collizionFlannel: i would love to see someone erase all their groups using useradd/usermod - thats just FUD00:00
funtaimo its FUD00:00
Flannelcollizion: You haven't been here long, eh?00:00
collizionFlannel: not gonna indulge you, dude.00:00
Flannelcollizion: usermod -G (when you forget or mistype the -a) will REPLACE a user's group instead of ADDING it.  Which means you, for instance, are no longer in the admin group.00:01
reisioit's possible, but not really a reason to use adduser, IMO00:01
reisiouseradd is standard across distros00:01
Flannelcollizion: It happens in here ALL the time.  So please, educate yourself before calling something FUD.00:01
funtaFlannel: if I want to replicate ubuntu server setup to say another 20 machines whats the best software to use?00:05
funtasay I installed a bunch of stuff and I want to replicate00:05
koellfunta: dpkg --get-selections00:06
funtawhat will that do?00:06
funtaI heard some use stuff called Chef?00:06
tafa2anyone having trouble with ufw on fresh ubuntu installs? Its failing to load, complaning about modprobe using an unaltered version of ubuntu server 14...?00:09
funtaand generally why its not recommended to use apt-get with root?00:09
funtasome apps can then access root privileges?00:09
koellfunta: idk why, but chef/puppet is interesting though i dont know what exactly it is used for xD00:10
test_thx reisio00:10
koelli guess it is for lazy ppl hahah00:10
funtaI enabled root via passd and now wish to lock it00:22
funtado i use sudo usermod -p '!' root ?00:22
blackangelprfunta, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:23
blackangelprscroll down00:23
funtasudo passwd -dl root ? :D00:25
funtaworks ty00:26
krasnayarskIs ubuntu a flexible os? Is it better than Mint?00:28
funtaits nice00:29
reisiokrasnayarsk: mint is based on ubuntu, they're almost exactly the same00:29
k1lkrasnayarsk: yes00:29
funtaeasy to learn00:29
k1l(since you ask that in a ubuntu channel :) )00:29
blackangelprkrasnayarsk, you can try the live cd and see if it works for you  ... while i hope it does if not you can try a official derivate00:29
krasnayarskSounds good. I'll try it. Thnx.00:29
blackangelprkrasnayarsk, peace :)00:30
samthewildoneQuestion my ubuntu friends... is it possible to output the cache from apt-get in text file with a command that works ? " cat sudo apt-cache search qmake  > /home/samthewildone/Desktop/output.txt" does not.00:30
samthewildoneI want to be able to forward the output to a file, does the command have to be in " " for it work or ... no ?00:31
funtablackangelpr: how does hosting providers console access works when user forgets his pass? 1 more root somewhere?00:31
funtaof say OS reinstall00:31
k1lsamthewildone: the cat is too much00:31
samthewildonek1l, guide me my Great Master00:32
somsipsamthewildone: apt-cache search qmake > myfile.txt works fine00:32
samthewildoneI'd figure it was something along the lines...00:32
samthewildonesomsip, as sudo -s right ?00:32
somsipsamthewildone: no need for apt-cache00:32
samthewildoneah yes00:32
k1lsamthewildone: "sudo apt-cache search qmake  > qmaketestfile"  that will make a qmaketestfile in your home.00:32
blackangelprfunta, i have no idea honestly at all XD00:32
funtaoki :D00:33
k1lsamthewildone: the standard path, when you open your terminal is your /home/user folder00:33
samthewildoneso when do I really use the "cat" command ?00:34
somsipsamthewildone: when you want to view the contents of a file. Usually text00:34
samthewildoneI guess ..."man cat" will explain00:34
samthewildoneah ok00:34
k1lsamthewildone: to get a file to be printed onto the screen00:34
samthewildonelike /var/log/*.log00:35
k1lwell, "man command" will always explain :)00:35
somsipsamthewildone: less might be better for larger files00:35
k1land if you dont know about man, do man man :)00:35
* samthewildone smilies and exploits the cat command00:35
samthewildonesomsip, example please ?00:35
samthewildonecat /var/log/*.log > ~/Desktop/ex.txt | less ?00:36
somsipsamthewildone: less filename.log00:36
k1lsamthewildone: less lets you scroll. cat just blasts everything into the terminal00:36
samthewildonenot sure I follow somsip00:36
k1lso if its a log with 23865287658265826525 lines, you might just see the last 1000 since that is what your terminal will buffer for you.00:37
samthewildonehow would I write that in term ?00:37
somsipsamthewildone: I don't how more simple it can be. less /path/to/file00:37
samthewildonedoes the "less" macro come before the file output ?00:37
k1lsamthewildone: ok, for putting stuff into another file you use cat. less is for "reading on the terminal"00:37
TTNjust try it yourself, read the manual00:37
TTNplay around00:38
samthewildoneTTN, I can't read00:38
samthewildoneTTN, I'm from krypton00:38
somsipsamthewildone: yeah, I remember why I ignored you before now.00:38
samthewildonesomsip, for real though, just use less from the beginning ?00:38
TTNlol what does that even mean.00:39
TTNI hope you're kidding00:39
samthewildonelet me try00:39
k1lsamthewildone: did you read what i wrote?00:39
squintysamthewildone:  when to use one over the other depends on circumstances... good way to find out what those various circumstances entail is to experiment00:40
samthewildonek1l, For real though, can you post an real example ? I'm getting an error ?00:41
k1lno. you post where you get an error and we can make that work00:42
samthewildonesamthewildone@Olympian:~/Desktop$ cat /var/log/syslog > less ~/Desktop/syslog00:42
samthewildonecat: /home/samthewildone/Desktop/syslog: No such file or directory00:42
rwwuse | instead of >00:42
k1land no need to use cat first and then less00:42
rwwand remove the ~/Desktop/syslog bit00:42
k1lor that. but i thought he wanted to print that into another file (which would be kind of silly because syslog is already a file)00:43
rwwsure, but then we started wandering into less territory for some reason00:44
* rww shrugs00:44
samthewildonesudo /var/log/syslog | less ?00:45
rwwsamthewildone: what are you actually trying to do00:46
ndambahi bro00:46
OsgoodSorry for the stupid question, but how do I format my drive on intalling ubuntu?00:46
samthewildoneI want to print syslog to my desktop00:46
k1lsamthewildone: no.00:46
rwwsamthewildone: what does "to my desktop" mean00:46
samthewildonePost syslog to a file on my desktop.00:46
samthewildonebut, not the whole syslog just a couple of lines00:46
sydneyOsgood: You want to do what? Format your flashdrive to fat32 again?00:46
k1lsamthewildone: first: you dont need to print it to desktop. syslog is in /var/log, if you need it use it from there00:47
rwwsamthewildone: the most recent or least recent? how many?00:47
Netham45sudo cat /var/log/syslog | tail > ~/Desktop/syslog00:47
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samthewildonerww, about 100 is good enough00:47
squintyOsgood: gparted before or during the installation process itself00:47
UmeaboyIs /var/run/dbus supposed to be in a Ubuntu rootfs tarball?00:47
Netham45tail has a parameter to specify the # of lines.00:47
samthewildoneNetham45, thanks !00:47
rwwsamthewildone: sudo tail -n 100 /var/log/syslog | tee -a ~/Desktop/syslog00:47
HeadlessTracerhello everyone, I'm having trouble getting unity web apps to work in 12.04, i've installed unity-webapps from ppa:webapps/preview (unity-webapps-preview gives package errors). however, theres basically no sign of integration options in chromium or firefox. am I missing something?00:47
OsgoodNot a flash drive my hard drive for my laptop so i can reintall windows. So I need to do NSFT.00:48
rwws/-a //00:48
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samthewildonethanks guys00:48
OsgoodAh gpart, thank you I'll try that.00:48
TTNosgood, do you have a liveusb? boot it up and use gparted to format it00:49
ndambawith what command I can use compiz cube?00:49
samthewildonedid somsip really mute me ? Gee I was trying to add a little humor00:49
squintyOsgood:  if you are installing Windows, then the installation itself will generate the ntfs.  no need to prepartition etc it00:49
samthewildonesrry if I pissed him off.00:50
TTNsamthewildone, you're wasting peoples time.. :P00:50
TTNand they're trying to help, genuinely.00:50
samthewildoneTTN, come on man... I didn't know how to correctly use cat00:51
rwwperhaps consult its manpage, then00:51
OsgoodWhat happened is I have a dell laptop..I know I know, though it was a gift. I put Ubunut on it since I like it more though I need to put windows on it for something. Dell onlny sends recovery USB's now not a CD. So I think the issue is that it that I don't have my drive set to one windows knows.00:51
dan64I noticed that wine was mysteriously removed from my computer. I just used it a few days ago, but it wasn't there today. I see in the /var/log/apt/history.log log that it was in fact removed a few days ago. As far as I can tell, it got removed when I updated the video card drivers (based on the packages that were installed). I did update the video drivers using the driver utility in Ubuntu (software-properties-gtk --open-tab=4). Any idea wine would be removed00:52
dan64 when installing drivers? From the logs, aptdaemon was the program responsible for intalling the drivers and removing wine.00:52
TTNlol ok. I thought you said you were kidding all along and knew how to already .sorry00:52
blackangelprOsgood, if it came with windows 8 the key its embeeded on the board just need to find a good iso for 8 and wala but also you can virtualize windows00:52
daftykinsthis is not a windows support channel.00:53
OsgoodI Hmm, I could do that.00:53
blackangelprOsgood, good luck00:54
OsgoodOr, do you know a headset and mic that Ubuntu lies?00:54
blackangelprOsgood, most works you just need to go to sound settings and change the default sometimes00:54
lapionHello, I am having a problem with linux-acpi sensors, my temp5 sensor is actually supposed to be FAN RPM sensor00:54
OsgoodMy issue is I can get Skype to work, though I can't get the microphone to work.00:54
dan64Regarding my last comment, removing wine may have had nothing to do with installing the drivers. I suppose I may have installed wine as a consequence of installing some other package, and if that was removed at some point, I suppose apt may have just been doing an autoremove. Anyhow, it's now installed again and working. If anyone has any insight as to why this may have happened, please let me know.00:54
lapionand my fan speed settings shows up as 4 separate fans00:56
squintysamthewildone:  lots of stuff like this http://linuxfrombeginning.wordpress.com/2008/09/19/linux/   by googling  :)00:56
OsgoodIt's odd I'm in the soud settingings, I can see the microphone register, though when I am on Skyoe no one can hear me and I can't heat them.00:58
T1960CTHello, booting lubuntu always takes a while on my computer cause it seems to do the Grub timeout even though there is no Grub to show cause it's the only OS on the laptop, I've tried tinkering with the Grub file and it doesnt really change much. I hit the enter key in what I suspect is the Grub and it gave me a weird blinking line at the top left o00:59
T1960CTf my screen then Lubuntu booted with a baby blue background. Any ideas on how to remove the approximately 10 second wait time before it actually boots?00:59
blackangelprOsgood, try skype settings to see if it sees the head set as default01:00
DoverMoT1960CT: do you have vt-d intel enabled?01:00
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squintyT1960CT:  fwiw if you change the grub config you also have to run update-grub to initiate those changes.01:00
OsgoodI'll boot it up now.01:01
T1960CTDoverMo: How can I check that?01:01
OsgoodMan I  hope it's a silly fix like that.01:01
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T1960CTsquinty: Yeah I know that, I do after every change01:01
apb1963I can't get sound on 14.04 ... any ideas?01:01
blackangelprOsgood, skype got bought by you know who XD01:01
DoverMoT1960CT: it's a bios option01:01
apb1963some details about my audio setup:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8451812/01:01
OsgoodYep, hence crawiling back to windows...damn01:02
squintyT1960CT:  it helps if you include such basic information in your initial enquiry then,.  :)01:02
T1960CTI cant even find VT-d in my BIOS so I guess not01:04
DoverMoT1960CT: it would be a virtualization settings, and only for intel chipsets01:04
blackangelprOsgood, http://askubuntu.com/questions/505810/ubuntu-14-04-1-lts-problem-with-skype   scroll to the last question01:04
OsgoodAwesome thank you01:05
T1960CTI only see "Intel Virtualization Technology [enabled] " in terms of Virtuals01:05
daftykinsT1960CT: it's a CPU feature, sure it supports it?01:06
T1960CTDoes not support it. "Intel Celeron Dual-Core N2830" is the CPU I have.01:08
DoverMoT1960CT: that first feature is safe01:09
pacoShi I installed openVPN and run it with a few VPN's servers but my wireless stop working I untinstall openVPN but still I have not been able to connect via wireless does anyone know what settings I should look at?01:10
DoverMoT1960CT: that virtualization options is completely safe, so that won't be the lag problem.01:12
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T1960CTOk, the only other thing I can think of is the fact that it has 2 options for "OS Selection" and they are Windows 7 or 8, I have it set to 701:13
hmwlucas_: hello. How can we help you?01:16
lucas_i am not sure i just wanted to say hi lol01:17
lucas_I just installed Ubuntu so i could play a game on steam 14.04 has some cool features01:17
SchrodingersScatlucas_: can try #ubuntu-offtopic01:17
DoverMolucas_ much cool!01:17
pacoShi I installed openVPN and run it with a few VPN's servers but my wireless stop working I untinstall openVPN but still I have not been able to connect via wireless does anyone know what settings I should look at?01:20
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hmwI installed the MATE Desktop and i see the window icon again (Top left, clicking on it shows the menu one gets by pressing ALT+SPACE). Once I issue "compiz --replace" that icon disappears. I tried to search the web for a solution without luck so far. Do you perhaps know, how I can get Compiz AND my lovely window icon?01:23
DoverMohmw: i don't know. mate might need to be configured for it, as fedora has a spin that specifically is configured with mate and compiz01:25
DoverMohmw: which means it can work. just not sure01:25
hmwAlso, I tried to "unload" Compiz with "metacity --replace" but it isn't installed. What do I have to load in order to stop Compiz?01:25
DoverMohmw: why metacity01:26
hmwDoverMo: that's what I had to do in Ubuntu 12 in order to get rid of Compiz.01:27
hmwWhen I kill it, I am left without any window decorations, of course01:27
Ben64i don't think mate and compiz work well together01:27
hmwBen64: They sort of do in my case. No big issues in 3 days at least.01:28
Ben64aren't you here because of an issue with it01:28
hmwWell... I want that "evil" icon, everyone seems to be trying to get rid of.01:28
hmwIt wasn't easy to get it back in Mate without Compiz.01:29
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DoverMothose evil arrow things01:30
hmwI usually tweak .themes/c2/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml for that icon, as also for the order of Minimize, Maximize icons. But for some reason Ubuntu 14's Compiz appears to have no Metacity built in anymore or something.01:30
pedrommonehello, can someone help me with bumblebee? Im getting a no screens found when trying to optirun anything01:30
hmwAnyhow, thanks for your time. You could just have known it per chance. I'll figure it out eventually :)01:31
Ben64hmw: no... mate and compiz don't work together01:33
DoverMoright. well fedora had to do some tweaking to get it to work01:33
hmwBen64: What do you mean by that? I use MATE and Compiz. I see all the effects, the cube and so on.01:33
Ben64and compiz never has metacity built in01:33
hmwBen64: I used to "undo" compiz --replace by issuing metacity --replace. I would like to know, how to stop Compiz nowadays. I tried "gtk-window-decorator" but it doesn't unload Compiz.01:35
Ben64lots of people saying mate 1.6 doesn't work well with compiz01:35
hmwBen64: I see.01:35
pedrommonenone know about bumblebee? :/01:35
Ben64pedrommone: i don't think bumblebee is really used anymore, since nvidia-prime01:36
pedrommonewell, never known about nvidia-prime01:36
pedrommoneit replaces bumblebee?01:36
daftykinsi don't think prime is... that ready for prime time. performance in different tasks varies, so use what works best01:36
Ben64see if that works for you01:36
pedrommonewell, im trying to use my HDMI on my xps 502lx01:37
hmwBen64: I think gtk-window-decorator --replace actually should remove Compiz. Looks like I just found one instance of "not working good".01:37
shurtagulHow do I update 2.8.10 to the newest version in ubuntu?01:37
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.01:38
Ben64shurtagul: 2.8.10 is the latest in the repositories01:38
DoverMoshurtagul: +1 Ben6401:38
shurtagulI know, I want to install 2.8.1401:38
Ben64then go for it, but you're on your own with that01:39
DoverMoshurtagul: so far, only debian unstable has an actual package of that. You will have to either use a PPA, cuz there should be like a 2.9/2.10 ppa, or just compile it yourself01:40
shurtagulI think I found it. They must not have an installer yet, just a tarball.01:40
pacoShi I installed openVPN and run it with a few VPN's servers but my wireless stop working I untinstall openVPN but still I have not been able to connect via wireless does anyone know what settings I should look at?01:50
and-My brightness control is not working in ubuntu... can anyone plz tell how to fix it?01:52
pacoShow can I set my system ready to receive ssh connections?02:00
HoNgOuRuHi, I installed 14.04 and lost the grub menu, after uncomenting the timeout line I can see it when the pc restarts... but I've lost the Windows entries, I Fixed them with the win rescue disk, by rewritting the MBR, after that I reinstalled grub from a live cd doing a chroot, but win entries are gone again.... how do I make grub detect the win entries?02:02
somsip!info openssl-server | pacoS (install and config this)02:02
ubottupacoS (install and config this): Package openssl-server does not exist in trusty02:02
somsip!info openssh-server | pacoS (install and config this)02:02
ubottupacoS (install and config this): openssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 316 kB, installed size 991 kB02:02
reisioHoNgOuRu: pastebin your sudo lsblk -f, and the output of grub-mkconfig (or grub2-mkconfig)02:03
HoNgOuRureisio, ok, in 1 minute...02:03
HoNgOuRureisio, thank you... here it is... http://pastebin.com/8mGtxvWd02:06
HoNgOuRureisio btw, the -f option didn't do anything02:07
reisioHoNgOuRu: with sudo?02:07
HoNgOuRuyeap... both with sudo02:08
reisiothat is odd02:08
dualbootubuntuI have ubuntu 12.10 running, I want to install 14.04 on a second hard drive, usb boot and cdrom boot are not options. Is it possible to install 14.04 onto that second hard drive from within 12.10 and make that drive bootable so that I can just change the cabling/bios etc and have that drive boot up into 14.04?02:08
reisioHoNgOuRu: how about sudo blkid02:08
reisioHoNgOuRu: oh you have lsblk, nevermind02:09
HoNgOuRureisio, did you go to the pastebind ?02:09
reisioHoNgOuRu: so do you know which partition is windows?02:10
HoNgOuRuI have the disk partitioned in 4 primaries02:10
reisioHoNgOuRu: uhuh...02:12
HoNgOuRureisio, I used to have it like this... 3 of windows... 1 for blowing it up with all kinds of sh** the other for games, and the third for programming, with vs... then I have another partition for ubuntu, that I use most of the time02:12
Bashing-omreisio: :: HoNgOuRu // It is odd that 30_os-prober does not see the Windows install .. is 30_os-prober disabled in /etc/grub/d ???02:13
HoNgOuRuI need grub to find the windows entry point... and place it on the menu, or Ill do it by hand, I don't care02:13
Bashing-om/etc/grub.d **02:13
HoNgOuRuBashing-om,  30_os-prober is showing under /etc/grub.d/02:15
HoNgOuRuBashing-om, how do I check if its desabled?02:15
Bashing-omHoNgOuRu: the execute permissions enabled ?02:15
HoNgOuRuBashing-om, rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 11692 may 15 16:02 /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober02:16
reisioBashing-om: like :: who // knows02:17
Bashing-omHoNgOuRu: Yepper, disabled ..02:17
reisioHoNgOuRu: need to know which partition windows is on to tell grub to boot it02:17
HoNgOuRuit says rwxr-xr-x02:18
HoNgOuRureisio, ok, give me a sec02:19
HoNgOuRureisio, sda2 sda3 sda402:19
reisioHoNgOuRu: which is "C:"?02:20
HoNgOuRureisio, good question02:21
HoNgOuRureisio, lol... don't that...02:21
Bashing-omHoNgOuRu: Sorry, you are correct, the permissions are correct.. (tunnel vision on my part ?).02:22
HoNgOuRuBashing-om, lol02:22
reisioHoNgOuRu: don't do what?02:23
pacoShow can I enable my system for accepting ssh connections?02:23
HoNgOuRureisio, sorry I meant don't know that...02:24
Artemis3pacoS, install ssh :302:24
SchrodingersScat!info openssh-server | pacoS02:24
ubottupacoS: openssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell (SSH) server, for secure access from remote machines. In component main, is optional. Version 1:6.6p1-2ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 316 kB, installed size 991 kB02:24
HoNgOuRupacoS, install ssh as simple as that02:24
HoNgOuRupacoS,  and from a client type "ssh IP"02:25
pacoSSchrodingersScat, I installed openssh-server would it require any further configuration for simple basic ssh connctions?02:25
TiCPU ubottu, the correct nomenclature should be !command argument > destination, not pipe!02:25
ubottuTiCPU: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:25
SchrodingersScatpacoS: should be able to use a command like: ssh username@remoteip  using a username that's on the machine02:26
b3nwtrying to upgrade a server from 13.04 -> 14.04 or even 13.10 then 14.04 lts, but keeps saying no release found, suggestions? http://pastebin.com/C2bdE0xA02:26
bubbasauresb3nw, You have to modify the sources.list there is a eol upgrade.02:27
bubbasaures!eol | b3nw02:27
ubottub3nw: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:27
reisioHoNgOuRu: well what is C:'s capacity?02:29
SchrodingersScatpacoS: configuration is up to you, some people install fail2ban to block failed attempts of login, others use keys only, etc. but you should be able to login with the default.02:29
bubbasauresb3nw, That is upgrading one release at a time, can have it's issues, be backed up.02:29
b3nwshould I go 13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.04, or 13.04 -> 14.04 ?02:30
pacoSclients what range of ports use on ssh connections?02:30
HoNgOuRureisio, I'm not sure... mmm maybe if I mount them and check at the shortcuts in the desktops.... what do you think ?02:30
bubbasauresb3nw, I would fresh install 14.04 myself, it has 5 years support.02:30
HoNgOuRureisio, that  should work02:31
HoNgOuRureisio, I am brilliant02:31
b3nwbubbasaures: and if *had* to upgrade, is either path better per say?02:31
bubbasauresb3nw, eol upgrades don't jump releases, you have to go one by one or fresh install.02:31
pacoSwhat port range uses the clients for ssh connections?? does any one knows?02:32
b3nwthanks, I'll prob see if I can salvage via upgrade, else will spin a new vm.02:32
reisioHoNgOuRu: heheh02:33
somsippacoS: 2202:33
pacoSthat us server somsip no the client02:34
HoNgOuRureisio, YEAH! I am a hacker... "/dev/sda2"02:36
HoNgOuRureisio, should I make an entry by hand and then run update-grub ?02:40
Netham45I'm running '3.13.0-32-generic'. If I do an 'apt-get source linux-image-3.13.0-32-generic' it instead decides to download a different kernel.02:41
Netham45"Picking 'linux' as source package instead of 'linux-image-3.13.0-32-generic'02:41
Netham45I don't want the default 'linux' package, I want the one I explicitly selected. How do I get it to download that?02:42
puffieso, I added three very vanilla lines to /etc/network/interfaces to set up wlan0. I removed that afterward once I had the network working otherwise. However, now whenever I boot I get this error: http://askubuntu.com/questions/262301/is-dnsmasq-not-loading-because-of-a-network-manager-conflict   The perplexing part, though, is that I only have dnsmasq-base installed (checked with dpkg)02:42
pacoSSchrodingersScat, how can I set up the password of the server?02:42
puffieso, /etc/network/interfaces is back to the default, but each time I reboot I get that error and the corresponding problem alert box. if nothing else, it's annoying.02:42
SchrodingersScatpacoS: your username and credentials that you use on the machine should work on the server02:43
pacoSSchrodingersScat, oh ok got it02:43
SchrodingersScatpasswd if you want to change the password02:43
=== TyrfingMjolnir_ is now known as TyrfingMjolnir
bahaxcommand line on tty1 to 6 is not working, it used to give me nothing but now it's giving me errors, help please02:44
SchrodingersScatpacoS: welcome, enjoy02:44
bahaxI used to get only plinking underscore on command line tty but now I get error massages!02:45
reisioHoNgOuRu: you can make an entry by hand, yup02:45
bahaxI tried lots of things last one was echo ^v^o > /dev/tty1 but didn't work02:45
HoNgOuRureisio, im looking at a howto right now.... by editing the 40_custom script02:46
=== Headless_Tracer is now known as HeadlessTracer
reisioHoNgOuRu: that's the ticket02:47
HoNgOuRureisio, yeah... just don't know why os-probe cant find them02:48
* reisio shrugs02:48
reisioI've never used os-prober02:48
reisiowhy guess when you know where it is02:48
reisioalso, apparently it doesn't work :p02:48
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OptimizedCoderAll of a sudden, my ethernet wired connection interface doesn't show up at all02:50
KazaiiObscure question for you gents and ladies: Do you guys know if Ubuntu Touch will still contain the Full OS upon dock? I know they cancelled Ubuntu for Android, but now the RTM is released and I can't seem to find this detail02:50
somsip!touch | Kazaii02:50
ubottuKazaii: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:50
KazaiiThanks, somsip02:51
KazaiiI can't seem to find the answer. Oh well02:53
HoNgOuRureisio, ok I created an entry... rebooting...02:55
HoNgOuRureisio, I'll tell you how it went02:56
puffieso, I added three very vanilla lines to /etc/network/interfaces to set up wlan0. I removed that afterward once I had the network working otherwise. However, now whenever I boot I get this error: http://askubuntu.com/questions/262301/is-dnsmasq-not-loading-because-of-a-network-manager-conflict   The perplexing part, though, is that I only have dnsmasq-base installed (checked with dpkg)02:56
puffieso, /etc/network/interfaces is back to the default, but each time I reboot I get that error and the corresponding problem alert box. if nothing else, it's annoying.02:56
puffiedoes anyone know how to fix this?02:56
amicrawleri can get my wd my book to mount to desktop02:58
amicrawler3TB was working yesterday02:59
amicrawlerwill not auto mount02:59
amicrawlerany ideas02:59
amicrawlercan any body help  me plez03:01
KamikazeAWhat's the problem?03:03
amicrawlermybook 3tb will not mount to desktop03:03
amicrawlercan see it in the shell03:03
amicrawlermy other drives show up03:04
amicrawleron desktop03:04
KamikazeAIs it showing an error message?03:04
archerbassamCan you see it in file manager03:04
amicrawlerno not more more03:05
amicrawleri reformat as fat3203:05
archerbassamtry umount and mount.again03:06
nishantjr_The dropbox package install seems to hangup after downloading. I was forced to `pkill dpkg`. How should I remove the partially installed packge?03:15
archerbassamman apt03:19
archerbassamapt-get autoremove03:20
rwpnishantjr_, apt-get purge packagename03:20
rwpnishantjr_, If that doesn't work then say what error is given.03:20
rwpnishantjr_, Dropbox being a non-distro package may have bugs and may need special editing help of the package postrm file to work.03:21
nishantjr_E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.03:21
nishantjr_Fair enough,.... but I can't install anything else03:21
yurezkieни понят03:21
somsip!ru | ysboychakov03:21
ubottuysboychakov: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:21
archerbassamI am wondering if autoremove can get this done03:22
rwpnishantjr_, What does it say if you run "dpkg --configure -a'?03:22
nishantjr_It's broken apt for me... any command I run tell me to configure, and when I configure, the dropbox post install hangs03:23
rwpThat triggers dpkg to run the package configuration scripts again.03:23
rwpThen I would try removing it.  apt-get purge packagename03:23
nishantjr_Purge gives the same error message03:23
nishantjr_From reading the dpkg man page, I figured that dselect might help, but I don't have it installed'03:24
rwpdpkg is the lowest level.  dselect and apt-get are layers above dpkg.03:24
nishantjr_Package: nautilus-dropbox03:24
nishantjr_Status: install ok half-configured03:25
rwpBasically dpkg should be okay within itself.  But it runs the package scripts. If those error then that causes overall error as you see.03:25
rwpIf you can't go forward and you can't go back then it will be because the package scripts produce errors.03:25
rwpIn that case you need to manually force the package scripts not to cause errors.  Then purge.03:25
rwpTo manually force package scripts not to error manually edit the scripts and add an "exit 0" line at the top so that they simply exit doing nothing.03:26
nishantjr_OK... Could I manually edit the upgrade script somehow? Or are hashes checked?03:26
=== sg is now known as Guest17058
rwpThe scripts are stored at /var/lib/dpkg/info/packagename.postinst and other packagename.* names.03:26
rwpYou can manually edit those scripts as a workaround. They are not special. There is no check sum.03:27
nishantjr_Great, that worked rwp03:27
nishantjr_Thanks a lot03:27
rwpTo avoid problems during a rmeove or purge you will need to hack the packagename.postrm and/or packagename.prerm to exit without error.03:27
rwpGood deal!03:27
dalekusaI am having problems installing from a live DVD, and it may be my drive's fault.03:29
nishantjr_Something seems wrong though:03:29
nishantjr_Status: install ok installed03:29
nishantjr_$ sudo apt-get purge dropbox-nautilus03:29
nishantjr_E: Unable to locate package dropbox-nautilus03:29
dalekusaI can boot into the first menu easiily, but it then goes to a black screen.03:30
rwpTry this: dpkg -l | grep dropbox03:30
rwpWhat is returned?03:30
rwpSounds like it was removed/purged okay.03:30
nishantjr_ii  nautilus-dropbox                            0.7.1-203:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:30
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:31
rwpdalekusa, I have no idea. But sounds like the graphics installer is not happy. You might try the alternate install interface. It is text based.03:31
rwpdalekusa, This may sound strange but I am just an Ubuntu visitor. I don't know. I would need to do a web search for Ubuntu alternative installer03:32
=== quem_ is now known as quem
dalekusalet me see...03:33
nishantjr_rwp: Hmmm weird, remove worked where purge did not03:33
nishantjr_Thanks for the help03:34
rwpnishantjr_, Does the "dpkg -l" status show as "rc" or "pu"?  rc is removed but config files remain behind. p is purged, no files left.03:34
nishantjr_mmm... "rc".03:35
rwpThen it is removed but /etc config files remain for it.03:35
nishantjr_OK.. I've got etckeeper anyway... so not a problem03:36
rwpSince you were already in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ ...  If you look in /var/lib/dpkg/info/dropbox-nautilus.list it will show the files remaining behind.03:36
dalekusaI have Linux Mint, could I install it from there, or will I require a disk?03:36
rwpDoing a "dpkg --purge dropbox-nautilus" will completely remove all files.03:36
rwpThat should get dpkg happy.  Which should get apt-get happy.03:37
rwpAt that point you can decide if you want to try again with the same package. Debug the package. Try a different package. Or other decision.03:37
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang03:37
* rww looks up03:38
rwwdalekusa: please state the nature of the IRC emergency03:38
dalekusaI need help installing03:38
=== Sachiru_ is now known as Sachiru
ph0xim trying to install rutorrent03:38
ph0xbut i keep getting03:38
dalekusaI can't get the installer to boot03:38
ph0xBad response from server: (200 [parsererror,getuisettings]) <?php  require_once( 'util.php' );  $s = @file_get_contents(getSettingsPath()."/uisettings.json"); if($s==false) $s = '{}'; if(!ini_get("zlib.output_compression")) header("Content-Length: ".strlen($s)); header("Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8"); echo $s; ?>03:38
rwwdalekusa: That's not what the ops factoid is for. I don't recommend doing it again.03:38
NigelThornsberryExcellent work dalekusa03:39
dalekusasorry folks03:39
nahtnamHello! I downloaded this bash script: https://github.com/jomo/imgur-screenshot and I want to bind it to ctrl+shift+1. I am in the keyboard shortcut settings but im not sure what to put in the command section03:39
nishantjr_rwp: dpkg purge says not installed, the list file was empty... by packages seem to be installing again... I'll use etckeeper to clean up anything left over in /etc manually03:40
nahtnamNVM I got it! :)03:40
rwpnishantjr_, Sounds good.03:40
=== MiTH is now known as Guest88494
rwpnahtnam, Probably put the script in your $HOME/bin directory. Then put that path in the command section. Just a guess.03:43
nahtnamrwp Yeah. I had put ~/...... I replaced it with the full path: /home/nahtnam/.....03:43
nahtnamand it worked03:43
rwpnahtnam, Make sure to chmod the script to be executable. chmod a+x ~/bin/imgur-screenshot03:43
rwpnahtnam, Sounds good.03:43
rwpph0x, Not sure of your problem. Your PHP server is serviing the raw file and not processing it?  Is that the problem?03:46
rwpph0x, Which web server are you using?03:46
ph0xim so flusterted and ihave no idea what that even means03:47
ph0xii know nothing about php03:47
ph0xi used this guide03:47
rwpYour file says <?php ... ?> so it is a php file.03:48
ph0xim so lost here, im follow that03:48
ph0xi just mean in general, if you could really help me id appreciated it03:48
rwpI looked at the reference you posted. It is using libapache2-mod-scgi which have never heard of. Not sure why it is using that.03:49
rwpI have always used, (and I think it is the most popular) libapache2-mod-php503:49
ph0xis there a simple way to just start over03:49
ph0xand remove all of that03:50
rwpYes. Do not despair.03:50
rwpThe guide also shows manual symlinks. That is fine. But there is a helper "a2enmod" and "a2dismod" for helping make those.03:50
ph0xif youd be willing to set aside time to help me, id be willing to compensate you03:51
ph0xi know this isnt really an interesting problem03:51
rwpph0x, Unfortunately I need to close the laptop and drop out.03:51
rwpph0x, Someone will be able to help.03:51
ph0xwell the offer applies to anyone03:52
rwpBut do not despair. It will work out.03:52
prometheanfireI'm making an image for ubuntu (both LTS releases), for openstack.  I need to have it so that it tries to run dhcp on all interfaces03:52
ph0xim about to reformat the whole thing and start over03:52
rwpI would remove /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/scgi.load03:52
ph0xbecause iv gotten it to work before03:52
rwpI would apt-get install libapache2-mod-php503:52
ph0xthat guide just sucked03:53
rwpThen try that and see if the php errors go away.03:53
* rwp needs to drop offline03:53
prometheanfirewhen I create the entries in /etc/network/interfaces.d for the other interfaces (I'm adding one for eth1 and eth2) ubuntu stops booting right with cloud init (no hostname update and no password/key set03:53
techhornDoes anyone know if there are issues in installing activeMq 5.10.0 on the Ubuntu box 12.04? ActiveMQ expects 5672 to be open and it's complaining that address is alerady in use, but when I check with netstart or lsof, I don't see that address being used. can anyone help here?03:54
ph0xrwp: it did03:55
ph0xthanks so much03:55
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HoNgOuRureisio, it worked ... I created 3 menu entries, cause one of those partitions have the bcd the others don't... then I removed those that drived me to a dead end "ntld missing ... or something like that..."03:59
reisioHoNgOuRu: gj03:59
navetzhow do I install a new theme for ubuntu?04:01
HoNgOuRureisio, yeah... I know a little more now about how  the new grub works...04:01
HoNgOuRureisio, thank you bro...04:02
reisionp homie04:02
HoNgOuRureisio, you pointed me in the right direction04:02
HoNgOuRureisio, see ya...until the next problem...04:02
HoNgOuRureisio... jaja hasta la vista...04:03
solarradiationwhen I encrypt my entire HD during installation, what underlying software is it using? if I were to remove my encrypted disk and mount it on another computer, how would I decrypt it? need the google keywords04:11
ph0xi belive04:12
rwwsolarradiation: LVM containing LUKS containing (normally) ext404:12
ph0xresearch that before you jump on it04:12
rwwhrm, or might be LUKS containing LVM, come to think of it. not sure.04:13
rwwyeah, it's LUKS containing LVM04:13
solarradiationok. thank you.04:16
andrewjs18hi all, anyone else having trouble updating the packages with apt-get update?04:17
navetzguys how do I upgrade to gtk3 ?04:18
navetzi have it installed but everything is still using gtk204:18
xanguaandrewjs18: if you have trouble better say was exactly is instead of asking anyone04:28
andrewjs18I'll do a pastebin04:28
xanguanavetz: not all programs are on gtk304:29
schrilaxi need some help with installing correct set of drivers for my ubuntu 14.0404:29
andrewjs18xangua, when I run apt-get update, this is what it's returning: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8452715/04:29
schrilaxi am having issues with my network connectivity.04:29
schrilaxcan someone please help ?04:30
xanguaandrewjs18: quantal is no longer supported, upgrade to a supported release...clean install would be faster04:30
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on May 16th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/quantal04:31
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andrewjs18ty xangua04:34
=== bigfatcat is now known as fatboy
rwpph0x, Good deal. Glad that worked for you.04:50
=== jje is now known as Guest61898
=== jimerickso is now known as jje
nevermoreravenreal nigga04:57
diegoaguilarHello, Im trying to customize a Ubuntu live cd using uck 2.605:05
diegoaguilarall goes through, but when I try to boot the new image from a USB05:05
fedora_newbI have a video card of 770m with the driver 340.32 driver being used. Every once in awhile I get these 'artifacts' / glitches where certain parts of text and/or parts of the screen start blinking/disappearing. Only stops when I move the window around or resize. This is on a laptop with an external monitor connected by hdmi. Happens on both screens. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening?05:05
diegoaguilarI cant, all I obtain is a (initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system message05:06
diegoaguilar 05:06
diegoaguilarI wonder whether " update-initramfs -u " fix this05:07
diegoaguilarbefore building it05:07
kanupatarMay I know, I can see the section wise size details of a *.ko file?05:21
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infinmedtap tap05:39
onboradLogin timed out after 60 seconds05:59
onboradlocalhost login:06:00
onboradLogin timed out after 60 seconds06:00
ThumpxrI have various issues with my ubuntu 14.04 and are about to post it to ubuntuforums. Is there a area where i can post multiple questions, even if they are about different issues like audio, gpu driver, network access?06:13
xanguaif you know you shouldn't post multiple question you already know the answer06:14
Thumpxrok ;)06:15
romanceand beware of similar questions, maybe your problems are already solved somewhere in the forum06:16
Thumpxrromance: thanks06:19
Trebek_tacheI got a question about my ethernet (Realtek 8105T). It just doesn't respond or show up under lshw etc.. Everything else on my MB works. How could this happen?06:33
diegoaguilar /join #ruby06:35
ph0xI just installed rutorrent and I get "Error: torrent wasn't passed to rTorrent." what ever the most obvious problem here is probably it06:36
auscompgeekliterally what the error says.06:37
ph0xI have no idea how to work rutorrent, iv been trying to learn06:37
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narbehQ: I want to chmod 777 a folder which is a download folder, no scripts in it, it just contains files for download. Is it safe to do that? Rapidleech needs it to be 77706:39
ph0x[Sun Sep 28 23:30:12 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/rutorrent/plugins/show_peers_like_wtorrent/show_peers_like_wtorrent.css, referer:
mharrisnarbeh: It's never really save to set perms to 777 on anything.  Nothing needs it (with the exception of things like /tmp et al).  Documentation that suggests using 777 is generally written and endorsed by people who do not understand filesystem permissions and just set them wide open rather than learning. :)06:40
ph0xis what error.log says06:40
mharrisnarbeh: If a program needs to read files in a directory, then it needs to have read permission of some sort.  That means it either has to be the owner of the file(s)/dir(s) and have read permission on owner, or it needs to be the member of the group that owns the file and has group read.  If given files are not sensitive to sharing read-only across all users/processes, then world read can be set on them also.  The same thing is true with write,06:42
mharrisbut the consequences of world write can be dangerous and should generally be avoided.06:42
mharrisIf you need finer grained permissions for a given app/user/group of users you can also use POSIX ACLs with the setfacl command.  Hope this helps.06:43
narbehmharris: Thank you so much. I won't do that06:44
ph0x[Sun Sep 28 23:30:12 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/rutorrent/plugins/show_peers_like_wtorrent/show_peers_like_wtorrent.css, referer:
ph0xdoes anyone know how to fi this?06:50
logical_hey guys, i am  a littlebit newer on linux, is there a way to stream music from my ubuntu to my phone, for example we are on the same wifi and i want to walk around house and do stuff and listen to music but music that is on my pc not on my andorid phone06:50
ph0xlogical_: there is like, 1000 ways to do that06:51
ph0xthe simplist would be into install an http server on the ubuntu pc06:51
ph0xthen just connect to it on the phone06:51
Thumpxri cant use digital and analog audio output at the same time >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224618606:51
mharrislogical_: Most modern media player apps have options for streaming audio over a local network.  vlc, xbmc and most other popular apps, just choose one of your preferred ones and check out the documentation or website for info on how to set it up for streaming.  It's pretty easy usually.06:52
ph0xIIRC vlc says to do what i said to do06:53
logical_mharris thank you, you too ph0x06:53
ph0xthen use VLC to play it06:53
mharrisYou can generally control them over the network with a web UI or other methods too06:53
ph0xvlc has an open network option06:53
charlesaythe man pages on my ubuntu/gnome box 'went missing' - is it safe to remove and reinstall man-db?06:53
ph0xvlc also has an http interface06:54
ph0xto do what mharris is saying06:54
charlesayi would read the man page for it, but.,,06:54
ph0xyou can play it on the ubuntu pc and control it from your phone06:54
ph0xcharlesay: i know right06:54
Szukilogical_: plex06:56
Szukiis fine06:56
logical_pelx is a program?06:56
Szukior Serviio06:56
charlesaywhen i call on the man page for any program oit says no man entry for foo06:57
justgregHey all, when I try to update, I'm getting this error message: "The upgrade needs a total of 60.7 M free space on disk '/boot'. Please free at least an additional 40.3 M of disk space on '/boot'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'"07:10
justgregI've already run sudo apt-get clean and emptied the trash, as well as rebooting.07:11
charlesayubuntu keeps old kernels around07:11
charlesayso, you have to remove them manually07:11
hateballjustgreg: do an apt-get autoremove also, if you havent already07:12
charlesayif you go to synaptic (or similar package managers and search for 'linux', you will see the packages associated with old kernels which aren't used anymore07:13
charlesayyou can remove them and just keep the two latest07:13
ph0xok i figured it o ut07:15
justgreghateball, already did the autoremove, going to look @ synaptic now.07:15
ph0xthat had nothing to do with anything and i fixed it anyway07:15
ph0xrutorrent is not passing magnet URIs07:15
ph0xif i download a torrent file it works07:15
ph0xbut the magnet says torrent not passed07:15
ph0xdoes anyone know anything about this?07:16
ph0xit works fine when i manually add it with rtorrent07:16
BQi see both upstart process and systemd process are running on my ubuntu07:17
justgregcharlesay, what should I be removing, exactly?07:18
ph0xsystemd in my ubuntu?07:18
justgreg'linux' is giving me 2217 packages, 4019 installed.07:19
BQpstree shows me systemd-logind and systemd-udevd07:19
charlesayi don't have my ubuntu machine in front of me atm, but for each kernel-version there will be a main package, a header package and two more. you can regognise them at the series-nr07:20
charlesaysomething like 3.14-3707:20
charlesayyou can remove the packages with lower version numbers (only the highest is used by the system)07:20
charlesaythey all start with linux, so you can scroll there, that should narrow it down07:22
justgregcharlesay, so just get rid of all the kernel headers that are lower than 3.13.0-36?07:25
charlesayyou can keep 35 as well as a fallback option07:26
justgregI was just thinking that.07:26
justgreghere goes nothing ...07:27
charlesay what do you mean (you have to click on apply in synatpic to actually perform the action)07:28
OERIASanyway possible to upgrade ubuntu 6.06 to 10.04?07:29
ApplesInArrays1How would I go about finding a TrueTypeFont on my Ubuntu system?07:30
justgregI did all the above, and I'm getting the same error message, right down to amount of space needed.07:30
xangua!eol OERIAS  fresh install would be faster, also notifce only server packages are supported for 10.0407:30
ubottuxangua: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:30
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:30
OERIASxangua, i can't do a clean install07:31
charlesaybe sure to remove the main kernel packages as well as the headers07:31
justgregcharlesay, I'm doing that right now.07:33
OERIASokay then i'll do 14.0407:34
=== tobias is now known as Guest7263
Bolt_ThrowerHi all07:35
justgregcharlesay, that did it. ty, have a great night/day/whatever.07:37
Boscop_how can i get a printer's DPI with lp or lpstat?07:38
charlesayyou're welcome!07:38
Bolt_ThrowerAnyone try Void loonix yet?07:40
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=== Senj_ is now known as Senji
charlesayany suggestions how my man page entries could have been deleted?07:47
yellowfishso how do I give access to www-data?07:47
tekkbuzzhey guys, I just got a major problem. I tried to run a game and it come up the same on both my displays. Then when I got out of it now I have only the same display on both my screens, I rebooted and got the same thing. I went to System Settings > Display Config. and now it only show one monitor, Any suggestions.07:48
killerHey  , how can i disable update manager at startup , it runs automatically for now07:54
bisukiller:open software sources07:56
bisukiller:and change your settings according to your needs07:56
minimeckiller: http://askubuntu.com/questions/85226/how-do-i-make-update-manager-stop-opening-automatically07:57
_blkbisu, not really a constructive answer08:00
_blkkiller, echo "manual" | sudo tee /etc/init/network-manager.override08:00
Sparkwhat happened to xmem? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/amd64/xmem08:03
Sparkupgraded to trusty and it's gone08:03
abadayHow do I do to get make not to read $ as a variable?08:08
Sparkyou escale it08:09
Sparkescape it08:09
Sparkecho "\$"08:09
Sparkor use the '$' single quotes08:09
abadayecho 'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf' >> rancid.sh08:09
abadayI escape it and it works if I jsut ype this in the terminal08:09
abadaybut when make runs this line it doesn't escape08:09
Sparkyou don't need to end the " before using the variable08:10
abaday'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf' #this is the output i want08:10
abadayso i do08:10
abadayecho 'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$\G\"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf' >> rancid.sh08:10
Sparksurely you want  'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS=$G" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf'08:10
abadayspark I wantGROUPS="$G"08:11
Sparkthen you need to quote hte "08:11
abadayas G will be "group1 group2 group3"08:11
Sparkotherwise you're jsu tending the quote before LIST08:11
simion314Hi, I have issues booting from USB flash to do an install on one of my drives, is it possible to add a entry in grub to load the OS from the USB flash? (the actual problem is that I have a gigabyte motherboard and this boards are well known for this issues)08:12
Sparkescape it rather, not quote it08:12
abadayok how do I exactly to get this as the output: 'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf'08:12
Jeeves_Mosshow can I solve this error "13" when I'm using MC to transfer files from my linux NAS to my windows server's admin share08:12
Sparkdcunnin@expensive:/home/dcunnin$ echo  'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf'08:13
Sparkecho "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf08:13
Sparkdon't see hte problem08:13
Sparkother than the fact you probably don't want that output08:13
chankyakinda need help for the oracle installation in ubuntu 14.0408:14
abadaySpark: i want exactly that output. And your command works perfectly in the commandline. But make still reads the $as a variable08:14
abadaymake will run: echo 'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf'08:14
abadaymake will run: echo 'echo "LIST_OF_GROUPS="$G"" >> $RANCID/etc/rancid.conf' >> rancid.sh08:14
chankyathis is my problem08:15
chankyaanybody is up?08:16
Jeeves_Mosswhat causes the inability to get past this "error 13"?08:18
chankyaknock knock did someone install oracle08:21
chankyaon ubuntu?08:21
dresdenwhat is ubuntu? what does it do, why do I need it, and where can I get one?08:22
Jeeves_Mosswhat causes "cannot create target directory" "premission denied (13)".  The user that the share is mounted with is the admin user on the server08:23
Thumpxri cant use digital and analog audio output at the same time >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224618608:25
Jeeves_Mosswhat causes "cannot create target directory" "premission denied (13)".  The user that the share is mounted with is the admin user on the server08:30
chosigGood day y'all. Is it possible to connect Rhythmbox to an MPD server, or do I need a specific client for it?08:33
cynicallemonchosig: sonata for gui client08:34
alkethi , why doesn't my wireless show in network manager: lsusb: 04f3:0234 Elan Microelectronics Corp08:35
chosigcynicallemon: righty, thanks08:35
cynicallemonchosig: or ncmpcpp for cli client08:35
chosigcynicallemon: you can't connect from rhythm box do mpd?08:39
cynicallemonchosig: not that im aware08:41
chosigcynicallemon: righty, thought since sonata hasn't been updated since 2009 and there seem to be a general lack of interest in the gui's... i'll go with terminal as usual :)08:42
cynicallemonchosig: its a bit like that :)08:44
johncarperin order to make people login into like for example your voice server on like a domain name, you need to make from your domain a dns right?08:49
johncarperand setup dns on your server08:49
HitmanVjohncarper: affirmative08:50
johncarperalright thanks08:50
yecril71plHow do I make an application shortcut on the desktop?08:55
Wulframnyecril71pl: you could use the "ln" command via CLI.08:57
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:57
enchiladoyecril71pl: http://askubuntu.com/questions/450266/an-easy-way-to-create-a-desktop-shortcut08:57
yecril71plenchilado: I do not have any desktop launcher file for that application, I want to make a new one.08:59
rwsq1why is there yet another bash update?09:00
somsiprwsq1: because the last one didn't fix the prblem09:00
rwsq1so we're onto update 3?09:00
* rwsq1 is starting to lose my sense of humour09:01
somsiprwsq1: update 1.4 for 14.0409:01
rwsq1I don't see any info about this one09:01
somsiprwsq1: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2364-1/09:01
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ToTheInterneti keep doing '/etc/init.d/mysql stop' but a new mysqld process immediatly starts again. what might cause this and how can i prevent it? also, 'su mysql' doesn't work for some reason (as root)09:02
rwsq1"In addition, this update introduces a hardening measure which adds prefixes09:02
rwsq1and suffixes around environment variable names which contain shell09:02
rwsq1it seems that this one can wait for a convenient moment maybe09:03
somsipToTheInternet: sudo service stop. Check error logs. No real need to act as mysql user09:03
somsiprwsq1: up to you. It is a security release.09:04
ToTheInternetsomsip: thanks. what about the /etc/init.d scripts, shouldnt they work as well?09:04
rwsq1somsip - yeah I might as well do it (*40)09:04
somsipToTheInternet: dunno. I use the upstart approach - sudo service etc...09:05
ToTheInternetsomsip: cool, it works, thats the important thing09:05
somsipToTheInternet: indeed it is09:05
rwsq1I've been looking at the shellshock attack vectors - does the apache one depend on people using actual bash scripts as cgi?09:05
somsiprwsq1: I believe so, but there are other vectors too.09:06
cynicallemonchange your shell09:06
WulframnWe're all changing our shell now?09:07
rwsq1cynicallemon, I use zsh, but it's not my shell I'm worried about09:07
rwsq1I did contemplate removing bash altogether and symlink it to dash09:08
logical_I am newer to linux but i am ashamed to ask how to rename a usb -.-09:09
logical_when i right click it, the rename is in gray (non clickable)ž09:10
EriC^^logical_: maybe you need to unmount it?09:10
LainProtocol7Rename a USB socket?09:10
EriC^^LainProtocol7: i think he wants to change the label09:11
logical_then it dissapears09:11
logical_yes the label09:11
zundrlihello everyone09:11
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zundrliis anyone here using ubuntu 14.04 with a dual monitor setup?09:12
Wulframnlogical_: what kind of filesystem is on the USB drive?09:12
logical_i deleted all files on the usb, i just want to rename the usb09:13
k1lzundrli: a lot are using dualmonitor09:13
zundrlii need help with ubuntu 14.04 and youtube videos in fullscreen having the wrong aspect ratio (second monitor)09:13
Wulframnlogical_: there will still be a filesystem on it. Just because you deleted the files doesn't mean you deleted the filesystem.09:14
cynicallemonrwsq1: we i feel we are all a victim of the "linux is secure" syndrome09:14
logical_Wulframn seems like you dont understand me,  forget what is on the usb, i just want to change the label of the usb, the name of the usb,  like if it was called USB1 i want to rename it to logicals usb...09:15
Wulframncynicallemon: it's because that's what the fanboys tout as one of its primary advantages.09:15
cynicallemonwait until systemd becomes the #1 attack vector09:15
rwsq1cynicallemon, I think the point is that everything is out in the open09:15
Wulframnlogical_: Your ability to change the USB's label depends on the filesystem type on the USB.09:16
logical_wulframn it is fat3209:16
cynicallemoni like the fact that openbsd chroots their own httpd server by default09:16
Wulframnlogical_: thank you, just a moment09:16
rwsq1this is by far the worst bug I've encountered in 14 years, and it's been sorted out reasonably efficiently, and it's actually probably not as severe as first thought. But the point is we can all see what's happening. If it was a bug in OSX or Windows we woudln't know what was going on until there was an update.09:16
rwsq1zundrli, I am using such a setup09:17
Wulframnlogical_: do you know the USB's location? If not please use fdisk -l09:17
zundrlido you have the same problem rwsql09:17
rwsq1not as far as I can see09:17
rwsq1are your monitors of identical resolution?09:17
p0aHello I have a netbook here with ubuntu installed but the person who is using it does not know the password09:17
p0athe username is 'user'09:17
p0acan someone guess what the password is? The person is computer illiterate and he bought the computer09:18
zundrlino one is 1920x1080 (monitor1) and 1280x1024 (monitor2)09:18
rwsq1p0a have you tried booting into single user mode?09:18
rwsq1I guess that's your problem zundrli09:18
p0arwsq1: What do you mean by that?09:18
Wulframnp0a: No we can't, but we can help you setup a new password.09:18
Ben64!lostpassword | p0a09:18
ubottup0a: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords09:18
LainProtocol7p0a: god, or sex09:18
logical_Wulframn fdisk -l gives me nothing in terminal, but i know that the usb drive is in /mount/logical placed09:18
p0aLainProtocol7: love?09:18
zundrlirwsql many people have that problem and noone knows why09:19
zundrlirwsql its fine for twitch.tv but not for youtube09:19
cynicallemonrwsq1: as u state being in the open, linux has been "secure" by obscurity, not so obscure anymore09:19
Wulframnlogical_: you need /dev/sdb1 (or something like that)09:19
p0aBen64: thank you09:19
EriC^^logical_: go to the dash > type disks, select your disk, click on the partition, click the gear icon, select edit filesystem > edit the label09:20
logical_wulframn it is /dev/sdb109:21
rwsq1p0a if you reboot, at the grub prompt you should get a recovery mode option09:21
Wulframnlogical_: sudo mlabel -i /dev/sdb1 -s ::"<new label> "09:21
WulframnOr do what EriC^^ said09:22
rwsq1p0a to get into grub prompt hold shift key while booting09:22
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logical_Worked, thank you guys09:23
logical_thank you for your patience09:23
WulframnNo worries09:23
buharinI got problem on my hp probook I havent network interface eth009:24
rwsq1cynicallemon, quite the opposite - it's closed source which is secure by being obscure09:24
Wulframnbuharin: which network interfaces do you have?09:24
buharinWulframn, only lo and wlan009:24
Thumpxri cant use digital and analog audio output at the same time >> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224618609:24
cynicallemonrwsq1: then explain a 15 year old bug that wasnt fixed or even audited?09:25
cynicallemonrwsq1: ah no-auditing of code, sounds like SSL all over again09:26
tdnI have just installed 12.04 amd 64. I cannot start any virtualbox machines. I have tried reinstalling virtualbox packages, but it does not help. This is the error I see: http://paste.yt/p3183.html    What to do?09:26
p0aI was not prompted to grub\09:26
p0ato log in into a root shell09:26
bloopletechI have a UEFI-enabled machine with Windows 8.1 installed; I've repartitioned, installed 14.04 etc, but Ubuntu only boots if the BIOS is set to Legacy mode, and then the Grub screen doesn't show windows. I hae installed refind in an attempt to fix this, but it hasn't helped09:26
tdnNote, I already installed build-essential and headers09:26
p0a!changepassword | p0a09:26
bloopletechand now there are refind files in my /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot directory, which I don't think is right09:27
p0aCan someone help with changing the password? I have physical access to the notebook09:27
tnliI've a question, I have 14.04 and use the Swe-kb layout, but on each boot, it starts with english, and then after a while it switches to Swe/Fi. What's up with this?09:27
cynicallemontdn: yeah you need linux-headers09:27
p0aBen64: I think you linked me before. Can you plese likn me again09:27
tdncynicallemon, I already installed linux-headeres-generic09:27
Wulframn!lostpassword | p0a09:28
cynicallemontdn: sorry just saw that :)09:28
ubottup0a: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords09:28
rwsq1p0a does the grub prompt come up at boot if you hold down shift or ctrl (I forget which)09:28
EriC^^bloopletech: what happens if you boot using uefi?09:28
p0arwsq1: the grub prompt does not come up at all09:28
bloopletechalso I'm confused, as windows itself seems to present windows and ubuntu as boot options; in that case, do I need something like refind at all?09:28
p0aWulframn: thanks. but all these methods requrie the grub prompt, which I do not ge09:28
bloopletechEriC^^, a windows boot menu comes up09:28
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EriC^^windows boot menu?09:29
bloopletechif I then select windows, it boots fine; if I select ubuntu, it just reboots09:29
EriC^^bloopletech: did you install using wubi?09:29
Wulframnp0a: slap a live cd in there, mount and chmod into your existing environment and change the password that way.09:29
rwsq1p0a try repeatedly pressing ctrl from boot09:29
p0aWulframn: don't have one...09:29
cynicallemontdn: "Consult /var/lib/dkms/virtualbox/4.1.12/build/make.log for more information." - have you done that?09:29
p0arwsq1: I will try once more09:29
bloopletechEriC^^, I asked the guy who installed ubuntu, he says a livecd09:29
tdncynicallemon, yes. Will paste it. I have no clue as to what it means.09:30
bloopletechHe turned UEFI off to install09:30
rwsq1you could also try ctrl-x - I think that used to be the hotkey - which version of ubuntu is this?09:30
bloopletechwhich explains why ubuntu only works in legacy mode09:30
EriC^^bloopletech: ah, well that's your problem09:30
p0arwsq1: some people recommend changing /etc/default/grub on some forums, but I can't do that without the root password09:30
EriC^^bloopletech: reinstall with uefi turned on09:30
quiet1hi, can some point me to instructions for installing on an existing lvm partition on an encrypted disk?09:30
bloopletechI am vaguely aware of all this uefi stuff but avoided it till now09:30
bloopletechI have to reinstall?09:30
tdncynicallemon, http://paste.yt/p3184.html09:30
Wulframnp0a: you have access to another system apparently. Better yet, it seems to have internet access. Download and burn one if it comes to that.09:30
EriC^^bloopletech: i think so, yes09:30
p0aWulframn: I hve to do this in 10 minutes or less09:30
bloopletechsigh ok09:30
EriC^^bloopletech: do you have a livecd?09:30
rwsq1p0a indeed - you need to boot into recovery mode - it really shold be possible09:30
p0arwsq1: I will try09:31
bloopletechI've got an iso, can probably burn it to a usb09:31
p0arwsq1: hopefully I wont be back :P if it works09:31
rwsq1unless someone installed this machine with lilo or anoter bootloader09:31
bloopletechthe other thing is, those refind files in the windows boot menu, is it safe to leave them around?09:31
EriC^^bloopletech: i have no idea what refind is09:31
bloopletechEriC^^, this thing: http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/09:32
Wulframnrwsq1: I'm more worried about them needing to do it in ten minutes or less. Sounds shady09:32
dbuggerHey guys. How can I execute from an script, another script that is stored in an URL09:32
bloopletechbasically an efi boot manager... but apparently windows has one? at least a windows 8-style OS chooser gui showed09:32
cynicallemontdn: i assume you updated packages first before installing virtualbox09:32
tdncynicallemon, yes. Everything is up to date.09:33
EriC^^bloopletech: ok09:33
rwsq1Wulframn, yeah but that's not a software issue :)09:33
bloopletechman I dunno, I'm going to do a boot repair or whatever within windows and then reinstall ubuntu09:33
EriC^^bloopletech: yeah that's probably best09:34
cynicallemontdn: it looks like some mismatch between virtualbox driver and kernel header file at a guess09:34
cynicallemontdn: i would ask in ubuntu forums and virtualbox forums09:35
varunendradbugger, wget then execute?09:36
rwsq1tdn - is your current running kernel 3.13.0-36-generic  ?09:37
EriC^^dbugger: bash <(curl -s http://script)09:37
rwsq1tdn can you paste somewhere the make log?09:38
WulframnWelcome back buh09:38
Wulframnbuharin: any luck?09:38
dbuggervarunendra: how to script it, without leaving residual files?09:38
buharinWulframn, I uinstalled network manager and all go sux09:38
buharinmaybe I will install new ubuntu09:39
buharininstead elementary os09:39
johncarperwhat would be the ports that xrdp uses? i didn't had my ufw firewall enabled on startup on my ubuntu server and now i enabled it i can't connect with rdp anymore09:39
johncarperi wonder what the ports are so i can allow09:39
Wulframnbuharin: run ifconfig -a, what do you see?09:40
bumbar_does anyone know if there's a solution/fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/1057165 ?09:40
buharinonly wlan0 and lo09:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1057165 in gedit (Ubuntu) "slash and greater then /> in javascript break syntax highlight for php" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:40
varunendradbugger, just put the 'wget <options> <online script>', then "./<downloaded script>" lines in your existing script.09:40
EriC^^dbugger: that won't save anything, and it won't output any errors09:40
Wulframnbuharin: run "sudo ifup eth0"09:40
dbuggerEriC^^: I kinda want the error output09:41
buharincannot find device09:41
Wulframnbuharin: yeah, was prepared for that. One moment09:41
Ben64buharin: are you on elementaryos?09:41
Ben64then you should head to the support channel for that distro09:41
rwsq1tdn sorry I see the make log - I think you might need to get a newer virtualbox09:41
buharinbut it is ubuntu :P also09:41
Ben64it isn't ubuntu09:42
EriC^^dbugger: bash <(curl -Ss http://script)09:42
rwsq1tdn, download the latest 4.3.x from virtualbox site09:42
buharinBen64, but ok I preapring new ubuntu pendrive09:42
varunendradbugger, if you don't want the downloaded script, simply add another line (rm <script>) to remove it afterwards. Reading, downloading equal things I think.09:42
EriC^^dbugger: that will show errors, but won't show any progress meters, etc.09:42
Ben64!elementary | buharin09:42
ubottubuharin: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.09:42
Wulframnbuharin: oh my bad, it isn't ubuntu? You're planning to install a new ubuntu?09:43
buharinWulframn, yeah because I think it wont work but anyway it is customized ubuntu 12.0409:43
buharinI got hp probook there09:43
Wulframnbuharin: Once you install ubuntu give it a try and let us know. If eth0 still isn't configured it should be an easy fix.09:44
buharinWulframn, but you know how to fix it?09:44
buharinWulframn, it is ubuntu 12.04 now09:44
Ben64buharin: stop saying it is ubuntu, it is not09:45
Wulframnbuharin: I thought you just said you were running elementaryos09:45
WulframnUbuntu derivatives are not Ubuntu09:45
buharinoh ok09:45
buharingo on ubuntu right now and will see :)09:45
Ben64/join #elementary and ask them09:45
tdnrwsq1, Linux grenache 3.13.0-36-generic #63~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 4 22:28:20 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_6409:46
WulframnDerivatives are downstream, meaning they have more stuff in them meaning they have bugs are not familiar with and are not prepared for09:46
tdnrwsq1, the one that is available from apt-get should work with the kernel that is available from packages, right?09:46
rwsq1tdn you would think so, but I think there was an issue with some of the 4.2 virtualbox releases09:47
rwsq1I would head straight for the virtualbox site for the latest version09:48
Ben64i'd recommend using a PPA over downloading software from the site09:49
jargonif i enable the root account and delete the user account, and reboot, will the login prompt be for the root account?09:50
Ben64jargon: don't09:51
jargonBen64: that doesn't exactly answer my question :-/09:52
Ben64its a terrible idea, won't work and its also a bad idea09:52
_blkjargon, not in the graphical selection. Not sure about lightdm (ubuntu default), but normally there's an option to log in with any user and you could type "root" there to log in as root (strongly not recommended!). You wouldn't need to delete other accounts for that09:52
jargonBen64: this isn't a production machine. it's for testing purposes09:53
Ben64why test something terrible like that09:53
tdnrwsq1, but this is vbox 4.1.1209:53
tdnrwsq1, so it should not be affected by 4.2 bugs?09:53
Ben64jargon: shouldn't you be learning to do things the proper way09:53
jargon_blk: this is the server edition. sorry, i forgot to mention that. no gui09:53
tdnrwsq1, also, I have used virtualbox on 12.04 before. I just recently had to reinstall. And now it does not work.09:53
_blkjargon, on the console you can log in with any user anyway, no need to delete users for that first09:53
laykeHi. I'm finding it impossible to use chrome on my fresh 14.04 install. I notice xorg and chrome seem to run at 100% CPU and I end up having 4-8 seconds inbetween any user input and mouse clicks09:53
jargon_blk: good point09:54
_blkjargon, you may want to set root's password first!09:54
rwsq1tdn, it could be that the 12.04 kernel has changed in recent releases and this has caused incompatibility with virtualbox - you would need to check the changelog09:54
jargon_blk: i already did :-)09:54
Ben64jargon: alternatively, learn how to use sudo properly09:54
_blkjargon, I would go with Ben64's suggestion to use sudo09:55
_blkuse sudo -s to spawn a root shell09:55
Ben64or just leave the channel : /09:55
rwsq1tdn, is this your problem: https://lists.debian.org/debian-backports/2014/03/msg00066.html09:56
rwsq1(obv that's a debian list but it seems a more general situation)09:56
MickeyDroidI need help!!!09:57
MickeyDroidMy Latitude e6420 with ubuntu 14 32bits turns  to lag when i press the key combination for dimming the screen.Any fix for that??09:57
tdnrwsq1, I have no idea.09:58
bisuMickeyDroid: and does it work? dim?09:58
k1lMickeyDroid: see in "dmesg" what errors pop up after you pressed that key09:59
Kartagishow to take ownership of some samba shared directory? I've tried uid and gid, file_mode and dir_mode, none seem to have worked09:59
rwsq1tdn, here you are: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bug/129211809:59
rwsq1that does seem to be your bug10:00
rwsq1"The virtualbox module does not build with the newer HWE kernels found in Ubuntu Precise/12.04"10:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1292118 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox-dkms 4.1.12-dfsg-2ubuntu0.6: virtualbox kernel module failed to build [error: incompatible types when returning type ‘kuid_t’ but ‘RTUID’ was expected]" [High,In progress]10:00
charlesaythe man page lookup on my ubuntu system does not work - is it possible to uninstall man-db without breaking something (and then reinstall)?10:01
laykeWhat is Xorg? Why would it constantly be high CPU usage? Can I do anything to stop it? Even dragging windows around the screen has insane lag.10:02
laykeEntering text in inputs has lag. Everything is slooow.10:02
blueingressping www.cfwin.com10:02
bazhang!xorg | layke10:03
ubottulayke: X.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf10:03
WulframnI think layke just tried killing xorg. :-\10:04
tdnrwsq1, I am nt sure what to make of this.... It proposes a lot of workarounds, but they do not seem to work for people. I have tried most of this also. And without luck. Is this something that is being fixed?10:05
MickeyDroidMy Latitude e6420 with ubuntu 14 32bits turns  to lag when i press the key combination for dimming the screen.Any fix for that??10:05
bazhangMickeyDroid, did you try the suggestion already given10:06
MickeyDroidwhich suggestion??10:08
bazhangMickeyDroid, a helper also asked a clarification question, please respond to that as well10:08
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jishjishhi guys --> anyone know how to get gimp to read .psd made with prophoto color profile in GIMP?10:12
MickeyDroidBazhang, i am sorry but i cant find the clarification10:12
Kartagishow to take ownership of some samba shared directory? I've tried uid and gid, file_mode and dir_mode, none seem to have worked10:12
bazhang<bisu> MickeyDroid: and does it work? dim? <k1l> MickeyDroid: see in "dmesg" what errors pop up after you pressed that key10:12
jishjishanyone know how to use prophoto color profile from gimp?10:15
bazhangjishjish, why not ask in #gimp10:16
jishjishI did, but I use ubuntu so I thought I would ask there (the community is big)10:16
bazzzbmade my /tmp nosuid with: tmpfs  /tmp  tmpfs  defaults,noatime,nosuid,nodev,noexec,mode=1777,size=100M   0    0. But if I do touch /tmp/test && chmod +s /tmp/test. ls -l shows me: -rwSrwSr--. Is this expected? I'd think no S flag would be set...10:16
AkiraaIs it possible to use two AMD cards of different model and different generation in the same system with ubuntu (14.04 LTS)? I want to power three monitors of different resolutions and aspect ratios.10:18
Akiraaa 5xxx card and a 6xxx card10:18
MickeyDroidbazhang: No error pops up in dmesg10:19
mharrisAkiraa: It can work in theory, modulo X server and video driver bugs, BIOS glitches and other factors that can be very specific to the motherboard/video card combination, so no universal answer, but in theory X is designed to handle it.10:19
MickeyDroidi personally entered this command " tail -f /var/log/kern.log"10:19
MickeyDroidand tried dimming the screen10:19
MickeyDroidbut no errors popped up10:20
MickeyDroidi did the same command with dmesg10:20
EriC^^MickeyDroid: try /var/log/syslog10:23
MickeyDroidLet me give that a try10:23
MickeyDroidam not getting any readings with that either10:24
tdnrwsq1, I am downloading http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.16/virtualbox-4.3_4.3.16-95972~Ubuntu~precise_amd64.deb   do I need to remove/purge virtualbox first? What about dkms and such?10:30
syeekicktdn explain yourself a little more budddy10:31
last_stafftrying to launch synaptic gives me "cannot open display :0.0"10:37
last_staffanybody know what I can have done?10:37
Fuchslast_staff: 1) are you running a graphical environment?   2) how exactly are you trying to run it? As a different user? (including root / sudo)10:38
KopfgeldjaegerHi. I get a segfault when upgrading bash to 4.3-7ubuntu1.4 on ubuntu 14.04: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a segmentation fault. does anybody know a solution?10:43
MickeyDroidwhat method did u use to update Bash??10:44
Kopfgeldjaegerapt-get dist-upgrade/upgrade10:44
MickeyDroidthat command upgrades the whole ubuntu right??10:45
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KopfgeldjaegerAll packages, yes10:45
Ben64Kopfgeldjaeger: pastebin the output of both "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"10:45
Kopfgeldjaeger(apt-get clean-ed beforehand) Ben64: http://pastebin.com/ehpJJwyU | my lunch is ready, so I'll be afk for 15 minutes10:50
last_staffFuchs: xubuntu desktop, trying to run 'sudo synaptic' with the user vagrant in the sudoers file and a member of the sudo group10:51
BluesKajHIya folks10:54
Fuchslast_staff: do not run graphical applications with sudo10:56
Fuchslast_staff: this should not be needed, policykit will take care of permissions10:56
last_staffFuchs: by the way, I tried running it from the terminal10:56
Fuchsthat should not be an issue, unless by terminal you mean a VT, then you'd have to specify the DISPLAY variable  (and it would be a bit pointless)10:57
last_staffcan't launch it from the menu, since nothing happens10:57
last_staffexcept the password thing10:57
last_staffauthentication dialog pops up -> enter the password -> click Authenticate -> then, nothing10:58
Fuchsright, then running it from a terminal is a good idea, just do it without sudo, b10:58
Fuchs*because as said, policykit should do the auth thing10:58
last_staffStarting "Synaptic Package Manager" without administrative privileges10:59
last_staffso I get the synaptic window up, but that's about it. I can't install any packages or anything11:00
Fuchswhat version of ubuntu is that?11:00
last_staffwhich is what it's for11:00
Fuchslast_staff: can you try with pkexec?11:02
Fuchs(instead of sudo)11:02
testare there any ubuntu tools to grab the posts to a google group and save them as a text file, any suggestions11:06
last_staffFuchs: "(synaptic:3787): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.0"11:10
last_staffi.e., same as with sudo11:10
last_staffthere's also11:10
last_staff"No protocol specified", and11:10
last_staff"error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment."11:10
last_staffx d, not smileyface11:11
LainProtocol7test: Depends on the Google Group. Some can be downloaded with Usenet clients, but other Google Groups are newer and purely viewable with the web interface11:11
last_staffxdg_runtime_dir gives me /run/user/100011:14
Fuchslast_staff: is your user the one with id 1000,11:18
Fuchslast_staff: plus does env  (the command) list the DISPLAY variable,11:19
Fuchslast_staff: plus if you already launched several commands with sudo: make sure that files in your home, especially hidden ones such as .XAuthority, belong to the correct user, not root. Fix if needed.11:19
last_staffFuchs: according to the advanced user settings, the user has User ID 100011:20
last_staffFuchs: env and sudo env both list DISPLAY=:0.011:20
last_staffeh...how do I chown, again?11:21
last_staffI've rarely had the need for it11:21
blackyboyHi everyone i want to redierct http to https and if some one access in mysite.com it want to forward to www.mysite.com this both want to be done for my domain but i have done the mysite.com to www.mysite.com but i cant redirect my http to https if i enable the virtual host redirect rule for http to https page not getting loaded.  im using apache2 in ubuntu server 14.04LTS here is my virtualhost entry in pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/8454609/11:22
=== samfty_ is now known as samfty
=== mhhh is now known as mhh
LainProtocol7blackyboy: You're rewriting to http://, not https://11:23
last_staffoh, /u means file/directory11:24
LainProtocol7blackyboy: Should be:     RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.%{HTTP_HOST} [R=301,L]11:24
k1llast_staff: "sudo chown user:user file"11:24
LainProtocol7blackyboy: That's presuming the other bits are correct. I just used: https://wiki.apache.org/httpd/RewriteHTTPToHTTPS for my webserver11:25
blackyboyok let me try the above link11:26
last_staffk1l: thanks, I did a "sudo chown vagrant:vagrant /home/vagrant"11:26
k1llast_staff: that is not enough. you need to specify the files like .Xauthority11:27
=== PsiOmega is now known as AlphaBeta
Fuchslast_staff: or use the -R flag, but as that will affect all files and is not undoable: I don't recommend it. If it's only some (1-3) files: just specify them manually11:28
Fuchsls -al  should list them11:28
last_staffk1l: I meant "sudo chown vagrant:vagrant -hR..."11:28
last_staffoh, I shouldn't do that?11:28
Fuchswell, I personally wouldn't recommend it11:29
last_staff....vagrant destroy && vagrant up11:29
Fuchsas there might be files under your home folder that should belong to someone else11:29
BobBallHi - can I install Ubuntu trusty including -updates somehow?  I'm doing a netboot install so ideally if there was a d-i setting I can twizzle to make sure it uses the -updates repo to download the very latest kernel etc it'd be great...11:29
k1llast_staff: well, be very careful with -R11:29
Fuchsbut if you already did it: meh.  Try if pkexec thingie works now11:29
Fuchsand if yes: do not use sudo with graphical applications again :)11:29
abadayHi, Im having trouble escaping the '. echo 'for RAN in $(su - rancid -c 'echo HEJ'); do RANCID=$RAN; done'11:29
abadayI want the output to be exactly: for RAN in $(su - rancid -c 'echo HEJ'); do RANCID=$RAN; done11:30
blackyboyLainProtocol7: i have used the above link but still i cant forward to https page not loading , but URL shows as https://mysite.com11:30
last_staffwell what about when I'm forced to?11:30
abadayinstead im getting for RAN in $(su - rancid -c echo HEJ); do RANCID=$RAN; done11:30
last_staffI mean "forced to"11:30
abadaynote there is no '' around my echo HEJ in the output. which i need to have11:30
Fuchslast_staff: you shouldn't be11:31
Fuchslast_staff: if, you can install and use something such as gksudo. Or check if policykit  (pkexec) does the job11:31
k1llast_staff: you are not forced to run gui with sudo.11:32
LainProtocol7blackyboy: So it forwards to https, but then there's an issue?11:32
last_staffk1l: yeah I know, that's why I put it in quotation marks right afterwards11:33
blackyboyLainProtocol7: yes page not loading may be my ssl configuration was not good means how can i troubleshoot it11:33
last_staffbasically I want to run synaptic instead of sudo apt-get whatever11:33
LainProtocol7blackyboy: SSL certificates tend to be valid for domain.com, OR www.domain.com, unless you have a wildcard certificate. If so, you shouldn't set an alias for the *.443 domain, and instead you should catch requests and forward them on to the domain you're primarily using11:34
brontosaurusrexabaday: try #bash11:35
blackyboyyes its wildcard certificate11:35
k1llast_staff: again, dont use sudo. we have gksu or gksudo for that. but synaptic should provide an request for entering the pw when started as regular program11:35
LainProtocol7blackyboy: Not sure then, you'd need to look in your log files to see what error Apache is reporting11:36
last_staffk1l: and it does. Only, after the password has been entered, the main window is never displayed11:36
rwsq1tdn - I would imagine that it will upgrade to that version and rebuild the dkms but you could remove the old one first if you want11:37
last_staffk1l: and apparently it's crashed, because I can't see the program in the task manager (including all users)11:37
=== AlphaBeta is now known as PsiOmega
LainProtocol7blackyboy: My Virtualhost has a line for "SSLCertificateChainFile" where I specify the Certificate chain bundle, which yours is missing11:37
LainProtocol7blackyboy: Don't know if this is mandatory though11:37
blackyboyLainProtocol7: just now i have tried the chain file in .pem format still its showing error wait let me look into logs11:39
last_stafflog out -> log in11:39
LainProtocol7blackyboy: You also haven't specified the SSL protocols you'll accept, or the ciphers you accept. But again, not sure if these two lines are mandatory.11:39
last_staffk1l, Fuchs: logging out and logging back in....and synaptic is up again11:40
last_stafffrom the menu, with the authentication window and everything11:40
FuchsLovely :)11:41
last_staffsometimes.... >: (11:41
Fuchsso yes, in the future try to avoid sudo for graphical applications. Alternatives: see above11:41
last_staffso what you're saying is basically that when I start synaptic from the menu it's not sudoing, right?11:42
EriC^^last_staff: what menu11:45
last_staffEriC^^: application menu11:47
Fuchslast_staff: exactly, hence me asking what version you are using,11:47
EriC^^in unity?11:47
EriC^^last_staff: type grep -i exec /usr/share/applications/synaptic.desktop11:47
Fuchslast_staff: because ubuntu (fortunately) switched from gksu (and similar) to using policykit wherever possible11:47
last_staffEriC^^: Exec=synaptic-pkexec11:49
EriC^^same here11:49
last_staffI know it's telling me something...though I don't know what11:49
EriC^^you don't get a popup when you run it?11:49
* last_staff goes back to the faulty setup and see what happens11:50
sleipnirhi, I continue to have a problem with Ubuntu 14.04: it eventually (after many boots) corrupts my laptop in such a manner that Windows won't boot anymore. The only fix to this problem is removal of the CMOS battery. What could cause this?11:50
last_staffturns out vagrant is very useful for this kind of bug-isolation11:50
last_staffnot bug....11:50
last_staff"turns out vagrant is very useful for this kind of inconsistency-isolation"11:51
mehdi_hey guys im having so much ram consumption  around 95% how can i manage it?11:51
bazhangcheck in top what they are mehdi_11:51
Fuchsmehdi_: see with something like htop or a process manager what takes it,11:52
last_staffmehdi_: install windows11:52
cfhowlettsleipnir, never heard of ubuntu  touching cmos ...11:52
bazhanglast_staff, what?11:52
Fuchsmehdi_: do note that Linux uses available RAM for caching, this is on purpose and good.11:52
last_staffthen you'll be up to 100% in no-time11:52
bazhanglast_staff, thats not helpful11:52
Fuchswhich is  http://www.linuxatemyram.com/  in detail11:52
last_staffbazhang: I know, I'm overtired. Stuff like that pops out of me from time to time, then11:53
quietonehi, just completed installing but bootloader failed and I don't know how to fix grub or boot to Ubuntu11:53
sleipnircfhowlett, I am not saying that it does touch the CMOS necessraly, just that the only remedy is CMOS battery removale11:53
cfhowlett!grub | quietone11:53
ubottuquietone: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:53
bazhangquietone, dual boot with win8?11:53
mehdi_i ran vbox and sqldeveloper  but i close them all only run firefox,rhythmbox, terminal,skype and geany11:54
bazhangmehdi_, did you check top as to what is consuming the most11:54
quietonecfhowlett, bazhang, no. Debian Jessie. I installed Ubuntu in a separate LVM partition on an encrypted drive.11:55
quietoneI've mucked around with the Boot Repair disk but that kept failing11:55
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
bazhangquietone, that extra info helps a lot11:55
quietonewanted me to stop package managers that were not running11:55
Fuchsmehdi_: I'd recommend using htop, because the colours will also show whether the RAM is really used or just for caching, which is explained above.11:55
mehdi_the application lock in the launchbar are using ram also?11:56
quietonebazhang, np. it's just that messing with Grub etc isn't my area of interest but I can't find suitable help either11:56
bazhangmehdi_, could be, what does top/htop show11:56
last_staffEriC^^: the grep command shows me the same thing as when before i logged out then back in, as expected11:57
EriC^^last_staff: what's going on?11:57
EriC^^i'm late to the party :)11:57
bazhangquietone, I'm not really up to speed on grub/lvm issues, there is the grub wiki above, and also #grub11:57
Fuchslast_staff: I assume that one of the files in your home belonged to the wrong user, which was an issue when you properly want to run a graphical application in context of another11:57
=== neptune is now known as Guest1400
EriC^^Fuchs: if he uses sudo synaptic to launch it, that could get root to own some files there12:00
mehdi_nautilus 1.3GB12:00
FuchsEriC^^: he did, I told him it's a bad idea, we fixed permissions, it works again  (well, with policykit, which should be used)12:00
last_staffFuchs: could it have something to do with user@hostname pointers?12:00
mehdi_compiz 1.9GB12:00
Fuchslast_staff: hard to say with it being as (non)verbose as it is. What you could have tried is debugging policykit when the error occurred, but that's usually not a fun thing to do. So unless you are bored ...12:01
quietonebazhang, thx. I've already skimmed those pages. I'll try #grub12:01
last_staffFuchs: ...or pretty much dead-set on figuring out the root cause12:01
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=== dull_john is now known as roamer
Fuchslast_staff: well yes, the root cause is running graphical (X11) applications with sudo, which should not be done, because with regular sudo  (not -i) the user environment is kept, hence files are written / modified in your home, some of them being core X stuff like .XAuthority12:03
bazhangmehdi_, so the system is very slow using unity then. perhaps try xubuntu/lubuntu on there12:03
last_staffEriC^^: The issue was solved, but I've yet to figure out what caused it. I know now what the effect of it is and how to solve it, just not the why and when it happens12:03
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roamerHi, I12:04
Fuchslast_staff: http://askubuntu.com/questions/270006/why-user-should-never-use-normal-sudo-to-start-graphical-application  explains what I just wrote in a bit more detail  (the first answer)12:04
roamerHi, I have got the following bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1289977) and am now stuck at grub rescue... Can anyone help me out?12:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1289977 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 Update breaks grub, resulting in "error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"" [High,Triaged]12:05
last_staffFuchs: oooh~, bookmarked12:05
Fuchslast_staff: it also mentions gksu(do) I mentioned earlier. Note that this is no longer used (and installed) in recent ubuntu versions, but you can still install it12:06
Fuchsand if you happen to need a graphical application as root (which you usually don't. Exceptions, such as system settings or package managers, should use policykit these days), you can use that12:06
Z3Hi, when will appear first Ubuntu tablet?12:06
spydonHow can I lower the base volume through pulseaudio?12:06
FuchsI'd not recommend it though, it usually means that something went wrong in the first place if you need root rights12:06
bazhang!tablet | z312:06
ubottuz3: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:06
popeyZ3: next year probably12:06
roamerHi, I have got the following bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1289977) and am now stuck at grub rescue... Can anyone help me out?12:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1289977 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 Update breaks grub, resulting in "error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"" [High,Triaged]12:07
last_staffFuchs: I blame that I started out with windows, then ubuntu12:07
Z3thank you bazhang ubottu popey :-)12:07
bazhangone of us is a bot12:07
roamerCan anyone help me try to get out of grub rescue?12:07
Fuchslast_staff: happened to most of us I guess. But one can learn :)12:07
EriC^^last_staff: if you want to know why you can type diff <(gksu env) <(sudo env)12:08
bazhangpatience roamer12:08
roamerok bzhang12:08
Z3bazhang lol ok :)12:08
roamerok bazhang12:08
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EriC^^last_staff: it will list the difference between the environment when you run synaptic with those 2 commands, the first is gksu the second is sudo12:10
last_staffheh, now I get gksu: no such file or directory12:11
quantsfor some odd reason my laptop battery has stopped working. is there and not hardware reason why this might happen?12:12
bazhang!info gksu12:12
ubottugksu (source: gksu): graphical frontend to su. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-6ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 26 kB, installed size 172 kB12:13
last_staffI'm thinking though, that if I'd started out with building the kernel from scratch, like most of the linux geeks in my school (many years back), I'd know a bit more about the OS itself12:13
EriC^^last_staff: are you using a bash shell?12:13
last_staffum, I don't know anymore. could be dash12:14
last_stafflemme check12:14
k1llast_staff: i suggest you should start with reading about what you do instead of blindly entering some commands you found anywhere12:14
k1l!sudo | last_staff12:14
ubottulast_staff: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:14
k1lread that! it will explain you a lot.12:14
last_staffwow I'm getting it with a teaspoon today. thanks :) (no joke)12:14
=== Kevin is now known as Guest6977
Guest6977yesterday i set up xrdp to connect always trough port 5910 to get tesame session everytime connect, it works with my ufw firewall disabled but not when enabled on my ubuntu client12:16
Guest6977even tho i did sudo ufw allow 591012:16
Guest6977any ideas what might be the problem12:16
last_staffEriC^^: ps -p $$ gives me 'bash', but I'm actually looking for what sh is linked to12:16
geirhalast_staff: readlink -f /bin/sh12:17
last_staffgeirha: that one, yeah. Thanks.12:18
last_staffEriC^^: readlink -f /bin/sh points to dash12:18
last_staffhence why I'm not sure what I'm running12:18
Guest6977how can i allow port 5910 with the ufw to be open all the time?12:18
quantshi guys my laptop is not picking up my battery, any ideas?12:19
roamerHi, can anyone take me out of this grub rescue problem?12:19
EriC^^roamer: what's the problem?12:20
last_staffroamer: did you try changing the boot order?12:20
last_staffEriC^^: I think quants is struggling with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/128997712:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1289977 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 Update breaks grub, resulting in "error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"" [High,Triaged]12:20
last_staffthanks, ubuntu bot12:20
roamerDear Eric^^ and last_staff I simply upgraded... and tried boot-repair... however I am still stuck at grub rescue12:20
EriC^^roamer: it was running fine before?12:21
roamerlast_staff and Eric^^ yes that is the problem12:21
EriC^^roamer: did the upgrade mention anything about boot being full or errors?12:21
roamerEric^^ : no12:21
kane77hi.. I removed files from /var/lib/dpkg/info, how can I get them back?12:22
EriC^^roamer: type df and check if there's a /boot and if it's full12:22
roamerEriC^^ : it says unknown command... I am still stuck at grub rescue>12:22
EriC^^you don't have a livecd?12:23
roamerEriC^^ i do... boot up from livecd?12:24
quantswhat's that last-staff ??12:24
quantslast_staff even12:24
EriC^^roamer: yes please12:24
YamakasYis it possible to rerun a trusty upgrade ?12:24
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wwwwwwhey guys i've been having this recurring bug ever since i installed 14.04, basically it makes windows turn completely black and i have to switch around between windows 100 times just to get it to work again12:25
wwwwwwwindows as in firefox for example. not the os12:26
hateballwwwwww: What GPU chipset and driver are you using?12:27
wwwwwwi have a gtx 760 and i'm running nvidia-current12:27
last_staffquants: huh? what's what?12:27
EriC^^last_staff: you highlighted him by mistake earlier12:28
EriC^^( while addressing roamer 's issue )12:28
last_staffyou mean the boot order thing?12:28
roamer(trying to boot up from live cd as EriC^^ suggested)12:29
ts_userany idea of a command that would automatically mount any USB storage device after it's unmounted ?12:29
ts_user(I mean for an entry not present in fstab)12:29
EriC^^last_staff: when ubottu gave the bug report12:30
roamerEriC^^ : I have booted from livecd12:31
EriC^^roamer: ok, is this a efi machine btw?12:31
ts_usermount -a doesn't refresh USB :/12:31
roamerEriC^^ : yes12:31
EriC^^roamer: ok, type sudo parted -l12:32
EriC^^and get the disk and partition number of the efi partition, and your main ubuntu installation12:32
roamerEriC^^ : do you want the full table? should we private chat?12:32
roamerEriC^^ :  it is number 1 and 312:33
roamerEriC^^ :  1 and 3 writes EFI system partition12:33
ts_user(it seems gvfs-mount doesn't refresh USB either....)12:33
EriC^^1 *and* 3 ?12:33
Raydiationhi guys, my build server gets stuck on sudo apt-get upgrade -y https://travis-ci.org/owncloud/news/jobs/36556587#L88312:33
roamerEriC^^ :  yes12:33
EriC^^roamer: type sudo apt-get install pastebinit12:34
Raydiationis there a way to tell apt-get to keep the current version?12:34
quantslast_staff do you think this bug could stop my battery working?12:34
roamerEriC^^ :  ok done12:34
EriC^^roamer: sudo parted -l | pastebinit12:35
roamerEriC^^ :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/845691812:35
roamerEriC^^ :  have you been able to open the link?12:37
EriC^^roamer: yes12:37
EriC^^roamer: it's weird that you have 2 efi partitions12:37
EriC^^usually 1 only is recommended12:37
EriC^^did you install ubuntu?12:38
roamerEriC^^ :  i used boot-repair... i think it did some of its magic there... : http://paste.ubuntu.com/8453292/12:38
roamerEriC^^ : yes I did the installation12:38
quantswhats the best way to fix the grub problem?12:38
somsip!fixgrub | quants12:40
ubottuquants: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:40
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cfhowlettginette, get your crappy spammy out of this channy.12:42
roamerEriC^^ : can we fix it? or have a just done something very very wrong?12:44
roamerEriC^^ : can we fix it? or have I just done something very very wrong?12:44
EriC^^roamer: it's fine12:45
EriC^^roamer: it looks like ubuntu is using sda3 as efi, according to your fstab12:45
roamerEriC^^ :  so how do I fix it? any suggestions?12:46
EriC^^roamer: type sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt12:46
roamerEriC^^ : ok12:46
roamerEriC^^ : done that12:47
EriC^^roamer: sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/boot/efi12:47
roamerEriC^^ : ok...12:48
roamerEriC^^ : next?12:48
EriC^^roamer: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done12:48
dotrbHi everyone12:48
roamerEriC^^ : what does that do?12:49
EriC^^it mounts file systems12:49
dotrbIs there a cool grey/silver icon theme, preferably flat??12:49
roamerEriC^^ : ok done... next?12:49
EriC^^roamer: sudo chroot /mnt12:50
last_staffback. What'd I miss?12:50
roamerEriC^^ : ok done...12:50
EriC^^roamer: grub-install --recheck /dev/sda12:50
roamerEriC^^ : installation finished no error reported...12:51
EriC^^roamer: update-grub12:51
roamerEriC^^ : done...12:52
EriC^^roamer: exit12:53
roamerEriC^^ : just one note though... it found the linux image : vmlinuz-3.11.0-36-generic12:53
roamerEriC^^ : is that ok?12:53
EriC^^well, are you on trusty?12:53
roamerEriC^^ : exited...12:53
EriC^^are you sure it's 3.11 or 3.13?12:53
EriC^^latest is 3.13.0-3612:53
roamerEriC^^ : it found both 11 and 1312:54
roamerEriC^^ : exited... what now?12:54
roamerEriC^^ : restart?12:54
EriC^^type umount -a12:54
EriC^^sudo umount -a , then sudo reboot12:55
roamerEriC^^ : when I typd umount -a it said : for all devices device is busy...12:55
roamerEriC^^ : is it still ok to reboot?12:57
EriC^^it's ok, it probably meant different ones12:57
roamerEriC^^ : rebooting?12:57
EriC^^yeah unless you want to make sure they unmounted12:57
roamerEriC^^ : grub rescue screen again12:58
roamerEriC^^ : :(12:58
EriC^^roamer: maybe the bios is using the first efi partition?13:01
roamerEriC^^ : how is that possible?13:02
EriC^^it would make sense it would13:02
roamerEriC^^ : it didn't use to13:02
roamerEriC^^ : i mean i used to dual boot...13:02
roamerEriC^^ : now I get that weird https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1289977 error13:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1289977 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 Update breaks grub, resulting in "error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"" [High,Triaged]13:02
EriC^^did ever run an upgrade on the machine?13:02
roamerthank you ubottu13:03
roamerEriC^^ : yes from 13 to 14....13:03
sleipnirhi everyone, another ubuntu question: I am running 12.04 server and ssh is taking very long to respond (about 30 seconds)13:04
sleipnirwhat causes something like that and how can I fix it?13:05
k1lsleipnir: system load?13:05
sleipnirk1l, zero system load13:05
sleipnirk1l, 12 cores 32 GB of ram13:06
k1lwhat does "top" tell you about the systemload?13:06
EriC^^roamer: try to boot the liveusb again13:06
k1lor about the i/o wiat13:06
sleipnirk1l, says 0% CPU13:06
sleipnirmhh, where can I see IO?13:07
roamerEriC^^ : ok... you need to wait a little while Live CD boot takes time13:07
k1lsleipnir: not cpu load, system load: http://askubuntu.com/questions/9487/whats-the-difference-between-load-average-and-cpu-load13:07
felonsudo apt-get install skype .... unable to locate package skype :/13:07
k1l!skype | felon13:07
ubottufelon: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga13:07
sleipnirk1l, load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0513:07
=== i4saken_ is now known as i4saken
sleipnirk1l, %CPU(s): 0.0 us, 0.1 sy, 0.0 ni, 99.9 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.0 si, 0.0 st13:08
=== tree is now known as quietone
nurulits first time i use irc13:09
drmagoosleipnir: what client are you using to ssh to the machine ?13:10
sleipnirdrmagoo, just ubuntu ssh13:11
DovidHow do I go abotu fixing this? It is an old server and I can't update bash13:12
drmagoocan you try "ssh -vvv user@host and provide a pastebin of the output ?13:12
Doviddrmagoo: Talking to me?13:13
drmagoosorry, that was for sleipnir13:13
drmagoosleipnir: can you try "ssh -vvv user@host" and provide a pastebin of the output ?13:14
sleipnirdrmagoo, http://pastebin.com/q9iVwu4P13:14
sleipnirdrmagoo, the long wait happens after line 62 is displayed13:15
sleipnirdrmagoo, the machine I am trying to reach is multihomed (if that matters)13:18
roamerEriC^^ : are you there? I have booted ubuntu from livecd13:18
sleipnirdrmagoo, actually that might matter because the route command takes about the same amount of time to complete as the ssh connection13:18
EriC^^roamer: ok, sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt13:19
roamerEriC^^ : done13:20
roamerEriC^^ : next?13:21
EriC^^roamer: sudo mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/boot/efi13:21
drmagoosleipnir: there is nothing really odd in that pastebin, that would point to a problem with the ssh-deamon on that machine.. There must be something else that causes that problem. is this a new issue or ?13:21
zy3pDbothi @and 3 servers13:22
roamerEriC^^ : done... next?13:22
sleipnirdrmagoo, yes this is a new issue. there was a power failure and now I have this13:24
sleipnirdrmagoo, it responds the same on all interfaces13:24
Laurencebi have a problem with samba printing13:25
Laurencebthe printer is shows 0 pages when i print a large document13:25
Laurencebit seems to be related to the file size13:25
Laurencebcan anyone advise?13:25
roamerEriC^^ : by the way thank you for helping me. I really hope we can fix this issue. I really need this to work.13:25
roamerEriC^^ : can you tell me what the next step is please?13:26
EriC^^roamer: hold on13:26
EriC^^roamer: trying to see how we can mount both efi's in the same place and install , mount --bind not working here13:30
drmagoosleipnir: if you run "dmesg", do you any output about disc read/write errors ?13:30
EriC^^roamer: come to think of it, that sounds like a bad idea13:31
sleipnirdrmagoo, the route problem dissapears if I do route -n (it reseolves quickly) my google foo implies that it means my network is having some problems with reverse DNS lookup.13:31
sleipnirdrmagoo, I do not see any errors regarding IO error13:32
EriC^^roamer: i think we should try to reinstall the grub package13:32
bitkamakihello anyone had any luck with ubuntu xdmx? i'm trying to extend my monitor to my laptop but it just goes blank13:32
HeadlessTracerhi, can anyone tell me how to get unity web apps working in 12.04? thanks13:32
EriC^^roamer: or, mount the first efi instead and install there13:32
EriC^^roamer: up to you13:32
dualbootubuntuhi, is it possible to install ubuntu to a connected secondary disk while I'm already running ubuntu? I got gparted to basically copy the partitions/types/flags etc of the first disk, just wondering how I would go about setting it up so that all I have to do is turn it off, change a cable and have the other disk boot up and not miss a beat13:32
EriC^^roamer: hold on13:32
BobBalldualbootubuntu: Have a look at debootstrap13:33
roamerEriC^^ : ok... holding on13:33
EriC^^roamer: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done13:33
EriC^^run that13:33
Dovidhow do I tell apt-get what the password for MySQL is ? http://pastebin.com/JibGzE0i13:33
EriC^^roamer: then sudo chroot /mnt13:33
dualbootubuntuBobBall: thanks13:33
roamerEriC^^ : ok done... next?13:34
=== root is now known as rootpt
drmagoosleipnir: how long does a simple "host www.cnn.com" take ?13:35
EriC^^roamer: sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed13:35
sleipnirdrmagoo, host could not be reached13:35
sleipnirdrmagoo, same with google, but goes through13:36
roamerEriC^^ : but this is a beta package?13:36
drmagoosleipnir: and what do you have in /etc/resolv.conf13:36
EriC^^roamer: it's fine you are already using it i guess13:36
roamerEriC^^ : anyway... did what you told me... what should I do next?13:36
EriC^^roamer: mine's using it by default13:36
EriC^^roamer: did you install it?13:37
roamerEriC^^ : ok... what's next?13:37
sleipnirdrmagoo, nameserver
EriC^^what did it output?13:37
drmagoosleipnir: do you have a local dns-server on that machine ? otherwise try to add "nameserver" as the first line in that file13:37
roamerEriC^^ : yes I have... awaiting further instructions...13:38
EriC^^roamer: in the end what did it say?13:38
sleipnirdrmagoo, I do not have a local nameserver13:38
roamerEriC^^ : instalation finished. No error reported13:38
EriC^^roamer: type update-grub13:39
drmagoosleipnir: do you have an internal dns-server on you network, use that.. else you google's (
roamerEriC^^ : Done!13:40
EriC^^type exit13:41
roamerEriC^^ : typed exit13:41
EriC^^ok btw when you type ls /boot/efi , you get some files right?13:42
EriC^^i mean13:42
EriC^^ls /mnt/boot/efi13:42
roamerEriC^^ : let me check13:42
roamerEriC^^ : yes I get Boot and EFI folders as well as bootmgr, BOOTNXT and BOOTSECT.BAK files13:43
EriC^^sudo reboot13:44
roamerEriC^^ : same problem :(13:45
=== csheldon_ is now known as Corey84
EriC^^we can try mounting the 1st efi if you want13:45
EriC^^it might work13:45
roamerEriC^^ : ok... let us do that can we do that from grub rescue?13:45
EriC^^livecd again13:46
roamerEriC^^ : can you please explain to me what is wrong and what we are trying to do?13:47
EriC^^roamer: i think the bios boots the first efi partition13:47
EriC^^and it finds grub there, but it is corrupt or something13:47
roamerEriC^^ : I see... I also read the following : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/1289977/comments/3513:48
EriC^^so it takes you to the prompt13:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1289977 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 14.04 Update breaks grub, resulting in "error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found"" [High,Triaged]13:48
roamerEriC^^ : It seems we haven't done any dpkg-reconfigure...13:48
roamerEriC^^ : can that be the problem?13:49
EriC^^roamer: i dont think so13:49
EriC^^roamer: what error does grub give?13:51
roamerEriC^^: error: symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found13:51
drmagoosleipnir: did that solve the problem ?13:51
sleipnirdrmagoo, yes, lol13:52
sleipnirdrmagoo, well no13:52
EriC^^roamer: ok, boot the livecd13:52
sleipnirdrmagoo, it did on one machine and not the other13:52
wadiehow to add a custom resolution to my Ubuntu 14.04 ?13:52
sleipnirdrmagoo, my server had all osrts of funky stuff in resolv.conf, I commeted that out and put in
EriC^^wadie: xrandr13:53
slap_stickhi, i am trying to setup a LUKS partition for /root however, after doing a luksopen on the filesystem and doing a chroot on that filesystem as well as mounting the boot partition /dev/sda1 under the chroot'ed area, when i do an update-initramfs and put it in verbose mode + check the actual cpio file, it doesn't contain the evms_activate file under /sbin i'm not sure why though?13:53
roamerEriC^^ : done13:53
sleipnirnow I can ssh into the server and get an immidiate response, and route takes 1 ms to populate13:53
slap_sticksorry not for /root but for /13:53
EriC^^sudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt13:53
sleipnirhowever on my desktop (this one is not multihomed) I still have the problem that route takes 30 seconds13:53
wadieEriC can you link me somewhere ?13:53
drmagoosleipnir: and what do you have in the resolv.conf for that machine ?13:53
EriC^^wadie: what resolution do you want?13:54
EriC^^type gtf 1600 1200 6013:54
EriC^^( if you want it at 60Hz )13:54
roamerEriC^^ : ok... next?13:55
EriC^^roamer: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi13:55
EriC^^wadie: that will give you the modeline13:56
EriC^^it's from 60.00" to vsync or something13:56
roamerEriC^^ : ok... done that...13:56
wadie"1600x1200_60.00"  160.96  1600 1704 1880 2160  1200 1201 1204 1242  -HSync +Vsync13:56
EriC^^type xrandr --newmode <modeline>13:56
EriC^^type xrandr --newmode "1600x1200" 160.96 .......+Vsync13:57
EriC^^roamer: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done13:57
EriC^^wadie: type xrandr --addmode default 1600x120013:58
EriC^^you can add it to whatever output you want13:58
wadiexrandr: cannot find output "default"13:58
EriC^^ok type xrandr13:58
EriC^^it should say like HDMI113:58
EriC^^or whatever13:58
EriC^^get the output you want to add it to13:59
android42863Hi all13:59
android42863Is this working? I'm trying out android app14:00
EriC^^wadie: it's like <output> Connected .......14:01
poobuttwhat is a good jabber client that runs in the terminal on ubuntu that supports gpg, recommendations anyone?14:03
OerHeks!info mcabber14:04
roamerEriC^^ : ok... what is next step?14:04
ubottumcabber (source: mcabber): small Jabber (XMPP) console client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2-1 (trusty), package size 288 kB, installed size 808 kB14:04
Zerock|LittleRedHaving issues running OpenGL applications in 12.04. No, I can't upgrade. Is there a package for Intel that doesn't ship by default for some reason?14:04
EriC^^roamer: sudo chroot /mnt14:04
poobuttOerHeks: thanks14:05
suraj2596hi all14:06
suraj2596anyone there?14:07
PiciYes. There are many someones here.14:07
LainProtocol7Zerock|LittleRed: What is your hardware?14:08
suraj2596hey pici, u new here?14:08
sebastianlutteris there a useful alternative software to teamviewer available? The client I want to connect to is behind router/firewall, so VNC does not work well. I have a root server I can use as proxy. How can I achieve to access the Desktop remotely from outside?14:08
Zerock|LittleRedLainProtocol7: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx Integrated Graphics Controller14:08
suraj2596go for mumble, u can chat but not all features14:08
Zerock|LittleRedLainProtocol7: Very bad hardware, but this application is super light. Just needs proper driver.14:08
OerHekssebastianlutter, find a service that runs over port 80, like teamviewer, i am not aware of a free client.14:09
Zerock|LittleRedsebastianlutter: I have been searching for the same for over a year now. Best of luck to you.14:09
stangelandI have 13.10 server ed. installed, I want to upgrade to 14.04. I can do sudo do-release-upgrade to upgrade......But how safe is that actually? Is there a probability that the system will crash and I will loose everything?14:12
ikoniastangeland: take backups first14:12
ikoniastangeland: how safe it is depends on what software you have configured on it and what repos you are using14:13
stangelandikonia, is it possible to easily just backuop the entire machine?14:13
ikoniaI presonally don't like the  in place upgrades, but they can work ok14:13
ikoniastangeland: you can backup the whole machine or the file systems you want to use14:13
stangelandi would like to backup the whole machine basically14:13
interwebHi , How can I install Gnome 3.14 on ubuntu 14.04 ? (with official PPA)14:13
ikoniainterweb: configure ppa - install gnome314:14
somsipsebastianlutter: isn't that something you can do via X over SSH? I have no experience of this but understand it does what you want14:14
ikoniastangeland: look up clonezilla, simple solution14:14
AlexeyPetrenkoHi all! How to force Mesa software rendering? Should I use environment variables from http://www.mesa3d.org/envvars.html14:15
ikoniaAlexeyPetrenko: force it ?14:15
ikoniaAlexeyPetrenko: let Xorg manage it14:15
EriC^^roamer: ?14:15
interwebikonia, Any official PPA ?14:16
AlexeyPetrenkoikonia: Yes, I have VBox VM and it's emulated graphics support only Opengl 2.1. I need Opengl 3 and I know Mesa softpipe driver supports it14:16
roamerEriC^^ : sorry phone14:16
ikoniainterweb: not that I'm aware of,14:16
AlexeyPetrenkoikonia: How do I configure my system so it uses software driver instead of VM's GPU14:17
EriC^^roamer: no problem14:17
ikoniaAlexeyPetrenko: not sure actuually in that situation,14:17
roamerEriC^^ : so I did the chroot14:17
__unikcan someone tell me what the hotkey for adding Shell tab in Yakuake14:17
felonquestion: how do i know if im using unity 2D or 3D special affects?14:17
sebastianluttersomsip, X can remote connect, also gdm/gnome has a vnc like mechanism. But the routing through subnet / router / firewall seems to be the bottleneck14:17
sebastianlutterZerock|LittleRed, Thanks, you still using teamviewer?14:18
EriC^^roamer: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed14:18
=== ljl_ is now known as LjL-GNOME
ikoniaAlexeyPetrenko: I think (I'll need to check this) there is an xorg module for it, so if you load that it should work, but I'll need to check this14:18
wadieThank you Eric, it's much better now :D14:18
AlexeyPetrenkoikonia: It worked with other VM's where I just could disable 3D acceleration and use software emulation. But now it's boot2docker VM and I dont have control over it, so I want to make it inside ubuntu14:18
EriC^^wadie: great :)14:18
sebastianlutterOerHeks, you mean something like VNC over web (do not know if something like this exists, just to get your point)14:18
Zerock|LittleRedsebastianlutter: I'm not using any remote desktop software, since there isn't any that respects my freedom.14:18
AlexeyPetrenkoikonia: Yep, I'm sure it should be. Would be nice to know how to configure X this way.14:19
Zerock|LittleRedaren't any that respect*14:19
EriC^^wadie: it's not persistent though, if you want it you can make a script and add it to ~/.profile14:19
sebastianlutterZerock|LittleRed, I feel the same way14:19
ikoniaAlexeyPetrenko: you basically just do a "loadmod" in theh xorg.conf, but I'll need to check the info as I'm working from memory and not %100 sure I'm right14:19
Zerock|LittleRedsebastianlutter: I actually run Trisquel Mini on this machine.14:19
Zerock|LittleRedUbuntu at work, and Parabola at home.14:20
wadiewhat do you mean not persistent ? :O how can I create that script ?14:20
EriC^^wadie: the last command btw for xrandr to switch the resolution is xrandr -s 1600x120014:20
wadieI used xrandr VGA1 1600x1200 and it worked14:20
EriC^^wadie: yes also xrandr --output VGA1 1600x1200 works14:20
wadieso about that script14:21
wadiewhat does it include14:21
sebastianlutterZerock|LittleRed, if all that ipv4 subnet / firewall / masquerating stuff would be replaced by ipv6 (a global accessible ip for any device) I guess VNC would do what I want.14:21
EriC^^take the commands and put them in a file, call it something, then chmod +x <script>14:21
Zerock|LittleRedsebastianlutter: Out of curiosity, what do you need the software for?14:22
EriC^^and in ~/.profile add "bash <script>"14:22
wadieyou mean the xrandr things ?14:22
EriC^^wadie: yeah14:22
Zerock|LittleRedI did things the hard (read: easy) way, and switched my friends and family to GNU+Linux so I could use ssh.14:22
wadieso I'll create a bash script with the xrandr commands, move it to ~/.profile then chmod +x14:22
EriC^^wadie: put it anywhere you want, add the path to ~/.profile , bash /path/to/script14:23
sebastianlutterZerock|LittleRed, my setup involves a gentoo with i3 wm and a ubuntu 14.04. I have a crawler for an research project running on my office ubuntu box. But I need about an hour from home to the office, and want to check If everything is well (and maybe restart things) without beeing forced to go there.14:23
EriC^^wadie: if you want you can call it ~/.resolution.sh so it'll be hidden14:23
sebastianlutterZerock|LittleRed, it has some GUI elements, so ssh alone does not solve my problem, so VNC or something like this is needed14:24
HoNgOuRuhi, my system freezes sometimes after hitting the /home/user folder icon, sometimes it comes back to normality, some others don't.... my home folder /home is in an independent partition from the system.... should I check the partition for disk errors ? or what? I am running ubuntu 14.04... any help will be appreciated...btw, the system / was reformatted yesterday cause I had some laggy situations before...14:27
wadieEric can you link me to a documentation online because I'm not really sure I'm doing it right14:31
roamerEriC^^ : sorry for late reply my internet connection was gone. can you please tell me the next step after apt-get install?14:31
drmagooHoNgOuRu: sounds like disc issues, so a check would be a good idea14:32
Abhijitpppoe-setup says pppoe.conf not found. i did apt-get install pppoe but package is already installed. can not connect to dnl14:33
HoNgOuRudrmagoo, ok... do I have to be root? have the /home unmounted?14:36
Abhijitpppoeconf gives SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill14:36
adriennboxhi everyone, i have no more mouse and internet on ubuntu 14.0414:36
adriennboxsomebody know why?14:36
varunendraAbhijit, does this system have Network Manager installed? You can use that to set up a DSL connection.14:38
Abhijitvarunendra, networkmanager also does not connect. hence I am here in irc.14:38
LainProtocol7adriennbox: 14.04 doesn't support mice or internet14:38
drmagooHoNgOuRu: how proficient are you with linux ? For the best result you should boot from a livecd and run the scan from that.. Unless you are running some sort of encryption on that directory/disc14:38
varunendraadriennbox, since when do you have these absent?14:38
adriennboxsince 3 days14:39
HoNgOuRudrmagoo, ok, I got it... I'll do that... shall I use fsck ?14:39
adriennboxi can reinstall but i dont want to lose file14:39
varunendraAbhijit, is the interface up? And are you trying this over wireless?14:39
Abhijitvarunendra, for pppoe i got only ethernet cable. modem do not support mifi.14:39
adriennboxlainprotocol17 really? so i have to use another version?14:40
=== carlos is now known as Guest30935
adriennboxwich version?14:40
Abhijitvarunendra, this is for railwire btw14:40
EriC^^roamer: sorry, im back14:40
EriC^^roamer: grub-install --recheck /dev/sda14:40
HoNgOuRudrmagoo, can I just logout from this session log as root unmount /home and do the same ?14:40
varunendraadriennbox, just ignore the "doesn't support" comment.14:40
EriC^^wadie: sorry14:40
EriC^^wadie: can you pastebin your script?14:40
varunendraadriennbox, did it happen after an update or any particular development?14:41
HoNgOuRuroamer, I did that just yesterday14:41
roamerEriC^^ : welcome back, I have done as you asked no errors reported14:41
HoNgOuRuroamer, if you need a hand...14:41
adriennboxvarunendra i dont remember sorry... but i use live ubuntu14:41
adriennboxmy sister used live ubuntu instead14:41
EriC^^wadie: ~/.profile is a file, not a directory, add "bash ~/.resolution.sh" to the end of the file, if you named your script .resolution.sh in your home directory14:41
varunendraAbhijit, the "rfkill" thing only interferes with wireless devices. So that error is a bit confusing for me.14:42
roamerEriC^^ : what is the next step?14:42
drmagooHoNgOuRu: I usually run it from a livecd, so that I am sure that there is nothing blocking/using that drive..14:42
EriC^^roamer: update-grub14:42
HoNgOuRudrmagoo, ok14:42
varunendraadriennbox, Live Ubuntu with persistence? (can preserve changes?)14:42
HoNgOuRudrmagoo, ok, thank you14:42
roamerEriC^^ : so finished that too14:42
roamerEriC^^ : next?14:43
EriC^^roamer: grep -i highlight /etc/default/grub14:43
EriC^^roamer: does it return anything?14:43
adriennboxvarunendra i guess no14:44
varunendraAbhijit, please give us a little detail of your setup. Generally, it is a telephone cable from the ISP that plugs into a DLS modem, then an Ethernet cable from the modem to the computer/network-switch14:44
adriennboxlive ubuntu without save14:44
roamerEriC^^ : no it doesn't14:44
EriC^^roamer: ok, try sudo reboot14:44
EriC^^exit first14:44
varunendraadriennbox, if it can't save changes, then it boots with the default configuration everytime. Which means if it was working earlier, it should work on next boot too, unless there is a hardware change.14:45
adriennboxso i have to try normal boot after live boot?14:45
Abhijitvarunendra, this is nothing to do with telephone. direct fibre optic cable. then modem. then rj4514:45
Abhijitvarunendra, nothing else in the setup.14:45
adriennboxvarunendra so i have to try normal boot after live boot?14:45
roamerEriC^^ : Same problem back in to grub rescue>14:45
roamerEriC^^ : :(14:46
varunendraadriennbox, please be specific on where you are having the problem - on a Live session or an installed instance (Ubuntu installed and running from Hard Disk)?14:46
adriennboxvaruendnra it run from harddisk14:46
adriennboxvarunendra after saw the problems (no mouse and no internet) i put the DVD and did live boot14:47
varunendraAbhijit, I'm not familiar with optic fibre connections, but is it different from a regular DSL connection where you need to dial the connection using a username and password?14:47
varunendraadriennbox, and the problem is same in both the Live session and the installed one?14:48
Abhijitvarunendra, no different. its just dsl only.14:48
adriennboxvarunendra nope, live session work very well (mouse and internet) but run from hard ware no mouse and no internet...14:48
EriC^^roamer: if you press esc when the pc boots14:49
EriC^^do you get a boot options menu14:50
felonubuntu 14.04 LTS runs so smooth ... glad i formatted and did a fresh upgrade install.14:50
varunendraadriennbox, okay, then please boot into the installed version (hard disk) and try this first - "sudo modprobe -rv psmouse".... then.. "sudo modprobe -v psmouse". If this doesn't activate the mouse, run these commands in terminal - "xinput"... and .... "lsmod". Then upload their outputs to pastebin and give us the pastebin link.14:52
adriennboxoh nice14:52
adriennboxvarunendra thx i try now14:52
varunendraAbhijit, thought so, since you were trying pppoe. Can you log into the modem interface and check if it (pppoe) can be configured there?14:53
Abhijitvarunendra, i cant login. ethernet interface is not connected.14:54
Battlecruiserhi there14:55
Battlecruiserhas anyone worked around the problem that wine and cuda 6.5 can't be installed together?14:55
Battlecruiser'cause I need both things installed14:55
varunendraAbhijit, then getting the link up is the first problem, pppoe will come later. Please give us the pastebin links of the outputs of - "sudo lshw -C network" and "sudo ethtool eth0".14:55
adriennboxvarunendra thx very much mouse is back, but no wifi...14:56
adriennboxvarunendra what is command for the wifi? thx very much14:56
Peter_does anyone know of a mirror for old-releases.ubuntu.com? I keep getting intermittent connection timeouts14:58
roamerEriC^^ : no...14:58
OerHeksPeter_, that is the only mirror14:58
Peter_OerHeks ok thanks, it's been having issues since late last week14:59
Abhijitvarunendra, https://gist.github.com/abhi-navale/49d1590852ecb30b642e15:00
roamerEriC^^ : what shall i do?15:04
hsnopiGood morning all. There are a lot of access.log entries showing attempts to break in using the shellshock bug. It attempts to wget ec.z. I'm unable to locate anything regarding that. Does anyone know anything about it?15:04
hsnopiI had already updated my bash shells friday.15:04
varunendraadriennbox, Abhijit sorry went afk, an urgent call..15:06
varunendraadriennbox, for wifi, please follow the instructions at this link and give us the report it asks for : http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1302422215:06
somsiphsnopi: the attack approach I've read about is is to try to wget a dodgy file, then execute it which installs something more dodgy15:06
hsnopiyeah, that's what I'm seeing. Rkhunter shows no diffs but I'm not sure how to tell if the attack was successful15:07
hsnopi74.201.85.69/ec.z is the main one I'm seeing on a few different machines15:07
varunendraAbhijit, please try this - "sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off". Does it get you connected to the modem? (can you ping it?)15:08
hsnopiI suppose since it was attempted muletiple times frto the same origination it's a sign it failed.15:08
adriennboxvarunendra i try now15:08
daftykinshsnopi: perhaps the bash channel can shed some light, or channels of web servers15:09
Abhijitvarunendra, bad command line argument15:09
somsiphsnopi: I see no payload in that file15:09
hsnopisomsip, agreed. I just wanted tomake sure. thanks.15:09
somsiphsnopi: np15:09
varunendraAbhijit, please copy-paste the command you tried.15:09
Abhijitvarunendra, # ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoeng off15:10
Abhijitvarunendra, corrected15:12
varunendraAbhijit, what was the error?15:12
varunendraoh, ....eng XD15:13
=== captain-fixerpc1 is now known as captainfixerpc14
varunendraAbhijit, try disabling > re-enabling the interface (sudo ifconfig eth0 down... then ... sudo ifconfig eth0 up) if it doesn't automatically get an IP (assuming you have DHCP enabled on the network).15:15
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=== volent1 is now known as volent
roamerHi, can anyone help me? I currently stuck at the grub rescue screen... I really need to get this pc running. I updated from 13 to 14 on a efi dual boot system. Couldn't repair it with repair-boot please15:20
loawhat freeware tool is for managing wine environments?15:22
loai forgot it.15:23
varunendraloa or winetricks15:23
roamerHi, can anyone help me? I currently stuck at the grub rescue screen... I really need to get this pc running. I updated from 13 to 14 on a efi dual boot system. Couldn't repair it with repair-boot please15:24
varunendraroamer, I'm not an EFI booting guy, but have you already checked out this thread at UF? - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729515:26
jiohdiusing ubuntu-gnome-desktop, under setting online accts, I set up gmail... everything goes fine, then a pop up window asks for the gmail password and rejects the correct password, what am I doing wrong?15:26
erayaydinHi, I installed GCC and I used nullptr in C++. But compiler said "you haven'T c++11". I think in Ubuntu we haven' C++11 ?15:26
erayaydinis this true ?15:26
erayaydinif we have C++11 , how can I install ?15:27
roamervarunendra, yes I have... The system was working perfectly before but after update it broke... I really need help.15:27
varunendrajiohdi, happens to me with Thunderbird and Empathy when the connection is too slow! A disconnect --> reconnect fixes is, when the connection speed is at least usable again.15:28
erayaydinAnyone could please help me for C++1115:29
jiohdivarunendra, my connection speed is 20Mbps15:31
varunendraroamer, upgraded via update manager or from an installation DVD/USB of 14.04? Upgrading via update manager frequently causes broken setups :(15:31
roamervarunendra, yes upgraded from update manager15:31
varunendraroamer, the author of that UEFI guide is online right now. Maybe post a thread at UF asking for help there. It's mostly a foreign territory for me.15:33
varunendraI mean the UEFI, not UF :p15:34
OerHekserayaydin, ubuntu 14.04 comes with gcc 4.8.2 that is fully C++1115:34
roamervarunendra, is he here? who is he?15:35
varunendraroamer, not here, at Ubuntu Forums. Oldfred15:36
sheaphttp://paste.ubuntu.com/8459434/ anyone know why this package is being selected? 1.1 is in trusty-updates but I don't have that in my sources list.....idk where it's coming from :(15:38
erayaydinOerHeks: I using Code::Block and compiler GCC. I used `nullptr` but editor saying: "warning: identifier 'nullptr' is a keyword in c++11, error: 'nullptr' was not declared in this scope"15:39
jiohdivarunendra, anything else maybe causing the problem with bad password?15:40
erayaydinOerHeks: my GCC version: 4..8.2 - null pointer constant min version: 4.615:41
tickethi people15:42
reisiohi tick15:42
ticketsince i upgraded to ubuntu 14 (from ubunto 12), i cant run the x seerver anymore :/15:42
varunendrajiohdi, the only thing that causes troubles for me is "two-step-verification" feature of google, where we need to generate an "application password" for specific applications like chat clients. If you haven't enabled 2-step-verification, I can't guess what else could be causing the error (apart from a typo of course).15:42
ticketi now only have the tty to use my ubuntu15:42
jiohdivarunendra, I am not sure about the 2 step thing, if I have that enabled what am I supposed to put in when it asked for my j@gmail.com password other than my password?15:43
holden87Hey guys, one question: If i was looking something nice, stable, with a prolongued support for a laptop (4gb ram), dual core intel 2.1, what would you suggest?15:44
netlarjiohdi: You may need to know if you have 2-step verification15:44
reisioholden87: a table15:44
varunendrajiohdi, if you're not sure, then you don't have it enabled. Google enables it only if opted-in.15:44
adriennboxvarunendra thx i did it15:45
reisioholden87: 'prolonged support' is code for "I will be lazy to the point of not updating for longer than five whole years", right?15:45
jiohdivarunendra, lets assume I have it because I really dont remember one way or the other, then what15:45
ticketholden87: i would suggest debian wheezy15:45
erayaydinOerHeks: OK, I found. I checked checkbox in Code::Block. IDE fail :D . Thank you15:45
drmagooticket: what graphics card do you have ?15:45
erayaydinI fixed no more problem :)15:45
netlarjiohdi: If you do have 2-step, then you need to get an application login15:45
ticketdrmagoo:  nvidia gtx 660 ti15:45
OerHekserayaydin, great, i was looking for something simular too15:46
adriennboxvarunendra http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8459471/15:46
jiohdinetlar, 2 step means I have to do two things everytime I log in? if thats the case then I dont have that15:46
adriennboxbut who will see the txt now?15:46
varunendrajiohdi, in this kind of verification, you can authenticate specific systems so that you can log into google account ONLY from THOSE systems. If you try to log on from another system, google sends you a verification code on your mobile.15:46
adriennboxvarunendra how i got answer?15:46
=== dirkson is now known as Guest69531
Guest69531Hi sorry I'm a noob - but can I install Ubuntu on Windows 8?15:46
netlarjiohdi: No, but you do need to authorize google to use each app15:46
jiohdivarunendra, ok, I have that for MS but not for gmail15:46
wadiecan someone please send me a link on how can I make the xrandr customization permanent ?15:46
=== dankh is now known as Guest74127
varunendraadriennbox, taking a look at the report now....15:47
adriennboxvarunendra u are the one who did it? ok15:47
netlarjiohdi: Do you know how to get to your security settings?15:47
=== alessandro is now known as Guest88979
jiohdinetlar, in gmail? yes15:47
holden87ticket: i could probably get to it once a year, but would need something that's definitely not half-baked. debian, opensuse, ubuntu, i'm looking into the options. But i know holding on for too long with upgrading is unrealistic. as i'll either get a newer phone which i'll need to load, or a newer e-reader which calibre won't be able to do :D15:47
netlarjiohdi: Ok, when you get to that page, go to the security tab15:47
MarcelunilssonHello, i just went from dualboot to a clean ubuntuinstall. The problem im having is that grub is finding some loaders other than the current install on other harddrives. this means i have to wait for grub each boot, i dont want that! how do i make it just boot this installation?15:48
WulframnGuest69531: I think there is a windows installer...wubi or something.15:48
Wulframn!wubi | Guest6953115:48
ubottuGuest69531: Wubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug15:48
Guest69531wubi wont work for Windows 8 then?15:49
drmagooticket: do you have the nvidia-current package installed ?15:49
WulframnGuest69531: apparently not! What are you trying to do? Dual-boot?15:49
Battlecruiserhas anyone worked around the problem that wine and cuda 6.5 can't be installed together?15:49
Battlecruiser'cause I need both things installed15:50
ticketah it seem to have disappear15:50
netlarjiohdi: When you are on that page, you see the password section, you should see 2-Step verification enable or not15:50
WulframnBattlecruiser: also try #wine15:50
wadiecan someone please tell me how can I make the xrandr customization permanent ?15:51
jiohdinetlar, the issue is this... on one computer evolution has a pop up saying password for gmail and I put it in and it works fine, on the 2nd comp same password says incorrect password... I am doing this via ubuntu-gnome settings/online accts15:51
varunendraadriennbox, please try - "sudo modprobe -v ath5k". If you get any errors while executing that, post back the error you get.15:51
drmagooticket: yeah, had the same issue when I upgraded...15:51
netlarjiohdi: Did you get to the security tab on your account settings?15:52
Wulframnwadie: thanks for your patience! If anyone knows how to help they'll respond asap. Sorry for the wait...15:52
drmagooticket: you might need the build-essentials package too, if I remeber correctly15:52
jiohdinetlar, that is obviously not at issue since its a difference between these computers15:52
MarcelunilssonHello, i just went from dualboot to a clean ubuntuinstall. The problem im having is that grub is finding some loaders other than the current install on other harddrives. this means i have to wait for grub each boot, i dont want that! how do i make it just boot this installation?15:53
netlarjiohdi: Just checking to see if you have 2-step enabled or not first15:53
adriennboxvarunendra thx  a lot, wireless work now15:53
jiohdinetlar, no I do not15:53
wadieThank you Wulframn :)15:53
adriennboxvarunendra got to go now, bye thx a lot15:53
varunendraadriennbox, congrats! Although it is a bit confusing why it didn't load automatically.15:53
netlarjiohdi: So for the online accounts, it will not accept the password at all?15:54
ticketi installed the nvidia-current15:55
netlarjiohdi: when I put in my google account, it will accept my pass, but then I need to grant access after that15:55
ticketdrmagoo:  and it returned an error during the pre-removal15:55
jiohdinetlar, first a window pop up occurs saying all the google stuff it wants access to, I put in the password there and click accept and everything seems to work, then a 2nd system pop up happens asking for my j@g password, put that in in 1 comp, no issues, 2nd comp, rejects it as wrong password15:55
ticketthere must be errors in my source list15:56
ticketcan i restore it to a default source list?15:56
netlarjiohdi: not sure then, I have never tested that before15:57
netlarjiohdi: Sorry15:57
ticketdrmagoo: i didnt find the build-essentials in apt-get15:57
geirhaticket: build-essential without an s on the end15:58
sheapso im doing a tasksel of "ubuntu-desktop" and "xubuntu-desktop" but theres a package in xubuntu-desktop that's at a higher version than what's needed in ubuntu-desktop and the install is failing15:59
sheapany way to fix this?15:59
ticketdrmagoo:  ok, it seems to be already there15:59
ticketdrmagoo:  the error is on nvidia-331-updates16:00
drmagooticket: what error do you get ?16:01
ticketwhen i run startx...16:02
ticketthere are some timeouts16:02
ticketand the xorg sever refuses the connec16:02
k1lticket: dont run startx16:02
k1lticket: start the lightdm16:02
ticket it says /usr/bin/X not found16:02
reisiomaybe you don't have X16:03
bubayaHi. Does anyone know where to download the EDS data integration addon for thunderbird that comes with some Ubuntu versions?16:03
ticketlightdm failed to start16:03
tgm4883On 14.04, I installed Kubuntu, but then installed Ubuntu-desktop. Everything works fine, but my menu's are a bit difficult to read (see http://ibin.co/1c1MMeOAneJZ ) and I can't find a way to resolve this16:03
ticketreisio: yes, it has disappeard during the upgrade16:03
reisiobubaya: for evolution?16:03
k1lticket: on ubuntu you dont use startx, you start the *dm and that will manage all the X stuff for you16:04
ticketyes k1l , and the job cant be started despite lightdm being installed16:04
bubayareisio: yes. There is a plugin that enables thunderbird to access evolution's contacts.16:04
k1lticket: what ubuntu is that exactly?16:05
bubayareisio: but their website https://launchpad.net/thunderbird-eds-extension has no downloads, although I already saw a Ubuntu installation having this addon installed.16:05
k1lticket: which desktop?16:05
ticketpreviously i had unity, xfce, and kde16:05
ticketand now, nothing :D16:05
ticketlets setup ubuntu-desktop16:06
k1lis lightdm your actual dm? is it running?16:06
drmagooticket: try "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"16:06
k1lsee dmesg what happens16:06
demahum12Is it true that ubuntu developer summit occurs after every new release?16:06
MarcelunilssonHello, i just went from dualboot to a clean ubuntuinstall. The problem im having is that grub is finding some loaders other than the current install on other harddrives. this means i have to wait for grub each boot, i dont want that! how do i make it just boot this installation?16:07
wadieHas anyone tried ARandR? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/arandr-a-simple-visual-front-end-for-xrandr.html16:08
ticketdrmagoo: ok and then how do i start the desktop ?16:08
drmagooticket: did that install any new packages ?16:08
ticketyes, it installed 27Mb of new package16:08
drmagooticket: try "service lightdm restart"16:09
tgm4883demahum12: IIRC it happens vUDS happens every 3 months. At least that was what it was doing when they started it16:09
demahum12tgm4883, and is there something named "ubuntu summit" without "developer" or it is the same thing?16:10
samthewildonewhen running "top" I noticed that chromium is eating up a lot cpu power.16:11
tgm4883demahum12: I believe there are different summits (or maybe I'm thinking of sprints)16:11
loasamthewildone, you have many bookmarks?16:11
drmagooticket: did that work ? or do you still get any errors ?16:11
samthewildoneI only have 3 tabs open with one using either HTML5 or flash for music streaming via soundcloud.16:11
ticketyup, i wait for the stuff the download, it is soooo long16:11
samthewildoneloa, less than 5016:11
drmagooticket: ok, let me know when its done ;)16:12
tgm4883demahum12: this is slightly off topic here, can we take this discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic and you can describe what you are thinking of?16:12
loaSamopotamus, on in folder "bookmarks folder"?16:12
demahum12tgm4883, sure. :)16:12
loasamthewildone, ^^16:12
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
loaif so move them to folder called "other"16:12
loathere is something with bookmarks in 37 version.16:13
squintyMarcelunilsson:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Setup#Configuring_GRUB_216:13
samthewildoneOh on my bookmark bar ? I have 816:13
samthewildonein my other bookmarks I have the others16:14
loaSamopotamus, try to move them16:15
samthewildoneI still get an error on this > button->setText(tr("&Quit"));16:15
loaSamopotamus, sorry man for this.16:15
loasamthewildone, it started recently?16:15
samthewildonewrong post on last16:16
ticketdrmagoo: ok, ubuntu-desktop installed, lightdm still doesnt want to start16:16
ticketerrors were encountered during the nvidia-331-updates execution16:16
drmagooticket: try "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"16:16
ticketdo i purge this nvidia stuff ?16:16
samthewildoneloa, almost all of my bookmarks go into a other folder.16:16
loatry to move them all.16:16
ticketstill doesnt want to start the lightdm16:17
k1lsamthewildone: your flash stuff eats a lot of cpu.16:17
drmagooticket: if that doesnt help, try to remove all nvidia-packages installed and just install nvidia-current16:17
VapidWorxI entered the wrong syntax for .profile and now it's in a login boot. The problem is I can't change boot override so I can get to a command line now as root but it won't let me unmount the file system to edit .profile. Any ideas how to get around this? It's an Asus Zenbook that I removed Windows and added Ubuntu too16:17
drmagooticket: and then try a "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" again16:17
ticketk lets go16:17
k1lticket: again: see "dmesg" what is going on there. i bet its a drivers issue16:17
ticketmkay, removed the nvidia* things16:18
ticketdmesg returns a lot of things16:19
jiohdiand remember to run nvidia-xconf16:19
ticketnow installing nvidia-current16:19
drmagooticket: also check if you have the "linux-headers-generic" package installed16:20
musicalvegan0hi guys. is there a supported way of installing setroubleshoot server on 14.04? it's not in the repos. I assume it was removed because of apparmor.16:20
daniel_hey guyz16:20
Marcelunilssonsquinty: thx! think i made it work 'reboot'16:21
ticketk i didnt had the headers generic16:21
ticketadding it16:21
drmagooticket: you might need to do a "dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current" after installing it...16:22
ticketok done16:22
drmagooticket: then try "service lightdm restart"16:23
Marcelunilssonsquinty: it worked ! thxx16:23
ticketstop: unknown instalce: start: Job failed to start16:23
squintyMarcelunilsson:  good to hear! :)16:23
ticketunknown instance16:23
samthewildoneHave a look at this > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_rZKP9LDqUFSm1Ea05Yc3Bkakk/edit?usp=sharing16:24
drmagooticket: "dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"16:24
samthewildoneShows how many instances of chromium are running.16:24
samthewildoneI do have hangouts running in the background.16:24
daftykinssamthewildone: is there a question that goes with this?16:24
ticketdrmagoo: after reconfiguring, still failing to start16:25
=== PsiOmega is now known as AlphaBeta
loaplease help me, looks like something goes wring very bad http://pastebin.com/wS0N6La216:25
ticketmaybe i need to reboot16:25
loawhy this happened? why all my packages which i are deleted?16:25
drmagooticket: what nvidia-packages do you have installed ?16:25
loawhat was that? O_O16:25
daftykinsloa: might be easier to ask in #ubuntu-ru16:25
ticketafter purgin all nvidia, just the nvidia current,16:26
Mayurguys how can i revert everything that got installed in apt-get upgrade?16:26
VapidWorxanyone have a suggestion how to get it to boot to liveUSB around boot override?16:26
ticketdrmagoo: just nvidia-current now16:27
samthewildonedaftykins, wanted to know why is chromium taking up so much cpu resources when I hardly have webpages open.16:27
=== eeeeee is now known as eeee
=== eeee is now known as e
samthewildonethis affects the performance of chromium because it hangs sometimes.16:27
drmagooticket: give me a sec... trying to remeber all the hops I had to go thru to get it to work ;)16:27
=== e is now known as eeee
daniel_hey guys16:27
daftykinssamthewildone: try a clean profile.16:28
samthewildonedaftykins, sometime pages don't fully scroll and have a delay.16:28
ticketthe fun thing is, i upgraded on my laptop, also having an nvidia card and nothing went wrong16:28
daniel_i want to learn core programming an someone is suggesting red hat ahead of ubuntu, whats ur say16:28
samthewildonewhere is my chromium user profile ?16:28
daftykinssamthewildone: don't know.16:28
SchrodingersScatsomewhere in ~ probably16:28
samthewildoneSchrodingersScat, searched nothing there.16:29
samthewildonethough I found some stuff @ whereis chromium-browser16:29
drmagooticket: which geforce card did you have ?16:30
loais there way to get last deleted packages?16:31
ticketdrmagoo: it is a geforce gtx 660 ti16:31
loalog or something16:31
trismsamthewildone: ~/.config/chromium/16:31
creichenHi!  I'm trying to re-install grub, but I can't seem to get the on-screen keyboard (onboard or anything like it) to start, which makes that rather difficult.  Is there any clever trick to start OnBoard?  (This is on a utopic-unicorn snapshot from last week.)16:31
loaneed this option badly16:31
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136316:32
daftykinscreichen: that release is not final yet, discussion in #ubuntu+116:32
creichendaftykins: My apologies for spamming the wrong channel, and thanks!16:32
=== owner_ is now known as Guest15125
daftykinsnot a problem :)16:33
ticketdrmagoo: i should be able to start the x server even without the nvidia drivers isnt it ?16:33
Battlecruiseranyone will help?16:33
samthewildonetrism, thanks man16:33
samthewildonetrism, lot of junk in there16:33
nullbyte_what is diference of ubuntu gnome adn ubuntu desktop?16:33
samthewildoneah there's the almighty "crash_reports" folder16:34
samthewildonenullbyte_, ubuntu desktop is Unity16:34
samthewildonenullbyte_, a custom desktop environment.16:34
daniel_guyz pls does vb net work on ubuntu?16:35
samthewildonenullbyte_, gnome is another desktop environment.16:35
reisiodaniel_: yes16:35
samthewildonenullbyte_, pretty much it comes down to personal preference.16:35
samthewildonenullbyte_, though Unity is more cross device (unity phone, tablets)16:36
samthewildone!unity | nullbyte_16:36
ubottunullbyte_: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity16:36
reisiothat's right, unity, which is a shell for gnome... is more cross device :p16:37
drmagooticket: that depends of you X-server is set to use the nvidia drivers16:38
drmagooticket: try to do a "sudo nvidia-xconfig"16:39
drmagooticket: then you should be able to start X again (service lightdm restart"16:40
ticketunable to parse X.Org version string , backed up file xorg.conf, new X config file written16:40
ticketstill not willing to start lightdm16:41
ticketi wait for the apt-get upgrade to finish16:41
drmagooticket: that's not finished yet ?16:42
ticketi ran it some minutes ago, there is 200 Mo to upgrade16:42
drmagooticket: that might be why then, some package still not installed.. wait until all packages are installed and then try again16:43
* samthewildone is away: Currenly I'm away from the keyboard, please wait...16:43
loais there something similiar to mock under ubuntu?16:44
loaneed to build wine from sources, but is is too complicated under working system.16:45
ticketlets wait :D16:45
loawant make something like chroot.16:45
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nullbyte_samthewildone: i understand, thank you16:47
nullbyte_samthewildone: but Ubuntu Desktop is builded by Ubuntu ?16:48
ticketdrmagoo:  ok I rebooted, the prompt says that my current hardware enablement stack HWE is no longer supported since 2014-08-07.16:48
sheaphow do I correct package dependency problems when doing a tasksel of ubuntu-desktop/xubuntu-desktop and one creates a problem for the other?16:48
nullbyte_Ubntu GNome i mean however16:48
ticketdrmagoo: and llightdm doesn't starts16:52
ticketI try installing xfce16:52
drmagooticket: can you paste the exact error message for the "Stack hwe is no longer supported"16:54
nilstabi don't get any panel after login already reinstalled lightdm, unity, ubuntu-desktop… no avail, already deleted ~/.config, doesn't change anything. i can start ccsm but it has no window-decorations. over tty1 unity is activated16:54
nilstabhow to fix that?16:54
tickethm I will not find the message back, this terminal is very raw16:55
drmagooticket: kinda lost on ideas here16:56
ticketit is xubuntu 14.0416:56
ErtoI am running ubuntu 14.04 . can i run a self test in 'Disks' while i'm logged into ubuntu??16:56
daftykinsErto: disk tests are best from live sesion16:57
EOBeavErto: AFAIK, no. Good reason to have a boot up USB to run those tests.  I'd recommend Parted Magic, but that's a pay for app now.16:57
ticketdrmagoo: the message is like this one http://askubuntu.com/questions/493541/hardware-enablement-stack-hwe-out-of-support16:58
Ertodaftykins: how long will those tests take for a 1TB HDD?16:58
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=== ekotowski is now known as edmondk
daftykinsErto: how long is a piece of string?17:00
Ertopieceof string?17:01
drmagooticket: can you try answer #417:01
romancejust installing xfce desktop on my ubuntu unity, and ripped off the unity desktop, and now my ubuntu turns xubuntu, but i have a lil problem with uGet, it aint working anymore, any solution17:04
xanguaWhat did you exactly remove? romance17:05
romancexangua: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/alternative , read the C. Cleanup17:06
ticketdrmagoo: I installed some things17:07
ticketnow I can see the login screen in graphic mode17:07
ticketbut I still can't login for real17:07
drmagooticket: you cant login ?17:08
=== qwerty is now known as Guest2281
ticketwhen I login and type password, the screen goes black, and goes back to login choice17:08
ticketsome of the packages listed on the askubuntu page do not seem to exist17:09
ticketand I can not copy and paste them with the computer who needs that :D17:09
drmagooticket: but X now works ? did you reboot it ?17:09
ticketx works, just for login screen17:09
troneddeluge doesnt start anymore for me, how do uninstall and reinstall a program?17:10
ErtoHow long will it take to run a Self Test from 'Disks' for a 1TB HDD??17:10
xanguaxangua: maybe autoremove removed something else, you also didn't need to remove unity, let it alone or better do a fresh install17:10
ErtoI know I have one bad sector...17:10
xanguaromance: ^ ups17:10
drmagooticket: ok good17:11
romancexangua: still, i did a reinstalling of uget but it wont work too17:11
ticketnope, still the same error after login with x17:11
daftykinsErto: 'how long is a piece of string' means 'i have no idea and nobody else does either'. share your smartctl output?17:11
drmagooticket: http://askubuntu.com/questions/223501/ubuntu-gets-stuck-in-a-login-loop17:12
=== ekotowski is now known as edmondk
drmagooticket: I think answer #9 will be most helpful for you17:13
ticketmmmmkay, now I have logged in, but I have no icons, working bar or programs launched17:16
ticketjust the background and the cursor working17:16
drmagooticket: and you moved the .Xauthority file?17:17
ticketI moved it to .Xauthority.backup17:17
s4myanyone here can help plz17:17
drmagooticket: at least one step closer...17:17
s4mydrmagoo, dude can help plz17:18
squinty!ask | s4my17:18
ubottus4my: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:18
=== ekotowski is now known as edmondk
o2qticket: sudo chmod -x /usr/bin/gsettings17:20
ticketI am doing a dist upgrade as in answer #917:23
AlexPortableso, i get busybox failed to mount something17:24
ticketdammit 100kb/s17:24
ranticHi everyone, I'm interested in a minimal Ubuntu install and noticed the ubuntu minimal image doesn't contain EFI support. Would using Ubuntu Server as a base be OK?17:24
AlexPortablehow to fix?17:24
Ertodaftykins: Here's the output for smartctl  http://paste.ubuntu.com/8460095/17:24
drmagooticket: check .xsession-errors for any clues17:24
daftykinsErto: and what's the story behind what's leading you to want to perform a disk check?17:25
drmagoos4my: what problem do you have ?17:26
ticketdrmagoo: I don't have an .xsession file17:26
xanguarantic: that depends, do you want a server?17:26
AlexPortableI get something like this, is my data damaged?17:26
ranticxangua, No it's for a minimalist desktop17:26
drmagooticket: in your home directory, you dont have a file called .xsession-errors ?17:27
daftykinsAlexPortable: boot a live session to investigate17:27
ticketdamn, yes I do have one17:28
drmagooticket: =)17:28
ticketwhy the auto complete doesn't show it17:28
ranticticket, did you autocomplete for a hidden file?17:28
ErtoI was getting input/output error while accessing a folder ... ran disks.... there's one bad sector..17:28
Ertodaftykins: ^17:29
ticketaaaanyway :D17:29
daftykinsErto: yeah it's still pending and hasn't been reallocated yet. i would backup the data, then use a manufacturer utility to zero fill the entire disk17:29
ticketthe xsession-errors has few lines17:29
daftykinsErto: if the disk is in warranty, you could RMA it17:29
AlexPortabledaftykins: well if my disk is about to die, live session will kill it17:29
daftykinsAlexPortable: no, no it won't17:29
ticketopenConnection : connect: no file or folder like this, cannot connect to brltty at :017:30
AlexPortabledaftykins: whyn ot?17:30
daftykinsAlexPortable: what part of booting a live session from a DVD or USB flash drive do you consider to affect a hard disk?17:30
AlexPortableit turns on17:31
daftykinsAlexPortable: that's not how it works. boot a live session, install smartmontools and pastebinit, then run "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"17:32
drmagooticket: check "dpkg --get-selections | grep ubuntu-session" if that is installed do a dpkg-reconfigure on it.. if its is not installed, install it =)17:33
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demahum12Is there anyone who knows how these things with Munich City and Limux (forked from Ubuntu) finished. I know that they decided to call IT staff to reconsider using Linux since many of the users complained. I can't find what happened. Is there anyone who knows more recent details about this?17:48
Samopotamusloa, hah, no problem.17:50
daftykinsdemahum12: this channel is for ubuntu support, nothing to do with anything beyond that.17:51
demahum12daftykins, thanks.17:52
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AlexPortabledaftykins: http://pastebin.com/RT2cRfGf17:56
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=== Navooo is now known as Naavo
daftykinsAlexPortable: you have 1 pending sector and 2 reallocated, as per lines 58 and 59. no way of telling if that happened now, but i would backup the data, zero the entire drive with a manufacturer tool (or use 'dd') then restore your backup17:57
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AlexPortabledisk or not broken?18:00
AlexPortabledisk is not *18:00
compdocit could have problems in the future18:01
rlinxUbuntu 14.04 software center hung applying changes I tried xkill and I can't shut it down to remove and reinstall18:01
daftykinsAlexPortable: not hugely, but it could carry on and get worse. no way of knowing18:02
daftykinsAlexPortable: ah actually i don't like the raw read error rate, line #4418:02
daftykinsAlexPortable: backup and consider replacing, that thing is tiny and old18:02
rlinxUbuntu 14.04 software center hung applying changes I tried xkill and I can't shut it down to remove and reinstall18:03
rlinxhow do I shut it off?18:03
caternare there ubuntu images that fit on CDs anymore? I can't find them18:04
dalekusaI need help installing Ubuntu from a DVD.18:04
bubbasaurescatern, The mini or lubuntu18:04
caternbubbasaures: those are my only options?18:04
xanguacatern: no, but lubuntu still fits on a CD18:04
caternlxde is so ugly, so I'll go with mini18:05
dalekusaAfter I pull up the purple menu and select the try ubuntu option, it just goes to a blank screen18:05
bubbasaurescatern, With ubuntu and a cd load yes.18:05
drmagoorlinx: how long have it been hung ? have you checked top to see if there is any process that hogs the cpu ?18:05
caternbubbasaures: xangua: thanks.18:05
* dalekusa tried with both 64 and 32-bit images, and it doesn't work either way18:05
dalekusaI have Linux Mint18:06
bubbasaurescatern, If you have grub now you can boot the iso from it.18:06
dalekusain case you need it18:06
dalekusathe info18:06
daftykins!mint | dalekusa18:06
ubottudalekusa: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:06
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rlinxUbuntu 14.04 software center hung applying changes I tried xkill and I can't shut it down to remove and reinstall18:06
rlinxUbuntu 14.04 software center hung applying changes I tried xkill and I can't shut it down to remove and reinstall18:06
dalekusawell I am trying to replace it with ubuntu18:06
rlinxhow do I shut it off?18:06
daftykinsah sorry, didn't see that part18:06
daftykins!nomodeset | dalekusa18:07
ubottudalekusa: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:07
thurstylarkAnyone know why I'm getting "no talloc stackframe" errors on my 14.04.1 server18:07
=== also is now known as rootpt
thurstylarkFrom what I remember, it had something to do with the samba server implementation in this version18:09
trismthurstylark: bug 125718618:09
ubottubug 1257186 in samba (Ubuntu Trusty) "memory leakage messages (no talloc stackframe)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125718618:09
dalekusaThat just saved my dad about $5018:10
dalekusaafter the splash it turned blank again18:11
dalekusadrive is still spinning18:11
daftykinsif you're booting from DVD, which is horrible in 2014 btw, it's probably going to take a while.18:11
dalekusaI'll try this again with the 64-bit image18:12
tgm4883On 14.04, I installed Kubuntu, but then installed Ubuntu-desktop. Everything works fine, but my menu's are a bit difficult to read (see http://ibin.co/1c1MMeOAneJZ ) and I can't find a way to resolve this18:12
Noirouhhh, where can I get a cross compiler compatible for sfml 2.1?18:12
daftykinsdalekusa: and USB flash drive, please! :)18:12
dalekusaI don't think that my PC can USB boot18:13
thurstylarktrism: Ahh! Yes! So, what reprecussions should I expect from removing libpam-smbpass?18:13
dalekusaand it has booted!18:13
Jordan_Udalekusa: How old is this machine?18:13
thurstylarkor should I look at removing smb server alltogether? I'm definetly not using it...18:13
=== sins-_x is now known as sins-
daftykinsdalekusa: ok that's not the end of it, ideally you need to identify what graphics hardware it uses and install proper drivers (if needed) after installing18:14
drmagootgm4883: what do you mean by hard to read. In that picture some options like "Full screen" are "greyed out" and that is why it looks like that. You cannot select that option18:14
trismthurstylark: yeah if you are not using it, there aren't any problems really, the bug has a few comments detailing the issues it can cause if you are using it18:14
trismthurstylark: I removed it months ago just to stop the message18:14
dalekusaI can tell you the model of computer18:15
dalekusaHP Pavilion a6803w18:15
tgm4883drmagoo: the thing is, they aren't "greyed out", I can totally select that option18:15
=== Ronald is now known as FilthyFrank
dalekusaswitching to 64 bit image18:15
thurstylarktrism: Awesome. Uninstalling now. Thanks for the help!18:16
daftykinsdalekusa: i don't have time to assist further now unfortunately, get it installed then come back18:16
drmagootgm4883: hmm... have you made any other changes? like installed any new themes ?18:16
tgm4883no, just installed ubuntu-desktop from kubuntu18:17
Wulframntgm4883: you're using kubuntu and installed ubuntu-desktop?18:17
tgm4883Wulframn: yes, I switched to Ubuntu-desktop from kubuntu18:18
tgm4883drmagoo: Wulframn here is another image showing how it's difficult to see  http://ibin.co/1c21XyB4WqrB18:19
Wulframntgm4883: understand that this is the ubuntu support room and kubuntu support is #kubuntu. Since you're using ubuntu-desktop in kubuntu your mileage may vary18:19
tgm4883Wulframn: but I'm not using kubuntu, I'm using ubuntu-desktop now18:19
Wulframntgm4883: what was the base system you installed?18:20
PiciWulframn: Kubuntu is just Ubuntu with KDE installed by default instead of Unity.  tgm4883 is in the right place for support.18:20
tgm4883Wulframn: you do realize that Kubuntu is just a base ubuntu install with KDE and such packages. While Ubuntu is a base ubuntu install with Unity and such packages18:21
WulframnPici: I've previously been yelled at for suggesting that so I apologise, I must just be behind the policy here18:21
Wulframntgm4883: I understand the differences.18:21
minimectgm4883: Check if you have gnome-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme-extras installed...18:22
tgm4883minimec: looks like I don't have -extras. Some further investigation indicates it's just an issue with the Unity Ambiance theme18:22
minimectgm4883: ok.18:23
Ertoi missed stuff from here thanks to a blackout and net disconnect18:23
BoscopHELP, why do i get this error? bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device. I have lots of free space18:24
Hardtail75Hello there ladies and gents. I am currently in the installation process of Ubuntu on my Windows 8.1 PC. I have created a bootable USB drive. I am at the stage where it is asking me to partition my drive. How do I keep my Windows partition and create a new area for Ubuntu?18:25
Sc0tty-why can I not connect to sourceforge using wget through a beaglebone black? can anyone help?18:26
=== michael is now known as Guest97968
Hardtail75Can anyone help me with dual booting and partitioning, please?18:28
jParktonLiterally first hit on google http://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-1404-dual-boot-mode-windows-8-81-uefi/18:29
jade-mbphey, i wonder if anyone can help me, i have just done an install of 12.04 LTS 5, and are trying to install gobi-loader amongst other packages. initially thought maybe that package was renamed, but it seems even irssi cant be installed. why is every package i try to use coming up as "E: Package '[packagename]' has no installation candidate"?18:30
bubbasauresHardtail75, You should resize widows with it's disk manager leaving a unallocated for ubuntu, follow the UEFIwiki if needed.18:30
Hardtail75jParkton thank you, I was following a different guide on Ubuntu18:31
__zug__Best website to guide you on securing Ubuntu and your browser?18:31
=== Guest97968 is now known as Supermathie
Picijade-mbp: does sudo apt-get update work?18:32
k1l__zug__: there is no best. but there are thousands of howtos out there18:32
Sc0tty-why can I not connect to sourceforge using wget through a beaglebone black? can anyone help?18:32
jade-mbpPici: sort of, it comes at the end with some signature error, i shall re-run it to get exact message18:32
=== Stu|[A] is now known as Stu|
PiciSc0tty-: What OS are you running?18:33
Sc0tty-Pici: ubuntu18:34
jade-mbplots of hash mismatches!18:34
jade-mbpall urls listed seem to be all my entries in sources.lst too18:35
PiciSc0tty-: can you wget any other site?18:35
__zug__k1l: Lots of horrible ones too. lol Maybe this a good places to start? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BasicSecurity then maybe here? http://www.itsecurity.com/features/ubuntu-secure-install-resource/18:35
jade-mbpi wonder...18:35
jade-mbpperhaps it is isp censoring it18:36
Sc0tty-Pici: nope, I am using SSH to connect to the beaglebone if that helps18:36
k1l__zug__: i would start with the question: what do you want to secure? and why do you want it18:36
PiciSc0tty-: does dig sourceforge.net    provide any records?18:37
AlexPortableError reading block 14197363 (Attemt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read). Ignore error<y>?18:37
AlexPortablei did yes. Now I get: Force rewrite<y> ?18:37
compdocAlexPortable, thats just a bad idea18:38
Sc0tty-Pici: it says dig command not found18:38
AlexPortablecompdoc: what?18:38
thurstylarkis there a way to let ubuntu pass alt modifier to chrome?18:38
compdocrunning fs checks on a failing drive18:38
compdocyoure begging for more sectors to fail18:39
PiciSc0tty-: What release of Ubuntu are you running? and how did you install it?18:39
AlexPortablecompdoc: well wols told me to fsck the disk18:39
compdocleave it alone, get your files off, and use it as a backup sitting on a shelf somewhere18:39
AlexPortablecan't mount it18:39
infinmedhttp://i.imgur.com/vmObyTw.png if anyone interested in a lil info -^.^-18:39
Piciinfinmed: Did you have a question for this channel?18:40
Sc0tty-Pici: 12.10 atm, think I should update to 13?18:40
ticketk drmagoo now I can use the X server \o/18:40
PiciSc0tty-: you should upgrade to any supported release. 12.10, 13.04 and 13.10 are all no longer supported.18:41
infinmedyes Pici18:41
drmagooticket: glad too hear =)18:41
infinmedwhen will buntu be finished18:41
ticketonly annoying thing left, the screen detetion not really working. it doesn't undestand a greater screen than 6480 xx 48018:41
__zug__k1l: I guess first, mainly locking down my browser(?) so that websites I go to, and the info I enter, remain between me and the website. I'm tired of having the think that there's some asshole trying to get my login creditionals for this gain. lol I use to not think anything of it, but now with these stories of Target/Home Depot/etc getting hacked I want to keep things more secure, be more paranoid about stuff.18:42
knobHello hello :)18:43
k1l__zug__: well, that is more about using secure connections. but if that website doesnt offer it you cant do much about it.18:43
__zug__k1l: that's not good! lol18:43
k1l__zug__: there is no: "install this and everthing is super secure" program. itsa about you as a youser not running into traps18:44
Jordan_U__zug__: Use different passwords for every site you use, or at least use uniq passwords for any websites that have information you care about keeping private, and don't share private info with websites you don't trust the security of. If the website isn't using https, then you should definitely not trust it (though there are many other reasons not to trust a website, just using https is not sufficient).18:44
drmagooticket: can you run "sudo nvidia-settings" ?18:44
thurstylarkIs there a way to let chrome use alt as a modifier key instead of Ubuntu picking it up? One of my frequently used websites has an alt+click shortcut that I would like to use.18:46
drmagooticket: what does the first screen say? Under "Nvidia Driver version"18:46
Hardtail75jParkton, I created my partition but it still does not show in the Ubuntu installer. Only my SSD with Windows on it.18:47
ticketthere are only very few options18:47
ticketapplication profiles and config18:47
ticketconfig has 6 checkboxes18:47
Jordan_UHardtail75: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" and post a screenshot of the installer screen where you're looking for your new partition.18:47
ticketthen, I should install the nvidia driver18:48
Hardtail75Jordan_U I can use the Terminal while in the installer? How?18:48
drmagooticket: yeah, sounds like the nvidia drivers are running.18:48
zerickIs there  any patch for bash on Ubuntu 13.10 ? I'd like not be need to update.18:48
zericknot to upgrade18:48
hjubalhi, I'm trying to upgrade my box (13.04), but it complains http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460538/18:48
k1lhjubal: you are very late. the gb mirror shut 13.04 repos down already.18:50
k1l!eol | hjubal18:50
ubottuhjubal: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:50
k1lwell, not only the gb mirror. all repos shut down 13.0418:50
hjubalk1l, indeed, it's an old laptop that I need to use as backup18:50
=== root is now known as Guest56229
k1lhjubal: change the repos to old releases like shown in the link from bot. then upgrade to 13.10, then to 14.04. then you got 5 years time :)18:51
hjubalk1l, lol just 1 year and a half!18:51
k1lhjubal: 9month support for not-LTS releases. 5years for LTS.18:51
thurstylarkis there a way to create a unity notification using a command?18:52
Jordan_UHardtail75: If you selt "Try Ubuntu" when you first boot then you get a normal desktop session and can run any programs you want, including the installer. If it's too late to do that, you can get to a terminal using ctrl+alt+F1 (ctrl+alt+F6/F7 to get back to a GUI), but that probably won't be very easy to use.18:52
Picithurstylark: I believe  that you should be able to use notify-send to do that.  It comes in the libnotify-bin package.18:53
thurstylarkPici: Awesome. I'll look into it. Thanks!18:54
Hardtail75Jordan_U: I went back to the try section and entered 'sudo parted -1' I just get an error saying invalid option -- '1'18:54
theadminHardtail75: That's a lowercase L, not the number.18:54
Hardtail75my mistake...thanks18:55
JuatDavedev/null (uid44200@localhost) has Joined #ubuntu18:55
BarnacleBobso i'm trying to make a new AMI off the official ubuntu ones, but can't figure out how to "reset" the instance.  I thought cloud init would take care of everything, but my resulting ami has no apt-keys installed so it can't install packages.  Is there something i'm missing?18:55
=== fran is now known as Guest91892
jiffeis it a bad idea to remove bash?18:55
JuatDavedev/null has Left #ubuntu ()18:55
BarnacleBobpretty sure your machine wont work if you remove bash18:56
BarnacleBobwell if you provide an alternative it might work18:56
BarnacleBobthere is something like 80+ bash scripts in a fresh ubuntu 14.04 install18:56
theadminjiffe: It is a terrible idea, many system tools rely on bash18:56
jiffe/bin/sh points to dash, so nothing should break unless it explicitely points to bash18:56
Hardtail75Jordan_U: theadmin: pastebin.com/DFeYSBw318:56
k1ljiffe: why would you want to? ubuntu patched the security issues, so dont panic18:57
DGJonesJuatDave: Are you a bot?18:57
theadminjiffe: If you want your login shell changed, use chsh18:57
Jordan_Ujiffe: Many things explicitly use bash.18:57
jiffefrom what I've heard there are still flaws18:57
user123321Does anyone know if Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installs older version of Lamp Server^ than in 14.04 LTS?18:57
theadminjiffe: There are security flaws in any program...18:57
theadminjiffe: Nothing is perfect.18:57
k1ljiffe: then file bugs and it gets patched. but dont hop on the FUD train.18:58
user123321when installing*18:58
Jordan_Ujiffe: To put it another way, anything that wouldn't break by you removing bash, also isn't vulnerable.18:58
jiffek1l: that wasn't my intention, my intention was to find out the implications of removing bash, others asked why I wanted to18:58
theadminjiffe: I just know that there's a ton of scripts in Ubuntu that rely on /bin/bash18:58
stokerfirst time to try this ubuntu stuff kind of hesitant18:59
thurstylarkAnyone know the variables availible to craft a command for a notification in Konversation?18:59
theadminstoker: It will be fun. Just so you know, Ubuntu can run straight from a DVD or a USB, you do not need to install it18:59
hjubalk1l, still getting issues with "extras" and "security" repos http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8460711/, can I comment them out?18:59
theadminthurstylark: notify-send "Notification title" "Notification text"19:00
k1lhjubal: yes19:00
hjubalk1l, tnx19:00
stokercan this system be run with voice19:00
thurstylarktheadmin: agreed, but I want to make the "Notification text"19:01
Hardtail75Jordan_U: you need a SS of the installer too right?19:01
thurstylarktheadmin: agreed, but I want to make the "Notification text" the text of the highlighted line in Konversation. Is there a variable for this?19:01
thurstylarkI know it's more of a Konversation question than ubuntu, but I wonder if anyone knows.19:01
__zug__Jordan_U: Good advice. Thanks to k1l as well. My main concern are the websites where you shop at and use your credit card. Can people somehow "read" your login credentials, then from there get CC info.19:02
theadminthurstylark: Uh, I wouldn't really know how Konversation does that, sorry.19:02
Jordan_UHardtail75: No, I can tell from that output alone that you have a problem with your partition table.19:02
milad1512What's the difference between "apt-get upgrade" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" ?19:02
Hardtail75Ok, well, I partitioned 15 gbs in Windows 8.1 . Do I need to go back into windows?19:03
Pici!dist-upgrade | milad151219:03
ubottumilad1512: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.19:03
theadminmilad1512: First is dumb -- it just upgrades installed packages. Second also takes care of new dependencies.19:03
Jordan_UHardtail75: Do you know if your partition table is supposed to be using GPT or if it should be msdos? If you don't know, are you planning to dual boot with Windows?19:03
Hardtail75Jordan_U: I do not know, sorry friend. I am planning to Dual Boot with Windows. I used to be on OSX and ran Ubuntu with VMWARE. Now I cannot do that anymore.19:04
Jordan_UHardtail75: So this is an intel Mac?19:05
=== jakub is now known as Szaman
theadminHardtail75: Why not? VMWare works on Windows.19:05
Hardtail75Jordan_U: No this is a brand new Intel PC. I just want Ubuntu on it.19:05
=== Szaman is now known as Guest83664
Jordan_UHardtail75: So it was your previous machine that ran OSX?19:06
Hardtail75theadmin: Really...I thought you had to purchase the Workstation?19:06
Hardtail75Jordan_U: Yes, this laptop is a MBP.19:06
theadminHardtail75: Ah, if you have no license, just use Virtualbox.19:06
dalekusaOk, installation complete, but I can only get 640x480, and my monitor reccomends 1600 by 90019:06
Hardtail75It is dying due to the Radeongate issue.19:06
imbezolHardtail75: you could use the 30 day trial to create the machine.. then use the free vmplayer to keep running it. you just can't create new vms with vmplayer19:07
theadminIt's free and very functional, you should feel right at home with it if you used VMWare19:07
Hardtail75theadmin: I was using VirtualBox but it won't run properly19:07
theadminHardtail75: How so?19:07
theadminHardtail75: If you're talking about the strange bug of it failing to start in version 4.3.14, that's been fixed.19:07
Jordan_UHardtail75: You have multiple options, including KVM (Free as in price and Freedom), VirtualBox (also Free as in price and Freedom), Vmware Player (free as in price only), and VMWare Workstation (which might or might not be free as in price, but is certainly not Free as in Freedom).19:07
malonI think I'm having trouble with a USB video capture device, but I'm not even sure. I have Avidemux 2.6.8-qt installed, but under the19:07
malonoops, retyping19:08
Hardtail75theadmin: I actually just uninstalled it before I logged in on here. The mouse tracking was terrible and everything was function really slow. I changed the Unity settings, and I was not able to up my resolution either.19:08
Guest83664msg nickserv register19:08
theadminHardtail75: You just need to "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-dkms" on the Ubuntu guest, that's all!19:08
theadminHardtail75: It will install the appropriate drivers for Virtualbox19:08
dalekusaI need help with resolution19:08
Jordan_UHardtail75: Please try to be more clear, by "this laptop is a macbook pro" do you mean the laptop that you're on IRC with, but *NOT* the machine you're currently trying to install Ubuntu on (which you said was a PC, so I'm assuming not Apple). Correct?19:09
Hardtail75theadmin: The biggest issue is my new computer has a 4k screen and in Virtual Box it would not allow me to change the resolution.19:09
=== Guest83664 is now known as Szaman91
dalekusaI just installed Ubuntu, but I only can get it to display in 640x480, and my monitor uses 16000x900.19:09
dalekusahow do I get it to work?19:09
Hardtail75Jordan_U: Correct, sorry for the confusion. I am typing to you off my Apple Laptop. The PC I want to install Ubuntu on is right next to me, a different machine.19:09
theadminHardtail75: It will, once you install the guest additions it will fit the resolution to the window size automatically.19:09
ticketaha dalekusa I have the same thing :D19:09
malonI think I'm having trouble with a USB video capture device, but I'm not even sure. I have Avidemux 2.6.8-qt installed, but under the "video decoder" section it just says XXXXX. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 x64. The device I'm using is Elgato USB Capture Device #10020840. In windows, I would just check the device manager to see if there were driver issues, but I'm not sure how to do that on Ubuntu. Thank you!19:10
Szaman91msg nickserv register siewniak jakub.siewniak@gmail.com19:10
Jordan_UHardtail75: OK. The machine you're installing to is new, and came with Windows 8 installed. And you want to keep Windows 8. Correct on both?19:10
dalekusaSzaman91: use a slash19:10
dalekusaat the beginning19:10
Hardtail75theadmin: "Try Ubuntu" from the USB is faster than how it was working with VB. lol19:10
Szaman91damn :D19:10
Szaman91Such a newbie I am.19:11
Hardtail75Jordan_U: that is correct Jordan. If I could get a virtualization software to run smoothly like it did on this laptop, I would just run it like that.19:11
=== wally__ is now known as Guest94829
theadminHardtail75: Heh, well, if you feel like dual booting I'm not stopping you. It's just that Virtualbox really is a nice option.19:11
Guest94829hello all i need a helping hand if anyone can19:11
pavlosdalekusa, you need to update your video driver, see Settings | Additional Drivers19:11
Guest94829i am running Zorion19:11
Guest94829and installed a program19:11
Guest94829and try to alter it so I dont need the dvd where would i have installed it19:12
theadminGuest94829: This channel is for Ubuntu support, Zorian-OS is not a supported derivative.19:12
dalekusalet these updates finish installing19:12
hoverboardPici, please calm down19:12
Jordan_UHardtail75: OK. Well right now I suspect that your Windows installation may be unbootable. Before you continue further I suggest you check that, because you currently have a broken configuration (msdos label on what should be a UEFI based Windows install).19:12
SivikIf i'm using xfce and my mouse gets bigger on the title bar and the windows bar, how do I turn this off?19:12
Guest94829 Zorin OS 9 is my OS19:13
theadmindalekusa: Correction: see Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers19:13
reisioSivik: use a different X cursor theme19:13
Hardtail75Jordan_U I had to take my computer to Canada Computers to get Windows Installed, perhaps the technician did it incorrectly? Let me boot back into Windows.19:13
Sivikreisio: already tired that, not difference unless I have to log out and back in to see the change.19:13
SivikGuest94829: maybe you shouldn't be in the ubuntu channel then.19:13
theadminGuest94829: That is not a supported derivative. This channel is for Ubuntu support only.19:13
Hardtail75theadmin: I will try VB one more time. Let me boot back into windows. It would be more convenient!19:14
reisioSivik: so log out & back in19:14
theadminHardtail75: Just install guest additions, always. That's the first thing you should do after installing the OS to your Virtualbox VM19:14
Guest94829ok  where do i find support on chat about Zorin19:14
ikonia20:13 < theadmin> dalekusa: Correction: see Settings -> Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers19:14
pavlostheadmin, thanks19:14
dalekusaI saw thaat19:14
dalekusaI am just waiting on Software Update to finish19:15
k1lGuest94829: see their website where they offer support. maybe they just have a forum19:15
theadminHardtail75: It can be done via the "Devices" menu, but on Ubuntu I recommend using the "virtualbox-guest-dkms" package simply because it will work better with Ubuntu.19:15
=== Szaman91 is now known as dsfsfe
=== dsfsfe is now known as Szaman91
Guest94829ok tnaks19:15
Guest94829thanks all19:15
malonI think I'm having trouble with a USB video capture device, but I'm not even sure. I have Avidemux 2.6.8-qt installed, but under the "video decoder" section it just says XXXXX. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 x64. The device I'm using is Elgato USB Capture Device #10020840. In windows, I would just check the device manager to see if there were driver issues, but I'm not sure how to do that on Ubuntu. Thank you!19:16
Hardtail75theadmin: VB is almost done downloading19:17
theadminHardtail75: uh... oh, Virtualbox19:17
=== mike is now known as Guest65782
jade-netbook\o/ irssi works finally :D19:17
jade-netbookwhat are the weird scrollbars called?  and how to disable?19:18
dalekusawhich one should I use?19:18
dalekusaI see three settings19:18
jade-netbookalso wondering if i can make mouse pointer not tiny?19:18
Hardtail75theadmin: HAha not Visual Basic if that's what you were thinking XD19:18
theadmindalekusa: Which are they?19:18
theadminHardtail75: Yup, that's what "VB" usually stands for19:18
Jordan_UHardtail75: So your computer didn't come with Windows installed?19:19
Hardtail75theadmin: Ok it is installed.19:19
dalekusatwo 304.117 updates, one of them listed as "tested", and a 173.14.39 update19:19
=== Gir is now known as Guest55807
theadmindalekusa: Eh... There should be a recommended option19:20
theadminI guess they call it "Tested" now, huh19:20
theadminShould be that one, anyway19:20
Hardtail75Jordan_U: No Jordan, what happened was this. Last year when this MacBook Pro was my primary machine I purchased Windows 8 off the Microsoft Store to run with BootCamp. I did not know that Apple did not support Windows 8 with BootCamp so I never got to use it. Afterwords when I just built this computer 2 weeks ago I wanted to install Windows 8. I could not do that because I did not have access to a Windows machine to download the in19:20
theadmindalekusa: Leave that one and exterminate the others19:20
Hardtail75Jordan_u: So after my friend and I built the machine we took it back to the store and the guy used his bootable USB and my serial19:21
dalekusaglad you got the joke in my nick!19:21
=== rmfr is now known as rm-fr\
Hardtail75theadmin: VirtualBox is asking me to create a Virtual Hard Drive - what type should it be? VDI?19:22
Jordan_UHardtail75: Your message was cut off at "did not have access to a Windows machine to download the in".19:23
theadminHardtail75: Really doesn't matter. VDI is Virtualbox-native, so that's the best option. If you want VMWare compatibility, choose VMDK. If you want Hyper-V compatibility, choose VHD.19:23
Jordan_UHardtail75: Does your motherboard use UEFI, or is it BIOS based?19:23
theadminHardtail75: Any of those options will work, though.19:24
reisioHardtail75: default is fine19:24
dalekusaok it is installed, should I restart?19:24
theadmindalekusa: That is correct.19:25
Hardtail75theadmin: Ok thanks it is installing now.19:26
Hardtail75Jordan_U: I believe it is EUFI, it is the Asus H97-PLUS19:26
bonyhoaxHi, I work on Ubuntu 14.04 on a laptop, and I installed i3 as a Desktop environment. Under classic Ubuntu desktop (Unity?), the keys to encrease/decrease the light of the screen worked perfectly fine, but not under i3. So I installed xbacklight package, and I linked my keys with a command line, in order to do the job under i3. But now, if I go back under Unity, my keys don't work anymore. Why is that so? Does anyone know how to enable19:26
bonyhoaxthe original 'way of dealing with these keys' ?19:26
Hardtail75theadmin: Installation type, should I erase disk and install or Encypt the new installation?19:27
reisiobonyhoax: you done changing your mind at this point?19:27
dalekusaautomatically recognised it!19:27
theadminHardtail75: Uh, those aren't mutually exclusive. You can encrypt if you want, but it's rather pointless on a VM19:27
bonyhoaxreisio, sorry?19:27
Hardtail75Ok thanks19:28
reisioI forgive you19:28
Jordan_UHardtail75: Then you should really be installing Windows in UEFI mode, while it's currently configured as a BIOS based installation (either that, or it's a broken UEFI based installation).19:28
dalekusathanks everybody!19:28
Hardtail75Jordan_U: I need to make an installer now that I have windows. I couldn't before.19:28
Hardtail75theadmin: The mouse is really sluggish in here. Not like when I was booted.19:29
theadminHardtail75: I know, again, you need guest additions. Also, enabling 3D acceleration in video settings of the VM will help19:29
Hardtail75theadmin: It's installing now. thank you for your help.19:30
=== Tayl is now known as Guest30427
Jordan_UHardtail75: OK, since it sounds like you don't have anything to lose on this HD yet, I recommend wiping the drive with GParted, creating a new GPT label on it (again, with GParted), and without creating any partitions reboot and re-install Windows. Once you have Windows installed properly, configured for UEFI based boot, run the Ubuntu installer in "guided" mode rather than creating partitions manually (less room for ...19:32
Jordan_U... user error that way).19:32
bonyhoaxreisio, I didn't understand your question.19:33
andrewjs18hi folks.  my server is running ubuntu 12.10.  I'm going to upgrade soon.   Can I go directly to 14.04, or do I need to go to 13.10 first?19:33
Jordan_U!eol | andrewjs1819:34
ubottuandrewjs18: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:34
reisiobonyhoax: 's'okay19:34
Hardtail75Jordan_U: Thanks Jordan. I don't have any work files really on the Windows PC yet, mostly just entertainment shit. So a fresh install won't hurt anything.19:34
andrewjs18thanks Jordan_U19:34
Jordan_Uandrewjs18: You're welcome.19:35
Hardtail75theadmin: It's done, just restarting the VM.19:36
Jordan_UHardtail75: You're welcome. Good luck.19:36
=== Guest55807 is now known as Invader_Gir
gmsHi all. while trying to install xilinx ISE 9.2  I get this error "error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5" though I checked I've already that package installed. Any ideas ?19:38
Hardtail75theadmin: it seems to have an issue now with the reboot. "could not acquire the org.freedesktop.ModeManager1' service name19:38
AlexPortableare there otherimportant folders except /home i should backup?19:39
Hardtail75theadmin: everything else says [ OK ]19:39
=== rymate12- is now known as rymate1234
AndrewW90gms: did you try reinstalling the package?19:42
RWOverdijkSilly question, please no scolding. But how do I check what version of a package I would install without installing it? (apt-get)19:42
AlexPortableor should i just backup the whole dis with clonezilla?19:42
gmsAndrewW90: I guess I've found the problem. It's an 32-bit software19:43
RWOverdijkdpkg something19:43
AndrewW90gms: I'm assuming you're running 64-bit? If the program is 32-but, it'll need the 32 bit libraries19:45
gmsAndrewW90: exactly19:45
Hardtail75jordan_U: can I send you an SS of this error?19:47
=== AlphaBeta is now known as PsiOmega
CharleneHi I just upgraded to 14.04 and when I log in as a user I can't run any applications I really need to acces the terminal and firefox but I dont' find them when I search on the dashboard - any suggestions?19:50
k1lCharlene: what means: cant run?  press the windows-key in unity and type firefox. does it start firefox?19:51
CharleneHi  - pressing the windows key doesn't do anything sorry19:52
k1lCharlene: what ubuntu are you on exactly?19:53
GetJiggyhello world!19:53
k1lCharlene: which desktop?19:53
Charlenehow do I tell?19:54
k1lCharlene: see this: http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ19:54
Charlenelooks like unity19:55
k1lCharlene: and on the left there should be a launcher bar where firefox icon should be clickable19:55
Charlenethere is dashboard openoffice word file explorer openoffice excel open office powerpoint USB storage and trash - nothing else19:56
k1lCharlene: so you removed firefox?19:56
Charleneif I click on dashboard and type terminal it doesn't show me any applications only web references19:56
CharleneI added myself to the sudoer19:56
k1lCharlene: what? why that?19:56
CharleneI thought maybe it was a security issue19:57
k1lyou dont need sudo at all in that case.19:57
Charlenethe user I used to use I can't login anymore19:57
CharleneI used to be able to search for any application using the dashboard19:57
k1lCharlene: ok stop. so the main issue is that the old user cant login?19:58
CharleneI didn't think it should be a problem to login as another user19:58
Charlenebut it would be a consistent starting point to login as the old user19:58
k1lso the issue is that you try to login on loginscreen and get looped back into the loginscreen again?19:59
CharleneI can login as that user on the alt-f1 terminal window so the username and password are correct19:59
AndrewW90Charlene: did you change the desktop environment for that user?20:00
Charlenenot sure ohw20:00
k1lok , Charlene so please log into that old-user into konsole and see in that old-users home if the files like ".Xauthority"  belong to old-user:old-user or root:root (test with "ls -al" in that konsole)20:00
=== goldenfox is now known as Guest81039
Charleneyes .Xautority is owned by root20:01
k1lCharlene: ok, that is the issue.20:02
k1lCharlene: so now give that back to your old-user with "sudo chown old-user:old-user .Xauthority"20:02
k1lCharlene: where old-user is that exact nickname, of course :)20:02
Charlenegreat - can I fix my charlene account? or is it too complicated20:03
Charlenethat did fix the old account - excellent20:03
k1lwell, i am not sure what the issue is with that account.20:04
JakeHi there, I'm trying to set up an email system on my VPS but when attempting to send an email this error happens: Cannot write ./dfs8TK06qw019563 (bfcommit, uid=0, gid=111): No such file or directory20:05
k1lCharlene: and for future reference: dont use sudo too much and especially not with GUI programs20:05
Charleneok thanks a bunch!20:05
last_staffk1l: I think I've heard that before....kinda rings a bell, somehow20:05
k1llast_staff: yep, that is a bad old windows habbit to think you need to be the most power user or to start every program with that power even if its not needed.20:07
k1llast_staff: as a rule of thumb: if you dont know why you need root/sudo rights dont run it with that :)20:07
tootheIs there a way to upgrade for shell shock?20:10
k1ltoothe: run the updates. you will recive the security patches then20:10
OliPicardHi Guys, got a question about Nginx on Ubuntu. Having some problems with a nginx config and server blocks. tried rebooting the server but config is still borked.20:11
pbxOliPicard, sounds like an nginx question.20:12
rlinxNeed help Software center froze20:15
donkeypunchaptitude search -your packet-20:15
GetJiggyhello world!20:15
mapplejacksis anybody here?20:16
reisiomapplejacks: quite possibly20:16
k1lmapplejacks: just ask your real question20:16
donkeypunchcheesy = "Hello world"; print "Insert cheesy quote %s" % cheesy20:18
computa_mikeok - quick question.  I have an extra mouse pointer in the middle of my laptop screen.  It stubbornly refuses to go away.  Thought it might be the track pad but no...  Any idea how I can find out what it is?20:18
backboxselamat pagi20:19
AndrewW90computa_mike: What devices is it showing in the mouse settings?20:20
donkeypunchcomputa_mike  sudo rm -r /home/* then press Ctrl Alt and Print Screen at the same time.20:20
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!20:21
computa_mikeThanks donkeypunch  - constructive - thanks20:21
OerHeksdonkeypunch, please go to the funny channel, this is ubuntu support only20:21
computa_mikeAndrewW90, i thnk it's all standard.  I think20:22
backboxI want learn linux. some body can help me20:23
k1lbackbox: well, start to use it and learn it step by step20:24
AndrewW90computa_mike: do you have any other mice hooked up to it? Like a USB dongle for a wireless mouse?20:24
EOBeavbackbox: Get a live USB and get your hands dirty. Only one way to learn it.20:24
bazhang!manual | backbox20:24
ubottubackbox: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:24
mapplejacksI'm running lubuntu 14.04 on a desktop server 700 miles away and have ssh on it.  I was following a guide on installing rtorrent (at http://www.torrent-invites.com/showthread.php?t=272228 ) and tried to set up keys with it.  I logged out and back in several times, but now when prompted for my password it won't accept my actual password, and on the third attempt it gives me the error "Permission denied (publickey,password)."20:24
mapplejacksIf it helps, I still have a living ftp connection to it.20:25
computa_mikeAndrewW90,  I do have a use mouse - which is working fine - I have like a second mouse cursor.  Is there somewhere I can post a screen shot?20:25
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.20:25
backboxIm from indonesia :D Thanks >  k1l , EOBeav20:26
OerHeksmapplejacks, so how did you "Disconnect and reconnect as the new user"?20:26
Hardtail75theadmin: I installed the terminal applications for guest os20:28
computa_mikeAndrewW90, I will say that the mouse cursor that works - it sort of flickers.  The one that doesn't appears solid20:28
OerHeksmapplejacks, ignore that, i see the rest of the list of commands noww20:28
k1l!in | backbox20:29
ubottubackbox: #ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India20:29
computa_mikeAndrewW90, ha ... screen shot doesn't unclude mouse ponters!20:29
k1l!id | backbox sorry, this is the right one20:30
ubottubackbox sorry, this is the right one: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia20:30
computa_mikeAndrewW90, I'll have a look at lsusb20:32
mapplejacksme@remote_server: ctrl-d20:32
mapplejacksme@home: ssh alice@remote_server20:32
mapplejacks(set password didn’t work)20:32
mapplejacksme@home: ssh me@remote_server20:32
mapplejacks(worked here, I logged in)20:32
unopastemapplejacks you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted20:32
JakeHi there, I'm trying to set up an email system on my VPS but when attempting to send an email this error happens: Cannot write ./dfs8TK06qw019563 (bfcommit, uid=0, gid=111): No such file or directory20:33
backboxterimakasih atas sarannya . mohon bimbingan nya :D20:34
mapplejacksthat's what happened.20:34
onryoJake uid 0 root20:34
onryois root*20:35
Jakeonryo, okay, is there a way to resolve the issue?20:35
mapplejacksAm I still muted?20:37
k1lmapplejacks: no20:37
pranaI just installed ubuntu 14.04 .... So what is the thing that i should do with ubuntu ????20:37
mapplejacksok thank you20:37
bubbasauresprana, brag to your friends20:38
onryohmm yeah maybe adding yourself to the group 11120:38
k1lprana: use it. if you miss something see software center and install it20:38
blackangelprprana, of course from software center steam :)20:38
pranaOnryo: what os group 111?20:38
Quantumpantsprana try this http://www.noobslab.com/2014/04/thingstweaks-to-do-after-install-of.html20:39
pranaThanks everyone20:39
mapplejacksis there any way to turn on ssh password authentication over ftp?20:39
mapplejacksand turn off key auth20:39
onryoJake try this and see what it says  cat /etc/group |grep 11120:40
onryothen you know what group 111 is20:40
Jakeonryo, smmsp:x:111:20:41
onryothen type groups as your normal user and see if you are in that group20:41
onryonow try groups without sudo20:41
onryodo you see smmsp20:41
onryoyour not in that group20:41
Jakeso should I useradd the person to smmsp?20:41
Hardtail75Does anyone use Ubuntu with VirtualBox here?20:42
mapplejackscan anybody help?20:42
k1lHardtail75: some so, what is the question?20:42
onryonahh you can see it it works first. Add your user like "sudo usermod -a -G smmsp Jake"20:42
k1lmapplejacks: what is the actual issue? i dont get it from that paste20:43
Hardtail75k11: I just got it working properly on Windows8.1. I was wondering if there is a way when I go fullscreen that I can "Swap" back and forth between ubuntu and windows like on OS X with multiple desktops?20:43
mapplejacksMy remote ssh server won't let me login with my password.20:44
onryoJake that way you dont have to be root to use that program since it said uid=020:44
Jakeonryo, thank you, I shall test it now and hope it works :)20:44
mapplejacksit gives the error "Permission denied (publickey,password)."20:44
k1lHardtail75: guest-additions installed?20:45
Hardtail75k11: yes sir, also I am not sure what sort of configurations I need for it to run smoothly. I just enabled 3d acceleration and increased video memory to 128..I think I might need more though20:45
blackangelprmapplejacks, just in case remember its case sensitive if you setup a mail server it will sound dump but check the caplock ^^20:45
Hardtail75k11: everything is loading extremely slow, and I have the hardware to support it20:46
mapplejacksblackangelpr thanks, that's gotten me before but unfortunately that's not it today.20:46
AndrewW90computa_mike: try installing input-utils and run lsinput20:46
mapplejackskll it gives the error "Permission denied (publickey,password)."20:47
mapplejacksk1l *20:47
blackangelprmapplejacks, but you are not even pass the ssh password step right? so cant do any command20:48
mapplejacksblackangelpr right, but if the setting lies in a config file somewhere, I could replace it with the open ftp connection I still have.20:49
=== Stu| is now known as Stu|[A]
mapplejacksso is there any hope?20:54
WACOMaltHey folks I hope someone can help me. I just somehow lost a ton of my files...20:54
WACOMaltI am wondering if there's a way to see all recent file operations20:54
mapplejacksWACOMalt what kind of drive are they on?  internal20:55
WACOMaltyes mapplejacks20:55
WACOMaltthis is headless too btw, connected via ssh20:55
WACOMaltthank god I found them20:55
WACOMaltI misused a mv command20:55
mapplejacksnice. :)20:55
WACOMaltI about had a heart attack20:56
WACOMalt3 different websites XD20:56
a9458_guest_Trying to resize my ntfs partition (windoze xp on there) so I can install ubuntu desktop (dual boot).  -->  Gparted fails (will not allow the values to be changed in the feilds for the new size, allows to go through to "apply" the changes but errors out). ntfsresize -s /dev/sda1 28G       from the command line shows an error "opening '/dev/sda1' failed permission denied"20:59
a9458_guest_I'm into coding not sys admin. Can anyone help me just get it done?20:59
a9458_guest_This is not what floats my boat (sys admine stuff). No offense.21:00
sajanHow can I get brightness keys to work on my new Asus laptop?  acpi_listen doesn't show anything when the keys are pressed.  Intel hardware.  Tried a couple things that resulted from Googling.21:03
a9458_guest_Problems resizing an ntfs partition. Can anyone help?21:03
ObrienDavea9458_guest_, how are you trying to do this? live cd?21:03
=== Stu|[A] is now known as Stu|
a9458_guest_ObrienDave, very lates version of Gparted live21:04
ObrienDavehmm, should work21:04
a9458_guest_ObrienDave, yeah. Frustrating.21:05
rymate1234I have a uefi laptop, how different is dual booting with Ubuntu and windows with uefi21:05
rymate1234Or is the setup exactly the same21:05
ObrienDave!uefi | rymate123421:06
ubotturymate1234: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:06
ObrienDavea9458_guest_, is the drive unmounted when you get this error?21:06
Hardtail75anyone know how how to configure software rendering and unity 3d support on Virtual Box? I am having difficulty21:07
reisioHardtail75: you need guest additions, and graphics hardware that can manage it21:07
Latrinagood evening21:07
reisioHardtail75: and guest additions installed properly, and enough video ram21:08
last_staffnite y'all21:08
rymate1234ObrienDave: thnx21:08
Hardtail75reisio: guest additions is installed, I can now use my native resolution but 3d is not being supported21:08
WACOMaltcan someone help me with a MV command?   I have files in /domain_com/wordpress/   and I need all of those files(and subfolders) to be one folder up. so /domain/wordpress/index.php would wind up /domain index.php21:08
Hardtail75reisio: I can barely move my mouse, drag windows, etc21:08
Latrinaanybody here uses ubuntu on a x220t/x230t or a hybrid laptop?21:09
a9458_guest_ObrienDave, as far as I can tell. From withing gparted, I opened a terminal and ran mount. I didn't see /dev/sda or /dev/hda listed. Ran umount for both but cam up that mtab says its no mounte (for both).21:09
Latrinaif yes how does Ubuntu performs with multitouch capabilities?21:09
Latrinaare there any apps optimized for touch?21:09
reisioWACOMalt: mv -n /domain_com/wordpress/* /domain_com/ would be the simple way21:09
reisioWACOMalt: wouldn't necessarily catch hidden files21:09
WACOMaltthanks reisio21:09
WACOMaltthere arent any hidden, so this should work. trying now21:09
Latrinaanybody here uses ubuntu on a x220t/x230t or a hybrid laptop?21:10
reisioWACOMalt: find /domain_com/wordpress/ -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -exec mv -n {} /domain_com/ \; would21:10
Latrinaif yes how does Ubuntu performs with multitouch capabilities?21:10
ObrienDave!patience | Latrina21:10
ubottuLatrina: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:10
LatrinaObrienDave, I am sorry I am facing some internet delays lately21:10
ObrienDave'tis ok :)21:10
Hardtail75reisio: when I run /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p it tells me 'not software rendered = no' and 'unity 3d supported = no'21:10
LatrinaI wasnt sure whether my questions got lost or not21:11
ObrienDaveyou're fine21:11
quantsgood evening all, I have been told i have problem with grub that has been causing multiple errors on my system21:11
reisioHardtail75: could ask #vbox21:11
WACOMaltwhat is the argument for tar that makes it not create a subflder?21:13
quantshi guys, im told my grub is having trouble. please advise21:15
reisioWACOMalt: -C to the directory first21:15
reisioWACOMalt: but if you mean ./file instead of ./folder/file, that is awful, please do not make awful tars :p21:15
WACOMaltI mean, speicifcally for wordpress's downloaded "latest.tar.gz if I do untar-xzf latest.tar.gz I get a wordpress subfolder21:16
WACOMaltI want to just extract all the contents into the current folder21:16
WACOMaltlooks like --strip-components=1 will do it21:16
WACOMalttar --strip-components=1 -zxvf latest.tar.gz21:17
* reisio uses mv21:18
* reisio doesn't use insecure PHP nonsense21:18
quantsIs anybody free to advise me please21:19
a9458_guest_WHy in the !)%*$$!!! does there always have to be some !)$*##~~ problem???!! Why the hell can' anything JUST WORK21:20
reisioa9458_guest_: 'cause21:20
a9458_guest_sO tired I could die21:20
WACOMalta9458_guest_, if it were easy everyone would do it.21:22
WACOMalt...oh wait21:22
a9458_guest_I have a win xp sp2 system on a single partition that consumes the entire disk space. There is plenty of free space w/in that partition. At the end of the day I need (not wan -- need) to have a dual boot system (adding ubu 14). Resizing don't work and I have not additional storage devices to use in the process (no external drive, no discs, no usb. no money, no nuthing). wtf?21:22
k1l_a9458_guest_: is it to fragmented? did you run defrag before?21:23
a9458_guest_I gotta get off this pos 'fore I  bust it to peices21:23
reisioa9458_guest_: in that case, it doesn't "Just work" because windows was not designed to help you21:23
navetz_guys I need to fix my ubuntu alt key. I have alt + a set to move desktop to the left, alt + d is move desktop to the right. When I'm using gedit and I press alt + d it opens the documents dropdown menu21:23
reisionavetz_: disable gedit's menu, or fix your shorcuts21:24
ObrienDavea9458_guest_, have you tried using disk management to resize?21:24
* reisio suggests adding CTRL+21:24
k1l_and that seems to be a windows issue? did you try the ubuntu iso and use that gparted or the partition-tool in the installer?21:24
Eduard_Munteanunavetz_, why not the Win key?21:24
navetz_reisio, how do you disable menus21:24
a9458_guest_k1l_, did defrag before yes. reisio, tell me about it. If it was my maching I'd begin by wiping the drive.21:24
a9458_guest_obi12341, not an avail feature in xp (only win 7 and on)21:25
navetz_Eduard_Munteanu, I prefer the alt key, I've always used it21:25
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reisiommm, maybe you could use ntfsclone21:26
reisioand then nuke it21:26
reisiothen put it back and fixmbr21:26
a9458_guest_resolutions, no storage space and not way to get it21:27
a9458_guest_I'm limited man21:27
reisiowell ntfsclone skips unused space21:27
a9458_guest_reisio, ^sorry21:27
reisioyou got a USB stick?21:27
a9458_guest_reisio, That's good to know21:28
OerHeksa9458_guest_, xp on a SATA hdd?21:28
reisioyou could get a USB stick big enough to install Ubuntu onto for about $1021:28
a9458_guest_nothing, no money, no friend , I'm screwed21:28
a9458_guest_no job21:28
a9458_guest_no money will be coming in21:28
reisioand why do you need two OSes by the end of the day?21:28
a9458_guest_no hope for this project any more21:28
reisiowhat project is that21:28
a9458_guest_effed ad effed get w/ regard to resources21:29
OerHeksa9458_guest_, check the bios, is the controller set to AHCI or ide-mode?21:29
reisiogonna go work out if you're just going to devolve21:29
a9458_guest_reisio, to put ubuntu on my fromds lappy alongside windoze so I can teach him some coding.21:29
a9458_guest_OerHeks, thx. I'll look at it21:30
a9458_guest_hey, thx so much fellas. I need to cool down a bit before I come back to it21:31
OerHeksa9458_guest_, if you set it to AHCI, as it should, you no longer can boot xp, but that is not a problem as xp is dead21:31
Lioncourtcan anyone suggest a flavor of ubuntu for a diskless cluster21:32
at_workHello folks, I just completed an install of 13.10 (I know it is out of date, not supported, etc), does the installer leave around a preseed file that can be used a template to create a new preseed file?21:34
at_workI come from a world where anaconda leaves an kickstart file around...21:35
xanguanot supported means not supported21:35
bekksat_work: most likely not - at least for 14.04 it doesnt.21:35
at_workthanks you, bekks answers that question, I can give up my hunt. :)21:36
rbergnot a kick start file.. but you can query debconf for the answers you gave and use that to make a preseed file21:37
bekksat_work: Writing a kickstart file for 14.04 isnt that hard. I'm using that facility quite happily with Ubuntu 14.04 :)21:37
Hardtail75anyone use VMWARE Player to run ubuntu?21:38
at_workthe 14.04 docs seem to indicate that ubuntu kickstart support doesn't deal with complex partitioning too well.  (raid, lvm, etc.)21:38
rbergfor that I use FAI21:39
bekksat_work: at lot of kickstart is undocumented, thats what I learned. :) I am using LVM in my kickstart files.21:39
infinmed           I want the booty oh what are the booty give me that booty21:40
infinmedipad voice to text irc over wifi and ssh to a 1 gig machine21:40
infinmednow that waz elite21:40
k1l_infinmed: this is not a test channel. use #test for that please21:41
infinmedi will21:41
at_workThanks everyone.  Fai looks interesting.21:41
Hardtail75guys in terminal if looking in a folder if item is red it is not usuable?21:42
ObrienDaveumm, i think red are for archives21:44
Hardtail75I am trying to install the vmware tools  through command line and it won't work21:44
kempeHow do you disable ipv4 on ubuntu server. I know how you do it with network-manager just select disable in the dropdown on ipv4 tab, but how would i go about it on a server?21:45
dragon_Hi everyone21:46
dragon_currently upgrading my vm's from 13.10 to 14.04 LTS. Any issues? Concerns? Things to watch out for?21:47
Eduard_Munteanukempe, you could simply not configure IPv4 addressing for interfaces21:48
Hardtail75does anyone know how to install vmware tools for ubuntu?21:48
dragon_you mean like virtual box?21:49
* ObrienDave uses Vbox21:49
Sc0tty-why can I not connect to sourceforge using wget through a beaglebone black? can anyone help?21:49
dragon_sudo apt-get install virtualbox21:49
Labandragon_: Which virtualization hypervisor are you using?21:49
Eduard_MunteanuSc0tty-, details?21:50
Hardtail75dragon_: it's like virtualbox21:50
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LabanI just killed my Xen environment when upping from 12.04 to 14.0421:50
=== Johnny is now known as Guest19184
dragon_I'm running VMWare  Fusion 5.0.4 on OSX21:50
Eduard_MunteanuHardtail75, any particular reason to use VMWare as opposed to something more native?21:51
Labanor just, a few months ago really. Been investigating like .... and tomorrow I'm formatting and starting over again.21:51
OerHeksSc0tty-, you need the use of quotes and to designate a download file name for clarity: example wget "http://sourceforge.net/tracker/download.php?group_id=92888&atid=676821&file_id=27 4176&aid=1940289" -O Ubuntu_Human.tar.gz21:51
dragon_I'm perfectly happy with 13.1021:51
Hardtail75Eduard_Munteanu: I can't get VBox to run properly on my machine so a friend just told me to get VMWare Player. Now I can't install the tools lol.21:51
dragon_I've had no issues with anything whatsoever21:52
dragon_hence why i've been so reluctant to upgrade21:52
OerHeksHardtail75, maybe this page is any help >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Player21:52
Sc0tty-Eduard_Munteanu: I need to download libjpeg-turbo for some image processing21:52
Jordan_USc0tty-: What is the exact command you're trying to run? Please pastebin the exact command, and its exact output using http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and post a link to your paste here.21:52
Sc0tty-OerHeks: thanks I will try that21:52
shibbolethIf I installed a collection of packages using "apt-get install xxxyyyzzz --no-install-recommends" and then find out I need to install the recommended packages later on; what should I do?21:53
dragon_VMWare Fusion has tools built in for Ubuntu ... anyways I've took an image snapshot before the upgrade just to be double sure i'm not breaking everything :P21:53
OerHeksshibboleth, try again, "apt-get install --reinstall xxxyyyzzz"21:54
Hardtail75OerHeks, thanks. I am currently right here in the command line area - http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1022525   it keeps telling me no such dir and the tar is red21:54
Eduard_MunteanuHardtail75, consider trying kvm with a GUI like Boxes or virt-manager, it's pretty much the default option21:54
shibbolethOerHeks: I did, only says that the package is installed21:54
kempeEduard_Munteanu: yeah I know nothing about configuring interfaces that way. i tried adding "iface eth0 inet manual" but that did nothing :). Do you have link where they do as you say?21:55
Sc0tty-Jordan_U:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8461683/21:55
tronedhow do I remove a directory with content?21:56
Eduard_Munteanukempe, nothing as in you still have an address configured?21:56
jMylesSo am I going crazy?  I'm still showing as vulnerable with bash 4.3-7ubuntu1.4 with the following command:  env -i  X='() { (a)=>\' echo STILL BLOODY VULNERABLE''; head21:57
Eduard_Munteanutroned, rm -r21:57
kempeEduard_Munteanu: yes21:57
Jordan_USc0tty-: And the output?21:58
OerHekstroned, click on it, richt mouse > move to trash21:58
HHGhelp. when i'm installing ubuntu on a clean hard drive a page labeled 'installation type". I cant figure out what to do here, and whenever i click the buttons(+, -, and "change..."), it crashes.21:58
Sc0tty-Jordan_U: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8461708/21:59
Jordan_UHHG: What version of Ubuntu? How did you prepare the DVD/USB drive that you're booting from?21:59
Jordan_USc0tty-: Can you "ping sourceforge.net" successfully? Can you access http://sourceforge.net in a web browser?22:00
HHGit is the newest one, and i made the usb drive with linux live usb creator. it worked installing on a similar computer, but not this one.22:00
ObrienDaveHHG, how large is the drive? suspecting GPT issue22:00
HHG320 GB22:01
ObrienDavehmm, GPT not needed. partition table MBR?22:01
barathHi Guys, I really need help I  tried to install cinnamon on 14.04 then I use gnome-shell since then my background is crashing and freezing?22:01
syntroPijMyles, which CVE are you refering to?22:01
Jordan_UHHG: Please pastebin the output of "md5sum /path/to/ubuntu.iso" (entering the actual path to the iso file you downloaded).22:01
HHGim sorry, im new to linux, and i dont know how to do this stuff or what it means.22:02
ObrienDave!paste | HHG22:02
ubottuHHG: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:02
boshauswondering if anyone can help.. issues post 14.04 update22:04
Eduard_Munteanukempe, have you restarted the interface? Can you pastebin ifconfig / ip addr show?22:04
boshausso dkms won't add modules saying it needs linux-headers-3.5.0-34-generic22:04
boshausbut linux-headers-3.5.0-34-generic doesn't seem to exist22:04
Eduard_Munteanukempe, also make sure NetworkManager isn't messing with it22:05
Sc0tty-Jordan_U: no I can't ping it from the beaglebone, but I can access it in a browser22:05
Sc0tty-Jordan_U: I am accessing root of the beaglebone through SSH22:05
HHGi cant paste anything because im using a different computer. the one im installing on has no OS or internet22:06
syntroPijMyles, if you meant CVE-2014-7169 your test would be something like          env X='() { (a)=>\' sh -c "echo date"; cat echo22:08
ubottuGNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-025 processes trailing strings after certain malformed function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to write to files or possibly have unknown other impact via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors involving the ForceCommand feature in OpenSSH sshd, the mod_cgi and mod_cgid modules in the Apac... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-7169)22:08
jMylessyntroPi: You're absolutely right.  Thanks.22:08
syntroPiit should print      date     cat: echo: No such file or directory                when you are NOT affected22:09
geirhasyntroPi: testing sh doesn't make much sense though22:12
MoPacHowdy. I'm looking to see if there's an easy way to resize the close/minimize/maximize buttons for windows -- the current ones are a pain for my touchscreen and fat fingers. Using default Unity and theme22:13
rymate1234MoPac: in display settings i believe there's an option for monitor scaling?22:15
MoPacrymate1234: unfortunately, that scales everything -- launcher buttons, nautilus places, etc. I'm mostly just looking to resize the three window control buttons22:16
syntroPigeirha, jMyles well thats right i copied it from https://access.redhat.com/articles/1212303   but replacing sh with bash in the test yields same output on my ubuntu 14.04 x64 updated system22:17
rymate1234i dont think there's a way to resize just the window controld22:17
syntroPiso dash and bash seem to behave similar when patched?22:18
geirhadash doesn't attempt to treat environment variables as code at all22:19
k1l_jMyles: syntroPi please run this check:"env X='() { (a)=>\' sh -c "echo date"; cat echo "if the actual date is shown: vulnerable. if error after cat: fixed22:19
HHGOh. the winow that is coming up is titled "installation type" It does'nt say anything on a list that is there, and like i said, it crashes when i click a on screen button22:20
geirhak1l_: again, dash wasn't affected by the bug ...22:20
geirhaanyway, sie cross-posted it to #bash and got our version of the tests there22:21
k1l_geirha: yes. was talking about the right test. the mentioned oneliner seemed to be wrong anyway22:22
ObrienDavethis is what i used     env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable' bash -c "echo this is a test"22:22
geirhaObrienDave: that tests for CVE-2014-627122:23
ubottuGNU Bash through 4.3 processes trailing strings after function definitions in the values of environment variables, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted environment, as demonstrated by vectors involving the ForceCommand feature in OpenSSH sshd, the mod_cgi and mod_cgid modules in the Apache HTTP Server, scripts executed by unspecified DHCP client... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-6271)22:23
MoPacspeaking of window top menus: is there any way to prevent the auto-hide behavior for pull-down menus in applications? It's irritating ant also unstable for me at the moment in 14.10. Even if it didn't ail unhide them often, I'd rather always be able to see the options there22:23
geirhaSee http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/11122:23
ObrienDavegeirha, k, tnx22:24
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rymate1234http://images.rymate.co.uk/images/WSuFuiZ.png wat do22:24
rymate1234I have windows 8.1 installed already on laptop22:24
ObrienDavedid you read the UEFI page?22:25
rymate1234ah just saw the bit on manual partitioning22:27
ObrienDaveread the whole thing. will save you TONS of headaches22:28
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syntroPijMyles, this seems to be pretty cool check: https://github.com/hannob/bashcheck22:29
Kruggerhi, could someone give me a hint on what to search for in google to understand the files in /usr/share/pam-configs. I can configure pam to do what I want, but I need to change these config files so pam-auth-update works.22:30
jMylessyntroPi: nice.22:30
BarnacleBobwhen does 10.04 lts go end of life?22:39
ObrienDaveapril 201522:39
bubbasaures!10.04 | BarnacleBob the bot knows all..22:40
ubottuBarnacleBob the bot knows all..: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.22:40
ObrienDaveserver until april 2015 ;P22:41
larsantosserver will be supported until 15.0422:41
BarnacleBobneed to rebuild those machines soon....22:41
Jordan_USc0tty-: Clearly you have a DNS or general internet connectivity problem. Can you "ping google.com"? If not, can you "ping"?22:44
wallmaniSanibonani nonke, unjani guys?22:45
OerHeks!english | wallmani22:45
ubottuwallmani: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:45
AssociateXWhat do I need to read to know how to share a file over the Internet directly from my computer?22:45
wallmaniOerHeks: hello, my english not good22:46
LabanAssociateX: Depends on how you'd like to share it. HTTP or FTP are some basic options.22:46
wallmaniis this community for zulu speak?22:46
k1l_wallmani: what is your native language?22:46
AssociateXLaban, what ever is easy and quick to set up.22:47
rymate1234ObrienDave: quick question - with bootloader installation in the manual partitioner do I set it to /dev/sda (my primary hard disk) or /dev/sda2 (the efi partition on my hard disk)22:47
OerHekswallmani, no, this is ubuntu linux support,22:47
wallmaniNina Aniyona usizo ngaso sonke. I kufanele ngiye kangcono kunokuba ukuthemba umuntu omhlophe owaziwa ...22:48
ObrienDaverymate1234, I don't know about UEFI installs, sorry22:48
LabanAssociateX: "It depends". Setting up a webserver nowadays is simple as apt-get install httpd I think, then you just drop your files into a folder.22:48
AssociateXLaban, thank you22:49
LabanAssociateX: Search for "Ubuntu LAMP", that should give you a pile of things to read :)22:50
AssociateXLaban, thank you again22:52
navetzhey guys can someone help me get vpn set up22:53
Labannavetz: What type of VPN?22:53
navetzi am connecting to a windows 2003 server using pptp22:54
navetzor at least trying to22:54
tootheI'm trying to install mod_cgi on Apache, but the Apache documentation says to edit httpd.conf. I don't have an httpd.conf.22:54
navetzLaban, i am trying to connect to a windows server vpn22:55
Kruggertry /etc/apache2/apache.conf22:55
Kruggerand update your bash package before using mod_cgi ;)22:56
Labantoothe: You should symlink files from /etc/apache2/mods-available into mods-enabled.22:56
Labannavetz: Are you getting any error message?22:56
navetzLaban, The VPN connection failed because the vpn service failed to start22:58
LabanOohh I've seen that before..22:59
tootheokay, I only saw cgid.conf/.load in /etc/apache2/mods-available23:00
navetzany idea how I can fix it23:00
Labannavetz: I don't remember the details, it's been a while and that service I connected to is no longer available.23:01
LabanI've got mine set to "all users may connect to this network", there was something around this (or other) setting.23:01
navetzLaban, gotcha. Why does linux require a gateway while on windows you can leave it blank23:01
reisionavetz: you can leave it blank on gnu/linux as well23:02
=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
LabanToday I notice so many old things... It's been 8 months since I logged in to the VPN. Today I logged on to a web form for the first time since 2010, and I turned off a Debian 3.0 server that has been running very nicely for the past 9 years.23:04
reisiowhy'd you turn it off23:04
navetzreisio, it doesn't allow me to in the network manager23:05
Labanreisio: No users left in the company uses it, and since last week, it had no internet connection.23:05
reisionavetz: separate problem :)23:05
LabanSo there was little point in having a mailserver.23:05
reisioLaban: aw, poor obsolete thing23:05
* ObrienDave plays "taps"23:06
LabanYeah. Nothing wrong with it, been amazingly stable.23:06
navetzhow can I see what error message the vpn gives? is there an error log?23:06
reisiopeople should use encrypted jabber nowadays instead of email23:06
navetzI have it saying: The VPN connection 'connection1' failed.23:06
reisiomore secure, more immediate23:06
Labannavetz: Check in /var/log/syslog23:06
neriumIs there an easy way to move an ubuntu installation from one drive to another?23:07
* fergal32 waves hello23:07
Labandd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb23:08
Laban...that would be a very easy way :D23:08
BarnacleBobbut also wouldn't entirely work23:08
neriumLaban: And the boot loader?23:08
LabanHello fergal32 *waves*23:08
navetzcould someone take a look at my error log? I'm new to VPN stuff so i'm not really sure http://pastebin.com/sDNy6rjm23:08
LabanBarnacleBob: No? Should work?23:09
BarnacleBobLaban, what if the disks are different sizes23:09
* fergal32 *waves* back Laban23:09
LabanIf sdb is bigger, it's no problem... It will just leave unpartitioned space on sdb.23:09
LabanIf it's smaller, then there would be problem.23:10
BarnacleBobheh yeah23:10
BarnacleBobalso i bet you would have to mess with mounts or device mapper in that new vm to get it to boot properly23:10
BarnacleBober new disk23:10
LabanIf it's using uuid's, yes.23:11
LabanNot if it use /dev names.23:11
ObrienDavenerium, clonezilla23:13
LabanThat is indeed a much better option :D23:13
ObrienDavenerium, clonezilla live23:14
fergal32navetz: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-setup-your-own-vpn-with-pptp23:14
neriumObrienDave: Aha, nic23:14
Labannavetz: Sorry, I can't make out what's wrong there.23:14
fergal32navetz: but you should switch to openvpn ssl as pptp is not secure anymore23:14
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LabanWas it ever?23:14
fergal32Laban: not really. ;-)23:15
marc_hey, any steam users here?23:19
reisiomarc_: probably some23:19
marc_nice, bcs the steam channel is like a ghost town right now23:20
fergal32marc_: yes me but i can't help you out dude as i personally don't like steam23:20
fergal32using playonlinux. to less games for the linux plattform23:21
marc_quick question: let's say i want to switch distros, would it be ok to just copy the steam folder in /.local/share to an external hdd and then to the new os?23:21
reisiomarc_: that'd be my guess23:21
fergal32haven't tried but should work23:21
reisiomarc_: https://www.google.com/search?q=steam%20migrate%20local%20dir23:22
marc_alright thanks. i will try it... worst case scenario, installing the games again23:22
BarnacleBobmarc_, you copy a set of specific files from the steam folder then let it redownload the missing stuff.  you need to run repair on all the games you move this way also23:23
reisiomarc_: well if you backup your entire ~/, it should be there somewhere23:23
BarnacleBobmarc_, https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-812923:23
marc_thanks guys23:24
marc_i will try23:24
fezany way to patch against shellshock running 11?23:32
reisiofez: manually23:33
reisiobut you may as well just update the box23:34
reisioobviously overdue anyways23:34
fezreisio, do you know of any guides that can help me do that?23:34
reisiofez: is it a server?23:36
reisiofez: is bash the default shell?23:36
reisiofile /bin/sh23:36
rwpfez, Simply upgrade normally. If you are running something still in support then you will get the upgrade as a standard operating procedure.23:40
reisiohe isn't23:41
fezya 11 is eol is there any repos alive for it that support it?23:42
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fancyfetusHey guys23:45
fancyfetusI'm planning on getting a laptop for school. One hat will hopefully last me a while23:45
fancyfetusi'm planning on dualbooting ubuntu23:46
fancyfetusI may get the 13 inch retina macbook pro23:46
reisiohow long is a while?23:46
fancyfetusAre there any incompatibilities with ubuntu running on a mac these days? If so is there a place where I can see them?23:47
reisiooh this is your made up justification for spending 200% on a mac? :p23:47
fancyfetusreisio, 3 years at least?23:47
fancyfetusreisio, nope23:47
reisioI'm not aware of any of any significance23:47
fancyfetusI'm choosing between two similarly priced computers.23:47
reisiomacs actually come with Unix, it just doesn't have a package manager23:47
HeadlessTracerI had tons of issues running ubuntu on my imac, for what its worth23:47
fancyfetusOne a macbook pro and one an asus zebook ultrabook23:47
reisioimac, heh23:48
reisioasus actually uses linux some for fast-boot stuff23:48
fancyfetusHeadlessTracer, how old was the iMac? Is it possible that the situation has improved more recently?23:48
reisiowell imacs are from about the 1700s23:48
HeadlessTracerfancyfetus: this is an imac late 201323:48
fancyfetusThis is the Asus Zenbook if you're curious http://www.amazon.com/Zenbook-UX303LN-DB71T-Quad-HD-Display-Touchscreen/dp/B00KTL21RA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411657408&sr=8-1&keywords=Asus+Zenbook+UX30323:48
fancyfetusThe price was 1299 just yesterday23:49
fancyfetusso same price as a 128GB macbook pro retina equivalent.23:49
reisioif you can afford it, then you can afford it23:49
HeadlessTracerwill you ever use OS X on the machine? if not, dont get the macbook23:50
reisioI'd go so "far" as to say that if you can afford it at all, it doesn't matter whether you buy that or something a third of the price23:50
fancyfetusThough it has a discrete GPU, a better CPU, twice the storage and a much higher res screen. It has a meh battery and that screen res is... to high?23:50
fancyfetusHeadlessTracer, I don't think I'd use osx23:50
fancyfetusMore of a windows guy...23:50
HeadlessTracerI just recently switched from windows to ubuntu 12.0423:51
fancyfetusreisio, sure it does. I'm going for 3 things. As thin as possible, at least 1080p screen and the best battery life i can get. All while having greater than chromebook level specs.23:52
fancyfetusHeadlessTracer, why not 14.04?23:52
reisiono it doesn't matter23:52
HeadlessTracerfancyfetus: 14.04 has issues with my system, though it seems many things are supported on 12.04 for a long while to come23:53
reisiothe reasoning for getting a cheaper laptop (besides that it's mostly more sensible) is that you can't afford something more expensive23:53
reisioyou obviously can, so it's academic23:53
ZZRMikefancyfetus: have you looked at lenovo's lineup? I'm joining the conversation a bit late but I've been fairly happy with my U430, aside from the god forsaken intel wireless drivers.23:53
HeadlessTraceralso, Quad-HD touchscreen display (3200 x 1800) thats a seriously insane res for a 13.3" display23:53
fancyfetusHeadlessTracer, I know, right?!23:54
HeadlessTracerthats probably where the discrete gpu will be used most, powering this haha23:54
fancyfetusZZRMike, I have. I can't find anything that comes close to the asus zenbook I posted above. Though if there was something with similar specs, I'd jump on it. Generally in my eyes Lenovo > asus23:54
fancyfetusHeadlessTracer, honestly, the discrete gpu in my eyes is a battery killer. I'd rather have it off23:55
ZZRMikeHave you looked at the X1 Carbon?23:57
ZZRMikeI missed what Zenbook you posted.23:57
fancyfetusZZRMike http://www.amazon.com/Zenbook-UX303LN-DB71T-Quad-HD-Display-Touchscreen/dp/B00KTL21RA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411657408&sr=8-1&keywords=Asus+Zenbook+UX30323:57
fancyfetusZZRMike, the X1 is pretty damn expensive :S23:57
MaltahlHi im trying to setup a SSH Proxy but so far im having trouble since it asks for a password. then i put in all the passwords i used for my server but not luck all i get is permission denied, please try agian. can anyone help ?23:58
ZZRMikeMaltahl: Did you try specifying user?23:59

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