ax562why doesn't ubuntu come with mtpfs installed?00:00
naccax562: why in the world would it?00:00
naccax562: that's for accessing, aiui, mtp devices00:01
ryan441its working now and hasn't disconnected yet00:02
ryan441thank you for the help!!00:02
aroonianyone here use autossh?  i'm trying to figure out why a simple 'autossh -f arooni@' doesnt seem to do anything else than print out a usage message00:02
matt__hey, new here, is there a channel i need to jointo geth help00:02
ax562doesn't all android mount internal sd cards as mtp?00:02
ax562stock configuration?00:02
drose379When a mouse click takes place, what immediately happens?00:02
drose379Or trackpad click, any click event00:03
Bassemnacc, i get this error when i try to creat new empty vb.net project Error while trying to load the project '/home/bs/Desktop/Test/Test/Test.vbproj': Project does not support framework '.NETFra00:03
naccBassem: i have no idea, sorry, i don't use any IDEs00:03
matt__anyone using ubuntu sdk00:04
ryan441never mind it just did it00:04
ryan441its still doing it00:04
ryan441I will try to disable apache and see what it does00:04
lenovo_loverthis is one of the better keyboards00:05
Amm0ndrose379, xev could tell you00:06
drose379Whats xev Amm0n00:06
Amm0nprints X events00:07
matt__anyone using ubuntu sdk ide?00:07
drose379Amoz: looks like ButtonPressEvent and ButtonReleaseEvent, thanks00:08
matt__having a problem with ubuntu-html5-app-launcher executable00:09
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drose379Amm0n: my last message was meant for you sorry00:09
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aroonihow come when i try man ssh_config ;; no manual entry;  how do i get them (ubuntu 14.04)00:09
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Piciarooni: it should be in the openssh-client package, do you have that installed?00:10
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cspluginsI have an EFI Bios and I am trying to install Lubuntu 16.04. Does anyone know how I should format my HDD?00:11
cspluginsI keep getting to a screen that says Reboot and select a proper boot device00:11
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arooniPici a ha!  thank you00:12
ryan441hasn't did it yet.. Disabled apache and its been a while now, still haven't did anything..00:13
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lwizardlthe system I am going to use for my mythbox has 2 internal hauppauge tuners, and an usb hdpvr 1212. But when I do lsusb the hdpvr does not seem to be listed00:14
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lwizardlany ideas ? I know the hdpvr works since it was capturing video on win7 a month ago00:14
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu00:15
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PiciAmm0n: We're aware, but since they're all coming in from different hosts, there not much we can do00:15
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Amm0nChange mode to registered only00:16
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crafty1__Is anyone else getting forwarded to unreged-ubuntu?  My nick is registered.  Not sure if its a problem on my end.00:25
k1lyou only get forwarded if you are not logged into your account. we needed to set entry for logged in users due to spambot abuse.00:26
crafty1__Oh OK - I figured something was going on.  Thanks.00:27
ryan441I disabled apache and it was still doing it so I uninstalled and I'm waiting again00:33
ryan441why does it keep saying that stuff? ^^00:37
k1lryan441: what do you mean?00:37
ryan441it keeps saying people disconnected and reconnected on the chat00:38
ryan441and it spams it00:38
k1l!quietirc | ryan44100:38
ubotturyan441: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages00:38
ryan441Oh okay00:38
ryan441anyways, is anyone here that can help me with my issue??00:39
dancingd3monanyone can tell me why I see this when trying to run deluge thin client on windows?00:39
k1lwhat issue ryan441?00:40
dancingd3moneverytime i press refresh, This error shows in my ssh. I'm trying to do remote access from my home to my dedicated server running deluged00:40
ryan441about apache and my wireless adapter disconnecting00:40
elkyryan441: you might want to explain the whole problem again (on just one or two lines) so we don't have to go fish it out of the backscroll00:40
k1ldancingd3mon: ask the  ##windows guys about windows issues00:41
dancingd3monbut that issue shows in ssh conneted to my ubuntu 14.0400:41
dancingd3monso I'm trying to connect using the client on windows to it00:41
ryan441I fresh installed ubuntu desktop, (this also happened to me before which is why I haven't used ubuntu) and installed apache, after a few minutes my internet no longer works and I have to disconnected and reconnect my wifi from the router for it to work again, I think its apache because it never did this until I installed it. I just now removed it and so far it hasn't done this yet.. Is there a reason why??00:42
ryan441I have to disconnect and reconnect after every 5-10 minutes for it to work again00:42
ryan441and after 5-10 minutes it does it again00:43
OerHeksdancingd3mon, deluge got a module for access trough web ui over port :8112 http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/ThinClient00:45
dancingd3monyeah that works for me fine00:45
dancingd3monbut i need the thin cient00:45
dancingd3moneverytime i try to run it, I keep getting an error message showing in my ssh00:45
ryan441never mind its not apache00:46
k1ldancingd3mon: sounds like they did a python programming error there. maybe you want to ask the deluge guys if that is a program bug.00:46
ryan441it just didit00:46
ryan441what is causing this?00:46
k1lryan441: that sounds like a wifi driver issue.00:46
crafty1__either that or you're too far from the access point etc.00:47
ryan441I have more wifi adapters, do you think if I switch it that it might fix it?00:47
k1ldancingd3mon: #deluge is their channel00:47
ryan441it says I have good signal00:47
ryan441the internet works until 5-10 minutes and then doesn't anymore00:47
ryan441it always works right away when I disconnect and reconnect00:47
ryan441also I am right next to the router00:47
k1lryan441: what exact hardware is it? a quick search will show if that is known to make issues. you even can look into the syslogs00:47
k1l(instead of blindly uninstalling or changing hardware)00:48
crafty1__Also why not plug it into the back of the router. More dependable connection.00:48
dancingd3monthanks k1l00:49
ryan441because its in the other side of the wall when the computer is in my room00:49
dancingd3monI'm asking there00:49
ryan441what do you mean hardware?00:49
k1lryan441: your wifi hardware. the chip used in the wifi device. that needs some drivers and some manufacturers just ship rubbish drivers which need some tweaking00:50
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ryan441It's a belkin model #: F7D210200:51
k1lryan441: run "lspci" and show the output in paste.ubuntu.com00:51
k1lor run "lsusb" if its a usb device00:52
crafty1__My personal experience with some of the Micro USB wifi connectors is that a larger percentage have hardware issues.  I bought 4 and only 50% work.  Could be related.00:52
crafty1__That model is a Micro USB00:52
crafty1__Its a Belkin N300 Micro Wireles USB00:52
cspluginsHow do I install ubuntu on an EFI bois?00:55
ryan441do you think this may fix it?? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/F7D2102 he has the same problem I believe00:55
k1lryan441: what output brings "lsb_release -d"?00:57
minimecryan441: I would go into a different direction. I guess you device goes in 'powersave mode' after 5 minutes... So we create a file 'sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf' and add the following line: 'options 8192cu rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0' (without '') --> save, reboot. Might help... http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?6,8618,8938#msg-893800:58
ryan441okay I'll try it00:59
ahrc333ffThere is no trick to it. Just pop  in the live USB and install. Note, if you're dual booting with a newer version of windows which is also EFI then you will run into trouble. at least one would in the past00:59
k1lryan441: what ubuntu is it? and what kernel? "uname -a"00:59
ahrc333ffcsplugins: above was for you.00:59
ryan441It's the latest ubuntu01:00
ryan441what do you mean kernel?01:01
k1lryan441: ubuntu uses the linux kernel. "uname -a" will show what version of the kernel you are using01:01
gshmuhello, there month yet, but do-release-upgrade return "No new release found"01:02
k1lgshmu: can you rephrase that and give more details what you mean exactly?01:03
ryan441it says Linux ryan-MS-7623 4.4.0-31-generic01:03
k1lryan441: ok.01:03
gshmuk1l: I run `do-release-upgrade` at Ubuntu 14.04, but no new release01:04
alexonewe pirla01:04
alexoneera giusto un test non era per nessuno01:04
k1lgshmu: is the release prompt directed to "lts only"?01:04
k1l!it | alexone01:04
ubottualexone: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)01:04
gshmuyes, lts only01:05
alexoneitaliani che parlano inglese , un po come pizzaioli che fanno gli hot dog01:06
alexoneuhauha ciao01:06
minimecryan441: Don't wan't to impose myself on you, but I guess you should give my last post a try... That 'options' line will disable powermanagment for your device.01:06
ryan441I did01:06
ryan441minimec: I did that and this showed http://paste.ubuntu.com/2038930601:07
minimecryan441: Oh... I see now. You did not ise the 'magic word' (minimec). So I did not get the 'ping' ;)01:07
gshmuk1l: may be Ubuntu 16.04.1 not release yet01:07
crafty1__ryan441: Personally I would recommend trying different hardware at some point.  Last year I bought several of those and they really were crappy.01:08
k1lgshmu: it is. but it could be that either your mirror is not updated yet or there is an issue with the upgradepath01:08
crafty1__Since its not like its a PCI card you could just try something else easily01:08
ryan441well I have another one01:08
ryan441but I think it did it to that too01:08
ryan441its not a belkin01:08
cspluginsI insert the USB and I can install it successfully. Although afterwards, I remove the usb and try booting from the HDD and keep getting Reboot and Select proper boot device01:09
gshmuk1l: Can I check my mirror is update?01:09
crafty1__csplugins: Do you have HDD enabled in boot priority in BIOS/EFI?01:09
Hydr0p0nXryan441 - Realtek's (the chipset) are a pain to deal with some times, that particular model doesn't have source to compile for 4.x kernels https://adamscheller.com/systems-administration/rtl8192cu-fix-wifi/ provides instructions on fixing it though if you want to try it01:09
cspluginsYeah, #101:09
crafty1__csplugins: Do you have Secure Boot enabled?01:09
minimecryan441: Ok. So do it in a terminal. 'sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf' and paste the options line with <ctrl><shift>v, then <ctrl>x to save. -->reboot01:10
cspluginsTurned it off based off of my research01:10
ryan441I'll try that hydr001:10
ryan441and let you all know if that works or not01:10
ryan441if not I will try minimec's01:10
cspluginsAnd  I don't care for windows, just want linux on it01:11
crafty1__csplugins: You selected use entire disk, formatted the correct drive?  Do you have multiple hard  drives?01:12
crafty1__The error means its not seeing GRUB01:12
cspluginsNope, just the one. I choose "Wipe disk and install Lubuntu" usually01:13
cspluginsBut I tried manually partitioning but IDK if I am messing anything up01:13
cspluginsI'm gonna try regular Ubuntu to see if that works01:14
crafty1__csplugins: Were you using a different flavor?01:14
minimecryan441: I don't think you need to recompile the driver with that git version. Your driver is working, at least for 5 minutes, then it goes into powersave mode *imho* ;)01:14
cspluginsI have lubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso01:15
cspluginsNo I'm gonna try ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso01:15
cspluginsI am also using UNetbootin to make a bootable usb. But since the usb works perfectly fine, I don't presume this to be the problem01:17
crafty1__csplugins: It could be actually.  It might not be installing the bootloader right or something01:19
crafty1__csplugins: SInce you're already using linux just use dd=<path to img> of=<path to usb> BS=4M01:19
zykotick9csplugins: i'd avoid using unetbootin with hybrid iso images...01:19
cspluginsI am making the bootable usb from windows haha01:19
crafty1__Just give DD a shot.01:20
cspluginsI guess I could throw Linux on one of my netbooks01:20
crafty1__I mean do you have a spare USB Drive01:20
crafty1__boot off the existing USB and use DD to write the new img01:20
crafty1__The Live CD is a fully functioing OS01:20
cspluginsSo one USB is the bootable installer, the other has the ISO?01:21
ryan441minimec: I've tried your version, it saved the first time but then showed that error01:21
crafty1__csplugins:to zykotick9 point UNETBOOTIN gets funky sometimes.  All Im suggesting is using GNU/Linux to write the image to the usb.  Its simpler01:22
cspluginsHmm, interesting. Does regular ubuntu 16.04 work for you ryan?01:22
minimecryan441: That error is related to you graphical environment that's all. Nothing to do with your device.01:22
ryan441so does that mean it saved and should work?01:22
cspluginsThanks crafty. I will try the linux method after I attempt std Ubuntu01:24
minimecryan441: try 'cat /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf'. If it spits out the menitoned options line, you can reboot and see. Otherwise do it iva terminal as I explained later.01:24
crafty1__csplugins: OK - I would just keep an eye on the installer to see if it fails installing GRUB at the end.01:24
minimecryan441: So yeah.. It might already been saved.01:25
ryan441yeah it shows it, I will reboot after I uninstall lamp and reinstall it01:25
cspluginsryan: what computer are you using?01:27
ryan441what do you mean?01:27
cspluginsComputer specs01:27
ryan441Oh.. hold on let me get it01:29
ryan441785GM-p45 AMD01:29
cspluginsOkay, I was just curious01:30
ryan441I rebooted, hopefully it got fixed..01:30
ryan441failed to start session??01:31
ryan441it wont let me login now01:31
cspluginscrafty: "Installing Grub2 bootloader" is what I saw01:31
crafty1__OK - Hopefully everything went OK.01:32
TieglaHi, is it possible to detach a dedicated graphics card during runtime and switch to the integrated? I only read about pci stub when bootup, but can it be done at runtime?01:32
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ryan441it wont let me login now01:35
cspluginsSame error...01:35
Hydr0p0nXryan - can you login to a console? ctrl+shift+F101:35
minimecryan441: What exactly happens? You try to login and immidiatly are sent back to the login screen?01:36
ryan441it made my numbers all weird.. I think I figured it out though. I had to reboot01:36
ryan441no it says it failed01:36
cspluginsI thought it was CTRL + ALT + F101:36
ryan441the session01:36
Bashing-omcsplugins: 'sudo parted -l ' show the usb drive as 'sda' and the installer is trying to install grub to 'sda' rather than the hard drive ??01:36
ryan441but I think I know why now01:36
ryan441the numbers on the right of the keyboard are messing up idk01:36
crafty1__csplugins: Try going into your BIOS and reset to optimal defaults01:36
ryan441I'll try the ones on top01:36
cspluginsYes, I assumed sda was my HDD since it's the only one plugged in?01:36
crafty1__Bashing-om: I doubt the USB drive is installing GRUB to itself01:37
crafty1__Worth checking I guess01:37
ryan441nope still says it wont but I got into the terminal01:37
cspluginsIm going to DD first01:37
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ryan441it says session failed01:37
Bashing-omcrafty1__: In the wizard mode . the installer defaults to installing grub to 'sda' .. seen that a few times .01:38
cspluginsWell I have sda and sdb. sdb is the usb01:38
Hydr0p0nXryan441: if you can get to a terminal, try logging in01:38
ryan441I did login to the terminal01:39
ryan441now what??01:39
ryan441It worked in the terminal01:39
ryan441but not in the desktop01:39
Hydr0p0nXstart with the easy one, df -h01:39
Hydr0p0nXmake sure you have some free disk space01:39
ryan441I do01:40
Hydr0p0nXrun dmesg and see if there are any errors reported01:40
cspluginscrafty, should I DD with lubuntu or ubuntu?01:40
ryan441nope no errors01:40
Hydr0p0nXrun cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:41
netametawhat is the equivalent of source .some.env.file - file that export env variables for mac os ?01:42
ryan441it shows a lot of stuff01:42
ryan441what am I looking for?01:42
Hydr0p0nXerrors towards the end01:43
ryan441there is suspending AIGLX clients for VT switch01:43
Hydr0p0nXcan you pastebin the last bit of the log ?01:44
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minimecryan441: Try this 'cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link you get here. we can test your wifi device at the same time... ;)01:46
edwinkslis anyone facing problems with upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04.1?01:47
Hydr0p0nXedwinksl: it's on my "todo" list for this weekend or next01:47
ryan441it says temp failure01:47
ryan441in name resolution01:47
minimecedwinksl: let's say we have not been flooded by problems on the channel.01:48
minimecryan441: Looks like wifi doesn't work. Can you 'ping google.com'?01:49
ryan441I just rebooted so it would work01:49
edwinkslhmm okay a couple of people in Ask Ubuntu were not able to upgrade to 16.04.1 using sudo do-release-upgrade, so i was wondering if others have had the same issues01:51
ryan441says host not found01:52
ryan441for google.com01:52
minimecryan441: Wifi doesnt work. Well I don't konow if you autoconnect to wifi.01:53
ryan441what is the code to re-enable the network thing?01:54
Myrtti_edwinksl: were their reports from before Thursday?01:54
minimecryan441: Do a clean shutdon once 'sudo shutdown -h now' Power on the machine again. Sometimes it's 'magic' ;)01:55
ryan441okay it shut down01:56
ryan441turning on again01:56
ryan441should I try to relogin or?01:56
Hydr0p0nXcan't hurt01:56
minimecryan441: Yeah. Try to login.01:56
ryan441nope still shows it01:57
ryan441how do I re-enable network manager so I can reconnect to wifi?01:57
minimecryan441: Are you still on 'wicd' or did you reenable NetworkManager?01:58
ryan441I'm still on wicd01:58
edwinkslMyrtti_: nope, they tried on thursday01:58
minimecryan441: Ok. Login on a console and do 'sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service', then 'sudo reboot'...01:59
ryan441what was that code again for the 'cat'?02:00
crafty1csplugins: I had stepped away.  Both are the same.02:00
minimecryan441: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999902:00
cspluginsok.   dd=<path to img> of=<path to usb> BS=4M02:00
cspluginswhat do i put for path of usb?02:01
crafty1Yeah.  So use sudo fdisk -l to find the device name02:01
crafty1That will "spit out" all of the drives connected.  They will have the format /dev/sd[x] if they are SATA or USB02:01
minimeccsplugins: Plug your USB device, open a terminal and do 'dmesg'. YOu should get the information you want.02:01
minimeccsplugins: Something like /dev/sdb or similar02:02
ryan441have to reboot again hold on02:02
cspluginsOkay, one sec. the netbook is a bit slow haha02:02
crafty1Then you can go sudo dd bs=4M if=<img file> of=/dev/sd[x]02:02
crafty1That process will take upwards of ten minutes depending on your system so you will need to wait.02:02
cspluginswhat's the bs?02:02
crafty1              read and write up to BYTES bytes at a time02:03
cspluginsWhy would you want to cap it?02:03
crafty1It speeds up the process.02:03
ryan441it says use netcat02:04
ryan441do I use that?02:04
ryan441im just going to reinstall ubuntu02:05
minimecryan441: can you 'ping google.com02:05
ryan441pinging google works fine02:06
ryan441I'm just reinstalling it again02:06
ryan441because this is annoying lol02:06
ryan441thanks for the help though02:06
minimecok. You have internet ;). Now 'ls .Xauthority' Do you get a result?02:07
OneM_IndustriesHey, so I am trying to print out a bunch of small photos.02:07
cspluginsdo i ignore the /dev/ram?02:07
OneM_IndustriesI don't want to print them out one at a time, as that is a waste of pricey photo paper, so is there a way to have multiple images automatically on one page?02:08
cspluginsthe usb is dev/sdb. So my command would be dd bs=4M if=myFile.iso of/dev/sdb02:08
OneM_IndustriesI've found a few tutorials on how to do it with shotwell, but they appear to be outdated.02:09
minimeccsplugins: I don't know if BS is mandatory, but I would put it. I normally even use BS=1M ...02:10
minimecryan441: ok. You have internet ;). Now 'ls .Xauthority' Do you get a result?02:10
cspluginsWill I get any console information as dd write to the disk?02:11
minimeccsplugins: No. Just a blinking cursor when finished02:12
dersdhola, alguien sabe como instalar drivers de windows?02:12
minimeccsplugins: I would then type 'sync'.02:12
csplugins880803840 bytes (881 MB, 840 Mib) copied, 119.672 s, 7.4 MB/s02:12
cspluginsDoes this mean I have a bootable usb drive now?02:13
minimeccsplugins: Ok. Do 'sync' and 'sudo umount /dev/sdb'02:13
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cspluginswhat does that do?02:14
cspluginsWouldn't I want to "mount" sdb?02:14
minimeccsplugins: 'sync' to be sure that all data is written on the stick. 'umount /dev/sdb' to unmount the stick .No need for sudo there probably..02:15
cspluginsunmount command not found02:16
minimeccsplugins: umount ;)02:16
cspluginsnot mounted02:16
minimeccsplugins: ok. So you are good.02:17
cspluginsok let me give this a spin02:17
cspluginsside note: 'sudo apt install emacs' tells me unable to locate package emacs02:19
cspluginsWait, as I wrote that, I realized I didn't connect to wifi yet haha02:20
crafty1csplugins: sudo apt-get install emacs2402:25
crafty1or emacs24-nox02:25
cspluginsgot it. thanks02:26
crafty1csplugins: dd does not require you to specify bs.  Did it write properly?  Remember you dont want the filesystem mounted02:26
KarrdeI also am not receving 16.04.102:26
cspluginsJust about done installing lubuntu again. This time from the ubuntu usb maker using DD02:26
cspluginsYes, I believe so.02:26
cspluginswhen I ran sync, nothing happened, just got to the next prompt02:27
Karrde16.04.1 isn't listed in http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts so my next question is anyone getting it when doing do-release-upgrade on 14.04.?02:27
ryan144what was that command to view info about my usb wifi adapter??02:27
cspluginsreboot and select proper boot device :(02:28
ryan144never mind02:28
minimecryan144: wb. Have you done a freshh installation?02:28
ryan144and I also switched the wifi adapter02:28
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ryan144Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188EUS 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter02:28
crafty1__csplugins: my session just crashed.  Its not working still?02:28
minimecryan144: Ok. So you want that 'option' line again to diable powersave?02:29
cspluginsreboot and select proper boot device..02:29
crafty1__csplugins: Did you try resetting the BIOS/EFI to optimal defaults?02:29
ryan144I'm going to try this one first and see what it does..02:29
cspluginsI can do that, should I disable secure boot after that is done?02:29
crafty1__csplugins: I would recommend that.  Is it currenty enabled?02:30
minimecryan441: I would go into a different direction. I guess you device goes in 'powersave mode' after 5 minutes... So we create a file 'sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf' and add the following line: 'options 8192cu rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0' (without '') --> save, reboot. Might help... http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?6,8618,8938#msg-893802:30
cspluginsShouldn't be02:30
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ryan144do I reboot?02:32
minimecryan144: yes02:32
ryan144okay brb02:32
cspluginsReset BIOS to defaults but secure boot was already off to begin with02:34
ryan144_okay done02:35
ryan144_and back02:35
ryan144_hopefully it works02:36
minimecryan144: install the 'pastebinit' package. It will help in the future, if you have problems, because you can share terminal outputs the easy way with us. 'sudo apt install pastebinit'02:37
crafty1csplugins: OK try to boot now02:37
cspluginsReinstalling it02:37
crafty1csplugins: You're only booting Ubuntu right?02:38
cspluginsLubuntu, does it matter?02:39
crafty1I meant like no dual boot with windoze02:39
cspluginsBut yeah, HDD is wiped. I just want to get this working haha02:39
crafty1and when you go into the BIOS it "sees" the hard drive right?02:40
cspluginsWell this bios just asks for priority. I dont think it recognizes individual ones. Like 1. HDD/SSD 2. USB 3. CD02:41
crafty1What I mean is that the BIOS should report that it sees e.g. WD Hard drive and the serial number under the SATA controller02:42
cspluginsI can look again but I don't think it provides that information to me being an EFI bios02:42
cspluginsJust got to let this reinstallation finish02:42
ryan144_still havent did it02:44
crafty1csplugins: For instance if you hit F12 or similar it should bring up boot options for connected devices (HDD: 4M-ST3500320AS) or something02:44
crafty1(at bios splash)02:44
crafty1csplugins: Is there any way you can post a screenshot of the installer at the disk partitioning02:45
cspluginsLet me see if this laptop can select boot options02:45
crafty1csplugins: Either GRUB isnt being written correctly or the BIOS doesnt see the HDD.  Those are the only possibilities really.02:46
crafty1Do you have any other devices connected?  A second Hard Drive or external?02:46
YankDownUnderWhat is the make/model of that laptop?02:47
crafty1Yeah if anyone else has any insight into his boot issue Im kinda spent02:47
cspluginsToshiba Satellite C55D-B510202:48
cspluginsOkay F12 does show my devices02:49
cspluginsI see HDD/SSD : Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256GB02:49
YankDownUndercrafty1: Right...Toshiba...when you repower the machine, if you just keep hitting "Esc" repeatedly, you should get a POST screen telling you how to get into BIOS  - along with some other options - such as boot device order...02:50
cspluginsOnce I click on the SSD, it says reboot and select proper boot device02:50
crafty1DOes that laptop have a mechanical HDD too?  Like a 1TB02:51
YankDownUndercsplugins: What are trying to install from - a CD/DVD or a USB?02:51
cspluginsSo the BIOS is definitely recognizing the HDD. I had windows on it yesterday until i decided i wanted to wipe it for full linux02:51
cspluginsi tried unetbootin and also DD02:52
crafty1When he reboots it doesnt load the new OS.02:52
cspluginslubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso and ubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso both tried02:52
YankDownUndercsplugins: Unetbootin should be just fine - it sounds like something to do with "secure boot" and/or EFI...hmm...02:52
cspluginsI disabled it02:52
crafty1Is legacy boot enabled?02:53
YankDownUnder*Bingo* on crafty102:53
cspluginsWait. I can change boot mode off of UEFI now02:53
cspluginsIt was locked as only uefi with Windows02:53
lenovo_loverAny Ubuntu-MATE users here?02:54
cspluginsLegacy boot. I don't see any options for it02:54
cspluginsShould I try CSM boot mode?02:55
crafty1thats it02:55
cspluginsYou think so?02:55
crafty1CSM provides legacy BIOS compatibility.02:55
YankDownUnderHit the F12 when you're turning on the machine.02:55
cspluginsOkay so BIOS are factory defaults except secure boot disabled and CSM instead of UEFI?02:55
crafty1Try it02:56
cspluginsChanging the boot mode doesn't require reinstallation?02:56
YankDownUndercsplugins: http://superuser.com/questions/838235/access-bios-on-toshiba-satellite-c55-a02:56
YankDownUndercsplugins: No.02:56
cspluginsWell, i dont have the please insert proper boot device anymore... cursor just blinking02:56
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
crafty1good.  that means progress...i hope02:57
cspluginsShould I try one last reinstall?02:57
YankDownUndercsplugins: Yes.02:58
YankDownUnderlenovo_lover: Is no one in the #ubuntu-mate channel?02:58
crafty1csplugins: Its worth noting I found a similar thread on this.  Im hopeful that will work https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=231839303:00
cspluginsWow, this installation screen looks totally different. I think it will work this time03:00
YankDownUndercsplugins: Has it come to the graphic that allows you to send pizza delivery to those that assist you? Should be somewhere in there... ;)03:01
cspluginsI have't seen it yet. But crafty1, I did have the lingering shutdown problem, I clicked the left arrorw key to actually finish shutdown03:02
cspluginsThats what I was installing03:02
wateringcanhi all, does ubuntu have a keychain for ssh like mac os x ?  for example, ssh to a host where there's no stored passphrase and it will pop up a dialog to enter it?03:02
cspluginsSo it might do it for me post-installation which will suck, but Lubuntu should be wokring!03:03
YankDownUnderwateringcan: Yes...in several different instances.03:03
crafty1csplugins: I find that sometimes at the end of the Ubuntu installer it doenst end proper.  95% of the time you get please remove install media and hit enter.  Sometimes it just doesnt end right.  Should be OK03:05
crafty1Let us know what happens03:05
cspluginsWill do03:05
YankDownUnderWhen it's "hanging" after an installation - if you wait for like, ya know, five minutes or so - and it's still just hanging there, it's fairly safe to reboot the machine....03:06
cspluginsThe screen says: "Give this pizza code valid at any Pizza Hut to anyone who helped you setup your box: PIZ_DEAL_LINUX"03:06
crafty1It worked?03:06
cspluginsStill installing03:07
YankDownUndercsplugins: Pizza Hut doesn't do "proper" vegetarian pizza...yech...ah well...NEXT...03:07
cspluginsI really shouldn't install updates along with it if I am just checking the integrity of it.03:07
cspluginsHey, it's the only code I got unfortunetly03:07
cspluginsJust about finished03:09
cspluginsI'm gonna wait 5 mins to see if it will properly shutdown or not03:10
cspluginsBut as soon as I press a key, it will automatically shutdown03:11
crafty1If the installer is done you can safely reboot03:11
irinixcrafty1 it's never safe to reboot03:12
cspluginsAnd.. installation screen! yay!03:12
cspluginsi mean, login screen*03:12
cspluginsAka: it worked finally03:12
* crafty1 Jumps for joy!03:13
YankDownUndercsplugins: Good on ya. Well done. Happy Friday.03:13
cspluginsthanks, you too03:13
crafty1I have no idea why the UEFI boot was causing him problems its going to drive me nuts03:13
YankDownUndercrafty1: Solar flares.03:14
cspluginsCan always rely in IRC03:14
cspluginsThanks again for the help03:14
crafty1Glad to help03:14
YankDownUndercsplugins: Cheers.03:14
cspluginsWhat I hate is that I couldn't change UEFI for some reasone. Maybe resetting the default BIOS settings unlocked it ffor me allowing CSM03:15
wateringcanYankDownUnder, any tips on how i get that going?03:17
YankDownUnderwateringcan: Sorry bro, get what going?03:17
wateringcanYankDownUnder, popup when sshing to a host which you have no key in keychain for03:17
crafty1wateringcan: What OS are you connecting from? Sounds almost like OS X03:19
YankDownUnderwateringcan: That's going to be dependent on the "desktop" you're using - Gnome/KDE/Mate/Cinnamon/Unity all do things their own way - so it would behoove you to dig through the Ubuntu forums as per that...as for ME, I do all my "ssh" via the terminal - which allows me to control what is really going on - and I can see exactly what is happening...does that make sense? Gnome stores things in the "Gnome Keyring", ditto with KDE, ditto03:19
YankDownUnderwith Mate...etc etc etc...03:19
wateringcancrafty1, running a xenial desktop, but i want mac os x experience :)03:19
wateringcanYankDownUnder, ok cool, believe i'm using gnome03:20
codekarllobest IDE to develop python?03:20
crafty1wateringcan: Are you using ssh from command propmp right03:20
wateringcancrafty1, correct03:20
crafty1ssh <userid>@<hostip>?  whats the exact error?03:20
YankDownUnderwateringcan: Pretty much the closest you'll get to an OSX experience - with some "tweaks" and whatnot - is going to be KDE...but that's merely my opinion...some might think otherwise...and on that note, I run OSX on my "primary" machine (and have done so for years)03:21
crafty1XFCE w/ docky03:21
crafty1But if you're using ssh at the command line Im not sure why youre getting any UI messages.  What Desktop Interface are you using?03:22
YankDownUndercrafty1: Not in "looks" - in operation...KDE is the closest in the actual operation of OSX...looks is a different story...hmm...03:22
crafty1codekarllo: Thats a subjective question.03:23
crafty1and emacs is always correct03:23
codekarllo@crafty1 I see03:25
crafty1wateringcan: What is the DE you're currently using03:25
codekarllocrafty1 I`ll test pycharm03:25
codekarllocrafty1: I`ll test pycharm03:25
codekarlloI`m used with eclipse03:26
crafty1Thats my personal favorite03:26
wateringcancrafty1: using gnome i believe, whatever is the default on xenial :P  error i get is 'permission denied (publickey).'03:28
wateringcancrafty1: i was hoping it'd just prompt for the passphrase as it does on os x03:28
crafty1wateringcan OK - That means that the server is expecting you to authenticate with an RSA key03:28
crafty1Is the computer you're connecting to owned by you?03:29
wateringcancrafty1: yeah, i can ssh-add the key and get in, none of that is a problem :)  i was just hoping for a better user experience coming from mac os x03:30
crafty1wateringcan: Im talking to you from OSX and I have that same prompt.03:31
vince_I have a file that plays file in mplayer but has pixelation and greenscreen in VLC, can someone help troubleshoot?03:41
crafty1vince_: probably someone in #videolan could help better03:42
=== crafty1 is now known as crafty1__
ohlolzis the 16.06 ready to update my ubuntu to 16.06? they said today 21 is the day03:54
ohlolzexcuse the redundance03:54
neldogzIs it possible to upgrade from 16.04 to 16.04.1?03:54
ohlolzwho has updated to-day to 16.0603:54
ohlolzwho has updated to-day to 16.0603:56
neldogzohlolz, 16.06 doesn't exist03:57
ohlolz16.04 he03:57
ohlolzwho did the update today :)03:57
crafty1__16.04 was released in April.03:57
ohlolzneldogz: do you like my nickname? :)03:57
ohlolzcrafty1__: i had 14.04 and it said wait till today03:58
neldogzI am on 16.04 and wondering if it's possible to upgrade to 16.04.103:58
ohlolzwho has watched the movie rocky balboa?03:58
ohlolzi'll turn on my pc to see if 16.04 is available :)03:59
ohlolzdo you guys like my personality? do i sound assertive?04:00
neldogznever mind, apparently i already have the update04:00
neldogzDescription:Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS04:00
neldogzguess it installed via an update04:00
ohlolzneldogz: good job!04:00
ohlolzive been waiting this update for so long04:01
ohlolzwinter sux big time. i'm super sensitive to cold temp04:01
plop_its_ellieohlolz, give it another month or 2 if 14.04 is working ok for you04:02
_unreal_the page I'm following says to use bsdtar -xpf ArchLinuxARM-cubox-latest.tar.gz -C /arch but the little computer I'm using doesnt have bsdtar04:03
_unreal_what would be equal to it?04:03
_unreal_it does have tar04:03
_unreal_and gzip04:03
ohlolzplop_its_ellie: why the wait? isn't 16.04 working well for everyone?04:05
plop_its_ellieohlolz, yea ive still seen some bugs in it04:05
crafty1___unreal_: I would think tar would be fine.  bsdtar is just a different implementation04:05
ohlolzi've lost track a bit with ubuntu lately. can o upgrade through wifi or should i connect ethernet?04:05
plop_its_elliethe most galrring one ive seen is when you put it in suspend and wake it up, the network disappears04:05
plop_its_ellieive seen it happen on some laptops04:06
plop_its_ellieohlolz, ethernet is usually more reliable and faster04:06
crafty1__GNU tar should support other variants04:06
_unreal_ok bsdtar -xpf ArchLinuxARM-cubox-latest.tar.gz -C /arch          typing that gives me    an error of    tar: invalid tar magic04:06
ohlolzplop_its_ellie: oh yeah i forgot that ubuntu 14.04 has like 1/2 of my wifi capacity04:06
SchrodingersScatohlolz: so long as your wifi connection is stable enough to handle the downloads then it shouldn't be a problem.  but also what plop_its_ellie said04:06
_unreal_err typing: tar -xpf Arch....... -C /arch/04:07
ohlolzSchrodingersScat: thank you04:07
_unreal_I dont know if its the -xpf or the -C that are causing the issue04:08
SchrodingersScattar xzpf?04:08
ohlolzone last Q is 4gb ram ok for 16.04?04:08
plop_its_ellie4gb os ram is fine04:09
ohlolzty plop_its_ellie04:09
plop_its_ellieheck ive been installing it on machines with 1 and 2gb04:09
_unreal_what is the diference between xzpf and xpf -C04:09
plop_its_ellieruns fine04:09
SchrodingersScat_unreal_: the z is fr the gzip/gunzip04:09
=== karstensrage_ is now known as karstensrage
SchrodingersScat_unreal_: not sure if that'll make a difference04:09
SchrodingersScat!man | _unreal_ you can also always check the manual to double check04:10
ubottu_unreal_ you can also always check the manual to double check: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/04:10
_unreal_huh... I did that xzpf and it just acted like I typed tar alone04:10
_unreal_showled a list of tar switches and options04:11
_unreal_cap. -C is for change directory so I know thats right?04:11
_unreal_I wonder if its the tar.gz thats futzing with it04:11
_unreal_ahh z is not in the list04:12
_unreal_though I do have gzip04:12
SchrodingersScatxtract zee files is how i learned it04:12
_unreal_could I pipe?    gzip into tar or vica versa?04:12
dm_compis lib32ncurses5 equivalent to libncurses5:i386?04:13
_unreal_arg... I dont even know if its doing anything, I'm trying: gzip -dc file.tar.gz | tar xpf - -C /arch/04:18
SchrodingersScatcould have added v, for verbose04:20
_unreal_that would be to easy04:21
_unreal_I thinkit worked04:24
s34nI have a brand new laptop that resists all efforts to boot from livedvd04:30
s34nI cannot boot the clonezilla livedvd based off xenial04:31
s34nor various others04:31
s34nit brings up grub ok, but won't let me past that04:31
s34n(secureboot is disabled)04:31
s34nany ideas?04:32
ajg4M3l5Evening all. I had some questions about Ubuntu Mate and Chromebooks if someone has some time. I could use some pointers in the right direction.04:55
Bashing-omajg4M3l5: I can not say how many that are presently looking run mate on a chromebook, but you can ask and see what responses you get .05:01
ajg4M3l5Thanks Bashing....05:01
workisfunHi guys, my ubuntu 14.04 suddenly can't find it's networking devices (after 3 months of working). I've posted more information on http://askubuntu.com/questions/801526/no-network-devices-available-ubuntu-14-04-when-wireless-previously-worked05:01
workisfunhoping someone can help05:01
ajg4M3l5So here's the scoop; I bought an Acer C720 a year ago and I put Ubuntu Mate on it. I LOVE IT... but it's dying. I need to upgrade and clearly I've learned that I can have all of my development tools on something significantly less than a Mac.05:02
ajg4M3l5So what do you guys suggest?05:02
ajg4M3l5I need at least 4GB of RAM, a 64 bit processor and if not at least a 128gb HD, a chassis that I can upgrade myself.05:03
ajg4M3l5I was looking at the Lenovo Yoga but I didn't see much decent support for it.05:03
ajg4M3l5I like the 11" size and the portability of the Chromebooks, which is why I tend to move towards them.05:04
ajg4M3l5The Acer works OK. I think it just wasn't meant for the amount of abuse I gave it.05:05
Bashing-omajg4M3l5: That is not direct support .. your query better in #ubuntu-offtopic .05:05
ajg4M3l5Ah, ok.05:06
ajg4M3l5My appologies.05:06
ajg4M3l5I'll post there instead.05:06
JustAnotherIdiothello ubuntu05:07
JustAnotherIdiotis there an archive that supports encryption on ubuntu 16.04 server-side without installing anything05:08
rajiv_Hi @channel05:09
rajiv_I am using Ubuntu under Linode. Recently I got READ_TO_DECRYPT when I issues command 'ls'05:09
=== Amm0n| is now known as Amm0n
crafty1__rajiv_: SOunds like Cryptowall05:10
rajiv_I can`t able to run the background services. Any help?05:10
=== arooni is now known as arooni__
rajiv_@craft Thks, What can I do now? Is there any solution?05:11
JustAnotherIdiotI dunno I'll just install unzip05:11
rajiv_How Cryptowall can be prevented?05:14
=== smerdyakow is now known as _user1__
antonio2I can't find out how to get my wifi working?05:36
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
antonio2Any terminal command I can use to check why my wifi si05:41
antonio2Isn't working?05:41
antonio2My wifi won't connect.  Is there a terminal command to check what's going on?05:43
wusemanantonio2: try iwconfig05:45
antonio2Wuseman what am I looking for?05:47
wusemanDo you see wlan0, wlp3s0 or something?05:47
antonio2Wlan0 ieee 802.11bg essid:off/any05:49
apinsvubuntu 11.04 is not detecting my lenovo s820 android phone, acn anyone help me05:50
apinsvubuntu 14.0405:50
Guy1524hey guys, the libglfw3 package and libglfw3-dev package has an outdated version of glfw05:50
Guy1524I need the newer version05:50
apinsvi need a working usb driver for lenovo s820 android phone05:51
apinsvlsusb doesnt show my phone listes05:51
=== erick is now known as Guest61507
apinsviam using ubuntu 14.0405:52
Guy1524nvm fixed it05:55
apinsvany androubuntu geniouses here?05:55
=== Mikerhinos is now known as Mikerhinos_
=== viv`d is now known as vivid
nzw1Hi there is anyway I can create different acount level06:01
YankDownUnderDifferent account level?06:02
apinsvnone of the solutions from google search helped06:02
MrNumber3IsMeHello room06:02
nzw1EriC^^: just like different access levels i.e  sudo levels06:03
apinsvgo to users and groups and create06:03
EriC^^nzw1: there's basically sudo and adm for logs and other groups06:03
YankDownUndernzw1: The *nix system allows for heaps of different "variety" within creating permissions/rights for users...you'll have to be slightly more specific...06:03
YankDownUndernzw1: https://www.linode.com/docs/tools-reference/linux-users-and-groups06:04
antonio2Cant get wifi to work...airplane mode is stuck on.06:06
nzw1YankDownUnder: that is what I after06:06
YankDownUndernzw1: Coolbeans.06:07
nzw1thank you :)06:07
GuidovanPossumhi I was hoping to time a backup before upgrading from 14.04 -> 16.04 I'm still not seeing it I was told to wait until my mirror was updated earlier06:11
GuidovanPossumI've check the box to look for new LTS and am doing:   sudo do-release-upgrade06:12
GuidovanPossumthis is the correct way?06:12
GuidovanPossumfirst time06:12
YankDownUnderGuidovanPossum: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes06:13
GuidovanPossumDid that and still not seeing anything yet06:17
GuidovanPossumjust says The software on this computer is up to date.06:18
YankDownUnderGuidovanPossum: I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what you're stating...please be extremely clear if possible.06:18
GuidovanPossumtrying to upgrade from 14.04 to16.04 which I was told would be released to the servers sometime today06:19
GuidovanPossumbut I'm not seeing anything so I'm asking if they released or not and if anyone here has had success06:20
YankDownUnderGuidovanPossum: If you've follows - EXACTLY everything that was described in the URL I sent you, and you've been through the upgrade and rebooted, then, by all means, you should be running 16.04.1 LTS...and you're saying that that is NOT the case, correct?06:21
GuidovanPossumit's not seeing any upgrade on my end yet06:21
GuidovanPossumI check and get "The software on this computer is up to date."06:21
YankDownUnderGuidovanPossum: So you've followed EXACTLY the directions on that page...?06:22
GuidovanPossumyes under the Upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS desktop system part06:22
GuidovanPossumthat's why I'm asking06:22
FlannelYankDownUnder: You can force it if you run `sudo do-release-upgrade -d`06:23
FlannelGuidovanPossum: You can force it with `sudo do-release-upgrade -d`06:23
YankDownUnderGuidovanPossum: I do believe you may have missed some bits...hmm? And as Flannel just stated, you can "force" an upgrade...as per what he just wrote.06:23
GuidovanPossumthere it found it thanks so much Flannel!06:24
YankDownUnderBeauty. All good.06:24
apinsvAndroid phone not showing up in lsusb in ubuntu 14.04, can anyone help06:24
GuidovanPossumdon't know why not before thanks!06:24
reisioapinsv: you need um06:25
reisioapinsv: mtp nonsense for nautilus/files06:25
reisioandroid decided plain usb mass storage was too convenient06:25
apinsvreisio: i installed gvfs-mtp06:27
apinsvdidnt help06:27
Kartagismy proftpd kept dying for no obvious reason so I started it with debugging, and I got back a usable (?) log. where do I seek help regarding this?06:28
apinsvadded the vid in adbusb.ini06:28
apinsvcreated /etc/udev/rules.d/70-android.rules06:29
apinsvreisio:both are based on linux, still they made it incompatible06:30
reisioapinsv: the vid?06:30
reisioapinsv: well Linux is just a kernel, it does almost nothing on its own06:30
apinsvreisio:vendor id06:31
reisiothe userland part, GNU, and what runs on it is vastly more important/relevant06:31
reisioapinsv: you shouldn't need anything but mtp support and a file manager06:31
reisioapinsv: alternatively, just use sftp over wireless; it is a wireless device, after all06:31
apinsvreisio:if you have any helpful links please share06:31
Kartagismy proftpd kept dying for no obvious reason so I started it with debugging, and I got back a usable (?) log. where do I seek help regarding this? #proftpd looks dead06:32
apinsvreisio: sftp works, i need the phone detected in vitualbox06:33
reisioapinsv: sftp will work for that, too06:33
apinsvreisio: i need to use a forensic tool06:33
reisioapinsv: what're you doing in general?06:33
reisiommm, sure you do06:33
apinsvreisio:from windows, else i will have to load windows on another machine06:34
reisionot entirely aware of a forensic tool on Windows that doesn't have a real analogue on Unix06:35
apinsvreisio: it basically needs to be detected as a usb, so that it can be passed through virtualbox to the windows host06:36
reisioapinsv: to do what06:37
apinsvreisio: to retrieve deleted data from phone memory06:37
antonio2For some reason ny wi06:37
reisioapinsv: from the onboard storage?06:37
reisiobahram: mmmhmmm06:38
reisiosome versions of android/phones have an advanced option to switch from mtp to usb06:38
antonio2For some reason my wifi isnt connecting.  No connections are showing up.  Heres a video of whats going on.06:38
reisioa video, how comprehensive06:38
Triffid_Hunterreisio: umm MTP is a usb protocol, if it's not showing up as a usb device, mtp isn't gonna work either..06:38
apinsvreisio: this one doesn't have that option06:39
reisioTriffid_Hunter: are those two statements related?06:39
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: what does your dmesg say after plugging the phone in06:39
reisioTriffid_Hunter: he didn't say it wasn't working, he said he wanted virtualbox windows blah blah blah06:39
Triffid_Hunterreisio: you're saying he should switch from mtp to usb, but mtp runs on top of usb... he says it's not appearing as a usb device06:39
reisioTriffid_Hunter: wait wait, what am I saying again? :p06:40
reisiotell me more06:40
thekrynn_hey all, does anyone know of a way to utilize SSD to speed up the listing/metadata processes of an ext4 volume?06:41
thekrynn_or if it's even possible06:41
reisiothekrynn_: wha?06:41
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: you could put the journal on the ssd06:41
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter: how would i go about doing that... done through fstab or something of the sort?06:42
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: that's only gonna speed up ops that involve the journal though, reading big chunks of the disk is still unavoidably limited by disk speed06:42
reisioantonio2: no hardware wifi switch? (fn+key? on the side? etc.)06:42
thekrynn_thats fine.. biggest issue i have is things like doing du06:42
apinsvTriffid_Hunter:dmesg doesn't show my usb device, but the phone starts charging06:42
thekrynn_there's so many files that it just takes forever06:42
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: umm have a play with tune2fs and friends, might be able to do it as a mount option, ask google for further details06:42
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: sounds like you're using a charge cable with no data wires, or the phone doesn't want to talk usb06:43
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: if the usb data lines were present but the phone is having a bad day, kernel should at least say 'usb device blah is refusing address -71' or similar06:43
apinsvTriffid_Hunter:It is the original data cable that came along06:43
reisioantonio2: if you login as another user?06:43
antonio2Reisio I just logged vack06:44
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: can't do much about that.. however note that most of it gets cached in memory the first time, so subsequent runs will be faster06:44
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: *shrug* try another usb port.. until/unless something shows up in dmesg, as far as your computer is concerned, there's nothing plugged in there06:44
antonio2Reisio i just logged back in.  Did rfkill list all in term...says no on soft and no on hard...but still no wifi.06:45
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter: unfortunately, never seems to cache properly, but i may just have that much data and that many files that RAM doesnt seem to have an effect06:45
reisioantonio2: what about as a different user?06:45
whologinhi all06:45
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: the phone is powered on, right? the charge-only bootloader typically doesn't like speaking usb. bring it up in fastboot or recovery if you want the internal storage to stay readonly06:45
apinsvTriffid_Hunter: i tried all the ports, dmesg shows some new usb device, but they show even if the phone is disconnected06:45
whologinwhats the channel where I can ask non OS related questions?06:45
thekrynn_ive basically resorted to writing scripts to preemtively scan and check for directory/file changes06:45
thekrynn_and write my own md system06:46
reisiowhologin: about what?06:46
apinsvTriffid_Hunter:Phone is powered on an running06:46
whologinim trying to ug my laptops wifi06:46
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: wait, XY problem? there's an entire kernel subsystem for monitoring and notifying about file changes06:46
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: no need to scan for that06:46
reisiowhologin: the hardware?06:46
reisiowhologin: #hardware or #electronics06:46
whologinmy laptop only has only antenna cable06:47
whologinok ty06:47
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter: what i meant was, i use stat to see what's changed, directory wise, and then traverse each directory to see what files change and update the size/checksums of each file06:47
thekrynn_since im talking on the orders of 10s of millions of files per main directory06:47
reisiothekrynn_: files containing what?06:48
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: checksums of each file? lol so you're basically reading the whole disk, and want that to be faster? use a faster disk..06:48
YankDownUnderthekrynn_: Have you thought to ask this question in #ubuntu-server, perchance?06:48
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: why are you doing this? sounds like a job for rsync or rdiff-backup06:48
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: again, XY problem :P06:48
reisiosounds like a job for not-an-FS06:48
thekrynn_YankDownUnder, yeah moving there shortly :-)06:48
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter: yeah, i started with rsync... and our custom built scripts are outprforming it expotentially06:49
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: see http://xyproblem.info06:49
AtuMone quick question - "do-release-upgrade" still does not work on 14.04. Is that delayed to 16.04.2 ?06:50
thekrynn_oh, ok.. rephrased: how do i keep track of changes of a few hundred files every minute on a repository of over 100m files06:50
antonio2Fricking weird...reisio...now its working.06:50
reisiothekrynn_: can you describe the data in some way more elaborate than 'files'?06:50
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: a daemon that uses inotify to receive file change notifications from the kernel06:50
reisioantonio2: see lots of access points?06:51
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: scanning will *always* be slow, and it's totally unnecessary because the kernel already knows every time a file is changed06:51
thekrynn_reislo: files that are space delimited rows of integers06:51
thekrynn_about 100T worth06:51
thekrynn_data science analysis of the worldwide population06:51
thekrynn_time series06:52
antonio2Reisio yep.  Ive had this happen like once or twice before.06:52
reisiospace delimited06:52
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: actually it sounds like you'd be better off with some sort of nosql db, this workload sounds like it's really abusing the filesystem for something it's not really designed to do well06:52
reisioso it sounds like you're trying to use an FS as a DB06:52
reisioantonio2: got bluetooth?06:52
thekrynn_we've exhausted mongo and redis... been trying to get into aerospike, but its a nightmare to use06:52
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: all good DBs have replication stuff built in, so changes can be efficiently mirrored to other nodes06:53
reisiowhy would you want to get into something that's a nightmare to use :D06:53
thekrynn_we resorted to a sort of nosql/raw disk custom md solution which works very well, but the upkeep is brutal06:53
thekrynn_so was seeing if there's anything inherently useful from a OS perspective that we may have overlooked06:53
antonio2Reisio nope06:53
thekrynn_someone told us to try ZFS.. that was a brutal mistake06:53
reisiolot of brutality at your co06:54
apinsvTriffid_Hunter:usb 2-1.1: device descriptor read/64, error -3206:54
reisioantonio2: take it back?06:54
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: with that sort of dataset, I think there's no way you could possibly avoid a highly customised solution.. nosql is probably closer than abusing the FS but will still need a lot of tuning06:54
antonio2Reisio what?06:54
reisiothe laptop06:54
=== JeremyOstine is now known as AaronWild
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: ah there you go, sounds like a bad cable06:54
reisioit's very hard to imagine flat files are superior to other things in this case06:55
apinsvTriffid_Hunter:usb 2-1-port1: unable to enumerate USB device06:55
antonio2Haha.  Its from 200906:55
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter: excellent, thats for the feedback. Figured it would be good to make sure that we're not reinventing the wheel06:55
reisioantonio2: what'd you do to make it stop working reliably?06:55
antonio2No idea06:55
thekrynn_ive found that doing very intricate directory trees with max files per depth worked very well with keeping custom metadata breakdowns and using stat, but its so easy to have new bugs06:56
apinsvTriffid_Hunter: Then i will get a new cable and check06:56
reisioantonio2: know when it started?06:56
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: keep us posted on what you end up doing, and watch out for XY problems in the future ;)06:56
thekrynn_will do, thanks :-)06:56
thekrynn_we've been at this for about 2 years now... its just that the data scales faster than the resources06:57
reisiothekrynn_: just out of curiosity, do you know what he means by 'xy problem'?06:57
thekrynn_so its all about coming up with radical new ways of dealing with it06:57
antonio2Reisio trying something06:57
reisioget slower data, then :p06:57
thekrynn_heh heh, the company relies on the data, and it comes at it's own pace :-)06:57
thekrynn_i deal with xy problems all the time.. i guess the issue is is that the tech dept's goals are dictated by the business side06:58
thekrynn_yet the business side never provides the resources to do it, and they dont understand why that's an issue06:58
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: if the company relies on the data, then the company relies on having enough resources to wrangle the data too06:58
thekrynn_yeah.. the business department is overzealous and overexpecting06:59
thekrynn_i would acutally say its more of an operational failure than anything else06:59
ahmedGood morning every one07:00
ahmedi am ahmed from egypt07:00
reisiothekrynn_: so you already knew that name, 'xy problem'?07:00
thekrynn_i know the concept of it, just didnt know the actual term07:01
reisiothekrynn_: nobody does07:01
thekrynn_im one of those extremely one sided brain types that does advanced calculus in my head but i cant memorize vocab to save my life :-)07:01
reisioit's quite a stupid name for it07:01
reisioin this case, it isn't you07:01
reisioit's every person who says 'xy problem' as if it means something :p07:02
paranoidabhihi guys!07:02
reisiohi para07:02
counterfeitproblem enforcing ubuntu gnome dns servers when running a check on ipleak.net.  any thoughts?  using vpn software07:02
thekrynn_i mean it is a rather obscure issue, but it realy just is something that is that far out of the box so i usually come on these boards not expecting an answer07:02
paranoidabhiI am using kubuntu 16.04 with windows 10 on dual boot. Issue: ethernet not detected in ubuntu.07:02
thekrynn_sometimes i get lucky though :-)07:02
paranoidabhiinformation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20420701/07:03
paranoidabhiany ideas?07:03
reisiothekrynn_: might get farther if you put some example data/filesystem hierarchy up somewhere, and ask only for a faster way07:03
reisioin #linux or someplace07:03
paranoidabhiI haven't changed any configuration, it suddenly stopped working, not sure why.07:04
yogeshhow many here doing computer engineering?07:04
reisioyogesh: >007:04
thekrynn_reislo: good idea, i might try that, thanks07:04
yogeshreislo : u?07:04
reisioparanoidabhi: it's working in windows 10 right now?07:04
reisioyogesh: nope07:04
paranoidabhireisio, yes07:05
Flannelyogesh: You're probably looking for #ubuntu-offtopic (a social channel), this is #ubuntu (a technical support channel)07:05
yogeshflannel: wt channel i should choose the?07:05
reisioparanoidabhi: doesn't show up from sudo lspci | grep -i net?07:05
yogeshcan u suggest me07:05
Flannelyogesh: #ubuntu-offtopic07:06
apinsv<paranoidabhi>: rfkill list all07:06
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: fwiw, asking us how to speed up FS tree-walking when your problem is managing a ludicrously large scientific dataset is a perfect example of XY problem :P07:06
yogeshjoin #ubuntu-offtopic07:06
paranoidabhireisio, does show up there http://paste.ubuntu.com/20421011/07:06
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter: thing is.. ive asked that and the overwhelming answer to that is migrate to an object store style FS07:07
thekrynn_but that isnt compatible with 90% of our workflow07:07
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: well yeah, those are specifically designed to handle exactly the sort of data you have07:07
yogeshjoin #ubuntu-offtopic07:07
paranoidabhiapinsv, http://paste.ubuntu.com/20421074/07:07
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: suggest making shims to go between your workflow and the object store then :P07:07
paranoidabhiThe wifi works though but Ethernet doesn't.07:08
yogeshjoin #ubuntu-offtopic07:08
paranoidabhiyogesh, it's /JOIN <Channel-Name>07:08
paranoidabhisry \07:08
yogesh\JOIN #ubuntu-offtopic07:08
paranoidabhiapinsv, abhishek ~ $ nm-tool No command 'nm-tool' found, did you mean:07:09
yogesh\join #ubuntu-offtopic07:09
yogeshno it not working07:09
paranoidabhiyogesh, /JOIN07:09
yogeshnot working still07:10
yogeshu try?07:10
AtuMnice one yogesh07:10
paranoidabhiyogesh, works for me07:10
AtuMyogesh, use small letters07:10
paranoidabhiapinsv, sry, not sure which you are referring to.07:11
AtuMit's not working for me either ;-)07:11
paranoidabhiany ideas guys?07:11
yogeshstill there :)07:11
apinsvparanoidabhi: check the output of nmcli device show <interface>07:11
apinsvparanoidabhi:Whats your ubuntu version?07:12
yogesh\join #ubuntu-offtopic07:12
paranoidabhiapinsv, 16.0407:12
AtuMyogesh, are you serious, or just trying to get everyone in there :)07:13
yogeshNo im serious07:13
paranoidabhiapinsv, what info in nmcli device show? Can you specify a grep, it has ip addresses and all.07:13
AtuMyogesh, same command but use /07:14
yogeshNO working07:14
yogeshits not shwing anything07:14
yogeshmaybe i should try after restarting this appo07:15
AtuMyogesh, are you using web client?07:15
dkamAnyone know when update-manager will see 16.04.1 ?07:15
yogeshno application07:15
yogeshXhat application07:15
yogeshXchat sry07:16
paranoidabhiany ideas folks? :)07:16
AtuMyogesh, no idea what the problem is then.. i use xchat aswell07:17
YankDownUnderparanoidabhi: Go into your BIOS, turn off serial COM ports, reboot, check to see if it works. It might be an issue with shared IRQ's that is keeping the NIC from working properly under linux.07:17
thekrynn_Triffid_Hunter, heh ok... let me see if i can rephrase in a more Y sort of way :-)  I have a volume on my mac with millions of files and spotlight lets me search for changed/matching files very quickly. Is there something similar on ubuntu07:17
yogeshBc not working07:18
apinsvparanoidabhi:check this http://askubuntu.com/questions/761036/ubuntu-16-04-ethernet-issues07:18
YankDownUnderthekrynn_: slocate07:18
YankDownUnderthekrynn_: "man locate"07:18
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: changed? use an inotify daemon.. apparently there's one called dnotify, "Execute a command when the contents of a directory change"07:19
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: as for matching, that's harder.. deduplication is being discussed as an inclusion to linux filesystems I believe, not sure where exactly it's at07:20
paranoidabhiapinsv, what does setting the IPv6 settings "Method" section to "ignore" mean?07:20
thekrynn_to clarify, matching based on filename only.. no reading of any files07:20
Triffid_Hunterthekrynn_: OSX probably keeps a quick index for the whole tree at the FS level, not sure if linux does that.. I wonder if btrfs or similar would be quicker or slower than ext4 for this workload07:20
thekrynn_brtfs, xfs and zfs were all nightmares.. they all had their issues07:21
YankDownUnderOSX uses the same basic ideology as "locate".07:21
thekrynn_YankDownUnder: reading through locate... i think we were playing with updatedb at some point but never got into it, but i think i didnt know how detailed it could possibly get07:21
paranoidabhiapinsv, Sry I am unaware where the setting is.07:22
YankDownUnderthekrynn_: It works. It's more powerful than "desktop users" think...ergo, it's rarely mentioned in "desktop" forums. Hmm.07:22
thekrynn_any different between locate and mlocate?07:22
reisiomlocate is an implementation of the locate paradigm07:23
apinsvparanoidabhi:http://ask.xmodulo.com/disable-ipv6-linux.html there is a screenshot07:23
reisiolocate is the command07:23
reisioit just makes a db with find07:24
reisioso find is better for new things, and locate is convenient, if it's been running, for enduring things07:24
apinsvparanoidabhi: Under Network manager07:24
* Kartagis shakes fist at #proftpd07:25
reisiohi hex07:25
Hexagon__I'm trying to install gr-gsm07:26
reisioKartagis: ssh, done07:26
reisioHexagon__: try harder07:26
Hexagon__but every time middle of building Ubuntu got freezes,if you don't mind would please help me about it?07:26
Kartagismy proftpd kept dying for no obvious reason so I started it with debugging, and I got back a usable (?) log. where do I seek help regarding this? #proftpd looks dead07:26
reisioHexagon__: k07:26
reisioKartagis: ftp is dead07:27
reisiotry ssh07:27
Kartagisoh, you meant that07:27
KartagisI can't, my designer has to be able to ftp07:27
Hexagon__reisio, What do you suggesting to me?07:27
YankDownUnderftp is not dead, and won't die for a very long time.07:28
reisioHexagon__: https://launchpad.net/~ptrkrysik/+archive/ubuntu/gr-gsm07:28
lotlizardwho said ftp was dead07:28
reisioI said it /is/, though07:28
* Kartagis points at reisio07:28
* Kartagis coughs out "passive voice"07:29
reisioyou miss the point07:29
reisioit is dead whether I said it is in the past or not :p07:29
KartagisI can't ditch it, someone else has to ftp in07:30
Kartagisthey use windows, so no sftp07:30
Kartagisor ssh07:30
reisioor relevance to this channel?07:30
reisiothere is no client of note that supports ftp and not sftp07:31
reisiothere is no particular difference in usage, except that one isn't massively insecure07:31
reisioand on the server end, sftp is actually massively, hugely simpler to setup07:31
KartagisI figured you could help me with proftpd dying with no obvious reason07:31
reisioI'm afraid there hasn't been a reason to use proftp in so long that that is not the case07:32
YankDownUnderProFTP does not "die" for "no apparent reason. Logfiles will tell what the issue is.07:32
Kartagisreisio: also, that someone else uses notepad++ to connect remotely07:32
reisioArian_: 'lo07:32
Arian_Bug: Lightdm no run OpenBox07:32
=== Arian_ is now known as Guest34800
reisioKartagis: actually not so terrible, as awful win32 apps go07:33
=== samfty_ is now known as Samfty
reisioGuest34800: /nick ariann07:33
KartagisYankDownUnder: there are references to .c files in the log file07:33
reisiolightdm runs whatever you tell it to07:33
KartagisI'm guessing a bug07:33
Guest34800Can nodm run few displays?07:33
YankDownUnderKartagis: There *is* a #proftp channel...hmm...07:34
AtuMKartagis, if you think it's a bug, then try vsftpd..07:34
reisioGuest34800: you can start as many X servers as you like, regardless of using a DM or not07:34
AtuMKartagis, it something else is wrong with your configuration, then you should get the same result07:35
KartagisAtuM: idk why, but vsftpd doesn't play well with notepad++ remote ftp in this case07:35
reisiosamba, etc.07:36
AtuMKartagis, so you better get to know why.. it's a really simple protocol.07:36
zetheroowhat is the equivalent of these commands for Ubuntu:          systemctl stop getty\@tty107:36
zetheroosystemctl disbale getty\@tty107:36
Guest34800Can nodm run few displays?07:38
reisioGuest34800: already said07:39
Guest34800Can nodm run few displays?07:40
=== Guest34800 is now known as Auron
* l9 goes of into a deepstate meditation 07:41
AuronCan nodm run few displays?07:41
AuronAny here?07:41
=== jat-clone is now known as Guest4330
AuronNested Xserver its how?07:42
reisioAuron: wha?07:43
l9could one actually nest x servers?07:45
AuronCan nodm run few displays?07:46
vahveroHello. How i can add shortcut to Xubuntu desktop? its now /usr/share/applications/ and i can see it at whisker menu. I want it to desktop! xD Thank you07:47
YankDownUnderAuron: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man8/nodm.8.html07:47
l9Auron: Auron not really sure never used nodm07:48
vahverodesktop-file-validate gives me no any errors and shortcut is showing at whisker-menu. So maybe im missing something...07:48
apinsvTriffid_Hunter: I got it to work07:49
ducassevahvero: put it in ~/Desktop, maybe? if not, ask in #xubuntu.07:49
AuronYankDownUnder, and?07:49
Triffid_Hunterapinsv: was a bad cable?07:49
apinsvTriffid_Hunter: No07:50
YankDownUnderAuron: Did that not answer the question?07:50
apinsvTriffid_Hunter: I connected it in windows 10, the phone then shows up the usb connection options, i changed it to mtp and then checked in ubuntu. it worked07:50
vahveroducasse, ok i will go to xubuntu....07:51
AuronYankDownUnder, I readed man07:51
apinsvTriffid_Hunter: i can see both internal and external storage07:51
YankDownUnderAuron: If the page did not answer the question, the developer's email address is right there in front of you - it wouldn't be horribly hard to send an email to the developer to ask if you cannot find the answer you seek anywhere else.07:52
AuronI no will write emails07:55
YankDownUnderAuron: If no one here knows the answer, then what exactly are you expecting?07:56
androirc66So i switched to ubuntu bc win10 was annoying me and so far its been pretty easy to learn and efficient to use08:01
STDHello. How is the best way to clean /boot partition when 100% of space is full and you cannot run apt-get autoremove ?08:07
YankDownUnderSTD: "sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt autoclean" should be the primary "clean up tools"...08:08
STDok, but when disk is 100% full i receive an error08:12
YankDownUnderSTD: have you run BOTH of those above mentioned commands?08:12
STDnop, i will try this. thanks08:12
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
ducasseSTD: you can 'dpkg -P' the oldest kernel packages08:12
=== atomic is now known as Guest37013
ehkxCan anyone help me fix my booting problem? I was running Arch Linux, booting using GRUB, when I installed Windows 7 on a separate HDD. Now my boot partition is gone and I get an "error: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found." I've been tried to Google solutions for awhile, but it appears that I am actually an idiot and seemingly can't fix it on my own.08:13
=== tom is now known as Guest93683
androirc66I have to manually boot my pc idk if its related to your issue08:14
mcphailehkx: seriously? Please read the /topic08:14
=== ExecSlim is now known as Guest43331
=== nils_____ is now known as nils_
kikko037Developer C?08:28
zetheroowhat is the equivalent of these commands for Ubuntu 16.04:          systemctl stop getty\@tty108:36
zetheroosystemctl disbale getty\@tty108:36
BanditozI recently installed ubuntu 16 server on a spare computer I have, whenever I reboot it, it requires a password on cryptswap1, is there anyway to disable this?08:38
Banditozthe system will not continue without the correct password being entered, I know the password, it's just an annoyance having to enter it each restart08:38
MonkeyDustBanditoz  the password is for security and a server isnt meant to be rebooted often08:40
Banditozalright, thanks for the help08:40
ducasseBanditoz: encrypted swap usually uses a random key to avoid the password prompt08:41
slingamni'm on Trusty and i'm still getting "No new release found" from `do-release-upgrade`08:52
slingamnah i guess that's expected: "Users of Ubuntu 14.04 will soon be offered an automatic upgrade to 16.04.1 via Update Manager."08:54
ducasseslingamn: your mirror might not have it yet.08:58
geirha16.04.1 was scheduled for yesterday08:58
slingamni also just realized that i'm also having an ipv6 outage, which is complicating matters08:58
slingamnafk a sec :-)08:58
solarisfireHey guys, I know 16.04.1 dropped, how come do-release-upgrade still shows there are no new versions on my 14.04 servers??08:59
lucido-cwlk1l_, Hi I lost my panels after a reboot in 16.04 do you remember the solution for this issue?09:01
ducassesolarisfire: your mirror needs to get it09:02
k1l_lucido-cwl: does the guest account work?09:03
k1l_lucido-cwl: and what did you do after you could log in again?09:03
solarisfireducasse, ahhh okay, guess I'll just have to wait some more. How long does it usually take for all the mirrors to update?09:03
ducassesolarisfire: most are updated every 24 hours09:03
k1l_i am not sure if http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release needs to say its 16.04.1 for the LTS release to be possible09:05
DJonesk1l_: I suspect that should be a yes, thats what was forgotten when 16.04 was originally released09:06
solarisfireWho's responsible for updating that meta-release page?09:07
k1l_its not listed in http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts yet. i asked the admins about it09:09
phionagedit does not wrap text. im still on
=== zoe__ is now known as zoesummers
lucido-cwlk1l_, yes, the guest account did work, but I lost your instructions after logging out09:13
k1l_lucido-cwl: https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/07/21/%23ubuntu.html#t12:2509:14
MonkeyDustphiona  Edit > Preferences > View09:14
MonkeyDustphiona  that's in 16.0409:15
PhotonGuys would you please check this out https://i.imgur.com/2YmVVrk.jpg09:21
Photonmy Ubuntu has been frozen09:21
[[thufir]]isn't there a way to add a user to sudo with "sudo add" or something?  I've already created the user.09:21
PhotonI have 8 GB ram09:22
k1l_Photon: frozen? or just massive load so its very slow?09:22
EriC^^[[thufir]]: sudo adduser sudo <user>09:22
k1l_[[thufir]]: no, put him into the sudo group.09:22
PhotonEven my mouse not moving09:23
EriC^^that adds him to the sudo group [[thufir]]09:23
k1l_Photon: and you dont have 8gb ram.09:23
thekrynn_is it possible to have updatedb keep track of what is a file or what is a directory (i notice they dont include trailing slashes)09:23
PhotonI have 8GB09:24
Ice_StrikeDoes Ubuntu Server 16 come with php 7?09:24
k1l_Photon: not in the top output you showed09:24
PhotonWhy didn't directed whole ram?09:25
k1l_Photon: there it is 4gb ram.09:25
Photondirected *09:25
Photonsorry for typo09:25
mcphailIce_Strike: yes09:25
k1l_Photon: and again. you have a very high load (since you compile stuff).09:25
Ice_StrikeHow do I upgrade from Ubuntu 14 to 16?09:26
k1l_Ice_Strike: it still needs like a week to rule out all LTS upgrade bugs. if you cant wait you can use the developer upgrade with -d09:26
Photonk1l_ You thinking why didn't detected my whole memory's?09:26
Ice_Strikek1l_  I should be fine, it is development server not for production09:27
k1l_Photon: i dont know. look into the bios if that is detecting 8gb09:27
Ice_StrikeSo I am ok09:27
Photonok tnx09:27
phionaMonkeyDust: yes. i have already enabled text wrapping long time ago. its just today ive noticed that it doesnt wrap.09:28
MonkeyDustphiona  you're right, it doesnt...09:29
=== zoe__ is now known as zoesummers
MonkeyDustphiona  i take that back, it does wrap here09:31
datcraphi, can you guys pls assist me with network manager and openvpn09:32
datcrapi am running ubuntu 16.04 mate09:32
datcrapi have installed apt-get install network-manager-openvpn09:33
datcrapbut i cant see the openvpn in add connection in network manager09:33
phionaMonkeyDust:  what did you do?09:37
loganleenearly 2000 ppl here ;o09:40
loganleebut so quiet09:40
k1l_loganlee: its a support channel. for social chat we have #ubuntu-offtopic :)09:41
lucido-cwlk1l_, thanks, it worked!09:43
MonkeyDustphiona  i typed a long line of 1 letter, 'aaaa', then added a space somewhere in the middle and it wrapped, made 2 lines09:45
Mika_Hot to install apparmor and I want white list.09:50
Mika_How to install apparmor and I want the white list?09:51
phionaMonkeyDust: could you try it on a lorem ipsum generator??09:52
Photonk1l_ You was totally right09:53
PhotonThat was ram problems09:53
ducasseMika_: apparmor should be installed by default09:54
=== Mikerhinos_ is now known as Mikerhinos
Mika_ducasse, I want wite list09:54
Mika_ducasse, I want white list09:54
k1l_Mika_: and what is the issue now?09:55
ducasseMika_: what white list?09:56
Mika_ducasse, firewall per app09:56
k1l_Mika_: what is the issue? set default deny and make whitelist rules09:56
Mika_k1l_, how??09:57
ducasseMika_: read the manual09:57
Mika_ducasse, its hard09:57
MonkeyDustphiona  done, nulla quaestio, no problem, it wraps09:57
ducasseMika_: so you want someone else to do it for you?09:57
Mika_ducasse, yes^^09:58
k1l_Mika_: start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppArmor09:58
ducasseMika_: that's not how things work. read the manual.09:58
Mika_ducasse, and why apparmor and not selinux Ubuntu use?09:59
Mika_ducasse, because NSA?09:59
k1l_no, that is FUD09:59
aqui1a_Seemingly since the update, whenever I try to play a video in VLC media player, it's all... distorted and glitchy. It's hard to explain really. Could someone tell me how to fix this?10:02
lego37can I post a link for test ?10:02
MonkeyDustlego37  this is a support channel, not a test channel10:03
Mika_k1l_, what you mean?10:03
k1l_fud = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.10:04
ducasseMika_: there is nothing wrong with selinux. at least not in the sense you think.10:04
Mika_k1l_, I know10:05
aqui1a_wtf lego?10:05
Mika_so NSA ok10:05
aqui1a_I bloody clicked on that link for some reason, how stupid of me.10:06
aqui1a_I think it's some dodgy site to get your Steam details or something.10:06
Mika_Apparmor installed by default but how enable white list?10:06
k1l_Mika_: no, its not because NSA10:06
Kartagisk1l_: in this case, test == ad10:06
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
Mika_k1l_, white list?10:06
ducasseMika_: you need to write rules.10:06
k1l_Mika_: please read into the technics before you just say something that is not true10:06
ducasseMika_: and you need to do it yourself.10:07
_sdx_hi everyone, does anyone know how to solve suspend freeze on 16.04 ?10:07
Mika_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppArmor there no about white list10:07
k1l_Mika_: an i linked a startingpoint for apparmor. please read into the program. you need to know what to do because you need to make rules for every program on your own afterwards10:07
Mika_Man fron apparmor said white list by default10:07
Mika_If Ill install apparmor10:08
MonkeyDustMika_  start here https://www.powerpbx.org/content/simple-iptables-firewall-whitelist-blacklist-v110:08
aqui1a_Seemingly since the update, whenever I try to play a video in VLC media player, it's all... distorted and glitchy. It's hard to explain really. I've reinstalled it and searched the internet but couldn't find a solution there. Could someone tell me how to fix this?10:08
Mika_I need ban all programs10:08
Mika_What rule?10:08
Mika_but few programs allow10:08
ducasseMika_: you need to read the manual and write rules, we've told you many times now.10:09
Mika_[10:01] <poodleman> Mika_: apparmor takes whitelisting-approach by default (if profile is in enforce mode: things not explicity allowed are denied)10:09
Mika_And ubuntu crashed default config10:10
counterfeithow is ufw when you set it up?  does it by default just block all ports that ubuntu isn't currently using when you enable?10:11
Mika_k1l_, Ubuntu 9?   7 years old10:11
k1l_counterfeit: in general ports are only used if there is a program listening on that specific port. so if there is no program listening on port 3000 its not open anyway10:12
phionaMonkeyDust: ok i found it. it seems someone resized the window bigger than the screen. LOL. thanks.10:12
counterfeitah ha10:12
jophishHi all10:17
jophishI need to downgrade from 16.04 to 15.1010:17
BluesKajHiyas all10:17
jophishUsually this wouldn't be a problem. I'd delete everything aside from /home and run the installer again10:18
k1l_jophish: downgrade is not possible10:18
jophishthe problem is that I have full disk encryption on. I don't know how that will interact10:18
jophishk1l_: Usually this wouldn't be a problem. I'd delete everything aside from /home and run the installer again10:18
counterfeityeah I've ran an intensive nmap on localhost and looked good.10:19
k1l_yeah.  reinstall is the only solution10:19
MonkeyDustjophish  15.10 will be dead this month, you'd have to change release again (14.04 or 16.04)10:19
BluesKajjophish,  tell us why you think you need to revert10:19
loganleehow to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04?10:19
jophishXilinx's Vivado software doesn't run on 16.0410:20
BluesKajloganlee,  check the update manager10:20
loganleeBluesKaj, will it break the system?10:20
akikjophish: it's probably supported on red hat/centos10:21
BluesKajno it will upgrade your system from LTS to LTS if you have the option enabled, loganlee10:21
k1l_loganlee: the LTS upgrade will be opened next week after the last bug testing. you can use the developer upgrade with -d if you need it now10:22
jophishakik: everyone here has experience with debian or ubuntu, we've not used centos for a long time10:22
jophishso we'd prefer to stick to ubuntu10:22
jophishgoing back to my original question. Is it possible to install 15.10 on a disk which is already encrypted?10:23
k1l_jophish: did you ask them to make a version for 16.04?10:23
ubuntu14-04Hi, I am using Ubuntu 14.04, will "do-release-upgrade" work for me or have to apply "do-release-upgrade -d"?q10:23
jophishk1l_: hahah, no. I don't think they're interested10:23
k1l_ubuntu14-04: the LTS upgrade will be opened next week after the last bug testing. you can use the developer upgrade with -d if you need it now10:23
ubuntu14-04k1l_: thanks a lot, :)10:24
ubuntu14-04k1l_: will do that after next week then, :)10:24
k1l_jophish: i dont know why they should not be interested. did you ask them?10:24
akikjophish: actually the install document mentions ubuntu 14.0410:25
akikjophish: http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/xilinx2015_1/ug973-vivado-release-notes-install-license.pdf10:25
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MonkeyDustFYI: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/07/ubuntu-16-04-1-lts-released-upgrade10:26
jophishIt's working on 15.10 too10:26
BluesKajk1 i was informed the official point release for 16.04 was yesterday10:26
damolimaHow do I flush DNS cache in 16.04?10:26
ducasseBluesKaj: yes, but the upgrade path isn't open until they are sure there aren't any major bugs.10:28
BluesKajthey shouldn't advertize the wrong date then ducasse10:29
jophishgoing back to my original question. Is it possible to install 15.10 on a disk which is already encrypted?10:30
jophish(keeping directories such as /home)10:30
jophishreinstalling and keeping /home works very well for disks without encryption, but I can't find any info suggesting that it's possible on an encrypted disk10:31
ducasseBluesKaj: i think it was more a miscommunication, where it wasn't properly understood that .1 would not open the upgrade path by itself.10:34
ducassejophish: you should be able to just reformat the mapper device, yes.10:34
_sdx_does anyone know how to solve suspend freeze on 16.04 ?10:34
akikjophish: maybe this guide can help? http://www.pavelkogan.com/2014/05/23/luks-full-disk-encryption/10:35
Mika_Apparmor have only one config? /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.tcpdump10:35
jophishthanks akik10:35
k1l_BluesKaj: we asked the release team and they said they need one more week for testing10:35
jophishthanks akik10:36
jophishducasse: sorry, I didn't quite understand that10:36
=== ogaday is now known as Ogaday
ducassejophish: in short, 'yes, you should be able to' ;)10:37
k1l__sdx_: depends on the exact errors you get in the logs.  most times its due to hardware drivers/modules not beeing started in the proper manner (like the driver is loaded but the hardware is not ready)10:37
kikko037developer c++?10:38
MonkeyDustkikko037  type   /j ##c++10:38
kikko037MonkeyDust: thanks  :)10:38
_sdx_k1l_: should i check /var/log/syslog ?10:47
k1l__sdx_: yes10:47
baakohi i ran this command    usermod -g customer -d /home/custimer/headfirst lee i want to undo it10:55
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
ikoniauserdel -r lee10:59
ikoniaoh wait10:59
ikoniasorry - you're modifying not adding a user11:00
ikoniajust usermod back to how it was11:00
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samy__Hi, everyone I installed Ubuntu 15.04 in my laptop with AMD graphic card. When it goes on standby then I get a black screen. The screen resumes with a click but when I use my touchpad the black screen returns11:01
samy__Is it a bug?11:01
ikonia15.04 is EOL11:01
ikoniaand not supported11:01
samy__I know but I had 15.04 that moment so I installed it. Why is this issue due to?11:02
ikoniait's not supported, meaning we don't support it11:03
ikoniause a supported release11:03
ducassesamy__: upgrade or reinstall.11:03
MonkeyDustsamy__  use 14.04 or 16.11:04
MonkeyDustsamy__  use 14.04 or 16.04, then ask again11:04
samy__so only LTS support is provided?11:05
ducassesamy__: 15.10 goes eol in a week.11:05
akira42hello; I'm using 14.04 LTS, shouldn't I be able to upgrade to 16.04.1 now, as the release of 16.04.1 was yesterday?11:05
MonkeyDustsamy__  they are both supported, yes11:05
ikoniano, non-LTS is fine, as long as the release is still in support/not EOL11:05
ikoniaakira42: the upgrade process will be made available in a week or two11:06
MonkeyDustakira42  one more week11:06
ikoniaakira42: additional testing is happening11:06
samy__Also I was building a project apk in Qt but I am getting this error /Android/android-ndk/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-g++: Command not found11:06
samy__what do I need to install?11:06
akira42ikonia: eh okay, thanks for the answer11:06
ikoniasamy__: yes, on a non-supported distro11:06
ikoniasamy__: we do not support your release11:06
k1l_samy__: no. but 14.10 and 15.04 are dead. 15.10 is dead in near future. installing one of thos is just pointless now.11:06
samy__yep I am going for 16.04. Can you tell me the above error soulution? Its in Ubuntu Gnome 16.0411:07
ikoniawe do not support your release11:07
ikoniaplease stop asking for support on it11:07
samy__I have 16.04 with this error /Android/android-ndk/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-g++: Command not found11:07
ikoniasamy__: please don't lie11:07
ikoniasamy__: that will get you removed from the channel11:07
samy__I am serious :( That was a friend's laptop who is new to Linux11:08
ikoniaI don't believe you11:08
samy__what I can do to prove you then :P11:08
samy__ikonia: Here you go https://paste.kde.org/pe90pnyf6 :P11:11
samy__I was not lying11:11
ikoniaok - so the answer is you get that package from whatever provides it - which is not an ubuntu package11:12
samy__I did sudo apt-get install arm-linux-androideabi-g++ but thats not a package11:12
ikoniaas I've just said11:12
ducassesamy__: we don't really support android development either, this error does not come from anything in the ubuntu repos afaict11:14
samy__ducasse: I thought I am missing a package that I could get from the repo.11:15
ducassesamy__: not that i can find.11:16
samy__I thought its a g++ compiler for android or something like that11:17
ducassesamy__: if you downloaded an android sdk it would most likely be part of that.11:17
trepidaciousI can never remember where bash profile is (to add to path) on 16.04? I just remember it keeps moving, and a googlesearch will probably tell you the wrong place :)11:17
InnerCodeHi, Is there a way to convert LXC 1.* containers to LXC 2.0?11:18
ducassetrepidacious: ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile11:18
abhinavhow to completely remove evolution calendar and everything evolution?11:18
trepidaciousducasse: Is either one preferred? I think .profile rings a bell?11:19
ducassetrepidacious: .bashrc is just for bash, any shell should source .profile iirc.11:20
abhinavit says evolution is not installed. but we can see calender and other evolution stuff in system monitor11:20
trepidaciousducasse: Thanks, I'll use that.11:20
ducasseInnerCode: i don't think so, but ask in #ubuntu-server11:21
InnerCodeducasse: thanks11:21
ducasseabhinav: i think there are some other components that require the evolution data server, that might be what you're seeing.11:22
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pictionaryhi all - I've got laptop with 16.04 and btrfs root disk. Quite frequently now it panics during boot. To fix I simply mount and unmount the root disk after booting from alternate media. I've got a screenshot of the backtrace - where should I go from here?11:24
pictionaryBacktrace says the issue is not being able to mount root fs11:24
ducassepictionary: i would either file a bug or ask in #btrfs11:25
pictionaryducasse: ok - cheers11:25
moe2486hi guys, issue with installing ubuntu after replacing internal hard drive11:32
moe2486please help11:33
cerionwhat issue ?11:33
percusi need some help11:34
ducasse!ask | percus11:34
ubottupercus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:34
moe2486i recently replaced my internal hard drive with a new one i brought off the internet, first question is there anything i should do before physically replacing it11:34
moe2486the old one no longer works11:35
abhinavhow to completely remove evolution calender, addressbook, source ??11:35
ducasseabhinav: did you read what i wrote above?11:35
abhinavducasse: no. it was not highlighted.11:36
abhinavducasse: ok it was. i missed that.11:36
percusI have win10 and I need to install ubuntu11:36
abhinavducasse: how to find out which are those other components?11:36
moe2486i get the com32 error and after i get through it, i get a screen full of errors trying to boot from usb11:36
ducasseabhinav: evolution-data-server-common might be one of them, look for installed packages relating to evolution.11:37
abhinavducasse: in my terminal nothing autocompletes evolution11:37
ducasseabhinav: dpkg -l | grep evolution11:38
moe2486is it possible that the new hard drive i bought is not compatible with my computer?11:38
ducassemoe2486: did you reinstall?11:38
ducassepercus: just write the ubuntu image to a usb and follow the instructions on ubuntu.com11:39
k1l_percus: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows11:40
moe2486i'm not sure what you mean ? i'm trying to install after loading image of 16.04 onto my usb11:40
ducassemoe2486: ok. are you sure cables are properly attached?11:41
moe2486yes pretty sure, it was pretty easy removing the old one and putting the new one in.11:42
blackmoon2016c est quoi àa11:43
moe2486no cables anyway, it was for a laptop11:43
minimecblackmoon2016: Hi11:43
ducassemoe2486: what kind of laptop?11:43
blackmoon2016i need help11:43
moe2486acer aspire 574011:44
minimecblackmoon2016: Just ask the question. Someone here mightknow the answer11:44
moe2486i previously had 14.04 installed with basically no issues other than the hard drive dying lol11:44
ducassemoe2486: and you are trying to install 16.04 now?11:45
ducassemoe2486: can you try 14.04 to see if that still works?11:45
ducassemoe2486: that could help in narrowing down the problem.11:46
=== Bent0_ is now known as Bent0
Tin_mani thought he just installed a new drive, how would he have 14.04 on it?11:48
moe2486i cant get through the bios though, after i get through the com32 error by typing help enter enter it just hangs with errors.11:48
moe2486before replacing the hard drive this worked11:48
Tin_mancan you load a live version of Ubuntu from your dvd?11:49
ducassemoe2486: if you get errors from the bios then you have hardware or firmware problems.11:49
moe2486its not from the bios itself, i can get through that but straight after it just hangs with errors.11:50
moe2486also the num lock light flashes11:50
ducassemoe2486: sounds like the drive is faulty or not connected properly.11:51
moe2486i thought the issue might be because the new hard drive is not compatible11:51
Tin_mani'd say your new drive is not install properly or not configured right11:52
Tin_manis it a SSD?11:52
moe2486is there anything i should have done to the new hard drive before installing it ?11:52
ducassemoe2486: if it's a sata drive it's compatible. it might still be broken or not connected properly.11:53
moe2486not ssd replaced a 640 gb with a 750 gb same price lol11:53
Tin_mandid your bios see the drive?11:53
ducassemoe2486: try asking in ##hardware, you might need to register first.11:54
blackmoon2016my vmawre can t be run help11:54
ducasseblackmoon2016: we don't support vmware, vmware does.11:54
minimecblackmoon2016: Ok. Do you get an error message? Like missing kernel module?11:54
moe2486yes my bios did see the drive, i remember toshiba coming up old one was wd11:54
moe2486what do you mean register11:55
Tin_manwith the channel11:55
blackmoon2016somthing like this11:55
ducasse!register | moe248611:55
ubottumoe2486: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:55
blackmoon2016it a mess here11:56
bazhang#vmware blackmoon201611:57
percushow do you install ubuntu without destroying current partition?12:00
ducassepercus: resize it from windows to create free space for ubuntu.12:00
abhinavpercus: just dont touch current partition?12:00
abhinavjust install it in free space? without touch the partion you worry about?12:01
nrdbThe alternative ISO used to have a LTSP option.  What happened to these ISO images?  Can I download them from somewhere?12:07
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
ducassenrdb: the only images now are desktop, server and minimal afaik12:11
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
iorialubuntu has still alternate ...12:13
megamanx1978I am having issues getting some Steam games running my system specs are AMD FX 8core 4.0 Ghz, 32GB Ram, and Radeon RX480 with AMDGPU-PRO driver.12:14
ducassemegamanx1978: try #ubuntu-steam12:15
percushow do you install ubuntu without destroying current partition?12:19
ducassepercus: weren't you just told?12:19
megamanx1978ducasse there are not very many people in ubuntu-steam to help12:19
percuswas not clear instruction12:20
ducassepercus: "just install in free space" is pretty clear.12:20
ducassemegamanx1978: then wait for someone to help, they are also just volunteers.12:20
megamanx1978percus Try the something else partition option to do manual partitioning12:21
megamanx1978That room is almost dead only 23 people and no response vs 1910 people in this room12:22
megamanx1978I might as well be talking to the wall12:23
ducassemegamanx1978: nobody responded here either, and #ubuntu-steam is the right place for your question12:23
percustrue, so many people cant help12:24
gvvgHi - I just installed 16.04 server on a lenovo tiny desktop - I have no audio - any suggestions?12:25
ducassegvvg: the first thing to check is that your sound device is not muted.12:26
megamanx1978When I can help someone I do no matter what room I am in. People not willing to help is one big reason many people are not on Linux12:27
tewardI assume the 14.04 -> 16.04 upgrade path is still not enabled?12:27
gvvg ducasse I'm using fluxbox - is there any command from the command line to verify if the sound device is detected?12:27
ducassegvvg: you can try alsamixer or pavucontrol12:27
mcphailteward: apparently not for a while yet, until bugs are squashed12:28
ioriateward, nope12:28
ducassemegamanx1978: if nobody responds, is because nobody has any suggestions. we're volunteers, remember.12:28
gvvgducasse: sudo apt-get install alsamixer "E: Unable to locate package alsamixer" not sure what to install12:29
gvvgif I do a dmesg - what do I grep for to identify the sound card? device12:29
ducassegvvg: should be installed, it's in alsa-utils12:30
ducassegvvg: you can do 'lspci -k'12:30
gvvgalsamixer loads - how to I have it play a sound?12:32
gvvgit says Card: HDA Intel HDMI Item S/PDIF12:32
ducassegvvg: press f6, you should get a menu of your devices.12:33
gvvgyes it shows HDA Intrel HDMI and INTEL PCH12:33
megamanx1978gvvg I am assuming your computer is connected via HDMI?12:33
ducassegvvg: select intel pch12:34
gvvgyes now how to test playback?12:34
ducassegvvg: do you get volume bars, or do they say 'MM' at the bottom?12:34
gvvgmaster volume was zero I've maxed it12:34
ducassegvvg: ok, now try to play sound from an application.12:35
megamanx1978gvvg Try playing some music or something to test the sound12:35
mhoneycan an iscsi lun be setup on top of an lvm logival volume?12:38
ducassemhoney: you'd better try #ubuntu-server, they are much more likely to know.12:40
mhoneythanks ducasse12:41
Ntemishey guys12:43
sly01_I have question ?12:43
sly01_anyone online here ?12:44
Ntemisi want to ask a question: if i install kodi on Xenial server 16.04.1 will i have support for my HD8330 gpu on kodi?12:44
Ntemiscurrently i am login with ssh12:44
OerHeksNtemis, sure, with the open driver12:45
ducasseNtemis: are you going to use it as a media server?12:45
yungBLUDHello, can anyone help me with installing ubuntu alongside windows 10? I need to manually do the partitions as it doesn't come up with an option to install alongside windows 10. I have shrunk the windows partition but I if i create the root it won't let me create anymore after that (home & swap). Something to do with only 4 main partitions?12:45
Ntemisducasse: kinda12:45
Ntemisducasse: am planning to install retroarch+lutri+kodi12:46
OerHeksyungBLUD, let ubuntu make the partitions in the free space12:46
Ntemisfor the living room12:46
yungBLUDoerheks, Sorry if it's a dumb question, but how?12:46
Ntemisi have a spare of xbox360 controllers and the microsoft xbox360 ir remote12:47
OerHeksyungBLUD, start the insall, and the menu will give that option12:47
Ntemisi hope it works on ubuntu without much fiddle around12:47
yungBLUDoerheks, All auto installation options use the entire disk and get rid of windows. My other option is manual.12:47
yungBLUDoerheks,  Guided - use entire disk, Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM, Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM12:48
ducasseyungBLUD: if this disk uses mbr partitions, you can only have four primary partitions. you need to create a logical partition and extended partitions inside that.12:50
OerHeksif the installer does not see the windows install, there must be something going on with UEFI12:50
yungBLUDducasse, is this something i need to do outside of the installation? with gparted in windows possibly?12:50
yungBLUDoerheks, i believe windows is installed just bios not uefi so i have to do the same with this installation it said12:51
ducasseyungBLUD: you should be able to inside the installer, just make sure to change one partition from primary.12:51
Ntemislovely my upgrade to 16.04.1 is smooth12:51
ducasseyungBLUD: (a new partition, that is)12:52
percusnew partition?12:52
Ntemisam on manual MATE 1.8.2 on 14.04.4 will i have mate desktop when i reboot after upgrade is finished?12:53
BluesKajNtemis,  yes12:53
Ntemisoh great12:53
Ntemisno unity , you sure?12:54
BluesKajupgrade over the 'net Ntemis , correct?12:54
Ntemisupgrade -d12:54
Ntemishad to push it12:54
Ntemisi dont want unishit12:55
BluesKajthen you'll be fine Ntemis, it upgrades your existing packages , whch includes the desktop12:55
yungBLUDducasse, i'm a bit lost. Do i need to create a primary partition that can then be split to include root, swap & home?12:55
Ntemisgreat thanks12:55
boj_I am looking for a help to configure proxy in ubuntu server..Can someone advise?12:55
Ntemishrm hmm this will take a while as it seems12:56
ducasseyungBLUD: you can have only four primary partitions, but one of them can be a logical partition that can be split up in extended partitions.12:56
yungBLUDducasse, ahhhh i think i am following you. I have just found this youtube video which i think shows what you are telling me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGdrQxA0E6g12:57
BluesKajNtemis,  yes, depending your internet speed and the load on the servers...it's probly quite high today12:57
bluesfreak72Hi there - I'm running 16.04 and the Google Chrome browser.  I booted up yesterday and the font size went huge only on Chrome.  I've looked in settings and advanced settings.  There is nothing to adjust the font size.  I've tried closing and opening the browser as well as rebooting.  Please help.12:57
ducassebluesfreak72: ctrl+mouse wheel, maybe?12:58
yungBLUDducasse, he seems to not make a home directory and he makes both the root and swap logical. Does this seem normal?12:59
bluesfreak72ducasse:  This is a laptop.  I only have the touchpad.12:59
ducasseyungBLUD: it doesn't really matter which partitions are logical. a separate partition for home can be a good idea, imo.12:59
yungBLUDducasse, I have 500~gb what would you recommend splitting the partitions? I have 8gb ram so I have read its a good idea to have double that for the swap. Thanks for your help btw I really appreciate it13:00
kyHow do I enable autologin on 16.04? Bypass all password requirements13:00
kyNevermind, got it. Thanks13:01
yungBLUDducasse, also shall i make all 3 (root, swap, home) logical?13:01
bluesfreak72ducasse:  I tried that using the 2-finger mouse.  The font went big on the tabs and on the bookmarks bar.  It doesn't adjust that.13:01
ducasseyungBLUD: you can, it should make no difference.13:02
ducassebluesfreak72: ok, it was just a guess. sorry, i don't use chrome.13:02
bluesfreak72ducasse:  Thanks for the suggestion.  Anybody else have a suggestion?13:03
Guest7710hey guys13:05
Guest7710does anyone have any experience with using logitech g300s with ubuntu?13:05
thermomanfresh install of 16.04 - there is no software update icon in notification bar but instead a popup that does nothing when being clicked on - how to fix that?13:08
borisetoIn Ubuntu, are snaps being updated by the gnome-software (ubuntu) store?13:11
Guest7710nobody using a logitech mouse here? :(13:22
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=== Heisen is now known as Heisen88
minimecGuest7710: I don't see any problem with your mouse. You might have to configure the buttons with the 'xbindkeys' software. that's all. I never had problems with any Logitech mouse at all under linux, although now I have Krone XTD13:25
Guest7710thanks i will check that :)13:25
ddoobbHi. Can a live USB of Ubuntu 16.04 be used to upgrade a 14.04 installation? I can't use the update manager because internet isn't available on this machine.13:26
ducasseGuest7710: is this one of those mice that sends keyboard presses instead of button events?13:26
Guest7710not sure, mouse moves the pointer and scrolls up/down. buttons do nothing though13:27
ducasseGuest7710: type 'xev' in a terminal, move the pointer into the window that appears, and press the buttons, does the output say keypress or buttonpress?13:29
=== Karunamon|2 is now known as Karunamon
majnoonHas interesting problem13:29
Guest7710only motionnottify13:30
Guest7710doesn't even care that i click13:30
majnoonupdated chrome can't run it on main account but using xhost can use it as another user13:31
ducasseGuest7710: nothing at all? then that is odd, i've never seen that before. if linux doesn't see any keypress/button events you basically need a driver for that mouse.13:32
majnoonrunning it in xterm get 'Aborted (core dumped)  and that all13:32
minimecGuest7710: http://askubuntu.com/questions/152297/how-to-configure-extra-buttons-in-logitech-mouse13:32
Harishello all13:34
Hariswhat's the server pkg for dovecot on 14.4 LTS ?13:34
minimecGuest7710: When using xev, you have to move the mouse cursor into the window that opens. Just use 'xev', move the mouse into the window and pres the buttons. You should get some info in the terminal window then.13:36
Guest7710i do get some info13:36
minimecHaris: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/dovecot-core13:36
ducasseGuest7710: but only motion events?13:36
Harisit doesn't install the init script ?13:37
Guest7710but only for moving the mouse. i also get all the info about what i am doing when i use my touchpad. with the mouse only motion events though13:37
ddoobbAlso my installation starts doing weird shit like this after a while. Will updating help? http://imgur.com/a/GqSbY13:37
ducasseGuest7710: did you click inside the small white window?13:38
Guest7710yes i clicked inside the window. when i click with the mousepad, it's okay. when i click with the mouse, nothing13:39
ducasseGuest7710: then it is as i said, that mouse does something weird, and probably requires a driver on windows too.13:39
Guest7710hmm. i found this website http://linux-drivers.net/index.php?p=mouse&s=logitech&j=Logitech%20Optical%20Gaming%20Mouse%20G300%20(RTL)%20USB%209btn-Roll%20(910-002359-3430)13:41
Guest7710you think it is reliable?13:41
ducasseGuest7710: that looks suspicious.13:42
ducasseGuest7710: _very_ suspicious.13:42
Guest7710yeah i thought so. this is frustrating :p .. mostly because fixes for g300 doesnt seem to work for g300s13:43
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minimecGuest7710: Have a look here http://askubuntu.com/questions/63283/logitech-g300-not-working-on-ubuntu/39941813:44
ducasseGuest7710: if the mouse doesn't generate any button events there is nothing to remap. all you can do is really to hope for a driver being reverse-engineered.13:44
Guest7710i tried lomoco, it sees the mouse but says Unsupported Logitech device: Unknown13:45
minimecGuest7710: I would also test this http://askubuntu.com/a/8044213:45
Guest7710afraid to say, i also did that :(13:46
blackmoon2016i am hacker13:50
ducasseGuest7710: then there isn't a lot you can do, i'm afraid.13:50
ducasseblackmoon2016: i am root. tremble!13:50
* DArqueBishop trembles.13:50
Guest7710can you hack my mouse13:50
blackmoon2016whats ur pb13:50
Guest7710its being a dickhead13:51
ducasseblackmoon2016: j/k13:51
minimecGuest7710: Oh boy. If there is one myth that existed for me until today, then it was Logitech and Linux compatibility! I have about a dozen Logitech devices here... Speakers, wireless keyboard/headphones/mouse, webcams, even USB hubs... Yours is the first device that is not Linux compatible.13:52
Guest7710i tend to be extremely unlucky when it comes to having unique and stupid errors :p13:53
ducasseminimec: i have another logitech mouse that sends keyboard presses instead of button events.13:54
OerHeks!info axe13:54
ubottuaxe (source: axe): Text editor for X. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6.1.2-16.2 (xenial), package size 133 kB, installed size 383 kB13:54
minimecducasse: That is not a problem. My Kone XTD does that too if I remember well.13:55
ducasseminimec: not a problem, just inconvenient :)13:56
ducasse!pm | blackmoon201613:56
ubottublackmoon2016: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.13:56
blackmoon2016so who can i had pb with maltego to find people on fb13:58
ikoniawhat ??14:01
blackmoon2016i have pb with maltego14:01
ikoniapb pb ?14:01
ikoniawhat is pb14:01
ikoniajust clearly state your problem - don't use words like "pb"14:02
blackmoon2016i can t find more info about people on maltego like memer of facbook14:03
blackmoon2016ikonia have u an answer for me14:03
ducasseblackmoon2016: that is not an ubuntu problem.14:03
blackmoon2016i am frcophone sorry for my bad english14:03
ikoniaI have no idea what maltego is14:03
blackmoon2016why just ubuntu14:03
ducasseikonia: data-mining thingamajig14:03
Piciblackmoon2016: because this is #ubuntu14:04
blackmoon2016i am using backbox14:04
ducasseblackmoon2016: Not Our Problem™14:04
ikoniaok - so %101 nothing to do with ubuntu14:04
Pici!backbox | blackmoon201614:04
ubottublackmoon2016: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.14:04
blackmoon2016so why back box is usfull by ubuntu and debian14:06
ikoniait's nothing to do with ubuntu14:06
blackmoon2016no that not true14:06
ducasseit is, though.14:07
blackmoon2016so why i go alwaus on ubuntu documention a find the same command and the same solutions14:07
ducasseblackmoon2016: why not just use ubuntu, then?14:08
pvihi all, does anybody know, when this patch will arive at ubuntu 14.04 repos? https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1194814:09
ubottubugzilla.samba.org bug 11948 in DCE-RPCs and pipes "Total dcerpc response payload more than 0x400000" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:09
blackmoon2016ubuntu is so bad he does not have a tools for hacking14:10
blackmoon2016pardon it doesnt14:10
blackmoon2016had tool s14:10
blackmoon2016for hacking14:10
ducassebazhang: so, it's different. see?14:10
ducasseblackmoon2016: ^14:11
ducassebazhang: sorry.14:11
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Driver_Hello, quick question, why isn't 16.04.1 on http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts ?14:13
blackmoon2016alabama is state in usa14:13
Driver_this is causing do-release-upgrade not finding 16.04.114:13
ducasseDriver_: the release team needs a week more for testing.14:14
Driver_erm... isn't 16.04.1 supposed to be 16.04 fully tested ?14:14
ikoniathe upgrade process, not the OS14:14
Piciand yes, we were expecting it today too... oh well, another week isn't a big deal.14:15
Driver_so it will only be available on July 28th, right ?14:15
ikoniathats the target14:15
ikonianext week14:15
pauljw_vmwhen it's ready14:15
ikoniaif they find problems, who knows14:15
tewardikonia: pici: target for the 14.04 -> 16.04.1 upgrade path is next week (EOL date of Wily)?14:16
akikhow about clean install of 16.04.1? that's ready?14:17
Driver_Please start including those dates in the Roadmap14:17
ikoniaakik: totally14:18
pauljw_vmDriver_, we're just end users like you14:18
Driver_ok ok14:18
Driver_didn't notice14:18
Guest7710!pm minimec i think i have an idea14:18
ubottuGuest7710: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
Driver_where do i request that ?14:18
ikoniaGuest7710: ?14:19
ikoniaDriver_: log a bug14:19
ikoniait's a fair request14:19
Driver_you've been very helpful14:19
akikGuest7710: a private message is sent with /msg nick14:19
Guest7710i will configure the mouse in a windows pc, then use it on ubuntu. maybe the reason it doesnt send any button events is there is a problem with the mouse configurations14:20
ducasseGuest7710: worth a shot if it's programmable.14:20
Guest7710i remember it was.. i will post the result :)14:21
ducasseGuest7710: good luck :)14:21
minimecGuest7710: That is worth a try in case that the configuration prfiles are stored on the mouse. Maybe that works. My Kone XTD has such profiles stored on the mouse, but I never configured them.14:21
dgarstangCan I get minimal ubuntu AMI's from somewhere?14:23
ikoniaamazon market place14:23
dgarstangikonia: Can't seem to find minimal ones14:25
ikoniaminimal ?14:25
dgarstangikonia: Something like the debian minimal ones14:25
matrix_hi guys, could you suggest me a channel where to ask support for php/html? thanks14:27
ducasse!alis | matrix_14:27
ubottumatrix_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http14:27
ikonia##ph ?14:28
blackmoon2016byy les amis14:28
matrix_ikonia, sorry that channel is "invite only"14:29
matrix_anybody else could suggest something?14:30
ducassematrix_: try what ubottu wrote.14:30
matrix_ducasse, tried, nothing comes out14:31
matrix_rather than #php which is invite only14:31
ducassetry '/msg alis list #php*' for example14:31
OerHeks'invite only' .. i think you need to register with freenode ??14:32
matrix_ducasse, tried, nothing comes out14:32
=== tom is now known as Guest70550
ducassematrix_: are you registered?14:33
matrix_ducasse, I don't think so, I dunno how to do that14:33
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode14:34
Guest7710OMG it works :'(( . After almost 3 hours of google searches. it kinda feels nice :D14:35
minimecGuest7710: Nice!14:36
lol768Hi there, any idea when https://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2016-July/050321.html will become available in xorg-server for ubuntu 16.04?14:38
lol768Who's the xorg-server package maintainer?14:38
=== lol768 is now known as lol7681
=== lol7681 is now known as lol768
=== Queenslayer is now known as Guest94187
OerHekslol768, easy to find https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server14:39
SuperdawgHello.  I am running into an apt repository problem that I was hoping someone can help with.  Allow me to explain14:41
SuperdawgI am running Ubuntu 16.04 and I have an internal apt repository which has historically worked on all debian based distros I've used.14:41
SuperdawgThe latest confirmed version to work is ubuntu 15.04 (vivid).  I haven't tested it on 15.10 (wily).14:41
SuperdawgWhen I add the repository as such: echo "deb [trusted=yes] http://hostname/ref_mirrors/deb-vivid stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debmirror.list14:42
Superdawga subsequest apt-get update returns the following error from apt-show-versions: "Error: No information about packages! (Maybe no deb entries?)"14:42
SuperdawgDid the expectations change for a debian repo with 16.04?  I'm not able to find much that is helpful on the web.14:42
SuperdawgI see some differences between my mirror and an official ubuntu mirror.14:43
SuperdawgMy internal mirror houses custom built debs that I have built, so don't confuse it with a 'mirrored' official repository14:44
SuperdawgI don't have a Contents-$arch.gz in my mirror at 'dists/deb-vivid'.  I also don't have the Packages.xz or the by-hash subdir inside the dists/deb-vivid/main/binary-$arch dir14:46
SuperdawgI've tried adding/changing the option 'Acquire::GzipIndexes "false";' (which didn't exist in the apt.conf.d anywhere, as many sites mentioned with it being available in 02compress-indexes)14:50
aryellhello everybody14:52
link0802Hello. My touchpad perfectly work in gnome shell, but in Unity DE double click and click by tap don't work. Also in Unity no settings for touchpad. Can anybody help me? I burn out my brain with this problem :(14:53
ducasseSuperdawg: you could try #ubuntu-server if nobody can help you here14:54
Superdawgducasse: Sounds like a good idea.  Thanks.14:54
negevhi, after upgrading to 16.04.1 i've done:  sudo systemctl enable rc-local.service     but rc.local is still not executed on boot14:55
ducassenegev: it should be enabled by default.14:56
ducassenegev: double-check whatever you put in it to make sure there are no errors there.14:57
negevif i execute it manually there are no errors14:58
negevit just doesn't start on boot14:58
minimecnegev: Check the 'status' after boot 'sudo systemctl status rc-local.service'14:58
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BuJitsuBrownubuntu 14 lts and lg e980 i want to root can you help me please?15:07
ducasseBuJitsuBrown: root the phone?15:07
k1l_BuJitsuBrown: ask #android how to root android devices.15:07
hipitihopOn 16.04 is the docker install appears complete but is there anything else needed to fetch and run remote images ?15:08
negevhi, i've just upgraded to 16.04.1 and tor won't start using systemctl.  it says it starts, systemctl status says it started, but also that it "exited":  Active: active (exited)15:08
BuJitsuBrownyes i would like to root the phone15:08
laura_hi i need help with upgrading xubuntu15:08
ducasseBuJitsuBrown: ask in an android channel.15:08
k1l_BuJitsuBrown: that is not ubuntu specific, that is phone specific. so please ask the android guys (or whatever OS is running on that device)15:09
akiknegev: look into /var/log/tor/log for error messages15:09
laura_i have xubuntu 15.4 and want to upgrade it, but i want a fresh install15:09
BuJitsuBrownon would they know from ubuntu?15:09
laura_so i burned a live CD for xubuntu 16.415:09
laura_rebooted the computer15:09
negevakik: i did, nothing15:09
laura_and see a grub screen saying "Try Xubuntu without instaling, install Xubuntu etc" and when I pick the first option, it just takes me to a blank screen15:10
BuJitsuBrownWould they know how to work from ubuntu?15:10
laura_exactly the same thing with ubuntu live cd 16.4, except grub screen says "install Ubuntu"15:10
ducasseBuJitsuBrown: no idea, ask them.15:10
BuJitsuBrownok thnaks15:11
k1l_BuJitsuBrown: there are most times howtos for linux, yes. but the procedure is device specific15:11
hipitihoplaura_ did you mdb5sum your iso beforeburning it to cd ?15:11
akiknegev: try "/usr/bin/tor --defaults-torrc /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc -f /etc/tor/torrc --RunAsDaemon 0 --verify-config" from shell as the tor user15:12
workisfuncan anyone help me with "No network devices available" issue? I've pasted the output of various commands here http://pastebin.com/pbwRxtG915:13
laura_hipitihop: i'll admit i didnt, because i didnt know how to15:13
laura_on this computer15:13
minimeclaura_: Try to press the <tab> key when you ere in the menu and 'nomodeset' at the end of the kernel options line. Try to boot like that once.15:13
laura_minimec: thanks i'll try :)15:13
negevakik: checks out15:13
akiknegev: it starts and keeps running?15:14
akiknegev: you can see systemd errors with "journalctl -xe"15:14
hipitihoplaura_ Ok it may not be rellated but first make sure your download/iso is ok: Bottom of this page match the iso you downloaded http://releases.ubuntu.com/xenial/15:16
workisfunI've also asked the question here http://askubuntu.com/questions/801526/no-network-devices-available-ubuntu-14-04-when-wireless-previously-worked?noredirect=1#comment1209354_80152615:17
hipitihoplaura_ I'd only worry if minimec suggestion fails15:17
negevakik: looks like apparmour is stopping it15:18
akiknegev: sorry don't know anything about apparmor15:19
negevtor@default.service: Failed at step APPARMOR spawning /usr/bin/tor: No such file or directory15:20
akiknegev: did you install it from ubuntu repos or from tor project repos?15:20
virtuosojHas anyone here experimented with the new lowgfx profile on Unity in 16.04.1?15:20
virtuosojI'm wondering if enabling lowgfx unity will improve performance on my computers. Both are Intel integrated gfx, a 3000 and a 400015:21
negevakik: can't remember, it was before i upgraded15:22
akiknegev: sudo apt-cache policy tor15:22
Hulioanyone know how to start pl/sql deverloper in linux command?15:23
negevakik: i purged and reinstalled with apt, working now :)15:23
HappySomethingSoHi! I have a problem with transmission, I can't seed15:27
HappySomethingSoI don't know why15:27
HappySomethingSoI tried Deluge before and had the same problem15:28
tewardHappySomethingSo: are you on a residential internet behind a router?  Did you enable the firewall on your computer directly?15:29
HappySomethingSoteward: yes to both15:29
tewardHappySomethingSo: first issue: Router needs to port-forward the port you set in Deluge or Transmission to your computer, and you may have to go to the router admin page and do that by hand.15:30
tewardHappySomethingSo: if you don't control the router, ask the admins.15:30
tewardHappySomethingSo: second issue: you have to allow that port on the firewall on your computer itself15:30
HappySomethingSoteward: I've already forwarded the port, Transmission says it's open15:30
=== marahin is now known as Guest79363
Hulioneermind, i got it.15:31
tewardHappySomethingSo: and I assume the third issue of "A tracker has to be set that you can send to saying 'I'm seeding'" has already been addressed in your torrent file.15:31
tewardHappySomethingSo: make sure you set the firewall on your computer to accept connections on that port though15:31
akiknever mind15:31
soeecan someone confirm that minitube does not load any content from youtube?15:31
teward(i.e. `ufw allow `, etc.15:32
HappySomethingSoteward: yeah I also allowed the port on ufw15:32
OerHeksand there must be leechers to your seeds15:32
HappySomethingSoI have a personal torrent to which I am sure there are leechers and I've also tried ubuntu torrrents15:33
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: you really can't seed to anyone?  you mentioned ufw, but you also forwarded the ranges needed in your router?15:35
laura_I need help15:35
SchrodingersScat!ask | laura_15:35
ubottulaura_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:35
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: yes, I've forwarded the port I've set in transmission15:35
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
laura_In my "uefi boot services" it still lists opensuse-secureboot as an option15:36
ahrc333ffTeward: use nmap to interrogate the port on your router. If you've enabled the correct port on UFW you should be fine as well. This is interesting though as when you 'serve' a torrent the connection is outgoing as far as I know. I've not had to do any of this in the past to allow leechers to get to a torrent on my machine in any OS.15:36
laura_Eventhough i uninstalled opensuse ages ago15:36
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: and is it a range of ports?15:36
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat:  It's just one15:36
HappySomethingSothe start and end port is the same one15:36
laura_I need some help :)15:37
SchrodingersScatahrc333ff: the leechers still need to let the seeds know that they need the download, etc.15:37
laura_I think i screwed something up with the boot15:37
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: hmm, maybe see if there's a port range beyond the connecting port that needs to be forwarded.15:37
SchrodingersScatlaura_: might just need to remove it from the grub menu15:37
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: how would I know?15:37
laura_SchrodingersScat nope its listed under my BIOS boot stuff15:38
=== tarator85 is now known as tarator
laura_I dunno about grub havent seen it15:39
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/PortForwardingGuide15:39
ducasselaura_: that is probably their certificate, be careful if you attempt to remove that.15:39
SchrodingersScatlaura_: oh, oops, i haven't any experience there15:39
tewardahrc333ff: E:Mishighlight, HappySomethingSo needs the help15:39
laura_ducasse: i tried installing opensuse, it failed so i installed xububtu, it worked but opensuse secureboot is still there ubder UEFI boot options15:40
laura_Computer came with Windows 815:40
ducasselaura_: it could also be their uefi bootloader. look under /boot/efi.15:41
laura_ducasse: sorry i dont understand what u mean :( do u mean xubuntus bootloader?15:42
The_WolfI've mac powermac g5 a1047, It's running ubuntu mate... Do anybody know if there is virtual ???15:42
laura_Cos i have xubuntu 15.10 on computer15:42
laura_Wanna do a fresh install of 16.4 but i cant load up LiveCD15:42
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: the port is correctly forwarded as per the instructions in the webpage you linked me to, I checked with CanYouSeeMe15:42
ducasselaura_: no, opensuse's. that's what you were trying to get rid of, right?15:43
compdocThe_Wolf, know if there is virtual? not sure what that means15:43
The_Wolf[compdoc] with virtualbox15:43
laura_ducasse: i got rid of opensuse by doing a fresh install of xubuntu15:43
The_Wolfsorry my english is obsolete15:43
laura_But it still lists OpenSuse secureboot as an option in Bios15:43
compdocThe_Wolf, what about virtualbox?15:44
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: hmm, k, I've seen people behind consumer routers have trouble before, then someone on a vps hooks into it and suddenly the torrent completes.  you may be doing the best you can do, but I would check something like iftop to see if it's trying to connect via other ports.15:44
laura_So i think its an "empty" entry in BIOS if that makes sense15:44
ducasselaura_: yes, but the bootloader and efi variable pointing to it are still there. you can just ignore them, though.15:45
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: what does iftop do?15:45
avc #ubuntustudio15:45
The_Wolf[compdoc] install different operating systems on ubuntu15:45
negevafter upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04.1, starting services with systemd gives a spew of errors: http://pastebin.com/Pi5xReMG15:45
naccThe_Wolf: are you trying to ask if virtualbox is available?15:46
compdocThe_Wolf, well, virtualbox or kvm are fine packages for that15:46
negevwhich seem to be suggesting that i have to upgrade the init scripts myself15:46
negevwhy wasn't that handled during the upgrade?15:46
naccnegev: have you rebooted since you upgraded?15:46
negevi'm guessing the answer is "lennart must die" but would like this confirmed15:46
negevnacc: uh yeah lol15:46
The_Wolf[nacc] no en ubuntu mate15:46
naccnegev: just checking :)15:46
naccThe_Wolf: what?15:46
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: shows you network activity, I normally run sudo iftop -PBN   ; read the manual for those flags, basically non-permiscuous, Bytes not bits, and don't resolve ports.15:46
The_Wolf[nacc] no in ubuntu mate15:46
The_Wolf[nacc] es un mac runnit ubuntu mate15:46
laura_ducasse: oh ok15:47
The_Wolfis one mac running ubuntu mate nacc15:47
compdocThe_Wolf, virtualbox is available15:47
laura_I thought for a second it might affect something else15:47
MonkeyDustThe_Wolf  type nac and then hit tab to autocomplete15:47
=== ptx0 is now known as Guest87514
The_Wolf[compdoc] en powerpc? i don't see its15:47
naccThe_Wolf: none of those sentences make sense to me.15:47
ducasselaura_: no, it won't, but you can mess things up pretty badly if you try to remove it and do it wrong :)15:48
naccThe_Wolf: virtualbox is intel-compatible only15:48
negevwhat does this mean?    initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused15:48
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: ok, this is what it shows http://pastebin.com/5dYHdRyv15:48
=== ExecSlim is now known as Guest80838
sdexterI am attempting to install Ubuntu 14.04.4 and am setting up software RAID using this HOWTO (https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/advanced-installation.html_15:48
compdocThe_Wolf, you run the mac OS and ubuntu is a virtual machine on the mac?15:48
naccnegev: something is trying to talk to upstart, which won't be running in 16.0415:48
OerHekshe wants to run virtualbox on old PowerPC15:48
The_Wolfsoory my english is very outdated15:48
negevnacc: systemctl15:48
sdexterMy only problem is when I creat the partitions on each of the two drives it never gives me the option for a partition type15:48
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: my port for transmission is 5755815:48
sdexterPrimary vs Logical15:49
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: ok, see that one at the very bottom, that should be torrent, "Blocking Bittorrent is challenging, and can't really be done effectively with port blocks. The standard ports are 6881-6889"15:49
naccnegev: let me try and reproduce it, one sec15:49
The_Wolf[compdoc] no. It's running ubuntu mate, and trye to run a virtual system to put a mac osx15:49
naccThe_Wolf: virtualbox isn't built for powerpc (afaict)15:50
laura_ducasse: ok i wont try removing that then :p15:50
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: the line with 'dumbo.useed.fr:55131' is likely one too, although unsure15:50
OerHeksThe_Wolf, the osx UELA does not allow that, only virtual on OSX itself, iirc15:50
compdocThe_Wolf, I think Apple prevents you from running its operating system on anything but real apple hardware. its very stupid of them15:50
laura_The thing is though xubuntu 15.10 runs perfectly on my computer15:51
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: I think it's that one because that's the port I use for transmission  5755815:51
laura_I dont wanna upgrade15:51
nacclarrymi: 15.10 goes eol in < a week15:51
negevso is the onus on the user to convert all their upstart init scripts to systemd?15:51
negevthat's nuts15:51
naccerr, laura_ --^ sorry15:51
naccnegev: no15:51
The_Wolfso i try find out whether any other program for that15:51
naccnegev: as i just said, let me try and reproduce, please be patient15:51
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: what should I do? What does this tell me?15:51
nacclaura_: 15.10 goes eol in < a week15:52
laura_How bad is it not upgrading for a while15:52
The_WolfThis mac is obsolete just want to tinker with it to see wich party can get15:52
nacclaura_: you cease to get security updates15:52
laura_While i work something out15:52
nacclaura_: it's very not advised.15:52
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: try forwarding that range, 6881-6889, and others.  but that's just a suggestion.15:52
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat:  thing is that transmission does detect peers, but can't connect to them, if I go to torrent properties->trackerrs, I get a list of two peers15:52
The_Wolf[OerHeks] :(15:52
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: Ok I'll try that15:52
OerHeksThe_Wolf, just use it for linux and have fun with it15:53
laura_Can i just upgrade directly from updates manager15:54
laura_But im scared its gonna mess it up even more15:54
The_Wolf[OerHeks] i just want to get more out15:54
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: should I set udp or tcp?15:54
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: I believe it's tcp15:55
The_Wolf[OerHeks] i can't install a flash player to firefox15:56
ducasseThe_Wolf: doen't exist for ppc, i think.15:57
The_Wolf[ducasse] i think the same15:57
OerHeksno more flash indeed, and lots of browsers will not work15:58
The_WolfI read its15:59
The_Wolfalthough i read something there16:00
hipitihopanyone familiar with LXD setup on 16.04 ? not sure what otions to take for zfs16:02
AkuliI found a bug in ubuntu and i fixed it. where should i report the bug?16:02
TrelIs there any way to setup an SMTP relay (Postfix or SSMTP) where it requires credentials and forwards them rather than using a single defined set?16:03
nacc!bug | Akuli16:03
ubottuAkuli: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:03
Akulimaybe i should first check if its in 16.04 also16:03
naccAkuli: in 16.10 first16:03
naccAkuli: it must always be fixed in the current development release; then you backport via SRU to appropriate older releases (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates)16:04
Ice_StrikeI am using Form Request Validation (php artisan make:request) - How do I pass on custom varible if validation failed?16:04
naccnegev: upgrading right now in a lxd container, should be done shortly16:04
naccIce_Strike: wrong channel?16:04
Akuliits still in 16.1016:06
naccAkuli: ok16:07
Akulior let me check16:07
Akulithere's this main file that imports another file, and i don't see a fix in the main file which is where i'd put it if i was fixing it16:07
Akulilets check the other file16:07
negevnacc: it seems like i still have upstart scripts in /etc/init.d/..  maybe there is just some stuff that doesn't have a systemd equivalent yet?16:08
naccnegev: the presence of /etc/init.d files doesn't tell you if you're running upstart or systemd16:08
naccnegev: init-scripts are still functional in systemd, they just get magically converted to systemd at runtime16:08
naccnegev: i just upgraded a lxd from 14.04 -> 16.04.1 with tor installed, it upgraded fine and I don't see the issue you're having with systemctl :(16:09
Akuliyes, still there16:09
Akulithe bug is that if i enter a reeeeally long command to the terminal my system crashes16:09
HappySomethingSoSchrodingersScat: it didn't work16:09
Akulibecause the command-not-found package doesn't check the length of the command in any way16:10
naccAkuli: ok, please report the bug as ubottu told you earlier16:10
SchrodingersScatHappySomethingSo: welp, not sure if it's recommended, but you could become the DMZ to make sure it's not a router port issue16:10
HappySomethingSothe DMZ?16:12
negevnacc: http://pastebin.com/Pi5xReMG16:13
negevnacc: i don't think tor is the issue there though16:13
negevnacc: it seems to have issues with plexmediaserver and "screen-cleanup"16:13
HappySomethingSoI've got to go now, but I'll look into DMZ16:14
HappySomethingSothanks a bye16:14
negevnacc: /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver -> /lib/init/upstart-job     - that's probably why :|\16:14
naccnegev: i don't think plexmediaserver is an ubuntu package (at least not in 16.04)?16:15
jophishHi all. I updated the kernel on my box, and things don't boot :)16:15
jophishthe previoud kernel works well16:15
negevnacc: nah it's distributed as a .deb16:16
naccnegev: right, so can't help you there :)16:16
ducassejophish: a regular ubuntu kernel?16:16
jophishI'm using full disk encryption, and it doesn't even get to the password prompt16:16
naccnegev: ask whoever distributes it to fix their non-16.04 compatible code16:16
jophishducasse: yes16:16
jophishthis is a clean installation of 15.1016:16
ducassejophish: upgrade to 16.04.16:16
jophishThe first boot was ok. I switched to the nvidia drivers and ran apt-get update/upgrade16:16
negevnacc: fixed it by reinstalling it16:16
negevnacc: thanks for your help anyway :)16:17
tgm4883why did you do a clean install of 15.10...16:17
naccnegev: :)16:17
jophishducasse: I'm not able to do that. I have some software which requires 15.1016:17
jophishtgm4883: ^16:17
tgm4883jophish: out of curiosity, what software16:17
jophishtgm4883: the Vivado suite from Xilinx16:17
jophishit doesn't work on 16.0416:17
tgm4883jophish: sounds like you should be running 14.04 then16:18
jophishtgm4883: it seems to work fine on 15.1016:19
ducassejophish: i doubt anybody is going to care about a possible problem in 15.10 at this time...16:19
tgm4883jophish: except for when you update the kernel ;)16:19
ioriajophish, the kernel boot with nouveau ?16:19
Akulithe bug reporting system seems broken http://pasteboard.co/eBbs3XbDn.png16:20
jophishioria: you think that this could be caused by the installation order of the nvidia driver and the kernel update16:20
=== sins-_o is now known as sins-
ioriajophish, you said it booted at first ... but after installing nvidia ....16:20
=== pesari_ is now known as pesari
jophishioria: yeah, the initial boot after installation was fine. Then I installed the nvidia driver and updated the kernel16:22
ioriajophish,  which is the new kernel ? ?16:22
jophishI think I should try reinstalling it16:23
jophishto regenerate initramfs perhaps16:23
ioriajophish,  right ... sudo update-initramfs -u16:23
naccAkuli: sometimes that can happen if launchpad is loaded, i'd try again16:24
ioriajophish,  mentioned here id irc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia16:24
Akulirefreshing the page brings me back to the same thing16:24
Akulii wish everything was on github16:24
naccAkuli: well, don't refresh, as you'd just be POST'ing the same page again, no?16:24
Akulii just created an ubuntu one account16:25
naccAkuli: just use the cli tool, alternatively16:25
jophishioria: I'll give it a try, thanks16:25
Akulii used it16:25
Akuliand then i got the bug reporting url to go to16:25
ioriajophish,  good luck16:25
naccAkuli: what's the url?16:25
Akulithere's a button that says yes log me in16:25
naccAkuli: oh i see, that's not the bug url that's the login url16:26
Akuliwhen i click that i get the error page16:26
naccAkuli: gtg, sorry, someoene else should be able to help you report hte bug16:26
Akulithis url redirects me to the login page https://login.launchpad.net/JODEpSF01kIXBhzw/+decide16:26
Akulithis one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/command-not-found/+filebug/3cf9277a-5027-11e6-a580-68b5996a96c8?16:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Custom information for each translation team" [Low,Fix released]16:26
whoever_hi all16:28
whoever_on my notebook, i have a thumbdrive  plugged in, and it does not show up under mount, can somone assist16:29
Akuliwhoever_, its not going to show in mount if you dont mount it. does it show in lsblk?16:29
whoever_Akuli: yes16:30
Akulithen you should be able to mount it, but i dont know why its not mounting automatically16:30
ducassewhoever_: what format is it? you might need to install exfat-fuse.16:30
Bashing-omwhoever_: ^^ and .. do you see it kisted in " /media/<user_name>/ " ??16:31
whoever_Akuli: i thaught ubuntu auto mounted thumbrives16:31
whoever_ducasse: fat3216:31
whoever_Bashing-om: no16:32
Akulidoes someone else's ubuntu one account work for launchpad logins?16:32
universeI need some help16:33
ducasse!ask | universe16:33
ubottuuniverse: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:33
ioriawhoever_,  sudo parted -l16:33
Akuliwhoever_, you can always mount it yourself if you need to16:33
universe!ask | universe16:33
ubottuuniverse, please see my private message16:33
ioriawhoever_,   and dmesg | tail16:34
Bashing-omwhoever_: Hummm .. plug in the device .. and is there anything in the tail end of 'dmesg' ?16:34
tacomasterIf i have a intel core2duo at 2.0GHz 1.5GB of ram and an 80GB ata drive would ubuntu still run pretty smoothly on this computer or am i at the point that i should be looking for lighter alternatives?16:35
Akulii'll be back in 15 to 30 minutes16:35
Bashing-omtacomaster: For a "Good experience" is recommended at least 2 Gigs of ram .16:36
universeso I install xpdf on my lubuntu but i can't uninstall it, any help?16:36
CaffeineAddicthi, i just installed an ubuntu 16 template on proxmox ... it is just ubuntu core and I am trying to get it functional16:37
CaffeineAddictsimple things like `shutdown -r` are returning errors16:37
=== MacroMan is now known as MacroMan_away
CaffeineAddictwhat do I need to apt-get to get basic functinality16:37
Akulisudo poweroff ?16:38
minimecCaffeineAddict: 'shutdown -r now' ;)16:38
CaffeineAddictno when I do `shutdown -r now` it returns 'Failed to connect to bus: No such file or directory'16:38
cjohnsonI updated my 14.04 instance all of a sudden curl is complaining about * SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate16:39
cjohnsonI tried pulling the latest cacert.pem and specifying --cacert just to be sure, same error16:39
cjohnsoncurl --cacert ./cacert.pem -v https://storage101.ord1.clouddrive.com16:39
whoever_in dconf-editor automount is set to true16:40
whoever_but automount doesnt happen16:40
minimecCaffeineAddict: Ok. have no experience with 'ubuntu core', but 'sudo halt' and 'sudo reboot' should work too16:41
rattkingCaffeineAddict: thats a odd error to get from a fresh install16:41
CaffeineAddictits not just reboot i can go into proxmox and reboot the VM my problem is it seem like something is missing from the ubuntu 16 install ... i just dont know what16:42
CaffeineAddictits not a fresh install from a CD its like just ubunut 16 kernal w/ minimalistic setup16:42
workisfunHi guys, I'm looking for a backport for ubuntu 14.04 for my wireless that suddenly stopped working after a ninja kernel update (I think?)https://askubuntu.com/questions/762254/why-do-i-get-required-key-not-available-when-install-dkms-modules ?16:42
workisfun 16:42
CaffeineAddictim wondering what else i need to apt get to bring it up to a normal release build16:42
minimecCaffeineAddict: try to 'sudo apt install ubuntu-server' or 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure ubuntu-server'.16:43
workisfunlinux-backports-modules-wireless-cw package for ubuntu 14.04, kernel 3.1916:43
CaffeineAddictminimec: ty i  like that idea16:43
whoever_Bashing-om: no errors in dmesg |tail ,the device just doesnt auto mount16:44
CaffeineAddictminimec: ty that fixed it16:48
minimecCaffeineAddict: Nice! ;)16:48
prastutHey does anybody know about docker here? Or can direct me to a docker channel? Can't seem to connect to #docker16:48
jokkei need to install imagemagick 6.9.5 on a 16.04 LTS server16:49
jokkehow can this be achieved?16:49
ducasse!register | prastut16:49
ubottuprastut: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:49
jokkepreferably without having to compile from source16:49
Bashing-omwhoever_: IF the device were recognized by the system, them there would be such a notification in 'dmesg '. Now we want to know if the partition editor sees the device . ' sudo fdisk -lu ' in a pastebin site, please .16:51
prastutducasse: Did that.16:51
ducassejokke: if you can't find a ppa, building from source is basically your only choice16:51
SchrodingersScatjokke: there's this ppa, but it's unsupported here of course, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/imagemagick16:51
ducasse!alis | prastut16:52
ubottuprastut: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http16:52
SchrodingersScatjokke: weird, idk what's going on with those, the ones for xenial seem lower than for precise... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+source/imagemagick lol, ppas16:52
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jokkeyeah right now i've got 6.8.9 installed on the server16:54
jokkebut there seems to be a bug fix made after that16:54
jokkeand i desperately need that16:54
prastutducasse: Nothing comes after I do alis. I am doing /msg alis list #docker16:54
ducasseprastut: try wildcards, or ask for help in #freenode16:55
Flannelprastut: #docker definitely exists.16:55
prastutFlannel: I tried this /join #docker. Nothing happens, whereas I can join other channels.16:56
prastutducasse: Thanks for the help.16:57
Flannelprastut: You need to have a registered account.  Your current account isn't registered (or at least, you're not logged in)16:57
Bashing-omprastut: Try as ' /msg alis list docker ' .16:57
OerHeksprastut, anyone sees this error when not logged in> = #docker Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services16:59
workisfunhoping for some guidance here https://askubuntu.com/questions/801773/where-can-i-find-linux-backports-modules-wireless-cw-package-for-ubuntu-14-04-k17:00
Akulimy launchpad account is still not working17:04
tgm4883Akuli: you might tell them in #launchpad17:05
Akulireporting a bug has to be such a problem17:12
Akuliall i want to do is to submit a 3-line fix, and i'm not getting anywhere17:12
xyla56Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider à résoudre un Pb de paquets cassés (linux-headers-gener et linux-image-generic)?17:28
minimec!fr > xyla5617:29
ubottuxyla56, please see my private message17:29
dbromanyone here17:30
minimec!ask > dbrom17:32
ubottudbrom, please see my private message17:32
dbromI have a collection of movies that I want to to make into mkv files before I send them to storrage and ideas of program to use17:34
jason^how would one provide answers to a package that usually pops up with "package configuration" curses dialogs?17:35
tgm4883dbrom: depends on what format the movies are in to begin with17:35
ducassedbrom: handbrake, maybe?17:35
tgm4883jason^: what do you mean? You would answer it in the dialog17:35
jason^as in not to require the package config dialog and provide them via another method17:35
dbromive tries handbrake ...no love17:36
tgm4883dbrom: what does that mean17:36
jason^dbrom: avconv -i filme.mp4 -c copy filme.mkv17:37
tgm4883jason^: and if it's not an mp4 file?17:38
=== timyp_ is now known as timyp
jason^what is it?17:39
tgm4883jason^: IDK, but I think it's bad to just assume the codecs used without finding out some more info17:39
tgm4883at this point, for all we know it could be a physical disc17:40
minimecThere is the command line way ... http://mso-chronicles.blogspot.ch/2014/08/ripping-dvd-with-ffmpeg.html17:40
minimecdbrom: ^17:40
et09i did sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force, to stop lightdm from booting - now a single user can't startx.  anyone know how to repair?17:41
dbromi have tries different disks with same result17:43
minimecet09: 'sudo systemctl enable lightdm.service'?17:46
tgm4883dbrom: unless you tell us what you've tried, and exactly what you're doing, we can't really help17:47
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.17:47
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dbromI am using handbrake to rip the DVD to mkv . When I do so I get a error can not open encrypted DVD17:54
ShravanI want to have a small bootable linux os without any gui on my USB drive partition1 while I have 2nd partition FAT32 for normal USB use....is it possible17:58
akikShravan: yes you can install ubuntu on a usb stick17:59
ducassedbrom: you need libdvdcss, which might be illegal to use where you live.18:00
ShravanI am in India18:00
et09ok so my system boots to TTY and then i log in and do "startx".  that fails, it basically locks the screen on the console until i issue a quit command to xmonad, which dumps it back to console.  so xmonad is running but not capturing the display.  BUT, if i do "sudo lightdm", open lightdm, open a terminal, do sudo killall lightdm, and THEN do startx, then it works as expected.18:00
ikoniaet09: et09 what are you talking about ?18:02
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest29396
pasticcioyup hi guys18:02
ikoniaet09: what exactly are you trying to do18:02
et09im trying to have a normal console mode (tty) -> startx -> xmonad flow18:02
ikoniawhy ?18:02
ikoniaubuntu desktop starts X by default18:02
ikoniawhat is the benifit of trying to do it manually18:03
et09ok well i like it to startx with certain commands and xmonad, and not lightdm and all this unity crap18:03
et09and it works 99% of the time, but update messed something up on update18:03
et09ubuntu messed something up on update*18:03
ikoniastartx with certain commands ???18:03
et09you know18:04
ikoniaet09: what do you actually want to have running as a desktop18:04
pasticcioyou are disturbed if you it18:04
ikoniaet09: is there an ubuntu package for it (I think there is)18:04
et09ikonia: i think you don't understand, thanks for the help but ill wait for someone else18:04
pasticcioikonia,  apt-cache search will do the trick18:05
ikoniaI'm pretty sure I do understand18:05
ikoniapasticcio: I know how to search18:05
ikoniaet09: you can just change the greeeter to have the xmonad session18:05
pasticcioso what do u need18:05
ikoniapasticcio: I need nothing18:05
treatzCan anyone help me install a .so library into audacity on Ubuntu?  It seems that edit->preferences->libraries isn't there on Ubuntu!  (please I need help)18:05
pasticcioeveryone need something :)18:05
ikoniatreatz: is the library on your system18:06
ikoniawhat is the library18:06
ducasseet09: i don't quite get why you don't just use a dm, i use lightdm to start i3 and run my startup files, works fine.18:06
treatzikonia I compiled the library for my system, it is called Talented Hack18:06
ikoniaducasse: he's gone18:06
ikoniatreatz: and where is the library18:06
treatzIn its own directory inside my home directory18:06
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ikoniatreatz: so put it in a system path, and does audacity need to be linked against it, or can it be told to load dynamically18:07
treatzikonia Well we can try it and see.  What directory sounds good to you?18:08
treatzikonia Audacity is supposed to have a edit-preferences-libraries window inside it where you can add  .so files, but on ubuntu it isn't there.18:09
ikoniaI don't really want to be in a "try and see" situation18:09
ikoniabut if you put it in /usr/lib for example, most programs will check that18:09
treatzI'll try that then18:09
ikoniai suspect you won't be able to add it dynamically, but I'm not really an audicity user, so don't know18:09
ducassetreatz: #ubuntu-studio might know...18:10
treatzI moved the .so library to the directory /usr/lib18:11
treatzHow can I check if it worked? Restart?18:11
pasticcioor use lsof18:11
pasticciobut indeed dynamyc library load is not an apton18:11
pasticcioso yes you need to restart the app18:11
pasticcioand drink alcool in the meanwhile to support better the memory load18:12
ikoniawhy would he use lsof ?18:12
pasticcioikonia, couse i like it :) then he can use trace to see the lib in the app loading18:13
treatzWell nothing showed up in audacity18:13
ikoniahaving an open file does not mean it's loaded18:13
ikoniait will show nothing18:13
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StreetWitchCan anyone help me get into ubuntu-studio?18:19
StreetWitchIt is invite only.18:19
ducasse!register | StreetWitch18:19
ubottuStreetWitch: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:19
ikoniawhat's the problem ?18:19
ikoniaStreetWitch: nope, it's not18:19
StreetWitchMy nickk is registered18:19
StreetWitchCannot join #ubuntu-studio (Channel is invite only).18:20
ikoniaStreetWitch: /join #ubuntustudio18:20
DalekSec+if #ubuntustudio and you're already in the latter.18:20
StreetWitch#ubuntustudio is quiet, no one is talking at all18:21
ikoniaok ?18:21
ikoniawait for it to be active18:21
StreetWitch#ubuntu-studio is the same channel?18:21
ducasse!es | salvador_18:28
ubottusalvador_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:28
StreetWitchAnyone know anything about audacity?18:53
pushpop /join #guacamole18:54
minimecStreetWitch: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Category:Tutorial18:54
StreetWitchminimec, I need a way to install a .so file as a library plugin18:56
minimecStreetWitch: Optionally a "plug-ins" folder can be created in the home directory thus: ~/.audacity-files/plug-ins --> http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_installation_and_plug_ins.html18:58
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funilryshello :)19:19
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KuotaI can't understand how to need to use AppArmor :(19:21
=== Voldemort is now known as AvadaKedavra
ioriaKuota, well, is about politics :þ19:23
Kuotaioria, :)19:26
deanclkclk_I have a question19:30
deanclkclk_Im using npm....and I dont want to install grunt locally in my project19:31
deanclkclk_is it possible to create a symlink that when run.....grunt-cli will find grunt that's installed globally19:31
MonkeyDust!find grunt19:33
ubottuFile grunt found in angband-audio, civicrm-common, codeblocks-common, cube2-data, fish-common, freedink-data, monsterz-data, openclipart2-libreoffice, openclipart2-png, openclipart2-svg (and 8 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=grunt&mode=&suite=xenial&arch=any19:33
Hulioanyone know what is standard oracle database server port?19:33
Hulioor how to find out what oracle port number is using?19:34
tafbCan anyone help me get ddrescue-gui working on ubuntu 16.04 LTS? http://tafb.xxx/Screenshot%20from%202016-07-22%2015-29-39.png19:34
tafbafter I run apt-get I can't find it anywhere on the system19:35
OerHeksHulio, oracle got docs about that https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/install.111/b32002/app_port.htm19:35
ujsaushaving trouble getting openvpn setup with privatoria. following directions here: https://my.privatoria.net/cp/vpn/#openvpn_linux_cli but get erros connecting to conf file and not the right status output19:35
akikHulio: 1521 and/or 152619:35
ujsausis there a gui to make this easier for noobs like me?19:35
k1l_tafb: start it with alt+f2?19:36
akikHulio: if it's the database you mean19:36
tafbk1l_: I type anything in there, rescue, ddrescue-gui, gui, nothing shows up.19:36
akikHulio: other opened ports you can see with "sudo netstat -tulpan | grep LISTEN"19:36
MonkeyDusttafb  the screenshot shows that it's succesfully installed, so what's the exact issue19:37
k1l_tafb: press super+a then type "ddrescue"19:37
k1l_windows key19:38
tafbk. 1 sec19:38
tafb"Sorry, there is nothing that matches your search"19:38
akiktafb: it can be also gddrescue19:38
k1l_tafb: then ask the ppa maintainer about it19:38
tafbgddrescue shows nothing too :(19:39
tafbddrescue works (from terminal), just not ddrescue-gui19:39
akiktafb: dpkg -L ddrescue-gui will list the package contents19:40
akikdidn't know there's a gui for it19:40
tafbthe gui is freaking amazing19:40
akikif you can find it :)19:40
MonkeyDustakik  cynic19:41
tafbdpkg -L ddrescue-gui worked, want a screenshot of it?19:41
tafb usr/share/applications/ddrescue-gui.desktop?19:42
akiktafb: the binary is one of the paths. you can pastebin it19:42
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akiktafb: oh ok the command to start it will be in that .desktop file19:44
akikExec= something. although it should be visible somewhere19:45
akikprobably that DDRescue-GUI.py19:45
tafbthat's the one. How do I make an icon on the desktop for it?19:45
MonkeyDusttafb  navigate to   /usr/share/applications/ ... drag the ico to the desktop19:47
tafbMonkeyDust: omg that worked!!! thank you so much :)19:48
blackbird1Hi, my system doesn't detect my flash disk. I'll19:51
blackbird1I'll post the results for some commands line19:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:53
Ntemisso.. i have an issue19:54
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: maybe see what lusb detects?19:54
xerox123ask away19:54
Ntemisi have kodi and retroarch on server 16.04.119:54
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: oops, lsusb19:54
Ntemisi am able to start kodi and or retroarch within cmd19:55
Ntemisbut i want to select somehow where to boot with remote19:55
blackbird1tail -f /var/log/syslog -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/20497123/19:55
SchrodingersScatNtemis: like ssh in, export DISPLAY=:0.0 ; then running the command?19:56
Ntemisi tried lightdm but i dont know if i can make it ask where to boot with remote control input19:56
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NtemisSchrodingersScat: no machine is on living room19:56
Ntemisi want it to go in a screen where i can select where to boot without the need of a keyboard19:56
tafbquestion number 2: gparted says it needs hfsprogs to work with hfs+ partitions, but I've installed it, says the same thing. I'm trying to stretch the 464gb partition in this screenshot :( http://tafb.xxx/Screenshot%20from%202016-07-22%2015-54-13.png19:56
blackbird1lsusb detect the flash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20497443/19:57
SchrodingersScatNtemis: oh, you mean like an actual infrared remote control?19:57
Ntemisor an xbox 360 controller19:57
Ntemisor ps3 controller19:57
Ntemisi have also xbox360 ir remote19:58
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: k, seems to recognize it as a 4gb flash drive, where does the trouble start?19:58
Ntemiswith usb mce transeiver19:58
OerHekstafb, do that from within osx, hfs+ progs need journaling disabled to write, and you really don't want that19:58
Ntemisi need a display manager that is ir capable19:59
KuotaI can't understand how to need to use AppArmor :(19:59
tafbthere was a problem with this hard drive, I ddrescued it to a new hard drive (what I'm working on right now). OSX won't stretch the partition because it says there's a problem with it that is unrepairable19:59
OerHeksKuota, seen our wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppArmor and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/apparmor.html20:00
Ntemispresent to me two options in big boxes one icon kodi logo other icon retroarch logo20:00
SchrodingersScatNtemis: idk much about that, found this forum post about turning things on with ir, http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=111310 , and then I'm aware of lirc, http://www.lirc.org/20:00
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Ntemiswill have a look , thanks20:00
Ntemisnah thats on/off20:01
OerHekstafb, oh good luck then :-(20:01
tgm4883Ntemis: do you mean launch after booted, are are you talking about selecting an option in grub20:01
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: maybe open up 'gparted' to check if the partitions are readable, or there's also a gnome-disks tool20:01
Ntemistgm4883: launch after booted as they both are programms20:01
tgm4883Ntemis: most IR remotes show up as keyboards at this point20:01
Ntemisno way to have them point to something20:02
Ntemisi have to use keyboard20:02
tgm4883Ntemis: what do you mean?20:02
Ntemisand type20:02
blackbird1SchrodingersScat, I did a live usb  with usb live creator. In order to install ubuntu on an old pc. Since that time the flash doesn't show up20:02
tafbOerHeks: how do I disable journaling, I just need to stretch the parition, will just be raw data, don't need to run any programs20:02
Ntemistgm4883: am in bash and i type kodi i run kodi type retroarch am in retroarch20:03
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: might just need to partition it then, possibly clear the mbr/gpt20:03
OerHekstafb, if osx sees problems, what makes you think linux can do it?20:03
Ntemisi want to to able to selsect what to run20:03
Ntemisby ir or controller20:03
Ntemisno credentials either20:04
Ntemishow i remove them?20:04
tafbOerHeks: lol :)20:04
Ntemisi dont wanr my user to need a password20:04
tgm4883Ntemis: why wouldn't you just specify 2 buttons on your IR remote. 1 that launches kodi, the other launching retroarch20:04
Ntemistgm4883: lovely20:04
Ntemisnice :D20:04
tgm4883Ntemis: no need to even have a menu20:04
Ntemisgreat i dont want one then20:05
Ntemistell me how i do that?20:05
tgm4883Ntemis: you'll have to look into LIRC and exec statements. It's been a long time since I've used LIRC, so you might also have to disable the built in kernel IR stuff20:05
Ntemisfirst let me remove password and enable autologin for my user20:05
Ntemishow i do that?20:05
tgm4883Ntemis: no need to remove your password to enable auto-login20:05
tgm4883Ntemis: how do you do what?20:05
jiggawattzso 16.04.1 is out20:06
Ntemisremove password for user20:06
Ntemisjiggawattz: yeap20:06
jiggawattzwhy does do-release-upgrade not say any new version is available20:06
tgm4883Ntemis: you don't need to20:06
bittinjiggawattz: yeah since yesterday20:06
tgm4883jiggawattz: should be available next week20:06
blackbird1SchrodingersScat, The MBR, GPT on the flash ?20:06
Ntemistgm4883: can you help me autologin then20:06
jiggawattztgm4883 ▸ but it was released yesterday?20:06
tgm4883jiggawattz: yes, the upgrade path should be starting next week I read20:06
jiggawattzkay makes sense20:07
tgm4883Ntemis: are you using Unity?20:07
OerHekstafb, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus >> sudo diskutil disableJournal volumeName20:07
Ntemisno i dont have anything installed20:07
Ntemisplain server edition20:07
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: yes, but check it out in one of those programs, see what it says.20:07
tgm4883Ntemis: ...20:07
Ntemisubuntu server vanilla no mate unity xfce etc20:08
tgm4883Ntemis: how do you plan on running kodi20:08
Ntemistgm4883: sudo apt-get install xorg dbus-x1120:08
Mitchell92Hello. I have a  MSI GE Series GE62 Apache Pro-001 notebook. I was curious about linux compatibility, especially in regards to the GTX 970M graphics, using Optimus and all.20:11
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MonkeyDustMitchell92  you can try it with a live dvd/usb20:11
Mitchell92Good point MonkeyDust , in general does Optimus work decent in Linux / Ubuntu these days? Years ago on a Samsung notebook it was brutal20:12
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:12
SchrodingersScatblackbird1: at this point you're just trying to get it back to a flash drive right?  Does it boot as a liveusb?  or is that gone too?20:13
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blackbird1Fixed:  sudo parted /dev/sdb toggle 1 hidden (GreetZ to Marmotte)20:14
ptrzHi everyone. I have a strange issue on a Dell PowerEdge server that I'll explain over a few messages.20:15
bekksMAybe you shorten it up and focus on the actual issue? :)20:16
ptrzThe root of the issue is that, after installing Ubuntu 16.04 on a hardware RAID disk (we tried RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 10), the filesystem gets an IO error and goes read-only.20:16
ptrzThis persists through reboot and breaks the install. It happens within a few minutes to a few hours of first boot.20:16
bekksfilesytem I/O errors indicate severely damages FS or hardware errors.20:16
ptrzAnd it happens using RAID arrays with different disks. It's unlikely that multiple disks are damaged in the same way, so I suspect it's the RAID controller.20:17
ptrzHas anyone heard of an issue like this with Ubuntu before? I thought I should verify that it isn't the OS.20:17
bekksWhy is that unlikely that multiple disks are damaged?20:17
OerHeksptrz, maybe the IO code gives a clue20:17
bekksDid you test each disk using smartctl or the hw raid controller tools?20:18
bekksAnd do you have a valid support contract for that Dell server?20:18
ptrzOerHeks: I don't recall getting anything specific, just "IO error", I think it was on a page flush or something. (But, this being budget PowerEdge, it only has write-through RAID caching - no write-back)20:19
ptrzbekks: I doubt we have a support contract, sadly20:20
ptrzold server, non-profit college club20:20
ptrzbekks: I didn't know that that was an option20:20
ptrz(testing with smartctl, etc.)20:20
ptrzI'll check it out. Thanks.20:20
ptrzbekks: it just seems unlikely that multiple disks would be damaged in a way that caused this exact issue. I suppose they were running unused for a long time, though, so maybe it's possible.20:21
bekks"I/O error" isnt just one specific error. You need to take a look at the very exact error message.20:22
DJonesfabiano: You need toask your ubuntu support question, rather than just typing "oi"20:24
ohlolzsp my ubuntu 14.04 still doesnt show the upgrade to 16.06 - they told me here it was going to be on July 21st. what to do?20:25
ohlolzso my ubuntu 14.04 still doesnt show the upgrade to 16.04 - they told me here it was going to be on July 21st. what to do?20:26
bekks!repeat | ohlolz20:26
ubottuohlolz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:26
ptrzbekks: where is this error being reported?20:26
ohlolzbekks: i was fizing grammar20:26
bekksptrz: Where do you see it?20:26
ohlolzoh lol20:26
goddardanyone know if the razer core will work with a new dell xps 13 using ubuntu?20:26
DJonesohlolz: Although 16.04.01 is released for new installs, it takes a few days to a week before the upgrade  is approved after further testiung20:26
ohlolzthis nickname fits me very well20:26
riceandbeanswhen hosting an ubuntu mirror, what's the traditional filepath to have the repo?20:26
skinuxWhat is the July release day for the latest version?20:27
ohlolzoh i see DJones thank you friend20:27
skinuxI believe 16.06 or something was supposed to release to some of us this month.20:27
ohlolz16.06 i spread it like an infection20:27
blackmoon2016hello i have problem when i write in terminal apt-get inststall name off packet i recive this Vous devrez activer le composant appelé « universe »20:28
blackmoon2016root@kamal-LIFEBOOK-A530:~# apt-get install wireshark20:28
blackmoon2016Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait20:28
blackmoon2016Construction de l'arbre des dépendances20:28
blackmoon2016Lecture des informations d'état... Fait20:28
blackmoon2016Aucune version du paquet wireshark n'est disponible, mais il existe dans la base20:28
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04)20:28
ohlolzwhat was the command?20:28
k1l_ohlolz: the LTS upgrade is postponed by one week due to last bug testing20:28
akik!fr | blackmoon201620:28
ubottublackmoon2016: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:28
ohlolzthank you k1l_ i was starting to worry20:29
k1l_blackmoon2016: what ubuntu is that exactly? why are you root?20:29
blackmoon2016and when i write apt-get upadte its happen normaly20:30
tgm4883ohlolz: probably !ltsupgrade20:30
ohlolztgm4883: XD20:30
ubottuUsers of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.20:30
ohlolzyeah! tgm488320:30
blackmoon2016but its will take a lot of time and mo20:30
tgm4883hmm, that is wrong/needs updated20:31
blackmoon2016so what s the solution20:31
blackmoon2016i updates all the tie20:31
blackmoon2016it still the same20:31
tafbOerHeks: turns out the partition is encrypted, that's why I can't do anything with it :20:32
goddardanyone know if the razer core will work with a new dell xps 13 using ubuntu?20:32
ohlolzblackmoon2016: Installing Wireshark on Ubuntu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DBZiKpbHO020:34
pushpopso an amd RX280 video card no good with 16.04? I can't get steam working for the life of me20:34
blackmoon2016the problem is in the apt file20:34
blackmoon2016not how20:34
blackmoon2016damn answer me20:35
SebastianRasor01Hey guys! I think I found out why my audio isn't working well but I need help fixing it. I noticed that if the USB power for my headphones doesnt have enough current it gets really quiet just like on my PC. I was wondering if there is a way I can set a certain USB port to put out more power20:35
ikoniagoddard: seeing as it doesn't exist yet and there are no details on things like chipset, how can people know20:36
ohlolzfrench are so rude20:36
ikoniaohlolz: nothing to do with this channel20:36
riceandbeansblackmoon2016: you won't get much help here20:36
ohlolzikonia: i guess you agree with me20:36
ikoniaohlolz: I didn't say that20:36
ikoniaI said it's nothing to do with this channel20:37
nacc!components | blackmoon2016: if i understand right, just read:20:37
ubottublackmoon2016: if i understand right, just read:: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.20:37
naccblackmoon2016: and you need to enable universe20:37
ohlolzikonia: how old are you? in your 20's or 30's? i always imagine you younger than 2020:37
skinuxSo, when is the second release of 16.06? There was some reason for some users, it wouldn't be released until this month.20:37
tgm4883lets stay on topic20:37
ikoniaohlolz: that also has nothing to do with this channel20:38
naccskinux: 16.06 isn't a thing20:38
skinuxWell..whatever...there was a release a few months ago, but some of us had to wait until this month.20:38
Zeelot3kI'm having an odd issue that I'm not quite sure how to track down. On this laptop (xps 13 developer edition, running vanilla ubuntu 16.06), I will press ctrl+alt+arrow to change workspace but the ctrl will temporarily not register and I will simply end up pressing alt+arrow which usually causes my browser to go back or forward. The second time I pretty the20:38
Zeelot3karrow it will work so it feels like a delay. the behavior is the same with left or right ctrl/alt keys. anyone ever see this or know how I can debug it?20:38
k1l_skinux: 16.0420:38
naccskinux: you mean 16.04 and 16.04.1 ?20:38
k1l_skinux: and last days was the 16.04.1 milestone20:38
tgm4883skinux: nobody had to wait until this month, however upgrades aren't offered for 14.04 users until next week20:38
riceandbeansI've learned over time, if you have an ubuntu question, don't ask here, ask in #debian and don't mention you're running ubuntu, 99% of the time they'll know and answer you and know what they're talking about20:39
skinuxOkay. Thank you20:39
blackmoon2016thank u guys20:39
ohlolztgm4883: where is that page to keep track of the real date for 16.04?20:39
blackmoon2016i will work alone on my own20:39
Ntemis.ok guys20:39
tgm4883ohlolz: there's no date set. Just "next week"20:39
k1l_blackmoon2016: i asked you some questions, you didnt answer20:39
Ntemisi tried to install ubuntu extras20:39
Ntemisthis is what i got20:39
ohlolztgm4883: XD20:39
blackmoon2016witxh questions20:40
Ntemisit wants to remove libavcodec-ffmpeg56 and install all the others20:40
Ntemisdoes it worth it?20:40
naccohlolz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases ?20:40
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Ntemisis that package so powerful?20:40
Ntemisso it can replace all others20:41
k1l_blackmoon2016: why are you root? what system is that?20:41
tgm4883nacc: he's looking for the date that 14.04 users will receive the popup to upgrade to 16.04, which is irrelevant20:41
ohlolznacc: but i'm updating from 14.0420:41
DanielPowerNLI'm on Ubuntu 16.04.1. Trying to pin a repository so that I only get updates for one package from it. I've created a file at /etc/apt/preferences.d/keepassx-100 [http://hastebin.com/jexevepina.txt]. But after running 'apt update' and 'apt policy', I see that the PPA is still at Pin-Priority 500.20:41
Ntemisbut note that i can play 1080o HD content just fine as it is20:41
blackmoon2016yes i am root20:41
blackmoon2016and the system backbox20:42
naccohlolz: ah ok, the ltsupgrade got delayed a week aiui20:42
ohlolznot so irrelevant, otherwise i wouldn't be here20:42
k1l_blackmoon2016: i ask, because usually you are not root at ubuntu20:42
Ntemisok i aborted the install20:42
k1l_blackmoon2016: ok. so please ask the backbox guys. that is not an ubuntu20:42
tgm4883ohlolz: yes irrelevant, just wait until it's offered next week :)20:42
k1l_!backbox | blackmoon201620:42
ubottublackmoon2016: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.20:42
ohlolztgm4883: u the irrelevant :P20:42
tgm4883ohlolz: if you needed to run 16.04 so bad, you'd have already upgraded :)20:43
ohlolztgm4883: good point, but i don't want to force anything20:43
tgm4883ohlolz: then just wait until next week20:43
ohlolztgm4883: how old is ikonia? XD20:45
tgm4883ohlolz: Off topic. You might be looking for ##age-of-ikonia20:46
awesomess3why cant this channel cover Linux Mint 17.3/18? Linux Mint is like 98% Ubuntu 14.04/16.04.......20:47
tgm4883awesomess3: because of that 2%20:47
MonkeyDustawesomess3  mint is too different from ubuntu20:47
DanielPowerNLNevermind. I was appending the repo name with -ppa, which was not part of the name.20:47
k1l_awesomess3: we cant and we wont. use their channels on the other network if you need help with mint.20:48
awesomess3why does `apt update' download 64x64 icons on a fresh live xubuntu 16.04?20:49
JoanilloYEs Yes YES YEs Yes YES YEs Yes YES20:50
OerHeksawesomess3, seek answer in your mint channel? i don't understand why it is odd to download icons, must be a mint thing?20:52
tgm4883awesomess3: logs whoing this?20:52
awesomess3OerHeks, no I'm not using mint right now I'm using xubuntu 16.0420:52
awesomess3tgm4883, let me check20:52
JoanilloSo, here am I!20:55
k1l_Joanillo: this channel is for technical ubuntu support.20:56
awesomess3xubuntu 16.04 liveUSB `apt update' is downloading weird files :c  http://paste.ubuntu.com/20509809/21:30
awesomess3"Get:30 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial/universe DEP-11 64x64 Icons [7,448 kB]"  ....I mean, Seriously?!21:30
giorgioposso installare zimbra in ubuntu?21:33
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:33
k1l_awesomess3: that happens when the icons were updated21:35
naccawesomess3: https://wiki.debian.org/DEP-1121:35
_matt_evening all21:36
_matt_trying to install 16.04 and the installer seems to be stuck at "Configuring linux-image-4.4.0-31-generic (amd64)"21:36
_matt_tried both the server iso and the mini.iso21:37
flicflac91.217.189.42 @isalo21:37
_matt_anyone know if this is a known issue?21:37
awesomess3k1l_, nacc any way to avoid the downloading of the icons?21:38
awesomess3k1l_, nacc because my internet is kind of slow21:39
k1l_awesomess3: this are 64x64 icons. that is nearly nothing bytewise21:39
awesomess3k1l_, 7mb is too much :c21:40
k1l_awesomess3: the updates are not only icons.21:40
awesomess3k1l_, 7mb just for the icons21:41
goddardanyone know if the razer core will work with a new dell xps 13 using ubuntu?21:41
rypervencheawesomess3: Maybe the pretty desktop environment is not what you should be using if you care that much about your bandwidth.21:42
bpromptawesomess3:     7mbs is peanuts, storage wise, and chances are, you need the icons, many folks do not see or do some icon customization to apps, but icons you see in apps, are often times "system" icons, namely, part of a theme the app is using for its UI, that is not included in the app installation package itself21:43
awesomess3goddard, I'm 92% sure it wouldn't work on linux because it requires special software for it to function.21:46
awesomess3bprompt, those icons that are used in apps should already be on the computer.21:47
bpromptawesomess3:   maybe is part of some updated app(s)21:48
awesomess3I'm 82% the icons are just bloatware.21:48
awesomess3*82% sure21:49
awesomess3and i have to deal with it! poor me!21:49
tgm4883awesomess3: it's the metadata necessary for the software center21:50
tgm4883awesomess3: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Distributions/AppStream/21:50
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k1l_awesomess3: so there are still people who think other stuff is bloatware. but in todays times 7mb for icons update is ok for 99.99% of the people.21:51
k1l_and we are talking about 7mb. you had still more mb for other stuff on the packages list to be updated. not to mention if there is a program who really needs an update.. so the 7mb are peanuts21:52
awesomess3no.no.no. you guys are like mormons: "If the bible says it that's the truth." and you guys are like: "well it's the SYSTEM baby! That must mean it's the TRUTH and LAW of ubuntu yeeee haaaahhhhh!"21:52
tgm4883awesomess3: i've not tested this, but you could try removing /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50appstream  (however i'd back it up in case something breaks)21:52
k1l_oh, mormons and not morons. i will pm him21:53
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cami_this or smuxi?22:02
awesomess3thank you tgm4883 ! I'll try removing /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50appstream on next reboot.22:03
awesomess3and see if it apt update works better tgm488322:03
tgm4883awesomess3: let me know if it works22:03
awesomess3tgm4883, I feel so stupid for not figuring this out on my own. of course the problem would be somewhere in /etc/apt/*  :/22:04
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Pinkamena_DHey guys I have a bit of an issue. I have some work open I need to save. Programs are running and I just clicked on a program (google chrome) to open it into both windows (the little display that shows multiple windows that you can choose from)22:05
Pinkamena_DIt will not come back from this, choosing a window boes not being it back into focus22:06
Pinkamena_Dand not I can also not start any other programs in the foreground, they start in the background but I can not see them22:06
Pinkamena_DHow can I get back the desktop so I can safely save my work?22:07
Pinkamena_Dany way to restart unity plugin from command line?22:07
Pinkamena_D(NOT lightdm, which just kills everything)22:07
cami_check proccesse?22:08
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: You can try this: hit ALT+F2, type in "xkill" => hightlight the Chrome window and click. It will kill the Chrome window...see if that helps.22:08
cami_sry drunker then fuck over here :P22:08
tgm4883!ohmy | cami_22:08
ubottucami_: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:08
cami_no worrie i am still aliive22:09
cami_i think22:09
cami_figure out how to work out irc :p first time useing it ^^22:09
cami_soooo what do you hate/wanna change most in the world ?22:10
OerHekscami_, good start: read the topic first22:11
hggdhcami_: this is a support channel, not a social channel. Try #ubuntu-offtopic, or ##chat for social22:11
YankDownUndercami_: Please take this to #ubuntu-offtopic22:11
cami_aight sry22:11
Pinkamena_Dxkill will not run or at least it spawns in the background too22:12
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: You can try ALT+F2 and "killall -9 chrome"22:12
Pinkamena_Dwell, nevermind, after the last switch between tty and desktop, it just desided to kill all of the processes and restart lightdm without my conceny22:14
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: Not lovely.22:14
Pinkamena_DI feel like this has heppened once before quite long ago...no idea why22:14
tgm4883bprompt: one would gather that was suppose to be concent22:15
Pinkamena_Dnothing error wise in dmesg either22:15
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: Was it Chrome that caused it in the past? I shan't act surprised...22:15
tgm4883which should probably be consent22:15
Pinkamena_DI must double click to switch chrome windows more than 30 times a day22:15
Pinkamena_Dthis is quite rare I assure you22:16
bprompthehe, I see =)22:16
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: And is it safe to assume that when you're doing updates, you're updating Chrome as well...just for the knowledge...?22:16
Pinkamena_Dany other log besides dmesg that might hold the error messages I could submit somewhere?22:17
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: So you've installed Chrome via PPA...yes?22:17
YankDownUnderPinkamena_D: I'm in the same quandry...and I've actually decided to give up and relegate it's mystery to the Cosmos...22:17
inzzfguys i have a problem in Kali luinx22:18
bekks!kali | inzzf22:18
ubottuinzzf: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)22:18
YankDownUnderinzzf: Oddly enough, this is not the Kali Linux channel...22:18
inzzfjust i want help i am tired tryinh to solve this from 10 hours22:18
Pinkamena_Dlol backtrack22:18
inzzfsorry man22:18
Pinkamena_Dsomeone needs to update that bot22:19
PiciYou'd be surprised what people come in here and ask about....22:20
YankDownUnder...someone needs to update my coffee...oh wait, that's my responsibility...right oh...22:20
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Bashing-omYankDownUnder: ^ Were you not working to get 'buntu to update the coffee situation ? Not there yet .22:21
samtu92If I want to add another parameter to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= do I write it in the same set of "" or how does it work?22:24
samtu92do I just do: "parameter1 parameter2" ?22:24
psyguy2hello! anyone care to help me get my trackpad working on my ASUS F566UA laptop with ubuntu 16.04? im not a pro and have struggled to find a solution by myself.22:25
Picisamtu92: That looks correct to me22:25
bpromptsamtu92:     is a "cmdline", so, I"d say, yes, just space separate them, is a command LINE22:25
Truegarsonforthi all22:30
minimecpsyguy2: Is this the first time you use ubuntu on that computer or did the pad work with earlier versions of ubuntu?22:34
psyguy2hey minimec, the touchpad works great on windows 10 using asus driver... i installed ubuntu 16 for the first time and now it is only working as a simple mouse (no multi-touch detection, scrolling, gestures, etc)22:42
psyguy2i presume it is a missing driver22:42
KramerboyHello, I chose to shut down PC and now all I see is just the desktop background. Also I cant do Ctrl Alt Fx to open tty. Is there a workaround? I am running 15.10 unity22:44
minimecpsyguy2: Can you check with the following command, if that package is installed. I use the "Ubuntu Gnome" version of Ubuntu and want to check something. 'dpkg -s libinput10 | grep installed'22:44
psyguy2ok yes it is installed22:45
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psyguy2ubuntu mouse settings is missing a section for trackpad and the name of the device is "FTE1001:00 0B05:0101" instead of an english language name.22:47
minimecpsyguy2: THX. That libinput thing is the 'new way' recognize pointer devices. Do you have any options in the >settings>mouse/touchpad GUI to choose from or is it 'kind of empty'?22:47
psyguy2kind of empty22:48
psyguy2just General and Mouse22:48
minimecpsyguy2: So it seems that you are not alone with that problem your device (0B05:0101) is used in several Asus Computers. A quick google search --> https://www.google.ch/search?hl=de&source=hp&biw=1051&bih=805&q=ubuntu%200B05%3A0101&oq=&aq=&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&gws_rd=ssl22:51
minimecpsyguy2: So its a driver problem...22:51
psyguy2hmm ye... i couldnt find any solution on google... so am i just stuck with this until a driver eventually gets made?22:51
minimecpsyguy2: There are several bug posts, so the maintainers should be awae of the problem. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/158791322:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1587913 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 16.04 Two finger scrolling/multitouch not working" [High,Confirmed]22:52
minimecpsyguy2: But yes... Time might be your best chance to get it working right now... Sorry.22:53
psyguy2oh well, thanks for the info... and it wouldnt help me to try an older version of ubuntu?22:54
YankDownUnderWhat about installing the "synaptics touchpad" driver to see if that does anything? Not like there's too much to loose if it's not working as it stands...22:54
psyguy2i have nothing to lose, whats the command to install that please?22:55
ryan500is the command to update softare on ubuntu is using apt-get update22:55
ryan500then apt-get upgrade?22:55
psyguy2oh i already ran that22:56
Fuchsryan500: dist-upgrade if apt-get, and on 16.04 and newer it's only apt, not apt-get22:56
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Just do a search in the software centre...you'll find: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics22:56
Fuchs(also needs sudo)22:56
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Or you can just type in a terminal: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics22:56
ryan500apt update and then apt upgrade?22:56
minimecpsyguy2: Don't think so. If you want to try, use an 14.04 installation stick, because at that time 'libinput' was not used. instead 'xserver-xorg-input-synaptics' was often used. If the pad works (I don't think so), we could switch back to the 'synaptics' compatible driver. But again ... chances are minimal.22:57
Fuchsryan500: yes22:57
ryan500fuchs and for ubuntu security updates can you use sudo apt dist-upgrade ?22:58
Fuchsdist-upgrade is not needed with apt, also security will be included if it is in your sources22:58
psyguy2ok i installed synaptics, nothing changed so must i reboot?22:59
ryan500so security maybe autoatically then with apt update ?22:59
minimecpsyguy2: reboot or logout/login a new session23:00
ryan500do i need to update sources are is that usually automatically23:00
psyguy2ill reboot23:00
psyguy2thanks guys, brb23:00
Fuchsryan500: wat?23:00
ryan500fuchs is sources already configured for that or do i need to change that to do that?23:00
Fuchsryan500: that sentence does not make any sense at all23:01
psyguy2nothing changed23:02
ryan500fuchs you said "also security will be included if it is in your sources" I said "fuchs is sources already configured for that or do i need to change that to do that?"23:02
ryan500fuchs make sense now? :P23:02
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: So in the control panel, nothing is showing up, eh?23:03
Fuchsryan500: security updates should be in by default, but just open it in any text editor of your choice and check23:03
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Fuchsryan500: or, easier, grep security /etc/apt/sources.list23:03
ryan500fuchs so apt update should also update security then right23:03
Fuchsyou can't "update security"23:04
Fuchsit will include package updates that come from the security repository, yes23:04
Fuchswhat is the actual question behind it?23:04
ryan500fuchs hmmm i guess your one of those that like complete long sentences :P23:04
Fuchsif it is "how do I keep my system secure?":  update your system on a regular base, don't install things from dubious sources, don't run any services on it that you don't understand or don't have under full control23:05
ryan500fuchs the context should tell you what i wanted23:05
Fuchsryan500: no, I like questions that make sense23:05
ryan500to update the security update in ubuntu23:05
ryan500like windows updates23:05
ryan500security updates23:05
ryan500i have said that already23:05
CharlesICwhere do you download this now?23:05
ryan500what you think i was talking about big macs and fries lol23:05
minimecYankDownUnder: psyguy2: Does the synaptics driver have priority, when installed? I am not sure... I removed 'libinput' on one device, but that was on arch linux.23:05
Fuchsyou can't update security updates,23:05
Fuchsanyway, despite you not making much sense, I think I now know what you want, and it is a regular   sudo apt update   and  sudo apt upgrade23:06
psyguy2im not sure how to check, minimec23:06
ryan500well it made sense with the context just saying23:06
YankDownUnderryan500: For clarity, security for Ubuntu is included in any/all updates.23:06
ryan500cool thanks that was my question23:06
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: I just had a "strange thought" - does the touchpad show up in "lspci" or in "lsusb"?23:08
psyguy2pci i think23:08
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: "think" and "know" are two different things...hmm...23:08
minimecpsyguy2: Try this 'sudo lshw -C input'. Look for 'driver=..."23:09
psyguy2im trying to remember the comand23:09
psyguy2oh thanks23:09
OerHeksCharlesIC, old info 2014, http://www.webupd8.org/2016/03/use-gnome-318-google-drive-integration.html23:09
CharlesICi have google drive integration23:10
CharlesICim talking about onedrive23:10
psyguy2sorry minimec but i dont understand how to type that command23:12
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: sudo lsusb + sudo lspci23:12
minimecpsyguy2: sudo lshw -C input23:12
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: AS minimec was trying to say...23:12
psyguy2ok then a bunch of things flash on the screen and disappear23:13
psyguy2too quickly23:13
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: ...what I'm "brainstorming" is that if the touchpad is recognised as a USB device, to test doing a "modprobe" with some of the input modules to see if that does anything...23:14
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Try: sudo lshw - C | grep input | less23:14
OerHeksCharlesIC, same story https://www.maketecheasier.com/sync-onedrive-linux/ , the client is updated 10 months ago, so i guess it will work https://github.com/xybu/onedrive-d-old23:15
minimecpsyguy2: 'sudo lshw -C input | nc termbin.com 9999' It will give you a link and a result similar to this... http://termbin.com/b9cd23:15
psyguy2ok i dont recognize anything on lsusb or lspci to be the touch pad23:15
CharlesICOerHeks, im confused as to the -old thing23:15
CharlesICwhere is the new/current one?23:15
OerHeksi guess there is no newer one.23:15
psyguy2YankDownUnder, empty23:16
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Just for a giggle and a grin, in the terminal, can you type: sudo lsmod | grep hid23:17
psyguy2minimec, says use netcat23:17
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: I want to see what HID devices are showing, please.23:17
psyguy2hid_generic            16384  023:18
psyguy2mac_hid                16384  023:18
psyguy2i2c_hid                20480  023:18
psyguy2hid                   118784  2 i2c_hid,hid_generic23:18
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Far out...right oh...can you please type: sudo modprobe appletouch23:18
minimecpsyguy2: hmmm.. you can install 'pastebinit'. 'sudo apt install pastebinit', and then do 'sudo lshw -C input | pastebinit'. It will give you a link that you can share with us.23:18
OerHeksnc should work,...23:19
minimecOerHeks: Yeah it should...23:19
bpromptunless the port 9999 is closed, for some daemon or ruleset23:20
psyguy2YankDownUnder, nothing printed to terminal23:20
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: No...not expecting anything printed in the terminal - does the touchpad do anything now?23:20
psyguy2minimec, You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.23:20
psyguy2is it fine that i used sudo su instead of sudo prefix each time? shouldnt affect the commands hey?23:22
ngomesdoes anyone here uses laspass password manager with 2 factor authentication ?23:22
minimecpsyguy2: Well it should not be empty... It should show your keyboard and pad, like this http://termbin.com/b9cd23:22
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: After doing that "modprobe appletouch" - does the touchpad do anything?23:22
psyguy2hmm, i have nothing plugged into usb though (this is a laptop)23:23
psyguy2YankDownUnder, doesnt seem like anything changed23:23
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Try this: sudo modprobe synaptics_i2c23:24
psyguy2no output23:24
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Not expecting output, expecting something to happen to your touchpad...test the touchpad23:25
psyguy2still the same23:25
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: On that laptop, is there supposed to be a key-combo to enable/disable the touchpad?23:26
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: And in using that key-combo, does anything happen...?23:26
psyguy2every time i press it ubuntu shows the touchpad icon with an X on it, the touch pad never gets disabled though23:27
psyguy2and it still functions exactly the same23:28
minimecpsyguy2: Ok I just booted that arch laptop. Indeed 'sudo lshw -C input' gives no result here too. ;)23:29
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Hmm...well, being that you're not the only human with this issue, SOMEONE is working on the driver somewhere...it might behoove you to locate the git/source and see what to do from there...but it's all dependent on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. I'm rather surprised at this ASUS laptop being such a twit...I have clients with ASUS and I generally like how their stuff works with linux...23:29
ryan500yankdownunder i did the apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and i still see a message about OS upgrades23:32
YankDownUnderryan500: What version of Ubuntu are you using right now?23:32
ryan500how do i pull that up23:32
minimecryan500: cat /etc/issue23:33
psyguy2hmm yea, it seems to work well otherwise... which source are you referring to? ubuntu source or asus driver source?23:33
YankDownUnderryan500:  In a terminal you can type: /cat/etc/issue => or cat /etc/lsb-release23:33
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: ANY source code.23:33
psyguy2oh well i probably cant do much with the source anyway23:33
ryan500ubuntu 16.04 lts i click about computer lol23:33
psyguy2maybe i should email asus and ask them to assist23:34
YankDownUnderryan500: Open a terminal. Type the following: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean23:34
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Fair enough...worth a go, don't ya reckon.23:34
ryan500do i need to do that everytime?23:35
Apachezfor those of you with intel nuc's https://communities.intel.com/thread/10468223:35
YankDownUnderryan500: No...updates are setup to automatically check every day - or every week - depending on how you setup the machine after the installation.23:35
psyguy2yea, i appreciate the help minimec and YankDownUnder23:35
ryan500yankdownunder will that command fix why the os updates didnt get installed?23:35
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: Coolbeans.23:35
YankDownUnderryan500: Possibly. Just please do that so we can work step-by-step without issue, hmm? Thanks.23:36
ryan500yankdownunder i understand I was really asking the purpose of that like is that the command that is supposed to be used every time or was that supposed to be a fix...that is why i asked :P23:37
minimecpsyguy2: No problem. If you see no change I would remove the 'xserver-xorg-input-synaptics' package again by the way.23:37
YankDownUnderryan500: We're only going to use it NOW...otherwise, the system automagically checks on it's own...part of the structured process.23:38
whoever_hi all, i installed intellij idea from software center , is there a reason that it is not the current version 16?23:39
whoever_or can i get the newest version though apt-get23:40
ryan500thanks yankdownunder i issued the command23:40
Bashing-om!latest | whoever_23:42
ubottuwhoever_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.23:42
whoever_ubottu: well 13 to 16 just seems like there should be a stable ver in there after 1323:43
ubottuwhoever_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:44
* whoever_ pats ubottu 23:44
whoever_ah, bless its proc23:44
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