danstnacc: doesn't help either00:01
danst[    0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-4.4.0-34-generic.efi.signed root=ZFS=recovery/ROOT/ubuntu ro intel_iommu=on modprobe.blacklist=i915_bpo00:01
danstlsmod | grep i915_bpo | wc -l00:02
naccdanst: i wonder if you'd need to blacklist the deps on it too ... not sure. Does dmesg given any clues?00:05
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MelioIn place upgrades take a long time00:30
MelioAnd theres about 3 sonfar questions that interupt it00:30
MelioSo far00:31
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elisa87hey where does sudo apt-get install build-essential g++ python-dev autotools-dev libicu-dev build-essential libbz2-dev libboost-all-dev00:56
elisa87 install the libboost and its .so file?00:56
Bashing-omelisa87: ' dpkg -L <package> ' to see what all got installed where .00:59
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MelioIn place upgrade crashed, so im doing a usb install of 16.04.101:07
MelioGotta wipe and take the loss. Oh well01:08
Guest30977Hello. I'm having trouble booting Ubuntu 16.04. It worked last time I started it. When I select Ubuntu from Grub, it shows an error.01:09
Guest30977It starts with: /dev/sda3: clean, 503120/44105728 files, 31847660/176404224 blocks01:09
PikiaI don't think that is an error.01:10
PikiaI get that too, and once its completes going through the entire HDD or SSDD, it should boot up01:10
Guest30977It then shows [11.228225] snd_hda_intel 000:00:1f.3: filed to add i915_bpo component master (-19)01:13
MelioWhatbis mate?01:14
Guest30977Then [12.240481] hid-generic 0003:046D:C214.0004:usb_submit_urb(ctrl) failed: -101:14
MelioWhat is mate i mean01:14
Guest30977Any idea?01:14
Guest30977Melio, like Ubuntu MATE?01:15
elliot-59mate is a Desktop environment01:15
MelioI never really looked into it01:15
Guest30977like unity or GNOME01:15
MelioIs mate gnome enhanced?01:15
MelioOr just not gnome at all01:15
castlelore I am getting "Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted" running "sudo systemctl start sshd" -- can anyone     │+creffett|irssi01:15
elliot-59yup... DE's: mate, gnome, unity, kde, lxde, xfce01:15
castlelore                    | point me in the direction on how to solve this? I'm stufck01:15
Guest30977@Pikia, any idea?01:16
MelioSo I can install mate and switch desktop managers later to try em out01:17
elliot-59yeah, its a bit better to get the actual ubuntu flavor for that DE but you can just install them all and switch to get a feel for them if you want01:18
MelioWill that be part of login like old school linux distros did01:18
Guest30977Melio: Um, theoretically I guess...01:18
PikiaGuest30977: Sorry, no. If you wait a bit, and come bnack in a few hours, there are mch more expereices users here who can help you01:18
MelioIf its detrimental i can just. Irtualize a sandbox for itbwith virtual box and take a look01:19
Guest30977Thank you, Pikia. I appreciate the response.01:19
MelioGrr irc by phone01:19
elliot-59exoalexander: yo01:23
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exoalexanderi just uninstalled the unity 8 system settings but the icon is still showing in the ubuntu application menu01:24
exoalexanderis there a way to remove it01:24
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OerHeksexoalexander, did you logout/login after that ?01:24
OerHekselse run apt-get autoremove, that would wipe orphans too01:25
jmaderohitting this in virtual box 16.04: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade BIOS or use force_addr=0xaddr01:27
OerHeksjmadero, tons of solutions, it seems to be a virtualbox setting http://askubuntu.com/questions/298290/smbus-bios-error-while-booting-ubuntu-in-virtualbox01:29
jmaderoOerHeks: yeah most of those are not applicable01:29
jmaderofor instance I can't do anything with acceleration in system settings for vbox - grayed out01:30
OerHeksdepends on the hardware/driver now, AMD with radeon driver?01:30
jmaderoOerHeks: intel01:31
zotexanyone try to install kali tools on ubuntu 16.04?01:34
Anthaas_Hi guys - I've just installed Ubuntu 16.04 over Windows 10.01:41
Anthaas_I have an SSD, and a HDD, the SSD is where the OS is.01:41
Anthaas_I had some windows stuff on the HDD, and now I can't access it - can someone help me?01:42
melio_ok i got 16.04 booted after install. and i notice my grub doesnt include my windows 10 choice anymore01:44
melio_windows 10 is infact on /dev/sda201:45
melio_is there a simple way to add that to grub01:45
melio_like grub-install01:45
OerHekswin10 does not show itself in grub, i think, not on the 1st page01:46
melio_wait sudo update-grub might work01:46
melio_i'll fix it01:46
Anthaas_I've just had a really stupid thought01:46
OerHeksif it isn't there, yes.01:46
Anthaas_My SSD is 256GB, HDD is 2TB. Everything I install on Ubuntu is going onto the 256GB isnt it?01:47
OerHeksAnthaas_, most likely, you can check that01:47
OerHeksopen terminal ( ctrl T )  sudo fdisk -l01:47
Anthaas_OerHeks: I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 over my Win 10. Where Windows gives you the change to change where installs go, I'd like that on Ubuntu. However, currently I cannot even mount my 2TB...01:48
OerHeksthat 2 tb, maybe it is GPT with an EXFAT partition, you just need to install fuse then01:48
Anthaas_I don't understand the words you just said... haha01:49
OerHeksif that command fdisk shows a 2tb exfat partition, sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils01:49
OerHeksand restart filemanager01:49
Anthaas_You mean this: /dev/sda2       718848 3907024895 3906306048  1.8T  7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT01:50
Anthaas_Ok cool01:50
Anthaas_OerHeks:   https://thepb.in/p/r0hwRMjEPW7HK01:51
OerHeksi think it is not ntfs01:52
Anthaas_All I tried to do was click the drive in Nautilus01:52
Anthaas_On the left hand side01:53
OerHeksit might be a problem, this unsafe state, not closed files or something.01:54
OerHeksor hybernated from within window ...01:55
Anthaas_Well, I just installed Ubuntu 16.04 over Windows. Just as you normally would...01:56
OerHekssudo ntfsfix /dev/sda2 perhaps ? lots of thinking about this 'feature' http://askubuntu.com/questions/145902/unable-to-mount-windows-ntfs-filesystem-due-to-hibernation02:00
Anthaas_Can someone help me resolve my issue regarding my hard drive. I just installed Ubuntu over Windows. Ubuntu is instaled onto my SSD, but I cant access my HDD...02:00
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OerHeks26 minutes agoCentral Italy6.302:07
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kulelu88Hello all02:09
kulelu88say I am copying .deb packages from 1 ubuntu install to another, should I first delete old packages in the install I am manually updating?02:09
kulelu88var/cache/ packages02:09
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kulelu88OerHeks: does that clone the entire contents of the folder or just a reference to it?02:16
AnthaasOerHeks, Hi - thanks, that got it fixed.02:20
AnthaasNow I have another problem.02:20
AnthaasI want to use my HDD for most of my filesystem.02:20
AnthaasNot my SSD...02:20
kulelu88Anthaas: mount your HDD and save data there02:21
Anthaaskulelu88, I mean for things like application installs etc.02:21
kulelu88you will lose the performance then Anthaas02:21
AnthaasWhere, currently they are going in /opt/[application] where /opt is found on my SSD.02:21
AnthaasI understand.02:22
AnthaasI really only wanted my SSD for the OS and critical applications.02:22
AnthaasMy SSD is only 256GB, my HDD is 2TB02:22
kulelu88256GB is a lot02:22
AnthaasNot enough haha02:22
kulelu88what exactly are you installing that requires so much memory?02:22
AnthaasHow can I check how full my drives are?02:24
AnthaasGot it02:24
AnthaasOk, its fine.02:24
AnthaasI can do with here for now.02:24
AnthaasWhen I install some games, for example, how can I do so on the HDD?02:24
Anthaasand play from there?02:25
kulelu88why is rangardt spamming me?02:25
rangardtkulelu88: beats me02:25
Bashing-omAnthaas: For reference; I run on 4.7 Gigs ! " /dev/sda1       4.7G  2.1G  2.4G  48% / " .02:25
AnthaasIm not sure why, either, but whenever I open several tabs in Firefox, it pretty much causes the whole computer to die...02:26
rangardtAnthaas: use chrome02:26
kulelu88goodbye rangardt02:26
AnthaasIsn't Chrome more resource intensive?02:27
rangardtAnthaas: not chromium that's also a pig. Chrome is faster02:27
Bashing-omAnthaas: Maybe short on ram and no swap partition ? as one thought .02:27
kulelu88if he has a 256GB SSD, I'm sure ram is enough02:27
kulelu88Anthaas: how many tabs?02:28
Anthaaskulelu88, About 702:28
kulelu88RAM level02:28
Anthaas8GB RAM02:28
rangardtChromium takes about 30 seconds to open. Chrome about 2 seconds Anthaas02:29
AnthaasBashing-om, I'd have no idea how to check that.02:29
Anthaasrangardt, I have Chrome installed now, thank you.02:29
kulelu88that shouldn't be happening Anthaas . 7 tabs is nothing for 8GB02:30
Bashing-omAnthaas: What does ' free -m ' say about memory ?02:30
AnthaasBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/Yym5rWPJ02:31
Bashing-omAnthaas: Agreed, there is no memory swap limitation here .02:32
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brassbonanzaAnyone available to help with getting my wireless network to work on a fresh install of 14.04?02:38
kulelu88WLAN? brassbonanza02:38
AnthaasBashing-om, Hmm, any ideas?02:38
EvidloI'm trying to mount an exfat partition in Ubuntu 14 Live USB, but I can't find the `exfat-fuse` package in apt.  Here are my apt sources: http://ix.io/1gi402:39
brassbonanzayes - I have tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers tutorial as I have a broadcom driver02:39
brassbonanzano luck02:39
AnthaasFor the record, Rangardt was throwing some racial slurs my way in private messages.02:40
kulelu88brassbonanza: I know this might sound absurd, but have you made sure your hardware wireless switch is on?02:40
kulelu88Anthaas: use /IGNORE rangardt02:41
kulelu88that'll block him02:41
Adambuntu@brassbonanza man, broadcom, I´m sorry bud :( to be honest you think that would ¨just work¨ though these days.02:41
Evidloare these apt source urls correct?  http://ix.io/1gi402:41
kulelu88Evidlo: can you please use a recognized paste link02:42
brassbonanzakulelu88: It is on, I had a problem with 16.04 where I couldn't turn it on but now the wireless switch is illuminated white. Here is the system I have installed ubuntu 14.04 on http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04539529 - 14.04 is the version that is recommended for this system via Ubuntus website02:42
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brassbonanzaAdambuntu - yeah its rough...02:43
AdambuntuI have a broadcom on my macbook, but I don´t run linux on it, but from my past of an old laptop, the trick was using fwcutter02:43
kulelu88brassbonanza: do you see the network options at the top/bottom of your screen? should be 2 arrows (I assume that is what it is in Ubuntu)02:43
AdambuntuBut that was years ago02:43
Evidlokulelu88: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2308381102:44
kulelu88yes they're correct Evidlo02:44
kulelu88apparently https:// is too expensive02:45
brassbonanzakulelu88: there are two arrows when I plug the ethernet cable in, when I unplug and move into trying to use wlan I have an outlife of a baseball diamond that I can click on. When I click on this baseball diamond I can hover over a tab with VPN Connections which expands to more options, edit connections (which is manual configuration of the networks which doesn't work), or enable networking.02:45
brassbonanzaWhich is enabled02:45
Evidlokulelu88: so why can't I find any packages related to exfat?02:45
Adambuntubrassbonanza if I may suggest, something I would do these days if a laptop came with one, I would just buy an intel nic to save the hassle or salvage one from a dead laptop.02:45
Evidloseems like I'm missing something02:45
kulelu88Evidlo: possibly wrong package name?02:45
Evidlo`apt-cache search exfat` returns nothing02:46
kulelu88Evidlo: menu > settings > software and updates02:46
Evidlokulelu88: I'm not running X right now02:46
brassbonanzaAdambuntu decent idea - did this install on a whim as I was fed up with win10 on this particular laptop and my mbp just died; Ubuntu's website said it was supported so I went with it. I start classes on Thursday not really sure how quickly I can salvage02:47
wskyEvidlo: possibly you need a linux distribution02:47
kulelu88maybe you're missing CLI? Evidlo02:47
Evidlokulelu88: what do you mean?02:47
brassbonanzakulelu88: When I run the commands iwconfig it returns no wireless extensions for both lo and eth002:47
kulelu88ignore that message02:47
kulelu88what I meant to say was. are you on the commandline? ev0lv302:47
kulelu88Evidlo: ^^^02:47
Evidlokulelu88: yes02:48
Adambuntuman if you were close to Kentucky I´d toss you this extra intel I have :(02:48
Adambuntubut it´s not going to get there in time02:48
kulelu88I think you may need to install the independent option (somehow via CLI, which I don't know how -> for 3rd part libs)02:48
kulelu88brassbonanza: with the ethernet cable plugged in. click on those up/down errors02:49
kulelu88up/down arrows02:49
kulelu88man... I'm tire02:49
brassbonanzakulelu88: it enables one button that was previously grayed out which is 'connection information'02:50
wskykulelu88: 4 AM?02:50
Evidlokulelu88: fixed it. I had to enable the universe repository02:50
Adambuntuwait, isn´t broadcom drivers in the restricted drivers section these days?02:50
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: elaborate?02:50
kulelu88around there ws2k302:50
wskykulelu88: urope02:51
Adambuntulike when you want nvidia closed source drivers (binary drivers) you go to restricted drivers app, and get them that way, also I think broadcom is there since they are non-free firmware02:51
kulelu88awesome Evidlo02:51
kulelu88Adambuntu: I think you may be right. possibly a binary blob02:51
wskywe're drifting on the same boat, however if you had '88' tatooed anywhere on you i'd push you off it02:51
kulelu88wsky: I am trying to understand how a .deb package finds what deps it needs during install :D02:52
elkywsky: go sleep02:52
kulelu88yak-shave ftw02:52
Adambuntubrassbonanza, go to software sources>additional drivers02:53
wskyelky: is that an order02:53
* kulelu88 note to self, get '88' tattooed when sentenced to jail-time 02:53
elkywsky: sure.02:53
wskywelp, i don't take orders.02:53
elkywsky: this channel is a support channel, not a substitute for social channels that get tired of your nonsense.02:53
Adambuntu(aka system>software & updates>additional drivers02:54
Adambuntusee if broadcom comes up there02:54
kulelu88elky is angry02:54
wskyelky: ah that's why they used violence? because "they got tired of my nonsense"?02:54
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: okay there02:54
Adambuntuwait for it to quit spinning and see if broadcom comes up brassbonanza02:54
elkywsky: they revoked your access privileges, there was no violence.02:54
brassbonanzaAdmbuntu: Under broadcom Corporation: BCM43142 801.11b/g/n02:55
wskykicking someone out is a form of violence.02:55
daxwell, technically i just un-accessed them, they didn't get banned02:55
lordcirthwsky, no, it's not.02:55
daxbut this is #ubuntu-ops material02:55
hellyhopperis ubuntu touch on the nexus 4 sstill being updated?02:55
wskyi wasn't even aware that mentioning sex is offtopic there02:55
wskylordcirth: of course it is.02:55
Adambuntubrassbonanza, looks like thatś it, install that driver :D02:55
kulelu88you guys are essentially spamming this channel now with something that led to the banning elky wsky02:56
Adambuntumake sure your wire is plugged in and connected brassbonanza02:56
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: It says "This device is using an alternative driver." --- I have the options to select "Using broadcom 802.11 Lionux STA wireless driver source from bcmwl-kernel-source (proprietary)02:56
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: "Do not use this device"02:56
Cypher-PunkExplosive diarrhea is also off-topic.02:56
Adambuntuuse propietary02:56
Adambuntu!ohmy Cypher-Punk02:56
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: I already ran the command sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source02:57
Adambuntuoh :(02:57
kulelu88in this package: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/apt-clone/trunk/files . Which file will tell me the ubuntu dependencies to install the package? I checked in .bzr-builddeb, setup.py, etc. and can't find anything02:57
brassbonanza@adambuntu: and that was at the end of the command chain ---> sudo add-apt- repository restricted / sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get ionstall liux-generic / that last command02:57
Adambuntudid you reboot brassbonanza after you did that?02:57
Adambuntuso the kernel can reload02:58
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: I thought I did but I will throw one in for good measure02:58
Adambuntusee you in a minute02:58
brassbonanza@adambuntu: on reboot is said to hit any key for (???) management02:58
Adambuntudid it hang there?02:59
brassbonanzait was like a 8 second interval02:59
Adambuntuok phew02:59
Adambuntusheesh, I got scared there02:59
brassbonanza@Adambuntu: on reboot nothing has changed02:59
Adambuntuokay... try using the other drivers to switch back and forth, that app does a good job on getting things right03:00
brassbonanza@adambuntu: "ethernet network disconnected/ vpn connection ->/ enable network (checked) / connection information (blacked out) / edit connections03:00
=== afro_work is now known as afro_
brassbonanza@Adambuntu: what do you mean try using the other drivers?03:00
Adambuntusystem>software & updates>additional drivers03:01
Adambuntubecause that there does usually a perfect job on setting everything up right to be honest03:01
brassbonanzaAdambuntu maybe I'll do ANOTHER fresh install03:02
Adambuntunot really needed to fix a crap driver03:02
brassbonanzaSo  my other option is to not use that device03:02
brassbonanzaonly two options I have03:02
Adambuntuwell, if you are going to school with it, you kinda need wireless or... pick a good linux friendly USB wireless03:03
Adambuntuyou can get those probably from walmart03:03
AdambuntuI know windows 10 hates those nics too even, my macbook running windows with that broadcom... it cuts out a lot at work03:04
Adambuntuthey are garbage03:04
brassbonanzaIt's maddening03:05
fishCodewindows 10 ignores my nic03:05
brassbonanzaIt's 2016 and we still have issues with a network card not working just because03:05
Adambuntuwell, those broadcoms were cheap03:05
kulelu88hardware is the final frontier03:05
MrHallim noob on linux03:06
fishCodeme too03:06
MrHalli have a problem03:06
AdambuntuWelcome Mr. Hall03:06
fishCodeMrHall, whats up03:06
AdambuntuWhat you got MrHall, maybe we can help03:06
MrHallwhen i start up the computer03:06
MrHallsometimes ubuntu have black screen03:06
MrHalland i need reboot my computer03:06
Adambuntulike it stays black?03:07
fishCodei had that happen to me the day before yesterday03:07
fishCodei just switched back to linux from windows03:07
fishCodeand i had that problem on a few of my many installs03:07
Adambuntuwell, basically it sounds like the login manager didn´t load03:08
MrHallbut i reboot and ubuntu work03:08
Adambuntublack screen when you start is common, but it should load the login screen once the kernel and background processes load03:08
fishCodei also had a problem with it loading to the login but after entering the password it would occasionally hang with the default background and not load further03:09
MrHallonly black screen03:09
Honkiino flashing cursor ?03:09
MrHalli can write03:09
wskyMrHall: well i'd advice you to login to a tty and look at the logs but i guess it's out of your reach03:09
Adambuntuctrl+alt+f2 does nothing?03:09
Adambuntuor hitting escape?03:09
MrHalli can write on the black screen03:10
fishCodeAdambuntu, that same thing happened to me when i installed03:10
MrHallbut commands dont work03:10
Honkiidoes this happen mid session ?03:10
=== ToyDealer is now known as AhToyMaker
Honkiior just on boot ?03:10
MrHalljust booy03:11
MrHallafter boot03:11
Honkiii had that happen when I had a bad image03:11
Adambuntuvideo card?03:11
Honkiialso, could be cupu / gpu03:11
Adambuntuout of curiosity03:11
MrHalli have a netbook03:11
MrHallvideo and procesor intel03:12
brassbonanzaAdambuntu: best way to check if a external wireless usb is going to be linux friendly?03:12
kulelu88MrHall: does it show 1 blinking cursor and a black screen?03:12
fishCodewhen it happened to me it would work very well - the whole computer - when it loaded03:12
fishCodebut then sometimes it would give me that blank screen03:12
Adambuntubrassbonanza let me see if I can find a compatibility list03:13
fishCodeMrHall, have you installed more than once?03:13
Honkiithe black flashing cursor is usually related to a) bad image b) cpu / gpu incompatibility (macbook for example) c) grub03:13
MrHalli had kali03:13
Adambuntubrassbonanza, http://www.wirelesshack.org/top-linux-compatible-usb-wireless-adapters.html03:13
MrHallbut i deleted it and format my computer03:14
fishCodeHonkii, would that be an intermittent problem though?03:14
FoeHammeredHiya. I feel like slamming my head into the wall of figuring out what I'm doing with my video drivers. It recently came to my attention that I don't seem to be using my video card properly. Would somebody please help me confirm this, and help me attempt to get some hardware acceleration out of it? It's a 2GB AMD Radeon R7 250.03:14
Adambuntuthose tp-link ones on the link are really good03:14
Honkiicould be - but nothing i could do would remove that blinking cursor from my macbook air03:14
fishCodeMrHall, if you formatted the drive and did a fresh install and are still having the issue it may be a bad drive?03:14
fishCodeperhaps the drive is degrading03:15
MrHalli dont know03:15
fishCodeor its a hardware issue that for some odd computer mystic reason is intermittent03:15
MrHallon windows work good03:15
AdambuntuI run intel on this i5 thinkpad, and it works, I based off ubuntu server, then installed mate-desktop during install, but yeah, it´s black while it loads, and it´s my first boot, so...03:15
tnrlHello. I can't get ubuntu desktop or server installed. The screen simply dies in both cases. With desktop version it happens early. With server version, I get thru the install, but when boot from disk, screen shuts off.03:15
MrHalli have windows/linux03:15
fishCodei think ubuntu is in many ways more powerful a distro03:16
fishCodebut try linux mint maybe03:16
kulelu88OerHeks: are you sure apt-clone stores the .deb packages also?03:16
MrHalli will download it03:16
Honkiiits Kali, and it's a netbook - id put it down the the netbook and the cpu03:16
fishCodeits basically ubuntu but slightly different packages are included by default03:16
MrHallxubuntu or kubuntu are good?03:16
AhToyMakerhonkii, run awesome-wm on netbooks03:16
fishCodeim running mint sarah right now after having similar issues as you with ubuntu 16.0403:16
AhToyMakerMrHall, yeah they are...03:16
tnrlI did get both installed on an old netbook this past weekend.03:16
MrHalli have ubuntu 1203:16
fishCodeand sarah has run well for me so far03:16
fishCodeoh that is way outdated03:17
fishCodeyou should download the latest one and see if that fixes you problem?03:17
kulelu88MrHall: xubuntu is perfect for older machines03:17
AhToyMakerwhat's linux mint desktop environment?03:17
kulelu88or lubuntu03:17
tnrlCan someone help me, please.03:17
MrHallfishCode: because its ligther03:17
Adambuntumint is cinnimon or mate03:17
MrHalllubuntu or kubuntu are good?03:17
kulelu88kubuntu is too heavy03:17
AhToyMakerAdambuntu, is it cpu intensive?03:18
kulelu88you need lubuntu or xubuntu03:18
MrHallwhat is better?03:18
Honkiimint / fedora03:18
AdambuntuAhToyMaker, no03:18
kulelu88they should be about the same03:18
tnrl* that should have been: please?03:18
AdambuntuMate is like... a fork of gnome203:18
Adambuntuso itś fast03:18
MrHallok thanks guys03:18
MrHalli will install xubuntu or lubuntu03:19
kulelu88good luck03:19
AdambuntuLXDE is ultra lite, and Lubuntu comes with it, it´s pretty yet fast03:19
MrHalli dont know03:19
MrHalli know03:20
Adambuntuyeah, Lite X Desktop Enviroment MrHall03:20
MrHalli installed it03:20
MrHalland my computer crash03:20
Adambuntulubuntu did?!03:20
MrHallthe problem started up in this time03:20
kulelu88MrHall: are you using a dualboot?03:20
AdambuntuI haven´t used it in a while, maybe they broke it. Lubuntu last I checked has a pretty small team :/03:21
zotexso.... i have a computer with windows xp on it that i have updated the drivers on and now it wont start.... all i want to do is get my files off of it bc its 10 years old... if i use a usb with ubuntu on it (assuming the desktop will load far enough to boot from usb) can i use that as a "live os" to get the files?03:21
AdambuntuI do know the distro didn´t work great on laptops compared to desktops03:21
daxzotex: should be able to03:21
kulelu88alright, lubuntu fails, so then try xubuntu MrHall03:22
zotexdax: if it wont get far enough to see the usb what would you recommend03:22
kulelu88how you're fetching those giant .isos so fast is amazing 0.o03:22
MrHallok i will try xubuntu03:22
MrHallty guys :)03:22
kulelu88zotex: try booting from a lighter nix-OS03:23
daxzotex: probably pulling the hard drive out, attaching it to another non-broken computer, and booting from that03:23
daxzotex: but it really depends on the details03:23
kulelu88or what dax said ^^03:23
zotexkulelu88: what os would you recommend03:24
AdambuntuZotex: You can do that off a live CD/USB yes, I´ve done that before myself. Basically you mount the drive you are trying to save, copy the contents onto a usb hard drive :)03:24
FoeHammeredActually, it says "Direct Rendering: Yes" under system information. Does this mean I'm actually making use of the GPU?03:25
zotexdax: im not sure how to plug the HD into the other computer03:25
kulelu88No idea, but I think Kali is usb boot-friendly?03:25
Adambuntuzotex: is it an IDE?03:25
zotexAdambuntu: thanks im just hoping it will recognize the cd/usb or get far enough into the boot sequence before the screen goes blank03:25
zotexAdambuntu: its just an old pc with win xp.. not used for anything but photoshop really03:26
zotexkulelu88: since you mentioned it... do you know anything about putting kali tools on ubuntu?03:27
kulelu88zotex: what kind of tools?03:28
Adambuntuzotex: Basically, if it´ś just some driver issue, the liveusb/cd route should work just fine03:29
zotexkulelu88: all of its penetration tools03:29
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:29
zotexAdambuntu: okay.. hopefully that will work.. ill try in a few minutes03:30
Adambuntuperhaps try an old version of ubuntu if it doesn´t load on modern ubuntu, perhaps 12.04 or something03:30
kulelu88oh wait, zotex are you using 64-bit ubuntu?03:30
zotexkulelu88: yea why03:30
Adambuntuyeah, you probably need 32bit if you are not a 64-bit cpu :/03:30
kulelu88your winXP is possibly 32-bit03:30
zotexyou guys are probably right i didnt think about that03:31
kulelu88OerHeks: you are a man of few words03:31
OerHeks64 bit could mount 32 bit xp partitions ..03:32
Adambuntuhe wants to run it on the old hardware03:32
zotexisnt there a 32-bit ubuntu 16.0403:33
zotexor should i just use an old one03:33
zotexand how far back should i go lol03:33
OerHekscan't you find it on ubuntu.com ?03:33
Adambuntuthere is a 32bit yes03:33
AdambuntuI´m looking at the torrent on alternate downloads03:34
kulelu88zotex: ubuntu 12.04 32-bit is still supported03:34
OerHeksonly lubuntu and server fits on cd03:35
Adambuntuand server isn´t live :/03:35
OerHeksmaybe better for his kali tools stuff :-P03:36
Adambuntuif you got a decently sized usb thumbstick... unetbootin and that iso... make you a live usb03:37
zotexadamubuntu: i do03:37
Adambuntuthen boot off that... voila :)03:37
zotexAdambuntu: that was what i was about to do03:37
AdambuntuI haven´t used an optical drive in years ^_^03:38
zotexAdambuntu: just to be sure your sayin to rufus/unetbootin the 32bit ubuntu 16 right03:39
AdambuntuI don´t know what rufus is though03:40
Adambuntujust unetbootin03:40
kulelu88zotex: you will likely need to modify your boot loader to make it boot from USB03:40
zotexsame thing03:40
kulelu88OerHeks: do you use apt-clone?03:40
zotexkulelu88: youre probably right and it wont load that far03:40
zotexor boot that far03:40
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kulelu88zotex: unless the machine is physically broken, I don't see why it won't run normally03:41
Adambuntuall you do is go into bios, set the boot order to 1:usb, 2:cdrom, 2:hard drive that you normally boot03:41
zotexkulelu88: ok ill try03:41
Adambuntu3:hard drive*03:41
zotexAdambuntu: yea i know im just hoping it gets that far03:42
wskyunetbootin is dead, don't use it03:42
wskydd is just enough for linux nowdays, hell even cp03:42
wskyand for windows you got winsetupfromusb03:42
Adambuntuit´s an old XP machine with outdated bios03:43
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:43
Adambuntusure, modern uefi can do that stuff, but on old boxes, unetbootin works fine :)03:43
zotexi was just going to use rufus on this machine and plug it into the old one and hope it starts03:44
zotexso i can get my work off of it03:44
zotexthen idc03:44
Adambuntuwell, it´s late here, good luck there zotex, hope you get all your work back.03:45
zotexAdambuntu: thanks for your help03:46
kulelu88just removing the HDD and connecting elsewhere may be a lot faster03:46
zotexkulelu88: dont i need certain cables to do that or something? lol03:46
Adambuntuunless it´s an ide hard drive and the only other system you have is sata, and you don´t have an ide usb enclosure03:46
Adambuntuor ide controller03:47
kulelu88zotex: the current cables that connect the HDD to the motherboard and powersupply should be adequate03:47
zotexbut im on a laptop03:47
Adambuntubasically, does the hard drive have a wide ribbon cable on the end around 2-3 inches wide?03:47
Adambuntuor a little sata around .5 inches wide03:48
Adambuntuif that03:48
zotexAdambuntu: from what i remember when i replaced the power supply yes03:48
Adambuntuwide ribbon = ide03:48
zotexthe ribbon03:48
Adambuntumodern pc´s don´t even have ide controllers on the motherboards anymore03:49
zotexso i need an old desktop03:49
Adambuntuno, you can use the one it´s in03:49
Adambuntuusing the liveusb03:49
Adambuntuand a usb hard drive03:49
zotexim gonna try the 32 bit ubuntu first03:50
bowlofsoupwhats up04:02
JimWNew here04:03
wskyit's a support channel04:04
wskynothing interesting04:04
JimWOkay, am new to linux and this chat04:04
bowlofsoupanybody have any idea why my ubuntu boot loader is bypassing the bios settings on my laptop?04:04
JimWI think it is a Windows 10 issue04:05
bowlofsoupJimW: the laptop is only running ubuntu04:05
=== FMan is now known as Guest13961
wskybowlofsoup: what bios settings?04:06
JimWokay, I just installed tonight and have to get to boot manager to get on Ubuntu04:06
bowlofsoupwsky: i wanted to reinstall ubuntu from a usb drive but i cant get to the boot menu04:08
Hail_SpacecakeI'm seeing this really weird issue with xubuntu 16.04 on a t430 thinkpad04:09
Hail_Spacecakeand also in a different version of linux on the same computer04:10
Hail_Spacecakebasically, the touchpad mouse buttons suddenly stopped working04:10
wskybowlofsoup: there are multiple things that fail which results in you not being able to boot the drive04:10
wskybowlofsoup: and it has nothing to do with "bypassing thew bios settings" as you described it04:10
wskybowlofsoup: a) the image might be corrupt or inproperly copied to the drive b) the bios settings are incorect c) your hardware might be incompatibile04:11
wskybowlofsoup: d) you might be encountering a hardware bug that prevents the image from booting04:12
bowlofsoupwsky: okay i appreciate your patience cause im super new at this.. i think the image i installed to begin with was corrupt which is why i am in the process of trying to do a clean install04:12
wskycheck the sha1sum04:13
Hail_Spacecakewhen I switch to a virtual console and switch back, the mouse cursor disappears04:13
wskybowlofsoup: btw. do you use uefi or legacy boot on the machine of yours04:14
bowlofsoupwsky: i have ubuntu running on my tower pc with no issues alongside windows 10 in legacy mode04:14
bowlofsoupwasky: the laptop may be trying to but from uefi but i cant get into the settings to change it now at all04:15
Hail_SpacecakeI can still move the mouse around the screen and click, it's just that the cursor is gone04:16
Hail_Spacecakeer, not visible04:16
Hail_Spacecakeand I'm seeing this same behavior in both xubuntu04:18
Hail_Spacecakeand in antergos04:18
Hail_SpacecakeI vaguely remember reading something about state being saved in a synaptics touchpad that could persist across reboots/os reinstalls04:20
Hail_SpacecakeI can't find a citation for this but it's a thing I remember reading04:20
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Guest10673Is Rclone reliable?04:24
Guest10673it doesn't seem to be in the repos04:24
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daxseshomaru: hi, welcome to #ubuntu, a technical support channel for Ubuntu Linux04:34
=== mo is now known as Jaymo_
=== Jaymo_ is now known as Jaymo
budderi am trying to install ununtu alongside windows04:43
budderi was planning touse USB04:44
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:44
budderinstallation guide says you will need a system wehre GNU/linux is already running?04:44
wskyyou can use windowskimager in order to write an ubuntu image to the drive04:45
cfhowlettbudder, that is not what is says.04:45
budderbottom of page 33 https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/install.en.pdf04:45
budderunder 4.304:46
cfhowlettbudder, unetbootin04:47
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:47
wskycfhowlett: unetbootin is abandoned and deprecated04:48
kungrwhat is a easy simple screen capture software for 14.04? not twitch streaming or posting to youtube04:48
cfhowlettworks on windows.  creates a bootable USB for ubuntu04:48
wskyno one develops it since years04:48
cfhowlett!!!! d'oh!04:48
wskycfhowlett: windiskimager works like dd for windows04:48
cfhowletteh, he left.  thanks for the update wsky04:49
sambagirlhi is there a procedure for providing a domain name for you server instead of using the ip address?05:00
sambagirlhi is there a procedure for providing a domain name for you server instead of using the ip address?05:05
sambagirl an app i am using need a real domain name so i have to apply domain name to that server05:07
sambagirlshould i use this? https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-a-host-name-with-digitalocean05:08
daxbuy domain name, use domain registrar's DNS servers or find another to use, point domain at IP address using A or AAAA record05:08
daxnone of this is Ubuntu-specific really05:08
sambagirli did this years ago but i forgot what i did and things have changed05:09
sambagirlshouldnt i use the isp's dns servers? and tell the registrar to use those dns05:10
sambagirlthanks for answering btw dax05:10
daxdoes your ISP offer DNS hosting services?05:10
daxi've never used one that does :\05:10
sambagirli got 5 static ip's from them and have been servers with ip exclusive05:11
daxother option would be rolling your own DNS server (using bind or something), but i've never done that myself05:11
cfhowlettsambagirl, ask #networking?05:11
sambagirlok thanks05:12
daxyeah, that may be a better option than here05:12
rypervenchesambagirl: You can set a domain in your /etc/hosts file and it will work from that machine.05:13
rypervenchesambagirl: However, if you need everyone to be able to use it, then you will need to purchase a domain and then have it hosted somewhere (your registrar can host it for you and should be set up that way by default)05:14
wskysambagirl: you probably want reverse dns, it relies on your isp in how to set it up05:18
john_KEhi there, I am running 14.04 on a HP 450-G2 64 bit .. i have recently noticed that I cant resume after system suspend the systems freezes and keyboard hands ans mouse hangs as well till i hard reboot with power off .. any ideas why05:18
* gavin back05:22
john_KEhi there, I am running 14.04 on a HP 450-G2 64 bit .. i have recently noticed that I cant resume after system suspend the systems freezes and keyboard hands ans mouse hangs as well till i hard reboot with power off .. any ideas why and other than suspend-log where else can i check for error ?05:23
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k_sze[work]Is there any easy way to check whether a process was forked and daemonized?06:14
te_lanusanyone know of where one could find unlzx for ubuntu 16.0406:14
tjone270_Hi, I'm havinhi, got something strange going on with Python 3.5: I'm getting exceptions when I try to run a script I've made got to do with the threading module, however this doesn't happen on non-Debian derived OSes or MS Windows/Apple macOS, I'll paste the exception below:06:20
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fishCodetjone270, try the #python channel06:27
tjone270thanks fishCode06:28
fishCodetjone270, np06:28
BadboyKAS check out ] game changing idea http://pastebin.ca/370426106:29
Lausefuchs!es martancho06:30
Lausefuchserr ... how did that stupid bot work06:30
Lausefuchsmartancho: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:31
daxLausefuchs: | between factoid and nick06:31
martancholausefus gracias06:31
Lausefuchsmartancho: si habla Inglés, puede pedir aquí también. En Inglés, por favor06:31
Lausefuchsmartancho: de nada :)06:31
Lausefuchsdax: thanks06:31
daxBadboyKAS: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support, please take other topics to a different channel, thank you :)06:31
martanchohi. somebody to talk?06:33
iz_hi, I executed autoremove and I get brocken package error while installing apache2, any Ideas?06:36
backboxhi everyone06:41
blutHello. I setup autofs according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs, however my home directories don't get mounted.06:47
blutrestarting autofs works, but on accessing /home (which I want to automount) nothing happens.06:48
sambagirlrypervenche thanks ryypervenche06:49
sambagirlthanks wsky06:50
sambagirlwsky you mean a ptr record?06:52
Researcherhi sambagirl06:54
Researchersambagirl : ptr record means the rdns for ip address for your domain06:54
Researcherfor example : abc.com resolves to so when nslookup rdns entry should resolve to abc.com06:55
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sambagirlahh thanks researcher07:10
sambagirli'll report later what i do07:11
Researcheryou are welcome sambagirl07:11
iz_some times to the solution to ubuntu problem is to read, thanks.07:11
iz_to read the console output.07:12
boichevI am trying to MASQUARADE (NAT) traffic comming ONLY from going out to the internet and pass through the IPSEC traffic going to without nat... can someone help me with the iptables rule for the masquarade ?07:13
zetherooin 16.04 what is the correct/best way to get a script to execute on a particular users' login?07:24
ZeekHugezetheroo: startup applications ? no ?07:34
zetheroo ZeekHuge: yeah, I thought so too as that is what I was using in 14.04, but it doesn't seem to work all the time or with all scripts ... not sure what the issue is.07:35
zetherooIs there a way to see the output of items executed in the Startup Applications dialog?07:36
ZeekHugezetheroo:  probably In the command section of your startup item, execute it as 'script.sh 2>scrit_op.txt 1>script_op.txt'07:38
ZeekHugeand then see the contents of script.txt07:38
zetheroook, will try.07:38
ZeekHugezetheroo: also if you can run your script from dash, that is Alt+F2 and then to the script, it should be executed in the similar way by startup.07:39
zetherooOne other thing I am not sure of is if the command should be './script.sh' or 'script.sh' or './home/user/script.sh' ... ?07:39
ZeekHugethough not sure, but I thinks this is how it works07:39
ZeekHugewell, the script should be accessible07:40
ZeekHugeexecuting a command in terminal 'command', just indicates the terminal that there is a script/executable in the $PATH.07:40
ZeekHugeto execute a local script, we need to tell the terminal "no the script is not in the $PATH but in the local folder" and that is why we execute it as ./script.sh07:41
zetherooin the terminal I can execute the command with './script.sh'07:41
ZeekHugeyou may understand it by doing ls ./07:41
ZeekHugeit will should the contents of your current location07:42
zetheroobut is it the same for the command in Applications Startup?07:42
ZeekHugenope .. in startup .. enter the absolute address .. starting from / ,ie root07:42
ZeekHuge:s/will should/will show/g07:43
zetherooso './home/user/script.sh' is correct then07:44
ZeekHugezetheroo: it should be '/home/user/script.sh', (that is without that dot at the start)07:45
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zetheroothat doesn't seem to work ... at least not all the time, so I will try to get some output from the script07:48
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greentwip-devgame development anyone07:50
greentwip-devcool tool here github.com/greentwip/windy07:51
greentwip-devrequires development07:51
greentwip-devand we are really overwhelmed by its development07:51
greentwip-devgithub.com/greentwip/gt-engine already has a 2d implementation for fast development via lua interfacing07:52
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Vuurdraak_hi all, my updater keeps crashing: "update-manager crashed with xserver-xorg-lts-xenial in_show_transaction(): Depends:xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial (>=2:1.17.2-2) but 2:1.18.3-1ubuntu2.2-trusty2 is to be installed" and then it list some mesa drivers depending on this stuff, even though I do not use the mesa drivers o.O, AM I forced to install Ubuntu 16 LTS ?07:54
Vuurdraak_It's kinda of sad if I'm forced to install version 16.04 LTS, I was under the impression that 14.04 LTS would continued to get support :'(07:56
zetheroook, this doesn't seem to be working ... how do I see the output of the things listed in Startup Applications being executed?07:57
Vuurdraak_i guess you would need to pipe the output to a file while an aplication is started07:58
xervanshi guys can someone help me here, i cannot locate the sysstat package, running 16.0407:59
zetherooSo there is no log of what gets executed when a user logs in?07:59
Vuurdraak_there are logs in /var/log07:59
xervansI've checked here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/allpackages07:59
Vuurdraak_like kern.log08:00
Vuurdraak_not sure which log if any is used for startup aplications08:00
ducassezetheroo: if there are errors they might be in ~/.xsession-errors08:00
ducasseVuurdraak_: this is just an update, not an upgrade?08:01
Vuurdraak_i get the crash now when istarted the pc08:01
Vuurdraak_i read the website wiki08:01
Vuurdraak_and it says im forced to upgrade to 16.04 LTS if stuff doesn't want to install08:02
Vuurdraak_im not happy with that08:02
ducasseVuurdraak_: hang on, let me take a look.08:02
zetherooshould this work from Startup Applications? '/home/user/script.sh 2>script_op.txt 1>script_op.txt'08:02
Vuurdraak_@zetheroo, it looks legit not sure how it works with 2 & 108:04
ducasseVuurdraak_: you can either stay on the original trusty kernel, run the xenial hwe stack or upgrade to xenial. seems you are trying to use the xenial hwe stack?08:04
zetheroogoing to try it with absolute paths08:04
Vuurdraak_when i try to update/upgrade the xenial stack it crashes08:05
Vuurdraak_so i guess im forced to go to 16 :(08:05
ducasseVuurdraak_: can you pastebin the output of 'sudo apt-get install -f'?08:05
Vuurdraak_okay one moment08:05
MEJIOMAH17Hi! I write app on java for ubuntu unity 16.04.   Standard class SystemTray provide terrible result. Is there a native library for java to work with Tray?08:05
Vuurdraak_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 8 not upgraded.08:06
ducasseVuurdraak_: 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'08:06
zetheroono luck08:06
Vuurdraak_will that upgrade the system to 16.04 ?08:07
ducasseVuurdraak_: no.08:07
ducasseVuurdraak_: it will just get you a newer hwe stack.08:07
zetherooand I have no idea where to look for the logs that show what's done when a user logs in so I have no way of knowing what is and is not executed from the Startup Applications dialog08:07
Vuurdraak_done it , it upgrade a bunch of packages08:08
ducasseVuurdraak_: now try 'sudo apt-get install -f' again, see if there are errors.08:08
Vuurdraak_now it says software on this pc is uptodate :)08:08
ducasseVuurdraak_: you should be ready to reboot now.08:08
Vuurdraak_0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded08:09
ducassevuruse dist-upgrade for kernel upgrades, not just upgrade.08:09
ducasseVuurdraak_: use dist-upgrade for kernel upgrades, not just upgrade.08:09
Vuurdraak_okay so i should now reboot and run "dist-upgrade" ?08:10
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ducasseVuurdraak_: no, now just reboot and you should be set. use dist-upgrade when you upgrade in the f\uture.08:10
Vuurdraak_okay :D, going down for reboot brb, thanks in advance08:11
ducasseVuurdraak_: yw08:11
ducassezetheroo: did you look in ~/.xsession-errors?08:12
zetheroo ducasse: yes08:12
MacroMan$USER doesn't seem to be set when calling a shell script from cron. Is there a fix or an alternative?08:12
Vuurdraak_back :)08:12
ducasseVuurdraak_: everything ok?08:12
ducasseMacroMan: you can set variables in your crontab08:13
MacroManducasse, Without doing that lol?08:13
ducasseMacroMan: parse the output from 'id'?08:14
MacroManI want to record which users cron it cam from without having to get each user to add a variable in08:14
Vuurdraak_it now says all software is up to date, how ever when i run "hwe-support-status" it still does say i got a warning for the xenial stack08:14
Vuurdraak_There is a graphics stack installed on this system. An upgrade to a08:14
Vuurdraak_configuration supported for the full lifetime of the LTS will become08:14
Vuurdraak_available on 2016-07-21 and can be installed by running 'update-manager'08:14
Vuurdraak_in the Dash.08:14
Vuurdraak_running update mannager then just says all is fine08:15
Vuurdraak_so i guess it's okay i don't know :)08:15
MacroManducasse, I'll give that a try08:15
Vuurdraak_at least the error is gone , o thanks :)08:15
ducasseVuurdraak_: i don't know about that, sorry. what is the output of 'uname -r'?08:15
Vuurdraak_i'm using a special repository with extra newer nvidia drivers, not in the main repository, maybe its because of that ?08:17
ducasseVuurdraak_: aha. try 'sudo apt-get install linux-image-generic-lts-xenial'08:17
ducasseVuurdraak_: no, it wants the xenial kernel to match the rest of the hwe stack.08:17
Vuurdraak_it's installing stuff \o/08:17
Vuurdraak_new kernels inbound :)08:18
zetherooI have this is my script but it seems to ignore the 5 seconds sleep part: echo "sh -c "sleep 5 && gvfs-mount smb://server/share""08:18
Vuurdraak_yep new kernel is now installed, i will reboot brbr :)08:19
MacroManducasse, I found out I can use $(whoami) which works from cron08:20
ducasseMacroMan: yes, that's probably easier :)08:20
Vuurdraak_back, the new kernel seems to give me a problem, i rebooted to the old one, as ubuntu gets stuck in a login loop08:22
Vuurdraak_i get to the login page, but then it crashes or what ever and goes back to the login page08:22
ducasseVuurdraak_: ok, do "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial" to make sure you have everything.08:23
Vuurdraak_okidoki :)08:23
ducasseVuurdraak_: i got that from the wiki, so it should grab all you need.08:23
Vuurdraak_Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have08:24
Vuurdraak_requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable08:24
Vuurdraak_distribution that some required packages have not yet been created08:24
Vuurdraak_or been moved out of Incoming.08:24
Vuurdraak_let me do a pastbin08:24
ducasseVuurdraak_: do that.08:24
ducasseVuurdraak_: "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-core-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-xenial xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-xenial libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-xenial:i386 libglapi-mesa-lts-xenial:i386"08:26
Vuurdraak_okay :)08:27
Vuurdraak_new stuff is downloading :)08:27
ducasseVuurdraak_: cross your fingers :)08:27
Vuurdraak_and stuff gets removed xD08:27
* Vuurdraak_ crosses fingers08:28
ducasseVuurdraak_: yes, hwe stack upgrades may remove older packages.08:28
* Vuurdraak_ does a rain dance around the chair , while yelling ubuntu ubuntu08:28
Vuurdraak_pure magic atm what is happening for me :)08:29
Vuurdraak_wizard ducasse :)08:29
ducasseVuurdraak_: :) let's hope it works now.08:29
Vuurdraak_hehe yeh, should i reboot ?08:30
ducasseVuurdraak_: were there any errors?08:30
ducasseVuurdraak_: try 'sudo apt-get install -f' to check.08:30
Vuurdraak_i see a vew message with possible dependency problems, where it says it removes it anyway, you want a pastbin of all the stuff ?08:31
ducasseVuurdraak_: yes, please.08:31
Vuurdraak_maybe not all stuff is in the past as it seems cut off at the top of the terminal, going to pastbin one moment08:32
zetherooman this used to work in 14.04 ... I don't know what changed08:34
ducasseVuurdraak_: have you got pastebinit installed?08:35
zetherooall I need is for a gvfs-mount command to run with a 3 - 5 second delay on user login :P08:35
Vuurdraak_uhm i dont think so08:35
ducasseVuurdraak_: ok, 'sudo apt-get install -f | nc termbin.com 9999'08:36
zetherooin 14.04 I had this in the Startup Applications command: sleep 5; gvfs-mount smb://server/share08:36
ducasseVuurdraak_: then paste the url here08:36
zetherooand that worked08:36
Vuurdraak_sudo apt-get install -f | nc termbin.com 999908:37
Vuurdraak_oos lol08:37
ducasseVuurdraak_: excellent, it all looks good now.08:37
ducasseVuurdraak_: it _should_ work fine on reboot.08:37
Vuurdraak_reboot and try again with the new kernel ?08:37
Vuurdraak_okay going down for reboot :)08:38
Vuurdraak_\o/ yeeh new kernel is working properly now :)08:39
Vuurdraak_vuurdraak@phenom-970:~$ hwe-support-status08:40
Vuurdraak_Your Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) is supported until april 2019.08:40
ducasseVuurdraak_: excellent, you can do 'sudo apt-get autoremove' to clean up a couple of left-over packages, it won't harm anything.08:40
Vuurdraak_it's now all good :) wow thatnks a lot wizard ducasse , bows politely08:40
Vuurdraak_okay :)08:41
ducasseVuurdraak_: you're very welcome :)08:41
Vuurdraak_you saved my beacon :) as i wanted to stay on 14.04 LTS for Steam, as a lot of games still claim to only support 14.04 LTS08:42
ducasseVuurdraak_: if you need to do this again later, you can find all you need here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack08:42
zetheroook, besides Startup Applications ... what another way to get a script executed on a users' login?08:42
Vuurdraak_okay thanks , i will bookmark the page08:42
ducassezetheroo: systemd user unit?08:42
ducasseVuurdraak_: hope all your games work :)08:43
Vuurdraak_:) me too08:43
Vuurdraak_I guess most games will also support 16.0408:43
ducasseVuurdraak_: they should. if you want to upgrade later just come back, and we'll help.08:44
Vuurdraak_but I'm not entirly ready to try it, specialy since it cost a lot of time to reinstall all stuff, if i go 16.04 I rather do a clean install & format etc08:44
Vuurdraak_yeh thanks a lot for the help, i love this channel :)08:44
ducasseVuurdraak_: might be smart, if you have a graphics driver ppa that can screw things up.08:45
Vuurdraak_yeh i got this extra graphics driver ppa, because i wanted to use a newer nvidia driver, that has hardware encoder capabilities for OBS08:46
ducasseVuurdraak_: if it has packages for xenial it _might_ work, but to be honest the 14.04->16.04 upgrade has had some problems...08:48
Vuurdraak_if i encounter problems with the drivers i will switch back to the original main repository suplied ones, i go fire up a game , see if i get a problem08:49
ducasseVuurdraak_: do that. anyway, glad you're uptodate now, you should be set for another three years :)08:49
Vuurdraak_game is running fine with the 3.64 driver from the extra ppa :)08:50
Vuurdraak_364.19 driver sorry :)08:50
Vuurdraak_all seems to be good, thanks again08:51
ducasseVuurdraak_: no problem, enjoy :)08:51
zetheroosystemd looks awful complicated for the purpose of executing a single command on user login :P08:58
Vuurdraak_i thought with all the discussions about systemd , is that it is designed to make things more complicated so you dont get bored using ur os :P08:59
ducassezetheroo: it isn't really, it's just a new way of thinking about services.09:00
zetheroo ducasse: do you know of any clear documentation on it ... so far stuff like this is making my head spin https://github.com/zoqaeski/systemd-user-units09:02
zetheroomaybe I can just slap the command into /etc/rc.local ? :D09:02
ducassezetheroo: the canonical place is https://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/09:03
Vuurdraak_time to post a package, thanks again for the great help, and i hope you all have a great day and that all your problems will melt away like snow in the sun, cya around o/09:03
qswzWhat's the ppa for the latest chromium?09:05
k1l_qswz: ubuntu ships the latest chromium. not need for a ppa09:06
qswzI want at least dev09:07
qswzfound it09:07
WellDone2094hi, I installed linux on my macbook using GPT and EFI boot, now i'm trying to install grub and configure it but something is not working, i can see a dark screen before linux boot but it last few second and I can't choose anything09:16
zolihello. I have kaveri apu/cpu and i have poor video playback performance. How can I make it smooth?09:19
zoliespecially on full screen and fullhd09:19
jj995'sudo apt-get install libboost-timer-dev' gets stuck at "Unpacking libboost1.58-dev:amd64" for over 5 minutes.  After I killed the apt-get and dpkg processes and re-run, it gets stuck at the same place.  /var/log/apt/term.log doesn't show anything useful.  help please09:21
zetheroodoes anyone here have experience with executing a command on login (not boot) in 16.04?09:22
mcphailjj995: that package unpacks to over 100MB. Perhaps it should take a while?09:24
qswzit's shitty09:24
qswzit's only chromium 5109:25
ducasse!latest | qswz09:25
ubottuqswz: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.09:25
qswzI aim at developing, with some recent tools09:25
qswzthe newer feature in devtools for example09:26
jj995mcphail: thanks09:27
DrSlonyHello, how do I get "apt-get upgrade" to list the packages in column, not in a row?09:33
Ben64DrSlony: don't think you can09:35
ducasseDrSlony: you could try 'apt list --upgradable'09:36
=== e2021 is now known as reednj_
DrSlonythat works great ducasse09:44
ducasseDrSlony: be aware that apt is not considered stable for scripting09:44
DrSlonyyeah, i just want to be able to see the list in a sane way09:46
ducasseDrSlony: for that it works just fine, yes :)09:48
greentwip-devAnyone to have time for development?09:49
greentwip-devWe are just exhausted.09:49
greentwip-devI mean, we can put those tools into canonical or dev tools as package09:49
Ben64is this leading to a support question?09:50
ducasse!ot | greentwip-dev try #ubuntu-packaging09:50
ubottugreentwip-dev try #ubuntu-packaging: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:50
greentwip-devwe don't get money from its development, we can use commercial engines and such yet the fact is that it would loseits purpose09:50
bazhanggreentwip-dev, thats not on topic here09:51
bazhanggreentwip-dev, please take this to a chat channel09:51
greentwip-devC++ development, who would.09:51
ducasse!alis | greentwip-dev09:51
ubottugreentwip-dev: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http09:51
greentwip-devopen source mit09:51
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic Please greentwip-dev09:51
greentwip-devWould you think that drivers, graphical drivers are offtopic?09:52
greentwip-devWe can let nvidia to develop them.09:52
ducassegreentwip-dev: unless you're asking for support, yes09:53
bazhanggreentwip-dev, do you have an actual technical question related to your ubuntu install or not09:53
greentwip-devnot at all09:53
greentwip-devwait, probably yes09:54
bazhanggreentwip-dev, this is not the channel for your type of questions then09:54
greentwip-devdo we have multimedia distributions?09:54
bazhangubuntu studio greentwip-dev09:54
greentwip-devbazhang that is awesome09:55
bazhang!studio | greentwip-dev09:55
ubottugreentwip-dev: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org09:55
whomeany person here?09:59
ducassewhome: yep09:59
bazhangwhome, yes09:59
ido370nlwhome: yep09:59
whomeim new in Xchat. what the topic? can i  join09:59
bazhangwhome, ubuntu technical support10:00
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
whomebazhang, can u help me handle my problem in my terminal?10:01
bazhangwhome, state the issue to the channel please, all on one line10:01
whomemy metasploit app is error, when I enter the command "msfconsole", the result "/opt/metasploit-framework/config/boot.rb:2:in `require': no such file to load -- rubygems (LoadError)10:05
whomefrom /opt/metasploit-framework/config/boot.rb:210:05
whomefrom /usr/local/bin/msfconsole:45:in `require'10:05
whomefrom /usr/local/bin/msfconsole:45"10:05
pandaadbHi - I wanted to try compton with unity in my Ubunut 16.04 setup to see if it fixes screen tearing for me. Is there a resource that describes how to set that up?10:05
pandaadbI am failing to find something suitable to work off10:05
root____you ren ma ?10:06
joeliowhome: this Ubuntu support, maybe try #metasploit or perhaps #kali - whatever version you're running it's not packaged as it's in /usr/local10:06
ducassepandaadb: what gpu are you using?10:07
whomejoelio, so what should I do?10:07
joeliowhome: what I just said, go to the correct channel10:07
whomejoelio, ok sorry10:08
joeliofwiw you're missing rubygems, but that way of doing a require is not since 1.8 - which is really old and out of support life10:08
pandaadbducasse, Intel Corporation Skylake Integrated Graphics + NVIDIA Corporation GM107GLM10:08
pandaadbhaving Nvidia disabled in the nvidia-settings currently because of tearing10:08
Phanesyou know, i type in10:10
Phanessudo apt-get upgrade thunar10:10
Phanesand it's updating my apache and mysql10:10
Phaneswtf guys10:10
bazhangno cursing here Phanes10:10
k1l_Phanes: that is not how apt-get works. it doesnt take single packages10:10
ducassePhanes: if you want to upgrade just thunar, try 'sudo apt-get install thunar'10:12
pandaadbumm - ducasse sorry, network disconnect :/ i am not sure if i missed you saying things10:16
BitKidhI, how do i install .tar.gz files? do i have to do it from terminal ?10:17
ducassepandaadb: i found an old article, don't know if it helps - http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/01/how-to-fix-video-tearing-in-videos-nvidia-ubuntu/10:17
Triffid_HunterBitKid: tar gz is basically linux version of zip, what do you mean by "install"? you want to extract somewhere10:18
pandaadbthanks! I will have a read. I am kind of suspecting that i need to wait for the 370 release and the Xorg release and upgrade the kernel10:18
hateballpandaadb: you can install 370 from ppa if you like10:18
k1l_BitKid: you should look if that program is in the repos already. if not then read the instructions on the site you got the archive from or look into the archive for a readme10:18
BitKidwell after I extract it, I still am not sure how to install it10:18
=== cz is now known as Guest90897
mcphailBitKid: a .tar.gz is just a compressed archive, like a zip file. It could contain _anything_ so there is no generic way to "install", just as there is no generic way to "install" a zip file on windows. Open it up and see if it contains instructions10:19
bazhangbitkid what is the package name10:19
pandaadbhateball, i saw that, but the docs say that it needs the new kernel and a certain version of Xorg (a certain commit) to properly work10:19
pandaadbi believe the 370 is meant to fix the synchronisation issue between intel + nvidia optimus cards10:19
hateballIt is10:19
pandaadbyeah, i am afraid I am not experienced enough to build and install my own xorg from a certain commit :/10:20
hateballpandaadb: well if you feel like trying it out anyway: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37010:20
BitKidumm so .cor is one10:20
pandaadbi can give it a try10:20
hateballpandaadb: can always revert to 361 or 367 or whatever if it dont turn out too great10:20
Gobo708Hi all, just after some opinions on running tasks remote with jenkins10:20
pandaadbjust in case my box doesn't start up anymore. Reverting would just be: apt-get pruge nvidia* && apt-get install nvidia-367 ?10:21
BitKid.psf is anothere one10:21
=== corrupt is now known as Guest50717
k1l_BitKid: what do you want to intall?10:21
BitKidcitrix reciver10:22
hateballpandaadb: yes10:22
Gobo708I had a tty error trying to deploy something with a script using a jenkins user I had created, and prefixing sudo on the command. I then followed some other advice and just connected as root.....10:22
pandaadbthank you sir - /me tries 37010:22
hateballpandaadb: shouldnt need to purge either10:22
Gobo708I wonder about this since root is often disabled in server hardening10:22
k1l_BitKid: dont they ship a .deb file?10:23
MacroMan_After removing a package, why would it still show in dpkg --get-selections as 'deinstall'?10:23
BitKid`I couldnt find one so far, unfortunatly10:23
k1l_BitKid: then look at their website. they do ship .deb packages10:23
BitKidok thanks, fyi first time on ubunto so some of my questions might be very nooby10:24
Gobo708here is the error I was getting trying to run things as sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified10:25
Triffid_HunterBitKid: what is citrix receiver?10:26
ivo34hello I am having trouble with my sound configuration... my graphics card has hdmi output which I am not using currently because my monitor only uses dvi in system config I have set sound to analogic output (btw I dont see the hdmi output option anywhere) and the speakers test is okay and I hear it okay. BUT when I launch applications they all start with hdmi sound channel set and though I installed pulse audio volume control I cannot10:26
ivo34 switch them to analogic!    http://pasteboard.co/csAQXTyY6.png10:26
ivo34ubuntu 14.04 lts here10:26
BitKidits a software that provieds an secure tunnel thru a cloud in to a device10:26
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
pandaadbsadly 370 by itself does not fix the tearing issue. Still seeing waves when scrolling through wikipedia10:28
hateballpandaadb: are you using only the nvidia card?10:28
Triffid_HunterBitKid: http://docs.citrix.com/en-us/receiver/linux/13-3/linux-install.html says there are debian packages, why not use that?10:29
pandaadbI am using performance mode. I believe that i can't just use nvidia. They run in combo10:29
hateballpandaadb: I use forcefullcompositionpipeline to fix tearing10:29
hateballpandaadb: but I dont have hybrid gpu10:29
BitKidoh i did after kill infromed me10:29
BitKidit looks stuck tho10:29
BitKidthe install icon is "waiting to install"10:29
pandaadbhateball, worth a try i think? How do I enable forcefullcompositionpipeline ?10:29
ducassepandaadb: look at the top of this page: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu+tearing&t=canonical&ia=qa10:29
hateballpandaadb: See https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/4an7js/linux_nvidia_propriatary_driver_tearing_issues/10:30
hateballpandaadb: nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="$(xrandr | sed -nr '/(\S+) connected (primary )?[0-9]+x[0-9]+(\+\S+).*/{ s//\1: nvidia-auto-select \3 { ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On }, /; H }; ${ g; s/\n//g; s/, $//; p }')"10:30
hateballpandaadb: at worst, your display goes blank and you need to restart I guess :p10:31
pandaadbsounds good10:31
pandaadbducasse, that settings must be in the 20-intel file?10:31
ducassepandaadb: yes, if it is the intel that is tearing, this fixed it for me.10:32
pandaadbmy setup also doesn't have an xorg.conf.d location10:32
pandaadbshould I put it next to the xorg.conf (default one) then? Or is the location a must?10:32
ducassepandaadb: you can just create the file and dir in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d10:33
uruk7can you help me10:33
ducasse!ask | uruk710:33
ubottuuruk7: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:33
pandaadbducasse, thanks - /me restarts :)10:34
uruk7ok , thanks, i want to use torsocks wget for dowload a file but don't work it, can you help me?10:35
ducasseuruk7: there are some suggestions here http://superuser.com/questions/404732/how-to-use-wget-with-tor-bundle-in-linux10:39
pandaadbducasse, adding the 20-intel.conf caused the system not to start up anymore. I had a grey screen and it was stuck. Had to switch to the terminal and remove the file/folder to get it to boot10:39
ducassepandaadb: sorry, it works well with my intel gpu...10:40
pandaadbworth a try :) Thanks anyway10:41
hateballpandaadb: If you put it in performance mode it shouldnt even be using the intel card as you said10:41
pandaadbSo, this is maybe a stupid question, but if i wanted to make absolute sure that my GPU setup is indeed an optimus setup, how would i do that10:41
hateballpandaadb: did you forcefullcompositionpipeline at all?10:42
=== Guest20905 is now known as CyberJacob
pandaadbhateball, not yet10:42
pandaadbthat's the next one :)10:42
jovaro /sys/device/platform/dock.0 is missing on my laptop, which is a problem because some docking-related things don't work then. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this?10:42
pandaadbhateball, didn't do anything for me10:43
hateballpandaadb: it should just flicker a bit, then you can test if tearing is still present10:44
pandaadbhateball, it didn't flicker and the tearing is still there sadly10:45
hateballpandaadb: alright :\10:45
pandaadbmust be the optimus crap :/10:45
hateballpandaadb: dont suppose it is muxless so you can turn off intel entirely in bios?10:46
pandaadbhateball, no sadly i found no option to turn off either card. The only thing i can do is switch to power safe mode which gets rid of the tearing however it defeats the purpose of having an nvidia card in this box10:46
hateballthere are other options one can use with nvidia, like triple buffering. but I dont know how to assign that without using xorg.conf... and that will break with hybrid gpu I think10:46
pandaadbI think I tried that before. I might just have to wait until 370 and friends are all released10:47
pandaadbI was wondering if upgrading the kernel would help10:48
pandaadbThat is I think the only thing I have not tried yet10:48
hateballpandaadb: it might be you need newer xorg after all10:48
pandaadbI found the tripple buffering option before and gave it a try but it didn't seem to do anything. The tearfree intel option broke startup and it didn't change anything when adding it to the original xorg.conf10:48
hateballpandaadb: I am reading https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/775691/linux/vsync-issue-nvidia-prime-ux32vd-with-gt620-m-/810:48
badphello fine gentlemen, I've been having screen flickers on my external DisplayPort monitor ever since I upgraded to 16.04. Nothing relevant shows up on dmesg. I don't know where to begin troubleshooting, but I noticed it happens most often when using function keys with terminator.10:49
pandaadbyep that's the one that i was reading. I don't have that exact card, but I think i am seeing the same issue10:49
badpby flicker I mean pretty much the same that happened in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1011732 -- screen goes black and then comes back a second later10:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1011732 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "External display blinks off periodically" [Undecided,Invalid]10:49
pandaadbthe tearing is not toooooo bad, but it is present, It definitely feels like a sync issue where the intel card copies an incomplete buffer10:49
hateballpandaadb: well, it should work in 16.10 then if that is any comfort :p10:50
pandaadbIt actually is somewhat Okay in the browser (since the browser redraws quite a bit I think). It gets very annoying in the terminal because if the output is copied wrong nothing gets refreshed10:50
pandaadbhateball, that sounds good :) Is there a scheduled release date for that? :)10:50
badpoh I also had that too when sometimes windows don't manage to redraw until I move them around10:51
badpbut not quite as frequently10:51
hateballpandaadb: october (10)10:51
pandaadbI can sit that out :)10:51
hateballpandaadb: assuming a later xorg makes it in, that is. kernel is newer already10:52
badpthere's also nothing relevant to the screen going dark on Xorg.0.log :/10:53
pandaadbThat's true. I believe they have merged the necessary code changes for that to work10:53
pandaadbso that should hopefully all go well10:53
pandaadbducasse, i tried adding the TearFree option to the original xorg.conf. It appears that one gets overwritten on startup? Is that normal/expected?11:01
ducassepandaadb: yes, xorg.conf is autogenerated if it exists at all.11:03
uruk7ducasse output this error -> http://pastebin.com/raw/yUJwfHZ011:04
pandaadbah okay, so it appears i can't add the tearfree option11:04
ducassepandaadb: you put the file in xorg.conf.d earlier, didn't you? that would be picked up.11:04
pandaadbi did, that was what broke my startup11:05
pandaadbdoes it merge it from there or just take that one file?11:05
pandaadbi could in theory just make a copy of the current xorg.conf and modify it the way i want it and drop that in there11:05
ducassepandaadb: those snippets are merged11:06
pandaadbmy original xorg.conf already has a device section for info as well11:06
pandaadbWould that be an issue for the merging?11:07
ducassepandaadb: if you put a snippet in xorg.conf.d those settings should override the autodetected stuff.11:07
pandaadbducasse, thank you. I think that means that I will wait for ubuntu 16.10 and disable nvidia for now11:08
ducassepandaadb: i know far too little about hybrid gpu setups, so i have no better ideas.11:09
ducassepandaadb: when 16.10 is released there will also be a hwe stack update for 16.04, so you can just use that.11:10
pandaadbthe same goes for me. Before I got this machine I wasn't even aware hybrids existed (and frankly I am still looking for a 100%-confirmation that this is what I have)11:10
badpunfortunately hybrid GPU setups are a standard on most laptop with discrete gpus. Even on Windows, they're a PITA11:10
TestingIRCI'm searching for channel somewhat related to pokemongo, any suggestions ?11:10
ducasse!alis | TestingIRC11:11
ubottuTestingIRC: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http11:11
amarjeethi, I recently upgrade to ubuntu16 but I am unable to see locally installed software on dashboard any idea?11:16
lordcirthamarjeet, previously installed software or installed since the upgrade?11:16
amarjeetI just build after upgrade and installed the softwares11:17
lordcirthamarjeet, oh, manually installed, not a package?11:17
lordcirthamarjeet, software doesn't show up in Dash unless there's a .desktop file describing it.  Is there one?11:18
k1l_does this work for manually installed (what and how) software?11:18
k1l_yeah, thought you need a .desktop file for that. not all software ships that.11:19
amarjeetit used to appear on ubuntu 1411:19
lordcirthamarjeet, the same software, or a different manually installed one?11:20
amarjeetsame software manually installed on ubuntu 1411:21
amarjeetand yes there is .desktop file11:21
lordcirthamarjeet, is it dropped in /usr/share/applications ?11:22
=== max is now known as Guest99190
k1l_did you relogin?11:22
TestingIRC/^/msg JustinHitla welcome to #ubuntu11:23
TestingIRC/^/msg JustinHitla welcome to #ubuntu11:23
TestingIRC/^/msg JustinHitla welcome to #ubuntu11:23
amarjeetno its not there11:23
=== valerio is now known as Guest31619
badpany help with my displayport flickers? It's getting hard to restrain myself from embedding my fist into this monitor :/11:24
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
lordcirthbadp, the bug report contains: UPDATE: I switched out the DisplayPort adapter with another one, and haven't seen any blinking off since then. So I suspect I have a bad adapter.11:28
lordcirthbadp, are you quite sure it happened exactly when you upgraded?11:28
badpI have changed cables and monitors11:29
xyz666Hi! I got a problem with an Corsair Survivor 32Gb USB stick. I can`t copy/move anything to it because I get the error: Read-only. I tried to format it in terminal but I get the same error. What can I do about it?11:29
lordcirthbadp, what graphics card?11:30
amarjeetthe .desktop file is here /usr/local/share/applications/11:30
lordcirthxyz666, do you mean when you try to format it, it says read only, or it formats and is still read only?11:30
badplordcirth: "Intel® HD Graphics 5500 (Broadwell GT2)"11:31
xyz666I try to format it and it says it`s read-only and does nothing. I also tried it with gparted and disks...11:31
lordcirthxyz666, how long have you had it?  used it a lot?11:31
xyz666lordcirth, well, it`s not mine, it`s one of my frineds stick and she gave it to me in hope that I can do something about it11:33
lordcirthxyz666, most likely the drive is worn out.  Looking on Corsair forums, when people have this question, they are told to RMA11:33
xyz666yes I know, I saw it to11:33
lordcirthxyz666, ie http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=43929611:33
lordcirthalbeit thats' a slightly different repot11:34
lordcirthreport* yours just stays read-only11:34
xyz666but I thought that will try...11:34
lordcirthStill, it's a hardware problem of some kind11:34
lordcirthxyz666, it's possible that ##hardware could help11:35
lordcirthbadp, anything relevant in dmesg?11:35
Phanesim in i3 -- how do i launch the network printer dialog that comes in the settings11:36
joelioPhanes: system-config-printer afair11:36
joelioor soemething akin11:36
=== zz_capri is now known as zz_zz_capri
xyz666lordcirth, ##hardware is some type of command?11:38
xyz666because just typeing in the terminal doesent do anything11:38
lordcirthxyz666, another channel here.11:38
xyz666lordcirth, ohhh...11:38
xyz666lordcirth, ok11:38
xyz666lordcirth, well, in dmesg it says: critical target error, dev sdb, Buffer I/O error on dev sdb1, logical block 0, lost async page write and that the write protection is on11:41
Phanesjoelio, thanks11:41
Ben64xyz666: it's dead (probably)11:42
lordcirthxyz666, yeah it's dead.  I was talking to someone else about dmesg tho11:43
lordcirthxyz666, the only remaining concern is whether you need physical data destruction on the drive.11:44
xyz666what do you mean by physical data destruction? formating the whole drive with 0-s?11:45
Ben64formatting the whole drive with hammer11:46
lordcirthPrecisely.  Since you can't write to it, you can't digitally erase it.  So if there's anything sensitive on it, like personal documents, it need to be crushed11:47
xyz666lordcirth, the drive does not contain anything sensitive/personal11:48
hateballdid you already check that it doesnt have a physical read-only switch?11:48
xyz666hateball, no it doesn`t have anything like that11:49
mcphailxyz666: a few amazon reviews suggest that model can malfunction with underpowered USB ports. Hva eyou tried it with a powered hub?11:49
hateballxyz666: why you plug the device in, if you run "dmesg" straight after, there's no message like "Write protect is on" ?11:50
xyz666mcphail, I connected the stick to my laptops port11:50
mcphailxyz666: connect it to something with more juice. A powered hub would be the best option. Some laptop USB ports are under-spec and don't provide much power11:51
xyz666hateball, yes it has that message11:51
amarjeet\JOIN #openscad11:51
hateballxyz666: you can try removing write protect with hdparm11:51
lordcirthamarjeet, wrong slash: /11:51
xyz666hateball, tried it, doesn`t work...11:52
centwhat is hdparm11:52
hateballxyz666: hmm11:52
mixxitanyone had trouble with intel wifi drivers capping at 5mbps11:52
xyz666hateball, it prompts that he read-only protection is off but that all11:52
mixxitintel wireless 3165 (rev81)11:53
mcphailxyz666: if it doesn't work in a properly powered port, my suggestion would be to throw it in the bin. Drives are cheap and life is short11:53
ioriaxyz666, another try could be with a windows box ...11:53
hateballxyz666: if you've gone through all that trouble I'd follow mcphail's suggestion11:54
xyz666mcphail, ok, then I will tell my friend that she can buy a new stick11:54
Ben64lots of flash storage will set itself to read only when something bad happens, to prevent further damage11:54
amarjeetlordcirth: thanks. Did you have any idea about my problem?11:54
xyz666anyway thanks for the help guys, have a nice day ;)11:55
lordcirthamarjeet, no, sorry.11:57
=== messer440 is now known as Guest90490
amarjeetokay, thanks for trying. Any idea who would tell why its not picking .desktop file from local11:59
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zzookkHello, guys. I installed java6-32bit on my ubuntu_amd64 and have a problem. When im trying to start java app, i get "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.6.0_45/lib/i386/xawt/libmawt.so" but i have this lib and it exists in this folder. what can i do with it? This app works only on java6_32bit :(12:02
BlindMansomeone knowledable how large xenial is for mirroring one arch (amd64)?12:09
hateballBlindMan: there is #ubuntu-mirrors and I guess someone would know there12:10
BlindManhateball: ok, thank you12:10
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BluesKajHey all12:44
val_Join #bookz12:55
zetherooI want to write a script for resizing encrypted partitions - here is my first try: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085009/13:11
badplordcirth: sorry, I was stuck in a meeting. I'm afraid there's nothing relevant in dmesg13:13
badpalso 'tail -f /var/log/**.log' produces nothing13:14
=== melio_ is now known as Melio
STDHello. I have an issue with Ubuntu 16.06 virtualized on Hyper-V. Every Ubuntu 16.04 VM is full on swap partition and works verry slow. Can someone give me a solution please ?13:23
Na3iLSTD, 16.06?13:23
STD16.04 sorry13:23
Meliogood morning13:23
=== twwwater is now known as tww
scottc1STD: What services are they running? What's the spec of each of the VMs ?13:24
STDclean ubuntu with LAMP13:24
STDonly on 16.04 we have this issue. also we host 14.04 and windows vms on same host13:24
STDas soon as we virtual machine wirh 16.04 starts, the swap disk is full13:25
zetheroocould someone with scripting experience have a look and tell me if this is done right? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085009/13:25
Na3iLSTD, did you tried to swapoff and swapon back?13:25
Meliostd have you tried increasing the swap partition size13:25
Melioor ^^^13:25
STDswap is 1 GB and RAM is 1 GB too13:26
scottc1STD: Which processes are using the swap? Are you running the same configs between different VMs?13:26
STDrest of machines doesn't have this issue13:26
Meliomy swap is 50 gigs13:26
Meliothe system memory - swap disk size formula is on the internet. i forget the formula13:26
STDon out case is not good to make swap 50 GB.13:27
STDNa3iL, we tried swap off and swap on, and swap is still full13:27
SwedeMikezetheroo: what are you trying to achieve? but it looks like it should be ok, nothing seems to be missing with the crypt+lvm. I don't know fdisk well enough to read those commands off the top of my head13:28
scottc1STD: Are these just clean installs? What does top (press f, add SWAP) say?13:29
scottc1STD: As in, are they in production yet? Or have they just been installed and booted?13:29
zetherooSwedeMike: basically it's to enlarge the crypt partition to the max possible on the given disk, like done here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions#Enlarge_an_encrypted_partition13:29
STDyes, they are clean installs13:29
Meliostd this is as of 2012 - http://pastebin.com/eia1yp7X13:29
STDthey are not in prod13:29
Melioit kinda outlines a formula for ram and swap coordination13:30
STDare internal virtual machines13:30
STDonly from network we are accessing these machines13:30
Meliostd, virtual machines use your ram like any program13:30
SwedeMikezetheroo: ok, that's what I thought. Well the last crypt+lvm parts looked ok anyway.13:30
zetherooSwedeMike: one part I am missing is the command to resize the extended partition, which should be done before the fdisk part13:30
STDYes Melio but virtual server are not full13:31
STDrest of machines with 14.04 and windows are working well13:31
MelioSTD, the allocation of ram in the program will use system memory then run into swap decreasing performance - but will still function all laggy depending on your harddrive speed (or spindle as microsoft calls it)13:31
zetherooSwedeMike: the extended partition is /dev/sda2, and I tried with 'sudo resize2fs /dev/sda2' but that failed13:31
MelioSTD, that's standard memory management on pretty much all operating systems without efficency issues13:32
Melioi can't imagine a better way to do it - unless we swap to the cloud which would be horrendously slow13:32
joeliofirstly swap is rubbish, tune it out using vm.swapiness=0 or at a push 1. The default preseed will use 1-1.5 system RAM, so on a 128GB box with 256GB drive, it'll use most of the drive. Use a custom pressed, with custom paritioning in provision. If post-install, swap off, parted/fdisk, delete swap, recreate with smaller size, mkswap and swap on. If you have small vms, checkout zram..13:33
joelioif you're swapping that much, check your applications inside the VM13:33
STDjoelio, they are clean installed virtual machines, with LAMP13:35
Meliostd : https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-swap-on-ubuntu-14-0413:35
STDno other services are running13:35
STDyes Melio i know how to increase swap.13:36
STDI will try this way13:36
STDmaybe swap is too slow13:36
joelioSTD: you need to provide metrics I'm afraid, without better diagnostics is a moot point13:36
joeliopastebin some process usage, memory footprint etc13:36
STDbut as i know, as memory is not full, the system doesn't need to write in swap13:36
scottc1STD: The output from top (or htop) showing SWAP would be useful.13:36
joeliocat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness13:37
scottc1STD: swap in of itself isn't necessarily bad (though everyone has different opinions on this), but swappING is. Is your MySQL / MariaDB configured to use too much memory for example.13:38
STDcat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness13:38
joelioyea, so it's default, tune it down13:38
joeliohrm, ok13:38
ubisofthello, i have a question. I want to uninstall a Programm with the Terminal. But at first i have to detect the Packagename of it to use the Commandline "sudo apt-get purge <Packagename>. With "apt-cache pkgnames" i can find all Packages in my System, but there are too many to find it out, which command i can use to find the Programm?13:39
KiriakosHi everybody, which ubuntu channel would be the best to ask a question about Ubuntu and Openstack?13:39
joeliodpkg -l13:39
STDjoelio, is the /proc/sys/vm/swappiness correct ?13:40
joelioSTD: correct is a loose term.. it's a value13:40
joelioit's down to the user to chose a value13:40
joelio0 is what I set to13:40
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:40
Meliowell thats a nice way of explaining it too13:40
zetheroohow does one see what commands Gparted is using to perform actions?13:40
Melioso much work resolved with keywording :) wish i knew the list13:40
Melionope not on the keyword list13:41
joelioSTD: I'd still be interested to see what app is doing, vm size etc.. otherwise it's difficult to say what the issue is13:42
joelioI can say for certain a stack with *no* scripts running but LAMP installed will not swap13:42
joeliobut it depends on what resource you've given the v13:43
joelioif you're running php scripts that do massive memory grabs etc13:43
joeliowhat the app is (if there is one) running on LAMP etc etc etc13:43
KiriakosI'm trying to install Openstack Mitaka on Xenial, how can I work around add-apt-repository not letting me add the cloud-archive:mitaka repo? As of the openstack support model in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/CloudArchive Mitaka should be allowed in Xenial installs13:44
KiriakosOh, yeah, Hi again :-013:44
joeliodamn that's not working for me today :)13:45
joelioKiriakos: head over to #openstack - Ubuntu is a 1st class citizen13:45
Kiriakosjoelio, what is !openstack?13:45
Kiriakosaaaah, OK13:45
ubisoftjoelio thanks13:45
Kiriakosjoelio, thanks13:45
joeliono worries13:46
STDcan anyone explain me why we have multiple ramdisk in ubuntu 16.04 ?13:49
STD16 ramdisks with 64MB every one13:49
STDDisk /dev/ram15: 64 MiB, 67108864 bytes, 131072 sectors13:49
STDUnits: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes13:49
STDSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes13:49
STDI/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes13:49
joeliodid you install zram?13:50
=== precise|snek is now known as precise|Drsnek
ubottuzRAM is a module of the Linux kernel which increases performance by avoiding paging on disk and instead uses a compressed block device in RAM, useful on systems with less RAM, and SSDs.  Install zram-config to enable zRAM.13:51
joeliothat's what zram does, makes lots of small ramdisks13:51
STDwe don't have zram13:51
joelioit sure looks that way13:51
STDi will try to install it13:52
joeliohang on, what does #dpkg -l *zram13:52
STDi've installed it13:52
* joelio goes for tea13:53
BluesKajonce you enable ramdisks , they carry ober to every new OS you install...after you don't need them anymore they're amost impossible to get rid of13:54
BluesKajI still  have 15 ramdisks which I have no use for13:55
joelioyea, type mount13:56
joelioyou should see them there?13:56
joelioif so, remove from fstab, or zram or whatever generates them13:56
joeliounless there's something else that generates 16 ram disks.. (!)13:57
BluesKajjoelio, sudo fdisk -l13:57
BluesKajshows them13:57
joeliowhy use fdisk though?13:57
joelioaaanyway :)13:58
joelioif you want to get rid of them, you can. They're not persistent, that's the point of a ram disk13:58
BluesKajmount didn't show them13:59
joeliothey'll be listed as tmpfs?13:59
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centI am a novice, do you have any good suggestions?14:02
centoh I'm try14:03
joelioin relation to what specifically, I guess14:03
ZeekHugeis there something like a master command to fix all broken packages ?14:04
joelioapt-get -f install14:04
joeliowell, sometimes14:04
ZeekHugeexcept reinstalling ubuntu itslef14:04
joeliopackages can be broken in different ways though, pastebin the issue14:04
Meliocent,  basic steps to learn ubuntu is understanding file system you have, understanding how to get around in the console and the desktop and understanding sudo/root and some of the jargon14:04
Meliocent, installing programs from the desktop and console use the same methodology and you should learn to do both (just not at the same time, it won't let you)14:05
Meliocent, and learning to uninstall as well14:05
ZeekHugejoelio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085156/14:05
avioniihey my whole system has frozen a few times... i can't move mouse, use keyboard, go to terminal, etc... always happens at random while i'm using firefox... what can i do to find/fix the problem?14:05
ZeekHugethat looks short but14:06
Meliocent, there are guides that explain 5-10 things you should do after installing ubuntu that reveal differnt very impressive teaks or packages that include utilities that are helpful14:06
ZeekHugeI have been going along it and purging all the packeges it was complainin about14:06
centthank you, but I'm not have resources14:06
ZeekHugejoelio: ^14:06
Meliocent, the internet ubuntu support forums are resources as well14:06
ZeekHugeSaw that as a suggestion somewhere14:07
Meliocent, search whatever with the word ubuntu to understand things written by ubuntu users14:07
Meliomy understanding of ubuntu is : everything i ever wanted to do with ubuntu that i belive is a new thing, isnt. it's been done before and there are really impressive scripts or programs native to linux that can do it very well - and being opensource - if you can code, you can contribute and add your super cool idea that hasnt been done before to improve that program for everyone!14:08
joelioZeekHuge: have you run apt-get update; have you mixed package sources with another distro; have you downlaoded and  manually tried to install a package (dpkg -i) etc14:09
joelioZeekHuge: also, what distro, Xenila is gcc-5 (and soon 6 afaik)14:10
joelio4.8 support is Trusty and a PPA in precise (if my memory of the jenkins setup is correct)14:10
ZeekHugejoelio:  yes i did that some time ago. Dont remember much about it. Also, before this probelem appeared, I wanted to reinstall binutils, so I just purged it . and then this thing appeared14:10
joelioumm, you realise binutils is pretty well needed14:11
joelioZeekHuge: what distro are you running?14:11
centubuntu 16.0414:11
ZeekHugejoelio:  and then installed binutils. will unam -a help ?14:11
joelioZeekHuge: cat /etc/issue14:11
ZeekHugejoelio: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS \n \l14:12
joeliook, so 4.8 is valid, you must have lost sources somewhere14:12
joeliowhat's in /etc/apt/source.list (pastebin it)14:12
centUbuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l14:12
joelioZeekHuge: sorry, /etc/apt/sources.list14:13
goju050207Hi, I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but facing some strange issues, I am unable to visit any net banking site , I am located in India also in Settings > Display , I see " could not get screen information".14:13
ZeekHugejoelio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085173/14:13
joelioI take it ubuntu.excellmedia.net is a mirror? offical?14:13
joelioZeekHuge: try now, apt-cache policy gcc14:14
joelioand pastebin14:14
joelioreally, I'd stick with {countrycode}.archive.ubuntu.com14:14
joeliothey sit behind balancers (wel rrdns) so you get a valid mirror closest to you geographically14:14
goju050207I have tried Chromium , Google Chrome but it didn't solve my problem14:14
joeliosometime some mirrors get out of date and stale14:15
=== pavlushka_ is now known as Guest58639
Picijoelio: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors has a full list of mirrors and their status14:15
Gue-clonegoju050207: which banking site are you trying to access (url)?14:15
ZeekHugejoelio:actually dowloads were pretty slow, so I just started the software support and made it choose the fastest14:15
ZeekHugejoelio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085175/14:15
goju050207Today I checked on Firefox in Windows 10 and everything was working fine at a friend's hpuse14:15
ZeekHugegoju050207: tried a different browser ?14:16
goju050207hdfc bank14:16
joelioZeekHuge: have you run apt-get update?14:17
goju050207ZeekHuge : Yes , of course14:17
ZeekHugejoelio: yes I already did that . Let me do that again. But i have done that 2-3 times14:17
goju050207ok running that14:17
joelioZeekHuge: actually, that is the current version14:18
goju050207should I add sudo14:18
joelioZeekHuge: you have installed a package that requires gcc 4.8.5 later, need to see which one14:18
joelioZeekHuge: can you post all of https://paste.ubuntu.com/23085156/14:19
joelioalos an apt-get clean may help14:19
joelioI bet there are stale packages14:19
joelioZeekHuge: apt-get clean; apt-get update; apt-get -f install14:19
x_XPHi guys, I wonder if I can get help here with setting up SSD to be use in MacBook Pro to run OsX  using Ubuntu on USB thumb drive What happened: One day when I noticed low battery 1% I putted it to sleep or shutdown, than recharged it next day, but MBP never booted properly again, showing crossed circle while booting. Basically Mac did not and doesn’t see this SSD disk now. I created bootable USB Ubuntu for Mac and booted MBP on it, U14:19
=== daniel is now known as Guest60256
x_XPbut could not mount main Mac partition,  I believed something got corrupted there, since I did not care about any data lost I installed Ubuntu 16.04  on this MBP SSD and it was booting and running fast. Than I booted it back on USB Ubuntu drive and used gparted to format this SSD to HFS+ than tried to install Mavericks OS, but it could not see this drive so back to square one  What do I need to do to wipe this drive somehow and format i14:21
x_XPWhat do I need to do to wipe this drive somehow and format it in order to be able to install OsX on it? Thanks14:21
joelioZeekHuge: if push comes to shove too, just dpkg -r gcc and then try again14:22
joelioit's not clean doing that thhough14:22
ZeekHugejoelio: didnt work14:22
ZeekHugejoelio: wait14:22
joeliogoing to have to to $day_job now anyway, good luck :)14:23
avioniiAny advise for my issue?14:24
ZeekHugejoelio: if you could explain what the problem is  ?14:24
joelioZeekHuge: you have a package installed - gcc a metapackage, that requires a version of GCC that you don't have in Trusty14:28
joelioZeekHuge: apt-cache policy gcc-4.814:29
joeliopastebin it14:29
joelioI have 5 mins ;)14:29
ZeekHugejoelio:  hmm okay. ITs okay if you are busy . can  help on tmate ? it will be pretty fast14:29
=== dez is now known as dze
joeliocan you just run apt-cache policy gcc-4.814:30
=== dze is now known as dezmio
joelioit's in the universe repo, so I'm wondering if you have that enabled... or it's just stale repo etc14:31
=== michauds_ is now known as michauds__
=== michauds__ is now known as michauds
ZeekHugejoelio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085211/14:32
danrikdoes anyone know how to change a color profile in ubuntu?14:32
ZeekHugedanrik : I used unity-tweak14:32
joelioZeekHuge: it's that repo14:32
joeliois the current verison, the one in that mirror is oooold14:32
joeliotry this;14:33
=== jatt is now known as Guest93914
joeliosudo sed -i 's/ubuntu.excellmedia.net/archive.ubuntu.com/' /etc/apt/sources.list14:33
danrikZeekHuge - do u know if that's gonna work in xuunut?14:34
danrikZeekHuge, xubuntu14:34
joelioZeekHuge: then run apt-get update to get the source updated drom archive.ubuntu.com14:34
joeliothen try the apt-get -f install14:34
ZeekHugedanrik: you asked for ubuntu14:34
ZeekHugejoelio: no output of that 'sed' command14:34
=== Guest58639 is now known as pavlushka
joelioecho $?14:35
goju050207ZeekHuge : https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking/?_ga=1.208631322.901858646.147152581314:35
cia_Does anyone know how to launch a process without it coming up or use ctrl z to close it without pausing it.14:35
goju050207This is the URL14:35
danrikZeekHuge, yeah - I was hoping it would be the same14:35
ZeekHugejoelio: just "$" as the output14:35
ZeekHugejoelio: updating it now14:35
joelioZeekHuge: so now your /etc/apt/sources.list should reference archive.ubuntu.com?14:35
joeliodamn, missed a g I think14:36
cia_If i use ctrl x i have to then use bg to start it again.14:36
goju050207ZeekHuge: could you visit the URL14:37
Melioi wonder. havent tested, when i boot windows and do a regular shutdown - not sleep mode or anything. - I get no sound in linux and difficult to access read only ntfs partition where windows resides in 14.04, but i just upgraded 16.04.1 with a clean install and i'm curious if it still has that problem . i have a batch file in windows that is on my desktop to quickly clean total shutdown to prevent that issue in linux when i switch os's has anyone heard of14:37
Meliothis in 16.04.1 as an issue14:37
Melionevermind i'll simply do a test.14:37
ZeekHugegoju050207: though on your page, but I am not an expert , just a user, using ubuntu for last 1 year14:38
ZeekHugedanrik: pretty sure it wont work with xubuntu14:38
joelioZeekHuge: yea, that mirror is pretty bad - http://ubuntu.excellmedia.net/archive/dists/14:39
danrikZeekHuge, yeah - it didnt work14:39
joeliothere's no Xenial!14:39
danriktesting displayCal now14:39
ZeekHugejoelio: it failed to update a lot of packages , 404 error14:39
k1l_Melio: windows dosnt shutdown properly due to simulating faster reboot which blocks the nfts partitions from mounting. you need to disable that on windows14:39
ZeekHugejoelio:  sudo apt-get -f install didnt do anything14:40
joelioZeekHuge: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23085232/14:40
joelioput that in14:40
ZeekHugeapt-get install gcc says package is reffered to by other name ..14:40
joelioapt-get update, make sure no 40414:41
joelioyea, it's just due to you having an old out of date mirror set14:41
joeliothat's all14:41
joelioyou need to use one that is updated14:41
ZeekHugejoelio: put that in .. apt/sources.list ?14:41
joelioyes please14:41
ZeekHugejoelio: busy with something ? would want to understand how you figured out the problem . while it updates14:43
joelioZeekHuge: 15 years of experience :D14:44
ZeekHugejoelio: okay. Few pointers for new user like me ?14:44
joeliogo to packages.ubuntu.com14:44
joeliocheck the versions14:44
joeliofor the distro that you're using14:45
keinii've 2 os in my computer ubuntu and window7, the window part can't open i want recover my data14:45
joelioit's quite obvuous the version available by that mirror (which you can find out with apt-cache policy) is out of date14:45
joelioif you then browese the mirror and look in the dists directory, there's no xenial14:45
joelioxenial came out months ago and was in dev since before new year14:46
keinican i use ubuntu to recover data of the window partition14:46
joelioso if there's no xenial there and its a 'full' mirror then it must be stale, ie. the rsync that updates it has stopped working14:46
joelioI've hit this issue before with mirrors, that's why I just use the official and try and cache packages14:47
joelioor make my own and rsync from archive. - the root :)14:47
joeliothat help? :14:47
ZeekHugejoelio: few package updates again failed with 404 error . getting pastebin it now14:48
ZeekHugejoelio: thank you for those points.14:48
joelioit's cool :)14:48
joelioI'm starting an lxc trusty container now, I will give you the exact lines14:49
Meliowhich dropbox do yuo guys suggest, software repo, or source website (dropbox.com offers a .deb) versions might be out of sync by maintainer.14:49
ZeekHugejoelio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085249/14:49
joelioZeekHuge: if that 404's for you, then it's a problem with your connection or something strange (proxies?)14:49
keinisomebody has answer for my question?14:49
joelioZeekHuge: oh, right, that's other sources!14:49
joelioyou can stuff in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* too14:49
joeliothat'll be what's 404ing14:50
Meliokeini, the question about recovering data is not really giving us enough info14:50
joelioZeekHuge: move all of those files to somewhere else while we fix that14:50
joeliothey're PPA's etc.14:50
Meliokeini, if you can access the partition in ubuntu, you can copy it or burn it to a dvd or something to keep it14:50
joelioZeekHuge: also, you have AAAA records14:50
joeliobut seemingly no IPv614:50
joelioyou may want to disable IPv6 if you don't have it setup14:50
joeliootherwise getting AAAA records will break14:51
joelioipv6.disable=1 in /etc/default/grub (GRUB_DEFAULT) then run update-grub then reboot14:51
joelioafiar (off the top of my head)14:51
joelio2001:67c:1560:8001::14 is an ipv6 address14:52
daifucoIs ubuntu vanilla considered efficient? I bought a dell laptop (very low specs) with ubuntu, I was considering lubuntu but I dont know if it worth the hassle14:52
ZeekHugejoelio: we need to setup ipv6 explicitly ? how i have been browsing all this time ?14:52
keinican i enter in the window partition from ubuntu?14:52
ZeekHugekeini: yes.14:52
joelioZeekHuge: do you *need* ipv6? if so, set it up14:52
joeliootherwise disable it14:52
Meliodaifuco, what is the model of your dell laptop14:52
ZeekHugejoelio: okay14:53
joelioZeekHuge: otherwise you'll keep getting Quad A records :)14:53
Meliodaifuco, i'll be happy to search it and see if other owners have ubuntu running on it14:53
ubisofthello, someone have "vim" ?14:53
Melioand give you the link14:53
daifucoMelio: http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-3552-laptop-ubuntu/pd?oc=cn55215&model_id=inspiron-15-3552-laptop-ubuntu14:53
ZeekHugekeini: mount that onto somewhere "sudo mount /dev/something /path/to/some/dir" <-- need to be careful about it14:53
ubisoftsomeone could help me with "VIM" ? have only 1 question to14:54
ZeekHugejoelio: okay , disabling it.14:54
eelstrebori suppose they had a good reason for changing interface names but wlan0 is easier to remember than wlp3s014:54
daifucoI quite like the seach bar of unity and the minimal design (it is a bit like gnome3) but I dont want a sluggish laptop14:54
joelioZeekHuge: so it looks like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="ipv6.disable=1 quiet splash"14:55
joeliothen update-grub14:55
joelioso it takes effect in /boot/grub/menu.list14:55
ubisoftTopic: Vim14:56
ZeekHugejoelio: will reboot machine now, so be back in few minutes14:56
joelioheh, that's a v6 address too14:57
ubisoftsomeone has Vim?14:57
goreysenercan anyone here14:58
joeliovim ftw14:58
goreysenerwhat is wim ?14:58
ubisoftwhy ftw?^14:58
=== goreysener is now known as yetisto
Piciubisoft: 1) ask the question 2) if we don't know, ask #vim14:58
joeliobecause it's better than emacs :troll:14:58
Meliodaifuco, there seems to be a few problems that are common on that laptop - network drivers don't install properly, but there's a fix if you can download he correct drivers and install them14:59
Meliodaifuco, it's difficult to find your exact model searching for it, because the general name of it is kinda not used to describe your computer in ubuntu forums15:00
Melioif you are using xchat type /sysinfo15:00
Meliosorry hexchat15:00
ZeekHugejoelio: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-42-generic root=UUID=874938ef-ce7c-484a-b29e-0caaa94ea422 ro ipv6.disable=1 quite splash vt.handoff=715:00
ZeekHugedisables ipv615:00
ZeekHugeupdating now15:00
daifucothanks Melio !15:01
ubisoftgot a question: when i open "vim" with the Terminal, i can choose some Document. I want to go into ":help". In this file are some words in blue like "quickref" or "usr_toc.txt". How do i open them?15:01
joelioZeekHuge: you are on a v6 connection btw (noticed when you quit) but I'm betting that's just your router public address, there's no V6 space routed to your network after that router.. hence what you're seeing :)15:02
* ZeekHuge wants to ask joelio a thousand questions, about how he knows what to do. but believing that wold come with time, he is somehow controlling himself.15:02
ZeekHugejoelio: its still failing.15:02
joeliook, pastebin15:02
ZeekHugebut as you said .. those are just extra PPAs15:03
joeliook, cool15:03
joeliotry and apt-get -f install15:03
ZeekHugejoelio: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085281/ ; executing -f install now15:07
ZeekHugejoelio: -f install did nothing.15:08
ubisoftgot a question: when i open "vim" with the Terminal, i can choose some Document. I want to go into ":help". In this file are some words in blue like "quickref" or "usr_toc.txt". How do i open them?15:08
ZeekHugejoelio: it just says to execute autoremove, I think we can skip that ?15:08
joeliolet's try this15:08
ZeekHugeubisoft: try Ctrl+]15:09
statusfailedHmm, my "less" isn't chopping lines when I use -S15:09
joelioZeekHuge: move all the files out of /etc/apt/sources.list.d15:09
joelioZeekHuge: then update /etc/apt/sources.list to gave *just* https://paste.ubuntu.com/23085284/15:10
statusfailedit always wraps them, and also scrolling seems to break the output - some lines seem to randomly overlap others15:10
joelioZeekHuge: then apt-get update; apt-get -f install15:10
joeliowe'll get this :)15:10
ZeekHugemove out == pastebinit ? or clear the file  ?15:10
joeliomv to somewhere else, just so you can move back if needed - rather than delete them15:10
lufeng ubisoft:   type ]   or   [15:11
ZeekHugeokay move to .back15:11
statusfailedoh, got it: just have to add this to .bashrc/.zshrc: "LESS='-R'"15:11
joeliowhen you apt-get update it'll read all the filenames ending in .list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d - so best to keep out of the way while debugging15:12
ZeekHugejoelio: ahh ... -f install still didnt do anything. :(15:18
ZeekHugejoelio: though there were no 404 failures.15:18
=== RalphBa is now known as RalphBa|away
joelioZeekHuge: does it exit cleanly? Or still complain?15:20
joeliotry and apt-cache policy gcc-4.8 now15:20
joelioit should show updated mirror and version15:20
ZeekHugejoelio: update exited cleanly. -f install exited with a friendly message to use autoremove to remove unsued packages15:21
ZeekHugejoelio: policy gcc4.8  - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085299/15:22
joelioZeekHuge: I think it's looking better then, try and do an apt-get upgrade15:22
joelioas you'll have updates waiting15:22
joelioautoremove will clean up dependencies no longer in use, but you may as well do that after and upgrade15:23
ZeekHugethough so, therefore didnt report that earlier.15:23
joelioyea, it's pretty standard15:24
ZeekHugejoelio: do you still think the problem was because of mirror with outdated packages ?15:24
sim0n_Hey guys. Is there anyone i might be able to ask somehelp on logrotate at all? Trying to do something that nobody on google has appearently tried :(15:24
=== l is now known as Guest12733
joelioZeekHuge: yep :)15:24
ZeekHugejoelio: but the download  is very slow with this mirror15:24
joelioyou can update to be closer, are you in india?15:25
ZeekHugejoelio: yes. (how do you know ? what thing in the pastebin suggested that ?)15:25
joeliowhen I browsed the original mirror it had Indian flag ;)15:25
joeliobut you can do lookup on IP to get geo loc15:26
=== RalphBa|away is now known as RalphBa
ZeekHugeyeah . that is true.15:26
ZeekHugethough bit better speed now, without doing anything .15:27
ZeekHugebut still slow.15:27
joelioZeekHuge: yea, archive is on a round robin dns15:27
joelioZeekHuge: try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/mirror.cse.iitk.ac.in-archive15:27
joelioyou can see it's up to date for major releases15:28
joelio(yakkity not yet released of course)15:28
ZeekHugeI can still complain that its slow, but i think I will have to go with it .15:33
ZeekHugethat old mirror was fast compared to others, thats why I chose it at the first place15:33
joeliothere is another way of using mirror:// in apt too btw, but it's a bit flaky15:33
joeliobasically downloads mirror.txt and will hunt for the closest mirror every apt use15:34
joelioworks.. ish.. but few issues with it15:34
ZeekHugeWill try to get that work after this problem gets solved.15:35
joeliodo you still have a problem or is it just slow now?15:35
joelioyou shouldn't have any package issues at least15:35
ZeekHugeafter changing the mirror, updated it and now upgrading it. Its slow.15:36
ZeekHugeno 404 errors after that new source.list file.15:37
joelionot much I can do about your connection speed afraid :)15:37
otyughafter an upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 I can't boot after grub (black screen)15:41
otyughis there a procedure or something to follow ?15:41
otyughI'm quite advanced as debians user but I lack experience with ubuntu upgrade to another version procedure ; is there something documented ?15:42
joeliootyugh: what graphic driver/card do you use?15:43
joelionvidia by any chance?15:43
ZeekHugejoelio: I was looking at the older sources.list and it had the same thing that you said to add. The only extra thing was extra.ubuntu.com . so, was this extra thing thats causing problem ?15:43
joeliono, the old mirror was not updated15:43
joelioit'd not been updated for months, so it gets out of date15:43
joelioand if you have packages from other sources (ppa or extras.ubuntu) that require newer packages, like gcc-4.815:44
joeliothen you can't update as the mirror is stale15:44
KiriakosHi All, the graph on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/CloudArchive says Openstack Mitaka is supposed to be supported by Xenial but that seems to be wrong. can anybody enlighten me on this?15:44
joelioit's a broken mirror basically, as the admins keep it running, it's in the list, but not updated15:44
joelioshould be notified really15:44
ZeekHugeoh okay ! sorry ! I was looking at the updates that you asked to make in the old source.list15:45
ZeekHugegot it15:45
otyugh@joelio : erh, this is for helping a friend that asekd me throught mail, I will meet his computer later this week because I'm the "gnu/linux guy" but I don't know much about Ubuntu. Do you think it's just some additionnal driver to install if he was using nvidia ?15:45
joeliootyugh: probably needs dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current (or nvidia-{version}) if it is indeed a driver issue15:45
ZeekHugeold archive = archive.ubuntu.com/archive and new = archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu15:45
joeliobut could be a number of things15:45
joelioZeekHuge: no old archive is the http://ubuntu.excellmedia.net/archive/15:46
otyughjoelio, will look into that. Would using the older kernel temporarly fix the issue  ?15:46
joeliowhy it failed when I sent you the sed command is they've used non-standard paths15:46
otyugh(well I ask you bein a probablist guy :p)15:46
joelioZeekHuge: it should be {fqdn}/ubuntu15:46
otyughnah this is a silly question.15:46
joeliootyugh: maybe, but it's an easy fix if it is.. just needs dkms regenerating15:47
otyughjoelio, why ubuntu doesn't do it by default ?15:47
otyughI thought it had to be user friendly and all :315:47
joeliootyugh: because of the way packaging works.. it may well be running it but could be an order issue15:48
otyughwill look into it. Thanks !15:48
joelioa newer kernel comes in after the nvidia package updated.. whcich means when dkms was run, it ran against an older kernel (as the new one was not currently installed). Now *technically* dkms should regen when you install a new kernel, but experience dictates otherwise15:49
ZeekHugeoh ! we used sed command too ! silly me ! So we just already changed that old source.list !15:49
joelioyea, if it was correct path, it would have worked15:49
joeliowe should have used sed -i 's/ubuntu.excellmedia.net\/archive/archive.ubuntu.com\/ubuntu' /etc/apt/sources.list15:50
joelionot sure where that archive thing came from, but I guess if the mirror is that old, the admins don't know/care15:50
joeliothere's nothing technically wrong mind, it's just not standard15:51
ZeekHugejoelio: should install package maintainer's version of etc/defualt/grub ? right ? that would just enable ipv6 back i think15:54
joelioyea, you can add it back if you want to15:54
joelioand any other customisations15:55
ZeekHugejoelio: being able to install gcc-4.8 means that everything is okay now ?15:56
joelioZeekHuge: well, just being able to install anything means it's ok ;)15:59
ZeekHugejoelio: Cool then. It all works ! thanks a lot !15:59
joeliono probs :)15:59
ZeekHugeokay so summarizing - What we did essentially did was updated the mirrors (editing source.list), update the cached info of apt (apt-get update) and  now apt knows everything about new packages so we downloaded them (apt-get upgrade).16:01
ZeekHugeWhat I didnt understand is the error message in the first place.16:02
ZeekHugeapt was complaining that the a certain package depends on some other package but was not able to download that because the mirror it was connected to, didnt have that package16:02
ZeekHugebut how do apt know ? that there exists a dependency  ? it was connected to an old mirror , so apt know only those things, that the old mirror knows ?16:03
ZeekHugejoelio: ^16:03
ZeekHugealso, what with the files in source.list.d ? its empty now .16:04
joeliowhen you run apt-get update, it creates a list - which is stored locally16:04
joelioin /var/lib/apt/lists/16:04
joeliothat contains the list of sources and downloads the packages.gz file16:05
joelioit then creates a dependency graph (of sorts)16:05
joeliowhen you want to install an app16:05
joelioas the packages has a Requires: field in it16:05
joeliowhich signifies the dependencies.16:05
joelioif you get the Requires, then the requires for the required etc.. and so on, you have a full list of dependencies needed to install a package16:06
joelioit then checks what's already installed locally16:06
joeliothen installs any new packages needed16:06
joeliothat's why every time you update a source list - you need to run apt-get update16:07
joelioto refresh the locally cache of the sources/packages tc16:07
OerHeksno files in source.list.d  is good.16:08
* joelio runds with all files in source.list.d and nothing in sources.list :)16:08
joelioalthough... puppet :)16:08
joelioas puppetlab-apt module only deals properly with stuff in sources.list.d - so basically don't have anything in source.list16:09
OerHeksPuppet vs. Chef vs. Ansible vs. .... apt-get16:09
joeliowell, they all use apt-get16:09
OerHekswith systemD just apt16:09
joelioa Package type will leverage a package provider16:09
joelioso that could be apt, dpkg, rpm, pip, gem etc.etc.etc.16:10
ZeekHugejoelio: V nice explanation ! Thank you very very much ! for explanation as well as your help :)16:10
joeliono worries16:10
joeliofun thing comes in naming the package to pass to the Pacakge type.. but generally there's a case statement that uses the system facts to drive the paramaterisation of the name16:11
joelioOerHeks: apt isn't great in scripts due to the progress bar dpkg configuration ;)16:12
joelioapt-get still exists too in xenial :)16:12
joelioI use apt manually, but apt-get in scripts16:12
joelioyou can get progress bar in apt-get too btw16:13
OerHekstrue, the transit to apt needs some time.16:13
OerHeks!info pv16:13
ubottupv (source: pv): Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.0-1 (xenial), package size 48 kB, installed size 169 kB16:13
joeliodd comes with a progress bar too now, apparently16:13
joelioaleays used pv though :)16:13
joelioif you want fancy progress bar in normal apt-get16:15
joelioecho 'Dpkg::Progress-Fancy "1";' > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99progressbar16:15
joelioor just use apt !16:16
uebera||Hi. I have a few disks which sometimes are not detected as "very big devices" (i.e., "sd 12:0:0:0: [sdc] Very big device. Trying to use READ CAPACITY(16). sd 12:0:0:0: [sdc] 5860533168 512-byte logical blocks: (3.00 TB/2.73 TiB)"). Is there a way to force a rescan/use of READ CAPACITY(16) at all times?16:19
OerHeksuebera||, check your vendor for a bios update?16:20
clonnehello everyone, how do I turn off aport?16:21
uebera||OerHeks: Regarding the machine--no dice (it's an Apple MacMini Late2009). However, switching those disks (connected via USB) off and on again eventually works.16:23
OerHeksclonne, many ways16:24
OerHeksfor now: sudo service apport stop16:24
clonnehehehe, what you playing?16:24
clonneayt sure trying that now16:25
OerHeksor edit sudo nano /etc/default/apport >> Change the line that says enabled=1 to enabled=016:25
OerHeksthen you can use it still with: sudo service apport start force_start=116:26
clonneit worked! thanks 0erHeks16:26
OerHekshave fun!16:26
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
MrHalli have a problem16:34
MrHalli deleted ubuntu from windows (delete the partition) to install xubuntu16:35
MrHallwhen i want install xubuntu i have a kernel error16:35
MrHalland Error "No Such Partition"16:35
MrHallsomeone can help me?16:36
MrHalli try install ubuntu, xubuntu and lubuntu and i have same error16:37
MrHalllike you need use kernel before gruub16:38
MonkeyDust!patience | MrHall16:40
ubottuMrHall: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:40
SchrodingersScatMrHall: are you sure you're booting from the livecd/usb?16:40
MrHallSchrodingersScat:  yes i try boot (i have 3 sos in a flash)16:41
smongI had to clean up my /boot since it was full, so I deleted a few kernels and I already told the machine to reboot before I realised no kernel was in /boot anymore. I can chroot back into the filesystem and I installed a new kernel, but how can I configure grub to actually use it?16:42
MrHallim installing windows now. i will install xubuntu then16:42
MrHallsmong:  i had this problem :(16:42
smongI think the machine is using a software raid16:42
smongMrHall: how did you fix it ?16:42
MrHallbut i deleted since windows16:42
MrHalli m re installing :(16:43
MrHallmy problem was i deleted ubuntu since windows(formating partition) when i reboot BOOOOOM smong16:44
MrHalland i cant install ubuntu xubuntu or lubuntu16:44
MrHalleclipse mars works on linux?16:45
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=== Guest52658 is now known as fsociety_
LuminaFanWill Ubuntu release a new phone?... I checked the website and they all seem to be sold out.16:57
null_pers0nhi guys16:57
OerHeksLuminaFan, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-touch, the place to be for phone16:59
=== Amm0n| is now known as Amm0n
amnixI am getting a new SSD for my laptop. Will I have to format it before installing ubuntu? Or will the ubuntu installer handle all that if I want to use the entire drive for ubuntu?17:05
Phryqso is LXC installed by default? And if not, how do I do it?17:05
PhryqInstaller will handle it17:05
=== jamie_ is now known as jamie_1
amnixPhryq: So I can just install the new drive and use the ubuntu installer for automatic partitioning right?17:06
smonghow can I verify that my remote machine will actually boot, without rebooting it? :P17:06
smongI followed this: https://michaelfranzl.com/2014/01/29/remote-server-hetzner-rebooting/17:07
ZeekHugeSo, now after I have nouveau driver for my NVIDIA Graphics card, I dont need bumblebee and the graphics card wont just be on to heat up my laptop . is that right ?17:10
squintyPhryq,   apt show lxc17:10
=== feddy_ is now known as Grogo
ducassePhryq: i think 16.04 installs lxc by default17:16
compdocdont think its a good idea. I disable it17:17
squintynot installed by default here on my 16.04  (or at least apt doesn't show it as installed)17:18
ducassesquinty: maybe i was thinking of lxd, then17:20
squintyducasse,  not installed here either :-)17:21
ducassesquinty: me remembering wrong then :)17:22
ducasseubuntu-server Recommends lxd - that was what i was thinking of - i always install from the server image17:23
squintyah good to know17:24
ducasse'aptitude why' is great for figuring out why stuff is installed :)17:27
cupofbrewwhat's the package name for virtual box?17:29
cupofbrewit's in the ubuntu repository right?17:30
MonkeyDust!find virtualbox17:30
ubottuFound: unity-scope-virtualbox, linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic, linux-image-4.4.0-21-lowlatency, virtualbox, virtualbox-dbg, virtualbox-dkms, virtualbox-ext-pack, virtualbox-guest-additions-iso, virtualbox-guest-dkms, virtualbox-guest-source (and 14 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=virtualbox&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all17:30
OerHeksvirtualbox is a meta package17:30
cupofbrewWhat does that mean17:30
ni291187how can I install ubuntu on my mac17:30
cupofbrewtrying to install 64 bit virtual box via the terminal17:30
cupofbrewi'm using 16.0417:31
ubottuA meta-package is a package that simply depends upon other packages and brings them in. It's not a real package, but a very useful package that can drag in other package versions.17:31
MonkeyDust!mac | ni29118717:31
ubottuni291187: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:31
nacccupofbrew: the answer is, though, the package name is (afaict), virtualbox17:31
OerHeksso no need for version numbers and such17:31
nacccupofbrew: you will need to have multiverse enabled17:31
cupofbrewso sudo apt-get install virtualbox should do it?17:31
nacccupofbrew: yes17:31
ni291187I tried to install once but osx has gone and I couldn't use my keyboard17:32
ducasseni291187: you might have better luck by simply googling "ubuntu install" and your specific mac model, the mac wiki pages are pretty old17:35
monsterjampHow do I get the latest opensource AMD GPU drivers?17:39
zimHi all. Quick one. Ubuntu desktop 16.04 On command line when I ssh-add it no longer defaults to identity I have to ssh-add ~/.ssh/identity why?17:40
Phryqamnix yes17:41
ducassezim: iirc, ssh-add looks for keys named id_<algorithm>, such as id_rsa by default17:41
OerHeksmonsterjamp, i do not recommend the *beta* drivers from the AMD site. use the ones provided17:41
monsterjampNvm, I misread glxinfo. I thought the current drivers installed only supported OpenGL 3.0 but it supports OpenGL 4.117:43
OerHeksmonsterjamp, key is: 16.04 is LTS, so only stable packages are provided, as of 16.10 development takes a spin17:43
Phryqso I typed sudo apt install lxc; that's right?17:43
ducassePhryq: yes17:45
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Guest25525So, Most of the time I can't set my bluetooth speaker to A2DP sink, which is the only audio option that doesn't sound like garbage17:49
Guest25525Sometimes, if I spam the button long enough it lets me17:49
Guest25525Any advice on how to get this working without frustration?17:50
yukenWell, apparently I can't create any partitions under Kubuntu live CD... Windows 10, wat'r u doin17:50
Phryqso I did an 'apt get update', because there was an install error. But the update had a bunch of "failed to fetch" errors17:51
naccPhryq: is there a reason you're specifically installing lxc (rather than lxd)?17:52
naccPhryq: what was the 'install error'?17:52
naccPhryq: (pastebin)17:52
Phryqoh, maybe I want lxd17:53
ulyzzeHow can I connect one PC to another using a LAN cable to provide it with Internet access just as a router would?17:53
naccPhryq: you probably want lxd (which will pull in lxc2)17:53
Phryqthe thing that virtualized other things really well17:53
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing17:53
Phryqso now I think I should uninstall lxc, yes?17:53
Guest25525Where can I go to ask about bluetooth speaker problems?  I keep getting nothing here17:53
naccPhryq: neither lxc nor lxd virtualize17:53
naccPhryq: they are container solutions17:53
Phryqlike KVM?17:54
naccPhryq: kvm is a virtualization technology/solution, yes17:54
naccPhryq: lxc and lxd are not like kvm17:54
Phryqhow are they different?17:54
PhryqCan I run another linux OS inside the container?17:54
naccPhryq: lxc and lxd are container solutions17:55
naccPhryq: depends on what you mean17:55
naccPhryq: you can run in another OS' environment, but a container shares the host's kernel17:55
naccPhryq: so it's not like you're actually running the other OS17:55
Phryqok, so in the case I'm running an OS like Tails, which is deisgned for privacy. Will I somehow lose privacy by using a container rather than a VM?17:56
szbGuest25525, you could probably also ask in channels like #ubuntu-mate, #lubuntu and so on... That's probably something not specific to Unity, more Ubuntu in general, I guess. Unfortunately I have no idea how to help, sorry!17:56
goju050207Hey there17:57
szbPhryq, just to let you know: the Tails developers specifically state that running Tails in any sort of VM will basically make the OS's purpose useless.17:57
ulyzzeHow can I connect one PC to another using a LAN cable to provide it with Internet access just as a router would?17:58
Guest25525szb, Ok I'll try there17:58
naccPhryq: containers are very different than VMs, I think that's something rather basic you should understand first17:58
goju050207 I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but I am unable to visit my  bank website17:58
ulyzzegoju050207: try another browesr?17:58
mjaykulyzze, try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing sounds like what you want17:59
goju050207I have tries Chromium, Google Chrome17:59
szbgoju050207, do you have any additional add-ons installed? Is there an error message when visiting the website?18:00
ulyzzeTry to enable JS18:00
goju050207Java Script ?18:00
zimducasse: ty will try. identity has worked since I started using linux in 200018:01
goju050207How ?18:01
goju050207Strangely TOR browser can visit my site18:01
ulyzzegoju050207: there are many things that could be wrong. Do you get any error messages when you're trying  to?18:01
ulyzzegoju050207: 404?18:01
Laurencebcan anyone help me with bluetooth?18:02
ulyzzemjayk: I don't want to set up a network, I want to make Ubuntu OS provide connection like a gateway, same as router18:02
ducassezim: you could try specifying it in a 'Host *' section in ~/.ssh/config18:02
ducasseulyzze: that _is_ a network...18:02
goju050207I do not get any error message. After i click on the netbanking button Login page does not appear18:03
szbgoju050207, can you open Firefox and type 'about:support' in your adress bar?18:03
ulyzzeNevermind, looks too complicated...18:03
ulyzzegoju050207: it's possible the bank blacklists your ip. Can you change IP?18:03
stan_man_can_hey all. just installed ubuntu a couple days ago, i have sda and sdb, sda is a 120GB SSD I'm using for / and sdb is a 240GB ssd i'm using for /home. I have a 2TB mechanical drive formatted as EXT4 that i'm u sing for storage. I plugged it in and it's mounted at /media/user/storage -- is this normal? or if it's a drive that's always in there should it be somewhere else?18:04
ducassegoju050207: is it possible your bank uses java?18:04
stan_man_can_only asking because i know /mexia/{user}/ is also where usb drives and stuff get mounted, so not sure if it's meant for more of a temporary location or what18:04
goju050207yes now what18:04
szbgoju050207, at the bottom there should be an item with "Javascript" -- does it say "true" or "false" ?18:04
goju050207why would it blacklist my ip ?18:05
ducasse!who | goju05020718:05
ubottugoju050207: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:05
ulyzzegoju050207: by mistake maybe18:05
goju050207that's ridiculous18:06
ulyzzegoju050207: try using another browser, in another OS. You can use a live USB.18:06
ulyzzeAnother method would be to change the user agent using an add on18:07
tdannecystan_man_can_: As far as I know, it mounted it in the correct location. It might also be in /mnt/somethingsomethingsomething too.18:07
goju050207szb: I have done as you told me , now what18:07
szbgoju050207, scroll down, there should be "Javascript" listed somewhere near the bottom - does it say "true"?18:07
stan_man_can_tdannecy: that's fine i just wanted to make sure that /media isn't meant for temporary locations or something funny18:07
stan_man_can_tdannecy: thanks!!!18:08
tdannecystan_man_can_: Not that I know of!18:08
stan_man_can_dang no bot, okay well thanks anyways, cy 8a18:08
goju050207sbz: Java Script18:09
Guest25525stan_man_can_, I'm new too but I'm pretty sure you can choose to mount it somewhere else if you want also, like in a folder in home called sdc or something18:09
goju050207sbz: Incremental GC: true18:09
szbgoju050207, okay, so Javascript is enabled. Does your banking website use Flash perhaps?? (I hope not!) Type 'about:plugins' in the adress bar. Is Flash listed there? It should also say 'enabled'!18:11
OerHekswith chrome he should be fine .. maybe some adblocker plugin?18:12
goju050207sbz: Shockwave Flash: enabled18:13
Phryqso should I uninstall lxc?18:13
szbOerHeks, he said he tried Chrome and Chromium and it didn't work either...18:13
PhryqI'm afraid to break something using the command18:13
flaxIs gtx 1080 the fastest gpu you can use on linux?18:13
ducassegoju050207: again; is it possible your bank uses java?18:13
stan_man_canAnyone use Plex Media Server? The plex support docs say to download the .deb and run dpkg to install it, but if you google "ubuntu plex" they have repo's to do it. Not sure which is best...18:13
OerHeksstan_man_can, some .deb packages on websites contain the sources list & key, like chrome18:14
stan_man_canOerHeks, I'm not 100% sure if that's good or bad? Does that mean I should install the .deb>18:15
Pantsustan_man_can: use your distro repo18:16
Pantsustan_man_can: always18:16
Pantsuif you want a more up to date version then roll your own .deb18:16
stan_man_canPantsu, I don't see it if I do sudo apt search plex18:16
flaxis nvidia the best on linux18:17
Pantsudon't use upstream provided .deb18:17
OerHeksstan_man_can, if you refer to the plex site, they offer the mediaserver as package, not as repository https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200288586-Installation18:17
Guest25525stan_man_can, small note, you don't need sudo for that18:17
stan_man_canOerHeks, Yeah I know they offer it as a package, but Pantsu just told me not to use it?18:17
BluesKajflax, usually fewer prblems with nvidia in my experience18:18
stan_man_canGuest25525, ah thanks :)18:18
OerHeksi wouldn;t  either, but that was not the question18:18
flaxamd driver does not seem to use most of the vram on my video card18:18
stan_man_canOerHeks, well it kinda sorta was? the original question was18:18
stan_man_canthat they offer a .deb but if you google it some people say use this repo, not sure which to do18:19
OerHeksas plex is not in our repos, you would need to add a PPA like https://launchpad.net/~plexapp/+archive/ubuntu/plexht18:19
BluesKajflax, do you vdpau installed?18:19
Pantsustan_man_can: don't read outdated guides btw18:19
stan_man_canOerHeks, ah there we go, that's close along the lines of what I was hoping for18:19
OerHeksstan_man_can, nice tutor, but you rely on their repo and testing..18:20
Pantsuhmm plex isn't free software?18:20
stan_man_canPantsu, sorry linked to the wrong one, https://www.htpcguides.com/install-plex-media-server-ubuntu-16-x-and-later/18:20
stan_man_canPantsu, the software is free yes18:20
Pantsufree as in freedom, not free beer18:20
Pantsuas in you can't get the source18:20
szbstan_man_can, OerHeks link to the PPA might be your way to go IMHO, since you'll find everything packaged specifically for 16.04 (i assume that's what you're using) and in case there's any updates you'll receive those as well!18:20
stan_man_canPantsu, ah18:20
stan_man_canszb, yeah that sounds like the best route18:21
ducassestan_man_can: you might also want to check out emby, which is free software18:21
Pantsuthat makes it a giant pain18:21
OerHeksszb +1 updates18:21
Guest25525Pantsu, i don't get that expression, you can do whatever you want with beer18:21
BluesKajGuest25525, beer normally costs money18:22
stan_man_canducasse, thanks I'll take a look. I'll most likely end up sticking with plex, we have everyone in our house setup on it (phones, xbox's, all that jazz) but always interested in checking out new software18:22
PantsuGuest25525: you can't get the recepi18:22
Guest25525Pantsu, but why would you want it? you can piss in the beer, drink the beer throw the beer at somebody, its ownership has completely transfered to you18:23
PantsuGuest25525: you can't make more because you have no idea how it was made18:23
stan_man_canquestion while i'm here, whats the difference between apt and apt-get ?18:24
Pantsuand your ability to modify it is somewhat limited18:24
Guest25525Pantsu, ah, that makes at least some sense.  Free speach is limited too though so I still don't like the expression18:24
stan_man_canor more so, which one should I use? last time I used ubuntu I was using "aptitude"18:24
BluesKajapt is a wrapper for apt-get , but all package managers use the dpkg  system18:25
bipulI found a very strange, i am the owner of a directory B/ i.e dr-xrw-r-x+ 2 bipul bipul 4096 Aug 24 23:43 B/ , and i would like to change it's File owner and Group owner field , from chmod i.e chmod student:controller B/18:25
Melioopenjdk isnt in the ubuntu software repo18:25
szbstan_man_can, apt-get and apt are basically the same, with apt being the younger option (e.g. showing a fancy progress bar ^-^) but as far as i now apt's just a wrapper and they're basically identical.18:25
bipulIt says chown: changing ownership of 'B/': Operation not permitted18:25
stan_man_canszb, awesome thanks18:25
flaxuse chmod18:25
PantsuMelio: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openjdk18:25
Meliodo i need to enable the repo just for openjdk? I would assume it's already in development sources18:25
PantsuMelio: the webpage disagree with you18:25
ducassebipul: try chown18:26
Meliowhy doesnt it come up when i use graphical gui searching18:26
bipulducasse, chown: changing ownership of 'B/': Operation not permitted18:26
szbMelio, are you using the Software Center?18:26
Melioes. "ubuntu software"18:26
bipulsorry it chown not chmod*18:26
Melioi dono why t's called that it's pretty generic sounding18:27
ducassebipul: then you would need to do that as root, i expect18:27
bipulducasse, Why? , when i am the owner of the file?18:27
Melioi can do a search at the command line. but you would think it would be there on defualt install without adding source pointers18:27
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Pantsubipul: findmnt -T path/to/B18:27
ducassebipul: but you're not the new owner18:28
szbMelio, yeah, Ubuntu Software has some serious bugs that need to be worked out... Not showing all available items in the repos is one of them, I'm afraid. I just use Synaptic!18:28
naccbipul: read `man 2 chown`18:28
naccbipul: only CAP_CHOWN processes can change the owner of a file18:28
Melioszb. there may not b a 16.04.x version18:29
bipulducasse, I have created the file B , with bipul account.18:29
Meliowhich is why it doesnt show18:29
naccbipul: owner of a file can change the group to any group they are a member of (but needs CAP_CHOWN to change to groups they are not member of)18:29
bipulPantsu, /      /dev/sda1 ext4   rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered18:29
naccMelio: if a package is in 16.04, it's probably in 16.04.x; what package are you looking for?18:29
szbMelio, there definitely is one! They're all showing up when I search for 'openjdk' in Synaptic!18:30
MelioI bet if i fire up apt-get install openjdk it'll spot on get it18:30
bipulYes, bipul is the member of controller group.18:30
naccbipul: then you could change just the group18:30
Melioi'm going to finish letting my printer driver install18:30
naccMelio: there is no 'openjdk' package anywhere18:30
naccMelio: afaict, there is, e.g. openjdk-8 (srcpkg), openjdk-8-jre, etc18:31
szbMelio, I'm seeing "openjdk-8-jdk" and "openjdk-9-jdk"18:31
naccMelio: as szb said, don't use "Ubuntu Software" for searching :)18:31
tmi1Hey, does anyone have any experience with grub randomly crashing during the selection menu? Often if I try to choose the third item (windows) grub will just crash when I've pressed down just once18:32
bipulnacc, http://paste.ubuntu.net/23085888/18:32
_0xbadc0dehow can I unninstall mysql518:32
jattapt remove mysql518:33
stan_man_canAh the plex version on that app is super old18:33
stan_man_canwell, 7 months,  but they've had a ton of updates in the meantime18:34
Melioi wonder what default-jre will do vrs the entire openjdk 8 install18:34
nacc_0xbadc0de: jatt: mysql5 is not a package name18:34
nacc_0xbadc0de: do you mean 'mysql-server' ?18:34
jattapt remove <package>18:34
naccbipul: have you logged out/in since you added bipul to controller?18:35
naccbipul: also your directory has an acl on it, it seems18:36
naccbipul: what does `getfacl B` report?18:36
bipulnacc, Do you have any answer?18:36
robinsonhello world18:36
robinsonhellow Grorco18:37
lewltrowlIs unity default in 16.04 LTS?18:37
robinsonyes it is18:37
szblewltrowl, yes, Unity 718:38
lewltrowlrobinson: Allright, maybe a dumb question but how do i change DM when i login?18:38
szbtmi1, you could try BootRepair (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair#Getting_Boot-Repair), i always found it to be an easy and reliable fix for everything GRUB-related!18:38
robinsonlewltrowl: haveyou installed an alternative desktop environment?18:39
bipulnacc, Does chown has has anythings to do with ACL ? anyway let me give you the details18:39
naccbipul: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23085908/18:39
lewltrowlI want to use gnome :)18:39
szblewltrowl, if you have XFCE installed, as an example, log out and next to your name on the login-screen there should be a little gear icon. Click it and it should let you chose a different desktop.18:40
naccbipul: and my user is a member of that group18:40
robinsonlweltrowl: first go to the terminal and type : sudo apt-get install gnome18:40
szblewltrowl, as robinson pointed out, this only works if you already have another DE installed!18:40
ubuntuNewUserim running Ubuntu off a flashdrive just to try and see if i like it...I F'ing LOVE it. now i want to intall it on my hard drive but i want to create a separe partition for each OS. Which is the best software and how do i get it? remember i just started using linux 2 days ago...Damn "Mr.Robot"..any help?18:40
mjaykubuntuNewUser, try gparted, thats what I use for that task anyway18:41
morbidsteveubuntuNewUser, when you go to install through the USB live image, it will ask you about partitioning and do it for you18:41
tmi1szb, I'm just a bit worried that I would end up destroying something as all grub options work ... it's just the random hangs when trying to select something18:41
szblewltrowl, also note that installing a different DE next to an existing one might pull in lots and lots of libraries and dependencies that can conflict with each other (although Unity and Gnome should go quite well with each other)18:41
robinsonlweltrowl: then restart your machine . You should be able to choose hnome18:42
bipulLet me try with new directory.18:42
robinsonlweltrowl: sorry gnome.18:42
ubuntuNewUserMorbidsteve mjayk, thankx guys18:42
szbtmi1, i know that feel, bro! ^-^ Have you recently installed any different hardware and/or drivers?18:42
daku_Alright, before I throw my computer out the window, is this a proper place to get help connecting a git repository to VS: Code on Ubuntu?18:43
jattthere is #git18:43
daku_Ah, thanks jatt, away I go18:43
szbtmi1, you could try running a simple "sudo update-grub" from the command line. This doesn't touch anything vital, but if there was a configuration changed somewhere along the line it might just help! (Just a wild guess as well since those crashes/hangs could be caused by a number of things)18:44
tmi1szb, indeed I have. A new GPU. But would grub even know anything about my GPU?18:44
bipulnacc, Epic Fail http://paste.ubuntu.net/23085913/18:44
naccbipul: i already told you you can't change ownership (user) w/o sudo.18:45
naccbipul: read `man 2 sudo` and the part i quoted earlier.18:45
naccbipul: nothing epic about what you pasted.18:45
szbtmi1, I'm not really familiar with Grub, so I can't answer that. But take a look here: https://superuser.com/questions/273621/grub-freezes-on-the-selection-menu-after-video-card-swap18:45
tomreynyes, not the pace for caps lock, though18:45
dharambeSorry. I was trying to set a new background photo with Ubtu 9.418:46
dharambeand I can't get it to work18:46
bipulnacc, ok. So i may change the group ownership ?18:46
szbtmi1, mind you that thread is 5 years old! And the answer its linking to is even older... But it just shows that somehow hardware and Grub seem to be connected! :318:46
tmi1ah, so at least it doesnt seem like a unique problem then :)18:47
ducassedharambe: 9.04? it's been eol for years.18:47
naccbipul: it seems like you should be able to, if you are a member of the target group18:47
bipulbipul has controller group, and he wanted to assign it, to a directory A18:48
naccbipul: yes, what is your point?18:48
naccbipul: you haven't shown that failing yet, without acls in play18:49
naccbipul: and i showed you it working locally18:49
bipulAnd he fails to do so18:49
bipulbipul@bipul:~$ chgrp controller A/18:49
bipulchgrp: changing group of 'A/': Operation not permitted18:49
naccbipul: please use pastebin18:49
naccbipul: can you do exactly as I did in my paste? (subsituting controller for libvirtd if you want)18:49
redrighthandIn 16.04, how do I name the virtual desktops, I have a 4x4 grid.18:50
redrighthandBut only want to name a few of them18:50
jattdouble click on the workspace name18:50
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redrighthandwhere is that?18:51
redrighthandI hotkey around, and the launcher icon just brings up the grid with no names18:52
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tmi1well, I think I'll head off to bed and try looking for the solution again tomorrow. Thanks for your ideas, szb18:53
szbredrighthand, if you're using Unity I'm tempted to think that this option doesn't exist there...18:54
szbtmi1, you're welcome! good look!!18:54
tuxianoHi I installed darktable using snappy. Now I have issues opening files stored outside of my home directory (on a nfs drive). Is it somehow possible to extend the permissions of a snap app so that it can open such files.18:55
bipulnacc, Check this http://paste.ubuntu.net/23085951/18:56
bipulI hope something is wrong with my file system type18:56
tuxianoSame problem with vlc, too.18:57
bipulI found strange behavior i found.18:57
bipulI found strange behavior*18:57
ducassetuxiano: try #snappy19:00
stan_man_canIs there any way to tweak what happens when you make a window full screen? I'm not a fan of having to hover over the top for the menu, also not a fan of the menu options extending past the quick menu bar...now that I think of it, would also be nice of the quick menu bar auto-hid19:00
bipulducasse, You said something new owner?19:01
tuxianoducasse: thx19:01
szbstan_man_can, you can install the 'unity-tweak-tool' for options like that!19:02
ducassebipul: nacc already explained this for you19:02
stan_man_canszb, awesome thanks again19:02
szbstan_man_can, oh but concerning the menus, there's also an option in the regular settings under 'Appearance > Behavior'19:03
szbstan_man_can, you can set them to 'always show' there!19:03
stan_man_canszb, thank youuu19:03
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szbstan_man_can, any time! :)19:04
ubuntuNewUsercan i clone a disk using gparted?19:05
bekksubuntuNewUser: I'd use clonezilla for cloning a disk.19:06
ubuntuNewUser@bekks, thaks for the input19:06
szbubuntuNewUser, gparted is able to clone single partitions, if I'm not mistaken, but not entire disks! Here's a quick tutorial on Clonezilla: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzxL95GmmYk19:07
bipulnacc, ?19:07
stan_man_canAnyone have issues with the "AUto-hide" of the launcher? just turned that feature on and sometimes when i hover the launcher doesn't show19:07
szbstan_man_can, you could try upping the reveal sensitivity of your courser. But even on the most sensitive setting the launcher might not get revealed on the first try sometimes..... I don't know a fix for that! To be honest I think it's not really made for being hidden, since some opening or alert animations don't play too nicely with the launcher when it's hidden...19:11
stan_man_canszb, good to know thanks. yeah it's not a sensitivity issue sometimes you hover and it gives a glow at the edge but you gotta hover on/off a few times before it slides out. if it becomes too much of an issue i'll put it back to show19:12
bipulnacc, I did what you said, but no success.19:13
ubuntuNewUserim running Ubuntu on a flashdrive...how do i intall clonezilla ?19:14
szbstan_man_can, I just tried it and the keyboard shortcut seems to work quite nicely!19:14
szbubuntuNewUser, try 'sudo apt install clonezilla' (you might not need 'sudo', not sure)19:16
tripelb"E: could bot get lock /var/lib/dpg/,lock ... is another process using it?"  I just booted it up. Last time it did this. Ibdid ps -aux bit then didnt know how to proceed. UB 16.04 re >sudo apt- get install handbrake19:16
exoalexanderexcuse me i need some information on the upcoming Ubuntu 16.10 so i can prepare19:17
exoalexanderyakkety yak19:17
szbexoalexander, just ask your question, if somebody sees it and knows the answer they will let you know! :)19:18
exoalexander1. will unity 8 take over19:18
tripelbexoalexander: Welcome it with an altar in your house with yellow flowers and two candles, best white.19:18
szbexoalexander, as far as I know it will not be the default Desktop for 16.10, but available to install!19:19
OerHeksexoalexander, not yet, with 16.1019:19
bekksWhy not staying with 16.04 until 2021? :)19:20
exoalexander2. is ubuntu going to get a gnome look19:20
exoalexander2021 WTF!19:20
OerHeksugh, themes .. sure someone will do that.19:20
tripelbi want to knpw what process has a lock on my administration directory already. just booted 16.0419:20
szbexoalexander, please ask all questions at once, otherwise it's difficult to follow you... Concerning your question: What is a 'Gnome look'?19:21
tripelbexoalexander: gnome-classic ftw19:21
LaurencebCan't connect RFCOMM socket: Connection refused19:21
exoalexander3. is beta one out tommarow19:21
Laurencebsuggestions welcome for what could cause such an error19:21
OerHeksstandard gnome3 desktop is available too.19:22
tripelbexoalexander: 10 is OCTOBER not September19:22
exoalexander4. will a 8gig usb work19:23
tripelbmy questio! I ask in good form and the man who cant read a calendar gets all the attention. /me whines19:23
OerHekstripelb, "E: could bot get lock /var/lib/dpg/,lock ... is another process using it?"  .. this happens when softwarecenter/synaptic is open and you use terminal .. or updates are pending.19:24
szbexoalexander, Unity7 will stay the way it is and Unity8 will follow the same principals, but take a glimpse here: http://design.canonical.com/2016/08/convergent-terminal19:25
OerHeksbut not ready for production19:25
meliohelps, can't kill -9 this process 21323 pts/17   00:00:00 dpkg-preconfigu <defunct>19:27
szbexoalexander, for question 4: I *think* an 8GB USB will be enough!19:27
melioany idea what i can do?19:27
stan_man_canAlright so I have a 2TB ext4 formatted drive installed in my box, it auto mounts to /media/{user}/storage can I just tell it to mount at like /storage or something?19:27
meliomaby kill the parent process?19:27
meliostan_man_can, you can make a symbolic link19:27
stan_man_canor i guess /mnt/storage if that's any better?19:27
varaindemianshould I use apt instead of apt-get when updateting and installing packages?19:27
melioi use apt-get19:28
tripelbN/M I would have rather learned but released it in the GUI. Dont UI nderstand how it could survive 2 reboots. laptop, 14.04.  b19:28
melioapt-get install keyword19:28
meliosudo will help19:28
stan_man_canmelio, the issue i'm running into is it mounts in /media/{user}/ and i'm using plex as a media server, plex needs me to set 755 recursively on /media and i'm not sure that's safe?19:28
szbvaraindemian, 'apt' and 'apt' get are doing the exact same thing (apt being a wrapper for apt-get) so it shouldn't make any difference!19:29
stan_man_canmelio, well, on /media /media/bkilshaw /media/bkilshaw/storage19:29
meliostan_man_can, do you know the basics of file permissions, i would look up file permissions codex19:29
tripelbthanks OerHeks (I knew that and was perusing the output of ps aux for clues as to what to kill.19:29
szbvaraindemian, sorry, i meant to say 'apt' and 'apt-get' are identical19:30
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions19:30
stan_man_canmelio, i understand the basics of it but if I set 755 on /media/user will that effect any other drives i plug in that get mounted there as well?19:30
meliostan if your box isnt on the internet it's safe19:30
rypervenchestan_man_can: Anything currently mointed will be affected.19:30
melioif it's front facing without a firewall, hosted server. don't do that19:30
stan_man_canmelio, no it's my desktop at home behind my router so i guess it's alright19:31
rypervenchestan_man_can: It all depends on what is currently mounted and if you care about the permissions on those disks or not.19:31
tomreynalso if anyone else uses the computer, dont do it19:31
meliostan_man_can, sure. but it helps to put in a hardening ssh brute detector and ssh killer when people attack through the firewall19:31
stan_man_canrypervenche, this is the only thing mounted in there right now19:32
stan_man_canis there anything that translates drwxr-xr-x to the 775 or whatever19:32
stan_man_cantrying to google but failing19:33
yukenI'm having troubles with wiping an LVM partition that Fedora has made. Any clue how I should go about doing it with an Ubuntu 16.04.1 liveCD?19:33
stan_man_canneermind eventually found http://chmod-calculator.com/19:33
tomreynstan_man_can: or: man chmod(1)19:33
meliostan yes19:34
szbyuken, are you using GParted for that? Does it throw an error?19:34
meliostan_man_can, http://permissions-calculator.org/19:34
yukenszb, Kubuntu, so no GParted; the KDE Partition Manager. Yes, it does when trying to format it to ext4.19:35
MrHallHello, when  i want install ubuntu xubuntu or lubuntu i have this error: " error 8 kernel must be loaded before booting"19:35
yuken(a blank ext4 partition)19:35
tomreynyuken: why do you want to wipe it, to remove remainders of the data store don it, or because there are some issues creating a new file system or LV on it?19:36
yukentomreyn, the former.19:36
szbyuken, I don't have much experience with that, but when partitions are giving me trouble and I can't fix it from within the system or from a Live CD I'll use the actual GParted Live CD! http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php19:36
yukenCan't, szb, internet issues.19:37
tomreynokay, for the future, use full disk encryption instead, since wiping data written on platter or ssds is not guaranteed to succeed entirely19:37
tomreynfor now, i'd use the shred or wipe utilites19:37
yukentomreyn, how would I go about using those?19:38
tomreynone of them can work on block devices, but i forgot which19:38
wildmanron1Hay i am woundering when my system goes into sleep mode dose it turn off the usb ports and not see the power switch i  have to hold the power swith down to shut down the system just so i can restart it to use it after it gose to sleep19:38
=== King is now known as Guest15910
MrHallHello, when  i want install ubuntu xubuntu or lubuntu i have this error: " error 8 kernel must be loaded before booting"19:38
tomreyni dont remember the exact parameters, but it's oviouis from the manpages. look for "device"19:38
Laurencebcan anyone here help me with bluetooth?19:39
user1254Laurenceb: what's the problem ?19:40
LaurencebI'm trying to connect to a serial bluetooth module19:40
yukenThanks, tomreyn. Don't know much about partitioning other than the basics, been having this issue for 3 hours at this point.19:40
szbwildmanron1, you should be able to configure this option in your BIOS! 'Wake on USB' or something similar!19:40
LaurencebI've done this many times before, but this time it is failing19:40
Laurencebsudo rfcomm connect 13 00:06:66:80:95:37 1Can't connect RFCOMM socket: Connection refused19:41
Laurenceba problem with pairing?;19:41
MrHalli cant enter in linux installer :(19:41
wildmanron1there is a setting that turns on the usbs but the problem is it wont wake up from sleep mode you know in ubuntu 14.04 where it dosent get used for a while and it goes to sleep it wont wake up when i shake the mouse or touch the key board so i not sure whats going on19:43
szbwildmanron1, I'm quite positive that's because the option to wake from keyboard and mouse are disabled in your bios! I could be wrong, but you should check it!19:44
lewltrowlHello i am trying to install the gnome panel extension via the extension website, i click install but when i refresh the page it says its not installed..19:44
lewltrowlWhat am i doing wrong?19:45
yukentomreyn, wipefs -a /dev/sda8 (sda8 being the partition) seemed to work. Thanks.19:45
szblewltrowl, there's another way, take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdqzxqDo7Sk19:45
thor_can i ask a quetion bout DVI here? im confused about the adapter solutions. If I have mini display port in my t540p, and a viewsonic monitor. the monitor is blurry when using VGA. will an adaptor cable mini dispalty to DVI solve the problem?19:46
lewltrowlszb: Thank you! :)19:46
wildmanron1ok i will go check it and get back to you is there any files or logs i can show to you that might tell you or someone what is going on i will be right back thanks for the hint19:46
bekksthor_: Thats nothing we can guarantee :)19:46
MojtabaHello, I am using system proxy by ssh, and the problem is that thunderbird gives me connection refused for gmail. Do you know what should I do?19:47
MojtabaThere is no TTY1-6 in Ubuntu 16.04LTS. (Do you know what should I do?)19:47
szbwildmanron1, I'm not very experienced with those things so I don't know if there are any logs for that! But just go thoroughly through your Bios and see if anything shows up! :)19:47
thor_bekks: haha.. okay. guess you are right. just wondering if any had encountered similar issue.19:48
meliook what should i do, a printer driver locked up. should i use xkill19:50
melioi remember xkill wonder if it's installed19:50
wafflejockmelio, if you see it in top you can just kill it by pid19:51
melioi couldnt find it in top19:51
melioit just froze. going to try again installing it. coulda been during a network fail and a bad hunk of code couldnt deal with finding a url19:51
wafflejockmelio, what print driver? any idea what the process is called?19:52
bipulnacc, Yes,it works after making restart to my OS.19:52
melioepson workforce 32519:52
melioit might not even be available anymore19:52
meliowebsite links might be bad to get them. i might have to do a manual compile or install of proprietary drivers19:53
wildmanron1Well it says that the wake on usb deal is on so I am not sure whats going on here but i have reinstalled ubuntu 14.04 twice and dose the same thing so i dont see it being a bad install it has something to do with after i did the 16.04 upgrade it wouldnt wake up then after that so i went back to 14.04 thinking it was just 16.04 but now 14.04 wont wake up and it use to work just fine now not so much19:54
almenonis there any tools for watching file changes that don't rely on fsevents?  I'm using ubuntu on windows, which does not support fsevents. :/19:54
melioor Ubuntu 8.04/8.10All language19:55
meliothat's a kinda old driver19:55
szbwildmanron1, awww... Ok, I'm really sorry but then I don't know any other cause or solution. I was so sure that it was a Bios setting! :319:55
melioi had this working before. used the add printer method.19:56
meliomaby the driver search name is wrong19:56
meliolemme see if i can adjust hat19:56
akikMojtaba: if the ttys don't appear automatically, you can change /etc/systemd/logind.conf (http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/serial-console.html)19:56
wildmanron1i checked all that before i posted but i checked it again after you said to look at that setting but it hasn't changed so what the world is cause it not to wake up now it doesn't make since19:58
melioi'm going to try the epson-escpr driver, it's opensource19:58
melioshould work19:58
wryfii am trying to backport libsass from yakkety to trusty20:01
wryfiand it's barfing on something to do with aclocal20:01
wryfiit's trying to run `cd . && aclocal-, -Im4 --install --force`20:01
wryfiobvs aclocal- is not a valid command20:01
wryfianybody help me track down what's going wrong?20:01
szbwildmanron1, maybe the answer in this thread can help? https://askubuntu.com/questions/485481/ubuntu-14-04-doesnt-wake-up-after-screen-is-locked-and-blank/77012320:02
szbwildmanron1, not quite the same problem, but the solution might be the same!20:03
redrighthandDoes anyone know of a good open source ip cam surveillance system? Zoneminder and motion are the only ones I know off the top of my head20:05
=== daci is now known as iJens
wildmanron1ok i will go check it out and i will get back to you and let you know what i find out thanks for at least trying to help I have been trying to find help for a week now not the worlds smartest on this stuff ether so thank you for trying to help me out i will post back what i figure out whats going on.20:08
szbwildmanron1, no problem, mate! That's the least we can do for each other here! Don't give up! :)20:09
meliothis printer driver installer in system settings is wacko20:10
melioI might have to reboot to make it work again. had a stray lock file that broke a update20:11
meliocaused by it20:11
melionow i do a sudo apt-get update. and i get W: http://download.ebz.epson.net/dsc/op/stable/debian/dists/lsb3.2/Release.gpg: Signature by key E5220FB7014D0FBDA50DFC2BE5E86C008AA65D56 uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1)20:11
Guest25525I'm having trouble with my bluetooth speaker on Ubuntu; I can't change the audio profile to High Fidelity playback (A2DP Sink) from Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP)20:11
juacadois openjdk 9 stable, right?20:12
meliojuacado, only way to know is to ask, or try it and tell us20:12
wildmanron1i just looked at the web page and that might work i will let you know also i wont give up i have run ubuntu for 5 years or so but i am still not that smart to fix it by my self but ya if this works i will let you know thanks sir20:12
juacadowell melio, maybe I have to use a different syntax: is openjdk 9 stable?20:13
tomreynyuken: wipefs is not amonogst the tools i suggested. it does not provide data protection, just deletes parts of the file system meta data.20:13
wafflejockGuest25525, I've had related problems with bluetooth intermittently typically solution for me was to kill pulseaudio and restart it myself for some reason when it's running in the user session it seems to work in terms of changing audio profiles20:14
yukentomreyn, that is what I was looking for x-x.20:14
tomreynyuken: okay, you told me something else earlier20:15
wafflejockGuest25525, you may also want to try out pavucontrol (pulse audio control) and/or blueman manager have had a bit more luck with those than the prebaked tools20:15
tomreynformer != latter ;-P20:15
Guest25525wafflejock, I tried killing pulseaudio with pkill and it came back immediately Also, I''m using both of those tools.  Pavucontrol is great but it hasn't helped20:15
wafflejockGuest25525, think you need to do pulseaudio -k to kill it.... I may have done some other config changes to stop it from auto restarting as well20:16
eduardo_I just installed ubuntu 16 and rhythmbox 3.3 doesn't work20:16
Guest25525wafflejock, Also, confusingly enough sometimes, if I spam changing to a2dp sink enough it will randomly work20:16
eduardo_tried already to uninstall it20:16
wafflejockGuest25525, yeah bummer it's been really flakey for me as well.. 16.04 seemed a bit better in some cases but other devices I just can't turn on the high fidelty at all... seems we're in the same boat20:17
gnubugI have a problem with my DNS settings and WLAN. After a fresh boot it works, but after I plugged in and then plugged out the LAN cable it doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?20:17
Guest25525wafflejock, It really sucks, I know the speaker isn't at fault cause it works from my phone just fine20:17
tomreyneduardo_: "does not work" how?20:17
tomreyneduardo_: does the graphical interface not show? if so, run it from a command line and check the output20:18
eduardo_tomreyn: yeah the graphical interface doesn't show up, i get his message now: rhythmbox: error while loading shared libraries: libwebkitgtk-3.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:19
eduardo_tomreyn: i guess i'll install that library20:19
gnubugI tried "sudo ifdown --force wlp3s0; sudo ifuo wlp3s0", but this doesn't help.20:20
tomreyneduardo_: it should already be installed if it's a dependency of rhythmbox20:20
tomreyneduardo_: unless you "tried to uninstall" using dpkg or otherwise removed files.20:20
eduardo_tomreyn: I used ubuntu software center to uninstall it20:21
eduardo_tomreyn: i might have some package problems20:21
tomreynokay that woulödnt do any harm then20:21
eduardo_tomreyn: i had some error messages during installation20:21
tomreyn*that* might20:21
Guest25525wafflejock, Now It says its using a2dp sink but it isn't making any sound20:21
Guest25525wafflejock, making me hate ubuntu/linux20:21
gnubugI also tried "sudo dhclient wlp3s0" but this doesn't help either20:21
tomreyneduardo_: ... depending on what these error messages were20:22
eduardo_tomreyn: that i might have to install some packages manually20:22
Guest25525wafflejock, And now its working, shoot me20:22
wafflejockGuest25525, yeah audio in general is a nightmare between alsa pulseaudio and jack things get really confusing really fast then add to that bluetooth and it's a no fun... it's probably my biggest remaining grievance unfortunately I can only complain with you :)20:22
tomreyneduardo_: are you comfortable working with a terminal?20:23
elricsfateIf someone would help me with this bug I'd really appreciate it because it's making my Laptop almost unusable20:23
tomreyneduardo_: if so, we could try to make sure your installation is complete / up to date.20:23
eduardo_tomreyn: i'm downloading like 411 mb of archives20:23
elricsfateMy trackpad is an entire flat section with no seperate area for the physical button. In the bottom left and right corner there are physical buttons but the area above it is still part of the sensing area20:23
=== jorrit is now known as jorlinn
elricsfateIf I try to click while moving something it almost always causing my mouse to jump around to a completely unpredictable area20:24
tomreyneduardo_: what kind of archives? i.e. how does this matter now?20:24
elricsfateDoes anyone know of a possible fix for this issue? I've been trying to find one for days and it's making my Linux experience pretty shitty20:24
=== caio is now known as Guest77275
eduardo_tomreyn: how do i make it up to date?20:25
=== Guest77275 is now known as marchesini
eduardo_tomreyn: I have worked as a unix system admin20:26
eduardo_tomreyn: mostly with solaris20:26
tomreyneduardo_: oh great, so you are comfortiable with it. so start a terminal, type: apt-get update; apt-get -f install; apt-cache policy20:26
tomreynif any errors, show the output of all commands20:27
eduardo_tomreyn: ok, thanks for your help20:27
tomreynusing a pastebin20:27
tomreynif no errors, add: apt-get dist-upgrade20:27
tomreyneduardo_: those apt-get commands need to be run using sudo or as root20:27
tomreyni would have more suggestions, yet, but this is a good start20:28
eduardo_tomreyn: ok I'll see how it works20:29
gnubugI am not sure, if it is really a dns problem: ping (google) works, but the same IP in firefox not, however (router) works in both cases.20:29
gnubugAny idea what might be wrong here?20:29
wafflejockelricsfate, you want to look into xinput it can typically list out all the input devices, from there you can list the device properties then you can update the device properties20:30
singamguys use www.pazhanji.org to transfer ur files20:30
wafflejockelricsfate, you may need to reduce the active area on the touchpad or adjust other properties of the xinput to get it to stop doing that... what properties in particular I'm not entirely sure but can search on xinput to get details20:30
wafflejockelricsfate, once you figure out the xinput property that needs to be set just copy it so you can add it to run when you login20:32
tomreyneduardo_: more suggestions: apt-get --purge autoremove; apt-get install apt-show-versions; echo 'Packages which need closer inspection:'; apt-show-versions | grep -Ev '(uptodate|not installed)$'20:32
szbelricsfate, this might be a place to start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad20:32
szbelricsfate, if by any chance you have an ALPS touchpad, try this guy's solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-ctFuKmVl420:33
szbwildmanron1, did you have any luck? :o20:36
wildmanron1ok I went and did the Grub deal and it still wont wake up20:36
tomreyngnubug: if firefox is unable to access that *ip address* on the default http port then you are either blocked by the remote server, an intermediary (using a proxy) or firefox is havine some issue. i would suggest you try wget or curl as well20:37
szbwildmanron1, oh boy...... Back to the start maybe? A fresh install of 14.04? :/20:37
wildmanron1i did that last night twice20:37
wildmanron1still has same problem20:38
wafflejockgnubug, if you are trying to go by IP the server may not serve unless the request includes the domain name if they have some sort of virtual hosts where the server is looking for the name in the request20:39
wafflejockgnubug, for the record it does redirect me to google.com with that IP in firefox20:39
szbwildmanron1, I'm out of guesses, very sorry! :(20:40
gnubugtomreyn: But why does it work after a fresh reboot? I tried wget it says ... resolving www.google.com ... failed: temporary failure in name resolution...20:41
wafflejockgnubug, elaborate on doesn't work in firefox? maybe check F12 network panel in there to see what's happening, for me the request for the IP responds with a moved permanently to http://www.google.com/20:42
tomreyngnubug: so indeed you have a resoilver issue there. whats your resolvers if you don't mind disclosing them?20:42
zodiac19ah, so there is a chat for ubuntu users, And I got stuck in the kubuntu chat previously. would someone mind forwarding me to the coffee room/random discussion area20:42
wildmanron1so i am thinking of trying to change the video card to a diffrent one and reinstalling and see what happens20:42
wafflejockzodiac19, #ubuntu-offtopic20:43
zodiac19thank you very much20:43
wafflejockzodiac19, no prob20:43
wildmanron1if it still dose it i think that tells me it is a motherboard problem20:43
neredsenvyAny new news about Unity 820:43
owen1I downloaded http://andromouse.com/, chmod 755, and run ./"AndroMouse Server V5.jar -> './AndroMouse Server V5.jar: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error'   any ideas? (java version "1.8.0_101")20:44
szbwildmanron1, yes, I'm starting to think so too!20:44
szbneredsenvy, Unity8 will not be the default desktop for 16.10 but you'll be able to install and test-drive it!20:44
wildmanron1i will post back to you just as soon as i get it changed and reinstall the os again thanks for helping i will let you know keep your eye out for me20:45
neredsenvyI know that20:45
tomreynowen1: use java -jar 'AndroMouse Server V5.jar'20:45
neredsenvyBut no new news about unity 8 for like 2-3 months now20:45
tomreynbut be sure you know what this software does beforehand, i do not know it20:45
neredsenvyWas all hype jan-april than nothing20:46
szbwildmanron1, I might leave soon, but the best of luck to you!20:46
szbneredsenvy, i don't know what or how much is going on there, but you could check over at #ubuntu-unity20:47
wildmanron1i will keep my eye out for you but i will post back here to let someone know what happens maybe they can let you know if it worked or not thanks for all your help20:49
gnubugwafflejock: It says: "Firefox can't find the server at www.google.com. F12 network doesn't show much. Under headings you see "www.google.com" as Host, and there is a 205 ms timing for dns.20:51
cmbnis there a command that will do nothing no matter what arguments you give it?20:52
jacreshi everyone - does anyone have a link to a good example partitioning scheme for having windows and ubuntu installed to the same SSD, with /home on an HDD (and maybe /var).20:52
gnubugtomreyn: Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. How can I see what my resolvers are?20:52
lordcirthcmbn, why would you want that?20:52
jacresI'm coming from Arch20:52
lordcirthjacres, BIOS or UEFI?20:52
=== jstein is now known as Guest13830
jacresmainly looking for recommended sizes20:52
jacreslordcirth: UEFI20:53
jacresand starting clean ;)20:53
jacreslordcirth: 250gb SSD, 3TB HDD20:53
wafflejockgnubug, yeah if nslookup www.google.com works, then the DNS on your system is fine, if wget or curl fails to get a response though then something is wrong either on the device or somewhere between the device and the server20:54
wafflejockgnubug, if you try with other devices on the network can eliminate things between the network and server20:54
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
szbjacres, this one is a little old and for Manjaro, but from what I recall it was quite thorough!20:54
lordcirthjacres, this seems useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:54
szbjacres, whoops, forgot the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=616wvkZuco420:55
owen1tomreyn: thank you20:55
jacresszb: great thanks!20:56
minimecelricsfate: can you once do 'xinput' in a terminal and get the id (id=?) of your pointer device? Then do 'xinput list-props <id-number>' That should give you the proberties of your device. If you are on 16.04 the chance is, that you are using 'libinput'20:56
jacreslordcirth: thanks, will check that out20:56
gnubugwafflejock: nslookup www.google.com results in "server can't find www.google.com: REFUSED'20:56
jacresdo you guys have ideas of recommended sizes for the partition?20:56
awerHi, im running a pentest and cam across this code. Anyknow what  it is? or at least in what format? http://pastebin.com/LQDSKgrM20:56
jacreserr partitions.. that's my main concern20:57
gnubugwafflejock: For other boxes in the network everything works, also on my laptop if I reboot it, but after I plug in a LAN cable and plug it out again, it doesn't work anymore. Did you see my initial description of the problem above? If not, I can repost it.20:58
szbjacres, for the /boot partition, if you want a separate one, I'll always go with at least 256 MB, better 512 MB! This is by far too much (I think around 128 MB is already plenty) but I have run out numerous times when upgrading/swapping kernels and if that happens (at least in Ubuntu) I was told by a developer that you're pretty much done! xD So better safe then sorry! Other than that I don't have any recommendations!20:59
gnubugPerhaps I could try to manually reset my DNS server. But I don't know how to.20:59
OerHeksawer, seek help in security or kali channel, this is not a pentesting support channel21:00
jacresszb: that makes sense - MB's are cheap these days ;)21:00
jacresszb: what about for /? And would you mount /var from the HDD as well?21:01
jacresalong with /home21:01
awerOerHeks: ok thanks21:01
bumblefuzzhow to I delete my swap partition?21:02
MonkeyDustbumblefuzz  you can disable it with swapoff -a21:02
k1l_bumblefuzz: do "sudo swapoff -a". then remove it from fstab and remove the partition21:02
bumblefuzzand it'll reclaim the space?21:02
szbjacres, for root I mostly go with 20-30 GB (way too much for my needs, but again: better safe then sorry ^-^)! To be honest, I never bothered with /var so I don't have an opinion on that!21:02
k1l_bumblefuzz: what will reclaim the space?21:03
OerHeksThe partitionmanager reclaims it as free 3space, but does nothing with it.321:03
bumblefuzzk1l_: right now my SSD shows 983 GB of space with 16 GB of swap... I don't need 16 GB of swap21:04
bumblefuzzI want that space back21:04
k1l_bumblefuzz: so what do you want to do with that space? if you delete the parittion there will be just unallocated space21:04
OerHeksgo for it21:04
jacresszb: great, thanks! I might try and give / 50gb just to be safe21:04
jacresor is that insane21:05
k1l_bumblefuzz: if you want to put that space into the system or home partition, then you will need to run a live usb and resize the partitions21:05
lordcirthjacres, nothing wrong with 50GB.21:05
szbjacres, depending on how much software you're going to install it might be anything from 'way too much' to 'barely enough'! :D But it's as good as any number, go ahead!21:05
elricsfateTrying suggestions now, thanks guys21:06
bumblefuzzok, well thanks!21:06
lordcirthjacres, I have / and /home in btrfs subvolumes, 50GB partition total.  But I have a data dir as well.21:06
wafflejockgnubug, just scrolled back and see what you said now about the LAN cable strange though can try sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean restart21:06
wafflejockgnubug, then sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload according to askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/414826/how-to-flush-dns-in-ubuntu-12-0421:07
elricsfate⎜   ↳ ELAN0501:00 04F3:3019 Touchpad          id=12[slave  pointer  (2)]21:07
elricsfate⎜   ↳ ELAN0501:00 04F3:3019 Touchpad          id=12[slave  pointer  (2)]21:07
elricsfateSorry for multiline21:07
elricsfateDoesn't look like it's either kind of touch pad you guys mentioned?21:07
gnubugwafflejock: there is no dns-clean on my system (I also tried service dns-clean restart)21:08
wafflejockgnubug, what version of Ubuntu I didn't catch that?21:08
gnubug16.04.1 LTS21:09
gnubugwafflejock: Kernel: 4.4.0-34-generic21:10
jacresand for a swap, with 16gb ram - 8gb is more than sufficient? and should that be on SSD or best on HDD?21:10
jacresand PS - thanks for the help ;)21:10
szbjacres, a rule of thumb is that /swap should be the same size as your ram! But if you're not constantly rendering videos or doing heavy graphics stuff I think that 8GB is more than enough! You'll probably hardly run out of 16GB ram! :)21:11
szbjacres, thank YOU for letting me pretend I know stuff! :D21:11
jacresszb: haha! and is SSD preferred for swap? or HDD ok21:12
elricsfateIS there somewhere I can go to edit the mouse settings graphically?21:12
professor_sadasdshould i add noatime for my ssd?21:12
wafflejockgnubug, yeah not sure answers all seems to say to install nscd and run it to clear them out (I may have dns-clean because this is an upgraded system or I may have been playing with dnsmasq on my laptop at some point)21:12
minimecelricsfate: There is an open bug for your device... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta-lts-xenial/+bug/155848921:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1558489 in linux-meta-lts-xenial (Ubuntu) "touchpad stopped working" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:12
wafflejockgnubug, can't find any answers that explicitly cover 16.04 though21:13
Rarrikinsjacres: HDD should almost definitely be used. HDDs can handle repeated writes better than SSDs.21:13
szbjacres, SSD might give you a little quicker startup from hibernate/suspend, but you could use the HDD and thereby minimize the "wear and tear" on your SSD a little! If you really are going to need lots of Swap I think the HDD is almost the only way to go!21:13
elricsfateYes, but that isn't my issue minimec21:14
elricsfateMy issue is in regards to how the touchpad behaves, not that it isn't working,21:14
Bray90820Is the desktop version of ubuntuu EFI compatible21:15
Bray90820Specifically this21:15
gnubugwafflejock: Maybe I should try that: http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/163506/528921:15
gnubugwafflejock: I am going to install nscd first...21:16
k1l_Bray90820: yes. the ubuntu isos do work with efi ootb.21:16
k1l_Bray90820: (as long as that is not a special 32bit image like its shipped on those microsoft tablets)21:16
k1l_*32bit uefi, not 32bit image21:16
szbBray90820, the 64bit version is UEFI compatible, if I'm not mistaken. The 32bit version is not!21:16
redrighthandWhats the correct tool to use for samba mounting? smbmount or cifs?21:17
k1l_well, there is no reason to use 32bit OS on hardware that comes with uefi (so its quite new) anyway21:17
Bray90820k1l_: It it windows tablet but it's RemixOS compatible21:17
Bray90820What file on the live USB tigers the system boot21:18
redrighthandmount -t cifs or smbmount?21:18
k1l_Bray90820: then you need to look if there is a known way to get a linux running there.21:19
gnubugwafflejock: dns-clean not found again...21:19
gnubugwafflejock: At reboot I noticed two red "failed" messages, but it was to fast to read the content of the message. How can I read this messages from the running system again?21:21
minimecelricsfate: Sorry... I was wrong. There seems to be a workaround... There is a thread on ubuntuusers.de ( german ;) )  hey claim that you have to switch the touchpad from 'advanced' to 'basic'. Then make sure that you are using 'libinput' as driver, not 'synaptics' or 'evdev'. See the following link in the lower third...21:21
wildmanron1Ok  szb just so youy knw  have to gbuy a new card I thought had a spare one so i will have to wait till i get the new one thanks for your help21:21
meliomy wife just said to a big ceo at a company "my husband is a FSF member, we know opensource and defend it"21:22
melioha. go wife21:22
meliogo linux!21:22
elricsfateminimec: again, there may be confusion as that isn't actually my issue :)21:22
elricsfateTHank you regardless :)21:23
k1l_go #ubuntu-offtopic :)21:23
szbwildmanron1, haha, oh man, what an odyssey! This HAS to work out in the end! Sending good vibes! :D21:23
meliok1l_, GO ubuntu no one told me there was an offopic channel ;) thanks21:23
OerHeksor #ubuntu-discuss21:24
minimecelricsfate: Oh... I see now. I was indeed mixing two problems...21:24
wildmanron1Thanks bud i will try to post a let you note here when i get r done21:25
wafflejockgnubug, journalctl -b0, but very strange, by default there isn't dns caching that I'm aware of but nscd will do it and dnsmasq apparently has some caching21:25
OerHeksgnubug, is this bare metal or a VM??21:26
bipulhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/23086352/ What is the difference between 5 to 11 user groups mask and other field from 13 to 18 default user,group,mask and other field?21:26
OerHeksbipul, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/en/man5/acl.5.html21:28
OerHeksreally helpfull for your homework21:29
tomreyngnubug: what's the output of: ls -la /etc/resolv.conf ; cat /etc/resolv.conf21:31
gnubugDerHeks: This is bare metal. I should add that I configured wifi via wpa_supplicant conf and /etc/interfaces by checking journalctl -b0 I just noted that network-manager is installed but it shouldn't I will try to purge it...21:31
wafflejockelricsfate, how far did you get here you listed the input devices right? did you list the properties? typically have had more luck with using xinput directly rather than trying to use GUIs for this kind of thing21:32
tomreyni guess you just found the root cause, combined with possibly incorrect resolvers (AKA caching name servers).21:33
gnubugtomreyn: resolv.conf links to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf and contains nameserver and search zyxel.com (the manufacturer of my router)21:34
tomreyndoh they ship that a sa search domain, naughty21:34
tomreynbut the bit is fine as loing as you have dnsmasq running with the default configuration, which wou would get with network manager21:35
OerHekssee if that device is supported by openwrt or something21:36
gnubugdnsmasq is not installed. What does it do?21:37
tomreynif you have installed a caching resolver on your computer that would work, too21:39
tomreynwell whether or not it's caching really.21:39
aryellI know it is probably asked to death this question, but do you absolutly need the preallocated space on the ext4 partitions that is default made at installation21:41
k1l_aryell: you mean the 5% reserve for root and backup inodes?21:42
aryellcurrently I;m at 1.5% for a fully partitioned 2 in number with a 320 hdd21:42
on2pkHey guys.  I'm kinda wondering, is there a way to decouple displaylink and dvi providers?  I want to be able to use a USB monitor without a regular monitor also plugged in21:43
aryelli think that is it but linux ubuntu mate 16.04 selects it at lower then 5% for this time around21:43
k1l_aryell: i would keep that at that state. so you can access your system in recovery when its gone full accidently.21:43
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lordcirthProbably because storage is bigger now21:44
congiuncan someone help me a little21:44
congiuni have an issue21:44
aryellok so root partion i should not touch with tune2fs21:44
k1l_yeah, 5% is too much today (5% from 1TB :/ ). but you need some reserve21:45
aryellis it the same with the home partition ?21:45
k1l_for plain media disks that is not needed21:45
tripelbaryell: k1l_ lordcirth here I  lurking and trying to learn and I cannot see who.what you are referring to...21:45
gnubugSince I purged network-manager I don't have wifi at all (on the fresh system I configured it via wpa_supplicant and /etc/interfaces, since some time later I installed gnome which also installed network-manager. Now I purged network manager and also gnome)21:45
tripelboh further back. duh.21:45
gnubugAfter fresh install int also worked without dnsmasq21:45
lordcirthtripelb, the people who are talking about the same thing we are :)21:45
aryellit;s not really a problem right now but in 2 months I am going to get a 4TB hdd and partion it gpt with one ext4 partion and that allocation I think is going to kill me considering that it will not be a home partition but a simple storage drive automounted and shoftlinked to the home wich i allready have21:49
aryellI;m asking if i should tone it down to 0% for that drive only21:50
aryelltune2fs -m 0 /dev/sdx1 and so forth21:50
aryellit;s a single user pc so no other admins here :p21:51
k1l_aryell: as i said, for plain data parititons that is not needed21:52
aryellok got it21:52
aryellthank you for the info21:52
gnubugwafflejock: I think now I was to fast by purging gnome and network-manager, now it doesn't even get LAN...21:53
gnubugAlso wpasupplicant and iptables is gone... I guess I have to download the packages manually from my other box and install them with gdebi or dpkg... But what are the essential network packages I need?21:56
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gnubug What a mess. Any ideas of how to get my network back?22:00
OerHeksgnubug, with your purge action ? download the files and transfer them with usb to that machine, or reinstall.22:04
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD22:04
OerHeksand softwarecenter got that option too22:04
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elspruhey guys, I tried to install proprietary nvidia drivers and it broke my installation, is there a way I can fix it?22:06
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elspruit overwrote something in the uefi, set up some kind of shim. I tried uninstalling, but it seems the shim or w/e is still tehere..22:06
lordcirthelspru, did you install from a package or manually?22:06
elsprufrom a package22:06
elspruI'm wondering if there might be a way of updating the uefi image so it doesn't use the proprietary stuff22:07
lordcirthelspru, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair22:07
elsprulordcirth: thanks I'll try that22:08
energizerI can't scroll in terminal. When I try, it just prints 64;38;44M22:10
gnubugDerHeks: I just found the apt log file and try to reinstall the relevant packages via usb... will take some minutes...22:12
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gnubugOk, wifi is back, but no LAN22:24
minimecenergizer: Do you use any software that can map mouse events as keyboard shortcuts? I had such a problem once with the 'imwheel' software.22:25
energizerminimec: not that im aware of22:26
energizereven when i click in the terminal it prints some characters like that22:26
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ente_My ubuntu is running on a fully encrypted ssd. I received the error while booting: "alloc magic is broken". Now I am trying to fix it like suggested in (1). However I get the error "mount: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root: can't read superblock". Is may ssd broken or does anyone have a hint what I should do/try?22:33
minimecenergizer: Just came to my mind... I had the same problem with the terminal in combintation with 'imwheel'. I mapped PageUp/Down to the scrollwheel, to be able to scroll with the mouse, when using the irrsi chat software.22:33
ente_(1) https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2076908&p=12321359#post1232135922:33
logicalHi Is this chat also oriented for ubuntu mate?22:33
gnubugDerHeks, tomreyn, wafflejock: Here is the log of the purge action: http://pastebin.com/JswZ839T, I reinstalled via usb the packages whois, finger, iptables, wireless-tools, wpasupplicant and iputils-tracepath. This makes wifi work again, but LAN doesn't work. ifconfig even doesn't show up an lan interface.22:33
k1l_logical: general ubuntu help.22:33
k1l_logical: there is #ubuntu-mate but you can ask here, too22:34
gnubugWhat package is missing to make LAN work again?22:35
logicalk1l_ thank you22:37
gnubugWait, ifconfig -a shows an ethernet interface but ifconfig doesn't22:37
bekksifconfig shows interfaces that are up only, while -a shows all interfaces.22:39
gnubugifup enp0s25 says: "Unknown interface enp0s25"22:39
bekksAll you need to do is configuring an interface.22:39
bekksPastebin "ifconfig -a" please.22:39
bekksOr screenshot it.22:39
ente_Does ubuntu have a tool to check if a SSD, which is not mountable, is broken?22:42
bekksWhat is the problem behind your question?22:42
k1l_ente_: what is the error when mounting? can you show the dmesg?22:43
bekksgnubug: ifup works for interfaces that have configuration in whatever config file only. You need either do that, or manually configure that interface.22:43
logicalHi, I know this is not a question for this chat but no one answers me on the #ubuntu-mate chat,  is it possible to open the applications tab, by pressing the windows key?22:43
ente_k1l_: dmesg | tail: http://pastebin.com/xbQPUcqN22:44
k1l_ente_: uh. you might want to look at smartmontools22:44
gnubugbekks: I will check my /etc/networking/interfaces...22:45
bekksente_: either cabling is broken or the disk is broken.22:45
ente_bekks: no need for further checks (except the cable I will check)?22:46
bekksente_: line 8 indicates that your disk is broken, severely. Replace the disk.22:46
bekksente_: No need for further analysis after reading line 8 from your pastebin.22:46
ente_bekks: :( - at least my ssd only contains the system stuff. :)22:48
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Bray90820Is it possible to boot ubuntu live usb from grub22:58
gnubugbekks: Indeed there was a line missing. I added an entry (dhcp) for this interface and now LAN works22:58
gnubugbekks: Now however I have an issue when switching from LAN to WLAN and back. For example if I unplug the ethernet cable the wifi connection doesn't work anymore (seems to use the wrong ip from the ethernet in my case the etnernet ip was and the wifi ip pinging an ip address says "From ... Destination Host Unreachable"23:02
gnubugHow can I make switching between wifi and ethernet work? Any suggestion? If you want I can pastebin my interfaces file.23:03
bekksgnubug: if you want that to be working, you need both interfaces to be controlled by networkmanager.23:04
gnubugis there no way to configure this manually?23:05
OerHeksyou have an option in networkmanager to do that23:05
OerHeksjust dhcp, or ip, or both and more23:06
gnubugjust using /etc/.../interfaces and wpasupplicant maybe guessnet or something like that23:07
root1_hello mate23:08
Bray90820Is it possible to boot ubuntu live without using an external device because all I have is a micro USB port23:11
rypervencheBray90820: It is possible, yes.23:11
Bray90820rypervenche: How would I go about it23:12
Bray90820Actually it would also work if I could boot the live usb from grub23:12
rypervencheBray90820: You can put the ISO somewhere and have it mount via a loop device.23:14
Bray90820rypervenche: Note all I can boot right now is windows 1023:15
Bray90820well windows 10 and grub23:15
rypervencheBray90820: It would be a lot easier to get a USB converter.23:15
Bray90820rypervenche: I actually have an on the go cable but the tablet won't allow me to boot from usb23:16
Keitarosomeone know why after a few minutes when i want to install ubuntu dual boot its block?23:20
Keitaroit is on a asus23:20
gnubugThanks all!23:29
daemon55does anybody know how to stop my laptop from freezing?23:56
LordLaraveltake it out of the freezer,23:57
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