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Guest68232hey people00:06
EuracQuick question, bit behind the times, what's the latest LTS release?00:10
Startrek852Can someone tell me what the difference between plasma-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, and kubuntu-full is?00:15
broken_hi all, so i cant install ubuntu on an old HDD that is a replacement in my macbook pro00:15
broken_i cant write to dev/sda00:15
broken_i tried in gparted and failed on setting the partition type on sda100:16
broken_any help would be epic00:16
broken_i can see it, i just cant write to it00:16
Ben64are you using gparted as root00:16
lindenkhey, can someone running trusty run `timeout --version` and tell me what version it is? :-) . Also, if the flag --preserve-status is named something else on that version00:17
lindenkor what package it's in00:17
broken_Ben64 im using it fromt he live cd00:18
broken_Ben64 - or thumb drive in this instance00:18
Ben64!info coreutils trusty |  lindenk00:18
ubottulindenk: coreutils (source: coreutils): GNU core utilities. In component main, is required. Version 8.21-1ubuntu5.4 (trusty), package size 1060 kB, installed size 5984 kB00:18
Bashing-omlindenk: sysop@1404mini:~$ timeout --version >> timeout (GNU coreutils) 8.21 .00:18
lindenkah, thanks guys00:19
eggbert4i've got a tmpfs at /run that shows as using 6gb in df, but there arent any sizeable files in there, nor can i see any deleted files in lsof00:19
eggbert4any clues on where to look next?00:19
Ben64eggbert4: pastebin the output of 'df -h'00:19
Ben64broken_: that doesn't change my question00:19
eggbert4tmpfs           6.4G  6.1G  315M  96% /run00:19
eggbert4then a du in there shows  about 400k used00:20
eggbert4its an aws ec2 box running 14.04, though im hoping thats not important to know00:20
Ben64sudo lsof | grep /run00:20
broken_Ben64, sorry, I dont know then00:20
broken_Ben64 day 100:20
eggbert4i cant paste that much, but theres not much in the lsof output. udev, systemd, couple shells00:21
eggbert4ive restarted every process i can access thats in the lsof output, but i cant reboot dbus00:21
eggbert4actually what am i talking about, heres the output00:21
Ben64try rebooting00:22
Ben64broken_: do you need anything on that hard drive00:23
eggbert4yeah as a last resort, but its a prod system00:23
broken_Ben64 I do not, I pulled it from a PS4 that now has better jazz00:24
Ben64broken_: then pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"00:24
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broken_Ben64 I think I now feel like an idiot, still in the dark, but less so00:27
Ben64broken_: put the output from that command into paste.ubuntu.com , and give the url here so i can see it00:28
broken_Ben64 http://paste.ubuntu.com/19031928/00:29
Ben64well theres your problem, there is no sda00:29
broken_Ben64 http://paste.ubuntu.com/19032028/00:30
broken_Ben64 I can see it in Gparted - its a 500gb hdd drive, just not sure how to proceed here00:31
Ben64if parted doesn't see it, something is wrong00:32
broken_Ben64 well, it seems parted cant see it anymore00:33
broken_it was seeing it a few mins ago00:33
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broken_hi Ben64 sorry, rebooted, seems i somehow unmounted that drive?00:55
broken_you gave me a command to run - to determine if it was write only? I think00:55
trist4nmeh, i ended up rebooting. naturally problem has disappeared00:57
trist4nstrike this one up as unsolved00:57
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latitudeAnyone knows of a mouse pointer theme that inverses the colors based on the background behind the pointer, so as to provide adequate contrast and visibility?01:03
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broken_Ben64 I have started lparted as sudo01:04
broken_and i cn see unallocated 475GB01:05
broken_but if i try to add a partition table, it errors out with a input/output error and then the drive dissapears01:05
Ben64broken_: sounds like your hard drive is busted01:07
SchrodingersScatsad day for you ;(01:07
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Jack42Hi! Developer c?01:17
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EoinDeehey guys, does anyone know anyone who does freelance work to help me set up GPU passthrough on my machine ? Thanks01:24
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Jack42Do who is developer C?01:39
debidiJack42: ##c01:42
hiexpoHi all01:44
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wireheadHello, how do you make a desktop shortcut for a program that isn't in the Applications folder?01:55
hiexporight click it maybe01:57
lesa2Hi, is there a way to nicely close all open apps prior to shutdown?02:01
wireheadhiexpo, it's a program that runs by terminal, can't quite right-click it02:05
TameikiHello, on my laptop, I have a client.conf correcly set in /etc/openvpn. But my laptop auto-connect this after boot. It is possible to not auto-connect client.conf in /etc/openvpn after boot ?02:06
broken_Ben64, or possibly that little cable that conects it to the m02:06
broken_Ben64 since its pretty much new02:07
lesa2I mean, is there a way to prevent shutdown to kill all open apps before they "gracefully" close?02:07
Ben64lesa2: killing them is nice02:11
lesa2That would prevent "this is embarrassing " and "browser was not properly closed" messages and actual loss of data when there is an unsaved document.02:11
reisiodun dun dun02:11
Ben64don't shut down with an unsaved document02:11
lesa2ben64: Heh, well, I have a script that does that on Xubuntu, but I was wondering if that could be than system-wise02:13
Ben64not sure what that means02:13
lesa2It means, if I have an open doc in Writer, it won't let shutdown do it's thing before I click Ok.02:14
reisiolesa2: you talking about a system running out of battery power?02:15
lesa2ben64: it is as if SIGTERM is never sent so apps are SIGKILLED.02:16
lesa2reisio: no I talk about clicking on shutdown button. It is too quick and doesn't let applications close gracefully.02:17
Ben64seems like the real problem is you hit shutdown when you have unsaved documents and things02:18
chrstphrchvzben64, lesa2: let me dare mention how Windows and OS X, if the OS is told to shutdown, any desktop programs prompt the user to save any unsaved work before the shutdown actually happens.02:18
lesa2chrstphrchvz: exactly.02:19
lesa2I was wondering if Ubuntu can be set to do likewise?02:19
lesa2the script I'm currently using does the same but is there a better way?02:20
LordSesshomaruHey, I just got a used APC Smart-UPS 1000 with flat batteries, I'm wondering if there's a way to disable alarms under 16.10 like I used to with PowerChute in windows.  Also its connected via serial.02:21
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jiajunhow can I set xorg.conf to support high resolution screen? the fonts in the internal screen on my notebook is too small, but it's normal in external screen.02:23
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chrstphrchvzlesa2: looking over a few bug reports, it looks like this has been an issue for a long time (e.g. mechanisms exist to implement this feature but are unused/broken), or outright dismissed as a non-issue on philosophical grounds.02:25
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mundus2018This is pretty weak spam02:26
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tgm4883This is why we shouldn't let children on the internet...02:26
reisioisn't there a switch for preventing /notice'ing an entire channel?02:27
Ben64reisio: yes\02:28
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YankDownUnderFun times. A-yup.02:29
mundus2018That was cute02:29
fishcookeri think there is problem with my wired networking https://bpaste.net/show/13370de7c448 last time i used this wired connection 9 days ago ... is it hardware problem because using another wired cable can't connect also  ?02:35
dewwfishcooker: ip addr <enter?02:38
dewwsorry typing with sprained arm02:38
YankDownUnderfishcooker: eth0? If you type "ifconfig" - does "eth0" show? Or does it have a different name...?02:42
fishcookerno the default wired connection is eth0, YankDownUnder02:47
fishcookeri think hardware problem.. how do i check.. any clue would be appreciated02:48
YankDownUnderfishcooker: Right...as mine is "named" as enp3s0...02:48
YankDownUnderfishcooker: Have you tried "ethtool" yet?02:49
Bashing-omfishcooker: A quick check for the hardware ' ping -c3 ' has a positive return ?02:50
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fishcookerBashing-om: https://bpaste.net/show/bfe357c6bc4803:02
fishcookerhttps://bpaste.net/show/be42e5fb6ca1 YankDownUnder03:03
fishcookeri think it is driver problem03:03
fishcookeram i right03:04
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Bashing-omfishcooker: Well, so far so good . What does the kernek report for the hardware state ' lspci | grep Ethernet ; ip link ls ' ?03:07
fishcookerBashing-om: https://bpaste.net/show/2e297984c18b03:09
fishcookerit looks i can't find eth0 device03:09
YankDownUnderfishcooker: So then, "lspci" doesn't find anything - at all - on your system? Nothing?03:12
Bashing-omYankDownUnder: fishcooker Does not look good for the home team .. what about ' ls /sys/class/net ' ?03:13
fishcooker$ ls /sys/class/net03:15
fishcookerdocker0  lo  virbr0  wlan003:15
matt|homehello. i just installed the latest version of ubuntu for desktop, and the first bootup into it was fine. but when i rebooted , the GUI pops up but there's no navigation or menu bars - its just a blank screen with the background. mouse pointer moves around but doesn't respond to right click03:15
matt|homei can move between X and the terminals too03:15
matt|homeanyone know what happened?03:15
reisiomatt|home: X cursor?03:16
Jack42Hello friends !03:16
matt|homeyeah , the default purple background shows up and the mouse/cursor moves around and responds03:16
matt|homebut there's no sidebars, its literally just the background03:17
YankDownUnderI've had this "crap" happen before. What I ended up doing - in order to force the "ethernet" to be seen was to go into BIOS, turn off COM/LPT ports (therefore freeing up the IRQ's and memory addresses), sometimes even turning OFF the onboard card (if it is an onboard card, if not, removing the card from the system) - doing several "cold" boots, then turning the ethernet back on in BIOS or replacing the card in the machine again -03:17
YankDownUnderand the system (the kernel) re-found the ethernet. Something worth thinking about as it's actually quick and easy to do...03:17
Jack42X cursor?03:17
reisiomatt|home: so it's an arrow?03:17
Bashing-omfishcooker: Sorry .. this beats me . Why you can ping local host, but the network card is not recognized by the kernel ... over my head .03:18
matt|homelike, want me to take a pic /03:18
reisiomatt|home: try running DISPLAY=:0 unity from another TTY03:18
matt|homehm no, but it does pop out some errors, sec03:18
matt|homedo i have to run that as sudo reisio ?03:19
matt|homemkay, because the error messages im getting are a whole bunch of "missing file x" which makes me think something got fucked03:20
matt|homei dont know /why/ , i was able to boot into it correctly the first time03:20
reisiowhich file/s?03:21
matt|homea whole bunch, the last message i saw was "error dpkg was interrupted" something something03:21
matt|homelemme check the log file..03:21
fishcooker1thankyou YankDownUnder... it sounds like a restart to me, CMIIW03:22
reisiomatt|home: from DISPLAY=:0 unity ? I think not03:22
fishcooker1ahh sorry for disconnecting03:22
matt|homereisio - nah, i ran that command, then it had a giant list of "error missing file blah"s printing out, so i decided to try apt-get update , and then from the update was the dpkg message03:22
matt|homenow im forcing it to update03:22
reisiouhuh, but what I asked about was what files were missing03:23
lickalotthey all.  Was in earlier and never got my issue resolved.  I have a 32gb flash drive that is only showing 8gb available.  Been through gparted, multiple times, as well as fdisk, and dd (/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=1m count=1) and still only shows 8gb.  Anyone got anything on this?03:23
reisiolickalott: what makes you think it's 32GB03:23
matt|homereisio - which file in /var/log am i looking for?03:23
reisiomatt|home: for what I asked for? Not any of them03:23
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lickalottreisio, it's always been a 32gb03:24
reisiolickalott: according to what03:24
lickalottthe stamp on the front03:25
reisioand you bought this from where?03:25
lickalottit's a lexar.  got it from Fry's03:25
matt|homemkay lets see if this fals03:25
matt|home.. fails even.03:25
reisiolickalott: then take it back to Fry's03:25
subsumehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/nginx how do i get nginx 1.9 instead of nginx 1.103:26
subsumei am using 1.60403:26
reisioit is fraudulent or defective03:26
subsumeerr 16.0403:26
YankDownUnderIf the partition table is corrupt, it is likely to show bad "size"03:26
lickalottthought about it....   it's worked in the past.  I had a live distro on it for a while.  I think something corrupted it after I formatted it again to reuse03:26
reisiohaving a distro on it in the past doesn't mean it was 32gb03:26
sponixsubsume: Have you tried a google search on nginx PPA ?03:26
subsumenvm i am done03:27
lickalottI understand that......03:27
subsumei needed at least 1.303:27
subsumebut i have 1.1003:27
subsume1.10 > 1.303:27
matt|homereisio - thanks for your patience <3 the problem seems to have been solved after i ran those commands, not entirely sure why03:27
lickalottthere is a stamp on the front that shows "32GB" and ive used it in the past at it's full capacity03:27
YankDownUnderDelete the partition. Create a new partition table. Create a new partition. Check the size.03:27
matt|homelickalott - sounds like it got broke somehow, flash drives can die on you without any warning03:28
reisiomatt|home: gj03:29
matt|homethanks again o\03:29
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fasdfhi, does anybody know how GPUs in hybrid graphics systems do switch? Let's say it's a usual laptop Intel + Nvidia/AMD setup, and I'm running two kvm  machines03:37
fasdf1st kvm instance has Intel GPU being passthrough into it03:37
fasdf2nd kvm instance has nvidia, but I can access vms only with vnc right now03:37
fasdf(actually didn't try nvidia one, but got intel passthrough working just fine)03:38
fasdfany ideas how to switch output to intel's gpu so I can see what's happening inside vm on main display?03:38
fasdfI mean I don't want fancy functionality like sharing graphics memory between two adapters and switching like in mac os x03:42
fasdfjust to switch which one is currently on the output03:42
ap916Did anyone's unity crashed on changing window animations in Ubuntu 16.04 ?03:43
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jmghey guys04:19
jmgdoes anyone know how to recover in the case of a laptop with secure boot suffering hardware fail, and trying to use the disk in a new laptop?04:20
YankDownUnderYou can create a USB boot disk from inside of Ubuntu...or, create a liveUSB and work from there...04:21
python90210what's the best way to image the entire ubuntu disk into a vm?04:21
torchinzthe 16.04 LTS has a buggy software center, no?04:21
jmg16.04 is trash.04:21
torchinzjmg, what do you suggest?04:22
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YankDownUndertorchinz: Best to install and use "Synaptic" - always the best option.04:22
tgm4883lets stay on topic?04:22
torchinzYankDownUnder, I downloaded synaptics but I am not very familiar with it.04:22
torchinzjmg, that's true04:22
YankDownUndertorchinz: More options for package management and installation...04:22
tgm4883I've used the software center once and it worked fine for me04:22
torchinztgm4883, maybe because i am dual booting with win 7?04:23
jmganyway i see lots of documentation on how to enable secure boot but no way to disable it04:23
jmgit seems that wasnt a case that is supported?04:23
tgm4883torchinz: not sure what that would have to do with software center04:23
torchinzI installed the 16.04 yesterday, and came upon a blank software center screen -_-04:24
jmgor is it just boot from usb, chroot, grub-install --uefi-secure-boot04:24
YankDownUnderThe logic of creating a "safe boot" would go hand-in-hand with being able to "undo" the same.04:24
jmgtorchinz: i installed it and got 38 network devices from systemd.04:24
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Spider_xI do however get this: "AWL: Run adv_windowlist from the shell or switch to sbar mode" and maybe any of you know how to switch to sbar mode?04:25
Spider_xHey, slightly off topic but any Irssi users in here? I am wondering if there is a script like adv_windowlist but instead of launching a new window for the channels, can I have them in my status bar?04:25
jmgconclusion i will wait until at least .104:25
jmgor until someone decides to roll back the cancer04:25
tgm4883jmg: social commentary isn't really needed in this channel04:26
jmgthats not a social comment its a statement of fact04:26
CountryfiedLinuxHow do I enable natural scrolling for my usb mouse?04:27
jmgbut further to my original reason to be here, i cant find any documentation on how to recover a secure boot enabled disk04:27
CountryfiedLinuxIt lets me switch it for my touchpad but not my mouse.04:27
YankDownUnderIt's truly and obviously Monday.04:27
tgm4883jmg: Odd. That doesn't look like a support question. It also doesn't look like an answer to someone's request for help. Hmm, I wonder what channel I'm in04:27
CountryfiedLinuxAnd not my wireless keyboard's touchpad neither.04:27
Spider_xtgm4883: You are in #Ubuntu !04:28
jmgtgm4883: allow me to rephrase.04:28
jmgHow do you disable secure boot on an already enabled drive, when the original system the disk is paired to is nonfunctional?04:28
YankDownUnderCountryfiedLinux: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/solved-natural-reverse-scrolling/319004:28
jmgI can't find any documentation supporting this scenario besides an impenetrable wall of bash in the SecurityTeam wiki page04:29
MyrttiSpider_x: have you considered asking in #irssi? albeit it's quite early for getting replies there, I know04:30
jmgi'm refering to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/SecureBoot04:30
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ubernetsIs there a cli command or another easy way to find out the "default Linux timeslice for realtime processes" (RR_TIMESLICE) in Ubuntu.04:32
goddardhow can you specify a host and username in your config if it needs a specific ssh key04:33
YankDownUnderubernets: If you want to have a bit of understanding about "time slice" for processing, you might want to read this about "real time" kernel scheduling: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Performance_Tuning_Guide/s-cpu-scheduler.html04:34
Spider_xHey any irssi user who can tell me how I can achieve having all my joined channels in the bottom, like 1 (Status) 2(#Ubuntu) 3(Linux) and so on, I am already using adv_windowlist, but it displays the channels in a seperate window and I would like it to be in the status bar.04:36
ubernetsYankDownUnder, thanks I will read it. But right now I just wanted a general idea of how long the general time slices are. I think it is specified as RR_TIMESLICE preprocessor directive in the kernel. Can I read that value from the cli or any other easy way to know what value was used?04:36
YankDownUnderSpider_x: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61549/how-do-i-configure-irssi04:37
YankDownUnderubernets: If I 'm not mistaken, you can read through that in the kernel header files - which can be installed on the system easily enough.04:38
Spider_xThanks for the link YankDownUnder I will try and compare it to my config file.04:39
YankDownUnderSpider_x: Si.04:39
Spider_xAlso this is what I am trying to achieve http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-me6BXSC95-M/UvIAYFdhYmI/AAAAAAAAKxs/fEWMLZjY_9M/s1600/Screen+Shot+2014-02-05+at+10.11.31+AM.png04:42
YankDownUnderSpider_x: For as much as I'd *LOVE* to pursue assistance in irssi, I am floating in this channel for Ubuntu support, my friend...ergo, it's best to ask irssi questions in the #irssi channel...04:44
Spider_xThanks for the channel suggestion, didn't think that irssi was on freenode :D04:45
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goddardhow can you specify a host and username in your config if it needs a specific ssh key04:51
goddardlike what if a certain host has 2 ssh accounts with 2 different key files04:52
tgm4883goddard: in what config?04:52
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goddardtgm4883: ssh config04:57
tgm4883goddard: so you're trying to connect to a server and the server has 2 ssh accounts with 2 different key files?04:59
KiritoDoes zsh pull the default $PATH environment variable from /etc/environment, or does it use its own thing?05:05
Kiritoah, seems not, nevermind05:08
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python90210does anyone use ubuntu on the cloud?05:55
python90210is it cost effective?05:56
Bassemcan't change my screen resolution06:01
Bassemcan't find the option06:01
Bassemsystem settings is unknow application name06:02
GrorcoDoes anyone know any good free books on the inner workings of ubuntu? I read a little bit of the linux bible the other day but it didn't focus on debian OS's06:04
GrorcoOh looking for pdf I can download06:04
Tin_manGrorco, http://www.svecc.com/SLUG/slug_pdf/The%20Official%20Ubuntu%20Book,%207th%20Edition.pdf06:07
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Bassemhow can i update unity tweak version 0.0.606:16
xanguaBassem: is there something wrong with it?06:16
Bassemit dosnt have the option to move unti bar06:17
Bassemalso i can see new version 0.0.706:17
bilb_onois there a way to know what installation step installs a library? I am trying to run theano and I get complaints about libcublas libraries not being there. Sure enough they aren't on my system. I would like to understand how to install this library?06:17
BackwardsDoes anyone know if Ubuntu kernel 15.10 Wily is Debian? When I apt-get anything I see Debian show up in the repositories.06:18
Bassemxangua, how can i update it06:19
Backwardsi.e. apt-get update that is.06:19
xangua1:17 AM <Bassem> it dosnt have the option to move unti bar /what Ubuntu release is this?06:20
Bassemxangua, 1406:21
Bassemxangua, 14.0406:21
xanguaBassem: you can only move the unity launcher to bottom starting at Ubuntu 16.04, updating unity tweak wrong change that06:22
Bassemhow to update to ubuntu 16.0406:22
hateball!ltsupgrade | Bassem06:23
ubottuBassem: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.06:23
BackwardsBassem have you done:  sudo apt-get update       then:    sudo apt-get upgrade   ?06:23
Bassemxangua, i can't find the option for screen resolution06:23
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Bassemxangua, i can't find the option for screen resolution06:25
BackwardsBassem this should help:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/189246/how-set-my-monitor-resolution06:27
BackwardsMake sure you follow the directions. If you don't know what you are doing, then don't do it.06:29
Tin_manBackwards, read this link: http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian06:29
BackwardsThanks tin man   :)06:29
BassemBackwards, i can't find the display option in system settings06:30
BackwardsTin Man I read that the kernel I was speaking about was only supported for so many years. I see what you are referring to. Thanks for that link.06:31
BackwardsBassem right click on the screen and it may show up there.06:31
BassemBackwards, no nothing only change background and when i click on it it show nothing06:32
Tin_manBassem, that link that backwards shows where the graphic settings are if you read it.06:32
BackwardsBassem look for more options.06:32
Tin_manthat Backwards gave you06:33
BackwardsDon't change anything if you don't know what you are doing. Bad mistake.06:35
BassemBackwards, https://s31.postimg.org/wc9njj7yz/Screenshot_from_2016_07_11_08_32_49.png06:35
BackwardsChanging Monitor modes and resolutions changes voltages on the computer monitor or screen. It could damage the monitor.06:36
BackwardsEspecially if the Monitor is a CRT.06:37
Tin_manBassem, have you changed anything yet, cause if thats what your seeing, then something is wrong.06:37
BackwardsCRT is Cathode Ray Tube.06:37
BackwardsBassem that screenshot looks like the Linux Box from H**L06:40
BassemBackwards, thats what my setting looks like06:40
BassemBackwards, i dont know why06:40
BackwardsMaybe you have what I call:  "Clickitis"06:41
Tin_mani'd try a reinstall, or try and figure out what graphics driver you need for your graphics card, is there any thing else thats not showing up (graphically)06:45
BackwardsBassem look at this URL:  http://www.tecmint.com/screen-command-examples-to-manage-linux-terminals/06:45
BackwardsDon't do anything unless you read and fully understand the commands.06:46
Tin_manBassem, look at this link, it looks like your screen shot kinda, and I bet if you follow the terminal command in the example i might help, don't think it will hurt.06:50
Tin_mani = it*06:50
Tin_mansudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:51
BackwardsNice work Tin Man   :)06:52
Tin_manjust luck06:52
BackwardsI don't believe in luck. Just RTM.06:53
BackwardsRead The Manual.  :)06:53
Tin_manback in the old days it was RTFM06:54
BackwardsYears ago when I read the MAN pages I was devastated. It was a nuisance to look at them but as time went on the MAN pages make sense. It takes time to understand them.06:54
BackwardsTin Man I left out the F   for the kids.06:55
Tin_mansome are kinda cryptic, but there always at your finger tips..06:55
BackwardsTin Man where are you from? I am U.S.A. Massachusetts.06:56
aienaJust wondering. I am creating a local web server for testing. I am in sort of a dilemma on how to fix apache permission denied errors. I know chmod 777 will work but it is the wrong way. I gain nothing by doing that. How do I seperate data from the web root and let apache process it. I have my files in the home directory. APache is configured to execute the code from a web root in the home dir.06:56
Tin_mani rely a lot on looking things up, and i usually find the answer to my problem, if given enough effort.06:56
aienaI read this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1225594/apache-13-permission-denied-in-users-home-directorybut still unclear06:57
Tin_manI'm from Kansas City, Missouri, but moved south to the country about 18 years ago little town in south east Kansas06:57
BackwardsNice to meet you Tin Man. :)06:57
BackwardsAiena Apache2 has a heirarchy to follow.06:58
BackwardsYou don't put files in the /home directory.06:58
aienaBackwards:  Can you explain more. I am new to this apache thing.06:58
aienaBackwards:  but then I need to be continuosly root to edit them06:59
Tin_manthere is a whole course on Apache, It is a very in depth topic, and would take a bunch of time to even tap the beginning workings of it..07:00
BackwardsYou put the files in /var/www/html/<sub-directories>07:00
plop_its_ellieyou can put the files whereever you want07:00
plop_its_elliethe webserver user just needs permission to access them07:00
BackwardsMake sure there is an index.html to protect you from scanning.07:01
aienaplop_its_ellie:  that is what I thought too. SO the user needs to be added to the www-data group so apache can write to a directory07:01
aienaI mean PHP sorry07:01
aienaalso not sure how to keep data out of the web root so apache cant execute it07:02
Tin_manaiena, might try some links to help the process: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/misc/tutorials.html07:02
plop_its_ellieaiena, so if apache is running as www-data then the folder all the files are in must be owned by that user07:02
aienaplop_its_ellie: ah so owner needs to be www-data with chown07:03
BackwardsI use pUTTY and WinSCP for remote headless work on my servers. They are free softwares for Windows and they work perfectly.07:03
plop_its_ellieaiena, yes07:03
BassemTin_man, will give it a try07:03
aienanow how do I allow another user to edit those files say my home user I login as for convinience07:03
plop_its_elliewhy does Backwards need windows o.o07:04
plop_its_ellieaiena, the user you log in as?07:04
Tin_manok, i'm outta here, good luck all, and have a good day/night/eve/morn07:04
hilbillyadd your user name to the www-data group07:04
BackwardsI have many OS Plop. I make all of my money on Windows Boxen.07:04
plop_its_elliei normally keep the users seperate and edit them with sudo07:04
Backwards$1,000.00/customer for Data Recovery is not a bad days work.07:05
plop_its_ellieBackwards, what do you do?07:05
plop_its_ellieoh yea07:05
plop_its_elliei forgot you were talking about that07:05
plop_its_ellieBackwards, for drives that are dead, not read?07:05
BackwardsI do Forensic Data Recovery.07:05
aienaplop_its_ellie:  so its best to su to www-data and edit the files or login as www-data on ubuntu to edit websites07:05
BackwardsDrives that are dead I change the Data Control Board.07:06
plop_its_ellieaiena, you can just use sudo instead of su07:06
plop_its_ellieBackwards, cool!07:06
BackwardsYou can be root and sudo -i07:06
plop_its_elliei assume linux would be the better platform for that sort of stuff tho07:06
aienaplop_its_ellie:  hmm ok I'm confused07:06
BackwardsPlop I use Debian for Data Recovery. You are correct.07:06
plop_its_ellieaiena, so example, $sudo nano /var/www/index.html07:07
plop_its_ellieBackwards, ah07:07
BackwardsMost Data Recovery methods are run in Debian.07:07
BackwardsWhen I use my Windows box, I reboot to a CD with my Debian software for the jobs.07:08
aienaplop_its_ellie:  hmm or the graphica sudo variant for other editors07:08
BackwardsOr just use another computer. I have about 20 of them here.07:08
aienaplop_its_ellie:  what if I switch projects regularly say I have 2 projects and I switch between them what would be a good strategy symplinking to one web root ?07:09
aienahmm actually I could create 2 sites in var/www but then switching needs modifying apache config each time I guess no workaround for that07:09
BackwardsData Recovery is a pains taking method and can take days.07:09
plop_its_ellieaiena, you can have for example /var/www/example.com and /var/www/example1.com /var/www/example2.com...07:11
plop_its_ellieyou are not running it on a headless server???07:11
plop_its_elliei recommend running it on a headless server07:12
BackwardsPlop that is just having two directories with an index.html and files to boot.07:12
plop_its_ellieno need for a gui, just do sudo nnao /var/www/.../index.html from the console07:12
plop_its_ellieoh you mean having 2 different configs for each site07:13
BackwardsPlop don't forget that if you don't have a GUI to see the results of your work, you are in trouble.07:13
plop_its_ellieidk how apache does it but (i usually use nginx)07:13
plop_its_ellieBackwards, i was talking to aiena about the gui stuff07:14
plop_its_elliecuz it sounded like he/she was running their webserver on a full desktop07:14
BackwardsEspecially with different resolutions of the "CLIENT" who is visiting your server.07:14
plop_its_ellieanyways im off to bed, night07:15
BackwardsPlop it was nice meeting you.07:15
=== gms is now known as Guest78262
BackwardsBeddy bye bye. :)07:16
pikouI've heard that nginx could have more than one site07:17
BackwardsAiena have you fixed your situation?07:17
aienaBackwards:  Nto sure how to go. I think I will change ownership of the current projects working directory to www-data an open a gui text editor as root with graphiocal sudo and edit those files and test on localhost07:18
aienawould that be a fair solution ?07:18
BackwardsPikou you can have more than one site if you Virtual Box and BIND it to your IP or Domain Name.07:18
BackwardsAiena can I private message you to  help you?07:20
aienaBackwards:  that would be nice I was afraid to ask but only if you have time07:20
BackwardsMy time is your time.07:20
latemuswhy doesnt ubuntu include sash?07:21
pikouBackwards it's very nice of you07:21
latemusi mean they include dash07:23
latemuswhich, who uses that?07:23
latemuswhy stop there, i need sash07:23
pikoulatemus  have you noticed that sh is a link to dash07:24
latemusi guess bash wasnt a good enough ksh clone? geez, no wonder ian paintedtho wall07:24
latemuspikou: i have07:24
latemuspikou: do you point that out to indicate that dash there to be a good posix shell implementation?07:25
latemusbecause youd be right, my bad07:26
pikouDid i irritate latemus? my bad...07:28
paulinehansonis there a known bug in 16.04 with audio? whenever i unplug my headphones from my laptop there's no sound coming from the speakers, i have to log out and in to get sound back07:33
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
molavyi formatted one drive unexpectedly07:38
molavyhow can i recover fiels07:38
ducassemolavy: restore from backup07:38
molavyducasse: there is no backup07:40
molavythere is one but is very old07:40
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery07:40
ducassemolavy: then do _not_ write any further to the drive, and try testdisk or photorec.07:41
vltmolavy: Some files (like jpeg, for example) begin with a typical header. There are tools that can read your entire device trying to find such headers and to restore some of your files.07:41
ducassemolavy: but there are no guarantees, set up backups for the future.07:43
=== mike_ is now known as Guest70562
BlackDalekIs there any kind of external USB fax-voice-modem that will work with ubuntu?07:59
=== croppa_ is now known as Croppa
=== Croppa is now known as croppa
ducasseBlackDalek: any regular modem should work. just don't buy a 'winmodem', if those are still being made.08:01
BlackDalekducasse, I don't think I can use any "regular" modem as I would only have USB ports available. No serial ports.08:04
ducasseBlackDalek: i doubt that would matter, they would still appear as serial modems - the usb connector is essentially a serial adapter.08:06
BlackDalekducasse, ok... that makes sense I guess. Now I assume nearly every external USB modem would a winmodem. Is there anyway to determine if a modem is a "proper" modem before purchasing one? :/08:11
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
ducasseBlackDalek: i would ask the manufacturer or seller if the modem requires windows software to function, or if it is indeed a full hardware modem.08:13
ChinHi, I'm having some trouble booting my Ubuntu 14.04 server. Directly after the bios splash I get a black screen with a blinking cursor. Smashing the shift button does not open grub. It boot fined previously, only getting the problem after installing updates and rebooting. Any ideas?08:13
ducasseChin: you should still be able to get the grub menu, try holding shift instead of spamming it. if that doesn't work, try escape.08:16
Chinducasse: still the same - smashing, holding it down, either/both shift buttons. If I do it with my bootable USB in I get an error flashing up about unable to find a fallback.efi - might that be relevant?08:18
BackwardsChin check this out: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Unable%20to%20change%20Screen%20resolution%20in%20Ubuntu08:19
BackwardsScreen resolution is a big problem with people who come here. I have seen this many times.08:21
OerHeksBackwards, sure, but Chin has no resolution problem, but an efi boot problem08:22
BackwardsWithout knowing the specifications of the video card and the box it is difficult to make a suggestion.08:23
OerHeksit's a server man ..08:23
BackwardsSame thing.08:24
BackwardsBox ; Server ; Computer08:24
ducasseBackwards: no, this is probably not a resolution problem08:24
BackwardsI have had this issue myself. I tried a different box and monitor and the parameters changed. A blinking cursor is indicative of that.08:25
ChinIt's used for graphical stuff as well (doubles as a kodi TV), but I can't even get into grub, let alone boot the kernel08:26
OerHeksChin, Could not open "\EFI\BOOT\fallback.efi" just wait a couple of seconds and the GRUB should show up ?08:27
BackwardsChin the link I showed you mentions that before you make any changes be sure to backup your system even if it means image your HD.08:28
BackwardsThe smallest change can be disaster.08:29
ChinOerHeks: Nothing shows up after waiting - the computer was sitting there all day at the blank screen while I was at work. That message only comes up on trying to boot the bootable USB, but only momentarily and then grub shows just fine and boots08:30
ChinJust doesn't work when booting the HD08:30
BackwardsChin, this may sound dumb but the screensaver maybe set to 0 seconds which creates a blank screen. I have seen that too. If  you can use a rescue disk and check the screen settings that may help you.08:32
akikit was a wrong decision to hide the grub boot menu by default08:33
akikChin: if you boot the live session, you can chroot into the installation and modify grub's settings08:34
BackwardsNever hide a menu. You can always set it off or on later.08:34
BackwardsThey call it a NAG SCREEN or menu.08:34
akikBackwards: what does grub and nag screen have to do with each other?08:35
=== matt_ is now known as Guest50012
=== Guest50012 is now known as matt_
Chinakik: I can get in there, but I'm not really sure where to start on fixing it08:38
BackwardsMenus become a NAG if you don't want to see it. When I boot my Debian box the Grub Loader always shows up. I don't mind. To me it is a NAG but it is a lesson in patience and doing things the way the programmers set things in motion.08:38
akikBackwards: a nag screen to me is something that i *need* to do something with, for example answer a question again and again. grub menu has a timeout which you can set to 10 seconds and you don't need to do anything for linux to boot08:39
BackwardsChin, it may just be time to copy all of your important files and reinstall. Just copying all of your important stuff is the important thing right now. Slave the drive and you can check it too.08:40
BackwardsAkik good point. Well taken.08:41
voyceyHi all, Can anyone shed any light on why Ubuntu did an unattended setup to upgrade PHP to the next major version?08:42
voyceyCommandline: /usr/sbin/synaptic --hide-main-window --non-interactive --parent-window-id 41943082 -o Synaptic::closeZvt=true --progress-str Please wait, this can take some time --finish-str Update is complete --set-selections-file /tmp/tmpYvzUB108:42
voyceyInstall: php7.0-json:amd64 (7.0.8-3+deb.sury.org~trusty+1, automatic), php7.0-cli:amd64 (7.0.8-3+deb.sury.org~trusty+1, automatic), php7.0-common08:42
voyceyactually I assume it is because of the sury ppa08:43
BackwardsVoycey, you may want to disable the auto-updates. I only use sudo apt-get update.08:44
ducassevoycey: must be the ppa, this would not happen in a plain trusty install.08:45
BackwardsI have this hatred for any software talking to another server without my knowing about it.08:45
=== Karasu is now known as Raven
BackwardsI have never used a .hosts file with Ubuntu. I use it all of the time with Windows.08:47
=== max__594 is now known as Cybersplice
BackwardsThis is a good webpage for those who use host files:   http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/08:49
BackwardsThe only problem with creating a hosts file is that it takes up RAM.08:51
BackwardsBut your computer runs faster surfing the web.08:51
ducasseBackwards: take the random chat to #ubuntu-offtopic, please08:51
BackwardsDucasse take your own advice too.08:52
blutHello. I am installing ubuntu and it tells me it cant install linux-generic, however the error is very strange. http://ix.io/12D808:56
blutApparently it can't resolve de.archive.ubuntu.com, however a ping works alright08:56
blutSame error on 'apt update'08:57
YankDownUnderblut: Could be high traffic and time of day affecting the transfer.08:57
BackwardsBlut are you running a 32 bit machine or 64 bit machine?08:57
blutBackwards:  x86_6408:57
blutYankDownUnder: I don't know. I had this issue on Friday before I left for the weekend.08:58
BackwardsI keep on seeing in the post 64 AMD showing up.08:58
BackwardsDo you have a 64 bit AMD box?08:59
k1l_Backwards: the 64bit patent is from amd. but intel uses the same technology. that is why its called amd64.09:00
YankDownUnderIn most instances, due to high traffic, THAT will be the error. You can always try to change the update sources to something different - if your machine is currently trying to hit the German servers, change it to the Russian servers or Japanese servers.09:00
minimecblut: Your archive mirror in Dresden is not reachable right now. Try later or change the mirror.09:00
k1l_blut: using some proxy or vpn?09:00
blutminimec: Yeah I will try a different mirror09:00
blutk1l_: No proxy or vpn.09:00
BackwardsBlut have you done a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade ?09:01
blutBackwards: This is during the installation, but in a chrooted console on /target 'apt update' gives the same error.09:02
minimecblut: Choose one of the mirrorlist. There are plenty in Germany... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors09:02
BackwardsBlut did the install boot and open up?09:02
blutminimec: The institute I work at is literally right next to a data center that hosts a number of linux distros. I will use that one.09:03
blutminimec: I expected archive.ubuntu.com to resolv to the data center instead of dresden anyways09:03
BackwardsBlut I think you may have to choose a different distro.09:03
minimecblut: Also the 'Dresden mirror' shows 'Last update unknown'...09:04
blutBackwards: The install started alright and all.09:04
blutlet me try a different mirror09:04
ducasseBackwards: no, he just can't reach that particular mirror right now09:04
BackwardsThe mirror may be offline Ducasse.09:05
ducasseBackwards: that was sort of what i was saying...09:05
k1l_could be a routing issue from your ISP09:05
BackwardsK1l that is a good point.09:06
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
BackwardsSome but probably lots of Service Providers use NXDOMAIN rerouting protocol.09:08
YankDownUnderServers temporarily being "unavailable" is not an uncommon thing. Either patience, or merely changing the sources - is generally the easiest option. Patence being the easiest of all because it requires no expenditure of energy.09:09
BackwardsYankDownUnder, you  hit the nail on the head with the word: "patience"   Not everyone has enough of it.09:10
YankDownUnderPatience and common sense are in limited supply.09:11
BackwardsThat was a good one.09:11
BackwardsYankSownUnder, please put mine on a back order. :)09:12
seventyWhat is currently being recommended as THE LINUX LAPTOP? Are we still talking dualboot/VM macs?09:13
BackwardsPerhaps a simple reboot or softboot may work. There may be a stack overflow issue.09:13
YankDownUnderThe only thing that has changed in the past 26 years is line speed and connection. It's all the same otherwise.09:13
BackwardsSeventy have you tried VBOX?09:13
BackwardsYankDownUnder, good point.09:14
BackwardsYankDownUnder, in all my years of Engineering and Design, it all comes down to basics. Know the basics and then you can advance to the other issues.09:15
blutseventy: what is the linux laptop?09:16
BackwardsBlut have you fixed your computer issue?09:17
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
blutBackwards: don't know just yet. I just learned that the debian-installer is unwilling to continue an installation because /target/dev/null already exists ;)09:19
BackwardsDucasse, I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.09:19
ducasseBackwards: what? how? no.09:20
BackwardsNice to meet you.09:20
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
blutAlright I just retryed, and I have the same issue with ftp5.gwdg.de09:26
BackwardsDucasse have you ever met Jarkko Oikarinen?09:27
blutso apparently it's not a server issue but something with apt09:27
BackwardsI met him when he created the IRC.09:27
k1l_Backwards: we focus on technical ubuntu support only in here. for chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic09:28
blutI mean, it's odd that ping works, but apt has resolution issues09:29
BackwardsBlut my honest suggestion if you don't have any data on the hard drive to save just not only delete it but completely format it. If you don't format a drive residual data exists.09:29
k1l_blut: do you use a specific mirror? usually it changes the servers from the loadbalancer09:29
blutBackwards: I was talking about the server issue. I format the disk.09:30
ChinFixed it thanks to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair09:31
blutk1l_: I used de.archive.ubuntu.com, which resolved to the Technical University Dresden and when someone suggested server issue I switched to the data center which is 500m from here, ftp5.gwdg.de09:31
BackwardsI use DOD  Department of Defense  Data Destruction and swipe the hard drive and delete all vestiges of any data and encrypt the destruction. I do this all of the time and it takes a bit of time but it works better than just re-installing a kernel.09:31
ChinCheers for the advice09:31
blutBackwards: the hard drive really isn't the issue here09:32
k1l_Backwards: that is not related to the issue the user got09:32
BackwardsIt is related because when you install over and over again the data is still on the disk and works against the new installation. I do this for a living.09:33
blutk1l_: I'm using a network installation and the base system is installed properly09:33
k1l_Backwards: no it isnt.09:33
blutThat sounds like a 1990 FS issue09:33
BackwardsData destruction over a network connection is very difficult.09:33
blutBackwards: what?09:34
ducasseBackwards: what _are_ you on about? please stick to the issue.09:34
BackwardsI am on the issue.09:34
BackwardsBlut has an install issue.09:34
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest58321
blutYou are correct. I have an aptiude resolution issue.09:35
BackwardsOK figure it out by yourself.09:35
Apachezso ehm wassap with startup disk creator in 16.04?09:37
Apachezseems to have changed how the usb is created09:37
Apachezand now some laptops refuse to boot from the usb drive :S09:37
blutOk, so any help would really be appreciated. apt refuses to resolve the server, while ping with the same hostname works perfectly fine. It is not a temporary server issue; I tried with different mirrors. http://ix.io/12D809:38
blutping me09:38
hateballblut: have you tried forcing IPv4?09:40
bluthateball: No, but I'm open to trying if you can tell me what you mean by that09:41
hateballblut: sudo apt-get update -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true09:41
hateballaltho it does resolve properly it seems, hmm09:42
hateballI didnt read your paste09:42
bluthateball: Still the same issue anyways.09:42
blutFor me the surprising thing is that ping resolves, but apt doesn't09:42
blutunfortunately I don't know any of apt's internal workings09:43
blutSeeing how I'm installing 16.04 and all, could I somehow use snappy for the installation?09:44
ducasseblut: not for the base, no.09:44
blutducasse: before the linux-generic install, the base installs correctly.09:45
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
StatelessCatWhy the temperature of my CPU is available randomly on /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon2/temp1_input or /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon1/temp1_input ? This is very annoying to specify a file path for a desktop widget to show the temperature.10:06
StatelessCatIs there a solution to make this path permanent ?10:06
EriC^^StatelessCat: what possibilities does it have?10:07
StatelessCatI noticed only two: /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon{1,2}/temp1_input10:07
StatelessCatEriC^^: Your nick make me feel happy to read :)10:08
EriC^^try using that in the path10:08
EriC^^if it does shell stuff before getting it10:09
StatelessCatPattern like that '{1,2}' are not acceptable in i3status configuration.10:10
EriC^^any regexp stuff? can you call a shell from it?10:10
StatelessCata workaround could be to write a script that is loop reading the value of both, get the good one and copy it to a file or a pipe un /tmp... and cron it...10:11
StatelessCatand specify the input value as my /tmp file...10:11
StatelessCatEriC^^: not any regex seems accepted by i3sttaus config10:12
EriC^^yeah that sounds good10:12
StatelessCatEriC^^: i'm checking the documentation of i3status10:12
EriC^^maybe let it do a sym link in /tmp/temp1 to the good one10:12
StatelessCatEriC^^: better :)10:12
StatelessCatsymlink or hard link ?10:12
EriC^^i think that works, let me try10:13
StatelessCatnothign mentionned regexes on the i3status documentation10:13
EriC^^yup it works10:13
StatelessCatyes :)10:15
EriC^^maybe add in ~/.profile ln -s /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.[0-9]/hwmon/hwmon[0-9]/temp1_input /tmp/temp110:16
EriC^^quick and easy :D10:17
StatelessCatOMG it works ?10:17
EriC^^i think so10:18
StatelessCatI was writing something with 'if [ -e ""]'10:18
StatelessCatnice :)10:18
blutEriC^^: But what is the return if /tmp/temp1 already exists; E.g. on a new login?10:19
StatelessCatblut: -f :)10:20
EriC^^good point10:20
StatelessCat'-f', '777', '2> /dev/null', 'cat /dev/urandom' solves almost everything ^^10:21
StatelessCatblut: seriously, what is the problem ?10:21
Triffid_HunterStatelessCat: presumably a race condition while identifying available hardware monitor devices during startup10:22
dennisj_hi, i just installed xenial as a VM on a centos 7 kvm host and while i can ssh into the VM fine the graphical console only shows a black screen.10:23
EriC^^it would give an error that the symlink exists, if he logged into tty1 for instance10:23
dennisj_when i boot the VM with the video driver "vga" i only get a black screen, when i use "cirrus" i get a purple screen saying "Ubuntu 16.04" followed by a black screen10:24
EriC^^right blut ?10:25
dennisj_any ideas what the problem could be?10:25
StatelessCatTriffid_Hunter: I see no race condition here. Just a error if the symlink already exist.10:25
blutEriC^^, StatelessCat: what are you hammering me about an issue? I just pointed out, you should add -sf instead of -s for the symlink.10:25
Triffid_HunterStatelessCat: nono the race is why it sometimes changes name after reboot10:26
EriC^^blut: ok, no need to be rude, just confirming the error it would cause. cheers10:26
Triffid_HunterStatelessCat: you may be able to find a more persistent symlink to it via /sys/bus/... somewhere10:26
blutEriC^^: Alright. I didn't mean to offend you.10:26
EriC^^blut: no worries10:26
StatelessCatblut: same as EriC^^, I just want to be sure what you had in mind when saying this (:10:27
hgutmannI'm currently trying to reset network interface names in 1604, the hardware of the system changed and now I get enp2s0 instead of enp0s0.10:28
StatelessCatTriffid_Hunter: ok.10:28
hgutmannDoes anyone know where the mac-addresses <-> ifnames are stored?10:28
hgutmannThere is nothing related in /etc/udev/rules.d10:28
hgutmannwell /etc/systemd/network is empty.10:29
StatelessCatthanks *10:29
akikhgutmann: that directory is the correct one10:31
StatelessCatblut: sorry for being unclear in my last answer. And thank you for tips>10:32
hgutmannakik, there are no files in that directory.10:32
akikhgutmann: doesn't matter. they'll be used when you create one10:32
OerHeks /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules10:32
akikhgutmann: here's an example: SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", ATTR{address}=="00:0e:c6:88:19:3b", NAME="eth1"10:33
hgutmannakik, I don't want to create new hw-address rules there since the image will be depoloyed on many systems.10:33
akikhgutmann: ok.. ?10:33
hgutmannOn many hardware-identical systems. Still I'd really prefere to have names of enp0,1,210:33
hgutmanninstead of system1 enp0,1,2 system2 enp2,3,410:34
akikhgutmann: you can go back to the previous style of interface naming with kernel parameter net.ifnames=010:34
hgutmannakik, could be a solution. But still it has to be saved somehere.10:34
akikhgutmann: well that's the directory10:34
hgutmannakik, I just moved the disk to the new system. On the old hardware I had enp0,1,2 now it is renamed to enp3,4,510:35
hgutmannTherefore I assume that the hwaddress are stored somehwere.10:36
akikhgutmann: oh10:36
akikhgutmann: i'm so tired of these systems changing from release to release10:36
hgutmannbut /etc/udev/rules.d is empty. same as /etc/systemd/network10:36
Triffid_Hunterhgutmann: probably in /var then10:36
Triffid_Hunterhgutmann: sudo grep -R enp0 /var, if no results try again with /etc10:36
hgutmannTriffid_Hunter, tried to grep around there, but so far no luck.10:36
akikhgutmann: how about /lib/udev/rules.d ?10:38
Triffid_Hunteryikes, it shouldn't be writing into /lib that casually :/10:38
akikthere shouldn't be configuration files in /lib10:38
akikbut that's how it is nowadays with systemd too10:39
FManthank you to all10:40
dennisj_just found the solution to my blank screen problem: in /etc/default/grub change 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"' to 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""'10:41
theptrMaybe stupid question but it it possible apt-get install only get's arm64 packages from the ppa ?10:45
k1l_theptr: apt grabs the proper packages for you automatically. but the ppa needs to build arm packages.10:47
theptrk1l_, okay because when i do like apt-get install firefox it always takes the wrong one10:47
k1l_(which is not standard for PPAs to build arm packages)10:47
theptrk1l_, okay yeah because i use a Pine64 as a daily secondairy computer10:48
theptrk1l_, So if i understand you correct the apt-get command searches for the package and if there is nog arm64 i takes just amd64 ?10:50
k1l_theptr: no. if there are no proper architecture packages it will not grab anything.10:50
theptrk1l_, but now it grabs amd64 everytime ...10:51
hateballsure you havent enabled multiarch ?10:51
k1l_are you sure not to have added the amd64 architecture yourself?10:51
theptrIt's just the stock pine64 os based on longsleep ubuntu10:51
theptrbut its always when im trying to install firefox10:52
hateballtheptr: cat /var/lib/dpkg/arch10:52
k1l_i guess you need to ask the pine guys what they changed on the original ubuntu10:52
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
theptrhateball, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19067969/10:53
theptrk1l_, yeah thats mybe the best thing to do10:53
hateballtheptr: what does apt-cache policy firefox say?10:53
theptrhateball, going to check10:54
abhvlit should not matter if i write rails_env=dev && rake command or rake command && rails_env=dev right? or does that matter?10:55
abhvlit just sets the env var for whole os?10:55
akikabhvl: no and no10:55
akikabhvl: && executes the following command if the first succeeded10:56
abhvlakik: thats fine. thats not the question.10:56
akikabhvl: and that just sets a shell variable, not for whole os10:56
akikit's local to that shell10:57
abhvlakik: thats fine. but if in same shell on first line i do rails_env=dev and enter and on second line rake command then this and my first example both are basically same right?10:57
theptrhateball, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19068184/ i also have to say that i have been trying to install 47.0 manual by dpkg -i10:57
akikabhvl: it's not the same if you use && on one line10:58
abhvlakik: both are just setting a env var ? can you please provide some link to doc?10:59
k1l_theptr: are you confused by arm64 and amd64?10:59
akikabhvl: if you run two commands on separate lines, there is not checking whether the first succeeded10:59
theptrk1l_, little bit it's because i had some errors that is was a amd64 package11:00
abhvlakik: yeah. but checking if first succedded or not is not point of discussion.11:00
k1l_theptr: dont install amd64 packages on arm. they wont work.11:00
k1l_theptr: then show the errors in a pastebin11:00
theptrk1l_, yes i know that11:00
akikabhvl: you lost me somewhere. that's what you asked11:00
theptrk1l_, it's just the apt-get install does something strange11:00
k1l_theptr: show the output11:01
abhvlakik: no thats not what i asked. the example confused you.11:01
theptrk1l_, it installs just okay en when i they to run the package i get an error wrong architecture11:01
abhvlakik: i did rails_env=dev enter rake command. someone tells me i should not do this. he says i should do rails_env=dev && rake command. do you think there is any difference between the two regarding rails_env part? not the rake command part.11:02
theptrk1l_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19068520/11:02
abhvlakik: he says i should write it one one line using && . i asked whats the difference. he dont have answer.11:02
k1l_theptr: is that a mad64 package?11:03
theptrk1l_, i think so i just do a apt-get install firefox11:03
akikabhvl: actually what you should run is "rails_env=dev rake command"11:03
hateballabhvl: if you're just setting an env you dont need even need to press enter, you can just "blah=blah command"11:03
akikabhvl: that makes it so that the variable is available to the rake command11:04
confidentHello fellow Ubuntuers11:04
k1l_theptr: no. you said you isntalled it manually with dpkg loading that .deb package11:04
abhvlhateball: i can do anything thats not question. questios is, are those two things differenc or same?11:04
akikabhvl: i answered to your && question up there11:04
theptrk1l_, the manually package is = firefox_47.0+build3-0ubuntu0.16.04.1_arm64.deb11:05
abhvlakik: ^11:05
theptrk1l_, but that also doesn't work11:05
abhvlakik: but even if i executed them on two different lines still the env var is avilable to the rake command no?11:05
abhvlakik: both commands are in same shell. only lines different11:05
akikabhvl: yes but it's called shell variable if you don't use export11:06
abhvlakik: i dont need export.11:06
theptrk1l_, when i do a apt-get install firefox i get an architecture error when i install it manually it starts en then closes out of it's self11:06
k1l_theptr: "sudo apt purge firefox" then do a clean "sudo apt install firefox "again11:06
theptrk1l_, okay going to give that a try11:07
tatertotsk1l may the force be with you11:07
johnny_hey whats up guys11:07
johnny_did someone ever uses a raspberry pi for homegrowing_11:08
tatertotsisn't it #rasberry-pi11:09
tatertotsoops i mean #raspberry-pi11:09
akikabhvl: here's how those variables work: http://pastebin.com/raw/nnvfzJaB11:09
theptrk1l_, just did that now when i click on the firefox button i just hangs11:09
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theptrk1l_, going to do a reboot . be right back11:10
theptrk1l_, okay did a reboot now when i click on firefox nothing happens, but when installed with dpkg -i - get the splash screen and then it's gone11:13
tatertotstheptr...k1l just had you uninstall then reinstall firefox using apt-get.....what happens if you simply type 'firefox' in terminal?...or have you already clicked your 'button' again11:13
theptrtatertots, yeah i already clicked the button , should i reboot and try to run in in terminal ?11:13
tatertotstheptr do nothing but type 'firefox' in terminal11:14
tatertotsand press ENTER11:14
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=== smethia_sawpday is now known as smethia
abhvlakik: my discussion is not about shell vs global variables.11:14
theptrtatertots, now i get lots of errors but firefox starts , your my hero of today11:14
abhvlakik: my discussion is only about shell vars. i understand that they will remain temporar and to this shell only.11:15
akikabhvl: actually what you should run is "rails_env=dev rake command"11:15
abhvlakik: ok. but "if" i ran rails env=dev press enter rake command does it make difference to rake?11:15
tatertotsso you typed 'firefox' in terminal and pressed ENTER, and you got errors in terminal....let's see those errors11:15
johnny_maybe try sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:15
abhvlakik: y or n?11:15
akikabhvl: unknown11:16
=== daniel is now known as Guest27386
abhvlakik: :-(11:16
theptrtatertots, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19069279/11:16
theptrk1l_, hateball,  also thankyou for your time11:16
akikabhvl: in the case 2: i tested, bash was not aware of the shell variable created in the previous shell11:16
TameikiHello all11:17
abhvlakik: it is aware. see https://gist.github.com/abhijitnavale/6c05ba509b2ecc9a8d07952a880469ce11:17
tatertotsthanks for showing us the errors when simply typing 'firefox' in termnial11:18
abhvlakik: that means my pressing enter and doing rake command on another line should not make any difference?11:18
tatertotsit appears from the errors that '(firefox:2422): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.'11:18
tatertotsUsing the fallback 'C' locale.11:18
TameikiI have a client.conf in my /etc/openvpn folder, and after boot my laptop auto connect to him. It is possible to disable this feature (autoconnect) and connect manually ? (without move the client.conf)11:18
akikabhvl: i already told you i don't know but i also told you how you should run the rake command11:18
tatertotsand (firefox:2422): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-main.css:69:33: Failed to import: Error opening file: No such file or directory11:19
johnny_use chrome!11:19
abhvlyou dont know = you dont want to answer. you fear.11:19
theptrtatertots, also i have to say firefox only works as root11:19
tatertotstheptr......First make sure your library language is installed11:19
theptrtatertots, how do i do this ( i really don't know)11:19
ducasseabhvl: why don't you ask in #bash?11:19
akikabhvl: what are you on about now? why would i lie to you?11:19
abhvlducasse: ok11:20
abhvlakik: nothing. thanks for trying to help.11:20
akikabhvl: you don't want to receive instructions, do you11:20
abhvlakik: right. because i was not looking for what "should be" done.11:21
abhvlakik: but even in that case, thanks for pointing out that i dont have to use && even on same line. thats really nice.11:21
theptrtatertots, i found some guide on ask ubuntu11:22
theptrtatertots, but the error stays ...11:22
ducasseTameiki: is this on 16.04?11:23
tatertotstheptr run this command and pastbin the output please 'ls -ld /var/log/installer'11:23
Tameikiducasse: Yes, 16.0411:23
ducasseTameiki: i'm not sure, but you might get away with 'sudo systemctl disable openvpn.service' to prevent openvpn from starting at boot.11:24
tatertotstheptr so you found 'some guide' on ask ubuntu and the error stays? I'm almost afraid to ask what you did. Just reply with the out put of the command please11:24
theptrtatertots, don't be afraid what could go wrong :)11:26
borisetoWhy did a device appear in disks in ubuntu 16.04 called Loop Device (can see it's connected to snaps)?11:26
tatertotstheptr run this command and pastbin the output please 'ls -ld /var/log/installer'11:26
ducasseTameiki: there is supposed to be an individual service unit for each openvpn config, but i'm not sure if those are generated at boot or static.11:26
k1l_theptr: remove the .mozilla/firefox account in your home11:26
k1l_theptr: but after all it sounds like you did a mess to your system.11:26
aienawhat is the Meta key in ubuntu ?11:26
Tameikiducasse: Done. I'll check that at my next reboot. Thank you :)11:26
theptrtatertots, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19069864/11:26
theptrk1l_, yeah maybe ... :) i always keep smyling because i only can learn from this stuff11:27
ducasseTameiki: not sure if it will work, if it doesn't, try to disable openvpn-whatever.service11:27
Tameikiducasse: Ok11:28
tatertotsthat doesn't tell me how long and since when you've been at it...i'm sure someone will help you but make your life easier and reinstall already11:28
ducasseaiena: meta is typically alt11:28
tatertotsif you thought firefox was the only thing wrong ....lol....11:28
zaihi guys. $SOMETHING is messing with my volume settings on different occasions (e.g. when I plug in headphones, receive emails, etc.). dmesg and dbus-monitor didn't help me pinpoint what it is. any idea how to debug?11:28
theptrtatertots, from what i find on the www this error is in the basic clean install already so11:29
theptrtatertots, clean install wont help i think11:29
tatertotstheptr run this command and pastbin the output please 'ls -ld /var/log/installer'11:29
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tatertotsyou claim this is a clean install already eh?.....i notice you avoid running and pastbin the output i've suggested several times so we can see just how "fresh' this install is11:30
brunch875ugh evolution isn't using online-accounts. It worked before without issues and now it's giving a hassle. Did an update break anything?11:30
theptrtatertots, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19070058/11:30
tatertotsmy gut tells me it's not fresh at all and you've had plenty of time to make a mess of things11:30
theptrtatertots, no thats not what i was saying , you get me wrong11:31
theptrtatertots, the locale error is already in the clean image it's not just running a cd to get it installed you have to grab the image from the pine guys and run phoenixcard11:32
ducassetheptr: just a suggestion, but maybe the people in #ubuntu-arm will know more about your system?11:32
theptrducasse, okay going to give it a try11:33
tatertotsomg now i find out this guy isn't using a standard desktop install...not only that..he's using a arm7 based system lol ....good times11:34
theptrtatertots, yeah that's what im trying to tell11:34
theptrtatertots, that's i also need the arm64 package k1l_ was helping me with11:35
tatertotstheptr out of curiosity what make/model is your system?  or who is the vendor?11:37
=== gh0st is now known as Guest93602
tatertotsis this some type of tablet or something? i'm just curious11:38
theptrtatertots, going to provide you a link if thats okay for you11:38
OerHekspine64, a wannabee rasp-pi11:38
tatertotsah i see pseudo rasp-pi11:38
theptrtatertots, https://www.pine64.com/ 2GB model11:39
theptrtatertots, i backed it back in the days on Kickstarter11:39
theptrtatertots, so before i was running a dell touch laptop with ubuntu 14.04 never had problems so i was thinking the pine64 is smaller but i had not a good start with it for now11:40
tatertotsah ...rasp-pi caught my eye years ago for a few minutes ......these devices sure seem to be growing in popularity...i'm kinda curious what the heck it is that most of these folk plan on doing with such devices......actually i take that back...not very curious at all really lol11:41
ducassetheptr: their custom os does not have the best reputation...11:42
theptrducasse, is there a better soluttion or do i better start using my dell again ?11:43
tatertotsthey are cute though11:43
OerHeksthey provide an ubuntu image too http://files.pine64.org/os/ubuntu/xubuntu-xenial-20160501-longsleep-pine64-8GB.zip11:43
ducassetheptr: rpi3?11:43
theptrOerHeks, thats the image im running now ...11:44
theptrducasse, i have a rpi3 but it's just a little to slow with ubuntu mate11:44
ducassetheptr: then you better ask in #ubuntu-arm, or stay on x8611:45
theptrducasse, yeah i already asked there okay going back to my intel :)11:45
theptrducasse, the only thing is i really wanted to know what cause the errors just for learning stuff11:47
ducassetheptr: as i said, everytime i hear about the pine64 it's because of problems with their os images, so i stay away from them.11:48
theptrducasse, okay11:49
ducassetheptr: if the rpi3 runs slow with mate you could just try a window manager11:50
theptrducasse, going to give it a shot .. are you always on the ubuntu channel ? so i can ask stuff about it ? it seems you know a lot of arm :)11:51
ducassetheptr: i don't, really, just have an rpi right now. i'm here most days.11:52
theptrducasse, okay thanks11:52
BlackDalekDoes anyone remember the URL for the archive of this channel? I need to look back about 3 hours ago ;)11:55
BlackDalekand my window won't scroll up 3 hours ago ;)11:55
lyzeBlackDalek, https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/11:55
lyzeI think there's a command as well ...11:56
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meeting logs from meetingology at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/11:56
yudihi rc11:56
tatertotshi andro12:01
androi need some help12:01
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hateball!help | Guest3698212:01
ubottuGuest36982: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:01
tatertotsandro if you're using ubuntu you came to the right place12:01
Guest36982i'm using ubuntu12:02
Guest36982anyone here security researcher?12:02
yudihow to switch to the gnome flashback in v14, I dont want to install any new  desktops, just want to use the classic gnome? whats the quick way12:02
abhvlhttp://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php which file to download for ubuntu? solaris will do?12:02
abhvlneed to install latest version.12:02
OerHeksabhvl, you need a .deb or build it yourself12:03
abhvlOerHeks: i want to build myself. but using which file?12:03
ducasseabhvl: source12:03
abhvlducasse: i cant fine soure. the one avilable is clearly marked for solaris12:04
abhvloh. got it.12:04
ducasseabhvl: that link clearly lists binaries12:04
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abhvlyeah. i missed that.12:04
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Aliekezhihi, I would like to install an Ubuntu version before 16.x, that may be for long term use. Which version do you advice me to install ?12:36
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04)12:36
hateballAliekezhi: That would be 14.0412:36
hateball12.04 goes EOL next year12:36
Aliekezhihateball, does it mean on 15.x there will not be no more updates after a certain time ?12:37
lyzeAliekezhi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases look here, there are all versions with release date and end of life date (supported) listed12:38
OerHeks15.10 goes EOL 28th this month12:38
OerHeksonly 14.04 is a suitable answer to your question12:38
AliekezhiOerHeks, lyze, hateball thx, I'll go for 14.04 then :)12:38
OerHeksget the 14.04.4 image ... http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04.4/release/12:39
AliekezhiOerHeks, hum, in 2 month, it's 14.04's end of life ?12:39
ducasseAliekezhi: no, 201912:40
OerHeksno, april 201912:40
Aliekezhithen this table is wrong ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases12:40
OerHeksthere are point releases, 14.04 LTS, 14.04.1/2/3/4 ...12:41
Aliekezhioh sorry12:41
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fpqchey, any idea why rxvt's text is rendering nice and smooth but it's rendering like ugly garbage in tilda?12:47
fpqcalso gnome-terminal12:48
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
ducassefpqc: both of those use the vte library for terminal rendering, urxvt has its own code12:51
fpqcducasse so how can I get libvte to render my fonts right?12:51
fpqclike, the difference is astonishing12:52
OerHeksPerhaps you need to install rxvt-unicode ?12:52
ducassefpqc: no clue, i only use urxvt.12:52
fpqcrxvt-unicode is what I have installed, OerHeks12:52
fpqcrxvt-unicode-256color it works amazing12:52
fpqcwhat doesn't work amazing is gnome-terminal and tilda12:52
fpqcthey are basically hideous12:53
fpqcthe main problem I think must be related to the fact that I'm not running on a full ubuntu system12:53
fpqcand so whatever automatically configures fonts and such like is not fully functional12:53
ducassefpqc: try adding this to ~/.Xresources - http://paste.ubuntu.com/19075172/12:54
fpqcducasse I have that already12:54
fpqcthat's why urxvt looks so cood12:54
fpqclet me repeat, what's looking awful is the stuff covered by fontconfig12:55
=== lounge-user96 is now known as zenati
ducassefpqc: are they also set for gtk?12:56
fpqcnope I have nothing set for gtk12:56
ducassefpqc: try lxappearance12:56
fpqcgtk fonts are not looking too hot either, but I'm only running terminals mainly12:56
fpqcducasse, will that set the gtk stuff?12:56
ducassefpqc: yes12:57
fpqcducasse hmm also I deleted my fonts.conf that I dled earlier12:58
ducassefpqc: shall i pastebin mine?13:02
fpqcducasse your font.conf?13:02
ducassefpqc: yes.13:03
fpqcsure thanks13:04
fpqcand where should I install it?13:04
ducassefpqc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/ - ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf13:05
ducassefpqc: sorry, a sec13:05
ducassefpqc: http://termbin.com/dyh0 - pastebinit messed up.13:06
fpqcyeah, can't tell if it's any better directly13:09
fpqcI think it looks a lot better13:09
ducassefpqc: try a few different fonts and sizes to test.13:10
fpqcoh wow it looks a lot better13:10
fpqcI jacked up monospace to size 1413:10
ducassefpqc: \o/13:10
fpqcit's not like falling apart and horrible13:10
fpqcyeah whatever the problem was was what the problem was lol13:10
ducassefpqc: i'm honestly a bit confused by linux font rendering...13:10
fpqcducasse see the thing is, I'm using the ubuntu on windows thing, which doesn't have official support for X13:11
fpqcand dbus we only have working with a hack13:11
fpqcbut I really wanted to get tilda working for IRC purposes lol13:11
fpqcactually it's not looking much better lol13:14
fpqcat least with inconsolata13:14
ducassefpqc: yeah, well, i'm not surprised if that messes things up...13:14
fpqcducasse actually urxvt works like a dream13:14
fpqcwhatever, I'll get used to the ugly font on tilda13:15
fpqcI mean, ideally MS will come out with an actually working terminal emulator for windows eventually13:16
Qommand0rhaha, why would it actually work?13:16
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
Qommand0rthere's 3rd parties for that13:17
fpqcQommand0r, nope13:17
fpqcthey all use conhost13:17
=== AvadaKedavra is now known as alazare619
Qommand0rMS always leaves lots of room for improvement13:17
Qommand0rso to say13:17
fpqcconhost is the Windows Console Host13:17
fpqcit does not support Xterm escape sequences13:17
fpqcinput or output13:17
fpqccurrently the bash.exe wrapper for the bash pico process runs as a Windows console application, so its direct i/o go to conhost.exe13:18
=== Quatroking_ is now known as Quatroking
fpqcIf you have an X server running, you can run bash.exe to start a terminal in X and then use that to bootstrap all sorts of nice and functional things13:18
fpqcbut the entry point is ugly and broken13:18
fpqcbc conhost basically13:19
fpqcidk whatever, I have irc working in tilda, as ugly as it looks, and I can open up urxvtc if I need a terminal for work so all is well13:21
=== primoz is now known as primozk
akikfpqc: how about conemu in windows?13:24
fpqcakik uses conhost13:25
fpqcit can only be improved when MS improves conhost13:25
fpqcI already asked maximus513:25
fpqcwhat that means is no mouse support for weechat, no 256color support, etc13:26
fpqcwhat you can do is run PuTTY in ConEMU as a GUI application, then connect that to sshd running on the windows subsystem for linux13:26
fpqcbut child gui applications in ConEMU are pretty buggy, and it's a lot more satisfying to be able to have a terminal and ssh if you want to13:27
fpqcI even have set up (using a cool program called cbwin by a guy named xilun on github) the ability to make it so clicking a link in weechat in tilda will pipe the url to my windows browser13:28
akikfpqc: putty in windows is able to accept mouse movements and clicks in elinks13:28
fpqcPuTTY can13:28
fpqcbut PuTTY can't be quakelike13:29
fpqcalso setting up sshd to run on windows requires a pretty annoying hack13:30
ducassecould we please get back to ubuntu issues?13:30
fpqcducasse yeah I came for ubuntu font stuff13:30
ducasse...on windows...13:30
fpqcyeah but windows isn't involved with this part to be frank13:31
fpqcis there any way in linux to do some sort of trace thing that shows you all of the config files that a program reads on startup?13:32
=== achilies is now known as theBOFH
fpqcor where its dbus config is or whatever13:32
=== theBOFH is now known as achilles
=== achilles is now known as achiles
=== achiles is now known as achilies
akikfpqc: strace does that, strace -e open13:33
fpqcso if I were going to do that with tilda13:34
fpqcI would do strace -e open tilda?13:34
akikfpqc: yes13:34
fpqccool thanks13:34
akikit'll show much more that the config files13:35
fpqcwill it show where its font configuration is?13:35
akikfpqc: try it?13:35
ducassenot if that is called by a library, i think.13:35
fpqcyeah and it's called by libvte13:36
ducasse!es | dimitrio13:39
ubottudimitrio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:39
capum321i am trying to redirect do-release-upgrade to a file, no success.13:44
ducassecapum321: try 'script'13:44
capum321sorry, i didn't understand13:44
wwwisuppose you insert a usb stick in a Ubuntu PC. you open a txt file on the stick with Kate. then you eject the stick. what happens? Kate closes the txt file or it keeps it open in memory?13:45
ducasse'man script'13:45
john_ramboI want to enable spell check as I type on libreoffice writer. I have selected .... Tools > Language > For all text > English US ....but still its not checking the spellings...What to do ?13:45
janusthi. i am having a problem with /etc/hosts on 14.04 lts. even though i insert a line with the correct syntax (using spaces), and i reboot the machine, the record is not resolvable13:45
=== csyogi1 is now known as csyogi
janusti test using "nslookup progether.local"13:46
janustand the line in /etc/hosts is progether.local
janustwwwi: i don't know if kate would keep the file open while you edit it... probably not13:46
ducassejanust: the address comes before the host name in /etc/hosts13:46
janustducasse: oh sorry. i did in fact do this correctly, i just used the wrong syntax here... so that was not the problem13:47
ducassewwwi: the file would remain in memory, but you would need to save to another location13:47
janustwwwi: i am pretty sure the file would still be visible on the screen13:47
ideasman42popey, \o (dont know if you mind me asking). but any updates wrt OpenToonz snappy package? Or some repo I can use to check its progress? - We had a few people asking for packages now.13:47
wwwiI see13:48
wwwithank you both13:48
janusthow can i test the parsing of /etc/hosts?13:48
capum321ducasse: the file is 0 bytes ?13:49
ducassejanust: aiui, nslookup will ask the nameservers directly, not consult hosts13:50
janustso i need to use getent?13:50
wwwisometimes I get a message like this: system problem detected, program crashed. is this normal? I used to get it relatively often, but now it is rarer13:50
ducassecapum321: then do-release-upgrade either redirects or starts a new shell.13:50
ducassejanust: probably something like that13:51
ducassewwwi: look in /var/crash for any files to see what crashed13:51
wwwiducasse: ok13:51
akikjanust: if you use the dnsmasq dns server ( you'll also get entries from /etc/hosts13:52
janustok thanks ducasse, getent seems to work13:52
capum321ducasse: so it should be `sudo script -c do-release-upgrade file.log`13:52
janustakik: ah... but dnsmasq will be replaced by systemd, i prefer sticking to the stock config...13:52
wwwiducasse: it's empty13:53
akikjanust: dnsmasq will be replaced. of course13:53
ducassecapum321: if do-release-upgrade redirects the output that won't help, i think13:53
v1sI running ubuntu 16.04 server I have a usb2eth adapter connected to wan and then I have the built in eth and wifi for local network. I am using hostapd / bridge-utils / dnsmasq. The wan is working fine but only one system connecting to the wifi is pingable and I see other sytems in the dhcp client list but cant reach any of them any ideas ? can post any conf to check13:53
KHendrikhas anyone here successfully used a rtl8192su wifi dongle in ubuntu?13:53
akikjanust: can you link to that dnsmasq news?13:53
Huliohi guys, is there sftp setting that when login , it will go to user's home folder?13:53
Hulioor redirect to specific folder?13:54
ducassewwwi: in that case all is good13:54
capum321ducasse: how would manage then ?13:55
janustakik: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2016-May/039350.html13:55
janustakik: upcoming changes: https://lists.dns-oarc.net/pipermail/dns-operations/2016-June/014964.html13:55
akikjanust: thanks13:55
ducassecapum321: no idea, i don't know exactly what do-release-upgrade does internally. you might need to copy+paste.13:56
capum321ducasse i have this ubuntu server on a netbook here beside me, so can't copy + paste13:57
janustakik: hacker news discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11845051 reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/4msf97/sad_news_today_systemdresolved_to_be_deployed_in/13:57
kwekhello.. I cant seem to install any new packages after upgrade from 14.10 to 16.04.. any help is apreciated: http://pastebin.com/enYrXeGB13:57
=== BuRN__ is now known as BuRNNiNG
ducassecapum321: ok, then - i don't know any other ways.13:58
capum321ducasse, I don't know precisely how to describe what a shell is, but if it is like a new window that opens to execute part of the command, then yes, this happens with do-release-upgrade13:58
hateballkwek: you probably have some PPAs active for 14.1013:58
capum321ducasse: you don't know what it does internally? what you mean ?13:58
kwekhateball: so manually remove them from sources.d?13:59
hateballkwek: yes, at least comment them out or change from... whatever 14.10s codename was, to xenial13:59
wwwiducasse: ok14:01
ducassecapum321: by that i mean "i haven't read the code".14:02
=== Luke__ is now known as Luke
capum321ducasse: it updates the release ?14:02
paranoidabhiI noticed this weird issue in kde 5.6.5(kubuntu 16.04). Please have a look https://bugs.launchpad.net/variety/+bug/158979014:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1589790 in Variety "Some wallpapers are displayed as black backgrounds in kde" [Undecided,New]14:04
ducassecapum321: i know what it's for, but i don't know how the code is written to actually do it.14:04
=== me is now known as Guest22568
capum321ducasse: am i right about the shell ?14:04
Guest22568need help fixing ctrl+alt+backspace, it apears to be broken, fresh install of ubuntu 1614:04
ducassecapum321: you might be, i haven't looked at it.14:05
jat-cloneGuest22568: ctrl-alt-backspace is disabled by default14:05
ducasseGuest22568: '/usr/bin/setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp'14:06
capum321ducasse, if you looked and finds it runs in a new shell... so what would I do to redirects output to file ?14:06
Guest22568so pretty much my only choice is to find a different distro that does work?14:06
jat-cloneis disabled by default for a reason14:06
ducassecapum321: i've told you, i don't know any way to do that.14:07
Guest22568alright, thanks14:07
ducasseGuest22568: i just told you how to do it.14:07
capum321ducasse all right, is like an impossible task ?14:07
ducassecapum321: basically.14:08
capum321there is no way to do that14:08
capum321bad time14:08
sveinseIs dynamic multi screen setup on Ubuntu still dodgy? I'm having huge problems getting my third monitor up my laptop running 16.04 (Gnome shell). X seems to be crashing, as I get the login window once more14:16
sveinseBut other times it does work14:16
tatertotsI use dual monitor, never tried a third14:17
ducassesveinse: works like a charm on my setup, but that is a desktop with i314:17
tatertotsworks like a charm for me14:17
akikGuest13284: i remember something that it was xorg's dontzap option14:17
quackgyverwhat does sudo checkinstall do? i was told to run it as the last step in installing Python 2.714:18
sveinseIf I go into settings -> display, I find all three displays. However when I enable the last display, which is off, and select "Secondary display", one of two things might happen:14:18
ducasseakik: you're right, but you can also enable it with setxkbmap while the server is running.14:18
akikducasse: i was thinking of a permanent solution for him14:19
ducasseakik: ah, ok :)14:19
sveinsea) it crashes when I press apply and I get gdm all over again or b) The displays are numbered 1 - 2 - 2, so the window with the actual screen setting in gone in the middle it seems14:19
sveinseThis is a laptop, so I'm on the move and I need it to work with the display combinations I use in the various work locations14:20
ducassequackgyver: it will build and install a package, but you should really upgrade to a newer ubuntu if you want newer python.14:20
quackgyverducasse: i accidentally said "n" to something that it recomended i say yes to14:21
quackgyverthen it got stuck on "copying files to the temporary directory"14:21
tatertotswhich mobile gpu is in your laptop sveinse?14:21
quackgyverso i aborted, ran it again14:21
quackgyverand now its not asking me q's anymore14:21
quackgyverit just automatically goes to the "copying files" step again and nothing happens14:21
quackgyverim so immensely confused14:21
ducassequackgyver: as i said, upgrade ubuntu rather than manually upgrading python14:22
quackgyverI'm not sure I understand14:22
quackgyverMy Ubuntu is up to date14:22
ducassequackgyver: what ubuntu version are you running?14:22
quackgyverwhichever the latest lts is14:22
tatertotsquackgyver are you running ubuntu 16.04? yes/no?14:22
ducassequackgyver: then just install python from the repos14:23
quackgyver2.7 is available there?14:23
sveinsetatertots: i7-3820qm and nvidia Quadro K2000M14:23
ducassequackgyver: python2.7 is the packagename14:24
sveinseI think I'm running nouveau right now14:24
ducassequackgyver: (or just 'python', which depends on 2.7)14:24
quackgyverAlright, thank you.14:25
quackgyverWill what I've done so far interfere with what you're suggesting somehow?14:25
sveinseout of box ubuntu14:25
quackgyverSince I ran some kinda setup and cancelled it halfway through14:25
tatertotsYo sveinse http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-quadro-2000-us.html14:25
ducassequackgyver: not if the package didn't install.14:25
quackgyverwell it mightve half-installed?14:25
tatertots3 ( 2 out of 3 active at a time )14:26
ducassequackgyver: i doubt it, checkinstall builds the package and installs it at the end.14:26
sveinsetatertots: afaik, you can't use the dedicated nvidia drivers on a mobile chip, can you? At least on windows you can't14:26
seighey brothers14:26
tatertotssveinse i wan't talking about drivers man...that's what your 'hardware' supports14:27
seigso;eone can help ;e14:27
seigsomeone can help me14:27
ducasse!ask | seig14:27
ubottuseig: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:27
capum321ducasse: something like this error "utf-8 codec can't decode byte 0xe9" and 0xe7 ?14:28
ducassecapum321: what gave you that error?14:28
capum321ducasse: something like this error "utf-8 codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 1"14:28
sveinsetatertots: with all due respect, I don't care about what my hardware support. I mean, I know it can do what I need because I do that in windows. I just need to fix my linux desktop14:28
capum321ducasse do-release-upgrade14:28
quackgyver ducasse: Okay. Thanks for taking the time to explain.14:29
ducassecapum321: not sure where that comes from, could be a locale error. what was it doing? did it say anything else?14:29
seigi finde port open in website and his payload is http-version14:29
ducassequackgyver: no problem :) always check in the repos before building or installing things manually - ask here if you need help.14:30
ExecSlimseig: what website?14:30
capum321unicodedecodeerror: ´utf-8´codec can't decode byte 0xe9 in position 1: invalid continuation byte / Command terminated with exit status 114:31
ducassecapum321: what are you upgrading from/to?14:32
sveinseOn a general basis, has Linux/xorg/ubutu made it possible to move a portable laptop dynamically, where it remembers the display settings for each setup yet?14:32
quackgyverducasse: Great! Thanks again. :)14:32
ExecSlimseig: what issue are you experiencing?14:32
capum321ubuntu 15.10 to latest14:32
capum321`sudo do-release-upgrade`  Prompt=normal14:33
tatertotsi have a laptop and docking station with monitors attached and linux remembers my docked/undocked display config just fine14:33
seigzitn db-nmap and metasploit pro and14:33
ducassecapum321: sorry, no clue. did you fully update 15.10 first?14:33
ExecSlimseig: I'm really sorry but I have to go; if you found a security issue with the website it would probably be best to report it to the webmaster; otherwise someone else might be able to help you14:34
OerHeksseig, this channel is not for hacking badoo.com14:34
seigi mean i scan with db-nmap and i enter with metasploit using http-version and the ip of serveur14:34
capum321ducasse: followed this tut https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-16-04-lts14:34
seigthis channel for what14:34
capum321seig help supporte assistance14:35
ExecSlim!offtopic | seig14:35
ubottuseig: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:35
ducasseseig: we won't help you. period.14:35
kweki'm still having the same apt issue.. i did clean my sources.list.d and sources.list just has the canonical xenial: http://pastebin.com/DPfFr7zC14:36
seighelp me what do you mean14:36
ExecSlim!guidelines > seig14:36
ubottuseig, please see my private message14:36
ducassecapum321: ah, now i understand - you are upgrading a vps? then do-release-upgrade spawns a screen session, that is why you couldn't redirect the output.14:37
sveinseooi, those of you running laptops with Ubuntu 16.04, is dynamic display changes working? In the sense that it remembers a display combination an applies the last used configuration for that combination? Like win and mac does?14:38
capum321ducasse, a vps ? well it isn't virtual ?! it is on a netbook beside me14:39
OerHekssveinse, normally ubuntu remembers yes14:39
ducassecapum321: but you are doing it over ssh?14:39
capum321ducasse: not at all14:39
capum321ducasse: i have phically with me14:39
ducassecapum321: ok, then i don't know why you can't redirect. i've never seen that error before either.14:40
capum321oh lawd have mercy14:43
=== Fuchs is now known as evalchristel
tamarindhello all,. i am trying to connect my laptop to wifi after newly configuring the modem.. i use the same password in mobile and laptop .. mobile connects and laptop doesnt.. how do i debug this !14:53
tamarindearlier the laptop use to connect fine,, i think i configured WPA2 AES  after the reset, i suspect that might be issue... but i am not sure how to check whether network adapter support AES or not14:54
=== evalchristel is now known as Fuchs
tamarindguys are my messages reaching the server ?14:56
OerHekstamarind, i think you want WPA2 + personal14:59
tamarindOerHeks: theres TKIP or AES or TKIP/AES right ?15:00
=== gms is now known as Guest862
tamarindOerHeks: oh yea, i selected WPA2 personal only.. as Enterprise needs a Radiues server or something15:01
=== rory is now known as rh
OerHekstamarind, i was just checking, no tkip/aes15:01
dethredicHi, I'm currently running Ubuntu 15.10, and I have freetype 2.5.2 installed. I would like to downgrade freetype to 2.4.8 (which is in the Precsie repo). What is the best way to go about doing this? I have a lot of packages which depend on freetype (although they should be fine with the older version).15:05
BirdPersondethredic, any reason you're running an older version and downgrading packages?15:06
dethredicI need to for a project I'm working on. The newer freetype donesn't always render the same which is breaking tests15:07
ducassedethredic: you know 15.10 goes eol soon, right?15:10
tamarindOerHeks: oh sorry then15:11
tamarindi checked AES only15:11
ducassetamarind: use aes, tkip is deprecated and no longer considered secure15:13
tamarindducasse: i used AES only but i suspect that it might be thereason for not being able to connect15:14
tamarindhow do i check whether my network card supports AES ?15:14
ducassetamarind: i've never come across that, but i guess it's possible... don't know how to check, though.15:15
tatertotstamarind are you connnected via wired or have connectivity at all on the system in question?15:17
tatertots'iw list' you may need to install 'iw' ...that's why i asked if you were connected15:17
tatertotsthis will list your wlan adapter capabilities15:18
tamarindtatertots: good question.. let me check with LAN cable15:18
tamarindtatertots: i am now connect frm the laptop using usb stick15:18
=== max__ is now known as Guest4971
tatertotsrun that cmd and share the output if you don't mind15:19
al2o3-criw list | grep CCMP15:19
=== precise is now known as precise|snek
=== precise|snek is now known as precise|drugs
tatertotstamarind ..you got quiet ...i'll assume you're off to the races.....although i really hate assuming15:22
=== precise|drugs is now known as precise|afk
tamarindtatertots: http://pastie.org/private/vaaopdkn0qbnmxhimzra15:24
tamarindal2o3-cr: CCMP (00-0f-ac:4)15:25
tamarindunder line 44 to 50 there is no AES15:26
tamarindthis means that the reason why i am not able to connect is due to the mode setting with AES right ?15:27
tatertotstamarind that should be enough info on your wireless adapter ;)15:27
tamarindtatertots: i guess you are a good guy and wont use the info wrongly :D15:28
emetsipebahahaha but I might! j/k15:28
tatertotswhat type of access point/router do you have tamarind?...are you not running it in 'mixed mode' for greatest device compatibility?15:28
al2o3-crtamarind: that means AES is supported15:28
tatertotstamarind i'm a friendly person i would never do anything malicious...it's simply not in my nature15:29
tatertotsalthough i did kill a spider once15:30
tamarindtatertots: i have a Teracom Ltd TDSL 300W2, did not make any setting called "mixed mode"15:31
emetsipehey, if a spider only attacks when it's threatened, it should expect the same from us...15:31
tamarindemetsipe: you are too old for that, now go and take your pills15:31
emetsipebut i find all spiders threatening...15:31
emetsipetamarind, how do u know how old i am? and i already took my pills...getting ready for my nap :)15:32
tamarindal2o3-cr: but between line 44 to 50 there is no AES mentioned !  CCMP 00-0f0ac:4 means AES ?15:32
al2o3-crtamarind: correct15:32
tamarindtatertots: spider killing is ok :D15:33
tatertotswell tamarind would you like to change you settings to allow your wlan adapter to connect?15:33
tamarindemetsipe:  the number of  dot you put after the pills were three when you wanted to type one. Shows your shaky hands :P15:34
emetsipetamarind: you got me...15:34
tatertotstamarind I think that's a ADSL modem...unless it had integrated router you must have a wireless router connected eh?15:35
tamarindtatertots: yes for sure. Let me check about the mixed mode now. thanks15:35
tamarindtatertots: it has a integrated router15:35
tamarindi was using the same mode/router and the same PC earlier to connect to internet. Unfortunately forgot the password and had to reset the modem and after which i am not able to connect :(15:36
tatertotsah i see...that happens to the best of us15:36
tatertotsi just modded my router the other day and had to reconfigure it again.....good times15:37
=== diffra is now known as Guest89371
ywcan someone suggest an irc channel for vncserver/ubuntu issues ?15:45
tatertotsyw is the port open?15:45
tatertotsi'm guessing your issue is you can't connect eh?15:46
tatertotsjust a wild guess15:46
tamarindtatertots: when you say mixed mode - what does it do ? allows multiple encryption to support wide range of devices ?15:47
ywtatertots: since you offering help, I installed vncserver as in https://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-install-vnc-server-on-ubuntu-14.04, port seems open (tcp6       0      0 [::]:5901               [::]:*                  LISTEN      1452/Xvnc4 ), but you are right - can't connect and see some errors in vnc log -  http://paste2.org/Jkc3e5jX15:49
tamarindtatertots: al2o3-cr thanks a lot for your time and knwoledge share15:50
ducasseyw: it's only listening on ipv6, according to that15:50
tatertotstamarind it lets you connect with adapters that are either a/b/g/n/ac ect15:51
RickyB98is it possible to make a directory accessible to the owner only, not even to root? maybe encrypting it or something, though i want to be able to execute processes from that directory15:52
tamarindtatertots: i selected b/g/n mode15:52
tatertotsbut it sounds like from what you describe you just simply forgot the password/passphrase15:52
rypervencheRickyB98: root has access to change anything.15:52
ywducasse - interesting, I have the same on my other system and can connect with no issues, are you suggesting to try IPv6 address?15:52
tamarindtatertots: i use the same password in my mobile and it connects fine15:52
RickyB98rypervenche: no exception?15:53
ducasseyw: you can try15:53
ducasseRickyB98: no.15:53
RickyB98encrypting wouldn't work either?15:54
RickyB98i mean, tell me why..15:54
rypervencheRickyB98: Not to my knowledge. You can hide things, sure, but anyone with knowledge and root can access it. If you encrypt a directory, they will have read access while it is decrypted.15:54
ducasseRickyB98: you can't hide anything from root, essentially15:54
davisim using 16.04 desktop. it appears that a local dns server is setup, but I don't see a /etc/named.conf file.  Where is the dns server ips stored?  If use the gui I see the entries for dns server, is the only place to change it?15:54
RickyB98okay gotcha15:54
tewarddavis: 'local nameserver' as in bind9 / named is installed and running?15:55
tewarddavis: /etc/bind/... for the bind9 configs.15:55
tewardif it's on a Desktop though it's probably via dnsmasq and not bind915:55
tewardand IDK where those ones are15:55
ducassedavis: try /etc/resolvconf/* and /etc/resolv.conf15:56
rypervencheRickyB98: What is your end goal?15:56
RickyB98okay this is the situation i'm trying to get around: someone asked me to do some stuff on their server (namely installing and administrating a minecraft server), and that's gonna be paid, though he's not paying in advance, because he wants to see job done... but at the same time, i don't want him to get the files and everything and just run away..15:56
RickyB98yeah i was about to explain :P15:56
davisteward: /etc/bind does not exist. /etc/resolv.conf only has localhost entry.15:56
tatertotstamarind so it's still not connecting after confirming you were using the correct credentials?15:56
RickyB98(btw, since "someone" is an actual username here, better clarify it's not him who asked haha)15:56
tewarddavis: then it's likely dnsmasq.  Does `pidof dnsmasq` return anything on the command line?  Does `pidof named`?15:57
tamarindtatertots: yes15:57
ducasseRickyB98: set it up on your own server, transfer it across when he pays.15:57
davispidof dnsmaasq is empty15:57
rypervencheRickyB98: If you are using a script or something, you could use something like shc to hide the script and give it an expiration date.15:57
RickyB98ducasse: i already have that set up, but my server isn't as powerful as his15:58
RickyB98rypervenche: is that an "apparent" hiding?15:58
rypervencheRickyB98: Or add a script that will delete everything the next day.15:58
RickyB98they can delete the script haha15:58
rypervencheRickyB98: Well, you could make it a binary so he can't see what it does, and then name it something. Or simply add it to the top of the normal running script.15:59
davisteward: ps auxw | grep dnsmasq shows that its running networkmanager15:59
rypervencheRickyB98: You could make it an at job and don't save your history. There are many ways.15:59
tatertotstamarind does it give any errors ? or does it just keep asking for the password over and over?16:00
tamarindtatertots: no errors, keeps asking for password16:00
eelstrebori'm wondering if i can get some help with building & installing a kernel from source. it built and installed without errors but when i boot to the new kernel the links for vmlinuz and initrd.img points to the previous kernel instead of the new kernel. here is how i built & installed the new kernel: http://pastebin.com/BRsyzc6v16:01
ducasseeelstrebor: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel16:04
tatertotstamarind 'grep -i networkmanager /var/log/syslog'16:04
tatertotspastbin it let's take a look16:05
tatertotstamarind you off to the races again?16:11
tamarindtatertots: huge data dump, scrolling to find relevancy..16:11
tamarindor shall i paste the entire16:12
tatertotshow huge we talking....sounds like you're doing a lot of scrolling16:12
bjrohanHelp. After my upgrade, when I start programs I get: Configuration file  not writable. Please contact your system administrator.16:12
bjrohanThing is, I did the upgrade several days ago, and everything was working fine until about an hour ago16:13
eelstreborwhy are there are all these different ways to build a kernel? and why are some people giving me grief over wanting to use the latest stable kernel from kernel.org?16:16
rypervencheeelstrebor: Because you're using Ubuntu, and it's a distro that's meant to be more stable. If you want to be using the lastest versions of software, then Ubuntu may not be the distro for you.16:16
PowerlessDoes anyone know how do i or print the number ofmy HP printer  printed pages16:18
tatertotseelstrebor: i would be curious if you're doing it out of necessity or are you just chasing something for the sake of chasing something16:18
tatertotsPowerless are you using hplip?16:18
Powerlesstatertots, yes16:19
tatertotsis this a laser or inkjet Powerless?16:19
Powerlesstatertots, laser16:19
tatertotsif you print a printer info/config page it should give you page count of the drum/fuser ect of the laser printer16:20
tatertotsthis can usually be done using the buttons on the printer and from the printers menu16:20
Powerlesstatertots, how do i print it? with windows there was buttom :P16:21
tgm4883Powerless: what printer?16:22
Powerlesstgm4883, HP laserjet p100516:23
tgm4883Powerless: yuck, you might be able to get there from the hplip application16:26
Powerlesstgm4883, tried cups but failed :(16:26
tgm4883Powerless: not cups. the hplip application16:26
tatertotsopen the hplip app...you can manage your hp printer from there16:28
Powerlesstatertots, trying to find it there16:28
Powerlesscant find it anywhere16:30
tgm4883Powerless: "sudo apt install hplip-gui"16:32
Powerlesstgm4883, i do have hplip, what i cant find is where to see the printed pages number16:33
tgm4883Powerless: can you print a testpage from there?16:33
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tgm4883Powerless: try running "hp-testpage"16:34
Powerlesstest page prints stuff saying ubuntu..i would need the config page but theres nothing about it there16:34
nico78Hello all :) how to flush dns cache in 16.04 please ? i dont find it16:35
tgm4883Powerless: try 'hp-levels' and 'hp-info'16:35
tgm4883Powerless: FWIW, i'm just looking at possibilities here http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/tech_docs/man_pages/index.html16:35
tgm4883Powerless: 'hp-toolbox' might show it as well16:36
nico78should i use systemd ?16:36
nico78sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean doesn't exist anymore16:37
Powerlesstgm4883, it opens the hplip..i will try again later..need to leave now..thanks for the help16:37
Powerlesstatertots, thanks for the help man16:37
nico78and /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart too16:38
geniinico78: Instead of trying to manually run old sysvinit scripts directly, use instead: sudo service <servicename> start/stop/status/etcetera16:39
nico78genii: thxs but  service nscd restart doesnt exist anymore16:40
tgm4883nico78: dns-clean does16:40
k1l_since 15.04 its systemd and that uses systemctl instead of service16:40
nico78tgm4883: not in 16.04 !!16:40
geniinico78: Use sudo service --status-all to get a complete list of services16:41
tgm4883nico78: funny, it's here on mine16:41
nico78??? actually i have a fresh install of Kubuntu 16.0416:41
tgm4883nico78: as previously mentioned, don't use /etc/init.d/ since that is the wrong location16:42
tgm4883k1l_: service still works16:42
nico78ok so : sudo service --status-all helped me a little, i fond resolvconf16:43
nico78but im not sure it clean the cache16:43
nico78maybe systemd-networkd-resolvconf-update16:45
nico78but this update the resolvers but dont flush the cache16:45
duckx0rI'm having a weird issue. When I reboot my computer it doesn't bring up the network until after a user has logged in, either to a DE or TTY. As soon as the user logs in, the box starts responding to pings. I have Kubuntu 14.04 LTS installed.16:46
tgm4883duckx0r: wifi or ethernet?16:46
duckx0rtgm4883, Ethernet16:47
tgm4883duckx0r: in network manager, is "allow all users to use this" selected/16:47
dougquaidWhat's a good way to check a USB hard drive to see if it's failing? Does smartmontools handle USB drives?16:47
duckx0rtgm4883, Let me check16:48
duckx0rtgm4883, It was unchecked. Let me test it now.16:49
duckx0rtgm4883, Yes. That was it. Thanks a lot.16:49
nico78it seems dnsmasq is installed by default16:51
nico78but sudo service dnsmasq restart doest work16:51
nico78and systremd find nothing :-(16:52
ash_workzwhy would `ls -alh <dir>` report 3.6G but `cd <dir>; ls -alh | grep G` report `3.4G .` ?16:53
ash_workzmaybe that's a question for ##bash ? I don't think so though16:54
nico78https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/940  :-(16:55
returnthishow can I downgrade an entire dependency list of packages to what is in wily?16:56
returnthisspecifically all packages related directly to xmonad16:56
MonkeyDust!downgrade | returnthis16:57
ubottureturnthis: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.16:57
returnthisubottu: my system is broken right now,,, sooo16:57
MonkeyDustreturnthis  what makes want to downgrade something, maybe there's another solutiin16:57
k1l_returnthis: what did you do before it broke?16:58
returnthisthe *apparent* resolution of most apps is very very16:58
returnthisthough xrandr is reporting correct resolution16:58
returnthisI closed my laptop lid, and when I opened it, there was a dialog box full of random text16:59
returnthisI closed it16:59
returnthisand now all my app look like they are being viewed through a magnifier16:59
k1l_returnthis: reboot the system16:59
returnthisalready did16:59
returnthistried older kernels16:59
returnthisit does not happen in default ubuntu wm16:59
returnthisso I suspect it is xmonad17:00
k1l_then rename the config for xmonad.17:00
returnthisI did17:00
returnthissame thing17:00
returnthistried new vanilla user17:00
returnthissame thing17:00
simonehi bad mother fucker17:01
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shantiWhat is the exact command I have to type when I register for a channel ?17:01
shanti"/nick Nick_name" doesn;t work17:01
k1l_shanti: ask in #freenode17:01
OerHeksshayou need to register with freenode, not per channel17:01
shantiNeed to join ##linux17:02
SchrodingersScat!register | shanti17:02
ubottushanti: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:02
returnthisso I did manage to downgrade xmonad, but the deps are another matter. The list is long and was wondering if there is a regex17:04
returnthisor if I am missing some other obvious debugging step17:04
returnthiscause losing half of my screen real estate is not fun17:04
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shantiI cannot even talk on #freenode . Got banned on ##linux just now even without being able to talk . These freenode managers and admins are just ***holes.17:07
ducasseshanti: read the topic on #freenode17:07
OerHeksshanti, we don't really care.17:07
tgm4883OerHeks: that's not really helpful...17:07
CacheMoneyso I know this probably isn't the right channel, but I'm trying to connect to an SFTP share on a remote server. I can connect with root using the root password no problem, but I get an error when I ever I try to connect from a different user17:16
CacheMoneyjust says "Could not connect to server"17:17
tgm4883CacheMoney: why do you think this is the wrong channel?17:17
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ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu17:31
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Apachezany of you who have experienced ubuntu 15.x or 16.04 where you have problems reading some dvd discs using external usb based dvd burner?17:34
Apachezhowever when I manually mount /dev/sr0 it works every time17:34
Apachezits like automount autodetects wrong filesystem or something17:34
noobboydHey guys any idea why I cant join #django channel? I'm using hexchat (ubuntu 16.04) and join channel doesn't seem to work17:38
ducassenoobboyd: maybe you need to register.17:38
ducasse!register | noobboyd17:39
ubottunoobboyd: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:39
noobboyd!register | noobboyd17:39
ubottunoobboyd, please see my private message17:39
gevshello people, anyone care to help me make my printer work ? :/17:39
noobboydok thanks guys I did register nick  but have not confirmed email yet...17:40
gevsinstalled a .deb from the manufacturer website, then added the printer (it got recognized by cups), select the downloaded/installed driver17:40
gevsbut when i print the test page it doesnt actually print, the print job completes though :/17:40
Bassemi used those command      sudo apt-get remove unity-control-center     sudo apt-get install unity-control-center now i got alot of errors and can't start any application17:42
GnomeKrisSO...I can't get my canon pixma mx350 to work wirelessly on my 14.04.17:43
Bassemi get this error when i try to start xchat http://paste.ubuntu.com/19096820/17:45
k1l_Bassem: "cat /var/log/apt/term.log | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the url here please17:45
=== precise|afk is now known as precise|notafk
minimecBassem: Could you try to add another user as test account to verify that the problem is system wide and not only related to your current user?17:45
Bassemi also cant start any other application17:45
dasabhihey guys if you have two vms on the same machine, how do you identify them when you want to ssh into one of them?17:45
GnomeKrisIt's just attached to the network through it's own wireless settings, not physically attached or shared from another pc. I have tried probably six different guides on how to get it to work, and nothing will even let me print a test page. I had it working a while back, printed one or two things, and it has since stopped working. The only thing I'm aware of that has happened is reboots on any of the devices on the network.17:46
tgm4883dasabhi: They should have different IP addresses17:46
Bassemk1l_: http://termbin.com/59nf17:46
dasabhitgm4883: my main computer has a static ip, and i dont know why but because of this my two vms have the same IP as well17:46
dasabhitgm4883: are you suggesting i change the ips?17:47
minimecBassem: If unity works well with that new test user, I would consider a 'reset to defaults' of the unity desktopy for your current user account.17:47
Bassemminimec: how can i add new user17:47
tgm4883dasabhi: that sounds wonky. What type of VMs are these? What is your hypervisor?17:47
k1l_Bassem: "cat /var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 9999" and show the url here please17:48
k1l_Bassem: i suspect it removed overlay-scrollbar-gtk2 package.17:49
Bassemk1l_: http://termbin.com/t5b517:49
k1l_Bassem: the upgrade this morning didnt really work17:50
minimecBassem: <ctrl><alt>F1 to get a console, then login with your normal account, then 'sudo adduser test' as example. Afterwards do 'sudo service lightdm restart && exit'. You should get the normal login screen and can login with the new user account.17:50
Bassemminimec: ok will try17:51
networkedHello. What is the correct way to get the kernel sources for kernel 4.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? The only one listed in apt-get appears to be 3.1317:55
noobboydSweet I am all registered!! And was able to join #django. Thanks everyone! By the way when can we expect software center to be fixed in 16.04? I'm using gdebi which seems to work pretty well atm.17:55
noobboydubuntu software* not software center17:56
ffeeIs it possible to make binary installer of a complete software in ubuntu out of deb pakages which can install program which includes all dependencies contained in the binary setup itself?17:56
Bashing-omnetworked: We have to question why you want the 4.4 kernel. ( that is HWE ) .17:57
Bassemminimec: same problem17:58
ducasseffee: look into snap packages17:58
Bassemk1l_: System program problem detected17:58
Bassemk1l_: i get this notification when i login17:58
networkedBashing-om: Hm, I was under the impression it was an overall kernel update as well. I guess this is wrong?17:59
k1l_Bassem: again: what did you do to your system? the install/remove of unity-tweak-tool doesnt make that mess17:59
Bassemk1l_: thats all what i did nothing else17:59
minimecBassem: Ok. Try to 'sudo apt-get purge unity-control-center' instead of 'remove'. That will also remove the system-wide configuration files.17:59
k1l_Bassem: first run this:http://askubuntu.com/a/227513/3126018:00
Bassemk1l_: my system settings were like this and i did that command and that what happen http://askubuntu.com/questions/453440/missing-system-settings-after-removing-some-packages18:00
Bashing-omnetworked: easily done .. but ..if there are no problems with the 3.13 series kernels. why change ?18:01
ducassenoobboyd: Whenever It's Ready™18:02
Bashing-om!hwe | networked18:02
ubottunetworked: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack18:02
networkedBashing-om: I am testing the kernel networking stack, and it is a pretty consistent area of improvement. So the more recent the kernel, the more representative the tests will be.18:03
Bashing-omnetworked: K, nothing works better than trying and see what results . see the bot's link for how to .18:04
Bassemk1l_: i'm doing it now18:04
evil-trollhow do you prevent apt-get from fetching 64x64 icon HUGE files during `sudo apt-get update'?18:05
OerHekstroll, apt-get update does not fetch icons18:07
Bassemk1l_: its done but yet i can't start any application18:08
evil-trollOerHeks, oh really? you're wrong. in 16.04 it does. for some strange mystical reason.18:08
k1l_evil-troll: can you provide a log or proof?18:09
tgm4883evil-troll: can you give an example?18:09
OerHeksupdate fetches softwarelists, not packages, troll18:10
tgm4883lets all stay civil shall we18:10
evil-trollrm /var/lib/apt/lists/* #will work18:11
evil-trolltgm4883, you're right I'm sorry18:11
Bassemk1l_: any thing else to fix the issue?18:12
* eelstrebor forgot to turn on logging - missed some replies18:12
tgm4883evil-troll: can you provide some sort of log or pastebin showing these 64x64 icon downloads during an apt-get update? What you just listed is package lists18:12
Bassem_this error i get first ting i log in unable to launch "gnome--session --session=ubuntu"  X session --- "gnome-session --session=ubuntu" not found;  falling back to defualt session18:18
shantiHow to blacklist a user ?18:20
vachocan someone help me with installing ldap on my 16.04. I am used to running this command: sudo apt-get install php5-ldap but now since 16.04 ships with PHP 7, it no longer works.18:20
ducasseshanti: blacklist how?18:20
OerHeksvacho, try php7.0-ldap18:21
vachoOerHeks: great thanks. that worked I tried php7-ldap :) thanks!18:21
OerHekshave fun18:22
minimecBassem_: what is the output of 'ls /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions' Looks that you have no ubuntu.session file anymore.18:22
Bassem_minimec: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19100061/18:24
minimecBassem_: Hmm... 'cat /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session | pastebinit'18:25
Bassem_minimec: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19100226/18:26
minimecBassem_: Well... That's strange. You have a ubuntu.session file and that file seems correct...18:27
Bassem_minimec: so?18:29
minimecBassem_: Good question.... 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure ubuntu-desktop' and maybe 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-session'.18:31
k1l_Bassem_: did you set and build the locales?18:31
k1l_Bassem_: but is still wonder why they were deleted. so "nothing" is not what happened before18:32
minimecBassem_: Do the flashback sessions work?18:32
goddardhow can assign my ssh key to a username and host rather then just by host18:36
goddardfor example18:37
goddardHost google.com18:37
goddardIdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa18:37
goddardHost goddard@google.com18:37
goddardIdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa218:38
goddardis that possible?18:38
nacc_goddard: presumably, per `man ssh_config`, use a Match stanza18:38
tgm4883goddard: wouldn't you just 'ssh -i identity_file user@host'18:39
MonkeyDustgoddard  is this what you mean ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/19101344/18:39
crisedeasy way to change pidgin background/18:39
crisedor choose a different theme for pidgin_18:39
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crisedubuntu 15.1018:40
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OerHekscrised, install pidgin-themes or look @ http://www.pidginthemes.com/ with howto install in ~/.purple/themes18:43
goddardMonkeyDust: let me give it a shot18:44
crisedOerHeks: installed, now what?18:45
crisedOerHeks: back18:45
OerHekscrised, go into tools > preferences > themes and fiddle around?18:46
crisedOerHeks: that menu just showed up18:46
crisedOerHeks: Although I don't have themes to choose18:47
OerHeksyou might need to restart pidgin after installing/copying themes18:47
crisedOerHeks: will do it again 1 sec18:47
BassemIm usuing my phone now i cant open ubuntu get low grafic error18:49
crisedOerHeks: nope... seems like a nightmare trying to choose dark background for pidgin18:50
vachoI just installed apache and PHP on my server, when loading the URL, it shows me the PHP script (plain-text) instead of executing the php script.18:51
crisedWhich is a popular dark theme for ubuntu?18:51
crisedis ambiance-dark-red, any good?18:52
MonkeyDustcrised  if you like it, then it's good18:52
nacc_vacho: what version of ubuntu?18:52
crisedMonkeyDust: which other option do I have?18:52
crisedMonkeyDust: Which is the most popular dark theme?18:52
MonkeyDust!themes | crised18:52
ubottucrised: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy18:52
nacc_vacho: by default, php is run though php-fpm in 16.04. You may need to install libapache2-mod-php18:52
vachonacc_: says it's already installed..?18:53
vachophp -v18:53
vachoPHP 7.0.4-7ubuntu2.1 (cli) ( NTS )18:53
vacholibapache2-mod-php is already the newest version (1:7.0+35ubuntu6).18:53
nacc_vacho: `a2enmod php` ?18:53
nacc_vacho: might need to restart apache2 after that18:53
vachoERROR: Module php does not exist!18:53
nacc_vacho: `a2enmod php7.0` ?18:54
nacc_vacho: sorry, typo'd18:54
artux85hey vacho18:54
vachook that worked..but when trying to restart apache, I get: Job for apache2.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status apache2.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.18:55
nacc_vacho: you should run those commands and examine the resulting logs18:56
vachoartux85: hey!18:56
vachonacc_: I did18:56
nacc_vacho: feel free to pastebin the output, if you want help18:56
goddardMonkeyDust: that worked thanks18:57
nacc_vacho: right, the line got truncated, but it's the one about PHP (afaict)18:57
vachoit worked fine to restart just a min ago :p18:58
vachonacc_: so what do I try next? I am new to this18:58
nacc_vacho: iirc, `a2dimod mpm_event`, `a2enmod mpm_prefork` (you might be able to just do the latter and it will aut-disable conflicts, I can't recall)18:59
nacc_err, *a2dismod, vacho18:59
wddhi-- I have a box with 2 NICs serving some applications.  I need to set it up to direct traffic over one interface for a specific IP range and everything else goes to the other.  Where to start?19:00
Bassemk1l_: i get this error your screen graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly you will need to configure these yourself19:00
crisedMonkeyDust: unity tweak tool, was my answer, documentation was extremely dated, nevertheless big thanks19:01
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codepython777On ubuntu 14.04 - does /etc/bash.bashsrc not get executed? Where do i stick a export $var for all users?19:01
thisguy123Hey guys, I've got a storage/partitioning related question.19:02
thisguy123I have several disks ranging from 1TB-10TB in size that I'm trying to format and mount. I set the /dev/sdx device as an ext4 filesystem rather than partitioning. Is this a bad practice?19:02
vachonacc_: Module mpm_prefork already disabled19:07
vachoModule mpm_event disabled.19:08
evil-trollthisguy123, I'm 83% sure you can't set the /dev/sda as an ext4 filesystem. I think that's odd. I'm 12% sure you have to partition something like /dev/sda1 as the whole drive. :/19:08
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vacho Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be threadsafe.  You need to recompile PHP.19:09
vachowhat do I do :)19:09
Jack293vacho: Apache and Python: Yes or Not?19:10
vachoJack293: I think python is used for some other scripts I have...but I am running PHP19:10
vachoJack293: not sure if python is used or not for composer, NPM etc..19:10
mtndewanyone know anything about making deb packages to install on ubuntu systems, not with the intent to push them to official ubuntu mirrors but just bundling personal software into deb packages19:11
Jack293vacho: PHP old19:11
Jack293Python new!19:11
vachoJack293: never had this issue on 14.04, trying to run this on ubuntu 16.04 and getting these errors.19:11
Jack293vacho: Python new!19:11
PiciJack293: as much as I love python, its not really a solution to a problem someone is having trying to run php19:11
vachoJack293: yes, but my app is built in PHP, I can't rewrite it to Python just because it's newer :)19:11
Bassemi tried sudo apt-get install gdm and it said unable to correct oroblems, you have held broken packages19:11
Jack293vacho: Python 3.5?19:12
vachoJack293: what about Python 3.5?19:12
codepython777On ubuntu 14.04 - does /etc/bash.bashsrc not get executed? Where do i stick a export $var for all users?19:12
Jack293Bassem: use apt, not apt-get (old)19:12
Jack293vacho: Python 5.3 very good19:13
vachoJack293: ok, but how is that related to this?19:13
evil-trollJack293, THANK YOU. using apt works for me. apt-get is too old.19:13
Jack293vacho: LAMP(ython)19:14
vachoJack293: you are not making any sense19:14
mtndewthis is why people don't take ubuntu seriously19:14
PiciJack293: Please stop. Python has nothing to do with the problem that vacho is trying to solve.19:14
Jack293evil-troll: de nada :D19:14
du_my dconf-editor doesnt show my touchpad as a listed peripheral in org>gnome>settings-daemon>peripherals.  I'm guessing that's why my touchpad doesnt work.  i have a toshiba satellite e55 running on ubuntu 16. help?19:15
vachoPici: is it this package that is interfering? libapache2-mod-php7.019:15
Picivacho: I haven't looked at your logs or your issue, sorry.19:15
mtndewI'm going to recommend against using mod-php at all costs19:15
vachoPici: ok sorry19:15
mtndewunless you just have a thing against security19:15
Picimtndew: You can use checkinstall to automatically build packages from makefiles into debs... but they aren't designed to be distributed.19:16
Jack293Good night for you!19:16
vachoinstalling web servers is stressful.. just trying to get PHP to run. but getting this: Apache is running a threaded MPM, but your PHP Module is not compiled to be threadsafe.  You need to recompile PHP.19:16
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ikoniavacho: so you need to understand this better19:18
pilnesooo... when i setup my ubuntu box... i set aside a partition for winblows should i ever want/need it again...19:18
ikoniavacho: where did you get php19:18
cwolfordanyone have experience installing a canon pixma mp series multifunction? i have the printer working over wifi, but the scanner portion isn't working. the closest i got to getting it to work was sane scanner seeing it on usb and launching but then disappearing until i turned off the scanner; once i did that, the sane scanner program came back on screen. but then, of course, i couldn't scan anything.19:18
ikoniapilne: it's called "windows"19:18
pilneand i might need it... can i just installl windows to that partition, and everthing will be ok again?19:18
pilne(yes i know... sorry for being childish about not liking it much)19:18
vachoikonia: sudo apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php php-mcrypt php-mysql19:18
ikoniavacho: so you've installed mod-php, where/what repo did this come from19:19
vachoikonia: I initiated an AMI on AWS, and then ran that command.19:19
vachoikonia: Ubuntu 16.04 from AWS marketplace19:20
ikoniavacho: so whereever that came from (seems odd if thats ubuntu default - I don't think it is) you're running php in threaded mode, but the version/build of php you are using is not compiled for that19:20
vachoikonia: hmm..ok..I don't mind rebuilding the server. Just need a solid guide on how to get LAMP running.19:21
ikoniapilne: are you sure you didnt install php-fpm ?19:21
minimecpilne: If you install windows after a linux distribution, windows will f**k up the grub installation on your master boot sector. You will have to reinstall grub afterwards.19:21
ikoniapilne: sorry - that wasn't for you19:21
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ikoniavacho: are you sure you iddn't install php-fpm19:21
vachoikonia: yes19:21
Bassemany way to fix my ubuntu19:21
vachoikonia: hold on, let me show u my script.19:22
codepython777is /etc/profile run by bash before starting for any user?19:22
ikoniayour script ?19:22
cwolfordlol Bassem, what's wrong with it?19:22
Bassemcwolford: every thing19:22
Bassemcwolford: can't log in19:22
vachoikonia: http://pastie.org/1090436219:22
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cwolfordBassem do you get any error messages?19:23
Bassemcwolford: blank screen19:23
Bassemcwolford: your screen graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly you will need to configure these yourself19:23
ikoniavacho: so that seems fine, odd that it's trying to run in threaded mode19:23
Bassemcwolford: used those commands ~$ sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*  ~$ sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf  ~$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  ~$ sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau  ~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  ~$ sudo reboot19:24
cwolfordBassem, did this happen after you did an update or a program install? or did this happen right after installation?19:24
Bassemcwolford: now blank screen can't see nothing19:24
codepython777 If I set a variable in /etc/profile  - does it drop down to my bash shell always?19:24
vachoikonia: is it OK if I pm you?19:25
ikoniavacho: can you please show me "dpkg -l grep libapache2-mod" in a pastebin please19:25
ikoniavacho: just use the channel19:25
vachoikonia: http://pastie.org/1090436719:25
cwolfordBassem, when you used apt-get purge nvidia-*, you basically wiped out your video drivers. i ALWAYS STRONGLY CAUTION using wildcards when deleting and/or installing anything.19:25
ikoniavacho: can you please show me "dpkg -l | grep libapache2-mod" in a pastebin please19:25
ikoniavacho: sorry - I missed the "|"19:25
Bassemcwolford: what can i do now19:25
vachoikonia: http://pastie.org/1090436819:26
cwolfordBassem, have you tried booting to the command line?19:26
ikoniavacho: remove libapache2-mod-php19:26
Bassemcwolford: how19:26
vachoikonia: I did19:27
Bassemcwolford: ok now im on grub19:27
ikoniavacho: restart apache, see if you get the same error19:27
Bassemcwolford: gnu grubb v 2.0219:27
cwolfordtry using sudo apt-get install nvidia-*19:27
vachoikonia: same error19:27
ikoniavacho: interesting19:28
cwolfordBassem, if that doesn't reinstall your drivers, i'm not sure what to do next.19:28
ikoniavacho: and you restarted apache19:28
vachoikonia: it's off at the moment19:28
ikoniavacho: how are you testing if apache is off ?19:29
vacho sudo  service apache2 stop19:29
vacho sudo  service apache2 start19:29
ikoniaahh, ok, so it is started then19:29
vachoI run stop, and then start again and I get that error19:29
Bassemcwolford: how can i get command line19:30
ikoniavacho: remove libapache2-mod-php7.0 and test again19:30
vachowhy is it so hard to just install a basic lamp server in 16.04? never had issues in 14.0419:30
ikonialets see which one it was19:30
ikoniavacho: it's not hard, something is wrong here19:30
vachoikonia: it worked now!19:30
cwolfordBassem, don't you get a Grub Menu to choose whether or not to start Ubuntu, the command line, or something else when you start the machine?19:31
Bassemcwolford: yes19:31
vachoikonia: apache is running, but when I load the file in my browser, it gives me the script in plain-text, e.g. it's not executing the script.19:31
cwolfordBassem, choose the command line option.19:31
ikoniavacho right, but you won't have mod_php loaded19:31
ikoniaso why is your defualt php7 module not compatible with the default apache219:32
goddardhow can i use a program that creates a vpn, but still allow other progrms to NOT use the vpn?19:32
vachoikonia: I have neither libapache2-mod-php or libapache2-mod-php7.019:32
ikoniagoddard: just routing19:32
ikoniavacho: right19:32
Bassemcwolford: i see ubuntu then advanced options for ubuntu then memory test then windows 719:32
cwolfordtry advanced options19:32
nicomachushi all. Trying to upgrade my 15.10 system to 16.04 before it goes EOL, but I'm not finding the new release. do I still have to use the -d flag for xenial?19:33
minimecBassem: I don't know why you did, what you did, but... when you get that non working x11 state, again <ctrl><<alt>F1 to get a console, login, then 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get upgrade', maybe 'sudo apt-get -f install'19:33
vachoikonia: any thoughts?19:33
cwolfordminimec, i think he deleted his nvidia drivers.19:33
tatertotsgoddard you want to either use the local 'route' or the remote 'route'. you need to determine your default 'route' and use it19:33
ikoniavacho: what happens if you now install libapache2-mod-php and restart apache19:34
MonkeyDustnicomachus  -d means development, so no, you don't need it19:34
Bassemcwolford: ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic then ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic (recovery mode) and alot of options like that with different numbers19:34
tatertotsin most cases you want to just use your local 'route' and use the vpn simply to have access to network resources on it and behind it19:34
k1l_nicomachus: where does your release prompt link to?19:34
vachoikonia: that worked!!19:34
minimeccwolford: Yeah... but his initial problem was a gnome-session problem. No need to purge his (working!) X11 configuration.19:34
nicomachusMonkeyDust: I didn't think so, but when I run just 'do-release-upgrade' it says 'no new release foudn'19:34
tatertotseither way you need to know which 'route' you want to use and simply use it19:34
Bassemminimec: <ctrl><<alt>F1 dosnt work19:35
ikoniavacho: I don't know as I can't check at the moment, but I'd assume the other module is built threaded for fpm or something19:35
k1l_nicomachus: "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades | nc termbin.com 9999"19:35
cwolfordminimec oh, i only knew about the blank screen, nvidia driver problem.19:36
Bassemcwolford: i choosed ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic (recovery mode)19:36
nicomachusk1l_: http://termbin.com/o1qt19:36
Bassemcwolford: now blank screen again ctrl alt f1 do nothing19:36
k1l_nicomachus: is that a desktop?19:36
vachoikonia: rewrites is not working now..lol..even after enabling a2nmod rewrite19:37
nicomachusk1l_: yes19:37
k1l_nicomachus: then go to the system settings, software and update. and set the upgrade to normal and not LTS only19:37
cwolfordBassem, this is beyond me. i'd follow minimec's directions.19:37
nicomachusis .1 not released yet?19:37
k1l_nicomachus: but before: what is the output of "lsb_release -d"?19:37
Bassemminimec: can you help19:37
minimecBassem: Ok. Hold <alt><SysRq> keys and type 'r'e'i's'u'b'. The computer should restart. After the bios boot screen hold the left 'shift' button to get the grub menu.19:37
ikoniavacho: check if the module is loaded, lookin the error log19:37
choiceHello! What is an easy way to record audio in Ubuntu?19:37
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nicomachusk1l_: Description:Ubuntu 15.1019:38
k1l_nicomachus: ok. then change the release prompt to normal19:38
Bassemminimec: nothing just the normal boot options19:38
nicomachusk1l_: ok, it's working it now19:39
minimecBassem: Ok. you should have some 'recovery optione' in 'other boot optioins' or so.19:39
=== mainak is now known as rcmainak
Bassemminimec: i see ubuntu then advanced options for ubuntu then memory test then windows 719:39
minimecBassem: >> advanced options.19:39
Bassemminimec: ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic then ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic (recovery mode) and alot of options like that with different numbers19:40
minimecBassem: >> Recovery boot, >> drop to root shell19:40
Bashing-omnicomachus: Do not think the -d option from 15.10 is needed ,... what is set ' grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' ?19:40
Bassemminimec: dont understand19:40
nicomachusBashing-om: I've got it now.19:40
Bassemminimec: when i click advanced option i see ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic then ubuntu, with linux 3.19.0-64-generic (recovery mode) and alot of options like that with different numbers19:41
minimecBassem: Boot the kernel in (recovery mode). You will get a menu then... >> drop to root shell19:41
Bashing-omnicomachus: Scroll back mode here .. now I play catch up .19:41
Bassemminimec: how19:41
minimecBassem: With the keys of your keyboard?!? Choose linux...generic (recovery mode). With the arrow keys up/down19:42
Bassemminimec: blank screen again19:43
aitzolhi all19:44
jhutchinschoice: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ubuntu-linux-audio-software,2856-10.html19:45
tatertotshi aitzol19:45
jhutchinschoice: Most audio editors like avidemux will also record.19:45
minimecBassem: If you choose recovery mode, you get a 'recovery mene' where you can choose 'root' >> Drop to root shell prompt19:45
cwolfordstill looking for help with my canon pixma printer/scanner if anyone has a moment19:45
choicejhutchins: thanks. i installed audacity now. it took like a gazillion gigabytes, but it works :)19:45
Bassemminimec: i choose recovery mode and ther's alot of text on the screen then blank screen19:46
jhutchinscwolford: What help?19:46
minimecBassem: Hmmm... That is bad. You should get something like this... http://i.stack.imgur.com/PjmRx.png19:47
Bassemminimec: just blank screen19:48
tatertotscwolford https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers19:48
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Bassemminimec: im usind dvi cable could this be the reason?19:49
Bassemminimec: should i use analog cable?19:49
jhutchinsBassem: Do you get any display during boot?19:49
Bassemminimec: im using hdmi cable now19:50
skinuxWhat happened to Apache2 Mod Rewrite package?19:50
Bassemjhutchins: yes some text then blank screen19:50
Bassemminimec: i'll try analg cable and see wait19:50
jhutchinsThe cool thing about text is that you can read what it says...19:51
cwolfordtatertots, i've done all the basics, but the scanner refuses to work properly.19:51
minimecBassem: Well.. The console should work anyways, but indeed you could plug to the internal GPU, bypassing the nvidia card or change the plug on the nvidia card.19:51
cwolfordjhutchins i have the printer portion of my canon pixma mp560 working over wifi, but the scanner portion isn't working. the closest i got to getting it to work was sane scanner seeing it on usb and launching but then disappearing until i turned off the scanner; once i did that, the sane scanner program came back on screen. but then, of course, i couldn't scan anything.19:51
jhutchinscwolford: A printer is not a scanner.19:51
cwolfordjhutchins it's a multifunction printer. the printer portion is working, but i can't get the scanner portion to work.19:52
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jhutchinscwolford: You may be able to find some troubleshooting info through sane.19:52
cwolfordjhutchins, i've tried that. i've been going in circles for the past two days.19:52
jhutchinscwolford: sane's pretty much the solution, figuring out tweaks to the sane config files is tough (but rewarding).19:53
skinuxWhat is the name of the package for Apache2 Rewrite mod?19:53
jqskinux: Should be installed by default19:53
nacc_vacho: i asked you to *enable* prefork, fwiw19:54
Jordan_Ucwolford: Can you scan while directly connected via USB?19:54
jqYou just need to do sudo a2enmod rewrite19:54
Bashing-omBassem: Remind me what release you have .. and maybe see what results when booting to a terminal drom the grub boot menu ??19:54
BassemBashing-om: 14.04 lts19:54
nacc_vacho: sorry, had stepped away19:54
cwolfordJordan_U nope. when i plug it in, the sane scanner app sees it and starts but then disappears. if i turn the scanner off, then the sane image app reappears like it is connected, but i can't do any scanning because the scanner is then off.19:55
tatertotshe used the term or phrase 'scanner doesn't work properly'...makes me think it is actually functional but he doesn't like how the scan appears visually19:55
cwolfordJordan_U if i turn the scanner back on, the sane scanner app says it fails to connect because the scanner is busy.19:55
tatertotsok now we're getting some details out of him19:55
Bassemminimec: ok got the screen on analog cable19:56
Jordan_Ucwolford: Are you using Simple Scan, Xsane, or some other scanning app?19:56
Bassemminimec: are you there19:57
skinuxjq: Well, an OS software I downloaded says it's not enabled or not supported19:57
skinuxOr..do I just need to enable it?19:58
Bassemminimec: i see now the recovery menu when i attach the analog cable19:58
tatertotsyo cwolford https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo19:58
skinuxNah..trying to enable, I do see it's already installed and enabled.19:58
jqskinux: That's what I said, just open terminal and do "sudo a2enmod rewrite"19:58
Bashing-omBassem: Try: boot to grub, 'e' key for edit mode -> boot parameters screen ; Line starting with linux containing " quiet splash "; replace these terms with 'text' - without the quotes .. key combo ctl+x to continue the boot process to TTY1 . Can you log in here ?// " < Bassem> minimec: ok got the screen on analog cable" . good deal .19:58
minimecBassem: Cool. Well if we tried to get a graphical environment now? >> 'resume normal boot' maaybe the nouveau driver doesn't support 'hdmi'19:58
skinuxOkay..so the thing I downloaded doesn't work right.19:58
tatertotsyou might be pissing in the wind19:59
cwolfordI tried simple scan, which always failed to connect. in installed sane, sane-utils, and xsane. i tried using the sane scanning app (xsane or not, i'm not sure off the top of my head), and i've tried gimp2.8--all with no luck.19:59
cwolfordtatertots, been there, done that, didn't work.19:59
minimecBassem: the 'recovery screen'? Drop to 'root' then or 'netroot' if you have taht.20:00
Bassemminimec: ok wait will try20:00
Bassemminimec: i resume now i got the error the system is running in low graphics mode20:01
Bassemminimec: i press ctrl alt f120:02
Bassemminimec: now im on terminal20:02
minimecBassem: exactly.20:02
Bassemminimec: now what to do20:02
Bassemshould i log in as root20:02
minimecBassem: Login and 'sudo apt-get update' and then ... upgrade. If it fails... 'sudo apt-get -f install'20:03
minimecBassem: You don't have root. login as user.20:03
Bassemminimec: ther's too much lines20:04
minimecBassem: Do you get error messages when you do 'sudo apt-get upgrade'?20:05
Bassemminimec: yes some thing like couldnt reach ubuntu extra link some thing like that20:06
Bassemminimec: it was at the end20:06
Bassemminimec: it start with W20:06
ubuntu-matehi there, I have this situation. sda is my laptop computer HD, sdb is a flash drive I m booting and sdc is a portable HD. Id like to install ubuntu on sdc without interfering at all with sda normal functioning. Is the option Something else and then selecting sdc for bootloader installation a safe option?20:06
swenssonHey guys, I got a ubuntu running php/php7, apache2.. Im doing an simple upload script in .php but I get access denied, "failed to open stream: Permission denied" How do I solve this in a secure & safe way?...20:08
nacc_ubuntu-mate: does apache have access to write to the target directory?20:09
minimecBassem: these errors come with 'apt-get update' right?20:09
Bassemminimec: yes now im on the upgrade20:09
minimecBassem: Ok. Does it install something?20:09
Bassemminimec: yes it's installing alot20:10
nacc_ubuntu-mate: sorry! swensson: does apache have access to write to the target directory?20:10
minimecBassem: That's good ;)20:10
SCHAAP137i have something hanging when doing a Shutdown directly from MATE... systemd stops at 'Stopping Raise Network Interfaces...' for some reason, it hangs there for 2 minutes and then times out, still shuts down20:10
ubuntu-mateno problems nacc_20:10
SCHAAP137but when i Log Off first, and do a Shutdown from lightdm-greeter, it works fine20:11
swenssonNacc_ No it does not... I is chown www-data /var/www/html/uploads a good way to aproach this?...20:11
swenssonA secure way to aproach*20:11
nacc_swensson: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8103860/move-uploaded-file-gives-failed-to-open-stream-permission-denied-error-after may help give some ideas20:11
swenssonnacc_ Thank you=)20:11
nacc_swensson: i think so, but i'm not an expert in the area :)20:12
ubuntu-matejust to summarize my last question. is there a safe way to boot to a second hard drive without interefering the first one?20:14
ubuntu-matesafe way to install a bootable second hard drive i meant.20:15
Bassemminimec: ok it done the upgrade now what to do20:15
Jordan_Uubuntu-mate: Is this a UEFI or BIOS based machine? Do you plan to boot the removable drive from other machines?20:16
chrisss123456anyone use avidemux on ubuntu 16.04?20:16
minimecBassem: Hmm... Verify that 'ubuntu desktop' is installed. 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'.20:16
k1l_ubuntu-mate: the issue here is the user accidently doing stuff on the wrong hdd. but yes. you can do that20:16
ubuntu-mateJordan_U, BIOS, and maybe yes.20:16
minimecBassem: Also verify that you are using lightdm as login manager. 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm'20:17
ubuntu-matebut in the install screen I go to >something else...< and then select the sdc as boot loader target and select sdc partition, sda should remain intact by the installation process, right?20:18
Bashing-omubuntu-mate: Somelike like my system : http://paste.ubuntu.com/19109974/; then yeah doable !20:18
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jhutchinschrisss123456: What's your actual question?20:19
ubuntu-mateI read that an option was to remove or disable the ``local`` HD and then try to install from a flash disk20:19
chrisss123456jhutchins: it's actually pretty much it. i used to have it in 15.10 but now it doesnt work, and is gone.20:19
jhutchinschrisss123456: "doesn't work" and "gone" seem mutually exclusive.20:20
Jordan_Uubuntu-mate: If you're sure that it's BIOS based, then yes all that you need to do is ensure that grub's boot sector is installed to the removable drive's MBR (and of course don't tell the Ubuntu installer to create or modify partitions on other drives).20:20
nacc_chrisss123456: http://askubuntu.com/questions/763846/why-has-avidemux-been-removed-from-ubuntu-16-04s-repository ?20:20
chrisss123456jhutchins: fair enough, sorry. i mean i can't install it via sudo apt-get  (there's no package). i think nacc_ has replied with a potential solution. thanks! :)20:21
jhutchinschrisss123456: Check backports.  It apparently had some problems building with the new release.20:21
jhutchinsnacc_: Heh.20:21
nacc_chrisss123456: still doesn't build, afaict20:21
nacc_jhutchins: ^520:21
jhutchinsnacc_: I was reading that.20:21
chrisss123456nacc_:  oh? is that including from getdeb?20:22
jhutchinsLooks like there might be a ppa for it.20:22
=== Codmadnesspro is now known as Aprexer
nacc_chrisss123456: not sure; i'm just looking at the current status (it's only in yakkety-proposed because it's not building there, afaict). As jhutchins mentioned, i think PPAs are your only option right now20:22
jhutchinsYeah, I'm definitely behind the curvbe here, just ignore me.20:23
chrisss123456nacc_: jhutchins. i'll try the getdeb route and report what i find20:23
Bassemminimec: it still flashing at installing new version of config file /etc/init.d/bluetooth..20:23
ubuntu-mateJordan_U, should I mark sdc1 as ``/`` to indicate that will be the install location?20:24
minimecBassem: After what command?20:24
chrisss123456nacc_: mmh do you know of anyone using getdeb? trying to install the package manager called getdeb (as the instructions on the website) and the ubuntu softwrae centre says it's broken20:24
nacc_chrisss123456: no idea, sorry; i would probably just try the PPA (I think there's one mentioned in that link and there's at least one other i found in askubuntu reponses)20:24
nacc_chrisss123456: presuming you're willing to trust the PPA owners20:25
Bassemminimec: ubuntu-desktop20:25
jhutchinschrisss123456: No knowledge of the trustworthiness of this PPA: http://linuxg.net/install-avidemux-on-ubuntu/20:25
chrisss123456nacc_: jhutchins: alright well i'm not sure if it's a good idea to trust them or not... a bit of a noob20:25
minimecBassem: Don't know why it takes so long but let it finish...20:25
Bassemminimec: ok20:26
jhutchinschrisss123456: You might also look at audacity.20:26
chrisss123456jhutchins: audacity is basically what i'm looking for, but for video files... avidemux was the best i found :/20:27
jhutchinschrisss123456: Ah, that's right.20:28
jhutchinschrisss123456: I was just thinking of it for audio earlier.20:28
Bassemminimec: the dash is flashing at the start of the line20:28
Bassemminimec: i can type but it dos not do any thing20:28
chrisss123456jhutchins: it's a shame. avidemux was lightweight and simple, and allowed for basic manipulations like frame by frame viewing, and external plugins.20:29
Jack293Who developer C?20:30
nacc_Jack293: not really ontopic, but many people develop in C.20:30
kwootAnybody awake for some br0 troubles?20:31
Jack293nacc_: thanks20:31
Bassemminimec: now what to do20:31
ubuntu-matewill these installation configurations wont affect sda? http://imgur.com/QZiV4PA20:31
minimecBassem: hmmm... '<ctrl>c', then 'sudo apt-get clean' (we clean the package copies in /var/cache/apt/archives), then 'sudo apt-get autoremove' (we remove obsolete installed packages)20:31
nacc_kwoot: i would just ask, alhtough bridging may get a faster/better response in #ubuntu-server20:31
Bassemminimec: ctrl c do nothing20:32
Jack293minimec: use apt20:32
minimecBassem: Try again...20:32
kwootnacc_: will try that channel then. Thanks!20:32
Bassemminimec: nothing20:32
minimecJack293: He's still on 14.04. apt-get should do, I guess.20:32
Jack293minimec: ok20:33
minimecBassem: <ctrl><alt>F2 login, do you get a prompt?20:33
Jack293minimec: apt --> very good20:33
Bassemminimec: ok now i login again20:34
minimecJack293: I should probably start to use it too... I agree.20:34
Jack293minimec: ok20:34
Bassemminimec: i get error for clean command20:35
anabainIn order to solve some video card issues on 16.04, I've been told to remove xserver-xorg-video-radeon and use xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu instead. dpkg -r xserver-xorg-video-radeon does not work because xserver-xorg-video-ati depends on it, and I've also been told not to remove the ati package. What can I do, then?20:36
minimecBassem: hmmm... I don't know whether we should interrupt apt-get right now, but it seems stucked somehow. what does the 'top' command give you?20:36
Bassemminimec: e: could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock20:36
cecjaanabain: what were your initial troubles?20:36
minimecBassem: apt-get is using it at the moment...20:36
Jordan_Uanabain: Who told you to do this? I would expect that it would be easier to specify the driver via /etc/X11/xorg.conf (and I would also expect for amdgpu to be used preferentially where it supports your graphics hardware).20:37
Bassemminimec: e: could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: resource temporary unavilable)20:37
rhaguHi I created a bash script: http://pastebin.com/hDvHkwbG  to check all video files in a folder for errors. I would like to alter it and move all files I do net get an stderr or stdout from to a new folder, how can I do that?20:37
minimecBassem: Do you have enough space on that partition? I see no reason, why 'apt-get' might hang during installation of a bluetooth config file.20:38
minimecBassem: type 'free'20:38
Bassemminimec: plenty of space 100 GB20:38
minimecBassem: Ok.20:38
anabainrefreshing issues, cecja, on kubuntu vsync compositor. Jordan_U, I also thought that, it seems strange that upgrading from 15.10 to 16.04 did not get the best suitable driver...20:38
Bassemwhat space do you want20:39
minimecBassem: So if you switch back to console F1, apt-get is still hanging?20:39
cecjaanabain: well with amd nothing really is expected.20:39
Bassemminimec: how to switch20:39
minimecBassem: ctrl+alt+f1 ;)20:40
anabaincecja, a workaround is to change rendering engine, anything other than openGL 2.0 works well, at least for non-3d stuff (which I won't be using, btw)20:40
Bassemminimec: same flashing dash20:40
Jordan_Uanabain: Please pasetebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log and your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if you have one, which you probably don't).20:41
cecjaanabain: the problem is Xorg 1.18 is not compatible with the binary blob from amd... and the opensource driver is a bit buggy to say the least20:41
minimecBassem: Ok. switch back to F2 and do 'pidof apt-get'. Do you get a process number? Then do 'top | grep apt-get'. Does it do something?20:42
Bassemminimec: 1070220:43
cecjaanabain:  I had some success on my server by using http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDGPU-PRO-Beta-Driver-for-Vulkan-Release-Notes.aspx the vulkan beta blob ... it worked with my non pro 26020:43
Bassemminimec: keep typeing same line20:44
anabainJordan_U, cecja: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19112313/20:45
Bassem10702 root 20 0 232684 82344 68484 s 2.3 0.7 0:34.3020:45
minimecBassem: So the process is there and it is 'active'. We can interrupt it, but we will have to recover the installation process with 'sudo apt-get -f install' afterwards. As you have no change on console F1, I consider doing that.20:46
Bassemminimec: then20:47
Bassemminimec: how to do that20:48
taorahello everyone, my wifi connection symbol is gone, instead ethernet symbol is shown on the system tray, while I am connected to wifi network.20:48
minimecBassem: Welll first we kill the process. 'sudo pkill -9 apt-get'.20:48
Jordan_Uanabain: I assume that means that you don't have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf? Please pastebin the output of "lspci".20:49
ubuntu-matewhat do you think, these install options will leave sda and its boot options intact? http://imgur.com/NldzADK20:49
taoraand list of available networks are not shown. the connected network name and the word 'connected' is not there.20:49
minimecBassem: You should have a normal console prompt on F1 again...20:49
anabainJordan_U, I already included that info in the paste, :) just at the beginning20:49
Bassemminimec: where to type the command20:50
minimecBassem: On console F220:50
anabainJordan_U, lines 1-320:50
Bassemminimec: can't it keep typeing the same line20:50
minimecBassem: <ctrl>c to interrupt the top cpmmand we did before.20:50
anabainJordan_U, the whole lspci output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19112831/20:51
=== dewwii is now known as deww
tortibI installed wine-devel pkg from the winehq ppa but it didn't actually install a wine binary20:52
Bassemminimec: the screen dos not type on f120:52
minimecBassem: you can also open a third console with ctrl+alt+f3... or interrupt the running 'top' process with ctrl+c on F2 and then 'pkill' ...20:54
Jordan_Uanabain: Now that I think of it, the amdgpu driver does kms and so would in fact need to be selected before X has started (thus Xorg.conf change would not be sufficient).20:54
Bassemminimec: done then what to do20:55
anabainJordan_U, then what's the next step, if any?20:55
Venkerhi people20:56
minimecBassem: We still don't know why apt-get hanged..., but try to 'sudo apt-get autoremove' once. You might get an error, because we interrupted the previous installation process.20:56
Bassemminimec: done the pkill but get the same error for -f install20:56
tatertotshi venker20:56
tortibI installed wine-devel pkg from the winehq ppa but it didn't actually install a wine binary20:56
ubuntu-matei have another problem. when I try to install to a device *sdb, it says it wants to use the other device swap partition!20:56
Bassemminimec: same error for autoremove20:57
Bassemminimec: e: could not get lock20:57
minimecBassem:  ok... we reboot once... 'sudo reboot'20:57
Bassemminimec: and boot normal?20:58
anabainJordan_U, another thing: is there any lightweight alternative to dolphin that I can use without having to install too much gnome stuff (I'm also having freezing issues with dolphin)?20:58
Jordan_Uanabain: I'm having trouble figuring out how to match lspci output to support or lack therof from amdput, and I need to leave. Hopefully someone can help with that and if your card is supported by amdgpu then you *might* want to try blacklisting the radeon kernel module so that it doesn't load at boot, but that could also lead to a failure to load X or possibly lead to a failure to boot entirely...20:58
minimecBassem: Yes. You will get that low graphics mode again....20:58
Jordan_Uanabain: The ideal resolution would be for someone from #radeon to give you instructions, so I would try asking there.20:59
anabainJordan_U, ok, thanks20:59
Jordan_Uanabain: You're welcome.20:59
anabainJordan_U, do you have any suggestion for an alternative to dolphin. Right now I'm unable to browse my system21:00
Bassemminimec: ok21:03
Bassemminimec: now what to do21:03
Jordan_Uanabain: pcmanfm or pcmanfm-qt might be worth trying.21:03
anabainok, thanks21:03
minimecBassem: Well we have to check, whether the package system is ok. Switch to F1 and Sudo apt-get update/upgrade21:04
Bassemminimec: i tried autoremove i get error dpgk was interrupted you must manually run sudo dpkg --configure21:04
=== ax562 is now known as ax5623
minimecBassem: update/upgrade... In case we do 'sudo apt-get -f install'. That will trigger 'dpkg'21:05
Bassemminimec: w:failed to fetch jttp://extras.ubuntu21:06
Bassemminimec: e:some index files faild to download, they have been ignored or old ones used insted21:06
ark-knightdoes anyone know where I can download an automated install of ubuntu?21:07
Bassemminimec: same error for upgrade command must manually run sudo dpgk --config21:07
minimecBassem: Yeah. You have repositories that are not 'reachable'. We look at that later. It might also be temporally.21:07
MonkeyDust!automate | ark-knight21:08
ubottuark-knight: Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning21:08
=== ax5623 is now known as ax562
superman_Hello Friends - I am a newbie Pi user, purchased my Pi 3 device a few days ago. I have been having difficulty setting up the wifi. When I enter my wep password into the field. Nothing happens. Also Please note, when I hover the mouse over the wifi icon - it says "wlan0: not associated". Any help would be greatly appreciated.21:08
Bassemminimec: now what to do21:08
minimecBassem: So run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a"21:08
MonkeyDustsuperman_  Pi has its own channels, try #ubuntu-arm or #raspberrypi21:09
superman_Thanks MonkeyDust21:09
Datis there away to convert mkv files into avi's?21:12
Bassemminimec: it stoped at setting up bluez 5.23-2+b121:12
Datffmpeg doesn't seem to be avail in 14.0421:12
Bassemminimec: flashing dash at that line again21:12
rypervencheDat: You can use libav to do the same thing.21:15
Bassemminimec: what to do21:16
minimecBassem: Oh boy. We are in a 'running circle'. I have no clue, why that bluez package doesn't install. We will have to 'pkill -9 -f apt-get' again... Open a console ctrl+alt+f2 and kill the process.21:17
minimecBassem: Gimme me a cigarette pause of 5 minutes... I will be back.21:18
TheNH813So, what command do I use to update alternatives to set a version of Java I put in /usr/local/oracle-java-8u9121:21
TheNH813As the default version of Java21:22
TheNH813Or should I just delete all the java things in /usr/bina nd manually simlink it21:22
TheNH813Because I have no idea how to use the update-alternatives thing21:22
TheNH813And no manual makes ANY sense21:23
sponixTheNH813: There is an easy way to do it.. Give me one second to pull the Link....21:23
TheNH813Thanks. I'l wait21:23
sponixTheNH813: --> http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html21:24
TheNH813Will read that21:25
minimecBassem: ok. I am back.21:25
Bassemminimec: wb21:25
minimecBassem: You will have to 'pkill -9 -f dpkg' as we have no apt-get process running....21:25
Bassemminimec: ok21:26
Bassemminimec: how can i show you what i get on my screen21:26
Bassemminimec: its too much to type21:26
TheNH813sponix: Thanks for that article. It's installing and should work perfectly. PPAs are so nice to have. :D21:27
sponixTheNH813: Yeah.. I use that PPA for Java8 to support "Minecraft" for my Kids :P21:27
minimecBassem: Try with "| pastebinit" after the command. I se no other solution21:28
TheNH813Same purpose. XD21:28
TheNH813And a few web applications21:28
TheNH813And Runescape. Otherwise, I have no use for Java. XDDD21:28
Bassemminimec: can't use it with the upgrade command...i get some error when i use it21:28
=== lukas is now known as Guest82659
Guest82659My desktop: http://i.imgur.com/0YbKslB.png whats your opinion?21:29
TheNH813Pretty nice wallpaper.21:29
minimecBassem: Did you kill the dpkg process?21:29
Bassemminimec: yes21:29
minimecBassem: Ok. I would remove that 'bluez' package now. 'sudo dpkg -r bluez', hoping that we can get a clean package status.21:30
sponixGuest82659: What Flavor of Linux is that ?21:31
Guest82659TheNH813 http://pexels.com Wallpapers/images for commercial use.21:31
tishaneed facebook messenger for ubuntu 16.0421:32
prod_TheNH813: it will be something like this21:32
prod_I installed Java under /usr/java/jre1.7.0_51/21:32
prod_# JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jre1.7.0_51/21:32
prod_# PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin21:32
prod_# export JAVA_HOME21:32
prod_# export PATH21:32
TheNH813Guest82659: I'l check that out. Always on the lookout for nice backgrounds. :D21:32
Bassemminimec: dependency problem preven removal of bluez21:32
minimecBassem: 'sudo apt-get remove bluez'?21:33
Guest82659sponix my english is very bad .. :( Can you explain your question?21:33
TheNH813prod_: Yeah I just went nad used a script from the Webupd8 PPA. It automatically installs java. I decided to just remove the folder I put in /usr/local and just let the script put it where it wants to. Thanks for that anyway, I will remember that if for soem reason this method fails.21:33
sponixGuest82659: Are you using Ubuntu Linux ?21:34
Guest82659Yes, i use (X)ubuntu 16.421:34
TheNH813Xubuntu looks quite simple and clean..21:35
TheNH813I definitely prefer it to Unity, but that search feature and binding the Windows key to the menu is just too usefull.21:35
Guest82659And its very fast. :)21:35
Bassemminimec: same thing at removing bluez 5.23-2+b121:36
Guest82659I hate unity.21:36
TheNH813Yeah, Unity sucks memory like no tomorrow and it does make things lag a bit. There's a few reasons I like it, but I might install another enviroment and set it as default21:37
minimecBassem: Boy... We try with force... 'sudo dpkg -rf bluez'21:37
TheNH813Guest82659: The memory is no problem for me but Compiz does crash on occasion. May just switch to XFCE. It's a single command to apt-get away.21:37
sponixTheNH813: I'm glad Ubuntu went with Unity be default.. If they didn't Linux Mint wouldn't be so popular  :)21:38
Bassemminimec: dpkg error conflictingn actions -f --field and -r remove21:39
prod_TheNH813: if your system has multiple versions of java installed then you can force the system to choose the version of java you want.21:39
prod_update-alternatives --config java21:39
TheNH813Yeah, what I was wondering before was how to register a custom java version with update-alternatives21:39
TheNH813That I just extracted from a .tar.gz21:39
sponixprod_: The article I posted already covers that.. Think I put out the link while you were busy getting kicked :)21:39
TheNH813But that's long over as I used a PPA21:40
Guest82659Oh, and the icons from my desktop: http://numixproject.org21:40
TheNH813Will keep it in mind if I need multiple versions21:40
TheNH813Guest82659: Now that's interesting21:40
prod_sponix: thanks for the info21:41
sponixprod_:  --> http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/install-oracle-java-8-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html21:41
Guest82659Its the "Numix Circle" Pack.21:41
sponixPPA saves the Day21:41
minimecBassem: Oh boy... 'sudo dpkg --purge --force-all bluez'21:42
Guest82659is it a good idea to lern python?21:42
TheNH813Python is quite usefull21:42
Guest82659for application development?21:43
TheNH813Well, Blender uses a lot of Python for background stuff.21:43
Bassemminimec: dpkf database is locked by another processor21:43
Guest82659Oh nice.21:43
TheNH813Guest82659: I'm taking a liking to the Numix Shine icons. Might just have to give those a try.21:43
TurboKrakenHow would you mount a .img?21:44
TheNH813What format? Floppy or CD/DVD?21:44
TheNH813(There's a big differernce)21:44
nomicis there no ubuntu 16.04 "alternative221:44
nomic= headless21:45
nomiccommand line21:45
TurboKrakenIts an SDcard.img for android studio.21:45
woot-0854Bassem: dpkg?21:45
TheNH813TurboKraken, then it's a complete filesystem in a image21:45
TheNH813What filesystem does Android use?21:45
TheNH813Mount the file like you would a HDD.21:46
sponixnomic: the Ubuntu 16.04 Server Edition Works21:46
nomicthere used to be command line21:46
Bassemwoot-0854: dpkg? unknown command21:46
nomicalternative install21:46
minimecBassem: Ok. That's a hard one, but we don't give up. We reboot and try to purge that 'bluez' package with 'sudo dpkg --purge --force-all bluez'. So first 'sudo reboot', the go to console F1 and try to remove the package with '--force-all'21:46
nomicis it gone21:46
TurboKrakenTheNH813: It doesn't disclose what format or let me change the format.21:46
TheNH813Likely EXT4 then. It's similar to a virtual machine hdd. There's a filesystem inside the file that gets flashed to the device21:47
woot-0854Bassem: which Distribution comes without dpkg?21:47
TheNH813Turbokraken: You'd mount it like "mount /path/to/file.img -t ext4 /path/to/mount"21:47
minimecBassem: You that I think I started to use ubuntu using the first ever release. Before (and still) I use(d) Debian. And yet... what we senow never happened to me...21:47
TheNH813Turbokraken: But it may need additional options if there's data before the partition.21:48
Bassemminimec: :) im a lucky guy i guess21:48
TheNH813Turbokraken: Or they could be YAFFS images, which is simialr to squashfs.21:49
Guest82659What do you think of my website (design, ...) https://96abilak.de/en21:49
minimecBassem: You see.. Even my posts are getting 'cryptic'....21:49
=== e-coffee is now known as coffeedood
HappySomethingSohi I can't seed with transmission21:50
TheNH813Guest82659: Pretty clean and simple looking. Seems to be good for what it is (listing contact info, etc)21:50
TheNH813(PS: Just a sidenote, don't mention too much stuff like that here, it could be considered "off topic"21:51
HappySomethingSodoes anyone know why this could be? transmission says the port is open21:51
TheNH813Check your firewall21:51
TheNH813On the router21:51
TheNH813To make sure it isn't blocking p2p21:51
HappySomethingSoTheNH813: ok I'll try that21:52
TheNH813Some ISPs also throttle or block p2p traffic, but that's not too likely the case.21:52
TheNH813I'd say it's a firewall problem. Could possibly be a firewall problem on your PC also, but you said the port was opened.21:53
TheNH813Hello. :D21:53
Guest82659Hi :D21:53
Johnwhat is this chat for?21:53
HappySomethingSoTheNH813: so it should be security: IP filtering: Incoming, right?21:53
TheNH813John: Ubuntu help, support, etc.21:54
=== John is now known as Guest96693
Guest82659Its for talking about unicorns and more stuff like that.21:54
Guest96693so anyone play minecraft?21:54
TheNH813Well, I do. Sometimes java is a pain to get running on Linux though.21:55
Guest82659Yes, I do. Sometimes.21:55
Guest82659wtf :D21:55
rypervencheGuest96693: You might try #ubuntu-offtopic21:55
HappySomethingSoTheNH813: Everything is allowed21:55
=== woot-0854 is now known as gnudoge
Guest96693i got a problem with my desktop21:56
TheNH813HappySomethingSo: Well, then I'd check your PC.21:56
Guest82659TheNH813 how old are you?21:56
Guest96693i got a problem with my desktop21:56
HappySomethingSoTheNH813: what should I check?21:56
minimecTheNH813: Well... What you want to say is... "Java is a pain..." *rofl*21:56
Guest82659what kind of problem?21:56
Guest96693well its grey21:56
TheNH813minimec: True21:56
Guest96693and no icons21:56
TheNH813Graphics problem?21:56
Guest96693i looked through the setting21:56
Guest96693no it happened when i took my pv in and out of vga21:57
=== gnudoge is now known as nudoge
Guest96693pc sorry21:57
TheNH813So, you unplugged and replugged a cable?21:57
Bassemminimec: is it normal to take that long to remove it?21:57
Guest82659Settings>Appearance>*Choose a Theme*21:57
Guest96693idk what happened21:57
Guest96693no i mean its GONE21:57
Guest82659can you make a screenshot?21:58
=== nudoge is now known as gnudoge
TheNH813BRB a few minutes gotta do something.21:58
Guest96693i took a screenshot21:59
minimecBassem: Normally no, because it is just a rather small package. Although I don't know if it removes some dependencies...21:59
Guest96693i need help21:59
Bassemminimec: it's flashing dash since then21:59
minimecBassem: I don't know what you did to your system, but it seems to behave rather strange.22:00
sponixGuest96693: What exactly do you need help with ?22:00
gnudogehehehehe tell us the things!22:00
Guest96693my desktop is grey22:00
Guest96693no icons22:00
Guest96693no nothing22:00
Guest96693just grey22:00
gnudogeI have that too.  Mine is caled fluxbox22:01
Guest96693with the panels up top and down bottom22:01
gnudogecan you right click on the desktop?22:01
gnudogeoh.  sounds broke..  Where screenshot?22:01
Guest96693i need my desktop to get to some important files quickly22:01
Guest82659 what desktop are you using and witch Linux distro22:01
Guest96693idk just what it came with22:02
Guest96693i know it works22:02
gnudogeWill alt+f2 brings up a command prompt?22:02
Guest96693all i know is it is ubuntu 14.0422:02
Guest96693application finder22:03
Bassemminimec: what to do now22:03
gnudogeyep try the browser name22:03
Guest96693i need my desktop to get important files up quickly22:03
gnudogefirefox perhaps.. then go to url  file:///22:03
Guest96693its a pain going through all the folders22:03
vachocan someone point me to a website where I can setup proper permissions for my web app? it's a LAMP app on 16.04 and I have placed the source code in /var/www/html/public ... not sure how to go about the file permissions22:03
Guest96693i just want my desktop back :(22:04
Bassemminimec: should i use ctrl c22:04
gnudogeI thought you wanted files?22:04
Guest96693i do22:04
gnudogedid you open firefox?22:04
Guest96693on my non-existant desktop22:05
gnudogewith alt+f222:05
Guest96693no i opened applicaton finder22:05
Guest96693i got chrome22:05
Guest96693do you want that?22:06
gnudogewelp, open chrome and go to without quotes "file:///"22:06
* tgm4883 reads backlog22:06
Guest96693k so what now?22:06
gnudogedo you see your files? did you put     file:///      into the address bar?22:07
Guest96693yes i see folders22:07
gnudogeyay ur files!22:07
TheNH813Well, I'm back.22:07
Guest96693no i want my desktop22:07
Bassemminimec: should i use ctrl c22:08
Guest96693i can get to my files22:08
minimecBassem: You see. we are caught in a circle... we cannot configure 'bluez', we cannot remove 'bluez'. If we cannot solve that 'bluez' problem, we cannot get a sane package status.22:08
gnudogeI don't do desktops sorry.  but if you ever need files let me know.22:08
Guest96693so what can i do22:08
Bassemminimec: isn't there like save mode where you can do any thing22:08
gnudogepull a backup of the home directory and reinstall?22:09
minimecBassem: Ok. We will 'pkill -9 dpkg' again....22:09
Guest96693k so what do i do22:09
Bassemminimec: i got some thing strange on the screen22:09
gnudogepgrep -u user dpkg22:10
Guest96693how can i reset my whole desktop22:10
Guest96693clean slate22:10
gnudogeGuest96693: make a backup of /home/; reinstall22:10
wcsantoshey guys!22:10
Bassemminimec: eth1 transmit timed out, tx_status ff 080022:10
TheNH813Guest96693: It sounds like you need to boot the Live CD, backup your files by copying them to a flash drive, and reinstalling Ubuntu.22:10
Bassemminimec: diagnostic net ffff media ffff dma ffffffff fifo ffff22:10
gnudogeGuest96693: get your files; reinstall22:10
tgm4883Uh, has anyone attempted checking another user?22:11
Guest96693how do i beck it up22:11
tgm4883Guest96693: have you tried logging in as a different user?22:11
Guest96693back up sorry22:11
gnudogeexternal resource22:11
Guest96693how do i do that?22:11
TheNH813One second. Let me get a link.22:11
minimecBassem: That seems to be network related but should not have an influence on the running dpkg process, because that bluez package is already downloaded.22:11
Bassemminimec: eth1 transmitter encountered 16 collisions -- network cable problem22:11
Bassemminimec: it keep repeating on the screen22:11
TheNH813Guest96693: Do you have the disk or USB you used to install Ubuntu?22:12
Bassemminimec: what to do now22:12
gnudogeBassem: can you run      dmesg | tail -n 20       and paste that in a pastebin?  It might help us.22:13
TheNH813Guest96693: ???22:13
gnudogeBassem: and did you try running        pgrep -u root dpkg       ?22:14
minimecBassem: I am out of ideas. I would personnaly reboot one again, maybe remove all packages in /var/apt/archives and also everything in '/var/lib/apt/lists/'. then start over again with sudo apt-get update....22:14
TheNH813Guest96693: You there?22:14
TheNH813I guess not.22:14
gnudogeTheNH813: u fixt it; thanks.22:15
ngomesanyone with experience in making deb packages ?22:15
ngomesi'm trying to make an portable aplication a package in order to merge to my system22:15
Bassemgnudoge: paste.ubuntu.com/1911986622:16
Startrek852If I compile git or make on Kubuntu 1522:16
Bassemgnudoge: paste.ubuntu.com/1911986622:16
ngomesthe issue i'm having is because its not from source , its already a binary file22:16
Bassemgnudoge: paste.ubuntu.com/1911986622:16
ngomesone file only22:16
TheNH813ngomes: Well, you could just copy the files to the right places.22:16
tgm4883ngomes: a portable application?22:16
TheNH813And create a shortcut in /usr/share/applications22:16
ngomestgm4883, i guess so22:17
tgm4883ngomes: what's the purpose of the application?22:17
Startrek852If I compile git or make on Kubuntu 15.10, then install it on Ubuntu 14.04.4, will they work?22:17
ngomesTheNH813, i know that , but i would prefer to make a package in order to keep track of it22:17
Startrek852*install them22:17
TheNH813Startrek852: No.22:17
TheNH813It won't work because of different library versions22:17
tgm4883Startrek852: you can, you'd need to build it in a pbuilder22:17
gnudogeBassem: are you using Windows file shares?22:18
ngomestgm4883, etcher ... its a usb iso creator22:18
tgm4883Startrek852: or better, in an LXC container22:18
Bassemminimec: how to remove all packages22:18
TheNH813ngomes: Ah, well I think I might be able to point you in the right direction22:18
ngomestgm4883, makes bootable isos on a usb disk22:18
Bassemgnudoge: i have windows on other partion22:18
minimecBassem: did you kill the dpkg process?22:19
gnudogeno, smb is a network file share.  do you file share at all?22:19
Bassemminimec: i rebooted22:19
gnudogeminimec: I'll get him there.  I think eth0 is crappin out.22:19
Startrek852tgm4883: How would I use an LXC container?22:19
TheNH813ngomes: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146343/how-to-create-a-deb-package-that-installs-a-series-of-files22:19
TheNH813That may be the answer22:19
TheNH813You coudl manually create th escripts and compress it into a .deb22:19
minimecgnudoge: I don'tunderstand...22:19
gnudogecheck out that paste bin22:20
hammer25hey guys, I'm running a rsapberry pi with an SD card, and I want to write the contents of it to a USB drive. How to I tell what their corresponding device files are?22:21
JFlashhi, what would cause my ubuntu laptop to not see available wifi networks that all the other nearby devices see?22:21
tgm4883Startrek852: create an lxc container of 14.04, download your build tools/deps into it, build the package normally, then copy the deb files wherever you need them22:21
JFlashI have been plagued by connectivity problem on my laptop since I moved to this new bedroom, but all other devices work just fine22:21
TheNH813Well, I gotta go for now. Laters.22:21
Bassemgnudoge: what to do?22:22
rypervenchehammer25: fdisk -l and/or dmesg after you plug in it. Also, sudo blkid is really nice.22:22
YankDownUnderJFlash: Did this work before in a different location?22:23
JFlashsure, and it also works now if I get closer to the wireless router22:24
gnudogeBassem: try stopping smb with    sudo service smb stop22:24
JFlashbut the laptop is the only one that has this behavior, of all my other devices22:24
gnudogeBassem: then try reproducing the error22:24
minimecBassem: gnudoge: I see what you mean, but the packages should already be on his computer in /var/cache/apt/archives. Installation failed with 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'. I think the download of the packages went well. It was during installation, where the bluez package failed to install.22:24
Startrek852tgm4883: How do I create an LXC container?22:25
YankDownUnderJFlash: Depending on the card/driver, there may be ways to make adjustments to the "gain" on the wifi in order to get a better signal. As well, bear in mind that "wifi" is a radio signal - there are objects that can reflect/deflect or obstruct those signals.22:25
gnudogeminimec: that stands to reason.22:26
Bassemgnudoge: first command unrecognized service22:26
minimecBassem: gnudoge: So we tried to 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' after a 'pkill' of the installation process and a reboot. That '--configure -a' failed again when getting to the 'bluez' package.22:26
gnudogeoh,  try      sudo service smbd stop;22:27
JFlashYank, sure but how come this issues only affect the laptop. I can use the android tablet and phone from a much further corner of the room and I get great speeds22:27
JFlashYankDownUnder, while the laptop has to be by the door and even gets spotty connection/ terrible speeds22:28
YankDownUnderJFlash: Have you tried putting the laptop in different areas of the room to see if you get a better signal?22:28
Bassemminimec: what to do now22:28
JFlashYankDownUnder, I probably dont even get a signal bar at all if it's not close to the door22:29
YankDownUnderJFlash: "By the door" - so there's interference inherent in that...the door jamb, the cables running through the wall, the joists, etc etc etc...just saying. Thinking logically.22:29
gnudogeBassem: did you try        sudo service smbd stop22:29
KwiatuszynCan someone help me ? :)22:29
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: may be22:29
ngomesso,  there is no tool to make deb packages easy22:29
JFlashYankDownUnder, sorry let me rephase that22:29
JFlashYankDownUnder, the router is downstair . "by the door" means the closest location to the router that doesnt erequire me to leave the room22:30
Bassemgnudoge: i told you i get error unrecognized service22:30
YankDownUnderJFlash: So have you tried different areas in the room to see if the signal gets stronger?22:30
gnudogeI asked for 2 different outputs.   1).   service smb stop  2).  service smbd stop22:30
JFlashJFlash, as I said, because the other areas in the room are farther away, I dont even geet a signal bar22:31
KwiatuszynOk :) I have a problem with VNC. I host TS3 server and i will create music bot but ts3 client on VNC all time crash after a few hours. I don't know how fix it :/22:31
JFlashYankDownUnder, sorry, I just called you JFlash22:31
Bassemgnudoge: smbd stop/waiting22:31
gnudogegood, I think it may have been crashing the connection22:32
YankDownUnderJFlash: So then, with that established, have you tried just adjusting the antenna on the router slightly to see if that will affect the broadcast of the signal?22:32
JFlashYankDownUnder, but bad signal is only one of the problems , btw22:32
gnudogeminimec: what is next step?22:32
tatertotsJFlash you mentioned connectivity issues since you "moved to this new room" suggests no connectivity issues in the 'old' room and also suggest environmental22:32
JFlashYankDownUnder, sometimes I cannot even detect most of the available networks22:33
jaccessHi there, if everytime I use some cmd I actually want 'cmd -a' is there a way to set up so I can just type cmd but it actually runs cmd -a. For example, "wget [url]" should actually run "wget -c [url]"22:33
Kwiatuszyngnudoge do you know how can i fix it ? :)22:33
JFlashYankDownUnder, than I have to restart several times, like in a lottery, and at some points it does find the network that I need it to find22:33
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: what was the question22:33
gnudogeBassem: did you try to reproduce the initial error with samba off?22:33
minimecBassem: gnudoge: So let's guess that samba really had something to with it (I don't think so). we still need a 'clear' package status. So we have to 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'. Otherwise we cannot work with the package managment anymore.22:34
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: I have a problem with VNC. I host TS3 server and i will create music bot but ts3 client on VNC all time crash after a few hours. I don't know how fix it :/22:34
YankDownUnderJFlash: As I mentioned in the beginning, there are generally ways of making adjustments to the hardware properties of the wifi card that you're using - but that is dependent on the hardware and driver - which is worth researching.22:34
JFlashtatertots, what I was sayin by that is that I tested and this problem is related to proximity to the wifi router22:34
Bassemgnudoge: how?22:34
JFlashtatertots, but the other devices work fine at much further distances22:34
tgm4883JFlash: what nic?22:34
Bassemminimec: you want me to try to configure again22:34
minimecgnudoge: By the way. We appreciate your help.22:34
JFlashwhat is a nic?22:34
tgm4883JFlash: what wireless card do you have22:34
YankDownUnder"nic" - Network Interface Card22:35
gnudogeminimec: copy that.  Kwiatuszyn thats intense22:35
JFlashwhat command do Ihave to run to tell me ?22:35
=== DzAirmaX_ is now known as DzAirmaX
tgm4883JFlash: can you pastebin the output of 'lspci'22:35
tgm4883!pastebin | JFlash22:35
ubottuJFlash: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:35
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: what does    tailf /var/log/messages            say when it happens22:35
HappySomethingSowhy can't I seed with transmission? the port is open22:36
YankDownUnderJFlash:  the first you'd want to determine is the make/model of the wifi card - open a terminal and type: sudo lspci | more ====> scroll through the list and locate your wifi card.22:36
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: you can use tail to look at the end of a file and tailf to follow the tail of a file.22:36
JFlashtgm4883, http://hastebin.com/fohanudeta.css22:36
gnudogeminimec: no worries22:36
gnudogeminimec: sounded like broken packages, normally network down issues.22:36
Bassemminimec: so what to do22:37
tgm4883JFlash: what about 'lsb_release -r'22:37
JFlashbtw, google tells me my intel card and ubuntu dont have always got along with each other, however I fail to understand what I can do about it.22:37
minimecBassem: gnudoge: Question is. Can we clean the package cache, with 'sudo rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin' and 'sudo rm *.* /var/lib/apt/lists' and start over again with 'sudo apt-get update'?22:38
JFlashtgm4883, 15.422:38
Bassemminimec: ok will try22:38
YankDownUnderJFlash: Google may have resolved the issue - not necessarily to YOUR liking...22:38
Bassemminimec: should we do it in save mode?22:38
tgm4883JFlash: that shouldn't be what it told you22:38
minimecBassem: Gve us a moment...22:38
hammer25Ok, now that I have identified the two devices, the command "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sda" should copy the contents of the SD card (mmcblk0) to the thumb drive, correct?22:38
Bassemminimec: ok i'll wait for you22:38
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: try reading through the error logs in /var/log/ for more details about the creash if there isn't a report.   you can also run htop and type the letter 's' on the process name to strace for further diagnostics22:38
JFlashtgm4883, sorry 15.0422:39
tgm4883JFlash: but in the event that you did type that in correctly, I would try 16.0422:39
tgm4883since 15.04 isn't supported anymore22:39
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid22:39
gnudogeBassem:   if you reboot you may need to stop smbd again22:39
JFlashok, so this have a chance to fix my issue?22:39
Bassemgnudoge: i'll do what you say22:39
tgm4883JFlash: posibly22:39
JFlashok I will try that22:40
gnudogeminimec: I would use a find instead of rm22:40
JFlashanything else before I leave to upgrade linux?22:40
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: Do you want to log error from the ts3 client ?22:41
rypervencheminimec: Don't ever use rm with * like that. Go with find and then when you are sure of the list it gives you, add the -delete flag to it.22:41
minimecBassem: gnudoge: Could you give him the command you would execute: That might help.22:41
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: in a paste bin I'll take a look at it22:41
Bassemminimec: what command?22:41
JFlashYankDownUnder, tgm4883 , and evryone else, thanks for all the help22:41
gnudogecd into the cache directory22:41
minimecrypervenche: gnudoge: I see ;)22:41
JFlashif I dont come back is because I botched my bootloader while doing it22:42
asgharpolohello guys22:42
gnudogefind ./ -type f -exec grep -iHn 'vars_to_lookfor' {} \;22:42
asgharpolocan someone put this link for me in another location22:42
asgharpoloi cant download that22:43
Bassemgnudoge: ???22:43
asgharpolosomeone please help22:43
mabusi got you22:43
gnudogeBassem: I'll brb I'm going to go look at my own system22:43
mabuscert is invalid btw22:43
mabusthats pobably why whatever you are using is failing22:44
tatertotswhy can't you download it asgharpolo?...22:44
asgharpolobecause i live at iran22:44
mabusasgharpolo: eta 4 minutes22:45
mabusaculei.net/~mabus/android-sdk_r24.4.1-linux.tgz when its done22:45
asgharpolomabus, really thanks22:46
asgharpoloi am downloading that22:46
mabusits still not done, dont start it yet22:46
mabusthe copy wont be good unless youw ait until its done22:46
mabuseta 2 minutes22:46
asgharpoloi stops that now22:47
asgharpoloit is stopped now22:47
gnudogeuser@ubuntu:/var/cache/apt$ sudo find ./ -type f -name '*.bin' -exec mv {} ./{}.bak \;22:48
Bassemgnudoge: yes22:48
asgharpolomabus, is it done?22:48
gnudogek let me see about the otherone22:49
Startrek855Should I set up a LXC container or should I setup a VirtualBox VM?22:49
samtcgcomplete new ubuntu user here. Whenever I type stuff in the terminal, say ls or cd. Nothing happens22:49
Bassemgnudoge: what other one22:49
minimecBassem: so 'cd /var/cache/apt', then 'sudo find ./ -type f -name '*.bin' -exec mv {} ./{}.bak \;'22:50
tgm4883Startrek855: I don't even know your original question22:50
tgm4883Ah you changed names I'm guessing22:51
tgm4883Startrek855: why would you setup a full VM when an LXC container would do22:51
Startrek855Oh yeah, sorry.22:51
=== Startrek855 is now known as Startrek852
gnudogeminimec: for the second one 'mv /var/lib/apt/lists /var/lib/apt/lists.bak; mkdir /var/lib/apt/lists; chmod 0755 /var/lib/apt/lists22:52
asgharpolomabus, ????22:52
Bassemgnudoge: got >22:52
mabusasgharpolo: yeah done now22:52
Startrek852tgm4883: can you tell me how to setup an LXC container?22:52
asgharpolomabus, thanks22:52
gnudogeminimec: does that look right?22:52
gnudogechown root # all the things22:53
tgm4883Startrek852: first, 'apt install lxc'22:53
minimecgnudoge: looks ok.22:54
tgm4883Startrek852: first, 'apt install lxd'22:54
tgm4883sorry, not lxc22:54
felipecHi everybody. Ubuntu 16.04 installed, usb ports do not work22:54
gnudogeBassem: did you get that?22:54
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: http://pastebin.com/ar14uFHp22:54
Bassemgnudoge: no it's too long command22:54
gnudogeminimec: other than using absolute paths huh?  kekekekek22:54
Bassemand here the page keep moving in the channel22:54
gnudogethanks Kwiatuszyn i'll check it out.22:54
Bassemgnudoge: wait sec22:55
gnudogerun as root22:55
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: I thank you22:55
Bassemgnudoge: how?22:55
YankDownUnderfelipec: It may be that other drivers are required for your system. Have you checked?22:55
gnudogewill in ubuntu land we run as sudo.  shall I tidy up?  one sec22:56
minimecBassem: 2nd one ^^ see above oist by gnudoge. In words. We rename the 'lists' folder to lists.bak, and then create a new 'lists' foler and give it the approriate 'permissions' with chmod.22:56
felipecYankDownUnder, no I did not. How do I check it?22:57
YankDownUnderfelipec: In the "Software and Updates" centre, there is an option to check for "other drivers"...22:57
Startrek852tgm4883: let me get to my computer.22:57
ark-knightis there an easy way to set up automatic installation?22:57
felipecYankDownUnder, OK, give me a minute please22:58
gnudogesudo su; cd /var/lib/apt/; mv lists lists.bak; mkdir lists; chmod 0755 lists; pwd       Bassem what is the last line of output from that?22:58
gnudogewont work22:59
gnudogesudo su     then the strings22:59
tgm4883Startrek852: once you install that, then you create the container via "lxc launch ubuntu:14.04 <containername>". It will download about 100MB for the image (although will be faster if you need to do it again as the fiels are now local)22:59
tgm4883Startrek852: then you can get in the container 'lxc exec <containername> /bin/bash' and install whatever you need and build the packages23:00
felipecYankDownUnder. It says: Unknown: Unknown. This device is using an alternative driver. Using Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs from Intel microcode (prtopietary) "cheched"23:00
YankDownUnderfelipec: So does it say "Apply" or similar?23:01
Bassemgnudoge: root@bs-desktop:/home/bs#23:01
vookIs there an irc channel other than #lxcontainers that is appropriate for LXD questions?  It's pretty dead in there.23:02
hammer25so i copied the files on and sd card to a usb drive using "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sda", its taking quite a while with no indication it is working. is there a way to see what is happening?23:02
gnudogeI mean23:02
gnudogeBassem: you should cd into /var/lib/apts23:02
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: The audio driver is crashing23:03
=== Guest71045 is now known as defcon73
KwiatuszynBut you know how can i fix it ?23:03
Bassemgnudoge: and do the last command sudo su; cd /var/lib/apt/; mv lists lists.bak; mkdir lists; chmod 0755 lists; pwd23:03
gnudogeBassem: I'll guide you through them23:03
gnudogejust get into /var/lib/apt/23:04
Bassemgnudoge: now im on apt folder23:04
tgm4883vook: you could ask in here if it's a ubuntu question23:04
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: is it a third party audio driver?23:04
felipecYankDownUnder: "Apply Changes" button, but I can not clik on it23:04
gnudogemv -iv lists lists.bak23:04
KwiatuszynNo it's a pulse audio23:04
gnudogeAre there third party driver avalible?23:05
Bassemgnudoge: you talking to me?23:05
gnudogeBassem: mv -iv lists lists.bak23:06
felipecYankDownUnder: I mean, It is disable23:06
YankDownUnderfelipec: Right. Well. Something you can try - in order to "jolt" the kernel into possibly recognising the USB ports, is to shut down the machine, get into your BIOS, turn off the COM ports - and possibly the LPT port, and then boot again into Ubuntu and see if anything changes...and by the way, how are you testing to see if your USB ports are accessible?23:06
Bassemgnudoge: done23:06
gnudogeBassem: mkdir lists; chmod 0755 lists23:07
gnudogeminimec: what nao?23:07
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: is it an onboard soundcard?23:07
Bassemgnudoge: يخىث23:07
Bassemgnudoge: done23:07
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: i think yes. It's soundcard on my VPS server23:08
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: so its virtual..... hmmmm hosting provider perhaps?23:09
Bassemminimec: what now23:09
felipecYankDownUnder: Sticking a usb unit into the three ports.23:10
gnudogeBassem: I believe you where using ' dpkg --configure -a ' but I just wanted to chekc with minimec23:10
YankDownUnderfelipec: Er...what KIND of USB - a flash drive? A what?23:10
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: I don't know :/ How can i check it ?23:10
minimecBassem: gnudoge: Did he remove the packages in /var/cache/apt/ (I did not follow). I yes. I would first try to 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' (just for a check) then 'sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-get upgrade'23:10
gnudogefrom cli run 'alsamixer'23:11
gnudogeBassem: will you make sure that all ofthe files are in .bak form?23:11
felipecYankDownUnder: Kingston dtse9 8gb, dell 1tb portable external hard drive, Huawei cell phone...23:12
YankDownUnderfelipec: Well, the "mass storage" would be more than enough to test. Either which, try what I suggested about BIOS.23:12
felipecYankDownUnder: OK, I will do it. Thanks23:13
* gnudoge goes on break back in 15; Kwiatuszyn you can pm if you need to.23:13
Bassemgnudoge: how>23:13
gnudogeBassem:  just use ls inside the directories we have modified the files/directories in.  just look and make sure they are whatever.bak23:14
gnudogethen read ^^ at minimec23:15
Bassemminimec: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1912442823:16
asgharpolocan i programming for android with monodevelopment in ubuntu ?23:16
=== Moneysac is now known as Moneysac[off]
gnudogelooks good23:17
gnudogeBassem: then in /var/lib/apt the 2 .bin should be in .bak form23:18
asgharpolocan i programming for android with monodevelopment in ubuntu ?23:18
Bassemgnudoge: i did ls in the /var/lib/apt23:19
gnudogeand pkgcache and srcpkgcache.bin are in .bak?23:19
gnudogepkgcache.bin.bak  srcpkgcache.bin.bak23:20
minimecBassem: gnudoge: I agree that creating an empty 'list' folder was a good thing to do, and yet we might still have all the packages in '/var/cache/apt/archives', including the cache (.bin) files in '/var/cache/apt'. I think we would have to remove them too.23:20
gnudogeIt should just be .bak or old.file.bak and will be ok.23:21
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: i cannot open alsamixer from terminal :.23:22
Bassemminimec: what to do now23:22
gnudogeits not a bandaid in this case it is whole roll of gauze.  ;)23:22
minimecBassem: well. We cleaned the package list. So we have to do 'sudo apt-get update'23:23
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: you can  'apt -y install alsamixer'23:23
Bassemminimec: i did the command23:24
Bassemminimec: wont we do the config command23:24
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: E: Unable to locate packeage alsamixer23:26
minimecBassem: Well we will see now. We try a 'sudo apt-get upgrade'. I did not follow all the posts... If the 'bluez' package is still in /archives, it will not work problably.23:26
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: apt install alsa-utils23:26
Bassemminimec: how to check if it's there or not23:27
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: E: Unable to locate packeage alsa-units23:27
minimecBassem: If 'upgrade' doesn't work we do 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'23:27
Bassemminimec: can't we do it first23:27
minimecBassem: We can...23:27
Bassemminimec: im afraid to get into all this again23:28
gnudogeKwiatuszyn:  its   alsa-utils23:28
gnudogedpkg -> apt23:28
gnudogebut they are more <==> but I wont go that far23:29
minimecBassem: You might... To be sure I would 'sudo rm *.deb /var/cacha/apt/archives'. My way... )23:29
Kwiatuszyngnudoge it was installed23:29
Bassemminimec: ok done the update command23:30
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: now alsmixer will give you detailed information about the drivers23:30
Bassemminimec: now what23:30
minimecBassem: apt-get upgrade23:30
pizzahi dudes23:30
gnudogehi pizza23:31
pizzawhats going on?23:31
gnudogenot pizza23:31
gnudogeI want pizza, I need to eat23:31
YankDownUndersudo apt-get pizza pizza-box pizza-ingredients => "Pizza not found"23:32
gnudogepizza on a bagel sounds awesome.23:32
pizzabut classical pizza is better than everything23:32
pizzapepperoni pizza23:32
* gnudoge actually laughs out loud23:32
Bassemminimec: e:sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code 123:32
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: It was already installed. Still he wants to run alsamixer shows me that I can not: /23:32
minimecBassem: On what package?23:33
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: checking23:33
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: the alsa-utils will help in this case.  moar options = may not break23:34
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: So why i cannot run alsamixer ?23:34
pizzasomeone used hollywood terminal?23:34
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: I can not produce the same issue.  My vps with ubutnu 16.04 64 was able to bring up alsamixer without any issues.  You may need to contact the service provider for further details.23:35
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: you type alsamixer in the terminal ?23:35
minimecBassem: How is that possible... 'sudo apt-get update | pasteinit' ... I want to see your repository list...23:36
ywneed help with x11vnc, on a new ubuntu 16 vm did these steps http://paste2.org/Fgmebcf7 and can't start vnc :(23:36
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: now that the alsa-utils are installed this may help with TS.  And yes.  I installed alsa-utils and brought up alsamixer in cli.23:36
ywtatertots ^23:36
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: cannot open mixer: No such file or directory23:37
gnudogehmmm you typed                  alsamixer23:37
Kwiatuszynyep :/23:37
gnudogeVery strange indeed23:37
Bassemminimec: http://paste.ubuntu.come/1912608923:38
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: so ummm I tried a command and it is a diagnostic.  I will run in and get back results, then I will pastebin.23:39
Kwiatuszynokok :)23:39
minimecBassem: Why would you have all these 'http://httpredir.debian.org' repositories???23:40
Bassemminimec: ??23:41
Bassemminimec: i donno any thing23:41
Bashing-omBassem: minimec What gives " Err http://extras.ubuntu.com jessie/main Sources" trying to mix ubuntu and debian sources ???23:42
minimecBassem: I mean there are a lot of 'http://httpredir.debian.org' repositories in your list. What did you do to get then? >> notice Bassem23:42
minimecBassem: I mean there are a lot of 'http://httpredir.debian.org' repositories in your list. What did you do to get then? >> notice Bashing-om23:43
Bassemminimec: honestly donno23:43
minimecBassem: Ok.. Boy. That explains a lot... Give me a moment....23:44
Bassemminimec: ok23:45
gnudogeKwiatuszyn: that didn't go so well.  It told me to "Please inform the person helping you." so now I am completly lost on this issue.  I think your VPS hosting provider should be informed.  This is 16.04 ubuntu correct?23:45
Kwiatuszyngnudoge: nope 14.0423:46
gnudogeshould still work.  It may be a repo issue, but if alsamixer is not working in the terminal I would try it in byobu, then if that fails look at the strace.23:46
Bashing-omBassem: minimec : Clean up the sources ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list ; tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' to see what we have to do ???23:47
a7i3nwrong screen23:48
minimecBassem: Bashing-om: I was about to create a new sources.list with https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/generate.php23:49
Bashing-omBassem: Not ,y call... yours - Yall have been at this for some time .... It only takes 20 munutes to RE-install. with a good internet connection  :)23:49
Bashing-omminimec: suggest we fix what is in place  rather than a new one .. that due to what is now installed .. maybe corrupted ?23:50
minimecBashing-om: Bashing-om: Ok.23:50
gnudogechroot # all the things!23:51
minimecBassem: Follow the commands posted by Bashing-om above...23:51
Bashing-omminimec: It is your call ! .. Welcome to the learning process .. the learning curve can get steep .23:51
nomichow to: install updates from command line23:52
nomicis apt-get update23:52
gnudogenomic: then apt-get upgrade23:52
hammer25How do I close an instance of a file in vim after I suspended it with ctrl Z?23:52
Bashing-omnomic: 'sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' .23:52
nomicthought so23:52
BassemBashing-om: what to do23:52
mutantehammer25: try "fg"23:52
jima7i3n, don't worry, we all make mistakes, and yours didn't cause damage or disruption23:53
mutantehammer25: fg for foreground, to get stuff back from the background23:53
Bashing-omBassem: What do you want to do .. It is ypur frustration level here we have to deal with .. I am always for fixing .. RE-install is for wimps .23:53
hammer25its saying "not and editor command"23:53
hammer25where should i type it?23:53
a7i3nRunning two machines one scree was updating on the other device...eek23:53
gnudogehammer25: you can also delete the file.swp generated by vim23:53
mutantehammer25: outside the editor, on shell23:54
BassemBashing-om: minimec told me to follow your instructions23:54
mutantehammer25: the Ctrl+Z thing is a general thing for any process, not just text file or editor related23:54
=== RamPage_ is now known as RamPage
gnudogeBassem: did apt-get update break?23:54
Bassemgnudoge: yes23:55
Bashing-omBassem: K .. then post ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list ; tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' and we see what it takes to fix the source list files .23:55
hammer25mutante: ok, that worked. thank you, i definately need to look into how to use vim more before trying to edit cmdline.txt with it lol23:56
gnudogehammer25: make a backup first23:56
BassemBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1912751923:57
mutantehammer25: glad to help. so that "sending stuff to background" thing is totally separate from vi, it would work for anything23:58
minimecBashing-om: If you mean 'first check the sources' when you're giving support to someone... I learned my lesson... ;)23:58
hammer25gnudoge: its a raspberry pi.  i figure worse case scenario I would need to reimage the sd card in my laptop23:58
tyrickHi, I am having trouble booting after an install23:58
tyrickI ran boot-repair and got the following:23:58
tyrick=================== Suggested repair23:58
tyrickThe default repair of the Boot-Repair utility would reinstall the grub-efi-amd64-signed of sda2, using the following options:        sda1/boot/efi,23:58
tyrickAdditional repair would be performed: unhide-bootmenu-10s    use-standard-efi-file rename-ms-efi23:58
hammer25mutante: cool. what other things get sent to the background?23:58
gnudogehammer25: saves time to backup a file that small.23:59
gnudogehammer25: I moved /etc on a rasp pi once23:59

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