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FacsoHow do bundles handle exposing ports? or do they not?05:11
FacsoI'm about to test this with a simple web and database charm deploy, but thought I'd ask.05:11
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kjackalmarcoceppi and juju at devopsdays Amsterdam in about an hour: http://livestream.com/accounts/20260359/devopsdays-amsterdam-201610:54
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axinolp:charms/trusty/ubuntu-repository-cache exists, I prepared a Xenial version at https://code.launchpad.net/~axino/charms/trusty/ubuntu-repository-cache/xenial-ready/+merge/298880, is this MP the right thing to do to make it happen ?11:54
magicaltroutnice flip flops marcoceppi12:22
neiljerramlazyPower, good morning!13:33
neiljerramlazyPower, I've created an etcd-local-proxy charm at https://github.com/neiljerram/etcd-local-proxy (by starting from and hacking layer-etcd).  I wonder if you might take a look at it and see if it looks sane to you?13:39
neiljerramlazyPower, There's also a needed PR for interface-etcd-proxy at https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-etcd-proxy/pull/613:40
neiljerramlazyPower, However, when I build and deploy etcd-local-proxy, and also cs:~lazypower/etcd-19, I'm seeing TLS auth issues, so it's possible there's something wrong in how the certificates are generated, or in the etcd config at either end.  Have you done successful end-to-end TLS testing with an etcd master and proxy?13:43
marcoceppi magicaltrout hah, thanks ;)13:56
magicaltroutgood talk though13:58
magicaltroutlooks like you got a decent crowd13:58
lazyPowerneiljerram - i have not. only verified the data exchange on the wire. If you need server certificates, we can do that but its a different dance over the relation wire. It involves generating a CSR and having it signed by the etcd cluster14:00
lazyPowerneiljerram - i think i knwo why you're getting ssl errors as well. the fork of etcd there is generating its own certificates14:08
lazyPowerwait no, i jumped the gun i see you removed that from metadata14:09
lazyPowermbruzek - ping14:12
mbruzekHello lazyPower14:12
lazyPowerhey o/  neiljerram has been working with our latest release of etcd, and had some questions. Woudl be good to get your eyes on https://github.com/neiljerram/etcd-local-proxy14:13
mbruzekneiljerram: What TLS issues are you seeing?14:13
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neiljerrammbruzek, thanks - first I was seeing (IIRC) 'x509 certificate signed by unknown authority'; then a bit later 'remote error: bad certificate'14:41
neiljerramI will start a redeployment now so I can provide more detail...14:41
mbruzekneiljerram: OK. Can you describe the model? I have got successful etcd to etcd TLS before (not using proxy)14:43
neiljerrammbruzek, the model is etcdctl ----- local etcd proxy ----- remote etcd master14:44
mbruzekAnd you are running etcdctl on your machine or in the cloud?14:45
neiljerrammbruzek, there is TLS security for the connection between the proxy and the master; but no TLS security between etcdctl and the local proxy.14:45
neiljerrammbruzek, etcdctl invocations are on the same machine where the proxy is running14:45
neiljerrammbruzek, so the etcd master is  cs:~lazypower/etcd-19, which is Charles's latest unreleased version of layer-etcd14:47
neiljerrammbruzek, and the etcd proxy is https://github.com/neiljerram/etcd-local-proxy, which is a charm that basically just uses the 'requires' side of interface-etcd-proxy14:47
lazyPowermbruzek - i pushed etcd-19 in my namespace due to the missing etcd-proxy bits. We translated the interface, but missed the reactive code to support that14:54
lazyPowereverything but the reactive code in layer-etcd has merged in master of their respective repositories though, so we can rev ~containers once that lands14:55
lazyPowerif its ready for that14:55
mbruzekI just diffed etcd-19 and etcd-local-proxy the etcd.py looks quite different.  Let me see if I understand correctly, you are connecting the etcd charm with a different etcd-proxy charm and the tls is not working?14:56
mbruzekfrom etcdctl on proxy and the etcd on the master.14:57
neiljerrammbruzek, That's all correct.   I really just used etcd-19 as a structural starting point, but etcd-local-proxy does a lot less, because it doesn't have to do leader election or registration, or generate its own certificates.  In principle - I think - it just needs to do the 'requires' side of the 'proxy' relation, save the credentials once they're available, update /etc/defaults/etcd, and restart the local etcd (proxy) service.15:05
mbruzekneiljerram: Yeah that looks right.15:07
mskalkahey everyone, is there any method for pulling the machine ID or INS-ID inside a hook or action?15:07
neiljerramMy deployment is up now, and here's what I see: http://pastebin.com/Xs4YLDtY15:07
mbruzekneiljerram: OK please add to the pastebin: openssl x509 -in /tmp/etcd_cert -text15:09
mbruzekneiljerram: That will print out the text of the certificate to make sure the one on your system is valid.15:11
mbruzekI suspect it is, but want to start there.15:11
neiljerrammbruzek, http://pastebin.com/4Dfa2r1V15:11
mbruzekneiljerram: And these addresses are correct ? IP Address:, IP Address:
neiljerrammbruzek, is the public IP of the AWS instance that contains etcd-19.15:13
neiljerramand is that same machine's private IP15:14
mbruzekOK that is good so I believe the certificate is valid and stored correctly on the proxy machine.15:14
neiljerram(the machine itself only knows its private IP)15:14
mbruzekneiljerram: Yep15:14
mbruzekneiljerram: Can you run the following? : etcdctl --debug --cert-file=/tmp/etcd_cert --key-file=/tmp/etcd_key --ca-file=/tmp/etcd_ca and pastebin the result?15:17
mbruzekwait add the "ls /" to the end15:17
neiljerrammbruzek, that seems to work: http://pastebin.com/3ze47iCz15:20
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mbruzekOK so I think the problem is that etcd-proxy reads the defaults file, but etcdctl does not.15:21
mbruzekneiljerram: I am not familiar enough with etcdctl to know how to make those values default, some tools use env variables, other tools have a confiuration file.15:23
neiljerramBut I didn't think that the hop from etcdctl to the local proxy should use TLS at all...  So I'm a bit confused!15:23
mbruzekneiljerram: Are you sure that etcd-proxy is properly configured with these keys/certs?15:24
neiljerramI was just going to pastebin the proxy's config....15:25
neiljerram... http://pastebin.com/ewTBy5mJ15:26
mbruzekI wonder if "PEER" is not valid in this case, let me do some searching15:27
mbruzekAlso I know they are in the defaults file, but are we sure that etcd is actually getting the values? Do you see in the etcd logs that the key/cert/ca is read in?15:28
neiljerrammbruzek, Yes, I think so: http://pastebin.com/jhg1HLve  (I just added ETCD_CA_FILE and other non _PEER_ settings to the config - but that didn't make any difference to our observations so far)15:31
mbruzekneiljerram: So after doing that, you are still not able to connect using etcdctl without the  cert and key flags?15:33
neiljerrammbruzek, Perhaps the etcd proxy doesn't really support TLS on one side (towards the cluster) but not on the other (towards the client).  So when it gets a client request it requires TLS auth, even if that client request is over http.  Is that possible?15:33
neiljerrammbruzek, Yes, correct.15:33
neiljerrammbruzek, and with those flags, I still _can_ connect15:34
mbruzekneiljerram: I don't know etcd proxy well enough to answer that.15:34
mbruzekneiljerram: Great. Still that is a pretty bad user experience, let me see if I can find more information about etcdctl to see if we can eliminate those flags15:35
neiljerrammbruzek, Do you know who implemented the 'pillowmints' in the etcd charm?  I think they support that hypothesis.  (They set up env vars for etcdctl.)15:35
mbruzekneiljerram: "pillowmints" was used by lazyPower for lack of a better name. I questioned him about that during a code review.15:36
neiljerrammbruzek, It is a curious name :-) but nice.15:37
neiljerrammbruzek, But it sets up these vars, for local etcdctl usage on the machine where the etcd master node is installed:15:38
mbruzekOh there you go!15:38
mbruzekexport ETCDCTL_CERT_FILE and the others and try etcdctl again15:39
neiljerrammbruzek, Yes, that works.  But I still don't feel like I understand why.  How does TLS auth mix with doing a request over http:// (i.e. _not_ over https://) ?15:42
mbruzekneiljerram: According to your pastebin with debug http://pastebin.com/3ze47iCz the http address is getting converted to https and my guess is that the etcdctl is making the direct https connection15:46
mbruzekneiljerram: etcdctl must be talking http to the proxy but perhaps it is actually talking https to the server as well.15:47
neiljerrammbruzek, Oh! So the proxy isn't really proxying; but rather redirecting!15:48
mbruzekneiljerram: That would be my assessment from reading the pastebin you have there.15:53
neiljerrammbruzek, It appears this is all a behaviour of etcdctl, rather than of the proxy.  'etcdctl --no-sync ls /' works even without those env vars.15:57
mbruzekneiljerram: Interesting15:58
neiljerrammbruzek, Thanks so much for helping me to understand all this.  I think I have all the pieces and understanding that I need now.15:58
neiljerramlazyPower, Thanks also.15:58
mbruzekneiljerram: Excellent, glad to help. If you need anything else ping me here.15:59
neiljerrammbruzek, Thanks, I'll do that.15:59
mbruzekI am the one that wrote the TLS layer so it is my responsibility. What I have found is TLS is hard15:59
lazyPowermbruzek i try to help :)16:09
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xiletAfter a reboot a series of my units are stuck with "agent is lost, sorry! See 'juju status-history glance/0'"  The status-history is normal until the reboot and nothing since, any way to kickstart a container back to life? (2.0-beta)17:12
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josexilet: did IP addresses change?18:01
cholcombereactive is doing some odd things i'm having trouble figuring out18:10
cholcombei have a base layer that sets a state after it installs everything.  in my layer that uses it i @when() that state and for some reason the base layer never installs what it should but the state is firing18:11
cholcombei r confused :)18:11
cholcombenvm icey and i figured it out18:34
YackaIt seems like --config has been removed from deploying bundles?19:44
YackaIf I create a bundle for a vanillastack application and want to keep the configuration options separate what's the prescribed way in 2.0?19:44
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YackaERROR Flags provided but not supported when deploying a bundle: --config19:55
YackaWhy should a deploy of a bundle be any different than a deploy for a charm?19:55
YackaThey use the same command.19:56
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kjackalkwmonroe: thank you for the cleanup on hbase. I will study all the changes and aling my work based on your pointers. Many thanks!20:34
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kwmonroenp kjackal -- it wasn't too complicated, just doing actions a bit better than we used to.  i also like the collapsed report_status() handler vs individual handlers per missing state.20:56

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