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guest32694hi namaste. sorry im a little to reply. Was trying to find some help. thanks for the suggestion. i will read and give it a go.00:06
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guest32694thanks namaste.00:06
guest32694namaste. actually i have viewed that link. its a bit confusing for me. Do you understand it?00:08
guest32694can you help me through it?00:08
letoHi, I've an issue (with ubuntu 14.10 and 15.04). Randomly and suddently, I'm log out from my user session. Some log informations: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/7be17baf/ Any idea to fix it?00:09
nicklas_hello, anyone knows why ubuntu extras repos isnt available for (*)buntu 15.04?00:21
Bashing-omnicklas_: Not turned up to this time .00:23
nicklas_Bashing-om: how do you mean?00:23
OerHeksnicklas_, i see restricted drivers and multiverse 3th party http://www.tecmint.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Software-Updates.jpg00:24
Bashing-omnicklas_: In browser : http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ ; there is no link there for vivid .00:25
nicklas_OerHeks: thats the main tab yeah, but under the other software tab there is no extras option, not in sources.list or sources list generator either00:26
CyborgCygnusNvidia GTX 970 64 bit drivers, Installed a  wrong driver from command instead of the one from the website, I purged it & now when I Ctrl + Alt + F1 it's a blank screen00:27
nicklas_Bashing-om: hmm, weird00:27
nicklas_CyborgCygnus: why dont you just install the drivers from repos?00:28
CyborgCygnusnicklas, nothing shows up in additional drivers00:28
themusicgod1stupid question, but I'm getting multiple answers from websites: what is the current linux kernel in vivid(ie when does upstream start?)00:28
CyborgCygnusnicklas_, ^^^00:29
nicklas_then you dont need extra drivers, your card is supported by open drivers, also probabaly too old to be supported by nvidia ;-)00:29
OerHekshttp://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/kernel/linux-image-generic current00:29
themusicgod1(ie is it 3.19.0 or 3.19.6?)00:29
themusicgod1thanks OerHeks00:31
nicklas_CyborgCygnus: ignore my ignorance, your card isnt old at all00:32
OerHeksThat card is support by the 343 driver and up  http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/77844/en-us00:33
OerHeksmaybe xorg edgers ppa  is your solution00:34
CyborgCygnusnicklas_, this is what I'm trying to install NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-346.59.run, but I broke the command line login that opens using Ctrl + Alt + F1 & I can only install it from there00:34
nicklas_CyborgCygnus: sorry cant help you, never installed graphics drivers manually00:35
OerHeksCyborgCygnus, vivid has that driver available https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/vivid/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-34600:35
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lilmoeyanyone around?00:36
CyborgCygnusOerHeks, okay cheers, is that ppa already in ubuntu 14.04 or do I need to add it?00:36
lilmoeyI need help peeps00:37
nicklas_CyborgCygnus: if you use very uptodate hardware, i dont recommend lts, especially if you plan on gaming00:37
OerHeksCyborgCygnus, but just adding is not enough, you will need to install nvidia-current again, i think00:37
ivacaHi all,00:38
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chaos7theoryLTS is better for those who care or need more stability00:38
ivacaI am looking into learning linux. What is the best way to learn?00:38
lilmoeyu there?00:38
chaos7theoryHead first @ivaca00:39
nicklas_lilmoey: what?00:40
CyborgCygnusOerHeks, I always get confused in adding repositories, I used sudo apt-add-repository then the https:// link you put, can't be right though it's usally ppa:*ect*00:40
CyborgCygnusOerHeks, cheers, now to work out how to delete the bad one I put in00:41
nicklas_CyborgCygnus: ubuntu sources list generator, just choose the reposes you want, replace the entire text in sources.list with what you get there00:42
OerHeksnicklas_, bad advise, add-apt-repository gets the key too.00:43
nicklas_OerHeks: yeah, but if his sources.list isnt in order00:43
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CyborgCygnusOerHeks, removed the https address from software sources in ubuntu software center, i dont know what nicklas_ is on about but I think I'll listen to you lol00:45
nicklas_bedtime, babaj00:45
CyborgCygnusOerHeks, it wants to install the 304 drivers again after typing in nvidia-current, I saw previously I can type the exact one I want but can't remember it00:48
Hongosomeone know about a program for auto-click?00:53
karan_i just installed ubuntu but my wireless is running quite slow01:01
karan_on the windows it runs faster01:02
karan_when i use ethernet it works fine01:02
karan_but wifi is slower01:02
karan_so anyone know how to fix my wireless01:04
Hongowhats your problem karan?01:05
stainleyI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once...01:06
karan_hey Hongo01:14
karan_well my wireless is running really slow01:14
karan_the internet connection is slow01:14
CyborgCygnusOerHeks, Thanks man/woman that ppa worked, I did an update then an upgrade, after it installed stuff the drivers showed up in the additional drivers & I used the propietary ones as the xorg didn't work01:15
Hongowhat version u ve01:15
Hongook, and what computer r u using?01:16
karan_dell studio 155701:16
karan_do you think its the drivers ?01:16
karan_how do i check for the netowrk adapter name ??01:16
dawciobielifconfig -a01:17
Hongoyep that one01:17
dawciobielyou can try as well ethtool: interface_name01:17
karan_no i mean so i can know the name oft he network card being used01:18
karan_i could search for drivers for it01:18
karan_perhaps the drivers arnt working properly01:18
dawciobielcat /var/log/dmesg | grep eth01:19
dawciobielor cat /var/log/dmesg | grep eth01:19
karan_where cani paste this text at ?01:19
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dawciobieljust into console01:20
dawciobielMy result are:01:20
dawciobiel[    1.105018] r8169 0000:03:00.0 eth0: RTL8168e/8111e at 0xffffc90010734000,01:20
dawciobiel[    1.125047] 8139too 0000:05:06.0 eth2: RealTek RTL8139 at 0x000000000001a0001:20
dawciobiel[    1.001863] forcedeth: Reverse Engineered nForce ethernet driver. Version 001:20
karan_wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:21:6a:a0:4a:ba01:20
karan_          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
karan_          inet6 addr: fdbb:ae0a:4d63:0:221:6aff:fea0:4aba/64 Scope:Global01:20
karan_          inet6 addr: fdbb:ae0a:4d63:0:dc79:ec62:daf6:3e7/64 Scope:Global01:20
karan_          inet6 addr: fe80::221:6aff:fea0:4aba/64 Scope:Link01:20
karan_          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:101:20
dawciobieloh well01:21
compdockaran_, try pastebin.com01:21
dawciobielthat it from ifconfig01:21
dawciobielwell... one sec.  i wll find info how to check exacly what u want01:21
dawciobiel# lspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet'01:23
dawciobiellspci | egrep -i --color 'network|ethernet'01:23
dawciobiel00:0a.0 Bridge: NVIDIA Corporation CK804 Ethernet Controller (rev a3)01:23
dawciobiel03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 06)01:23
dawciobiel05:06.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8100/8101L/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (rev 10)01:23
dawciobiel05:07.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82557/8/9/0/1 Ethernet Pro 100 (rev 08)01:23
dawciobielwell so u got intel and realtek01:24
dawciobielso do i :D01:24
karan_cool you using a dell ?01:24
M4caHello to everyone. I have an issue, in Xubuntu 15.04. My pc can't turn off, instead of. it end the user season. I think it's due the cipher, because I have marked the option for cipher my partition disk. Someone could say something about it?01:25
dawciobielM4ca: but first you need to tell us its in your opition problem with closing user session OR its the problem with system01:26
dawciobieli mean01:26
dawciobielwhen you are turning it off... system is shutting down, but no power off ?01:26
dawciobielor something diffrent01:26
M4cadawciobiel: its the problem with system, I think, because I want my pc turn off completely, and it don't do this.01:27
dawciobielM4ca: so... it can be not problem with your cipher etc... stuff01:28
dawciobielto be onest i got simlar problem on my LAN server :D01:28
dawciobielIn my case the problem looks like that:    im pressing power off button on PC case, and system is shutting down.. OK. but after it the power is not cutted out01:29
dawciobieli find on google users got the problem as well01:29
dawciobielthe problem is what they say:01:29
dawciobiel"system is launching script /etc/acpid/...01:29
dawciobielone sec.. i will check it01:29
dawciobielok, im back01:30
dawciobielthe system is launching : /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh01:30
M4caI have to press a few seconds to turn off my laptop...01:30
dawciobielin the end of the script is:01:30
dawciobielyes, yes, so do it01:30
dawciobielso do i01:30
dawciobielbut the problem is when u are pressing 4 sec (or more) button, then your BIOS is taking power-off01:30
dawciobielnot the system01:30
dawciobielSo as i was saying...01:31
dawciobielin the end of the script are:01:31
M4caBut, in this way, by pressing a few seconds, can it lose files??01:31
dawciobielline: /sbin/shutdown -h now "Power button pressed"01:31
dawciobielu cant01:31
dawciobielcuz, your system is already shutted down01:31
dawciobieland all file handles are closed01:31
dawciobielso its ok01:31
dawciobielAnyway you wanna got what u want, not fakin 4-sec power pressing button01:32
dawciobielSo in that file, there is a line in the end01:32
dawciobieland i was trying to change that line01:32
dawciobiel: /sbin/shutdown -P now "Power button pressed"01:32
dawciobielor something like that01:32
dawciobielbut to be onest... it wasnt working for me01:32
dawciobielBut you can try it - maybe you will got more luck01:32
dawciobielAnd ofcourse im going to search more on google about that problem01:33
dawciobielI think the problem is with ACPI01:33
dawciobieli got in BIOS setting: ACPI as S1/S301:33
dawciobiel(or someting like that)01:33
dawciobielso BIOS is OK01:33
dawciobielThe problem is with system.. (ubuntu 14.04)01:34
M4caBut why the developers don't let this way when I click on turn off icon from desktop, turn it off completely and not by pressing the button of laptop start?01:34
dawciobielbut i red on google / forums its the bug in ubuntu01:34
M4caI say, because if in the file at the end of line say "Power button pressed"...01:35
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dawciobielI dont think there is diffrent between pressing button or clicking "shutdonw system"01:35
iFach404i have 500GB of harddisk but in my system it just 15GB -_- how to upgrade it?01:35
dawciobielthe problem is with linux (ubuntu) and ACPI01:35
dawciobieliFach404: try to use QParted01:35
iFach404dawciobiel , QParted? so i must download that software on Ubuntu Software Center?01:36
dawciobielwell i tihnk you already got it in your system01:36
dawciobieltry to use # qparted01:36
bazhangits gparted not qparted01:36
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iFach404dawciobiel , on Terminal?01:37
bazhangdawciobiel, stop using enter as punctuation01:37
dawciobielbazhang: yes, sry, im little drunk :)01:37
bazhang!gparted | iFach40401:37
ubottuiFach404: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php01:37
x2fis there an irc channel for gimp?01:37
M4caSo, if I left pressed a few seconds on start button, to  turn off my laptop, there is no risk to lose files?01:37
bazhangiFach404, you need to start with a liveusdb to do it01:37
bazhang#gimp x2f01:38
dawciobielM4ca: depends01:38
M4camy personal files?01:38
M4casuchs documents, audio...01:38
dawciobielM4ca: if you are closing your system... and your system is already shutted down, then you can press 4 sec power off button without worry01:38
M4caah, ok, understood, dawciobiel01:39
M4caso, thanks01:39
dawciobielno prolem01:39
dawciobielno problem i mean01:39
dawciobielBy the way i got my own quesiton maybe somebody can help me.01:39
Guest10972<x2f> #gimp yes01:40
M4caSo, it's seem to be a bug, we have to wait to further updates... let see if it will solve the issue01:40
dawciobielM4ca: it is 100% sure bug01:40
dawciobielbut i think there have to be solution how to "fix" it01:40
iFach404bazhang , Hmm... tomorrow  i was try to use dual-boot, but its failed.01:41
joshumaxWell, I finally figured out how to prevent X from hanging up when I switch ttys01:42
iFach404bazhang , first time i have Windows 8.1 Pro Operating Sytem and in my harddisk i have 350GB datas but when i try to install ubuntu the system show me that i have  a free space on my harddisk,   Sorry for my bad english01:43
dawciobielyour english is ok01:44
bazhangiFach404, you wish to expand the ubuntu part then is that correct01:45
iFach404Yeah you know, im indonesian01:45
bazhangiFach404, so boot from a live ubuntu usb, or a live gparted cd/usb and go about it01:45
dawciobielor expand Windows NTFS parition. Remember one thing: its easy to resize NTFS partition (incrase or decrase size), but with ext4 is not so easy - you can easy incrase size, but decrasing it is... much to harder01:46
bazhangiFach404, there is support in your native language in #ubuntu-id if you wish01:46
dawciobiel---my own question ------------>I got 240 GB ssd hard drive. Cool thing blah blah blah. I got there Windows 8.1 shit + linux mint + data_partiotion. Windows is on NTF, data_partiont NTFS, linux on ext4. But right now i wanna convert (or reinstall no matter for me) my linux system to LVM (Logical Volume Manager. The question is: is it possible to have Windows NTFS partition on the drive?? or i have01:46
bazhangdawciobiel, stop the cursing here01:46
dawciobielor i have to move windows ntfs partitions to another disk drive at all01:46
bazhangread up on lvm then dawciobiel01:47
bazhang!lvm | dawciobiel01:47
ubottudawciobiel: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto01:47
iFach404bazhang , Emm.. live ubuntu usb?01:47
dawciobielyee, i red long time ago about it , and if i remember correct it was like i have to have one drive for LVM and another for other01:48
bazhangiFach404, yes, its too big for a live cd01:48
iFach404bazhang , so, are you using dual boot?01:48
bazhangdawciobiel, I just gave you some links , have  a read first01:48
dawciobieli red them few years ago, but ok, tommorrow i will read it again01:49
contantinehai everyone01:49
dawciobielcontantine: hi01:49
dawciobielGezezez @ 7:00 have to go to work again... i got only about 3h to sleep time. So im deciding to take last beer, drink it, and .. try to force my self to go to sleep01:50
dawciobiellife is brutal01:50
bazhang!ot | dawciobiel01:50
ubottudawciobiel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:50
dawciobielby the way:   can anybody tell me good link for tutorial for installing samba 4 on mint (ubuntu)  for noobs ??01:51
bazhangdawciobiel, ask mintsupport01:51
dawciobielmint support is ... very small01:52
contantineplease help me i use old hp compaq 6710b for ubuntu with igb ram and hdd 80gb. procie core 2. why is it running so slow. always jams and hangs. i need some suggestions01:52
bazhangdawciobiel, its not supported here01:52
dawciobielmint is very simlar to ubuntu - same thing, only MATE insted LXDE or GNOME01:52
bazhangdawciobiel, stop asking for support here, its not supported here at all01:53
dawciobielit is, cuz its almost same system01:53
dawciobielboth are on debian01:53
iFach404are u using dual-boot?01:53
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contantineplease help me i use old hp compaq 6710b for ubuntu with igb ram and hdd 80gb. procie core 2. why is it running so slow. always jams and hangs. i need some suggestions01:54
bazhangiFach404, did you get the gparted iso, or the ubuntu live usb yet01:54
iFach404bazheng , i have ubuntu iso in my usb01:55
bazhangiFach404, so boot to the live usb, and resize01:56
pavlosdawciobiel, re samba ... http://www.noobslab.com/2014/02/create-safe-easy-shares-using-samba.html01:56
iFach404bazhang , so its mean i must re-install my ubuntu?01:57
bazhangiFach404, no01:57
Bashing-omcontantine: Hammering swap ? When to computer is so slow, what does the terminal command 'free' reveal ?01:58
guest32694hi ive just connected my usb 300GB portable drive to my pc. I formatted it with ext4. but now when i open/browse the drive. I cant add/create folders. Can anyone see what ive one wrong?02:02
CrellHi folks. I am having serious upgrade issues with mysql-server (just upgraded to 15.04).  I have no meaningful data in it that I can't recreate, so I'm open to a nuclear option to blast it and reinstall from scratch.02:03
CrellHowever, aptitude purge mysql-server and then reinstalling is not that. That doesn't remove old data files, so the new install still has the old broken configuration.02:04
CrellWhat's the nuclear option to reset mysql-server to non-existence and start from scratch?02:04
iFach404bazhang , so??02:05
bazhangiFach404, is it booted in live mode02:05
karl_Hey guys I have a dumb question  I think I finally figured out my networking problems and have decided to just nuke my laptop and do a comlete single OS(14.04) install.  I have noticed on all my installs the damn language is English but it is UK, I do not see any option other than "English" on the install welcome page, am I missing something?02:11
nomicyu need another language?02:13
nomicremember correctly its easy to change language /keybaord02:14
nomic1st option , install02:14
Bashing-omguest32694: Where are you mounting the externel drive ? And who owns the file system then on that external drive ?02:15
bill1243how are u?02:16
contantineBashing-om: recently. i didnt use terminal. sorry im a newbie. whats hammering swap meant?02:16
bill1243how are u?02:17
bill1243what's u p?02:17
bill1243how ar eu?02:17
bill1243are u new here?02:18
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Bashing-omcontantine: If you run short on ram, then paging is to swap (slower) now if swap is filled the system gets real slow. The command 'free' will relate memory usage .02:18
karani just installed ubuntu but my wireless internet is running really slow02:26
karanhow do i check the name of my network card ?02:26
namastekaran, I thinkg you can get information of your network card typing 'lspci'02:28
logcat7USB or PCI/e?02:28
logcat7lsusb and lspci, respectively02:29
karanokay cool02:30
karani cant find any drivers for the network card02:30
karando you think its a driver problem that my internet is running slow on the wifi02:30
contantineBashing-om: total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached02:30
contantineMem:       1008800     936424      72376     169168      13600     29699202:30
contantine-/+ buffers/cache:     625832     38296802:30
contantineSwap:      1038332     500508     53782402:30
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karanwould be great help if someone can solve this wireless issue for me02:32
somsipkaran: sudo lshw -C network02:32
logcat7karan: Figured out what card it is yet?02:33
M4caI solved the turn off bug02:33
logcat7what card?02:33
karan Intel Corporation Ultimate N WiFi Link 530002:34
M4caNow, my pc can shut down normally02:34
M4caI have discovered what was the problem, and I made some change and it worked perfectly02:34
logcat7karan: lsmod | grep iwlwifi02:35
logcat7karan: Anything show up for the above?02:35
Bashing-omcontantine: As you can see you are heting swap pretty hard now . What all have you got running ? What you can do is add more ram to the system or go to a lighter DE .02:35
karaniwlwifi               179412  1 iwldvm02:36
karancfg80211              494362  3 iwlwifi,mac80211,iwldvm02:36
karanlogcat7, that information helped?02:36
logcat7karan: It should be working fine. Just slow?02:37
karanits much faster on my windows .. but here it is dead slow02:37
karanlike really slow ..i am doing about 1mb/s where i should be doing 3 to 6 mb/s02:38
logcat7karan: I'm personally not sure02:39
karani want to be using ubuntu for most of the stuff02:39
karanbut if this persists i would have to stick with windows02:39
karanbecause here i am using ethernet right now but when i travell ill have wifi only02:39
logcat7You could try using firmware from here https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/iwlwifi#firmware02:39
karanand i cant use my ubuntu wireless for it02:39
packetprophetso like02:41
packetpropheti realized i had debian packages in my apt repo02:41
packetprophetnot sure if thats the issue02:41
packetprophetbut my gnome desktop is rekt02:42
logcat7Why did I click02:42
karanwhat was on the pic ?02:42
logcat7You don't want to know02:42
karani dont know how to load the firmware02:43
karanit says go to device drivers ..but i cant find anything called device drivers here02:43
logcat7I don't know about this this particular firmware but it's either a case of just copying from the extracted tarball to /lib/firmware or compiling it first02:44
daftykinskaran: what does "internet is running slow" mean?02:44
karani mean i am downloading at very slow speeds02:44
karanbut when i dod the same sdownload on my windows02:45
karanits much much faster02:45
karanlike now using the ethernet its really fast but when i switch to wifi ..it runs real slow02:45
daftykinsdownloading via what means?02:45
daftykinsHTTP download?02:46
daftykinsalright so that's already not an acceptable comparison02:46
logcat7karan: a few users of iwlwifi reporting problems with 11n mode02:46
logcat7karan: try sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi && sudo modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=102:47
contantineokey thanx bash. hope its helping :)02:47
logcat7karan: if it's just torrents, I doubt it's the driver02:48
karannot just torrents02:48
karanthe net in general runs slow02:48
karanokay i did what you asked me for02:48
contantineso i have to add more ram bash?02:48
Bashing-omcontantine: That is not to help. just to see what is going on . The better help is to install more ram .02:48
karanshould i restart the system ?02:48
logcat7karan: run speed test now02:48
contantineBashing-om: what if i change hardisk, is it helping?02:50
Bashing-omcontantine: No, this is not a storage problem . It is an addressable memory situation . Presently you do not have the memory to do all you want to do with the software that you presently have . IF you are not going to increase the ram, and still want a faster system -> Lubuntu for you and be happy .02:53
contantineBashing-om: so the better way is adding more ram? thats what u meant right?02:55
karanwell now my wireless card dosnt see any hotspots02:56
karani mean any router02:56
karanafter disabling n1102:57
Bashing-omcontantine: Yes, more ram will for sure improve the performanace. Depending, also a better GPU will help . The better GPU takes some load off the ram usage by the operating system .02:57
logcat7karan: sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi && sudo modprobe iwlwifi02:58
logcat7karan: this will undo the previous02:58
contantineBashing-om: good for ram but not for gpu coz i use on board vga, in my old notebook loll03:00
Bashing-omcontantine: Understandable . Food for thought : Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.03:02
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cfhowlettcontantine, what Bashing-om said.  also: lubuntu is optimized for older/slower hardware in ways that the other *buntus aren't.03:03
anth0ny_where does network-manager get it’s DNSs? Running nm-tool, I see two DNSs that come from my ISP. I don’t want those ones to be used in my resolv.conf.  I’ve noticed that I can manually add a DNS to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/Wired\ connection\ 1 but it still keeps my ISP’s DNS03:03
anth0ny_btw, I’m using an ubuntu server, no GUI03:03
contantineBashing-om: what about mint03:04
logcat7DHCP, I guess03:04
Chris3100Hello, quick thing, missing the "Install Ubuntu" program, for Ubuntu 14.04 . Do you know where I can download this? Or can i install through the terminal?03:04
daftykinsanth0ny_: purge the package resolvconf, reboot once, then edit /etc/resolv.conf to hardcode your choices.03:04
Bashing-omcontantine: I have paid little attention to mint. You will have to do the homework there and see .03:05
anth0ny_daftykins: yeah, i suppose I don’t need network-manager either03:05
daftykinsChris3100: what did you boot to not have the installer?03:05
cfhowlett!details | Chris3100,03:05
ubottuChris3100,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)03:05
Chris3100daftykins, I booted from GNU Radio Live CD, and it did not provide me with an installer, was wondering if I could just download the installer package03:06
daftykinsChris3100: so that's not ubuntu.03:07
cfhowlettChris3100 so you're using a 3rd party disk. bad.  download the official ubuntu .iso and install from official sources.03:07
contantineBashing-om: bash i have ever heard if we wanna increase ram, it depends on processor supported or not. is it right?03:07
guest18523Hi i was on here about an hour ago. someone was giving me help with an usb 320GB hdd issue. ive forgot your/their name. just want to thanks. and sorry. i acidently resetted my pc. if your still here, i would like any suggestion, you may offer.03:08
Chris3100Lol, it's ubuntu, only with added packages for GNU radio added.03:08
cfhowlettChris3100, then it's not ubuntu and it's not supported here.  ask gnu radio for support or get the official ubuntu .iso03:08
Chris3100ubuntu 14.04 LTS isn't supported here?03:08
cfhowlett!flavors | Chris3100 not on this list = not ubuntu = not supported here03:09
ubottuChris3100 not on this list = not ubuntu = not supported here: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.03:09
Bashing-omcontantine: You can find the specs for your machine on-line . See what the max ram and type is . To get an idea of what is terminal command ' dmidecode' and have a long long read . DO not paste to this channel ! IF ya want our opinion paste it and we see .03:12
daftykinsChris3100: we can only trust original ubuntu media i'm afraid. if it's only as you say, why do you need a whole customised disc just to install a couple of packages? :)03:12
daftykinsguest18523: what kind of issue?03:12
Bashing-omguest18523: Maybe a permission issue . Are you automount that external drive ? IF so what returns ' ls -al /media/<user_name> ' ?03:14
=== gerald is now known as Guest60833
guest18523daftykins: . ive just added an 320GB usb2 HDD to my computer. Formatted it with ex4. I can see/browse the drive. but it wont let me create folders. or let me copy things to it. any suggestions?03:15
daftykinsguest18523: yes permissions sound wrong. "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "df -h | pastebinit" in a terminal please03:16
Chris3100daftykins, because I would need to install quite a few of dependencies. Around 10~, they are already installed on here. So I wouldn't say an entirely customized disk. :P03:16
daftykins10 whole deps?03:16
daftykinsChris3100: you might not but that's because you want assistance, it's either default media or nothing i'm afraid.03:16
guest18523before i do that daftykins. can i ask what that/those commands do?03:17
daftykinsguest18523: the first one installs a program which uploads command output to paste.ubuntu.com - the second lists your mounted disk partitions and uploads them to that site.03:17
Chris3100daftykins, Fair enough, I just wouldn't mind having the install thats all. but thank you anyways lol03:18
guest18523daftykins:  ooo. ok. i am new at this so i hope i dont break my system ; p03:18
contantineBashing-om: where can i paste it? here?03:18
daftykinsguest18523: pretty sure my tame commands won't do that03:19
Bashing-om!paste | contantine03:19
ubottucontantine: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:19
Bashing-omcontantine: ^^ sudo apt-get install pastebinit ; dmidecode | pastbinit .03:20
=== norm is now known as Guest87801
daftykinsBashing-om: small typo there (:03:22
Bashing-omguest18523: There are about 2,00 peeps in channel, If there is bad code passed, daftykins will be among the first to holler 'danger' .03:22
contantineBashing-om: may i paste it in this channel?03:23
Bashing-omdaftykins: I been at it too long ,, looked and still no see my typo .. point it to me ? // 4th time the charm . Will correct !03:24
cfhowlettBashing-om, pastbinit != pastebinit03:24
daftykins^ :)03:25
Bashing-omcontantine:  NO ! do not paste in this channel .. see the aboves .. and correct my last to be ' dmidecode | pastebinit .03:25
daftykinscfhowlett: ^503:25
guest18523daftykins: sorry im a little slow. the machine is a little old and weak. ok ive done the first part. it looks like it installed ok. as for second part do i need to use the sudo or just start from df -h...... ?03:26
daftykinsguest18523: just exactly as i typed it :)03:29
daftykins"df -h | pastebinit"03:29
guest18523ok. 1 sec03:29
daftykinsguest18523: if you're worried what it might share, run "df -h" on its' own first, then you can see what it'll upload03:29
daftykinsplus it'll only be shared once you paste me the link, too03:29
guest18523ok. thanks daftykins. i typed it in like you said. and got the following.... Bad API request, invalid_dev_key. : (03:31
daftykinserk, i think i've heard of this issue before - which ubuntu is this on?03:32
daftykins"cat /etc/issue" to confirm version03:32
guest18523ubuntu 10.04 desktop.03:32
daftykinsyou're serious?03:32
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ends on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.03:33
guest18523daftykins:  yeah. i did say im on an old pc.03:33
daftykinsboth versions are dead i'm afraid. you need to reinstall with a supported edition03:33
cfhowlettguest18523, download ubuntu 14.04 lubuntu or xubuntu and install.03:33
daftykinsif you keep using that one, you're already at risk of many, many security issues03:33
guest18523ive tried 14.04. its seems like its too much for the pc.03:34
cfhowlettguest18523, LUBUNTU no ubuntu.03:34
cfhowlett!lubuntu | guest1852303:34
ubottuguest18523: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.03:34
cfhowlettguest18523, lubuntu is optimized for older hardware like yours.03:35
ubuntuser13No space left on device error. why ? even more than 4gb is free. but df  -i shows /dev/sda3 100% full.03:35
Bashing-omguest18523: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu .03:35
guest18523well thanks daftykins, and anyone else who tried to help.thanks cfhowlett, for your suggestions. Im already lost and confused again.03:36
guest18523I need a ciggie. I hope you all have a great day.03:36
cfhowlettguest18523, :)  take it slow.  this is fixable.  lubuntu is an official ubuntu flavor that should work well on your device.03:36
Bashing-omubuntuser13: /boot partition full ? What release ? as 14.04 + has added support ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' .03:36
guest18523i will give them(lubuntu and other flavours) a go. thanks again for your interest and help.03:38
ubuntuser13Bashing-om:  exact error is E: /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-headers-3.13.0-51-generic_3.13.0-51.84_amd64.deb: unable to create `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-51-generic/scripts/genksyms/parse.tab.h.dpkg-new' (while processing `./usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-51-generic/scripts/genksyms/parse.tab.h'): No space left on device03:38
guest18523y'all take care. and have a great day.03:38
guest18523be back later.03:38
guest18523thanks again03:38
Bashing-omubuntuser13: But at 100% the system nay have no operating head room .. Might be a real pain to remove old kernels in that event .03:38
surgy_how do i change my default key bindings in gnome3?03:38
guest18523byee : )03:38
Bashing-omubuntu3: Yep that error condition sure point to /boot full .03:39
cfhowlettBashing-om, I did that to myself once.  ONCE.  had to live boot and clean kernels manually.  PITA03:39
Bashing-omcfhowlett: yeah ONCE a long time past (10.04 best I recall ) I run a very small /root partiton and I sure do pay attention !03:40
contantineBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10982478/plain/03:40
Bashing-omcontantine: look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/10982478/plain/ . I will return .03:40
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: any suggestion?03:41
surgy_i know my question cant be that hard and has been answered.... but i cant find it in google...... how do i disable the alt+rightclick03:45
Bashing-omubuntuser13: What release are you on ?03:45
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: ubuntu 14.04.02 lts 64bit.03:45
surgy_i have already tried to use dconf tools and it doesnt do much03:48
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: Problem Solved. i uninstalled linux-header file-3-13.0-51-generic. Thankyou so much for help.03:49
Bashing-omcontantine: Not too shabby : Maximum Capacity: 4 GB , installed -> Size: 1024 MB ; only 2 slots avalable, so I guess the best is to buy two 2 Gig chips as a set ) . and get up to the 4 Gigs max .03:49
=== mohammed is now known as ubuntugeek
Bashing-omubuntuser13: one can try and hope and keep fingers crossed see what results with terminal command ' sudo apt-get autoremove' . Then if it fails, can get hairy .03:50
=== ubuntugeek is now known as ubuntunoob
ubuntunoobI need help03:51
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Check ! .. let's not break the package manager ! .. how did you uninstall ?? .. ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' .03:51
surgy_so no one has my answer at all?03:52
surgy_this is frustrating.03:52
Bashing-omubuntunoob: Hey, can not help, 'til ya say with what and how .03:52
contantineBashing-om: how if i would like to change hdd until 500gb is it good?03:52
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: i uninstalled broken package using synaptic package manager using broken dependencies column.03:53
cfhowlett!patience | surgy_03:53
ubottusurgy_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:53
ubuntunoob Haha ok03:54
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Good .. now get a lot of space back .. only need the current booting kernel and a backup .. all others should be removed . 'autoremove' may now be able to operate .03:54
ubuntunoobWell i installed ubuntu03:54
ubuntunoobAnd run it and all03:54
ubuntunoobKeeeeeps freezing03:54
surgy_cfhowlett, its just annoying that changing a keyboard shortcut should be so simple yet....... in dconf i change it and still get the alt+rmb window making my favorite program unusable.03:55
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: Sorry! problem is not solved yet. package manager working properly. when i typed sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential dkms. same problem occured again.03:55
kk0710Hey guys is something going on with the servers?03:55
kk0710Ive been having problems installing software03:56
Bashing-omubuntuser13: ^^ try and follow advise. What results ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' .03:57
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: but now error message is different. Errors were encountered while processing:03:57
ubuntuser13 /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-headers-3.13.0-51-generic_3.13.0-51.84_amd64.deb03:57
ubuntuser13E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:57
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: i followed your advice. but system says sudo apt-get -f install. i tried it. but it ends with the same error.03:58
Bashing-omcontantine: I say again, as nice as bigger hard drive might be, will not effect not having the ram to operate the software . If you want to run the flag ship high end editions of ;buntu , ya got to have the ram to do so . 2 Gigs is considered minimum, and 4 Gigs is recommneded for a good experience.03:59
kk0710ubuntuser13: you might be having the same problem as I am, something seems up with the servers03:59
ubuntuser13kk0710: maybe.04:01
Bashing-omubuntuser13: show in paste ' dpkg -l | grep linux- | pastebinit ' . Will see what is and IF I think we can sic dpkg on the issue .04:01
kk0710Bashing is it possible something is up with the download servers?04:02
GhostierAny can help me with this??04:02
kk0710I am getting autnethication error using software center when trying to download xchat04:02
Tekillawhat do you suggest between install nvidia driver that i find in the ubuntu settings or nvidia driver on the nvidia website? (both versions are different) http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/19/1430711202-pilote.png04:02
Bashing-omkk0710: Always a possibility . Servers do go off-line and the mirrors can get out of sync .04:03
cfhowlettkk0710, xchat is abandonware.  hexchat is suggestedd04:03
kk0710I am also having a weird problem with synaptic, I click on it and it doesn't start04:03
cfhowlettkk0710, what does this terminal command return:  lsb_release -a04:04
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10982548/04:04
kk0710no lsb modules available?04:04
Bashing-omcfhowlett: :) ^ once bitten twice shy, huh ?04:04
cfhowlettkk0710, !  abnormal.  try cat /etc/issue04:05
cfhowlettBashing-om, indeed04:05
TekillaGhostier, ?04:05
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Look'n at your http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10982548/ .04:05
kk0710karl@Saria-Lin:~$ cat /etc/issue04:05
kk0710Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS \n \l04:05
contantineBashing-om: lool okey just asking. the point is i only would like to increase my ancient notebook performa with both ram and hdd. and i understand enough now thanx bash. hope you can help me for other question....greeting brother.04:05
kk0710not sure what that is supposed to tell you lol04:06
Bashing-omcontantine: We all try to help . Short term solution -> lubuntu .04:06
cfhowlettkk0710, good info.  I suspect your software mirror is temporarily offline.  change mirrors to test04:07
GhostierI JUST WANNA HELP !04:07
cfhowlettcontantine, +1 for lubuntu04:07
kk0710cfhowlett: what information did you gain from04:07
kk0710\n \l04:07
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Yukkie ... ok, what kernel are you booting ? ' uname -r ' .04:07
TekillaGhostier, lol?04:07
cfhowlettGhostier, shouting will get you ignored.  patience will not.04:07
=== UKn0Me22 is now known as UKn0Me
ubuntuser13contantine: download puppy-linux (tahr) version based on ubuntu tahr and compatible with ubuntu.04:08
daftykins!ops | Ghostier child porn.04:08
ubottuGhostier child porn.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang04:08
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: 3.13.0-48-generic04:08
stevendaleHow come there's no amd64+mac images?04:09
cfhowlett!ops | please tban ghostier forever = child porn04:09
ubottuplease tban ghostier forever = child porn: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang04:09
contantinecfhowlett: yes bash has said that. i ve not tried it yet but i will. is it the same with ubuntu?04:09
cfhowlettsteve, amd64 = mac04:09
stevendaleMy computer can't boot the regular 64 bit images and I REQUIRE a 64 bit image for VirtualBox/VMWare purposes04:10
kk0710anyone else having problems with mirrors?04:11
surgy_how do i change the color of the cursor?04:11
somsipkk0710: which one, which version?04:11
stevendaleI need more than 2.5 GB RAM addressed to my VMs04:11
surgy_in gnome 304:11
daftykinsstevendale: in a VM?04:11
contantineubuntuser13: is it better than ubuntu for my old notebook?04:11
Tekillasomeone has an idea about my question?04:12
stevendaleMy computer won't boot the 64 bit Ubuntu image04:12
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: repost it please04:12
stevendaleIt booted the amd64+mac image just fine!04:12
stevendaleNow you ruined it04:12
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, what do you suggest between install nvidia driver that i find in the ubuntu settings or nvidia driver on the nvidia website? (both versions are different) http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/19/1430711202-pilote.png . The last time i installed one of this, my laptop freeze every 10 minutes...04:13
daftykinsstevendale: nobody here = "you". amd64 ISOs are the same as the old +mac ones.04:13
kk0710I dont knwo what is going on04:13
kk0710I "tested for best server"04:13
ubuntuser13contantine: its image file is only 201mb as compared to ubuntu file 900mb. i'm using both ubuntu and puppy linux. i know ubuntu is much better option than this lightweight linux os. but you can enjoy full features and softwares of ubuntu in that linux.04:13
kk0710but getting an authentication error in software center04:13
somsipkk0710: which version?04:14
kk0710authentication service not available04:14
kk0710somsip which verison of what exactly?04:14
stevendaledaftykins, No, regular amd64 images default to boot using EFI on my hardware, but I have 32 bit EFI, amd64+mac images boot using a BIOS04:14
somsipkk0710: ubuntu....04:14
kk071014.04 l04:14
kk0710fresh install04:14
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: you are having issues with the version you download from nvidia web site?04:14
somsip!find ab04:14
ubottuFound: account-plugin-jabber, baobab, binutils-arm-linux-gnueabihf, cliff-tablib, compiz-core, cpp-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabihf, cpp-arm-linux-gnueabihf, ebtables, erlang-base, fcitx-table (and 995 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ab&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all04:14
daftykinsstevendale: yeah you're in the minority there.04:15
kk0710finally fixed my networking issues so decided tonuke my laptop frree of windows and go full ubuntu04:15
ubuntuser13contantine: i have a old laptop with 1.86ghz processor and 1gb ram. i' m using puppy on that laptop and ubuntu 14.04 lts on Desktop.04:15
stevendaleAnd since Intel Apple hardware can use BIOS emulation, I could boot the +mac image but not the normal one04:15
kk0710daftykins: I got my backups but ended up just blowing windows out all together04:15
kk0710and got my network issues figured out(I think)04:15
kk0710now I have a different problem lol04:15
pxis there a service that will allow: [ubuntu machine]-----[company network controlled by nazis that will never allow SSH]-----[THIRD-PARTY SERVICE]-----[SSH access to ubuntu machine from anywhere]04:16
daftykinskk0710: woohoo! this mirrors one? :P04:16
daftykinspx: you deserve to be fired from your job for going against company policy.04:16
Bashing-omubuntuser13: This can get dicey, you looked, right and see the problem ? let's see what results ' sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.13.0-{24,34,43,51}-generic , sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.13.0-{24,34,43,51 ' then we try and install the 48 headers and a back up kernel . what a mess we have gotten into .04:16
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, no, i just downloaded the last version 5 minutes ago, but do you think i will have problems with?04:16
pxI'm not going against company policy04:16
kk0710daftykins: yes my first symptom was I would lick on synaptic package manager and it just does nothing, doesn't open.  so I use software center to get an IRC client but keep getting authentication errors?04:16
daftykinspx: then why are you trying to do this sneakily? :)04:16
pxdaftykins, because it's a windows network and they're just afraid of unix things04:17
daftykinskk0710: can't comment on GUI package managers, but if you shared output from commands in the terminal then perhaps we can see what's up04:17
Bashing-omubuntuser13: sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.13.0-{24,34,43,51} ... opps copy and paste got me .04:17
daftykinspx: sorry, but to my mind that means violating work policy.04:17
kk0710daftykins: what would you like me to try?04:17
pxyou don't have enough info to conclude that04:17
pxI've been using Team Viewer04:18
pxwhich works fine04:18
pxbut inelegant04:18
daftykinspx: can already tell by your comments tbh :)04:18
pxyou really can't04:18
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: the versions that come from ubuntu/canonical have been tested more than the ones from the manufacturer. usually official ubuntu versions are little behind the ones you find on the web because of that reason04:18
daftykinskk0710: sure, throw in "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" pastebin'ing each04:18
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: if you have one that works right now, why update?04:18
stevendaleI am going to write a letter of complaint!04:18
kk0710it's hanging, it did this to me earlier too but fixed itself04:19
pxI just want to do work on my work machine without being there. but the direct IT support to employees have no idea how to do all this. instead of going up the ladder, a simpler solution would be better04:19
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: unable to do that . Errors were encountered while processing:04:19
ubuntuser13 linux-headers-3.13.0-2404:19
ubuntuser13 linux-headers-3.13.0-3404:19
ubuntuser13 linux-headers-3.13.0-4304:19
daftykinspx: not this channels resposibility i'm afraid04:20
pxI know04:20
pxbut not sure where to ask04:20
daftykinsyour issue is internal to your employer, it's not a technical query04:20
daftykinsyou have no right to go about these things unless you're in a position where you are allowed to dictate or sway policy04:21
pxmy issue is seeking a service /application04:21
daftykinsnot really because armed with that knowledge, you will put your entire company's security in jeopardy for your own desires.04:21
daftykinsand that's simply not acceptable04:21
pxlike I said. I already use team viewer and they are fine with this04:22
pxthey just simply lack the know-how to enable SSH04:22
pxand/or unsure of what it really is04:22
kk0710damn it04:22
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, oh, ok. i have the impression I get better graphics performance with the nvidia driver compared to the ubuntu driver, i'm right? (i say this about video games especially)04:22
kk0710looks like I DIDN"T fix my networking problems04:22
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Yuk, now why am I not surprised ? .. OK, show in a paste that entire output when the 'dpkg -P' command is run .04:22
daftykinsright but if you got SSH access, you're claiming you'd then be 100% all set for what you want to do remotely from home?04:22
kk0710daftykins: my router disconnected all clients I think my issues might have been a symptom04:23
kk0710daftykins: I found a so called fix for my router issue and thought it was fixed04:23
surgy_how do i change the color of thr cursor?04:23
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: yes and no. sometimes you gain and sometimes you loose. from my experience graphic drivers always have been complicated.04:24
daftykinsTekilla: proprietary nvidia driver will perform better than nouveau because they know how their hardware works, nouveau is reverse engineered.04:24
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, ok ok, so, you think, the better is to install nvidia driver (found in the settings) but the tested nvidia driver?04:24
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: you can try them and roll back if you find any problems. also it matters if you are using LTS or not. LTS packages are more throughly teste than non LTS versions.04:25
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10982587/04:25
mehdi__hey guys what is this "Snappy" ubuntu about?04:25
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Look'n at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10982587/ .04:25
ubottuUbuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/04:25
daftykinsmehdi__: no, i typed it so ubottu would say the above04:25
daftykinsyou don't type it again :)04:25
surgy_i used tweak tools to change it to dmz-white. but when i bring it over a focused window it turns back grey04:26
mehdi__daftykins, it just poped in my mind after i ask that there is bot that i can ask question sorry04:26
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, i'm on ubuntu 14.04 so it's LTS no?04:26
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: I usually do LTS versions. even on desktops. for a, let's say, gaming laptop I woould go the latest greatest ubuntu version with the latest available drivers form the manufacturer04:26
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: it is04:27
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: that may explain why your oficial version is older04:27
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, when you say "the latest available drivers form the manufacturer", are you talking about website or in settings?04:28
soy_el_pulpo!lts Tekilla04:28
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: the manufacturers website drivers download section04:28
Tekillaok ok04:28
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)04:28
daftykinssoy_el_pulpo: !factoid | user04:28
soy_el_pulpodaftykins: thanks04:29
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, thanks for your help04:29
daftykinsTekilla: for what it's worth i humbly disagree with soy_el_pulpo and say it only matters which ubuntu version you're on, based on your own hardware.04:29
soy_el_pulpo!lts | Tekilla04:29
ubottuTekilla: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)04:29
mehdi__i use ubuntu 14.04 will there gonna be a problem if i install snappy?04:29
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: do i need to uninstall previous linux-headers like 24, 34?04:29
daftykinsmehdi__: you can't install two OSs on the same machine (unless one is a VM)04:29
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: no problem, when ppl ask the right question, doors opens04:29
surgyim using gnome3 :: i used tweak tools to change my cursor to dmz-white..... yet the cursor is still grey on the active window...... how do i make it white all the time?04:29
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Does not compute . try again 1 at the time 'sudo dpkg -P linux-headers-3.13.0-{24,34,43,51}-generic' and paste that output and the errors . I see what I can come up with to try and resolve this sloppyation .04:30
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: now synaptic package manager working properly. please answer my question, i think i need to remove previous headers files?04:31
kk0710god damn it, one problem after another.  Does anyone know why software center keeps failing authentication??04:32
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: the good thing about the "proprietary drivers" dialog, is that you can easily rever to other drivers if you have any problem.04:32
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Yes, those header files ( both types ) need to be removed . You have somehow already removed the image files .04:33
lotuspsychjekk0710: wrong password?04:33
kk0710it doesn't ask for a password04:33
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, yes04:33
lotuspsychjekk0710: try sudo apt-get update from terminal04:33
kk0710I just did and it finished with no errors04:34
kk0710if it is a clue, when I click on synaptic package manager nothing happens04:34
daftykinsdon't use GUI package managers so no ideas.04:34
surgyany idea? ive asked for the last hour and googled it tons of times..... its just changing the cursor color...... youd think something so simple would be point and click.....04:34
lotuspsychjekk0710: how about installing something from terminal, thats working?04:34
mehdi__daftykins, is this just a core or is in another ubuntu?04:35
kk0710give me something to install...04:35
Bashing-omubuntuser13: Be aware that you do not presently have the header files installed for the -48 images .04:35
lotuspsychjekk0710: sudo apt-get install rar04:35
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: ok04:35
kk0710finished no problem04:35
lotuspsychjemehdi__: snappy isnt meant to install on desktop or laptop04:35
daftykinsmehdi__: my bot factoid trigger linked to a channel that you can talk about snappy in - and a website link referring to it. therefore staying in here talking about it is off topic04:35
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, i come back, i will install the tested nvidia driver found in my settings and see what happens04:36
Bashing-omubuntuser13: This is what you want your end resilt to be : http://paste.ubuntu.com/10982632/ . Mine up to date and clean .04:37
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: great, give it a try. I may not be here but someone else may help you04:37
lotuspsychjekk0710: wich ubuntu version is this?04:37
Tekillasoy_el_pulpo, ok ok thanks anyway04:37
soy_el_pulpoTekilla: merci04:37
kk071014.04 fresh install had no problems before jus tstarted04:38
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: one thing more, how to know which linux-header file is used in kernel 48-generic.04:38
lotuspsychjekk0710: thatsweird indeed04:39
kk0710I am getting an authentication error04:39
kk0710and then a internal error04:41
daftykinsi think your install is a bit iffy, kk071004:42
daftykinsi would run memtest overnight04:42
daftykinsyeah that does not look good at all04:43
kk0710it was working just a moment ago lol04:43
cee_anyone can help me?04:43
kk0710omg if I have to do another install04:43
lotuspsychjecee_: if you ask a question04:43
Bashing-omubuntuser13: When the package manager is stable ' sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-3.13.0-48-generic , sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-3.13.0-48 ' .04:44
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: Thanks04:44
cee_i install ubuntu, i accidentaly delete my partition.. can i recover the deleted partition?04:45
lotuspsychjekk0710: can you start software-center from terminal plz?04:46
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | cee_ with sudo photorec04:46
ubottucee_ with sudo photorec: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3build2 (vivid), package size 343 kB, installed size 1382 kB04:46
kk0710lotuspsychje: sorry to sound stupid but not sure the command?04:46
ninjaaronHow do I test Unity8 in 15.04? I already installed the package, but I don't see an entry for it in the DM.04:46
daftykinscee_: which partition? Windows?04:46
lotuspsychjekk0710: software-center04:47
cee_yeah windows partition :(04:47
kk0710yep I'm stupid, I figured it was more complex04:47
kk0710ok so I did it04:47
cee_the deleted partition is came from windows04:47
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: Thankyou very very much for your precious Time and Help. problem solved, now everything working properly. again, Thankyou so so much.04:48
lotuspsychjekk0710: does it start, or getting errors?04:48
kk0710um I have a terminal full of stuff here, it did start up though04:48
kk0710no username in config file04:48
kk0710trying to repair DB failed04:49
kk0710not sure what is relevant04:49
surgylet me ask this another way04:49
surgyhow do i force every application to use DMZ-White cursors?04:49
daftykinscee_: a Windows install, or just an NTFS partition with data?04:49
Bashing-omubuntuser13: :) are you up on the -51 kernel ? hint : ' sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ' IF and only IF the package manager is stable .04:50
cee_daftykins : just an ntfs partition with data04:50
=== Z_ is now known as Guest4972
daftykinscee_: yeah so make sure you're booted into a live session, don't use the ubuntu installation you just made... then use testdisk04:50
cee_im using bootable usb is that ok?04:51
cee_daftykins : im using bootable usb is that ok?04:51
ubuntuser13Bashing-om:  i think no, i'm currently installing linux-headers via terminal. so can't check that.04:51
Bashing-omubuntuser13: K, When you think all is good, run ' sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade ' to check and/or see the errors generated . A stable package manager is vital !04:54
ubuntuser13Bashing-om: ok Thanks.04:54
surgyi really have hit a brick wall over a semingly small subject. my cursor is grey on the active window no matter what i change. whats going on? i found answers on google but none of them fixed it. i could really use a hand.04:56
iFach404prays -_-04:57
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
=== gr33n7007h is now known as Guest86590
surgythis is why linux has a bad name05:00
surgythis is a 2 second fix on any other os.05:01
lotuspsychjesurgy: your issues has nothing to do with ubuntu05:01
=== sins- is now known as sins
=== sins is now known as sins-
surgylotuspsychje, then please tell me where to ask?05:05
lotuspsychjesurgy: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66843/how-to-change-mouse-cursor-and-theme05:05
kk0710Guess I am doing another install05:05
lotuspsychjekk0710: try to make a second user, and test software center05:05
alex_goodmaneverybody laughing at u05:05
lotuspsychje!ot | alex_goodman05:06
daftykinskk0710: for the love of Tux memtest that thing before i get angry05:06
ubottualex_goodman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:06
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
kk0710memtest? lol05:07
kk0710I wonder if when I installed gnome it screwed something up05:07
surgythank you very much05:08
surgythat fixed it right up05:08
lotuspsychjesurgy: you see with a bit of effort, linux isnt to blame05:08
surgylotuspsychje, lol i spent three hours on changing the cursor color.....05:08
surgylotuspsychje, a simple link to the appropriate page and its fixed in minutes05:09
surgylotuspsychje, dont you agree that, that sort of setting should be right here in the user interface?05:09
daftykinskk0710: yes memtest86+05:10
surgylotuspsychje, anyways. thanks05:10
kk0710no clue what that is or why you want me to do it lol05:11
daftykinskk0710: because for days now your installs have been weirder than a £9 note - so it'd be good to rule out stability05:15
kk0710daftykins: I ran a memory test using the built in HP tools05:15
daftykinsthose are rubbish05:15
kk0710come on man05:16
kk0710its not a memory problem lol05:16
kk0710something just got wonky when I was doing some tweaking Im guessing05:16
kk0710most of my problems have been with the network05:16
daftykinsif you're not even willing to try something... i'm going to have a huge problem being motivated in the coming days to help05:16
kk0710well I can't right now as I am passing out but I will next time we are on together I promise.05:17
daftykinskk0710: no it's something to run overnight05:17
kk0710ok how do you run it, it's not a simple executable i see05:18
daftykinshold left shift at boot, pick test memory \o/05:18
stylesI bought a yoga 3 pro and wanted to install ubuntu on it. I like everyone seem to have no wifi card. I followed this guide https://github.com/longsleep/yoga3pro-linux/blob/master/Yoga%203%20Linux%20HOWTO.md and still.. I have no card :( any ideas?05:18
daftykinsshould be on the GRUB menu05:18
=== gerald is now known as Guest3725
anth0ny_I think I borked my network configs. I uninstalled network-manager on Rasbpian, and now when I boot my machine eth0 is not present in ifconfig. I can run “ifconfig eth0 up” which brings it up but has no IP assigned. I can then run “dhclient eth0” which gives it an IP. my /etc/network/interface is : http://dpaste.com/2R9VA3M. Any ideas as to the right way to bring the eth0 interface up on boot?05:23
daftykinsraspbian is not ubuntu05:25
daftykinsone might say the clue is in the name o005:25
anth0ny_daftykins: that is true05:28
anth0ny_doubt it would make much of a difference though05:29
anth0ny_all the same, heading over to #debian05:29
daftykinsit's really not the same i'm afraid05:29
daftykinssee, quirks in one distro can make it completely different to another05:29
daftykinsso you seek help in the right channel so as to not confuse and (potentially) waste the time of volunteers such as us05:30
=== Guest26495 is now known as sts
cannehi all :) anyone had issues setting up samba unique to 14.04 ? (ie: no issues with 13.* or 12.*)05:50
canneheya woodruffw ... you in CPark ?05:54
woodruffwhi canne, yes i am05:55
cannecool, started there, but.. marriage and moving blew it, grew up in Bowie05:55
woodruffwah, cool. i go to UMD, but i grew up in NY05:56
cannei lived upstate kg-2nd grade (Rome)05:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:57
woodruffwlotuspsychje: apologies05:58
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daftykinscome again?06:12
daftykinsaaaah, you're one of those06:13
cfhowlettmy /ignore list has room for one more ...06:16
MotoDellhey all06:16
MotoDelli have a old harddrive that has files and folders everywhere on it, would take for ever to sort through it.. is there a good program that will sort all of this out for me?06:16
neurewhich package contains "php" command?06:16
alex_goodmanphp5-cli maybe06:17
MotoDellanyone have any good programs?06:20
MotoDellfor this task06:20
daftykinsyou'd have to be pretty messy to have stored data on a single drive in a manner that isn't easily resolved with your eyes06:21
MotoDellcool story bro06:22
pavlosMotoDell, a file manager perhaps?06:23
MotoDellpavlos, a program that will go through the drive and pull out files by extensions and date, and organize them to go through everything06:25
pavlosMotoDell, you could use the find command to find all *.jpg files and throw them into an images folder ... similar for other extensions.06:27
daftykinshow would you not have put pictures in... a Pictures folder?06:27
pavlosthrow them->move them06:27
MotoDellthe point is not to point out what should have been done or what needs to be done. The drive is super old and I just want to find files in a easy manner. The question was if anyone knew of a program, not troll tell someone why didnt they do it right in the first place lol06:29
daftykinsjust a bit blown away that anyone would be so blasé about their own data :>06:30
daftykinsalso, this is not even vaguely trolling - so please do not use incorrect terms06:30
pavlosMotoDell, try an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution like the open source Alfresco06:35
zotherstupidguyi am doing a cron job which is sending an error to the mailbox, how can i read local ubuntu mailbox?06:38
r0nHi everyone06:39
zotherstupidguyi am doing a cron job which is sending an error to the mailbox, how can i read local ubuntu mailbox?06:39
r0nMy laptop randomly shuts down since I did a fresh install of 15.04. Everything was ok under 14.04 and I tried reinstalling it but it does the same thing now on 14.04.2. Any thoughts?06:41
zotherstupidguyr0n could be your bios06:41
r0nMaybe? The bios is up to date. What should I look for?06:42
GigaGramsHello, anyone has some link to a guide on how to downgrade the kernel bc this one isnt working for me06:44
pavloszotherstupidguy, look in /var/mail/root ... (need to be root) ... you can use "sudo mail -u root"06:44
r0nSometimes it can go through the day without any problems and some day it just shuts down every 30 min or so06:45
GigaGramsplease anyone can guide me through downgrading the kernel?06:45
Ben64GigaGrams: how about you explain the actual problem you're encountering06:46
GigaGramsBen64: i need to download the kernel cna you help me or not?06:46
Ben64GigaGrams: since its unlikely that will fix your problem, and its not supported, no06:46
pavlosGigaGrams, http://askubuntu.com/questions/331538/what-is-the-right-way-to-downgrade-kernel06:46
GigaGramswell, Ben64 thank you veryvery much you have been of great help06:47
Ben64GigaGrams: you can go ahead and try silly solutions and when you break your system come back here and explain the actual problem and maybe someone can help you06:47
GigaGramsBen64: what the fuck do you know?06:48
Ben64watch the language here06:48
ZerkalerkaGigaGrams: learn to google06:49
GigaGramsZerkalerka: yea its hard when you cant read06:49
GigaGramsbecause the text is all fucked up06:49
GigaGramsthats why i asked for a link/guide06:49
cyberalex4lifehi there! I did a dist-upgrade with gnome3 repository active on Ubuntu 14.04 and now I removed the repository. I just want to dist-upgrade all packages to the latest version of the repo's that are still active. Is there a way without reinstalling (ppa-purge did not work)06:49
lotuspsychje!language | GigaGrams06:49
ubottuGigaGrams: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:49
Ben64GigaGrams: that language is not allowed here, please stop. Zerkalerka: telling someone to "google it" is not helpful at all06:49
r0nAny ideas on a randomly shutting down laptop since fresh install of 15.04?06:55
k1llook at the old logs in /var/log whats going on06:57
antoHi all - I've recently upgraded to 15.04 and on reboot it looks like everything fails fairly early on - I suspect the nvidia drivers (they always seem to cause pain), interestingly booting to a recovery session & then continuing does get up and running.. any thoughts?06:58
k1lanto: make sure the nvidia driver is installed properly then.06:59
r0nk1l, there's nothing in the logs since it shuts down abruptly like if you would pull out the power cord06:59
k1lif you installed the driver from the website you need to re install it06:59
antok1l: installed via software centre (from memory) I get a happy X session post the run-through of recovery suggesting the driver does work..07:00
k1lanto: the recovery uses the old kernel. so it sounds like on the new kernel there is the driver missing07:01
criticaljcan you help me? my right mouse button stopped working and now scrolling too when i tried everything possible. button is not physically broken. lenovo thinkpad x22007:02
criticaljand it's ubuntu 14.1007:03
antok1l: ahh OK - things I didn't know :) thanks for the help.07:03
GigaGramsi booted into 3.19 kernel and it looks like the real problem is related to the video drivers07:03
=== luminance_137 is now known as Waqas
GigaGramsanyone knows a solution to 15.04 nvidia drivers?07:04
criticaljplz help. i cant use my computer properly without a mouse07:05
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=== antivAway is now known as antivirtel
StarOnDhello , can I share the screen of 2 laptops ?08:13
WhatisubuntuWGah, Mark Shuttleworth is trolley08:15
WhatisubuntuWMy IFTTT recipe on his blog triggered08:16
WhatisubuntuWA post titled "W is for..."08:16
WhatisubuntuWAnd the content? "Waiting until the online summit opening at 1400 UTC"08:17
=== Guest85889 is now known as web_ervin_
Tangerinehey guys, I'm trying to follow this guide to integrating Dropbox with pcmanfm http://askubuntu.com/questions/49531/how-can-i-integrate-dropbox-with-pcmanfm08:20
Tangerinebut i get stuck on08:20
genkgoWe have a problem with Ubuntu + HyperV. While making backups the filesystem switches to a read-only state. And we have no idea why Ubuntu does this. Within this platform we also have a CentOS machine, which does not have the problem. System logs do not show anything. Is there any possibility to write a log why the filesystem goes read-only?08:20
TangerineGtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_window_group_remove_window: assertion 'window->group == window_group' failed08:21
Tangerineany idea what may be doing this? I also have two errors with "terminal x-terminal-emulator isn't known" and "modules directory is not accessible"08:21
genkgoTangerine: http://sourceforge.net/p/pcmanfm/bugs/867/ should help you08:23
Tangerinehmm I don't quite understand what that's talking about but I'll try to go through it with more care later. Thanks genkgo08:25
=== gianluca is now known as Guest79786
psyrushey guys08:33
psyruswow dark basic sounds like a cool nick08:33
psyrusdo u write code still in basic?08:34
=== Richard is now known as Guest68301
Guest68301Hello i have a question about internet configuration08:39
madcutewhats up08:40
farciarz84hi how to inspect sequence order from update-rc.d?08:40
Guest68301I have 2 sources of internet, i want to use 2 to connect to http 1st to 1st server, and 2nd to 2nd server. 1st is cable provider, 2nd is wifi08:41
Guest68301is it possible?08:41
Guest68301what i must search in google?08:42
madcuteyou should be good to go just ad it as another question08:42
madcuteunless your routing/dhcp server is messed up and causes ip conflicts08:42
madcuteit should be fine08:42
Guest68301i want connect with 1 server only by 1st provider, all internet by 2nd08:44
Guest68301i should ask routing dhcp?08:44
Guest68301is any program to configure that?08:45
Guest68301now one know?08:48
Guest68301no one know?08:48
bojanhow to block websites in squid proxy??08:49
=== RtMF is now known as QuinnStorm
bojanHow to block websites using squid proxy on ubuntu??Can anyone please share acl rule??09:04
daedricHi guys, just a quick question: Since I updated to ubuntu 15.04, my nvidia driver do not redraw properly the windows on my two secondary screens. My device is a: "GK107GLM [Quadro K1100M]". I'm using the driver 346.59 as the 340.76 does not work for me. Does anyone have an idea ?09:07
FarLightDoes anyone here use unity?09:07
daedric(I use i3 as wm)09:07
bojanHow to block websites using squid proxy..Can anybody share me acl rule..I have my squid.conf like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/10983459/09:09
zuron7daedric, does this happen with the open source drivers as well?09:10
daedriczuron7: the Nouveau driver does not really handle well the multi-screen stuff (very slow)09:13
daedricwhen I'm using only my laptop screen it seem to work well, so the issue is really when using several screens09:14
zuron7looks like the problem is with the driver then09:16
zuron7you can optimize the drawing by asking the driver to compromise quality in the settings09:16
zuron7I have an AMD, so not really sure about nvidia09:16
daedricthis is unfortunately my conclusion so far but such a regression seemed big and I thought it was a configuration that was not migrated properly09:17
Ben64daedric: how did you install nvidia09:17
daedriczuron7: could do the trick09:17
daedricBen64: from the unity-control-center and additional driver tab09:17
Ben64daedric: 346 is in there?09:18
daedric346.59 yes09:18
daedricmaybe it worth indicating that I've also a intel gc that is disabled09:19
Ben64thats was my next question, it's likely a problem with that09:19
=== o is now known as Guest10292
Ben64your card has support going back to at least nvidia 33109:20
daedricBen64: do you by chance now the name of the intel driver so I can make sure it is not loaded ?09:21
Ben64i915 maybe?09:22
Ben64i'm really not too well versed in the optimus stuff, maybe someone else will pop in that does09:22
daedricit is loaded09:23
daedricand in use09:23
Ben64maybe your intel card isn't as disabled as you thought09:23
daedricHum, granted, I though that the line: Inactive "intel" was enough in the Xorg.conf09:25
daedricany recommandation ?09:25
Ben64if you can disable in the bios that would probably be best09:26
daedricnoted, I'll try it during the lunch break :) thanks09:26
=== bip_ is now known as bip
bojanHow to block websites using squid proxy..Can anybody share me acl rule..I have my squid.conf like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/10983459/09:33
chotaz`wFor some reason my .deb files started opening with a terminal instead of the software center. And whenever the package is done installing it just opens up chrome and redownloads the package if the source allows it. what is utterly wrong here? I can't seem to figure this out.09:37
PHPLearnerI just got this message from the software updater:09:54
PHPLearnerCheck if you are using third party repositories. If so disable them, since they are a common source of problems.09:55
PHPLearnerFurthermore run the following command in a Terminal: apt-get install -f09:55
PHPLearnerthe thing is it was the software updater who prompted me with an update09:55
PHPLearnerI clicked install and it gave me that message09:55
sheerhello. I'm trying to install openVPN. I'm following the ubuntu help page but I'm unable to find the network-manager09:55
PHPLearnersince I do not know what else to do I just clicked ok09:56
bipHello :P09:56
PHPLearnerthen it keeps on iterating to update back to the message and then me clicking ok09:56
PHPLearnerwhat will I do09:56
PHPLearnerplease help09:56
EriC^^PHPLearner: what happens when you type apt-get -f install?09:57
EriC^^sheer: what do you need to do with network-manager?09:57
sheerEriC^^ well I want to get to openVPN09:58
EriC^^what's the guide you're following?09:59
sheeraskubuntu - how can I use a .ovpn file with Network Manager09:59
EriC^^what's the link?09:59
PHPLearnerEriC^^: E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)10:00
PHPLearnerE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?10:00
PHPLearnerthat's what I got10:00
EriC^^PHPLearner: type sudo apt-get -f install10:00
PHPLearnerit install nodejs for me10:00
EriC^^no errors?10:00
sheerEriC^^ http://askubuntu.com/questions/187511/how-can-i-use-a-ovpn-file-with-network-manager10:02
EriC^^sheer: did you install network-manager-openvpn-gnome ?10:03
sheeryeah I did10:03
EriC^^open the dash and type network10:03
sheerI get network connections/network/system monitor10:04
EriC^^ok, type dpkg -L network-manager-openvpn-gnome | grep bin10:04
sheerdone, EriC^^10:05
EriC^^what does it say? anything in /usr/bin or something?10:06
sheerit doesn't say anything10:06
sheerbunch of stuff in /usr/bin10:06
sheerlots of stuff. I'm completely new to ubuntu10:07
sheer(and linux)10:07
EriC^^ok, type dpkg -L network-manager-openvpn-gnome | grep bin | nc termbin.com 999910:07
sheeri get a message - Use netcat.10:08
EriC^^ok, do you have pastebinit installed?10:08
sheermaybe I needed to do sudo10:08
sheernot if it doesn't come with ubuntu10:08
EriC^^ok, type dpkg -L network-manager-openvpn-gnome | grep bin |& curl -F 'sprunge=<-' sprunge.us10:09
chotaz`wHum, I reinstalled gdebi from synaptic and apparently my issue is gone! :)10:09
sheerEriC^^ http://sprunge.us/BRaY10:10
EriC^^sheer: it's empty, are you sure you're getting a bunch of files in /usr/bin etc. ?10:11
sheerwelp, that's blank10:11
sheershould I have done a sudo?10:11
rekhi hei hi10:11
sheerprior to running the command10:11
sheeri don't know if i'm getting any files in there. i just know there are/were files in there when i checked.10:11
rekhei how do i save files and give em a file name in vi?10:11
EriC^^sheer: can you paste the stuff in paste.ubuntu.com ?10:11
geirharek: :w filename10:12
EriC^^sheer: oh10:12
rek:W what's that10:12
rekshift : plus w ?10:12
EriC^^sheer: if it didn't return anything the first time nevermind10:12
rekwhile typing?10:12
sheerhm. Any ideas, EriC^^ ?10:12
geirharek: from command mode, yes10:12
sheerbit of a bummer to get stuck so early on10:12
reki didn't know tinycore linux hadn't any networking daemon10:13
EriC^^sheer: try to click on edit connections > then add > then import10:13
EriC^^sheer: from the drop down menu go down to vpn > import10:14
rekif i set the ip it doesn't ping external machines...i'll try to write in the boot script the commands ifconfig 192.... i thing iwill work10:14
sheeras in from the normal wireless network thing on the top right?10:14
rekhaving a networking script like in ubuntu is useful in my opinion10:14
sheerit lets me create a VPN connection using openVPN10:15
rekhaving no gf leads me to install these distributions dspdpsdpspdsp10:15
sheerjust not import10:15
somsiprek: what is your support query?10:15
EriC^^sheer: in the window that says create, click on on ethernet instead and go down to vpn > import configuration10:16
akiva-ircnotworkIn 15.04, using make is giving me this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10983631/ -- However I have build-essential installed10:16
akiva-ircnotworkany ideas of how to tackle this issue?10:16
rekcan i install the same networking script i have in ubuntu in other distro...and stuff about using vi.... it's the first time i use Vi i'm not good at using it10:16
sheerEriC^^ this from Edit Connections?10:16
sheeror VPN Connections?10:16
somsiprek: stop with the offtopic chat. If you're using ubuntu, ask for help. If you're not using ubuntu, go elsewhere10:17
EriC^^sheer: after you press add10:17
sheeri'm using a wireless connection btw EriC^^10:17
sheeri see it10:18
reksomsip it's not off topic...it's related to ubuntu10:18
somsiprek: what is the question?10:18
sheerEriC^^ it didn't work. i mean, my IP's the same10:20
=== rajesh is now known as Guest28270
EriC^^sheer: does it work when you use sudo openvpn ... .config?10:22
sheerit says : options error: in CMD -line:1: error opening config files10:23
Trudkohi guys, it is possible to have aero shake like functionality in ubuntu? I want to quickly minimize all windows except the one iwhich is active10:24
sheermaybe I was meant to do the whole /dir/?10:24
sheeri just did the sudo openvpn filename.config10:24
EriC^^yeah type sudo openvpn --config ~/path/to/.config10:25
rekmostly about saving files in vi...10:25
somsiprek: Press 'esc', then type :w {filename}10:25
Tekillais that possible for me to post my applications in the Ubuntu Software Center?10:26
Tekillai didn't find any documentation10:27
EriC^^rek: if you type vimtutor in the terminal there's a good interactive guide that covers quite a lot10:28
sheerEriC^^ how do I open network-manager?10:32
EriC^^sheer: what do you mean?10:33
sheeri'm trying to follow my original guide. I cannot find it10:33
sheeri googled the issue, i'm not the only one10:34
Guest55285after upgrading redis-server to 2:3.0.0-2 the init script doesn't start the server anymore, I checked and the binary in /usr/bin/redis-server is simply not existing anymore. Do you know what's happened here?10:37
sheerfinally got it to work. it was simpler than I thought all in all.10:39
* self-confidence1 and there is no tooth fairy10:41
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
EriC^^sheer: great10:44
sheerself-confidence1 you can't prove that10:49
self-confidence1yeah I have filmed when I have lost my tooth, guess what - the tooth fairy was my MOM10:50
guest_____Hello, i have 2 internet connection wlan0 and eth0.  I want connect wlan0 only to 1 domain via http, and all connections to wlan0. how?10:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:50
guest_____is anyone see my question? i ask about configuration internet on ubuntu10:53
* self-confidence1 ahahahahahahh !!!!!!!!!10:55
frfru tried a proxy?10:55
* self-confidence1 let's dance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcoqJCJlHbQ10:56
guest_____proxy will help with my problem?10:58
frfru can set up a proxy only allowing one connection to a special http11:00
BruceRyanHey..need a little help here..11:01
colbyffrfr: better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNNfZuIA1GQ11:01
chotaz`w!ask | BruceRyan11:02
ubottuBruceRyan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:02
BruceRyanI'm currently using 14.04 as my primary os for a few weeks now...loving it..I use it for basic usage and programming..python and android apps and basic shit like html, etc..should I upgrade to 15.04??11:02
* self-confidence1 `\o/` `\./` `\o/` `\./' `\0/`11:02
Ben64BruceRyan: it's really up to you. 14.04 is supported until 2019, 15.04 is supported until january 201611:04
rekhi what does couldn't connect to xserver passing null display mean ? what can i do.... starting fluxbox11:04
* self-confidence1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwIe_sjKeAY11:05
zykotick9BruceRyan: also note, if you're upgrading and not fresh installing you'd need to go 14.04 -> 14.10 -> 15.0411:05
colbyfBruceRyan: 15.04 is pretty much the same, may have minor bugs but what dosen't. It depends, I usually would cause I like upgrading :)11:05
Ben64self-confidence1: stop posting off topic stuff in here, you can chat in #ubuntu-offtopic if thats what you want11:05
colbyfinstall timeshift if your are not confident, take a snapshot of your system11:06
self-confidence1i don't care11:06
BruceRyanzykotick9: You answered my next question..Thank you..11:06
colbyfthis will allow you to roll back to the exact time before you did any upgrade11:06
PetrLeoCompelDoes anybody have random freezing troubles with Intel GPU driver on Ubuntu 14.10 ? Kernel logs says only stuck on cpu and pid..11:06
guest_____on proxy i can manage that - wlan0  allow connection to only one serve, and eth 0 block one server and allow all conection on one time?11:09
* self-confidence1 okay, one more and I am done here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JQiEs32SqQ11:09
guest_____i have active 2 connection on one time, and i dont know how to manage11:09
guest_____i have 2 internet providers,11:10
abailarriHello. I installed the last version of kernel (3.19) and when I boot the pc I see acpi pcc probe failed error. Any suggestions?11:11
frfrif you manage the traffic through one connection the rest will go through the other one11:11
jiggerypokeryHi there, I have to return my dell XPS 2015 model. It is a carcrash with ubuntu on it11:13
jiggerypokerycan anyone recommend an alternative?11:13
bojanIs there any way to restrict video streaming in firefox??11:14
flipapyi know 14.04 handles ssd's out of box, does 15.04 do so as well?11:14
Ben64flipapy: extremely unlikely a feature like that would be removed11:14
flipapyok Ben64 thanks11:15
jiggerypokeryI'm running 15.04 on an ssd11:15
jiggerypokerybut as I said I'm having all kinds of problems with it11:15
colbyfbojan go settings and then plugins there you see streaming plugins can make set to ask11:15
bojancolbyf:There is no plugin in firefox11:16
flipapyjiggerypokery, did you have those problems with 14.04?11:16
jiggerypokerya different set of problems with 14.0411:16
colbyfclick settings menu\ click addons then plugins11:16
jiggerypokeryWifi was hopeless on 14.04 and it doesn't even have an ethernet slot11:17
jiggerypokeryand 15.04 freezes every time I try to do anything on a virtualbox VM11:17
CheticIs there a fuzzy text selector in the ubuntu repositories? (like https://github.com/jhawthorn/fzy )11:17
bojancolbyf:Anyother way like purging flash palyer or something??11:17
flipapyi diddnt have any issues with 14.04, but when i went to run plank from terminal (sudo plank) it messed up a bunch of my icons in plank and in my app bar11:17
jiggerypokeryDell only make windows drivers, this is probably a stupid question but how do I get new drivers for it?11:18
jiggerypokeryI wonder if that is the problem11:19
Ben64jiggerypokery: drivers are included with the linux kernel11:19
jiggerypokerythought so11:19
colbyfin that place you can select never activate11:19
colbyfon shockwave flash11:20
jiggerypokeryThanks Ben64. I was wondering if I had to do any manual patching or anything11:20
Ben64jiggerypokery: would help if you explained your problem(s), and provided log files or error logs or something11:20
jiggerypokeryI provided dmesg logs yesterday but was told they were incomplete. The issue is I have to force shut down after the freeze and I am not sure how to log it11:21
colbyfbojan: http://www.mademan.com/mm/how-remove-flash-player-firefox-linux.html11:22
jiggerypokeryben, which logs would be useful? How would you go about capturing the freeze?11:22
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
bojancolbyf:OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. is installed11:23
Chuck_Norrisbojan: http://www.webupd8.org/2015/04/fresh-player-plugin-024-released-with.html11:23
Ben64jiggerypokery: see if you can access the system using ssh while it is frozen11:24
bojanChuck_Norris:OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. is installed and not adobe flash player11:24
Chuck_Norrisbojan: do you wanna watch youtube videos ?11:25
bojanChuck_Norris:I want to restrict users not to watch youtube11:25
Chuck_Norrisbojan: oh! sry11:25
colbyfyou can block youtube from the router11:26
bojanChuck_Norris :I dont have router11:26
colbyfremoving flash won't stop youtube, only some content11:26
=== Ramona_ is now known as Ramona
Chuck_Norrisbojan: or block youtube with /etc/hosts11:27
bojanChuck_Norris : I have squid proxy server..Can i do through that??11:27
bojanChuck_Norris:I am using squid proxy for allowing internet on MAC basis11:28
bojanChuck_Norris:If you know please share me acl rules for blocking websites11:28
jay_leggois this the #ubuntu on freenode?11:29
Chuck_Norrisbojan: well never used squid, but you could do in the proxy:  sudo sh -c 'echo " youtube.com" >> /etc/hosts'11:30
ablest1980hello yes11:30
jiggerypokeryBen64: Doesn't look like it :(11:30
colbyfjay_leggo: yes it is,11:30
jay_leggocool. I have just started using Ubuntu.... Is there anything I should read to familiarize myself and know what I might want to do and what I should do?11:31
bojanChuck_Norris:Will it block you tube if i give the command11:31
zykotick9!manual | jay_leggo11:31
ubottujay_leggo: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:31
Chuck_Norrisbojan: try it, then you will see11:31
jay_leggothanks, I'll go throughit11:31
jay_leggozykotick9:  is there a WeeChat manual that is more intuitive than http://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_user.en.html ?11:32
Cheticdoes ubuntu have a fuzzy text terminal selection tool?11:33
Cheticthe two I know don't exist in the repos11:33
zykotick9jay_leggo: not that i'm aware of.  /me isn't a weechat user (i've tried switching from irssi twice, but end up returning to irssi)11:33
jay_leggohow come? I went with WeeChat because Ubuntu's IRC page noted that it's more actively updated/worked on11:34
zykotick9jay_leggo: it's _probably_ just because i'm more familiar with irssi...  nothing against weechat or anything.11:35
rekhi what does couldn't connect to xserver passing null display mean ? what can i do.... starting fluxbox11:43
zykotick9rek: how are you trying to start fluxbox?  sounds like xorg isn't running...11:44
BluesKajHiyas all11:44
somsiprek: what version of ubuntu are you running?11:45
=== Jakey3 is now known as Jakey2
rekcan't answer sorry11:46
jay_leggo -c, --colors11:46
somsiprek: because an hour or so you were using tinyDistro or something11:46
rekyeah that's true but don't tell me bad things11:48
rekin the other channel they're all eating or something... 20-30 users...11:49
somsiprek: tinycore (I remember now) is not supported here. you need to go to their support channel11:50
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=== joao is now known as Mete-
=== lokesh is now known as Guest83107
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
AlexEagle8128i used dd to load Lubuntu 15.04 ISO onto a USB, and now the USB is screwed. My laptop won't mount it. It knows it's there, but can't mount it. I've tried Gparted to mount it, but that couldn't either.12:11
k1l_AlexEagle8128: usb-pendrives die quite often. it could be that the amount of writing onto it with that iso might have given it the end.12:12
AlexEagle8128so is there anything i can do?12:12
=== norm is now known as Guest50615
sheerdoes ubuntu 14.04 share things with Amazon/other 3rd party?12:13
k1l_AlexEagle8128: probably not. think of them more like a cd-RW and not a mobile harddisk.12:13
dawiisssHi guys can anyone tell me which library contains ImageTk in python ?? I tried from PIL import Image, ImageTk but it doesn't find it12:14
AlexEagle8128it weird tho, my laptop knows the size of the USB and has loads of other info about it.12:14
geirhawhen you use the dd approach, you overwrite the usb stick's partition table. May be you just have to recreate it12:14
k1l_sheer: see system-settings: privacy settings12:14
honayHi there n my sister have just got her samsong galaxy 3S stolen is there any way I can track it and find its location ??12:14
AlexEagle8128if it had died, i wouldn't have thought it could detect anything about it.12:14
AlexEagle8128@geirha: Ok, can I do that in gparted?12:15
k1l_honay: better ask the #android guys12:15
sheerwell k1l_  i turned stuff off there, i hope there's nothing more to it12:16
geirhaAlexEagle8128: I don't know. I typically use fdisk for things like that.12:16
k1l_sheer: no. there is nothing more.12:16
AlexEagle8128ok, how would i use fdisk?12:16
k1l_sheer: even tho i think they did shut down the forward from the canonical server to the amazon server. but i am not aware of a confirmation link on that.12:17
geirhaAlexEagle8128: do you know the device node it currently has?12:17
AlexEagle8128the device location? sdb...?12:17
geirhaAlexEagle8128: e.g. /dev/sdc12:17
AlexEagle8128ahhh, yep. it's /dev/sdb1 for the ISO and /dev/sdb for the stick itself12:18
geirhaoh, you used sdb1 instead of sdb ... that's probably why it won't boot12:18
zykotick9AlexEagle8128: fyi, the iso is meant to be written to the device, sdb and NOT a partition sdb1.12:18
geirhait also means that the partition table is intact12:19
AlexEagle8128nah, the problem isn't the boot sequence, I want to reformat the stick and try it with another tool12:19
AlexEagle8128I only did what somebody told me to, I've no idea why it went wrong :-)12:20
valve_Hi. Just run a do-release-upgrade. I'm now on 15.04 but I lost the KDE/GNOME login .12:20
BruceRyanWill I be losing all my files if I upgrade from 14.04  -> 14.10 -> 15.04   ??..12:21
valve_Tried o reinstall kde-full but no luck, the package seems to have been dropped12:21
k1l_BruceRyan: no. but its better to have a backup if murphys law strikes back12:21
k1l_valve_: what ubunut is that exactly?12:21
valve_Hints really appreciated12:21
AlexEagle8128and i should have been informed well, i got the advice from people on this forum. unless i looked up the node address wrongly.12:21
valve_k1l_: 15.0412:22
k1l_valve_: kubuntu uses sddm now as login manager.12:22
BruceRyanK1l_ : cool..thanks..this is gonna take a while..12:22
AlexEagle8128so, geirha:, what do i do know?12:22
=== Trudko_ is now known as Trudko
darthanubisAlexEagle8128, it's your responsibility to be informed, no one else's.12:22
valve_k1l_: had kde-full, not kubuntu. However, KDM disappeared and SDDM is not present. kde-full is missing. Should I jump on kubuntu-desktop ?12:22
=== niels__ is now known as nroetert
AlexEagle8128darthanubis: ?12:23
AlexEagle8128what i was saying i that i don't know if someone else got it wrong, or if it was my fault.12:23
k1l_valve_: i am no kde user. maybe the #kubuntu guys do have more practise in that. i know there was an issue with systemd and sddm.12:23
darthanubisAlexEagle8128> I only did what somebody told me to,12:24
darthanubisdon't do that12:24
geirhaAlexEagle8128: gparted should be able to see it and let you reformat the partition. Are you sure /dev/sdb does not show up in gparted at all?12:24
darthanubisknow what you are doing and why. Don't just type what someone on the internet told you to type.12:24
k1l_valve_: try a "systemctl start sddm" in a tty112:24
AlexEagle8128darthanubis: go stick your nose somewhere else. you're not helping me with my problem with my USB.12:24
valve_k1l_: I don't have sddm12:25
k1l_valve_: you need it12:25
k1l_valve_: thats what i asked what setup that is exactly12:25
AlexEagle8128yep, it's there, but it's not mounted and i can't mount it manually12:25
darthanubisand this is why you have a problem, your lazy attitude and selfish behavior. You want it done for you.12:25
valve_k1l_: I had a 14.10 with a kde-full. Now I'm after do-dist-upgrade and seems that the packages are bit messed up12:26
valve_k1l_:kde-full is unexistent (anymore)12:26
AlexEagle8128darthanubis: I am rightfully asking questions in order to gain knowledge.12:26
bazhangdarthanubis, that type of commentary is completely unwelcome here12:26
valve_k1l_: therefore I suppose the only solution is to jump to kubuntu-desktop12:26
k1l_valve_: they switched to kde 5 (?!?) on 15.0412:26
valve_k1l_: they who?12:27
k1l_valve_: so better ask in #kubuntu for what to do with the kde stuff12:27
AlexEagle8128darthanubis: It's you with a lazy attitude, sat on your backside, trolling other *buntu-ers.12:27
AlexEagle8128bazhang: rock on.12:27
bazhangAlexEagle8128, lets move on12:27
=== Silenced_v2 is now known as Silenced_v2_afk
AlexEagle8128bazhang: yep, I agree.12:28
=== Samul|AWAY is now known as Samul`
valve_k1l_: I just re-followed the Ubuntu wiki (describing kde-full, etc.)12:28
=== Trudko_ is now known as Trudko
AlexEagle8128So what do I do with the USB?12:28
bazhang!find kde-full12:28
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:12:28
valve_k1l_: they seems outdated pages12:28
k1l_valve_: again: ubuntu 15.04 switched to plasma 512:28
bazhangthats helpful12:28
darthanubiswasn't trolling you, I provided you with helpful information, basic 101 to keep you from ruining your system. But that type of commentary is lost on you, and not appreciated in this channel.12:28
darthanubisgood luck to you12:29
valve_k1l_: I know, again12:29
AlexEagle8128bazhang: was that directed me at me? about kde?12:29
valve_k1l_: thanks12:29
dawiisssYhg1s: https://bpaste.net/show/969c28829d2512:29
Fuchsvalve_: technically you can install either sddm or lightdm, both will work. Installing either should give you the choice which dm you want. So do install either.12:29
Fuchsvalve_: sddm is the new default, but I couldn't say that I am terribly fond of it due to various bugs. Choose whichever you prefer, both work12:29
AlexEagle8128darthanubis: I don't care what you are intending to do, you were hindering me from making progress and in fact, you still are. You will not receive any replies from me unless you are giving help to me regarding my USB. I need to know how to fix it. I do not need to be told that my attiude is lacking.12:31
hyana HI there , my sister have just got her phone stolen is there any way I can  track it ?12:31
k1l_hyana: as i already said: that is not an ubuntu issue. ask #android or ##chat12:32
geaninace mai faci12:33
AlexEagle8128sdb1 is the ISO. Shall I delete it, or is that not a good idea? I wouldn't have thought it would be beneficial to the USB... But it's one of the only options in the sdb and sdb1 nodes. I figured it would be worth asking :-)12:33
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ends on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.12:33
valve_Fuchs: Thanks. I think I'll go for kubuntu-desktop and then remove the orphaned of this messy situation (I think it's messy)12:34
valve_Fuchs: Thanks. I think I'll go for kubuntu-desktop and then remove the orphaned of this messy situation (I think it's messed up)12:34
valve_Fuchs: Thanks. I think I'll go for kubuntu-desktop and then remove the orphaned of this messy situation (I think it's messed up)12:34
valve_Fuchs: it's strange. However, wiki paes seems to be outdated (pointing to kde-full etc.)12:35
naotemp /msg NickServ identify testtest12312:35
Fuchsnaotemp: /msg nickserv help set password12:35
Fuchsvalve_: entirely possible, 15.04 got released just a couple of days ago, maybe the volunteers weren't that quick12:36
AlexEagle8128bazhang: & geirha: you there?12:36
valve_Fuchs: no probs at all. Just to know (enlightning my ignorance)... is kubuntu-desktop the "preferred choice" ?12:36
valve_Fuchs: obviously, if you know about that12:37
Fuchsvalve_: depends on what you want. If you want a full KDE desktop, I'd say yes12:37
geirhaAlexEagle8128: yes, format it to vfat, and next time, don't use dd for the iso12:37
valve_Fuchs: I mean ... I had kde-full and that was enough for me. Should I wait for a (new) kde-full again or just consider it obsolete ?12:38
AlexEagle8128geirha: why vfat, and what tool do you suggest I use to format it?12:38
valve_Fuchs: as for GNOME, I see ubuntu-desktop-gnome and gnome (packages) ...12:38
AlexEagle8128BTW it will only let me format the ISO (sdb1), not the USB (sdb).12:38
valve_Fuchs: as you might imagine, I have lost GNOME login as well12:39
AlexEagle8128and it reports the USB as unallocated12:39
Fuchsvalve_: it appears to have been deprecated12:39
geirhaAlexEagle8128: vfat (fat32) is what you usually have on USB drives, but it's up to you. Use gparted.12:39
Fuchsvalve_: as you are using not only KDE as the desktop I'd definitely just go and install lightdm, then12:39
AlexEagle8128ahhh, i wasn't aware that vfat=fat32 :-) thanks12:39
AlexEagle8128so do I format the ISO (sdb1)?12:40
terbolousi have a weird issue with ubuntu 12.04.5 not obeying/using dhcp options for router and dns servers, anyone experience something similar?12:40
valve_Fuchs: I have lightdm. I've lost KDE and GNOME login. I suppose I have leftovers (albeit they appears to be updated)12:40
FuchsOh, the sessions are not available12:40
Fuchssorry, I thought you were missing the login screen12:40
FuchsYeah, do install the *-desktop metapackages, then12:41
Fuchsor manually the one which includes the session, but that's a bit hacky, I'd go with the metapackages12:41
ZeZuFuchs,  that stuff is a mess these days, where it used to just work i've had horrible luck w. it myself12:42
AlexEagle8128geirha: I'm trying to send you a screenshot of gparted12:42
geirhaAlexEagle8128: yes, the first partition12:42
valve_Fuchs: yep, that's the situation. lightdm there, KDE (probably parts) there and GNOME (probably parts) there. But no lightdm sessions12:42
geirhaAlexEagle8128: dcc is too cumbersome12:43
AlexEagle8128you mean sdb1, the ISO?12:43
geirhasdb1 is the first partition, yes. Give it a valid filesystem.12:43
AlexEagle8128ok, thx. plz hang on here in case it doesn't work or something stupid. :-) my laptop works in mysterious ways... Generally bad ways... :-D hahaha12:44
Dro__anyone have an idea how to record video on vlc with applied effects please ?12:45
Fuchsvalve_: the file is in the plasma-workspace package, /usr/share/xsessions/plasma.desktop12:46
ZeZuAlexEagle8128, isn't that generally user error? lol12:46
Fuchsvalve_: I assume you are now missing parts of Plasma 5.3, installing the metapackage should solve that12:46
Fuchs(similar for gnome, there I don't know the package, mind)12:46
valve_Fuchs: seen that. I miss 257MB of packages12:46
valve_Fuchs: ubuntu-gnome-destop ?12:46
AlexEagle8128nope. I've had PC specialists try to fix my laptop and try to use and they always say that works really weirdly. :-D lol12:47
Fuchsvalve_: would be a guess. You can search for it on packages.ubuntu.com12:47
valve_Fuchs: thank you very much for your time12:47
Fuchslook for whatever is in /usr/share/xsessions/  for gnome12:47
Fuchsvalve_: you're welcome12:47
AlexEagle8128*try to use it12:47
AlexEagle8128geirha: the operation is still pending. should it take so long?12:48
ZeZuAlexEagle8128, and what exactly is wrong with it?12:48
geirhadepends on what options you chose12:48
AlexEagle8128ZeZu: I wrote lubuntu ISO to the wrong place on it.12:49
AlexEagle8128geirha: I just clickd format to>fat32. there were no options otherwise...12:49
ZeZuAlexEagle8128, that's not something that would be difficult to fix for a technician12:49
ZeZuvfat format doesn't default to zero'ing out sectors it should be finished in a few minutes unless its a very slow 2+TB drive on an old IDE cable :p12:50
AlexEagle8128ZeZu: No, I meant that specialists have tried to fix other probs that it's had over the years. I wasn't refering to the USB problem.12:50
ZeZuoh this is an older laptop12:51
ZeZupre intel core-* ?12:51
AlexEagle8128Mmmhm. It's a Fujitsu Siemens V553512:51
AlexEagle8128Intel Celeron12:52
geirhaAlexEagle8128: Ok, shouldn't take too long, but it might be doing an fsck afterwards to verify12:52
geirhaAlexEagle8128: you did click the "apply" button afterwards, right?12:52
AlexEagle8128ZeZu: it's not a laptop, or even a netbook, it's a Crappycrappycrappycraptop12:52
AlexEagle8128:-) hahaha12:52
ZeZuAlexEagle8128, check SMART status on the drive if available12:53
valveFuchs: yes, installing plasma-desktop solved. (note: packages were already downloaded during do-release-upgrade)12:53
AlexEagle8128geirha: what apply button? I just clicked fat32 and it now shows it as that but the operation is still pending.12:54
ZeZuAlexEagle8128, most disk operations in GUI mode tend to be stacked incase you change your mind or whatever ... theres usually an apply button or green check mark to start it.   Depends on the software used,  you're using gparted or ?12:55
geirhaAlexEagle8128: at the top button row12:55
AlexEagle8128ahhh, ok. done.12:57
AlexEagle8128sdb1 is fat32, but that's only a few MB. the st is unallocated and12:57
AlexEagle8128didn't finish that comment :-) one mo...12:58
AlexEagle8128sdb1 is fat32, but that's only a few MB. the USB is unallocated (at sdb) but this reported to have 14GB, like it should. and SDB1 still says boot, hidden.12:59
AlexEagle8128shall I send you both a screenshot?13:00
ZeZuAlexEagle8128, are you familiar w. using the console?   pasting ` sudo fdisk -l ;  output to a pastebin type site might be more usefull13:00
geirhaAlexEagle8128: ah well, just remove the partiton, add a new partition with fat32, then hit apply13:00
AlexEagle8128which should I do, send you the output of fdisk or the partition thing in your last answer?13:01
AlexEagle8128FYI, as sdb is unallocated, it won't let me reformat that bit.13:02
ZeZuhe's been helping you send him whatever he'd like,  i'm just curious as to what exactly you're doing trying to boot from iso or usb or what ?13:02
geirhaZeZu: sie apparently did  dd if=some-ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb113:03
ZeZuif that's usb just remove the '1' from the end and do it again13:03
* ZeZu shrugs13:03
geirhasie just wants it back to a "regular" thumb drive now13:04
ZeZupersonally i'd probably add bs=4M conv=notrunc but13:04
AlexEagle8128ZeZu: I want lubuntu on a USB, and a friend can use that on one of his laptops, and I will actually need a CD-RW for my REALLY old laptop, because I found out that that one won't boot from USB.13:04
AlexEagle8128"if that's usb just remove the '1' from the end and do it again", could explain that more thoroughly? I don't get what you mean.13:06
somsipAlexEagle8128:sudo dd if={file} of=/dev/sdb13:06
geirhaAlexEagle8128: Then delete the partition, add a new partition with fat32 covering the entire drive, click apply. Once that is done, use Startup Disk Creator to put the "iso" on it.13:06
ZeZusudo fdisk /dev/sdb ;  then just hit o for new part. table, n for add part. w / x ;  then format fat32;  that'll get it back to normal13:07
AlexEagle8128somsip: I ain't usin' dd again. not after what happened last time.13:07
somsipAlexEagle8128: oh you're having a laugh aren't you...13:07
AlexEagle8128gotta go. will be back laterz :-D13:07
geirhaAlexEagle8128: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu13:08
AlexEagle8128somsip: I never joke about anything. :-|13:08
AlexEagle8128:-) hahaha lol13:08
ZeZuI can't lie i've seen more people destroy their data w. `dd than every other piece of software i've ever used combined,  but that's just pure stupidity lol13:09
Trudkohi guys, it is possible to have aero shake like functionality in ubuntu? I want to quickly minimize all windows except the one iwhich is active13:12
ZeZuTrudko, Have you checked the window managers options?  there are a lot of them in fusion or whatever these days..13:14
ZeZuand then i think there is another option panel you need to install as well for even more options,  i'm fairly sure there is a minimize others functionality,  animating it would be part of compiz/fusion/whatever they call it these days13:16
AppAraathello, I was wondering how I could get the latest stable version of Chromium (http://omahaproxy.appspot.com/) on Ubuntu 14.04, because 14.04 has this as latest: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ubuntu/stable13:16
Fuchsvalve: glad to hear, have fun with it13:16
brainwashAppAraat: version 41 is available in the official repository13:23
brainwashAppAraat: 42 not yet, see bug 144770113:23
ubottubug 1447701 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "Upgrade chromium-browser to 42" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144770113:23
=== erlon_awaY is now known as erlon
=== mhouy_ is now known as mhouy
MonkeyDust!latest | AppAraat13:29
ubottuAppAraat: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:29
brainwashwell, version 42 is a security update. however, it always takes (much) time to update this package13:31
AppAraatbrainwash: so building it (compiling?) takes a long time?13:35
=== joao is now known as Mete-
brainwashAppAraat: preparing and testing the package, updating custom patches,..13:36
brainwashAppAraat: the package maintainer seems to always encounter some problem, so it usually takes some time until the latest stable version is available13:37
karanI just installed ubuntu but my wireless card isnt working13:39
karanits not showing any of the routers to connect too13:39
joustinWifi is the reason why I stopped using Linux on my old laptop, had to use the windows drivers and a wrapper13:40
MonkeyDusti don't use wifi13:40
sheeri wouldn't use wifi if i could connect to the net without it13:41
MonkeyDustsheer  a cable is no option?13:41
AppAraatbrainwash: ah so I guess this is why there is no 3rd party PPA available for Ubuntu.13:41
AppAraat*for chromium13:42
brainwashAppAraat: there is one, even up-to-date, but it only offers the beta and dev versions of chromium :/13:42
sheerunfortunately not, my father owns the router, and he doesn't let me interfere with the network in any way. so Wireless it is13:42
AppAraatbrainwash: is it this one? https://launchpad.net/~saiarcot895/+archive/ubuntu/chromium-dev - that could still be interesting if it updates often.13:45
AppAraatbut then again all trust then shifts to that person maintaining that PPA13:45
brainwashAppAraat: yes, this one13:45
MonkeyDusthi els13:48
=== cprofitt_ is now known as cprofitt
polardroidany thoughts on opening a dvd-r created with Windows, images and possibly some word documents ?13:52
netametaI am doing sudo apt-get -y upgrade and i get the following error:13:53
netametaWARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!13:53
=== lj1102 is now known as LJ
LJhaving a server listening at why cant I bind to ? I'm getting an EADDRINUSE ?!13:54
rturpolardroid: Can't you just mount it ?13:58
polardroidrtur, apparently not  ..  disc is in but being ignored or something13:58
rturpolardroid: What's the message if you try to mount it ?13:59
polardroidrtur, no message at all absolutely zip  ..14:00
polardroidsame result as if no disc was inserted  ..14:00
rturpolardroid: Really ? mount /dev/cdrom /mnt doesn't return anything ? Whats in $? ?14:00
xabbixPlaying around with rsyslog, I've created a new 00-test.conf in /etc/rsyslog.d that has *.* /tmp/test.log. I restart the service but nothing is going into /tmp/test.log (it doesn't exist). Is there anything else I need to do?14:01
polardroidrtur --> mount: can't find /dev/cdrom/mnt in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab14:02
=== Trudko_ is now known as Trudko
rturpolardroid: It's /dev/cdrom #the source and /mnt #the target.14:02
rturnot one path14:03
rturor dvdrom, don't know how it's named on your system14:03
DishonoredHey :-D i'm trying to restore my ubuntu password i tried the standard way of editing the grub boot up config and getting into bash shell, but i get kernal panic whenever i try to do so..14:03
Dishonoredwhat to do friends?14:04
elstudnet what you trying to upgrade14:04
rturDishonored: You could boot from a live os and update the password.14:04
DishonoredAhh...shit that a heck load of work...any other work around..?14:05
DishonoredI mean i ain't got a live os..14:05
rturDishonored: You can download one and put it onto a usb drive. Apart from that, without a password you won't get into your root shell... to my knowledge, not without additional knowledge/tools atleast :)14:06
rturDishonored: Just to make sure, you've forgotten the root and the user password ?14:07
=== Trudko_ is now known as Trudko
DishonoredRoot ofcourse.. :'(14:07
rturDishonored: Is your user in sudoers ?14:07
servulosomeone lives in Brasil?14:09
somsipDishonored: what version of ubuntu is this?14:10
=== Timmmmmm is now known as t_m
bazhang!br | servulo14:12
ubottuservulo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:12
mwichey, guys I have a weird issue: "df -h" is not showing anything mounted at /14:13
mwicthere's a /dev/xvda1 reference in fstab though14:13
mwicand machine works fine, as far as I can tell14:13
=== jbernal0019 is now known as jbernal
rturmwic: updated your kernel recently and haven't yet restarted ?14:16
=== rawagner_ is now known as rawagner
mwicthat's possible .. it's a managed rackspace server14:16
mwic 14:17:24 up 61 days,  7:06,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0514:16
rturdoes mount by itself print the output you would expect ?14:17
dreampwnzorhi guys, i have a JACK + PulseAudio setup and an expensive external sound card, everything connects to it, but the sound quality of system sounds (e.g. chromium youtube) is fairly bad. Maybe there's an equalizer i'm missing, or some secret place to set bitrate?14:22
dreampwnzori'm not saying it's distorted or anything, it just sounds like a 128bit mp314:23
mathwerkanyone have a hp stream 11?14:24
hichamatI downloaded Eclipse in Ubuntu, where to put eclipse folder ? in /var or /tmp or what folder ?14:25
rturhichamat: in /opt14:25
hichamatrtur /opt/eclipse ?14:25
rturhichamat: yes14:25
hichamatrtur ok thank you very much :)14:25
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=== darkdevil is now known as DarkDevil
greencoreevhi Cristiano!14:28
mattgriffinWily Warewolf ... nice!14:29
ValaairHi, I've installed Ubuntu 15.04 on an old laptop (Toshiba Satellite M40-129GR) and I'm able to move the mouse on desktop but can't click on anything. Any suggestions what the problem might be?14:34
segaboyhichamat, /opt is where things like that normally go.  If you're using 15.04, you should probably install it using umake.14:36
cem_hello guys, anybody here ever used CoreOS ?14:38
teward!offtopic | cem_14:39
ubottucem_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:39
cem_!offtopic | teward14:39
ubottuteward: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:39
ioriaValaair, do you have a System Settings > Mouse and Touchpad > Touchpad  ?14:39
Valaairboth ioria14:39
ioriaValaair,  in General uncheck 'Disable touchpad while typing',  and   reboot14:40
jiggerypokeryanyone know how to debug the host freezing when I run a VM?14:42
jiggerypokeryI can't ssh into it while it is frozen, and have to hard reboot after14:42
Valaairioria and how do I do that? Worked with Windows before14:42
jiggerypokeryI'm not sure what logs to look at. Ubuntu 15.04 running virtual box14:42
JuJuBeeI'm trying to remove a space at front of a bunch of filenames in my music directory using  find /home/MUSIC/ -type f -name "*.mp3" -exec rename 's/^ //' {} \;  What am i missing?14:43
ioriaValaair,  ?14:43
Valaairhow do I disable the touchpad14:43
reisioValaair: xinput would be one way14:44
tewardjiggerypokery: what's the specs on the VM and what's the specs on the host?14:44
MonkeyDustJuJuBee  better use a for-in loop, ask in #bash how to do it exactly14:44
ioriaValaair,  you dont' have to disable Touchpad14:44
reisioJuJuBee: what's up?14:44
jiggerypokeryCentos65 vm 1 cpu 1gig ram14:45
JuJuBeeMonkeyDust: I will thanks...14:45
JuJuBeereisio: not working.14:45
reisioJuJuBee: what's not?14:45
jiggerypokeryhost dualcore i7 cpu 16 gig ram14:45
Valaairioria I dont understand. What exactily do I have to try to solve my problem?14:46
ablest1980valaair system settings mouse and touchpad14:46
ValaairI cant click on anything14:46
Valaaircan move the mouse, but thats all14:46
jiggerypokerysomeone said yesterday it was likly a disk i/o issue14:46
ablest1980do you have a extra mouse?14:47
ValaairI have a laptop + touchpad + extra mouse over USB14:47
ablest1980me too14:47
ioriaValaair,  alt + f114:47
ablest1980does click with touchpad?14:48
Valaairinstalled ubuntu (laptop is old), Can see the desktop, the "menu-thing" on the left side, but cant click on anything14:48
ponyupcan anybody give me some how to link on how to install a precompiled kernel ubuntu 14.0214:49
ankkwhat can i do about this error -> acpi_memory_enable_device() error14:49
ablest1980try enter14:49
Valaairioria alt + f1 -> nothing happens14:49
reisioponyup: already did14:49
ioriaValaair,  alt + f214:49
Valaairctrl + alt + f2 works14:50
ioriaValaair,  it's not a mouse problem14:50
ankkablest1980, enter what?14:50
ponyupohh thanks i missed it14:50
=== arthur is now known as Guest42214
ablest1980enter key14:50
ankkablest1980, which one14:50
Valaairhmm k14:50
jiggerypokeryI am totally stuck :(14:50
ablest1980im talking valaair14:50
ablest1980only one enter key14:51
ankkablest1980, okay.14:51
Valaairjust enter?14:51
ankkit doesnt work for me14:51
ankkValaair, yes. only the enter key14:51
Valaairnothing happens14:51
ValaairIs it possible, that my laptop is too old for ubuntu?14:51
ablest1980try tab to select highlight and than enter14:51
JuJuBeereisio: got it working now...14:52
reisioValaair: possible but quite unlikely14:52
Valaairpentium m 730, 1GB RAM14:52
reisioValaair: what's the problem?14:52
ankkValaair, no.14:52
ValaairHi, I've installed Ubuntu 15.04 on an old laptop (Toshiba Satellite M40-129GR) and I'm able to move the mouse on desktop but can't click on anything. Any suggestions what the problem might be?14:52
ankkubuntu works better on old systems14:52
reisioankk: ...14:52
ankkreisio,  :))14:52
reisioValaair: the touchpad?14:53
ZeZuValaair,  key input works ok?  IE: you can get to menu?14:53
ValaairI also dont see the time at the top right corner14:53
ablest1980valaair http://askubuntu.com/questions/6337/usb-mouse-moves-but-doesnt-accept-left-clicks14:53
Valaairif I press ctrl + alt + f2, I'm able to write with the keyboard14:54
Valaairthx ablest, I will take al look at that14:54
compтут кто-то говорит на русском?ъ14:54
ablest1980np XD14:54
ZeZuidk what that does but if you press ALT can you type in the menu and open gnome apps?14:55
reisioValaair: likely a simple misconfiguration, and nothing to do with your hardware in particular14:55
ZeZuerr wait that's for console mode?14:55
ioriaValaair, sudo lspci -v | grep VGA -A 8 ?14:55
ablest1980valaair http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163886414:56
M4cacomp: Нет, но вы можете использовать Бинг переводчик. Вы можете перевести его здесь в bing.com/translator/14:56
ablest1980m4ca greek ?14:57
reisionot greek14:57
reisiosomething cyrillic based, like russian14:57
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:57
M4caI told to the guy that translate to english in bing translator14:57
ablest1980m4ca www.duolingo.com14:57
reisioM4ca: who, compdoc?14:58
M4cajust comp14:58
lmzthere are people?14:58
compdocI dont speak russian14:59
lmzMy English is Bad14:59
Valaairioria and now?14:59
lmzMy English is Very Bad14:59
ablest1980learn english free www.duolingo.com14:59
ValaairMobility Radeon X60014:59
lmzwhere are you from?14:59
ioriaValaair, the output... can you post it ?14:59
ioriaValaair, ok, kernel driver in use ?15:00
ablest1980valaair paste.ubuntu.com15:00
reisiocompdoc: why not, too lazy to learn it? :p15:00
reisioM4ca: don't see a comp15:00
lmzwhat are you talking about?15:00
Valaairioria I dont know, it was a fresh install15:00
ioriaValaair, it's in the output15:01
M4careisio: if you see above, a guy who spoke in russian, was comp, in cursive15:01
reisiohe left then? :/ bummer15:01
M4caI think so15:01
Valaairdo you mean I/O ports at c000 [size=256]?15:02
lmzgood night!15:02
ablest1980good night15:02
reisiowonder why someone's speaking russian in iran15:02
Valaaircant see anything about a kernel15:02
ioriaValaair, no,  ok type lspci -k  look for VGA and find the string - kernel driver in use : xxx15:03
Valaairk  I try15:03
Valaairok kernel driver in use: radeon15:04
ioriaValaair, i think that your card it's too old for Unity15:04
scorpio__i have a prowill pd-c325 commercial printer , how can i let ubuntu recognize that type of printer ?15:04
lmze...can we make friends?15:05
reisiolmz: yeah baby15:05
Finetundrahow would one reinstall libvncserver?15:05
lmzlol ?   LOL  ?15:05
FreezingColdhuh, service openvpn start isn't starting my VPN15:05
reisioFinetundra: why would one want to15:05
reisiolmz: laugh out loud15:05
ioriaValaair, you can try another de, or Lubuntu ... it's great .... no great effects :-)15:05
Finetundrareisio, because I have somehow broken it15:06
Valaairhmm yeah, but Lubuntu looks like 2004 :D15:06
FreezingColdhuh, service openvpn start isn't starting my VPN15:06
reisioscorpio__: no idea, might ask ##cups for some pointers15:06
reisioscorpio__: or check their website for Unix drivers15:06
M4caDuolingo it's great!!15:06
reisioM4ca: you have to register?15:07
lmzsorry ,i`m from china!15:07
reisiolmz: that's okay, I'm from a country myself15:07
M4careisio, At the moment I'm not registered, but I think so15:07
Valaairbut thank you15:07
ioriaValaair, no it uses LXDE ... but  wait ....15:07
FreezingColdFigured out why.15:08
lmzi know  you from yourself country!15:08
FreezingColdDidn't have the right files named.15:08
ioriaValaair, can you  post on paste.ubuntu.com  lspci -k ?15:08
reisioM4ca: I got it bookmarked, anyway15:08
* reisio files away in billions of bookmarks15:08
Valaairhmmm why?15:10
ioriaValaair, are you sure video card is Mobility Radeon X600 ?15:11
Valaair[AMD/ATI] RV380/M24 [Mobility Radeon X600]15:12
koichirosehello! I don't know where else to ask, but I have a simple python script running fine via CLI and misbehaving when ran via 'at'. this is hard to debug: I tried redirecting output to a file but the resulting file is weird/incomplete. does anyone know about incompatibilities or something like that?15:12
ioriaValaair, take a look http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=187355015:12
reisiokoichirose: probably running as a different user, with a different path15:13
lmzreisio ,nice to meet you!15:13
reisio& you15:13
lmzThank you reisio ,I find it interesting!15:14
Valaairhmm so my video card is too old for ubuntu?15:15
reisiolmz: find what interesting?15:15
reisioValaair: no... if X starts it's just fine15:15
ioriaValaair, no it's too old for Unity15:15
reisioValaair: did you ever say whether you can use your keyboard in X? Like ALT+F215:15
lmzI fell interesting ,talking about with you.15:16
Valaairreisio what do you mean by X15:16
reisioValaair: "X" is the graphical desktop you see, in a generalized sense15:16
Valaairoh ok15:16
reisioValaair: does the keyboard work?15:16
Valaairyes I said that nothing happens15:16
Valaairthe only thing that works is ctrl + alt + f215:17
ioriaValaair, you can try to hack it, but you'll ever have problems15:17
reisioValaair: okay, pastebin the output of grep EE /var/log/Xorg*15:17
Valaairok ioria. So you would suggest Lubuntu?15:18
koichirosereisio: how can I solve it?15:18
ioriaValaair, try it, the system is the same the difference is the DE15:18
reisiokoichirose: pastebin the script if you can15:18
Valaairok Ill try that15:19
Valaairthanks and bye15:19
ValaairMe again, Ioria, please take a look at this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver . It says that the x600 is supported15:22
ioriaValaair, it's not Mobility15:23
Valaairaah ok15:23
koichirosereisio: here it is http://pastie.org/1014021415:23
jzp113some guys run sqldeleveloper in ubuntu?15:24
=== tlt- is now known as tlt
jzp113Error: /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd64/bin/java not found or not a valid JDK I get the right folder why it's that?15:24
ngochaiHi guys, I'm with ubuntu 14.04 chromium-browser options --kiosk and --start-fullscreen do not work for me, what's wrong?15:25
r0nHi guys, i've got trouble with my laptop randomly shutting down since a fresh install of 15.04. Everything was fine under 14.04. Any ideas ?15:25
=== Guest88588 is now known as EriC^^
SchrodingersScatngochai: not sure, I just tested with Chromium 41.0.2272.76 Ubuntu 15.04 and both of those worked.15:27
=== norm is now known as Guest75608
koichirosereisio: ?15:32
=== vincent is now known as Guest98617
ngochainoone has the same problem in 14.04?15:36
luisthey guys.. i have a local network and after i update my repo, the client is not reading the new packages, unless i change the URL domain in sources.list for the other IP of the same server, any help?15:37
ZeZuthe other ip of the same server ... sounds like a network problem to me15:37
OerHeksluist, then change that ip? sounds silly, but if you want to re-use your local debs, that is what you need to do.15:38
zeruiowhen you do a df, i  can see lots of digit on the row used space15:38
=== vincent__ is now known as Guest20463
=== scorpio__ is now known as scorpi074
lmzwhy are you change your name?15:41
=== mfisch is now known as Guest65197
Mp3DreamAllah is greatest.15:41
eva59Allah is greatest.15:41
MrElendigzeruio: df -h15:41
=== lmz is now known as Starry_Link
MrElendigzeruio: `man df` for details15:42
zeruioi would like to know in which format it display ?15:43
zeruioi mean the unit of measure  ?15:43
MrElendigzeruio: the man page tells you what units is uses by default15:43
MrElendigzeruio: it also tells you about -h, which you probably want to use15:44
zeruiowithout the h15:44
ZeZudf -hu15:44
zeruioi don't care of h15:45
zeruioi simply would like to know what df output the result in which unity of measure ?15:46
MrElendigzeruio: man page tells you15:46
zeruiothere is nothing on manpage15:46
MrElendig"Display  values  are  in units of the first available SIZE from --block-size, and the DF_BLOCK_SIZE, BLOCK_SIZE and BLOCKSIZE environment variables.  Otherwise, units default to 1024 bytes (or 512 if POSIXLY_CORRECT is set)." -- The Fine Manual15:47
OerHeksfirst line says how big the blocks are.15:48
zeruiowell if the result is in byte15:48
zeruioi m expecting a command that convert the byte in a uniq format15:49
zeruioin Giga for example15:49
MrElendig-h gives you SI units15:50
MonkeyDust-h means human (readable for humans)15:51
OerHeksdf should have an -e expecting option.15:52
=== allu is now known as Guest13620
=== Guest13620 is now known as Aleksi
qmaniacan someone help me with a ssl certificate issue?15:53
=== Aleksi is now known as Aleksi---
qmaniaI have been trying to do "sudo gem install rhc"15:54
qmaniaI got :https://dpaste.de/FiTo15:54
MonkeyDustgem install?15:54
ioriaqmania, i always have used openssl15:55
qmaniamonoxyde-: yeah,,for open shift https://developers.openshift.com/en/getting-started-debian-ubuntu.html#client-tools15:55
qmaniaMonkeyDust: yeah,,for open shift https://developers.openshift.com/en/getting-started-debian-ubuntu.html#client-tools15:56
OerHeksqmania,  http://railsapps.github.io/openssl-certificate-verify-failed.html >> use RVM to Fix SSL Certificates15:56
reisiokoichirose: you might need to prepend DISPLAY=:015:57
reisiokoichirose: if you're screenshotting15:57
koichirosereisio: what do you mean 'screenshotting'?15:57
zeruiowell i think that you don't get my question ppl15:57
reisiokoichirose: or in a script you can do export DISPLAY=:0, and then unset it at the end if you want, with export -n DISPLAY15:57
reisiokoichirose: taking a screenshot of X15:57
zeruioi know that h means human for df15:57
realBigfootI have two connections wlan0 and eth0.  Eth0 is on proxy which I need it to be on proxy and wlan0 is not on proxy.15:57
realBigfootIS there any way to make ubuntu use a connection ?15:58
zeruioin short i m simply looking for an option15:58
koichirosereisio: I'm not15:58
realBigfootor if he can prefer use eth0 instead15:58
MetaMorph_hello.. anyone knows software like dreamweaver in linux.?15:58
zeruioto show the result in a uniq format simply15:58
MrElendigrealBigfoot: just change the route15:58
MetaMorph_hello.. anyone knows software like dreamweaver in linux.?15:58
MrElendigrealBigfoot: man ip-route15:58
reisiokoichirose: more reliably you can get the display # from something like ps aux | grep X | head -1 | egrep -io ' :[0-9]{1}' | cut -d ':' -f 215:58
MrElendigMetaMorph_: lots15:59
MonkeyDustMetaMorph_  try BlueGriffon15:59
MrElendigMetaMorph_: sadly15:59
koichirosereisio: oh, I see, I have 'screenshots' in the path. no, I'm not screenshotting in there, i'm just sending screenshots with twitter15:59
realBigfootMrElendig, I will see15:59
zeruiobecause when i m doing df -hT i got  some result in g some result in tera and result in mo15:59
pbxMetaMorph_, http://alternativeto.net/software/adobe-dreamweaver/?platform=linux15:59
MrElendigMonkeyDust: wysiwyg is evil15:59
reisioMetaMorph_: for what, exactly?15:59
MetaMorph_please tell me..15:59
zeruiowhich is not good for reading ?15:59
qmaniaOerHeks: When I tried to run  rvm osx-ssl-certs status all, I get https://dpaste.de/Nz2U15:59
MetaMorph_i know bluefish, but it doesnt have design panel like dreamweaver..15:59
reisiozeruio: du -h ... | sort -h15:59
MrElendigzeruio: it is good for reading15:59
reisioMetaMorph_: might try kompozer15:59
MrElendigbetter than one unit fits none16:00
MetaMorph_how to install it from terminal?16:00
MrElendigMetaMorph_: man aptitude16:00
MetaMorph_?? i dont get it MrElendig16:00
MrElendigMetaMorph_: type that in a terminal16:01
MetaMorph_no manual entry, it said16:01
MonkeyDustMetaMorph_  this has a panel http://bluegriffon.org/16:02
MrElendigsilly ubuntu16:02
MrElendigman apt-get then16:02
pbx or apt16:02
MrElendigyou should have that man page though16:03
MetaMorph_downloading aptitude16:03
ceed^Hi, I've got a lot of this: http://hastebin.com/apatoqedax.cs in my syslog. Any idea what it is? Running 15.0416:04
realBigfootMrElendig, do you know what is Metric in ip-route ?16:04
MetaMorph_well.. i just ran aptitude.. and terminal changes.16:05
MrElendignot something you should worry about16:05
MrElendigjust set the default route to go trough whatever interface you want16:05
finetundrahello folks, I have managed to break lightdm somehow and I'm now unable to login. it just flashes a couple of times. can anyone help?16:05
MrElendigfinetundra: read the log16:06
finetundraMrElendig: what log?16:06
MrElendigfor lightdm and xorg16:06
finetundrawhere's it at?16:06
MrElendigdepends on if you are using systemd or not16:06
MetaMorph_is this a software manager?16:06
zeruioand also what is difference between byte and Byte ?16:07
MrElendigif not, /var/log like everything else16:07
MrElendigzeruio: nothing16:07
reisioByte is at the beginning of a sentence :p16:07
MetaMorph_im stuck at aptitude.. dont know what to do..16:08
finetundraMrElendig: mind elaborating?16:08
daftykinsreisio: hey long time no see16:08
reisioheyo dafty16:08
reisioMetaMorph_: mind elaborating?16:09
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:09
MetaMorph_i dont say that16:09
finetundraif it helps, this happened right after( like an idiot) I ran sudo startx16:12
geniiMetaMorph_: The idea is, instead of "I'm stuck at aptitude", please give us more information about what is happening or not happening, like error messages or other behavious, so we have a better idea how to help you.16:12
ioriafinetundra, have you  tried  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm ?16:13
MetaMorph_genii: like i said before, i want to know what software in ubuntu that like dreamweaver16:14
dvrrhow  to install ubuntu asus ME301T tablet it is supportor not  please guide  me...16:14
finetundraioria: I have. I also tried switching to gdm16:14
realBigfootMrElendig, do you know what is wrong -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/10985262/ ?16:14
MetaMorph_and MrElendig told me to install aptitude16:14
reisiodvrr: that's an android preinstalled tablet?16:14
ioriafinetundra, cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf ?16:14
thellHi all. Could anyone running an ubuntu 15.04 do a quick dmesg grep for "multicast" for me? I'm seeing systemd-journald[65]: Failed to join audit multicast group: Operation not permitted and I've only installed a few things... docker/lxd/lxc16:15
finetundraioria: no such file or directory16:15
reisiodvrr: can you boot from usb? That's potentially the only hurdle16:15
jzp113Error: /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.7.0-openjdk-amd64/bin/java not found or not a valid JDK I get the right folder why it's that?16:15
realBigfootDoes anyone know how can I configure ubuntu to use eth0 over wlan0 when both devices are connected ? My route output is -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/10985262/16:15
MrElendigMetaMorph_: I did not tell you to install it16:16
SchrodingersScatthell: nothing returned16:16
reisiojzp113: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java16:16
ioriafinetundra, sorry,that's Lubuntu16:16
reisiorealBigfoot: should do that by default, maybe your networkmanager is quite confused16:16
finetundraioria: what do you mean?16:16
OerHeksfinetundra, ioria, due to 'startx' my bestg bet is ~/.Xauthority is owned by root now16:16
dvrrwhen I press start linux it says me that complete linux istaller has stoped16:17
thellSchrodingersScat: thanks. Perhaps it is ubuntu gnome specific...16:17
OerHeksfinetundra, login with ctrl alt F2, and change ownership16:17
realBigfootreisio, maybe it is... but i could not find anything that confuses it16:17
ioriafinetundra, ok --   ls -al ~/.Xauthority ?16:17
finetundraOerHeks: can you walk me through that?16:17
thellAnyone with ubuntu gnome 15.04 will to check a dmesg | grep multicast for me?16:17
jzp113reisio, doesn't work16:18
dvrrreisio   i am fallowing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b17Bfza1X3A16:18
reisiodvrr: haven't watched it, but I'm guessing that's for installing Ubuntu inside Android, and not replacing it16:19
finetundraioria: -rw------- 1 root root 65 (todays date)16:19
ioriafinetundra, ok.   sudo chown  user:user .Xauthority (user -- yuour user)16:20
finetundraioria: do I put my user where it says user?16:20
ioriafinetundra, ok.  yes16:20
OerHeksfinetundra, yes, or use $USER:$USER16:21
daftykinsyou of course don't need to repeat the user for the second time if you're using the same for User + Group16:21
daftykinsso "sudo chown user: file"16:21
dvrrreisio  can you please  provide  me any url how to install ubuntu16:22
OerHeksdaftykins +1 , very nice16:22
daftykins!manual | dvrr16:22
ubottudvrr: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:22
reisiodvrr: can you boot from usb? That's potentially the only hurdle16:22
finetundraioria: do I type that bit in ()?16:23
ioriafinetundra,    no just the comand16:23
finetundraioria: ok, so that bit is to mean that I place my username where 'user' is in the command?16:24
ioriafinetundra,  yes16:24
finetundraioria: done16:24
finetundraioria: what's next16:24
ioriafinetundra, ok --   ls -al ~/.Xauthority     again ?16:24
finetundraioria: it says (my user) (my user) where it said root before. is that a good thing?16:25
ioriafinetundra, can you paste it here ?16:26
finetundraioria: yip, give me a sec16:26
finetundraioria: -rw------- 1 james james 65 (todays date)16:27
OerHeksThis issue should be solved now, rboot16:27
EriC^^finetundra: or sudo service lightdm restart16:27
Nokajican some point me in the right direction please  - I have connected my phone via USB to my PC . How do I enable internet sharing so I can install an app and browse the web?16:27
ioriafinetundra, reboot so it's clean16:28
ioriafinetundra, otherwise you did something else16:28
OerHekstoo many roads to get things done :-D16:28
finetundraioria;OerHeks, it works now. :) and now I know than to mess with startx16:29
OerHeksfinetundra, great, have fun16:30
ioriafinetundra, good16:30
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boodllebatI'm trying to clear my terminal history using "history -cw" but it does not get cleared when i open terminal again16:38
reisioboodllebat: history -c; history -w16:38
reisioor history -c; rm ~/.bash_history16:38
reisioor maybe history -c -w works, I forget, it's a little tricky16:38
=== Silenced_v2_afk is now known as Silenced_v2
reisioyou need to clear and write to ~/.bash_history (or delete it), though16:39
boodllebatreisio: thanks first one worked for me :)16:39
boodllebatreisio: can you tell where can i find my ubuntu recycle bin i did search on ubuntu search dash screen but i'm unable to find recycle bin16:40
reisioor maybe history {-c,-w}? :p16:40
reisioboodllebat: find ~/.local -iname '*trash*'16:40
boodllebatreisio: thanks worked for me :)16:41
crackthThe robot?16:42
Memento_Morihi everybody16:43
daftykinsoh :( that was brief16:44
reisiocrackth: ?16:45
crackthreisio no16:49
reisiocrackth: no what?16:49
crackthreisio i will sleep16:49
crackthreisio lol16:49
crackthreisio good night16:50
OrphisHas anybody any experience cross compiling a 32bit native python module in a amd64 trusty?16:51
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Nokajito connect my phone via usb to the pc internet, where do i begin? - setting up network connection or giving a device access to something?16:57
geniiNokaji: Connecting a phone or tablet by usb so that it can use the PC's internet connection is not a simple subject. You need special software on the phone for it.17:00
NokajiI'm using android v2.? _ remeber using windows software but have no idea of ubuntu equivalent17:02
EriC^^Nokaji: why don't you just use ubuntu's hotspot feature17:02
=== Anarchic` is now known as Anarchic
NokajiIf that proves easier, I'll look in to it - thanks17:03
EriC^^go to settings > network > wifi > create hotspot17:03
reisioyou need something to emit the signal, of course17:04
geniiNokaji: The simplest solution as EriC^^ suggests is to use the machine's wifi to share it's wired connection, acting as an AP. Check into the app hostap17:04
reisioof course if the machine already has wifi, you probably already have a wireless router... and could just use that17:04
NokajiI've got a bluetooth dongle and some other one, memory eacapes me what it is17:04
reisiophones being wireless devices...17:04
Nokajiokay, you persuaded me17:05
=== Silenced_v2 is now known as Silenced_v2_afk
Nokajiused to be faster via usb but i only need a temporary connection to install a helicopter app17:06
reisioa helicopter app? :p17:06
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azizLIGHTanyone use teamviewer? how come this program shows up on boot and you have to close it out? why doesnt it run in the background?17:11
daftykinsazizLIGHT: they make it, ask them that :)17:12
dimitry7Hi guys, I am connecting through openvpn to my servers. when I do # w, to see who's logged in, I see everybody's IP is the same than my Open VPN's IPs. What can I do to configure that the real connecting IP appears there?17:16
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=== Guest19502 is now known as mfisch
Mavrick__ boa tarde galera por favor17:39
Mavrick__<Mavrick_> alguem poderia me ajudar17:39
Mavrick__<Mavrick_> tenho debian com gnome17:39
Mavrick__<Mavrick_> apos fazer upgrade17:39
Mavrick__<Mavrick_> pede login mas nao inicia o gerenciador de janelas17:39
Mavrick__<Mavrick_> ja reinstalei o gnome-core e nao funcionou17:39
studio_Mavrick__, why you talk portuguese17:40
CereS2009Hi, i have a problem with my Broadcom 4352 (:43b1) wireless card: It works, but only with two networks in my reach. - Not my normal WiFi Router.17:43
CereS2009The working one is a wireless access point from my mobile phone.17:44
flipapywhats the ubuntu core thing? is it an os? or is it something that i run on an os?17:44
ubottuUbuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/17:44
flipapyso i dont have a cloud from just installing 15.04 right?17:47
XLVso.. i reckon everybody in here has already upgraded to 15.04? any hiccups? .. i usually allow a month or so before i upgrade, to permit some time for canonical to iron out the last bugs17:47
flipapywell.. the unity interface is slow, like reeeaaaly slow17:48
flipapyit's pretty , um... slow and blippy. the unity access typing, i write and it's like one letter then two, wait, ok 3 then 4. you get the idea17:49
macspaceMy upgrade is definately quicker...unity was no problem for me, but I had a wireless snag...I found an answer with about 30 seconds of googling...no problems since17:49
flipapyoh yeah, it was great, instaled really fast17:49
Bashing-omflipapy: Do you have the processing power, GPU, and ram to support unity ?17:49
flipapyoh yeah Bashing-om i have like 2.67 dual core i5-480m17:50
flipapyand 8gig ram17:50
flipapyon an ssd 500mbps r/wr17:50
azizLIGHTIs there a way to forward osd-notify events to my phone somehow?17:50
Bashing-omflipapy: Yepper, should fly ! .. next is to see if some process is hogging the memory . maybe 'top' or install 'htop' and have a lookse ?17:51
tonyyarussoI have a system that I'm trying to triple-boot Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora.  For each of them the / is on a LUKS-encrypted LVM volume, and /boot is on a regular partition (sda1 for Debian, sda2 for Fedora, and sda3 for Ubuntu).  Right now, when letting Ubuntu manage Grub, os-prober/update-grub is only detecting Ubuntu.  How do I make it notice the other systems for the grub menu?17:51
CereS2009Hi, i have a problem with my Broadcom 4352 (:43b1) wireless card: It works, but only with two networks in my reach. - Not my normal WiFi Router. (Part2) I changed my wifi router to use 5Ghz Band, now the card can "see" it.17:53
azizLIGHTFor example, if some program does a osd-notify notification, it also gets told to my android phone17:53
flipapyok Bashing-om gimme a min17:53
flipapyit says compiz using 219MiB Bashing-om17:54
Bashing-omflipapy: I think that is a trival amount . let it run see if anything else pops up consumming inordinate amount of the processor's power .17:55
flipapycompiz jumped to 21+% when i openned the unity launcher Bashing-om17:56
Bashing-omflipapy: In "top" ? is that reading from %CPU or %MEM .. and still not a lot to be concerned about as compiz is resource intensive . - so long as it goes back down, releasing the memory .18:00
slava___I recently upgraded to 15.04 from 14.10 and it appears that ubuntu (intel, i915) now can't drive my secondary 4k monitor at full resolution (Dell Lattitude 7440, using display port through the dock)18:00
OerHeksazizLIGHT, you'll need to write your own android app to recieve that.18:00
azizLIGHTOerHeks: I can use Tasker somehow18:01
azizLIGHTOerHeks: I'd there a way to get all the notifications, I can get it to Android in multiple ways18:03
azizLIGHTJust confused about the ubuntu side18:03
flipapywell aside from the unity button going lethargically slow, the os seems fine.18:05
flipapyoh and on the chrome site, it says to download chrome through the package manager, but chromium is the only thing i find in the software center.18:06
MonkeyDustflipapy  chrome is based on chromium18:06
flipapyMonkeyDust, but i tried using netflix on chromium and it didnt work18:07
daftykinschromium probably lacks the DRM component right?18:08
NokajiWell that is interesting ... Now that is interesting, after being told that not even Socrates himself could fgure out how to install a phone app over USB, I discover I not only managed it but i did so accidentally.18:08
MonkeyDusti'm unfamiliar with netflix18:08
xanguaflipapy: you need to download the .deb package offered at the google chrome site18:09
flipapyit's ok, i'm doing it the way i did before, but i was wondering because i noticed someone said run google-chrome-stable in the terminal, it worked but then i went to run plank from the terminal using sudo plank, and that messed my icons up, particularly my chrome icom and a few more, so i thought it might be something to do with the chrome terminal run18:11
flipapyit's ok though i'm runnign it through the browser, it worked18:11
daftykinsafaiui the .deb actually just installs the PPA18:11
daftykinswhich is... confusing18:12
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xanguawhy would you run a simple dock wish sudo...18:15
flipapyi was just checking to see if it would run because it didnt run when i rebooted xangua18:19
hikenbootanyone in here use boot-repair? I run it and it just hangs forever on purge kernels then reinstall last kernel mapper/18:26
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DammitJimnow that I have joined an ad domain using sssd, what do I need to do to allow samba to share folders for different users18:36
MonkeyDust!samba | DammitJim read this18:37
ubottuDammitJim read this: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html18:37
DammitJimubottu, did you get the part where I want to use sssd?18:38
ubottuDammitJim: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:38
DammitJimrather MonkeyDust18:38
ponyupwhat is skel?18:40
daftykinsDammitJim: what even is that?18:40
EriC^ponyup: skel is where the skeleton files go, like templates18:41
Dro__where recordmydesktop record temp files ?18:41
bazhang!info sssd18:41
ubottusssd (source: sssd): System Security Services Daemon -- metapackage. In component main, is extra. Version 1.11.7-3 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 42 kB18:41
DammitJimthanks OerHeks I think I might have done this tutorial before, but I'll do it again since you recommended it18:41
OerHeksand restart smb proper :-)18:42
DammitJimit's weird, when installing krb5-user, it doesn't ask for admin server nor kdc server like the tutorial mentiones18:43
DammitJimOerHeks, I followed the tutorial, but when I do getent passwd, it doesn't list the domain users18:51
turnorhow can I fix this dpkg error? I've tried apt-get -f install and apt-get purge but both commands error out: http://pastie.org/1014289318:53
OerHeksDammitJim, you should, If enumerate = true is set in sssd.conf .. but the tutorial showes you that it slows things18:54
OerHeksand not sure about your previous remark,' it doesn't ask for admin server nor kdc server '18:55
DammitJimI should enumerate?18:55
DammitJimnot sure what you mean with" you should, if enumerate...18:55
DammitJimin my case enumerate = true18:55
daftykinsturnor: hmm, not 100% but a dpkg -r --force-all might work18:59
turnordaftykins: no luck, same error. I need a way to skip the callbacks on uninstall19:00
diasydiosi need help about turing machine who can help me19:01
daftykinsabout what? just ask the question19:01
diasydioshow can i do the similator of turing machine in langage C19:02
daftykinsdiasydios: that sounds like a development question, not an OS support question :) join a programming channel.19:05
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Natherulhey all, anyone got a cyborg rat mouse to work with new versions of ubuntu? theres no xorg.conf file to edit anymore it seems...19:06
MonkeyDustdiasydios  type /j ##c++19:06
ioriadiasydios, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10503377/turing-machine-simulator19:07
diasydiosioria thanks for your help19:07
ioriadiasydios, install build-essential, first ;-)19:07
=== antivAway is now known as antivirtel
daftykinsNatherul: you make one :)19:08
MonkeyDust!xorg | Natherul true19:08
ubottuNatherul true: X.Org is an implementation of the X Windows System, and is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart it on an Ubuntu system, type 'sudo service lightdm restart'. To fix screen resolution or other X.Org problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . See also !xorgconf19:08
OerHeks!info libacme-brainfck-perl19:09
ubottulibacme-brainfck-perl (source: libacme-brainfck-perl): Embed Brainf*ck in your perl code. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1 (vivid), package size 9 kB, installed size 92 kB19:09
OerHeks= turing language19:09
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. | Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf | ATI proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd | Nvidia proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia19:10
DammitJimOerHeks, how do I use the tutorial you recommended together with sharing samba folders for user's home drives?19:16
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MorpheusGood day19:17
=== Morpheus is now known as Guest48831
Guest48831What is happening in here>19:17
geniiI guess they couldn't hang around long enough to find out19:18
m1dnight_Anyone here using ubuntu on a 4k resolution? Ive installed it since today, came from xfce, but its slow as hell.19:18
m1dnight_Running any browser fully expanded slows down the system incredibly. Animations freeze and such.19:19
m1dnight_I do have an AMD gpu, if that counts :>19:19
FlyWithMehHey! I'm having a row with my samsung laptop on which I'd like to install Ubuntu19:19
FlyWithMehSomeone experience with samsung laptops not recognizing (any) OS usbs?19:19
FlyWithMehI've tried win7, 8 and now ubuntu :(19:19
m1dnight_must be your usb drive then.19:19
m1dnight_What kind of drive is it?19:19
m1dnight_I have had issues with certain usb 3.0 drives.19:19
FlyWithMehtried different drives too19:19
FlyWithMeh8 to 32 gb19:20
m1dnight_Have you checked in the bios?19:20
m1dnight_to see if it shows up there..19:20
FlyWithMehI have. But i'm giving up, the lady is fed up with my tinkering19:22
FlyWithMehThanks for thinking with me :)19:22
ioriaDammitJim, can you post smb.conf ?19:23
DammitJimioria, which one?19:23
DammitJimI don't even know what I have in there right now (after all the tutorials I have followed)19:24
ioriaDammitJim, just one, for now19:24
kat_Hi, guys, I was trying to clean install, and I have a broken laptop screen, so I'm using a monitor. When I try to clean install, the new OS is only showing up on half of the screen. How do I fix that? I can't fix that on my monitor. I already tried.19:27
daftykinskat_: what graphics hardware + driver?19:29
daftykinskat_: also which version ubuntu?19:29
ioriaDammitJim, one with a valid user ?19:29
geniikat_: You need to add an xrandr line to the lightdm config to turn of the defective monitor19:29
DammitJimioria, I don't know what you mean....19:29
DammitJimI want to share all users's home folders from this linux server to windows clients19:30
kat_what do you mean genii?19:30
kat_How do i turn off defective monitor?19:31
ioriaDammitJim, you have to add valid user, like in the basic configuration of samba19:32
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
daftykinskat_: show us a pastebin of "xrandr"19:32
kat_don't know how to do that.19:33
DammitJimioria, like a user share? I don't know what you are asking... I want this server to serve home folders for all users in the domain19:33
daftykinskat_: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && xrandr | pastebinit19:34
geniikat_: Apologies on lag, work is requiring me often right now. Basically, you need to find what the defective one is being called, probably LVDS, and make a shell script with xrandr command in it to disable that display. Then in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf a line display-setup-script=/pathto/that-xrandr-script19:34
geniikat_: daftykinsMay be able to assist in a better capacity for instructing you on this right now19:35
daftykinsgenii: ^519:35
ioriaDammitJim, and is necessary sssd ?19:36
DammitJimsssd is what everyone is recommending19:36
ioriaDammitJim, the win clients are on a lan ?19:36
reisioI think 'slitherd' would be cuter and less awful a name19:37
FjorgynnHey I am looking at making a persistant partition19:37
reisioFjorgynn: hey, far out19:37
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:37
Fjorgynnit says I must use vfat/FAT32 for the dvd/livecd. Why FAT32?19:37
ioriaDammitJim, sssd config is a bit triky, there are a lot of files, maybe you can do a normal samba share with auth passwd19:39
ioriaDammitJim, take time ;-)19:40
Fjorgynnthat didn't sound good19:47
InFlameshello, i am trying to get my android phone to be recognized by my virtualbox on ubuntu 14.04, when i try to create the usb filter it never shows the usb device19:48
reisioInFlames: what on earth for19:50
thellThis is interesting; on ubuntu 15.04 capsh --supports=cap_audit_read returns cap[cap_audit_read] not recognized by library, yet /usr/include/linux/capabilities.h defines it. Perhaps libcap needs to be installed from source?19:51
InFlamesreisio, for testing stuff that only runs under windows 8.1 with an android phone, it's for work19:53
InFlamesreisio, any ideas?19:54
shlant1hi all! is there a reason why I can ping an entry in my hosts file without http:// but not with http://?19:54
reisioInFlames: what're you trying, exactly?19:54
gahanIt seems like I'm using systemd (systemd-sysv is installed) but I've got some upstart error messages in .xsessions-errors (upstart-event-bridge & at-spi2-registryd keep respawning. However logfile begins with openConnection: connect: No such file or directory)19:54
InFlamesi am trying to connect my android phone via usb to my virtublabox windows 8.119:54
daftykinsshlant1: ping is ICMP, you cannot ping via HTTP19:55
gahanShould I try installing upstart-sysv instead and rebooting? I'm on 15.0419:55
SCHAAP137InFlames, have you tried #virtualbox ?19:55
shlant1daftykins: ah. So telnet? dig?19:55
daftykinsshlant1: what are you trying to achieve?19:55
InFlamesSCHAAP137, oops, didn't realize which channel i was in, thanks19:56
MonkeyDustInFlames  it's #vbox19:56
shlant1daftykins: trying to test a connection between 2 docker containers.19:56
SCHAAP137yeah #virtualbox redirects to there, i just noticed19:56
shlant1daftykins: the container name is in hosts and I can ping without http://19:56
shlant1and telnet19:56
reisioInFlames: I meant what precise process were you trying, re: usb19:56
InFlames#virtualbox forwards to #vbox, thanks MonkeyDust19:57
shlant1but my app says it can't communicate19:57
daftykinsshlant1: telnet on host:80 would be able to banner grab if you typed in an HTTP GET, sure19:57
daftykinsi don't have a clue with docker so can't really help there19:57
InFlamesreisio, it's proprietary software for my company that requires windows to run, i just need the phone to show up in vbox and we're good reisio19:57
shlant1daftykins: i'll try that, thanks19:57
reisioInFlames: yes, you've said three or four times; what I'm asking is what you have tried, specifically19:58
InFlamesoh reisio, just the basics, connect, mount with ubuntu, unmount with ubuntu, and trying to create a vbox filter, but i can't see the device19:59
Jordan_Ugahan: What is the contents of /proc/cmdline?20:00
=== soulisson_ is now known as soulisson
reisioInFlames: you've got the extpack?20:01
gahanJordan_U: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-3.19.0-16-generic root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root ro quiet splash vt.handoff=720:02
InFlamesreisio, yes, installed and confirmed, the port in question is usb 3.0, which apparently might be the issue, but i'm not sure i have usb 2.0 ports20:02
reisioInFlames: on a laptop?20:03
InFlamesyes, a laptop20:03
InFlamesin virtualbox you should be able to simply add the device if it's connected via usb, but i can't see it20:04
fsc421hola alguien puede ayudarme con un problema?20:04
InFlamesthere is another option to manually configure it, but i can't see any details with that to configure it manually20:04
genii!es | fsc42120:04
CoperFixque te pasa fsc20:04
ubottufsc421: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:04
OerHeksInFlames, is the android unlocked, before connecting?20:05
daftykinsInFlames: should be pretty obvious, 3.0 = blue20:05
fsc421no puedo instalar photoshop en wine20:05
loawhy unity don't save windows position? for example i maximized terminal, and unity don't save this20:05
InFlamesdaftykins, except that's not entirely true in all cases, but i believe this side has usb 2.0 ports, as the other side is blue20:05
geniiBlue is 3.020:06
CoperFixni idea del tema sorry yo uso gimp o alguna online20:06
InFlamesusb 3.0 is not always blue, it should be by spec, but isn't always20:06
fsc421o mejor dicho se instala pero no puedo ejecutarlo20:06
daftykinsInFlames: it's true more often than it isn't20:06
InFlamesOerHeks, i am trying that now, didn't think about it being locked20:06
InFlamesdaftykins, very true, i think this laptop might be one of the instances where it's not entirely accurate20:07
daftykinsfsc421: English only thanks20:07
daftykinsInFlames: well you should see the little lightning bolt and "SS" written beside them even without blueness :D20:07
pbxthe mic on my cinema display shows up as an audio *output* option in google hangouts rather than input.  can i tweak this?20:07
solsTiCehi. nautilus is always showing me hidden files. I have hidden those files again via nautilus option, but they show up anyway next time I open nautilus.20:07
InFlamesdaftykins, i've confirmed the side i am using is usb 2.0 according to the laptop's specs20:08
daftykinshmm visual inspection would've been roughly a billion times easier :D20:08
InFlamesdaftykins, only if it's accurate, which is why i said what i did20:08
InFlamesi've seen it, that's why i keep saying that20:09
daftykinsbut you can see the USB 3 pins at the back with your eyes20:09
InFlamesdo they even look different?20:09
MonkeyDustInFlames  http://troysblog.ru/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/USB-2.0-i-3.0.jpg20:10
daftykinswrong end but yeah the extra 5 contacts in at the back20:11
InFlamesi see20:11
scorpHi, im trying to install ubuntu on a seperate hard drive, should i use wubi to install or use cd/usb?20:12
EriC^scorp: cd/usb20:12
geniiGah, wubi20:12
MonkeyDustscorp  use cd/usb20:13
* zykotick9 though wubi was finished?20:13
daftykinsscorp: 100% recommend never touching WUBI20:13
daftykinsit is the devil.20:13
InFlameshmm 'VBoxManage list usbhost' doesn't show anything20:13
* genii keeps stabbing wubi with a sharpt stick hoping it will die20:13
scorpok thanks guys20:13
* daftykins joins genii20:13
sd1001I know someone with a horse called Wubi20:13
reisiosd1001: chinese?20:13
daftykinsah crap i just killed a horse20:13
rinkihow do i share files between 2 laptops on the same network:20:13
reisiosd1001: asianese?20:13
MonkeyDusti don't even speak out the name20:14
daftykinsrinki: both ubuntu?20:14
sd1001The owner of the horse is Danish, I don't know where she got the name from20:14
daftykinsrinki: SCP files over then?20:14
sd1001She might also spell it differently20:14
rinkii dont understand?20:14
ubottuscp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/20:14
daftykinsor setup samba on a folder perhaps.20:14
sd1001If you have to copy directories/want to us a graphical file manager, sshfs might be what you want20:15
rinkii think i want samba, it can share still if i need to boot to windows for work20:15
daftykinsthough encryption would be a big waste of time20:15
reisiosshfs is nice20:15
daftykinsrinki: yep20:15
reisiowell, it'd be a comparative waste of time20:15
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/windows-networking.html20:15
zykotick9sd1001: fyi, "scp -r foo/ host:~ " works for copying directories20:15
reisioalthough you can disable encryption with sshfs if you want20:15
sd1001Wait, it does?20:16
EriC^sd1001: yeah20:16
sd1001sshfs is nice though, for editing files for example20:16
=== zoktar_ is now known as zoktar
* sd1001 should read more mans20:16
reisiosshfs is much more intuitive20:16
reisioFUSE Ftw20:16
reisioand also ftw20:16
zykotick9reisio: personally, i'd use the f-the-world instead of "for the win" when talking about FUSE, but YMMV20:17
reisiokinda the same meaning, really :p20:18
MonkeyDusthyo0301  with what?20:19
hyo0301(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing live file system20:19
EriC^hyo0301: boot a live usb, check partition names/uuid20:20
daftykinshyo0301: is that you trying to boot a flash drive? remake it20:20
hyo0301boot a live usb?!20:21
hyo0301Wubi does that automatically20:21
hyo0301then tells me to restart, and I get that msg20:21
EriC^troll alert..20:22
daftykinsoh lord you're using WUBI?20:22
hyo0301Isn't that the only way to live-cd?20:22
hyo0301oh god20:22
hyo0301I only did it because I have no usb20:22
MonkeyDusthyo0301  forget wubi, it's a pseudo installation and causes more troubles than problems20:22
daftykinsoh Tux indeed20:22
daftykinshyo0301: burn a DVD?20:22
daftykinsif you have neither, give up20:22
jpdsThere's always VM.20:23
SCHAAP137do not use wubi20:23
MonkeyDustanything else, rob a bank, but don't use wubi20:23
hyo0301VM works great20:24
hyo0301I have no dvd and usb20:24
jpdshyo0301: ...20:24
reisionot robbing banks is overrated20:24
SCHAAP137what do you have? firewire?20:24
hyo0301Wll then my linux career ended before I even started, so many tutorials for nothing~~20:24
hyo0301I literally just had WUBI20:24
jpdshyo0301: Just get a VM.20:25
hyo0301It worked before20:25
hyo0301VM is boring20:25
daftykinshyo0301: here's a good tutorial: visit your local supermarket, buy a flash drive20:25
hyo0301I want to replace OS20:25
reisiowhat's the problem?20:25
EriC^i agree with daftykins20:25
jpdshyo0301: USB drives are cheap.20:25
reisionot to be confused with an unsuper market20:25
hyo0301How many GB'S?20:25
jpdshyo0301: 2?20:25
hyo03012 is enough?20:25
jpdshyo0301: Yes.20:25
hyo0301OK i'll be back tomorrow, same time, with an USB of atleast 2GB20:26
reisiominimal image is what, <40MB? :p20:26
hyo0301you better help memesters20:26
daftykins!manual | hyo0301 save this and you don't need to come back at all :) (in a nice way)20:26
ubottuhyo0301 save this and you don't need to come back at all :) (in a nice way): The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:26
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
NwSHeya guys, which method would you suggest to backup a site hosted on an ubuntu server?20:30
daftykinsNwS: website? tar the docroot then scp it home20:30
reisioNwS: why? How often? To where?20:30
daftykinsmysqldump if there's a db too20:31
caninecan someone help? I tried to upgrade to lastest php version now i cant seem to get my phalcon framework to work. So I am trying to downgrade but after doing apt-get purge on everything I keep getting errors like this one: Depends: php5-common (= 5.5.24+dfsg-1+deb.sury.org~precise+1) but 5.6.8+dfsg-1+deb.sury.org~precise+1 is to be installed20:31
NwSdaftykins, tyvm20:31
MLBI used to run daily backups via a script through an integrated schedule of ubuntu20:32
daftykinscanine: did you add a PPA with it? (5.6)20:32
MLB, but i can't recall what it's called unfortunately20:32
NwSreisio, I want to keep an offline copy of my website. One time atm20:32
caninei did but i purged the ppa20:32
daftykinscanine: smells like some remnants remain20:32
canineWhat can I do ? :(20:32
InFlamesyay, solved, i wasn't part of the usergroup vboxuusers, duuuuuuh, thanks guys :]20:32
daftykinscanine: consult dpkg -l output for any such packages still installed20:32
daftykinsdpkg -l | grep php20:32
NwSdaftykins, btw I was also thinking of git20:33
daftykinsNwS: no experience with that20:33
canineyeah a bunch with  5.6.8+dfsg-1+deb.sury.org~precise+120:33
daftykinspurge them20:33
NwSBasically create an offline copy, work with gitlab, upload changes20:33
caninecool, doing it now20:33
NwSHaven't looked into that yet though20:33
reisioNwS: could rsync once daily, that'd give you 24 hours to revert20:34
reisiosome more sophisticated solutions are obnam, rdiff-backup20:34
NwSI will look into that too reisio tyvm20:35
tyler_wy1ieGreetings; I am wondering if anyone here has done a preseed.cfg for any of the newer releases of Ubuntu Server(we're using 14.04 specifically) and can help point me in the right direction20:37
Parabolahm, so i've got synapse installed, i can see it with dpkg -l, it was installed via apt, however apt-get remove synapse says its available but not currently installed20:38
Parabolai mean, its running right now, the key combo works, so i know its there, how should i go about removing this?20:39
azizLIGHThow do i capture all notifications on my computer, and forward them to my phone?20:39
daftykins!info synapse20:39
EriC^Parabola: paste the line of dpkg -l20:40
daftykinsoh my tux ubottu is gone20:40
Parabolarc  synapse                                              0.2.99~bzr607~ubuntu15.04.1                amd64        semantic file launcher20:40
Parabolais there a way to rebuild the package DB?20:41
daftykinsremoved configured, it's not installed Parabola20:41
EriC^Parabola: it's not installed, it's just the config files cause it says rc20:41
Parabolayeah thats cute, but no correct20:41
Parabolamy key combo still launches the application.20:41
Parabolai can interact with it, it still launches things, i'm 100% certain its present20:41
daftykinsperhaps you haven't restarted to allow it to be removed20:41
Parabolai already tried that20:41
daftykinsor perhaps you're using a version compiled and isn't actually package based20:41
Parabolai did not compile it, the OS was installed two days ago20:41
EriC^Parabola: what's the key combo and how did you set it20:42
Parabolai remember installing it, i did an ubuntu-desktop removal20:42
Parabolaand installed xubuntu-desktop, im blaming that20:42
ParabolaEriC^: ctrl+space20:42
EriC^Parabola: how'd you set it20:42
Parabolathe key combo? on first run of the application20:42
Parabolatwo days ago, many reboots ago20:42
Parabolaprior to xubuntu-desktop install :)20:42
EriC^Parabola: type dpkg -L <package> | pastebinit20:42
Parabolasec ill find the binary20:43
Parabola     3113  3095  0 May03 ?        00:00:05 synapse --startup20:43
Parabolawhich synapse gives me nothin :-\20:43
ParabolaPackage `synapse' does not contain any files (!)20:44
ubuntu-noobhi I have a question about mount partition.. I create one in /mnt/storage and I add to fstab /dev/vdc        /mnt/container  ext4    rw,user,exec    0       1... but when I try to move files using another user I can't :( ... I already change the folder permissions to 777 and I change the user and group for this folder to: drwxrwxrwx  6 myuser myuser 4096 Mai  4 15:58 container/ ....anybody knows whats happen? I would like give ac20:45
EriC^Parabola: try to install it then purge maybe20:46
Paraboladeal :)20:46
EriC^ubuntu-noob: can you type ls -ld /path/to/mountpoint && id ? and paste here20:47
EriC^ubuntu-noob: with the user you're using to move the files20:47
CoJaBoIs there a sane way to set up a SCP-only daemon, ideally completely seperate from the sshd config? It looks like I can run a second sshd, but there's no way to specify a different set of allowed users..20:47
ubuntu-noobEriC^: uid=0(root) gid=0(root) grupos=0(root)20:51
EriC^ubuntu-noob: run it as the user you're using20:52
ubuntu-noobah ok20:52
ubuntu-noobuid=1003(leesh) gid=1003(leesh) groups=1003(leesh),105(fuse),123(plex)20:53
ubuntu-noobEriC^: uid=1003(leesh) gid=1003(leesh) groups=1003(leesh),105(fuse),123(plex)20:53
EriC^ubuntu-noob: ok, type ls -ld /path/to/mountpoint20:53
ubuntu-noobEriC^: drwxrwxrwx 6 leesh leesh 4096 Mai  4 15:58 /mnt/container/20:53
EriC^ok, looks good20:54
EriC^ubuntu-noob: touch /mnt/container/bla doesn't work?20:55
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
ubuntu-noobEriC^: yeah works... only if I try to move something from /home/leesh to /mnt/container .. doesnt works :/20:56
EriC^like what?20:56
ubuntu-nooblike ...using ssh I can ... but if I connect using SFTP .. when I try to move... I cant .. like move any file20:57
EriC^i've no idea20:58
daftykinsubuntu-noob: but you SFTP with another username?20:59
daftykinscreate a group, add your user and the second user to that group20:59
daftykinsnow modify the mount point ownership to be yourusername:thegroup21:00
EriC^ubuntu-noob: the second user has to have write access to /home/leesh to move anything21:00
EriC^you can probably copy but not move21:00
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
ubuntu-noobEriC^: weird because the file that I'm trying to use is created by leesh .. and I'm trying to move this file to the /mnt/storage21:04
daftykinsbut you're connected in over SFTP as a second user?21:05
ubuntu-noobno.. im using the user leesh21:05
daftykinsah ok21:05
daftykinsearlier sounded like different21:05
EriC^ubuntu-noob: what do you mean by /mnt/storage?21:05
ubuntu-noobdaftykins: ah.. sorry hehehe21:05
ubuntu-noobops not storage /mnt/container is my new HD .... so im trying to make all users write and move files over there21:06
courrierHey guys, I'm on Linux Mint 17 Qiana, but the problem may also concern Ubuntu itself. I've noticed some bugs of pulseaudio's pulse/mainloop.c fail when using the pygame module for python. It's difficult to reproduce however and happen unexpectedly :(21:13
courrier1) Assertion 't = find_next_time_event( m )' failed at pulse/mainloop.c:721, function calc_next_timeout() . Aborting .21:13
courrier2) Assertion 'e->mainloop->n_enabled_defer_events > 0' failed at pulse/mainloop.c:260, function mainloop_defer_enable(). Aborting. [I've currently a gdb paused after SIGABRT on this assert, if I can provide a backtrace a something useful tell me before I reboot...]21:13
EriC^!mint | courrier21:13
ubottucourrier: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:13
courrierah, er, sorry :P21:14
courrierBut it may concern ubuntu as well21:14
Parabolait may, or it may not21:15
EriC^if you'd like report it on launchpad.net21:15
EriC^or maybe use mint's bug-report feature21:15
courrierEriC^: yeap, but I'd like to provide a useful traceback or something first. Since it's hard to reproduce and I've a gdb opened when the bug happened21:16
EriC^launchpad.net i guess21:16
tagSometimes the content area of windows isn't updating21:16
CoJaBoIs it impossible to have a seperate sshd instance with a seperate list of user accounts? Trying to replace an FTP server with SCP..21:16
ParabolaEriC^: do you know what the best thing in the world is?21:16
EriC^Parabola: what?21:17
Parabolaputting frozen peanut m&ms in your cup of ice cream after work21:17
epx998Whats the best tool for benchmarking ubuntu?21:18
Parabolaexport: peanut m&ms prob.21:18
Parabolaexport: what kind of benchmarking..21:18
Parabolagoogle "linux benchmarking software" i'd go with one of the top 3 links21:18
Parabolaexport: phoronix has one thats pretty popular: http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com/21:20
genii!info hardinfo21:20
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.4ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 212 kB, installed size 491 kB21:20
epx998needs to be a cli, no gui available21:20
Parabolaerm he left21:20
Parabolaoh, i cant read, thats nice21:21
Parabolahm ok21:21
Parabolaepx998: nubcakes the phoronix is CLI21:22
Parabolahttp://www.howtogeek.com/111617/how-to-benchmark-your-linux-system-3-open-source-benchmarking-tools/ <-- has phoronix, i see a CLI menu21:22
_2cool4me4_I'm trying to set up Samba and get an Ubuntu box to join the Windows AD here.21:23
geniiepx998: There's also sysbench, it's command-line21:23
epx998ill check them out21:24
_2cool4me4_I can use nslookup and find the DC, ping the DC by IP and ping 'name', but 'name.fully.qualified' doesn't seem to resolve21:24
tagCompiz doesn't always seem to be updating all areas of some windows.21:26
_2cool4me4_Okay, that spreads to all addresses. I can ping 'name' fine, but not 'name.fully.qualified'21:28
west536457640something is driving me mad about ubuntu 14.0421:29
west536457640the screen blanks after 5 minutes of inactivity21:30
west536457640and every way i try i cannot fix this21:30
sunstarwhats the 'k' mean in kde?21:30
west536457640heeeeeeeeelp please21:30
k1lsunstar: better ask the kde guys? :)21:31
geniisunstar: KDE is a play on CDE which came earlier. In that, C was for Common ( Desktop Environment) ... so the K basically means Kommon21:31
courrierIs it compulsory to upload a gpg key before submitting a bug to launchpad? I'm logged but there is no option to submit a bug...21:31
west536457640i know it is a dumb problem but it really is making me go bananas, can anyone help me fix it please?21:32
reisiosunstar: pick one channel, goof21:33
sunstarbut this worked perfectly. got the answer and the backstory21:33
mwichey, guys I have a weird issue: "df -h" is not showing anything mounted at /21:34
M4caSomeone have trouble shutting down your pc?? Istead of it, it only close de user session.21:34
mwicI thought it might need a restart but that didn't help21:34
mwicsystem works fine, but it's weird that / is not mounted . .21:34
M4caI say, because I found a solution for that21:34
k1lsunstar: crossposting will lead to the people not help you anymore. so please read the guidelines and make sure to stick to them21:34
sunstari cross posted because i realized ubuntu was prolly the wrong room to be asking and you cant retract something once its in the room21:34
k1lmwic: what does "mount" list? and "df -h"? can you pastebin it?21:35
tagSometimes the content of windows (particularly with Qt applications) doesn't update21:35
west536457640how do i fix this - xfce power settings are set to never blank screen, but it goes off anyway, makes watching a video impossible21:35
taglike, I'll click on something, it should redraw...it doesn't.21:35
tagSeems to have something to do with compiziting21:35
geniiwest536457640: Try: xset dpms off21:35
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
west536457640ok i have run $ xset -dpms21:37
west536457640as genii suggested, should that fix it by itself?21:38
geniiwest536457640: That should disable the power savings feature of your monitor so that it won't go off after a while. It will not persist over a reboot, however21:39
west536457640genii, thanks, i am going to be inactive for a bit now to test it,21:40
* genii goes to make coffee21:40
flipapyis ubuntu-offtopic still around?21:48
geniiflipapy: Yup21:48
flipapythanks genii21:48
=== mhall119|afk is now known as mhall119
geniichris3100: Hello. If you have a question concerning your Ubuntu, this is the channel to ask it in.21:51
phixhai chris310021:52
phixWhatcha wearing?21:53
k1lphix: you know the rules. dont abuse this channel. thanks21:53
thellWhat apt tool should I use to download download a source pkg (lipcap2-24.6), then modify it (update capabilties.h) and build/install it? I though apt-build would be the tool, but it will only do 'install' not 'source'?21:53
phixk1l: right, I will ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic21:54
Jordan_Uphix: That comment is not appropriate in any channel.21:55
elstudwill 15-4 update properly if you remove firefox?21:56
tagI just updated and if I boot to the newest kernel, I get a blank screen and the graphics never initialize21:56
phixJordan_U: right21:56
tagTo get my system to boot, I have to manually select the previous kernel21:56
k1lelstud: can you explain that question a bit more?21:56
tagAnyone have any idea why that might be?21:57
k1ltag: make sure the video driver is installed on the new kernel. if its loaded from the website you might need to reinstall it for the new kernel21:57
tagIt wasn't loaded from a website, it was installed by default21:58
elstudI read somewhere that if you delete Firefox ubuntu will not update.21:58
tagor by the ubuntu installer at any rate21:58
elstudI want to use Chrome21:59
tagk1l, it's an intel driver.  It was proving to have some issues as it was21:59
tagI just installed this morning21:59
k1lelstud: should be not an issue22:00
k1ltag: what video card is it?22:00
Jordan_Uelstud: Removing Firefox (or any other package instaled by default) will remove the ubuntu-desktop metapackage. While that metapackage is not needed for keeping packages up to date within a release of Ubuntu, it is recommended that you re-install ubuntu-desktop before upgrading to the next release of Ubuntu (which will be Ubuntu 15.10). Otherwise, Firefox has nothing to do with updating Ubuntu.22:01
elstudupdate with terminal?22:01
sunstaryou can use chrome without removing firefox22:02
reisioelstud: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade22:02
elstudthanks for the info.22:04
Jordan_Uelstud: I don't understand your last question. Please use complete sentences.22:04
RustIndyIs there a way to set sendmail up so that it rewrites *all* recipient email addresses to one I specify?22:04
reeeeSo why aren't you using gentoo?22:04
k1lreeee: this is a ubuntu support channel.22:05
jadesoturihi all. ive setup a hybrid-ircd server as to per: http://www.codeography.com/2012/09/23/howto-irc-server.html without the bouncer/znc, as its only for internal use - but im having issues with being an oper on it. e.g. its always the first one in to get OP, and even if i login as oper with the password that was setup, im not allowed to do any changes.. how does one controll this or setup chanserv or similar?22:06
canine[authz_core:error] [pid 10660] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration22:09
canineYou don't have permission to access / on this server.22:09
canineSo, I have a site enabled i did a2ensite sitename, worked fine\22:10
caninei edited apache2.conf from deny, to granted22:10
caninestill no go, anyone knows how to fix this? :(22:10
geniicanine: Might want to try ##httpd22:12
chris3100I have an issue with my computer, and kind of ubuntu22:14
genii!ru | rm-f22:15
ubotturm-f: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.22:15
rm-fВсем привет22:15
chris3100When my computer boots up, it displays "F2 and F12" for BIOS and Boto manager, but when i push F2 nothing happens22:15
chris3100The only way I can access my UEFI Bios settings, is through a fake OS i created to give me an error to push ESC through the windows boot manager22:16
chris3100and installed Ubuntu by changing bios, to legacy, and now i can only get into the bios if my battery is really low, or if i remove the clock battery from the mother board to give me an error22:16
chris3100I changed different boot options, changed fast start up, secure boot, and a bunch of other things22:17
rm-fboots default22:17
chris3100updated the BIOS in windows from the Dells' website22:18
chris3100still unable to press F2 to enter BIOS22:18
chris3100any suggestions?22:18
rm-fНебольшой джампер, возле батарейки22:19
k1lrm-f: this channel is english only. please use the russian channel22:19
rm-fВсем ночи!22:20
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dmj`why don't environment variables persist when using upstart22:21
chris3100I really do not like UEFI :(22:22
rm-fкто вешал на вайн 1.7 ЦВОТ  9.7 с джова мод?22:22
k1l!ru > rm-f22:23
ubotturm-f, please see my private message22:23
chris3100rm-f, Я думаю, вы должны присоединиться к русский канал , для лучшей поддержки . :::   I think you should join a russian channel, for better support.22:24
chris3100See how accurate google is lol22:24
chris3100let's see*22:25
chris0626891The Ubuntu repository by Libretro team at Launchpad doesn't include the autoconfigs in the .deb packages. :(22:34
lasindiHi all, is there a (working) replacement for the (non-working) Sound Recorder app in Ubuntu?22:35
lasindiI see recommendations to install Audacity, but that seems like overkill for what I want.22:35
rgb-oneanyone know of a trusty ppa for qt5?22:36
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chris3100rgb-one, why not 'Sound Recorder' ?22:38
rgb-onechris3100: What do you mean?22:38
lasindichris3100, According to all the reviews on the software center, it doesn't work.22:38
chris3100lasindi, why not sound recorder?22:39
chris3100lasindi, Why is it pre-installed?22:39
lasindichris3100, ^ apparently it doesn't work.22:39
MrElendiglasindi: adacity is the single best sound recording app ever22:39
MrElendigpretty much22:39
rgb-onelasindi: check alternativeto.net for alternatives to whatever software you may want to use22:39
MrElendigand what little it can't do, gnuradio can22:40
lasindichris3100, I don't think it is.22:40
k1llasindi: "do you think" or did you test it?22:40
lasindik1l, I have only looked at the reviews, but I'll try it and make sure.22:42
lasindiThey also say Ubuntu is intending to remove it from the distro22:43
Boss_Manwhat audacity?22:43
k1llasindi: can you please just test it before we keep discussing theoretical things?22:44
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lasindik1l, yup, in the process22:46
chris3100I am trying to get my touch screen to work on my laptop. It worked before, after dist upgrade, it isnt showing in lsusb22:47
chris3100any suggestions?22:48
joaoHi everyone!22:50
Nairolf21hi joao22:50
lasindik1l, okay, I confirm it doesn't work.22:51
lasindik1l, worse, when you install through the software center, it doesn't appear to actually install the gnome-sound-recorder package22:51
joaoHow can i know if im using nvidia driver or noveau? I want to learn it using the terminal.. :)22:52
chris3100joao, lspci -vnnn | perl -lne 'print if /^\d+\:.+(\[\S+\:\S+\])/' | grep VGA22:54
Nairolf21perl command is necessary ? I don't think...22:54
ragepandaany of the ls commands will list hardware (lsusb, lshw, lspci)...so if  you wan't to know what's in  your system, start there. :)22:55
joaoThis is my output:22:56
joao00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller [8086:0166] (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])22:56
joaoSo the nvidia is not been used?22:56
ragepandaThat's probably your onboard video card that's built into your motherboard22:56
chris3100joao, nvidia-detector22:56
Nairolf21I've a stupid question. Why, usually the command shortcut ctrl+C doesn't work in any terminal ?22:57
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joao<chris3100> Output:joao@joao-X550CL:~$ nvidia-detectornone22:58
courrierNairolf21: it depends of what process is running in that terminal, some of them ignore this signal, some quit, some other do evil things...22:58
samthewildonewhats the password for ubuntu live ?22:59
samthewildoneI just restarted lightdm22:59
Nairolf21courrier : terminal isn't like an "usual" software, that's why no ? I'm using xfce4-terminal. And I think that anyway what process is running this shortcut (ctrl+C) doesn't work23:00
tonyyarussosamthewildone: Haven't tried recently, but in the past it's either been blank or ubuntu.23:00
samthewildonewe tried it23:01
Nairolf21courrier : So it's not a weird will of terminal's developper, but it's something complicated or impossible to do in terminal ?23:01
ragepandaDoes CTRL + Z work?23:01
chris3100joao, Do you know what kind of Nvidia graphics card you have?23:01
Nairolf21what CTRL + Z is supposed to do ? Because it's like CTRL + Z do nothing23:01
MrElendigjoao: laptop?23:02
joaoIts a hybrid23:02
joaoIntel + Nvidia23:02
ragepandaIt's supposed to pause the program, or CTRL + \ to murder it outright.23:02
Nairolf21but no specific program is running23:03
Nairolf21I do that just after opening a terminal23:03
joaoI tried to install the new driver for nvidia, but i think something go wrong23:03
courrierNairolf21: If no process is running in that terminal then nothing should happen23:03
Nairolf21Usualy, I type CTRL + C or D to stop an action23:03
courrierNairolf21: You would like to use Ctrl+C to kill the terminal itself?23:04
courrieror to kill the process running in that terminal?23:04
MrElendigjoao: 1. never ever use the .run directly23:04
MrElendigjoao: 2. read up on bumblebee23:05
Nairolf21No, I just ask why CTRL+C is not for copy text (as usual in other programs)23:06
joao<MrElendig> im trying to revert the situation... I think the install of nvidia drivers should be much easier23:07
chris3100Nairolf21, Ctrl+Shift+C is to copy in a terminal23:07
MrElendigjoao: don't use <>, it looks like you are quoting me23:07
Test1Hello this is a tes23:07
MrElendigjoao: and the install of nvidia drivers is easy, just aptitude install nvidia23:07
Nairolf21I suppose that Ctrl+Shift+V is to past ?23:07
rgb-oneDoes anyone know of a ppa for Qt5?23:07
Nairolf21but, why it's like this ? It's not really intuitive.23:08
joaoBut MrElendig, if i want them updated, that command is not enough23:08
MrElendigjoao: roll your own .deb then, or use ppa23:08
MrElendigand as I said, you have to read up on bumblebee23:09
MrElendigthe nvidia driver can not work without it23:09
MrElendig(or prime, but prime is totally broken atm)23:09
courrierNairolf21: Good question. Terminals always behave like this, Ctrl+C sends SIGINT signal to the running process. I would say this behaviour is muuuuch older than the invention of Ctrl+C as a copy shortcut =)23:10
Nairolf21Yes, I thought it was something like that23:10
joaoMrElendig im am not the developer... That makes no sense... Nvidia should make things to people who dont understand nothing about computers...23:11
MrElendigmost modern terminals has C-shift-c,v,x for copy/paste/cut23:11
Nairolf21And I suppose it would not be really difficult to change this, but all pure geeks would cry into hysteria ^^23:11
chris3100joao, Nvidia is lacking support for Linux.23:12
courrierMrElendig: but no other app uses these shortcuts;23:12
cryptodanchris3100: not true23:12
DF3D2I have a new ubuntu 15.04 install, it's an Intel Xeon e3 1220v1 w/ 16 gigs of ram, 6x3TB Zfs storage array, and an nvidia 750ti. This is a storage server/htpc. Problem is whenever it goes to "sleep" as in tv is blanked, it will not "awaken" by using the kb/mouse. I have to reboot it fully to get a video signal, this is connected via hdmi and I have the nvidia binary driver installed manually.23:13
cryptodana better solution for hybrid graphics would be not to build computers with them23:14
Nairolf21thanks for your answers23:14
MrElendigDF3D2: never ever install the nvidia driver using the .run23:15
chris3100cryptodan, Nouveau would have been pointless. It's for better energy management.23:15
MrElendigcryptodan: or just actually bother to write drivers for them23:15
cryptodanYou want a gaming rig with discrete graphics then you shouldnt care about energy23:15
MrElendigcryptodan: or atleast release the specs23:15
cryptodanyou want to conserve energy get a computer designed for light use23:16
MrElendigsome people want to do both on one machine23:16
MrElendigand it is not just about gaming23:16
DF3D2MrElendig, why not?23:17
chris3100cryptodan, I don;t want to start a debate. lol23:17
MrElendigDF3D2: because it breaks your system23:17
cylon512Hi, in ubuntu 14.04 booted in text mode, after update, except blank powersave screen there is white screen, any advice what to do?23:17
DF3D2MrElendig, i've never heard that before, what is the proper way to get the legit nvidia driver then?23:17
MrElendigDF3D2: due to conflicting libgl implementations etc23:17
MrElendigDF3D2: using the package manager23:17
MrElendigDF3D2: or creating your own .deb23:17
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DF3D2MrElendig, okay ill uninstall and use the package manager then23:18
DF3D2is that what is causing my no signal issue likely?23:18
MrElendigusing the .run will also give you file conflicts etc23:18
DF3D2well it didn't complain about anything23:18
DF3D2not saying you are wrong23:18
MrElendiguse the .run, it replaces libgl, you then upgrade your system, a new mesa gets installed and replaces the libgl that the .run installed23:18
DF3D2just saying it claimed to have finished w/ out error23:18
MrElendigboom, you can no longer start X23:18
DF3D2system had noveaou or whatever when I installed it23:19
DF3D2removed that and installed the .run23:19
MrElendignot to mention that if you don't use dkms then you would ahve to reinstall the driver with every kernel upgrade23:19
MrElendignoveau is a part of the kernel23:19
DF3D2MrElendig, it did install via dkms23:20
DF3D2made a module etc23:20
MrElendigwill still break the second mesa/libgl gets updated23:20
DF3D2well on 14.10 I updated plenty of times with no issues after installing the .run23:21
MrElendigjust dumb luck of libgl not getting updated23:21
DF3D2tbh im not sure this is causing my problem with "sleep" and no signal23:21
DF3D2its not the Tv either23:21
DF3D2tv works fine23:21
MrElendigssh in, read xorg logs and poke xrandr23:21
DF3D2good idea23:22
MrElendigedid errors is a typical problem23:22
DF3D2ill do that when the wife is done watching this23:22
DF3D2the TV is a pretty standard LG hdtv23:22
MrElendigspecially since TVs epicly fail at providing correct edid23:22
DF3D2well it works when the rig is rebooted23:22
DF3D2so the TV obviously can provide whatever is necessary23:22
nicholosophymy default browser is set to firefox but everything still opens in Chrome. What do?23:23
Rufus Hello everyone. http://pastebin.com/Ds4CMykC  can anyone explain to me please why after that little script, I get ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) ? I've been using simple alfa-numeric passwords only23:25
MrElendigRufus: use keys/certs23:26
Rufussorry MrElendig ?23:27
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xdexterHello, my dash does not exhibit the applications of search, and if I resize the terminal window it just closes, can not find what might be causing this, someone help me?23:36
karen_hi, guys, if I want skype, what do I do? It's not in the software center.23:40
EriC^^!skype | karen_23:40
ubottukaren_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga23:40
karen_thanks Eric23:43
EriC^^karen_: no problem23:43
karen_and ubottu23:43
shaggycatHi all! How I can complete disable motd Ubuntu message? I change /etc/motd, and make chmod -x /etc/update-motd.d/ , and it's works! But... only for second user login! But I want see custom motd for first login too23:53
mojtabaHi, Is there any web based monitoring tools for servers? (I have three ubuntu servers and I want to monitor them all at once.)23:57
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shaggycatOh! I grep /etc/ and find solution myself: :> /etc/legal23:58
shaggycatmojtaba, try zabbix23:59
dtiguemojtaba, Where I work we use Nagios23:59
shaggycatmojtaba, or nagios, monit23:59

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