kernellobashing-om, my first problem is that I cannot partition /dev/sda..would it work nevertheless? I will try it as soon as my current trial is done :)00:00
Bashing-omkernello: What I have done successfully in a similar situation as yours is to remap the sector containing the partition table and install a backup superblock . Now the question is if there exist these backup superblocks .00:03
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kernelloBashing-om, I'd found some superblock locations, the first one being 3276800:06
kernellobut I couldnt proceed from there because I couldnt partition00:06
Bashing-omkernello: And the target drive and partition ? . You must be absolutely certian of what we are working on !00:07
kernelloBashing-om, yes, they're correct00:08
Bashing-omkernello: Please tell me what the taget drive and partition is . I really hate to destroy a system becuase of bad info .00:09
kernelloBashing-om, target drive is /dev/sda. I am running on /dev/sr0 (live cd)00:10
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kernelloI applied the command, the terminal has been blinking since00:11
kernelloand I see a process going on disk00:12
Bashing-omkernello: Great and the partition is the 1st one on the SSD .. such that we are looking at sda1 ? ( dd is not known as Disk Destroyer for nothing ) .00:12
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kernelloBashing-om, there is no sda1 on disk, it is unpartitioned, because it could not be partitioned00:12
kernelloit is one single block00:12
kernellogparted returned i/o error when I tried to partition it00:13
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Bashing-omkernello: Ouch, not at all sure what do do as the device has no partitions . Working at  the block level is beyond ny experience .00:15
kernellomaybe I leave it as is00:15
kirballn /#jaxlug00:17
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backboxhi everybody00:21
FuntickАлиска http://rexant.org.ru/aliska.mp400:21
FuntickHi bro00:21
bazhangdont paste that here Funtick00:21
Funtickok sorry :(00:21
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kernelloBashing-om, thank you very much! I will not try further for the moment :)00:36
Bashing-omkernello: Sorry not to of any help :( .00:37
kernelloBashing-om, no, by no means :) wish you a good day/night!00:38
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user138432I cant restart my server "A start job is running for sys-subsystem-net-devices-eth0.device"00:41
user138432It is Ubuntu 16.1000:41
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hheehey. ubuntu unity - is there some options or program to switch between running app using mouse? insted alt + tab00:49
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wafflejockhhee, hold down the windows/super key to see some options for spreadin windows then could select with mouse00:56
G-ShocKhow do I get netsurf ver 3.6 from the repositories, if I'm on ubuntu 14.04?00:57
wafflejock!info netsurf trusty00:57
ubottunetsurf (source: netsurf): Small web browser with CSS support - Transition package. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.9-2 (trusty), package size 3 kB, installed size 34 kB00:57
naccG-ShocK: netsurf is only at 3.6 in zesty00:58
naccG-ShocK: which hasn't released yet, anyways00:58
wafflejockG-ShocK, looks like that version isn't available in trusty00:58
naccG-ShocK: so you'd need to find a PPA or build from source00:58
G-ShocKwhat if00:59
G-ShocKI wanted yaketty's version, would that be possible ?00:59
naccyakkety's version is at 3.2+dfsg-300:59
naccG-ShocK: and no, that's not available for trusty either, you'd still need to look for a PPA or build from source01:00
naccG-ShocK: unless you were running yakkety01:00
G-ShocKoki, thanks :)01:00
rc3k2s0hello, I'm trying to understand the /proc/ exe folder. Does it only appear when a process is running? I don't seem to be able to find it under 4.8.0-2201:05
naccrc3k2s0: well, there is no /proc/exe folder, it's /proc/<pid>/... and exe is not a folder, but a symlink.01:06
naccrc3k2s0: what are you actually trying to do?01:06
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rc3k2s0nacc: reviewing some material about processes. In this example it has ls /proc/exe/ would show the running processes.01:07
rc3k2s0the example has ls -l exe showing all the running processes. It was probably done on an older version.01:09
rc3k2s0I'm guessing the exe only appears if a process is running or has been removed in the newer version.01:10
rc3k2s0will cross post to ubuntu-server01:10
nacc!crosspost | rc3k2s001:11
ubotturc3k2s0: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.01:11
naccrc3k2s0: what material?01:11
naccrc3k2s0: there is no /proc/exe/ any longer afaict,01:11
rc3k2s0ubottu: apologies, too late01:11
ubotturc3k2s0: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:11
akikrc3k2s0: the /proc/pid/exe only exists for running processes01:11
naccakik: right, but they are asking about something like '/proc/exe', which I can't recall ever seeing01:12
rc3k2s0Ok, thought that might be the case akik: thanks01:13
xanguahhee: you set enable a hot corner to activate alt tab or expose01:13
akikrc3k2s0: can you double check that it says /proc/pid/exe and not /proc/exe ?01:13
naccrc3k2s0: please do not be confused. /proc/exe and /proc/<pid>/exe are different things. THe first does not exist. The second only exists for a running process01:13
rc3k2s0nacc: the /proc/<pid> all exist01:15
naccrc3k2s0: yes, I never said they didn.t01:17
naccrc3k2s0: I said /proc/exe does not exist01:17
rc3k2s0akik: nacc: confirmed. It's off /proc/<pid>/exe, thanks for that01:18
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stevecamhey, im having trouble setting up my printer in ubuntu, its a HP Color LaserJet Pro M177fw, but whenever i try printing something it comes up in my print ques as "stopped"01:25
hheewafflejock, xangua thx guys!01:25
jiffeso I had installed phpmyadmin which initially had asked me to setup the phpmyadmin database.  I've purged and reinstalled mariadb so I tried to reconfigure phpmyadmin to recreate the database but it doesn't ask to recreate the database.  I purged and reinstalled phpmyadmin but it still doesn't ask me to recreate the database01:28
jiffeany idea what I'm missing?01:28
stevecamthis is my /var/log/cups file http://pastebin.com/TrrCFT5k01:30
wafflejockjiffe, purge and reinstall should work fine01:50
wafflejockjiffe, can try sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin01:50
hatch789hey guys I just tried upgrading my ubuntu remote server from 14x to 16.0401:52
hatch789I am running into an issue where now I'm scared to reboot because I don't think my kernel built properly01:52
hatch789I have the following kernel files and I don't think all of the new ones are there01:53
hatch789initrd.img-4.4.0-57-generic   ...then I have an empty 0 byte vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic01:53
cluelesspersonHey all, randomly in 16.10,   I'm losing the ability to access the internet01:54
cluelesspersonapparently my IRC connection is still open (TCP stream)01:54
cluelesspersonany ideas what the fuck this is01:54
bazhangno cursing here cluelessperson01:54
hatch789if anyone is able to help me with this kernel issue I would be grateful01:54
bazhanghatch789, a custom kernel from where01:55
hatch789it's just from the do-dist-upgrade command01:55
hatch789my stupid /boot sector was full01:56
bazhanghatch789, thats not a viable command01:56
hatch789so I did some remove's after to try to free space01:56
bazhanghatch789, removed how01:56
hatch789I removed them with the apt-get remove command01:57
bazhanghatch789, that will not remove kernels01:57
hatch789and then also tried the --purge01:57
cluelesspersonI have an IP, I CANNOT pint the router01:57
bazhanghatch789, so where is this custom kernel from01:57
Bashing-omhatch789: ' ls -al /vmlinuz* ' shows the correct symlinks to what is currently in /boot ?01:57
bazhangpatience cluelessperson01:58
hatch789it's not a custom kernel it's just the one built from the do-release-upgrade command01:58
hatch789I have just one link when I did the check in the vmlinuz directory:02:00
hatch789lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Jan  6 19:52 /vmlinuz -> boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic02:00
hatch789sorry about the mis-paste02:00
WildPenguinI see some people at both channels, Debian's and Ubuntu's. I would be interested in knowing which one they would recommend for a Linux newbie. Because, I assume they have used both for a considerable length of time and know both the distros well.02:00
cluelesspersonOther devices on the network or fine, it's just my machine02:01
hatch789so is there any way to rebuild or re-construct the kernel that the do-release-upgrade command was going to do for me?02:02
hggdhWildPenguin: it is, usually, the one you feel better with. Keep in mind that UBuntu relies on Debian (and many Debian devs are Ubuntu devs, and vice-versa)02:02
WildPenguinI am buying a new laptop this week, which comes without any OS pre installed. I intend to install some good linux OS on it.02:03
Bashing-omhatch789: The kernel exist ' ls -al /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic ' ? . Always fixable .. with the time and effort .02:03
hatch789Bashing-om can we get into a private chat ? I don't know much about IRC to know how to do that02:04
hggdhWildPenguin: since you re here, I suggest Ubuntu :-)02:05
Bashing-omhatch789: No Private, leep it in channel for peer review and educational for those others lurking here to learn .02:05
hatch789so if my vmlinuz file in /boot is 0 bytes, i assume that's bad02:06
hatch789I'm comparing to my local system which did NOT have this issue because it has /boot in the same volume as /02:06
hatch789but on my remote server it was built with a stupid 150m /boot partition02:06
hatch789and that has run out of room several times before02:06
cluelesspersonweird, it works now02:06
hatch789today being the worst when it apparently ran out of room during the upgrade :(02:07
hatch789so now I'm stuck with no abi-4.4.0-57-generic file02:07
hatch789and no config-4.4.0-57-generic02:07
hatch789system.map and 0 byte vmlinuz02:08
Bashing-omhatch789: That can not be good, agreed . what have we for operational head room . need for you to pastebin ' df -h ; df -i ' . We do this slowly and cargfully., on small step at a time .02:08
hatch789explain pastebin please?02:09
Bashing-omhatch789: Any consolation to you, I have been to this rodeo before .02:09
hatch789that is great news. I know I'm in over my head but I know enough to NOT reboot my server until this is resolved02:10
hatch789I'd love to make my /boot larger but I don't think you can on a remote server02:10
Bashing-omhatch789: Sure, a pastebin is an online repository of the output of your terminal . The easy way here is ' df -h | nc termbin.com 9999 . The result is a URL back in terminal, Pass that complete link back here .02:12
hatch789do I end the command in 9999 or in 9999 .    ?02:13
Bashing-omhatch789: sorry that be ' df -h | nc termbin.com 9999 ' with out the quite marks .02:15
hatch789I think those both worked02:15
Bashing-omhatch789: so far so good " 153M " used to be enough to work with , not sure how nuch space systemd requires . Now we need to know what the booting kernel is ' uname -r ; . We must not mess with this kernel !02:18
hatch789I accidentally killed my existing kernel files when trying to make room so I'm quite screwed02:19
hatch789I know I already broke the cardinal rule :(02:20
hatch789hatch = screwed ....right?02:20
zeroraxhi, is there a way to make run a command as a specific user at system startup(before login)02:21
Bashing-omhatch789: With care and attention we can recover . A lot of time ! . ok need to see what is in 3 directories before we start cleaning up . show ' ls -al /usr/src/  ' as a a place to start .02:22
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Bashing-omhatch789: K, I be a bit , while I am setting up;  pastebin ' ls -al /lib/modules/ ' And I catch up .02:25
photon156Windows and Ubuntu don't boot anymore, I think something in the BIOS is wrong. Could anyone help me troubleshoot?02:25
Bashing-omhatch789: And while I work on the libs directory, next is ' ls -al /boot ' ( so far so good !) .02:28
hatch789I'm so upset that my darn /boot directory is 150m ...this bit me before and now it's killing me.02:29
hatch789if they just would have left boot go under / like normal it would have been fine02:30
Bashing-omhatch789: ya been rm'n behind the package manager's back . now we got to really break the package manager and then have it heal it's self . we can do that . / gimme a bit ,02:32
hatch789yes I know ...I was trying to make room and realized I was stuck... :(02:33
hatch789but tell me this even if I had a perfectly healed package manager and clean (half full) boot... when I did that do-release-upgrade command I bet it still would have run out of space?02:34
bazhangfor a seperate /boot of only 150mb?02:35
hatch789bazhang: yes ...it's the most brutal punishment02:35
bazhangthats fairly tiny02:35
hatch789bazhang: some idiot admin set it up that way for me on my leased server before I knew enough about linux to object02:37
Bashing-omhatch789: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1357093 . I be working .. hang on .02:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1357093 in unattended-upgrades (Ubuntu) "Kernels not autoremoving, causing out of space error on LVM or Encrypted installation or on any installation, when /boot partition gets full" [Wishlist,Fix released]02:37
hatch789so a year later after i have been working hard and learning, I realize I am crippled by this tiny boot directory but it's much to late to fix it02:37
hatch789Bashing-om: thank you02:38
Nach0zhatch789: you can use gparted to change your partition sizes02:39
hatch789Nach0z: gparted requires me to have something more than just terminal (ssh) access... doesn't it?02:40
Nach0zuhhhh. Technically yes, but you can use SSH X11 forwarding02:40
Nach0zhatch789: if you're on windows, install XMING. then look up SSH forwarding02:40
Nach0zputty'll do it built-in02:41
hatch789Nach0z: well if I get this mess fixed with my kernels then I will see if I can increase my /boot partition.02:41
Bashing-omhatch789: Moving on smatly - slowly - along. run in terminal ' sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98}{,-generic} ' . next is the libs directory .02:45
hatch789so my command is: sudo rm -rf /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98}{,-generic}02:46
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeah .. proof reading my work on your end is a good thing too . I can make errors ! . does that run clean ?02:48
hatch789yes it worked02:48
hatch789we not mesing with the 100 and 106 kernels?02:48
hatch789you can just tell me to delete everything accept bla02:49
hatch789I am fairly adept with linux, just not so good with kernel building issues02:49
hatch789so you don't have to make the commands so tediously02:49
hatch789but you're very kind for spoon feeding me these commands. I know your'e trying to make sure i don't mess up02:49
Bashing-omhatch789: Not yet . small steps . And yes we will want to return to them, I got such a small mind ;) .. now run ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98}* ' . Mind that '*' wild card character !02:50
hatch789ok done.02:51
hatch789Bashing-om: your bug report link is spot-on. But there seems to be no fix in place for us with a current installation.02:55
Bashing-omhatch789: Not looked at the lsat link . next I have is for you to run ' sudo rm /boot/*-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98}-generic ' .02:55
hatch789because our partitions are already made and we have to just live with them02:55
photon156Can someone help me? Nothing boots anymore. Award bios02:57
reisiophoton156: what happens instead?02:57
hatch789ok done. /boot is cleaned up now as well02:57
photon156It starts to boot.. Loading dmi pool data... Black screen, full reboot02:58
photon156No were02:58
reisiophoton156: so it loads the initrd?02:58
photon156Not even sure. How would I check? I know I can geta load message. From grub, but after the load message it restarts02:59
photon156Sorry about the keyboard annd typos02:59
reisiophoton156: go into your bios and reset it to default/optimal settings02:59
photon156Already did, no change03:00
Bashing-omhatch789: All looks good we go back and clean up the 100 amd 106 kernels, I see no reason not too . same as before .03:00
hatch789ok I'm on it03:01
reisiophoton156: does a live OS boot?03:01
photon156Cd only03:01
reisiocd only, as opposed to?03:02
photon156Cd and usb.03:02
reisiophoton156: so what's on your internal storage right now?03:02
hatch789Bashing-om: ok /usr/src clean and /lib/modules now cleaned up 100 and 106 files and directories are gone03:02
photon156One hard drive has ubuntu 16.04 and one has win10, both have grub (i know only one needs it)03:03
reisiophoton156: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:04
reisiofollow that03:04
photon156Windows doesn't boot either. Nothing does.03:04
reisiophoton156: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:05
reisiofollow that03:05
TuriyaWelcome to emergency mode! after raising network interfaces. whats the solution?03:05
reisioTuriya: what's the problem?03:07
Turiyai didnt have any issues before adding an entry for a md0 interface in /etc/fstab03:07
reisioso boot a live OS and undo that03:07
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeah .. proof reading my work on your end is a good thing too . I can make errors ! . does that run clean ? Nextn we have a bit of clean up to do .03:07
Turiyai setup a raid5 setup using mdadm03:07
reisioTuriya: oh yeah? Why'd you set up a RAID setup?03:07
Turiyai have 6x6TB hdds in a raid503:08
reisiothat doesn't explain why you have03:08
Turiyai'll remove the fstab entry and see if that gets the system to boot03:08
reisiogood idea03:08
hatch789Bashing-om: I'm ready03:08
hatch789Bashing-om: all cleanup of /boot, /usr/src and /lib/modules directories seems to be done03:09
Turiyaok that got the system to boot03:09
Turiyabut the problem is the fstab entry is perfectly formatted...03:09
Bashing-omhatch789: I got lost somehow ??? .. run ' sudo apt -f install ' package manager heal thuself ! then some clean up .03:09
Turiyaits just "/dev/md0                /mnt/raid5              ext4    defaults        0 0"03:09
Turiyaare you allowed to have a space inbetween lines in fstab?03:11
Turiyathat could be the issue03:11
hatch789Bashing-om: http://pastebin.com/zy8cuskt03:11
hatch789Bashing-om: seems like it's doing far too little03:12
Bashing-omhatch789: Look'n .03:12
hatch789Bashing-om the normal update in 14x used to get a TON of stuff now this gets like 8 lines and done???03:12
Bashing-omhatch789: Looks good no sas or back talk :) .. now run ' sudo apt purge linux-{headers,image}-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98,100,106}.*03:14
Turiyaim sick and tired of this bullshit03:16
SpeirosTuriya It will work out.  It can be frustrating though.03:16
hatch789Bashing-om: http://pastebin.com/eWWyS4RT03:16
hatch789not sure what no sas or back talk means?03:17
hatch789software as a service?03:17
Turiyaok found the problem. /dev/md0 doesn't exist according to "mount -av"03:17
Turiyaso mdadm isnt sticking the device to md003:18
Turiyaits moving around03:18
reisioTuriya: my guess is that your problem is using RAID at all03:18
reisioyou aren't running a server service which requires redundancy of access, are you?03:18
reisiono, you aren't03:18
reisioso don't use RAID, it's not what you want03:18
TheMariussadly linux is still too plagued with stuff like this, i couldnt find gnome schedule for 16.04 so im stuck manually configuring cron ... seriosly wish linux could take the step into the gui world once and for all03:19
reisioTheMarius: like what?03:19
jowatextradoes a app exist for editing the windows of the apps like resizing and moving the widgets03:19
reisiojowatextra: for customizing themes?03:19
TheMariusubuntu does a fairly good job but theres still stuff lacking03:19
reisioTheMarius: not finding a package for a specific version of Ubuntu is an Ubuntu problem only03:19
reisioassuming it isn't just that you personally can't find it :)03:20
Turiyareisio: so your saying that i'm expected to run a 30TB partition in raid0?03:20
TheMariussnappy packages would fix the issue with gnome scheduler03:20
Turiyawith 9x 6TB hdds.. thats just dumb03:20
TheMariusreisio, its not in the repos because it doesnt support an older package it depends on03:20
Bashing-omhatch789: By now you know that if the system accepts an execute directive, it just does it, the only time there is an advisory is if there is a problem ( sas and backtalk !) . I expected that last or similar, we looki'n good ! . Now is the sytem happy ? run ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' and next we work on making sure that you can boot .03:21
TheMariusgnome scheduler is kinda neat.. gui for cron03:21
reisioTheMarius: like I said, Ubuntu issue03:21
reisioTuriya: nope03:21
reisioTuriya: is that all you want, to combine separate devices into a single FS?03:21
Turiyayeah sure03:22
SpeirosDoes anybody continue to work on the older versions of Ubuntu?  Like, are there any places where people are developing, but using their initial versions, and adding information to a manual?03:22
Turiyawith a bit of redundancy, hence the choice of using parity/raid503:22
reisioTuriya: try JBOD, mhddfs, LVM, etc.03:22
reisioRAID is not about redundancy, disabuse yourself of that notion03:22
reisionot redundancy of data, anyway03:22
Turiyai have LTO6 tape as a backup medium03:22
reisiomy guess is mhddfs will be simplest03:23
reisioif you're already using LVM, that might be pretty easy, too03:23
reisioTuriya: nice03:23
hatch789Bashing-om: Please look at that one carefully. It is what I was saying before. seems like apt update is doing little and apt upgrade (or in this case full-upgrade) is also doing little to nothing03:23
hatch789Bashing-om: looks like my /boot directory is still the same as before. Nothing new in there03:24
Bashing-omhatch789: " Please look at that one carefully." is whuch one ? .. in /boot presently all we should have is the -92 and -57 kernels .03:26
hatch789Bashing-om: that last pastebin03:26
jowatextrareisio, no like moving and resizing the widgets on the windows03:27
WildPenguinhello, how can I reduce the cpu usage on Lubuntu? or better manage the cpu?03:27
WildPenguinso that generally there is a faster performance.03:28
hatch789Bashing-om: this is my /boot directory. Still doens't seem to have the proper files in it... http://pastebin.com/KJuJSFan03:28
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeah, we still have some work to do ! .. show ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' . We see what we need to add .03:29
jowatextradoes an app exist for editing the windows like resizing and moving the widgets03:30
xanguaWildPenguin: I don't imagine how more fast can it be when you're already using Lubuntu03:30
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xanguajowatextra: what widgets?03:30
hatch789Bashing-om: here you go: http://pastebin.com/Xp9vujwM03:31
WildPenguinok. Lubuntu is the fastest available.03:31
Bashing-omhatch789: I be a bit ^ considering what we have and where we are going .03:32
jowatextraxangua: every widgets make me rage because of his position and his size03:32
reisiojowatextra: you'll want to customize your themes, then03:33
N__can the launcher be redesigned for ubuntu03:33
reisioGTK+, Qt, whatever you're using03:33
reisioN__: yes of course03:33
N__how is that03:33
reisioN__: how do you want to redesign it?03:33
N__giving a menu desined sty;e03:34
Bashing-omhatch789: Does not compute .. ! All thise old header files should have been rtemoved ! . be back in a bit .03:34
jowatextrareisio nop i want to do that in realtime on already open windows03:34
reisiojowatextra: you can do that by modifying themes03:35
hatch789starting to get scared...03:35
josue¿alguien aca habla español?03:35
reisiohatch789: 'bout?03:35
reisiojosue: /msg alis list *ubunt*es03:35
josue¿para que sirve esto?03:35
hatch789I thought we were onto the fix but now my last command shows a ton of packages that should have been removed03:35
hatch789I have a botched upgrade to 16.0403:36
hatch789due to lack of room in /boot directory03:36
reisiohatch789: ah03:36
reisionext time don't put /boot on its own partition03:36
Turiyaoh joy, mdadm.conf isnt in /etc/mdadm/, its in /etc/03:39
EventHorizonhow do I delete a line in visudoers????03:40
reisioEventHorizon: 'dd'03:41
hatch789Bashing-om: is it because you have a . in before the * in this command: apt purge linux-{headers,image}-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98,100,106}.*03:41
hatch789I think things are not matching the mask03:41
jowatextrareisio not a theme literally move the widgets03:42
EventHorizonlife saver!!!!  Thankyou.03:42
reisiojowatextra: you mean literally click and move them03:42
reisiojowatextra: I'm not sure I've ever seen an app/facility for that, good hunting03:42
Turiyahokay. that fixed it...03:42
hatch789Bashing-om: here's the output of that command: http://pastebin.com/m1iJ7smc03:43
jowatextrareisio the problem is i don't know how i can do that by myself so i want an app that do that03:43
Turiyahokay, to fix the /dev/md127 issue I simply do:03:44
Turiyamove /etc/mdadm.conf into /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf and running "sudo update-initramfs -u"03:44
Turiyathat, after a reboot. puts the mdadm device at /dev/md0 where it belongs.03:44
reisiojowatextra: yup, that's the problem03:44
Turiyanow i can add the device to /etc/fstab.03:44
jowatextrai'm actually in python i imagine i have to be in something like the C to do that but i don't know the C03:45
reisiojowatextra: no you can do that with Python03:47
reisiobut you may well have to do much of the work on your own, indeed03:47
jowatextrabut what package can i use ? how ? ;((((((((((((((03:48
jowatextrasnif snif snif03:48
reisiojowatextra: try moon-buggy03:48
reisioor lolcat03:48
jowatextrareisio will you be here tomorrow ?03:50
reisioin #ubuntu?03:50
reisiohopefully not, IRC is a place for burying time03:50
jowatextrabye reisio03:51
Bashing-omhatch789: Maybe ^ .. run now ' sudo apt purge linux-headers-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98,100,106}-generic ; sudo apt purge linux-headers-3.13.0-{45,46,48,49,51,52,54,88,93,95,98,100,106} ; . rest looks good , but we will do some more clean up .03:52
hatch789Bashing-om: that worked much better03:54
hatch789should i repeat with linux-image and image-extra?03:56
Bashing-omhatch789: Wont hurt to check and see ^ .03:57
hatch789did you looka t the last pastebin?03:57
Bashing-omhatch789: A cursory look to know that the headers were gone .03:58
hatch789I think I need to do apt remove now right/03:59
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeahm that is chap insurance , go ahead and apt purge the linux-image linux-image-extra files . then we go back to cleanup .04:01
=== Smn is now known as Guest35272
hatch789I had to remove them manually one at a time04:07
hatch789check it out04:07
hatch789Bashing-om: now what do we want to do next?04:08
hatch789do we want to do the apt -f install again?04:09
benbenbenI'm using 16.04.1 LTS Desktop ISO to install on a new machine with 4 x nvidia GPUs. I've been using the Ubuntu supplied (Additional Restricted) drivers which works fine until I do a dist-upgrade and then next time I boot it goes to emergency mode. Should I be using the graphics-drivers ppa? Get the drivers direct from nVidia?04:11
hatch789crap I think my tech support Bashing-om fell asleep!04:12
reisiobenbenben: I'm not aware of any "emergency mode" that has to do with graphics hardware04:12
benbenbenreisio: let's assume what I said is true. What is the best way to get nvidia drivers? ppa? Restricted drivers package? nvidia?04:14
hatch789Bashing-om: are you there?04:15
reisionvidia's own drivers? I would follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia first, probably04:15
reisioyou _can_ always get the driver installer from nvidia.com, but I would try that dead last04:15
hatch789Bashing-om: my dpkg is clean now http://pastebin.com/2t0qMh2804:15
Bashing-omhatch789: I think next is to make sure the current kernel is fully installed ' sudo apt install --reinstall linux-headers-4.4.0-57 ; sudo apt install --reinstall linux-headers-4.4.0-57-generic ; sudo apt install --reinstall linux-image-4.4.0-57-generic ; sudo apt install --reinstall linux-image-extra-4.4.0-57-generic ; And back then to clean up .04:16
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest16558
hatch789ok done04:18
hatch789Bashing-om: now what do you mean back to cleanup?04:19
reisiohi int04:19
hatch789I feel like I need to do this for the existing kernel 3.13.0-92 also in all 4 instances04:19
=== andro_ is now known as Guest52881
Guest52881how do I install ubuntu studio04:20
hatch789Bashing-om: but when I try for the current kernel it says it cannot be downloaded04:21
Bashing-omhatch789: K, now as this is a rlease upgrade , again cheap insurance run ' apt autoremove ; apt-get clean ; apt update l sudo apt upgrade ; apt -f install ; dpkg --configure -a ; dpkg -C ' .04:22
intpol_when i talk with pretty women ?04:22
nicomachusintpol_: when you leave this channel.04:23
nicomachusand go outside.04:23
intpol_tell me what channel i can choose04:23
hatch789Bashing-om: ok done04:23
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic xenial | hatch78904:24
ubottuhatch789: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB04:24
wafflejock!ubuntu-studio | Guest5288104:24
ubottuGuest52881: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org04:24
hatch789Bashing-om: here's the output astebin.com/FFkMtHTC04:24
hatch789Bashing-om: here's the output http://pastebin.com/FFkMtHTC04:24
intpol_i want vps please tell me when i can buy it04:24
Bashing-omhatch789: ^^ so what does the system  think this is ? what shows ' lsb-release -a ; cat /etc/issue ' ?04:25
hatch789wait I think I missed this you want me to run !info linux-image-generic xenial04:26
wafflejock!list > intpol_04:27
ubottuintpol_, please see my private message04:27
hatch789I'm unclear what that last !info command was you posted above04:28
hatch789ubottu: what were you trying to ask me or tell me to do/04:29
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:29
wafflejockintpol_, see !alis as it describes there to search for relevant channels this one is just for ubuntu support issues04:29
wafflejockhatch789, Bashing-om was just pointing out a package using ubottu04:29
Bashing-omhatch789: No that "!info linux-image-generic xenial" was bit to show and verify that the -57 jernel is availabale , do we have a problem ?04:29
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"04:29
Speirosalis?  Who the Flock is alis?04:30
hatch789I am not sure at this point it appears I have the new components for the new kernel but my old (fallback) kernel is incomplete04:30
SpeirosSorry, it just seemed to fit...04:30
hatch789so if boot fails I'm screwed04:30
Bashing-omhatch789: Can not hurt to also run apt install --reinstall those 4 for the -92 kernel .04:31
hatch789Bashing-om: here's my /boot directory: http://termbin.com/4rkz04:32
hatch789Bashing-om: I tried, it said it could not download them04:32
hatch789Bashing-om: I think you may have missed some of my pastebin links above04:32
Bashing-omhatch789: Is this what you ran to clean up /boot ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge ' ?04:33
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad04:33
hatch789long ago (hours ago) I was deleting things in /boot manually04:34
hatch789but at this time when I try to get apt to --reinstall the 92 kernel files it says it can't download them04:34
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeah .. doh moment .. the -92 kernel is of trusty, you have no access to trusties repo from xenial .04:35
hatch789so I just cross my fingers and hope the new kernel boots?04:36
Bashing-omjameslloyd[m]: Naw ,, hang on and we install a backup from xenial repo .04:36
stan_man_canWill a bash script wait for the previous command to finish before moving on?04:40
stan_man_canaka if i have something like systemctl stop nginx; letsencrypt renew; systemctl start nginx;04:40
stan_man_canwill it wait for the letsencrypt renew to complete before attempting to start nginx again?04:41
reisiostan_man_can: assuming it isn't some fany daemonizing script, yup04:41
reisioif the exit status of the preceding command matters to you, though04:42
hatch789Bashing-om: I also got a warning about my 50unattended-upgrades failing back when the upgrade was taking place. I believe it was due to space. Is that something I can re-run now that we've cleaned things up?04:42
reisiouse && and/or ||, then, and not merely ;04:42
stan_man_canreisio, thanks04:42
stan_man_canreisio, they're all just on new lines04:42
stan_man_canso it's more like04:43
stan_man_cansystemctl stop server04:43
stan_man_canletsencrypt renew04:43
stan_man_cansystemctl start server04:43
Bashing-omhatch789: Working on installing the -53 kernel for a back up ' apt install linux-headers-4.4.0-53 ; apt install linux-headers-4.4.0-53-generic ; apt install linux-image-4.4.0-53-generic ; apt install linux-image-extra-4.4.0-53-generic ' , Not sure yet what to do 50unattended-upgrades - yet .04:46
hatch789Bashing-om: so how will my fallback be the 4.4.0-53 if it is currently 3.13.0-92?04:47
hatch789will we change bash bootloader?04:48
SpeirosI have a question; when installing Ubuntu, and I have the internet on so as to add the updates, does that open me up to security issues?04:48
Bashing-omhatch789: Once we have all set .. we will manually set the symlink for the backup . ( now that backup might come out to be the -57 kernel !) .04:49
hatch789ok but either way we'll have both that we can boot to ...right/04:49
hatch789in case one fails?04:49
Bashing-omhatch789: Uh Huh, that is the plan .04:50
hatch789OK looks like I have a successful 53 and 57 kernel now04:50
hatch789at this point do we need to change my grub (not bash) bootloader?04:50
hatch789do we need to update-grub?04:51
Bashing-omhatch789: Ya got it ! .. run ' sudo update-grub ' .04:53
hatch789Bashing-om: ok that's done. It found 57 and 5304:53
hatch789Bashing-om: reminder, I'm on a terminal. The real server is FAR away. So if it fails to boot, I won't have access to anything. I may be able to call for KVM support but probably have to wait until tomorrow for that04:54
Bashing-omhatch789: Let's see what grub thinks ' ls -al /vmlinuz* ; ls -al /initrd.img* ' .04:55
stan_man_canHow can I see why my crontab isn't working?04:55
stan_man_canI have a job in sudo crontab -e and it "should" output to a log file but it's not04:55
stan_man_can* * * * * /opt/letsencrypt-renewal.sh >> /var/logs/letsencrypt-renewal.log 2>&104:55
stan_man_canif i run it manually it populates the log but in the crontab nothings happening04:56
reisiostan_man_can: better to tell cron about a shell script alone04:56
reisiorather than expect cron to be able to interpret things as a shell script04:56
reisiocron is dumb, it does one job decently, and that job is executing a single thing at a particular time/s04:56
reisioand that's how cron should be, btw :)04:56
stan_man_canreisio, so what am I missing?04:57
hatch789Bashing-om: had to break it into 2 commands: http://termbin.com/afe304:57
reisiowell first of all you won't want '* * * * *'04:57
reisiobut whatever you do settle on, try 'x x x x x /path/to/script' alone04:57
stan_man_canreisio, I'm just telling it to run every minute for testing sake04:58
reisioyou can put anything in your script, including /opt/letsencrypt-renewal.sh >> /var/logs/letsencrypt-renewal.log 2>&104:58
Bashing-omhatch789: As I thought " /vmlinuz.old -> boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-57-generic " is now the backup :)04:58
hatch789so do we need to switch them around somehow?04:58
Bashing-omhatch789: Well, we could but I would ecpect the next kernel update to fix it for us . // Do we now have operating headroom in /boot ' df -h ' ?05:00
hatch789Bashing-om: /dev/sda1       236M  128M   96M  58% /boot05:01
hatch789Bashing-om: so time to reboot this puppy?05:02
Bashing-omhatch789: Not enough breathing room !05:04
Bashing-omHardlySeen: Let's see if the package manager will work now ' sudo apt autoremove ' !05:04
Bashing-omhatch789: Let's see if the package manager will work now ' sudo apt autoremove ' !05:05
hatch789Bashing-om: apt autoremove did nothing:  0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.05:05
Bashing-omhatch789: Shucks . I had hoped would remove that -92 kernel . show ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' .05:06
hatch789Bashing-om: pastebin won't let me paste anymore05:07
hatch789says I'm out of my free PASTES05:07
hatch789I see 92 in there05:08
hatch789want me to clean it up manually like I did all the others?05:08
hatch789then autoremove will maybe have something to do?05:08
Bashing-omhatch789: Well, can not leave that /boot as full as it is . We want to use the package manager to remove the -92 kernel .05:09
hatch789Bashing-om: ok agreed05:10
hatch789so do I apt purge linux-image-extra-3.13.0-92-generic05:10
hatch789and then the image generic05:10
hatch789and then headers and headers generic for the 92 kernel/05:10
Bashing-omhatch789: Run ' sudo apt remove linux-headers-3.13.0-92 linux-headers-3.13.0-92-generic linux-image-3.13.0-92-generic linux-image-extra-3.13.0-92-generic ' .05:13
hatch789Bashing-om: it worked, should I do apt purge now?05:15
hatch789Bashing-om: they are still in the dpkg list as rc05:15
Bashing-omhatch789: For "rc'" removed but config files remain; I like ' dpkg --list |grep "^rc" | cut -d " " -f 3 | xargs sudo dpkg --purge ' .05:18
hatch789Bashing-om: ok gone05:20
Bashing-omhatch789: This is no time for a error as you do not have physical access . Let's pause and consider .05:21
hatch789Bashing-om: apt update; apt full-upgrade is finding no work05:24
Bashing-omhatch789: ' dpkg --configure -a ' and ' dpkg -C ' have no outputs ; just a return to prompt, right ?05:24
hatch789Bashing-om: correct just return to prompt05:25
Bashing-omhatch789: I can come yp with no reason presently not to try and reboot this puppy . Might be good to have a smoke or a coffee and think it over some more .05:26
hatch789Bashing-om: I'm falling asleep so I have to do it now05:27
hatch789if it fails I will have to get KVM support tomorrow I guess05:27
hatch789Bashing-om: this will boot to the 53 kernel instead of the 5705:28
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeah , booting -53 as default , with the 57 as the fall back .05:30
hatch789Bashing-om: ok05:30
hatch789Bashing-om: issuing restart command now ...05:31
Bashing-omhatch789: Will put the unattended-upgrade config file on the back burner for the AM .05:31
hatch789Bashing-om: ok sounds good05:32
hatch789Bashing-om: hmmm   ...Failed to start reboot.target: Connection timed out05:33
hatch789it won't reboot05:34
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
Bashing-omhatch789: Ouch amd yuk ! I can not think of a reason why not . Can you force it to grub and change to the 57 kernel ?05:36
hatch789ok false alarm05:36
hatch789it worked05:36
hatch789it just was totally silent dropping back to my old shell05:36
Bashing-omhatch789: Whewwww !05:36
hatch789I didn't realize it had lost connection to the server it was so silent05:36
hatch789reboot worked05:36
Bashing-omhatch789: We done here for the naunce then ?05:37
hatch789odd ...it booted to the 57 kernel05:37
hatch789I did issue an update-grub right before rebooting ...so maybe that fixed the order05:37
Bashing-omhatch789: Would not think so . The boot order will adkust on the next kernel update . but we can manually change it ,  but I am of the mind if it ain't broke do not fix it :)05:39
hatch789I understand, but it booted to the 57 kernel for some reason05:39
hatch789just surprised me05:40
hatch789Bashing-om: thank you for your help sir!05:40
hatch789that was some ugly stuff05:40
hatch789if I can increase my /boot area I will try to do that. Then I'd avoid these issues alltogether05:40
Bashing-omhatch789: Yeah, not expected . ' ls -al /vmlinux* ' shows what ?05:41
Bashing-omhatch789: Increasing the boot space just prolongs . Developeres are working on that situation and as of 16.10 they have a handle on it :)05:42
hatch789vmlinuz.old points to 5705:43
hatch789vmlinuz points to 5305:43
hatch789so 16.10 will work even with my paltry 150m of space?05:44
sgm091I need to find a distribution with good support for amdgpu drivers. I see the ubuntu wiki on that is empty. Can you please guide me ?05:44
Bashing-omhatch789: Then I do not know why you are booting the -57 kernel .. hummm .. good for the AM ?05:44
reisiohatch789: if you can increase your /boot area, then just move its contents onto / and stop using a separate /boot instead :p05:44
k00kUbuntu Server 16.04 LTS V.S. Puppy Linux 6.3 w/ Hiawathia Server Which would be better? The server OS that I'm currently running is the Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, but Puppy Linux 6.3 with the Hiawathia Server software seems like an attractive alternative since the server in question only has 512 MB of RAM, with virtual Memory of 1 GB on the disk drive. Would Puppy Linux be helpful?05:45
Bashing-omhatch789: There is a way now . such that when a mew kernel is installed the old ones are removed . Kinda tired now , but if ya want I see what I can dredge up .05:45
hatch789Bashing-om: tomorrow05:46
hatch789Bashing-om: we have done enough for tonight. Thank you very much again!05:46
Bashing-omhatch789: It's alive : It's alive !05:47
sarkishey all - i have headphones that have a usb sound card - ubuntu sound panel is not recognizing it - when i do aplay -l i do see it listed05:47
hatch789Bashing-om: I'm just so glad it's not dead!!! :)05:48
wafflejocksarkis, are you able to play to it from aplay? can probably try pavucontrol for some more fine grained control on the audio inputs/outputs05:48
sarkisanyone have experience with this? i even tried pulse audio panel - no luck ... so far i've tried unmuting everything in alsamixer and pavucontrol05:48
=== farhad is now known as Guest83841
wafflejocksarkis, try to get it working with alsa/aplay tools first if it doesn't work there won't work with pulseaudio since it relies on alsa, if you can get it working with alsa then can move on to pulse stuff, never used a USB audio headset though05:49
sarkiswafflejock: for some reason i don't see the headphones as an output on pavucontrol05:49
sarkisi do see the input (microphone)05:49
Bashing-omhatch789: Like I said, been to this rodeo before, was fairly sure we could whoop it .05:50
sarkisi think there is some module i need to load05:50
wafflejocksarkis, you can try to get device details from lsusb, possibly too but really not sure how to debug those05:50
hatch789Bashing-om: well thank you. I was very concerned when I realized I had no working kernels05:52
=== mozammel is now known as Mozammel
Bashing-omhatch789: Now ya know the "secret" to a release-upgrade : fully updated and all cleaned up prior to making the jump .05:54
hatch789Bashing-om: yes definitely05:59
hatch789Bashing-om: goodnight Bashing!06:00
hatch789Bashing-om: and once more... thank you very much!06:00
Bashing-omhatch789: Quite Welcome . Doing these puzzles beats jig saw puzzles :)06:02
hatch789Bashing-om: lol ...yes I'm sure it does06:05
=== afru_ is now known as sleepfro
digital_ghost why am i getting this error "port 22: Connection refused" when using ssh on ubuntu?06:21
Zaicrandigital_ghost: firewall?  sshd running?06:22
kbobwrong group? wrong username?06:40
kbobwrong port?06:41
caliculkI am having some issues with logwatch, namely that whenever it tries to send an email through postfix - postfix spits out saying that the file is too large. I have already tried to increase the postfix message size limit to 40MB and when that failed. At this point, I just want a functioning logwatch system. Would anyone mind helping me get this setup.06:43
caliculkIf I do "logwatch --mailto email --service http --detail high" it sends fine06:43
yuppiehello, is there a package i can install to get the Redis perl module?06:45
yuppieI really dont want to run cpan06:45
reisioyuppie: ask apt-file06:45
yuppiereisio syntax?06:45
reisiosudo apt-get install apt-file; sudo apt-file update (something like that); apt-file search redis06:46
reisioif you run 'apt-file' it'll say how it has to be initialized06:46
yuppieupdate looks like it06:46
yuppiereisio so how will i know if one of them is the redis perl module?06:48
reisioyuppie: should be obvious06:49
reisionot sure Ubuntu has a dedicated package for that'n06:52
digital_ghosti am trying to install open ssh on ubuntu 13.10 ? I am getting "no installation candidate for open ssh server ?06:54
lotuspsychje!eol | digital_ghost06:55
ubottudigital_ghost: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:55
yuppiereisio yeah it was thanks man06:55
reisioyuppie: oh? Which one was it?06:56
reisioweird renaming06:56
reisiobut yeah, pretty obvious looking :)06:56
digital_ghostubottu, lotuspychje , but still how do I install openssh-server?06:59
ubottudigital_ghost: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:59
blackstonewhy my gonome can't call the applicatios places with the super key?07:00
reisioblackstone: can if you want it to07:01
blackstonereisio It works on unity,but when i install the gnome,it could't work07:04
reisioblackstone: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/413/dash-hotkeys/ etc.07:05
digital_ghosthow to i install packages on an EOL edition of ubuntu?07:05
blackstonereisio I don't like to use the mouse to call the app out07:05
reisiodigital_ghost: ideally by replacing it with non-EOL07:06
digital_ghostrelsio: i don't want to upgrade my current version of ubuntu07:06
reisiosure you do07:08
reisioyou just don't want to do it now07:08
reisioor ever (which is what got you into this situation)07:08
reisiolive & learn07:08
LeicesterWhat's recovery disk in Windows07:11
LeicesterOr on Linux07:11
reisioLeicester: hrmm?07:11
LeicesterHave you made any such disk?07:12
reisioLeicester: what is it you're trying to accomplish?07:12
LeicesterI  Want to make an image07:13
LeicesterOf existing os07:13
LeicesterSo it helps during crash07:13
reisioLeicester: well, you can just use the live OS you used to install Ubuntu from in that case07:16
blackstonereisio Have you run a ubuntu on SSD disk?07:20
reisioblackstone: yeah07:23
blackstoneif could't config well ,will distroy SDD,is't ?07:24
LeicesterI don't have Ubuntu reisio07:25
EriC^^blackstone: ubuntu supports ssd07:26
EriC^^!trim | blackstone07:26
ubottublackstone: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.07:26
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
ljchi, i've just done a fresh install of ubuntu server 16.10 (i386) and don't have a wlan0 interface07:29
blackstoneEriC^^ ubottu thanks07:29
EriC^^ljc: systemd uses a different naming scheme07:30
ljcthe only interface i have is lo07:30
ljcer, with `ifconfig -a` i have: ens2, irda0, lo, wls307:30
ljc`ping google.com` gives  "name or service not found"07:31
EriC^^ljc: try wls307:33
blackstonemy ubuntu wifi often break off07:33
EriC^^ljc: not too knowledgeable about this stuff, but try configuring wls3 if it looks like the wifi07:34
ljcok ill see how it goes07:34
EriC^^no problem07:34
ljchm does the ethernet interface need to be enabled too?07:38
ljc(i'm only planning on using wireless)07:38
ljcdidnt think so07:39
reisiosmaht :)07:39
=== evilnewbie is now known as beaver
raynoldahh it's a wonderful day08:00
maretraynold: definitelly!  just got from freezing cold to my warm coffee! :P08:02
maretanyway I am trying to automatically change mac address on public wifi. I've found macchanger but I want to run it automatically. Ideally having some white list for home wifi. I can only do simple init script where I can turn macchanger on but I ca't add whitelist08:08
BigBawbCan I get mint help in here or is there a specific channel for that?08:18
ducasse!mint | BigBawb08:18
ubottuBigBawb: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:18
BigBawbthank you08:18
WildPenguinwhy the Lubuntu Software Centre is not working properly?08:23
WildPenguinIt doesn't display the names of the packages properly.08:24
WildPenguinEven after a package has been installed or upgradation is complete, it still shows it yet to be installed.08:25
tatertotsdoes the symptom occur after a reboot?08:25
WildPenguinhaven't tried that.08:26
WildPenguinbut the GUI doesn't get updated properly.08:26
WildPenguinI don't know how to describe it.08:26
tatertotsdoes the symptom occur if you log out and log back into the system?08:27
WildPenguinBut, I hope you understand what I mean.08:27
WildPenguinlet me try once.08:27
VaderMerry Christmas08:29
WildPenguinok. now I can see the icons.08:29
WildPenguinBut, still it needs to be more responsive.08:30
WildPenguinthe GUI.08:30
BigBawbwhen installing for dual boot. Do I need a specific boot partition?08:31
cfhowlett!dualboot | BigBawb08:31
ubottuBigBawb: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:31
BigBawbor do I put the boot loader with the windows one?08:31
WildPenguincould you suggest the best USB drive formatting utility?08:31
BigBawbhaha nifty08:31
WildPenguinin Ubuntu?08:31
ducasseBigBawb: we still don't support mint, like you were told a few minutes ago08:32
[twisti]there seem to always be two LTS versions, .04 and .10, is one preferrable over the other ?08:38
ducasse[twisti]: .10 is never lts08:38
[twisti]oh, i must have misread then08:38
[twisti]my bad, i suppose that answers the question then08:39
ducasse[twisti]: <even number>.04 is lts08:39
fosslabwhere is that notes08:39
[twisti]hm, shouldnt there be a 16.04 ? its year.month, isnt it ?08:39
ducasse[twisti]: there is, xenial xerus08:40
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current LTS release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial08:40
[twisti]oh, it seems the wiki is not up to date then08:40
[twisti]thanks again08:40
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drvanonI am using vsftpd, with FileZilla I can do a quickconnect, but not make a server.08:50
Ben64drvanon: what does that mean08:52
drvanonSolved the problem08:52
drvanonBen64, I had vsftpd running on a server. I was trying to connect to it by means of sftp, but it was being refused, for I had no private key.08:53
drvanonThe solution was to change the settings to ftp with an impl08:54
drvanon*implicit tls connection.08:54
LeicesterWhat's vsftpd?08:54
ducassean ftp daemon08:54
SpeirosCan someone give me some information regarding setting up a VPN on ubuntu?  I have a few questions.08:56
cfhowlett!vpn | Speiros08:56
ubottuSpeiros: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN08:56
SpeirosThanks cfhowlett.  I've got that page opened, but I'm not sure of other information.08:57
Speiroscfhowlett When I set it up, I don't know all the gateway info, etc.08:58
Speiroscfhowlett Will I need it?08:58
cfhowlettSpeiros, what instructions did your provider send?08:58
Speiroscfhowlett The provider isn't mine, I'm just allowed to use it.08:59
SpeirosI have the account name and password.08:59
cfhowlettSpeiros, you need the rest of the info08:59
cfhowlettshould be easy to find from the provider09:00
Speiroscfhowlett I see. How do I do that?  Contact the acct holder, or is it able to be looked at externally?09:00
bivoCan't get Nestopia to actually play anything, ran it from a terminal http://pastebin.com/xaCh3Ua7 looks like something about the GLX context, but I'm running an i5 m560 so completely OSS drivers.09:00
cfhowlettI'd start by going to the provider site and searching for vpn.  typically, you'll be directed a downloadeable .deb which will include setup instructions09:01
Speiroscfhowlett How does somebody set up a VPN if they use external wifi, such as coffee-shops and the like?09:02
cfhowlettsmart move is to set up the account ahead of time you need to use it.09:02
Speiroscfhowlett I agree.  This is what I'm doing now.  Still, if I contacted the owner of my internet connection, and got a VPN set up regarding their ISP, it doesn't make sense that I'd be able to use a coffee shop through a VPN.09:03
cfhowlettSpeiros, sure it does.  properly configured the vpn is just another connnections.  but for detailed discussion, see #networking09:05
Speiroscfhowlett Ok, cheers.09:05
ducassethat's ##networking, actually09:05
cfhowlettSpeiros, ##networking.   thanks ducasse09:06
SpeirosAh, okay:)09:06
Speiros Thanks09:06
ljcstill having trouble, my wireless interface can't connect to my router09:11
ljcon a fresh ubuntu server 16.10 install09:11
tomreynljc: give 16.04 LTS a try. LTS is what you usually want on a server.09:15
Ben64!cn | one808 once again...09:15
ubottuone808 once again...: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:15
tomreynljc: but then you also don't usually have wireless on a server (?!)09:16
ljctomreyn: thanks, i'll dl it09:17
ljctomreyn: i'm not running a server, just don't want to dl a bunch of stuff i dont use09:17
ljcincluding the WM09:18
tomreynljc: i see. another option is to discuss which wireless hardware you have there and look into why and how it doesn't work as expected.09:18
ljc /var/log/messages doesn't exist09:19
ljcnot sure why09:19
tomreynljc: it's no longer created by default on ubuntu. look as /var/log/syslog, dmesg -T09:20
bivoTrying to get Nestopia to play anything , it crashes on loading a rom, ran it from a terminal http://pastebin.com/xaCh3Ua7 looks like something about the GLX context, but I'm running an i5 m560 so completely OSS drivers.09:30
munkygirlhello all09:37
settingHi All09:38
munkygirlhow do you do?09:38
munkygirlon this glorious of evenings09:39
cfhowlettmunkygirl, ask your ubuntu questions09:39
align_waivershey guys - I'm trying to install an ubuntu distro but my computer isnot recognizing the 580 gb of free space that I deleted in windows 7. I can boot from usb and run gparted, but I'm not sure how I sure manually do those partitions during the install. any insights would be greatly welcome thank you!09:39
align_waiversi already did make a partition for it in windows 7 but its ntfs and so I was trying to delete/ reformat09:40
tomreynalign_waivers: which ubuntu distribution is it?09:40
munkygirldban it then reinstall unless you want a dual boot09:40
align_waiverswell its KXStudio09:40
munkygirltheres an option upon install to clear all data09:41
align_waiversI do need dual boot unfortunately09:41
cfhowlettalign_waivers, that is not an ubuntu OS and is not supported here.  go to our OS help options for assistance09:41
tomreynalign_waivers: hmm never heard of it, i doubt its supported here09:41
munkygirlwipe it with dban install windows then re do the dual boot with gparted\09:41
munkygirlyup dban dariks boot and nuke09:41
munkygirlgoogle it09:41
evertversteegI want to set up an ftp server for storing data from a camera (after detection an 30s), any suggestions?09:42
bazhangmunkygirl, thats not helpful at all09:42
munkygirlhow so09:42
bazhangnever say 'google it' here munkygirl09:42
align_waiversyea i actually like the suggestion09:42
munkygirlhe wants it dual booted the best ways a clean install for both lol09:42
align_waiversthe windows needs to be reinstalled09:42
cfhowlett!behelpful | munkygirl09:42
ubottumunkygirl: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.09:42
munkygirloh dude get out of it lol09:42
align_waiversdo you know how long the dban takes?09:43
bazhangmunkygirl, just dont speak if you cannot actually help09:43
munkygirloh wow really so we cant b friendly ...........nice way to help lol09:43
munkygirloh dude get out of it loldid help09:43
bazhangmunkygirl, take the excess chatter elsewhere09:43
cfhowlettalign_waivers, again: your OS is not supported here.   ubuntu instructions may or may not work on yoru sstem so ... go to kxstudio for help09:43
earthit's a support channel. so unrelavent chat is not that helpful, and cluttering for some09:44
munkygirlfor YOU09:45
bazhangmunkygirl, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat NOT here09:45
munkygirli just told him how to clean install THE BEST WAY to go about it check the forums sir09:45
earthok have it your way09:45
munkygirlyall need to calm down i just helped him you skids09:45
munkygirlyoure using ubuntu its THEE most user friendly distro , i use kali everyday along with arch and backbox i THINK iknow what im doing thanlks tho09:46
cfhowlett!guidelines | munkygirl, someone so leet should have no problem following the channel guidelines then.09:47
ubottumunkygirl, someone so leet should have no problem following the channel guidelines then.: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:47
munkygirlwow man im helping are you jealous because im quicker i know your guidlines its people seeking to get help and it was also said if you checked back the suggestion was liked dont get mad and be pretentiouis now lol09:48
digital_ghosthow to check if a program is installed using command line?09:53
cfhowlettdpkg -l | grep packagename09:53
digital_ghostcfhowlett: what to do to see current version ?09:55
cfhowlettdigital_ghost, apt policy packagename09:55
geirhathat last command answers both questions09:57
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digital_ghostcfhowlett,geirha, what about "--version" argument?09:59
cfhowlettI learned something today!09:59
ObrienDavethe gods weep ;P10:00
geirhadigital_ghost: many commands take a --version argument to print its own version, sure, but that's not something you can rely on10:01
vrlxAre there any fast paced games like Doom or Quake that are free to play and mp?10:16
cfhowlett!games | vrlx,10:17
ubottuvrlx,: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php and http://www.penguspy.com/10:17
vrlxHopefully those sites cover indie games too10:17
cfhowlett!steam | vrlx10:18
ubottuvrlx: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.10:18
ObrienDaveyou can look on GetDeb also10:18
kiengcan9999I am learning programming by myself, could you give me some advises? I am looking for an course/book to development an app from scratch. (I have basic knowledge on programming, I know python most)10:23
cfhowlett!programmming | kiengcan9999,10:23
cfhowlettkiengcan9999, google "programming"10:24
bazhang##programming for that kiengcan999910:24
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acresearchis the ubunut distro the best? or should i use a different one? i am having trouble with 16.10...10:27
ikoniatry it10:27
ikoniasee if you like it10:27
ikoniapeople have different ideas about what best is10:27
acresearchi care about stability10:27
ikoniapretty much every major distro is stable10:28
ikoniaso you won't find one better/worse than the other10:28
cfhowlettacresearch, if you care about stability, stick with LTS10:28
ikoniagive it a spin, if you like it, great, if you don't try a different distro, peoples usecases are totally different10:28
tomreynhi there10:37
turbo64how do you make a bootable windows usb in linux10:50
turbo64dd doesnt work10:51
turbo64nor does ubuntu's worthless gnome disk utility10:51
fundI was in discussion with someone10:53
fundAnd disconnected Suddenly10:53
fundWho was that10:53
turbo64who cares10:53
bazhangcheck the logs fund10:54
bazhang!1984 | fund10:54
ubottufund: Official channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/10:54
bazhangplease be civil here turbo6410:54
nagababuhow to control all systems on same network using server terminal10:55
turbo64every time i come in here im like a mirage10:55
turbo64i axe a question and nobody even acknowledges it10:55
turbo64but i make one smarmy comment and suddenly everyones paying attention10:55
turbo64eat shit and die10:55
earthThey probably have no idea how to help turbo64. But a quick google give me this https://etcher.io/10:56
bazhanghe left10:56
nagababuhow to control all systems on same network using server terminal10:56
EriC^nagababu: install openssh-server on them all?10:56
EriC^nagababu: try #ubuntu-server10:56
fundI found but doctor left10:56
nagababuafter that what am i supposed to do Eric10:58
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EriC^nagababu: ssh user@host10:58
EriC^from the server terminal10:59
fund(fund) Recovery disk=image?10:59
frashI was wondering, what could possibly cause a boot failure such as one that occasionally sends you to the recovery console with a message like "Filesystem check or mount failed. A maintenance shell will now be started."11:04
frashI've recently updated the bios, but this thing is very annoying and doesn't always occur11:05
frashanother thing I noticed is that upon shutdown, the computer keeps rebooting a couple of times (I can tell by the beep of the buzzer) before it definitely shuts itself down11:06
frashI'm on Linux Mint 17.3, btw11:06
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ikoniafrash: you should use the linux mint support channels then please11:06
frashI did, but when I asked support with reading my dmesg they told me to ask elsewhere for more competent people, so I thought of this channel which has been helpful in the past :)11:08
ikoniasorry, we don't support the mint platform here11:08
frashStill, I think this might be a generic Linux problem, if you had some time to spend with me on my dmesg, I'd be very grateful ;)11:09
bazhang!mintsupport | frash11:10
ubottufrash: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:10
bazhangplease go there for support frash11:10
frashOk, I will :(11:10
frash(I'm actually already there)11:10
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fundAnyone has taken Windows backup image file?11:14
ikoniafund: depends how you want/expect to restore it11:14
fundWhich are possible methods to restore? ikonia11:15
fundGive me options please to choose from11:15
ikoniafund: it really depends,11:15
fundOn what?11:15
fundAnd how?11:15
ikoniawhat are you actually trying to achieve,11:15
ikoniawhat is your use case/goal ?11:15
fundWhat's image?11:16
ikoniawhat is your use case/goal ?11:16
fundI think it's back up of existing os; correct?11:16
ghost_anyone else ?11:16
fundAnd in case if os crash I can use that image to restore11:16
fundIsn't it?11:16
ikoniafund: ok, so you have a working windows install and you want to take a backup up it that can be a restore image too11:16
ikoniafund: what version of windows is it ?11:16
ikoniafund: ok, so windows 8 has a backup and restore tool built in, that can also give you recovery media and snapshotting,11:17
ikoniayou'll have a better experience using the tool built into windows11:17
fundAre there any other use case or methods for image?11:17
ikoniafund: there can be, and the situation around using them yes11:17
fundI can't find that tool in my windows tablet11:18
ikoniafund: the guys in the ##windows channel can help you11:18
ikonia(names, path, options etc etc)11:19
fundThey aer not live and active like you11:19
ikoniafund: you're not even in the channel11:20
bazhangfund yes they are11:20
ikoniaso I don't know how you can say they are not live, when you can't see what's going on,11:20
earthsome of them probly not online right now, so be patient11:20
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aadihelp :(11:24
valbrhi all :)11:25
valbrI am looking for an internship by Ubuntu11:25
valbris there maybe someone here that can help me with that?11:25
cfhowlettvalbr, internship?  you mean a company internship?11:25
aadii had made certain changes that eventually makes my ubuntu slower what can i do to reset ubuntu to default :(11:25
valbrcfhowlett: yes, by ubuntu or canonical11:25
aadiplease help someone :(11:26
cfhowlettvalbr, ubuntu is a software OS not a company.11:26
valbrcanonical is11:26
cfhowlettvalbr, as for internships, go to the canonical website, not the OS support channel.  best of luck.11:26
valbrcfhowlett: will do11:26
aadino one? :(11:27
EriC^aadi: what changes did you make?11:27
VivekI am facing an issue where I did an apt-get --purge remove gpg*11:27
VivekHow do I install back the packages that were purged ?11:28
VivekIt seems apt also was removed.11:28
aadi@Eric^ i changed umm what happens when the lid is closed to hibernate mode and also i was having issues with wifi11:28
aadi@EriC^ i changed umm what happens when the lid is closed to hibernate mode and also i was having issues with wifi11:28
cfhowlettpurged packages are purged, Vivek.  seriously doubt you purged apt but it is possible.  sudo apt install packagename11:28
EriC^Vivek: in the future "apt-get -s purge" shows what it will remove, also avoid using wildcards with apt, it's kind of unpredictable11:29
EriC^Vivek: grep -A4 "purge.*gpg" /var/log/apt/history.log11:29
aadinow when i start ubuntu there comes a message pop up indicating system problem program detected and also it stucks when i reboot or shutdown my ubutnu :(11:29
aadi@EriC^ now when i start ubuntu there comes a message pop up indicating system problem program detected and also it stucks when i reboot or shutdown my ubutnu :(11:30
EriC^Vivek: that should show you what it removed, you can download your apt version from archive.ubuntu.com and manually install it using dpkg -i /path/to/deb then install the remaining packages using apt11:30
EriC^Vivek: did it remove apt-get or just apt? try apt-get in the terminal11:30
aadiEriC^: SIR what to do now? :(11:31
cfhowlett!patience | aadi11:31
ubottuaadi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:31
EriC^aadi: the hibernate option shouldn't be an issue, set it back for now if you want11:32
EriC^aadi: what did you do regarding the wifi? and also try pressing on details in the system error box and see what program is causing it11:32
VivekEriC^: http://pastebin.com/RD7JyjEH11:33
aadiEriC^: SIR i searched the forums then i  made certain changes  and in the pop taht i was gettigf there was only two options either press cancel or Report!11:35
VivekVivek: apt itself is removed.11:35
Vivekapt install apt also not working11:36
VivekThat is what I am getting prompted to do.11:36
EriC^Vivek: is apt-get still installed?11:36
WildPenguinVivek, are you from India?11:36
VivekEriC^: Nope11:37
VivekI am taking backup of /home just in case.11:37
VivekAlmost done, Data is safe, just want to ensure that I do not have to go through a re-installation :)11:38
VivekWildPenguin: Yes, I am from India.11:38
WildPenguinwhich OS are you using now?11:38
EriC^which ubuntu version are you using?11:39
EriC^Vivek: ^11:39
VivekEriC^: Thinking of trying the package manager, but that also will not work if apt is not there...11:39
VivekUbuntu 16.1011:39
EriC^!info apt11:39
ubottuapt (source: apt): commandline package manager. In component main, is important. Version 1.3.3 (yakkety), package size 1052 kB, installed size 3468 kB11:39
EriC^version 1.3.3 , is it 64bit?11:39
Vivek64 bit11:39
WildPenguinwhat is the system configuration that is suitable for Ubuntu 16.10?11:41
EriC^Vivek: wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apt/apt_1.3.3_amd64.deb11:41
VivekWildPenguin: no pms please :)11:41
WildPenguinVivek, are you using a laptop or a desktop?11:41
VivekAs you can see I am in the middle of resolving an issue.11:42
VivekThanks for understanding.11:42
EriC^Vivek: then "sudo dpkg -i apt_1.3.3_amd64.deb"11:42
royal_screweup4hey all!11:43
VivekEriC^: Makes sense, Thanks.11:44
EriC^Vivek: no problem11:44
royal_screweup4Is there a keyboard shortcut to open the terminal? I don't want to drag cursor all the way to the taskbar every time11:44
BluesKajHiyas all11:47
EriC^Vivek: wget -O- http://pastebin.com/raw/RD7JyjEH | cut -d" " -f2- | sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g' -e 's/,//g' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install11:48
TronFourtyTwoHi I am new on freenode11:48
cfhowlettTronFourtyTwo, welcome.  the topic here is ubuntu support.  chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic11:48
Vivekapt depends on gpgv | gpgv2 | gpgv1; however:11:50
Vivek  Package gpgv is not installed.11:50
Vivek  Package gpgv2 is not installed.11:50
Vivek  Package gpgv1 is not installed.11:50
Vivek apt depends on ubuntu-keyring; however:11:50
Vivek  Package ubuntu-keyring is not installed.11:50
xXEoflaOEXxVivek, please use pastebin if you want to paste the output.11:50
EriC^Vivek: which command gave you that?11:50
EriC^Vivek: guessing the dpkg -i one, hmm11:51
MozammelHi, can some one give  me link of  free openVPN configuration file and username & password, before I downloaded somewhere , but now I forget.11:51
VivekxXEoflaOEXx: I am aware of pastebin, just that my browser was not opening.11:52
EriC^Vivek: try dpkg -I apt_1.3.3_amd64.deb11:52
cfhowlettMozammel, nope.  you need to the settings from YOUR vpn provider.11:52
Mozammelno, there is some free VPN11:52
EriC^Vivek: look at the "Depends" line and paste it here please11:52
cfhowlettVivek, you can direct output to paste from command line:    dpkg -l | pastebinit11:52
xXEoflaOEXxVivek, OK.11:52
Mozammeland I did used it before.11:52
cfhowlettMozammel, google, my friend.11:53
BluesKaj!vpn | Mozammel11:53
ubottuMozammel: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN11:53
VivekDepends: adduser, gpgv | gpgv2 | gpgv1, ubuntu-keyring, init-system-helpers (>= 1.18~), libapt-pkg5.0 (>= 1.3~rc2), libc6 (>= 2.15), libgcc1 (>= 1:3.0), libstdc++6 (>= 5.2)11:54
Guest45481hi can someone give me some tips to calibrate my xbox 360 gamepad on ubuntu 16.04 i've some problems with the analouge sticks11:54
EriC^Vivek: dpkg -l | grep -E "gpg|ubuntu-keyring|init-system|libapt"11:55
EriC^!info gpgv11:56
ubottugpgv (source: gnupg2): GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool. In component main, is important. Version 2.1.15-1ubuntu6 (yakkety), package size 198 kB, installed size 517 kB11:56
VivekEriC^: check pm please.11:56
VivekMy browser is still hanging11:57
curly_bracehello i was wondering why can't i generate  a passwordless ssh on some shell accounts?11:57
curly_braceusing 14.04.5 lts ubuntu, just a shell user here.11:57
curly_braceconfigured ssh key on the system but it is failing. i can't seem to  make it passwordless11:58
EriC^Vivek: dpkg -l | grep -E "gpg|ubuntu-keyring|init-system|libapt" | nc termbin.com 999911:58
EriC^Vivek: it'll upload stuff, paste the link it gives you here11:59
VivekEriC^: http://termbin.com/tmqy12:00
EriC^Vivek: wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gnupg2/gpgv_2.1.15-1ubuntu6_amd64.deb12:03
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EriC^!info gpgv112:03
EriC^!info gpgv212:03
ubottugpgv1 (source: gnupg1): GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool ("classic" version). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.20-7ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 179 kB, installed size 478 kB12:03
ubottugpgv2 (source: gnupg2): GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool (dummy transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.15-1ubuntu6 (yakkety), package size 5 kB, installed size 42 kB12:03
=== elias_a is now known as Guest70819
EriC^!info ubuntu-keyring12:04
ubottuubuntu-keyring (source: ubuntu-keyring): GnuPG keys of the Ubuntu archive. In component main, is important. Version 2016.09.19 (yakkety), package size 16 kB, installed size 47 kB12:04
EriC^Vivek: wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/ubuntu-keyring/ubuntu-keyring_2016.09.19_all.deb12:06
micestrying to install 32 bit 14.04 on hp netbook, hp mini 210, the wifi adapter is unseen by ubuntu live cd, does this mean hardware problem, if i go to network connections and try to add a wifi connection it asks for ssid bccid stuff like that so i think it should have autodetected all that no?12:07
EriC^Vivek: wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/gnupg1/gpgv1_1.4.20-7ubuntu2_amd64.deb12:09
gde33recently my firefox scroll events trigger at much lower frequency: this is a firefox issue I assume?12:12
gde33(everything native scrolling works just fine)12:15
VivekEriC^: Sucess mate.12:17
stormmmmhi would anyone hire me a 41 year old guy then if i pass an LPIC1 exam12:17
EriC^Vivek: great12:17
EriC^Vivek: no problem12:17
cfhowlettstormmmm, this is not the place to look for work12:17
stormmmmi mean would companies hire me12:17
stormmmmeven if im already 41 but a linux cert holder12:18
EriC^stormmmm: if you know your stuff i dont see why not, ask in ##linux the guys there are more knowledgeable about these stuff12:18
cfhowlettstormmmm, you might be better off asking - oh, I don't know - actual companies?  rather than random internetz?12:18
stormmmmthanks Eric12:18
EriC^stormmmm: sure12:18
VivekEriC^: Do I need to install any other packages that got purged ?12:19
EriC^Vivek: yes, run the command i pasted earlier that ends in | xargs sudo apt-get12:19
VivekAnd how do I undo the apt-get --purge gpg*12:19
Cust0sLim3nwhere can I get the source code of debian installer ?12:19
EriC^Vivek: wget -O- http://pastebin.com/raw/RD7JyjEH | cut -d" " -f2- | sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g' -e 's/,//g' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall12:19
micesyou fuckin scumbags i'm gonna rat someone out for murder12:22
micesyou fuckin scumbags12:23
cfhowlett!ops | mices12:23
ubottumices: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu12:23
micesshannon ittah operating a prostitution ring paid for with money stolen from me scott kaplan stalking me on the irc12:24
miceshappy scumbag mother fuckers i hope the fbi's watching and some of you get locked up12:24
eofla!ops mices for being offtopic and swearing12:24
ubottueofla: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:24
micesfat sleezy scumbag whore piece-a-shit miserable bitch stalking me on the irc12:25
micesyou fuckin scumbags i can't wait to get one of you in court12:25
micesfbi if you're watching locate and arrest these scumbags12:25
micesyou see people quit every time i ask a question12:26
EriC^mices: are you looking for tom_the_cat?12:26
VivekEriC^: pastebin.com/vKYSGg5912:26
cfhowlettEriC^, please don't engage obvious trolls12:26
digital_ghosti ssh from my host Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to my Ubuntu server virtual machine (with bridged network) on virtual box. Everything was fine, But afer finishing my work i can't stop the ssh server .I can't stop ssh with "sudo service sshd stop", i also tried "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop".Finally I killed sshd service.12:26
EriC^cfhowlett: it's fun though12:27
VivekEriC^: Did you see the pastebin mate ?12:28
EriC^Vivek: yes, something isn't right12:28
frashWhere can I see the logs of the last shutdown?12:29
frashAre they logged at all?12:29
VivekEriC^: yea, I know12:30
VivekLet me try an apt-get update and apt-get upgrade12:30
EriC^!info ubuntu-desktop12:32
ubottuubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.373 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 45 kB12:32
tomreyndigital_ghost: were you looking for assitence there, or did oyu just mean to report it?12:32
=== eofla is now known as xXEoflaOEXx
EriC^Vivek: what does "sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop" do?12:33
digital_ghosttomreyn: assistance12:33
tomreyndigital_ghost: with? stopping the ssh server? if so, what's the output of thesecommands you ran?12:34
VivekUnable to locate package ubuntu-desktop12:34
EriC^Vivek: that's odd12:34
digital_ghosttomreyn: i didn't get any output. it didn't stop either12:35
EriC^Vivek: try "cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 9999"12:35
Vivekii  qtubuntu-desktop:amd64                          0.63+16.10.20160928.1-0ubuntu1                   amd64        Qt plugins for Ubuntu Platform API (desktop)12:35
tomreyndigital_ghost: "sudo service sshd stop" produced no output at all?12:35
digital_ghosttomreyn: nothing12:35
VivekThat is what dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-desktop shows me12:35
VivekVersion issue ?12:35
EriC^Vivek: do you have unity installed12:36
digital_ghosttomreyn: no output at all12:36
EriC^digital_ghost: try with "ssd" not sshd12:36
tomreyndigital_ghost: how did you verify it had not stopped?12:36
tomreyndigital_ghost: can you still reprodcue this behavior (I assume hti is the case since you're still seeking assistence with it)?12:37
EriC^Vivek: looks fine, did you run apt-get update?12:37
digital_ghostEric^: i tried ssh too. its not working12:37
tomreyn"sshd" seems to be correct12:38
digital_ghosttomreyn: I can still access files on my virtual machine after running those commands .12:38
EriC^tomreyn: i think it's ssh, maybe in newer versions it's not?12:39
VivekDoing that now12:39
EriC^it's ssh here on 16.04 for me12:39
tomreynEriC^: 'sshd' works for referencing the openssh server / service on 16.04.112:39
tomreynEriC^: actually either works for me12:40
EriC^tomreyn: odd for me only ssh works, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23757670/12:40
EriC^i'm using systemctl though, let me try service12:40
EriC^nope, same error msg12:41
tomreynEriC^: "service" command, not "systemctl"12:41
digital_ghostright know everytime i have to kill the "ssh" service to stop it12:41
VivekEriC^: Looks fine update and upgrade12:42
tomreynEriC^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23757679/12:43
EriC^Vivek: what does "apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop" do?12:43
EriC^tomreyn: openbsd?12:43
tomreynEriC^: xubuntu linux 16.04.1 amd6412:44
EriC^oh i get the same, nevermind xD12:44
tomreynEriC^: and yes openssh is the openbsd secure shell server12:44
VivekEriC^: http://termbin.com/6c7f12:45
TonyLiumaster to master mysql replication error12:45
TonyLiucan someone help me12:45
ikoniawith what ?12:45
EriC^Vivek: ok try sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop12:45
Almoxarifetomreyn:  execute 'systemctl | grep ssh ' is a 'service' shown?12:46
tomreynssh.service                                                                               loaded active running   OpenBSD Secure Shell server12:46
TonyLiuI have install we ubuntu 16.04 LTS VM12:46
TonyLiuInstalled MYSQL on both VM12:47
Almoxarifetomreyn: to stop 'systemctl stop ssh.service'12:47
TonyLiuconnected master t- master12:47
cfhowlettTonyLiu, STOP hitting the enter key please12:47
TonyLiuhoweber I am geting 1236 error code12:47
cfhowlett!details | TonyLiu12:47
ubottuTonyLiu: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:47
ikoniaTonyLiu: it should give more detail than just the error code number12:48
ikoniaTonyLiu: also have you researched what that error cdoe actually means ?12:48
Almoxarifetomreyn: check after12:48
TonyLiufatal error 123612:48
ikoniaTonyLiu: what does that error code deonte ?12:49
ikoniaTonyLiu: thats an error number, what does that number mean ?12:49
TonyLiugot fatal error 1236 from master when reading data drom binary log12:50
TonyLiuthats ther error message ikonia12:50
VivekEriC^: It re-installed.12:50
ikoniaTonyLiu: ok, so there is where you should be looking at, the bin log on the master12:51
EriC^Vivek: ok try the command from earlier12:51
VivekPlease repost it mate :)12:51
VivekToo many commands :)12:51
EriC^Vivek: wget -O- http://pastebin.com/raw/RD7JyjEH | cut -d" " -f2- | sed -e 's/([^()]*)//g' -e 's/,//g' | xargs sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall12:51
VivekEriC^: It's all getting re-installed.12:53
fundLxle supports touch?12:54
EriC^Vivek: ncie12:54
earthnice oneliner there EriC^12:56
TonyLiubest option to backup ubuntu12:56
cfhowlettfund, lxle is offtopic here as it is not ubuntu.  go to lxle for support and information12:56
TonyLiuon  windows hyper-v12:56
EriC^earth: ty12:56
fundTonyLiu what's hyper12:57
TonyLiui m running ubuntu vm on hyper-v12:57
TonyLiuhow to backup12:57
ikoniaTonyLiu: how do you want to back it up12:57
ikoniaTonyLiu: how do you want to back it up ?12:57
TonyLiuas a vm12:58
TonyLiucan i back files as well12:58
ikoniaTonyLiu: so you want to "backup" the whole VM as a unit, or a file system backup12:58
TonyLiufile system12:58
TonyLiuubuntu doent support vss12:59
TonyLiuso I am unable to backup by windows server backup12:59
TonyLiu<ikonia> any idea12:59
akikTonyLiu: if you want to use windows tools to backup, you can backup the vhd of your vm. on ubuntu side, use the linux tools to do the backup13:00
ikoniaTonyLiu: what file systems do you want to back up ?13:00
TonyLiui m runnig apache, mysql database13:01
TonyLiuthat needs to be backed up13:01
ikoniaTonyLiu: ok, so that sounds like first of all the mysql database shouldn't be a file system backup13:01
ikoniait should be a dump or repliction to a mirror13:01
ikoniathe apache directory - just tar and move off the system, unless you have a backup client/server setup already in place for other hosts13:01
TonyLiureplication to a mirror13:01
=== D is now known as Guest34204
Guest34204what is ubuntu?13:08
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com13:08
leeyaahi guys13:09
SpeirosGuest34204 If you like, D can tell you all about it:)13:09
SpeirosHi leeyaa13:09
Guest34204somewhere else playing hearthstone?13:09
leeyaastarting ubuntu xenial in lxc container does not bring networking devices up automatically. i have to manually start network and resolvconf services13:09
leeyaaany idea how to fix that ?13:09
leeyaaworks fine in trusty and precise. i think its something to do with systemd13:10
leeyaalike this https://github.com/lxc/lxc/issues/68513:11
tzmfenis there way to "suspend" gui via cli ?13:12
tzmfenand just start it on demand13:12
BluesKajwhich gui?13:13
tomreynleeyaa: 15.10 is EOL13:14
leeyaatomreyn: sorry ?13:15
cfhowlettleeyaa, it13:15
cfhowletts dead and unsupported13:15
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:15
tomreynleeyaa: sorry i was incorrectly assuming you were the initial bug reporter13:15
leeyaaim not on 15.10. im trying to start 16.04 in lxc container13:15
leeyaait starts fine, but no network or resolvconf services are up13:15
tzmfenBluesKaj:  just ubuntu desktop13:16
tzmfeni ran this command:13:16
leeyaaBluesKaj: hes probably using gnome13:16
tzmfensudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop13:16
tzmfen16.04 lts13:16
BluesKajctl+alt+F1-F6  at the login page13:17
johan`Hi, I've got an Intel HD-2k integrated GPU on my laptop. I recently upgraded to 16.04 and ever since then I have issues with graphical artifacts and in general poor 3d performance. Textures flicker in and out of view (on games and Chrome) and now I also get black squares on the screen during 3d gaming. What kind of steps can I take to rule out a software issue? I recently tried out using older kernels (I've tried 4.9.0 and 4.4.0 so13:17
johan`far). Is there a way to rollback drivers or something like that?13:17
tomreynleeyaa: do you use network manager or just ip utils to bring it up?13:17
tzmfenBluesKaj:  ah ok.. and how do i restart it then ?13:17
tzmfensay i am not rebooting the  box13:17
leeyaatomreyn: i attach to the container and run service networking start13:18
tzmfenjust kinda wanna load it up on demand13:18
sgm091anyone know if you can install amdgpu pro 16.50 on ubntu 16.10 /13:18
tzmfenand off when i dont13:18
cfhowlettjohan`, purge the bad driver, reinstall the preferred driver.  no rollback options13:18
johan`cfhowlett: OK, how do I do that? Just go into drivers and uninstall, reinstall?13:19
keevitajahello. does mate desktop have good dual monitor support out of the box. like when using laptop with an external monitor as primary?13:19
tomreynleeyaa: hmm this doesn't exactly answer it. you could install nm-cli and use it to investigate the network link state / to configure the network interface. or you could edit /etc/network/interfaces and place a configuration there.13:20
johan`cfhowlett: How do I figure out what gpu driver I'm using?13:20
johan`lshw -c video13:20
leeyaatomreyn: the configuration for network is dhcp. so all configs exist. just network isnt started at boot.13:21
leeyaaanyway ill figure it out13:21
BluesKajtzmfen, start lightdm then login13:21
tomreynleeyaa: so you have an auto line for the interface in /etc/network/interfaces?13:21
leeyaatomreyn: yeah13:22
tomreynand a dhcp line, too13:22
leeyaatomreyn: correct13:22
tomreynokay, that's what i tired to understand earlier when i asked whether you use NM or ip utils to manage the link13:22
leeyaatomreyn: i think thats nm13:23
tomreynit's not ;)13:23
SpeirosWhen I went to download the latest ubuntu, I was told I should use a mirror...so I'm looking in the mirror, and although it is the same speed, it looks a lot better now:D13:23
tomreynleeyaa: you could chekc your syslog to see why dhclient fails to bring it up initially13:23
tomreynto configure it, i mean13:23
leeyaatomreyn: actually none of the services are up13:24
leeyaaso its definitely something to do with systemd *not even rsyslog is up*13:24
leeyaaperhaps my lxc doest not support containers with systemd13:25
tomreyncould be, i'm not exactly knowledgable with lxc13:25
tomreynlooking at syslog might help13:26
leeyaatomreyn: it wont because rsyslog is not started, so there is nothing there ;p13:26
tomreynleeyaa: right, sorry, dmesg -T | less then13:26
BluesKajleeyaa I use a static setting rather than dhcp without NM, works well like so: iface (ethernetname) inet static13:28
tfevanhi rokkoboz13:28
rokkobozwhere are you from13:29
leeyaaBluesKaj: i tend to manage the network from my dhcp server. also, not having any service up points to a bigger problem ;p13:29
TaucherMKHi, I want to create a service with systemd. However if I "systemctl start aquariumdaemon" it just returns and the service is still not running. Here is the aquariumdaemon.service http://pastebin.com/xB40zZWa13:30
tfevanI am from Bangladesh, you?????13:30
cfhowletttfevan, ask your ubuntu question13:30
cfhowletttfevan, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.  thank you.13:30
tzmfenhmm ok13:30
BluesKajleeyaa, ok , manage away, but dhclient is obviously not tnabling13:30
tzmfennow how to enable remote desktop via cli13:30
tzmfenconnected via ssh now13:30
tfevanUbuntu freezed randomly, I dont know why. where is the bug file located?13:31
tomreyntfevan: log files are located in /var/log/13:32
tfevanin /var/log/ i can find the reason of freezed?13:32
tomreyntfevan: you *may* find information there which *may* help you trace the root cause.13:33
tfevanthis is official ubuntu irc channel?13:34
SpeirosYes tfevan:)13:35
tomreyn!files | tfevan13:35
ubottutfevan: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier13:35
keevitajadoes mate have good dual monitor support out of the box?13:35
tomreyn!dmesg | tfevan13:36
ubottutfevan: dmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.13:36
DragoneyeUbuntu 16.04.1 continue to baffle me why I cannot install it with UEFI, I got Win8 installed and Trying my best to install but it continually gives me "cannot install package grub-efi-amd64-signed" on /target/  I have read the internet to my eyes bleed.  Is there anything that I have missed? :-)13:37
sam_<<I have question regarding KDE & XFCE environment on ubuntu 16.04, can anyone respond?>>13:48
cfhowlett!ask | sam_13:48
ubottusam_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:48
sam_<< I have gtx 650ti nvidia graphic card with 375.26 ver driver, experiencing screen tearing on KDE & Xfce>>13:50
zhou_xingyuhello everyone13:52
zhou_xingyuMay I ask why I have 75G in my usr/media?13:52
zhou_xingyuNow my linux has 190G now,but when I run fdisk -l it shows I have 260G of linux13:53
zhou_xingyuplease help me thank you13:53
zhou_xingyuit's name is 6250D26B1763174113:54
BluesKajzhou_xingyu, run lsblk13:56
MonkeyDustzhou_xingyu  use this page to show it to us    http://paste.ubuntu.com/13:56
sam_ << I have gtx 650ti nvidia graphic card with 375.26 ver driver, while videoplayback experiencing screen tearing on KDE & Xfce>>13:56
zhou_xingyulsblk shows I have 260G of linux13:57
zhou_xingyuhowever when I open my computer it shows I have 190g13:57
BluesKajzhou_xingyu, pastebin the lsblk output so we can see the list13:58
zhou_xingyuthank you13:58
DragoneyeWhy does new install give me "grub-efi-amd64-signed" on /target/ error?14:00
sam_<< Griphcs driver & videoplayback issue, please respond>>14:01
cfhowlett!patience | sam_14:01
ubottusam_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:01
ikoniasam_: you need to ask a clear question to the channel, not using this << please respond stuff14:01
BluesKajzhou_xingyu,looks normal to me14:01
sam_@ikonia " << I have gtx 650ti nvidia graphic card with 375.26 ver driver, experiencing screen tearing while video playback on KDE & Xfce>>14:02
lanaHow do you install fonts?14:02
lanaWhat program do you need14:02
zhou_xingyuBluesKaj: why I have 70G in media?14:02
digital_ghostwhat is the command to list all ports that are in use?14:02
l0llip0plana: by searching pakages which contains fonts ?14:02
sam_lana: use synaptic14:03
cfhowlettbad advice sam14:03
lana<l0llip0p> yes but i want to install from Internet14:03
cfhowlettsynaptic has been deprecated for a LONG time.14:03
earthyou could download fonts (.otf or .ttf) seperately and put them in ~/.fonts folder14:03
lana<earth> thank you :)14:03
l0llip0pdigital_ghost: maybe not direct answer to your question but I use: netstat -tupan14:03
SchrodingersScatdigital_ghost: netstat?14:03
ikoniasam_: just ask the channel, not individuals and wait for a response14:03
sam_cfhowlett: I'm newbie14:03
zhou_xingyuBluesKaj, I do not do it by myself14:04
l0llip0pwell I have installed into /usr/share/fonts directory but I'm not sure if its works in ubuntu14:04
SchrodingersScatzhou_xingyu: is that a windows partition? the 70G? "Microsoft basic data" is that like a backup partition?14:05
lanawhere can i find the fonts folder?14:05
digital_ghostlollip0p, SchrodingersScat, i just want to know if my ports 2000 and 2222 are in use or not14:05
earthfonts folder is in /home/lana/.fonts/14:05
zhou_xingyuSchrodingersScat, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23757967/14:05
zhou_xingyuplease see that14:05
BluesKajzhou_xingyu I don't see your media partition in the list14:05
earthif it's not in there, create it lana14:06
sam_create .fonts folder if not present14:06
l0llip0pdigital_ghost: check manual of command netstat and search right arguments for it14:06
zhou_xingyuBluesKaj, sorry,I paste a new one http://paste.ubuntu.com/23757967/14:06
l0llip0pdigital_ghost: I'm sorry but that is the bet14:06
l0llip0p*best answer I can give to you :(14:06
zhou_xingyusda10   8:10   0    70G  0 part /media/zhou_xingyu/6250D26B1763174114:06
SchrodingersScatzhou_xingyu: looks like you mounted a windows partition.14:06
zhou_xingyuno ,it's linux14:07
BluesKajzhou_xingyu, why is that a problem?14:07
EriC^the uuid is ntfs zhou_xingyu14:07
l0llip0podixon: '/quit'14:08
Amm0nl0llip0p, SchrodingersScat read: https://dougvitale.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/deprecated-linux-networking-commands-and-their-replacements/14:08
SchrodingersScatAmm0n: ;(14:08
=== daniel is now known as Guest62376
sam_nvidia card screen tearing on KDE Xfce14:08
Amm0nSchrodingersScat, ?14:09
lanathank u for help!! it worked :)14:09
l0llip0pAmm0n: thanks! Something new to me14:09
ubuntu060hi folks! any xmonad fans here?14:10
zhou_xingyusorry ,I just resize the windows14:10
EriC^zhou_xingyu: can you pastebin sudo parted -l14:10
zhou_xingyusorry for my wrong question......>..<14:10
EriC^oh ok, nevermind then :)14:10
SchrodingersScat!ask | ubuntu060, easier to get help if you ask your real question, what's stopping you from accomplishing what you want at the moment?14:10
ubottuubuntu060, easier to get help if you ask your real question, what's stopping you from accomplishing what you want at the moment?: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:10
zhou_xingyunew to linux...14:10
zhou_xingyuThank you everyone14:11
faerel.yt cool14:11
ubuntu060ok. the question is how is poss to start different xmonad.hs configs via startx>14:11
freddishWHy does it take forever to dismount my usb hdds ?.14:13
l0llip0pubuntu060: maybe you should ask from #xmonad channel?14:13
EriC^freddish: if you just wrote a ton of data to them it might take time to sync before it unmounts14:13
Speiros* thought xmonad was a band...14:13
EriC^freddish: or maybe they're failing14:13
EriC^try a smart test14:14
SpeirosSorry ubuntu060:~14:14
SchrodingersScatfreddish: not sure.  I have some usb drives in an encrypted zfs and it takes a while for it to unmount and shut down.  I figured it was syncing to disk or idk.14:14
freddishEriC^, no, it can take up to 20 / 30 minutes sometimes. ANd i have tried with manny diffrent hdds. Not big files either.14:14
ubuntu060lollip0p: and they'll send me back in case of ubuntu installed )))14:14
EriC^freddish: that's odd14:14
EriC^freddish: maybe it's a usb controller issue?14:15
Speirosfreddish HOw are you dismounting them?14:15
EriC^freddish: does "dmesg" mention anything while unmounting or after plugging them in?14:15
ubuntu060lollip0p: this is general question about startx only, pal14:15
SpeirosSorry mate EriC^14:15
EriC^Speiros: for what?14:16
Speirosubuntu060 Not sure about what xmonad.hs is personally mate, but someone might know.  The suggestions are meant to help, and I'm sure that suggestion wasn't meant to belittle you :)14:17
SpeirosEriC^ For disrupting the train of thought.14:17
Speirosubuntu060 Still, working out problems is highly stressful.14:18
EriC^Speiros: no worries, i don't care, the more the merrier14:18
freddishEriC^, right click dismount :P or press that dismount button next to the hdd.14:19
SchrodingersScatSpeiros: so long as it isn't wrong advice or distracting more eyes on the problem are normally a good thing, mentioned in !pm14:19
SpeirosEriC^ Cheers.14:19
SpeirosSchrodingersScat Yeah, true.  I've been guilty of the first, but the second, I don't think so:)14:20
SpeirosSchrodingersScat  Come to think of it...1 and 2:\14:20
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Amm0nubuntu060, usually you create the ~/.xmonad directory and the ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs and should be loaded if you startx.14:20
=== Guest81560 is now known as motz
hatch789good morning14:23
SpeirosHi hatch789.  What's going on?14:25
jk_tt va bien14:27
=== Guest70819 is now known as elias_a
LordNelthonhi, I'm using agnoster theme in oh-my-zsh and there is some vertical unaligned symbols (https://puu.sh/tefgW/7fbf71e17a.png), does anybody know how to fix this?14:38
taylor18DAX RAPED MY ASS HOLE AND MADE IT BIGGER!!! I POOP EASIER NOW!! IT COMES OUT FAST!!! taylor18 Pinkamena_D mars79 madmouser1 minitrue rdegges test222 ghishadow_______ kumavis AphelionZ eelstrebor ToeSnacks cryptodan_mobile coredump randall Dreaman jatt tombtc mue rohanrhu LordNelthon Bo55 MarkBaker dreamon black manuelmrtz peaceduck Wizek_ hatch789 havoc_hive motz D100 stryx` drussell pavlushka Gathis tdn14:46
taylor18mikecmpbll klarix felikswhite p4nd4 lana nubcake Revo kk4ewt io_____ milardovich Myrr_ Night__ rhonabwy inex digital_ghost marve Birosso shabazy King_Hual MephistoTheBorin cnj freddish lsv Olufunmilayo Negr0 Toast Dragoneye mailman105 ericx2x_ TaucherMK whaity Inimesekene sirtom67 octanium pokalyis Herbalist Texou tikiking Pursche01 carbon-cabron_ itbaron Orphis keevitaja zhxt Guest391[m] josephz wadie nutzz14:46
AphelionZwho's dax14:46
SpeirosAnother voice to silence...14:46
wadietaylor18, I'm more than happy to know this.14:46
klarixlol indeed :-)14:47
manuelmrtzpoor taylor1814:47
klarixwasn't sure if this was local coutume :D14:47
k1ldont mind the troll, he is angry because a freenode staffer banned him.14:47
keevitajahe tries to be funny14:47
digital_ghosthe is 18 i guess14:47
keevitajano, he want's to be14:48
BluesKaji don't see the point ...what kind of gratification is that supposed give... sick minds14:48
BluesKajprobly more 1314:48
digital_ghostor 514:49
D100taylor18: ...14:49
jakstI'm trying to mount an exfat formatted usb-disk in a headless ubuntu server 14.04, but haven't had much success. Anybody care to assist? It shows up in dmesg and lsusb, but not in fdisk -l or lsblk14:50
VivekEriC^: Thanks, my issue is resolved.14:51
EriC^Vivek: great, you're welcome14:51
mars79hey guys, I installed ubuntu 16.04.1 with gnome-session-flashback. As a theme I used macbuntu from noobslab.com. I had to execute gsettings set org.gnome.metacity theme MacBuntu-OS-X to get the windows borders right, but one thing is still missing. When right clicking on a folder to see the properties, I'm unable to see the close button, radiance theme works though14:53
mars79is there a command available to get it back, or the theme is just buggy?14:54
BluesKajmars79, most likely a buggy theme14:55
rakibhello, i have a problem, when i run this command "sudo apt upgrade" after complete reboot my pc & then it say, my system in low graphics mode...... in a blank screen14:56
Dragoneyerakib: What graphic card do you have?14:58
=== kash is now known as Guest69942
mars79BluesKaj, thanks14:59
rakibi don't know, by my motherboard is Gigabyte H81MSV215:00
rakibDragoneye: I think intel15:00
rakibDragoneye: i will back in 20 min..... sorry for left15:01
Dragoneyerakib: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227380015:04
onlaim having problem with rxvt terminal. I should do some integrity checks etc and they told if I would ask here how to do that and some package ownership things. I dont have /usr/share/terminfo populated, is empty dir. http://sprunge.us/JLKM15:07
onlaim on new clean lubuntu 16.04 install15:07
onlaerr.. 16.04.1 lubuntu alternate iso15:07
pavlushkaDragoneye: could it be due to low disk space as rakib just made an system-package-upgrade which downloaded a lot of data into his root fs I guess?15:12
pavlushkaI meant "sudo apt full-upgrade"15:14
MonkeyDustfaerel  start with a question15:16
Dragoneyepavlushka: usually I have the same problem whenever I upgrade the kernel, I have to install the nVidia driver again.15:18
pavlushkaDragoneye: but I know that rakib is not using any external/third party graphics card15:19
faerelhow i install word pptx 2016 on ubuntu15:20
pavlushkaDragoneye: to my knowledge rakib is using Gigabyte built-in graphics.15:20
jattfaerel: you don't15:20
faerelwe can use PLAY ON LINUX No?15:20
Dragoneyepavlushka: Then we should ask him of his status on the harddrive ;-)15:20
compdocfaerel, you dont find Word in the app store?15:20
Dragoneyepavlushka: Yes, as you can see in the link I provided.15:21
jattapt install microsoft-word15:21
faerelyes but play on linux  i find word 200715:22
MonkeyDust!info libreoffice | faerel15:22
ubottufaerel: libreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 3 kB, installed size 17 kB15:22
rakibDragoneye: hi....bro15:22
Dragoneyerakib: bro...15:22
faerelyes but libre office is not good15:22
* pavlushka laughed a bit15:22
faerelfor write15:22
rakibDragoneye:i'm use gigabyte built in graphics card15:23
DragoneyeDid you read the link?15:23
MonkeyDustfaerel  i'll inform the LO devs, that their product is not good15:23
faerelok i again test libre office thanks for help bye15:23
faerelok i again test libre office thanks for help bye and sorry15:23
pavlushkafaerel: you can try wps office as a second option15:24
rakibi'm using in terminal.... my GUI is not start15:24
Dragoneyerakib: ok, so you dont have another comp to read?15:24
graingertrakib: yo15:24
Dragoneyerakib: ok15:24
graingertrakib: you pinged me15:25
rakibgraingert: sorry this is mistake, but you help me by solving my problem....15:25
onlaI needed to install ncurses-term to get my problem solved15:26
Dragoneyerakib: when you restart your computer, press left SHIFT and you get the grub menu. there you can press "e" to edit and add "nomodeset" to the end of the line15:26
bones_Hi people. Could you please help me with the following issue: I have xubuntu 16.04, after suspend it shows me the old time, when I suspended the notebook. What can I do?15:26
MonkeyDustbones_  that's normal, the clock has to synchronize, simply wait a few seconds15:27
graingertrakib: oh15:27
bones_okay, thank you!15:27
rakibDragoneye: then.....15:27
Dragoneyethen F10 to continue if I recall correctly15:28
DragoneyeThere is help text  in the bottom15:28
rakibDragoneye: ok, i'll try..............now i reboot my pc15:29
pavlushkarakib: you can try a "sudo apt clean" and then reboot to see if the problem is fixed.15:30
zhou_xingyujust fix the problrm.thank you everyone.I add 70G to my /home.everything is ok15:31
SpeirosGood work zhou_xingyu15:34
zhou_xingyuSpeiros, thank you.I am a student in china.I just learn linux bymelf.I am so appreciate for the help in the channel.I think I will do my best to help people in the channel too.15:35
DragoneyeGet error on installing Ubuntu with UEFI system, cannot install grub-efi   how can I correct this?15:35
pavlushkazhou_xingyu: you are welcome here :)15:36
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, do you install by choose the install with windows?15:36
Speiroszhou_xingyu, That is good:)  Which part of China?15:37
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: no, im installing via usb15:37
ubuntu-121423Hi. I am running kubuntu 16.10 on an lenovo E460 (intel hd520/radeon r7).15:37
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, I am also the uefi windows 1015:37
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, me too.with usb15:37
ubuntu-121423I am stuck running openGL 3.0 what are my options to get opengl 4.4 up and running?15:37
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: win8.1 and trying to install Ubunut, but get the error15:37
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, whant dou you choose in the disk partition15:38
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: On the UEFI system the Win8.1 is installed previous, Im booting from USB drive to install Ubuntu, give me error when installing grub-efi15:38
zhou_xingyuSpeiros, Nanjing15:39
Speiroszhou_xingyu, :)15:39
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, please close the secure boot15:39
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: Did taht15:39
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: Did that15:39
Mozammeldoes anybody try to rate a song playing in rhythmbox ? ubuntu 16.10 ; unity15:40
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, so strange problem.I am windows 10 and install ubuntu with usb too.and meet no problem15:40
zhou_xingyuSpeiros, what about you?15:41
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: There seems to be an issue with Win8.1 as I have read on the net.  But I'm trying to not wipe the harddrive to install Ubuntu first and Win8.1 after :-)15:41
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, maybe somebody here can help you ,please be patient15:41
FManTXwhy is /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libboost_filesystem.so.1.58.0 not a symbolic link?15:41
rakibDragoneye: Hi bro...... "nomodeset" say an invalid value15:41
Speiroszhou_xingyu, I haven't had any success with it myself; booting from USB, but I'm using 14.415:42
Dragoneyerakib: thats strange, I'll look it up.. 1s15:42
kk4ewtDragoneye,  and when you reinstall windows it will wipe grub from your hd15:42
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, windows8.1 is a terrible os,bad compalbility15:43
Dragoneyezhou_xingyu: I know! :-D15:43
pavlosjakst, did you resolve the external usb issue?15:43
zhou_xingyuDragoneye, I install ubuntu16.04 with windows10 and meet no problem.maybe you can try it15:44
jakstPavlos: Nope, not yet15:44
AmaraHow can I start a systemd service every time after "theserviceA" has finished successfully?15:44
pavlosjakst, dmesg shows the usb right? can you paste that line15:45
Dragoneyerakib: When you are in edit mode:   after the line linux /boot/vmlinuz-* ...  and before "quiet splash" you should enter nomodeset15:45
Dragoneyeand press CTRL-X15:45
Bashing-omhatch789: status ? I am all fired up and ready to go once more .15:46
jakstPavlos: Yeah, here it is15:46
rakiboops, ok15:46
pavlosjakst, and fdisk -l /dev/sdb gives you nothing?15:46
jakstWell it does, but that's because I have another drive on sdb. The external does not appear in fdisk -l15:47
thinkyhow can i RTC real time accuracy test on ubuntu 16.04 ?15:48
Dragoneyerakib: or try this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-core15:48
Dragoneyesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:48
jakstpavlos: I also noticed the usb folder doesn't exist in /lib/modules/3.16.0-77-generic/kernel/drivers. Could that be it?15:48
thinkyit seems i am having problem with BIOS time that doesnt show correct time15:48
MonkeyDustthinky  bios is not managed by ubuntu15:48
pavlosjakst, the paste you gave shows usb ... can you update/upgrade to make sure we have a good system?15:49
kiengcan9999Hi thinky, have you dual boot with windows?15:49
thinkyMonkeyDust: i just wanna test on ubuntu if it fails to test RCT like windows15:49
jakstYou mean just sudo apt-get update/upgrade?15:49
thinkyyes kiengcan9999 i am dual booting15:49
thinkywith windows 10 x6415:49
thinkyi ran a hardware test on windows and it warned about RTC15:49
thinkyi wonder if it is same with ubuntu15:50
thinkyi also checked BIOS time and it shows incorrect time15:50
pavlosjakst, yes15:50
MonkeyDustthinky  in a terminal, type    date15:50
thinkyMonkeyDust: it shows correct date and time15:50
MonkeyDustthinky  if the time is incorrect in bios, it will also be in any OS15:50
jakstpavlos: yeah, done15:50
XstasyAnyone experienced with routing in ubuntu? I dont understand this, paste includes /etc/network/interfaces + output from ip route.15:50
thinkyMonkeyDust: so what do u think is the issue?15:50
MonkeyDustthinky  really? odd15:51
thinkybios doesnt show correct time everytime i check15:51
MonkeyDustthinky  no clue15:51
kiengcan9999is windows time correct?15:51
thinkyno kiengcan999915:51
MonkeyDustthinky  then it's a bios issue, not a ubuntu issue15:51
zhou_xingyuthinky, different time in ubuntu and windows?15:51
thinkyzhou_xingyu: correct time on ubuntu , incorrect time in windows and BIOS15:51
pavlosjakst, I plugged in a usb to my system, dmesg reports sdb: sdb1 I guess yours does not15:51
zhou_xingyuthinky, that's easy15:52
rakibDragoneye: not fixed.....15:52
thinkyhow easy zhou_xingyu ?15:52
Dragoneyerakib: try this:15:52
Dragoneyesudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-core15:52
Dragoneyesudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg15:52
zhou_xingyuthinky, I meet the same problem at the beginning,I solved it15:52
thinkymy laptop is 6 years old15:52
thinkyi had another CMOS battery in hand15:52
thinkyi plugged it15:52
thinkybut problem is still there15:52
zhou_xingyuthinky, let me find out my history15:53
MonkeyDustthinky  sounds like your question is not for this channel15:53
thinkyok zhou_xingyu thx15:53
thinkyMonkeyDust: where can i go?15:53
pavlosjakst, do oyu know how to use parted or gparted. Maybe you need to create a partition15:53
jakstpavlos: Solved it. I was missing usb-drivers because it's running in a vm. 'apt-get install linux-generic-lts-utopic' did the trick15:53
pavlosjakst, good15:53
zhou_xingyuthinky, sudo timedatectl set-local-rtc 115:54
zhou_xingyuthinky, try it and log into your windows and correct you windows time the last time ,it will never happen again15:55
rakibDragoneye: ok15:55
thinkyzhou_xingyu: ok15:55
zhou_xingyuthinky, you are welcome15:56
kiengcan9999thinky, to more detail on the zhou_zingyu's answer, refer this link: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/05/time-differences-ubuntu-1604-windows-10/15:56
thinkyzhou_xingyu: i did but nothing happened.. i expected some changes in terminal.15:57
zhou_xingyuthinky, nothing will show in terminal15:58
zhou_xingyuthinky, it's common15:58
=== Almoxarife is now known as Two_Dogs
thinkyoh ok then15:58
thinkythank you zhou_xingyu i will check windows and bios16:00
thinkylet you know when i am back16:00
rakibDragoneye: problem is not solved, in this error box msg is............ your screen, graphics card, input device setting could not be detected correctly, configure these yourself............16:01
Dragoneyerakib: searching....16:03
thinkyzhou_xingyu: bad news :/16:03
zhou_xingyuthinky, you should correct your windows time last time16:04
Bashing-omrakib: What is the hardware and driver ? Pastebin ' sudo lshw -C display ' See what tale gets told .16:04
Dragoneyerakib: what does "lspci | grep VGA"  say?16:04
zhou_xingyuthinky, it will nor correct it automatically,you should change the time to right by yourself16:04
thinkyzhou_xingyu: after sync it shows correct time now16:05
zhou_xingyuthinky, that's good news16:06
Speiroszhou_xingyu, Sorry, I was on another channel.  Melbourne:)16:08
zhou_xingyuSpeiros, you are welcome16:09
zhou_xingyuSpeiros, enjoy the linux!16:09
rakibDragoneye: intel corporation 4th generation core proccessor family integreted graphics controller (rev 06)16:09
Speiroszhou_xingyu, Indeed:)  You too!16:09
predator8bithello! any ubuntu phone users around? I have some problems with user accounts, I got used to my phone forgetting my ubuntu one after every single update but now I can't even add it back, no matter how many times I tap the buttons in the accounts option it doesn't open a dialog to add any accounts, so I can't add a google one or evernote either16:10
scootergrisenIt seems if i change language in Ubutu to danish i don't get Firefox in danish. I get two 404 errors where it seems to try and get the wrong firfox version translation.16:10
scootergrisenAre Firefox suppose to be translated if i change language in Ubuntu?16:10
Bashing-om!touch | predator8bit16:11
ubottupredator8bit: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:11
pavlosscootergrisen, what happens at https://google.dk16:12
Dragoneyerakib: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils16:12
scootergrisenWhat do you mean what happens?16:12
pavlosscootergrisen, I see Danish language16:12
=== sorin-mihai_ is now known as sorin-mihai
scootergrisenI mean Firefox it self16:13
rakibDragoneye: installinf is done16:13
SpeirosThere's a link here, but I don't know how helpful scootergrisen  https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/75282716:14
Dragoneyerakib: try reboot16:14
Speirosvery old link16:14
pavlosscootergrisen, maybe I did not understand the issue ... Speiros provided a link16:14
rakibDragoneye: ok16:15
SpeirosHi jlx:)16:19
rakibDragoneye: not fixed..............16:19
Dragoneyerakib: Are you in graphics mode or terminal?16:19
rakibDragoneye: terminal16:20
jowatextrai want a app that for editing the windows like moving and resizing the widgets16:20
jowatextra*remove the "that"16:21
scootergrisenLike when i had installed Ubuntu and go to system setting to change language to danish i get two 404 errors of file for Firefox that it was not able to get. Seem like the version it was trying to get was the wrong version16:21
Dragoneyerakib: cat /etc/issue16:21
MonkeyDustjowatextra  ther's gdevilspie16:21
Speirosscootergrisen By the information on that link it seems that you need to download both versions of firefox, and can switch one to the other.  I think that's what it's saying.16:21
Speirosscootergrisen Are you talking about Ubuntu, or the actual mozilla firefox?  Or both, meaning two different issues?16:22
rakibDragoneye: it show this, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l16:22
Dragoneyerakib: k16:23
scootergrisenI'm testing Ubuntu to see how well it is translated into my language.16:23
rakibDragoneye: k means?16:23
ioria!info firefox-locale-da16:23
ubottufirefox-locale-da (source: firefox): Danish language pack for Firefox. In component main, is optional. Version 50.1.0+build2-0ubuntu0.16.10.1 (yakkety), package size 384 kB, installed size 589 kB16:23
Speirosscootergrisen Ok.16:24
Dragoneyerakib: it means OK,  reading further on the web to find a solution for you16:24
merlin_my pc restarts frequenzly with ubuntu16:24
rakibDragoneye: ok16:25
scootergrisenAre there a way to start the live image in my language?16:25
MonkeyDustmerlin_  make sure the cpu does not overheat16:25
ubottuzorro14: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:26
merlin_ok thanks16:26
jowatextraMonkeyDust, i want to literally click and drag the widgets16:26
scootergrisenAha if i go to Firefox addons i says the language packs are incompatible16:27
scootergrisenThe language packs are 50.1 but Firefox is version 47.016:27
MonkeyDustjowatextra  widgets, as in gdesklets?16:28
ioriascootergrisen, how come you have 47 ?16:28
scootergrisenI don't know16:28
ioriascootergrisen,  apt-cache policy firefox16:29
scootergrisenI use ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso16:29
ioria!info firefox xenial16:29
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 50.1.0+build2-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 46487 kB, installed size 112995 kB16:29
Dragoneyerakib: wget http://xorg.freedesktop.org/archive/individual/driver/xf86-video-intel-2.99.917.tar.gz16:30
ioriascootergrisen,  ff it's 50.1 for all the versions, can you paste the command output ?16:30
scootergrisenSays like... installed 47.0 candidate 50.116:31
ioriascootergrisen,  you're not upgraded16:31
ioriascootergrisen,  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade  .... see what it says16:31
Dragoneyerakib: tar xf xf86-video-intel-2.99.917.tar.gz16:32
SzateXHi. I have problem. I have Intel HD Audio sound card. And I need to set something like: "Seperate all inputs jack as independent input devices" (option from Windows).16:32
Dragoneyerakib: cd xf86-video-intel-2.99.91716:32
Dragoneyerakib: ./configure && make && sudo make install16:33
ikoniado not do that16:33
ikoniathat is the worst possible think you can do16:33
ikoniarakib: do not do this16:33
Dragoneyerakib: listen to ikonia..16:34
Dragoneyerakib: taken from this: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads16:34
scootergrisenOk but if i have version 47, then should the system setting not get language files for the version instead of getting language files for 50.16:34
ioriathat is a lethal weapon16:34
ikoniado not blindly install thinks, do not even more blindly type configure and make install16:34
ikoniathings even16:34
Speirosscootergrisen If your version is lower, it won't be able to accept the files which you need.16:35
Dragoneyerakib: ikonia will help you furter on installing intel driver ...16:35
ikoniaintel is supported out of the box on ubuntu16:35
ikoniayou shouldn't need to install anything16:35
ioriascootergrisen,  apt-cache policy firefox-locale-da16:35
Dragoneyeikonia: tell that to rakib16:35
ikoniaDragoneye: you're the one telling him to install things and blindly do configure make install16:36
Dragoneyeikonia: how else are you gonna compile and install open source software on linux?16:36
rakibikonia: hello, how can i install that....16:36
ikoniaDragoneye: a.) why does he need that b.) to compile you do not blindly type configure and make install16:37
ikoniarakib: why do you want to install that ?16:37
scootergrisenSays both 50.1 for installed and candidate but im upgrading now so dont know if it changed16:37
Dragoneyeikonia: blindly?16:37
ikoniaDragoneye: yes16:37
jowatextraMonkeyDust, more like in QT4 designer16:37
ioriascootergrisen,  rule of thunb, please put the nicknmae of the person you're talking to, or your msg will be lost16:38
scootergrisenSpeiros should it not just the correct version? if i have firefox 47 it should get language pack 47 and if i have fireox 50.1 it should get language pack 50.116:38
Dragoneyeikonia: no comment16:38
Speirosscootergrisen No, it doesn't necessarily work like that.16:38
rakibikonia: my system is not starting in gui mode, it say an error,"my system is running in low graphics" mode for that......16:39
Speirosscootergrisen If they developed the language pack only in version 50, there is no way you will find a version 4716:39
ikoniarakib: ok - so why do you want to install that package16:39
scootergrisenSpeiros on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/ there are multiple versions16:39
SzateXEHi. I have problem. I have Intel HD Audio sound card. And I need to set something like: "Seperate all inputs jack as independent input devices" (option from Windows). Because i nned to turn of my buli-in microfone, not from headphones16:40
rakibfor fixed this problm, i get this suggesion from Dragoneye brother......say him16:40
scootergrisenSpeiros but like to sayd before i get two 404 errors the first times i tried to change language in system setting. Like it was trying to find the correct version to start with16:40
ikoniaDragoneye: what is the actual problem with his current xorg driver ?16:40
scootergrisenSpeiros maybe i can find those errors in the logs16:41
Speirosscootergrisen I see what you mean.16:42
lodearitSpeiros: what is your question16:42
Speirosscootergrisen Still, why would not upgrading help?16:42
lodearitalthough i am new, but can see16:42
SpeirosHi lodearit.  Not me mate:)16:42
lodearithow do i install terminus font ?16:42
rakibikonia: Dragoneye: it is not installed..............16:42
lodearitanyone knows?16:42
scootergrisenSpeiros I just want to test Ubuntu and make it work well in my language so people dont have problems16:43
lodearitwhich package is it?16:43
Dragoneyeikonia: I am out!16:43
SpeirosDragoneye ...16:43
SpeirosHang on mate.16:43
ikoniaDragoneye: thats fine but whats the actual problem16:43
SpeirosDragoneye We all have differences of opinion.16:43
ioriascootergrisen,  you should look for available versions in your repos , not in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool. if you look in repos for ff 47, you won't find it.16:44
predator8bitanyone using gpodder? I'm using the appimage version and everything works fine for me but when I tried it on my brothers computer I wasn't able to stream the podcasts, the option to do so was greyed out16:44
* Dragoneye will hang in here ...16:44
Speirosdragoneye Once the issue is resolved, things will settle.  Ride it out, as your input is valuable.16:44
DragoneyeSperios: tnx :-)16:45
lodearitwhich pkg is for terminus/16:45
scootergrisenioria that was just the beginning of the addess that system settings gave me when i changed the language. I got two 404 errors with that addres with files it could not find16:45
ikoniaDragoneye: you've told him to install something to fix it, so based on that I'm assuming you know what the actual problem is16:45
lodeariti'd like to use xterm with terminus fonts16:45
ikoniait would be really helpful if you could share what the problem is to save time16:45
Speirosscootergrisen Yes, I do see.  To upgrade your firefox though is a button click, under the firefox help and troubleshooting...at least in English.16:45
ioriascootergrisen,  so also your ff  lang pkg has been updated to 50, but still had 47 installed16:46
Dragoneyeikonia: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads16:46
ikoniaDragoneye: thats a download page16:46
Speiroslodearit, there is a way to see it, as last upload I had many fonts...16:46
ioriascootergrisen,  then, you got the error16:46
Dragoneyeikonia: from  http://www.howtogeek.com/242045/how-to-get-the-latest-nvidia-amd-or-intel-graphics-drivers-on-ubuntu/16:46
ikoniaDragoneye: I"m asking you what the problem is, you've told him to install something and replace the ubuntu package to fix his problem, you must have an idea what the problem is to make that suggestion16:46
ikoniaDragoneye: I'm not asking how to get the latest16:46
ikoniaI'm asking why you're suggesting he get the latest16:47
ducasselodearit: xfonts-terminus16:47
ikoniaeg: what's wrong with the ubuntu shipped version16:47
Speirosah, cool ducasse:)16:47
SpeirosDragoneye np mate:)16:47
ioriascootergrisen, another rule of thumb: before install anything , update your system16:48
Dragoneyeikonia: If you scroll up you'll find the discussion we had and the problem he had. so no need for me to repeat .16:48
lodearithow to configure xterm terminal?16:48
ikoniaDragoneye: I saw the problem, but for you to suggest the swap out of drivers, you must have an idea what the problem is16:48
Dragoneyeikonia: s/had/has/16:48
ikoniaDragoneye: I didn't see anything in the scroll up suggesting what the problem was16:48
scootergrisenioria i did check to upgrade during install but maybe that does not update everything16:48
ducasselodearit: http://how-to.wikia.com/wiki/How_to_configure_xterm16:49
Speirosrakib> hello, i have a problem, when i run this command "sudo apt upgrade" after complete reboot my pc & then it say, my system in low graphics mode...... in a blank screen16:50
ioriascootergrisen,  in terminal run the command i gave you (update, full-upgrade) and you'll be likely be fine16:50
SpeirosSorry, a cut and paste ther for you ikonia:)16:50
ikoniaSpeiros: thats the symptoms,16:50
Mozammelhi, I'm trying to open lollypop after install it from PPA , but  howing error "Lollypop isn't designed to work without an unicode locale. Please fix your system." anyone have any idea ? terminal out put is here http://pastebin.com/pQ9LxLGg and screenshot is here http://picpaste.com/Error_002-RQtoiDMb.png16:50
lanahi another thing, i always see a red triangle on taskbar saying that my repository information is out of date???16:50
scootergrisenioria its upgrading now16:50
Mozammelusing ubuntu 16.10, unity16:50
rakibikonia: my problem is, when i start my pc then it show me an error, "The system is runing in low graphics mode" bellow this line "your screen, graphics card, input device could not configure corectly"16:50
ioriascootergrisen,  ok16:50
ikoniaSpeiros: what's the problem - for an upgrade to an external package to be made it must be known that a.) the intel version shipped with ubuntu is the problem b.) what the problem actually is and that the upgrade will fix it16:50
rakibSpeiros: yaah, same problem.....16:50
ikoniarakib: has anyone told you to look at the logs yet16:50
Speirosikonia There's the information, and it's good that you have another way of drawing the problem out from others by questioning.16:51
ikoniarakib: no no debugging has been done - you've just been blindly told to upgrade the package to an external version and compile....16:51
ikoniathis is not good16:51
ikoniarakib: does Xorg actually try to start and fail ?16:51
ikoniarakib: if so there should be an xorg log in /var/log16:52
helucaGood afternoon, any ideas what causes all video/audio to play in very slow motion (all applications), Ubuntu 16.04, Intel NUC w/Integrated Intel graphics, HDMI monitor?  Rebooting worked last time, but not today.16:52
ikoniarakib: reading that log will give us a clue as to what the failure is, and therefore how to resolve it16:52
rakibikonia: ok, plz wait16:52
zhou_xingyuhi ,if I want to mount a 100G to /home/Documents/ can I do it?16:53
ikoniazhou_xingyu: sure16:53
scootergrisenCan i start the Ubuntu live image using a specific translation?16:53
zhou_xingyuikonia, sudo mount /dev/sda7 /home/Documents/16:53
zhou_xingyumount: mount point /home/Documents/ does not exist16:53
ikonia /home seems an odd place as it's normally /home/$username16:53
ikoniazhou_xingyu: right, you need to make the directory to mount it on16:53
zhou_xingyuthank you16:54
ikoniazhou_xingyu: /home/Documents will never exist because /home normally contains users home directory, eg: /home/zhou16:54
Dragoneyerakib: grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:54
zhou_xingyuikonia, thank you, I will try it16:54
zhou_xingyuikonia, mount: unknown filesystem type 'zfs_member'16:55
zhou_xingyuI just creat a zfs pool16:55
ikoniazhou_xingyu: do you have zfs support on your system16:55
zhou_xingyuIt seems something get wrong16:55
zhou_xingyuyes,I install the zfs,ubuntu16.0416:55
ducassezhou_xingyu: zfs filesystems are not mounted with the mount command16:56
ikoniazhou_xingyu: so you know you don't just "mount"16:56
ikoniayou zfs set16:56
ikoniaand set the mount point16:56
ikoniaand it will automount16:56
zhou_xingyuikonia, can you show me some web or guides?16:56
zhou_xingyuikonia, thank you16:56
ikoniazhou_xingyu: you need to know this sort of basic stuff before using zfs16:57
Speirosikonia, It's great to get assistance, but still, how is a person asking to upgrade not equivalent to getting the latest upgrade?16:57
rakibDragoneye: this is, (WW) warning , (EE) error, not implemented, (??) unknown16:57
akikikonia: does that work the same way in linux?16:57
ikoniaSpeiros: they shouldn't16:57
zhou_xingyuikonia, thank you,I will google it16:57
ikoniaakik: does what work the same way (sorry - missed the context)16:57
rakibikonia: this is, (WW) warning , (EE) error, not implemented, (??) unknown, say Dragoneye16:57
Dragoneyerakib: no errors in logfile...16:57
akikikonia: the zfs set16:57
ikoniaakik: yes,16:57
ikoniarakib: can you pastebin your log file please16:58
ikonialets see what's actually happening16:58
SpeirosShouldn't get the latest upgrade you mean, or shouldn't help them do it as the problem is something else?16:58
Dragoneyeikonia: from terminal?16:58
rakibbut it's a large file & i'm in terminal, how i copy paste16:59
ikoniaDragoneye: pastebinit16:59
zhou_xingyuikonia, oh,I find it16:59
Dragoneyeikonia: not to me, help him ;-)16:59
zhou_xingyuikonia, thank you16:59
ikoniaSpeiros: shouldn't blindly get the latest upgrade - ubuntu should provide the package if it's "ready" and supported b.) I don't think an upgrade will help yet - but I don't have the context of the problem as it appears no one has done any debugging and just blindly suggested a dangerous upgrade17:00
ikoniaDragoneye: you asked,17:00
gtozziSo, I've just upgraded to 16.10 and, as usual, upgrade failed. I am wondering, am i the most unlucky ubuntu user when it's about upgrades, or is it normal for the upgrade to fail?17:00
Dragoneyeikonia: no comment17:00
ikoniaDragoneye: then stop commenting with "no comment"17:01
Speirosikonia Fair enough.  Dragoneyes suggestion was specifically answering the question, but at the same time, it is better to query the "why"s.17:01
Dragoneyeikonia: that is my comment17:01
ioriagtozzi, upgraded from what ? 16.04 ?17:01
rakibikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2375871617:01
ikoniaDragoneye: ithen stop with it please17:01
OverCoderso my phone has that MTP over wifi feature17:01
OverCoderI used to use that on Windows17:01
gtozziioria: yep17:01
ikoniarakib: ok - so there are problems here17:02
OverCoderI basically hook my phone to my PC via USB, it authenticates, and then I can access my phone through Wi-Fi as if it was plugged in17:02
ikoniarakib: a.) you're using kodi ?17:02
OverCoderwhat can I do for Ubuntu?17:02
Dragoneyeikonia: no humor? :-D17:02
ikoniarakib: lok at the paths in that start up17:02
ikoniarakib: you're using android as a display setup17:02
ioriagtozzi,  cat /etc/issue17:02
ikoniarakib: this isn't ubuntu is it ?17:02
rakibyes it ubuntu17:02
ikoniarakib: what device is this17:03
ikoniarakib: what file am I looking at17:03
ikoniathat is not an xorg startup log17:03
gtozziioria: it says 16.10 now since i've manually fixed the upgrade procedure (more than once)17:03
rakibikonia: i'm install Android Studio17:03
ioriagtozzi,  uname -r ?17:04
rakibwhat device means??17:04
ikoniarakib: what is this log file17:04
gtozziioria: 4.8.0-3217:04
rakibikonia: var/log.Xorg.0.log17:04
ioriagtozzi,  and you can't login or what ?17:04
ikoniarakib: can you show me the output of "uname -a" please17:04
ikoniarakib: that is not an xorg log file17:05
gtozziioria: i am fine now. I first had to manually sove a couple of package conflicts, then uninstalla  broken package and finally re-install dkms drivers for my network card.17:05
ioriagtozzi,  oh, ok then17:05
gtozziioria: i do ont have any issue at the moment, just wondering what other poeple gets when upgrading17:06
ioriagtozzi,  i had no issues17:06
gtozziioria: i definitely am unlucky then. damn :D17:07
rexfish25I have a problem with my Ubuntu installation.17:07
Dragoneyerakib: sorry for not beeing able to resolve your problem, hope ikonia can :-) Have a great day!17:07
ioriagtozzi,  check the logs and stuff17:07
rexfish25It asks me many times to install ttf ms fonts installer17:07
rexfish25But, it doesn't download17:07
rexfish25The terminal says that the file was not found when it trys to download it from Source Forge17:08
ioriagtozzi,  /var/log/dist-upgrade17:08
rakibikonia: Linux Saifullah 4.4.0-57-generic #78-ubuntu .............  x86_64 GNU/Linux17:08
RonaldsMazitisI have problem running NFS MW on wine ubuntu 16.04 using updated drivers from https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers17:08
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 42150 in -unknown "Need for Speed Most Wanted: screen upside down on speeding of the car." [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:08
ikoniarakib: thaen what's this ? Kodi compiled Apr 24 2016 by GCC 4.8.0 for Android ARM 32-bit API level 17 (API level 17)17:08
RonaldsMazitiswine guys don't know why I have this issue17:08
gtozziioria: lol i have subfolders dating back to 2011 there :D17:09
rakibDragoneye: that not a problem, you tried...... :) have a good day.......17:09
ikoniarakib: the logs you are showing me, do not match the situation you are telling me you are in17:09
ioriagtozzi,  old user, uh ? :þ17:09
rakibikonia: wait, i try again17:09
ioriagtozzi,  check also df -H   for any space issues17:10
rakibikonia: paste.ubuntu.com/23758901/17:10
gtozziioria: well, i had a couple of packages trying to overwrite eachother17:11
ioriagtozzi,  which are ?17:11
gtozziioria: it looks like it has not been logged17:11
ikoniarakib: ok, looks like the Xorg server is actually starting up, what's erroring is whatever your desktop config is17:11
ikoniarakib: which looking at your other log file - you have a LOT of miss-configuration17:11
gtozziioria: it only logged the first apt run17:12
gtozziioria: there, i had issues with mysql server dependencies.17:12
ikoniarakib: I'm guessing you don't actually have a technical problem, based on what you've shown me it looks like you just have a LOT of config problems on your desktop setup17:12
fgdgfhello to all :)17:12
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 42150 in -unknown "Need for Speed Most Wanted: screen upside down on speeding of the car." [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:13
RonaldsMazitisI am trying to fix bug in NFSMW with wine, for all manking17:13
SpeirosHi fgdgf17:13
ioriagtozzi,  if you have any ppa installed, i'd give those a look and  in general read this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YakketyYak/ReleaseNotes17:14
ducasse!wine | RonaldsMazitis17:14
ubottuRonaldsMazitis: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu17:14
rakibikonia: sorry for left, please say again for me.....17:15
gtozziioria: thanks :)17:15
ioriagtozzi,  no prob17:15
rakibikonia: how can i resolve this issue17:16
rakibikonia: hello...........17:17
Speirosrakib ikonia mentioned you had a few problems on your desktop setup.17:18
Jgamer2040I need help. I am trying to solve this problem for literally like 6 hours.17:18
ducasse!ask | Jgamer204017:19
ubottuJgamer2040: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:19
Dragoneyerakib: mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bck; service lightdm restart17:19
ikoniarakib: you really ned to look at the config of what's being launched17:19
ikoniarakib: if you look at the actual xorg startup log for xorg, it's actually very clean17:19
linuxnoob92hey, its me, the guy that couldnt get grub to work. i fixed that problem with boot-repair, but now my grub freezes after some seconds so i cant even switch between ubuntu/windows, is there a known fix for that? ubuntu 16.04.117:19
ducasseDragoneye: why? his xorg is fine.17:19
SpeirosJgamer2040 What is the problem?17:20
Jgamer2040I can't install Ubuntu nor Linux Mint on USB, I get lots of errors, 2 of them being unknown chipset others something saying about USB and a couple of others. After that PC just freezes... Any help?17:20
ikoniaDragoneye: could you please stop suggesting random things - do the debug and make an educated suggestion please, but stop with just random stuff17:20
Dragoneyeducasse: tought he was in terminal17:20
ikoniarakib: can you confirm something for me - when you boot ubuntu, do you get a login screen17:21
rakibikonia: no, i can't see login screen17:21
SpeirosJgamer2040 I personally haven't had success with Ubuntu on USB, so I'm not best to help with this one, but someone will be able to help :)17:22
Dragoneyerakib: are you still in terminal mode?17:22
ikoniarakib: ok, so it boots, and then drops back to a login prompt on the shell ?17:22
rakibDragoneye: hmmmm, in terminal17:22
Dragoneyerakib: ok17:22
ioriaJgamer2040, how did you do the usb stick ? with what software ?17:22
rakibikonia: no after say this error then i press, ctrl+alt+f1 then login17:23
ioriaJgamer2040, can you get the main menu ? try ubuntu, install ubuntu etc. etc.17:23
ikoniarakib: so again your logs are not talling up with what you are telling me17:23
ikoniarakib: earlier on your said your kernel was Linux Saifullah 4.4.0-57-generic #78-ubunt17:23
ikoniarakib: howeer that log file shows your boot argument to be vmlinuz-4.4.0-31-generic17:23
ioriaJgamer2040, from there you can check the integrity of the media, if you want ... but what happens when you select 'install ubuntu' ?17:24
ikoniarakib: your logs don't match what you are telling us17:24
Jgamer2040Lots of errors.17:24
wiggmpkHow would I go about changing my ecryptfs passphrase setup at first login for an encrypted /home direcotyr?17:24
ioriaJgamer2040, ok, do you have an nvidia card ?17:24
rakibikonia: but i see this.....after uname -a17:24
Dragoneyeikonia: whats wrong with you? Should'nt we try to solve his issue, or do you have a craving for atacking me?17:25
Jgamer20402x Strix 107017:25
ikoniaDragoneye: not at all, I just would like you to stop having random guesses with no basis, making changes like you are suggesting for no reason can do more damage17:25
ioriaJgamer2040,  try to disable secure boot17:25
Dragoneyeikonia: like I find a solution out of the air?17:26
Jgamer2040I will but could you suggest mobile app for IRC?17:26
ikoniaDragoneye: yes17:26
Dragoneyeikonia: nice!17:26
elias_hello world17:26
ioriaJgamer2040,  i don't even know if that thing is supported by nouveau17:26
Speiros*puts head down, gets a cup of tea, comes back, sighs, then gets back into it.17:27
rakibDragoneye: /etc/X11/xorg.conf have no file but have a xorg.conf.failsafe file17:27
ikoniathere should be no xorg.conf file17:27
ikoniaunless you've manually created one17:27
Jgamer2040OK, I have one PC here, and I kinda need a program. And yes, IRC is supported on mobile phones/tablets.17:27
rakibikonia: hmmmm17:27
ikoniahence why "just randomly guessing" at solutions will not help17:27
ioriaJgamer2040,  yes, it is17:27
rakibbut how i resolve it....plz say17:28
ikoniarakib: so if you reboot and login to ubuntu, what do you get, do you get a desktop (if you're not doing alt+f1)17:28
efloidhi i want to set up a VM.  i'm kind of out of touch with what is the lastest, best way to do it.17:28
* Dragoneye hint taken17:28
ioriaJgamer2040,  you may need nomodeset or nouveau.modeset=0   to proceed17:29
efloidi have read about kubernentes and docker and _____ ?17:29
Dragoneyeikonia: if you read the full story he did that.17:29
ikoniaDragoneye: he did what ?17:30
Jgamer2040ioria, I am a complete newbie in Linux, I do not know what are you talking about, sadly.17:30
ducasse!kvm | efloid17:30
ubottuefloid: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM17:30
rakibi have not get any login desktop...............after reboot my pc17:30
Dragoneyeikonia: wait for it....17:30
ikoniaDragoneye: he did what ?17:30
ikoniaDragoneye: can you please stop playing silly games, I'm asking you a direct question as you are suggesting you have information that may be of use17:31
ioriaJgamer2040,  basically you can edit the line that will pass parameters to the kernel... you may have an F6 option at bottom17:31
Dragoneyeikonia: as the transcript says17:31
Jgamer2040Wait a minute, please. I am setting up IRC on my tablet.17:31
efloidducasse: what about lxd?17:31
ikoniaDragoneye: clearly I've not seen what you are talking about, or I wouldn't be asking, so could you please clarify17:32
ducasseefloid: containers, not virtualization17:32
ioriaJgamer2040,  get to the main menu , press F6 and select 'nomodeset'17:32
scootergrisenHow do i show all installed GUI programs in Ubuntu?17:32
scootergrisenWithout having to type something so show the onces conatining that which i type17:33
Dragoneyeikonia: you are a strange dude.  As you read in the begining you se what enfolds.17:33
SpeirosDragoneye ikonia might not have the transcript mate.17:33
rakibfealing bore...... ikonia Dragoneye17:33
efloidducasse: it's not the same?17:33
SpeirosDragoneye It has settings for how long it is and other factors.17:33
DragoneyeSperios: ok17:33
ikoniaDragoneye: I've clearly not seen what you are referencing, so please, tell me what you're referencing17:33
HexaChopThere we go.17:33
ducasseefloid: no.17:33
ioriascootergrisen, only gui apps ?17:34
HexaChopCould you please remind me of what should I do?17:34
efloidducasse: which one is better?  container or vm?17:34
wiggmpkIf I am using an ecryptfs home directory, would my swap partition naturally be encrypted as shown in /etc/fstab?17:34
ducasseefloid: depends on what you are using it for17:34
scootergrisenioria yeah like i click the icon in top left corner to search for apps but i can't seem them untill i type something17:35
Dragoneyeikonia: ok, did not cover this envelop of history. sorry :-)  We Will se when he recover from his reboot17:35
scootergrisenioria but if i type "a" i will only see the once with "a" in them17:35
ioriascootergrisen, i don't use it but in Ubuntu Software Centre  you can select 'Installed'17:35
lodearitwhy i don't have iptables?17:35
scootergrisenioria yeah ok. What do you use?17:36
lodearitin /etc and also iptables.service even though ufw is active17:36
rakibDragoneye: what can i do?17:36
efloidducasse: i want to run a web server in an isolated environment for security on a server.  i also want to run windows in a container for using photoshop.17:36
squintyscootergrisen, click on icon on left corner -> click on the icon next to the house icon17:36
rakibikonia: what can i do?17:36
ioriascootergrisen,  dpkg -l  (but it lists all pkgs , not only gui) or synaptic17:36
ducasseefloid: you can't run windows in a container, you need a vm for that17:36
efloidducasse: ok17:37
HexaChopI wonder if you noticed my message.17:37
Speirosrakib What does it say when you reboot and login?  Do you remember what the message is, or what happens?17:37
efloidducasse: what about a lamp stack?  should i run everything in one container?  or separate container for each component?17:37
Speirosrakib I don't know if you're meant to try it or not, so don't unless someone else promts you to.17:37
scootergrisenioria thanks i thought i tried before but maybe it was just slow17:38
Dragoneyerakib: Do you have data files on the computer you would like to have?17:38
lodearitducase do you know my question, what of iptables ?17:38
lodearitin ubuntu?17:38
rakibSpeiros: i can't get login screen17:38
ioriascootergrisen,  ok17:38
lodearitthere is no such service?17:38
ducasseefloid: again, that depends :) you really should read up on these technologies to determine what to use17:38
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Speirosrakib Ok.17:38
Bashing-omHexaChop: Context ? To whom are you addressing your query ?17:38
efloidducasse: also, just kvm from the command-line or is there some nice management software that is recommended?17:38
squintyscootergrisen,  might also have to click on Installed -> see more results17:38
ducasseefloid: virt-manager or kimchi17:39
HexaChopioria I think.17:39
efloidducasse: i will search for setting up lamp stack with containers17:39
efloidducasse: thanks very much!17:39
ioriaHexaChop, me ?17:39
ducasseefloid: np17:39
rakibDragoneye: yaah, i'm reinstall it ..... 5 hour ago17:39
HexaChopYeah, we were trying to solve not installing issue?17:40
Dragoneyerakib: so no  :-)17:40
rakibDragoneye: my pendrive is already bootable noww..........17:40
HexaChopCorrect me if I am mistaken, of course.17:40
ioriaHexaChop, ok, nvidia 1070 ?17:40
HexaChop2x Strix 1070 NVIDIAs17:40
ioriaHexaChop, yes, F6 and select nomodeset17:40
lasersaberwhy do i have a 'core' file in my home directory?17:41
ioriaHexaChop,  after disabling secure boot17:41
HexaChopWhere should I hit f6?17:41
ducasselasersaber: something crashed and dumped core17:41
lodearitis anyone really smart enough to know why there is no iptables.service here ?17:41
lodearitis anyone really smart enough to know why there is no iptables.service here ?17:41
Speirosrakib So just a recap...is the no-login screen the problem you asked about, or something else?17:41
ioriaHexaChop,  look at bottom (and please insert the name of the persn you're talinkg to)17:41
lasersaberducasse, ok, i can't seem to be able to open the file for inspection17:41
HexaChopioria, sure.17:42
rakibSpeiros: no, i ask about my error......17:42
ioriaHexaChop,  do you see F6 ?17:42
lasersaberthe file is 512 mb in size17:42
HexaChopI am in GRUB, no.17:42
tomreynlasersaber: those are binary memory dumps, created when an application crashed. it can be used with a debugger such as gdb and so-called debugging symbols to get a better idea of why a software crashed.17:42
Speirosrakib Ok.  So you reload your ubuntu, then you go to low-graphics mode with that error message?17:43
tomreynlasersaber: it is not meant to be inspected with a text editor17:43
ioriaHexaChop,  do you see at the bottom of the screen ?17:43
lasersabertomreyn, ok thanks17:43
rakibSpeiros: how?17:43
Dragoneyerakib: All my solutions did not work. The last one got stopped by ikonia so i got no more solution to you than reinstall, but after upgrade the problem will reacure.17:43
Speirosrakib Sorry, I'm asking, not telling.17:43
ducasselodearit: there is no iptables.service17:43
tomreynlasersaber: since you're probably not going to do the debugging on it, you could as well delete the file17:43
Speirosrakib That is the problem?17:43
HexaChopioria,  no, there os no F6 stating anywhere. I am installing Linux Mint by the way. I dod try Ubuntu before but I don't have it anymore. It should be similar, right?17:44
lasersabertomreyn, thanks; i'll just delete it then17:44
rakibSpeiros: sorry, yaah17:44
lodearitducasse: thenn how do i use iptables at all?17:44
Speirosrakib All good mate.17:44
ducasselodearit: read the docs?17:44
tomreynlasersaber: in case you want to read on this stuff, use the 'man core' command.17:44
ioriaHexaChop,  well, this is the Ubuntu support channel :þ17:44
SpeirosDragoneye What part of the solution were you addressing?17:45
tomreynlodearit: man iptables17:45
rakibDragoneye: but this software is not installed17:45
HexaChopIoria, any Mint support channels?17:45
ioriaHexaChop,  sure17:45
rakibSpeiros: you meen, Ubuntu Mate17:45
ducasse!mint | HexaChop17:45
ubottuHexaChop: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:45
tomreyn!mint | HexaChop17:45
Speirosrakib lol, yeah mate:)17:45
lodearitthere is no use when there is no such service, but which docs are you talking ducase  i will read them17:45
ducasselodearit: also read the man pages for iptables-save and iptables-restore17:46
ioriaHexaChop,  https://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1217:46
Speirosrakib Do you actually mean Ubuntu Mate?  Oh, see I don't even know the terminologies of what is used or not.17:46
ducasselodearit: of course there is a point, it does not need a .service file17:46
Speirosrakib I'm from Australia...that's my excuse:D17:46
HexaChopThanks everybody.17:46
rakibSpeiros: but i like, ubuntu only17:47
lodearitducase ok i know them but there is no /etc/iptables ?17:47
ioriaHexaChop,  or  #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:47
ducasselodearit: no, there isn't17:47
HexaChopThank You once again.17:47
lodearitthen how do i enable iptables on boot , if there is no such service, that's strange17:47
ioriayou're welcome17:48
Speirosrakib Well, both Dragoneye and ikonia have skills that seem to be addressing your problem, although it seems that the problem isn't clear 100%.17:48
SpeirosWhat is the difference between Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate, and is this able to be addressed?17:48
ff__anyone here is using phone with Hardware Keyboard?17:49
ducasseSpeiros: the desktop environment17:49
rakibSpeiros: nothing, but i have not any updated iso of ubuntu mate17:49
Speirosducasse I see.  Does it differ in the perspective of this blank screen opening in Low source mode?17:49
tomreyn!phone | ff__17:50
ubottuff__: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:50
ducasseSpeiros: probably not, that sounds like a driver thing.17:50
Speirosducasse Ok, thanks.17:50
SpeirosDragoneye What part of the issue above were you addressing initially?17:51
tomreynff__: if your question wasn't related to ubuntu phone / tablet / touch, it's OT on this ubuntu support channel, too (but you could discuss it in #ubuntu-offtopic).17:51
ff__thx, ubottu, I check it17:51
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 42150 in -unknown "Need for Speed Most Wanted: screen upside down on speeding of the car." [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:52
RonaldsMazitisthis is reall issue, somebody must know how to fix that17:52
ducasseRonaldsMazitis: try #winehq17:52
RonaldsMazitisducasse: they don't know17:53
Preguntatorhello, i am using ubuntu 16.04 with a gps garmin device. everything works fine except that i must use it as root.17:53
Preguntatori had an udev rule in ubuntu 14.04 to use it as a normal user but it does not work in 16.04.17:53
ducasseRonaldsMazitis: it's a wine issue, so they are the people you need to talk to. this channel does not do wine application support.17:54
rakibgood byee..................17:54
DragoneyeSpeiros: Tried everything the net gave me. The latest solution got stopped.17:54
AmaraHow to do I reset a systemd timer?17:54
Preguntatorcoulkd anybody guide me? Has something changed in udev or the way of managing devices?17:54
SpeirosDragoneye Ok, but you were attempting to add the graphics card?17:54
DragoneyeIn the last article there was a solution .17:55
SpeirosDragoneye, okay, hang on one minute...17:55
Speirosikonia What are the risks associated with the graphics card being changed the way that Dragoneye was suggesting?17:56
=== chrmhoffmann_ is now known as chrmhoffmann
DragoneyeSperios: http://www.howtogeek.com/242045/how-to-get-the-latest-nvidia-amd-or-intel-graphics-drivers-on-ubuntu/17:58
SpeirosDragoneye Thanks mate:)  I'm just trying to amalgamate all the thoughts, so that there is an amicable solution.17:58
DragoneyeSpeiros: http://www.howtogeek.com/242045/how-to-get-the-latest-nvidia-amd-or-intel-graphics-drivers-on-ubuntu/17:58
DragoneyeSpeiros: ok m8 :-D17:59
SpeirosGoing back up the text, I've copied a section of the suggestions where the discrepancy arrived.  Can anybody please look and see if there is any reason this is no good?18:01
SpeirosDragoneye, are you okay if I paste it?18:01
ikoniaSpeiros: the risks are that it will put files in place that conflict with the ubuntu packages, cause problems with the package manager and cause problems with the compatability with kernel upgrades18:01
SpeirosThanks ikonia:)18:01
DragoneyeSpeiros: np18:01
ikoniaunless you understand the problem and KNOW the problem is with the intel xorg component you should not even be discussing it18:01
ikoniaand so far I'm seeing nothing wrong with with intel component based on the logs and info being shared18:02
SpeirosOkay, cool.  Here's where things were up to.  Let's break it down and see if we can work through it.18:02
Speirosrakib: tar xf xf86-video-intel-2.99.917.tar.gz18:02
Speiros<SzateX> Hi. I have problem. I have Intel HD Audio sound card. And I need to set something like: "Seperate all inputs jack as independent input devices" (option from Windows).18:02
Speiros<Dragoneye> rakib: cd xf86-video-intel-2.99.91718:02
Speiros* dv_ has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)18:02
Speiros* dv_ (~quassel@62-178-118-86.cable.dynamic.surfer.at) has joined #ubuntu18:02
SzateXSpeiros: ?18:03
ikoniahe's gone anyway18:03
SpeirosThaks Drone`18:04
SpeirosThanks I mean.18:04
SpeirosSo rakib.  Dragoneye and ikonia had some good information regarding your problem, and both of them have different views.  It appears there may be more to it than meets the eye, but hopefully we can work through it.18:06
ducasseSpeiros: if you're talking about rakib's problem, he left so it's rather academic now18:06
Speirosducasse Oh, I didn't realise.18:06
Alessiowhat are you talking about?!?!?18:06
lodearitshall i use /etc/init/ to see ssh status? or systemctl or update-rc.d ?18:10
UnixUserselamat malam18:10
lodearitwhich are depracated and whicch are best to use18:10
ducasselodearit: which ubuntu version?18:10
ducasselodearit: systemctl, then18:11
SpeirosSelamat malam UnixUser Is all good?18:12
lodearitand which is the second best and compatible/? /etc/init ?18:12
alkisgservice ssh status18:12
lodeariti think update-rc.d is depracated but not sure.18:13
alkisgupdate-rc does  not show the status, it enables/disables services on boot18:13
lodearitbut in the manual it's not mentioned for some reason if it's depracated18:17
=== shuduo_ is now known as shuduo
fundI want to use pen drive as old os system image backup and new os bootable drive both; is it possible?18:19
lodearithere /etc/init.d/ssh is mentioned but i see there is no such file or even service?18:19
lodearitopenssh is installed by default on ubuntu18:20
k1llodearit: that is a very old howto. ubuntu uses systemd now18:20
lodearitok maybe it's openssh-server not openssh18:20
lodearithow do i list files owned by a package? and which package owns the file X ?18:22
lodearitsay ifconfig is owned by net-tools i think, so how'd apt tell me that18:23
k1ldpkg -L18:23
arunpyasiHello people, can I ask something about tightvncserver ?18:23
ducasselodearit: 'dpkg -S /usr/bin/whatever' will tell you the package it belongs to18:23
=== zel is now known as Guest14999
alkisgarunpyasi: go ahead18:24
k1llodearit: look at /etc/init/18:24
lodearitk1l for whatt/18:25
k1llodearit: you said you want to see the start unit for ssh?18:25
energizerIs it possible to install an apt package for just one user ?18:25
arunpyasialkisg, I needed to deploy multiple servers of tightvncserver and had cloned them but I am having issue, I get connection failed: Too many connection failures.. And I need to restart the servers to make the login work.18:26
lodearityeah it's not there18:26
arunpyasiHow can I avoid and fix them ?18:26
Speirosenergizer If you're root, you can download it, but not sure about how to stop other users from using it, or more specifically,how to allow some to and others not to.18:27
alkisgarunpyasi: I don't know, I'm not using tightvncserver, but wait and see if someone does know.18:27
arunpyasialkisg, ok..18:28
arunpyasialkisg, do you know if there is tightvncserver irc channel ?18:28
ducasse!alis | arunpyasi18:28
ubottuarunpyasi: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:28
arunpyasiok, there is none I think18:32
ubottuaquila: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:33
Speirosenergizer, I had a look on the wiki and couldn't find anything specific, but here's a link anyway...coming...18:33
bivoTrying to get Nestopia to play anything , it crashes on loading a rom, ran it from a terminal http://pastebin.com/xaCh3Ua7 looks like something about the GLX context, but I'm running an i5 m560 so completely OSS drivers.18:33
Speirosenergizer, There seems to be something under the phone app info, but there are a few entries on there.18:35
mrpandawindows and linux don´t seem to be friends18:35
mrpandawhat is proper way for format an usb stick ??18:36
mrpandafat 32 should be good for both ?18:36
SpeirosWhat are you going to use it for mrpanda?18:36
mrpandai try to install lubuntu on this pc18:36
mrpandai made iso on other laptop with linux18:36
SpeirosI see.  And windows too?18:36
mrpandathis runs 1018:36
mrpandabut i prefer ubuntu18:36
SpeirosYep.  do you want the windows 10 on the USB too?18:37
mrpandanope nope18:37
mrpandafor god sake18:37
mrpanda95 was alright :D18:37
mrpandahere i try to format windows doesn´t see well18:38
SpeirosI believe the fat32 is good for the USB stick, but for an external HDD I use xt418:38
SpeirosMind you, my advice is outdated by about 8 years...7 maybe.18:38
mrpandanstf ?18:38
zack263i run win10 on hard drive and ZorinOS on a usb18:38
zack263then i can flip back and forth18:38
wiggmpkmrpanda: are you simply just trying to use a USB flash drive with both Ubuntu and Windows?18:38
lodearitwhen i do iptables -S from which file does it fetch the data?18:38
SpeirosNo, not suitable, from my understanding.  Only for windows.18:39
lodearitanyone knows18:39
mrpandajust ubuntu18:39
mrpandaformatted it with lunix18:39
k1lmrpanda: the standard for usb pendrives is fat. because that can be used by most OS18:39
mrpandatried to install here18:39
mrpandabut strange things happen.18:39
thereyouareanyone knows free dnstunnel services ? so I can have free internet ?18:39
mrpandaok fat it is :D18:39
wiggmpkmrpanda: are you trying to run a LiveUSB or just using it to swap files around?18:39
mrpandawanna install ubuntu on this pc18:39
mrpandawith usb stick-iso file18:39
zack263i got a video.. on showing how to install ubuntu18:40
zack263if u want it18:40
mrpandasure :D18:40
wiggmpkmrpanda: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows18:40
zack263k let me get the link18:40
wiggmpkmrpanda: should get you going18:40
lasersaberthereyouare, http://bfy.tw/9Kx518:41
mrpandais true linux don´t need a virus scanner ?18:41
ducasse!virus | mrpanda18:41
ubottumrpanda: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus18:41
mrpandathanks :)18:41
Speirosmrpanda yes.  You can still install a free firewall that comes with it in the terminal18:41
SpeirosWhen you get it downloaded onto your computer, it can be enabled by a terminal command.18:42
thereyouare"Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux", is that what you teach all ubuntu newcomers ?18:44
=== Arab_Aspie is now known as RandomRandom
zack263How To Install Ubuntu (good part around 14 minutes) although it is an older video its good - https://youtu.be/kL4DG31tgRM18:44
ikoniayou don't really need a video18:45
Sanyam__HDD or SSHD or SSD for my new Ubuntu Server ?18:45
zack263although it is an old video i think it gives good insight18:45
ikoniathe process is pretty clear18:45
ikoniaand documented on the wiki18:45
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate18:45
=== RandomRandom is now known as Arab_Aspie
Sanyam__HDD or SSHD or SSD for my new Ubuntu Server ?18:46
mrpandai prefer old technique more solid18:46
mrpandai think new hd make less sound though18:46
thereyouarewhat is SSHD ?18:47
mrpandaand a bit faster18:47
mrpandabye, thanks for info18:47
ubottufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and  http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/licensing18:47
thereyouareSanyam__: what is SSHD ?18:47
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html18:47
wiggmpkthereyouare: either a solid state disc of the ssh daemon18:47
sarkishey all - i have headphones that have a usb sound card - ubuntu sound panel is not recognizing it - when i do aplay -l i do see it listed18:48
akikthereyouare: it's a hdd with a small ssd cache18:48
sarkishey all - i'm trying to figure out why usb headphones are not accessible when ubuntu starts up (16.04)... i do see the card when i do cat /proc/asound/cards - there is a 1 [Audio  ]: USB-Audio...18:48
sarkisoops - sorry, this is Ubuntu 16.10*18:49
sarkisany ideas on how i can force ubuntu to only use this card from the start? it seems to want to default to the HDMI output - which doesn't have any speakers out18:49
sarkisi have to unplug/plug in after starting up in order for ubuntu to properly recognize it :(18:49
=== pax2you1 is now known as pax2you
thereyouareUSB headphones ? why ? can't you use 3.5mm jack headphones ?18:50
sarkisit seems like this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/769593/16-04-headphones-detected-but-not-switched-on-automatically-after-startup18:51
sarkisthereyouare: i am about to give up and just do that :D18:51
sarkisi actually have a nice sound card too18:51
thereyouareso USB headphones are actually contain soundcard, I didn't know that18:51
ducassesarkis: are you using pulseaudio?18:52
sarkisi am18:52
ducassesarkis: try selecting the output with pavucontrol or pasystray. you can also write an asoundrc to set it as alsa default, which will also affect pulse18:53
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=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
arunpyasianyone around wanna help with tightvncserver ?19:03
=== solvemetare is now known as metaresolve
wlan2|2So I'm having a problem, I try to get into a session on a ubuntu 16.04 I recently upgraded...19:07
wlan2|2tty works, lightdm seems to start trhe session, wait a moment then restart itself.19:07
Bashing-omwlan2|2: Upgrade broke a proprietary graphic's driver ? What shows from terminal ' sudo lshw -C display ' .19:09
vrlxhow do I unzip a .tar.xz file?19:12
SpacePenguintar -xJvf somefile.tar.xz19:12
SpeirosSpacePenguin Does it matter where?19:13
SpeirosI've had the same problem in the past.19:13
wlan2|2basedmars: any easy way to post it from there?19:14
wlan2|2I don't want to need ssh-server in that machine.19:14
basedmarsI think you have mistaken me with Bashing-om but okay19:16
wlan2|2basedmars: sorry, autocomplation betrayed me.19:17
HexaChopGuess who's back!19:17
SpeirosHexaChop They're not doing re-runs of Bonanza again are they?19:18
HexaChopBonanza? What in the world is that? Lol19:18
wlan2|2Bashing-om: It seems to be using the privative 'nvidia' driver, I guerss it's the correct one.19:19
SpeirosHexaChop The Cartwrights?  It's an old western series that used to be on:P19:19
basedmarsadding to his solution, I would suggest running 'sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit'19:19
HexaChopSpeiros, good for you, friend, you know'em. :D19:19
SpeirosTo be honest, it wasn't a bad show...it was on early in the mornings, about 4 or 5 am19:20
Bashing-omwlan2|2: basedmars +1 .19:20
wlan2|2Bashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23759579/19:21
HexaChopIi can't get mint to run, maybe ubuntu will work19:22
netkam2 whats the ncrusses autio player with the visualisations?19:22
SpeirosHexaChop What are you running it on?19:24
tatertotsHexaChop: your symptom follows the hardware, and your symptoms occur across multiple linux distributions.19:25
HexaChopHaven't tried ubuntu, i mixed things up, I did on my other PC.19:25
netkam2Speiros: whats the ncrusses autio player with the visualisations?19:25
Speirosnetkam2 I don't know mate.  I just tried a search for ncrusses, but didn't come up with anything, and was going to ask  you if the spelling was correct.19:26
tatertotsHexaChop: hardware>firmware(bios)>OS(operating system)>software19:26
Speirosnetkam2 And do you mean audio player?19:27
HexaChopBelieve you me, my hardware was checked a billion times, it works perfectly. Passes all the tests.19:27
tatertotsHexaChop: your symptoms occur no matter now you switch up the names of the last two, in my previous comment19:27
Bashing-omwlan2|2: checking, bear with me .19:27
tatertotsHexaChop: HUMAN>hardware>firmware(bios)>OS(operating system)>software19:28
ducasseSpeiros: he means ncurses19:28
SpeirosAh, okay.19:29
HexaChopIf ubuntu works, please, fix MINT.19:29
tatertotsHexaChop: and in such a case, bouncing back and forth between linux distro chat rooms, is in my opinion not productive. Because in the pseudo flow chart above, the liability and responsibility fall as follows19:30
tatertotsHexaChop: HUMAN>hardware>firmware(bios)>19:30
Bashing-omwlan2|2: Should have The 340.xx driver for that card . Do you ? please show ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' in a pastebin .19:30
HexaChopGood for you to be pro at linux, tastertots...19:31
nedstarkdistros aren't all configured for all platforms, even microsoft makes the mistake of thinking their OS will run on all legacy systems with thousands of hw and sw configurations.  more theory than fact19:32
HexaChopIf it actually is faulty hardware, man, I will be quite upset rather.19:32
wlan2|2Bashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23759651/19:32
tatertotsHexaChop: it's only your two hands and whats between your ears, and the support documentation of your hardware manufacture (example: hp,dell,lenovo)19:32
Speirosnetkam2  I'm not sure if this is it or not, but it shows a visualisation, and says it is ncurses:  https://github.com/karlstav/cava19:33
nedstarki've had to try 4 different distros on some older systems before 1 worked well19:33
HexaChopIt's Asus19:33
wlan2|2netkam2: Also take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/23759651/19:33
wlan2|2OH shit19:34
wlan2|2The one for netkam2 is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_on_Console19:34
Bashing-omwlan2|2: And we dont not have 340 .. try this ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . reboot to see the effect .19:34
HexaChoptatertots, who knows, maybe u hate me so much that you want me to break my PC.19:35
nedstarkbreaking pc's is the only way to learn19:36
nedstarkwill teach you a lot more than taking some class and getting a certification19:36
HexaChopThat is where you're wrong, nedstark.19:36
tatertotsHexaChop: if you have yet to even download and create then subsequently boot a ubuntu livecd/liveusb,19:37
nedstarkHexaChop, its the difference between an appliance user and a real computer hobbyist19:37
Speirosnedstark It didnt work when I was learning the guitar.  I stopped counting past 19...:D19:37
HexaChopTatertots, I already have it.19:37
wlan2|2HexaChop: then try it.19:38
HexaChopTrying it already.19:39
netkam2nedstark: lol i agree 100%19:39
arquebushello, Ive been using Ubuntu for 10 years now and there is one problem that has always bothered me about text boxes in Ubuntu, and that is that if you are highlighting something and dragging to the right, the highlight will jump over to left if you dont drag exactly in line with the text box, this happens even in things like the Firefox url address box. Anyone know how I can fix this?19:39
tatertotsHexaChop: and what is the estimated amount of time, measured in minutes, would you estimate it would take you to boot from the ubuntu install medium in which you state you are in possession of?19:39
HexaChopExact same errors.19:40
wlan2|2HexaChop: which are?19:41
HexaChopTatertots, it is not working19:41
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.19:41
HexaChophttp://m.imgur.com/gallery/9JgUx, wlan2|219:41
tatertotsHexaChop: have you now been the eye witness, that your symptoms occur across linux distributions? yes or no19:42
HexaChoptatertots I am not in a court fo these types of questions. And yes.19:42
wlan2|2HexaChop: er... Nice imgur error page.19:43
k1lHexaChop: is this a ubutu there in your paste?19:43
rumplerHello I am not sure if I am in the right room for this question, but does anyone have much experience here with making bootable clones of lvm partitions? I can wait if you all need to work one issue at a time19:43
HexaChopSomeone said something about nvidia not working with ububtu.19:44
HexaChopNo, Mint, but exact same errors.19:44
tatertotsHexaChop: HUMAN>hardware>firmware(bios)>19:44
k1lHexaChop: then please see the mint support because they handle kernel, drivers and such differently and solutions for ubuntu setups might not work.19:44
k1l!mint | HexaChop19:45
ubottuHexaChop: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:45
basedmarsDoes it work on other system before like windows for example HexaChop?19:45
Serdarhi all19:45
HexaChopThis is now ubuntu i am using19:45
ioriaHexaChop, why don't you boot a 16.10 ubuntu image ? it ships a newer kernel19:45
HexaChopYes, basedmars19:45
BluesKajHexaChop, don't beleive everything you hear/read...nvidia works fine if you choose the recommended driver19:45
jhutchinsHexaChop: Can you boot to console or rescue mode?19:45
merlin_my internet under ubuntu is lowly19:45
HexaChopioria, how did you know?19:45
nedstarki'd try xubuntu 16.10 to switch up the kernel drivers and the window manager19:45
wlan2|2Bashing-om: lots of thanks for that ubuntu-drivers thging. Solved it.19:46
basedmarsYou've said that you're using ubuntu now. Am I missing something here HexaChop ?19:46
ioriaHexaChop,  4.8 vs 4.4 in xenial19:46
SerdarI installed ubuntu recently on my MSI notebook (with lot trouble) but now the X window manager is not showing. I thought this might be an issue with my nvidia driver, and tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/202574/desktop-does-not-show-when-i-installed-nvidia-drivers19:46
HexaChopBasedmars sorry, trying to install19:46
Serdarbut for some reason it will install some x86 components19:46
jhutchinsHexaChop: What have you tried on that system that does work?19:47
SerdarI am not sure if this is right, for a 64 bit system19:47
jhutchinsSerdar: What nvidia chipset does lspci show?19:47
HexaChopWindows multiple versions, jhutchins.19:47
Serdarjhutchins, GM107M19:48
wlan2|2Have a nice evening/night/whatever!19:48
Bashing-omwlan2|2: Wonderful thing is ubuntu :)19:48
ioriaHexaChop,  has said before you have a super-card, and probably need to disable secure boot and nouveau out out of  the way19:48
wlan2|2Bashing-om: well, I use l9ots of debian and derivatives.19:49
HexaChopIoria, Supercard?19:49
jhutchinsserGTX 1050?19:49
wlan2|2And Ubuntu is the most automagical.19:49
ioriaHexaChop,  1070 right ?19:49
Serdarno, GTX960m19:49
HexaChop2 of them, ASUS strix, yes.19:49
ioriaHexaChop,  right19:50
k1lHexaChop: then chroot into the install and install the latest nvidia drivers19:50
nedstarkyou need a ppa driver for the 960M in 14.0419:50
k1lHexaChop: but since that is still a mint issue, ask the mint support for details19:50
wlan2|2Bashing-om: but I sort of thate the sudo craze.19:50
HexaChopThose are considered supercards?19:50
HexaChopI am installing ubuntu now.19:50
HexaChopScratch mint.19:50
ioriaHexaChop,  16.10 ?19:51
wlan2|2HexaChop: working is 16.10?19:51
HexaChopNot yet, no.19:51
jhutchinsSerdar: That's the more significant part, my 1050 is a 107 as well.19:51
k1lHexaChop: which version?19:51
metaresolveCan anyone help a new with authentication keys?19:51
jhutchinsHexaChop: I'd make sure quick boot and secure boot are disabled.19:51
wlan2|2metachr0n: Maybe if you elaborate.19:51
wlan2|2I give up.19:52
nedstarkit appears you need a ppa driver for the 960M in 16.04 too19:52
metaresolvelol, actuial;ly, let me read a bit more so my questions are clear. brb.19:52
Spodermen_swegDayum it's been a while19:52
Serdarjhutchins, the system was running with acpi=off (but I guess wit nouvou driver) I changed them to acpi_osi= acpi_backlight=none acpi=ht and pci=nomsi but then the swindows is not starting anymore19:52
Serdarjhutchins, ah19:52
HexaChopjhutchins, the one before.19:52
rumplerI made a bootable clone of my drive to expand storage from 80gb on old drive to 320gb on new. My problem is that the cloned lvm seems to be unable to properly allocate or resize beyond the original size of 80gb19:52
Serdarnedstark, also foo 16.10?19:52
Spodermen_swegBrosefs, what's the least complicated way to install a basic lamp server on (k)ubuntu 16.04?19:52
HexaChopjhutchins, both are.19:52
HexaChopk1| the one before.19:53
jhutchinsSerdar: Have a look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log.  Very noisy, but often helpful.  Look for EE19:53
HexaChopOh wait19:53
rumplerI tried several times using expert options in Clonezilla, and pvresize....19:53
HexaChopI cant disable secure boot.19:53
Serdarjhutchins, yeah I checked that already19:54
HexaChopSecure boot state Enabled, jhutchins.19:54
nedstarkSerdar, this says yes http://askubuntu.com/questions/725820/getting-geforce-gtx960-to-work-with-ubuntu19:54
jhutchinsHexaChop: The whole reason for Secure Boot is to keep you from booting Linux.19:54
HexaChopjhutchins, why?19:54
jhutchinsHexaChop: So you have to run Windows.19:54
HexaChopJhutchins my PC came handbuilt. There was no OS on it.19:55
jhutchinsHexaChop: There are some business security reasons, but mostly it's just Microsoft being pushy.19:55
nedstarki wonder why the 960M drivers aren't in the repo19:55
HexaChopjhutchins, help disable it? Will it void warranty?19:56
jhutchinsnedstark: They might not have made it through packaging yet.19:56
HexaChopjhutchins,  but it lets me choose OS type to Other OS.19:56
nedstarkthe repo doesn't seem to have nvidia-358, but has 361 and 36719:57
jhutchinsHexaChop: You would have to read your own warranty.19:57
jhutchinsHexaChop: It shouldn't void it.19:57
Serdaryeah 367 is also available with the standard repository19:57
Spodermen_sweg^^what's the least complicated way to install a basic lamp server on (k)ubuntu 16.04?19:58
HexaChopJhutchins but it allows to choose os type to other os.19:58
nedstarkthe 960M uses nvidia-35819:58
ducasseHexaChop: that usually disables secire boot, choose other os19:58
Spodermen_swegBonus Question: Is there a way to remove ubuntu from a win10 dual boot that has no risk of catastrophic failure19:58
jhutchinsHexaChop: https://www.fsf.org/campaigns/secure-boot-vs-restricted-boot19:58
nedstarkSpodermen_sweg, you can do it through windows' partition software19:59
nedstarkformat it as ntfs19:59
Spodermen_swegnedstark, but that wouldn't solve the issue of the bootloader surely?19:59
nedstarkcan even resize your windows partition to take the extra space, but thats a little more risky19:59
jhutchinsSpodermen_sweg: There's no real risk of catastrophic failure.  Human error, yes.20:00
Spodermen_swegMy main concern is that when I delete grub, the computer won't be able to start at all20:00
HexaChopjhutchins does it disable itnif I choose other OS instead of Windowz UEFI Mode?20:00
jhutchinsSpodermen_sweg: You can restore the Windows MBR.  Used to be fdisk /mbr iirc.20:01
nedstarkSpodermen_sweg, there's a windows command shell command for fixit it, bootrec.exe /fixmbr20:01
jhutchinsHexaChop: No, unless that switches to BIOS emulation.  I don't know what your hardware does.20:01
Spodermen_swegand re-installing windows 10 over linux isn't an (legal) option, because they discontinued free updates last year20:01
HexaChopJhutchins it is called UEFI BIOS20:01
jhutchinsHexaChop: They all are.20:02
ducasseHexaChop: 'other os' usually disables secure boot, it just doesn't say so20:02
jhutchinsHexaChop: As opposed to CMOS BIOS.20:02
Spodermen_swegjhutchins: "You can restore the Windows MBR" >> I'll find out more about this, thanks20:02
jhutchinsSpodermen_sweg: For that matter, you can set Grub to boot to Windows by default and leave it there.20:03
HexaChopducasse, but it still says secure, mode enabled.20:03
nedstarkSpodermen_sweg, if you already installed windows 10 and logged in to your microsoft account at least once, it will remember your pc is registered20:03
nedstarkeven if you deleted windows20:03
nedstarkif you installed windows 10 and never logged in, you can call microsoft to get them to activate windows 10.  the deadline only applied to systems where win10 was never installed20:04
ducasseHexaChop: you can boot a live image and run "mokutil --sb-state", that will tell you.20:04
Spodermen_swegnedstark: Hmm, interesting... I'll look into that first. reinstalling from scratch would be ideal20:04
nedstarkyou can erase and reinstall as many times as you want legally20:04
EmeraldKiwi24I am here to help20:06
jhutchinsSpodermen_sweg: Just make sure you have any actual Data backed up any time you're messing with installers or partitions.20:06
joachim_hey can my someone tell who i can install a tor browser on ubunto mate?20:06
k1l!tor | joachim_20:07
ubottujoachim_: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en20:07
Spodermen_swegjhutchins: Nah, we already wiped all the personal data, so it's no problem (woooo)20:07
rumplerCan anyone help me undestand this lvm issue? I normally do not set up my drives in this way, but allowed Ubuntu to do an automatic installation in this instance and cannot figure out how to utilize all this extra disk space20:08
HexaChopI know how to disable it, ducasse, jhutchins.20:08
Serdarthis is strange if I only use acpi=off, then the X also starts, but I guess without nvidia drivers20:08
HexaChopJhutchins, now I get other errors.20:12
Serdarnedstark, if there is no 358, should I try 352 instead?20:13
Speirosrumpler What are you wanting to do with the disk space?20:13
SerdarI mean 367 is definetly not working...20:13
HexaChopiora, are you still around?20:14
ioriaHexaChop, yep :þ20:14
ioriaHexaChop,  have you set nomodeset ?20:15
Serdaror other question, when I add a repository, how can I make sure, that the package is taken from that repository and not from other?20:15
HexaChopiora, great! I managed to disable secure boot.20:15
ioriaHexaChop,  errors ?20:15
HexaChopiorra, lota, but some are different.20:16
ioriaHexaChop,  have you set nomodeset ?20:16
HexaChopDevice not accepting address 7 and 820:16
butter_brickHNNNNNNGGGGGG installing lamp using Tasksel.. yay or nay? (16.04)20:16
HexaChopIora, nope.20:16
ioriaHexaChop,  do it, F620:16
HexaChopIora, it throws me into GRUB.20:16
Speirosrumpler what do you perceive is the problem with the disk space?20:16
k1lbutter_brick: tasksel does the same as a manual pacakge install. so why not?20:17
ioriaHexaChop,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions   look at the pictures20:17
k1l!lamp | butter_brick20:17
ubottubutter_brick: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.20:17
restsdfgsdfgWINE channel?20:17
rumplerSpeiros, Hi. Thanks for listening. I am trying to upgrade my space from old 80gb drive to newer 320gb drive. I have successfully made bootable clone several times but never can get cloned partition to utilize the full 320gb space and only recognizes 80gb20:17
k1l!wine | restsdfgsdfg20:17
ubotturestsdfgsdfg: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:17
HexaChopiora, just askin'. Are you a female? If so, awesome to see some females actualy interested in linux troubleshooting!20:18
restsdfgsdfgyou know typing winehq was faster ? : D20:18
rumplerSpeiros, I tried using Clonezilla with expert options and tried pvresize20:18
ioriaHexaChop,  lol20:18
butter_bricktasksel it is... thankur20:18
Speirosrumpler I see.  Let me look on my computer to see if it's possible for what I suggest first...20:18
lasersaberirc is 99% males20:18
butter_brickbtw anyone in here major in compSci?20:18
HexaChopSrsly tho, you'll rarely see a girl doing stuff like this.20:19
nedstarkserdar, nvidia has a driver search page that has generic linux drivers (not ubuntu-specific).  http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us  in the absence of a driver in the repo, i'd try that.  it looks as if this is the most current driver for the 960M but you can double check yourself http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/112992/en-us20:19
Speirosrumpler Are you looking to resize the partitions?20:20
Speiroslasersaber Where is the information on that?20:20
Speiroslasersaber I wouldn't know a male from a female on here...generally speaking I mean.20:21
lasersaberSpeiros, based on my own experience.20:21
HexaChopiora, nomodeset enabled!20:21
Speiroslol okay:)20:21
butter_brickHexaChop: You're probably right, but I estimate it's more of a 90/10 split, maybe even 85|1520:21
ioriaHexaChop,  if nomodeset it's not useful,  you need to edit the kernel boot line with nouveau.modeset=0 , i'll tell you how20:21
rumplerSpeiros, Yes I am. I have done so through gparted, and it tells me it was successful and that the space was properly allocated, but when I check with pvdisplay or df -h it says only 80gb  size20:21
butter_brickbtw anyone in here major in compSci?20:21
butter_brickbtw anyone in here major in compSci?20:21
Speirosrumpler Ah, okay.  That was going to be my suggestion...20:22
Speirosbutter_brick I think more a 87.5/12.5%...20:22
HexaChopIora, it removed chipset errora while all others remained there.20:23
k1lbutter_brick: for non technical support chatter there is #ubuntu-offtopic20:23
ioriaHexaChop, booting 16.10 ?20:23
Speirosrumpler Have you turned the machine on and off since the resize (not that I know for sure it will do anything)?20:23
HexaChopIora, whoops.20:23
HexaChopOh yes.20:23
HexaChopIora, lemme get the newer version then.20:24
butter_brickk1l:  oops sorry20:24
ioriaHexaChop, i think is better, but first you can try nouveau.modeset=020:24
rumplerSpeiros, yes several times as I have made several clones at this point in attempts to solve this. At one point I tried lvextend, and that gave me the output in pvdisplay that all of the 320gb drive space was used, and nautilus still acts like there is only 80gb20:24
HexaChopIora I am already getting the newer version.20:25
Speirosrumpler Are all the file systems the same, the ones you're changing into, as the clone?20:26
Jordan_Urumpler: You need to extend the vg now that you've extended the pv.20:26
Speirosrumpler Sorry if they sound like silly questions.20:26
HexaChopIora, secureboot reenabled itself, lol.20:26
Serdarcan this cause issues "The distribution-provided pre-install script failed!"20:26
rumplerJordan_U, how may I do that?20:26
rumplerSpeiros, as far as I know20:26
Speirosrumpler Ok.20:26
=== Serdar is now known as Guest51233
rumplerJordan_U what I mean is what are the parameters for vgextend?20:27
HexaChopIora, are 1070 considered supercards?20:27
ioriaHexaChop, if set to 'Other Os' is ok.   you need to highlight 'install ubuntu' and then press 'e' or 'tab' ... in this way you can modify the parameters . You'll see a line that ends with 'quiet  splash' you just need to add  nouveau.modeset=020:27
Guest51233can this cause issues "The distribution-provided pre-install script failed!"20:28
rumplerJordan_U is it similar to lvextend i.e. "lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/etc"?20:28
=== Guest51233 is now known as Serdar1
ioriaHexaChop, i'd say yes20:28
SpeirosSerdar1 In what application?20:28
Serdar1nvidia driver installation20:28
HexaChopiora but both of them lag while playing GTA V.20:28
nedstarkfyi nvidia actually has live chat tech support for video cards http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch/20:29
Jordan_Urumpler: http://www.tecmint.com/extend-and-reduce-lvms-in-linux/ Note that while that guide mentions creating a new partition, you do *not* need to do that in your case.20:29
k1lSerdar1: show the whole errormessages /output on paste.ubuntu.com20:29
SpeirosSerdar Ok.  I don't know personally.  Look at the info nedstark highlighted though, as it might help.20:29
joachim_dpkg: nicht behebbarer fataler Fehler, Abbruch:20:29
joachim_ unbekannte Gruppe »crontab« in statoverride-Datei20:29
joachim_ want can i do??20:29
ioriaHexaChop, 397,00 € in my country20:29
joachim_if i want to install a programm this error dpkg: nicht behebbarer fataler Fehler, Abbruch:20:30
joachim_ unbekannte Gruppe »crontab« in statoverride-Datei20:30
rumplerJordan_U, thank you I will take a look at the link20:30
thereyouarewhat is GTA V ?20:30
Serdar1k1l, this is the complete message. I can continue (at own risk) or abort.20:30
HexaChopIt costed 600€ here, iora.20:30
ioriaHexaChop, yup20:30
Serdar1ioria, what is the nouveau.modeset=0 doing?20:30
Jordan_Ujoachim_: Please run "LANG=C" in a terminal, then run the command that output that message agin (it should then be in English) and pastebin the full output to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com .20:30
HexaChopthereyouare probably the best game ever on PC20:31
Serdar1HexaChop, ever played Feeble Files?20:31
HexaChopIora, it says AMD, why?20:31
HexaChopSerdar1, nope.20:31
ioriaSerdar1, it  makes nouveau go away20:31
ioriaHexaChop, amd ?20:32
joachim_ok here in english sry  dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:20:32
joachim_ unknown group 'crontab' in statoverride file20:32
Speirosjoachim_ "unrecoverable fatal error"20:32
HexaChopYep, iora, the filename has amd64 in it.20:32
ioriaHexaChop, no, that's anothe thing ... it's your arch20:33
HexaChopMy what, ioria?20:33
ioriaHexaChop, you're 64bit20:33
HexaChopIoria, ye.20:33
ioriaHexaChop, architecture ... 36 or 64 bit20:33
HexaChopIoria 32*20:33
k1lHexaChop: load the 64bit file and use that.20:34
HexaChop32-86 or 64, ioria.20:34
ioriaHexaChop, you're for sure 64bit20:34
thereyouareHexaChop: the best game ever is DOOM20:34
HexaChopK1| I know, sir.20:34
HexaChopThereyouare, depends on taste.20:35
Serdar1I still say Feeble Files :)20:35
arunpyasihello !!20:35
arunpyasianyone around please ?20:35
Serdar1also Simon the Sorcerer series20:35
Speirosjoachim_ What are you wanting to do?20:35
thereyouarearunpyasi: what is the best PC game ever ?20:35
joachim_i want to install firefox20:35
arunpyasithereyouare, PlanetSide20:35
Speirosthereyouare minesweeper:D20:35
Serdar1Shoot him20:36
arunpyasijoachim_, sudo apt install firefox20:36
k1ljoachim_: german support is in #ubuntu-de channel. but you can put all the error/output to paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here.20:36
Serdar1err sorry, thought this is a crime scene20:36
HexaChopTechnical chat became what-game-is-the-best-chat. Lol.20:36
arunpyasiCan anyone help me with VNC stuffs !!20:36
Speirosarunpyasi What is your question mate?20:36
Serdar1it is the game which comes after the one you play!20:37
lasersaberhow come apt is used instead of apt-get or vise versa?20:37
k1llasersaber: apt is the new apt-get (apt-cache,apt-file,...)20:37
jattapt is newer and better20:37
Serdar1I will call it "The Earth"20:37
arunpyasiSpeiros, I am kinda being attacked by some IPs, trying to login my tightvncserver20:38
lasersaberok thanks guys20:38
arunpyasiand the server is also rejecting my own IP20:38
jhutchinsarunpyasi: vnc really shouldn't be exposed to the internet.20:38
arunpyasiso, what i need to do is, make use of SSH but I am having issue that my windows machine doesn't have SSH in their VNC client20:39
jhutchinsarunpyasi: How do you know it's being attacked?20:39
jhutchinsarunpyasi: Google putty ssh20:39
arunpyasijhutchins, via the log of tightvncserver20:39
jhutchinsarunpyasi: Use that.20:39
lasersaberarunpyasi, try teamviewer20:39
arunpyasijhutchins, I have multiple servers that needs to be vnc into20:39
arunpyasilasersaber, thats not a good solution20:40
HexaChopIoria, USB nearly ready20:40
Serdar1I guess you need Yming20:40
lasersaberarunpyasi, or nomachine.com20:40
arunpyasijhutchins, I need something like Remmina with SSH in it.20:40
ioriaHexaChop, ok20:40
jhutchinsarunpyasi: vnc should only run on a LAN or over VPN.20:40
arunpyasijhutchins, hmm VPN seems good20:40
HexaChopIoria, will all those reboors ruin my PC?20:40
arunpyasijhutchins, Is there any free VPN service ?20:40
ioriaHexaChop, guess not20:40
arunpyasijhutchins, how do I use it ?20:40
arunpyasior configure it ?20:41
jhutchinsarunpyasi: If you have to expose a port for ssh or vnc it should not be on the standard port.20:41
jhutchinsarunpyasi: You can set up a vpn server on ubuntu.20:41
arunpyasijhutchins, ok, changing to non-standard should be fine right ?20:41
lasersabernomachine is pretty great20:41
jhutchinsarunpyasi: People can still find it by portscanning.20:41
HexaChopIoria, why linux are so sensitive to any kind of fault?20:41
arunpyasijhutchins, should I setup vpn server on the same VNC server or another ?20:41
jhutchinsarunpyasi: I don't know enough about your network to advise you.20:42
jhutchinsarunpyasi: What are you running that you need to connect to VNC for?20:42
ioriaHexaChop, it's opensource aka reverse  engineering ... especially with drivers like amd or nvidia20:42
jhutchinsHexaChop: Windows has plenty of problems too.20:43
Speirosarunpyasi If you need to fix it, there may be more information at ##networking too.20:43
arunpyasijhutchins, I have around 40-50 VPS running that I need to VNC to20:43
HexaChopJhutchins bet much less.20:43
ioriaHexaChop, you'll always have to struggle  with new (not opensource) hardware on linux20:44
jhutchinsHexaChop: It depends on what you're doing with it.20:44
jhutchinsHexaChop: Think about it, when was the last time you worked at this level (video drivers, etc) on Windows?20:44
ioriaHexaChop, for me, it's still impossible run an built-in card reader20:45
jhutchinsHexaChop: Hardware manufacturers work directly with Microsoft to make sure their stuff works with windows.20:46
arunpyasijhutchins, is there a way to forward a port to another port in same PC ?20:46
HexaChopJhutchins linux makes you to know a lot more about programs than Windows.20:46
jhutchinsHexaChop: Not as many work with Linux developers before they release.20:46
Serdar1how can I easily check if nvidia driver is loaded?20:46
jhutchinsarunpyasi: I don't think that would work the way you want.20:46
fundHow to dual boot?20:47
alkisgSerdar1:  lspci -nn -k | grep -A 2 VGA ==> and check for driver in use: nvidia20:47
HexaChopIoria, I have muxh different errors now.20:47
ioriaHexaChop, 16.10 with nomodeset ?20:47
HexaChopIoria, forgot about that.20:48
alpaaai have a problem. I installed ubuntu gnome on a single partition. Then i created a partition and moved all the contents of /home to it . Next, I edited /etc/fstab and set the new partition to mount at /home. But now i cant log in as gdm returns back to login page after i login. I checked in a tty, the partition is mounting properly. Any ideas what could have gone wrong?20:48
ioriaHexaChop, F6 then we try nouveau.modeset=020:48
Bashing-omSerdar1: I look at ' sudo lshw -C display ' to see if a video driver is loaded . look on the configuration line .20:48
HexaChopI get no SPROM available, iora.20:48
alkisgalpaaa: maybe /home/username ownership? Does it belong to the user?20:48
arunpyasijhutchins, so, what would be the solution ?20:48
jhutchinsfund: http://www.howtogeek.com/187789/dual-booting-explained-how-you-can-have-multiple-operating-systems-on-your-computer/20:49
fundThanks jhu20:49
alpaaaalkisg: yes that belongs to the user20:49
Speirosarunpyasi I think you are doing what I was thinking of doing to some extent, but it sounds like I can't do it either.20:49
ioriaHexaChop, reboot,  highlight 'install ubuntu' and then press 'e' or 'tab'    find  'quiet  splash'   and  add   nouveau.modeset=0   then F10 or enter20:50
alkisgalpaaa:  can you login properly if you switch to vt1 with alt+ctrl+f1?20:50
HexaChopIora, http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu20:50
jhutchinsarunpyasi: So these VPSs are on some hosting provider.  Does the hosting provider offer a firewall?  Can they restrict what addresses can reach your VNC?  Can they give you a virtual IP that forwards certain connections to ports on specific VMs?20:51
Serdar1darn, what happened to the good old alt + ctrl + backspace?20:51
Serdar1it is not working anymore20:51
jhutchinsarunpyasi: What software are you running on these servers?20:51
arunpyasijhutchins, its Vultr20:51
alpaaaalkisg: yes i can20:51
arunpyasijhutchins, tightvncserver20:51
HexaChopIora, neither e nor tab works.20:51
alkisgalpaaa: also, what's the fstab line that you're using?20:52
arunpyasijhutchins, I had restricted some IPs via firewalld but the solution seems temporary as there may be other attacks in future20:52
alkisg(for home)20:52
darkxploit_msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER darkxploit_ qaajpsvbonpn20:52
jhutchinsarunpyasi: Restrict all, allow some.  Your firewall should be able to forward ports.20:53
lasersaberSerdar1, try using hardinfo sudo apt install hardinfo20:53
jhutchinsdarkxploit_: You may want to change your password.20:53
arunpyasijhutchins, I have only enabled forward for 590020:53
arunpyasijhutchins, I but my IP is dynamic20:53
jhutchinsarunpyasi: Some firewalls will act as VPN servers too.20:53
Speirosdarkxploit_ don't forget the / before the msg.20:53
arunpyasiit changes previodically20:53
SpeirosIt is a risk that...20:54
alpaaaUUID=d486d1f8-987a-47ee-91f1-834059193fe7 /home      ext4   errors=remount-ro 0     120:54
jhutchinsfund: If you ask your questions here anyone can answer.  I tend to come and go.20:54
ioriaHexaChop,  the nouveau errors are away... have you assembled yourself the desktop ?20:54
Serdar1for some reason I cannot check with all these tools, if nvidia is used or intel20:55
fundI have windows tablet20:55
thereyouarethere is a box, with 5 red and 1 blue ball, what is more probable:  1) I take out 5 balls and they are all red   2) I take out 1 ball and it is blue20:55
fundAnd now want to use Ubuntu20:55
HexaChopIora, with some help, yes.20:55
fundHow to boot Ubuntu?20:55
fundAnd use it?20:55
alkisgalpaaa: if you login from vt1 and try to create a file, with e.g. "touch hi", do you get any errors?20:55
fundGrub or yumi will be needed?20:55
jhutchinsfund: Try a live image, booted from disc or USB.20:55
ioriaHexaChop,  try to switch the sata ports20:56
fundExternal pen drive will be required?20:56
alpaaayes fund20:56
jhutchinsfund: If it's _just_ a tablet it might not be a good idea, google for the specific tablet + ubuntu and see if other people have done it.20:56
HexaChopIoria, the hard drive is external, by the way, I want to give up.20:56
fundI have space in my hard disk to store Ubuntu20:56
fundjhutchins I need your help to Google if you can20:57
jhutchinsfund: You need to boot to something other than the existing OS in order to install Ubuntu.20:57
fundI didn't get you20:57
jhutchinsfund: What make & model?20:57
alpaaaalkisg: found the fix - the partition had some sort of errors and was mounting in ro. i fsck'd it and now i am able to log in20:57
fundIball i70120:57
ioriaHexaChop,  are you installing ubuntu on external usb hd  ?20:58
HexaChopIoria, yes.20:58
alkisgalpaaa: nice20:58
fundI started downloading lubuntu since it's light weight20:59
fundIt is being dowaloading in tablet ssd20:59
alpaaafund: if you really need something lightweight go for lubuntu instead of ubuntu20:59
Speirosthereyouare I guess 1)...20:59
fundalpaaa yes21:00
Speiros*always goes for the opposite of what seems correct...21:00
lasersaberalso, inxi is nice little tool too.21:00
thereyouareSpeiros: someone in #statistics said: "< Hwkiller> the ball problem still sounds equal: 5/6 * 4/5 * 3/4 * 2/3 * 1/2 = 1/6"21:00
zamanfis there a way to encrypt a usb device and protect it with password (SHA512 if possible)21:01
Speirosthereyouare there you are!  Interesting.21:01
ioriaHexaChop,  i'd try to switch the sata ports21:01
HexaChopI decided to give linux a go but now never again, it is way too difficult and can riun PCs very easily, ioria...21:01
thereyouareHexaChop: try slackware21:02
ioriaHexaChop,  ruin ? no....21:02
HexaChopIoria, how, it is not on sata.21:02
jhutchinsfund: I would not recommend this.  It's not a very well supported device, and Ubuntu is meant to run on a standard PC or Laptop.21:02
ioriaHexaChop,  yes, but first it scans your hw21:02
jhutchinsfund: I'm not sure what processor that uses, there might be an Ubuntu build that will run on it.21:02
fundjhutchins it's like pc only21:02
HexaChopIoria, what if I have no other HDDs?21:03
fundIntel atom21:03
ioriaHexaChop,  connected ... you mean ?21:03
fundYou just guide Me steps to follow21:03
HexaChopIoria, yes.21:03
fundI take all risks21:03
ioriaHexaChop,  you can run the live (try ubuntu without install) but you can't install it21:04
HexaChopIoria Can I tell you something? There shouls be no space after?!., etc.21:04
HexaChopIoria, doesn't work still.21:04
ioriaHexaChop,  after what ?21:04
SpeirosHexaChop Are you sure about that                    ?21:06
HexaChopIoria, before, I meant.21:06
ioriaHexaChop, do this, disconnect the sata's ports, and run 'try ubuntu without install'21:06
fundI found this tool21:06
Speiros*pulls his head in.21:06
jhutchinsfund: It is pretty likely that the drivers for this are not available in ubuntu.21:07
HexaChopSpeiros, come on now, I am just trying to help, lol, and I am not intimidated by your huge spaces.21:07
SpeirosHexaChop Man, I thought with spaces like that, I'd at least look bigger.21:07
HexaChopSpeiros, nah, lol.21:08
jhutchinsfund: I don't know what tools you would use for partitioning it.  If you're not confident in googling for turorials, or if there _aren't_ tutorials, you're probably over your head and at risk of bricking the tablet.21:08
ioriaHexaChop, i have to go, good luck21:09
dsnydersHi all!  Which is better: copy source to software RAID backup1/backup2 mirror vs copy source to backup1 then copy backup1 to backup2 using rsync and cron?21:09
Speirosthereyouare I was thinking about that ball thing...21:10
HexaChopSpeiros, you are not going to help me, are you?21:11
Speirosthereyouare There's another factor.21:11
thereyouarewhat is Tylenol ?21:11
SpeirosHexachop I don't know too much I'm afraid, on a serious note.21:11
HexaChopWell, I am very much unsuccessful with linux.21:12
lasersaberHexaChop, why?21:13
SpeirosHexaChop Once you get past the problem, you'll love it, and I doubt you'll go back to Windows, but problems are hell-frustrating.21:14
HexaChopSpeiros, yup... That is probably the only con on linux.21:15
SpeirosHexaChop Yep.  The only one in my eyes too:)21:15
lasersaberSerdar1, did you figure it out?21:16
SpeirosHexaChop I look at the image you uploaded, and I don't understand it.21:16
HexaChopSpeiros, :). This problem is gibberish to me.21:16
HexaChopSpeiros,  maybe contact with linux devs?21:17
SpeirosI think you're in the right place now, but time is a problem in knowing who knows what and when they are on.21:17
Speirosthereyouare The other factor is error.21:18
Speirosthereyouare To presume that all five balls will be selected equally, I mean.21:18
HexaChopSpeiros, hey, maybe you can notify me somehow?21:18
SpeirosHexaChop  I haven't moved onto 16.4 yet because of a problem with my soundcard.21:18
SpeirosWhat are you looking for?  I mean as regards this notification?21:19
HexaChopSpeiros maybe notify me when the devs are on.21:20
HexaChopSpeiros I wonder why linux is so special.21:20
SpeirosHexaChop I'm not on here 24/7 mate.21:20
SpeirosHexaChop One reason for me is when I wanted to use my business plan, is I had all the programs at my fingertips.21:20
lasersaberopen source is a beautiful thing :)21:20
lasersaberand free21:21
SpeirosHexaChop When I wanted to make my music, the same applied.21:21
HexaChopSpeiros, if you log in at a perfect time would increase the odds to meet the devs.21:21
SpeirosAt the time Windows was charging an arm and a leg for Microsoft Project, when on Ubuntu, I could download it, with a great GUI to go.21:21
SpeirosHexaChop I'm in Australia, and I believe the most devs would be in Europe, UK and US.21:22
HexaChop16.4, Speiros? Can you tell me more?21:22
SpeirosHexaChop When you have it uploaded on  your computer, you can have a flashback to Microsoft's "Add and remove programs" and think "When did I ever "Add" anything?21:23
SpeirosHexaChop Then you will see the Software Centre, or the Package Manager.21:23
SpeirosOn Ubuntu I mean.21:23
HexaChopSpeiros, true, only removed stuff.21:23
SpeirosHexaChop Yep.21:24
SpeirosThe solution for Windows, which didn't always work, was "Throw money at me!"21:24
SpeirosVirus-ridden and open to many attacks for the inexperienced, of which I am/was.21:24
HexaChopSpeiros, again, true, with linux, you couls create your own OS.21:24
dsnydersPersonally, the only thing keeping me on Windows is MS-OneNote.  If there were a decent clone of it, I'd switch completely.21:24
tatertotsHexaChop: surely you have actually install ubuntu by now yes?21:25
SpeirosHexaChop True, if you've got the skills and capacity to put the pieces together.21:25
HexaChopDsnyders I don't use MS Note.21:25
HexaChopSpeirow, true.21:25
HexaChopTatertots, no.21:25
Speirosdsnyders What is OneNote again?  It's been a long time.21:25
lasersaberdsnyders, codeweavers.com21:26
tatertotsHexaChop: surely you have tried ubuntu livecd/liveusb by now yes?21:26
HexaChopTatertots yep. Same.21:27
dsnydersSpeiros: It's a tabbed binder notebook kind of thing.  I have a lot of notes on it.21:27
Serdar1lasersaber, yes, I changed my grub settings21:27
lasersaberSerdar1, ok21:28
bivoWhy is my clipboard purged if my system goes to screensaver?21:28
Speirosdsnyders I see. Ok.21:28
HexaChopTatertots surpassed 11 hours of trying to solve this.21:28
dsnyderslasersaber: It only gets three stars.  I think I'd be better off running windows in a virtual machine and running OneNote there.21:29
blomstertjCan someone help me out with MS Core Fonts?21:30
lasersaberdsnyders, or that :)21:30
SpeirosYeah, sorry HexaChop, but as for the NVIDIA card, that's why I'm still in 14.4.  The only reason...at least so far.21:30
lasersaberdsnyders, https://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/crossover/microsoft-onenote-200721:30
blomstertjI have the right packages but it still wont' show up21:31
HexaChopTry the newest version, Speiros.21:31
dsnyderslasersaber: Any experience running it in wine?21:32
scokovskiHi, can any of you tell me how to turn on keyboard backlighting in Ubuntu 16.10?21:32
scokovskiI can't seem to find the setting for it.21:32
SpeirosHexaChop Once I see the problem has gone away, I will.21:33
HexaChopMaybe the same problem applies to me, Speiros?21:34
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
lasersaberdsnyders, no since i bought crossover linux21:35
reyzguys any1 installed Samba?21:35
lasersaberi use it for MS Office 2007, works great21:36
SpeirosHexaChop possibly mate.  If you want to start with the 14.4 version, at least the NVIDIA doesn't have a problem...at least in my case.21:36
arunpyasijhutchins, I have a plan.. what would be if I do private networking of my VPS with each other and setup OpenVPN on one of them and login OpenVPN on my machine and try to connect the other VPS using their private IP ??21:36
HexaChopSpeiros, how does your problem expresses itself?21:37
thereyouarewhat video card has better support in ubuntu ? Intel ? Radeon ? Nvidia ? for gaming21:37
reyzcan you game on Ubuntu?21:37
=== daniele is now known as Guest52167
basedmarsdoes it worth the money lasersaber ? Crossover21:37
reyzwoudnt u get better performance on a Win10 machine?21:37
bgdno, you can play like in windows21:38
thereyouareI heard that too often21:38
lasersaberdsnyders, for me it was, you can search for coupons online and get a discount21:38
HexaChopReyz, much less games, but better performance.21:38
colmootYou can very well actually21:38
SpeirosHexaChop I have no sound at all, as though there is no sound driver.21:38
thereyouarewhy can't they make Ubuntu a gaming platform it will increase its chances of survival on desctops21:38
reyzHexaChop: i thought the games are optimized for Windows and not Linux...21:38
SpeirosI updated the NVIDIA card, and no sound.  As I make music, I need sound, so I reverted backwards to 14.4.21:38
HexaChopreyz, linux is lightweight.21:38
lasersaberdsnyders, OneNote works flawlessly for me21:39
colmootTrue, but Steam is changing things21:39
bgdso , nice comunity21:39
=== sas-ai is now known as mrpanda
efloidcan anyone recommend video editing program?21:39
HexaChopBgd, true. :)21:39
blomstertjSpeiros: there is a graphics driver PPA for Nvidia cards21:39
efloidwhat is most popular video editor for linux?21:39
blomstertjI'm using it for my 77021:39
bgdI was thinking irc is dead :)21:40
lasersaberefloid, have you checked ubuntu sofware center?21:40
HexaChopSpeiros, he is right. It is called nforce21:40
HexaChopSpeiros, instead of GeForce.21:40
Speirosblomstertj brb, sorry...21:40
bgdI thought21:40
basedmarsIrc will never die bgd21:40
tchnqHi all. I need help.21:41
mrpandawould this be good idea for radeon 2 ?21:41
tchnqIRC forever)21:41
mrpandahey tchnq21:41
mrpandamostly need the tear-free idea21:41
lasersaberdsnyders, you can try corssover linux before you buy it21:42
bgdso, this is the oficcial channel ?21:42
blomstertjbgd: yes it should be21:42
tchnqI had installed Google Chrome first. Then I'd installed google extension called "Hangouts". Once I did it - Ubuntu forgot Google Chrome icon, and replaced it everywhere with "Google Chrome Hangouts" icon and tries to launch it even if I uninstall Chrome extension.21:42
lasersaberbgd, for ubuntu? yes21:42
=== joachim is now known as Guest62965
bgdI like also ubuntu21:42
thereyouareefloid: ffmpeg21:42
Guest62965How can i ente into the German chat??21:43
tchnqI would appreciate any help here. Because I am stuck on it.21:43
lasersaberbgd, this is the ubuntu help channel, you can go to #ubuntu-offtopic for off topic chat21:43
lasersaberdon't ask for help, just state your ubuntu issue..21:44
bgdthank you21:44
reyzHexaChop: Windows 10 is lightweight on my i7 CPU too, i dont think the Windows are bottlenecking the gaming performance :P21:44
tchnqI have latest GoogleChrome and Ubuntu 16.0421:44
Speirosblomstertj Thanks for that driver info.  The problem was the waiting, and my impatience, and not being able to have a computer up and running to do what I needed, when the old one worked.  When I have time to play, I'll try again, and would appreciate knowing about this driver.21:44
jordanblablahi everyone, is there a way to store apt-get packages and install them offline lateron?21:44
jordanblablaim trying to get kali up and running but no wireless drivers when booting from the usb21:44
jordanblablaso i thought i install the apt-get stuff store it on usb and run /install it lateron is this possible somehow?21:45
efloidthereyouare: that just a cli app.  i mean a video editing app21:45
thereyouareefloid: its linux, its cli all the way down21:45
mrpandaefloid,: http://www.techdrivein.com/2013/09/top-5-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux.htmlhttp://www.techdrivein.com/2013/09/top-5-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux.html21:45
lasersaberyou must have a registered user name for #ubuntu-offtopic21:45
HexaChopReyz, certainly, because you have a powerful CPU, like me. I have i7 6700K 4 Core 4.0 GHZ CPU and 2x Strix 1070 NVIDIA GPUs.21:45
MikerhinosHow could I know my motherboard SATA bottleneck ? I'm planning on getting back to a SSD raid-0 setup, this time with 4 SSD instead of 2, but not sure if my Sabertooth i55 will allow a perf upgrade from it.21:46
thereyouare"top-5-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux", sounds like there is even more than 5 of them21:46
mrpandaforgot wich one i was using think openshot21:46
reyzHexaChop: the games are optimized, when written, for windows21:46
reyzHexaChop: everything else is just a port21:46
mrpandakeep on laffing in the free world21:47
=== anonymous is now known as Guest67406
tchnqGuys any help for for me with this stupid google chrome hangouts icon?21:47
blomstertjSpeiros: it's proprietary nvidia drivers but the ppa is here: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa21:47
HexaChopReyz, there are some linux-only games, but mostly kinda yes.21:47
blomstertjSpeiros: I haven't had any issues with it21:47
reyzHexaChop: ...who's playing linux only games? :P21:48
thereyouareI once tryed one video editor for linux, and what it was doing, that thing was first converting video to jpeg images and then its just shows image in GUI where you can use scroll bar to scroll over them, that was so cheap, I think it was back in 2008, after that I haven't tryed any video editors for linux, I don't even think good ones are exist21:48
dsnydersreyz: That's a switch.  Linux used to be the toy and windows the business OS.  Now games are on windows and linux is in the server rooms.21:48
HexaChopReyz, certainly not me. :D21:48
Speirosblomstertj Okay...thanks.  I'll write it in my diary, and probably give it a go some time this week.21:48
thereyouarereyz: they games are not optimised for windows or linux they optimised for graphic drivers like radeon or nvidea or for graphics libraries, like directx or opengl, game doesn't see the OS itself it doesn't care if its linux or windows it sees drivers or libraries, you are you saying game engines optimised for windows ? so Unity3D optimised better for windows ? or games in Unreal Endine 4 are better21:50
thereyouarefor windows ?21:50
tchnqMaybe there's a way to clean some temporary files from googlechromehangouts? Where can they be found?21:50
blomstertjSpeiros: I haven't tried the sound from my GPU ever but it might work.  Vulkan is also in this ppa too so it's real easy.21:50
blomstertjtchnq: couldn't you just purge google chrome and reinstall it?21:50
HexaChopThereyouare, go play windows games on linux then.21:50
dsnydersHi all!  Building a NAS box for backups.  Which is better: software RAID backup1/backup2 mirror or  copy source to backup1 then copy backup1 to backup2 using rsync and cron?21:51
thereyouareHexaChop: I don't play, but I watch let's plays on youtube21:51
reyzthereyouare: Windows and Linux share the same drivers?21:51
reyzthereyouare: no21:52
thereyouareHexaChop: my PC barely can run Quake 421:52
Speirosblomstertj Fair enough.  I'll have a look through the week, but if it fails, I'll just revert back to this platform, until it's "naturally" working as such.21:52
Speirosreyz No.:)21:52
HexaChopthereyouare you are missing out then.21:52
thereyouare"Millions of players... dozens of women... join today!"      -- World of Warcraft21:52
reyzthereyouare: both nVidia and AMD develop their drivers for what 99.9% of the gamers use, Windows21:52
HexaChopThereyouare, no, not those games, try GTA V.21:52
thereyouareGTA 5 is 3.5 years old, do you thyink in next 2 years we will see GTA 6 ?21:53
blomstertjGot my font thing figured out.  The fonts install perfectly on my laptop so I just copied them from machine to machine.  Very annoying21:53
thereyouareI mean GTA 5 was released 5 years after GTA 4, so another 5 years and there have to be GTA 621:54
reyzthereyouare: so Windows indirectly is optimized better for gaming compared to linux i guess :P21:54
thereyouarethat was intimidating21:54
blomstertjthereyouare: DirectX is not going to help Linux, Vulkan will.21:54
* Phanes pets ubottu on the head21:55
reyzI dont think that any company in the world will do much dev for Linux (gaming wise)21:55
reyzsince there is not enough market for it21:55
k1l_thereyouare: can you put the general talk into #ubuntu-offtopic so this channel here is free for people with their support issues? thanks21:55
thereyouareDOOM 2016 was OpenGL only so its linux friendly21:55
thereyouarereyz: why do you think ?21:55
thereyouarereyz: why do you think DOOM 2016 choose OpenGL ?21:56
reyzthereyouare: i dont know, its just 1 company, 1 game21:56
basedmarsthat's where it's start. 1 game21:56
reyzthereyouare: i bet nVidia wont be arsed to develop for linux21:56
KOLANICHHi all! Who can help me with launchpad API?21:57
reyzthereyouare: not worth the investment21:57
HexaChopThereyouare maybe in 2022 or 2018.21:57
Teddy8872Hi Folks.21:57
k1l_!ot | reyz same goes for you21:57
ubottureyz same goes for you: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:57
Teddy8872Can anyone figure out why using the VGA on a monitor might deliver superior picture to using the HDMI?21:57
dsnydersTeddy8872: resolution differences, perhaps?21:58
blomstertjVGA and HDMI on the same component? IE motherboard vs GPU?21:58
blomstertjWhat's your GPU? Intel, NVIDIA, AMD?22:00
Teddy8872How do I access the Intel using Ubuntu?22:01
Teddy8872If you have Intel graphics hardware, right-click your desktop background and select “Graphics Properties” to open the Intel Graphics Control Panel.22:01
blomstertjFor a Windows machine.  You could find the Intel Linux utility.  You can try to look in the Color section in the Ubuntu Settings and mess around with different profiles22:01
Teddy8872Select Display > General Settings > Advanced and click “Full Range” under Quantization Range.22:01
Teddy8872I need to click FULL RANGE under Quant Range.22:02
Teddy8872How to figure out how to do that using Ubuntu?22:02
HexaChopCan somebody help me with ubuntu not booting for installation?22:02
lasersaberHexaChop, try to boot as recovery, then resume boot22:03
blomstertjYou could try installing the Intel drivers: https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads22:03
HexaChopLasersaber, do what?22:03
blomstertjFind the one for your Ubuntu version there is separate ones for 16.10/16.0422:03
Teddy8872How do install the Intel drivers using Ubuntu?22:04
lasersaberHexaChop, when you boot with pick the adavnced option for recovery22:05
SpeirosHexaChop, when you reboot with the disk, are you hitting f9 when prompted?22:05
HexaChopI am not being prompted, speiros.22:05
SpeirosHexaChop So the computer is not turning on?22:05
HexaChopSpeiros I see no f9 prompt.22:06
lasersaberHexaChop, are you booting from usb or cd?22:06
HexaChopLasersaber usb.22:07
Teddy8872Some people report that this setting is reset to RGB Limited after they upgrade their graphics drivers. If your system was set to RGB Limited and you set it to RGB Full, an update may revert the setting to RGB Limited in the future. Keep an eye on it.22:07
Teddy8872I need to change RGB to FULL from Limited.22:07
Teddy8872Anyone know how to do this?22:07
lasersaberHexaChop, what tool did you use to create a ubunu live usb?22:07
HexaChopRufus, lasersaber, rufus...22:08
SpeirosOk, it flickers up on mine before the Ubuntu screen appears, along with the bios one.  Can you try it, and hit f9 as it does it?  What that f9 does is allows you to select the boot order, and you can choose your USB to boot from.  I don't have any experience with booting from USB though.22:08
Teddy8872Come on folks.22:09
Teddy8872This is the official Ubuntu channel.22:09
Teddy8872Where's the expert support here?22:09
HexaChopSpeiros. Exact same thing as from CD.22:09
HexaChopTeddy8872, patience is key, buddy.22:10
SpeirosHexaChop  Yeah, that's fair to say, but if I've never had the experience of practically doing it, then I can't teach it to anyone else with any confidence.22:10
dsnydersTeddy8872: http://losca.blogspot.ca/2013/11/workaround-for-setting-full-rgb-when.html might hold a clue.22:10
lasersaberHexaChop, might need to disable uefi and enable legacy in bios22:11
HexaChopLasersaber, how to?22:11
blomstertjHexaChop: if you have Windows 10 installed try disabling quick boot from the Power Settings in Control Panel22:12
blomstertjor fast boot or something like that22:12
lasersaberHexaChop, when the computer turns on hold the f10 key or it might be the DEL key22:13
lasersabershould take you into bios22:13
Teddy8872Wow. Look at the difference.22:13
HexaChopbloomsterj, it is disabled, Linux will be if at all in other HDD.22:13
Teddy8872Now why would RGB Limited ever be used? That's sick.22:13
HexaChopLasersabee, I know how to enter bios22:13
blomstertjTeddy8872: wow22:13
blomstertjHexaChop: what computer is it? a desktop?22:14
lasersaberHexaChop, also change the boot order and make usb boot first22:14
Teddy8872blomstertj, How to quickly check if the Ubuntu is using RGB Limited or Full?22:14
HexaChopBloomstertj, desktop, yes. Lasersaber already done that.22:15
blomstertjTeddy8872: not sure really.22:15
SpeirosTeddy8872 In what application?  I think it's Limited, as the colours aren't all there as a flowing pattern, but squares.22:15
SpeirosFor fonts at least.22:15
Teddy8872Speiros, Exactly. I want to be sure I am using RGB Full, not Limited.22:15
Teddy8872How do I quickly check and fix this?22:16
lasersaberHexaChop,  sudo apt install inxi && sudo apt install pastebinit22:16
HexaChopLasersaber, i cant even start ubuntu22:16
SpeirosTeddy8872 There is GIMP though, and I think that has the ability to use millions of colours.  No idea how to specifically check though.  Have you looked on the ubuntu wiki?22:16
=== Smn is now known as Guest55658
lasersaberHexaChop, sorry lol22:17
Teddy8872Speiros, Yes, I've looked around.22:17
HexaChopLasersaber, np, bro.22:17
lasersaberHexaChop, try it with a cd then?22:17
blomstertjTeddy8872: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/intel_graphics#Weathered_colors_.28color_range_problem.2922:18
HexaChopLasersaber I tried multiple USBs and their combos.22:18
Teddy8872blomstertj, That's Arch Linux.22:18
blomstertjHexaChop: what did you use to make the USB?22:18
Teddy8872I use Ubuntu.22:18
blomstertjTeddy8872: It should still work22:18
lasersabertry using a cd instead22:18
HexaChopBlomsterj, rufus22:18
merlin_HP 15-ba022ng can i run linux on this notebook22:19
Teddy8872blomstertj, xrandr --output <HDMI> --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full"22:19
Teddy8872I type this in the terminal?22:19
HexaChopBlomstertj, Rufus.22:20
blomstertjTeddy8872: This i believe xrandr --output HDMI --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full"22:20
Teddy8872bash: HDMI: No such file or directory22:20
Teddy8872DP1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)22:20
Teddy8872HDMI1 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)22:20
Teddy8872HDMI2 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)22:20
Teddy8872Then I tried HDMI222:21
Teddy8872still no such file or dir.22:21
blomstertjstrange that works in my terminal22:22
blomstertjjust tells me I don't have an HDMI device22:22
blomstertjbecause i don't22:22
PhanesTeddy8872, let's get a pastebin of your efforts22:22
Phanessomething's not right22:22
Teddy8872Phanes, Paste what?22:23
PhanesTeddy8872, paste.silogroup.org -- copy and paste you running the command in a terminal22:23
Teddy8872Phanes, http://paste.silogroup.org/eromipuduw.rb22:24
lasersaberTeddy8872, sudo apt install hardinfo22:25
Phanesthere we go22:25
Phanescheck out line 1 Teddy887222:25
Phanes<HDMI> versus the actual name22:25
Phaneswhich wont be surrounded with <>22:25
Teddy8872So it should be HDMI2?22:25
Teddy8872I did that and my display improved dramatically.22:26
lasersaberTeddy8872, run hardinfo and generate report then post info at paste.silogroup.org and share url22:26
Teddy8872xrandr --output HDMI2 --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full"22:26
Teddy8872Here's what I typed.22:26
Teddy8872Try that on yours.22:26
Phanesjust typine `xrandr` tells you what the device names should be Teddy887222:26
Teddy8872Why wouldn't Broadcast RGB Full be the default?22:27
Teddy8872This is much better than before.22:27
blomstertjWell it seems it tries to use Auto22:27
blomstertjit must have used the wrong one22:27
HexaChopBlomstertj, Rufus, sir.22:27
PhanesTeddy8872, if the auto mode isn't working you'll very likely end up writing your own Xorg.conf22:27
Teddy8872Wow. It's as if I just upgraded my monitor to a top of the line model. What a beautiful difference.22:27
blomstertjHexaChop: Probably not that hten22:27
blomstertjTeddy8872: xrandr should show the exact HDMI thing you need mine is HDMI-022:28
HexaChopBlomstertj what do you mean?22:28
Teddy8872Phanes, Why not just made RGB Full the default?22:28
Teddy8872Why would anyone want Limited?22:28
blomstertjHexaChop: Rufus works pretty well for me22:28
blomstertjTeddy8872: If that just worked for you you can just make it a startup application22:28
Teddy8872Phanes, I read a review that this monitor I am using doesn't like the HDMI, that the VGA is much more vibrant. It appears the user simply didn't realize that the VGA was using FULL while his HDMI was using Limited.22:29
blomstertjMaking an xorg.conf file would be a better idea but i'm not sure how to do that22:29
Teddy8872blomstertj, You mean this is going to revert to Limited every time I reboot?22:29
HexaChopWhat are exact options you picked when you we're using Rufus, blomstertj?22:29
blomstertjTeddy8872: It might try to reboot and see what happens22:29
PhanesTeddy8872, you may want to get familiar with Xorg.conf and /var/log/Xorg.0.log if you want that to be persistent cleanly22:29
akikTeddy8872: you can run xrandr commands from /etc/X11/Xsession.d22:29
Teddy8872blomstertj, BTW, why is my HDMI2 active but not HDMI1?22:30
Teddy8872Is that normal?22:30
Phanesdo not use Xsession.d for xrandr calls22:30
KOLANICHHi all! Who can help me with launchpad API?22:30
Teddy8872I'm just going to type xrandr --output HDMI2 --set "Broadcast RGB" "Full" in the Terminal when my computer boots up.22:30
akikPhanes: what do you mean?22:30
Teddy8872That's not hard. I don't reboot all that often.22:30
blomstertjTeddy8872: probably depends on what port it is.22:30
blomstertjTeddy8872: a better solution would be to make a xorg.conf file and set that in there but i'm not sure how to do that22:31
Teddy8872blomstertj, BTW, what's the disadvantage of using RGB Full?22:31
Teddy8872I don't see why it wouldn't be the default unless there's a disadvantage I don't realize.22:31
blomstertjTeddy8872: I wouldn't think any problem would exist.  My monitor is on Full and has been for years22:31
blomstertjHexaChop: the defaults.  Do you have UEFI or BIOS?22:32
basedmarsI have no programming background and this is the only thing that I could find KOLANICH https://help.launchpad.net/API.22:32
KOLANICHbasedmars: I have also found that, but the API is a bit messy22:32
blomstertjHexaChop: I have an old school BIOS so I just kept it at MBR partition scheme, FAt32, default cluster size, and left everything else alone22:32
Teddy8872blomstertj, Well then, why not make Ubuntu default to Full?22:32
blomstertjTeddy8872: maybe some monitors don't work right? Probably some compatibility problem where ancient monitors can't do full.  Not sure exactly just guessing22:33
HexaChopBlomstertj UEFI22:33
Teddy8872blomstertj, I've been using my monitor for 12 months or so on Limited22:33
Teddy8872because I didn't know any better.22:33
JiminyTodd2Hello all ! I was wondering if I could install a program in Ubuntu which would allow me to explore what is actually contained on a mobile broadband usb dongle ?22:34
blomstertjHexaChop: make sure RUFUS was set to GPT22:34
blomstertjTeddy8872: yeah I don't blame you automatic should choose the best mode but i guess it didn't.  I have a NVIDIA card and it is set easily with the GUI22:34
HexaChopBlomstertj but will that make any difference?22:34
Teddy8872blomstertj, How do you set it with the GUI?22:34
blomstertjHexaChop: your motherboard might not be reading it as a bootable device so it's skipping it if you used MBR22:35
basedmarsIf you mean the JSON or the python dictionary, it seems okay in this document KOLANICH https://help.launchpad.net/API/Hacking22:35
blomstertjTeddy8872: The Intel drivers might give you a GUI but I'm not sure if it does or doesn't.  I'm using the proprietary drivers for my NVIDIA card so I have the NVIDIA control panel22:35
HexaChopBlomstertj my usb was detected fine and booted into usb but linux startup fails with this: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu22:35
Teddy8872blomstertj, Where do you access that control panel?22:36
blomstertjTeddy8872: If you installed the Intel driver package from the website I gave you it might have some sort of Intel control panel installed.  If you didn't install that you won't have a GUI for managing it22:37
rustyraptorHi I am trying to share an internet connection from my desktop to my ubuntu server. I made an ethernet profile on the desktop and set it to 'share to other computers' and reconnected ethernet. Now it seems connected and I can ping websites but it doesn't return anything. As in it detects the website but the website won't respond. What should I do n22:37
blomstertjHexaChop: Not sure what that means.  Maybe a bad image of Ubuntu?22:37
HexaChopExact same with mint22:37
KOLANICHbasedmars: I don't need help anymore, I've found what I needed22:37
KOLANICHby experimenting with API22:38
blomstertjHexaChop: try another flash drive?22:38
Teddy8872blomstertj, Please again post the link.22:38
blomstertjTeddy8872: what version of ubuntu do you ahve? 16.04?22:38
Teddy8872The latest.22:38
HexaChopBasedmars, please help me, I am about to dump linux idea.22:38
Teddy8872I use Ubuntu MATE.22:39
HexaChopBlomstertj i tried with 2 different ones.22:39
blomstertjHexaChop: wow you have a stubborn computer.  You might have to try an old school DVD22:39
Teddy8872This is what I want?22:39
blomstertjTeddy8872: i believe so22:39
HexaChopBlomstertj seriously though, I've never seen this stubborn PC.22:40
Teddy8872It says when I run that:22:40
basedmarsYeah shoot it HexaChop . I would if I could22:40
Teddy8872ERROR: Dependency is not satisfiable: libpackagekit-glib2-18 (>=0.9.4)22:40
Teddy8872So I need that.22:40
Teddy8872Where do I get that?22:40
HexaChopBasedmars, that is the worst thing you have suggested me thus far.22:41
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop ISO is a "Live" image, which can be run without altering existing files on your hard drive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.22:41
blomstertjHexaChop: I have.  Some weird security setting on my laptop.  I had to like turn off a hard drive security setting then it rebooted and turned itself off then cleared some TPM thing then my flash showed up.22:41
Speirosbasedmars Fair dinkum mate.  Isn't it cheaper to kick it?22:41
blomstertjTeddy8872: What does lsb_release -a in the terminal give you?22:41
Teddy8872No LSB modules are available.22:42
Teddy8872So now what?22:42
blomstertjTeddy8872: make sure to put the -a in22:42
SpeirosHexaChop, can I suggest, if it is just a soundcard issue, to go back to 14.4/22:42
Teddy8872blomstertj, I did. I typed: lsb_release -a22:42
HexaChopBlomstertj my PC it's like it has a gag reflex or allergy to linux.22:43
SpeirosHexaChop, then once you're used to the system, you'll be able to work on the other stuff that requires more work.22:43
Teddy8872blomstertj, http://paste.silogroup.org/zuriguqevi.css22:43
HexaChopSpeiros, it just doesn't boot to ubuntu at all.22:43
Teddy8872ERROR: Dependency is not satisfiable: libpackagekit-glib2-18 (>=0.9.4) <--- where do I get this dependency and how?22:43
blomstertjTeddy8872: Okay you have 16.04 then so try this: https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main/pool/main/i/intel-graphics-update-tool/intel-graphics-update-tool_2.0.2_amd64.deb22:43
SpeirosHexaChop I thought it was just the soundcard.  Did you try turning it off, and holding f9 as it came on?22:44
Teddy8872ERROR: Dependency is not satisfiable: libpackagekit-glib2-18 (>=0.9.4) <--- where do I get this dependency and how?22:44
Teddy8872blomstertj, That's the error I get when I run that program.22:44
blomstertjTeddy8872: when you run that deb I just sent? Weird.  It should install it for you if it has it in the repos22:44
HexaChopNo, I get this error when booting up. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu22:45
Teddy8872blomstertj, Exaxctly. I get that error.22:45
Teddy8872So I need that dependency.22:45
Teddy8872Do you know how I can get it?22:45
blomstertjTeddy8872: Not sure22:46
SpeirosHexaChop What is SPROM?22:46
HexaChopSpeiros, I get this error when booting into Linux http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu22:46
HexaChopSpeiros, I honestly don't know.22:47
Teddy8872Hello, there. When I run the installer, it says "Error: Dependcency not satisfiable: libpackagekit-glib2-18(>=0.9.4)22:47
blomstertjTeddy8872: I don't have that version in my repos.  I only have 2-1622:47
SpeirosHexaChop Okay...so that is with Ubuntu on your harddrive,yes?22:47
Teddy8872blomstertj, I prob have the same version as you, since we're both using Ubuntu.22:47
l0llip0pTeddy8872: apt-get install pkg-name22:47
Teddy8872blomstertj, That's why the installer is not working.22:47
HexaChopSpeiros, no. When booting ino USB/CD Ubuntu.22:48
blomstertjTeddy8872: I can open the deb I just sent you fine though22:48
blomstertjTeddy8872: https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main/pool/main/i/intel-graphics-update-tool/intel-graphics-update-tool_2.0.2_amd64.deb22:48
lasersaberBBL guys, bye! :)22:48
welovfreewhat's the name of the font used in terminal ?22:48
welovfreeby default22:48
Teddy8872blomstertj, I am using Ubuntu MATE.22:48
SpeirosHexaChop It might be your image you've downloaded maybe.  I couldn't burn my own, so I got a friend to burn it, and then I bought the disk for the 14.4 just to make sure.22:49
Teddy8872blomstertj, That one works..22:49
l0llip0pwelovfree: you can see it from the settings of the terminal22:49
Teddy8872Why would that one work?22:49
SpeirosHexaChop Unfortunately, I don't know much about the image either.22:49
Teddy8872I'm installing it now.22:49
HexaChopSpeiros, I downloaded the torrent version.22:49
blomstertjTeddy8872: maybe you clicked hte wrong one? That's the one for 16.04 not 16.1022:50
welovfreel0llip0p, thanks22:50
Teddy8872blomstertj, What happens if I use the one for 16.04 on my 16.10?22:50
welovfree /leave22:50
Teddy8872The one for 16.10 won't install for me.22:50
SpeirosHexaChop I don't know mate.  I'm only guessing, based on past experience that failed me.22:50
blomstertjTeddy8872: according to the terminal command you have 16.04.122:50
Teddy8872No wonder.22:50
=== kcolford is now known as seawasp
tchnqGuys. Does UnityDock(and search) index the files in some possible config file?22:51
Teddy8872blomstertj, How come I don't have the latest Ubuntu?22:51
Teddy8872I've been updating my Ubuntu MATE religiously.22:51
SpeirosHexaChop I don't even know how to check an image is downloaded correctly onto a disk.22:51
SpeirosHexaChop...I mean a bootable image.22:52
basedmarsyou could check for sha256 for the iso22:52
blomstertjTeddy8872: 16.04.1 is the LTS version.  16.10 is the not LTS and those versions are newer but slightly less stable.  If you want to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu version you can change that in Software & Updates.  But right now after it's installed find Intel Graphics Tool22:52
k1l_tchnq: its a database. it uses zeitgeist22:52
Teddy8872blomstertj, OK. I'm fine using the latest LTS.22:52
blomstertjTeddy8872: Run that and see if it gives you an Intel control panel at the end.  I don't know if it will or not.22:52
Speirosbasedmars Can that help HexaChop maybe?22:52
blomstertjTeddy8872: Since I'm not an Intel user22:52
Teddy8872blomstertj, Right now it's downloading additional package files. It looks like it will take about 20 minutes.22:52
basedmarsYeah, it could be a corrupted iso problem Speiros22:53
HexaChopSpeiros It's midnight and still I am trying to solve this.22:53
Teddy8872LTS = superior stability.22:53
blomstertjTeddy8872: Okay well I have to go.  Good luck.  If you don't have a contorl panel to set it.  If your monitor goes to Limited after a reboot just make that xrandr command as a startup app.22:53
HexaChopLTS = Long Term Support22:53
SpeirosHexaChop Yeah, it's frustrating.  Checking whether the image you've got is not corrupted is a good idea though.  Even if you want to come back after a sleep.22:54
HexaChopSpeiros, I will sit until 4AM.22:54
basedmarscommand is 'sha256sum ubuntu.iso' HexaChop22:54
Teddy8872Additional package files dl is about 40% complete.22:54
HexaChopBasedmars, where to enter that code?22:54
blomstertjHexaChop: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103476222:55
basedmarsIn the terminal or command line or ctrl+alt+t HexaChop22:55
blomstertjHexaChop: You may have to boot the installer with advanced options22:55
basedmarswait aren't you the guy who posted the imgur earlier HexaChop ?22:55
HexaChopBlomstertj advanced options?22:55
HexaChopBasedmars the same. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu22:56
blomstertjHexaChop: trying to remember what the installer looks like22:56
HexaChopBlomstertj it's very purple. Lol.22:57
basedmarsOh you didn't get to the console actually HexaChop . blomstertj link is pretty much spot on22:57
blomstertjHexaChop: I think you have to start the installer and when it tells you Try Ubuntu, Install ubuntu, etc you have to press F6 Other Options22:58
tchnqIt's making me mad! Why does Unity Search gives me "Google Chrome Hangouts" when it was already deleted from Chrome? How can I fix it?22:58
HexaChopBlomstertj I did that 3 times actually22:58
blomstertjHexaChop: Sounds to me you need to boot the installer with noacpi=1"22:59
HexaChopLet's try, if this fixes it, blomstertj, I will go shouting from the rooftops.23:00
basedmarsIs this ubuntu already installed on the drive, or on live usb?23:01
HexaChopBtw, blomstertj, what that command does?23:02
Guest67406alguem  br23:02
Teddy8872blomstertj, I just installed the intel graphics update tool.23:03
Teddy8872Now how do I launch it?23:03
basedmarsYou could try editing it on grub menu GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noacpi". based on the forum suggestion HexaChop. Go to grub menu. On ubuntu press e. Then edit as you will then press f10.23:04
blomstertjHexaChop: I believe it turns off acpi which is for newer hard drives and computers.  Not sure what ACPI really does though23:04
Teddy8872blomstertj, I launched it now my typing that in the terminal.23:04
blomstertjbasedmars: I believe he can't even get the installer to boot23:04
blomstertjTeddy8872: the Intel Graphics Tool will be in your list of applications23:04
blomstertjnot sure where on MATE23:05
Teddy8872blomstertj, What benefits do I get from updating these Intel graphics?23:05
basedmarsfrom the doc blomstertj "ACPI implementation might cause some problems (for instance random reboots or system lockups)"23:05
blomstertjTeddy8872: It might give you an Intel Control Panel of sorts.23:05
blomstertjTeddy8872: keyword, might23:05
blomstertjTeddy8872: If it does it should allow you to change your monitor settings easier and keep them23:06
SpeirosHexaChop How's it going mate?23:06
l0llip0ptchnq: just let it be for while, I think it will go away23:06
HexaChopSpeiros, not OK as of yet, mate.23:06
SpeirosHexaChop ok.23:06
Teddy8872blomstertj, It's installing now. We'll see.23:07
HexaChopBlomstertj, no luck.23:07
HexaChopThanks for asking, Speiros.23:07
l0llip0ptchnq: I had same kind of problem with one icon but it has gone now.23:07
blomstertjHexaChop: you might need it to be acpi=off23:07
rustyraptornvm guys fixed it.23:07
HexaChopBlomstertj did it already.23:08
blomstertjHexaChop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions23:08
HexaChopI can't even reach that window., blomstertj.23:09
blomstertjHexaChop: Ubuntu CD Advanced Welcome Page Options > F6 > use arrow keys to select acpi=off and press enter23:10
blomstertjHexaChop: If that doesn't help you, I'm at a loss23:10
basedmarsThose cli 'gui' are a lifesaver. No more mucking around just select it23:10
HexaChopBlomstertj, instead of that window, it gives me this: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu23:11
blomstertjHexaChop: You can't even get to the menu that says Install ubuntu, Try Ubuntu before installing? Wow23:11
blomstertjHexaChop: It looks like it's complaining about a hard drive/ssd23:11
blomstertjHexaChop: Either it's a message that isn't true or it's telling you that you hard disk is dead or messed up23:12
HexaChopBlomstertj it shows try and install ubuntu but in that purple environment, not as a window.23:12
blomstertjHexaChop: yeah that's where you want to press F623:12
blomstertjHexaChop: and select acpi=off from the list that should pop up23:12
blomstertjHexaChop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Boot-F6-Other.png23:13
HexaChopI did the acpi thingy, blomstertj.23:13
basedmarstell me it's working23:13
blomstertjHexaChop: I mean you could try every option on there lol.  You sure the hard drive isn't dead or almost dead?23:14
HexaChopBlomstertj aure not, otherwise I'd had to change all 7 of my hard drives.23:14
blomstertjHexaChop: oh my, you could try and unplug every one except the one you want to install to23:14
HexaChopBlomstertj, tried that too to no luck.23:15
basedmarsSo how is this hard drive. Like what year and the partition of it if you know. I'm curious about it by now since acpi problems are found on dead 2008 ubuntu thread23:15
blomstertjHexaChop: I'm out of ideas. Sorry23:15
HexaChopBlomstertj know that I simply love your support here. Highly appreciated, mate, Speiros and basedmars, too. :)23:16
blomstertjTeddy8872: how is it going?23:16
Teddy8872blomstertj, Still installing.23:16
Teddy8872Says downloading stuff.23:16
Teddy8872My connection is a bit slow.23:16
SpeirosHexaChop Sorry I can't do much to help mate.  I really don't know what to do.  It's frustrating when things aren't working out.23:17
Teddy8872I'm using a VPN. I could disconnect from the VPN and install directly but I'm already doing it this way so I'll just wait an hour or so.23:17
HexaChopIt seems like my PC won, Speiros, Blomstertj, basedmars.23:17
HexaChopSpieros, true.23:17
k1l_HexaChop: so you tried ubuntu 16.10? and the usb works?23:18
SpeirosHexaChop This is how I was with the soundcard issue at the time.23:18
Teddy8872blomstertj, BTW, my eyesight has been degraded since I looked at an invisible trackball laser while trying to clean my trackball while thinking it was unplugged when it wasn't.23:18
HexaChopK1| Yup to all.23:18
k1l_and what was the issue with the working 16.10 usb?23:19
HexaChopSpieros I bet. So frustrating that you'd be better off jumping out a plane without a parachute.23:19
blomstertjTeddy8872: huh.  Good luck though.  If it doesn't work just use xrandr to set it.  xrandr can do a lot of options23:19
HexaChopK1|, http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu.23:20
k1l_HexaChop: on booting the usb?23:20
Teddy8872blomstertj, I removed the ball on my trackball and I was looking right at the invisible laser. I didn't realize it was on.23:20
k1l_does the usb work on another pc/laptop?23:20
stevwillshello everyone23:20
k1l_did you try another usb port?23:20
HexaChopK1|_, it works always, just unable to get past this: http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu23:21
SpeirosHexaChop From when you turn the computer on, how many "screens" does it go through to reach that message?23:22
stevwillsi just got banned by #archlinux :(23:23
k1l_HexaChop: this is a pc? does it have a dvd/cd/blueray drive?23:23
HexaChopK1_|, yup.23:23
basedmarsThey might not appreciate you using ubuntu distro and asking support from archlinux room stevwills . I'm guessing23:23
k1l_HexaChop: can you disable the dvd drive in bios. and (if that doesnt solve it) unplug the dvd drive?23:23
HexaChopSpeiros, right after ubuntu purple screen, after try ubuntu is activated.23:23
SpeirosHexaChop Ok...frustrating.23:24
=== wolf is now known as Guest88530
HexaChopK1_| lemme try.23:24
HexaChopSpeiros, alot.23:24
blomstertjHexaChop: I'm surprised you haven't given up and said Windows is better23:24
blomstertjHexaChop: That's what I think most people's reaction would be23:25
Speirosblomstertj  Not I mate:)23:25
HexaChopK1_| It is already disables in bios.23:25
blomstertjbut I guess when every computer sold has windows preinstalled you get these problems unless you buy a linux desktop/laptop23:25
Speirosblomstertj For me "Windows" refers to the thing you throw computers out of with microsoft on it.23:25
HexaChopBlomstertj I have a huge will when I want something.23:25
blomstertjHexaChop: same here23:26
basedmarsI would at this point. 1 hour is usually the time I gave up on something23:26
k1l_HexaChop: it might be worth a try first to set "nouveau.modeset=0" as kernel parameter on booting23:26
blomstertjMy desktop will boot anything.  My laptop is a pain but it's an HP Elitebook23:27
blomstertjso tons of "security" "features"23:27
HexaChopBasedmars, I passed 12hour mark already.23:27
HexaChopK1|_ done that, too.23:27
tchnqWell. I tried to reset icons in unity dock (nofix), delete chrome configs (nofix), purge chrome and install it (nofix), what can I try more?23:27
basedmarsAll consumer machine for the past 10 year would boot up nicely I think for ubuntu and derivatives. performance is vary23:27
tchnqAs well as "clean unity search"(nofix)23:28
k1l_tchnq: fix for what?23:28
* tchnq better do some pushups instead of trying to fix this unbelievable bugs in ubuntu23:30
SpeirosHexaChop You're demonstrating your patience well mate:)  It's a good quality to have.  I could learn a few things from it.23:30
k1l_tchnq: have you installed webapps ?23:30
Speirostchnq Hi mate.  What do you mean regarding resetting icons?23:30
HexaChopBasedmars, blomstertj, Speiros, this is so frustrating, it is killing my brain cells at an alarming rate.23:30
k1l_tchnq: did you look at the launcher config?23:31
HexaChopSpeiros, Thank You, mate. :)23:31
Teddy8872blomsterj quit.23:31
stevwillsworth the laughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qj8p-PEwbI23:31
Teddy8872Why did he quit?23:31
HexaChopSpeiros, you are inspiring.23:31
SpeirosHexaChop  Yes, it would be.  Maybe get a cup of coffee/tea?23:31
SpeirosHexaChop Thanks man...my ex-wife might disagree:D23:32
HexaChopIt is midnight, I would kinda ruin my sleepcycle, Speiros.23:32
k1l_tchnq: better answer in here so others can look at it and can give their solutions, too23:32
k1l_stevwills: please keep this channel for technical support. #ubuntu-offtopic is for other chatter.23:32
HexaChopSpeiros no wonder why she is EX Wife.23:32
Speiroslol, yeah.23:33
tchnqk1l_, sorry, was that a private answer? Yes, I've installed once an extension in google chrome called "hangouts" and since that moment I have this bug.23:33
k1l_tchnq: did you remove that webapp?23:33
wikeeksGuys am I gay23:33
Speiroswikeeks Do you use Ubuntu?23:34
tchnqk1l_, Yes. But the unity search and dock remembered once and forever "Google Chrome" as "Google Chrome Hangouts"; I haven't looked for a config.23:34
HexaChopAnyways, if anything comes up, Speiros, tell me. I will send you my either social media or Skype to your PMs maybe.23:34
tchnqSpeiros, Unity Dock icons23:34
l0llip0ptchnq: Have cleared your unity history?23:34
tchnql0llip0p, Yes, I've tried that - no help23:34
SpeirosHexaChop I don't have skype, but yeah, for sure:)23:35
k1l_tchnq: you could look at the launcher starter config. maybe the name got changed by the hangouts install23:35
tchnqk1l_, can you give me a tip how to check that?23:35
HexaChopSpeiros, skype is not like installin linux, mate. :) :D23:36
ddquestionAnyone here?23:36
ddquestionOr is this dead too?23:36
l0llip0pddquestion: here we are23:36
k1l_tchnq: look at /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications23:36
ddquestioncould i get a bit of a hand please?23:37
ddquestion<ddquestion> can i get a lil help please [09:35] <ddquestion> i have started a dd and cant remember the command to pull up how far into it it is, cant  even think of search query for google [09:35] <ddquestion> Well ive found something that might work, can someone double check it please? [09:35] <ddquestion> watch -n5 'sudo kill -USR1 $(pgrep ^dd)' [09:36] <ddquestion> Does that look good enough?23:37
k1l_ddquestion: you want to look at a running dd for monitoring?23:38
ddquestionI have started a DD  and i forgot to put the command in to give me updates on the way. Is there a good command that will tell you how much has been copied across withot stopping the copy?23:38
k1l_ddquestion: "sudo kill -USR1 $(pgrep ^dd) "  will work in a new terminal23:39
ddquestioni am copying from HD1 -> HD2, i used iostat, that gives me whats going on at this second, but not overall completeion/data copied23:39
k1l_if you want an update every 5 seconds " watch -n5 'sudo kill -USR1 $(pgrep ^dd)' " will work23:39
ddquestionthanks mate23:39
ddquestionappreciate it23:40
tchnqk1l_, Yes. I've checked it - the name was wrong. I've changed it on "Google Chrome" but in Unity Search and on the panel it still shows me wrong name. Should I restart ubuntu?23:40
tchnqk1l_, the name of the icon is correct.23:41
k1l_tchnq: yes, a relogin could solve that23:42
ddquestionThanks Thanks for your help k1l_23:42
tchnqk1l_, Do you mean simply to log out from useracc and then log back in?23:42
tchnqk1l_, Let me completely restart it23:43
k1l_tchnq: log out from desktop. that will close the unity session and start a new one on relogin23:43
HexaChopK1L, I will go rest now, please send me a pm so I could contact you when I wake up, friend.23:45
k1l_HexaChop: did you try to disable the dvd drive?23:45
sandrohi all. i'm trying to setup encrypted 3-linux multiboot. grub config seems elusively tricky. still, not giving up on the idea it can be done. any ideas how? thanks!23:46
HexaChopI am very tired, I did on my BIOS, but not physically.23:46
HexaChopK1, please PM me so I could contact you. Goodnight, mate.23:47
k1l_HexaChop: ok. just ask in here with the details of what is actually not working and people will try to help. i dont know if i am online then23:47
basedmars12 hours will wear anyone23:47
arunsSometimes it's because we should have made the foundation of the website or app from the get go in a certain way.23:47
HexaChopbasedmars, 13, actually. Yeah, it will...23:47
tchnqk1l_, Well, now we are talking.... :P Mate, you are savior! Thanks a lot!!!!23:47
arunsOther times, it's because client keeps on changing requirements.23:47
SpeirosHexaChop Rest well man:)23:47
k1l_tchnq: np23:48
HexaChopThanks, Speiros :).23:48
arunsMain problem with this game is mission repetitiveness.23:48
HexaChopK1l_ you can PM me at any time so I could contact you. Every help would mean lots to me.23:48
basedmarsI hope ubuntu will fix this somehow in the next lts release. Very outdated 'bug' so to speak23:48
tchnqk1l_, If you just could know, how much time was spent on this bug....I had it for two months. I even stopped using Ubuntu being dismoraled by this... )23:48
HexaChopBasedmara, what so you mean?23:49
HexaChopBasedmars, what do you mean?23:49
k1l_tchnq: i dont know about that bug. it was just a thought of a possible cause and so that solution.23:49
=== Birosso is now known as Missie
=== Missie is now known as Birosso
HexaChopThis whole community is my friend for sure. Thank You everyone, despite the fact that I didn't solve my issue. It was still highly appreciated.23:51
basedmarsI mean this bug is reported in 2008. Nearly a decade ago HexaChop. Anyway you should sleep :|23:51
tchnqk1l_, All the best wishes, mate!23:51
tchnqbest wishes to all who tried to help me with this issue.23:51
Speirosbasedmars Is it the same problem as back then?23:51
ddquestiondoes "cat" in linux copy bit for bit like dd does? Or is it just for replicating files?23:52
basedmarsCould be. The screen log shows that much. I might be wrong Speiros23:52
Speirosbasedmars It's a positive in one way if that's the case, as it can be recorded incrementally, and all these solutions can be streamlined to highlight the one that works.23:53
SpeirosThen it can be entered as a page in the wiki, or wikis even.23:53
HexaChopSpiros, send this link to people. Maybe someone will know what to do. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/euwBu23:54
SpeirosHexaChop The problem will be that people will want to help me with it, when I can't confirm or deny whether a step would work or not.23:54
SpeirosHexaChop That being because it isn't me who's performing it on the computer.23:55
basedmarsMaybe it would be helpful to the ubuntu devel team if we report this bug. I've never done bug reporting before. Not really a productive member here23:55
HexaChopTrue that... Spiros. That is obvious. I mean you couls try logging steps but it wouldn't work out... OK, tomorrow morning then we shall fix this problem and get my stubborn pc to work.23:56
Speirosbasedmars All positive input is useful.  Even if it's supporting people, that is still an essential part of being a team member.23:56
=== Ekho- is now known as Ekho
basedmarsYeah that is true23:57
HexaChopTrue dat, Spiros.23:57
SpeirosHexaChop Sure man.  The folks here will help get you past it.23:57
HexaChopI hope so, Speiros. It might break me if it was another 12 hours.23:58
Speirosbasedmars Learning a little along the way means before you know it, you both know the answers, and can help people when they are frayed from stressing, burning out, etc.23:58
SpeirosHexaChop All good.  Get some rest mate.  You need it:)23:59
HexaChopI will let tou guys know if I fix this and post the solution. Thank You. Goodnight friends. :)23:59

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