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ubottuIn #ubuntu, star31416 said: ubottu: A text installer is fine for me.00:40
bazhangSteven_M> I have set a root password, and have setup sudo to prompt for the root password00:54
geniiyep :(00:54
bazhangCalgon> Cc01:10
bazhangancient ubuntu secret01:10
bazhangI think calgon is speaking emacs-ese01:16
bazhangchu help translate!01:16
daxbazhang: chu is more than just an emacs user05:29
daxi recommend at least throwing some LISP jokes in there occasionally05:29
daxmaybe a lambda calculus pun05:29
bazhanglisp? so does he pronounce it emaths07:04
bazhangI AM EMATHS07:04
bazhangwyoung> hmmm, if you can't ask to ask, can you ask to ask to ask to ask?10:48
bazhangjust a matter of time10:48
ikoniahe should just be quiet.10:58
bazhanghe has some poor impulse control10:58
wyoungI went to watch TV and you van ne/.11:37
wyoung'ban me*11:37
ikoniawyoung: your attitude sucks11:38
ikoniayou give unrealistic help, pass un-required comments, can't back up any of your statements, then when questioned "your watching TV" while at the same time trying to question someone elses approach11:38
wyoungikonia: as does yours11:38
ikoniafor me - we don't need your kind of help11:39
ikoniacome back to me when you have a solution for the warning I gave someone about booting multipe boxes from the same disk - and we'll tealk11:39
wyoungikonia: the solution is to not speak to ops11:40
wyoungput htem on my ignore list11:40
ikoniait's really not11:40
ikoniathe solution is to not make comments you don't actualy have an answer for11:40
wyoungikonia: I have a solution, you just didnt define your premise correctly11:40
ikoniathe guy got a pretty solid bit of info about booting multiple machines from the disk, you managed to waste 5 lines telling me I was wrong - but you can't tell me why I was wrong or how to achieve what he wanted without my wwarning11:41
wyoungikonia: I did not say you were wrong11:41
ikoniayes you did11:41
wyoungikonia: never11:41
ikoniaI'm %20 wrong11:41
wyoungI said you were 80% correct11:41
ikoniayou can't tell me why11:41
wyoungthikn possible11:41
ikoniaor how to fix it11:41
wyoungdon't be negative buddy11:41
ikoniathere is still a gap of %2011:41
wyoung80% is a high distinction11:41
wyoungin most circles11:41
ikoniaso explain to me - how do I cover that %20 so that the guy didn't need my warning or advice11:41
wyoungikonia: you want me to spoon feed you?11:42
ikoniaplease yes11:42
ikoniaplease explain to me how differing video cards, network cards and wifi cards can be handled safely on multiple computers wihtout any attention11:42
wyoungI will leave that as an exercise for you, I am going back to watch TV11:42
ikoniano no, please do11:42
ikoniaexplain to me11:42
ikoniaif you know I'm wrong you should know the answer11:43
wyoungikonia: I never said you were wrong, why are you concentrating on that for?11:43
ikoniabecause you did11:43
wyoungikonia: are you that insecure?11:43
ikoniayou tod the guy the advice I was giving him was %20 wrong11:43
wyoungno, never said that,11:43
wyoungyou are lying now11:43
ikoniaand that he didn't need to pay attention to video/wireles/wired network11:43
ikoniayes - but taking up 5 lines to tell me I wasn't correct in telling hte guy that, you're also telling him the advice is wrong11:44
ikoniaso pleae, explain how that %20 is covered11:44
ikoniaor even tell me why I'm %20 wrong11:44
ikoniaplease explain that11:44
wyoungikonia: you just took 5 lines then11:44
ikonia(I don't mind being wrong - so please don't hold back)11:44
wyoungall useless11:44
wyoungnow 611:44
ikoniaso I think we're done here11:45
wyoungwe are, you should resign your position of op11:45
wyounganhy way I am half paying attention, I am still watching TV11:45
wyoungdrop the ban it is unwarranted11:46
ikoniaexplain why I'm wrong then11:46
ikoniaand if you can please explain the soution to the %2011:46
ikoniayou said I'm %80 correct11:47
ikoniathat means %20 wrong11:47
wyoungyou are 80% correct11:47
ikoniaso pleae explain what the %20 I am wrong/mistaken/incorrect on is11:47
wyoungmostly because your premise wasn't sound11:48
ikoniawhat wasn't sound about it11:48
wyoungbecause you left out content11:49
ikoniawhat was missing11:49
wyoungold on, you kicked me out of the channel so the window closed, I have no point of reference now11:51
wyoungold = hld11:51
wyounghld = hold11:51
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wyoungthank you11:51
ikoniaI find it odd that you could tell me I was %80 correct less than 5 seconds after I posted my info, yet you can't tell me why I was wrong without looking at the logs11:52
wyoungany way, you are abusing your ops, going back to watching TV11:52
wyoungikonia: yes11:52
ikoniaI'm not abusing anything11:52
wyoungyou are11:52
wyoungstop it11:52
ikoniaI'm asking you why I was wrong - if I'm wrong in the info I gave to the person, I'll be happy to apologise to you and remove the ban11:52
wyoungikonia: I never said you were wrong11:53
ikoniayou did, %20 wrong11:53
wyoungikonia: why are you putting words into my mouth for?11:53
wyoungdo you want me banned?11:53
ikoniaI'm doing nothing of the sort11:53
ikoniayou said I'm %80 correct in the info I gave to someone - which means I'm %20 wrong11:53
ikoniawhich means you told him I'm %20 wrong11:53
wyoungikonia: correct11:54
ikoniaunless you can expain why I'm wrong and even better offer a solution to that problem you are giving out bad/false info11:54
wyoungnever said wrong11:54
wyoungikonia: nah, I dont want to play your games,11:54
ikoniawyoung: what is the %20 then if its not wrong11:54
wyoungbanning me over this is stupif11:54
ikoniawyoung: what is the %20 then if its not wrong11:54
wyoungand should be grounds for getting your ops revoked11:54
ikoniawyoung: what is the %20 then if its not wrong11:54
wyoungikonia: it is up in the air11:55
ikoniaok - we're done now11:55
wyoungikonia: not yet11:55
wyoungnow we are11:55
ikoniait's clear you where just trying to troll the channel, you have no basis or fact11:55
wyoungikonia: incorrect11:55
ikoniayou just say random things in the channel11:55
ikoniayou are not welcome in the channel11:55
wyoungikonia: you are nojt welcome either11:55
wyoungthankx buddy11:56
wyoungikonia: I choose to leave now11:56
wyoungikonia: I am back11:57
wyoungwhy did you provoke me for?11:57
ikoniado you want me to put a ban on this channel ?11:57
ikoniaI don't want to do that, but we are done here11:57
ikoniaplease /part11:57
wyoungI will11:57
ikoniathank you11:57
wyoungbecause I am the bigger person here11:57
wyoungyou are a dick11:57
wyoungyou shlud not have ops11:57
wyoungI still can't join #ubuntu12:10
ikoniacorrect, as you are banned12:10
wyoungare there any competent ops in here?12:10
ikoniathe ban doesn't just get removed,12:11
wyoungthat don't have a personal grudge against me?12:11
wyoungand who doesn't abuse their ops?12:11
ikoniaI assure you I don't have a personal grudge with you12:12
ikoniaI just want you to stop with the bad information and the trying to be authorizive on things that to be honest, you don't have any reason to even comment on12:12
wyoungikonia: it wasnt bad information12:12
ikoniait makes you give bad advice and a bad perception of advice to people12:12
wyoungikonia: I have every right to comment on anything you do, regardless of op status12:13
hggdhwyoung: right now, nothing else to be discussed with you. Please /part the channel, and consider returning next week12:13
wyounghggdh: are you competent?12:13
wyounghggdh: or are you an alias of ikonia ?12:13
wyoungthat was un called for buddy12:14
wyoungI will leave12:14
hggdhdo not return for at least a week12:14
hggdh@comment 75185 wyoung being obnoxious as usual12:15
ubottuComment added.12:15
bazhang[CoD]LaW22> Whats a good program to dl music23:10
daxughhhhh he's been all over the place recently23:11
bazhangpweh is a super pest23:12
daxis that who it is?23:12
bazhangseems so23:13
bazhangof course he is asking how to get music torrents23:15

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