osho0000Hi, I installed Xubuntu on a old laptop, 512 ram, 1,6ghz cpu. And it doesn't work fine, especially the browsers (midori, firefox, chrome) crashes. Lubuntu would be better for my purpose?07:29
bioterrorsame browsers07:31
osho0000what good browser is lighter than midori for lubuntu?08:51
ianorlinosho0000: qupzilla maybe not sure how it compares in memory useage09:17
ianorlinI don't know if you like command line ones09:17
osho0000no command line no09:19
osho0000ok thanks09:19
osho0000i must say that the old laptop works better with xp than xubuntu. i hope that lubunutu will work better :)09:19
bioterrormidori is some how usable as it has adblock and stuff like that09:20
bioterrortodays web is just too heavy09:21
ianorlinalso for https:// xp may seem faster by using lots of old insecure ciphers compared to the new modern ones09:21
osho0000so, i will try with midori + lubuntu09:26
bioterrorwell, XP is fast. only bootin is slow ;D09:28
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