Scary_Guyanyone here use bitlbee?  I stopped but the client keeps trying to connect to it and I'm not sure which scripts to remove07:47
Scary_Guyalso, startpage isn't helping much :/07:47
Scary_Guyyou'd think they'd just have named it "bitlbee_connect_stript" or soemthing simple but noooo07:48
Scary_Guy"/server del im" worked07:54
cmaloneyYeahn I haven't used Bitlbee in a while14:24
cmaloneyi3 users: which terminal is your current terminal of choice?14:27
cmaloney(and no, it's not for me. :) )14:27
_stink_i use bitlbee14:34
_stink_is fun14:34
Scary_GuyI liked it, however I'm using conversations on my phone now15:53
Scary_Guyi3 terminal?  I don't know, they're all pretty much the same to me :/15:54
Scary_GuyI suppose whatever is less likely to conflict with i3's keybindings15:55
greg-ganyone else getting cert/hsts issues with amazon.com?15:55
Scary_GuyI don't use Amazon, so technicly no15:56
jrwrenugh... hsts is such a pain.15:57
Scary_Guyuptime 82 days on the main system.  about to shut it down for a cleaning15:58
jrwren23 days uptime on OSX laptop... because the cursed kernel leaks memory and requires a reboot at least every few weeks.16:04
Scary_Guywell, you did say OSX :P16:05
Scary_Guystill for a laptop that's pretty impressive16:05
Scary_Guyokay, I'll clean the computer after I go to bed.  later guys16:07
cmaloneygreg-g: Which browser?16:20
cmaloneyChrome seems to be working fine, and Firefox loaded the https:// page without incident16:21
greg-gcmaloney: worked in Chrome and Fx, but not Chromium. Weird.16:31
jrwrengreg-g: sounds like NSA stuff.16:33
jrwrenFx and Chrome have the NSA cert trusted, but chromium may not.16:33
greg-g(in a call now, will investigate, just needed to get my son to watch a movie, sadly)16:35
widoxcmaloney: I use urxvt16:49
rick_hUrxvt ftw19:40
cmaloneyThat's what I figured.20:12

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