pavlushkaMorning every one, :)05:54
pavlushkaIts good that the ban has been lifted, whew.05:54
pavlushkaMorning Kilos !05:54
pavlushkawhat a timing, :)05:55
Kilosmorning pavlushka wxl and others05:55
pavlushkaKilos: the ban has been lifted, goodness.05:56
Kiloshi zaki 06:25
zakihello Kilos06:27
zakihow are you?06:27
Kilosok ty and you, just tired after yesterday06:28
Kilosand tomorrow ill be late again06:28
zakifine. ty. :) 06:28
zakiwhat are you busy with?06:29
Kilosgoing to hospital for lung performance test06:29
Kilosim getting ready to go do farm chores06:29
zakihave you decided to quit smoking?06:30
Kilosyes i will but will stop with my daughters mom as well when im there06:31
Kilosmake it a family episode hehe06:32
zakiha ha. good!06:32
Kiloshaha just checked last night06:33
zakidon't forget to sahre some pic from aus. we'll be happy to see you together. :) 06:33
Kilosive been smoking for 49 years06:33
zakioh my! 06:34
Kilosi will send when i come online from there06:34
Kilosbut i wont be travelling much, family catch up more important than sight seeing imo06:34
zakiyes of course! 06:36
zakithat is the 1st thing in the list.06:36
Kilosyes 06:36
Researcherhello salaam 07:43
zakihello Researcher07:43
Researcherhi zaki 07:43
zakisalam. :) 07:43
Researcherw salaam07:43
Researcherkaisay ho bhai 07:43
zakifine. ty. and you?07:44
Researcherall good07:57
zakihe he. 08:05
zakiit appear like thumbs up in facebook.08:05
Kiloshere its a cute +108:07
Kiloshi kamrul 08:42
Kiloshi Tuhin dipraw 10:15
diprawhello Kilos what's up??12:00
Kilosworking onna laptop for another old lady13:18
pavlushkaHello Guys! Good day!14:00
Kiloshi pavlushka 14:01
pavlushkaHow are you Kilos !14:03
Kilosok ty lad, and you?14:04
pavlushkaI am a little sad, I lost my Rain coat packed in a bag, in my way back to home from our tea farm, I searched back the whole 8.5 kms way but it is lost, :(14:10
pavlushkaI was in a motor bike.14:10
pavlushkaKilos: please dont tell my DAD, he is gonna kill me, though he has also lost one.14:11
Kilosi dont even know who your dad is man14:11
pavlushkaKilos: man, I am kidding, :p14:12
pavlushkaNow he is definitely gonna kill me, lol14:13
pavlushkacoz I am kidding, :p14:13
pavlushkaTuhin: আমার বাপ আমা্কে বলবে, এমনিতেতো rain coat হারাইসস, তার ওপর আবার কেলাইতাসস? খাড়া, আইজকা তোর একদিন কি আমার একদিন, :p14:16
Tuhincant read14:17
pavlushkaTuhin: go to web browser, and paste "https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/16/%23ubuntu-bd.html"14:19
pavlushkabbl :)14:21
zakihello everyone. :)16:31
zakiwb Tuhin__16:54
Kiloshi guys17:01
zakihi Kilos17:01
Kiloszaki whats you mailing list address17:09
Kilosand pakistans please17:09
zakitalking about this?17:12
zakiKilos: 17:12
zakiKilos: and this? ubuntu-pk@lists.ubuntu.com17:16
Kilosty zaki 17:16
zakialways. :)17:16
zakiKilos: found this https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=all&q=ubuntu-bd17:33
zakilot off activity from 2008-09 :D 17:33
Kilosthat should have carried on, not be allowed to die17:35
Kiloswb pavlushka 17:37
zakipavlushka: welcome back to #ubuntu-bd  ;)17:38
pavlushkaThanks Kilos , its the power cuts, :|17:38
pavlushkaHello zaki Tuhin !17:38
zakipavlushka: :)17:38
Kiloshaha pavlushka you have just over 2 weeks 17:39
Kilosget your wiki done17:39
Kilosand dont lose your rincoat man17:39
zakiha ha. :D 17:40
pavlushkaha ha ha, yes, I will try my best, :) 17:40
Kilosyou will get wet and sick then ill have to start over again17:40
pavlushkaKilos: I got another testimonial, have you noticed that?17:41
Kilosnope i crashed this afternoon17:41
zakitestimonial from remonshai? pavlushka17:41
pavlushkazaki: yep, He copied almost you, ha ha ha17:42
zakihe he. he modified. :D 17:43
Kiloswxl you here?17:44
zakipavlushka: Shahriar Tariq is ashabadi? 17:45
pavlushkazaki: mmm, yes17:48
Kilospavlushka za channel17:49
zakiis this him? pavlushka17:50
pavlushkaand zaki: may be RemonShai wanted to say the same what you've said, :) 17:57
zakiyes. :) 17:58
zakihad dinner? pavlushka and Kilos?17:58
Kilosyes ty17:58
pavlushkayes ty17:58
zakiQA: rusks please18:00
QAHelp yourself zaki There are 2 boxes on top of the fridge :)18:00
zakiQA: where is that fridge? 18:00
QAzaki: I'm afraid I have no idea18:00
zakiQA: why you have no idea on that fridge? you should18:03
QAzaki: If you say so18:03
pavlushkalol @ zaki 18:08
pavlushkaTuhin: your tail is getting longer, what is this tailokio?18:08
zakihe he. rofl18:10
zakidinner time. :) brb18:16
wxlKilos: what up?18:17
Kiloshi there can you look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/pavelsayekat and advise pavlushka what more he should do please18:18
Kiloswxl sorry to bug you18:19
pavlushkaKilos: wxl already did18:19
pavlushkaI am yet to complete those, :)18:19
Kilosaha ty18:19
wxlthere's still time :)18:19
Kilos:D this one is important to me18:20
pavlushkayep, I am trying to use that, :)18:20
wxlpavlushka: make sure to ping me with it when it's "done"18:20
wxl(before the meeting!!!)18:20
pavlushkawxl copy that, sure, will do :)18:21
zakipavlushka: you shoud use "Roger that" :p18:31
pavlushkazaki: who is Roger?, ok I copy that too, :p18:32
pavlushkazaki: I know that, just kidding, :)18:34
zakii know that too. :p18:35
zakiwb AudaciousTUX walrider19:21
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX walrider 19:21
walriderzaki: dhonnobad bhai19:21
Kilosoh AudaciousTUX 19:21
walriderhei uncl kilos how u doin 19:22
zakiwalrider: :)19:22
Kiloswith luck Researcher will host the site for you when its done19:22
Kilosok ty and you walrider 19:22
walriderim so so 19:22
Kilosyou need some cyber coffee19:23
KilosQA coffee on19:23
* QA flips the salt-timer19:23
AudaciousTUXhellu all19:23
walriderpavlushka: bhai 19:25
AudaciousTUXwho's researcher o.O19:25
walriderpavlushka: Asen naki 19:25
zakia guy from ubuntu-pk19:25
zakiAudaciousTUX: 19:25
walriderpavlushka: bhai 19:26
zakiwalrider: he willl be back soon19:26
pavlushkayes walrider 19:26
pavlushkaand hellu AudaciousTUX !19:26
AudaciousTUXদুইজন রে দেখতাসি Researcher name :|19:26
AudaciousTUXhellu pavlushka vai19:26
walriderpavlushka: bhai pvt te ashen aktu kotha ase 19:27
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!19:27
KilosQA ty19:27
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos19:27
AudaciousTUXplease let me know before publishing the site publicly.... :)19:30
AudaciousTUX@Kilos: 19:30
Kilosyou can do it all AudaciousTUX 19:31
Kilosyou just let us know when you are ready19:32
AudaciousTUXokay :)19:32
Kilosnight guys , sleep tight19:35
pavlushkanight Kilos ~!19:35
AudaciousTUXgn :)19:35
zakipavlushka: what are you doing atm?20:07
pavlushkazaki: feeling a little bored of all work, so watching a movie, but not sure if it will help, :p20:09
zakinice, it will work i wish. 20:09
zakibtw which one you are watching?20:09
zakione of my roommate baught a new laptop, intel core i5 6th generation,memory 8gb, hdd 1tb, dedicated graphics card. :| 20:14
zakiI'm just a little bit jealous about it. :|20:14
AudaciousTUXfor playing game?? :|20:14
AudaciousTUXthen okay :p20:14
zakii'm thinking what he will do with that. not a pro.20:15
AudaciousTUXlaptop with such config is useless :320:15
zakilol yeah. 20:15
zakigd n8 guys.20:19
zakiQA: good night20:19
QAGood night zaki sleep tight20:19
zaki:) 20:20

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