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WhiteNightHello All. I am not able to connect to freenode and the Ubuntu channel via some of the IPs that my Private VPN provider provides. Is there a solution, thanks?02:56
daxdo you have an example IP address?02:59
WhiteNightya sure, 1 sec03:00
WhiteNightin fact, allow me a few mins, I will paste all IPs my VPN gives me based on which country/location I connect via03:00
dax(i'm multitasking right now, but if no-one else shows up i can take a look)03:01
daxactually, prereq question i forgot to ask. Do you get "cannot join #ubuntu, you are banned (+b)", or "disconnected from server" / "killed" / "k-lined" etc.03:01
WhiteNightit just doesnt connect at all03:02
daxno error message at all?03:04
WhiteNightUmmm, let me give you 2 things03:06
WhiteNight1) List of IPs = http://paste.ubuntu.com/18491969/03:07
WhiteNightI will disconnect, reconnect via VPN, get a screenshot, come back and share03:07
daxhuh, PIA should be fairly well-supported03:07
daxdoesn't sound like channel ban, but /me checks03:07
WhiteNightHi dax .. here is error screenshot from VPN03:09
daxcan you put it on imgur or something? ubuntu's pastebin probably isn't the best place for images :P03:10
WhiteNightOuch, how do I send a picture to pastebin?03:10
WhiteNightyeah sure, hold on03:10
Unit193Just base64 it.. :P03:11
* dax hits Unit193 with a hammer03:11
WhiteNightlol @ Unit19303:13
dax(not seeing any PIA IP addresses in #ubuntu's banlist btw, so this is gonna end up being an issue on freenode's or PIA's end, but we may as well help figure out which)03:15
WhiteNightThanks Dax. brb03:18
WhiteNightdax, here is the error screenshot for you03:20
WhiteNightbrb, dinner time :)03:20
WhiteNighttx for all the help in advance03:20
daxoh, it's saslified. one sec03:20
dax(unless someone else has Hexchat SASL instructions handy)03:21
daxWhiteNight: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/hexchat03:21
daxnvm found it03:21
daxWhiteNight: specifically on list item (2), I think Ubuntu's Hexchat calls it "ubuntu servers" or something03:21
WhiteNightok, tx, will brb post dinner n dig bro03:23
popeyandybrine: what happens if you /join #ubuntu ?09:40
andybrineIm not able to join that at the moment, see my pm09:42
* popey is looking up the ban, one moment09:43
andybrineCan anyone assist. The volume of my speakers is full as well as my computer volume but it is incredibly quiet09:43
popeySo it looks like you were removed from the channel because you were asking support questions about topics we don't cover, after being told we don't support them?09:45
popeythen proceeded to privately message abuse to people?09:46
popeyThat's not really the kind of thing we like to promote in our channels.09:46
andybrineThere were a few people providing me support but one of the admins kept pushing me away.I was just asking assistance on where to go and I was blocked09:47
popeyCan you see how our channel would become difficult to use if everyone used it as a central point for finding support with non-ubuntu things?09:48
andybrineI sent those messages as I am constantly hastled by the admin in questiion.09:48
andybrineIt was actually a ubuntu question09:48
andybrineYea, he has done this all the time09:48
andybrineanyway, im not going to defend myself. All I wanted was support09:49
popeyHe's an active op, with a good memory for people who repeatedly ask for things we don't support, for sure.09:49
andybrinethat is what the community wis for09:49
popeyok, well if you don't want to resolve the ban, then I can recommend askubuntu.com for support.09:49
andybrineI would just like some support on some issues im having. If you look back at the conversation, you can clearly see that there were others helping me at that moment09:50
andybrineat least pointing me in the right direction09:50
popeyBut if everyone comes in asking random non-ubuntu questions, the channel becomes useless for people who actually want to use it for ubuntu support.09:51
popeyThere are other channels for android support09:51
popeyit's not our fault if those channels aren't staffed09:51
popeythere's also #ubuntu-offtopic for non-ubuntu-support stuff09:52
popeyas an alternative within the ubuntu namespace09:52
andybrineit was actually initially a ubuntu question that I couldnt get resolved. Then I asked where I could get support09:52
andybrineI wanted to run the emulator for android in ubuntu.09:53
andybrineAnd I was not able to do that09:53
popeyYes, just looking at the logs there seems to have been some grey area there.09:55
andybrineYes, for sure. Its not the first time that this specific admin has been rude and dismissive. When all I am looking to do is get a bug or issue fixed.09:57
popeyI don't know the full history here, so I'm a little uncomfortable lifting the ban right now, until I can speak to ikonia10:03
andybrineNo problem. I just thought the ubuntu irc was a place for community and support of that I recieved from some helpful people. It is just ironic that you have an admin that is incredibly disrespectful to people in the community and irc channel. Surely the ban should be on the other foot :/10:05
k1l_andybrine: stop10:06
andybrineI guess at the moment I am incredibly confused10:06
k1l_andybrine: stop blaming others for your actions. what about we start with you acting against the guidelines on purpose. and if other users or admins ask you to stop you start with harrassment even in pm?10:06
andybrineahh and the irony continues lol :)10:07
k1l_andybrine: thing is: we cant allow non-ubuntu support in #ubuntu since its a very big channel and if everyone comes in there just to get their non ubuntu issues solved quickly, then its no use for ubuntu support anymore.10:08
k1l_can you agree on that?10:08
andybrineThink you need to look at your disrespectful admin. I was just a little annoyed that I was baned for not reason10:08
andybrineAs I mentioned, it was actually a ubuntu problem that I was facing10:08
andybrineand had some great support from others trying to assist me10:09
andybrinewhich I am incredibly grateful for :)10:09
k1l_and now making fun of ops or even blame the ops that they asked and made you stick to the guidelines just makes you shine a in a bad light. since community is a two way street.10:09
k1l_so with the behaviour you showed just today i am not comfortable to release the ban, since you show no intention to follow the guidelines in future. you are just justifying your actions and blame all others. this makes it look like you will do this again. which we cant tolerate.10:11
andybrineits was about providing support that other gave me. I was actually trying to get support on a ubuntu issue. This particular admin is like this all the time. Very disrespectful. Literally Everyone else was amazing and very helpful :)10:11
k1l_i am quoting for the logs: 2016-06-10T13:01:20 <andybrine> bear with me ikonia I have tried the android irc channels and they are not active. It was just a passing question with the hope someone may have some experience10:11
k1l_so you said yourself: i didnt get an answer in the appropriate channel so i ask for non-ubuntu support in #ubuntu on purpose10:12
k1l_so stop telling the lie, that you did nothing wrong, when you said it yourself already back then.10:12
andybrinethis was in the mix of many questions where others were just pointing me in the right direction. I actually pmed someone who was assisting me to take it away from the channel10:13
k1l_!guidelines | andybrine10:13
ubottuandybrine: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:13
k1l_please have a read of the guidelines to make sure we are on the same basis to discuss the issues of #ubuntu in here.10:14
andybrinesave it. I asked a was trying to resolve a ubuntu issue for quite a while and then asked where I could go to get the assistance I required10:14
andybrinepeace, I think that is what is needed10:15
andybrineSo PEACE! Over and Out!10:15
k1l_ok, if you cant even acknowledge to stick with the guidelines and not misuse #ubuntu for non-ubuntu support because the other channel is not active, i cant release the ban.10:16
k1l_asking for non ubuntu support in #ubuntu is unfair to the ubuntu community who needs #ubuntu to solve their ubuntu issues.10:17
andybrinehahaha, as I stated many times it was initially a ubuntu issue that I was trying to resolve. Then all I wanted was to be pointed in the right direction to get it resolved. I do think that is ok for me to ask that since it was a ubutnu issue I was trying to fix. I actually never wanted support for non-ubuntu issues. I know it was not the place for it. My issue is with the manner at which I was treated and have been10:21
andybrine on an ongoing basis from this admin. It happens on an ongoing basis. Save adding me back into the community but at least look at the disrespect he gives others in the group.10:21
andybrineDouble standards is the problem10:21
bazhangandybrine, it won't help your case for blaming an op10:22
bazhangandybrine, a simple acknowledgment of fault, affirm wont repeat using #ubuntu for no ubuntu stuff, and quick resolution10:23
k1l_andybrine: if you are concerned about the behaviour of an op you are free to contact the IRCC (like mentioned in the guidelines).10:23
andybrinesadly I can see that bazhang. Its just a shame when it is a great community and it just takes one person to spoil it.Its even more of a shame that it is an op.10:24
k1l_andybrine: but you are just busy pointing out others reactions while they were just reactions to your actions. for that actions you were banned. any you failes to make it look like this actions wont happen again, so far.10:24
andybrineSadly I know the intentions behind the actions and that was not it. I admit I asked a non-ubuntu question. but this was after I wanted able to resolve the ubuntu issue I was having :)10:26
bazhangandybrine, you wont respect/follow the guidelines, and insist on blaiming an op for YOUR behavior, thats no way to get a ban lifted10:26
andybrineskrew the ban lol. Im just in amazement at the irony (yawn)10:27
bazhangandybrine, ok . please exit the channel10:28
andybrinefeel free to boot me lol :P (Actually I have to get some work done)10:28
k1l_andybrine: anything to add? if not please leave this channel (as told before)10:51
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k1l_keithzg: anything we can do for you?19:44
Dinosauriok1l_: Hey, I'm sorry, just having a bad day20:42
k1l_Dinosaurio: you have been warned, kicked and banned very often before. stay out of #ubuntu if you cant follow the guidelines20:43
DinosaurioI haven't20:43
Dinosaurioanyway, could we stop all this talk and get down to the nitty-gritty? Remove my quiet, sir20:43
hggdh@comment 73021 started in #u-br; just wasting time.20:44
ubottuComment added.20:44
k1l_@comment 6623020:44
ubottuFeb 16 2015 13:45 ikonia: dinosaurio!~asdf@unaffiliated/dinosaurio20:44
k1l_Dinosaurio: stop trolling. you are a known troll.20:44
DinosaurioI'm not Jesse James, man20:44
k1l_stop playing dumb.20:44
k1l_a user with 9 bantracker entries with his freenode account should not try to make it look like it was just an accident once.20:45
daxand quite apart from the history, that sort of language is not acceptable in #ubuntu from anyone20:46
Dinosauriowhat about this? '22:44 <+k1l_> stop playing dumb.' I want to leave proof of your insults and malpractice as operator20:46
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meeting logs from meetingology at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/20:46
Dinosaurioban yourself right now20:46
DinosaurioFor God sake, man, do you really count how many times you get someone banned?20:48
daxno, there's a bot that does it for us20:48
DinosaurioAm I the dumb?20:48
k1l_come back the day you are willing not to troll and finally willing to follow the guidelines.20:48
daxanything else we can help you with today, since clearly your ban's not going away at this time?20:48
DinosaurioGood luck finding my other account cloaked20:49
DinosaurioLet's hope your 'bot' does it for you20:49
daxif it behaves, i'm not sure why you think we'd care20:49
daxif not, it'll go too20:49
Dinosauriothat's good20:49
DinosaurioI have a last question20:49
DinosaurioDo you have friends?20:50
DinosaurioI mean real friends20:50
Dinosaurionot fat faggots20:50
elkyi'm his wife, i can assure you he has friends.20:50
hggdhwhat is going on today? A special pollen in the air?20:52
k1l_in here its last week in school before the summerbreak. so the kids get already bored20:53
daxit's been summer break for a month here, i guess that means the trolls are Europe's fault then :D20:54
an3kHello. How can I check on which harddrive the linux disk cache is written to and how can I change it?21:47
an3ka pff21:47
hggdhan3k: better ask on #ubuntu. This is not a support channel.21:49
an3kGuess which channel I "joined" :)21:50
hggdhso you were probably forwarded21:51
an3kYeah, looks like a perm-ban21:51
hggdhlet me check21:51
hggdhyes, I see it, on Jan 7th you got ban-forwarded to -ops.21:55
hggdhan3k: so, do you want to discuss why you were banned?21:55
an3kI know why I was banned and I already tried to talk to the op twice. Second time I asked if I could talk about this issue to someone else so that person could be the "negotiator" but that made every op involved just angry21:57
hggdhwell, you are chatting with me now21:58
an3kYes :) Well, I know I crossed the line and I'm sorry about that. And no, I do not start talking about "he should have behaved different too" because I already noticed that doesn't help at all.22:02
hggdhindeed it does not help22:03
hggdhdid you read the guidelines? Do you need a pointer to them?22:03
an3kYes, I did and know them, thanks.22:04
hggdhwill you behave? Please note that a new ban will be much more difficult to revert.22:06
an3kYes. I'll only ask politely for help and do nothing else like helping others (because that's how the ban happened)22:07
hggdhan3k: this is your option, and your take. Mind you, I personally find the second part a bit snarky.22:08
an3kWell, I would love to help others but since exactly that caused the whole thing I prefer not to do so anymore :(22:09
hggdhI am pointing this out only because this type of statement has a very good chance of been either mis-interpreted (if you did not mean it) or correcty interpreted (if you *did* mean it.22:09
an3kIt's not meant offensive or snarky in any way. Sorry if it sounded so.22:10
hggdhI will take out the ban, then22:10
an3kThank you.22:11
hggdhan3k: please see if you can get into #ubuntu now22:11
an3kNope, still banned22:11
hggdhoh, used the wrong id22:12
an3kLooks like someone else can be happy now ;)22:13
hggdhan3k: please try again22:13
an3know it works22:13
an3kThank you again.22:14
hggdhOK. Now please part this channel, and enjoy the world.22:14
hggdhyou are welcome22:14
elkywell no you got the right id twice :P23:21
hggdhwhich is something, I guess23:24
phunyguyelky: already jumping on and off the couch with ease.  This is not good.23:41
elkyphunyguy: lol23:42
daxours has claimed the couch as his bed23:43
daxother cat has been relegated to our bed23:43
elkyphunyguy: apparently dax's parents cat was dancing on curtain rods at some ridiculously young age or something23:43
phunyguyoh no23:43
phunyguyhe chews cords too 😞23:44
daxso you know those windows that have semi-circle windows above them?23:44
phunyguysupposed to keep hiim away from our other cats but he doesn't need to be locked up all day every day...23:44
daxwe used to have one of those in our old house. she somehow got up there when she was a kitten23:44
daxi assume by scaling the curtains23:44
phunyguyJeeves: put up my finest curtains... I'd like to go climbing.23:45

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