pavlushkaMorning every one :)05:33
Kilosmorning bd peeps05:48
Researchermorning Kilos05:48
KilosResearcher where you went05:56
Kiloshows pavlushka today05:56
pavlushkaKilos: I am better, ty06:01
pavlushkaKilos: and how about you?06:01
Kilosok also ty06:01
pavlushkaKilos: like to ask, which coffee tastes batter? Maaz's or QA's? :p06:11
Kilosthey both make good perculator coffee06:12
zakihello Kilos pavlushka and others. :) 06:21
Kiloshi zk06:21
Kiloszaki 06:21
zakinothing. what are you doing?06:22
Researcherzaki zaki 06:33
Researcher:D 06:33
Researcherhow are ya zaki \06:33
Kiloshehe zaki im getting ready to go start doing chores06:34
zakiResearcher: Researcher :p 06:34
zakiResearcher: i'm fine, ty and you?06:38
Researcheri am all good 06:45
Researcherand lil busy in the office06:45
zakihello kamrul08:13
kamrulhi zaki 08:14
Kiloshi kamrul 08:14
kamrulhi Kilos 08:14
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hsitintIrc te keu thake na khali dakadaki08:59
Kiloshi hsitint 08:59
hsitintKe??? Apni 09:00
Researcherhsitint : bhai kaisay ho 09:01
Researcherhsitint : hindi may baat kero 09:01
hsitintHume accha hindi nehi ati. Humka bhojpuri ati hain 09:02
pavlushkahsitint: স্বাগতম !09:02
hsitintEi irc te koto mash dhore koto bar esechi thik nai. Ajj ki6u lok pelam09:03
pavlushkahsitint: আমি এখানে ৫ মাস ধরে regular.09:04
hsitintআমি ৫ মাসে অনেকবার এসেছি কাউকে পাই নি। যাক আজ কাউকে পেলাম। 09:05
hsitintআজকের আলোচনার টপিক কি?09:05
pavlushkahsitint: এবং আপনি আজকের পরেও ইনশা-আল্লাহ live & helpful user দের পাবেন, :)09:05
pavlushkaএই চ্যানেলে09:05
pavlushkahsitint: really, that should show up in the irc logs, :)09:06
pavlushka*showed up09:06
hsitintবাহ খুব ভাল। ধন্যনাদ09:06
pavlushkahsitint: except for monthly meeting, we have no specific topic of the day, :)09:09
pavlushkaand we haven't officially started any monthly meeting, we are still in a re-building phase.09:10
pavlushkahsitint: "hsitint> Irc te keu thake na khali dakadaki" why dont you lead with an example, so that no one can say these type of lines , :)09:14
pavlushkahsitint: please check this link https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/17/%23ubuntu-bd.html09:15
pavlushkaResearcher: thanks for engaging hsitint in convo, :)09:25
Researcherthanks bro 09:25
Kilosthats the way, work together as a world wide community09:26
Researchertrue 09:27
pavlushkaResearcher: Kilos , you can check back the logs, I found only 2-3 nicks who were here around 2011-2014, Tuhin is one of them and Rezwan.09:28
pavlushkaand may be on some specific day of months, some more nick joins but was not consistent.09:30
pavlushkaand only hsitint knows what was his actual nick but no other nick was traceable much other than 2-3.09:32
Kilospavlushka no worries09:32
Kilosif old ones dont want to come back it is their loss09:32
pavlushkaor it is their choice.09:33
Kiloson fb they cant get anywhere09:33
pavlushkawe have to move with whoever responds to our call, :)09:33
Kilosif fb is all they are capable of then its their business09:33
Kilosyou grow the channel with guys that want to get ahead in the community09:34
Kilosyou now know how large the ubuntu community is09:34
Kiloshi Tuhin 09:35
pavlushkaWelcome Tuhin09:35
Kilosthe ubuntu community isnt tied to any borders09:36
NaSbHello Kilos, pavlushka 09:52
Kiloshi NaSb 09:52
pavlushkaWB NaSb :)09:54
pavlushkaNaSb: can I help you with QA's coffee? :p or with anything else?09:55
NaSb:p I know QA is a bot09:56
NaSbQA can you make me happy?09:57
Kiloswhy arent you happy lad?09:57
KilosQA coffee on09:57
* QA starts grinding coffee09:57
Kiloshave some cyber coffee09:58
pavlushkaNaSb: are you feeling sad for some reason? then may be me and Kilos are better than QA, :p09:58
NaSbYesterday i'm facing big issue for installing Ubuntu 16.04.109:59
NaSbCurrently i'm using two linux distros09:59
NaSbelementary OS and Deepin along with Windows 810:00
pavlushkaNaSb: make another partition and install Ubuntu on that, its that simple, install the bootloader on "/dev/sda", and there you go.10:01
QACoffee's ready for Kilos!10:01
pavlushkaQA ty10:02
QAOnly a pleasure pavlushka10:02
pavlushkaKilos: :p10:02
pavlushkabrb, going to eat, :)10:02
pavlushkaNaSb: after the operation, you will have 3 linus distros with win8,:)10:03
NaSbpavlushka [problem] হচ্ছে উবুন্টু ইন্সটলেশন পার্টিশন ম্যানেজারে আমার কোনো পাট্রিশন করা ড্রাইভই দেখায় না।10:03
NaSbnope pavlushka10:04
NaSbMy selected distro is Ubuntu and eOS10:04
NaSbজানালা আমি dreamsparks থেকে সংগ্রহ করেছি10:05
NaSbআমি যা বুঝলাম আমার হার্ডডিস্ক ফরম্যাট দিয়ে নতুন করে Ubuntu ও eOS ইন্সটল করতে হবে।  10:07
pavlushkaNaSb: boot into win8 and shutdown from cmd by typing "shutdown /p"10:13
pavlushkaand then retry to install ubuntu10:14
pavlushkaNaSb: but if you have erros on disks or your partition boundaries are overlapped due to some corruption, you will face partition formatting issue.10:16
pavlushkaNaSb: and if those are NTFS logical partitions, then you have to correct the disk errors by running in win env in cmd "chkdsk /f /r /x C:/D:/E:/.."10:17
pavlushkabut individually one drive at a time10:18
pavlushkaNaSb: like "chkdsk /f /r /x D:"10:19
pavlushkaNaSb: /f for force flag, /r for recovering from bad cluster and fixing, /x for dismounting the drive during the operation.10:21
pavlushkaNaSb: what did you missed?10:27
pavlushkaNaSb: ping10:43
NaSbWifi disconnected10:51
pavlushkaQA tell NaSb to check https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/08/18/%23ubuntu-bd.html10:53
QApavlushka: Got it, I'll tell NaSb on freenode10:53
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zakihello everyone.16:13
zakiKilos: pavlushka16:13
Kiloshi zaki pavlushka 16:15
Kiloscheck pk please and help the new guy16:15
zakiKilos: ahamed?16:15
pavlushkaSorry, I was afk, just completed the daily routine with some extra cheese (work) :P16:21
zakihe he. 16:21
pavlushkais ahmed still there16:21
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zakiwb AudaciousTUX17:17
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX 17:18
AudaciousTUXhi Kilos 17:18
pavlushkaso guys, mission accomplished :p17:22
pavlushkahellu AudaciousTUX 17:22
Kiloswell done pavlushka 17:22
pavlushkaKilos: thanks17:23
zakiwhich mission?17:23
Kilosthe guy will need guiding 17:23
pavlushkaKilos: he is a debian 8 user, just new on irc, :)17:24
zakimission ahamed_billal oh17:24
pavlushkazaki: tubelight :p17:25
Kilosdebian and ubuntu are family17:25
Kilosso we wellcome then17:25
zakitubelight waht? 17:26
pavlushkaKilos: yep, i just pointed that he might be an expert on system already :p17:26
Kilosoh ok17:26
pavlushkazaki: had your dinner?17:27
zakinope! you?17:27
AudaciousTUXhei... http://www.hanselman.com/blog/AnnouncingPowerShellOnLinuxPowerShellIsOpenSource.aspx powershell will take over the world of terminal... :'(17:28
Kilosyou guys must eat or you will get weak17:28
AudaciousTUX#sarcasm :p17:28
pavlushkaKilos: but yes, he need guidance on community work :), no doubt on that.17:28
pavlushkaKilos: i am on it, :p17:29
pavlushkaKilos: i meant i am having my dinner now :p17:30
pavlushkaKilos: oh, one more thing, normal people dont use debian :p17:34
pavlushkaKilos: superfly is not normal :p17:34
Kilosthe fly does now17:34
Kilosyou beat me17:35
pavlushkazaki: listening to David Gilmour's "take it back"17:42
AudaciousTUXmeh listening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnkuBUAwfe0&index=14&list=RDGMEMJQXQAmqrnmK1SEjY_rKBGAVMBPNTC7uZYrI :317:43
zakipavlushka: Pink Floyd ?17:49
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you are listening or watching? :p17:50
zakitake it back awesome 17:51
pavlushkadid anyone notice that gmail was down for a moment?17:51
pavlushkaafter evening in our local time.17:51
AudaciousTUXlistening... and chatting17:52
zakipavlushka: gmail oky here.17:52
pavlushkazaki: for some moment, not for long.17:52
zakioh, don't know17:53
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: have you heard "My own prison"?17:53
zakipavlushka: did you watched another brick in the wall music video? 17:54
pavlushkazaki: yep,  the complete album17:55
zaki\m/ 17:55
zakipavlushka: you like DIO?17:57
zakiand what about Metallica? <317:58
pavlushkathat too :)17:58
zakipavlushka: :) 17:58
zakioh my17:58
AudaciousTUXজহ্ন দেনভের?? :D17:59
AudaciousTUXjohn denver 17:59
pavlushkabut now my song is dixie chicks - cowboy17:59
zakiDire Straits? Credence Clearwater Revival?? 18:00
AudaciousTUXannie's song joss ^_^ 18:00
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Kiloshi Rezwan 18:00
zakipavlushka: ^18:00
AudaciousTUXhei rezwan vai18:00
Rezwanhi Kilos 18:00
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: yep joss, song of a life time :)18:00
Rezwanকী খবর তানজিম18:00
pavlushkaHello Rezwan 18:01
Rezwanhello pavlushka , zaki 18:01
AudaciousTUXvala.... :)18:01
zakihi Rezwan vai. :)18:01
AudaciousTUXRezwan: material দেন :p18:01
RezwanAudaciousTUX, আমি শিখে তোমাকে শিখাবো নে! :P18:01
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: zaki Suzan Vega?18:02
AudaciousTUXRezwan: হেঁহেঁ :p18:02
AudaciousTUXbtw... exam ki dichen??18:02
Rezwanকিসের এক্সাম?18:02
AudaciousTUX201 er18:03
Rezwan201 এর কী?18:03
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: zaki Suzan Vega's "Tom's Dinner" & "Queen & The Soldier"18:03
AudaciousTUXlfs201 course kortechenna??18:03
Rezwanআরে নাহ!18:04
Rezwanএই কোর্স বাংলাদেশে করা যায় নাকি? :P18:04
zakipavlushka: nope :( 18:04
AudaciousTUXken jayna??? online na??? indiar ekjon dilo... fail marche... retest o dite parenai.... material niya nichi...18:04
RezwanAudaciousTUX, IFS 201 কী জিনিস আগে এইটা বুঝাও 18:05
pavlushkazaki: yes Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet, 18:05
zakipavlushka: nice , nice. :) 18:05
AudaciousTUXhttps://training.linuxfoundation.org/linux-courses/system-administration-training/essentials-of-system-administration Rezwan 18:05
AudaciousTUXapni konta kortechen???18:06
Rezwanএই পরীক্ষা বাংলাদেশ থেকে দেওয়া যায়?18:06
pavlushkazaki: now AC/DC - back in black :P18:06
zakihe he. :D 18:06
AudaciousTUXjaoar kothato...18:06
zakihow about Pantera? pavlushka18:06
AudaciousTUXpavlushka:  vai na korte nichilen?? pore alshemir jonne korennai...18:07
pavlushkazaki: Philip Anselmo and Diamond Darrel18:07
Kilospavlushka listen to my baby as well18:08
pavlushkazaki: and I am broken18:08
zakiCowboy's From Hell,Goddamn Electric18:08
zakiKilos: \m/ i listend that18:08
pavlushkaKilos: sure, your one is cute as well, :)18:08
Kilosof course18:09
zakiKilos: i subscried tara lynn's channel 18:10
zaki:D 18:10
zakiat you tube.18:10
pavlushkazaki: Louis Armstrong?18:10
zakipavlushka: jadge?18:11
pavlushkazaki: its Jazz18:11
zakinow listening Hotasa. he he. 18:12
pavlushkayes Kilos :)18:13
zakiand NA18:13
pavlushkazaki: কেন? হতাশা কেন?18:14
pavlushkazaki: you didn't listened to Sunjoy?18:14
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: প্রেমে পরস নাকি?18:15
zakipavlushka: i find this video too much funny. suggesting you to take a look.18:15
zakilast n8 i watched it18:15
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: annie's song?18:15
zakipavlushka: sunjoy?18:16
pavlushkazaki: then you are missing the core of Warfaze, :p18:17
zakihmm :(18:18
zakiJibondhara, Ashamajik and the departures of Sunjoy, Babna Karim and Russel Ali (1994–1998)18:20
pavlushkazaki: Warfaze self titled, Obak Valobasha, Jibondhara, Oshamajik, and so on.18:22
zakidinner time, bbl18:23
AudaciousTUXho.. duibar seka khaisi :3 pavlushka 18:31
Kiloshave you guys ever tried youtube-dl18:33
Kilosif you want the music only you do18:33
Kilosyoutube-dl -f 140 youtube link18:34
Kiloshi shishir 18:34
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AudaciousTUXyah Kilos 18:35
AudaciousTUXjdownloader rocks .... Kilos 18:35
Kilosi like commandline for music18:35
Kilosvideos waste my data18:36
Kilosnight guys, sleep tight18:40
zakigood night all.19:28

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