nacc!help | matey00:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:05
ubottumatey: please see above00:05
matey*I am noob.* I am trying to compile a kernel without btintel but I compiled w/out networksupport>bluetooth subsystem> bluetooth devicedrivers>intel protocol but btintel still compiled thanks in advance for the hlep00:07
naccmatey: why are you trying to compile a kernel without btintel?00:08
mateyconflict with broadcom driver00:08
asunderI installed ubuntu 16.04 via USB drive and now the USB drive no longer loads on boot (my laptop goes straight to grub). Any ideas? I haven't changed anything in the bios: USB is still first in the boot order.00:08
naccmatey: so just blacklist the driver?00:08
nacc!blacklist | matey00:08
ubottumatey: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »00:08
mateyhciuart still loads it00:08
k1l!br | gti00:09
ubottugti: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:09
naccmatey: blacklist hci_uart?00:09
mateyneed it for broadcom00:09
naccmatey: `grep BT_INTEL /path/to/your/kernel/.config/file`00:10
mateyty i will report back00:10
naccmatey: afaict, you need to disable both "Intel protocol support" and "Intel AG6XX protocol support" for BT_INTEL to be off.00:13
naccmatey: right, it's not a visible simple in menuconfig00:13
naccmatey: so you'll first need to disable the two I just said (BT_HCIUART_INTEL and BT_HCIUART_AG6XX) and then disable BT_INTEL (and then run `make oldconfig` to ensure the changes took)00:13
mateyIntel AG6XX? So i cannot menuconfig?00:14
naccmatey: you could try with menuconfig for those two symbols00:14
naccmatey: i'm not usre it will automatically disable BT_INTEL just because it's not been 'selected', though00:14
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mateyTY will report back00:15
mediaanyway to get kodi on Ubuntu Mate?00:15
nacc!info kodi00:16
ubottukodi (source: kodi): Open Source Home Theatre (executable binaries). In component universe, is optional. Version 15.2+dfsg1-3ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 13 kB, installed size 71 kB00:16
naccwell, they're already gone...00:16
ohcrudohcrudohcrI have an SSD with an enrypted installation of Ubuntu 16.04. Being stupid I deleted a 513MB parition at the begining of the drive and it wiped out the reference? to the LVM with my data on it. Please tell me this can be fixed. I don't care about the install I can redo I just want the data00:19
ohcrudohcrudohcrI'm running sudo gpart /dev/sda now and so far see Possible partition(Linux ext2), size(487mb), offset(1mb). How can I access the LVM? I had no idea the 513MB parition would affect the encrypted LVM.00:21
frostschutzohcrudohcrudohcr, if it's just a problem with the partition table, testdisk might help you. can you show output of `sudo file -s /dev/sda*`?00:22
YankDownUnderohcrudohcrudohcr: Might get some hints here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/588530/recover-the-directory-structure-of-a-lost-lvm-logical-volume00:22
mateyis xconfig more detailed than menuconfig?00:23
frostschutzohcrudohcrudohcr, deleting one partition should not affect the others, unless you decide to move/resize the other partitions as well (as gparted might do)00:23
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setuidAnyone here good with preseeds? I'm having trouble getting the initial user's password working, so the machine builds, boots, and I can't log in.00:25
setuidmkpasswd -m sha-512 -S $(pwgen -ns 16 1) MySecretPassword00:29
cocacoladid you know that mira mesa and El Paso Texas are the same?00:31
naccsetuid: you generally should not pass a password to mkpasswd00:31
k1lcocacola: this is a technical support channel. please keep it clear for support00:31
cocacolathey're both almost 100% spy communities for the USA intelligence community00:31
cocacolaI was "just worried" so00:31
naccsetuid: just run `mkpasswd -m sha-512`00:32
naccsetuid: what does your preseed stanza look like?00:32
naccmatey: no00:32
setuidd-i passwd/user-password-crypted password  {big hash here}00:33
setuidI also tried cleartext, that didn't work either..00:33
setuid d-i passwd/user-password MyPass insecure00:33
setuidd-i passwd/user-password-again MyPass insecure00:33
naccsetuid: and you left the username as "ubuntu"?00:34
naccsetuid: i've only done it for root-password-crypted before, but it should work00:36
ohcrudohcrudohcrThanks for the suggestions everyone. It was just a bug in Disks. It showed two empty partitions. I rebooted to a live CD and everything is fine.00:39
mateywould like to disable CONFIG_BT_INTEL=m with pluma in my .config file what do i replace m with?00:40
etereokilleralguien me puede ayudar con elastix00:42
setuidnacc, while this is building, another one for you... I can't seem to figure out a way to get preseed to work with a local .iso file + preseed (withOUT remastering the .iso)00:43
setuidI can only seem to get it working by pointing to my local Ubuntu mirror00:43
setuidHA! auth works now00:43
mateycan i just hash it out?00:45
ohcrudohcrudohcrIs there a problem in a update being pushed out? I've updated two different encrypted LVM Ubuntu installations today and after rebooting all I get is a BusyBox prompt on both.00:45
setuidERROR    Only one install method can be used (--location URL, --cdrom CD/ISO, --pxe, --import, --boot hd|cdrom|...)00:46
naccmatey: yes, you need to comment it out, but you also need to comment out the symbols that select it, which I already told you00:48
naccsetuid: i believe for a local iso image, you'd use --cdrom? or, you'd need to, as you said, put the preseed on the iso (really in the initrd of the iso, iirc)00:49
mateyThank you! I appreciate the help soon I will install my first custom kernel!00:49
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mateynacc: AG6XX not found00:51
naccmatey: might not be there, it depends on other config options, possibly00:52
mateynacc: lets hope!00:52
naccmatey: you're technically !ot, so you may want to take this to ##linux or #kernelnewbies on OFTC00:53
ohcrudohcrudohcrHas anyone else with an encrypted Ubuntu installation had problems after installing Linux 4.4.0-28-generic?00:53
mateythank you will do!00:53
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minimecohcrudohcrudohcr: running fine here.01:06
setuidnacc, Can I get your eyes on this one? http://paste.ubuntu.com/19440624/01:08
setuidit -should- use the preseed file, without remastering the iso, but it ignores it01:08
setuidThis site with an almost identical commandline, claims it works: https://blog.jeffreyforman.net/2014/09/13/unattended-ubuntu-installs-part-2/01:08
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setuidWait, I think I have it now01:10
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Yin-Yanganyone here?01:18
Yin-Yangjust thought i'd ask...01:20
Yin-Yangperhaps a convo starter, illuminati? who are they....01:21
bazhangYin-Yang, this is ubuntu support only01:21
ouroumov!ot | Yin-Yang01:22
ubottuYin-Yang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:22
setuidSo weird, it uses the preseed file, boots from the iso, but even with "apt-setup/no_mirror boolean true", it reaches upstream and downloads all the packages anyway01:24
setuid...thus ignoring the packages in the iso01:24
acovrigI’m trying to setup MAAS and finally got clients to PXE boot, but they just hang at a login and I can’t find default credentials online anywhere...01:36
setuidPretty straightforward, but you'd get better help in #maas01:37
octacianWell. Looks like my friend's computer is done. Replaced battery, still nothing. Computer just has black screen. Also part of the keyboard connectior is broken.01:38
octacian(bios/cmos battery)01:38
Apachezso any hints on how to troubleshoot the blackscreen and only mousepointer visible in 16.04 lts ?01:45
Apachezswitching view alt+f7  alt+f1   doesnt work01:45
setuidalt-rightarrow until you get back to X01:48
Kirito/media/makoto/Ubuntu$'\001'6.04\ LTS\ amd64 ubuntu, wtf are you doing?01:53
Kiritowhat kind of name is that?01:53
KiritoI can't even get it to unmount because umount has no idea how to handle that filename01:54
mlamp_search in google01:54
bndzgoogle is a great friend :)01:55
* theskillwithin is so close to installing ubuntu, just cleaning up my hd so I can give it decent hd space. my osx is taking up like 600gb of my 1tb hd 01:55
bndzHow does one go about registering a nick, I have used Mirc is it the same concept?01:56
user___I want know What is the best PC company supports Gnu/Linux Distros?01:57
KiritoI don't know how that comment was supposed to be helpful but it's a zsh bug it seems01:59
mkultrauser___: system 7602:00
user___What about HP ?02:00
mkultraI'm not sure. I've seen support at the workstation/server level. not regular desktop support02:04
mkultraand it's usually limited to redhat02:04
ApachezKirito: then unmount on the /dev ?02:06
Apachezsupports in what way?02:06
Apachezlike sponsoring?02:06
Apachezor support as in linux works on the devices?02:07
mkultraofficial device support02:07
mkultralike hp providing linux drivers for let's say ubuntu02:08
squarecircleI have an urgent problem: my laptop suspends every 10 seconds and I have no clue why02:08
squarecircleI checked the bios, but there are no settings to change for suspend behaviour02:09
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setuidI've google'd, no luck... : ERROR    Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree.02:10
setuidusing virt-install to build a 14.04 machine on 16.0402:10
setuidThis same exact command I'm using, works flawlessly on 14.04 to install 14.0402:11
mkultramaybe because being on 14.04 you already have all the prerequisites to build said machine02:12
setuidI should be able to build a 14.04 kvm node within 16.04 host02:12
squarecircleok, now it works a bit, so no big problem momentarily02:15
squarecirclebut it the system supended while booting02:15
squarecirclewhich is ridiculous02:15
squarecircleand I have no idea what's failing ...02:15
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mkultrasetuid: did you point it to the right iso local path, or url of iso?02:16
setuidmkultra, path to local iso02:17
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setuidsame exact syntax as what works on 14.0402:17
ryclik_I'm trying to set super+<number> to move between workspaces but the launcher is taking precedence and launching things. any hints :grin:02:18
setuidmkultra, Works when I point it to my local Ubuntu mirror and --location command02:19
setuidbut I want it to use the ISO, not http02:19
setuid14.04 uses version 0.600.4 of virt-install, 16.04 uses version 1.3.202:19
setuidProbably quite a few differences between that delta02:20
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setuidI'm injecting the preseed like this:02:23
setuid--extra-args "auto=true priority=critical netcfg/get_hostname=maas-test netcfg/get_domainname=maas netcfg/disable_dhcp=true netcfg/get_ipaddress= netcfg/get_netmask= netcfg/get_gateway= netcfg/get_nameservers= preseed/url="02:23
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mkultraI doubt that's your problem. I think it's just isn't finding your iso02:32
mkultrayou could omit that altogether to see if it spins up your vm. but I doubt that that's it02:34
setuidHrm... but the iso is on local disk, and the path is correct02:35
setuidalso, can't use --extra-args with --cdrom, but that's precisely the combination I need02:35
setuidOtherwise the preseed is no better than a manual, interactive install02:36
iseneSomething weird has happened to my gnome fonts, see: http://is.gd/api.php?longurl=http%3A%2F%2Fisene.org%2Fx%2F2016-07-15-042617_850x555_scrot.png [ http://isene.org/x/2016-07-15-042617_850x555_scrot.png ]02:43
iseneI don't often use any gnome programs - just noticed this02:43
iseneAny hints on how to debug this?02:44
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mkultrasetuid: I think you either use location for url, or cdrom for local02:47
mkultraI could be wrong though since you said it worked in 14.0402:48
setuidI guess I have to remaster the iso02:49
hrobI created a bootable usb with Unetbootin and specified retentive space on it02:49
setuidI wanted to avoid that02:49
hrobyet it is somehow failing02:49
squarecirclewell I'm off, bye :)02:49
hrobdf -h reports that Im on a file system /02:50
hrobmaybe I should try again writing with unetbootin... it was unusually slow on the retentive filesystem step02:51
hrobok ill do that,02:51
* hrob recommends himself to do something 02:51
floam412Hey guys, can anyone help me out setting up a vpn I bought through cryptostorm.is? Has anyone here dealt with them before?03:02
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InvisiusI need help with a black screen after GRUB, nomodeset doesn't work even on a working install from another system03:07
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theskillwithinoh great just rebooted to try to install ubuntu from a external hd got error:03:20
theskillwithinNo caching mode page found03:21
theskillwithinAssuming drive cache: write through.      then it just stops there an does nothing else03:21
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, do you have a usb drive in the system?03:21
plop_its_ellieoh its external03:22
theskillwithinwell its a usb hd03:22
plop_its_elliehow old is it?03:22
theskillwithinwhich I reformated and stuff, but hmm03:22
theskillwithinmaybe like 6 years old03:22
theskillwithinWD my passport03:22
plop_its_ellietry installing it on your interlan hdd03:23
plop_its_ellieif you dont want to go all in head first then dual boot03:23
theskillwithininterlan hdd?03:23
theskillwithinI was using this method  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQIaDO9nR6Y03:24
plop_its_elliethe external hdd could be failing too03:24
theskillwithin(http://www.etcg.pw/#vid  bootable drive maker for mac)03:24
theskillwithinI have a readynas on my network03:24
Jerry_SmoothAnybody configured a tor relay on 16.04 yet?03:25
theskillwithinhmm maybe i can just download the ubuntu iso and write that to the external hd?03:25
Jerry_Smoothif so pm me.03:25
theskillwithinpiece of shit external hd03:25
theskillwithingod damn03:25
mladouxJerry_Smooth, probably the feds03:26
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, you can just write the iso to a usb stick03:26
plop_its_ellieboot from there and install on your machine03:27
theskillwithinI know but I dont seem to have a usb stick around03:27
theskillwithinlol that were the instructions too for usb stick03:27
theskillwithini guess my external hdd was a misatke03:27
theskillwithinI reformated the whole thing too for this, but i wasnt really using it anyways I have a newer external hd that uses firewire for backups03:27
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theskillwithinI wish you could just use osx to write it to the partition directly =[03:28
plop_its_ellieyou can use os x to make a bootable usb03:28
plop_its_ellieif you can then go to a nearby store and buy one03:29
plop_its_ellieusb sticks are super cheap03:29
theskillwithinwell im going to be searching my whole house for an old usb stick now =\03:29
Jerry_SmoothAny suggestions for a terminal browser?03:29
theskillwithinwait....... why am i not using the iso, why am i using this (http://www.etcg.pw/#vid  bootable drive maker for mac) to make the usb boot install03:30
theskillwithinshould i just forget about that and just use the iso?03:30
theskillwithinkinda odd tho cuz then why does the other one exist03:30
plop_its_ellieyou can just use dd to make a bootable usb stick with the iso03:31
theskillwithinoh maybe it just does the same thing as an iso burn, but just does it for you03:31
theskillwithinhmm ubuntu website has a seperate page for download for developers, so I would want that iso then?03:32
reisioit can03:32
reisiotheskillwithin: link?03:32
theskillwithinoh its prob the same thing03:33
theskillwithinbut I am a web dev, moving from osx to ubuntu so developer setup would be important to me03:33
reisioI would guess it's the same thing03:34
reisioat most, however, even if it weren't, it would merely have certain slightly different preinstalled packages and preconfigurations03:34
reisionothing you couldn't get to from any other version03:34
theskillwithinalso i noticed the thing i was using was downloading v 16, but the download on ubuntu is v 1403:35
theskillwithin14 is stable, but meh iv been known to embrace the cutting edge so might want 1603:35
reisioif you're doing a new install, I'd go with 16, it's the latest major version03:35
reisiono, Ubuntu has no stable branch03:35
reisio14 is older03:35
theskillwithinoohhh i just noticed it is using 1603:35
theskillwithinso on osx, I use vagrant to run my websites like magento so i can develop locally.   ubuntu this might be more native maybe should use docker?03:36
ucijp14 is mostly security updates at this point03:36
reisiotheskillwithin: mostly personal preference I'd say03:37
reisiotheskillwithin: I doubt you'd want to use hardware virtualization with either03:37
theskillwithinahhh it all makes sense now I was prob using ubuntu 14 for my magento2 web servers and got mixed up about the versions03:37
reisiotheskillwithin: both can use non-hardware virtualization stuff, though03:37
Jordan-EVOIve locked my self out my VPS xD03:37
reisioJordan-EVO: gj03:38
theskillwithinI think i used debian for magento 1, and before that centos03:38
Jordan-EVOI was following this then my ftp lost connection then i rebooted the server now i cant connect03:38
theskillwithinreisio very interesting, so maybe an added bonus here, as a web dev,  well I could just setup the web server locally on my system purley without vagrant?03:39
theskillwithinbut well vagrant I kinda got to fool around with diff configurations and got to test configs before making changes on live, here all my changes would effect every site using either nginx or apache03:40
theskillwithini just have no idea03:40
reisiotheskillwithin: oh yeah; vagrant and docker are for the most part, as I understand it, frontends & glue for other more specific/rudimentary/simple technologies03:40
theskillwithinlinux services should be a required class in college03:40
reisiowould be good if they exposed childrens to Unix systems03:40
theskillwithinif I was in charge I think every school would be at risk of swithcing everything to linux03:41
reisiobut I don't suppose the financial lobbying of some OS companies would stand for it much :p03:41
reisioso anyway, if you're content with vagrant, no harm sticking to it; just avoid hardware virtualization with it03:41
theskillwithinI would also send a secret agent to film kim jun in north korea wth (graphic details left out here)03:41
theskillwithinI love vagrant, but... takes up a lot of space... also initial load takes a long time.03:41
theskillwithinso my default would be to stick with that to be on the safe side03:42
theskillwithinhardware virtualization?     i just use it with cli.  but idk what virtualization is03:42
pezdispenserHi I've been looking to be able to stream my desktop as source, in for say, skype or in chatrooms,  apps for windows such as xsplit and manycam offer this, but for ages i cannot seem to get this for linux,  anyone know how to go about this03:43
theskillwithinim prob good on that area by the default settings03:43
theskillwithinskype is kind of innefiencent03:43
sponixpezdispenser: Check and see if there is OBS for Linux (Open Broadcast System)03:44
theskillwithinstream desktop source?03:44
pezdispenseryes,  stream my desktop instead of my webcam on skype etc03:44
theskillwithinoh dang thats a good question.  even recording.  on osx I use screenflow to record tutorials....  so maybe id get something on linux for that as well.  but streaming ur screen hmmm that would be cool.   there is no skype on linux? no teamviewer?      btw I am a fan of codekit paid plane you can interact dynamicly with people on that but not answer to ur q03:46
plop_its_ellieopen boradcaster03:46
plop_its_elliethere is skype and teamviewer03:46
theskillwithinwow it does BOTH03:47
pezdispenserthere is skype and teamviewer yes...03:47
theskillwithinAND ITS FREE?03:47
pezdispenseri wish to stream my desktop as source,  skype has the option to show desktop,  but i cannot stream my desktop on websites and chat rooms etc,03:47
pezdispenserim reading into obs03:47
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, yea they are free03:47
theskillwithinwhat have I been doing my whole life03:47
plop_its_elliethough teamviewer has a paid tier03:47
plop_its_ellieand skype you are paying with your data03:48
theskillwithinI spend 8K on a mac pro desktop03:48
plop_its_elliejesus crist03:48
theskillwithinif you do computer games lol skype chat is a disaster for voice lol.  they have better ways03:48
* reisio reads up03:49
plop_its_ellieyou can get something thats much better spec and up to date than a mac pro for a fraction of the price03:49
plop_its_elliewhat a ripoff03:49
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, theres discord and mumble03:49
plop_its_ellieas well03:49
reisiotheskillwithin: vagrant (et al.) cover lots of "virtual" options; you wouldn't want the entirely unnecessary overhead (resources & space) of hardware virtualization, but some of the other approaches would be fine (lxc)03:50
theskillwithinbefore that it was teamspeak03:50
theskillwithindiscord is the most recent one03:50
theskillwithinreisio  ahh03:50
theskillwithinif you run skype during your game, pretty sure you will lag03:50
theskillwithindang so excited to install ubuntu and now cant find usb stick, and my external hdd doesnt work03:55
theskillwithinhmm ubuntu gives me amd download even tho i am on intel mac machine04:04
reisiotheskillwithin: 'amd64' is the original (public) name for x86_6404:05
reisioyou might well want a 64-bit x86 image for mac specifically, though, if there are such things04:05
reisioI'm afraid I don't follow mac media much04:05
reisiomost likely any x86_64 image will technically suffice04:06
reisiobut presumably the reason mac-specific images exist is because they are preconfigured to be more ideal for mac hardware04:06
orlockAnd remove any requirement to right click?04:06
* orlock ducks04:06
reisiosite confirms either _should_ work04:08
reisioorlock: heheh04:08
n3ss_is it possible for ubuntu to use DNS in the same way that virtually every OS/linux distro is capable?04:08
reisiojust got a new job, gave me a big mac, with a magic mouse04:08
reisiothink I'm going to have to replace the mouse04:08
reisionever was a fan, still amn't04:08
reisio's'okay I'm sure someone else will want it04:08
reision3ss_: sure04:08
n3ss_long story short: DHCP serves my local DNS server04:09
n3ss_local DNS server has entry for my.domain.com, pointing to a host on my LAN04:09
n3ss_ubuntu being the special snowflake takes about 2 minutes to resolve anything local after i first try to acecss it, if i'm lucky04:10
reisiotheskillwithin: think +mac images may have been discontinued for being unnecessary (oblivious to plain amd64), but don't quote me on that04:11
n3ss_i configured /etc/nsswitch.conf to use DNS first but it hasn't changed the behavior at all.04:12
reision3ss_: not that here isn't fine, but #ubuntu-server, or even ##linux might have a higher percentage of users more familiar with such things04:13
n3ss_it's an ubuntu specific thing, i may try ubuntu-server but i am running on a desktop04:13
reision3ss_: yes certainly04:16
n3ss_i think i'm thinking of dnsmasq04:16
reisioit's just I think a lower percentage of people in here will have dealt with that, than in -server or ##linux04:16
* reisio shrugs04:16
n3ss_fair enough. thanks04:18
thingoneI need help with wine to run metatrader.04:21
n3ss_edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, comment out #dns=dnsmasq; restart NetworkManager04:22
n3ss_and it's fixed04:22
n3ss_just incase anyone wonders how to fix what i was just whining about04:24
n3ss_also apt-get purge dnsmasq-base04:25
reisiofor posterity ftw04:26
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digdeephi, could anyone give me some advice on this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/798791/ssh-disconnect-during-upgrade04:52
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oemcan someone help troubleshoot my optical audio?05:23
lotuspsychje!details | oem05:24
ubottuoem: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.05:24
oemI am in 16.04 I plug in my optical cable, but there is no sound. pavucontrol sees it, but no sound05:27
YankDownUnderoem: What desktop are you using - the default Unity, or KDE or Cinnamon or Mate?05:28
YankDownUnderoem: In the lower right hand corner of the screeen - in the system tray, you should see an icon that is for sound/audio - do you see that?05:29
YankDownUnderoem: And you've double-checked all of the "levels" for the different devices in that "control", yes?05:31
anddamI'm trying to run zerofree on a ubuntu vbox guest, I started single mode and tried to remount root in ro but keep getting "/ is busy", I checked http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/42015/mount-is-busy-when-trying-to-mount-as-read-only-so-that-i-can-run-zerofree the lsof suggested command only shows dhclient while fuser shows a lot of commands05:31
anddamquestion: is there a proper (and possibly straightforward) way to remount root in ro?05:32
quizzy85if that does not work open a termal and type alsamixer05:32
lotuspsychje!mount | anddam05:33
ubottuanddam: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:33
oemim in alsamixer05:33
anddamlotuspsychje: no mention of readonly05:34
oems/pdif isnt muted05:34
anddamlotuspsychje: if it was intended as general introduction to mount that's too broad, I've been using linux systems for several years, I'm just new to ubuntu05:35
anddamactually I figure this is somehow related to systemd05:35
anddamthat I'm not particularly fond of05:35
quizzy85ping oem05:38
prodix:p who are you05:38
quizzy85sorry afk05:38
oemmaybe its my receiver?05:38
oemI dont think so tho05:39
lotuspsychjeanddam: do you have other services that need to be stopped perhaps?05:40
anddamlotuspsychje: I'm figuring which one, I started single05:41
Norbinubuntu 16.04, google chrome seem to always stay on top. if i have it open and then click on another open program icon from the taskbar, i can see in the background that the program "comes up" but chrome is still on top, kinda annoying.05:41
lotuspsychjeanddam: some answers at bottom here: https://dantwining.co.uk/2011/07/18/how-to-shrink-a-dynamically-expanding-guest-virtualbox-image/05:41
anddam  lsof / | awk '$4 ~ /[0-9].*w/'     only shows dhclient05:42
nanotakahi guys. I have a dumb question Id like some clarity on05:42
anddamthat I'm not sure a) how to stop and b) why is it running since we're in single mode05:42
Norbinokey, always on top was checked. lol05:42
Norbindidn't know that's an option even05:42
Norbinfinally, was SO annoying05:43
lotuspsychjenanotaka: ask in channel05:43
anddamhow's the service for dhclient called?05:43
nanotakaMy laptop is using 16GB of ram, however im not sure if im reading this correctly.05:43
nanotakafree -m05:43
nanotaka              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available05:43
nanotakaMem:          15963        9363         179         482        6420        568005:43
anddamlotuspsychje: oh nvm,I stopped "networking" absolute shot in the dark and it killed the dhclient process05:44
nanotakaits free and available is different05:44
Norbinnanotaka: remember that all of your buff/cache is in a way also free.05:45
anddamand that free means basically "wasted"05:45
nanotakaoh, i understand. So rather just look at buff/cache in the future. Thank you guys very much05:46
lotuspsychjenanotaka: and with 16gig ram on ubuntu, you should not worry for nothing05:46
quizzy85nanotaka: wish i had 16gig ram on my lappy05:47
Blue1Why?  My servers run fine on 4G05:48
quizzy85Blue1: cause this oldie has only 105:49
nanotakaits a TuxeDo. So other than that, it doesnt have a dedicated GPU and compiling drivers took some time.05:49
Blue1quizzy85: i run xubuntu on 1G ram.  You might look at a raspberry pi - they only have 1G of ram - about $50 -- works well.05:56
Blue1quizzy85: sorry - ubuntumate05:56
stephen_abi want to reinstall ubuntu. Can I just change copy /usr/bin/apps directory to save to some hdd and move after reinstalling?05:58
Blue1stephen_ab: you need to save /etc/ and /home/ then go for it.05:58
Blue1I have re_install scripts that re_install stuff after doing a fresh install.05:59
stephen_abi have to copy /etc/ and /home not /usr/bin/apps?05:59
kali_yugaanybody using Mate desktop enviroment?05:59
Blue1stephen_ab: no -- that is not wise.05:59
Blue1kali_yuga: yes06:00
Blue1kali_yuga: on a raspberry pi06:00
kali_yugaBlue1: is it good?06:00
stephen_abcan you give me the script? Blue106:00
kali_yugaI'm thinking about switching from kde06:01
Blue1kali_yuga: I have only had 1 issue with it -- it won't perform lspci and therefore can't install chromium - but it's fine otherwise.06:01
Blue1stephen_ab: just a sec06:01
Blue1stephen_ab: http://www.pkill-9.com/simple-bash-script-re-install-programmes-fresh-linux-install/06:02
stephen_abthanks mate06:02
Blue1stephen_ab: comment/uncomment what you need/dont need -- welcome06:02
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: "Mate" is quite all right - minimal - but has heaps of bells and whistles, too...not as much "eye candy" as KDE, but hey, it's all about what you feel the most comfortable with. There were issues earlier this year with the "panel" taking up heaps too much memory, but all of that has been fixed in upgrades. You can check in #ubuntu-mate channel for more information or for answers to questions...06:04
Blue1YankDownUnder: I do NOT like the new KDE --06:04
Blue1Yes we can take offtopic if you would like.06:05
YankDownUnderBlue1: Fair enough...and you've added the "backports" to get the latest Plasma 5.6.4 as well?06:05
stephen_aband it sucks06:05
stephen_abi have 5.6.506:05
Blue1my biggest issues is that any programme I manually install, like chrome, I must go to /usr/share/applications -- copy the .desktop to ~/Desktop/ --06:06
hateballWhat issues with Plasma are you having that can't be solved?06:06
Blue1hateball: see above -- some programmes it won't let me add to the desktop -- I can only add it to favourites06:06
Blue1like gedit....and the nice little screen it used to have where all the stuff you saved to the desktop -- is now gone - there isn't much distinction between kde and xubuntu now.06:07
hateballI am not sure I follow06:08
hateballAre you using Desktop view or Folder view, to start with?06:08
Blue1hateball: folder06:08
hateballHands off that then :p06:08
Blue1otherwise -- I have an empty desktop06:08
hateballI use desktop view with a folder plasmoid that displays ~/Desktop06:09
kali_yugaI would like to do this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/08/install-mate-desktop-ubuntu-14-04-lts but I don't like adding repos actually06:09
hateballBlue1: The point with Desktop view is to add plasmoids, such as folder view, or various launchers06:09
Blue1kali_yuga: you should be able to download mate -- hang on a sec06:09
Blue1hateball: yup...06:09
kali_yugaI have 14.04 I know it wasn't supported back then06:09
hateballanyhows, I only use krunner for everything so probably poor reference06:09
Blue1you can get ubuntumate here:  https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/06:10
Blue1aah he left...06:10
=== mcphail_ is now known as mcphail
Blue1kali_yuga: you can download ubuntumate here:  https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/06:12
kali_yugaBlue1: yes but then I need to reinstall everything. i was hoping for an sudo apt-get install mate-desktop or something ^^06:12
Blue1if you need the raspberry pi ubuntu mate -- that is on the rasperrypi.org site06:12
Blue1kali_yuga: you have mate, you have a re-install script - what more do you want?06:13
kali_yugaBlue1: I don't have an rapberry pi ^^06:13
Blue1kali_yuga: just make sure you copy /etc/ and /home/ first06:13
Blue1and I have scripts for that too.06:14
kali_yugaBlue1: copying my home folder would take forever06:14
Blue1kali_yuga: than just mount it as long as it is in a separate partition06:14
=== vinleod is now known as vdamewood
Blue1i have / in one partition, and /home in another partition06:14
kali_yugamy system is also lvm encrypted06:15
Blue1kali_yuga: I have not encountered that -- so I can't say - not of my systems are encrypted06:15
kali_yugayes with lvm it's always a little more problematic06:16
Blue1yup -- but not impossible -- I use lvm for /home06:16
kali_yugaall my files are stored on my external. I can reinstall and put my files back on easily. but I need to download all my games from steam a.e again06:17
Blue1Yup...I don't do games -- Actually if they made a 4Meg video card -- I'd be peachy06:18
Blue1except for streaming hidef stuff now.  otherwise -- that would work fine -- I don't do any gaming.06:18
kali_yugame neither lately06:19
Blue1I wonder if I still have any old pci video cards?  egads, I am old.06:19
kali_yugayour just using your raspberry pi?06:20
Blue1kali_yuga: yup -- again more video than I need -- I can't stream will with ubuntumate -- so I may go to kodi and see if I can get the mythtv frontend to work.06:21
Blue1I think the pi with an external hard drive -- would work well.06:22
kali_yugaBlue1: would annoy me over time to work with low specs.06:22
Blue1kali_yuga: ask I tell most of my clients -- your patience WILL be rewarded.  your impatience will be punished.  -- Alton Brown06:23
hateballBlue1: I'm still using the RPi B+ with an external drive, running Kodi since a few years back06:23
Blue1kali_yuga: try one - I think you'd be surprised06:23
hateballtho this is quite !ot06:23
kali_yugawell if you don't do gaming they're actually pretty neat. they have dual or quad core i think.06:23
Blue1hateball: i may have to hit you up later for some tips....06:24
Blue1i think I am more impressed what the pi does, rather than what it doesn't do.06:24
pixel6692Hello, is my system f****ng with me? I disabled checking for updates and every day at morning he shows me upgrades in that GUI window... I just like to do it manually, what can I do to totally disable it?06:24
kali_yugaBlue1: aren't they just 30$ or something ^^06:24
pixel6692kali_yuga: 35$ I guess06:25
Blue1kali_yuga: i think they are $35 or so.  I paid $50 for mine but it was assembled.06:25
hateballpixel6692: remove the update-manager from autostart, if it is there06:25
kali_yugapixel6692: I think you can just remove the update manager or not06:26
CantankRusAlso use kodi on Pi and use Kore app on android to control06:26
Blue1and I recommend spending the $3 or so for the mpeg2 decoder06:26
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Blue1CantankRus: ahhh nice06:26
kali_yugaoh sorry I though i was in offtopic lol06:27
Blue1okay almost pumpkin time for me -- night06:28
Blue1actually I think my brain is mush now06:28
ptlhowdy, partners06:29
ptlhow y'all goin?06:29
ptlcan someone educate me on using an unity-like desktop in KDE? I have tried that a couple times in the latest years to no avail.06:30
CantankRus howdy ptl , good of you to mosey on in here.06:30
pixel6692hmm apt remove update-manager wants to remove ubuntu-desktop soooo, I am not so sure about removing it :D06:31
ptlbtw what's the difference between this new apt utility and apt-get?06:31
pixel6692Progress bar :>06:31
ptlbesides that06:31
hateballpixel6692: just disable it from autostarting06:32
ptlis it correct to state that it is kind of a cross between apt-get and aptitude?06:32
EriC^^ptl: not really06:33
EriC^^it's more of a better looking more polished apt-get apt-cache apt.. into one package06:33
pixel6692I guess apt is just around apt-get06:33
EriC^^with colors and more features (progress bar etc)06:33
pixel6692or apt-<>06:34
pixel6692hateball: problem is I dont see it nowhere at autostart06:34
ptlnever mind, found it via google/askubuntu06:35
ptlbut the more pressing matter to me is the unity-like desktop in KDE. Anyone?:06:35
=== zz_capri is now known as capri
CantankRuspixel6692: ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage so all your removing is a list of dependencies...no actual packages06:35
hateballCantankRus: problem is that it sets things to a manual state, so apt-get autoremove *will*06:36
hateballpixel6692: could always find the binary and chmod -x :p06:37
* hateball uses Plasma, does not know of Unity and its ways :/06:37
pixel6692will try this :)06:38
ptlI am quite addicted to the Unity paradigm but I use mostly KDE software. So it would be somewhat advantageous for me to change06:38
ptlyakuake, kdenlive, k3b, dolphin, rekonq, besides many qt-based apps06:38
ptlpixel6692: I despise update-manager, usually I just use divert-dpkg to change its executable to /dev/null but lately Ubuntu has changed its way of notifying updates and everytime I do an apt-get update and the likes it annoys me notifying there are updates.06:41
ptlI mean dpkg-divert06:41
pixel6692I removed execute flag, so I will see :)06:41
ptlthere is a new framework in place to take care of updates06:42
ptllayer over layer over layer06:42
pixel6692which one?06:43
ptlI do not recall. I found it out by fiddling with update-notifier and update-manager trying to disable the annoying notifications06:45
pijushis there any easy way to set the system audio at 24bit, 192000 hz06:46
ptlpijush: you mean to resample every sound going to the soundcard so that it physically outputs as 24 bit, 192 kHz, or setting a default sound quality for all sound software?06:49
=== quizzy85 is now known as ilikepaitingfrie
=== ilikepaitingfrie is now known as quizzy85
pijushi'm not a sound expert, but i can say the feel the difference between normal dvd quality sound and studio(24bit,192) quality. I normally use studio quality in windows, so i want to configure the same for ubuntu as primary pc for web dev.06:55
ptlpijush: is that me?07:01
hateballpijush: Are you looking to upsample things or what are you asking?07:01
hateballAudio will be played in whatever bitrates and such it contains07:01
pijush@hateball yes upsample if is the right word. u may notice in the GUI of realtek typically win windows there is a format tab, where you can set the audio format.07:06
hateballWell you can change default rates for pulseaudio, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio/Troubleshooting#Setting_the_sound_card.27s_sampling_rate_into_PulseAudio_configuration_.283.2F5.2907:06
pijushthanks hateball07:06
hateballpijush: run "pacmd list-sinks" to display current values07:07
pijushthanks hateball07:07
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ptlhateball: is that the only way? It seems to command-line-oriented to me. Isn't there a nice GUI for that?07:11
hateballptl: no idea, I use what works07:13
hateballperhaps you can do it with pavucontrol, but I dont have it installed atm07:13
ptlI have it, no settings for that07:15
ptlI use what works too and I am a big fan of the command line. However I also often deal with linux newbies and I try to avoid suggesting text commands as much as I can.07:15
ptlto make things worst, I have limited experience with shiny and graphical applications due to my extensive shell usage for everyday tasks.07:16
Kiritohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec#Mir_on_HW_Supported_By_Closed_Source_Drivers is this still accurate? Being that Nvidia has released drivers with support for DRM/KMS now, I imagine Nvidia should be usable with Mir (as well as Wayland in that regard), shouldn't it?07:34
Kiritohttp://www.nvidia.com/download/driverresults.aspx/100577/en-us ah, seems so indeed, interestingg07:35
KiritoSeems support was added for it in theory, not sure if there are actual libraries available to hook into it yet07:39
KiritoFor Wayland there seems to be, not seeing anything on Mir yet07:40
KiritoWell Mir still seems to be in the very early stages of development anyhow, maybe I shouldn't get too excited yet. Though I'm greatly looking forward to the day Xorg can be cast into oblivion07:44
MrokiiHello. I have a problem that may or may not be related to Kubuntu specifically, but just in case I wanted to ask here. The problem is, after a fresh install of Kubuntu 16.04, I can't use German Umlauts anymore. When I try to type them in the terminal, they are printed as "??" and I can't open or save files with names that contain German Umlauts with LibreOffice (and presumably other apps as well, haven't07:46
Mrokiitried). Any ideas what could be wrong?07:46
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale/07:48
MrokiiBut I *can* use German Umlauts in LibreOffice and Dolphin, for example.07:48
IdleOneMrokii: Look at the link ubottu just posted07:48
MrokiiIdleOne: I will, thanks.07:48
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theskillwithindang I try installing unbuntu and when I get into refind I go to install unbuntu, then I just get a black screen07:53
theskillwithinmaybe it doesn't work with a firewire mac monitor?07:53
theskillwithinhmmm odd I tried installing ubuntu dual boot on my mac pro, but didnt work via usb  now using unetbootin and it appears to be installing it DIRECTLY to the partition while osx is running.  /me is scared08:03
ARUCALIs Ubuntu working on Free Software Replacement for Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana08:05
Zardoz84Some one can help me ? I have a really scary situation with a Ubuntu server, with a lot of process that are stuck on "uninterruptible sleep"08:06
Zardoz84including a postgress database08:06
YankDownUnderZardoz84: Have you asked in #ubuntu-server yet?08:07
Zardoz84I don't know about that these channel, thanks08:08
johnny90Hi, Is there a way to add multiple tracker at once in transmission torrent client?08:12
* YankDownUnder checks the topic of the channel again...08:13
petereastonCool ubuntu channel08:21
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YankDownUnderSo cool it's cold. Yersh.08:21
ARUCALIs Ubuntu working on a Free Software Replacement Personal assistant similar to Apple's Siri or Microsoft Cortana?08:28
YankDownUnderARUCAL: Since the inception of "linux", I would tend to argue that most of the folks drawn to linux would prefer to "do it themselves", hmm.08:30
ARUCALSo do you know of anyone doing that?08:31
YankDownUnderARUCAL: I think you may have misunderstood what I was getting at.08:31
ARUCALBecause I think that we (The Free Software Community) need to have alluring things of our own for people who are using proprietary software to make the switch.08:32
ARUCALIt would be cool if we could build a decentralised personal assistant08:33
YankDownUnderARUCAL: Here's a great analogy of the whole thing: An Apple person buys a house. A Microsoft person rents/leases a house. A Linux user builds his house using his own plans with his own materials. Does that make sense?08:34
ARUCALBut also The Free Software Community shares houses08:35
YankDownUnderARUCAL: Therefore, it'll happen when "AI" is dependent on complete decentralisation - when you can run your own "AI" in your own home, using your own machines, your own hardware, your own OSS/EFF software. :)08:35
ARUCALthat would be cool08:35
ARUCALisn't this what proprietary companies tried in the 90s?08:36
YankDownUnderProprietary companies - in the 90's - wanted to enslave the end-user and create a bloated market. Which they did.08:36
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theskillwithindude wtf apple, I cant install ubuntu dual boot08:41
ikoniaplease don't swear08:41
ikoniathere is no need for it08:42
cfhowletttheskillwithin, keep it clean08:42
YankDownUndertheskillwithin: http://www.howtogeek.com/187410/how-to-install-and-dual-boot-linux-on-a-mac/08:42
theskillwithinyea I did all that08:43
YankDownUndertheskillwithin: What about: http://askubuntu.com/questions/688632/dual-boot-mac-el-captain-along-with-ubuntu-14-0408:43
cfhowlettYankDownUnder, dual boot or take the easy way out: OSX + virtualbox + xubuntu or lubuntu.  My Dell Developer laptop got sick and I needed an immediate replacement.  Picked up a mac air and currently booted into Ubuntustudio via virtualbox.08:44
theskillwithinyea I did the crustil diasble thing too08:44
theskillwithincrutil disavle*08:44
theskillwithinrefind seems to be working just fine08:45
YankDownUndertheskillwithin: As was mentioned, the Virtualbox thingo didn't appeal to you? Personally, on my MacbookPro, I run a bevy of different OS's in VBox...easier than dealing with dual-boot/bootcamp...but that's me...08:46
theskillwithinhmm intersting08:47
theskillwithinhttps://i.imgur.com/4HUXVzu.png  so this is the only option in unetbootin08:47
theskillwithinbut that is not my usb...08:47
theskillwithinthat appears to my un trained eye to be the partition I just created, not the dusk3 usb drive08:48
EriC^^theskillwithin: what exactly is the problem you're having?08:48
k1ltheskillwithin: apple does have dd too. use that.08:48
theskillwithinim starting to think my problem is unetbootin isnt installing it to my usb... but I used another thing earlier that did install it to my usb and same result idk08:49
YankDownUndertheskillwithin: Use "dd" in the terminal. I've never had any issues with creating bootable USB's with unetbootin on OSX...08:49
EriC^^theskillwithin: linux seems installed already08:50
EriC^^theskillwithin: did you try refind to boot the linux efi file? (/efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi or shimx64.efi)08:50
YankDownUnderTime to eat. Ciao.08:51
theskillwithinthat must be unetbootin cuz that disk0s4 is a partision not a usb so it must have put it there08:51
theskillwithinand that was the only option in unetbootin08:51
EriC^^theskillwithin: it could be, you never got the installer and installed linux?08:51
EriC^^did you ever boot a live session and chose install ubuntu?08:52
k1lisnt this about creating a ubuntu usb?08:52
theskillwithini booted and chose every option in refind08:53
k1lbecause unetbootin doesnt install ubuntu as OS. its for making the live usb system08:53
theskillwithinI also booted using honding down option and selecting my usb, same result, i navigate to install ubuntu then black screen08:53
LuiXhi! my file manager stopped asking the password for an encrypted partition. any method to forget it?08:53
theskillwithinI used several methods to make my usb bootable08:53
EriC^^theskillwithin: try dd as k1l suggested08:53
theskillwithinthat method I have not used08:54
k1ltheskillwithin: is the usb disk3?08:54
k1lthat is not how a ubuntu usb looks like08:54
theskillwithinthat was before I installed it, i used that command to determin which one to put it in08:55
k1ltheskillwithin: i bet if you erase that partitions on that usb and make it a clean fat32 device the unetbootin installer will see it and make a pproper live ubuntu08:55
theskillwithinDANG, yes I was already trying that but i just had to close and repone unetbootin.  k1l  you were right!!!08:56
theskillwithinI just really hope that the problem isnt cuz I am using firewire montiro cuz I have heard of people who used hdmi monitor had to switch to vga to see the install08:57
EriC^^try with nomodeset in grub08:57
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:57
theskillwithinyea I tried that once =\08:57
theskillwithinI gotta try this to see if it works now tho =]08:58
theskillwithinodd amd64? i am on intel I thought08:59
theskillwithinill prob have to use nomodest in conjuction with this if it works anyways lol09:00
ujjwal09Hello guys09:01
=== silo is now known as Guest48960
ujjwal09I am need of some technical help09:01
ujjwal09Can any of you help me out?09:01
theskillwithinyes the idea is you just ask your question.09:01
ujjwal09Actually I installed Ubantu 16.04 last night09:02
ujjwal09And now I am copying my data from an external hard disk to Ubantu09:02
ujjwal09Data transfer speed was around 20-30 MBps initially but after 10-12 seconds it has fallen down to 1.6 MBps09:03
ujjwal09Please help me09:03
archmonkeyhi, how do I auto-mount an internal hdd that usually starts unmounted on boot?09:04
LuiXhow you doing folks. I have an encrypted partition which caja stopped promtping for the passphrase. it just mounts it as if it was a normal partition. any ideas?09:04
LuiXarchmonkey, you can use the disk manager09:05
hateballujjwal09: transfer speed will vary depending on the filesystem, as well if there are many smaller files instead of large ones etc09:05
* theskillwithin starts googling frantically09:05
ujjwal09Actually the files are videos of 100-200 MB size09:05
theskillwithindang that was a smart answer09:05
ujjwal09Are they small enough to slow down the speed?09:06
hateballujjwal09: No, I was thinking rather in the <100kb range09:07
hateballujjwal09: Is the external drive NTFS? Can you open the system monitor and see if your CPU is choking?09:07
ujjwal09hateball I am new to Ubantu09:08
ujjwal09I don't know any technical stuff about it09:09
archmonkeyLuiX: I asked here because xubuntu channel is pretty dead but I'm on xubuntu. any idea how to automount drive on that?09:09
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
theskillwithindang, appared to work,  i hold down option during boot.  select my usb drive.... it goes right into refind,  of which all options dont lead to booting my usb installer09:11
theskillwithinmaybe I should have no installed refind before this09:11
ujjwal09hateball you there?09:12
theskillwithinwhen it was done it did say something like oh you need windows boot... what the heck I am on osx09:12
LuiXarchmonkey, try to run gnome-disks in the terminal, if not install via sudo apt install gnome-disks09:13
theskillwithin10 hours trying to install ubuntu =[09:13
archmonkeyLuiX: ty so much. will try09:13
theskillwithinthere must be some like cli way to do it in like rescue mode when I access temrinal maybe idk09:13
LuiXarchmonkey, once you have it, you search for a Menu entry that says "edit mount options"09:14
sveinseCan I override a package dependency? I'd like to install a package, but I don't want it to install one of its dependencies09:16
sveinseThis is 16.0409:16
vinayakhi arooni09:16
archmonkeyLuiX: there is no 'gnome-disks' in xubuntu default repos but there is gnome-disk-utility which I think is what you mean/is installed now-09:16
archmonkeyLuiX: mount options are grayed out09:17
k1lsveinse: depency or recommends?09:17
sveinsek1l, depends09:17
k1lsveinse: and usually depencies have a sense. the program needs them09:17
LuiXarchmonkey, i think it's the same, yes09:18
sveinsek1l: No, not always. Not on meta packages, such as ubuntu-standard, ubuntu-minimal and such09:18
archmonkeyLuiX: mount options grayed out, tried unmounting disk, still grayed out09:19
LuiXarchmonkey, I'm not an expert, but maybe you're clicking on the extended partition?09:19
archmonkeyLuiX: yep figured it out had wrong partition selected09:19
theskillwithinis mounting a hard thing?09:20
archmonkeyI'm relatively new to linux but not a total noob. but, if after 10, 20 minutes on google I can't figure it out I go ask irc09:20
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
theskillwithinI think they got the term from the animal word, in which mounting usually fails, esp with elephants09:21
archmonkeyLuiX: thanks again09:22
LuiXanyone who knows about passphrases and how to make the file manager forget them?09:23
lifelessiive got a question about gpg2. is this the correct channel?09:25
theskillwithinhttps://i.imgur.com/sMkOEoS.png   ok srsly........   The created USB device will not boot of a mac, insert into a PC , and select the USB boot option in the BIOS boot menu.  WHHYYY is this a mac program then?09:26
jonnyjoehey guys, hoping someone can lend a hand with an exim config. i'm running exim4 on ubuntu14.04, and i'd like to foce exim to send from a specific IP address. i've read that i can add the 'interface' directive to 30_exim4-config_remote_smtp, but it's still defaulting to the IP address associated with my main interface. anyone have any hints?09:27
theskillwithink1l https://i.imgur.com/sMkOEoS.png =[09:27
k1ltheskillwithin: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx09:27
k1luse this howto. this works.09:27
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theskillwithinI see that gives the same error09:28
theskillwithinmeh ill try rebooting again lets see09:28
k1ltheskillwithin: see the howto at the end. this is ok. apple seems to try to do everything to prevent other OS run on their hardware. see the point 7: press alt/option key on restart09:29
theskillwithinyea I have done this exact process like 8 times in this link09:29
theskillwithinthe option key was far from the problem, used that with every other install method09:29
AzusBonjour a tous09:32
theskillwithinthis is what I got   https://i.imgur.com/6VPPeCr.png09:33
theskillwithinNo caching mode page found,  ASsuming drive cache: write trhough09:33
theskillwithinlol dang idk everything is like oh this is just warning09:34
theskillwithinshould i just try again and leave it open for like 15min see if something acctually happens09:35
k1ltheskillwithin: that is not an error but a "info"09:35
k1lyes, booting the livesystem can take some longer than a regular boot09:35
theskillwithinmaybe it just takes a long time to start the ubuntu install, and i just nned to wait?09:35
theskillwithinI feel like Im back where I started, I first started doing this with an external hd and thuoght oh it was cuz i used external hd instead of usb...  well that was the error i got... and I even went away smoked a cigg came back still nothing09:36
theskillwithinbut this time I will be patient! and I will have hope!09:36
theskillwithinLets hope next time I talk to you will be in unbuntu! off to paradise gentlemen09:37
lifelessihi^^, im unable to import a private gpg key on ubuntu 16.04: http://pastebin.com/1bPPFgNG09:37
Mathisenlifelessi, sudo ?09:42
k1llifelessi: "ls -al .gnupg/" and "ls -al .gnupg/private-keys-v1.d/" on a pasteservice please09:43
k1lthe user is debmirror trying the gpg command?09:46
leeyaawhen doing release upgrade is it possible to automatically answer NO to all config files updates?09:47
=== metaphysician is now known as Guest20349
lifelessigpg is working but i need the key in gpg209:48
k1llifelessi: hmm, i thought it would be this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnupg2/+bug/156596309:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1565963 in gnupg2 (Ubuntu) "gpg secret keys not migrated after upgrade to gnupg 2.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:48
lifelessibut they write it was closed in April 201610:05
LeMikehello. I am having a hard time with fsck. The drive is not broken but has some bad blocks. Ubuntu doesn't start in it's GUI anymore. So I take fsck / "fsck.ext4" and use the "-c" option to write bad blocks to a list. fsck yells at me that it cant read the next block. Why? I thought it will put it on the badblock list. What am I doing wrong here?10:12
k1lLeMike: you can run badblocks and see how much of there are there. and as a rule of thumb: if there are badblocks there will be more. so better get a new hdd10:13
=== james is now known as Guest62361
LeMikedamn it. I wish I couldve repaired that laptop. Just found it in the basement and wanted to use it as some kind of server at home. Thanks k1l - I try badblocks.10:15
lifelessikil:  but they wrote it was closed in April 201610:16
HoloIRCUser4Welcome Luka0010:17
jamesphey guys10:17
k1llifelessi: yeah. it was not the issue you have. your filepermissions look right on the private-keys-v1.d folder10:17
Luka00Hi HoloIRCUser410:17
jamespI can't seem to mount my USB and SD Card10:17
jamespI keep getting error creating 'mountpoint' permission denied10:18
HoloIRCUser4All Ubuntu freaks here give me four reasons to switch to ubuntu10:18
lifelessik1l: even rm -r .gnupg/ doesnt help10:19
LeMikerofl k1l . I am in initramfs and I can't find the "mkinitcpio" (because I don't have badblocks there). Do you have a hint for that?10:19
k1lLeMike: use a live-usb10:20
LeMikerofl. sure. to easy xD10:20
Luka00does anyone know if this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1509723 is solved?10:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509723 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Acer Aspire ES1-311] Ubuntu freezes occasionally" [High,Triaged]10:21
jamespcan anyone help?10:22
jamespi tried to chmod 77710:22
HoloIRCUser4How do I customize ubuntu10:25
Triffid_HunterLeMike: if you want to use old hardware witih bad disk, why not boot from USB and ignore the disk completely?10:30
jamespI tried fdisk -l but everything is just "fdisk: cannot open "_____": Permission denied10:31
jamespcould this be why i cant mount on media?10:31
HoloIRCUser4jamesp: sudo fdisk - l10:31
k1ljamesp: use sudo in front of fdisk10:31
k1ljamesp: and since fdisk cant read guid partition tables, better use "sudo parted -l"10:32
LeMikeThat will be the last scenario Triffid_Hunter ;) I would love to use the given 256gb disk but a USB stick will also do.10:32
HoloIRCUser4k1l: guide for?10:32
jamesphow do  i mount manually?10:33
LeMikeI've never done this or worked with those commands so it's a bit curiosity and fun to learn it too ;)10:33
k1lHoloIRCUser4: "gpt" its the new partiitiontable that can have more TB and more than 4 primary partitions.10:33
HoloIRCUser4jamesp: use mount10:33
k1ljamesp: sudo mount /dev/sdX /path/where/to/mount. make sure the path/folder is already created10:34
LeMikeAnd it found the first bad blocks that I knew of \o/ works :) Thanks very much k1l !10:34
jamespmkdir: cannot create directory ‘/media/USB’: Permission denied10:36
k1ljamesp: sudo mkdir /media/USB10:37
jamespthats what i did10:37
jamespI have nfs shares mounted at /media/__ using autofs10:38
jamespdo you think thats causing problems?10:38
MrokiiHello. I have written about a problem with my locale settings before. The symptom is that I can't write German Umlauts in bash/Konsole. They're printed as "??". But I noticed that the German Umlauts show up just fine when typed into a TTY. Does anybody know what the reason could be?10:38
Luka00someone with freeze random solved without using intel_idle.max_cstate=1 on Ubuntu 16.04?10:40
Triffid_HunterMrokii: konsole doesn't support utf8 afaik, try urxvt or similar10:41
MrokiiTriffid_Hunter: I'll try, thanks.10:41
Luka00Also yesterday I received the 4.4 kernel update. I rebooted but version 4.7 has been installed (uname -r) why?10:43
lifelessik1l: ive tried for testing to set chmod -R 777 .gnupg but it desnt work... what does this agent is, where i get Permission denied10:43
HoloIRCUser4jamesp: login as su and then try10:43
jamespokay i moved the nfs shares to /mnt/10:44
jamespcan mount usb now10:44
Triffid_Hunterlifelessi: chmod -R 777 is almost always a really terrible idea.. strace will tell you the exact thing it's barfing on10:44
HoloIRCUser4Try mount /dev/sdaX /media/USB10:45
Luka00hey why in channel linux appear this message: ##linux Cannot send to channel???10:47
bazhang!register | Luka0010:47
ubottuLuka00: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:47
HoloIRCUser4Luka00: because there managers are critically mental10:47
HoloIRCUser4I got banned for no reason10:48
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:48
bazhangLuka00, #freenode for help with that10:49
Luka00my nickname is registered10:49
OerHeksLuka00, you didn't login then, 'Account: unknown'10:50
Luka00oh true10:53
lifelessiTriffid_Hunter: ok... but i dont know what to read from it :/ http://pastebin.com/AeQGjqey10:53
Luka00that careless10:53
Luka00now it's ok10:53
HoloIRCUser4How to configure grub10:55
=== Guest2370 is now known as Tristan-Speccy
UExitExit from UE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!÷!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:55
HoloIRCUser4Anyone knows?10:55
Luka00poor France10:55
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:56
OerHekspretty good manual10:56
HoloIRCUser4No man not restore I said configure10:56
k1lHoloIRCUser4: use the scrips from grub2. the bot linked a help page10:57
OerHeksHoloIRCUser4, and what do you want to configure then?10:57
HoloIRCUser4Like assigning passkey10:57
Madhu__Skyrock: ma10:58
UExitExit from UE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!÷!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!10:58
HoloIRCUser4What was he trying to do10:59
k1ldoesnt matter. dont mind the trolls. we focus on ubuntu support in here10:59
Madhu__Holo: what is the support x3100 m5 v3 kernel10:59
theskillwithinFinally got ubuntu to install!! woooo10:59
theskillwithinone problem when I restart I just get a purple screen of death10:59
k1ltheskillwithin: apple hardware needs a lot of manual tweaks depending on the exact hardware.11:00
lifelessiTriffid_Hunter: read(4, "INQUIRE PINENTRY_LAUNCHED 1450\n", 1002) = 31 i think this cause the error11:00
ubottuFor PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.11:00
k1lah no, thats not it11:00
k1ltheskillwithin: what hardware is it?11:01
theskillwithinwell one thing said to hold shift at startup to enter grub, that didnt work11:01
dancingd3monhey guys, Is there something similar to torsocks that I can use on ubuntu but with way higher speed?11:01
theskillwithinwhere then I could enter some apt-get commands at that point11:01
theskillwithin3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5,  32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC,  AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB11:02
dancingd3monI have some routing issue to access some sites and installing tor and using torsocks seems to let me access it but with slow speed :(11:02
juanonymousis there an app like share it on desktop ubuntu, so i can easily transfer apps from computer to my mobile android phone?11:03
theskillwithink1l  well I had to set nomodeset just for it to install, maybe that setting doesnt carry over?11:03
k1l!nomodeset | theskillwithin11:03
ubottutheskillwithin: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:03
k1lyes, use that again in the grub (one time method on that page)11:04
theskillwithinhow to get to grub11:04
theskillwithindo i even have grub lol11:04
theskillwithinI was told hold shift to get grub11:04
k1lis this apple hardware? power mac?  or such?11:04
theskillwithinmaybe its shift and f3?11:04
hateballtheskillwithin: left shift, yes11:04
latemushey guys, this command is giving me problems, can u halp11:04
Luka00I have Uefi and I am not able to show GRUB menu11:04
theskillwithini also see here,  sudo service lightdm start  after shift f311:04
Luka00only with shift I know11:05
theskillwithinyea ubuntu forum links are all down11:05
theskillwithinsooo yea11:06
HoloIRCUser4latemus: which command?11:06
Madhu__Kill: May I communicate with you11:06
theskillwithin"Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance"11:06
k1ltheskillwithin: uh, still? i thought they had it done already.11:06
Madhu__Smith: may I chat with oy11:07
theskillwithinlol well while i was occuring the problem I googled it on my phone and got that same msg so idk11:07
latemusdis one: http://hastebin.com/qazikucava.ini11:07
k1lMadhu__: just ask a specific question in here and people will try to help11:07
theskillwithinso booted osx and now im here lol11:07
Madhu__Kil:  Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 series (quad-core) support kernel?11:07
k1l!guidelines | UExit___antipsyc stop that trolling or you get banned11:07
ubottuUExit___antipsyc stop that trolling or you get banned: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:07
k1lMadhu__: use the general ubuntu kernel11:08
Madhu__Kil :It is not installing in x3100 M5 v311:08
theskillwithinok will restart brb, ill try shift   also will try shift + f311:08
Madhu__Kil : supporting in x3100 M411:09
k1lMadhu__: what is the exact issue?11:09
MrokiiTriffid_Hunter: Switching character encoding didn't help with the German Umlauts. Besides, somebody said that Konsole does support utf8, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. :-/11:09
widgetphreakneat... well... i got my IRC fix.... see you all agaim in five years11:10
k1lMadhu__: i dont see why that should not work. so we need very specific error descriptions11:10
Madhu__Kil : trying to install raid1. but showing raid1 readonly and permission is required to write on disk11:10
k1lMadhu__: so you got a raid configure issue. not a ubuntu kernel issue?11:11
UExit___antipsycHelo.  Where from11:11
Madhu__Kil; It is working on x3100 M411:11
surgyhow do i remove the windowsmanager all together, and use my computer in terminal only mode11:11
theskillwithinwell i notice when I boot it doesnt go to osx or refind at all, maybe I should just resintall refind,  then maybe i can set the settings from there11:12
theskillwithinit just goes to purple screen automatically odd11:13
ducasseMadhu__: are you still trying to get that bios raid to work? you've been told here several times to use software raid instead.11:16
Madhu__Ducasse: No. trying to install software raid only. But it is new server and version 311:17
hexhaxtronCan I have several .iso files in /boot/iso/ and have a menu entry for each of them in the GRUB menu?11:18
ducasseMadhu__: pastebin errors/logs and post the link. you could also try #ubuntu-server.11:18
surgyif im not using a windows manager can i configure autologin?11:19
antonispgshttp://imgur.com/OIlnpKw this comes up on a fresh install on a dedi server after apt-get upgrade11:22
antonispgsany ideas what i should do?11:22
lifelessik1l: the problem with pgp got every non root user ...11:23
lifelessik1l: sorry gpg11:24
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HoloIRCUser4I found some guest accounts in users file11:26
HoloIRCUser4How are they assigned when login as guest?11:27
HoloIRCUser4Anyone knows?11:27
OerHekswhat users file, HoloIRCUser4 ??11:29
HoloIRCUser4Like guest-287D17, etc.11:29
HoloIRCUser4passwd file11:29
OerHeksnormally guest accounts are removes when logging out. sounds like you didn't close that guest sessions proper11:32
HoloIRCUser4What I think they are for maintai11:33
HoloIRCUser4ning some identity11:35
HoloIRCUser4OerHeks: no they are always there11:36
junaidaliHi everyone, I'm new to LXDs, will there be any issues if i run an lxc in parallel to an lxd?11:37
HoloIRCUser4I see more than five accounts11:37
HoloIRCUser4Btw they are I think randomly assigned on login and not deleted.  But still I want to no if something is reserved from login of guest or why does it have number of accounts for guest11:39
HoloIRCUser4Just to customize for some motive11:40
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=== csyogi1 is now known as csyogi
deronnaxhello hello11:47
deronnaxI have started using ubuntu to deploy web sites in python+django using Uwsgi and Nginx11:47
deronnaxand I would like to know, is here some ubuntu documentation on good practices regarding this ?11:47
deronnaxwhere to put the code, which user to use11:48
deronnaxwhere to put logs11:48
ikoniaderonnax: all personal preference11:49
ikoniaup to you11:49
deronnaxit's not only personnal tastes, some choices can cause security issues11:50
ikoniait is your personal choice11:51
ikoniahow you lay your filesystem out is up to you11:51
ikoniathere are things like FHS - but no distro follows those to the letter11:51
transhumanHi in all my years with linux and ubuntu/debian I never gave a thought to other users is there a way to make one of the desktops run as an anonymous guest while the other desktops might run as a different user (I know this is easy to do with qubes OS but hate it)11:52
ikoniathe desktops run as who you login as11:53
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
transhumanso there is no add in that allows such thing...I am thinking how easy this is to do with OSX11:53
HoloIRCUser4Use OSX then11:54
ducassejunaidali: no, they don't "see" each other.11:54
transhumanMy main problem is I want to index a website with the search engines and google has an anoying habbit of figuring out who is doing the indexing11:55
AdieHow do I actually get ubuntu touch or ubuntu for tablets in a simple ez way?11:56
HoloIRCUser4Download it11:56
OerHeksAdie, join #ubuntu-touch for that11:56
transhumanforget it I will ask elsewhere...someone somewhere must have thought of making an add in for doing such a thing11:56
HoloIRCUser4You may Google for that11:57
OerHeksvery helpfull answers, HoloIRCUser411:57
ducassetranshuman: set up scripts to erase things like configs and caches on each login, for example11:57
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
Adieis the main desotop ubuntu bad for touch devices?11:57
Adieis ubuntu touch bad for laptops?11:57
Adieidk what I'm doing11:57
HoloIRCUser4U are trying to have Ubuntu touch on desktop Adie11:58
junaidalithanks ducasse: I have an lxc which should start a few services when it is created. If I create lxc when there are no lxds on the machine, it works as expected but the services inside lxc doesn't get started when that lxc is created while an lxd is also on the same machine11:58
AdieIt's a laptop tablet hybrid HoloIRCUser411:59
Adieit came with windows 10, but my pops doesn't like windows 1011:59
Adieidk what I'm doing11:59
Adieuh huh11:59
Adieuh huh11:59
AdieI don't think windows 7 is the answer, so I'm looking at ubuntu, hoping it would be a good alternative12:00
Adienow sure where the tablet-like support is for laptops tho12:00
Adielike rotations, and multitouch12:00
Adieand the UI itself12:00
pseudWhile on the topic of parental PC's. Is there any guide to minimal work wrt. upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 ? Is there really no shortcuts to take ? I'll have to reinstall everything from scratch ?12:00
ducassejunaidali: odd. try asking in #ubuntu-server12:00
junaidalisure, thanks ducasse.12:01
Adiemaybe there's an enviroment better suited for this than unity, idk :(12:01
ducassejunaidali: i just use lxc myself, don't know much about lxd.12:01
Adiethat's why I'm lookin for help, I guess12:01
HoloIRCUser4Adie: depends on hardware support12:02
HoloIRCUser4Ubuntu touch compatibility12:02
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
pseudAdie: I'd try some distros and see if he likes it. Realistically I don't think there's any choice but Unity or Gnome 3 for a tablet-friendly experience12:02
Adieit's not listed in the certification page; it's a flex 312:02
ducassepseud: just wait 6 more days.12:03
Adieso it's one of those laptops that bends backwards for a tablet mode, disabled the back touchpad and keyboard,12:03
pseud(but yes, it all boils down to hardware support and if you're not that comfortable with Linux and you didn't research support before buying the PC, then it'll probably not end too well)12:03
Adiestuff like that12:03
AdieI have a feeling ubuntu won't do that12:03
pseudducasse: wait 6 more days, for what ?12:03
ducasse!ltsupgrade | pseud12:03
ubottupseud: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.12:03
HoloIRCUser4Can Ubuntu be used with Arm v6 processors12:04
HoloIRCUser4Known to anybody?12:04
pseudWon't do me much good, I'm at my parent's place now - not in six days.. :(12:04
ducassepseud: then use 'do-release-upgrade -d' at your own risk.12:04
hateball!arm | HoloIRCUser412:05
ubottuHoloIRCUser4: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.12:05
pseudducasse: are there any "tips" when doing a reinstall. Such as getting a list of explicitly installed packages which I might use to speed up a new install ?12:06
ducassepseud: you can use apt-mark to show packages marked as manually installed, but you might need to trim the list.12:07
bobslaw-skillwitsuccess got ubuntu installed whooo12:07
bobslaw-skillwitcan't seem to install irc tho haha12:08
HoloIRCUser4hateball: arm used in mobiles and raspberry pi as well12:08
bobslaw-skillwitI used textual on ios.    on ubunto  sudo apt-get install xchat      NOPE FAILE12:09
pseudducasse: cool - I knew a variation of that trick. Just wanted to ensure there wasn't some obvious set of steps which I didn't know about :) But thanks12:09
HoloIRCUser4Is Ubuntu supported with raspberry pi.  Any version12:09
bobslaw-skillwitthat was my 3rd attempt to install an irc program on my ubuntu =[12:09
BlackDalektoday's ubuntu update killed my wifi. I'm using 15.10 Wily. I get no option to enable or disable wifi. It simply does not show up in the Unity network menu any more. The driver still shows up in additional drivers as being active.12:10
ioriabobslaw-skillwit, no xchat on 16.04, try hexchat12:10
bobslaw-skillwitand it was like packack xchat has no candidate, well google told me to do it12:10
bobslaw-skillwitok will try that12:10
ioria!info xchat12:10
ubottuPackage xchat does not exist in xenial12:10
ioria!info hexchat12:10
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.2-1ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 330 kB, installed size 932 kB12:10
HoloIRCUser4BlackDalek: service restart NetworkManager12:10
bobslaw-skillwitI have used xchat before,  textual was much nicer on ios =\12:10
HoloIRCUser4Or service stop NetworkManager and then with start option12:12
Adiebobslaw-skillwit, textual is probably the nicest GUI IRC client that exists :^)12:12
Adiebut for windows and linux, we're stuck with hexchat12:12
Adieoh well12:12
HoloIRCUser4I'm connected from android12:13
pseudHoloIRCUser4: wrt R.PI - I don't think so, there's some excellent third-party images for raspberry pi, though https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi12:13
Luka00Hello people I try to see grub menu Ubuntu 16.04, I changed GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=10 but not happen12:15
Luka00What I forget?12:16
bobslaw-skillwitdang cmd+c and cmd+v is no longer copy and paste in ubuntu?12:16
ioriaLuka00, you have to comment that line with #12:16
HoloIRCUser4Hmm but it's not for zero version12:16
minimecLuka00: 'sudo update-grub' after such kind of changes... <-- What did i forget...12:16
Luka00ok only that line?12:16
Luka00i have done that minimec12:16
ioriaLuka00, yes, and sudo update-grub12:17
Luka00I try and shift I think12:17
bobslaw-skillwitreally did not expect copy and paste keyboard shortcuts to not work in ubuntu =\12:17
HoloIRCUser4Luka00: which file is this?12:18
Luka00what file?12:19
HoloIRCUser4Ook I asked some relevant question before with this file12:20
ne8cflhello I installed ubuntu but i can't get my nvidia drivers working. if I do a modprobe it tells me modprobe: "FATAL: Module nvidia not found." I installed the nvidia driver via sudo apt-get install nvidia-352 help pls12:21
Luka00I joined recently I have not read what you asked12:22
bobslaw-skillwiti guess ill haveto include that customization in my blog article on how to switch to ubuntu as a web dev, gotta set the basic copy and paste shortcuts.  hope my sublime text settings work tho12:22
Luka00I try I see you late :)12:22
ne8cflwhy aren12:22
ne8cfl't they working?12:22
ioriane8cfl,  can you paste   sudo lshw -c Video ?12:23
ne8cflthey have worked before. but now after a fresh install nvidia drivers doesn't seem to work anymore12:23
bobslaw-skillwitI can't paste at all apparently unless I right click12:24
gycklarn-bobslaw-skillwit, Are you in a terminal? Wait, are you using a mac?12:25
ne8cflyes here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/19487127/12:25
ne8cflioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19487127/12:25
bobslaw-skillwitI am now on my mac laptop as I gave up on ubuntu setup on irc and etc kind of laborious without copy and paste lol12:25
bobslaw-skillwitthis isnt even my main nick12:26
ioriane8cfl,   dmesg | grep -i chipset12:26
gycklarn-In a terminal (On a non-mac keyboard) you have to press ctrl+shift+v to paste12:26
gycklarn-No idea how it works on mac12:26
ne8cflioria: doesn't say anything12:26
bobslaw-skillwitoh ok one sec lemme try that on my desktop12:27
ioriane8cfl,   try again, please12:27
ne8cflioria:: I did it just goes into next line :(12:27
Luka00It worked grub menu and I chose the kernel 4.4.31 ow how do I use it more instead of kernel 4.7 rc3?12:28
freedrullhi i accidentally expired the main user account (with usermod -e) and i can't login as root (the root account is locked by default) is there anything i can do?12:28
bobslaw-skillwityep gycklarn- that worked to paste in ubuntu.... dang that is super laborious 3 keystrokes almost awkwardly placed compared to two on osx... idk12:28
ioriane8cfl,   16.04 ?12:28
ne8cflioria: no 14.0412:28
gycklarn-bobslaw-skillwit, The thing is, ctrl+c and ctrl+v does other things in the terminal. ctrl+c for example is used to cancel an ongoing command12:29
Luka00I would not select every time the kernel to use but still have the 4.04.31 as default12:29
ioriane8cfl,   have you added ppa ?12:29
ne8cflne8cfl: kernel version 3.13-0.9212:29
ne8cflioria: No I just installed12:29
ne8cflAnd updated12:29
ioriane8cfl,   can you paste ubuntu-drivers list   ?12:29
bobslaw-skillwitosx  its cmd+c  cmd+v12:29
ne8cflnext I wanted are the nvidia drivers12:30
bobslaw-skillwitthose dont work in ubuntu12:30
ne8cflioria: ubuntu drivers list?12:30
gycklarn-Have you installed Ubuntu on your mac, bobslaw-skillwit?12:30
ioriane8cfl,    ubuntu-drivers list12:30
bobslaw-skillwitalso yea i do often use that ctrl+c on osx to cancel, very useful12:31
gycklarn-bobslaw-skillwit, I have little-to-zero experience with mac computers, but I would assume Ubuntu is not "supposed" to be used on a mac, which is why the keyboard shortcuts are different12:31
ne8cflioria: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/19487657/12:31
ne8cflI installed 352.63 like before12:32
bobslaw-skillwitok but srsly? 3 keys needed to copy and paste?12:32
olivia_excuse me, is the channil loged?12:32
ioriane8cfl,    you update the kernel recently ...12:32
hateballolivia_: Yes12:32
ne8cflIt's like everytime I install ubuntu, it gets buggier and buggier12:32
bobslaw-skillwitill be customizing it to use 2 keys I think12:32
olivia_hateball: do you know wher12:32
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meeting logs from meetingology at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/12:33
ioriane8cfl,    nouveau was working right ?12:33
olivia_hateball: thank u <312:33
bobslaw-skillwiteven when I used windows (hated it) did not need 3 keys to copy and paste12:33
ne8cflioria: yes nouveau is functioning correctly12:33
bobslaw-skillwitthis kind of thru me off... a curve ball I did not expect12:33
ne8cflI think I still run it right now12:34
ioriane8cfl,    no12:34
ne8cflioria: so what is wrong with my nvidia drivers ? you got a clue?12:34
ioriane8cfl,    can you paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?12:34
ioriane8cfl,    paste the file, then we try to purge nvidia and reinstall fron Additional Drivers12:35
bobslaw-skillwitlol as a web dev keyboard  shortcuts are insanely useful, might have to switch back to osx where you only need 2 keys to copy and paste =[12:36
bobslaw-skillwitI memorized prob 50 keyboard shortcuts in sublime text12:36
ne8cflioria: thats a big chunk of text though http://paste.ubuntu.com/19488114/12:37
ioriane8cfl,   oh... dod you use encryption ?12:37
ne8cflioria: Yes I did12:38
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: tip: look into the difference between the x selection buffer and the clipboard, and programs like clipit12:38
ne8cflioria: before it was working to with the nvidia drivers12:38
ioriane8cfl,   before .. what ?12:38
bobslaw-skillwitducasse ok I will write that down in my notes12:39
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: makes life _a lot_ easier12:39
ne8cflioria: before I reinstalled my pc12:39
bobslaw-skillwitdoes it make it more consistant12:39
ioriane8cfl,  fresh install ? don't tell me ...12:39
ne8cflioria: thats the funny thing it's the second time. So what am I doing wrong here exactly?12:40
=== DeerGod is now known as precise
ioriane8cfl,   you're using 3.13 very old kernel ... so you reinstalled from an old medium ,,, but this is not the point12:42
ne8cflI need make a clean format. reinstalling doesn't do it somehow. problems persist and new ones appear12:42
ne8cflioria: I need this kernel. The 3.13 is the only kernel that works well with my pc12:42
BluesKajhowdy folks12:43
ne8cflioria: once I had 4.x and it wouldn't boot up12:43
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: when you learn to use it, yes12:43
ioriane8cfl,   ok...   now, what you got a blank screen or you can login ?12:43
ne8cflioria: no no, everything's fine besides the nvidia drivers12:43
bobslaw-skillwitim not sure if that follows the definition of constant12:43
ne8cflbut I installed newer kernels from upgrading and they don't work. only kernel I got a positive result is the kernel i'm using12:45
bobslaw-skillwitits consistent then if you learn how do to the same task using a different method in diff programs12:45
ioriane8cfl,    ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?12:45
ne8cflls: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory12:46
ne8cflI looked there is really nothing in that folder12:46
ne8cfli mean no xorg.conf12:47
ioriane8cfl,    dpkg -l | grep nvidia-12:47
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: look it up. i mark text with the left button, and paste with the middle or shift+insert. works everywhere.12:47
ne8cflioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19489071/12:47
sveinseooi, why has the handy Ctrl-Alt-backspace function been taken away?12:48
bobslaw-skillwitshift+insert? that requires two hands to hit those buttons?12:48
sveinseuhm, yeah, this function is not something you do every day. In fact, as seldom as possible actually12:49
ioriane8cfl,    we can try 2 things . 1) purge nvidia and reinstall from Gui,   or 2) try to configure Xorg (sudo nvidia-xconfig) and run sudo update-initramfs -u12:49
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: there are two shift keys.12:50
bobslaw-skillwitthats true12:50
bobslaw-skillwitok so now I have to learn completely diff shortcuts now, dang12:50
ne8cflioria: I installed from Gui before this install. over additional drivers. same thing happens. that's why I did it manually the second time.12:50
bobslaw-skillwitosx shortcuts were more intuitive12:51
sveinsebobslaw-skillwit: eh, are we talking about the same thing here?12:51
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: look at clipit, it synchronises the two tways to do things, so you can use whatever you want.12:51
ioriane8cfl,  sudo nvidia-xconfig     and     sudo update-initramfs -u12:52
ne8cflI think I'm going to format everything again. install without inet connetion. and install the nvidia drivers first before anything12:52
transhumanducasse I12:52
ne8cflioria: sudo: nvidia-xconfig: command not found12:52
* bobslaw-skillwit writes down clipit12:53
ducassesveinse: 'setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp' or enable it in an xorg.conf snippet.12:53
transhumanducasse, I am able to start a new session under a different user using ctl+Alt+L...I setup an anonymous user (I could also use a proxy) but lots of proxys are blocked from such things12:53
sveinseducasse: Yes, I'12:53
transhumanducasse, but i think its anonymous enough under a differnet session for googles indexing purposes12:54
bobslaw-skillwitthis is way more involved than I thought it would be, i mean I ssh into linux webservers all day but did not expect using ubuntu desktop to be so forgient.  I wish I could just make it more like osx lol12:54
sveinseducasse: Yes, I've done that. But my question was why it as taken away in the first place12:54
ne8cflMy pc is not that good with linux anyway, cuz of nvidia-prime, uefi and secure boot stuff all there12:54
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: thank god it's not, imo.12:54
ducassesveinse: because most users didn't know about it, hit it accidentally and killed their entire session, i would guess. easy enough to enable, though.12:56
bobslaw-skillwitwell shortcut keys are very imporatant as a web dev12:56
HoloIRCUser4quit the server12:57
HoloIRCUser4joined again12:57
HoloIRCUser4does not quits12:58
bobslaw-skillwitlol I was told the ux/ui was easy and CONSISTENT.   lies lies lies12:59
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: i've never had an issue with copy/paste. you can't expect to switch os and keep exactly the same workflow/habits.12:59
bobslaw-skillwitwindows and macos have very similar shortcuts for those, almost the same really13:00
bobslaw-skillwit2 keys13:00
bobslaw-skillwitnot 313:00
ne8cflwell i'm going to reinstall again give it another try :(13:00
ikoniayou're not using those13:00
ikoniasome apps will respond to control +c / control +v13:01
bobslaw-skillwitand its not different shortcuts for different programs to copy and paste lol13:01
HoloIRCUser4bobslaw-skillwit: try Windows 9513:01
ikoniaothers won't13:01
ikoniathere is the middle mouse button,13:01
ne8cflthis time without internet connection13:01
Rumbleshmmm anyone know if it's possible to change the chage warning message?13:01
ne8cfland get the nvidia first before kernel upgrade13:01
bobslaw-skillwitHoloIRCUser4 dont patronize me13:01
bobslaw-skillwitikonia middle mouse button? what do you mean13:02
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: you don't understand anything i've said, apparently.13:02
bobslaw-skillwiti mean i know of this button but what are you saying it does13:02
curlyearsNo Joy )-:13:03
ducassebobslaw-skillwit: mark text with left, paste with middle.13:03
xpistosIs there any thing special I need to do to enable a third monitor on my laptop? I am using one hdmi and one vga. if I select morror it shows all three. if I select extended it shows all three monitors in display but only two wor13:03
ikoniabobslaw-skillwit: hilight something - puts it in the bugge, middle mouse button pastes it13:03
SnoopyDggguys, how do I execute this command on every Friday at 7 PM ''mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases --routines --triggers > alldb.sql' ?13:04
HoloIRCUser4!ot curlyears:13:04
curlyearsI dd-ed the 16.004 install .iso to an 8GB USBThumb, rebooted, reset the boot priorities, etc., to point to the USB, rebnooted again, and never even made it thourhg the entire BIOS bootup procedure.13:04
bobslaw-skillwitikonia THANKYOU finally some clarity13:04
ducasseSnoopyDgg: cron or systemd timers13:04
SnoopyDggducasse, I'm on ubuntu 14.04 which one is better?13:05
ducasseSnoopyDgg: then you only have cron13:05
bobslaw-skillwitthat sounds so easy too, no need to even copy13:06
curlyearsit went so far as to inform me that it was "checking the DMI list . . . . . . . . . . .   <12 dots  and then hung for oever 2 hours.  I finall;y just turned it off again13:07
bobslaw-skillwiti get hungover for way more than 2 hours, not often then thankfully13:08
SnoopyDggducasse, but I couldn't find guides that teaches ow to do it on friday at 7 PM13:09
bobslaw-skillwitmust sleep.  thankyou again ikonia  best answer to my issue13:09
ducasseSnoopyDgg: 'man 5 crontab'13:09
curlyearsso, in despairation, I tried installing 14.04.4 again.  f few seconds after choosibng "install ubuntu" the screen goes blank, and about 10 seconds later, at the very top of the screen, I see "file not found: MkListRT not found13:09
curlyearsand then the instal *SEEMS&* to go successfully (no errors or warnings)   I restart AGAIN.  Doe it boot?   NO, it hands me the "checking DMI list and 12 dots libne and hangs!  I am back under LiveDVD agaion   )-:13:12
curlyearscan anyone explain any of this (Oh, one more thing, I ran the "check disk for errors" thing on the installer startup, it scanned the 14.04.4 DVD and pronounced it error free)13:14
=== james_ is now known as Guest15608
ducassecurlyears: just a guess, but that sounds like a firmware/hardware/kernel issue to me.13:16
thec0mandhas anyone come across this problem with Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus: after succesful installation, the machine powers on, asks for login, but then remains on the terminal and will not load into the actual desktop.13:19
HoloIRCUser4thec0mand: no13:20
HoloIRCUser4Did gui appeared for login?13:21
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest34788
DarthMoewI have had gui appear, then unity fail to load, I did then run updates and it worked on 2nd reboot13:21
Odd_Blokealexbligh1: o/ Did anyone help you with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19489188/?  (This is probably a more appropriate channel for the conversation. :)13:22
thec0mandThe GUI didn't appear. You know what, this is my first time downloading the server version of Ubuntu, and I just read you have to apt-get install the desktop.13:22
Guest34788hey everyone13:22
DarthMoewoh lol, server doesnt usually have gui :D13:23
alexbligh1Odd_Bloke, nope, but I think I now know what it is (roughly). /boot is full as it's been autoupdating somehow, but not rebooted, and that's left it with partially configured kernel packages, so its confused.13:23
thec0mandOdd_Bloke: I'll take a look at pastebin though.13:23
Guest34788do you know how to install pip through the terminal_13:23
DarthMoewsudo apt-get install python-pip ?13:23
Odd_Blokealexbligh1: Yeah, that's the most common cause of that. :)13:23
Guest34788okey i gonna try ty13:23
alexbligh1Odd_Bloke, let me manually dpkg --purge stuff and see if I can resurrect it. Embedded system on the end of a piece of wet string to the internet ...13:24
Singamwww.pazhanji.org for easier file transfer13:24
=== qwerty is now known as Guest81097
curlyearsto what end?ducasse:  I am running that very firmware and hardware right now, under LiveDVD.  Why would install .iso have faulty kernels?13:26
ducassecurlyears: as i said, just a guess. you are running live from the installer dvd, and that seems fine?13:28
olleharslight problem with apt-get/dpkg13:28
olleharwanted to install wine, had to abort it, now it's stuck on downloading flashplugin-installer13:28
olleharcan I abort that somehow? everytime I do `dpkg --configure -a` it starts over downloading it.13:28
curlyearsducasse:  yes.13:29
=== alazare619 is now known as AvadaKedavra
Singamguys use pazhanji.org to transfer your files... we are non profit organization13:29
ducassecurlyears: nothing suspicious in dmesg?13:29
ducasseSingam: spam somewhere else, please13:29
DarthMoewnon-profit chaos and anarchy promotion organisation?13:30
Singamwasnt spamming13:30
Singamjust helping people out jesus13:30
DarthMoewso you are anti-chrisitian?13:30
DarthMoewhelping people to out jesus :/13:30
Singamwhy why would u say that13:30
DarthMoewoh no, you're a trump supported, I see..13:30
curlyearsI haven't checked dmesg.  Where would it be stored, if the HDDs are being used?13:31
Singamim not13:31
Myrttiguys, can you not?13:31
ducassecurlyears: run 'dmesg' in a terminal, it will show messages in memory.13:31
DJonesSingam: This is channel is for Ubuntu support only, pleae don't post offtopic links13:31
Singamand i want to support ubuntu....13:32
Singamim not going to anyother irc group to advertise my server13:32
DJonesSingam: People aren't likely to use an untrusted file sharing website13:32
Singamwhy not?13:33
DJonesSingam: You need to get it recognised by the main search engine 1st13:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:33
=== AvadaKedavra is now known as alazare619
Singamdo  you know how i can do that?13:33
DJonesBut its offtopic, not something that will be supported or allowed in this channel13:33
Singambut anyway you guys can use my server ..im not gonna steal anything13:33
\9Singam: we don't condone advertising in here13:34
Singamand please dont give www.pazhanji.org to anyone else... i dont want my server crowded13:34
DarthMoewwhere do you draw the line? :D13:34
Singamon what?13:34
\9seriously, cut it13:35
MyrttiSingam: please, stop already. We appreciate the sentiment, but your messages advertising your services are unsolicited and unwanted in this channel.13:35
Singamcut what?13:35
Singamalrighty then13:35
Myrttithank you13:35
Singamno sorry my bad13:35
SnoopyDgghow do I add password to execute the following command in crontab? mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases --routines --triggers > alldb.sql13:36
SnoopyDggIf I do it mannually it asks for mysql password13:36
SnoopyDgghow do I enter it in crontab?13:36
ducasseSnoopyDgg: can't you add the password after -p?13:37
Singamif i wanted to send a file to somone here ... can i use my webservice ? or would that be considered as advertisemnt?13:38
DJonesSingam: You could use your webservice, but its very rare here for people to send files, so would probably be ignored, most people just use pastebin or imagur etc13:39
Singamoww ok thanks for the info Djonses13:40
ne8cflioria: still there?13:40
=== daniel is now known as Guest17287
curlyearsMy eyes are starting to cross reading the output of dmesg.  I i*DID* learn that this system is capable of 53,036 BogoMIPS13:41
ne8cflI reinstalled again. I made an sudo apt-get update after reinstall. no upgrade, and installed the driver again with my old kernel 3.13.0-32-generic. Now it's working. I hope it will still work after I do my kernel upgrade13:42
curlyearswhat, exactly, am I looking for in the dmesg output, anyway?13:43
ducassecurlyears: the same errors you got while installing, or _any_ errors for that matter.13:43
ne8cflk now that my nvidia card is working i might do an upgrade now.13:44
curlyearsducasse:  I think the errors encountered whilke installing occured prior to the dmesg log being instantiaterd13:44
ducassecurlyears: yes, but see if a normal boot has recorded any errors, then try to run the installer from the live session13:45
=== yuyueshihaoren1 is now known as yuyueshihaoren
alexbligh1Odd_Bloke, fixed (thanks) after much fiddling.13:48
HoloIRCUser4I have some java file invoked and want to stdout the errors and exceptions to some file13:49
HoloIRCUser4Help please13:49
SingamHoloIRCUser4:  i can help bro13:50
HoloIRCUser4Bolo singam13:50
Singamcant you just print the exception dood? using System.out.println()13:50
Singamwhy not?13:50
HoloIRCUser4I require them to store in some file13:51
HoloIRCUser4Automation purpose13:51
Singameasy then you use Fileoutput stream13:51
miescoHi.  Is there anyone here with over an 11 char nick?13:51
EriC^^miesco: why do you ask?13:52
Singamwhy miesco so that you can run your bot?13:52
Odd_Blokealexbligh1: Great! :)13:52
miescoI just want to test something13:52
\9HoloIRCUser4: this is ubuntu support, ask java questions in the approprate channel, such as ##java13:52
Singamtest your new bot bitch?13:52
gantnernick mrwoosley13:52
Singamgot your password hor13:53
=== gantner is now known as mrwoosley
EriC^^!language | Singam13:53
ubottuSingam: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:53
Singamwhat the13:53
Singamok can i say this  "i will politely fuck you bitch "13:54
\9can you please quit being disruptive?13:54
\9guess not13:54
setuidI'm trying to create a preseed file for an automated install, and it works except the very first prompt for Language. Once I select that interactively, then choose "Install", the rest of the automation takes over.13:55
setuidI've passed locale=en_US in my kernel append line in isolinux/txt.cfg, and remastered the iso, didn't help13:56
setuidHas anyone managed to get this working? Suggestions from Google are not working13:56
HoloIRCUser4How do I redirect errors from commands13:56
HoloIRCUser4I asked that /913:57
SchrodingersScatHoloIRCUser4: 2>/dev/null13:57
\9HoloIRCUser4: in bash? append 2>file to the command13:57
fungmenhai all13:58
SchrodingersScatHoloIRCUser4: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/io-redirection.html13:58
miescoHoloIRCUser4: Okay thanks13:58
curlyearsno errors found in dmesg14:00
LuiXhey there, I'm trying to revert a remembered encryption passphrase in the keyring, but I cannot see it on seahorse. Any ideas?14:00
=== richard is now known as Guest4853
setuidHoloIRCUser4, /quit14:02
joker_hello, I just want to know why I can't download any software in the softwarecenter14:12
ne8cfljoker_: really?14:13
joker_I cat't figure out14:13
ne8cfljoker_: this really sounds odd. which version of ubuntu are u using?14:14
setuidnacc, You about?14:14
ne8cflyou might try reinstalling the software center but idk.14:15
insandreесть кто из Рашки ?14:15
=== zhongfu_ is now known as zhongfu
insandreis there anyone from Russia14:17
ne8cflinsandre: we do speak english here14:18
EriC^^!ru | insandre14:18
ubottuinsandre: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:18
ne8cflI do an kernel upgrade now. hope my nvidia card will still work >:( buggy stuff always14:19
epychanhow is everyone?14:21
epychanhi boodllebat14:24
boodllebatepychan: hey14:24
epychanhow are you?14:24
boodllebatepychan: why would you ask me that ?14:25
epychanisn't that a normal question?14:25
boodllebatepychan: i'm good14:25
ne8cflit did it again. I upgraded and my nvidia drivers aren't working anymore14:26
epychani did have a question how long have you used linux for?14:26
displaymanI'm having a problem getting my second monitor working on 16.04 with a nvidia quatro 60014:27
MonkeyDustepychan  this is the support channel, type   /j #ubuntu-offtopic14:27
ne8cfldoesn't matter which way I do it as soon as I upgrade i'll lose my driver14:27
epychanare you using an amd card?14:27
ne8cflno nvidia14:27
displaymanif I downgrade from nvidia 361 to 340 the display turns on, but it is limited to 800x600 resolution14:27
Quatrokingi heart my name14:27
=== marahin is now known as fr33bot
displaymanQuatroking: feel free to help ;)14:28
=== fr33bot is now known as marahin
=== marahin is now known as fr33bot
=== fr33bot is now known as kasia
=== askb__ is now known as abelur
ne8cfldamn i can't do it here without my damn drivers. no idea what to do anymore14:28
Quatrokingwhat do you mean by downgrade from a 361 to a 340?14:28
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
displaymanQuatroking: the nvidia driver version14:28
Quatrokingoh, right14:28
=== kasia is now known as fr33bot
Quatrokingwell I don't really think I can help you out here, the only nvidia card I got that's running linux (debian 8) is burnt14:29
displaymanso much for quatro king :p14:29
Quatrokingwhenever I switch to the nvidia card my DM tends to warp14:29
QuatrokingI know right14:29
QuatrokingI'm a disgrace14:29
epychanwish i could help but i don't know how exactly14:30
epychani would just research14:30
displaymanI have been, everything I find is outdated or hacky14:31
epychani had a similar problem but with an amd card while trying to get steam to work on 15.10 and 16.04lts14:31
displaymanor usually both14:31
ne8cflwait there are still there I'm running the intel card14:31
ne8cflError: alternatives are not set up properly14:31
ne8cflError: nvidia mode can't be enabled14:31
ne8cfl prime-select query14:32
stephen_bis it possible to add separators in places in dolphin?14:33
delcrtjphello,is it someone there?14:34
epychanim here14:34
MonkeyDustdelcrtjp  type   /names14:34
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delcrtjpis someone can tell me if fl studiofrom. imageline can run with low latency under ubuntu studio?thanks14:37
therealtbedoes anyone remember where networking is configure in Ubuntu 12.10 ?14:37
MonkeyDusttherealtbe  12.10 is long dead14:38
displaymanno support bro14:38
therealtbeI don't see anything in /etc/network/interfaces14:38
therealtbeso how is it getting this static IP address14:38
MonkeyDusttherealtbe  upgrade first, then ask ag&ain14:38
therealtbewhere is networking configured in 12.04 ?14:38
therealtbewhere, other than /etc/network/interfaces, has networking ever been configured?14:39
therealtbethere is no dhclient running, and no network manager, and /etc/network/interfaces only contains the loopback, so how does it get its IP address?14:40
displaymanare there any other channels i should try for help with this graphics issue? I'm lost here14:41
therealtbeif it's not running dhclient, and there is only loopback in /etc/network/interfaces, how is eth0 getting its IP address ?14:42
curlyearstherealtbe: PAY ATTENTION:  you have been advised several times nowq that Ubuntu 12 is NO LONGER SUPPORTED.  You will need to upgrade to a newer version (16.04 is the latest) and try again.  If you still have troubles, come back and ask here.14:48
displaymanI don't think I've ever seen this channel so dead14:48
displaymancurlyears: the topic says 12.04 is allowed14:48
curlyearsit is awfull;y quiet for 1934 Users14:49
MonkeyDustcurlyears  12.04 is supported until 201714:49
Pici12.10 is long gone though.14:49
curlyearsMonkeyDust  mea culpa14:49
displaymanand to be fair I'm on 16.04 and no one can help me either :D14:50
curlyearsdisplayman:  the problm,e for 16.04 is that it is fairly new, and not as many knowledgabler users exist, as do for earlier versions.  There are all new bugs which may not as yet have been resolved.14:51
irinixwhy would 12.04 be supported but not 12.10 if 12.04 is older than 12.10?14:52
displaymanyeah so we're both SOL...14:52
MonkeyDustirinix  because 12.04 is LTS14:52
irinixcurlyears, I would blame Canonical's 6 month release cycle for that14:52
curlyears12.04 is an LTS (Long Term Support) module.  10.10 is n ot LTS.14:52
irinixso *.04 is LTS, and *.10 isn't.  kk14:53
therealtbewhy are you guys being so rude ?14:53
therealtbeif 12.04 is supported then tell me how networking is configured in 12.0414:53
irinixtherealtbe, what have you tried?14:54
therealtbeI checked ps -ef  to look for dhclient, and I don't see it, or network manager14:54
therealtbeI looked in /etc/network/interfaces and only the loopback is configured14:54
therealtbebut somehow, eth0 gets it's IP address,  AND /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten on reboot14:54
therealtbeI checked in rc.local and a few other places to see if someone hardcoded the commands14:55
irinixwhat does ifconfig tell you?14:55
therealtbeumm, the IP address?14:55
therealtbeand the netmask...14:55
irinixso, what is the problem?14:55
therealtbeI fixed /etc/resolv.conf  and rebooted it and it was overwritten with incorrect information14:56
therealtbeUsually I have seen this when it is dhcp and it receives the dns server along with the dhcp lease14:56
therealtbeSo I went to look to see if this is configured for static or DHCP.   I don't see either.  I don't see any config for eth0 anywhere14:56
Myrttiirinix, curlyears: not every .04 is an LTS. Even years are.14:57
irinixtherealtbe, it might not be *exactly* your problem but it seems close, have you tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/394217/my-eth0-has-gone-and-i-dont-have-internet-and-network-connection ?14:58
irinixMyrtti, yet more confusion in the open source space care of Canonical14:59
Paddy_NIWould anyone here know how to make the compiz zoom plugin in Unity zoom using the scroll wheel?15:00
Myrttiirinix: not really. Ubuntu's LTS's have always been released on April of even years.15:00
Paddy_NII cannot enter it using the ccsm gui as it does not grab the key stroke for scrolling15:00
StatelessCat15T165315   irinix | so *.04 is LTS, and *.10 isn't.  kk » not every *.04 are LTS, 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 are. 11.04, 13.04, 15.04 are not LTS.15:00
Paddy_NIIdeally super+scroll15:00
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StatelessCatSchrodingersScat: meow?15:01
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MemesOfMagic:( Virtualbox is claiming that VM-x is disabled in BIOS, when it isn't15:05
MemesOfMagicVT-x even15:06
MonkeyDustMemesOfMagic  better ask in #vbox15:07
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curlyearscan anyone explain to me why an install "USB" for 16.04 won't boot, even when Boor  Disk Creator" claims to have written it without errors?15:18
eric_I'm brand new to IRC, just installed Smuxi and typed /join ##java, nothing happens though, any ideas?15:19
curlyearstry /join #java15:20
LorcatarIs it possible to get the ubuntu software center on lubuntu?15:20
eric_curlyears: Nope, nothing happens, I got ##java from the channel list15:21
Myrttieric_: "Channel is blocking unidentified users (+r) and user is not identified"15:22
Gazyrlezoncurlyears: won't boot as in "crashing while booting" or as in "doesn't even try and starts the normal OS"?15:22
Myrttiyou need to register an account and/or identify to one15:22
eric_Oh ok, Ithought as I was logged into here it would be ok15:23
eric_Myrtti: Sorry about possible daft question, but how do I register?15:24
Myrttieric_: /msg nickserv help register15:26
curlyearsGazyrlezon: sas in "steps throough the BIOS POST test, the BIOS startup  sccreen, and then hangs after displaying "Checking DMI pool . . . . . . . . . . . ." <- 12 dots.  Just hangs, no response to KB or mouse input.15:30
Gazyrlezoncurlyears: Ah, okay. Sorry, no idea about that. Does anyone else have one?15:31
curlyearsI got exactly the same response after supposed installing LTS 14.04. with no errors reported, and trying to boot that.15:32
curlyearsweird, two different installer versions, two differentkinds of mass storage media, smae exact response15:32
nacccurlyears: this is before or after grub?15:35
nacccurlyears: i'm guessing hardware issue (RAM stick going bad, etc.) if DMI verification is failing (have you run memtest from the a live env?)15:35
curlyearsnacc:  I am going to guess before grub.   I see no prompts, no messages except "checking DMI pool . . . . . . . . . . . ." (12 dots)15:36
curlyearsnacc:  but Live DVD runs just fine15:36
OerHekscurlyears, you have this issue for weeks now, broken hardware15:37
nacccurlyears: some people recommend trying to run something like boot-repair for that issue (just glossing through similar issues): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:38
curlyearsOerheks:  we were all concuring it was a flakey PSU.  I have replaced the {SU with a much stronger one (800W), and even my back paenl USB ports work again15:38
nacccurlyears: coudl also be a buggy BIOS15:38
curlyearswhat is "Boot Repair?"15:38
nacccurlyears: i just provided you the link?15:38
nacccurlyears: using U/EFI?15:39
curlyearsbut I ran LTS 14.04.4 for 5 moonths with no problems.  The ubuntu pushed an update wqhich I accepted, after which my system crashed, and I havwe been having trouble after trouble ever since then15:39
nacccurlyears: an update to what?15:40
curlyearsues, UEFI.  Have to.  2 HDDs over 2 GB15:40
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curlyearsnacc:   various things, mostly to what appeared to be kernetl updates15:40
naccgiven people used TBs of disks before U/EFI, not sure how they are related (unless you mean specifically two USB drives)15:40
TurboKrakenAnyone have any input for wacom?15:41
sergioadHeo friends15:41
TurboKrakenDrivers, software, tablet versions, ect?15:42
curlyearsAll I know is that with UEFI I *CAN* get some functionality with it, and without UEFIJ I cannot.  ALso, there is a not in the BIOS setup page for UEFI that says it's requir4eed for disks over 2TB15:42
sergioadcould I give you a little advice for everybody who plans to get a tomee USB NES dogbone controller?15:42
curlyearsno, not USB drives.  Two internal, SATA connected 3 TB HDDs (with actual spinning platters in them)  10K RPM15:43
kidn3ysAnyone have any experience with exacqVision server? It seems to install just fine but won't pull the MAC address from the machine it's installed on, which is how it's licensed.15:46
ducassekidn3ys: you need to ask the people who make it or sell it15:46
kidn3ysducasse: they told me to kick rocks =/15:47
ducassekidn3ys: then tell them their support sucks and ask for your money back15:48
nacccurlyears: sorry, internet hiccup at home15:48
kidn3ysducasse: fair point.15:49
curlyearsnacc:   NOT USB devices, real 3TB HDDs.15:49
ducassekidn3ys: you could try #ubuntu-server, but they may tell you the same thing. that's the problem with proprietary software.15:49
nacccurlyears: didn't you just mention "mass storage" devices?15:50
curlyearsnacc:  yes.  2 3TB HDDs, one SATA BluRay R/WR, 1 500GB HDD, and 1 8GBUSB thumb involved.15:51
OerHekscurlyears, and without hdd attached, does the usb boot proper?15:51
kidn3yswas more looking to see if I could debug HOW it's trying to pull it15:51
kidn3ysducasse: thanks for your suggestions15:51
curlyearsI used "Create Boot Disk" utility to install the 16.04 installer .iso oonto the USB, and failed to boot the USB even though there were no error messages offered during the write procedure.15:52
curlyearsThe I tried to install LTS 14.04.4, again, installed wihtout error messagews.  Trid to reboot, got saame error message I got from USB boot attempt.15:53
curlyearsWhen I boot off the VDV, I can successfully run LiveDVD
ducassecurlyears: did you install updates during installation?15:54
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curlyearsducasse:  yes, but I did not choose to instal;l "third party software" because the last time I did that, it blew up whikle trying to install third party software15:57
ducassecurlyears: try without updates, then you get the package versions that are on the installer.15:58
curlyears*Sigh*   OK15:58
HoloIRCUser1Kisi ko kuch aata hai16:07
HoloIRCUser1Hi biella16:09
partrobHi I am using xubuntu in my laptop which is installed in an ssd drive. I want to upgrade my firmware ubuntu I dont have tool to do that but I have windows installed in a normal disk. If I use the tool from from windows to upgrade the ssd will it damage my ubuntu ?16:09
django_hey which cmd tells me how many phantomjs instances i have open?16:09
naccdjango_: ps aux | grep phantomjs | wc -l (roughly, might be +1 due to the grep itself)16:09
OerHekspartrob, unlikely, but how do we know??16:10
compdocpartrob, when you read the instructions, what did it tell you to do? Some ssd makers provide a bootable image to fash it16:10
ubottuMany Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.16:11
partrobcompdoc: I have not started it I think the software is downloading image over the internet16:12
LeMikehello again. how can I see how much bad blocks my drive has?16:12
partrobtranscend ssd they are only providing support for mac and windows :(16:12
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afx_hello ! i am trying to install to use ati graphics vga . I have a fresh install of Mint 18 x64 . Can someone help me install drivers for it ?16:15
partrob<OerHeks> yeah its possible somebody already tried16:15
django_nacc, error: list of process IDs must follow p16:16
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naccdjango_: hrm, you ran `ps aux | grep phantomjs` ?16:16
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django_nacc, workeed ty16:17
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naccdjango_: that's what i recommended before, so must have been a typo?16:17
DermicoolAnybody here knows how to make tamatar ki chatni16:18
ducasse!mint | afx_16:18
ubottuafx_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:18
PiciDermicool: try ##cooking, this is #ubuntu16:18
partrobDermicool: I do but I cant on chat16:19
Dermicoolpartrob: you Indian?16:19
ImJuneHow do I I echo the contents of /etc/services into a file to my home user directory16:19
ImJuneI dunno the syntax16:19
ImJuneI tried16:19
partrobDermicool: Yes16:20
ImJunesudo echo services > ~/ portsdoc.txt16:20
OerHekscat /etc/services > ~/text.txt16:20
naccImJune: cat /etc/services > ~/portsdoc.txt16:20
ImJuneis this a wrong syntax?16:20
ImJuneoh ok16:20
naccImJune: yes, that's wrong, echo just echo's what you give it as input16:20
ImJuneno need to echo16:20
Picior just cp /etc/services ~/portsdoc.txt16:20
ImJunethank you16:21
naccImJune: also no need to sudo (afaict)16:21
naccImJune: in fact, i think using sudo would end up creating ~/portsdoc.txt as root:root (iirc)16:21
ImJuneIm trying now16:21
DermicoolPici: you Indian?16:21
Picinacc: it wouldn't.16:21
PiciDermicool: nope.16:21
naccPici: oh ok16:21
DermicoolGoogle translate is cool16:21
Picinacc: well, it would if you used cp, but sudo doesn't cross io redirection operators otherwise.16:21
naccPici: ah ok16:21
ImJuneyeah I love google translate16:22
EriC^^google translate loves you16:22
ImJuneIf wasnt for that my wife surely would have divorced me16:22
EriC^^!info linux-generic16:24
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 11 kB16:24
ImJune!info Eric^^16:24
ubottueric (source: eric): full featured Python IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.0.8-1 (xenial), package size 4779 kB, installed size 24781 kB16:24
ImJuneoh man ha16:24
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ImJunethanks for help16:28
ImJunetime for sudo poweroff16:28
DivorcedHow do I take my package to Ubuntu SC16:32
DivorcedTell me quickly16:34
EriC^^it was that quick, it became a point16:34
curlyearsNo Joy.  I am still under Live DVD.  I installed 14.04.4 with no updates, and nno third party software, and I still get the same problem "Checking DMI list . . . . . . . . . ."  <12 dots>16:34
DivorcedShut up16:35
rypervencheWell, there goes help for him.16:35
DivorcedI made a gui for some service interactivity16:36
=== maxb_ is now known as maxb
curlyearsDivorced:  we begin to see why you are a divorcee.  You need to hone you people skills a bit, d00d.16:36
curlyearsSo, any wisdom on my stupid inability to boot anything except Live DVD mode?16:37
Bashing-omcurlyears: A thought: verify the copy ? .. in the boot options on the liveUSB is " check disk for defects" .16:39
nacccurlyears: is it a live DVD or a live USB?16:39
curlyearsBashing-om: have done repeatedly.  Indicates no errors found.16:40
curlyearsnacc:  Live DVD.  I can't get a USB to boot correctly at all16:40
nacccurlyears: and you're installing to one of the HDDs? or to one of the USB drivers?16:40
curlyearstrying to install to a 3TB HDD16:40
nacccurlyears: in the live DVD, does the installed system (that fails to boot)'s disk look like it's partitioned correctly? (UEFI partitoin, etc)16:41
curlyearsI have to tell you, I feel damned foolish, being a retired software eningeer in this position.   I feel positively STUPID16:42
Bashing-omcurlyears: Might be instructive to look at the partitioning on the hard drive(s): 'sudo parted -l' .16:42
curlyearsnacc:  yes16:42
nacccurlyears: well, DMI detection isn't a software (traditional) issue; it's a hardware or BIOS one, if it's failing16:42
nacccurlyears: when you boot normally, your BIOS boot order is correct, etc.? Not trying to be insulting, just trying to think of things that might be going wrong16:43
nacccurlyears: could also be lose connectors (you've been doing some hw chnages it sounds like), it can be bios corruption (consider reset/reflash), can be hdd failure(s)16:44
curlyearsOK.  I need some assistance installing a screen capture/upload utility.  I havent done so in months, and I don't remember how16:45
nacccurlyears: it *might* be interesting to see `dmidecode` output form the live dvd ... not sure if it'll actually show any problems16:45
Bashing-omcurlyears: screenshot app, should be installed ny default on a standard ubuntu release . On my keyboad is " prt scrn ' key to activate .16:47
curlyearsnope.  hitting "prit screen" key does nothing, with or without the "shift" key depressed16:48
EriC^^my computer is a billion times slower suddenly, opening music dir, using apt-get etc, dpkg seems to hang too or takes forever, it started while installing this ppa16:49
curlyearsI want one that will automatically take the output of the CLI command I give it, and capture it, name it, and upload it with a single command16:49
curlyearsI just can't remember the name of the doggoned thing16:49
EriC^^anybody had this happen to him or know any clues? trying ppa-purge now to see if it helps16:49
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nacc!paste | curlyears16:50
ubottucurlyears: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:50
EriC^^ppa source http://www.ravefinity.com/p/download-ambiance-radiance-flat-colors.html16:50
nacc!pastebinit | curlyears16:50
ubottucurlyears: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:50
curlyears\pastebinit!   That's it!16:50
EriC^^i seem to have a jdb2/sda2-8 process that keeps coming up using the disk a lot, my hdd is on the way out i think btw16:54
curlyearsdagnab it.   I am typing "pastebinit -i parted -l"  and it is acting like I am typing pastebinit -l16:56
curlyearswhat am I doing wrong?16:56
nikolaiwhy hello there16:56
curlyearsother than bothering all of you, that is16:56
nacccurlyears: pastebinit -i says to use the parameter as a file input16:57
nacc`parted -l | pastebinit` is what you want.16:57
curlyearsnacc:  Ah, yes, now that you show me, I remember that  *doh*16:57
curlyearsOK, here's my sudo parted -l  --->   http://paste.ubuntu.com/19514356/16:59
curlyearsand what was that other command you offered. nacc?  (the second one)16:59
joshkent_hi there - does anybody know how to redirect physical attached keyboard strokes to a virtual VNC-session?16:59
nacccurlyears: you could try running `sudo dmidecode`, which should be reading the same DMI tables17:00
nacccurlyears: which disk is supposed to be the onyou had successfully installed to?17:01
curlyearsnacc:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19514668/   I believe sda17:01
dancingd3monis there a way to set vpn  easily on ubuntu 14.0417:03
dancingd3monI don't need to change all the connection but I need something that works same as torsocks do17:03
dancingd3monlike i write torsocks APPLication name and it works but kinda slow17:04
curlyearssorry, lost my connection...nacc:  I was saying, I believe I installed to sda.17:09
user__ok it werks17:11
curlyearsuser:   you fail17:11
curlyearsso, did anybody look at the dmidecode I posted, and can you offer an opinion?17:13
nacccurlyears: couple of questions come to mind; i'm not an expert, but my UEFI system at home as the small efi partition marked as 'boot, esp'17:14
nacccurlyears: not just 'boot'17:14
nacccurlyears: quick glance at man-page says esp is what indicates it's EFI (but not sure it's 100% necessary)17:14
nacccurlyears: some people have used a tool called the 'super grub rescue' disk to boot from dvd, find the grub installation on their hdd and then boot. That would at least verify the installation worked correctly.17:15
curlyearswhere dpo I gte "super grub rescue?"   apt-get?17:18
ActionParsnipcurlyears: if you want to reinstall GRUB then OMGUbuntu has a guide named "Sticking it to GRUB" which can help17:20
nacccurlyears: i found it quickly by googling, it's an iso image (afaict)17:21
curlyearsI prefer nacc's suggestion, thanks, ActionParsnip.  I tend to have considerable trepidation and discomfort in messing with grub directly, I simply don't know enough about it17:21
ActionParsnipIm not a fan of messing with Grub, I know some tricks but in general its fine. I dont use UEFI or secureboot or encryption or anything like that.17:21
nacccurlyears: you could also try the boot repair method i suggsted https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:22
nacccurlyears: (which afaict you might be able to run from the livedvd)17:22
=== abelur|brb is now known as abelur
nacccurlyears: earlier you said something about UEFI mode and disk size?17:23
nacccurlyears: why do you think you need UEFI for that?17:23
nacccurlyears: you may also want tot read the relevant secitons of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:25
ikoniadmi error .... = hardware error17:25
naccikonia: agreed; although apparently efi errors are also indicated by some bios as dmi errors (same time in post?)17:26
ikoniayou will not be able to fix it with software17:26
curlyearsnacc:  because A) the computer flat out wouldn't work right without it, and because I discopvered whebn I found the EFI selection option in Advanced BIOS Settings, that the BIOS requires it for >2TB disks (or so it claims)17:26
ikonianacc: put it into legacy mode to test if possible, but it's going to be a hardware error17:26
naccikonia: good idea; but curlyears says they can't (due to the above disk issue)17:26
ikoniaI doubt that17:26
ikoniaeven if it is a disk issue not using efi - you should still get a failed boot attempt17:27
* nacc agrees, UEFI shouldn't change (aiui) the disk size supported, unless it's a really poorly written bios17:27
ikoniarather than a dmi error17:27
curlyearsboot-repair is running now17:34
curlyears*wow* that utility takes a while to do it's thing...hopefully because it is being extrmeley thourough17:37
ikoniawhat utility ?17:39
SchrodingersScat!spam | SingamReturns17:40
ubottuSingamReturns: Please don't spam17:40
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SingamReturnsschrodinger's pussy17:41
tortib180MB/s transfer over gige network, how is that possible?17:41
SchrodingersScat!ohmy | SingamReturns17:41
ubottuSingamReturns: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:41
Gustawfuck off17:41
Gustawfuck off17:41
Gustawfuck off17:41
Gustawfuck off17:41
Gustawfuck off17:41
Gustawfuck off17:41
tortibThe linux community is pissing off quite a few people17:42
daxtortib: don't start17:42
tortibdax, the elitism is bad and frowned upon yet you all do the same thing.17:43
SchrodingersScattortib: afaik it should be around 125MB/s if it's 1000mb/s17:43
cicdcIs there a non-lts release channel for 16?17:43
tortibSchrodingersScat, yes I know, usually I get 100-115MB/s  but now i'm getting 183MB/s17:43
daxtortib: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu support. Let's stick to that and not the theories, thanks.17:43
curlyearsI am going to go re-boot and see it repair-boopt has succeeded.  It change a number of things17:43
SchrodingersScatcicdc: there will be at the end of october17:43
tortibdax, they're actually facts but you can continue to call them theories.17:43
nacccicdc: do you mean for 16.10 ?17:44
Codfectionwhenever I plug in my external monitor (VGA) ubuntu screen distorts and Fn keys stop working !!!... ANy solution>>17:44
* Fuchs licks dax17:44
cicdcfor installing 16.04 now but so that I can upgrade to 16.10 when it arrives17:44
nacccicdc: #ubuntu+117:44
=== arooni is now known as arooni__
tortibAnyone knows why I have to switch to a TTY for lightdm to work properly when I first boot my system up?17:45
tortibAlso trying to use gdm3 instead of lightdm causes my 16.04 to not even be bootable.17:46
curlyearsCodfection: I'd have to opine the you have a hardware problem with the external VGA circuit17:46
curlyearsin otherwords, "hardware, d00d"17:46
Codfectionbut in windows it works fine17:47
nacctortib: what do you mean "not even bootable"? changing the DM shouldn't affect anything but hte graphics system17:47
tortibnacc, it freezes up17:47
tortibnacc, at the ubuntu loading screen while init is running17:47
tortibit just freezes17:47
nacctortib: even if you hit Esc? or ctrl+alt+f1 ?17:48
tortibnacc, right17:48
varaindemiando you recommend choosing to install third party software?17:56
=== chaos7theory is now known as darth
=== darth is now known as chaos7theory
curlyearsdang!  I tired to continue, and it complained that grubb was still present, and suggested I try again, so it's running again.  *sigh* (against a different disk drive this time)17:57
varaindemianDuring installation: "Install third-party software for graphics and Wi-Fi hardware, Flash, MP3, and other media" Should I check this?18:01
arsenicyes, if you need it.18:01
arsenicYou most likely do.18:02
tortibevery time i select install 3rd party software it freezes up on me18:02
varaindemianarsenic: my graphics got detected. what else will ne installed?18:03
borisetoHow do the snaps work actually? Like I have VLC installed via snap and apt, but it only shows the one with apt when trying to open a file?18:04
arsenicdid you try the  additional drivers option ?18:05
varaindemianis it btrfs recommended for / partition if I have an ssd?18:05
OerHekstortib, you are the only one, i guess18:05
=== kuba is now known as Guest38902
tortibOerHeks, only one what18:06
daxvaraindemian: no, ext4 is Ubuntu's recommendation for both hdd and ssd18:06
tortibOerHeks, it's this dang desktop it's buggy for some reason18:06
varaindemiandax: sad18:06
daxvaraindemian: the third party stuff is http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/ubuntu-restricted-extras plus http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/ubuntu-restricted-addons I believe18:06
daxplus applicable non-free drivers18:07
naccboriseto: may want to ask in #snappy18:07
daxvaraindemian: btrfs isn't stable enough and ext4 works fine on ssd, so *shrug*18:07
arsenicyeah, i agree with dax.18:08
jattbtrfs still isn't stable enough? I've heard that since years18:08
varaindemiandax: thank you. Does encrypting the home folder slow down the system?18:08
tortibany reason why I would get this with a cifs share?18:08
tortibrsync: failed to set permissions on "/mnt/storage/Windows/Logs": Permission denied (13)18:08
daxjatt: it's been true since years, i've been paying attention to such things ;)18:08
tortibi'm copying over data to it and it isn't actually copying the files, just the permissions18:09
borisetonacc: thanks18:09
tortiber not permissions, but folders instead18:09
arsenicvaraindemian : not a lot .18:09
tortibthe actual files are not being copied over, I logged in with the username and password for that CIFS share18:09
daxvarikonniemi: in my experience it decreased I/O throughput notably for non-typical workloads involving lots of moving around of files. it's not a problem for typical workloads. it may be more noticible for CPUs that don't support crypto instructions, I'm not sure18:10
tortibah nvm i just fixed it18:10
tortibI was using -a with rsync instead of -r18:10
tortibinteresting now it's only transfering at 100MB/s18:11
tatertotsHello gentlemen and ladies18:11
tatertotsI'm using 14.04 and made changes to '/usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-unity-greeter.conf' to get rid of guest and enable manual log in, however the system shows previously logged in users at the log in screen after a reboot, i'd rather not have this displayed18:13
tatertotsi'd rather not see the previously logged in usernames, how do i alter this behavior18:14
torpeti am experiencing some weird behavior. i received kernel 4.4.0-31 updates on both my workstation, a friend of mine is stuck on -28, even though he has changed the apt mirror to archive.ubuntu.com18:15
torpetwhat could be going on here?18:15
MonkeyDusttorpet  -28 here too, nothing to worfry about18:17
torpethow come i received -31 then?18:18
torpetdoes ubuntu do A/B testing?18:18
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
daxtorpet: the update servers are mirrored, updates tend to propagate to different servers over the course of a few hours. archive.ubuntu.com points to a bunch of different servers18:22
torpetohhh ok18:22
Bashing-omtorpet: If the X server base is the same on bothsystems ( think hwe ) then I would susypect that phasd updates is a factor : http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/08/phased-updates-to-start-rolling-out-for-ubuntu-13-0418:22
daxi wouldn't worry about it unless the update doesn't show up overnight18:22
tatertotsit's probably like that for the convenience, next time that user logs in they'd only have to type their password instead of username AND password but what if the system is used by lots of users the list of previously logged in users could get long and no longer convenient if you had to scroll through a list of 100+ names to find your user name18:23
lickalotthey all. trying to figure out how to run a script in the background once it completes so the terminal doesn't have to remain open.  tried screen (didn't do what I wanted, but it could be me)  I've added & to the end of the script (but it requires user input, username and password to complete) and I've tried to add the main process to systemd (problem with that is there are specific config files that op18:24
lickalott envpn uses and you can't call those out in the systemctl command.18:24
lickalott Any ideas how to progress?18:24
tatertotswell if anybody can get me pointed in the right direction just PM me, i'll probably be on another browser tab but i have my speakers turned up to hear the little 'ding' noise when a PM happens18:24
nacclickalott: if the script has completed why is it running?18:24
tatertotsit's kinda cool that it makes a little ding noise so you know when someone is chatting to you18:25
lickalottnacc, it's a script I built to initialize openvpn via Private Internet Access.  The script is completed but if I close the window/terminal the parent process dies as well.18:25
nacclickalott: so you need to run the script interactively, then background it?18:26
nacclickalott: so you can enter the credentials, i mean18:26
curlyearsnacc:  no joy.  )-:   same problem as before I ran repair-boot.18:29
ddd333i have 14.04. is there a graphic editor installed by default (like gimp), which one?18:29
OerHekstatertots, greeter-hide-users=true > http://askubuntu.com/questions/68953/dont-list-all-users-at-login-with-lightdm\18:30
OerHeksddd333, no editor by default iirc, only a photo app.18:30
curlyearsbut you can ibtsall gimp from the Software Centre18:31
tatertotsthanks OerHeks18:32
curlyearsare you certain you're using linux, linuxuser?18:32
linuxuseri am quite sure of that :)18:32
ddd333ty OerHeks curlyears18:32
varaindemianis this the official site for ubuntu themes? http://www.ubuntuthemes.org/18:32
MonkeyDust!themes | varaindemian18:33
ubottuvaraindemian: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy18:33
linuxuserWill Brexit effect Ubuntu given that Canonical is UK based?18:33
tatertotsOerHeks i would like to keep 'local' users displayed on the log in but not have ldap/ad users displayed ...you think 'greeter-show-remote-login=false' would leave my local user account listed18:33
MonkeyDustlinuxuser  better ask in   #ubuntu-offtopic18:34
OerHekstatertots, not sure about that, test it?18:34
tatertotsI don't mind the local account being there. I just don't want the 100+ ldap/ad users piling up there18:34
johnnny22is it possible to change X's active layout on the fly ?18:35
curlyearslinuxuser: well, that is difficult to say.  It may become more difficult for people l iving inthe EU who use Canonical's paid services, but unless Brexit results in a total meltdown of British econmy, probably nnot much18:35
curlyearsjohnnny22:   you got X to display on a fly?  How?18:36
ujjwal09Hello there18:41
ujjwal09I have recently installed Ubuntu 16.0418:42
ujjwal09And I installed VLC player18:42
ujjwal09But when video plays screen keeps blinking every 2-3 seconds18:43
ujjwal09Is there any glitch or is there any problem with my system18:43
Bashing-omujjwal09: A thought .. buffering ?  How much memory do you have installed ?18:44
=== sergio is now known as Guest33090
curlyearsnacc?  K1l_?18:48
curlyearsback again, ,*STILL* no luck getting this beast to boot anything but the ubuntu Live DVD18:48
ujjwal09Bashing-om I have almost 250 GB free memory18:49
curlyears250GB or free DISK SPACE, maybe, not memory.  Not on any linux machine I have ever heard of\18:50
Bashing-omujjwal09: Nawww .. not unless you are on a mainframe . ' free -m ' . to know .18:50
curlyearsstorage space is not the same as memory space.18:50
=== thebaer is now known as bear|away
curlyearsI just couldn't get that difference through to a class of computer begineers I was teaching.  It was an adult night school course, and most of the students were in their mid-late 60s, at least18:52
vookyou can blame mobile phone distributors for that one.18:52
curlyearsAh, Mrs. Jankwitz, what kind of computer do you have at home?  "Well, let me think...it's sort of a light tan color, with black keys on the keyboard."18:53
ujjwal09Bashing-om I don't get you :(18:54
ujjwal09Actually I don't have a lot technical knowledge18:54
curlyearsI mean, I applaud them for trying to learn new things, and all, but GEEZE, it's like they don't pay attention (of course, now that I am thatold...I understand...itisn't that I don't hear or see the new things, it's that I can't rememebr the 7%^%^% stuff!18:55
curlyearsujwal9:  what you probably  have is 250GB of free DISK SPACE (mass storage).  If your PC is like most, it probably has either 4 or 8 GB or MEMORY.18:56
vookujjwal09: free -m (or top, vmstat, etc) will show you memory usage. df -h shows disk space.18:56
ujjwal09vook Where I have to type this command18:57
curlyearsMass storage is used for long term, non-volatile data.  Memory stores volatile data (it disappears when you turn the computer off)18:57
vookthe terminal18:57
ujjwal09Ok I opened terminal and I typed -m <enter> but it said command not found18:59
nicomachusujjwal09: free -m19:00
nicomachusnot just -m19:00
DArqueBishopcurlyears: I got people to understand by saying, "The difference between your memory and hard disk is that if your computer is your office, your memory is your available desk space while your hard disk is your filing cabinets."19:00
ujjwal09Ok thanks. I will type it right now19:00
ujjwal09Yes it worked.now what I have to do?19:01
nicomachusujjwal09: what did it show?19:03
ujjwal09It showed a table nicomachus19:03
ujjwal09 total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available19:04
ujjwal09Mem:           3859        1177         889         242        1792        216619:04
ujjwal09Swap:          4003           0        400319:04
ujjwal09This is what table displayed19:04
MonkeyDustujjwal09  next time, use a pastebin ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/19:05
Egyptian[Web]how do i tell ubuntu not to install a new kernel when i erase an old one? https://thepb.in/p/AnhrK2nlONKiv19:07
ujjwal09Thanks for suggestion MonkeyDust :)19:07
bumbar_i'm trying to mount usb in terminal but nothing happens, just hangs there. works fine in windows though19:07
Bashing-omujjwal09: " But when video plays screen keeps blinking every 2-3 seconds" with 4 gigs of ram .. not a memory issue .19:07
naccEgyptian[Web]: as tgm4883 (i think) told you yesterday, you need to remove the virtual packages too19:08
ioriaujjwal09, do you have the same behavior with totem ?19:08
naccEgyptian[Web]: if you don't want to get hte latest kernel, remove those 4 pacakges that are being auto-upgraded19:08
bumbar_if i try to click on shortcut or whatever in nautilus it says: operation is already pending. can i resolve this without restarting the machine?19:08
ddd333one hour later "are you certain you're using linux, linuxuser?" XXDDD19:08
ujjwal09Is totem a video player? I have not tried it19:08
ujjwal09Actually in windows I used only VLC media player19:09
nacc!info totem | ujjwal0919:09
ubottuujjwal09: totem (source: totem): Simple media player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.18.1-1ubuntu4 (xenial), package size 43 kB, installed size 563 kB19:09
ioriabumbar_, usb usually automounts ...  in /media/<user>19:09
ujjwal09Ok yes19:10
ujjwal09I used totem and there was no blinking19:10
Egyptian[Web]nacc you mean uninstall the old list of kernels then do another uninstall with the new list?19:10
naccEgyptian[Web]: no19:10
bumbar_ioria, says i don't have permission, and if i ls that dir as root it's empty19:11
ujjwal09But I cannot use subtitles in totem video player. Thats why I installed VLC19:11
naccEgyptian[Web]: apt-get remove linux-headers-generic linux-headers-virtual linux-image-virtual linux-virtual19:11
Egyptian[Web]ujjain: try http://kodi.tv its got subtitles and more19:11
naccEgyptian[Web]: thoes packages are virtual and track the latest versions19:11
MonkeyDustujjwal09  do you use .srt files for subtitles?19:12
curlyearsDArqueBishop:    yeah, that is very similar to what I usually do.  But I prefer to use correct terminology the first time through19:12
ujjwal09Yes Monkeydust19:12
ujjwal09They are all files I used in wiindows19:12
Egyptian[Web]nacc: got it .. remove virtual packages first then the list of installed packages19:13
ujjwal09I have switched to Ubuntu last night only19:13
MonkeyDustujjwal09  in Totem, click  View > Subttitles19:13
ujjwal09MonkeyDust in totem there is no such option19:14
MonkeyDustujjwal09  there is here, just checked19:14
ioriabumbar_,   ls -l  /media/youuser19:15
ujjwal09There are three dots on which I left click then it gives Repeat and Skip to option19:15
MonkeyDustujjwal09  three dots? sure it's Totem?19:16
MonkeyDustujjwal09  in the View dropdown menu, what do you see19:17
=== yacine is now known as Guest14688
ioriaujjwal09,  and be sure that the srt file is a good one ...19:18
MonkeyDustujjwal09  the .srt should have the same name as the video file name19:19
ujjwal09Yes Srt file is good19:20
ioriaujjwal09,  so -> view -> Subtitle19:20
ujjwal09When I am searching for Totem in Ubuntu softwares then it gives a result that Videos is known as Totem19:20
ioriaujjwal09,  is preinstalled , by defaul19:21
ioriaujjwal09,  go in Dash and type totem19:21
ujjwal09And I played a video with Videos then only three dots appear at bottom right corner of screen19:21
curlyearsANYONE:   I still cannot boot into anything but Live DVD on a real DVD.  I know this is getting old, BELIEVE me I know, but I need a working computer system, and have no monoey to replace this one19:22
MonkeyDustujjwal09  can you show a screenshot ... upload it here ... http://imgur.com/19:23
ujjwal09Ioria I am very sorry for my ignorance but where is this Dash19:23
ioriaujjwal09,  the Windows key on your keyboard19:23
nacccurlyears: did you try that super grub thing?19:24
bumbar_ioria, https://dpaste.de/FSEj19:24
ioriabumbar_,   your usb should shows up as owned by you , not by root ...19:26
=== alazare619 is now known as AvadaKedavra
MonkeyDustujjwal09  hover over the top bar on your screen, it should show Movie - Edit etc19:28
curlyearsnacc:   I looked at it, it seemed to be something related to Windows and multi-booting, as far as I coudl tell.19:30
ujjwal09Let me try it MonkeyDust19:30
ujjainsomebody said ujjain?19:30
MonkeyDustujjwal09  maximize the Totem window19:30
salmanmy software update shows "Failed to download repository information" Check your internet connection.19:30
salmanMy internet connection is working fine. I have tried the main server, the server in the USA and the server here in Germany, but I get the same error message each time.19:30
salmanAny help in this connection is highly appreciated.19:30
MonkeyDustsalman  maybe a ppa you added?19:31
salmanyes... i have added several ppa's19:31
MonkeyDustsalman  it must be one of those19:31
ujjwal09Thank you very much MonkeyDust :)19:31
ujjwal09It worked like wonder :)19:31
MonkeyDustujjwal09  what do you see19:31
ujjwal09God Bless19:32
ujjwal09I see edit view and all options19:32
salmanhow to know which ppa should I remove?19:32
MonkeyDustujjwal09  great, glad i could help19:32
ujjwal09Thanks a lot for your help and bearing my silly questions MonkeyDust :)19:32
MonkeyDustujjwal09  i've done helpdesking, to me, nothing sounds unusual anymore19:33
=== jat-clone is now known as jatt
MonkeyDustor crazy19:34
MADKINGi get an error saying swiftc command not found when i tried to compile swift program.19:37
MADKINGcan someone help me?19:38
khalifail y a des francais19:39
ioria!info swift19:39
ubottuswift (source: swift): distributed virtual object store - common files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7.0-0ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 26 kB, installed size 120 kB19:39
SchrodingersScat!fr | khalifa19:39
ubottukhalifa: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:39
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
MADKINGno french bro.19:40
Lenguys is there any way to switch active windows, click buttons (in those) etc... using some script ?19:42
curlyearsMonkeyDust:  do you have time to assist  me with *MY* stupid problems?19:42
curlyearsLen:have you tried the Tab key ono your keyboard?19:42
Lencurlyears: except fact that I need this in scripting?19:43
SchrodingersScatLen: have you checked out wmctrl?19:43
=== yw is now known as chudak
LenSchrodingersScat: nop thanks for hint :)19:44
akikLen: xdotool19:44
curlyearsengage the septic tank routines, we have SchrodingersScat in the vicinity19:44
Lenakik: thanks too19:45
Lenhope I will manage to make my dreams true19:45
elias_aWhere are bluetooth configuration files in 16.04?19:45
elias_aThe stuff that used to be in /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf ?19:45
mike802hello everyone19:50
mike802i have a computer that can boot to live disk, but i want to troubleshoot a bluescreen issue19:50
mike802i was wondering if anyone had recommendations for hardware diagnosis19:50
mike802(since i've ruled out software)19:51
becker_Nein ich habe Festinstaliert19:51
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:51
ioriamike802, bluescreens are on windows iirc19:51
becker_Danke Für deine Andwort19:52
mike802i am using a live linux disk to troubleshoot my problem19:53
ioriai see19:53
Martiinimike802 is distrowatch.com any help?19:55
mike802does anyone have a recommendation for good linux-based hardware diagnosis tools?19:58
rypervenchemike802: I would use smartmontools to check your hard drives. But I doubt your issue is related to that. It's more likely a file system issue in Windows.20:06
genewitchI'm performing upgrade 15.10->16.04 and it said 134 packages are no longer supported, how do i see the list of packages no longer supported?20:06
mike802well, a fresh install does not fix my problem20:08
mike802so it has to be a hardware issue20:08
wewladdsWhat flavor of ubuntu would be good for a 2-in-1 laptop?20:17
EriC^^wewladds: as in tablet + laptop?20:20
curlyearsOK. I am using KiwiIRC web client. I can make a :P by typig an : adjacent to a P. How would I accomplish inputting a hexadecimal number instead? (specifially, 1F638)20:20
curlyears(which  is the smiling kitty face that jatt is using)20:20
wewladdsEriC^^, yeah.20:21
rypervenchemike802: A fresh install of what? And what issue(s) are you having?20:22
EriC^^genewitch: ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported20:22
EriC^^wewladds: unity would be good i think20:23
mike802i want to test if some old ram i found on the floor somewhere is failing or not20:23
wewladdsEriC^^, Ok, thanks.20:23
EriC^^wewladds: no problem20:23
wewladdsEriC^^, Is touch support generally good?20:23
EriC^^wewladds: i've no idea really, try #ubuntu-touch for more info20:24
rypervenchemike802: Well, if you want help, you'll probably want to answer questions.20:26
mike802i said i am running a linux live cd20:27
mike802i have ubuntu, fedora, debian, and knoppix20:27
genewitchEriC^^: thank you20:28
mike802please let me know if i am in the wrong channel20:28
EriC^^genewitch: no problem20:28
genewitchEriC^^: it didn't work though, it crashes20:28
genewitch  raise Exception("No Release file found for %s" % pkgname)20:29
elyanHi everyone. Did someone notice a missing translation in the german unity 16.04? Software updates available notification seems to have lost its translation - can anyone confirm?20:29
EriC^^genewitch: does it say anything before crashing?20:29
genewitchEriC^^: http://projectftm.com/index.php?5ccf22 yes, these few lines20:32
genewitchEriC^^: does that command work *after* the update has finished? or only before20:32
EriC^^genewitch: it works all the time i think20:36
EriC^^try to remove account-plugin-facebook temporarily, i dont know what the output means that much though, i have a ton of packages that come up even though i'm using 16.0420:37
karabaja4does anyone know of an app that would allow me to write semi-transparent clock OVER windows (kinda like conky but over windows)?20:38
curlyearsEric^^  still willing to assist me with my system booting problems?20:39
LalkaI have a hidden ".directory" folder everywhere. It's a folder's config. But why KDE not save all theses config-folders in ".config" or ".cashe"? Can I change to it?20:39
akikLalka: last time i checked it's a file20:39
EriC^^curlyears: sure20:39
curlyearsLalka:  you can change the name, sure, but if you do, your system won't be able to locate it for whatever it uses it for20:40
LalkaDolphin will know where config folder20:41
EriC^^curlyears: what have you tried recently?20:41
elyanis there any possibility to verify an existing 16.04 installataion usb stick similar to verifying the ISO?20:41
OerHekskarabaja4, http://superuser.com/questions/565784/can-conky-remain-always-visible-alongside-other-windows >> own_window_hints above does the trick20:41
EriC^^elyan: you can boot it in legacy mode and i think it should have a "verify disk" option there20:42
curlyearsEric:  I Ihave tried the repair-boot routine nacc pointed me to with zero success.  I sitll can't boot from a properly made USB thumg image, I can't boot from my HDDs, despite having re-installed several times withvarying choices of options, and ALL I seem to be able to do successfullky is boot the LiveDVD20:42
LalkaI have a hidden ".directory" folder everywhere. It's a folder's config. But why KDE not save all theses config-folders in ".config" or ".cashe"? Can I change to it?20:42
curlyearsLalka:  don20:42
curlyears't repeat questions so rapidly.20:42
curlyearsyou have receivwed several responses to your original query20:42
MADKINGi installed a virtualbox but i can't seems to find a shortcut20:43
EriC^^curlyears: are you in the livedvd right now?20:43
curlyearsEric^^:  yes20:43
EriC^^curlyears: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:43
EriC^^or pastebinit if you have it installed20:43
curlyearsEric^^:  OK.  did this for nacc a while ago, all he could recommend was "repair-boot" which I ran with no success20:44
curlyearsEric^^:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19543085/    (sorry that took so long, I forgot I had to reinstall pastebinit  *blush*)20:48
Bashing-omcurlyears: EriC^^ is great on UEFI boot issues . follow him as directed . He will get ya booted .20:48
curlyearsthanks. Bashing-om20:48
curlyearsdogone <return> key doesn't always result in my typing being "entered" to the program being run.  )-:20:49
EriC^^curlyears: ubuntu is installed in sda?20:49
curlyearsand since I have to look at the keyboard to type, I don't necessarily notice that right away )-:20:49
curlyearsI need to get a new keyboard20:50
curlyearsEric^^  Yes, I believe so20:50
EriC^^curlyears: is uefi enabled?20:50
curlyearsEric^^:  it's called "EFI" in my BIOS setup screens, but yes, it is and has to be according tot he information in the BIOS, if I am using > 2TB drives, which I am20:51
EriC^^curlyears: your bios isn't that honest :D20:52
EriC^^linux has no problem with gpt + legacy, windows does though20:52
EriC^^try sudo efibootmgr -v | pastebinit20:52
curlyearsEric^^:  ALl I know is I couldn't do anything with it set to non-EFI and the 3TB drives plugged into the SATQ controller ports20:52
curlyearssudo: efibootmgr: command not found20:53
EriC^^ok, try installing it and give it another go20:54
EriC^^that tells the story nicely20:55
curlyearsit does?  It was Greek to me20:55
EriC^^only the dvd is set to boot in uefi mode somehow20:55
EriC^^it's supposed to say EFI USB and the hdd and many other stuff20:56
EriC^^which pc is it?20:56
curlyearsthat makes no sense.   There is no way I can look at BIOS settings from inside ubuntu, is there?  I have to reboot the system, and hand write all the settings I see )-:20:56
sulleI hate that installing games with PlayOnLinux / wine is so much hassle and never work for me !!20:57
curlyears*gads*  O have been sitting here for almost 5 hours, fighting this beast20:57
curlyearswine is unreliable20:57
EriC^^curlyears: before you do so, you can add the ubuntu entry from the livedvd20:57
EriC^^curlyears: sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\shimx64.efi -L "ubuntu" -p 1 -d /dev/sda20:58
EriC^^curlyears: also, just in case the bios is tricky, do sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt20:59
curlyearsEric^^:  I built it myself from parts.  The motherboard is from Gigabyte, GA-78LMT-USB320:59
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EriC^^curlyears: ok, looks good21:04
EriC^^sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt21:04
curlyearsmount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /mnt busy21:05
curlyearsmount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /mnt21:05
EriC^^curlyears: mount | grep sda121:05
curlyearsok: /dev/sda1 on /mnt type vfat (rw)21:06
EriC^^curlyears: ls -lR /mnt | pastebinit21:07
curlyearsthat looks hopeful21:08
EriC^^curlyears: sudo mkdir -p /mnt/boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot21:10
EriC^^curlyears: sorry21:10
EriC^^curlyears: sudo mkdir -p /mnt/EFI/Microsoft/Boot21:10
EriC^^also sudo mkdir /mnt/EFI/Boot21:10
curlyearsEriC^^: WHAT?????   HOW DARE YOU HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE HELPING ME!!!!!!   :p21:13
curlyearsare we ready yet?21:14
EriC^^curlyears: sudo cp /mnt/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /mnt/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi21:14
EriC^^curlyears: also sudo cp /mnt/EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi /mnt/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi21:15
EriC^^give it a shot21:16
curlyearsshall I attempt to reboot now?21:16
curlyearsok.  If it doesn't work, I'll be gone a whikle, LiveDVD takes *FOREVER* to boot21:17
varaindemianhow is unity8-desktop-session-mir on 16.04?21:18
EriC^^varaindemian: not that great21:18
xanguaNot for daily use21:19
jamie_1hey im having and issue with ADB, i have two devices that wont connect to adb at all that were about 30 minutes ago. i just finished  building my daily base image and went to flash and it cant find any devices and it keeps saying adb server out of date killing and then not listing the devices at all when i run adb devices, also wont detect them in fastboot either21:25
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TheNH813Question about the .tar.gz Firmware package. (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/258203677/linux-firmware_1.158.tar.gz)21:26
TheNH813Can it be used with ANY ubuntu compatable OS/21:26
TheNH813Or does it only work on Ubuntu specifically?21:26
TheNH813I was told to ask this here instead of on #Linux21:27
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froidpskSai seus putos21:29
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
EriC^^curlyears: any luck?21:31
curlyearsEric^^:   No joy, same exact problem.  It hangs after telling me it is checking DMI pools21:31
EriC^^curlyears: try to install efibootmgr again and run sudo efibootmgr -v21:32
TheNH813Question, will "borrowing" a firmware file (ra3290.bin) off a Ubuntu machine work on another Linux distro, or no?21:32
curlyearsbut I did look at the EFI selection screen more closely.  It offers three choices:  EFI, Legacy or Auto.  Auto does NOT work well.  It also says it is required to boot from CD/DVD when >2TB drives are present.21:33
daxTheNH813: probably21:33
daxTheNH813: those should be distro-independent21:33
TheNH813Thanks. I'l try it then. Because one thing I really like about Ubuntu is it's massive collection of firmware. :D21:33
EriC^^curlyears: odd21:33
curlyearsEric^^:  after 8 months of fighting with this crap, I am beginning to think this thing just flat out doesn't LIKE me!   :p21:34
EriC^^curlyears: i'm no expert but it seems a little odd, if it can boot in uefi mode then it should be able to whether it's 2tb or more21:35
curlyearswell, as I said, it's only for the CD/DVD booting, apparently21:35
EriC^^the efi partition is at the beginning of the drive, i wonder why it says that21:35
curlyearsisit at the beginning of the DVD?21:36
EriC^^curlyears: i guess so21:37
EriC^^curlyears: what's on the 500gb hdd?21:37
curlyearsbecause when I sam booting from the DVD, it isn't even LOOKING at the hard drives21:37
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TheNH813EriC^^: You didn't format the drive in Antarctica, rendering the partitions upside down, did you? :P21:37
EriC^^TheNH813: :D21:37
curlyearsEric:  nothing, so far as I know.  It shoudl have been erased months ago, in all this mess.  It was the original drive for this system, before I bought the 3TB drives21:37
EriC^^is polarity really reversed there?21:37
TheNH813I don't think so. But seriously, EFI can be wierd at times.21:38
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curlyearsTheNH813: not only did I not do that, I have never stepped foor outside the Continental United States21:38
pseud0Hey. I usually had a program start in response to me inserting SD cards (photos) - on reinstalling, this no longer happens.21:39
curlyearsWinds circle clockwise South of the equator, where as they circle anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere21:39
curlyearsthat's abiout the onnkly difference.21:39
EriC^^curlyears: ok, maybe if the efi partition is on that drive it will boot, other options would be to try and see if it doesn't mind legacy or make a custom live dvd that points to the ubuntu install to boot it every time (just some options that came to mind)21:40
surgyhow do i set xfce to my defualt wm from the terminal?21:40
EriC^^curlyears: you could install ubuntu to the 500gb hdd and have the 3tb mounted somewhere too, easiest and cleanest21:40
curlyearsexcept that at the North Pole, a compass will say its pointing South no matter what direction you point it. whereas at the South Pole, it will always tell you it is pointing North.21:41
pseud0Is there a way to launch a program when I insert an SD card ?21:41
eee333so i'll updte to 16.04 this month. what are the most important changes/improvements? ( updating from 14.04 >.< )21:41
curlyearsEric^^:  Do you think that will Help?  Qlso, how do I get it to choose the 500GB drive?  It just automatically selects one of the 3T drivers without any input from me21:41
EriC^^curlyears: use the "Something else" option in the installer21:42
surgyhow do i set xfce to my defualt wm from the terminal?21:42
octacianpseud0: It's definitely possible. I researched that previously. Can't remember off hand though. I will see if I can find anything without crashing my computer...21:42
curlyearsEric^^:  OK.  I always get lost and confused when I am trying to use the partition editor21:42
genewitchwell, deepdream still works on 16.0421:42
pseud0octacian: much appreciated21:42
curlyearsEric^^:  at least from my perspective, it does not behave logically or understandably21:43
curlyearsand, I havwe to leave in about 15 minutes to cook my supper.  As a brittle diabetic, it is important that I eat on time.21:44
EriC^^curlyears: make a fresh partition table from the livedvd, then make a 300mb fat32 partition as the efi partition, and use the rest for "/" ext4 , and swap21:44
curlyearsEric^^:  OK, I'll give it a shot21:45
eee333so i'll upadte to 16.04 this month. what are the most important changes/improvements? ( updating from 14.04 >.< )21:45
torpet_i am having this bug for microsoft reserved partitions: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=229849621:46
torpet_my whole dmesg log is full of it21:46
torpet_is this a known kernel bug21:46
MonkeyDusteee333  read any 16.04 review, here's one ... https://www.linux.com/news/ubuntu-1604-review-whats-new-desktop-users21:47
nacctorpet_: what is the bug? it's (possibly) a spurious message21:47
nacctorpet_: that's not a bug, that's just ... a spurious message, I mean21:47
eee333MonkeyDust: thank you21:47
nacc!ltsupgrade | eee333: also, bear in mind:21:49
ubottueee333: also, bear in mind:: Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.21:49
eee333is 20'' too small for a screen? i bought this 20'' all-in-one, but now i find it slightly small. although i really love 11'' notebooks he (asus eeebook)21:51
eee333thank you nacc21:51
eee333i'm so happy i'm back to ubuntu T_T :D21:52
tgm4883eee333: not really a support question. That's literally only something you can answer for yourself (as all things that are a matter of preference)21:52
eee333tgm4883: last question what do you have as screen if using desktop? (inches)21:52
torpet_nacc: well i think basically all filesystemmodules are being loaded21:53
torpet_that is a bug21:53
torpet_why would i want to load JFS if all i use is ext4 and fat3221:53
tgm4883eee333: i have 2 24" screens21:53
eee333tgm4883: that's really cool21:54
bprompteee333:    on desktop, on mobile I use 15.6, I've used 14" as well as 17" laptops, on desktop my CRT was 19", but hell, if I can get a 20" or bigger, sure, for development is great21:54
eee333bprompt: thank you for feedback21:55
tortibis there a free vmware for linux?21:55
nacctorpet_: i think you are misinterpreting kernel messages as errors. When you plug a filesystem in, it's probed to determine if it can be recognized. Each fs is tried.21:55
bprompttortib:    irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode   <-- check there maybe21:55
tortibbprompt, check for what?21:55
bprompttortib:   channels in the network, or in other networks :)21:56
bprompttortib:   hmm ohhh rats.. I think I misread you (as usual), thought you asked on channels for it =(21:57
tatertotsan option if you want to run virtual machines free of charge is "oracle virtualbox'21:58
tgm4883kvm and virt-manager FTW21:58
tgm4883or LXD21:59
nacctortib: do you want specifically vmware or just virtualization?21:59
torpet_nacc: oh ok that might be right, thanks22:00
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edem`Hello Hi22:02
=== ip is now known as Guest92496
edem`Are there  distros for blind?22:04
elyanHi everyone. Did someone notice a missing translation in the german unity 16.04? Software updates available notification seems to have lost its translation - can anyone confirm?22:04
elyanis there any possibility to verify an existing 16.04 installataion usb stick similar to verifying the ISO?22:04
naccedem`: i believe there are some accessibility tools (e.g., orca) built-in or readily available for ubuntu; I don't know about a distro specifically for the lind22:05
naccelyan: doesn't hte usb also offer the 'check cd for defects" option?22:07
Bashing-omelyan: See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/CDIntegrityCheck .22:09
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elyannacc: yes - but i think this only checks the files against the md5 text file on the disk itself - i'd rather like to check whether the disk itself contains the "signed" files22:19
tortibI got 99GB and a byte aint one22:20
Prince_anyone is22:23
meetrii'm trying to upgrade from 14.04LTS to 16.04LTS however, do-release-upgrade says "No new release found" shouldn't this work?22:29
Prince_first upgrade it to 15.0422:30
Prince_then upgrade it to 16.0422:30
tortibwhen is the next version due out?22:30
xanguameetri: no until the first point release security update is... Released, should happen in the end of this month22:30
Rochvellonyou haven't upgrade to 15.0422:30
tgm4883Don't do what Prince_ said22:30
ubottuUsers of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.22:31
Rochvellonand 16.04 will be available for 14.04 if SP1 releases22:31
MyrttiNot if22:31
Prince_i want programmers group of c language22:32
maxbYou can tell that xenial is not explicitly published for LTS-to-LTS upgrades because it's not listed in http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts yet22:32
Prince_can anyone tell where should go for it22:32
Rochvellonyes, Myrtti :)22:33
PazoozaI started a manual upgrade, computer froze, had to do a clean install of 16.04.22:33
meetrixangua, since this is a dev box - Is it ok to just upgrade to the devel-release ?22:33
meetrithen later update to 16.04.1 ?22:34
maxbYou can of course choose to upgrade early, but Ubuntu's position is "If you care enough about stability to only use LTSes, we advise you wait for a new LTS to reach .1"22:34
maxbmeetri: uh, what exactly do you mean by devel-release, because I'd take that to mean 16.10-in-progress22:34
meetrimaxb, do-release-upgrade -dc reports 16.04 LTS is available22:35
maxbOK, it's fine to use the -d flag to convince the upgrader to see the 16.04 LTS release early22:36
Prince_how to install black ops advance warfare in ubuntu 16.0422:38
daxdax89anyone here?22:39
daxdax89using irc for the first time in my life lol22:39
\9daxdax89: hello, this is the official ubuntu support channel22:40
daxdax89so i can talk with people who actually created Ubuntu?22:40
Prince_i dont know22:40
\9there's countless people creating ubuntu22:40
\9it's a big group effort22:40
daxdax89i like it so far22:41
daxdax89came from windows 1022:41
Prince_same here22:41
daxdax89it's so stable22:41
daxdax89althou i miss synching with google drive, all my work there :(22:41
Prince_best linux distribution ever22:41
tgm4883Is there a support question in there, the chat channel would be #ubuntu-discuss22:41
Prince_i dont know22:42
\9daxdax89: googling "google drive ubuntu" yields a few possible solutions to that22:42
Blakes5I need some help setting up a program to run at system boot and I'm a bit confused since apparently there's about a dozen ways to do it and at any given time most of those are probably no longer valid.22:42
Prince_how to install black ops advance warfare in ubuntu 16.0422:42
daxdax89everything is for ubuntu 14 or it doesn't sync files back, only reads them @\922:43
tgm4883daxdax89: insynq works22:43
ozbrkhi guys I need an immediate vpn guide to connect fo free there is a millitary coup situtation in TR22:43
tgm4883Blakes5: depending on the program, use systemd or crontab22:43
OerHeksPrince_, check playonlinux or wineHQ database22:43
\9or steam if it's there22:44
daxdax89how do you tag user here? With "@"?22:44
\9no, just address the user with their name22:45
Blakes5tgm4883 it's running Octoprint a web enabled host for a 3d printer and a streaming webcam using ffserver for a mjpeg stream. Crontab would run the scripts without requiring login?22:45
tgm4883!tab | daxdax8922:45
ubottudaxdax89: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.22:45
daxdax89insynq seems complicated22:45
Prince_OerHeks_: i have already installed winehq but still i cant play22:45
tgm4883daxdax89: complicated? You install it and login and tell it what to sync22:45
daxdax89it says it's virtual sefver22:45
tgm4883daxdax89: are you looking at https://www.insynchq.com/22:46
tortibanyone here experienced with kvm-qemu?  I can't get USB devices recognized in the VM.22:46
skweeekKswapd0 just started utilizing 99% of my CPU... ? Anyone interested in what's going on here http://tinyurl.com/zum5buv22:46
naccskweeek: you're very low on memory22:46
naccskweeek: and you have no swap space22:46
naccskweeek: so kswapd0 is thrashing trying to get stuff out to disk22:46
naccskweeek: you might see where your all your memory has gone (sort top by memory cosnumption, res field)22:47
daxdax89it's not free? tgm488322:47
tgm4883daxdax89: nope22:47
naccskweeek: it might get healtheir just by restarting both browsers running22:47
Prince_OerHeks_: i have already installed winehq but still i cant play22:48
skweeekI thought I had a swap partition set up, or I planned on getting around to setting up a swapfile...22:48
tgm4883daxdax89: free trial for 15 days, $25/lifetime after that22:48
daxdax89i came to Linux because of free stuff and now i have to pay lol22:48
naccskweeek: ok, top says no swap available, though :)22:48
* tgm4883 sighs22:48
nacctortib: you're trying to USB pass thru?22:48
nacctortib: i'd recommend using libvirt rather than kvm directly22:48
\9daxdax89: linux being free to use doesn't stop others for charging for their software, if you want free stuff check the software repositories22:49
\9loads of everything there22:49
daxdax89so other than this, there is no free solution?22:49
\9there could be something on the internet, of course22:50
naccskweeek: you can also see that there are a ton of processes in D state (uninterruptible sleep on disk) and your load is quite high. Those are all signs ofa n overloaded system22:50
tgm4883daxdax89: grive maybe?22:50
\9grive is in the repos i think22:50
\9!info grive22:50
daxdax89it doesn't sync back22:50
ubottuPackage grive does not exist in xenial22:50
tgm4883daxdax89: according to their github page it does too22:51
daxdax89drive is kind of important deal, can't believe Google didn't make client for Linux22:51
naccafaict that's https://github.com/odeke-em/drive22:52
naccit's forked from the google drive team, at least22:52
OerHeksPrince_, then i don't know, try the wine channel?22:52
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu22:52
tgm4883daxdax89: https://github.com/Grive/grive22:52
daxdax89i am afraid i am not knowledgable enough to pull softwares from git22:52
daxdax89never knew how to work with it22:52
nacctgm4883: grive seems sort of dead (based upon github); the other project (odeke-em/drive) was at least updated a few days ago22:53
tgm4883daxdax89: then purchase insync or use the browser22:53
daxdax89btw sup with browser offline caching22:53
daxdax89in google drive22:54
daxdax89anyone tried how it works?22:54
Prince_OerHeks_: okh buddy22:54
tgm4883daxdax89: you could always try it22:54
tgm4883nacc: didn't know about that, neat22:54
TommyTheKidHi all, I can't seem to find this answer with google... I am trying to launch an Ubuntu Server 12.04 or 14.04 LTS in Amazon EC2 on a t2.small instance, but t2 and m4 are not available for selection, any idea why or how to work around it? (CentOS I have to select a VPC to deploy to, then they become available)22:54
TommyTheKidI don't even see 16.04?22:55
tortibCan someone help me get USB working in my vm using kvm-qemu22:55
nacctgm4883: always a bit hard to tell with github projects are still alive or not22:55
nacctortib: i'd recommend using libvirt rather than kvm directly22:55
nacctortib: as i said before; but if you insist on command-line, how are you invoking qemu? (pastebin)22:56
naccTommyTheKid: you might ask in #ubuntu-server, or if AWS has a channel, i guess22:57
naccTommyTheKid: 16.04 is listed here: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/22:57
TommyTheKidstrange, I wonder if hte marketplace thing is broken today?22:57
naccTommyTheKid: i wonder if AWS waits for 16.04.1 before officially pushing them out?22:57
tortibnacc, i'm using libvirt22:58
tortibnacc, using the libvirt manager22:58
TommyTheKidCanonical is responsible (as I understand it)22:58
naccTommyTheKid: k, afaict, 16.04 is avilable: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=71631822:58
tortibnacc, any idea?22:59
tortibnacc, I can't get USB working and I need to get it to work :(22:59
nacctortib: you mean you're using virt-manager?22:59
daxdax89so what are you guys up to?22:59
tortibnacc, yes22:59
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TommyTheKidOh, well ... THanks for that forum post nacc ... apparently Ubuntu doesn't play by the rules to get their images into the AWS Marketplace so that they can be sarched for easily, you have to go find them on their page, then plug the ami ID back in manually, but at least they are there :)23:01
TommyTheKidand then even the (ancient) 12.04 has t2.* options. YAY23:02
nacctortib: ok, what usb device are you trying to pass thru?23:02
TommyTheKidthanks nacc!23:03
naccTommyTheKid: np, glad it worked for you23:04
nacctortib: what happens when you try? how did you try?23:05
tortibnacc, I add the device and then start the VM23:15
nacctortib: add the device in the GUI?23:16
nacctortib: you've only answered 1 of my 3 questions.23:17
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maestrojedI created a new user. When I use SSH to auth in as that user I get a message that "Could not chdir to home directory /home/myNewUser: No such file or directory". Should I manually create this directory? My next steps were to add SSH keys which I would typically do in the user directory.23:31
naccmaestrojed: how did you add the user?23:31
maestrojednacc useradd -g www-data myNewUser23:31
naccmaestrojed: generally, should use adduser unless you know you have passed all flags to useradd23:32
naccmaestrojed: in this case, i think you're missing -d23:32
naccmaestrojed: err, -m, rather23:32
maestrojednacc  good to know. I was following a tut. :)23:32
maestrojedAnother question. Very minor but I am curious. I have been using the root user to set things up until this point. Now that I use MyNewUser the prompt is much more basic, doesn't show current path, etc. I guess maybe I look at root's bash config and replicate it23:34
maestrojedDoesn't really matter23:34
naccmaestrojed: in ubuntu, sudo is recommended23:34
naccmaestrojed: rather than using the root user23:34
maestrojedI know. I only had root until I created MyNewUser23:35
naccmaestrojed: that would be because you again, used useradd rather than adduser; so you were missing a skeleton home directory and file s23:35
naccmaestrojed: e.g., .bashrc etc23:35
maestrojedI am trying to get to the place to not use root and only sudo23:35
maestrojednacc  gotcha. makes sense. Thanks!23:35
naccmaestrojed: how did you have root in the first place? no default install of ubuntu has root as a user (afaik) anymore23:35
maestrojednacc  a provisioning from DigitalOcean23:36
maestrojed"LAMP on Ubuntu 14"23:36
maestrojedTrying to make it more secure before I take it to production.23:36
dreadkop_hey guys. i am in a ubuntu 16.04 trying to mount a exfat partition. i need exfat-fuse and exfat-utils as i read however apt-get says there is no package of this name... aptitude search also give no package when searching for 'exfat'23:42
maestrojedWould I cause concern if I just copied my .bashrc from the root user (/root) to my user (/home/myNewUser)?23:42
maxbErm, "no default install of ubuntu has root as a user (afaik) anymore", is somewhat inaccurate. Every installation of Ubuntu has a root user. Ubuntu merely encourages you not to use it except when you explicitly need elevated privileges23:43
\9maestrojed: why from /root/ and not /etc/skel/.bashrc?23:45
WhiteNightFiles from /root are specific to the root user only. and files from /etc/skel are like template files which should be applied for all other non-root users23:46
maestrojed\9 because I didn't know better.23:46
maestrojed:) I will adjust.23:46
dreadkop_tried to build exfat-fuse from git but it says Package requirements (fuse) not met. However fuse is installed? anyone might help? i am confused23:48
theskillwithinim on ubunbut now =]23:48
vltdreadkop_: exfat-fuse is available in universe.23:50
vltdreadkop_: No need to build it.23:50
maestrojedOk, Sorry, this is a lot of 101 stuff. I can shut up an go to google if this is annoying.23:50
dreadkop_vlt: ah. thanks for the hint. for some reason univers repo was unchecked. however strange the git build complains about missing fuse23:51
maestrojedI copied the .bashrc from the skeleton directory. Things still see 'weird' to me on the CLI23:51
maestrojedexample. Pressing up arrow key typically cycles through my last run commands but not with this user.23:51
WhiteNightmaestrojed, the .bashrc file in the home directory of your user should be present, which imports most of the things from the system bashrc, which in Ubuntu is /etc/bash.bashrc23:52
Guy1524hey guys, what is the best way to completely reinstall ubuntu but keep some files23:53
maestrojedWhiteNight ok, I can try grabbing that one. I created my user incorrectly in a way that did not do all that for me. Trying to clean up. I used useradd instead of adduser. nacc helped me realize that :)23:53
daxput the files on external storage and then reinstall :|23:53
Guy1524should I just back them up to my secondary storage drive and put them back on23:53
=== fernando is now known as Guest21118
daxthat'd be my recommendation. safer than more complicated ideas.23:54
WhiteNightGuy1524, since you are doing a re-install, you might want to consider having a separate /data partition so that whenever you re-install etc. you never have to backup (Although external storage backup is always a good idea)23:55
Guy1524how do I make a seperate partition for my home folder23:55
Guy1524I have heard about people doing it before but I have never looked into it23:56
WhiteNightmaestrojed, how did you create the User ID? Creating via using the useradd command, may not effectively get you all stuffs that you may need. Try the User Add feature from the Control Panel (Settings) option on your system. That will run that command in the background with all the options needed and it will include all necessary files needed for the new user, and Ibelieve you shouldnt be facing such issues23:56
WhiteNightGuy1524, I gtg, sorry, but a quick thing is, on the Partition Page of the Ubuntu Installer, choose custom ..... and follow it from there23:57
Guy1524ok thanks23:57
WhiteNightrest, please do put your questions, someone else would answer if they are free, thanks23:58
maestrojedWhiteNight  This is ununtu server. No GUI. Which I think is what you mean by "control panel". But okay, should I delete the user and start over? Can I just run adduser even though I already created the user with useradd?23:58
maestrojedWhiteNight I created this user with "useradd -g www-data myNewUser"23:58
WhiteNightmaestrojed, sorry, gtg, wait for somebody else to answer, or you can try the Ubuntu forums as per the guidelines of this channel23:58
maestrojedWhiteNight  thanks for the help man! have a great week23:59

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