, yes I typed 'do-release-upgrade'15:59
k1l_SimonJai: please make sure you run a "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" first to make sure you are up to date15:59
SimonJaik1l_: I did and they are15:59
AVDASimonJai: are you running ubuntu server>16:00
SimonJaiwell as far as I can tell16:00
SimonJaithere's no GUI16:00
AVDASimonJai: Have you tried force-updating?16:00
k1l_SimonJai: what does "lsb_release -d" give you?16:00
SimonJaiDescription: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS16:01
SimonJaihow do i force updating?16:01
AVDASimonJai: add in -d switch16:02
SimonJaisame thing16:02
netlarSo The Bug Squad is now merging into the Ubuntu Quality Team?16:02
k1l_SimonJai: is this a regular setup? or some hoster stuff?16:04
k1l_what is inside sources.list?16:04
cxmm_anyone familiar with postfix?myhostname directive is not working16:04
stevenpage129I am having an issue with iscsitarget; my NAS has stopped working after the upgrade to the latest hardware enablement stack. reinstalling iscsitarget-dkms fails to compile the driver, and it results in an error like such: http://askubuntu.com/questions/511990/iscsitarget-suddenly-broken-after-upgrade-of-the-12-04-hardware-stack16:04
AVDAk1l_: repositories16:05
stevenpage129can anybody lend some advice? thank you16:05
eeeeAVDA: ?16:05
k1l_AVDA: i know. i wanted  to know what is inside his sources.list (if standard repos or hoster stuff etc)16:05
AVDAeeee: ?16:06
egofluxt0ad-mini: yo16:06
AVDASimonJai: did you update manager -core?16:07
SimonJaiyes i did16:07
k1l_SimonJai: maybe you got a locales issue, try to set your locales with "sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales"16:07
SimonJaii'll try that, thanks k1l_16:07
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SimonJaik1l_: no good :(16:08
AVDA*ubuntu 10.10**kernel 2.6* *refuses to upgrade*16:08
SimonJaik1l_: en_GB.ISO-8859-1... up-to-date16:08
Basketballif i make a new user does it have all the default stuff or does it have the repos and programs from current user16:09
AVDASimonJai: Run as normal user?16:09
k1l_iso locales? usually you have utf-8 locales on ubuntu machines16:10
eeeeBasketball: apps are shared16:10
k1l_Basketball: repos are systemwide (since they need sudo rights to be set, right?)16:10
AVDAbasketball: sys wide.16:11
k1l_SimonJai: what gives "locales -a"?16:11
k1l_SimonJai: "locale -a"16:11
BasketballAVDA,  is there a way yo do a reset so EVERY THING is default again16:11
SimonJaik1l_: C, POSIX, en_GB, en_GB.iso8859116:11
cfhowlett_!10.10 | AVDA16:12
ubottuAVDA: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.16:12
SimonJaino wonder mysql is freaking out about utf8 aswell16:12
TeraJLi'm having a CPU problem, the first core is allways at 100% can someone check if my kern.log if there is any problem http://pastebin.com/6CJsTdGt ?16:14
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k1l_SimonJai: "apt-get install language-pack-en" then "locale-gen" and then again "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and choose a supported locale16:15
eeeeTeraJL: type top and see what's using the cpu16:15
TeraJLeeee: it's an interrupt related to my HDD caddy16:16
eeeeBasketball: you can backup your /home and fresh install16:18
SimonJaik1l_: how do I choose a local?16:18
cbHi there, i have an Trusty installation and i was just intalling mjpegtools. But it seems yuvscaler is missing. At least the Manpage is shipped with the package :).16:18
Basketballeeee,  but i dont have a ethernet cable and i have a broadcom card so i have to run a few commands to get wifi working which i cant do without ethernet16:18
k1l_SimonJai: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale16:19
eeeewhy can't you run the commands without the ethernet?16:19
eeeeBasketball: you mean you need to install software to get it working?16:20
Basketballeeee,  you need internet to run these16:20
Basketball1. sudo apt-get update16:20
Basketball2. sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer16:20
Basketball3. sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source16:20
Basketball4. sudo reboot16:20
SimonJaik1l_: no good, same error ><16:22
k1l_SimonJai: what locales did you use now?16:22
cxmm_postfix anyone?16:22
SimonJaien_AU.UTF-8 ****16:23
SimonJaien_GB.UTF-8 ****16:23
TJ-TeraJL: Nothing in the kernel log gives a clue. What do you see with "cat /proc/interrupts" ?16:23
k1l_SimonJai: what error do you get now?16:24
SimonJaithe same16:24
k1l_real same error? should be another error in some places now16:24
eeeeBasketball: i think you can install offline using the live usb16:25
eeeeBasketball: http://linuxforums.org.uk/index.php?topic=5842.016:25
AVDAk1l_: what's the error rn?16:25
SimonJaii'll check syslog16:25
eeeeBasketball: look into it more if you want to try it out16:25
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Guest6155Hi, guys, how do i upgrade synaptic package?16:25
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k1l_SimonJai: please "pastebin" the output. and pastebin the sources.list16:26
eeeeGuest6155: sudo apt-get upgrade , upgrades all packages16:26
k1l_Guest6155: can you rephrase?16:26
AVDAshouldn't you do dist-upgrade? since major changes cannot be made via upgrade?16:26
k1l_dist-upgrade is needed for new package installs, like the new kernel packages when updating the kernel16:27
OderZugHello i an trying to install bundler,    An error occurred while installing rugged (0.21.0), and Bundler cannot continue.16:27
TJ-SimonJai: On 12.04: "sudo apt-get --reinstall install update-manager-core"16:28
SimonJaik1l_: http://pastebin.com/hRfr1bTe16:29
SimonJaiTJ-: that didn't work :(16:29
eeeeSimonJai: try sudo do-release upgrade -p16:30
SimonJainope, same16:30
TJ-SimonJai: Do you have a non-standard Python installation, or PATH? Those modules are Python, so any Python changes could impact it16:30
eeeeSimonJai: try sudo do-release-upgrade -m server16:30
k1l_SimonJai: did you make a unclean upgrade to 12.04 with editing the sources.list?16:30
SimonJaik1l_: i didn't edit the sources.list16:31
SimonJaii inherited this server, it's running some turnkeylinux crap on it?16:31
SimonJaibut base is ubuntu16:31
k1l_hmm. seems like they broke the python then.16:32
TJ-SimonJai: That's probably the issue then; If it isn't standard Ubuntu then tools can't be expected to work in the expected manner16:32
SimonJaihow do i fix it?16:32
saiarcot895SimonJai: what does lsb_release -c say?16:32
SimonJaiCodename: precise16:33
SimonJaiI upgraded from 10.04.1 LTS16:33
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saiarcot895SimonJai: using do-release-upgrade?16:33
saiarcot895SimonJai: interesting. I would edit sources.list and remove any lucid lines, and then run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-minimal"16:34
saiarcot895Correction: remove the lucid lines, run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and then run the install command16:35
OderZugResults logged to /home/git/gitlab/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/gems/rugged-0.21.0/ext/rugged/gem_make.out16:35
OderZugAn error occurred while installing rugged (0.21.0), and Bundler cannot continue.16:35
OderZugMake sure that `gem install rugged -v '0.21.0'` succeeds before bundling.16:35
SimonJaisaiarcot895: what will that do?16:35
TJ-saiarcot895: There are no "lucid" entries enabled16:35
OderZugwhat the hell to do now?16:35
saiarcot895Oh, they're comments. Didn't see that16:35
SimonJaiyeah... ><16:35
AVDASimonJai: Google yo16:36
SimonJaigoogle doesn't return anything ><16:36
saiarcot895The ubuntu-minimal part makes sure you have the very-basic ubuntu system16:36
TJ-SimonJai: What does this report? "dpkg -S DistUpgradeView"16:36
AVDASimonJai: when searching for exact phrases, use ""16:36
MonkeyDroneheya folks, any suggestions how i can setup a mail server on ubuntu 14.04 server edition16:36
Basketballeeee,  i only have one pc16:36
k1l_i bet the turnkeylinux stuff brakes the python setup.16:37
AVDASimonJai: "[error]"16:37
Basketballeeee,  the reason why i want to do this is because when i when i run apt-get update i get these errors http://pastebin.com/ikaJusbU16:37
eeeeBasketball: the file is found on the ubuntu iso in /pool/main/b/ i confirmed on 14.04 iso that i have16:37
SimonJaiTJ-:  try sudo do-release-upgrade -m server16:37
saiarcot895MonkeyDrone: "sudo apt-get install mail-server" (or something close to that)16:37
SimonJaiTJ-:  pastebin.com/qGw1knWt16:38
saiarcot895MonkeyDrone: "sudo apt-get install mail-server^"16:38
MonkeyDronesairacot895 , thank you16:38
TJ-SimonJai: Is this a server installation? No X server?16:38
SimonJainot sure, it's an old server I inherited16:38
SimonJaiohhhh wait....16:39
SimonJaidoes Ubuntu 14.04 support 32bit?16:39
TJ-SimonJai: Yes16:39
SimonJaithat's not it then16:39
guardianpwr08how do i list all processes that are starting up when 12.04 starts?  i have a process that im trying to "STOP" from running16:39
TJ-SimonJai: If there's no X server we can rule out the GUI frontends and concentrate on the Text frontend16:39
saiarcot895SimonJai: uname -a for the running kernel, which will tell you the architecture you're on16:39
SimonJaisaiarcot895: Linux wordpress 3.2.0-68-virtual #102-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 12 22:44:35 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux16:39
SimonJaimmmmm that doesn't look like a standard ubuntu release =/16:40
eeeeBasketball: change the mirror in software-properties-gtk16:40
OderZugin name of state of jesus christus, JS not the IS, i ask for help16:40
SimonJaiTJ-: I'm deifnitely trying to concentrate ont he Text frontend, there's no GUI16:40
AVDAguardianpwr08: ps -aux16:40
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saiarcot895SimonJai: looks standard to me. The server's hostname is "wordpress".16:41
Basketballeeee,  steo by step please16:41
SimonJaithen upgrade is broken =/16:41
SimonJaifor some reason16:41
guardianpwr08AVDA: how do i remove a process from running during startup?  i see the one i want to stop on the list16:41
AVDASimonJai: There's been bug reports.16:41
TJ-SimonJai: "python -c 'import sys; print sys.path'  "16:41
eeeeBasketball: type software-properties-gtk in the terminal, then where it says Download from, select the Main server, then click close and select reload16:42
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SimonJaiTJ-: http://pastebin.com/ePS8MynJ16:42
AVDAguardianpwr08: what is the process?16:42
BasketballW:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-updates/main/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:43
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-updates/restricted/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:43
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-updates/universe/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:43
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-updates/multiverse/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:43
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:43
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-updates/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:43
unopasteBasketball you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:43
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saiarcot895SimonJai and TJ-: The error on the do-release-upgrade side seems to be "unsupported locale setting". Perhaps a run of locale-gen will help?16:44
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-proposed/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:44
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-backports/main/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:44
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-backports/restricted/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:44
SimonJaisaiarcot895: just tried, no good16:44
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-backports/universe/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:44
Basketball, W:Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/precise-backports/multiverse/source/Sources  403  Forbidden [Mirror: http://mirror.tcpdiag.net/ubuntu/]16:45
eeeeBasketball: stop pasting please16:45
TJ-saiarcot895: I believe SimonJai already did that with several locales16:45
eeeeBasketball: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list16:46
AVDABasketball : use pastebin XD16:46
SimonJaiwhat locale does this DistUpgradeViewText support...... dammit! ><16:47
saiarcot895SimonJai: what does "echo $LANG; echo $LANGUAGE" say?16:49
SimonJaisaiarcot895: echo $LANG > en_GB16:50
TeraJLi've ran " cat /proc/interrupts" and i get  http://pastebin.com/XuwefL5C16:50
saiarcot895SimonJai: that seems...lacking. My $LANG is en_US.UTF-816:51
Basketballeeee,  http://pastebin.com/ZW6V3U6T16:51
SimonJaihow do i change it?16:51
saiarcot895SimonJai: you can just do "export LANG=en_GB.UTF8" as a temporary change. Make sure the locale generator command said that the en_GB.UTF8 was generated or up-to-date.16:53
saiarcot895SimonJai: s/en_GB.UTF8/en_GB.UTF-8/g16:53
SimonJaisaiarcot895: no good, still not working16:53
SimonJailet me try reboot16:53
SimonJaino good =/16:55
TJ-SimonJai: I've been playing about with manually launching the Python components here16:57
SimonJaioh? :O16:57
TeraJLTJ-: http://pastebin.com/dWqNfBU5 after running for a little more time, because i had to reboot to re-insert the HDD16:57
eeeeBasketball: 1 sec16:58
TJ-SimonJai: Try "sudo do-release-upgrade --frontend DistUpgradeViewText" - in theory it should only try that frontend, but the same fault might occur, but that helps narrow it down17:00
SimonJaiTJ-: nope, same error17:01
TeraJLTJ-: i've been disabling and enabling by "echo 'disable' > /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe12 " and the '9' stops, the "LOC" slows down17:01
TJ-TeraJL: That looks like the i8042 is the culprit17:01
eeeeBasketball: use this sources.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/8207826/17:01
TJ-SimonJai: You mean it lists all the View* types as being attempted?17:02
eeeeBasketball: sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup; gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list17:02
SimonJaiDIstUpgradeViewText (unsupported locale setting)17:02
eeeeBasketball: delete what you have and paste that there and save17:03
TJ-SimonJai: OK, so it only sets that as the primary preference17:03
eeeeBasketball: then sudo apt-get update17:03
TeraJLwhat "i8042" means?17:03
Basketballeeee, do i download that paste17:04
SimonJaihold on17:04
TJ-SimonJai: what does "ls /usr/share/locale/ubuntu-release-upgrader" report?17:04
AVDATeraJL: old keyboard controllr17:05
eeeeBasketball: yeah copy it and paste into gedit17:05
eeeeBasketball: delete what's in sources.list first17:05
eeee( in gedit, after you've run the cp command )17:05
TJ-TeraJL: Try adding to the kernel command line: "i8042.nomux=1"17:05
SimonJaiTJ-: I've worked out the problem17:05
SimonJailet me confirm17:05
TeraJLAVDA: i have a new laptop17:05
Aeohey, quick question about XFCE is that OK in here17:06
Basketballeeee,  great did i do something wrong in my script http://collabedit.com/m9yng to cause that17:06
TeraJLTJ-: i'll try17:06
Dvarjenhello! Im having some problems with cron today. I'm running a script which sends sms and calls the person on-call using gnokii. The problem I have is that i migrated to a new host (and newer ubuntu) and now it wont run beyond sending AT\r\n.17:07
Dvarjenhello! Im having some problems with cron today. I'm running a script which sends sms and calls the person on-call using gnokii. The problem I have is that i migrated to a new host (and newer ubuntu) and now it wont run beyond sending AT\r\n.17:07
TJ-!patience | Dvarjen17:07
ubottuDvarjen: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:07
Dvarjenwhoops, sry for spamming.17:07
Dvarjenthis wasn't my terminal :P17:08
AVDADvarjen: we're busy as well17:08
expungeDvarjen: try running it not as a cron first, from your ordinary term17:08
Dvarjenexpunge: yeah that works flawlessly.17:09
TeraJLTJ-: just to be sure, to add the "i8042.nomux=1" option, can i just add it to "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" on "/etc/default/grub"?17:09
expungeDvarjen: exact same command?17:09
TJ-TeraJL: Yes17:09
Dvarjenexpunge: Yes. Even got it running with env -i /path/to/script.17:10
TJ-Dvarjen: Does the cron script owner have permissions for dialout ?17:10
Dvarjenexpunge: TJ- : yes. Im actually running it as root right now.17:11
expungeroot has all permissions, though =P17:12
expungeI said ordinary term17:12
eeeeBasketball: yes, your script is modifying the sources.list17:12
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Dvarjenyeah so it should work right? Even if i run it from roots crontab?17:12
SimonJaiTJ-, saiarcot895, k1l_: It's because for some reason in my /etc/default/locale, LC_ALL is set as POSIX17:12
SimonJaichanged it to en_GB.UTF-8, all good now17:12
TJ-SimonJai: Aha17:12
expungeDvarjen: running it as root is irrelevant unless you're going to tell cron to do that, too17:13
expungeDvarjen: you need to run it as non-root, or as whatever user cron will use17:13
saiarcot895SimonJai: someone or something was in the wrong decade :)17:13
SimonJaithe machines are taking over !!!17:14
AVDAIs it possible to get persistence running on Maverick?17:14
useringsWake up, Neo.17:14
Dvarjenexpunge: I'm running it through roots crontab so it should work.17:14
TJ-SimonJai: I'd suggest finding out why ... else after the upgrade something that depends on that custom setting might break17:14
expungeDvarjen: okay, what've you got in cron?17:15
SimonJaiTJ-: true that sir17:15
TeraJLTJ-: i get the same problem... i tried with windows on my pc i got the same problem on the first core17:15
TJ-TeraJL: Does it continue to happen if you remove that caddy?17:16
TeraJLTJ-: not17:16
Dvarjenexpunge:" */5 * * * * /tmp/test.sh >> /tmp/test.log 2>&1"17:16
TeraJLTJ-: that is actually that only thing that indicated me that the problem is the caddy17:16
TJ-TeraJL: OK, then the caddy is causing it, replace it with a decent one!17:16
TJ-TeraJL: It looks like the caddy isn't passive, or else the pass-through circuit board is not correct for that system17:17
Dvarjenexpunge: http://pastebin.com/WU2RPf3z here is my test-script.17:18
expungeDvarjen: sure you don't want 2>&1 >> /tmp/test.log ?17:18
TeraJLTJ-: it's weird because if i disable the GPE12 interrupt i did not found any problem with the disk, and i can use it... i was just afraid that i may find some problem17:18
eeeeBasketball: not sure how good the script is in terms of installing all those ppa's and whatnot, but you could replace the repositories with the pastebin ones if you wanted to use it17:19
SimonJaithanks for your help guys !17:19
saiarcot895SimonJai: you're welcome17:19
reversibleanI can't get plymouth to work properly unless i set GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX in grub conf. But it seems to load vesafb driver and it cause random freezes.17:20
TeraJLTJ-: but problem it's just the caddy... thanks for all the help, you helped me allot :D17:20
Dvarjenexpunge: what difference does that make? I'll try it though.17:20
TJ-Dvarjen: expunge: Redirects order is correct17:21
eutheriais there a stable ppa for gcc 4.9?17:21
eeeeDvarjen: it won't run like that, you have to do sh /tmp/test.sh17:22
Basketballeeee,  i am going to run the script again to see if that is what caudsed the problem17:22
eeeeBasketball: no, i'm sure it is17:22
MonkeyDusteutheria  what's new in gcc 4.9 ?17:23
eutheriaMonkeyDust: better error reporting, i wanted to check it out17:23
Basketballeeee,  well can you help me find what line it is so i can use my script i have spent like 12 hours on it17:23
eeeelines 40 to 5417:23
eeeeremove them and put the ones from pastebin17:23
DvarjenTJ-: expunge: when i changed the order i dont get the strace text in the /tmp/test.log file. Instead i get it as a mail from cron.17:24
TJ-Dvarjen: That would be expected; you had it correct already17:24
Dvarjeneeee: it runs the script though. As the actual appplication gnokii starts and seems to hang.17:25
TJ-Dvarjen: so what does the strace log reveal?17:25
eeeeweird, i get a permission denied if i run that17:25
DvarjenTJ-: I'll force a new logfile. Been testing loads on the old one.17:26
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AVDANight all.17:29
Basketballhey so at school we use synergy student vue for grades.  It has a feature where it puts all assignments into calander tab.  Is there a way to sync this calander with one on ubuntu17:29
expungeBasketball: probably17:30
Basketballexpunge,  how17:30
NickwizS?/&%¤. I just started upgrade of Ubuntu without backup or panick PC. This is scary.17:30
expungeBasketball: what's the calendar format?17:30
expungeNickwiz: you can always use the live OS in a pinch17:31
NickwizThree “two fingers whiskey's” straight down, a pack of cigarettes and a panic fund for a night on the town if it goes bad.17:31
expungeyou could put little packets of that into bottles and sell it as vitamins17:31
baakohi guys i reset my password17:32
NickwizYes, but if this goes bad, I'm so screwed. Tons of things to do, but have to do the, so long prolonged, upgrade.17:32
expungebaako: neat17:32
AndChat|505161hi guys i reset my password.17:32
AndChat|505161but when i try to log in17:33
AndChat|505161Nothing happens17:33
AndChat|505161i dont get any error message. Why?17:33
MonkeyDustAndChat|505161  next time, ask questions in one single line17:33
expungeAndChat|505161: nothing happens meaning?17:33
AndChat|505161i get thr log in screen again17:34
AndChat|505161not error message to say if the password is wrong like it normally do17:34
k1l_AndChat|505161: encryption?17:34
AndChat|505161what encryption?17:35
Basketballexpunge, idk17:35
k1l_do you use encrypted /home or full system encryption?17:35
expungeBasketball: dk what?17:35
Nickwizexpunge: I have a stack of empty Underberg bottles. Perhaps I should tap them and re-label as upgrade vitamins.17:35
AndChat|505161i when to the root. and did 1) ls /home 2) mount -rw -o remount /17:35
AndChat|505161passwd baako17:35
Basketball"<expunge> Basketball: what's the calendar format?"17:35
expungeNickwiz: =)17:35
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AndChat|505161then i sent a new password17:35
expungeBasketball: what type of file can you get it as?17:36
SimonJaishit wtf....17:36
SimonJaiupgrade didn't install grub17:36
Basketballexpunge,  i cant download it it is embeded into site17:36
AndChat|505161i then try to log in with it but nothing happens. no error to say thr password is wrong17:36
expungeNickwiz: that good?17:36
expungeBasketball: websites are downloaded information =)17:36
TJ-AndChat|505161: Are you able to log-in at a VT?17:36
Basketballexpunge,  well idk how to get it it syncs with the gradebook to add all assignments to the calander17:37
AndChat|505161TJ VT? please use full name i am still new to ubuntu ans linux in general17:37
expungeBasketball: see if you can wget it17:37
TJ-AndChat|505161: Virtual Terminal; press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to tty #1 and try logging in there17:38
talsamonIs there any link explains how to configure adminer on 14.04 (and why in the hell there's no httpd.conf ??)17:38
Basketballexpunge,  /home/harris/PXP_Calendar.aspx?AGU=017:38
perresomeone can help me out with 'xmllint' ?17:39
streulmahello, After comeback from suspend on Macbook Pro 13 inch 2012, the screen flickers immediatly on Ubuntu 14.04.1. Fix?17:39
perre lol17:39
baakoTJ what am i looking for?17:39
streulmaThis screen flicker bug is already there on other Macbooks too. By releases before... big problem17:40
baakolast login: sun apr 13 19:52:44 BST 2014 on tty217:40
TJ-baako: So you're able to log-in on tty2, so the log-in works. do you see all your user files and directories if you do "ls"17:41
streulmaals MiniDisplay Port to HDMI adapter is not working good...17:41
Basketballexpunge,  please17:41
DvarjenTJ-: expunge: Here is the strace log from gnokii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8208159/17:42
baakoTJ Access your private data desktop readme.txt17:42
baakoTJ thats when i type in ls17:42
TJ-baako: If you see a few files that have "ecrypt" or similar in their names, you've got an encrypted home directory, and changing the password of the user account the way you did has prevented the ecryptfs tools from decrypting your home directory17:42
baakoTJ :( what do i do?17:43
TJ-baako: The way ecryptfs home-directory encryption works is a random master passphrase is used to encrypt files with, and that passphrase is cryptographically wrapped using the user password as the key. If you change the user password without also changing the wrapper key, then the system can no longer access the user's encrypted files automatically17:44
baakoTJ so will the old password still work if i manage to remember it?17:45
SimonJaisooooo after my do-release-upgrade, it boots up into GNU GRUB =(17:45
TJ-baako: When the encrypted home was created the system will have recommended you securely back-up the unwrapped passphrase for just this kind of situation. Without that unwrapped passphrase, it can't be decrypted17:45
baakoi dont remember doing that17:45
TJ-baako: Yes; if you can recall the old password there is a tool to change the wrapper17:45
baakowhat is the tool17:46
baakoTJ how do i get back to the GUI by the way?17:46
Dvarjenbaako: ctrl + alt + F717:46
TJ-baako: If you can recall the old password, you use "ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase" to change the wrapper17:47
baakoTJ is they anyway i can back up all my videos and picture? i need to reinstall ubuntu again17:48
TJ-baako: Everything is encrypted and stored under "/home/.ecryptfs/"17:49
expungebaako: why do you need to reinstall?17:50
baakoexpunge because i can remember the password to log in17:50
expungebaako: you don't need to, you can simply change it17:50
Mussolinihi Everybody17:50
TJ-baako: If you can recall the old password, you use "ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase" to change the wrapper17:50
expungeoh and if it's encryption, reinstalling still won't help you17:51
expungeMussolini: hi17:51
DvarjenTJ-: expunge: Here is the strace log from gnokii: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8208159/17:51
=== banister is now known as banisterfiend
baakoTJ by using ecryptfs *** what do i put at the end17:52
MussoliniAnybody here, already installed the program reaver on ubuntu ?17:52
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest86693
TJ-baako: just run the command and follow the instructions17:53
TJ-Dvarjen: No clues there17:53
DvarjenTJ-: yeah, same here. =(17:53
baakoTJ i run it and it says [file]17:53
expungeMushroomNZ: probably someone has17:54
baakoTJ please help17:55
Basketballwhen i use gpart to partion flashdrive as fat32 it says file usded by system not making file or something like that17:55
DvarjenBasketball: is the flashdrive mounted?17:56
expungeBasketball: 'mount'17:56
GridCubedoes 14.04 already run over mir? or you need to do something to enable that?17:56
Basketballexpunge,  how can i tell Dvarjen17:57
DvarjenBasketball: just run "mount"17:57
GridCube!hi | zertyui17:57
GridCube!hello | zertyui17:57
BasketballDvarjen, http://pastebin.com/EULaT1s617:57
DvarjenBasketball: /dev/sdb on /media/5D10-3800 type vfat  this seems like the one.17:58
Dvarjenjust use "umount /media/5D10-3800" and try again17:58
DvarjenBasketball: ^^17:58
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=== Raven is now known as Raven-1
Raven-1So why is it that gnome just sucks for multi monitors?17:59
expungeRaven-1: they abandoned a lot of multimonitor code for version 318:00
zertyuii got an ssh public key18:00
expungeso now all the code is immature18:00
zertyuii got an ssh private key also18:00
zertyuii would like to connect to my server using that private key18:00
zertyuihow to do ?18:00
Raven-1I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Gnome because no matter what I did, the monitor order would get jumbled up on boot and I'd have to rearrange it. And it does the same thing with the fresh install. No matter what.18:00
ryan_46On my xfce desktop I have lost the frames around my application windows so that I cannot move them nor raise one window above another. How can I fix this?18:01
Dvarjenzertyui: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys18:01
Raven-1expunge they did?18:01
Raven-1expunge so would you suggest I just use unity18:01
expungeRaven-1: Unity is GNOME 3, mostly18:02
Raven-1expunge but unity seems to work flawlessly in contrast18:02
expungeRaven-1: mmm, different wm18:02
expungecompiz has pretty good multimonitor support18:02
expungeyou could also use GNOME with compiz, if you wanted18:02
expungeryan_46: nohup xfwm4 --replace > /dev/null &18:03
Raven-1gnome with compiz?18:03
Raven-1how do I do that?18:03
baakoHi guys. I check my password because i forgot the one i used to log in. i can log in in terminal crtl+art+f1 but when i try it with the GUI i doesn't let me log in and i domt get any error message. I am new to Ubuntu please help me18:04
ryan_46expunge:  OK I will try that. Thanks.18:04
=== olivierrrrr is now known as olivierr
ryan_46expunge:  I got back [1] 1570. Does that mean anything to you?18:06
expungeRaven-1: just run compiz --replace from in GNOME, and save your session18:06
expungeryan_46: you get window borders?18:07
SecretFirehow can i disable the screen saver so i dont have to log in for being idle?18:07
ryan_46expunge: I will have to log out to find out.18:07
expungeSecretFire: probably look for 'screen' or 'saver' or 'lock' in system settings18:07
expungeryan_46: no...18:07
expungeryan_46: you'd have to log out to be sure it persists across logins, but not to see if the borders came back18:08
TJ-baako: I've already told you why you can't log-in18:09
baakoTJ I understand but i dont understand what i need to do18:09
alistairhow do i find out which kernel module controls cpu timer frequency, i can access it through make menuconfig but i want to access it outside of that so I dont have to reinstall a new kernel18:09
HelloWorld321Would someone please recommend a good, free, liteweight VNC server for Android?18:09
expungeHelloWorld321: #android18:09
ryan_46expunge: I am not in xfce now. I will log out. Thanks.18:10
HelloWorld321good call.  tx.18:10
TJ-baako: remember the old password, so the user files can be decrypted that the log-in process needs to complete the session start. Other than that, I'd suggest creating a new user account and using that until you can remember the password18:10
baakoTJ i think i remember the old password but what do i do?18:11
baakotry logging with it?18:11
TJ-baako: No, use the virtual terminal and run "ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase"18:12
baakoTJ i ran that but what do i do after?18:13
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guardianpwr08i have a process that keeps starting up with the server, but im not sure how to stop it.... any ideas?18:14
guardianpwr08its "ts3server_linux"18:15
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=== gdttiyrrdxpdnrdg is now known as sepero
godbodThis application is my first app18:15
TJ-baako: It tells you what it needs; in this case it needs to know the file containing the wrapped passphrase. I told you earlier that the encrypted files are stored under "/home/.ecryptfs/". In that directory will be a directory with the username, and in *that* directory an ".ecryptfs/" directory containing the wrapped file. So you might do "ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase"18:16
Guest67030expunge: I was the one (ryan_46) with the xfce frame loss. You got my frames back. Many Thanks.18:16
littlebithello people, have been trying all day to pair my brand new wii motion plus with ubuntu, according to this link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CWiiD18:17
littlebitthe problem is that it fails at wminput18:17
expungeGuest67030: well done18:17
littlebitcan someone18:17
MonkeyDustlittlebit  start with a question18:17
baakoTJ thanks18:18
littlebitMonkeyDust: ok, can someone help me with assisting of setting up my wii motion plus with ubuntu18:18
=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
SimonJaican someone help me with GRUB? I'm not too familair with it18:23
expungesomeone can, yup18:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:23
=== usTrUcX_ is now known as usTrUcX
TJ-SimonJai: Sure18:23
SimonJaidid an do-release-upgrade to 14.04 LTS, said to reboot to complete upgrade18:23
SimonJaii rebooted and it takes me to GRUB screen, not sure how to get it too boot into ubuntu?18:24
MonkeyDustSimonJai  hit enter18:24
SimonJaiit's a command prompt screen?18:24
TJ-SimonJai: See my guide: https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/18:24
expungeTJ-: hahahah18:25
MonkeyDustTJ-  i noticed a misplaced comma18:25
TJ-MonkeyDust: You would :p18:25
expungeTJ-: the real question is whether you chose that nick after you got the domain =P18:25
TJ-expunge: It's my name18:25
expungethat's what they all say =)18:26
TJ-export: hence the domain name because people try to tell my it can't be my name, and I say "I *am* TJ" !18:26
expungeSimonJai: what do you see at the grub screen?18:26
phat4lifedo any of you back up your files in s3 directly using cron + aws cli? I just setup a samba server in ubuntu and i am trying to figure out the best way to auto sync to aws certain directories on my numbers internal harddrives18:26
SimonJaiit's liek the grub configs are gone18:26
TJ-SimonJai: That suggests that the grub.cfg didn't get migrated... Precise probably had GRUB v1 whereas Trusty has GRUB v2 - the upgrade scripts are supposed to deal with that18:27
expungephat4life: could ask #aws18:27
SimonJaiTJ-: i assume it didn't..... so what should i do?18:27
phat4lifei am more looking like something similar to arq (which is mac only) for ubuntu18:27
TJ-SimonJai: type "set" and tell me what "root" is18:27
SimonJaiit spat our ALOT of text18:28
expungephat4life: the ordinary ways to preserve data are by copying it (with rsync) or tar'ing it up18:28
TJ-SimonJai: "set pager=1" then try again: "set"18:28
SimonJai1 secv18:28
phat4lifeexpunge: nah, i want to maintain the fiestructure18:29
phat4lifeexpunge: aws s3 is key value store18:29
expungephat4life: rsync and tar do maintain18:29
SimonJaiTJ-: set > root=hd0,118:29
TJ-SimonJai: OK now lets check what files you can see: "ls (hd0,msdos1)/"18:29
voiceeehi, my headphones are not working. Is there anybody to help me?18:30
TJ-SimonJai: I'm expecting you'll see some vmlinuz* and initrd.img* and config*18:30
SimonJaiyep correct18:30
expungevoiceee: laptop?18:30
voiceeeasus s550cm touchscreen18:30
phat4lifeexpunge: aws storage is soo cheap there is no point to archiving18:31
TJ-SimonJai: OK, In a few steps time we'll be manually booting one of those kernel/initrd.img pairs, but first we need to find the root file-system18:31
expungevoiceee: intel audio?18:31
expungephat4life: archiving isn't compressing18:31
voiceeeyes intel18:31
expungevoiceee: have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto#Choosing_Your_Model18:31
phat4lifeexpunge: comprjessing i mean18:31
expungephat4life: I know that's what you meant, but I didn't ever mention compressing18:31
phat4lifeah i see18:31
phat4lifewhat did you mean by tar do maintain18:32
TJ-SimonJai: type "ls" and you should get a list of all partitions in the form (hd0, X) where X is a number. If you already know which partition contains the root file-system, use that in place of X to do "ls (hd0, msdosX)/" and look for the root filesystem18:32
SimonJaii only see (hd0), (hd0,2), (hd0,1)18:32
=== utlemming_away is now known as utlemming
expungephat4life: everything18:33
ofdmHas anyone a solution for this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222990418:33
SimonJaiTJ-: if I use (hd0,msdosX)/ it says no such partition18:33
SimonJai(hd0,1) contains the files you listed up18:34
SimonJai(hd0,2) says unknown filesystem18:34
=== L4bR4Rat is now known as L4bR4t
voiceeehi expunge I couldnt find alc270 on that file /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/HD-Audio-Models.txt.gz18:35
SimonJaiwhat you reckon TJ-?18:35
=== L4bR4t is now known as luckyphuq
voiceeeat the first step from the link you have sent18:36
TJ-SimonJai: I'm thinking the root file-system is the same as the GRUB root!18:36
SimonJaioh it may be, yes18:36
SimonJai"./ ../ vmlinuz* and initrd.img* and config*"18:37
SimonJaiwhat next?18:37
TJ-SimonJai: check again, this "ls (hd0,msdos1)/" should show all the regular root file-system directories. If not, it's someplace else - it might be LVM for example18:37
TJ-SimonJai: If all you're seeing is the contents of "/boot/" when its mounted, then the OS root file-system is someplace else18:38
TJ-SimonJai: you'll have to bear with me; I'm juggling this and making dinner here :)18:38
SimonJaiif i use msdos, it says no such partition18:38
TJ-SimonJai: Hmmm, that sounds like its GRUB 1 shell you're in18:38
TJ-SimonJai: OK, ignore the "msdos" bit18:38
TJ-SimonJai: In GRUB 2 it can read GPT and MBR partition tables, so it uses the prefix "msdos" for MBR and "gpt" for GPT18:39
TJ-SimonJai: So, let's check that. Id there is a "grub.lst" it is GRUB v1; if there is a "grub.cfg" it is GRUB v2: "ls (hd0,1)/grub/"18:40
SimonJaiGNU GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu918:40
TJ-SimonJai: Hmmph! that's supposed to be either "grub 0.97-29ubuntu66" or grub2 2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1"18:41
TJ-SimonJai: OK ... let's try loading it in case it'll fix it quick18:41
TJ-SimonJai: "insmod normal" then "normal" - if that works it'll load and run the grub menu18:42
TJ-SimonJai: I've been assuming you got the GRUB shell because grub.cfg wasn't complete, or was broken somehow18:42
SimonJaia lot of syntax error, incorrect command, unknown command 'hwmatch'.18:42
TJ-SimonJai: OK, so this sounds like you've got a mix of GRUB v1 and GRUB v2!18:43
SimonJaithat sounds awesome18:43
BasketballEnd-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not18:43
Basketball  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the18:43
Basketball  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on18:43
Basketball  the last disk(s) of this archive.18:43
Basketballunzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/harris/Downloads/LibreIcons.zip or18:43
Basketball        /home/harris/Downloads/LibreIcons.zip.zip, and cannot find /home/harris/Downloads/LibreIcons.zip.ZIP, period.18:43
unopasteBasketball you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted18:43
TJ-SimonJai: I'm not sure how easy it'll be to fix this, but lets take a punt and get you into an initrd shell at least, that'll let you figure out where the root file-system is18:44
Basketballhow is that a flood18:44
Necturi hace an issue with my screen in xubuntu 14.0418:44
SimonJaiTJ-: look i took a snapshot before the reboot kicked me into GNU GRUB18:44
SimonJaii can get back into the OS18:44
SimonJaiwould that be easier to fix?18:44
TJ-SimonJai: "ls (hd0,1)/" and tell me what the latest kernel (vmlinuz-*) version is, *exactly*, so I can compose commands for you18:44
TJ-SimonJai: Well we only need to type 3 lines to get into initrd - its up to you18:45
k1l_Basketball: stop pasting stuff in here if you are not able to see the amount of text you are going to paste. use a pasteservice18:45
Necturwhen i scroll up and down pages or watch movie or anything where only part of screen nerds to be updated(dirty region) i get some artifacts18:45
Necturneeds* sorrt for typos18:46
SimonJaivmlinuz-3.13.0-35-generic     ***18:46
Basketballk1l_,  ok18:46
TJ-SimonJai: OK: "linux vmlinuz-3.13.0-35-generic ro break=mountroot"18:46
TJ-SimonJai: "initrd initrd.img-3.13.0-35-generic"18:46
TJ-SimonJai: "boot" and fingers crossed18:47
SimonJaii think i missed something18:47
SimonJaiwhen i type "linux vmlinuz-3.13.0-35-generic ro break=mountroot"18:47
SimonJaiit says invalid file name18:47
TJ-SimonJai: Hmmm.... it will look for that file wherever "root" points to, which was (hd0,1)/ wasn't it?18:48
TJ-SimonJai: Did either of us mistype the filename?18:48
SimonJainope we didn't18:48
SimonJaiwhen i type `set`18:48
TJ-SimonJai: The is weird18:49
=== sudormrf- is now known as zz_sudormrf-
Necturis vmlinuz not corrupted?18:49
Necturit was for me18:49
TJ-SimonJai: Hmmm, you might be better off trying the back-up - I have to go eat now and it looks like there's something fundamentally messed up there, especially if GRUB v1 and v2 have got co-mingled on the boot drive.18:50
SimonJaii just needed to add "(hd0,1)/" infront of the files18:50
SimonJaiit booted into BusyBox v1.21.118:50
TJ-SimonJai: Yay!18:50
SimonJaii need to get this back up online.... ><18:50
SimonJaidon't leave me18:50
Necturdo file /path....//vmlinuz.efi n see wghat it says18:51
SimonJaiTJ-: not sure what to do in here18:51
Necturoh nvm18:51
TJ-SimonJai: OK, you now have some Linux tools available to figure out where the root file-system is, once you've done that, you should reboot and go through this process again, but add "root=/path/to/root-filesystem" to the "linux ..." line and remove "break=XXXX" from it18:51
TJ-SimonJai: someone else here ought to be able to help you at this point, but refer back to my PC boot guide - the flowchart goes into detail about the initrd process18:52
SimonJaito be honest, i'm not sure how to find the root path18:53
SimonJaimight have to do a rollback ><18:53
alistairhow can i change the cpu frequency without having to reinstall the kernel?18:53
Necturbut anyone familiar with intel hd graphics on linux giving a simular issue? coz i have no idea what to google to get meaningfull informatio18:54
Beldar!details | Nectur we don't read your mind here18:57
ubottuNectur we don't read your mind here: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:57
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cool_boyhi, how to point bin to a directory?19:00
=== zz_zz_sudormrf- is now known as zz_zz_zz_sudormr
SchrodingersScatcool_boy: what are you trying to do?19:01
sapikmount maybe19:01
=== zz_zz_zz_sudormr is now known as zz_zz_zz_zz_sudo
cool_boySchrodingersScat: I have ~/bin directory, I want to point ~/bin to a directory in my system , on 'll' command it should look like " bin -> /home/ubuntu/workspace/Scripts"19:03
SchrodingersScatcool_boy: you might be looking for symbolic links?  ln -s   ?19:03
cool_boySchrodingersScat: yes  but bin directory should point to /Scripts directory19:04
SchrodingersScatln -s /home/ubuntu/workspace/Scripts bin  #?19:05
sapikmaybe its the other way around19:08
=== Liam_ is now known as Guest18225
cool_boySchrodingersScat: doesnt work19:09
SchrodingersScatmaybe it's the other way around then19:10
cool_boySchrodingersScat: with this method , I got a directory named Scripts inside ~/bin and that directory points to where I want ;)19:11
Guest18225question: I want to log in on irc using my ubuntu account specifically instead of a randomised guest handle. How do I do it?19:11
k1l_Guest18225: /nick nickname19:12
SchrodingersScat!register | Guest1822519:12
ubottuGuest18225: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:12
oktI had my main system drive fail, so I've got a replacement and am upgrading to 14.04, I have a few drives which were configured with mdadm in RAID1, what will I have to do to get it setup under the new install?19:12
k1l_Guest18225: but if that is already used by another one you get renamed to the guest nick19:12
Guest18225Thank you ubottu19:12
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!19:13
SimonJaican someone give me a hand with GRUB and LVM?19:13
SimonJaimy root partition is /dev/mapper/root, not sure how I set that in GRUB19:14
=== Guest18225 is now known as Frank_Leach
Frank_Leach /msg nickserv register bornagain liam.kilmartin01@gmail.com19:16
zflggrFrank_Leach: /msg nickserv register bornagain liam.kilmartin01@gmail.com were we to see it? :)19:17
SrPxWhen I'm installing an OpenSSH server in a machine I have, but that isn't just for me, but for a group of people, should I just create a user called "mygroup" (or something) or is it better to just install with root?19:18
SrPxan user *19:18
FlannelFrank_Leach: You'll want to do that again without the leading space, and change your password (because you just said it to the entire channel)19:19
Frank_Leachthanks flannel19:19
tigrangdustinspringman, hey19:20
dustinspringmantigrang: sup19:20
TJ-SimonJai: Back. Are you in GRUB shell now?19:20
Frank_Leach /msg nickserv register foolsgold liam.kilmartin01@gmail.com19:21
streulmahi, why on Ubuntu after suspend on a Macbook Pro 2012 starts the screen flashing?19:21
SimonJaii can be19:21
SuperLagDoes 802.11ac work with Linux at full speeds, or do you still get bumped down to lower speeds, as if you only had a .11n interface?19:21
tigrangdustinspringman, so I just realized what was going on. When I set to UMA Only in BIOS, it just prevented the OS from seeing the nvidia card, it didnt actually power it down. When I enabled discrete from BIOS, Linux saw it and power it down I guess19:21
CodeGosui often need to have many diferent sources of information active at single time, so i need many windows next to each other insead of being alt+tabed throught them, i curently cant afford many monitors, is there any way to create huge vritual 8k x 4k something desktop area that i can scroll? or maybe is there some specialised window manager out there for such tasks.19:22
dustinspringmantigrang: that makes a lot more sense!19:22
=== zz_zz_zz_zz_sudo is now known as zz_zz_zz_zz_zz_s
TJ-SimonJai: In GRUB, for it to find file-systems on LVM, you'll need to "insmod lvm" ... if the module is found and loaded, then doing "ls" should list LVM LVs in addition to the raw MSDOS partitions19:22
tigrangdustinspringman, and I use bbswitch to power it up before I standby and then power it down after I resume which fixes the hang19:22
SimonJaiif i do that, and it boots fine19:22
SimonJaihow do i create the config file so it will boot everytime?19:23
dustinspringmantigrang: awesome! are you able to automate that or do you have to manually enter that command anytime you want to suspend?19:23
phuhWhat is correct? "some --thing=test" vs. "some --thing test"19:23
TJ-SimonJai: But, you likely don't need that in order to boot. All you need is the "linux ..." line I gave you earlier, with "break=XXX"  removed and add "root=/dev/mapper/root"19:23
SimonJainot sure it knows how to find /dev/mapper?19:23
SimonJaior does it19:23
tigrangdustinspringman, automated19:23
dustinspringmanbrb, afk for a few19:24
TJ-SimonJai: Once it has booted, you can do "sudo grub-install /dev/sdX" where 'X' is the boot device, e.g. sda, then do "sudo update-grub" to rewrite grub.cfg19:24
TJ-SimonJai: The LVM stuff is inside the initrd.img, that doesn't need GRUB to understand to LVM19:24
SimonJaiTJ-: my boot partition is /dev/sda119:25
TJ-SimonJai: And, once the updates are done you can manually review the boot configuration before rebooting to ensure it appears sane19:25
SimonJaiso do i still do "sudo grub-install /dev/sda"?19:25
=== zz_zz_zz_zz_zz_s is now known as sudormrf
=== ming2k is now known as zz_ming2k
TJ-SimonJai: Yes, because "grub-install /dev/sda" is installing the boot-strap code into sector 0 of the boot disk, as well as GRUB's core.img into the spare sectors from sector 1 up to the beginning of partition 119:26
TJ-SimonJai: If you did "grub-install /dev/sda1" the device wouldn't boot and probably the install would fail since you'd be asking GRUB to insert itself into a file-system, and the only way it can do that is via blocklists of sectors19:27
SimonJaiTJ-: wow! thanks for that19:27
=== josh is now known as Guest35741
SimonJaiif i did it to both /dev/sda and /dev/sda1, would there be issues?19:27
TJ-SimonJai: The latter would likely fail, its pointless ;)19:27
Frank_Leachno one saw my password again right?19:27
sapikyou could do --boot-directory19:28
TJ-SimonJai: provided /boot/ is listed in fstab and mounted, grub-install will install its modules into /boot/grub/i386-pc/ without any problems19:28
BeldarFrank_Leach, If you have a space before the post it shows19:28
SimonJaiit should be, yes19:29
SimonJaimmmmm will have to confirm19:29
TJ-SimonJai: As this is a 12.04>14.04 upgrade, everything was in place already so this seems just to be an upgrade glitch19:29
SimonJailucky i cloned the VM, and can do tests in parallel19:29
eraggoSimonJai: /dev/sda means physical hard disk (sdb,sdc,etc), sdXn (n is a number, Xletter) means partition of the disk19:29
BeldarFrank_Leach, there is a showing at 12:16:20 when you do a correct msg to the server it shows as19:30
cyclonisquick question during a kickstart install of ubuntu does ubuntu read the preseed file first or does it just read the kickstart fikle19:30
sapikyeah frank it still shows19:31
Necturdid someone respond to me i missed it?19:32
TJ-SimonJai: This should make the process clearer: https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/#a_grub_install19:32
SchrodingersScatNectur: I think someone asked for details on what your problem is.19:32
Nectursorry i cant read back very far n ubuntu logsarent up to date19:33
Necturmy problem its hard to explain19:33
TJ-19:46 <Nectur> when i scroll up and down pages or watch movie or anything where only part of screen nerds to be updated(dirty region) i get some artifacts19:33
Necturwhen you scroll for instance down a page only part of the screen needs to be update and someone this gives some minor screen tearing19:34
Necturi dont know if this a driver issue or something else19:35
Necturand thats my issue hop it makes senae19:36
Necturonly it affects everything not just webpages19:37
whomphow do i get networking setup when installing ubuntu from a flash drive on my mac?19:41
SimonJaithanks for all your help TJ-19:41
whompit doesn't seem to find any wireless networks19:41
SimonJaiI've been up for like 26 hours now, time to get some rest19:41
TJ-SimonJai: Ouch, I know that feeling. Hope its mostly sorted out now19:41
SimonJairolled back to 12.04, it'll have to do for now19:42
SimonJaiget some rest and tackle it when i wake up19:42
TJ-SimonJai: It sounds like the customised stuff is not compatible with standard Ubuntu upgrades19:42
SimonJaiTJ-: oh with GRUB, do you have to specify the initrd?19:44
cyclonisquick question during a kickstart install of ubuntu does ubuntu read the preseed file first or does it just read the kickstart fikle19:45
whompany ideas? i need to figure out how to get networking working while i install ubuntu on my mac, but it won't show any wifi networks. seems like it doesn't have the right drivers for my networking hardware19:49
Busserlwhomp: You are installing Ubuntu directly, not in a VM?19:52
whompBusserl, corret19:52
tworkinhey i just booted up and am seeing 100% disk usage.. how do i use `du` to explore just 1 level deep at a time?19:52
expungetworkin: what says 100% disk usage?19:53
=== Kilya is now known as merqucio
YLLhey , i'm lookig for a small help , if anyone can help me would be really nice, (it is for a small project)19:53
rypervencheYLL: What is your issue?19:54
SuperLagYLL: just ask your question, friend.19:54
MonkeyDusttworkin  not sure how to do it with du, but this helps too... change 500M to whatever size you want : find / -size +500M -exec ls -lh {} \; 2>/dev/null19:54
ThOr101sorry if this is a dumb question, is XFS support built into 14.04.01 LTS?  I can't seem to mount an XFS partition I made elsewhere, but I'm not sure if that is because of 14.04, or something I did elsewhere.19:54
rypervenchetworkin: I like to start with "du -shc /*" and then move my way through the largest directories, doing "du -shc /dev/*" next, etc.19:55
ThOr101I installed the xfsprogs19:55
=== ee is now known as eeee
YLLi need to write a small shell command that would list each letter from A to Z from a file, (only once per line) and see the result in shell,19:56
tworkindu --max-depth=1 is what i was looking for19:57
tworkinthanks all19:57
whompBusserl, any ideas?19:58
YLLno one can help ?20:00
expungeYLL: do what?20:00
MonkeyDustwhomp  my advice: use a cable during installation, worry about wifi after ubuntu is installed20:00
whompMonkeyDust, i don't have that cable20:00
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
Busserlwhomp: sorry no, just thought it should be clarified.20:00
TJ-YLL: You want the letter frequency reporting, or just which letters appear?20:01
MonkeyDustwhomp  somehow get one, it's faster, easier and more stable than wifi20:01
TJ-YLL: "grep -o . <FILENAME> | sort -f | uniq -ic"20:03
YLLthe letter frequency (once per line in case it appears many times) and if possible showing all letters from a to z without writing 32 times the commad for each letter, EX : A - 224 (times) appears in file20:03
k1l_!test > godbod20:05
ubottugodbod, please see my private message20:05
godbodoh sorry20:05
godbodI am sorry about all my weird messages20:05
YLL"grep -o . <FILENAME> | sort -f | uniq -ic"  is what i look for with the exception that it doesn't filter the numbers of times the letter appears (once per word must) the format is looking good; i tried with a grep -c it does count only once, but i do not have the same output format as with -o + sort ;20:07
nutzzapt-cache searches for packages installed on my computer or for the available packages?20:07
saiarcot895nutzz: available packages, as of last "sudo apt-get update"20:08
nutzzsaiarcot895: thanks20:08
MonkeyDustnutzz  both20:08
nutzzMonkeyDust: if they are on my computer they are also available in the repository :D20:09
MonkeyDustnutzz  true.. apt-cache policy shows their status... apt-cache show shows more information20:10
nutzzMonkeyDust: thanks20:10
t0ad-minihey guys, i'm trying to get the flash plugin for chromium so i went on the forums and saw that there's a plugin in the repos called pepperflash but it doesn't exist in the repos20:14
saiarcot895t0ad-mini: What version of Ubuntu are you using?20:15
expunget0ad-mini: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash#Installing_Pepper_Flash_for_Chromium20:15
dustinspringmant0ad-mini: I use the ubuntu software center and search "flash".. installs in a couple mins..20:15
t0ad-miniLinux ubuntu 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:39:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:15
saiarcot895t0ad-mini: That would be Precise. You'll need to use a PPA.20:16
MonkeyDust!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree | t0ad-mini20:16
ubottut0ad-mini: pepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.3ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 9 kB, installed size 65 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)20:16
t0ad-minidustinspringman, i tried that and it wont find it20:16
zykotick9t0ad-mini: what's the output of "lsb_release -sc"?20:16
MonkeyDust3.2 is 12.0420:16
saiarcot895t0ad-mini: See http://askubuntu.com/a/449266/24158020:16
MonkeyDustt0ad-mini  what's the output of: cat /etc/issue20:17
matiasmmHello, I need to find out why linux account usually gets disabled. We use likewise to login in the system, and sometimes, even with the correct password, my account gets disabled (after 3 attemps). Is there anyway to log somewhere the login attemps including the password being used?20:18
t0ad-miniubuntu 12.0420:18
MonkeyDustmatiasmm  are you in ubuntu?20:18
MonkeyDustmatiasmm  and what's likewise?20:19
tyrickI have a question that is kind of subjective.... when you download a new program, do you softlink the executable into the bin folder (so that you can run the app from shell), add the path or the exe, or something else?20:20
tyricklol... what do most people do?20:20
trijntjetyrick: put it in bin in your home folder, that should be in the default PATH20:20
guntbert!software | trijntje20:21
ubottutrijntje: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents20:21
matiasmmMonkeyDust: it's a way to authenticate in linux using an Active directory Domain.20:21
usr13tyrick: That's pretty much it.20:21
MonkeyDustmatiasmm  are you using ubuntu server?20:22
matiasmmnope, I'm on a client ubuntu desktop20:22
usr13tyrick: Well, not just /bin  but several  options, see   $PATH20:23
YLL"grep -o . <FILENAME> | sort -f | uniq -ic" can anyone give me a tip how i can have the same result as of this command but witch a grep -c ( i need to have counted only once per line letter ,( thnx )20:23
=== ximian_ is now known as ximian
usr13tyrick: as trijntje points out, your home directory's /bin/ is also in your path by default, so...20:25
Zer000I need a little bit of help - lightdm won't start and let me login after an update. I'm running 14.10 (perhaps by accident I thought it was released when in fact it's a development version but whatever). Here is the relevant dmesg http://dpaste.com/2AE8NBX20:26
expungeYLL: what is it you want to determine?20:26
sakamopWhat bug trackers are in the ubuntu repos? I am having not much luck searching by category. I really don't fancy installing bugzilla manually.20:26
Zer000btw logging into a terminal and doing "startx" works fine...20:26
ikoniaZer000: re-install with 14.04 then20:27
expungesakamop: bugzilla is20:27
usr13!14.10 | Zer00020:27
ubottuZer000: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136320:27
YLLthe number of times each letters appears on each line (only once per line in case it does appear many times) in a specific file (sorted from the most present to the less) and show it on shell20:27
sakamopexpunge: I am not seeing it.20:27
Dvarjensakamop: use this then: https://code.launchpad.net/~tamersaadeh/+archive/ubuntu/bugzilla20:28
sakamopexpunge: Looks like it was in lucid, but not trusty.20:28
sakamopDvarjen: Thank you.20:28
YLLthe command i've posted it is pretty close to what i need , with the exception that it does count many times each letter, and with grep -c i can't have a globat result ,(at least i haven't figured out yet)20:28
usr13Zer000: But, I'm curious how you could be on the development release by accident.  Can you explain?20:28
expungeYLL: what do you need, though?20:29
expungeoh you said20:29
Snake2kUbuntu > Life20:29
=== Eric^ is now known as EriC^^
EriC^^Zer000: sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm20:30
akurilinquestion: how easy is it to make one's own .deb from source in ubuntu?20:31
ikoniaquite hard and requires experience to do it properly20:31
akurilinI need to install a very specific configuration of nagios on my machines and installing directly from source on each box seems like a bad idea20:31
ikoniato do it blindly using tools - easy20:31
expungeakurilin: boxes aren't identical installs?20:32
usr13Zer000: ls -l /etc/init.d/lightdm  #What does that say?  (Does it have executable bit?)20:32
akurilinthey are, I just don't want to necessarily download/build/install on each one of them individually because it's going to make upgrading/maintaining/uninstalling a pain down the line20:32
maksimkahello, since I updated to 14.04, I keep getting these errors on every boot, can somebody explain the error and guide to a way for solving it? The errors are: http://pastebin.com/vKKkbVzW20:32
akurilinI use ansible myself, it makes it pretty easy to work with debs or ppas20:32
Zer000usr13, there's a file called that ya20:33
EriC^^Zer000: try to reinstall lightdm, sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm20:33
FailFarmcouldent you write a script to automate install ?20:33
rypervencheAnsible is very nice :)20:33
usr13Zer000: Yea but does it have the executable bit set on it?20:33
akurilinikonia,expunge: what is the biggest issue I would have in making my own deb?20:33
expungeakurilin: making it20:33
Zer000usr13, yes it does20:33
expungeakurilin: making a deb is something you do to help other people, not yourself20:34
expungeakurilin: if you just want to copy an install of an app onto many systems, there are simpler ways20:34
usr13Zer000: Is there a symlink to /lib/init/upstart-job ?20:34
akurilinexpunge: what do you have in mind?20:34
expungeakurilin: basically you just copy the files to each system20:34
ikoniaakurilin: helping yourself is fine20:34
expungeakurilin: checkinstall can help you keep track of them20:34
usr13Zer000: /etc/init.d/lightdm: symbolic link to `/lib/init/upstart-job'20:35
YLLexpunge do you have an idea, how i could do the cmd i've asked for few mins ago ?20:35
Zer000usr13, no /etc/init.d/lightdm is a script by itself, not a symlink20:36
expungeYLL: if you specify an example of the input you have and output you want20:36
Zer000so ubuntu uses upstart, not systemd?20:36
usr13Zer000: That's interesting...20:36
Zer000are those different?20:36
usr13Zer000: Oh, you know what.... 14.10 is more-than-likely systemd20:36
usr13Zer000: But, as EriC^^ points out, reinstalling it will probably fix your problem.20:37
usr13Zer000: sudo apt-get install --reinstall lightdm   #Will probably fix it20:37
YLLok well something like 2544 (times) - A in file.txt for exemple, (and this for each letter from a to Z)20:38
Zer000Ok i'm gonna reboot then bye and thanks in advance if it works20:38
jarray52I'm updating from Ubuntu 12.04LTS to 14.04LTS, and the update seems to have frozen on libnepomukcore4abi1. Is there any way to recover from this "freeze"?20:41
jarray52It is only the updater that froze. The system itself is not frozen.20:42
Zer000SO i disconnected a few times so I'll repaste the dmesg log http://dpaste.com/2AE8NBX  but it looks like 14.10 is systemd based and it can't find a unit file. Maybe I can copy over someone else's?20:43
Zer000also reinstalling lightdm didn't help...20:44
Zer000I also don't understand why journalctl (as root) says no journal files found :(20:45
usr13Zer000: You might ask #ubuntu+120:45
Zer000oh i didn't know that existed.20:46
YLLno chances with the cmd ? grep thing;20:47
SchrodingersScatYLL: you're counting letters per line?20:48
DvarjenYLL:  do you really need to use grep?20:48
jarray52I'm upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04LTS to 14.04LTS, and the update seems to have stopped on libnepomukcore4abi1. I would like this package to be skipped. I have both gnome and kde installed. Is there any way to recover the upgrade?20:50
=== lbaway is now known as luckybunny
maksimkahello, since I updated to 14.04, I keep getting these errors on every boot, can somebody explain the error and guide to a way for solving it? The errors are: http://pastebin.com/vKKkbVzW20:51
whompMonkeyDust, i just realized i don't have an ethernet port on this mac pro :(20:55
usr13maksimka:  http://serverfault.com/questions/494468/error-at-booting-server-ata1-00-exception-emask-0x0-sact-0x0-serr-0x0-action20:56
=== Snake2k is now known as Oblivion
maksimkausr13:  I do not think the comment on that question is valid in my case.. the laptop is working great for 2 years and got errors only after ubuntu 14.04 installation..20:58
=== Oblivion is now known as Snake2k
usr13whomp:  http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD463ZM/A/thunderbolt-to-gigabit-ethernet-adapter20:58
yeatsjarray52: look in /var/log/syslog or /var/log/dpkg.log - are there messages there that might explain the hang?20:59
usr13maksimka: Maybe it is looking for a raid controller that does not exist?20:59
t0ad-minithanks for the help guys20:59
yeatsmaksimka: it could be a coincidence, but it sounds like a hardware problem21:00
moyillahello to all! I am not getting any sound from the video player, though the music player doesnt have this problem. how can I fix it?21:05
maksimkayeats: it boots fine with OpenBSD and Fedora, not sure if it is a hardware thing...21:05
usr13moyilla: Could be that another player is still using audio and it's not being released to the other player yet.21:06
whompI'm creating a new 100gb ubuntu partition on my mac. Should I create a logical or primary partition? Should I create one for /home and one for /?21:06
whompI'm just very new to this :)21:06
usr13whomp: It is up to you.21:06
moyillausr13, no, it is the only player that is on21:06
usr13whomp: We  create partitions for our own particular needs.21:06
moyillaI tested the two players one after another21:07
usr13moyilla: You would have to be more specific21:07
whompusr13: Should it be logical or primary?21:07
whompAnd do I need a swap partition? Why can't it just store swap on the / partition?21:08
usr13whomp: You would have to show us what you have now, and what your end goal is.21:08
whompusr13: What info do you need?21:08
usr13whomp: You should have a swap pertition.21:08
usr13whomp: Is this a new install?21:08
whompusr13: It's being installed alongside my existing os x21:08
moyillausr13, sure. I wanted to play a video on totem player, and the sound is not coming. though I checked system and player sounds.21:09
whompShould the swap be primary or logical? I have 16gb ram, how big should swap be?21:09
moyillathere is no change21:09
usr13whomp: Are you preparing for a Ubuntu install?  Or are you trying to create more space for an existing system.21:09
moyillaI also checked the sound button of the computer21:09
whompusr13: I'm preparing for an install21:09
moyilla and, as I said, the music player works21:09
usr13whomp: Ok.  So you are preparing for a Ubuntu install.  Got it.  So, how big is your HD?21:10
whomp500gb, 100 of which is free21:10
whompThe other 400 is for os x21:10
=== Maras is now known as Marasgeon
usr13whomp: So you have 100g of free space? (100g unpartitioned, free space on the one single hard drive)21:11
whompusr13: Yes21:11
usr13whomp: Ok, then just start the Ubuntu install and the Ubuntu installer will create partitions for you.21:12
usr13whomp: Just leave it as free space21:12
usr13whomp: (100g will be enough)21:12
whompusr13: I select "something else" instead of "erase disk..."21:13
usr13whomp: Yes21:13
whompThen if I just hit "install now", it says, "no root file system is defined"21:13
Marasgeonhey guys, is there any way to place the close and minimize buttons of the windows right, in Ubuntu 14.04?21:13
whompusr13: So idk how to get past that21:14
usr13whomp: You will find the option there some place to create the partititions.  I usually create 321:14
k1l_Marasgeon: did you look into unity-tweak-tool?21:14
usr13whomp: How much RAM do you have?21:14
Marasgeonk1l: yeap21:14
whompusr13: I answered this stuff above and asked a series of questions about how to create the partitions21:14
cyclonisanyone automating ubuntu 12.04 with kickstary21:15
cyclonisanyone automating ubuntu 12.04 with kickstart21:15
Marasgeonk1l: the system automatically change it to left21:15
whompI feel like we're going in circles21:15
usr13whomp: 30G for /  8G for swap  The rest for /home/21:15
k1l_Marasgeon: so you did see the option and tried it?21:15
Marasgeonk1l: yeap21:15
whompGreat, and which ones should be primary?21:15
usr13whomp: I am not going in circles, you may be.  I just asked a question, (and you refused to answer it).21:15
whompIt's 16gb as I said above21:15
usr13whomp: It does not matter.21:16
usr13whomp: You have 16G of RAM?21:16
whompSo what do you pick, primary or logical?21:16
k1l_Marasgeon: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-tweak-tool/+bug/131005621:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1310056 in unity-tweak-tool (Ubuntu) "unity-tweak-tool cant move window buttons to the right in 14.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:16
usr13whomp: It does not matter.21:16
Marasgeonubottu: that's right21:16
whompAnd still 8G for swap given 16G of ram?21:17
jarray52yeats: I'm not sure what to look for in dpkg.log. The last thing I see is status half-configured kdm:amd64.21:17
k1l_Marasgeon: see the bug report and read it with comments21:17
usr13whomp: logical21:17
jarray52yeats: If I fresh install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, can I still save my home folder?21:17
usr13whomp: 16G for swap21:17
whompFor all 3?21:17
usr13(That is why I asked you!)21:18
whompI really did respond earlier lol21:18
whompBut so all 3 partitions should be logical?21:18
yeatsjarray52: have you backed your data up?21:18
jarray52yeats: No.21:18
whompAnd why do I want a separate partition for / and for /home? Seems like it risks running out of space in one when I have space in the other partition21:19
usr13whomp: Yes, they *can* be logical partitions *if* you have an extended partition for them to go in.21:19
yeatsjarray52: okay - first thing, then - back up your data to external media before doing anything else21:19
=== fritz is now known as Guest3264
whompusr13: How would I know?21:19
usr13whomp: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_partitioning21:19
yeatsjarray52: if your /home directory is on a separate partition, you can just re-use it during the partitioning step of installation21:19
whompusr13: Is 3 partitions required? Could I not just do one and have it use a swap file?21:20
usr13whomp: If you choose logical, the ubuntu installer will create an extended partition for them.21:20
yeatsjarray52: otherwise you have to backup, then restore21:20
yeats!home | jarray52 - also this21:20
ubottujarray52 - also this: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving21:20
usr13whomp: Yes, you can use a swap file, but I do not recommend it.  (It is better to have a swap partition.)21:21
Marasgeonk1l_: yeah i already know that, i'm asking if someone came with some solution21:21
usr13whomp: It is also better to have a separate partition for /home/21:21
jarray52yeats: It appears that I only have a / partition.21:22
jarray52I only want to save /home/myuser. Can the Ubuntu 14.04LTS preserve this one directory when doing a fresh install?21:23
usr13whomp: I like to have at least 3 partitions.  1) swap (as large as RAM) 2) 30G+ for / (root directory) 3) /home/ (The largest which will contain all your personal files)21:24
usr13whomp: These are just my suggestions.  You can do it as you see fit.21:24
whompThx for the suggestions and all of the help. Im just going to create a single 100gb logical partition21:26
usr13whomp: At the least, two partitions.  1) swap (as large as RAM)  2) /  (root)21:26
whompusr13: I'm reading that swap partitions no longer have performance benefits21:26
usr13whomp: Yes, you can believe everything you see on the internet.  You can believe everything you see on TV.  ;)21:27
johnny_number_5whomp,  link to actiual21:27
usr13johnny_number_5: It's not use.  People only believe what they *want* to believe.21:28
johnny_number_5to n ews21:28
whompjohnny_number_5: What?21:28
usr13johnny_number_5: sorry, I meant to say "It's no use."  ;)21:28
johnny_number_5who wheres the link21:28
johnny_number_5rrr. om too tired to type21:29
whompMentioned in the top answer21:29
cyclonishas anyone gotten static ip to work in preseed21:30
whompAlso here: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161775021:30
usr13whomp: Take my advise, create a swap partition.21:30
usr13whomp: YOu have a 500G HD.  (Are you really worried about 16G?)21:30
mic_ehi, is there a trusty way to install bitcoin-qt in ubuntu?21:30
mic_ebecause seriously, if I happen to trust the wrong PPA, my entire wallet is gone21:31
sapikyeah swap is good21:31
whompusr13: I only have 100for ubuntu21:31
usr13whomp: Really?  You have a 500G drive and you will only allow 100G for Ubuntu?  (Ok, well, it is up to you.) But even if you have 100G, that is enough.  100-16=8421:32
kennenHi i have a quick question, i have some redirects in my apache.conf like thios "Redirect /pma https://xxx.eu/phpmyadmin" how can i do this in nignx ?21:32
whompusr13: The rest is for blu-Ray Martha Stewart dvds21:33
usr13whomp: haha.. that is good!  :)21:33
johnny_number_5actual swap that is installed on a differnent hdd when you install does matter. i have done it, and it works.  whomp  usr1321:33
usr13whomp: But really.... if you only look for reasons not to have a swap partition, that is only what you will find.21:34
mic_ewell seems like there is no such way21:34
whompWell anyways, I allocated 17gb for swap and 83 for /21:34
whompThx for the help :)21:34
usr13whomp: Good.  (You can thank us later.)21:34
mic_eI guess ubuntu is unsuitable for security-critical stuff like this...21:34
netametaHow do i edit/save a file with vi ?21:35
usr13mic_e: Really?21:35
johnny_number_5there is a noticeable  performance gain with it. whomp  usr1321:35
usr13mic_e: Any Linux system is as secure as it's administrator.21:36
whompThat is good. I hate a stuttering Martha Stewart experience21:36
johnny_number_5mic_e,  what are you talking about?21:36
usr13whomp: That is what external drives are for.21:36
mic_eI asked for a secure way to install bitcoin-qt21:36
mic_ewithout risking to actually install a fake version that will steal my wallet21:37
usr13mic_e: Use a ppa21:37
moyillausr13, have the infos been specific enough?21:37
mic_eso how do I know the guys who made the ppa didn't make it to steal my wallet?21:37
usr13mic_e: Find one y ou trust.21:37
johnny_number_5whomp,  yeap. the heavier the load the smoother the prefomce.21:37
usr13moyilla: What?21:37
=== SUPEROGT is now known as Sverdar
moyillausr13 ?21:38
moyillausr13 we've been talking, if you remember21:38
usr13moyilla: Did not see the specific information21:39
usr13moyilla: Totem played sound, ______________ did not.21:40
moyillausr13, then why dont you respond to me? and how can it be more specific there? and how can I know it?21:40
johnny_number_5mic_e,  have a test bed pc to install your stuff . so your not screwed out of coins21:40
moyillausr13, this level of information is enough for other people to be rather helpful21:40
usr13moyilla: You got sound from totem.  Right?   What player did you *not* get sound from?21:41
moyillausr13m you didnt even read what I wrote. and you ask me to be specific?21:41
johnny_number_5usr13,  why are you using totem when vlc has what you need and more?21:41
moyillausr13 you didnt even read what I wrote. and you ask me to be specific?21:42
usr13johnny_number_5: I don't know.21:42
moyilla'more specific'21:42
johnny_number_5usr13,  are you need or something??21:42
usr13johnny_number_5: moyilla is having problems with audio output for a particular player, (which remains a secret).21:43
moyillais there anyone else here from whom I can get some serious and sociable help please?21:43
usr13!ask | moyilla21:43
ubottumoyilla: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:43
johnny_number_5moyilla,  what do you need21:43
moyillausr13 just ignore anything I write. I dont ask anything else of you from now on21:44
johnny_number_5!bot | moyilla21:44
ubottumoyilla: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone21:44
johnny_number_5pm the bot21:44
moyilladont know why some assume the role of helper here. sure not for helping really21:44
johnny_number_5!sound | moyilla21:44
ubottumoyilla: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.21:44
moyillajohnny_number_5 I have a totem player from which I dont get sound when playing videos21:45
moyillajohnny_number_5 I did all of these21:45
usr13moyilla: Did you try rebooting your computer?21:45
usr13Did you try turning up the volume?21:45
usr13moyilla: Are you sure the video you are playing has audio?21:46
usr13moyilla: Are you sure your speakers are still plugged in?21:46
* eeee rofls21:46
moyillausr13, did you try giving a blow job to a policeman?21:46
johnny_number_5sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install vlc -y21:46
usr13moyilla: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:47
johnny_number_5agree usr1321:47
moyillajohnny_number_5 is this a known problem to totem?21:47
johnny_number_5!vlc | moyilla21:48
ubottumoyilla: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs21:48
johnny_number_5vlc in like the best media players around.  moyilla  -21:48
johnny_number_5moyilla,   it has everything self contained. tomtom needs codecs installed21:49
usr13moyilla: If totem doesn't work for you, try another.  (How about mplayer?)21:50
SchrodingersScatmpv is king21:50
moyillajohnny_number_5 , tomtom?!21:50
johnny_number_5sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-restricted-extras -y21:51
johnny_number_5run this command21:51
moyillaone consults to channel for sound problem. solution: install another one.21:52
johnny_number_5spelling is not so good when you have been awake for a long time21:52
moyillaif ubuntu has problem, install debian.21:52
johnny_number_5moyilla,  your missing the codcs for the player21:52
Ben64totem is not a great player, mplayer2 is fantastic, vlc is good21:53
johnny_number_5you will have the same problem their yet still.21:53
usr13moyilla: Totem was written by Bastien Nocera <hadess@hadess.net>21:53
usr13moyilla: (from the man file)21:53
johnny_number_5he got kicked?21:54
ikoniajohnny_number_5: not a nice person,21:55
johnny_number_5Ben64,  hes mplayer good update to the point that its gotting better.21:55
godbodI agree21:55
usr13johnny_number_5: Get some sleep21:56
johnny_number_5ikonia,  yeah, even so when he comes back we can say we where trying to do all we can and he was being a jerk about it.21:56
johnny_number_5johnny_number_5,  never sleeps,i am a rebot21:56
johnny_number_5XD robot21:56
godbodI think even totem is good21:57
Seromaniarebot xD21:57
Ben64john-mcaleely: really though, its hard to follow what you're saying. spend more time typing and less time hitting "enter"21:57
godbodon my ubuntu box, it seems that vlc is buggy21:57
usr13johnny_number_5: Usually not helpful.  Best to just ignore the rude behaviour21:57
usr13... or kick'em21:57
johnny_number_5Ben64,  i guess your taling to me21:57
littlebithello people, I have been trying to setup my wiimote onto my xubuntu. without any wiimote tools I'm able to detect the wiimote and partially map the keymaps (automatically) the arrow keys as well as the right- / leftclick, but no accelerator input that is supposed to move the mouse. Can someone help?21:59
littlebitnormal pairing with wminput doesn't work22:00
johnny_number_5hi cyclonis22:00
johnny_number_5littlebit,  hi22:00
cyclonisdoes any one have experience with preseed22:00
littlebiteverything appears in dmesg even22:00
littlebitjohnny_number_5: hi22:00
johnny_number_5!preseed | johnny_number_522:01
johnny_number_5what is preseed?22:01
littlebitjohnny_number_5: don't know what you mean?22:02
jblackHi. There doesn't seem to be an ubuntu image listed at GCE. Is anyone aware of one?22:03
SchrodingersScatjblack: what's GCE?22:03
jblackgoogle compute.22:03
jblackGoogle's version of aws22:04
jblackThere's instructions out there on how to hand build a private one, but if I can avoid the effort...22:05
shishaweis jemand, wie ich in den windows irc chat komme? xD22:08
k1l_shisha: /join #channel22:08
godbodspricht du deutsch shisha ?22:08
shishaja voll22:08
godbodsehr gut !22:09
shishabin aber im falschen chat, sorry :)22:09
padoes updatedb follow directory symlinks?22:10
shishabist du ein linux benutzer? okay!22:10
shishaverbraucht das weniger22:10
shishahab eben nur 4gb22:10
shishameinste mit linux lauft es besser22:10
pashisha, #ubuntu.de22:10
godbodes gibt ein irc auf deutsch ?22:11
shishaanscheinend :D22:11
pamaybe #ubuntu-de22:11
k1l_shisha: hier ist die sprache englisch. #ubuntu-de wäre der deutsche channel. aber zum quatschen auch direkt da eher in den #ubuntu-de-offtopic kanal gehen22:11
godboddanke k11_22:12
shishaI have to speak English here?22:12
k1l_shisha: yes22:12
DarylI forget whats De stand for?22:12
usr13pa: no22:13
godbodubuntu-de then ?22:13
expungeDaryl: deutsch?22:13
k1l_de is the TLD for germany.22:13
DarylOh ok22:13
expungewell it's the iso 639-1 abbreviation for the language =)22:14
shishalong live linux =D22:14
johnny_number_5cyclonis,  i dont but it would be nice to know more about preseed-22:14
usr13pa: update will index and search for all files on your system  regardless  of  ownership.  It  uses  incremental encoding to compress its database to make searching faster. Permissions  and  ownership  are  not stored in the database.22:16
pausr13, so lets say that i have  some file in /foo/bar/*22:17
paand a link /local/bar -> /foo/bar22:17
pafiles in /foo/bar/* are not indexed twice22:17
usr13pa: Actually it *will* show the synlink, (just as if it were a regular file). (I just tested it.)22:20
usr13pa: I stand corrected....22:20
usr13pa: I probably knew that already, just couldn't bring my self to give you the correct information. (Not sure why.)22:21
johnny_number_5cyclonis,  did you get it to work?22:21
pausr13, that's ok22:22
=== brad_ is now known as Guest53085
paas long as it does not follow it22:22
Guest53085how do you set the desired launcher for ubuntu?22:24
LucasTTubuntu won't boot unless i boot it with recover mode22:24
LucasTTwhat should i do?22:24
usr13pa: Not sure what you mean about following it.  (Doesn't sound like it is within the scope of updatedb)22:25
ThOr101how do I rerun the disk configuration stuff that originally ran at install?22:26
ThOr101It detected my raid device, but I didn't want to install the OS there22:26
ThOr101so I installed it on my plain drive22:27
usr13pa: This is all I know about it:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8210262/22:27
ThOr101and now I want to go back and configure the raid (partition and filesystem)22:27
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest35972
godbodCan we install Ubuntu on a raspberry pi ?22:28
pausr13, thanks22:28
SeromaniaWasn't there an ubuntu version for the pi? Or am I mistaking it with the debian one?22:28
e3rollDoes anybody know how to install Gnewsense or other distro on a usb drive?? or at least provide me a link..? not  a live medium, a normal instalation..22:28
godbodntu :nebian version22:29
k1l_godbod: no, since the rpi got too old SoC22:29
godbodit's a Arm 1122:29
neldogzwhats so special about Linux Mint? Can someone explain why someone would choose Mint over Ubuntu?22:29
godbodthat's not quite a old soC22:29
k1l_e3roll: ask in ##linux22:29
Bashing-om!details | LucasTT22:29
ubottuLucasTT: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)22:29
MonkeyDustgodbod  380 people in #raspberrypi22:29
e3rollim not voiced there! k1l_22:30
k1l_godbod: it is. you are mixing version numbering with marketing numbering22:30
whomp_I want to dual boot between os x and ubuntu. However, I've tried installing both refit and refind on os x and neither has worked. Any ideas?22:30
k1l_e3roll: then its still offtopic in here.22:30
LucasTTBashing-om, when I boot, my machin freezes on the splash screen22:30
LucasTTfrom there, i can't do anything, not even ctrl command f222:30
e3rollok thx anyway..22:30
LucasTTbut, if i boot from recovery mode, it will work fine22:31
usr13Seromania:  #ubuntu-arm22:31
whomp_usr13: Any ideas?22:31
Bashing-omLucasTT: Graphics driver ? What results ( ATI, Nvidia) booting with the "nomodeset" parameter ?22:31
LucasTThow do i do that?22:32
usr13!mac | whomp_22:32
ubottuwhomp_: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages22:32
LucasTTalso my mouse is invisible unless i move it22:32
usr13whomp_: My guess is that you failed to install grub bootloader properly.22:33
=== sins-_h is now known as sins-
Bashing-omLucasTT: At the grub boot menu: 'e' key for edit mode -> boot options screen; arrow down and across to "quiet splash" and add the term "nomodeset"; key combo ctl+x to continue the boot process.22:34
usr13godbod: /join #ubuntu-arm22:34
LucasTTBashing-om, my graphic card is from intel, it's on-board22:34
LucasTTok, i'll try that22:34
Bashing-omLucasTT: Nope " nomodeset is for ATI, Nvidia .. Intel should just work, lemme hunt up a boot parameter to "try" .22:35
usr13whomp_: (You failed to write grub to MBR)22:35
Bashing-omLucasTT: Just as a maybe, to see what results; Boot parameter "i915.i915_enable_rc6=1" .22:36
LucasTTBashing-om, i did some googling after i try what you said, and found this22:41
Bashing-omLucasTT: Look'n .22:42
LucasTTalso, i meant before, not after22:42
LucasTTthat problem came out of nowhere22:43
Bashing-omLucasTT: That is a means of last resort, and we do not have the problem identifies as grahics related ( and if there is a need/desire for other drivers, there are easier ways !).22:43
LucasTTok, i'm going to try booting with that parameter22:44
Bashing-omLucasTT: K22:44
godbodSee you guys!22:45
TJ-LucasTT: Did you recently add a network file-system mount to fstab? Long hangs during service start are very often caused by NFS or SMB/CIFs mounts that don't have the "_netdev" option specified22:45
whompusr13, what should i do to fix this?22:45
johnny_number_5LucasTT, hi22:45
whompfor an install guide, i'm linked to a rambling 47-page forum thread22:46
LucasTTBashing-om, i tried running it without recovery mode for the last time and it worked22:47
LucasTTprobably because of a package i removed22:47
LucasTTbut now Steam is telling me to install two packages22:47
samthewildoneLucasTT, what games you play ?22:48
LucasTThuh, is that related to my problem samthewildone ?22:48
jayviI encountered a serious accidental problem just a minute ago... I have ubuntu 14.04 dual booted on my windows 8 hp-(something or other...) and its been running great considering this is my first time EVER even looking at something with Linux on it let alone successfully configuring everything.22:49
johnny_number_5LucasTT, what happen ? what you need help with?22:49
jayviMy problem I just encountered was while I was in ubuntu22:49
jayviI plugged in a flash drive to erase everything and fill it up with random stuff and upon plugging it in suddenly my drives appeared on my desktop22:51
LucasTTjohnny_number_5, scroll up if you have been in the channel22:51
LucasTTif not, i had some issues that have been fixed22:51
LucasTTbut now steam is telling me that it needs some packages to run22:51
k1l_LucasTT: what packages?22:51
LucasTT"libl1-mesa-dri-lts-raring:i386 and libl1-mesa-glx-lts-raring:i22:51
jayvii was like uhh okay wtf and restarted my computer to boot it in windows 8 and my password didnt work upon input22:51
whompusr13, i am very stuck :(22:52
k1l_LucasTT: so you are on 12.04?22:52
jayviI restarted again and then ubuntu wouldnt boot up22:52
LucasTTyes k1l_22:52
LucasTTsorry if i forgot to say it22:52
k1l_LucasTT: run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:52
LucasTTwhat will that do?22:52
k1l_that will first make sure you got the latest updates22:52
k1l_it will still stay at 12.0422:53
jayviafter some bios stuff Im back in here and looked at my partitions menu and apparently the flash drive i plugged in was a bootable drive for windows 7 and is as of right now currently mounted in my /boot/efi22:53
LucasTTk1l_, is the updates manager the gui of that?22:55
k1l_LucasTT: yes22:55
jayvii just wanted to ask before I do something i really know nothing about... Im pretty sure my computer is still thinking that it is supposed to load form the flash drive (even though its not plugged in) and so am I right in thinking that i need to just delete the (already should be missing) flash drive partition and mount my windows 8 hard drive to /bbo/efi instead?22:55
LucasTTright, there's a few things to update22:55
wafflejocksajan: hey what's up22:55
k1l_LucasTT: run that first22:55
LucasTTinclduing a hardware support update22:55
LucasTTthe gui one?22:55
k1l_no the apt-get one22:56
k1l_so we see errors etc22:56
LucasTToh ok, i did it already22:56
LucasTTeverything went fine on that command but something regardind syspeek22:56
LucasTTbut i don't think that's related22:56
LucasTTis it?22:56
Psil0CybinLucasTT: yes the update manager is the GUI of the terminal commands, we prefer terminal commands as we can actually check under the hood and see at what exact step something may have gone wrong.22:57
Bashing-omLucasTT: If we do not have a clean "update", then that takes priority .22:57
k1l_!paste | LucasTT22:57
ubottuLucasTT: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:57
LucasTTis there a way to make the command print in english instead of my language?22:58
LucasTTthe command was run before i ran the gui option22:58
LucasTTit's installing the hardware support update right now22:59
TJ-LucasTT: "LANG=C <cmd>"23:00
jayvidid anybody even read my question?? because I am literally stuck until I do something about this... i just need to know if my primary partition for windows 8 is supposed to be mounted while I have ubuntu mounted and running and if so does it need to boot from /boot/efi or some other location?23:01
TJ-jayvi: On UEFI systems, when it boots in EFI mode, Linux will mount the EFI System Partition at "/boot/efi/"23:02
Bashing-omjayvi: Yeah, sratching heads, UEFI is a whole new ball game .. And where/how/partitioned/installed is a guessing game !23:02
jayviwell the only reason i have a problem with it is because i plugged in a flash drive (thought it was empty) and it turned out to be a bootbale windows 7 drive and it messed with my configuration settings23:04
TJ-If you find UEFI confusing, this may help: https://iam.tj/kb/pc/boot/23:04
TJ-jayvi: Plugged it in when? Messed up what settings?23:04
LucasTTapparently that hardware support update is because i removed it earlier23:05
Bashing-omjayvi: Best case scenerio is that Windows8 boot code is still present in the efi boot partition. And IF you set in the EFI bootup to boot the hard drive, what results ?23:05
jayvii plugged it in about ten minutes ago (ive had ubuntu running great for the last few days great!) and when i plugged it in suddenly my disk drives appeared on the desktop23:05
k1l_LucasTT: the raring lts backports kernel lost support since some time now.23:05
jayviand upon rebooting i couldnt load windows OR ubuntu I was trippin at that point23:06
LucasTTwhat' is this?23:06
LucasTTi removed the package linux-image-(version)-generic23:06
TJ-jayvi: You left the USB flash device plugged in whilst you rebooted?23:06
jayvioh no no no sorry if im vague im just trying to not take all your time >.<23:07
TJ-jayvi: If the flash device was left plugged in, it is possible that the system tried to boot from it instead of the usual device. If so, just disconnect it and boot again23:07
jayvii plugged it in for just some routine file swapping but since it was a boot drive i think some form of (autoplay???) mounted it and connected it to /boot/efi23:08
jayvii took it out once i remembered what was on the flash drive and as of right now it still says it is mounted and booting from /boot/efi while my original windows 8 partition is NOT mounted or booting from anywhere now23:09
=== Alexander_ is now known as Alex_ander
jayvimy only thing is i never really checked before to see where my primary windows 8 partition was mounted or booted from before i installed ubuntu (didnt think id ever have to >.M)23:11
TJ-jayvi: I'm not sure what you mean by "original Windows 8 partition". Show us "pastebinit <(sudo blkid && cat /proc/mounts)"23:12
apb1963I'm not seeing any break-in attempts in my logs.... I'm concerned.23:14
jayviim still VERY new to linux so im sorry i dont really understand what that function is that you're asking for... but what i mean is the C:/ drive from windows. I had windows 8 on my laptop and then installed ubuntu from a flash drive so now all ive had to do for the last few days is just hit escape upon startup and choose which OS i want to run and theyve both worked great!23:14
Bashing-omLucasTT: How are you looking "upgrade" wise ? all done ?23:14
LucasTTyes Bashing-om23:14
LucasTTright now i'm just trying to fix Steam23:15
=== dask is now known as daskdt
daskdtAre there any plans to develop ubuntu distro for iphones?23:15
jhutchinsjayvi: Your question is really a windows question, but I think you should be safe to reboot without the flash drive).23:16
LucasTTi don't think you can develop a distro for iphone23:16
Bashing-omLucasTT: I am a CLI type guy, what now results in -> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade , sudo apt-get -f install <- . then look at what steam may then need .23:16
jhutchinsjayvi: Most of ius are not at all familiar with what a bootable windows 7 drive might do on a system, let alone what the specific one you used did.23:17
phat4lifei just had issues with a windows 7 bootloader23:17
phat4lifebut i think it was bios related23:17
jhutchinsjayvi: We can tell you how to fix grub if that's what the problem is, but it's not clear what's going on and seem like mostly a windows thing..23:17
LucasTTBashing-om, none installed, none removed and none updated23:17
jhutchinsjayvi: There is also #windows23:18
jayviyeah the flash drive isnt the problem its just that upon plugging it in it unmounted what was already my perfectly running windows 8 drive23:18
Bashing-omLucasTT: Good so far and '-f' ??23:18
phat4lifeuefi bios prefvented me from pxe booting23:18
phat4lifeor the windows 7 boot manager prevented pxe booting23:18
LucasTTsame results Bashing-om23:18
Necturi love coreboot23:18
jayvibut for real i can understand ubuntu is all foreign to me haha this is the only place i have figured out where to ask a live person :)23:19
SuperLagDoes 802.11ac work with Linux at full speeds, or do you still get bumped down to lower speeds, as if you only had a .11n interface?23:19
Bashing-omLucasTT: Great again, steam then should run !23:19
LucasTTlemme try23:19
LucasTTnot really23:20
LucasTTit is asking me again to install the same packages23:20
Bashing-omLucasTT: Show the channel that output.23:20
usr13SuperLag: Depends on your interface.23:21
Bashing-omLucasTT: In 'pastebinit" !!23:21
LucasTTwhat is that?23:21
usr13SuperLag: It depends on your WiFi adapter and RF propagation.23:22
Bashing-omLucasTT: one canot do multi posting in IRC, so we use an ofline site for that purpose. see the topic for this channel.install 'pastebin" -> sudo apt-get install pastebinit <- .23:23
LucasTTmulti posting?, offline site?23:23
Psil0CybinLucasTT: if you post the output of your terminal it will be gumbled up as it sends into the channel23:24
Psil0Cybinby using a pastebin website, you can provide us exactly what is going on without us missing lines23:24
Psil0Cybinand flooding the channel etc23:24
MussoliniHi everybody23:25
Mussolinianybody here, there is the commands of "vi"23:25
usr13Mussolini: What do you need?23:26
Bashing-omLucasTT: Got it ! .. 'ligl1' files should not be a big deal, // what though is " /vicox/syspeek/ " .. not found is not good !23:26
paif [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then  ->   [ 1: command not found        Whyyyy????23:26
pai so hate bash23:26
pai have the spaces, i have everything.. on the shell it works.. in a script it doesnt!23:27
LucasTTBashing-om, i don't really get what you said23:27
usr13Mussolini: i to get to edit mode.  Esc for command,  :wq to write and quit23:27
apb1963pa:  command not found implies a PATH issue.23:27
pabut it's in a test expression23:28
pawhat command should an integer be?23:28
usr13pa: escape spaces with \23:28
eeeepa: it looks like it's evaluating $? ( and running 1 as a command)23:28
Bashing-omLucasTT: In that pastie is the results of the update process, and an advisory that certain repositories were unavalable, "/vicox/syspeek/" beiong one of them. What is this application ?23:28
paactually [ 1 -eq 0 ]  fails also in shell23:29
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
LucasTTBashing-om, i think that's the System Monitor app23:29
pabut /usr/bin/\[ 1 -eq 0 ] works23:29
TJ-pa: what does the shebang line say?23:30
pai never never get these bloody tests right in bash23:30
TJ-pa: does this work? "echo hello; if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo bye; fi"23:31
trismpa: your strings keep having \xa0 instead of a space character after the [23:31
Bashing-omLucasTT: I looked at the PPA, and there is no support for it in precise as far as I can tell. disable that one in "software sources" .23:31
MussoliniTks usr1323:31
paTJ-,  it does23:31
patrism, is a gnome-terminal issue then?23:31
l_ri cannot find a wysiwyg html editor23:31
TJ-pa: what editor are you using to create the script?23:31
l_rany idea?23:31
pamcedit in a gnome termnal23:31
LucasTTdisable what and how exactly Bashing-om ?23:32
pait seems that rewriting it in xterm fixed the problem23:33
LucasTTyou mean disabling the software source of syspeek?23:34
TJ-pa: As trism pointed out, it is possible the locale setting, or the editor you use, is using the wrong character code for the space23:34
MussoliniI'm trying how to use korn shell (KSH), whats diference between KSH and shell default ?23:34
rolleiflexhey there, is it possible to replace the ubuntu unity dock icon while an application is running?23:35
rolleiflexI want a notification to appear on the dock icon when the user receives a message, but I have no idea how to do that on linux23:36
wRaydenpretty sure gnome has a module for that.23:36
Bashing-omLucasTT: Our present focus is to make the package manager happy, Then deal with "E: Impossível corrigir problemas, você manteve (hold) pacotes quebrados." Ok in the Software Center -> software sources -> other software; uncheck any ference to the ppa "/ppa.launchpad.net/vicox/syspeek/". Let us know when that is done, and we do all the update routines once more, the update/upgrade MUST run clean, before anything else can be done.23:36
LucasTTsteam is now working, rebooting to see if everything is okay23:36
wRaydenit even shows floating dialogs.23:36
rolleiflexwRayden: I did the floating dialogs thing, it's called python-notify23:37
rolleiflexbut I don't know whether this actually makes the app icon on the dock light up when a notification arrives23:37
rolleiflexdoes it?23:37
CalebWHey, my taskbar isn't working...23:38
shishahallo, brauche hilfe23:39
mrichaelCan any assist with a rather strange mdadm RAID5 issue?23:39
wRaydenrolleiflex, you did it as in you coded it?23:40
CalebWThe default shell is bash(Bourne Again Shell), Korn can be faster. -Mussolini23:40
wRaydenor just use it?23:40
mrichaelCan anyone assist with a rather strange mdadm RAID5 issue? Sorry forgot the link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/518860/degraded-mdadm-raid5-array-array-uuids-mismatch-ubuntu-14-04-123:40
rolleiflexwRayden: yeah23:42
CalebWAll bash scripts will work will Korn also -Mussolini23:42
Mussolinithe commands are the same on korn shell (KSH)23:42
rolleiflexwRayden: I am using that library to raise notifications with text23:42
CalebWwork with*23:42
zzwer 23:42
MussoliniThanks CalebW23:42
wRaydenrolleiflex, "yeah" didn't really answered the question, xD23:42
zzwerpensacola, I was just in Pensacola, Fl23:42
rolleiflexI however don't know when I package the app, this will make the app icon (the app which raises notifications) light up23:42
wRaydenbut if that's the case you probably know a lot more about it than me, so I can't really help you. Sorry.23:43
rolleiflexI did not create python-notify, it's a package that already exists23:43
rolleiflexah alright23:43
rolleiflexthanks anyway23:43
wRaydenalso I don't have it at hand right now, otherwise I'd test it :/23:43
CalebWCan someone help me with my taskbar? It's still there, but it's unresponsive...23:43
TJ-mrichael: It looks like the array was created using a mix of whole devices and partitions23:43
zzwer!Windows XP23:43
rolleiflexit's already installed, comes with ubuntu23:43
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ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents23:44
zzwerDoes anyone know of any recent UUCP sites!23:45
mrichaelTJ-, the array is currently rebuilding and my data is still available, i saw the array was using the whole disks and so I added the third drive back with mdadm /dev/md0 --add /dev/sdc  What is strange is that mdadm --examine --scan shows TWO /dev/md0's with two differnt UUIDs23:45
zzwerDoes anyone know of any recent UUCP sites?23:45
TJ-mrichael: That info comes from the metadata on the devices23:46
mrichaelTJ-, to prevent from losing 1.6 TB of data, what do you recommend I do to get the array rebuild using the partition tables that are there?23:47
mrichaelTJ-, it looks like one UUID is coming from the two partitions of the 'working drives' and one UUID is coming from the 'whole' disk of the third added drive23:49
TJ-mrichael: Is the array supposed to use the partition, or the entire drive? the array that is in recovery is the whole devices, which is the same one as is in mdadm.conf23:49
mrichaelTJ-, these are supposed to have one partition on them /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdd1 and joined to the array /dev/md023:50
TJ-mrichael: "sudo mdadm --examine /dev/sd[bcd] | egrep 'UUID|dev'" shows all three whole devices with the same UUID as the one in mdadm.conf. It looks to me as if the whole device array is the correct one23:50
TJ-mrichael: Withouth knowing how the arrays got into that state, it's hard to recommend a solution. Whatever you do runs the risk of losing data. I'd be rebuilding the array from a valid back-up23:51
mrichaelTJ-, yeah this was configured a long time ago by another user and I am nervous to make any big changes23:55
mrichaelTJ-, I do see both UUIDs in the /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf file but one is commented out... not sure whats going on with that23:55
mrichaelTJ-, How hard would it be to remove one drive at a time and re-add a bigger drive and using partitions to create the array?23:56
TJ-mrichael: Are there other partitions on the drives?23:56
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akurilincan I checkinstall an application that has multiple make install steps? e.g. nagios requires: make all, make install, make install-commandmode, make install-init, make install-config etc?23:57
mrichaelTJ-, only one partition per drive, but it appears the drive sdc lost its partition23:57
mrichaelTJ-, will the re-syncing rebuild the partition on drive sdc?23:57
TJ-mrichael: So, unless they're used to boot from, there's no reason to need partition tables23:57
mrichaelTJ-, they are only used for storage networking and everywhere I have read people recommend using partitions to create your arrays23:58
TJ-mrichael: I've never really understand that for data-only drives. It might be needed for amateurs messing about with drives and accidentally over-writing metadata, but for solid storage arrays there is no benefit.23:59

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