walridergood morning UBU 05:01
pavlushkaHellllo Tuhin , how is it going for you?07:26
Tuhinmy friend will update DBBL account and then will link with skiril07:27
Tuhinwhere did they said about their % ?07:27
[1]Tuhini m back , what i missed?07:30
pavlushkaTuhin, 1$ for odesk to skrill withdrawal, 3.9% of withdrawal for idesk to skrill process, $2.34 for skrill to your local account and additional charges may apply by your local bank as well.07:32
pavlushka[1]Tuhin: 1$ for odesk to skrill withdrawal, 3.9% of withdrawal for idesk to skrill process, $2.34 for skrill to your local account and additional charges may apply by your local bank as well.07:32
=== [1]Tuhin is now known as Tuhin
Tuhinlooks like a lot07:33
pavlushkaTuhin: please change your optional nicks to start with letters rather than punctuation marks07:33
pavlushkaTuhin: that will be easier to address the nicks, know?07:35
Tuhin[1] was added by hydrachat07:35
Tuhinwhen it saw same nic is joined in channel07:35
pavlushkaTuhin: you can modify that in the settings07:35
Tuhinauto changes nick once old nick is ping time outs07:35
pavlushkathere is options to choose your alternate nicks07:35
Tuhinim not familier with hydrachat yet :)07:36
pavlushkaTuhin , and you can ghost kill your previous nick and then switch to that, :)07:37
Tuhinyes i forgot all those commands07:38
pavlushkaTuhin: like this, first run "/msg nickserv ghost nick password"07:38
pavlushkaHello Kilos , Good Morning, :p08:35
pavlushkaKilos: got my mail?08:35
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:36
Kilosyes im reading it now08:36
Kiloswe had no power till 10 am08:36
Kiloswhew lots to read08:46
pavlushkawb AudaciousTUX 13:05
pavlushkaKilos: you there?13:05
pavlushkawelcome stevendale 13:05
pavlushkastevendale: you are on a android device and you are managing so many channels at a time, wow!13:09
stevendaleI am also playing League of Legends one handed13:10
AudaciousTUXswho's stevendale 13:10
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: বলু13:10
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: কোন খবর আছে?13:13
AudaciousTUXki bulbo... amar bular vasha harai pelchi.... no avro... no kutha :'(13:13
AudaciousTUXapatoto nai :p13:13
pavlushkastevendale: dont you have ships / pop corn beside you?13:21
AudaciousTUXstevendale: ke?? keu koiben?? :313:24
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: stevendale might answer if ask him in English, :p13:26
AudaciousTUX:3 hei stevendale can u introduce yourself ?? :)13:29
stevendaleI'm 16 years old, ikonia hates me, I just got banned from #ubuntu-offtopic for the 3rd or 4th time13:31
AudaciousTUXlol :v 13:31
stevendaleAww it's 11:33 pm13:33
stevendaleIt's almost tomorrow!13:33
pavlushkastevendale: you were spamming there "swastika" in #ubuntu-offtopic, :p13:33
stevendaleYeah :P13:34
stevendaleI think I had too much alcoholic beverages today13:34
stevendaleHi walrider13:34
AudaciousTUXhei.... i want nusha back... :313:34
walriderhlw 13:34
walridermorse ayy13:34
walridermorse loy na 13:34
pavlushkaQA morse hello13:35
QApavlushka: Encodes as .... . .-.. .-.. ---13:35
stevendaleQA morse pavlushka13:35
QAstevendale: Encodes as .--. .- ...- .-.. ..- ... .... -.- .-13:35
walriderQA morse ayy lmao13:35
QAwalrider: Encodes as .- -.-- -.--   .-.. -- .- ---13:35
AudaciousTUXQA binary tanjim13:35
QAAudaciousTUX: Sorry...13:35
pavlushkaQA morse stevendale 13:35
QApavlushka: Encodes as ... - . ...- . -. -.. .- .-.. .13:35
walriderহইসে :D 13:35
AudaciousTUXQA md5 hdkjsahd13:36
QAAudaciousTUX: 1585d65705db455a6af48ae46fcd0a8313:36
pavlushkawalrider: lol13:36
stevendaleQA binary ubuntu13:36
QAstevendale: Excuse me?13:36
AudaciousTUXQA sha jdslkfjsdlf13:36
QAAudaciousTUX: Excuse me?13:36
walriderবাইনারি নাই 13:36
pavlushkaQA md5 ubuntu13:36
QApavlushka: 1d41c853af58d3a7ae54990ce29417d813:36
AudaciousTUXQA sha-256 sdkjsdj13:36
QAAudaciousTUX: *blink*13:36
walriderশা১ শা ৫ ও নাই 13:36
stevendaleQA md5 Sesquioxide13:36
QAstevendale: fa7db5e53e691500590eec0f677537e513:36
walriderএমডি ৫ আসে দেখি 13:37
AudaciousTUXQA english to bangla apple13:37
QAAudaciousTUX: What?13:37
AudaciousTUXbeshi expectation :v13:37
walriderএটা দিয়া আমার বানানো সাইটের এসকিউএল সারভার এর ইউজার পাস এঙ্ক্রিপ্ট করসিলাম 13:37
walriderএমডি ৫ দিয়া 13:37
AudaciousTUXQA diya naki md5 diya??13:38
QAAudaciousTUX: What?13:38
AudaciousTUXQA kisuna bolod -_-13:38
QAAudaciousTUX: *blink*13:38
stevendaleQA md5 QA md513:38
QAstevendale: 21e26cc156ab229921d8173cf4ecd21013:38
pavlushkawalrider: AudaciousTUX বোবা হইয়া গেসে লূল13:38
stevendaleDamn it's non recursive :P13:38
walriderবদা হইসে ক্যা ?13:39
walriderবোবা *13:39
AudaciousTUXnusha onek vala :/13:39
pavlushkawalrider: হের avro গেসে গা13:39
walriderসরে ভুলে লিখসি :| 13:39
walriderসরি :|13:39
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: সেইজন্যই তো নাই, :p13:40
walriderঅভ্র ঠিক কইরা দিমু ??13:40
AudaciousTUX<3 nusha :'(13:40
pavlushkaQA md5 21e26cc156ab229921d8173cf4ecd21013:40
QApavlushka: d5dd90fb7f3a318b225607a19a7c2ed813:40
AudaciousTUXlagbona... mra khan walrider 13:41
walriderটিম ভিউয়ার লাগাই দেন ঠিক কইরা দেই 13:41
AudaciousTUXmra khan koilamna :/ walrider 13:41
walriderআপনের টা থিক কইরা দিতাম ফিরি তে মিয়া গায়ে লাগে না :D আমি কলম ফিরিম কাম করি না :D13:41
pavlushkawalrider: দুটা টেকা চাইতা13:42
walriderএহ 13:42
walriderএই কাম এর লাইগা আবার টাহা চামু :D 13:42
pavlushkaQA how do I use md5?13:42
QApavlushka: Calculates numerous cryptographic hash functions. You can use it like this:13:42
QA  (md5|sha1|sha224|sha256|sha384|sha512) <string>13:42
QA  crypt <string> <salt>13:42
walriderআমি টুকি টাকি সারভিসিং এর কাজ করি ফাক পাইলে 13:42
walriderটায়ার্ড লাগতাসে 13:43
AudaciousTUXamio ghumamu13:44
walriderতিতুমির এর সামনে গেসিলাম 13:44
walriderপর্যটন হোটেল খাইয়া আইলাম পুরা পরিবার 13:44
walriderঅহন সেলাইন লাগপে 13:45
pavlushkawalrider: শুধু আপনার না পুরা পরিবারের?13:45
AudaciousTUXhappy pooping :v13:45
walriderখালি আমার এ লাগপে :v13:45
AudaciousTUX+1 pavlushka  :v13:45
AudaciousTUXghum... zzzzz.zz.z.z.z.z.z.z..z.z.13:47
pavlushkaguys you know any pdf to ppt comverter, or any way to export pdf as ppt?13:48
stevendaleWhat even is this channel14:22
pavlushkastevendale: ?14:22
Kilosafternoon all14:23
pavlushkaKilos: Good afternoon14:25
Kilosi slept all avy then woke and had to go lockup sheep14:26
pavlushkaKilos: then why didn't I see that (in my dream), I was sleeping too, :p14:27
stevendaleWhat is this channel for14:58
Kilosfor ub untu users14:58
Kilosubuntu users14:58
stevendaleokay XD14:58
pavlushkastevendale: It represents Ubuntu Bangladesh users14:58
stevendaleI'm Australian14:58
Kiloshaha and im south  african14:59
pavlushkastevendale: no problem, anyone is invited, Kilos is from SA14:59
pavlushkaWelcome zaki 15:27
zakithnx. :)15:27
zakihow are you all? pavlushka  Kilos Tuhin 15:27
Kiloshi zaki 15:28
pavlushkazaki: How is your Master-PDF working?15:28
Tuhini m okay15:28
zakiKilos, :)15:28
Tuhinzaki where do u live?15:28
Tuhin'i guess u r into hardware stuff?15:28
zakipavlushka, you remembered that :D oky it works fine. :) 15:29
zakii'm from chittagong. you?15:29
Tuhini m from Dhaka15:30
pavlushkazaki: you know, necessity know no bounds, even it applies to memories, coz I am looking for a way to convert pdf to ppt, already figured a way, but looking for a beeter way, :)15:31
zakinetworking, troubleshooting , system support. now learning php, got some knowledge about web development, mostly cms.15:32
pavlushka*knows, better15:32
zakipavlushka, thats good. 15:33
zakiTuhin, what do you do?\15:36
Tuhinlooking after father's property, trying to freelance15:37
Tuhindid freelancing befoer15:37
Tuhinwhat about u15:37
zakisystem support engineer at a ISP. now working with Bangladesh Navy from novembor 2015.15:39
stevendaleI'm a gamer15:40
zakilooking after there whole network at chittagong base. 15:40
pavlushkazaki: congrats, I didn't know that!15:40
zakistevendale, whare are you from? 15:40
Tuhinso what ur colleagues thinks about all these attacks?15:40
stevendaleI don't speak Bangladesh15:40
zakiwaht attacks?15:40
Tuhini m a gamer too15:40
zakithnx pavlushka :) \15:41
pavlushkastevendale: I am a gamer too, I play dxball, :p15:41
Tuhin"Distant Worlds Universe" open in another computer15:41
zakidxball is fun. pavlushka :) i used to play that game. 15:41
Tuhini only play strategy games15:42
Tuhinaction and arcade bores me15:42
Tuhinplay some action and driving too though15:42
zakipavlushka, do you know what! today most off my office time spend with those SWADS, navy seal guys. :D 15:44
Tuhinzaki, th egulshan  and other attacks15:44
stevendaleI play League of Legends15:45
stevendaleAnd Clash of Clans15:45
Tuhinonly SITE intelligence gets all the info ahead of time and none else gets any info15:46
pavlushka_for me, arcade mode is good for a break, but prefer real time strategics and street fighters, king of fighters, :p15:46
zakiTuhin, i'm not a military person, :D and people here not allowed to talk about those much. 15:46
pavlushka_zaki: thats wow15:46
Tuhinlooks like they r the right hand of the attackers15:46
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
Tuhinpeople around me thiks i should be into detective branch15:47
zakiwho know's!! Tuhin 15:47
zakipavlushka, what are you doing?15:47
pavlushkaTuhin: me too15:47
pavlushkaI am trying to create some Presentation files and training materials15:48
pavlushkabeside that , doing Ubuntu works15:48
zakipavlushka, i'm facing problem with tyoing this word> "what" every time i type it and then it shows up like waht. :#15:48
zakipresentation about what?15:50
stevendaleOh my god is that still in my clipboard15:51
Kilosstevendale where are you in aus16:01
Kilos2 am on the eastern side16:01
zakiwb pavlushka 16:08
pavlushkazaki: thanks16:10
pavlushkazaki: I think your finger gone dyslexic , :p16:12
zakiha ha.. :D 16:13
zakipavlushka, btw i got my membership at "ubuntu wiki editors"16:13
pavlushkazaki: congrats, try to login to wiki and see if you can edit your page, :)16:14
Kilosyay zaki then you can make your wiki page16:14
zakioky, :)16:16
pavlushkaKilos: its already there https://wiki.ubuntu.com/zaki, He just needs to update that, :)16:17
Kilosyes i saw the basic page16:17
pavlushkaKilos: oh16:17
Kilosyou made it the other night remember16:18
zakiyes i can edit it now.. :) :D thanks pavlushka Kilos 16:18
pavlushkazaki: cheers, yay16:18
zakiha ha.. :D ^_^16:18
Kilosevery day we get a little closer16:20
pavlushkazaki: and also add the wiki page link to your LP profile, :)16:21
zakioky. 16:22
pavlushkathat will be convenient16:22
zakiKilos, when i 1st get here in irc, its like 2 month ago, i can remember that here's only 3 users me you and pavlushka , but in last one month this channel grown up again. :)16:25
Kilosyes big change hey16:25
stevendaleIt's 2:30 AM, I'm in Brisbane16:29
pavlushkastevendale: why you are in Brinbane at 2.30 AM?, Its late, go home, :p16:30
stevendaleI'm at home16:32
stevendaleAnd I got school today16:32
pavlushkaand btw Tuhin you were pointing something, please proceed with your detective thing, like to hear further analysis, :)16:32
Tuhinthe Gov said the truth when it said Mossad+CIA of USA is behind terrorism16:33
Tuhin9/11 was done by same groups16:34
Tuhinu can google for more info16:34
pavlushkaTuhin: the world including us know that16:34
Tuhinso why gov stopping zakir naiks islamic tv?16:34
Tuhincoz this gov dislikes Islam16:34
Tuhinpolapain hindi movie follow kore eve teasing kortese16:35
Tuhinwhy not stop all hindi channels and movies?16:35
pavlushkaTuhin: you have to do something, if you cant grab the criminals, you have to produce some Judge Mia, know?16:35
Tuhincoz most of public r stupid16:36
Tuhinthey dont want to believe that USA-Israel doing these.....16:36
pavlushkaTuhin: that's not the fact, and Dont say that public are stupid, you are among the public.16:37
pavlushkaand me too, :p16:38
Tuhini said most16:38
Tuhinlook at the interviews in tv channels16:38
Tuhinthey r all saying negative about islamic tv and zakir naik16:38
Tuhinif this continures16:38
pavlushkaTuhin: then I must say, even the TV channels, the smart asses are in stupid pants, :p16:39
Tuhinthen one day they might ban all islamic books , including Quran16:39
TuhinThe PM said will find out the roots, thats what needs to be done16:39
Tuhinbut the Gov is taking help of USA... the creator of ISIS16:40
zakiPM said Many things. :316:40
pavlushkaTuhin, these will be mostly intelligence info sharing, no physical support actually16:41
Tuhinhere is big problem too16:41
pavlushkaand I prefer it that way16:41
TuhinBD police will tell them how we will secure our country16:41
TuhinCIA will pass the info to ISIS16:42
TuhinISIS will find the holes and do more attacks.....16:42
zakigreat..!!! 16:42
TuhinUSA was mad at Russia when russia started bombing ISIS16:42
pavlushkaTuhin: its not that easy, not every one is stupid, The security experts of BD knows the loop-holes.16:43
Tuhinbecause USA>CIA>ISIS16:43
Tuhinbut the politicians ar talking rubbish i saw on tv16:43
Tuhinblaming each other.....16:43
Tuhinnot helping the situation16:43
pavlushkaTuhin: Its what they do, usual and very normal of them.16:44
Tuhinwe need sane politicians16:45
Tuhinbut we vote these rubbish heads into parliament16:45
pavlushkaTuhin: you know the Napoleon's saying?16:45
Tuhinwhich one?16:45
pavlushkaI have read it in Bengali, so I will say it likewise, "যে জাতি যেমন, সে জাতি তেমন নেতৃত্ব/নেতা পায়"16:47
Tuhincant read16:47
pavlushkaTuhin: check here https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/07/12/%23ubuntu-bd.html16:48
pavlushkaTuhin: oh no, that has 15 minutes window lag, :(16:49
pavlushkaTuhin: it means The leader is one of us, did not fall from the sky, its our reflections, or we are responsible for that somehow.16:50
pavlushkaand Tuhin one more funny thing I like to add as you were pointing, US bombed ISIS, but the report reveals that in doing that, they bombed ASAD regime's utility/establishments too, lol, and if you can manage to reveal their true intentions, they will just say that it was just a mistake what others are not allowed to make! 16:57
Tuhinthose were no mistakes16:57
Tuhinthose were intentional to make isis win16:57
pavlushkabbl, it dinner time, yum yum17:03
zakipavlushka, 17:50
zaki||{{https://launchpad.net/@@/mail}} Email || pavelsayekat@gmail.com || use this in your mail section. and see the difference in icon. :D17:52
pavlushkazaki: thanks, on it, :)17:58
zakisearching for a better location icon. :D 17:59
pavlushkazaki: yep, make a BD impression on that, and then I will just copu, :p18:00
zakiha ha.. :D 18:02
pavlushkazaki: but you have not done it for your self!!! your wiki is as usual???18:11
pavlushkazaki: and you haven't added contents/materials to your page? come on, do it.18:13
zakii'm editing. :)18:21
zakiyou allrdy done it. :D it' better than previous icon. 18:21
pavlushkazaki: yes, it is showing now, checked mine?18:23
zakiyap. :)18:23
zakibbl, dinner time. :)18:24
walriderhelo all :D 18:47
walriderআয়া পরছি বায় 18:47
pavlushkaহা হা হা, অবশ্যই18:47
pavlushkawalrider: welcome18:48
walriderধন্যবাদ পাভেল ভাই 18:48
walriderগুগল ড্রাইভ থেকে ড্রপবক্স এ ডাইরেক্ট ফাইল ট্র্যান্সফার মারসি 18:49
walriderড্রাইভ টু ক্লাউড টু ড্রপবক্স 18:49
Kiloshi walrider 18:50
Kilosjust in time to say night18:50
walriderhey how u doing 18:50
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:50
walriderhave some coffee 18:51
Kilosbetter to dive in bed 18:51
Kilosill see you all tomorrow18:51
walrideri have some work with my old enemy " books "18:51
walriderk gn 18:51
walriderseeya 18:51
pavlushkaKilos: good night dear18:52
walrider Konversation ?18:53
walriderkorrect 18:53
walrideri respekt 18:54
pavlushkawalrider: you are speaking kde language, :p18:54
walriderbetter then lxde atleast 18:55
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
pavlushkastevendale: you are supposed to say bye as you have told that you have school today, :p20:51
stevendaleI wonder if I have for a 'quick' game of League of Legends20:53
pavlushkastevendale: or you are a nocturnal / insomniac ?20:53
stevendaleI was staying up for an internet friend20:53
stevendaleI stayed up till 3 then I blacked out20:53
stevendaleI can't remember going to the living room20:54
pavlushkastevendale: awe20:54
pavlushkanight stevendale !21:15
pavlushkastevendale: be here, chill, have fun with yourself, :p21:16

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