mamarleySo it looks like the latest build of kde-spectacle from staging-kdeapplications depends on all of Telepathy (transitively through libkf5purpose).01:18
ahoneybunwell that's new02:14
ahoneybunthe panel is up top but off the screen02:14
ahoneybunanyone notice the new system tray option in making a new panel?02:17
tsimonq2Fixing the merges04:24
valoriethat's lovely tsimonq204:25
tsimonq2valorie: :)04:26
tsimonq2valorie: I have a magical Git setup that likes to fix about half the merges that fail in KCI automatically XD04:27
tsimonq2s/automatically/on it's own/04:27
tsimonq2hehe I literally had to do nothing for that one ^04:40
tsimonq2that was me04:54
tsimonq2(talking about the ABORTED)04:55
tsimonq2but the rest of the recent green was mine :)04:55
tsimonq2me as well04:55
tsimonq2I did it \o/04:58
tsimonq2all merges are fixed!04:58
valoriethat is wonderful04:58
tsimonq2I'm just a >< little nervous about marble, so I aborted those because they've had a history of green, they were started by the nightly, there weren't any recent code changes, and I only wanted to wait on the direct upstreams of marble05:00
tsimonq2I'm maybe a little impatient but what I did wasn't bad ;)05:00
valoriemarble is one of those monsters05:01
tsimonq2it is, which is why I got a little nervous when my merge merged *45* commits05:01
tsimonq2I double checked everything...05:01
valorieas I recall, they package a bunch of their own libs05:02
tsimonq2idk tbh05:02
valoriethere has been talk of moving them to frameworks, but not so far05:03
tsimonq2I'm gonna see if I can fix kanagram in apps staging05:16
tsimonq2I'll get it working in my PPA then once I'm absolutely 100% sure it works, I'll copy it over to staging-kdeapplications05:17
tsimonq2couldn't figure that out, gonna find something to fix05:36
valoriefix PIM!05:36
tsimonq2I take requests... :P05:36
tsimonq2working on kdepim now05:37
valorieoh nice!05:37
tsimonq2kdepim is building in staging-kdeapplications now06:37
* valorie crosses fingers06:41
valoriethe neon team was saying it took like 20 hours to build06:41
tsimonq2that's more accurate06:42
tsimonq2I built it in another PPA first and then copied it over06:42
* tsimonq2 takes the time and updates https://wiki.ubuntu.com/tsimonq206:42
acheronuktsimonq2: you aware that most of the errors, lintian etc, only show with the amd64 builds on that QA page?06:42
tsimonq2oh HAI acheronuk :D06:42
tsimonq2I'm aware06:43
tsimonq2I've been looking at both06:43
tsimonq2acheronuk: HAI = HI06:43
acheronukjust double checking. it's easy to click the i386 and miss a lot06:43
* tsimonq2 nods06:44
acheronukoh, and Hi :)06:44
tsimonq2Sunday morning for you?06:45
tsimonq2I should sleep but I'm not :P06:45
acheronuk07:45 am (urgghhh)06:45
tsimonq2I'm 6 hours behind you06:45
* acheronuk slurps more coffee06:45
tsimonq2wow if I continue to keep track of *everything* and put it *all* on my wiki page, it's going to get HUGE06:46
acheronukI keep wondering how verbose to be on mine06:47
tsimonq2I link to everything06:48
tsimonq2if I ever need to refer to anything, there's my reference sheet XD06:48
valorieyou don't need to put what is already on your LP06:48
tsimonq2but it's not *just* on LP, there's also my UWN contributions etc.06:49
acheronukwell depends, mine will be a quick ref for an eventual application (perhaps) so probably need more detail06:49
tsimonq2well that's what I mean06:50
tsimonq2I keep mine *so* up-to-date I can apply for anything I'm eligible for and it's a nice overview of my work06:51
valorieit's good to remember, for sure06:51
valorieI keep forgetting06:51
acheronukvalorie: whole PIM stack may take 2hrs on their build machine06:52
valoriesooner started, sooner done06:53
acheronukthe single kdepim package itself, without the preceding parts, take about 30mins on LP though I think?06:53
valorieI'm happy we can have PIM this time out06:53
valorieand have Trojita as an alternative now06:53
acheronukapps and PIM 16.08 is out now! don't think they are going in YY..06:55
acheronukwithout a FFE anyway06:55
valoriethen we should get the FFEs going, shouldn't we?07:00
tsimonq2FF isn't in effect yet07:01
tsimonq2it's on the 18th07:01
acheronukI know, but it's also v close in terms of getting 16.08 done07:16
tsimonq2hey acheronuk, I had a typo in an MP that you approved when I was still a Yellow Belt, it was an obvious and glaring one too :P07:23
acheronukwas probably getting mailbombed with MPs at the time :P07:24
tsimonq2oh, who would do such a thing? :P XD07:24
acheronukyofel: clivejo for thing like in kdepim W: kalarm: executable-not-elf-or-script etc/xdg/autostart/kalarm.autostart.desktop07:40
acheronukdoes that just needs it's path correctly in KA lintian-ignore.json so the QA page doesn't orange on it, or still needs a real override, or both, or neither?07:41
acheronuk*need it's path correcting07:42
tsimonq2yofel, clivejo, acheronuk: loop me in on this too? I'm curious as well :)07:48
tsimonq2I need sleep o/08:11
acheronuktsimonq2: you uploaded a changed build of kdepim, but I see no corresponding change in kubuntu_yakkety_archive git?08:24
acheronukyofel: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim-addons/16.04.3-108:31
acheronukso should our version be a -1ubuntu or a -0ubuntu in light of that?08:32
acheronukditto with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libkf5grantleetheme/16.04.3-108:36
acheronukafter synced with debian I mean08:38
santa_good morning everyone08:50
acheronukmorning santa :)09:07
mamarleySo it looks like the latest build of kde-spectacle from staging-kdeapplications depends on all of Telepathy (transitively through libkf5purpose).09:09
santa_and that's a bad thing?09:10
santa_(sorry, no clue about spectacle)09:10
mamarleyYeah, I don't particularly want to have to install all of Telepathy (which I don't use).09:11
acheronukmamarley: libkf5purpose-dev was an optional build dep on that, so quite possibly ok to leave out again09:22
mamarleyacheronuk: That would be my preference, if it matters. :)09:22
acheronukmamarley: If I can evict telepathy from my system, and keep spectacle at the same time, that would be my pref as well. Now that I see the consequence of that.09:25
mamarleyacheronuk: Thanks!  I'm not trying to complain or be a pest, and I really do appreciate all the work that you guys do. :)09:27
acheronukmamarley: not at all. hugely better for that to be pointed out now :D09:38
acheronukclivejo: NoWorries o_O10:50
santa_acheronuk: reagrding the desktop files not executable I would put an override. but I can't say that adding the thing to the .json ignore is wrong11:02
santa_tsimonq2: ↑11:03
santa_acheronuk: btw the lintian warnings about symbols files injecting dependencies on -bin packages were already overriden by yofel. as I said, that was the correct solution for that11:05
soeei have 2 more drafts for B&B widget11:15
soeewhat do you think ?11:24
santa_soee: my favourite one is the 3rd because it seems the most complete and nice looking one. but it's just my opinion11:33
soeesanta_: yes but all 3 are one widget11:36
soeethy show content of each tab11:36
santa_ah, I see, nevermind11:38
santa_soee: looks good to me, in what version of plasma do you expect to provide it?11:39
soeenot me, kai wants to change it in 5.8 i think11:40
soeetogether with Media widget11:40
soee5.8 LTS should be cool release :)11:41
* ahoneybun wakes up to bug comment about a different product on kdenlive...11:52
ahoneybunclivejo: think I should not release that blog post about yakkety?12:01
BluesKajHi folks12:27
ahoneybungoing to beat soee to it: https://www.kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.25.0.php14:19
soeehihi :D14:20
soeei'm doing some design changes atm. so  im using http://i.imgur.com/Lkuy0Ql.png14:21
soeeworking on a ultra wide screen is so cool: http://i.imgur.com/isaqwCy.png :)14:23
ahoneybunthey built it already?14:25
soeebuild what>14:25
ahoneybunFW 5.2514:25
soeetoday was some  bigger update but this is dev-unstable14:26
soeeversion, so a lot of updates all the time14:26
ahoneybunstupid packagekit14:26
ahoneybunI have broken packages14:27
soeeon what > YY ?14:27
soeeuhm some version problems14:30
* ahoneybun installs libastro114:34
ahoneybunthat did not work14:35
soeei am nood when it comes to all this dependencies :)14:36
soeeyou need to ask some ninja14:36
=== santa is now known as Guest12287
soeesomeone up ?15:33
soeeneed some opinion :D15:33
blazebout what?15:33
soeefinal battery widget redesing15:37
soeeone moment15:37
soeefrom a home user point of view, anyone would add something here ?15:41
=== Guest12287 is now known as santa_
ahoneybunwhat gens the Power messages? 15:45
soeei'm not sure, system somehow generates them15:47
soeehere is just dummy text except the first one15:47
ahoneybundarn can't install any software with my system like this15:48
ahoneybunclivejo: can I remove packagekit?15:49
ahoneybunvalorie: heyo16:16
blazesoee: looks good16:25
blazeI'd rather improve task manager16:25
blazeit's extremely inconvinient for me16:26
soeewhat is wrong with it ?16:30
ahoneybun!info packaging-dev16:49
ubottupackaging-dev (source: packaging-dev): convenient tools to develop packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 26 kB16:49
ahoneybuntsimonq2: added some stuff https://github.com/ahoneybun/kubuntu-manual/blob/master/README.md17:01
tsimonq2acheronuk: I *knew* I was missing something...17:46
acheronuktsimonq2: what?17:56
tsimonq2acheronuk: re: kdepim and yakkety_archive17:57
acheronukoh right17:57
acheronukI figured that was just an accidental omission17:59
soeewhat is the package name for system language ?18:05
soee!info update-apt-xapian-index xenial19:02
ubottuPackage update-apt-xapian-index does not exist in xenial19:02
clivejoahoneybun: install the packagekit from proposed19:13
clivejothat should work19:13
clivejodone nothing but sit around and eat, I’m knackered!!19:16
tsimonq2let's say there's a native Debian package with version 419:19
tsimonq2I want to make an Ubuntu revision19:19
tsimonq2would the correct action be to make the version 4ubuntu1 or 4-1ubuntu1 ?19:19
clivejosimon_1.0.0-4 ?19:19
tsimonq2!info lxqt-core19:20
ubottulxqt-core (source: lxqt-metapackages): Metapackage for the LXQt core. In component universe, is optional. Version 4 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 9 kB19:20
tsimonq2that ^19:20
tsimonq2not lxqt-core-4ubuntu1 ?19:20
tsimonq2clivejo: I don't know what you're sayinh19:21
clivejothis - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxqt-metapackages/4 ?19:21
clivejothats weird19:22
clivejolxqt-metapackages (4) unstable; urgency=medium19:22
tsimonq2it is weird19:24
clivejosanta_: do you know?19:24
tsimonq2I don't like Launchpad, it's so slow...19:26
tsimonq2that, and why wouldn't the build logs dynamically update like Jenkins?19:26
santa_tsimonq2: I would say it would be 4ubuntu119:28
tsimonq2great, then I win XD19:28
santa_but be careful with my advices about ubuntesque stuff19:28
tsimonq2alright :P19:28
tsimonq2clivejo: I think we have to ask the question... WWYD?19:29
clivejoI have no idea!19:29
clivejohes AFK 19:29
tsimonq2yofel: WWYD? ^19:29
santa_I mean I'm familiar with the packaging tech, but not so much about the ubuntesque bureaucracy, workflows, etc19:30
santa_what's WWYD?19:30
tsimonq2santa_: What Would Yofel Do?19:30
clivejothat seems to be named that way in Debian19:31
tsimonq2yeah wth?19:31
clivejoI thought debian had strict standards!19:32
tsimonq2I guess maybe they get away with it because it's a native package19:32
tsimonq2santa_: thoughts? ^19:32
ahoneybunclivejo: that remove the apt fix19:33
clivejois that the proposed packagekit?19:34
santa_tsimonq2: sorry, I'm a bit confused, which package are you working on?19:35
ahoneybunidk I just have staging19:35
tsimonq2!info lxqt-core19:35
ubottulxqt-core (source: lxqt-metapackages): Metapackage for the LXQt core. In component universe, is optional. Version 4 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 9 kB19:35
tsimonq2santa_: ^19:35
clivejoahoneybun: there is a ton of stuff stuck in proposed19:35
clivejoand our stuff in PPA's is built using it19:36
santa_tsimonq2: and what's the problem if you use the version 4ubuntu1?19:37
clivejoI wouldnt enabled it directly cause if could kill kittens19:38
clivejosanta_: we just trying to figure out the correct version for ubuntu19:38
clivejobut Ive never seen a package with just an integer version !19:38
santa_I would say "4ubuntu1" if you plan to fix something in the package and upload it to ubuntu19:39
tsimonq2me neither19:39
tsimonq2ok cool santa_ 19:39
santa_well, it's a native package19:39
clivejoif I was a betting man Id go with santa19:39
santa_samke as "our" meta-kde but without the epoch19:39
santa_I'm betting here too19:40
santa_I wish I can get some time to read about this kind of stuff19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1387237 in Lubuntu next "lxqt doesn't read the correct settings for multiple XDG_CONFIG_DIRS" [High,Triaged]19:43
tsimonq2so there's two ways to solve this19:44
tsimonq2work around it by implementing all the code that is in lxqt-common in lubuntu-qt-default-settings (which idk if that's against Debian policy or not) or fix the actual bug at hand19:45
tsimonq2anyone have any ideas?19:45
tsimonq2I wonder if it would be possible to split lxqt-common into two packages. that way, lxqt-core can still pick up on lxqt-common, and lubuntu-qt-default-settings can conflict on the other package19:48
tsimonq2I think that's entirely possible, right?19:49
tsimonq2let's see how that works19:53
yofeltsimonq2, clivejo, santa_: 4ubuntu1 would be my best bet. native packages are always a bit annoying in that regard21:46
tsimonq2yofel: what about the solution I presented above?21:47
tsimonq2have an opinion?21:47
yofelforking code would not go against the policy, though patching the original one sounds easier. And yes, what you said is certainly possible, but I don't know enough about the package contents to give proper advice about that21:53
* yofel tried to install lubuntu-qt-desktop earlier and is not quite sure why apt insists on installing sddm-theme-breeze21:53
tsimonq2because sddm depends on it 21:54
tsimonq2or at least recommends it21:54
tsimonq2but we have our own sddm theme21:54
santa_yofel: btw are yu aware that they are at least a couple of syncs from debian in proposed? https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/14/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t08:2421:57
yofelyes, and providing an alternative for sddm-theme *should* make apt be happy, but it's not :/21:58
yofelsanta_: yes I am, needs working out when we upload apps21:58
santa_yofel: ok, but do you have a plan or you wll figure it out later?22:04
yofelsanta_: you can see on the PPA details page on launchpad which packages have a higher version in the archive already. So for all apps packages where that's the case someone has to do a merge22:24
tsimonq2yofel: well to make this more clear, lxqt-common stores some files in /etc/xdg and so does lubuntu-qt-default-settings (not uploaded yet, so currently, lubuntu-default-settings). The bug makes it so the default LXQt files are used for certain things before lubuntu-qt-default-settings. I wanted to split out the /etc/xdg files from lxqt-common and make that package a conflict of lubuntu-qt-default-se22:24
tsimonq2ttings, so lubuntu-qt-default-settings' settings are the only one installed when using lubuntu-qt-desktop. It's a temporary workaround until the path bug is fixed22:24
tsimonq2make sense?22:24
yofelmakes sense as a workaround22:26
santa_yofel: you mean a git merge from master I guess22:27
yofelsanta_: that would be easiest22:37
yofelhm, our konsole packaging is buggy. konsole-kpart should be enough to run yakuake, but there's kpart pieces in 'konsole'22:47
tsimonq2yofel: when you have a min, could you please help me debug muon installed via lubutnu-qt-desktop?22:48
tsimonq2it seems like it's missing something...22:49
clivejothe muon package manager?22:50
tsimonq2well we have muon and muon-discover22:51
tsimonq2clivejo: I'd get you the error, but I'm doing a reinstall of that VM22:53
yofeljust got it running on my netbook, so might as well22:54
tsimonq2lubuntu-qt-desktop? :O22:54
tsimonq2so try and launch it and you'll hopefully see my error :)22:54
yofelusing mini.iso and aptitude :P22:54
tsimonq2EEEEWWWWW aptitude...22:55
yofelwell, that allowed me to install lubuntu-qt-desktop without sddm-theme-breeze, as that explodes on plasma.desktop22:56
valorietsimonq2: why are you still calling it muon-discover?22:56
valorieit is now plasma discover22:56
tsimonq2valorie: because that's the package name...22:56
valoriethat's ooooold22:56
tsimonq2yofel: can we take this to #lubuntu-devel ?22:56
clivejomuon-discover is no more23:00
clivejothe muon package manage is standalone now23:01
tsimonq2yeah we depend on muon and muon-discover, I'm poking Julien (dev lead) now23:02
clivejobut surely you should be able the share the same packaging?23:02
clivejodo you guys have a seed?23:02
* tsimonq2 throws http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.yakkety/view/head:/desktop-qt at clivejo 23:03
clivejothat be why23:04
tsimonq2clivejo: what needs to be corrected?23:04
clivejomuon-discover needs to become plasma-discover to pull in the new version23:04
tsimonq2ok, I'll try that in my VM23:04
tsimonq2meanwhile, I've given Julien a poke23:05
clivejoyeah try it out23:05
clivejoits built into the plasma desktop so might want to pull in half of kubuntu!23:05
tsimonq2come on...23:05
clivejotry it23:06
tsimonq2clivejo: can we move this conversation to #lubuntu-devel ?23:07
clivejoI dont know anything about lubuntu :/23:07
tsimonq2well this is Lubuntu-related... :P23:07
clivejobut I was involved in getting Muon into xenial23:07
yofelclivejo: more like you're missing half the conversation23:10

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