eliaspsHi everyone.01:43
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InokiCan't use Epiphany at all. Will that be looked at?10:22
* andol would like to report a minor issue with the ubuntu-gnome website.11:57
andolGoing to https://ubuntugnome.org/ my browser gives me a mixed-content warning for the https://11:58
andolAppear to be due to there being some hard-coded path to various graphical elements, explicitly serving them from http://ubuntugnome.org/...11:58
muelliI've only seen yesterdays meeting in the backlog. I'm from the GNOME community. I might be able to help.12:21
ricotzdarkxst, hi :), did gedit-plugins got lost?13:08
darkxstricotz, more or less, was planning to upload that, but got swamped planning weekend ;(13:28
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ricotzdarkxst, I just grabbed and pushed the debian one13:36
lindolhi all14:20
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aldomann2darkxst: are you there?14:42
octoquadHi andol, I see the problem, looks like the logo is served over http instead of https. It should just use src="//www.ubuntugnome.org/path/to/asset.ext".16:20
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eliaspsAnyone knows about javascript? Especially for gnome-shell extensions..20:19
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