nauticalnexusI'm not sure if this guy was joking, but he said this in #ubuntu-offtopic 21:23      awesomess3 ║ I need an infinite hard drive to build a   │ AndrewMC02:25
nauticalnexus                      ║ bomb to blow up the universe. Sadly the    │ awesomess302:25
nauticalnexus                      ║ hard drive is going to be the universe.02:25
nauticalnexuswell that didn't go well, awesomess3 said he needs an infinite hard drive to build a bomb to blow up the universe.02:25
nauticalnexusI'm not sure whether he was joking or not, but it made me feel severely unsafe, to the point where I had to leave IRC for a short while.02:26
elkyi've spoken to her and i think calmed her down. i don't think she'll be returning to -ot for a while though03:10
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Joseph1212I got muted for a dumb reason and unnecessary can it be removed please18:55
daxk1l_: ^18:56
k1l_its not a dumb reason and not an unnecessary mute if it prevents you from further harrassing against supporters in #ubuntu18:56
Joseph1212he didnt want to post a link i called him a troll18:57
Joseph1212i guess you call that harrassement18:57
Joseph1212isnt the point of the help channel to help?18:57
k1l_you were aggressive against  several supporters. we dont want that in #ubuntu18:57
Joseph1212after i called him a troll then i got three people posting links18:57
Joseph1212when i asked nicely no one wanted to post18:58
Joseph1212amazing how irc can be huh18:58
k1l_you were not helping. and with that attitude i dont think its good to unmute you18:58
Joseph1212well its easy to get around. its no big deal18:58
Joseph1212i was simply asking him to prove it18:59
Joseph1212others thought only home could be encrypted as well18:59
k1l_do you realize that your attitude you just show in this channel here is still not acceptable?18:59
k1l_if you dont want to stick with the Code of Conduct and the channel guidelines i cant remove the mute to prevent the other users.19:00
Joseph1212look i simply asked for a link19:00
Joseph1212thats it19:00
k1l_no. you didnt "simply" and you know it19:01
Joseph1212Joseph1212: oerheks show me screen shot19:01
Joseph1212(2:48:01 PM) Kyoku: i have to enter the encryption key before i can even get to login19:01
Joseph1212(2:48:15 PM) OerHeks: Joseph1212, i leave you to it. go look yourself.19:01
Joseph1212logs are great arent they19:01
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meeting logs from meetingology at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/19:02
daxindeed :)19:02
Joseph1212after his attitude is when the arguement started19:02
Joseph1212i have my own thanks though :P19:02
k1l_please read your logs from the part on you pasted here19:03
Joseph1212:03:13 PM) k1l_: please read your logs from the part on you pasted here19:03
Joseph1212can I get a english translation?19:03
Joseph1212i already have the logs19:04
hggdhJoseph1212: as far as I can see, your behaviour is not in line with the CoC19:04
Joseph1212maybe you see wrong19:04
Joseph1212what you want me to say19:04
k1l_ok. your attitude is enough. please leave this channel. this mute will not be removed before 24 hours. then you can come back and try again asking for it to be removed19:05
Joseph1212your so cute19:05
hggdhthat's it, I guess.19:05
Joseph1212bye pumpkin boo19:05
hggdh@comment 73349 refusing to seriously discuss issue, being sarcastic19:08
ubottuComment added.19:08
k1l_setting -r on #ubuntu19:45
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Joseph1212i dont think that advice in room was correct19:59
Joseph1212for the usb full encryption19:59
Joseph1212"Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security". is the option for installing ubuntu on a pc not for a usb20:01
Joseph1212something else is the option for the usb20:02
Joseph1212unless you can do both?20:02
Joseph1212now this is funny20:22
Joseph1212it looks like I was right20:22
hggdhJoseph1212: this is not a support channel20:22
Joseph1212well remove the quiet20:22
hggdhJoseph1212: anyway, nobody discussed if you were right or wrong. We discussed you *behaviour*20:23
hggdhJoseph1212: now, please leave the channel, and return tomorrow evening20:23
Joseph1212well there are some people on that channel giving bad advice because I listened to someone on there one day and I corrupted information on my hard drive but fortunately i had a backup. I was asking about how to install on usb and this person told me wrong.20:24
hggdh@comment 73357 returned, removed.20:25
ubottuComment added.20:25
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Joseph1212I tried to explain to that guy that I called a troll in room about there is a difference between installing usb and hard drive ...he thinks they are the same way. so I got a quiet on this nick on #ubuntu over that idiot thanks a lot. lol21:19
Joseph1212he hasnt even tried to install on usb i talked to him in pm21:19
k1l_@mark Joseph1212 rejoins again21:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:28
ubottuIn #ubuntu, solarbird said: ubottu: fair enough, but it is nonetheless running.22:46
geniidax: I was pretty surprised that he actually shut up after that22:52
geniiWhups,... mostly22:53

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