BlackDalekhmmm.. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the mac says it is "paired" with the ubuntu computer, but not "connected".. Perhaps sending files via bluetooth from mac to ubuntu is just impossible?00:03
avansledrightbluetooth is platform independent00:05
avansledrightas long as the devices are paired and connected it should be possible00:06
avansledrightquestion is why would you send files via bluetooth? are they not networked?00:06
BlackDalekavansledright, yeah... they are not currently networked. My ubuntu computer does not belong on here at this location where the mac is. Just thought bluetooth might be a quick way to transfer the files instead of connecting it temporarily to the network.00:08
BlackDalekavansledright, but not to worry. I just emailed it instead.00:08
avansledrightBlackDalek always a viable option00:09
nik_unityI am seeing errors when trying to access https pages in ubuntu00:12
nik_unityrunning apache200:12
nik_unity    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.00:12
nik_unitythis is what I see00:12
nik_unitycan someone help me troubleshoot this00:12
avansledrightnik_unity your security settings are too high00:13
nik_unityavansledright like which settings00:13
nik_unityfile permissions?00:13
avansledrightmore than likely your actual browser settings00:13
owl_flash crashes most of the time when I resize the video in youtube00:13
avansledrightnik_unity also check http://stackoverflow.com/questions/119336/ssl-error-rx-record-too-long-and-apache-ssl00:14
avansledrightowl_ is flash properly installed?00:14
owl_how can I tell if it's "properly" installed? It runs most of the time.00:14
owl_I have adobe-flashplayer00:15
avansledrighthave you updated it?00:15
owl_avansledright: yes00:16
avansledrighthttp://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ does your version match the up to date list in the lower box?00:17
true78_ok i post my error at paste.ubuntu.com now what00:18
zykotick9true78_: you need to share the actual link00:18
owl_avansledright: yes, 11.2...00:19
_X_C_V_B_I need a good gtk theme00:19
avansledrightowl_ what browser are you using?00:20
owl_avansledright: firefox00:20
bpromptowl_:      you don't happen to run google chrome by any chance?  or chromium?00:20
owl_no I wouldn't install them on my pristine OS00:20
owl_what's software made by an advertising company called? adware00:20
avansledrightowl_ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash00:21
bpromptowl_:    just as a note, adobe has stopped, for a while, support for flash,  however, chromium-engine browsers, include the flash plugin, chromium or opera-beta or google chrome, come with flash 1500:21
owl_gnash worth considering?00:21
bpromptowl_:   I'd say, nope, I've never used it, but reviews on it, wern't so great00:22
nik_unitystackoverflow link helped00:22
true78_is lightspark any good for flash?00:22
nik_unityI did run this command00:23
nik_unitya2ensite default-ssl00:23
avansledrightdid you reboot apache after you ran that command?00:23
nik_unityafter running that and restarting00:23
nik_unitynow I did00:23
nik_unitybefore I remember I did00:23
nik_unityand rebooted the machine multiple times, before trying the same thing now again00:24
nik_unityany way thanks!! avansledright00:24
avansledrightnick_unity no problem!00:24
tgm4883true78_: perhaps one of the linaro channels would be able to help https://www.linaro.org/contact/irc/00:25
k1ltrue78_: you could ask in #ubuntu-arm or ask the community who supports your arm board for experience with that issue00:27
ooppsshello I am trying to mount an encrypted Ubuntu home dir from a live Lubuntu stick00:28
ooppssi checked out this guide http://askubuntu.com/questions/60601/unwrapping-passphrase-and-inserting-into-the-user-session-keyring-failed00:29
ooppssbecause ecryptfs-recover-private does not work00:29
ooppssso then i tried this steps http://askubuntu.com/questions/31675/decrypt-home-from-separate-partition-after-re-install/34169#3416900:29
avansledrightooppss check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94090400:29
ooppssavansledright: but i dont have lvm, just encrypted home dir00:31
avansledrighthow was it encrypted?00:32
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ooppssit asks you on install to encrypt it, and then i gave my login password00:32
ooppssso the passphrase = my login password00:32
ooppssecryptfs-recover-private used to work fine but now doesn't00:33
ooppssavansledright: yeah those seem the steps that  i followed, but when i mount my homedir, the filenames are like ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FWb2-z7jOWonC-Tnab9zTUbFH25CpbGxm1facc.k6XnI5ESwszY--00:34
avansledrightanother article.00:36
avansledrightthat one is much more in-depth ooppss00:37
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AgentBridgessetting up some image compression tools, steps say to install libjepg. i tried but nothing in apt-get that is exact match, tons of options, not sure which to pick: http://pastie.org/1006594200:57
apt-gethello apt-get reporting in00:57
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Guest76952join #ubuntu-cn01:10
daftykinsyou need a /01:11
`hypermist`Sorry k1l its my znc when i disconnect from irc it changes01:11
AudacesHow do you add things to the path on Ubuntu?01:38
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somsipAudaces: export PATH=$PATH:/new/path01:40
Audacessomsip, just for interest tho where is the actual path file at?701:41
somsipAudaces: usually that would be added to .bashrc, .profile or .bash_aliases. It's an environmental variables possibly set up in /etc/bashrc01:42
Audacessomsip, I have alias update='sudo apt-get update' added to .profile yet in terminal there is no change01:44
apt-gethello apt-get here01:44
somsipAudaces: . ~/.profile to effect the changes01:45
AudacesI just ran sudo .profile01:45
somsipAudaces: and you need to ". ~/.profile" or "source ~/.profile" (. is shorthand for source)01:45
hc0d3ri trying compile a file, but it fails01:46
hc0d3rundefined reference to symbol: «CRYPTO_malloc@@OPENSSL_1.0.0»01:46
hc0d3ri have compile with flags -ldl -lssl -lcrypto01:46
Audacessomsip is there anyway to auto run that on boot?01:46
hc0d3r/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.0.0: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line01:47
somsipAudaces: .profile runs when you open a new terminal01:47
veebullJust noticed that the right-click menu on the launcher icons isn't working anymore on my desktop...?01:47
Audacesmy alias doesnt work without running the ". ~/.profile"01:47
somsipAudaces: my preference is to put them in .bash_aliases which is run every time a new shell is created. NOt sure if .profile might only get triggered on login...01:48
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veebullno way to open a new window or instance of any of the apps in my dock01:49
hc0d3rany help ? :)01:49
hc0d3ranyone can help me ?01:51
daftykins!patience | hc0d3r01:52
ubottuhc0d3r: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:52
estudianteDe donde eres?01:52
Audaceshc0d3r what are you trying to compile?01:52
uflaighelp, storage devices are not automounting anymore!01:52
daftykinsenglish only please, estudiante - #ubuntu-es for Spanish01:52
uflaigWhy is that?01:52
Audacesuflaig I have issues with mtp devices mounting at all :/01:53
hc0d3rAudaces,  i code made by a friend, sorry for flood01:53
uflaigAudaces: what do you mean by that01:53
somsiphc0d3r: then you wont get support here. Maybe ##c or ask your friend01:54
daftykinsestudiante: either ask a support question in English, go to #ubuntu-es for Spanish, or #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat :)01:54
estudianteChupame la pija01:54
daftykinsestudiante: it's very childish to hide behind another language and be rude to someone who is just telling you the rules :)01:55
uflaigmy device is not automounting anymore01:56
AegNuddelok I keep getting system program error01:56
daftykinsuflaig: what file system is it?01:56
rishiklhow to check from which ip http request is coming01:56
AegNuddelyhe package is ntp01:56
neldogzis it true that the Ubuntu server kernel is diffrent from the desktop version?01:56
daftykinsneldogz: no, not been true for years01:56
daftykinsused to be.01:57
uflaigdaftykins: ntfs, when I mount it by hand (sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdc1 testfolder), it works01:57
daftykinsuflaig: ah ok, i wondered if it might not have been safely unmounted previous. no idea then01:57
uflaigmy issue is really just that it doesn't automount when I plug in this device via usb01:57
neldogzdaftykins: in the official Ubuntu book (8th edition) it states that the most significant diffrence between the two is the custom server kernel. This kernel employs an internal timer frequency of 100hz instead of the desktop default of 250hz and uses the deadline I/O scheduler instead of the desktop CFQ scheduler.. also states that it contains a batch of other minor tweaks for virtualization, memory support and routing01:58
AegNuddela few weeks ago I upgraded to percise, and this issue has been going on since the start01:59
daftykinsneldogz: mmhmm, out of date book ;)01:59
* AegNuddel wonders if there is any way to copy the info in the crash log02:00
neldogzdaftykins: this isthe most recent book covering Ubuntu 14, published last year02:00
somsip!pasebinit | Audaces02:01
daftykinsneldogz: unless it's referring to the low latency kernel, it's wrong02:01
geosminhow difficult would it be to install ubuntu to a btrfs subvolume?02:01
somsip!pastebinit | Audaces02:01
ubottuAudaces: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:01
neldogzdaftykins: well then it is a diffrent kernel then isnt it?02:02
daftykinsneldogz: *sigh* but i'm the one joining the dots suggesting that's what they might mean, *BUT* server does not use the LL kernel by default.02:02
daftykinsso it's still wrong02:02
Audacespastebin my mtp mounting errors somsip?02:02
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AegNuddelI have the report a problem window.  I can get a log of the information.  What I would like to know is if there is a way to copy this information...02:03
neldogzdaftykins: reason i am asking is because I have read lots of conflicting information online, figured i buy the book.. per the statement above one would have to assume its the kernel that is installed by default02:03
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:03
daftykinsneldogz: just a guess but i wonder if they speak of this in the above02:03
eikon81gAegNuddel, you could just submit it using the tool..? I believe to look into the issue manually you need to use a debugger02:03
somsipAegNuddel: use a pastebin, or take a screenshot and use that in an image pastebin if it's a GUI window02:04
neldogzdaftykins: the manual ?02:04
AegNuddelyes a gui window02:04
daftykinssounds a bit basic come to think of it02:04
daftykinsanyway i'm off o/02:04
AegNuddelmay take a few to get all info lol02:04
eikon81glater daftykins02:04
somsip!paste | AegNuddel02:05
ubottuAegNuddel: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:05
AegNuddelI have reported but I don't think that will do much.  I have before too.02:05
eikon81gwhat's the issue? have you actually looked into the bug reports or reports that seem related to your issue?02:05
eikon81gThey may already have an open report on it AegNuddel02:06
AegNuddelntpd crashes02:06
AegNuddeler ntp02:06
AegNuddelno d02:06
eikon81gclamscan -r --bell -i /are you using Ubuntu 14.04? I know I am on XFCE and it's all bugged out trying to use ntp02:06
AegNuddeloh wait02:06
eikon81git's been reported and is a known issue..02:06
neldogzdaftykins: TheUbuntuServerEditionisanoperatingsystemoptimizedtoperform multi-usertasks.02:06
AegNuddelyes d02:06
AegNuddelin another spot02:07
neldogzdaftykins: pulled that out of the ubunut-manual.. so it is an optimized kernel02:07
eikon81gsorry I accidentally pasted a command I was using. lol02:07
daftykinsit's the same kernel02:07
AegNuddelok so it's not just me02:07
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daftykinsneldogz: but i'm leaving now so no more highlights please :)02:07
eikon81gAeg what are you running? XFCE 14.10 is affected..02:07
eikon81gthey say it's fixed in 15.0402:08
neldogzdaftykins: why are you denying the fact that its an optimized kernel?02:08
neldogzdaftykins: its in the book and the manual02:08
eikon81gtechnically you could try to install ntpd from the software center but I think I hit a hitch doing that as well so I stuck with manual settings and just check it periodically to make sure it's staying up to date..02:08
eikon81gFor instance if your time resets everytime you power down then you may need to change out your cmos battery on the MoBo02:09
daftykinsneldogz: because i don't interpret that sentence the same as you - and they're the *exact* same package on both desktop and server :)02:09
daftykinsnow i am off02:09
AegNuddeler trying to find it02:10
neldogzdaftykins: while it might be the same package.. it is modified02:10
daftykinsno you don't understand, but i'm done now :)02:10
AegNuddeler trying to find itwhere do I look for that info again?02:10
eikon81gtomato tomaato..02:10
eikon81gfor the version OS you are running?02:11
neldogzdaftykins: trying to have the last word doesnt mean you are right02:11
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eikon81gI use hardinfo it's simple I would download it from the software center and when it installs open it and hit Operating System and it details the machines info there02:11
=== User812384 is now known as user812384
daftykinsi was actually beginning to get the same impression of yourself, as you seem to insist on coming back :) but that's cool, i just don't have the time to pander to your obsessive opinion :)02:11
AegNuddel12.04 I think02:11
AegNuddelbut not sure02:12
eikon81gin terminal type: uname -a02:12
neldogzdaftykins: its not obession.. it's fact vs your opinion on what you perceived02:12
eikon81gyou know what that wont give you your ubuntu version only the kernal info02:12
eikon81g1 sec02:12
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AegNuddelLinux briana-laptop 3.2.0-77-generic #114-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 10 17:25:28 UTC 2015 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux02:13
AegNuddeloh heh02:13
eikon81gok lsb_release -a02:13
eikon81gtry that one..02:13
eikon81gI would still get hardinfo from the software center..02:14
eikon81git's a good one.02:14
neldogzAnyone here from Canonical can confirm whether or not the server version of Ubuntu contains an optimized kernel?02:14
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server02:15
eikon81gtry there neldogz02:15
AegNuddelDescription:Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS02:15
cxdvtyIs torrenting programs illegal?02:15
=== Mrokii_ is now known as Mrokii
eikon81gdepends on your country's copyright laws cxdvty02:15
neldogzeikon81g: thank you for that.. that confirms it02:15
eikon81ghere in the US it is.. cxdvty02:16
AegNuddelcxdvty, it also depends on the program.02:16
eikon81gnp neldogz02:16
cxdvtyeikon81g:If I use tor browser can people see what I am doing?02:16
neldogzdaftykins: ^^02:16
AegNuddelIf a program is freeware, and allows unabated sharing ...02:16
eikon81galso yes, if the software is licensed and copy written it would be illegal to share and use that program. .02:16
rwwdepends on the license02:16
goddardi am using gdm and i changed the desktop to system default and it is just an X how can i get back to the GDM login screen if my account auto logins?02:17
rwwLinux is "licensed and copy written", for example02:17
eikon81grww good point02:17
AegNuddelit is?02:17
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu and is the latest !LTS version. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/ - CHECK FOR POINT RELEASES at http://releases.ubuntu.com - Release Info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes02:17
rwwAegNuddel: yes, Linux is distributed under the GNU General Public License v2, which is a copyright license02:17
AegNuddelI did not know that.02:18
eikon81gany way the torbrowser packages uses proxies and a setup that more or less hides your activity02:18
eikon81gcxdvty, you would also want to use a vpn service like hide.me or something02:19
eikon81gand a torbrowser package..02:19
eikon81gand not your credit card to pay for services, use bitcoins.. just saying02:19
eikon81ggood luck, that convo would prolly go to ubuntu-offtopic02:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:20
monk12hello all, im trying to install MST support for my laptop/dock cause whenever I try to extend my monitor, it stretches the desktop and then kinda freezes ubuntu (mirroring is fine though)...02:20
AegNuddelI wonder if my issue has to do anything with the fact that my computer had not been turned on since 2009, and I had to manually reset the date to get it working...02:21
eikon81gmonk12, did you install proprietary drivers for your video card or are you using the default one?02:21
cxdvtyIs torrenting photoshop illegal02:21
monk12i see these instructions under the Linux Kernel area:  ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129665602:21
AegNuddelYES cxdvty02:21
monk12AegNuddel, Im using nvidia-346 and not the Intel drivers (Optimus)02:21
daftykinsaww neldogz quit02:21
cxdvtywhat abnout sony vegas?02:21
AegNuddelYES cxdvty02:22
daftykinsah well, peeps can enjoy their blissful ignorance :)02:22
eikon81gAegNuddel, it's prolly your cmos battery, does the time stay correct when you unplug the power supply and let it sit for 30 seconds and plug it back in? Or does it go to 12:00A02:22
daftykinsserver kernel == desktop kernel02:22
AegNuddelit stays.02:22
semitonesHello! I have a problem with my laptop trackpad. When I resume from suspend, the trackpad behaves erratically. It's acting this way right now. Can I have someone's assistance in troubleshooting?02:22
eikon81gcxdvty, use gimp!02:22
ubottugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.02:22
monk12in that thread i posted, it says ins in the 'mainline kernel since version 3.17... so since i have ubuntu 14.10, kernel 3.18.9, does that mean i should have MST support and no need to dl that kernel?02:22
cxdvtyis gimp easy to use and as advanced as photoshop?02:23
eikon81gaeg if it stays then you may be good on the battery02:23
eikon81gone it's set in the BIOS and you set your time/date and region it should stay on your machine.. is it like losing or gaining an hour?02:24
OerHekscxdvty, photoshop is not that easy, gimp is less powerfull02:24
monk12eikon81g, whoops meant to address my comment to you. using nvidia-346. and not the Intel graphics (could use prime-switch to switch to Intel if MST support is better on Intel)02:24
eikon81gbut gimp is free and you wont have to break the law to use it..02:24
AegNuddeleikon81g, no... it even update for daylight savings time right02:24
eikon81gso you are just wanting to use ntp?02:25
AegNuddeleikon81g, I'm just wanting the error to disappear!02:25
eikon81gmonk12, that is a good question, I am no expert but I would say that google may lead you in the right direction with that.. I wouldn't know which is better but if one is not working you could always try the other, ya know..?02:26
eikon81glol AegNuddel, ocd much...?02:26
cxdvtywhat do you do for fun on ubuntu lol02:26
eikon81gjk did you try to install ntp from terminal?02:26
eikon81gcxdvty, learn..02:26
eikon81gwhat do you do for fun on Windows? Why is the sky blue..?02:27
eikon81gI just like learning, I am really well equipped on windows but I am enjoying linux and learning more every day02:28
monk12yah. i was just wondering based on that wording on that page (posted the wrong one: http://cweiske.de/tagebuch/thinkpad-ultradock-screens.htm )...  "[the kernel patches] are integrated in the mainline kernel since version 3.17 . " does that mean the 3.18 kernel  def would have that patch then?02:28
monk12eikon81g, ^02:28
AegNuddeldisagree about GIMP being LESS powerful.  So many plug-ins available.  If you literally installed them all (for which you would need an impossible amount of space) you'd have a pogram many times more capable than Photosh .. op (I was tempted to make those last two letters I T !)02:28
eikon81gmonk12, yea, no need to add them manually..02:28
cxdvtyskateboarding games on ubuntu?02:28
AegNuddeleikon81g,  just gets annoying at times02:28
eikon81glol AegNuddel02:28
monk12eikon81g, darn k. still not working. let me try switching to the Intel graphics driver and retrying it. thanks eikon81g02:29
eikon81gcxdvty, get genymotion and play some android apks02:29
semitonesLet me try asking in a different way -- anyone know how to ask my laptop to redetect the trackpad?02:29
eikon81gmay need to log out and back in after making changes to graphics..02:29
eikon81gjust a thought02:29
cxdvtyhow do i play android games on my pc when most of them are for touch screen02:29
eikon81gsemitones, do you have a hardkey in the Fkeys that disable / enables it?02:30
eikon81gdoes it show up in hardinfo semitones ??02:30
eikon81gcxdvty, yet another learning experience.. let us know :P02:30
eikon81gsomeone else was having an issue with a track pad the other night semitones his drivers were not installed..02:31
semitoneseikon81g: I do, but that hardkey doesn't function properly in #ubuntu. What happens is, if my laptop is ever suspended for a significant amount of time, when it resumes, the trackpad is all screwy. The pointer doesn't move very far, sometimes it scrolls the screen when you try to move the pointer up or down, etc. Everything i've tried doesn't fix it, but after 5 or 10 minutes sometimes it goes back to normal. I've been watching /var/log/syslog th02:31
eikon81ghardinfo will tell you if it is detected and installed..02:31
semitonesoh my bad02:32
eikon81gsemitones, maybe you can bind a new key to function it?02:32
eikon81gthen once you suspend and come back to the machine you can just enable/disable..02:32
eikon81git's not the driver. . it's something else good info there..02:33
eikon81gI am a newbie so maybe someone else can chime in here too..02:33
eikon81gis it like a SUPER-F button that enables / disables the keyboard?02:33
semitoneseikon81g: I'm installing hardinfo now. The trackpad on/off button works in windows, but in ubuntu it just displays a notification, but doesn't do anything with the trackpad02:34
semitoneseikon81g: it's a separate button all by itself that turns red when the trackpad is off. In ubuntu, pressing it doesn't make it turn red02:34
eikon81ghumm when the issue pops up have you tried to enable/disable?02:34
eikon81gok ok02:34
semitoneseikon81g: I've tried modprobing it on and off, but that doesn't work02:35
eikon81gthen you are a step ahead of me..02:35
eikon81gso maybe you can make a script to disable and re-enable the driver when you resume?02:35
semitoneseikon81g: how do I find what the driver is?02:37
eikon81glook at this semitones02:37
eikon81gin the hardinfo program under devices > input devices02:38
eikon81gmine is a synaptic.. "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"02:38
semitoneseikon81g: I see input devices under general information (ALPS) but under input devices there's nothing02:38
eikon81ghumm is it working now?02:38
semitoneseikon81g: yes02:39
semitoneseikon81g: /var/log/syslog says the following (but it says this even when the trackpad is malfunctioning) Mar 31 22:20:24 linuxlaptop kernel: [23001.791637] input: ALPS PS/2 Device as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input2002:40
semitonesMar 31 22:20:24 linuxlaptop kernel: [23001.822063] input: AlpsPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint as /devices/platform/i8042/serio1/input/input1902:40
eikon81gso it looks like it's atleast recognized..02:40
eikon81gdid you see that trackpad indicator that they were using on the link I posted?02:41
eikon81gI wonder if using something like that would make it quit bugging out..?02:41
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
eikon81git's from a ppa couldn't hurt to try if you want..?02:42
eikon81gsudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao02:42
eikon81gsudo apt-get update02:42
eikon81gsudo apt-get install touchpad-indicator02:42
=== apt-get is now known as Aeiortv
eikon81glol whoops.02:43
eikon81gif that works then it trumps the script02:43
viGtor_hi! I'm using a 15Gb partition for / and now with almost everything installed i still have 10 free GB, i still need to install some stuff (cinelerra for example) and I'm afraid of running out of spaces... Should it get a bigger partition?02:44
eikon81gviGtor_, the saying goes, bigger is better.. LOL02:44
viGtor_fresh install is what is killing me :(02:45
viGtor_i have an 8 GB free partition, could i merge both?02:45
viGtor_without reinstallin i mean02:45
eikon81gdid you install with VMS02:45
viGtor_no idea :S02:45
eikon81git was an option when I installed that supposedly made changing partition sizes easier02:46
eikon81gi think it was VMS. smh.02:46
viGtor_i choose a custom partition table so i guess i don't02:46
eikon81gviGtor_, it was LVM!! lol I am out of it..02:47
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viGtor_no i don't02:47
eikon81glook here..http://www.howtogeek.com/114503/how-to-resize-your-ubuntu-partitions/02:47
viGtor_so 15 GB is not enough02:48
eikon81gI mean for me.. no02:48
semitoneseikon81g: I saw the trackpad indicator but noticed that it's not updated for 14.04?02:48
eikon81gbut if you have a decent sized external drive then you could prolly make it work just clean up after updates and installs..02:48
eikon81gthis is on that page: Touchpad indicator is developed by atareao team, available in the PPA for Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.04.02:49
eikon81gis it missing from the PPA?02:49
nmatrix9What's the ubuntu chan to talk about off topic stuff?02:52
Bashing-omnmatrix9: #ubuntu-offtopic02:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:53
semitoneseikon81g: ok, yeah it looks like it works actually. It's funny. In the preferences, none of the preferences do anything, but it did succeed in turning off my trackpad (i had to kill it via terminal, then modprobe psmouse to get it back :) So we'll see if it works next time I get the suspend problem02:58
eikon81ghumm sounds liek you have a good handle on it, you are more talented than I.. glad I could atleast point you in a direction.. :P02:59
semitoneseikon81g: I don't know really :p i've just been bashing myself at this problem for longer :)03:00
semitoneseikon81g: this program won't work actually I think -- it's "keyboard shortcut" feature for enabling and disabling the trackpad won't actually do anything03:01
eikon81glol, I am new to linux but it made sense in my head what needed to be done. glad you have a suitable fix for now..03:01
semitoneseikon81g: do you know if there's any way to see what the program is doing when it does it?03:01
eikon81gbummer. yea, killing and modprobing sounds like the way to go..03:02
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eikon81gthat's a good question too.. i really don't03:02
eikon81glet me ask someone..03:03
eikon81gwhat program was it again?03:03
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eikon81gthe name of it..?03:03
AeiortvUbuntu's deal with Amazon is back on, check it out. Amazon just uploaded a video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ03:04
eikon81gthe indicator right?03:04
eikon81gtoo bad, I thought you were gonna rick roll us Aeiortv03:05
eikon81goh wait.03:05
TikiTikaAeiortv, So why you want to share with us?03:05
Aeiortvapril fools <303:05
cfhowlettTikiTika, what day is today?03:05
Ben64Aeiortv: not here please03:05
TikiTikacfhowlett, April 1st03:05
TikiTikaFool day03:05
Aeiortvsorry ben6403:05
tunadogxScreen turns off watching flash video03:06
eikon81gI gotta jet guys good luck. later semitones03:06
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:06
tunadogxeikon81g: it's installed. Screen turns off watching flash movies.03:08
Ben64screen turns off how, like screensaver?03:08
farzeenI get this error when executing some programs in ubuntu. What does this mean? "ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 18995, errno = 11"03:08
eikon81gthis is good..03:08
tunadogxBen64 yes03:09
Ben64ok so turn off the screensaver or set it longer or something03:09
farzeendeleting ~/.ICEAuthority fixed it :)03:10
Ben64farzeen: be more careful what you use sudo for03:10
tunadogxBen64: that's bummed03:11
eikon81gfarzeen, I was reading that on another page.. your issue was intriguing03:11
thomasha`how can I tell what version of a package (libleveldb-dev) I installed with apt-get?03:11
eikon81gthat was someone else's workaround as well03:12
Ben64thomasha`: apt-cache policy <package>03:12
ubottuA Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto03:12
eikon81gnight all03:12
farzeenthanks Ben64. do you know what might have caused that issue?03:13
Ben64farzeen: yes, improper usage of sudo, which is why i said be more careful03:13
farzeenlike what?03:14
Ben64using it with graphical programs03:14
wiakdoes anyone know why this sed '/chmod=0700/a chown=rtorrent:rtorrent' /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf  command dont work?03:14
wiakam i missing quotes?03:14
farzeenI use sudo with gedit to edit config files03:14
somsipwiak: sed -i 's/pattern/changed' file03:15
somsip!gksudo | farzeen03:15
ubottufarzeen: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:15
Ben64farzeen: use nano maybe03:15
farzeenthanks Ben64, somsip03:16
wiaksomsip sed -i '/chmod=0700/a chown=rtorrent:rtorrent' /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf03:19
wiaktaht works bettere03:19
somsipwiak: I'm surprised it works at all without 's/...' but there you go03:20
Christopher-WereHi, I was wondering if you could help me. I looked on the Lubuntu IRC but nobody could fix it. I'm trying to get Lubuntu running on a VirtualBox VM and after install it's stuck in an 640x480 resolution. I've tried installing the Guest addons but that hasn't solved the problem03:22
farzeentry this command "xrandr -s 800x600"03:23
farzeenor you may try typing 'lxrandr' (without quotes) in a terminal, Christophere-Were03:24
somsip!tab| farzeen03:25
ubottufarzeen: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:25
farzeenwow! thanks somsip03:25
fcomtoisDoes anyone have experience mounting AFP shares using dolphin ?03:25
Christopher-Were"Size not found in available modules"03:26
farzeenChristopher-Were, type xrandr only without any args and pastebin the output03:27
AegNuddeldid you say there was an alternate program to ntp?03:29
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farzeenChristopher-Were, are you using the latest virtualbox?03:30
bodhi_zazenChristopher-Were, not sure about VBOX, but KVM + spice rocks03:31
Christopher-WereIt says I'm running the latest version. I've tried KVM on Quemu and I'm not impressed03:31
farzeenhmm.. could you post the vbox and lubuntu version here03:32
Christopher-WereIt Lubuntu 15.04 beta and Virtualbox is 4.3.2603:33
Ben64you need to head over to #ubuntu+1 for support with 15.0403:33
farzeeni suspect that the beta version has broken support for virtual box display drivers :(03:34
ericb_I've got a lamp server running, and need help with port forwarding to view the server over the internet. Got a static IP, forwarded listening ports in my router, but it's not resolving to the lamp server. Read something about /etc/apache2/ports.conf and I don't know what to do with this. Anyone have any suggestions?03:35
bodhi_zazenChristopher-Were, http://askubuntu.com/questions/12578/adjusting-display-geometry-in-a-virtual-machine03:35
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farzeenChristopher-Were, try sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x1103:39
ericb__I've got a lamp server running, and need help with port forwarding to view the server over the internet. Got a static IP, forwarded listening ports in my router, but it's not resolving to the lamp server. Read something about /etc/apache2/ports.conf and I don't know what to do with this. Anyone have any suggestions?03:42
avansledrightforward port 80 on your router to whatever port you have apache broadcasting on03:42
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zerowaitstateericb__: first of all, what's not resolving?03:47
zerowaitstateericb__: resolving usually refers to DNS. Is that the problem?03:48
AudacesWhats the difference between 14.04 and 14.10?03:49
ericb__zerowaitstate:i meant resolving generally. the server is connected fine. im just not able to access it when i type in my ip, even though the ports are set to forward to it, it's acting like they're not03:49
zerowaitstateericb__: what computer are you typing the IP from (one from your internal network, or one from the internet) ?03:49
zerowaitstateericb__: the reason i ask is because some NAT routers will not loop back their external interface address03:50
ericb__zerowaitstate: yep, tried nat loopback (not sure if I did it right,) but I cant access it from my mobile phone or my pc on the same network03:51
AudacesI don't seem to be getting an option to upgrade to 14.103:51
zerowaitstateericb__: can you access it from your phone on the carrier network?03:51
ericb__zerowaitstate: nope03:51
Christopher-Werei'll try that now farzeen03:52
zerowaitstateericb__: do you have the INPUT chain on iptables set to default deny?03:52
ericb__zerowaitstate: unless it is set as such by default no. ive got ufw installed but disabled. when i try to access my ip it shows a 404 page that is being sent from my router (it displayed before port forwarding)03:53
zerowaitstateericb__: are you able to access the site from your internal network via the private IP?03:54
ericb__zerowaitstate: yes03:54
zerowaitstateports.conf will not help you then. ports.conf controls what ports on the linux host apache listens on.  if you can access via internal network, then ports.conf is working03:55
zerowaitstateericb__: are you running virtual hosts in apache?03:55
ericb__zerowaitstate: kk thats what I was hoping. well it has to be something misconfigured in the router then right?03:55
ericb__zerowaitstate:  nope03:56
zerowaitstateokay, then I'm thinking it is the router03:56
zerowaitstateyou can run "tail -f" on the /var/log/apache2/access.log (I think that's right) to see incoming HTTP requests03:56
zerowaitstatethat should help you determine if stuff is actually hitting the box or not03:56
zerowaitstatealternatively run tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log to see malformed requests03:57
Christopher-WereThanks farzeen, that works03:57
zerowaitstateericb__: remember, if you are using standard port numbering, then port 80 is HTTP and 443 is HTTPS03:58
cfhowlettwoah, what?!  Suddenly, my /filesystem partition is completely full ... AND I have some kind of "overflow" partition active.  What the hey?  Where do I look to fix this?03:58
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Sudden equals look at logs, no ?04:01
cfhowlettBashing-om, yeah, just trying to locate which log is relevant04:02
cfhowlettzerowaitstate, thank you.  reading ...04:02
Bashing-omcfhowlett: cd /var/log ->> sudo du -sx * | sort -n . see which is so large .04:03
ericb__zerowaitstate: nothing in the error log. i noticed that the ports.conf file said 80 and 443 in a couple of places. i checked what ports are listening and 80 was not listed but 443 was04:03
zerowaitstateericb__: are you accessing your site from port 80 or 443 in your tests?04:06
zerowaitstatei.e., are you using HTTP or HTTPS?04:06
cfhowlettBashing-om, found it, last entry = a 4 gb!  log04:06
zerowaitstatethat's the same pastebin04:07
ericb__zerowaitstate: im not sure, ive configured both to forward. do you mean using the private ip? how can I determine what port it is successfully accessing it through?04:07
zerowaitstateeric did you use http:// or https:// in your browser?  is there a lock icon...?04:08
zerowaitstatewhat is the output of a2ensite?04:08
=== RedRat_ is now known as RedRat
ericb__zerowaitstate:  originally tried http:// and just tried https and got "secure connection failed: improperly formated der-encoded message" also i don't know what a2ensite is04:11
zerowaitstatea2ensite / a2dissite are commands in ubuntu for enabling / disabling particular sites within your apache config04:11
zerowaitstateon debian systems (like ubuntu), the sites which are enabled in apache are symlinked in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled04:12
Bashing-omcfhowlett:  :) now to find out what is causing the system to scream and holler so .. I be look'n .04:12
ericb__zerowaitstate: a2ensite output is "Your choices are: default default-ssl which do you want to enable"04:13
zerowaitstateericb__: a2ensite default04:13
zerowaitstateericb__: you may have to do that as sudo04:13
ericb__zerowaitstate: default already enabled04:14
zerowaitstatewhen connecting via your local network, you're using http:// right? and it's working?04:14
tpayneHello. I have EC2 ubuntu machines (that write to a single db) all giving me different times when I type date (off by 27 seconds or so) and it's screwing up my ordering of writes because I get system time from Java code and persist it with mongodb. Any who, how can I make sure things are sync'd?04:15
zerowaitstateericb__: then the problem is in your router. your machine IS listening or port 80, or http:// would not work04:15
zerowaitstateericb__: unless you are typing some special port number in the url, as in http://blah.com:1567/04:16
ericb__zerowaitstate: ok gotcha, ill have to mess around with the router some more. well thank you for helping me :D04:17
zerowaitstatetpayne: sudo apt-get install ntp04:17
LTS14N00bHI All, I have for some reason lost the ability to [Alt]-[Tab] to switch tasks and also only have one desktop. It worked before I shutdown yesterday and now I don't have it (and I don't remember turning them off). I am running 14.04 and the Cairo dock (if that makes any difference)04:17
tpaynezerowaitstate: and that's it?04:17
zerowaitstatetpayne: if you're wanting times synced on the various boxes, they need to be running ntp04:17
tpaynewhy sin't this done out of the box?04:18
zerowaitstatetpayne: i don't know04:18
tpaynehehe, ok thanks04:18
zerowaitstatetpayne: the time differences will take a bit to settle; ntp slews the clock based on historical sampling, and virtualization monkeys with that a bit04:18
tpayneyeah i just installed it, and they're still off by about 1 minute04:19
tpayneso i guess i'll check back in the morning? I didn't reboot or anything I just literally did sudo apt-get install ntp04:19
tpayneon all 3 machines...04:19
ericb__take it easy zerowaitstate thanks again!04:20
zerowaitstatetpayne: stop the ntp service, then run "sudo ntpd -gq", then restart ntp service04:21
zerowaitstatetpayne: that should force a quick update04:21
tpaynetrying that now04:22
zerowaitstatetpayne: then, once ntp service is running, it will correct for future clock skew04:22
FudsterWhat is the package for .wav decoder on ubuntu server?04:22
zerowaitstatetpayne: you can also run ntpq and use the "peers" command to find out the status of the synchronization04:24
tpaynezerowaitstate: it's all sync'd up now!!04:25
tpaynebeautiful, thanks so much04:25
zerowaitstatetpayne: no problem04:26
FudsterWhat is the package for .wav decoder on ubuntu server?04:27
cfhowlettBashing-om, thanks.  I deleted the log.  the guvcview camera was triggering something on each boot for quite some now.04:27
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Great. Panic not.  Just proceed in a calm and orderly fashion. Find out the why of the trigger , huh ?04:31
cfhowlettBashing-om, I THINK I might have experimented with screen recording on guvc ...04:31
Bashing-omcfhowlett: lol, I recall the time I thought. I had to RE-install .04:32
cfhowlettBashing-om, *shudders* ...04:33
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Not all bad. I did learn . Good backups !04:33
cfhowlettBashing-om, for certain!04:34
cfhowlettBashing-om, thank you so much!  I've found it near impossible to find local like minded linux users much less support here in Beijing.04:35
mukawhen I 'avconv -f pulse -i ....' I get Unknown input format: 'pulse'. Someone knows how to fix that?04:39
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Well... try the backwoods of Arkansas . Thank goodness for IRC and the forums ... Taught me all I have been able to learn to this time . ( and the want to know)04:40
cfhowlettmuka, pulse is not a codec.04:40
cfhowlettBashing-om, arkansas?  nice.04:40
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Enkidu_akNo LUGs in the Arkansas hills?04:41
Bashing-omEnkidu_ak: None that I am aware of ( or have hunted up) think about starting one up .04:42
Enkidu_akYou are welcome to join AkLUG. Most people can't seem to tell the difference between AK and AR anyway. :D04:43
puffI have a set of logitech wireless headphones, with the logitech USB dongle.  They mostly work fine, but every now and then I get no sound out of them, even if I have sound settings up and the headphones are selected and it's showing sound going out on them.04:43
puffSometimes it comes back after a reboot.04:43
puffAnybody have any idea?04:43
cfhowlettmuka, pulse IS a format though.  I don't use avconv enough to give detailed advice.  #opensourcemusicians or avconv irc would know more04:44
Bashing-omEnkidu_ak: Well. It is a thought, but that commute would be daunting .04:44
mukacfhowlett, thank you04:44
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Enkidu_akBashing-om: We used to meet, years ago. Most of the members went off to other places, though. Now it's just a mailing list, but a lively one.04:45
Enkidu_akI think we have more members out of state than we do in state.04:45
Bashing-omEnkidu_ak: Welcome to the WWW :) .. It has indeed changed our lives .04:47
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HashNukehi all05:22
doitwithushello all05:23
doitwithushey guys, we are trying to create DIY network for people to help each other locally for free, we have website up. But need feedback, does anyone want to help?05:24
doitwithuslol is anyone online, or just everyone watching netflix and forget irc on05:29
NegativeFlaredoitwithus: This is a support channel, not a random chat channel.05:30
Enkidu_akdoitwithus: Though we have those as well. There is random chat in #ubuntu-offtopic, but it's pretty quiet at the moment.05:32
Appl3Korkanyone good with nfs?05:33
Enkidu_ako/ Appl3Kork05:33
Appl3Korkoh hey05:33
Enkidu_akAppl3Kork: Still having issues with xbmc?05:34
Appl3Korkso ya, i get that the setup for nfs is suppose to be like /mnt,sync,no_subtree_check)05:34
Appl3Korkbut for the IP, can i make it an IP that any ip on my network can access05:34
Appl3Korkso not just the ip of the xbmc?05:34
Appl3Korkcause the is the ip of the raspberry pi05:35
Enkidu_akAppl3Kork: You can make it available to your entire network. Replace the ip with *05:36
Appl3Korkok i'll try that Enkidu_ak05:36
iBrokeEverythinghi hello05:36
Appl3Korku are a huge help when my other buddy isn't around :(05:36
Enkidu_akAppl3Kork: Sometimes I even get it right :D05:37
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: Hi05:37
Appl3Korkno joke though Enkidu_ak u just fixed it :D05:38
iBrokeEverythingits posible to run borderlands1 goty on ubuntu with that winetricks etc,,, ? i have on win7 version steam ,,all my dlcs05:38
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: You should check out the winehq website. They have a database of apps with known states. If Borderlands can be run, it's probably in there.05:39
cfhowlett!steam | iBrokeEverything, see the steam site05:39
ubottuiBrokeEverything, see the steam site: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.05:39
Enkidu_akAppl3Kork: Happy to help05:39
iBrokeEverythingyea yea guys steam actualy runs on my ubu but no borderlands game run linuxes05:40
iBrokeEverythingso there is that winetricks can i do it with dat?05:40
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: You can always install win32 steam05:40
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: Refer to that appdb that I was telling you about. If it can be done the instructions are probably there.05:41
iBrokeEverythingenkidu_ak like with wine?05:41
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: Yes05:41
iBrokeEverythingenkidu_ak and u are a gamer ? :D whats your experiences with ubu?05:42
iBrokeEverythingam new in this05:42
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: I'm not a gamer :(05:43
iBrokeEverythingenkidu_ak hows that?05:43
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: I don't generally play computer games. I don't have any particular problem with them, just that my interests lie elsewhere.05:44
iBrokeEverythingan this is an error when i start steam ,, but stem works                         OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems.05:45
iBrokeEverythingFor more information visit https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9938-EYZB-745705:45
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: And what did the article say?05:45
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: According to the article, Steam isn't able to use OpenGL. What video card are you using?05:47
iBrokeEverythingreinstaling driver will help bla bla bla05:47
iBrokeEverythingubu says this Gallium 0.4 on AMD ARUBA05:48
iBrokeEverythingbut its amd radeon hd 742005:49
doitwithusdoes anyone know how to make screen keep on raspberry pi? I try to play with settings it always goes off05:49
iBrokeEverythingits laptop05:49
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: It seems that you should follow the articles advice and re-install those drivers.05:50
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: I'm guessing that direct rendering is broken everywhere, not just for steam05:50
iBrokeEverythingenkidu_ak but am pretty lame in linux ,,my knowledge end by change wallpaper :D05:51
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: We all started somewhere.05:52
iBrokeEverythingenkidu_ak its not like windows click on driver uninstall and re install :D05:54
iBrokeEverythingshould be linux for not talented peoples05:55
Enkidu_akiBrokeEverything: I don't use any ATI cards, so I am not as familiar with the driver setup as others might be. I did find an article detailing performance issues with that card and Utopic. https://mwop.net/blog/2014-11-03-utopic-and-amd.html05:58
l9any news on wayland and gnome ?05:58
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iBrokeEverythingenkidu_ak i go look on it06:00
iBrokeEverythingenkisu_ak so done go reboot06:05
ANJ7where will the Arduino files get installed if I install it using apt-get?06:08
lotuspsychjeANJ7: try the whereis command from terminal06:09
iBrokeEverythingEnkidu_ak i dont see any changes06:09
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sys-lnxbye eveyone06:31
sdfaPPTP crashed with SIGSEGV but i still can connect using pptp06:38
sdfawhat the crashed affected06:38
sdfahelloooo ?06:41
sdfaany of you experience PPTP crashed with SIGSEGV error ?06:41
pie990beerI think that am I drunk can't walk straight06:44
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scottrb3I'm having some strange ubuntu behavior and I'm stumped. It's almost like a keyboard button is stuck. My mouse wheel is switching applications, and click+hold in chrome is scrolling down the page instead of highlighting text. any ideas?07:03
* bip Buongiorno07:22
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AzinWhen will python3 be updated on apt-get? I'm a little surprised that the latest version available is still 3.4.0 given how it contains the pyvenv bug.07:35
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
vltAzin: Usually the version won’t change in a certain Ubuntu release.07:40
vltAzin: Security fixes will be applied to the version shipped with the release. You can check the changelog for a package with `aptitude changelog <pgk>`, for example.07:42
mateusz_hello, can somebody help me with configuration gps on bluetooth?07:44
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Azinvlt: Thank you08:01
* tnkhanh says hi08:10
mark_chang_1492is ubuntu 15.04 good enough to swith from 14.04?08:21
nils_mark_chang_1492: lots of infrastructure work, from an end-user perspective not very exciting.08:21
nils_I'm wondering when a 3.16 kernel with at least the ckt5 patch set will be released, we're running into a few xen issues with 3.16-ckt408:22
mark_chang_1492I see, maybe I will wait for a while for some exciting feature. thanks08:23
nils_mark_chang_1492: you can always try the live usb thingy though08:25
mark_chang_1492nils:good idea. Thanks for all you guys to develop such a good platform.08:27
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fattanehhi all, how to set a static same ip address for my vm in virtualbox?08:44
geirhathat depends on how you configured the virtual network interface in virtualbox08:48
geirhaAnd it's probably better to ask a virtualbox channel08:48
fattanehgeirha: thanks :) , i will ask there08:48
geirhawhich is #vbox08:49
revisorHi, why does my Ubuntu VM installation add ".dev" to a ping request to non-existing domain? The same goes on with eg. gethostbyname('foo') in PHP. Where should I start looking? The VM is configured with a hostname "example.dev". Is it connected to this?08:52
PartNASweres the mint channel?08:54
revisorExample: Calling "ping foo" starts pinging "foo.dev". Why?08:55
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revisorFound the solution. I should call "ping foo." with a dot at the end, to signalize that no further lookup or completion should be performed09:00
geirhaPartNAS: /msg alis list mint09:02
neo1691_Hi guys, I want to understand exactly what happens when I use the network manager from the ubuntu panel to change the network profile? I have created some profiles for different network with different IPs.  Can I somehow trigger them from the command line or from python?09:06
neo1691_Basically I want to write a script to enable and disable proxy variables in /etc/environment and /etc/apt/apt.conf and change IP addresses/DHCP based on the network I am on.09:07
neo1691_If I change the profile from the network manager applet on the status bar, I see no change in /etc/network/interfaces. I want to know which files exactly do they write? So that I can manually write them using  python09:10
h0ddH3dneo1691_: check nmcli09:11
carl__that's because network manager is in unmanaged mode by default, meaning that it handles interfaces with its own files instead of /etc/network/interfaces09:12
neo1691_h0ddH3d: Thanks!! carl__ just a question. Will nmcli or any other tool like wicd use the profiles from networkmanger or will I need to create new profiles for nmcli/wicd ?09:13
bekksneo1691_: nmcli is the command line utilty of NetworkManager.09:13
bekksneo1691_: So it uses the NetworkManager profiles.09:13
carl__yep, nmcli should use the same files as network manager09:14
carl__wicd probably won't, though09:14
neo1691_bekks: carl__ Thanks a lot.09:15
carl__i think you can set network manager mode by editing /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, if you want it to use /etc/network/interfaces, but i can't be sure09:15
Pantsusilly ubuntu that doesn't have nmtui yet09:15
geirhaoh curses09:16
bekksPantsu: What do you need nmtui for, when there is nmcli?09:16
Pantsubekks: nmtui is superiour in every way09:16
Pantsuit is much more user friendly and powerfull09:17
bekksPantsu: curses in inferior by every means.09:17
Pantsunmcli could really need some work09:17
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bekksPantsu: So start it, it's opensource and participation is highly welcome.09:19
neo1691_nmcli doesn't seem to be a part of ubuntu 12.04 official repositories?09:19
Pantsuneo1691_: it is part of networkmanager itself09:20
h0ddH3dPantsu: If you decide to do some work over it i'am her.09:20
Pantsuyou don't want my patches09:21
Pantsuunless you want to torture someone09:21
bekksneo1691_: the package "network-manager" contains it.09:21
neo1691_Pantsu: Ah my bad. It's already there. I ran apt-cache show nmcli and apt-cache search nmcli which returned nothing. This tool should solve my issue09:22
neo1691_thanks bekks :)09:22
Pantsumy code tend to look like https://github.com/MrElendig/kittypack and https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5d5f9f383c0c03c883fa   :p09:23
Pantsu(you might want to keep some alcohol at hand to recover from the horror if you read the code)09:23
bekksThat looks like Python and Haskell.09:24
* bekks runs09:24
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ayct2Hi all10:01
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neil_I am trying to write a C using libfcgi but I can't find any example on how to process form data without hand coding the GET/POST arg. handling.10:14
inexpertishello everyone, can someone tell me what holding Alt then pressing numbers in bash terminal do? ... what uses does this have?10:17
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Pantsuneil_: use a framework10:25
Pantsuneil_: fun fact: php is a C http templating/routing framework10:25
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Pantsuneil_: anyway, proxygen, haywire, raphters10:26
Pantsuand about a million others10:26
monkeynuttshey guys, im having an gpg issue. help pls ! when i run10:30
monkeynuttssudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys10:30
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monkeynuttsi always get this10:31
monkeynuttsgpg: Invalid option "--primary-keyring"10:31
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monkeynuttsive googled but have not been able to find an answer. i cannot add public keys to the repositories10:31
svetlanai wanted to ask what init systems are supported other than systemd and the /etc/rc?.d/ stuff10:31
svetlanasince i don't grok the latter, and the former is exorbitantly broken, and i would prefer something i find intuitive at least10:32
monkeynuttscan anyone point me in right directoion10:32
carl__hello ! does anyone know if switching a vpn on in the network settings is supposed to do something ? because that doesn't change anything to my routes..10:32
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svetlanamonkeynutts: replace `cannot add' with a description of what happens when you try to add, and try again10:32
monkeynuttsi posted the error already10:33
monkeynuttsgpg: Invalid option "--primary-keyring"10:33
k1lsvetlana: you mean upstart?10:33
monkeynuttsrunning sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 3B4FE6ACC0B21F32 generates gpg: Invalid option "--primary-keyring"10:34
monkeynuttsim on 14.04 lts10:34
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ayct2cBeTA privet. Who uses elinks?10:36
enkxamy problem: how on earth would i get encrypted swap permanently working?10:37
enkxait won't work if i do partiotioning by myself during installation process10:38
enkxabut in the other hand it will work if i choose full device encryption10:38
ayct2Try do it after install ▶10:40
ayct2And why u wanna encrypt swap?10:40
enkxai've been trying10:41
enkxait doesn't matter why i want it10:41
enkxainstallation program tries to do it anyway10:41
monkeynuttswhy would running this command sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 3B4FE6ACC0B21F3210:41
monkeynuttsgenerate this Executing: gpg --ignore-time-conflict --no-options --no-default-keyring --homedir /tmp/tmp.EDCGXjphen --no-auto-check-trustdb --trust-model always --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --primary-keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 3B4FE6ACC0B21F3210:41
monkeynuttsgpg: Invalid option "--primary-keyring"10:41
enkxaactually it worked once after i change UUID to real swap device file name in the crypttab10:44
neil_Pantsu, I am trying to make a small webapp ... I was hoping to use C and libfcgi but I have found no way of handling post/get data... I was after a full framework.10:44
enkxabut the next boot encrypted swap sucked again10:44
Pantsuneil_: I would consider python/haskell/similar10:45
Pantsuneil_: but as I said, there are a lot of C(++) web frameworks10:45
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neil_Pantsu, I have been looking for 2 days trying to find a simple one that has examples on how to handle form data.10:47
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* Pantsu would seriously consider using some other language than C10:50
tj83hello everyone. It has been years since I ran ubuntu. Are there any suggested third party repos to grab to make life happy in ubuntu?10:52
tj83for example I used RPMfusion with fedora.10:52
nanodronehey y'all i have a question10:53
* mezoreda slaps giving 10:53
Pantsutj83: ppa have some useful things10:53
tj83Pantsu, alright I will check them out. thank you.10:53
Pantsu(but it also have a lot of crap(10:54
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nanodronei tried ubuntu on my n-trig windows hybrid10:55
nanodroneit doesn't have any palm rejection10:55
nanodroneare there any better drivers available for n-trig on ubuntu?10:55
nanodroneand when is ubuntu gonna add support for connected standby10:56
k1l_nanodrone: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch/NtrigFirmwareStatus for a start10:57
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nanodronek1l_, i dont get it11:02
nanodroneit's all about windows11:03
nanodronewho writes these drivers for linux11:03
MonkeyDustnanodrone  contact the company and ask them ro do so, would be the only way, i guess11:05
jrk--Hello. I have old laptop with WinXP. It has no USB-boot and defunct CD drive but it has boot from LAN. I wan to install Ubuntu on it. What can I do?11:09
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enkxaif it's really old choose lubuntu11:10
k1l_jrk--: use pxe install procedure. and go for Lubuntu11:10
hateballjrk--: This is one option, provided you have another ubuntu machine on the LAN https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer11:10
duckeyIs Microsoft buying Linux foundation?11:11
k1l_duckey: no. look at todays date :)11:11
enkxanever tried but should work that install server with booting from network11:12
tj83for a Nvidia geforce card is the proprietary driver recommended ? I am interested in some light gaming.11:12
MonkeyDustduckey  yes, and Apple too11:13
duckeyMonkeyDust, really?11:13
jrk--hateball:  I have no router so I have to connect two laptops directly. Do I have to setup DHCP server on my Ubuntu laptop?11:13
enkxajrk-: seems that you have to11:14
jrk--enkxa: ok, thanks11:15
enkxajrk-: no big deal11:15
enkxajrk-: wireless router-modems are often dhcp servers by default if you have one11:16
PantsuMonkeyDust: what does apple have to do with it?11:17
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Pantsutj83: use the package manager to install the driver, don't grab it right of nvidia.com11:18
hateballjrk--: another option would be to pull out the drive from the laptop and use a sata/ide -> usb-adapter and using another machine to do the install, then put the drive back in11:19
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jrk--is there any other option to install Ubuntu on PC without USB-boot and CD-but? like chain-load GRUB from NTLDR and than load kernel and initrd from harddrive and then mout USB drive as root filesystem?11:20
inexpertis what does ALT+<Number> in bash terminal do?  I see something like this (arg: 23)11:24
Pantsuinexpertis: man readline11:25
Pantsuinexpertis: also first hit on google: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/562115/press-alt-numeric-in-bash-and-you-get-arg-numeric-what-is-that11:25
inexpertisPantsu, Thanks I tried to google it but could not formulate any question "(arg: number)" was not good because google ignores punctuation marks and linux Alt and numbers got me nothing :)11:27
=== Pantsu is now known as Desu
Desuinexpertis: "bash alt-number"11:28
Desuwas what I used11:28
inexpertisDesu, didn't think alt-number would work, in google does minus not state to  match pages not containing  that word ?11:30
inexpertisDesu,  anyway thanks11:31
jrk--inexpertis: if you put space before minus it will work as you said11:31
citroniks i want to do "Web server load balancing  Raspberry Pi " how can i do please tell me11:32
citroniksin advance thanks11:32
Desucitroniks: you want to set up a rpi cluster?11:36
Desu(your question doesn't actually mean anything)11:36
MonkeyDustcitroniks  sure you're in the right channel?11:37
Enkidu_akMmm... rpi lamp cluster... I think I have a weekend project.11:37
citroniksDesu, thanks but i dont know to setup please tell me any links11:38
Desucitroniks: that doesn't answer my quiestion, you havn't explained what you are actually trying to do11:39
DesuEnkidu_ak: better off not using apache on them11:39
H__Question: has X11 font rendering been changed in 14.04 very recently ? (I'm getting very ugly antialiasing since last apt-get dist-upgrade)11:40
citroniksDesu, i want to build "web server load balance" to balance the load of the server11:41
duckeySo over the years, I have tried a lot of Linux distros. Have not found one that I really like. I want the most powerful most sourced most beautiful Linux distro. And on my search, I have found nothing. Can someone please guide me on my never quenched desire to find the perfect distro?11:42
Desurpis are not the tool you want to use as a load balancer11:42
jrk--hateball, enkxa, I have no "/media/cdrom/install/netboot/" directory. I have only "mt86plus", "README.sbm" and "sbm.bin" files inside "/media/cdrom/install/" directory. I use Xubuntu 14.10.11:42
Desuasuming your servers are not horribly slow, the rpi will probably be limiting your server >_>11:42
k1l_duckey: since you ask in #ubuntu: use ubuntu11:43
bazhangduckey, try ##linux , this is ubuntu support only11:43
duckeyOh, crap11:43
duckeyThey de voiced me in ##linux11:43
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic then duckey11:44
k1l_duckey: no need to spoil this channel then. thanks11:44
duckeyThatl doo :)11:44
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Enkidu_akduckey: To be fair, you were raving.11:46
duckeyYes I was11:47
citroniksDesu, i read this one    http://www.kmggroup.ch/?p=27511:47
duckeyWhat is the kali linux channel?11:48
Desucitroniks: doesn't say anything about the performance....11:48
bazhang!kali | duckey11:48
ubottuduckey: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)11:48
Desuduckey: their homepage says what it is11:48
Desuduckey: also /q alis help11:48
Desu/q alis list *kali*11:48
MonkeyDustduckey  there are at least 5 people in #kali11:54
vovkavhi! Logcheck + dos_evasive question... no matter what i put in /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server/xxx logcheck keeps sending me emails (Security Alerts section). other lines in /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server/xxx work as expected. What did I miss?12:00
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Guest9892LxLe led me here12:08
=== Guest9892 is now known as kb52
Cryp71cWorking with a debian VM, keep getting a GPG key error for ppa.launchpad.net and I'm not sure if its something on my end that I need to fix or if the base issue is on the apt repository's side. I can run apt-key adv to manually add in the missing key....but I'm not sure why its not getting that key automatically12:08
Cryp71csorry, ubuntu VM*12:08
kb52Just installed LXLE which seems like a cool Ubuntu linux. Here is its only problem. During install etc, my speakers make a thunking noise mostly left channel, when totally silent only.12:10
kb52It is the software and not the hardware.12:11
bazhangwhat is lxle kb5212:11
k1l_lxle is a ubuntu spinoff with lxde. better ask them for support or use original Lubuntu12:12
bazhanguse alis to find their support chan kb5212:12
bazhang /msg alis list lxle   kb5212:13
kb52Its Linux Ubuntu based. Uses the LXDE desktop. It appears to be as stable as all the rest, but it is not having a happy day with my sound card.12:13
bazhangit is not supported here kb5212:13
PartNASkb52: tell them you are using lubuntu12:14
bazhangPartNAS, thats not helpful12:14
Ben64it isn't lubuntu, lying will not get you far12:14
kb52I may just go back to knoppix even though you cannot upgrade it. But it looks so much nicer etc. This is the first linux that has some kind of sound problem. No its a basic sound driver issue.12:15
bazhangkb52, please stop posting here for help, find the lxle channel for that12:15
inexpertissince a week ago, in CLI (CTRL+ALT+1 mode) is not using the whole screen area, its just about 1/4 in size in the top-left, what can I do to make it full screen?12:18
inexpertisBy the way I'm ussing lubuntu v14 (Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS)12:21
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enkxaone question about the ubuntu phone: is ubuntu the only operation systemin in the phone or is it just running on the top of android?12:22
BluesKajHiyas all12:22
bazhang!touch | enkxa12:22
ubottuenkxa: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch12:22
enkxaok, i'll have my question that other channel12:23
Laurencebi have a problem, i have lost my monitors12:31
Laurencebmy pc is running fine, i can ssh in12:31
Laurencebbut there is nothing on my monitors, no signal12:32
Laurencebthe problem occured when i tried to change user12:32
Laurencebscreens when blank, and nothing i can do gets them back12:32
Laurencebcan anyone advise?12:32
Laurencebi am currently connected via ssh12:32
hualetLaurenceb: have you tried to reboot your machine?12:33
Laurencebhaulet: id rather not, there is unsaved work12:34
Laurencebok, i just had another look12:34
Laurencebit seems there is a signal, as the monitors wont auto  sleep12:34
Laurencebbut they are just showing black atm12:34
Laurencebso something is sending video12:35
memoryleakLaurenceb: I had this issue aswell. Couldn't get it solved unfortunatly12:35
Laurenceb :-/12:35
Laurencebrestart x11 or something?12:35
memoryleakIt seemed to me that something with the graphcis-driver is causing it12:35
k1l_Laurenceb: see the logs like dmesg and Xorg.log what is going on12:35
Laurencebits got to be possible to restart it12:35
Laurencebah good idea12:35
k1l_and please name the video card and what driver did you use and how did you install it12:35
memoryleakCouldn't you install/run VNC to save the work? :)12:36
Laurencebmemoryleak: yeah maybe12:37
Laurencebim gunna try to get some support irl first :P12:37
Laurencebnothing in dmesg12:38
Laurencebwhere is Xorg.log?12:38
k1l_Laurenceb: /var/log/12:38
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Laurencebi see lots of xorg logs12:39
Laurencebwhich one?12:39
DesuLaurenceb: depends on the display your session is on12:39
Laurencebok ill check the dates12:39
Desuthe number is the display12:40
Desu(they are not rotated logs)12:40
Desuin most cases it will be Xorg.0.log12:40
Laurencebfound it12:41
Laurencebrestart xorg?12:41
Desuman -P "less -p '-logfile'" explains the naming12:42
Desuer... missing Xorg there12:42
k1l_Laurenceb: well, was it suddenly "while you were working" or was it while booting? and what video card is it?12:42
Laurencebk1l_: it was while i was changing to another user12:42
DesuLaurenceb: that doesn't look like a xorg log12:42
Laurencebill grab the whole file12:43
Cryp71capt-cache lists two sources (one from a ppa and the other is from ubuntu) for a dependency, how can I re-arrange the order of these two sources so one is used instead of the other?12:44
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Xavinyohi, could someone please direct me to the appropriate place with SSD/TRIM problem12:47
Laurencebfixed it with ctrl-alt-backspace12:48
k1l_Xavinyo: if its ubuntu ask here12:50
yorwoshi all12:51
Xavinyok1l_, I don't know if it is vendor or kernel related, anyway I ask it12:51
XavinyoI have ssd in lvm that is trim capable, hdparm shows:12:52
Xavinyo   *Data Set Management TRIM supported (limit 6 blocks)12:52
Xavinyo   *Deterministic read ZEROs after TRIM12:52
Xavinyolvm.conf has discards_pass enabled12:52
yorwosi'm running ubuntu studio 14.04 and i was thinking to try "kali linux" distro inside a virtual machine , do you have any specific free vm software to advice ?12:52
Xavinyo    issue_discards = 112:53
Xavinyohowever lsblk -D returns that my max discrads etc is 012:53
Xavinyosda                               0        0B       0B         012:53
Xavinyo├─sda1                            0        0B       0B         012:53
Xavinyo└─sda2                            0        0B       0B         012:53
Xavinyo  ├─vg_ssd-lv_root (dm-2)         0        0B       0B         012:53
Xavinyo  └─vg_ssd-lv_swap (dm-3)         0        0B       0B         012:53
Xavinyosdb                               0        0B       0B         012:53
k1l_!paste | Xavinyo please use that12:53
ubottuXavinyo please use that: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:53
einyxyorwos, virtualbox will work just fine12:54
yorwosthanx einyx12:54
k1l_yorwos: virtualbox is the easiest for endusers to begin with12:54
Xavinyoso my question is what am ai doing wrong, did I miss anything12:54
systemd0wnQuestion, running 14.04 Desktop and IPv6 is murderously slow when surfing the internet. Disabling it in sysctl seems to only be temporary because it just turns back on. Any suggestions on troubleshooting this so I can keep IPv6? (assuming anyone is awake to answer)12:57
einyxsystemd0wn, ipv6 being slowly is probably because of your isp, not ubuntu itself12:58
k1l_Xavinyo: ubuntu uses batched discard since 14.04 but i dont know how lvm comes into that setting12:59
Xavinyok1l_ lvm needs to pass discard signals to the underlying physical drives.. since I have to ssds in a logical volume i need to set things in lvm.conf13:01
Xavinyok1l_, I made a pastebin for informative outputs:  http://codepad.org/ShGHNhcA13:02
f0086Is there a other mapping between unix gid/uid and the actual name than /etc/passwd?13:02
f0086On my system there is a user/group I can't find in /etc/passwd13:03
bekksf0086: no.13:03
k1l_Xavinyo: ok, but i dont know about lvm trim setup. sorry13:03
bekksf0086: Which user/group do you see there?13:03
k1l_Xavinyo: if no one in here knows maybe try to ask on askubuntu.com or the ubuntuforums13:03
bekksXavinyo: are you running fstrim as root?13:04
f0086bekks: I use froxlor which will create this user/groups ... but there are not in /etc/passwd13:04
gautam__Why gedit/firefox is opening on server side, not on client side. When I have ssh into server from client side with -X option13:04
f0086bekks: I can't find the place where these names are defined13:04
bekksf0086: Whats "froxlor2?13:05
bekksf0086: froxlor even.13:05
Xavinyobekks, yes13:05
f0086bekks: a web tool to manage hosting stuff13:05
f0086bekks: It does not matter13:05
bekksf0086: So thats a good question for their support then.13:05
bekksf0086: It does matter, of course.13:05
f0086bekks: It is a basic linux/unix question: Where can I find the mechanism which will translate the gid/uid into names? I thought /etc/passwd is the only place but there must be a other place13:06
bekksf0086: Ask the froxlor support where they are doing things like that.13:07
bekksf0086: It is a basix product support question.13:07
cq-auxdoes anyone want to skype-chat?13:08
f0086Ok, I will ask a completely other question: If I want wot mount an external NFS share, How can I use the gid/uid names from an external source (the nfs server) and not do a copy/paste of the /etc/passwd file?13:09
bekksf0086: Withou specifying any uid/gid, the numerical values from the source (the nfs server) are in effect.13:09
k1l_cq-aux: this is technical support only. better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat13:10
f0086bekks: where can I specify the gid/uid mapping?13:11
systemd0wneinyx, I'd like to determine what about it is so slow. Any suggestions? I added Googles IPv6 DNS servers which didn't seem to change anything.13:12
bekksf0086: In the mount command.13:12
bekksf0086: you can specify which uid/gid the external uid/gid should be maped to.13:12
einyxsystemd0wn, is hard to tell, maybe with a traceroute you can see if there is some hop from which the connection start to slow down13:13
systemd0wnI just tried ipv6-test.com/speedtest to compare and it says I'm getting nearly 26Mbps on both.13:14
systemd0wneinyx: I'll do some tinkering. In the meantime do you know how I can disable IPv6 in the network manager? I know I can specify to disable it at boot but I'd rather not.13:15
einyxsystemd0wn, errr i think if you go into network settings -> wired -> options you can say "ignore"13:17
einyxor something like that :D13:17
systemd0wneinyx: I appreciate the help. But ignore doesn't seem to do it.13:22
kokutHello, how do you check your brightness settings from the terminal?13:34
einyxsystemd0wn, lol13:35
pbxkokut, xbacklight is what i use13:35
einyxsystemd0wn, check under /proc13:36
einyxyou should be able to echo under proc on a file called disable_ipv613:37
fuffyHello. Which linux can I use on a Pentium 3 with 120MB RAM? I just need a web browser in there.13:37
pbxkokut, it lets you control the level too. e.g.  http://dpaste.com/3XZJW5613:37
MonkeyDustfuffy  try lubuntu13:37
fuffyMonkeyDust: lubuntu needs to much ram13:37
MonkeyDustfuffy  it's the "lightest", maybe look for an ever lighter distro13:38
k1l_fuffy: you could try a minimal install and see whats working for you. but i think with a that old device you want some of the really small distros13:39
fuffyMonkeyDust: it may be the lightest ubuntu13:39
kokutpbx: nice, i dontk now why but when i turn on my laptop after unpluggin the external monitor it lowers my brightness and the GUI to change it from ubuntu is bugged, i set it to the max and it goes to 80% so i have to set it up myself13:39
pbxkokut, yeah, there are ways to manage brightness automatically depending on power state but i haven't found any simple enough for my liking. so i have simple shell aliases that use xbacklight13:41
MonkeyDustfuffy  or what k1l_ says, the minimal install and install just what you need13:42
fuffyMonkeyDust: do you know of any web browser who can display images but doesnt need X?13:43
PierreBitantLynx ?13:44
hkrrsxfuffy: w3m text browser in xterm will show images13:45
fuffyhkrrsx: thanks13:46
hkrrsxfuffy: you're welcome13:47
asd_Can somebody help me out with this issue? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10718355/13:47
MonkeyDustasd_  what's the outcome of   cat /etc/issue13:49
emh_I am experiencing some weird king of keyboard 'lag' (keystrokes or key releases won't always get registered) when using memory intensive Java applications, what direction should i look for a solution?13:49
asd_MonkeyDust, Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS \n \l13:49
MonkeyDustasd_  then first do   sudo apt-get update13:49
asd_MonkeyDust, Still same output, i tried installing with aptitude but nothing happened.13:51
MonkeyDustasd_  try changing the miroor in system settings > software & update > download from13:52
zykotick9MonkeyDust: i'd guess that "you have held broken packages." might be contributing to asd's issue13:57
rmeloHi guys, anyone with a Asus K550JK?13:58
zykotick9rmelo: perhaps, you should ask your real question instead...14:02
=== gusnan is now known as Guest86151
rmelozykotick9: got it, I have a Asus K550J and the wireless keeps disconnecting14:10
rmeloit seems this wireless card really sucks14:10
rmeloanyone got arount this?14:11
rmelothe wireless card is a Realtek RTL8821AE14:11
phre4kwhen I uninstall light-locker, does the screen not get locked anymore?14:12
phre4khow can I prevent the screen from being locked automatically? The light-locker-settings app doesn't seem to channge anything.14:12
ponyriderrmelo: try rmmod rtl8821ae14:15
ponyriderrmelo: then modprobe rtl8821ae14:16
ponyriderrmelo: sprunge your logs: cat /var/log/syslog | grep -e wlan -e rtl | tail -n2014:17
TahvokHey guys, I'm searching all over Google and can't find the answer. PHP extensions (the .so file) reside in /usr/lib/php5/20121212 - what does the 20121212 stand for? What decides on its number?14:29
zykotick9Tahvok: just a guess, but could that be a date?14:30
Tahvokzykotick9: I think it's a date as well. But date of what?14:31
zykotick9? i was just guessing...  i have no knowledge ;)14:31
ObrienDaveversion date?14:32
ObrienDavelooks like 2012 dec 12th14:32
TahvokIt's a recently installed system (and updated). And apache build date is: Mar 10 2015 13:05:5914:32
ObrienDaveask the dev?14:33
SAMMIcheck here see if it can help14:34
ObrienDavedevs do weird things like naming modules after girlfriends/spouse, 1st child's birth date, etc.14:34
=== noteness is now known as saaapete
rmeloponyrider: what should I be looking for? I see some warnings, shall I put them here?14:41
rmeloafter I connect to a network I have:14:44
rmeloApr  1 07:41:42 P3D001 wpa_supplicant[1130]: nl80211: send_and_recv->nl_recvmsgs failed: -3314:45
=== saaapete is now known as Noteness
rmeloEvery few seconds the syslog is bombarded by this modul's log messages14:49
rmeloWhere can I find some kingd of more up to date version for this specific driver?14:50
rmelosince I am on 14.04 maybee there is a more stable version14:50
bekksrmelo: For a Realtek Wifi?14:51
bekksrmelo: Do you have the chance to get some more reliable wifi hardware?14:51
geniiGah, Realtek14:52
rmelobekks: unfortnetly no...14:54
bajulHi, I have issues installing Ubuntu 14.10 on a Lenovo w540. When trying to install the OS it gets stuck on different places (eg.:configuring network, just displaying the ubuntu logo at boot, when asking to install third party updates,...)14:54
bekksrmelo: No chance of getting some USB wifi?14:55
rmelonot an option for this laptop's purpose. Is the realtek really so bad in Linux?14:55
bajulIs anyone able to help me diagnose this issue?14:55
bekksrmelo: Yes.14:57
bekksrmelo: Calling it "crap" is not understated.14:58
RudeViperUnder ubuntu 14.04.2 - is the init script functioning or has init been handed over to upstart?15:00
freen0d3rrany chinese I need a little help here15:00
bekks!cn | freen0d3rr15:00
ubottufreen0d3rr: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:00
bekks!upstart | RudeViper15:01
ubottuRudeViper: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:01
RudeViperthat did not answer the quest15:01
freen0d3rrubottu: are you so smart ? :)15:01
ubottufreen0d3rr: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:01
freen0d3rrubottu: open source?15:01
ubottufreen0d3rr: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:01
john_doe_jrWhen I log in through SSH I get the following warning => WARNING: This is a private computer system and is for authorized use only"….how do I stop that?15:02
geniifreen0d3rr: the Chinese support channel is at #ubuntu-cn   or if Taiwanese then #ubuntu-tw15:02
freen0d3rrgenii: i just need some help from a chinese who has pen.baidu.com account.15:03
freen0d3rrthere is a file , I would ask him to download and email me since I cant access to it15:03
mcphailfreen0d3rr: that is not an ubuntu support question and is offtopic on this channel15:04
freen0d3rrmcphail: I know but I could find no other place for help. any recommendation?15:05
mcphailfreen0d3rr: no15:05
BBLLCChi, are you having trouble withf irefox? I cannot start it anymore, i can only start it on safe mode15:05
Agent86hi ubuntu, I have a   .py file that I transfer via local network to another ubuntu computer. But the .py file is permission locked when it gets to the other computer. I can't run the .py script and cannot unlock the permissions15:07
Agent86The file starts out as chmod 777 so it's unlocked why would it lock on the other side ?15:07
Agent86and cannot be unlocked via terminal ?15:07
somsipAgent86: how do you transfer it?15:08
Agent86I copy and past to the shared folder on the other computer, I do it from the source computer, to the target15:08
Agent86in other words I'm at the source computer, and copy to the target15:09
mcphailAgent86: if you are sharing over samba, I don't think that respects the original file permissions15:09
Agent86should I be at the target computer and copy from source15:09
bekksAgent86: How exactly do you copy the file?15:09
Agent86well they are both ubuntu computers and  I don't believe I'm using samba just the browse network feature of ubuntu to the shared folder15:10
Agent86copy and paste and I have no noticed this before for some reason it seems to be only .py files I can copy a .mp3 just fine and change permissions on the file all I want15:11
bekksCopy and paste from where to where?15:11
Agent86ahhhh I think I figured out, I had geany open and was editing it, so when I copied the file it was already open15:12
=== gusnan_ is now known as gusnan
Agent86oh well that wasn't it15:14
Agent86still locked15:14
Agent86i just use the built in ubuntu browse network, select my local file and copy to Music folder on the other local machine15:14
Agent86it's locked on the other end15:15
bekksAgent86: Define "locked".15:15
bekksAgent86: Pastebin ls -lha filename after you copied the file please.15:15
Agent86meaning right click and says permission could not be determined and has a little padlock icon on it. Also if I chmod 777 file it says something15:15
Agent86ls -lha from which machine does it matter15:16
bekksAgent86: From the machine where the "file is locked".15:16
MDTech-us_MANwhat is a good backup solutions that has a web frontend as opposed to a GUI?15:16
bekksMDTech-us_MAN: backuppc has a web frontend.15:17
MDTech-us_MANok. I will look at it15:17
MDTech-us_MANlooks interesting15:18
pbxMDTech-us_MAN, there are several online backup contenders. e.g. https://www.starryhope.com/online-backup-solutions-for-ubuntu-linux/15:18
bekkspbx: I guess he wants a local backup tool, not a cloud-based backup service.15:19
MDTech-us_MANI dont like backing up to the cloud15:19
bekks(which I would never trust at all).15:19
pbxMDTech-us_MAN, what on earth did you mean by "web frontend" then??15:20
BluesKajyeah, that's what a spare HDD is for15:20
bekkspbx: Soe web page being opened in a browser?15:20
bekkspbx: Like: http://localhost/backuppc/15:20
MDTech-us_MANI mean the frontend would run from the computer that is being backed up15:20
MDTech-us_MANespecially useful for ubuntu server ;)15:21
bekksMDTech-us_MAN: I am using a CLI based backup solution for my server.15:21
MDTech-us_MANI know the command like is powerful and great and all, but a web just makes it that much easier15:22
=== Bayangan_ is now known as Bayangan
MDTech-us_MANI already spend most of my time on command lines15:23
bekksMDTech-us_MAN: So what do you need eye candy for? :)15:23
MDTech-us_MANI don't have to write 100 characters to start/schedule a backup15:24
bekksMDTech-us_MAN: And backuppc isnt a point and click solution. You have to configure (on a command line) what you want to do there.15:24
* mcphail types "rsnapshot daily" if he hasn't already set up a cron job to do the same15:24
* bekks types "runbackups.sh" and presses enter.15:25
* somsip gets a cup of coffee while the cronjob runs15:25
neil_hi, I have complied a program it uses a library (libonion.so.0) ... "gcc post.c  -o post -lonion" ... when using ldd it shows "libonion.so.0 => not found" ... how do I get gcc to set the full path to this library ?15:25
geniineil_: sudo ldconfig /path/to/libonion-things15:27
neil_genii, so what would that do?15:29
irreveranthas anyone seen this?15:38
irreverantit's in Danish15:38
cfhowlettirreverant, as this is the english speaking channel and it's for ubuntu ... no we haven't read it.15:39
irreverantbut; they are saying that you can apt-get install microsoftwindows8.1 and it will install windows as an application?15:39
bekksirreverant: Did you take a look at the current date?15:39
cfhowlettirreverant, ask someone who reads danish??15:39
somsipirreverant: type "date" in a terminal...15:39
irreverantcfhowlett, it's about Ubuntu and you can translate it to english using Chromium15:39
cfhowlettirreverant, what day is today?15:39
cfhowlettirreverant, let me fix that for you:  D'oh!15:40
Audaceshahah ;D15:40
AudacesHumor aside, is it possible to put ubuntu asleep, and then boot to windows, and then put windows to sleep, and but to the sleeping ubuntu15:41
bibi-23I have some text in a file, most of the content is ok, but I have weird characters like this "ądzeń –", how can I know what encoding it should be?15:45
bekksbibi-23: Characters from another charset.15:47
bibi-23bekks: but how can I know which one, I'd like to convert it.15:49
unicr0n@bibi-23 this might help to ident: http://i-tools.org/charset/exec15:51
arghahello can anybody tell me how ti install skype in ubuntu 14.1015:53
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga15:53
pbxargha, what have you tried and what specific problems have you had?15:53
ConsoleFxargha, http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/to-install-skype-4-0-0-8-in-ubuntu-12-10-12-04-using-ppa/15:54
rivares1853Hello!!! Can you help me? How preference samba? I can send message consisting only from certain words, example: Yes, Done, Hi, Up, Down, Center...  .Input command write: "smbclient -b 6 -U PC0 -M PC1".  From "Hello"? he write : "cli_message returned NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED"15:56
bibi-23unicr0n: the link doesn't work, what is it?15:58
gndlphey so what does cntl alt L call in 14.04? I am trying to make it launch xscreensaver15:59
unicr0nbibi-23: second try: http://i-tools.org/charset/15:59
unicr0nbibi-23: it's charset/enc online converter16:00
arghapbs actually i am noob that;s why i don;t know how to install skype in ubuntu16:03
arghacan you tell me  in details16:03
arghaI know how to install skype from windows16:04
arghawhaat i  have to write at terminal?16:04
arghahello pbx16:04
cfhowlettargha, sudo apt-get skype16:04
rivares1853sudo apt-get install skype16:04
cfhowlett*sudo apt-get install skype*16:04
h0ddH3drivares1853: http://askubuntu.com/questions/488053/how-to-install-skype-4-316:05
arghawould i get the graohical interfaace by typin this command in the termina?16:05
h0ddH3dsorry not rivares1853 :p16:05
OerHekscfhowlett, ,make sure argha enabled the partner repo16:05
cfhowlettOerHeks, true.16:05
arghafro where?16:05
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »16:05
cfhowlettargha, choose a lane; you  want the command line or graphical method.16:05
arghacmnd line16:06
cfhowlettargha, first you must enable partner repos; sudo <your editor here> /etc/apt/sources.list           remove the ## from the partners entry16:07
cfhowlettargha, save that, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype16:07
arghaok i am trying16:08
rivares1853Hello!!! Can you help me? How preference samba? I can send message consisting only from certain words, example: Yes, Done, Hi, Up, Down, Center...  .Input command write: "smbclient -b 6 -U PC0 -M PC1".  From "Hello"? he write : "cli_message returned NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_DISCONNECTED16:09
gndlpanyone know what file cntrl alt L calls in 14.04? trying to rig up xscreensaver16:09
arghafirst i type sudo vim /etc/apt/source.list16:10
arghaafter typing this i get the editor from the terminal16:10
arghaafter that what i have to do chf16:10
cfhowlettargha, yes16:10
cfhowlettargha, ctrl-f (search for) partner.  uncomment the partner entries by removing ##16:11
researcher1AFter fresh install of ubuntu 14.04 how can i creat root user and password16:12
k1l_researcher1: you dont do that on ubuntu16:12
OerHeksargha, just do it from softwarecenter, or take a read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding_Canonical_Partner_Repositories16:12
k1l_researcher1: you preface "sudo" to the commands that need rooti rights. but dont just run every command with sudo.16:13
cfhowlett!root | researcher116:13
ubotturesearcher1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:13
RudeViperI am seeing this in my htop screen on my ubuntu 14.04 server... can someone tell me what this is?  24942 root 20 0 107M 6556 5492 S 0.0 0.2 0:00.09 sshd: root@notty - is this someone logged into my system's ssh?16:13
researcher1cfhowlett: thanks16:13
cfhowlettresearcher1, happy2help!16:14
sheapIn my preseed the LVM stuff gets created automatically, but the bootable flag does not get set to /dev/md126p1 (which is mounted to /boot, and where GRUB is installed). Is there a way I can have the LVM stuff made automatically but just have the bootable flag added to a specific partition?16:14
arghacould i install it from synaptic package manager?16:14
Bluekinghello, just wonder if there are ways to detect if net is down  and auto perform 'service networking restart' ?16:14
ObrienDaveargha, yes16:15
cfhowlettargha, yes, but you must enable partner repo first16:15
ObrienDaveand update repos16:15
muchachahi guys, I would like to remap the key ; with :. Is this possible?16:17
h0ddH3dmuchacha: Do you want it to use VIM?16:18
muchachah0ddH3d: yes, it' intended for vim16:18
Bluekingwhat's default telnet port ?16:19
gndlp@blueking 2116:19
gndlpBlueking: 2116:19
gndlp22 is ssh16:19
ioriaftp is 2116:19
gndlp21 is telnet16:19
gndlp22 +/- 116:20
iorialet me check16:20
h0ddH3dmuchacha: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Map_semicolon_to_colon16:20
gndlpCommon Ports16:20
gndlp20 FTP data (File Transfer Protocol)16:20
gndlp21 FTP (File Transfer Protocol)16:20
gndlp22 SSH (Secure Shell)16:20
gndlp23 Telnet16:20
Meway-Desktopwhats ubuntus partioning software called? (I'm using ubuntu server ediiton on a vm thats running on windows 7) I've done what I needed to do on windows side of things but now I need to increase the partion size and don't know how I would go about doing that via terminal.16:21
Audacesits gparted16:22
ParSalianapt-get gparted16:22
BluesKajMeway-Desktop, gparted16:22
teaearlgraycoldFor a VM with 3.5GB of RAM, what's a good amount of swap?16:22
Audaces10 ish16:22
Audacesall you need is 8 though16:22
Meway-DesktopTeaearlgraycold 6-1016:23
Audacesgeneral rule is double plus a bit spare16:23
teaearlgraycold6-8GB of Swap?16:23
ParSalianis there a general good practice on sizing swap?16:23
cfhowlettteaearlgraycold, the rule used to be 1.5 - 2 times ram so ...16:23
k1l_Audaces: nope16:23
Bluekingtelnet not enabled on ubuntu by default ?16:23
k1l_teaearlgraycold: if you want to suspend to ram you need at least the same amount as ram. besides form that you can set it to what you like16:23
teaearlgraycoldIt's got a 30GB disk though :/16:23
ioriaBlueking,  no and  it  shouldn't16:23
AudacesThere seems to be alot of varying opinions16:23
BluekingI want telnet ,)16:24
cfhowlett!telnet | BlueByte-16:24
SchrodingersScat!info telnet | Blueking16:24
ubottuBlueByte-: telnet is not safe. Please use ssh instead. See !ssh16:24
ubottuBlueking: telnet (source: netkit-telnet): The telnet client. In component main, is standard. Version 0.17-36build2 (utopic), package size 62 kB, installed size 156 kB16:24
cfhowlettbluebyte sorry blueking see above16:24
SchrodingersScatBlueking: is standard, you should have it.16:24
Bluekingrefused :P16:25
Meway-Desktopteaearlgraycold: sorry for the bad news xD16:25
teaearlgraycoldHe, yeah16:25
SchrodingersScatBlueking: if you mean something that responds to telnet, then what are you talking about?16:25
teaearlgraycoldIt's only got 1GB right now cause I just guessed16:25
Meway-Desktopwill gparted work proper in a terminal? (its not installed by default)16:25
gndlpBlueking: what are you trying to accomplish?16:26
ioriaBlueking,  well .. it's usefull if youare working testing pop3 or  smtp16:26
AudacesMeway-Desktop just use sudo apt-get install gparted16:26
Meway-DesktopI'm using ubuntu server16:26
cfhowlettMeway-Desktop, gparted is a gui app, so not terminal based ....16:26
Bluekinghave to make a scipt to do 'service networking restart'16:26
=== testBOT is now known as Guest31259
cfhowlettMeway-Desktop, parted is the cli app16:27
ioriaBlueking,  ^ç^16:27
Meway-Desktopcfhowlett: so install parted or gparted? or does it come with gparted?16:27
Meway-Desktopcfhowlett: any tips on using parted?16:27
k1l_Meway-Desktop: gparted is the GUI version. so i think you dont want that on a server, right?16:28
Meway-Desktopright ^16:28
cfhowlettMeway-Desktop, take your time, think twice before you press <enter> then think again.16:28
AudacesYou can do everything you want, but your changes are reversable until you press the grren tick16:28
cfhowlettAudaces, no green tick in parted ... :)16:29
ioriaBlueking,  also if  you wanna dare to use  it ,  it should't be initialized at start16:29
Meway-DesktopI just want to change a 4gb HDD into 10gb lol16:29
Audaces  16:29
Audacesoh whoops my mistake16:30
Bluekingioria I'd like to make a autodetect tool to notify if net has dropped and autoperform 'service networking restart' to get it online16:30
OEPHas anyone else noticed that if they have the 'clang' and 'gccgo' packages installed on their system that clang can no longer find its standard C++ headers?16:31
ioriaBlueking,  ok16:31
Audacesj  bh16:31
=== rika is now known as oqritwq
=== oqritwq is now known as rika
Meway-DesktopDoes anyone have experiance with parted? I'm afraid to touch things xD16:32
SchrodingersScatBlueking: what role are you using telnet for though?  I don't understand.16:32
Meway-Desktopnone of the data is sensative though16:32
Meway-Desktopso I won't lose anything16:33
Bluekingif I can't have it done local on linux box I can do it from  another pc with ytin running16:33
BluekingSchrodingersScat I am running ytin 24/7  that logs on my mud char on vikingmud  gaining age :P16:34
gaconsalthttps://vk.com/video?z=video250143506_171162483%2Falbum250143506    ---   как это обьяснить))?16:35
Bluekinghmm telnet command are active on linux but can't telnet to itself ? :P16:38
ioriaBlueking,  you need telnetd  the  server side16:39
SchrodingersScatBlueking: you would need a server listening16:39
ibuidanMicrosoft has been using a heavily modified Linux kernel for years!16:39
SchrodingersScatBlueking: normally to control ubuntu remotely you would use openssh16:39
teward!offtopic | ibuidan16:39
ubottuibuidan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:39
ibuidanit was just a April 1st prank16:40
tewardibuidan: still offtopic16:40
philip__when u archive on thunderbird what directory is it located16:40
Bluekingok fixed :)16:41
philip__when u archive on thunderbird what file directory is it located16:42
BluekingSchrodingersScat I know  but just a temporarely solution to I get new access gateway from ISP at 8 april16:43
ironfoot495Hello people i'm trying to install vuze but I keep getting the wrong version. I put in vuze 5.1 but when I rebooted I lost it and not able to get it back right I could surely use some help.16:44
k1l_philip__: .thunderbird in your users home16:45
ioriaBlueking,  Lykke til16:47
Bluekingfår det fiksa16:47
funkenstrahlenhey, can someone please mention me? just to test sth.16:47
Bluekingmekke et script i ytin :P16:48
ioriaBlueking,  good16:48
peppe_Hi folks, we have 14.04 server and configured autoconf and accept_ra to 1 and forwarding to 0 though when host receives RA from router, it does not do anything (still stuck with fe80). any idea?16:48
=== zagrippa is now known as agrippaz
agrippazHi all - need some help setting up my laptop with High-DPI. running into a lot of user interface size problems16:49
agrippazi cranked up the global text size setting in the control panel16:50
mchelen1agrippaz, same problem here, are you using unity?16:50
agrippazmchelen1: i believe so? 14.04 clean install16:50
agrippazi have problems with menu bars too small, font size too big for places like the control panel16:51
mchelen1agrippaz, the system wide scaling is not just for fonts/text16:51
agrippazmy cursor size changes drastically depending on which app i'm in16:51
agrippazwell, the size setting is in the Fonts panel16:51
cfhowlettagrippaz, most apps are not optimized for high dpi.16:51
peppe_any can help us with SLAAC ?16:51
=== usuario is now known as pascosta26
=== eduardo is now known as Guest71336
mchelen1agrippaz, hmm i used the one in Settings -> Display16:53
agrippazmchelen1: is this how you live too? http://i.imgur.com/8LQPbV4.png16:53
Meway-Desktopon parted what are "primary, extended, logical" ?16:53
mchelen1agrippaz, what fonts panel?16:53
agrippazah i'm sorry mchelen1, i was using Unity Tweak Tool, where the Fonts panel is16:54
Meway-DesktopI assume primary is exactly what it means and logical is the system usage16:54
mchelen1agrippaz, nope, don't use unity tweak16:54
mchelen1agrippaz, at least not to start with16:54
agrippazah dang16:54
Meway-Desktopbut is extended what I can add to primary?16:54
mchelen1agrippaz, go to Displays and look for "Scale for menu and title bars"16:55
agrippazmchelen1: on your high-dpi system, are the menus and tabs in Chromium/Chrome very small? What machine ar eyou using?16:55
agrippazmchelen1: got it. set to 1.38 which seems to be helping a bit16:56
tucnakhey there! I am trying to build a linux lib with cmake here, but unfortunely #include <gtk/gtk.h>: No such file or directory.16:56
mchelen1agrippaz, chromium is fine, but chrome is bad16:56
tucnakoh yeah, gtk dev package is installed16:56
mchelen1agrippaz, i have a lenovo x1 carbon, 2560x144016:56
agrippazmchelen1: that was my initial experience, although somehow Chromium has grown small and won't enlargen back16:56
agrippazmchelen1: cool. on a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus here16:56
mchelen1agrippaz, i have my scale set to 3 :D16:56
mchelen1and didn't touch fonts16:57
mchelen1agrippaz, i was able to get most things to display ok in the main OS, but some apps are still not great16:57
agrippazwow! if I choose 3.0 scaling, that's enormous16:57
Meway-DesktopHow do I get parted to allow me to utilize the full ammount of space available for my primary drive? http://i.imgur.com/w3aPCNk.png16:57
agrippazmchelen1: darn. Windows 8.1 supports high-dpi like crap also. i was hoping to get to something better with Ubuntu16:58
agrippazMeway-Desktop: migh have to look up the parted documentation for that16:59
Meway-DesktopI saw this http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2011/09/parted-command-examples/16:59
ioriatucnak you nedd dev- package16:59
mchelen1agrippaz, if you increase scaling you might need to set fonts back to default16:59
Meway-Desktopbut I'm not so sure I understand it16:59
tucnakioria: I do have it here16:59
tucnakioria: and I can't run pkg-config, cos of cmake17:00
cuddylierAnyone know an IRC channel where making VPS boxes are discussed and that general topic?17:00
agrippazmchelen1: okay, i'll play with the scaling size in Display and the font size in Tweak Tool, I think I can get an okay combo out of it. just wanted to check if there's a better way :)17:00
Meway-Desktopwhats vps box?17:00
ioriatucnak, can you locate  gtk.h17:01
ibuidanmeway-desktop *tip* use Partition Wizard Home Edititon bootable CD, like gparted live cd, but has option to convert logical volumes to primary volumes without formatting, without losing any data on the volume17:01
mchelen1agrippaz, everything i read points to using scaling, and that is supposed to handle things system-wide17:01
tucnakioria: there is FindGtk in fact, thanks, fixed it!17:02
agrippazmchelen1: thank you very much. you've been very helpful :)17:02
agrippazgood to talk to someone else in the same boat17:02
ioriatucnak, good17:02
Meway-Desktopibuidan: that might help :>17:02
Meway-Desktopibuidan: dont have a link off hand do you?17:02
ibuidanwait please17:03
mchelen1agrippaz, np, here is what i ended up with: http://i.imgur.com/2kaYIqY.jpg17:04
mchelen1agrippaz, still trying to tweak it more17:04
Meway-Desktopibuidan: ty17:05
ibuidanafter the conversion , you can use ms-dos command line in Windows Recovery Environment to expand a volume using only next in volumke order, free, unallocatd space17:06
ibuidani make, burn bootable cd using bootable iso images using PowerISO in Microsoft Windows17:08
ibuidanan extended partition can contain unlimited number of logical volumes17:13
gndlpLucArionXY: HI!17:14
=== elie is now known as Guest60327
LucArionXYhello  trapni17:15
Audaceshow do I launch a hidden folder from terminal?17:15
AudacesIf I do ls -a and get a result, how to I open with a gui17:15
zykotick9Audaces: in your file manger, try CTRL+h to see hidden files... <- one option17:16
LucArionXYdefquien me va a comer os huevos ?17:16
Audacesoh that works, thanks17:16
hkrrsxAudaces: From a terminal, run " nautilus .folder " and the file manager will open the specified directory17:18
hkrrsxi.e. - nautilus ~/.config17:18
jaboleleThere are some Spanish?17:19
ioriain Spain  ?   yes17:19
zykotick9!es | jabolele17:20
ubottujabolele: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:20
maesrinkalispera paidia17:21
=== jabolele is now known as starrion
sheapanyone know if there's anything special I have to wrap my late_command with in this case? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10719517/17:23
=== gusnan is now known as Guest17266
starrionfor what purpose is this chat ?17:25
Meway-Desktopibuidan: it won't merge the drives without premium :|17:25
k1l_!topic | starrion17:26
ubottustarrion: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:26
ibuidanwell i tought you want to expand the volume not merge it with another volume17:26
=== Gintaras is now known as miau
OEPsheap: that gets passed as the COMMAND argument to chroot. It's possible /bin/sh -c '...' may do what you need to.17:29
=== Guest17266 is now known as gusnan
OEPsheap: I've never used pipes for something like that so YMMV17:30
logan0407hey guys im getting some real strange laptop keyboard behavior in lubuntu in certain apps. in firefox, and in games the keyboard misses keys sometimes and just puts in a space, and backspace malfunctions to. any suggestions?17:30
iorialogan0407, what laptop ?17:30
logan0407im on a chromebook with lubuntu installed17:31
logan0407acer c71017:31
logan0407its only in certain apps, xchat works great17:31
ibuidan*thought , misspelled it17:31
sheapOEP: thanks, I was thinking because I didn't specify bash17:31
logan0407i just restarted firefox now typing seems to work fine, but it happens periodically randomly. anyone know what could be the cause?17:32
geedillaI'm using elementary os, and I'm having some trouble with wifi17:32
=== md is now known as Guest30666
geedillaI'm not sure if it's because of my laptop's drivers or because I haven't specified the right kind of network security17:32
iorialogan0407, font cache  or keyboard driver17:32
lotuspsychje!elementary | geedilla17:33
ubottugeedilla: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.17:33
logan0407hmm i think it may be the font cache you are right17:33
geedillaubottu: thanks17:34
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)17:34
geedillaI thought I'd try in here because no one's replying in that channel!17:34
tewardgeedilla: there's a thing called patience and I suggest you try some there.  Elementary OS is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu (from the Ubuntu perspective).17:35
OEPsheap: what are you trying to do with fdisk? not sure what 'a' does.17:36
geedillateward: thanks - that's helpful to know. but there's no need to be patronising17:36
lotuspsychjegeedilla: we can reccomend you to install ubuntu desktop 14.04.2 and try out wifi17:36
geedillaI had linux mint working and it was perfect17:36
geedillajust thought I would try this distribution too, with less luck so far17:37
geedillano worries - thanks all17:37
MonkeyDustgeedilla  try a distro that's more supported, like ubuntu17:37
lotuspsychjesomeone knows a way to mount the HD of a windows laptop from ubuntu, without taking out the HD physicaly?17:39
lotuspsychjelets say to rescue data with photorec17:40
tewardlotuspsychje: liveusb on the windows laptop used solely for the live interface, and you put photorec on the liveusb, maybe, would work17:40
lotuspsychjeteward: ah great idea, tnx17:41
tewardlotuspsychje: but if you don't physically have access to the machine it's going to be 'hard' to mount it remotely in a way that photorec would work17:41
tewardlotuspsychje: get permission to do it on the system, though, for legal/liability purposes.17:41
=== flavius is now known as Guest65132
lotuspsychjeteward: i think also liveusb would be my best bet then, tnx17:41
SysAdmin7what about liveusb with persistence17:42
SysAdmin7install photorec17:42
ibuidani just want to say that choosing between kde, gnome, unity, cinnamon, xfce, lxle, openbox, mate it's not just a matter of personal criticism. for example i use xfce, gonme, and lxle just becuse it provide a taskbar icon to chnage keyboard layout. i hope this thing could change in the near future17:42
SysAdmin7use docky...17:42
lotuspsychjeSysAdmin7: docky?17:42
lotuspsychjeah nvm17:42
SysAdmin7look it up17:43
lotuspsychje!info docky | ibuidan17:43
tewardSysAdmin7: he could do that but he wouldn't necessarily have to17:43
ubottuibuidan: docky (source: docky): Elegant, powerful, clean dock. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.0-2 (utopic), package size 591 kB, installed size 3594 kB17:43
SysAdmin7true, but i find it better that the lxle dock17:43
tewardlotuspsychje: you may want to consider the LiveUSB with persistence if you want to set up the LiveUSB with packages for this before booting to it (such as the photorec package and dependencies)17:43
SysAdmin7already told him that17:43
SysAdmin7he may not have got it17:44
lotuspsychjeyep ill do that tnx17:44
lotuspsychjei got it alrright17:44
SysAdmin7kool, tell us how it turns out17:44
Guest65132Hello, how do I install TeamWieur on Linux Mint  KDE 64 bits Rebeca??17:44
lotuspsychje!mint | Guest6513217:44
ubottuGuest65132: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:44
Meway-Desktopyay I broke it thinks for the help xD q.q (got to learn somehow)17:45
* Meway-Desktop shrinks himself and jumps into the HDD needle17:46
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in_deep_thoughtim trying to make a photo collage18:03
in_deep_thoughtany good suggestions for tools?18:03
lotuspsychjein_deep_thought: there is an app photocollage, but you need to add a ppa: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/06/make-photo-collage-ubuntu-1404/18:05
in_deep_thoughtlotuspsychje: thansk18:06
lotuspsychje!info fotowall | in_deep_thought found one :p18:06
ubottuin_deep_thought found one :p: fotowall (source: fotowall): simple application for creating collages and compositions. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-11 (utopic), package size 654 kB, installed size 2020 kB18:06
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ibuidanPCMANFM is a window manger? Can i use pcmanfm-lxde instead of openbox-lxde as a viable desktop session ?18:09
=== gabrielpires is now known as KastoR
lotuspsychje!info pcmanfm | ibuidan18:10
ubottuibuidan: pcmanfm (source: pcmanfm): extremely fast and lightweight file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.3-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 261 kB, installed size 1806 kB18:10
=== pedrorm is now known as Joinha
Na3iLhey folks!18:10
lotuspsychje!windowmanagers | ibuidan18:11
ubottuibuidan: A desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors18:11
lotuspsychjeNa3iL: hello mate18:11
Na3iLhello lotuspsychje18:11
Na3iLhows u :)18:11
ioriaibuidan, no it's   a file manager18:11
lotuspsychjeNa3iL: can we help you with something?18:11
Na3iLwhat the wrong with Ubuntu core http://www.ubuntu.com/things18:11
lotuspsychjeNa3iL: what do you mean 'wrong'?18:12
ibuidanfm -- file manager. never mind . thanks anyway18:12
ioriaibuidan, you mean   on VNC    ?18:12
Na3iLdid u see the new project of Ubuntu ninja sphere?18:13
Na3iLthe collaboration betwen Ubuntu and micro$oft?18:13
MonkeyDustNa3iL  did you have a ubuntu support question?18:13
ibuidani have lightdm installed and i use multiple lightdm - desktop environments compatible> openbox, xfce, lxde and ubuntu-session.18:14
lotuspsychjeNa3iL: discuss those in #ubuntu-offtopic please18:14
=== gargola_ is now known as gargola
ioriaibuidan, it's just a  program ... you can run it as you want18:15
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h0ddH3dHow can i terminate the X server. I want to use "tty" to save more time when using battery.18:20
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukkii
ioriah0ddH3d,  you can modify grub to start in text mode and then start the windowmanager18:21
DownchuckI'm trying to re-use some tinycore binaries, but I keep getting: "No such file or directory", which I believe means linux does not recognize the binary18:22
DownchuckThat said, "file" recognizes it quite fine.18:22
DownchuckELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 3.0.21, stripped18:22
h0ddH3dioria: How to do that?18:23
ioriah0ddH3d,  modify  /etc/default/grub and replace quite splash  with  text  -  sudo update-grub18:24
ioriah0ddH3d,  then from the shell sudo service lightdm start18:24
ioriah0ddH3d,  or gdm  or what you have18:25
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest77288
DownchuckNot that I'm right, but answering my own question anyway: Downchuck, have you tried running "ldd" and seeing if some linked libraries are missing?18:27
h0ddH3dioria: Thanks, Can I add new option to grub. So the first one start ubuntu normaly and the other one start without The X server ??18:28
ioriah0ddH3d,  yep18:28
Gevoxhelo, i mounted a folder with noatime using "mount -o remount,noatime /dev/md2 /home/www/uploads/tmp -t ext4" then mount -a. now the dir contains everything was in /home directory and whenever i delete a file from the tmp directory the file get deleted from the home directory too18:29
=== Yukkii is now known as Yukkino
Gevoxhow can i solve this please?18:29
h0ddH3dioria: How?18:29
ioriah0ddH3d,  well... Xinit  it's not started  ithink18:30
h0ddH3dioria: Thanks for helping ^_^ I will search for it.18:34
ioriah0ddH3d,  np18:34
agrippazAnyone know how to disable the Keyring unlock nag when starting Chromium on a fresh install of 14.04?18:40
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Guest20728Hi. New Acer Aspire Nitro i7(Secure boot disabled). I installed Win7 with intention of installing XUbuntu 14.04 as dual boot. However, the installer doesn't see Windows(part editor sees a blank HDD). However, Xubuntu file explorer(Thunar) sees the files the OS created. What can I do?19:05
ObrienDavetry the "something else? option19:06
ObrienDave*"something else"19:06
Guest20728It shows no OS.19:06
Guest20728I might reinstall Win7 with Secureboot enabled.19:07
ObrienDaveworth a try, i think19:07
* Guest20728 fucking hates secureboot19:07
lotuspsychje!uefi | Guest2072819:07
ubottuGuest20728: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:07
Erfolgwin7 doesn't work w/ secureboot19:07
Guest20728Erfolg, i was afraid of that :)19:07
lotuspsychjeGuest20728: make your life easy and install ubuntu 14.04 single :p19:08
Guest20728lotuspsychje, i want to.. but I want win around for work reasons(sometimes a vm dont cut it).19:08
lotuspsychjeGuest20728: wine or playonlinux might do the trick19:08
Guest20728I don't want MS to die but I will be glad when they are a minority in the future of PC architecture...and not heard.19:08
lotuspsychjeGuest20728: alot of packages can replace your work needs already on ubuntu19:09
* Guest20728 is no stranger to linux.19:09
Guest20728I know, but I have 1tb and used to dual boot elsewhere19:09
* ObrienDave is thinking about taking apart 2TB seagate portable for laptop drive19:11
azizLIGHTdo i have trim for my ssd in ubuntu ?19:12
lotuspsychje!trim | azizLIGHT19:12
ubottuazizLIGHT: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.19:12
Guest2072814.04 has it built in AFAIK19:12
azizLIGHTi am on 14.0419:12
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: but there are still many tweaks you can do on your ssd19:12
azizLIGHThow do i verify it active?19:12
azizLIGHTlotuspsychje: oh yes? please tell19:12
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: tweak your fstab, swappiness19:13
k1l_azizLIGHT: since 14.04 its automated batched discard19:13
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: install preload19:13
Guest20728and throw swap on a spinning HDD if you can19:13
* Guest20728 prefers a swapfile not a swap partition.19:13
azizLIGHTok... im not familiar with alot of what was just said19:14
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd19:14
azizLIGHTwhat tweaks are there for fstab for an ssd? some specific mount options or something?19:14
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: yes, i use relatime and tpmfs dirs19:15
azizLIGHTk1l_: i read that its for some models? i have samsung 850 evo19:15
k1l_azizLIGHT: lists "la -al /etc/cron.weekly/" a fstrim file?19:15
k1l_azizLIGHT: it doesnt matter what model19:16
azizLIGHTyes i see a fstrim file listed with that command19:16
=== deper29 is now known as Guest55020
bootwithlibraryci borked my install, and now im trying to install a live boot to a usb using a library computer wwhich wont let you install programs19:16
k1l_azizLIGHT: so it trims once a week automatically. nothing to worry19:16
bootwithlibraryccan i just move the contents of an iso to a usb disk and have that work?\19:17
lotuspsychje!info preload | azizLIGHT install this also to boost up19:17
ubottuazizLIGHT install this also to boost up: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (utopic), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB19:17
azizLIGHTGuest20728: so correct me if im wrong, you put the swap on your hdd so it doesnt wear out the ssd, right?19:17
yorwoshey guyz , if i make a new user and wanna copy all my desktop settings (panels + shortcuts) how could i do it ?19:17
Guest20728azizLIGHT, yes. although i dont care about wearing out the SSD. I care about the space19:17
azizLIGHToh, i have 16gb swap space19:18
k1l_azizLIGHT: how much ram you got?19:18
azizLIGHT16gb ram19:18
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: you can set your firefox to buffer 0 also19:18
ObrienDavebootwithlibraryc, no, it does not work that way. DVD yes, USB no19:18
azizLIGHTlotuspsychje: wow that sounds useful, what will it do?19:18
bootwithlibrarycObrienDave: it worked with windows19:18
k1l_azizLIGHT: so you might not need swap at all if you dont use ram hungry porgrams or want to suspend to ram19:18
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: use your ssd power instead of ram on firefox19:19
azizLIGHTi like suspend, but i will move it to hdd, like Guest20728 said19:19
k1l_lotuspsychje: what?19:19
azizLIGHTlotuspsychje: i dont get it?19:19
k1l_lotuspsychje: ram is a lot faster than ssds.19:19
Erfolgbootwithlibraryc, you can dd the iso to usb19:19
bootwithlibraryclike not the iso itself, but the actual contents. the partition fat32 has the boot flag19:19
bootwithlibrarycErfolg: on windows. I dont think it has dd, does it?\19:20
lotuspsychjek1l_: buffer on 0 here on samsung evo 840 and works rocketfast19:20
lotuspsychjek1l_: but im on a netbook with 2gig ram only19:20
azizLIGHTk1l_: should i use any fstab options for an ssd?19:21
azizLIGHTlotuspsychje: oh ok. in that case ill not use buffer 0 for firefox. i got 16gb ram19:21
Erfolgbootwithlibraryc, there's a windd program i believe and msys2 also has dd19:21
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: check the link on ssd tweaking i pasted you19:22
bootwithlibrarycmmmm ill have to see19:22
azizLIGHTah yea forgot about that19:22
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: relatime in fstab works pretty good19:23
lotuspsychjeazizLIGHT: instead of noatime19:23
azizLIGHTmust i do something special for trim with luks and lvm?19:23
bootwithlibraryclol my way seems to have worked :)19:24
k1l_azizLIGHT: honestly i dont like that tune up site. what about you start with the ubuntu standards and read yourself into the topic, so you can decide yourself what is best19:24
azizLIGHTone thing defintely i will do is move my swap from ssd to hdd19:25
bootwithlibrarycoh shit19:26
CptRageToasterI've got a friend on Mint16, which appears to be based on saucy19:27
bootwithlibrarycflipping windows borked my partition table. where an ext4 is, shows empty space. How do I recover?19:27
* zykotick9 has his swap on ssd (because of the speed), he doesn't hope for his SSDs to last 5-10 years, they'll be replaced before then... YMMV19:28
CptRageToasterare there any live browers/search functions to find libselinux.so.1(32bit) for saucy?19:28
k1l_CptRageToaster: for info about mint see their channel /website19:28
k1l_!mint | CptRageToaster19:28
ubottuCptRageToaster: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:28
CptRageToasterI'm just after the repository browser...19:28
CptRageToasterwhich I thought would be here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/uk/19:28
CptRageToasterbut saucy appears to be missing19:28
k1l_CptRageToaster: mint uses some mix of different repos. so please ask them19:29
polishpoliceforcIn the context of Mat being a datatype for an array that describes an image, what would Mat edge = gray > = edgeThresh, dist, labels; mean?19:29
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy19:29
polishpoliceforcwrong channel sorry19:29
k1l_CptRageToaster: saucy is shut down. so last time now: please ask mint support about mint issues.19:29
bpromptCptRageToaster:    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27932825/resolve-error-while-loading-shared-libraries-libselinux-so-1-in-ubuntu-14-04-lt    points to "ldconfig", likely needed to be run as "su", or sudo, also you may want to try  a "sudo dpkg --configure -a"19:33
hackspace/join #mk-makerspace19:39
Bray90820How would I permanently mount an EX4 SMB share on ubuntu 14.1019:41
drozek123How can anyone help me remove a video output from xrandr?19:41
bekksWhats an "EX4 SMB" share?19:41
lotuspsychje!xrandr | drozek12319:42
ubottudrozek123: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1219:42
Bray90820bekks: it's a QNAP Nas with an EX4 file system19:42
bekksBray90820: I never heard of "EX4". Do you mean "ext4"?19:43
Bray90820Oh sorry yes I did mean EXT419:43
drozek123ubottu: I want to complete remove HDMI whenever I run xrandr19:43
ubottudrozek123: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:43
bekksBray90820: And the underlying filesystem is irrelevant, since you mount the smb share.19:43
bekksBray90820: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently19:43
Bray90820bekks: Does it matter that that is a windows share tutorial19:44
bekksBray90820: No. Because smb shares are Windows shares.19:44
Bray90820bekks: what exactly do you mean by windows share because windows is not installed on this qnap19:45
ubuntu_hello body19:45
bekksBray90820: SMB is a filesharing protocol which is used by Windows.19:46
k1l_Bray90820: samba is a windows protocol19:46
k1l_Bray90820: so it doesnt matter if its provided by  a windows or a linux server. all your ubuntu sees is the samba19:46
CptRageToasterI found a way to search the available repositories...19:46
siminmHello everyone! Is there a way to pause syslog from writing to disk?19:46
CptRageToasteris it not normal to handle debian based questions?19:46
k1l_CptRageToaster: for debian question please see #debian19:47
ObrienDavehere? this is Ubuntu support19:47
CptRageToasteror even questions specifically about ubuntu repositories?19:47
CptRageToasterdebian makes sense, and I'd go to #debian...19:47
PiciCptRageToaster: As we said before Saucy reached its end of life a year ago, it is not supported.19:47
k1l_CptRageToaster: please stop the drama now! if you use mint, ask the mint support. if you dont like their support, dont use mint. thats it.19:47
SysAdmin7Any1 need help?19:48
ubuntu_¡por favor!, ¿alg-un canal en español?19:48
drozek123systemadmin7 yes i do19:48
bekks!es | ubuntu_19:48
ubottuubuntu_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:48
AeiortvToday's the day I have to decide, I'm installing my new SSD - should I dual boot with windows 8.1 or single boot with just Ubuntu on my SSD?19:48
bekksAeiortv: Thats only up to you.19:48
ubuntu_thank you..19:48
drozek123SysAdmin7: I do, I want to figure out how to remove video outputs from xrandr, it is causes issues with our application19:49
AeiortvJohnny_Linux: 1404?19:49
designbybeck__India has a bunch of stores selling Ubuntu Linux machines correct? http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/internet/india-doubles-down-on-use-of-open-source-software/articleshow/46738604.cms19:49
ObrienDaveCptRageToaster, Ubuntu repos, yes. Debian, no19:49
SysAdmin7Wat do u need19:49
Johnny_Linuxyou have the latest with longevity19:49
Aeiortvwill secure boot + UEFI prevent me from installing ubuntu?19:49
drozek123I need DP2 and HDMI2 to stop showing up on xrandr19:50
drozek123i need to disable it before it boots to ubuntu 14.0419:50
ObrienDave!uefi | Aeiortv19:50
ubottuAeiortv: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:50
Aeiortvthank you ObrienDave19:50
CptRageToasterObrienDave: it's apparently an issue with fielding questions specifically about saucy repos...19:50
CptRageToasterI'll have to word my questions carefully in the future I guess19:50
bekksCptRageToaster: you have to use Ubuntu for getting Ubuntu support ;)19:51
SysAdmin7try --output --off19:52
ObrienDaveCptRageToaster, http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/19:52
drozek123i have it still shows up after a reboot19:53
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siminmDoes anyone know if there's a way to pause syslog from writing to disk?19:58
bekkssiminm: Stop it, since the purpose of syslog is writing logs to disks.19:59
siminmbekks: I'm not sure what the systems would do if syslog is actually stopped20:00
akkadpkill -STOP syslog20:00
IdleOnesiminm: nothing harmful except you won't have the logs written20:00
bekkssiminm: Nothing. Besides not logging anymore.20:00
siminmoh awesome. scary but awesome. thanks20:00
Superfly_\server asylumnet.org20:03
akkadsiminm: chattr -R +i /20:05
akkadshould fix it20:05
bekksakkad: Erm, no?20:06
bekkssiminm: Dont run that command.20:06
siminmbekks: :)20:06
zerowaitstateakkad: oh wow no20:06
siminmI run everything people tell me20:07
bekkssiminm: Hopefully you dont.20:07
might_get_loudWell that's sad.20:07
akkadsecure mode20:07
zerowaitstatethat's almost as bad as "rpm -qa | xargs rpm -e", something I have unfortunately done20:07
akkadwhy not just wipe the rpm db20:08
bekksakkad: Thats totally unrelated to his question.20:08
bekksakkad: Can you please refrain from the unrelated offtopic?20:08
siminmI just tested stopping /etc/init.d/syslog-ng and it works great. Logs stop, but services work fine20:10
akiakiHey all. I tried installing windows, and I deleted an old ext4 partition at the beginning of my device. It told me after "no cigar" and when I rebooted, my other ext4 partition now appears as "unallocated space" in sda220:11
akiakihow do I recover my ext4 partition?20:11
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel20:11
zerowaitstatesiminm: for a better long term solution I recommend modifying the logrotate.d/rsyslog to include a maximum log size that triggers rotation. That would prevent the disk from filling up in an error situation20:11
argha__my skype is not working what do i do?20:12
argha__I am unable to login to skype20:12
argha__can anybody help me?20:12
argha__ho do i fix it20:13
siminmzerowaitstate: thanks; filesize wasn't the problem. I was debugging too frequent writes to hdd20:13
might_get_loud@argha__ is that the first time installing skype?20:13
might_get_loudor did you had problems earlier?20:13
argha__this is the fierst  time20:14
might_get_loudhow did you installed skype?20:14
zerowaitstatesiminm: you can also use the conf file for your syslog daemon to direct particular event sources to console or dev/null20:14
might_get_loudvia apt-get or downloaded .deb?20:14
UNNGHhi there, how do i get my name yellow?20:14
k1l_create an account on skype first?20:14
siminmzerowaitstate: oh! useful. I'll read up on that20:14
argha__install from terminal20:14
argha__everything coming well in  my screen20:14
argha__but i am only unable to log in20:15
zerowaitstatesiminm: yeah, that's dependent on your particular syslog daemon implementation; it's not something you control from logrotate20:15
argha__after browsing for sometimes it has stopped working20:15
argha__might can you tell me how di i fix it?20:16
might_get_loudActully no, i thought it was deb install20:16
argha__no.skkype has been installed  in my desktop20:17
might_get_loudBecouse installing via debs wont install libs that you need, just raw skype file.20:17
argha__but it unablle to log in20:17
argha__is it issue with skype version?20:17
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might_get_loudI dont think so, because if you installed it via terminal it automaticly install the latest version20:18
argha__actually if it not installed properly then the login window will not come i think  so20:18
might_get_loudbut you could anyway try update and upgrade20:18
might_get_loudI had problems before with kind of same thing20:18
argha__how ?20:19
might_get_loudlogins screen pops but i was unable to login for like 2 h20:19
argha__skype  version is
might_get_loudsec pls20:19
argha__ya the sam thing i am also facing20:19
argha__hw do i fix it?20:19
argha__have any idea?20:20
might_get_loud Yeah, my works20:20
might_get_loudsure that your password is ok? :D20:20
might_get_loudidk sorry dude20:20
might_get_loudhope you find answer somewhere else20:20
argha__i am logginn in from my phone20:20
argha__and it's working20:20
CptRageToasterargha__: I'm assuming your pc is connected to the internet?20:21
argha__yes it's connected with internet20:21
CptRageToasterthat's pretty weird...20:22
CptRageToasterI wonder if opening skype at the terminal, would display the errors it has20:22
CptRageToasterthen, you could login, and see the console chatter20:22
argha__when i signing in it's window continuously popping up20:22
argha__but after sometimes it has been again comes to it's preliminary state20:23
argha__oh my god after a long time it's ultimately logging  in20:25
argha__than you cp and might for ur kind cooperation20:25
OerHekscall me maybe :-P20:25
CptRageToasteryou may want to run skype from the command line, if that long-loggin time continues :)20:26
TraintopHi Folks! -I have a Thinkpad X61T and a script to rotate the screen and would like to bind it to the dedicated button on the tablet, but ubuntu will always activate the screensaver even if I add a custum key-binding to my script.... -any ideas where I could "delete" this binding to the screensaver?20:26
mchelen1#ubuntu-touch maybe?20:27
mchelen1i'm not sure which shortcut system its using20:27
mchelen1Traintop, did you check keyboard settings/shortcuts?20:28
argha__how do login in skype from terminal?20:28
argha__how do i log in into skype?20:29
argha__from command line20:29
CptRageToasterargha__: You shouldn't have to20:29
CptRageToasteryou should be able to START skype from the terminal20:29
CptRageToasterskype will then open it's window normally20:29
argha__what  is the command20:29
CptRageToasterbut, you'll have a log20:29
CptRageToasteroh... I wouldn't know actually20:29
CptRageToasterhave you tried typing20:30
CptRageToasterand then hitting tab?20:30
CptRageToasterit might be as simple as saying "skype" in your terminal20:30
argha__i m trying wait a min20:30
OerHeksskype &20:30
argha__ya skype windows coming is comng20:31
CptRageToasterOerHeks: No need to send it to the background if you want the log...20:31
argha__but if i want to login from the terminal then20:31
argha__what is t command?20:31
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CptRageToasterargha__: eee... that's...20:32
CptRageToasterthat may not be possible20:32
CptRageToasternot sure...20:32
CptRageToasterskype MIGHT support some command line arguments20:32
CptRageToasterI'm going to google, and see if I can come up with anything20:32
CptRageToasterargha__: There are some places for it20:33
SchrodingersScatargha__: have you tried skype --help ?20:33
argha__what r those?20:33
SysAdmin7Did dzorek say the command worked?20:34
SchrodingersScatargha__: seems you can even initiate a call with the cli, didn't know that.20:34
CptRageToasteryeah... that's pretty nifty...20:34
argha__i type skype help but20:34
CptRageToasterargha__: with the dashes? (--)20:34
argha__there has no option for loggin in20:34
lotuspsychjeSysAdmin7: <drozek123> i have it still shows up after a reboot20:35
CptRageToasterargha__: This stackoverflow looks like it answers your question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/350072/how-to-log-in-to-skype-via-command-line20:35
SchrodingersScatargha__: skype --help will show --pipelogin, which might be what you want.20:35
CptRageToasterspecifically the --pipelogin20:35
CptRageToaster$ echo username password | skype --pipelogin20:36
SysAdmin7Oh, hmm20:36
CptRageToasternot amazing...20:36
CptRageToasternot very secure...20:36
CptRageToasterbut it works20:36
SysAdmin7Let me think20:37
bekksWhy not just login in via the skype gui?20:37
SchrodingersScatharder to script the skype gui to login to various accounts, run actions, logout or open new instances20:37
bekksSounds like skype spamming :)20:38
Traintopmchelen1: yes, this is my problem; I added a new "custom" keybinding there with no erorrs, but still the button works as the screensaver-button20:44
SysAdmin7ok, I'm back. Is dzorek on?20:45
lotuspsychje!tab | SysAdmin720:45
ubottuSysAdmin7: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:45
mchelen1Traintop, do you see any other shortcuts that use the same keys?20:45
mchelen1Traintop, maybe install compizconfig20:45
SysAdmin7Oh, thx. Usin a hacked blackberry20:46
Traintopmchelen1: no, I see no other keybinding in the default gui20:47
mchelen1Traintop, ah ok there you gi20:47
Traintopmchelen1: so I thought this could be somewhere in the startup-scripts20:47
Traintopsorry, had to go afk...20:48
Traintopmchelen1: I'm just trying compizconfig20:48
mchelen1Traintop, ok, im wondering if one of the compiz actions is using the same key combo20:49
Traintopcompiz-keybindings are not activated20:50
Traintopshould I do so?20:50
TraintopI think no... -as I am wondering where this "screensaver-button" binding comes from...20:50
Es0tericanyone here know about apache?20:51
Traintopif it's of interest: the same problem goes with all the tablet-buttons: the onscreen-keyboard-button is used as "toggle touchpad on/off"20:51
Traintopand I cannot override with the default gui20:51
Traintopthat's why I asked here; I think this iś defined somewhere in config-files... -but I don't know where20:52
Traintopeven "grep"ed for it, but to no avail...20:52
Traintopmchelen1: do you think the compiz-keybinding have higher priority; perhaps trying to bind the script there?20:53
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argha__how do i logging in skype from terminal?20:54
=== andre__ is now known as Guest86194
argha__can anybody tell me?20:55
Traintopargha__: CptRageRoaster told you a few pages ago20:55
mchelen1Traintop, idk about priority, but they could both be activated20:55
mchelen1Traintop, you might have more luck asking in #ubuntu-touch tho since i'm guessing thats the version you have20:56
argha__i have to only type echo argha  abc | skype --pipelogin20:56
argha__or somthing else?20:56
argha__username and password for ex20:56
bekks"for ex"?20:56
pyoorhi all.  I seem to be having a problem with my swap partition using an FDE on ubuntu 14.04.  I get an error message stating that /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready or present.  swapon -s reports no swap partition.  I've tried reformatting and rebuilding the swap partition but no luck20:57
Traintopmchelen1: tested compiz: my script isn't started, but the notifier for the touchpadtoggle does not show anymore; will dig into this further; thanks man20:57
mchelen1Traintop, np good luck20:57
pyoorcan anyone point me to a doc that describes the process when using LVM and full disk encryption?20:57
Traintopmchelen1: and I am using the normal ubuntu 12.04 I think there was no touch-variant at this time20:57
mchelen1Traintop, ah ok20:58
bekkspyoor: What is a "FDE"?20:58
argha__i write the above cmd but the only skype window coming20:58
bekksargha__: Which "above command"?20:58
argha__loggging in is not working by this command20:58
Traintopargha__: I cannot verify what CptRageRoaster said as I have no skype; but what CptRage... wrote seems intuitivly20:58
OerHekswhy would one need terminal login for a gui programm like skype..20:58
zykotick9bekks: FDE = Full Disk Encryption20:59
k1l_argha__: just use the skype gui20:59
Traintopmchelen1: but thanks for the hint to #ubuntu-touch; will go there and try if someone there had the same problem and an elegant solution :-)21:00
argha__ya gui is working but i want to log in from termianl21:00
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k1l_argha__: then take the time and read the documentation. users in here explained it already to you. if you want to know more read the skype docs21:00
mchelen1Traintop, yah if you are running on a tablet it might be worth investigating21:02
mchelen1Traintop, or consider upgrading to 14.0421:02
Traintopmchelen1: this is an core2duo@1.6GH; and as 12.04 works I do not want to change to a newer system with more background-daemons... ;->21:03
Traintopmchelen1: except for these 3 buttons everything else works like a charme :-)21:04
bekksTraintop: So disable all those "background daemons" if you dont like them. Whatever those may be.21:04
MonkeyDusthow do I copy something to chroot?21:04
mchelen1Traintop, there might be better touchscreen support though, but if most things are working now then maybe dont mess with it21:05
Traintopmchelen1: that's what I think :-)21:05
NGC3982Hi. I use album today, and i notice that it does not seem to update itself when i add new pictures to it. Is this configurable? I can't seem to find anything regarding it in the manual.21:06
mchelen1Traintop, can always try a liveusb and see21:06
Traintopbut to bring back another idea: even in coompizconfig when I "bind" the button to the script, compizconfig names the key "XFree86ToggleTouchpad" this has to come from somewhere... -any ideas?21:06
mchelen1Traintop, that just sounds like the system id for the button21:07
Traintopbekks: asides from trying to get this working in ubuntu I am in parallel building a linux-from-scratch so I know exactly where something is defined and configured... -but that's another story :-)21:08
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Traintopmchelen1: do you eventually know where these are defined in ubuntu... -so I could look there for a solution?21:09
mchelen1Traintop, you can probably find the definition somewhere in the source code, but i don't think thats what you want21:10
mchelen1Traintop, the name doesn't matter except that its bound to some action somewhere21:10
Traintopmchelen1: no :-) -I rather thought of a file where these definitions are done while booting or so...21:11
mchelen1Traintop, those aren't necessarily text files21:11
mchelen1they can be compiled binaries21:11
Traintopwhat I think is funny, my laptop doesn't even have a touchpad, but ubuntu installs this keybinding even with notifier-icon and so on... :-)21:11
mchelen1Traintop, its possible the touchscreen itself is treated as a touchpad21:12
Traintopmchelen1: the "touchscreen" with the stylus is used as a wacom-graphics-tablet and the finger-touch is something in X (don't exactly know atm what it's called, but it's different to a touchpad21:14
danny002Hey what do you guys think of Ubuntu Mate?21:14
PartNASis ubuntu cat8 ready?21:14
gndlphey does anyone know what file cntrl alt L calls in Ubuntu 14.0421:14
gndlpor how to find that out21:15
danny002ctrl alt L locks you're pc as far as im aware unless I misread the question.21:15
mchelen1gndlp, settings -> keyboard -> shortcuts21:18
NGC3982Can i get Album to update pictures automaticly?21:19
DaveMcAveHi, I just installed Ubuntu via the net install, when I boot grub is skipped completely and automatically boots into Ubuntu, giving me no choice at all to boot into the other paritions, what do I do?21:19
bekksDaveMcAve: Press esc or shift to get into the grub menu.21:19
DaveMcAveOh okay21:20
TraintopDaveMcAve: be aware of the perhaps small timeout...21:20
zykotick9DaveMcAve: HOLD shift after boot might be easiest direction...21:20
mchelen1DaveMcAve, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Boot_Display_Behavior21:21
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EightynineHi guys. I'm using openSUSE and it fucked my brain, I hate it's update system. It works bad with Virtualbox(I never had so much problems with it before) and design is total crap. Can you please advice me what DE and FS to use with Ubuntu? Can I replace openSUSE with Ubuntu without formatting whole drive?21:26
EightynineNo-I can't replase or you can't advice?21:27
bekksyou cant replace it.21:27
OerHeksEightynine, formatting takes seconds21:27
bekksBackups may take hours, before :)21:28
EightynineBut I'm using SSD isn't it bad to format it often?21:28
TraintopEightyNine: delete everthing on disc except /home/<youruser>; should work afaik21:28
TraintopEightyNine: and use a different default-user on the new system21:29
bekksEightynine: Thats an urban legend.21:29
OerHeksDon't mix suse with ubuntu installation, clean install is the best way.21:29
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest45169
OerHeksIf you don't make a backup of your data, then that data is not important. this is generally for any system change.21:30
EightynineI have 40 GB root, 3,86 GB swap, 67,92 GB home and 3 1,92 GB tmpfs volumes.21:31
bekksBAckup your data, and install Ubuntu cleanly.21:31
EightynineCan I just format root?21:31
bekksBackup your data, destroy all partitions found, and install Ubuntu onto the disk.21:32
PartNASi guess thats the point of having root partition21:32
PartNASEightynine: you forgot to make a backup partition21:33
EightynineopenSUSE made this partition layout.21:33
bekksPartNAS: BAckups on the same disk are pointless :)21:33
bekksEightynine: So destroy and let Ubuntu make its own.21:33
PartNASnot in this case21:33
PartNASis it possible to dualboot another distro on ubuntu phone?21:35
EightynineIs this better to use Ubuntu with Unity or can I use it with Gnome and it'll be the same? I used Ubuntu a few years ago and I used Xubuntu(tried it) about a year ago), so I don't know if it's handy to use Unity and if Ubuntu Gnome is stable or not.21:35
OerHeksPartNAS, better ask in #ubuntu-touch21:35
tewardEightynine: Ubuntu GNOME has been out for a while and is 'stable' - Unity and GNOME both work, although I personally prefer Unity21:36
isifreektheres a piece of another window persistant on my screen thru lock/unlock and workspace change21:36
bekksEightynine: There is no "better" in terms of "your personal choice".21:36
EightynineWhy do you prefer Unity? Just asking.21:36
isifreekya.. that's a head scratcher21:37
bprompt_Eightynine:    I don't think folks "prefer" unity, so much  as its the default flavor21:37
Hell-RazorDoes anybody have any experience with mdadm? I created a raid0 on my machine and now would like to try and move my /home directory to it. Currently this is what I can come up with in my fstab http://nopaste.linux-dev.org/?45296121:37
bprompt_Eightynine:    just like many Internet Explorer users "prefer" IE, over other browsers, lazyness maybe21:37
EightynineI asked <teward>, he said that he prefer Unity.21:38
bprompt_Eightynine:    I see,  you may want to prefix your lines then :)21:38
EightynineIE has a huge memory leak and interface is working bad.21:38
EightynineSorry, I don't know how to do this in HexChat.21:39
bekksEightynine: Type it?21:39
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bekks!tab | Eightynine21:39
ubottuEightynine: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:39
tewardEightynine: but that's just an opinion there's no 'better' one21:39
tewardEightynine: GNOME is closer to Xubuntu, probably21:39
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.21:40
bprompt_Eightynine:   I prefer kde, and yes, I do prefer it, I've used on many other distributions as well, since I run many kde apps, also run gnome ones as well, since some gnome ones work better than the kde alternative21:40
OerHeksit is like 20 different brands of peanutbutter :-D21:41
EightynineIf only developers could rewrite Ubuntu tools on D instead of using Python, Ubuntu could become OS X in Linux world. If only I was a good programmer and not a beginner, I would helped you.21:41
OerHekstools on D ?21:42
EightynineKDE5 is better than KDE4(I mean it consumes less resources) but I don't like this monster.21:42
EightynineYes, Dlang. I tried to learn it.21:42
EightynineIs there a big difference between Gnome and Unity?21:43
EightynineI wonder which of them is more usable.21:44
ShadowPonydoes any one know how to fix this error http://i.imgur.com/n9ILUMY.png?121:44
OerHeksUnity is just a compiz plugin on top of gnome321:44
Ben64Eightynine: try them both and see21:44
Ben64ShadowPony: some more details are necessary21:45
ShadowPonyBen64 the issue is is we use SSH root and dusk can edit the files but not dragony21:46
Ben64ShadowPony: you shouldn't use ssh root, no idea what dusk and dragony are21:46
EightynineI think tomorrow I'll download and install Ubuntu Gnome. Guys, sorry if I'm wrong but I think that tools like Drivers and Software Centre need a good optimisation. They start really slow and long. Maybe you fixed them already.21:46
ShadowPonydusk and dragony are users21:46
ShadowPonyroot is disabled for sshs and everthing21:46
bprompt_ShadowPony:     maneframe?    sounds "hairy", is that a typo maybe?    did you mean "mainframe"?21:47
ShadowPonybprompt_:  no that was intentical21:47
ShadowPonyBen64:  dusk can edit the files but not dragony21:47
Ben64ok... so what are the permissions on the file21:48
bprompt_ShadowPony:     hmmmm sounds like a chown matter though... I'd think you could get around by setting the file to "755" or just a+x21:48
Ben64sounds like a bad idea21:48
EightynineGood luck guys. Thanks for help.21:48
ShadowPonybprompt_:  why set it to 75521:48
bprompt_ShadowPony:    to make it a+x pretty much21:49
ShadowPonybprompt_:  they are 75521:49
EightynineIs your site ubuntu.com? Sorry for stupid question.21:50
ShadowPonybprompt_:  alright dusk owns the dir but not dragony21:50
Ben64Eightynine: sure, you can get ubuntu there21:50
bprompt_Eightynine:    hmmm I use kde 4.8.5, haven't checked kde5 yet, just kde 4.13, as far as size, it depends on features, kde can be fancy schmanzy21:53
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huigi am reading things about udev, but i don't know if the article is up to date or not. is currently udev the "way" that ubuntu uses to handle /dev directories?21:56
bekkshuig: Yes.21:57
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ramen69ShadowPony are those users within the correct permissions groups?22:00
tj83I'm loading "flight gear" from the repository. I see that it appears to me single thread application ? its only making use of one cpu core. anything I can do to split the load up?22:03
tj83it has one core pegged at 100% and not even hopping cores. just stuck on CPU122:03
ObrienDaved/l source and recompile22:05
bekksand patch source before recompiling.22:06
nrml1so one of my users did a apt-get dist-upgrade on a VM and now its in a Kernel Panic, anyone experience this before?22:08
* zykotick9 wonders why a user has the right to apt-get anything...22:09
nrml1decisions made by people with far more arse kissing skills than I22:09
Jordan_Utj83: There is no way to make a single threaded application usefully use multiple cores other than modifying the source code to no longer be single threaded. That said, I have no idea whether or not flight gear is indeed single threaded. Try joining #flightgear, explain your symptoms, and ask if there is a way to make flightgear run better for you.22:10
OerHeksi think flightgear 3 uses multicore/gpu .. http://wiki.flightgear.org/Howto:Activate_multi_core_and_multi_GPU_support22:10
Jordan_Unrml1: Why were they running "apt-get dist-upgrade" rather than "apt-get upgrade"? What new packages were installed or removed?22:11
nrml1cause they're dumb... that was their quote by the way22:11
nrml1he said he did apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade then apt-get dist-upgrade22:11
=== Yukkino is now known as Yukkii
Jordan_Unrml1: What is the exact error that they see when they try to boot?22:12
nrml1not sure if it matters but these were 10.04 systems I22:12
k1l_nrml1: might have changed the kernel22:13
nrml1k1l_, thats what I'm thinking22:13
k1l_nrml1: 10.04 goes end of life at the end of april anyway. so you might want to make a new setup :)22:13
nrml1Jordan_U, Kernel panic - not sysncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)22:13
Guest21477Hey, I recently updated from 13.10 to 14.04 and whenever I boot now I'm brought to the grub> prompt, was hoping someone could help me22:13
OerHeksIf those VM's contain a desktop, i bet it is an upgrade notice22:14
nrml1k1l_, I know but I need to get him off my back if I could just fix it22:14
Jordan_U!bootinfo | Guest2147722:14
ubottuGuest21477: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.22:14
Guest21477I'll do that now.22:15
OerHeksGuest21477, press ctrl alt F7 ( do you see a screen now?)22:15
Jordan_Unrml1: Putting it another way, if you simply install Ubuntu 14.04 for them now you will solve their current problem *and* the problem they're going to have in one month.22:16
nrml1Jordan_U, its more complicated than that though.. the environment cant support 14.04 right now (I'm working on centralizing this right now)22:17
DarkAceZcan I use ecryptfs to encrypt only a certain directory?22:17
nrml1I'm working on getting a more automated system in place where if they do this again I can blow this one away and then spawn a new one22:17
nrml1right now its manual :(22:17
Guest21477I swear booting from my DVD drive is the slowest thing ever22:20
nrml1from my research people say editing grub may fix it, but its a PITA booting a livecd22:20
Jordan_Unrml1: You can select an older kernel from the grub menu at boot.22:21
bekksnrml1: Insert the CD, wait, done?22:21
nrml1its a VM on an ESXi host22:22
bekksAttach the ISO to the VM, boot, done?22:22
nrml1been doing that for like an hour, it wont boot for some reason :/22:22
Jordan_Unrml1: Can you access the grub menu at boot?22:23
Jordan_Unrml1: Why not?22:23
lmatI'm looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdrkit/+bug/135362 and experiencing the bug myself.22:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 135362 in cdrkit (Ubuntu) "genisoimage error "directories too deep" using Rock Ridge" [Undecided,Fix released]22:23
nrml1kernel panic22:23
lmat"and as genisoimage is just22:24
lmata very old version of mkisofs, it suffers from the problem."22:24
lmatI guess nothing's changed here? :-( In short, I'm trying to create an iso from part of my filesystem, but there are "deep" directories.22:24
ObrienDavethe problen is the rock ridge standard. 255 characters in path max22:25
Jordan_Ulmat: You are not hitting that exact bug, so please explain what you are doing (including exact commands) and what happens (all output), using http://pastebin.ubuntu.com as needed for output longer than one line.22:26
lmatand as genisoimage is just22:26
Jordan_Unrml1: I asked why you can't access the grub menu. The grub menu comes before any kernel can be loaded and panic.22:26
lmatTo get that, I ran genisoimage -o jmmdrive.iso /mnt/flash/ 2>&1 | head -n 5022:27
nrml1Jordan_U, I dunno bro, the vmware splash comes on and then the kernel panic, too quick22:27
Guest21477Jordan_U: here are the results of the script pastebin.com/NhvMgkNg22:27
lmatJordan_U: i'm thinking -D is the ticket...22:28
Jordan_Unrml1: Try holding shift during boot (you'll have to be sure that the VM window has keyboard focus early enough).22:28
Jordan_Ulmat: Seems like it.22:29
nrml1doesnt help that my desktop is like inception for windows.. I Got a vm of a windows vm of a windows os22:29
ashvinhello world22:29
Jordan_UGuest21477: Please pastebin the output of "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ && find /mnt/".22:30
nrml1trying to boot from "Rescue" now.. whatever that is.22:30
WulfI'm using getaddrinfo() to resolve a host. There are two IPs for it for dns round robin load balancing. On my debian system this works, on my ubuntu-14.04 system the result is always ordered. Is there any option I missed?22:30
ponyofdeathhi, anyone know if there is a way to mark a sas card's drive to light us as failed on the chassis? is there some kind of command that would tell the sas controller to illuminate the failed led?22:31
Guest21477Jordan_U: pastebin.com/zF78NKkE22:32
Jordan_UGuest21477: Please pastebin the contents of /mnt/grub/grub.cfg (you can do so by running "pastebinit /mnt/grub/grub.cfg" ).22:33
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ramen69ponyofdeath: ive never done that but you can use smartmontools to email you the output when a disc fails22:34
ponyofdeathramen69: yeah i know about that, just need to be able to tell which drive from the outside of the server :)22:35
gndlpramen69: hey ramen do you know how to enable SMART support on a device with smartctl?22:38
gndlpramen69: on all devices i mean22:38
bekksgndlp: Either the drive supports SMART or it doesnt. You cannot enable/disable it.22:39
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Guest21477Jordan_U: "unable to read from: grub.cfg"22:39
Guest21477Jordan_U: the file exists but appears to be blank when I navigate to it22:40
huigudev rules are in /etc/udev/rules.d or in /lib/udev/rules.d? from what i reading is seems that they have to be in /etc/udev/rules.d but i don't find any file with rules22:40
Jordan_UGuest21477: Well, whatever is preventing linux from reading the grub.cfg right now is probably the same thing preventing grub from reading it at boot.22:40
Jordan_UGuest21477: Please pastebin the output of "dmesg". You may have filesystem corruption, which an fsck might fix.22:41
ramen69ponyofdeath: aite, i seen a blogpost some guy lit up his hdd led doing some haxy method a while ago but im real sorry i forgot where i saw it :(22:41
Jordan_UGuest21477: Though, as a simple test, please pastebin the exact output of "sudo cat /mnt/grub/grub.cfg".22:42
gndlpbekks: Well if the drive supports it and you install smartmontools by default it monitors nothing until you trigger it with the -s flag but I need to deploy it to some file servers and I dont want to have to enable it on every drive on every machine22:42
ponyofdeathramen69: thanks22:42
bekksgndlp: Run it once fpr every drive.22:43
bekksgndlp: Thats easily scriptable.22:43
gndlpbekks: yeah dumb question now that i think about it22:44
Guest21477Jordan_U: "cat: /mnt/grub/grub.cfg: Input/output error"22:45
nrml1so I got it to boot22:45
nrml1lemme check what else he did and didnt mention22:45
Jordan_UGuest21477: That's almost certainly either hardware failure or filesystem corruption (which may have been caused by hardware failure).22:46
Jordan_UGuest21477: I hope that you have all of the important data from your encrypted root filesystem backed up.22:46
Guest21477Jordan_U: output of dmsg - pastebin.com/Yg3SHdzH22:46
Guest21477Jordan_U: it is a brand new installation22:47
nrml1anyone know off-hand what the latest kernel is for 10.04?22:48
Guest21477Jordan_U: 13.10 was giving me problems in regards to my graphics card, and after upgrading to 14.04 grub ceased to work after the first restart22:48
Jordan_UGuest21477: I need to leave now, but have someone walk you through checking the drive's S.M.A.R.T. status. Iff it shows that the drive is not failing, then have someone walk you through running fsck on /dev/sda1. The fsck might end up fixing the filesystem by deleting /boot/grub/grub.cfg, in which case you'll need to recreate it. But it's also possible that running fsck alone will fix everything and you will be able to ...22:50
Jordan_U... boot again.22:50
Guest21477Jordan_U: okay, thanks22:50
Jordan_UGuest21477: You're welcome. Good luck.22:50
k1l!info linux-image-generic lucid22:51
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 5 kB, installed size 32 kB22:51
nrml1yeah thats what broke it22:52
nrml1he's trying to boot that one and it kernel panics22:52
nrml1I just booted into the previous one22:52
Guest21477How do I mount an encrypted install?22:55
blackflowGuest21477: luks?22:55
gurialgum brasileiro22:56
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nrml1would a sudo update-grub do the trick?22:56
k1l!br | guri22:56
ubottuguri: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:56
Guest21477 blackflow: yes22:56
blackflowGuest21477: use cryptsetup with luksOpen command to create a block device, then you mount that block device22:57
OerHeksGuest21477, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Live_CD_method_of_opening_a_encrypted_home_directory22:57
guri /join #lforce22:58
guri /join #lforce23:00
Guest21477blackflow: it says that it's already mapped or mounted?23:02
blackflowGuest21477: then mount it, the block device is /dev/mapper/<something>23:02
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Guest21477blackflow: ah, I see.23:04
Guest21477blackflow:  mount: unknown file system type 'LVM2_member'23:07
blackflowGuest21477: it's lvm on luks, so you need to activate lvm then23:07
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Guest21477blackflow:  how does one go about that?23:10
blackflowGuest21477: by using vgchange command to -a(ctivate) the volume group. see vgchange man. and if you don't know the name of the volume group, vgscan would scan your physical volumes and name them23:11
r0xwhy archlinux is so popular here?23:16
Guest21477Probably because it's a much more vanilla version of Linux that's very adaptable and lightweight?23:17
teward!offtopic | r0x23:17
ubottur0x: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:17
Felishiacan you recommend me a simple lightweight text reader, gui based...23:19
EriC^^Felishia: leafpad is pretty lightweight23:19
Felishiait's a file that can be 600000 characters long23:20
Felishiaper line23:20
FelishiaI'd use nano, but I don't know how to copy and paste a line from one file to another23:20
Guest21477Just right click and hit "copy" in the console after making the selection Felishia?23:23
Felishiadoesn't work, I get just some characters and a $ symbol at the end23:24
Felishiaand ctrl+k (and I don't even know how I'm supposed to paste that) don't work between nano instances23:24
r0xDo you know if exist a real-time version of ubuntu?23:24
tewardr0x: 'real time' version?23:25
EriC^^Felishia: ctrl+shift+v to paste23:25
Guest21477Ah, perhaps ALT-6 to copy and CTRL-U to paste?23:25
daveomcdwhen im in a folder does * represent the entire contents of the folder im in? or is there a case where it means everything on the drive?23:25
r0xteward: yes23:26
FelishiaEriC^^, will it work across nano instances?23:26
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EriC^^Felishia: yeah23:26
OerHeksdaveomcd, folder, when you use /* then you use whole root folder, ~/* whole home folder23:27
OerHeksjust the * is in current folder.23:28
Broadway26Spooky, you here?23:28
daveomcdOerHeks, thanks!23:29
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Guest17456was looking for a linux IM client for facebook, cant find one pidgin doesnt work23:37
hkrrsxGuest17456: Pidgin and Facebook instant messaging work fine for me ....23:38
Guest17456really, interesting23:38
hkrrsxJust logged in to double check23:38
Guest17456whats the resource set at?23:39
Guest17456mine is blank23:39
hkrrsxYou could probably leave it blank23:39
hkrrsxOr set it to "Facebook"23:40
Guest17456it wants to connect through msn23:40
Guest17456rather then facebook thats the problem I have23:40
hkrrsxChange the connection type from MSN to XMPP23:40
Guest17456and since msn and facebook parted ways thats not happening23:40
Guest17456ok let me DO that23:41
Guest17456its greyed out wont let me modify23:41
hkrrsxDisable the account, first23:42
hkrrsxThen modify23:42
Guest17456proticol is on xmpp anyway23:42
hkrrsxYou can't modify an active account23:42
hkrrsxactive = enabled23:42
Guest17456username is email adress yes?23:42
hkrrsxUsername is the first part of your email address23:43
hkrrsxEverything before the @ symbol23:43
hkrrsxusername@facebook.com .... leave off the @facebook.com part and that's your username23:43
Guest17456ok yes, thats correct thank you23:43
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worldweirdthreestill trying out some stuff23:55
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